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Personification Sea Poems | Personification Poems About Sea

These Personification Sea poems are examples of Personification poems about Sea. These are the best examples of Personification Sea poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Queen Sea and Her Three Paramours

So enchanted was Sun by Queen Sea as he sat near some clouds high above he began sliding down stealthily till he touched the dark face of his love. Then Sir Sky, so aroused by Sea’s hue, began melting along with Sun’s rays, and by now, Sun was dipping into the blue depths of Queen Sea. In a daze, Sky gazed down, and with ruddishness blushed! Then a third lover looked on the face of Queen Sea. Feeling thrilled, Night then brushed rosy heavens with deep purple lace. Night embraced lovely Sea! Sun was gone. And again, Sky with envy looked on. Sonnet done in nine-syllable lines for the Anapest Trimeter Contest of Pendleton Arkwright

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October's Horizon

Grieving over postscripts

of a faded summer memory,

an outstretched autumn's arm

reaches through the trees---


Her leaf-fluttered hand expands,

brushing passed dark branch silhouettes...

and tosses new nightlights

into the October harvest sky.

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Conversation With the Sea

Polarized in aqua
to take the shine off my skin
while my currents swell delirious
I wonder where you've been
Break my confidence today
with one foot down to hold me back
You pin me as I wash away
and leave me with my breath intact
Ocean this and ocean that
while all the ones who want me still...
It's only you I'm longing for 
to break my tide and take my will
Slip your cares into my ears
and swim beneath to hear me speak
for I will leave your soul refreshed
if happiness is what you seek...

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Love You Like the Sea

I'll love you like the ocean
I'll love you like the sea

I'll caress you like the salty breeze
Does caress those white-capped crests
I'll embrace you as the breaking waves
Embrace the shore with zest

I'll kiss you like the rising sun
Does kiss the sea at dawn
I'll call you like the sea bird sang
With passion, again and again

I'll raise you like the morning mist
That joins the sea to sky
I'll move you like the pale, round moon
Does move the pounding tide

I'll push you like the summer storm
That brings the sea to life
And even as in you I drown
Never did breathless trepidation feel so right

I'll love you like the ocean
I'll love you like the sea

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Underneath me the water                                                                                                                    Churns in anticipation                                                                                                                                      I wait for the wave             
That will push me forward.     
The spray of the water          
 Keeps me moist     
 I surge forward
Balanced on the wall of water
Exhilaration floods through me
I am racing towards the sandy beach
Then your feet stumble
I feel your weight disappear
I am thrown into the ocean
Tossed about mercilessly
Keeping a grip on your leg
I bob to the surface
Discouraged, you paddle
Heading for the shore
You lift me up
And carry me away
Now I am waiting
In the dark, in the dust
When you try again
Try to tame the waves
I will be ready
I am always ready
I long for the thrill
Of riding the foam
Hurry up, I plead
Hurry up and try again

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Bird In A Tux

I do not fly but waddle far.
For fun I slide on my tummy.
And if I have my eye on a mate
I'll feed them fishes so yummy!

Singing a love song is common for me.
To attract a mate I'll croon.
And if I leave the colony sometime
I'll surely be back soon.

Under the water I really can't breathe.
But can hold my breath a short while.
I spend my time mostly at sea.
But when on shore I make humans smile.

You'll point at me and giggle out loud.
I know you think I'm cute!
But don't try to capture me I plead.
Just admire my black and white suit.

A little bit like you humans I am.
Sometimes I mate for life.
Yet other times I play the field.
Perhaps even cheat on my "wife"!

So here I go to dive and plunge
where the water is deep and cold.
Just some things you should know about me.
I'm amazing-if I may be so bold!

for Archaic Poet's animal personification contest

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Ever Flowing Pen

Oh, ever flowing pen 
I've grown cognizant
You, my only comforting friend, 
Taking me adrift  
Waves of the forbidden sea 
Venturing into territory unmarked, 
That offers a soothing melody 
Caressing, permeates tranquility 
As you rock my restless mind 
Into a delusional bliss  
Unspoken words that dance 
With excitement upon my paper

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Trees of Maytime

Emerald frocked trees 
strut down 
May's fashion runway..

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Vain of metal ore that smiled 
It is by you am steered  
    Guiding my principle in direction 
    You shine like magnetized
    Iron ore 
    I lithe toward you as 
    You called

    We lissome to our destination
    With your eye in dimension
    I shall not be sorry when it’s over
    Cos it ways is determination
    Thou Icy wing “lay us pass”
    To see they treasure 
     Remove thy odds from our
     My sinus seep to sea, cos of
     Sinking to shore
     Sire your strength steered
      My fate to shore
      Wh’n I hold your face, I am 
      Cos, hope, fate, destiny is 
      By measure
      My accelerando is powered 
      By force
      Thou the tides are high
      The treasure must be found
      When you bid me, I will 
      Cos life journey is unstandadize

This poem is written in the night in 
my little room when watching The 
stars, Lodestar is a bigger, it shines 
very well and in those. Days when 
voyage in the see was not of to day 
every body looked of for lodestar 
that gives direction to sailors. It is a 
poem about our cause of journey in 
life some of the time when we 
succeed we give our thanks to our 
guidance angel or lucky star it is this 
star, angel an greeting begging to 
guide our life affair in this world. 
Life problem are so many that we 
some time need this angel and lucky 
star. So it is easier when traveling 
with a guide, this makes it (life) not 
so difficult.

1.	They is a force that direct our 
affairs in this world existence.
2.	We should always pray for our 
affairs to before in good hands to 
enables us achieve our aim.
3.	This world is difficult to go 
through, it like our sailing in the sea 
of life.
4.	The sea of life needs a eye that 
will guide us in this affairs.
5.	We should always thank, greet 
our lucky star or angel.

Ameka, Ezza South L.G.A Ebonyi 
State Nigeria where am doing my 

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Ask fate does the moon shift 

As the oceans drift apart 

With no moon in this sea of dark 

Visions slowly sank 

My dead eyes staring blank 

While i stay idle 

Forming an illusion of an isle 

Struggling to find consciousness growing weary 

Long thoughts in my head I hold dearly 

Chained as I am to body, soul and mind 

Barely scraching the surface with nothing to find 

There is not a line pourtraying a goal 

As I live peacefully with my soul 

My last drop of satisfied life that once ran rampant 

Drips to the sea of lost souls to be tampered  

Twisted and sore my vessel that I lore 

My soul began to soar higher then ever before

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Lady of Winter

Dear lady of winter
why must you be so harsh

shed your ermine wraps
and put away your hooded

cloak of white - beautiful as
it may seem when gleaming

in the cold sun like a thousand
diamonds and glossy pearls

the land does slumber too long
the trees sleep too deeply

under your strict command
of days that are too dark

and moons peer out from 
behind cell bars and prison

sentences of winter discontent
release the prisoners of Spring

held captive by a cruel winter
in dampness and bone chilling

days and nights - let down your
dark walls and break the fetters

of those who cry out to be free
and taste the delights of the

newborn world once again..
and do away with this abomination

known as winter..

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Whisper hello

Sweet flower tree whispers hello 
Walking past she interrupted...
Glorifying wings of spring on her branches
Marveling her purple paper star shower
Inhaling her peaceful unlocked power 
My spirit has lifted....
"Hello, I whisper back, 
"Thanks for interrupting!"

^(How a tree made me feel today)

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I carry with me Color

I Carry With Me Color

If you stare at me long enough your eyes will burn hot ember 
          Until they burn into flaky cinders.
	Cinders blown with the wind to the bag 
                       Slung across my shoulder.
	A bag the color of an artist’s palette 
                       Filled with salmon pinks and indigo violets.
	I carry with me colors for many different occasions, 
                       And sometimes secrets.
	My marigold yellows are for sunshiny days 
                       And kids contagious laughter.
	I carry with me streaks of burning cinnamon red 
                       For lovers to embrace and ponder.
	Sometimes deep within my rainbow bag splashes wet sea foam green 
                       And blue for those in need of salty tears and a good cry.
	You might ponder why I carry this palette of colors weighing me down 
	           Day after day.
	That is simple, Color defines us. 
	           We carry colors with us every day, 
	Sometimes they weigh us down in murky umber black puddles, 
	           Sometimes they lift us up to the lavender sky.
	You ask me what I carry with me?
	           I carry with me all of your wasted color in my rainbow bag.
	One day, these broken cinders will be ready 
	         When you come back for them, 
	And that is when you will see your own colors 
                      Floating around you.

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Palms by the Sea

Oh this Sea from left to right,
How my mind gathers your visions to my sight.
You clouds stray from over here to over there,
And my lungs fill deep as they gather you into my air.
I am the neutral zone with all of my love that I share
The “Palms by the Sea” give my visions their true light!
In each I can see myself inside of a seemingly height.
The Palms by the Sea are my only solemn oath I fight!
 Up inside of the tallest tree I shall surely come,
Your Earth, your Moon and your Sun I shall make them all come undone!
I am you as you breathe my life and it is your love that I shall proclaim in the moment I seize!
Up inside of you I am proclaiming my every single genuine need.
The “Palms by the Sea” guard the shores for my more, my all, or even none!

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997

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Never-Never Land

I stare out into this huge blue Sea,
And the waves, well, they just carry me.
My mind drifts so far away,
Because the Ocean is where I lay!
I’m off to never-never land once again,
So take my hand and let this journey begin!
I listen carefully to the Oceans roar,
The waves, well they just help me soar.
My mind relaxes with my day,
Because the Ocean is where I always lay!
I’m off to never-never land on a hunch for so much more,
So take my hand and let’s find new places we can both explore!
I can see blue water with big fluffy white rolls,
Waves, well they just capture my entire soul.
My mind just helpless with my day,
Well, it is the Ocean where I lay!
Off in never-never land I can always see,
A gigantic Ocean covering over me!
Far away in never-never land near the Ocean is where I always lay.
Lifeless in the sand is where I’ll always be.
So take my hand and be lifeless with me in the sand.
Together, just you and me on our journey to never-never land,
Just lifeless in the sand, together you and I and always we’ll be hand in hand!

© Copyright: 1997  Ann Rich

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Welcome Visitor

The pale face of nature
Of flowers and treetops
So battered and weary
Come out of the shadows
Tattered and bobbing
At long last are smiling

The welcomed arrival
Of sunkissed horizons
Has blissfully welcomed
The gold in the morning
All smitten with cheer

Trees lean to the side
Drunk on the sun
Lifting their branches
Keeping it near

I long for it too
As I move out my chair
From under the shade
To drink in the sun
After dark winter days
To welcome it here

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The tide calls
The tide falls
The tide threatens 
To swallow us all

The moon swells
A tolling bell
Ever chimes
The midnight yell

The waves swirl
Spray, they hurl
Upon the rocks
Upon the girl

She sits there, night
After night, after fright
Dwelling on
What happen might

She twirls her hair
So golden, fair
Around a finger
Like the ring she'll wear

She doesn't love
Marriage on a whim
Her worst mistake
From her life she can't trim

The cold waters invite
Its black eddy delights
As she falls beneath its crest
And sinks with all her might

Think things all the way through

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Over her restless form he plunges
as beneath him she wildly bucks,
shameless, overwhelmed by lust.

His tense, rigid body rises and falls
against her screams and moans,
riding her as she freely abandons.

How the hungry lovers fit  together
in that reckless, smoldering dance
that only they could truly master.

Yielding to a mad giving and taking,
heedless of eyes possibly watching,
mates the untamed, scandalous pair.
Indeed a lone voyeur closely watches
while the bold act goes on between
the sailboat and the turbulent sea. 

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Silver hair illuminating 
The sea
Upon the star-filled night 
I whisper your name
On cold night
Coffee brings warm to me.