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                        shower curtain’s hiss
                        wakes me up, wakes us up
                        king size tent waits


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Hey Hank, Did You Just -

hi-jack my haiku?
Hah! You hi-jacked the wrong ku
You stole a senryu

I hide my haikus
safe and sound beneath slly
senryus such as this...

Hark and heed this Hank!
Stealing somebody’s senryu
is scandalous but

heisting haikus or
holding a haiku hostage?
Hold your horses Hank...

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Is it Spring Yet?

The March madness ends
I am just an April fool
looking for sunshine

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Senior Moment?

How is it that I

Can forget the objective

Before I get there?

Writer's Note:

No, I'm not a senior (not even close) so I don't have any excuse for this dilemma!  


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Jokers Lament

eyes of deepest blue
lips sweet as maple syrup...
his dog loves him too

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When a Man Loves a Woman: A Male Black Widow's Perspective

Gladly would I die
for your love, my dear...No! Wait!
Just kidding! Just kid...

For Andrea's 'Show me the funny' contest

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I often worry
that I might run out of things
to worry about...

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Oh! Dear gawd!

Mom looks through windows
A watched pot will never boil
A daughter's courtship

Contest; "Redneck Psalms, Improve Human Foible"

Sponsored by: John Freeman

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casting out my line
to catch the favored one
only a shoe lured

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on a diet

sugar substitute
low fat carbohydrate free
feed it to the cat

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Your Umbrella

If you let a smile
Be your only umbrella
Expect a wet butt

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Fantasy Escape (Senryu)

World of Walt Disney The day after Thanksgiving Shoulder to shoulder © Joseph 11/23/07 © All Rights Reserved Author’s Comments: The Japanese Senryu format has three lines as follows: the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables. The pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The Senryu is about an emotional expression, human nature, and things in the human realms which maybe satiric or humorous.

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The Mighty Hulk

He is turning green…
Someone just made him real mad—
Keep the man happy!

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the flying saucer

                                            the flying saucer
                                 missing my head by an inch
                                            did you notice it?

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our grandson

our grandson goes off to college to study... wild life management
Click on "About This Poem"

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Virginia—Set Mothman Free!

Mothman ate your clothes?
No way; too big for dressers
—mus’be his baby cuz!

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Shoe persona

Was once a display
The sudden eye ambition 
Trusty appendage 

The hind to the heel 
Broken in to much appeal 
A preferable feel 

Inspired by Raul Moreno’s “still life” contest! 

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My Boxer


What the Quack!
I dont want my poems in Poem Zoo!


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Blind Date


What the Quack!
I dont want my poems in Poem Zoo!



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From lion to cat

Back home the lion of the office turns to a cat © kash poet ===========000========== Placement: 3rd; (October 2012) Contest: Single Senryu Sponsor: Susan Burch ===========000==========

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I often worry
that I will run out of things
to worry about...

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The time flies - and I fly with it

                                                My mirror
                                 it shows me a middle-aged lady
                                                Who is it?

A-L  Andresen :)

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Retired Commodes -

make nice flower pots
after years of taking crap
they seem happy now...

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'Lack of Rhyme'

I wish I could rhyme
promise you I've got rhythm
just not in my poems


*poking fun at my non rhyme poems*

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Funny Farm

tis my wild kingdom
written 2009

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so stoned I forgot
the periodic table
being dumb as rocks


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Quit Running

mom say's
quit running !!!!

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Buffalo Bob asked
of summer…fall winterspring
did Howdy do ya

*My season is Summer.   For the seasons senryu contest with regards to Howdy Doody and 

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Missed It

sun up at my feet
fresh bread, bacon sizzling scent
I guess not awake

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cherry bombs convulse
their fuse burns painfully fast
lesson learned, no thumb

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Beyond Earth Hour Challenge

Inhale the earth
the world’s a dessert -
just give a burp

Tip: Use seran wrap only for food. Don’t use it as clothing ;P
Real tip: Use ceramic dishes instead of paper plates for meals to decrease landfills and pollution.

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fingers fiddling with
everything at frenzied pace
must slow to make love

*For finger frenzy contest inspired by: Eric “Slowhands” Clapton and of 
course… “experience.”

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my wife left without a word-
to buy a cheese cake!

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Signs of affection

The animal comes
attacking me with her claws
my sister loves me

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cutting coupons

cutting coupons

from paper left

on the john

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No Farting Allowed

No Farting Allowed

rushed lunch of cabbage 
at work  no farting allowed
                            small dog approaches

*blushing* deborah burch©

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NP My Snoring Wife

noise pollution
breaking night's silence...
sleepless hours

a roaring engine...
beside me
my snoring wife

a ticking clock
competing with...
the snoring sound

who will win?
let me see...
sleepless judge

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No carbs, low calories
Fasting, aerobics
Weapons of mass reduction

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Maybe Harvest "Moonshine"

(Funny Version after a little moonshine  lol) 

Phantom moon on "Hic" loween.
Mind can see those ghosts.

(Holiday Version)

Phantom moon on Halloween.
Mind plays tricks on you.

Note:  I don't drink or condone alcoholic drink...I only wrote this in fun and for fun!  Hope no 
one is offended.

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Factual Fiction

Science Fact Science Fiction Technology

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The Buzzer Went Buzzz

                                          The buzzer went buzzzz
                                   Heat from moist heat now hotter
                                            Red roasted boo ta'

Click on 
About This Poem

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My Cat is Not Stupid

whiskers twitch
there's a dog in the litter
hello floor


Not sure if it's a senryu or a haiku? Help, please :)

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warning: dirty senyru

at doctor's office
Virgin magazine waits
to be fingered


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Bad Puppy

My new little Pup
She Bit my computer cord
Off line for a week

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Easy and Free Prescription-w

Piss over a dog bite
It helps to heal wound quickly
Adding salt to wound


Sixth Placement
Contest: Redneck Psalms

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Menacing Moms

<                                     just look at my son ...
                                 down to size of thirty two
                                 ....    fencing hackling

                                      meat and potatoes ...
                                   leftovers from my mother
                                 ...  well isn't that special

                                     eat sleep and ... running
                                     thats all I will ever see
                                   ...  glad father isn't here

Written by Katherine Stella
For Dr Rams IN-LAWS Contest
Gl All

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Jimi Takes One Too Many Trips

‘Scuse me while I kiss......
kiss the fox? No wait I meant
Oooh! Foxy......Sadie?

The fox say, ‘Not AGAIN’ of course…

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When I Smile and Frown

I smile when…. you grin like Mr. Bean, burp and fart so loud while delivering your speech I frown when…. you don’t show up in our date you come home so late with an empty bottle of Whisky
Written; Aug. 27,2012

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Super Mall

                                                 Super Mall
                                          even the mannequin kid
                                                taller than me


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---red lollipop

red lollipop
on a toddler's soft cheek
shattered jar

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Ice King

I am a wimp-wuss
whose pain threshold is too low
I want my mommy…

By Tim Ryerson
For SKAT's Ice King Contest
I actually held the ice cube until it started melting...about 5 minutes then I had to go to work thank god...

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...cocoa brown acorns

cocoa brown acorns
wait patiently chortling...
whoops man down

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Putting together parts

Now there's a puzzle

connecting the trivial,

what a house of cards...


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rush hour a country road, three cars in a row observation

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Start Out by Setting BASIC Goals First - Example:

Insects set but two:
Eating and copulating
(Sounds okay to me)

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The Corpse Flower

The corpse flower, like the armpits of rancid love, your bouquet floors me.

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Zoo Safari

take a good look, your car’s in pieces - worth admission?
Written by Lee Ramage for Contest "Natural and Beyond" Placement 7th

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'me and my mistletoe'

a great investment mistletoe well positioned kisses all over

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' Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - (2) ...' 70th Senryu

‘ Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – (2) … ’  70th  Senryu

     We All Need To Know:
What Time Justice, Being Served ?
 ‘Cause, GOD Made Dessert !

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Paper Rules

Paper or plastic...
Does the choice really matter?
Yes - Toilet Paper!

For "Paper or plastic" contest sponsored by Susan Burch.

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Senryu 0218

shrill voice cries Servant! commands the queen bossy little dog

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Alluring Title

                                           Alluring title
                             Click look at who commented_
                                     Me, senior moment

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Rednecker Car Wash


                                                   Pouring down rain
                                                 Dirty car on carporch
                                     Husband_back car out needs washing


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Hickery Dickery


                                                      a clock is ticking
                                            as a mouse climbs up the chain
                                                 at one the mouse falls

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Men Whistle

men whistle
at shapely figure 
~baritone reply

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I Don't Give A Hoot

<                             beneath swollen moon
                               silhouttes conjoinment dance
                               hooting escalates  

Entry For
Sensuous Senryus

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The A-Team

Here comes Santa Claus
The Easter Bunny’s with him
Great! Tooth Fairy too!

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You Are My Sunshine

<                             covered chocolate
                       bursting ......  cherry implosions
                               over pallets tongue

                                a bit of sunshine
                         waiting for the right peeler ....
                             orange ya glad its you

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Science is belief
in the ignorant experts
Global Warming... Ha!

Couldn't sleep and I'm reading about the Great Lakes freezing over... Comments?

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Man I Admire

I can see him from afar
Tall, Dark, and handsome
But when he smile I can see his tartar

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Senryu 1

I missed the meatball
rolling off the table edge -
the dog didn't

May 23, 2013 for Susan's Contest

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The Clank Of The Spoon

                                           The clank of the spoon
                                         Against the full chili bowl
                                            Tonight gas fills room

Click on:
"About This Poem"

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' Mail - Lottery ... ' 50th Senryu

‘ Mail Lottery … ’      50th  Senryu

Publishers Clearinghouse Spree
 ...  ‘ Show Me The Money ’ !

(Yeah, I Know That's Jerry McGuire Movie's Line)

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The Tear Of A Clown

                    The makeup is on..
          All the colors mixed and matched..
                    Just a painted tear..

                    It's never the same..
            A smile brought on the outside.. 
                     And a frown inside..
                    The cannon in place..
              I just lye scared and waiting..
                      Now the fuse is lit..


Written for the
"Circus contest"

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My Birthday Bones

September birthday
sticks may, stones definitely...
never throw sapphire!

For "Flowers or Stones" contest sponsored by Tracie ~*~ Indigo Dreamweaver.

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Intelligent Humans From Apes

That statement causes
     amusement in waves of our
       mirth and pomp and stance

Swingers and shakers
    have always hung around
      gals'n watering holes

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Wet Kiss

Kisses are like rain, 
they can bring a fruitful harvest... 
or a hurricane

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Typos literally

has your mind ever                                                                                                   gotten faster than your writ                                                                                           it sounding so good

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House of WEED

Aromas, green, sweet
Enter through doorway now 
S—sick horror can’t breathe 

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Jar of Hope

I toss my pennies
in a humongous glass jar...
copper millionaire?

For "Jars" contest sponsored by Susan Burch.


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Death's Laugh

I see death
It just laughs
I laugh too.

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Disco Ball

Disco Ball
Frenetic feet tap;
Across the room
Shy boys gather,
First dance jitters crawl.

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Comical Movie--Dumb and Dumber

comical movie
had me laughing in stitches 
crazy versus crazier

kookie zany men
driving across the country
short on common sense

a bag of money
returning to the owner
brings total chaos

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scales don't lie off with the clothes, bathe, shave.. augh!!
I know it isn't true to form!!!

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she walked

she walked stiff legged balancing with difficulty... wearing stilettoes
Click on "About This Poem"

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' Guess Who's Coming To Dinner - (1)...' 69th Senryu

‘ Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – (1) … ’  69th  Senryu

    Just Ask Gomer Pyle ...
' Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner ? '
    Big,  “Surprise, Surprise !”

(Also, One Of My Past Favorite TV Shows)

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city home for sale

city home for sale across from convience store... owners fat and broke

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---a grey kitten

a grey kitten
inside a white porcelian tub---
claws shriek

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the old dog walker

the old dog walker faithful, punctual, cheerful.... handler of much waste

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The First Day of School

the first day of school
thank God, my son’s not crying
i sit beside him

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Orang Versus Bog

Listen well my droogs
the prevention of free will
leads to prestoopnick

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old couple

old couple square off to fight.. humor rolls wins bout

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What Time Is It

spring ahead fall back
tick...tock....tick...tock ...  just ticking ...
waiting for Winter 

Gotta Just Love That White Stuff   LOL

Winter Is My Chose For Season Senryu

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call again
the "same ol', same ol' " galore
call ignored

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Tripping Towards Perfection~A Twist Of Fate / Fun Humor~First Edition

Book Title          Tripping Towards Perfection ~ A Twist Of Fate

                                 Tax return rebate

                                         Speeding ticket on the way

                                                     Lost the joy , anyway

                      Fun Humor ( I bet it's happened to you ) First Edition

              I think I "read" The directions wrong, oh but anyway ~ Still Tripping

                                    Linda-Marie Bariann Contest

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Getting Off

Masturbation please!
I partake with just my hand
Makes my boyfriend mad

Details | Senryu | |

A poet's inspiration

A poet searching for rhyme
Finds a lover who betrays
Now he writes and writes.

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Facebook Fear

Logging on Facebook
Feeling as if he’ll never—
By Jove! He wrote back!

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Red Beans in pot
Tasty and hot
Gas explosion

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Ginger Snaps

Sweet, yummy treats Melt into my mouth so fast! Taste buds dance in joy These candies make my Mouth water merrily! WOW! Who made these sweethearts? Sugary candy Is not nearly as great as These sugah mommas! Reminding me of Cherished childhood memories I want some more, please?

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construction site
                        orange hatted

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Ain't What She Used to BE

                                                  tips for old gray mare
                                               the saddle is now heavy
                                              smorgasboards are great

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Eat, sleep, poop, meow
The story of Leo’s life.
A good kitty cat.

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I sit quietly,
Enjoying tranquility,
Healing peace at last.

The birds sing sweetly.
Bees and butterflys abound.
Dragonflys come too.

Then he finds me here.
Bringing endless monologue.
What's wrong with the world.

All day every day.
Time really doesn't matter.
We're here together.

It starts when he wakes,
It ends when he goes to bed.
Never changing --- SIGH.

                                         Judy Ball

Aug. 19,2011
For Morning, Noon Or Night Senryus Contest by Francine Roberts

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Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel gel Fifty dollars = six ounces Sample last how long Rub a little on Each morning just feel richer Ackchu allergy
Too rich for my pocketbook anyway

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Put a Lid on it.

       Radical Rantings
ants and flys in my fresh soup
    strain it out with love

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Hello to Hello

Exchanging hellos
I'm never waving goodbye
To hellos - HELLO?

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Best Driver

best driver his claim went to sleep singing_voice rang as he crossed the center line
I am glad that I was there to awake him and also that we were not meeting any cars or 18 wheelers....

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Character Limit - Senryu

So many things in 
my heart that need expression.
Character limit.

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Pop Culture

RC ain’t Rite.
It’s not The Real Thing.

Coke is.

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dine out 'pon good food

dine out 'pon good food salad soup entre' dessert chocolate molten cake getting dressed for date all my pants shrunk at cleaners lie down to zip up
Sponsor: Michael J. Falotico Contest: "What Makes You Smile, What Makes You Frown"

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Funny. They all wanted chat rooms—they got it Empty.

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Want To Bet?

bingo's a game that
may or may not be fair but
always gives surprise.

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---nine torn kimonos

nine torn kimonos
man sits staring out window---
bare arsed slacker

*a stitch in time saves 9

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(Yes, I know that these are not as dark as typical senryu... But "haiku" would be even
more along the lines of false advertising!)

Dancing eyes look back
A flirt, a smile, a wag
Cat food breath again

Walking together
Connected to mother Earth
Time to pick up poop

Dance, dance, dance
See the leash! BE the leash!
Curse you, it's raining.

Seat belt means one thing
The sounds! The sights! The breeze!
Someone farted.

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When You Wake Up...

To get out of bed,

     On the same side you got in,

          Keeps bad luck at bay!

~5th Place in the "Redneck Psamls, 
Improve Human Nature" Contest By John Freeman~

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                                                  waiter asks to serve
                                            banging the table with spoon
                                                   increasing patience

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existence questioned

existence questioned:
when the glass door wont open,
I wave at myself

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Greatest Show on Earth....

        Animals dancing 
   carnival and circus show
       performing artists

Details | Senryu | |

Frowning clown

Crazy shopping day
Even the clown wore a frown
Having a bad day

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A Lie or Not

if George Washington 
never told a lie, neither has
Anthony Weiner

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Golfing (senryu)

golfer has two shirts 
play it safe on "T " says he— 
if a hole in one!

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Is Laura Bree-and-er-thong here?
Bry-den-thal IS

Details | Senryu | |


harmless mouse running
panic erupts in a yelp
moist pants are hidden

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Hot Toddy?

The wind chills the earth
and i am chilled to the bone
in the winter sun

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a battleship sits stubbornly in a bottle... fire cannon one_crash
Inspired by A Poet Destroyer Contest: One Solo Epic Senryu or Haiku: In A Bottle Written: July 22, 2014

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In The Dog House

The Dog House
Caught, he lied to her;
His ebullient smile said all,
On the couch he sleeps.

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Halloween Poem # 18...Stewed Witch....for Paula's challenge

witch is stewed again
   fell right off her flying broom....
        wee bit too much brew

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Want A Hippo for Christmas?

Hippopotamus Only one of these will do! Want one for Christmas? Inspired by the song I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

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Little Bandit

sticky fingers take forbidden objects to sate his innate desire
TLH © 05-17-2012

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fat lip

hiding the shadow of mendacity under a fat lip

Details | Senryu | |

massive cable bridge

massive cable bridge supports cars huge trucks each day... last inspection when

Details | Senryu | |

The Mall

My wife

Exuberant spending

Conjoined stores

The mall

Details | Senryu | |


hey! Chillax  baby,
do not bother with the Snarks 
send emoticons

in cyberpunk world
hot bodacious looks do hide
spread of affluenza

a delishful brunch
of cheeseburgers and mocktail
makes XXXL size hit

Date: 26.8.2014
Chillax, Snarks, emoticons
cyberpunk, bodacious, affluenza,
delishful, brunch, cheeseburgers, mocktail, 

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The World's Worst Senryu

Four thousand pieces 
of abstract oragami
= one bad cold.

Details | Senryu | |

Cushions Please

raw jalapeno
flame going in the body
hard to sit when out

Details | Senryu | |

the wrong cawl-ing

they don't speak at night                                                                                                 conclusion animal not                                                                                                                    pretenders are lost

Details | Senryu | |

Dancing With Migraines

I dance to get rid

Of no avail

It enjoys the dance!! >:(

Details | Senryu | |

Give Yourself A Second Chance

if you did not  have
a good childhood, then stop and 
smell the roses ... twice!

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Hammock made for two -
the smell of his shoeless feet
so ripe and pungent  

Details | Senryu | |

Follow the Leader

Looking back I see
A shadow walking close by
I lead, he follows

Details | Senryu | |

The Present Form

a creation of
an appetite for the same
political taste.

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Kick and Run

Kick the crooked fence 
Run with all your might  

Details | Senryu | |


From afar looked nude;
Her incarnate bikini,
The ocean’s beach rose.

Details | Senryu | |


When you think loudly 
 All others hearing you 
When they asked you about that 
Don’t get shocked and regret 

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' Orbit Gum ... ' 28th Senryu

‘ Orbit Gum … ’   28th   Senryu 

       A Devious Tongue
    Is Not A Dry-Witty One
   Just Dirt and Mouth-Scum

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Never Told a Lie

if George Washington
never told a lie, then no
president has lied

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On Antibiotics

my reaction time
      is a little bit ... slow ... er ...
           i shouldn't have played darts.

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like the paper on the desk
are my thoughts

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Spooky Ratio

terra firma
three hundred sixty-four days.
terror firma for one.

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Off and On Switch

Time to turn off lights
But, I wanna write some more
There's always tomo.

Time to turn on lights
But, I wanna sleep some more
There's always tonight

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Hard-drive Data of Congress

all congressmen asked
the forensics team to view
their hard-drive data

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                                                    Bulging lips mime mouth
                                               Wide open eyes to forehead


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Constant 'wooshing' noise
Through a broken car window
Driving me insane

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Powdered Sugar Mountain Fair

Powdered Sugar Mountain Fair
Ephemeral fair,
Hundreds of funnel cakes made;
Fluid team work day.

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Doppelganger's Deja vu

feeling doubles when
someone is facing the same
writting something new
when feeling's double
facing the same in something
someone's new writting

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Can You Hear Me Now?

No house or cell phone No way to call or to text Guess I'll just.........HOLLER!

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The thinking noodle
Use it sometimes and let no
One noodle fool you.

Wrote Fall 2004
while student @ University of Louisiana-Monroe

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' Can't Scratch The Surface ... ' 27th Senryu

‘ Can’t Scratch The Surface … ’   27th   Senryu 

         Those, Who Like To Pick
    Try to Stick, Like Lice and Ticks
        … Get Rid-X, Real Quick !

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You can't buy my love
Just make a small down payment
Bring me dark chocolates

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Without them I’d tip
Fall and perhaps break my nose
Yet still I stub them

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' Mama's Foot (or Giant Step For Mankind ...' 37th Senryu

A Warm Heart, Cold Feet
Girl Told Guy, Now Marry Me …
… Kick Him In His Seat !

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                                              man walks on the way
                                          cell phone closing to the ear
                                               man talks with himself

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Did They Advertise

Did Oscar Mayer
advertise since the Weiner
twitter scandal broke?

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While I stand and watch
Nothing important happens
As clouds pass over

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                                                      morning walk
                                                   moon relaxes now
                                                        sunny day

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Need For A Once-Over

don't stare a gift horse
in the mouth.  it may be shy
and need some braces.

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Zen and the Art of Cannibalism (or, Serial Killer Senryu)

Unseen hungry ghost
Predator in human skin
Lurks among the herd

Some folks drool for lamb
Others beef, but I prefer
The *other* red meat

Arcing silver edge
Slices a dark horizon
Full moon or my knife?

God's hand carves the earth
Canyon river running red
Metaphor in flesh.

Blood on my good shirt:
I just had this damn thing cleaned!
People are so rude.

Sleek steel crimson-graced
Open window into you

Fresh-plucked beating heart
Just like a ripe tomato
Crush it in my jaws

Warming up the grill:
Home-made chuck on seeded buns.
Long pork for dinner!

Gleaming white arches
Spin around the spinal cord
Horseshoe, played with bones.

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Medication Side Effect Usage


dry skin can make a 
superb etching art pad that
lotion can erase.


lose of appetite
can help you fit into those
chic designer jeans.


memory loss can
be an apology crutch,
when saying something.

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she held it tight
and sucked it dry.......
it was my bottle of coke!

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unfit for purpose

a walk in another's shoes-

a cripple for life

inspired by Raul's latest photo

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E. Coli Outbreak

cartoon character's 
favorite veggie is off
the market.  oh drat!

--  This is for all of us who like spinach and can't eat it until the E. Coli
outbreak has been fixed.

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Ying Yang

(Ying Yang)
Stagnant was his life;
Her capricious habits grew,
His ying was her yang

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Good Sex

You screwed me hard.
'Til I screamed your name real loud.
I came-now, you're gone.

Wrote Fall 2004
made it mild for poetrysoup because no profanity is allowed
while student @ University of Louisiana-Monroe

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Night People

At ten in the morn,
The telephone rings loudly.
Ignore it and sleep

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' Can She Pick 'Em ... ' 26th Senryu

‘ Can She Pick ‘Em … ’   26th   Senryu 

Boy, Can She Pick ‘Em !
From Machiavelli-Boyfriend

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Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar
Music and drinks poured;
Fresh sushi on her body,
He chose his viand.

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Haiku Trauma Drama

laugh to comedy.
cry to tragedy. do both
get extra relief.

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snatching time and things                                                                                                away with you it is my prey                                                                                             vulture trying eagle

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Canadians -Senryu-

Love to play hockey drink bottles of ice cold beer Where's the bacon. Eh? Copyright © Cynthia Jones Aug.24/2004

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Shining Glass

Broken glass window,
Glittering in the sunlight;
It wasn't my fault.

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Don't Wear Out Your Welcome

dandelions have
a short stay.  they adorn the
ground then blow away.

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Don't Bug Me

Just stop buggin' me
If you don't I will shoot you
Let me get my Raid

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Summer Pool

Summer Pool
Bikini time fun;
hanging ten by the cool pool,
grinning men enjoy.

Summer Season Senryu

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' Complicated ' 5th Senryu

‘ Complicated ’

Give Me Crème-Fill-Cake
Complicated Cookies Bake
Nuts, That I Can’t Take ! ...

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Inglorious Morning

Odd internal clock!
Wakes me at the crack of dawn,
longing to sleep in.

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Blackjack Senryu String Part II

Well, I’m back again!
Treat me better than before.
I need some winners.

I remember you.
The last time I was down here
You were not too nice!

You let me win now!
Lady luck’s been a bad girl.
I hope you’ll change that!

Here is my money.
Please let me have some good cards.
I’m not quite even.

I’m starting out small.
I’m doing this for good luck.
I sure could use some!

So here come the cards.
You give me a jack and nine
That is not too bad.

So I have nineteen.
And you have a ten showing.
I think I’ll stand pat.

So what’s underneath?
I have to see that hole card.
Sixteen and a bust!

It’s another ten!
Both of them give you twenty.
You beat me by one!

Well, no more of that!
This time I’ll double my bet.
Won’t you let me win?

And it’s two aces!
I’m going to split that pair.
Give me two tens please!

An eight and a nine.
I have nineteen and twenty.
Your up card’s a six!

A ten’s underneath.
Those cards give you a sixteen.
One more for a bust!

You gave yourself five.
It’s another twenty-one.
You beat both my hands!

This is the last time!
If I don’t win, I’m leaving!
Here’s another bet.

A seven and four.
So you gave me eleven!
I will double down.

Now you have it all.
That’s the last of my money.
I need a big card.

And you give me nine!
I hope a twenty’s enough.
Will you bust your hand?

What’s under your four?
Your hole card is a seven.
You have eleven.

Five gives you sixteen
Won’t you bust with your next card?
You’re going over.

What?  Another five?
Your twenty-one beats my hand.
That is it!  Good-bye!

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' Argumentative ... ' 25th Senryu

‘ Argumentative ’   25th   Senryu 

        Argumentative …
… Just Like Being Derisive
    Need, More Laxatives

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My Son's Enemy

Instigates trouble
Innocents bubbles within
My Daughter torments

Nathan Bane Leccese
© All Rights Reserved 05/20/2009

*My Son is 3 yrs. old and my Daughter is 2 yrs. old. I'm sure that will explain everything. :-)

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' In Like ... ' 38th Senryu

   Took Liberties, Son
Lassitude, ‘Cause Liaisons
 Are Just, Lust-Lonesome

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long distance call

long distance call
two oceans speak
my bill soars

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Toho Studios Presents...

Gabriel groaning:
" Another Godzilla flick!"  ( 3 second delay on sound track.)
Almighty critic. ( Cue theme music and metallic pipe organ roar.)

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How Solutions Can Be Born

credit bills piling
on the kitchen table. it
is time for a fast.

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The Balloon

I'm the sorry one.
Painted, red, star balloon popped
with one swift pin-prick.

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Night Buzz

Night Buzz
Loquacious wife snores,
His mind’s reprieve, time to rest;
Silent time to think.

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Beer Company

Bring me one just one
Mexican senorita
My beer company.

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The Four Seasons en Weesianuh

We got four seasons
Hot, hotter, and...Daaamn this heat!
(With a few cold snaps)

In Cajun English:

We god fo seasonne
Hod, hoddah, an...Dhaahm diz heat!
(Wid a few cole snap)

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What a funny sight
One not often seen these days
Gram in  pink short shorts

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Silly Senryu

puts pencil point in poet's
paisley pants pocket

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Nine Times Out Of Ten

when you know you're right
and don't implement what you
think.  you'll be sorry.

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Lottery Tickets

lottery tickets
get your hopes high to be or
not to be fulfilled.

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' What Is Your Problem ?' 16th Senryu

‘ What Is Your Problem ? ’   16th Senryu

         What is Your Problem ?
 To Solve Them… Now, Get A Clue ! …
     … Your Problem … Is You !

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' Alexander's Fate ' 10th Senryu

‘ Alexander’s Fate ’   10th Senryu

        Alexander’s Fate 
See, That Was His First Mistake
   Thinking He Was Great 

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Leaf Explosion

Leaves raked in piles
So much fun to jump into
Again,  raking leaves

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love has taken all

you lose all that you have gained

food is your best friend

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Trunks and Hunks

Bronzed hunk on the beach Trunks falling, the girls screaming Oh my, man oh man Written for Katherine Stella

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Germanic proverb
Do not squeeze the Charlemagne 
Sanguine pious prose

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The Muck of Life

The Muck of Life

Wallowing in muck
Brings delight into life’s plight.
If you say, “Oink.  Oink!

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
March 16, 2010
Poetic form: Senryu

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The Ducks in Life

The Ducks in Life

Sometimes we must duck!
From our fine-feathered friends,
Even human ones—

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
March 16, 2010
Poetic form: Senryu

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Stand-Up Comics

A good belly-laugh
turning into a faint sense
of sadness after

Laugh until you cry
and then cry until you laugh
Not much difference...

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Time Out

time out, my love
fire is everywhere…
our safety first

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Smell The Roses

You may miss your bus
If you stop to smell the roses
But it is worth It

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Difficulty of Haikus

How hard are haikus?
An answer that you may choose:
Depends what you use.

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Vain Vanity

flexes his biceps,

       tucks his flabby tummy in,

              vanity in vain.

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Whats for dinner

Whats for dinner

      I'm so confused.
      Whats happened to our site?
       Is our soup boiling?

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Two Heads Are Better Than One

if we put our two
cents together, we will have
twice the change of minds.

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Soldier's Son

soldier's brave only son,

     mighty scared of the hand gun,

          none else makes him run!

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The doctor says diet,
but just the same I will die,
ah, just eat, then die.

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To The Punch

if pain is supposed
to hurt you, what do you call
it if it helps you?

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My Muse

Time to wake my muse
He's sleeping late this morning
I need help to write

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Pervasiveness Of Litter

sandwich of lettuce,
ham and swiss on the sidewalk
now evolved to waste.

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flash of pearly smile,

       but a tinge of nicotine

              oh, can still be seen.

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And The Winner Is

couldn't hit his foe,

      spat blood on his face instead,

              worse than a KO !

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Thoughts Of Schadenfreude

you can curb your poor
actions and always bite your
cheek before you laugh.

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Think Deep

density of thought
can lead to a mind of rock
and enlightenment.

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... bush, bill gates and me

    have hyperacidity

    sour grapes in my tea ...

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Oh My Food! (Senryu)

fly crushed onto glass 
lost, trapped, can’t find its way out 
buzzed for help but zapped! 

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Dry Cleaners To The Rescue

when you don't want a
date, tell the person you have
pressing engagements.

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Hermit Crab

a squatter or scab,

drags his house, like a shell cab,

that's the hermit crab!

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While walking down the lane
I stopped to smell a rose
Got stung by a bee

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                          mad wasp chasing me

                                                 bullet with my name on it

                                                                          I'm gonna get hit !

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. . . such relief, such ease

              itchy, consummated sneeze

                        cathartic release . . !

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Days of Our Lives (Senryu)

On their wedding day
“The Days of Our Lives” was played
Congregation laughed

© Joseph, 9/20/07
© All Rights Reserved

I wrote this while attending a wedding.  This is serious! lol!  The traditional or 
classic Japanese senryu format has three lines:  the first has 
five syllables, second has seven syllables and the third five syllables.  The 
pattern is 5/7/5 for a total of seventeen syllables. The senryu is generally about 
an emotional expression.

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Dragon Slayer

dragons that he slew..

        tiny roosting dragonflies..

                laugh tears in her eyes..

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if you run out of
interesting things to say,
smile and make small talk.

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                                     devour lasagna

                                            like voracious piranha

                                                  no more man`ana

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Not Thru Pregnancy

not thru pregnancy,
even without ecstacy, still
their numbers increase...

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with her he stands straight,

     a knight in shining armour,

          neck broken, rumor.

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Army PR Term

no, that's not retreat,

tactical withdrawal, that's it,

foes call it defeat !

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I Never Dreamt This...

I never dreamt this…
naked ladies ere my eyes
what shall I do now?

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Your fragrance is too loud!
One drop too much, my sweet- Strikes!
Lingers like road kill...

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Fire away....

         Intellect equiped with quips
              charging a quick wit
            rocket fire resort retort

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The Young Once

   tired, old bones creaking,
    broken body all aching,
     alas, the ‘young once’ !

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Which D'ya Prefah?

                                        choose which is bettah

                            like horns of a dilemmah

               wintah or summah ?

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Pedal Bath

this craze called foot spa

restores a lot of chutzpah

shy toes of grandpa

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Saying Little Can Take Much

pithy things to say
often need plenty of wit
and thought before said.

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I'm Too Old

Comfortable shoes
And forget the panty hose
I am just too old