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Faith Limerick Poems | Limerick Poems About Faith

These Faith Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Faith. These are the best examples of Faith Limerick poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Blind faith (Limeric)

Faith is like radar that sees through the fog
When faith is forced by reason agog
When it becomes blind it dies
It is like a bird that feels
Light in dark dawn still defog.

In faith there is enough light
For those who want to believe it
But for those who don’t believe
Enough shadows to blind the eye
I for one like the colour of the Dwait.


For contest : Blind Faith
Dwait (In Hindu mythology) means you can reach God thro’ a Guru (Master). Master can be 
anyone in your life, but generally it is the mother.

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Wonderful Star

                                   There once was a wonderful star 
                                 Who thought she would go very far
                                            Until she fell down
                                         And looked like a clown
                                   She knew she would never go far
                                     She would land near the moon

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A Whale of a Tale

When the call of the Lord came to Jonah,
“set out for the great land of Nineveh!”
he was angry inside,
and decided to hide,
on a Tarshish bound ship leaving Joppa.

Then the Lord sent a great wind on the sea,
ne’er a more violent storm could there be,
there on destiny’s brink,
the ship threatened to sink,
while, old Jonah, was below deck asleep.

Surely, each sailor’s heart fainted with fear,
as the ship they were unable to steer.
“Wake up, Jonah!”  they cried,
“get thee quickly topside,
and fervently beg your God to draw near!”

Now, Jonah knew that this storm was for him,
as in his heart he remembered his sin,
he thought he was sunk,
when they gave him the dunk,
and had to choose whether to sink or to swim.

As soon as Jonah met up with the ocean,
Both the winds and the waves ceased commotion,
then along came a whale,
and old Jonah grew pale,
as it swallowed him up in one motion!

Three long days in that big fish he stayed,
vowing never again would he stray,
relieved not to be dead,
and with kelp on his head,
onto dry land, our dear Jonah was sprayed!

Please, allow me, now this moral to mention,
that when the Lord God gives thee direction,
you must not delay,
set out right away,
His good judgment you must never question.

Should by chance, you hear God’s voice compelling,
“ head thee out to Bangladesh or New Delhi,”
best get on the right boat,
and pray that it floats,
lest you end up kelp covered and smelly!

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The gun and god combo

"The peacemaker" is Glock's new gun
Its spent rounds are rapture and fun
Yes killing's a thrill
Since I'm mentally ill 
And need to own more than just one

A gun for me is like prozac
The bullets clipped pills in a stack
I'm not paranoid
But have weapons deployed
In case I should have an attack

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Presidential Supporter Takes on God

BP knew on February Thirteenth

Of structural flaws in the well beneath

     Goldman Sachs sold its stock

     It should come as no shock

The Lord in heaven is grinding his teeth

*Goldman Sachs was the number two contributor to the Obama campaign and 
suspicion has surfaced as to why the White House has inadequately monitored 
offshore drilling and has been slow to act on stopping the oil spill.  
GS sold nearly 60 percent of its BP stock before the April 20th explosion.  Coincidence?  Insider trading?  

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Door-to-Door Snake Oil Salesmen

"Let's spread the word of the Lord!" they exclaimed
"Knocking on doors - surely none could be blamed!"
   It's simply a matter of time
   Up the walls we will climb
Our inevitable ire will thus be inflamed

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May I humbly say a word
Why you make my life so hard
Though I pray for your mercy
Never you send returns I see
Is it not quite unfair my Lord

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Face it!

The forces of nature are odd
So is that why we invent god? 
Our deity’s norm
Seems to be human form
And reflects this silly facade

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A day in the near future

What dark force wears the devil’s mark (666) 
And bites those thrown off “Noah’s Ark”?
Dragging sweets through the mud
While chomping for blood...
A bully is like a white shark*

*Only white sharks have better table manners, and so in the tradition of Emily Post—the innocent eventually rise up and seek justice—and use knives (and forks and spoons)! 

This poem was inspired by Laura Breidenthal's recent poem entitled "666".

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before Freud

It's hedged--but an allegory
Augments the lore in each story
Son Isaac he'd gore 
But Abe knew at his core    
Zeal with excess has no glory

Author's Note: 
I believe the voice of god in the story 
is Abraham's conscience.
The bible might just be 
the first comprehensive psychology textbook.  
It's a string of pearls from people who faced 
the same moral and ethical questions we do.