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Senryu Tribute Poems | Senryu Poems About Tribute

These Senryu Tribute poems are examples of Senryu poems about Tribute. These are the best examples of Senryu Tribute poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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To Anne-Lise- My Sunshine

Sunshine came to play
On each warm and golden ray~~~
letters of her name

Eileen Manassian

This is a tribute to Anne-Lise whom I call, Sunshine. She always has a sweet and comforting word for me that warms my heart. 

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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Innovation Invigorates Inspiration: Tribute To Michael Jackson

My main man Michael Where you’re is where you’re, J Keep shining like stars ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ © Joseph Spence, Sr., 6/28/09 © All Rights Reserved ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran. ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2009

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' King David's 23rd Psalm ... ' (Classical - Tribute) 61st Senryu

‘ King David’s 23rd Psalm … ’ (Classical-Tribute)  61st  Senryu

The Brave Should Know Song:
King David’s ‘ 23rd Psalms ’
Makes Warriors Stay Strong

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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Death decay dismay
twist the mind honour 
bright open truth

Copyright © Bernard Barclay | Year Posted 2013

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' Lord Alfred Tennyson ...' (Classical-Tribute) 62nd Senryu

‘ Lord Alfred Tennyson … ’ (Classical-Tribute)  62nd  Senryu

       Tennyson Thundered
‘ The Charge Of The Light Brigade ’
      Salutes … Six-Hundred

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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' Edgar Allan Poe ... ' (Classical-Tribute) 64th Senryu

‘Edgar Allan Poe … ’ (Classical-Tribute)  64th  Senryu

     Edgar Allan Poe ...
Master of Scary Suspense
   Tortured Ambience

The Raven … The Pit and The Pendulum
House of Usher … Annabel Lee , etc. 
(“She Walks In Beauty, Like The Night”)
     one of my favorite poetry-lines

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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' Alfred Noyles ... ' (Classical-Tribute) 63rd Senryu

‘Alfred Noyles … ’ (Classical-Tribute)  63rd   Senryu

   Alfred Noyles’ Poem Rings
‘The Highwayman’, Came Riding
   … Still Gets Me Crying …

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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Great passion for homeland honest pledge to its honour putting it even before self

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015

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' William Shakespeare ... ' (Classical-Tribute) 65th Senryu

‘ William Shakespeare … ’ (Classical-Tribute)  65th  Senryu

   One and Only Clear …
   He’s Poetic-Theatre
Oh, William Shakespeare ! …

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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Moms Are Heaven Sent -senryu chain

~~**~~ Moms are Heaven sent angels on earth Mothers are love like no other ~*~ she bends gracefully but she breaks so easily takes my breath away ~*~ alabaster skin body to soul perfection she smells like cookies ~*~ sad rain chills my bones dewdrops mixing with my tears Heaven holds her now ~*~ Heaven is her home halo hat and angel arms cherubs float on clouds ~*~ ~~**~~

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Singing Bells

Bells ring so sweetly
Ode to the carillon voice
Key to the singing tower

Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2015

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Every day Is Father's Day

~*~ Father gave me life his love fills my heart with joy my Daddy is best ~*~ the roar of the crowd the crack of the bat it’s gone baseball Dad and me ~*~ celebration day he’s the king of the castle Father’s Day today ~*~ sad rain chills my bones the strength he gave holds back tears Heaven is his home ~*~ he lives on through me his proud name I will carry Junior’s destiny ~*~ a message from Heaven words from my Father he always had the last word and still does those words are "Father's Day" ~*~ ~~**~~ you are days my glowing bright daze you are my night my shinning armored knight you are my son my daily rising sun you are my peace you are the final piece Every day is Father's Day ~~**~~
Inspired by the song “In the living years”

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2015

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'he was once the king'

~*~ he was once the king cheesy picture art display Elvis on velvet ~~**~~ ~*~

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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The Birds - A Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock

Peaceful playground scene
Bars behind her smoke-break bench
A single crow lands...

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2009

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tears of purple rain are flowing through Paisley Park doves are now crying RIP Prince 21st April 2016

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Arsenio is Coming Back

Arsenio Hall This man's been gone from the tube but he's coming back!

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2013

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Diana, Princess Of Wales -The Senryu Style

~Diana, Princess Of Wales~ (Senryu) The Princess of Wales was beautiful and kind, Queen of Hearts forever Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2007
April.22.2016 ~Author's Notes: Senryu (also called human haiku) is an unrhymed Japanese verse.They possess no references to the natural world and thus stand out from nature/seasonal haiku. The Senryu, is a short poetic form which focuses on people: men, women, husbands, wives, children, relatives and other relations. It portrays the characteristics of human beings and psychology of the human mind. A common misconception about senryu, is that it is exclusively a satirical and or humorous poetic genre. There's another side of senryu, a more serious side that express the misfortunes, the hardships and woe of humanity. Senryu that are serious in tone about romance, sex, family, friendship, marriage, and divorce — Senryu that express other moods and human emotions such as love, hate, anger, jealousy, sorrow, sadness, and fear — Senryu that portray the stark reality of the human condition — the facts, fashions, sports, social issues and life-styles of popular culture — Senryu that express passion and fullness of heart. It all goes back to the earliest senryu that were composed in late 18th century Japan.

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2016