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Nature Song Poems | Nature Poems About Song

These Nature Song poems are examples of Nature poems about Song. These are the best examples of Nature Song poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Skylark - Alouette

Watch the birds in flight
As they soar from sight
Over verdant canopies,
With their nests below
Tiny feathers grow
On their fledglings in the trees.

Hungry mouths to feed
With the gathered seed
Found upon the dewy sod,
Which the skylark brings.
Afterward she sings
Her sweet gift of song to God.

© Connie Marcum Wong

 For Dr. Ram’s
‘The Alouette Contest’

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The Memories of a Dancing Peacock

The Memories of a Dancing Peacock 
( Based on a true incident captured in my Camera )

I was in a mood to sing, and

The Peacock was in a mood to dance, 

My singing came, while watching the beauty and 

The beauty started unfolding its wings and charms, 

As if the Peacock was listening the songs, 

I was singing, silently in my mind.  

Oh, what a joy it was to feel and share, 

Those wonderful moments 

I spent with that beautiful bird,

Who kept dancing and dancing,

Till the song continued in my mind silently.

You and I may not be dancing or living forever, O, bird,

But the image, which you have engraved on my mind and

The rhythms of that joy and pleasure, 

Which you have left,  

Would continue to generate always,

The music of silence and beauty in every mind.

Kanpur India 28th December 2011

NOTE:IMP. NOTE: The Memories of a Dancing Peacock
The Photo Poem cum Song is also on my Music Channel
"RavindraKK1" on U Tube. or you simply use this URL

For my Videos Songs on My U Tube just write on Google "RavindraKK1 
and go on U Tube Channel - RavindraKK1

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Rites Of Passage

lllllllllllllllllllll I haste not I fear not in harmonious cries, I plead where flight has called this mighty warrior red paint upon my cheek O cleansing smoke of wild grass high of resin and sacred bead a vision has taken this warrior's cry anon, to capture a dream I crawl through gates to reach the ledge where spirit and smoke arise and pluck the painted Northern Flora and gaze through Savanna's eyes ^^^^^^^

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Spring Showers

as the wind
in song 
and verse
within my soul
my poetic thirst

as vibrant  
as the wild daisy
each teardrop 
upon my face
I twist and turn 
in posy
lapping up 
the springtime rain 

with each 
pitter patter 
to greet my heart
I melt 
with each breath of beauty
as I impart

in crystal showers
as I fall back 
to paint the day
from the rumbling clouds 
of dynasty 
I am taken away

as the wind
in song 
and verse

untouched purity
this poetic birth


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Where Eden Begins

There, beyond the garden wall, 
Lost among the grass and weeds
A wild rose grew beneath the trees
With fragrance blithe, to fill the breeze
And her petals soft as velveteen...

She is watered and fed by pearls of dew
But is hidden there, where no one knows
Where no one sings a song for her
To praise the beauty of her hue...

This lovely rose in solitaire
With leaves of green, and tendrils twined
Yearns to bask in joys of spring...
Where song birds nest, and robins sing
A place to show her grace, sublime...

A garden fair, an arbor high
Is just beyond the other side
She spies a crevice in the wall, 
And through the slit a golden glow
She climbs the stones, and stretches small
And squeezes through, uncurling all
A virgin rose, unkissed, and shunned
Has found Eve's garden in the sun


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Suzie Haus

I had a horse named Suzie Haus when I was twenty-one.
I had wanted her since I was seven, the waiting was finally done.
She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, in the World up to that day.
And forever in my memory her beauty will continue to stay.
A painted mare with a black mane and tail, then brown over white.
She became the best friend I’d ever have, you might say we were tight.
I fed her every morning, as I talked to her as I cleaned out her stall.
Then every night I did the same, plus cleaned four hooves all.
I brushed her to a shine, I was so proud of her each day.
Then with a saddle, reins, and me…we were on our way.
The stable was near a river, on top a great big bluff.
A dirt road shadowed with trees allowed us to strut our stuff.
As we danced down the road, the lightening bugs rejoiced.
And gentle breezes touched us, giving the leaves their voice.
Then peace would settle round us, as off to trails we would sashay.
This was the stuff that dreams were made of, and I had it every day.
Birds could be heard throughout the woods, the serenade complete.
I saw the river far below, and the sky with clouds of fluff so sweet.
Sometimes we were with others, but most often we were alone.
But it didn’t really matter, for we always knew the way home.
As we turned to go down the bluff, the river urged us to come below.
Deer danced on the land beneath, in the fields a buck and does.
The gentle angle to the floor below, allowed us to mingle in.
They let us close within a few feet, they thought Suzie was a friend.
At the river the blue sky with a reddish sunset had lite everything aglow.
Soon river barges came floating by, and it was quite a show.
Fishermen sat there minding their peace, until the moon began to glow.
The moon twinkling on the river below, was always beautiful and clear.
We’d talk a while, and breathe so deep, the air had a different flavor here.
Once I met a young man looking for inspiration to write a song.
At that time it began to rain so I helped him quickly get where he belonged.
He thanked me profusely, as he made it to his car.
I had helped him save his love, a very beloved old guitar.
From inside his car he played a song he’d written, while he had been there.
I sat upon Suzie beneath a canopy of trees, that sheltered me, I swear. 
Finally the rain and song were done, my serenade complete.
Then I rode off back to home, later achieving more memories and gentle treats.

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As a peaceful wind pushed long and free
simple love had arrived in perfect time
with a song of jubilation rolling pure through the valley
a seed of love took flight in summer winds  free

simple love had arrived in perfect time
as I lay naked upon ancient rocks of graceful light
a seed of love took flight in summer winds free
Gods grace in delicate strokes touched me

as I lay naked upon ancient rocks of graceful light
with a song of jubilation rolling pure through the valley
Gods grace in delicate strokes touched me
as a peaceful wind pushed long and free 

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Cheers and Whistles

I awaken to a lark’s song
 In early morning’s misty light
 Spy it on a branch, softly shaking
 In the gentle breeze, its fewer leaves
 Turned yellow gold
 Surround her so pretty,
 Her song to me. Yes, I know 
the lark sings to me 

Its cheery new day song,
 As if there were no tomorrow –
 It whistles in the evening 
as if there were no
 Yesterdays. Soon it is joined
 By another, oh! What a lark!
 What a pair they make!
 I remember those same two larks
 Not far in the past –
Last Spring, they stood together proudly
 Day after day and through the summer; he
 Could go nowhere without her.
 He, was the one who sang to her
 Each new morning, the one
 Who courted her till each sundown,
 Up to twilight when she fell asleep.
He was the one she couldn’t do without,
 The one she could love forever, together
 They had built the nest for their offspring
 Now grown,
 Now gone.
 They’d been inseparable from day one,
 Even bickering, just two souls
 Disagreeing - still, he sang
 To her in the morning, sang to her
 Under the setting sun, and
In the autumn of their life
 They sang together, cheery
 As if there were no tomorrow
 Whistling, as if there were no yesterday.
This morning
 I let out a sigh
 Remembering so well
 The dream I once held
 So tight.
 Will it come to pass?
 The answer came
 From the larks song each morning,
 Cheery, as if there were no tomorrow.
 Whistle in the evening,
 As if there were no yesterday,
 And I sing each day
 With faith.
 I whistle each evening
 To not let the sun go down
 On the morose, My love,
I will not let you down.
CarolineCecile - 10.12.12

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The Butterfly Song

When the butterflies sing the angels cry
A sound so pure the flowers will sigh
The butterfly song is the beginning of spring
It happens each year when the butterflies sing

Though it's a voice not heard by human ears
The evidence is seen through the angel's tears
Accepted by all as the evening rain
Because a butterfly song is hard to explain

The music is made by the the butterfly's wings
But only nature itself hears the song it sings
It causes the flowers and the trees to sprout
And the birds and the bees to dance about

When a flower is seen it won't be long
'Til spring is born with a butterfly song
So listen close when Winter calls Spring
And you might just hear a butterfly sing

When the butterflies sing the angels cry
A sound so pure the flowers will sigh
The butterfly song is the beginning of spring
It happens each year when the butterflies sing

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Evening Waltz

The cicada's song,
Rouses the shadows to dance:
Swaying silhouettes.

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Sweet Sparrow

A song of a sparrow in the springtime.

Birds chirp a lullaby at the peak of the morning sun.
Speedy is the dragonfly, wish I could catch just one.
Clovers fill the meadow and daisies are in bloom.
Brilliant as the rainbow heanen's scent perfumes.
I hear a sparrow singing sweet tunes of joy and glee.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, sing a song for me.

As springtime goldenrods glow.
I see a sweet sparrow perched upon a rose.
Elegant are the carnations,
and honeybees buzz me by,
God's mighty creations of tender springtime.
I hear a sparrow singing a joyful melody.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, whistle in the breeze.

Lilacs spread their fragrance.
Daffodils line the creek.
In the wind the lilies dance,
and crickets chirp at my feet.
I hear a sparrow singing such a sweet tune.
Sing a song sweet sparrow, lift the morning dew.

Sing a song the prince of love and let the music flow.
Drowning in sweet melodies I open my window.
Perched upon the cedar tree a mighty little bird.
Singing tunes of springtime for all to be heard.

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A Dawn Duet

Her breathing moves a strand of golden hair
that lays upon her pillow, next to mine, 
yet in this evening birdsongs on the air 
awaken me to listen and recline.

This errant bird, whose song dispatches sleep,
is laughing at a long forgotten jest
or maybe woos a distant mate who, deep
inside her feathered nest, finds better rest.

I watch the window, night begins to fade
and so do I.  As slumber beckons me
I hear a distant answer softly made:
A dawn duet resplendent in our tree.

A single song brings answers in the air
as my beloved sleeps without a care.

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Haiku Calendar

Haiku Calendar 
(January to December in the Southern part of the U.S.A.)

snow and more snow falls 
cold wind and more cold wind blows 
all branches are bare 

starving and weak birds 
a chill grips before sunrise 
fall from bare branches 

warm afternoon wind 
thin morning ice melts on pond 
a song bird is heard 

poppies hide in grass 
drink from early morning showers 
bees drink from open buds 

warm ruffles new weeds 
clover covers budding ground 
crickets find their song 

hawk hunts small rabbit 
green hedges give good cover 
blood drips on clover 

sun waves off dark soil 
flowers grow only in shade 
bees hive drips sweet wax 

in shade cow chews cud 
waits for dark to find water 
sleeps on top of mound 

east winds pull cool rain 
quinces bright hill flowers thirst 
streams roar then fall quite 

squirrel hides acorn 
digs hole at foot of oak tree 
barks at gray wet sky 

leaf fall from elm tree 
vacant bird nest are exposed 
geese sound over head 

deer move over trail 
fawns loose baby spots and jump 
graze on holly leafs  

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Come and hear the song,
The song of the angels,
As the heavens open.
The split of the sky;
The cascading colors.
As the gates close,
Darkness falls over.
The darkness twinkles,
Twinkles with beautiful lights,
Now come hear the song,
The song of the night.
It sings out in a Capella voice.
Sway to the rhythm,
As you succumb to darkness.
The song plays on and on,
Until the morning fires blaze.

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I Thought I Saw Twenty Ravens

I thought I saw twenty Ravens
Dot the worn-down white-lined field.
When a Boy ran by, they would hop over a few feet, and let him run past,
But as soon as he was out of sight, they hopped back again,
Leaving their Raven-prints in two places.

They turned into thirty Blackbirds, strewn across the pitch
In a random, clustered kind of way.
The lackluster sheen of the grass stopped at their feathers,
Was absorbed into their very being, and turned into the most graceful of Songs,
Which they Sang to an overcast sky. 

I thought I saw twenty Ravens
But there were only three Crows there that day:

One for the Boy
Running free with his ball, careless and young;
One for the Song
Gone after so long from being heard;
And One for the Birds
From the wood beyond the white fence-line
Which bordered the muddy green so many years ago. 

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Folk Song of India Farmer, Clouds, Rains and Trees

A Folk Song of India My Video Song is also on You Tube Background Note: Its a story of a worried Farmer as his fields were dry because of no rains & the season of planting Rice was passing fast. His eyes were full of tears while thinking, what he would eat & earn if he fails to plant the Rice saplings without good Rains in his fields. The song conveys feelings of an Indian farmer, who often face such situations due to lack of rains. Rains felt pity & flooded his fields or his love for Trees & Nature. Folk Song of India- Farmer, Clouds, Rains and Trees The Farmer was thinking, While sitting near his fields, How, he would plant, The saplings of Dhaan ( Rice). The clouds keep coming, But fly away and vanish soon, There are hardly few trees in the forest, Who can call and attract the clouds. To tell the clouds, The miseries of the farmer, As, clouds never overlook, The wishes of their beloved trees. But the trees could not convey and tell, The tortures and pains, they have suffered, One by one they have been cut and burned, By none other than their own nursing Man. Because of this only , The clouds often do not come, And run away without showering, When they see such humans. The Farmer was thinking, While sitting near his fields, How without rains he would plant, The saplings of Dhaan ( Rice). But that old farmer, Had planted many many trees, Thinking that the clouds, Came down on the ground. The eyes of the old farmer, Were wet and restless, Tears were appearing and were, Coming out, every now and then. The clouds hovering on the fields, Saw tears in his eyes, While wiping his tears, The clouds too began to weep. Then, it began to rain all over, And the fields got flooded soon, The old farmer raised his head, And saw towards the sky. After seeing all around, The fields flooded with water, The farmer with gratitude, Again & again touched the Rain clouds. Tears started flowing from his eyes, With happiness, And the clouds again showered more rains, To wipe the tears from the eyes of the old farmer. Then the time came to plant, The saplings of Dhaan (Rice), Without forests and their darling trees, Clouds hardly showers their love drops. The Farmer was thinking, While sitting near the fields, He would again plant, Many more and more tree this time. Kanpur India 24th July 2012center> Sub in Hon of LisaCooper for her Silver Tear contest

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My Love is Like a Bird

My love is like an Owl
Knowledgeable and deep and wise
My love is like the Raven
With magic behind its eyes

My love is like an Eagle
Its lineage crowned most high
My love is like a Lark
So swift and scarce and shy

My love is like the Peregrine
Soaring silent above the hill
My love is like the Dove
Spreading peace and good will

My love is like the Stork
Bringing life so fair and bright
My love is like the Sparrow
It’s intuition for life’s fading light

My love is like the Albatross
Floating high on fair winds
My love is like the Crow
The darkened portent that it sends

My love is like the fabled Tern
Crossing continents the status quo
My love is like the Penguin
With its tuxedo in the snow

My love is like the Mynah
Able to sing any song or say
My love is like the Rooster
Heralding each brand new day

But most of all my love is like the Lovebird
Her loving song oft heard
That perfect pair to my person
And the inspiration for these words

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The Old Tree

It is strange
how things that we see
and take for granted
in everyday life
should suddenly instil
in our minds
a new awareness
of their presence

A silent moment
a brief pause
from life's ever quickening pace
a moment of peace -
in times like these
a common thing
like a dried old tree
becomes alive with beauty

It stands like a quiet sentinel
who has witnessed 
many an event 
through time
Time has passed by 
but it remains 
silently standing there
O Tree!
What secrets do you store
in your noble branches?
How many events have you recorded
that man knows nothing of?

In your younger days
when you wore your mantle of green
you nested the carefree birds
to their offspring
you gave protection
When the sun scorched the earth
you gave them cool shade
On a cool windy night
you gave them warmth
How pleasant was their song 
to your ear 
as they sang a song of thanks
to you

You were a playmate to the children
When they romped at your feet
or climbed on your branches
you smiled
Time grew older
and the children became lovers
You saw them kiss in your shade
soft with the light of the moon
The aura of their love
touched your leaves
and you blushed

they have all gone away
but you still remain 
silent sentinel
still waiting and watching
How many untold events 
have you witnessed
faithful keeper of secrets?

O that my soul could commune with you
and share of your rugged beauty!
Most Noble Tree!
forgive me for my
once-waxen eyes

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A Kiss Goodnight

Oh, how the wind's song gives a kiss goodnight!
Gentle breezes in my face leave me weak.
Whistling words of love hold me 'til dawn's light...

Summer winds soften starry skies once bright.
I climb rustling trees. Love, windblown, I seek.
Oh, how the wind's song gives a kiss goodnight!

Love's worth the battle. Through gusts, I shall fight!
Tho' whispering winds bring love soft and meek.
Whistling, words of love hold me 'til dawn's light...

Come forth again! The silence is my plight.
In the wind's absence, tomorrow seems bleak.
Oh, how the wind's song gives a kiss goodnight! 

Gentle breezes raise romance to new height.
The warm southwinds soothe. Enamoured, I speak.
Whistling words of love, hold me 'til dawn's light...

Stay, my dear friend, you lift me like a kite.
Carry my soul higher than mountain peaks.
Oh, how the wind's song gives a kiss goodnight...
Whistling words of love, hold me 'til dawn's light!

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Kaleidoscope of Sound

Colors of the spectrum Light up my world Bright rays dancing Shades enhancing The kaleidoscope of sound I can feel it all around A whisper on the wind The murmur of the stream Rustling of leaves Creaking of the eaves Roaring of the waves Cooing of a babe Birds a chirping Bees a buzzing Thunder rumbling Mountain crumbling Ringing honking Beeping thumping Crashing clanging Booming bopping Intermingling all together In every season, scene or weather And it echoes in my head As I lie on heather beds Such a masterful symphony Sweetest ever melody, All the world´s life in harmony.

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A Prayer to Clouds for all My Friends

A Prayer for all my friends in America and all over the World This Prayer Poem is for all my friends of America and for all those anywhere in the world who are waiting for Rains.
I have made this Prayer Poem on My Photo Poem and this can be seen in My Photo page on World Art Foundation This Prayer Poem actually supports my Folk Song ‘Folk Song of India -Farmer, Clouds, Rains and Trees’ placed on You Tube It may be a co incident but ever since I composed and placed the above Song on You Tube the drought like conditions improved in many parts of India drastically. A Prayer to Clouds for all My Friends O Clouds full of Rains Please go to my friend's place Where ever you see the land is dry And all the fields and trees Are waiting for your showers To get wet and to kiss Your ever refreshing Rains. You bless them With your nectar like Rains So their fields too May yield grains And their forests may be blessed With your love drops To again enfold you In their sweet and loving embrace.
O Clouds full of Rains Please go to my friend's place And give them The blessings of Your Beautiful immortal Rains. Ravindra Kanpur India 15th Aug. 2012
NOTE: Draught like conditions (not very acute almost 50% less Rains this year) prevailed in India in July, but after July last it improved in August and even some parts experienced excessive Rains till 27th August. I had composed a Song around 20th July for the Indian farmers as a Folk Song and have placed it in Poetry Soup on 24th July 2012 and on my Music Channel “RavindraKK1” on You Tube as a Folk Song of India. The Song explains the reasons of fewer Rains in the simple language of a farmer telling the story of Farmer, Clouds, Trees and Rains as a Folk Song of India. Ravindra 27th Aug. 2012

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Black and White

You’ve maddened me to the core 
You singed me with your ferocious fire
We’re opposites… we’ll never integrate  
We can’t blend with each other…
Your love and I’m hate 
We’re contrary to each other…

So don’t even think about 
Getting us back together 
Because without a doubt, 
We don’t click with each other…

So let us go our own way…

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to be deleted from my mind…

I’m not the one that should pay the price
You act as if you’re an angel from heaven
But, you’re a fiend…a devil from hell...who needs your advice?
Could someone unchain me from this prison?

So let us prepare for that day…

Fear and bewilderment build inside of our minds
Taking over us…we’re wasting valuable time
Terror and wrath injects into our veins…time starts to unwind 
I’m regaining my glory…this moment feels so sublime  

You think you’re innocent?
I can sense your guilt…bleeding through you
Do you live to feed me anguish? 
Don’t deny it…you crafty demon…no wonder I feel blue

Let’s get ready for battle…
I’ll watch you decay…
Taste my fury and my agony 

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to be defeated…

I scream before nightfall
I close my eyes to kiss my demise
I want to disappear 
Scratch away my desolation
Wipe away my tears…
Spewing out of my eyes…like a waterfall
Tonight, there will be dismay
There will be suffering 
After sundown…
Failure and glory will expose like stars in the midnight sky
Who will earn the crown? 
No one knows in silent wars – who can reveal the light in goodbye
Why are we black and white?
Are you too afraid to know the reason why? 

Everything’s black and white
You love to torture me with your deceptive devices 
We’re playing this chess match – let’s fight!
Tonight, you’re going to pay the prices
You’re going to suffer alone…

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The sun smiles down to send it's greeting.
The wind sighs as it runs through the trees.
Birds long since have chorused their welcome
And in the gardens flowers are tended by bees.
The people now their day are pursuing
Just mundane or perhaps over too soon.
The earth is singing the song of creation
While all of life dances in time to it's tune.

Comes evening ,the moon is on watch now.
The wind's whispering at last come to cease.
Tiny heads dropping on breasts gently beating
While bees and flowers are in their own little peace.
The people now sleeping,spent bodies resting
With unfulfilled dreams,memories tucked away.
The song of creation has once again ended,
Yet life makes ready for the dance of another day.

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Bird Songs

Listen when you awake at crack of dawn
hear the chorus of all the birds singing
watch them as they scurry and dig the lawn
until a nasty cat sends them fleeing

How very dull and bland without any birds
silence would greet us with it's bleakness
less colour everywhere, half mast halyards
how lucky to have birds to add brightness

So many feathered friends around
delighting us with their wonderful songs
the sound of harmony our souls surround
for the sweet  mellifluous  songs prolongs

Tunes everywhere blending in harmony
sweetly combining sounding like honey

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Song Bird

Song bird, Song Bird

take leave of flight,

Sweet new morning,

Serenade in the light...

Herald, in this bright sunlight... 

this song you sing
harmonise mornings first light...

Song bird, Song bird

you are the sky within... heart receives your delicate notes,

like trinkets on gentle breeze...

Song bird, Song bird

take leave of flight,

You nurture our nature,

Song bird, Song bird,

Your morning awaits,

Song bird, Song bird,

You are the sky within...


Details | Ballade | |

Softly sipping honey wine

Softly sipping honey wine

Sipping softly honey wine
I hear the rivers song
Lovely lady by my side
With love so sweet and strong
How the river sparkles
It’s on its way to meet the sea
As softly sipping honey wine
We sit here you and me.

Softly sipping honey wine
There’s only you and me
As Pelicans fly us by
This essence, endlessly
Seeps in, as a boat goes by
And trees dance in the breeze
Softly sipping honey wine
We sit here hearts at ease.

Softly sipping honey wine
I know I love you so
No one, my love, could ever love this true
Softly sipping honey wine
I feel loves tender glow
As I look at you, and know you love me too.

Softly sipping honey wine
The two of us together
River reflects the somber skies
They’ll soon be rainy weather
Here in this cosy chalet
Telling you that I love you
Softly sipping honey wine
And sharing love so true

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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A winding road, up through the trees, finds California gold
The heart will race, and breath escapes, to see this land unfold
Dad cherished, still, his boyhood home, a wonderland he knew
A home he knew so long ago, but never quite outgrew
Our family albums back at home, held pictures of those years
When Gramps had been a mountain guide, my heritage is here

When summer came and school was done,..our family couldn't wait
To camp, explore, and marvel on, this jewel at Heaven's gate
No picture, song, or poetry, prepared astonished eyes
The valley called Yosemite, invited pure delight 

Hidden in the canyons of Sierra's mountain glade
Immortal is a valley, which was carved by glacier's blade
Winter melts to spring, quenching lakes and giant trees
Dogwoods lace the forest floor, azaleas scent the breeze
Redwoods dig their roots between the stones that reach the sky
Earth and sky meet hand in hand, where eagles nest and fly

The Bridal falls, the granite faces, we stuttered to describe
The meadows green, the mirrored lakes, Ahwahnee lodge resides..
The Mercy River cools the brow, in awe of what surrounds
Embrace the peace as evening falls, that mummers nature's sounds

El Capitan, and Half Dome seem to reach the stars so high
Reflect upon old stories told of fire in the sky
A fire built upon the cliffs, then sounds of ancient cries
A call from down below would rise,... would echo from above
And rocks would pour a flaming veil, and spill a song of love
The call of love, from tribes that roamed, a hundred years ago

Days long ago, my childhood eyes, were dazzled under stars
We'd sit around the campfire light, Dad would sing and play guitar
We looked upon the granite face of Half Dome overhead
And watch the burning embers fall, and hear a song so sad
A native song still fills the dark, within the heart of me
A place where soft light still cascades, and Daddy sang to me

A look at Yosemite firefalls.....

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Marshland Dreams

In the night the marsh cricket cries,
Ringing through the starless still
A song of aurora skies.

A pale gray moon, listening, sighs,
No wind rippling the watermill
In the night the marsh cricket cries.

Shearing the dark a lost bird flies,
The melody shivers in the chill
A song of aurora skies. 

Hours before forgotten sunrise,
Ants dare venture from their hill
In the night the marsh cricket cries.

Beneath the marsh water millions of eyes,
Shameless creatures drink in their fill
A song of aurora skies.

There are no fears, there are no lies
They cannot understand this thrill
In the night the marsh cricket cries
A song of aurora skies.

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I hear your song, 
I feel your beat, 
Ngiyakuthanda Africa 
And you take me home… 

Your wide open spaces, 
Tseno metala legodimo, 
Your rivers run strong 
Your mountains stand proud. 

I hear your song 
I feel your beat 
Ngiyakuthanda Africa 
And you take me home… 

The sun shines brightly on your copper field, 
Your endless horizons set me free… 
Your winds guide me to where the rain falls down 
On the earth where you grow wild and unruly 

I hear your song 
I feel your beat 
Ngiyakuthanda Africa 
And you take me home… 

In jou het ek n tuiste... Africa

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A man once sang "Singing in the Rain".
He smiled and he danced,
without heartache or pain.

A song that we should all hear.
A song without the everday fear.
A song we should sing everyday,
for all of the souls who lost their way.

A simple sound like raindrops falling.
Can cause a reaction,sometimes appalling.
Sometimes it puts a smile on a face.
But sometimes it leads to a much darker place.

Raindrops falling on a summer afternoon,
may bring back youth and playing in june.
But sometimes the rain is long and cold.
Haunting the ones who are lonely and old.

So wherever you go in life,
as you search for your calling.
Never forget what may happen,
when raindrops start falling.

Dustin Self (raindrops falling contest)

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A little bird

A noisy little bird was singing his song
Outside my window; early morning light

Maybe he was singing his song to attract a mate
Or simply singing his song to express his delight

He sang so sweetly; he sang so loud; sang so long
I would have enjoy it more; if sung in the bright sunlight

I might even have sung along; if only I could carry a tune
Or if I had gotten a bit more sleep last night

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Bird Song

The birds sing a song

On a tree that is very high

Music fill the air

Details | Haiku | |

morning arrives

song breaks the stillness
calling the sun from slumber
dawn chorus begins

Details | Ballad | |

The Summer of the Winter Sky

It was time for the leaves to fall,
The fields to turn white,
The birds to leave for faraway lands-
And the long cold lonely nights.

Seemed like for eternity
She hadn’t had a smile -
Frozen was the world around
Lonely she walked  for miles.
Dead were the blossoms in her garden,
And love was about to die-
And yet she prayed to her unseen friend -
For the summer of the winter sky!

Not a song was heard at dawn,
Only the echo of the wind-
In the misty field of corn
Not a farmer was seen!
A wait so long, so painful to bear
Left alone with no one so near
She was lost in her own reverie-
With tears in her dreamy eyes.
And she prayed as her heart cried-
Longing for the summer of the winter sky.

No one knows who heard her prayer
Lost amidst the silence
And yet an early morning bud 
Blossomed in her garden!
Suddenly a little sparrow was seen 
High on the branch of the willow tree
Singing a song as if to welcome-
Amidst the grey sky, a sun so warm.
And love then again knocked her door
Promising a life like never before-
And like a happy child  she opened her eyes
For it was summer for the winter sky!

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Don't Doubt I Love You

You can doubt the sun will rise
Or that the skies are ever blue.
You can doubt an eagle flies
Or that truths are ever true.
You can doubt everything you see
Within your field of view.
But don’t you ever doubt…
Never doubt that I love you

You can doubt the change of seasons
Or that stars will always shine.
You can doubt both faith and reason,
And that elements combine.
You can doubt the things I say
And the things you see me do.
But don’t you ever doubt…
Never doubt that I love you

No, do not ever doubt.
No, do not ever doubt.
No, do not ever doubt I love you.

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Triumphant Tears

_ __ ___ Mother earth pout your tears cry your song of authority for in your tyrant of rage and dismay I find a simple poem As rivers spill and oceans weigh and ruby flowers lose their story I hear your song upon the wind behold my soul lest dreary With streaming cords and crashing symbols a jasmine symphony plays true from my window through rain soaked eyes plays triumphant hymns of tomorrow.... ___ __ _

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The Song Of David

Enlighten days have past
He comes excel in all, so he thinks
"I am greater than man,
I know what ignorant man does not.
Come to me for knowledge unsurpassed!".
He points to the blue heaven,
"Where is thy wisdom? For I know all.
Where is thy command? That makes the ground shake
And brings forth water that lives?"

At the great gatherings,
He flocks the shepherds, blind, mute and deaf  
He answers to the multitude of questions
He asked the shepherds, "but what are thy questions?",
“I know not what do ask a man of your wisdom, but what  is a dream?
What is life?” asked the young herdsman.
"I know not what you speak of", said the Man.
"I only know what i can feel, touch and see"

"A dream is dream that passes us by, like gentle breeze of fresh spring.
Life holds all things mystery and doubts.
Shepherd knows to flock, not life or dreams".
"The shepherds are those who are humble, noble one", said the herdsman
"The blind cannot see, the mute cannot speak and the deaf cannot hear".
"Who are you preaching to? Silent and amaze, the man looks on.  

"If the blind could see you, 
They would say, 'look here is the man who tried to humble the blind
For they can see what others cannot,
If the mute could speak, they would humble you!
And if the deaf could hear they would shamed your wisdom".
"Was I a fool?" said the Man "or are you not that young herdsman?
Who knows nothing of life and passes his days tending the sheep's?
What could you learn from such simpleton life?"

"Life I live is simple indeed, 
No one knows that the shepherds are those who protects the weak"
"Nature is a friend of the shepherd; we sing the song of David
And rubs the olive oil to our young sheep, to keep away the flies".
Insulted, the man's fury turns over to the young herdsman
"Nature? Protect the weak? The song of David? Flies?
How can nature befriend a lonely shepherd? Protect who?
Song of David the Shepherd who became the king? 
What flies would harm the young flocks?"

The young herdsman smiled at the frown face of the man,
Left without a word
The blind, the mute and deaf ignored the man.
An unyielding shame kept the man humbled
He wonders why the young herdsman smiled about.
He came about a bridge and crossed the rocky roads
On the hill top he stood 
And saw the young herdsman singing the Song of David.

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Singing Cascade

The mountainous spring,
Flows its liquid lullabies:
As ancient banks sleep.

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Life's Complexity

Look deep within the light my love
My gentle caring sleep
the song of nature drifts along
at times the wind is steep and strong

The heart a hollow empty song
the drain on life complete
but then from out of emptyness 
the song of love grows strong

The energy returning
you dance upon your feet
the cuddles that you're yearning
returned you are complete 

my mind delves into darkness
it fights with dreams and scheemes
it struggles with the truth of life
I need to know whats real

I need to know the truth of life
to know whats really real
we study then the body 
the life of man complete

look to see the beauty 
complexity so sweet
interwoven nature 
our thoughts of glowing flame

We study terminology
we study anthropology
we study then biology
with thoughts that do compete

In truth this sweet compexity 
holds answers over time
who did design the human brain
who did design the mind

The arguments from science
I then do not believe
It simply was by accident
we came to be conceived

the body's so complex my friend
I think they self deceive
I do believe in science
the study of our life

I do believe the bible
that god created life
I do not see your problem
I do not see your strife

It say's that god created man
it does not tell you how
Could evolution be my friend
the tool that god made to make man

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Give them clear mountain lakes,   
And kid-friendly swimming holes,	
Rafts, rowboats, and canoes;        
Dads and sons with fishing poles.
Give them clear night skies,          
Filled with just enough moonlight	
To find shadowy paths--                 
Navigating by starlight.	

Give them old patch jackets          
To remind them of their tales:	
Camporees, jamborees,                 
And famous historic trails	
Give them some traditions            
From American folklore;	
Ashes saved from campfires,        
To teach them who went before.	

Give them Boy Scout handbooks,    
Lengths of rope with knots to tie,   
Multi-tool pocket knives,                
And young Scouts wanting to try.
Give them trails to follow,             
Maps and compasses to read.	
Stories around a fire, 	              
Patrols of Boy Scouts to lead.	

All Scouts want is just a chance        
To watch wildlife and touch native plants,
Go snipe hunting and backpacking,   
And earn merit badges for everything.
All Scouts want is just somewhere   
To swim and hike and breathe fresh air,
And to cook and laugh around a campfire.  
There’s just not much more for a Scout to desire.

Details | Free verse | |

On Open Field

               On Open Field

Giant oak consumes the landscape girth
Tears come down, gain momentum, form as rain
Sun beams and wind twist it into bands that land
Strike each leaf and branch with spring like action 
Between each drop of water and speck of light
There is a story to be told
Grass abounds out there about the tree
Expands for miles to horizons deep in green
Drinks in the sun beams, wind and rain
Nourished and serine
Sings underneath the giant tree
On open field

Details | Sonnet | |

Rhyming sonnet

Keeping—the Syllable Count
Knowing—How to Rhyme
This – is—What keeps is a—Sonnet
Annoying – Iambic—Line

Constantly – Chiming—and Gushing
Blowing—in Merciless – Gusts
And Yet—Still always reminding
Attend to it—While it lasts

Stemming from – Nature’s Rebellion
Or – Simply—Pressuring Air
Or If it’s Heaven—is Gentle
Just Quietly—Whispering There

Flying and Swimming—in Space
Gliding—with the – Utmost Grace

Details | Acrostic | |


Beautiful melody permeating the air
Instilling precious feelings of joy and
Rapturous bliss that fills me with
Delight and ecstasy as I listen to its
Sweet serenade filling the airwaves
Overwhelming my being with
Nature's soothing music of the 
Glorious splendour of birdsong


Details | Limerick | |

Sleepy Time Girl

Sleepy time girl.She never gets her rest.
Sleepy time girl.She never does her best.
At anything! 

Sleepy time girl.She's never on the ball.
Sleepy time girl.Her words! They're always
off the wall.

That little sleepy time girl.
Sleepy time girl.Sleepy time girl.
She's always late for school.
Sleepy time girl.
She never ever seems to care.

That little sleepy time girl..

Short-Song-Poem By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1986,2014..ALL rights reserved..

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Graceful Butterfly

When the sunlight breaks upon her face Ascending like a lover’s eyes It listens to a gentle song With notes that run, in whispered breath A fleeting mood, that twirls aloft And circles in a morning breeze A mantra of incantation Stirring thoughts to meditation And rising lightly, against the dawn The lilting voice, which calls her name Sun whispers like a whippoorwill Her wings are leaves, that dance and sway Each move exhales, so crystal clear A bubbling brook, sweet, crisp, and pure She stands alone, this flower child She flies with grace, without fanfare But petal by petal, to grace them all So softly there, in whispered breath A timid soul, a quivering chord A sonnet of love, with languid words Color sparks, that kindles bright Of meadow larks, in spiral flight Wings made of silver, she flutters along With trilling grace that wraps around A wreath of mist lifts off the ground A rainbow in a morning song

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Visions of the Night

Good dreams, sweet dreams
Visions filled with wonder—
Flowing gently,
While we deeply slumber;
They take us far away
While we take rest from the day,
So make sure you close your eyes
And close them tight;
So you can see the visions of the night.

Moonlight, soft light,
Glowing through the windows,
Shadows dancing 
Softly on their tiptoes—
They pass the night away
In a nocturnal ballet
While the stars shine in a blazing silver-white;
How beautiful, these visions of the night!

Should we long for the coming of the setting sun,
Simply because it heralds the day's end;
Is it wrong if we want the moon to rise—
Just so that, we can stop and close our eyes?

Owls hooting, counting off the minutes,
Crickets chirping, mini violinists;
They set music for the stage
As the world turns a new page
And the lonely moon observes from her great height;
She's watching all these visions of the night.

Details | Light Poetry | |

Feather Beauty Bright

I spy, a feather beauty bright
With speckled blush on breast
Basking within the thicket light
Dancing round about her tiny branch 
Your fluttering sight beholding
Within the snowy briar
Bathing among the warmth
Of the morning's golden glory

Its brilliance your own crown of halo
Like a sunburst that swallows
Up the end of February's sigh 
As other feathers flusters zoom right by

The ginger little fellows all dappled, scramble
A merry-go-round within a flight
Threading joyous song throughout your bramble
As further flocks of scurry, hurry fly

On parade teasing wings of faerie sprites
A musical path of crisscross kites
But, you little one are the daring, bursting forth
With higher operatic songs, to startle and scold those spry

Feather beauty bravely 
Upon your perch chest thrust out boldly
Nonsense rhymes and a new found might
Chase away the imps of finch and thrush
And keep yourself the sunbeams for its light

And bask yourself once more this time
Among the drops of melting dripping snow
And gather up all tis full
Feasting here, where the wild wild berries grow
But, in the end you are their kin 
And soon, my fairy feathered friend you too must go
Out, onto twittering leafy stemmy stem and off...
Into the yonder of the coming spring to rove

Details | Rhyme | |

The Call of the Swan

A night so cold
Though spring has sprung
Winter so bold
Refuse to run.

Deployed my wings
Wide, gleaming white
Destiny sings
My mate to find.

Flew through showers
Blown about, caught
By strong currents
Of wind so bold.

Rested at night
By ponds and creeks
To avoid plight
Of hungry beasts.

I remember
My parents' love
Their wise lectures
The song they sung.

Yet my heart weeps
For the one I see
In all my dreams
My song won't cease.

As my Father
Found its soul mate,
My sweet Mother
So will I, one day.

I'll fear no night
I'll fear no storm
With the sun I rise
Till light's no more.

Until the day
As I follow the sun 
Above clouds of gray
The same song is sung.

For only one
Can sing the same
And I will know
That I found my mate.
By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 04.24.11

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The Birdie

That birdie was singing a beautiful song
I pretended it was for me
The notes played like a musical flute
Its melody a symphony

I looked around that little bird
Sitting in an evergreen tree
What could make it sing like that?
Was it really singing for me?

Manna fell from heaven
As breadcrumbs found their way
And the birdie sang even louder
It had something it wanted to say

To live in the moment
And appreciate this gift
I look at the birdie
And my soul it does lift

For even heaven knows the birdie
Its every need and care
It worries not for tomorrow
It appreciates the breeze - the air

I want to be the birdie
Singing a beautiful song
Let me remember this moment
May it live ever long

Details | Ballad | |

Oh Sunrise

Sunrise..Sunrise...Rise up and shine your love on me.
Shine your love on me.
It's got to be the nicest thing.
You can do for me, in the morning..

Sunrise...Sunrise...Rise up and shine your love on me.
Your love it shines like a golden sphere, and it's always near.
And it shines on me, in the morning..

Sunrise...Sunrise...Rise up and shine your love on me.
It's got to be the nicest thing.
You can do for me.Oh! Sunrise..

Oh! Sunrise...Rise up and shine your love on me.
It's got to be the nicest thing.
You can do for me, in the morning..

Sunrise...Oh! Sunrise...

Oh! Sunrise Song Poem- By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1983,2014..ALL rights reserved..

Details | Pantoum | |


Lone, I sit at rivers edge complete
a song through the trees mingle love saturate
calm the flow content as I seek
a solitude of grandeur floats fulfilled inviting spring
a song through the trees mingle love saturate 
compassion abound my soul permeate   
a solitude of grandeur floats fulfilled inviting spring
I drift in completion of spirit loving way
compassion abound my soul permeate
calm the flow content as I seek
I drift in completion of spirit loving way
lone, I sit at rivers edge complete 


Details | I do not know? | |

Steal me away

		Steal me away

Wind beneath my feet, blowing though my hair, whispering a song in my ear. Smells of sweet nothing everywhere, fresh breath of clean air

As waters crash upon the rocks on the shore
The waves of this life takes us on a journey 
As the ripples make their indentation in the sand
each line another path we must face

Wind beneath my feet, blowing though my hair, whispering a song in my ear. Smells of sweet nothing everywhere, fresh breath of clean air

As the buds spring when the timing is right 
The clouds play a game of "What am I" 
As the moon sits still in it's place 
My imagination is going wild
with the freedom of this place

Wind beneath my feet, blowing though my hair, whispering a song in my ear. Smells of sweet nothing everywhere, fresh breath of clean air

The last time I sat here with a friend we gazed at the water as though 
that moment in time would never end 
As we listen to the sound of the crickets scratching
and fish jumping, a boat skims across the sea
I could hear the wind yet talking to me 
I can't see you but I know your here 
stealing free touches with nothing to keep you clear

Wind beneath my feet, blowing though my hair, whispering a song in my ear. Smells of sweet nothing everywhere, fresh breath of clean air

Details | I do not know? | |

Natures Dream

        I walk through the field of green 
  	My feet are bare and the grass squishes underneath me 
	The rain is falling like little pebbles soaking me in beauty 
 	I breathe in deep letting its sweet scent fill my nose 
	Suddenly my feet are moving in a circle 
	I am dancing, dancing with love and hope 
	Love for the rain and its beauty 
	Hoping this moment will last a lifetime 

	 My summer dress flowing in the wind 
	Until it’s sprinkled with tears from heaven 
	I can’t imagine anything greater than this
	I have fallen in love with this day 
	This moment means only the world to me
	The burning yellow sun peaks out of the clouds
	Shinning down on me with its warmth  
	The drops ping against my face leaving a stream 
	I am still dancing in a circle now waving my arms in the air
	The song of nature sings to me in the wind 
	It sounds like a dozen wooden flutes  
	The tune is sweet so sweet I get swept away in it
	The grass is so green like emeralds from God 
	I fall from dancing and roll down the grass 
	The whole time I am laughing and it sounds as if the butterflies are too 
	My pretty white dress is now green 
	Butterflies dozens of them are flying around me 
	They surround me in their array of magical colors 
	They start to hum to the song of nature sung by the wind 
	It seems as if this tune is from heaven 
	I start to hum along to this wonderful tune it seems so familiar 
	I close my eyes and start to dance all over 
	Letting nature take me away 
	Birds come and tweet along to the song 
	I don’t think I just do, I go along with the song

	Finally the sun peaks all the way out 
	I can see it warming up the earth with its warm rays 
	The rain is still coming down just sprinkling over 
	I can see ahead a field of daises beautiful white daises 
	I run as fast as I can to the daises the butterflies and birds follow 
	They are soft like silk, their smell fills my nose 
	I close my eyes and run through the endless field of daises 
	I lay down and watch the fluffy white clouds pass overhead 
	The sun shinning as bright as ever over the clouds and sky

         The sky is baby blue with a little purple 
         I have never seen a sky so wondrous 
         It looks so full of possibilities and magic
         As I lay there I hear the daises moving in the wind 
         To the song of nature once again 
         This I know is beauty at its best 
         I fall asleep to the tune and awake in clouds 
         I am home


Details | Quintain (English) | |

Our Song Unsung

"There is something coming over me"
Love in everything_its amazing
Must be spring has pronounced decree
Great romance aflame blazing 
All the birds, crickets in song praising
Memories surfing corners of my mind
The spring of my life when we were young
The young love that we have left behind
Young love amazing, all reason to wind flung
Oh! For that spring again, our song unsung

Contest: English Quintain A Spring Day
Sponsor: Francine Roberts
February 02, 2012

Details | Free verse | |

O Earth, Sweet Earth , Forgive My Follies

O Earth, Sweet Earth, Forgive My Follies

O' earth , earth , sweet earth forgive my follies, 
 ten thousand days of roaming upon thy bosom
 slashing and bruising in wicked deeds;
no foresight in my multitude of transgressions,
 so guilty of grief and pain inflicted
 in ignorance of thy many desperate needs!

Perhaps a vain wish! Yet my spirit still prays
 for a gift, a chance at dearest redemption
 granted , sweet solace merciful in the giving;
soft tunes, singing such kindness in song,
 Nature's elements dancing with tenderness and
 beautiful clouds celebrating all that is living!

Robert Lindley , April 1991

Rewritten from memory. I think fairly close but do know 
it is not 100 percent as originally written 23 years ago.
 I find it hard to do such rewrites because I always seem
 to remember the original version to be much better! 
Perhaps just my engaging in wishful

Details | Haiku | |

Bird Call

       Bird Call

Changed sun, day song flies

Nightingale, leaf, storm forward 

Fall silent to noise

Details | Rhyme | |

What Whispers The Wind.

The winds is too haunting
its dour, dreary and daunting
its voiceless song is wanting
for souls to listen it flaunting

Its whistling tunes that play
eerie melodies of dismay
oft sweet, oft an angered fray
they beckon me to come away

From my souls lone sojourn
where the ashes never burn
to reach out for what I yearn
learning to forget, to unlearn

The winds are too disturbing
and the chills are unnerving
so guilty and undeserving
of memories they're reserving

They are calm as moonlight
and a lonely souls delight
whispering sharp yet slight
with many a secret to confide

And I listen with attention rapt
at the words so true and apt
to souls that the winds trapped
that apprehensively adapt

The winds are so tantalizing
mystic, musical and surprising
tapering and quickly rising
hypnotic and channelizing

They bring what we forget
all our pain and our regret
words meant to remain unsaid
truths and the lies we dread

They are calling me desperately
the song turns a woeful plea
and I wish it would swallow me
with the whispers I long to flee

And be a secret of the breeze
the incessant mourns that freeze
the souls passing by the trees
the singer that no one sees

Setting my shivering soul aflame
my minds peace it can't reclaim
at times it whispers Your name
subtly, I whisper back the same.

Details | Free verse | |

Somewhere in Africa

(Tribute to the movie “Out of Africa”)

I gave my heart to Africa…
There, on a farm,
In those vast green plains,
With coffee perfume in 
The crispy air…
I had a farm in Africa…
Where the gazelle dance
In the sweaty breeze,
Grazing and jumping and kicking
Right into the lions’ claws…
I lived in the very soul of Africa…
Where the giraffes reach 
High above the stars
And the moon lay
Carelessly on her back,
Watching over the savannah. 
I had a farm in Africa…
Where the jungle would
Sing its song for the 
Prudent bush-hunters.
Where buffalo and wildebeests
 Cross the blue
Into the waters, giving themselves
To the ancient crocks…
I left my heart in Africa…
And now she sings a song of me,
The air shivers with the colors 
That I had on,
And children play in the fields,
Looked over by the eagles
That once soared for me…

© 2009 Stefania Carmen Misaila

Details | Rhyme royal | |

Hearts and Flowers - Romanticism In Rime Royal

If roses alabaster white e'er deign
To cast in crystal eyes one purposed song,
Dare tenderly to grasp the bluest vein
O, golden tears, a reddened heart ere long.
For blown, a wind of breath, whisked far along
Does shimmer in all time stood silent--still,
And by the lunar light, a broken will.

Come morning, to the rose in bed, love spoke
A cantillation voiced in bluebird tongue
How doth thy petals rise with blood of oak?
How dost thy stem ascend the fairest rung?
On heights o' heaven hast the soul been hung
For all, for all, to bare no droplet spared
O Life, in alabaster love repaired.

- Aron Jacob

Details | Quatrain | |

The Music of Water

Water makes its own music
Notes that often go unheard
Listen and you can here them
As lovely as the spoken word

Whispering a song of life
It flows in quiet streams
Bathing the earth with joy
The sounds you hear in dreams

Light as a new lover's voice
Or with  fevered  pitch it pounds
Rain falls with a varied score
Against the window pane it sounds

The ocean plays it own symphony
Movements boisterous and loud
With smooth and haunting moments
But always beautiful and proud

When you hear the sound of water
Makes no difference when or where
Open your heart to the music
It always has its song to share
9/27/11   Barbara Gorelick

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Soul of an Eagle, Life of a Dancer

The way he moves, like he’s floating on wings,
Dancing in beat to the song that he sings;

Dipping down, then up again fast,
A dance like his goes on, unsurpassed;

He spins to the left and then to the right,
Listen closely to the beautiful song he recites;

“Ya hey-ya hey-ya”  he chants to the beat of the drums,
One by one the crowd is awed and one by one succumbs;

To the spell that his slow movements have cast,
Till they have no perception of time that has passed;

His deliberate actions tell of his tale,
Of how one day he will prevail;

And soar with the beings up in the sky,
And then to the heavens he will fly!

~Honorable Mention in the "Fill in the Blanks" Contest by Paula Swanson~

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The rain marched uniformly as an army in its prime
But this was no ordinary army along too came their band
They marched with a song so calming to hear
It changed in slopes and meanders as it made its way down
They were the ones who woke you and they soon removed your frown
You sat and listened as their song changed soothing you out of sleep
One by one they marched on with their tune down the slope
They were an army never to march again but soldiered on
An army of many and army of one… purpose
It's the army that resurrects the thoughts of wartime
It's the song that tickles your mind and helps you back… to it
Hoping you will err not twice as every army on the slope has
Take a different journey hidden in the clouds of your sky
But like every soldier before down the slopes it pours
Raindrops in the night

Copyright  (c) July 2006 J.R. Thomas

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Oh! pretty nature
This is eye-catcher
On the wet, wet grass
There were few dew drops
Shelly and I
Reeling, in pleasure
Selling, our leisure
Rolling, in great measure
This is big pleasure
O, I love this season
It's spring,
This is the reason...

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In the silence

I will lie back in the coolness of the grass.
Different colors of green will appear in shadows. 
The smell will be that of a gentle rain storm, with the hint of the redness of a flower. Different shades of lovely with make their way down the small hill, they will spray colors over the entire earth.
The sky will show the glorious color of white, dazzling the eye.
The sun will show the color yellow, as the rays cast orange streams of light.
The gentle breeze will cradle the Earth, and bring the feeling of life. The sweetness of life and love.
The mellow Earth calm and cool. I will lie deep in the Grass, and be still, and listen to the song of earth. The call of a new beginning. 
The sweet song of life. 
It will whisper its melody in my ear, and breath its calmness. Time is safe here, It stands still. 
The earth is at peace here. The quietness, offers, healing somehow
 The lord speaks here, His voice quiet and still.

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Ode to a Canary

His name was Mr Cinnamon
and he loved to sing.

Lost among the masses yet within the throng
he lifted his head and began a song.
Without thought the mass would open and part
the burdened would feel an uplifted heart.
The songs, each one, were simple and pure
and none could escape the magical allure
of the one who sang
the one who went
by such a simple name
He never fought
Girls flocked around him
He was humble
He only wanted one thing

His name was Mr Cinnamon
and he loved to sing

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Sudden Change

Suddenly the lily opened
Its chalice like petals
Amazed by such delight
Her beauty lightened
My heart to enchantment 
Her perfume lifts my spirit
And I'm in spring.

Suddenly a song rises
From the depth of my soul
My fingers touch the keys
Upon the piano
And begin to translate
The sudden joy it berates.
And I'm in spring.

Suddenly my sadness melts
Away with the lily
Away with the song that dwells
Now in the heart
Touched by sudden beauty
And I'm in spring.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 04.20.10 

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Summer Therapy - The Skylark

Song soars, dawn of day,
O’er fields gold with hay,
Sudden rising melody.
Stirring balmy air,
Heavenly fanfare,
Giving summer therapy.

Lyrical bouquet,
Birdsong ricochets,
A soulful “blues” remedy.
Skylark, debonair,
Above our earth, fair,
Create joyful fantasy.

July 15, 2014

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Tae a Cherry

Wee, wee rid rid coated thing tae ma hert sic joy yea bring. Wae elegance an' tender charm, ma racin' hert yea sae disarm. Yea hang there among yer kind, Bright an' braw but sae refined. Ma wee rid rid coated friend, sae Bonny, I'll nae pretend. Each year fur us yea come along, espousing nature's sweetest song. A song not o' sound but o' exotic taste. a taste fur oor lucky paletes tae be graced. Here fur oanly a wee wee time, yea mak ma taste buds gently chime. Tastin' like nuthin' else oan this earthy place. wae yer wee rid rid bonny smilin' face. Frae yer parent tree yea duly burst , as a wee fluer yer gently nursed. Caressed by bees yer scent doth bring, eventually tae be a wee green pimply thing, Bathed wae the Sun's life giving rays, growing, maturing in such a wondrous way. Changin', yellow, pink, noo tae yer rid rid style, tae a Bonny Cherry tae please us fur a wee wee while. Av jist picked yea up frae among yer like, frae the box foo o' Cherries whay are jist alike. But you ma wee wan are jist fur me, hope yer taste is in the proper key. Oh my, sic a burst o' pleasure, ma wee wee rid rid bloomin' treasure. Say juicy say sparklin' ma mooth foo o' joy, wunnerful, exotic, aw ma senses yea do employ. hank yea, thank yea ma wee rid rid friend, yer the greatest, aye I'll nae pretend. Tull next year, tull wee meet again, whin I'll listen tae yer song o' sweet refrain. A song o' taste an' no o' sound, o' tasting magic from aw Cherries abound. Rest now yer gentle parent tree, an' please bloom anither day fur me tae see. The Auld Yin.

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Natures call in all it's wonders,_Flash of lighting roll of thunder.__O hear the sound of a distant Loon,_See the reflection on the lake of the moon.__Feel the wind blowing through the trees,_Smell the rain on the Breeze.__Lonesome sound of a Timber wolf's call,_Mating challenges of a Bull Moose in the Fall.__Hear the song of Frogs as they sing,_See the flash of a Duck as it takes wing.__O Mother Nature you can see is at her best,_See the beauty of a bedded Deer as it takes rest.__O thundering Creek Flooded high,_From the poring rain from the sky.__Watch the Rabbit dash through the brush,_For the Fox to catch him he must rush.__O Cougars snarl and Coyotes bark,_Whippoorwill's song and Bears in the dark.__Look at the Eagle up in the sky,_Searching on the ground for pray with a hunters eye.__Wiled flowers growing in the sun,_Bears fishing in a Creek when the Salmon run.__Up in the trees Squirrels play and have a ball,_O so please listen and see it all for there is so much  beauty in Nature's Call.

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Alabama Snow

The long never ending landscape of southern Alabama never runs cold. Today it decided to. The wind was at 
ease and all the snow flakes were about. The cold ground shuddered beneath me but I could tell it was a good 
kind of shiver. The snow fell down in a hurry yet it still took it's time swaying in the wind. All the snowflakes 
danceing around soon started a low tune far off on the wind. The band played a song that the world has been 
playing for centerys. One of love and peace. One that has no bounds or experation date. The song was cold 
enough to freeze the earth but here I stood warm as I basked in my happieness. The world seemed still as the 
orchestra played it's beautiful tune. The wind swirling and twirling as if it were a finely tuned violin. I couldn't 
bare to close my eyes for it was just to beautiful to look away from. As the wind picked up in it's gusts the 
snow felt ever so heavier and the skys begain to melt the love within the snow as all the snowflakes fell down 
as rain. "What a beautiful conversion" crossed my thaughts. The snowed over feild grew dreadfully quiet as the 
beautiful tune escaped into the wind. This was when I sudenly realized I was soaked and freezing. Almost killed 
me but I steped inside away from the Alabama snow. But I knew she'd come back for me.

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Unlikely the explorers of the Wild West,
I'm bound for sheer adventure, not amazing discovery;
finding gold is far from any quest 
while this clanking, slow-moving stream locomotive
will take me to places so primitive... 
even a small ghost town has tales that conjure mystery!  

Whistle along train as your steam puffs...
reaching clouds and turning them into raindrops,
California is still a seeker's dream for the unhappy folks living 
in bustling cities enduring noise and pollution;
soundless are the canyons drifting
by without any fearless cowboy riding,
but the watchful coyotes will resent this intrusion...
whenever your whistle startles them when they are napping!

Whistle along train as your steam puffs,
I didn't bring along a single book to read not to be distracted by reality,   
only a huge map showing me historic towns...
where daily shootings were as common as drinking whiskey!
Imagine seeing the ghosts of Billy the Kid and Jesse James 
roam the dusty streets ready to start a gunfight;
see crowds gather and wait for the winner to shout...
it's like watching a Clint Eastwood's western movie drawing his guns!

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The Third Fall of Lorelei

Perched on a stony gray shore I await
The next wayward sailors; I decree their fate
From the lofty Rhine cliffs did I long ago fall
Now passersby answer my beckoning call

Though hardy they be, my song is yet stronger
My melodies sweet, my endurance longer
Through deepest of waters they rarely shall pass
Once caught in my spell their soul is held fast
For, betrayed by my only true love, I avenge
By stealing dear lads from their lovers and friends

The vessel I see on high wind does approach
Threatening the reef 'neath my feet to encroach
The better for me to draw near weary men
Who once resting their heads will not venture again

But, lo, what is this that I see at the helm? 
A man whose possession would rule any realm
The fire that alights me has so permeated
The fury is gone that I once would have meted
Instead, I desire the strength of his arms
The taste of his lips and the wealth of his charms

It is puzzling, 'tis true, my unlikely behavior
Still, somehow I know that this man is my savior
As I depart from the shoreline and swim for the bow
I am drawn by the call of his siren song now

Copyright, Donna Golden, 1999. Revised, January, 2009.
This poem was inspired by "Die Lorelei", by Heinrich Heine, which was, itself, based on the 
German legend of a siren that lured sailors to their doom on the banks of the Rhine river.

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Large porcelain clouds drift lazily across the endless and unbroken cerulean sky 
The wind softly blows through the many trees, filling the air with their whispering voices
A meadow, filled with vibrantly colored flowers and knee high grasses sits peacefully
Undisturbed, untouched by human hands
Bees hum as they hop from flower to flower 
Birds chirp and squirrels chase one another playfully 
The sun sleeps, the stars awaken giving birth to an entirely new world
Celestial beings silently step down from the heavens filling the night air with their sing song voices
Granting life to the unborn creatures of the meadow and forest
A twig snaps, the song ends…
Car horns, people cursing profusely at one another, cell phones glued to their ears
The serene dream lost in oblivion.


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The Final Calling

*** ** * in that final hour ye calleth homeward of wispy light daybreak upon feathered love my o my a song everlasting play of valley's soft beauty infinite in one love o how the final trumpet I await...... splendid in cashmere a lit fortress of diamond white love so tantalizing love so complete a song immortal in justice my last hour...divine... * ** ***
Contest~ "My Last Hour"

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Song Of Passion

Folk songs played through nature's light two souls intimately bound on the windswept egde of dreams only love was found Each sulty cloud spilling mist where emerald boughs invite a spark of love just for two endless through the night

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My Heart Sees Not Or Hears

I hear the song of the ocean,
It wafts beyond the dune;

It floats along across the sands
And ebbs and flows in tune.

I feel its rhythm of motion
In the breeze blowing in;

And the dancing seagrass floweth
To its gay lyric spin.

I hear the song of the ocean,
Sweet notes upon these ears;

It beckons with soft white hands,
But my heart sees not or hears.

It is lost unto the notion
of love that might have been;

It beats its rhythm and knoweth
No greater song hath men.

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The Bird Song

   The Bird Song   

Icy fingers from the lake
tenderly caress the dew.
Foggy digits turn to vapor 
when the sun comes into view.

Sunlight bursts into the meadow.
Birds sing the song of a new day.
A family of deer finishing up breakfast.
I watch as the fawn begin to play.

Staring at the splendor of nature I'm humbled
by the magnificent day the Lord has made.
I'm reminded of a game of hide n seek as I watch
the sun playfully find the hiding shade.

The trees changing colors tell the season.
As the warmth of summer gives in to the fall.
Time rolling on in sweet harmony.
The bird song a testimony to it all.

As a visitor to this glorious moment 
I must give the Lord praise,glory,and fame.
After a fleeting look back at the meadow
I shall go back from whence I came.

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Keep on singing, bird
I cannot see you
as I sit enclosed 
by the four walls of my room
But I do not need to see you 
with my eyes
Your song goes to the centre
of my being
making me ever aware of 
the kinship of my spirit
with yours
I do not hear you anymore
Perhaps you have flown away
but the vibrations 
that your song has set up
within my soul
will go on 
like the never-ending waves
of the ocean
Thank you, bird

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Set aside on a whimsical ride,
to drift the day away ,
pole in the water;  
but it doesn't matter, 
if a fish catches my hook along the way.
I'll just enjoy the travel, 
that will make me unravel,
months of cooped up dismay.
To recapture me,
to punctuate my being,
in a world that keeps me at bay.
I escape into the scenery,
of the foliage and greenery,
cottonwoods, yucca and sage.
Drifting along, 
to a whispering song,
of a youth;  all but,  passed away.
Glistening leaves, 
above on the trees,
as my squinty eyes capture the way.
I dream of when,
I'll be here again,
and this time maybe I'll stay.

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Tribute to John Denver

“I am a song that needs to be sung.”
Words by John Denver inscribed in Aspen.
While walking the path alongside the Rio Grande
A circle of stones in memory of John Denver does stand.

Inscribed on the rocks are the words of his songs.
They moved me deeply as I strolled along.
Realizing that I was in Aspen because I did spy
A tribute to John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High.

It sparked a desire to experience Aspen for myself.
Now here I am encircled with John Denver’s wealth.
I wasn’t a huge fan, but I did enjoy his songs.
His words stand tall beyond being written in stone.

I moved along the trail into an evergreen forest
Dwarfed by the pines as the river flows toward us.
Emotional connectivity with Aspen’s sheer mountain beauty.
Sitting on a rock in the river my only duty.

Feeling inspired to move again on the trail
An energy spoke to me; no words were entailed.
You are a song that needs to be sung
You are a bell that needs to be rung.

You are the newness of fresh mountain air
You are the energy of spring’s budding stare.
You are the eagle resting in its high nest
Ready to soar through the sky when the time is best.

You are the Rocky Mountain High
Colorado is the place for you to sigh.
Heave out the energy that is stored within
Sing your own song with a loving spin.

In gratitude I salute John Denver’s soul.
In the beauty of the Rockies, he continues his role.
Inspiring people to greater heights through his words.
Thank you, John Denver, for my heartfire heard.

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Nature's Chant

Oh song of life,
Hears animals croon their mating chant.  
Oh song of life,
Resonates precisely, no strife.
Passions of love never recant. 
Sounds vocalized bound to enchant.
Oh song of life,

Nature’s mantra,  
Flora and fauna greet life's fate.
Nature’s mantra,
Guiding all living by karma.
Sweet chants that through the woods vibrate.
As per Mother Nature’s dictate.
Nature’s mantra!

© February 10, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: ALPHABETS OF RONDELET 
Sponsored by: Nette Onclaud

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Throne Room

The voice of Love is gentle seeks your heart to mend
screaming and abusive speech to shield from defend
kindness you have robed in the heart of your Son
whose disciples are collecting all loved old and young

Grant he will the prayers of those seeking peace
those pursuing righteousness and from tyranny release
freedom from what causes harm to walk in Liberty
to find your joy and happiness to vision given see

God has made the promise in which he cannot lie
the hope of everlasting Life in Jesus never die
Love is as strong as Death a seal set on your heart
when you truly know his Love never from it depart

How pleasant it receives you with joy and delight
like the most beloved when standing in his sight
made like the savour so like honey sweet
a song with it's enchantment no other voice can meet

It cannot be compared to anything but God
for he is its source its living waters laud
the fairest of the fair where desire is complete
this is the throne of God on heart it must take seat

The elixir in the goblet intoxication of sweet wine
how the taste and smell and touch majesty divine
unspoiled and unpolluted its embrace is clean
never will mistreat you be violent or mean

To dare to look upon it and in its depths be found
water it does all life and gives fertile ground
without it there's no Light to life where in darkness set
those who follow hatred live in Death forget

Awake awake oh sleeper lift your eyes on High
Love is the only thing we're assured can never die
It holds the universe together exists for all Time
like God we hold its passing memory deeply in our mind

Fall I do in worship beneath its gaze I bow
that into his presence by Son he does allow
to let us stand before him and take us in embrace
when we become like him we will know his face

sources Song of Solomon 8:6-7 Galatians 5:14-25
1Cor 13:12 1John 3:1-6 Titus 1:2

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Mountain Birds

Atop the mountain
The small gurgling brook begins 
A song of Nature
A song of Nature 
Whispering down the mountain
It’s sweet melody

It’s sweet melody
Babbling through the forest floor
Rushing to the sea
Rushing to the sea
Streams and brooks burble over
Roaring waterfalls

Roaring waterfalls
Splashing into the ocean
Far from the mountain

Inspired by Raul Moreno's The Sounds of Nature Contest

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The Personal Muse

an allouette

Bless you, my Kralyks,
you have found your niche
going to school far away.
She texts from Beijing -
“I’m learning to sing,”
Skylarks inspire her to stay.

Early sights and sounds,
heard during her rounds
of delivering the news,
energize her soul 
with style and control. 
Skylarks - Kralyk's private muse.  

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Song of Songs

Oh to sing the Song of Songs
and within his arms belong
there to look upon his face
is the dwelling of heavens place
with ones tears to wash his feet
and know his favor is complete
to share his table and his wine
and be bathed in Love divine
Perfect Love does cast out fear
when you walk with God so near
and when I become his lover
proceed he will my sins to cover
When born from God your free from sin
because the seed of loves from him
but the planted seeds must grow
spirit will teach what you must know
Not every spirit is from God
but only those who Jesus laud
that Jesus has come in the flesh
was propitiation with his death
That no lier works the truth
the serpents tongue a sayers sooth
practice of transgression commit
doing what love does not permit
If you walk in love you will not sin
or practice harm to other men
if for Love one becomes hated
from the world such is fated
That whosoever hears his voice
knowing loves the only choice
will be the one to overcome
walking as if already done
He who does not love knows naught God
nor in his path will he trod
but he that gave his life for us
and in him we will put our trust
Love is always perfect but I am not
covering for sin has Jesus bought
to purchase my life did he pay
the possession of Love forever stay
know little children love is from God
and he who walks with God walks in Love
source 1st John
Apocalypse 5:9-10 14:3 15:1-4
and Song of Solomon

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Night Song

The night whistles as it has in these hills for ages.
It whistles and echoes the endless sound
Of tree frogs and crickets in the thicket,
Of the distant police sirens' call
Intruding upon an under-aged drinking party
Far off into the magical woodlands.
The tone scatters out into the moonlit night,
Hiding behind mossy logs or large wet rocks,
Or running of into the forest until morning.
It swirls in the breeze and off between the branches
Of blossoming trees, still scarce enough
That the sound of their rattling appendages rolls on un-muffled.
It has a rhythm to it, if you think it does.
The whistle skips along the forest floor
Like the many footsteps of a deer herd in migration.
It lacks a rhythm, where ever that rhythm is not heard.
It is the song of the here and now, eternal and ageless.
It's a song that will be heard for as many generations
As this forest manages to survive,
The echoing yelp of a hundred coyotes
Howling in harmony at the silvery full moon.

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As one waits for the morning and looks for the first flush in the east,
February strains its eyes and ears for the earliest signs of spring,
The signs could be a slight increase of some birds in their passing,
From mere call-notes to twittering and an occasional song and a flower.

February comes in as a month of thaw from a cold winter to wet and dreary,
It is a month of anticipation, and the birds from the continent regard it so,
Expressing their feeling as a carnival by all sorts of merriment's and gaiety's,
It is also the month of the snowdrop, and sap stirring in trees, buds swelling.

Snow birds begin to sing and dance and a song sparrow joins in from a high branch,
As it sings, a beautiful bird, its bright ruddy breast appears, the first robin,
February, just now and again, delivers a faint undercurrent of bubbling life,
Like a mountainous country, before the sunrise, peak after peak, a rosy light.

Delusive days, a whiff of spring today gets buried under a foot of snow tomorrow,
Magical sounds of the early song sparrow, strikes the first blow, of winter fetters,
Flocks of ceder-birds, called cherry birds, and wax wings dressed in their Sunday best,
Wax wing, is named, because on its feathers and tail bits resembling red sealing wax.

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The Waterfall Delights

In a highland glen through a forest of green
For years untouched it has to be seen
Giant ferns from the prehistoric age
In this place where i walk is natures stage

Clearings so lush, breath taking sights
A break of a twig as pheasants take flight
Up ahead i hear the most delightful of roars
Like a magnet so strong, draws me to explore

A spray mist, drifts through the air
As enchanted singing, lures me to there
A rocky outcrop i reach, beside waters of blue
The song being sung, notes so true

In the crisp clear waterfall, bathes a maiden so blond
I watch the waters caress her, in delightful fond
Curvaceous and slim as the cold affects
Her body ripples to the cascading effect

Through the clear her hands glide in motion
Like the gracing waves on a tranquil ocean
A symphony, of mother natures sounds
Accompany her song in this wonderful surround

Who is this maiden that i view here
In this wonderful glen, on this amazing sphere
Bathing in water that gives so much to my lands
As i wish the fluid of clear, were my hands

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A Melodic Spring

Whistling breeze, a pleasing song so dear to me
The sunlit drops dancing upon warm cobble streets
Dancing sakura so pink and pure of a snow below
Small creatures gliding across the pastures beside me
A perfect day to begin a song filled melodic spring

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Dance of the Wood Sprites

Dance of the Wood Sprites
One late night I was staying in the forest 
when i heard what sounded like singing 
fire crackling and bells ringing 

I decided to see what it was 
so I quietly climbed the hill 
What I saw next gave me a chill 

Wood sprites dancing merrily 
in the full moonlight were they 
about a knee high I would say 

Curious I crawled to take a closer look 
They were dressed all in leaves and fur 
Must be dreaming i thought my head in a blur 

Round and round the fire they went 
carrying spears bows and such 
others in trees numbering much 

War dance ,celebration ,I could not say 
noticing one that seemed to lead 
from a tiny book he began to read 

Chanting over and over again 
Was it a song or was it a spell 
words spoken over again I couldn't tell 

Up from my belly I sprang 
to turn and run away 
The tree before me started to sway 

The creature leaped and landed 
right before my feet 
another and another the song changed beats 

Bows were drawn spears pointed too 
Angry looks on their faces 
up around me fire in blazes 

Taken to the leader forced to my knees 
he then spoke in some unknown tongue 
I noticed a rope from a tree it hung 

Slipped around my neck oh so tight 
Hands bound and tightly tied 
Free myself I couldn't over and again i tried 

As the moon slipped slowly over the hill 
the night darkened faded to black 
I awoke at my site I was back 

The sun now shown 
what a beautiful day 
All a dream I'd have to say 

Packing my gear ready to leave 
when i felt a tiny cut on my ear 
Was it from a tiny wood sprite spear? 

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Why song birds sing

I sit and wonder why the song birds sing?
Do they even know of the joy they bring?
Are they calling out to join with everyone?
Come fly with me and with the sky be one.

Still they sing, at the beginning of the night.
Take these broken wings join with me in flight.
Open these sunken eyes and learn to see.
Fly into the night and set your spirit free.

They continue to sing, although the light is gone.
Searching for another to send an answer to their song.
The song carries through the darkness of the night.
The moon rises up, the stars are shining bright.

They fly into the tree top where there is a nest.
It seems the perfect spot for a bird to rest.
Deep within the branches I still hear the song.
Soon they will be sleeping, the singing will be gone.

It’s amazing such a sound comes from a tiny bird.
The song rings through the valley, everywhere it’s heard.
I listen to the song then wonder what it meant?
Then I view another to which the song was sent.

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It's so mild in the quite suburbs
with rain falling in October,
and unable to sleep, I face 
insomnia for certain;
rain, keep on falling and let me hear
that steady, pelting sound on
the closed windows....a melody for
the saddest song should be written.

I must choose the right mood,
a minor scale to match this melancholy,
and a slow tempo growing into a crescendo,
and I could even throw in a scherzo;
and transport it with a C Major to smooth
some sadness out of the melody,
which tomorrow somebody
will hum, or whistle by learning the easy tune.

Hoping this song will be a hit,
thanks to the falling rain 
in October for the sudden inspiration...
when I couldn't think of anything else!
Wishing the rain would stop at six,
so I could see the rising sun across
the eastern sky and listen to the lark
that built his nest under my windowsill.

It's past sunrise, and the shimmering clouds hesitate to leave,
and with nothing to look forward to... I must believe
that the rain falling in October, 
can teach me the game of solitaire;
and pinned against my warm pillow,
I don't have anything to share but sorrow!
Flap your wide wings, friendly lark and repeat my song,
note by note; and without a lead sheet, I can't play it for very long...

Copyright by Andrew Crisci

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A place to be; a home to live,
Full of cultures and traditions,
rivers of live.
In crossing the Mediterranean,
‘criss-crossing’ the continent, you see…

A mountain of rivers,
running the Niles to desert,
crossing the Niger to the ocean,
a Congo in the Basin, an orange of waters,
the Silver of  Gold Coast.
Africa! A Limpopo in Zambezi.

Wild wild cat mewing on jaro mountains,
climbing the Zuma face,
 and ascending from the Jos-Plateau.

Africa! A sight and sound,
a sound of Saka Zulu,
and a sight of Mandela.
A sound of Mau Mau  song,
and a sight of Jomo Kenyatta.
The voice of Nkrumah,
prompting tying broom sticks together. 
The zikist Movement, 
and the freedom of the child.

Africa! A child once weeping, 
but Ngugi says, ‘Weep Not Child’.  
Once tried,
in ‘the trial of Brother Jero’. 
Once chained,
Kaunda assured, ‘Zambia shall be free’.

Achebe saw ‘Things fall apart’,
observed, ‘The center cannot hold’, 
but, Addis Ababa held the center.

Africa! Chanting a new song,
the song that unchained the chains of Mandela,
replacing the guns with tables and chairs.
A song written in ‘So Long a Letter’,
making brothers sit with brothers,
a song recited while sitting around a table.

A song of reasoning; a song of understanding;
but the last stanza of the song says; 
Not yet Uhuru 

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A song from above

                       There is a song from above 
                       That takes away our tears
                       Flowing freely from above
                       Like a stream of flowing river.
                       It’s God’s melody of love
                       That quiets all our fears

                       A song the God composed
                       Like an orchestra, it flows.
                       By his angels, it descends.
                       To the saints and the faithful below
                       Abundant life, it gives to behold.
                       A heavenly symphony at glow.
                       Too fine for mortal heart to withhold.

                       The song softly goes forth 
                       Every moment, every hour
                       But when the human soul, encompassed
                       With earthly decayed showers
                       Like the garment of filthy robe descend.
                       And the song is no more ours.

                       Oh heavenly father
                       By thy own Holy Spirit
                       Send down the heavenly music
                       So true, so beautiful
                       And so soul refreshing 
                       That those who hear it
                       May long to hear it more.

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March Song

The March song kisses mountain walls,
Canyons of breathing echoes,
Recording in their resumes
My whispered dialogue of farewells.

Farewells embodying reluctance,
The reluctance of renewed warfare,
Of the losing and fighting and winning,
But mostly of the losing, the dour forsaking.

A song of an ancient bronze god,
Cracked and coloured earthen ochre,
Sinewy legs planting shadows in the spring fields,
Muscled chest scarred with bloodied iron ribs.

A song of a virgin’s ambivalent regret,
Regret of surrender, of haemorrhaging sex into soil,
First love freely given, like the vestal Rhea Silvia,
To some sporadic god of death.

And a song that so clearly defines
My prayers for a future life,
Of love and peace avenged of neglect,
So reborn, reclaiming a better world.

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Fallen Snow

A snow flake drops on an empty forest floor
For a moment the small *thud* echoes
Suddenly two more fall 
And that small *thud* 
The *thud* that started in echoes ended
And started in a beautiful winter song
And that song echoed through the trees and the forest
Then moments later ending its song in small repeating flurries
Singing, “Fallen snow, fallen snow, fallen snow shall come once more!”
Then finally one snow flake ends that song with a *thud*
A *thud* on an empty forest floor…

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Spring Grace

A delightful description of spring spilling forth it's grace upon the earth, singing a colorful 
song of peace.

An open window of spring grace,
a beam of sunlight touches my face.
The morning dew evaporates in the wind,
spilling forth the scent of jasmine.

Sing with me a song of spring grace,
a spider's web woven like lace.
A sparrow perched upon my swing,
sing with me a song of spring.

A red fern growing wild in a meadow,
goldenrods beam a golden glow.
Crickets chirping at my feet,
Sing with me a song of spring.

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My Lord and My Love

Take me , my love to the waters source
souls naked to each other and our course
my praise lifted the apple of  mine eye
art thou glorious , tis mine song to cry
You must lead my way in a walk thats True
for all the fine things I have found in you
gentle call so beckons you are my delight
your visions fill all mine day and night
You are too precious to leave my mind
for you I shall leave all others behind
gypsy soul has wandered the world lost
her dances with others behind her are tossed
You are jade like the sprouts are green
the life you've breathed into my being
like the spray of waterfalls tumbling down
I bow to what our God has crowned
You are gentle in a world thats cruel
and emollient that can heal a fool
you have taken whats broken and made it whole
from the world which has taken its toll
You are the song upon my lips
the clothing strength that girds my hips
you are the blood within my heart
the energy that fills every part
the breath of spirit which gives me life
the calm that eases all my strife
Your sacrifice has flowed crimson red
that you might give life unto the dead
I must meld my soul to you
so I might learn the things you do

You love me with a heart so pure
I know all time it will endure
My heart skips like the rams of mountains
you quench my thirst with your fountains

your pardon has released from the fall
tis only as I have answered your call
the melody of love did my heart soften
may you , my love enter here quite often
You are the shade of all the groves
the whitened wool of all the droves
the warmth that dwells in rays of light
the knowledge that gives to all insight
you are the flash of epiphany
the spectrum that brings us to our knee
as the universe moves to your will
you do with abundance our lives do fill
source Song of Solomon
COPYRIGHT © 2010 C Michael Miller

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Dawn in a Summer Garden

At the exact moment of dawn,
             that micro-second when the sun,
               from millions of miles away,
           fires its first beams like lasers
              as it crests the curvature
                     of the Earth
               one of those laser beams
          pierces the dank and humid darkness
                 of the lush garden
               suddenly all sounds cease,
           as if someone had flipped a switch
           and the deafening silence is felt
            as pressure, as if some spectoral
              hands has cupped themselves
            over one's ears--a muffled roar
         of seashells held up to a child's ear,
              longing to hear the ocean
                   of one's youth.

                 Then the beam shifts
             and touches the tender edges
                of a few chosen leaves
          and then settles and spreads itself
              over a gossamer arachnoid treasure
            woven with mathmatical precision
             wafting slightly in a gentle
                    morning breeze
             like the sail of a fairy ship,
             quivering dew drops caught and
               transformed into a dozen
             crystal prisms, sparkling jewels,
              multi faceted fluid diamonds
                       and then
          just as quickly as it came it is gone,
           this magical moment, as the brutal
                   sun climbs higher
          and the soft buttery light sharpens
                and spreads its heat
             and the steam begins to rise
          from the dark earth, wispy, reluctant
             spectors of the Southern night
             the muffled quiet is broken
           by the clear song of a cardinal,
             a flash of magnificent red
           amongst the many shades of green,
        as the creatures of the night burrow deep,
          hiding from the searing summer heat
               that has already begun

              in this southern garden 
                  light and dark
                 song and silence
               beauty and distruction

            and so another magnolia-laden
               summer night is gone

            and one must reluctantly rise
              another summer day begun.

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As one waits for the morning and looks for the first flush in the east,
February strains its eyes and ears for the earliest signs of spring,
The signs could be a slight increase of some birds in their passing,
From mere call-notes to twittering and an occasional song and a flower.

February comes in as a month of thaw from a cold winter to wet and dreary,
It is a month of anticipation, and the birds from the continent regard it so,
Expressing their feeling as a carnival by all sorts of merriment's and gaiety's,
It is also the month of the snowdrop, and sap stirring in trees, buds swelling.

Snow birds begin to sing and dance and a song sparrow joins in from a high branch,
As it sings, a beautiful bird, its bright ruddy breast appears, the first robin,
February, just now and again, delivers a faint undercurrent of bubbling life,
Like a mountainous country, before the sunrise, peak after peak, a rosy light.

Delusive days, a whiff of spring today gets buried under a foot of snow tomorrow,
Magical sounds of the early song sparrow, strikes the first blow, of winter fetters,
Flocks of ceder-birds, called cherry birds, and wax wings dressed in their Sunday best,
Wax wing, is named, because on its feathers and tail bits resembling red sealing wax.

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We finally finished our album. I'm so happy. It will be on sale in 200 record shops in Norway. I hope our music speaks to people. I want them to experience that feeling when they listen to it. I want to change things. I'm not sure if my band members feel it or would agree with that? I can touch that feeling, like something's being born. I know it's possible and with luck will happen. My record, my singing, my words changing things and setting Norway on her new path. In a hundred years when I'm just dust, people will remember me and my record. I started the revolution from within. The wilderness understands.

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Have you seen the man whom my soul loves
does spring boundless like the antelopes afield
whose consumations thus give to herds their yield
like lightly soars in thermals flocks of doves
The strength of pillars in the sinews of his limbs
so skillfully lifts the music of his hands
gathers those who so listen from their stands
and bring pleasures where he whose talents spends
I had searched the mountainous valley's long ago
to find a soul whose depth as rich as he
so many I had scanned though did not see
the like of him in any people I did know
Thus to my chambers I would him chance
but he would have to leave the fields flocks
exclusive is the devotion behind doors locks
or partake the tables spread in harlots dance
To waltz like winged bird upon the wind
whose unseen direction comes from whence
and depth of feelings that make not sense
didst this emotion upon mine heart descend
Tis now two years I have you letters sent
to give mine thoughts you by song I sing
that you might understand like bird on wing
the nature of the truth in word now lent
From the depths of what is true these words now formed
whose intent to be like rain upon the fields of grass
that might turn attention to so unbeautious of lass
whose God has these feelings within adorned
So has long in word have emptied out her soul
that he might read and see what is her past
so fashion to his reason and understanding cast 
thus the secret person within might come to know
Could he not know that every word was given voice
to paint a picture of what is of Love and True
a gift wrapped like music in a tonal hue
that he might clearly see and make a choice
Thus seen like wisps of clouds in boundless sky
whose movements formed by mists and winds
invisible from where all courses begot sends
and by word have fully fashioned what is I
Source : Song of Solomon
COPYRIGHT © 2011 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Rain drops.......

Rain drops Softly falling down .... 
softly falling to the ground .... 
can't you hear the sound .... 
of the rain coming down..... 

It sounds like a constant beat .... 
a beat that is so neat .... 
it makes you want to dance .... 
what a beautiful chance of a romance .... 

Or maybe it is a love song .... 
a song that goes on and on 
tender and romantic .... 
man is it fantastic ....

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I saw a bird perched in my willow tree
His song seemed to be mocking me
My mood somber as I awakened today
Not quite sure why I feel this way
Hoping this mood will not overflow
Must change this attitude this I know
While  listening to the song of a bird
Force a smile as I think to myself this is absurd
Have so much to be happy for
Get it together and get out that door
The rest of the day is better now 
A bird with his song showed me how

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Bluebird Singing

There are no messages,
There are always messages.
Look around you,
What do you see?

A blue bird,
Singing in a tree.
So happy, as happy,
As he can be.

He struggles each day,
To find food for himself,
No time to play,
No cans on the shelf.

How can he be so happy,
With the struggles of life?
He jumps around sprightly,
Looking for a wife.

His song is so beautiful,
Though there are no words.
As if his food were plentiful,
His song is for other birds.

Springtime is coming,
I’m sure he is saying.
Enough of this winter,
Time to start playing.

So when there is no message,
Look around to find,
A bluebird singing,
Maybe in the pine.

Talking with you this morning,
Inspired this little poem,
No more time for mourning,
Lets go beat the drum.

Let everyone know you’re happy,
Let everyone see you smile.
Let everyone know you’re ready,
To go that extra mile.

Bluebird singing,
His happy song,
I am sure he is saying,
It’s here where you belong.

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Plenty of Cream

It is night time, about midnight,
The cattle are restless,
They must have a fright.
I go out to see,
What the matter could be, 
And found out,
They just wanted company.
A little song to them,
Is just what they needed,
A gentle guitar plays,
As their wish is heeded.
The moon is bright,
In the western sky.
You can see clearly,
With a naked eye.
Now they are dancing,
In their own little way.
I guess thinking of romancing,
The neighborhood stray.
He is a big bull,
As big as can be.
Not to be taken for granted,
At least not by me.
So their song is sung,
And all is well.
Time has come,
For our farewell.
Now sleep little doggies‘,
And have your sweet dreams,
And maybe by morning,
There will be plenty of cream.