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Dance Limerick Poems | Limerick Poems About Dance

These Dance Limerick poems are examples of Limerick poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Dance Limerick poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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My Big Fat Cousin's Wedding

My favorite cousin named Marge is almost as big as a barge. So one would assume, not knowing the groom, the guy would most likely be large. But he was a small man named Tim “As thin as a broom” describes him. While Marge would guffaw, Tim would watch her with awe and just smile for he was so prim! When the preacher addressed him and said, “You may now kiss the bride,” Tim turned red, for their lips could not meet. With high heels on her feet, Marge stood towering over his head. She leaned down while Tim stood on his toes, but for being in such a strange pose, Marge then came toppling down crushing Tim neath her gown while the whole church erupted in “Ohhhhh’s.” All was well, and thereafter, we ate; then we planned next to dance until late. But none could foresee the small tragedy that had us all leaving by eight! Marge had tossed off her heels for a glide on the dance floor, but when they both tried to dance, Tim got snagged by that dang gown and dragged as his bride was beginning to slide. . . Now shoeless, poor Marge could not stop. Toward a table with candles on top, they slid, and the groom then set fire to the room by landing with a belly flop. Poor Tim by the candles got lit, and we were all having a fit, for the fire got spread fast till the Best Man at last got us all wet extinguishing it! Inspired by the title of the movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding & : Joann Grisetti's "My Cousin's Wedding" Poetry contest

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While Close Dancing

On the dance-floor they did a zigzag
But he was an ol’ scallywag:
-	“If you feel something hard
-	Pay no regard …
It’s just my colostomy-bag”

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no doudt get out
stop beening along
go to rome
fine where you belong
go  dance prance
go to the beach run
lay in the sun

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Rock and roll that's my play
Who wants to stay and sway
Don't care if you're footloose
Any music we'll dance and choose
Smiles; grooving fun that we'll display

1:38 AM

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Big Butt

Juicy Lucy has a really big butt.
She dances nude down at the Rutting Hut.
Horny men stand in line
to kiss her huge behind.
Alcohol turns a man into a nut.

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St Patrick troubadours

St Patrick

Oh voluptuous maid
of the Utah green
on your bio soup
page with a doggie
that wields
all the metrical
as his bark
St. Patrick
troubadours whose
resistances yield.

Unforgotten, oh
maid, was our dance,
St. Patrick was the
host to provide in
for all those who
from exclusive
vineyards cultivated
in France.

© 03-18-2014, G.
Venetopoulos, All
Rights Reserved
(Limerick variation
4,4,2,2,4 Anapestic

( Poetic license: 
S'il vous plaît:
Pronounce "St.
Patrick" in French. 
The stressed
syllable is the
ultimate one. )

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Fire Ants

Some men dance hoping for a romance
Some men dance keeping fit of their pants
but the dance most obscene
is the dance made to glean
from your clothes a mad horde of fire ants

For John and Carolyn's Bug contest

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My Pole Dancer

This Pole Dancer she was with me
All other men must pay her fee
Still I must confess
My family’s stress
But Polish dance lessons aren’t free

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My Dance Shoe

When I was, the age of twenty.
My dancing was admired plenty.
Only one dance shoe,
worked magic for you. 
Brown loafers with shiny penny

©  Feb 2011 for SKats "Favorite shoe"Contest

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Conga Line Pickup

Bobby met Sally in a conga line.
Sally was moving and looking fine.
Bobby asked Sally out on a date;
Although she was underage jailbait.
Male hormones put Bobby in a bind.