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Senryu Fear Poems | Senryu Poems About Fear

These Senryu Fear poems are examples of Senryu poems about Fear. These are the best examples of Senryu Fear poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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i’m in the chapel
       it’s night    the room is empty
                              loud c minor chord!

old mansion
         chimney smoking

ruined mansion
        window lit near the top

piano recital
moonlight sonata

my roommate 
    weird smile
        unusual eye teeth 

Copyright © daver austin

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Countless Life

1, 2, 3
Down, and counting life

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal

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Be quiet

  child you want to cry
  forgive my hand on your mouth
  soldiers are coming

  For contest 'Time to B' sponsored by Casarah Nance
  July 28th 2015

Copyright © Viv Wigley

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TAXI DRIVER---you talking to me


                                       Confronts reflection,
                                    psychotic image triggers
                                          his apocalypse!

                          For the Senryu a movie scene contest

Copyright © John Trusty

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The Subtle Knife

Beg for sadness, end
Fighting, a castrated peace
Open cuts, betray

©Drake J. Eszes

"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity." -Carlin

Copyright © Drake Eszes

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     broken glass

        detour ahead

            lights flashing

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel

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Don't be fear-full Child.
The Universe holds you in
Love and Lavender.

Copyright © Sue Mason

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a passed note

a passed note
do you like me or not
my paper heart


Copyright © Black Eyed Susan

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'For Colored Girls --- Toxic Love'

his love so toxic his dream became her nightmare distraught mother begs helpless onlookers suspended from the window he just let them go he killed their children helpless as her tears roll down her will to live gone ©291220112215 *just to clear up the confusion this is actually written for Andrea's movie contest!!*

Copyright © Wilma Neels

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The fear,
I run away from
is from me

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel

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Tossing and Turning

                                                       tossing and turning
                                             the night seems endless and dark
                                                  light hides behind dreams

Brians Triplet contest

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico

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Interstate 5 South

CHiPs are on alert.
My pedal's to the metal.
Just too fast for them!

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday

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Monsters Retreat

Wait for Sun’s white light…
Cuddle me throughout the night
Monsters run with fright

By Robb A. Kopp

Copyright © Robb A. Kopp

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I am my own man.
At long last, the day has come,
And I am so scared.

Copyright © Kyle Maples

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American Scream

                                                         american scream
                                                       life without security
                                                     the dream is now lost

Copyright © Terry L. Allen

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Afraid of monsters
You spend your whole life running…
Monsters hide in you
Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian

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The Afterlife

Why worry today,  
What some tomorrow will bring? 
Let truth be your guide


Copyright © Judy Konos

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The Tear Of A Clown

                    The makeup is on..
          All the colors mixed and matched..
                    Just a painted tear..

                    It's never the same..
            A smile brought on the outside.. 
                     And a frown inside..
                    The cannon in place..
              I just lye scared and waiting..
                      Now the fuse is lit..


Written for the
"Circus contest"

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico

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Facebook Fear

Logging on Facebook
Feeling as if he’ll never—
By Jove! He wrote back!

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal

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A Mothers Plea

Innocent child
Pale skin and eyes glazed over
Cancer, let him go

Copyright © Ari Ing

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Day dreaming… My mind refuses to see The real world… Half asleep… My reality broke free From the strain… Eyelids close… The meaning of living here ASTOUNDS ME! Half awake… My dreams are so spellbinding PINCH ME, please?

Copyright © J. W. Earnings

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See Those Eyes

Splintered dark Girds the room that I despise See those eyes...

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal

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The Mental Institution

Rain is falling
The Children groaning
Gates keep closing...

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal

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stop sign

green turns to red
in my neighbor's berry patch
signal to stop

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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Awoke due to Troubles

I have a strong fear
Worry so great it’s crazy
Creates holes inside

It seems troubles come
Deep within me at odd times
Triggers hurt and pain

So much of these things
Causes sleep to fall apart
I awake teary

Russell Sivey


Entrant into Ed Ebbs', "What makes you wake up each and everyday!" contest

Copyright © Russell Sivey

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Pulled the Trigger

Bullet wounds
The criminal shoots down his
First targets

How dare you
Shoot them uncontrollably
CHAOS grows .  .  .

Don’t shoot it!
The victims are running mad
And you pulled

The trigger
I’m terrified of your strength
DROP IT, man ! ! !

Copyright © J. W. Earnings

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Heart pounding so fast
Upon the approaching steps
and then it was for nothing

Copyright © Kechi Odibi

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harmless mouse running
panic erupts in a yelp
moist pants are hidden

Copyright © Patricia Sawyer

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      hope is in the balance
and could turn in a bad way
        bale me out, I say

Copyright © Julia Ward

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subtle noise awakes 
continues through dead of night 
pounding grows louder 

Copyright © Judy Konos