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Personification Lonely Poems | Personification Poems About Lonely

These Personification Lonely poems are examples of Personification poems about Lonely. These are the best examples of Personification Lonely poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Leaf

The leaf has fallen from everything it has known
The wind of despair drags the leaf aimlessly
The leaf can not find refuge from its tormentor
The Leaf begs for mercy

Withered and dry, as others float aimlessly by
Wishing for their company, wanting a friend
But, only receiving an evanescent try
Oh, how fate does not bend

Envy the evergreen
They dance with the wind of melancholy
Never falling from grace, never losing to nature's game
Why are they immortal when the rest wonder the earth alone until death

Crumbling, the wind does not stop, nor does it care too
Falling apart, the earth's soil reclaiming me
Fading away, is this peace, or is this just death
I am lonely, afraid

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Living each day all alone Even though I'm surrounded by millions of people, I still feel in isolation. 
I am surrounded by the nothing, i am the Nothing!
Deep inside, I feel rotten to the core,
Skin shedding,like the devil is devouring me!
I feel that life's oils are draining from me,
Seeping through my vein's,
No light within me, darkness has took it's toll,
How do I break it's grasp.
Energy is draining, yet a spark ignites inside me,
My soul will win out,
I will fight with each and every breath I take.
The darkness will become light once again.


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Frightened; scared; worrisome, that's how I am..
Not that I am so ****ed up or too bad..
Rather I am caring so much...
Or maybe I have experienced too much..

I built up walls to protect myself...
I restricted myself to rules and regulations..
I defined and structured ways to be in control..
I followed a pattern to avoid dominion...

Maybe because of how I have grew up..
Maybe because of how the persons treated me..
Maybe because of how situations challenge me..
Maybe because of actual experience..

True, I am almost exactly like that..
Few have taken the time and effort to discover me..

Behind those smiles are hidden pains to burst..
Behind those silence are quiet tears waiting to break..
Behind those hugs are yearnings of affection.
Behind those compositions are me: myself...

Yet, I have always been hopeful...
Always holding on...
Not that of pretentions.
Nor to give good impression..

Rather, It is because of that burning faith..
It is because of that selfless love...

Didn't I laugh hard until I'm teary eyed..
Didn't I sing so much until my voice hoarse..
Didn't I eat so much that I burp..
Didn't I given so much that I'm remembered...
Didn't I still love so much that I don't expect any returns..

I lie to protect people I love..
I break rules to get closer to what I want..
I work hard to attain my dreams...
I try to be the happy me to me others happy..

I am living my life the way I know right..
I made mistakes and even failed..
but, I rejoice to acknowledge these didn't stop me..
These didn't lead me to quit..

I rise up..
I stood up..
I am still here..
God, helped me through it all..

by: olive_eloi


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Victoria's Story Paet 1

                                              Victoria's Story
                                   Is a story of courage sacrifice and love,
                                   Brought to her by a shameful abuse thereof.
                                   Tainted and blamed for her inward beauty,
                                   She kept her honor for her children's purity.

                                   Knowing the pain of her wonderful convictions,
                                   She slept in the arm's of man's imagination.
                                   Though tormented of tears and pillows glove,
                                   Her pride held her and gave her strength thereof.

                                   Now she walks away from a battered past,
                                   Leaving those who hurt her with a tainted mask.
                                   A mask someday that will uncover their shame,
                                   For God has a way to make blame...

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168 Empty Chairs

On the morning of April 19, 1995, Terror was heard through the Oklahoma sky. At 9:02 A.M. the explosion did occur, And the blue common day turned into a blur. A memorial was built to mark the state’s loss, Memorializing the one’s who paid terror’s cost. A monument of seats stands brightening the night, In nine rows of chairs illuminated by lights. Brokenhearted and lonely we seem to be, Silent and lonely but forever empty. Built with emotion for who we symbolize, In our bronze grain lies the pain of lost lives. Born from molted bronze, given life through death, We stand here for those who took their last breath. But from where we stand, we stand with glee, For in our sights lives the Survivor Tree. Married together in this sacred place, Imparting to those mercy and grace. When families come here to see and reflect Our memories live on as our loved ones connect. Names of young and old we proudly bear; In nine rows of 168 empty chairs. _______________________ Inspired by Deborah Guzzi’s —The Chairs Tale Contest— You can take a virtual tour at

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When wolves cry to the moon

How long will I have to call out to an open sky.
Where nothing but stars and constellations pass me by.
My restless heart screaming out for a lonely companion.
Where a tormented wanderer asks nothing more than attention.

Like a wolf I howl to distant voices.
Hoping I'll be heard,hoping someone will finally help me over come this feeling of solitude.
Like the stars I comfort in the moonlight.
As she cradles my shattered heart during the lonely nights.
The cold winds would fill the empty void in my heart.
And heal my heart from all it's battle scars.

AS she gives me hope to call out to open skies.
She helps me overcome my feeling of loneliness.
As her cold kiss touches my lips.
I finally fall asleep...