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Personification Food Poems | Personification Poems About Food

These Personification Food poems are examples of Personification poems about Food. These are the best examples of Personification Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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There's a hunger down deep inside
You definitely are one of a kind
I yearn for you my darling
Can't get you out my mind

I absorb your sweet aroma
Taking your fragrant scent all in
My mouth has begun to water
In anticipation of our sin

I drive up to your window
Telling you everything I need
Please give me what I ordered
My hunger I need to feed

Going from soft to hard
My taste buds sure implode
I open up your package
One taste and I'll explode

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Your sweet wonderful smell fills up the room
Making my mouth water in anticipation
You are molded in such a magnificent way
Rising to heights I can only imagine

Waiting for you to get ready
I am filled with thoughts of pleasure
Your entrance is breath taking
Never have seen a more glorious sight

I place my trembling hands upon you
Eagerly awaiting your yummy taste
My lips surround your crisp edges
As I take my first of many bites

Oh my fresh loaf of warm bread
Can't wait to devour you tonight

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Oversized sweaters
Perfect for this weather
Leaves falling from trees
Hair waving in the breeze
Cheering at football games
Bonfires with there dancing flames
Stepping on the frozen, cold, hard ground
The wind is the only sound
Stepping inside after being in the cold
Eating fall’s harvest can never get old
So much rain
It's just hard to explain
My love for fall

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Magic Beans

I am the magic bean,
Pretty seed among the grains.
I am the matriarch of beauty;
Check at my mascara if I lied.

 In my  house I keep a pool,
Wherein I bath everyday;
In sun or rain check me out,
Shinning I am like a diamond.

I have come to build you life
And repair all  the ailing parts.
I am the miraculous matron;
Life I give to all abundantly.

Fear not oh you the indigent.
I have made me so affordable
And prepare for you vicariously
To be ground or fried for growth.

Your children I shall nurture
From cradle to manhood.
Fear not to deliver multiple twins,
You give me oil, I shall fix the rest.

Jan 4th,2015.

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I woke up this morning
Went to the kitchen
Looking for some-thing
To eat....
For this morning
I was on a mission
I went in-to the Cabinet
To open my favorite box
It was closed and It was sealed
I shook it, yet
I could not hear...
Surely they were gone'
And so was my last beer'
Fore there in the box
Their wasn't a sound
So, I placed it on the table
Then I sat down,
Only something was strange
I couldn't figure it out
So, I clinched my mouth
And dumped the whole
Thing out....
I was looking for some-thing
That sweet taste for my mouth
But, that nice crispy cereal
Was gone...
         With-out a doubt...
I ran to the bed room
And looked on the floor
Their was an empty bowl
The milk was still cold
So, I was perplexed
Didn't know what to say next
My EX was sleep
On her mouth I could smell CHEXS
But, what could I do
Cause I wouldn't go near her
Was this a thought
Or could it be real
It was so...
That was my best meal
My ex-GirL fRiend
Has just killed my last
Box of CHEKS
What will she do next
Heavens' why me
She is a Cereal Killer
Can't you see?


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I need love

What I need most in my life is love. 'cos I am malnourished of affection. My heart is 
starving of nourishment for  tender loving care. I yearn for genuine unconditional 
love. A love that will be loving most of the time. A love that will be understanding 
majority of the time. A love that will give abundant of love frequently. I need love 
because it is food for the heart and head and without it, I will starve;hence, dead.

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that was then and this is 2010: (part 2) Soul Food

we're now in the midst of the Holy season known as Lent
forty days and nights of sacrifice as a way to repent
a time for us to try and get a little closer to God
a time to fast, to give up something we hold dear to our hearts

we're in the age of technology with Facebook, Twitter and texting
the way people now communicate has become somewhat vexing
always with the I-Pods, I-Pads, cel phones and e-mail
time to talk to eveyone but God who only requires knee-mail

when Jesus encountered the Tempter after His time of fasting
He had a wilderness experience that would be forever lasting
hungry and tired from all those challenges He had to face
now waiting on the word of God to fall perfectly in place
the Tempter said "if You're the Son of Man make bread out of these stones"
Jesus replied " that man does live by bread alone
but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God"
the spiritual Soul Food that will forever nourish our hearts
the Daily Bread that overflows into our spiritual cups
the Word of God, the Soul Food that will forever lift us up
as that was then and this is 2010
it's time to come out of the wilderness my friend

we all have moments of frustration, heartache and pain
we need to come out of the wilderness and by God be made whole again
to face down the devil and the temptation He'll put in your way
now resistant to sin and no longer by the Enemy to be swayed
to partake of God's Soul Food which will guide us to all truths
to trust in God and do whatever His word asks of you
to call on God and know that He will always have your back
now full of His Soul Food and on the right spiritual track
knowing that it's now all under God's control
now fed and nourished by His Spiritual Food for your soul

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Funny How Thins Go


I know that I am
Not a Turkey
I have said this
Once before
Hope to make it
Threw Christmas
And not just end up
At the foot of some-ones'
I know that there is truth
      And of this...
I wil not be forsaken
    But, above all else
I hope not to be mistaken


Something real Turkey might say....
There is a little Turkey in all of us.....

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Beside a sluice rests a home:
humbly weaved with strands of memoirs.
Minute signs of yesterday’s flight
submerge beneath cinders of warmth.

Inside is a temple, Genesis’ daughter, 
who rears the seeds of tomorrow’s spring.
Withstanding languor: gravid’s twin, 
she awaits the sojourn of a milk-washed kin.

Soon enough, she perches on lives-
each, counting chickens inside their minds.
Alas, they fail to know their fate:
not all will leave their carapace.

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Faithful Mate

She is content to sit and wait
With confidence her faithful mate
Will come with food he carries.

She has no doubt he will be there
Bringing the tasty robin fare.
She's glad he never tarries.

No roadside bar tempts him to stop
Of beer or ale he takes no drop.
He's always in a hurry.

She sits upon the eggs of blue,
The loving job she has to do,
And waits without a worry.

No temptress will delay his flight,
He has but one goal day and night,
The welfare of his lady.

He will not waver on his way
To where the eggs for new brood lay,
In Camelia branches shady.

Some day real soon there will be more
A lovely group of three or four,
Each one awaiting serving.

His lovely bride will join him then
And help to bring the fresh food in,
From duty never swerving.

11/14/09  won 6th place

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The apple 
See a star
My heart
That is 

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Feline vixen

And so now you think I’ll eat that food
Out of the box so tasteless and crude
I’m much better than that
I’m not any ordinary cat
I'd like to see you eat that 
Same old stuff day after day 
I won't even give it away 
My taste buds are far to divine
How about some scallops and wine 
No I shall not cooperate  
Do I have to translate?
So meow I will, boy these humans 
I’ve had my fill 
We cats should run the world 
And we’ll send you humans the bill