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These Life Animal poems are examples of Life poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Life Animal poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse | |

The Cowboy Life I Love

I squint my eyes from the glaring sun
As I drive cattle across the open range.
I am the youngest hand, so I ride drag
Covered by the dust stirred into the wind.

This is the life I have chosen
To hear the steady creaking of my saddle
The songs of the cowboys as they lead the herd
The lowing cattle as they smell water.

This is the life I live
To see the endless stretches of prairie
The hens and rabbits scuttling away
The ponderous beasts flowing in a living stream.

This is the life I love
Watching the horses graze peacefully at night
The cattle milling about during my night ride
My horse's gentle breathing as I circle them.

May this be my lot while here I remain
May I drink from the freely flowing streams
And breathe the pairie air until I die.

Whether life be short or long
May I ever onward toil, and be content
With the satisfaction of honest work
With the steady pounding of hooves
Biscuits and chili by a wavering fire
And sleeping under the sky on the open range.

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Nursery Rhyme - The Hunkydory Bear

I will tell a funny story of a bear that's hunkydory
How 'e lives a life of comfort in a pickle on a tree
When the summer comes 'e fishes, an' 'e eats 'em off o' dishes
Till the day 'e ran in 'orror from 'is shadow on the sea

So 'e trundled of gallumphing, till 'e couldn't run for 'uffing
And 'e settled down in Puddington where honeyed puddings grow
There 'e lived a life so royal, till his dream began to spoil
For 'e longed to have a mamma bear with cubby bears in tow

'E trotted to the pickle-tree, that shady spot beside the sea
An' asked about if any knew his fav'rite childhood chum
'Is special bear at last 'e found, and knelt upon the berry-ground
An' there besought if she would be a wifey bear and mum

A mummey bear she'd gladly be, she'd mend 'is clothes and make 'is tea
And have as many fuzzy bairns as God saw fit to bless
So off they went to Pudding Town, the bear and wife, now Mrs. Brown
Which place they 'ad their little bairns, and lived in 'appiness

First place in Nursery Rhyme contest.

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Bob had been a lonely man ever since
His wife of fifty years had passed.
“Lord, let me join her.” he would pray.
“Let this day be my last.”

Each day, he went to the cemetery,
Just a short walk down the street.
After their talk, he would water her flowers
And hear passers-by whisper, “How sweet.”

One gray and misty morning,
He had hoped for sunnier skies
To plant fall bloomers at her graveside;
But, there, to his surprise…

Stood an old dog beside her stone;
Thin and dirty, but he struck a handsome pose.
He whined as Bob approached, as if to say,
“I could use a friend, you know.”

He sat calmly as Bob planted flowers,
Carefully sniffing each one Bob put in place.
Then, after the last one was planted,
He sniffed it; then turned and licked Bob’s face.

Bob smiled. “I had a dog when I was young…
Pal…he was a mighty good one too.
So, if you don’t mind old fella,
That’s what I’ll call you.”

Pal may have been an old dog,
But he was smart and handsome in his way;
So they made a deal, Bob would give him a meal
And a bath, if he decided to stay.

Pal loved his bath, then rolled in the grass.
He slept on a blanket in the den.
In the night, he dragged it next to Bob’s bed. 
He intended to be Bob’s best friend.

Pal was such a good dog, housebroken too;
Never made a mess or got in trouble.
He knew about newspapers, slippers and Frisbees;
And when Bob called, he ‘d come on the double.

Yes, Pal gave Bob’s life new purpose.
A special bond of friendship was cast.
And never again did Bob pray, 
“Lord, let this day be my last.”

For twelve years, the very best of friends,
Together night and day;
And so it was, until one night,
Both quietly passed away.

The next morning, an old woman,
Tears welling in her sad and lonely eyes,
Brought flowers to her husband’s grave;
But there, to her surprise….

Stood an old dog beside the stone, 
Thin an dirty, but he struck a handsome pose.
He whined as she approached, as if to say,
“I could use a friend, you know.”

He sat calmly as she took old flowers
And put fresh ones in their place. 
He carefully sniffed the fresh ones,
Then turned and licked her face.

She smiled.  “I had a dog when I was young...
a good one too.  His name was Pal.”

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THE BUTTERFLY AND ME Venus butterflies tiptoe on roses rise playful in pirouette, they tango with the singing voice of a clarinet... Wouldn't this view capture your eyes? Swarm of fragrance fans my cheeks and so my hair, I turn around and see a butterfly so flair. I run, run to chase such butterfly with care but pity, I missed so I just stand and stare... Kissing now, the curves and swells of the hibiscus is a butterfly that dance in ballet hush, tickling the petals, oh! they bend and blush-- won't these two wonders make a sublime meniscus? Tomorrow morning, Do gaze at a butterfly say hello or wave a hi colorful they are but they only live for awhile Blessed, we are given years to live by but as colorful as how butterfly paints the sky Do we also brush the whole world with a rainbow smile? _____________________________________________________________ © O.E. Guillermo 09:57 pm, January30, 2015

Details | Concrete | |


   u         p
J               s!
On it s	    a      e
	c      tt       rs.
ChasedAwayByThe neighborhood dog.
Always listening.
Ears Perked.
SP      T


Details | Narrative | |

The People Around Me

Things seems to be very clear,
When actually felt it is unclear,
What really seems to be clear,
May never ever be clear for ever.

Your help for others,
May be to be appreciated,
Or taken as what is called,
to be uncounted.

My question is clear,
Why the help for others,
Is sometime never appreciated,
However it is always delivered. 

In response to ethics,
lingers in my mind the answer,
To help others is not to be recognised, 
But it is to be called someone, 
Who can be respected.

To all, continue to help,
Not to to be appreciated by others,
But to be respected by yourself.

Details | Ode | |

Danger love

subtle it starts, those thoughts of you
so cunning and quick, little I can do
with each pounce unexpected
claws dug in my mind
Love has me infected
no cure to find . . . .

loudly it roars! with every heartbeat
I sense the excitement
a moments defeat
my soul so enlightened
and still my knees weak.

Unable to run, no sense in escape
hooked by those eyes
im caught in a state
by the antics of fate.

So here I stand, to you to surrender
you've won the heart
of a vagabond roaming
upon you to ponder,
however still knowing
your truelly a wonder
my smile fondly showing.

companions, companions, together to be
for that is the wish of the lover in me,
you're beauty is your nature
you're nature is free
tamed not by no master
amazing to see.
lets travel together, in search of a place
where we rest assured, our love shows its face.

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From the Amorous Shepherd to His Flock: a Parody of Lord Byron's ''She walks in beauty''

THEY graze in beauty on the land
     of grassy glades and dewy dales,
and all that's best of dark and tanned
     meets in their aspect and their tails;
thus mellowed to that tender hand
     which Shepherd to gentle glen compels.

One fleece the more, one hair the less,
     had half repaired the shearless grace
which wreathes in every woolen tress
     or darkly tightens o'er their face,
where mouths serenely sweet express
     how pure, how dear their grazing-place.

And on that rump and o'er that round
     so strong, so firm, yet elegant,
the baas that win, the hooves that bound,
     but tell of days in meadows spent—
a flock at peace with all around,
     a drove whose milk is innocent.

01/26/2014, "First Poem On Soup" Contest

Details | Rhyme | |

My Buddy

I miss you already, Buddy.
You’ve been the apple of my eye.
When I think of life without you,
It makes me cry. It makes me cry.

Oh, so many moments we've shared together,
From romping mischief and tummy rubs to those pesky fleas;
And nothing’s better than my puppy’s kiss;
You always try your very best to please.

You always curl up with me on the bed.
You always meet me at the door.
You run and jump and bark with such excitement.
Yes, Buddy, I know you couldn’t love me more.

And when all others fail me, Buddy,
My best friend is always there.
Through my very worst of times,
Your eyes and your attention said,  “I care”.

Five to seven years for every one of mine
Is so little time... it’s hardly fair.
It must be God’s way of saying,
“Love them now… and well.  
There’s precious little time to spare”.

But, if I should go before you, Buddy,
Love your new master without reserve;
And they will love you as you love them. 
It’s what a great pup like you deserves.  

I miss you already, Buddy.
You’ve been the apple of my eye. 

Details | Couplet | |

Beachside Food and Drink Slinks

A is for algae, red, green, blue cells, soaking up sun, sliming teeth 
B is for bacterial mat, clumping underneath, earliest born, never asleep

C is for coral reef, the place we all find cover or the sand parrotfish chew and release
D is for diatom, all seeded calcium, all float free, all denizens barely seen

E is for eelgrass, nursery meadows of the anchovy, and other browsers of green 
F is for fan worm, filter feeder like a flower, 8000 species on which fish feed

G is for giant kelp, floating on bladders of air they’re forests of cold waters clean
H is for helmet, the royalty of snails who protect our feet, queen, emperor, king

I is for isopod, the chameleon crustacean, they color match what they eat
J is for jellyball, or cannonball jellyfish, not upside down or moon, avoid their heat

K is for keyhole limpet, favorite food of ochre stars, will erect its own wall
L is for laver, the sea lettuce of nori, it swirls red skirt as ocean falls

M is for mermaid’s purse, the sack of the skate whose yolk keeps them alive
N is for nerite, the prisoner striped snail of the rocky zone as numerous as a hive

O is for oyster drills, the snails that slurp oysters and use them to lay eggs
P is for pleurobranch, a sea slug answer for oranges, with one active leg

Q is for quahog, the bivalve seaman who can survive eating the mud
R is for rove beetle, the one waiting to snatch the unwary beach hopper for good

S is for saxitoxin, those red tides produced by mating that can paralyze humans
T is for tubular sponge, they squish, bore and encrust as space lends

U is for urchin, those spiny skinned balls, no eyes or noses but dig food in sand 
V is for Venus, Music Volutes dined or Vampire Squids skimming along land

W is for whelk, not the musically inclined, but the slow moving snail in a shell
X is for X and a half, the six rayed star, hungry for anything on the half shell

Y is for yucca, blooming on the beach, they bloom nice and tolerate the sand
Z is for Zostera marinara, the address of eel grass when they're feeling grand

All of this green life is what crunches, stinks, dries and slips underfoot
The rest that find the housing and dining compatible means someone’s on the look.

Details | Rhyme | |

Cow Knowledge

Having been brought up on a farm cottage
cows are a breed I know about
they make indeed an interesting study
of that they can be no doubt

Think of yourself as a cow
having to eat grass all day
drinking water from a trough
to produce white milk for your pay

Would you like such a life
so mundane so predictable
not much different from our own?
maybe ours is just a fable!

But this life has some plus points
you don't need to talk
just a moooooo! here and there
time passes no need for a clock

So what do you think?
live on a cow farm oh wow!
want to make your introduction
how now brown cow!


Details | Free verse | |

The Humans and I

Ones who wage,
Ones who rage,
Ones who take,
Ones who pay,
Ones who craze,
Ones who rave,
Ones who crave…

Ones who fear,
Ones who breathe,
Ones who give,
Ones who need,
Ones who will,
Ones who weave…

Ones who plead,
Ones who beg,
Ones who beseech,
Ones who entreat,
Ones who appeal,
Ones who volunteer,
Ones who disappear…

The ones who follow,
The ones that don’t know about tomorrow,
The ones who don’t deserve the morrow…

The ones who sleep,
The ones who cry,
The ones who live,
The ones who die…

The ones who proclaim,
Those who say they create,
The ones who ache,
The ones who don’t wait,
The ones who hesitate,
The ones who don’t concentrate,
The ones who fornicate,
The ones who procrastinate…

Those who fall in temptation,
Those who get in frustration,
Those who sometimes feel desperation,
Those who keep going without caution,
Those in motion,
Those in tension,
Those losing notion,
Those being poisoned,
Those getting in distortion,
Those following the broken diction,
Those dying like the billions,
Those without unction,
Those washed in the oceans…

I might seem cold,
But it is you who is bold.
I might not express,
But it is you who doesn’t let me progress.
I might not seem like I seek,
But it is you who doesn’t know me…
I might seem like I need,
But it is you who might always be begging on your knees.
I might seem dull,
But it is the one that is fool.
I might not be alight,
But it is you who isn’t truly alive…

I will remain neutral,
I will remain silver,
I will remain gray,
I feel darkness,
I feel light,
I will remain hallowed…,
After all, it is you who deserves no life…

I am a metal hawk,
I am a mountain goat,
I am a silver bird,
I am a gray wolf,
I am a white tiger,
I am a mystic rose…,
I am I…

I’m alive,
And I survive,
You are here,
However, it is you who deserves no life…

Being human does not imply that you have humanity…

Details | Ballad | |

Living my dream

Living my dream

I had one dream when I was young
To go to another land
In life I wasn’t satisfied
I wanted something grand
Lions, tigers. Kangaroos
And all those wild, wild beasts
Africa, South America
Or Australia at least.

Possessive Mother was my curse
How could I get away?
Every time I mentioned it
She had so much to say
And made me feel so guilty
Really cramped my style
And then one day there came along
Something to make me smile

I’d just turned my nineteenth year
When this great girl came along
She hailed from West Australia
And filled my heart with song
So we got married, had some kids
And here we are in Oz
Been here for half a century
And I came here all because

It was my fate to find this girl
She was my destiny
There’s be a whisper in the skies
That knows how things will be
It takes one’s soul, and leads it on
So growth, it might occur
And I know that west Australia
My heart, it sure does stir.

4 August 2013 @ 1440hrs.

Details | Narrative | |

The Bad King

Ana Cecilia Callejas 

Rodrigo Perez Gavilan

The Bad King 

“Lexer” was a lion who was the King of the entire animal kingdom, during his reign all the animals lived in complete harmony, they were all happy and graceful, and Lexer takes care of them and protects them. One day “Lexer” and his wife had an adorable baby lion that was named “Dylan” as he grew up Lexer teached him a lot of things since he was going to be the heir of the animal kingdom. Dylan also made a lot of friends but his best friend was Jim. Dylan and Jim spend almost all the days together, as the time passed Jim started to hang out with the Rhinos, which were the bad ones of the kingdom. Jim turned into a bad lion and started to incite Dylan to make bad things and he became also a bad lion. One day lexer got very sick and a few days later he passed away so Dylan became the king. All the animals were very sad because they loved Lexer he has been so far the best ruler of the animal kingdom. Time passed and Dylan forgot all the good things his father taught him and started to become a bad lion and a bad king. Influenced by Jim and the Rhinos that were friends with Jim Dylan started to do bad things. He put animals to fight between each other just for their amusement and had some of the animals as slaves just to be his servants, he also ordered other animals to kill so he can eat and have feasts, and this caused a lot of panic in the entire animal kingdom. Dylan mother tried to make him reconsider and change, to do all the good things his father taught him for him to be a good king but Dylan just became worse. All this caused that the animals lost his confidence towards the king and started to live just with the ones of their own kind and also began to fight with all the other animals to survive. This caused that the world became a bad place and since that moment the harmony did not existed anymore and the animals had to take care on their own.
Moral of the fable: if you are a good person and you have good values don’t let anyone to influence you and change the way you are.

Details | Clerihew | |


written 9th June 2013

As all the paired animals, were boarded onto the Ark
 Noah, with his final list, ticked them off as a simple task

No one saw, the two flies go pass
 sneaking aboard under a golden mane, on a horse with class

While the flies were free to roam
 eventually starting their journey on home

When they finally, got to the top of the Ark
 looking for there home, but nothing could be seen in the dark

Since that day, that they were stowaways
 arrogantly, believing humans stole them that day 

And have vowed, since that day as "we are to blame
 humans would have to pay, terrorizing us "even still today

The secret I've heard is they were never even invited onto the ark
 all who were on the list, voted if the flies be added to the task

Not to Noah's surprise, they were a pest and for the "entire time
  not "one vote did they receive, no, not from one single mind

They would never again return back to their homeland
  everyone disappointed, think "wouldn't our summer's be grand

Details | Free verse | |

The Backside of Killington Mountain

Killington Mountain, one of the largest Ski resorts in New England.
With its webbing of trails, dotted with colourful kaleidioscopic ski outfits;
racing to the Castle they call a Base Lodge.

My Cabin is atop a mountain across two valleys from Killington's backside
I can see the untamed, wild and free side of Mother Nature's: True being
Where deers have no fears, and the Bald Eagle soars Free

I once did a recue mission there, and when all were safe, I walked
Into the forrest of Nature,where mankind had never before intruded
I walked where the Deer, Bed. where the eaglets squawked for food

I saw the Black Bear awake; "Good Morning Mrs. Black Bear"she Yawned
And walked away.I heard the Evergreens giggle as melting snow ticked Pines
The Serenity,Tranquility,enveloped me in Nature's Wonder of the World.
      Inspired by Linda(PD) with her Contest: 7 Wonders of the Ancient and
                     New World. This POEM is one of my 7 Wonders.
This is Dedicated to all POETS who have written about the Autrocitys of 
Mankind to "  Nature or THE Beauty of Mother Nature in Rhyme "
                           This is not a Contest Entree

Details | Quatrain | |

For Survival or Greed? (Co-written with James Fraser)

Note:  Following a rash of local breakins, thieves murdered two people who happened to be 
at home when they entered.  This event produced a lot of anxiety for me and James was 
kind enough to help divert my attention by joining in this write.  Many thanks to James, Tim 
and Dane Ann for their support during this difficult time. -- Carolyn

     A hungry gray feline sees a mouse; quickly does she pounce
     Instincts come into play as jungle creatures eye their prey
     Natural selection rules the vast animal kingdom
     By striking fast they earn the right to live another day 
We read in the papers and we watch on the news
As I look out my window, and ponder man's thoughts
What do we see, through our eyes as we view
Our ability to kill and leave one's life nought
     Complicated survival games play out each strenuous day
     From the frigid Arctic tundra to torrid dark jungles
     Beasts on the prowl are trekking nature's intended path
     Another victim falls as distant thunder rumbles 
Opportunists linger as the perpetrators dare
Man stalking down dark alleys and dimly-lit streets
Confronted, accosted in criminal stare 
Where the innocents in danger, generally meet
     Other members of the animal kingdom have no choice
     They slay only to keep themselves and their families alive
     But it's man who plays the most dangerous of games
     Killing for thrill, politics or greed; how can man survive?
It's the evil of man who takes what he wants
With the blade of a knife, with his terror taunts
His escalation from flint to gun
This most wonderful world in masculine haunt
     If man continues to develop harsh weapons
     The skies may explode in carnivorous fashion
     Consuming not just one animal species, but all
     Leaving angels to mourn the death of God's creations

Details | Light Poetry | |


I once was like a catipiller young,naive,and new
Always living from my heart not knowing what
else to do.Easy to take advantage of, that is 
just the case, people would walk over me
like I was their dirty used up suitcase.
Now I feel a newness coming, like a light
shining from the sky, colors fill my world
and I know I am blooming into a butterfly.
Purple,Pink, Blue and Green I can feel them
flowing through. Colors of the rainbow raising
me into full bloom. Wise and strong I am becoming
My faith leads me where I need to go giving me
insight and wiseness for only me to know.
I have not  done this on my own you see
I have been guided by God and Angels
on this Earth. Wise words the wisdom at
it's best comes from a wise lady who
seems to know me best. Lucky, I am 
to have her in my life, she always shoots
it straight and tells me like it is, knowing
her words touch my heart and gives me tons of faith..
I feel like flying through the sky or climbing 
a tree way up high. I feel like observing the 
world just like a brand new butterfly so as I
Bloom I become Anew something unlike the past
Smart and wise beautiful on the inside and outside 
 a touch of color here a touch of color there
makes me glow and become a beautiful blooming butterfly...

Written By: Christina A McCullouch 

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Goldie, my peculiar but beloved cat,
has certain affectations --
she prefers, most times, her own society
and shuns her housemates.
But, sometimes, she cuddles
or will join the others
to laze around -- in the living room,
the dining room, a hallway, or
in the kitchen.
An inside cat who, early on,
suffered the indignity of
"the operation,"
she asserts her independence
by darting into the front yard
when a door is opened --
and she pointedly ignores
any calls or pleas to come inside.
But when the door shuts
and no one is around, she is fearful,
immediately climbing up into the ash tree.
And there she stays
until I come to coax her down.
She may climb high up
and, finally, shakily manage
a descent to allow me to pick her up
and carry her back inside.
She never leaves the yard
but does enjoy ignoring me
when I am in a hurry.
She will dart about and run
from one side of the yard to the other.
For her, it's only an infrequent game.
And, as my treasured pet,
she certainly deserves to play
while testing the limit
of my affectionate, chagrined

Details | Couplet | |


Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

Details | Acrostic | |

All Animals Have Souls

All animals
Live and 

Allow them to,
Let their young
Stay safe while, learning to survive.

A patient and loving parent is
Encouraging as they learn that lesson.

Safety in numbers is paramount.
Utilizing a
Love that’s tough, parents
See their little ones grow to adulthood.

Details | Free verse | |

Train Journey

I sit here by the window
and watch quietly
as the train moves along
I see land - 
wild beautiful land
still untouched by man
and it creates within me
a feeling that is wild and boundless

The beautiful trees
in many places
so closely clustered together
though of mixed species
seem to cry out 
a message of love and unity
to all mankind
I see flowers - 
plain simple flowers
there is a beauty in them - 
the beauty of simplicity

There are children on the hillsides -
the country folk
people call them
My heart sings as I watch them
They know us not on the train
but yet they wave at us
and we wave back at them
because their action is filled 
with some sentiment 
that is pleasing to us

Shimmering little pools of water
pulsating with life
appear and then vanish
out of sight
but the picture of life
within them
remains with me

The cows and the horses 
graze in the pastures
some sit
others browse slowly along
O how I envy their leisurely
pace of life!

Details | Prose | |

Don't feed the animals

I'm that type of guy..

The sort that you said you would never let yourself get mixed up with again.The kind of guy that knocks back 5 shots of whiskey before sucking his teeth at the moon, hidden behind neon lights and shoddy bar mirrors; Holding in the burn, promising not to let my lighter char your cheek while I light up your cherry. I smile at your timid lean and wink, just so you know that the cute disposition of satin cloaked prey in a cage of wild animals doesn't make me wince. I'm used to this, numb to this. You though, you don't seem to feel the pull of this place you're in. You're still treading the vomit of your last mistakes, hungover in recollections of battered heart symphonies. Fresh wounds in the murk, chum to the sharks, beautiful. I don't ask to buy you a drink, or for your name, but you offer it willingly as if it were a confession in a place of purity. I order more whiskey, push a little heat over to you and wait for the night to take its toll. One of us, I'm never sure which; is going to die a little bit more tonight. We drink to the sound of billiards clacking and a jukebox with over eager speakers and talk in circles until we're dizzy with lust. I have forgotten your name, but you never cared. I'm that type of guy. The pain you were looking for, to make you forget the woes you carried in with you. I wish I could say you did the same for me, but I came here for the whiskey. You shouldn't have fed the animals. 

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

Details | Haiku | |


Lookin' after pests
Keepin' a CLOSE eye on 'em
"Those wild animals!"

Roamin' around zoo
Searchin' for sneaky monkey
Hidin' in a tree

Zookeeper gets mad
"Where's Marty, the smartypants!?"
"He TOOK my cage keys!"

Details | Free verse | |


The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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When Grandma takes me to the park

When Grandma takes me to the park!
By Kim Mosteiro
I love when my grandma comes and picks me up to go to the park. We ride in
grandmas car to the park; and grandma sometimes stops on the way and we get ice
I like sliding down the slide; grandma waits at the bottom and catches me, or
sometimes she will slide down with me. One day I was swinging, and grandma
pushed me way high, I flew as high as the birds do, it was so much fun!
Grandma taught me how to climb a tree, just like she did when she was little, and
climbed her grandma's tree, to pick apricots for her Grandma's pies! Grandma
pushes me real fast on the merry-go-round; I go round and round and round and it
makes my head dizzy, and then I spin around just like the merry-go-round.
One day we saw a butterfly, it was blue and brown; I chased it and tried to catch
it but it got away. Grandma told me that every time I saw a butterfly, it would
mean that she was thinking about me; and she gave me a kiss and said that's what
it would feel like if a butterfly landed on my nose and kissed me!
But there was one day when Grandma took me to the park and I saw a snake, it
was scary when he shook his tail and it rattled. Grandma said I am to never go
near one and try to pick it up because it can hurt me, it's not like a butterfly. A
snake will bite you and make you sick Grandma says, so I will only chase butterfly's
not snakes.
I can't wait to go to the park again and see what new adventure Grandma and I
will go on.
“Dedicated to my Grandchildren: ADAM, ROSIE, SERENA

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Happy Life

The trees are dancing 
Birds are flying peacefully 
They make life happy

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Questions for everyone

Questions for everyone

Has anybody ever sat? 
In a garden filled with flowers
Have you felt the magic there?
Have you felt the power?
Have you sat there with the body still?
And the mind too, just the same?
Have you ever lost yourself?
As the mind stopped playing games

Have you seen those magic colours?
And really seen them too!
Have you felt the touch of the morning breeze?
Have you seen the way she do?
Touch those branches with her glory
Make them dance in the morning sun
As the sparkles nearly blow your mind
And you’re the holy one?

Have you ever heard the dove’s warm Coo
And that deep, deep ravens croak?
Have you seen the mulberry tree?
As she dons her summers coat?
And radiance and reverence
Are all that one can know
Have you ever sat there in the garden?
And watched the morning flow.

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Animal Freedom

Animal Freedom

A Christmas walk in soft sun of winter
Across crisp fields of umber and green,
A sharp breeze blowing with freedom
On their faces, aglow with the hope
Of seeing one again – a bird; their bird,
Soaring and diving defiantly so.

The eagle. Powerful, swift and so
Free. Wings outstretched on currents of winter
Warmth, rising higher than any other bird.
It’s golden feathers shimmering over green
Hills and clear blue skies, in the hope
Of spying prey, running in a last bid for freedom.

They looked and walked and talked in freedom,
Enjoying the country lanes and paths in so
Carefree a manner; such a rich land of hope,
Bursting with creatures alive in the winter
Meadows: robins, rabbits, hares, a green
Woodpecker, and many a chattering bird.

They paused to rest and listen to bird
Song and breeze, relishing in the freedom
At the heart of nature, so fresh and green;
When suddenly, they saw a bush shaking so
Violently. They stopped and stared, the winter
Wind? Too strong. They watched in hope

Of seeing something curious, or in the hope
Of discovering if this at last was their bird,
Hunting untamed in the wilds of winter.
They approached, careful not to intrude on the freedom
Of the wild, but all they could see was a fluttering so
Urgent, flapping wings, a rubbed-raw leg, a thread of green.

A blackbird was trapped on a branch by green
String; frantic, desperate panic, yet hope
Shone in its eyes, pleadingly so.
They spoke softly, carefully untying the bird,
Which flew off to the wind in a cry of freedom.
They felt proud, liberated, in a wonderland of winter.

They ran home for dinner of green sprouts and festive roast bird;

Bred in darkness and stench, no hope of daylight or freedom.
Incarcerated, deformed, wounded so bad, in a long-hardened winter.

Spare a thought for your turkey this Christmas… 

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Inevitable Bear

Oh lonely Inevitable Bear,
Padding claws, death in white
Sorrow in recurring nightmare
Instinct’s test; fight or flight?

Camouflage against the fence,
A challenge; my subconscious fear
Ominous slowly moving silence,
“Let me in, there’s a bear out here!”

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Cat on a Wooden Box

There’s a cat on a wooden box meowing With a purring ability inside The cat smiles when he sings, ever knowing Having a crowd around him, they abide Some listen to his insidious tones There’s a cat on a wooden box meowing Some dogs are nearby, just chewing their bones Sending some cats away, others hiding Cat’s in the center with the cats crowding Meowing to his own rhythm, singing high There’s a cat on a wooden box meowing The group of cats within, to him don’t lie Each saying his prowess is beyond cool The group tries to sing, and with him leading He’s the cat’s meow, even while he drools There’s a cat on a wooden box meowing
Russell Sivey

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On a Black Day - Death Survives - Series 3

Another boring, Protestant Traditional, Sunday Family Dinner 1:00 pm sharp
This week it’s at Uncle David’s  house in Alford, Mass. I haven’t meant Him
Actually the only Family I met so far “Momma“, Poppa, and Big Sister Brenda 
YOU probably thought I was going to say “Momma, Poppa, and Baby Bear
Went for a walk in the forest“. Sorry I’m reading Goldilocks while I’m trying to Write
Brenda ( B B ) , and I use to wonder why they had to be called Momma and Poppa ?!! 
Pizza for dinner, on a Saturday night ,Baths, pajamas, robes, and slippers out to the car
Alright kids, It’s a 3 hour drive to Uncle Dave’s Let’s play “Grandma’s Suitcase” 
The subject Grandma is infatuated with is her : LOVE of Animals
Harry you start, Grandma went on a vacation , in her suitcase she put an alligator
Brenda, “Grandma went on a vacation, in her suitcase she puts a female Baboon 
“Poppa, it’s your turn, “Grandma went a vacation, in her Suitcase she put a Catamount
I challenge You  Poppa, Mount is Mountain ,not Animal  I brought my dictionary, Read;
The definition of catamount; a mountain lion, Cougar  A feline animal born in nature
Harry your out of the game; “Momma” Your turn “ Grandma put in her suitcase The Devil”

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                             The Apple PASTURE

Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture.
Were once was and all well meet.
A pure and dear site.
Where silver reflection cover the still waters that holds the golden
grains of morality and the grazing souls lie young amounce no stars.
Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture
Were winds smell of melon and the trees whisper spring corals in the mellow dark and best of light and time creeps into no tomorrow.


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They’re everywhere
These pretty little creatures
On the serpent road to Exmouth
They be some of the features
Along with Emus, Kangaroos
And handsome birds of prey
These little goats be bountiful
They’re all along the way.

They be domestic goats 
Who’ve gone back to the wilds
Where they have bred one million fold.
As one moves along the miles
These little goats be seen so much
In their many shades and hues
Don’t know where they got their water
It be tough country too.

The weather here be hot and dry
As the sun bakes everything
And mostly here no rain does fall
To drinking water bring.
And yet these goats look healthy as
Such nimble little beasts
You’d see some dead there in the road
As the crows do have their feast.

That be the price of progress
That poor beasts have to die
That be the curse of human beings
Sometimes it makes me cry
Yet still they be so plentiful
These handsome little guys
Another little part of nature
That make love in me rise.

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Majestic Snow Owl

Before me is the majestic snow owl Wing span so large it covers my whole side He surely keeps his mighty cloak and cowl Before me is the majestic snow owl He’s the greatest of the birds, best of fowl Owl hoots showing that he has his own pride Before me is the majestic snow owl Wing span so large it covers my whole side
Russell Sivey

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Ring Leader

Personally I don't like the way he gets up 
Every morn sqawking, strutting his stuff around, don't like, yup

Ring leader in the morn with his self-centeredness
His behavior exudes narcism and great abrasivesness

His neck stretched, chest extended, muslces flexed ready
This Rhode Island Red crows from dawn 'til sun up and steady


Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper
Contest: Personifying Science
Written: 09-26-13

A form of Poulter's Measure 
Written in rhyming couplets

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Cherry Blossoms Bee

Cherry blossoms call, beckon nature's majesty-- and the humble bee.

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Like The Camel

Thirsty as I was, but found vast land of sand with little or no
Foliage; with intense sun making it hot, dry and coarse;
“Oh, there comes the storm!,”take cover for it can blind or kill.
Hooves with padded feet move slowly on the sand
as extra energy is supplied by the humps  which make it 
easier and convenient for the beast of burden.
Oases I look for, but mirage I see..
Now being abandoned just like half a decade ago, I WILL
survive like the camel…  

Olusegun Arowolo  Date:9-16-2014
CONTEST:"IN THE DESERT" sponsored by Nette Onclaud  .

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Lilac Colored Butterflies

Flying from the deep blue sky up above Lilac colored butterflies come evolve Encircling me and my delighted trees There's no greater beauty than what you see All have brightened at the sight of nature I don’t think that there’s a better answer Trees alight to the wonderment therein Delightful presence as breeze on the skin The cloudless sky keeps firm its blue color And the grass holds its ground, we all want more The birds take flight into the bright cool air Shadows of them skirt the floor everywhere Nature, a wondrous sight each time you see You just have to get out to find it’s free
Russell Sivey

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Cherry Tree Butterflies

There was a cherry tree on our property Usually there would be butterflies in it The beautiful large red ones full of glory They flutter around just for my benefit They move so quietly up around the sky Sometimes they fly so very high, way up high Their proudest moments has to be in the tree Here motions are shown quickly, so very free
Russell Sivey

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Bird Song

The birds sing a song

On a tree that is very high

Music fill the air

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The Valley of Bones - Chitake Springs

Lives passing by like a mirage
Stick images move through haze
The view is hard on your gaze

Footprints embedded in the ground
Echoes of the a time when life had a sound 
Rolling in on hooves like thunder
Water draws the wildlife, like flies to a corpse in this valley of dry bones.

Chitake Springs, land of valleys, ridges, ravens, and dust.
Baobabs, sunsets, and elephant bulls in must.
Feelings come in with rain and are blown away with the wind. 

Water draws life to its brim.
Life without it is pretty grim.
The river creates curved contours in the land 
Painted in browns, yellows, and muddy blues in the sand.
Its colors melt together, soothing, and brewing.

Windy days and water bubbling
deep down in the belly of the earth.
As the heat sets in and the dust clouds grow.
The conflict of the titans comes to blows.

Brought with tension and strife, 
Like distance thunder and rumbles,
tell of animals in strength of numbers.

As buffalo climb clumsily down the cliffs and valleys into the watery grave,
Eyes of predators peer from the bush as their prey 
Strides to the sweet cool relief of the water
Little do they know that they are like sheep heading for the slaughter

As the heads of weary animals go down to drink, 
tough though their determination be to savor every drop.
A presence they can’t escape is luring 
Nerves on edge and fear brewing

The paws of death stalk with lighting precision
Until the animals are in clear vision
With an almighty dash of speed the chase is on
The game of life and death has just begun

Chitake Springs, drama is never far
Spoken of with a breath of excitement and terror
No one is ever quite sure of what to expect
Life is a balance of chance; this is the secret that is well kept

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Aging Heart

Time runs fast when we are young,
As fast as human eyes can blink.
Turn away and there it goes,
What youth we have will slowly sink.

It runs with legs that won’t tire
So that your aging heart may sleep.
Close your eyes and let it fall,
The fruits you’ve reaped are yours to keep.

Does the river dry when you
Have passed the rapids of this ride?
Open your eyes so you may see
The world you’re bound to on this tide.

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The Soaring Eagle

Eagles soaring high in the sky
suddeny drop to the water below
it's talons encase a fish
in the setting sun it's scales aglow

the fish did not jump 
to the bird in the sky 
it stayed in the water
while the bird soarded by

If the bird hadn't dived to grab the fish
then the fish would still be in the water
for the fish will not go seek out the bird
it will not willingly go out for slaughter

the lesson between the bird and the fish
is simple but I'll give you a clue
go out and make your way in the world
don't wait for the world to come to you.

Anne Hessler

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Her Dragon

On the back of his head she skims the air With excited blades of the dragon’s wings Where inside of his serenity lair Here lies the dragon’s most precious of things Cotton fabric singed from his raspy voice On the back of his head she skims the air The dragon fiercely bellows his rejoice That everyone can surely feel and hear She loves dragon even with his big scare Nothing lives as close to him as she does On the back of his head she skims the air No gold can withstand the heat that he loves Attesting for dragon’s might she enjoys Those that don’t know him will be in despair Majestic is his might, she floats with joys On the back of his head she skims the air Russell Sivey

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Sky Down

     Sky Down

Hawk and fish on high

drop, dive, soar ends, ground rises

Emerge, struggle, stop

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Someone Elses Life

I feel like I'm living someone elses life, a life in strife. I've been strong, but when will I belong. I feel so alone, but I'm doing ok on my own. I can't describe the pain, but I keep in mind every storm runs outa rain. I use to think our love was unbeatable, but really its unforgettable. Everyday I walk down memory lane, trying to ignore the pain. He crosses my mind everyday, when will all this go away. There's gotta be something more, my heart is becoming sore. My momma doesn't have to worry, because I'm not sorry. I know he made the mistake, and he's the reason I have this heartache. What we had, was bad. I shouldn't have let it go that far, your just another scar.

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The Hunt

               The Hunt

One bar broke and then another for the rapid break
The escape was quick and painless
The man ran for his life from enemies
At top speed he fled with nothing on his feet
Sweat exuded, poured from his body
Breathing deep into the jungle dark
Captors ran too to take his life with knives and rifles
Thick jungle traps laughed at them as they ran by
Pursued their prisoner through labyrinths of vines and branches 
Screaming angrily with lit torches through the pitch black night
Close behind, the soldiers chased their prey
Running, panting below the canopy
Shots rang out burning by his ears 
Limbs flailing as the bullets flew blindly through the tangled vegetation
Jumping over logs and bushes, petrified of dying
Trudging through a rapid stream, bent on taking him down as well
He emerged on the other bank with a bleeding foot
A piranha mistook it for a lure, tore off a toe, swallowed it for dinner  
Pain and fear set in while he hobbled on into the darkness
Panthers glared frantically at the injured man 
Sized him up as breakfast, less one toe
Even insects had no respect for dignitaries from another land
They too needed to be fed
The soldiers had their troubles also as the jungle storms set in
Snuffed out their torches and tortured them with stinging rain
Scorpions and snakes are cold and hunger for a change
Tired of eating the same old rodents and stupid birds
Running through the jungle is not always a safe undertaking 
When hunting down your prey to take a life
You never know who is on the menu from day to day
Perhaps someone with a different taste, from the human race
Someone who escaped from another plate
Or someone with knives and guns
Will find another kind of fate and dinner date

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Silver Blue Birds

Silver blue birds flap their wings in moonlight The trees house them, a peaceful resting place Blue wings contrast with the needles in light You just find joy when you look at their face Subtle flying brings the greatest calm look The trees house them, a peaceful resting place They fly all about where the blue sky shook The clouds fluff on by while they fly onward Subtle flying brings the greatest calm look The birds dive and play within the backyard Catching bugs on the way, tasting each bite The clouds fluff on by while they fly onward They fly in groups, some small, looks like a kite Finding love with one another sky high Catching bugs on the way, tasting each bite There’s nothing in the sky that can sure deny Silver blue birds flap their wings in moonlight Finding love with one another sky high Blue wings contrast with the needles in light
Russell Sivey

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Oh matchless our delight does never end
ceaseless variety of kingdom you defend
unending the exploration of the world around
photography of new discovery found

Within the caves growth of limestone formations
lattice work and crystal chandelier creations
eons of history where water carries matter
to build visions new and particles to scatter

Exquisite designs to view above and below
daily something unknown has made it’s show
rainforests beset with capacious greenery
extensive with volumne the expanse of scenary

We confine ourselves to the walls of city
and alienate ourselves to all that is pretty
though we hail the lives of those who explore
who search the heavens and of earths floor

Infinite the knowledge the origin of planet
diversity of species of gems and stones granite
consider the growth and composition of stone
movement of water and pressure them hone

All know that many gems are formed under pressure
and human character like tested with measure
Like jewels are cut to ornament the treasure
God molds each and everyone to his pleasure

Hail I do men that fathom grotto’s and caves
like ancient seamen went skimming the waves
courage required here tis for no knaves
those who travel here are only the braves

Boldly do men survey the planets secrets
forge the trails and navigate the seaships
track and map untamable habitats
where creatures thrive on sulfur but we collapse

In darkened caverns their ever present night
there do dwell creatures with self contained light
each creature for it’s environments design is right
diverse the living things concealed from our sight

Scarcely tapped fathomless in it’s diversity
what could one discover if occupy eternity
all those who become Gods Sons possess the ages
not constrained by death or times gauges

sources Genesis Job Psalms and science

COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Let Love grow

Love for all

Soft heart in a wolf
and sly fox in man,
Mannequins pondering
and thoughtless we,
Susan's work inspires,
ever wonder why ?

Her love for all 
living souls with emotions,
Even an owl is so subtle
wrong notion of an omen,
As adorable is a carnivore,
creation of the Almighty !

Animals so affectionate
can rightly construe,
While we brainy beings
fail to feel their blues,
Susan's art speaks,
what even words can't say !

Her unique approach
and value for life,
Is what reflects beauty
of the soul inside,
Love knows no bounds
Body is just a lie !

Written November 2nd, 2014
For Debbie's contest of 'Free verse'
Dedicated to the great artist Susan Boulet

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The Beast

Of what good is
Beauty, without the
Tearing flesh fully
faced, to submerge
In identity found,
within human mind.

A bulwark built to
feed darkest desire,
Hiding behind
Thought, and from
which we shoot,
Slaying Love, in the
battlefield cross

A mirrored
refraction of life,
seen cracked,
Through lens attuned
solely to oneself,
With arbiter's cloak
clutched tight, to

Is not Beauty built,
upon the Beast's
Are they not one,
and the same, in
And we, who breathe
them, to miserly

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Magical Unicorns

The majestic nature of unicorns They are some mighty magical creatures They can convert the flowers that have thorns Into gorgeous roses that make pictures These unicorns have the greatest textures Magic rules the center of the their hearts Unicorns hold powers like no other The horn contains powerful magic parts The magic doesn't bring a great bother This creature sure wants to be together The unicorn’s hide is just like iron The strongest material on the Earth They’re mystical creatures that surely yearn They only know good, been that way since birth Little do they know how much they are worth
Russell Sivey Entered into Francine Roberts' "Whimsy in English Quintain" contest 4/4/2013

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High into the Sky

The bird flew high into the sky
Looking down onto the Earth saying "bye!"

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The New God

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart beats out of your chest
Ready to consume the final climax
I know who you are - when the lyrics fail to resemble
Letting your poison drip straight from your lips
Portraying, entertaining the image of sex's delusion
You know only rape - manifestation of hate
Lack of the fruit of the beauty of a human mind
Depths you'll never penetrate!

She was only a doll - type of a lost father's adore
Impaled into a desperate whore
Shamefully out of broken safety's  choice 
She bore embryogenesis of morose
May your rusty blades caress as they please

So confront the masses with the halt of embryogenesis
Let the worship of machines be
Leg them construct us cell to cell
Nature's just in the way
Of our race of perfectly engineered machines!
The burden of conception
Surrenders to the will of
The New God

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                                             THE STARGAZER'S RIDE
                                         (or THE LAST SPURRING LICK)

                                        Saddle shoulder-tossed like feather light
                                        Aging cowboy strutted for the crowds
                                        The throngs that mingled in his mind
                                        From past glory, cheering loud.

                                        Across his shoulder down his back
                                        Leather mended with great care
                                        Oiled and rubbed with tender hands
                                        A woman never stirred such love.
                                         Excitement scuttled--- colors blazed---
                                         whooping kids these afternoons—
                                         Livestock stirr and kicked the stalls
                                         inhaling echo pumped excitement’s blur—

                                         Colors mixed with fear and joy
                                         Set the boldest man on edge
                                         Broken bones mere memories--
                                         Blotted out behind the thrills  
                                         That bucked behind the unknown stalls.
                                         A sudden certainty grabbed him
                                         As real as bucking in the stalls
                                         His breath still strong and stalwart sure
                                         The sounds and colors shimmered on

                                         Visions flashed from death to glory
                                         Called to thrills that grind the soul.
                                         He'd had his fill of limps and aches
                                         No delights in growing old .

                                         Today he'd end his life on fire
                                         A rank Star gazer sucking back
                                         His time the best—tho body crushed
                                         He’d give this crowd a shattering crack

Rodeo Terms:
spurring lick--the movement of a cowboy's feet
Rank—hard animal to ride
Star gazer- animal that bucks with his head up
Suck back: animal that suddenly switches direction

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Robin's fair light

as new life flowers                                                                                                   equal illumination                                                                                                 meager changing clothes                                                                    *           
** the sun the moon draws warming hearts and minds amply a new leaf to turn

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Death of a She Wolf

Eyes, gleaming bright
in the dark, in the night.
She hears her mate's howl;
even hears the call of a lonely owl.
Fur, beautiful silver shine;
Her features, all female fine.
Her mate is still calling,
the sound on her ears are falling.
She attempts to make her move;
but hears the fall of a horse's hoof
The hunter! He's back!
Wolf furs...... he has a stack!
Her life now is in extreme danger;
no help from the previous ranger!
She's shy and hides away;
Why did this hunter stay?
Her heart thunders in her chest;
She has to be the most clever, the best!
She slips through snow covered brush;
This is a life or death rush!
He sees her run!
Now begins his fun!
He takes aim.... and pulls the trigger;
down falls her beautiful figure!
Red covers the silver fur;
He has shot, killed her!
Far on a distand ledge;
her mate is waiting, standing on edge!
Concentrating, flicking his ears;
but no sound from her he hears!

Details | I do not know? | |

How do I

I ponder.
I wonder.

How do I live for money, 
while millions are dying for it?

How do I appreciate life, 
while it's devoured every night for dinner?

How do I keep driving, 
while empty bellies are filled with pollution at every robot?

How do I make way for the mainstream, 
while society is already drowning in it?

How do I feel comfortable in my own skin, 
when so many have been persecuted for the colour of theirs?

How do I distract myself in churches and conference rooms, 
while the earth is crumbling under these structures?

How do I live, 
when "that's life"?

I ponder.
I wonder.

Details | Dodoitsu | |

A White Prince on a Black Horse

A white prince on a black horse Galloping down beaten path Shouldering the blunt of force Of incoming rain Never looking back to see Where it was he’s coming from A delicate price, with pride Firmly going on Soggy trip to the ocean To go splash on each wave Both man and beast meld as one Heading to their home
Russell Sivey

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My Life as a Caterpillar

I lazily stroll on a leaf,
carrying my fatty weight with me,
wondering how beautiful the butterflies are.

They tell me that they were once like me,
carrying their fatty weight like me,
wondering how beautiful butterflies are.

“To be like us, you will first have to stop
a caterpillar, and thinking like a caterpillar,”
they always tell me.

I leave it to fate, to see how time
re-designs me into a butterfly,
decorating the spring air…..

By: Teddy Kimathi

In: Personify Any Animal of Your Choosing Contest

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BEAR THIS IN MIND for gun-ku contest

                    BEAR THIS IN MIND

              If you're walking in the wood
              And your dog's not looking good
              With a bear claw in his eye
               or flying through the summer sky.

              Hope you've packed the stuff you need
              Not just sleeping pills or speed
              But some gear that saves your life
              Like a sharpened hunting knife

              Whistles don't impress a bear
              His territory ‘s not to share
              If you want his rapt attention
              Walther's a keen intervention

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I got my Teddy on my first Christmas Day,
And ever since then in by my side he would stay,
He would travel with me whilst out in my pram,
And accompany me on both train and on tram,
Off to the shops, or to visit my Nan,
And so our adventure together began.

Together we’ve seen the castles in Wales,
And crossed the sea under square rigger’s sails,
Danced at a céilidh in a Glaswegian Hall,
Passed through the Schwartzwald and seen Berlin’s wall,
Siberian lakes and Moscow’s Red Square,
And wherever I went you’d find Teddy there.

As I grew older my Ted was still there,
And although he no longer would go everywhere,
At the end of the day, when I’d rest my head,
My bear would be waiting for me in my bed,
And together we’d cuddle throughout the long night,
Until we’d be woken by soft morning light.

Now courting a boy with a stuffed toy in toe,
Can become quite the embarrassment, so,
Of Teddy’s existence I chose not to tell,
Until I got to know my boyfriend well,
But when I eventually did choose to share,
I discovered my love had his own Teddy Bear!

Now that twenty eight years have gone by,
His fur has worn through and he’s losing an eye,
But you’ll never believe the things that we’ve seen,
Or all the wonderful places we’ve been,
No other toy on Earth can compare,
With my tatty and tired old bear!

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If at dawn,
in the first splash of infancy,
the cherub falls to the floor like a dead orchid, maternal
blood shall stain the symbol
of creation, a man
without wisdom,
or self-reflection,
is duly disunited from the root of truth,
the jewel
that brands us human.

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just silly

Big bear farts loudly
Coyote laughs at big bear
Bear eats coyote

Details | Sapphic stanza | |


Hidden on the hill
     I stand

My Beloved--
   surpassing the gods--
as he brushes
  his silvery horse 
  until the dusky mane
into the 

V Anderson-Throop 2014

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BIRDS acrostic


    B    reathless each day the winged ones burst and unite into the twilight frieze--
     I     s there a more delicate touch to the sight than the songbirds as they take to the sky?
     R    eveling while entwined with the tailwinds-- delighting the indigo breeze,
     D    ashing on the last rays of sun to nip the laziest mosquito on the fly --
     S    ong of the satisfied sung—they fade into the welcoming night bosom of the trees. 

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

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From "The Defiant Haiku"

I guard … I ready
Looking at him who is sleeping.
The night fades. I keep on!

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Survival Junkie

I guess you can say that I'm a wilderness survivor junkie,
which is surprising for many because surviving isn't easy.
Anyone who tells you that wilderness surviving is fun
isn't truly surviving. They are just simply camping,
but venturing off into the wilderness with little more than none
other than the clothes on my back, I consider a vacation.
I once spent an entire spring and summer season
deep in a very remote wilderness region.
As I venture deeper into the forest my very first priority
was to search for the local wolf pack's locality,
which I inevitably did successfully.
Wolves have specific howls for specific occasions, 
but there was only one specific howl that I was interested in.
It was the howl of celebration
after the pack had successfully taken down a prey victim.
Every time that the pack had a successful kill
I would chase them off of it and claim my share of their hard work and skill, 
but before leaving I would butcher the entire carcass to pieces
so that every pack member could grab a share, run off and eat in peace
without the risk of having the remaining whole carcass 
being taken by a grizzly.
I was met with resistance initially,
but inevitably the wolves came to accept me
and would allow me to take my share from their kill freely
as they all surrounded me and watched me so intently.
They'd get excited and begin to howl every time  they'd see me
begin the routine of butchering for them their share of the meat
and as I'd leave I would once again look behind me.
Some were eating their meal relaxed contently,
while others were tossing theirs in the air playing with glee.
I truly bonded with that pack most sincerely
and often think of returning to that life permanently,
but I have too many ties here, too much responsibility
for such a life to ever possibly again ever be.
Once during one of my butchering episodes
I was approached behind by a grizzly bear and the wolves let me know.
The bear was slowly approaching me with its head held high,
which I immediately recognized as a positive sign.
It is only when a bear sinks its head down low, more than likely
that the bear is about to behave aggressive and threateningly.
Never making eye contact with the bear I backed away slowly
but always keeping that bear in my sight peripherally.
I displayed my back to the bear, continuing my departure slowly,
with my head slightly turned to watch behind me peripherally.
This is animal language for "I'm exposing to you my vulnerability.
I have no desire to hurt you, so please don't hurt me."
The wolves began to harass the bear relentlessly.
I almost had the impression that they were trying  to protect me,
but they were trying to protect their kill more than likely.
In any event, they kept the bear distracted long enough for me
to get the hell out of there and make a hasty retreat.
I once had another surprise encounter with a grizzly bear
but at the time none of the wolves in my pack were there.
It was a situation for me that could have ended fatal and gory.
Maybe one day I'll share with you the tale of that story.

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A Journey Begins

A Journey Begins

 Lions are roaring and the grass a growin'
 wise men sleep a knowin'
 The heart of man is infinitely deep,
 a servant still must earn his keep

 Who truly knows why the wild bird sings
 or winter fades into a welcoming spring
 Why it thunders and sun does shine
 or love is the tie that binds

 Great herds moving , flocks are a wingin'
 all life joins in wonderfully singin'
 Oceans are sailing under a blue moon
 life roars and then perishes far too soon

 The journey begins anew every sweet day
 time is the coin we all surely must pay

Robert J. Lindley

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Death of the Easter Bunny

One Sunday morning real early that day There’s a bunny hopping about the road He held with him a basket on his way But he never looked past this big huge load And he saw what seemed to be a great toad As he watched he moved directly on by Went in front of a moving car no lie Hastened his death by quickly hopping on His basket and all were flattened I cry Sadly the Easter bunny has passed on
Entrant into Lisa Cooper Poetessdarkly's "Clue" contest 2/25/2013

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Loyal As A Puppy

            Loyal As A Puppy Dog

My gal has Earth tones all over 
Since she comes from this planet, not another
Eyes of granite to watch the skies of blue
Old Faithful is a famous geyser
Not my girl
She is an old geezer, as loyal as a flea
Lies with any dog that happens by
She sticks to me like glue…more like a tic
Since I am rich….and stupid
My woman loves me all the time
But drops her pants right on a dime
In front of others
I think she wants their money
Or maybe for them to rub her tummy


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I Like Frogs

These creatures begin life as tadpoles in a lake. What a radical change in morphology they take! They lose their tails, and grow rather long legs. Age makes a big difference from fertilized eggs. They usually come out with the vanishing of the sunlight. Do you hear their croaking sounds at night? These amphibian vertebrates are known as an “anuran”. Frogs have existed on the earth longer than man. Inspired by another member's poem

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Our Silver Years

Our Silver Years

When, we two embrace our silver years,
Silver skies of autumn arrive mystifying form.
The forests’ green has a silvery hue.
Silence overshadows chirping birds and croaking frogs.
Even the roosters snuggle in oversleeping.
The dogs are romping; cats find warmth.
Children and grandchildren have gone their way,
When, we two embrace our silver years.

Written October 27, 2014  Revised November 8, 2014

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: 8 Lines 7 Words Enjambment - Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Rick Parise

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Spark of an Owl

The night is still dreary, a grey sky Dismal and cold, a usual winter night There isn’t much hope within the wind Nothing exists save for a special light In fact there are two of them, in a tree They’re reflections from the eyes of an owl In the grey backdrop they glow so bright Like an animal that is on a prowl The owl is the spark of pure energy Shining within its soul, beyond the dark Taking the darkness to higher heights Putting life in the grey, just to embark The tree within the fog is barely seen But the owl’s eyes are bright, a mighty sight One can hear the hoots of the owl around But what he emits from his eyes is white I may not see in the depths of the night And the evening might be grey with dismay However his eyes bring forth hopeful sight A beam of life within the darkness’s cliché
Russell Sivey

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Diffferent Bird

Moving to the sound of a different bird Some ideas float high above a small dock Beating to the music, separate from absurd Listening to the beat, igniting the mock Dislike has surely been filtered deep without A slant of ingenious thoughts begin to sprout A lofty image, with a bird flying high Being different, honored amongst a sigh
Russell Sivey

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Extinctions (A Quatern, 1 May 2014)

The waves receded from the shore.
A creature strived to breathe the gas.
It lived beneath the waves no more;
First of it's kind to walk the grass.

Came reptiles and amphibians.
The waves receded from the shore.
A meteor's oblivion
Ended the reign of dinosaur.

Those that survived came to the fore,
And peaked with the larger mammals.
The waves receded from the shore.
Man reigned over the animals.

Man's greatest enemy: HIMSELF.
Not respecting what came before,
He killed everything, thus himself.
The waves receded from the shore.

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Prey for Me

I searched for you through the endless expanse of night’s long blackness, 
The shimmering light from a crescent moon offered little help in my quest for your elusive form. The pale light dimly lit inconspicuous objects and cast shadows of their beautiful contours upon the ground to thwart my pursuit at every turn. 

Radiant eyes peered at me from within the cover of darkness, 
And mysterious intonations and melodic resonance echoed into the night air, confusing my sense of direction until I was lost in a maze within your protective purlieu. 

Fighting my frustration and fear that I may never gaze upon your majestic beauty, nor hold your rapturous warm body against my cool skin, or savor the taste of you on my tongue, I gathered what was left of my strength and resolve, and continued my silent pursuit. 

Guided by my heart and uncontrollable emotions and hunger for you, I somehow broke free of the discountenance feints set upon me to mask your true course. The hunger within my heart and the vision of you brazed within my eyes, guided me toward your lingering essence and ultimately to where you now hide, deep within the confines of your sheltering den safely held tight within the cool moist earth. 

As my long sleek form slithers into your place of refuge I strike and sink my teeth deep into your neck and as my coils embrace your supple body, I am overcome with powerful emotions emanating from your very being, and at that moment I knew my hunt was not in vain. To taste your sweet flesh wound be unlike any that has ever been known between predator and prey.

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Forsaking Hope

An Angel stalked my better-half through my mind
Questioning our flawless design

Angel: "What is a beast if you grant it introspection?"
Man: "It's still an animal, yet closer to imperfection."

"What is a dog with no will to live?"
"A dog with a will always has hope to give."

"But dogs cannot contemplate, they simply are."
"Yet humans can, is it an improvement or a scar?"

"Undying love is a gift you bear!"
"What good is it when it hurts to care?"

"That is the beauty of woman and man!"
"But what is it, what truth is there to understand?"

"That is for God to tell"
"If our questions go unheard, I'm glad we fell."

"You've only fallen if you fail to see."
"I don't see god, but I can feel the animal in me."

"You would deny your God given status?"
"If God made us so great, then why can't we kill the bestial urges inside us?"

"Some people dwell closer to sin."
"Yet none of us can handle the animal within."

"I cannot help you if you can't agree."
"Only if I agree you will set me free?"

"Only with the glory of God can we save you and your kind."
"You cannot help me, you are just within my mind."

With that the Angel fell dead
The man stared calmly toward nothing and shot himself in the head

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The Night of Unleavened Bread

Matzos slip into their mouths
Voices project merrily...tonight is
The night of Unleavened Bread

Lamb and other delicious
Meats and veggies... satisfies our taste buds 
What a splendid night it is!

Wine's brewin' in our wine cups
The dinner table - creates pleasant talk 
During this meaningful night

There's moments of quietude 
When it comes to de-leavening our lives
But, there's moments of gladness

On this night of peacefulness
Cheesecake - a delightful treat to savor 
During this night of pure bliss

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What They Know

Cat purrs at earplug
Blue plastic dancing with paws
I lack their wisdom

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Pigeons Out Of Place

            Pigeons Out Of Place

Pigeons, sit on cold bronze heads                                
Relieve themselves all day and night for spite               
Fallen soldiers have no say, they are dead                   

Dirty birdies on branches don’t look right                           
They belong on buildings, rusted statues                      
Cold soldiers are toilets on scheduled flights                

Among the people in their human view                                      
Sitting on the park bench doling out bread                                
Man yawns, while birds bob heads when they are through         
All of God’s good creatures need to be fed               
Even filthy pigeons that tarnish things                                                                                                  
When food is finished, parties head for bed                

In the morning the birds of nature sing      
Pigeons decorate bronze soldiers like kings 

Created on 9/08/14 for Terza Rima (About anything you like) Poetry Contest                                                                         

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Concrete Children

Born in concrete
and raised in factory smoke,
we are the children
of an artificial reality.
Each a gear in this maddening
machine of synthetic actualities
and plastic truths,
we are condemned to live
under a florescent sun.
Every once in a while,
a screw falls loose,
crawls back into its 
animal skin,
and howls at the sweet,
genuine moon.

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When the ether settles
and fortune bellows
and eastern stars make haste
to rise
Says one cat to the other's jazz
let not the crystal trade your
For growing roads like trees
or babes
a constellation mayn't foretell
Like ore, a mineral deposit found,
such plaster curves
and muscles drive.
The cat with jazz then
made aware, did leave his iron
bars aside
And south by east
the stars they ride.

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Slither Locks

baby snake
slithers up and up the curl
cute cute girl

little head
pokes out from the very end
gross tom boy

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Motivation from a horse

The horse that dares 
to jump the fence, 
with gallant gait and stride;

will be the horse, 
to enjoy the spoils 
that await on the other side.

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Chirping Bird

Being blindfolded She extends her hearing there A bird chirps along
Russell Sivey

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Tank with Goldfish

Sometimes we see a glint of gold or red
emitted sudden as a warning through
the greening water of the old square tank outside,
an evanescent wink from just beneath
the awning of the lolling lily pad.

Within this viridescent bulk of water pushing
against the stark and square formality of fibreglass,
the teasing crimson twinkle
frees our eyes from what had become
the prison of their gaze in which they were held
unblinking by the flat rigidity
of unremitting quadrilateral form.

Once more a gleam of carmine charms our eyes
into the still, green patina of this exotic liquor –
another world, so far removed
from our dull logic of normality.

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Lady Sinister

Lady Sinister
With an animal carnage
She will never sleep

Staying in her lair
Where she traps, where she hunts

Innocence arrives.

Foaming at the mouth
Sensing the next to be hers
A matter of time

She breathes confidence
And can taste ferocity 
In her habitat

Her eyes will deepen

Like a stalker in the night
She moves onward forth

A snap of the mouth
Her bloodthirsty sadism
Leaving her satisfied

Lady Sinister
With an animal carnage
She will never sleep

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The Hunger

Aching desire, physical need;
The animal in each of us longing to feed:
On the primal necessity of satisfying the thirst
For companionship, love, and the game

Reckless teasing, innocent play;
Awakens the instinct, though fight as you may:
It consumes to the core of your very existence
and confuses the mind with its incessant persistence.
Provoking, evoking, blind action undefined
and the hunger remains
and common sense resigns itself to the game.

There is no mystery;
There is nothing to hide.
The animal in each of us will not be denied:


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                          DULCET DOWN UNDER DISHARMONY
                                  (THE PAINFUL DUET)

                    Down Under it is summer skies
                    And brilliance is the smell with flowers
                    Birds flit about with eager eyes
                    From early dawn 'til blackest hours

                    Sometimes the combinations vary
                    Of birds that fly in flocks or pairs
                    Outside my window voices carry
                    Birds landed by the backyard stairs

                    A duck and parrot squawk in glee
                    Both voices sing without a care
                    The worst birdsong in memory--
                    Finches and canaries glare.

                     Such pain of eardrums does imply
                     Given a chance in stormy weather 
                     Songbirds escape --at least they try--
                     Tone-deaf birds when flocked together

Victoria Anderson Throop ©

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Love of nature

My love of nature and the great outdoors,
takes me from a woodland walk on the valley 
floor to the highest peaks above loch Awe. Where
I get to see the eagle soar. 

Mother nature she gives us the capability to explore
and how I wish to see so much more. A walk on the
sand by the ocean shore. Where me and my daughter
collect sea shells, whilst breathing in that sea breeze smell.

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Ducks vs swine

When swine 
Feel sheen
Then ducks
Feel shy

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Those long bus rides 
between Urbana, Illinois and Wheaton, Maryland 
were all in the interspace,  
hours of smooth nothingness punctuated 
by jangly nothingness 
at change points like Cincinnati and Pittsburg. 
Blurs in memory, dreamy, 
taste of intensly needed sandwiches 
and the desperate need to be clean. 
Long half-sleep voyages 
through fantasy, through needle-sticking 
drives, erection, thirst, 
looking out of the window for relief, 
only to see darkness.

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Blood Words, Legends of the Wolves

Yea, victors jest. They out-sped the cast of hunger’s cave. Their cantors, ragged kept, did reach an faithful end. They in the din o’ drizzle laugh, licking cool drams from stone, as had they crawled o’er hot pools bled to prod ‘n prattle. And who’d, when quenched, a saunter risk simply to gaze at greener gray, who if by haze be fraught, need merely fathom sky? Lest be displeasured he to whom above could clouds be prone to tattle, go but shy requests, voiced dryly into azure. For so the victims passed, betrayed by breeze and snitch of brush, though Him on High, with just demand, they had beseeched. Each life a tale brought to lie, defaced, in scattered, muddy tomes. Torn is the silver lace, which once linked bone to bone. Yet risen, too, had wanton sighs, whereof his Mightiest to ask, whilst the ground, as should it care, received the rasps. For what doth emptiness command and what the unseen sovereign willeth are left matters later glibly to be bantered. Know oft’ the hunt finds one befuddled, spelled by guiles of a wraith. No taunt of tail waves, no wake of twig gives sway. With head to hang, his rack he gathers in a push to halt to stand bequeathed a chide of birds and chipmunk heckles. There, the timber rout delays with naught but mettle left to drain, as the mars of rock and thistle mark the wait. Chafe of paw, tongue feathered fowl, the foiled dashes stream to words, whereto the blood, in ruddy tones, by droplets trickles.

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Me and You at the Zoo

For as I hold your hand
in the blizzering snow
As we are in the zoo
we know that we will be always together
As we walk around the cages
every animal snores in it's cage
Every animal in the zoo
is snoring and getting a hair cut too.
In the zoo.

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Toughies game

2:51 PM  21 Oct 2014

BALL BALL!  There's the ball!
Grab it quick and through it against the wall!

See how high I can jump how fast I can run!
Here's the ball throw it again isn't this so much fun!

I love it when  we play together!
No matter what the weather!

BALL BALL! Throw it again!
I'll catch it and roll it back because I love how it makes you grin!

Ha! Thought you could fool me!
But I see the ball hid behind your knee!

The bestest game of all!

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FLORIDA NATURE Sky-high beech trees tower my head; big parasol to earthly grounds Sun smiles gold drenching blue skies; warm breeze whish swaying luscious leaves Nature tickles round brown eyes blushing rose hugs Eden Mistrels' tweet beckon ears to hear; classy stork flap it's wings to fly River running slow, clear as crystals, rumble soft: hush and gush. . . Bubbly creations, when will you know, our globe a heaven's rest? Salad fishes darting across watchful fellow show haunting moves Jolly chin-up catching around, tumbles along, giggles clang Hopping squirrel, biting teeth clamps on fish, poor fellow screams! Yellow blossoms blow fragrant smell; tall green bushes whispered groans and moans brushing life atop dullness-- left to right then fast and slow amidst this wild, how will I possess, some innocent eyes? _______________________________________________________________ ***Inspired by Robert Butler's painting: WILD SYMPHONY 3:35 pm, March 05, 2015

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King Emperor

There is a bird among all species
which is of royal kingship
spending half their life under water
as their wings evolve to flip

Countershaded dark and white plumage
such a distinctive featured form
fed on various types of sealife
caught underwater through many a storm

Found mainly in the cold climate
can survive temperatures below zero
snow and freezing weather a plenty
this wonder bird is my hero

The king emperor Penquin
largest among it's kind
such a beautiful creature
created special in my mind

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Rains, Legends of the Wolves

Toddlers teeter on the hollowed trunks and sport with juts of ice. 'Cross boulder bridges, flouting rapids, hop the agile blond and beige. Yet in close chase, for or found, and on uneven ground, they’ll slip. Clots in black and rose bespatter tans and whites. Though clouds may cope the flights of cubs and fawns in torrents spirit laden, steps shan’t be erased, where o’er plight’s edge they’re furrowed. Would least the cliff lay lad to nestle upon drifts of pedals fallow or as cradled by green swaths of summer blades. For if to hope, the whelp when bade need but renounce a bed of clover, might a father’s beckon stern retrieve the slain. But scolds can echo no reprieve where o’er forever’s precipice the yearling brown has left the seasons scarlet stained. Though with the day’s advance, a glance would chance the fact all tracks do fade, in the havens gray, in every trace, we dawdle. It’s the cleft that blanched a mother’s face. Bereft, her tears are gained. And blood ‘s been shed till never, like the rains.

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Lucky is a red ear slider terrapin who currently lives with me.
For all intents and purposes, let's refer to Lucky as a she.
I named her Lucky because it was lucky that I just so happened to be
at the same place where Lucky was abandoned so very cold heartedly.
In a small fish bowl, on the curb, left out with the trash was she,
but I happened by, saw her and rescued Lucky.
She now lives a life of relative comfort and safety
in the 55 gallon aquarium that I have provided for she,
where she can bask on her float or go swimming freely,
or forage through the gravel searching for something to eat.
Lucky's stay with me however is only temporary.
When she has grown large enough to successfully compete
among other foragers in a habitat more naturally,
that will be the day when I inevitably set Lucky free
to live the rest of her life the way it was intended to be.
I would prefer however in all honesty
a man made pond on someone's private property,
perhaps stocked with fish, frogs and other turtles already
where routine feedings occur regularly.
Should anyone know of such a place that would freely
accept a red ear slider turtle into their sanctuary,
I would appreciate it if you could somehow inform me.
Heartfelt appreciation would also be extended from my gal Lucky.

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Lost on a misty mountaintop
chasing Hyakoju's fox
distant vistas unclear
draws presence to what's near

an alpine flower
breathes through
the early morning dew

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Old Shep

Mum will be worried and tonight will be a frost
The sun is going down quickly I know I am lost
Not at all sure if we are on the right track
Shep, you are smart you'll find the way back

It really is my fault, you only have one bad habit
I shouldn't let you chase that big old buck rabbit
Watching you run after it was ever so much fun
If dad was there he would have shot it with a gun

Time sure went fast Shep, what happened to the day
I've had a real good time, and we both like to play
Not at all scared, if we see a bear you will bark
But we better hurry home, can't be out after dark

Silly me, I couldn't remember which way that we went
But you are a smart dog, you will pick up the scent
Mum will be really worried, she'll be a nervous wreck
Dad consoling her, saying "He's okay with Old Shep"

We will be safe, I can feel it in my heart
You're a brave dog Shep and very, very smart
Oh, Shep there it is, I can see our family home
Lets run all the way and I'll get you a big bone

Mum, Dad and Sis are smiling and waving like mad
They are happy to see us, and I'm twice as glad
Now we are home, the day has come to an end
I love you Shep, you really are my best friend

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ABC Animal Twist

ABC Animal Twist

Adored and diverse, life thrives on earth; each day nature sees new births.
Big and small, abundantly in seas and trees; great beauty breathes.
Chameleons, cats, corn snakes, and coots, survive great threats in life's pursuit. 
Delightful dragonflies from dart frogs duck; drake-crakes scoot upon lakes. 
Eagles and egrets soar blue skies; an elephant endangered cries.
Fabulous fauna: fairy flies, and deer upon flora feed needs.
Graceful purple gallinules, young goats, and giraffes bring joyful laughs.
Hag-fish, halibut and hammerhead birds…birds?  Yes!  Nature preserves.
Insects and ibis work their charm; crusty isopods cause alarm.
Jaguars enjoy tasty meals; leftovers are the jackals' appeal.  
Kiwi that fruits, kiwi that flies both species in New Zealand resides.
Living world the Creator made; since the beginning, wisdom stayed.
Matchless miracles, wonders, and births together blessed on our earth.
Never alone, no matter where, life exists here, there, everywhere.
Oh how beautiful, artfully wonderful, God-primed blissful place.
Planet earth and outer space together share a glorious race.
Question not; God loves this world. See creations glide, slide, swim, and swirl. 
Reverence life; it was made with love; He still watches from up above.
Still breezes and sunshine please; sturgeon, shrimp, salmon, and sardines feed; 
Termites, thrashers, terriers and teal find niches that have appeal.
Under God's skies, the umbrella birds fly.   Man ponders; God replies.
Venomous snakes make rodents quake; Vultures clean up for good health's sake.
Weeping willows watch wolves whelp; chirping yellow warblers sing to elves.
X-Ray fish known since early days leave modern man looking amazed.
Yosemite toads, yetis, and yaks live on the lands without lack. 
Zoology on earth from alligators to zorilla zings!

© Name withheld for the contest
February 24, 2010

Poetic form: ABC

See> ANIMAL HABITAT PICTURES LINKS for my ABC Animal Twist poem It was posted 
separately as a list poem.  OK I hope.  Smiles

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Animals Are The True Role Models

Animals love,
How beautiful it is, that love
unconditional and pure
like the wind, it blows regardless of who you are.

Animals love
they do not judge,
regardless of who you are,
like the sun kissing your skin,
they'll love you
fore all are worthy of the sun's kisses.

To find a love as pure as that is rare
in anything but an animal,
but I lead by example.

You may say what you will,
you may judge me,
you may insult me
and call me unworthy.
But I shall love you.

You may judge my wallet,
and judge me for a lack
but I shall love you.

you may look at my face,
and judge me ugly 
but I shall love you.

you may judge my character
or dislike my words
but I shall love you.

You may hate anything about me
and I shall love you just as strong

because this world is a beautiful place.
In its most pristine state, it is a place of love.
And life itself is a gift of love,
so everyone is entitled.

Animals love with innocence,
without boundaries or conditions,
animals fill this world with awe.

It's something to aspire for.
To love that purely, and without expectations.

In a world that's so focused on judging others,
on making them feel like they're less worthy of living
because of a technicality,  and yet coming home to an animal
who'll never judge them and love them forever,
 it's surprising how no one had figured out who the true role models should be.

It takes courage to be a good person in an evil world.
To follow your heart even when the world tells you that you need to conform to it's corrupt morals.
If more people dedicated themselves to loving like animals,
this world would be such a wonderful place to live,
...And true friendship wouldn't be as hard to find.

But in the meantime, if I'm screaming into the void,
 my words going unheard and unseen,
 if no one will love unconditionally
then I will love alone.

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Beware from alligators,
A notice board was hanged,
Outside the pond,
And water was very quiet.

I tried to look around,
I haven’t seen any alligator,
But suddenly an animal came,
And bend to drink water.

I have seen a giant alligator,
Attacked on an animal,
But a poor animal has lost his life,
But board was still hanging.

I have seen thousands alligators,
In white clothes but never seen, 
Any notice board, is system so worst?
They are sucking bribery who noticed.

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The Human Kind

During some time in life, the caged animal is set free
Taking on the world so aggressively
No longer at the parent's beckon call
They no longer are staring at their bedroom walls
They take flight and start living their own lives
As they grow, from their backs they will have to remove some knives
Where is the compassion, a lack of  it these days
Some become homebodies, others become strays
Strays should be neutered or spayed
Self preservation is a natural instinct
Life is so precious, can pass by in a blink
Life should be held in high regard and  respect
The worst animal is human in many aspects
Kindness to others comes in slivers
By far the takers outnumber the givers
They say that we are all coming to the end of our time 
The hints of it are evident, I guess there has to be more dramatic signs
We are of course talking about the human kind

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Death In the Moat

Moat had a boat,
as well a crocodile,
and another crocodile,
perhaps more of them were there,
the obese boat man could see only two,
he was feeling quite safe in the boat,
and wanted to go round the entire moat,
he dipped his thick wooden oar,
deep into water,
and with power,
changed the direction of the boat,
he had now another look of the moat,
the obese boat man now saw two more,
with same glistening eyes that the earlier two had,
boat man was not feeling safe,
with four around,
and wanted to quit the moat,
crocodiles were contemplating,perhaps,
and nearing with animal intent,
each was negotiating the offence line,
and narrowing the trap,
soon one reached under the boat,
and grasped the oar and pulled hard,
the boat and boat man shook violently,
the other animal turned the boat upside down,
and the other gripped the head of boat man,
who was looking to swim across,
fourth animal ripped one leg,
soon four were at it,
the boatman wanted to see the moat,
and he had seen it well,
before his gory death.