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Nature Winter Poems | Nature Poems About Winter

These Nature Winter poems are examples of Nature poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Nature Winter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Creature In The Night

Where cold stars exist in the dark,
serene winds whisper to trees
and scarce human ears can listen,
lone songs wail in the distance
in frozen moon's silver spotlight,
a mark left where paws had paused.

Written by: Kelly Deschler. January 16th, 2015

Inspired by creature #3 Coyote

nette onclaud's contest - NIGHT CREATURES

This poem was also inspired by actual events. A few weeks ago, I discovered 
some large animal paw prints that were left in the snow, near my home. I later
found out that the tracks were made by a wolf.

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Sculpted Shades Of White

Starlight pierces ebony,
above sculpted shades of white.
And moonbeams soften the scene,
gilding night with golden light.

Donning a crystalline dress, 
Nature is enshrouded with grace.
For draped in feathery down,
She’s frozen in time and space.

As billions of flakes gather,
they quickly begin to freeze.
And subtle features are carved,
by the breath of a sharp breeze.

Yet it don't cut deep enough 
to dislodge the sticky snow.
And the laden branches bend,
bowing impossibly low.

Cold casts an enchanted spell,
in throws of an arctic chill.
And silence imbues magic,
to winter's artistic skill.

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You blossom too soon dear snowdrops of spring
Secluded in the cold dark earth;
The white flakes that fly still haunt the sky
Too weary with sorrow to salute your birth.
One warm day awakened you from sleep
And sang with springtime’s soft breath;
Caressed your eyes with the lips of spring
And you awakened to winter in the arms of death.
Where is the due she pledged to you
The passion of sun and song of the breeze;
The frilled hyacinth with heavy perfume
And the robin’s merry note in the trees?

Birds are yet hushed and the branch is yet bare
The snowflakes fall on the crest of the hill;
Your sodden petals lie pressed on the ground
Without warmth when winter kept his chill.
The snowflakes conceal the spot where you lie
Living too soon in a winter's cold noon
They are covered with snow so no one will know
The grave of the snowdrops that flowered too soon.

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A Walk In Winter

Twin, silver cathedral bells, sway and chime.
As every note peals out, clear and sublime.

No winds blow through the sky, this silent night.
The peaceful heavens, filled with a celestial light.

Arm in arm, down the icy lane we do walk.
Heart to heart, our souls they seem to talk.

A pair of happy cardinals, one red, one gold.
Go bobbing through the snow, so white, so cold.

Along the hillside, stands rows of frosted pine.
The fields, blanketed in diamonds, a vision divine.

Couples, young and old, seated in horse-drawn sleighs.
Making new memories, and reminiscing their by-gone days.

Nestled so close together, like two turtledoves.
All bundled up, with warm scarves and gloves.

Amongst white winter lands, we two do wander.
While our light hearts, are growing ever fonder.

Written for Isaiah Zerbst's contest - "Let It Snow-12 Paintings of Winter"
This poem was inspired by the painting-"Christmas Day" by John Ritchie

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Septembe Blues

September, you are a wistful song
Summer sheds a tear when you come along
Sunny summer melodies yield to your mellow song
Its melody fades while yours grow strong

Summer ends and a certain sadness ensues
Sunny days make way for winter blues
September gives us glimpses of summer
Though days be short and golden leaves slumber

The vibrant colors September brings
disguise the coming winter sting
As summer dies it makes one last sunny stand
But will return, for thats how it was planned

Until then we must endure a harsh season
All bundled up, keeping warm is the reason
When the first snow  falls
The pristine beauty leaves us enthralled

Soon summer will begin anew
Gray clouds make way for skies of blue
We awaken from our winter slumber
And welcome the butterflies of summer

For Joanne Grisetti's Copy Cat contest

:Inspired by the poem: September
Which was written by: Andrea Dietrich

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Winter's Cry

Behold the silent battle
That the changing seasons bring
Winter's grip is loosened
As the robin begins to sing

The flowers strain toward Heaven
As their fragrance fills the air
For spring has given notice
But winter will not despair

Winter will not be broken
As it fights with it's last breath
But spring's warm winds are endless
And the reason for winter's death

Spring proclaims it's victory
As it watches it's rival die
The snowflakes have changed to raindrops
As winter begins to cry

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Seasons to wonder

All the evergreens are greener
And the pines are darker skinned
Only leaves that bear the burn marks 
Are the witnesses of wind.

On the grass the dew is frozen
In a spiders web of white
And the cold that bites my fingers
Makes me wonder as I write.

How did winter come so swiftly
How did summer die so fast
Where’s the grave, where was the battle
Are they all buried in the past?

Now I feel the winter nibble 
On my fingers with its frost
And the wind that it has summoned
Mourns for seasons that are lost.

Was it but one dusk, one daybreak
Was it only in a blink?
For the summer was my feather
Now the winter is my ink.

How did shadows shift so quickly
How did colours change so much
As reflections in the water
That simply vanish with a touch?

Now the daffodils are rising
Yet the jasmine blooms are gone
Now the evergreens are greener
And the frost adorns the dawn.

Yes, how strange it is to wonder
So I wonder as I write
What if winter should then also
Simply vanish in the night?

I dedicate this poem (and I'm not being sarcastic or exaggerating)
to my mentor and my friend Timothy Brumley, who taught me 
the art of rhythm, showed me the advantage of counting my syllables, 
raised my goal from acceptable to perfection,
and helped me to turn my nursery rhymes into poetry. 
(and no Tim don’t protest, they really were nursery rhymes) 

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Cardinal at the feeder

The brittle stems of Queen Anne's Lace
reduced to barren winter bone;
a hoarfrost Ermine coat embrace,
impaled in soil that's turned to stone.

The flowers now are wicker cups,
wear Bowler's hats of purest white;
the snowflakes that they interrupt
await the wind; resume their flight.

The Junco in the Prairie Grass,
drad colors blending, stem and snow; 
his flitting business come to pass
without a glimpse of style, or show.

White crystal mist; the morning still,
a cold and colorless display;
the fenceposts marching up the hill
like soldiers, slowly fade away.

This day in its entirety 
constructed thus to fit the mood,
cabin bound and winter weary,
must you in my lament intrude?

From deep within the Cedar tree
in blazing red from cap to tail,
you interrupt my woe-is-me,
insure my pensive mood will fail!

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October Brings No Rest For These

Emerald etchings are given birth 
to bask their lives in summer's sun, 
until brushing brutal winters cheek, 
They cower yellow; brown undone. 
Swirling down onto concrete pyres, 
They somersault to a random grave. 
The earth lays claim to copper corpses 
But the winter wind is a cunning knave. 
It finds and flips the fallen fibers, 
then flings them crisply to the street. 
The failing sheaves of burnt magenta, 
tossed like chaff from harvest wheat. 
Now strewn about with playful malice, 
and denied the resting place they crave, 
for the golden sun is a glint of amber, 
but the winter wind is a chilling knave.

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A Winter Haiku

Snow is just a mask 
Regenerating earths face.
A special peeling.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

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FROZEN IN CRYSTALLINE - 2 The icy feather flakes flitter hush-- swirl free to sprawl on midnight mush. ©O.E. Guillermo Sponsor Andrea Dietrich Contest Name Frozen In Crystalline Placed 5th 5:22 pm, November 24, 2014

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Frozen in Crystalline---Number 3

Frozen in his tracks, a white tail deer hesitates to crack the gilded grass
_________________________________ 11/21/14

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Crisp Winter

From blade of grass to the tip of twig,
The white dust of winter fall’s.
Frenzied  flakes move in lost abandonment,
Finally pitch on fence and wall’s.
On the throat the rasping of cold crisp air,
The sound of snow crunching underfoot.
As the day grows short , and night draws in,
Now  the  journey homeward   took.
Familiar shapes come into view,
There outlines soften by the snow.
What  once were roofs ,now don white overcoats,
With ice jewellery now on show.
The old mill wheel lies motionless,
So still the little stream.
Held fast by Jack Frost clutches,
In  a Christmas greeting scene.
Chinks of light through windows,
Gives some comfort and delight.
Cast a  beam with an incandescent glow,
On  white grains as they glisten bright.
At the door the latch clicks open,
And with thud is now latched again.
Keeping winter firmly on the out side,
withIn, thoughts of summer to retain

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Cold Winds Blow

Cold winds blow, fall ends and winter begins. Hibernating bulbs will softly sleep until the next spring thaw.

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Wolf And Owl Take Shape

            Wolf And Owl Take Shape

Smoke and red cinders rise together in retrograde simplicity
On counter rotation, winds sing through birch and oak 
Marbled moon remains sour yellow through the ecliptic edge
Cryptic night, where owl and wolf find warmth and cover
Nestled in the coarse blanket warn by Tabitha, the young one 
Her tribe sleeps through winter
She holds them in her mystic spell, mild heart and smile
They breathe cold mist together in history hallows
Unfolding cold reveals their open eyes
Reaching out into the distance as wolf howls
Unknown mysteries of life feel their kinship
Heaven opens up to them crisp on the fire light   
Wolf moves his wool but only slightly in a twitch
Owl takes flight, returns alarmed
Back to the blanket and young girls arms
It rests with comfort feathers by her heart
Wolf and owl take shape, Tabitha smiles
They all take one long last breath and hold it in
Wait till spring to release it again below the mystic stars

10/17/14 Free Verse, Prose Poetry, haibun – Poetry Contest

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Waiting In The Wing

Sunbeams weave through the twigs
of bare skeletal trees.
And a web of shadows
dance with each feisty breeze.

Snowflakes proliferate,
how much more can we take?
For cold clings to the ground,
holding onto each flake.

Silver skies look glazed,
like cheap carnival glass.
And the fickle sunlight's
too weak for blades of grass.

Sugar maples run dry,
not even one sweet drip.
And snowmen aren’t melting
embraced in Winter's grip.

Spring’s out there shivering,
while waiting in the wing.
And I can hardly wait,
for the warmth She’ll bring.

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Respite from the storm

wind whips the weeping willow
a wolf rests deep within 
watching snowflakes waltzing

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The Place that Shaped Me

  I left my
  heart   in 
 a magical 
  place. A
  place that
  holds years
 of wonder and
 awe. A place that
 knows me  better
 than any  other place
  I’ve been.  This place
  has changed me and 
     molded me into the
       person I am now.
     The forests, trees, creeks,
    and open skies instilled in 
  me a  love for God’s  works. 
The harshness of the winters has 
taught me to be patient and to endure.     My  small
town is where I  learned the  small-town work  ethic;
you don’t get what you don’t earn  and earning what 
you want takes  a little bit of  sweat  and  tears. Here
I  learned  that  you  don’t  have  to  be  blood  to  be 
family.  Brothers  and  sisters  are  made  throughout
years of school together. We relied on  each other to
be happy. This place will forever  hold my heart and
soul. I  am a small  town  girl  through  and  through. 
It’s who I will always be. Forever. Thanks IDAHO
for  shaping  me  into  something  more  than  I  was.

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Color Show

vivid green cedar
against winter's bare oak tree
red bird sits alone

©Donna Jones

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nature sings softly her lively recital
everything  is glorious and looks vital
the swans exhibit courtship behavior
their dances visual pieces for their spring-paviour

thrushes chitter their earliest symphony
birdseed germinates and outspreads spring widely
two newts show a beautiful mating dance
strawberry plants use their early spring chance

a show of new born green just above the ground
alders pollen causing sneezing peoples' sound 
few snowdrops,  celandine,  white dead nettle
and hazel trees show leaves and huge mettle

appetite dictates this walk with our dog
a craved annual entry in our blog
at length awaited while walking and watching
dozens of reasons for thinking and talking

the artificial Christmas tree just packed
the baubles and the glass peak safely wrapped
a large cup of hot chocolate a good mate
served forthwith stale Christmas cookies on a plate

(c) Elly Wouterse
(edited 12/17/2014)

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Around the Corner

Let's take this chance to relish color
Embrace the autumn while it's here
for soon, we'll need turn the corner
and find Jack Frost is waiting there

His frosty face will nip the air, 
His slick rain coat will steal the show
He'll blow a wind to bring the snow
and trees will shed the golden glow

Let's count the stars upon the night
Before he snaps his fingers, twice 
Let's bask in harvest moon's delight
before he turns the world to white

Relax among the fragrant grass
Pick pumpkins and an apple red
Throw frisbees high above your head
Let red and rust adorn your bed

Around the corner here he comes
He whistles winds, and likes his rum 
He'll offer you a icy cone
But do beware, he schemes to own

He brings along a holiday
And loves to watch our children play
Let's run around the nearest corner
To see how long that he will stay

A snap of fingers, a snap of cold
Will stop us in our tracks, be warned
He calls the shots, and though he's old
He'll last until the sun is warm

Let's take this chance to soak the sun
before he spoils all the fun
The world will never be the same
until we wave goodbye again

10/18/14 For Francine Robert's Contest: "Around The Corner"

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Winter Night

Frost and moonlight mimic my unwritten page but barren trees have printed inky shadows across the brittle earth
__________________________ 11//8/13 For Francine's Contest: Fall or Winter Tanka

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Maples Crying

Many are the Maples that encircle my home, my nest, my dwelling abode
And in the dark of night they tap on my frosty windows, crying
Past their deathly stance, a wintry scene 
Looking through their tangled limbs snow is falling, endlessly
Everything in my world is icy white, sky and earth mingling
Soon, I whisper to them, you will be wearing your emerald gowns

Creaking and groaning they mumble in their frozen rest
Reaching out gnarled fingers to me
Yes, my dears, soon, so soon you will stand in resplendence
Ice and snow will be replaced with fringes of delicate, filigree green
Now rest, now sleep Maples sweet
Gather your memories of Spring, Summer and Fall close and dream

Acrostic Personification

February 3, 2012

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Changing Face Winter

Autumn’s nakedness
becomes robed in virgin snow
footprints prove there’s life,
yet the secrets of springtime
in hibernation till birth.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

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Winter Divinity

First snow on tree tops,
Canadian pristine . . .
Nature's own beauty
Of spirit supreme.

Cascading waters
Of crystal clear birth
Instill serene pleasure
From heaven to earth.

As the lake mirrors mountains
And deep azure sky,
We commune together,
My God and I.

© Connie Marcum Wong

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Stardust Artist

Virgin snow sparkles in the darkest hour
as stardust dances with celestial power.
Silently it rains upon mother earth
giving witness to such an idyllic birth. 

A fawn and doe now break the glaze
like tiny spoons upon crème brulees. 
Below Polaris they prance and snort,
for they seem to know the time is short.

For such a night is a rare event,
as blue light above is heaven sent.
Wondrous luminescent tranquility
trumps any earthly poet’s ability.

Now the first rays pierce the frigid night
and Orion’s bow soon fades to light.
White carpet dulls now without the luster
of a nocturnal painter, the starlight duster.

James Nichols 12/29/12

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A Long Cold-Chill

I watched the penguins woddle along,
On cold-hard ice; where they belong.

From water to land, they scurried around,
Flapping their feet on frozen ground.

Herds of them were standing still,
Settling down to a long cold chill.

Mother passes her egg to father carefully;
Knowing he'll care for it, so, naturally.

He'll protect it from the harsh-cold nights,
In a warm snug pouch away from sight.

For mother must find many fish to catch,
While father stays until it is hatched.

Long-dark days of Winter will change to Fall,
Returning mother, with, her familiar call.

Such a sweet sound for father's ear,
Ending another, long-cold Winter year.

Giving father penguin a much needed break,
For their chick is born and fully awake.

With such a huge urge to quickly eat,
Yes, many tasty meals of fresh, fish-meat.

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A Recharge

In coldness of a winter night With sliver of a moon for light, I walk along the frozen way, Remembering a summer’s day. Come, come, my love, and walk with me. The wind is blowing out to sea. Seasons forever roll around. Lost summer's love, can be refound. We’ll seek the violets where they hide, The daffodil’s winter abide. The tiny snowbells showing through Are proof enough love can renew. Triumphantly, one bright spring day The blossoms as a love bouquet Will cheer a winter near dried heart. Just so, a true love can restart. won a no. 1 in Brian's contest

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Silent Winter Days

Silent Winter Days ( Tanka Suite) Twinkling stars at night within a soft snowflakes kiss silent winter days happy the snowflakes dancing as the quietly come and go Tracking through the snow on the way a deer appears such a joyous sight natures winter wonderland ice crystals everywhere Silver moonbeams fall tea-rose skies creating a glow reflecting wonders golden yellow and bright red putting on a winter show Gleaming in the sky pine trees dressed in lacy white transformed magic land covered with soft silent snow displaying winter with grace Erich J.Goller Copyright 12 5.2011

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Picture Postcard

Picture Postcard The air sighed heavily as Winter rested its head on soft somber clouds lightened earlier by a sifting of rain, snow and ice. It smiled softly at the moon which, once more, made a welcomed appearance in the mantle of night’s sky sprinkled lightly with stars. It shivered considerably near the trees in the cities wearing their crystal jackets, that glimmered slightly with moonbeams smile. It whispered quietly close to sleeping houses bedecked were pristine white hats, fringed along their sides with crystalline tassels. It applauded the sun as it soundlessly arose presenting to the world a postcard bejeweled with Winter’s muse. By: Debra Squyres 01/20/13

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Trumpet Call

My heart is the same full of love
     My house that shelters it full of pain
But it's autumn in my life, Dove
      The hair of gray and wrinkles reign

I set the table full of food
        For the family to dine fun times
But it is autumn in my life
       When changes prepare for winter

I'm not sure I'll know winter now
        For I have not experienced it
But it's autumn in my life somehow
        Where beauty glows bright from the depths

Producing leaves of many hues
       Love the autumn of my life, Dove
Now all that's left winter's white snow
        I think that when winter comes cold

Plants freeze if left out in weather
      They will need a warmer place inside
But since it is just autumn now
       There's time to prepare room somehow

I still watch the birds from window
       They have not all gone away love
But it's autumn in my life now
        Soon most will be gone for winter

Winter soon will approach with cold
       Seemingly death of the roses
But it's autumn in my life my bold
       There are few thoughts of approaching winter

But when winter comes my way
        The body rest to rise another spring
Now it's autumn in my life this day
         On another day I'll be called by trumpet away

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Seven Pigeons

~*~ Seven pigeons, sitting in the snow Upon a street sign, trembling And the snow is falling As if, on cue they fly on snowy wings Circling the city buildings Till a safe ledge is found Beautiful, they smooth their heavy feathers Sitting quiet in the cold As snowflakes drift below I wish, my own weary heart could fly And as winter blows and roars I could but fold my wings O, could I fly, like seven pigeons And close my eyes to winter And the snow is falling ~*~ February 16, 2013 Kimo x 5

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Winter's End

Mountains put away their winter caps.
In warm sun, soon they'll take their naps.
Rivers stuffed full of melting snow;
running swift to trim, then they will slow.
Brooks frozen silent, now breaking free
to babble on their way to warming sea.
Lakes throw back thick icy covers;
their warm waves calling swimmers and lovers.
Smoke, donning perfume of fireplace logs,
now wears a new scent of burgers and hot dogs.
Trees, that for months have been stripped bare;
knitting dresses of green, they're soon to wear.
Spring hastens in beautiful gardens to tend.
New lives begin at Winter's end.
01/16/15 Contest: Winter's End Sponsor: Skat A

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Winter Whispers

Walking on her oceans of white
Frozen tears from sky unite
Reflections of Autumn's death remiss
As beautiful nightmares become abyss
Dreams of feathers cease to sing
Of geese that vanished with Autumn's wings
Wilted smiles of little flowers
Bent in vases as fallen towers
The memories that fade throughout the age
Has frostbitten the skies of winter sage
With lifetime whispers that never part
That winter still lingers in my heart.

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Linda Marie Bariana

Linda-marie the sweetheart of PS
Sweetheart, a compound noun made of two nouns
Used with a difference, I found some synonyms
The qualities that give joy to senses-BEAUTY
The qualities that knocks you out-KNOCK-OUT

Drinks are scarcely my DISH
My neighbor is quite a LOOKER
My girl friend is a hell of LULU 
Helen of Troy was a SMASHER.

Cleopatra, at an early age, was a MANTRAP.
Ophelia of Hamlet was STEADY
Julia Roberts is quite a SWEETIE.
Ron’s favored person TRUELOVE .

She is classy gentle soup woman to me,
To be diabetic, don’t be too sweetie.

Dr. Ram Mehta
Fourth place win in
Contest : Sweetheart of PS

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Life of a Tree

I am naked now, my limbs are bare
A chill blows through me during the night air

No one notices me, children do not climb
I stand still hoping not to lose a branch of mine

No green, no orange, no red I am just grey
This season I do not like because of being this way

Soon the sun will begin to show
My little buds of color start to glow

Encircled by luscious green grass I will be
Seasons are my life, this next one I like.

©Holly P. Moore
    January 2013

Details | Italian Sonnet | |


I can feel it in my nose,
I can feel it in my fingers,
I can feel it in my toes,
My certain end currently lingers.
I've lost my will to fight,
Bitter cold despite my blanket.
Maybe because the covers white,
Not sure how much longer i can take it.
Lost and forgotten, 
No idea were I lay.
A rock in place of cotton, 
Snow in place of hay.
I look to the Flurry
Contemplating its power.
My mind fills with fury,
On my final hour.
When I try to move all I do is cry,
For when lost in winter your only option is die.

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Graceful Deer -- Tanka Contest

Deer are so pretty
As they stand against the snow
And they are graceful 
As they leap over fences
To come to the stream and drink

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Standing out in a field alone, a little white flower named Daisy longed for someone to share her world.
One day a blue flower named Bachelor Button entered her world they became friends.
 She knew by his name that he was not the propagating kind, but that didn’t stop their relationship she called him BB short for best bud.
The seasons of Spring & Summer they enjoyed the sun, laughed in the rain and held on fast in the Fall.
Winter came it was long and hard they were both covered in a blanket of snow, not knowing whether they would ever see each other again or even survive .The snow fell     then came the ice, this went on for months.

The Sun shone brightly the first day of spring. A few days later warmth of the sun melted the snow, Daisy popped up .
 I’ve been waiting days for you to come out, said BB, they both chanted hooray!
The snow was completely gone in a few days, the birds started building their nests , bugs were crawling around ,butterflies began to visit the two flowers. I wish there were more of us Daisy said, to BB.

They laughed as the sun and wind blew through their leaves.  Then it started the sun and rain took turns until one morning the air & field was filled with the smell of flowers.
Daisy and BB looked at each other and asked what kind of flowers are these ? they’re not white like daisies they’re not blue like bachelor buttons. They did not know the birds and bugs carried the seeds from the two of them and the caterpillars buried them under the soil.
The seeds from the new flowers were then carried by the winds many miles away, they landed in fertilized gardens and flourished, although they faced danger everyday. 
as they were called WEEDS ..
 The Gardener pulls weeds out of the garden so they don’t choke the flowers, which cost a lot of money and require lots of maintenance.

However there was a Gardener who saw her friends spending hours weeding their garden , that they didn’t have enough time to admire and enjoy the labors of their love
So she set out to give a home to all the weeds ,she provided a place where they could fit in and multiply, they required no maintenance, rain provides their water .

The best part of all is their beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
 Ask my granddaughter-- What are those flowers in the garden ?
  She will answer "WILDFLOWERS " their parents were Daisy and BB

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The End Is Nigh

As days get shorter and night stretches out.
Summer fades away and earth gets colder.
Soon, Oh too soon snow will again rule and 
the earth will slumber under its folds.

Until then we enjoy the fruits of bounty
smelling the last of sweet summer flowers.
Crops stand ready in the fields for collection
Combined harvesters busily at work.

Fat stalks of golden corn, rye and barley
tied in bundles ready for threshing.
Seductive scents of apples waft
as down they are laid for storing.

Frosts now lay the land bare
as the leaves part company
some red, some yellow, others orange
they blow and scatter in the wind.

Trees looking stark and bleak gaze
o'er the stripped fields with snow sprinkling
the now barren ground and soon Winter
will once more rule in her glory

Gone now the lazy days of Summer
her flowers and perfumes distant memories.
Now the hues of colour are subdued.
And all around the land sleeps on.

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Instance of combustion
Light, Heat, Flame
A burning mass
As on a hearth
Destructive conflagration
Greek fire

21 February 2013

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High winds churl, howling
calling forth their minions
open wide the gates
the battle will be long, fierce!
through the mountains, hills and vales

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Ode to a Cherry Tree

Peering through plate glass at a puzzling view, In the midst of hot coffee’s morning ritual brew. Staring out with amazement and wonderfully struck, By our Cherry Tree’s overnight sensation run amuck! By nature’s own standard, cruel joke she has played, Million blossoms wide open one February day. This juvenile sapling knows not what it feels, Sprouting vivid Pink colors, the show it now steals. From those all around laying dormant in state, Expecting nature’s cue to blossom their own petals awake. And by then poor young cherry will have muted her splash, Replaced by green leaves summer storms will soon thrash. But alas all this splendor making warm visual sense, In the short time required for fresh java to dispense. Tomorrow I’ll once again observe through plate glass, The wonders waiting just beyond cold winter’s Rye Grass. Submitted to Giorgio A. V. Contest themed: Impress me with a small poem II! 1) user name: wedge 2) choice of motif: nature

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Enjoy it with Pleasure

                                 We are all waithing for Spring
                               Spring is fresh after a long winter
                                  Winter are so long and cold
                         We hunger after the sun and heating days
                           Come Spring, my dear, we need you now
                                  Winter dormancy is over now
                              Dress the world in Spring flowers
                           Sorrows and worries are easier to bear
                            when the the day is sunny and good
                                It is as if our life begins anew
                             Buds arising out in all their delight
                         Come May you lovely mild, with heating
                                     breeze and sunny days
                        It feels so good to take off the winter coat
                                 Enjoy Spring with pleasure.

                  * 17. May is Norway`s national day. - Hurray for 17.May!

17. May 2012
A-L Andresen

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~Wintertime~ (Diamante) Wintertime Falling, freezing, storming Frozen, snow Cold, white, Birth, green Renewing, growing, arising Sun, warm Springtime Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,5,2015

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Memories On Branches

An old board and a rope had made me a swing,
Sitting there when I was around the age of nine,
I curiously looked up to see the first sign of spring,
Where a robin was building a nest of twigs entwined.

Summer's heat burned my shoulders, so I sought shade,
I climbed up into your strong arms at the age of fourteen,
Along with a book, I relaxed in a solitude no one could invade,
I found myself lost within the pages and the leaves of green.

On a lazy, autumn afternoon, at the age of twenty-three,
I raked the dead leaves that buried my feet into a pile,
Through the orange limbs my black cat peered down at me,
Then leapt from the tree to play among the leaves for awhile.

Now, as I am rapidly approaching the age of thirty-one,
Branches are encased in ice, as winter continues to unfold,
From my window, I see the cardinals and the disappearing sun,
Reminding me that life still survives in the bitter cold.

March, 7th, 2014

Gail Angel Doyle's contest - "Memories On Branches"

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The Spring Arrives


                                      After a long and cold winter
                                           you are so welcome
                               Creeping slowly out of the winter rest
                                           let the buds pup out
                                Small traces of winter cold melting away
                         The days are longer, brighter and the sun warms
                                The energy spreads in mother`s nature
                            and spilling over into our winter cold bodies
                              I welcome you to the life bringing spring

A-L Andresen

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Snail's Simple Pace

The caramel leaves seem to fall from sky
In waves, as zephyr sings through chimes and eaves
Its song that whispers a fall lullaby
As a gentle rustling wind through autumn leaves

September a time to slow down, be still
Slowly now we have less light_ more dark
A drawing to home and hearth seems our will
Beckoning to fill with bounty our hearts

Caramel sauce for those crisp apples near
The heat of summer is in distant past
None of that snow of winter yet to fear
Watering chores of summer now are past

All things for coming winter out in place
Now one can slow to a snail's simple pace

In honor of Brian Strand's contest...

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Who could believe what we have seen
It is a sun in winter what a rare thing

In the open we run to with our camp bed
You have relieved us for we were cold dead

How glorious and beautifully this day you rule
For you have finally set in Olympus

How often shall we see you O! Fairy ring
Before your full show at summer and spring


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Let Winter Be Gone

Cold wind on my cheek be gone!
I have seen the ravages of your power
And l cower at how my pale face
Matches your drifted drafts of snow.

As the rain melts you into black ice 
You are clever old man, your frigid fingers
Tugging at my cap and scarf, letting me know
Who rules this season of sleep and sorrow.

I've seen the creatures you have left stiff and
Starving as your beauty belies your silver swords.
Whistle your flighty self toward the south and
Once again let the gardens grow to let spring sing.


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It's Winter

Frozen lake-water, Damp eyelids,misty breath, Foggy-streets' dim lights, Silvery-green valleys, Leafless trees,concrete boughs.
written on: 7-11-2013

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Wild Western Blizzard

What could I really know of the breaks 
                                                                in the land
huge canyons               bleeding red              cut by the wind
with the snow swirling                                  around our tires
barns upright 
                                   and fallen to a  tumble like icebergs
windshield riming over with a crust of ice
                        we scrape madly inside
                              trying to keep cold out
speed slowing
slowing to a crawl
always on the lookout
outside line appearing and gone, 
                                                                    no worries about
cattle led inside to safety    to be watered               and fed
but what of us?
                       Will we be trapped clutching a candle
                             wanting a chocolate bar, 
                                 waiting for a tractor?
and all the flat seeming land seems to have ditches
and roof pitches and rushing trees, and a swirl
                         of slumbering snow 
                                             to lumber down in drifts and piles
no fire would ever warm us
                                                                temperature dropping
            until finally we see it                shining in the dark
                                          a lantern at a farm
a fleet of snow mobiles to greet  us
                                                                   scurry is off 
                             before our ears turn blue, 
                                would they fall off?
Luckily, not tonight, not in this blizzard, 
                                                                      we have home.

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wind blast cold to bone
plants, animals frozen stiff
dead winter kill off
Written By: Carol Brown Written on: 12/13/2011 Written for the: " Dead Winter Contest" Sponsored by: Sidney~LeeAnn 4th Place Winner

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Winter Rose

        Beneath my mantle of pure white snow
	        I lay, a perfect rose
      My cloak of snow protects my beauty, 
        	My life and my essence 
	      As winter rages above me, 
    I am safe and warm, from my cloak of snow
	         I am preserved
         I will emerge into the sunlight
           Through the melting snow
    I will emerge into the warm moist dew
      The warm sunlight dries my petals
              My petals are perfect
	        My color is brilliant
          My stem is taught and straight
          My essence long and lingering
              I am a beauty of nature
    I am a symbol of love, beauty and caring
	       I am the Winter Rose

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Joy Of Different Seasons (Worst)

Sunlight at an angle dancing through colored leaves
Cool nights to snuggle beneath the sheets; warm days of ease
Last of gardens harvest; goodbye to summer's bees
Joyful time fo harvest soon days a breeze
Pumpkins, winter squash, turnips, and peas
Food in bounty stored away for many days

Christmas will be upon us in just a very few days
The yard will have to be raked again and again to rid of leaves
Those garden vegetables will stored and put aside a cooking of peas
For right after Christmas comes New Years Day's fare with ease
The howling winds will blow and it won't be just a breeze
But now all the bugs have disappeared_ gone are the bees

On New Year"s Day we will have those delicious peas
We will float into spring with all ease
On the day we will not have to worry with yellow jackets or bees
As the nights grow longer and shorter the winter days
Those indominable buds show forth on the trees and soon leaves
March will come in bringing its strong breeze

Joy, oh!. joy and joy again with spring's green leaves
Just lying around in the hammock with all this ease
Newly hatched from hiding places comes those bees
Soft and gentle comes a blowing spring's warm breeze
In the newly planted garden_those early June peas
These wonderful times _joy of longer days

These times in life are just fun and a wonderful breeze
Then summer comes with the picking, shelling, and freezing peas
But there is one less chore now for there is no raking leaves
Out in the garden and in Pampas Grass thick with those bees
These times are wonderful long sunny days
Afternoons in the lazy hammock oh! what ease

How thankful that we have those great peas
Even if the pollen draws those hungry stinging bees
Summer still has lazy days with ease
Soon those longer sunlight hours sunny sunny days
Begins to slowly fade then the change in those leaves
From the west and north come a much drier breeze

Old man winter slips in with ease, now we'll eat those dry peas
Blow wind with swift breeze, time to kill all lingering bees
By th warm fire spend our days, soon snow covers all those leaves

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Flinders Poem

in your finest green dress you met me
fresh from my foreign foray
you promised me lodgings for winter
so for those chill months
at your feet, I did lay

your steaming hem line provoked me
exciting my desire to explore
so I settled myself for winter
with an express wish to search
your each, and every drawer

I strove for your highest elation
scaling your devilish peak
then deep in your red walled gorges
much desired sanctuaries
where serenity, I did seek

while I marvelled at your beauty
you gave me warnings stern
for your temper can be fiery
and to avoid your poisonous bite
there’s lessons, I must learn

though now time is approaching
for me to part for a while
and your slipping on your brown dress
with your yellow and purple bouquet
while giving me, your sunniest smile

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If Only in My Dreams

Standing on top
The mountain below
I feel it beckon
A world of snow.

It stretches below me
It pulls at my heart
I can't live without it
Yet we're worlds apart.

Its unending beauty
A place so serene
I want to flow to it
Yet it is a dream.

A dream that I live in
A dream - yet its real
It's part of my make up
It's something I feel.

The calm of the wild
The expanse of just space
The pleasure of feeling
Cold wind in my face.

The knowing I own it
This wide untouched land
And then not to have it
I know I can't stand.

And so I go back to
This place of my dreams
If only in pictures
I am there - so it seems.

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Snow Wonderland Zeal

In winter, rails of the fence are heavy Snow covers them, just as white as can be Beauty lands in the landscape, on the trees It’s white too, lovely, pretty as you please Snow reflects all colors making it white Leaving light that is courageously bright Each snowflake is different, quite unique Leaving the air brilliant, full of mystique A stream, still moving along, has some ice Very cold and frigid, had to look twice Air has quite a bite to it, a crisp feel The land is all frozen, the cold is real Whole scene brings about natural appeal Snow is like a solid wonderland zeal
Russell Sivey

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Ode To Joy Of Changing Seasons

Sunlight at an angle dancing through colored leaves
Cool nights to snuggle beneath the sheets; warm days of ease
Last of gardens harvest; goodbye to summer's bees
Joyful time to harvest soon days a breeze
Pumpkins, winter squash, turnips, and peas
Food in bounty stored away for many days

Christmas will be upon us in just a very few days
The yard will be raked again and again to rid of leaves
Garden vegetables will be stored also cooking of peas
For right after Christmas comes New Years Day with ease
The howling winds will blow and it won't be just a breeze
But now all the bugs have disappeared_gone are the bees

We will not have to worry with yellow jackets or bees
As the night grow longer and shorter the winter days
March soon will come in bringing its strong breeze
Those indominable buds show forth on the trees soon leaves
We will float into warm days and beauty of  spring with ease
Now we will have eaten most of those delicious peas

Soon in the newly planted garden_those early June Peas
Newly hatched from their hiding places comes those bees
Just lying around in the hammock with all this ease
These wonderful times_joy of longer days
Joy, oh! joy and joy again with spring's green leaves
Soft and gentle comes a blowing spring's warm breeze

But there is one less chore now for there is no raking leaves
Afternoon in the lazy hammock oh what ease
Glad that in the garden and Pampas Grass stay those bees
These times in life are just fun and a zephyr breeze
Summer comes with the picking, shelling, and freezing peas
These times are wonderful long sunny days

But soon slowly fade, then the change in those leaves
Summer still has a lazy few days with comfy ease
Even if the pollen draws those hungry stinging bees
From the west and north come a much drier breeze
How thankful that we have those great peas
Soon fade those longer sunlit sunny days

No raking leaves in winter, only by firelight with ease and read
All those pesky bees gone now, on the currents winter's breeze brings flurries
Now dine on peas put away to eat on cold fruitless days of old man winter

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West is the best

Sunny, warm 
Swimming, boating, sunning
Sky, airplane, ocean, seashells
Skiing, sledding, snowball throwing
Cold, blistery
New York City

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a slight breeze and loosely packed snow on yonder branch comes tumbling down in myriads of tiny snowflakes each flake becomes a miracle glistening in the streetlight like a diamond

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Let frigid winter come,
it feels nice to be lonesome,
seeing myself snuggled up
in a comfort blanket holding a cup
of cocoa by this warm fireplace...
while the wanderer's frozen face
is dotted with the whitest snowflakes
as he rubs his red, freckled nose!

Isn't this an unforgettable moment
to delight me feeling the thrill
of the Season with its distinct chill?
Isn't this the magic of Christmas
when joy is felt in a calm land
by the sound of chiming bells?

Let frigid winter come and cover everything in glistening, deep snow,
and 'though the evening will not have the moon's glow,
brightness can lead my footsteps really far...
shouldn't I play a Christmas song on this guitar?
I will go from house to house and knock on every door...
tingle everyone with great joy by spreading the message of the Savior! 

I'm very confident that going back home
stars will gleam and children will roam:
singing, shouting, swirling and throwing heavy  snowballs;
happy angels will be heard on gelid gulls,
but who minds waiting in the bitter cold... 
when a Divine Child comes down to redeem the sinful world?  

Entered in Carol Sunshine Brown's  contest,
" Fire And Ice "
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 12/ 3/ 2012

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Haiku 99

	Haiku 99
	winter’s first blast
	butter yellow ginkgo leaves 
	will fall tomorrow 

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If I Shall Grow Old 2K13

If these eyes shall become blinded, and if this
hair shall come to be combed thinly and grey;
No, it would not be the end of the world.
I would still see beauty therein this world through
the songs of Crickets and Feathered Songsters.
The breeze would yet whisper and trees still dance.
I would yet smell the freshly bloom of Spring.
I'd still endure Summer's sweltering heat.
I'd yet feel Autumn's leaves crunch 'neath these toes.
I'd still long to be fireside with Winter.
Disabled or not, perhaps I'd yet walk
therein wonderful imagination.
How I'd be forever young at heart!
Then just as one journey came to an end,
I'd indeed greet another with a smile.

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The Tree

                                            The Tree

Through the foggy mist of a new day dawning
Appears a huge tree, awaiting the birth of another winter morning.

All that remains is its bare branches stretching toward the sky
And an old abandoned nest, left by its owner who traveled south so it wouldn't die.

The tree appears lonely but somehow full of hope
As if it knows Spring will come which enables it to cope.

A few months have gone by and the faithful tree is still there
But now it's consumed with excitement from its first breath of spring air.

It seems new life has come to the tree within a blink of an eye
It now stands picturesque, full of lavish green foliage set against the baby blue sky.

It waves its branches proudly with the breeze as if to show off its features
Which also seems to serve as a welcome sign to all of God's little creatures.

It appears to be much happier, now that its friends are back once again
Cradling brand new birds' nests and providing shelter during the rain.

The little squirrels also take advantage of their most generous host
It seems they like chasing each other up and down the tree's trunk the most.

The tree is now bursting with activity
With all of God's wee ones living His promise of love and longevity.

All through the summer the tree takes pleasure as it continually strives
To serve as the best meeting place for everything that creeps, leaps or flies.

Full of contentment, I'll bet the tree lets out a happy sigh
Every time it watches a baby bird learn how to fly
Or whenever a caterpillar turns into a pretty butterfly.

I often wonder if the tree truly understands
The major part it plays in God's circle of life simply because it stands.

Fall has now arrived and the tree appears sort of saddened by the sound
Of its first leaf gently falling to the ground.

All of its friends begin packing it up as they gather for a big revival
That's when the tree wishes them a safe and happy journey as they head south for their survival.

The tree bids each one farewell and says loud and clear
"To each God's speed and have no fear
For I'll be waiting right here when you come back next year."

It is now winter and a year in the life of the tree has come full circled once more
Although lonely, it is bigger and stronger than ever before.

But I know not to feel sadness, especially for the tree's sake
For in God's plan, He makes sure even the tree gets a well-deserved break.

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so far the days of singing rays
have come to meet their sullen end
twixt nights of joy with hidden ploy
a sweetly tone, they do offend

O gasp! the serpent true must strike
O gasp! the lustful raging psych
whose cares are lost forever long
roaring out, O hear my song!

now mute...peace...whist...still
ideas soon drain, decisions fill
a mind at pace with thoughts that spill
float soundlessly thy solstice chill

the misty seep, foreboding reap
emotions run amok like thieves
for darkly cast, a favored past
along is lain misguided leaves

-Sam Robinson

 Iambic Tetrameter

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Winter Trees

Bare tree branches waving histerically at the ground
Wind is blowing Shadows, to be lost and never found
The wind she whistles, alluring, as the Sirens of old
Nakedness of Winter Nature, shivers in the cold
As snow floats down, a blanket weaves around the soul
Warm, the squirrels sing and dance in the nest inside your bole
As evening rises, the wind ceases, the freezing cold stands still
Wind stands motionless, behind the rocks up on the hill
Everyday the trees absorbs the warmth from the SON
Soon the buds will sprout, Winter will be gone

                 Dedicated to Toquyen Harrell

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At a distance, snow
clumped beneath a pine tree 
plastic Walmart bag


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Winter's Arrival

Pink Blush on the hill
Crisp and icy twenty one
Wood stove warms the bones

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Seasonal Sigh

Finished vines
waving limply in the wind,
tangled streaks across the hillside.

The Autumn Earth
conceals eternal motion
under a carpet of many colors;
a fluid carpet that flutters and shifts
beneath my feet;
a noisy carpet telling the story 
of my presence.

Frost-bitten flowers
broken by my passing touch
salt their pollen on the wind;
a gooseberry shrivels
against the bark of a naked bush.
The black bear and the coons steal
each other's dens,
and bees, lethargic,
cuddle on the combs.

But why?

I know why---
scientifically, astronomically--
the earth and sun fly elliptically
and space dilutes the energy.
But still i cling 
to the burnt orange leaves,
savor the last unsquashed berry,
dreading the day
when my worn winter jacket is not warm enough
and my breath freezes
and my legs hurt where my boots rub.

The frozen rain clings in crystals
to tired trees; snow glitters like shattered glass
and cold sunlight assaults my eyes.
I close my eyes against the glare
and listen to the moaning wind,
and dream of a world
where Autumn gives birth
to Spring.

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Here Comes The Sun

It's been dull and dreary for months on end.
The chill of winter is lingering long,
Invading my bones and disturbing my mind.
How I wish this season would hurry along.

Waking this morning I glanced out my window,
Expecting more snow, more clouds, more gray.
But to my surprise and immense delight,
Golden sunlight is in full display!

Here comes the sun in all of its glory,
To warm up the earth and begin its rebirth.
The ice will soon melt and nature awaken,
With colorful flora sprouting up from the earth.

Here comes the sun, see it rise in the east,
Feel its warmth on your face at midday.
Winter's sojourn is coming to an end.
Hallelujah! Spring is on the way.

Kim Merryman
For Heather Ober's Beatlemania contest

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Morning's Trapped Whisper

Morning whisper trapped on icicle tips, soon sun rays will release them into winter bird's song ************************************** Category--Nature

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Ice Cold Out

Touching  any metal un-gloved,
Turns skin to tin, fingers on fire,
Breathing inside what’s above,
Kindles lungs to a stinging pyre.
Exhaled steam is white as a dove.
Some find refuge wearing eider attire,
But hours exposure ends the tropical cove.
After a while the icy novelty tires,
As keeping calm means the need to move.
Snowmen dread mercury higher,
For melting’s their fateful groove.
Winter’s funeral march has its criers,
But in shivering’s end there is no lost love.

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Season In Reflection

Chase not what was autumn time,
Its vibrant colors that had once adorned.
Now fades away as the winter mourns.
But to savour thoughts like a fine old wine.

Across valley deep over moors and hill,
The Norse wind on his steed doth roar.
Through nook and cranny and frame of door,
With breath of ice like steel.

Ice maid for you enchant us so,
As you lay your cloak of winter down.
Across sleepy hamlets and the bustling towns,
Vestige remnants of the year now go.

© N Windle 2009

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The Snows of Winter

The snow silently cloaked the land
falling slowly but insistently
creating large drifts against the walls
bigger and bigger get the flakes

A world of white where ever you look
gnashed here and there by trees
sticking up their bare branches
which are now also snow laden

Sheep struggle through the drifts
helped by the shepherd and dogs
fast as a flash the collies mark
until the shepherd digs them out

Still relentlessly the snow falls
roads and trails disappear from sight
I look out over the white landscape
and feel as if I am in the clouds

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The Beauty Nature Has Created


I walk into the hush of an icy forest this night,
     It surrounds my soul with its pure beauty;
My footsteps crunching in the clear white snow,
               Ice hangs from the maze of skeleton trees.

                      In this dripping frozen landscape.

In this magical beautiful forest lit by the stars,
     The ice chandeliers shine in the dark sky above;
Pristine snow in all directions, the tangle of bare branches,
                The forest solidified in beautiful time.

                       In this dripping frozen landscape.

I feel the coldness caress my soul with glacial fingers,
     There is a stillness and a deep silence all about;
Although water trickles in the labyrinth of tangled trees,
                   And I walk towards this beckoning sound.

                        In this dripping frozen landscape.

A snow covered stream flows although in places icy,
     Around jagged rocks it is broken in its dance;
I am in awe of the beauty that nature has created,
                     I stand listening to the ice and snow speaking.

                         In this dripping frozen landscape.


Written July 30, 2013


For the contest, Calling all poems of Beauty, Poet Destroyer



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Bursting from within the heart of a blizzard shock wave,
Shutters the flexing eye of this white hurricane storm,
Shattering the inner core into a blazing shards torrent,
A miracle of utter mystical enchantment occurs,
In this ancient incantations sacred spell.
It is a crystallized super nova’s raw force, exploding from
The inner guttural roar of nature giving birth, to
The snow bird of paradise.
In its translucent chamber egg of ice, resting in the
Diamond dust covered nest, lined with crystal frozen gems,
Shimmering beneath the chilling Artic sun, as the
Freezing embrace of mother earth, rocks her starling,
Kindred off spring, waiting, are anticipating its hatching.
Ever tenderly the life within stirs, as if a captured moment
Of purities grace, encapsulated in brilliance opulence,
The shells shard melts away, in a hushed display of beauties
Refinement and complete elegance.
Nature itself seems to hold its very breath, as the
Snow bird rises, for the first motions step, in a swaying
Waltz of harmony.
Behold the snow bird strides forth, fanning her plumage
Behind, a white laced peacock is exposed, unfolding its winged
Feathers delicately, one by one, until the colors
Reflect the light rays from the polar sun.
Gleaming in radiance, the fineries majestic appendages
Sparkle with razzle-dazzles adornments, yet the winds brush
At her downy softness, as if caressing the fleece of a new
Born lamb’s wool, ever so gently.
Plumages lace of snowflakes spread wide, in a splendors display
Of glitz and glamour, as the fluffy strains ripple in the night winds
Whispering, come along my beautiful creation, it is time to warm
My soil with springs everlasting promise, once more.


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Daydreams of Snow

As I’m pushed away by summer’s breeze
Flakes of white fall upon my brow
I wish for the earth beneath to freeze
To shield me from how days are now

These months have been so long and cruel
I’m ever so blind while the sun reigns
Therefore, I’ll dream of winter’s cool
To take away my summer pains

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Winter Haiku

Here I sit at work
watching snow tumbling down
thinking about home

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Haiku 101

	Haiku 101
	summer’s fragile reeds
	now ice-layered   bend to write
	our names in the snow

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Winter Has Arrived

The sun coming up takes time to grow,
The dew forming up freezes up so slow,
The warmth of sun refuses to spread wide.
And the season of winter has finally arrived. 

The leaves are frozen, chills in pine,
Shiver in the body as well as spine,
The season of laziness has come alive,
And the season of winter has finally arrived. 

The fog on the streets and blur in the eyes,
With early morning walk and freshness aside,
The climate of bornfire back in style,
And the season of winter has finally arrived.

The cupid of love blossoming around,
With every day something lost and found,
As little snowflakes minutely glide,
And the season of winter has finally arrived. 

The moment of care for all the old one's,
Who cant withstand through the winter slide,
The joy of giving and helping is here,
And the season of winter has finally arrived. 

Jingle bell jingle bell, the songs have begun,
With jesus and its prayer, Christmas in its full run,
Celebration of Christ is to be lived with pride,
And the season of winter has finally arrived.

Finally the year has come to an end,
With some rules to be obeyed and not bend,
This year is also somehow survived,
And the season of winter has finally arrived.

Time to make resolutions for the new dawn,
To follow them throughout and not break to mourn,
The darkness fades to give a new sunrise,
And the season of winter has finally arrived.

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Winter Haiku - diamonds in the snow

walk softly please streetlights are making diamonds in the snow

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Snowy Winter Days -Trine

~Snowy Winter Days~ (Trine) In winter there's a lot of snow In many places is falling I know It is so cold right now outside And snow continues to gather aside Most folks have difficulty getting everywhere There's too much snow,more than most foks can bear Snow is falling steadily hard and slow It is only growing very high and wide Folks want snow to stop,for it they don't care. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015 January,18,2015

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Blackberry Winter

Reluctant tranquility fills the air
Dismissing expectations with her smile
With frozen wishes melting everywhere
She paints the earth in her artistic style

Dreams, dripping slowly from shivering trees
Transparent presents, covering the ground
Leftover kisses now lost to the breeze
Green taking over where white was once found

But tranquility's brush runs out of paint
As her masterpiece starts fading away
Blackberry winter will cause her to faint
While leaving her empty, filled with dismay

Tranquility's brush was made to admire
She'll paint again when blooms kiss the brier

Note:In South & Midland North America, 
Blackberry Winter 
is referred to as a period of cold weather as low as -6 °C (20 °F) 
in late spring when the blackberries are in bloom. 
This is generally in the month of May and is known to 
last approximately up to 14 days.

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Ride The Wind

Written February 24, 2012

One too many times
Our love has been unkind
To the rigors and chills of the snow
The streets they meet
Intersecting the heat
But the cold will blow without heed

To rekindle the flame
Must sound quite insane
But it's all I have left in this world
Yet to feed from the hand
Of another's demands
Could lead to the start of the fall

Ride the wind
Wherever it goes
Don't ask it questions
You don't want to know
The wind will carry you home

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Winter has a face contest

She wakes from a dream, dripping with tears of sweat pouring down her face.  Her long blonde hair is pasted to her forehead as she sits up in her bed.  The clock reads 3:03am.  Her heart is pounding rhythmically to the ticking of her wrist watch.  Her long legs that are wrapped in her white down comforter are extremely cold, and she realizes that a harsh draft is seeping through the window sill beside her bed.  As she pulls back the curtains to check the window for cracks in the ledge, her eyes grow wide with amazement.  The street lights reveal swirls of frosted confetti which overwhelm the pitch blackness of the night.  It has not snowed this hard since she was a little girl and suddenly the terror of her dream dissipates.  She jumps out of bed, slips on her purple fuzzy slippers, along with her matching robe and runs down the stairs.

The stars glisten
Illuminating shadows-
Icicles hang still

Her front door swings open from the harsh embrace of the wind and she manages to drift on to her porch.  Her foot prints smear the freshly painted deck but they are quickly filled up again by the urgency of heavens winter release.  Her eyes begin to spill like water falls and her rosy face along with the rest of her body goes numb. However, the arctic chill was worth it to her.  The last time she had seen her father was on a night like this.  He loved the snow and every part of its splendor reminded her of him. The howling in the air, the cold that cut through her pajama pants like a knife, the snowflakes the size of marshmallows and the cars that look like giant igloos.  Even the smell of the wood burning across the street in her neighbor’s fireplace all made her feel like her father was near. It was like heaven had stopped by to visit her this night.

By: Sabina Nicole
Contest: winter

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Flowers stretch from their beds.
Yawning open, waiting to be fed.

Trees toss critters to and fro.
Birds chirp in tunes, putting on a show.

Rain drips off, the hanging branches.
Dark ominous clouds dissever into patches.

 A "coat of many colors" appears in the sky..
An everlasting covenant, that God is nearby.

Springtime has taken hold, as winter escapes.
A Luscious green blanket covers over the landscapes.

Spring holds promise, as nature awakens..
Bringing back to life, what winter has forsaken.

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Frosty Cold

Sharp, crisp, scent-filled air
Inundates the nose, winter
Smells of frosty cold.

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The Life of a Leaf

The wind never ceases its desperate ploy to remove me, 
Had I faltered or otherwise failed?
Curling I fought—the constant feel to fly freely, 
In collaboration with host—my tall tree.

In the scope of my vision, I watched as around me,
Losing struggle, and battle, and cause,
Others waved in decay, on each tree round the bay,
Clinging fast with vigorous resolve.

Over time and great space the cold rush did charge past,
Pushing green summer out with a chill,
Questioning why this event left ever so few,
Despite large crowded numbers in fall.

Green, orange, and yellow, now brown cracked and withered,
Flat dry veins on dead family friends,
Cut sharp from our ranks by cold wind and dry stems,
In a desperate permanent cull.

Birds witnessed our numbers through far less cloud cover,
Or shielded umbrellas for rain,
Twas the why that confounded had some rule been broken?
Stirring tsunamis of canopied woe.

The wings watched quite helpless as our count slowly dwindled, 
With effortless permanency,
Removed from the trees which had held back our reigns,
Ground cover we forever became.
In our world of great change mulch beds held no shame,
For all lest those raked from our ranks,
Seed, water, and heat, wind nares again beat,
As encouraged to rot—we survive.

Growing daily proud shadows, former hosts they now watch us, 
Observing without care or real fear,
For green stalk and crisp stem poised and growing within,
Spawn new life giving sap in the spring.
The life of a leaf is a lesson in seasons, 
Shortened life span of breaths of content,
Billion sunsets and rest in assurance this day,
That no humans dictate our providence.

Short term be our fate without shame in the end,
Permanent residence—Black Gold we become,
Rest now winter winds and let spring soon begin,
In a circle of life that’s our friend.

© Michael Wegman, 2014

Details | Dodoitsu | |


A white blanket of
fluffy snow covers
all the land; it glitters
as we pass.
As we walk on it crunches
beneath our feet, like sweet
sherbet in our mouth.
Icicles as long as spears
glimmer in the winter sun.
Every window is covered in
snow and mist, creating a
sense of cold.
Every garden is the same:
white and filled with snowmen
created by the humour of children.
As the weeks pass, the sweet
blanket of snow begins to melt
creating pock-marked surroundings.
Many gardens appear barren without
the once luscious bloom of colour,
still winter begins to pass and
nature awakens; snow-drops
appear in every garden, like
a message of welcome.
Slowly the gardens begin to
bloom of colour and the 
snow-drop disappears 
once more. 

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Spring Time

The temperatures are falling
The snow is stacked high
When can it be spring
Can't the cold just pass on bye

Details | Rhyme | |

Winter Be Gone

Your hands cold as death
Your bite killing like snake’s venom
Your breath leaving trees bereft
Of  leaves, stripped, lonesome

Birds migrating to warmer land
Grizzly bears for hibernating send
To earth a carpet of snow lend
Chestnuts in the lap of fire spend

Gloved hands holding golden cognac in goblets
Men & women dressed in warm leather jackets
Wines, roasted almonds, soups and turkey breasts
 Enjoy the gift of comfort and  rests

On the other side of this scenario 
People in numbers and not few
That suffer profusely because of you
Their tattered clothes are no shield
Of your ruthless biting teeth

Ill nourished, frail and ailing lots
Not haves but have nots
Your victims, your prey, weak and forlorn
Cry out ‘winter be gone’, ‘winter be gone’  

(Judged Winner on Feb. 2, 2013 in the Winter be Gone Contest of Francine Roberts)

Details | Haibun | |

Surreal Nature

First frost has come overnight, and the quaking aspens have blanketed the hills with brilliant splashes of amber.  Even the ruts in the driveway, are beautifully trimmed in rime, glistening in the touch of sunlight that has just now fondled the horizon.  Finn,..our golden lab, struggles to get up on his feet this morning, to be let out.  He limps a bit stiffly, then hesitates, reluctant to step out into a chilly dawn.  It's the first time I have noticed how rudely is a gray veil clouding those wise, brown eyes.  Finally, he ventures outside, walking gingerly, under a sky, jaggedly streaked with purple. The morning air is persuading the cold breath of winter soon to follow.   Mourning doves are slowly disappearing, although two familiar stragglers, like old friends, are sitting high upon the shed roof, watching the leaves tumble like golden gems to the earth....and keeping watch, like soldiers, at their post.  And Finn forgets his discomfort, for just one moment, and runs for a closer look.  He jumps, barks, and they fly off into the sunrise. There is an odd feeling in today's somber light, which seems to turn the page of another season.   

a tail thumps the door
as I reach for the leash...
we wait for the sun

For Contest Sponsored By Broken Wings 9/20/13

Details | Rhyme | |

A Local Park i Walked

A local park i walked
Just the other day
Surrounded by nature
In the snow kids played

I felt a feeling of joy
In this incredible grounds
This park of beauty
In a modern concrete surround

Nature in standing
In her winter stage
All the beautiful plants
Withstanding her rage

She mellows with time
As the spring appears
The winter snows melt
Is it her sorrowful tears

The buds appear
Enriched with her sun
Her vistas of bloom
Have just begun

But around the corner
Another season awaits
The golden browns of autumn
Await their fate

In the local park i walked
Just the other day
Thinking of the marvels she brings
To us, every single day

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River's Edge

Placid icy waters flow
Rhythmically laps the shore
Knitting icy lace

Details | Haiku | |


                                DOG SLED IN THE SNOW STORM

                                           wind sucks breath 
                                      hopeful frozen musher
                                              chases sun

                                                 frosty moon
                                          interrupts white fury 
                                            dog team glides

                                              snow ice smooth
                                       dogsled consumes white miles
                                                  moonlit sure

Details | Rhyme | |

So Long to Winter

You drop  slowly to the ground
Silently, not making a sound
You gather layer upon layer of dust
Playing with you is a must.

You get colder the more I watch
You melt at my very touch
Coming to see me in winter season
Without any rhyme or reason.

I can only play with you so long
Until your season is done
I must wait for a season new
then bid you winter adieu.

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steps crackle in the morning sun - frost holds fast

Details | Free verse | |

Evening Solitude

 Dusk descends upon the snowy winter plains
 The sun slowly sinks into the western sky
 The landscape has a magical winter-land glow
 White in contrast to the dusty blue hue
 Deer stand grazing on the fields of straw
 Once golden wheat stood tall in summers heat
 Now short and covered with white winter dust
 Looking heaven ward the sky is aglow
 As if someone took a paint brush to a canvas
 Red, oranges, purple, blue and golden amber
 So colorful that it looks like a piece of art
 As the sun finally sunk behind earth's orb
 I sat in wonder watching nature at it's best.

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Christmas Magic

Braised by the sparkle of snow on the ground.
Drawn by a tapered moon.
Chilled by the air you rise to hound
then startled by the crumpled tune.

Mist floating heavy with sweat on the banks.
Damp to the open mouth.
Ice crusting over to give it's thanks
with winds giving way to the south.

Black oily skies in overcast clouds
dampening the moonlight to dim.
Crescendos of light forming covenant shrouds
with joy giving way to a hymn.

White crested branches of snow covered trees.
Praying for flakes that still fall.
Hoping there's still, some in the breeze
who'll make it to ground in a squall.

Spells in the wind are telling their stories.
Hoping you'll feel Christmas Magic.
For those who will listen to all their glories,
or wouldn't; would that be tragic!

Details | Sonnet | |


The biting cold of  early March's  freeze
fell from the Arctic northlands down the main,
and froze to death the larks beneath the trees
then silently it crept the Kansas plain.

It slowed the pace of life to just a walk
for busy Texans on the Rio Grande
and failing citrus was the stuff of talk
until the blowing snow was close at hand;

they slipt and slid on farmways coated twice
unwilling to admit they didn't know
how one should drive a Lexus on this ice
or where-from blizzards come and where they go.

      The rattle snake is burrowed safe and deep
        the only place that's warm enough for sleep.
© ron wilson aka veebdosathe Doylestown Poet

Details | Quatrain | |

Winter White

Winter White
I love the white of winter
As the snow lies on the trees
So clean and neat the landscape
But so cold the breeze.

Nothing’s ever perfect
I appreciate what’s best
It’s pretty when the snow falls
Don’t think about the rest.

I quickly grab my camera
To capture all I see
When come the snows of winter
I cannot let it be.

The white snow of winter
Covering all the ground
As far as I can see
That snow is all around.

I see patterns in the tire tracks
And ice upon the lake
What a pretty picture
All these things will make.

Children making snowballs
Throw them near and far
Looks like fun they’re having
Not at all bizarre.

Heavy coats they’re wearing
Just to keep them warm
Temperature is really down
After that big storm.

Yes, I love the white of winter
But can do without the cold.

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Frozen in Crystalline 4

Nightingale's song fades in dawn's light Crisp Winter shadows dance with delight

Details | Verse | |

Surreal Nature

Spring is an embryo in the womb of winter.  Incubating under the                                                           meringue like tips of wind tossed snow.  What began with flower
and bee is now sown.

under the snow
after the cold winds—
warm earth

It seems improbable as the cold white mounds grow higher
and deeper, that they might ever be gone, like the season
in which they live.

snow banks melting
the plowman’s winter labor—
puddles on the road

Slowly, the messy mating of late winter and early spring
muddy the road through the orchard while crocus, daffodil,
and fiddleheads peek through the soil, birthed from winter’s womb.

long shadows shorten
the  warmer sun lingers--
seedlings sprout

Soon the womb will be ripe again, but for now, the children
of spring play.

Feb. 10, 2013

Details | Quatrain | |


The tree stood stark and lonely,
All naked in the cold.
Her branches bare, her lovely leaves,
The breath of Winter stole.

In spite of all she stood yet proud,
Her branches raised to Heaven,
A silent prayer in her heart,
For Winter's sleep to lessen,

The pain she felt amid the cold,
The biting wind so cruel,
And please let not some human come,
And use her wood for fuel.

Then the winter queen looked down,
On Tree with sympathy,
And gave to her a lovely gown,
Of snow in symmetry.

Now the tree stands all adorned,
In glowing winter grandeur,
And all who see her stand in awe,
Of Tree in Winter's splendor.

Thanks to Phyllis Babcock for her poem "TREE" which inspired this one.

Details | Light Poetry | |

Two faces of winter

six feet of more fresh snow and compressed  ice  
unusual  warmer rain separates each dangerous slice
today's  7th  foot of woolly snow was pilled  up 
for two Alaskan skiers their death  cup 

messages from a  faraway scenery
opposite to my hottest ever winter greenery 
only very early a rare rainy thinnest possible frozen slice
bird cakes turn in to a  blooming  flowery device 

the birdhouse in the neighbors garden an silent place
down below even the black cat stopped  claiming his space
while I Skype and exchange pictures with my Alaskan friend
and we both express astonishment of what we've just sent 

(c) Elly Wouterse

Details | Personification | |

January, if you please

Oh January, thee of Winter’s spawn
I cannot wait till thou art gone
I’ve had enough of bleak, gray days
To last a lifetime, and so I pray
Thou wilt use thy icy, freezing touch
On us gently, with just a brush -
A coat of frosting on the trees
But not a blizzard, I beg of thee
No brown snow or ugly slush
No winter mess, nor snowy gusts
Just a sprinkling of thy winter skill -
Still picturesque, but not so chilled
A mild month, I ask of thee
To keep the warmth inside of me

Susan Burch
Received 3rd place in "Personification of January" contest

Details | Acrostic | |

Winter Rhapsody

Winter though harsh and frigid holds a certain beauty
Ice frozen fingers grasp hold of my soul
Nothing is more exquisite than pristine snow falling
Today graceful, fragile snowflakes are drifting
Everything is white, fresh, pure and flawless
Rivers are ice covered, dense and firm 

Rhapsody is the song of the winter birds
Hopping on bare branches to sing
All is still and surreal in my snowy world
Perhaps, I will go for a walk . . . 
Something is calling deeply to my very soul
Outside is God's perfection it says
Deep under the snow life is waiting to renew
Yet, this frozen world holds a certain beauty for me


December 14, 2012

Details | Quintain (English) | |


As I look beyond my garden, to the blanket on the hills, Where moonlight shines it's magic and where the icy river runs I fold my arms around me in the silver winter's chill, And see a bright star shiver, now that leaden clouds are done I let the night embrace me underneath the midnight sun Each crystal flake, that drifts on down among the river stones A jewel, unique, of other flakes, each gleams as little suns Transforming all, in soft moonlight and glistening as sewn Cotton, fragile, pillow soft, and silk that had been spun Into webs of pearl, the essence curls, so draped and then so clung The trees, and fence posts, dressed in white, so regal and with flair Shimmer in the starlit night, pristine, sewn, stitch by stitch White lace has bordered furrowed rows, of ploughed fields, everywhere My loneliness, and humdrum world, transformed, and much bewitched So debonair, my world so fair, I gasp a breath of air...
________________________________ By Carrie Richards Submitted for the Sweetest Touches of Verse Contest Sponsored by Gauitami Phookan * * * *

Details | Rhyme | |

Winter's Fragile Hold

Spring carves ice into abstract art,
as the frigid days begin to warm.
And intricate sculptures take shape,
like Queen Anne’s lace in crystal form.

Hanging from snow laden roof tops,  
icicles sparkle like wet glass.
And they silently start to grow, 
as glistening droplets amass.

Nature dots Her frozen landscape,
with patches of green dusted white.
And soon daffodils and tulips,
sprout in the sun's extended light.

Honking geese reclaim the skies,
as longer days defy the cold.
And begin heading north to breed,
affirming winter's fragile hold.

Details | Haiku | |

Winter Slumber

Cozy patchwork skies,
Blanket the frozen forest: 
Hibernating trees.

Details | Haibun | |

Autumn Walk

I stroll along dogs running ahead then waiting for me as I peer at
the marvels nature spreads before me. A hollow in a trunk is home
to a squirrel who chatters angrily at me for intruding.

Lush yellow wheat fields
ears waving golden and plump
in blazing sunlight

The crops are ready for harvesting full and plump
maize for animal feed, corn for our bread and barley
to make beer. There will be a merry celebration when 
harvest is finally in 

Flush of sunflowers
standing so stately and tall
birds feeding on seeds

All these seeds and berries now ripened
and being feasted on by birds and rodents stocking
up on winter fat to see them through to spring . Now it
is time to hibernate the long cold days of Winter away 
until once again Winter relents turning into Spring

Details | Rhyme | |


In a bright studio overlooking the noisy street,
I hide from the living to write with a frantic beat;
loud voices and sounds will subdue before dark...
very sweet is the the melody of the lonely lark.

Even when it snows, the view is quite awesome:
watching snowflakes slowly come down and dress 
trees in glistening can feel lonesome
when every audible sound is hushed by stillness. 

How lovely it is when happy faces peak from windows!
They may seem immensely surprised or stupefied;
and some even open their doors and come outside
to observe the fluffy snow descend on the pines' boughs.   

I pause for another minute, then resume my writing...
it's profound observation that inspires the heart and mind,
giving this motivated poet many ideas of positive feeling;
I sense and absorb them, not noticing kids getting wild.   

In a bright studio overlooking the noisy street,
I fear shadows towards evening when feet
make deep footprints that lead to my stairs... 
and afraid of ghosts, I begin chanting prayers.

Details | Verse | |

Winter Begone

Old man winter hear my plea.
Your ice cold breath chills me so.
Oh, how my blood runs ice cold.
My fingers and toes are never warm.

A story, a legend or a myth,
Shadow or not - winter begone.

Ok, technically winter just begun.
Dreaming of the first sign of spring.
Feeling the renewal in your heart.
Breathing energy filled with warmth.
As you breathe, feel the inner flow.

Spring is the season of rebirth.
Flowers pop-up their heads,
And trees begin their leaf.
Old man winter begone.
In my mind I imagine it's so.


For Francine Roberts's contest, "Winter Begone"

Details | Free verse | |


Crystalline white branches from a subzero snow.
Takes the place of beauty where leaves are suppose to grow.
A forest of white sparkle delight,
frosted sugaring of coldness bites,
rainbow flakes flutter in the crisp moist air,
 A shimmering spectacle; 
for only my eyes to bare.

Details | Haiku | |

winter approaches

north wind gathers strength
hoar frost covers fallen leaves
earth prepares to sleep

Details | Haiku | |

Winter Scene - Haiku

     Winter Scene - Haiku

pine needles hold snow
ice, like broken glass, cracks roads 
winter sweeps it clean

Details | Haiku | |

Winter Tracks

Footprints in the snow,
Long trail of soft impressions:
Searching for Springtime.

Details | Ballad | |

The Summer of the Winter Sky

It was time for the leaves to fall,
The fields to turn white,
The birds to leave for faraway lands-
And the long cold lonely nights.

Seemed like for eternity
She hadn’t had a smile -
Frozen was the world around
Lonely she walked  for miles.
Dead were the blossoms in her garden,
And love was about to die-
And yet she prayed to her unseen friend -
For the summer of the winter sky!

Not a song was heard at dawn,
Only the echo of the wind-
In the misty field of corn
Not a farmer was seen!
A wait so long, so painful to bear
Left alone with no one so near
She was lost in her own reverie-
With tears in her dreamy eyes.
And she prayed as her heart cried-
Longing for the summer of the winter sky.

No one knows who heard her prayer
Lost amidst the silence
And yet an early morning bud 
Blossomed in her garden!
Suddenly a little sparrow was seen 
High on the branch of the willow tree
Singing a song as if to welcome-
Amidst the grey sky, a sun so warm.
And love then again knocked her door
Promising a life like never before-
And like a happy child  she opened her eyes
For it was summer for the winter sky!

Details | Rhyme | |

Let it Snow

As the setting sun glows orange
I can admire and feel the challenge
the solitary polar bear not there to plunge
its his lookout from where he can scavenge

Behold the wild vista, icicle towers so strange
adorn the landscape here nothing will change
unspoilt by man's hand nothing here to rearrange
here in rugged bleakness nothing to exchange

The wildness calls out to my soul beckoning
the orange sky brings peace, life can be demeaning
here the polar bear rules standing in last rays sunning
yet now the white flakes are falling in beauty stunning

01/06/2014 Briton Riviere, beyond Man's Footsteps

contest Let it Snow

Details | Free verse | |

Rainy Days

The revelations of winter pass now,
the captured moments of vertical strife,
the stanchion of paper white birch forests
rigid on the black scratch board of rocky hillock
soon, these markers of winter will be hidden.
The milky froth of frozen ground water with its
watery tresses falling in a downward slashes 
passing over grey granite cliffs will disappear. 
Brave bits green will spring,
rising succulent and sucking, hungry 
as the red tipped maples tonguing the foggy air.
Winter weaned from the austerity of fast.
The still white tombstones marking the hill
will be hidden behind verdant forests of poplar,
beech, maple and rampant evergreen.
Each structural element, each under pinning
pining for the cloak of spring,
craving an end to the cracked and chapped existence,
longing for the robin’s song, and the worm’s rise.
Dreaming of golden dandelions 
as the rain tinkles down.   

Details | Haiku | |

On Frozen Pond

In age of winter                                                                                                       the reflections are glazed                                                                                                 etching the surface

Details | Rhyme | |

Irrepresible Nature

Another day ends with insipid sun
One more uncertain season
Another month ebbs slowly invariably gone
One more uninteresting month another reason

Each bulb impressively pushing old soil up
So absented from every winter irritation 
The orchestrated plants unite drinking along nature’s everlasting cup,
Invigorated refreshed, outdoor rains unbidden now and so equip spring’s irrigations

Now offering beautiful uniformity, colours ablaze ferociously
Ever changing illusions painting over the untamed soil
All struggling evermore to imitate natures ordered ways 
Unbeatable colours abound, Mother Earth delights in toil 

Overlong tall upright grasses allow seeds easy dispersal
Insects dancing on flowers undulating formations.
Accustomed we ever become inclined to ogle things universal
Nature abounds with ever more interesting luscious opulent flirtations 

Untold species all working ever closer in harmonious obligation 
So unlocking faces all smiling even now in sunbathed oblations still unseen
Yet authenticating spring, escaping winter in fulfilling overall nature’s unification.
© ~GG~ 22/03/2013
Competition Entry

Details | Rhyme | |

Winter Preview

Not a single flake of snow has fallen,
Yet the ground is covered with white.
Jack Frost is delivering sparkling rime
On this November moonlit night.

Wind has been welcomed to join in the game.
He is waiting to bite your nose,
And Jack Frost, the rascal,. is capable 
Of nipping away at your toes.

You attend their gala at your own risk,
Before Winter comes at full speed.
The party hosted by Jack is a blast,
A welcome to Winter indeed.

For Brian’s 12 line contest

Won a 3rd

Details | Rhyme | |


It's not wintry bliss in January when lovely snow
turns into sheets of ice,
and tears run down everybody's burning eyes:
yell, " Winter, leave now! "

Unless you are a wild and playful kid,
and you like building a fat snowman
that looks very happy in the cool shade:
aren't winter days fun without any rain? 

Falling snow on trees is truly breathtaking,
its the gelid wind that is not welcome by many,
that's why they go to warmer places hurrying:
it's their way of saying, " Winter, go away! " 

Entered in Francine Roberts's contest,
" Winter Begone "
Written on 1/ 25/ 2013

Details | Haiku | |


Glistening powder
Floats down cold wet powdered glass
Shimmers on the ground.

Details | Light Poetry | |

The Hot Spell Is Over

~The Hot Spell Is Over~ Watching the clouds gather There is thunder in the air After a beautiful week It really doesn’t seem fair We finally cast off winter woollies Then sat with hankies on our heads Tomorrow I suppose the Wellingtons are out And we put back on our winter threads. Our poor bodies don’t know what to do From freezing to frying all in a day or two Part of life’s rich pattern I can suppose Life is short as the saying goes Live it large as they now say I think this means we should go out and play Get our kit off in the kid’s paddling pool Kick our heels we are nobody’s fools. Grasp it now before it has gone Make someone smile - just anyone The air pressure rising leaves our skins moist The air is thick and steamy as on us it is foist Pressure flies are landing dropping from the skies Blown out of the atmosphere before our very eyes Sitting on the picture frames like little specks of dust A flash a thunderous bang to come - we know it is a must The thunder bounds around us with its lion-like roar Taking the hot spell with it - but we hope not for evermore.
© 28/05/2012 ~GG~

Details | Rhyme | |


whimsical winter white crystal flakes of wonder fluffy snow, bright white, leaves the world a blunder. a blanket coats the world, unmarred, pure, sugary flakes, in a whirl assure that winter is here

Details | Couplet | |


Jolly is the coldest season 
Loving Winter is no treason.

Rain, sleet and snow
A marvellous show.

The Winter solstice
Daylight of injustice.

Man should wrap up in armour
Often known as a willy warmer.

Woman with thick tights pulled up their legs
Keeping them like a well cooked bacon and eggs.

Winter of discontent
The homeless in torment.

Not many insects found
All buried underground.

Flocks of sheep abiding
The shepherds trembling.

Hedgehogs in guileless sleep
Foxes hungry for sheep.

A triumphant winter adored
Praise be the cold and bored.


Details | Imagism | |

Walking Home

Air breaks 
off in pieces 
and slips
to the ground.

Breath comes
and goes
like glaciers.

In a window
as big as
they sky,
a burst of yellow

stands tall 
on someone's sill.
Fingers of gold
erupt in dozens

of rays
that warm me
like a ittle 
explosion of sun.

Details | Free verse | |

Let out the light

May the snows stop
and the rain cease…
May the winds take shelter
and let the sun birds sing. 
Let out the spring!
Let out the spring!
I want the flowers to bloom
and the sun to shine
Let out the light!
I want tulips and roses 
lily’s and daisy’s
Let out the birds and the bee’s
the monarchs and the daisy’s 
I want the snows and the rains
the long winds and dark days
To finally end.
Let out the light!
Let out the spring!


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Waiting on Winter's End

The glacial wind steals our breath,
Freezing rain is falling down;
Silence covers our sleeping town,
As outside it is cold as death;

We huddle closer, sharing our heat,
Breath fogging in the bitter air;
Icicles form on the sweaters we wear,
As the freezing rain turns into sleet;

Refusing to give way to Spring,
Winter sinks her teeth in;
The air outside is cold and thin,
We dream of what the new season will bring.


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Winter is near

 Summer is gone winter is near the rain will come the leaves will fall the sky will turn gray and the clouds will roll in. In addition, the birds will fly south for their winter break. Forevermore, when the leaves start to grow back, the flowers come out, and the bees are buzzing. For their the birds will be back, with all their little ones all so nestled in their nest with mother feeding them from beak to beak, as you can hear them singing a beautiful tune.
You cannot help but think how wonderful and beautiful the birds can sound as their mother is feeding them from beak to beak.

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A cold white blanket

             A cold white blanket
    Underneath a sparkling black sky,
              As moonlight shines.

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winter song

I’ve felt the seasons each with passing time
each with weather tuned to its own phase
winter brings a cold I may not survive
if it weren’t for warmth that comes in its own ways

some say what’s in the sky depends on what’s in your mind
but how can you light a fire when the rain won’t dry?
to me seems like a big thing to deny
in the long run, just a different way to lie

bring your ice, bring your frost
bring your chills, don’t count the cost

bring your winds, make things die
have no mercy, cloud the sky

spring is bright and warm on certain days
summer is the single most bold
autumn is bright and warm on certain days
they all bring their days of dark, dark cold

winter’s frost forms in ways unclear
many of these chills i cannot relieve
the other seasons hint its coming’s near 
kinda like winter never leaves

bring your ice, bring your frost
bring your chills, don’t count the cost

bring your winds, make things die
have no mercy, cloud my sky

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The gift of "Old Man Winter"

He unwittingly hovers
       ...blankets of subjective weather
Plastering his artic tundra
Bandaging white clouds together
     ...withholding ill trepedation
Refocused on our tantalization

Frosting earth's core
         .... with an icy show
Monstrously protecting grounds below~

Alerting those...
           ...napping numb spirits
With his icy mantra of sickles and cold
Old Man Winter's snowflakes unfold
Frost bitten chills triumphantly bold

A frothy iced message 
                    ...with wisdom to acquire
...conjuring those with a hidden desire
Here he laughs 
            ...taunting from within
Old Man Winter is relieved again~

As our spent energies are woken
He does not speak...
              ...but has already spoken

His gift...a dormant spectacle found
As winter coats 
                    ....our frosted ground
More time now 
                  .....with winter so cold
Kept indoors
        ponder wonders untold~

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Flurries fondle trees Trees pulse with felicity Leaves frolic in sun

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Different Textures Of White

Cold, hard,white, wet ice cubes clink into a glass 'pon a summer day

                                Then they pop and snap when touched by warm tea made

Large white raindrops splatter falling from white cotton fluffy clouds
               Their sound brings hope that cooling of the summer air will abound

The white water rushes through the yard cascading over every rock and twig
     onward to the creek to dance on its way to the sea

Over those small white rapids created by those damp dark rocks

                            just a small gurgling sound of white just for me 

Forward dancing across those river rocks bouncing, swishing onward to the sea

     Those white raindrops now whitecap in small waves with a tiny rhythm 
                                         along the beach

White water necessary for life delivers different sounds to mine ears

The silence of all nature as white snow begins to fall

         Just a crisp sound of ice crystals as they touch tree limbs, the brown earth and
                                                       each other

A crisp, cold, steady sound of white snow as each flake lands

              White, white, bright white all of nature surrounds 

Sponsor: Monterey Sirak
Contest: The Sound Of Color
Written: December 03, 2013

Details | Prose | |

Vivaldi Winter

It’s a Vivaldi winter...snow as far as the eye can see, 
blankets the hardened from sub-zero and sleet.
I hear the violins and cello’s, groaning out forlorn winter notes.

Robins on a white roof are poufy with feathers thick; 
bellies swollen in gratitude for my suet cakes.  
Like many, I cannot leave them cold and hungry.  
Were it so, that I could invite them in for a 
hot chocolate and cornbread, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Sleet-covered, tree-sticks, lend a suggestion of fairyland; 
naked trees, frozen in time; a Vivaldi winter scene to trump, “Currier and Ives”.

My eyes trace the rabbit tracks, from icy, 
snow-laden shrubs to my naked fruit trees;  
rabbit finds no dinner there; 
perhaps a squirrel left an acorn or apple, buried nearby…
Mr. Rabbit will stake his claim.
I wish him luck; I know he has little ones beneath my garden shed floor.

Lethal ice cycles, grow from my gutters as Vivaldi winter notes, drone on; 
I sip cinnamon spice tea and whisper a prayer, for God’s other children.

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The Chiming Winter

She breathes a white mist. Her soul shivered,
Her heart now dissipates on ice.
The snow falls silent, a note unheard.
Belief falters of the Jesus Christ.
It's hot; The salty beads tease her
But her cares are frozen still.
Her naivete of life has dispersed;
In a soundless second, her hope is killed.

The colours are raw.

It is winter now where it was summer then.
Her face is dead. Covered in frost.
She cursed her flaws in heat, now winter made its descent.
The cold wind blows colder,
Her aspirations gone dead pale.
What she feared most held onto her
The ice consumes her warmth; a freezing veil.

"Jesus...why Jesus?"

The sweat is overpowering.
Between her legs dries under the sun.
She hears the melody of his belt singing.
Her scream doesn't bother...her reality cannot be undone.

"Why me Lord? Why me who never sins?"
Silence. It could have been worsened.
Praise be to Him that your life is now ruined
Instead of it stripped away and taken.

Praise be to God for He is good.

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Wyoming Winter

The green fields of summer,
now covered in white.
the whistling music of, 
prairie winds that tend to bite.
cottonwoods drop the used up limbs,
another winter is here in ole Wyomin.

A test of endurance in an unforgiving land,
northern breezes bring snow once again.
the mountains covered in a scattering of white.
glisten gold shimmers in the pale moonlight.
off in the distance,  coyotes howl,
along with the hoot,  of a great horned owl.

November, sees the mercury plummet to 40 below.
frozen solid everything;  wherever you go.
frostbit friends still greet you with a smile.
knowing life's going to be this way for quite a little while.
out on the river fog rises until, 
stopped by the artic inversion,
at a four foot sill.

Now around March after the lion has left.
and the frigid Canadian breezes subside just a bit.
starts the emergence of cooped up, cabin wary occupants.
just wanting to welcome the great warmth home.
soon as it's arrival, you turn around and then,
riding low over the plateaued land,
here we go again.

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Only Time Will Tell

Spring has been trying to appear this whole winter with warm days interspersed with freezing cold..Spring plants started to bloom in December with blossoms freezing and turning brown..In this spot on a hillside next to a swift running creek, frost appears with the slightest drop in temperature turning those lovely buds and blossoms brown..The beauty that is spring's finest hour has been tempered to a few spraggly blossoms on this hillside..The spring green of the trees has come alive in the last few days adorning my weary eyes with beauty..That wonderful green interspersed with white of a few blossoms..  

willow's spring green leaves swayed by the cold north west breeze.. bird pecks frozen bath
Spring has sprung but winter still trys to linger chilling and killing the pear crop and the blueberries that have formed..Will it just be a slight thinning or will it totally wipe out this fall's fruits?...Only time will tell...

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Winter's Silent Beauty

Alone I sit
staring at the cold grey sky
All around
winter's handiwork
so silent
so beautiful 
fills the land

Drifting lazily upwards
pillars of smoke
rise ghost-like 
from the chimneys
On the ground below
the freshly fallen snow 
so quiet, so fragile
instils deep peace 
within my soul

Standing alone in the distance
a church steeple 
points majestically towards the sky
in silent testimony
of its God

Nothing stirs -
the sparrows have gone to bed
this cold winter's evening
dreaming pleasant dreams 
of tomorrow's spring
when new life will take form
in Nature's world
or perhaps they dream 
of yesterday's summer
when they flitted happily
from tree to tree
dancing in the sunshine
so happy to be alive 
and free

Yet, dream on 
my little friends
for even while you dream
cold winter must reign 
a little while longer
still blessing the earth 
with her deep silent beauty
--- as now the snow begins to fall
once more

Details | Rondeau | |

Not Much Snow In Georgia Now

In Georgia now, there's not much snow
At times strong winds do howling blow
In winter Sparrows on ground play
Red Cardinals join in fun some days
In winter plants rest do not grow

Once a blizzard stacked snow in rows
Winds, cold  so  inside with cup of joe
Unprepared for snow no  horse_sleigh
In Georgia now

When it snows, things go very slow
The birds visit__ even young doe
Come to my door eat acorns stay
Squirrels and Chipmonks search for cache
That they hid_ softly buried away
In Georgia now

" I am sending you a gift of poetry,
dear heart."
For this was inspired by your poem.
"And, the snow is gently falling"..
This is for you, Constance...
Sara Kendrick

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Dalliance With The Winter Birch

            Dalliance With The Winter Birch

Crystal glances at the brilliant blue 
Marching up there with blinding sun soaked sky
Clouds stream by 
They come apart in seams of wonder  
As the day begins to shine
Work waits there on the farm
A dalliance with winter wind and trees begin
White limbs swing limp, spring back again on birches
Firm roots, frozen earth, hold the hard wood down
I climb the highest branches there  
At 8:00 am farm chores start once again
They can wait for just a while longer
While all of nature sinks into the skin
As I figure out how to return
Somehow I got lost above the trees
Tangled in the maze of branches
Caught, never found, while climbing birches 
Never quite figured out
Which way was up or down 

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House stands in mock defiance
of blustery winds that blow,
ice crystals pelting windowpanes,
precede the winter snow.

Barren limbs stretch to sky,
frost hardened furrowed fields
await the winter season,
anxious for spring yields.

Landscapes agonize for change,
snow flurries soon appear,
covering white dear Mother Earth
at closing of each year.

Rosy cheeked with numbing lips,
we bundle 'gainst the cold,
frozen ponds bid winter games
that never shall grow old.

Nestled 'neath Granny's quilts
while fireplace crackles warm,
tranquil peace now settles
thru' winter wind and storm.

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Revelation Act 4 - Scene 3-Final Prelude

____ I have flown as free as the waves of eternal thunder Sure as a flower pleading to the winter freeze I have gone before death should come Now as still as a frozen lake draping her winter coat a scintilla of eternity has shown me love In stillness, falling from mountain heights, a peaceful sonetto births fragmented light and..... I am gone I am gone I am gone ____

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The Winter Season

        The Winter Season
My body is crying, Fall is leaving
The sensitive moon is screaming
The stars is losing their nocturnal fans
Their admiring nights is disappearing
My body is yelling, Winter is coming
The lakes are complaining for visitors
The beaches are sadly missed by their vibrators
I desire my forestry strolls with my birthday suit
Which's so magnetic for the sexuals admirators
Against the cold season, we need the advocators

My body is trembling, my tears are frozen
In the forest, woods are selected by dozen
To create a warming fire with marshmallows
Even though the sweaters act like good citizen
My skin is metamorphosing like a flower wizen

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I watch as the rays of the Silvery moon drape their silhouette over , The edge of the soft bed. The air blows in from the chilly  northern wind outside my window pane. The Earth is quiet and still,  The muffled sound of a near by pond frog, can be heard.  And offers peace unto the sleepy eyed Earth.  The quietness slipping further and  further into complete silence.  The trees seem to pause in between their, dancing swaying leaves. They are frightened from the darkness that is creeping in. The Earth will not deny it. Winter will soon dwell in the its surrounding. Small snowflakes dance in the distance above the high Mountains. White will foil the entire hillside, and sparkle like glitter when  the moon, brings light.  The soft winter mix, will soon  pillow the entire Earth.  The snow flakes dance and twirl, and land on the arms of the shivery  trees, they will cradle the white wetness. The earth is now fast asleep, and The whiteness will soon cover the entire Sleepy eyed Earth.

draped/ slipping/ pause/ edge/ muffled/ foil/ wake/ deny/ dwell/ pillow

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January Haiku

crystalline vapor animation suspended winter's coat

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The snow sifts down on my wintry world
And covers all with white;
I see it through the window now,
Unspotted, sparkling, bright.
No one has marred its pearly face
With tracks of brown and gray;
It saddens me to think that soon
Someone may need to pass this way.

Pretty flower faces,
Please come peeping through the snow.
Show us your lovely graces,
Your satins and your laces;
Let old man winter know he has to go.
It is time he did his packing,
His ice and snow quit flashing;
It is time he left and let spring breezes blow.

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Winter 2010a

Seasons have changed their weathered cycles here
A frigid frost frolics on dead dry air.
Old man winter is summoned now so soon
It is a cranky world and a coatless moon
And through it shivering the homeless roam
Like sea froth bumping on a bridleless foam 
They left the customed haunts of parks bare
Under the white sheet of bleak frozen air
And in every church door, and store front stand
Rubbing and rubbing their shriveling hand
And in their eyes pop a stark dread, bland fear
The sum of our sudden and sick despair.
Ah winter is added now to all
We must endure in our life's brimming gall.
Across the world the winds have changed; this hell
Of winter wrestles patience, bulge its spell
In large leprous mounds of silent ice
Wind banked, shriveling us back into rooms
Where the budget for heat can ill suffice
The heart's frigid condition, we the tombs
Of hope, who broke bonds for a modern life
Blanching love, faith and sacred human strife
We on the edge of each truth once so dear
Withering the world, and making Christ drear.
I feel the sharp winds, the victims cold knife
Tempests cold knell on the piper's pied fife.
In confusion we wait against the thaw
Senseless to break the markets dismal law.

[Winter is real and it is a metaphor. The last lines of the 4 sonnets reads vertically:
"Aw, it is cold, love."

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‘Tis winter season—
a bracing weather, foggy in its warmth.
The trees are drying, as bones,
gripping water from the winter soil.
It’s resting on an earth snow:
dancing in chilliness, dazedly.
it’s waiting for a poignant breath
that will give him soul.
To feel, once more, from being numb.
To warm his heart;
but the serenity and the turmoil have ended.

The dream is forgotten by the prized.
The dream is freezing the lover. 

Details | Haiku | |

Mourn For Me

trees mourn my passing
warm caress now frigid grip
leaves shed in sorrow

Details | I do not know? | |


Autumn was already over
Winter was here once again and everyone were looking for a new shelter to cover,
Joyce was always a lover of this season, everybody asked why but she gave no reason,
at this time every flower and plant had die,
there were no existence of cats and dogs on the street
from old to young person put socks on their cold feet
night approach, and everyone even the "INSECTS"
gathered themselves under the chimney for some heat
during this period there were no cats and dogs to feast on the villagers meat
everyone wanted something hot to drink they wanted nothing to eat,
Even on the train ride everybody had to stay in their seat.

Demeter Edwards

Details | Prose Poetry | |

March Winds

Spring is on the distant horizon, another month has gone, now just a memory
Seasons flow seamlessly, path's of time seem faster, now in my golden years
The month of March is vigorous and piping, the month of new life in nature,
The coldness of our winter very gently fades, birds sing high in the trees,
But beware of gales as they rush through our woods, over meadows and glades.

The wild wrath of winter eases, March winds are fast, chasing the cold away,
Branches bend and groan, dead wood falls, ruining thatches and old buildings,
The wind bites but wild flowers spring from black soil in meadows and glades,
Measure the difference of the solemn fitfulness's of autumn, and March winds
As People gingerly look out on mild days time to begin work in their gardens.

The last days of February sees the frost less severe, the slushy snow melting,
All in keeping with ancient character the month is wet from thaw and dampness,
A time for floods as snows melt, rain and sleet pours, this is our wet season,
There is movement in the woods, leas and the forests nature starts to wake up,
Now as sap is stirring in trees, buds begin to show green on bushes and boughs.

Details | Haiku | |

Bamboo warrior

by the fire crash snap                                                                                             bamboo stands tall the light casts                                                                               shadows like Kanjii

Details | Haiku | |


frigid white blanket
envelopes me as I sleep
dreaming of spring thaw

Details | Sonnet | |

The Winter Breeze

The cool winter breeze blowing across me,
the sweet little bird flying in the sky free.

Everything so cool and calm around
all happiness lost,seems again to be found,

in the nature of life with the cool winters
and always hope for good with crossed fingers

Such a season,physically changing the mind,
cooling off every anger,whatever that I find.

Along with the breeze the winter brings in
the warmth of happiness,and a lovely dream

The dream of a girl,smiling at me
everything looks beautiful ,just as is she.

Walking along with her ,I'm always at ease
she holds my hand and we walk in the winter breeze.

Details | Haiku | |

A faraway lantern

wickery shadows                                                                                                            palish yellow light reflects                                                                                          nest lonesome mistletoe                         *                                                                            - An evening view of sunset through the wood line

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Winter Rhyme


wind cools chimes
rain drizzles on the fresh thyme
winter rhyme

Details | Personification | |

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

The poppy said "No",
The nasturtiums said "Wait"
The seedlings were jumping at the gate;

"We have to get through Winter first,"
The old oak spoke, and everyone burst.
The pansies nodded in assent,
With a great deal of sentiment.

He looked down sadly at his girth,
Smiling wryly with perfect mirth;
"Ten more years is all I am worth".

He glanced at the herbs tenderly wilting
And spoke as though his heart were melting
"We have to be patient and wait for Spring,
And there's the catch, it's a learning thing".

"I won't make promises I can't keep
And we all know Winter will put us to sleep".

Summer will rise again, in all it's glory,
And that for now, is the end of my story.

Details | Blank verse | |

Meaningful Meeting

A happy person on a snowy morning, 
standing near the sea, beneath the rising sun.

A person finding happiness while watching the sea,
standing amidst morning snow, as the sun is shining.

Happiness found on a snowy morning,
near the sea, the sun above, burning brightly.

Details | Ballade | |

Mulberry tree in winter

A mass of twirling branches
The sleeping Mulberry tree
Has dropped her load to rest a while
Her form intriguing me
A month ago she looked so grand
With her mass of dark green leaves
But now her branches gnarled and bent
A wondrous pattern weave

I bought her thirteen years ago
My weeping Mulberry tree
I’ve sat and watched her all these years
And I have looked to see
So many birds of different hues
Using her as their resting place
To shelter from the predators
Or for a while to laze.

So many times I’ve sat here
With a smile upon my face
Taking photos of this tree
As it stands in all it’s grace
I’ve had some lovely, magic moments
As the birds have stopped to feed
From the little tray that hangs near by
All filled with sweet bird seed.

1 August 2013 @ 2003hrs

Details | Acrostic | |


Winters frosty snowflakes fall
Ice runs through your desire
Never ending nippy nights
Tender moments by the fire
Evergreens flapping in the winds
Rivers frozen, slightly dire

Silent days and Shimmering nights
Overcast evenings so inviting
Loves flame slowly lighting
Sparkling, shivering so exciting
Tinsel dancing in the air
Icicles shining with such flair
Cold breezes blowing through 
Every nook and part of you.

Details | Lyric | |

Cold Season

Cold Season…

I feel the winter calling
The cold season blowing on the wind
I want to send my spirit soaring
But it doesn’t know where to begin

I watch the leaves as they’re falling
Changing colors I watch them twist and turn
Turning to the ground, I’m gazing back into the sky
To feel the frost; just as fire, burn…

I feel the winter calling
The cold season blowing on the wind
To me it seems the clouds are falling
And I’m wondering where I fit in

I see life through a picture window
Unpainted glass covering the expanse of the frame
My unobstructed view of the trees bending in the wind
Wondering if the view will ever change
Or if it will ever be the same again…

I feel the winter calling
The cold season blowing on the wind
I want to send my spirit soaring
But frozen, it doesn’t know where to begin…

Details | Rhyme | |


Gray is the season that withers
blossoms dulled by satin frost
how they sadly fall
cruel chill, it breaks them all
rest, Rest immortal doves 
while Winter feigns treasures lost
Crystal brooks still as dusk
mirror figures warm at heart
oaks over icy knolls
sprawling old souls
flutter, flutter leafless arches
for that single spark of life to start
Blushing through frozen woods
morning hints at splendor, frail
a starling in the snow
sleeping on her bough
wake, wake feathered angel 
sing sweet trills of the nightingale

~ Luther Lynton  Seahand ~

Details | Verse | |


My mother use to tell me a story about living in the woods.
She said during autumn the leaves fell to the grounds and they burn very good.
Her siblings and she would go hunting in the month of October.
The family would store the deer and rabbit meat not to go to the store.
Nature was harsh when it was cold.

When the snow or the freezing rain comes, the birds do not soar in the sky.
The ether would freeze the fouls.
The upper arctic is rigid air.
The birds fly south.

Nature in the winter can bring struggle and strife.
The beauty of the outside can affect life.
Save your money and do not fly high.
You are gambling your stability of sound body and mind.
Bitter Mother Nature is not to be denied.

The beauty of nature and winter signals an end of a productive year.
Plants cessation is seen.
Farmers have harvest crop.
Animals migrate to warmer climates.
All know Mother Nature in her mood swings.
Therefore, pay attention to your surroundings.

Respect Mother Nature and she will respect you.
However, the weather is onset.
The quiet weather sneaks upon us.
Therefore, things can become quite turbulent defining a Bitter Mother Nature’s region.
Penned on May 20, 2014 12:30 A.M. EST!

Details | Free verse | |

The Dead of Winter

In the dead of winter Mother Nature is callous and cruel

The wind bites the cheeks as it whistles around the corner

The ice crystals sting the eye like a desert sand storm

Only to blind you with it's forceful gusts

The land becomes colorless filled with white

In the dead of winter Mother Nature is callous and cruel

The trees become stripped of their leaves

And the wind howls through the branches

As the wind swirls and twirls

It freezes everything in sight

In the dead of winter Mother Nature is callous and cruel

As sheer ice covers the landscape

The snow drifts begin to pile

looking like dunes of desert sand

The roads start to become impassable

In the dead of winter Mother nature is callous and cruel

In the dead of winter Mother nature is callous and cruel

The ponds and rivers freeze to solid ice

Snow storms hit with a powerful vengeance

Blinding everything in it's snowy path.

Details | Crown of Sonnets | |

A Stone in the Cold 6th Verse

The snow is deep here as I trek the cold                                                                              All the traps were empty and so am I                                                                                      I am not alone, tracking them that stole                                                                               They are loud, stalking them against the sky                                                                            What kind of men, clumsy and they are thieves                                                                      I close in on their spot. They chose to camp                                                               boulders along the river’s winter freeze                                                                            There is no fire, they look tired and damp                                                                         outnumbered with all their shoulders slung                                                                       What men will I find. The party I hail,                                                                                 without a reply unslung the bullets rung                                                                                  I follow thin ice, behind me like quail                                                                                    Now I know but they are clumsy and slow                                                                              I must build a shelter, to fight the cold.

Details | Light Poetry | |

Feather Beauty Bright

I spy, a feather beauty bright
With speckled blush on breast
Basking within the thicket light
Dancing round about her tiny branch 
Your fluttering sight beholding
Within the snowy briar
Bathing among the warmth
Of the morning's golden glory

Its brilliance your own crown of halo
Like a sunburst that swallows
Up the end of February's sigh 
As other feathers flusters zoom right by

The ginger little fellows all dappled, scramble
A merry-go-round within a flight
Threading joyous song throughout your bramble
As further flocks of scurry, hurry fly

On parade teasing wings of faerie sprites
A musical path of crisscross kites
But, you little one are the daring, bursting forth
With higher operatic songs, to startle and scold those spry

Feather beauty bravely 
Upon your perch chest thrust out boldly
Nonsense rhymes and a new found might
Chase away the imps of finch and thrush
And keep yourself the sunbeams for its light

And bask yourself once more this time
Among the drops of melting dripping snow
And gather up all tis full
Feasting here, where the wild wild berries grow
But, in the end you are their kin 
And soon, my fairy feathered friend you too must go
Out, onto twittering leafy stemmy stem and off...
Into the yonder of the coming spring to rove

Details | Rhyme | |

I Walk the Seasons Changing Times

The falling of the Autumn leaves
tells me that winter time is near.
Summer is now many days past
and a season that I hold dear.

But this is not a sorrowful write;
always wondrous, this beauty to see.
Always such splendor to greet my sight
as nature’s signs unfold before me.

Contentment is as a faithful friend
while I walk these times in the sun.
The golden leaves upon this road
mark a place that I call ‘Gold Run’.

So I walk the seasons changing times
as the days go rolling on by.
From warmth of sun stretched across the green
through months as the winter snows fly.

Details | Ode | |

Changing Seasons

Shamefully dull, life would be,
Without seasons to nourish me.
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall,
Nature’s blessings the nourish us all

Apathetic and harsh, winter is,
With arctic gales that pierce 
Every linen shielding my frame.
Anomalous flakes of snow drift from the sky
As sheets of white accumulate on the ground
And weigh down the healthiest trees,
Teasing those ready for winter festivities.
Once the snow angels and snowmen are made, and
Once the sledding and snowball fights are done,
Into their warm homes, all will run,
Hiding under hoards of fleece 
Until it’s time for spring to come free.

Pleasant and lively, spring is,
With liber rains falling lavishly
On soil beds of assorted seeds,
Nursed diligently by the avid gardeners
Who thirst for the sight of the first blossoms
Of poppies, roses, lilies, and tulips.
Blueberries, cherries, and strawberries
Entice the onlookers waiting to pick
The ripest harvest in a timely manner
And savoring them until summer can flare.

Fierce and fervent, summer is
With a feverish breath, that makes rain a treasure.
People gather in masses to absorb the bodies of water
As a radiant sun desiccates the land.
Outdoors, pitchers of lemonade are carried everywhere
And thriving honeysuckle sweeten the air.
Yellow lights of fireflies flicker through the night
As exhausted bodies relax beneath the stars,
Gazing in admiration, until autumn can appear

Calm and homely, autumn is
Wither green, red, and yellow foliage taking over.
Crisp leaves bustle about the ground,
Trapped by flurries of whirring winds
Until they are raked into heaps for children to dive in
And pumpkins growing in preparation to carved or baked.
Families huddle together around brilliant fires
While couples stroll through parks, taking delight in the landscape,
And having picnics until winter’s brisk rise.

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Summer says goodbye

Summers saying goodbye today
And winter will arrive
bumble bees are on their way
looking for their hive
Flowers are looking tired today
where once there was a fine display
Robins found his way again
No more jenny wren
Winter will creep in again
then will come the golden rain
Snow will fall upon the ground
children laughing all around
Another winter will slip away
And bring us back to that sweet bouquet

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Frosty Treats

frozen tracks stretched across soft snowy down black trees trimmed in icy cloaks fine frosty forest treats TLH © 1-29-13

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Blanket of snow

Blanket of snow....

Outside the air is crisp and clean
The tress are pristine white
and a blanket of snow covered the lawn.
In the distance the sounds of machines
They're plowing the roads before night.

Inside we sit snuggled together 
Sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows
While enjoying the warmth of the fire
Knowing this is just the beginning of winter
We still have a long time to go.

There will be days of fun ahead
of catching snowflakes on the tongue
and seeing the frost form on the glass
of sliding down hill with the sleds.
snowmen to make, and carols to be sung.

Bonnie  Hollywood-Cutts

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A Seasons Dance

Autumn, a kittens purr before wakening jolt.
Sincere colors that differ each day,
Each fall day creeps up before winters bolt.
After barrenness thrives of nature’s way,
Sensual frosty covers, arrive as new born colt.
Only bold sunlight brilliantly begins to play.
Nature’s swing of new birth begins the molt.
Spreading beautiful dancers, this shall stay.
Delivering stanzas until another natural revolt,
All the seasons parade into cascading array.
Now the bold days of summer, defend the gray.
Creating blooming artifacts upon our display,
Each year delivers, only, what we all weigh.

Written by—Cecil Hickman 
Written on-- September 29th, 2013 

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I Bid You Adieu

Winter I bid you adieu
your work is now done
the land is rested
and ready for new life

Slowly you release
your icy grip
and the snows
melt into puddles

Infinitely slowly
the land warms up
promise of new life
in every new bud

Spring only round the corner
soon all ablaze with colour
animals and birds give birth
joyful sights and sounds abound

Winter I bid you adieu
take your rest for now
lie in dormancy for the present
your time here done for this year

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Snow Day

The years have passed and I am much older
No longer a school kid with thoughts of grandeur 
But how do I long for the years of old
With the snow falling down and the temps so cold.
I want a snow day!!
A day to relax
A day to play
A day I will enjoy to the max.
I might play in the snow
and make an igloo
I might plan a goal
or l might search my soul
I may be older and wiser they say
but all that I want is a snow day 

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Snow In Winter

The snow in winter
Drop softly
Like the petals of flowers
Rests on the ground
Or hillsides 
Like the mattress of God
Pure, silky and foamy

When wind blows
It floats like tiny balloons
Free from the hands of
Merry making children

On the leaves of trees
It lies like an innocent baby
Sleeping peacefully
In her mother’s lap

On the stones
It drops liked the
Lovelorn heart 
Of a lover
Whose beloved is far away
Leaving him to shiver
In the cold of ingratitude

On the lake it swims
Like the feelings 
Of a beloved in the memory
Of his long awaited lover
Freely in the air

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Now the winter has arrived,
Our breath suspended in the cold winter air.
Very soon the snow will blanket the ground.
Early sunsets are no longer rare.
Morning's dark when we arise.
By the time work's done, its dark again.
Every glimpse of sun is a prize.
Rain is upon us now....snow and rain.

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the river

The River 
The river that crosses the high plain like 
an artery has only muddy water since it 
didn´t rain in the summer.
Wild horses and donkeys come here to 
drink, but often they look up and scan 
the horizon weary of man and his dogs.
They served mankind for thousands of 
years but with modern farming methods 
they are no longer needed and have gone 
feral. Free now, but freedom comes at 
a prize, winter can be hard and often they 
are hunted by sportsmen who kill for fun.
By the mountain there is a corral but only 
the stupid and sick go there, the rest know 
they are fattened up and used as sausage
meat, which the town uphill is famous for.
Every Octobers there is a gigantic party in 
the hill town, beer is senselessly drunk and 
tons of sausages eaten, the river, that crosses 
the plain, becomes a putrid pool of human 
waste till winter rain falls and clears it away.    

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Frozen Beauty

          14 JAN, 2014

     snowflakes scintillate
glissade upon winters breath
     white blanket facade

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To Where a Snowflake dies

A war in heaven reluctantly concedes
To the lullaby's in the night singing softly
Covering us in heavenly whisper blows
As feathers falling light so intense and gracefully 
Escaping God's whitened watery coves

And somewhere up above
I believe there are angels also grooming
Thus, for the twilight showing, shedding as they rush
The world as such, always in a hurry
But, for an instance and out of nowhere
An avalanche of marvel captivates the hush

And in my distant mind I most certainly can relate
As to the stars and ancient sands of grain
My tongue tasting these miracles of wonder
Reaching further to acquiesce
In greetings, to miniature designs
Crafted out of God's very hands of great

While, celestial bodies move
Constant shadows consume
Around assumptions of the human mind 
Thus, begins the dusk and ends 
To the place where a snowflake dies

Look around
Who is it that seems to care
Or thinks to ponder the manual labor input here
With hammers, chisels, nuts and bolts
Never to witness to a mere mistake
Or upon discovery any kind of error

Yet, I listen… to the silence…
Extracting all its pleasure
Before, another million frigid seedlings ashen
Met with daunting fate
And in the still of tranquil
Neither snowflake cries out or offers up complaints

For a day
Or merely several nights evermore
A complex purpose
Or to thus, a simpler existence
Then, I pause...
Unto supposition, as I meditate the message

Guesses drift off, into what's last unknown
Of the never ending knowing
Embracing their provident life
Watch as they embrace each other closer
In a bank of ice, waiting for the melting

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Woodsman Walking on a Winter's Night

Woodsman Walking On a Winter's Night

With a flickering lantern to light the way
he will not stumble or fall.
The snow is latent beneath his stare,
as he walks into the night.
There is no comfort in the cold.

He is too well-seasoned to fall.
He sees the world reflected
in water pools formed from melted snow
on this moonlit night. 

Glaciers in his path would feed rivers.  
He avoids the cracks that
swallow men whole and will not
defile his shoes by walking in the ashes
of a burned out campfire.

There is a famished ogre who grimaces 
there and would prefer raw meat
	to stew.  
The woodsman is older now, 
toughened by life,
and hard as leather.  
He knows he will not be eaten
	by the ogre or the ice.

He will not tarry long 
in that damp place
where weasels whine and owls
hoot mournfully imitating doves.
Slowly the darkness swallows the man.

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Winter is coming

The shadows are becoming longer;
The cold is feeling stronger.
Our beautiful green trees;
have begun to lose their leaves.
Winter is knocking on my door;
It's not summer anymore!
Autumn is truely a frenzy of colours;
The beginning of nature's wonders!
Leaves are turning yellow, orange and red;
We start turning in earlier, going to bed.
A beautiful bright sunny day;
can no longer find it's way.
A chill has started in every wind;
but we won't complain, I don't mind.
Nature is taking her course;
she's bringing in winter with a great big force!
Awesome winter evenings spent indoors;
Relax a little, throw some pillows on the floors.
Stack the logs in the fireplace;
oh move over, I too want a space;
to bask in the glow of fire so warm
we can sit there and talk while outside it storms.

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Life Is Like

Life is like a warm summer day;
Full of obstacles and delay.
Like is like a summer past;
No single moment will ever last.
Life is like some winter snows;
It has its high points and its lows.
Life is like a winter sky;
Beautiful, until the day you die.
Life is like an autumn wind;
Chilling you through 'til the end.
Life is like an autumn moon;
Foretelling of something coming soon.
Life is like a spring rain;
Giving you something to gain.
Life is like a spring child;
Always smiling, always wild.
Life is short,
So live it tall
And God will see
You through it all.

(Dedicated To Ebony Webb R.I.P)

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I Long For The Coming of Spring

Today the cold north wind blows.
  The weather is fierce and wild.
     I long for the coming of the spring
        With fragrant breezes mild.

When gently falling rain
  Encourages buds to bloom
    And fluffly clouds in a clear blue sky
      Dispel the winter's gloom.

I long for the coming of the spring
   When winter is at an end.
      For the soothing warmth of spring
        Will start my soul to mend.

entered in Deborah Guzzi's foreign exchange contest:
this is winter in Canada

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Good Morning, Spring

Today has said, “Good morning!”, and my ears can hear a brighter voice
A change in tone, the choice of words, have dusted off my better mood
Today has said, “Good morning! And my heart can feel a brand new joy 
As winter takes a final leave, and melts the cold with warmer hues

Today now wakes anew, with the cleansing sound of springtime rain
And sweeps the cobwebs from my brain, and clears a winter’s dread
It is not that I will dawdle, ‘though my bed’s unmade again…
The chores, for once, can wait awhile, while cobwebs clear my head

I look outside my window, and relish what I see
Those gloomy clouds are breaking up, as I pour my cup of tea
The winter doldrums on my shoulders, which have been a part of me
Have been shaken off, and swept away, like dust motes in the breeze

The sun peeks through a rainbow’s hue, to takes the gloom away
One raindrop clings to cobwebs strung, across my flower's bed

For Francine Robert's Contest:  Cobwebs and Dust
By Carrie Richards 3/20/12

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Hate You Haiku

    Hate You Haiku

Waters forget Spring 

Children can not spell haiku

Fall and trip in brook

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They’ve hauled me into the parlour,
secure in terracotta packed with soil,
to sit awhile before my ritual humiliation.
Soon I will be baubled,
showy, gaudy, tinselled –
the court jester who will keep
them smiling through their feast –
and burdened with things that dangle,
like a tart’s cheap earrings,
and those little wooden reindeer,
hand-painted, made in Korea.

But for now they seem
to contemplate my noble nakedness,
their eyes detained by something
unplumbed in their reality;
and they are silenced, for just an instant,
by a notion, perhaps, of distant green,
a timeless forest that impinges
on the periphery of their awareness,
seeing me as I would remain,
could they but permit
such an insult to their tradition.

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Memories On Branches

My, you’re brimming with eggs, oh singing robin redbreast,
Fly to the mulberry branch with your saffron yarn to build your nest.

And hello, mandarin butterfly, look how anxiously you flit,
Here and there until at last upon the elm branch you sit.

Look on the hickory branch, you can observe a predator stalk,
The neighborhood hawk will hoist his prey to the tower loft.

A squirrel launches from an overhead limb into midair, 
It rattles loose an avalanche of snow on my scalp and in my hair.

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Cozy Winter Dreams

It is time for those cozy winter dreams.
Night sky bright with starlight gleams.
High above the moonlight beams.
Echoes of a hoot owl screams,
as I snuggle in for those midnight dreams.
Frosty windows and snow covered trees,
mountain tops waiting for those with skis,
cold winds blowing the winter breeze,
and I'm snuggled in with cozy winter deams.

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Spring In The Mountain(Life Sustained)

high above
a winter snow melts
A greatly anticipated moment approaches....
dripping drops....
tapping sounds....
trickling down....
small veins reach in a quest....
intertwining avenues criss cross the scape merging in believe
a rage, distant, but building in degree 
careening and flowing desperately 
the purest of water searching for the peace of the valley green
a distant need awaits completion 
a river falls
tumbling homeward 
high above 
a winter snow melts............ 


Written By ^Rick Parise

Inspired By The Poem"Spring In The Mountain" Form~Haiku  Poet~A Rambling Poet(Constance)

far from city sounds
upon a misty mountain
winter ice ripples

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Winter never surrenders,
It ploughs through the soul
And freezes the people.
For all time its fierce fangs
Inject bitter venom 
Into its victims.
Some fall prey of a sudden
Trapped beneath the surface 
Of the ice. Others fall asleep,
Unable to fight any longer.
Still some brave the bite 
For the sake of others
In order to help them
Safely return to spring.
Spring endures, 
But winter conquers, 
Such is life they say, 
Though they wish
It differently.

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The wind is whipping, so the sleet’s
Like needles on your face.
Your feet are slipping on the sheets
Of ice formed everyplace.

The cars are skidding on the roads
That haven’t gotten salt.
It’s so forbidding, each abode’s
Prepared for an assault.

The people shopping in the stores
Buy everything in sight;
Though some are stopping doing chores
That they don’t need tonight.

The blizzard’s blowing as they said,
A fierce, ferocious storm.
So I’m not going out; instead,
I’ll watch from in the warm.

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A gentle caress of an autumn breeze, 
as I walk along the road covered in leaves.

The colors surround me, vivid and bright, 
as I savor this autumn sight.

Shades of green, brown, red, and gold, 
October puts on a spectacular show.

Hear a rustle in the leaves, 
squirrels collecting nuts for a winter's feast.

Smell the cool, crisp air, 
soon the woodlands will be brown and bare.

Reminding us that winter will soon be here, 
the whitest season of the year.

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When Winter Dies

When Winter dies it's always sad
The clouds begin to cry
The flowers grow to let us know
That Winter has said goodbye

Winter held on as long as she could
But she caught that Spring disease
Try as she might she lost the fight
To make her subjects freeze

When all of her snow begins to melt
It's more than she can take
She begins to fear her time is near
As Mother Nature plans her wake

Summer and Fall begin to watch
For they share the very same fate
They're already there as both of them stare
As Winter's arrival is late

They bury her somewhere far away
Away from prying eyes
Today rejected she'll be resurrected
Once again to rule the skies

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Winter's Arrival 2K12

Unto freshly morrow doth I arise.
Before I, the glazed forest floor in frore.
Forth multiplying flakes parachuting Steele skies.
Yea, thereupon rigid Winter finds home's door.

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White Images

white is the new snow
it colours land with pureness
fresh and crisp to touch

Pristine snow lay over the fields clothing it in white crystals
soft piles of deep drifts abound the hedges 
the simple beauty of the snowdrops poking up their heads
as the land warms, white daffodils wave their trumpets like wands
followed by the hawthorn which coats the valley in white 
the blossom on the various fruit tree a delightful sight
beautiful highly scented elderberry flowers shower the trees
stately white lilies greet the bride as she draws nigh the alter

virginal blossoms
adorn and scent the arbour
a delightful sight


contest Something in White

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Winter Scene

Footprints track the new fallen snow,
as I look out from the frosted window.
Such a cool, cool winter scene,
so peaceful and serene.
The branches of the tree are bare.
Not one bird will reside there.
The fireplace warms the room,
the scent of pine's sweet perfume,
and the light from the moon,
brings about a cool, cool winter scene,
so peaceful and serene.

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The Unpacked Suitcases

O loving, tender spring,

   full of growing things,

Why is there winter in your eyes?

Your quick visit has hurried 

   your slow, fermenting graces ----

Everywhere, far and wide

   blinding snow!

   blowing endless white!

No more your balmy breeze

   to lead me outside!

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Appalachian Seasons

We welcome Spring with blooms
From bright red and yellow tulips
It feels like the season of flumes
With the scent of fresh hyssops

Summer skies roll on around
With gently floating white clouds 
Fresh mown lawns cover the ground
Leaving crisp, emerald shrouds

When Autumn happens through
With orange, red and amber hues
The entire world is a changed view
Mountains painted brilliantly new

Winter covers the world in white
Enchanting icicles hanging from trees
All the world is dazzling even at night
It’s a wonderland of a peaceful freeze

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
In the Appalachian Mountains we find
There is no place to be found any better
Seasons of bliss surround us with a design

God’s paintbrush has chosen our world
To leave impressions of such joy and beauty
Colors assorted, mixed and swirled
To create a vision of dreamy bounty

 ©July 29, 2014
Written for Vibrant Verses Contest

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Freezing Fire and Burning Ice

They say fire and ice are an example of balance,
Associated with harmony and peace,
Even a story of love.
Is man really so jaded?
Fire and ice don’t exist like this.

Fire can be a lot of things.
It’s the passion burning inside you
Or the light that keeps one alive.
Fire comes in many forms,
But  always burns everything it touches.
It consumes that which blocks its path,
Leaves only ash.
It shows no mercy,
Raging flames devour all.

Ice is more gentle and serene.
It's seclusion and clarity,
a peaceful mind.
It's loneliness and fear,
just as harsh.
Don’t be fooled by its allure.
It’s just as cruel.
It sucks the heat away,
Draining all life.

They are only natural phenomena of destruction

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After snow the ice sets in with wind
Temperatures plummet in the cold
The humble house gets cozy with the warmth inside
Built by the fire in your eyes
Small cabin, but, enough protection on the lumber logs
My love and I venture out to the wilderness
Bundled up in winter gear
Take each other by the hand
It keeps us strong 
It reaches into our hearts
And starts an ember there for warmth  

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Winter blossom

Kanbotan blooming
a long life in the rice hut                                                                                              no hiding beauty

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A Winter Snow

a wish for snow is what I hope
try ice fishing or sledding down a slope

but even though it dose get chilly
most people want spring, and that seems silly 

this is a wonderful season, maybe it's just me
there are few other people who also love to see

snow falling softly from the sky
and watching beautiful sunsets, while birds fly by

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First Frost of the Season

First Frost of the Season
By Reg Rhodes

September 1st; the first frost of the season.
The coolness in the air inspires my imagination.

What new adventures will the Rocky Mountain winter bring?
How much snow will fall before spring?

350 inches of snow, or more?
I'm so happy to once again live my life the way it was before!

My snowmachine still waits in summer hibernation.
The sight of it makes me giddy with anticipation.
Soon, I will be rushing down high mountain chutes, overwhelmed with exhilaration.

The smell of snowmobile exhaust Invokes reflections of fresh powder flowing over the top of my sleds hood.
Floating through the mountain powder makes me feel so incredibly good!

What snowy treasures hidden in the backcountry, will we find?
When we explore the endless acres of immense forest pine. 
The trees will beckon to me; and I'll leave my worries behind.

It is in the deep snows and thick pines; where I find my solace and inner peace.
The sight of snow capped mountain tops provides me with a wonderful spiritual release!

The early fall frosts reward me with immense inspiration;
to once again embrace life, and the unique winter season!

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Winter Nights Moon Glow

Would you like to go with me my love? Perhaps better not… to go! I go into the woods at night you see Neath Winter night’s Moon glow I listen for the night bird’s cries And when I hear them I know That I’m close to where I want to go Neath Winter night’s Moon glow For March is when Winter starts to die It’s life force ebbs and slows The night birds cry, the cold winds sigh Neath Winter night’s Moon glow Would you like to take that walk with me A stroll serene and slow? Perhaps we’ll be, in luck and see Things that we shouldn’t see… or know I’ll only ask you one more time (or three) You alone must decide to stay or go Winter’s demise waits not, for you or me The night birds say it’s so You’ll not soon forget what you’re soon to see Again!…perhaps best you not go! the night bird cry, high in the skeletal tree Neath Winter night’s Moon glow When Winter dies, and Jack Frost flees And barren limbs sway to and fro It’s only fools and lovers like you and me That dare bear witness to tortured throes …Neath Winter night’s Moon glow…

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Autumns here, not to cold
Roses are still blooming
Looking around I see lots to do
Dead heading,weeding and pruning

Bulbs ive bought for next year
To pop their heads up here and there
And the sweet pea seed pods
Are drying in the air

It's time to tidy up our plot
With lots of digging too
Weeds to pull, beds to hoe
Lots of things will have to go

You know you have to be a little brave
If that roseyou want to save
But you will learn that over time
You have to be cruel
Just to be kind

The flower beds need a tidy
Take all the dead stuff off the top
Veg plotsbeing well dug over
Waiting for next years crop

Pruning back wayward branches
Collecting  seeds, next year to sow
Burning up the collected debre
Long gone are the neat vegies in straight rows

The lawn will soon need it's final cut
All the birds have flown their nests
Must take down the nesting boxes
To clean and get rid of pests

September now with harvest moon
Time will fly and very soon
Christmas will be here
I hear you cry
And then its over 
In the blink of an eye

And then ........
Springs around the corner
 With wondrous thing to see
Bulbs popping up above the ground
Giving joy to you and me

And when all the hard works done
You can sit back and be pleased
Wind, frost, rain and sun
You've grown all that you need

The seasons cycle will start again
And it will be time
Seed catalogueat the ready
More varieties to find

Seeds to sow , hpoe they'll grow
The lawn will soon need it's 1st mow 
The summer months to enjoy 
But really it's just a ploy

It all starts again 
For another year 
For harvest festival 
Is here again for another year

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Snow Fall

                      Snowflakes kiss the ground
And blanket the earth in a white temple of frozen nature
                       Clean and cold is the stillness
                                     Of winter

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The Storm A Blowing

The wind is blowing
Raindrops are falling
Through my window, gusts are howling
Right here right now my soul is loving
The Wintery blast that is occurring

My heart a flutter, my minds at ease
With this constant blowing breeze
Winds so strong they morph the seas
Mountainous waves leave land like Swiss Cheese
Each gust feels like God aboves sneeze

Birds take flight, trees hit the ground
Wood creaking, snapping, a cacophonous sound
Chaos reigns as wind becomes Earthbound
Not a light in the street can be found
Powers out, deadly wires snake all around.
©copyright Juanita Torr

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This place called Talisker on the Isle of Skye
It just has to be visited to be seen by the naked eye
Situated on the West Coast, on one of Alba's isles
In any season one can only toast, taken in by smiles

For in the Spring it's surrounded by anew
Shoots reborn showing seasonal view
Lambs jumping, springing, on the various farms
With not a care in the world sharing their charms

Summer now abounds in blooms of various greens
Sparodic white houses stand out amongst the scenes
Birds in vocal song catching insects on the breeze
The sounds of children playing in fun filled please

Autumn slowly encroaches with the signs in the trees
Leaves in colour loss as the branches start to grieve
Carpets of many shades delight before their end
As we await the impending rains that natures due to send

There is now the chill of winter as all around starts to show
On the high ground her intentions, craggy peaks topped with snow
The day will soon be here, with her virginal carpet lay
Whether Spring, Summer or Autumn, even Winter has her say

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Winter Again

Leaves spin
because of the icey wind.
Filling with anything
but chagrin.
Allowing me to deduce
it is winter again.

An array of multi-colored leaves
both high and low,
dance and flutter around
the fluffy-white snow.
As frost bites through my shoe
in search of my toe.
I deduce it is winter and 
continue on with the flow.

Big and small,
we will hang them all.
Green and red,
what a colorful ball.
I deduce it is winter
and hang them in the hall.

Kids who sneeze
from the cold winter breeze,
always end up on their knees.
Usually begging for "'NyQuil' please."
Again I deduce it is winter
and tease.

Some leaves,
some wind,
nothing too big.
Not even a sin.
"Boy O' Boy" am I glad
it is winter again.

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Mora Piya Ghar Aaya - My Beloved Has Returned Home

Mora Piya Ghar Aaya (My Beloved Has Returned Home)


the leaves fell, as you left, a bleak chill wafting across the barren space within my being,
you left, taking your smile and mine,
my smile rests with you still, leaving a void impossible to fill.


pangs of longing consumed me, my only company in the frigid nights,
my tears remain frozen, within,
unable to fall from my broken eyes, as I searched the depths of the cold, harsh skies.


birds returned home, though you did not, and I felt soothing rebirth all around,
memories of you began blazing, their embers stoked,
and at last the tears rolled, like ink on this blank notebook, my whole being pined for you, my very self in anguish silently shook.


alive I felt again, the promise of the coming cooling rain, easing the heat of desire,
yet the furnace slowly raged inside, your absence tearing into me, shattering my nights, my longing for you soaring unfettered across the skies,
dancing on clouds, blissfully free,


heaven itself opened, the deluge an unending dream,
rain falling all around, mingling with my flowing tears,
and then I saw you, you returned, and I embraced you, never wishing to let you go,
and though I may wear the mask of the clown,
if you were to leave again,
my very soul, would quietly slip away, and in the monsoon rains, I would gratefully drown.

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From this glazed window over the wide and bare plain,
I contemplate mounts covered in white...
breathing the purest air, watching a kite 
fly in a cloudless sky that yesterday was filled with rain! 

Do I wish for spring? No, because landscapes attest
that winter is also beauty despite cold and snow!
Do I feel great sadness? No, because stillness is rest
for a weary spirit like mine surviving on a warm glow!  

Cuddled up in a wool blanket that grandma crocheted
on harsh winter nights, I'm munching on warm bread...
the kind baked in a break oven so deliciously crunchy;
winter stay, let me reminisce those past ones so hasty!   

For many winter days are dreary, for me it's subtle silence that lasts... 
allowing more serene thoughts that have a better reflective view!
Do I rather see snow than a green meadow gleaming with dew?
My answer is yes, because it rushes in another awaited Christmas! 

From this glazed window over the bare and wide plain,
I spot a lonely shallow struggling and feeling much pain;
it stayed behind to discover a beautiful season that the others dislike...
fly into my palm, small bird and admire those mounts covered in white!

Details | Tanka | |


The sleep I desire
is for resting of the mind.
The sleep I desire
will happen when I am tire.
The sleep I desire is now.
For Amy Green Critter Tanka Contest
April 11, 2014

Details | Light Poetry | |

Song Of Winter

Bare branches clicking together Winter snapping it’s fingers To a song composed by Nature Sung by winds garbed in White robes of snow Choral composition Season of transition Music swirls all about us Yet…given not To Man to know A song unheard… Except by Angels To mere mortals E’er unknown Of Winter days that in most marvelous ways Makes one want to …write a poem…

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Dancing and sparkling,
Grasping the sun, the hoarfrost
Glimmers like diamonds.

Details | Rhyme | |

Cold Comfort

             Cold Comfort

And so the ducks of season – fled
left me standing – holding bread
as leaves – fresh fallen - drifted by
the tears of trees that couldn’t cry.

The muskrats weave their mounds of reeds
while squirrel and chipmunk search for seeds
preparing for long winter’s nap
cold fingered tree - withdrawing sap.

Coyote’s yip and wolves low growl
soon to turn to hunger’s howl
baying at the harvest moon
reflecting only cold - at noon.

As the crust of captive bread submerges
I bow to instinct driven urges.

John G. Lawless

Details | Free verse | |


Down from the mountains it comes on the darkest of winter nights, dashing through the blackness, howling as it goes. The deep forest, leafless and dead, offers no shelter, it sets the trees thrashing with the wind of its passing as the beast circles round and around whipping its tail at everything in reach. There is nowhere to hide from the tireless thing which seeks only to pull and tear at all it finds, leaving branches shredded and dangling. It leaves the woods behind, gathering speed on the open ground, ripping through hedges, sending the autumnal detritus scattering as it passes, and all the time the howling never ceases. At last it reaches the home of its human prey, peering through lose shutters and banging them closed in anger, uprooting trees and bushes in frustration on its never ceasing voyage of destruction. It seeks the unwary and even those safe and warm behind locked doors fear the beast as they hear it clawing at roof tiles and chimneys sending them toppling, few escape the savagery of its passing. Winter’s storm is lose, dashing through the blackness, howling as it goes.

Details | Light Poetry | |

Winter's Revenge

We came through the winter months
With just a few short days of snow.
Now the daffodils are blooming
In the big fields row on row.

Though the winter months are waning.
White has sifted over gold.
I open up the door to find
The North Wind blowing cold.

A few short days of snow have come
To prove winter is still King.
Though we may be quite impatient,
We must wait awhile for spring.

Now the daffodils are blooming
And the blossoms must be picked.
Winter sprung his big surprise to show
He may be down but he’s not licked.

In the big fields, row on row,
Each March, the workers must relearn,
Despite the daffodils in bloom,
Winter demands all of his turn.

Won a 4th with this

Details | Lyric | |

A Melancholic Blaze

The wolves race through the woods...
A melancholic night breathing...
The moon weeping its elegant light...
 As I drown in the lake of uncertainty...

A prodigious night...
Procreating melancholy...
A deceiver at command...
Portraying images of the divine...

The nature decaying to the bizarre setting...
As the wolves howl at the night’s mystical descend...
And as my heart cries a disheartening reverie...
The river turns venomous at the cheerless call...

The wolves pursue the divine call...
The eerie wind deceives their ears...
Far ahead I see a shadow of the pure...
But as I approach...the shadow is razed by the prevalent obscurity...

The winter birds seem to be early...
Nesting in the putrefied tree...
The venomous river appears frozen...
As a chilling breeze stings the heart...

A prodigious night...
Procreating melancholy...
A deceiver at command...
Portraying images of the divine...

The last few hopes seem to deaden...
As a cloud seems to darken the elegant moon...
And the heart craves for her warmth...
As the flowers anticipate the monsoon...

Why is it that her radiant shadows appear?
When illumination ceases to exist...
A bird rests on my shoulder...
And sings mantras of eternal hope...
An assurance of support... 
And the melancholic night descends...

The wolves howl to the infinite sky...
...And the lamentation of a lost soul...
Overpowered by their howls...
As the melancholic fire burns on...

The lamentation of a lost soul...
Forever lost...

...And as I close my eyes...
The setting transforms to “heaven”
Where flowers are vivacious...
...And nature rejoicing the start of spring...
...As I lay in her arms...
The panorama vivid as ever...

A panorama...
That subsists within the broken heart...
And a last few dead branches...
The winter bird collects to complete its nest...

And now all is at rest...
Silence is what subsists eternally...
The lamentation of a torn heart
Ever so callous...

...As he putrefies eternally...
...In a Melancholic Blaze...

Details | Haiku | |


Cold very bleak wet wind
Harsh to trees, blows very coldly
Gastily is winter

Details | Rhyme | |

Crystal Colors

My eyes beheld the splendor
Of the icy display
Trees graceful bends thrust
Frozen in a crystalline crust

My ears heard the crackling
Of the frozen display
As some limbs give way
To the load of the day

My eyes behold the brilliance
As sun touches ice
droplets of water give birth
to rainbows falling to the earth

Debra Squyres

Details | Narrative | |

Cold winds blow

The cold winds bitterly start to blow.
Frost glistens as my breath shows.
The cold seeps all the way to my bones.
My feet start to drag like a couple of stones.

I walk for a while to escape this freeze.
My joints ache I can’t outrun this breeze.
The sun rises I feel warmth with its light.
It combats the wind with which I fight.

The air is so cold it freezes my thoughts.
My stomach is turning and twisting in knots.
As the sun warms my head thaws out.
I slip to a dream, winter is about.

The day gets better but soon it is done.
I watch colors explode with the setting sun.
As it ducks down behind the hills,
I feel the return of winter chills.

On the way home I feel like a lost sheep,
I get home to find I’m too tired to sleep.
I close my eyes my thought still seep,
I think that perhaps I got in too deep.

Details | Light Poetry | |

October Blizzard

In the middle of Fall while the leaves are still changing,
A winter storm makes a surprise appearance,
leaving reminders of winter everywhere,
The snow covered grounds and the howling
winds, fast forward lives into winter's desolate

Darkness looms from the old trees that succumbed
to the stormy weather, cancelling Holloween and
good times,

Commuting has become gnarly,
Residential neighborhoods display destroyed properties,
and all are let in awe from October's Blizzard which only
happens once in a blue moon.

Details | Free verse | |

Black fruits - in french -

Fruits noirs

Sans qu’on y prenne garde,
Le ciel se tisse du grillage
Sombre des branches.
Elles  s’étendent  chaque année,
Et chaque année,
Grignotent un peu plus d’espace,

Au point de parfaire une voûte
Et d’arriver à se rejoindre,
En confisquant le peu de lumière,
Stagnante, sous les dernières
Feuilles de novembre,
La sève lentement rétractée.

Une pluie insistante, et froide,
Corrode la symphonie des ocres
En une bouillie sombre et gluante…
Les buissons moroses abritent
Aussi des fruits noirs,
A la densité lourde.

Ils pèsent de leur deuil,
Leur poids d’approche hivernale,
Et font oublier les envolées légères,
Des passereaux insouciants,
Qui se poursuivaient
Dans l’azur cristallin.

Ce sont des corbeaux    ;
Et leur noir luisant,
Semble une menace anthracite,
Barrant quelque part,
De branche  et branche
La lumière et la joie .

Without being beware,
The sky is woven with wire mesh
Of dark branches.
They extend every year
And every year
Eat away a little more space,

To the point of making a perfect arch
And arriving to join
Confiscating the little light
Stagnant under the last
Leaves of November
Sap slowly retracted.

An insistent rain and cold
Corrodes the symphony of ochres
In a dark and slimy mush ...
The gloomy bushes shelter
Also black fruits,
A with heavy density.

They weigh their mourning
The weight of winter approach
And make you forget the light flights,
Of careless sparrows,
Chasing each other
In the blue skies

They are crows;
And shiny black
Seems a anthracite threat
Barring somewhere
From branch to branch
Light and spirit of joy.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Has Spring Sprung

Can't seem to get off to sleep tonight, thoughts buzzing around my old head,
It's dark and quiet, the cat has gone out and the street lights have gone out too,
The odd car passes by maybe coming home from friends or a night on the town,
Could be on the way back from a restaurant a Chinese, or picking up family?

Looking at the calender I see we are getting into mid March and days are longer,
Could it be that the winter has lost its sharp teeth and the might of frosts gone,
A thousand welcomes to Spring but it cannot bring back youth or thicken my hair,
Or enable us to offer the first gathered violets to dear souls in their heavens.

The fowled of the farm yard lay, the pheasants crow in the copse the ring dove coos,
The linnet and the gold finch sing while man looks to fences and drains and water levels,
Next is ploughing and sowing, pruning and planting and talking of good years gone,
Spring stirs all with her mighty influence from the depths of the soil and heart.

So spring is with us and she will throw off one dark and gloomy coat after another,
And spring will chase away winter with his hardly wrinkled face and keen eye for beauty,
It is march rough yet pleasant, vigorous and strong with hope and strength and lovely voice,
His gales will come rushing and sounding over forest and lea and shake nature wide awake.

The tacamahac shows off its long furry green catkins, the mezereon its clustered blossoms,
Then the splendid red China rose unfolds itself to the fresh air, and green pastures return,
Coltsfoot and cardamine embellish old fallows and the star of Bethlehem gleams in the woods,
Crocus spreads around like a purple flood over the old established meadows, spring is sprung.

Details | Rhyme | |

This Winter Night

The sun has set, but the world is aglow
The light of the moon reflected by snow.
A blanket of ice, it covers the ground:
A glaze for the earth that muffles all sound.

The trees are bare like skeletons dry,
Bleached white like bones that reach for the sky.
They wait for the spring and hibernate deep;
Tucked in by snow, they dream and they sleep.

A house in the forest is covered in white,
Warmed by a fire and bathed in its light.
The people indoors look out at the sight,
Enjoying the splendor of this winter night.

Details | Free verse | |

THIS FROST BRINGS SNOW Written in honor of favorite poet Robert Frost

Note: ( I proudly share the same birth date with my favorite poet, Robert Frost (3-26)

I wrote the following poem in honor of my favorite poet, Robert Frost, who was born in the same 
month and date as I, March 26th, the only difference was the year, yet those years have not separated 
our poetic kinship. I decided to use a similar style as was used by my childhood poet hero. 
The poem is not about him, yet I have used his surname in the title as inspiration for it! I hope you enjoy it. Robert

This Frost Brings Snow

When rains attempt to touch down.
Chilled north breath freezes them;
Heaven's watery tears, 
Turning inward to crystal. 

So much fun to slide
On their blinding residue.
These feet used for sleds;
Not so humorous on unprepared bottom.

Still, this fresh cold oxygen,
It exhilarates older lungs.
I've breathed warmer air,
Yet from poisoned lower valleys.

Something about this frosted water,
Floating into my life.
A natural miracle from the sky;
My mind loves it before it melts. 

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn A.R.R.

Details | Verse | |

Snow Needed

The days are lengthening, yet no snow
birds starting to nest, too soon I fear
winter still has yet to show her powers
buds forming on fruit trees need no frost
its icy fingers would kill them completely

All is too advanced, the bugs having a field day
gardener's will curse the abundant snails and slugs
that feast on their succulent sweet crops
we need several hard frosts to kill them off
a time of plenty too for rats and scavengers

who feast on carcasses of the unfortunate
much as I and others dislike the cold 
for the balance of nature we need the icy temperatures
to keep things as nature intends them to be
snow or a 4 day hard hoar frost then let spring come

Let spring burst forth in her warmth and splendour
chasing away the blues left by winters icy fingers
and the world leave the stark bare white far behind
as colour in all its hues and shades coats the land
bringing with it, both, new hope and renewed life

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Welcome Old Man Winter

In towns east to west across so many nations
From hills to valleys and the higher elevations
Old man winter has paid his yearly visit to town
Bone chilling temperatures dipping way down
As he's announcing his arrival in late December
This one the coldest one many can remember 
People all prepare for his next three month stay 
He was right on time this year for his first day
December twenty first at the stroke of midnight
Snow flakes fell like confetti in soft moonlight
Blanketing many acres of land at a steady pace
Sure that he covered every inch of the surface
With the calm,gentle wind whistling to say hello
To anybody who can hear it from down below
In the morning residents will look outside when
All know old man winter is visiting town again

Details | Acrostic | |

Jonquil Bulbs

Over the
Next hill
Quietly resting
Underneath the
Icy ground
Lay the jonquils.

Unscathed by
Long winter days
Bearing the promise of 

Details | Free verse | |

Coldest Winter Ever

       Let me tell you about the coldest winter ever.  I thought the snow would continue to fall 
forever.   A blizzard came through and snowed us in.  I caught the flu and was delirious for 
an entire weekend.  The electricity was out and no doubt all was lost.  It seems we could not 
overcome the frost.  Kerosene heaters could only do so much.  Everything in the house was 
ice cold to the touch.  We were so cold, we did not even have a desire to eat.  Huddled 
together, fighting the weather with our body heat.
       The winter was so mean, and just when there was a sprinke of hope...we ran out of 
kerosene!  And cold water equals bad hygiene.  We eventually ate saltines for protein.  We 
would shiver under the covers thinking we were gonna freeze to death; but we discovered 
warmth in our hot smelly breath.  During the night we used a flashlight. Being out from under 
covers our bodies would be attacked by frost bite.
       On that last morning at the crack of dawn.  The snow was melting and I could see parts 
of the lawn.  We were all physically, emothionally drained.  But the cold still remained.  I 
then knew, that too, would not last forever.  But it was still the coldest winter ever. 
Note: Constance la france wanted to feel the chill of winter for the contest "Let it 
Snow" ...Read on but don't get frost

Details | Haiku | |

Harshness of Winter


      Winter chills air;
      birds flock and feed from berries
      before the famine

      Sheep graze greedily;
      Keen eyed buzzards pick off  prey
      nature's bleak beauty 

      When winter is done;
      Birds will welcome spring and sing
      for joy each new dawn

Details | Rhyme | |

A Winter's Day

Winter winds ice intricate swirls,
as Jack frost pierces Nature’s heart.
And etches glass with abstract curls,
sculpting spirals of frozen art.

Virgin flakes of the purist white,
emerge from crystals clear as glass.
And tumble to Earth in free flight,
their fragile beauty doomed to pass.

A rising sun ignites the sky,
its beams imbuing ice with fire.
Yet the skittish clouds won't comply,
and the flickering flames expire.

A crunchy crust of sparkling snow,
is adorned with crystals of light.
And yet this splendiferous show,
vanishes at the edge of night.

Shifting silhouettes creak and crack,
while a saffron moon beams from space.
And as shadows stretch into black,
bashful stars shyly show their face.

Details | Free verse | |

Startling weather

I put the kettle on for a fresh cup of coffee the February-world outside shows colorful warmth lit by the glorious sun daytime silence rules down on the nail air whistles around the house wind chases clouds cold air creeps through smallest cracks overnight the sun doesn't shine daylight disappears bluest sky vanishes in no time a black and gray blanket covers the world enabled lights illuminate my coffee-break a different ambiance coated with rain and hail while winter taps on temporary opaque glazing still holding my fresh hot coffee in my hand not even a sip drunk I already have to get up to turn the light out the sun returns glorious warm light falls down from a blue sky large hailstones melt like snow in summer an inviting view through a clear window yearns for a walk outside my hot coffee left behind I need to go outside watch today's weather unwind ©Ellie daphne

Details | Quintain (English) | |

Perditions Winter Storm

Snow piercing the night so sleek,
Rapidly pounding my face to obscurity,
Chilling facets that make me meek,
Losing my calmness and security,
Driving and hammering its purity.

Blinding whiteness overpowering physique,
A storm that features pure barbarity,
Securing my still eyes into mystique,
Delivering my motions to lose stability,
I may never again feel any solidarity.

An epic storm unlike any other so bleak,
Shall bare within history a true rarity,
Totally listed inside of nature’s freak,
Total design of Jack Frost’s tyranny,
Legend of this storm will go into posterity.

date written

Details | Rhyme | |


A cold and crispy morning
North wind swirling all around.
Ice on the sidewalk
which my feet have found.
My ears growing numb
my fingers touch the cold
creaking from the ground
my feet can scarcely hold.

Frost on the car's glass;
Winter breath has finely come.
Snow will be here quickly
bring joy to everyone.
Ice through the parking lot
clings to every car
giving grief to all of us
who have to travel far.

Such beauty in the white
such pain in the cold
caught without my overshoes
or my winter coat,
so I stop for a moment
amazed by this crystal shell
and noticed there was nothing
old man winter couldn’t sell.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

A Trip through Winter

Even in our winter season the soul of the coming year bursts through hard thick frost,
Even in high piles of purest white snow, buds grow for our future of the next summer,
Blow flowers stir and seeds my mind with flowers of the rarest beauty of our nature,
It is a miracle of this world a characteristic of not understanding natures jigsaws.

Every leaf every little flower and grain will enrich the earth to sustain its many needs,
It would take too long to enumerate all the flowers, buds the insects in each new year,
A Christmas rose expands its white chalice undaunted by the sharpest of crystal frosts,
It blooms amid overwhelming wreaths of snow and the hardest ground but it never fails.

In the valleys of high mountains the ground is covered with these hardy beautiful flowers,
January has a dear old favorite and my old friend the snowdrop a delicate mighty force,
White aconites, the white leaved colts foot flower grow in the milder months of our winter,
In the woods and hedges insects begin to recommence active life under barks of old trees.

Every advancing day presents us with a fresh and cheering symptom of a clean new spring,
Hedge sparrows and the thrush begin to sing, wren pipes lay, we see a golden crested wren,
Blackbirds whistle and linnets gather and little lambs appear in cold snow covered fields,
The house sparrow, a bold courageous bird, renews his brisk chirping a challenge to cold.

So when we look through white frosted panes of spun glass and look across winter countryside,
When we moan we are bored but it is too cold to take a walk or play in the clear open air,
When we come home from working and complain that their feet are wet, cold and badly wrinkled,
Nature is busy getting her armies together to make meadows wonderful and glades beautiful.

There is no season without a witness of a higher greatness which I cannot understand,
In the cold iron depth of winter nurtures the whole vegetation of our future summer,
Like germs of faith and hope in the heart of man that cannot and must not ever fail,
Little buds grow on a bough, corn peeks from frozen earth, nature has moved a mountain.

Details | Rhyme | |

The first flower

It was springtime in the garden. Just passed, the winter snows.

When first I walked the pathway. Along it's barren rows.

Late in spring, in early morn, through chance I happen by.

I glimpsed a newly blossomed rose, it's beauty caught my eye.

It's bloom was  so compelling, it seemed to draw me near.

 The depth of it's allurement,  made the others  seem austere.

It's dew drenched velvet petals, with color's  brandy red.

Were as soft to the fingers' touch, as silk on feathered bed.

It's  essence more alluring, than any there that grew.

No flowers of the garden, could match it's vivacious hue.

Came summer to the garden,  my rose was full in bloom.

And the lovers' in the garden, were drawn to it's perfume.

Throughout the summer day's ahead, it's beauty did unfold.

Until at last, at summers end, the nights were getting cold.

And the color's of my lovely rose, began to slowly fade.

And as the summer slipped away, I somehow felt betrayed.

Again the winter snows came. The garden stark and bare.

But come the spring, as God intends, my rose afresh, be there.

Details | Rhyme | |


The American eagles left their warm nests
before snow fell on the evergreen pines and spruces,
so did the ravens, grackles and petrels...
hidden among the white mountains, the river still flows.

So peaceful, so cold is this winter afternoon,
no other sound but the waters babbling on rocks,
flowing into the wide valley below without a tune...
two months ago, the placid lake swarmed with ducks. 

Footprints are visible into the frozen snow that no one loves...
who would venture in this life-threatening wilderness?
Could it be a grizzling gone astray, or searching for his cubs?
Leave it to the imagination, or simply take a guess! 

So peaceful, so cold is this winter afternoon,
and the more I look, the less I think of danger...
I would love to get out and discover it like the slow-moving raccoon
seeking food until he shivers and decides to turn back with anger.

Details | ABC | |


Autumn leaves cling high in the tree tops
As acorns drop to the bottom.
Summer’s hot days have long since gone
Replaced by the coolness of Autumn.

The roses and mums are still in bloom
For the nights are brisk without frost.
Halloween is just around the corner
With the brilliance of Autumn soon lost.

Dead leaves create the rainbows of Autumn
Red, yellow, orange, purple and brown.
Soon winter shall blanket nature in white
As the seeds of summer lie dormant in the ground.

Wild geese call as they fly in formation
Across the star filled skies of night.
The moon seems larger and has more color
Reflecting with wonder its light.

Autumn for most, is their favorite time of year
Till winter passes and it’s spring once more.
A time of harvest and transformation
As the light of day is shorter than before.

How many Autumns have come and gone
Only God could tell the story.
How many Autumns have we left to enjoy
With their fulfillment, radiance and glory.

Details | Blank verse | |

Reflections of Humanity During a Snowstorm

Bristling yet beguiling winds are
driving snow sheets through the dark,
and, secured by brick and lamp,
I draw a comforter to my breast,
one woven by humanity.

I sense that each quickening gust
is pulling through the loom of time
life's many multi-colored threads.

A hickory brown is borne to me
of ships defying depths and dangers,
carrying dreams and heartaches.

Glistening now--the lucent blue
of fertile, percolating minds
genome maps and software.

I feel the orange of affection,
hearth and smiles and homecomings,
the warmth of song and story.

The blinking silver of fantasy,
visionaries, piercing sterility--
castles, stars, utopias.

Here is a filament of frothy pink
comedies, dances and levity,
play and spontaneity.

The looming strands of swarthy black
necessities, death, and armies,
relentless in their marching.

The golden promise of sacred texts,
altars, candles, hope,
encoded and translated.

Emerging, the green of recent growth,
rites of spring and passage,
learning and inner progress.

With such a large and lustrous blanket
in which to sink, like a new-born babe,
I'll toss some folds to you, as they will
easily stretch from here to there.

Details | Free verse | |

Winter's End

Leaves are soaking wet
    from the ice that is thawing.The Sun is slowly
waking up from its hibernation. Snow flakes
         are vanishing one by one; after spring's visit, umbrellas,
raincoats, and lovers kissing in the rain,
          has made snowflakes to seem as though their existence
is a fairytale.
     The ground that was once filled with ice, like icing put
                 on a cake, now is green with life, 
with some rainbow colors from birds, butterflies, and flowers.
From a bird's eye-view, the land looks
                     like an explosion of a big bang of color.

Details | Imagism | |

Happen at Once

Occurring being direful the winter
while the middle-minutes night
By anew wake up —of dawn. 
the snows alike ...  rain falling from the space
and the Cathedral is hollow-ringer 
sudden off gave fifth pealing of bells 
And done announce is hours, by dawn turn.
through my window pane glass
— over the vision of wake darkness
the winter I’d listened 			
By sound giving in torment whimpers —	
and the illusion, the dreams
the childhood and romance bit ...
— school instantly at winter!
as passions evenly –a region 
occupying was sort, my mind — 
and memories apart
so critical-up chipped for precious...
The beauty, the greatness there!
Of moments is —in life. 
and by the end, I wrote
the winter I’d listened
in responded over ill temper
a bit much hard fury whimpering sound,
Landing attacks, up hale are torments.

Details | Haiku | |


                Powerful and large!
         A mountain covered in snow,
                 Unyielding to all.

Details | Couplet | |

Rolling Hills In Winter

It is cold this morning, my breath a cloud of white
No snow yet, although it rained a bit last night

My path today meanders around the quiet lagoon
Enjoying the white of last nights winter moon

Far away mountain peaks are iced with snow
Faint sunshine gives them an aerie glow

Almost every leaf is gone from the old apple tree 
But there is beauty in the gnarled skeleton I see

Coyotes cry from behind the oak topped hill
Perhaps they know harder times are coming still

There is a stark beauty in this winter face
I find a certain kind of peace in this quiet place

For The Winter Couplet contest
A winter walk....

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |


She can be radiant
In twirls of pink laced blossoms
Head filled with her songs of the season
Letting go at top volumn
In daffodil thrills and
Lady slippers.

Spring is rather sassy
Lingering in gardens she should
Be caressing in veils of spider's webs
Dressing beds of flowers for
Hours beneath dressed up trees
And roses spilling buds for bloom

Really does not need me
To said a word about her charm
She alarms noone...not even the
Tiny birds or worms, bumble bees
Or butterflies
All humming and singing in unison
Because she's come...

Sometimes winter drags along for another
Day or two
Bringing rain and snow, just won't go,
Hearing about the party about to begin and
Stays to become an invited friend.
Spring is polite
Won't put up a fight until...until...
The sun yells, and stomps her feet,
Telling winter to retreat,
Quite a feat!

A most favoriet time of year
Where cares are brought to rest
Because Spring,
Does it best.

Look at spring struct
Iris blades on parade
Spider's wort yawning
Gardens stretching in green.
Spring, queen of seasons...
Spring is a delight
An awesome sight!
Wait and see!
Wait and see!

A Poet Who Loves To Sing...About Spring and
Every other thing!
5:23-24 p.m.
March 25, 2013
Just sitting here, mind at play!

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Our first walk of the Spring

Our neighbour's excited spaniel pups spring up to us with the joys of Spring as the trees and shrubs are about to bud as do the garish litter bags thayt no surburban lane would be the same in Britain without the hard work of litter louts. Birds flit from hedge to hedge, the sparrows not rare here neither are yellow or red finches; the winter berries still in bloom as early cherries shyly blossom as though tjheir impertinence will not go unpunishred by snowy winds that have made a tactical retreat rather surrender to a warmer world. 
Couples walk walk and talk as dog owners talk their walk while the former tiny Methodist chapel aintefd a pink that no Wesleyan would praise that or the 'For Sale' sign that the owners' grandon secures the windows before he enthusiastically hoes the roses and everyithing else in a desperate bid to sell as the sap in house prices is on the rise. across the road the large modern homes are crowded in for protection from the ghostly threat of tjhe lord of the manor's remians of his moat, a reminder once a once medieval power as bullocks with no degerence roam and anser to the the mooing of the cows in the fields nearby that are fed by the the farm hand with tractor and trailer never getting out of his vehicle to face this phalanx led by the bull that lord's over them. 
wE walk home replenished as the first day of warmth so we can stop and stare with no shiffer there as the sun goes down peacefully. coming homegulls swirl overr the estuary in mock anyance on such a spring day as the lower sky blushes light pink as the higher sky is a pale navy blue in a beutiful Spring sunset after all our Winter woes.

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                                      Imagine winter never ends
                       Pristine landfills, gleaning giant mountains
             Fertile soil and seeds beneath them,winter can't outlast
            Trading autumn's crayon colors for sallow pearl overcast
                    Winter 's past preserved in souvinir photographs
               Beneath timber skeletons fine powder snow gleans
              Next season buried unrealized dreams
                   Night's onyx overcast expelled pristine snow
                   Death's darkness follows its glaring glow
                        Mourning heaven's somber gray veil
                                     Solar laser rays paled
                       Gleaning snow fall and sallow sky glow blend
            Pristine camouflage is where paradise enchantment begins
            Closed eye meditation shields brisk air and snow light glare
                        Skeletal timbers' iredescent crystals rain 
            Shattered shards melting froze against pristine plains
                           Day's snow melt and eve's snow glean froze
Retro gaze yearning summer days' tanning rays permeate blue intransparence 
                         Dark weather children's unapparent
          Summer's citrus golden  rays and autumn's changing shades 
                       and silent meditation,instills timeless patience
           On an ocean shore pristine sand radiates day glow
                             soft and white as powder snow
                Changing season's brief sorrow. Must all things end?
                      Perhaps I'll pretend autumn never ends
                        Until tomorrow morning, when winter begins    

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low winter sun

Blinded by low winter sun
that rakes the icy field.
I shield my eyes and view
each furrowed rut
cut stark in sharp relief;
each new line so dark.

I peer as dazzling light
lifts thinning mist
from ribs of frozen mud
and see each furrow's crest
capped with silver dust.

Like sea-spray
in the morning light
waves furrowed white.
Foam flecks the breeze
as blossom flecks the trees.
Spring is on it’s way
but will not stay.

Summer sun is high
and in the sky swallows gather, 
then depart. 
Rain clouds loom. 

Though spring has not yet begun.
I’m blinded by low winter sun.

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Natures Winter

Natures winter is upon us
Its her turn to bloom
With greys and whites
With impending consume

The decay of Autumn
Already lies on the ground
Rain, frost and snow
Will carpet our surround

For months she will grace us
In delight and despair
Scenery so amazing
Will leave us in stare

Floods and drifts
Will impede our way
The frosts hampering growth
In our business way

But this is all very natural
As she finds ways to compensate
Although her winter is genius
She will recreate

My entry into Laura's " Winter's Adornment " contest

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The Midnight Flight

Crossing on high
The winter sky 
A lone goose cries

The stars shine bright
And hung nearby 
A Quarter moon 

I wonder why
Where does it fly? 
No mate in sight 

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Nursery of Winds

In the glistening of Spring
young winds are born,
hatchling mouth gaping
for frozen bits of thermal carrion,
gleaning what nourishment they can
from the keening of last winter’s gales.

Summertime zephyrs are on their own,
casting themselves in currents of warmth,
deciding from moment to moment 
whether they will caress or sting.
They move as they must
for only those most fit
may sail forward into Fall.

Late autumn gales dance in glee,
plucking the trees for adornments
to dress themselves, pushing
the dead scales of summer
through wild ranges
to line west facing cliffs
in hopes of spawning anew.

And in the depths of winter’s bite
they prance in waxing and waning strength,
mating with abandon,
showcasing the power of vernal rage,
cradling each other’s breezes
in the glacial nooks of high rocks,
Scattering truth in their wake,
waiting for Spring.

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Jaded Shadows

Oh lonely mist creep through this window and blanket this heart
your expanding presence nurtures these wounds. 
Isolate this dignity while releasing these inner inhibitions.
Lonely mist... these wounds are too deep this blood tainted black;
cover this image seeing nothing but your palm print
you are solace from the jungle beneath these feet,
worshiping your suffocating light and dreary humor
the moon has risen to guide this path. 

Mark Taylor/Contest:Through The Mist/8-21-2014

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Fallen Leaves

The golden leaves of mother autumn
bear the fruits of nature's beauty.
The spices of unconquered time teach
each season of its own eternal sense of duty.
Fallen leaves wither in the sun's harsh light,
testifying of the frailty of the autumn day.
Shoes crush the dying leafy fingers,
while the sleepy earth welcomes their decay.
A rake's stiff claws gathers them together,
giving the hungry plastic bags a treat.
As a few wayward leaves escape this fate,
they are trampled down by waves of human feet.
These fairy tale rugs of  fallen autumn leaves
feel the frozen blanket of winter snow.
Each tree's bark lidded eyes close,
as father winter hides autumn's dying glow.

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Winter Is Here Now To Stay 
The Wind Is Strong The Birds Are
Away Winter Is Nice Amazing And 
Cold Winter Is What Makes Me Feel
Right At Home Winter Is What I Need
And what I Got I Love My Winter
Its All That I want Is This Loving
Beautiful Winter Snow Covered ground
It Lets Me Know That Its Winter All
Over Again.

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Season Circle

When leaves have fallen to the ground,
The time for winter is around.

It's time for birds to fly away
To warmer lands where they will stay,

'Til gone is winter's icy blast,
And spring is here again at last.

In springtime all the flowers bloom,
And people spring-clean with a broom.

Fawns are born and bears awake,
And rain again fills up the lake.

The smell of the air is fresh and sweet,
And the baby birds give a small "tweet, tweet."

When summer's come and spring is gone,
The skies are clear at morning's dawn.

The days are hot, the lake is cold,
Yet swimming each day never does grow old.

As fireflies light up the night,
The starry sky is quite a sight.

The leaves are now red, orange and brown,
As to the ground they soon fall down.

This is a sign that fall is here,
But yet the weather is not drear.

A chill tell bears it's time to sleep,
As farmers finish their harvest reap.

The Season Circle is now complete,
As winter once again we greet.

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Rose Coloured Glasses

The fading colours in a trembling leaf,
Perhaps a portent of the coming cold,
When the heavy hand of an icy winter
Will press hard upon gully, flat and fold.

The rose’s vicious stems will be laid bare
Making way for the jonquils proud display.
Their sweet perfume partial compensation
For the grey and dreary days here to stay.

The cold sou’westerly wind on icy wings
Will fly over the brow of Mount Misery,
The wintery clouds fleeing before it, 
Not daring in unison to mutiny.

The manicured grass of lawns will go brown,
held hostage to the frost of brilliant white.
Hillsides alive with the gold of the wattles
Blazing on the steep green slopes in sunlight.

The tweed collars of brown will be turned up
On every sort of mothballed winter coat.
The rosy red cheeks will beam in defiance,
Yet another colour winter can’t smote.

The grand golden elms of Robertson Park
Will a brittle and brilliant carpet form.
A natural new millionaire’s playground 
To which rugged up bustling children are drawn.

There’ll be the loud shrieks of childish laughter,
And tears of despair as fallen leaves fly.
Soon their winter coats will all be soaked through,
With parents wondering how they’ll get them dry.

The elegant green stained spire of Saint Mary’s
 Still and silent shows the way through the fog.
Relentlessly pointing to the heavens 
With a message for ev’ry man and his dog.
The heavy white winter blanket laying
Along the wandering waters of Cudgegong, 
Spills out into town hiding morn’s magpies, 
Intent on heralding the dawn with song.

Such are my closely held boyhood memories 
Of frostbitten freezing winters ‘back home’.
The view through these rose coloured glasses 
Afflicting the reminisces of this poem.

Looking over my shoulder I’m reminded
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.
And I can vouch for the time-honoured truth,
As through the years I have set to wander.

For here I sit in my favourite spot
As the sun shines on this the Queen’s land.
In this pale northern version of winter ,
Where it’s mid May and the weather’s still grand.

Perhaps if I could just make a visit,
Get a taste and then too quickly retreat.
For there is no doubt it would bite hard
After several years of life in this heat.

Still, my children both look at me askance
When I talk fondly of frost, fog and ice.
Of cutting winds, low clouds and warm fireplace,
Oh, to go back there - wouldn’t it be nice!

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More days await underneath the solar's resplendant sheen,
dishevelled hair battered by michevious whirlwinds;
and slowly approaching my bright chapel, I promise to commit no sins.

Lilies and daisies are held by a cautious hand which has known love,
she accepts them and gently kisses me on these unspeakable lips;
what need is there to whisper anything, if looks can replace all words?

We carefully plan the adventurous years with happy moments,
sitting on the shining marble steps of a medieval church shaded by pines;
and who is listening to our secrets, if not the hesitating and intrusive swallows?

November departs in a hurry, to permit the gelid winter take over the scenery,
leaves detaching from the melancholic trees, the robins shaking off the light frost;
this is their home, shouldn't winter show kind and not impart the worst?

I stretch my tiepid arms, to embrace all trees and creatures, like saints in their niches;
and yet they're too small to save them all, to protect them in the safest place of the heart.
and give them the warmest feeling...when the harsh winds will bring those frightful blizzards.

By the ice-covered pond, where pretty ducks glided on soft waves lured by a steady breeze,
I breath hard, letting all the ice melt and allow them to swim so elegantly and so free;
they are my eternal friends, more than humans are...they perceive kindness and return it.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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The snow crunches under my toes.
I feel like Frosty, wrapped up and poofy yet bitterly cold.
Cracking ice, frozen breath, my nose turns a painful pink.
I scoop up snow without gloves,
To examine each individuality...
My life-long curiousity with Wilson A. Bently's science.
My fingers tighten and prickle with cold,
so I follow animal tracks home.
I, bundled and cheerful,
Amble home from the frost to the hearth.

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Raging Fires

    As chill winds blow 
through the town 
  The inhabitants trudge homeward
Through snow and ice 
   they trudge 
Their faces ruddy from the weather 
At the end of their journey 
    they will come home 
to a roaring fireplace 
    However ferocious the storm
The travelers know that 
   warmth waits at journey's end! 
Take heart! 
When life's storms buffer you 
Learn that love and kindness 
   are the guideposts 
which will lead you through 
life's storms 
However wicked such storms can be

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My Winter

So many people rave on about summer
To me this couldn’t be dumber
Winter is the time for me
A time where I feel truly comfortable and free

Winter is great sleeping weather
Either alone or embracing together
There is no season that is better
Some like it dry I like it wetter

My troubles get washed away with the rain
Swept away like the winter leaves down the drain
A time where I feel less pain
A time where I feel slightly less insane

With considerable rain comes a departure of the water restriction
One can bathe without fear of conviction 
In summer people smell and sweat
Less likely in winter because it’s cold and wet

Winter starts on the 1st of June
With the darker winter nights comes a brighter moon
The sounds of the rain and wind at night
The pound of thunder accompanied by sparks of light

When it’s cold you can put on a beanie or an extra top
If it’s hot there are only so many layers you can strip before you must stop
Winter is a time for rain, hail and snow
A time when the weeds slowly grow

In winter there are less flies, rodents and ants
In winter I can feel comfortable wearing pants
In winter termites are less active or even dormant
Good for us but for them a bad predicament

Winter is a great time for a hot drink
And an excellent time to head to the ice rink
In winter you can hug without feeling sticky
Being intimate when it is hot can be quite tricky

A drink stays cold so you don’t need to add ice
In winter you can have a hot curry with rice
In winter football is played
Birds migrate and eggs are laid

You lay beside a warm fire
And drink red wine or whatever you desire
There’s nothing finer than a warm home cooked dinner
In winter you are less concerned about being thinner

You may get a little cough or sneeze
And you may see images like these
Children playing in a puddle
A loving couple having a cuddle

Winter colours can be dark but also bright
Like when water turns to snow it appears white
The sparkling of stars at night
The fallen leaves with the wind in flight

Winter is most definitely the best of the four seasons
This has been proven with so many reasons

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Winter In Illinois

When autumn comes in Illinois
And the harvest moon shines bright
Farmers bringing in the crops
Work well into the night

When the farmers work is done
And the barren fields lay gray
The nights get cold and frost sets in
You know winter’s on it’s way

The empty fields across the state
Open now for winter winds
Lay silent, cold and desolate
Until spring comes around again

Deer take shelter and birds fly south
Comfort food is on the stove
As hearty Illinoisans
Hunker up against the cold

The hunters now take to the fields
To hunt their chosen game
And laughing children slide the slopes
As hikers walk through wintery lanes

Windows glow from yellow fire light
As children snuggle to stay warm
And the charming glow of Christmas lights
Dance on the flakes of a winter storm

The snows will come and the winds will blow
But it’s of warmer days we dream
Soon March will be upon us 
To herald in the spring

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Silent City

Today I had a thought....
What if I had never met you.
What if I had never seen you.  
What if I had never felt you before.

The sound of your voice is muffled.
Is that the sound of your voice?
The sky is softly falling all around.
Everything is silenced by the fallen.

Surrounded by a heavenly blanket,
no sounds can be distinctive.
The radiant glistening cover of silence 
has stolen the hustle and bustle.

No more footsteps, no more movements.
This silent city has been emersed in winter.
All the sounds have been muffled.
Is that the sound of your voice?

Today I had a thought....

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A Winter Surprise

A Winter Surprise

By Elton Camp

In the days before we had Doppler radar
Weather prediction couldn’t go very far

Without views from the orbiting satellite
The estimates given often weren’t right

In the early fifties, I recall such an event
In short sleeves, a sunny day we spent

Cold rain tonight, said the weather forecast
But there came an unexpected winter blast

The clouds turned dark and angry gray
Snow might follow if it looked that way

The blizzard found all of us unprepared
Alabama’s rare snows make folks scared

Grocery stores filled with hustle and shout
Milk, bread, eggs, batteries were soon out

On trees and roads, did snow accumulate
All rushed to homes before it was too late

On lines, laden limbs came crashing down
The electricity went out all over our town

Familiar sights became a snowy fairyland
Children at windows found it so grand

Shrubs became glistening mounds of white
The barn a towering mountain of delight

Auto traffic on the roads must cease
Bringing a stillness and welcome peace

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Ripe fruit hangs heavily Touched by early frost soon this friut will be lost falling to the barren ground below Rustling wind will catch the leaves scattering them to and fro The trees will become barren and the greenery will fade away Birds get ready to flock south before winter arrives Flower droop their heads heavily the blossoms already touched by frost Rabbits fur changes from brown to white Wild animals begin to get a winter coat Squirrels busily gather nuts and seeds storing food for long winter days The harvest now complete The fields bare for the oncoming year Winter will soon appear on the land. as fall fades into the past

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Winter's Wrath

Winter is coming.
She blows around ferociously,
Whipping the trees, 
And tossing around the leaves. 
Her anger brings an icy gust,
Making us wish we could muster the courage,
To face her wrath.
With time comes a hero, 
Who brings back summer.
Her time is almost done.

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Four Seasons

Winters boldness has its ways,
Of bringing coldness through its snowflakes,
Through the windows its always viewed,
But within it we humans are rude,

Spring dandelions bring us smiles,
Puts us outside back for a while, 
Its nature starts to show,
Those seeds are watered,
Did you know?

Summers heat is so intense,
Takes our garments off our head,
Oceans and pools begin to be fed, 
Oh and at night no blankets used,
Just our bareness instead,

Showering down summers leftovers,
Here comes autumn!
well I guess Fall?,
The breeze it brings feels like an AC,
Look what's coming up again,
Winters boldness, Come Save Me! 

Omer Shafi (also known as Journal)

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Winter Nocturne Dream

                                                           On this winter's night
                                                         beneath sallow skylight
                                                       amidst prismic snow mist
                               wading snow banks that sank like shallow quicksand
                                                     beneath it deadened land
                                Falling snow gleaning grows taller than my height
                    stretching into snowfields,glowing bright as summer daylight

                                           Yearning winter days photographed
                                              when snow painted cedars cast
                                       black shadows against incandescent snow
                Timidly crossing glassen iced paths over frozen flowered meadows
                                       snowflakes falling like flower tree pedals
                                        windblown snow crystals pelt and prickle
                                                    Apparition whirlwinds whisper 
                                            glowing snow dust stirs and glisters
                                                   shattering ice crystals melting
                                                     glimmering streams pelting 
                                            celebrative seasonal window scenes
                                                reflect and filter pearl moonbeams
                                          through this winter's placid past is seen
                                                        winter nocturne dream

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he stood barefooted on the surface of the floe
his known unknown world right below
surrounded by a partly frozen ocean 
showing smallest or lesser motion
touched by immense intense cold 
ice bounding all the unspoken and untold
only natural skin-deep arctic breathing 
prevented renewed feeling of teething 

warmth slowly melted little islands of ice 
facilitating each a temporary flotation device 
precarious compulsory slippery leaps 
caused little clouds of old snow's dust sweeps 
lung capacity limited diving beneath the surface 
becoming an inescapable challenging purpose 
regained presumed lost boldness 
embracing reincarnated coldness

almost elusive limpid rising bubbles
next to their spouses with icy troubles
floating  between those curved rounded lines 
the diver followed their directional signs
most frigid fifty-meter-long underwater world 
reveals unexpected hidden heat unfurled
displaying  the disclosure of polar deliverance 
offering his unbelievable life fulfilling ambiance 

©Ellie Daphne

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Nature's Beauty

Nature’s Beauty
As the spring slumbers on
Underneath the winter snow,
All is cold and seems as dead
Around us, the strong winds blow.
Though the months pass quickly 
The coldness melts away,
Weather’s getting better
Wind, from strong blow to a sway.
Everything’s awakening
From that long dark sleep,
Like a season being reborn
It’s beauty is what we seek.
Slowly buds are blossoming
The grass begins to grow,
Pushing all the frosh aside
Underneath the winter snow.
Spring is here, the birds sing
Wake up, come out and fly,
The sun is out, the rain has come
Winter has passed us by.
The seasons continue to come and go
Never staying the same,
One thing  that is forever true
Nature’s beauty will always remain.

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The beauty of icy flowers on frozen window panes
There is but a little snow that remains
What once was dead is now renewed
A bird flits by with her brood
The once bare tree turns green with life
The forest now bursts with noise once held by chains

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The Hunt Is Over

Venus flickers through the trees, the air now beyond crisp,
As toes and fingers curl and uncurl with each step.

Fallen trees are dodged in the fading light,
And the snow once more has become a crusted sheet.

A shotgun rides upon a shoulder,
Not caring anymore if game is near.

When another step sets a partridge into flight,
The unanticipated flapping of wings warms the hunter for a moment.

The body now leans as a ski jumper would,
In order to clamber the last hill before the road.

And the crusted snow rises to meet the knees,
With each failure to maintain the huntsman’s weight.

The snow is plowed high at the roadway’s edge,
And covers a barbed wire fence.

But the fence is bridged where a tree lay across it,
And the road is gained, as a hunter’s Moon points the way home.

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Abele Trees in Autumn

Above the lake abele trees are golden
Now that autumn has reached its pinnacle
Two muted swans surrounded by reflective color
Snowy white swans face longing for each other

Now that autumn has reached its pinnacle
The lake reflects gold and red like miracles
Snowy white swans face longing for each other
Knowing winter is coming with its bother

Now that autumn has reached its pinnacle
Two muted swans surrounded by reflective color
Knowing winter is coming with its bother
Above the lake abele trees are golden

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A time for rest,
a time for enjoyment,
in order to keep our mind at peace,
we venture out,
in search for something quite special indeed,
these are known as memories,
in order to keep these memories as lively as possible,
we tend to travel afar,
finding a number of ways to preserve these,
especially the good ones though,
but elaborating on a number of these would exceed the pages indeed,
so keeping in short,
the travel to the Himalayas,
is what I can think of,
the elegance and the beauty of the place , 
keeps on registering in my mind from time to time,
how I wish to spend my time in there,
but a voice calls me back,
for it’s not yet time to rest in here!!

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Brown Ice

In the freezes of the winter sunny-sets.
Brown icy lake then the sky turns Burnett. 
As the birds walk on ice underneith the hanging pecan trees. 
Looking for nuts, shelter., for comfort from the winter freeze.

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I dream of spring

With winter upon me I start to dream of spring.
Though my senses feel numb I can’t feel anything.
I remember the sun its rays could warm the soul.
Though the cold of winter is still taking its toll.

I remember the scent of flowers clinging in the air.
Where once it was barren the grass shall grow there.
The trees begin to blossom as they come alive.
The beauty surrounds in every direction I drive.

I hear the bird singing they seem to rejoice.
The enjoyment of life seems to be the only choice.
 They gather up twigs to construct a new nest.
They work until dark and then they do rest.

The days grow much longer I see so much light.
 It seems like a beacon to guide me from night.
The sun grows strong and everything grows.
The warmth can be felt as a gentle breeze blows.

I feel my spirit grows I think I can fly.
I just spread my wings and take to the sky.
 I look down to see all the world down below
The seeds that were planted are starting to grow.

I see spring much like a return of the senses
Nature agrees, it becomes a general consensus.
The dream seem so real I can taste it in the air.
 Winter shall fade and spring senses shall fare.

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Boot Prints In The Snow

Wandering in winter's gusty grip
Nothing is safe from its frigid whip
Taming even people on their journeys.
Animals wonder if theyll see the spring
and the plants would too, 
Were it not for the Winter King
Leaving all but their progeny behind.
And on this journey through the trees
Bootprints in the snow
are the only sign of life around, 
winding their way, as if following the sound
of the Winter King's whisper
Condensing to the crystalline carpet now layed.

His Majesty's frosty reign will be over soon.
His icy staff will melt to rivers twisting through the lands
and everything will shine with new glory again.

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Oh what a lovely winter morning

Oh what a lovely winter morning out today.
The sun rising high over the rooftops
and bare tree branches,
the sunshine reflects on the glistening snow
and creates a diamond sparkle and glaze.
As the chilling morning breeze moves in from the East,
the sun warms my face,
as I bundle up warm and go for
a lovely morning walk,
oh yes, what a lovely winter morning it is.


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A Winters Tale

In the wintry countryside, January bares her soul and lets little buds grow,
Under drifts of pure white snow, hedge high frost hardened, there is movement,
Shoots of brave winter flowers wake, and they in turn wake our summer flowers,
Then the rarest of all our flowers the blow flower stirs hidden away from all.

With frosted snow lay-ed and the skies clear, it reflects a lapis lazuli blue,
The new snow that has fallen on top of icy snow the breeze blows it into spray,
The binding of the snow beneath there is hardness that allows us to walk on it,
Walking on snow is a wonderful feeling looking over hedge tops and deep valleys.

It's good to feel the frozen mass crunching under foot but we sometimes slide,
Only rivers show themselves, their wintery hues amid the trees and grey rocks,
And because it has been a snowy winter stories circulate around warm firesides,
Of travelers lost in great drifts on the wild moorlands and snow laden forests.

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Winter is still here, like the frozen steel,
void of deep colors
waiting for her mask to peel
to a pastel of bursting green.
The trees are barren of leaves
like the brave mothers lost their
sons and daughters in faraway battlefields.
Dried tears are nesting on barks
yet trees are standing high
arms waving the northern star.

Forest land is in a hibernation
under sparkling white snow,
hiding the earth treasures	
from scavengers and crows.
Rending air is piercing the wild,
singing a ghostly lullaby
I watch winter dance in flair
its vastness numbs my feeling,
whiteness washes out my unsettling despair.

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When winter hammers us with snow
And sleet and freezing weather,
We anxiously hope Nature
Somehow gets her act together.

We count the days ‘til spring arrives 
With breezes soft and mellow,
And wait to see the daffodils
So in-your-face with yellow.

This winter past, where I reside,
Broke every rule created.
We didn’t have a drop of snow,
Which we’d anticipated.

Instead the flowers poked their heads
Before they were expected,
And heavy winter jackets hung
In closets, quite neglected.

Officially, on calendars,
Today we welcome spring.
In prior years, we’d celebrate
The joy this date would bring.

This year, however, somehow spring
Is lacking in appeal.
Without the winter climax,
It’s just not a real big deal.

Let’s hope this season lasts a while
‘Cause it would be a bummer
If there’s another letdown and 
In April we start summer!

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                           Primal law of nature
                            In winter
                             Give the most
                               Save the must

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This dry winter evening

This dry winter evening, 
has nothing yet something, 
the clouds all dead, 
the birds all fled, 
the leaves all fell, 
the fruits sent for sell, 
this dry winter evening, 
has nothing yet something! 

Upon the cushion of dead leaves-come sit, 
let your thoughts flow-drown your wit, 
look at those trunks strong but bare, 
those dry streams none to stare, 
those half broken nests waiting for the hosts, 
those beautiful hills threatening as ghosts! 

Where is the Forester collecting the wood, 
The nest is empty-where is the food, 
The trunks so bare-where are the leaves, 
Where is the web that the spider weaves, 
Where is the magic of the evening skies, 
“lost in the woods” where are those eyes? 

where? They are all dead and gone, 
like that old Poet who wrote on and on, 
and as he passed-the legacy was thrown, 
somewhere those verses are still alone, 
like the various corridors of these hilly ways, 
waiting for someone to read-to praise! 
Saket Suman

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As one waits for the morning and looks for the first flush in the east,
February strains its eyes and ears for the earliest signs of spring,
The signs could be a slight increase of some birds in their passing,
From mere call-notes to twittering and an occasional song and a flower.

February comes in as a month of thaw from a cold winter to wet and dreary,
It is a month of anticipation, and the birds from the continent regard it so,
Expressing their feeling as a carnival by all sorts of merriment's and gaiety's,
It is also the month of the snowdrop, and sap stirring in trees, buds swelling.

Snow birds begin to sing and dance and a song sparrow joins in from a high branch,
As it sings, a beautiful bird, its bright ruddy breast appears, the first robin,
February, just now and again, delivers a faint undercurrent of bubbling life,
Like a mountainous country, before the sunrise, peak after peak, a rosy light.

Delusive days, a whiff of spring today gets buried under a foot of snow tomorrow,
Magical sounds of the early song sparrow, strikes the first blow, of winter fetters,
Flocks of ceder-birds, called cherry birds, and wax wings dressed in their Sunday best,
Wax wing, is named, because on its feathers and tail bits resembling red sealing wax.

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Mr Winter

Mr. Winterful

Winter flakes fall ever so lightly
Blanketing the land ever so slightly.

Showering hypnotic flakes as I drive 
Entrancing sleep as they gingerly float 

Each flake different in size and in shape.
A winter wonderland of a white landscape.

Walking in town the snow flakes melt 
upon my lips.
The winter wind grows colder as the 
temperature dips. 

People clutch at their coats as winter 
winds thrash.
As the snow and the wind swirl into a wild 

Darkness falls upon~ the white covered 
Drifts of snow shift and blow all over the 

I snuggle under my blankets and feel 
toasty warm.
As Mr. Winter continues on to fall free-

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Winter is Coming

Rustle the leaves on the golden lawn.
Silently blowing from the dawn
Comes a breeze; its gentle song
Harkens the scarlet leaves along:
"Winter is coming, winter is coming,"
Quietly whispers the cold wind running:
"Go to sleep, go to sleep."

Barren the goddesses of the wood.
Pillars of beauty once they stood;
Now in the cold their branches crack.
Memories shiver their cold white backs:
"Winter is coming, winter is coming,"
Quietly whispers the cold wind running:
"Go to sleep, go to sleep."

The birds are flying to cheerier lands.
Without their whistles the woodlands bland
Grow sober and lonely, cold and grey,
And clouds fill the sky as if to say:
"Winter is coming, winter is coming,"
Quietly whispers the cold wind running:
"Go to sleep, go to sleep."

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Winter Moments

Watching the snow falling outside,
  Through the white drifts a lone deer glides.
Under the grove of laden trees, she stops,
   Stretches her neck, for leaves to crop.
Someone spooks her and off she goes,
   Leaving footprints in the blanket of snow.

A lone chickadee lands on my deck,
   From the seeds there, she starts to peck.
If not for God's creatures, some great, some small,
   I would not appreciate this winter weather at all.
As inconvenient as this winter snow can be
   It still has it's beautiful moments for all to see.

*it's snowing like mad today, so my visitors this afternoon took
some of the annoyance out of it.

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In the still of winter

In the still of winter a person can view the frozen lakes,

The last leaves that shake from the burden of the frosty dew,

The noises of the loons from afar,

In the still of winter.........,

There really isn't musch to see , because folks hibernate quietly,

huddling to and fro,

We merely catch glimpses through the foggy window panes,

In the still of winter, silent prayers are said for a bountiful harvest,

and a summertime that is filled with joy and all the best things life has


Our reward for a winter that sapped all our energies and dumped snow on our 


In the still of winter not much is said..........

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For only there is one life’s joy 
As the man, woman, girl and boy
Waiting for winter’s end and summer’s ploy.

The birds are singing
On wet branches swinging
Relishing winter’s end with elated singing.

From sky down to earth
Life holding to its mirth
Holding on to winters birth. 

Down through our hearts
Winter’s end charts
Bringing sorrow in parts.

For life itself must stay
Winter end’s comes and go away
Children waiting for snow to play.

We must surely abide
As summer starts all is dried
While Autumn becomes winter’s bride.

When ugliness comes to surface
The cold weather of winter is a great service
For warmth in the hearts resurface.

Love reaching us rapidly
Curing our feelings from malady
Enjoying winter’s cosiness madly.

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My Cup Of Tea

On this hot summer day I wish
Cooler temperature
I never wish for much…..
Only a Cadillac SUV,
As large as it comes…..
To protect me from all the
Accidents I seem to acquire yet,
None seems to be my fault
But it hurt anyway…
Lying on hot concrete seem to
Burn my backside..
I walk around the park…..
It drains me of all my body fluid
And I crave for cold drinks…
Than I sweat more…..
Drink more and fill the
Fluids moving around in my
I sweat, sweat
In the temperatures of 99 and
Over 100,plus..
Blisters my poor wanton soul..
In the hot summer heat, but the
Flowers blooming dose not seem
To mind
As long as you quench their thirst 
To keep their roots moist
Planted in miracle grow will keep
Them thriving well,
In this suffocating heat...
It will bring out the best in your
Flower bed…
More Comfortable..
In the season of fall and winter I
Seem to be my happiest, while winter
Weather brews the cold wooing
Biting wind…
Frost on the windows seem to please
The snow filled lawns and sidewalks
Seem to be my cup of tea…
Southern Arkansas..
Usually miss the beautiful winter
And wooing of the cold winter
Beautiful nights..
I enjoy the big flakes of white
Falling from the lake filled
White flakes glitter, sparkling
Shooting from each beautiful
As the big yellow moon rise
Each flake,
Laid to rest in a cluster of 
Spark with their blues,
Yellowish light, capturing
Every color….
Displaying each flake
Craved as a work of art..
Tapestry of..
Fall and winter is my cup
Of tea...
I Adore this winterland of
Beauty .....

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A Stare Down

                                  A Stare Down

My entire day was saved (maybe more)
By a smiling crow with a steel grip
On a pine branch in a snow storm.
I sat very comfortably at the glass door,
Loving the teasing snowflakes,
And sipping steaming coffee.
There he was (or she was)
A pointed silhouette
In green and white winter salad,
Flapping and bobbing--
A challenge to the winter storm.
I tapped the glass and he smiled to a point
And twisted to stare at me.
Two can play this game, I thought.
So, we played and played till the glass fogged.
I wiped some fog away.
He shrugged and smiled and fluttered away--
A shrinking dot in the marshmallow morning.

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Tis spring and budding the crocus blossom
the fuchias have died from winters fright
the cold gate of winter has released it's might
and yet in hybernation is the possum
the spires of the foxglove will skip this year
within the glacial tears have winnowed past
then distilling of snow hardened fast
anon the daffodils and violets will appear
The shoots of life spring forth in arias song
the frost within the heart of winter fled
fountains bound forth from waters shed
they have all been kissed upon by dawn
In the hills the trails gates are broken
winters past has smote it's autumn
languishing leaves can never blossom
and beauty of it's death rarely spoken
Purple lupine forest yet to stretch the meadow
the wetland swamps lay still in fallow
yet is tendered by frog and swallow
soon the cattails and water lillies fellow
The leaping children of the woodland forest
will spring forth from lonely glen
and years to rushed for blessing men
yet in it's radience within does rest
Seems felonious that within rejuvination
that the doubts of men should sprout
when manifest of nature does so shout
that rebirth to life and love it's susperation
But one must chose what one's course is fated
rebirth it's possibility to man
in soil the breath of life to land
Nature has so amply demonstrated

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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The seasons change

Not so long ago I stood in the sun.
Taking in the warmth and having some fun.
The days were long and the sky so blue,
The days were long yet I longed for you…

The days grow shorter the warmth is gone,
Leaves change colors winter won’t be long.
Frost glitters in the sun and melts away,
Things slowly fade that I wish could have stayed.

The wind gets colder the skies grow dark,
They rip through me sending a chill to my heart.
I look to the sky and see the birds fly away
Fall is gone and winter is on the way.

The sky opens up and the snow begins to fall.
It blankets the earth covering it all.
Still I remember what buried below,
I must wait until spring for it to show.

The sun grows stronger the winter ices melt.
As it touches my skin the warmth is felt.
Birds return singing as if to rejoice,
The rebirth of spring seems to be in their voice.

As years fly by so many seasons and change
As a new one comes, the last moves out of range.
The seasons become like stages in life
Some filled with beauty, others with strife.

Spring becomes like when you begin,
Summer is the times in the life that you win.
Autumn is like when you start to grow old.
Winter becomes tears frozen from cold.

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Winter Illusions

Tonight moonbeams shine through the frosted windows.
Outside the whistling wind blows.
The cold, black darkness of this lonely night,
are illusions of winter under starlight.
Winter illusions forever glow,
with the first new fallen snow.
Where only evergreens forever grow.
In the fireplace, fire crackles a dance,
where I stand to warm my shivering hands. 
Spices fill the air throughout the room,
and the light from the moon,
spills illusions of winter on my bed.
Engraving winter visions in my head.
In the silence of winter illusions are deep.
By the firelight I drift off to sound sleep.

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Spring Like Winter Days

Spring Like Winter Days Beautiful spring-like winter days Springtime tune’s echo in the skies of blue What a pleasant change from winter’s freeze Skies with molten gold Unfold Signs of spring begin to show everywhere Feeling the sunshine warmth with a smile A world in between Today It feels winter moving away How can anyone doubt His presence That heaven fulfills And thrills All the stars are brightly twinkle With a colorful and crystal sprinkle Spring is in the air To share With rainbows and breezes that sigh Nature transforming the season with bliss Just can’t get any better than this Erich J. Goller Copyright 2.3.2012

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october's pretence

October’s Pretence. 
Rain, nature is greening, but it’s a false spring; December will 
pale the land into submission. Do not write poetry till February, 
when almond trees blossom and strew petals about in protest
 thinking winter takes the season of its sinister drama too far.
Last winter snow fell, a wonder land; people said they had not 
seen snow for forty seven years. The stream is xanthous I think 
of China’s main river where dolphins, not seen for years, swim 
in cloudy water.  What can’t be seen cannot be caught by man.
Dawn, on the track a boar, sniffed the air and grunted; a hairy, 
pig in need of a pair of glasses. I moved and it disappeared into
 the brushwood.  On nature walks I used to take a camera, but
wild animals hate having their photo taken and avoided my 
intrusive lens I was left with taking photos of trees, weeds and 
evergreen bushes. My lazy dreaminess has paid off I have had 
a good life no one ever expected anything glorious of me, and 
left me in peace. If you look for me I will be on a bus trying to 
find the fabulous castle; I once saw when I could see the future.       

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Daffodil's Hope

Finding an image to focus on
My mind lifts my soul with song

Simple... my perceptions changing
Negative vibes rearranging....

Yellow daffodils spring to mind
So early a blossom, winter shines~

Sweet and hollow its trumpet appears
Soaking up sunshine as snow disappears

Crisp and bold flawless in scheme
Long winter's magical dream

Blossom Daffodil all around my lawn
Adamantly filling the crisp damp dawn

Boldly obvious blossoms in snow
Complicates winter with her glow

Daffodil arrivs at winters' end   
Offering hope to a despairing friend



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a day on the mountain

                                                        A Day on the Mountain
		          The snow is falling around
	                    Bringing the mountain a new shiny crown 
		          The leaves have fallen, it is end of summer
	                    The mountain is in its winter slumber
		          We realize this is God’s natural way 	
			So we adjust to a different type day
			If things changed, and we had summer year 
	          We would start complaining and want snow on the ground 
                              He lets the trees and plants rest for a while 
 		          Then come spring they will be but to the trail
			Sometimes winter can be a trying time
 			Causing us to just set around and whine
			If we look around and see the beauty of it all 
			The leaves are beautiful with many colors of 
			 It’s another morning, it’s frosty and cold
			 But the sun is coming out to warm our soul
			 We’ll stay warm if we really try
		            Blessed with an abundant wood supply
		            God gives us strength to do what we must
			  If we put our efforts and actions in his trust 
			  He says this is the way it is going to be
			  If we look around us, his blessings we well 
			  If we will just trust him, things will   be alright 
		            Just throw another cover on the bed tonight
                                 By  Buzzie  
			   Oct 2001


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Cold And White

Winter's the season cold and white
Those who hate it favor flight
Warmer, sunnier places in mind
But sometime monies are hard to find.

Others who love the frost and snow
Have many activities on the go
A day of sports, and evening of pleasure
Uniting to form a memory treasure.

So here's to winter and all its faults
Fresh fallen snow, skiers exult
Cold and stormy a typical day
Moonlit' rides with the horse and sleigh.

And to all of us who have what it takes,
Say "farewell" to those who need breaks
A winter of warm, a winter of cold
All balances out or so we are told.

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Captured for a Moment in Time

The waves on the pond
Ripple with the breeze
As the temperature drops
Awaiting the intending winter freeze

For upon its waves
A pink water lily floated
Its beauty so radiant
Colours so coated

The intending winter chill
Descended overnight
Captured for a moment in time
This pink lily of delight

In its cryogenic setting
Until the temperature warms
This plant of natures beauty
Within the ice, adorns

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The harshness of winter has finally past.
Springtime is upon us finally at last.
No more dulldrums of winter to tax my brain,and the season I love the best
espically the rain.

I could sit and watch as the flowers and the trees flurish and bloom,
and I know that because of natures miracles all the colors will be out soon.

Finally I love to walk out ,and look up,and feel the rain trickle on my face,
take off my shoes and socks and jump from puddle to puddle all ove the place.

But at last all good things must come to an end. The sun is coming out and 
gone is the rain, my friend.
As I sit on the porch with the sun glistening in my eyes, I cant help but wonder
how long before the next storm comes by.

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When winter comes
And the first snowflakes fall
Who is the first one in my thoughts?
Who is the first person I call

When winter comes 
And there is a fresh fall of snow
Who makes snow angels with you?
Is it that you’re the best angel maker I know?

When winter comes
And there’s fresh snow on the ground
Who builds the snowman with you?
Is it that you make the best snowmen around?

When winter comes
And we spend all of our time together
Have you ever wondered why?
Do you think that I just like the snowy weather?

When winter comes
There is a reason why every winter I call you
It’s the same reason I’ve had since we were seven
I’ve wanted to tell you but have been to scared to

When winter comes
The reason I pull off your wet gloves?
And the reason I gently warm your cold hands? 
Is that you’re the one I love

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The inclemency of winter
has stripped the towering trees
of their peacock foliage of fall;
gravity sucking them back
to the womb that gave birth
to their bare breasted branches.

Yet these pompous zombies of nature
stand poised like wooden megaliths
winking and smiling at the sun 
peeking through stilled clouds
lingering in stolen spaces between
shades of blue and gray chilled skies.

In the irony of this scene’s prelude
to nature’s power of resurrection,
we stoked the hungry fire  and fed it
another log; and warming away the cold,
we waited with the trees to greet the coming snow.

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A Yearly Turning

                                    Winter casts it's frozen bloom
                                    Humbling to a floret spring

                                   A warm summers moon
                                   As the evening bird sings

                                  With a palette of chromatic groom
                                  Fall paints it's earthly shades

                                 Winter awaits,
                                 This array of colorful fade,,,,

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Paw-prints in the snow
Frozen in time;
Tracks once swift halted,
Still but already gone;
A trace of thee untraceable,
An anonymous signature
Of something which was.

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Winter's Midnight

The full moon whispers its secrets
To the winter skies,
Telling the dark clouds why its beauty
Is so profound,
The snow drifts eloquently, through
The night it flies,
Till its gently caressed by the frozen
Winter ground,
The trees are frosted with diamonds,
Glinting with the stars,
They stand tall and strong with eyes
As cold as ice,
The south wind covers winter tracks,
Erasing the white scars,
Until north wind blows again,
Ripping another slice,
The full moon encased in silver light,
Over crystal, glows,
Reflecting its prominent purity,
It’s luminescent white,
This exquisite rendition of silence,
Traditional as a rose,
There is no tender beauty like
Winter’s Midnight.

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Has Spring Sprung

Can't seem to get off to sleep tonight, thoughts buzzing around my old head,
It's dark and quiet, the cat has gone out and the street lights have gone out too,
The odd car passes by maybe coming home from friends or a night on the town,
Could be on the way back from a restaurant a Chinese, or picking up family?

Looking at the calender I see we are getting into mid March and days are longer,
Could it be that the winter has lost its sharp teeth and the might of frosts gone,
A thousand welcomes to Spring but it cannot bring back youth or thicken my hair,
Or enable us to offer the first gathered violets to dear souls in their heavens.

The fowled of the farm yard lay, the pheasants crow in the copse the ring dove coos,
The linnet and the gold finch sing while man looks to fences and drains and water levels,
Next is ploughing and sowing, pruning and planting and talking of good years gone,
Sprimg stirs all with her mighty influence from the depths of the soil and heart.

So spring is with us and she will throw off one dark and gloomy coat after another,
And spring will chase away winter with his hardly wrinkled face and keen eye for beauty,
It is marxh rough yet pleasent, vigorous and strong with hope and strength and lovely voice,
His gales will come rushing and sounding over forest and lea and shake nature wide awake.

The tacamahac shows off its long furry green catkins, the mezereon its clustered blossoms,
Then the splendid red China rose unfolds itself to the fresh air, and green pastures return,
Coltsfoot and cardamine embellish old fallows and the star of Bethlehem gleams in the woods,
Crocus spreads around like a purple flood over the old established meadows, spring is sprung.

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To Everything a Season

She is exposed,
the last of her finery
released by a cold snap,
leaves in a cluster blown
by a winter born breeze
stirring in the shadows

Paying homage, she bows
fairly kneeling before 
the approaching winter solstice, 
and flushed with victory, 
though seemingly defeated, 
begins to weep

For she knows
her restoration lies
in the transient spring 

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Predator in Hinterland

Winged shadow over yellow moon
cold stars glow against deepening blue
Icy breath hovers like drifting steam
Silent talons end winters dream

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Winter is Here

Even in the wintry world the soul of the coming year bursts through the frost,
Amid drifts of snow the long icicles hung down from eaves, fences and ledges,
Walking by day is bracing and delightful hot chestnuts sold from street corners,
Fires burning in metal bins people warming hands stopping for a few minutes.

As the day darkens,lights shine from house windows silhouette through curtains,
Music from piano's songs and good conversation lift hearts in domestic bliss,
Fairy flakes silently and suddenly delight the towns people a sparrow sings,
Whatever the calendar may say feelings do not cross seasons until the first snow.

In the parks and woods see wild scenes of winter life with driving snow storms,
A sombre landscape noiseless passage of a hawk amid the trees, and cutting wind,
Moaning pines, the cold light of day growing colder as the quick darkness falls,
These and other ghastly things that appertain to natures annual winter has come.

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october's pretence

October’s Pretence. 
Rain, nature is greening, but it’s a false spring; December will 
pale the land into submission. Do not write poetry till February, 
when almond trees blossom and strew petals about in protest
 thinking winter takes the season of its sinister drama too far.
Last winter snow fell, a wonder land; people said they had not 
seen snow for forty seven years. The stream is xanthous I think 
of China’s main river where dolphins, not seen for years, swim 
in cloudy water.  What can’t be seen cannot be caught by man.
Dawn, on the track a boar, sniffed the air and grunted; a hairy, 
pig in need of a pair of glasses. I moved and it disappeared into
 the brushwood.  On nature walks I used to take a camera, but
wild animals hate having their photo taken and avoided my 
intrusive lens I was left with taking photos of trees, weeds and 
evergreen bushes. My lazy dreaminess has paid off I have had 
a good life no one ever expected anything glorious of me, and 
left me in peace. If you look for me I will be on a bus trying to 
find the fabulous castle; I once saw when I could see the future.       

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Signs of Coming Winter

Snow is falling softly,
on the meadows of the farm.
The day is slowly fading,
as the night bird sounds the alarm.

Kiwi, Kiwi, he is calling,
to send his warning out.
The time is getting shorter,
to begin the winter route.

The robins are all gone now.
The little finches too.
There's just us duck and geese left,
to see this fall time though.

It's time for us to leave now,
for winter's on it's way,
and to much time a tarrying,
and frozen in we'll stay.

The flocks are gathered together.
Their vee shapes in the sky.
They will soon all be gone now,
and another winter will be by.

Details | Pantoum | |

Spring has Sprung

Nature gives all a fresh start
The wind speaks through whistles
Spring has revisited since winter concluded
Birds chime in, with feathers of sapphire
The wind speaks through whistles
Buds of all sorts visible on steadfast trees
Birds chime in, with feathers of sapphire
Life in every form has blossomed
Buds of all sorts visible on the steadfast trees
Spring has revisited since winter concluded
Life in every form has blossomed
Nature gives all a fresh start

Details | Ballad | |


Where do all the birds go? 
Autumn brings rain 
The birds............ 
Gone again 
Before the winter snow 

Where do the birds go? 
Leaving me......... 
All alone.......... 
With a leafless tree 
Birds, flown 
Yet, not me 

Where did all the birds go? 
Quiet flurry of snow........ 
They gave no sign......... 
They didn't show...... 

To follow a sun...... 
The birds....... 
The Autumn rain........ 
Here again.......... 
The birds... 
One by one 

Where do all the birds go? 
I do not know 
I have no wings, 
to follow........ 
I sit and wait for Spring 
The return of sound........ 
From the air 
Feathered things found........ 
I missed them so 

I do not have wings, 
to take me to the sun 
They left me.......... 
One by one 
My heart no longer sings 
I must wait.......... 
Until winter is done, 
and spring has begun 

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I long for Spring
For Winter darkness
Has no place in my heart
With the bare trees
In all of its' starkness

I long for the first peepings
Of buds of green
To clothe a tree
A field
The flowers to see
in Spring

I long for the fresh sky
Of a Spring day
To see birds fly
To see birds play

I long for spring
Morning light
To fall
Upon forest flowers
Upon trees
So tall

I long for Spring
For Winter darkness
Has no place in my heart
With the bare trees
In all of its' starkness

Details | Prose Poetry | |


As one waits for the morning and looks for the first flush in the east,
February strains its eyes and ears for the earliest signs of spring,
The signs could be a slight increase of some birds in their passing,
From mere call-notes to twittering and an occasional song and a flower.

February comes in as a month of thaw from a cold winter to wet and dreary,
It is a month of anticipation, and the birds from the continent regard it so,
Expressing their feeling as a carnival by all sorts of merriment's and gaiety's,
It is also the month of the snowdrop, and sap stirring in trees, buds swelling.

Snow birds begin to sing and dance and a song sparrow joins in from a high branch,
As it sings, a beautiful bird, its bright ruddy breast appears, the first robin,
February, just now and again, delivers a faint undercurrent of bubbling life,
Like a mountainous country, before the sunrise, peak after peak, a rosy light.

Delusive days, a whiff of spring today gets buried under a foot of snow tomorrow,
Magical sounds of the early song sparrow, strikes the first blow, of winter fetters,
Flocks of ceder-birds, called cherry birds, and wax wings dressed in their Sunday best,
Wax wing, is named, because on its feathers and tail bits resembling red sealing wax.

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A Winter Tale

In the wintry countryside, January bares her soul and lets little buds grow,
Under drifts of pure white snow, hedge high frost hardened, there is movement,
Shoots of brave winter flowers wake, and they in turn wake our summer flowers,
Then the rarest of all our flowers the blow flower stirs hidden away from all.

With frosted snow lay-ed and the skies clear, it reflects a lapis lazuli blue,
The new snow that has fallen on top of icy snow the breeze blows it into spray,
The binding of the snow beneath there is hardness that allows us to walk on it,
Walking on snow is a wonderful feeling looking over hedge tops and deep valleys.

It's good to feel the frozen mass crunching under foot but we sometimes slide,
Only rivers show themselves, their wintery hues amid the trees and grey rocks,
And because it has been a snowy winter stories circulate around warm firesides,
Of travelers lost in great drifts on the wild moorlands and snow laden forests.

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The Snow Trompers

When all the family is in tow
and can we go out and frolic? No! 
For cold it be and sick we might
so we stay inside, scared with fright.
BUT THEN - an Ava came along
and Smeeshnoy sang her winter song
A bobcat sweet is what he be
and they tugged and tugged and tugged at me.
SO - out we went in our too-small snowsuits
to swallow the world and its winter pursuits.
We left our paw prints front and back
and breathed in the smoke from the wood stove smokestack.
We giggled and smiled 'till our noses were red
and Smeeshnoy was ready for a nice warm bed.
And then IN we came to warm our bones and sweetly sighed...
It's COLD outside...

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Occurring being fearful the winter
while the mid-night minutes
by anew wake of dawn —
the snow-alike rain been falling
and the Cathedral is hollow-ringer
sudden gave off fifth pealing of belling 
and hour done announce by dawn turn,
over the semi vision bout darkness	
and through my window glass
the winter I listening 
giving a sound in torment whimper —	
and the illusion, the dreamy
and memories apart
occupying sort, my mind
the childhood and romance left moment
the school ever by a placenta winter
ever as passions area
the fountain and inspiration
a meant-up dynamic thy precious
the beauty–the greatly there
moments in life 
and by the end, I wrote
the winter I’d listened
in respond and convert ill temper
over hard fury whimpering sound
in landing in torment . . . 

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Autumn Fantasy

Had a dream the other night
Birds stayed, did not take flight
October came, November too
But temperatures were the same as June

What was happening do you suppose
Was Autumn holding back the cold
It could not for it's only a season
There had to be another reason

The leaves of trees did not turn
Nor did the bushes or the ferns
Grass stayed green, flowers bloomed
Was our winter season doomed

For who can forget a winters morn
When it seems the world is new reborn
Winter's white mantle upon the ground
And nothing but silence all around

Insects slumber, some birds are gone
But there are natives who give us song
Bluejays, chickadees, sparrows too
Silhouetted against the sky so blue

The winter season is a must
Or skis and sleds would gather dust
Who can deny the earth a rest
Mother Nature still knows best

Some think the winter harsh
But Spring returns in the month of March
Cursing winter can be terribly mean
For you might find you get your dream

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A Story Told

I want to tell a story.
Of a cold earth, a wolf and a winter sky.
It's about isolation and that 
soft kind of anguish.
Told in the smell and warmth of a bitter black bean
on a cold morning.
Will I ever learn to make just a half a pot of coffee?
A story - Yes.
Of a cold earth, a wolf and a winter sky.
It's about lonliness and the plight of a single snowflake.
Told in the hesitation of taking in that next breath--
At a check-out line, stop light, ATM, break room.
It's a story about void and the soft crunch
of a wolf's foot on freshly fallen snow.
Told in the acceptance of distant, hallow,
lost gazes and shallow smiles.
It's a story told. And done to death....
Authored in a howl and the crackling of winter trees.

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Mother Nature

It's a cold cloudy morning in England
the winter wind blows with some force,
the trees are all bare and the flowers are fading
and it's England so it's raining of course.

Everything seems to be dying
but it's winter so that could be true,
in winter Mother Nature is breeding
so in spring what she shows is all new.

In springtime young flowers start showing
blossoms and buds fill the trees,
and to make sure they all show their beauty
she creates a warm springtime breeze.

By the summer they're all fully grown
and their beauty is seen by all,
but soon all the leaves will turn red and gold
heralding the coming fall.

Now in a rainbow of colours
Mother Nature shows us her best,
and before she starts all over again
she has surely earned a good rest.

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The Land I know

My land is one of fertile earth and smiles as broad as the horizon
My land offers hospitality absolute and kindness abundant 
My land seeks your hand in friendship and love
My land opens to receive the rains from way up above
My land is a place of beauty and splendour
With many warm hearths and many opened door 
Open to the sweet smell of newly fallen rain
Where the summer sun leaves you sunkissed
And the icy winter winds leave you breathless
My land is filled with heroes, many in each hue
With the morning moistened with showers of dew
With the summer evenings filled with laughter and fun
With the winter nights so peaceful and long
My land is one you see now
My land is one you know now 

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Autumn's Reign (Blank Verse)

Oh, August lips of sunlight kiss the trees
and warming breaths of air suspend the frost.
The days of summer wrestle winter cold
in Autumn's nimbus of splendid bright shades.

The summer's end is now emblazoned bright
with all the shades of sunsets finest hour.
The days so hot but nights get ever cool
and flowers turn to brown and die to ground.

The Autumn equinox descends too swift
September much too quickly fades away
The arctic bite of October flows through
and steeps the earth within its bitter rain.

The chilly, morning tingle on the air
as falling dew drenched leaves twist from the trees.
The fragile diamonds mirror rainbow hues
in spectral prisms of aquatic bliss.

Oh, crimson mingled saffron reigns supreme
to wrap their cloak about the earth a spell.
The season's charismatic carpet donned
before the frigid snow of winter weeps.

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The Cold Season

The air is clean and crisp and biting cold
So you wrap up warm in clothing’s fold
Sun is shining low in the pale blue sky
Reflected up from where the snow does lie

It crunches softly beneath your boots
Smothering the ground, grass and roots
A soft and gentle blanket across the land
Making this time of year look so grand

The red breasted robin, he hops from tree to tree
You can mark his passage from the scarlet you see
He goes gathering berries, and winter delights
To keep misses robin through cold winter nights

Everything is still in this white wonder land
Like the world has stood still at your command
Sound is suppressed and it travels not far
Like the dull notes from a broken guitar

Most everything sleeps in this season so cold
But still its sights are a joy to behold
Though of green leaves, the branches are free
This white winter land if just beauty to me

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One Winter Evening

     Like a footprint 
in the snow
  We leave our mark on
      Light beaming down from 
the sky
    Eases the chill
But evening will arrive soon
We'll light a candle to celebrate
   the end of daytime cares
In the distance - the sound of childish laughter
and a heavy sense of peace descends and marks the beginning 
of night
This winter evening 
          will pass like everything does
under the sun and moon
      Let's not forget what
we have shared
     One winter evening
It will all come back to 
      our sighs of regret
will be silenced
Cold winds may bite the hands
     But protected by 
each other
We endure what we 
Take joy while we can

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A Blessed Season


Sitting out in the back I felt the cold north wind blow in across the lake.
   Nearly a spiritual moment as my breath it did take.
The summer had been long hard and hot.
   As I patted my wife on her hand as she lay on the cot.
The firewood has been all chopped split and put in its place.
   Ready for another winter to snuggle and embrace.
This is the time of year I look forward to so much.
   Like the feel of a warm blanket as winter sends us its touch.
Like a warm cup of cocoa to soften the nights.
   Or to sit by the fireplace with its embers so bright.
To reminisce of past days and the glory we find.
   Of loved ones that have past and their memories left behind.
Life has been good as I drink from its cup.
   I’ve enjoyed it to the hilt since I was a pup.
And as the snow gently falls and white glistens the earth.
   Remember before too long spring will return offering all a renewed birth.
Always enjoy what you’ve got and give the blessings to God.
   Praise Him with honor and love as through this life we must trod.

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Feel the Cold

The winter solstice, long and brisk The wind chilled faces feel the breeze All bundled up and on our way The cold breaks in and makes me sneeze The clear reminder of winter’s strength The brightest sun set in the sky But, yet it weakens me, at these times And with each cold, I’m teary eyed With scarf and cap, I’m wearing gloves A zipped up coat, up to the chin No matter how we fight the cold In winter time, it always wins One day I shall kill the cold But for today it has its hold

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The snow is melting on the ground and winters chill is past.
The trees are coming back to life!The sky? still overcast!

The animals are stirring from their Winter's tranquil rest,
The birds are hidden-still (poor things) but soon they'll build a nest.

The lakes have lost their frozen caps, (the streams and rivers, too)
And soon I'll look up to the sky and see it's brilliant blue.

And as I step upon the ground with it's coat so very cold,
I stop to ponder on my walk, why Winter should be so bold.

I think about our Spring (now due) and hope its beauty is nigh,
For when our winter sheds it's coat the earth will soon be dry,

For when our winter sheds it's coat it's beauty makes me sigh.

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Winter Is here great Snow blurs the Air
The Mist I feel cold fresh Winter Air drink hot
Chocolate and eat warm bread safe and sung all In
Bed Winter Is not the time to dread Winter...
Outside where beautiful Season there!

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Lines On a Dylan Thomas Winter

The heavy, white powdered legs
of snow-sticky trees arches
the tunnel of street down the 
winding lane of Sunday morning
go-to-meeting church time full
of winter and children and rubber
shells of withered winter apples
used for snowmen's eyes like
asthmatic Shriners dirt-coated in
too-warm winter sun melting,
rolling, packing days of second
childhood smashed like crystal
snowballs in the future
of those green apple eyes.

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Ice Sculpture

Be careful as you
        step out onto the 
frozen ground
             it's covered by a 
  thin veneer of ice
Ahead of us is a 
         sculpture created by
a master
       it's a winter scene of children 
at play
              captured in ice - it speaks volumes to us
                                    Winter moon hanging overhead
as we pass the frozen vision
soon we'll reach home
     Where a warm fire 
will protect us from
                       the harshness of
the elements, the cold sting
of December

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Winter's Little Love

A hoary blanket lies across the ground
and the children love to be bitten in frost.
I watch the young girl purse her lips to purple
and still she enjoys the Winter bitterness.
In her fluffy pink mittens, she gathers a ball
made of crystals and dust- glowing under the sun.
And one toss becomes two or three to the boy
who eyes at her, blushing a red rush across his cheeks.

The day becomes night, and still over the hoary
blanket of Winter's bitterness, they played.
But I call in my daughter, and boy's father calls his son.
They wave good-bye, and eye to eye they gleamed.
Their young little love formed like a delicate crystal flake,
so fragile and so fun as it lasts.
And as winter goes, the snowflake melts all the way so fast.

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Where do all the birds go? 
Autumn brings rain 
The birds............ 
Gone again 
Before the winter snow 

Where do the birds go? 
Leaving me......... 
All alone.......... 
With a leafless tree 
Birds, flown 
Yet, not me 

Where did all the birds go? 
Quiet flurry of snow........ 
They gave no sign......... 
They didn't show...... 

To follow a sun...... 
The birds....... 
The Autumn rain........ 
Here again.......... 
The birds... 
One by one 

Where do all the birds go? 
I do not know 
I have no wings, 
to follow........ 
I sit and wait for Spring 
The return of sound........ 
From the air 
Feathered things found........ 
I missed them so 

I do not have wings, 
to take me to the sun 
They left me.......... 
One by one 
My heart no longer sings 
I must wait.......... 
Until winter is done, 
and spring has begun