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Senryu Sad Poems | Senryu Poems About Sad

These Senryu Sad poems are examples of Senryu poems about Sad. These are the best examples of Senryu Sad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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carved on a willow

carved on a willow
our love growing out of reach

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lady of the night
performs tricks in an alley....
father taught her well

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tears freely flowing waterfall of emotions pooling my sorrow 8th January 2015

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Tranquil Waters

Her dark eyes reflect
Tranquil waters beyond dusk
When she does not cry.

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I cry with you

                                             Tear-filled eyes
                                      All dreams were crushed
                                              Grief is heavy 

Dedicated to Holly Moore
A-L  Andresen :)

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A Wish



                                              in the fountain
                                              a coin for a wish
                                              makes ripples


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Violinist Composition

I hear the straw hum
stretched chords groan and snag my heart
leaving me composed.

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Enemy at the Gates

sent to the slaughter
caught between levels of hell...
neither one he chose

he lay amidst death
destiny arrived on time
alive…it chose him

For "Senryu Movie Scene" Contest 
*7th Place

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a lost little girl

a lost little girl
on an sunken cypress stump
waits for centuries

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still looking for it

lost a long time ago
still looking for it---
my missing heart

© kash poet 2012

Placement: 8th;(March 2012)

Contest: Missing

Sponsor:Susan Burch

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Slave and Can't Help It

Hidden for so long,
Because of Society.
Someone, no one knows!

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2 a.m. no sleep
Restless, not even tired yet
The candle flickers

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The Judgment seat

every man must stand                                                                                             some kneel first time before God                                                                              sadly the last time

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Shattered Moon Beams

Pop the silver orb
Moon drops splashed upon your wrist
Goodbye on your lips...

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Bruised skin from impact
Disguised behind, fake beauty
Alibi … makeup

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Kids go down
The slide…they head toward the swings

Free time ends
Their parents want to go home
Frowns exchange 

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The Subtle Knife

Beg for sadness, end
Fighting, a castrated peace
Open cuts, betray

©Drake J. Eszes

"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity." -Carlin

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To be young again.

                             Bit of a stretch, like my skin

                                                                          at sixty seven!

*For Sunset Silouettes contest

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Paper Turkey

his thanksgiving feast
the loved ones around him there
picture hangs on wall

©Donna Jones

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                                  Rain  on my cheek

                                 on a sunny afternoon





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Sail away

Drop in an ocean

lost in midnight waves 

I sink deep

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Decayed Feelings

loving and caring words spoken without thought heart turns hard as rock
Show Me Contest Of Brian Strand 3rd Place Winner

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South Wind

on bone chilling days
wet winter winds sigh and moan
grieving over you

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Don't Blink

How quickly things change In a blink of a moment From happy to sad

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enlighten me please

enlighten me please
you told me I am the best
why then put me down

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Blue Winter

overcast day
winter winds sigh and moan
grieving over you

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Silent friendship

a dear friend
hiding now
behind glass

not talking
loud and clear

building walls
between hearts

it takes two
to speak out
the matter

silent storms
passing by

endless faith
living on
in my soul

real insight
if sharing
dual gifts

of today 

a true friend
never dies
in my heart

for better
or for worse
time will tell

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he blows out candles wishes are a boy's laughter his face is my smile across the ocean a boy falls asleep hungry no birthday wishes

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'For Colored Girls --- Toxic Love'

his love so toxic his dream became her nightmare distraught mother begs helpless onlookers suspended from the window he just let them go he killed their children helpless as her tears roll down her will to live gone ©291220112215 *just to clear up the confusion this is actually written for Andrea's movie contest!!*

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Black water
Enters the system
Leaves decay

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Summer's Spilled Milk

Summer’s Spilled Milk
City dwellers pumped;
Oil effused into ocean,
Ocean creatures died.

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Promised to Evil

Written on July 23, 2012

An explosive mind
Death-filled actions without heart
The day the world found out

Dedicated to all of the victims
of Aurora, Colorado 

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lost behind fragile glass

she smiles cautiously

as if she knows who I am....

I live on her nightstand

For Senryu Contest: Sponsered by Black Eyed Susan

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starving rising costs

cities are dimming the lights

smorgasboard for crime

nationwide nightime

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An itch in my eye

An unbidden thought, startling

Thus tear met finger

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But A Dream

A surprise to me
Your heart full of love and joy
Magnificent dream

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Sad - Christmas Stocking

he stares at the hearth
thinks stockings belong in pairs
and Elvis plays on

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a lonely walk

a lonely walk while
shoulders brush on crowded streets
get out of my way

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---yellow rain poncho

yellow rain poncho
with Mickey Mouse on the back
empty bedroom

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The Kids of Divorce

Mom and Dad divorce; the kids are damaged for life; but some are relieved.

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Smile and Frown contest

Of strangers
Passing by.

From the known
Passing through.

By: Sabina Nicole
Contest: smile and frown
Written: 8/22/12

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Just another one

It is hard to miss
A person you never knew
Which is all she was.

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Contact with the skin
It hurts but in a good way
Now I feel alive.

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yet another

passage of another
tears run down everyones face...
new tax bill did pass

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I have reservations

To force small our lands                                                                                            held for your use later times                                                                                          let them all eat grass

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Sacrificed Blood

Drifting down slowly
Painful, sad but tender warm
The sacrificed blood. 

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to my knees in grief --
solid ground

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Time Stood Still

                                                     Fear washed over us
                                              Our hearts and time stood still
                                                   Peace had been stolen

                                                     Our souls cried out
                                                    Voices lifted in prayer
                                                     Protect this nation

Chiquita Chiamaka Baity 
 "Remembering 911" contest

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In the blink of an eye

Oh how love unfurls..
how it then gives boundlessly.
Taken instantly.

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Sleepless soul mates

all night long sleepless
thoughts traveling horary
paying their tribute

happiness the dream
beyond crying within reach
letting go the motto 

the face of darkness
tears bicker for attention
eyes mirror a soul

(C) Elly Wouterse

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The end of the world — 
I will see you all in hell.
May I rest in peace.

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Eyes Open and Not Seeing

Willing to read words
and not see pain in loved one
far from sisterly

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The Notebook - Memories

Hope, reminders, try
Fear, loss, love forgotten now.
Memories bind lives	

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In Jest

You said it in jest
Laughter can shatter a heart
Pieces still missing

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Death of Chivalry

                                                  Chivalry is dead
                                           Only damsels in distress
                                                 Mournful requiem

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Glass Gal

Shattered and broken
she stands on the precipice
frightened and alone

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Rainy Days and Mondays. . .

tired and defeated
I walked outside     into grey
it was a bad day

for Linda's "soul speaks senryu"

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Heavy and dark eyes
yearning in a broken heart
inspires the silence

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Melancholy Child

                                                    Melancholy child
                                                  Shrouded in mystery
                                                Woeful heart; weeping

                                                      Melancholy child
                                            time of innocence; haunting
                                                   Draped in shadows

                                                      Melancholy Child
                                            Your angel beholds Gods face
                                                   your Goliath will fall

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Green island fire and ice

so sad for the loss                                                                                                  comfort the families                                                                                                        L'Isle-Verte pray   *                                                 *                                                     -  Quebec fire bodies search temporarily suspended

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work work work work work

to camouflage the
deep despair of loneliness
work work work work work

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Instigated Evil

Don’t provoke evil
The ending will not succeed
My arm is twisted

Russell Sivey

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Veins are just highways.
Transit for blood from the heart.
Heartache dispersal.

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I am nothing more
Than a simple blade of grass -- 
Walked on and wilting.

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held whimper

held whimper
an unshed tear

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Lost Forever

Casey Anthony--
found not guilty, yet her child
is lost forever

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The Mental Institution

Rain is falling
The Children groaning
Gates keep closing...

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Senryu on Loneliness

Cold, wet days.
Glittering, cheapened stone;
filtered rain

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Still In America

Nazi swastika
on condemned church building
paint dried while running

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home sweet turmoil

troops are returning
to a country in turmoil
with its debt ceiling

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Can You Help Me I'm Lost

lost and weary soles
looking for their better half
at Auschwitz bone yard

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Malady Lady

Blackened and twisted,
she spews words full of hatred
in her cries for help

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Smiles and Frowns

                                                     a baby's laughter
                                               joyful and spontaneous 
                                                 always brings a smile

                                                  the state of our world 
                                             so much hatred, so much war
                                                brings tears and a frown

for Michael J Falotico's 
"What Makes You Smile, What Makes
You Frown" contest

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Haiku, the first Tweets
Some funny some serious 
Capturing moments!


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A Mother's Tears

a mother's tears fall on the ground of innocence lilies bloom

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Stomping On A Rainbow

there you go, stomping
on the rainbow of my heart
emptying the gold


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leaving shocked hearts blue

in the midst of joy,
they die unexpectedly,
leaving shocked hearts blue

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Pulled the Trigger

Bullet wounds
The criminal shoots down his
First targets

How dare you
Shoot them uncontrollably
CHAOS grows .  .  .

Don’t shoot it!
The victims are running mad
And you pulled

The trigger
I’m terrified of your strength
DROP IT, man ! ! !

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That September Day in 2001

Two thousand seven Hundred and fifty victims Murdered, Rest in Peace My entry into Nathan's 9-11 contest

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Long Summer Days Soon

She had a baby
today.  She's only sixteen.
Long summer days soon.

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Winter Begone Now

chilled by winter

    the cold air seeps through my bones

        ...I await the spring

winter depresses

   the cold suits my very mood

        ...I long for the spring

winter begone now

   I have had enough of you

      ....I crave springs warmth

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State of hopelessness
Inability to sleep
And downheartedness

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Unfriended Again

Unfriended Again!!

Very sad that it was you.

Happy Trails my friend.

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A tiny thatched hut
Built with a view of the sea
Broken and empty

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Striking Back

'oft born of abuse
hate grows to a bitter cramp
red-handed it ends

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Pain in the Pages

Read alone at last She finds shock in the pages… Cold hearted bastard
Russell Sivey

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I am shucked and peeled
A husk of what I once was
Cast off--abandoned

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Makes Me Smile-Makes Me Frown


A bowl of Popcorn
Steaming hot and freshly popped 
 A delicious treat


Morning newspaper
In a puddle, soggy-wet
 Will never be read 

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This is what is false
This what I hide behind
This is me smiling

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Broken Heart

Turn up the volume.
Maybe I won't be able
To hear my Heart cry.

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my neighbors vomit

my neighbor's vomit
I hear the liver cancer
her window to mine

I had a neighbor and we lived one in her trailer and me in mine. My wife lost to liver and breast cancer and I know what cancer does, you vomit. Robert Spiess said VOMIT was too strong, but he published it and it was selected as BEST OF ISSUE FOR A SENRYU in Modern Haiku. Robert Henry Poulin

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A WALK TO REMEMBER - By Love Transformed

                                                       popular rebel
                                       meets preacher's demure daughter --
                                                    opposites attract

                                                      love blossoms
                                                 rebel is transformed --
                                                     her dying wish

12/29/11 For Andrea's Senryu a Movie Scene contest.

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Lost Innocence

                                                 tears falling like rain
                                             grieving for lost innocence
                                                   never to be found

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Live only to die
Die only that you may live
Feeling is living

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We Sing Songs of Sorrow

our songs of sorrow
we sing in blue solitude
for those lost in wars

August 18, 2008
photo of war memorieas

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Tiny mirrors sparkle
Light and dark battle again
Ocean water calms

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Sinners in Hell fry
Celestial Angels cry….
Sinless babies die

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New car tissue born
Invisible stitches made
Emotions dying

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Whispers in the dark
Calling a restless soul home
Unfamiliar warmth

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When pain is your life 
Pain is all you ever know
Welcome to my world

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2014 World Press Photo Winners

violence displace                                                                                                sporting nature thousand words                                                                          extremes of sadness

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NEWSFLASH: Charmer in Jail

charmed four wives--same time;
loved each 'til  her cash dried up--
charmer in jail now

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Cry Something New

I’m going to cry Something gorgeous and brand new Tears will flow on down
Russell Sivey

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Lunar Litter

Paperless moon
so we are made to believe...
plastic left behind.

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What Are You Waiting For

this wait
has alway's
meant never

Tribute To Martin Luther King

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Edge of a razor
The warmth from within her eyes
This cuts way too deep

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Deep Blue Depressing Fog

I’ve got the deep blues Depression has a strong hold Darkness lives in me The world seems so bleak River of hope passed me by I live in the fog The land seems real dull Within bouts of hell I scream It’s surely this bad I’ll never leave here This funk I have phased into Forever I’ll sulk
Russell Sivey

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Aimless (Senryu)

Lurking in shadows
In darkness of my desire
Longing to be free

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No, never again
No more pain in my window
No more light either

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                                       pluck flower's petals 
                                  one by one and look to depth
                                         beauty is finished

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Cut the depression.
Feeling happy at this time.
Not liking it. Weird.

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Put in lethargy Weakness stupor sleepiness No energy left
Russell Sivey

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Smoky skies,
red flames...war increased
Scarlet's dire.

invoking faint hope
with much pain.

Was it peace...
abundant harvest, 
or lost love?

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A Valley of Pain

greed gives you pleasure
for a fleeting moment, then
a valley of pain.

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Pouring of Loneliness

The pains felt inside The pouring of loneliness Hurts a tender heart
Russell Sivey

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Heartache felt again
Breathing the fumes they produce
Redemption is lost

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You Preach

You Preach The Truth

While Living A Lie.

No Honor is Due.

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Sea of Tears

a heart in mourning
twilight sky reflects sorrow
sea filled with my tears

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Family Tree

     Underneath these boughs
hiding as the morning dew
     silent teardrops fall

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I can feel nothing There’s nothing inside of me I’m less than nothing
Russell Sivey

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Handful of Sorrow

Handful of sorrow
Fills heart full of emptiness
All days of the year

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The warmth in sunshine
Felt on a warm summer breeze
Reminiscent minds

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Lost mind never found
Never found in a lost sea
Wet behind the ears

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The latest survey
eighty suicides per day
by our Veterans

Such a big disgrace
CBS investigates
this whole cover up

These folks fought for us
no one's taking care of them
they would rather die

Someone should be held
accountable for each one
who takes his own life

If they had something
that they could look forward to
they won't want to die

There's hope in Jesus
message needs to go across
that bad times don't last

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selfish blunders jolt
wedding trinkets soon tarnish
apathy begins

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A Friendly Bishop

A friendly Bishop…
In Angel’s weary eyes lies 
The color of sin

Details | Senryu | |


Joyous occasion
Fake smiles through the depression
Return to the norm

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The Test

He took the test; fail
Disappointment in his tone
He must be picked up

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Men of Peace

Men of peace are gone.
Their seed is wiped from the earth.
Death wins the  battle.

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The Treasurer

Thirty silver coins
Identified with a kiss
The secret of God.

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bad vibrations

a touch tone phone trembles with emotion... sad news
____________________________ Senryu Contest 1/19/14

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Time of Change

The scent of autumn
Passing slowly through the town
Is all I notice

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I am trying lord
to keep doing the right thing.
I don't think I can.

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Cold nights await her
No longer within hands reach
Cold days await me

Details | Senryu | |


Trance like state of mind
Staring into the darkness 
Oblivion waiting 

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Finger Foods

Eating with our hands
To comfort body and soul
At home, on the go

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Words of Ridicule

Dork-wang, doo-meister--- Words of ridicule, insult That are demeaning
Russell Sivey

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Falling Down Niagara Falls

Snap the photo quick!                                                                  
The abyss..                                                                                    
Has taken her Home                                    

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He has nothing left
The "needers"? took and banked all--
Nicest man around

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Fate sealed long ago
No love, this life or the next
A sigh of relief

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white crosses

the two white crosses
on the side of the highway--
i picture their smiles

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The Doorway of Death

What makes a person Decide to participate In the life of drugs?

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Joy Lost

Pain and grief remains
   as thieves  in the dark of  night 
    rob  a heart of joy.

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ship wrecked

  Waves break on your shore
tred the shells of shattered dreams
 dashed on shoals of grief

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What's in Your Closet?

Skeletons with skin
Carcasses with hair and nails
Not fully decayed

Details | Senryu | |


Senses abandoned
I’m on my own in the dark
In the dark, alone

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All of His Answers

all of his answers
were insulting--he thought all
questions were stupid

Details | Senryu | |

d3ad lov3

Feeling sad inside, pushing love away again, anxiety sucks
M.Mahauariki © 2012

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on the corner

homeless,lost tonight
once I was a Mother's child
can you spare a dime?

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Fed up

Diamond cut, princess
Waits, no more, for you, replied
Her middle finger

Details | Senryu | |

Love 7

total enchantment
the time I shared with you
long past the times, few

Details | Senryu | |

Darkness Surrounds

Darkness floods around Clouds surrounding me inside Only my face stays
Russell Sivey

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Swallows migrate South...
dark birds in a starless sky
mourning motherland.

Entered in Raul Moreno's contest, " Tattered Wings "

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These desires return
Breathing in the calming smell
Smiles awaken pain

Details | Senryu | |

Love is for poets

Love is for poets
Bleeding on crystal blue days
Red words of bound pain

Details | Senryu | |

My Dad Is Gasping

                my dad is gasping…
the blonde next door sucks his breath,
                  with her fiery lips.

Details | Senryu | |


happy is not i

when together we are not

feel for me right now

Details | Senryu | |

We Will Remember Them

Dying for Freedom
American and British soldiers
Will be remembered


" Dedicated to the losses our countries are taking to fight for our freedom "
                                 Haiku or Senryu matters not

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Have I Hated?

Empty porridge bowl
Birthright sold, no blessing left
Tears and flying snots

Details | Senryu | |

veteran of domestic wars

  old wounds well hidden
other battles, other wars
 scars have faces too

Details | Senryu | |

A Woman Scorned

Serpentine venom
replacing milk in your glass
ice cold from her words.

Details | Senryu | |


Another lost soul
Another statistic home
Another dog tag

Details | Senryu | |

My Heart

Please give back my heart
You have broken it in two
It needs time to heal

Details | Senryu | |

Crystalline Vibe

Nostalgic feelings,

            As they reflect the gloom of

My past,   through my eyes…

Details | Senryu | |


Anger defeats her
In every forceful breath
Speaking nothing

Details | Senryu | |

Mouth Corner Escapees

Glass fingers and toes
stepped on and broken by words
gone anvil in haste.

Details | Senryu | |

Feel It

If only my tears
Could be the rain on your head
At least you'd feel it

Details | Senryu | |


Your head on my lap
When I’m feeling like a sap
My four legged chap

By Robb A. Kopp

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Have Mercy On Me ( Senryu }

                                                   towering sacred grounds
                                             mountain stands in her solence
                                                         merciful praying

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Peace Not War (Senryu)

how unfortunate 
women and children died too
let peace subdue war

© Joseph 7/5/07
© All Rights Reserved

The traditional/classic Japanese senryu form has three lines:  the first five 
syllables, second seven syllables and third five syllables.  The pattern is 5/7/5 for 
a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about an emotion 

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Rooted In Torment (Senryu Series)

tangled conundrum
my heart a woven labyrinth
inside your prison

root of my soul bound
ensnared in a mangled web
pulled beneath your lies

I wish to stand tall
Towering majestically
O’er your cowardice

One day I will rise
Breaking the chains of deceit
You will come undone

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Not rage, but more pain
Relinquished my feelings once
I’ll do it again

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Cancer feeds on me
Marching to be a martyr
Man up on a cross

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The Cardboard Sign

To raw, outstretched hands,
austere in benevolence,
the homeless beseech.

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The world forbidden 
Fleeting, forgotten, forlorn 
Foreseen to be sweet

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A cry in the dark
A shriek for help not coming
It’s your wake up call!

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unspoken love

   tarnished coin of love
buried in my lonely past
  treasure left unspent

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Lonely Moon

Light sneaks through the trees
I'm covered in pale moon drops
Lonely moon, like me.

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When God Created Me

my mom used to say…
there was an Angel, watching
when God created me

I did believe her… 
about the Angel, watching
me, since I was kid

and, I did love you… 
oh, my Angel, for watching
life was full of joy

now, I hate you…
suddenly you stopped, watching
me, after ten years

you left me alone…
on blissful day, not watching
the eagle of prey

the eagle of prey…
on my youth, you stopped watching
and, what have I done?

many years passed by…
alone, and no one’s watching
tears never run dry

over three decades…
on sinful life, who’s watching?
me, I’m cruel and sad

but, I learned something…
be brave, when no one’s watching
you live in this world

living, for today…
tomorrow, I’ll be watching  
my son sleeps, with peace

my mom did not say…
not only Angel, watching
when God created me

when God created me…
Angel and Devil, watching
and, I wonder….why?

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 these knives,these daggers
memories of how you died
unsheathed in my dreams

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Two Sisters, One man

Two sisters, one man-
Well-tricked for his trickery,
Jacob gained two wives.

Two sisters, one man-
One weak-eyed and unwanted;
One was beautiful.

Two sisters, one man-
In love he wept for Rachel,
For sons loved Leah.

Two sisters, one man-
Mandrakes, sex bartered in hopes
Both would feel equal.

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Better Than Ten Sons

Hannah was favored,
But Peninnah was fertile-
Both, wives of one man.

Peninnah provoked
Hannah til she cried to God
For an open womb.

Elkanah trembled
With Hannah, the wife he loved
After they worshiped.

God was exalted.
Peninnah's voice was silenced
By Hannah's promise.

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I can hear them play
Children running and laughing
Where are my ear plugs?

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Pushing down on the lungs
Oxygen expelled from within
The air begets pain

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Looking at this cross
Looking longingly for god
No answer for man

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Tears flowing again
Reaching for something not there
Strong enough to kill

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The same old tired song
Bringing back these painful thoughts
Song stuck on repeat

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Painful Lullaby

Playing tenderly,
Bringing memories of murk
With its hum; ceaseless…  

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Crusing Home

                                                      heading home 
                                              wavery- cringing-  buckling
                                                     honor the dead

     In  Memory 
      Of  Victims
  Unsung Heros
     To 35W S 
 Bridge Collasping

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    held in my heart's hollow
dreams of yesterday with you
     only I  recall  .

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Now it’s cold outside
Now, the nuclear winter
Yet flowers still grow

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Jumping Spider

fushinantly fool scermently cool
redumptin plu sheir evening veiw
crumbling quil regarding shovent fear
shaded valued in few secment in shadaled in you
watchful in nude breaking it's point here in through
crindaled in vocrent shapays in laughing shaldint ruching dapu
crawling hold a burning nutold gaping the ejaga of it's fold
driping descent sragals the hearts intent
sleeping fade rutatual and fay required serpay
antalinaly free it' flys swift in burdened it' crys
garnage in fail prusudent she gambles
pre in the far shan of the trees night glave
truent it sits peacking farnsly bagum 
shmentid priceless for it's crin
smootched pragintin wasided plan retenda

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   Camouflage of love
Hiding in plain sight of you
   will you ever see?

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Does this heart not beat?
Does it not pump blood through veins?
This heart does not beat…

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  You show a blank stare
emptiness is what you share
  nothing says a lot

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Guilt and Guile

Your face is hidden
The moon is pale, like your eyes
wrapped in guilt's blanket...

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Pain's Subsidence....

                      Tears formed appear,

                 reservoir lacrimal pumped

                        begins in the heart....

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Nothing can help us
Seek that which waits in the dark
Alone and waiting

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Memories can kill
I shall cut out those that would
Forgot how to breathe

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All we know is truth
Peeking into the abyss
The darkness slumbers