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Tanka Spring Poems | Tanka Poems About Spring

These Tanka Spring poems are examples of Tanka poems about Spring. These are the best examples of Tanka Spring poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Death on a spring day
Outside all is bright and clear
He feels none of it
He dreams of fond times
Love    the dream world puppeteer

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Green of early spring Brings freshness to the senses. Scents galore prevail When sunshine defeats darkness And God’s glory reigns supreme. For Andrea’s Tanka me a Colour contest, 11th May. 2013

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Flowers of Spring

Frühlingsblumen / Flowers of Spring / Flores de primavera   

Tage sind länger
Und Frühlingsblumen blühen
In den Vorgärten

An einer Linde am Fluss
Klopft nur ein Specht seinen Takt

Days are longer
And spring flowers are blooming
In the front gardens

A linden tree by the river
Only a woodpecker beats his beat

Días son más largos
Flores de primavera florescen
En los jardines 

Un árbol de tilo al río
Sólo un pájaro carpintero golpea a su ritmo

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petals fall down

drifting on a spring breeze

to blanket the ground

reminiscent of the snow

but fragrant to the senses

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-drainpipes rattle on - Tanka

drainpipes rattle on
as the downpour cleans the walk
papier-mâché news
so much for coupons
today is full price

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beckoning sun

along the roadside
the melting snow lays in clumps
I breathe in fresh air
walking towards a new Spring
the warm sun beckons me on

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will it never end?
(this question from projection)
a stark scene indeed –
world in this awful white shroud,
memory of spring erased

but courage my friends
bountiful spring will return
in its old glory
for now a shoot breaks the snow
nether gods have awakened!

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I love all seasons

      ( seasons that I love )    5-7-5-7-7       Tanka poetry.

I love all seasons;
Plants and flowers bloom in spring
Birds sing in summer
Leaves tumbling down in autumn  
Snow caps mountains in winter

By Dr Ko Ko Thein (a) Dr Mya Thein

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It's Spring Again

Spring has come again.
It’s time to visit good friends.
Get off of your butt.
Lay laziness aside man.
Dance and prance and make romance.

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Two tiny parrots
fluttering in this big cage
wonder what spring is:
trees with blossoming branches,
where other birds build their nests?

Nature declares spring
with its harmonious sounds;
above a blue sky,
below meadows with blue-bells:
isn't it time I set them free?

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flavor of springtiime

flavor of springtime
minty as June's wildflower
love's petal dispersed---
alone in the city park
I long for your smooth caress

Contest of Alfred Vassalo
Just One Tanka
29th Aug 2014

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Sleeping flower buds 
on branches at once wake up
with color and joy 
kissed by the warmth of sunshine
Time to open up windows

Form: Tanka (5 lines: syllable count: 5,7,5,7,7)
Date write: 18.6.2014

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mild weather ahead
so says the news report
except for the wind
that frozen voice from the north
button up then till april

conjure now green vision
how happy those spring sounds
tulips thrusting up
refreshing smell of spring rain
just a winter’s nap away

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flowers fill my dreams


this springtime desire
oh this forever sighing
the snow falls and falls

          bird songs and long forest walks
          and wild flowers fill my dreams

March 22, 2015


Submitted to the contest, Tanka 3, sponsor, Andrea Dietrich

Third Place

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Scarlet sage' path...
feet rambling about the hill
of a quite woodland
with Carolina willows
and southern magnolias.

Lanky short-leaf pines
shade the milk-pea verdant shrubs;
petrels watch the swift,
mottled squirrels climb black oaks
while a cavalcade stirs them.

Hyacinths in bloom
have a stronger, sweeter scent 
than the white jasmines...
is fragrance a flower's gift
to all lovers strolling by?

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NOT YET (triple tanka)

squirrels run wild I see
it's been so long coming
as though they're set free
the first faint sense of spring air
sewn in March mistakenly

hear how they chatter
hear how they scold each other
who knows the matter?
could be released energy
that long winter chill set free

so i'll out of doors
i've put winter's coat away
and yet I shiver
such a bright sunny day    i've
thought it spring mistakenly

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a spring morn

under morning sun

from tree to tree, nest to nest

hundreds of birds flit

oblivious to the chill

there is frost on my windshield


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Tanka: two attempts

thunder shakes the walls
lights flicker and fade to black
as darkness seeps in
  I close my eyes and think of
  the sunshine on his face


the whole house vibrates 
with every thunderous strike 
rain pounds on the roof 
  outside the glistening window 
  daffodils and tulips grow 

*This is not for entering in a contest.  I'll take any feedback, I'm just learning the form. Thanks :)  

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Love Tanka for Joyce

how can I love you

when we live so far apart

our kisses meet only

over phone lines but our hearts

feel the love behind our words.

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Harbingers of spring

Harbingers of spring

golden daffodils trumpet

baby birds rejoice

smiles light up happy faces

children go outside to play.

Written Mar.29, 2015 for Rick Parise's  contest "One New Tanka"