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Senryu Art Poems | Senryu Poems About Art

These Senryu Art poems are examples of Senryu poems about Art. These are the best examples of Senryu Art poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My LOVER'S EYES (Senryu Series)

1   Alluring : mystic                                4   Mesmerizing  eyes  
      Light brown : almost hazel eyes              Caressing my Heart with LOVE               
      Always  full of LOVE                               Knowing they own me

2   Eyes with flecks of green                    5   My Barbara Jean
     Immersing my Heart and Soul                 Your light brown eyes filled with LOVE
      In Eternal LOVE                                     Capture my Heartbeat
3   Soporific eyes                                    6   Together our eyes
     Singing  a sweet lullaby                           Entwine the arc of Rainbows
     The song Forever LOVE                           Brown-green and blue gray

       This is for YOU ; Barbara Jean Gorelick ; with all my Heart , with all my LOVE
       Submitted for Pen to Face, Face to Pen Contest  Sponsered by Sami Al-khalili

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You are My Soul Mate

a glance and a smile

    anywhere or anytime

        and I feel your love

you laugh, my heart sings

     you smile and my heart flutters

        ... it's always been so

I look in your eyes

    and see the love reflected

 are my soul mate

for Linda Marie's "special Sentimental Senryu" contest

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A flower named Charmaine

You are an angel Beautiful beyond reason You live in my heart Dedicated to Charmaine C.

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Cubic Romance

With a Van Gogh Sky,
Above a Monet garden;
Picasso lovers.

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The Painter

A painter of words,
And a painter on canvas;
An artist at heart. 

Dedicated to my friend,
Abe Lopez

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Raul's Latest Contest

A tree stands alone
     Poets see such different
          Views to write haiku

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Mercury Maiden

Silver painted girl Gleams like nature's element Mercury Maiden

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Lonely Heart

1.Voices whispering        2.  Silent bells ringing          3.  Excruciating
  Heavenly secrets to me    Vibrating a broken Heart :   Heartache of pain and sorrow 
    Only in my head                A dark Heart in Hell              Echos in my ears

4.Loneliness, darkness    5. Tears live Forever           6. Bitter salt of tears
  A shawl covering a Heart   In a Whirlpool in my Heart  Cascades on coffins of death
  That beats in desolation       Eroding my Love                 As a broken Heart dies

7.Silence; Listening             8. Madness in my brain    9. The bleeding heart flows 
Absorbing morbid moments  Enables a Broken Heart   Down the calm current of death
Devourers the Soul               For self destruction              Feeding blood to Hell

10 A lost soul travels     11
   The fiery path of Hell 
     Forever: Alone 
                              To be Continued

        Author's note : I am using the Library's Computer But my time is up
                                Continuation will be on this page
             LOVE, ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Eternal Liege...Harry

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Standing Woman

She stands there Her heart all askew… Backless dress Russell Sivey Form Modern Senryu

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Machine Artistry

My trade is printing
commercial web-press printing
Printing is an art

A difficult art
It takes an age of learning
to master this form

Printers are painters
yet we do not use brushes
We paint with machines

And do not use paint
but ink to produce precise
graphic images

We follow Franklin
who wrote a poem for us
(His proud Epitaph)

I refer here to older web printing presses which I used to operate. Of course, today's presses are completely automated. Most of today's press operators would be clueless on the ones I ran. Today, printing is not an art, but a lost art...

By: tryerson
motif: Historical

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The Louvre

Woman on the wall
inviting one to enter...
a mind to explore.

Moana Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci
musee da Lovure Paris

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What is on the mind
How will I express it all
Looking for my voice

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Circus Clown -

_____________________ the big top tumbles- tears lie deep within a painted smile

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Box Seats

rosined bows weeping
small ballerina leaping....
emotions heaping

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Mind, Body Spirit-Yoga

mind body spirit
As one convergence in light 
exhaling toxins


For Tahera's "Yoga" Contest

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A Symphony

                                                      deminished pastels
                                                  a symphony for the eyes
                                                        royal colors swell

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Just made last boarding
a regular practiced art
on plane to China

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Ice King

 Ice that will freeze the heart
shaking icy mountains
roaring like a lion does
thunder echoes around
with ice in hands body turns to stiff
heart faints weaker
Tears fall of cold imprinted on face
beneath his mask lips of lavender 
face as white as a ghost
Fatigue of a warrior 
ice blades that cut razor sharp
heart turned to blue
from harsh torture of his endless soul
among the most powerful 
the king of winters
with ice of bone he conquers all


Brian Otoole .......

Poem for  ((skat-oz ICE KING Contest))

(((I held an ice cube today in my palm for almost 15mins in my room with full ac power on held it tightly and after palm froze stiff I imagined the pain of dieing by ice)))
 so I took sub zero picture you posted and it inspired me way more to write this poem for your ice king contest and feel to pain of the ice and cold in palm and in my still very cold now even after this poem 

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sanity or death

I don't understand
Living in a dreaded world
Illuminating;              *all I see*


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hands dip on canvas

        blazing hues like night's textures

                ...while figures unfold

1 senryu on anything except love Contest

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His art, Her poetry

A pen and a brush
Two for ever making love
I love you alley

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is there any point
To do things you hate to live
and truely love  life?

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Musical soldier 
Jimi was experienced
Exploring his art

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

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My Heart To You

                                             Loving hands reach out..
                                              Cupping a lovley smile..
                                              From my heart to you..

                                          Arms wrapped and entwined..
                                        The softest of silk skin touched..
                                                 Pure bliss achieved..

                                                  Eyes mirror beauty..
                                               Images of works of art..
                                               On my heart they glow..

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"Sacred Heart and Soul"

“Sacred Heart and Soul”

My garden my spouse,
speaks heart wisdom's sweet honey,
to my soul, her spouse.

Note: Our Sacred Heart  is the female Spouse,
While our Soul is the male spouse.

For the Senryu contest
In honor of: Sweetheart of PoetrySoup
Placed #2

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See Those Eyes

Splintered dark Girds the room that I despise See those eyes...

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I am the ice king.
My heart and soul are chilled, fuzed
Into an ice spear.

The cold can't touch me.
I have forgotten the warmth
Of the human touch.

I am alone, lost.
Yet I search for my purpose
By waging a war.

Side Note: 
Fresh ice cubes can bite
When held tight in bare hands.
But the cold felt good.

--Tara Andre

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A Work of Art

Expressing passion,
I call my raw emotion;
You call masterpiece.

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File Saved

I hope that you smile
haven't written for a while...
FRESH from TODAY's file

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Deep rich abyss Enriching my deprived soul Surround me