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Tanka Time Poems | Tanka Poems About Time

These Tanka Time poems are examples of Tanka poems about Time. These are the best examples of Tanka Time poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Where Reveries Reside

Tears subside,
hushed breaths draw ebbing tide,
soft virgin sands, un-walked and damp, shine.

A delicate filigree of silvery brine
brings an interlude where grief and beauty entwine,
gently swaying between now and then.

Thoughts of ‘remember when’
stir again.

Scattered far and wide,
bygones shimmer in rock pools,
scents on breezes ride...
elusive remnants of love
under bitter-sweet moonlight.

There is a place where reveries reside,
ensconced in time between the lows and highs,
where troubles disappear in ocean’s sighs
and hopes return with happiness inside.

Where shades of blue, and rose hues coincide
to nurture promises of sweet reprise,
there is a place where reveries reside,
ensconced in time between the lows and highs.

A haven to reflect on love’s divide,
recall that smile, the twinkle of those eyes
with fondness, then let woven dreams arise
with threads of gilded memories to guide...
this is the place where reveries reside.

**For Jared Pickett's Trois Par Huit /Tanka/Rondel contest

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A Halloween birthday Tanka

Oh Halloween babe
born under October's moon
weave with forlornment
your bewitching adornment
of a harvest leaf festoon.

Faces in pumpkins
awake memories of when
the children were young;
and "Trick-or-Treat!" rung
the holiday season in.

Scorpio woman
wipe away your wistful tear
and tend to the craft
of your birthday draught
to toast your forty-first year.

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Inhaling The Sea

I fly with the gull And breathe the color of salt Hear the surf's repeating song I came this way long ago And return to find my path

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This lonely little hovel

The grainy half dusk, 
when the sun gives her last wink.
Hours spent in thought 
to leave the safe sanctity.
This lonely little hovel

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A Ghost-Town Church

Beside the last pew, 
a chipped white collection plate.
A ghostly blessing
if you toss a modern coin
through time and the barred front door.

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'Space and Time'

Space and time, matter,
energy, gravity, light,--
the laws of physics,
both known and unknown, and we
are children of the Big Bang.

Into the night sky
I gaze, awed by space and time
and the wide expanse 
of the Milky Way, a dot
among endless galaxies.

Through this soup and stew
of space and time, dark matter,
and dark energy
they spin and swirl and collide,
filling this big universe!

Our own Milky Way
formed from this vast space and time
and sprouted our Earth,
this blue orb circling the Sun,--
the cradle of all known life.

Space and time, matter,
energy, gravity, light,--
the laws of physics,
both known and unknown, and we
are children of this Cosmos.

02/17/2014; for "Space & Time" Contest

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A Ripple in Time

A ripple in time, we are here for a moment like fleeting vapors in this vast, great universe-- members of a divine God. Into the night sky I gaze, awed by space and time and the wide expanse of the Milky Way, a dot among endless galaxies. They spin and swirl in a dance in the gaping voids of space and blackness, their light coming to us from a time before our Earth formed. A ripple in time, we are here for a moment like fleeting vapors in this vast, great universe-- members of a divine Whole.
--for 'A Ripple In Time' Contest --written 05/05/2013

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Time Flies

Time’s flies in this world . . .
It’s part of our very lives.
A running meter . . . 
	Tracks to when, how long, how much 
And measures what can be done!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
Schoeningen, Germany (November 7, 2014)
(Tanka poetic format) 

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Playing with fire

Playing with fire night magicians
playing with fire till dawn
needn't tell but crowd
masquerades seeking sources
to revitalize their wands.

For: Poet Destroyer's "Playing With Fire" contest.

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Deep in the Shadows of Time

instead of flowers, stones bloom in mass profusion, engraved with honor….. history has come to rest locked in the shadows of time far from battlefields, all creatures learn of courage.. it comes with the breeze and deep in the heart of man... heard in tears of a bugle .........................................................................................................................

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Old Memories

Haze of deep evening

The blue light rests on my hands

Letters  getting old
On  sepia  of frail pages,

Love wakes in its fevered silence

Amy Green/ 
Tanka(s) Contest REVISED, EASIER, more FREE

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Beauty In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Lovely baby blues
Your eyes on our wedding day
Years melt and are gone
Age changes outward beauty
Memory keeps the moment

"A Memory Of Beauty" Contest   
Sponsored by: ^Rick Parise August 2010 

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His Last Wish

Draped in twilight's veil that December afternoon was slipping past him; how he wished to pause time once in the twilight of his life. A late waking up; standing on the edge of life with his muffled voice he prayed for a reversal of the time and of his life. Glimpses of childhood, mother's lap as his pillow, colourful days' call, how he wanted all those back just for once, in this twilight. © kash poet ===============000===============

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Hello and Goodbye

Hello and Goodbye The final story of Life As Time marches on Its irreversible path That can never be erased

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the boredom

staring blankly 
the sights are too odd to take. 
creepy dull moments,
tick tock of the clock absurds 
they're killing my sanity.


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light years

another sunset reminded us, once again how fragile is time... familiar is this story told long before there were words
_____________________________________ 3/2/14 For Giorgio's Short Poem II contest

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Cathedral Bells

resonating peace
cathedral bells ring promise....
wind carries solace....
brilliant architecture high
streets below swirl in rhythm ....  

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she asks the bright star

to come closer, pretty please

with breath that fogs glass

         the old window pane rattles

         while a draft shifts a ringlet 

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Dark Night

Toward a twilight
I walk in search of a light,
Not recognizing
Ahead of that destiny
There is also a dark night.

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Historys Train

Forward moving train; Mystical cacophony; Draws me backwards. Riding time-tracks, I can see History reverse itself.
Written 12-16-14

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Swinging On A Star

Swinging On A Star

Catching golden love,
These soft moonbeams in a jar,
You watch from above
As if swinging on a star--
"Memories”…of love…you are. 


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The young paraders
keep time with the fast band,
I keep time with rhythm
counting strong beats in music 
with a mini metronome.

Written on 10/27/ 2012

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Orange Lights

Orange lights that say What Halloween means to me At this time of year Comes rushing into my heart Each time it fairs to be real
Russell Sivey

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she always sings love
each morning as the spring sun
warms her gracious heart

above the hills soft shadow
her destiny soars beyond.........



"Wow me in 5 lines"

Poet ~ Rick Parise

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Vesper Bathing

Star berry soap suds
midnight moon as my witness
River skin shoulders
shivering a quiet cool
lapsing into liquid pools~

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Been a long time friend, the last time we spoke was spring things went wrong with us, Feel like a knife in my chest did not see the end this way. Francine Roberts Wow me in 5 lines contest tanka 5-7-5-7-7

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vagabonds of dreams climb into nightscape of scenes forming mixed snapshots deepened by soft twilight trips… an astral world glides in time rides on carousels gently ticks of fairy hops technicolor dance... tiptoeing inside hushed sleep hazes of moonlight ballet Fantasy Contest of Skat ( tanka) by nette onclaud

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Year Ending

                                                     one by one days pass
                                                     another year is ending
                                                       regret fills my soul
                                                     for days I let slip away
                                                    without paying attention

12/17/11  For Rick Parise's 5 - 8 line poetry contest.

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Moonlight Dream

I always said that i came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
I always felt powerful and strong
Doing everything possibly wrong
I remember seeing a girl walking the streets
Yellow ribbon dress running from me
I tried telling her not to worry 
But she started screaming
I snatched her up and shook her
stopped the screaming
stopped her breathing
Moonlight Dream

I awoke to the sound of sirens
Covered in blood that surrounded
My mother asked me why i did it
Confused by the second
I ran far away in an instant
Went a far distance
A village on the horizon
Near the Appalachian Mountains
I pleaded for help
No one seems to listen
They run

I run and run
Now out of breath
Figured out what was wrong
Can't take another step
I fall asleep on the ground
Listen to the wolves howl
I close my eyes and dream
Another dream
Another dream
Moonlight Dream

I always said that I came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
This time I saw a couple dining
I stood out the window and stared
My stomach ached of hunger
I waited for hours
A few hours went by 
They haven't came out 
feeling so hungry
Big appettite for your blood
That fake red love
Moonlight Dream

I crash through the window where you sit
You scream 
I tear your skin
Say goodbye 
I almost slurp 
I awoke to the sound of screams
Not sure what's going on
Had a bad dream
There's blood everywhere
I did this? 
I killed them?

This is my Moonlight Dream

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One last dream is left...
something I've pursued for long:
to go back in time
and see myself a young man,
to get rid of this madness!

Entered in Michael Falotico's contest,
" Tanka Me A Dream "
written by Andrew Crisci

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                                                Today I saw him
                                          He never even noticed
                                            We had met before
                                        In another time and place
                                       We loved each other freely

                                              Today he noticed
                                     That I stood before his eyes
                                            He remembered me
                                   All the love that we once shared
                                      In another time and place

Chiquita (Chiamaka ) Baity

Sponsor Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Name "BAG OF TRICKS 

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Mystic Charm Of Spring (Rhymed Tanka)

Mystic charm of spring
In the thirsty souls of trees
Wine drips, whilst birds sing
Then runs down the lovely knees
Sips the smell of winter spell

Oops, I broke 
the rules of Tanka,
is it ok?!

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Nature and Humanity

Effervescent dreams
Flow down upon mother’s plate
Chilled by destined fall 
A time always remembered
Appearing third time of year

Season of life fades
Human apertures grow weak
Though, knowledge is strong
Love holds different stages
Bonding affections with key

Combined all blessings
Unfold into beauty bold
Each respect enriched
Of their returning faction
Crossing over great divide

To rapture rebirth
Forming times readmission
Natural recourse
Within nature is beauty
Returning humanity

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The Upper Room

~ Steps soft and silent as she ponders sunlit thoughts climbing the dark stairs within her wandering dream she arrives in colored mist alone in triumph her garb of facets and glow sprinkle the cold walls in bright rhythmic flowing stream dalliance of a lost stage cries ~

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Sweet eternity

These cruel sands of time ...
how they try to torment so.
And yet this true love,
It patiently defies them.
Into sweet eternity.

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About time

About time you show up 

About time you help out 

About time you comfort me 

About time you decide to step up

About time you realized 

About time i that i left 

About time you felt lost 

Because with out me 

Your not everything you say

I was your world, and you weren't mine 

So listen now and hear out loud 

I miss you, but i never knew you 

This me telling you 

Now its time 

To go on your own 

While i go on my own.......

- samip mehta 

for those you cant say good bye...

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Doomed Filled Eyes

Today we sigh long
For tomorrow the skies fall
Hitting us to ground
Seemingly not making sounds
And away in tears we drown

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My Valentine Gift

my widowed neighbour lives with old photos and dust, her steeped memories entreat to be poured then sipped, I'll find time to be her cup

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Time is the factor
Vital in this troubled world
God make time, one click
Can recall you anytime
Enjoy time for good time sake!

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Two Hour Delay

Two hour flight delay
Causes much anxiety 
Rushing off the plane
Will I make the connection?
I'm glad to be home.

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The Coming Spring (Tanka)

Spring is in the air
Robin sings by my window
Snow melts to puddles
Red tulip buds crest the earth
Blooming with my smiling soul

© Joseph, March 15, 2008
© All Rights Reserved

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Please Remember Me

Please remember, Please remember
Please remember Our Time together.
This time was yours and Mine
And We were wild and Free.

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As I lay in my bed,
I dream these dreams
Of happiness, and greatfulness.
Do you ever dream that?
I know I do!

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I’m finally through,
I’m really exhausted now,
Life can take a toll,
On you when you don’t look,
Now let’s just lie down and sleep.

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Hot Summer (Tanka)

Now is the time when 
drinking water is a must 
the summer is hot 

And relaxing in the shade 
will be great to do right now!

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Morning Ritual

Glazed orange china
with dogwood branches blooming
filled with bergamot
to stain the lips in henna
warm the palms with bitter steam.

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Time is eternal,   
eternal motion at speed.   
Speed one direction,  
direction ever constant;   
constant effort to save time. 

Robert Gene Stoner Jr

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Wounded Wishes

Of broken wishes,
like twisted, cracked twigs once green,
we speak in whispers
hoping to graft them to limbs
gently taped, repaired, to bloom.

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Seventy Years and Counting...

Silver hair still shines-
a nesting place for wisdom
and ageless beauty.
Born of prismatic, white light-
haven to winged, flying thoughts...

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Seaside Heat

Tar burnt soles and toes
sprint to the shade of the palm
Coconut brown skin
begs the clear sky for solace
but the sea ate all the clouds...