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These Home Senryu poems are examples of Senryu poems about Home. These are the best examples of Home Senryu poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Take me home,Mom

"No word is sufficient to describe a mother..forgive me mom for this try" Ten months and ten days carrying me in your womb.... another sweet home warmth of a nest nourishing me every way.... you learnt me how to fly so pain in life Mom scorching sunrays all over.... take me home again © 2011 kash poet ================== Dedicated to Maa

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My Cat is Not Stupid

whiskers twitch
there's a dog in the litter
hello floor


Not sure if it's a senryu or a haiku? Help, please :)

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city home for sale

city home for sale across from convience store... owners fat and broke

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The Kids of Divorce

Mom and Dad divorce; the kids are damaged for life; but some are relieved.

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Home- A sickness

in metro city
is any house "home"

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Christmas eve candy                                                                                                     song in strength family bonds                                                                                        in loves perfecting

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Forgotten Home

A split rail fence sits 
along the edge of a field 
holding back the past 

An old wagon wheel 
leans lazy against a post 
Weathered by the sun 

A battered mailbox 
with it’s red flag hanging down 
sits, waiting with hope 

A dirt road runs past 
Rutted by years of travel 
Leads to a rock drive 

The drive leads to a home 
of countless generations 
born and raised right here 

If the walls could talk 
they would speak of all the love 
through out the years 

The walls would tell of 
births and deaths and weddings too 
There is much to tell 

All that is left now 
are just the past memories 
of a better time

All the windows gone 
The porch boards rotted through 
Roof tiles blown off 

The old pump house leans 
The old red barn out back sags 
The corrals are gone 

The one tree out front 
that held the forts and the swings 
stands with bare branches 

It is sad to see 
a home with no family 
lose it’s will to live 

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Dad’s Coming Home Late

dad’s coming home late
overtime at the office
perfect alibi

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Salmon thinks of home....

             Dreams of ocean sea,
        landlocked like the Kokanee
              under surface breeze...