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Tanka People Poems | Tanka Poems About People

These Tanka People poems are examples of Tanka poems about People. These are the best examples of Tanka People poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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When Love Creates

Eyes to eyes now meet Tenderly our lips touch We, adventurous Rhythmic vibrations rejoice When love creates little ones .

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

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One Day's Magic

humanity wakes to a day bright with sunshine all fighting has ceased our hearts are wise and loving and evil cannot be found For Freddie Vee's One Day's Magic Poetry Contest

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Half Truth Dreams

Lump of bitter dreams
In waking, tough to swallow
In sleep, liquid pools
to be tasted, drank silver,
only to metal harden.

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Rejoice (Tanka)

Rejoicing in life
soul’s jubilation singing
raising of voices

Praises of joy unto Him
uplifting mortal spirit

Comments:    The Japanese tanka dating back to the 5th Century has a format of 
five lines:  the first has five syllables. The second has seven syllables. The third 
has five syllables.  The forth and fifth lines have seven syllables each. The 
pattern is 5/7/5/7/7 for a total of thirty-one syllables.  This one is about rejoicing.

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Air pollution in cities

We should plant more trees
In the cities of the world
Beside the roads
And on the roofs of buildings
To reduce air pollution

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A magic moment
along today’s ardent street
the application
old folk holding hands pass by...
many issues spring to mind.

Copyright Harry J Horsman 2011

For Francine Roberts Wow me in 5 lines contest.  

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Our National Strength

The brave and the free,
Lain to rest for liberty.
Honor forgotten.
Souls sacrificed, protecting.
Sovereignty wrought with valor.

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Playing with fire

Playing with fire night magicians
playing with fire till dawn
needn't tell but crowd
masquerades seeking sources
to revitalize their wands.

For: Poet Destroyer's "Playing With Fire" contest.

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Christmas in July Alone

A summer abroad
Homesick for my family
Silent nights abound
Building a snowman from sand  
My loneliness melts away...

for Gail's "christmas magic" contest

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The crowd is untrue

The crowd is untrue,
Thus the need to stand aloof,
...Honestly be friends
With an honest few, is right.
Aye, the key to the victory.

Cower not under
The impulse of consumerism,
Since you aren't a beast.
Thus, to set things as always,
Means giving the best in you.

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So real

God is not a man
Unlike man, is not greedy
Ever-mighty is this God
He recognize every tone
Unlike man, is ubiquitous

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Black Cascade

~ Jet black hair, I stare ~ Cascades against her tanned skin ~ Undulated she ~ My hands in clasp, brushed ask ~ Sighing contentedly, we ~ .

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Children's Laughter

A ball thrown higher
     As breezes fall vivid leaves
          Children’s light laughter
                 Isolate and stigmatize
A lonely child in a crowd


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Genghis Khan was born,
Gripping a blood clot in hand.
But Love Child more bold,
And if I can say more cold,
Grasped I.U.D. dripping blood.

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Angels Among Us

in line they marched proud
and in death, they remain so
on it's marble stance
proof, angels are among us
a beauty of nature shows

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My Boo

<                          halloween haunting's
                       black shoe polish foundation
                             ruby red lipstick
                       pillow stuffed under big dress
                        red white bandana for hair

                               spatula in hand 
                       eggbeater in dress pocket
                              pillowcase for loot
                       daddy's boots causing blisters 
                          aunt jemima memories 

Entry For
Paula Sweanson's
Halloween Of Tears Past

Tribute To Childhood Memories

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the sun’s warmth
on my face
a smile
  free at last

for andrea's color tanka contest

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Sparrow on a Ledge

Sparrow on a ledge Needed help but told no one Vanished overnight Her smile now missed by neighbors Lights out again on Park Lane Foreclosure’s victim Few ever visited her Had we known her plight This senior we might have saved Elderly and abandoned
*In honor of John's "Retread what you've said" contest

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Have Your Cake And Eat It Too { Tanka }

                                                  father's day is near
                                           what to buy for dear old dad
                                              cologne tools or clothes
                                           maybe will just suprise him
                                            with a nice father's day cake

Tho Dear Old Dad is gone
He Loved Suprises For Father's Day

Happy  Father's Day 
To All Poetry Soup Dads

RIP Daddy   { 1925-1981}

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Stolpersteine/ Blundering Stones/ Piedras de escollo

Auf dem Bürgersteig vorm Haus
Zwei Stolpersteine aus Messing
Auf jedem zwei Namen

Hier wohnten sie einst ohne Tadel
1943 im Konzentrationslager ermordet


On the sidewalk in front the house 
Two blundering blocks of brass 
On each two names engraved

Here they once lived without blame 
1943 murdered in a concentration camp


En la acera enfrente de la casa 
Dos piedras de escollo de bronce 
En cada una dos nombres 

Donde una vez vivían sin reprensión 
1943 asesinados en campo de concentración

“Stolpersteine” are small concrete blocks with a brass plate in remembrance of people who
have been pursued and murdered by the Nazis. These blocks are in line with the sidewalks's
surface, have the names of the victims engraved and are placed in front of the houses were
these persons once lived. These blocks should be a “Monument from below” according to the
Cologne artist Gunter Demnig who initiated these installations. Now “Memorial Stones” are
placed all over Germany and Europe where people lived who were murdered in concentration
camps. This project is entirely financed with donations.

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Acid Rain in Erode

Grey heavenly skies
in reaction to her hurt
clouds so different
In cry, falls, penetration
acid rain erodes her so

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Mass Appeal

We all play a part,
Actors on the global stage,
Pleasing the masses,
Who demand that we forget,
Ourselves and become themselves.

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Jasmine Candles Glow

Showered, pores open Soft lighting awaits her lay Jasmine candles glow Tanned torso soon to glisten Naked I, massage employed .

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Hunter's Moon

under the hunter's moon*

a birch seeks its lost leaves

a sleeping dog hounds geese

a wife confronts a cold truth

and I only search words

* Hunter's Moon is the name for the November's full moon
**for Joann's Gogyohka

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The Last Light

Land masses in freeze
mans conditional now waned
nature retracts, whilst
a polar bear roams a city
incomprehensible times

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your finger pointed
so accusingly at me
rush to make judgment
facts unknown, verdict guilty
proved you wrong, sweet victory

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remembering times 
when life was not precious
such frivolity
heartily sought by many,
wasted on the young

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~ unfamiliar fear has taken new residence deep in furrowed brows of ordinary people on an ordinary day ~

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A Secular Battle Cry

all is relative.
all should like to be a part
of this family.
absolutes just exist in
the mind of the creator.

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o' pioneer


sweat and calloused hands
pounded posts into earth’s clay
circling the west
with strength, barbed wire and nails…
winds of hope ever blowing 

dusty fields planted
               row by row, by furrowed brows
                      deep seeded pride--

For Russell Sivey's Contest: "Mesh of forms" Tanka/Senryu
Carrie Richards 3/19/12

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Splashing Dog

(This is a Tanka:  Japanese poem of five lines, the first and third composed of five
syllables and the others seven. In Japanese, tanka is often written in one straight line,
but in English and other languages, we usually divide the lines into the five syllabic
units: 5-7-5-7-7.)

Splashing Dog
    by Amy Swanson

Great drops of water
     fly vigorously from him!
Black hair glistening
     he gallops through the river,
     stops only to shake himself!

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Promises of Fluff

Lightly stepping on
Fluffy clouds of promises
my eyes wide open
in a sky of certain lies
no fluff left to break my fall 

Restlessly sleeping    
on fluffy pillows of trust
eyes closed naively
in a bed of broken dreams
no fluff left to protect me            

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, January 31, 2012
For Fluff contest

First Place finish in Carol Brown's Fluff Contest

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Affection 2K13

'Tis therein embrace
where sighing and warmth occurs,
kisses ensue most properly
as inclined subjects board their
ships of affection due love.

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Meditative in Soothe

In contemplation
one soothes one's soul, mentally
Yoga's mechanics
also allows absorption
spiritual disciplines

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Sunbathing martyrs
Bask in the inclination
Of August sunlight---
Alms of sunrays penetrate
Extinguishing the sunblock.

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My Valentine Gift

<                                       bright future awaits
                                   mind terrible thing to waste
                                           scholastic ready
                                      unveiling hidden bounty
                                   scholarship's highest honor 

Entry For
Andrea Dietrich's
Tanka Your Valentine Contest
G.L. All

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Women and child abuse

We must put an end
To women and child abuse
From our societies
By enforcing stricter laws
And creating awareness 

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Lock Box and Photographs

Cheeks: apple skin shined
Hair: flaxen golden threaded
Lips: petulant pout
Eyes: dark sea currents whetted
Date: Circa 1903.

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New Jersey

Lenni-Lenape smokes
still climb Appalachians
To dream the Passaic`s Great Falls, 
the banks Delaware,Hudson,
and Long Island Sound`s echo.

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The 10 o'clock news

The television,
tells me of too much bad news.
I'm afraid to watch,
for fear that my tears won't stop.
Devastation of this world.

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in the beginning, first being and creator: the shape shifting Cagn. foolish or man of wisdom; either helpful or tiresome.
In the shadow of a crag, overlooking the tarn, Coti gave birth to Cagn’s first creation, the eland. While she bathed in the crystal clear water, Cagn whisked the eland away and hid it – to be fed by him on wild honey. This is where the two brothers, Cogaz and Gewi, found the object of their father’s love and devotion and killed it. Cagn was distraught and ordered Coti to mix the blood of the eland with the fat of its heart in a cauldron over a fire. Cagn sprinkled this potion on the barren desert soil and a herd of eland sprang from it; which became the symbol of fertility to his clan and all people that followed.
tracking the eland, young boy hunts with tribesmen - running it to ground. arrows dipped in poison; hunter's knife slits eland’s throat. alone in her hut at her first menstruation: the Eland Bull Dance – the women become the cow; men mimic the eland bull
Poetry form: tanka prose (not listed here on PS) ******************************************************************** Glossary: The San Religion consists of the spiritual world and the material world. The modern Bushmen of the Kalahari believe in two gods: one who lives in the east and one from the west. Like the southern Bushmen, they believe in spirits of the dead, but not as part of ancestor worship. The spirits are only vaguely identified and are thought to bring sickness and death. Cagn (also known as /Kaggen) is the supreme god of the Bushmen of southern Africa. He is the first being and the creator of the world. He is a trickster god who can shape shift, most often into the praying mantis. The bushmen believe that Cagn’s favourite animal is the eland, which is the most spiritual animal in the religion. The eland appears in some of the rituals: boys' first kill, girls' puberty, marriage, and the trance dance. • A boy is taught how to track an eland and how to kill it. The boy will be considered an adult once he kills a big antelope, mainly the eland. The eland then gets skinned, and a broth is made with the fat and the collar bone. • The ritual for the girls' puberty starts when they get their first menstruation in which she becomes isolated in her hut. The women in the tribe do what is called an Eland Bull Dance, by which they imitate the eland cows’ behaviour when mating; while the the men act as an eland bull. This ritual is to keep the girl beautiful and peaceful and also free from hunger and thirst. • In a marriage ritual, the man gives the fat of the elands' heart to the woman's parents. Then the woman is anointed with the fat. • In the trance dance, the shaman tries to possess eland potency because the eland is considered to be the most potent of all. The shaman: When an eland is killed, they believe that there is a link that opens up between the cosmos. When this happens, the shaman dances and reaches a trance to enter the spirit world. Once in a trance, they are able to heal people and protect them from sickness, protect people from evil spirits, control weather, see the future, ensure good hunting, and basically look out for the well being of their group or tribe.

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The hidden face

**************************** At the beginning Only laughter and sweet smiles Then shows the true side That of a selfish ego Living only for one self ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Not caring for others Not even for better halves Gratification Becomes known only as lust Love is only desire!

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The religious leaders

We can’t depend on
The religious leaders
They don’t know the Truth
But they preach for their living
They are now commercial

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Nature and Humanity

Effervescent dreams
Flow down upon mother’s plate
Chilled by destined fall 
A time always remembered
Appearing third time of year

Season of life fades
Human apertures grow weak
Though, knowledge is strong
Love holds different stages
Bonding affections with key

Combined all blessings
Unfold into beauty bold
Each respect enriched
Of their returning faction
Crossing over great divide

To rapture rebirth
Forming times readmission
Natural recourse
Within nature is beauty
Returning humanity

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Lost And Found

Stranded in the dark,
Blindly we all seek out light,
Some never realize,
That being lost is so close,
To finally being found.

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TANKA 1 : the rotten race


Devoid of all life
Humans reek of greed and hate
They stick in the knife
Can’t be saved, for its too late
I won’t break under this strife.

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Struggle day and night
to survive on the street lane
hawking and stealing
stand firm,sex selling at night
added;for she has no one.

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Her plumage allures
Curvaceous in her wiggle
Like a duck waddles
In trance I am, captured so
She in view, I follow true

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Space exploration

We should go to mars
And all promising planets
To explore and find
Mineral resources
In order to meet our need

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On Beauty

Fingers interlocked,

his eyes wander still to the

young woman in red -

we marvel at the Himba

girl absent of curly hair.

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Hot Saturday Afternoon

The mall parking lot
What amazing view__mankind
All ages, races
Automatic door entered
With many varied motives

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Different Effects

breaks out, when you scream and shout,
unless you use salve,
you are being arrested,
or you have turret's syndrome.

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A Man I'd Love To Have Met

when I look, I see
the eyes of a thoughtful soul
a family man
an aura of kindness shines
a man I'd love to have met

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Ye Stay On Track

As the earth swings back
Brothers I say stay on track
Follow Master’s Plan
Sisters don’t let man change you
For they all should worship you

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Signature Style

Slight and spry is her

taste in jewellery. I weave

fibers capricious and

bold. Identical we are:

I am turquoise, she is pink.

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A boy in dark blue
With blue feelings held inside
Always unhappy
Then one day he set his mind
Looking past what others said.

Written by

Cecil Hickman

Written for

Sponsor Francine Roberts 
Contest Name "blue" 

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Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Packer Country, Green and Gold

Home of Lambeau Field

Football is our Great Passion!

Cheeseheads RULE the Football World!



(January 23, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Azure Blue Allure

Azure blue allure
As I look into his eyes
Saltire proud is he
Highlands, the Glens, I go
Alba he resides, my love

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Wrecking Ball

A wrecking ball waves 
At the quiet street below
I watch riveted 
From behind the protesters
Trying to feel their passion

The impact echoes
a street no longer quiet
Sounds of destruction
And an old woman's soft cries
Under a looming, grey cloud 

A wrecking ball still
The crowds underneath scatter
I pretend to care   
As the old woman wipes tears
And the director yells, "CUT!" 

By:Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February, 10. 2012
for Twisted Minds contest
Honorable mention

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Now patriotism
Is found in the lexicon
Are deprived of it today
They want money and power

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The road accident

The road accident
Left so many students killed 
On the very spot!
Totally heartbreaking news
For their friends and relatives.

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Inner Child

My small inner child 
will keep me from my old age.
It will keep me young, 
my youth held within my heart 
so that time shall stand at rest.

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Forever Expanded

Each cool summer breeze
Sets the stage for something hot
Like loves engagement

Fun in the sun crazed
Develops such great delight
Each bright new day’s hour
Enlightens freedoms desires
Each night awakening fires

Summer flows ever quickly
Like fleeting poetry lines
Memories linger longer
Forever expanded

written by
Cecil Hickman

written for
Sponsor Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 
Contest Name "FUN & FROLIC" (3 FORMS) 

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Area In The Periphery

gnats, hovering in a 
tear drop, battle dust motes for
room.  a peaceful wind
separates them.  i should be
glad with my personal space.

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Cold Rainy Day

Long Cold Rainy Day

Gloominess Settling In.

Why Haven't you Called?

I Am Tired Of Waiting.

You Are Freakin Frustrating.

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Standing At The Bus Stop Midmorning

there's a man reading
divine Scriptures out loud.  light
shimmers on rain pools.
someone has left a sugar 
cube on the curb -- all is sweet.

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The idle boats

On the Gulshan lake
Some boats are lying idle
In such a manner
As if two water-lilies
Which are big and beautiful!

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A huge hemisphere,
a lake two and half miles long,
many shady trees,
cars on Grand Central Parkway...
happy kids on swings and slides.

It's very quite here,
people walking and chatting
in the greenest park,
they're safe even after dark...
it's the perfect haven! 

Nighttime seems daytime
when lights shine on all faces
watching a play, or
listening to pop or rock...
what a view from my window!

Written by Andrew Crisci

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Rambunctious Theater

Catcalls, lewd comments
and humor at the movies:
is it the picture
or the acts at the picture
that we have all come to see?

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The Angry Sea

You and I named clouds
which dissolved and left us still
staring at the sun,
listening for thunder's voice,
egging on the angry sea

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Abandoned Children (besprizorniki )


roaming the streets of Russia 

no mamas to love 

bereft of humanity 

a million beating hearts sigh

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Fresh Wind

By no direction of man
Angels spread their wings
And are carried by fresh wind
To places unknown, unseen

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The finest line drawn-- 
Between silent stirs and sighs 
Of swaying roses 
In such perfection for myth 
Charmed by breath of a night wind

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It is important

we all must acknowledge it

most just overlook

but it is the way people meet

so please make your hello count

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The first kiss is best

only time will improve it

love is key for it

we all have a different touch

the first is the most special

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calloused hands touch me
icy feeling like winter
from his fingertips
I shiver from the contact
and plead for spring rain

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Love Secret

Mom, Dad, sit with me
Talk about the bygone days
When your love was new
How have you stayed so in love
I want to understand
You must know the love secret
Oh, please pass it on to me

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The Model

Clip my hair page boy
Blush my cheeks with sun peached dust
Spider lash my eyes
Set me up at dawn and dusk
I'm your living photograph .

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This beautiful boy
is, on his tiptoes, a man.
An innocent man
with silver, wrapped gifts of words
hailing the wind, to listen...

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It is where you shop

everything is up for grabs

time everlasting

low prices are the key there

Sam knew what we all wanted

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Monk's Tribute (Tanka)

Thelonious Monk
piano keyboard prophet
harmonizing scales

Melody from flat to sharp
rhythm soothing to the soul

Comments:  Thelonious Sphere Monk (1917-1982) is recognized as one of the 
most influential figures in the history of Jazz. He was one of the architects of 
bebop and his impact as a composer and pianist has had a profound influence 
on every genre of music. Thelonious Monk Institutes of Jazz are located at the 
following locations: Washington Office: 5225 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 605, 
Washington, DC and Los Angeles Office: University of Southern California, 3443 
Watt Way, Lower Level, Los Angeles, CA. The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, a 
nonprofit education organization, was founded in 1986 by the Monk family along 
with the late Maria Fisher, an opera singer and lifelong devotee of music.

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suave chaps stand ready
a vintage champagne flowing
musical tones swell
as loathsome ladies babble~
this years wallflowers in bloom

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Missing You

Seven days and nights
Love is stronger without you
Each minute goes by
I cannot wait until then
We will love the night away

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Morning Ritual

Glazed orange china
with dogwood branches blooming
filled with bergamot
to stain the lips in henna
warm the palms with bitter steam.

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I cry alone, scared.
Scared of my thoughts and feelings.
I hide my thoughts and feelings,
...from those who are numb and dull.

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When pen and paper collide

Prostitute your thoughts
All your feelings overflow
Substitute your mind
When life deals you a big blow
Do not betray your insides

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Rebuilding America { Tanka}

                                                              Coastal area
                                               massive under ground currents
                                                          wave of destruction
                                                   Solid foundation of strength
                                                 refurbished  levee's proclaim

In Loving Memory 
Of Victims
From Katrinia

Also Big Thanks To
Sir Joseph Spence Again

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No one likes them much

we must use them at least once

tears are prevalent

although some are not quite sad

Goodbyes are always must haves

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Permanent hand stamp
in copper, green and silver
letting us back in
to life, to love, in shapes of
luna moth wings, fluttering.

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Wounded Wishes

Of broken wishes,
like twisted, cracked twigs once green,
we speak in whispers
hoping to graft them to limbs
gently taped, repaired, to bloom.

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Breaking The Ice

anecdotes and jokes
are a way to loosen up.
they change a person's
visage in moments to joy
or flashing consternation.

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After Sushi...

Rice paper windows,
soften threads of perfect light
a skin to your hands
as we sip our steaming tea
and spill secrets of the day.

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Seventy Years and Counting...

Silver hair still shines-
a nesting place for wisdom
and ageless beauty.
Born of prismatic, white light-
haven to winged, flying thoughts...

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Odour De Scorned Woman

If you caught my glance
and bottled it for perfume
it would be called: "Cold
Bitter Lime and Lemon Rind
Absinth Alchohol Delight"...

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We all know

We have this feeling

we all know it way to well

it eats us inside

we see the person always

but fear has gripped us for good

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Agua Impression

Swallowed in sun bites
to butter burn the dreaming
of men in sandals
with one foot in the desert
and one foot in mirages.

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                           FALLING FROM ABOVE,
                    LIKE A RAINDROP, SMALL AND MEEK,
                           ONLY TO HIT GROUND.
                     CRASHING AND SPLITTING INTO...
                         MANY PIECES, OF MYSELF.

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Summer Tanka

above the still strand
shrieks of seagulls
die on the inshore breeze-
our twin footsteps disappear
as sunset dissolves

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From base elements
A living soul was molded.
From this misty dust
The mother of the living
Was formed of his flesh and bone.

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Tanka- funereal

huddled together
from the heeting rain
the unbrellas moc the hearse-
then in twos
slowly separate

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everyone has some 
beauty inside of him or
her -- whether it is
great or small or can be seen
or not.  it gives them merit.

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Malfunctioning Machine

Ah!  This rusted brain!
(I lost the instructions too.)
Now, the whir and spin
of cognitive, liquid thoughts,
just grind cogs to snaps of smoke.

Ah! I can't complain!
(Lack of use is true to blame)
TV thoughts do rust
Advertisments do congeal
'till once, what spun, is silent.

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the diary
pages scattered the floor
memories lie
just out of reach

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Don't Be Afraid

it is as real as
is in optimism;
thirteen is a scare if there
is cognitive dissonance.

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I feel so intense
Along with shaky and scared.
They ask me questions
And I give them some answers,
But not the answers they want.

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chill breath
of dawn lights 
upon my window-pane
nighttimes promises
freeze into crystal