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Heaven Limerick Poems | Limerick Poems About Heaven

These Heaven Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Heaven. These are the best examples of Heaven Limerick poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Halloween in Heaven!

my color? .... sniffed I,
in Heavenly reply
quite white you see,
just look around me!
our intentions are pure,
our colors demure!
rare is our air,
no colors compare!
let Earth's Halloween,
glow orange red and green
our light glows from above
our pumpkins..... pristine!

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There once was a husband in heaven
His faults per hour averaged seven
In spite of all of his rot
His wife would scold not
Ah, this husband was living in heaven!

By: Dave Wood

Form: Limerick 
Contest: Husbands are in Heaven whose wives scold not (Top Ten Winner)
Sponsored by: Dr.Ram Mehta

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Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not

‘t was on a rainy day in Camelot
A knight saw a maid he liked a lot
Before he paid heed
He remembered, indeed
Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not

The maid, it seemed, had almost forgot
The words of her mother, whose name was Dot
For marital bliss
Remember just this 
Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not

The knight with the maid was quite besot
And after a time they tied the knot
She never did scold
He did not grow old
Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not

The end of this tale may surprise a lot
Because heaven is not the place he got
 Words one day you may recall
Some, but certainly not all
Husbands are in heaven whose wives scold not

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Husbands are in Heaven whose Wives Scold Not

There once was a wife who scolded
All her notes to her hubby were bolded
He weathered her nagginess
Owned his inner fagginess
Worked out fine. Is that too cold, Ed?

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Husbands Are in Heaven Whose Wives Scold Not

All night I dream of life without wife,
Peaceful and heavenly, without any strife .
No scolding, no nagging,
Like ‘sake’ I’m having.
Alas! Its morning and gone my life.

Dt.  23/02/14

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Heaven Sent

I once thought you had been heaven sent, 
but now you bring all this mad ferment.  
Your crazy emotions 
and endless commotions 
tell me we were never heaven meant.

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Husbands in Heaven Whose Wives Scold Not

There once was a husband named Craig
Whose wife made a breakfast of eggs,
          He complained they were runny
          And a waste of his money
And now his tail sits between his legs.

There once was a hubby named Clyde
Who had a young girl on the side
          Wifey came from work early,
          Saw Clyde with his girlie,
Now he lives in a doghouse outside.

There once was a man named Jasper
Whose marriage was filled with laughter
          There was equal respect
           Not a trace of neglect
And they both lived happily after.

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A Quickie

Blow me a bubble and make it stick  
Right at the tip of my lollypop quick 
Send it to heaven 
To be aside Kevin 
Blue/purple/green, it's a magical pick! 

Mystic Rose 
June 19, 2014

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Writer Heaven

I imagine a place where all writers 
Are gathered soon after they die;
I know it's true, (it's in my dreams too) 
So never do I need ask why.

There sit Dickens and Clements and Doyle, 
All sharing a pint at the bar,
While Shelley and Poe exchange stories of woe
And watch all the joy from afar.

Watch Mister Keats dance a ditty 
While Hemmingway drums to keep time,
And old Mother Goose peers down from her roost; 
A brief pause from writing her rhymes.

All these writers of stories and poems,
Too many of them to number
Share and remember their stories forever
In spite of their physical slumber.

I see them watching their stories
Being read over the generations;
It brings them pride that their works survived
And are shared throughout all the nations.

But one thing that brings them amusement
Is to see people study so long;
To explain the intent or what their words meant
when there is no meaning all along.

Sometimes our words have a message.
Sometimes we want to impart
All of our feelings and memories and reelings
To those who share in our heart.

Is it possible some words have no meaning.
What if we simply write what we dream?
And someday, somehow, people will vow
To figure out what my words might mean.

While up in Writer's Heaven, I'll laugh and sing
Because it won't mean anything.

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The Cowboy and Beelzebub

Off to the Church this Cowboy went For Sunday to him was Heaven sent But as he took to his pew Suddenly into their view Beelzebub, he, now present Imagine the screaming now starting To the exits they're simply departing But this Cowboy remains Against Beelzebub's deign Oh the odours of the leaving farting To the Cowboy, Beelzebub says In a broken down language display Are you frightened of me Am I stronger than thee Not really, who do you think you portray For Satan I am, but you never have fears No matter what I say, leaves you no tears So simply, what can it be That your not scared of thee I've been married to your sister for years .