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Senryu Confusion Poems | Senryu Poems About Confusion

These Senryu Confusion poems are examples of Senryu poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Senryu Confusion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I am here, You are here, Where are we?

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'Loud sigh of Nothing'

your lexis drifted almost like the wind blew them loud sigh of nothing

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You Will Feel

be mindful
human rights are human ways
that lead down

be careful
the words above always remain
wear no crown

trap the sin
destroy the lie of conceit
look within

don't consume all that you see
you will feel
wrong like fire

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They sound quite brilliant,

                            The rantings of a madman...
                                                         To those with like minds!

                                                          Timothy I. Brumley

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A heart divided
Hurt knows no bounds anymore
Only time will tell

By: Misty Leccese
© June 16, 2009

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Bleeding Love

Vicious jagged thorn
Hidden ‘neath your word roses
My heart’s bleeding love

Eileen Manassian Ghali for the concept of the heart bleeding love goes to Leona Lewis! I've been listening to her song...Bleeding Love in an endless cycle! 

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Countless Life

1, 2, 3
Down, and counting life

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2 a.m. no sleep
Restless, not even tired yet
The candle flickers

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Virginia—Set Mothman Free!

Mothman ate your clothes?
No way; too big for dressers
—mus’be his baby cuz!

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Acquit Big Foot!

Leave Bigfoot alone
He didn’t squash your tomatoes
—It was swine flu!

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Decayed Feelings

loving and caring words spoken without thought heart turns hard as rock
Show Me Contest Of Brian Strand 3rd Place Winner

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Moments, memories,
Tick-tock yet again...Is it
I who is running?

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Liar Liar Pants On Fire

<                              the great ....  deceiver
                                practices artful ....  falsehood  
                                bold .... assumptions

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Platypus Syndrome

                The debate rages,

           why is God our Platypus?

             one whole,many parts...


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Tombstone - Like The Four Horsemen

they walked along
weathered, carrying their guns;
like the four horsemen…

down to the O.K.
guns blazing, bullets flying;
smoke clears, the strong stand…

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The Poetess


                                        Writing her great pearls
                                        Worn with pride everyday
                                        But shown clasp broken

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lost behind fragile glass

she smiles cautiously

as if she knows who I am....

I live on her nightstand

For Senryu Contest: Sponsered by Black Eyed Susan

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Who Are You?

~Why do you bring me such sorrow?~
Sometimes you are amazingly wonderful
Other times you are downright despicable

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A blow to the heart

She crys out in pain
No one there to comfort her
She suffers alone

By: Misty Leccese
© June 17, 2009

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Planned Parenthood

    planning parenthood 
 birth control and abortion 
      no babies allowed

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~A Cowards Way~

Two legged dogs came, I fell 
Prey, Striking me from every direction
Leaving nothing untouched

I wrote this remembering how I got ambushed when I was little
By these neighborhood girls I once called my friends but when 
I found out they were trouble, I pulled away and made new friends
and that didn't sit well with them and they turned on me,and then 
one unsuspecting day they showed up at my house, all of them..none 
would fight me alone, they all wanted a piece of me and they got it, until 
my brother showed up...But that's a whole different story.It just showed me 
that not everyone is who they seem to be, they were cowards and from that 
moment on, I was careful of how I chose my friends..Thank God after those 
teenage years passed things got better...

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unseen entities
malevolent in nature
inner-war begins

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Writer's block

Light inside the pen-
hidden as is past abuse;
unable to shine.

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Alluring Title

                                           Alluring title
                             Click look at who commented_
                                     Me, senior moment

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If Charity is A gift that’s given freely Explain welfare “RIGHTS”?

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Alone Or Alive

                 If today left me..
       Would tomorrow be my friend..
                  Alone or alive..
            A choice not answered..
        Just a daydream in my night..
            Tasting my own breath..

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Mind Game

heavy confused dreams
filled my night with restlessness
subconsciously awake

endlessly the mind wonders
every thought held as captive
unrelenting fear

the mind takes over
grandmaster of illusion
and I the pawn of the game

a mental torture
I mount my attack, countered
I awake, checkmate

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Need You

Do fools fall in love...
daddy don’t you walk so fast, 
don’t blame it on me

© Harry J Horsman

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God showed his anger;
The earth’s crust palpitated,
Haiti’s land buckled.

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Minced memories come
   Fading, coming to... fading-
      I don't know what's real

   Dragon shadows dance
      In the graveyard of my mind-
         No longer lucid
       Tell me where to go
          Tell me what to do! I fear-
             My sanity lost