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Nature Summer Poems | Nature Poems About Summer

These Nature Summer poems are examples of Nature poems about Summer. These are the best examples of Nature Summer poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Gone Forever

Here I sit amongst the long grasses and the reed,
in a solitary place, where my breath is freed,
on an Indian Summer's evening on the lake bed,
autumn has come, yet the warmth has not fled.

Blazing orange skies, are mirrored to reflect,
I cannot imagine a scene being any more perfect,
as I looked up, an unfallen leaf caught my gaze,
spotlighted in the sun's last golden rays.

I noticed this crimson leaf as it began to wave,
the end of a short life that I could not save,
then swept away suddenly by the wind's rake,
and ripples formed as it landed on the still lake.

The leaf was carried away and my eyes followed,
then drowned by the water's surface and swallowed,
windy fingertips tugged it from the branch to sever,
existing once, like today, and then was gone forever.

Note - This was my original idea for the poem "The leaf",
but it was revised for a contest. I just wanted to post both 
versions of the poem.

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Winter's End

Winter’s fury has long died; fading, weary, she comes to pass. Sunlight spills across open yards, blotted white - then, one last chilled breath escapes with might before succumbing to southern breeze. The seasons transform with ease. Subdued colors slowly brighten - in budding delight, rising, swaying, searching sky, they sleep no more. Pale cheeks, soft to touch, cheerfully blush. Love blooms in wake of warmth and bubbling sounds of children’s laughter. Under a hearty sun, bare feet and legs long to lilt as passion follows deepening breath out to taste the open air, waiting for night to kiss in the flush of descending moonlight – as shooting stars sleep no more. A blazing fireplace cools, no longer needed to kindle romance. Feeling alive, I soften to the touch of spring dew, the joyous music - rustling leaves, songbird’s melody, fresh falling rain; nature’s dance, taking her time to seed waking soil until she voraciously catches fire seeking summer like a lost love – a restless gypsy on a journey- she sleeps no more. Spring dresses earth in liveliest colors… and I smile, Overwhelmed with the beauty touching my soul and sun showers falling on sweetened dreams.

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August rains

The steadily falling cold August rains
Continue to pour upon Cheshires lanes;
over flattening fields of soddened wheat,
Soaking the grass, splashing the feet.

Stands the Combine in the shed,
The unripened apples hanging rosy red,
Stands the caped heron all alone;
The glinting eye as cold as stone.

And in amongst the many puddles
We step around like our troubles - 
So lurch ahead with our retreat
Like drunken fools in the street.

And through this months darkly frowns
The cleansing downpours wash the towns;
Scrubs the spire from ingrained time,
Absolves the guilt from the crime.

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The Butterfly Flutters By

The Butterfly Flutters By
On a steamy, sun-drenched, summer Sunday, Tree leaves delightfully dancing to the tune of A warm, welcoming, wandering breeze blowing, Metamorphosis now complete, no memory of being yesterday’s creeping caterpillar, The butterfly flutters by.
Blatantly, brazenly, boastfully, Showing off beautiful, brilliant, blue-black and brown wings, Gracefully gliding through a breathtaking, glorious garden, The butterfly shyly pitches from blushing, boldly-colored, buds to fragrant flowers, Cunningly outmaneuvering a competing, hovering hummingbird.
Slyly snatching a satisfying taste of tantalizing, syrupy, sweet nectar From attention-craving, Golden Flame Honeysuckle vines, The butterfly flutters by Cheerfully and completely satiated - Perhaps, already dreaming about tomorrow’s anticipated sugary feast!
Entered in the contest "The Butterfly Flutters By"

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Septembe Blues

September, you are a wistful song
Summer sheds a tear when you come along
Sunny summer melodies yield to your mellow song
Its melody fades while yours grow strong

Summer ends and a certain sadness ensues
Sunny days make way for winter blues
September gives us glimpses of summer
Though days be short and golden leaves slumber

The vibrant colors September brings
disguise the coming winter sting
As summer dies it makes one last sunny stand
But will return, for thats how it was planned

Until then we must endure a harsh season
All bundled up, keeping warm is the reason
When the first snow  falls
The pristine beauty leaves us enthralled

Soon summer will begin anew
Gray clouds make way for skies of blue
We awaken from our winter slumber
And welcome the butterflies of summer

For Joanne Grisetti's Copy Cat contest

:Inspired by the poem: September
Which was written by: Andrea Dietrich

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Summer Lover

Oh, summer sun, all winter I have missed
your stale hot breath upon my upturned face;
your tongue that seers my flesh as I unlace
the strings on my bikini. I am kissed
by sultry lips that burn. I can’t resist!
I bask in light of day, and I embrace
Your penetrating rays that find each space
of skin exposed. I wait and plan my tryst.
And when you come, I’ll reverence you once more,
supine, as you would have me, to receive
your torrid touch as token of your lust.
In June we’ll meet as always by the lakeshore.
I should not go.  So well you can deceive.
Some lovers you have killed! Yet still I trust. . .

*For A Rambling Poet's Scavenger Hunt Contest
This poem emulates the lovely haiku called
"dappled sun," (6/9) and also it is a love poem 
for summer much like Constance's Senryu 
"Winter Love" is her love affair with winter.

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The leaf

Among the long grass of the land and reed,
there is a lonely place where thoughts are freed,
Saint Martin's summer spreads upon the lake
in warm conditions all domains partake.

The blazing, orange skies, on earth reflect
perfection's lingering details connect
a red, still hanging leaf has caught my gaze
spotlighted in the sun's last golden rays.

This leaf, upon the branch, began to wave,
(it's ending, little life I could not save),
and swept away by Autumn's windy rake,
imprinted ripples on the peaceful lake.

The leaf was carried, as my eyes complied,
then drowned inside the lake's blue waves that shied,
the sweeping northern gust, the leaf discerped,
that neath the surface is forever kept.

Written by Kelly Deschler   September 19th, 2014

Revised by Giorgio A. V.

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Seasons to wonder

All the evergreens are greener
And the pines are darker skinned
Only leaves that bear the burn marks 
Are the witnesses of wind.

On the grass the dew is frozen
In a spiders web of white
And the cold that bites my fingers
Makes me wonder as I write.

How did winter come so swiftly
How did summer die so fast
Where’s the grave, where was the battle
Are they all buried in the past?

Now I feel the winter nibble 
On my fingers with its frost
And the wind that it has summoned
Mourns for seasons that are lost.

Was it but one dusk, one daybreak
Was it only in a blink?
For the summer was my feather
Now the winter is my ink.

How did shadows shift so quickly
How did colours change so much
As reflections in the water
That simply vanish with a touch?

Now the daffodils are rising
Yet the jasmine blooms are gone
Now the evergreens are greener
And the frost adorns the dawn.

Yes, how strange it is to wonder
So I wonder as I write
What if winter should then also
Simply vanish in the night?

I dedicate this poem (and I'm not being sarcastic or exaggerating)
to my mentor and my friend Timothy Brumley, who taught me 
the art of rhythm, showed me the advantage of counting my syllables, 
raised my goal from acceptable to perfection,
and helped me to turn my nursery rhymes into poetry. 
(and no Tim don’t protest, they really were nursery rhymes) 

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In Your Dreams

Was it all a sweet dream or just reality?,
  I sit and ponder that very thought,
During the daylight and in the nighttime,
  Wondering, were we ever there or not?

A crescent moon smiled down on me,
  Shedding it's white light upon the ground,
I sat amongst the petals, waiting patiently,
  And it was there, that me, you found.

Lavender flower petals I did pluck,
  As I was seated atop the green hillside,
Does he love me, or does he not?,
  My love for you, I could not hide.

I only saw you as a dark silhouette,
  A shadow that walked upon the ground,
Among silver stars and a midnight sky,
  Your gentle voice was the only sound.

My darkened silhouette was no longer alone,
  While yellow fireflies around me dance,
When you came to join me atop that hill,
  In the meadow's softly illuminated romance.

I was embraced within your arms,
  As your most tender kiss met mine,
On that one warm summer's night,
  When our kindred spirits did entwine.

So sad was I when the time came to part,
  As the rising sun shined golden upon my hair,
Although, what a beautiful dream it was,
  When I awoke and found you there.

        Waking Dreams Contest

            April, 4th, 2014

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He saunters in with a slow steady gait
gathering all of nature in his warm embrace.

The whimsical artist splashes colors to sky;
miniature airplanes and exotic shaped kites.

Vocal chords of moon beams strummed by crickets and toads;
a serenade through open windows of our humble abodes.

So light on his feet; ocean's glass dance floor;
leading sailboats to sea and lovers to shore.

His breath on your neck puts you under his spell;
caught up in his love, as romances swell.

His pulse beats hot through sun ray veins,
then he showers us with gifts of cool, fresh rain.

We lounge with him in fields and meadows,
and miss him as Fall nudges him deep in the shadows.

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End of Summer

End of Summer
Glorious Summer was great fun while it lasted, With sweltering sun, I turned super tan and almost toasted. Now it’s high time to end this heat bummer, ‘Cause I’ve had enough of another sizzling summer.
Almost dehydrated, I have been panting and sweating, And I’m tired of using fans and other forms of air-conditioning. I look forward to naturally cool days and crispy nights, Wearing light jackets, sexy booties, and colorful tights.
Wild wind whipping my hair and stroking my cheeks, I welcome the seasons changing in the upcoming weeks. Leaves exchanging colors of green for hues of oranges and browns, I’m ready to embrace exhilarating awesome Autumn!

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Ripe Mangos

Ripe Mangos
overripe mangos falling from a pregnant tree- worms ready for feast

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Summer Nights

The smell of the summer night air 
Takes me back to times we shared
You and I dancing beneath the moon
Crickets playing a lovers tune

Trees full with lush green leaves
Whispering poetry to you and me
A view from beneath a Missouri bluff
Talking of passion, love, and lust

Your hand in mine strolling the path
Sitting on the deck and looking back
Picnic tables and barbecue grills
Driving and parking, is this for real?

My memory’s filled with your sweet love
Do you remember that snow white dove?
A kiss goodnight under a star filled sky
Best friends forever, a promise, no lie

It excites me to think that every year
Whether life or memory I return here
We will create magic again I know
On a summer night in the moon’s soft glow

Copyright © 2009 Lena “Lolita” Townsend

*inspired by John Heck’s “Summer Celebration” contest

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Spring Vs Summer


~Spring versus Summer~ (Rhyme) Spring is slowly leaving And summer is swiftly arriving And for me that really matter Because the days are getting hotter I love spring but mostly I love fall That's when I really have a ball That's when the days are just kinder By reminding me when days are just better! I hate to see spring go, And for summer to my door just to show, I don't like to feel all the heat, Because that's when my body takes the beat I prefer much better the cold weather But I like it more when we are together, Lots of rain and winds start to fall and blow, Spring is about to exit and take her bow Spring is slowly leaving And summer is swiftly arriving It makes me sad to see spring go And for summer to my door just to show. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2007 January.31.2015

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As Lovers Go

When Summer starts her transitory reign, King Sun, her beau, has steadily ascended, brightening a sky that, for a time, shall be his lovely mistress’ domain. He reaches out his welcoming warm rays across the span of Summer’s first official day, lengthening them just as far as he is allowed so he may well receive his paramour, enveloping her in the fullest of his golden grand embraces. But when night descends, Sun’s power wanes. His wife, a goddess, the fair and steadfast Luna, arrives to spell her king, along with her attendants, a host of radiant stars. Meanwhile, Mistress Summer softly slumbers, faintly breathing out the warmth that Sun has wrapped her in. So even in the dark’s coolness, she prevails. In the dewy dawn, when she awakes, Summer sees the beauty of her lover’s light and eagerly, she spurs her King Sun on. No two were ever so well-matched as these, for both heat up the days with their consuming ardor till the time of the equinox when Summer is exiled for nine months, to have her rebirth in the following year. And year after year, for what could be eternity, Sun bides his time, for he has many lovers. . . But as lovers go, it’s Summer who’s most expert at inciting the passion in his soul. by andrea dietrich/ Motif is nature. Also romance For the Impress Me Contest III of Giorgio V.

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The Old Homestead

Orphaned footsteps round the old place.
Pitch black soil, packed deep with bartered
coin and Indian heads – wood and otherwise,

coat her worn leather shoes, Hutterite chic. 
The long land screams within its own silence.
Prairie sage burns somewhere, a ghostly smudge

for the undulating grass and, those it serves.
Its alive scent makes the dead turn towards 
its head - and the barely living turn to listen. 

The impossibly endless horizon holds its bright 
blue at bay, begging acknowledgement for 
its self-professed being and looming enormity.

She looks at the broken window glass and 
through the tattered, delicate gray lace. “Those 
were hers.” She whispers to the one who listens. 

This great-great-granddaughter sees the curtains 
as they once were – wistful in the hot Manitoba 
wind; fresh and lowing with the honest elemental 

scent of aspens, hope and bare-knuckle wash boards; 
always fresh; shifting in the cry for solace in summer 
shadows – never as still as this moments endlessness.

Blowing through the deep brown of splintered pine 
front doors; cracking the announcement of cast iron, 
rot and burnt wood comes the simple statement of – 

I lived. This mother of five young does not cry, 
just yearns to walk in the old ones footsteps;
to know them loved; hear the birdsong through

unbroken bedroom windows for a 5am waking; 
feel the resistance of dough on fingers that beg 
to be broken, and kiss the twisting undead, living. 

The burning of the noonday sun taps her whole,
marking; branding her pale Swedish skin its own.
The red sting of burnt breaks her inward silence, 

welcoming her familiar face home.

© Kristin Reynolds 3 29 2009

*Reposted for John's Summer Celebration Contest. This is a personal celebration; 
celebrating and honoring my great grandparents who settled in Manitoba after leaving 
Sweden and Denmark. This celebrates the summer of family, at least for me. We went there 
every summer until it was gone...

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Walk Of Love

The dark clouds threatened rain in the late evening sky.
They decided to take an umbrella in order to stay dry.
Their happiness was evident on each others face.
As they eagerly tucked an arm around each others waist.
Their conversation was easy as they matched each others stride.
Their eyes lit with glee from the love they felt inside.
They smiled at each other as the summer rain began to fall.
No where on earth they rather be, a special glance said it all.
They stopped upon a bridge as lightening streaked the sky.
Thunder rumbling loudly made the girl hug tighter her guy.
The rain falling heavily now dancing in the river below.
They shared a tender kiss, neither afraid to let their feelings show.
The summer rainstorm suddenly ended as quickly as it began.
In time for an amazing sunset, the first shared by this woman and man.
A smiling mother nature must have thought what else could she bestow.
For in the sky a crescent moon appeared and a spectacular rainbow.
They both knew that this shared experience was a rare one indeed.
Both realizing their love is magical and that they better take heed.
To let a special love like theirs slip away would be such a crime.
For true love is precious and comes around only once in a lifetime.
`Let us forever continue this "Walk of Love".

*A true story

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Sunshine Flowers

The Daffodil, peeks at the yellow rays of the Morning Sun
She raises her head  :through the withering snow mound : with Dazzling Beauty
The Daffodil , Sings in harmony; Arise for I am : the Spring
The Golden weed, the Dandelion , reflects the yellow Halo Floating in the Sky
Knowing Life is short ,the Dandelion dots the Summer landscape
With Her Halo turning White, She calls the Wind and flies through the rays of the Sun
Goldenrod waits until summer is  nigh o’er before waving elegantly 
To the Yellow orb, warming her roots, She melodiously  Sings Forever be Your Glory 
The Goldenrod , humbly  Hums Hymns : to the very Eye of  a Loving GOD 
Yellow Roses speak of the Memories : “watching  the grass “Sportsman’s WAVE””
She sees the Glory of Nature : more Beautiful with each Magnificent  : Sunrise
Yellow Roses, petals so Silky Soft, holding in “ Remembrance “  a long Lost “ LOVE “
The “ AquaRose “ that Grows, in the deep Caribbean Sea “4 miles North of Aruba” 
Screams For the Sun, from her watery Grave, Yet she shines in a sea of  “ Sapphire   
                                                 " Blue " 
The Depth of the  “Blue sea, the Blue Sky above” Shadow  the glow of Sweet  
                                            "  Sunshine "
       Inspired by the Contest : " Flowers " : Sponsored by Francine Roberts
             Dedicated To my LOVES : " Barbara Jean "  & " Lenore Ellen "
              Author's Note : I Hope this is Read the way it was Written
                  YOUR Liege ALWAYS, LOVE : HGarvey Daniel Esquire
                                                7th Place win

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breezeless summer day - motionless on lily pad frog waits for victim

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Reposing Roses - A Summer Couplet

Reposing roses and dozing posies exhale perfumed sighs with nearing night
as the drowsy June moon softly suffuses scent-soaked skies with languid light.

for 'Lovin' Summer' contest

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Under the Summer Sky

Please, grant me the vision of thirsty eyes
To drink in the golden summer hour
Poised in splendor, beneath the wind swept skies

Where crows circle low, insistent with cries
Where meadows are ablaze with wildflower
Please, grant me the vision of thirsty eyes

Where brown cattle feed, on the green grass tides
Beneath tall oaks, crowned with ancient power
Poised in splendor, beneath the wind swept skies

The steep hilled slopes, where purple lupine thrive
Scenting warm air with sweet fragrant showers
Poised in splendor, beneath the wind swept skies

The day stretches out with a yawning sigh
I drink in the golden summer hour
Please, grant me the vision of thirsty eyes
Poised in splendor, beneath the wind swept skies

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As a peaceful wind pushed long and free
simple love had arrived in perfect time
with a song of jubilation rolling pure through the valley
a seed of love took flight in summer winds  free

simple love had arrived in perfect time
as I lay naked upon ancient rocks of graceful light
a seed of love took flight in summer winds free
Gods grace in delicate strokes touched me

as I lay naked upon ancient rocks of graceful light
with a song of jubilation rolling pure through the valley
Gods grace in delicate strokes touched me
as a peaceful wind pushed long and free 

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''A flower breaks out afresh--''

A flower breaks out afresh from its swollen, 
green bud and then stretches outward into 
the sun-drenched sky.

A thing of nature that's timeless
and perennial, it faithfully blooms and
adorns its surroundings like its predecessors.

Never alone, it is joined by its floral neighbors
of its own kind in fragrant numbers, suffusing 
the atmosphere all around with a heavy, yet 
sweet stench of lavender and honeysuckle.

The thick odor seduces and encourages the
flower-borne bees, hornets, and yellow-
jackets nearby into a steady rhythm and pulse 
of continuous labor over the pollen-rich 
blossoms and perfumed, colorfully-tinted 
petals. From an adjacent pond the over-
abundant and unsubtle beauty of the 
lily-of-the-valleys add their distinctiveness 
to the already rich and lush floral landscape, 
now teeming with the life and vigor of 
spring in full bloom.


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Summers' End

The waning days of summer
are the saddest of the year,
nature wears a solemn face
as dying time draws near.

One by one the flowers fade
as life slows to a crawl, 
nature seems to sense its fate
when summer turns to fall.

How I wish it wasn't so,
but summer cannot last,
fall is racing close behind
in front of winter's blast.

Our lives are like the seasons,
death comes to one and all,
what will then become of me
when summer turns to fall.

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Summer Dreams

Golden goddess up above,
shine down on me rays of love.
Summer dreams, they come to me,
bright white sands on the beach.
Rays of sun that warm my skin,
waves of blue come crashing in.
Sailboats sailing in,
summer breezes, summer wind. 
Sandcastles along the shore,
summer rains, they always pour.
Summer dreams they come to me,
children playing on the beach.
Rays of sun that warm the sand,
couples walking, holding hands.
Baby blue summer sky,
summer dreams of you and I.

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Wrapping the Night in a Table Cloth, Stars and All.

soda sparks
and lemon juice
on every lip
and candle wick
of the champagne kind
to bubble brains
and swirl the minds
when summer limps
upon two heels
we break our vows
and kneel to feel
the rhythm of the losing heat
when soda sparks
in weak appeal
as sidewalks bend
their thoughts to me
while overactive melodies
complete themselves
in summer nights
I barely fall without a fight
and candles dim
and lights grow white
I know the drill, tonight's the night
I lick the summer off my chin
and grab September, and head on in...

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The tarantula built  
a web in the upper-left corner of my patio;
she weaved it perfectly as Antonio
rose on his wobbling feet to reach it.

That boy didn't know that 
spiders get vicious and suddenly bite 
when someone tries to grab them for spite,
and Antonio tried to pull it down with a tiny twig...
no, it didn't work, so he tried again with a long stick;
oh, once a garden spider got stuck into his mom's wig! 

" Antonio, put it down,
before it crawls onto your skin! "
The spider will bite you on the cheek
and you'll be doing the Tarantula Dance! "
I yelled by taking the stick away from him with extreme force.
" No, I like that spider...that's the one I want to keep! "
He rebelled with a grin, transforming himself into a beast.
" OK, you can keep it, but remember spiders creep! "
I warned him and told him to wear a mask and just peak.  

The tarantula built a web where rain or storms
never soaked it, and scorching sun rays
never melted laborious she was in summer's long days!
We watched it going to and fro searching for food for her little one
as we took daily videos and had fun watching them!
After all, I realized that a spider is not dangerous...if left alone;
and Antonio kept his distance by warning other boys
that trying to catch a tarantula is a very dangerous game!

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Summer Sounds Surround Me

I sit here in the park amidst a carpet of green speckled with buttercups and daisies
A pale blue sky above ceilings my room as I close my eyes
as I open my ears to the Summer sounds surrounding me
Buzzing encircles me as bumble bees in picnic mode
collect the rich nectar from the sporadic yellows and whites

To my left in the distance I hear the distinct sound of children playing in the parks
swimming pool
Shriek's that would cut glass are consumed by the vast expanse
Water splashing resonates through the air as if carried on the Summer breeze
Chimes appear from the distance as a frenzy of screams shout
Mam, dad it's the ice cream van
Suddenly a quietness descends as I picture children and adults
licking their ice cream nectar like thirsty hungry bees

To my right I hear the distinctive grunts of my daughter and her friend
emulating Flushing Meadow on the local tennis courts
The odd yell of congratulations from watching spectators breaks the scene

As I turn my head again in radar like fashion I zoom in on the aviary where gorgeous
budgies are kept
I can picture their greens, yellows and blues through my closed eyelids
This little community chirp endlessly as they flutter in organised commotion
Delights of aw echo across the flower beds as they are absorbed in my

Modern man interrupts this tranquil scene as metal birds noisily
roar overhead whilst bodied engines reverberate reminding us of the mechanical
world we live in
My own little world this Summers afternoon comes to an end as my daughter and her
friend return with vociferous tones
I open my eyes as normality returns
We gather our belongings as we head of home listening to the cacophony of modernism

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A Late Summer Scene

I stand still and silent,
My eyes are closed but I can picture in my head,
What I would see in this late summer scene.

I can hear the young children screaming and shrieking at play,
The squeaks of the playground slides, swings and see-saws,
The gentile gossiping of girls,
The angry football cries of boys,
The gentle chuckles of old men a women trading tales.

I can feel the smooth, soothing warmth of the suns last few rays,
The soft blades of grass beneath my feet and between my toes,
A soft summer wind runs its fingers through my hair.

A smiles plays across my lips as a graceful sense of calm falls upon me.

I am brought out of my trance by the sound of my phone,
I answer it and hear the most angelic voice.

The only way this day would be become better was if the owner of this voice was with me,
As I think this a pair of hands slides around my waist and a head rests on my shoulder.
I know that touch and that scent.

We stand in silence for a second, a minute, an hour,
Who knows?  
He is with me, 
making this day pure bliss and perfection.

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Summer Days


It is finally here,
What we have waited for.
The cause for much cheer,
Is the season we all adore.
Time to dig out the shorts,
Now that summer has begun.
Maybe play some summer sports,
That is always good for some fun.
We can go for a swim,
Or play sand volleyball.
When it is not in a gym,
Is when it is the most fun of all.
We might be hand washing cars,
Maybe we are sleeping in a tent.
We may be gazing at the stars,
Regardless it is outdoors where most time is spent.
Then there are the simple pleasures,
Like a relaxing nap in the shade.
Or the many hidden treasures,
Such as ice cold lemonade.
There are also the events,
From which certain aromas contain.
Providing unmistakable scents,
From fresh cut grass or a warm summer rain.
Enjoy it while you can,
For unfortunately there is no doubt.
Just as quickly as it began,
Summertime will soon run out.
Leaving us to anticipate,
Summers glorious ways.
Yearning for the next chance to participate,
In the wonderful summer days!


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Barefoot on the Beach

The days of Summer are here
On this beautiful earth sphere
This season of shine
The beach we do pine
Our time to appear draws near

The day we have awaited has arrived
To the seaside we carefully drive
The kids and their daddy
Singing Showaddywaddy
The excitement in us now thrives

In adventure they play on the dunes
Through the reeds the breeze plays a tune
A symphony so grand
As I'm barefoot on the sands
On this glorious sunny afternoon

For these days of Summer cheer us all
As the sounds of happy kids en-thrall
Our day is now ended
As darkness has descended
My kids and I had a ball

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A Shady Tree

I know its the summer time because of how naturally 
Your beauty compliments the caress of a summer breeze
As I watch the world from beneath a shady tree
I take in the delightful comfort of everything I see
But in the same breath I am holding up my hands
Lord will you please give me back the things I no longer have
They are even more a part of me now that they are gone 
As the sun falls below where the horizon is still holding on
Somewhere between the falling light and a star lit night
Is a dream that last forever and will never say goodbye
As the wind gently blows through the brush and shakes the leaves
It begins to hum a melody that I want to sing
At that very moment I smile for all the joy I have
Its so uplifting for me to see melancholy dance
Soon the morning sun will rise and capture my eyes
As I watch the hand of God paint a brand new sky
With every stroke of color I swallow all my pride
And I find a new place to dream of endless times
If I should ever get to the place I left my broken heart
Only then will I believe this brand new day will start
Again Im reminded of why my heart beats so restlessly
Only the speed of thought and my soul beneath this tree

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Standing out in a field alone, a little white flower named Daisy longed for someone to share her world.
One day a blue flower named Bachelor Button entered her world they became friends.
 She knew by his name that he was not the propagating kind, but that didn’t stop their relationship she called him BB short for best bud.
The seasons of Spring & Summer they enjoyed the sun, laughed in the rain and held on fast in the Fall.
Winter came it was long and hard they were both covered in a blanket of snow, not knowing whether they would ever see each other again or even survive .The snow fell     then came the ice, this went on for months.

The Sun shone brightly the first day of spring. A few days later warmth of the sun melted the snow, Daisy popped up .
 I’ve been waiting days for you to come out, said BB, they both chanted hooray!
The snow was completely gone in a few days, the birds started building their nests , bugs were crawling around ,butterflies began to visit the two flowers. I wish there were more of us Daisy said, to BB.

They laughed as the sun and wind blew through their leaves.  Then it started the sun and rain took turns until one morning the air & field was filled with the smell of flowers.
Daisy and BB looked at each other and asked what kind of flowers are these ? they’re not white like daisies they’re not blue like bachelor buttons. They did not know the birds and bugs carried the seeds from the two of them and the caterpillars buried them under the soil.
The seeds from the new flowers were then carried by the winds many miles away, they landed in fertilized gardens and flourished, although they faced danger everyday. 
as they were called WEEDS ..
 The Gardener pulls weeds out of the garden so they don’t choke the flowers, which cost a lot of money and require lots of maintenance.

However there was a Gardener who saw her friends spending hours weeding their garden , that they didn’t have enough time to admire and enjoy the labors of their love
So she set out to give a home to all the weeds ,she provided a place where they could fit in and multiply, they required no maintenance, rain provides their water .

The best part of all is their beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
 Ask my granddaughter-- What are those flowers in the garden ?
  She will answer "WILDFLOWERS " their parents were Daisy and BB

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The End Is Nigh

As days get shorter and night stretches out.
Summer fades away and earth gets colder.
Soon, Oh too soon snow will again rule and 
the earth will slumber under its folds.

Until then we enjoy the fruits of bounty
smelling the last of sweet summer flowers.
Crops stand ready in the fields for collection
Combined harvesters busily at work.

Fat stalks of golden corn, rye and barley
tied in bundles ready for threshing.
Seductive scents of apples waft
as down they are laid for storing.

Frosts now lay the land bare
as the leaves part company
some red, some yellow, others orange
they blow and scatter in the wind.

Trees looking stark and bleak gaze
o'er the stripped fields with snow sprinkling
the now barren ground and soon Winter
will once more rule in her glory

Gone now the lazy days of Summer
her flowers and perfumes distant memories.
Now the hues of colour are subdued.
And all around the land sleeps on.

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Summer Rain

Standing on the sidewalk,
Underneath the trees,
My ears can hear it talk,
Murmuring with the breeze,
Every drop hits the street,
Running in it's own way,

Raining down it's own beat,
A song it just wants to play,
I can feel their dancing feet,
Near mine on a summer day.

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Flowers Fading Fast

A rose is a rose.
A lily is a lily.
Flowers fading fast
beneath the sweltering sun
on a blazing Summer day.

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Summertime Memories

Memories of a summer time so sweet
Palm trees swaying in a rhythmical beat
Watching waves as they come upon the shore
As a young child I loved to make sandcastles tall.
For windows I’d use the prettiest shells
A piece of driftwood I used for my door
To finish it off a wide moat I would dig deep
The water from my bucket around it I’d poor.

Another summer memory of which I recall
The colourful flowers blooming so tall
Bright red, yellow and pink budding roses
A welcoming sight that summer was here.
I chose pink rose buds and delicate white orchids
A combination of which was a magical sight
Blending so well with my gown of crystal organza
When we married, that warm romantic night.

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Memories On Branches

An old board and a rope had made me a swing,
Sitting there when I was around the age of nine,
I curiously looked up to see the first sign of spring,
Where a robin was building a nest of twigs entwined.

Summer's heat burned my shoulders, so I sought shade,
I climbed up into your strong arms at the age of fourteen,
Along with a book, I relaxed in a solitude no one could invade,
I found myself lost within the pages and the leaves of green.

On a lazy, autumn afternoon, at the age of twenty-three,
I raked the dead leaves that buried my feet into a pile,
Through the orange limbs my black cat peered down at me,
Then leapt from the tree to play among the leaves for awhile.

Now, as I am rapidly approaching the age of thirty-one,
Branches are encased in ice, as winter continues to unfold,
From my window, I see the cardinals and the disappearing sun,
Reminding me that life still survives in the bitter cold.

March, 7th, 2014

Gail Angel Doyle's contest - "Memories On Branches"

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Changing seasons

Take a walk towards an autumn day,

stray past summers end into a fallen

red yellow and orange blend. Although

it seems we are heading into seasons

of wither, the beauty of every season is

at work. Open up let Mother nature in,

she can do truly amazing things. Realise

even winters chill can be special and

brilliant. Like softly falling snowflakes

dusting over the whole place, far and near

what a truly wonderful time of year. A

magnificent pure white landscape has



what a truly wonderful time of year. A

magnificent pure white landscape has


what a truly wonderful time of year. A

magnificent pure white landscape has


what a truly wonderful time of year. A

magnificent pure white landscape has


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Flowers of Tuscany-Fiori della Toscana

Sunflowers turn slowly 
to follow the sun.
They bow their heavy heads 
when afternoon’s done.

What a golden vision 
they share row after row
With deep amber faces, 
their tiny seeds all aglow.

The summer breezes blowing 
o’er the fields with warm air
Shares pride in a country
with its beauty so fair.

I smile in contentment  
as I l leave old Italy
With a sea of them waving
good-bye to me.

Italian translation:

Fiori della Toscana

Solefiori ruotare lentamente
a seguire il sole.
Si inchinano le loro teste pesanti
Quando ha fatto pomeriggio.

Che una visione d'oro
essi condividono la riga dopo riga
Con facce profondo ambrati,
Loro piccoli semi tutto raggiante.

La brezza estiva che soffia
sopra i campi con aria calda
Orgoglio di azioni in un paese
con la sua bellezza così fiera.

Sorrido in contentezza
come ho l lasciare la vecchia Italia
Con un mare di loro sventolando 
good-bye a me.

Note: This translation is as close to my original poem as possible. 
Click on the link to see a picture of sunflowers:

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Snail's Simple Pace

The caramel leaves seem to fall from sky
In waves, as zephyr sings through chimes and eaves
Its song that whispers a fall lullaby
As a gentle rustling wind through autumn leaves

September a time to slow down, be still
Slowly now we have less light_ more dark
A drawing to home and hearth seems our will
Beckoning to fill with bounty our hearts

Caramel sauce for those crisp apples near
The heat of summer is in distant past
None of that snow of winter yet to fear
Watering chores of summer now are past

All things for coming winter out in place
Now one can slow to a snail's simple pace

In honor of Brian Strand's contest...

Click on"About That Poem"

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The Moon

like rambunctious boys at play clouds drift across the moon masking its face in mystery light given and then gone to soon this fitful little summer storm playing ticks whilst lovers swoon we know it can not hide for long our secret charm, the summer moon

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Surf Therapy

Mother Ocean please
Send me waves of such beauty
I need Therapy

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

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Haiku - Written June 25, 2014

every leaf stands still
cold raindrops pelt hot pavement
beast rumbling in sky

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West is the best

Sunny, warm 
Swimming, boating, sunning
Sky, airplane, ocean, seashells
Skiing, sledding, snowball throwing
Cold, blistery
New York City

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I try to ignore the squirming Hyde within 
And, with effort still,
I raise myself for the last traces 
of sunshine and fun.
What was left of the day, I savor for me. 
As the withering leaves of silence
have perfected the petals of stillness,
A quietude.
Such absence of sound
Never a serenity to the mind.
Disturbing solitude haunts.
Loneliness seems vivid as reality speaks 
Even the poignant sadness never parts
Solitary confinement paints an art.

Like the spectator in a thousand theatre plays,
 I achingly wait for the final curtains to part.
Then, as always expected -  
Left were the 
    dancing curtains 
       together with the late sunset wind. 
Tiny golden flecks 
   imprinting on the soft white 
        laces and trims.
Catching shadow images 
    of the last rays of brilliance, 
         blending slowly in yellow embers,
              forming orange coals, 
                   turning into sunkissed glow 
                         of a sad goodbye. 
    ever so softly fading
           into dullness and cloudless cold. 

And as the night falls, 
its shadowy self dances 
against the moonlit music of silence.
I listen and search still 
   for what is left. 
No traces of the sun 
whose magnificence and radiance 
had touched the leaves of laughter 
during my daytime slumbering; children frolicking, 
    early had the mind sensing. 
And, gone astray were the seeds of kindness 
    the day had grown.
It seemed they were sown 
    by someone I wish I had known. 

If only I could frolic 
    where little lads had been early today - 
        in the meadows, 
           by the pond, 
              along the shores, 
                  around friendly trees and smiling flowers, 
                       with the meadowlarks and chirpy games, 
                               I’d give away anything.
Basking in the sun on such a lemony day, 
someone sulks to find it's an emotional burn. 

If only I could catch the loveliness of the sun, 
I'd give away anything. 
Just for something this grand. 

The mind wills but the heart groans. 
A moment of joy and laughter, so fleeting.
Forgot me, gave away the troubles. 
Today could be A DAY,
If only, ever so softly,  I could catch the sun.

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symphony of crickets
performs for the night
hunter stalks it’s prey

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If I Shall Grow Old 2K13

If these eyes shall become blinded, and if this
hair shall come to be combed thinly and grey;
No, it would not be the end of the world.
I would still see beauty therein this world through
the songs of Crickets and Feathered Songsters.
The breeze would yet whisper and trees still dance.
I would yet smell the freshly bloom of Spring.
I'd still endure Summer's sweltering heat.
I'd yet feel Autumn's leaves crunch 'neath these toes.
I'd still long to be fireside with Winter.
Disabled or not, perhaps I'd yet walk
therein wonderful imagination.
How I'd be forever young at heart!
Then just as one journey came to an end,
I'd indeed greet another with a smile.

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Morning glory

For the hills they undulate and roll,
Set beneath a crimson sky.
Image liken, to castle ramparts past,
Now slowly worn away with time.
For only seconds before the dawn,
And the mighty sun to rise.
Once more its rays to warm the earth,
And ascend into the sky.
For little bird how sweet you sing,
As you usher now the new morn in.
From branch to branch flit to and fro,
Along the leafy wild hedgerow.
For amongst the green, a dusting fare,
Of pastel shades of color there.
For gentle are the flowers that spring,
Who’s petals blossom like fairy wings.
©  N  Windle.

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The Earth dry and bare; waiting eagerly for the drops of care;

Caught in the hot, steaming summer’s snare;

The flowers and creepers decorating window sills; all look desolate and ill;

As the nature withers away in the sun’s merciless glare.


The men and the wives; the kids and the wild;

All are enduring the summer’s waterless exile;

They are waiting for the rain; to relieve them of the heat pain;

And of that life which has become a sweaty turmoil.


The wind strong and gusty; makes the roads yellow and dusty;

And the air around becomes suffocating and musty;

The birds forget to sing; their lilting, musical thing;

Even as the tree leaves wristle and make noise so husky.


Then come the Monsoon showers; falling first on boughs and flowers;

Making the trees and plants glisten and glower;

So the monsoon comes in grace; driving away summer’s trace;

Lashing at window-panes with its all-reigning power.


As the monsoon drives away the summer heat; with its raining rhythm off-beat;

And the flower buds open up to return it’s greet;

And as the water seeps in soil; a refreshing fragrance arise;

While the rain continuous to cool down hot gardens and streets.


The Earth grows green; and water droplets gleam;

On the smooth, waxy surfaces of the leaves;

Everywhere the flowers grow; in pink, red, white or yellow;

While buds make their way blushingly between tendrils.

 The wet and soft soil; now grows fertile;

And tender green plantlets push through the Earth in style;

Through soil the tiny saplings peep; as their sown seeds begin to reap;

And the plants and crops shake off the Earth’s temporary curse sterile.


As the raindrops go pitter-patter; water in puddles begins to gather;

And the little birds begin to chirp, twitter and chatter;

The insects begin to hum along; their irritating and happy song;

While due to rain and wind the roofs on houses begin to chatter.


As the showers for some moments cease; after giving Earth life’s new lease;

And the pitter-patter of rain is gently appeased;

The sun coyly shines; a cloud it half hides behind;

While the fluffy clouds move along with the cool breeze.


The fields now green and bright; are an artist’s sheer delight;

Pleasing to the senses of smell and sight;

The fresh air so sweet to breathe; that with pleasure the body writhes;

In the newly born rainy sunlight.


But this sunlight so quickly goes; as thunderstorms blow to and fro;

And Earth engulfs in darkness that now grows;

The wind rises and howls; with a voice that trembles all souls;

And day and night this gale roars.


The trees in fear tremble and shake; as leaves, twigs and branches break;

And the life of these trees is put up at stake;

Birds in nests cower with fright; and due to cold shiver with all their might;

And live in fearful anticipation of what else the storm may rake.

The monsoon now shows its ugly face; gone are its days of grace;

Rainy calamities take its place;

Cyclones and floods destruct worldwide; the raging sea throws up its tide;

“Nature reigns supreme”, we are forced to say.


Same is the life of man; may he do what he can;

But destiny will always play a hand;

What all will man control? So he should let destiny play its role;

And enjoy life and act as the situation will demand.


Somedays will shine the sun; those days life will be fun;

And work will be successful how much ever it’s done;

Somedays by the fun you will tire; and will long to get back into the attire;

Of normal life, however boring or glum.


Sometimes hope will come out; like a tiny plant sprouts;

And will remove from your mind every shade of doubt;

It will be a bright, hopeful ray; but for long it may not stay;

So we must make most of it when hope sprouts.


Just as the shower of joy; after summer comes out shy;

So shower of success will come when you have almost given up the try;

It will wash away your helpless sigh; and will give you a new will to try;

Which will help you succeed by-and-by.


Just as the sun goes behind the cloud; when thunder is heard aloud;

And darkness suddenly falls on Earth all around;

So also failure will touch you once; its upto you to prevent its repeated occurrence;

Or due to failure remain depression bound.


Sometimes through demotivation you will go; sometimes loads of success you'll know;

For we need all types of experience to make us grow;

Like some days it is wet; some days the sun for long doesn’t set;

But then it needs both the rain and the sun to make a RAINBOW…

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |


so far the days of singing rays
have come to meet their sullen end
twixt nights of joy with hidden ploy
a sweetly tone, they do offend

O gasp! the serpent true must strike
O gasp! the lustful raging psych
whose cares are lost forever long
roaring out, O hear my song!

now mute...peace...whist...still
ideas soon drain, decisions fill
a mind at pace with thoughts that spill
float soundlessly thy solstice chill

the misty seep, foreboding reap
emotions run amok like thieves
for darkly cast, a favored past
along is lain misguided leaves

-Sam Robinson

 Iambic Tetrameter

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summer storm

momentary flash
silent white arc transforms night
thunder breaks the calm

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Four Seasons

                                        "Awesome beauties of fall never deface,
                                            autumnal pictures of natural grace.

                                                Scarlet, yellow, russet and brown,
                                                leaves of various colors all around.

                                                   Summer rightfully fairs one well,
                                          as sweetly as spring graces with its smells.

                                                Beauty faces of autumn never fail,
                                            as a summer growth graces just as well, 
                                               leaving winter splendors, all to quell."


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Summer Couplet

Upon my knees in desperation     the parched sand trickles through my hand
the steady drumbeat of Summer's song      rolls like death across the land

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It's Summer

In the bushes, crickets are chirping.
The sun is down in the western sky.
Two birds fly by.

Above the grass, lighting bugs are flashing.
Birds are picking at the ground a lot.
A squirrel is eating an apricot.

A slice of the moon is shining.
The colors of the day are starting to fade.
The green dims in each grass blade.

The hot day ends and it’s time to cool down. 
The leaves are still.
Maybe it will.

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The light of hot fire
Burns brightly through the day sky
Warms the soul and flesh

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Crape Myrtle Tree

Crape Myrtle tree, a beautiful sight
Blooming in summer as days turn warm
Purple petals fall, a visual delight
Crape Myrtle tree, a beautiful sight
Delicate blooms, soaking up light
Flowering in splendor with unique charm
Crape Myrtle tree, a beautiful sight
Blooming in summer as days turn warm

Flourishing tree, reaching to sky
Summer sun sizzles, beauty remains
Lush branches touch birds flying by
Flourishing tree, reaching to sky
Sunshine streams through clouds on high
Children seek shade in wind song refrain
Flourishing tree, reaching to sky
Summer sun sizzles, beauty remains

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 15, 2012

Details | Pantoum | |

Summer's Ending

6 stanzas...four lines each...

Summer paused on the path to pleasures of autumn dreams.
Alas! Summer's picture perfect days were soon to end.
Dare she stretch to steal through autumn's open door...
She turned, laughed and wrapped around rose hedges.

Alas! Summer's picture perfect days were soon to end.
Nature would close the curtain on her whimsical days.
She turned, laughed and wrapped around rose hedges
Butterflies chasing sunbeams sang duets, that soared.

Nature would close the curtain on her whimsical days. 
Summer ran to stretch in sun ablaze on rainbow-ribbons.
Butterflies chasing sunbeams, sang duets, that soared.
Pouring rains, storms, nature teased while she mused.

Summer ran to stretch in sun ablaze on rainbow-ribbons.
Wild, carefree, night, day, summer flaunted her dazzle.
Pouring rains, storms, nature teased while she mused.
People, chased summer fun, voices lit in expectation.

Wild, carefree, night,day, summer flaunted her dazzle.
Her endless path through stream and gardens glowed.
People, chased summer fun, voices lit in expectation.
Summer basked in her days filled with countless joy.

Her endless path through stream and gardens glowed.
Summer paused on the path to pleasures of autumn dreams.
The world took her picture to store as treasures for eternity.
Dare she stretch to steal through autumn's open door...

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Summer Vacation

Taking my long vacation,
Great people as my companion,
Cool music as we go along,
Sunny day as the weather condition.

Looking at the view outside,
Mountains from a distance,
Green trees from side to side,
Birds flying happily, what a glance!

Away from the city for days,
 “You need to take a nice rest”,
“Just Relax” my mind says,
This is my fervent wish.

Strolling on the flowery and forested place,
Light peeks everywhere are the sun rays,
Narrow pathways look like a maze,
Colorful flowers scattered on summer days

As we approach the sandy beach,
Feasting my eyes on the waves,
Can feel the cool summer breeze,
Kissing the entrance of the caves.

March 8, 2013

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Summer storms

Sultry sodden sky
Stifling stickiness release
Sudden summer storm

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Daydreams of Snow

As I’m pushed away by summer’s breeze
Flakes of white fall upon my brow
I wish for the earth beneath to freeze
To shield me from how days are now

These months have been so long and cruel
I’m ever so blind while the sun reigns
Therefore, I’ll dream of winter’s cool
To take away my summer pains

Details | Acrostic | |


Sunshine, still bright and warm by day,
Evenings are so much cooler now.
Pretty soon winter will be on its way,
Too soon Summer takes her final bow.
Easily Summer slips into Fall,
Maple trees turn to colourful hues.
Beautiful oranges and reds and yellows
Entice photographers with their views.
Rightly, for its beauty, September I'd choose.

entered in Carol Brown's "Fall Is Around
The Corner" acrostic contest

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I don't want to leave my HOME - 2

I breathe the beginning of new life in the spring
I feel the gentle gift of life giving rain
I see the newborn Fawn standing on her own
I plant the seeds of my hunger, hues of Flowers, easy on the Eyes
The warmth of the Summer Sun, heats my heart and Soul
The soft summer rain splashes in the Gardens
The vegetables grow while Flowers rainbow the scenery
The gentle wind whispers with the melody of the songbirds
As the Hues of the leaves sparkle along the Landscape
As fall's sunsets rainbow the colorful sights below
As the Northwind slowly begins to show it's rage
As nature's creatures scurry to fill for winter's wrath
When the winter wind begins to howl barren trees stand tall
When the angery snow defiles Mother Nature's Beauty 
When the Ice shimmers upon the frozen lakes
When I look  I see the beauty of my life, my Home

Details | Quatern | |

The divine season

Short dresses, flowery heels,
Here is the time for fun on wheels
Long nights out, laughing and sipping wine
O Moon, how silver becomes your line!

Down by the sea, days are spent dancing
Swimming or loving, summer is so pleasing!
A break from work, seems like heaven is here
On the boats, even the wind caresses like a peer!

The season of love, much revered by all
With you, nothing remains, whether ice or wall
Kisses shared on the shore,
Hearts with glee, shout, encore!

Flowers given to maidens by lovers
Flowers lovely with the essence of summer flavours
Ice creams, chocolates, shopping, sun
Oh even the policeman is such fun!

Summer, the right time to find love
Among the seashells of the cove
Or by faking a wreck on a lonely island
There, even the Devil shall bear with your stand!

Placed 9th in the contest Summer
Sponsored by Debbie Guzzi

Details | Acrostic | |


September comes blowing a cooling breeze,
Escorting Summer on her way.
Pretty yellow and gold colored leaves,
Teased by the wind dance and play.
Exciting colors of orange and red,
Make the Maples a firey hue.
Bedecked so gaily from toe to head,
Ethereal Fall imbues,
Richness as Summer makes her bed.

                                               Judy Ball

For Fall Is Around The Corner Contest by Carol Brown

Details | Villanelle | |

Auburn Shades

August twilight, dog days
Summer languishes, soon to go 
Auburn shades fade to grey

The pool is so warm that nobody stays
Past ten AM,  lifeguards wait to close
In the August twilight, the dog days. 

Distant images waver in heat’s haze
Cricket’s chirp begins to slow
As auburn shades fade to grey. 

Passive gulls perched by the bay
Would fly if the wind would blow 
In the August twilight, the dog days. 

Mom says it’s too hot to play
Listless pleas, she says no
And auburn shades fade to grey. 

World watching as the last rays
Die slowly, sun drooped low
In August twilight, dog days
Auburn shades fade to grey. 

Details | Rhyme | |

Moving On

Goodbye sweet friend it's time to go,
Don't act as if you did not know.
Now is the chance for me to show,
You have become my greatest foe
I'm leaving you at dawn.
Remember when we used to be
Like peas in a pod, you and me?
Now all I want is to be free
It's time I'm moving on.

The sun awoke to bless my sky,
Wind has given me wings to fly,
I'm feeling so free, I cannot lie
Turning I whisper one last goodbye,
As I'm leaving you at dawn.
Today has become my greatest test...
Find a field where my seed shall rest
Till when next year I'm a Dandelion pest.
That's why I'm moving on.

09.08. 2014
Written for Anthony Slausen’s Contest Moving On

Details | Narrative | |

Summer Waterfall

Deep in the woods I hear an angel's lyrical call.
Tranquil and serene, a majestic summer waterfall.
Where the oaks and wildflowers shade the creek,
reflections fall to earth from rays of destiny,
refreshing my soul and setting my spirit free.
I smell the aroma of rain mixed with the paradise breeze.
Tranquil and serene, a natural wonder and rainbow of peace.
A cascading sparkling jewel,
above a wave rippling whirlpool.
Upon the wind rides the angel's lyrical call.
Tranquil and serene, a majestic summer waterfall.

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Water Droplets

water droplets string on Cape Reeds next summer’s thatch roof
Poetry form: Lune (a type of hiaku)

Details | Couplet | |

Searching for Summer

Nasty old winter is getting me down
I'm looking for summer all over town

I lift up a blanket of snow off the ground
Sadly there is no green grass to be found

My very next stop I'll go down to the beach
With waves and sand summer may be in reach

The lake is solid like a piece of glass
No sign of summer I'm freezing my ass

Summer summer reveal yourself to me
Sun warm my face place leaves on a tree

Hey wait a minute is that a red Rose?
I pick it up, place it under my nose

I'm so sad to say, the rose isn't real
You can imagine how sad I now feel

My search is over I know when I'm licked
As I head home I'm feeling real ticked

I see a young woman walking my way
Wearing a bikini on this cold day

A glimpse of summer my heart starts to race
I'm confused, yet there's a smile on my face

Searching for Summer contest
By Richard Lamoureux
March 14, 2013

Details | Haiku | |

Cherry Blossoms Jamboree

Cherry blossoms bloom; the townspeople sing, laugh, dance: hope springs eternal.

Details | Rhyme | |



This glorious time of year
grace is in bloom, divine
supple spindles gleam
by golden beam
waltz, waltz June fairies  
from dandelion to lofty pine

Off on a stroll above meadows
scented wisps, a tryst, oh my
sandalwood, sweet
fair mulberry treat
swoon, swoon ethereal swans 
into the mild, evening light, of July

Stirring for summer's farewell          
frail wonders, tulips, up high
butterflies pair  
with delicate flair 
steady, steady August delights                                                  
primroses await your slumbering sigh

     ~ Luther Lynton Seahand ~

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

Tragic Feather

Oh, tragic feather what is thy tragedy
No longer freedom gay or certian loft
How is this thy new translation
From a majesty, unto a wing thou hath mighty dropped

Were thou thus, shunned, cast away 
Or merely, cut out or off
As limb from downward spiral angel
Perhaps, a troubled finch or insanity in wayward hawk

Lie, if thou must, be it amidst a deafening silence, lonesome soft
But, I plead, please tell me fallen feather, what hath befallen thee
Thy tuft to ne’er evermore touch again
What life should be, warmth of the summer's breeze

Sleep, sleep now 'neath the alley's gutter greys 
Catching Weeping Willows damning drops
Adrift as the drowning lily dying
In seas of the myriad scattered rots

An accomplice I shall say, within a winter's willing white
And alas, buried ordinary in this doth the corpse delight
Far beneath the crowds held at bay and forever lost
Now thou hath become the naked grove of wicker and then...
                                   the more of naked souless crops

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Suntanned toes
Submerged and swirling tepid water
In lazily summer circles
While I float
Dangling fingers, barely skimming the surface
Hypnotic lapping little waves
Caress the warm plump vinyl inner tube
While I float
Strands of hair dipping into the lake
As I gaze upward at 
Forever bright blue summer sky
And clouds like carded cotton fibers
Floating slowly by
Sun kissed thighs and freckled knees
Bobbing slightly with the breeze
While I float
And perfect summer flows
Around my suntanned toes

Details | Haiku | |


Effulgent sun proffers love 

Above the undergrowth…of
Thorns and weeds

The moon unravels wonders

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Sunny Day

Rays of sunshine dancing on my back 
This flamenco goes on all afternoon 
The ripples glisten with the light 
Sitting here next to the lake 
Everywhere, colours are out to play 
The green in the grass 
The blue in the sky 
The pink in your lips 


I offer you a strawberry 
From the picnic that you brought 
The sweet smell entwines with the flowers 
That scatter where we are sat 
Your head on my lap 
I stroke your golden hair 
Catching my pinkie on a bead of sweat 
That trickles from your forehead 
You laugh and go to take off your sunglasses 

I stop you 

Your eyes would make the whole day 
Seem the night 

Details | Free verse | |

The Blue

Dubieties engulf all around
 As the brume in the dawn
  Behold plants seeking strength
In this warm cuddling cloud  

Songs soon sing from the sky
 The common notes that play
  When it’s about to drop wet
 Upon human’s bower.

It’s wonted (by this time) to descry 
 Dark clouds being deserted
By its everyday residents.

In the mood of the inclement
 It’s sparse to hear
  Any row from the firmament
Other than the loyal sound 
  Of the saturated pattering
From the blue yonder.

Details | Free verse | |

Hello Summer

I feel the summer day that slowly Climbs up to my being I hear the music of summer breeze, It makes my heart dancing Hello, summer I wanted to sing Closely at the rainbow sky And embrace the clouds That spring through the air Hello, summer Time has come to see you once again I see the clear blue sky, That invokes me to fly high I feel my spirit rise and Soar like a wind, Birds shall chant in every grove And winds will puff its power from above Hello, summer I shall walk on the fields of meadow And the trees are my shade From the sunlight that you’d give Soon, the fragrance of flowers Will go with my rambling Would you sing together? With the dancing clouds at the sky These forests soon shall dance again The mountains can evenly hear your song And the falling waters shall be sung with you Wide streams adhere listening in their fall But soon the sun with gentle rays Will fall down to the cool ocean Where his voyage ends Hello summer, I will see you again Written By : Cheryl Aldea Summer Contest - ( Debbie Guzzie)

Details | Rhyme | |

On One Summer Day

While striding up to a greener hillside,
Looking at my surrounding with eyes so wide,
I can feel the coolness air under the tall trees,
Birds are singing and the buzzing of the bees.

Enjoy the quite moments on one hot summer day,
Decided to take a rest on busy days is the best way,
Embrace the beauty of nature just for a day,
To gain my strength but in the end I still want to stay.

Clouds formed a heart shape to comfort me,
Flowing water from the river makes me thirsty,
Grasses and flowers everywhere looks perfect,
Blue mountain, lovely day, sun is up..its magic!

June 8, 2013
For Francine's "A Summer Day" Contest

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Butterfly, butterfly

Butterfly, butterfly you colorful princess of the summer sky.
We are delighted by your visit in your brightly colored dress.
We view with delight your erratic flight as you come fluttering by.
You make your entrance floating along on some gentle summer breeze.
Going where the breeze goes, tis truly a nomadic life for thee.
Stopping only to sample a blossom’s sweet nectar then you are on your way.
But that same breeze that brought you here causes me to sneeze
And sneeze and sneeze.

Details | Haiku | |


Beneath groaning wood

And shrill midsummer whistling

Cherry blossom girl

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Cherry Blossoms Bee

Cherry blossoms call, beckon nature's majesty-- and the humble bee.

Details | Triolet | |

Summer Days

Summer Days Summer days brings us very hot weather But the days cool down 'gain when it depart. Hear birds, see the butterflies, and heather. Summer season brings us very hot weather. There is fun and lots of sun altogether. Enjoy sunshine very bright for most part. Summer days brings us very hot weather But the days cool down 'gain when it depart. Written: September.25.2014 Sponsor: Alfred Vassallo Contest: one new Triolet

Details | Abecedarian | |

Early dawn storm

almost every day
before the sun’s first blinding ray
clouds are touched by warmest hues
displaying their splendid red-soled shoes
each a ship of cumulus shape
far and high their tops will scrape
grayness off the blue domed sky
heralded by a thousand birds dry
inching up the growing screen
jostling as they puff and preen
kissing heads of other domes
lovingly writing sky-based poems
moving all in unison now
nodding and bobbing with furrowed brow
opening a soft thunderous throat
passing over hill and valley’s moat
quickly gathering a soft grey weight
rain and wind inevitable fate
slowly moving across the land
together to make a final stand
up in the tops of the tallest heads
violet lightning neon glow spreads
wind now touches and bends the trees
x-rayed by white lightning sprees
you can almost see the insects flee
zooming over the earth with glee

Details | Verse | |

Under the Trees

Along the path in the woods,
Red and white flowers stand.
Among decaying wood,
Two leave plants are growing.

On the rotting trunk,
Growing mushrooms appear.
From the rotting hunk,
Wood dust settles near.

Sun shines less bright.
Winds cool the air.
Clouds shade the light.
Rain drops rest there.

Rain falls from the sky.
Plants turn their leaves.
Rain falls from up high.
Flowers lean in the breeze.

Rain and wind go their way.
Sunshine lights the ground.
Among flowers and leaves.
Two leave plants are growing.

Details | Free verse | |


The waterfall splashes,
gushing from a
mossy hill that
drops small rocks;
it doesn't dribble
as on winter
days seeping into
grass that's dry.
Soon the waterfall
becomes a stream,
where ravens rest
to sip its water 
on the hottest
day of summer...
while wagtails and
hummingbirds take a
dip to wash off
pesky bugs clinging.
Trickle, lively stream...
let me hear
your sounds and 
compose a melody.

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The Mirror - ITTY BITTY

It is summer evening ;
the ocean's skin moves
like a dancing mirror.

Details | Free verse | |



Summer is warm and full of life
The birds are singing
The butterflies are dancing
The flowers are talking
The wind is gently blowing
The skies are blue
People are playing
The smell of honeysuckles
is in the air
Boats are floating
Fish are jumping
Kids are splashing
Bees are buzzing for nectarines
The days are longer
The nights are shorter
Summer it is full of life!

(c) Jasmine Paul 11-18-2014 <3

Details | Free verse | |

Summer Clouds

Watching clouds floating

in the sky, brings me

such joy, relaxing me

to the limit.

As a young boy would

lie on my back in the

green grass watching them

for hours.

Something about summer clouds

and fresh cut grass.

As a cool breeze blows my

way and sun covers a cloud

a dark shadow appears

only for a moment, then sun

peeks down trying to get through

branches, but failing to do so,

Brandy my dog is not moved by any of

this, as long as she sits here and is

near me.  Summer clouds stay there a little longer

to keep things a little cooler

for a while.

Written 7-27-11

Details | Haiku | |

Summer Rain

    Waters from heaven—
With roaring, pelting the earth
    Quenching a land’s thirst

Details | Free verse | |

A Walk on the Sands

As the palm-trees
danced in the faint
ocean breeze, the sands
gently tickled my feet
as they quickly moved inland

The Sun accompanied 
with a sense of freedom,
made me feel as though
the Sun-rays were passing
through me, feeding my soul
with wonder and awe

Sparkling like diamonds
dancing to the tunes of a
magical wand, the skin of the
ocean glowed with Heavenly radiance
that blinded my eyes and
enchanted my mind at the same time

This was a moment not
even a myriad comets could
inspire me with such depth
as the whispers of the ocean
and the warm stare of the Sun

By: Teddy Kimathi

(This is a Summer Poem)

Details | Dodoitsu | |

the white butterflies

a dozen white butterflies
   flit through green leaves on the trees
      the contrast of their colours
           draws your eyes to them

the ballet of butterflies
   floating on the summer breeze
         holding my rapt attention
             as I watch in awe

bright sun on green summer leaves
    by turns, in shadow and light
       the stark white of butterflies
                enhances the scene

Details | Couplet | |

A wish for Summer

Ah! If I could walk once again with you through the hazy pine-scented forest
and feel the trembling of your being as I your body with soft kisses caress...

Details | Free verse | |



Lingering alone on my porch, 
leaning against the wooden railing.
Still feeling warm to the touch,
after retaining the heat from the day.

On a June evening, 
after the sun had gone down, 
just below the horizon.
The silhouette of the darkening tree-line, 
contrasting with the light still remaining
in the yellow-white sky, 
and streaked with lavender-blue clouds.

Barely warm, 
but with a slightly, cool breeze, 
blowing around my body.
Tickling my bare feet and my bare arms, 
and caressing my face.
Gently flowing it's invisible fingers through my long, golden-brown hair.
The essence of the roses, 
now peacefully asleep in the garden,
mingle with the scent 
of damp, green grass and the fresh, clear air.
Filling my lungs to capacity, 
when I close my eyes, and breathe in deeply.
Exhilarating my senses.

I hear no sound, 
except for a few birds singing somewhere off in the distance.
The chirping of one lonely cricket, 
just awakening in the early dusk.
And, the heavenly melody 
played upon the wind-chimes,
by a most talented breeze.


Details | Light Poetry | |

Summer's End

The other day as I drove over the hills,
trees some as much as six hundred years
shone and glittered in the hot sunshine,
leaves in multi hues of various different greens

So perfect they looked in their summer array,
magical and mysterious, the trees stand sentry
watching us as we scurry past, going nowhere fast
couple of more weeks and then reds and browns

Silver and even greys, a mixed up pallet of color
as they shred their leaves, becoming stark and bare
I truly was moved by all of this absolute beauty
not yet is it quite over, just a pause at summer's end

written 09/04/2013 

contest   Summer's End

Details | Ballad | |

The Summer of the Winter Sky

It was time for the leaves to fall,
The fields to turn white,
The birds to leave for faraway lands-
And the long cold lonely nights.

Seemed like for eternity
She hadn’t had a smile -
Frozen was the world around
Lonely she walked  for miles.
Dead were the blossoms in her garden,
And love was about to die-
And yet she prayed to her unseen friend -
For the summer of the winter sky!

Not a song was heard at dawn,
Only the echo of the wind-
In the misty field of corn
Not a farmer was seen!
A wait so long, so painful to bear
Left alone with no one so near
She was lost in her own reverie-
With tears in her dreamy eyes.
And she prayed as her heart cried-
Longing for the summer of the winter sky.

No one knows who heard her prayer
Lost amidst the silence
And yet an early morning bud 
Blossomed in her garden!
Suddenly a little sparrow was seen 
High on the branch of the willow tree
Singing a song as if to welcome-
Amidst the grey sky, a sun so warm.
And love then again knocked her door
Promising a life like never before-
And like a happy child  she opened her eyes
For it was summer for the winter sky!

Details | Ballad | |


On a summer day
The Queen and her Faeries
Went out to play
Amongst the whispering trees

So much joy to be found
Amongst the Whispering Trees
To hear bird sound
The red squirrels chattering in the canopies

All the trees were in full leaf
So many different shades of deepest richest green
With a blue sky above
Golden sun
A forest, filled with love
The beauty to be seen

Forest Faeries could be heard up high
Amongst the green leaves
Watching summer clouds passing by

They called down to a Summer Queen
Who was walking down below
“We have special gift for a King”
“Please accept this beautiful thing”
“From all of us so”

A beautiful leaf fluttered down
Greens and golds
Reds too
A beautiful leaf
In the shape of a heart, true

“A leaf”
“A leaf”
They called from above
“For a Kings’ cloak”
A leaf that would never die
Its’ colours would match seasons
A leaf from the forest faeries
Who live in trees, so high

The Summer Queen
Did know
Blessed all around
The leaf, she took
For a leaf of deepest, richest colour
Was perfect for a Kings’cloak
Tonight she would sew
a surprise

The kings’ cloak was called for
A Summer Queen sewed on the leaf
A King, the proudly wore
For, it shone with love
A gift from the Forest Faeries
and Whispering Trees

When the Earthen King died
The Summer Queen took
The very leaf, from his side
Blew on it softly
A sweet westerly breeze
Returned the leaf
To the whispering trees

A leaf of deepest richest green
mourned a King
The tears of the Summer Queen
Love and magic
The Whispering Trees
Took the king,
and made him part of everything

Details | Rhyme | |

Island Ferry

The island ferry rumbles at the port
A stream of tourists scramble from the rear
As the sun goes down behind the concrete
Taxi doors glow in colours that can't be
Bought, sold or caught.

The Oil truck rumbles at the port
A stream of sweat with the change of gear
5 attempts to scramble up the drawbridge
And an empty bottle of beer
Glowing like an emerald on the wall

Details | Haiku | |

Haiku 41

sporadic chimes -
an invisible man
knocks at my door

Details | Tanka | |

My Huckle Berry Heaven 2K13

Many of time have
I sat upon earthy ground,
amongst Huckle Berry patches
gorging in Huckle Berry heaven
with glutton lips painted purple.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

In my summer meadow

In my summer meadow

Lavender colored milkweeds, growing between dark  purple butterfly peas, are 
perfuming the warm air. 
The color combination is especially pleasing to me; I love purple.
Perfectly round globes of milkweed are a magnet for bees, butterflies and a variety 
of other insects. I see lightening bugs among them. 
The buzzing of bumblebees, wasps and honeybees is accompanied by the chirping 
of crickets and the happy twittering of the meadow birds. 
Yellow Sweet Clover lends it's perfume to the summer symphony of soothing scents.
Tall spikes of blooming Johnson grass sways dreamily in the bright sunlight.
Right in the middle of a soft pink wild rose bush, a bright red butterfly weed is the 
center of activity for many species of colorful butterflies. A brilliant blue"Two-barred 
Flasher”  flaps it's wings as fast as a hummingbird, while the orange-brown Buckeye 
rests peacefully.
Next to the roses, a blackberry bush is promising juicy, dark berries soon, while the 
Mulberry trees are already providing a welcome sweet snack for birds, deer and 
A patch of wide- open orange daylillies is a cheerful spot over at the edge of the 
trees and an emerald- green hummingbird enjoys their offerings.
There is so much life and beauty in a small patch of meadow! 
I love it!

Details | Rhyme | |

Wafting Leaves

Crimson leaves gently wafting to the ground, thou hast done thy duty!
You graced my maple tree, now you adorn my lawn with untold beauty!
I saw thy nativity as buds in spring and throughout the summer days.
Now in the autumn of thy lives you carpet my lawn with scarlet blaze!

Alas, the subtle winds of October loosed thy grip on that ancient tree.
It saddens me somewhat to see thee go but you've had a glorious spree!
I saw thee dancing in the summer breezes and you provided shade for me.
You weathered the storms of pelting rain and hail with grace and dignity!

Robins that nested 'neath thy sheltering canopy have taken wing,
But they'll return to set up housekeeping again come next spring!
Squirrels scurried 'mongst thee, playing hide and seek on summer days,
And sprawled 'neath thy jade umbrella to avoid the sun's searing rays!

You've shed thy brilliant leaves and now the old maple looks so stark.
As if in prayer, its barren limbs reach for the sky with furrowed bark!
I anticipate thy return next spring - you've given me so much pleasure!
Bleak winter days lie ahead but the beauty of thy season I shall treasure!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Entry for Carol Brown's "Leaves" Contest

Details | Free verse | |

Different Textures Of White

Cold, hard,white, wet ice cubes clink into a glass 'pon a summer day

                                Then they pop and snap when touched by warm tea made

Large white raindrops splatter falling from white cotton fluffy clouds
               Their sound brings hope that cooling of the summer air will abound

The white water rushes through the yard cascading over every rock and twig
     onward to the creek to dance on its way to the sea

Over those small white rapids created by those damp dark rocks

                            just a small gurgling sound of white just for me 

Forward dancing across those river rocks bouncing, swishing onward to the sea

     Those white raindrops now whitecap in small waves with a tiny rhythm 
                                         along the beach

White water necessary for life delivers different sounds to mine ears

The silence of all nature as white snow begins to fall

         Just a crisp sound of ice crystals as they touch tree limbs, the brown earth and
                                                       each other

A crisp, cold, steady sound of white snow as each flake lands

              White, white, bright white all of nature surrounds 

Sponsor: Monterey Sirak
Contest: The Sound Of Color
Written: December 03, 2013

Details | Quatrain | |

One More Day

As the days grow shorter I feel discontent,
I look at summer and wonder where it went.
I remember in the recent past when days were long,
Only to realize the summer is  now gone.

I still enjoy autumn with its chill in the air,
The skies are still blue and the weather quite fair.
Soon so many colors will be displayed in the trees,
I’m not quite ready for the impending winters freeze.

As I get older I see time does fly,
 I watch as the trees start to die.
 They explode in color in one last stance,
Seeming to invite me for one last dance.

Another summer’s gone the air start to chill,
I view all the beauty from on top of this hill.
I watch and listen but it all seems strange,
Summer becomes autumn Is this new change.

I remember this summer with days that don’t end,
All that I’ve met become those I befriend.
I’m not really sad but wish for more time,
But I can’t help but see the clock just unwind.

The world keeps spinning as this season shall come.
Still time is left for me to stand in the sun.
I’m thankful to greet just one more day,
I still hoped that summer wouldn’t be on its way.

As the chill grows I will wrap my coat around you. 
Together we shall cherish all we’ve been through.
I remember hope and how it helps me survive,
I want this one day and feel so alive.

Details | Verse | |

Bluebell Wood

Bells ring beneath a canopy of trees,
Each one echoing a late spring breeze,
The ethereal blue reaches far and wide,
Rippling just like the ocean’s tide.

The first signs of summer tease,
Bells ring beneath a canopy of trees,
To welcome the season of the sun,
The bluebells sing each and every one.

And children dream of a sandy beach,
The summer fun is in their reach,
Bells ring beneath a canopy of trees,
These sunny days a silent reprise.

Mystic rhymes to call the fae,
In this wooded realm where fairies play,
Enchantments bring a gentle ease;
Bells ring beneath a canopy of trees.

Form: Emphat, Emphat

Details | Rhyme | |

Into the Sunlight

It is the divine time again,
where my eyes gain
an opportunity to see the sky
fiery, as though the sun
has poured its energy 
on the stars, causing a fiery
reaction that is beautiful, and doesn't burn......


Details | Haiku | |


                 Unyielding yet humble.
                Centered in this garden,
                    Meditating like me.

Details | Couplet | |

A Summer Couplet

Sunlight bursts with softness in the summer Rays shine, basting all with something warmer
Contest: LOVIN' SUMMER: A Summer Couplet Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich 6/11/2013

Details | Free verse | |

Smiles of a Summer night

Radiating through violet shadows
resplendent rays of moonlit charm
Smiles of a summer night.

Velvet moss on pavement grey
elegant shimmer of crystal stream, 
Radiating through violet shadows,

Maple adorning colors of Fall,
bedecking a world, still and calm,
resplendent rays of moonlit charm.

Butterflies engaged in spirited plays
Gently rings the memory bell, like
Smiles of a summer night.

Poetry Form - Cascade
** Cascade, a form created by Udit Bhatia, is all about receptiveness, but in a 
smooth cascading way like a waterfall. The poem does not have any rhyme scheme; 
therefore, the layout is simple. Say the first verse has three lines. Line one of verse 
one becomes the last line of verse two. To follow in suit, the second line of verse 
one becomes the last line of verse three. The third line of verse one now becomes 
the last line of verse four, the last stanza of the poem. See the structure example 
a/b/c, d/e/A, f/g/B, h/i/C
To make the Cascade an even longer poem, use more lines in verse one. For 
example, if verse one has 6
lines, the poem must have seven stanzas so that each line of verse one is reused as 
a refrain in each following stanza (a cascading effect). 

(Since  there's no option for Cascade in the Form drop drown I chose Free Verse)

Details | Rhyme | |

End of a Summer Day...

I watched the summer shadows as they stole the last of day
And so soon a bit of crimson crept across the evening way
In the precious cool of evening, with a happy yawning sigh
The sky reflects its own gladness with the black wings flying high
Oh, those lovely summer shadows that can fill my world with love
That fall across the pathway from the trees that crown above
The day is folding like the moths that close their wings
Children come inside, and lights in windows bring
A sense of tranquility, with such solitude and wondrous bliss
Blessing a twilight's sky, bringing an evening's summer's kiss

Details | Free verse | |

Inspiration of a summer sky

Azure aspirations,
I blew off.
A wisp of a summer breeze 
and a muse held me fast. 
Visions of inspiration 
flew like barn swallows
over fields and trees verdant,
swelling and contracting.
Charmed by their aerial pirouettes 
captivated and content, 
I clapped with delight.

Details | Rhyme | |


As the Summer Sun
Is fading 
The Autumn frost
Spent three months waiting
To come and put
All those to sleep
Cherished children
I could not keep

Now the deed is
Duly done
The willows weep
With leaves, they'll shun
The summer greens
Have turned to grey
Thus winters wind
Is on it's way

Snowy blanket or,
Shroud of death
The piecing chill of
Winter's breath
I stand impatient 
"Till it be done
And see once more
When Spring 
Has Sprung

And in that day
When Sun is new
And does the job
It's destine too
My children will
All rise again
Until this cycle
Once more, begins

Details | Rhyme | |

Summer's Slumber -Kissing The Moon


  The balmy summer breeze 
Gently caresses the harvest saffron moon
  While it dreams memories of autumn’s golden red kiss
Trees are shedding their emerald green summer tresses
  Kindly kissing the Earth as their garments fall gently below
And flowers have shed their vivid colorful dresses
  As crimson amber leaves gently anoint the ground for show
While Summer sheds her beautiful clothes -
  Mother Nature lovingly seduces her to dream
She's kissed the shore with her elegant colorful attire
  She has painted the world with her exquisite apparel 
So now it's time for her yearly seasonal retire
  She paraded us with her resplendent painted scenes
Blessed the birds in their angelic symphony of songs
  So now -it’s time for her to drink the dreams of slumber
Taking the cup of restful sleep - is now where she belongs
She asks the moon to wait patiently...
  For her splendid colorful return
When she'll paint the world with her radiant painted tresses
  Where once more her regal colors will burn
She'll brush the Earth in regal glorious colors 
  Dressing up again in her brilliant, picturesque dresses
As the ruby red blaze of autumn begins to kiss the Earth 
  With her dazzling hues of gold and coral valor 

But before she goes...
  She gently reaches out with her one last caress...
Softly whispering as she sweetly kisses the moon
  ”It’s time now for fall - it’s time for me to undress”
She softly breathes her dulcet ending tune...
  "Goodnight", she gently whispers ...
"I’ll see you soon Mr. Moon
   Please...will you wait for my return? 

Quietly - she drifts into her splendid, peaceful dreams…
  Slumbering peacefully - 
Safely harbored in Mother Nature’s loving arms 
  As mellow zephyrs gently caress autumn's waiting whispers
While the moon drizzles its shimmering dusty charms
  Serenading nature with his soft silvery tune 
As this luminous gleaming Luna Mister 
  Cordially opens his welcoming hands 
To September's colors of orange and golden browns
Awaiting the arrival of dancing petals
As he gently embraces autumn's leaf draped lands 

Next he’ll greet the season’s sister 
  From the pristine silverblue Northern Isles...
Awaiting dancing ivory snowflakes he'll cheerfully greet winter 
  With his warm welcoming golden smile 


Details | Haiku | |


the spring's warming wisp                                                                                           heats the summer blaze sunshine's                                                                               delicate first kiss

Details | Triolet | |


I sit and swing in my backyard,
Watching as bluebirds swoop and glide.
Their babes and nest they try to guard
I sit and swing in my backyard.
To stand and walk away; to hard.
Baby birds stay quiet and hide.
I sit and swing in my backyard
Watching as bluebirds swoop and glide.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

Details | Free verse | |

A Season Unwelcome

Once it was bright and warm
but now wet and dull,
the summer has transformed
into autumn, a season fraught
with chilly winds and changing
colours; first glorious greens but 
then striking reds, oranges and yellows.
Autumn is a season that symbolises
change and the un-noticed challenges
that we all face regardless of
whatever form they take.
Many scorn it for being a season
that many seasonal illnesses 
suddenly arise, like strained
springs suddenly being released
creating a sound that ricochets 
all around, bouncing off every
But still autumn persists for
it is locked in an eternal cycle
created by Mother Nature herself.
Autumn – a season to be cherished
and welcomed for without autumn
new life cannot form when spring
arrives creating a new blossoming
paradise of colours for the summer 
that follows where the sun will bestow
its very light on very living soul.

Details | Free verse | |

Ayers Rock

Red rock
changing hue
morning sun
sky of blue.

Peter Dome .copyright. 2013. Dec.

Details | Haiku | |

Summer's End

Autumn leaves
Summer Sun's warmth
Surfing temporarily

Details | Acrostic | |

Dandelion Wishes

Dancing through a field of awakening childhood dreams
Anticipating summer days, life bursting at the seams
Nature calls a shy, young girl outdoors to explore
Dandelion heads of vibrant gold, beauty she cannot ignore
Eager to wish upon the wind, she picks a bunch to blow
Laughing as she chases fluff, seeds search for soil to grow
I remember that young girl and all she dared to wish
Often I slip back in time, soft memories I embellish
Never again have I felt that young, hopeful and free

Waiting for my tomorrows and life's possibilities
I could wrap myself awhile in ornate dandelion dreams
Savoring memories made in the summer sun's golden beams
Happiness danced along with me and petals in the wind
Each time I see dandelions, the joy returns like an old friend
Someday, perhaps I'll pick a bunch and chase childhood wishes again

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Colourful Spectrum

ray of sunshine --
the spectrum in the dew
on a leaf 

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Summer Parasols

Shadows of tall trees, 
Shade beneath their covered boughs:
Rest from midday heat.

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Hot Sultry Summer Air

Hot sultry summer air.
Clouds gather filled with rain,
float by leave water rare.
All wait relief from pain.

Clouds gather filled with rain,
leaving a small sprinkle, while
all plants wait relief from pain.
Frogs hear thunder for miles.

Leaving a small sprinkle while,
crickets, birds, bees with all
frogs hear thunder for miles.
Sunflowers enjoy; grow tall.

Crickets, birds, bees with all,
float by leave water rare.
Sunflowers enjoy; grow tall,
Hot sultry summer air.

Contest: Pantoum
Sponsor: Paula Swanson

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Weeping Willow

Weeping Willow willow tree,
your graceful branches are all I see.
The dantyest of leaves swaying in the breeze,
the beauty of your fullness stands out from other trees.
As I sit under your bountiful shade,
greatful for your structure the lord has made.
The perfect little place for a mid summer's nap,
as I close my eyes and tip the brim of my hat.
Your home resides in a meadow of butterflies and bees,
like the heart of nature you hold the keys.
Birds use your branches to make nests for their little ones,
while squirrels use you for a playhouse, somewhere to run.
The afternoon sun kisses your leaves so sweet,
this is the place where lovers sometimes meet.
The scene and essence of your bark is pleasant to the eyes,
the very core of your beauty, this is where it lies.

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Divine Grace

~ summer morning lights ~ ~ birdsong and the cold of dew ~ ~ awaken the dawn ~

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Across the River Thames

The mist in Regent Gardens air
awakes a single rosebud there.
Her scent drifts past Trafalgar Square -
England’s summer has begun.

The rising sun above the Thames
shines brighter than a crown of gems;
peeks through the panes of Buckingham
until the day is done.

Saint James Park invites the dawn
as sunbeams nudge the regal lawn.
Grass blades spread their arms and yawn:
"Good Morning, Summer day!"

Big Ben chimes a fond embrace
whilst daybreak warms his noble face.
Tower Bridge can sense sweet grace -
Summer’s song is on Her way.

Chiffchaffs adorn the royal parks
as children’s voices trill like larks.
Blooming dogwoods deftly bark
in praise of Summer’s song.

Purple lilacs perfume the breeze.
Lombard's merchants aim to please.
Harrods unfurls green canopies 
to shade the heated throng.

Piccadilly Circus burns so bright.
Vibrant neons illume the night.
A merry moon beams with delight -
enthralled by Summer’s spell.

Bells of St. Paul sing me goodbye,
as o'er the River Thames I fly.
My heart begins to sigh, as I
bid my London Summer - farewell.

Inspired by:
Summer Enchantment Rhyming Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Karen Neary

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Changing Seasons

Shamefully dull, life would be,
Without seasons to nourish me.
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall,
Nature’s blessings the nourish us all

Apathetic and harsh, winter is,
With arctic gales that pierce 
Every linen shielding my frame.
Anomalous flakes of snow drift from the sky
As sheets of white accumulate on the ground
And weigh down the healthiest trees,
Teasing those ready for winter festivities.
Once the snow angels and snowmen are made, and
Once the sledding and snowball fights are done,
Into their warm homes, all will run,
Hiding under hoards of fleece 
Until it’s time for spring to come free.

Pleasant and lively, spring is,
With liber rains falling lavishly
On soil beds of assorted seeds,
Nursed diligently by the avid gardeners
Who thirst for the sight of the first blossoms
Of poppies, roses, lilies, and tulips.
Blueberries, cherries, and strawberries
Entice the onlookers waiting to pick
The ripest harvest in a timely manner
And savoring them until summer can flare.

Fierce and fervent, summer is
With a feverish breath, that makes rain a treasure.
People gather in masses to absorb the bodies of water
As a radiant sun desiccates the land.
Outdoors, pitchers of lemonade are carried everywhere
And thriving honeysuckle sweeten the air.
Yellow lights of fireflies flicker through the night
As exhausted bodies relax beneath the stars,
Gazing in admiration, until autumn can appear

Calm and homely, autumn is
Wither green, red, and yellow foliage taking over.
Crisp leaves bustle about the ground,
Trapped by flurries of whirring winds
Until they are raked into heaps for children to dive in
And pumpkins growing in preparation to carved or baked.
Families huddle together around brilliant fires
While couples stroll through parks, taking delight in the landscape,
And having picnics until winter’s brisk rise.

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Summer Morning

A glorious summer morning…
Nature Observing…
A breath taking motion picture feature…
Love greetings between earth’s creatures…
No thoughts pinning on yesterday…
Joyfully exploring this new day…
Dragonflies circle in perfect rings…
Birds soaring, roaming delighted to sing…
Butterflies wander with a simple flutter…
A subtle cool breeze stimulates the leaves with a shutter…
The sun’s warm hug initiates fruitful growth…
Radiant flowers sharing a simple truth…
Allow the inner beauty to shine through…
I sit here fully adoring…
A glorious summer morning…

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Seasons come, Seasons go

The seasons create all colours
From greens to golds to browns
Spring, summer and autumn
Coverings like nature's gowns
When it comes to winter
Separating the strong from the weak
It's part of her natural progression
That this cold season seeks
Then come the spring again
All shoots appear for light
To journey on in their existence
What ever time of life
The summer turns them to bloom
A most joyous of sights
Pastel colours like the rainbow
All radiant with delight
Once again comes autumn
As the greens turn to browns
Their hold of life diminishing
As they release and flutter down
All around our planet
The cycles come and go
But there is no better sight
To see our Mother Nature grow

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Weekend of Sunshine

Weekend of Sunshine
Flood waters now receded
Still need welly boots

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Rainy nights have hidden
the friendly moon that visited my flowery window;
that was two seasons ago...
when I told her big secrets and didn't conceal pain.

The red-eyed owls watched me strangely and pitied my loneliness;
was I insane for staying up so late? 
But sleep was like tasting real death...
I asked myself the same question, " Why dream until daybreak? "

The softness of the resplendent moonlight 
must return on the same hour, and paint this sad face with silver moonbeams;
only then my dark night will turn bright... 
to relive those summer's nights again and give life to another dream that gleams. 

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Summer Alouette

Smell the summer air
Blowing everywhere
Drying up the drops of rain.
In this seasons breeze
Wheat fields grow with ease
Barley, corn and sugar cane.

Sun is beating down
Warming up the ground
Dandelion seeds float free.
Wild flowers with grace
Daisies happy face
Waiting for a date with bee.

Deer has gone to bed
Grass to rest his head
Heavy eyelids dim last light.
In the dark you’ll see
Fireflies so free
Dancing in the summer night.

Written 08.30.2014
For contest A Lovely Alouette

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Fruitful Summer

Fruitful Summer ( X Factor) The summer season has come to play Displaying beauty and good cheer Pleasant sunshine, gentle rain A dreamer’s heart to please Skies are clearly blue Nature’s splendor Fruitful time Precious All the Way Way All the Precious Fruitful time Nature’s splendor Skies are clearly blue A dreamer’s heart to please Pleasant sunshine, gentle rain Displaying beauty and good cheer The summer season has come to play Erich J. Goller Copyright X Factor style- by Erich J.Goller--11.12.2011 20 lines - the first 10 lines--9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/2/1 syllables Second 10 lines reversed first 10 lines- 1/ 2/2/ 3/ 4 5/6/7/8/9 syllable Rhyming - line 1 and line 10-- and line 11 and 20 any subject--
Contest entry for Concrete/shape

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Flower Love

The warm fragrant summer breeze
Sweeps across my face whispering your gaze
Like the summer flowers blossoming deep within
My heart opens up and seeks the light that only you can fulfil
Like roots I search for you, knowing our love was deep and so very true
Your hand sweeps down and plucks me from the ground
Twirling me around and around to see my petals dance just for now
You smile at me, rub your nose up and down making me flutter
With one last sigh you put me in your jacket pocket and mutter
Forever and always my darling, forever and ever.

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blue jays

          I hear birds singing in the trees
On the radio I listen to my favorite  tunes
         A butterfly floats by on the summer breeze
Buzzing by shortly after is a bumble bee

         Blue skies as far as the eye can see
And blue jays flitting from tree to tree
        The beautiful flowers all in bloom
As I relax and enjoy  on a lazy June afternoon

         Hummingbird whizzing by so fast
I wish he'd hover ..for a while at least
         All these sights and sounds are a sensory feast
And when in the chill of a winter freeze
          I keep warm with the memories of butterflies
Floating on a summer breeze

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A Seasons Dance

Autumn, a kittens purr before wakening jolt.
Sincere colors that differ each day,
Each fall day creeps up before winters bolt.
After barrenness thrives of nature’s way,
Sensual frosty covers, arrive as new born colt.
Only bold sunlight brilliantly begins to play.
Nature’s swing of new birth begins the molt.
Spreading beautiful dancers, this shall stay.
Delivering stanzas until another natural revolt,
All the seasons parade into cascading array.
Now the bold days of summer, defend the gray.
Creating blooming artifacts upon our display,
Each year delivers, only, what we all weigh.

Written by—Cecil Hickman 
Written on-- September 29th, 2013 

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Summers Last Breath

I feel the cold
Flowing from the mountains
pushing the last breath of summer aside

Eyes are feasting
The leaves are starting to die
Who knew death had such amazing colors

Sadness creeps in
Yesterday or the day before
Wasn't the sun shining with summer glory?

Acceptance comes
Enjoying the remaining light
I look up to watch Ducks flying South

Maybe I'm crazy
I love this fall season
Winter please don't arrive early this year

I was going to enter A New Dream but it had to many lines.

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Of Mad Dogs

The walker prevails without his brimmed hat, 
skirting whirling dervish of hungry gnats 
which seek to explore each orifice bare - 
to sample the blood from here and from there, 
as discerning vintner sups from each vat.  

Tackling a gradient sure to task fat 
the rambler struggles, with scowl for farm cat 
which extended stretch and yawn smugly shares. 
The walker prevails.  

Somehow, surroundings seem terribly flat - 
land less a life-force than foot-worn doormat. 
Even the birds have no energy spare; 
in the heat of this day, fox ignores hare. 
Yet, like strong tail-ender last in to bat, 
the walker prevails.

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Summer 2014 - Dorian 42

~Summer 2014~ 
(Dorian 42) 

Summer is fun,seasons hot 
Umm, temperature just  soar! 
Moving 'round, is kind of hard 
Makes one tired and rains some more 
End of summer brings next fall 
Rays from sun most folks adore 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000
aka ladylove 


"Dorian 42" created by Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson, 
to honor  poet ladydp2000(Dorian Petersen Potter). 
 Created to honor poet ladydp2000 it is an acrostic style of poem done with a 6 letter word to create 6 lines x 7 syllables thus 42 in all. The 2nd 4th and 6th line must rhyme...As many verses as you wish with 6 letter word

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Summer Night

Not quite light, not quite dark
It was hazy, hot, and humid today
Setting on my old front porch
Just leisurely passing time away

Lightening bugs are softly glowing
Crickets are chirpping their tune
Darkness is descending rapidly
I can see a beautiful crescent moon

Sounds of summer all around
Oh, the glorious seasonal scent
Just a hint, of a summer breeze
The day is but hours of being spent

Not many more summer nights
Soon snow will cover the ground
For this moment, I am content
With the beauty of sight and sound

For Write Now (It took me ten minutes
to write this on my front porch}

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Spyro Haiku 3

Bear has money, gems
Plops into a pool of fresh
water, and is sad.

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A flash of gold
blisters my skin,
causing me to retreat
to the shade of the weeping willow.

Bead after bead of salt
forms a darkened necklace
on my grey collar, 
my noose of summer. 

The once green, now yellow, 
slowly dying scenery 
reinforces my instinct
to flee inside these wooden boxes. 

My shoulders are kissed
with buckets of rays—
they pour down from above
the heads of the trees.

I submerge my wings
up to the first hinge,
the chill of the pond 
barely softens the burn. 

I grimace as the light reflects,
obscuring my vision.
There’s someone out there
who knows how to change things. 

As I shake my feathers dry
and prepare to flee back home, 
I glance to the side,
seeing my distorted reflection in the ripples. 

Mother Nature is finally happy
with the way we are reacting. 

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Memories On Branches

My, you’re brimming with eggs, oh singing robin redbreast,
Fly to the mulberry branch with your saffron yarn to build your nest.

And hello, mandarin butterfly, look how anxiously you flit,
Here and there until at last upon the elm branch you sit.

Look on the hickory branch, you can observe a predator stalk,
The neighborhood hawk will hoist his prey to the tower loft.

A squirrel launches from an overhead limb into midair, 
It rattles loose an avalanche of snow on my scalp and in my hair.

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Distant African Nights

Those Distant African Nights...


The shadows swayed in your candlelit room,

a cool breeze teasing your bare back,

streaks of lightning forked in the Johannesburg night,

as my hands stroked your hair,

kissing your soft mouth,

holding you,

ever so tight.


You whispered that you loved me,

and I kept silent,

the rain fell, 
shadows danced,
thunder rolled,

the breeze teased your naked back,

you whispered that you loved me,
as my lips found yours,

the rain washed over our tender nights,

lightning and candlelight,

etching poems on your burnished skin,


a fear gnawed at me,

deep within.


We parted ways,
and you could never forgive me, you said,

now, after numberless thunderstorms,

the rain that falls,

echo the countless tears that I have shed.


You are long gone,

far away,

happy, I pray,

yet the memories persist,

those precious moments shall never, 

like the Jo'burg rains,
trickle away,

and I wish you well,
for loving me as you did,

for it was I who was not worthy,


and it is I who is not worthy,



You were always true,

it was I who always,


refused to,

to give myself,

completely to you.

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Removing the coat,


In Summer hot!

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Life Is Like

Life is like a warm summer day;
Full of obstacles and delay.
Like is like a summer past;
No single moment will ever last.
Life is like some winter snows;
It has its high points and its lows.
Life is like a winter sky;
Beautiful, until the day you die.
Life is like an autumn wind;
Chilling you through 'til the end.
Life is like an autumn moon;
Foretelling of something coming soon.
Life is like a spring rain;
Giving you something to gain.
Life is like a spring child;
Always smiling, always wild.
Life is short,
So live it tall
And God will see
You through it all.

(Dedicated To Ebony Webb R.I.P)

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Lessons From The Leaves and The Tree I

Lessons From The Leaves and The Tree I
( Life's Journey)

Life was beautiful
for all the leaves in the tree
in spring and summer

They flourished and bloomed
under the warm summer sun
and sweetest spring rain

Their color brightened
to a lovely shade of green
that glowed with beauty

Flowering blossoms
from the buds of the fruit tree
brought joy and delight

Little birds would peck
as they sit on the branches
on the lush green leaves

It was the best time
of their lives atop the tree
filled with happiness

But life has seasons
that never stay all the time
they come and they go

Spring and summer passed
autumn came and its cold winds
changing all the leaves

Turning their color
from bright green to brown and red
yellow and orange

Their brightness faded
their loveliness spent and gone
making them pale and weak

How seasons changed them
tempering all their nature
through adversities

Winter will arrive soon
and do her task of sweeping
the bough of the tree

The faded leaves will go
and leave the tree to herself
to make room for spring

When new leaves will grow
to replace those that have gone
in the cold winter

In such a lifetime
they have gone through all seasons
in smooth and rough times

That is how life goes
for all the leaves in the trees
in the cycle of life

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The Summer Breeze

One thing is certain about summer
It never last forever
Be that it may sometimes be a bummer
You will always remember the weather

The ocean breaths 
As you sometimes hear
Through the summer breeze
And the starry nights are clear.

Sweat and games are ever more real
With a summer breeze
It’s the coolness you feel
Which provokes a peace?

For it’s the memories you’ll steal!

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August 30th 2012

Summer is finally leaving to rest,
As the trees are ceasing to look their best.
Life... Gathering, running, taking flight.
Leaves are flying, yet never losing sight.
As the days grow shorter, nights even colder.
The trees grow bare...Although beauty is still there.
Listen as the leaves whisper, feel as the breeze brushes your cheek...
Winter is almost here, grows weaker.
But listen...can you hear it?
It's coming... wait! The fall, it's here...(;

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Summer Once More

Silent as day Quiet as the setting sun Summer settles in

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The Kiss Of Autumn


While summer sheds her native clothes- Mother Nature seduces her to dream
   For she has painted the world with her exquisite apparel 
She's embraced the shore with her colorful garments
Now autumn will kiss the Earth with brilliant hues of golden reds
   Parading us with all her painted glorious scenes 

Summer whispers...”It’s time now for fall - time for me to undress”
  She asks the moon to wait patiently for her colorful return
Where once more - she'll paint the world with her radiant tresses
  Brushing the world in her glorious summer clothes 
Dressing up once again in her brilliant picturesque dresses 

 ____________        ¶¶´´´¶´´´¶o¶¶¶¶___________
 ________             ¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´¶´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶__________
 ________    ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶__________

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In Time She Wakes

In time she wakes; I, the the sun, that kisses her face. 
No lies or disguise, just the radiant reflection of African skies on the rise in her eyes.
Beauty unmistakable, incredible, unforgettable;
My eyes drink the scene until I'm full. 
Her hair, her face, that skin, where to begin? 
So smooth the soft surfaces surrounded and swirled in swirling sheets that keeps my amber bright morning light tight in her sight. 
She can't quite fight the bite to ignite with all her might. 
Yet before the day slips away she'll sway and play in Plettenberg bay. 
And from her lips drips the sips from oceans where now sleep the ships and slips of men that crashed and smashed from sirens singing and calling out their longing and wanting so haunting - the sound spilling from that same coy style of a Mona Lisa smile. 
She wants to linger on but horizons blue, orange, yellow and red hint of bed instead it must be said. 
Soon to the night she'll wed but before that rest she shares her shape in shadows on the shore. 
A dance does she once again as I gaze with the last blaze of my rays across the waves, 
until again, through the morning haze, I'll wake her just to see her eyes kiss the skies that light up from the light in my eyes. 
For she is my earth, my world, my purpose, I am her sun. 
This breathing circle, this vision, no dark nightly dream would it seem could ever forever our helix make undone.


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Appalachian Seasons

We welcome Spring with blooms
From bright red and yellow tulips
It feels like the season of flumes
With the scent of fresh hyssops

Summer skies roll on around
With gently floating white clouds 
Fresh mown lawns cover the ground
Leaving crisp, emerald shrouds

When Autumn happens through
With orange, red and amber hues
The entire world is a changed view
Mountains painted brilliantly new

Winter covers the world in white
Enchanting icicles hanging from trees
All the world is dazzling even at night
It’s a wonderland of a peaceful freeze

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
In the Appalachian Mountains we find
There is no place to be found any better
Seasons of bliss surround us with a design

God’s paintbrush has chosen our world
To leave impressions of such joy and beauty
Colors assorted, mixed and swirled
To create a vision of dreamy bounty

 ©July 29, 2014
Written for Vibrant Verses Contest

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In the middle of a vast daisy-covered meadow,
there were honeysuckles hummingbirds loved;
their leaves were large and their flowers pinkish-red...
lovers spent sultry summers nights to escape sorrow.

Far in the distance, the darkened cypresses swayed...  
keeping watch on the marble graves and those names death knew;
over this side, there was much vibrant life and all fireflies happily flew;
happiness vibrated in the joyful voices while guitars played.  

Come, lover and bury yourself into my warm embrace,
let's make believe that yesterday wasn't a faded dream... 
we can bring it back for endless moments that these eager hearts shouldn't miss;
if hummingbirds love honeysuckles, we can be as inseparable as they are indeed.

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Summer Time

Season of fresh fruits and holidays 
Up there the sky is clear, peace of mind
Men enjoy its nice,
Mild days,  and smooth nights
East or west summer is the green 
Really people feel its joyful smell of kind life
Of grown grass and big leaves 
Come after the natural smiles of spring
Rivers roar welcoming swimming in summer time.

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Trees whisper 
Secrets untold
summer wind
picnic lunch
A Lovers kiss
A childs embrace

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Misty Morning

dewdrops are sparkling over cactus thorn like icy diamonds this misty morn cold desert wind through the Mesquite trees the sweet smell of sage lingers in the breeze as the sun climbs past invisible clouds the burning sky melts the misty wet shroud mercury is high but the air is dry somewhere under the tangerine sky

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Summer's coming

Some days the Spring is cold and grey
And drizzling rain is no surprise.
It seems that nature's lost her way
But soon the Summer sun must rise.
        While rain washed blooms can find no bees
        A worm is still a blackbird's prize.
        The sparrows fuss and skulk in trees
        But soon the Summer sun must rise.
And what of you my nature's child,
Will I find love inside your eyes?
I love to watch you running wild
But soon the Summer sun must rise.
        Some days the Spring is cold and grey
        But soon the Summer sun must rise.

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Mora Piya Ghar Aaya - My Beloved Has Returned Home

Mora Piya Ghar Aaya (My Beloved Has Returned Home)


the leaves fell, as you left, a bleak chill wafting across the barren space within my being,
you left, taking your smile and mine,
my smile rests with you still, leaving a void impossible to fill.


pangs of longing consumed me, my only company in the frigid nights,
my tears remain frozen, within,
unable to fall from my broken eyes, as I searched the depths of the cold, harsh skies.


birds returned home, though you did not, and I felt soothing rebirth all around,
memories of you began blazing, their embers stoked,
and at last the tears rolled, like ink on this blank notebook, my whole being pined for you, my very self in anguish silently shook.


alive I felt again, the promise of the coming cooling rain, easing the heat of desire,
yet the furnace slowly raged inside, your absence tearing into me, shattering my nights, my longing for you soaring unfettered across the skies,
dancing on clouds, blissfully free,


heaven itself opened, the deluge an unending dream,
rain falling all around, mingling with my flowing tears,
and then I saw you, you returned, and I embraced you, never wishing to let you go,
and though I may wear the mask of the clown,
if you were to leave again,
my very soul, would quietly slip away, and in the monsoon rains, I would gratefully drown.

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Autumns here, not to cold
Roses are still blooming
Looking around I see lots to do
Dead heading,weeding and pruning

Bulbs ive bought for next year
To pop their heads up here and there
And the sweet pea seed pods
Are drying in the air

It's time to tidy up our plot
With lots of digging too
Weeds to pull, beds to hoe
Lots of things will have to go

You know you have to be a little brave
If that roseyou want to save
But you will learn that over time
You have to be cruel
Just to be kind

The flower beds need a tidy
Take all the dead stuff off the top
Veg plotsbeing well dug over
Waiting for next years crop

Pruning back wayward branches
Collecting  seeds, next year to sow
Burning up the collected debre
Long gone are the neat vegies in straight rows

The lawn will soon need it's final cut
All the birds have flown their nests
Must take down the nesting boxes
To clean and get rid of pests

September now with harvest moon
Time will fly and very soon
Christmas will be here
I hear you cry
And then its over 
In the blink of an eye

And then ........
Springs around the corner
 With wondrous thing to see
Bulbs popping up above the ground
Giving joy to you and me

And when all the hard works done
You can sit back and be pleased
Wind, frost, rain and sun
You've grown all that you need

The seasons cycle will start again
And it will be time
Seed catalogueat the ready
More varieties to find

Seeds to sow , hpoe they'll grow
The lawn will soon need it's 1st mow 
The summer months to enjoy 
But really it's just a ploy

It all starts again 
For another year 
For harvest festival 
Is here again for another year

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Shadows of Summer

A new dawn arrives with the whispering winds of a new day.
Shadows of summer shade the nesting blue jay.
Sunrise peaks through the weeping willow.
Morning dew drops fall from the leaves of the red oak.
Shadows of summer dance under sunlight,
painting dark images on the ground.
Shadows of summer spilling down.
Daisies embrace the noontime sunlight.
Sweet breezes blow to the hummingbirds delight.
The woodpecker taps a rhythm of beats.
The day is warm with midsummer heat.
Shadows of summer dancing beneath the trees.
Along comes the sting of honeybees.

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The Plight of the Bumble Bee

Hello, I am a buff-tailed bumble bee,
But in this fair and pleasant land, I’m dying.
Intensive farming methods, can’t you see ?
Do not provide the flowers for which I’m sighing.
The meadow’s gone, and were that not enough
The butterflies and moths are suffering too –
So many native plants you’re killing off;
Make no mistake, this will impact on you !
When you see me, ‘dozing’ in a flower,
I’m helping to produce the crops you need –
I zig-zag flower to flower and hour by hour
Transport the pollen to produce the seed.
	Be friendly, plant bee-friendly plants for me –
	I’ll buzz and be a hive of industry.

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Summer Sunshine

Windows thrown open on a sunny June morning  
Refreshing and uplighting like a sun flower's first captured vision
Breathe deep and absorb the sallowed air
A woodpecker knocks and signals that summer has sprouted at last

The window causes the wood pigeon to scare and swoop away to the south 
It flies leaving my elder berry tree. Oh those lovely teas of the elder berry 
I must check the size of the raspberries on those endless spreading tendrills
And tie up the old conference pear to the bending summer wind 

New cut grass divine in smell from yesterday's motored cut 
The stinging nettles make no effort to grow beside the swings
Small crimson and green rhubarb shoots sprout out and lack a feed
And the wind blown fish meal has moved on beyond the base of the plum tree

The wood pigeon returns and lands and hides like so many years before
Mr swallow swans and loops for insects upon the wing
So many frog sprawn clumps at top the septic tank some born some wriggle
And once before a pine marten appeared and lifted the lid of my old dust bin.

A garden so rich and vibrant so productive and open
I welcome all comers to grow to feed to view to read
It oxygenates the mind and calms the soul
Brings happiness and reason gives purpose and marks the season  


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I swear to the summer- I am a well-aged drummer...

Like liver and pee's

Like grease on the tree's

Like Sweet tarts and tea

I swear to the summer- I am a well-aged drummer...

Like listeners without runners

Like dangerous men without gunners

-Don't be naked just be funner

Don't be jaded just act like your comin'

I swear to the summer- I need no real number

I swear to your comin'- I love the leader and all the wanderer

And the fisherman

And the ponderer 

And the drinker

And the blunderer

I swear to the summer -I am a well aged drummer

I can take away your lumber

And burn it like a hunter

I can turn it into somethin'

-that I saw in the light of the reflection

I can see you dance well in the mist

Of nature's best kiss

And resist when you need the fist

And reminisce,
even though I am just a man
And I have never felt the shit

Like a tall building that hasn't been built yet

Like an animal that hasn't been born yet

Like man with his child

Like women with her mild

Life has a style

You have it,
and you fill

In the mind
And in the child

Just to say it again,
you have been the smile 

And your love makes me wild

And your hugs hold for miles

And your fun takes the pile

And even though you're gone now I can stay for a while

And sway in the reef when the tide lifts me

And feel the knees when I become weak 

And be too much when too much hits me

And sleep when god reads me

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The Sugar Skulls

Life begins, with morning dew

Beneath the earth a small pod waits

Till the eyes of winter steals

A glimpse of spring, then knows its fate

Among remains of those gone past

There is hope left on their face

To most, it's viewed as death

But life still leaves its trace

And when the sad tail ends

Those that passed, will lie there rotten 

Till the blossom reigns again

Upon the forehead, of the forgotten 

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On through the ripples,
Through the shunts and the brushes,
The flickering chants,
The whispered gloom.
I walked, in a still coldness,
Watching in through the firm, glass panes
Of this pavement I made.
There stood three evil eyes
Perched high with a burning, solemn glare
Clad in black.

I stood with living numbness,
Drowned in the rain;
Exempt from their shelter
But Separate from their cave.

My walk was long,
Soon I saw the clouds part;
I gazed, perhaps glided into the blue depth.
The soulful reflection painted within the bay-shaped sapphire,
 Too long had I ignored myself… 
Depicting a girl, content in her smile
But mirrored by her counterpart.
I suddenly became aware
How rain and sun fall from the same sky.

The hush of the oak branches,
Passing through the park;
Reminded of the ease of empty summers;
Where my eyes couldn't reach the gate.

I turned a corner to the child’s trumpet,
Hollow with smiles
The off and empty notes
Passed right through me.
Was she, blissfully lost to her tune,
Or lost in the dissection of each note?
Lost in the mimicking of each line?
Lost, so that in the process, the bigger meaning faded.

This world holds its breath
In a struggle.
I step alone,
Across stone and soft earth,
Between kindled mirth:
In this summer losing its youth.
This day, this deep
Meander of thought,
Where I looked at the world to find myself.

Then I was laughing at my difference.

 Here is the number to my door,
To The World beyond. 

For Fragment competition
2nd September 2013

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-Somnolent Sun-

-Somnolent Sun-  

As the sun sets, into
a somber crimson sky,
radiant beauty shines down
on those who cannot fly.
Inspiration gleaming at this 
moment caught in time,
creating a soothing memory,
instilled within my mind.

Filling the Earth with the 
warmth of her heart, 
while setting away, 
committed to her part.
She slowly fades behind
the horizons of the bay,
with promises of return,
for another day.

-Anonymously youRs-
(Copyrighted to "DigitallyDefectiveArt")

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Charm Of Spring

Rhythm created on water tends to kill 
Images of trees and sky reflected in lake 
Still water but, not any more still 
At least not dry or frozen and opaque 

Creating a wonderful picnic spot 
Inviting place for geese to immigrate 
Time to make trips and enjoy a lot 
Deer will stay out long to graze 

For next few months of spring and summer 
Artists will come with canvas and brushes 
Boating or may be fishing can occur 
Trees will wear colourful dresses. 

Sky will finally get rid of grey cover 
The vision can roam clearly and further 
Fog will entirely vanish from atmosphere 
Season to enjoy the beautiful youth of nature 

Vibrant colours of spring will be hidden 
They will not be so in summer and fall 
Leaves will turn first green then golden 
And will not be in winter at all. 

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My spirit longs for the breeze that the summer brings
My spirit longs for the birds who fill the heavens with beautiful song
My spirit longs for the smell of the flowers
My spirit longs for the breeze that the summer brings

My spirit longs for the sunrise and sunset
My spirit longs for the sweet tea my grandmother has perfected
My spirit longs for the sweet taste of freedom that comes only from summer
My spirit longs for the breeze that the summer brings.

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I  stood  watching  the first snowflake’s  battle action : 
First of a horde – a  first-flake  trumpeter  announcing 
The immense white horde’s  cold intention 
Of riding roughshod  and merciless over everything,

Last  week  my friendly  leaves burned gold,
But their cold heat was an illusion,
No warm defence ‘gainst the winter cold.
Theirs  was no  flame of defensive passion

It  was  a  mere seeming  fire-moat, 
But  a dying fire, not burning - just the yellow 
Of coward leaves running and turning coat   
At  the  hint of a  white army  certain to follow.

Cold golden souls trembled as wind bit their shape,  
And to the air they  wildly took, fleeing,  trying to escape –
Tumbling in panic for a while, rising slowly  to drop  like tears.
Above the wood  for another mile  then  fell to rest with  craven peers.

Widely then under the  boughs of laden yellow leaf 
Spread a  sorry carpet  of brave summer come to  grief.
They  were  blown to the river - not to flame ,
But with dampened ardour   to run  ungainly, with shame,

And  float ignominiously,  and collect their coward fellows
In unranked masses  at the slack  black shallows.
Among the faded reeds and river weeds
Hiding  their terror  and their coward’s deeds

Where brave summer had reigned in wood and  river
Now only poltroons  were  seen to shiver.
They fled  on the run  out of the wood -
Fair weather friends abandoning me  as I stood.

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I hear that it’s raining in Washington State,
In London there's snow coming down
as I look out across a wide dusty plain,
where everything’s pastel or brown.

I heard reports of below freezing point
at Regina in Saskatchewan,
I look at a lake bed all shiny through salt
with water and waterbirds gone.

Nothing is moving except for some dust
where there’s no grass, not even a blade.
It’s hotter than hell amongst the bluebush,
when it’s forty degrees in the shade

I’m dreaming of waterfalls cascading down.
Swimming pools filled up with ice,
I’m wiping off sweat that beads on my brow
and think to myself… where is paradise?

Its forty degrees in the shade through the day,
and at night I am restless, beneath a sheet,
for it barely cools down, and so hard to sleep.
Yes it’s so hard to cope with the heat.

So if you are flooded or battling with snow,
and the cold winds are making you glum, 
start thinking of summer and how good it feels,	
and you pray that soon it will come.

I say good luck to you for its winter I yearn,
once the frost and fog has begun,
when it’s forty degrees, where there is shade…
and forty-five out in the sun.

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Summer Breeze

As the summer breeze blows through the air
I can feel your presence, I know you are there
As the summer breeze blows across the sea
I can feel your presence, it overwhelms me
As the summer breeze blows around the earth
I can feel your presence as I did at your birth
As the summer breeze blows through the trees
I can feel your presence from my head to my knees
As the summer breeze blows across my face
I can feel your presence though 
You're in another place                                                              
As the summer breeze blows half past seven
I can feel your presence even though you're in Heaven
As the summer breeze blows and leaves entangle
I can feel your presence my sweet little Angel
As the summer breeze blows the tears now start
I can feel your presence within my heart

Copyright © 1998 Shari E Davis

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A Joyous Trek

A Joyous Trek 

An afternoon spent walking the trails
Nature triumphs where city life fails
A short drive to Wapanocca Refuge today
had to let my inner child out to play

First trail snaked out to a lovely pond
saw the ducks of which I am so fond
Up around another very scenic bend
two deer bolted as if we were not friends

This cool day had the turtles out sunning
the squirrels playing, the lizards a running
All seemed to be listening to Nature's tune
Mid July felt like cool morn in early June

A trek to ease a tired body and soul
serenity realized , sweet joy the goal

Robert J. Lindley , 07-17-2014

Wapanocca NWR located 20 miles northwest of Memphis, Tennessee, 
in Crittenden County, Arkansas was established in 1961 to provided
habitat for migrating and wintering waterfowl. The refuge is located 
four miles west of the Mississippi River and protected from the river
 by the river levee. Prior to establishment of the refuge, it was the
 site of the Wapanocca Outing Club which was formed in 1886. This was
 one of the oldest and most prestigious hunting clubs. The club managed
 for waterfowl and most of the lake was set aside as a waterfowl 

Today the refuge literally stands as a wildlife oasis in an 
agricultural sea. An excellent diversity of habitat exists comprised
 on mainly agricultural land, bottomland hardwood forest, early stage
 reforested hardwoods, open water and flooded cypress/willow swamp. 
Thirty small field impoundments totaling 190 acres have been developed
 for waterfowl in the agricultural area. Because of its strategic 
location in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway and the diverse 
habitat, the refuge is a prime wintering area for migratory waterfowl 
and a major stopping place for migrating warblers. Bald eagles, great
 blue herons, great egrets and anhingas nest on the refuge.

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Summer Storm

A soft wind blows
With the smell of rain
Tree limbs bend
And gently sway

Clouds billow high
In the afternoon sky
As I dreamily watch
The day go by

Slowly and gently
The rain makes its way
A refreshing cool mist
On a warm summer day

Then comes a rumble
And the rain starts to  pour
And my mind floats away
On a soft summer storm

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The Swaying of the Grass



A path leads,

to where wild grass grows,


sashaying in the summer breeze.




Along the path,
lightness settles within,


feeling the grass,
tickling ankles,


swaying to the lilting bird-song,

in a dance of intimate abandon,


brushing the remnants of pain away.




Melodies float across fields of green,

delicately caressing my heart,


teasing emptiness to flee,

comforting the mind,


to silently be.




Walking on,
savouring the peace,


a momentary respite,
from the burdens of the now,


all is quiet,


a stillness cradling fractured emotions,


the grass in the fields sway,


dusk descends,


shadows lengthen,


nudging dimming light to take leave,


of the day

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Summer Alouette 2

Smell the summer air
Blowing everywhere
Drying up the drops of rain.
In this seasons breeze
Wheat fields grow with ease
Barley, corn and sugar cane.

Sun is beating down
Warming up the ground.
Dandelion seeds float free.
Wild flowers with grace
Daisy’s happy face,
Waiting for a date with bee.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
For contest A Lovely Alouette

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O' The Summer Breeze

O' the summer breeze
Cool and satisfying winds
A soothing whistle

O' the summer breeze
Now gone, for winter is here
O' the frosty winds.

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Four Seasons

Winters boldness has its ways,
Of bringing coldness through its snowflakes,
Through the windows its always viewed,
But within it we humans are rude,

Spring dandelions bring us smiles,
Puts us outside back for a while, 
Its nature starts to show,
Those seeds are watered,
Did you know?

Summers heat is so intense,
Takes our garments off our head,
Oceans and pools begin to be fed, 
Oh and at night no blankets used,
Just our bareness instead,

Showering down summers leftovers,
Here comes autumn!
well I guess Fall?,
The breeze it brings feels like an AC,
Look what's coming up again,
Winters boldness, Come Save Me! 

Omer Shafi (also known as Journal)

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Another Year

Our summer is late this year
Spring showers keep coming still
But the meadow is full of green
And glorious wild flowers seen
Patience, for the sun will shine
We'll have picnic weather sublime
Then begging for cool breezes
And relief from summer sneezes
Too soon the hills will  brown
And then be wearing winters gown
Seasons seem to fly right by
The year gone with a sweet sigh

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The first flower

It was springtime in the garden. Just passed, the winter snows.

When first I walked the pathway. Along it's barren rows.

Late in spring, in early morn, through chance I happen by.

I glimpsed a newly blossomed rose, it's beauty caught my eye.

It's bloom was  so compelling, it seemed to draw me near.

 The depth of it's allurement,  made the others  seem austere.

It's dew drenched velvet petals, with color's  brandy red.

Were as soft to the fingers' touch, as silk on feathered bed.

It's  essence more alluring, than any there that grew.

No flowers of the garden, could match it's vivacious hue.

Came summer to the garden,  my rose was full in bloom.

And the lovers' in the garden, were drawn to it's perfume.

Throughout the summer day's ahead, it's beauty did unfold.

Until at last, at summers end, the nights were getting cold.

And the color's of my lovely rose, began to slowly fade.

And as the summer slipped away, I somehow felt betrayed.

Again the winter snows came. The garden stark and bare.

But come the spring, as God intends, my rose afresh, be there.

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Soft Summer Nights

It’s a blanket that wraps the world within It’s a hug from Mother Nature It’s a silken touch upon one’s skin… It’s a soft Summer night! It’s starry skies and warm breezes It’s hide and seek and skinned up knees It’s poison ivy and Ragweed sneezes It’s the whispers of Angels amongst the trees It’s a soft Summer night It’s July fourth fireworks At the Village Square It’s the odor of clover Saturating the air It’s a soft Summer night Springtime has it’s promise Bittersweet endings has the Fall Winter a time of deep reflection But Summer surpasses them all With it’s gentle, silken, Caring caress It’s Angelic whispers in full moonlight It’s a God given grace…no more…no less …It’s a soft Summer night…

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Daisies and the Way to Undress Summer.

“Dress me in daises,” I said, as if flowers could cover my skin in respectable ways, and
he smiled as my shoe boxes of paint tipped over, as the floor became art and the way I
walked towards him smeared my heart at his feet.

We captured laughter this way, drawing insensibilities in between us, and there was an
element of beauty in the grin of a child when it appeared to dance across his grown up
cheeks, an attraction to Peter Pan, and blond hair in the summer, as I thought I could
capture July...

The month used to sit beside my bed, fluttering night lights to save me from dreams, stars
danced in mason jars and fairytales were whispered beyond moonlight as I wrote them in my
dreams, as I watched seasons disappear into morning light.

I arrested kisses with a word and slipped them in my pockets, he commented on the rips
that always decorated the hems of my blue jeans, I played with the brown flowered
patches at me knees, I looked at him and told him my secrets, I whispered content beneath
the spring as we watched summer rise, as the sky became a canvas and I wished my hands
were more capable...

“Show me the way beyond you,” he requested, as my glance became puzzled, “Show me who you

He handed me a daisy, he told me to undress, I studied the petals as they fell to my feet,
my toes became blanketed...

and I walked towards him...

the decoration of spring mapping out my heart, and he smiled with a mouth that grinned
when he spoke my name, when he laughed in the fashion of a child and held me under
moonlight when spring faded and summer came.

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The Fall

The Fall

In a letter to Joyce, 21 pages

A big hole has opened up before my eyes – I can now see the skies
as Summer, sheds her clock of thick greens – now torn and tattered –
faded into shades of gold, red, brown and yellow.
The threads of Summers passing, – in it’s colours of brown, yellow, 
red and gold – for two weeks have been coming down like kites
in the hands of children at play, carried on winds of fall,
like butterflies on the wing, pining for the loss of spring as they
flutter about in winter’s decay, like snow flakes falling on a cold, gray, day,
like whirlwinds- invisible – caught by the discerning eye, like kamikaze pilots diving straight to the ground, exploding into colours of brown, all around.
That once green and vibrant forest – that filled my spirit, my eyes all summer –
now stands tall before me, naked and barren, creating a window 
through which I can now can see blue, gray, black cloud days
or wet skies, even a sunset or two as I now see shapes of people who walk,
jog, ride, talk along the banks of a creek they call a river –
Coquitlam river – who’s song I can now hear, as it sing it’s song,
as it moves along, on it’s way to that Pacific who awaits her fill,
as she rages on in winter months.
The skies, as I, have been crying – weeping, grieving – for the loss of
warm, blue, dry days of this past, most beautiful summer of all
I have known in the thirty plus years I have been here.

B. J. “A” 2
November 17th 2006

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An old garden

It reminds me of an East Anglian landscape.
This garden’s flat planes of grass give the illusion
Of greater distance,the eye travels down them
To the trees rising at the end.
On this scene my mind superimposes
Other ideas of summer days in hot places
In flat fields stretching on either
Side down to the sea.
My eye enjoys the shape,the flatness
The form,a symbol for so many other gardens
And summer journeys on unknown lanes
Across new landscapes ,delighting in them,
In the space extending,and the trees
A gentle contradiction to the horizontal meadows.
In summer in recent years,what I remember
Is the sun across these long,flat shapes.
Looking at this small garden,I remember
So many things,my eye sees through
What is here,to far beyond
What has  passed and what is to come
All contained here.

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Nursery of Winds

In the glistening of Spring
young winds are born,
hatchling mouth gaping
for frozen bits of thermal carrion,
gleaning what nourishment they can
from the keening of last winter’s gales.

Summertime zephyrs are on their own,
casting themselves in currents of warmth,
deciding from moment to moment 
whether they will caress or sting.
They move as they must
for only those most fit
may sail forward into Fall.

Late autumn gales dance in glee,
plucking the trees for adornments
to dress themselves, pushing
the dead scales of summer
through wild ranges
to line west facing cliffs
in hopes of spawning anew.

And in the depths of winter’s bite
they prance in waxing and waning strength,
mating with abandon,
showcasing the power of vernal rage,
cradling each other’s breezes
in the glacial nooks of high rocks,
Scattering truth in their wake,
waiting for Spring.

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A Summer's Night

On a Summer's night. 
An Evening's brew. 
This is the story on how I loved you. 
I soared like a kite, high in the sky. 

Then I sat down, and thought of the reason why. 

We broke up, but I acted like the fool. 

You were the reason I dropped out of school. 

They said Life will be good! Life will be great! 

But look at me now... 

I am what I hate!

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Seasonal Thoughts

The sun is still warm,
the trees, full of leaves,
yet one or two, yellowed,
have fallen.
As the first, fresh winds
of autumn
clear cobwebs away
the days grow shorter,
the last of the summer flowers
give their all,
and another season passes
without protest,
as another summer passes
like a dream.

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Experiencing the Rain

Experiencing the Rain

By Elton Camp

Dark clouds approach from the west
To the coming summer storm attest
The grass has become brown and dry
Life-giving moisture rain will supply

When rain is near, I usually can tell it
Partly because I’m able to smell it
“It’s ozone,” weather experts all say
“Lightning is why it smells that way”

For such explanation I don’t care
The storm is saying, “I am there”
Louder is the thunder as it draws near
Vivid streaks of lightning then appear

“Come inside,” my wife calls out
Her advice is wise, I have no doubt
The wind picks up and the leaves shake
A safe refuge I was then forced to take

With sudden fury, the rain does begin
It stops a second, then starts again 
On the roof it commences to drum
Through the downspouts it’ll come

Now it falls in the thickest sheets
Against the window panes it beats
Raindrops hit puddles that are advancing
Old folks may say that fairies are dancing

All outside has become fresh and new
Just as a summer rain will always do 
What, from such a rain, do you get?
Some feel it, but others just get wet

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An Ode to Birth and Death

Darkness ended, Winter released her icy grip; budding crystals soon began to drip.

The Earth then tendered, its surface filled with life; Spring now wed to Summer, the
radiant rays piercing the frozen skies.

But Beauty gives way to Destruction and forests turn to tinder.

Here lies the crossroads, an Ode to Birth and Death.

A flower that slowly bloomed left stranded now in late Spring, scorched by Summer’s rays,
but oh its beauty still remains.

It lives on desolate ground. A mind unfolded, it's heart retouched.

And at last outlasted a depression that once did rule. And you the fair Demise, how will
you compromise? When we together win the prize.

Flailing futilely in a sea of lies; the Fountain of Youth was found, its waters tainted.

Perhaps it’s best not to toy with Life and Death.

The Seasons unwillingly shifting, the Sun now in full bloom, and the flower starts to wilt;

Beautiful, as death begins to set, while Summer touched the Earth.

Petals fall away like tear drops on the skin, and light penetrates in a wonderful array.

Ever growing heat, now begins to drain them of life, while petals turned to dust, carried
away in gusts.

Together fertilized, yet unaware, it only dares to bring about despair.

Death gives back again to Life; an early end to a late start.

A new beginning comes from dust and decay, as the Summer sun now fades away.

The burning skies teaming with gray.

Death takes a new form; white, blinding, crushing and consuming.

Oh but gorgeous it remains, In time, life grows again,

Coming from the wastes of a flower that late bloomed.Yet life anew begins too soon.

In Winter’s last grasp, her touch did drain, when frozen ashes did remain;

Here is life’s penultimate breath, the greatest Ode to Birth and Death.

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Moab( town in Utah)

Journey centuries passed
walk its trailblazers' path
old memories photographed
are sacred keys to Moab's past

Red sandstone canyons surround 
an old western town
its sacred fertile ground
and white sunlight grew sunflowers
near burningwood powered
homes nestled in verdant canyon meadows
where oxen roamed and travelers settled
cooled by cloud color blend and snow capped Rocky Mountains
gracing blue twilight skies growing dark 
over Canyonland Park
bordering Colorado River
beneath summer star glittered nights
and china pearl moonlight

Morning summer dream 
day brings gentle air and amber tangerine skilight gleam

Nature's presents...eternal Earth's essence

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into the spotlight

high summer enters stage left-

son et lumiere

Inspired by Raul's Summer tempest photo

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the Lucid songs we sing

What colour is your blues
For it always fails to reach our spring
Adams abreach 
And Eve's the moment 
Our gardens sing

If the stars don't reach for you
At least the sun will greet you
Provides the light that allows smiles to blossum
Illuminates the soil that greens your pigment clean
And on to June Bugs you remain unseen

Did you finally settle that dust that rose
With the winters you miss I grow
It left you at a spring time breaze
Did you roll up your sleeves, fall to your knees 
draked in the soil from which cotton seeds

Did you prick your skin and bleed
Did you lie in a petal of roses and read 
as you gazed upon a sky that refused to die
Did you wish for the frost 
To touch the wind and fall subordinate to the cause

And as April died
You realized how much you hated 
The fact that summer was over rated
Yea as April died
You thought about how much you hated 
The fact that summer was over rated

"songs of a blank season"

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Autumn Joys in Alaska for contest

When the summer runs away
    and the sea wind screams for snow 
Scarlet woods will whisper sway
Fickle leaves blow to and fro.

I smell memories in the air
     and it makes me yearn to run
When north breezes toss my hair
      and the frost is kissed by sun.

Come walk the fjord with me
      in the golden hours of day.
Blue dusk will woo the sea--
    It's a vibrant love display.

In the evening we will stroll 
    follow puffs of frozen breath--
While the Northern Lights patrol
Sending summer to its death.

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Seasons Changing

      Seasons Changing

      Autumns come,seasons changing
      Mother earth gently rearranging
      leaves of red,orange and gold
      glorious colors do unfold
      winter is coming it's in the air
      I feel it's chilly fingers run thru my hair
      soon the ground will be covered in white
      as snow falls quietly in the night
      and when the snow melts and it's time for spring
      the earth reborn,crisp and clean
      flowers pop up everywhere
      everywhere you look you see
      the inevitable colors of spring
      my favorite color glorious green
      Summer is here and in full bloom
      as I sit under a full,jeweled summer moon
      I love the 4 seasons each one of them all
      spring,summer,winter and 

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sounds of summer

The sounds of spring is almost gone 
and  summer follows close behind

The trees are full as they can be
of leaves that's reached maturity

The sounds of crickets frogs and things
and all the sounds that night time bring

I stand amazed as I look around
and listen to all the familiar sounds

that summer brings as each day starts
and know that I can be a part

Of all the things that God has made
so perfect is the plan he laid

The fields are green the flowers in bloom
we know that summer is coming soon

We thank you Father for seasons past
and looking forward to summer at last

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Splendor in the grass

Come; lie with me in the grass
Of summer and feel the cool green
Blades give ground to our presence here.
Smell the white clover my dearest?
Its odoriferous fragrance
Pales by comparison with you.
Look! I see a four-leaf clover,
Though rare, it’s not as rare as you;
I picked you out amongst a crowd
And have been in love ever since.
That sun that kisses these flowers
Is not as warm as your kisses 
And the warm rustling summer breeze  
Lingers long about your tresses
Stilled by the jealous Aeolus
Who claims all things but you my dear.

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winter snow will make its raid
after the summer's chase of fall.
the earth's landscape will become overlaid
with small frosty webs trapping all.

fall's carpe diem with its colorful leaves
boasts its showiness in monochromatics.
orange, red, and yellow foliage of trees weaves
a motion picture of diving dramatics.

winter and summer are opposite in purpose.
fall and spring divide the temperature extremes.
they all work together without being jealous.
seasons have better ethics than us it seems.

fall's deaths makes fertilizer in winter for life in spring
which is then chased by summer and the sport it will bring.

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This my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine

After the summer sun, once the waves have had more than they can swallow,
a melancholic mood looms large, wherein the floundering victims wallow.

The sudden descent into silence hits harder than the outburst of noise before -
because the volume alteration is accompanied by a message we choose to ignore.

Empty crisp packets blow aimlessly across the void of vacuous beaches,
this incisive message resounds repeatedly, but is lost on the audience it teaches.

Strewn across the fields,
is produce of the summer’s yield:
broken buckets and spades lie dishevelled, dreaming of the sandcastles they used to build.

The owner of the café passé on the pier
returns to her farm for the rest of the year:
hindered by the accumulation of summer commerce: the litter she has to clear.

The greasy burger wrappers
serve as an embodiment of what matters:
the ignorance and carelessness of a hedonistic society, that leaves our world in tatters.

The non-biodegradable remains of tourism and consumerism mask the countryside’s face:
assorted towers of summer’s rejects distort its authentically elegant landscape.

The litter is unavoidable, profit takes precedence for those in need,
so we slowly tarnish our world as a consequence of greed.

A murderer in the dock, society tries to conceal the facts:
our fast and furious lifestyle will prevent the earth remaining intact.

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To See Hawthorn On The Summer Hedges

to see hawthorn on the Summer hedges
bluebirds on the ledges of the low lying sill
 near the old cotton mill
bird song fills the air, chirping cheeping, caterpillars creeping.,
through the leaves of green 
glistening in the summer sun.

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Rejuvenating Rains

Feeling lost...
I close my eyes
And inhale
The rising storm

Gentle rhythm
Into drops
Freefalls upon acceptance
From quickened sky

Liquid softs 
Liquid grace
Crying tears
Caressing face

The thunder claps
Echoes an epiphany
As essence liberates

Spirit free
To fly at last

Rushing ways
Are souls being cleansed
Soaking up the cool...
Rejuvenating rains

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A Summer Day on the Mountain

-----------------------The sweltering  heat From the valley below
                                      Rising as a shimmering mirage
                              The evergreens accept what passes through
                                       The rocks below inhale the heat

                               The cool mountain swirling winds entwine with heat
                                        The birds singing summer’s song 
                               The coolness of their shaded  nest among the pines
                                         Enticing them to sing love hymns

                                A deer, a cougar, drinking from a pure clear lake
                                          A brown trout jumps ; catches fly
                                 Sublime tranquility as the sun kisses the treeline
                                           A summer day on the mountain

                              Inspired by John Heck's Summer Celebration Contest

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They Said Goodbye

As they end their search
for fireflies with only 3 in the jar
I realize summer is nearing its end.
The signs are all around me.
How did I miss them creeping up? 

The tiger lilies that proudly 
lined the driveway, 
greeting each guest with a
brilliant show of color, 
are now nothing more than green
swords waving at the kids as they
ride their bikes past.
The once bright orange blooms
are lying on the ground
crisp and brown
waiting for the next good breeze 
to take them on their first (and last)   journey.

The neighbors tree is starting to
change into it's Autumn wardrobe already.
Its uppermost leaves shimmering in the sun
an almost exotice combination of
reds and oranges.
Its message reads as clear
as if it were a billboard: 
''SLOW DOWN- Summer ending soon! ''

I see even the kids are showing
signs of Falls quick approach.
They're losing that spring in their step 
and now are moving along at half-pace.
They seem to sense the upcoming school year
and I can see the dread in their eyes
as if they're losing their best friend
and there's nothing they can do about it.

With a look of hopelessness
I watch them open up their jar
to release the 3 fireflies.
But, unlike their usual releases
where they tip the jar upside-down
and shake the creatures out, 
this time they just removed the lid
and set the jar on the picnic table.

They sat there patiently
watching until the last firefly 
had found its way out.
It was as if they knew 
this would be the last time 
they caught them until next year 
and they needed time to say goodbye.

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After The Storm -1-

After the storm ends the sun peeks through the clouds, the rain stops suddenly the thunder clapped clear and loud. Nature is being replenished by a summer storm, it's nice to see the sun again but, I know storm clouds, when they form. Copyright © Cynthia Jones July.14/2006

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As summer finally ends
with leaves so green,
children's voices will be missing...
how lonely mothers' hearts will be!
Soon everything will become dull,
gardens and paths will lose their flowers,
no apples of bright yellow or red,
but birds won't leave yet!
I will walk and observe
the changing colors of every tree,
still evergreens will remind of spring,
of a season that is very distant!
As summer finally ends and landscapes make me dream,
by a frosty window I will stare...while inspiration begins!


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Earth At Night

A suave gaze, woolly texture, embellished its gaiety gesture
The charmeuse moon, perched like a napping heavenly dove,
Clothed by swarms of floating stars, glazing its snowy allure,
Glimpses from immortality’s repose, a peek into celestial treasure trove,
Cashmere sparks chased, encroaching vestiges of darkness’ wilting cover, 
Grotesque shades stealthily evanesced, like an absconder jilting a straylover,
Rustling forests fanned their chastity, into earth’s soothed solitude,
Only courting birds would through the soulful stillness intrude.
Fireflies roved like blazing butterflies, mountains gleamed from sparse distance
The night, suitor clad by fleeting flirtations of splashing romance,
Demulcent breaths of pulsating night, inducing like zephyrs opiate,
Fleshless caresses of moistless touch, evoked tranquility tunefully satiate,
Heaven’s graphics, sculptured in mortal picturesque of majesty astral,
Earth at night, an idyllic paradisiac mirror, of vistas ephemeral.

© Maverick Nyambu

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Changing of the seasons

From spring to summer.
From summer to fall.
From fall to winter.
things are changing everywhere.
Spring to summer flowers are blooming.
Birds are singing.
Everywhere children are playing.
laughing out loud.
People walking hand in hand.
Just having a glorious time.
From summer to fall The sun is shining up above.
The trees begin to change their colors.
The nights get cooler the days become shorter.
Everything is changing in the air.
From fall to winter.
The days become colder.
The trees lose their leaves.
The flowers lose their blooms.
Snow showers are falling.
Nice time for cuddling with your one delight.
Changing seasons are beauitful  here there and everywhere.

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Victorious hummingbird

Hummingbird flitting 
to and fro
whizzed sound 
of beautiful colors
making my heart flutter fast
like wings of the beauty I watch

holding still 
in gentle breeze
poised graceful midair
the warm air pressing

As he drinks sweet nectar
smoothly he hovers 
drinking with greed

added to picture of delight
another hummingbird appears
suddenly diving aggressive
in his plight to quench thirst

circles do these two go!
fighting for treasured feast
but the wisest award goes to
patient little one on the side

swooping around chaos
eating peacefully

while the others fight

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The Scythe's Ring Across the Fields

Sitting watching a June summer king establish his reign over hazy hills and dusty dales,
I could just hear a sharpened scythe's ring across green fields cutting away at the corn,
With the hustle and bustle of the annual hay-harvesters bringing home a brand new season,
Happy sunburned workers work the open fields gazing skywards smiling at the noonday sun.

Hay hangs out to dry in the trees of the narrow footpath's and down haw thorny little lanes,
Everything now prepared and Mr.Summer rolls up his sleeves working to help with harvesting, 
Each person delighting in deep cool grass in the shaded part an abstract of lovely flowers,
Then paddle in a cool stream washing the chaff dust from feet thus ending a hard days work.

The shadows of leaves dance along the streams a silhouette waltzes upon the silvery water,
Lovely azure crowfoot salutes from a bank to a forget-me-not an old friend from last year,
A purple compfrey dips its leaves to sweeten the water joined by a warm and gentle breeze,
The birds sing from the trees and in the hedgerows while the nightingale tweets a sad tune.

On trees chestnuts begin to grow and acorns young and green sitting in their little cups,
The nuts from the hazel and the apples on trees in orchards promise a ripe autumn harvest,
Gooseberries for pies, currants and strawberries ripen growing in the hedges of old lanes,
June has taken his fair turn making spring shoots grow strong, ready for the later fruits.

The cuckoo departs and glow worms emerge on a summer's night and glows a tiny little glow,
Along heath and over the meadows across landscaped fields dotted with pretty wild flowers, 
The June summer heat gives strength to nature making grass lime green next to red poppies,
As the summer harvest quietens the work nearly done people rest and reflect on golden mead's.

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Glorious (Egg Timer) Fall like summer days golden sunshine sweeps the earth autumn love love autumn sweeps the earth golden sunshine Fall like summer days Glory of sunrise in spirit and heart brightens life joyful time time joyful brightens life in spirit and heart Glory of sunrise Erich J.Goller Copyright 10.8.2011 “Egg Timer” by Erich J. Goller 5 lines 5/4/3/2/1 syllable Reverse same five lines 1 /2/ 3/ 4/5 syllables Any subject--Rhyming optional--No stanza limit

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Those Summer Days

Warm nights
Under trees
Star lights
Summer breeze

Running around
Laughing and fun
Worries are drowned
In that summer sun

Sometimes it seems
In all of that blaze
Were they but dreams?
Those summer days

Pretty flowers
Open skies
Summer showers

Birds sing so sweet
Late night dances
Move to that beat
Summer romances

Sometimes it seems
In all of that blaze
Were they but dreams?
Those summer days

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Tall sunflower. Every summer hour, how I see you grow! Your petals are aglow. So many seeds I see. A plethora of prodigy; yes, they are a plenty. Like a Babel tower, crowned with a big flower, waiting for each summer shower. You look strong and mighty. I think you’re also pretty. You’re the biggest flower I know. I would hate to see you go.

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Our Monthly Stroll

The sky was lovely on that summer day,
The time just seemed to slip away.
We were going on our monthly trip,
Heading for a mountainy dip.

At the bottom there lay a fabulous stream,
Just like one you'd have in a dream.
With the water flowing over the tiny stones,
And birds singing out at such high tones.
We all felt at ease.
We stopped beside a jagged rock, 
Lay down our things and sat to talk.

Black clouds now cover the summer sky,
As we all let out a disappointed sigh.
We soon set of as one big team,
Leaving behind the peaceful stream.

As we turn onto a leafy lane,
I feel the first drop of the rain.
I run for cover under a tree,
But not before the rain soaks me!

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Hay Meadow Creek

The Hay Meadow Creek divides my Parent's land
Its waters run clear and true
It then flows into the Prairie
Along untended Lincoln County lands.

The Prairie is a little wider
A little deeper too
Its banks are a little more traveled
By seasoned anglers through and through.

I like to hang my head
over the Hay Meadow Bridge
I like to watch the clouds sail overhead
Reflected in the creek's moving pools, over branches left long dead.

The bridge has been there my entire life
Just down the hill and around the corner
A place for quiet solitude
A place to reflect on my sheltered life's wonder.

I like to watch the dragonflies
Dance along its tangled banks
On magical summer fairy wings
while June Bugs and Bullfrogs like to sing.

They dance and hover along the banks
The banks that are their borders
The shores of their horizons
Now that I am in my later years
I miss these absentminded visions.

I can see the brown trout swimming
from my elevated place in Heaven
I can see some rainbows also
From my seated place of speculation.

I can see their shaded outlines in the deeper pools
Colored copper by the iron in the creek bottom's residues
Along with all of the granite here
Its a gold mine of rocks and pebbles.

I can see their shadowy figures dance and sway
There are no anglers casting today
And so their lives will be spared until another day
When hooked and caught, they will be carried away.

To where they will be someone's breakfast or lunch or dinner
But not today, they are safe as I gaze upon them today
There are no anglers in sight
The Farmers Almanac predicted not
Not until theMonth's next Fortnight. 

The Creek bends slightly before it arrives here at the Bridge
There is a rapids flowing, a rapids of water meeting ridge
I can hear its music played aloud
Between the rocks and boulders a tune.

A song whose voice changes very little during the day
Only when the Spring and Summer rains come along
Or when the Winter's temperature turns all movement into solid ice
Ans then silence becomes the norm.

But for the today
I can watch the Browns and Rainbows dance and sway
There are no anglers wading about
To cast their lines across the shadows here.

Their lives are safe, My memories are dear
I will hold them close in my older years
Of the days of watching the Haymeadow Creek
Lying on the Bridge that I held so dear.

(January 5, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved,

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Summer In Illinois

The fair mellow days
Of Spring are gone
Warm summer days
Are getting long

The golden sun
Makes it’s presence known
Much earlier in the
Summer Morn

The sound of children
Outside at play
A happy sound
For a summer’s day

Picnics, reunions
Days at the park
Fireworks, watermelon
Long walks after dark

The warmth of the sun
As it caresses your face
Chases away memories
Of the cold Winter days

Long live the Summer
The season of life
Bright sunny days
And soft Summer nights

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The Trill of a Robin

It is a beautiful summer day I was wakened by a robin that lives in my hedge,
He lives in my old hedge row happily singing a loud trill, his summer song,
I sat in my garden wearing an old dressing gown sipping a mug of white coffee,
Looking my way his round eyes scold me this is far too late to get out of bed.

I could hear the voice of a stream flowing along in one of the lower meadows,
It was warm, the morning sun shone on my face I closed my eyes to enjoy the glow,
I nearly went back to sleep I opened my eyes and was told off again by the Robin,
In early July nature stands strong full grown it's a perfect summer all is well,

On a day such as this men and woman and troops of children walk the rivers margin,
Refreshing long strolls through the glens and valleys on rolling beautiful hills,
As the day gets warmer songs of the birds become faint the nightingale is hushed,
The cuckoo has departed and the blackbird and the thrush rarely sing me a welcome.

A red rose fades on a wayside the corn has begun to go pale it means a good harvest,
There are still thousands of pretty beautiful flowers stretching into the distance,
The grass is full of green patches the leaves on the trees go darker as they mature,
Elder-flowers and corn poppy's sit in ancient hedgerows, sandy old heaths blow dust.

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My Precious Squirrel: Memory of a Tree

I was born at the edge of a field 
that captured the shadows at sunset
I was an adolescent, 
when I watched men plant odd, angular rocks
where a  strange, hollow tree sprouted,
maturing unnaturally fast.

I was disturbed to see the creature’s marrow shape, 
no rings, only a labyrinth 
of vertical and horizontal lines

An alien cousin perhaps…

It was some time after the strange tree formed bark
that I saw it glow for the first time…
So many eerie eyes glaring like creatures of the dark
I was chilled to my roots

In summer people came,
squirrels with two legs, they busily made a nest there 
and the tree howled and laughed by day, 
and watched with bright, vigilant eyes at night

The smallest squirrel often wandered away 
and came into the grove of my ancestors
and climbed into my arms;
she seemed so strong
but when she nestled into a crook
and watched the clouds roll over hilltops
seemed so small and fragile,
the weight of her thoughts heavier
than the weight of her body

She came when the sun scoured the field
and before the rain
alone, unafraid
her face always a storm of contemplation.

Sometimes, she would talk to me,
tracing my wrinkles,
asking questions and seeming as if she understood 
the whispered replies from my leaves
and the creaky laughter of my branches.

She made me special. 
She could have sought 
the cradling branches any other,
but she chose me, claimed me as her secret.

Her chubby fingers and tiny feet
tickled my existence 
until she no longer climbed.

Instead, she warmed my roots 
As she stared into the hills,
a magic branch pressed the contours of the valley
onto sheaves of white leaves
replacing her voice.

I imagined her rings forming, 
perfect, wise circles, though no wrinkles etched her bark
she was changing so fast…

And then she came no more, 
none of the squirrels came, 
the strange tree stood abandoned
even when I was dressed in respectable summer green
and I thought, perhaps 
she had found more interesting landscapes.

But one day, she returned, 
the same and yet very different
and brought with her two small squirrels,
each resembling her

They brought laughter into the grove,
climbing branches and squealing in delight
and my old friend once again settled at my roots
with her magic stick and white leaves,
writing and drawing me into her memories

just as my precious squirrel
was already ingrained in the very rings
of my heart.

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Have you ever noticed the seasons,
How they fight to stay alive?
It makes me think, I'm glad there's four
Instead of maybe five

As Summer comes to its ending days
It stumbles before the Fall
But wounded, Summer finally relents
As we see its curtain call

Then Autumn takes its rightful place
As it steps unto the stage
Wounded, and crippled, its time is fleeting
As it starts to feel its age

Winter is ready as Autumn fades
And snowflakes fall from the sky 
But wounded, as the snow turns to rain
And Winter begins to cry

Spring takes advantage of Winter's tears
And causes the flowers to grow
But wounded, it feels Summer's heat
And knows that it's time to go

Have you ever noticed the seasons,
How they fight to stay alive?
It makes me think, I'm glad there's four
Instead of maybe five

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Autumn Steals the Sun

Autumn steals the summer months so now in loneliness I shut my doors and grieve,
Rain cleans the dust from a warm summer and as some flowers droop they say goodbye,
With the rain refreshing all, the smell and the perfumed dying plants turn into just sticks,
The air has rested for weeks now awakes and shake trees and my heavy wooden doors.

The shadows grow longer, but the day grows shorter, with a coolness of moisture,
Veils of clouds rush so much faster the showers are short bursts with sharp hail,
Along the sky are trailed clouds, with their gossamer drapery amid intense azure,
The sun rises once more so brilliant for these days, the calmest most impressive beauty.

Time passes, I close and lock my windows and pull back on the great oak shutters,
Then come the rains, long and deluging amid late summer frosts, that damages corn,
And when steady gushing rains, flood the meadows and fill the mead's, all is lost,
Late autumn steals the bright suns, in loneliness I shut out all light and grieve.

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Summer Smoke

Smoke dreams on a summer night

Fill me with a heady mixture

The night’s textures wrap me in their tenderness

And its musical refrains tickle my ears

As heavy scents waff upward 

In cosmic celebration

I’m of the stars and the night this evening

I’ve shaken these earthly shackles

If only for a moment’s passing

If only it could linger longer 

So I could rise to all its promises

And float endlessly 

In this summer night

If only I could be the summer night

And never feel the heat or see the Sun

If only I could float on summer promises

And always be close to heaven’s magic

If only a summer’s night could be forever

Then the stars would always be mine and time could  lie down

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Inside the Tent

The canvas flaps hang soaked by summer rain,
While sitting herein, drinking tea again,
The British summer is, once more, a pain,
Another holiday that’s planned in vain.
The beach lies abandoned by one and all,
So none can hear the rippling tidal call,
As summer limps so slowly on to fall,
And working weeks, our backs against the wall.
Yet in this misery I see beauty smile,
My days spent with you are never banal,
Just counting the raindrops becomes worthwhile,
A chocolate digestive shared with you,
‘Tis great pleasure when things are done by two,
No rainy day will dare to make me blue.

Form: Arabian Sonnet

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My Cup Of Tea

On this hot summer day I wish
Cooler temperature
I never wish for much…..
Only a Cadillac SUV,
As large as it comes…..
To protect me from all the
Accidents I seem to acquire yet,
None seems to be my fault
But it hurt anyway…
Lying on hot concrete seem to
Burn my backside..
I walk around the park…..
It drains me of all my body fluid
And I crave for cold drinks…
Than I sweat more…..
Drink more and fill the
Fluids moving around in my
I sweat, sweat
In the temperatures of 99 and
Over 100,plus..
Blisters my poor wanton soul..
In the hot summer heat, but the
Flowers blooming dose not seem
To mind
As long as you quench their thirst 
To keep their roots moist
Planted in miracle grow will keep
Them thriving well,
In this suffocating heat...
It will bring out the best in your
Flower bed…
More Comfortable..
In the season of fall and winter I
Seem to be my happiest, while winter
Weather brews the cold wooing
Biting wind…
Frost on the windows seem to please
The snow filled lawns and sidewalks
Seem to be my cup of tea…
Southern Arkansas..
Usually miss the beautiful winter
And wooing of the cold winter
Beautiful nights..
I enjoy the big flakes of white
Falling from the lake filled
White flakes glitter, sparkling
Shooting from each beautiful
As the big yellow moon rise
Each flake,
Laid to rest in a cluster of 
Spark with their blues,
Yellowish light, capturing
Every color….
Displaying each flake
Craved as a work of art..
Tapestry of..
Fall and winter is my cup
Of tea...
I Adore this winterland of
Beauty .....

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The leaves cry in the early morning sun
And can no longer respond to her kisses,
Their lips are shriveled and dry 
Branches are darkened
The hopes of summer are dashed to the ground
Ground underfoot
The summer  tree’s  glorious crown golden is robbed
And turned to dust, dead, shredded,
As a child’s handful of gold coins is knocked to the floor,
And he weeps:  unconsolable  under his mother’s caress.

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Summer Day

Summer Day
Walking down the dusty country road 
Skipping rocks over the creek
Running through the pasture chasing cows
Taking a long dip in a cool lake on a hot summer day
Catching a horny toad to bring home to Mom
Whistling my way down the long dusty road
Free to do whatever I please along the way
What a great way to spend a summer day

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When Spring turned in to a Summers day 
The Summer Queen returned to play 

High summer........... 
The warm days...... 
Wind sighs......... 
Blue butterflies.......... 

The King of Water ,happy to see 
The Summer Queen 
For, the water blue............... 
Loves the deepest green 

How the trees and flowers grew 
The wand of the Summer Queen , 
touching all 
How beautiful the holly bushes....... 
By the Great Hall 
The birds and butterflies flew 

Through the Whispering Trees 
The sound of the lark.............. 
Floated on the breeze 

High summer........ 
Sunny days 
The joy of life, 
continues to amaze 
Castle Heartstone........... 
amidst golden haze 

The King of water and his Queen........... 
Renewed their love in the Great Hall 
The Heartstone looked on.............. 
How the sun shone! 

The Tapestries knew.......... 
The love so true........ 
The colours showed......... 
the West wall glass, glowed 

The Castle grounds........ 
Filled with colour and sound 
The summers' symphony 
The birdsong all around 

But alas! 
Summer cannot last.............. 
For, on the horizon 
Autumn leaves cast, 
thus begins the circle again 

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Fluffy White Clouds

Swinging being lazy enjoying
a capricious summer breeze.

As I watched fluffy white clouds
Floating by.

One cloud looked like a log.
another one like a dog.
oh look, that one is a frog.

I sung, as I swung, about a frog
jumping over the dog
to get on the log.

I watched the clouds
to form more objects
for my song.

I see a cat, also a rat
oh my, that  one looks like 
a nat.

I sung, as I swung, about the frog
jumping over the dog to get on the
log. While the cat chased a rat,
as a nat buzzed about.

The fluffy white clouds turned
black. Sprinkles of rain started 
coming down.

I runned in the house closing the
screen door. Watched the pouring 
rain come down. 

While thinking about the
capricious summer breeze
with fluffy white clouds floating by.

My day ended with a smile.

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Her Summer

To understand a tree
how it lives in the summer
fails in fall
dies in the winter
reborn in spring

An endless phoenix cycle
around and around
as seasons come and seasons go
summer the height of their year

This summer will last,
the five-year-old said
the leaves will not go brown
nor crackle underfoot

they will not fall from the branches
like wispy little martyrs
the glossy green growing
shivering, frail, weak.

This summer will be different,
the six-year-old proclaims
The summer will last
The grass would stay warm

the sunshine would be perfect
In between the pale pink blossoms
and nature's own fireworks
everything was green

And yet despite the dreams
summer would end
taking away the cartwheels in the warm grass
and the carefree laughter in the treetops

Autumn would come
with reds and golds
browns and orange
pulling down the green curtain of life

Then, too soon,
snow would come in a flurry
coating the trees and the dead gray ground
shining painfully in the sunlight

But each frozen branch would prevail
push through and grow blossoms
of pink and white
delicate as glass

So the cycle came and went
summer breezes
fall storms
winter snow
spring flowers

Now the six year old is old
too old to run in the green
hear the chirps of the evening crickets
laughter, clear as sliver bells

But she had something better now
a husband so perfect and true
With green eyes the color of leaves
and deep brown hair like fertile soil

And his laugh
reminded her of sunshine
bursting through a cloak of emeralds
finding the child beneath

He was like summer.

Her summer.

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The weeping willow sways and dips
to skim the lake in a summer kiss
and fish respond from down below
to catch a sun beam

 ~Off they go
in colors grey and silver gold~

From gills of bliss a bubble blows...

And on the surface flowers shine
and move to touch their skin to mine
The breeze, she plays upon my hair
as bee's their daisy pollen wear.

My lips a smile to teeth do meet
as lids close their eyes to a wink discreet

The sun, a warm lizard skin to the clouds
settles on us.  I breathe to the summer sounds
and weep in the way that humans do
alone in Nature's rendezvous.

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Summer has Gone Away

Winter steals its unwanted self upon us and the sultry heat of forgotten summer is past,
Torrents of rain painful hail have battered away our fond warm memories of a summer day,
The pasture now cloying feted mud which were hard ridges that hurt unsuspecting ankles,
Now the cattle in the fields breath out great plumes of steam they stand in deep puddles.

The sweet air that was filled with scented wild flowers from the richest meadows has gone,
The rich green seas of swaying grass and mighty oaks that groaned in breezes is now bare,
Leafy masses and the refreshing voices of our summer birds both have been silenced or gone,
As the shadows grow longer earlier in the day and warm nights are just gloom the magic gone.

There is no warm glare when the sun does shine it is low it hurts your eyes we look away,
Cool moisture of the summer months were welcomed now the foggy damp is wet, uncomfortable,
The beauty of a sunny day stimulated every sense in our bodies now it stimulates the cold,
Vials of clouds scudding across blue skies stroked by nature now falls as rain sleet or snow.

Clouds like airy lengths of gossamer drapery amid the azure of the lofty immensity of the sun,
Are now black and shaped like a blacksmiths anvil flash with lightening with heavy wet winds,
Gone is the sunrise of brilliant days of the calmest and the most impressive beauty has died,
And the children of men scattered over our nation are not on fields nor hills they sit indoors.

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Walking on a cold November morning the woods are bare the old leaves going or gone,
Mist covers the land and clings onto wet spiders webs that hang from the stark trees,
Who could enjoy this time of year when there is nothing but clouds, fogs and frosts,
Fogs that are damp and hang over watery places like rivers, streams and water mead's,
The summer flowers are gone and the long grass stands high amongst wooded thickets,
Thickets of sticks standing alone in an old unused field or an old desolate garden,
These thickets withered bleached and sere a sad sight a lost legacy now all shriveled,
Green gorse and broom waved white in the summer breezes have now waved a last goodby
They are like skeleton trophies of a death rattle with dry with brittle hollow stalks,
The brooks are filled and the rivers are turbid covered in a brown dirty thick foam,
Rivers hurrying along with angry strength and the waters soak the fields and glades,
Leaving our gardens damp and desolate their flowers just naked stems and dying leaves.

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Wet Caresses

Summer rain like windswept silk or
Kitten belly fur
Instilling feeling into leaves
Persuading cows to milk
Perhaps the drip from cabin eaves
Is edging to the flowered bed
Neath windowed view of Fall
Glowing in late Summer sun
A sparkling veil of dazzled drops
Lingering as they spill
O lowly summer raindrops they
Not driven only falling
Gleeful  feeling flowing to fill 

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The Ecstasy of Trees

Staring out the window in February,
The trees are talking; 
They are silhouettes against the sky,
Speaking a foreign tongue.

Yesterday a tree spoke to me.  It said,
“The soul is an animal sloping
	gently towards God”.

The ecstasy of trees,
The shelter:
It all comes back--
That day under the lone pine
	of my youth.

The needles were a gentle touch 
Against my cheek and palm.
The breeze was soft and compelling.
It was almost as if Wordsworth was there,

In the wild mood of summer
The wild grapes are ripe,
And dew is as honey on the grass.
The air is full of water,
And rivers flow like arteries of blood
Upon the land.

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Summer Iris

I lie imprisoned within my own
Yet before me unfolds the silken white petals
Of ethereal rest.

Emerging before me, the spectacle stands
Like the salutation of an aurora borealis
Scudding across a cold northern land.

Bending before me in arching silence,
Translucent caverns of luminosity
Turn in the halo of late summer light.

Radiance reflects off early morning dew
Like brilliant shocks of lightning unleashed,
Bestowing upon me a retinal dance.

Undulations of refracting light
Awaken in me a healing release
That removes the black shrouds 
Of pain held within.

Oh tender white temple, appease my soul.
Like an aria of light emanating from within,
The face of a summer iris greets me as a friend.

White songs lie embraced
In a sea of citron 
Evoking a rest and release for the soul. 

The darkness then lifts with a gentle exhale,
In the balm of the rising of a sweet sultry breeze.

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Scents to mingle in summer heat,
Jasmine,Honeysuckle, bittersweet.

The perfumed petals ,paperwhite
first intoxicate,then delight.

Lilies waxing in summer light
A heady fragrance to fill the night

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Somewhere on Earth

Crystal summer light bursts irredescent tidal foam
cleansing white clay shores its past unknown
stellar reflections carried and shored
by tidal waves conture
white velvetine sand
cooled until gentle calming land
spared several shades the tan
of past summer days sifting gentle sand
near graveled meadow paths
untraveled since summer's past 
its essence photographed as night passed

Sunrise...golden tangerine skies ever changing
golden warmth staining 
my skin until day's end
white starlight glitters...night begins

Nocturne souljourn,my summer sunburn tamed
walking through moonlit flowering plains
and verdant passage...classic cosmic marriage

Beneath summer night's zodial sky
sunwarmed ocean intides
and cool beach clay sooths until day arrives
its blue sky's crystal sunglare and gentle warming air
My retreat , cool orchard shade
as the skylight's golden haze fades 
until next summer's day 


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Summer Light

Summer Light -Thru the Trees
Summer Light - Spotted Me
Summer Light - Palest Gold
Summer Light - Bright and Bold

I Saw Summer Light Descend
Summer Light, Made Shadows Bend
Summer Light, On An Emerald Pond
I Reached Out… It Touched My Palm

Summer Light, It Fell Like Powder
Or a Floating Incandescent Feather
Came Down, Like A Sheer, White Swan
Summer Light – Lifted Wing-Like Arms

So Sunrays Slanted – Shone-Misty
Summer Light-Beams, Embraced Me
Warm, Wonderful Summer Light
Touch Me Tender, Solar- Might

Summer Light, When I Was Lost
Summer Light, Found Me 'fore Frost
Summer Light - None Else Looked For Me…
Summer Light Said, “I Always See…”

I Love Summer Light

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Autumn Steals the Sun

Autumn steals the summer months so now in loneliness I shut my doors and grieve,
Rain cleans the dust from a warm summer and as some flowers droop they say goodbye,
With the rain refreshing all, the smell and the perfumed dying plants turn into just sticks,
The air has rested for weeks now awakes and shake trees and my heavy wooden doors.

The shadows grow longer, but the day grows shorter, with a coolness of moisture,
Veils of clouds rush so much faster the showers are short bursts with sharp hail,
Along the sky are trailed clouds, with their gossamer drapery amid intense azure,
The sun rises once more so brilliant for these days, the calmest most impressive beauty.

Time passes, I close and lock my windows and pull back on the great oak shutters,
Then come the rains, long and deluging amid late summer frosts, that damages corn,
And when steady gushing rains, flood the meadows and fill the mead's, all is lost,
Late autumn steals the bright suns, in loneliness I shut out all light and grieve.

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Spring Song

As my eyes
Search the prairie
I feel the summer in the spring.

As the fingers of the trees
Dance with the wind
I feel the summer in the spring.

Light tears the sky
The cry of coyotes
I feel the summer in the spring.

A new beginning
Of the old dreams
I feel the summer in the spring.

As the sun lifts my face
The wind plays with my spirit
I feel the summer in the spring.

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Tree Man

I don’t take a buzz saw up a tree, no never,
I take a hand saw, it’s safer;
and it’s clear, right up to the sighs of the
intense, crafty-blue sky; 
no pressing customers, no G-men, 
no pressured decision making, just me 
and the blue sky

and I’ve got all the gear, the goggles, the harness,
the hard hat, the special skin-sheltering gloves; 
and between the scalded branches and falling 
bird’s-nests, I can see the chicks pass by below, 
on the cement-tickled street; and their high-minded 
heels, and delectable, swaying boughs, say  high-di-high!

shameful!  you whisper;    I know, I know.

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           Day has passed ,night is soundless as death and dormant peace
                                                 night darkness, secret keep
                                   morning calm spring ends summer begins
                                                    seasonal colors blend  

                                Solar rays tans my flesh red as desert clay
                                                   in the same summer light 
                                     where lilies blossom and jaybirds play

                                   Desert summer...feverish sweat and thirst
                                     long walk home my regret never worse
                        passing vineyard meadows ,sun setting in the west
                                      with nature's sustenance I'm blessed
                                Bittersweet saliva ...enjoying summer's reap
                                               night returns...sunburn relief
                           the day's journey ends ,new wisdom I shall keep
                     until tomorrow's journey when the sun rises in the east

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The Earthen King, 
had the strength of two castles 
One cannot fight the Wraiths, 
build so much 
For inside, 
something was breaking 

The King learned of his mortality 
and knew not why 
As nature changes... 
Some things wither... 
Some things die... 

For, during the fight for the Heartstone 
On the battlements 
The King was wounded deep 
During the dark days, 
he kept this secret 
For, there was much to keep 

A Kings' strength cannot last forever 
A King who built castles of stone 
During his final days, 
had the comfort of his Queen 
and the Heartstone 

The joy of Heartstone, 
tempered with the news instead 
Of a king, 
who lay dying in his bed 

The Faeries gathered round.. 
For, the time is near 
For, the King, they held dear 
The Summer Queen at his side 
With one peaceful sigh, 
he closed his eyes 
and died 

This is the nature of everything 
You cannot mourn, 
what you haven't lost 
The Summer Queen and the Faeries 
Knew this 
For deaths' sting, 
did not leave them forlorn 

The Passing of a King 
A great King 
Whose memories belong on the Magic Tapestry 
A King who built beautiful castles 
With the strength of two 

There were no tears 
Only sweet gentle rain 
The rustle of leaves, 
from the Whispering Trees 
A refrain 

The Summer Queen, 
kept one leaf from his cloak 
She kissed it gently and softly blew 
A west wind carried it through 
to the Whispering Trees 

The Trees took the King 
Made him part of everything 
The passing of the King, you see 
Natures' reason, 
as is the changing season 

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Autumn's Rest

Distant calls of hunting hounds 
Leaves touched by winter’s frost
Another autumn’s familiar sounds
The living greens of summer lost
And brushed in reds of colors hue
Partake we here as natures guest
We feast upon what summer grew
To raise a toast to autumn’s rest

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A Farewell to Summer

A hint of wood smoke in the air
Mornings chill, days are fair
Only a few weeks ago
Hazy and hot humidity the foe
To keep cool what did you do
Walk the beach or dip in the pool

To fill your summer memories book
Will you often think of the walks you took
Hiking, sailing whatever the sport
Or maybe some tennis on the court
Cookouts, clambakes with family and friends
Some of those days were as gems

Maybe baseball was more your pace
Or watching the America Cup Race
A friendly place was the ocean
Now it's full of angry motion
Soon breakers will crash the shore
Where gentle wavelets lapped before

Remember again those summer days
When Spring seems so far away
Flowers slumber in their beds
While leaves turn to gold and reds
Indian Summer the final farewell
Before Winter covers valleys and dells

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Dawn in a Summer Garden

At the exact moment of dawn,
             that micro-second when the sun,
               from millions of miles away,
           fires its first beams like lasers
              as it crests the curvature
                     of the Earth
               one of those laser beams
          pierces the dank and humid darkness
                 of the lush garden
               suddenly all sounds cease,
           as if someone had flipped a switch
           and the deafening silence is felt
            as pressure, as if some spectoral
              hands has cupped themselves
            over one's ears--a muffled roar
         of seashells held up to a child's ear,
              longing to hear the ocean
                   of one's youth.

                 Then the beam shifts
             and touches the tender edges
                of a few chosen leaves
          and then settles and spreads itself
              over a gossamer arachnoid treasure
            woven with mathmatical precision
             wafting slightly in a gentle
                    morning breeze
             like the sail of a fairy ship,
             quivering dew drops caught and
               transformed into a dozen
             crystal prisms, sparkling jewels,
              multi faceted fluid diamonds
                       and then
          just as quickly as it came it is gone,
           this magical moment, as the brutal
                   sun climbs higher
          and the soft buttery light sharpens
                and spreads its heat
             and the steam begins to rise
          from the dark earth, wispy, reluctant
             spectors of the Southern night
             the muffled quiet is broken
           by the clear song of a cardinal,
             a flash of magnificent red
           amongst the many shades of green,
        as the creatures of the night burrow deep,
          hiding from the searing summer heat
               that has already begun

              in this southern garden 
                  light and dark
                 song and silence
               beauty and distruction

            and so another magnolia-laden
               summer night is gone

            and one must reluctantly rise
              another summer day begun.

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Eternal Seasons

Snowing winter's night
death silent galaxy
sacred starlight...zodial destiny
shone through black sky darkness

Spring morning light crystal warm and gentle
twilight sun...radiant jewel
verdant orchard veils cool
my skin tanned remains soothed 

Morning sun,eve's stars,twilight moon
daylillies bloom
in summer trilight amidst day's blue amber haze and golden highlights
day's summer glow fades and blendsin night darkness as day ends

Night's shade,rythmic black ocean waves
cool and pleasant , cooled my skin sunstained
from daylight pain

Autumn morning through eve
cooled by shading autumn leaves and gentle breeze
their sacred colors 
blend with twilight skies that smothered
sunlight in an ocher amber haze
autumn's last remains
tuft grass bordered smooth vacant plains
twilight shades tamed
as night followed
I nestled sleep in ashwoods hollow
dreaming of Earth Heaven...until tomorrow

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Astoria Oregon

A small town in Oregon
Fishing boats curzing along the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean
Busy, fishing, boats
City of many fishers
They tell me you can smell the ocean, for I belive them the smell of the salty water in the air
And they tell me that the harbors are beautiful looking out over the ocean
And they tell me that the portsare always busy from the fishing
And having answered I will come see these places you talk so high of
Flinging toward the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean
Fierce with everything that goes on in the city, a city made for movies
Astoria column,
Historic Nature,
Harbors all aroud the city, restoring history, small quit town
Under the beauty is a historic town, a place meant for movies, the smell of the ocean air takes you away
Under everything Astoria is a piece of art holding onto its historic beauty
Enjoying the nice warm summer days and the cool summer nights
Astoria is a clam quit place compared to Portland a busy and noisy city
Astoria has forests on one side of the city and the ocean on the other and the historic look of Astoria continues to live on
A small town in Oregon, harbors, ports, fishing boats curzing along the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean, busy, fishing, boats, city of many fishers, making movies, Astoria column, beauty, calm, hitoric nature, horbors all around the city, restoring history,small quit town

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Summer has Gone

Winter steals its unwanted self upon us and the sultry heat of forgotten summer is past,
Torrents of rain painful hail have battered away our fond warm memories of a summer day,
The pasture now cloying feted mud which were hard ridges that hurt unsuspecting ankles,
Now the cattle in the fields breath out great plumes of steam they stand in deep puddles.

The sweet air that was filled with scented wild flowers from the richest meadows has gone,
The rich green seas of swaying grass and mighty oaks that groaned in breezes is now bare,
Leafy masses and the refreshing voices of our summer birds both have been silenced or gone,
As the shadows grow longer earlier in the day and warm nights are just gloom the magic gone.

There is no warm glare when the sun does shine it is low it hurts your eyes we look away,
Cool moisture of the summer months were welcomed now the foggy damp is wet, uncomfortable,
The beauty of a sunny day stimulated every sense in our bodies now it stimulates the cold,
Vials of clouds scudding across blue skies stroked by nature now falls as rain sleet or snow.

Clouds like airy lengths of gossamer drapery amid the azure of the lofty immensity of the sun,
Are now black and shaped like a blacksmiths anvil flash with lightening with heavy wet winds,
Gone is the sunrise of brilliant days of the calmest and the most impressive beauty has died,
And the children of men scattered over our nation are not on fields nor hills they sit indoors.

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Sunday poet

Fresh scented pines towering over me 
Rest and sweep sweet summer noises
Buzz and dance with glee
  Crickets sing forever, a beat so wee 

Needles of green
 Running water a poets dream
Musty smells, the old church bells chime and lullaby 
Cool breezes, autumn teases nearly blowing by

Ponds of peaceful waters 
I sit here on these wooden quarters 
Dragon flies dressed in colors so bright blue- 
That rest upon the shapely stone, then flew

Into a wonderland of lush gardens 
Burnt amber birds stopped by, I beg your pardon 
For here I watch nature, as she spreads her carpet so free 
Of wild twisted branches and escaped flowers with a bee 

Sunday hours of liberty 
Dressed in suits and skirts, high society 
Golden rods that flex across the path 
And there, chirping, a baby bird takes a bath  
Lily pads float so gentle and dwell-
A poet’s spell, filled with serenity 
As I breathe in my identity 
Here on this dreamy summer Sunday 

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Language Arts

A word and a breath but it’s the thought that counts.
Up or down in or out love and trust is what it’s all about.
To you I say can you hear me perked up on the mounts.
You are in or you are out.
A touch and a whisper but it is the kiss of truth.
Knelt or bent I am down on my knees.
And I beg you please.
To me I say can I hear me or am I aloof?
Language arts is a dance in the breeze,
With a summer squeeze,
A winter’s pinch,
The spring’s stench,
Even the autumn’s leaves!
Bathing in the words and dancing like a twit.
Singing in rhythm and painstakingly making a switch.
Language arts is a breeze on the summer Seas.
Lifting you up or pulling you down and spinning you all around,
It will knock you to your knees,
Lifeless and unbound!

® Registered: Ann Rich   2005

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Kiss from the Sun (2005)

There was once a time when I dreaded the sun
All throughout the summer I had no fun
I was hiding in oversized clothes ashamed of me
Couldn’t be the women I wanted to be
I hated everything but the woman I used to hide
I wanted to reach for the inner side
Everyone would look comfortable and great
I had to cover up and conceal my hate
I felt ashamed of my body growing
It was the transition of me and knowing
But now I have grown and the summer is bliss
I run out side for a long summery kiss
I crisp and tan 
I’ll chill out for as long as I can
I’m happy being who I always was deep inside teens
Now the women I am, shines and beams

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Some people associate October with gloomy fogs and storms,
Calm suns seem much lower than the summer it makes eyes smart,
The autumn winds up his harvesting, and the out side pleasures,
We stand and watch with some sorrow as the last swallows leave.

In gardens, on darker evenings, are red glows of the autumn fires,
A haunting time we are bewitched by the smell of burning leaves,
The fires dwindle, there are glittering stars in the frosty skies,
Under those frosty skies an autumn breeze sighs around the eaves,

It is a time in which to walk during the shorter but brighter hours,
Dressing warmly, enjoy the tranquil splendor of a fresh greenness,
Time to be thankful for the good and the beauty of a summer gone,
Spring will soon return and the renaissance will be a glory to behold.

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The Land I know

My land is one of fertile earth and smiles as broad as the horizon
My land offers hospitality absolute and kindness abundant 
My land seeks your hand in friendship and love
My land opens to receive the rains from way up above
My land is a place of beauty and splendour
With many warm hearths and many opened door 
Open to the sweet smell of newly fallen rain
Where the summer sun leaves you sunkissed
And the icy winter winds leave you breathless
My land is filled with heroes, many in each hue
With the morning moistened with showers of dew
With the summer evenings filled with laughter and fun
With the winter nights so peaceful and long
My land is one you see now
My land is one you know now 

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Deep in summer wood 
where beauty grows 
This garden, 
home of the bramble rose 

This high wall 
bordered in pink 
The bramble rose, 
high above us all 

Soft ferns of jade 
This green,                                                                                                                       
does not fade 
Hidden delights to be seen 

Delicate blooms with petals of pink 
nestle with flowers of deep yellow 
Such colour, makes you blink 
Fills you with wonder so 

Moss covered stone, 
gentle trickle of stream 
I am alone 
In the garden of my dream 

Blue butterflies abound 
Hear the bird song, 
all around 
Soft hum of  bees, 
through the trees 

The bramble rose 
encircles the dell 
How wonderful is grows, 
by the old well 

The soft scent 
from the bramble rose 
Its' pastel pink flower, 
enriches me so, 
as I sit beneath this shady bower 

This garden seat 
beneath bramble rose 
Away from the heat, 
leave behind your woes 

Sit back and enjoy, 
hum of bees through the trees, 
Colours to make you blink 
from flowers yellow and pink 
Deep in summer wood 

This garden, 
deep in summer wood, 
where beauty grows 
Home of the bramble rose 

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Promises Whispered Unspoken

She blew a sigh of Summer wind
A breeze to taste the air
A cooling mist a feeling missed
A gentle hint of rain
Sunlight filtered through the leaves
To settle on her face
There was no way
This lady fey
Was of the human race
I shivered in the Summer heat
Pine needles sticking in my feet
Sweat wet tee shirt
Sudden chill
She moved in close to take her fill
Whispered wood songs almost heard
Sweet chatter rings of myriad birds
Then stroked my palm
And disappeared

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Watch the World Turn

The world turns,
Changing every second,
With every whisper of the wind
Every movement of the sea,
Every song of the birds,
All the earth is in motion

Look at your surroundings
And see the change incarnate

Watch as spring first begins –
The flowers in their bloom
The trees all green and glorious
The sky a crystal clear,
All the world seems light and weightless
We see nature and smile at its beauty

Watch as spring bursts into summer –
The sun shining brighter,
The air feeling warmer,
The heat healing the earth,
All the world is free and cheerful
We feel fresh, vivacious and content

Watch as summer rolls into autumn –
The leaves turning all shades of orange
Nature taking on a deeper hue,
The cool starting to finally sink in,
All the world begins, school, work, and play
We adjust to a new routine 

Watch as autumn fades into winter –
The air getting crisper,
The days becoming shorter,
Glittering snow falling softly to the earth,
All the world is comfortable and cozy
We settle down to warm by the fire

Look at your surroundings,
And see the change incarnate
With every breath you take,
Watch the world turn.

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To the spigot, to the Spider

At sunset one summer evening I stepped outside to enjoy
the summer evening’s sunset and water the garden plants that were
dying in the draught. So I made my way towards the hose spigot at the
back of the house, and as I marveled at 
the purple sunset
a dark writhing Figure appeared before my eyes, eclipsing the sun
and stopping me dead in my tracks.
It was not a dragon. It was not a Ringwraith. It was a Spider, a huge Spider,
busily at work crafting an enormous web two yards across, spanning the forest to 
the bushes,
His labor diligent and instinctual like that of a master craftsman.
There I stood, marveling at Its pained yet natural movements, wondering when
some bird or wasp would descend upon the Thing
and rip out the Ugliness from the otherwise
perfect scene. But when I shifted my point of view
and the Spider no longer tarnished the backdrop of the sunset
I noticed It disappeared into the shadows around It
and would have been invisible to all but the
sharpest of eagle eyes. And as I blustered through an invisible strand of the 
exciting the Demon even further, I knew
that the Thing must go. But how?
I knew how. I would give to It the same thing that I meant to give the garden 
for no terrestrial creature can long withstand the force of water.
So I unscrewed the spigot, marched around the other side of the house to grab 
the hose,
and walked back to the spot where I spotted the Spider.
But in my absence the Spider, too, had taken Its leave
and I wondered if Nature was not made for men 
to marvel at, or if in those moments
Nature does but laugh at us.

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Healing Heat

T’was on a coolish summer night
Amidst dusk creatures howling
Fullest moon in all its might 
Essence of darkness prowling
Life was going on despite
The smell of death still lurking
Hooting owls returned from flight
Whilst bustling fast foods working

The lushes plains were over flowing
Long summer days, glorious delight
Nature’s feast, full bellies glowing
Bountiful prey, no need to fight
All was too good, balance shifting
The reaper saw this “minor” plight
“The edges need a little trimming”
His words while staring at the site

Ferocious speed, his sickle dangling
Takes to the fields with fury swipes
With each foul swoop, retracting, angling
And strikes a rock, a spark ignites
Catches his robe, him not knowing
The cloak of darkness set alight
Sends wildfires meandering
And creatures paralyzed with fright
This fire demon out sprinting
The fastest champion’s muscle drive
Wide-eyed hypnosis, heartbeat racing
Through the terror must survive
Flee from heated clutches chasing
See no moisture in dry eye
Longing for the heat embracing
Fuel unsoothed by wailing cry

Second winds and new beginnings
Tears falling from smokey skies
Transformations so amazing 
Blackened gravesite, torched surprise
Through the charcoal trees still burning
Fevered wings prepare for flying
Hope resembled, familiar yearning 
Phoenix spirit from ashes rising

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Subject to Change

Have all the summer flowers so perished under the weight of autumn’s cool breath?
Has the warm summer sun taken refuge behind the clouds from the northern sky?
Has the image of peace as rabbits forage for food been disturbed by an early frost?
Have the evenings of our contentment been changed to those of preparation?

Changes occur each day, each week, each month, and each year, noting a progression
As they so occur, life alters yet maintains a natural balance that can be thrown off
But, left to thought, reason and keen observation, this balance can be maintained
Allowing us the joy of being part of the world, therefore being subjects of change

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Summer Winds

I wish Summer winds 
Would blow all through the year
And warm me minute by minute
To dry the tears of my soul

I wish Summer winds
Were not restricted to one season per year
Why does it have to feel cold
Because the sun is on vacation?

I wish Summer winds
Were capped in a bottle
To be released 
Just in time for Winter

Let the leaves change colors in Autumn
Let the birds fly South
Let the bees produce honey
Inside of Spring’s mouth

Let the pond, ice over
For skaters far and near
But please give me Summer winds
Every day of the year.

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Full Moon Beach

The pale lace of ocean foam
Breathes on moonlight shore,
Pearl clouds like soft dice are cast
On night sky’s black floor.

Wind rustles and bends the palms
To sea’s lullabies—
Night birds cry out like children
As summer now dies.

Yet, here summer never parts—
Always lingers green—
The smell of ripe mangoes stay—
Sunsets are gold sheen.

We linger still in unreal
Worlds and hesitate—
Seasons call us back somehow
To fulfill our fate.

Ocean moon is full this night—
We heed the call of waves—
Water brings us back to life—
The earth shall mark our graves.

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Drinking Summer

A soda spark to carbonate the lips
with lime sorbet in sweating silver bowls
Upon the breeze the warmth of humid mint

And suddenly the story has been told
The summer dragging feet way past the tide
with scorch of skin and wavy air in roads

Mirages for the asphalt to confide
which never knew the proper way to sleep
the summer sun to molten metal drive

And so the pool awaits the cooling leap
And so the water pressure pillows ears
too blue to swallow down in eyes to keep

afloat with all the gossip that it hears
The languid stretch of laying in the sun
allowing winter thoughts to fall arrears

And suddenly the moment has begun
with soda sparks and frozen lemonade
to grin and sip the summer hard and long~

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Stars Like a Vision

Stars like a vision, Stars on the vine
plucked from the power of One who's divine
Clusters in motion, the fruit of the wind
Light sends it's message though their already dim
Caught in my vision, warm summer night
Silvery star dust a blanketed bright
Lit like the heavens behind my closed eyes
are the dreams of the motion in warm summer skies...

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Indian Summer

Indian Summer don't you need me?
yes I need you too.
  Have you something new to feed me?
I have food for you.
  Inspiration and dictation
symbiotic share
I let you leave with resignation 
winter's in the air
  I won't let you die unspoken
whisper what you will
leave your legacy 
a token
'ere we feel the chill
  trading for your inspiration
tales you wish to tell
in your breeze
t he sussuration
winter casts her spell
  write red words of true expression
orange for last regrets
brown for traces of regression
do not leave us yet
  how we waded in the river
how we made a fire
Indian Summer 
you fulfilled desire
  now poems written of your beauty
won't make us shed a tear
we know that with joy and duty
you'll be back 
next year.

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As Summer Blossoms Flower

So long as the summer blossoms flower
There will always be fields filled of grace
Innocent little girls to pluck them away
And the sweet aridness of August nights

So long as the summer blossoms flower
The world will be dressed by a myriad of color
Filling the gardens of both mansion and hovel
Reminded that Gods blessings are for one and all 

The true beauty of the flowers of life
That everyday begins with the budding of hope
Blooming to an orchid never before held by the eye
So long as the summer blossoms flower

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Summer time

Ever blossom summer bright
Warm evenings sheer delight 
Wondrous beaches sand in your toes 
Take a swim cool off your woes 
Outdoors dreaming, cooking up right 
Party time barbecue invite 
Grow now grow to your gardens flight 
Watch your tomato vines ripe 
Ever blossom summer bright 
Wonderful rains dark skies such a fright 
Cooling off the hot tar tonight 
Pretty songbirds singing their song 
Tip your hat to the early morn 
Vacation trip upon the ships memories to be born 
Baseball season in full peak 
Go to a game take a seat 
Ever blossom summer bright 
Lie on your chair and gaze at the moonlight 

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On a Summer Morning Humid

Sticky wisps
spider's web
Milky hands
blood of weeds
Chyrsalide empty
butterfly breathes
on a summer morning humid
Scent absorbing
plum tree sweetened
Crickets tuning
notes of the season
Bare feet green
for a very good reason
I need to feel the earth
Leaves uplit
in a sweet sun bath
Echinacea flowers
bend the garden path
Yellow finch bellies
puffed up and fat
burst the sky with color
Orange explosion
trumpet vine
Adrenaline pumping
feeling fine
Smile elaborate
this day is mine
on a summer morning humid...

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I am Florida

I am Florida ,paradise
look around and realise
dreams come true
beneath my skies
   azure seas ,a life serene
egrets wade beside the stream

peace surrounds you like a dream
       sailfish and the dolphins leap
     toward the moon out of the deep
     wishing stars will always keep

   promises made on the fly
        shooting stars in summer skies
        kiss your lips and whisper sighs
            come to me where seashells sing
           tales of abalone wings
           bright coquinas,magic things

               Seminoles and Everglades
               Salofcatchee,healing blade
                  Chitamico in the shade
                      I am paradise.
Don't speak to me of summer storms
I rule winter,keep you warm
and you love me for my charm
for I am Paradise.

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seasons change.

listen to the fall breeze as it blows across empty fields into hollowed sounds of a
summers past,
gone are the triple digest temperature, summer romance, sleeping all morning and staying
up all night,
ski's darken earlier, lights dim faster, there are no sound of late night games, BBQ's are
children's laughs,
the colors of the leafs change as the warm ski's flee, cool nights become colder and early
morning hours bring no light,
like a jilted lover summer is gone with out a word, no good bye, no see you later, you
just look up and what once was, is no more,
the summer of '07 is a thing of the past,. now it's remember when, or how about the time,
memories of hot days cool kisses and the one who took your breath away,
no more out of town trips , sleep overs, camp, swimming all day at the lake, or at the
pool or walks on the beach shore,
look over there, here comes cold nights, rainy days, never warm enough family and all the
winter holidays,
look to the west one last time as the sun sets,
can you hear the summers rhyme  
smile.... like all the others, this summer was the best,
now look to the east, listen here comes winter time.    

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summer dreams

a year each time, we must wait
for warm climate the world creates,
the singing birds and the apple trees
so, full of wonders and covered in leaves
how can one world make such beautiful things?
At summer time the world just sings,
holiday sun and fun, fun times
it's coming soon if you see the signs,
hanging with friends and dips in the pool
a little bit of freshness to keep you cool,
little beach hut and sand and sea
a little world that is perfect for me,
sun tan lotion for the browning skin
how can this beautiful world be full of sin?
Gentle waves lapping at my toes,
like a little secrets no one knows
buzzing bees and butterflies
flapping there wings so they can fly,
waking up in summer is a beautiful dream
with no more cold that can be mean,
and the massive sun that now just shines
we are in the worlds most beautiful design.

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The poem of Hoping.

The summer has arrived suddenly.

The St.Petersburg White nights

still hug our city gently.

A lilac fog 

Fills the atmosphere around,

In spite of the fact that the lilac has already faded,

And sweet aroma of a jasmine 

Turns our heads, excites and intoxicates us.

There is Heat, and the thunderstorms with rain here, 

Flowers and the charming bumblebees live on my loggia. 

But why don't the melancholy and alarms leave me?

I think of the next autumn and winter.

Maybe, they have already started to approach to us. 

No! This is wrong! 

I shall forget them for a while.

I shall take inspiration from a lilac fog,

I shall be drunk with aroma of jasmine, 

I shall have fun, listening to the rain, 

I shall write new poems for my friends .

And, maybe, the summer will delay in my soul for a long time.

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Summer Heat

Heat waves,
Sizzling sun bakes my skin to a golden hue.
Time passes ever so slowly on many hot summer days.
The bird baths are filled with birds as they play.
Crystal clear pools of liquid green streams deep and inviting.
I am burning with the suns fever.
I  lazily drift off with lifes many dreams.
I stand before a gentle stream.
the water is cool as it swirls around my ankles
it caresses and sooths.
Step by step the summer heat leaves my mind.
The breeze whispers  ever so quietly  through the trees.
Above me the air cascades all around me
my mind lifts and I am free.
Slowly as to not disturb the transition I glide through the cool waters.
Moss tickles my feet
periwinkles scamper out of harms way.
Fern at the waters edge dance with the waters rhythm.
Alas, no more summer heat to burn my poor tortured soul.