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Moon Tanka Poems | Tanka Poems About Moon

These Moon Tanka poems are examples of Tanka poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Moon Tanka poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Let the Moon Watch

Trespassing moonlight-- I envy its touch on you and light a candle, let the moon watch from the sky thousand moons' birth in our love © kash poet ===========000============

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awe of gentle breeze

fragrant shadow of delight

moonlit hope aglow..

catch the air of her appeal

as she fades into the night  

Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Contest Name: Third & Final Itty Bitty Contest 
Form: Tanka

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A Ripple in Time

A ripple in time, we are here for a moment like fleeting vapors in this vast, great universe-- members of a divine God. Into the night sky I gaze, awed by space and time and the wide expanse of the Milky Way, a dot among endless galaxies. They spin and swirl in a dance in the gaping voids of space and blackness, their light coming to us from a time before our Earth formed. A ripple in time, we are here for a moment like fleeting vapors in this vast, great universe-- members of a divine Whole.
--for 'A Ripple In Time' Contest --written 05/05/2013

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The Moon and the Sea

The moon and the sea Water crashes on the shore Shines in from the moon Where waves come rushing on me Opens world of the ocean
Russell Sivey

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The moon...

   How she looks tonight?
   A pearl strung amidst diamonds
   Silhouetting shades,
   The shadows of evenings light.
   A melodic phrase...

   "The moon"

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Worlds and Lovers

A Hollow moon sleeps Atop the calm sea water under a blanket of clouds Earth and moon rest as one soul awaiting grace from sunrise
beauty of the soul in uniting the two worlds is in shades of blue For all lovers to observe hearts will beat as one spirit

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Within the Stars

Our feelings were high On this cold, dark, star-filled night I ogle your eyes You form beauty within them They twinkle like the white stars The moon shows its face As we walk down the black hill Letting our hands touch Our feelings surely brought joy As the sky winks at our love The stars have their love Ones that shined that gorgeous night Romance brought by stars And the moon has its power Love enters both of our minds
Russell Sivey

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Moon in Foggy Mist

The moon has risen Slightly into the night air Reflections are cast On the river down below A foggy mist lies opaque
Russell Sivey

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tweet 3, tanka 4

on late summer eve
when moon shines cloudy halo
silvery garden
magically transforms dreams
enlightened without shadow

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Free Flowing

A real golden hue Dynamite against the sky Harvest moon escapes Free flowing is the yellow Bouncing one to another
Russell Sivey No a contest entry

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Moonlight - Mirrored Tanka


Moon in sky so bright With her heart embraces night She dances in the light Her graceful face shows thru clouds Bares it all high in the sky Bares it all high in the sky Her graceful face shows thru clouds She dances in the light With her heart embraces night Moon in sky so bright. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011 10.5.2014

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pintka 1

summer solstice moon
bright as an oncoming train
pressing silver light
into my glistening pint
carving stark shadows from the night

Michael F. Lewis

Invented another new style...
tanka + pint = pintka

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Moonlight Dream

I always said that i came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
I always felt powerful and strong
Doing everything possibly wrong
I remember seeing a girl walking the streets
Yellow ribbon dress running from me
I tried telling her not to worry 
But she started screaming
I snatched her up and shook her
stopped the screaming
stopped her breathing
Moonlight Dream

I awoke to the sound of sirens
Covered in blood that surrounded
My mother asked me why i did it
Confused by the second
I ran far away in an instant
Went a far distance
A village on the horizon
Near the Appalachian Mountains
I pleaded for help
No one seems to listen
They run

I run and run
Now out of breath
Figured out what was wrong
Can't take another step
I fall asleep on the ground
Listen to the wolves howl
I close my eyes and dream
Another dream
Another dream
Moonlight Dream

I always said that I came alive at night
The same time the moon shined
This time I saw a couple dining
I stood out the window and stared
My stomach ached of hunger
I waited for hours
A few hours went by 
They haven't came out 
feeling so hungry
Big appettite for your blood
That fake red love
Moonlight Dream

I crash through the window where you sit
You scream 
I tear your skin
Say goodbye 
I almost slurp 
I awoke to the sound of screams
Not sure what's going on
Had a bad dream
There's blood everywhere
I did this? 
I killed them?

This is my Moonlight Dream

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Full Moon High

Schizo on a high
 Playing with dangerous toys
  Pills of red, green, blue
   Full moon brightening the sky
    What crazy thing will he do?

A. Green

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Ein kalter Mond/ A Cold Moon/ Una Luna Fría

Von oben ein kalter Mond
Vergießt schon fahl sein weißes Licht
Auf junge Tannenspitzen

Wildschweine graben im Boden
Nach frischen zarten Wurzeln


A cold moon from above
Spills its white pale light already 
Upon young fir tips 

Wild pigs are digging the soil
For fresh and tender roots


De encima una luna fría
Derrame ya su luz pálida y fría
Sobre joven puntas de abetos

Cerdos salvajes cavaron en el suelo
Por raices frescas y tiernas

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dew weeps not rosered
heavy dew hangs not her cheeks
no    it is the light
gone her lovely pastel blush
gone the moon this cloudy night

I accidentally zapped this one out because I don't know how to cancel those poems 
submitted in the last soup contest.

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a single owl screech
breaks the silent
November night-
the Hunters moon
waxes blue

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The Moon Vanishes

A few days ago
The moon vanished from the sky
They put it somewhere
Scientists had determined
It interfered with progress