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Holiday Introspection Poems | Introspection Poems About Holiday

These Holiday Introspection poems are examples of Introspection poems about Holiday. These are the best examples of Holiday Introspection poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Winter's Kiss

The bird’s house is capped with a snow drop.
The bird’s bath is a mushroom like form.
The branches all groan, snap, crackle, pop,
with the weight of the night’s snow so borne.

The cat’s on the rug near kitchen vent.
The furnace is pumping out more heat.
The tea kettle’s whistling with intent.
The old gal settles down with a sweet.

The car’s all shrouded, a sheet of white.
The trellis is a grand work of art.
Outdoors the benches all gleam with ice.
The new moon’s a rare, randy, upstart.

Darkness descends will a muffled whisper.
She sips tea and remembers who’s kissed her.

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whispers in silence

What keeps me awake
When the cool breeze bears whispers of things to come
Promises to be fulfilled on the morrow?

Is it my joyless moment of cognizance
knowing that this stagnant night ripples from no real breeze
Only imagined promises birthed on the whims of a longing heart?

Yet, what keeps me awake
is not these dreams of flattering winds
but it is this night of lifeless branches and unrifled leaves
the lack of real whispering winds taunting my heart
What truly keeps me awake
Is the silence of tomorrow.

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Missing Christ

I choose to celebrate the Savior's Birth.
A day of happiness, a day of worth.
I sometimes worry, it will disappear.
Christianity, is not welcome here.

I know my faith is not the only one.
When it's mentioned conversation is done.
We are just talking why is there such fear.
Christianity is not welcome here.

There was a time, when at school we could pray.
A distant memory from yesterday.
Christ has been removed, from holiday cheer.
Christianity is not welcome here.

I think you should celebrate in your way.
Everyone should have there own special day.
When I'm restricted, it brings on a tear.
Christianity is not welcome here.

Contest:Season of Lights, Delights and enlightenment: Global Community.

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Christ is Born-Second Adam

one brilliant star - clear night led shepherds and wise men to Bethlehem. ~*~
holy family travel- weary - can find no room to birth God's Son ~*~
all praise to God Most High-our savior-Christ is born - second Adam! ~*~
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Note: #22, #23 & #24 in the series of 24 Monokus reflecting Our Lords birth! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Christmas time all smiles and cheer…. Is what it supposed to be this time of year…. I know some would say "It is" and will happily agree, But I’m sure some feels like me…. That Christmas just isn’t what it used to be…. All I seem to hear is what you get me!!! It’s like the spirit just left!! Taking all its glorious wonders to see… Leaving us with nothing but some presents and a tree…. Now where’s the joy in that u tell me???

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I am a transient with words unspoken
I am a soul who’s been damaged and broken
For years I lived someone else’s life
Being my son’s little league coach and picking up a drunken wife
I’m an unrighteous man who’s weary and far too tired
And cannot find my way out of the muck in which I’m mired
I yearn for consistency yet find only daily different circumstances
A mortal who is always and forever taking chances
All I want is one place to live until I live no more
And in essence I have become Jesus Christ’s finest whore
I am a troubled transient 
 © 2011.….Phreepoetree  ~free cee!~

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More Than A Dream

Written in honor of Black History Month-February 2010-

I have a dream……
	That there will be no more labels of “Black” or “White”
	That people will come home to their families and relax at night
I have a dream……
	That no one will second guess, because of my skin color, my character 
	That I will never in my life hear the words, “Nigger” or “Cracker"
I have a dream……
	That should I marry a black woman it will be totally acceptable in society
	That people of all races would not be judged by their tastes in variety
I have a dream…….
	That if I have a bi-racial child he or she will be accepted by their peers
	That they’ll be given an equal chance to pursue their choice of careers
I have a dream…….
	That more leaders, like Dr. Martin Luther King will be raised
	That the tragedy of his death would be erased
I have a dream…….
	That all races will stand hand-in-hand, until the “Twelfth of Never”
	That people in the world would become color- blind, forever
I have a dream……
	But….this is more than a dream to me
	I pray that I may awake and find these things have become reality!!!

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A Thin Line

I love you; I hate you
Jealousy is not the cause
Killing you wouldn’t justify
Lustfully breaking the laws

The third line is not an option

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Campmeeting Grounds / Martha’s Vineyard 2009

Summer lay lazily over the land
The languid weight of wind and water 
bowing tree limbs,
chasing sand squalls over sidewalks.

Cyclist meander dreamily down aisles
of rose of Sharon shrubbery
past banks of day lilies
and Pez purple hydrangeas.

Tourist, as colorful as the flowers,
buzz busily through seaside shops
in flip flops the color of Necco wafers.

Their gummy soles making
sucking sounds upon the linoleum.
In a gingerbread slumber 
like fairytale children, they gather;
in pink, lime-green, and purple houses
The poor of a Christian God have become 
the rich of a capitalist nation 
and they hoard their paper-lantern dream.

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new year

ring in the new year
reflecting on the past one
make resolutions?