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Limerick Confusion Poems | Limerick Poems About Confusion

These Limerick Confusion poems are examples of Limerick poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Limerick Confusion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sweet and Salty -LIBRA TALE


Sweet and Sour hectic sign
Love me, trust me, the stars align
   Balance of truth and dare
   Good and Evil, full of care 
Blind when it comes to blood line

:) PD

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Slam Hurts!!!!!....

.                  Slammed by

            A MOTHERS LOVE
Mother always called me a lousy kid, with a shove
I was the only kid she wanted to get rid of
On my head she always smacked me hard.
She would always slam me calling  me a retard
My mother gave me the best slamming love.

((( my mother the best slammer there ever was)))
           WE ARE THE WORLD
Slam back at any country, at any given event
I feel bad for any so called President.
"WE THE PEOPLE" the Republic and the Democrat.
Slamming each other talking crap. 
In a world full of slam and argument.

((( The world toughest fight is slam not war )))
              TEACHERS PET
Our teachers kept on and on how we where wrong with a fuzz.
She just stood there and slammed each and everyone of us.
Making us write an essay on broken rules.
Kept us all after school calling us stupid fools
Who knew teachers where allowed to slam and cuss?

((( Teachers words of slam can ruin any future )))
             ROAD BLOCK
Have you ever heard of a poet blocker.
All they are is a slam stocker
They over abuse their blocking right.
Trying to make other poets fight.
Always trying to slam a point across, like a mocker.

((( Hating against any form of poetry is a slam it self )))
Can you guess that slam is just a risky business
Picking out the best slam words from the rest.
Testing out a form we don't know how to let it  flow.
Darn the soup for putting slam on the box below.
Even the best have join my slamming contest.

((( Thank you Soup for SLAMMING us with your A-Z list-form)))

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Pickles And Tickles FAST Food.

We cook it ! Feel your tonsils tingle!
Add mayonnaise, lettuce, a pickle.
Lost both tonsils at ten
so can I ask you when
my change comes to more than a nickle?

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Active Shooter

I see a man with a big long gun in his hands.
It looks as if he’s heading straight for the grandstands.
Damn! I heard multiple gunshots ring out.
People are beginning to run, starting to shout.
This is a hellish way to end The Battle Of The Bands.

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Airwave Pandemonium

With my recorder I pursued my quest
This assignment seemed like a courage test
     That’s why my boss sent me
     Knowing that fearless I’d be
Covering this race brought such happiness

Hundreds of hot air balloons in the sky
Conducted the interview one mile high
     But now as I reflect     
     What I didn’t expect
Was the loud blast that made the balloon fly

I thought it would be quiet as we flew
Over Doak Stadium up in the blue
     The radio report
     Ended up running short
When the pilot spoke, the hot air did spew

Every thirty seconds or so -- a blast
Interview literally filled with gas
     The edited version
     From this fun excursion
Left our radio listeners aghast

But viewing Chief Osceola’s emblem
From high above the football stadium
     A sight I’ll not forget
     I have just one regret
Creating airwave pandemonium

* As a radio reporter I was assigned to cover the Tallahassee Annual Hot Air Balloon 
Race.  We flew over Florida State University’s football stadium and it was a great 
view from the air.  But I had to edit out each blast of air when producing the report 
for Florida Public Radio.  Talk about a choppy radio report.  I should have 
interviewed the pilot BEFORE we took off.  Duh!  Ignorance was my plea to the 
news director -- I was later sentenced to ground duty.

July 20, 2011
Entry for Francine’s “Happiness is a Balloon” contest
Written by Carolyn Devonshire

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Batman And Robin


Batman and Robin hit the Joker
But their blow was only a croaker
The Joker hit back
But instead hit Jack
Who said "I'm glad, the Joker's an smoker!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000


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The astonishing disappearing act

Proctologists need to write when 
A prescription's called for big ben 
But a doctor equipped
With thermometer quipped
An asshole's walked off with my pen

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Plain Computer Talk

”. Errors, error, press on “any key
Yes our minds are a clutter you see.
I told you what to do.
Now you are turning blue.
No” any key” shows itself to me.

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A Reader's Angst

Dark poetry, slams and vague imagery
Is there something you're trying to tell me?

     Poems with messages appeal
     Can you write to make me feel?

Share your deep thoughts and allow me to see
Disconnected images confuse
And when the English language is abused

     I read no more, turn away
     Seek verse with something to say

Writes with clear meanings that aren't obtuse
There's so much talent on Poetry Soup
And never have I found a finer group

     But no comments I'll impart
     If you're not creating art

Make me think, feel, or I'll fly from your coop

Written for the "Reader's Thoughts" contest

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Thanksgiving in the mirror

With "plenty" this culture's endowed 
Bad outcomes are never allowed!
But nature's stealthy
And notes for the wealthy
Silver linings come with a cloud

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Psychotic Episode

One day very soon
I’m going to the moon,
Or maybe the sun;
I forget which one.
I’ll be there by noon.

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Lesson Learned

Homeboy Skank Mann Blue was strolling down the street,
Dancing to the music, bopping to the beat.
Four cops bum rushed him and knocked him on his ass,
After nearly blinding him with pepper gas.
Lesson learned, the big bad popo own this street.

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My Cousin's Wedding

The bride-to-be set the time and the date.
Now she is the one an hour and half late
The wedding guests are curious.
The bride’s father is furious.
The wedding is now on overtime rate.

For contest "My Cousin's Wedding"

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Jolly Wally

Wally Johns was a very jolly fella.
He slipped into a very fancy gala.
Immediately Wally lit up a smoke.
Then he told an insensitive tasteless joke.
Now Wally Johns is a sad toothless fella.

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Nine One One Call

Whoa! Whoa! Slow down a bit girly.
You are starting to sound a little squirrelly.
You say you saw a ghost?
And he looked like a TV game show host?
The best description you can give is that he’s big, white and burly! 

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Uh Oh

Jimmy Joe Cosgrove went out to ski,
While skiing he had to pee,
He tried to slow down,
But he skis like a clown,
And slammed smack dab into a tree.

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Mediocre Man

There once was a man that was lackluster
Who's life was one giant cluster
Writes a suicide note
He slits his throat
Blank stares are all his family can muster

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my wife has a gay boyfriend
thats over all the time
sometimes he comes over 
dressed in drag
and looks so so fine

i never wonder what they do
when they're all alone
but i always wonder if she's
suspisious with him around me
with his make up on

and sin has touched me
more than once with my imagination
men in drag should be a crime
not a fasination


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Gay Son

rip me open, inside out straddler feeling, he came out drag me along, make me bleed fake your love, I don't feed screams for help , I, the silent grout

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A positive line

Respect and regard, people feel honour as appreciation.
Pleasureness encouraged them to raise explanation.
when you ignore a person means you cut  a support line,
you narrowed a cycle for living, did you draw a positive line?
you realized others you are a person of reserve nature.

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Two virgins who were known as stupid
Spent wedding night waiting for Cupid 
Said something in his pants
Disturbed their sweet romance
And now it appears that it's rooted

Date: 5-31-14
Sponsor: Roy Jerden
Contest Name: Bawdy, Bawdy, Bawdy, Miss Clawdy

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my heart I gave once

once I gave my heart 
mesmerized by the start 
his eyes so sapphire blue 

I was not ready for this
my thoughts went blank 
literally speechless

had I known the tears I would be left with
I do not believe I would have let love in
this Man , he knew he captivated women 

Always me going for what I can not have 
then in return it is given , leaving me confused
the one I was seeking for sure would never commit 

Commit he did , even in front of a Rabbi 
saying only once, 1 time will I.
with all conviction I believed his lie 

I remember the Fall day he left without words spoken 
the leaves were dancing through the wind 
as if they were trying to tell me something 

the rain cried tears for me that night 
I took his sword collection down from the wall
thinking in true love I will never find again

to die a graceful poetic death with his sword
I awoke with a hangover the next day 
my heart broken  my heart ignored

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Steve or Eve

By Angeline Star

Eve came every night from the base
her green hair and pink shoes a disgrace
No one noticed her lack of mammory glands
and instead saw her round end and full lips
they just thought she liked  big man hands.

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Eight Years

It’s been eight years, and it still feels the same
As it was then, I seem to have no aim
                            Peer pressure
                            That of a fresher
Searching for my own claim to fame.

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A Deal with the Chief Campaigner

A Deal with the Chief Campaigner
©2012 C. Brent Cloyd

There was a House Speaker named Boehner
Sought a deal with the chief campaigner 
For budget cuts he did hope
But campaigner said nope
For how would we pay the retainers?

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Colossus - or not

The Colossus of Rhodes stood erect, commanding much awe and respect. But his rather small shorts held his assets - of sorts. Perhaps, not a lot - I suspect! ~
For the '7 Wonders of the Ancient World' Contest.

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Times Running Out

The days seem so much closer together now , It is hard to keep up. Months click by me like weeks . Is this my time running out.
 I seem to lose things more often then I remember annd sometimes I need help . Am I going to forget it all before my time runs out.
So many more soreness it seems and I am sleeping alot . Will I sleep my days away? 
My dreams are confusing to me , I sometimes am not sure what is dream and what is real . It wont matter cause my time has run out.
It's a wonderful thing this life we have , But it is much better when your time runs out. That' what this life's about. Flow with time and dont worry about time running out . 

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Slam Poetry Is For Orangutangs!

The Orangutang:

There once was a traditionalist,
Who in his ignorance had missed
The beauty of youth,
The ever-changing truth!
He's a typical fundamentalist!

The Traditionalist:

"I can't stand these kids and their slang!
They are just looking for a bang!
Their rhymes are funky,
But so are monkeys!"
  -  Did he just call me an orangutang?

"These darn kids and this gosh darn slam,
It may flow, but it's still a scam!
If it ain't metered,
Then it's petered!
Why waste your ink scribbling flimflam?"

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Red Cheeks. ( Both Sets.)

After tossing back too many shots,
My tummy got tied up in knots.
But the outhouse fell down,
now a king with no crown,
I cover up where I must: "Thank You Scotts'!"

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Such food made the people go crazy.
Their hearts Fill'd with lust all got hazy
In bad stuff they were in
Many died cuz of sin
And were lost for'ver and that's crazy!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000

September 8,2014

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Smart Thief

There once was a thief from Chile
Who liked to drink milk with a lilly.
Well the judge was aghast
When examining his past,
But decided he was just silly.

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Next Thing to Believe

Why do we believe the hype they spread?
Next year they say we all might be dead
This spring all will shut down
Does this bring you a frown?
Rise of gasoline with rise of bread

We seem to believe whatever they say
Why are their words now gospel today
We are losing freedoms
More or less, like kingdoms
We left one of these, for freedom to pray

Let’s see if a rumor I start unfurls
Our new cars will be run by squirrels
Fueled by nuts and acorns
But never peppercorns
Because if you do, the car just twirls

Written for

Sponsor john freeman 
Contest Name Slapstick Limerick Contest 

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be ware of this
bad money exist
so here's a tip
bit your lip
some turn down
its around
well warp
call the 
some calls you honey
watch the

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Ball caps were styled in a way
To shade your eyes from the sun thru the day
        The design was unique
         In the front was a beak
Which sure did the trick I must say!

How many years have gone by
To guess - I won’t even try
        But now I am vexed
        Or you could say perplexed
Since cap wearing has all gone awry!

My query needs to be said
The answer I already dread
        But I’ll give it a whack
        Why wear the beak to the back
If you've no eyes in the back of your head?

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Contempt of Court

A lawyer once said, he could get me free.
No trial held, just a hearing you see
A traffic ticket was all.
My lawyer, so very small.
Not seen by judge, contempt of court, jailed me.

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One Crazy Dream

After last night's dream my sanity's fled
Dreamt of a daisy with a girl for a head
With magic words
She talked to birds
I'm giving up pickles just before bed

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Colored Heart Strings

colors used, you shade into red blue you are saddened, not dead green gives you life yellow, you see the light your reality slips away by all the colors in your head

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  I have often been bedeviled

        By it I have oft been disheveled

  Too many times have been frought

  With fears that have been wrought

        Only to leave me ~ Unlevelled!

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The bragging rites

A man named Erik sang a drunken lyric                                                                                                                                                         on the way up quicken this limerick                                                                                                                                                               a field for the horses the name of course                                                                                                                                              I will take it by force sang the drunken Norse                                                                                                            unleashing ire a land this limerick

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Power Structure

A tall white wanted some coffee
So he sent his guards off walking 
The guards came back
With some vodka and craps
Now the whites no longer have handle

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be aware 
as they stare
some on the take
there game is fake
they think your dumd

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I know what I’m doing is right
Not like I’ll be gone every night
The cupboards are bare
No one seems to care
Each time I find work it’s a fight

I wish I could change my life course
Not balking nor having remorse
All methods I try
It still makes me cry
When I ponder my enemy source 

I sort out my problems in vain
Revealed on my face my disdain
It’s not worth the stress
I have to confess
Uncertainty drives me insane

Randy Steele
"Me Against Myself" contest
June 28, 2011

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Look Up In the Sky

I have seen my alarm clock die
I have watched the present go by
Been waiting for years
Through blood, sweat, and tears
Wanting to see if time can fly

For Limericks Clean and Clever Contest

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Sky-Scraped Ruins

The evening fresh, 
stars allure, 
birthed- ground-breaking. 

To look back, seems feeble
forward, Vigorous.

It is almost too late, 
I have hollowed a place
for each hope I carried, 
trickery twisted imagination. 

The sky littered, 
calling...all visions to death, 
each cup of soil, 
befriending faith with roses
as I walk away, 

There are no more stones-
upon stones, 
upon stones, 
only hours perhaps, 

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Screaming Demons

I try to collect my thoughts,
The ones that consume my mind,
Knowing I did this to myself,
An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind...

Waiting for the signs of changes,
That never seem to come,
Day by day slowly passes,
And still I am the only one...

Temptation of vindication
Is what has trapped me here...
Inpatiently I am waiting,
As my  own existence begins to disappear

These Screaming Demons,
Have rapidly began  taking over me,
Revenge has not only taken my sight,
but now my  voice so that I cannot speak

Every move I make feels,
Like I am a puppet on a string...
Evil now surrounds my head,
So close to Hell I can hear the burning souls sing

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Under millions of stars...................eyes deeply fixed to the golden moon..............when dew on the grass is shinning like pieces of glasses...............on the bus to a monkey on a tree,
With my favorite blue pen................sometimes draft in my cell..................the strongest bond love,
My mysterious pain.....................undying dreams.................never-ending hope.............................
Beautiful rhymes from my inner being............................a mental obstruct................struggles with lines.........................I write...........................hoping for some coins..................the bag to better my life.........................the clue..........................a shoe...........................ask even Valarie.........................add wit.....................sometimes filled with so much questions................may be its for perfection.....................intercession....................aren’t I  worth anything?.....................all my time a breath of pain............all stretched hands twinge me......................all my ambitions go but a dreams are like birds.............everything a pack of dead beat of this oceanic pain......................sick of the waterfalls in my eyes....................the friendships that cleaves my heart out............................tired of the thorns raining from the skies.....................I hold on to prayers.......................I still hurt my an apprentice of writing............................a millionaire in searching...... ................. trying to piece the rest of my dilapidated life............................yet the darkest days are ahead of rotting in carrying an album full of bad head is creating  successful future pictures......... ...........maybe the sun will shine once again........................maybe the color of life will return...........................maybe the planet will celebrate with me........................but now am still alone..........................if death wont silence the struggles of my existence........................i pray it will free me from this pain my ulcer is aching.........................i can’t afford the hospital. 

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Fox Trot Fish

A fish who was once made to serve
served those few willing to nerve.
This great joyous desire
became long term attire
then backfired with a swerve.

The Virgin cast aside Pisces
after he affected her nicely.
But he, all but prepared
still desired, loved, cared
and became his own helpless crisis.

This wound Pisces could hardly endure
for Virgo rose above Pisces pure.
She found new friends in the sky
disconnecting the will to comply
keeping Pisces confused and unsure.

Now Pisces alone must mend that spite
ruining his want, becoming right.
Merry Christmas, my friend
and reckon to descend
to help cleanse this torment I fright.

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The instructions he gave were no good
The workers all misunderstood
        They hadn’t a clue
        Of just what to do
So noone could do what they should.

He was asked for clarification
And told of the workers frustration
        Then things even got worse
        Much more perverse
His solution was an aberration!

The explanation he sent
Only caused more torment
        The confusion was spread
        Cause here’s how it read
“I know you believe you understand what you think
I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you
heard is not what I meant”.

         The Management

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What to Do

We had a plan, to follow true.
If we do not, what resigns the clue?
Follow the leaders now.
After they break a vow,
Even though, they know not, what to do

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Mistaken Identity

There was an eel on the ocean floor,
Sammy his name, he knew the score.
His friends said, he was smart,
Then upon a dinner cart,
He said, Hey, I am not an albacore.

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Bought a white Whirpool fridge at PC Richard,
took the salesperson's sound advice and word.
Plugged it worked well,
the next day, it gave me hell!
The temp. was set on " coldest "...what happened?

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GPS Seductions

A sultry voice gave directions.
Wrong turn, then came the corrections.
A panic attack –
Screams came from the back.
“We're lost; where are the connections?”

©October 30, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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In a Stew

Sent a limerick to Poetry Soup
The content quite frankly was “poop”
But the urge for to pen one
And courageously send on
My scribbles, is oh such a hoot! 

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Relativity says go faster
And time travel backward you master.
But no tempting your fate
Making out with a date,
Cause kissing your dad’s a disaster.

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I stand on the highest cliff shaking,
it's the barest, sharpest reef existing...
never daring to look down;
ravens watch me with a frown, 
but the awful feeling keeps growing.

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Sprawling Fellow

A fellow would frequently sprawl
Didn't mind where or if he did crawl
All over a place
Or on his head or face
Till one day crashed and hit the wall!

Dorian Petersen Potter
Aka ladydp2000

September, 8, 2014

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Worried and How

I saw a figure on the beach.
Was it a man or woman in reach?
The variance I know well.
However, I could not tell.
I do not dare to beseech.

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Stroking Out

Ed stirred from his stupor out by the keg
when he felt pressure he couldn't quite peg.
What a shocker that day!
Eddie's best friend was gay,
so he said, "Dude, quit pullin' my leg!"

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I Must'a Been a Beautiful Baby...

I must'a been a beautiful baby,
but that ain't true any more
But try as I might, 
I'm still a pathetic sight,
One that no one can any longer adore

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Swine Indeed

They brewed-up vaccines morose
pledging to self-diagnose
disease most scary
hoping to bury
pathos with each costly dose.

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A monsignor from 'la belle France'
Split the Scriptures into chapters,by chance,
A colleague in fair  Erin's isle
Introduced verse,within a short while-
Take care,when said.. quotes can mislead,by a mile.

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Forgone Conclusion

I was gone b- four
they knew it
I had a sense
of in-tu-it,
And no one caught on,
That I was somehow gone,
And, this, this life, I blew it.

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Speakin' In Spokane

I ain't got nutt'en to say,
I be shy, an scared anyway,
To public speak,
My mind too weak,
I'll only go on if you pay...

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[Billy once spoke of our approaching doom]

Billy once spoke of our approaching doom.
Revealed stitched-cross against bare groom.
But fear never chilled stiff steel handle.
Then he ranted silent scandal!
Now Billy talks little in him white padded room.