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Limerick Birthday Poems | Limerick Poems About Birthday

These Limerick Birthday poems are examples of Limerick poems about Birthday. These are the best examples of Limerick Birthday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Charmaine Chircop

There is a lovely young lady on my mind She is real loyal and giving and kind Birthday spankings I give For each year she has lived I better run and protect my own behind
Happy Birthday Charmaine

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2015

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To the Birthday Girl -and Guys

Happy Birthday to this awesome THREE: to Frank, Kashinath, and P.D. Those born this day SEVEN have blessings of Heaven in wit, charm and poetry! Resurrecting this oldie for the contest of PD: You three guys are tops with me!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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Happy Birthday Tim Smith

Happy Birthday to the King of Romance
All of you soupers get up and dance
Give him shout
let it all out
maybe he’ll sashay and prance!

Copyright © John Wulf | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday Kim Patrice Nunez

Please join me in sending best wishes to Kim
Or write her a lim’rick — go out on a limb!
Say happy birthday
In a unique way
And maybe she’ll bring back her friend Jim the Trim

Copyright © John Wulf | Year Posted 2015

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Jack's Birthday Suit

There's a mighty dear fellow named Jack wore no shirt to show off his six pack on top girls would pile they dug his smooth style til this mortal threw out his old back

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2015

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A Belated Birthday Wish For Charmaine

Everyone loves our dear sweet Charmaine This adorable young lady of Poetry Soup fame Just had a Birthday Apologize I'm late To my Maltese sweetheart, best wishes I convey © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Age Humor

There was a woman who had a birthday
No age would she ever give away
Everyday she ate bran
Now regular on the can
A strong odor she did display.


Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2014

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Birthday Glee for Debbie G

  "Birthday Glee for Debbie G."

as I peeked at my calendar today
circled in red it said Debbie's Birthday
so off to shopping mall
to buy her a stress ball
she can squeeze, poke or prod everyday!

remember age is just a number, Debbie dear,
you're getting better year after year
don't worry 'bout being older
you're just wiser and bolder
how about a toast with a big keg of beer!

sending you a surprise first class mail
open immediately, without fail,
magic mirror attracts men
reflects a sexy 5 foot - ten
38-22-34 has great appeal!

then there's a love potion for fun
for a gal whose always number one
as you blow out birthday candles
forget about those "love handles"
when the smoke clears just hurry up and run!

one more little gift to ignite
in a woman's world, perfume's a delight
just one little squirt
you become instant flirt
Deb gets "lucky" on her birthday night!

hope these little treats brought you birthday cheer
with a card saying: "wish you were here"
though miles separate
we'll help you celebrate
with a big hug and kiss and tiny tear! 

Copyright © Linda-Marie SweetHeart | Year Posted 2012

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Natal Anniversary

A simple note for your natal anniversary
Would be no more then simply just cursory.
Yes, a word or two to wish to you
A happy birthday just wouldn't do
So I simply wrote for you this little verse, you see?

Copyright © Quentin Ehlinger | Year Posted 2013

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Candles and Scandals

There was an old vandal in sandals,
Who spread about rumours and scandals,
And it seems a mistake
That I baked her a cake:
She gossiped and kicked out the candles.

For Carolyn’s birthday contest

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2014

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Birthday Limerick

Blow out the candles on your birthday cake.
Before you do that, there’s one wish you make.
Wish for one more year
to stick around here.
We’ll need one more candle, goodness sake!

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2012

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Happy Birthday Fat Man

In the many long years since your birth
You've made twenty eight laps with the earth
In that time you've taken
Your fair share of bacon
And thus greatly increased in your girth

Copyright © Andrew Loud | Year Posted 2014

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The birthday's mixed blessing

The discounts are now quite a few
And cause for a feeling that's blue
It's true--what a drag
As the parts start to sag
A bonus for age sixty-two

Copyright © Duke Beaufort | Year Posted 2013

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Birthday Lady from Algiers

A birthday lady from Algiers
Full of despair and woeful tears
Cos to her surprise
She cant see her eyes
Too many wrinkles seemed to appear

She went to her doc for advice
Saying look at me I don't look nice
So she had a face tuck
Now with any luck
She will lose that look of surprise.

Penned 18/05/2014

Copyright © SEREN ROBERTS | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Birthday

last summers vacation was a quite a trip
for the first time, I did skinny dip
I stripped off all my clothes
and struck a quick pose
I was hoping my package was equip....

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2011

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Happy Birthday Larry 2012

I submit this limerick today.

Fellow Soupers, please heed what I say!

        A favorite poet of mine,

        on Saturday, June 9

will be facing, another Birthday!

Larry Belt, there's a wish, I suggest,

even though I can't speak for the rest,

        the wish that I send,

        is HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend,

as a Poet, you are the best!

   Many happy returns, Larry!

Copyright © RALPH TAYLOR | Year Posted 2012

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Happy eightieth birthday to Jack
Our Jack could make a duck quack
or grin if it could
like you or I would
at his words engraved on a plaque.

‘Cause they’d likely be a bit funny
at the very least a tad on the punny.
Coming from him
even a hymn
would hop like a drunk Easter bunny.

‘Cause Jack-O-the-north knows it best:
this life is only a test,
for giving up mad
and taking up glad
giving thanks for all we’ve been blest.

Pretty good words don’t you think?
His! (Not mine which do stink.)
I wrote this last night
(a bit of a fight)
in Jack’s honor I’d had a stiff drink

So celebrate this special day.
Go over to Jack’s and say, “Hey!”
“Happy birthday to you”
“you loveable poo!’
Then duck and get out of his way!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Copyright © John Wulf | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday Carol Eastman

It is Carol’s birthday today
Please, everyone join me and say
Happy Birthday to you
You live in a Zoo!
(forgive please, it’s only word play)

But it’s true she has a menagerie
(this, a slightened exagerie)
A Dragon and Trolls
Some penguins and Moles
all silly and full of great cadgerie.

She’s kind and silly and fun
Her Dragon’s a son-of-gun
Don’t forget Hubby
He’s a good Bubby
All of them shine like the sun!

Carol, Happy Birthday to you
we love you for all that you do
you set the pace
at making this place
A kinder and gentler Po-Zoo

Copyright © John Wulf | Year Posted 2015

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Birthday Calamity

Jimmy Jones from Winnipeg
Celebrated his birthday with a keg,
That round container full of beer
Was kept by Jimmy oh so near,
That night he fell and broke his leg.

Copyright © john williams | Year Posted 2015

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Another Birthday

Another Birthday

My age is something a-frightening; 
it came on me faster than lightning! 
	As birthdays come up; 
	they’ll continually sum up, 
but instead of so dark; it’s enlightening!

Copyright © Merwin Rylaarsdam | Year Posted 2015

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Almost Extinct

Tomorrow I hit eighty, almost extinct Those eighty years sure went by in a blink Here for a while yet On that you can bet Never felt better my life's in the pink © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday

After a morning jog about a mile, 
I dressed for my birthday in a grand style; 
Danced around a big white cake 
Like a white duck in a lake, 
Fondling my white puppy with a broad smile. 

© 2015

Copyright © Celestine Ikwuamaesi | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me
A personal limerick
By Franklin Price

Happy Birthday to me I'm so lucky
Been years since I've seen rubber ducky
Have a beautiful wife
And a wonderful life
Not much at all has been sucky

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2015

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Grandpa's Big Birthday Bash

	        Old Grandpa made this declaration:
		"My party should be a sensation.
		Cake, candles, and icing
		must all be enticing."
		We feared a widespread conflagration.

		Grandpa's big birthday celebration
		we held at the local fire station.
		Soon candles were blazing;
		thrilled Grandpa was gazing
		at all ninety-five with elation.

		Then firemen stepped up, volunteering
		to put out the flames. There was cheering.
		Gramps relished each present.
		The party was pleasant.
		His gratitude was quite endearing.

January 25, 2016

Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2016

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Beach Birthdays

To the lake to the lake,
Fish to fry clams to bake.
This has been grandmother's cry
Now on birthdays she brings rye,
If just once she'd bring the cake.

Copyright © Richard Breese | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday Jan Allison

‘Ave a Appy Birthday, eh? 
Kick up your ‘eels and play
do not desist
do the twist
in yer wigglin’ gigglin’ way

Copyright © John Wulf | Year Posted 2016