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Ode Name Poems | Ode Poems About Name

These Ode Name poems are examples of Ode poems about Name. These are the best examples of Ode Name poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Renaissance Reed

     Lou Reed , Mistral of his time
     so you walked this road on the wild side
     unique in music , never selling out 
     believing in Art instead of commercialize
     Lou Reed the musician never compromised ~
     Sweet Jane not enough for our crowd of eccentric rockers 
     still will live forever with the many that left before you
     one can imagine from John Lennon to Johnny Ramone 

     a party in Heaven of the finest rock bestowed 
     no text , no MTV when they pursued a dream 
     New York, hotel Chelsea an age of Renaissance
     ragged jeans and leather jackets ,Art on stage  

     No, your Rock not ever fade away , it will stay sweet Jane forever ~

      For the fine Man with words , ode to Lou Reed .



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Baby Making Machine

In times past they 
have suffered 
In centuries ago, 
Their gods 
subjected them to 
Turned them to 
objects of 

Deprived of the 
normal life;
Their windows cut 
with a knife;
At ten sold out to 
To satisfy the lust 
of the gods of 

They were lesser 
Punched by the 
great bodies;
Limited to the
chimney and 
Seen by the gods 
as minute chickens;

Bought with some 
silly price;
Bought as a baby-
making machine;
Lesser bodies 
given out for a 
price of sacrifice;
To continue the 
cycle of the 
previous machine; 

Franchise denied;
Provision seized;
High life snatched;

They drink the 
liquid cancer of 
their god's 
Their pride is 
shaved from their 
And sleep for 
centuries with the 
And their purse 
coveted by force;

In the name of 
Denied the 
treasure of 
In the name of the 
ancestor's culture;
A drastic ruin in 
the future;

Yet these same 
lesser bodies;
Have suddenly 
stretched out 
hands to the 
No longer limited 
to the kitchen;
Neither are they 

Queen Idia fought 
the Idah;
Queen Amina, a 
Zarian elder;
Queen Nzinga, one 
in a million;
Queen Neferiti, a 
woman lion;

Ms Sarah 
knowing no end;
Dora Akunyili, a 
living legend;
Mother Theresa, a 
Oprah Winfrey, a 

Mary Slessor, a 
flowing river;
Whitney Houston, 
a diva;
Mrs Success, a 
romantic berry;
Bless you Dorothy 
Dandridge, Halle 

They are not 
deformed men but 
equal sex;
They are not 
weaker sex;
They are not baby-
making machines;
They are life-giving 
sapien, not 

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Thank you lord

< b /b>Faithful is your name oh lord
            greater is your love 
            nothing compares to your greatness
            you are the lord of lords, you are the king of kings
            Jehovah is your name and i give all the glory  unto you
            the lord my creator 
            you who made heaven and earth 
            and everything that is in them 
            you have a name above all names
            your name heals the sick
            your name raises the dead
            your name enriches the poor
            your name empowers the weak
            i bow before you oh lord
            i surrender to you oh great lord
            you forgive my iniquities, you redeem my soul
            you anoint my head with oil
            i thank you lord
            you provide for every nee
            you meet with every desires of my heart
            you created me with your own image
            and favored me among all creations
            thank you for the gift of life,thank you for the gift of health
            thank you for my children
            thank you for my job
            thank you for my family and friends
            greater is you that is in me than he that is in the world

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Independence Rock

A soliloquy comes over me as a testament to this great rock.
The names and dates and markings from generations ago unlock, 
those that past this way on foot and ox and horse,
and those that never made it here; to chisel and endorse.

Silent now are the graves that sit beside this place,
and the thousands that pass by and give respect to unknown names.
A rot-iron fence sit's where some say they lay
the children that may have died here;  is also where they played.

Stone scratched history, tar and paint,   
the rolling Sweetwater accentuates,
this giant rock where thousands now have trod,
left with only the name, 
of Independence Rock.

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My Darling Pinkee

Name: Pinkee
Alias: Alias the Pinkster
Likes: Game's, Sponge Bob, Dancing
Height: Midget
WT:  35 lbs.
Age: only four (04)
Education: Smart as a Whip
Claim to fame:  feel's no shame


When I am feeling lonely
And feeling kind of blue
I count on my darling Pinkee
She will know what to do
Let's us play game's
That is what she would say
She love to kiss and hug
She sing's all day
She is a real character
Whether she is at work'
         Or at play
I know that she is happy
So long as thing's are her way
She taught me the word
That mean's I just don't know
And if you ask me why
Then, I will tell you so
It's the Pinkster you know
      She told me so         
One day we made a song
Something that you might not
      Want to miss
And then she gave me a little kiss
     And it goes' a little
Something like this
Wee Luv uhr Pin-kee
O'h yes wee do-oo-00
We wulve uhour pink-eey
I must be-ee true-uho-uho
Now, I know that I do Love her
And the baby she in mind
Their are so many thing's to do
Just so little time
I know that I love you
With heart body and soul
I know that the thing's
That you do for me
Make's me young and bold
Her name is P-ink-ee
She is taught and she is tame
With-out her is this world
My world would never
Be the same
She is smart
She really knows' how
To play the game
On top of that
She knows' how to
Spell her name
My name is P-ink-ink-ee-ee
O'h, yes it is--s-is's
My name is Pink-yee
Have lot's of chee-ree-rs
She is smart
Smart as a whip
Even when though
She is four
She always give 
Me the slip...

If not, then 
She will give me
A tip
And who can ask
For more


******Note: ********
Her name is Faith Renee Wiggins -AKA- the {Pinkster}

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An Ode To Potter

Who is this boy?
Harry Potter.
He is a teen wizard,
From the school Hogwarts.

Harry has two best mates,
Ron and Hermione, each other they hate.
Ron is a wizard, Hermione a muggle-witch.
Its up to Harry,
To keep their friendship,
Smooth without a hitch.

Together with Albus Dumbledore,
They rage a war,
Against the evil forces of,
Dark Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort has a sorry past,
Though was an orphan,
He stood as tall as a ship’s mast.

Voldemort’s real name is 
Tom Marvolo Riddle.
No, he’s not just any boy,
Playing his fiddle.

Tom looked for power.
He attained it with forces that were evil.
He tortured an innocent boy’s parents to insanity.
The boy’s name is Neville.

Ginny is Ron’s sister 
And a friend of Harry and Hermione.
There are Dean and Seamus,
Best mates they are,
Also jealous of Harry’s scar.

This is a short summary of Harry Potter,
Created by J.K. Rowling- THE WONDER AUTHOR.

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You never saw me JCO

It is so strange. You were gone, then I needed you. I needed your voice. I needed 
to see your face. I sat there in front of you, still so defeated, but I couldnt move. My 
feet were planted.  I was so in love with you. You never saw me.

I never heard Im sorry escape your lips, you felt no guilt. I heard I needed you. I 
heard I still love you.  But you left me. YOU just left me. I watched you move, I 
pleaded within myself to not fall this time. I made no attempt to get closer. I 
reached for the lighter, you never saw me, when you reached for me. 

Then you put the arms I needed, around my body, and kissed my head. I closed my 
eyes trying to contain everything I wanted to scream. I just cried. You never saw 

I listened to you talk. So much excitement in your voice. I was focused on the road, 
and listening to the passion come from your lips.I felt so broken inside...I knew you 
never said my name with excitment, because you avoided saying my name at all. I 
cried again. You never saw me.

I watched you as you took the wheel, the way your skin glowed in the full moon 
light. The way my hand looked as it touched your face. I was so hurt inside when I 
felt the phone continuously vibrate, I knew once again it wasnt me. I realized at 
that moment, I dont know that I love you anymore. I cried when I lay in bed that 
night. You never saw me.

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He was renowned for farming 
ploughing lands as large as atlantic  
but his harvests he keeps beyond the sea
beyond the sea all he got

Down here, his roof leaks
his town roads untared
they make use of his wealth
to paint their town more white

he thinks his wealth is safe 
but the value they use
promising him security and secrecy
to shut their mouth from his people

his pots occupied
by cockroach and rats
as had been aboandoned by his wife
his children grow everyday
developing big belly and head

He goes back to use ibeleju as lamp
but he claims to be rich
his children goes fishing to pay their fees
the school fees he has refused to pay

they built a school for their wards
and beg them to look inside papers
nobody pays a penny
those are the people beyond the sea

his wealth is intact
but had been used
times without number for their anuual budget
they beyond the seas

Worms leak his intestine
and his offsprings from six to two
he took their looks to the people
the people beyond the sea

they gave him a name "Malaria"
Malaria took them all
contented he came
carring no less for his kwashiokor wards

His bicycle like buried iron
yet he appears before his kinsmen
to speak in language that tingles
they smirk at him

though the gods let him live
his expliots and wealth
managed and utilized by the people
the people beyond the sea

he claims to be learned
while they have brain washed him
he trusted them
and left our heritage

the gods forbide
our black heritage
that our fathers died to protect
like our brotherly love

Our heritage
that forbade greed
he forgot our maxim
that of Unison

him that our fathers gave the "Ofor"
the Ofor that represents power
power to protect our interest
our black interest

the gods bear us witness
witness of our unquenched suffering
starving in front of plenty
plenty at the so called bank

banks beyond the sea banks
the name for their civilised theft
theft because they use the value
the value of your wealth
to reinforce themselve

the Ofor has fallen
from his hands
the gods has departed  from him
but he will not believe

our chambers now lagoons
lagoons from the light shawers
our tables now canoes
and soup spoons paddle

mosquitoes now our pets
nursing our children
our working age amended
starting from 6  to sleep

our heads now bald
not from age
but from fetching water
water from the eden 

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The Unknown Poet n' the Lover with an Immortal Heart (Part 2)

Your hands n’ your caress traced intimately across a mortal’s flesh a thousand years ago, for 
she is a stranger in the dark of my distant karmic past,  though I know her serenading 
immortal heart sings in this body of mine now…
I refuse to hear your long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with such 
lust in this place where you linger by your grave, I only wish to see the sweet beautiful 
memories of the love we made…

No!!! I refuse to hear my long lost name for I’m afraid to know all those who you loved with 
such lust in this place!!! where you transcend your grave, for there is a weaver n’ a loom of 
destiny n’ I’ll not repeat that chant ever again by the sea…
From the castle to the crest, to the sea, to the waves crashing on the rocks, a hundred times 
the journey from the womb to the grave I have made while you lay in your tomb n’ your 
soul yearns in suffering to make amends…

I sense you invite me to listen to your evocation in this prevailing wind, it seduces my skin n’ 
ascends from the depths of my soul from beginning to end, an eternal poetic essay of an 
immortal heart’s legend…
By this ocean of our dreams you tempt me to inhale the perfumed scent though I’ll never 
know whose breath it was that I now breathe in as the wind n’ the moon feathers the sea in 
eternal waves…

Along this coastline the breath of mother earth has nurtured many lovers, lifted angels on 
wings n’ called forth mermaids who play n’ sing on the rocks n’ dance in the shadows with 
the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors in their watery graves but it’s been a thousand years since 
my immortal heart heard a poet...
Today this storm blows across the lands of my ancestors, the siren of your poetic beckoning, 
an incantation travelling the sea n’ time heralds the galloping horses thundering, racing upon 
the shore with the chariot of your enchantment never faltering…

Their manes dancing towards the crest  n’ crash upon the rocks nearby where we made love 
a thousand years ago in the soft familiar sand, your poetic voice romancing the sunset n’ 
painting the waves in glorious tones of carnal lust ...
Within the evening storm clouds I can see the rain though I’ll never know the name of the 
lovers whose thirst it quenched with pleasure or who was cleansed of their pain as the blood 
washed from the rocks upon opening Pandora’s box in their mind n’ lost sight of hope as 
their fateful love turned to dust…

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Love's Whisperings

Can you hear the whisper
This 'psst' of love emitting from my heart
Listen very intimately for faint is the pulsation
Afraid of reopening the wound so skillfully concealed

Can you hear the whisper
Of my soul resounding from your nearness
Filling the hollowness that has searched tenaciously
From afar in hopes of a curative balm of love

Can you hear the whisper
Of a spirit struggling to be released
Freedom from the pains and hurts of yesterday
Freed from the disappointments and disillusions of today

Can you hear the whisper
It’s calling your name ever so sweetly
Come be my knight in dented and dinged armor
Ride with me into the morning light and the nights setting sun

Can you hear the whisper
It’s calling your name ever so sincerely
Come complete me, make me unconditionally yours
So that when you whisper my name, I’ll follow you anywhere.

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Blessed Be His Divine Name

The name of Jesus is so powerful. 
Name like His, there's no other! 
Of that, we can all be sure. 
Jesus, is our Lord and Savior and He 
Is now in heaven preparing a place for us too 
So that we be with Him there someday for all eternity 
Powerful is He! And blessed be His divine name forever and ever! 

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My Lord

Your earth is calm my lord after all these centuries 
of pain and disdain when man was to blame for 
constant shame in your name. You asked in long
times past that your creation was in image of sacrifice and
the life you lay down for your people was to bring forth blessing
in your holy steeple. In light of martyrs that cried out for mercy on the 
mount that you preach your praise and glory all children are pure with
out worry. To walk in the path of grace to whom this land was your chosen
place i worship the everlasting and cast aside those in midnight 
passing. My heavenly father in which your house i must dwell i turn away
from chaos and wash my hands of Satan and his sin only to allow your light 
to heal me from with in. May all of your people follow your gospel with the same
strength as your brave apostles worthy is your name my lord glory in all things 
we must change is your name my father Amen.