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Love Food Poems | Love Poems About Food

These Love Food poems are examples of Love poems about Food. These are the best examples of Love Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Villanelle | |

Date Night (and the day after)

Opening line from "Highway Five Love Poem" by Ruth L. Schwartz

This is a love poem for all the tomatoes
I squished to make our Date-Night spaghetti.
Our love, like the pasta, was shiny.  So the story goes.

We sit at our table, between us a rose
Red as the marinara I chose.  (He let me).
This is a love poem for all our tomatoes.

We watch the steam, which the mouth quickly blows
Away (like the wind and those petals the day he met me).
Our love, like the pasta, was sticky.  So the story goes.

We sip our red wine.  Chianti, it has a good nose.
(In the morning, do you think he will regret me?)
This is a love poem.  For all our tomatoes

Are gone, just as the wine hides grapes squished by toes
in authentic California vineyards.  (You get me?)
Our love, like the pasta, was steamy.  So the story goes.

We finish our meal with gestures the other knows.
(I wonder if he'll someday forget me.)
This isn't a love poem for all our tomatoes.
Our love, like our pasta, was al dente.  So our story goes.

Details | Epulaeryu | |

Your Thanksgiving Turkey - Dear

A Gourmet Dark Chocolate A wanting palate Just a taste the rest you'll need Melted yes indeed Apply to privates Great for diets Feed!
25~10~2014 Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich Contest Name: MAKE ME DROOL with EPULAERYU I Hope You're Drooling This Year I Am Your Chocolate Covered Turkey

Details | Pantoum | |

A Womans Gift

She laughed as softly  as if she cried
Her smile revealed things only I could see
My love and joy swelled up untill I cried
I wondered  though would she ever love me

Her smile revealed things only I could see
Now would I tell her of the things I thought
I wondered though would she ever love me
What is this feeling that has made me taut

Now would I tell her of  the things I thought
All other food but  love I'd surely spare
What is this feeling that has made me taut
My life I'd gently give to her  with care

All other food but love I'd surely spare
Then I would be hers and she would be mine
My life I'd gently give to her with care
I'd love her dearly throughout time

Then I  would be hers and she would be mine
A life together we would have to build
I'd love her dearly throughout time
I'd be her love, companion and her shield

A life together we would have to build 
My love and joy swelled up until I cried
I'd be her love,companion and her shield
She laughed as softly as if she cried

Details | Bio | |

All about Dan

So you want to get to know me, ok, well here goes. Most of it's in my poetry, but I may have left something out, who knows? For the last twenty years, I've been wearing Nike high tops that are black. They're alot easier to clean then white ones, that is a definite fact. My friends all seem to like me, and I greet them all with a big smile. I've met alot of them through a life of partying, but now thats been over for awhile. My favorite book is the bible, because whenever I read it I learn something new. My favorite movie I couldn't really tell you, since I have seen oh, quite a few. My favorite song is from Tim McGraw, it's "Live Like You Were Dying" In a funny kind of way it refreshes my soul, and I usually end up crying. Favorite singer I don't really have one, so I guess it would have to be myself. Because I just love it when I sing all the words, and don't need anyones help. My hair is a dirty blond thats straight,short and very fine. It doesn't have a single curl, and I know it's all still mine. My favorite shampoo is Pert, it leaves my hair so silky smooth. With the fine and thining hair that I have, it's the one I prefer to use. My favorite food is pizza, but fresh baked bread is my favorite smell. If I had a food I'd eat everyday, that is the one that would put me through hell. I have everything I need,with only a few things that I dislike. The only thing I want or really need, is the love of my loving wife.
Dan Kearley:5-25-12 Contest:All About ____???

Details | Sestina | |


No mother would fill up her eyes with tears of woman...
if it weren't for God performing a miracle at dawn,
as she cried out in joy and held her baby in trembling arms
but shed many sweet tears hearing his laughter so loud;
oh, he couldn't see her mommy's face through his tiny eyes,
and it will be long before he'll will utter the first word, " Mom." 

Now that baby sleeps under the attentive look of his mom,
who's too young to become a mature woman;
many visions of this birth crossed her gleeful eyes
she dreamed of the very same words whispered at each dawn,
repeating them in her silly head as if they sounded too loud...
while cradling a pretty doll in her folded arms.

Will she be welcomed home by her parents opening their arms?
Will they reprimand her and not consider her a legal mom?
Perhaps they will not be angry and speak not so loud:
girls are supposed to be girls, not suddenly turn into woman...
So this innocent girl, deceived by a bad boy, must wake up at dawn
when her baby cries and feed him with scary, childish eyes?

Nights seem longer for her, trying to stay awake rubbing her eyes,
what she beheld in those exciting eyes, now it's a burden in her weary arms;
she remembers that pain was too unbearable, but joy more sublime at dawn...
how will she learn how to care for the infant by watching her mom?
She must have seen a nursery or read a book how to think like a real woman,
and can anyone imagine how she keeps that secret instead of revealing it loud?

She must gather enough courage inside to feed her baby who can't cry loud,
but for now she must carry that baby without sighs of distress into her bright eyes;
and her parents can see the changes making her a loving person already woman;
they may ask questions to why she has gained weight and holds dolls in her arms...
no, they aren't anticipating great news and in doubt, they await a splendid dawn.

Mother and daughter closely together amazed by the coming dawn,
any concealed secret can be easily spoken...somewhat joyful and loud;
they imagine the infant's futures will be part of grandma and mom!
Their reunited hearts come together to show love in their delighted eyes,
and they'll take turns feeding the new-born, tenderly lulling him in their arms;
what if forgiveness hadn't been there to deny her all of the joys of woman?

Would a mother deny her daughter compassion as a good woman?
Even God hurried dawn to offer that gift into her gracious, tender arms...
and those arms accepted it with the gentleness and kindness of mom.

Details | Light Poetry | |


It's been way too long since I have eaten
My cupboards all are barren 
I have been searching for some nourishment
To satisfy my needs

I have been hunting for a Georgia peach
To help and soothe my pain
I have been seeking for that perfect doe
To get me through the storm

I heard that there is some really good food
In the valley of the sun
I will go out there and call out her name
Hoping she fills me up

Details | Senryu | |

Ripe Mango

your presence is:
sweeter than a ripe mango
filling to the soul

© Joseph, 6/11/08
© All Rights Reserved

Details | Haiku | |

Ice Cream

Vanilla bean skin,
Cool sweet breath and cherry lips
Make kissing dessert.

Details | Free verse | |

Onion of Passion - A Blitz Poem for Poetry Soup

Onion of Passion (A Blitz Poem for Poetry Soup)

Start with an idea
Start with an onion

Onion on a cutting board
Onion from the crisper drawer

Drawer of firm vegetables
Drawer of future soup

Soup to feed the poet’s soul
Soup to cure the common cold

Cold days feeling uninspired
Cold nights feeling over tired

Tired of the same same same
Tired of this empty feeling

Feeling compulsive
Feeling hungry

Hungry for a poem to come
Hungry for some hearty soup

Soup flavored with Whitman’s marrow
Soup that starts with his sort of rawness

Rawness of starchy emotion
Rawness of aromatic images

Images of stiff green celery stalks
Images of bright chunked carrot snips

Snips sautéing in olive oil (dash of salt!)
Snips of memory softening

Softening and blending into metaphors
Softening with those onions now translucent

Translucent as distant dreams
Translucent as childhood kisses

Kisses snuck behind the bushes or
Kisses from great grandma

Grandma gave this life recipe
Grandma said to let things simmer

Simmer with love like chicken stock
Simmer then add the bag of herbs

Herbs are like adjectives
Herbs like just the right verbs

Verbs of action rather than being
Verbs like heat and sear and cook and flavor

Flavor the soup
Flavor for sharing

Sharing ourselves
Sharing is why

Why we cook these chunky poems
Why we cook anything

Anything at all
Anything  with passion

Passion and heart
Passion pulsing


Details | Verse | |

Chocolate Pleasure

Will you,Eat me; eat me,
please, like A piece,
of Reese's Pieces, 
chocolate pleasure, 
I melt in your mouth, 
I am that Kit-Kat,
who will satisfy, 
your whatchamacallit, 
to make the Skor, on
Your Nutroll,
and go nutritiously,
over my babyruth, 
for you are, that mounds,
of full almond joy..

Details | Sonnet | |

The sweet

Candy its yummy
It tastes so good
When it enters my tummy
I will love to give some to robin hood

You can get cavities 
But its worth eating
Cavities hurt so much you cant do activities
Then you start mistreating

Candy just melts slowly in mouth
Everytime you think about why it melts you get the chills
Then you think about heading to south
To go to Beverly hills

I've said this before
And now i'm going to explore

Details | Free verse | |

Red Wine (Reflection)

Have you ever had sweet strawberry wine?
    Delicious fruit from straight off the vine
       The heady taste….a love of mine
            Delicate and tempting me
              Of summer sun and free
                 Have a glass and see
                  Shimmers of light
                   Glimmers bright
                        Star sight                         
                         I might
                     dream delight
                   September night
                  Ah…this fantasy
             Of that crimson berry
        Two chilled glasses-you and me
      The heady taste….a love of mine
   Delicious fruit from straight off the vine
 Have you ever had sweet strawberry wine?

I call this form Reflection
Lines go from ten syllables down to one then one syllable back up to ten
With a rhyme scheme of aaa bbb ccc dd ccc bbb aaa and the first three lines
Are the same as the last three lines.
Inspired by Mr. Michaels original form contest

Details | Epigram | |

Your Recipe


             Delicious, warm, and and tastes of home...

                        as if you were still here....

Details | Sijo | |

Coo, Coo, Coo

Early in the morning just beyond daybreak, the cooing of doves
Coo, coo, coo always in threes, conveying to its mate of his love
Soon sun will be higher, proof of love will begin with the feedings

Details | Free verse | |

Not Satisfied with Crumbs

I will NOT be satisfied with the crumbs
That fall from your banquet table of love
I’m here to have a gluttonous feast
Don’t….Don’t insult me with tiny morsels
You throw my way
To entice?
To tease?

I’m to sit at the head of the table
My rightful place
And eat and drink to my fill
To satiation’s upper limit
My heart and soul, YES, my BODY nourished
With the eclectic fare of delicacies
You serve
For is that not
The kind of feast
You are used to having from me? 

I slave away for days on end
To prepare and offer to you, my King
The most scrumptious repast
And you leave MY banquet table
With the decadent savor 
Of my sweetness in your mouth

No, this will not do
Until you tempt my appetite
With the fairest of delights
Don’t you dare think
That these mere crumbs will do

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Details | Rhyme | |


Mamma Anna made the best Babba' al Rhum,
you should have seen me how it made me slightly drunk;
and jumping and screaming I danced to the beats of a drum...
then grandma joined in and she sang a classical song!

And the sweet cream was on my lips and cheeks, 
the Babba' al Rhum was delicious and I topped it with chocolate;
everybody began shouting, "It came from Paris,
but we Neapolitans reinvented it by improving its shape and taste!"

Mamma Anna made the best Babba' al Rhum, soaking it in that liqueur much longer;
and Papa' always told me to eat more of it...saying with a suppressing laughter,
"It's a man's dessert, after you eat it, you'll be strong!"
Oh, did he really tell me the truth? No, he was wrong!

It's so very sad that they aren't here,
and I am eating pretzels and drink a beer,
the harmony that stirred their passion can't possibly return...
as they danced on the terrace to celebrate the day I was born!

Mamma Anna knew how to make the best Babba' al Rhum,
and I licked the dripping rum with my finger...not my tongue!
She spoke calmly...when she should have gotten mad and picked up a broom;
no, she was never mean and rude, or ever said to me, " Go to your room!"

Details | Free verse | |

At A Loss For Words

My mind sighs blackberries 
and a moonstruck melody 
plays along my spine 
as I soak up the fruited juice 
of I love you coloring your lips. 
The cherry blush of breathless, 
And a smile amid the wash 
Of blueberry eyes, should indicate 
My intended reply.

Details | Light Poetry | |

Egg-stravaganza Of Emotions

Your love scrambled my heart as if it were a three egg omelet
 Breaking the shell of my soul till it crumbled 
 I am trying so hard just to forget 
 My inner self tumbled, bumbled 
 I felt shuffled 
 I feel ruffled 
 I would rather baste than forget 
 Or fry if our times you regret 
 My love muffled 
 My emotions coupled 
 Left with no appeal 
 Spending time, letting my soul heal 

Details | I do not know? | |

That`s Just The Way It Is

Love is like sugary foods:
some people don`t need it at all!

Details | Senryu | |

Candle Light And Wine

Candle light and sweet wine
Dinner for two and soft music
A night made for love

Details | ABC | |


Partly clad
full moon
was taking a bath on hills.
Trees were waiting
for the curtains to rise.

Scented stars would make
giant scars on the clouds,
I would make peace with the sky.
Lids of human greed were laden
with golden dust, I was hoisting the skull.

Of a virgin god who did not
want to live for the blotched up creation.
The decline was obvious. Truth 
had refused to climb
on the sky-blue, salted peaks of springs.

Body had arrived,
mourners quietly wailing.
Gouged eyes could not decipher
the script on the halved pyramid.
Sun was sucking the clay.


Details | Free verse | |

Love, Yes Love

Never much money did my grandpa have,
but love, yes love, was all around,
his weathered skin, and calloused hands,
showed the world, he was a hardworking man.
With a tired old mule, he plowed his fields,
planting his crops, so all could have meals.
No Food Stamps way back then,
just neighbor helping neighbor, time, and again.
All the children had chores to do,
before the rooster crowed, before they left for 
Five little children, their hair so white,
walking down a dirt road, imagine the sight.

Details | I do not know? | |


Just a few more sips
And I'm loving the taste of you on my lips

I like the way you move in my mouth
And when you start to head down south

You are the one I love in deed 
Because Coca-Cola you're all I need.

Details | Rhyme | |


Foods we all love to eat
Pastas,starches,and meat
And don't forget about something sweet
Pineapple,chocolate,and cocoa nut cakes
Some of our favorites that Mom bakes
Apple pie, peach cobbler, and sweet potatoe pies a few other she makes
Especially on a holiday
But we wish she'll do this everyday
Home made macaroni and cheese
That's made to please
Corn bread, buttermilk biscuits made with ease
Chicken and dumpling with gravy
This just drives me crazy
Chicken can be fried,barbequed,baked or stewed
Drinks like kool-aid,tea,sodas, and coffee freshly brewed
Lasagna,potatoes,noodles,and rice
We just have to take a dip or slice
Porkchops,steaks,ribs,hotdogs,hamburgers,or fish
Are great with just any dish
Peanut butter,cookies,and chips
Vegetables,soups,beans,and dips
Rabbits,squirrels,raccoons,and deer meat too
When prepared right they'll do

Details | I do not know? | |

Strawberry love

I am looking blindly into the fridge
Searching and savouring the chilled air, I reach in
Take hold of a strawberry and hand it to you.
Its body, fresh and pure can relax in your palm.
You are the keeper of my heart.

Its many eyes, black seeds that rest around
The waist, sleep in cycles, stare out into the darkness.
It remains on your flesh, Merges like a collage with the twists and bends.
As time passes, its chill dwindles. Harsh heat invades the creases.
Its natural form bleeds away in a sticky juice.

Details | Verse | |

In the Coffee Cup

A morning looking in a coffee cup,
My soul is asking questions of the heart,
As destiny reveals itself in art,
Should inquiry find truth in crumpled dreams,
And bring the eye to look so gently up,
The heart must be ready to flow soul streams.

Form: Wordsworth's Sestet

Details | Dramatic Verse | |

Family Grief Family Happiness

   Have you ever written anything without sub combing to tears ?
    My Family portrait in my mind , 2 older sisters , 2 brothers
        My Mother caring about all five in different ways
      Just with Mom & Dad there having the best of Holidays 
     My sisters laying out on the deck of river bank for 4th of July ~
      Listening to " Honkey Chateau " and all by Elton John. 
       music  a great memory ~Disco , Donna summer , Grease ~ Jaws !

     Dad's records to Tony Bennett , Hank W Sr. , Count Basie & Louis Armstrong.
          The music  takes me home in a wagon filled with children and a dog "Lucky "    
      My Older brother , athletic , always fishing & hunting.
                 My younger , my Rock , Swimming and netting for fish,
        feeding our Fat cat Perch off the rocks patiently awaits her food               
       the yelling , slamming of doors ,  tempers Flare , passion 
         Our Parents , passionate love yet passionate Hate .
        After being a Family of Seven , Divorcing their fate ..
         Why did that show " Dallas " bring out the Divorce in all ?

       Scottish ~ Irish ~ French Iroquois ~ Cherokee  
                 No matter what the mix ..Our curse Alcohol ~
          the  Screaming , Drinking , this memory I wish to shut the door on .  
        Going to A & W or making Cheerleading ,The Bears of course~
             Excited in Chicago !  seeing Elton John in the Summer of 1976 ~
        Cubs ,  museum of Wax , Museum of science & History , Pizza !
       Expeditions of discovery ,little brother & I finding arrowheads on the Shore.
             Our Grandparents Faithful Celebrations ! Chiffon cake , Apple strudel `  
        Our Cousins on Holidays , going for ice cream cones , 
          scent of wet rain on oak leaves ~Before Halloween was bought in stores.
           ~ That is the Family I Love ,
                     that is the Family I choose to miss ~    

Details | I do not know? | |

My Cheesy Pizza Rolls

My cheesy pizza rolls 
Only you know 
About my love 
When i put on my glove
To take you out of 
That oven's steel fortress
Because you are hot 
I know i'm not
Going to burn my tongue 
Because i am still young
And i like my taste buds
So i will wait 
The ten minutes it takes 
On top of my stool
For you to cool
Cause of your boiling sweetness 
I am wanting more 
Than the smell of your
Melting four cheeses
One bite and i'm falling into pieces
Because you are
My cheesy pizza rolls

Details | Free verse | |


It's America’s favorite sandwich spread,
No doubt,
When you ask any kid or adult, what 
They would like in there lunch box.
Natural response good old fashioned P.B. 
And J.
White bread, wheat, whole grain,
It really doesn't matter as long as
 It's creamy or chunky style.
Jiffy to general label just put that
On the table and watch them smile.
Forget about cutting off the crust,
Or any of that fancy stuff.
Just keep your fingers out of the way,
When it comes to feeding a bunch of
Hunger kids just stand clear
Until the inner hunger beast is satisfied.
Then mom can bring in her
Essential tools for clean up detail.
It's been prepared so many ways,
Toasted, fried or even baked,
 Assorted mixtures, layered textures
Some people even put bananas
Or mayo with it.
Myself call it a personal choice,
I like it regular please no extras.
America’s favorite sandwich it's
Stood the test of time.
By the way it's on my shopping list
 Again Peanut Butter and Jelly,
I wonder why?


Details | Free verse | |

Sweet Banana Splits

Egyptian flavours
Candie's; chaste
Autumn's shaved
Ice French vanilla
Cream; covered in
German soft milk 
Virgin Italian
Cherries; soaked
Coconut rum
English toffee
Pineapple bits
In our mouths
Swirling intoxications
Asian strawberries
Spanish caramels
African mints
Dipped, in Autumn's
Native cream.

Details | Alliteration | |



Details | Couplet | |

The Coffee House

The day he took me to Starbucks I figured I was gaining in luck Then all he did was complain How the coffee wasn't humane It wasn't fit for human comsumption The tasty treat was dry, their gumption In serving such unpalatable treat Oh well, another date now unsweet Starbucks I still love you even though Have to get decaffeinated coffee drink slow
Nathan thanks for the challenge Contest: Coffee House

Details | Diamante | |

Desiring True Light

	Inspirational, Sacred
      Flying, Soaring, Undying
 Wanting, Trusting, Desiring, Faith
    Ascertain, Determine, Learn
	Wretched, Suffering

Details | Prose | |

After The storm


After the storm, she received her order of pepperoni-mushroom,
(it was a special delivery by her favorite pizza-man),

well baked over coals, on an oven-surface of tiled macadam,
covered with tons of smoked fresh Mozzarella, imported from Bhutan!
The pizza-man, (who outfaced the Storm in a morello-burgundy Chevrolet),
awaited patiently outside her house, lifting weights;

inside, she was chatting with her ballet tutor, while a bouquet
of rare rose blooms he imported for her, from Bering Straits.
The flowers arrived in a silver-gold 'enveloppant',
thence, très elegant, rang her bell, dancing in front of her door,

wearing a pistachio Diesel sweat-shirt and Compagnie Canedienne pants,
performing jumping sommersolts; best part of his acrobatic galore.
She opened her mouth in awe! His daring leg's step-arabesque
was a provocation; thus, she responded with a tread-chasse,

- and then, both slid on ice dancing in a theater burlesque
that their mind created following the notes of a distant jazzy brass.
In harmony performed jump combinations, 'et sur la tiers',
with a rose in her hair, she started eating a tasteful slice of the pizza,

while he lifted her over his head, with a 'reverse',
(- fact is, right after her last 'lutz-jump' fall, she suffered amnesia).
Trying to hold her, he gallantly bumped his head on a fender,
and while listening to numerous chirping yellow birds,

decided that she was ancient Penelope and he, a contender,
who fought with bravery to conquer her heart she kept undeterred.
Dancing, they swayed behind the hill, and gliding on a vast plain,
he noticed that they were Pizza-Transferred through time,

she confessed that her granny was from Aquitaine,
thenceforth in incandescence they ice skated until Springtime.

© 02-13-2013, All Rights Reserved
(ABAB rhyming prose (!! Hmm...))

Inspired by "Mumford and Sons" song
After the Storm.. 
" There will be a time you'll see ...with no more tears , and Love will not break your Heart , but dismiss your fears . Get Over your hill and see , what you find there ,  with Grace in your heart and flowers in your hair "

Sponsor: Shanity Rain
Contest Name: new contest by Shanity Rain!! " After the storm "
Deadline: 12/26/2013

Details | Free verse | |

The Gingerbread House

Come and live with me
be my spouse
savoring chocolate kisses
in our own gingerbread house.

With four walls
a roof, a door, a window and swing
a pure culinary delight
painted with the sweetest of icings!

We will add more rooms
scented with ginger delight
add love stories
lovely as a ginger bite!

Built by the candy cane rainbow
there will be a vanilla side
and a chocolate side to show
such a lovely home for the holidays!

You and I in our gingerbread home
on a street of peppermint
in the front yard a gummy drop gnome
with pineapple face and blueberry eyes...

Details | Rondeau Redouble | |



Bean soup was served ‘cause Granddad was in town. 
     Yes, every grown up in the neighborhood. 
Was glad when Granddad’s boat was homeward bound. 
     His homecoming was grand, for he was good.  

If bells on grandma’s door knob jingled sound, 
     Or someone made the knocker tap on wood.  
He quickly would wake up though sleep he should. 
     Bean soup was served ‘cause Granddad was in town. 

The neighbor folks came calling, gathered ‘round,
     And when they did, my granddad understood. 
That every ear would hear his tales, spellbound—
     Yes, every grown up in the neighborhood. 

His stories, games and tricks blessed my childhood.  
     Fun memories within my heart abound.
And every one that on his shared path stood,  
    Was glad when Granddad’s boat was homeward bound. 

When he was near, I wore an invisible crown.  
     That he loved me, I clearly understood.  
Such love cannot be measured by the pound,      
     His homecoming was grand, for he was good.  

I dream that he, with heaven’s love is bound.
     Walking with God, talking…life, understood.
Smiling God says I’m glad you’re back in town.
     The angels now understand why, as they should 
                                         Bean soup was served.

Dedicated to My Granddad, David Elliott ("Ellie") Brandt Sr.
Who made my life magical even from a distance!

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
March 13, 2010
Poetic form: Rondeau Redouble’

Details | Imagism | |


white & black these are some of its color..
square, sphere, heart shape and more..
bitter, sweet and bittersweet..
with nuts, almonds and mallows..
local up to a patisserie made..
they are all a delight..
I love it when i put in my mouth..
slowly and slowly it will melt..
noting and savoring it's taste..
it's said an anti-oxidant
Also an aphrodisiac..
Rich in Calcium and minerals..
Releases happy hormones called endorphins..
I am a certified lover of chocolates..

by: olive_eloi

Details | Imagism | |

Nobody is born bad

Nobody is born bad
Lack of love
Lack of compassion
Lack of education
Lack of jobs
And lack of care
Drives people to take desperate measures to survive

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

No Sin Thus Remains

Making it clear thus you have been purified
This side of the fence thus you stand in defense
You have been remade thus light has sterilized
The rarity of this clarity His will presents

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

Instilled With This

Dust covered crawled like worms, had no concern
Found on ground ripened apple’s bitter juice
Digging in gluttony without discern
Dark heart in matter chooses wrong produce

Climb from trunk to branches long journey true
Building without rest to sleep in cocoon
While feeding on nourishment from fruit grew
Rise from sleep to sail high sky like balloon  

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

Even Though There Be Haters

Appearing timid yet forever I will resist
Kindness as a weakness yet true strength is
Dark forces this day a dove keeps at bay
My blood drains because Ye Almighty reigns   

Details | Didactic | |

Perfect Pizza

                 Perfect Pizza

Empty the kitchen of red wood trees and chairs 
Clear all phones and children from the room
Build a giant cooking space right there
The area must be six times larger than the one before
Place a big wooden table in the center 
When construction’s done the fun begins
Buy an oven ten feet wide and then you start
Roll the mammoth dough until it’s thin
And six feet in circumference
Pour 2 gallons of fresh tomato sauce all over 
Use a little basil for some flavor
Bake it until its crisp and let it cool
I like to add my naked wife as a topping 
Make sure she showers first
Don’t want no dirty pie 
I Place mozzarella and olive oil gently about her
And sprinkle Parmesan all over sweetie pie
Trying not to get any in her hair or eyes
Then roll the pizza around her like a blanket
Start at the edges first and eat it slow
When finished or satisfied
Lay back and have a coke
Save a slice for later
Smile and love that pizza pie

Details | Cinquain | |


                                         Chewy, Yummy
                                   Eating, Buying, Enjoying 
                                       I love eating lollies

Details | Ballade | |

Christian Cross

Head hung low, I walk the street-
Timid to feel the hangman's loss-
Every step on my blistered feet-
Takes me closer to, the Christian cross-
With every second, my soul does exhaust-
Heat-ridden cheeks from tears I cry-
Hide my eyes my shame is discreet-
Explain to me God, why must I die?

You say the hunger game I did cheat-
I see on that hangman's rope your hands across-
How close I was to starvation beat-
Why must  I die for naught but sauce-
On bread instead of my usual moss-
I hope you see my little child cry-
Although to you unjust is a treat-
Hold him God on the day he will die-

With my head hung low, I walk the street-
My family will feel the hangman;s loss-
No more will I walk upon these blistered feet-
Family go, live your life by the Christian Cross-
For my soul is tired, don't let your life exhaust-
My dear sweet loved ones there is no need to cry-
No more reason for you to stand all so discreet-
I am happy at last, on the day that I die-

I will live the rest of my life upon a Christian's Cross-
These murderers relax themselves on their own lie-
In a few short moments I won't feel anymore loss-
I will lift up my head and all so proudly I will die-

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A rose is always the first one to die

A rose is always the first one to die
As love arrives, flip-flapping his wings,
Taking her to a fresh grave to lie,
Hidden amid hallowed tree’s rings.
Earth unrests with a slight touch,
Feathers and petals, red and white,
Mingle when Love leans to vouch,
Whirling around the burial site:
“Wave slowly, I see, I like, I take,
Your lips are cherries, your heart
Like the soft and most sweet cake,
I will feast and if my lips demand,
I will take my bow and with my art,
Take food from your soft hand.“

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No More Breakfast

I gave up breakfast
Not because I needed
To lose girth
Nor any extra

Nor because the time wasted
In feeding
Could have been better 
To solve the problems of the

Not because the eggs 
Are high cholesterol
And the chicken sausage
Created from
Hapless victims in their 
Sharp metal cages
Who never knew a
Better life

I gave up breakfast
Not because 
I hold any grudge
Against sunny beaming faces
Babbling cheery “g’morning” 
In the dark  demented winter of 
An empire in decline

Nor because 
The aroma of fresh cooked
Serves up wistful memories of 
Childhood innocence 
Raped by the scam of
And insatiable adult

Not because the grapefruit
Citric acid 
Contributes to gout
That precipitates
Kidney stones
And leaves  a grown man
Crying in a simulacrum of 
Childbirth pain

Not because
Nor because

No more need for morning meals
When your awakening kisses are 
For my soul

And your warm perfume
Sprayed upon my lips
Transcends any butter roll

No more need for a morning beverage
Nothing orange, tomato, nor lemon

And your golden breasts are my 
Made from flesh
Made from Heaven 

I've got all of you in the morning
It’s a feast of your skin and hair
And the breath of your love 
In my open mouth
And the taste of your love
In my open mouth
No croissant could ever compare.

I gave up breakfast
To make love

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Happy Meal Plague

A “Big Mac attack” and “Have it your way”
are all past slogans from fast food places
for most Americans fast food will stay
because Big Macs and Whoppers feed faces

Americans love to eat on the go
we love pizza hamburgers and hot dogs
and the value meals never cost much dough
other countries may think we’re all just hogs

truth be told we need to eat to survive
Burger King and MacDonald’s does the job
some may think fast food as food at a dive
Long John Silver does have corn on the cob

right or wrong fast food will never leave us
until the day all Americans bust

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Cookies-Food For Thought

Cookies -
Why can’t I have the chocolate one
I want more
She took my cookie
Hers is bigger than mine
I want to trade
That’s not fair

Cookies +
Thank you for the cookie
I love you
Thanks for all you do for me
I am satisfied
This is good
I am loved
Written By  Deborah Finneran :)  2013

Details | Rhyme | |

desiring the Vampire

                 It was the Southern French window blowing open 
                    he came in the night no word spoken 
                The eyes so sensual and piercing me as if nothing matters
                     he is all I think of now as each day I grow weaker

               I will soon die unsure of my fate 
                  my life I will give to him a offering I ask him to take
               This man so desirable with dark eyes and hair
                  even if he is not a man but a beast 
                I no longer care I submit to the last drop of blood

                 As I lay with a cotton white gown in a locked room 
                   I throw my rope of Garlic far to be seen 
                 Nothing can stop this now longing and lustful 
                      feeling like I'm in a forever dream  

                    I wait for him too enter 
                       I wait for him
                                  willing to die 
                               I wait losing my Religion
                                   The Vampires offering am I              

                 " For That Archaic Poets contest " Shanity Rain 

Details | Narrative | |

I Accepted the Potato Salad Because You Were Serving It

Yes, the time had allowed another opportunity to be near you,
Though well heaven knows whenever you are near my fear crunches my breath,
Leaving me starving for you, and wanting nothing more than to flee…

I stood in line, mainly because my family was there…
God knows I was not hungry at all…
Which is odd—I’m usually always hungry when I come to food gatherings
But there I was, my stomach swirling, and I looked out of the window,
And I saw you with the others, serving the food

My first thought was, great, here’s an opportunity,
And then the fear came—oh boy, what are you serving?
Are you serving something I like? 
Something I hate? 
So I closed my eyes and opened them again…
And I looked at what you were serving…
It was either macaroni salad, or potato salad; wasn’t quite sure at the time
I was more intrigued by how you presented yourself,
So friendly…so easy-going….so very natural and engaging

Damnit! The line is moving fast! 

I cringed at the thought of approaching you,
Even when I was following all the others;
And I knew you couldn’t be left insinuating-
Oh, that girl’s kinda weird and creepy…
I guess you’d only think that if I went to the table for the third time or something- 
But still, I was shaking with stupid thoughts

There was a problem though…
I do like macaroni salad… well, a little bit--I've never loved it
And I’m rather sick of potato salad frankly…
So if I refused the food, would you think it’s just another way to avoid contact?
Or will I give eye contact and smile at you, and say “no thank you”?
As I got closer, it was apparent it was potato salad…
And I begin to think
Well! Potato salad…it’s not that bad…let’s play it safe, shall we? Let’s get a little bit.

And before I knew it, I was where all the food was
You were talking speedily, happily with the others
About just everything it seemed… my ears heard blurs at this point
A lady offered me salad – I accepted the bowl and slowly put dressing on and looked up
And you smiled at me and said,
“Best potato salad in the world, right here.”
And I can’t remember if I smiled, 
But I most certainly lifted that stupid plate…
The lady next to you said, 
“and there’s another kind right beside it!”
I said quickly, “I think I’ll pass…” 
What she didn’t know was that I was trying to get the hell away before I vomited on everything and everyone...

I wasn’t hungry at all…
But one thing was certain…

I accepted the potato salad because you were serving it! 
And I ate it too… 
It wasn’t bad…in fact I could say pretty easily,
It was the best potato salad in the world

Right here….

You were… were….. right there.

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If I had lied like everyone else who achieved their goal,
I could have spared myself an useless headache,
and it seems late to realize that my honesty caused a mess!
There was a table for two sweethearts
in the finest restaurant, my first date supposed to have been perfect
with all the enthusiasm and the sorrounding athmophere:
a boutique of roses and scented candles! 

The girl's name was Amenda with big eyes of sapphire,
the boy's name was Andrew a little outspoken but funny;
everything went smoothly, the food was superb and the waiter
with an Italian accent was humorous and helpful,
but happened next is something nobody would believe.

Amenda had too much wine and started to talk non-sense
asking me, " What kind of work do you do?" 
I promptly replied, " I am a chief ! " and boasting with pride,
silly words flowed from my mouth, " You should see me
in my uniform...everybody loves it! "  Amenda with angry eyes
yelled, " Everybody...including the dumb blonde
and the red headed who order food just to see you? "
I jolted as if in a powerful earthquake, " How do you know that? "
But she with a malignant glance exploded, " I saw them
flirting with you while they waited for their order! "  

" Oh, pretty boy, you brought me here to listen to your aspiration,
I must be stupid enough to believe everything you say? "
I stood up, pushing back my seat and swore, " I never intented to lie,
Amanda...I am sorry for getting you upset, and if my honest caused a mess,
I apologize with all sincerity. " Ah, you even mention the word sincerity:
here's you reward, fool! " And splashing a glass of wine all over my sharp suit,
she left...while the crowd started to laugh, thinking it was a movie scene.  

Here's my deepest reflection on telling little, white lies,
" Guys, on your first date...don't say what you actually do for a living,
invent a profession that brings in tons of money, like a surgeon or attorney;
go ahead and have fun, and the more excited you get her,
the more she'll believe you...who wants to be a loser on his first date? "

Details | Couplet | |

Turtle Soup?

Some call it an aphrodisiac.
They say it gives a man a strong back.

Like a good woman, turtle soup makes no sense;
 Can something so delicate be so intense?

Like a woman, the flesh has several delightful flavors.
Remember, each mouthwatering sensation should be savored.

When you taste her, bask freely in the sapidity,
Acquire the feel for this pure tortoise delicacy.

Don’t rush, familiarize your taste buds.
There is no such thing as a first sight love.

Recognize, there is a mystique behind that hard shell.
Did someone say turtle soup? That does not ring a bell.

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Not long before I put down my dirt filled hoe
Into my yard she quietly crept
It’s as though she knew I needed her cheer
She was rust colored and sadly matted cat
Not the most attractive feline I’d ever seen 
But she was lonely and hungry, and in need 
Of course immediately my Mothering instinct beckoned 
She followed me to where I poured some milk for her 
Not ever having a cat I didn’t have cat food on hand-
So I opened a can of tuna to her delight 
She lapped it up and looked up at me with a smile 
The next day there she was waiting and the day after and so on 
I had found a friend 
So I went out and bought some cats food 
She was now mine of at least I thought so 
Who could have ever done such a thing?
Leaving her to the streets? 
I bought her flea collar and bells to wear 
Soon she would just sit on my lounge chair waiting for me 
I had to bring her into the house she still looked so frail 
One day while she was eating I noticed her choking on her food 
It continued so I made an appointment to see the vet 
It had to be done anyway after all she was to be mine
While we had our visit and the saddest moment of my life came 
The doctor said she had throat cancer and it was advanced 
Our friend Tabby didn’t but a few weeks to live 
So my husband and I made the pain staking decision  
To put her to sleep 
Tears poured from every corner of my eyes
“No” was all I screamed inside she had brightened my life  
How could someone have left her alone?
The Vet felt the previous owner knew about her condition 
They left her to suffer knowing she was so sick
I felt we at least gave her 6 weeks of love and care before she left this place 
I will never forget the love and championship this rusty feline gave me
Months later my family and I adopted another cat Tabby showed us- 
The greatest love and companionship that animals give you unconditional   
We now have two wonderful cats that were adopted
They bring so much to our lives

Details | Acrostic | |


M- MMmmmmmmm
I- In my tummy!
L- love in a shake
K- kisses of chocolate
S- soft
H- heaven through a shraw
A- awesome 
K- k, who doesn't love em'
E- expensive!!!

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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It's My Birthday, It is Your Birthday

It’s My Birthday

It’s my birthday…  I look out the window there is no one for me owe so, owe so lonely poor me . 

It’s my  birthday…  you surprise me, with a Barber-Q grill  with a cooler that chills with a grin we show white grills.

Happy Birthday… it’s my Birthday I am still waiting,  it   is almost the end of my the day, just waiting on you to wish me a happy birthday which, well make my day. 

It’s my birthday…you do not remember that day, can we go out for we can remember that day?

It’s my birthday… I can share it or alone, some share it with a twin, or with a friend and the ones who stay to the ends like a good friend.

It my birthday…  its looks like another day to me I just need someone or something to comfort with me a room full of women and with hand full men, a juice in cup, juice in glass, with a sweet lady and grill on cut grass that may make every day feel like my birthday, with a touch of class. 
It’s your birthday… it’s your birthday you should all-ways win on your birthday, if do not have a mate you sneak and go on second party date form those who may player hate.  
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!  it comes and go, I see you come through, looking out my window with a hand full company that is what a party really should need, yes it’s sweet, sweet with music and sweet with treats or  it must be the money, or food, or brinks, or just me.

Poetry 7/7/12 by author Keith Kadell

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A life from Anger

Anger is something I grew up fearing
Mom and any other person in charge
today my eyes are no longer tearing
even though my stomach got somewhat large

eating the right food is so hard to do
since it seems so much stuff is bad for us
and these limbs of mine sometimes will not do
I get by walking and riding the bus

and my wife is right with me to the end
we both had our own bouts with some issues
but at the end she is my only friend
and we both have used many tissues

from a house of anger I started out
in my lifetime I hope world peace will sprout

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Slow Going

Delectably delightful corn beef salty boil intimate melting spiced love gramma's secret touch potatoes, carrots seared onions yum!

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |

Unto The Valleys Garden

Feeling the loss because of a transgression
Dwelling in darkness home base the light
Not promise forgot make your confession
Though you may feel low sail to great height 

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Hot Fudge Sundae

Drizzled chocolate ~
On a scoop of melting ice cream
Melting from the heat
Of delicious decadence
She brings the crisp color
Of his cream to it’s full splendour 
Atop his ivory mound
Is her exotic resting place
Gooey dribbles ~
Curve into fantastic erotica
Cooled into a perfect pose
Down vanilla slopes.

Details | Sedoka | |

November Dreams

Gold-brown crunchy leaves
Crystal beads of morning frost 
Smoke swirling from chimney tops

Time for family
Oven filled with bird and pie
Harvest time of food and love

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

Contest: October Bliss or November Dreams /Sijo or Sedoka
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich - Judged 10/12/2014
~3rd Place~

Details | I do not know? | |

A soup to warm your soul

A soup so delightful
Yet to such a waste
All that cooking
Standing by the stove
Making sure the temperature was just right
Adding all the right spices
- A little salt and pepper, some lemon squeeze, just a hint of chili and a spoon full of love
Stirring carefully, making sure it didn't boil over
Humming your favorite tune while preparing
Personalized with all the ingredients you prefer

Poured it into you favorite bowl, the yellow one (your favorite color)
Served it to you with fresh basil and a kiss on your cheek

You smile and say:

"Thanx, but I'm not very hungry right now"

Details | Alliteration | |

Fruit Of Seduction


Soul-mates Sara and Steve share
Times of titillation, while tasting
Sweet scarlet shaded smiles.
Their reaching fingers find fruit,
As aroma arouses their appetite.
They’re helpless against a hearty hunger,
Yet, yearning is part of the yielding.
Planted for pleasurable picking,
The stem, still pliant secures temptation.
Softly, Sara squeezes juicy secretion 
While sensations slowly spiral. 
Steve licks lightly at the edge of her lips,
Sampling and savoring freckled spots.
Then, he drops downward to devour
What was offered to him without restraint.
The mouthwatering morsels make him eager,
But, patiently he puts Sara’s preferences first.
This is the way it should be, taking their time,
Lingering; as two lovebirds share lunch
Of strawberries, sweet and succulent.

Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

Details | Rhyme | |

SOUP Spoonin'

Online tonite
looks like 
a whole lotta' spoonin'
goin' on in the "Soup"

nosin' around the comment coral
I see love 
amongst the group

hot Soup!
not shaken
marriage scent in the air
no fakin'

where it leads...
we shall see
I know some 
are dippin' crackers in the "Soup"
but Lawd' knows 

Details | Terza Rima | |


Anyone who thought that I follishly picked a rabbit, a cat,
a sheep, a bird or frog as an animal for my impersonating:
must have the wrong would be a big insult!

How would anyone see me becoming one of those?
Has anyone thought of me as a ferocious lion instead?
I would be the king of the jungle, but it could get worse!

I will be demanding obedience and loyalty from every small and big animal
that I have recorded in this book and as their leader I'll be just and pliant,
but wouldn't they envy me for my pretty lioness queen so gentle and beautiful?

Only lions have the ability to lead, solving the issues of justice, equality and fairness;
others may not seek the powerful ivory scepter I'll be holding in my claws,
and from this throne made of straw...they'll admire my sovereignty and mighteness!

Who's laughing in the noisy trees, where lots of monkees devour ripe bananas?
Who's shaking the brenches to make them fall and and land where I stand?
Don't they see the crown I'm wearing which intimitates the elephants and giraffes?

Nobody should be afraid of a docile lion that would turn ferocious...
if the jealous ones continued to ignore me and flashed looks of contention,
and although I am a self-appointed king, I can be kind, not atrocious!

Entered in Kristen Bruni's contest,
" If I Was Animal What Would I Be? "
written by Andrew Crisci

Details | Senryu | |



Gramma's apple pie
caught my eye upon the shelf-
a forbidding sight..........


Contest ~ Apples ? Oranges ?

Details | Senryu | |

' Golden Harvest ... ' 40th Senryu

    Golden, Full Moon Shone
On All The Harvest, That’s Grown
    Welcome In Our Home

Details | Rubaiyat | |


The darkness, how it does keep own persisting
From me it said, you have no will resisting
Completely it has almost spread round the world
Telling you, this is all there be existing 

Preying on all, there is no righteous soul left
Intentions of thee to leave all you bereft
Molding ye a fruitless pattern of death
The Creator does say, their will be a theft

Endurance of faith in the One you should trust
Turn away you all, from fleshly mortal lust
The more men turn on you the more you will see
Follow thee path of Jesus Christ does be just

Details | Haiku | |

Taste Buds

Thick chocolate with a cup of tea

          A silk river of milk
   Exploding in my mouth so smooth.

Details | Epulaeryu | |

Burn With Con Carne

Usually a pound of ground with black beans abound pintos are good for your heart cannellini start pepper, tomatoes green chiles mix! Jalapeno, seeded, minced chop one onion rinced six cloves of garlic thrown in use olive oil then chili powder blend spice a lot HOT!

Details | I do not know? | |


water melon in my garden
like the sun and moon
just two… 
”...launcher ready…”
steady my hand
tending the weeds
near a row of beans
a far away land
”’s not a good time…”
so I wondered
and thought of when
wars are just plays
staged in the hands
of writers like me…
I’d arm the nations
with radish leaves
squash for bullets
that unload seeds
Peanuts money
on my jelly spread
I’d share the health
giving lettuce, head…
”... is it a good time now?...”
who wants a cow
chickens grown
in crowded pens
suffering blows
in.human.e hands
glitters the water
between the corn
I’d sale on ships
into rosebud shores
and i’d grow my fish
in between the stores
”...I’m god in my garden…”
and I divide the rows
soing what suits me
in tomato groves
and near my basil
I’ll build a school
teaching the mint
just how to be cool
and over hear
the potatoes anchor
on stalks of beer
to chi…
banana central
read booms of cheer
...but they say I’m mental.
are sooo good in soup!
my capitals
I declare are true!
I only cook 
When I brew my stew…
and no one regrets
in the garden of Sue.
”...yes piglet…”
I was Just
Making sure of you.

Details | Blank verse | |

Give To Receive

The cost be a benefit to charity I speak of
A bid for mercy a reward from He thee Almighty One
All who have fallen give in faith, so that they receive
Unseen is this present, only in spirit they understand
Selfish desires lost through forgiveness He has answered
Foolish to many the choice that was made obviously right
Turning of a page frees the once monetized slave
His life was the price but still there be strife humbling to most
A ghost now made Holy given to them headed down
This frown now turned to a smile that last for an eternity 

Details | Rhyme | |

Valentine Vegetables

Vegetables are so versatile I use them every day
Such lovely shapes and colours, they are so bright and gay
I always use them in my cooking
Or eat then raw when no one is looking

What is there not to love about the humble carrot?
I peel it tenderly, chop it up and feed it to my parrot
Broccoli it always gets my pulse racing
When it’s steaming in the pan, round my kitchen I am pacing

Potatoes are so wonderful in every shape and style
Boiled, baked, mashed and roast, so totally versatile
I’ve just discovered butternut squash and make a tasty soup
I bake it first and boil it, its taste makes me cheer and whoop

Mushrooms are my favourites I would eat them all the time
Sauted, raw or stuffed with cheese they really are divine
Tomatoes are so colourful and full of lycopene
Its hidden away inside them and it is never seen

Brussel sprouts you either love or hate
But no Christmas dinner is complete without them on your plate
Parsips and turnips are not my favourite food
I will eat them occasionally, when I am in the mood

My love of veg will never fade
I buy organic that have never been sprayed
Vegetables really are so good for us
My family eat them without any fuss

The humble pea is the love of our life
If they are not on the plate I’d not be a good wife
Swede and carrots mashed together
I eat it with ground black pepper
My ode to veg I think is fine
I want them to be my Valentine
They help to keep us strong and healthy
With veg in our lives we are truly wealthy

Details | Free verse | |

Christmas Everywhere

Is it Christmas everywhere?
Christmas parties and stuffed teddy bears.
Songs of merry Christmas delight.
Snow covered rooftops glowing at night.
Gifts of sparkling diamond rings.
Christmas memories and special things.
Holiday feasts and decorated doors.
Chocolate covered cherries, Oh! Give me more.
Trips to the mall to buy gifts galore.
Paying with plastic I depleted my stash.
Let us make a loan I need more cash.
Is it Christmas everywhere?
Are you sure without a doubt?
Because some poor child this Christmas will be without.
Give hope and love.
Give prayers and faith.
For those lonesome people on this Christmas day.
Is it Christmas eerywhere?
With war overseas?
People dying and starving,
and no shoes to cover their feet.
Is it Christmas everywhere, with so much poverty?
Families who go hungry, with nothing much to eat.
What about the homeless and natural disaster stricken lands?
It would make this Christmas merry for the wealthy to lend a hand.
With death and crying, and cold and mourning,
an unfortunate road to a path with no glory.
Oh! What a very sad Christmas story.
My home is my castle that shelters me,
but don't forget the homeless that beg on the street.
So, make this Christmas merry if you're able to give.
Share your heart with someone and allow them to live.
The best Christmas will be without a doubt,
God will bless you for giving to those who are without.

Details | Ballad | |


It is...within the tiny things of early morning, that moment breaths alive, it is within the tiny whisperings, that a melodye the very dear and the antelope, play home on the range.

so goes the melodye of heart beat, that plays quietly the songs of soul,

here a rhyme is born of day-light coming so soon, through the early morning eyes of the moon-light, and the starry dreams of twilight's transitioning...

into the light of a love letter written to dawn.

soul to soul conversing, as in this love letter, the letters just join hands with the words and just march across the sky...and at the end of the rainbow, there be plenty of golden time,

way down deep on the inside, the inspired choir, of a bumble bee, or a butterfly, starts to sing, like tiny things that live,

flower to flower,
blossom to bloom,

watered and deeply cared for...

O' Eden.

I say, deep beneath the surface of a wishing well...where the pennies lay,

I wish a sun-rise.

Details | Free verse | |

Carnivore's Dilemma

Bare, it’s clean, does love exist?
Scraped clean, who deserves such confused?

Death row veggiies , marrow delight?
Slaughtered for our feast?

Bacon cheese- burger
Defiles humanity

Ask me now
Does love exist?




Details | Haiku | |

grands olfactory haiku

coffee best describes
papa joe's essence for me
coffee kisses- YES

fertilizer stink
paternal grandaddy smell
famous tomatoes

noxzema only 
for miss toby before bed
shakey hands slicked up

but then grandmama
whew! peach cobbler first of all
sweet corn, pot roast, ham

oh man, those fried pies
blackberry and peach goodness
beautiful mem'ry

Details | Couplet | |

Mixology Brews blends mixtures concoctions

By Sashi.Prabhu(zeauoxian0
(18th February 2012 nite at Kentucky shack on colva beach)
I was browsing through the menu and laid my eyes upon interesting cocktails and mock tails.
I snapped up the names with the blackberry camera and wove them together to couplets.
Dedicate this one to my friends who love and cherish the cocktails and mock tails.

With love from zeauoxian, black lady, Tom Collins, Three peaks merlot, white lady, John Collins. Between the sheets, pink pusy, screaming orgasm, Pink lady, lost bikini, orgasm. Misty nite, hairy navel, ding a ling, Sunset, buttock clencher, Singapore sling. Lady killer, fuzzy navel, coconut diaquiry, Bloody Mary, fenny wenny woo woo, orange diaquiry. Pure calypso, climax, kick in the balls, Caribbean fever, planter’s punch, rocks for the dolls. Peach pleasure, tequila sunrise, margarita, Pina coloda, sunset, caipirnha. Coco colada, slippery dick, the hammer, Gimlet, sweet nips, tequila slammer. Passona orange, passona lime, sex on the beach, Orange blossom, lime blossom. Passionate peach. Gin fiz, Cuba libre, Roby Roy, Black lagoon, black Russian, beach buoy. Fight fiesta, stinger rum cocktail, side car, Negroni, pink elephant, brandy lime shot from the bar. Mohjito, long island iced tea, whiskey sour, Renaissance merlot, vina tarapoca chardonnay. All these heady concoction, Many of them and lots of action. The science of achohol blending, of the art of mixology, All these to the tipper is fun and to do with a smooth tripology!!!!!!!!

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Why is it?

Why is it that school's say that they are preparing you for life, 

But really they are preparing you for more school?

Who knows?

That has always been on mind for the past few days.

*comment if you know why or if you have any ideas*


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Ballad for two violins

Romantic dinner:chamois,
A lot of candles
Lament the tame roe;
And grills in splinters.

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dinner in the wind

The wind chimes ring to a summer’s breeze,
        With the fragrant smell of hot chicken baking
                Wafting around, setting hearts at ease—
        As wind chimes ring to a summer’s breeze
—The rain falls gently on the growing trees. 
        The old couple waits with bodies aching;
Hearing wind chimes ringing to a summer’s breeze—
        With the fragrant smell of hot chicken baking

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Trusting Only You

Born in worldly sin seeking you thrust knife
Turn away from man’s unrighteous false goals
This be cause will given a choice speaks life
The teachings of Jesus Christ his word molds
Unrelenting desire be thy way 
Without the One lost in doubt course be known
Holy Spirit to baptize me I pray
Direction change not in vain seek Ye thrown

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Sacraments of Christian Initiation

The Sacraments of Christian Initiation
Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist
Lay the foundation of every Christian life

Faithful are born anew by Baptism, 
Strengthened by Confirmation 
Receive in the Eucharist the food of eternal life

To receive increasing measures
The divine life
Advance toward the perfection of charity

Written 09172012

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I love my dinner

Roast Pork

Big  fork

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Sister -- a poem in 3 parts


End-Cut Prime Rib of
Beef,  Crab-
Cake, Lobster Tail,
Sea Scallops.

I feel — no — need
to, eat those foods
asked that I get
you. So I scour the

for upscale
Manhattan restaurant
menus, listing,
first and foremost,
roast prime rib of

confident that, if I
find that, the
seafood items 
will appear on at
least one of them,

It’s the Post House,
on East 63rd Street,

that has everything.
And, on this day, 

the 1st anniversary
of your death, I’m
the foods you
craved, yet, I do
not savor 

a morsel. But not to
worry, Renee, 
for next year, same
date, I’ll try

and maybe, just
maybe, I’ll find it
to enjoy what you
surely would have, 

if only I’d realized
there was no time
No time left, as I
held your hand 

and watched American
while you morphed
into what-

ever it is one
becomes at death. 


Regarding Robert
Frost, I muse, if 
he’d taken the other
road, would he 
have moved to
England, where 

his poetry was a hit
from the get-go; 
would he have been a
constant farmer, 
or teacher, or
newspaper reporter —

not a bard who
crafted the simplest
into mysterious,
memorable poems; 
not a father who
couldn’t prevent 

his children’s
deaths; not a
who couldn’t keep
his wife from 
sinking deep into

Every day, since
your death, I think 
about what I
could’ve done and
not have done as
your sister, your

How I’d sat on my
laurels and let you 
navigate on your
own, with me never 
trying to steer away

from conflict with
you. Me, who 
found it too hard
staying involved 
in that life of
yours. Truth be
told, if 

there’d been two
diverging roads for
to choose one, way
back when, neither 
the worse for wear,
I would’ve sought 

you out — asked you
which one 
you’d take if you
were me, and surely 
I’d have taken the


I sent you an e-mail
hours ago, 
right after
rereading a few from

out of the many
final ones I never
According to AOL,
the one I sent you 

today, dated
3/30/2014 11:42:47
Eastern Daylight
Time, was delivered!

It’s been 2 years, 1
month, 7 days, minus

approximately 9

since you died, and
I’m wondering if 
my message reached
you?  I made it

wanting not to
rehash what we’ve
and written to each
other since 

the moment we could.
Renee, if 
I don’t hear back
from you, I’ll

you can’t make
yourself be heard,
or choose 
not to. Although, it
could be, I’m not

well enough — much
the same as when 
you’d lived. No
matter, I’ll be
writing you 

from here on, and
I’ll stay on
lest I miss a single
word or whisper. 

P.S.  It’s 3 days
later and my e-mail 
has been returned as
unread: “Undelivered

Returned to Sender -
which prompted me to
look up “daemon”  

in the dictionary:
(in ancient Greek)
archaic spelling 
of “demon” —a
divinity or
supernatural being
of nature 
between gods and
humans; an inner or
attendant spirit 
or inspiring force;
tutelary spirit;
genius loci.

So, thanks to AOL, I
(tend to) believe 
you’re out there,
somewhere in 

the electronic (or
otherwise) universe,
in a place
universally known as

You, out there,
watching me
grappling with 
your death 24/7.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Having family and turkey is the sauce for the dressing.
All together giving warm wishes and especially blessing.
Prayers are the dearest thing to share even if apart.
Prayers whether said out loud or quietly in your heart.
Your spirit shared with others is a great gracious start.

Take heed of what you have been given each day that you live.
Heaven hears every word and thought that your soul does give.
Answers don’t always come the way we desire them too.
Never underestimate that they are heard above the blue.
Kingdoms of glory have no monetary goal to claim.
Spirits blessed in honor and true love has no shame.
God is here, he hears, yes he is alive though many doubt.
Insincerity of your inner peace will have no known clout.
Victory of all that will be given comes from your heartfelt soul.
Insecurity of your spirit shall defeat and buries your life’s’ goal.
Now warm your essences with peace and love for humanity.
God has set forth a plan for his glory and our life-forces eternally.

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Outside Of The Box

This is a tale for you regarding Pandora and the box.
Here we find an attempt to put back on the lock
A trip back to Alexandria in your mind we must go
Trying to protect but you can’t turn back the clock

What had tried to be sealed is not what one expect
Only wanting to keep others from trying to dissect
The library was vast holding knowledge long passed
Gallant was the attempt though evil did misdirect

Someone had already check out these 365 books
See the flames raised high the city did overcook
Spread them north and east so ordered the beast
Because at the Star he did not want you to look

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Trees and Dirt

Trees and dirt I sleep on the earth, the dust the sand, longing to birth.
Oil on skin, bare, 
sweat on your back, 
feels amazing.
Yes! Im back on track.
Sleeping cosy as a worm, 
unencumbered by any material possession or fixed term.
Free to explore, a magical universe, 
I must implore.
No home, no chores, no bills to pay. 
Just water, food gathered and warmth today.
A dusty cave, cute as a button, no slamming door, 
just love in your belly, to the very core.
I love this realm, 
just need more time, 
time to explore.
Trees and dirt  I sleep on the earth, the dust, the sand, longing to birth.
And return once again to mother earth.

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On Top of My Pizza

On top of my pizza
filled with bacon and cheese
sits a juicy pineapple ring
filled up with garden peas

This gives much wanted colour
to my anticipated big bite
the base is so thick
raising one's mouth a new height

The juice from my pineapple ring
runs all over my pizza
adding zest to its taste
giving it a new added feature

Now the ring slips slowly down
to fall off the plate
on to the floor below the table
I'm sitting at with my date

Then it moves over to the other side
where sits my date a real beaut
who thinks I'll have that
but finds it stuck to her foot

So I cut it from her foot
making her footloose and fancy free
with my knife and fork
made her eyes see only me

Love came via a pineapple ring
to cherish and keep we joyfully sing

AUTHOR NOTES: written with the  childrens song in mind 'on top of spaghetti'
with a slight change of focus!

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The REAL Food Song - My Passion

Potato chip, I love you up, my darling little buttercup. A cup! A Reese’s chocolate one with peanut butter. Oh, what fun! What fun is time with nacho chips; delightful cheese to tease my lips. My lips around a hamburger, with onion rings my heart to stir. Stir the chili in the pot. Add tabasco; cook it hot. Hot, that snack I love so well, is buttered popcorn that I smell. Smell the pasta fantasy- sauce and parmesan for me. Me and cheesecake, cherries atop. Once I start, I cannot stop. Stop for ice cream; what I wish- a sundae sitting in a dish. Dish me up some southern fried with mashed potatoes on the side. A side of bacon, crispy fat. I see nothing wrong in that! That’s a spicy hot tamale. Enchiladas make me jolly. Jolly Christmas; candies sweet, turkey, ham; so much to eat. Eat a pizza. It’s the best. Now I’ve gotta take a rest. For Deb Wilson's "My Passion" Poetry Contest

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Satiated by you, your love, your love making, I sigh with contentment…no longer hungry…My mouth still savoring the flavors of love….I run the tip of my tongue over your lips to catch the last remnants of my dessert…..Satiated I am, my love. Satiated to my inner core…Satiated by feasting on you!

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Always I Miss You

When I'm home sick, sulking half the day because your not here,
 And getting sadder if I say madder because your not there,
 I remind myself in an unusual way theres worse fared,
 If you don't mind being compared,
Repeating the many ways you cared,
 The experiences fondly replayed in many ways,
 Thoughts and memories that make me gay,
 Every recipe, every taste,
 Looking back it all seems in an awkward haste,
Now it is what I use to fill my plate,
 It's what I use so I won't be late,
 Staying here learning to appreciate,
 All the miles, trucks caring freight..
For your Christmas gifts the children just can't wait,
 But if you visit my mind would quake.

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Cinco De Mayo

 Packed a picnic for the middle of the night,
sandwiches,chocolet stawberrys , liqueur taste just right,
 Smoke a lil sumthin to make us feel so light,
My baby sister here, we can never feel so tight,
 One candle burning flickering just right,
Here with our loves, the moon shines so bight,

 We walk through the trails, to stretch our legs and feel the air,
we get so spooked we run back feeling fear,
 We laugh out loud to clear the air,
 Enjoy this time from here to there,
Cinco de mayo is outa sight,

We love each other all so right.

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The alterior motives conqueror

He's the product of a ladies man
He knows how to take command
Grab her hand
Livening up those strolls throuigh the sand
And for you he will speak to the sea in a voice so deep
It could lull troy to sleep
Although nothing will become of it you"ll love it
Since he did it for you in public
And now your defenceless
To his sexual advances to his advantage
He's not a player but a slayer
Wants her body for unmusical chairs
So young ladies stay youthful  be aware
More wolves than sheep and they bleachin all they hair
This beast that roams these unleveled streets
Has many names like hidden grief
Or he who eats but wont provide meat
The one who sleeps like born without feet
The passive addict with an aggressive come down
Your babies baggage that dont never come around
Mr no benefits and no working background
Or Mr she's headed east He's tryin to meet her westbound
He's that monster that would even ponder,
having her introduce her lil sister to the corner 
So I emplore you be stronger, live longer,
and be a alterior motives conqueror 

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Abstract Be the Closed Minded

Selfish and greedy they grasp at one cause
Blind be the dead denying Natures laws

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Dreams Glowing Brightly

Dreams wed forever partied in the park.
Hope's voice permeated life's freshest air.
Beloved friends, there rejoiced at love's spark.
The wedding guests adorned in formal wear.
Enjoying snacks and drinking way past dark
Oh sweet nostalgia, come again, so fair.
Beneath night-lights held tight by romance.
Couples glowing brightly, spinning…thoughts dance.

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(Kyrielle Sonnet)*

I coax him with my baby talk,
then he begins his fishy walk.

He wiggles and waggles his tail,
he flutters his fins without fail.

His coat of blue, purple and green
flashes and shimmers a vivid sheen.

You can tell he's a normal male,
he flutters his fins without fail.

He waits until I walk away
to forage for his food today.

While spewing bubbles in his trail,
he flutters his fins without fail.

I coax him with my baby talk,
he flutters his fins without fail.

*Samu, a pet Japanese Beta fish, lived three (3) years,
 which, according to the pet store owner, was a record.
My theory: With all living creatures, love works wonders.
And love, as always, is expressed in many ways. Unable 
to hold him, physically pet him, I communicated my love
to him in words, to which he responded physically.


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Tainted love 
or tired love?
Smug attitudes
and weak games
Look at you!
Your such a lame!
Me cry?! Ha! Not no more!
Five point five years
What a joke?!
All you do is lie
Keep smoking your life away!
Wake up before its too late!
Before this love turns into hate!
Your too old to act this way!
Your too comfortable
You cant stay!
In my life!
In my way!
Goodbye to you!!!

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Energy Of He

Water bearer’s drippings of dew
Still nourishment for just a few

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“Mother…for whom love was enough”

Love and a sense of humor were Mother’s tools of trade
and a judicial wisdom with every judgment made.

She used no threats, no whips nor straps to discipline her brood.
No swear words or shouts did she employ to force us to be good.

We each were quickly sorry, if misbehaviors or our lies
brought signs of disappointment to her beautiful gray eyes.

Daddy and Mama were a team and didn’t sabotage each other.
His one firm rule that he enforced was a simple “Mind your mother”.

My mother’s meals were evidence of her enduring love,
She turned out her delectables on an ornery old iron stove.

No one ever had to be called twice to one of Mama’s meals.
We came eagerly anticipating the treat each bowl reveals. 

We were so happy at that table, with Daddy at its head,
as we sat thinking of the food, throughout the prayer he led.

She cooked to please our daddy with  Pennsylvania Dutch dishes
And on our birthdays pampered us with our selective wishes.

When we were sick our mama used her love potion to kill
all of the foolish bacteria that had dared to make us ill.

She never was too busy to attend our little bruises,
to wipe our tears with her clean apron, one of its many uses.

She raised her seven children in those days when times were tough.
We didn’t miss the luxuries. She had taught us, “Love’s enough”.

By: Joyce Johnson 8/25/11      For Constance’s contest “Mother”

Won #5

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Expanding mind
Taste Sampling
Forbidden pleasure
Mind numbing
Thought inducing
Last Night

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The New Kingdom

Can anyone on this planet see that many unexplained occurrences are happening?
Can a group of scientist, agriculturist, solve the worlds food problem?
Can anyone control the weather?
Can anyone truly say they can make the world better?

Can we sustain food supply to the millions starving?
Can we in good conscience think this through without it being alarming?
Can a world facing over population, pandemics, and wars survive?
Can do. This is what our Savior Jesus said if we are to remain alive.

You see man has the power if he adheres to God’s laws and allow our Spiritual Father in.
Love, consideration love for your fellow humans, we alone allows the Holy Spirit in.
God’s edicts will stand the test of time. This belongs to God. He sees, hears, knows all, happenings are explained.
Today now you can know the Father, just ask, be fearful of God, His road map, His heavenly signs, His truths remain.

Can say this, the Bible says, “Prove all things?”
Can do a motto, a search, a loving gift to all human beings?
Don’t be fooled confusion is the devil’s way.
Soon’ Peace, love, a new kingdom. Don’t worry it’s more about the devil’s pay day.

Our Father will see to it that every fear, every sorrow will disappear.
The conditions are simple; Love your God with all your heart and soul, live as if to hear.
Keep your vigilance, pray for His will be done.
As we lovingly spiritually see His Kingdom comes.

The evil one cast to His predicted end into the pit.
His legions, His followers, will be cast to the depths, and we will be better off because of this.
Our new Kingdom on earth will be with the Father and Jesus.
A loving caring peaceful earth, a gift from the Father we can go and talk to the Almighty, A Spiritual gift for us.

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To My first love ice cream

I will always love you 
Because you are different every time you come around
Some time sweet 
Sometimes bitter 
Because  remember i got that chipped tooth that you seem to always get to and make shiver
And i might get mad but all will be forgiven 
when i was Titanic and start to weep
And under the covers you and me sweep
You stick by my side though thick and through thin 
With all you different flavor i couldn't even began to remember how are relationship begun
Was it summer sun with Rocky Road 
Or out side freezing (and it s snowing) with and McDonald's cone
Or was it when i feel in love when i tried you slow churned 
when one bit turned in to three 
And three turned in to ten
And ten turn in to the pint is already half way gone so i might as well eat the rest
Will it doesn't matter because you are and will forever be number one 
Until chocolate comes around then well you pretty much know the rest

 but that is why they made ChOcOlAtE IcE CrEaM

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I RUN from FEAR.



I FIGHT cause of FEAR.

I'm FAR from you.

I'm SCARED cause of you.

You're the FEAR that I HUNT.

You're the FEAR that I FIGHT.

You're the FEAR that SCARED me for LIFE.

*Comment if you have any thought and if you like it. oh and some of the poems i write arn't 
always my feelings. their some times just to get through other people so they can have 
something to read that just fit's them.*


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The Last Supper - Epulaeryu

                                         a piece of unleavened bread
                                             wine – fruit  of  the  vine
                                              a  feast  of  Holy Spirit
                                               fills  my  hungry  soul
                                               with your gift of love
                                                  by the Holy Bible
                                             Luke:  Chapter 22: 7-23

                                             Awarded:  First Place
                                         John Heck's Epulaeryu contest

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written 22nd March 2001

K  is for all the "kisses we share
A  is for your boyish "attitude 
Y  is for all the "yummy food you eat
N  is for the "never ending love we share
E  is for the "endless laughter we have together

                 "Mummy's Thoughts"

               So charming and boyish
             Not knowing how precious
              Overwhelming and bright
          Your happiness is my only light

                               with love

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Estephania was the Spanish horse,
with a chestnut coat and mane   
and a lighter long tail...and she ate
alfalfa for strong teeth and bones.

She was domesticated, losing her liberty
and neighing she showed keen ability:
to spot dangers on a perilous path...
Estefania even stopped for a stranded cat.

In summertime she fed mostly on grass,
but bees stung her many times to protest,
and struggling to get them off her tail...
she hit a shrilling raven in the head.

And feeling sorry for the dying bird wincing, 
Estefania licked his semi-open
him a little comfort as he folded his wings;
and whinnying she wept a river of tears.

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My Brightest Star

Today, my brightest star is still my baby This reference she may find disagreeable Sometimes the things she says make my head spin Leaves me speechless as I listen to her opinions My first and only, beautiful and a definite miracle Although that’s another story Sent to me when I’d given up all hope Through her I’ve leaned some patience Well, at least much more than before She inspires me to live life to its fullest Without fear of neither present nor future To love without expectation Finding a peaceful existence within She may not enjoy the art of cooking And has no green thumb for gardening Yet has this extraordinary love for people Which shines in beautiful smiles easily shared She is my brightest star in this life! ~*~

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We Are The One

As we gather, the sun heats sweet beats
Blazing lands ye spread far west test rest
These winds that blow changes though, will steel
The cry of banshee, they dare rust trust
They not see the light of day hither wither
Signs knew not, manifest He speak seek
Plainly in view will be done son Sun
To be undone this cloaked veil, gowns crowns

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He is {our dearest friend}

He is everything good inside you and I
The alpha and omega the earth and the sky

He forgives our trespass as well as our thoughts
Don't get confused for he can't be bought

He is the planets as well as the stars
I first found him inside prison bars

He is all that has been or could ever be
The sun and the moon the sky and the sea

He is the beauty we see in a flower
He created the universe with all of it's power

He is the teacher who teaches us best
He forgives us our sins and offers us rest

He is the one who offered his Son
To forgive us of things that we have done

For he is love in it's truest form
The comfort inside that makes us feel warm

He gives unto us the right to choose
The ultimate choice of win or lose

When you feel lonely and full of despair
Comfort is waiting in a single prayer

He is the one thing from which we can't hide
For he is the spirit that lives inside

He is the beginning as well as the end
For he truly is "our dearest friend"

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Burger Love

her quarter-pounder eyes edged with charcoal coaxed me inside. her round succulent body i savoured hungrily as from table to table she rolled. a small gherkin green nose sat on lips of tomato sauce surrounded by a cheesy smile. as my fingers touched i knew it was burger love.

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Aroma Of Soup

Out on the porch seeking inspiration,
                     enter warm house greeted by warmth,
                                            aroma of homemade chicken and vegetable soup.

Contest: Anything about soup
Sponsor: P.D.

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Taking Joy

One can take joy as eyes
glow and sparkle
One can take joy 
in smiles for no reason
Wish I could throw a bolt of 
At the residents of this city, 
this city, this state, this country,this world
      Life is a privilege
      together we can partake 
          of the banquet 
  As stars come out at night 
and the summer draws slowly to a close
Let us taste the sweet wine 
of love, of sex, of nature, of joy 
As you enjoy 
    the fruits of life 
touch the reality 
you may have missed 
in your younger, more hasty days 

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Seagull and the Penguin

A sea gull flew over the ocean admiring his reflection every day.
Passing over the shore, he saw penguins at work and careful play.
What an ugly bird they are he suddenly proclaimed.
They can’t fly and still they strut… know they no shame!

One day the gull was swooping down angling for a fish…
When suddenly an orca whale knocked him in the briny brink.
Snapping and churning the orca would soon have his way.
The gull was surely lost, if he could not gain the air to stay.

Moments before the whale pod arrived the penguins chose to assist.
They chose to distract the whale, giving the gull a chance to resist.
The orca didn’t care which meal he had as long as there was one…
He finally beached himself upon the shore, and still he hadn’t won.

At that point the gull realized, the penguins were really seriously cool.
They could certainly fly in the water, if maybe not the air to rule.
Now friends for life… he would scout for them safe passage to their fish.
Indeed, the gull flew away that day a little wiser, knowing he’d been remiss.

Everyone in life is different. He surmised… It’s not a choice they’ve made.
But now he knows each demands respect… in their own separate way.

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Crackers ‘n' Cheese

I was a-munchin’ ‘n’ a-crunchin’ on some crackers ‘n’ cheese
When a-someone or a-somethin’ came ‘n’ tickled my knees –

With her tail up in the air in a question mark tease,
‘Twas my little grey kitten mewin’ wide-green eyed pleas –

Beggin’ of her human, “Oh kind human, please
Won’t you let me share in yer crackers ‘n’ cheese?”

I looked into her tiny face ‘n’ made the choice with ease –
Doncha know that to my heart this kitten holds the keys?

I felt her purrs flow past me, a gentle, liltin’ breeze,
 ‘N’ now my kitten’s doin’ the munchin’ on my crackers ‘n’ cheese!

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Embracing Lust Or Being Just

Temptations again they do be daily
Ode to Jesus Christ dare I not fail they
Surround by sin how can I win
With faith and truth of heart
No matter how the enemy comes at me
Be I righteous and show charity

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Pink Slime

Pink Slime, Pesticides
And chicken thighs bigger than my thighs

And we wonder why there is an increase
in learning disabilities among children today 
I say it’s because the process, that the food is processed and grown and raised, is
compromised by demand, money, greed or fame. 
I do understand that demand is high 
so we have to do somethin’

So to compete, we inject hormones into the very animal or plant that is sold for consumption
So now we eat these hormones and our bodies are stressed because of the added pesticides and  herbicides and other sh#! that’s hard to digest  

I mean what’s really the cause?
There’s more kids with disabilities today than there ever was  
I say it’s because like the story is told in the verses, that knowledge is increasing in man and the result is not what He purposed. 

Pink Slime and Pesticides..We’re eating stuff that’s been chemically grown inside…and chickens bigger than my thighs

Details | Blank verse | |


people look at me and they can't see... 
because on the outside I look as healthy as can be... 
but...I am not afraid to say, I am malnurished... 
lately I have been deprived from the main nutrients in life... 
I'm hungry for it... 
although I've had snacks 
woke up to breakfast.. 
and slept with dinners... 
I didn't feel say the least... 
some1 offered to buy me lunch... 
I told her she didn't have enough, she looked at me confused. 
and I just left it at that, because since I've known her...a buffet is all she's offered me. 

yeah...I've had some that cook for me...but they seem to always be missing the most important ingridients. 
...I'll try all different spices...but I like to keep it mild... 
I haven't had that full course in a while... 
never make it to the dessert... I guess I'll keep looking over the menu... 
the menu that I've been reading until my head hurt's... 
I need some food for my thoughts, some food for my latest heart condition... 
I need to be replenished...and only true love can quench this thrist... 
because I've been starving and my waitress is takin too long.... 

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A Simple Grace

This world can look like an evil place;
Where a man is judged by money, colour or race.
When a child is broken by a ‘human being’
Yet the judge decides the evidence ‘not worth seeing’

This world can sound like we’re knocking on hell’s gate
Innocence like venison, on the guilty man’s plate
This world can feel like a kind of hell
All who hurt have a story to tell
But this world is still a beautiful place,
To those who have nothing - yet still say grace

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A Thanksgiving Wish

I wish I could sit ‘round the corner,
And take in all of the clamor;
I’d hear laughter and conversations,
I would hear what really matters!

I would hear dear familiar voices,
Distinctive laughs I would know right away.
Dinnerware clanging with silverware,
And the smells of Thanksgiving Day!!!

I would thank my God for family,
Both at home and those miles away.
If I could just sit ‘round the corner,
That would be a spectacular day.

What you have, when gathered together,
Is a gift every heart longs to share.
The gift of just loving each other,
And the prize of each person that’s there.

Though I’m not sitting there ‘round the corner,
My heart is most certainly there.
My love, adoration and thankfulness,
Is in spirit, at everyone’s chair.

I love you dear family, and send my best wishes:
For holiday health, wealth and mirth.
Tis Thanksgiving Day! Thank God for right now!
It’s the best seat to have on the earth. 

Details | I do not know? | |

Desire for Honey Bun

Just the sight of you,
Out of the corner of my eye, 
Makes my mouth unbelievably watery. 
The way you look back at me,
as a gaze at you,
gives me unbelievable chills. 
Chills that provide my imagination with all types of thrills.
Thrills Just awaiting me, awaiting the passionate love we share 
With just that simple kiss, touch, and  a smile 
that once one takes that transpiring bite.
Under the dim light, I can see the faint outline of every curve, 
That sweetly outlines your shape that continually keep my eyes in awe so that 
I can’t draw my eyes from your Light brown complexion. 
Then slowly you persuade me to help you,
Help you take off your sheer layering slowly and carefully. 
As I assist in the games that, this beauty has possessed me to play, 
I begin to become consumed with the most pleasant and mind easing scent, 
The scent of sweet glaze and butter and light cinnamon that drives me wild, 
However I regain control and realize the work at hand, 
Finally once I have you naked and revealed to my eyes, 
I begin to take you into my mouth and take in that wonderful, 
Mind blowing sweetness that takes me under every single time
I get the opportunity to place you in my mouth.
And I will wait till next time, until I see you out the corner of my eye, 
And invite me to come take all of you into my sense to enjoy that sweetness, 
That you always have to offer me and that only you can provide 
That I always desire to have.
 Oh how I love my honey bun.

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A battered old saucepan

It may seem strange to write about a battered old saucepan
but this was no ordinary one 
it sprung a leak the other day
sadly without thinking
I threw it away
and now it's gone.

It had been in my family
before I was born
and it was used every day
it broke my heart after
to throw it away.

For all the delicious soups goulash and past
it had contained
the mouth watering delectable smells
from the kitchen
the shouts from my parents

''Come on now set the table dinners made''.

All the red hot broths and porridge we'd scoff
before school on a winters day
all the laughs tears and conversations around
the dinner table before it was was washed
and put away.

It was more than a simple saucepan
because it held a lot of family memories
now my parents sadly passed away
it was one of the last things to remind me
of how things used to be
and mow I have to buy a new one
and accept it's demise
like my family
it's gone forever.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Pet Sit Panic

~PANIC from the DOGS POV~

They left me yeah..woof ME! woof!
Love that car! grrrrrrrrrr
Blankie where’d my blankie go??
Mommie!!!!! (howl)
Daddie !! (Howl) (Whimper)(Simper)*

Who’s that Lady, I smell her…
    NOPE not MY Mommie!

(The discarded pup chases its tail)
    (howl) (growl)*

Gonna HIDE! yeah..yup HIDE!
    NOPE~ ~ `dope*
        Gonna EAT! (bark) (bark)

FOOD! hey Lady FO O D>>>>>>>
       I GOT  Kisses
(a giant pink tongue slobbers 
with drool toward the puppy sitter!)

OH NO!!!! I smell CAT (grrrrrrrr)
(howl) (bark)

FOOD? cat? Kisses for food 
   (What’s a dog to do?)

      Kisses and food YEAH!
(Can’t get out to get CAT!)

Gimme gimme HERE pretty sitter kisses for YOU!
Awwwwwww, you so nicey sitter!
             I luv YOU!
( giant, pink, bubble- gum, 
           tongue licks on sitters facie!)

I think I luv YOU TOO!

What? CAR????
Mommie!!!!! HOWL, prowl*
(scratch door)
One more kissie sitter lady!
Mommie’s HOME!

*indicates internal rhyme

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Sweet and Sour

Oh, my Sour Patch Kids You are so sweet and so sour I love you today.

Details | Epulaeryu | |

Romanian "Ice and Desire"

"Striptease of sweetcherries" hot
With white dress ice-cream;
Liqueur-Impetuous fire;
This splendid old team,
In which desire
Is just small

Details | Alliteration | |


Fragrant strawberries
resembling plump lips,
when no other fantasy could ever excite us more;
creating a lover's luscious desire
anytime you stare at them with a tempting eye...
taste their sweetness and sigh! 

Fragrant strawberries
growing in sunny fields to delight everyone;
pick many and enjoy them with appetite,
don't forget to fill up your basket 
for your noon snacks and strawberry cake...
taste their sweetness and sigh!

Fragrant strawberries,
dreamed by lovers for their red, attracting color
to invigorate their passion at a later hour;
O sweetheart, kissing you is like tasting them!
Shouldn't I enjoy this feast without haste...
taste their sweetness and sigh?

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Religious Epulaeryu

The light of first beginning
Still feeds us with love:
Hot Fish and Bread and white wine
As blessed meal of mine.
I eat with my dove 
The sweet grains,  

Details | Ballad | |


I want to create & bake
A cake, I want to make
Flavor of which one?
Help me find the best one

Chocolate - My ultimate favorite
I searched for ingredients
I gather one by one in a wreath
Taking notes on other reagents

As I mixed, blend and fold
Smile touches the ends of my lips
When I'm done; I put into a mold
Licking some mix on my fingertips..

I don't like to decorate
Neither do I like to garnish
All I want is to top and allocate
Allocate and made with love and happiness

Indeed, anyone who'll bite 
Such bitter sweetness clings 
He, she, you: I'll invite
Quite luscious in devouring

by: olive_eloi

Details | Free verse | |

For Carol

I stood there one day
With my feet in the sand
Water to my waist 
And hands spread around

The fish, all swam close
And swept against me
My fingers they nibbled
I felt so much glee

Nature’s beauty at best
When you feel all at one
When with wild you connect
It’s like touching the sun

Went there each day
To swim with the fish
Love that feeling I get
When my legs they do kiss

Then one day I met Carol,
She was feeding them all
Four years she said now
And took a roll call

She showed me the babies
And thousand there were
All growing and healthy
In this violent world

She shared with me bread
So I could feed them too
And I love her for that
I feel so in tune

She told me of trouble
With this one and that
Not wanting her feeding
Those fish where we’ve at

One friend he told me
A petition being signed
Opposing the feeding
Of our fish friends this time

I can not believe it
Can not understand
This world in such shortage
Few fish in our times

And here is someone
Heart big as can be
Doing something for this world
So good, as I see

One day she did ask me
If fish I could feed
Cause she could not make it
Was busy as a bee

Was happy to do that
Cause I love to feed them
And next morning was there
Bright, early and free

Those people I spoke about
Where so rude to me
They shouted, took photos,
Tried to intimidate me

I wonder at those people
In this world that were in
Where is their goodness
Hearts hard as can be

One day Carol, she told me
Abuse they did cause
They scattered her bread
All over the shore

What’s wrong with these people?
I can only ask
We are feeding some fish
There’s no harm in us

This world that we long for
Of peace and harmony
Of getting along
And having nature be free

How will we ever find it?
When as you can see
There are people out there
Who scream - commit perjury?

Shame on you people
We are doing no harm
Just feeding some fish
Just let us be calm

And we hope that you fishes
All grow up to fill
These oceans of ours
With food for our plead

I want for my children
And those next in line
To know what a fish is
In all ages of time

There is so many out there
Who kill and destroy
Who maim native animals
And shamelessly slaughter

So thank you dear Carol
For what you have done
For love you have given
To fishes all in one

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Lustful Pleasures

From the cocoa tree,
Chocolate sensualism
Hershey with Almonds!

Details | Triolet | |

Land of Sunshine

You are headed toward a land of sunshine
Where your dearest wish will come true;
Good luck is coming your way.
You are headed toward a land of sunshine
With me by your side day by day
Because I love you and I am yours always.
You are headed toward a land of sunshine
Where your dearest wish will come true.

(Lunch at Cherry Blossoms with Violet)

Details | Light Poetry | |

Yummy talks

Bread baked with love
This poem of mom
In belly
Is yummy

Details | Epulaeryu | |

Romanian Hunger

Lamb well roasted with wine : tears...
New potatoes red;
Savory grave,dill gravy
Green salad wears;
Forgive us...
God !...

Details | Shape | |

' Scents ... (or Tea - Baby) '

S                                      S
          I So, Love  The  Scent,  of A Fresh, Cup Of  Tea
         Like,  I  Love The Smell, of  A  Fresh-Bathed Baby
         Both,  Are So Very Delicate, Soothing &        Sweet
         Both,  Are  A Unique, Fragile-Moment       Complete
         And  With  Rose  Petals  and  Soft  Lavender Scents
         And Apple-Blossoms, Honey and Fresh Peppermint
          All  Come In Lotions Or Talc-Powder  For Baby
           And In My Teacup, These Aromas Are Tasty
            I So Love The Scent of Steeped-Leaf Tea
               And A Fresh -Bathed, Gurgling Baby
                Come, Sip A Cup  of Tea With Me
                   While I Hold & Sniff The Baby

Details | I do not know? | |


A dash of salt
I'll add that to the mix
stimulate my senses to 
My soul becomes apart of it
into the crevices of eat bite you take
savour my savoury dishes
sample my sweets.
All of me you devour
I watch you 
expression your sensations
I smile in satisfaction
reactions to my liking
A pinch of this 
a 'tuups' of that
an abundance of me
in that menu you see.

Details | Senryu | |

When You Repent Sincerely

His will forgives
Stabs of a knife
Life still in strife

Details | Ode | |


Coffee in a cup, makes a cup of coffee;
just as an aroma from within, makes the air,

smell of flowers in the spring



...a sweet thing, like sugar cane is to the tasting,
and the tasting is to stirring the dream,

making flavored coffee

a drink in the morning.

Details | Rhyme | |

a recipe for kinky romance

hell fire desires running wild
like a passion driven hot rod with burning tires

scorching licks of frenzied lust
whip raw touches that spontaneously self combust
pressurized slowness yielding euphoric smoke with every thrust

finger flicking flickery teasing and pleasing pink pleasures
peeping erotic natures in search of lost wet treasures

hardy hints of intense mixed sexual scents
resurrects the untamed within to go instinctively hell bent
standing tall like a hairy savage walking erect

smooth cruise control piston pumping action
X-rated planet transmitting listen to deep space orgasmic satisfaction

naughty nude bodies being slapped by massive tide waves of ecstasy
forever love fantasies pulverized into countless particles
and scattered across the endless galaxies 

extreme tenderness under a ripe mythological moon
indulge on each others spirits using a soul stealing spoon

Details | Romanticism | |


 I may not have all the riches galore,
Or stand laced in diamonds that drape to the floor,
 I may not be built, like the girl in your dreams.
Or bare the manors your mother would teach.
 I may not have money to spend at my will,
Or time to waste ,just 4 the hell.
 I may not cook as good as you,
But you"ll know I tried, take outs good too.
 I never stopped earning all I have gained.
I'm willing to share with you just the same.
 I may not be perfect just honest & true.
All that I have baby,I offer you.

Details | Rhyme | |



Let us whisper you and I 
In a dark little corner and no candle light.

W'll wait until  dawn and watch the sunrise. 
Then catch a gentle breeze or watch a fading star.

We pick some flowers and catch a butterfly

We cross a small stream, sparkling water 
catches the corner of your eyes.

We make a sailing boat from paper then
write a little song.

Soon will be breakfast, then at dinner w'll say a prayer,
And at night time w'll light a fire, and then we retire.

Details | Sonnet | |

A Sign of Good Taste

His jewel of chocolate delights
In dreams of love dare we behold,
That brings to continental nights
Such luxury enriched with gold.
In deuces rather than an ace
The Monte Carlo cards may fold
His gem will bring a smiling face
Such luxury enriched with gold
Of biking’s tragic final trip
The tears of loss the papers told
His love remains at fingertip
Such luxury enriched with gold
His jewel of chocolate delights
Such luxury enriched with gold.

Details | Limerick | |

Java Love

I am a coffee hound to say the least.
Without my java I can be a beast.
Just love that steaming cup
that warms and picks me up.
And productivity is much increased!

written October 22nd,2011
by Deb Wilson
for contest "Pick a Beverage-Any Beverage"
sponsored by Francine Roberts

Details | Haiku | |

sumptuous meal

cuisine if desired
sumptuous tasty yummy
always need to wait

Details | Verse | |

Pate Chinois Did It

It's funny how love blooms with a new day -

births forth romance in one moment's surprise,

without much warning, traps the heart away

and stars will cover vision of the eyes.

So it was when she met that Quebecois

her little French relayed the message sent,

their mutual love for pate chinois

sparked an attraction that was eloquent,

and looks said more than what their words had meant.

Novelinee poetry form: 9 lines in a b/a b/c d/c d/d format

Cynthia Buhain Baello
August 6, 2012

Details | Lyric | |


It does not matter what kind of food I am eating
What matters is with whom I am feasting
And the way this lady keeps my old heart beating
She makes everything look and taste appetizing

She makes me feel like I'm eating some gourmet dish
Even if in truth I am just eating ordinary fried fish
Eating meals with her I will always cherish
She can turn ordinary food to something that I relish

I can never put to words the joy that she can bring
And the good taste to my food that she is adding
This lady to me really means everything
With her around I would not even need seasoning

Food shared with her is a gift from above
Made tastier by true and eternal love
She is everything that my dreams are made of
Meals shared with her are truly seasoned with love

Details | Rhyme | |

soul dinner party (2)

Then to finish,    sorbet
 and a cafe au lay
  for I'll finish you
   with select taste...
You'll be licking your plate
  Impatient to wait
with no leftovers on table to waste...
so this invite I give you
  my chef - shala Blue
     for I'd trust you
          with fork and with knife,
You can grill me forever
 As tough as shoe leather
and still I would give you my life
to eat of my body
  at yr soul dinner party
  just ask and I will comply,
     ring once and I'll be there
polishing the silverware
would you like breast, wing, or thigh??
and since there's no ending
to this meal that I'm sending
  to you, with sincer - ity
Kinshala, please savor
each bite, and each flavor
  for It's within You
                   I long to be...

Details | Alliteration | |

I Am Today

Living, Learning, Loving
Fasting, Faithful, Fruitful
Determining, Divine Desires

Always, Aspiring, Ascension
Call, Creator, Come
Heavens, Holy Spirits, Help

Grain, Gaining, Growth
Dry, Drips, Drenched
Wells, Water, Wishes

Details | Free verse | |

The Affair

I carry one in my pocket for moments like this
For in her delight I truly will find bliss
Unwrapping  content I now slip thereon
I long for her sensuousness
Thus we two become decadent and sinful
Her melting is my excite
As orgasmic taste buds ooze with delight
I moan and savior her giving in to this affair
Eyes now crossed I come forth with a trimble
Oh- sweet chocolate 
I love you! 

Details | Narrative | |

My Birthday Wish

I sit on the floor and wait from dusk to dawn, for a new day will soon be reborn. I count all 
the blooming flowers, and count down the long hours, while mum takes her shower. 
Today's the day, for it's my birthday. I hope I get A car, or A guitar or maybe even become 
A movie star, but that's asking A bit too much of me. I walk around singing out A loud, 
acting proud feeling as if my heads in A cloud. To my surprise I start stumbling over my 
words and begin mumbling. Maybe mum just forgot about me, or are they just hiding the 
presents from me? I walk through the hall, with my head dragging looking at the floor, 
and go to bed with my heart feeling torn. It's getting late and I can no longer wait. I turn 
off my light, and close my eyes and cry having so much things go through my mind. I 
drift to sleep but then I see, mum walking in my room in the middle of the night with A 
light. It's so bright. She raises my heart like A kite, taking of it flight and she says, good 
night, and turns of the lights. She raised my hopes high and then shot them out of the 
sky. I break down and cry, it feels as if I've just died. No one remembered why today was 
A special day for it was my birthday. I look at the sky and wonder why? I light my candle 
and close my eyes, tears dripping down onto my thighs, and I start to whisper in my 
mind. "I don't want A car, or even A guitar. I don't even want to become A movie star. I 
just want to be free of this disease called poverty, I just want people to stop running away 
from me. Free me of aids so I can stop feeling afraid. Stop me from being poor, so I can 
afford to stop sleeping on the floor. Make me smile for there is no reason to smile, but 
please make my life worth while. Take me away from Africa, for all I see is people being 
raped and all the kids hearts filled with hate, I'm loosing my faith for I am living each day 
even though there is nothing to live for". A Tear drops on my candle, And puts out the 
flame I whisper in pain,This is "My Birthday Wish"
We wish for luxuries that only money can afford. They wish for water for they are poor. 
People need to learn to smile, for kids living in poverty have A legitimate reason not too. 
Be happy for what we have, and never complain for what we don't have.
- Wiko Te Maru

Details | Haiku | |

Under Blue Sky

Birds of a feather
All do not flock together
There be two kinds

The lawgiver says
Clean be the distinguished ones
Doves similar to

Others carnivores
Possessed tyrants they do be
Which type of bird you?

Details | Rictameter | |

Thorn Of A Rose

A thorn of a rose.
Its a soul that's truly lost.
A person long forgotten.
A place of love & loss.

Something that can't be seen.
Something that can't be solved.
The most painful of all loves.
A thing that is soon lost.

Once you enter into it.
You are soon consumed.
A prisoner to the pain,
And the love that you consume.

The thorns rip and tear you.
Your heart becomes in shreds.
Love is soon the enemy,
And loss is soon the friend.

The rose is soon the symbol,
Of your dying love.
And all the thorns represent,
The pain that you succumb.

You wont seem to trust people.
You won't seem to have friends.
People will be enemies.
You wont trust your best friend.

Details | Rhyme | |

soul dinner party

I'm mainly confused
  from words that you used
to tell me of yr problems present,
  I'm torn to this way
  then back to that way,
like the end of a pendulum's crescent,
I feel yr torment
  which leaves my heart bent
and gives me one wish to sustain,
  for I feel it is constant
  to be what is meant
without blockage or early refrain,
  all that eye know
  is my heart's saying "Go"
  but my feet, hands, and lips
       saying "slow down",
and I should trust my own head
over things that I've read
  And just to be happy for love found...
but my doubts creep in again
(the most unwelcome of friends)
  whom I've come to know all to well,
I just want best for you
  my Kinshala Blue
Even if it means visiting Hell,
but (you know) I'll come back
on an aggressive attack
  'Cause I am so strong
  and so true
So ignore what I've just said,
and rest yr sweet head
my Angel, my Kinshala Blue
And now for a diff 'rent - ish style
which I can only compile
  cause you cause my soul to ferment,
I just want you to see
that I'm here               (if you want me)
  so it is 
     no matter how said,
whether in Russian, or French
whether Latin, or Spanglish
from Kinshala 
        I want to be fed....
(with) spoon silver or wooden
  or a spork  (if a good one)
   you can use  ( I don't care which)
be it hot or ceviche
  Be Cyranno or Nietzche
Kinshala   You've carved yr own niche
  in my heartland of love - trust
You can bake me in yr pastry crust
  with Yr simple palette insatiable,
     you can stir fry my soul
     and serve me up in a bowl
(while)  Inhaling my essence
     comme felatio...
then for the fourth course
You could derive from my source
  all the sweetness required
        (and then some)
You could roll me
         and toss me
Pour over,
         and sauce me
While never dropping a crumb

Details | Rhyme | |

Sniffed the wine ,goats cheese, bread in oil

The shore breeze rose familiar tang of the sea
Blue touring car , top down , rolling past palms
Brilliant white suit and panama  hat . Car toots!
Enjoying company sharing fine wine and pasta
Radiating high energy and a warm  personality
She felt the warmth of his breath he whispered
It  doesnt  matter .    I love you.   Youre beautiful.
She smiled  her  forehead covered with kisses
She finally let herself relax  loosened her scarf
Harps, lutes , ivory horns, kettle drums , guitars
Hung high from the  ceiling and oak panel walls

Details | Rhyme | |


Should the good be judged
for not having given enough?
Some will face humiliation or reprimand,
not by Christ Himself, but by folks who bluff!

There are many mways of giving,
it depends on willingness and feeling;
the most generous ones will give abundantly,
and those who aren't...will give little eventually.

Details | Rhyme | |

So Sweet

 So sweet
  The lonesomeness of the city light street
 has me hearing the sound of my heart beat,
 I quickly fall to sleep, I wake up and stand
 looking outside from my widow balcony.
 I see two homeless men standing in line
 whom I randomly see in this street,
 scuffling in their packets from a handouts,
 for good bite to eat as they gladly retrieve their treat
 which is a pleasant cite for flooded eyes to see
 moreover on the opposite side of the street,
 I see people set down enjoying
 a late morning sunny breeze in front of a restaurant
 chattering, bonding, eating and drinking as 
 I share with them lessoning to the smooth sound
 of the music, children laughing and playing
 on the playground and on hard concrete street however
 not wanting to hear the havoc of the noise, 
 and the rush of a saturated street.
 That is a part of life... which can be sound and can be so sweet.


So Sweet Poetry 10/28/10 by Keith K. Relf

Details | Rhyme | |

My Carrot

I love the orange coloured skin 
My carrot has to tempt my eyes 
I love the crunchieness within 
Which with my teeth I realise 

I munch, I chew, I taste the juice 
The sweetness of the central core 
Willingly I let seduce 
This vegetable, this paramour. 

There is no finer time than this 
A summer's sunset in a field 
A carrot slowly chewed is bliss 
My soul is calm, my stomach filled.

Details | Ode | |

Ode to the Cheese Crispito

Although we all know it,
you can't spell out perfection,
and our stomachs to it we commit,
under our seasoned inspection,
the smell is in the air,
so thick we can almos taste its glory,
O how we try to not stare,
and like a wolf with its quarry,
we leap at it with great joy,
the texture O so splendid,
unmatchable by any false decoy,
the only thing we ever did,
was eat the Crispito.

Details | Narrative | |


...this is so intimate of time, as a first kiss of time close of soul, so near, so dear of heart beat, so precious a rhyme that flows so intimately,
deep of time, down by the Crystal Seas...
...this is so intimate of dreams,
dreaming reality,
as the Crystal Sea so reveals of destinies galore,
destined as the night light of the moon-glows of starry eyes,
upon the waters,
...seeing tranquility upon the waves...
watching to the depth of a dream,
and a sun-rise
being so true...
for underneath and within this a moon-lit poem of starry night eyes, down by the Crystal Seas, a vessel sets sail upon the deep...into a kiss of dawn...
Sea to shinning Sea.

Details | Rhyme | |

Linzer Tart

A bakery box was waiting
When my key unlocked the door.
Today’s the day of Valentines – 
I knew what it was for.

I slit it open, took a look
And broke into a grin,
For something that I truly love
Was nestled there within.

It was a heart-shaped cookie,
Filled with berry jam inside.
For you who know me oh so well
Knew just what to provide.

I will indulge tonight and eat
This lovely Linzer tart,
A perfect symbol of the reason
That you stole my heart.

Details | Prose Poetry | |


 There is a personal testimony and everyone's focus is on the group and on the 
self and not on JESUS where it was supposed to be the reason eye won't go to 
fellowship with rich working Christians meeting at a SUNDAY SUPPER to drive to 
a pizza place where everyone pays something for the food even if they share it the 
cost is still beyond the pocketbook of yew. The added price of fellowship with 
world is loss of spirit functions eye am not suggesting we have meetings in the 
desert with the hedgehogs but there could be a meeting place for all the 
Christians like the fish doors of the early days of meetings they were in and out 
so furtive searching alleyways for soldiers avoiding arrests and fighting and 
bringing lots of food in the bags of fishes and the loaves of breads in pockets of 
the tunaes fishes smile eye could just not resist this in almost every Church 
there is a Kitchen and in some of them is love the people make the soup for the 
homeless and the court appointed prisoners and even important people come. 
Hang a fish upon the door of every kitchen in the nation make a place with tables 
where the poor can come in love do not forget the love the soup is  nice but even 
slabs of raw meat are not enough with hate. 
Eye could not write a word on yesterday the things that eye had wanted to write 
left on the flight of lost ideas and night came again without a thought and then the 
day came back this fable was born and eye decided to try religion again. The 
focus of a lot of people is the congregation the error being life is not a middle 
class house with people making money in a paper plate of life some people 
need a cup of soup just to survive please open up your love first open up your 
hearts then open all them kitchen cupboards up. There is another thing that eye 
must say to all the bible thumpers not yet in the grave what does it matter what 
the date and day of this my own salvation come the day of JESUS was 33 AD the 
date that GOD was saving me. 

Details | Ottava rima | |

Indestructible Ye

Comprehending this about one’s energy
Then upon the pit there will be no casting
The Holy Spirit is what provides synergy
You and it both be combined everlasting
Mortal human life may be in jeopardy
The soul and spirit be Ye separate grafting
Yet most eyes fail to see this invisible force
It’s the power of the Creator almighty I endorse  

Details | Name | |

Onward Christian Soldiers

Open are his arms
Never will The Almighty leave you
Will given to Him triumphs against the enemy
All who cry out in Jesus’ name none can harm
Righteous in heart all must crave from start
Death is the test be it not in vain

Details | Free verse | |

Pies and Seduction

I love the way you stare at fruit pies
that I bring you; your eyes glow
with anticipation, as you lick your lips.

I love the way you eat the fruit pies; say, drowned
in their flavor and sweetness. 

I love the way you act after eating the fruit pies;
licking what remained of the pie from your fingers,
as you stare at me with bedroom eyes.....

Details | Personification | |

I need love

What I need most in my life is love. 'cos I am malnourished of affection. My heart is 
starving of nourishment for  tender loving care. I yearn for genuine unconditional 
love. A love that will be loving most of the time. A love that will be understanding 
majority of the time. A love that will give abundant of love frequently. I need love 
because it is food for the heart and head and without it, I will starve;hence, dead.

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Mambai India Dreams

           Mambai India Dreams

Mambai in the Maharsashtra region is home
India the land of magic takes me back
Amit Arjun is my name
Shri Swminarayan Hindu temple is where I pray 
Sandals take me there to Shri Ganesha every day
To seek Attainment , from a higher authority than me
And I pray for peace, prosperity and some property
Akuri on toast at morning meal lifts me to a jolly spirit
On my journey to the truth            
Bheja, goat brain, helps me sleep at night, but it needs curry 
It gets me right into my dreams of Aabha Aadarshini without a worry  
She glows with the power of the sun
One day she will be my lovely wife
A lustrous beauty second to none
She teaches me the basuri and papini and how to dance
When week end comes I take Aadarshini to the market
Hand in hand we walk and plan our future
She wants a restaurant to serve foreign foods
I just want enlightenment and truth 

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Tipping

Gracious smiles, a waiter waiting.
The service: quite nice actually.
The drinks cool and food sating
My average appetite factually;

Who knew they had coca cola here
In the middle of the desert... odd
Isn’t it? I ordered water and beer
And here arrives our saviour, god

And leader, dressed in a brown
Shirt despite the pre-mentioned
Heat. He never wears a frown,
Even at rush hour not tensioned.

7.30 comes and goes, morning
Or night, we arrive, are seated
And eat. The waiter is fawning
But nice, the food is all treated

And we eat it all up, fulfilled by
A fountain of beverages he will
Provide. Full, we give a goodbye,
And place tips away from the till

So the manager cannot see, risky
Business. But how to divide the
Cost? Calculators grant only frisky
Fractions, I only had a mint tea!

Details | Limerick | |

My Meal and I

The meal I require tonight
Will satisfy my appetite
As she lies on the table
Oh boy am I able
To relish in her sweet delights

First her curvaceous curves
Enjoyable for any serve
Taken abreast
How my heart requests
So pert in tasteful observe

Her sweetness is sure to follow
Like a bear in honey I wallow
Then like a lion I roar
As I head back for more
Sugary just like a marshmallow

My love has a craving to share
For into my eyes she does stare
She says "Hun are you able"
It's your turn on the table
I have teeth so you better beware

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Shall I Compare Thee

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more stormy and less temperate.
Rough winds do shake our fragile bonds of May,
And summer's temper hath all too short a date.

Sometime too hot your sweat does shine,
And often is your beauty dimmed;
And every handsome man you do decline,
by chance, they leave chest hair untrimmed.

Part 2 Variation
Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day?
Thou art as stormy and as cold
And do leave me longing for May
And winter’s temper too long showed
Sometime too cold yours eyes shine GREY

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It is often too potent an image
But as often still I want to kill it
And satisfy and make it fat with heat
And sweat and let it sleep,
Let it sleep, then die
The drink it fills with red 
Drops low and loose the hidden
And slides into a single dream
The air thickens with submissions 
In irresistible stale breath
And rotted grapes picked 
And with chocolate, dark
On lips with visions of here and
Now sleep, then die until sunrise.

MFL 8/26/2009

Details | Verse | |

Buffet lunch champagne canapes

Long  lilac  dress  pearl-grey  tie
Casual elegant beautiful woman
Smell fresh ground coffee beans
Newly refurbished town  houses
Colour swatches  drawing room
House in the family for centuries 
Man in tuxedo jovial atmosphere
Clock tower flowery gardens zoo

Details | I do not know? | |

Pumpkin Pie

My delight,
Taste by taste, bite by bite,
The final course which for room you save…

So many people at the table please pass !
Nose tickles, my mouth waters, finally at last!
Now for the perfect touch of whip cream…

Generously sky high
Pumpkin pie.

Details | Diminished Hexaverse | |

Rated PG 13

His Flawless Ways Ate
Her To The Bone; Crazy,
Delisous Like: Coco~

She Craves Him Like;
A Dog In Heat,
Firery Hot.

Prowling, Scouerring; 
Around Her Lushious
Meat, Like: A Wild
Hog On His Knee's.

As If It Were Her 
Last Contained
Victium, Caged;
I Leave Here,
Rated PG-13.

Entered in true diminished hexeverse contest
Sponsored by; David Williams 

Details | I do not know? | |


YOU Kiss Away the PAIN

YOU make me FEEL THINGS i'v NEVER felt before


YOU are Fixing my HEART
YOU Lifted me OFF my FEET

YOU Carried me in YOUR HEART

        YOU are MY LOVE

+Angel4eva+ (( leaves comment IF you like... i'v worked hard on some and i'd LIKE 
to HEAR what YOU HAVE TO SAY)) :) thank you plzz rate

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Beautiful Flower

Pollination bee
Tasty flower for the soul
Fragrance at its best

Details | Lyric | |

Blind Love

I hold you close to me like a new born child and give you all 
the tender care and love you desever

But there is just one thing I don't 
approve of you push me alway show me your cold side and 
not your nice gently side

You say you maybe love me because your still in love with an 
old lover friend and you don't know when you
will fall out

I'm comfused what sould I do I'm learning to love you and I 
don't wan't to lose

But your glad I'm in your life becasue I make you forget 
about her and you know how I'm feeling about everything 

And you can feel it and see it in my eyes you wan't both but 
you know it anit wright so you just keep me near and her far 
because your still in love 

But you wan't me what sould I do drop up everything and 
move on and just forget about use trying to be as one or 
stay in this unfear relationship and keep carrying on

My body wan't you but my heart also to but my brain know 
this is not a good way to live my life and I'm playing myself 
for less

I'm comfused what sould I do I'm learning to love you and I 
can't lose

This love I'm in must be called blind beacause I can't move 
my toes I fell
in too deep and I can't even find the hole I fell into druged 
and willy off  an overdose 

I'm confused what sould I do I'm learning to love 
you and I don't wan't to lose 

I'm confused and I don't know what to do I'm learning to 
love you and I don't wan't to lose

Details | Rhyme | |

Sweet Fruits

Now Ms Dietrich, 
I have to give a response,
To your poem on behalf of fruit lovers, thus;
Of fruits we will disagree
I love then for breakfast, even for tea.
I love my apples, peaches and pear
Watermelons, coconuts, and guavas
No fear!
I eat a cherry, then a plum
And suck on star apples until the milk is done.
Even when they are stuck in my throat 
Moving north, but heading south.
Love them.
Tangerines, Mandarins and artiniques,
From the same genus,but all unique
Oh and the grapes which are fed
While lying on my feathered bed
Can I tell you about the cucumber
Chew it. bend it, then devour
Now my favourite is the avocado
Refreshes vigour, and strengthens  ardour 
Now there are some exotic ones you see
News headlines to you but old story to me
My voyages have been long time made
Within each log, I write a page
On the last line an anecdote
To the humble gage, and artichoke
But if ever I have a regret
It's of the fruits not tasted yet.

Details | I do not know? | |

Food compared to you

I crave the taste of chocolate 
The aroma of coffee as i wake
Indulge in the essence of wine
Clams to me are also devine
For these are all special cravings of mine
Compared to you there's nothing to desire more
For you,
I covet, 
Salivate, in the most immeasurable way
There's not one food or drink that could keep me alive
It is only the presents of you, that make's it necessary for me to sustain life.

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Cherry cheesecake
whipped up from scratch, graham cracker crust.
Cherry cheesecake.

Mom's jubilantly scrumptious bake,
to duplicate its joy you must
whisk in love and a pinch of trust.
Cherry cheesecake.

Details | Verse | |

Breakfast Love

Breakfast begins with out a care
 Waffles and applesauce
 Thats what love is
 This mourning here with you
 I just reminisced 
Our first kiss
 And this mourning
 It's applesauce to you
 And just because
 I hit life's pause
 I now give sauce
 And it's because 
Of the things you do

Details | Free verse | |

Chapter 12 Annihilation

The Tragedy of Humanity is the Monoku of us failing to believe you
Is This Greed be ye Acrostic for not knowing the Gnostics 
Molding Most be the boast in Senryu saying you can’t tell me what to do
Excommunicating Faith is a Tanka for those who sank 
Insanities Calamities in this Enclosed Ryhme regarding to our binds
Sinful Are These Ways considers what we forgot in this Rubaiyat
No Righteousness In a Senryu for those who forgotten about you
Oligarchies Creating Hate in each and every state be in Enclosed Ryhme 
Worshiping Vanities is a Lanterne telling you to burn
Ruthless Deceptions be a Fibonacci trying to drown the mariachi
Evil Enemy Tricks informs of a constructive fraud in Ballade
Trouble Moving is trouble grooving to chime in this Enclosed Ryhme
Roadside Utilities you see they are a bank of put in Tanka
Indestructible Ye told Ottava rima, praying you have the mind of
But Backsliding means deciding what zone told in Canzone
Unruly Child is for the minds of you told in Haiku
Truth Be Insight be an Ottava rima about the main man Prima
Inclined Minds is another Ottava rima about the change of time for Ye
Opportunities There Be in this Senryu don’t you see
No Matter is about the chatter in an Enclosed Rhyme for you to find
Death Be A Lady This Night ask which way is right Ottava rima
Introduction Which Leads To Reduction a Nonet seduction
Sexual Acts Meant To Distract be the private zone Canzone
Turmoil That We Struggle With is a chime in Enclosed Rhyme
Redefining Ones Plight be Ottava rima telling you to fight
Instilled In Ye Is Light another Nonet so that you don’t forget
Believing Wrong or Right asks this Enclosed Rhyme the real war crime
Undertaken Be Ye is a new flight zone told in Canzone
Transcendent In Flight is the alteration told in Alliteration
Inner Subconscious Intelligence universal relevance in Name
Outside This Reality which is for you to do discern told in Lanterne
New To Old Experience is an Enclosed Rhyme we all mime
Nay Sayers Deny Greatest Fear in Acrostic about ye the agrestic
Over Energy Transfer is Canzone about the unknown
What Will You Do is just asking you in Haiku?

Details | Free verse | |

delectable pleasure

on a quiet 
amidst the 
trees of 

with a 
sweet juicy 
ripe with 

all senses

simply are..

the Fruit 
of the 

one of 
for the God 
& Goddess 
in all.

Details | Bio | |

my sister

My sister is one of a kind and I know shes always by my side I know we fight.

and sometime dont get along my sister and I are like a song.

The bond between us will never break she's my best friend 
and it will never change I love my sister

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The Story Of Job

The Story of Job I'm sure you remember the story of Job. God's blessings in his life were greatly bestowed. The Devil came to speak to God one day. "I'm sure Job will curse you if I take everything away." Everything in Job's life seemed to be getting worse. Through all of this, to God, he never cursed. All that he had-was soon to ge gone. His "friends" told him it "was his fault-he was wrong." He blessed God in spit of all they had said. He would praise God until the day he was dead. In all the loss and the turmoils. His body would soon be covered with boils. He loved God even though he lost his possessions. Spending eternity in heaven was his obsession. If everything in your lie was taken from you. Would you bless or curse God -what would you do? Is he more important than your house or s.u.v.? Would you give him up for a "big screen t.v.?" Is he your prized possession whom you love so much? Or are you using Christianity as simply a crutch? For one day soon-all you have will certainly perish. Is it God--or this world-- you love and cherish? By Jim Pemberton

Details | Light Poetry | |


you like it melt quick
it sweet and a treat
get you on you feet
its a party seam

Details | Lyric | |

A Day Well Done

Ok its four o’clock
My girl gets off at six
For dinner I’m wonderin
What I’m gonna fix
So I get online
To look up recipes 
When she comes in 
I want it to look like a dream
I put a cloth on the table
And two gold plates
Two candles in the middle
To brighten up her face
On the floor 
To show her 
there’s no one I love more
Now its five thirty 
And the food is almost done
Thinkin to myself
This is really fun
Everything taste good
I cooked it to the T
All by myself
That I can’t believe
I hear her pull up
Keys jiggle outside
I run out the kitchen
And moved by the candle light
When she comes in 
Her eyes moved to my position
She tried to speak
I stopped her and said listen
You’re my wife my love
For that you deserve so much more
But today I thought
I would surprise you when you came in the door
So I pulled out her seat
When she sat I uncovered the plate
And the smell in the air 
Was how the food tasted
Cordon bleu with a hit of lemon 
And salad on the side
I looked closely to her face
And a tear fell out her eye
So everything turns out good
And a smile is on my face
If I can say so myself
What a wonderful day

Details | Free verse | |

Fridge Love

The anticipation of beloveds fridge door opens with an oh so sigh-worthy.....
PING! ! ! followed by her own generous.... 
She knows i shall ravish her
She really does not mind

The heart pitter patters as the eyes forage 
Bounty hunter.... bessie bunters
Eyes dance as bambi's legs 
Through the forest of cheese and things that please
And the odd banana dregs 

Chocolate... Coca-cola, all things that
Doth so.... tease
(but im on... yet another diet) so not permitted to eat as i do so please

I hate my skinny family the ones for which i dote
For whom i loving fill said fridge 
With things I'd so love to munch
but wont

My mind is starved my stomaches gutted
My soul is crushed and spat
Ill walk away with just 
Lettuce leaf
Convince my self... that
It is tasty its just devine
It is my just dessert
And watch my child with a big ice-cream
Boy it dunn arf hurt.....

Details | Free verse | |

Holiday Gift

The greatest gift I ever got, came with a year that definitely was not.
Health costs and a scam had emptied everyone’s pot.
The tree was bare with nothing to hand out…
And my son had to work thru the Christmas Holliday, we all sought.

We wished him home but he had to work if he was to eat.
And for several years he had not wanted, with us to be.
But this year had taught him we were better than he had perceived.
And he wanted to come home to hold and be hugged, you see.

At the last moment he got the Christmas Day off.
Our gift to him was the price of gas and food on the four-hour trip back.
But his gift to us… you see was the greatest of all…
For he wanted to come home and simply be with us all.

Twenty-four hours minus 8 hours on the trip.
Dinner wasn’t much but it was all we could give.
But no one noticed as everyone talked…
It truly was the greatest holiday present of them all… that we ever got.

Thank you God... your gift to us wasn't lost.

Details | Blank verse | |

Suburban Dream

I can be your sister and your brother
Your husband and your mother
I’ll bake and clean and treat you mean
Be your quarter back on our own private team
I’ll prepare your meals and iron your clothes
Leave your supper on the table as I walk out of the door
Let you wonder if I really am at the store?

I can be your superhero and save your life
I can be your number one fan, your right hand man
Your enemy sinister and wise
You are my teacher when I cross the line
And I’m your master when you say your mine
Sell my body and soul to keep food on your plate
Let you believe no one has ever touched me like that

I’ll be your secretary when your too weak to speak
You can use and abuse me and make me feel cheap
I can be your very best childhood friend
Your nurse by your side at the very end
I’ll keep you sane as you lose your teeth and mind
Tell you the world hasn’t really changed outside
Place flowers in your hair as your body starts to fail
Cut your food into pieces when your hands become frail
Smile and tell you that all is well
When inside I’m dying and feeling like hell

Details | Rubaiyat | |

They Have Been Blotted Out

Reminding that this will be your end
In this message I am about to send
Having knowledge and not following the path
An eternity in the pit you will spend

Ignorance now may be thy flower
Praying not for the rain to shower
In death another chance fore they do not know
Fearless fools in the darkness they cower

Being aware of the all ye many sins
Still this leaves no game plan that wins
Because thy tree bares no fruit
No matter how they try and spin

Continuing to foster false pride
As though you stand by the Creator side
He says the punishment be much worse for you
All your deeds were done to misguide

Details | Rhyme | |


Tragedy is a spinning wheel
which stops at its own will,
and when it does an earthquake, flood or tsunami strikes
poisoning the pristine environment, wiping out endless lives....
such was the fate of unlucky Japan,
the island off the Asian mainland.

When destruction was everywhere and fear was deep,
people miserably wept searching for survivors through the debris and mud...
feeble voices were occasionally heard from underneath;
how helpless, and frustrated and sad they felt not to be able to pull them out!
Fakushima resembled a graveyard with sprawled corpses,
unfolding the horror of a massive catastrophe before their saddened eyes.  

Let's show our heartfelt sympathy
with a kindness which surpasses all credibility,  
remembering that tragedy is a spinning wheel
never telling where it will stop to make a kill...
and as Japan asks for our help, we should gladly offer it
with open hearts and arms and they will thank us for it.

Details | Rhyme | |


I like a nice cooked breakfast
Bacon egg and beans
Sausages and mushrooms
The answer to my dreams

With it I like lots of bread
And a nice hot cup of tea
I really like my breakfast
A full English one for me

Some days I might have cereals
And maybe jam on toast
But that full English breakfast
I really love the most

Details | Light Poetry | |


Dad was digging in the garden 
When he struck a custard well
Mum was none too happy
By her phizog you could tell

We watched the plume of custard
As it rose into the sky
Dad said “It’s bloomin’ lovely
We can have that with some pie

Mum was still unhappy
“This has ruined my best dress
You can both get out there later
And clear up this ruddy mess”

First thing in the morning
I went out, to see the hole
Scraped away the surface
And I filled a little bowl

Sitting on my haunches
In my jim jams and a vest
I took a cautious spoonful
And declared it was the best

Then later on, the press appeared
And in the garden mustered
As Dad explained how he had found
A well of perfect custard

A well known geolologist
Was hired to survey
He said our well, might just achieve
Ten thousand puds a day

So, Dad went out and bought himself 
A brand new custard pump
And put it in the shed that he
Was just about to dump

With lots and lots of effort
And a little bit of planning
We built ourselves a factory
And we started custard canning

Now mum is very happy, ‘cause
We’ve bought a house that’s bigger
Don’t know what she’ll say though
When she sees Dad’s bought a digger 

Details | Free verse | |

Fruity Dessert

Sun kissed apple cheeks,
Honey streaked golden hair.
Strawberry lips against creamy skin,
Under sparkling cerulean candies.
My three daughters,
Sweet enough to eat.

Details | Narrative | |

Getcha Kosher Dills Here!

     Never been one much for food, always caused too much fear. “Geeeeez” would there be 
enough? Enough food was always a concern. I’d think of cold days when Dad was gone. Mom 
was crying and sled rides through the snow to grandmas where, maybe, there was venison. 
Didn’t like seeing the red, blue-black meat all smelly and sizzling in the pan. (The deer’s 
head was a porch wall!) Loved the golden butter and the onions. Gram would have potatoes 
always lots of them.
     I can’t ever remember wanting to feel full. When I was full if I ever got full “Wouldn’t 
someone else be empty?” I thought they might, so, I never tempted fate. I was a little bitty 
girl. I took bitty bites and wee tastes especially if it was yummy.
     There were and are things I love to taste, but I wouldn’t say eat. “Tastin’ now that’s the 
thing! Tastin’ doesn’t hurt no one. Don’t hurt them by eatin’ all theirs and don’t hurt you if it’s 
yucky” The bestest most happiest tastes, I can remember, are sour tastes “Go figure? “ I’m 
your kosher dill girl. I’m a prickle barrel surprise. My Jewish family Tanta and Uncle Don had 
the bestest pickles “Mmmmmmmm yummy!” What a crunchin’ delight and a pickle won’t fill 
you up either. A pickle will just make your mouth water and your tongue lick your lips. “If 
you have two pickles you ain’t eatin’ no ones supper either!” So I’d have ta say, “ Pickles is 
my food of joy crunchy, cold, half-sour, Jewish pickles given with love from my Uncle Donny.”

Details | Haiku | |

Eternally All Must Believe

Though each day be new
Eternally you must do
Tell you have no doubt

Details | Shape | |

To the Heart

to the heart piercing star-crossed under the moon roses bursting forth A T T R A C T I O N A D M I R A T I O N I N T I M A C Y T R U S T the source of every joy by which we live passion devoted friendship fidelity cherish and hold so one must ask or won der why it repe atedly falls apart lo ve

Details | Rhyme | |

coffee house

I was browsing through the menu and laid my eyes upon interesting cocktails and mock tails.
I snapped up the names with the blackberry camera and wove them together to couplets.
Dedicate this one to my friends who love and cherish the cocktails and mock tails.

With love from zeauoxian, black lady, Tom Collins, Three peaks merlot, white lady, John Collins. Between the sheets, pink pusy, screaming orgasm, Pink lady, lost bikini, orgasm. Misty nite, hairy navel, ding a ling, Sunset, buttock clencher, Singapore sling. Lady killer, fuzzy navel, coconut diaquiry, Bloody Mary, fenny wenny woo woo, orange diaquiry. Pure calypso, climax, kick in the balls, Caribbean fever, planter’s punch, rocks for the dolls. Peach pleasure, tequila sunrise, margarita, Pina coloda, sunset, caipirnha. Coco colada, slippery dick, the hammer, Gimlet, sweet nips, tequila slammer. Passona orange, passona lime, sex on the beach, Orange blossom, lime blossom. Passionate peach. Gin fiz, Cuba libre, Roby Roy, Black lagoon, black Russian, beach buoy. Fight fiesta, stinger rum cocktail, side car, Negroni, pink elephant, brandy lime shot from the bar. Mohjito, long island iced tea, whiskey sour, Renaissance merlot, vina tarapoca chardonnay. All these heady concoction, Many of them and lots of action. The science of achohol blending, of the art of mixology, All these to the tipper is fun and to do with a smooth tripology!!!!!!!!

Details | Tanka | |

Ye Stay On Track

As the earth swings back
Brothers I say stay on track
Follow Master’s Plan
Sisters don’t let man change you
For they all should worship you

Details | Sonnet | |

The Birthday Cake

Delicious scents of cocoa tease the nose
While baking a cake for candles to crown
A tender greeting for a birthday treat
As brightly wrapped parcels gently repose
All chosen with care so my love is shown
Today it is her I shall celebrate.
My passion baked into morsels, sweet
My love declared with a scented, red rose
And breakfast in bed needs no dressing gown.
It is her love that made my life complete
From that first tender kiss on our first date
I’ve welcomed the warmth she placed in my heart;
Now love’s wants and needs can anticipate
As from her side I can never depart.

Details | Tanka | |


Message to the class
Sometimes the words come real fast
At times they be slow
Forever though I will row
To the Master’s house I go 

Details | Blank verse | |


Stuck between two thots I can't believe what i saw
An extra taste of sweetness to my eyes...
Barely glancing at this eye candy was I on the wrong side of the law
See I know nothing unsinfull could ever feel this good
A touch like a rare sin that sends me to heaven changing any days worst mood

Her beauty was that of the Garden of Eden
Her lips a temptation like a forbbiden fruit no Adam could ever resist
Her eyes an ocean of lust I tried so hard not to drown in
But everytime we touched i slipped back in...
Deeper into this ocean
I'm trying hard to swim to this ship-cos i feel we have this relation

But I must be a bad sailor cos all my relationShips seem to sink
Followed by death of the heart,
Frozen in the sea of love like the ending of Titanic
So I don't want us to end in such tragic
That's why i choose to sail in this friendship...
Thou it hurts to say congratulations when you find joy with another
I'd rather hurt with you next to me than point from a distance and say ''THAT'S MY EX-LOVER''

Details | Rhyme | |


Should the good be judged
for not having given enough?
Some will face humiliation or reprimand,
not by Christ Himself, but by folks who bluff!

There are many ways of giving,
it depends on willingness and feeling;
the most generous ones will give abundantly,
and those who aren't will give little obviously.

Then who should be judged harshly?
The ones who give out of the kindness
of their hearts, or the ones who are forced by society?
True givers are never asked...they give with eagerness.

In the eyes of the Creator, generosity is another virtue of human mercies...
when feeding the hungry with food and their soul with God's comforting words.
Well-to-do-folks and millionaries give away lots of money to charities,
but only a fraction of that amount is given to the needy who still knock on doors.

Nowdays even the good, who give of themselves, will be judged
for not doing enough to help the poor in constant distraught,
but isn't compassion more significant than any monetary amount?
Didn't Jesus praise the meager woman who gave all she had?

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Winds of Wasabi


Have you tasted the delicious torment of oysters
Let your foccacia bread drip with soft green salted olive oil
Do you know the love of Sushi 
and boldly face the wild winds of wasabi

The tellers of the tales...these 
unbridaled ocean gifts 
smashing against the rocks
and found deep in the white and black sands 
of beaches I have laid apon 

These... the oils of Solomon that drip like mir from lovers hands
those that touch and those that are forced to say goodbye

Here, find them here, in your breads and oils
Taste the memory of what it is, what it was, to love

Find it there, just there, in that flash of purity 
as the oyster hits the back of your throat
There... yes, there 
when the wasabi flings open your passageways 
and you breathe for the first time in your life

Here, yes, here I am 
in all of these 
as you will always be for me
hidden in tree moss
beneath enormous boulders so strong and large I find I must believe
in miracles 
in the wind that catches in my sail
in you and perhaps 
in time- even in me.

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Table set with yummy things -a
Holiday for food
Apple pie and pumpkin roll- that 
Nice Aunt Donna brings
Kids run up and down the stair
Singing through the day
Giving thanks for childish things
In each and every way
Very hungry gentlemen
Inspecting every dish
Needing each a plate or ten- a
Grand Thanksgiving wish!

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Thanksgiving Praise (Epulaeryu)

O’ bless this Thanksgiving bird With fine dressing words From the ground it’s brown and round Cut me a big mound Cranberry sauce too O’ Lord thank You! © Joseph, 11/22/07 © All Rights Reserved The “Epulaeryu” poem is about delicious food and drinks. It consists of seven lines with thirty-three syllables. The first line has seven syllables, the second line five, the third line seven, the fourth line five, the fifth line five, the sixth line three, and the seventh line has only one syllable which ends with an exclamation mark. Each line has one thought relating to the main course. The Epulaeryu poetic form syllable count is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. It has corresponding lines built around the main course, and concludes with the ending line expressing the writer’s excitement and feelings about the meal. The Epulaeryu poetic form was invented by Joseph Spence.

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Midnight Pizza

Twenty one, young, sexy and witty
Midnight craving, pizza in the city 

North Beach late at night, warm breeze
Artichoke salad - cilantro and feta cheese

Chianti red wine in an over sized glass 
In line wearing Ralph Lauren with class

My boyfriend leans in, handing me a rose
The smell of fresh basil wafting past my nose

Dishes clambering, sounds of laughter in the crowd
Palate salivating, conversations intense and loud

Rich Italian spices and the smell of Parmesan
Open windows, warm nights make this memory strong


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Love at Breakfast

One beautiful mourning
   wine for breakfast, I knew
I never wanted to eat again
   If not to eat with you

So let the romance begin
   Your love I want to win
I want my life to be with you
   I want you for my wife

In future strides 
   I won't ever deny it
   I need you by my side
My soul takes flight with you

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How You Know Me?

You don't need to know my name,
Probably my favorite game
Or the songs I listen at night
Things that give me fright

You don't need to know my name
Or the places where I lived
The girls I've tricked with game
Just those bridges, on my way to you, I've crossed

Probably my favorite game
Can give you a sign
Of why I love to win all the time
To score with the dame of highest fame

Or the songs I listen to at night
When I'm alone in my room
After a long days gloom
To sooth away my worries, to awaken me alright

Things that give me fright
Scared me out of my wits
Of whom there is only a few
And the rules I just love to break
To cover my mistakes
For I am not my name
The things you should remember
Are simple, like the day we met in December

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Christmas Gifts

Santa stuffs stockings
Pomegranates, juice, bees wax 
Chocolate tree nuts

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Yummy Yummy

I love peanut butter, my favorite spread Everyone likes it with jelly on bread When I was a kid, Mom made a treat Peanut buttered bananas can’t be beat Eat warm peanut butter cookies - non-stop They all had cross marks from a fork on top Peanut butter on crackers with some honey Fun to eat and it’s good for the tummy Peanut butter is also in candy Reese’s Pieces and Buckeyes are dandy The thought of this dish may give you fit Peanut butter on onions, I like it!

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Spudly Love

Mashed potatoes are a drug
each bite tastes better than than the first
ladled in hot pork gravy 
puddled in the middle of the dollop
and dripping slowly down the sides

soft and warm they slide down my throat
a little salt a little pepper
every bite I feel the pleasure 
everything is simple when I eat mashed potatoes
I am in the NOW when I eat them... 

I'm nurtured by the texture and the creamy warmth and flavor
of that fat spud who I think loves me as much as I love it.

Food is love and  "love is a drug"

I heard that love is a drug in a song by the New York Dolls.

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Prima Colazione Sbagliata Wrong Breakfast

 Prima colazione sbagliata 
 Si strapazzate il mio cuore, come se si trattasse di una frittata tre uova.

 Rompere il guscio della mia anima finché non crollò 

 Sto cercando così difficile per dimenticare.
 Il mio io interiore caduto, bumbled.
 Mi sentivo mescolate 
 Mi sento arruffato 
 Vorrei dimenticare 
 Se i nostri tempi ti penti 

 Il mio amore soffocato 
 Le mie emozioni accoppiato

English / Italian

 Wrong Breakfast
You scrambled my heart, as if it were a three egg omelet.

Breaking the shell of my soul till it crumbled.

I am trying so hard just to forget.

My inner self tumbled, bumbled.

I felt shuffled

I feel ruffled.
I would rather forget.

If our times you regret.

My love muffled,
My emotions coupled. 

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Whole day in the kitchen
Making my girlfriend favorite dish
I cooking for her tofu
With tomato and salt fish

Tofu is a food can be cook
In so many different ways
She really love it
So I surprising her today

Tofu is made from soybeans
Can absorb flavors of spices and marinades
Is has been a nutritional value
For Asian cuisines for hundred of years

It’s her first time in America
So I want to make it right
With tofu for dinner
Serving under candle lights

I can’t wait to see her smile
When she sees the food I cook
I know she will watch me 
And give me that special look

My girl friend is amazing
To me she means the world
She is more precious than diamond
And the seas full of pearls

I really wish to tell her 
She my heaven on earth
And I mean it from my heart
And I miss her so much it hurt

She told me about tofu
Very popular in western cooking
There is even a tofu festival
Every year they does be celebrating

I have never try tofu
But my girlfriend is very sweet
So what ever she likes 
Bet your dollar I’m going to eat

And I never eat onions
Don’t like how it feels in my mouth
But if she cook it for me
I will eat it all with out a doubt

My girl friend is the best
I’m really in love with her
And she loves tofu
So I will always cook it for her

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Whats That Precious

What can you boil, mash and stick in a stew,
Share yours with me, I'll share mine with you.
What comes in lovely golden chips,
You can bake them or they can even be whipped.
They come in beautiful skins,
Eat one and you'll never be the same again.
Their wrappings come in brown and red,
And they're just as filling as bread.
They are white on the inside,
Eat em' and they will put a grin on your face 10 miles wide.
What is this beautiful creation,
That is now a sensation?
Of course it is Taters,
Eat 'em alone or share 'em with the gators!
Eat 'em fast or eat 'em slow,
Eat 'em to and eat 'em fro.
So I'll leave you with a closing word about Taters,
They are 10x better than maters!
Love 'em alot or love 'em a little,
If you don't love 'em at all I couldn't give a whittle!

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I'm pushing this heavy cart 
without any strenght left,
and through isles swarming with shoppers  
I'm confused by the above signs;
I rush to the one I missed dismaying onlookers.
How can I be so forgetful...
shouldn't I have a list of all items
I use thoughout the week?
I admit that guys are different from gals
with their minds focus on household things!

Yes, we guys aren't as patient as they are,
looking for bargains is a thriftiness that bugs us;
and down those isles we go..not reading labels,
not comparing prices...just filling up our shopping cart
with food we don't really need!  And who will be embarassed
when the cashier tells us annoyingly that the credit card
has been declined! Oh, good grief...we don't carry enough cash,
to avoid blushing in the publice eye while the the line gets longer!  

My advice to you guys: before you venture out shopping, stash your wallet
with enough cash, or check the balance on your credit or debit card;
it's another way of being smart! And besides being admired, you may also find romance
while you are in line and a pretty girl smiles, trying to start an intelligent conversation...
leading to a date or even marriage! Do you get it? Look sharp, flash lots of money
and really get lucky! If you fellas do what I have suggested, 
you'll have broads flocking to you and your buddies will envy you for your luck!

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Never stood still on battling ground,
watch the vicious and villainous carnage,
and not fight with true courage...
to increase the sword clanking sound.

Never been humiliated by slandering words not timely, 
my silence banished them as they picked up velocity;
I did nothing to vindicate my anger with visceral grief...
and today my memory still evokes that encounter too brief.  

Never are valorous men nailed to an undeserved cross,
making those nails penetrate their hands and feet,
no guilt is ever found in them, innocence is their plea;
but the loud, infuriated voices still demand their death.

Never withheld feelings of compassion,
and put a distance between myself and them,
poverty was caused by those who greedly governed;
why blame the common people for a corrupt institution?

Never looked away when the smallest hands 
reached out through profound silence, and in those youngsters faces
anyone could see their misery and sense their desperation arise;
they had needs, not wants like we have, when their food and water were scarce.

Never broke any law of the land, but abode by it
with a good character and willingness to spread peace,
not rebelling and causing damage to property and harming citizens;
in any civilized country violence doesn't solve anything, it only hardens the hatred.

Never got drunk or smoked marijuana to avoid the ugliness of reality, 
although peer pressure was there and by pushing it away, I resisted it;
it cost me their friendship;  and looking back, I am glad I kept my dignity... 
and who needs friends like that, when they lead you down the wrong path?     

Never cursed God for the ills of others impinged on me,
and for the misfortunes I endured for endless years without a shout;
my tongue always hollowed His holy name...knowing that
He had put me to the test, and in due time He would have blessed me.

Never planned revenge on anyone who had conspired against me,
this conscience was spotless and no action was needed by me;
if I had retaliated, they would have rejoiced and responded with laughter;
a fox is known for its slickness, and my instinct was alike it, if not better. 

Never allowed doubt, or foolishness to contradict what was beautifully created,
the cooling breeze on steaming days, the pouring rain for a rich harvest,
the brilliant sunshine to make everything grow:  from trees to grass;
and in the fluffy snow...I saw my purity and the peacefulness of winter so revered. 

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Christmas Sweet Potato and Squash (Inverse Double Epulaeryu)

Sweet potato whipped with cream Butter and sugar Nutmeg blend with marshmallows Baked in acorn squash Aroma rising Taste so yum— my! Sweet! So charming Mouth water flowing Give me this baked squash Accented with cranberry Sprinkled with walnuts Filled with baked sweeeet potato © Joseph, 12/12/07 © All Rights Reserved The poem starts with the regular format of seven syllables in the first line and progress down to one syllable in the seventh and last line. However, the second section starts with an inverse of the first section, whereby the poem starts with the seventh and last line of one syllable and ends with the first line of seven syllables. The form is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1/ and inverse 1/3/5/5/7/5/7. This form was invented by Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

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Healthy Choices

Water and smoothies
Vegetables lean meats
Frequent small portions

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I Was Lost HIS Love Found Me

I Once was lost, but Jesus found me! And now each day... His love surrounds me! I really didn't know which way to go. Until he came and redeemed my soul. Jesus gave me a special grace. And planted my life on a solid place! Each day that I live... his spirit gives correction. As I read his word for the right direction. Hallelujah! His joy had made my life complete. His love has filled me from head to feet! Thank you Jesus for turning my life around! A peace and satisfaction in you, I have found! Your light in my life is bright and shining. Jesus in me is a love worth finding! By Jim Pemberton

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living candle

                                                             Living candle 
What is a living candle . People thoughts that that the great man of the world is the living candle how gave lights and happiness to the world with his blood like mathma gandi  , neru and 
Bagant singh etc. but can we miss  some body the most important and valuable person in our life’s . who make our  life better and happy  with his blood and his life . think about it who is this person . 
            In my point of view we miss the main person in our life’s.  our mothers who always play a very big role in our life’s  . mothers always treat the children with his blood . we can say that the mother is the other name of living candle who burn herself and give the light of happiness .
          Is our mother refuse any thing or any work that we demand in our homes  or in our life’s . 
I always see my mother while she is  working and rest of his life she always think about success and a good life of his children’s  . I told you a very most important and a very bad moment in my life  . After my father death our fine national conduction of our family is not so good . In dinner and also breakfast  my mother took food in last .  but why. I tell you the reason of this 
She thinks that’s  firstly  her children’s fulfill his demand of food and after that my mother eats a very low amount of food and she told us that her stomach fain  during the large amount of  food  but that is not true I tell you truth it is not the pain of large amount it is pain of hunger . I see many times that my mother eat nothing . it is morality and love of mother for his children’s
So plz thanks your mother giving you  a very happy and good life .. 
                                                                                                                       WRITTEN BY :- TARUN DABAS

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See All That You Have Done

Desires, Drive, Deeds
He, Him, Heed
Child's, Chosen, Choice

Regret, Repent, Rejoice
Attune, Always, Around 
Savior, Sailing, Sea
Left, Land, Lost
Pitifully, Punks, Playing
Dying, Dead, Death 

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Not Withstanding His Truth

Cut I have the noose
Setting all free now you choose
The spice of death, life

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I may look very naive and vulnerable,
hiding the pangs of my distress so well,
looking normal and walking too brisk...
only when God is walking down my path.

I seem to look away and shun the troubles,
but inside I am hurting like anybody else,
who dreams of a coming universal peace...
only when God is walking down my path. 

I nourish my body and thank my Creator
for every slice of bread and drink of water,
the essential things that not everyone has...
only when God is walking down my path.

Since my birth, I have been sheltered by a roof top,
feeling no rain, hearing no wind, bearing no bitter cold;
blessings are added daily, not taken away by wrath,
all this is possible...only when God is walking down my path.

I was given a loving mother who cared for my daily needs 
watched me grow and I spiritually grew to praise Him in my hymns; 
and her unforgettable and soft words still echo, as when I knelt down and wept,
not making me stray from my course...only when God walked down my path. 

I have been fortunate enough to have lived and survived
this long and witnessed may events that have shaped
a changing world in constant turmoil, unwilling to get rid of ugly hate;
I feel very sound and safe...only when God is walking down my path.

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

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Love must be so pliant

Love must be so pliant ,
like a blade of grass,

Bowing to the wind,
till the storm has passed.

Love is enigmatic
Like the sphinx’s smile.

Waiting for an answer,
Nothing is on file.

Love is often near us
Yet we do not see.

Sometimes where we are
Is just the place to be

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Be My Strawberry Valentine

Strawberries and cream -- divine
But if you prefer,
I’ll dip them in chocolate;
Dark, light, perhaps white,
Whilst sipping champagne…
Yes, nibbling’s

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You can't buy my love
Just make a small down payment
Bring me dark chocolates

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The words cut through the air and soon it is over, all over
Her hands slip from his, like one last raindrop sliding off a leaf
The smell of candles waft from behind him, and he turns away as she leaves
The romantic dinner sits on the table, cold, and lonesome with two empty chairs
As he turns back to where she once was standing
He sees only a flash of car lights as she drives away for the last time
Somehow it seems so surreal, the room is silent and still; after all these years
All the years spent with her cheerful voice and playful laugh surrounding him
Now all he can hear is the soft humming of the refrigerator in the background
While the candles burn down and the dinner grows ever colder

A half-hour has passed and yet he stands his ground
The longer he waits the harder his heart starts to pound
Tears cover his cheeks as he falls to his knees
Without a word or a sound he covers his face and weeps
And all the while the candles have burnt out and the food could be no colder

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Smoky skies,
red flames...war increased
Scarlet's dire.

invoking faint hope
with much pain.

Was it peace...
abundant harvest, 
or lost love?

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Music Is Food To My Soul

Music is more than a passion I enjoy,
It is food to my very soul!
From the time I was a little boy,
It helped me maintain self-control.

Music kickstarts several passions inside me.
I love to sing and dance to a groovy melody.
R & B makes me wanna indulge in a steamy romance.
Hip-hop makes me wanna grab my girl and dance!

I can feel the beat, the bass booming from the speakers.
Like an athelete, I can show you some moves in these sneakers!
I can salsa, two-step or even break dance!
Music makes me smile and puts me in a trance.

My music must be played loud at all times.
The sounds put me in the mood to write some rhymes!
Some lyrical content inspires my writing hand.
Music was heaven sent almost like a direct command!

I wonder without music where I'd be.
I enjoy ballads and even rock and roll.
But as long as I got a melody,
Then it's food to my soul....

Wrote for Linda-Marie's contest "Passion Pit"

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Garlic in a frying pan,
Sautéed in olive oil,
Smells so good that really,
Only vampires would recoil.
How I love that special scent,
A magical bouquet,
Meant to keep your nose nearby,
Not that I'd ever stray.
I have read of festivals
Where garlic is the star,
Though a garlic ice cream cone
May go a step too far.
Still, I'd love to be at one
To breathe in that aroma.
It's enough to rouse a person
Who's been in a coma.
Garlic in a frying pan - 
It's heaven in the kitchen.
No matter what the dish, my taste buds
Totally are twitchin'!

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really, i’m really starving 

from the frame of my room’s window 
afternoon sun looks like an omelette 
wonderful, well-fried, big and wide

but that omelette has been divided,
slaughter by neighbors’ tv antennas 
by phone and electronics cables 
and without a few for my stomach 

i try to make my tears not to drops 
remind me again my mom’s omelette 
i used to be find one, a whole one,
as her love with her children

with continues fallen saliva 
i see that omelette without wink 
but only few seconds then 
it is gone ravenous-dine 
by whom i don’t know 
and then left sky alone 
like dirty-grubby plate 

tonight when dark covers the space 
night lamps one by one wake 
i will crawl go out from my room 
then silently lick the sky-plate 
before cleaned by rain or dew
only to entertain my hunger stomach 
then sleep and dream about an omelette

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Batter on the Spatula

Let me lick the spoon
After you scrape the mixture
Into the cake pans.

Let me have the bowl
So I can lick the sweet streaks.
I will wash the dishes!

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I watched the raindrops 
one by one they fell
they filled an empty hole
till it became a well
every word of yours is dew
like this rain I seek
the hole here large and empty
for a cistern of waters keep
Within I hold these waters
as a gift for you
the life within a garden
cannot without them do
The moisture collects in clouds and wind
their circuits round the earth each day
their routes can now be firmly mapped
its requirements to life portray 
The bounties hidden in a desert
you won't ever see in bloom
until the rain its torrents fall
saturates the seeds entombed
Your words are livings waters
they must fall upon the seed
they cannot germinate or grow
they require this moistures deed
Mankind's become a desert place
where scorpions and snakes do dwell
life here is with the cold blooded
from the rainforest they have fell
Comprehensive examples  have been left
in all nature and histories show
a better teacher than science books
if we observe what's here to know
The fabric of all of life
holds me like a wadi tell
like an archeologist
who digs the sands and dell
These nations want gold and silver
but true riches they despise
in the end pursuits of vanity
will damn those who think they're wise
Once again you refreshed my mind
when I thought my well be dry
the waters here clean and clear
not bottled with a lie
COPYRIGHT © 2012 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Earl Grey

She told me to try 
the Earl Grey. 
But my red mug 
is plenty content 
with green 
tea and honey. 

A drop of milk, 
she says, 
it’s the English way. 
But I just like the color 
and the taste 
and the die-cut paper 
holding the edge.

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He was a very handsome man,
not filthy, unshaven or ashamed...
once he held a cardboard that said,
" Help me with whatever you can! "

Yesterday around the corner, he held out an empty cup of coffee
without saying a word, but his sunken eyes of beggar
had no strength to remind others of his unfair destiny... 
eyes that told a sad story to friends frequenting the local bar. 

He told everyone sipping a drink that he was forced to beg for bread
when his bad health became the curse of Hell,
then he lost his beautiful wife and children...the ones he happily held
to his hilarious heart when everything went well. 

" I will rise from the ashes! " he solemnly promised himself,
" But in the meantime, that cup will get me the money to survive...
some folks will give me dirty looks, walk away and laugh:
who wouldn't give me a quarter or a dollar to keep me alive?

At night he slept in a shelter down the busy block,
and he always carried a pain-killer to relief his headache...
he wore a wooden shining cross around his droopy neck
and kissed it twice when money dropped in his cup.

Today he looked totally different: well-groomed, wearing suit and tie;
he greeted me as I tried to hand him ten dollars for a chicken pot pie, 
" Thanks, buddy for your kindness, I no longer need your money...
the Lord has finally healed me: I am bound for prosperity! "

Details | ABC | |

I Move Out and Only Take the Mayonnaise (

That's it, I've had it
She uses Miracle Whip on her sandwich
I just can't handle this, I can't take anymore
I am real careful when I leave how I slam the door
When I left, I took with me
Not clothes or money
No rare painting or the Mingh Dynasty vase
Just what was in the Prenuptual, my jar of mayonnaise
I don't care for the store brand, Sauer's, Blue Plate or Best Foods
With Hellmann's by your side, to have a sandwich, you never have to be in the 
A BLT, can you imagine that without the B
Let alone it would be just as disastrous without the LT
But then again, this is America, you can fix your sandwich any old way
That's why when I left, there would be no misunderstanding, I would take the 
Some kind of bagel, bread or bun, sun dried tomato,  white or whole wheat
Put whatever you want on the bread, but without out that one thing, it will never be 
Maybe I will become a Health Inspector and find out which brand the restaurants 
If it's not my brand, I will write them up for sandwich abuse
I will find out which type they use, for instance in their Tartar Sauce for their 
Breaded Fish Fillets
Or maybe become a Divorce Lawyer to ensure that when my clients divorce they 
don't lose out on their mayonnaise
This is a lesson I learned even though
It was in Black and White in our Prenuptual
It still seen its day in court
My girlfriend's lawyer said quit playing hard ball, come on be a sport
He further states she's willing to give you the car and your favorite 45 record by 
Stevie Nicks Leather and Lace
I turn it all down and stick to my guns and retain custody of the mayonnaise
To this day, we no longer speak to one another
I got back at her, for years I  have secretly shared it with her mother
Is this something I should feel guilty about, show some remorse
I am going to see if can marry the thing I love the most, it will never end in an ugly 
I don't believe that I am going through a mid life crisis or some kind of phase
Please RSVP me and tell me if you feel this strong about your mayonnaise

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History of the Pretzel

Your bedtime prayers
Coupled with the right Scriptures
Yield "pretiolas"

To tie the knot with...
Thick, soft "bretzels" are folded
Like arm over arm.

Hard, brown pretzel twists
Are more than little rewards-
Sweet licks, salty bites...

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Undeniably Delicious

Dark German Chocolate Cake, Oozing rich icing, With coconut and pecans. Made to give pleasure. Slice very large piece. Glass of milk. Yum!

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Amber Heaven

Sweetness clings to tea spoons,
amber heaven gleaming in
the early morning light.

It hangs, reluctant to depart,
then flows slowly down
toward my brewed fortification.

The load delivered, a thin remainder
tempts me, and I plunge it
into my mouth.

Thoughts of you flood my mind
as concentrated joy explodes,
leaving me with sticky lips
and a smile.

Details | I do not know? | |

Creator, Hornet 's Wife and Snow Princess

Predetermine by the princess and Hornet Queen they worry
about crumbs that fall from the hoe they determine and 
of course there children get nothing and their are food
for the worrys they are insane for fighting the creator and
doing the things they do and believe he will stand by and
hurt creation for it there are not evil angels and if a angel
is hurry feed them and they are your people and Mary
thinks she tells who comes and not she is insane and
so is Christ if someone tells you to do something they
are guessing not ordering you. Do you think that they
will win no people they are so insane now for what they
have done. 
Mary or Joe in Mythology and good and kindness will work out
take care of family first and not charity when your aunt is hungry
common sense people.

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Carryout Box

Noodle dinner, Italian restaurant
we leave half the food on the plate.
I'm not full but I want to leave
I say, "I'm tired and it's late."

A new ex-boyfriend, another one
learning about your encounters.
"What are you thinking?" I smile
Unsure, the fork twirls leftovers.

Carryout box, unfinished meal
resolved to say all later.
Bruno's, amazing as ever!
Though the talk isn't served by the waiter.

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As dark as it is cold, chilling to the tongue
Almost sorrowful
Bitter tanins leave my mouth wet indeed
and bracing for a sweetly finish
Yet promises remain unseen inside the solid morsel


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You are the one I’ve waited for
You are my hearts desire
You are the one I’m longing for 
To quench this raging fire
This is  the love I’ve dreamed of
To last eternally
You are my one true passion
My steaming mug of tea

© John W Fenn  16-12-2008

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I Wouldn't Trade Those Mornings

I love to wake up early but stay in bed awhile.
I just lie still and listen to the sounds that make me smile.

I hear their muffled voices as they think I'm still asleep.
They try to be so quiet...through the house they slowly creep.

I hear the clang of dishes and I know they have a plan.
They'll make the wildest breakfast ever known to man.

I smell the bacon cooking and I know it won't be long.
They find my favorite station as they turn the music on.

I listen as they're coming nearer to my door.
They have to think I'm sleeping so I fake a gentle snore.

They wake me up with know I have to grin.
With kids like this I know that life's a game I'm going to win! 

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Cookie Crumbs

A cookie crumbles
But is still just as sweet as
The one unbroken.

Details | Rhyme | |

A Toast To Mom

oh the weather outside is frightful
and having snowball fights were so delightful

getting hit in the butt and head
then laughing cause you start seeing red

hooking on car bumpers for a little ride
wearing tennis shoes we did slip and slide

mama yelling to get off or you'll be dead
we never listened to what she had said

socks for gloves to keep little hands warm
even amidst a blizzards storm

soaked from head to foot
looking like santa's outfit full of soot

but what I remember about fun the most
was waiting for mama's hot coco and apple butter toast

on that speical Christmas morning day
before the Lord had came and taken her away

   {R.I.P. Mama}

Happy Holidays All
Love Kathy And Jenny

Also Entry For 
Deborah Guzzi's
Holiday Songs In Poem Form
Gl All

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love 'n'

love 'n'...

food and sex and food and sex
go together like
before and next
anytime we're together
food and sex can make it, better

hunger and lust and hunger and lust
go together like
need and must
anyone who feels so driven
hunger and lust can be, for givin'

please take heed to what I say
naturally can't be, any other way
hunger and food and lust and sex
are just what mother nature expects

food and sex and food and sex
go together like
cause and effects
anytime we're relating
food and sex is, satiating

hunger and lust and hunger and lust
go together like
filling and crust
any way you can cook it
hunger and lust want to, submit

some might think they know the score
take their fill, come back for more
any dad who leers to mother
wants some lovin' and no other

sex and food and sex and food
go together 'cause
they feeel sooo goood
any body tasted better
sex and food they go together

lust and hunger and hunger and lust
go together like
boom 'n' bust
any way it falls 'n' rises
just nonplussed to criticize it

you won't want one, 
can't hit a homerun
any two can't be undone
no, you won't want one, without the other

No baby!

© Goode Guy 2011-06-29

"Love And Marriage"
thanks to: lyrics by Sammy Cahn and music by Jimmy Van Heusen
and of course Frank for singing it.

Details | Narrative | |


Birthdays come but once a year
A day we celebrate, a day to cheer
We all know the day we're born and our age
For birthdays bring us joy or change of stage

The day I celebrated my fourty-ninth year
On the other side of the world fear
Horror for a young girl named Heather
Who was swimming in ocean waters from boat tethered

Swimming around the ocean deep 
Working up an appetitate for something to eat
Was a great white shark fourteen feet, whopper
Jaws powerful enough to bite through copper

At home I thought I had turned fifty
I figured this year would be very nifty
My father who was in his nineties
Reminded me that I was only fourty-ninty

In a land way down yonder
A girl named Heather was pulled under
Great white figured she was good meat
Nice and tender a very tasty treat

A girl named Heather was saved
That very day lived to be one to praise
People who worked to keep her alive
She praised God who lives in hearts and on high

Sara lived many years
Saw her grandsons through tears
She was the strength and glue
Who saw her family's problems through

Just in recent years in a land down under
A fourteen foot great white shark did blunder
Caught in a fisherman's net
He'll probably live this mistake regret

No, the fisherman cuts the lines
Frees his catch and shark from bind
Now the shark he named Cindy
Follows him around even when windy

Follows him everywhere he goes
Let's him pet her on her nose
Rub her belly and dorsal fin
She even grunts and tries to grin

Which of these do you think is the most grateful
Heather who is now disable
The shark who was spared his life
Or Sara the mother, grandmother, and wife

(The story about Heather is true. The shark circled and bit her right leg.  Then circled and 
grabbed her left leg.  The people on the boat were hitting the shark and try to pull her into 
the boat and the shark took her whole left leg off.  She was only attended by a nurse who 
was on the boat and radioed a doctor on shore as to what to do.  She was 20 hours away 
from the nearest doctor.  She was lifeflighted to a hospital in California where she had to 
have multiple surgeries and now has an artificial leg.     The story about the shark caught in 
a fisherman's net was really not true.  The grandmother here was a true story.)

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The apple 
See a star
My heart
That is 

Details | Senryu | |

' Clearly Grace ... ' 42nd Senryu

  Yeah, Can’t Wait To Taste
But, Before We Feed Our Face …
     Get A Glass Of Grace

Details | Verse | |


Soup and greens,beer and tea
buttlerfly young just love me,
aphid trap and liquid feed
ladybird heaven,yes indeed!
I love phosphate & nitrate soil
such versatility reduces toil,
my leaves quicken the compost
all this for free,at no cost!
Okay,okay,yes I sting
but for you its win,win,win!
Tribute to the utrica dioica 

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Finger Foods

Eating with our hands
To comfort body and soul
At home, on the go

Details | Dodoitsu | |

Slow Cooked Love

Smoked ribs cooked to perfection,
Slow with anticipation.
Like love, is much better savored –
Than quick hot cooking.

Ó November 15, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Details | Tanka | |

Roadside Utilities

Each time was done fall
A rest stop to listen to
Almighty the One
Providing you sustenance
Direction are then made clear

Details | Choka | |

Tom Turkey Gave His All

Gobble gobble gob
Mister turkey broadbreast sings,
In the backyard pine.
"Turkey In The Straw."
What the heck! Why am I here?
Oh yes!  Thanksgiving!
Wobbling to get here,
Old Tom took his sweet, good time.
Leaving chopping block!
Turkey in the Pine.
Surely today will be fine.
On veggies they dine.
Whole year soon goes by.
Old Tom in contented state.
Lets his safeguard down.
Who spied Tom Turkey?
Must have been a hungry man.
Captured! Old Tom cries.
Turkey gave his all.
Nice juicy breast and two legs.
Who can do better?
Thanks be given God.
Special day to remember.
Gifts of love received!
Now Thanksgiving Day.
Thanks to all who read this piece.
Keep love in your heart!

Partly attributed to my friend BCD who is a turkey at heart!!  lol

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my motherII

i have known this lady 
since i was a baby
she took care of me from the womb
not leading me to the tomb
all she gave me was love so pure
of that i am always sure
we do have our differences
but i love her all the same
through thick and thin she's been there
she is my personal angel
my own mother
she is like no other
she's always there when i need her
and i love her more than words can say

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Pickle (written by 9 year old girl)

Bumpy, lumpy
Crunchy, munchy lunchy
Cucumbers making you pucker

Details | Haiku | |

Meals Make Memories

          E    E
     H    .    .    S          memories
C   .       .       .   E            made   
---------------------         together
A N D    C U R D S
---------------------               just
B   .       .       .   R            eat &
     U    .    .    E                enjoy
          R    G

(By curds, I am referring to cheese curds.)

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Pancakes, Waffles, Eggs Benedict...
When I look at the menu I am in conflict.

But breakfast menus are so hard to take,
As sometimes I just want something that's baked.

A Pecan Roll would be nice right now,
Whoever came up with that idea, anyhow?

And of course there's the bacon, ham, sausage and the like,
That's the word I have for all of them...just what I "LIKE".

Oh, I love to eat and have a good time to be sure,
That's what made my body so hard to cure.

Those extra helpings and side dishes all,
Have put the pounds on, even though I am tall.

And try to get rid of them..."Oh, give me a break".
As I look at the Fruit Plate that I am tempted to take.

But the menus have no place for a disciplined face,
As line by line, I read them and taste.

Succulent foods are what I crave,
Looking at a menu, I have to behave.

Because I could eat a lot with my eyes you see,
Room in my stomach, there just wouldn't be.

So I choose carefully when ordering my food,
I want something tasty, satisfying, and good.

And when I am full I will venture to make,
That little gesture...about the "Doggy Bag" I'll take.

Oh, I shouldn't have stated my love of food with such hope,
Because I'll have only words to on the Soup!

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Green Tea (2005)

Green tea is an acquired taste 
Illuminates all the toxic waste
I can feel it shower me inside out
Made from a fresh organic sprout
Drinking a mug is not a treat
It is necessarily not a cheat 
I love the taste so refreshing and clean
I used to drink tea but now I prefer green
Try it and learn to worship the only temple you own
Its medicine naturally grown

I Love Green Tea

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

Learning Cant Go Back

Every second that I search in this dark cave
Come with me my friend your freedom awaits
Fore I take you to the gate, nay it be ye never to late
Never shall ye again be thee enemies slave

If ye fear than stand thee behind
In my left hand I wield His shield
And my right will make the enemy yield
I go back now to free all mankind

No longer shall I leave them blind
Ending this sifting in the darkness
Death to what once was inertness
It is I Jesus Christ who has aligned 

Details | Epulaeryu | |

Thanksgiving Turkey (Inverse Double Epulaeryu)

Nice turkey for Thanksgiving Flavorful tasting Dressing aroma rising Temperature on low Sage wings, breast and thighs Like a rose Sweet! Ahhh! Chardonnay Fine cranberry sauce Well seasoned gravy Succulent taste such splendor Cornish hen—it’s last! Turkey on my plate—gone fast! © Joseph, 11/1/07 © All Rights Reserved The poem starts with the regular format of seven syllables in the first line and progress down to one syllable in the seventh and last line. However, the second section starts with an inverse of the first section, whereby the poem starts with the seventh and last line of one syllable and ends with the first line of seven syllables. The form is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1/ and inverse 1/3/5/5/7/5/7. This form was invented by Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

Details | Narrative | |


Never attempting of striking it rich,
whenever my cravings give me another itch,
I'm used to a quite and simple life:
enjoying good food and sharing a coldl glass of wine 
when relatives and friends drop by;
why be someone you weren't meant to be?
Any millionaire around the globe,
sipping champagne desiring what I love?

With my beach cap pulled down, 
so that my short hair doesn't sizzle and change color,
as my light skin turns to a golden tan;
yes, I thank God for a breeze cooler than a fan!
Whole afternoons are spend on this pristine beach,
with a waterfront that a Californian will envy,
to melt away that old cliche' of vanity;
come down here...the East Coast is a wonderful shore! 

Low class, middle class and the upper one,
all share this unquenchable feeling,
to lay on the salty sand and begin to dream;
Am I talking non-sense or tackling the zest for living...
that this society has been unawarely denying??

Striking it rich is a temporary fancy,
imagining the possessions money will buy,
and many untaught temptations will materialize;
some will die by snorting deadly coke,
others squandering it on mistresses and hookers...
God, how the human spirit is corrupt  and consumed by lurid
and unhealthy desires that once were out of reach!  
And hopefully someone will ponder this,
to wake up to this gruesome, and parlous reality
and spend his or her fortunes wisely! 

What good people will do for the betterment of the deprived ones?
First give them love from the heart, then help them financially...
that's the smart way caring, of planning to strike it rich;
what's the use of looking at your glittering gold,
and not giveit  away to help anyone whose thirst and hunger
show in the sunken eyes...waiting for someone to feed their bellies!

If I ever stroke it rich, I wouldn't be here enjoying this sunshine, 
but I'll get out there and search for the needy and helpless ones,
and stop the selfishness and madness that money provides;
if I share my good fortune with them, others will follow my example,
and a real change will take poverty everywhere in our world!
Follow me, and search for everyone give them back their precious life!


Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Tanka | |

Showing These People

All will receive sight
Unveiling want they don’t want known
Truly you have choice
His voice speaks to and thru you
Not let them you tell He false

Details | Free verse | |


A wizard, not a wisher can
do magic with his powers,
if all were wizards...
wishes would be non-existent.

And like ordinary, simple people...
I will make my three wishes today,
but they are not for myself at all:
they are for others living far away.

My first wish is this: 
I would like to have the unlimited wealth
of Bill Gates or Donald Trump, 
not to invest in software technology or
purchase airplanes or skyscrapers, 
but to feed the world's hungry...that horrible hunger,
which even Pope Benedict XVI can't wipe out completely
with the thousands of Catholic Missionary Charities.

My second wish is this:
have a gathering of all faiths
once a year in every continent,
and let its people praise God in their own way,
some will disagree with my universal idea so unrealistic;
it would be a spiritual and cultural event 
that everyone will remember a lifetime,
so why shouldn't there be a Faith Day,
bringing glory to the Almighty and unifying all races?
Many others will follow me in my quest!

My third wish is this:
to end all wars and unexplainable hatred,
some sacrifice themselves for a cause that's not holy...
inflamed by the deceitful conception of immortality.
Wouldn't it be awesome to travel to other countries that have no boundary?
The stranger would welcome anyone, and the enemy would be a friend.
A I? Yes, all dreams start with a vision, and mine is truly a glorious one!
Happiness will gladden all hearts, and glee will shine on all faces;
harmony will fortify the bonds of friendship, and everyone will love their neighbors...
and hate and unkindness will be eternally buried into the past.

Entered in Amy Green's contest, " If I could have three wishes "

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If love were a recipe

You carefully weigh it out
And measure it out in exacting proportions
With specific ingredients
You do not cook without
Everything you need for the recipe...
But I on the other hand
Go by touch and feel
With what feels right at the moment
My art, as with my love is abstract
Not perfect, but special and unique
While you sit around waiting to cook
Waiting for the perfect woman to love...
I, on the other hand am licking my lips
And enjoying my sweet, bitter, strange concoction
And enjoying every minute of it!
I may not have a winner, someone perfect to be with forever
But as with anything in life, I live for the moment
Knowing that every day is precious and fleeting
Never knowing exactly how long it will last
And as with cooking in life
I will let my heart feed on whatever strange love
It chooses to taste
And my love will taste sweet in my heart!

Details | I do not know? | |

The Chef

I peel you slowly.
Inch by inch.
Hands stutter, then
Nimbly uncinch.
First bite of flesh tight
And unyielding.
Slowly tenderize.
The salts are for curing.
You simmer slow.
Acid tang briefly
Taints the tongue –
Aromatic, you are like
Jasmine rice.
Just inhaling your slow roast
Slowly knead and
Behold my baking – 
Mine for the taking.  
Throat wants to sing –

Details | ABC | |

I needed you

I needed you to stay,
but with every word you say.
I know it grows close to time,
time for you to go.

I've pushed until you pulled.
Away from me.
So kill me with the love,
you took from me.

I've searched for reasons.
Reasons to keep you here by me.
But nothing seems to matter.

I scream in you face.
I want to keep you here by me...

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

Yes Ye Will-Will Come

Oh, how it is so much fun
All having been given a choice
You can hear it in their voice
As we all dance and play in the sun

The there are many who shall turn and run
Living a continuous life of evil
End the end it will only bring upheaval
In truth their virtue, they have none

Details | Acrostic | |

living candle

                                                             Living candle 
What is a living candle . People thoughts that that the great man of the world is the living candle how gave lights and happiness to the world with his blood like mathma gandi  , neru and 
Bagant singh etc. but can we miss  some body the most important and valuable person in our life’s . who make our  life better and happy  with his blood and his life . think about it who is this person . 
            In my point of view we miss the main person in our life’s.  our mothers who always play a very big role in our life’s  . mothers always treat the children with his blood . we can say that the mother is the other name of living candle who burn herself and give the light of happiness .
          Is our mother refuse any thing or any work that we demand in our homes  or in our life’s . 
I always see my mother while she is  working and rest of his life she always think about success and a good life of his children’s  . I told you a very most important and a very bad moment in my life  . After my father death our fine national conduction of our family is not so good . In dinner and also breakfast  my mother took food in last .  but why. I tell you the reason of this 
She thinks that’s  firstly  her children’s fulfill his demand of food and after that my mother eats a very low amount of food and she told us that her stomach fain  during the large amount of  food  but that is not true I tell you truth it is not the pain of large amount it is pain of hunger . I see many times that my mother eat nothing . it is morality and love of mother for his children’s
So plz thanks your mother giving you  a very happy and good life .. 
                                                                                                                       WRITTEN BY :- TARUN DABAS

Details | Rhyme | |

As I Seek God He'll Come to ME

You will find God when you seek
 him with all of your heart.
Getting on your knees in prayer 
is a good place to start!

Remember... A double-minded man is 
unstable in his ways.
He has no true direction in 
life when he prays.

Draw near to God and he'll 
draw near to you.
His word will be your guide 
in all that you do.

Hunger for his righteousness... 
and be filled!
Drawing close to Jesus is
 what God has willed!

He desires an intimate love... 
more than words can say!
Come to him now... with no more delay!

Trust him with all of your heart... 
not your own understanding.
In everything...acknowledge him... 
and heed his commanding!

Obey his command to serve with 
body, sould and mind.
Everlasting peace and love you will surely find!

His desire for you to know and
 love him is never ending.
Come to him now... please... 
no more "pretending."

Reach out today... and call on his 
wonderful name!
His love for you is forever 
and will never change!

Allow him to bring joy to your 
heart and pure delight!
Please come to him now.. why not tonight?

By JIm Pemberton

Details | I do not know? | |

The Apple Of Your Eye

The apple of your eye
Is acidic in nature
Burning holes in defenseless victims
Whole holes that hopefully hunt
And the sweet sucking worm
Trapped inside of your favorite fruit
Eats away at their hearts
And the flesh becomes brown
For the lingering life has lingered too long
And the ripeness has reversed into ruin

Details | Prose Poetry | |

and 'Ladies'

  and 'Ladies' young and old
do you even know
when i go into the grocery store
and how they come all around me
and i
not even paying attention
as they watch me squeeze this and
squeeze that
and they being all that you are
some what more and some few less
and they
take my hand and place it there
and in my hand they squeeze it
they squeeze it harder than they should
but i'm not paying attention 
and as i'm thinking about squeezing
that which needs to be squeezed
in my mind i am squeezing it more
and watching some become flushed
there faces grow dark and pink
so many
and so many my head spins around 
looking down as i feel
all of that juice run free
through my hands
and all of my critical thinking
has left me it's gone. 

Is It Poetry 

Details | Narrative | |

Be Safe My Friends

It's almost here,
Thanksgiving Day,
when families celebrate,
in their own special way.
Miles will be traveled,
as the food is prepared,
that special home,
full of love, and prayers.
Be safe my friends,
in the air, and on road,
as you travel to loved ones,
to eat that turkey baked brown, and gold.
We will meet here again,
after this day,
take care my friends,
on this busy day.

Details | Quatrain | |



All kids love  their  mother’s food -
In  the world  no  taste  is finer.
My mum’s cooking wasn’t good -
Basic food for a minor diner.

Her dumpling-soup had no appeal,
Meat was burnt,  vegetables tough.
If  smooth  short  pastry is  ideal 
Her pastry then was long  and rough.

I’ve often had  elegant  food  at Maxime’s
And sometimes in London’s splendour, the  Ritz.
They offer  choux pastry and  bream in soft cream
Or  venison  rare  as my status  befits.

But at home in the dining room   when I can choose
I still love the  tough  little burnt scraps as chews.
Judge not mother’s food by the tasting thereof ;
The pleasure is  saturated  there  in her love .

Details | Rhyme | |

Little Tia

She licks and licks away,
Missed me a lot today,

I let her out, 
She barks and barks,
She sniffs around, 
In the lawn she doesn't care for wet parts,

Runs to her bowl,
Has her favorite kibble in tow,
This picky diva wants food from my plate,
She's not fond of my decision not to cooperate,
So hard to deny her food when she's looking so cute,
I'm strong willed so this becomes a reoccurring dispute,

Now she wants to play,
I kick the soccer ball, 
Pouncing like a dear would catch prey
Laughing hard I shed a tear,
This I could do all day

Details | Epulaeryu | |

An Apple A Day (Epulaeryu)

Fill me with love my soul cries
Sweet fruit for my life
Comforting is your pure sight
Rapture of your skin
Takes away mine ills
Oh apple

© Joseph 1/1/08
© All Rights Reserved

This religious Epulaeryu is based on Song of Solomon 2:5. The “Epulaeryu” 
poem is about delicious food and drinks. It consists of seven lines with thirty-
three syllables. The first line has seven syllables, the second line five, the third 
line seven, the fourth line five, the fifth line five, the sixth line three, and the 
seventh line has only one syllable which ends with an exclamation mark. Each 
line has one thought relating to the main course. The Epulaeryu poetic form 
syllable count is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. It has corresponding lines built around the main 
course, and concludes with the ending line expressing the writer’s excitement 
and feelings about the meal.  The Epulaeryu poetic form was invented by Joseph 

Details | Acrostic | |

Nay Sayers Deny Greatest Fear

Charity to others means giving to you
Helping all fellow (wo)man is part of the plan 
Righteousness existing in you be the clue
Integrity to self above everything else
Spiritual intent must be in cement
This will save the earth giving new birth
Jesus Christ what more must I say?
Earthly bound fear is nothing to steer
Sex is used to keep hold of you
Utterly lustful desire leads to fire
Suffering this state tough one to equate

Details | Light Poetry | |


 when its cold be bold
any races or faces
don't let it go to wastes
its has the tastes
fill with noodle loots

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

On Knowing the Dark Side

How does one begin to have recognized
First it requires that one admits to one’s self
Do I live my life in search of perfect health?
Then the dark side has ye hypnotized 

You see the darkness is quite clever
Once you wallow in its fear of loss
Are you starting to understand you pay the cost?
Controlling your destiny forever

Caring not for another human being condition
Driving in you a false perception of need
Increasing in you one’s emotional greed
See now thee that it has a dark mission?

Details | Light Poetry | |

The least loved-

You were like a bird perched high up in the tree, which did stare down upon the 

very worms on the ground. With your eye piercing through the ground you did see 

me try to slither back to the safety of the soil, but you did pluck me from the 

ground and with one swift swallow you did devour me whole. I did try to hide from 

your piercing stare as you measured my slithering body and pluck me from the 

ground and swallowed me up like a sink hole that came upon a rainy day and 

eroded the earth from beneath and unseen…Mother earth save me from her 

beak and return me safely to your soil rich grounds? There I will labor until they 

beseech you with their cries for your tears and raise me once again to the very 

top, where once again I shall be at the mercy of their beaks and sharp talons as 

they dig me from the ground once more. And feed me to her little ones…Truly this 

is in the masters plan? The weak for the hungry and the least love shall be feed 

to the many that call upon Mother Nature’s tears to raise the weakest from the 

ground to feed the many that beckon and she does hear their call.  This time I 

surrender my slithery soul in the name of what is right I shall fight no more!

Details | Acrostic | |

living candle

                                                             Living candle 
What is a living candle . People thoughts that that the great man of the world is the living candle how gave lights and happiness to the world with his blood like mathma gandi  , neru and 
Bagant singh etc. but can we miss  some body the most important and valuable person in our life’s . who make our  life better and happy  with his blood and his life . think about it who is this person . 
            In my point of view we miss the main person in our life’s.  our mothers who always play a very big role in our life’s  . mothers always treat the children with his blood . we can say that the mother is the other name of living candle who burn herself and give the light of happiness .
          Is our mother refuse any thing or any work that we demand in our homes  or in our life’s . 
I always see my mother while she is  working and rest of his life she always think about success and a good life of his children’s  . I told you a very most important and a very bad moment in my life  . After my father death our fine national conduction of our family is not so good . In dinner and also breakfast  my mother took food in last .  but why. I tell you the reason of this 
She thinks that’s  firstly  her children’s fulfill his demand of food and after that my mother eats a very low amount of food and she told us that her stomach fain  during the large amount of  food  but that is not true I tell you truth it is not the pain of large amount it is pain of hunger . I see many times that my mother eat nothing . it is morality and love of mother for his children’s
So plz thanks your mother giving you  a very happy and good life .. 
                                                                                                                       WRITTEN BY :- TARUN DABAS

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All Consuming Passion (Adult)

Tantalizing aromas fill the nighttime air
Scents that carry on the breeze to my mind
While walking to the table to get my share
It was to my surprise, which I did find
For there on the table, my food on a dish
The dish of flesh, as the food sat on top
She reclined there supporting making a wish
That I would eat my fill and never to stop
With a smile I gestured, I’d start with the broth
I’d work my way up to the heavenly desserts
All the time cleaning my mouth with her cloth
To consume then her offerings, to get then my worth  
As she was the course which I desired the most
With wine in our hands, we then made our toast

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

None Can Do It Alone

All wanting the truth to be known
Yet many continue to doubt
There they will find no clout
Knowing none can do it alone

Fore they will reap that what they have sown
Your desires will either lead you to fire
Pleas forever stained in the words by these Pryor’s 
Know that all must one day atone

Embracing thee one true bridesmaid and groom
This is the only way to enter His estate
So, cries these messengers standing at the gate
Encompassing understanding that all must one day attune  

Details | Free verse | |


I walked fearlessly into the room
But no one seemed to notice 
At my legs my hands clenched in a tiny fist
I sat at the table and said a prayer

As I dug into my half cooked broccoli 
I noticed something
You were silently watching me
I couldn’t think of anything from a to z
I cringed in my seat and laughed pointlessly at a joke
But you kept on watching me intently as everyone spoke

I looked down at my plate and examined the food
I gobbled down junks of meat trying to be rude
I wished you wouldn’t look at me the way you do
As I withhold a smile, of my consciousness
I’m laughing

Because I can’t help it when you look at me
When everything seems to freeze

Time slows down and I feel as if it’s now or never
But reality taps in and I know it’s never
I smile back politely at you and you look away
Every time you do it feels the same
But I withhold all the mushy emotions and tough it out
Because maybe one day you’ll save me from this
Maybe I’ll finally feel bliss

I chew silently on my last piece of broccoli 
And escape the table
Escape my fears and untold fables
There’s much more than what you can see
Maybe one day you’ll realize you belong with me.

Details | Narrative | |

A solid craft in dining

At lunch on Wednesdays, we go out and dine at Trattoria Romana ,
wth my confreres in the community, there’s a choice to make;
either we spend the money or be content with the left-over at home
for certain reasons this makes us aware of those who are poor.

  In many Italian menus, there’s always pasta with tomato sauce,
  slices of prosciutto, ribbons of zucchini with buttery lemon-white wine sauce,
  braised veal ragu with fresh mint and green olives, oh! delicious in toto;
  We relish them with delight and affirm the goodness of eating out.

Scarpariello is almost our choice for every meal in this so-called place.
with its juice and broccoli rabe create a better taste to savor it through
truly, a special dish that everyone likes and recommends to order hitherto.

  Homemade desserts complete the meal with a cup of Italian espresso,
  some ask for a decaffenated coffee with cannoli cream that’s sweet and good;
  like a friendly combination that culminates the whole menu for this meal,
  a moment to cherish, an experience of grace that satiates our hunger and thirst.

We love to share our thoughts, insights, reactions or experiences while we eat;
it’s like a commitment to a life of sharing and ministry to our own people,
there’s openness and joy that take its course along with our conversation,
part of our meal, a relationship to deepen; that in turn enables us to love one another.

Details | I do not know? | |

Why Are You Here

Trees are here,
So I can climb.
But also here,
So I can eat.

Streams are here,
So I can swim.
And also here
So I can drink.

You are here
To make me laugh.
But also here,
So I can love!

~Written in 2003 (Tuesday, 4th, March) when I was fourteen.~

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Inflected Speech

 Inflected Speech 
Inflected Speech 
She said “is this all that you are getting this morning” 
OH the connotations of that speech 
There is at least three interpretations of inflected speech in me. 
Eye was in the Market and the bread was spendy to me eye added peppers not 
so many seven in the bag to total out quite less the two dollars for the me. Was it 
not enough? was she the gruff store owner selling stuff or just concerned for the 
young man's anatomy the love inside the heart? Eye turned to stone and got rock 
hard and answered not. But wait it could even be just simple courtesy. 
She is not in love with me but she is a girl endowed and wondering 
at a man so poor as to buy only bread and peppers instead of meat that most 
Neanderthal sportsmen eat. Mabe just mabe she thought of me. Or like a lover 
and a wife and a mother yes eye did eye heard all that from such a young young 
woman behind a counter of command. But then she is nice to other men and 
they buy none. 
They push the envelope with me they grunt. 
Who pays for all the meat they eat they do not complete my smile or ask for bread 
afforded me eye smiled in vain to help no one today. 
My meat is added to the bread to make the table for my head the meat is meat 
you knoe not of complete. 
If she thinks me poor than t'was a miss. Amiss she is the miss. 
And now eye smile at this my poem made in jest. A test of one more day of life. 

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On a moonlit pond Paddle a flat bottom boat Spotlight, Gig ready At last you hear that deep crock I love frog legs for breakfast

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“Erdnüsschen” he called you,
little earth-nut.
How exotic you sounded 
on his foreign tongue.

Term of endearment.
A cheap snack.

Rid of him now,
you pop
them in your mouth.
Nothing tastes as good.

Details | Couplet | |

Stand To Understand

All across the land
Many will not understand

Crawling like worms
Failing or discern

The reasons why the suffer
Know that you all are tougher

Dwelling in you He resides
Just asking you to abide

No longer shall the One tolerate
The time has come to obliterate

Spitting in this retort
You all have his support

Keep your reframe firm
Ignore all material concern

Just see things from his point of view
Then in you His Spirit will renew

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

Trouble Moving

So you sit there and ask what am I to do?
First one needs to make a choice of truth
Then all need to reflect it in the booth
Well I say that it’s really up to you

But first take time to gather up knowledge
There is always time if life if want to make it
The time is now to stand up and take it
Contemplate and pray then you acknowledge

Then you will find more who are willing to stand
Spreading love and peace without remorse
Even though it will bring many to discourse
This I say will lead us to the promise land

Details | Light Poetry | |

Wrong Breakfast

You scrambled my heart as if it were a three egg omelet
 Breaking the shell of my soul till it crumbled
 I am trying so hard just to forget
 My inner self tumbled, bumbled 

I felt shuffled
 I feel ruffled
I would rather forget
 If our times you regret
My love muffled
 My emotions coupled

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I slept with Daffy Duck

(This is a fictional poem)

I slept with Daffy Duck and I'm so ashamed.
Instead of making love to a woman, I made love to game.
I was drunk when we got in the sack.
He was so sexy because he was black.
When my girlfriend found out, she forgave me even though I'm a sinner.
She then shot Daffy Duck and served him for dinner.

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The perfect dessert for me.
For it has the perfect texture , so consistent throughout.
It's gelatinous yet doughy body that is so sweet to the soul , tongue and mouth.
So beautiful and understating  just like the  perfect spouse.
But Pardon my manners If sometimes I wish to touch you with my hands and skip even using the spoon or  fork.
Skip from I got to wait till you're done, to I can't wait to have some  more.
Have had memories of you and I since back when grandmamma wasn’t so old,
and all I had to do was worry about what my abuelitos and parents told me.
When I finally saw you , suga it was like a dream come true.
Even if I was heavier than I should’ve been at 8 ,I would always take care of you.
And please listen to what I say because it’s only natural that as a former fat boy my words would also carry much weight.
There are so many types of you.
 I've had the worst and the one's in between worse and in between.
But I've matured enough to expand my sense of taste and have acquired more than one sweet tooth.
But to only find out they don't even compare to you.

With your culinary curves it's almost as If I dishonored you with my failed homemade homages.
But can you blame my senses if I feel cozy around you?
Even though my comfort is  only due to your confection,
you will always have my attention due to the enjoyment I feel in your presence,
For that I'' always say please and thank you.
With that cherry on top I just can't wait.
And I’ll see you, I’ll be picking you up at my abuelitas at eight.
I'll my bring my taste buds and you bring yourself.
But don't you worry about left over crumbs,
because I always clean my plate.

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Truth Be Known

All must at some point make their will His you see
Mortal ye I be just a man yet I seek the true Master’s throne
Stephen became a martyr due to the many castings of stone
That is the true resurrection, Jesus Christ in Thee

Details | ABC | |


Add some water
Bring to boil slowly
Condiments will come later
Dolloped desire dropped in
Edibles let her entice
Fresh with filled flavor
Grown lovingly at home
Heartily stirred to cooking
I read the recipe and see
Jelled images of repast
Kindly koshered believers
Larders of lowfat love
Milking a midnight marinade
Nourishing nocturnally
Organic ardoured nutrition
Potluck or purposefully
Quinoa ingrained meal
Recipes of relish
Soul food sweet and sticky
Unseasoned and unwritten
Victuals for vegans
Whole meal and rice
Xanthan gum aside
Yolks and yogurts
Zealously zigzag alphasoup

© Goode Guy 2012-01-26

glue ten free soup

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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugh, so Darn Ugly

G;Geico commercials   B;(you knew this was coming); Billy Mays commercials U; 
hour long imfomercials
G;Big, juicy homemade hamburgers  B;White Castle belly burners
G; Best fast food place;by far;All American, Massapequa N.Y. (check it on web- 
always, and rightfully rated  number one  B-white Castles (ugh;belly burners!)
G; Music played with syyle and heart B; Gangster rap/ Disco
G;Family gatherings B;Alone in a dingy room
G;A nice warm shower B; Having no showerhead
G;Staring at TV test patterns for hours (told ya I was weird) B; Gamey game 
G;A nice warm sunny day B;Heavy rain and your roof leaks
G;Creativity B;Malicious destruction(other than a Billy Mays tape)
G;Cooking and eating with family /and/or friends B;Alone with a bag of pretzels
G;Enjoying swimming at the beach or pool B;finding a great white shark in your 
G;Words of love and encouragement B;Mean words of anger/hate
G;Good poetry B;My poetry usually
G;Peaceful sleep all through the night B;Cronic insomnia U;Being awake for 8 
days (as I too well's mind turns into oatmeal)
G;a love of beauty B;Loving your own beauty
G;swiss or cheddar cheese B;Limberger cheese U;Liederkranz (ugh! clear the 
G;A full refrigerator (including Tootsie rolls) B;A rerigerator full of food expired 6 
months ago, and now home to strange new species
G;Catching a mouse B;doing the same, but with your teeth
G;Courteous drivers B;New Jersey drivers
G;Religious faith B; Fundamentalist extremists (of any religion)
G;Room deodorizer. B;Dirty unwashed socks your air deodorizer
G;A trusting marriage B;A busting marriage
G;Acoustic guitars B; Acoustic torpedoes
G;M&Ms  B;BBs
G;good books used as tools B;Mediocre books by fools
G;Cleavage B;Seepage
G;Being in a band onstage B;Overfilled audiences leading to rage
G;Jessica Simpson's looks B;Jessica Simpson's mental acumen
G;Eddie Murphy on stage or screen B;Eddie Murphy in real life (I know!)
G;Being loved and adored B;Being lonely and too bored
G;Some money in your pocket B;Your finger in a socket
G;For Bush to get a Lobotomy B; News of Bush's colonoscopy

Enough for now folks.  Have a painless day! 

Details | Free verse | |

My Happiness, My Chocolate

M&M's and Milky Way,
Snickers and Dove,
Reeses and Crunch.
What do they have in common?
They have something very important to me,
they have chocolate.
Sweet and luscious,
rich and delicious.
An excessive amount of sugar.
This is my chocolate.

I eat it everyday.
I can't live without it.
My mouth demands more and more.
My teeth sing with joy,
they love being covered in chocolate.
I delight in the feeling,
of the chocolate melting on my tongue.
I swallow it,
and my throat is in heaven.
My chocolate makes me happy.

White, dark, or milk chocolate,
orange or strawberry flavored,
filled with caramel or peanut butter,
nuts or almonds,
creamy or crunchy,
it's very mouthwatering.
It feels soft and hard when cold,
sticky when melted by the sun.
It has a fascinating smell.
I know my chocolate very well.

Saliva escapes from my mouth,
dreaming of my chocolate,
my beautiful chocolate.
Day and night,
I always dream,
that unique taste,
that is made with love 
and lots of affection.
I'm addicted to chocolate.
I'll die without my chocolate.

During the days when I'm sad,
tears fall from my eyes,
I feel lonely and deserted,
I eat chocolate.
And like magic,
as soon as my nose gets a whiff of that distinct smell,
that gratifying scent,
I feel better.
Again I have a smile on my face.
My chocolate is my anti-depressant.

My chocolate talks to me,
it asks me to eat it,
to enjoy it a lot.
When eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
It keeps me in a trance.
I have to eat chocolate,
I must consume it.
My chocolate is like your oxygen,
I need it.
My chocolate is my happiness.

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Sometimes I wonder what things I’ll do in life
Will I have a wife, a soul mate, a life-long friend, a companion till the end? 
Will I be left on my own, by myself to fend? 
Send me to a place where your looks don’t matter
To a place where you can be skinnier or fatter 
To a place where your confidence and self esteem wont shatter 
A place where you won’t be judged if you eat a full platter 

I wish my emotions were an optional choice 
To be able to drop them, escape the insulting voice 
I wish I was a toddler, back when all that mattered was toys
Where it didn’t make a difference if you liked girls or boys 
People’s words are like an army, waiting to be deployed
And when they deport, your feelings are destroyed
You’re on your own left thinking if there is anyone on your side
But you don’t go and search, you feel the need to hide 
They have created a monster, it’s now living inside 
It's tearing down your courage, and eating your pride 
You find yourself asking if your parents have lied. 
Telling you all these years, you're perfect in every way shape and size 
Even now when you hear that, a part of you dies 
Because it’s not what you believe, according to statistics 
You've been judged throughout life, on your appearance and characteristics 
Facing the world’s most blunt and cold hearted critics 
It’s inevitable to judge, but don't be so quick to attack 
You don't know that person, and that’s just a fact. 
The one you made fun of, lost everything, house burned down, he didn’t have time to pack 
His father had left when he was young; his mother was addicted to crack 
What we all take for granted, is what this boy lacked. 
All I’m asking, is to think before you speak 
Even though you don't know it, it’s making the person weak 
Just focus on yourself, seek what you want from life 
Don't be the person who's the reason, on their wrist, lays a knife.

Details | Senryu | |

Sweet Knuckles

Honey crystals pressed
Lightly on my lips, kissing
Your sugar pockets

Dedicated to Aunt Mary

Details | Light Poetry | |


its that time
read the sign
thats say soup
with noodle toots
love the smoking stuff
i love chestnut
so mean love boil  potatoes
and cook tomatoes
all this is and more so cool

Details | Quatrain | |


I have many qualities and talents 
that make me popular and likeable for my kindness,
and unpretentious gallantry;
ask me if I'm blue-blooded like the gentry!

I exist for a purpose and I intend reveal my cause;
honesty and shrewdness will guard me against errors...
do weeds grow in a well-maintained and embellished garden?
A grubby garden attracts gloominess, mine appeals to sunshine!

I have traveled down rough and dark roads,
grabbing the attention of bad-wishers,
who handed me gooseberries, not gorse;
it was a clumsy course swarming with rocks and thorns!

I exist for a purpose that puts fear into my unseen enemies,
who grumble and judge more than the-assumed-righteous-ones,
they are obsessed with their perfection and like to impose it on me;
but do they know that I control my destiny by spinning my fortune' wheel?

My belief is not to accept anything of worthless beauty,
I love to hide myself in the grain fields,and shake their stalks...
to celebrate a harvest more bountiful than sunflowers;
and I imagine myself gorging on fresh-baked bread daily!

O golden grains, your seeds satiate many that earn their hard living,
saying grace at God gives them His blessing;
and those hands that cut the husks off are much detested   
by the elite with a feeling of inferiority and a lack of gratitude!

I exist for a purpose to bring glory to the Heavens,
that magnificently dazzle upon me in times of desperate need;
pity is an unacceptable word whenever they attempt to make a deal;
I change no direction and try not to fall into the trap of moral weakness!

 Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Details | Light Poetry | |


 it don't go to waste 
i love the taste
and this is no lie
i love 

Details | Imagism | |


A view of hopeful help me
A vision aimed at Heart
Staring through dazed glaze
A pleading message 
Separated by not noticed flatscreen
An artificial touch
With meaningful message
Over an unseen line
Distinguished by have and have not
Such a short journey 
Between full heart and stomach
A measurable distance from 
Caring to doing
Knowing and helping
Difference and indifference
We see the point 
That makes the vision clear
Crossing an invisible 
But so apparent line
With extended hands
To touch and embrace the need
A beginning to problem solved
Through selfless effort
And action
For love is when FillUs  FillsUs

Details | I do not know? | |


I was chosen before my time.
Listen very close this is not just a rhyme.
My life was known before I was born yet,
Time had to come around the horn.
Now I am here with a job to do,
Part of my job is to watch over you.
Yes I am a keeper and I must be kept,
For another brother’s died while I have slept.
The poison metal pipes are going around,
Flowing in, flowing out and all around town.
Earning a day’s wages and still in need,
Then the poison metal pipes help kill a seed.
We’ve been accused for doing most of the wrong,
And if we’re not careful, we’ll believe all the long.
In the midst of it all, others round about me fall,
STILL, I am destined to answer my call.
My call is from above to both young and old,
So what I am telling you, I am only being told.
By  one most know of, and they may know OF Him well,
But its not enough to know of,
You see I owe you as a brother, and I owe Him as a Father
So I am here for Him, and there’s really no bother.
I will do what I’ve been destined to, this I know is right.
During the morning, during the evening, and into the night.
I’ve been called, picked out, with a mission ahead.

And if you don’t take heed, you may wind up dead.
You see, dead is being more than without a beat,
It is also being held under another’s feet.
Not thinking for yourself, influenced by the WRONG others,
Persuaded by some BOYS, and then, becoming mothers.
Not following the wisdom of our parents from old,
Not wanting to take heed to what we are told.
We are leaders by nature and 
We can’t help this,
Still the way some of us are leading,
Others will never reach this bliss.
You can not be a leader less you have someone to follow,
But whom can you lead, the strong or the hollow.
We do not have long in this earthly place,
Yet its not about the color, the gender or the race.
Its about being a soldier and the chain of command,
The torch has now been put into my own hands.
You see they’re many torches, all in the hands of the same,
Strong minds, strong willed with the backup of 
The end is soon to come so I must go now,
But you have already been chosen for right here and now.
You are the next leaders, I would give it some thought,
Because you have not only been “CHOSEN”, but;
You’ve also been 

BOUGHT !!!  

Details | Rhyme | |

Do YOU Know Who I Am?

I'm dark brown in color, and sometimes white,
I'm terribly desireable, and very well liked,
By those who love me, they crave me too,
If only you knew me, you'd feel that way too.
I'm enjoyed by both men, and women alike,
But in me is where women, find their true delight.
Have you guessed who I am?
Do you at least have a clue?
Shall I talk a bit further?
Yes, let me do that for you.
Now I'm not all that good, I'm sometimes bad,
To the very one's who love me, I deliberately make sad.
To over indulge  may bring strife,
I can bring true havick, into your life.
I stand alone, and take all the blame,
Do you know me now?
Have you guessed my name?
If you don't know me by now, and still can't guess,
It's time to put your mind to rest.

I Am      C H O C O L A T E !

Details | Light Poetry | |


this is how it be
i love the see
love fish
and other sea dish
all is cool
i love myself some

Details | Senryu | |

You So Sweet

So yummy
I could just
eat you up

Not funny
Had enough

Such dummies
Eat too much
Tastebuds change

Now honey
Wish I had
Ate you up

Details | Rhyme | |


His love so divine
I’m glad he is mine
Always so loving and caring
When he is in your life it has meaning
He gives me faith to never be blind
When I call his name he is always on time
His love is so merciful
And his blessings are plentiful
To the world Jesus is the light
To praise and glorify Him my pen takes flight
Thousands of stories are told of Him
His blood rids us of sin
I think of my Lord night and day
With folded hands and bent knees to Jesus I pray
He teaches, he loves, he inspire, he brings wealth, he saves, and heals
My Jesus is so real
The King of Kings is so incredible
He is just irresistible!

Deuteronomy 6:5 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with
all your strength. 

Psalm 89:1-2 I will sing of the LORD’S great love forever; with my mouth I will make your
faithfulness known through all generations. I declare that your love stands firm forever,
that you established your faithfulness in heaven itself. 

Details | Senryu | |


love has taken all

you lose all that you have gained

food is your best friend

Details | Rhyme | |

United Messengers At The Gate

Learning that it is never to late
We all start to feel its demand
These messengers begin to equate
Holy Spirit is at our command

All across the world we shall stand
As human beings we can all relate
All human consciousness shall expand
Allowing the Almighty’s will to dictate

Details | Enclosed Rhyme | |

New To Old Experience

The Cycle will always reset
Undergoing that what is foretold
Is up to every human to behold
The will’s of (wo)man will beget

So all of these lives have been done before
Go through all are we these metaphoric changes 
Initiating with forgiveness everything rearranges
Multiplying cells always starts at the core

All of you just wanting to know more
He says, all you ask then to receive
Want to live a new life then believe
What else better have you to explore?

Details | Free verse | |


The striking actress
  Vivien Leigh played the role
    of Scarlett in, "Gone With The Wind".
      The Southern belle fell in love with Rhett,
        who had a set of charming blue eyes that captured
          her heart burning with passion and love: like her red dress!

  In the heart-wrenching scene on a barren hill, 
    over-looking the luxurious mansion, we see furious Scarlett
      vowing herself to never go angry again and not to live in poverty;
        and we hear her loud voice thundering amid cannons' blasts, as she 
          pleads her promise with vengeance staring at the orange-colored sunset!
            And from that war, which brought much destruction to the South, a great nation rose!

Details | Rhyme | |

Memorial Day

Gorgeous day!  Wrapped with warm weather,
quietude in surroundings early this morning;
roads are clear; driving isn’t a problem at all,
there’s no rush and one freely takes his time.

Invitations from friends and other relations
a cookout in the yard or dining in a restaurant;
a common tradition to American people,
a wonderful experience, a day to remember.

Our major print, news and TV networks,
show varied events, places, and peoples;
with distinctive features of the celebration
that trace back history and meaning to recall.

As singularly punctuated with solemnity
those veterans in the army and other dignitaries,
along with the president of this beautiful country,
America: the land of free, unity and diversity.

Names engraved in the annals of history
are those heroes who served in this country,
they offered their lives for love and loyalty,
indisputably, heroic giants of the century.

Across the years, memories of the past
continue to serve as a treasure trove,
a wellspring of thought and inspiration;
indeed, a living legacy worthy of imitation.

Kudos and more power to these people
though they’re all gone into the silent land
their spirit, mem’ry and legacy to everyone
unites the whole nation for love and remembrance.

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MY DOG---------MY CAT

I have two pets-a dog and a cat,
One is thin, the other is fat,
Can you guess which on is that,
That's right--that darn cat is Very fat.

She drinks milk whenever she can,
The vet says,"NO!", but he's only a man,
She pays no attention whatever to him,
She IS picky though, she won't drink skim.

Now Mr. dog--he's slim and trim,
He runs and plays with vigor and vim,
He sticks up his nose at milk and all that,
He doesn't want to be a Fat cat!

I love them both-thin or fat,
Even though, at times, they drive me bats,
I thank God that they are around,
For they make me feel alive with all those sounds.

                             MEOW!      BOW-WOW!  MEOW!   BOW-WOW!
                              Don't they sound adorable?LOL

Details | Rhyme | |

Midday Picnic (The Play)

The setting

Green grass on sunny day
The area by the lake
Trees surrounding from all view
For there my love, to take

The props

Blanket meticulously placed
Basket filled with fare
Wine with two glasses
Brie and camembert
Crackers and some caviar
Strawberries, just so red
Radio to set the mood
We will be well fed

The story

She and I walked hand in hand
With sun upon our way
Smiling in the gentle breeze
Planning for our day
With feet to take us walking
Our hearts had guided the way
We then laid down our blanket
With thoughts to eat and play
Sprayed out, the food before us
With intentions there to eat
The tastiest of the tastiest
A veritable lover’s treat
I fed her, oh, seductively
As music played along
I sang for her, the words I knew
From one of her favorite songs
We toasted us, we sipped away
We kissed…the time was right
We cast aside the food we brought
Made love in broad daylight

The Ending

Yet, I am a gentleman
So now to you I say
I can give no more details
Of our picnic this day

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i love the taste
it don't go to waste
its a chill pill
by it self a wind meal
it a real deal
i love it indeed

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Our Place

I'm underrated
and I'm outdated
a little scarred
but not disbarred
just living my life
along with my wife
we're two of a kind
never hard to find
trying to live in peace
without loosing our lease
we're just two crazy kids
who grew up from the skids
we're causing no harm
come share with our charm
come enjoy a brand new taste
eating here never a waste

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 love the part
its the turkey heart
i love with tomatoes
mash potatoes
its think giving treat
easy on your teeth

Details | Didactic | |

Take No Thought

Take no thought for your life,
What you shall eat or what you shall drink.
Is not your life more than that of meat?
Behold, the birds of the air
Are fed by God our Heavenly Father.
So, neither do they gather, sow nor reap.
Now aren't we much better than they?

Take no though for your body,
What you shall put on or be your measure.
Is not your body more than stature and clothes?
Consider the lilies of the field;
They toil no, neither do they spin.
Yet, God arrays them and the flower grows.
How much more shall He provide for us of the faith?

Take no thought for tomorrow
And all the things that the world seeks after.
Does not your Heavenly Father know your need?
So seek first God's kingdom and His righteousness,
And all these things shall be added to you
That you beg not, neither be forsaken nor your seed.
How much more then should we patiently wait?

Take no thought and be anxious for nothing;
Tomorrow will worry for things of its own.
Does not each day already have enough trouble?
So in everythng by prayer and supplication
With thanksgiving make your requests known to God
Each day that you and Peace be as a couple.
Now isn't today that tomorrow you feared yesterday?

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Seasonal Joy

Sweet aromatic scents escaping the entrance to the kitchen
As the warmth of the fireplace seeks out us all
The sounds of games and cheers coming from the TV room
With just an attitude of love and kindness spread throughout

It is a loving time of year as autumn brings with it seasonal joy
Families and friends come across miles to share food, give thanks
We embrace the season with smiles and prayers for a happy year end
As we look forward to winter and the holidays of love it too brings

Details | Romanticism | |

my best

for all your
your forgetfulness
your awkward questions
and masterful responses
your visits cut short
coversations drawn out
your uncertainty
your innocence
your unthoughtful splurges
and quiet apologies

for all your pauses
and drawn breaths

throughout your day
for every song you play

i love you more
than i can find the guts
to say 

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they love dandy  candy
they love to shop
and stack a  lot
at a picture show
love to eat slow
tho the bag might be torn
the like pop corn
other things on the rack

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Daddy's Favorite Treat

Chocolate Covered Cherries are a favorite treat
He loves to nibble and munch on them until his stomach is complete
Even though they have lots of sugar and are not healthy at all
Daddy can’t eat only one; they are just too good to stall
Even when he cannot stall and wants to eat every one
He will always be nice enough to give his family some
Chocolate Covered Cherries are a favorite treat
If Daddy didn’t get them, Christmas wouldn’t be complete
The joy of Christmas is making people feel very merry
With simple things like giving Daddy a Chocolate Covered Cherry

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The Field Of Summer

The bright 
Summer sky
Of Myconos
With little cold 
From nearby 
Bluish green sea
Wrinkled cheeks
As she sit 
On a field
Of olive groves
The flamboyant
Toward her 
His manly steps
Over the surface
Of dried tares
Clear clouds 
Slowly sway 
Giving way 
To her 
Pink scented lips 
To be kissed
By sunlight
The watermelon
As she waits
For the love
Of her

Details | Dramatic monologue | |

You Have Been Touched By God's Grace

You have been touched by God's Grace,
and all your sins erased, now your heart within is pure.

You have been touched by God's Grace,
and your soul has been redeemed, now his love lives within.

You have been touched by God's Grace,
and live each day to him, a true friend HE is to you.

You have been touched by God's Grace,
and now your hearts desires evolve around him, leaving him not out.

You have been touched by God's Grace,
and it is a blessing to see how you touch the lives of others with Jesus' love.

(c) March 23, 2006   Rosemarie Schrock

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leaving space between you and what was then. it's clear, nothing makes since. If 
only...if only... Breaking what's already been broken. finally knowing that my heart 
is what you've been staying for too long. and with each cut and stab and bleed of 
my heart, I feel your smile. Not knowing that today is yesterdays lie. All because 
of nothing. Empty silence between you and guilt because, you can't face the fact 
that I'm dead in your eyes. You can't fix what was then now I'm over. Left with 
nothing, but an empty love. The only thing I'm living for is giving up. Watching time 
as I pass it by and losing life at the same time. Oh, what a world this would be , if 
I was with you and you were with me.I LOVE CHICKEN!!!!!!!

Details | Blank verse | |


i have for you.
Awaiteing restlessness.
A lifeless word crashing.
Life is now left bleeding.
Love shredded by emontional.
Hung without exstence
Found where passion is.
This hart stripped of empitiness.
A painful dream with in.
Is my life.
MY  writeing is my fate.
I just gess im to late.

Details | Narrative | |

How Could You Know

I hear everyday, about the hungry, and scared,
how not enough money is available for their care.
The children, and elderly, doing without,
tell me, what this is about.
Our land is so rich, and many have much,
then why, oh why, are we hearing such.
Programs are needed in each city, and state,
designed to help them, in any way.
When you're not hungry, and you're not old,
it's hard to imagine, how could you know.

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A Smile On A Plate

A smile on a plate
Is worth more on your face
While descending stairs,
You carried your emotions on a platter
To be delivered in the arch of my bedroom door
And scented sweets filled the room
As you left me to hold
Your smile on a plate

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They appeared in the aisle before me
I could not look away, mesmerized
by the shrouds of sparkling silver 
that restrained them 

Without saying a word
they called my name, in ecstasy
I soared; I was being pursued 
and could not resist
they were gods, I was certain

after the first, so I agreed to
the second and liked it, turning back 
was no longer possible 
I acquiesced—to the desire of the third
thirty minutes of heavenly bliss,
then they left me

with only memories
and a feeling on my tongue
like whipped velvet

I now count the minutes
until my next encounter
with a Three Musketeers bar

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Comfort Food

Breakfasts of strawberry pancakes
Hot and made with love,
A regular childhood occurrence
In kitchen where odors of love and comfort
Soothed the hurt the bully left
And made one feel stronger.
One pulls courage from comfort food
Strength from those who care,
For the bully is actually a coward
Who preens and acts the bantam.

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My Time Of Season


Ain’t it grand this time of

The year..

The leaves of autumn is so


This time of season..

The leaves are,

Burnt red

Orange & yellow

Brown & and a bit of

Fading green..

The leaves are,




All in this time of the


I wish I could capture all

Of nature beauty..

And canned it in a jar..

Turkey and its stuffing &

The trimming...

Pumpkin pie,

Fills the air with the
Thanksgiving aroma..

Grape kool-aid is my favorite



Sitting in the center of my

Dinner table..

I love the season


I love the fiesta colors

And the frost little nip

In the early mornings..

Um um um

Ah, how I love this time

Of season..

So beautiful with grandeur..



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Day dreaming

I lie there
sun baking down
upon my back
Sizzling my skin
prickled with the heat
slowly scorches.
To cool it
I move a little
to the right.
A tree shaded area
just cool enough
in which to laze
the afternoon away.

Half dazed I lay there,
my thoughts begin
to wander
back over previous days.
Days where my boyfriend
would woo me,
off to the pictures
or night spots…
always something to do,
somewhere to go.
Him leading me,
showing me off
like a prized possession.
I wander is that all I am?
A possession?

I love these
cute little flowers,
perfect for picking
and playing….
He loves me,
he loves me not…
....He loves me!
Satisfied for now,
beaming like a
Cheshire cat;
I close my eyes ,
let imagination
take me far away
and doze
waiting for his return
with ice-lolly
as I do with
my love…

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"Hershey's Kisses chocolate love"

Hershey's Kisses chocolate love
by msv
On July 26

close your eyes 
open your mouth
dream of a sugar play 
were little chocolate
dreams dance away 
its on the tips of 
your fingers 
on its way to your tongue 
cream Bliss for every more 
chocolate for everyone-

Details | Free verse | |


Roots and fruits , being the staple of earth 

Succulent varieties , distribute at birth

Bounteous cornucopia , gratitude pleasing

Source of life............. substantial meaning ,

Root of our foundation , fitting self fruitation

We bear the fruit of what we root..........

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Cotton Candy

Sweet, fluffy colors
Weightless, twisted 'round a stick
Puffed up in a bag

Details | Narrative | |

Dress Casual

Dear Mr. President

Christmas is upon us, and I am busy 
planning for the celebration of the birth
of Christ.
This year our family will not have a tree,
for I have been laid off from my job.
They told me, they found someone else
that would do it for half the money, that they
have been paying me.
Also, my health insurance is worthless now,
my family can't get any assistance we need, but
we are still grateful to be able to say,
we live in the USA.
I know for sure we will be getting a turkey
from one of the many churches in our area,
they never forget the less fortunate.
This is the reason for my letter,
my family, and I, would love for you, (and
anyone else, that would like to attend), to
join us, as we celebrate the birth of our
Lord, and Savior.  Dress casual, and
remember, In God We Trust.

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Imprisoned by food

Sometimes I feel imprisoned by food
Sometimes it's the only thing that soothes
When I'm in an intolerable mood
I hate the snacks I sneak at night
Some how I know that it's not right
Sometimes I'm not even hungry
It's just by habit because I'm feeling lonely
There is no one to scold me
I'm not even fat
But when there is no one to hold me
and the calories digest
I can't help hating myself

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the holidays

When I think about the holidays,
It's that feeling of ch
Waiting for Santa to come in his sleigh,
The smell of candy canes and pine.
It's almost a high.
Oh, and don't forget the pie!
Food, songs, blessings, and toasts,
Time with family, extended and close.
No present can be bought
That can take the place of the love.
From Thanksgiving to New Years
Our homes get colder.
Family is great to have near
To make it feel warmer.
Ribbons and bows are pretty,
And presents are great to give,
But it's the love of others
That  makes them so special

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My hubby likes chicken dumplins
I like my cheddar cheese
Thank God I married someone like him
Who is not very hard to please

He sure likes his colas and sodas
I like my water and tea
It really doesn’t matter to him
Just so he still has me

He is not, but heavens knows
I am the picky eater.
The ice cream’s not cold, the soups not hot
And the tea needs to be even sweeter.

Thank God my hubby likes his dumplins
And also my cheddar cheese
He’s not very hard to cook for
He’s very easy to please.

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You can Play

Why do you waste your time?
Time wastage is also a crime,
Understand your time is life,
Recycle yourself as a lime.

Energy can regenerate your aim,
You can recover your needs flame,
Nobody can feed for nothing,
Your idealness is a shame.

You can fly in an open space,
You can run to win a race,
You can travel where do you like?
If you have idea you can trace.

Famous person has a name,
Only activeness is his game,
You can play if you are wise,
Occupation has no shame.

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The smell, so rich from my bed.
The aroma clears my head.
Up I come, down the stairs, feet heavy, first thing.
In the kitchen, I sense the liquid gold,
tempting me awake.
Into the cupboard, I grope with eyes full of sleep.
Alas, my favorite one I do keep.
Slowly, I pour, savoring the seductive scent.
Cooling breeze I gently sigh.
Just a sip I must steal.
Far too soon, my tongue reveals.
Impatiently, I wait.
Finally, the luscious elixir crosses my lips,
into my mouth, fully awake.
The morning thirst I do slake.

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I'm doomed to be in misery

(This is a fictional poem)

A couple of weeks ago my exgirlfriend had her stomach pumped.
I accidentally served her some bad oysters and I got dumped.
I didn't know the food had gone bad, I was only trying to serve her a meal.
She wanted nothing else to do with me after she got ill.

I still say that dumping me was superficial of her.
If I live to be a hundred, I'll still love her.
If she truly loved me, she would've been able to forgive.
Now I'm doomed to be in misery for as long as I live.

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I Will Ever Be

I walk these lonely roads, where I live
here on earth. I can see the precious
moments ride the waves of the wind.
I see the changing times and I
lose loved ones and friends.
I wonder how long till my
Lord will come? Will
another pass on 
without His
grace? I
think of being
with my Lord ( these-
earthly times mean nothing-
to me ). I know my Lord is above
this creation called time. I know it
will not last. I think of the place where
times is no more, where Jesus I know I shall see
and in His loving arms will be! 

Details | Free verse | |

sacharrine promises

i live through the moments
in seconds 
passing me by 
in hopes that you will notice me
feeling like a child
 in a 
awaiting a glorious
with all the hopes that
I am patient
and a good little girl
i will be rewarded
by your 
promise of 
cinneman hearts
but nothing
ever comes of this
wishful thinking
feeling your scorn
like licorice whips
i grasp for your Red Lips
and you do nothing
those chocolate eyes do watch me
and i beg
for something more
other than the promises
they fill up the jelly bean jar
too many to guess
in your game
cotton candy
with no substance
sugary tripe
i wonder if you will ever know
the bubble gum has become too exhuasting to blow

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Almost Perfect

I have laid the blanket,
wrinkle free,
with a basket prepared for two.
An afternoon sun casting shadows
helps to set the scene,
She arrives.
We sit.
We talk.
We dream
and exchange a kiss,
but stop.
We have the day!
Gazing upon her beauty
I see nothing else.
She, she refuses to turn away.
Because of my romance
she gazes back
and sees nothing else.
I wish to feed her appetite
and desires.
I pull the cork from a bottle
and pour two glasses
of the nectar of love.
She sips,
with sultry lips, divine,
she swallows.
It is time to eat.
I reach into the basket
and take the berries
to feed her.
Her mouth opens
and eyes close
in anticipation,
but it must end.

Those damn ants!

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Bluebird Singing

There are no messages,
There are always messages.
Look around you,
What do you see?

A blue bird,
Singing in a tree.
So happy, as happy,
As he can be.

He struggles each day,
To find food for himself,
No time to play,
No cans on the shelf.

How can he be so happy,
With the struggles of life?
He jumps around sprightly,
Looking for a wife.

His song is so beautiful,
Though there are no words.
As if his food were plentiful,
His song is for other birds.

Springtime is coming,
I’m sure he is saying.
Enough of this winter,
Time to start playing.

So when there is no message,
Look around to find,
A bluebird singing,
Maybe in the pine.

Talking with you this morning,
Inspired this little poem,
No more time for mourning,
Lets go beat the drum.

Let everyone know you’re happy,
Let everyone see you smile.
Let everyone know you’re ready,
To go that extra mile.

Bluebird singing,
His happy song,
I am sure he is saying,
It’s here where you belong.

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My Body

My body loves me
And I love it
We're working hard
To keep us fit

We try to eat right
And excersize
Hoping a healty body
Will be the prize

I love my body
And it loves me
But sometimes
We do disagree

My body says
"Forget this dieting"
I say,  "No,
we gotta keep fighting"

As bodies go
You aren't so bad
Right now you're the best
I've ever had

But body dear
I must confess
I'd love you more
If you were less

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Comfort Foods

The spoon positioned
Upside down on my palate...
Tasting and grinding

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I love pancakes with syrup because it's so sweet.
It truly is a delicious thing for people to eat.
Mrs.Butterworth's is my favorite syrup but I like Karo too.
Get yourself an order of pancakes, it will satisfy you.

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Pear (2005)

A pear just falls from no where,
Its swept by the sea and floats in the air
Its soft delicate a sweet,
An apple, a peach and a pair,
Which one would you like to meet?
The juice of love, taste it in your palm,
All is now calm
Sweetens the whole land
A pair rolling in the sand
A pear can feed you and your soul
A pear can fill an empty hole,
Kindness and every need it can suit
A pear is not just a fruit
This is a pair you wouldn’t dare
A dreamlike state
Take it out of the cage and don’t wait!