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Ode Grandmother Poems | Ode Poems About Grandmother

These Ode Grandmother poems are examples of Ode poems about Grandmother. These are the best examples of Ode Grandmother poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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An Ode to my Grandmother-Jane Mvula

[This is an advanced version of a poem
that I wrote on the 5th of February 
titled "The 15th of June" in
commemoration to my late 
Jane Mvula]
_______An Ode To My Grand(Mother)__ 
15 June 1918, was when God birthed
the graceful one, Annie,
to bring life to You
Ten + 15 June 1948
15 + fifteen years later
was when God loved and gave His only 
to give life to You.
An Anchor was born
Five + 15 years later
15 June 1968
marked the day of Your wombs 
You occupied a priceless feminine
You magnified God's expedition
of duplicating creation
when You carried my mother into the
Jane, beloved one
God is gracious
To have seen You create
an esteemed one
the transporter of my body
my bearer, Catherine
I cannot to write but try and speak in
simple words
as You had a courageous spirit
A fierce vessel
Mam' Jane You were a Mother to All
My Grandmother was a nanny
Mam' Jane was a maid to many
She was a maid of order
Made in Sophiatown
Maid from from Soweto
Mam' Jane wasn't made for many
She was made from Annie
A Woman of God
Not to just any
... But for me
I remember your kindness
I miss your loving heart
I remember that 1st pot when I burned
Pap and Gravy... Just for you
I was just 11 *smiles*
I still recall those birthday parties
She'd buy a wristwatch for me
Even fix a broken one as a present
They meant the world for me
And She meant worlds to me
Not just for any
... But for me
She was my mother
my mother's usher
the love usherer
I still remember how You loved Isqo
concoction/ sorghum beer)
I still remember how You danced to 
And how much You loved her songs
I'm sorry Mama
It was too late for You and her
15 June 2004
Marks the day toxic concoctions took 
heart, soul, mind and body in mortal
and made them in loving memory
I still remember that day
June 16
the day my mother got a call while we
preparing to visit You,
but death came to visit You before us 
day before
Annie didn't see death before
Not Just for many
she buried what she reaped
A fruit that was fruitful
It's June 15 the year 2014
and it will mark a decade since You've
been gone
Time chanting charades to my mind, 
and soul that you're gone
Your anchor has dropped
Yet it will still be part of me
I wish You could see me age
watch me being taken in marriage
And make You proud
As I sing these sin-keen odes aloud
Bon Voyage - while I sale on
Not just for many...
But for You
-GSM, #Sandra_The_Nurt urer

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A Letter for Gram

Buried in an imprisoning casket
but never forgotten through
the past fifteen years.
I love you now more than ever
and your strength has embraced
my sorrow and guilt!

I love you so much, Gram
and you are greatly missed!
You are my support that
gets me up a large flight
of stairs and a calmness when
I feel overcrowded and overwhelmed
by life's challenges, pitfalls,
destruction, pain, and insecure discontent!

I truly owe my soul to you!
Thank you so very much 
for all you have been and
will be in my life.

You are the lighthouse that flickers its
illuminating light to guide me home,
even though I am a million miles
away from reality.

Love Always, Julie

c2013 Julie Rasley

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Dream Walking

In the small town of Campbell Missouri,
A young girl with lovely brown locks
Sits, having been told she might never walk again
As all aknowledge this belief in town,
A fear swept around, 
And many children were kept down

But in the spirit of this child,
Desire to walk snuck over her fears
Perhaps she wished to surprise-
Perhaps she could not stand
The judgmental eyes-but all the same, 
She picked herself up, smiled,
And sauntered around the room

Happiness pervaded the house
As the family friend, delighted,
Sang merrily the song,
“Have You Ever Seen a Dream Walking?”

Today, at California Mission Inn,
The same girl, now a woman
Walks her glorious walk
With confidence and grace
She is 91 years old and strong
As song,
Her eyes lighting up as she recalls
She hums the dreamy tune
As I jot down miracles 

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Grandma Hearts Grandma

I never met Grandpa
so I do not know
if he ever went dancing
or stubbed his toe.
But I do know
one thing-
Grandma loved him.

And Grandma died
when was in 8th grade.
So we didn't talk
I am afraid.
But I do know
one thing-
Grandpa loved her.

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Ode to My Grandmother

My northern star
To the stars you belong
You were the brightest of all stars
The star that was ever constant, and never falls
Your brightness could have
Quench the burning furnace

My precious sapphire
The precious jewel in the heart of Ibesikpo Asutan
The one whose glance
Tames the wildest brute
I wish I were the sun, shinning at you
I wish I were the moon, lightening your avenue
To the great paradise of tranquility,
And sweet songs of mellifluous melody

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Ode to Willene

This poem is a tribute to a woman I love so
Even now my love continues to grow
She left this world with dignity and pride
Her gentle nature she couldn't hide
She had the strength of 100 grown men
She'd make your heart warm with a grin
Her touch was the reason love songs were written
One look from her and you'd become smitten
She was a ray of sunshine in a dark cruel world
Where right and wrong could become swirled
I miss her so much that words can't describe
The pain in my heart or the tears I've cried
Although people everywhere grieve their own way
I grab a pen and paper to dictate what I may
I strive to be like her though I haven't yet
But I'm as great as I can ever hope to get
So I hope that my grandmother hears this ode
And follows me down life's winning road

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Grand Generations

After a certain age 
A situation many never see
Is now directly infront of me
As I give words to comfort 
The same way that she had once done
She looks so frail and weak
But still smiles at me
And reaches for a kiss
So I lean over
As her hand slowly raises 
To meet my face
I just can't believe this
As I think about it
My amazing Grandmother
Smiling since 1922

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Ode to Audrey

Glamorous, fun and full of life
Always an interesting and loyal wife
Around the village she is known
For living life in her own particular tone

For her family she does prepare
Many a feast beyond compare
For the animals so oft alone
She has given much love, shelter and even her home

Come Christmas time the house is all a glitter
As Audrey runs around doing the annual jitter
Smiling from within is this special being
Generous, giving and all seeing
Her energy would seem to overflow
Never one to leave others low
This is my grandmother The Great Grandy
Whose life runs circles around those less than 80!

To my life you have brought
Something which can never be taught
You gave yourself, you made me smile
As I saw you go the extra mile
Within my thoughts I hold you dear
And in that way you are always near
I close my eyes and picture your face
And know that time cannot displace
The essence of the inner you
That in my life now follows through

Thank you for always being such a dear
Your effect on my life is more than clear