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Personification Butterfly Poems | Personification Poems About Butterfly

These Personification Butterfly poems are examples of Personification poems about Butterfly. These are the best examples of Personification Butterfly poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Puzzle Piece

A puzzle piece you are to me 
Like a vine without any leaves. 
Your heart is pure your soul is 
Gold, the sweetest thing I'll 
ever hold! A miracle in my eyes 
it seemed, knowing they said 
no babies for me! Always a 
surprise you seem to be just 
like a puzzle piece! At 9 months 
you walked but not until 4 did 
you first talk! Always a terror 
making a beautiful mess always 
a surprise that has yet to be 
met! The twists and turns I 
know we will see will seem 
somewhat like a roller coaster 
to me! The milestones and 
special gifts you bring will make 
my life seem Like a dream, my 
special boy I have always said 
How special I knew not till 
Aspergers they said! The 
journey will be trying the 
journey will seem long! But 
with our family together we will 
chug along! My special boy I 
love you so and cannot wait to 
see you mature and grow! Now 
we have a goal we have our 
dream you see to make you the 
perfect fitting puzzle piece!! 

Written by: Christina Kirks 
McCullouch 04/05/2012 For 
Jonathan S McCullouch Jr 
Mommy loves you to eternity 
and beyond! Forever and 

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Hey, Butterfly, Butterfly

Hey! butterfly! butterfly! 
Wait for me, 
And tell me of your dreams.

Have you danced with fairies gay
And found your love and life? 
Have you sipped the sweetest gold
And rest on  the coloured beds? 

Hey, butterfly, butterfly
Come on me,
And sing me your finest song.

Have you heard the music,
The music of all that is? 
Have you seen the unseeable tones, 
And swam in the seas scent? 

Hey, butterfly, butterfly
Rest on me
And tell me what you be.  

Have you danced with blossoms 
And laid your babes to hatch? 
A fluttered dream of worms long dead
The hope of better things to come.

Hey, butterfly, butterfly
Leave me not
But tell, 
What do dreams, dream of? 
Of worms? of God? 
Or  Both? 

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The butterfly went to a party last night all through the evening. It was the drunken butterfly and he saw all different butterflies through the night at the party. Both of them were drunk in front of the butterfly that evening. He woke up the next morning and he didn't remember who gave him drinks. It was different butterflies passing for everyone at the party. His friend found out that there was another butterfly drunk that evening. After that night, one was over and he began to face it with. One of the drunk butterfly at that evening. When he went up to all the butterfly were drunk at the party. Then that night, he went home to get straight from that night all day. Then he looked back to the party to find out who gave him drinks that evening.

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Loneliness and sadness
Are my constant shadows.
My unsolicited friends.
They keep me company
In times when no one seems to understand.
They chose me to be their companion.
But, in retrospect, did I choose them?
I always wonder.

Over the years,
I tried to secure 
     my joys
        my happiness
           my fulfillment
               my pleasure
                    even my blissful dreams.
But, I guess, 
I've been unsuccessful.
I have to agree to the terms.
This alone seems clear to me.

Resigned is myself now.
Bound to solitude.
Welcoming no one but silence.
A complementary trio.
The mind thinks of solitude
While the heart sings of silence.
Life is a dull mystery.

But, still, I care to tell
a small portion of what life is.
So, I call to them.
This mysterious loneliness,
That strange sadness,
They want to be heard.
     they hesitate.
A nod towards shame.
And, so
they curl up
like some caterpillar 
     taking refuge
          a dark cocoon.       
They breathe. 
They live. 
They thrive.
They become.
Like in some forest,
   carefully hidden.
The beauty is silenced;
                        confined within. 

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Of Butterflies and Rose Bushes

Like butterflies are some I know,
Who passing, catch my eye.
They flit and flutter to and fro,
And then . . . Away they fly!

But I prefer the bush I see,
Upon which they alight
Because each year she offers me
A bright and sure delight.

The blossoms springing forth from her
Are of the sweetest hue,
A crimson red, my heart to stir,
My spirit to renew.

Winged beauties are to summer days
And pretty flowers drawn.
Despite their charming social ways,
By winter they’ll be gone.

My stalwart bush, through winds and rains,
From spring till winter's end,
Unlike the butterflies, remains,
And she is named "True Friend."

For P.D's(who is a friend to all)
for any old butterfly poem...... Poetry Contest
(I have at least five old butterfly poems and I hope
I chose one you like).

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The Cocoon.
 The Inner woman was a myth in eyes of the oppressed
 Limited to one
 To one that gives her life
 The layers of her thoughts lay dipped in his hands
 Controlling the pieces of what was hers and what was his
 She was kept a secret
 Making her beauty lay diminished in his arms of trust and deceit, 
 Her Wings clipped 
 Her Ambition sorrowed
 Her Spirit locked
 The Butterfly's land was 
 Complete, with unchallenged control
 The oppressor dominates all,

She came into this world unknown, 
 She looks to the sky, for the infinite dream, 
 her guide is heart, the trust of her pride,
 Looking for a way 
 To bring happiness to herself, in all ways possible
 She's lost in the eyes of what beauty of isn't 

Consumed by the walls that have for shaken , moved and grown her
 Little did she know, she was growing power through slumber.

Underneath the blossoming flowers and the sweet nectar breeze, laid the beauty of divinity. 
 The flare of her voice
 The span of her wings
 The beauty she had within her
 Is the greatest joy, that was brought upon this earth. 
 We lay and wait, to watch the Cocoon unfold,

This Is a war that our Little Butterfly is going in on her own,
 She may stumble, she may fall
 She will fight the oppressor in all
 Her wings dented,
 Her Spirit unsure of,
 She is it still our Little Butterfly. 

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My Yellow Butterfly; 
My Array!

Pinched in the corner of my eye,
Ah, ‘tis just my yellow butterfly!

A swarm of bees came chomping down on its tail,
And whipping up winds it stirs up new jets to sail!

Staying gallantly afloat it drifts wayward up into a puffed up cloud awaiting it in the air.
A red cardinal bird it did undoubtedly meet perched high on top a big pesky grizzly bear.

It just flies fancy free through the needles and straws of prickly Pine Trees.
And it starts circling around until it is across the rolling roaring High Seas!

My yellow butterfly just zip zaps itself right on by.
It is either flying too low or it is flying up on high!

On top of the clouds, I did get to watch its magnificent tail set sail.
Triumphantly, it stays afloat between a big shark and mighty whale!

A horde of yellow butterflies suddenly dumped down on me with voices that blare.
The journal of flying from here to there will get everyone everywhere except in err!

Yellow butterflies were coming from everywhere just so joyous for my eyes to see,
And I was caught up on a cloud when my yellow butterfly ushered in its array of me.

My Array: 
My Yellow Butterfly!