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Tanka Friendship Poems | Tanka Poems About Friendship

These Tanka Friendship poems are examples of Tanka poems about Friendship. These are the best examples of Tanka Friendship poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Christmas Angel

just a glass angel lit with many colored hues she is much like you spreading joy to friends in need a guardian for your tree I could not resist when first I saw her sweet face angels fill my life this is a token of thanks for friendship and loyalty
*December 2, 2014

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Playing Enthusiastically

                                              Playmates illusion
                                       Feline stretches on its back
                                              Pup engages play
                                       Leaps into air with surprise
                                    Scratched nose, engages again

                                         By Eve Roper 11/20/2014

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Kisses Through the Distance


                                          In the still morning  
                                          I felt a kiss on my cheek
                                          and I closed my eyes.
                                          I knew it's the sudden breeze
                                          but I whispered your name.

                                          I take a deep breath
                                          surrounded by gardenias
                                          and blow you a kiss.
                                          It will be there tomorrow...
                                          Open windows, doors, and lips.

To Deborah Guzzi.

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

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The Spirit Prevails

It is a new day
Something wonderful happened
You are now at peace
Like a phoenix rising up
From the ashes you prevail

We shall not mourn you
For you are not gone at all
We may not see you
Your presence lives on in us
Enduring the test of time

Radiant light shines
Upon us all forever
Glorious rays gleam
Emitting from your spirit
Keeping your memory strong

The lives you have touched
Will never forget you now
Though we may shed tears
These are tears of happiness 
Your spirit forever reigns

In the days to come
When we are all together
Celebrating life
Your spirit will consume us
Your peace will be our strength

Joy and happiness
Will be felt every moment
You gave us reason
To have faith in the future
Your legacy will live on…………..

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'Blowing A Kiss To You'

With a skyward glance I am counting stars tonight hope that you are too because every star you see signify a kiss from me *dedicated to Mr. Inverness, James Fraser*
For MJF ©050820121900

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Amongst seeds of words
sophistication resides,
this Utah lady
spreads her light across the globe...
with friendship personified.

© Harry J Horsman 2012    

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Lay your sorrows down
Upon my healing altar,
Walk with me a while
And I’ll tell you of your worth,
So much more than you believe.

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I named her Bambi
Spindly legged Jersey calf
bought to raise for beef
I fell in love with soft eyes
My companion she became

She wakes to greet kids
Walk with them to school bus stop
Shared morning coffee
when she meets me on the porch
A cup for me    bowl for her

Mischievous Bambi
tromping in neighbor’s garden
He yells    waves his arms
She sticks her head in a bush
thinking he cannot see her

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Platonic Relationships

The bonding of trust
to a friend without desires
someone to turn to
emotion free yet sincere,
two logical minds at peace

© Harry J Horsman 2014    

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Taking a Chance

                I'm taking a chance
           against my better judgment?
                how else will I know
            if you are worthy of trust
               I must be vulnerable 

              this could be a dream
      this could be the worst nightmare
                one way to find out:
           I leave my heart's door ajar
        and hope the risk is worth it

                  Eileen Manassian

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Seismic We Are

My hands, she now holds Pertness amidst my fingers Internally he Seismic we are, rejoicing Two hearts, beating as one, voiced .

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Their Meeting

Meeting of two souls Absorbed they be totally Sharing past, present Where will they be tomorrow Let time roll, let it be, they .

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What I Love Most About PoetrySoup

Poetry matters,
but it’s just a bonus here.
The real deal lies in
enjoying friends at a place
open 24/7!

Written Jan. 14, 2012 by Andrea Dietrich
For Carol Brown's Contest
of this poem title's name

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Yellow Rose

Lovely yellow rose 
Is seen as warm token of
Genuine friendship.
Comes with no obligations
To sincerely say, "I care".

Love without passion
Freely given and received,
Yellow rose message.
A lover sends red roses.
A friend chooses the yellow.

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Flavors of Winter

Rich hot chocolate
marshmallows roast o’er the pit
gazing China moon
twinkling stars in midnight blue
laughter and snuggling galore!

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Friendship is a bond
It’s the best relationship
It’s a gift from God
Without it life loses charm
God is the very best friend

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A Spiritual Christmas Gifts to You

              A jolly old man
  Who makes your wishes come true
            A joy of Christmas
    Brings such special gifts to you
      She waits for him patiently

          Underneath the tree
  Sprinkled with faith and hope too
               My love is a gift
     Two are kindness and giving
       Three is a promise to you

           I give you my heart
        Filled with a decoration
             Now and forever
         A sweet communication
         Near to me or far apart

           Yolaine Armitage

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The Gift of Love 2K13

The greatest single
gift when gifted is genuine love,
and awesome be its
power when one possesses the
knowledge which theirselves are loved.

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Love You

total enchantment
the time I shared here with you
long past the times, few
sometimes I feel the cancer  
is in us both not just you

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Thought of First Love 2K13

Much thoughts of you as
praying am I that you may
reserve but a seat
amongst your humbled table,
if only in faded memories.

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Magical-Snowy Dust

Three Christmas wishes
That I sent to Santa Claus:
Happiness to stay
The sounds of children laughing
Friends and family all day –

What was my surprise?
An ornament on the tree
Sparkling robust.
Its tiny door and windows
Held magical-snowy dust –

With eyes opened wide,
I gleaned wisdom from his note.
“Happiness shall stay,
Joy shall fill your loving heart
Compassions-service each day!”

© December 26, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: SANTA'S SURPRISE" 
Sponsor	Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S.

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Taz, has gone quiet my soup has a missing link I miss your wit unruffled temperament mainly your caring spirit
*dedicated to Richard Pickett* by Wilma Neels ©080120122300

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Letter Song

From being stewed here
Together in life's spiced pot
We begin to share
The orthographic phoneme
But i think still more germaine

Origin of dust
Denominator common
Yet with meaning lost
Until the grave dust us, we
Single note in time's hist'ry

When the pot begins
To sing again, blending us
Soul and mission sweet
Single soup of harmony
Stirring tastebuds to exult

All consonants one
All vowels an accent change
All emotions merged
For we feel and die as man
We live but as creation

Let need arrange us
Into semantic desire
Love is motion in fire
The candle burning to deliver
Giver singing for lover

D for dream I choose
Recluse imagination shines
Emitting echoes
Ancestral harmony sweet
Meaning in song, dance in feet.

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The Lonely Ace of Hearts

Dedication to my first and last love, Lance Ewens, 1979-2006

She's remembering
The day that she fell for him
It was in Autumn
When she first transfixed her eyes
Upon the most gorgeous face
That she'd ever seen
He smiled at her with a charm
That glistened so bright
It melted her heart like snow
They became friends instantly
Their friendship would grow
And thus, blossom into love
They spent every day 
With each other mirthfully
Until that last fateful night
A bitter, rough wind
Stole her one true love away
Her heart always breaks
When she holds the ace of hearts
It remains a painful token
Of the love that she once had

Dawn Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn Kilby

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Three Precious Gifts

Fill my life with love.
Gift of friendships rare and deep.
Back in my hometown.
Reunited with them all.
I will make my life here now.

Baby brother's back.
Once more in my life to stay.
Let me make music.
Write a poem,make a craft.
Use my talents I'm blessed with.

Silver crested star.
Santa says to be myself.
Do not waste my time.
Creativity should flow.
Use my hands,my mind,my heart.

By Deb Wilson
for contest"Santa's Surprise"
sponsored by Linda-marie
sweetheart of PS

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bodies fall weary
cancer metastasizes 
another friend gone
funerals leave tears of bronze
survivors shine in shadows

faces fall weary
cancer metastasizes
no one is immune
the spirit strengthens through trials
survivors shine, smiles bring hope

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, June14, 2012

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We used to be friends
Laughter was our currency
Now tears fill the bank
When did we close our account
How could we be overdrawn

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About time

About time you show up 

About time you help out 

About time you comfort me 

About time you decide to step up

About time you realized 

About time i that i left 

About time you felt lost 

Because with out me 

Your not everything you say

I was your world, and you weren't mine 

So listen now and hear out loud 

I miss you, but i never knew you 

This me telling you 

Now its time 

To go on your own 

While i go on my own.......

- samip mehta 

for those you cant say good bye...

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R.I.P. Mikey

You were my first love,
but the soul in you is gone,
Rest in peace my friend,
Everyone misses you,
we all want you back dearly.