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Animal Tanka Poems | Tanka Poems About Animal

These Animal Tanka poems are examples of Tanka poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Animal Tanka poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I named her Bambi
Spindly legged Jersey calf
bought to raise for beef
I fell in love with soft eyes
My companion she became

She wakes to greet kids
Walk with them to school bus stop
Shared morning coffee
when she meets me on the porch
A cup for me    bowl for her

Mischievous Bambi
tromping in neighbor’s garden
He yells    waves his arms
She sticks her head in a bush
thinking he cannot see her

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how they sniff the wind,
far away look in their eyes,
what are they thinking?
or is thought necessary,
vital to consciousness?

i say they sense god’s
heaven of simplicity,
his love for all things,
accept the world just as is,
accept life and death alike

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a dog's good-bye

paws on his casket
he drops a white rose
onto his friend
  a soldier come home
  his final badge of honor

for rick's rose tanka contest

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Penguin Tanka

I adore penguins
Sliding on the frozen ice
Love how they waddle
Have wings that can never fly
Mating partners all their life

25th April 2014

~ For Tanka Contest sponsored by Amy Green ~
Awarded 5th place in contest

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Jaws in real life

Master of the sea
Smells blood from miles away
Swims with dominance
Sharp serrated teeth devours
Naive humans viciously

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ya gotta love ‘em
some dude said, long, long ago
ya gotta feed ‘em
do these and they”ll love ya back
then keep ‘em warm, away from harm

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there are some humans
who are much like cats and dogs
simple minds abound
people will pay big money
and just to have them around

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Crafty cow

She stands there waiting
Chewing the cud and watching
for the dark rain clouds
Maybe I should lie down and
confuse the weather watchers    

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the deer

the cool spring morning

welcomes our new visitors

to enjoy the gifts

mother nature has bestowed

making all of us thankful

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we named her peepers
because of her sharp features
which effect the eyes
they seem closer together

she’s escaped from the weather

the economy
animals put out, you see
despite low degrees
peepers the in-and-out cat
so we thought and that was that

we soon discovered
she was in, not the other
she liked to be warm
four walls around, free from harm
oh how she put on the charm

you with heart of gold
take a cat in from the cold
just pennies a day
will feed and keep this good friend
luck and blessing start a trend