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Introspection Boyfriend Poems | Introspection Poems About Boyfriend

These Introspection Boyfriend poems are examples of Introspection poems about Boyfriend. These are the best examples of Introspection Boyfriend poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Tanka | |


LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

Details | Free verse | |

Again, and again

The doubt and anger are here again
No surprise, my new friend
Believed I could keep it all away
Now it’s about to steal me away
Come steal me away. Again, and again

Why can’t I change the parts I hate? Stupid, lying beautiful face

Hearts are craters, deep as wells
Fill them up and hold on well
Sand and mud, the liquid seeps
Dirty tears and sorrows creep
Creep in to swallow me. Again, and again

Why can’t I change the parts I hate? Stupid, lying beautiful face

Told you, I told you. Remember I did?
This time it was raw, nothing I hid
Unacceptable loathing and regret
Nothing to explain, at least not yet
You will see though. Again, and again

Why can’t I change the parts I hate? Stupid, lying beautiful face

Consuming distraction, love that I know
It’s dying already with no place to go
You won’t agree and you won’t see
It will never be enough for me
You will hate me so. Again, and again

Why can’t I change the parts that I hate? Stupid, lying beautiful face

Let me go, for I am already gone
I’m sorry to make you believe this long
Hopeless rage, directed at you
Walls constructed to block the view
But you will still want me. Again, and again.

I can’t change the parts I hate, and I’ll never be happy again. Again

Details | Rhyme | |

Stormy Heart

Alone in loneliness Amid forever nights And these four walls In faint, whisper soft your name I beg out loud to the nothingness that remains "Please not another nightmare, no more storms" But, answers are merely glimpses of light From lightening... Filtering through the pane Empty sheets... Cast empty shadows on the wall Of places where you used to be Eyes wide open Now asleep, afraid I am to fall Trapped within this never ending dream I cling to all the memories that I have Spinning me closer to where you were, in parallel on the edge The thoughts, like imaginary rubble, comes tumbling passed A fire for you still burning inside Why can’t I let go of the tragedies last And silence your unrescued suicidal screams Or is it only the rain falling faster as it taps harder, and harder upon the glass Or is it of your wandering spirit Mockingly knocking? Haunting with its vindications Of "why’s" I can never seem to grasp All this amidst lost stares into black windows Where gutters overrunning, burdened by the strains And I swear I see your reflection Among the flashes, tracing out illuminations about your face And for the first time You are noticeably absent of all the worldly pains And your lips releasing out a comfort that for so long I've been seeking As I hear the words echo within my stormy heart "That where you are everything is okay"

Details | Free verse | |

Unshed Tears

Slice me with your tongue,
Razor blade wounds,
To suck out all my poisens,
Sweet lonely lullaby,
Accusing eyes of sadism,
Picture perfect prodegy, 
My Deadly Sin,
A bitter taste of arson,
Burning in my vital organ,
Your the pyre that burns away my mortality,
A sip of tea made from Lilly of the Valley,
A shadow of Death stalking,
With odd angel like wings,
A Numbing kiss like Drowning in Morphine,
My Oblivion,
Sweet arms to rest in till my vision no longer holds,
Eyes neither like Hell nor Heaven,
Cocain Addiction,
That Drip of Drugs into your system,
Intoxicated blood stream,
I'd rather not dream,
And instead get lost within - Your paralysing,
Your Paralysing, Brain lapse,
Your moving too fast,
Stay slow and dreamy,
Dancing silhoutte,
Like a burning forest fire,
Pain throughout my veins,
Ravishing and Beautiful,
A voice torn from my throat,
Dying joyfully,
With my last sight of you. . .

Details | Pantoum | |

A Womans Gift

She laughed as softly  as if she cried
Her smile revealed things only I could see
My love and joy swelled up untill I cried
I wondered  though would she ever love me

Her smile revealed things only I could see
Now would I tell her of the things I thought
I wondered though would she ever love me
What is this feeling that has made me taut

Now would I tell her of  the things I thought
All other food but  love I'd surely spare
What is this feeling that has made me taut
My life I'd gently give to her  with care

All other food but love I'd surely spare
Then I would be hers and she would be mine
My life I'd gently give to her with care
I'd love her dearly throughout time

Then I  would be hers and she would be mine
A life together we would have to build
I'd love her dearly throughout time
I'd be her love, companion and her shield

A life together we would have to build 
My love and joy swelled up until I cried
I'd be her love,companion and her shield
She laughed as softly as if she cried

Details | Rhyme | |


Why stay in Oz, girl
Wishing for changes?
Turning your mirrors to books
So you can rewrite the pages

You’ve got a beautiful heart and mind, girl
Why look at the flaws?
I can’t even see the tin
Or the rust or the straw

I think your worst side is your best side, girl
Don’t throw all those little things away
I don’t want your 'out of date' style
Or your blemishes to change

So open your eyes, girl
And look in the mirror
You’re perfect to me
Couldn’t get any better

Details | Free verse | |

I fell in like with you

Inspired by one of my favorite bands, Rise Against, and the song is called,
“Ever-changing” (Acoustic). Please listen to this song if you don’t know of it. It’s raw &

“Have you ever been a part of something? That you thought would never end. But then, of
course, it did.” –Rise Against

“I fell in ‘Like’ with you”

With her smile
I melted unto oblivion’s redemption
Candy coated perceptions, windows’ gap
Seeping brilliance refreshment

Uncertainty resolution, polished
Absorbed into closeness sun
Yet these eyes still…see
Butterflies taking notice, missing you…as you stood in front of me

Strong, yet soft legs
Foundation of my face to rest upon
A cremated sin 

Yet, elongated moments of silence
Created abruption’s new face

The face of change
When she turned to me and said
“I’m not sure, anymore”

Emotional lullaby, rocking me to sleep
New battles with spectral flashback
Trying to get under my skin, a drunken tick facing demise

Phoenix’s sunrise, rejuvenating my recycled defenses
Yet, today, these rays just aren’t bright enough to burn sadness away

And with these sounds of storm clouds & Fall on horizon’s breath
These grounds are so familiar, yet bittersweet
This heart doesn’t want to be enlightened by karma today

It wants to be held for how it shines now

Denied…distance wins again today
Slavery whipped punishments in miles and blocks
This must end

Because I try to keep lines open to get a call from you
Yet all I hear are booty calls with busy signals

And yet something has kept me here too long
But can they leave me, if I’m already gone?

Something has kept me here too long
Karma’s laughter

But, through it all, I will shine


How I wish my mere presence can bring joy’s tear to her eye

Sadly though, now, the lines are drawn
Yet I wonder if this feeling is gone
Have the best parts of this…come and gone?


Maybe I’ll never know the truth

Perhaps she was misguided by jealousy’s deprivation
Deteriorating heart’s splendor

While I fell in “like” with her

Perhaps “Better Man 2.0” appeared from Cloud 9’s fallacy

While I fell in “like” with her

She held onto the past

As I, drawn to waterfall’s edge
Allowed myself

To let go…and F

© Drake J. Eszes
“We adore those who hurt us. Yet, we hurt those who adore us.” -Anonymous

Details | Free verse | |

Loving and Breathing (Dilemma of The Broken Hearted)

Inhaled at the age of innocence,
with a breath that lies between stars,
with immortal depths that have no
ending as my lungs forever expand,
Exhalation has become unachievable,
due to the obstruction of faith
of a boy for his very first dream,
Chest heaving as a heart aches,

Is love a tree or the deepest ocean?
My breath or my reason for holding?
The questions unanswered since the 
dawn of man and emotion alike,
Thus the bittersweet conclusion
appears that love equals the two,
Yet how does such beauty create
a pain that suffers from insomnia?

Expendable only to a few torn souls
who have breathed the sweet intoxication
of love, and caressed the linger of its enticing
aroma, and suffered the sting of its departure,
Leaving hearts which cannot withstand the
agony, to exhale affection for everything in
its entirety, crushing the hope of such youths,
yet this warning takes nothing from its appeal,

For to breathe love, is to touch enchantment,
As romance itself in but a breathe shared 
between two spirits rewarded for persistence,
With the risk of being proven fallible,
which leads to tears and pain entwined,
Must we not embrace the risk as reward?
For those as myself, who answered "no"
are condemned to the most fragile breathing,

For each breath hurts like the last
One love, one lost, one breath in all,
Breathing her in as if she has become
the last breath of oxygen in my life,
For she has, she has become my only,
due to a choice made for the perfect love,
Yet my painful irony has become, breathing
and loving, with each one, keeping 
the agony of the other alive forever

Details | Free verse | |

Coke Bottle Promises

Sandy grains
wash over and over
a discarded glass
leaving what is left
smooth as silk
to my fingertips
like a childhood 
thought over and over
once more
and as I look
out into the unyielding 
I recall your promise
I recall, over and over
like the waves splashing my
tan feet upon the sands
for you are overdue
to return to me
as I kiss my love note
to you
and toss the bottle once
into the dark blue abyss
my coke bottle
forever and only
I do stay

Details | Free verse | |


I slept
full of hope and dreams
I awoke 
empty and forgotten
Careless as I was back then

Morning sounds
swirling in my ears
Pointless thoughts
filling my head

"She can."
but will she ever again
"She is."
though no longer for me

I stood
alone and stiff
I walked
slow and without purpose
Careless as I was back then

The smell of spring
mingled with sunshine
as the touch of day
warmed me no more

"I was."
but I threw it all away
"I did." 
though I do not know why

I hoped
for a day without me
I cried
where no one could see
Careless as I was back then

Was this longing
joyless and caretaking
awaiting its chance
to bring me home again

Or was I lost
forever here like a wounded angel
Despaired and angry
the evening came again

Without warning
Without love
Without consumption
Without her

"In her arms,"
I wondered as the sun slipped away
"would I feel whole again?"
my hurt had wasted another day

I laid down
empty and forgotten
I slept 
full of hope and dreams
Careless as I was back then

Details | Free verse | |

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Week 2: Carbon Cabrona

Smokeless inhales hurt.
I cough tar on my shirt.
As my black lungs breathe,
Shrilling exhales wheeze.

Falls me
Down to
My knees.

The nicotine cracks
My will.
My composure

I want 
I must 
Have this.

I sink
The brink
Of madness.

Details | Free verse | |

Carbon Monoxide -CO- Week 3: Talkin' 'bout My 'noxide

The steady pull
of temptation--
a tease on
my resolution.

When I can sleep, 
I take what dreams 
afford me.
In these dreams,
my 'noxide comes
to ward me.

Her smoke is an invitation.
my conscience
falls for
the con science
of my imagination.
I give in
and reality spins.

Between the sleeps, 
I lie in sanity. 
I wonder:
Did I give into 
my humanity?
did I'd err?
Is that
smoke in the air?

Details | Free verse | |

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Week 1: O.D.A.A.T.

Chain smoke until
I'm in care of the CO.
There's one left, still.
I smoke it really slow.
"It's the end," I anticipate
As the last inch evaporates.

I can't get
Over it;
It's over before 
I know it.
Butt, I can't quit.
I'm possessed with this 
Obsession; I'm addicted.

My lungs have oxygen,
Yet I'm suffocating inside.
I can't breathe again
Without my 'noxide.

Details | Dramatic monologue | |


My eyes grow heavy,
Yet I can't sleep,
My soul feels weighted,
But I can't weep

I dream on
Without the hope I need
I need to talk
Yet my tongue's not freed

I clutch my pillow,
I cling to the thought
Of how we met,
And why we fought

It all seems so silly now,
And I wonder why
We could let this stand
And let love die

Pure "saving face"
Holds me back,
Especially since
Your verbal attack

Being a person,
No easy thing,
You've left your nest
And the protection of
Your mother's wing

Should i call?
Or hold out?
Be the weak one?
Or stand and shout?

Oh, Lord, please guide me
Let me know
The way to be...

I roll over in bed again,
And turn on the light,
But light doesn't help.
I have no sight...

Indecision means inaction
I start to groan,
To lose your love,
A fear greatly grown

Turn off the light,
Again to bed
In many ways,
Wishing I was dead.

Details | Free verse | |

A Letter of Love/Hate

This hurts too much,
Even though at times
Its the best thing ever.
However,  the pain I feel right now 
Is destroying all that I am. 
I feel worthless and dumb. 
Vunerable and used. 
I also feel loved and special. 
Beautiful and wanted. 
These feeling are so extreme in every which way possible.
I love how I feel when with you
I hate how I feel guilty when we part
I love looking in your eyes
I hate when mine cry
Your fingers along my face also touches her
Those lips that drive me crazy
Are sleeping against her neck tonight
I love who I am around you
I hate what I have turned into
I love the way you make me feel
I hate that she must feel that as well
No matter how good it feels
This pain is too much to bear
I love you
I truely truely do
But the hurt is not worth
The random few moments of bliss.
Goodbye, my love-hate lover

This is a letter/poem I wrote for someone special. But it moves me so much every time i 
read it, I thought maybe someone else would enjoy reading it as well. 'To write is to share 
with the world, how we all feel but never speak of'     Lisa

Details | Rhyme | |

Shameful Morning

not sure how she got here 
only know she needs to leave

underneath the stranger 
my arm numb; asleep, 
mouth a desert.
a hundred dead cigarettes dance my tongue dry 

princess of night 
exposed by light. 
get me out of this;
another dreaded morning mess. 

bed broken
along with my will. 
I swore never again; 
the lie is half the thrill.


Details | Lyric | |

I Hope It Never Ends

The winds here.
It's come to whisper secrets
And blow my words all to the grounds. 
There go all my papers, 
They never had a reason or rhyme.

I'm wishing you would call me
And spare me a short story,
I can't seem to find the mind to like any of mine. 
I'll hit you with a sarcastic punch line
And leave you with a black eye of regret.

Maybe one day
You'll be ready
To start just what you said.
Maybe one day
You'll be ready
To start just what you said.
I hope it never ends. 

I'm here.
I'm burning like a birthday candle;
Blow me out and make a wish. 
Oh so now you're not happy here.
I can't just relight myself, you can try again next year.

She's wishing that I would stop my writing,
But that's not what I like and I strike twice like lightning.
And the lighting doesn't help the situation.
It's cold in here and she's wearing my good sweater.
I start to feel a bit better when I get it back and it smells like her. 

Maybe one day
You'll be ready
To start just what you said.
Maybe one day
You'll be ready
To start just what you said,
My favorite loving friend.

And you know that all my works about you
And all my doubts about you,
You know it never ends, you know it never ends. 
And she hates every one of my songs,
But I can't be in the wrong.
Stop hanging on a chorus.
I didn't know that you were so porous
And that I could sink in so deep.
I really should sing with a disclaimer.
She hates all of my songs but can you blame her,
Can you blame her?

Maybe one day
You'll be ready
To start just what you said.
Maybe one day
You'll be ready
To start just what you said,
My favorite loving friend.
I hope it never ends,
I hope it never ends.

Details | Rhyme | |


   Sexy is the way 

    her lips move on his ear. 

     Never touching 

      always whispering 

       things I'll never hear.

Details | Free verse | |

Mystic Walk

I took a mystic walk with you,
     a haze of violet, and sapphire blue

You reached out gently for my hand
    and I began to understand -

The universe, in all its glory
    only a part of life’s long story

So much more will we behold
    sparkling new, of ancient old.

You deeply looked into my eyes
    visions - memories- other lives

of you and I, your hand in mine,
    in love, but running out of time…

When I met you, remembrance was there
    but this lifetime won’t be so fair -

It seems the work we have to do
    must come before love burns anew.

     I still see you in my dreams,
           on twilight walks…. by crystal streams…

Promises of timeless love,
     as sure as stars that shine above.

     take a mystic walk with me,
             in spirit dreams our love is free -

For in this place of timeless time…

        I am yours…

               and you are mine.

Details | Blank verse | |

Love Song

Here’s what I’m thinking now 
at the end of the world: 

There are no atheists in foxholes— 
no theists in politics. 
If knowledge is power, 
and power corrupts, 
then why did I bother reading you, Cicero? 

Does it matter that I didn't’t love you? 
Would it have mattered if I did? 

There’s a poetry reading tonight 
whence I’I'll chide other poets 
who don’t sit alone. 
I won’t bring up death 
but I might have to breathe, 
even into a mike 
and mouth lines to get a snap or a boo 
maybe even a wince or two. 

Just maybe I’I'll talk about love 
and how following your heart is like following a dog— 
it only leads to vittles and (female dogs). 
But how many times have I used that line 
since the story I wrote about you, 
a witty and sexy and fictional you? 
Most likely I’I'll read something tonight about you. 

I won’t recite it from memory 
because I don’t think about you that much anymore, 
not even when I search for my socks in your drawer 
or when I put on the scratchy sweaters you give me, 
horizontally striped to bring out my eyes? 

I don’t remember your eyes 
except they are blue. 
And I don’t remember you, 
not even when I smell cucumber and apple, 
not even when I sleep on my side of the bed 
or when you walk through the door 
happy to see me; 
even then I don’t remember you. 
Does it matter that I don’t love you? 
Would it have mattered if I did? 

How about a few one-liners 
for the end of days?— 

Depression is self-awareness, 
which you’d know if you were; 
I need Ritalin to listen to you, 
Lithium to hug you, 
Viagra to feel you, 
and Valium to sleep. 

All you need 
is me standing there, waiting at home 
with turns of phrase and word plays 
telling you about why I hate Ayn Rand 
but want to buy as much as I can 
and how I love celebrity gossip 
and detest poetry slams 
and find rhyming trite 
except when I am. 

Hypocrites can still be right, 
which you do understand 
because you nod at my nonsense 
about fighting the man. 

But now, at the end of all things— 
I’m speechless and witless and pointlessly well-read, 
and you’re just sitting there, smiling 
asking me to pass the bread.

Details | Lyric | |

Borderline's Wreckage

I'm Agonizing every Word that my mind Creates You've done this all to me release your wrath to Me You wonder How much a Human Heart can take I've reached the limit You've invaded me on every level none of this is Mine anymore I can't bleed enough for You We're through This, This Torture Homicidal With You Suicidal Without You Feel Free to abuse If it's you I won't lose The Winds push away The Vines pull forth I'm at a lose on what to do So very lost and Confused Don't say we're through Homicidal With You Suicidal Without You I Hate you ...Don't leave me I push you so far away But need you so close I'm on the edge you're all I really need I'll do anything Just don't Abandoned me leaving has it's toll Homicidal With You Suicidal Without You

Details | Free verse | |

fake smiles and lies

I have tried,
For months I have tried,
to let  go of your haunting memory.
I can’t.
Behind every fake smile I give,
I blindly hope I give an aura,
of being happy.
I am not.
I fall asleep at night,
only to find you haunting my dreams.
The life I wanted to have,
the love I needed,
it’s all slipping so far away.
I heard about you and her.
I was engulfed with sadness.
I was supposed to be me,
not her.
There is no one to blame,
no one to accept this burden.
I bury  it deep inside,
hidden  behind,
fake smiles,
and  lies.

Details | Free verse | |

Racism Is Your Problem

       Some people think what we have is still taboo,
And it's obvious when we enter a room.
       A few eyes seem to watch our every move;
But that makes me pull closer to you and appreciate your value.
       They're unaware the stares can't shake nor break what we have,
We just shake off the dirty looks and laugh.
       The ignorance of some people say white, black, Latino's don't mix.
I say that's something this country needs to work on and fix.
       I've wondered why society stereo-types by race.
People don't lack human emotion despite the color of their face.
       A shame we are unable to see, that all are one in the same.
Yet as a nation we prejudge the individual without knowing their name!
       This is a new day, a new era.
And yes Sara, I would follow you to the back of the bus.
       I would give up my seat to you just because.
If you could not eat in that restaurant, then neither would I!
       I would fight for your civil rights, do or die!
That is the depth of our love.
       Who cares if others find it "unheard of."
There would be no stopping you and me.
       We would walk hand in hand down any street in Mississippi!

Details | Free verse | |

First Love

We treat it like a marble 

in our pocket for a while 

we win it 

we lose it 

but no matter where it goes 

it always holds 

the warmth of our hands

Details | Rhyme | |

Friends Forever

Suffice it to say I knew you before
you and I became so much more.
You started out as my best friend.
I started loving my life again.
We laughed and cried both with tears. 
You helped put an end to all my fears.
Suddenly I realized I loved you so
I told you and you said," I know."
I feel the same you said to me.
But just being friends lets us be free.
Lets enjoy each other I don't want it to end.
Love destroys the fabric of being a friend.
Jealousy will arive and hate will come too.
The end of a friendship is I love you.
I reluctantly agreed but you were so clever.
This thing that we share makes us friends forever.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

That Which Is Real

Oh to be just a friend
To laugh, joke and play with you
Is not something
I know how to do
Oh how I wish it were
For it’d sure eliminate
All this pain I feel
Sometimes it happens
That starting off fun
Turns into something real
And what was meant to make you laugh
Turns into tears
That seem to take
Life’s  breath away
Leaving you to feel
Like there’s so much left to say
If only this, if only that
If I only could, if you only would
So many tricks of the mind
As we try to find
Justification for holding on
To what should be freed
So we can move on
Yet we hold out hope
In each accidental hello
That tides will turn
Though they have long washed away
It’s just the way of life
And how love burns
Until we learn
The difference in what we feel
And that which is real

Details | Alliteration | |

Cheater's Chair

A destructive dance indeed,
betwixt the two we bleed.
A bellowing, bloody abate,
this stale, seductive state.

Simple, senseless steeds,
jealous fires feed.
Perjuring petty plights,
demons do delight.

A crimson, cheaters chair,
awful angers air.
No trust, truth or taste,
wallowed wantons waste.

Envious, eager eyes,
rejoicing a wrathful rise.
Coveting, careless couth, 
yesteryear's eager  youth.

Details | I do not know? | |

I'm Sorry For Being So Cold

My words may feel so cold,
Yet this feeling of falling and 
Then trying to be so loving
Eventually misleads me to 
Feeling like she or myself 
Is gradually shoving my feelings 
Through an invisible door.

It's all so not worth 
Letting this sorrow corner me in,
My mind is wondering if I'm truly fine with
Having no one special in my own current life.

My reasons for trying to 
Move onwards from there
Were nothing but idealized dreams
Turning into unpleasant realities. 

Who knew that a few days 
After those euphoric moments
I would be realizing that 
The strings of my heart were pulled
By desires so unnecessary for healing 
My own inner strife.

My words may have been so cold,
But it's only because this sorrow I go through
Will always continue beyond tomorrow.

You don't deserve being 
My eternal object of depression,
Yet you are also even taking it 
All too simply to be the object
Of my true love and affection.

My feelings from loving you 
Were absolutely true,
But I now see I was so wrong 
In believing in my own naïve thoughts.
So fleeting was the beautiful 
Rendering of my soul,
Except that no one knew then 
That it was only a game of pretend.

Wanting my first kiss returned, 
Yet again I guess first can mean the worst,
So I guess I'll find someone 
Who will become my second best.
After telling you I can't love you anymore, 
I now feel as if I can finally rest.

My words were only so cold,
Because something in the depths of my heart
Was calling out to be heard.

In the end though I have released myself
From the bittersweet feelings I gained from 
My voice and feelings that once were forsaken.
I'm sorry for being so cold.

Details | Lyric | |


Let the Deicide commence.

You're a voyeur at best!
Your vampiric heart is beating out of your chest!
And you have slayed the ones whom would love you for anything less
Ready to consume the final fragments of innocence,
And for you there is no forgiveness,
On your knees pleading, screaming to a tyrant in the skies;
The father of lies.

I will never be enslaved in your superiority
The people agree: jaded of your false dichotomies.
Know: I will be whomever nature intends to be
Apollo and I will share our dreams,
and you will be forced to see
your failure!

I know who you are...
Readily the first to present your scars
Chained by some despot or mental czar
An emotional homunculus in your mind, behind bars
Reluctant to escape - even when proven fake
Your demented mind - depths no one will penetrate!
...And you see me suffering
Not caring of any casualties
Just as long you recieve your safeguard of sympathy
So very wary of the masses and their Anarchy; Liberious ways

Solipsist - Is there no one you can see?
Even if she was presented burning?
Solipsist - Is there no one you can believe?
Even if Sophia was screaming?
Solipsist - Know you have killed and abused me
Imprisoned in your own  personal reality 

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What was His Name

Pondering past loves in the dim light of age,
the memories float upward, smiles engage sounds.
Ah, what was his name that handsome man from the stage?

Blindfolded, he lifted me and reality disengaged.
The sound of the harmonica swept all around.
Pondering past loves in the dim light of age.

A serenade planned, the empty ice-rink re-staged,
I was placed in the sweet spot, I drowned in the sound.  
Ah, what was his name that handsome man from the stage?

Once unmasked, I tumbled to his arms, my eyes glazed  
like Ophelia sinking on love's waves to drown.
Pondering past loves in the dim light of age.

Oh, the places he took me, my senses ablaze
in sunlight, in moonlight, in starlight, un-gowned. 
Pondering past loves in the dim light of age.
Ah, what was his name that handsome man from the stage?


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Rose Hips Lady

Rose hips lady
Your field is ripe
Bury my torn body
In that rain-soaked night

Taste those sweet confessions
On your baby breath
Lift this wounded flag
Into your burning nest

Oh, yes, I will
I will

Rose hips lady
Your field is ripe
Bury my torn body
In that rain-soaked night

Tame the roaring tiger
Never lets you rest
Take my last reward 
From your moonlit breasts

Oh, yes, I will
I will

Daddy’s gone hunting 
He’s gone away
Daddy’s gone hunting
Won’t be back for days

Left you with a lover
Makes a shrine 
Of your skin

Left you with a lover
Takes you down
Roads of sin

Left you all alone 

And the knots cut deep
Through the musk and flesh
Of hot regret
And the love you need
It’s a shadow
Never lets you rest

You release the Beast
From a well that’s wet
You will confess
That the love you need
It’s a shadow
Never lets you rest

Rose hips lady

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Fireworks Hill

Let’s go climb
And move back time
To that mysterious hill
Where a boy first met his girl

Long before 
The cynics arrived
Before the laughter died
And God returned the day to night

Where dazzling fireworks
Rained sparkles
On our lives
Two strange birds
Came together
And opened up their eyes

Let’s go climb 
We’ll move back time

Fireworks Hill, Fireworks Hill
Far from my mind
Never forgotten
Fireworks Hill, Fireworks Hill
We became one there
So very often

And there are vivid colors 
Blasting through the sky
Dancing rainbows 
I really want to taste
There is weeping smoke
Painting all the stars
Burning graveyards 
For the human race

Let’s go climb
And move back time
To that mysterious hill
Where a boy first met his girl

We’ll race to the edge
Fulfill our pledge
It was written in blood
The heat of our love

Oh, jump, baby, jump
We’ll fly away together
Jump, baby, jump
Our bodies joined forever

Let’s go climb
And move back time 
To that mysterious hill
Where a boy first met his girl

Fireworks hill, fireworks hill
I see the sparkles in the air
Fireworks hill, fireworks hill
I smell the dazzle of your hair
Fireworks hill, Fireworks hill
We flew to Heaven over there

Let’s go climb
We’ll move back time
(Forever…with you)

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My 3AM Wake Up Call

You’re a 3AM
Wake up call
With another sob story
About the latest boy 
Who pumped you
Then dumped you
And left you 
In a sweaty lonely pile
Upon another 
Empty bed

And you cry 
Baby girl tears 
All over my phone
And you wonder why handsome
With shining white  teeth
With full heads of curly black hair
With six-pack stomachs
And  tight muscular
Rear ends 
Can not be more like 

“Just like you,” 
Baby girl says
“Just like you.”

And you cry 
Baby girl tears 
All over my phone
And you wonder why reckless
Who party all night
Who down countless vodka shots
Who shout “muthafukka,” “dude,” "beotch,"
And other raucous
Victory chants
Can not be more like

“Just like you,” 
Baby girl says
“Just like you.”

You want me to empathize
You want me to criticize
The nasty boys 
Who took you for another 
Cruel and pointless ride

You want me to father you 
In a way he never did

But I’m sorry
Baby girl
I’m sorry

I can’t

Because I admire and envy those 
In the prime of their life
Not yet defeated
Not yet haunted
Not yet beaten 
By the disappointments that

They are a national treasure
A precious resource

From the exuberant crude shouts of
Irrational wild boys
Come the builders of shelter
The providers of sustenance
The conquerors of enemies
The explorers of frontiers

From the exuberant crude shouts of
Irrational boys
Come the daring adventurers
The first one into the burning house
The last one out of the burning house
The one still standing when everybody else

From the insatiable loins of such
Irrational wild boys
Come the fierce wild girls
Who dance insanely upon tables
Who run naked through the streets
Who make love without limits
In open fields
Upon damp grass
All through the night

From the insatiable loins  of such
Irrational wild boys
Come the fierce wild girls
Who cat-fight for their lover
Who kill for their children
Who wail passionately for their dead

From such boys
Baby girl
From such boys

You were born into the world

My crazy baby girl
You were born into the world
Like father, like daughter

And if I could be that young wild boy 
The one that you hate
And love
In such a maniacal way

It would be an honor to be with you

An honor to hold you
An honor to love you

Until my dying day.

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And when I learned that you died
How can I describe
The empty

You were my boxer in the night
Sparred with you 
About every aspect of

My secret tonic
Made everything
Feel alright
Got me through it all
All the frustrations
Disappointments of 

And when I learned that you died
How can I describe
The empty

We called each other friend
Even when
Our bodies came together
That single

That single 

And it felt so 
You made me feel
How can I describe 
The full

My life was full
When you laughed
It felt so full even
When you 

The times I was mean

And my body left
Your body
That single

And so we pretended 
We were just
In the end
We pretended

And now you’re 

And I can barely speak
Or write 
I can barely write

And there’s a quiet room
In my mind
Where your laughter
My innocent child

How can I describe
The Empty

How can I describe
The empty

How can I describe

Details | Limerick | |

Flaws VS Flawless

It’s amazing what is seen as nice
clear skin with a soul stark as ice.
Long legs with a crotch
and out she will trot
at the end of his arm, once or twice.

Sweet hearts are all hidden it seems
men want only a tart for their dreams.
A crooked smile to beguile, 
a tiny mind infantile
and Boozoo’s coming apart at the seams.

When kindness is seen as a bore
All you’ll find is flaw after flaw
Then your just desserts
Will come in short skirts
While your wife gets the house and much more!


Details | Narrative | |

The Woman In White

It was a cold and rainy night.
The stars were shining bright.
It seemed as if the world was at a pause and not a person was in sight.
I sat quietly in my car, 
the sound of music I heard blasting from a far.
I opened my door,
stepped out slowly and looked around.
Now suddenly the music stopped,
not a word is heard, not even a sound.
I turned my head, looked over my shoulder,
I saw a woman running.
She was wearing a white gown.
I couldn't help but wonder why this woman running
flaunted such a frown.
I followed her footsteps,
I listened for the sound.
Running through the darkness,
one question came to mind,
Who would leave this woman?
Who would be so heartless?
How can someone leave her when she is so obviously distraught?
Abruptly a sound was heard.
I came to a stop.
I listened closely.
It was a gunshot.
Now fearful I stood.
I began to run as fast as I could.
I ran so fast, I could hear my heart beating.
I came upon my car and noticed a woman bleeding.
She was gasping for air.
Someone had shot her and left her to die there.
It was as if they didn't even care.
She reached for my hand,
whispered softly to me
"never trust a man"
At that moment her hand dropped.
I knew her heart had stopped.
I looked at her white gown now dripping red.
I I cried to myself and pondered what she had said.
This could be me.
I could be lying here dead.
I will remember her words always.
They will haunt me for the rest of my days.
This moment I will never forget.
No man should ever be such a threat.

This was the day my life would change.
From this day on I would never be the same.
The lesson I learned here,
never have such fear.
Fear that will keep me from being free.
I learned that I can be happy just being me.

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Jesse Cold

Childish playful, maziness heart. . . . A loving touch of lovely art; Won't you see the sweetly trimm'd Everlasting heart been dimm'd? Lovely heart been tucked away Cutting edges, day by day Cov'ring the soul, so brightly lit. . . . With veiling that's so tightly fit But light pours out the lurid sea, Inside your heart shushed silently Hold on to fading gasps of love And all the sweet your heart dreams of

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You became my best friend, someone I would never ignore.
I know I was selfish, but I wanted more.
She became the one I wanted, and the one I got.
She definitely became the one who showed me love,
And taught me the past should be forgot.
To me she is a memory,
I do sometimes wonder if she remembers’ me.
Constantly she said you loved me I knew she lied,
I could see the fear in her eyes.
I’m letting the pain out,
With out any doubts.
I have to hurry up and let it go,
Before this pain consumes me and I lose control.
When she is around I have to wait a while,
See she doesn’t know but I have to force a smile.
I’ve moved on, so did you.
It’s scary to know you love me too.
Sure I could find someone else so I did not always feel so alone.
But they could never be you I would never feel like I am home.

This poem is for those people who can’t move on…..

Details | Dramatic monologue | |



If there were thing's I couldn't understand,you was one of them.
Going back and forth with one another,like the wind and does in the howls 
of winter.You'd follow me to escape your own reality,only not knowing your shattering mine.You tell me to be me there was a time when I was me and you couldn't stand it like it was looking into the eye's of a demon.How should I respond? Running away only brings more then I can offer.
Now I'm drifting and everything left me,I'll suffer the venom of past and the reoccurring pains.
From the tell's of literature to the mounts of the great wars have I been able to tell just from their looks what they thought that very moment but as I look into your eye's does it not only confuse me it refuses to tell me the truth,why am I looking into my own eyes?
Let me touch your face.Let me look into your eye's.Let me see the truth which is clouded and locked away.Let me see your feelings fall from your eye's.
Burned. Chain. Shackled. Scared. Tortured. Entangled with lies.and yet harbors no hate toward anyone then yourself.How much do you loathe yourself? To the point your a sacrificial  offering of your own whim's?
As I search for the truth,I see the many heartbreaks and the lies been told to help but nothing prevails. Yet you look at me looking for the same thing.
We're both confused? We're both in agony? We're the same? 
This isn't right.This is a lie.I don't wish to see anymore.
I won't lose to this,nor bow down and be your toy.Yet when I'm close to you,it never cold.
Hold my hand as I fight with myself. Never mind hold me closer until neither of us is cold.Don't lie to me with those pleading eye's,that are like dark's as coal and beautiful as an onyx.
Let's be ourselves.Let's shut ourselves away from this world.Let's search for our own truth.But if there only fear in your mouth,then there's lies.I shall grab your heart and I will hold it like it was the last gem on earth.So scream,hate,and be gently.
I'm confused.Your confused.I will listen,if you will talk.
Have you ever heard these words before? I never have but I will say them to you,you who has the same pleading eye's as me.When we're so much alike yet so different to the point it confusing.

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Wasteland of Shame

Bound by blame, broken by blight,
Scarred by a stolen satire,
nuzzling necrophiliacs within the night.

Tangled in torment, tied untamed,
blemished by the blasphemy,
of never speaking your name.

Shackled in sin, shredded sovereignty,
dealing death’s doses,
murdering you and me.

Cuffed with candor, calling our crimes,
to an impetuous enslavement,
tortured through time.

Set me free, to flee this fool’s game,
where we're always left wandering,
in this wasteland of shame.

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Look At My Man-go!

Look at my magnificent man.
So sweet and sultry and always has a plan.
Every lovely layer I pull back I find gold
When God gave me this glorious man He broke the mold.

Walking and whistling is what he does with ease.
He's always so sweet and satisfying to please.
Taking a bite out of him and take a trip to the dentist.
Any girl would be lucky to be on his love list.

However, this heavenly dream has become just mine.
He's a walking dish---so delicious and divine!
He became such a special surprise on those sultry summer days.
So refreshingly refining that he put me in a haze.

Others I find ogling at my oh so original man.
It used to brutally bother me but, now I understand---
Not many have such a sweet man to go home to.
But ladies, I'll let you look just once, and that's all I can do.

Ladies, I'll give a little advice on landing a good man.
Appreciate all his attributes, even the ones you can't stand.
His sweetness and his smile will always satisfy you.
Bumps and bruises in life will come, so learn to appreciate them too.

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Oscillation in a static realm

Oscillation in a static realm. Stalking desolation, a haunting reminder of 
transcendence. Sporadic fractures paint a decadence flourishing confined mortal. 
Omnipresent the triumvirate, yet fallow diversity feigns a collapsing periphery. 
Malleable beings vivisect the strings of eternity for clarity divine.

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Garden Rose

Written August 21, 2013

There's a girl in the garden
She's messing with your rose bed
Plucking weeds out from your head
And watering the seeds in your bed

But where will she wander
When the roses are dead
Will she come back for more
When they turn back to red

She can run all alone
Write this story in stone
On concrete slabs
Of skin and bone

Details | Light Poetry | |

Wine and Dine

Wining and dining,
Dancing and prancing
Hoping I'll score,
My money I'm chancing...

Desperate for love,
A body warm
All my sensualities
Begin to swarm

Peck on the cheek,
My $100 prize
I stood there still,
With glazed eyes

Inside she rushed,
With ne're a word,
I stood still on the stoop,
Like a highschool nerd

Was it my hair?
My breath?
My looks?
Does she see
My hands as hooks?

Home I went,
Head hung low,
Well, at least,
Now I know...

No vanity
Do I see...
Worthy of...
Overcoming me.

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First Kiss

Delicate damsels danced
While we slept,                                                                                                          scintillating white gowned ballerina's
Tumbled from the arms of the soft moon glow
Until roof and garden sommulent lay
Polar scapes' billowing clouds                                                                                     Harvesting winter's surprise                                                                                          Children's time, piled rolled white, carrot nose
Eyes black as coal, stretched, moving
Arms, legs busy windmills 
Heavenly forms mimicked,                                                                                      Transformed to soft angels
Glistening in the crystalline air
And when evening visited
Bonfires blazed bright, hard crisp ice
Suspended skaters on frozen water
She stopped, turned. Moon light flooded 
Her soft fair face, red hair matched
the fire's blaze and I was compelled
Kissing her lips, holding kissing
So many years ago, now only remembrances
Soft shapes and shadows in aurora's memory

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Bob, the Forgotten Valentine and Greedy Double Dater

My friends, this saga slowly unfurls
 a love story that went quickly awry,
 seems greedy Bob dated a pair of girls
 when with one, to the other he’d lie.
The homlier girl’s name was Edith
 who, nonetheless Bob was fond of,
 but, greedy Bob wanted to live out the “myth”
 and with sisters, he was sure to find love !
He began slyly asking about sister Kate
 for her beauty was equalled by few,
 she was young, and he believed her well worth the wait
 she had enough sex appeal for two !
Bob’s antics had him severely troubled
 because, he covered his tracks day and night,
 his love-making prowess had quickly doubled
 so his lovelife was going just right !
Well, finally Bob’s saga ended in terror
 because the girls both found out what he’d done,
 Bob had mixed their names up, in a passionate error
 and what transpired next, was not very fun !
One of the sisters had taken Bob’s life
 because he’d proven he couldn’t be “true”,
 and the lesson he learned, at the end of that knife
 taught, “you can’t have your Kate…..and Edith, too !

Details | Tanka | |

No turning back

A Mothers Meditation

I taught her better.
I didn’t want this for her
She’s followed my tracks
Look at her, life is ruined
She knows not what she’s done

	The Daughters Disposition

	Wow, what did I do?
	I can’t bear the pain she flaunts
	Her disappointment…
	Stings… like a swift kick inside
	What on earth was I thinking?

A Teen Dad’s Train of Thought

Did I? I didn’t!
It wouldn’t have felt as good…
She took the pill right?
What if, she was with other guys?
What do I tell my parents?

"Studies and surveys of young teen males show they are worried the pleasure 
experienced during intercourse will diminish with the use of a condom."

All rights reserved
Contest: Mom, I’M PREGNANT!

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Bless it be Thee!

May 27, 2010

Bless it be Thee!

Bless it be Thee!
Truly, I love you.
My whole my new.
My heart your key!

Loose lips and free.
Realistically, I knew!
You are far and few.
I can justly let it be.

You know, it is Gemini’s Full Moon tonight,
The Universe is waking up figuring us all out.
Point me out as a random beam of Moonlight,
I am engulfing and enriching charts in route.

Swiftly suited, I stand in my place!
Bless it be it to Thee! A closed case!

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010

Details | Rhyme | |

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You…

I have many times read in the Bible, “the golden rule.”
“Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you!”

I often wonder if many people 
really take this to heart.
This is where Christ’ love in action really starts!

Just think if we treat others the way
 we want to be treated.
Many relations would certainly 
be healed and completed!!

If we were to speak kindness the way 
we want to receive it.
Others would see Christ’ love in us… 
 And would believe it!

If we were serious about seeking 
a Godly way of living.
We’d see much more of Christ’
 love and forgiving!

The challenge is to simply do what
 our Lord is wishin
Applying “the golden rule”
must be our mission!

Thanks be to God for the way 
he treats us all the same!
May we humbly serve others
 in Christ’ name!

Giving to others the way we want to
 receive must be our goal…
If we’re going to receive the richness
 of Christ in our soul!

By Jim Pemberton

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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

Details | Free verse | |


is ignorance
a lack of understanding
is not for everyone

humans speak
and do things 
different than you
or your faction
or untrue
or stretch truth

what's the worry?
over someone else's beliefs 
takes you away 
from your own routine

is a waste of energy
needed for nothing
causing dangerous sparks
within one's mind
one's heart
one's soul
becomes contaminated
with preoccupations

vengeance breeds furious
often unexpected actions
of ill-will occur 
or changes for the worse 
in the shadows of good
taking over
"spiritual kudzoo"
none could tame

extinguish your dealings
with petty rage
of another imperfect being's mouth
cancer vanishes easier
with early detection
or at least learn
from your polar opposite 

Details | Ballad | |

Time to Add More Love

The world's just not the same
This empire in decline
Roses don't smell as sweet
Only grow half their size

And I say....

Baby, doesn't it make you feel sad inside?

And I say...

Baby, doesn't it make you want to cry?

Let's protect ourselves 
From the coming flood
Won't need no bullets
Just our shield of love

Let's protect ourselves
From the coming storm
Won't need no raincoats
While love keeps us warm

Time to put more wood
On the dying fire
Of hope

Time to add more love
Gonna raise this
Sinking boat

And I say....

Baby, doesn't it make you feel sad inside?

And I say....

Baby doesn't it make you want to cry?

You're all I need
To get through this 
Doom and gloom
Your love for me
And my love for you.

Details | Couplet | |

Collision of Fate

How Long Has it Been Since Two Strips of Red Flesh
Have Puckered and Uttered The Word Blaze?

The Mind is Void and One By One the Carvings and 
Paintings of My Friends Diminish into Obscurity.

                       - Dust Covered Palette -

Father, I model My Entirety Around Your Genius,
Yet The Misery Does Not Subside Nor Relinquish.

Focusing On One Aspect at a Time, The Self
Destructive Pre-set in My Head is Running.

                        - Right On Schedule -

Pain is Relative, I Have Suffered More Than A
Holocaust Survivor and Less Than an Adored Child.

Sometimes The Acceptance of This Insignificance is
Enough To Make You Shine Brighter Than God.

                        - I Hope One Day -

                                 - Our Paths Collide -

Details | Rhyme | |


felt like i did before thats how i know i missed ya
if i could then i woulda grabbed ya hugged and kissed ya
bachelor for eternity missing the bigger picture
you i barely knew, appearing on every vista
i appreciate the support, but what i need is love
tho truth may hurt, better than all of the above
i trusted you cause you represent something ive never done,
who knew that two can prove to be better than one or
first in a place, never won a sum,
bygones gone and a couple of puns
we let the honey run till sweet enough touch
beat around the bush, no rush
it got hotter but the wetaher didnt change 
not a cloud in the sky or a drop of blame
no need for a why whenw e had an x
we gotta where we wanted then decided what next

no matter where i go 
over land and sea
id rather have you cause one is lonely 
keep me company
three not necessary
feels real comfy
has since february

february march april may june july august in a day
the longer we go the more we grow
feeling better each step of the way

if theres a problem we can talk and double check
nothing we cant solve with an embrace and kiss to the face or neck
i love you more than ode and penelope. maria odb
or lil kim and biggie
thank the gods we aint in a greek tragedy
or sometime before 19 sixty
for what is feminin
sent me to my questionin
i quickly collected evidence, respect
exactly what i expected, experiencing the extension
my seconds, perspective as my lessons
i remember when im stressing
to fit into my senses, lower my defenses
soothing if theres tenseness, leaving room for suggestion
did i mention that youre precious
a gift of personal appreciation, when we regard eachother
in highest celebration shared by lovers, so more than any i thank you
for willing to get as close as you do
i hope for you the complimentary is true
im sure if it wasnt we can talk it through its coo
right there is reason why i call you boo

no matter where i go 
over land and sea
id rather have you cause one is lonely 
keep me company
three not necessary
feels real comfy
has since february

february march april may june july august in a day
the longer we go the more we grow
feeling beter each step of the way

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' Intimacy In Verse (1) ... '

Intimacy – To Put It Delicately,
Is Closer Than Flesh Can Form
And Stronger Than The Desire
… It Bravely Springs Forth From

Intimacy – Shuts Door
On Separated and Shy
Intimacy Knows Who You Are …
And Doesn’t Need To Ask Why

Intimacy – Is More than A Touch,
Sight, Smell, Taste Or Words Heard
Intimacy – Vanquishes Alone
 Unknown and Scared

Intimacy – Is A Certainty
And So Beautiful To Have and Hold
Intimacy – Is Secrecy Shared
Between Love and In-Love Souls

          … Intimacy …

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Pump Starved

I Hope You're Reading These,

Because Although We Cannot 

Be Together, We Made So Much 


I Will Always Love You

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My Balance 2

she arrives 
parting these prison waves 
the terrible jolting crash 
of release 
shocking noise 
this lucid vision 
of you 

all too kind 
to fault 
all too warm 
to freeze 
all too flawed 
to hope 
all too real 

no more 'I' 
your light remains me 
this white blue lightning 
sears the flesh 
but purifies me 
you purify me. 


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We Were Drunk Once

Movies played but seldom watched
As we entangled on the couch
Intoxicated by each other, we drank wine to clear our heads
Things were simple in those times

You were red-eyed and freshly mangled
I wanted so badly to make you smile and forget her
For a time I think I succeeded 
We were blissful in our distraction
Playing grown up as we discovered each other

Long nights where sleeping was forsaken
We preferred to lie intertwined 
The sun would rise and you would leave, reveling in how the hours had escaped us
Smiling at the pink tinged sky
Only to repeat the process nightly

Then we traded places
I am the red-eyed one, and another tries to help me forget you
Sometimes he succeeds
Perspective feels like a cruel joke
Could have
Would have
Should have

Someday he will have red eyes too
A cycle perpetuated

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The Runner

If ever a frailty should be rued,
then my emotional resistance of
those who hold my affection dearest
to them, is the sin that equates my soul
with the essence of a Hitler, and condemns
my name to the highest degree of infamy,
While my heart longs to be understood, my
fear of abandonment dictates my legs to gain
distance as each loving gesture is offered in
repetition, Persistently they reach, only to be
disregarded, and embody me within my shame,

Friends and family alike, endure the coldness
of my introverted haven, staring into my eyes
in hopes of disconfirming the projected emptiness
that flows from actions, words, or lack of both,
As they hurt from me, I scream for them in silence,
A deafening continuous stream of soundlessness,
that elevates my withheld pain from ache to harrowing,
Yet they can only assume the contents of this confession,
For my words go directly from mind to paper, and 
never see the eyes of those who need to know this tenderness,

To express such powerful statements and risk the familiar
sting of neglect or abandonment once more, is a fear that
surpasses every shameful tear, haunting my thoughts as
a reminder that lives on insomnia, thus I remain devoted 
to a faithful vow of solidarity that keeps me sane and sheltered,
Moving at a constant pace, racing against my own fright, holding
every term or phrase of endearment within, and running from a
past that will not be relived by my decree, Alas, with mortal lungs,
 mechanical legs, and a heart that lies somewhere between the two, 
I run,
for and from, 
the feeling I desire most....

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-------------------------The Soul I Sold------------

If I seem down forgive me Frowns I carry around live in me When I break you see right through me GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD... The hurt I’ve learned brews in me GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD... Your words so true renew me If only you'd re-design me Take time rewind refine me Recreate the mold without lies I’ve told... GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD... The hurt I’ve learned brews in me GIVE BACK THE SOUL I SOLD....

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Destined To Dust

It's The Hardest To Write When There's
Nothing But Momentum Driving The Misery.

                            - Every Single Day is The Same -

Each Limb Protruding From My Torso, Which
May as Well Just Be Headless Flesh and Muscle.
                            - Wouldn't Make a Difference -

I am Destined To Dust, as are We all, The Impact
I Have Created Will Follow Me Only To Soil.

                            - The Decaying of Empathy-

Every Particle, Every Fibre of My Entity Screams
At The Exact Same Time With The Same Voice. 

                            - Somebody Set Me Free -

"Dont You Get It Boy?" They Scream To Me, "Don't
You Get It? We are Nothing, You... are Nothing"

                            - ...Without Her -

Time Seems to Ten Fold The Scenarios I Create 
So Speedily, Causing Small Cracks To Appear Vast.

                            - All Cavernous and Crumbling -

Walking Past Pictures of Your Childhood, Hands All
Covered in Cloudy Residue, Wondering Where it Went.

                             - You Have Nothing -

To Fall From Grace You Must First Reach it, But I can't
Hold Myself Accustomed To Such a Privilege, Not Yet.

- Maybe Death Will Verify My Existence -

- Just Like She Did -

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Senorita Sorrow ( Spanish Rain )

Any teardrops that I can borrow?
In those Spanish eyes of yours
In those big brown Spanish eyes
of yours
Senorita Sorrow
Can you run away with me tomorrow?
We can chase our dreams around
And make love
And start wars
In those Spanish eyes of yours
In those big brown Spanish eyes
of yours
You have never lived
It's very hard to explain
I got lost in Senorita Sorrow
somewhere in San Sebastian, Spain
somewhere in her Spanish eyes
somewhere in the Spanish rain
We had the time of our lives
But she cried there on the train
She couldn't hold back the pain
She knew there was no tomorrow
My Sweet Senorita Sorrow
As she stepped out into the 
Mid-September Spanish Rain

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Activity #8

You're the air that I breathe
The calm to my seethe

You're the love that I hate
The one perfect mate

You're the way that I move
I walk in your groove

You're the pill that I take
With all that's at stake

You're the love of my life
Though you fill me with strife

You're the cloud in my rain
Confusing my brain

You're the hue in my clothes
So that everyone knows

You're the hunch in my back
It keeps me on track

You're the word on my lips
The sway of my hips

You're the way that I live
Though it's hard to forgive

You'll be the way I go
For I love you so

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A Box of Hope and Dreams

I keep my dreams and aspirations,
stored away neatly in this box.
Tied off with a pretty pink ribbon,
secured tightly with key and lock.

And every time I feel like a failure,
I open it, so I can again feel alive.
Arms of dreams tightly surround me,
giving me strength I need to survive.

I’ve hidden this box in a secret place,
where I’m the only who can see.
A beautiful box of hopes and dreams,
finely sewn with love at the seams.

This box is opened quite frequently,
especially when we’re apart –
this rhetorical box of memories,
in perfect synch with each beat of my heart

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If You Were

If you were a penny, I’d keep you in my front pocket every day.
I’d shine and cleanse you daily, washing all troubles and woes away.
If you were a diamond ring, on my finger is where you’d stay.
I’d shine the stone feverishly, parting all frets and worries astray.

If you were a novel, I’d place you at the very front of the shelf,
I’d tear out the pages of misery, and swallow the depression myself.
If you were as free as a butterfly, I’d cup you within my hands.
I’d whisper all my secrets, then release you from all commands.

If you were a painting, I’d pose you directly over so all could see,
I’d dust away the tears and guilt, inhaling the particles inside of me.
If you were a bronze statue, I would polish you until you shined.
I’d scour away the torment, and any melancholy I should find.

If you were a flower, I’d pluck the petals of bane from your life,
I’d water and feed you frequently, nourishing the roots of strife.
If you were an eagle, I’d admire your rare beauty from above,
I’d watch you slowly soar into the horizon, taking with you,
my heart, my soul and love.

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marking my friends on poetry soup.- the Lord helped me fight death and won.

i don't want to be just marking

time.  i died on november 20,

2008, during surgery.  i was

on a vent when i awakened 

december 2, sisters'

birthday. what made me llive

i'll never know.  i know there

are things to do on this side

of death.

i have no time for marking time.

i have a stupid bag hanging from

my side now.  i am supposed to

"get comfortable with it".  well

that was a laugh.

that was a laugh until i thought

of the people that had these

things with no hope of ever

getting away from them.

i am so lucky.  14 days i laid

on a vent, then 22 more.

i came home 3 days, 


i had
great pain in my chest...
well this is great i said,

a pulmonary emboli, 15 more

days, three days home.

then back to e.r. blood pressure

too high.  this bought me 

4 more days in e.r.

i am home now and finally 

have spent 19 days home.

i feel every pain and i feel

every time that i feel good

yes, i am never marking

time again.....there is

something about fighting

for your life and your sanity

that straightens things out.

i don't recommend it but

i wish i could let your hearts

know what i know.


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Our Dream

We lay here,
alone with our thoughts,
side by side throughout our life,
that is what we dream…

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Why is it?

Why is it that school's say that they are preparing you for life, 

But really they are preparing you for more school?

Who knows?

That has always been on mind for the past few days.

*comment if you know why or if you have any ideas*


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Surrendered to my Love

I searched for you night and day,
My lungs gave out and breath gave way.
It was endless in miles and vast in count.
The treasures in measure are heavy in amount.
Piece by piece I seek to find,
Gathering myself with a soul and mind!
I prayed for you day and night,
My heart gave way and my feelings gave out.
I was surrendered to my love without a doubt!
© Copyright: Ann Rich   2006

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Killing Me Softly

I saw her walking past me as if gliding in a mystic air of illusion, stealing my senses
like a thief in the night… reason I beg you, leave me not please!
Unlike my words, her body was properly structured in a magnitude of fluorescence,
I was afraid to approach her because of fear of getting burned, as she ravishingly
radiated heat in degrees beyond my years of studying, a diploma couldn’t have given me the
honours to become a master at this game called… love… is love just a game?
If so then playing it with her I’m sure to lose coz you see, she has mastered the game 
If I hadn’t met her I would have wished for things to stay the same.
But the only thing at stake is my heart. 
From her I should be getting further apart,

I gazed at her not saying a word; our eyes meet and lock,
But I still find myself unable to talk.
Could this be love at first sight or is this just another infatuation?
Feelings of lust developing within me, but how do I tell that we share the same chemistry?
Fear in my mind was inspired by fear of rejection
Words of how I truly feel about her lacks projection.
I desperately need time to adjust to the situation,
To help me deal with this untimely infatuation,
Which came too soon…

Soon, as I stare up to the moon, I realise that I’m just a fool,
No need to play it cool, wasted chances with her got me in a foul mood.
Depression settles in worse than a salted wound,
In solitary, my room provides such a comfy atmosphere
But thoughts of her bring memories and the experience is like rain under the bridge.
Contemplating a second chance is irrelevant,
Will I ever see her again? – Insignificant.

I no longer make sense because she stole my senses, 
leaving me feeling senseless.
I had walked away like a coward, now I’m wondering at what might have been.
Even though I put up a happy face and pretend that everything’s okay,
For lacking courage to stand my ground, this is the price I pay.
Indeed it turned out to be very costly,
And in truth she was killing me softly.

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they sentenced me to 
pay off your credit cards and
back tax ring that bell

they sentenced me to 
be subjected to grumpy
not so special day

they sentenced me to
wish I didn't waste my time
trying to be sweet

they sentenced me to
wonder about your motives
it feels so phony

they sentenced me to 
first take back my heart and then 
protect it from you

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An End to Aloneness

In my life I often feel I am alone; alone in my thoughts, alone in my musings, alone in my day-to-day movements and unsatisfying activities. I move like a ghost through hallways and down sidewalks, unnoticed and, at times, gratefully so. 
I do not wish to be eternally alone. I long for togetherness. But despite this desire for a real connection, I find myself regularly retreating from that temperamental beast that is human interaction. 

“Come on now, sweetheart. Don’t lower your head. Don’t look away. Look up! Smile at someone! No! Don’t go back into your bedroom. Don’t lock the door! Why are you doing this?” my brain will plea. 

I can’t help myself. Aloneness is comfortable. In being alone, I don’t have to worry about anyone but myself. I don’t have to please anyone else. I can think anything I want, wear anything I want, listen to anything I want, and laugh at anything I want. 

And still there remains that nagging desire to be loved and wanted and needed by somebody. I do not know the feeling of being truly desired. I do not know what it is like for someone to crave my company, my smile, my kiss, or my touch. 

                                                                              But I would like to…

I cannot make someone love me or like me or want me in some primal way. It may hurt, but I cannot make that handsome boy want to hold my hand or brush my hair back behind my ear. I can only struggle on. I can only work within myself. I can only try every God damn day to hold my head up, keep my eyes fixed ahead, a give the world the best smile I have. I and I alone can bring myself out of the safety of my bedroom and into the bright world that lies beyond that locked door. 
I often find myself alone with nothing more than my thoughts and the ever-strong glow of a computer screen. But no longer will aloneness be the constant in my life. It is true that never having known the caress of a man’s hand on my thigh doesn't make me any less of a woman, but I fear that if I stay confined within myself much longer I will begin to become less of a human. A flower cannot grow if it retracts its leaves and petals every time it feels the warmth of the sun or the kiss of a gentle spring rain.  
And I want to grow. I want to grow so tall and blossom so big and beautifully that every place on earth is touched by my shadow at some point in the day. And I will grow. I will push myself and share myself with the world, and finally
know the closeness and comfort of love and honest, unabashed companionship.

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Just the beginning

Regret… My reply to "HE"; a poem written for me by SOS!

Where to begin… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I enjoyed you immensely even back then You meant more to me than just a friend The closer we became The more I felt it would end… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We always had fun Never thought about the long run No commitments to each other Yet we were more than friends... We were lovers… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Too good to be true... Just look at the clues Remember "no expectations" Remember we are "just cool" Remember these were our rules... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We both had issues and I didn’t think twice I was soft and gentle offering wisdom, experience, and advice Personal experience reminded me of the pains in your life I knew something was wrong... I felt something was just not right... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But we had nothing to lose No future in sight How I wish you trusted me I needed you to shed some light… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What were you feeling How were you dealing That your heart needed healing Revealed what you were concealing… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Left to answer these questions on my own Left in the dark all alone Left with the door cracked in “Danger Zone” Left with fear of the unknown... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FEAR TOOK MY HAND AND LEAD ME TO ROAM... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’d been hurt just a short time before My heart was hiding behind steel doors Somehow you cracked it and let fear in Fear is powerful and fear did win... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANKFULLY THIS WAS JUST THE BEGINNING... THIS WAS NOT OUR END... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Only time will tell if our wounds are healed Little by little we break the seal's of fear Little by little we open up and reveal What’s in our hearts and what we truly feel… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have learned from the mistakes of our past Taken a new direction; created a new path Neither one of us is hiding behind a mask This time will be better... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS TIME I HOPE IT WILL LAST... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lay

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Biting my Tongue Again

My tongue
has no more blood; 
no tissue to slide through my teeth.

I have bitten my tongue
so long
my message deflates beneath.

©  2011  ~JSLambert Esquire

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If I Could Fly

If I could fly, where in the world would I possibly go?
Up and away my wings would carry me,
My destination not known!
If I could fly, I’d capture all of the Sun’s rays.
Up and away!
What a sight to see with such a grand milestone!
If I could fly, 
I would always look below.
Down and deep!
My eyes focused only on you.
My journey’s still unknown.
If I could fly, I’d stay on top with memories buried to keep.
Down and deep!
What an experience just to fly through!
Such a waste without you!

If I could fly, I would soar with my best perfection.
Soaring with pride!
My life achieved.
My destination excluding restrictions!
If I could fly, I’d forever remember this glide.
Soaring with pride!
What a thought to preconceive.
Such bright reflections!
If I could fly where in the world would I possibly go?
Up and away I would go only with you.
My destination remaining incognito!
If I could fly, I’d want to stay up and away!
What an incredible zone just to pass through!
Such a magnificent plateau!
If I could fly, I’d fly only for you!

®Registered: 1997 ANN RICH

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I Never Was Trying To Play Games

I Never Was Trying To Play Games, though it mite of felt that way. I’m not going to sit here and make an excuse out of what was drug abuse. There is no excuse for me . I couldn’t let it be. Real is real Regardless of what you try an say away. If I told you, You where the most important. Could you plan to be here another day. Would you stand up and walk away from the love you know you can have and hold. All those old cliches, that standout so bold Lets grow old, or lets die together. Lets make this life forever. This real I feel is real relentless. But I am convinced with every fiber of my being . The love that once was so strong Still exist. In hidden Bliss.

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Side of the Road

I have walked a road just like this one before
and I know where it can lead to.
Familiar fear, I wonder what you've in store
yet, I will follow you along this path.
Sometimes the ground won't be smooth beneath
our travel weary feet, I know the bumps
that lie in wait, and the monsters with teeth
who wait to get at us if we pause.
Tentative, I watch your hand for what you hold
within your fingertips is something I think
to be quite precious, more than freedom or gold.
A rare trinket that is to come by,
of course I gave it freely, you didn't have to ask
I just beg of you, don't be foolish now
for I've few goods left to construct another mask.
So if you will please just be honest,
and willingly will I step to the side of the road
so you can pass on your way to what you see ahead
and let the wind weather me and erode
away all the sharp points you leave behind.

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Dialogue Between the Little Miss and the Angel Prince

The Little Miss:

kiss kiss your little miss
and she flies flies up into the skies
away away from troubles array
to love to love her angel prince above
to love to love Armando above

The Angel’s Reply to the Little Miss:

"there was a girl precious as gold
she was found by a prince and told
that life itself was getting bold
until he found her in the world

"and he kissed kissed his little miss
and they flew flew up into the blue
away away from troubles array...

" love and hold each other above"

Written by Elaine and Armando

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Deja Vu (Song)

I gave you  all of me,
Your wants became too much,
And all of my somethings
You saw as not enough,
But now you are wanting,
Everything you passed up,
Your lies are frustrating,
But still I can't pass up,

This pain, this place,
Is looking too familiar to me,
The same mistakes
Are coming back around,
Your games, your face,
Are secretly whispering to me,
I can't escape,
Because emotions tear me down,

Hold on, hold on,
Tell me what I'm running into,
Stay gone, stay gone,
Is what I want to do,
So long, so long,
Why can't I say these words to you,
When I know, I know,
This will be Deja Vu

As I am anticipating
Loving you and no one else
My entire body's shaking,
Because I promised myself,
That I would never be back here,
A toy sitting on  your shelf,
We always begin in last gear,
By later, there's nothing left...

This pain, this place,
Is looking too familiar to me,
The same mistakes
Are coming back around,
Your games, your face,
Are secretly whispering to me,
I can't escape,
Because emotions tear me down,

Hold on, hold on,
Tell me what I'm running into,
Stay gone, stay gone,
Is what I want to do,
So long, so long,
Why can't I say these words to you,
When I know, I know,
This will be Deja Vu

Why am I
Addicted to you,
Saying goodbye
never comes true,
This is what 
it always comes to,
You constantly on my mind!

Why must I 
stay thinking of you
Coming back
Thinking I love you
Losing control
when I touch you,
Wasting all of my time...

This pain, this place,
Is secretly whispering to me
Your games, your face,
Are looking too familiar to me,
The same mistakes
Emotions seem to tear me down,
I can't escape
It's coming back around,

Hold on, hold on,
is all I ever do for you,
Stay gone, stay gone,
I do and don't want you to do,
I love you, I hate you,
Everything I say is true,
I hate you, I love you...
This is our Deja vu....

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The Storm

Rain falls on the roof
Each drop plays a familiar note
I toss and turn no sleep to be found
The storm rages on

A chill fills the summer air
My body aches with fear and longing
No comfort to be found inside
The storm rages on

Raindrops hit my face
One by one, they awaken my senses
To erase fear, doubt, and sensibility
The storm rages on

Lightning streaks across the sky
I am blind to the dangers ahead
In the flash of light I see only hope
The storm rages on

As fast as it came
The rain starts to fade
I retreat inside my shelter
The storm rages on

My thirst overcomes me
I am consumed by the need
To feel the rain on my face again
The storm rages on

The stars shine like gems
On a cloudless night
I toss and turn no sleep to be found
The storm rages on

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Relax Honey The Worms Will Play

Relax Honey... The Worms Will Play!

Oh honey one day,
We will both part;
To rot in graves,
And waste away:
Playing with worms,
And dancing with maggots,
As they climb all around.
Relax love all is well!
Soon we'll be down bellow,
Cavorting with the others, under the ground.

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it hurts me alot!!!

It hurts me a lot, when you don’t understand me,
It hurts me when you listen to what I say but don’t understand me.

When you look into my eyes and can’t read them,
When you hold my hand but you didn’t mean it.

When you say everything is fine, when I know its not,
It hurts me a lot when I see you pretend.

Its painful then anything else in this world,
Its like watching you with someone else.

Its like you telling me its over,
Yes it hurts me a lot,
To be with you but not to be with you!!!
Yes it  hurts me Alot!!!

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Winds of My Aftermath

Feel the hurricane and taste the rain here in the park
Hear me wail and watch me as I make my mark
But do not tell me when it is time to go
For I will be playing here long after dark

Get lost with me here in the brush
Stay the storm that now makes us rush
Meet me here same time next year
And once again I will make you blush

See me stand there upon my mountaintop
Fear the gale as I tend my crop
We will leave for chance what I do not know
And I will beg for mercy, but I will not stop

Over there just beyond the bended trees
Beautifully bending by my gentle breeze
Near Ole' Shadow's Pass, there along the path
You will feel the Winds of My Aftermath
Yes, you will find me whispering in the forest on bended knees
Where you will feel the Winds of My Aftermath

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Bedtime Story

Mistakes where made and fingers was pointed
Falling from the trees
Hearts was crushed and time was lost
Blowing away with the breeze

Words being said that slowed the time
In its depth we drowned
Our smile crosses its fingers
Hiding our emotions frown

Long forgotten fables and tales of dreams
Spoke till I sleep inside
Potions of sounds musical notes
Brewing what I hide

Chattering leaves confide our secrets
Their season pigment our lips
Entwined together forever 
Drinking in sips

Clashes of tides fill our cup
Running over with forever
Fairy tells crashing letting go
Of what we believed to be forever

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Parted Paths

We started off friends 

There was something more

We knew better then to open that door

Came so close just a breath away

We knew if it was meant it would happen 

Just not that day

And now you live so far away

O the ways we used to play

Makes me miss the good ol days

But the good days are now not then

We can hardly remember when

You love her and I love him

Will we ever commit that sin

Taste each others salty skin

Will the temptation ever win

Back then was a trying time

Both in your life and in mine

Our paths seperated on a dime

We kept on living knowing we would be fine

Now questions come up and get me thinking

Since we parted are we sinking

If we met up now after years gone by

Would we still tingle deep inside

Could you then look me in the eyes

Even though she is to be your bride

Will there be feelings we must deny

Cause I too am with another guy

I cant help but wonder why

So many things in life can make you cry

All I can do is look to the sky 

And ask my questions till the day I die

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Love's Facade

The bluest eyes, of the deepest seas,
those adorable dimples, entrance me.
Your stealthy charm, and vigorous hands,
awaken my body, on demand.

Torrential bliss, on a pleasing wave,
bodies entwined, your mouth I crave.
Warm passionate kisses in synch,
your scent and sweat I drink.

Lost senses in an abyss of passion,
stature so grand, masculinity I ration.
Teasing tongues deeply confined,
within a succulent coven of mind.

Steamy sways, as bodies are one,
the stars shine thru the zealous sun.
Sensuality soars, as limbs entwine,
your soft, strong lips are mine.

A creation so grand and humble,
every gaze into your eyes I stumble.
I wish love was all it proclaimed to be,
instead of this empty dark hole in me.

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The Black Mistress

Black Mistress
That's what I'm suppose to be
Oh, no not me
I'm not coming second to another woman
No woman is coming before me
Black Mistress
That's what I'm suppose to be
Come get your clothes if you can't spend the holidays with me
You live with her not me
Black Mistress
You want to buy my love when you want please
Oh, no not me
I have my own and I'm not selling my goods to no one but I'm still not cheap

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a rose with her smell
as the beauty of first love
captured memories 


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I Smile

The tables have turned
A new chapter in my book
I was giving up hope
But risked a second look

Strolling into my life
With speckled shoulders and toothy smile
Saves me from it all
Tells me holding on could be worthwhile

A raging, fast current
Leaves me head over heels
Changing souls into fire
Rather than rusting steel

In a look there was love
That had never been spoken
Mending and healing
The things that should never be broken

Life and love just keeps growing
And I’ve stopped biting my tongue
I’m collapsed in a heap of smiles
And I feel fresh air replete my lungs

My heart thumping felicity
Through my once hollow veins
Accepting all of life
And cleaning out the stains

Dancing on my toes
Eager for your lips
That have shown me what’s real
Replaced old life’s script

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little pale lies

sometimes, i get a wave of sadness over me.

i love you, and i want to be with you,


you deserve someone

a little less neurotic


a little more normal.

someone who is honest when she whispers, “I’m so happy”

under the covers.

you make me happy.

but you shouldn’t have to change me like that.

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Love Endures

Love floats by,


tip-toeing past pain,

leaping through walls,
weakening the barricades,

of the most private heart.

Love settles in,


quietly beyond anguish,

erasing the desolation,
soothing a battered spirit,
enveloping the shivering soul.

Love stays, it is true,

love endures, as do you

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To my lost Mistress

Humor dispels rumour
You can't but want to stay happy though
But Lo
If the rumor be of you
Thank God your presence still lingers
Stupid stuffs all around 
It's a call for the ultimate
Walk on high, and pad your shoulders
Walking tall is the first step
Of course, forget not you've got a rep
Please, please I pray, mind them not
Even the blind that seeth not
Perceives and say she's hot
Please my fair lady, mind them not
What you are they are not
The reason you see they are wrought

Our affairs here are soaked
We tread days in flitting haze
As exams beckons 
While we are yet to cross rubicon
We only look to creator of unicorn
Not to look on us with scorn
For exams sneaks
While we sit at the bar taking steaks

Pray thee I, maybe your prayer 'll do
As we look to the day....
Let's regale ourselves with the thought of you
While we see ourselves only in dreams

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An Unforgiven Tune

Scanting, ranting, seething persona provides –
the confinement and hatred inside you hide.
Screaming, steaming, aggressive overtones –
provide a key witness of a relationship unknown.

Shivering, quivering, the innocent will crumble,
to a raving lunatic with a malicious mad stumble.
Convicted, addicted, to the same vindictive game,
this romance conceived within lies and shame.

Silently, violently, cursing the call of creation,
vowing to avenge this marital bond castration.
Pawing, gnawing, at an open bloody wound,
strumming, and humming life's unforgiving tune.

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Done For Good

Her look that day,
Should have told me everything she could not say.
Unprepared, I stared.
She walked away.
As she tossed our ring,
I felt the sting.

If I’d known then
How I feel today,
I'd heal the abscess and my heart’s decay,
Before her affection left me there that day.

JS Lambert

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I’m in love with a vision, a mirage and disguise –
his name is unspoken, for his voice speaks lies.
I adore an ideal, of what could be,
I admire his weakness to satisfy me.

I’m taken by his stature, his beauty and charm –
his dark eyes are evasive, shooting darts of harm.
I need his approval, I need his trust,
I yearn for his kisses, this man I lust.

I’m enamored in cruelty, his gaze brazenly cold –
his honor is tainted, his soul he has sold.
I want his affection, I thirst his touch,
I query direction, I request too much.

I’m charmed by his rank, his talent and stealth –
this man is a treasure, the most valuable wealth.
I ask for commitment, I demand the truth,
I state my purpose, while I still have my youth.

I’m captivated by a notion, a fairy-tale of sorts –
I’m fed up with the excuses and petty retorts.
I am worth more than this….
I’ve suffered solely in duress…
I will never be an option…..
Nor will I ever be second best.

You never deserved me…….

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How to Invest in your Valentine Hours ?

How to Invest in your Valentine Hours ?

Daisies are Stubby,
Daffodills have a Spout,
Watch out for Cupid,
For He's Sure to be Out.

Poppies are Red,
Forget-Me-Nots are Blue,
Be Sure to get Flowers,
For your Little Missy-Sue.

Marigolds are Short,
While Sunflowers are High,
Chocolates are Sweet,
Prepare for your Cutie-pie.

Pink Pansies with Petals so Soft,
Lily of the Valleys that Smell so Sweet,
This Time and Day you Must Share,
Dinner on the Town will Be a Nice Treat.

Some Flowers like to Climb,
While many Others Seem to Crawl,
A Smile - Tight Hug with a Gentle Kiss,
Realizing your Efforts were Worth it ALL !

Written by William Arthur Tell

Lu 12:27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto 
you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

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Unspeakable Love

No one knows the higher heights to which their love had climbed Or how their simultaneous thoughts, fluidly flow Required replies to queries crisscross from minds in sync And countless compliments and sweet gentle gestures, he lays upon her heart Popular redundant rhetoric, now unnecessary is made extinct by…unspeakable love ~*~
For: Adeleke's "Unspeakable Love" Contest

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The Bourgeois and the Spinning Wheel

In a room filled with a solitary red hue
The bourgeois spins a wheel
With no destination, nor need
She will spin until her brittle Hands bleed
Just to satisfy her ennui and artifice
But she does not see - the rien I see
The monster approaching her empty dreams

Spinning still - she does not know
The insomniac rose will begin to grow
The thorn of clandestine and ebony
Ostracized for he began to realize
What lies in nonsense is decadence
Which sparks interest
Who's lover is a dadaist
But his story is over now
As Seth lead the way
A poet dies in dismay

The thorn as she spun penetrated
A distraction and a lack of action
She knew the temptation for she so loved the sensation
Of crass, rebellious - ways 
The thought laid it's seed
In her Gaulish mind it breeds
She has no other need and no regrets
So she proceeds and the smile lets
With full intention and desire
Caring none of her fate that will transpire 
She presses her finger on the thorn 
So now she bleeds knowingly
she did not recede

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Broken Heart Street

Hopelessly lying, in a dying bed of depression,
miserably crying, while trying your confession.
Blackening walls, and halls of a fading youth,
Gruesomely calls, of gnaws towards the truth.

Fading beauty, so snooty to those content,
wailing a duty, sooty, those content dissent.
Towards a failing, unveiling of bloody torment,
concealing the name of shame, not so innocent.

So cheap, sinking deep, into a sea of emotion,
I weep, at the reap of sowing our lost devotion.
I shudder with stutter, at a marital decapitation,
you utter, like no other, at a romantic prostration.

A defile and vile odor is cast amongst the decay,
I smile in denial, as those lost lover’s betray.
Sinking deeply within, our sins have been fed,
doses of greed, they feed till all beauty is dead.

Take cover in the pain, remain emotionally numb.
Hide within the sin, wherein you succumb.
Tread the waste, and taste the defeat,
of a shattered, tattered passion down
on Broken Heart Street.

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You and I

You and I.


Your heart blazed,
with a warmth of spirit,



soaked in truth.

Your smile burned,
branding me permanently,



enveloping my being.

Your love was complete,
from the depths of your soul,


yet fierce,

bathed in silent knowing.

Your dreams were poetic,
fluttering in the afternoon breeze,
infused with the distilled essence of rhyme.


I squandered your generosity of spirit.

I vainly discarded your priceless poems.

Now I stand,




wasting away,

rotting inside, day by day.

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He Sat At The Bar

He sat at the bar,
She had just left
To use the restroom,
And he pondered
His situation.

She was beautiful,
Curves in the right places,
Weave perfectly done,
Not a track in sight,
Outfit exhibiting all
That God had blessed her with,

But she spent more time
In the hairdresser's chair
Than she spent in bookstores.
Philosophical conversations
Left him confused and
He was a philosophy major.

She was pretty,
But she was like
A beautiful vase,
Pretty on the outside,
Empty on the inside.

He sat at the bar,
Trying to put words together
Kind enough 
Not to damage her ego,
Strong enough
To let her know
That they were over.

Words pulled him
From his thoughts,
They came from somewhere
Behind him,
They were a mix of 
Male and female,
Peppered with a rhetoric
His mind hungered for.

Slowly, he turned around,
Searching the bar
For a couple 
In deep conversation.
They sat two yards away,
Two book ends,
Brother and sister.

He sipped his whiskey,
Pretending to be taking in
The whole bar scene,
But he was really
Fixated on her,
Fixated on the dialogue.

She was no stunner
By society's standards,
But the more she spoke,
The more he was enamored.
She glance his way
And smiled, not knowing
That in that gesture 
She stole his heart.

Just as he was about 
To stand,
To join them,
To introduce himself,
To join this battle of words,
His woman appeared.

She whispered naughty things,
Delicious, seductive things,
Things that would have made
Him forget himself.

Not this time,
Or any time in the future.
He spread out the 
Roughly sewn patchwork
Of words he had planned to tell her,
Then he bid her goodbye,
Slipping out of her grasp.

He didn't join
The brother and sister,
He just walked out of the bar.
He was not that kind of guy,
The kind that would
Break up with one woman
And pursue another
In the space of five minutes.

It was two weeks later
When he saw the sister again,
This time, he joined her,
This time, he introduced himself,
This time, he planned to be with
A woman that stimulated him
Mind, body and soul.

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I want to taste her.
Not anyone specifically,
I just crave to know 
what it all could really mean.
I would fall for her. Knock down these Berlin sized walls I have up. But my world sucks because Her is just a figurative way of discribing something that may never come.

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The Right Key

The other day You did pull those curtains back ever so gently as you exposed me to the light With your opening of windows I could breathe again The air rushing in I looked at you and a tear jumped from the corner of my eye I knew your love was never a lie For you’re the only one that has found the right key That key engages the happy me

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Walking with you all the way, because I missed you night and day. 
Holding your hand to help guide the way, in the light of the moon? 
Sunshine brightening our lives whispering ways, hold my hand, 
I want to be with you, up lift your soul in oh so many crazes. 
Hold you in my arms and remembering when our lives took us, 
Each to two separate places, what am I to do now? Eyes so clear, 
Pull your likeness... 
Closer to me now and cling to you at closed in spaces? 
Whisper in your ear that I have no grievances to spare, so come to me, 
Come to me now, I want you to be here, love me now, I have a life to share. 
The effects are rollin over our bodies, like it can’t decide, 
Caught in between here and taking you out to be the ride of your life. 

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The full moon waxing

The amazing way we came to know
We each had some place else to go

where eternal sparks of passion’s fire
too hot to quench with earthly flesh

We understood our wants and needs
Taking eternity into account
never crossed our minds
when we evaluated our lives

We now step back and evaluate
our relationships
our accomplishments
and believe in our choices

We live a life our parents
could not even imagine
but the one thing they taught us
still holds true... the children are the most important thing.

rlm '08

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Set You Free

Set you free I'm on the outside looking in i hear your words, as they're sinking in my head's filled up with your promises but what remains is so much less I'm on the inside looking out i see the signs as they're singled out redflags pop up and the end is near i might be blond, but not dumb my dear SO if you wanna go out and see pretend we're not exclusively I give you my blessing darlin for you no longer are with me I set you free, i let you be I set you free I'm on the edge of no return u take my hand but i feel it burn it's like the devil's keeping score while angels speak & I cant ignore Intuition is something I've learned to trust upon as to not get burned Surgesting hell, I know it's sad the devil's own is someone i had So if you wanna go out and play seduce and excuse your ways into the world of rock n roll where lust rules, love's on hold I'll set you free, i let you be I see you free Oh if you wanna go out and see pretend we're not exclusively I give you my blessing baby for you no longer are with me I set you free, i let you be I set you free, I set you free I set you FREE!

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With my convalescent mind

Remember all that time we spent on the back deck At your parents house. So very comfortable in that serene kind a way. On that beautiful day Late one may Ill never forget that sense of togetherness I felt. My heart melted. I knew I always wanted to stay, right here with you. A comfort altogether new Just as beautiful at It’s inside point of view. They seen us and knew! We where, the best of friends. Partners in a way that complements with such grace. Beatific, such as this spring breeze, We cheer the coming of the warm months. With a bottle of wine or two. Those conversations I hold so dear. Crazy Intellectuals, all together classy. I still benefit from the knowledge past to me. It’s been really hard Being torn away from this Knowing it was at the hand of my own demise. I still love them, With my convalescent mind.

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Two hearts beat, now beating faster; beating until they're one 
Two souls breathe, now breathing deeper; breathing until they're done 
Two lovers see forever, and forever is where they run 
One child comes home tomorrow for life has just begun 

Even when the rainbow's glowing, the skies can seem so gray 
Even when the wind's not blowing, the tides can turn your way 
And when the water's raging, beneath skies that seem so blue 
It's just your body aging, and it has nothing to do with you 

So now when our God comes calling, I'll hold your hand and stroke your hair 
Yes, as snowflakes start falling, I will look for you everywhere 
And Mother, as you start flying, remember as you rise above 
Marlene, you are not dying, but finding everlasting love 

One child goes home tomorrow to embrace the Father and the Son 
One child who knows no sorrow, for life has just begun

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The Man With Blue Eyes

There once was a girl
That had beauty and grace
Though beaten and broken
Had a bright smiling face

There once was a girl
Who felt aged and wise
Her heart was as large 
As the stars in her eyes

There once was a girl
Who longed to be loved
Though she never quite 
Found it till the man with blue eyes

He was strong and sound
He was older and wiser
Wipped the tears from her face
So trusted the man with blue eyes

There once was a girl 
Who fell for the lies
Beliving and trusting
The man with blue eyes

There is now a girl
Her smile erased
Her heart splitting and bleeding
A lesson she learned 

From the man with blue eyes

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Have A Letter Instead

Dear You,

When things get rough I always think of you. The ways you calm me are too many to list and the ways I miss you are too obvious to dismiss. You are always present in my thoughts like you are suppose to be with me even when I don’t want you with me. You, you have a way with words and I love the way they ease between my ears erasing my fears and finding an effortless path to my heart. You never stop amazing me. I wonder sometimes what would I do if I lost you. Devastation. Humiliation. Deprivation. Reckless Endangerment. I am finally settling on the thought that I may need you here. 
The first time we met I thought you were the most beautiful thing I had ever been allowed to see. I could barely focus as you took me completely by storm, you made my coldest places warm and for that I thank you daily. I remember looking you over trying not to make my stare obvious. Your skin was perfect, like it had been custom blended only for you, your voice tone was almost too low but I challenged myself to not miss a word, and I didn’t. The thing I noticed, that I love the most about you was the way you took extreme care with me, like from our first initial touch you somehow instinctively knew to go slow, move slower and announce each entry. I tried not to love you that day, but I walked away haven already made a copy of the key that unlocks my heart…and I gave you the original to make sure it would work. Now I wait for you to use it...and now I question sometimes if I should change the locks. Except when I see you, I only want to remove them for you so you only need to walk in, but I must watch you make that move on your own.
Just love Me

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Fool's Gold

I see you, I believe in you!
I die in you, I will behold.
Yes I will be a fool’s gold.
In the morning, I am two.

Come deep into me you fool.
Like one I’m your two fold.
Correct me now and be bold.
Your day is mine I do rule.

I scream I shout and I am loud.
Oh My God! Where art thou now?
Fly higher up in my white cloud,
I will show Him absolutely how!

Do me once shame it all on me! 
I am the only one you can see.

® Registered Ann Rich 2011

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The Taste of Denial

I find myself feeling so cliché at times.
I want what I can't have.
I need you but not that bad.

Thoughts of jealousy never cross my mind when I picture you with him.
A typical story with a typical ending,
Despite all my break and bending;
Despite all my break and bending;

You know what you are to me
And yet I still float here weightlessly all the while.
For my sake I'll swallow my heart and gag at the taste.
I don't love you, I won't let myself.
Or is that just the taste of denial.

My mind is what's in control.
Emotions hardly ever play a role.
It pains me to say
How easy it is for me to turn away.

What I need is what our friendship is lacking.
I will never ask for more than what you can give.
I know what you can and what you refuse to.
Being strung along is something no one should have to get used to.

So all and all I ask myself.
Do I fly or do I fall?
Run away from what I feel,
Or abandon pride to seal the deal?

I'm just praying for the next best thing.
To take my mind away from what has been.
All summer long they've come and gone.
But still, for your hand I seem too long.

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Thoughts of you

You occupy my mind
two souls now intertwine
connections undefined

A once weary existence
altered through persistence

Written in the stars
through all time and space
you occupy my mind
in this hidden place

Destiny attained
through mystic fires of flame

Fires burn deep
you occupy my mind
even in my sleep

Details | I do not know? | |

Feelings SMP


An unidentified tomb stone so is your mystery

Downpour after the drought so refreshing is your confidence in our love

Nourishment after the famine your trust sustains me

Lay me down in your certainty & bed me with the tenderness of your heart

Shower me with your generosity & pamper me with your care

Dry my hair with your patience & perfume me with your sensitivity

Stay true to your promises you will

Intense as the sun are your desires and motives 

Dreams as free as the flight of birds

Tropical origin you must be from your very soul leaks warmth

Convincing, inviting you open the door to possibilities

Charm you possess far surpass the rest of your species

Intriguing your customs and your way of life

Zest for passion you possess 

Eager to live life, eager to learn you generate enthusiastic excitement 

Free from limitations yet perhaps bounded by the heart you reach out for love

Longing to be understood wanting to be seen & heard you express this through 

Take time my love stop & notice life be stress free as you ought to be

Privileged you are for from bondage you do not long to be released

Make time my love the sun sets oh too quickly

Stop and smell the grass make time for love make time for you make time for me

Written by Shivon Mejias

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secret crush

be still my heart just hush
ill get rid of this big bad crush
if only you knew how much i care
the kind of love i have for you is rare
you dont even know my hearts on fire
and that your the one that i desire
i dream of kissing your lips
but when i wake away you slip
be still my heart just hush
ill get rid of thei big bad crush
i wish i could tell you how i feel 
then your touch i wouldnt have to steal
you would be mine
with our hearts and body intertwined
i wouldnt have to dream
and i could be with you always
i wouldnt have to scheme
this secret is hard to keep
into my heart its etched deep

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Get In Line

Sinister minister!
Wait just a minute sir!
If it’s sin I administer,
Upon then whom do I answer?
Who then is the voice of reason?
Woven between the choices believed in
Go be the vagabond breeze
To please the windy whispers
She sees the truth
It’s absolution from down upon her knees
She prays to thee 
For a side step of salvation
In the name of creation
Seek not sanctuary 
But loss and its return
Through the loss of face and name
Of course falls both shame and blame
Upon all who shed remorse, gain curse
Catch the light
Stand and fight
Redeem all wrongs with right
New life and sharp eyes
Immunize hurt and euthanize my youthful lies
Yet inspire thee in chant
Forge forward thy rant
I wish to roam 
Though foolish I am bound
Soul searching a lost collection of freedoms
Bring forth the magician
Let shine the one I hide
Peace, please be this season
Peace, please be believed in
Yes, she is to be mine
I seek not sex as prize
It holds no surprise
I know how it starts
Then divides, ends and rips apart
It cannot choose my friends 
Nor secure my brethren
A blank mind is so noisy
You hear again and again
You have NO idea 
So you better then
Buy into my theories
At least then
You will KNOW an idea!

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The Broken Heart- Her Fatal Mistake

She smiles at two beautiful white doves
Prompting her to pray to above
Wondering will she ever find love
Her heart continues to ache
Pain so deep, she just can not take
The doves fly into the sky
Thinking she must be the reason why
Alone she is getting ready to say her final goodbye
Clouds creeping in… She begins to walk towards the lowering sun
Dreaming of that day she thought she met the perfect one
A young girl once ambitious and fun
Her heart ripped into two
Wishing for a simple fix, yet there is no strong enough glue
Still walking towards the sun
Ignoring what is about to come
A pain far too much to take
She chose to make that fatal mistake 

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MOMENTS Moments Of awareness Times spent in your presence Treasured and valued forever A lover of the mind, body and soul You kept deep emotions for me To cherish and relish Love hidden in Moments © Kim van Breda—20 October 2014

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You Are Here

You are here
X Me Fine Line You love me now you hate me what will our fate be? A world so full of love, passion Intellectual talks, soft kisses & touches Feelings of total trust and complete security- A sweet miracle. A world of blame, sarcasm and yelling rushes in Saying terrible things that can never be taken back Feeling so alone & betrayed- A true tragedy. I believe in you- I'm scared of you I'm so proud of me Then so disappointed. RLM '06

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Save Me From Desperation

It's been so long since I could Feel you, Hold You I'm wondering if it was Just an Illusion For love For me could Not be real Nobody could Love over The Borderline, not even I So if you ask you'll know why I silently began to cry I need you here, to hold me I'm so scared without You I just want to Sleep forever Never stray away far Save me From Desperation Never Say It wasn't meant to be I can't take this lie You Kill me With this So much I hurt so much inside these words burn as I cry This life is destroyed without you The joy that comes is the Joy of the Empty The despair I'm prone to maynever wilt I way You could have been there You could have saved me but no you left I was here to stay In the Dark When the razor called me back You could have been my light throughout the eternal black My Soul Has yearned for but where are you Please come back to me I desire just a one word of comfort just from you, only from you Tell me this is just a Lie Just a Hallucination from my Mind I'm suffering I'm Dying I Need you I'm begging just for one word please save me from Desperation I'm the Petal You're the Wind Without You I can never go Far You're not here I'm now stranded alone In the plagued island of my mind only if you were here only If you here You could have Saved Me From Desperation

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intact and holy body

care for your body--
it is God-given; keep it
intact and holy

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The "worst" part of being the other half

It feels like I’m losing you
that connection
it is slowly but surely
slipping beyond my grasp,

I’m scared, I don't want 
to lose the best thing in my life
I don't want to say goodbye
to the other half that makes me whole,

I would miss everything 
about you, about us
I’m not willing to let go
I’m tying an invisible rope
around us unseen and unbreakable

because what we have
doesn't have a name
cannot be explained only felt, 
with no questions asked
and no answers expected... 

In my "worst" poem ever 
Sponsored by: PD

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Under the Current

Under the current
We peer through empty window 

Twisted thoughts
Of useless wishes
Surrounding our minds

Sunlight is setting on the horizon
And a new day, has begun.

And I feel it crawling
Warmth soaking into my skin
My eyes close
As I'm smiling and thinking of you
It's trying to tell me that
My love is waiting
So I fasten my pace
To head into a new direction
Twords you

Later we are lying
Caught up in the moment
A silent fan
Spinning upon the window sil
We no longer linger our shadows 
They have been blown away
And the silence is peaceful

But still I fear the madness
Of what's yet to come
Unknown boundaries
Someone always crosses the line
Then the relationship turns spiteful.
Will it happen?
Or will it work
The biggest mystery
Each time 
We always learn to late

But regardless 
Of possible failure
Still we try 
Humans are so intriguing

Under the current
When a new love breaks out
And I feel it crawling
But I already know
Even though it's under the current
It's only a matter of time
Lets just enjoy it.

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Just To let You Know

I’ve eaten the chocolates you brought last night
   in the box that was prettier then the taste of the candy
forgive me, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful
I’m not that kind of girl you know 
  one who is bribed by roses and Whitmans 

am I likely to fall for fluid practiced lines
  meant to make a girl swoon and fall in love 
for a careless hour of your time
  with your hungry, shallow anticipations…
of removing my pearls and chemise
  you know…
the one who waits with excited expectations
  for your silvery seductions...
just yearning to be seduced 
  by your lover boy’s touch
  or …
for a midnight tryst 
  that ends before it even begins
  oh yes... 
I see your majolica, opaque heart 
  It reveals the opacity of your dull mind 
you interest me not 
  my heart rises to the golden boy
the one who laughs with his eyes
he really does see me with his heart
  the one who listens- who knows the color of my eyes 
he spends $1 on my favorite kind of licorice

$20 for a meaningless box of chocolates or…
  roses meant only to impress
he's the one who learns quickly 
  he really wants to know things about me
those little endearments…
  you know...
like what my middle and last names are
  he knows and sees what I have to offer
it will be appreciated by a true heart 

for I am not an empty headed
  young, seductress 
to sweep you off your feet 
with empty lines and ploys 

I am not that she 
  who expects fancy gifts 
unloading your checkbook of it's contents
  putting out her soul for sale

I'm not some plastic Tinker toy 
  you put together and then pull apart
I think I’ll just wait until he comes along
  If not…
when I’m alone I’m happy 
  the smell of the dogwood
their fragrance in the breeze
  I’m okay with just being me

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I took all of your tank tops and your hose and your sox,
and I put them all together in a little brown box.
I put all of your dresses and your shoes in a sack,
and I wrapped it up because I knew you're never coming back.

I took your funky records and your Playgirl magazines
and dropped them in the trash with all your green and purple jeans.
I took the clothes I bundled up and gave them away,
to the Salvation Army, it seems like yesterday.

You never told me you were leaving town,
you never told me you were leaving.
You never told me you were leaving town,
you never told me you were leaving.

I met a wino on the street, she looks just like you,
she wears a see through blouse and she walks bow legged, too.
She sings those funky songs and plays the guitar outa sight,
and she takes a bath in cheap perfume like you did every night.

She still sings about Viet Nam and love we don't show,
guess she doesn't know that Viet Nam was 40 years ago.
She's out protesting every day and carries a sign,
 and bites her toenails ev'ry night just like you chewed on mine.

You never told me you were leaving town,
you never told me you were leaving.
You never told me you were leaving town,
you never told me you were leaving.

She has a job but all she'll say, it ain't chopping wood.
And it's funny how her money lasts, and she lives so good.
She bought a brand new car one day, a green Cadillac,
and it's got a bar up in the front and mattress in the back.

I don't know why she thinks she has to work every day,
cause I never had a job I just live on my welfare pay.
She picks her nose and rolls each bugger in a sugar ball,
and just like you used to do, then she eats them all.

You never told me you were leaving town,
you never told me you were leaving.
You never told me you were leaving town,
you never told me you were leaving.

I married her in the park, it seems like yesterday,
and I don't know what I'll do if she doesn't run away.

She brought her uncle home with her from work the other night,
and her uncle and my cousin all got drunk and had a fight.

She got locked in the bedroom with the meter readers dad,
and they had a lot of fun all night, but I felt awful bad.
He took her home with him a while, but she wouldn't stay,
I wish you'd come back home to me, and run her away.

You never told me you were leaving town,
you never told me you were leaving.
You never told me you were leaving town,
you never told me you were leaving.

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When I needed you the most - you disappeared.......crawling into the vast belly of this dark, cruel, prosperous world.....leaving me alone to face the darkness and despair, forcing me to find my own light, while you wallowed in your own defeat and misery. But yet I survived, and thrived and surmised it was coming. You will always be a coward who walks the path of convenience and suffers silently for choices you regret. Forever regret, serving yourself a vicious serving of self-loathing daily. One day the darkness will succumb to the light, and the beams will shine upon your old, weak and weary face – but I won’t be there to share the warmth, nor will I celebrate the birth, I will remain distant and far………forever remembering your abandonment…..and forever will I not look your way; this stranger who now surfaced from the darkness, only to find himself sinking back into his dark abyss of loneliness and lost dreams.

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Little Red

Full Moon Brimming 
On A Hungry Wolf
Fire still burning 
Words are not enough

Red Riding Hood,
You stopped me where i stood.
The basket you held, looked so good,
I enticed...And you fell... 

In the woods... safe and sound
We could not believe what we had found
Me in denim... and you it lace

We understood, each other so very well
Full moon brimming over with light
Gazing into the eyes of the other

The twin to me, I did see, in You.
Be careful with my heart, my love.

My running shoes are unlaced for now,
So lean back and enjoy the ride.
Embrace all the laughter, our lives allow.


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Distant African Nights

Those Distant African Nights...


The shadows swayed in your candlelit room,

a cool breeze teasing your bare back,

streaks of lightning forked in the Johannesburg night,

as my hands stroked your hair,

kissing your soft mouth,

holding you,

ever so tight.


You whispered that you loved me,

and I kept silent,

the rain fell, 
shadows danced,
thunder rolled,

the breeze teased your naked back,

you whispered that you loved me,
as my lips found yours,

the rain washed over our tender nights,

lightning and candlelight,

etching poems on your burnished skin,


a fear gnawed at me,

deep within.


We parted ways,
and you could never forgive me, you said,

now, after numberless thunderstorms,

the rain that falls,

echo the countless tears that I have shed.


You are long gone,

far away,

happy, I pray,

yet the memories persist,

those precious moments shall never, 

like the Jo'burg rains,
trickle away,

and I wish you well,
for loving me as you did,

for it was I who was not worthy,


and it is I who is not worthy,



You were always true,

it was I who always,


refused to,

to give myself,

completely to you.

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Friend and Lover

Please tell me what you see.
Am I the lost and lonely?
Do you love me out of pity or do you see the real me?

I am alone and wondering if my love is real,
Or if you just know how I feel.
My feelings have got in the way.
I can't tell what day is today.
I cannot tell the truth from what you say.
I am being honest,
I solemnly promise.
I love you for what you do,
I love you through and through.
You have showed me from the start,
You have showed me what is in your heart.

You cannot fake life's fate,
You cannot blame life's shame.
We stand together, always and forever.
You are to me, my friend and lover
Always and forever.

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Without You

Without you,

worn down, weary,
staggering into tomorrow,
dissolving my todays, grim, dreary,

I crawl, slipping out of my skin,
flinging laughter, joy, contentment,
into the gaping abyss of life's dustbin.

Without you

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"Lust County Fair"

Standing in line, I saw you over there.
Purchasing your ticket to the "Lust County Fair."

Your lips were locking at the County kissing booth..
Looking more like "exchanging of the tongues" than just a smooch.

On the ferris wheel, your hands where all over her.
You could be "her father" you old ugly buzzard.

In the "petting farm", I see your fittin' right in..
Amongst the other swines and swindlers bathing in their sins.

I hope you feel justified with your so-called young date.
I would not give you the time of day even with a "mail in rebate!"

You came over, pounding and kicking away at my door.
Seething with anger, no rain checks this time bud; it's over!

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'poles apart yet the same'

crooked in between the straight lines in full view somehow hidden just like old times but everything is new you whisper so loud my heart skips a beat drowning out the little things that made the most sense the contrasts so obvious and we still pretend to not see them it’s like seeing but refusing to acknowledge that we are the same with differences weaved together

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There Was something

There was something in her eyes
That said to me
That what she was listening to
Couldn’t be heard
And the words being spoken
Couldn’t be said
There was something in the way
She held her head
That said to me
She really wasn’t where
She appeared to be
So I quietly whispered
Would you care to take a walk
She didn’t question why
Just quickly answered yes
Held out her hand to take
And I never said a thing
We walked through the night
Just listening to the stars
We felt the warmth of passion
Against the chill of night
And never spoke a word
For eyes, arms and lips
Say so much more
When the sun broke upon the day
The grass told where we lay
As time and years went by
I saw her eyes again
They were so much younger
As they reflected back my smile
There was nothing much to say
In the way she held her head
I just remembered how in the sun
The grass showed where we lay

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Would He....If I Were!!

Would he, If I were
be there for me

Would he , If I were
really care for me

Would he, If I were
ever hurt me

Would he, If I were
soon desert me

Would he, If I were
make demands of me

Would he, If I were
take a stand with me

Would he, If I were
walk out on me

Would he, If I were
hit or shout at me

Would he, If I were
try to comfort me

Would he, If I were
simply run from me

Would he, If I were
blame it all on me

Would he, If I were
take the fall with me

Would he, If I were
soon betray me

Would he, If I were
grow to hate me

Would he, If I were
kindly hold me

Would he If I were
take is slowly

Would he If I were
run away and hide

Would he, If I were
simply force himself to cry

Would he, If I were 
take responsibility

Responsibility...would he take
Would he, If I were
face reality

Would he? Would.... he?
If I Were....

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My Quote about Love

Love is not just what you want to get out of being with another person, but what you want another person to get out of being with you.

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The beginning has begun – light breaks through a broken past.
I walked around the turn and jumped through the looking glass.
I dizzied in the bend, and knew it wouldn’t last.
My battleship has sunk… the flag now at half-mast.

A garden I now grow, and tend it every day.
The Cheshire Cat - it grins – love’s lust in a passion play.
I seek the path that leads, believing I won’t stray…
No beginning and no end. A tie that binds, they say.

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I saw you today On this day I feel new No longer blue, or sad or any of those emotions I sometimes have There was some forgiveness, in your voice Those words danced on the lobes of my ears I was quiet too the moment absorbing Then the tears You said, I believe you

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Your Whisper

You whispered in my ear,
a breathy secret, hushed.

“I love you”, you murmured.

I said nothing,
lost, in your arms,
I found a home. At last.

“I love you”, you said,
I said nothing,
lost in my thoughts,
I found peace. At last.

“I love you”, you said,
words failed me then.

They still do.

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The Devil's Lullaby


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The Horse Trader

The pounding reins
Of yesterday’s tears
Lead me down
The dreary road of today 

The joy I once found
Gazing into your eyes
Is hobbled by distance
And my faltering gait

Unbridled rides at dawn
A beautiful, insipid memory
Breakneck sprints in the dark
An aching need in the final stretch

The rhythmic rhyme
Of our ride in time
We won the race
But lost our place

Your crop too willing
My flanks too tender
Your mount is running,
Full out, yet you ask for more


rlm '11

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She smiled, gently,
her warmth infusing me,
with a serene stillness of time.

She settled, slowly,
in my waking thoughts,
a soothing balm of simple joy.

She remains, scribbled,
on the walls of my fractured heart,
memories of happiness that once breathed...

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The dying in belonging

Kisses on the broken ground
tears that annoy...
bringing the inward heat outward into the busted scene

Innocent eyes become possessive eyes now they look down on you
...upon you

I don't feel anything towards this sort of thing
The cold is a safe retreat from all of the needing

Shut me away
away from your gaze
away from your hands
away from your wet
away from your words
away from your feelings

It's all well, but it well never be my problem

Is it true what they say in my silence?
...that romantics die once they've met romance?

Belonging to nothing
fade, fade like the sun on the overcast heart

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Just Someone To Hold

Someone to hold, is that not really your true desire 
seeing the title of this poem, you came to inquire 
subconsciously you need to have, an outlet to deal 
emptiness confines you, refusing to accept it's real 

Closing your eyes, and trying to do your very best 
hoping to get a handle, on the level of your stress 
but your attempts fail, forcing you to admit defeat 
loneliness and depression, pounding your heartbeat 

You speak with your friend, in whom you trust 
seeing you're desperate, she's coming she must 
a half hour passes, standing now by your side 
crying to her your woes, with nothing to hide 

Your chance for true love, how you felt it so close 
naivety and desperation, you took a double dose 
now he is gone, these days seem to pass as years 
a heart so crushed, yielding her flow of wet tears 

What you are left with, a pain so endlessly deep 
there is no escape, but counting sheep in your sleep 
while you paid a price that was ever so steep 
realizing your only friend is the hope you keep 

Tomorrow will yet burn with a special, warm light 
new hope will bring with it a chance to make right 
happiness will yet reign, banning sadness out of sight 
that someone special, forever to hold you tight 

A loving look, accompanying that warm embrace 
a way into his heart, finally finding your true place 
bound with a oneness that only loving hearts could feel 
no longer asking, because you know, you just know it's real 


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…I am fine
I do not deny 
What I felt for you once
It passes
The sun does  turn into the moon 
As my love does fade from you
…I am fine
Though I do not look so
Hair tangled and dirty clothes
I cannot see the reason to hope
I do not pretend as you do 
…I am fine
Forgetting the way you held me
You saved me you felt me
let me do to you the unthinkable
And more
Lead me into my dreams 
You were not meant for me
To spoil ruin and break
I will not have this on my conscious mind 
…I am fine
These tears will dry
I need you to flea far away from me
So I cannot do more to you
So I cannot separate you into tiny pieces kept in boxes underground 
You mean fear in the morning 
…I am not fine
And I do not pretend to be 

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My Apologies

Sharing cold kisses
and another numb f***
I don’t want a future, dear
I guess you’re out of luck

Where there used to be electricity
all there is is stale breath
So touch my darkened heart goodbye
I’m sorry we part before death

Love should never be a chore
I care, but like you’re a brother
And incest isn’t really my thing
So you’ll have to love another

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Bloody Ties

I steal, what I feel, make no mistake –
I charm, without alarm, to covet what I take.
I hide what’s inside, to abide what’s at stake.
I lie, and will deny, any wrongdoings I make.

You use and abuse your way through this life.
You cheat and defeat those plagued with strife.
You fail, and impale, those closest to your heart.
You wallow in the shallow, shredding ties apart.

We fret over the net, which safety has vanished.
We wail at the stale courtship now banished.
We hurt as we flirt our disaster, daily we plummet.
We trek through the wreck reaching death’s summit.

They say we’re astray, and our minds are broken.
They wonder, why blunder, a mirage of unspoken.
They chatter about clatter, with prejudice abound.
They sneer and they leer, that together we astound.

I’ll take the bane, and disdain and try to explain.
I’ll take the lies, masked in disguise and abstain.
I’ll take the tears, through the years and constrain.
For I made my bed, built of crimson nails and black lead,
and forever in my heart will you remain.

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things i should not have done

There’s a chance i took 
to make you very disappointed 
pretty much disrupted the kindness and tossed the patience 
a glass under the tap, emptying for something colder i guess 
the tag that i came with did not bear the warning, “Do not remove” 
an admission that some things i do with my freedom, can remove me 
can place me where i make sense to everyone around me 
as long as there’s distance there 
i get it now, fully understood 
the smiles around me as of late are perhaps for a mind perceived as lost 
Or, then again, an email about how i will 
“never. . . be right about peoples’ opinion” 
i have no loss for fear in my heart 
and gain from the strange we grew up in 
opinion is an onion 
so many write about for obvious layers 
i choose to be the farmer 
filling baskets and not worrying about what’s under the skin 
peel that back and try crying again 
like only you could, last time you did something bad

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Where does love go?

Where does love go
after the thrill of hunting
through jumbles of resentment and 
thickets of fear

After whispered promises under
musical moons during nocturnal pilgrimages
nurturing teeny dreams

Where does love go
After the rites of 'I DO' 
and ostentatious feasting of 
friend and foes

Where does love go
After the ectstacy of dewy nights 
 feverish morn and nauseous noon

Where does love go
when sorrow wrench the heart and 
trouble shred the soul
when tears pour like libation
when crises cripple faith
and raging hormone tear apart a peaceful lair
when couples brag and braww
brawl and brag
and frightened kids become helpless umpires in 
domestic squabbles
when chop money dig galling holes, in 
penuried pockets
and million hands grab few wads
when harried hearts beat discordant tunes and 
suspicion sprout on famished ground
when words are hurled like rockets
and laughter clang like cymbals
when hate filled eyes gush with blood 
and judges gavel inter once bouyant dreams

Where does love go?

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Four to Blame

Blame it on the sea
That crashed upon the sand,
And washed away my heart
That I had drawn for you.

For my heart is what you wanted,
But my heart I could not give.

Blame it on the rain
That fell upon the words,
The words that told my love
That I had written down for you.
For my love is what you wanted,
But my love I could not give.

Blame it on the wind
That blew upon my life,
And scattered all my dreams
That I had dreamed with you.

For my dreams are what you wanted,
But my dreams I could not give.

So, if you sit there lonely
Blame the sea, the rain, the wind,
But if these three seem not enough,
Blame it all on me.

For I am really all you wanted,
But myself I could not give.

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living in a dream world

you were there
and so was i
you in youre world and me in mine
yet somehow we werent there at all
and our worlds were just to small
together we would unite
leaving our old worlds behind
creating a new worlds together
one that we would share forever and ever
now here we are
as we have and always will be
in a world that we created
for only you and me
no longer in our own worlds 
but in our dream world

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Clouded seduction

Living overtly upon a burning bridge, life stands captive within the vision of a 
thousand. Clouded seduction, the epiphany of eradication looming among senses 

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What Lies Within

I will not go back to that place of desolation
Where for many months I lived in isolation
Far from anything 'n' anyone who could be my oasis
Away from love

I will not return to feelings of inadequacy 'n' failure
To way back where I layed the blame on myself
Believed I had too many shortcomings 'n' lofty expectations
Unattainable by earthly man


I will stand firmly rooted in my accomplishments, beliefs 'n' ideals, 'n' love
Love for others, but most of all love for myself
Belief in perseverance 'n' hard work 'n' morals
As the realization that my own happiness

Lies within ME

Written: 05/02/2006

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Should History Repeat Itself

I sang a song,
Put my heart on a limb,
Danced in the sunshine,
Dreamed of the day when
You and me,
Or you and I,
Or I and you,
Could fix our past.
When I could be with you.
But you waited.
You were a few months too late,
And now, I'm stuck between what I have and what was,
And despite my best efforts to give you up,
To figure it out,
I can't tell you what it is I want.
I doubt,
Whether you and me will ever work out,
But we'll never quit trying.
I have my knight in shining armour (or so I'm told)
Versus my first love, bad boy brave and bold,
And what's a girl to do?
I'm stuck between the two
Whether or not I should play it safe,
Or risk being hurt again
By the same man,
Whether or not to play tug of war for one more round,
Or settle for my feet being on solid ground.
Rationality has gone with the wind,
And I'm sitting here stuck, once again.

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Forgive, please forget

I lie here looking at the ceiling,
Then I look to your word,
It didn't have much meaning, 
Trusting you is almost absurd
You left me broken promises
I know I'm better off
No more kisses
I need to write you off
I'm a creature of habit
I  know I'm not that tough
I have no heart to be compassionate
You stole it, left it in the rough
I'm Forgetting how your voice sounds
It truly makes me sad
yet still want you around
I still know what we had 
Why'd did you ever leave? 
Why couldn't we have been enough for you?
Now you wallow in sorrow and tell me how you grieve
love isn't for the weak I give the devil his due 
Now you suffer twisting, contorted pain
the worst mistake of your life
takes me back to lovers lane
You really messed up and I'm to alleviate you of your strife?
You think you deserve it?
…..I do.

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Vexing High

I’m caught in the midst of a dream I reside –
tumbling lovers tempting romance with pride.
Twisting and thrusting, to and fro with hate –
stumbling over a beautiful destiny and fate.

Creeping and crawling through shards of hope –
resisting the tension on a loveless, tight rope.
Shuddering in solitude, and mentally numb –
oblivious to the breakdown of who I’ve become.

Teasing and taunting, the years of lost time –
mocking their innocence with words and rhyme.
Insulting their integrity, of wrong over right –
disregarding true feelings, absconding the night.

Searching the wreckage, down high and up low –
for bits of true love and familiar pieces I know.
Vexing in torment, and accepting thy defeat –
of an unspeakable romantic tale of deceit.

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Hollywood Beach Gulls

Regrettably the sun was setting low
on wings of gulls all red and fiery eyed
they plucked the popcorn from our waiting hand
as if we  had a dream to give to them
or sang a song they might have understood.

There in their shrilled descent they had such grace
my heart lept to an all time vibrant shrill
and wondered just how far their wings could fly
if only words of love could let us soar.

But words of love are only past regrets
of humping on the beach for me and you
after the gulls have found their nesting place
and making it on their own. Will I die
another death without the touch of you?

That bastard seagull. Wasn't he the shame
of Hollywood Beach that sunny afternoon
we met and we made love for real?
Not in St Johns
where I lived a mile from you
But in Hollywood Beach
where a drunk can be a drunk
but in goodf company
But we were just too drunk to remember,
like everyone else on the beach
all of us down from the great St Johns Blizzard,
doing what Canadians do best
staying drunk long enough to forget it all
when we got back home.
But in St Johns, we had the bitter cold as an excuse
for being drunk all of the time.

On Hollywood Beach, the gulls all knew
We didn't need an excuse,
we just did it.

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My poetic pen
Wasted on a arrogant 
jerk that had no soul

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Scene 1 (years earlier)

Years of indecision 
Ended in an instant 
My life in third revision 
Starting in the present 

Touching everything I've owned 
Importing their very essence 
Of each and every feeling they borne 
History rearing it's very presents 

Boxed and placed on an empty truck 
My very existence held in transit 
That is when the melancholy struck 
Walking out this door would be a heroic bit 

On the other side of town a lady waited 
Patiently for me and for me to decide 
That my wild single passions were sated 
And to face and enjoy life by her side 

I fired up that truck, my heart, soul and mind 
Pointed them carefully to the other side of town 
Arriving at a place, I knew, true love I would find 
Truly amazed at the acceptance I had found. 

Act I Part I

The Stage of Life

I fell in love with the director.
Our relationship perfectly scripted in her head...
My role dictated, my character regulated
all I ever wanted was a forever love...

I threw out the script
and played my part true...
Ad libing my sweet little ass off.

The show was a hit!
and people cheered...
but we were through.
. . .

Act I... Part II

I am now a free agent...
See the passion in my eyes?
See the sexy style of my soul?

Give me a part to play...
hand me a script, 
and I will play it true
my way.

But, please,please, make it a forever gig.

rlm '07

Act I... Part III

The Horse Trader

The pounding reins
Of yesterday’s tears
Lead me down
The dreary road of today 

The joy I once found
Gazing into your eyes
Is hobbled by distance
And my faultering gait

Unbridled rides at dawn
a beautiful, insipid memory
Breakneck sprints in the dark
an aching need in the final strech

The rhythmic rhyme
of our ride in time
We won the race
but lost our place

Your crop too willing
my flanks too tender
Your mount is running,
full out, yet you ask for more
(unfinished) rlm

Act I Part IV (final act)

Of Tears and Candle Wax

My tears fuel the fire 
deep within my heart 
The sorrow in my soul 

Of this life I tire 
I have known my part 
This world takes its toll 
My tears do not come 
On my cheeks they run 
And me left a mere a husk of a man 

Finding their way to my soul 
leaving nowhere to stand 
Not finding my role 
far away from the sun 

A single candle 
lights my deep sorrow 
A single idea... 
I dread tomorrow 

As a man...I stand 
Naked to the pain. 


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********Their Are so many things' going on in this World that people don't know what to say or how they ACT........

Dear John:

I think that it is time
For Me to leave you alone
The last time 
I came by your house
You were gone...
It's not that I am
Your Sugar Daddy 
           And all that.....
        And certainly, not
     Your Daddy Mack
    But the last time
    That I saw you...
You had almost given
  Me a Heart Attack
We meet in the alley
Just to dilly and a little daley
But, something strange
Happen, In the alley...
And I am not one to fight
So don't think about
All the hipe'.
You droped your ID Card
Some-where in the yard
Some where in the alley
Their it was..
It was your card..
That it was a big fascuade
It said that your name
Wasn't John....
It' said Mrs. Sally
And I don't care if it
Were Steven Omalley...
Or just plain Smiley
Just not the kind of girl
That I should marrie..
Or even meet in an alley


The next time you meet John, and want to know what is up......
Just wait to see if she left the toilet seat up!

* This poem was not to pick some-one up! But, for them to listen at what
is going down!   Gary Fields'

******** This World is full of double meanings*******

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The Invisible Lover

From amidst the raging storm of thoughts a cry shattering the sky… 

“When wilt thou return from the dew-topped mountains?
From those high peaks that rub my imagination through.

Where oft doth thou disappear into a fragile trail of foot prints that mystically 
from where I hear a heart’s lonely cry; from where the frantic cries of the reaper 
submerge dies.
Is it true or is it just I? 

What hath thou so wonderfully witnessed from a town so tinsel lies?
From where such ruthless condemnation forked displayed…

From where ever, tell me now, tell me how and tell me why?
When thou art gone for what must I still low lie?”

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House Of Cards

I forget that I’m in trapped in a house of cards
until the wind comes blasting through
And I’m left again with nothing
Nothing but grief and this pile of all that I knew

I had to forget how much I cared for you
Something no one should ever have to do
Can you remember? Do you remember?
Those darkly happy days when you felt that way too?

Love so many bitter times unrequited
Two hearts broken----too broken to break anymore
You’ve become my dark horse in this race against time 
And I hope to God we’re not about to lose 

And all around absurd 
Is what this nightmare without you has been

We shouldn’t have to work so hard
To fall flat down on our faces
again and again

I wish you’d come out of your shell
and back to life in the warmth of my arms once again

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In My Bedroom Walls

A place for a myriad of pastimes
From bliss to despair
The pictures that hang here have a luminous glow from the rays that shine from 
the sun
Sometimes I stare at the them wishing I could escape into the picturesque 
setting where I am free from all my demons

My bedroom walls
Where my secrets lie 
They see my sins
They hear my cries
Just one more place
Where my dreams have died

Ghosts from my past
Awaken me at night
I hear the howling
Of the wolves that lay in wait to tear my flesh
They violate sacred grounds
Like vultures they feed off me until all that is left is bones

If these walls could speak what would they say?
Would they scream my confidences like Banshees and give their mistress away?
Or will they remain silent? 
Mysterious chamber of slumber where both romance and horror have performed
Where I keep myself hidden
Only they have the key to unlock the truth bestowing serenity on my soul
These bedroom walls don't crucify me for my wicked transgressions
In my bedroom walls I don't have to masquerade or put on a costume to conceal 
my imperfections
In these bedroom walls I am free to be me

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I know i am wrong!!

Oh Yeah! I know I am wrong,
Oh yeah! You won’t come along.

I know I never followed rules,
My beauty & mind are only jewels.

Oh Yeah! I’ve been hated for my attitude,
I know, my life will be lonely song.
I know you love me, I know I love you.
But you will not come along.

Oh yeah! I know baby I know I am wrong!!

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The babble of youth grouped in gaggles like pecking geese pricked by the silence of the unabsorbed, garbed in the flesh or cloth too large or too small for their burgeoning minds. Gangly limbs akimbo intent, inward…looking outward flung like a sling-shot’s stone… forward brimming with all too human DNA. Stilled… a pensive brooding deepens bonds of childish chatter break as Mother Goose clucks. Heads are stabilized by, held up by white-knuckled fists, free-hands continually rove the groomed while grooming furrowed brows knit scattered kernels of thought. The soft-shelled few gaze glazed, dazed contemplate the ground unfulfilled ponds of thought mine the mirrored depth the hooded eyes of the limb-crossed capping a fountain of chi…

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Hope you find all you desire, 
In your world filled with denial
Before you grow you must plant a seed
And that requires trial

Effort means little when you simply speak
It's actions you must prove
Amazing how different things can happen
Once you actually move

I'm taking this situation to heart, 
And letting God mold my fear, 
Before it was to lose you,
and now to God my worries veer

Our struggles may appear alike,
But one thing you must consider
At the end of the day I have the Lord
And you continue to grow bitter

You can't hide your problems, can't ignore your thoughts
For each of us has our vice
Covering the issue up under the rug
Will only create the same mistake, twice

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Drenched with guilt he feels Beaten down with worry Cursed and threatened not to tell The dreams he takes away are real Next time you'll be sorry Underestimating every day He breaks in with his own key Not following but getting me... The look in his eyes all but say Don't leave me girl... ...I'll make you stay

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As You Leave

Every time you leave, a piece of me goes with,
it attaches itself to you securely,
assigning its mission forthwith.

When you travel down that lonesome road,
down a monotonous path of isolation –
just reach inside your pocket,
and there I’ll be there without hesitation.

As your days go by, without me by your side,
just open up your jacket,
you’ll find my heart beating inside.

When you lie awake in bed,
crying at the severed loss,
just wrap your covers even tighter,
and my love shall span across.

When you feel down,
and alone without a friend,
that piece of me shall comfort,
your heartache I will mend.

As the distant absence grows longer,
that piece of me grows stronger,
leading you back to this absent heart,
the one who was with you from the start.

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Forever is really never

Remnants of the past cast shadows on his points of view an attractive conversation with no literal honesty Pained at the cause those scars that remain Those lies on your breath smelled of raw sewerage Tears showed every crease where rivers flow my heart has melted in the middle of your road now requiring tow. I remind myself that everything ends badly or comes to a close though my hearts without resolve when your forever is really never when what I really needed was this lever to take your weight off my shoulders ~I haven't stopped growing~

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I gazed into my shadow
only those who seek shall find
I know the day I found myself
was the day I lost my mind

for I fell in love with madness
that darkness of the soul
those twisted mental corridors
where sanity dares not go

intentions innocent and evil
I love the terror in your eyes
when I feel your gaze upon me
with that fear you can't disguise

from the razor's edge of sanity
I hear dementia's call
let the world begin to slip away
let madness consume us all

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When time came back

The blue little sky,watching the little bird fly,
stopping a bit to shy ,a great sight to deny!

After a long indeed old memories flew in my mind,
with similar adrenaline rush I don't know what I did find?

Feelings of the past never go away from you,
however far you may be they are still within you.

The same old thoughts and the idiotic dreams,
flashes back in the mind hearing the unknown screams.

Words still don't come out of my bleeding heart,
and she came all over again to make her mark.

The one whom I tried to reach now stands before me,
but still not satisfied don't know what i wanted this to be.

Time never does reverse -wise people stated it as a fact,
but now it's time when past came back!!!

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Dead leaves and cheap red wine
Remind me of the summertime
Remind me of everything

She says she knows me well
Always one to kiss and tell
Tell me love will ring

And sun is shining
And she’s still crying
We were laying on blanket
Thinking no one else could see

Until the moon was rising
I thought our love was dying 
Then whispers from lips
Told me all I need to know

Forever lost in endless bliss
The night of our first kiss
Her love was so wonderful

Heartaches and sad goodbyes
Ripped away the summertime
Ripped away everything

And her heart was beating
And her skin was warm
In the back seat of my chevy
She made me a man

And my mind was fleeting
With my fingers reading
The story of her body
And song of her soul

And when I think about that night
Her beauty still surrounds me
Like a blanket made of wool

And when I wonder where shes gone
Her memory disturbs me
Wakes me up from sleep

Her love still confounds
Made me who I was to be
But the summer never left me
It still burns here today
A fire raging northward 
Across a huge expanse of space

Even in the heart of winter
The warmth still remains
Like beacon shining onward
Asking me to stay

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In A State of Amnesia Falling Into Fantasia

Your love, like amnesia it made me forget all the dark forces against me they tortured me relentless then you put me into amnesia from the problems, hope came in the foresight of your prowess and the light emanating from your face what seems calm on the surface is often roaring within screaming, hair crazy like I'm the demon's descendant only strong feelings can push out the weak and those skeletons surface, hurt us and repeat so no ones around and I learn to hate me and no Love to be found because it gave me a profound amnesia. waking prematurely every other time I sleep seeking sanctuary why cant I be at peace? fill up a void come into my world exposed to be touched pay no mind I'm at home when the pain seems too much shut it off like a light now i'm all into peace a presence around me a love like amnesia I'm falling into fantasia calm as can be worries drift away forget how hurt I am for one meaningful day no I'm not the devil but I know who he is he once came to visit and make my soul his as a dark ball inside me consumes me at times i keep inching forward toward the many facets of mind knowing not showing much at all down in the sunrise revived by the fall a natural course of a star entering destruction like lotus flowers in bloom under a fog covered moon in the cold autumn wind healing old scars within practice the old magik into a new growing skill will it be enough the day which stands still worth fighting for.

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According to you

I am crazy,
I am lost, I am moody,
with no self-esteem,
no willpower…

Scared to make choices,
don’t want to take chances,
I fear changes,
I cling to the past,
I have no future, without a plan
I have no life
and I don’t know what I want
from life…

The question is? 
“is this true”
you see all this 
is according to you…

Peeking through someone else’s eyes
I’m quirky and funny,
I have direction,
I know what I want,
I am happy,
independent …

I have dealt with my past
I’m forging ahead to the future,
not stuck in a rut
or waiting on someone’s approval,
my moods are my own
if I want to cry, I cry
I know who I am…

Just so you know
according to him,
I’m everything he wants in a woman
and he does not expect me to change…

So tell me,
whose opinion counts?
Who am I with?
Who did I chose?

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Stormy Stormy Night

Stormy stormy night
Tormented by a lover's quarrel fight
Oblivious allegations
Ruined bedroom sensations
Myths of tall tales told
Yeilding lies that now become too dam old

My Theme   Stormy
Gl All

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Free Flight

Two birds on a wire
testing each other's fire
The lights of the airport
pass before my weary eyes

Sifting out where my future lies
Evaluating my current ties

We run to keep up
holdin' feelings inside
Reaching out in our lives

Holding each other tightly
In our weary souls
trying to fill in the wholes

Holding out our hearts
looking for a fresh start

Holding each other's hand
Wondering why the other has not ran

rlm '07

This one came to me sitting on a delayed flight out of Raleigh, NC

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With Child

He has just found out she's pregnant .....
embracing her from behind he cups a breast for comfort,
and together they hold her womb
in awe of the moment.
Holding her close he whispers of his love for her,
how excited he is, how proud
that she's carrying his child.
He tells her that in all their time together, 
he has never felt closer to her.

Embraced from behind, she leans back into him for comfort,
and together they hold her womb
in awe of the moment.
From a distance she hears him tell of his love for her.
Distracted, her eyes are on the horizon 
but her gaze is deep inside.
She suddenly knows what it may take him years to know,
never again will he be the absolute centre of her universe
..... she has just found out she's pregnant.

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A Friend

I don’t want to love you,
Not just yet.
I’m not ready to settle,
And I’m sure you’re not either.
I’m not ready to chain down
My zest and my capacity;
The best of my compassion
Has yet to be raised,
And I’m sure you feel the same way.

Nor do I want to make love with you,
Not just yet.
I’m not ready for the bed,
And I’m sure you’re not either.
I’m not ready to chain down
My crest of my emotion;
That nested-bearing notion
Has yet to be calmed,
And I’m sure you feel the same way.

I don’t want Mrs. Right,
And I don’t want Mrs. Right Now;
I just want a friend.
For now.

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What I Meant To Say

What I meant to say was...

I'm sorry, and
I miss you,
And I forgive you and I hate you
I meant to tell you that I want to work it out 
between us,
And it could never work between us, 
There's this thing between us,
Though you have my whole and soul
I listen for your whisper at night,
All day,
I sickly dread crossing paths
I promise you I meant to talk to you again,
Unless I got in my way
I cry to you, at you, sometimes for you
But nevermore in front of you
You've made me stronger than that, though
I do love you
I meant to tell you that you're scum

What I meant to tell you was that
I can still feel your love
Your lies
Your kiss
Your sighs
The quiet way you left me in the night
Or the messy way I ripped you from my side
Your wish to die
Your guilt, my guilt, my lies
Nevermore I want to cry

What I meant to say is I'm drawn to you
For love of danger, or neglect
Not for love of myself (or is it?)

What I meant to say is that I love you,
But I choose me.

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Someone Else's Harmonica

We can’t catch the breezes inside,
so we take to the porches, verandas, fire escapes.
Watch an asbestos moon rise
over steaming rooftops,
and count flags from far away cities.

Below, beetles swallow our Elm trees whole,
as I listen to the neighbors bickering
and someone else’s harmonica.

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Long Summer Days Soon

She had a baby
today.  She's only sixteen.
Long summer days soon.

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All Thanks to Him

Walking down the empty streets,
In truth already done,
I've lost myself in dreams again as I sit in school,
I sit and sit and sit and sit,
But not a word absorbed,
It doesn't matter how long I stay,
I'm not here at all.

He laughs and laughs all at something I said,
I smile, grin in responce to him.
He's shown me not to draw from people,
Taught me how to be myself.
To dance and listen,
Learn and turn,
But no longer in my head,
Now I dance to live, and learn!

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I see you in my dreams, not as a comfort,
Not as an emancipation but as a nightmare.
Those discarded recollections rapidly retort
With dreadful visions that endlessly glare.

I wonder why dreaming you is a nightmare.
Perhaps, I do not possess enough memories
Of you, besides, the good ones are very rare.
My Subconscious visualizes myriad stories.

I shut eyes and try to break my dreamy cage.
Going in a trance, I behold you, I sense you
But opening eyes, I realize that it’s a mirage,
My nightmarish wishes evaporate like dew.

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Years of indecision 
Ended in an instant 
My life in third revision 
Starting in the present 

Touching everything I've owned 
Importing their very essence 
Of each and every feeling they borne 
History rearing it's very presents 

Boxed and placed on an empty truck 
My very existence held in transit 
That is when the melancholy struck 
Walking out this door would be a heroic bit 

On the other side of town a lady waited 
Patiently for me and for me to decide 
That my wild single passions were sated 
And to face and enjoy life by her side 

I fired up that truck, my heart, soul and mind 
Pointed them carefully to the other side of town 
Arriving at a place, I knew, true love I would find 
Truly amazed at the acceptance I had found. 

rlm '09

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The Swaying of the Grass



A path leads,

to where wild grass grows,


sashaying in the summer breeze.




Along the path,
lightness settles within,


feeling the grass,
tickling ankles,


swaying to the lilting bird-song,

in a dance of intimate abandon,


brushing the remnants of pain away.




Melodies float across fields of green,

delicately caressing my heart,


teasing emptiness to flee,

comforting the mind,


to silently be.




Walking on,
savouring the peace,


a momentary respite,
from the burdens of the now,


all is quiet,


a stillness cradling fractured emotions,


the grass in the fields sway,


dusk descends,


shadows lengthen,


nudging dimming light to take leave,


of the day

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Drifts of Blossoms

Daring drifts of blossoms dance along the water's edge 
And count their blessings for Heaven's sake 
And drown out a lover's pledge 
And the other sounds that two lovers make 

Nature's ways harmonize, climb and chime 
The wind whispers and moves on its way 
Souls search and get lost in time 
And find forever and somewhere to stay 

Cherries burst and dreams explode 
Deep breaths and a sudden sigh 
Dangerous curves down a slippery wet road 
Twists and turns against a dead end sky 

Trees bend into a gripping gust 
A grey ghost rides and hides the light 
Rain falls into dripping lust 
As daydreams dip and dive into night

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Deceptive Calm

Tonight I'll talk too much and try to and complicate my friends.
Distant conversations, eye contact only now and then.
I try and drown myself in futile disbelief,
Only to be washed ashore by truth here on my computer screen. 

The monsters hand held out, hung me by my own beliefs.
I held on tight, surviving by the skin of my teeth.
I raised my head up high and took a look into your eyes,
Searching for light I embarked into my own demise.

I gave you what you want in hopes that it was what you need
Tread the ground barefoot so all the blisters bleed.
The dog he's only learned to love and stay,
But he wants to get away, he needs to get away. 

Now you know I've found a place to hide,
Got to run somewhere, leave you, girl you know I've tried.
I'm stuck reviewing the memories of our yesterday,
But I want to get away, I need to get away. 

Walking the forest whispering to all silent trees.
I can feel the change, and relate to all falling leaves. 
The world bears down and my legs won't seem to stand,
'Guess I'm just arrogant, too stupid to see I've done all that I can. 

I gave you what you want in hopes that it was what you need
Tread the ground barefoot so all the blisters bleed.
The dog he's only learned to love and stay,
But he wants to get away, he needs to get away. 

Now you know I've found a place to hide,
Got to run somewhere, leave you, girl you know I've tried.
I'm stuck reviewing the memories of our yesterday,
But I want to get away, I need to get away.

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An intolerable drain
Will my life be ruined by him
A right miserable pain?

I persist in seeking his
Bucketful of disdain
I would I am sure
Have more pleasure from the
Rain in Spain

I am glad he didst bid me farewell
Pity he did it before
I made that get lost 
Voodoo spell

Is it too late I wonder
To ask my ex dear
Why the sacksful of hate?

No doubt it is
He has moved on
Spreading more hate

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Mid-September Blue

when everything was possible
when everything was new
when my heart beat out of my chest
and found it's way to you
when skies were emerald green 
and trees were powder blue
hearts everywhere were seen
you said it was because of me
i said it was because of you
your eyes reflected gold
they told me stories
that were never told
i hung on each and every word
i remember everything i heard
in the background, a blutiful bluebird
Everyday was Mid-September Blue
when you showed me a better me
and I showed you a sweeter you
Mid-September Blue
was such a beautiful violet hue
the most beautiful view
that I ever knew

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Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire


Virulent tendrils of aching need

Fanning smoldering desires

Entangled in a burning embrace

Sinewy bodies dancing in place

Consumed by the passions we feed

Longing needs tenderly conspires

Tempestuous intense tensions

Demanding passionate release


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Omofolabode MAKEs ME PROUD
Than anything I ever could achieved,
Seem to be so small since she arrived.
Angel winds an angelical formation.

Breathing seems so hard to do,
Suddenly, the promise of love has gone.
Omofolabode, I now understand
The time we made love together.

Why do I love you like I do?
You should have told me
Like a sunrise, like a rainfall
You make me feel funny

When you come around.
What I find out is joy.
She makes me feel happy
Like velvet to my skin

And I often wonder why?
Someone as flowed as I
Deserve to be as happy as
She makes me
To long for omofolabode
The queen of my life.

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how to hug

i may be the last person to tell you this 
i may be the first too 
when i stopped to exchange time with you 
i saw sincerity there 
you did not hear about the troubles, the trials and misguided thoughts 
what you got 
was my entire moment of time 
i know the news as of late is bad 
i know there are others not as willing to hear 
i know you stopped to listen to 
an exchange between two 
the courtesy of the beginning of my loving you 
there will be no complaint in my words here 
no attempt at a wisdom meant to harm 
you quite simply get 
the best i leave you with 
know this my fellow exchange 
i have come this far, thus far. . . and walked away 
to keep my arms open for you 
for the day 
you finally learn how to hug

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How Do I Let You Go

What will be
Will be!
I know of this, first hand
Your life was taken away
So abruptly!
I will 
Never forget
That day!
Till the day 
My body dies
I am with you, again!

“How was I to prepare myself?”
That kind of 
Life changing, event!
Didn't warn me 
Were permanently leaving!
I hope 
You know 
How much “I love you”
You will never be forgotten!

I don’t know 
Has got into me!
I feel you
Inside me
I see images
Of your face 
So clearly!
Am I crazy 
To believe in this, my love?

“Are you still with me?”
“Is my imagination 
Playing cruel tricks
Running rampant
I talk with you
As if 
You were by my side, right now

In my heart and mind
Your face etched
Like a blue print
That never fades
Your foot prints 
Still remain, beside me
My heart beats
Trying to make sense of everything!

Forgive me, my love
For being so strong in my feeling
For it has been a long time
Since I lost you, my friend
I haven’t
Got over!

My heart 
A mind of its own
To be with you, still!
To see you
To smell you
To touch you
To taste you
Last time!

I want to say “Goodbye” 
Once and for all!
We have
Brought out
The best and worst 
In each other
Rivers run deep
When it comes to you and me!

We have had our fair share of fights and arguments
Stubborn disagreements
All of them
You cease to exist!

I miss your lingering touches
Your hand, stroking my face
Your big, blue eyes
Looking into mine
Your warm lips
Your rough, unshaven face 
The way you
Kiss me
We make love, till dawn

I miss
All those nights
You kept me 
Safe and warm!
I miss
Loving embrace
I miss
“Am I ever going to feel the same, with another?”
I felt
In your arms, my love?

Do I let you go?
Do I set myself, free?
I am ready
To love, again!
‘Our eternal love’
Guiding me
In times, like these!

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Just One Drink

What did she say when you told her you still loved me?

Did she turn away or try to disagree

Did you think about her or how she would be?

No you were only thinking about me.


She stands there now, all alone

Facing her fears of the unknown

Turning her head on what she's once known

Realizing now, she's on her own


With no one around to help her choose

She stands her ground, not ready to lose

Her head held high while hearing the news

To accept her fate, she must refuse


She tries and tires with all her might

To win you back every night

She has no plans to give up the fight

Any hope is out of sight


Her heart is now filled with hatred 

Will all the love that you desecrated

With just that one sentence that you stated

Her entire life is now dated


Did you ever stop and try to think,

Just how far she would sink?

How close she was to the brink?

Or how it could all end with just one drink?


Just one drink to end all the pain

Just one little sip to break the chain

Just one to do the job, to her disdain

Just one and she will die in vain. 


You don't even care to attend her funeral

To you she was just a girl that you could treat cruel

How could you be such a fool?

You don't even know of the fire you've fueled. 


You come to my door and ring the bell

You send thousands of messages to my cell

Repeatedly the words "I LOVE YOU" you yell

But for all I care you can just go right on to hell 


I don't want you anymore you Silly boy

I am no longer your stupid little toy

As for the loneliness you feel now, I hope you enjoy

Because you had your chance and my love you destroyed. 


I am my own person without you

I no longer rely on your every move

I am no longer clueless on what to do

I know now I can move on to someone new.


As for the girl that you threw aside

I hope you think of her every time you cry

You're the whole reason that she died

If you wanted someone to love, she would have been there by your side. 


She would have loved you the way you love me

But you never opened your eyes and seen what there was to see

I'll never love you no matter how hard you plea

So wallow in your self pity, you'll get no remorse from me


I hope you drown in your misery

Thank God that sad little girl is finally free

Thank God I knew it was time to flee 

This is goodbye, so don't bother calling me.

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Loveless Days

Blood spilled upon the British skies
Her eyes drained my soul
Asserted love in bad places has forever taken over

I leave the stoned windowed motel without anymore wishes
I pray for nothing now

I couldn't tell if it was morning birth or noon exposed
I jump the scene and the cold moments looking to hang onto sharpened blue clouds

You've burned me woman
You've pressed the flame upon my skin-analyzed my thoughts and sin,preached to all the
broken men,men like me who move with wind

But we're gone aren't we baby?

Her eyes drained my soul
Blood spilled upon the British skies
I died on your Monday evening

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Dr Jekyl

I dare you to miraculously take my thrown,
take the dagger,
but I have a stone.
I dare you to rip my rugged shirt
the one you bought me 
5 years ago
I dare you to torture my humbly bitten soul
the one you bit right threw,
sucking my treacherous flesh-
as if it were venom.
But I don't dare you to love me,
the way I once did,
the way I searched your pupils,
every aspect of color alive-
I don't dare you to please me,
I've been pleased too much before-
taking my pride-
cherishing it.
You ripped out your own heart-
while dealing with mine.
Soaking up the blood from your steak-knife-
the same assassination you've done before
it's really not worth this much.
It really never was.
But I long for those days
every 2nd day.
Where it was you and I
and all the sweet-time in the world.
Kiss me one final time.
Finale of repetition

Smash your dirty face in mirror.
I don't believe you anymore.

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Just One

<                                             The Rose
                                               I  Suppose

                                              Unfurl Petals
                                             Magical Medows

                                                Long     Stem
                                              Starlight  Gem

                                               Crystal Adorn's
                                                Table's  Born

                                               Womens  Heart
                                                  Man's   Start

                                               Passionate Bliss
                                                  Velvet    Kiss

                                                   Just     One

                                                  Loves   Begun

Entry For
A Rambling Poet's
The Flower Contest 
GL All








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Promiscuity's Obscurity

self-indulgence, did you wreak
you, did judgement seek

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Wet Dreams

        WET DREAMS
I know not why your love's evading me,
nor what to do, so that your heart can see,
that passion grows no matter what I do,
and makes my heart to keep on loving you,
though all it's brought is pure insanity.

In dreams I've wept, but kept on loving you,
and tears, they flowed, no matter what I do,
I tried to take my burning love in hand
but it's a thing my heart can't understand,
and sleep won't tell what love is coming to.

If I could dream the dream both night and day,
I'd spend my life just sleeping where I lay,
and waking from the dream in burning sweat,
I lie content, and feel my hand is wet,
from love you've given me, in your own way.

Details | I do not know? | |


Accusations and fabrications,
made without foundation,
have pulverized my heart.

Your insecurities and fears,
your jealousy and tears,
are tearing us apart.

I've given you all of me,
so why the hell can't you see,
it's been you from the start?

No matter what I say,
you’re gonna doubt me anyway,
but it's you who owns my heart.

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When The Fall Fell Down..

do you remember 

when we were so young 
when the fall fell down 
and the spring had sprung 
when the winter came 
and made us so cold 
when the summer flame 
found us playing and saying 
I hope we never grow old..

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sweetest dawn he ever knew
Toast was perfect, sky was blue

from the window all he saw ---
Sparkling as the artists draw


didn't whine, didn't stutter
when he wakened in the gutter

Didn't know he'd tempted Fate
Nibbling garnish from his plate

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Till Death Do Us Part

I lay awake, at night
Hearing your spirit, calling me
I feel you, deeply
Another time, another space
How, do I bring you back home?

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Our Relationship

I was one in a large selection
The two of us made a connection
I admit I had a predilection 
You and I started out as perfection
Everyday filled with affection
Then came all the little corrections
After your voice made many inflections
So then I made an interjection
That I had began to have some detection
But you told me to stop with my dissection
Saying that it was for my protection
And gave me a lovely future projection
So I believed all of your flexions
Just by the look on your complexion
But still I was filled with some dejection
So after a night of introspection
I knew I could not put up with this rejection
And after a few minutes of reflection
I had several recollections
I could finally see every imperfection
The lies that met at their intersections
I had to have a little inspection
At first I felt some circumspection
So I followed you in your direction
Into town in a different section
Looked in some doors that needed disinfection
Only to find a girl on top of your erection
What I felt come on was an insurrection
My anger swirled around like convection
You pushed her off to make an objection
Don’t bother to make a defection
This relationship has no chance of resurrection.

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The Runaway

It's too much to deal with
With too many thoughts with too many people with too many hearts
Tired of the emotions
Tired of the knots
Of stress in my back and tired of the shots
Dealing with others and other peoples plots
Family and friends and lovers forgot
It's so easy to replace the stress and the plots
The scenery, the people, and the old is forgot
I love to runaway
For change in a better way but then sometimes I miss my old days
I find myself wishing and praying in a gaze that this new path is really a better way

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I Then We

I thought my body was dying;
I thought my life was over and done.
I thought my hopes and dreams were lost;
I thought I had no one, not none.

Then I saw a glimmer of hope;
Then, she found me with her soul.
Then I was raised up back to life;
Then, she made me feel whole.

Then I gave her my love and trust;
Then, she took my flesh and bone.
Then I took her heart and mind;
Then, she gave me... crown and throne.

We had never done anything like that;
We had never known any like buss.
We had never felt sensations like those;
We had never been with anyone like us.

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Forgotten about

I move and shake the universe
so that I will be remembered 
outside of my verses 
I carry around fancy purses
and insert proper English 
when necessary 
check or minus the curses

I fight to be heard 
friends surround me 
like verbs in a sentence 
sometimes I feel like I've 
been sentenced 
When you look around 
and realized that loneliness 
still comes around no matter 
how big your clique is 

Beauty is only the beginning
they want the personality too
so you get lost in the glossy 
made up version of you 
Aiming for perfection 
has your priorities all eschewed
till one day you look in the mirror
and you barely notice it's you 

I dig for the deeper parts
I'm in search of the truth
sifting through apples 
and squeezing out juice

I need a reason besides being liked
something that doesn't stick to 
the surface like perfume 
because in my heart there
is a whole lot of room 
a hole that's offering 
free parking just to fill the vacancy

They see a pretty girl alone 
and it's the strangest thing 
but to me it's always been just me
so I have no one to blame but myself
for letting people forget me 
for not shining enough 
to make them want to stay 
Yes it's all my fault I know

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Fourty Four

As the fire in her face took her away
He studied the intricate patterns of rain
As she endlessly chased her racing tail
He observed the water engulf the pale

As she looked to the mirror gentle cast
He steered the ship and tied the mast
As she mended the garden torn and few
He gazed out to sea and enjoyed the view

As she lay in bed down the hall
He danced with shadows on the wall
As she silently called out his name
He spoke to the skies fickle flame

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True Reality

Why is it
I am always wrong?
I have always done?
Why is it
I am 
Never good enough
In your eyes
In challenging times?

How many times
Do I have to say
“I love You?”
What will it take
To convince
That mind 
Of yours?

What can I say
That will ease 
This jealousy
You feel towards me
When drinking 
Too much booze
Killing what brain cells
Are left
In that stubborn 
Head of yours!

How long 
Will it take
For you 
To believe in me?
For I know
I am a fool 
Staying here, with you!
Feeling desperate
Lost and lonely
Dreams squashed
Emotionally drained
When ‘we’ need to pull together
In union ship
To make 
This bond strong
Between us!

'Uniting as One’'

'Love Conquering All'

“So, I am told!”

I love you more
Than this
Arguing and fighting!
You refuse to understand
The love I have for you

My head 
Tells me to stay with you
My heart knows
I cannot!
I have asked you 
To be kind to me
I have asked
You to open up 

Your anger and rage
Continues growing
Out of control
Taking over
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
Burning bridges
Being ruthless
Out for the kill!

I need to break away!
I need to clear my head!
I need to experience
Love and longevity
True togetherness
The one’s I love!
My heart needs to experience
‘Healthy Love’
My heart deserves the best!
You now
Belong in my past
I am no longer the person
You once knew me, to be

Your insecurities
Your inner demons 
Far bigger
Than any of the love
You choose to acknowledge 
Feel from me!

You can believe this 
To be true
If nothing else!

“Love thy self”

Without personal gain
Your Primary Motive!
Know Love 
Be Love, in Action!

Be honest
Have empathy now
I cut these cords
Of emotional bondage
Bind us together 
True Love 
No longer 
Our foundation!

I stand on my own
I have learnt the lessons
You have come to teach
I now know
What love isn't!
“I thank you”
For showing me this!

My illusions of love
Blinding me
Colouring my experiences
Only what 
'I Wanted Us To Be'
‘True Reality’

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        Like a ghost
I walk through memories
        Of my past
Wondering why I let you destroy my life
    Commanding me to give up
     All that I am 
     All that I love
You stripped away my self-esteem
  And left me standing before you
         Broken and used
         You made me cry
    Just to watch the tears
      Fall from my eyes
My heart is bleeding and raw
      Afraid to trust  
       I back away
    Not letting anyone in
   Don't get hurt that way

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Nothing Back, with prelude

Finally found the perfect prelude to this previous piece...

She never learns the lesson
Not to dance under the moon
With all the stars applauding
Her nakedness

Her thirst, her insane laughter
And getting drunk
On the flashes of lightning
At midnight

Nothing Back

A siren, you are my love,
You call men to their doom...
their destiny?

I blame you not...
for a mortal cannot rule the mythical.
I was almost held to your spell...
If I had not knotted myself to the mast.

You promise an' take everything,
But nothing in return do you offer.
The sweet songs you weave...
Call to me....
As if I were the only one. 

To see people for who they are...
Is the only way i can live....
and give.

Goodbye, my Siren,..... goodbye?

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They both have the same color of eyes,
one is funny, the other is not;
an error in judgment means a lot...
happiness or sadness I realize!

They both seem so honest and nice,
the younger one dreams in colors;
the older one whispers nuptial words...
will I be cheated or smile in surprise? 

They both seem to care by being so tender,
not seeing the uncertainty in my glances;
I hate when the envious one just stares,
and the quite one brushes her frizzy hair.

And so alone confronting the dilemma of doubt,
I must diligently choose one to keep for a lifetime,
but things get worse and I act in pantomime;
with lights out, fears grows quicker than a sprout.

Details | Iambic Pentameter | |


You always accept me for who I am
Not once have you desired to perfect me
You do not reflect my imperfections
You smile back justly, "what imperfections?"
Way down inside, I feel a twinge of pain.
Errorless? But... my whole system was glitched--
How bizarre to be embodied "ideal".
Why do I always find those words abstruse?
My world is turning upside down,
Optimism defeats pessimism
Changing inside, I naturally shiver.
Nevermore classified with neurosis. 
Wave goodbye to the old world's confinement,
Let the sky explode into glass pieces.
Scratch away my eyes. May I gaze deeper?
For the first time, someone's arms around me.
Like spread out branches of a summer tree
Not like a haunting numbness... prickling...
Appreciating physicality
Your skin warms me like a safety blanket.
Driven distraction, fast adaptation--
No longer fearing what I lusted for.
Encouraged by you to pursue a dream,
You always accept me for who I am
Not once have you desired to perfect me 
You do not reflect my imperfections
You smile back justly, "what imperfections?"
Please give me time to learn true acceptance.

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Kisses felt:
Moments lost. 
Priceless moments
Always cost.
Peace and love:
Childhood wishes.
Friends forever,
Like butterfly kisses,
Never last
More than a day,
Then they all
Fade away.
Dreams, like shoes,
Become too small
To fit our lives
When potential calls.
Kisses felt:
Moments lost.
Priceless moments
Always cost.
Is the price
Worth the pain?
Or worth the strength
We eventually gain?
Of course it is.
Just persevere.
Don't ever stop dreaming.
Don't live in fear.

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I thought I loved them

I thought that I loved them.
I mean I would like to think that I did.
I wiped so many tears from off my face because
I assumed that, that was what love really is ....

Well I thought I loved them. 
all these people that would rent my heart
but didn't intend to keep it.
I was to be used, and returned
just like a net flix DVD.

But I could have sworn I loved them.
I refused to get out of the ring.
I would fight to my death to win 
what I thought I loved.
But they would never even get 
in the ring for me.

I thought I loved these unavailable people.
I treated them like they owed me something.
I had my hand out and they gave me no coins, no change.
I was like a poor person trying to withdraw money
from my account with unavailable funds. 
Their hearts were never mines 
and I was as broke as ever.

I was for sure that I loved them
until the day that I met you.
I knew that I loved you 
when I was willing to let someone else have you.

The day I met you I wasn't selfish.
I had expectations and you crushed them.
I knew I loved you the day I agreed 
to be your friend.
I put my own wants to the side.

I love you.
I am sure every time I looked into your eyes.
I exchanged in my bad habits just to 
be good enough for you to have.
I know that your too good for me.
You don't just want to rent my heart
you want to buy me and keep me.

I love you because you made me yours.
I swallowed all my fears down 
and I pray to god that you don't leave.
I thought I loved them
but they are like skeletons
compared to you.
The love I have for you 
is so real, alive and human. 

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So-Called Good Christians

You have made a choice. 
You have chosen hatred. 
In our Heavenly Father, 
you have chosen not to rejoice. 
He is who spares the most awful dread. 
You have chosen to hate me. 
First it was the “N” word, 
the Afro comment, 
and my curly hair. 
Now you hate me 
for the religion 
that I have chosen to be. 
My faith gives me what is right and fair. 
I pity you for all your hate. 
But you made it clear my fate. 
A Mormon to this date, 
a Mormon forever. 
Your rage and hate 
prove my faith and 
choice of religion right. 
Your bigoted hatred
I have chosen to fight 
by giving it light. 
I want it 
in everyone's sight. 
Your rage and hatred is your only boast. 
But with it you are engrossed. 
Like you, your rage and hatred 
are nothing but compost. 
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit 
gives me what I need the most. 
And for you, that is just 
too bad so sad. 

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So this is what it’s about
sitting under the darkening sky
hoping to finish the last red drop
before the first rain drops

swirling burgundy around the crystal
grape puddles breathing an oily fog
spit seeds of perception—
the acidity of intellect
eating through the rinds of remorse
as she speaks
and speaks?

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You Are Mine

Man candy for my mind,
The love I bleed for you,
Shoots your heart,
Like a psychotic breakdown.

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Making out with a Monster

At first it was magic
Sparks flew, the works
No words could describe it
All the thrill as emotions burst..

Mindless, blissful moments
Innocence thrown out the window
Who cares about the audience
It’s just you in me in this show..

Everything was alright
Everything’s goin our way
You took me on a flight
We never counted the days..

But as the journey gets longer
I hit bumps along your road
And as I go deeper
Your teeth start to show..

Strawberry’s no longer sweet
Even milk starts to sour
The bird lies flat on its feet
The bees don’t make money no more..

What used to feel so right
Have now all gone wrong
Our beautiful days turn into cold nights
A demon has reared and my angel is gone..

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My Grass in the Desert

The midnight magic sprinkles in the air.
I can hear the every breath that you take.
Closing my eyes I am so lost to any existence.
This moment is mine that I create.
So very, very much I am content!
My soul is engaged with such a paradise. 
I am aimlessly there.

Ah yes! Yes indeed, 
You are my grass in the desert and I am so very, very near.
The glitter is everywhere, 
I can breathe the every breath that you take.
Closing my eyes I am so lost for time.
This moment is mine that I make.
So very, very much I am entwined.
My soul is entangled with magic so sublime, 
I am without a single care.
Yes, yes, yes! 

You are my grass in the desert and I do often come there.
The radiance I stand and bear.
I can touch the every breath that you take.
Closing my eyes I am so lost without a cause.
This moment is mine that I partake.
So very, very much I am lost.
My soul is entangled in this web of mine, 
I am so very, very much there.

I am lost in time.
Ah yes, yes, yes indeed!
You are my grass in the desert and I am here to share.
Blossoms are blooming everywhere planting the harvested seeds.
My grass in the desert is all that I will ever need, even when so desolately bare!

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Silent Killer

Getting over what love had in store.
   Realizing I was better off before.
Once again picking my HeArT off the floor.
(All because I answered the knock at Loves door)

Falling to my knees & asking why?! With a hole in my chest, I try not  to cry.
   Looking for answers.....Teary eyes to the sky.
Beginning to think it was all a lie.

I've got to be strong. My Mental Recovery...I have to hustle.
   So I hide the pain, under re-found muscle.

I'm getting my WeIgHt up with my HaTe...Ego is the TrIgGeR.
   One thing I've come to realize....Love, not Hate. Is the Silent Killer

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She's The Clouds

In me flows, a creativity,

with no question, wants to come out.

However, sometimes there's, a dry spell,

leading me, to my inspirational drought.


Her the clouds, in my desolate sky,

pours her beauty, upon my, valley below.

There then lays, me a beautiful garden,

of which, she has help, to then grow.


From her comes, my  hope,

out of happiness, I shed a tear.

For she, is my love, and inspiration,

whom to heart, I truly, hold dear.


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A boy and a girl

I remember the day I first saw her face on the school bus such an uneasy place
we both were shy it took months just to talk soon enough we would always walk
from the stop to her house were I d stand uneasy the sweat would pool in my right hand
One night late after school she came to my house I tried to be cool 
she asked if I would like to go out of course I did but I was nervous anxious filled with doubt

we spent a whole summer just hanging out some times I got so nervous I wanted to shout
I recall how she first placed her hand in mine I was sweating so bad I was losing my mind
the touch of her fingers in my sweaty palm gave comfort unknown and a relieving calm
I realize now she was just as scared but she seemed so calm ready and aware

she became my very best friend but even I knew the summer would end
before the fall came an took her away we spent time with each other everyday
a few weeks before school started again we went to the park are spot back then 
she looked in my eyes for ever it seemed I was confused and young I almost screamed
then she leaned towards me with the sweetest touch she said shed miss me very much
and then it happen her lips searched and found mine out in that moment it removed all doubt
an innocent peek between dearest of friends learning how such things have there ends
after school started that year she moved away I have not seen her since that day

Forever she holds a piece of my heart the innocents we shared was ours from the start
even tho Ive grown a lot since then that young love is for thick and thru thin
we never took not a thing from one another we held each other up learned from one another
I wonder if she thinks of me I think of her and lonely nights I hope she lives happily
youth is something you cannot keep I miss those days on the grass we would sleep 

somewhere inside the shy little boy waits for the day he might see that girl once again
the soul that taught me how to love and to be loved how to end and how to begin
I know ill never see her again I know its only memories something lost to the past 
if I would have known it would end that way and be over so quick so dam fast
I would have told her more of the true me maybe then Id feel whole at last
sweet first love I hope you find a life of love and find your faith in the god above
she will always been in my heart and mind and for now we must leave us behind

Details | Monorhyme | |


Like childhood's quest, interim's speed
of modesty, the innocence seed
is muddled by contentions need
to dominate, and then recede!

So is the heart, in love's replay
so wanting start in disarray,
the time's advantage only stay
as rules are sandwiched over-play!

               .  .  .  now

Left over feeling's crowd relay
that once no buttress could dismay,
now thought out effort stills in fray
'tis not the same, I'm heard to say!

When first we cared, I loved each day,
now only witness, often scorn,
not wholly given, not of yearn
but breaking gray, to truth's adjourn!

Can this be us, our lives array
but kindled to survivor's may
considerate with guessed return
while once before ~ reflexive burn!

                 .  .  .  now

Assumption's strewing with concern
each one to rueing his parlay,
that separate path, the forefront's stern
deducts its cost, for symbol's pay!

It's just . . again, just so-so weigh,
once wanting love, now .  .  .  over-play!

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So strong and self assured
He rides alone always wanting more
Never satisfied with what's between those fences
His spirit will wake up your wildest senses

By the cross and thorns that is emblazoned on his arm
His substance runs deeper than his cowboy charm
A tame Christian man with a spirit wild
A man of God, he is your child

His reckless nature will never subside
Yet humble he still has his foolish pride
His heart is bigger than the tallest mountain high
And you feel weak when you look into his eyes

His hands so rough yet so soft to touch
For him no ride is ever too much
He welcomes the mystery that comes in the night
A lover at heart born ready to fight

The complexity of this cowboy man
Every woman dreams with him she would stand
Alone, looking at the midnight moon
In her dreams, she whispers...sometime soon


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Feelings Of Passion

The coolness of my basement makes me hype'
And the warmth of heaters makes me depressed.
The presence of my family makes me stressed,
Yet the remembrance of my semi-lover
Is what makes me foresee
The ripening of my arousing essence.
I am who I am and our sensational kiss
Was enough to transform everlasting bliss
Into a piece of my gradational adolescence.
Hoping for a kind of future with her.
'Cause now I'm so sure of how I feel,
I want this daydream of me and her
To become so magically real.

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About Last Night - New Year's Eve Remorse

About last night...

I just wanted to write and tell you
That last night was a big mistake
I'd had way too much to drink
I was tired and it was getting late.

I wasn't thinking clearly
I wasn't thinking the way I normally do
I let my emotions get the best of me
I let you tell me things that were not true.
I was influenced by the moment
I did things that I now wish I didn't do.

When we first met last night
I could see clearly see what was on your mind.
I could see clearly read your twisted intent
I could easily read the lust that was in your eyes.

And it had nothing to do with 'Forevers"
'I do's', White Dresses or White Weddings
Long term commitments of any kind.
It all had to do with you pleasing yourself
Executing what was on your mind.

And so I let you woo me
I let you stay with me for a while
You had a sort of amusement
You had a captivating smile.

When we danced all night
I let you hold me close
I closed my eyes and pretended
That we were in love
I let myself be in a different place
I place where I was loved.

Last night's drinking led to dancing
And then dancing led to our first kiss
And then kisses led to other things
Things I engaged in
But now in hindsight
With some remiss.

And so I just wanted to tell you
If it had been in another time or place
I would never have given you the time of day
You never would have kissed my smiling face.

And so I feel that I need to tell you
On this first day of the first of the year
That I never ever want to see you again
In spite of last night's cheer.

You just happened to be there
When I needed someone to engage 
With a comforting smile
You were a mild amusement
You kept me company for a while.

And so that's about all I needed to tell you
About what happened late last night
I just wanted to write you a formal goodbye
And tell you what was on my mind
I thought that I would send it to you
And do what I thought was right.

*A Hypothetical Reflection on a New Year's Eve Tryst

(January 1,  2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

Details | Personification | |

Just a Boy..

I sometimes see through you... you sinner.... you saint...
I sometimes see through your selfish gait...
you are but just a boy... and just a boy you will be!
you will never see through a man's eyes... the woman that lies in me.

you will never see the eyes of laughter... you will never see the eyes of pain...
you will never see the trials and tribulations... for you have  missed the train...

your mind is open but you heart is closed... you are only what 'You' Know!
you will never know to be someone else.. . as you dwell in your own enclave...
you think your the master of your life... but in reality your the slave!!!

But I am you... and I am me... I am wisdom, I am foolishness... I am beyond the skies and 
the seas...
My world is not known to you... because you cannot see!
You are bound by closed doors which you call your reality!

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A Desirable Relationship

Talk to me,
Comfort me,
Hold my hand,
Touch me,
Caress me,
Be a friend to me,
Make me feel loved,
Be my boyfriend;
Love me.

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Where? A gentle breeze blows A lead wing flies First sight of stormy skies Before tomorrow comes and goes The winds of change are static Nothing always stays the same But the direction of the rain Would rather be a weathervane Its fickle constant, automatic Woke up to a tornado Woke up to a hurricane With no time to brace myself From the current of the wind and rain State of disaster, who knows? Are you in the heart of it all? Or are you in my heart? Where the sea meets the sand? Where the mitten’s made of land? Where couples are only texts and phone calls? Where strangers are just miles apart? Where hometowns are hallowed grounds Where a foreign family surrounds? Where youth dies out, and falls? Where we celebrate the birth of art? Where life is living out our dreams? It’s never as simple as it seems Though I have loved them all It’s getting hard to tell them apart

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Whistling Wind Chimes

Was it something my mouth openly said?
You make me simply wonder sometimes!
Just hearing the whistling wind chimes,
I wonder what goes on in your head!

I am always here,
You are always there,
We breathe in the same air,
The whistling wind chimes always carry me near.

Playing around in a challenging make believe,
It’s just you and me today.
We’re well on our merry way.
No tricks or treats to deceive.
I’m whistling in the winds at you,
And you do it to me to!

Details | Ballad | |

Texas Stars

Under the Texas stars,
far away from the cars...
I see them twinkling so bright.

I thought about You and I,
what we said that night...
as I held you tight.

You told Me, You'd be true,
I said I'd never leave You...
under those bright Texas stars.

We are in love,
I'm your man...
and you're my little dove.

I thought about You today,
while making hay...
and know we'll be O.K.

Think I'll see You tonight,
and hold You tight...
under these bright Texas stars.

So I pull on my boots and hat,
can't wait til we chat...
gettin' slick for my gal.

You look like an angel,
dancing the two step...
till the music fades under those Texas stars.
                                                                                  By Perri Voge  Texan Cowboy 2007

Details | I do not know? | |


You think I’m not so close enough,
That I can’t grab your hand,
Or run my fingers through your hair,
Of golden silky sand… 
In the morning you wake,
All covered in your bed,
With just panties and a t-shirt that,
I remove so slow instead… 
So you think its just a chilling breeze,
You are trying to cover from,
But its just me coming thru the trees, 
Bringing you much more than sun… 
As I gently dance beneath your sheets, 
And I warm you from within, 
You cant help it but you spread your feet,
So the love can come right in… 
As your body raises in the air, 
I surround you once again,
In a climax you call out my name,
As the teardrops cool your skin...

Details | Free verse | |

the picnic

a quiet bell tolls from someplace far enough to make it so 


by the same delicate current of air 
that wafts a perfect mixture 
of her sun-warmed perfume 
with the runaway scent of a distant thunder cloud 


to an overwhelmed smile 
that trembles at the effort 
of distinguishing 
which is more consuming

Details | Rhyme | |

Questioning True Love

Do feelings fade?

Does the love in your heart go away?

Does it happen in one day?

When we say goodbye, will everything be okay?

Will routines in our daily lives remain the same?

Will it hurt, am I supposed to feel pain?

What's the feeling that comes over you when you hear my name?

Is it joy, is it sorrow, is it bitter, is it sweet, is it happiness, is it contentment, or do you just 
feel relieved?

Was I just around to fulfill your needs?

Were we together for you or for me?

I tried to make this relationship the best that it could be

I gave so much of myself, but in return you didn't do anything for me

I didn't want you to completely change...still be you

I just asked that you showed me some respect, that was the least that you could do

I guess we were just playing a game, going through the motions

The love must not have been true

Is that it, was this just a way to pass by time?

Did I mean nothing to you?

Should I have known from the start?

Did I not read the signs?

Was this partially your fault, or primarily just mine?

I don't want to argue and I'm not gonna whine

Just tell me that we were both once in love and it wasn't a waste of both of our times.

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Relationship Math

They say one is the loneliest number,
And two heads are better than one.
But I say -1 is worse,
Because then you know what’s missing.
They say it is better to have loved and lost,
Then to never have loved at all
But they also say ignorance is bliss,
And knowing is half the battle
[Go Joe!]
The hell that is loss,
Is greater than lonely.
So I say screw them/they.
Learn to love yourself-
The only one who will be there for life…
Without you +1 or -1 doesn’t matter…
(It all averages out in the end…)

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Daydreaming in Blue

Every night
I would dream
and all of my dreams
were in black and white
That was until I met you
Now, I dream in the day
and all of my days are spent
Daydreaming in Blue
What a beautiful view
This sky, this sea, and your eyes
So beautifully blue 
And how it reflects off of me
and onto beautiful you
Now I'm stargazing at night
and thinking of you
and remembering violets
as I sit here Daydreaming in Blue
Suddenly everything is beautiful
and everything is new
My favorite color
is when I'm Daydreaming in Blue

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Waiting on That Call

If only I could kiss u as many times as I shed a tear last night.
I wish i were older. I wish people would  realize we are just two lonely kids trying to find a way in this world. I hope when the time comes for us to meet again we don't regret a thing. We will work out perfect we won't have to make anyone happy but ourselves. But for now, goodbye. I hope your life is as fun and amazing as you have made my life these past few months. I hope your successful, and I hope you find someone who loves you as much as I do. I hope you are happy in everything you do. Anyone who is yours is really lucky. Just know that when you need me to keep our promise, to find and fall back in love with each other, I'm where I always said I would be, waiting on that call, and on that day my life will be complete.

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I've read your script 100 times,
Exhausted scenarios in my mind,
So every time you took a step,
A page would turn with ink still wet...
You've been down this road before,
The book you bind is just a door,
With empty contents filled inside,
And chapters hid between your lies...
So you trade your ink for lead,
More easy to erase instead,
Of dealing with more permanent,
At the cost of what was writ....
But I see through your charade,
I've read your index to evade,
The time it takes to learn the truth,
So your mistakes preserve my youth...
And when its all but said and done,
I close the novel you've become,
Without taking a second look,
I chose to read a better book...

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Every Once In Awhile

every once in awhile, i wonder how you're doing
every once in awhile, the thought goes right through me
every now and then, i have a fond memory
every now and then, i remember you were in fact the enemy
every once in awhile i think about the birth of our child
every once in awhile it stings,but it's oh-so mild
every once in awhile i remember the first time we made love
every once in awhile i recall praying to the stars above
when you put me down,insulted me,always brought me to tears
when you shook me,choked me,slapped me,poked me for 3 whole years
every once in awhile i remember how it was to be so timid
every now and then i think my god he really did it
every once in awhile, i miss you,yes this is true
but only every now and then you see,you cannot make me blue
every once in awhile i have good memories and want to cry
but then i remember how the majority of our time was and me just wanting to die
every once in awhile i wonder what would have happened if we'd stayed
 i make myself keep on working ive to i got to get paid
every now and then i see a handsome,sweet,moral guy
that i left in my past,and flew right by,and then i wonder why
but if im honest with myself,which is sometimes hard to do
you and i were oil and water,and we both knew it true
you were agressive,i was submissive,that is a lethal combonation
i was a girl,you were a man,who knew what to say,i was taken
so yes.every once in while i miss you. 
id be lying if i said it wasnt so.
but the truth of the matter,i had to do..
i had to make you go
sometimes i think of you with positive memories,but thats mostly for our child
now and then i forget all the misery
but thats only every once in awhile

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Another day to get through this
Another drink to drown the itch
I wish you were less the problem
And more the fix

There are only so many ways to say goodbye
And I never got to choose any of them
Maybe when you’ve decided to say hello
I’ll be obliged to gift one then

A morning frozen over by the death of the sun
Captivates what has come and what has gone
Giving time to weigh and to measure
What can be kept and what can be lost forever

There are no doors and no windows
There’s only this dark hallway
A collapsing wall behind you
Pushing you down, pressing you on

Such carefully irrational decisions we make
Too many rules we ignore in this game
Someday I’ll no longer remember your name
Worn-down, distorted, and left in shame

There are only so many ways to say goodbye
And I never got to choose any of them
Maybe when you’ve decided to say hello
I’ll be obliged to gift one then

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Delusional Love

Two wants divided in heart, beckoned of lonely dreams
Like a summer wail of the snow fence
Using empty winds through weathered pickets
To howl for the cold company they keep

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The Book of You

I see you, more than you understand
Your heart, your soul, its like the perfect book

Your heart it beats and yet you do not live
Why do you resign yourself to such a fate,
A fate, an attempt at life that is such a waste

I know in your heart you wish things where different
Wish the past had not happened, 
Wished that your heart did not ache so much

This wish is futile, to wish your heart away is to hide
Do not hide from what enriches your life
You will forever remember this
Learn from these pages in your book 

Yet that crippling pain is likely the purest emotion you have felt
I am here staring into you, reading you

I see your soul for what it is,
It is struggling to restore your shattered heart
Your greatest weakness is your fear

You fear for what can be, for the next pain
So many times you have been shattered
Many times broken and defeated

But you must learn to fight back
Learning that pain is only the beginning is the only way

Without this I doubt your heart or your soul will survive
Survive the apocalypse of your life, fate has not ended it
This is after all just the beginning of your future

I beg you to continue your life,
I yearn to read into your heart, mind and soul more

Please forgive my selfishness but I need you to continue
The waste of your heart is too much
The waste of a soul like yours is a shame

I will pass you the string for which to sew your heart
I will pass you each piece, each shard of your soul
Allow yourself time to heal,
The process is only as slow as you make it

Demand your heart to listen to your mind
Falling back into the pit of despair is truly mad
If you allow yourself to fall within its inky depths
Then forever will its dark tentacles enwrap your heart

You have felt the pain now, felt it keenly
Do not fall into vengeance, it is seductive, it is sweet
But it is a short reprieve from the darkness

Take heart, the good die young is what we're told
The better die last.
The best live eternal in their love, for true love is eternal
That love will forever last in another’s hear.

Do not give in to pain,
Do not give in to hate,
Give in to your recovery.

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Captured Heart, Freed

Tender eyes, with glow
understanding hearts, did know
fallen tears, now flow 

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What's Love

Love is a meaningless word
If you have someone who doesn't show it, give it, or mean it

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My Thoughts

If my thoughts could escape from this head that they’re in
and wind their way out and into this world
you’d find that so many of them have a focus
a focus so clear, held in common, and good
You’d find in them a girl who is my whole world
and all of the love my heart holds for her
They’d sing to you songs that would defeat the classics
saying more than The Beach Boys, The Turtles, and Elvis
They’d sing of her beauty, both inside and out
These thoughts would keep winding and grow as they go
as she’s always inside me and on my mind
thinking about her is how I spend the most time
Finally my thoughts, they’d finally see her
then they’d close is as they longingly sought her
And at the point in which they finally caught her
they’d give her my love, my joy, and my laughter
because she is the one who made them all happen
She is the one my thoughts are filled with
She is the one I’ve been searching for so long
She is the one I’ve been waiting for, for all of these years
She is the one that my heart truly loves
She is the one that my heart truly loves

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Oh, how I have loved my most honorable Thee,
You are so provoking and most enduring to me.
Ahhhhhhh, I shall just roll myself away.
Tumbled and tossed all over you today.
Oh, how I really do love Thee,
You are enchanting and you excite me.
“Shhhhhhh”! Maybe I should just go my way.
I am trifled and lost with yet another day,
Oh, how much I have truly loved only Thee,
You are captivating and you entwine me.
Ahhhhhhh, I shall just stop it for the day.
Oh, how I love only that one special Thee!
Zesty and sauced with just a par for a tee,
“Shhhhhhh” is all I can forever calmly say!

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Shoot me twice
In the head

Please be sure
Dead dead

hate him so
crave his kiss
hate me when
i miss his bliss 

Love is blind
But I’m not 
Is passion’s plot 
Guts on fire
Banging head
Shoot me till I’m dead dead

So be kind
End it all
Ain't no time to 
Stall stall
He’ll come back
Straight at five
Can’t find me alive live

Shoot me twice
In the head
I’m dead dead
Shoot me twice
Aim it square
Stab me if you dare dare
Shoot me twice
Aim it square
But don’t
Muss up 
my frigging hair, hair

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Sweet Golden Skies

indigo blue




this midnight hue


hiding from


bitter skies


which come as no surprise


almost like a liar's lies


and raindrops


falling on teary eyes




are mere echoes


of bad goodbyes




I almost forgot


That I once loved you


a lot


That you loved me




Now there's nothing left


but shadows of your quarter moon


in blooming June


on a beautiful grey afternoon


which remind me


of a popped balloon


That I won't be seeing you


anytime soon


Now Ivory clouds


and pearl white doves


fly higher




thru inclement weather


into indigo


and climbing higher


fighting fire


past the lies told by this liar


to anywhere they dare desire


above the bitter


and into Sapphire


past the cold


feeling old


letting the truth unfold


forgetting the lies that I once told


and needing the soul that I once sold


past the indigo, and ivory white


and straight into the night


kissing sweet skies of gold


and whispering


I love you


a lot


forget me



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Crystal Clear

I've become mesmerized by the sapphire skies
by the vivid blue
by the view I see inside of you
Your possibilities swim past my sensibilities
and backstroke into my responsibilities
And dive down deep into dark blue tranquility 
where there are no boundaries
just an open sea
on the other side of me
turning into purple bubbles of cool perspiration
popping only out of desperation
and then savoring the sweet sensation
of deja vu
of a brand new view
of me and you
with a slight purple hue
made of my red and your vivid blue
echoes in the mist
tangerine kissed
echoes in the rain
and lavender lullabies 
kiss away the pain
washed away by the violet rain
along windswept beaches
and mesmerized 
by fluorescent flowers 
dancing in a brilliant breeze
that passes through 
agreeable trees
and brings you and me
to our knees
to enjoy
the glimmer
the shimmer
the sparkle of vivid blue eyes
tangled up in tangerine kisses
and whispering windswept beaches sweet as sugar
carressed by secret gardens of blue and green
that taste a lot like you and me and tangerine

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it seems unfair to me sometimes
that life has to end.
i hold you in my sight
paused in motion
refusing to forget the patterns of your face
youth only fades
yet noone wants to fathom
what age portrays
watching you now, at age 22,
your ceaseless movements
both delicate and benign,
you are locked in with a click like a mechanism
implanted within my shaking mind.
anchored in my thoughts
afraid i may lose sight,
dreading what is inevitably to come,
our ancient human rite.
what is it we have really
but phases full of longing,
short lifetimes of solitude,
then subsequent terms of bliss
it seems strange to say that i am not sorry 
for little secret moments such as this.
i will not apologize
for having lived and hoping to live long
nor argue choice or afterlives
or hear you claim im wrong.
it seems we believe in nothing more
than dirt and cold and brine
i believe in the simple glory of your hands 
large and gregarious inside my small ones, 
eternity proven,

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My Real Life Fantasy

Months ago and time after time
You were just a fantasy
That at night played in my sleep
And in the day, occupied my mind

Now you're here with me
But it doesn't seem real
I'm in love with the way I feel
But mostly with who's standing in front of me

When you leave, my body is left with a wonderful feeling
It's the things you say
It's the motion of your hands and the way they sway
That leaves me with a fulfillling tingling

The way you look at me
The quality time we share with one another
Your desire of wanting to go further
Let's me know that I'm not just any lady

You make me feel good inside and out
I thank God for bringing you to me
I thank you for loving me
And for showing me what real love is about

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Arms In Which To Hide

Always surrounded by people
Yet I always feel so lonely
The lady let escape
From her lips
As the feeling poured
From eyes so beautiful
They always draw a crowd
So many people talking
As she screams out loud
No one can hear
For none will listen
There only for the laughter
And to share her touch
To drink in what they see
Not to look inside
All the fun of the moment
Tends to fade when days grow long
When all you need is a place to hide
But truth reveals no arms to hold
Just boasts with new stories told
So she tries to ignore
How alone she is
Hoping no one sees
What she really feels
Yet in all the photographs to attract
I see in each one exposed
The lonely hurt of a girl
Hoping someone will seek to look
Beyond what a picture shows
To discover what
Her true heart knows
And not seek to boast
But give her arms
In which to hide

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A Glimpse

Never will I have a flawless body
Or be a beauty queen
I am just who I am
What you get is what you've seen

I eat when I am bored
I get jealous as easily as hell
If you ask me to dispense my secrets
I might not be quick to tell

I am sensitive beyond measure
Even though, I keep plenty in
I conceal most of my anger
I'm not the devil but I do sin

Sometimes I get neglectful
I know how to make a mess
But if you ask me to be great
I'll give you nothing less

I hate to be alone
Nightmares get me when awake
Sometimes making it through the day alive
Is more than I can take

I am deeply serious
Yet, I do know how to have fun
I'll procrastinate like crazy
If important, I'll get it done

I believe in God and heaven
I've played with death multitude times
I hide behind numberless masks
Caught in a play without the lines

I love to think of you
A calm spirit in a chaotic universe
My life has changed within meeting you
My heart beats to a broken verse

I don't handle rejection
Even if it is real or in my head
I am beyond gullible then you can imagine
Many lies I have been feed

I have the worst mood swings
I change in the blink of an eye
One moment I am happy, the next sad
I hate it when I can't cry

My strongest fear is abandonment
Therefore, when people get close, I push them away
All I ask is for you to have patience
The light will come within the day

I will always give 100%
It is the best that I can do
In life as well as my heart
I am a woman who loves you

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Broken Fences

in my mind I am swimming through time
into silver springs frozen pristine
reminiscent of flowers fluorescent 
and I remember Christine Sixteen
shivering a Heaven scent
Now, let me regret 
never sending love letters that a fool should have sent
I am dancing in darling daffodils and floating in forever
I am mesmerized by reflections of eyes so very vivid blue
I see young enduring red hearts beating on the brink of never
and I watch rolling rivers of innocent me spill into beautiful you
cascades of colorful waterfalls creating hue
creating something brand new
something comfortably warm 
something so true
These dreams somehow now tantalize my senses
As I watch us swim and dance in the shadows of secret trees
I can see us climbing broken fences
Do you remember days like these
Days when two young lovers could kiss a gentle breeze 
and bring Forever to her trembling knees

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All Screwed Up

All Screwed Up 

I am all screwed up in the head..
Dangerous emotions; thoughts misled.

My will to live has died..
Trials and tribulations coincide..

Heart bleeds, the throes of battle.
Last breath, turmoil blameful.

Alone and lost in this present domain..
Can't escape the past to which I am chained..

Living a lie, tear stained face..
Feeling dejected, out of place..

Harsh words, degrading submission..
Soul depleted, now a vixen.

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He fought and fought,
Died and she began to cry.
Everynight, she would see him in her dreams,
As a ghost, along a beautiful coast...
Saying "It always seems like you're here..."
"But you've disappeared."
In the nightlight,
He shined bright with all his might,
Just to give her one last kiss goodnight,
"Good-bye, my love...",
Flying high into the clouds...
And whispering through the dark skies.

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Irony's Funeral

Bitter irony
Is biting me
Robbing me
Leaving me
Like an aging
Willow tree
Whose beauty 
Has faded
Never retrieving
The vitality that
It once knew
But, from a distance
You can still catch a 
Glimpse of the remnants
Of it's former sparkle
That will always remain

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Always and Forever

Always and Forever

You'll hold my heart

Always and Forever

I hope we never part

Always and Forever

It's just us two

Always and Forever

Baby, it's me and you

Always and Forever

You said that you would love me

Always and Forever

I'll love you too

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No One To Trust

No one to trust, I know, you've heard this before
they break your heart, then they're out the door
until desperation comes, turning your brain to off
thinking to take him back, again making yourself the dwarf

Even then it does not work, saying this time will be the last
tomorrow again comes, turning you into a depressed outcast
now that you've come full circle, there is nothing more to do
stuck again blowing your nose, with that crying anew

Finally laying down to sleep, committing that soul to keep
you dream of better times, as you count those sheep
why repeat this mistake, learn this lesson once and for all
you can't build a relationship, by picking a guy up in the mall

Your knight in shining armor, oh where can he possibly be
maybe he got stuck in the mud, and him you just can't see
Knights are found in dreams, and dreams live only by night
if you don't grow up, your situation will always remain blight

Real trust does reside, in only one place that's sound
it can't be bought, and it will never be found
neither swims in the river, nor flies in the air
existing in a true friend, that knows how to care 

This wonderful world, what a big place
so many people, and so much space
but to search in whom to trust, your time would be a waste
unless you first focus your attention, praying for G-d's grace 

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I never did like onions
Or how it feels in my mouth
Try it once when I was small
But then quickly spit it out

I never did try it again
And I say that I never will
And so many years has past
haven’t change my mind still

When I got to buy fast food
I will always say before 
No onion and mayo please
Then ill double check for sure

But love make we do funny things
Especially when your love is true
The girl I love says, she love onions
And I said OMG I love it to

When you really love someone
There’s nothing you wouldn't do
You will sacrifice anything 
To show Your love for them is true

At that time I wasn't thinking
Guess I put my foot in mouth
Now I spend the whole day thinking
Of a way for me to get it out

I have to go by her this Sunday
To meet she mother and father
And if everything goes well
I plan to give her a ring after

But she said her father is a chef
From a long line of generation
And when he cooking food
He does use a whole lot of onion

Onions are one of the worlds 
Most popular vegetable,
And she father cooking Sunday
So I feeling very uncomfortable

Sit down at the table
He really cook allot of food
He put a lot of onions
So my fear for it got renewed

Comes time for dinner now
I ask for paper plate
Then I start picking out 
The onions to make separate

They all quiet watching me 
Waiting for me to explain
Trying to think of something fast
And idea comes to my brain

So I say to enjoy my onions
I have to be home watching TV
So I taking this home with me
To eat while watching C.S.I, Miami

Later that night told my girl friend
I don’t like onions I’m sorry
She said you do all the for me
So she drop a big kiss on me

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Heresies of My Existence

There existed…
A Second to look beyond days and nights,
two of its kind saw years keeping them apart.
Puritanical until the very moment, wasn’t it? 

There existed…
Times when kids played with one another,
no one let them have a second chance.
Everyone is bound to grow, Weren’t they?

There exists…
Wetness beneath the slab all day,
seldom does the icing know about the cake that’s set.
Life doesn’t allow a middle drop, does it?

There exists…
“A Set line that’s shown”, told the paper,
better look beyond the line at least once.
There is always a reason to smile, isn’t it?

There shall exist…
Places and memories: vastly different,
change this self and allow the little sea through.
Whilst Pound remains a set of pints, will you?

There shall exist…
Reasons when men shall shout “Place back that moment”,
the change won’t be large even when one moves miles apart.
Life will remain a collection of memories, Will it not?

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Forever Friends

Such friends we are,
Such friends we were.
When we were apart,
We cried, regretting
Nothing but our mistakes.
Reunited and pre-forgiven,
Friends you, me, and anybody else
Shall forever be.

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I don’t know a pain worse that you
You cry out that I am the hypocrite
When all along it was indeed not I, but you
I think I finally figured it out you see, 
That I was merely your mirror
A reflection 
You were using 
Something yet 
You still have no idea
That is not me
But solely
Lonely as you are
Searching for a way out
Nothing simple about you
You want 
But cannot reach
You strive but really aren’t alive

You gave me the biggest slap
That was the absolute worst disgrace
You have shown no respect for me
your own inner space

they always say
know a man
by the friends that he keeps
I really should have taken that to heart
The moment I met those God awful peeps

Barren old slut that she is 
Disrespectful and grim
Hides behind her smile like you she does
Perhaps you feel at peace
A comfortable reflection 
At last
One that fits
No pressure 
To be your best

A barren old slut is she
One that hits on a man
Who stands next to his woman?
WOW, she is olden golden

She travels so far chasing a band
So much yet to reflect
Keep the mirror 
Oh so clean

Your reflection
Your mistake
You care not
You just take

You called yourself a villain 
As I didn’t see
Perhaps it was your own way
Of warning me
Rest him 
As you say
yet be sure you keep him at bay

Take time to reflect
Find the real you
Because right now
I don’t think 
You fit in your own shoes

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The wind has yet to blow 
two feathers along the same path 
or tassel twin snowflakes to the ground 
Nor will the wind ever see 
in all the clouds it pushes around 
The same applies to the twin-less waves 
it's carried 
and yet to carry 
who've crashed 
and yet to crash 
upon no two similar grains of sand 
Amidst all this failure 
to bring together 
no two objects alike 
It's a wonder that finally 
it's brought together you and me 
and managed to get it right

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Breathe into me a new life
one that I should've had a long time ago
one with great possibilities and great truth
a life full of the mundane, the ordinary, the extraordinary
all of the things I never appreciated before
the things I took for granted
Give me the love only you can give
a love based on truth
show me all of the things
I was blind to for so many years

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' Can She Pick 'Em ... ' 26th Senryu

‘ Can She Pick ‘Em … ’   26th   Senryu 

Boy, Can She Pick ‘Em !
From Machiavelli-Boyfriend

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It Was A Little Disaster

I remember the mornings and nights and your funny ways
I remember the moments, the laughter, the smiles that lasted days.
And looking back on the happy thoughts you left behind,
I find that I'm not pushing things back to rewind.
I'm looking forward to a clean, new start on the paper I'm sitting before
I'm thinking of our conversations, of our jokes and insults galore.
I'm not crying any longer for the people you and I have left behind
I cried once, okay, twice, but now you're far from my mind.
Don't worry, dear, I haven't forgotten you, for you're still in my heart
You're just in the section that I reserve for the ones who've ripped me apart.
And don't think for a minute that I'm horribly angry with you,
I'm just laughing at myself, feeling guilty for what I let you do.
You got deeper into my life than anyone else dared,
And for a while, I was sure that, something special, we shared.
But now it's clear that you've "done me in," as a movie writer would say
This writer's leaving and you can scramble but I won't be back someday.
So let the ball get to rollin', let lives change, let the music play, 
Let it break in half our hearts, our smiles, let it float away.
And it's taken me this long to realize you didn't deserve me
And I'm sorry to be so smug, but those words are true, you see;
I used to think that this would hurt tomorrow, like some old, smarting bruise
But guess what I've learned lately, listen to my news.
Maybe you weren't ever good enough, in any sense, and you were venom,
Maybe I was breaking the rules to make it work, like putting patches on old jeans 
of denim.
But either way you slice that cake, either way you make that pie,
Newsflash, honey, and listen good:
You won't ever again make me cry.
I'm smarter now than I once was, and I know that you're just a little disaster
I won't let you comtrol my life; you can't be my puppet master.
And so I solemnly part with these humble words of truth:
You never won, you never will, Because, baby, I'm over you.  

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Golden Butterflies & Forever Fountains

i chased you around in circles
until we both were out of breath
you caught me a golden butterfly
and watched me as you let it go
we danced in forever fountains
and got caught up in our dreams
we told each other secrets
and made promises we could never keep
we kissed each other's innocence
and watched it fly in forever fountains
like golden butterflies sometimes do

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Your oval face
is framed by bouncy curls
you smile as if only for me
how I wish I could run my fingers through those curls,
gently move the ones 
That’s shading your hazel eyes from the world,

your bare shoulders an invitation 
to caress your soft smooth skin
that shimmers in harmony with 
the lighting of the room
everyone seems to fade away 
while my eyes see only you

the vision conjures thoughts of 
my favourite place, our secret place
where we would undress each other slowly
cover each other with fervour kisses 
your lips would pursue the trail left by your fingers
every touch would awaken my senses 

the words you whisper make love to my mind
as your touch made love to my body
a fool’s wish made in madness, that we 
could have those moments back
a wish that was not meant to be, 
your fire has died for me...

My replacement found
I hope he makes you happy
I wish you well 
or maybe not
it hurts like hell...
“it’s not something you did or didn’t do
it’s something I did or didn’t do”

That was your final words
as you closed the door
On our love, on our secret place…
See this face? I have survived 
my heart is still beating
it has not stopped
there is life after you...

Details | Free verse | |

Transitions continue....

Transitions continue….

I don’t know when it happened….or when I knew….
It was so subtle….I was just thinking about you one day….
And then couldn’t stop thinking about you all day….
I started itemizing life….things I like….things I love….

I love listening to your voice and all your stories….
I love the melody of your snoring….peaceful sleep….
The lyrics of your heartbeat….singing in my ear….
I love the strength of your embrace….the serenity….

I wish I could have been there….to comfort you….
After each nightmare….after each disappointment….
To lullaby you back to blissful rest….hold you….
Until all your lifelong dreams could come true….

Why don’t we recognize love each time….?
Why is it so different….so much the same….?
It’s not like I’ve never known it in my life….
Can you have more than one obsession….?

Is it “falling in love”…. how does it happen ….?
Is it “being in love” …how does it reveal itself….?
It can hit you like a brick….or like a feather…
How many times does it come to you in a lifetime….?

I don’t know the answers to these questions….
I think it may be better that way….mysterious….
Hitting you unexpectedly….mercilessly….
Then there’s no way to stop it or change it….

Details | I do not know? | |

Echoes in the Mist

i follow forever along the forgotten shore 
searching for someone
that I once knew before
images of misty vivid blue
are only shadows 
of what once was me 
and what once was you
searching in sentimental sands
strolling along the sea-kissed beach
holding hands
that are now out of reach
images of cherry red
are now only love stories
playing over and over inside of my head
i chase seagulls into the breeze
i remember days like these
when you were here taking me to my sandy knees
and we were more
than salty shadows dancing to the music of the open seas
familiar footprints
follow echoes into the mist
longing for luscious lips
that I once kissed
waves crash and seagulls fly
footprints fade and run away
shadows splash as lovers wonder why
echoes in the mist are the only things here to stay

Details | I do not know? | |


She sits up high, up on the horse
And sweeps her hand along the coarse
White hide sticks to the hand of hers
Gently bounces, dressage, no spurs

Arches her back, her arms out straight
Trots along the length of the gate
Her body moves, one with the horse
Flow with the movement, with the force

Hair tosses, begin to canter
With grace she rides, grace rides with her
Hold back the reins, the horse he slows
And from their mouths, the breath it blows

Remove the saddle from his back
Carry it to the barn and stack
The warm horse-sweated saddle down
Tired smile, no room for frown

In that beautiful mouth yours
Like oceans crashing on the shores
And your eyes, they steal the sunset
Or the sunset, it stole your eyes

Details | Free verse | |

To the West and to the North

To the West
and to the North
That's where you'll find me...
Looking out from
my garden of pain.

Only air...
Only distance... 
Only my mind...only time...
keeps me from the reality
of holding on to you.

To the East
and to the South
that's where I'll find you.
Looking out from
your garden of pain.

Waiting for me...
Looking for me...
Comforting me...
You are on my mind.

Copyright Christine A Kysely November 14, 2010

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

Details | Senryu | |

Circle Requires Square

Circle requires square,

To off his top outerwear

Show her his respect.


(January 15, 2011  Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

Details | Free verse | |

I Am Wondering

Laying on my bed
Staring at my ceiling
And thinking of you,
I am wondering.
Where are you?
Are you safe?
What are you wondering?
Are you thinking about me, too?
Curled up in my cozy little chair
Staring off into space
And thinking of you,
I am wondering.
What do you dream about?
Do you love me?
What is your heart saying now, at this moment?
Do you wish we could be together forever?
Sitting on my driveway
Looking up at the stars
And thinking of you,
I am wondering.
Through all the questions 
Swimming around in my head
I realize
That I do
My best thinking at night,
Thinking of you,
And wondering.

Details | Couplet | |


wanderin' soul, wonderin' mind
wanderin' 'round tryin' to find
that joyful day was put somewhere
memories of past seem so unfair

wanderin' eyes, wanderin' lips
wanderin' lands like oceanic ships
worlds away from where we started
surroundings unmapped, now uncharted

wanderin' hearts, wanderin' thoughts
wonderin' what we've sold 'n' bought
were our times more contented then
what makes us yearn to go back again

wanderin' together or wanderin' alone
wonderin' life's lessons maybe overblown
why do those hurts matter anymore
when one door closes open next door

wonderin' if it was all just some dream
wonderin' if its all a more human theme
wonderin' if we could begin time a second
wanderin' this world without you I beckon

© Goode Guy 2011-07-07

Details | Free verse | |

The Old Days

How can things be the way they use to be?
The days when I loved you and you loved me
Our love was so strong
But where did we go wrong?

We did bad things to each other
that destroyed feelings that can never be recovered
Feelings that shined through our hearts and souls
That could be very touching if they were to unfold

Our love had a hold on me
The hold that brightens my soul and made me happy
We had the love every couple was jealous of
No one could stand to see us together because we were in love

Our love took me on an adventure where I've never been
And I have to admit that I loved it when we took it there
I could go out and have fun with other men
But to our love, no other man can compare

Being with you in the old days mad me happy
Now, the vibe is sickening because it's mixed with many different feelings
The old days had us feeling good and fine
But goodbye to them all because here is where we have to draw the line

Details | I do not know? | |


Savage lies, mercilessly spoken,

battering emotions, a heart exposed, nakedly open,

companionship was all that was sought,

not blue-chip bonds, hastily sold and bought.

The bonds I sought were simple,

peaceful nights, scribbling verse in unseen black,

delicately caressing words of love, my fingers tracing poems, over the contours of your soft back.

It saddens me to say, my thoughts were dreamed in vain,

and it grieves me see, the ashes of our love,

floating down the streets we walked,

scattered in the rivulets of this night’s pouring rain.

Alone I scribble this paltry verse,

the darkest of nights, in the midst of howling storms,

and though I may heal some day,

the memory of the ashes of our love,

floating down the streets we once walked,

shall remain buried deep,

until my dying day

Details | I do not know? | |

Chasing Grey

Pieces of my soul
breaking in two
Fragments of my heart
beating for you
Glimpses of gradient grey
coming into hue
into view
Shadows of me
surrounded by you
Relentless red
meet beckoning blue
color my palpitating palette that grey once knew

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Something To See

Wouldn’t it be something to see
To view the perfect love
In every word I write
But diamonds they can’t all be
Wouldn’t it be something to see
To walk through the rain
Hand in hand and not get wet
But sunny days don’t always happen
What if the clouds always opened up
Wherever you walked
And each step you took
Made you forget the last
Wouldn’t it be something to see
If smiles and hugs were always there
And in the world
There was nothing but care
Ah, wouldn’t it be something to see
You and me living every day
Just envisioned our own way
Oh my God, if every word I spoke
Said it just right
We could live so happily
With no more foolish pain
Yes I agree
Wouldn’t it be something to see
To view the perfect love you see
Each time you look in the mirror
But darling, it’s just me
And everybody knows
Perfect, I’ll never be

Details | Lyric | |

The Top

Can't you see
I lied again
Against your whim
Following I keep on following
As you lead the way
My lowest friend
How we meet again

Oh yeah
Oh no
Oh yeah
Oh no

It's the top see baby
Surely you're not all alone
Safe baby
The place that you call your home
Front seat baby
Maybe I'm lost
I don't trust a thought 
And i think to much oh come on
Come on come on say maybe
Come on  come on see baby
Come on come on say maybe
Yeah baby come on

I betrayed
You and me
I messed up again
Lost another good friend
Stop pushing I can't stop pushing
Down on all your walls
Till your broken again
To severe to mend

Oh yeah...etc

It's the top see baby...etc

Trusting me 
You're naive
Where do i begin
Starting from the end
Selfishly I keep on running and
Don't forget my name
I'm sorry again
All the words I spent

(I am still working on it)

Details | Free verse | |

Opened heart, once again
But this time, no broken heart to mend
Aiming to be happy
But keeping my guard up to protect me

I hope this is not another waste of my trust or another game for my mind
Cause at the end of each day, I don't want to feel as if I wasted my time

Catching feelings? maybe...
Don't want to put myself in the position though
Cause I'm tired of trusting and ending up hurting
Holding back is always an option, often used for protecting my heart and restricting how far I 
will go

Praying that this is not an 'ima make her fall for me then get rid of her' game
If so,
Just let me know
If not, it's just more fuel to the flames

Details | Free verse | |

Jai Ho

Forever I am yours,
My rock, my heart,
You stand behind me,
No matter my decision,
You support me,
I will watch you age,
You will watch me age,
Forever my destiny;
Lies with you,
My one and only love,
Possessing my heart,
I shall never lose you,
You are always there;
And will always be.

Details | I do not know? | |

I Found You

Those nights I have cried in,
Disappeared when I put you 
Inside a special place in my mind.
No matter how far apart,
We'll always meet again at a new start.

I felt guilty for letting you go
And for letting one of my most precious friendships
Fall apart...
I felt sad on some nights,
Until you brought back out friendship's bright light.

Tears and fears have once ruled my life,
But then I found you again,
My friend...

Details | Free verse | |

Wicked and Wild

Notice how your standards have have doubled? 
past perception reveals correction when strong minds are troubled. 

Ah yet mind cannot travel without spirit, and though you hear it, 
doubtful if God's ship presented you would even steer it. 

Take note where your fruit starts growing, 
for the root provides heart with knowing. 

Doubtful you will relocate any time near, 
the more blurry your vision the further mine clears.

Its simple to smile when justifying like a child. 
that impression of regression leaves you wicked and wild.

Details | I do not know? | |

stunted growth

Amazing how the ones around you,
Never seem to grow,
They reach a certain point and age,
And things that they should know...
Are always being re-explained,
Like writing on a wall,
Except what you said yesterday,
Was never wrote at all...
The voice that falls upon deaf ears,
Too silent to be heard,
Means nothing since the young in mind,
Still need to learn the words...
Like " I'm sorry " or " I love you ",
Or "I'm feelin what you say",
"Because you're the only person,
That I trust unto this day"...
Don't think that your experience,
Will bring you less retort,
When the one that you are standing by,
Has never been support...

Details | I do not know? | |

Bright Blue Electricity

Bright blue electricity,
So beautiful those lights.
Shining starlight so lovely to gaze upon
When they ignite inside the cosmos.

Walk, walk in the moonlight,
Calming insight as it attracts my sense of sight.
Who knew I'd feel so free
In living my life with spirited might.

One kiss unto me.
My heart flutteringly takes flight.
Inspiring feelings 
Initiate graphite upon paper.

Wishing to again hold her tight,
To be in her life, yet fate has decided me
To continue to fight on
And to live with what's left of my lamplight.

Details | I do not know? | |

Without you

My thoughts,
Pure torture,
As my mind,
Thinks of you,

How badly,
My heart beats,
Your name,
Late at night,

I dream to,
Be yours,
And I wake,
In a nightmare,

Without you,
I am,

Details | Haiku | |

Meals Make Memories

          E    E
     H    .    .    S          memories
C   .       .       .   E            made   
---------------------         together
A N D    C U R D S
---------------------               just
B   .       .       .   R            eat &
     U    .    .    E                enjoy
          R    G

(By curds, I am referring to cheese curds.)

Details | I do not know? | |

Moving On

I've already told you
Everything, and now I feel
That I have nothing else to bring
Out of my thoughts to you...
And gotta try,
To forget about you
And move on.
Because I am sick and tired
Of making myself cry.
All along,
My feelings have seen you as
An off and on love.
I will never think of you
As someone who was true...
I shall get rid of such a bond
I've grown to have with you...

Details | Free verse | |

once longing love

This time your eyes don't seem to bare the familiar strength
you been staying away from me you've gone to every length
i did every thing i could to lend a helping hand
now your broken and its hard to under stand
this was no ones plan love makes harsh demands

even though i can see your heart is truly broke
when i tried to hold you i was just a joke
now things are changed nothing like before
i have become something so much more
a ache still nags deep within my core a life left in ashes spread upon the floor

i wonder where you ll go who you ll see
i wonder if the only thing you think about is me
the empty hole of things left unsaid
a wall of noise stands strong in my head
some how this feel like I'm dead but I'm watching in you go instead

how many times could i try to be the one you needed but i know it was the ego i feed ed
a callous soul without any notion of truth hope or devotion
farewell my once longing love

Details | Free verse | |

Letting Go

Letting go...
Of the memories
Of the moments that use to be
So dear to me

Maybe it wasn't meant to be
If not, then why was I hurting
Questions surfaced my mind because I wanted to know
Why was it so easy for you to let go

I fell for another guy
Whose relationship with me ended because he thought I lied
Out of the few guys I dated, I'd choose you to lie on?
The guy who still depends on other people and is not trying to get his own

So I let go...of you
And I prayed that you come to know
That no, I wasn't perfect and neither were you
But I did not lie to you.

Details | I do not know? | |


My love’s fictional
Truly once found it.
Fate’s casted its division.

My life’s depiction
Truly once manifested,
Time’s implied its imprisonment.

My world’s real,
Truly once serene,
Mind’s revealed its darkness.

Details | Prose Poetry | |

Here I Stand

Here I stand
With no shoulder to cry on
Staring into empty space
At an unrecognizable face
After feeling so much
Why do I feel nothing now
All I tried to do was laugh and play
Tried to love and please
Did everything I could
So much more than was asked
And yet, I failed
Now I see you walking away
While here I stand
With no shoulder to cry on
I hear your footsteps and fading voice
The screams and the anger still attached
What was it I did so wrong
To make you feel so much
Why do I feel nothing now
And can’t even reach out to touch
I no longer feel my breath
I no longer feel my heart
I was just a child
As I watch you walk away
Why do I feel nothing now
Why are we both left
With no shoulder to cry on

NOTE*** Death should never be seen through the eyes of a child as you walk away… Child 
Abuse… let’s stop it! Not tomorrow, not today, but now!!!

Details | Light Poetry | |

' Give Me Your Shoulder ... '

I’ll Give You My Hand …
If You Give Me, Your Shoulder
I’ll Give You My Shy
If You Give Me, Your Bolder
I’ll Give You My Cool
If You Give Me, Your Colder
I’ll Give You My Hugs
If You Give Me, Your ‘Hold-Her’
I’ll Give You My Trust
If you Give Me, Your ‘Told-Her’

I’ll Give You My … ‘Me’
If You Give, ‘Us’ Growing-Older
And for Nights of Crimson-Heat
Roll Me In Sunshine and Clover
And I’ll Give You My Love
If You Give Them, Your ‘Just Love-Her’
… Yes, I Will Give To You Over
And Over and Over …
… If I Give You, My Hand
And You Give Your Strong Shoulder

Details | Narrative | |

The Hurricane

The hurricane, so viscous, so violent!
Yes, it must rain.
This force is behind, 
This force beyond!
Yet, finally it came.
The winds, clever and dangerously rough,
Please measure this poll.
Dark clouds consume the heavenly skies, capturing ones soul.
With a love so hard, yet, a love much too cold!
Our world now spins, hopeless and out of control!
You are you and I am me,
Together, our climates capture and debate this Sea.
These winds are too strong, our sky so dark and dim.
Stricken with fear, too afraid to release what is deep within.
The storm is here, so grab onto your soul! 
Yet, beware! This one is fearless and this one we share.
Scream its name and it shall cry its love,
For it be you, far beyond the heavens above!
Hold your strength with a grip so tight,
That storm will surely break, so where’s your fight?
This hurricane can surely hold its own.
Our little world can and will be shown.
Our damage is as our damage does,
Surely this tiny world isn’t our just and only cause!
You hold that thought and forever we shall be,
True love bound and forbidden to set itself free,
Held within you and deep within me,
This love was meant forever, 
One day this you shall see!
This hurricane loves, yet, 
It wills to hate,
The forbidden fruit conquered by its very own fate.
Give your seeds, but stand your ground. 
Forever in this world!
For once we shall not be lost, but found.            

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997                                           

Details | Prose Poetry | |

After The Lust is Gone......

When a woman first meets a man,
He thinks she's the greatest invention
since sliced ham,

He adores her physical appearance,
The way she talks, laughs and giggles,
He even savors her fragrance,
There is never any talk of space or
room to wiggle,

Once the relationship becomes consummated,
her faults suddenly become illuminated,
The idiosyncracies he used to find charming,
become uncouth and alarming,

He repels her like a magnet,
and ignores her as if she were
an antiquated kitchen cabinet,

After the lust is gone,
a woman becomes an unnecessary 
The man no longer feels obligated
to be respectful,
All his negative ways get displayed,
He renounces being bashful,

The man picks the woman apart,
like a bird pecking his food,
Then it becomes clear,
his intentions were not good from the start,
He was just toying with her heart.......

Details | Lyric | |

Simply my heart

With a heavy heart and a nervous touch I write to you
With all the willpower I possess I continue this charade
I feel heavier with each heartbeat
Stronger and yet weaker,
Unable to process that which weakens me so

I know the inevitable approaches,
That constructed world I pray for
The one I hope and cry for
I know its ever-growing anguish seems almost too much

And then with a touch,
With but a word I am yours again,
Broken and happy
Just a flutter of your eye lashers makes my heart skip
Your breath like that of the world itself
Sending shivers through me, a cooling warmth
Adrenaline sets in and I care not

All I want is you, all I care for is our little world
Ignore all reality, basking in each other’s glory

And then before it can even begin to gather to climax
you vanish from me again,
The waves of fear and anguish set in
I am left as a crushed husk

It is as though I have you and yet will never have you
I fear it still, and yet I turn not away
I turn to you, embrace the inevitable pain
Basking in the euphoric glory when you are in my arms
The feel of your breath
The warmth of your skin
The tingle as I brush you gently
Drinking in all that you are, in total being

I come to accept this now. 
If you are ever mine then it will be a miracle
A joyous miracle, and yet still that shot in the dark
That dark that is banished with your eyes

I could fall into you, into lust, into ecstasy.
Into purest joy.
The light you bring into my life is more than I can take
And yet I want it all for myself, 
I want to bask in it always, until life has its last breath
I need not the sun, nor the moon, nor the stars.
I have the purest light of them all.

And to you, my dearest heart
I cry one last tear,
Breathe one last breath
And then delve into you once more
If only to experience that which breaks me more each day.

Until you are mine, I will always be broken
You can make me whole, you alone
I wish for your happiness, but I am selfish
As I believe you would be happiest with me.

Details | Sonnet | |

Welcome to Your Wife

If I were you for a day and you were me?
Could you love me more than I love you?
Would I love you more each day and be new?
Will the Sun shine bright in our eyes to see?
When will the Moon glow and lead our way to be?
When will the Stars shine bright by just us two?
Why does the dust give up its spurs on the dew?
Why are the doors locked with only one master key?
Welcome to my life,
Welcome to my home,
Welcome to your wife.
Welcome to this dome.
Welcome to the Sunrise this day in the light,
And welcome to the Sunset on this lovely night!
© Copyright: Ann Rich    2006

Details | Blank verse | |


The inability to deal with
Led eyes down blind paths
Even though eyes did the seeing,
Did they really?
And now,
When this shouldn’t be an issue
Why do seeing eyes go blind?
And even more,
Why does this unnecessary loneliness exist?
The answers, like the loneliness, remain seemingly forever locked inside,
Everything that is, but…..

Details | Rhyme | |

The Color Beautiful

I saw you just the other day.
You stood there all alone.
I watched as the Suns shadow beat down upon you.
Your eyes and mine were both hesitant at the glimpse of shade.
You stood so firm and adamant, 
Your posture was mine to admire and to please!
The color beautiful was everything that I had ever imagined it could be!
I could see the winds tousling through your flawless shiny hair,
A cool breeze tenderly caressing an unexpected stern face! 
You stood so tall. You were bigger than anything I had ever seen.
I watched you shiver as the cold draft reached from underneath bringing its sharpest autumn air.
You stood there completely impervious to time, person and to place.
The color beautiful captured hidden chills inside of me as I embraced that very same breeze.
I could feel the warmth of your breath upon me,
You stood there with a true look of total awareness.
I could no longer feel my heart quicken to beat, 
For I had lost every one of my God given perceptual senses.
I could feel your warmth covering over me baring my only gift to see.
You stood as a man with much honor and pride.
Such an obvious completeness!
The color beautiful instantly became everything in this world to me.
Because in your eyes you left no doubt that I am still your princess!

Details | I do not know? | |

I Want Someone To Love

I want someone to hold.
I want someone to have.
I want someone to talk to.
I want someone to keep me company.
I want someone to sing with me.
I want someone to share pure bliss with.

I want a saviour-like person.
I want a true friend.
I want a soul who I can find throughout all lives.
I want a friend who is of many of my own.
I want a bond where I'll never feel alone again.

I want a dream to come true.
I want a blend of all feelings.
I want a destiny worth fulfilling.
I want a life full of meanings.
I want a desire to be made real.

I want someone to always know how I feel.
I want someone to dance with.
I want someone to help me in my ordeals.
I want someone who is one of my ideals.
I want someone who makes me daydream.
I want someone who makes my hopes real.
I want someone who will keep me longing for more.
I want someone other than myself.

Details | Free verse | |

Moving Mountains

It's like it's just standing here in my way
Blocking me from your love
With anger building and not a thing to say,
I begin to think how I can rise above

When I look ahead,
I see the long road
Remembering what I've always said,
No mountain is going to stop me from travelling the journey that's meant for me 
    to go

This mountain will not keep you from me
I will run through it like a river in the valley
I'll start from the highest corner to its lowest peak
No part of this mountain is going to stop me

If I have to chop it down,
Push it down,
Or kick it down,
I will get around

Details | Rhyme | |


Taste these tears
Before you say you know...

Kiss me softly
Before you get up to go...

You are unaware 
That I am drowning
Before the flood,

Emotionally and physically,
Without a drop of blood.

Details | ABC | |

feeling mind and body

wish you could've met him too
been someone to hear me cuz
my learning him, my yearning
was good and real and true 

maybe he was too perfect for me
so many feelings ago

he happened to me
he drew me in charcoal pencil
in my shades of black, gray 
and even between that

he taught me how to drive with my hands
to drive wihout needing my feet
he taught how to love with my mind
and music, art, words, imagination

that chair got between us too fast
I didn't care, but he did 
and I was too young to know
to know how to convince him

losing him
was as bad
as losing
how to walk

because it happened to him 
not me
and he couldn't feel anymore
anyone below his arms

he left me

and because he happened to me
not him
and I couldn't feel anymore
anyone above my arms

was that as bad 
as the loss of his legs?

Details | Free verse | |

A Late Night

So far from perfection, reminded every day,
Always striving to reach the unreachable,
Yet doomed to fall forever short, imperfect,
Not ever enough, no matter how I try. 

I get by for a few days, decent, but not great, 
And inevitably, I fall short, I drop the ball. 
Of all the things I juggle, all the things in my life, 
You are the most important, and your disapproval cuts the deepest. 

I’ll rarely let on how much this act wears on me,
How tired I become, tired of juggling these things, 
But I cannot fail, I cannot stop, and so go on,
Seldom complaining, and never explaining my worries.

And so I juggle on, picking up all that I drop,
For I know that you are juggling too, endlessly, 
And I try to help in any way I can, though far away,
And I despair when I realize, once again, I have failed. 

So I come to understand, again and again, daily, 
That I will never be good enough, never meet my own standards,
That you deserve better than I, though I dread the day you come to this,
The same conclusion, for that is the day I lose everything. 

Details | Free verse | |

Will He Be

Will he be my lover...
Will he be my friend...
Will he be the one who's with me...
to the very end.

Will he be the one...
who tells me
that I'll always be his Queen...
that I possess the greatest beauty...
of any woman he's ever seen.

Will he be the one...
that puts the light back in my eyes...
to make them sparkle and glimmer,
Will he be the one to dispense
with all life's lies.

Will he be the one to hold me...
forever and a day...
Will he be the one to love me...
as if every month were May.

Will he be the one to comb back
my hair
and hold it in his hand

Will he be the one
to whisper to me
sweetly in my ears...

Will he be the one that I'll always want
that I'll forever want to be near.

Will he be the one
whose reflections...
alway make me think anew...
who makes me a better person...
who never makes me blue.

Will he be my vision..
of all I'll ever want
that I'll want to remain forever
as two combined into one.

Will his very memory..
always occupy my mind
Will my thoughts and dreams of him
Hauntingly resonate,
until the end of time.

(November 22, 2010 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved, 

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Love Yet to be Found

Why me?
Why am I always being made a fool of in the ending?
Is there some kind of joy you get out of me crying?
Or do you just enjoy playing with my feelings?

A heart is meant to be loved, unconditionally
Not broken. cut, hurt, and bruised
But mine has been one too many times used
Used for many things except for that one thing

I'm only looking and asking for LOVE
Someone to love me and me to love
Tired of being made a fool
But there's someone who'll love me among the many yous

Because you have hurt me
I'm pushing away the men who may mean some good to me
But it's hard for me to see
Because I'm looking for them to cause the damage you caused me

If I wasn't what you wanted, you could've left me alone
Instead, you led me on
To believe your words were real
While your true feelings were locked away and concealed

I hope this happens to you over and over again
So you can be left with a broken heart to mend
I hope it hurts you
So you can see and feel the pain the many yous put me through

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Though the crease begins to crumble
These old pages still run blue
Currents pulse beneath the surface
Pen-leaked ink that bled your truths
Pen-spun words that writhe like veins
Under skin and paper skies
Cold to touch, crept through your core
Settled clear in frozen eyes

So I’ll read you like a book
And I’ll write you pretty lies
Just to fill the empty space 
That’s revealed between the lines
Won’t you move a little closer?
Let it spill into your ear
The tide of breath that harboured
All the words you want to hear

Well I tried to kiss it better
Blood and bones to fuse the cleft
Bruised and broken, lips split open
From the effort, nothing’s left
So you say that I’m a sinner
Preach of hearts and ribs and fists
Well I may have made the plunge 
But you revelled in the twist

Now you’re tearing at your wounds
Sanctimonious with pain
Because it helps you ‘hear the music’
Yeah, it helps you play the game
If I pour a little salt
Will you smear it in your eyes?
Feel its grain twist round your lids
As you soliloquise

About the blame you tried to forge 
All the nights you wept and claimed
‘You can’t comprehend the world
Balanced firm between these blades’
No one told you it’s a lie 
And the story really goes
Constellations, superstitions
Are that Ancient’s only load

All the pretty rhymes and perfect crimes
You try to hide behind
Well they just serve to remind me
How you once spoke those old lines – 
‘Your tongue is as a rudder
Guiding vessels safe through storms
Moving mountains with inflections
Making ripples in reflections
Hollowed hull meets hallowed shores’

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Make Fun of Me

You make fun of my nose
Make fun of my feet
Make fun of my clothes
and say that I need to eat
Well I’m sorry I can’t
can’t be perfect for you
but I’m closer to being perfect than you

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You Are My Curse

I had to let it all go,
The day and night,
Their hours ran too slow.
It was more than just a fight.
I trusted you and knew you,
My love succumbed to the worst,
Faith and loyalty just wouldn’t do.
You became my curse.
I was pulled down to Earth’s plane,
And judgment did set in.
Then new days begin.
I stood parallel as many went insane.
My heart drenched and my soul crunched,
I couldn’t let my heart take this very much.
I died and I died losing each endless breath,
I swallowed the victory and ate your death.
You reaped and I sowed,
But I saw no one grow,
Not even you.
What was I to do?
I let it go very slow,
Now I am all grown,
And I’m on my own.
I died watching you go.
I will always remember begging mercy,
I will always know this pain,
You are my curse you see,
And nothing did you gain.
I can never just be alright,
I can never love you the same again.
I died watching you go out of sight.
You are my curse and forever in my heart you made an end.

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I Once Knew A Man

I Once Knew A Man
What happened to the man I met?

The one I fell desperately in love with

The one I thought was a God send


He was the one who reminded me that the ruff exterior I wore

Was simply a wall of defense I’d created as a way to protect myself from hurt

He reminded me that there was a softer side to me

That there was still someone out here who was able to notice the diamond that shined within

He made me believe that he understood that the hard exterior I wore was just a role played 
in an attempt to easily navigate between the worlds I live in


He made me feel comfortable talking to him about anything, everything and nothing at all

Never once believing judgment was being passed or that I was being looked down upon for 
decisions made that time and maturity have now shown me differently about


When we hit sticking points 

He showed me that it was okay to agree to disagree

To understand and embrace the individuality within each other

Respecting the fact that we each have our own mindsets and ways of thinking

To appreciate our differences and consider them as a blessing that someone has been put in 
out lives to show us a different perspective


He made me realize that some of the vilest, most degrading sexual fantasies I had

Could be turned into some of the softest, most tender moments by two people who cared 
about the others needs, wants & desires


The man allowed my inner child, long since locked away by the realities of adult life and 
responsibility, feel that she once again had a playmate

Someone who, for just a little while every now and again, wanted to leave reality behind

And just be


He made me believe that I’d found the one I’d been looking for

For so long

The one who’d love me


Who’d protect me from all hurt, harm and danger

Someone who would never think to allow any of those things to come to me by his words or 


Someone who’d take the time to try and understand the me that is me

Recognizing that I am a work in progress

That with each day, I take another step toward a better me


I knew that man

     once upon a time

I met him

And fell madly in love with him

If anyone sees him

Please tell him

I miss him dearly

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It's Nothing

It's Nothing
       by Amy Swanson   12/2008

Lost in my thoughts
     you ask me
            what's wrong

    (I hate that question)

I smile and say "It's nothing"
     but really it's something...

                The sum of far too many nothings
                      that sometimes knock
                               on my spirit's door.

Totality of all the
    grandly glaring
         loudly unsaid things

            that build the wall

             (we hide behind)

            that is between us.

Memories of hurt
   that you don't even see
       or maybe you refuse to see.

Memories of hurt
   I've tried to erase
       but like a stubborn stain
           they will not go away

So many things 
that should be said
between you and I...

but never are.

A simple question
  is precursor

And so...
    when you ask,
           I know just what to say.

It's nothing.

Time has taught
     that telling you
            my fears
                 my worries

only cause an angry hurt between us.

And so...
     I simply leave it

It's nothing.

But there are times
when all these things
come crashing into me

         (so strong)

like waves descending violently
upon some far away, sandy shore

Why won't you see?
     Why do you refuse to see?

in time
the pain subsides,
retreating to the furthest 
corners of my mind, my soul
waiting for the time
when they will 
surface yet 

Never mind me.

     Everything is fine.

         I'm just lost in my thoughts...


It's nothing.

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Dream Waiver

Held real in moments, I see your hand, Between the pillow and the bed; I feel your arm, Warm under my neck, Your breath soft on my back, But turning, I shift Awake Without you. And for a minute, I sit blindly on bed’s edge, Defining borders of reality ... Imagination ... Sleep’s sand-eyes gouged out To perceive wrinkled sheets, That were your fingers (Or my desires), In their proper light (And shadows).
-- James Ph. Kotsybar

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I said some mean things in the past,
I mad promises that weren’t meant to last,
But I still remembered you,
And I hope you remember me to.

None of this was meant to happen,
It was supposed to be forever,
Now I’m stuck in the past,
Wondering if it would have lasted.

I hold still,
Trying to remember the chill,
That you gave me that night,
Oh what a sight.

Such a great man,
I thought it was forever,
But God decided to call,
And that’s when my world started to fall.

Everything I had hoped for,
Shattered down around me,
Now I’m left standing in a deep hole,
Nothing surrounds this mourning soul.

You left me in the world all alone,
With no one I could call my own,
I just want to sleep,
But no sleep could be so deep.

None of this was meant to happen,
It was supposed to be forever,
Now I’m stuck in the past,
Wondering if it would have lasted.

I’m a shattered broken soul,
I don’t think anything’s left to hold onto,
That’s why I’m wandering the world all alone,
I’m always searching for something to sooth the pain.

Why’d you have to go?
Was life going to slow?
But you left me all alone,
I’m so alone.

Why can’t you just hold me tight,
Just one last time,
Maybe a simple goodbye,
Would changed time.

Maybe I wouldn’t feel so alone,
Maybe I could move on,
But no such luck,
I’m still searching for another love.

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Hearts and Minds Mutter-The Spirits then Matter

’Tis a strange matter yet a familiar breeze, 
The passing glance and a heart’s appease, 
And two lonely hearts silently un-crease, 
Both see tomorrow with flavorful increase, 
O! How uncertainty makes them squeeze, 
A Dream of ending the lonely heart’s lease, 
Shall it be with the two that it all shall cease, 
Or is this a moment aimed to please? 
Beware their spirits are still on freeze, 
Unawakened during this growing abyss, 
Only the mind and body play this piece, 
O! What pleasure, yet peril to peace. 
Spirit awakens, but all the way in Belize, 
Cognition and sensation move in with ease, 
One or both become weak in the knees, 
Mutual intentions they begin to release. 
The words that spew, O! Jeez! 
Who knew signor could speak Portuguese! 
Now watch the two become like geese, 
And send on each other passion infested fleas. 
Spirits finally come flying in with a whiz, 
Shall they declare a cease and decease, 
As if they were the remedy to a disease, 
Or provide cover like a warm coat of fleece? 
Remaining unshaken like dear Queen Liz 
Sifting through the Reason database in their PCs 
Spirits ponder on whether to pay the lovers’ fees, 
Or appraise their desire to the value of two peas. 
Spirits decide that they must quiz 
Are the two genuinely up in the trees, 
Or is this a matter of the birds and the bees? 
Does someone intend to go on their knees? 
Interrogation is long; spirits want to catch ZZZ’s, 
Platonic relationships; the minds’ are forced to think on these, 
The hearts compelled to learn to appease, 
May be tomorrow they’ll sail in agape seas. 

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For You

The day I met you,
I at first saw you as strange.
But then, later in time,
I realized that it's just your disguise.

I never felt so lucky
Before you said you loved me.
There aren't many guys in the world
Who don't despise looks.
Yet you are the one who seems the most true.

Maybe deep down, I love you too...
And I'm not sure why
I stopped you from suicide.

I guess I just want others to follow
The guiding light that always helped me through.
Although I think that,
You say that I'm probably in love with you.

If that is really true,
Then I can't handle hearing your voice,
Life as if your feelings for me
Are forcing me to love you without a choice.
I can't even handle such love,
At least not yet.

For now I just want to keep my bets of me
Finding another person.
And I don't find anyone like you,
Then I'll become yours
Just for you...

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If i had my choice, you would be just another memory.

Whenever you left, i would forget everything but the best them.

Whenever i die, i can't take any of them with me.

...Save your goodbyes, your nothing but a memory.


When it all ended, You had nothing to say to me.

You said our memories where disgusting, yet you came crawling back for them.

You said our love had died, yet those words still came back to haunt me.

Save your lies, your nothing but a memory.

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Forever and Ever

I'll never forget the scent of your chestnut hair
I smell it everyday 

I'll always remember the touch of your hand
I feel it always
I'll never lose sight
of the beauty in your eyes
I see them in beautiful blue skies
I'll always hold onto
pictures of you
in my mind
in my heart
in my soul
in my dreams
and ever -
And your kiss

I will always miss
getting lost
in your sweet kiss
and forever
and ever
        and ever
and ever...

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The others turn to wallpaper,
an amalgamation of colours,
reds run into blues run into greens.
A palate of insignificance
submerged behind our corneas,
may as well be grey.
Nascent in our welfare womb,
sharing oxygen: I breathe in, you breathe out.
The curves of your fingertips
tease my acrylic French tips.
Then I turn to wallpaper.
Plunge a clenched fist through my chest, and
pluck at the strings that engage in each glower.
Graffiti to the grave.
Your tongue-tied texts and 
speechless songs 
compile that composition.
Phone calls squeezed into
itchy interludes,
last drops of water from a sponge.
No release from our declining rapport,
evaporating as those drops from the sponge.
I feel wrung out and parched,
thirsty for what once 
drowned me in delight
And now you turn to wallpaper, and I 
make an ornament out of my 
damaged goods.

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Dreams of me and Hue

Fade from pillow white


To the drop dead black of night


Where I struggle to see you with all my might


As you slowly come into view


I can see shades of red


Behind your midnight blue


Can you see it too?


This beautiful reflection bouncing off of me


and into you


as our purple begins to break in two


back into thoughts of ruby red and daybreak blue


over kaleidoscope rusty rainbows


and dripping into dreams of me and Hue


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Dark magic meet mystery and science.

I've carried this bag of insecurities on my side like a lover.
So much so that I've neglected to focus on what's real.
Much effort goes into thinking I work for myself but anybody with 20/20 vision can see I
strive for others.
I regret letting the peanut gallery know my name.
Too often do we put our faith into ghostly phantoms.
Somebody we thought cared as much as ourselves.
We hang on to hope.
We use greed and knowledge to get our ways.
Most of us can agree upon common goals.
We all want to smile, love, and be loved.
When we feel we are all equals we will truthfully be equals.
When we are equals we can be lovers
and when we are lovers we will be tangled in a web.
The web we fell into when you healed my wounds.
The web that started the moment we locked eyes.

Liars hands will be tied and sent to the guillotine.
For every promise broken, a finger severed.
For every empty thought, a broken heart.
For every broken heart, an empty grave.

Until then break the rules of life and let love shine like a shooting star.

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Is It You

You are my Hope You are My truth You are my Love You are the reason For me I can't do this Alone always be there for me and I'll promise to Live

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until you give it, you will not see it 
you quite simply will not 
oh, you can want it 
but ‘want’ is a form of ‘take’ 
and you can never take, to have -- except for anger and money 
that kind of want you can easily achieve 
“Give and take” has been a lie to you 
a practice you accept for a phrase you once heard 
no. . . you will not. . . ever. . . get this by wanting 
you want this? 
you gotta give this 
this one ain’t no passing by occasion 
first time you tried, you wanted – fair enough 
there ain’t no next after that 
you got the lesson when you kindergarten’d somewhere in your teens 
no in between. . . here 
no amount of years can pass 
no guarantee that if you didn’t pick it up then. . . you will someday 
listen. . . read well 
until you stop wanting 
you will not get, giving 
you will be without love. 

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Palms by the Sea

Oh this Sea from left to right,
How my mind gathers your visions to my sight.
You clouds stray from over here to over there,
And my lungs fill deep as they gather you into my air.
I am the neutral zone with all of my love that I share
The “Palms by the Sea” give my visions their true light!
In each I can see myself inside of a seemingly height.
The Palms by the Sea are my only solemn oath I fight!
 Up inside of the tallest tree I shall surely come,
Your Earth, your Moon and your Sun I shall make them all come undone!
I am you as you breathe my life and it is your love that I shall proclaim in the moment I seize!
Up inside of you I am proclaiming my every single genuine need.
The “Palms by the Sea” guard the shores for my more, my all, or even none!

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997

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One chain
from the day
when everything was so black
and grey   
One chain
from when I actually care
about anything you have to say
One chain
from home sweet home
and home sweet home to stay

One chain 
from getting down on my knees
to say thank you, God, and pray
One chain 
from convincing myself
that I'm gonna make it
and be ok
One chain 
from feeling hopeless
each and everyday
One chain 
from being on my back
and under attack
when everything was so grey
and black
One chain
from coming out of the black and grey
into the light where I can finally see

One chain

  from breaking loose 
and running free

from leaving you
and loving me

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It's cold outside, but yet it's hot
as boring as it seems it's not

My eyes are crying tears
for reasons that are shown

A pain is shooting through my chest
but why, I don't know

I sit around everyday
alone in silence 
without a word to say

Listening to music, eases my mind
the place I am at, it's so hard to find

I make an entrance and soon disappear
my mind is stolen, but my body's still there

I look so deep into your eyes as you look into mines
and wonder if your love's for real or maybe I'm just blind

Don't tell me I'm the one for you, don't tell me that your love is true
when so gracefully you said I do, when someone else confronted you

Receiving them and dumping me
was it your lowest cost, or highest fee

Roll the dice and take your chance
I'm smarter now about romance

You may have won the battle, but I sure won the war
what goes around, comes around, that's what you have in store

Monopoly may be the game, you tried so hard to play
but don't ever underestimate me
I'm not naive as they say.

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Let's go back

Let's go back

Back to the beginning

Back to when we used to laugh and smile

Back to when we hadn't shared a kiss

Back to when I didn't spend my nights by the phone waiting for you to call

Back to when we were young

Back to when we first begun

Back before we ever fought

Back to when I first said "Yes"

Back so I can start again

Back so I could say "No"

Back so I wouldn't be hurting now

Back before you broke my heart

Back before I gave you my all

Back before I let you in


Now we never laugh or smile

Now our kisses mean nothing but wasted time

Now I lock myself in my room dreading every phone call

Now i'm not as young and I feel like your babysitter

Now all we do is fight

Now that I gave you my all I have nothing left to give

Now that I let you in I don't feel safe

Now my hear is broken

Now I can't stop crying

Now I feel like a piece of trash

I'm so sorry to have hurt you

It's really not you it's me

I am nothing as of now

I feel like I'm about to drown

I don't want to feel like this

I don't know what else to do

I just know I cannot be with you.

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When the fear resides
And finds a home
In places other than within
The love that is suffocating finds life anew
Allowing freedom to exist
Wherein love is unbound
Finding no barriers
Having no limits
Going deeper--
So much more intense
Is all that lives within
It grows and flourishes
Like a garden tended with the utmost care
All of this and more exists,
When the fear resides..

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Bread and Water

Two women
Fought for one
Slice of bread.

One man drank
Two glasses
Of water.

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Never-Never Land

I stare out into this huge blue Sea,
And the waves, well, they just carry me.
My mind drifts so far away,
Because the Ocean is where I lay!
I’m off to never-never land once again,
So take my hand and let this journey begin!
I listen carefully to the Oceans roar,
The waves, well they just help me soar.
My mind relaxes with my day,
Because the Ocean is where I always lay!
I’m off to never-never land on a hunch for so much more,
So take my hand and let’s find new places we can both explore!
I can see blue water with big fluffy white rolls,
Waves, well they just capture my entire soul.
My mind just helpless with my day,
Well, it is the Ocean where I lay!
Off in never-never land I can always see,
A gigantic Ocean covering over me!
Far away in never-never land near the Ocean is where I always lay.
Lifeless in the sand is where I’ll always be.
So take my hand and be lifeless with me in the sand.
Together, just you and me on our journey to never-never land,
Just lifeless in the sand, together you and I and always we’ll be hand in hand!

© Copyright: 1997  Ann Rich

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'Window Dressing (or) Mannequin Lessons

She had Velvet eyes, Satin lips
Silk skin … Seamless hips

Threaded her way into his heart
and Stitched his mind up Tight
But the Needle Point, was coming
Pricking… with all its might! …

… Posed her Textile-smile
Watched Fabric – flow
All the Lycra-while
Sticking Velcro …

and Ribbons and Bow
… he didn’t know
she was only after
Every Scrap of his Taffeta

He thought she was quite fetching
… didn’t know, she was just Window-Dressing

‘can’t hold the Cushion, when Pins, Push and Shove
a man, can’t live on just a Thimble-full of love! …
… can’t move the heart of a Mannequin
…  your living doll is running around, again …
… Window Dressing …

He was an honest man
nothing up his Sleeve
but, he had a gold-band
said, ‘Honey, Marry Me…’

… and he Wrapped her in Furs
Draped her in jewels
Lots of Cashmere
… she left empty Spools

She took his Tape Measure
and Material Cut
kept Sharp Scissors
for her Designs … but

… He’d seen the Hem Ironed
and Sew and Sew
He knew the Pattern
and which Embroidery to go…

… the last Fringe turn
and which Bolt to throw …

She sat in front of a Vanity
brushing her Gossamer hair
Basting in her Veiled beauty
like no Wool was there …

… to see her Window Dressing
To see him Yard-Catching
the Collar and Cuffs …
… He’d seen enough !

He saw them thru the Window
Zipper and Buttons undone
He had to stop the Fashion Show …
… then he dropped his _ _ _

… Velvet eyes, Satin lips
Silk skin… Seamless hips
Threaded her way into his heart
And Stitched his mind up Tight

… but the Needle Point came Darning
Pricking, with all its might …

…’Cause you can’t move the heart of a Mannequin
but your living doll won’t be running around again …

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The Center of the Core

Walking these streets, wet or cold,
We run fast and reach for our all or more.
The corner we meet, daring and bold.
At last, I have found what I was looking for.
Taking you deep into the night, dark but very clear,
We’re dancing so sweet and wanting for more.
The corner we fight, bracing our lack of fear.
Still a Mountain of depths for us to explore!
Bringing you up for your only air, brisk but bittersweet.
Breathing fast and needing some of your more,
The corner we share, honest and complete.
At last, I’ve found the center of the core!
Giving my life to live with your air freshly anew,
Swimming with strife reaching for the only shore,
The corner we give, our hopes are that of few,
And still haven’t found that sweet nectar that I’m looking for!

®Registered: Ann Rich 1997

Details | I do not know? | |

Tonight, I Cried

Tonight I cried.

My mind wandered, it floated away from me.

Unable to sleep, I went searching for things not meant to be seen.

As my eyes danced across words, a pretty painted picture,

My heart was torn into little pretty pieces.

Words that described a love so great,

Words that were written by such a hopeful heart...

Words painted for someone else,

Words painted for her.

Time has passed by so quickly since,

Much has taken place to have those words replaced.

Tonight my mind wandered, it floated away from me.

Unable to sleep, I went searching for things not meant to be seen.

Memories flood back in from where I was before,

The good, the bad, the great, the ugly,

All pooling around me, on the floor.

So much pain and darkness,

Replaced with joy and sunshine...

But when would he ever be, just first mine?

When his name is at my lips,

I don't want to think of the heartache thats led him here...

The arms that may or may not have held him before...

But to think of him as a whole, and not fragments of a soul.

Tonight I cried.

Because my heart is sad, and it's still not whole.

There's the saddness brought with not knowing if I bring him that much joy,

There's the brokeness of never feeling perfect enough or good enough,

No matter what he says.

There's the dread of not being able to say for certain

That he's happy enough to stay.

Feeling overwhelmed with a heavy heart,

But a heart full of love.

So many burdens and yet so much care,

How does such a fragile little thing,

Have so much it can stand to bare?

Tonight, I cried.

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When I'm In Love

When I am in love,
I start to feel as light as a dove...
And when I stay in love with somebody temporarily,
I become sentimental in front of everybody...
True love carves into my heart?While short-term loves are ripped apart.
I cannot handle being in true love,
And can't be happy forever?With just one person.
Sometimes my love interests are so fleeting,
That I seem very deceiving
And in love I become envious & hateful,
Oh sometimes
I'm so grateful breaking hearts
And putting them back together,
Part by part.
When I am in love with somebody
It can possibly already be the end right at the start...

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Take It Slow

Let's jsut take our time
And take it day by day
Let it sit inside our minds
And hear what our hearts say

Let's not dance so fast
Let's just enjoy this feeling while it lasts
There's no need to be in a hurry
Cause love will find us if it's meant to be

Let's let time mold us into one
And shape us to love
And once it's done
We'll be everything we once dreamed of

Let's let love find us and strike deep inside
Take us on that up and down
Round and round
Rollercoaster ride

Let's let it take us through emotional times
Where at times we have to dig deep to find
What lives in me and you
To make us love each other the way we do

Let's just make sure that the time is right
That this is what we both desire for
You're forever mine
And I, forever yours

Let's let time light the flame in our hearts
The flame that will keep us together and never tear us apart
The flame that'll burn deep within
And never burns out because I never want this to end

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The divide widens
Moving in directions opposite
And with ways parting
Even though traveling on the same path
It’s like being privy to the quaking of earth before it happens
In slow motion
And knowing not what to do or say
Where to find cover or shelter
In the midst of all the chaos,
Does such really exist?

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Our Love Is Faded

Our love was fated
To be so fleeting,
Yet now it is forever faded.
I want to blame you
For letting it slip
Away from our embraceable arms
And away from our lips' second chance.
Though I do happily prance
Towards you at school,
I am unaware of what harms
You may have gone through.
I was entranced in pain,
But you could not have kept
Hidden our pleasureful shame.
I have hope for us,
Even though we're cool,
I'm secretly hoping
We can someday be the same
As before I blamed you
For both my happiness and loneliness.
You are forever
One of the best.

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She Can See

She can see...
that he cries within
that his exterior edge
hides a lover from within.

She continues to see him
in a whole new light...
She loves him completely
and with delight.

She comforts him
and lets him know
that the past is the past
and that he should let it go.

She understands him freely
and she can trully see
what he is right now
and what he could be.

She sees him and she knows him...
and she sees that he cries within...
and that his tough exterior
hides all the hurts within.

She knows she holds the keys
to unlocking all his doors...
to unfolding his mind...
to making him more...

And she knows him almost better
than he used to know himself...
because she sees his image
reflected in herself.

And she knows that he knows her
better than she thought...
and the fact he knows her better
than she knows herself
makes her love him all the more...

And he knows that she loves him...
more with each passing day...
He knows that shes been waiting for him...
for all of her earthly days.

Copyright Christine A Kysely November 22,2010

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Captured ~ (A septolet)

Rain drops
He sulks

The cradle rocks
soothing innocence
woman's perfect snare.

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Splashes of Hue, Vincent, and me

they're not listening still
explore with me if you will
vibrant colors
that could kill
explode with me
into Vincent Van Goht's
where we shall see
the beautiful side
of Huemanity
paint my picture
grey, red, yellow, and blue
color me
like lovers sometimes do
and draw pictures
like Vincent once drew
surrendering shadows of me
suffocated by shades of you
splashes of Vincent
suddenly come into view
watch grey doves take flight
into this starry starry night
flying high with all of their might

among a cascade of red shooting stars
leaving behind purple scars
diving into the vivid blue rain
they pass through a lover's pain
stroll along a memory's lane
and crash into an artist's stain
where only hopes and dreams
and memories of Hue and Vincent
and me

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Partly Cloudly with a Splash of Sunshine

To me it comes as no surprise
That if I could paint a splendid sunrise
I would do so 
with a rainbow
stolen from vivid blue skies
borrowed from the love I see in your eyes
And then I would make you cry
violet tear drops  
so that I could try
to somehow
wipe them dry
I would wash your grey away
I chould kiss your rain away
I should chase your pain away
and keep you here to stay
for a sunny day
For you are my future
And you are my past
You are my beautiful forecast
My sweet sunshower that will forever be mine

Partly Cloudly with a Splash of Sunshine

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Ms Oh Ms

Ms oh Ms.
How much of a gentleman because of you I’ve turned into.
Ms because of you I’ve become so thankful.

But It would be irresponsible of me to let my emotions
get the best of my judgment and condone you.
It would be selfish on my part to not allow rationality
and only my sentimentality to reach closure upon this issue.

This relationship consisted of 2.
Just like in biblical scriptures, in pairs.
Not even branches wish to be bare.

So here goes the naked truth...

I played my part; you played me for a fool.
Even if I were synthetic, lifeless and used to work the land,
by the hands of the blue collar man,
I couldn’t feel any more like a mere tool.

Now what used to be conversations has turned into a tedious dialogue.

What a twisted plot this story has become.
I mind your mind.
Not even Mother Nature could’ve created such opaque smog.

But I guess what occurred is now more than visible.

I wore my heart on my sleeve just to be closer to you.
Little did I know what breaking routine would get me into.

But I won’t let chivalry decline.
I’m still feeling like the captain..... of a sunken ship.

How wonderful our story , how dreaded the ending.

Ms. oh Ms.
But I won’t hate you , nor will I forgive you,
I’ll simply forget you… Ms.

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Weeping Willow

Weeping willow, I'm hear for you
to make all your dreams come magically true
I know you love more me, more than ever
to be with me , through all kinds of weather
weeping willow, don't you play, just because I cannot stay
weeping willow , don't you cry
I might stay or say goodbye
but no matter what, you'll always know
I'll be there for you, through sleet or snow
you'll always be here in my heart, even though we drifted apart
weeping willow , I love you dearly, 
I pray inside somewhere you hear me
I'll always love you in every way
until my oldest dying day
but lets just wait
why wasn't it right, all those days and all those nights
you and me in separate places, all alone in open spaces
imagining those sacred basics
driven home by love, I longed to see your face
but when I arrived, to me the surprise
was wearing my silk negleshe
before she could speak, I asked her to leave
and then it was just me and you
words we exchanged, your face rearranged 
and your car.....
has a broken window or two
I ranted and cried, for the pain left inside
and they way that I had to find out
when all you had to do
was tell me the truth, 
but instead, you crept in the dark
your biggest mistake, that you ever me
was playing me right from the start 
You asked me the question , why did I leave
you cheated on me, how else could it be
you begged for forgiveness that I could not give
you hurt me before
not again, not again
the very first time, you tore me apart
and crushed my delicate little heart
weeping willow, you thought I was weak
but now it's my turn and my time to speak
I thought you had changed, but chances no more
It's over completely
I've settled the score..

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Only Human

i have been a fool
i have done some foolish things
i did let negative thinking
get the best of me

i said some things
that now i really regret
i didn't give myself a chance to think
careless words are hard to forgive and forget

i shouldn't have been so mean
that's the mistake i usually make
i shouldn't have gotten angry and screamed
why did i have to think thoughts so toxic?

why did i have to be so foolish
and say those foolish words
why did you have to be so foolish
and do things like a regular jerk?

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Philosophy On Love

True love is fleeting,
An embrace with meaning
And momentary feelings.
Love is temporarily freeing,
A close conversation
With just simply understanding.
Truth is hard to find/
Like truth, love is painful,
Yet through hurting
We thoroughly grow.
Eternal love is a lie,
I only feel alive thru love
When kissed by
One who is spiritually close.
To always love,
Listen and be there,
Are nothing but hollow promises
And transparent words I see and bear.
Truth be that they 
Turn into argument
And the eventual loss of their presence.
True love is ephemeral,
An emotion of affection.
When love causes reflection
It is when loneliness is at its best
And resentment at its worst.
The truth of who I am
Has been revealed in experience,
Yet with this love existing,
Realizing my philosophy on love,
I know I can rest solemnly,
Even with thoughts of thee.

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Soaring Hearts And Burning Flames

If my heart could soar then on the wings of your words it would
take flight, and with those words from the heart of you I would 
take comfort

If only the light in your eyes shone through the dark that
pervades your past, in time we two may find that light and feed
it with our hearts, minds and souls so that it may flourish into
a blinding beacon.

In time that light may fade and with it the feeling felt in our hearts
and yet the spark will forever struggle against the growing 
dark so that it may one day be re-fed. Refuelled.
Shared with others so they may see the light I see in your eyes.

But for now, let we two cherish that light I see in your eyes
the fires that burn deep will burn and immolate our past pains,
creating from the ashes a wholehearted future to be embraced with 
hearts and hands.

That light will then banish the dark, defeat it and bring us to a new
horizon in which there is only future, only the welcoming hopes of new
life, new love.

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I choose you
For all that you are

I want you
Like a dream

I feel you 
In my arms

I taste you
In a tender kiss

I hear you 
In the breeze

I smell you
In our embrace

I see you
In my fantasy

I get you
In reality

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I have it all here,
Yet it's you that I want near.
My heart still believes
You to be a dear part of me.

What more do I need
When I already have
Everything indeed?

I have a dream,
Yet something that first should be
Redeemed would be
My generosity and honesty.

Bringeth me renewed feeling
You have done through
Your deed of befriending me.

I have it all already,
Though truly you are everything
I have searched for,
For what seems to be an eternity.

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Would You Stay?

Would You Stay?

My heart yearns for you on Sundays.

Memories of you flood my mind in 

various streams and tributaries on that day.

I long to hold your hand and run 

through the rain and hear the loving

things your voice would say.

Your joy and persona

beamed on me like sun's majestic rays.

I wish you were here to hold me

to reassure me that everything 

in my life without you will be okay.

Without your smile and your love

in my life, all of my skies are grey.

I long to kiss and roll around,

like we used to when we

were young, to roll in the golden hay.

I wonder if I saw you on the street,

one day when I was looking fine

and I caught your eye,

would you stay with me forever and

embrace me with love, 

if I asked you

to stay?

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I still wait for you 
the end was unsatisfying and empty
I can't leave you in the past
no matter how I try
your are still a part of me
I have cried my tears for you
and tried to burn your memory from my brain
but nothing works
your are still with me
I can feel your fingertips move softly over me
and your breath on the back of my neck
continues to make me burn
As my eyes close I see you above me 
every dream is filled with your image
I still feel safe in your arms
as they wrap around me 
not seen only felt
good or bad you are the other half of my soul
the one I have been looking for my entire life
I love you still
I will see you again in my next life
and we will be together 
no complications

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Lessons Learned

Life teaches us all with each passing day
With each mistake
With each broken heart
We learn who we are
My walls grow thicker
My heart colder
Lessons I learned years ago disappeared in your eyes
and with your touch I allowed my wall to crumble
and now here I lay
wondering how after all of these years and all of these lessons learned
I faltered and allowed myself to trip and fall 
hating myself for ever feeling safe in your arms 
seeing you for what you always were
and feeling thankful that I found out while the wall could still be rebuilt
You never saw me
You never truly touched me		
It was all in vain 
every shared breath
every kiss
every touch 
The depth you claimed to have
only a shallow pool
The kindness you showed
only a fading image hiding the man you truly are
I wish I could take it all back
I wish I would have left the wall where it stood
You never deserved
 to see inside my soul
to touch my skin 
to taste my love
No one will ever make you forget me
but tomorrow when I the sun crosses over my face
you will be gone.

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Erasing All Trace of Elaine

It’s true, I have forgotten you, Elaine,
Utterly, as leaves when leaving summer trees
Die unremembering, as they coast along the breeze
Toward autumn ground.  No souvenirs remain.

Blurred images efface and fade.  I cannot see your plain
White dress, bedecked with flowered fineries:
Poppies…yellow, orange, with Death-dark centers.  Please
Believe my love’s dissolved, drowned in Fall’s grey rain.

Through dimming years I’ll rarely, any more
View you in my imaginings.  Your summer-tinted hair
Of golden tawn recedes.  My lust cannot recall
Your criminally-carnal figure, or

Your rose-flushed mouth.  Romance lies in Death’s lair.
In autumn’s pall, I have forgotten all.

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A sea of feelings
Treated so coldly 
By the winds of a season.

A tree covered
With many coloring leaves.
Falling, away goes the cheery green.

A sun brightly shining
Is now hidden in cloud,
The reflection of the sky
Is now in gray shroud.

A tower in the meadows,
Foundation being vows,
Crumbles on down.

A young child's sighing,
For she feels her bonds
Are fading away.

A tie unsure of whether
It should be worth keeping.
Such a scenery so fleeting.

Yet at its best it is 
Also reassuring,
Simplicity in its very being
Is our lives and
The seasonal changing.

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Orbital Shift

Spiralling salvation suffocating choice
The chances of redemption choking on the noise
Airwaves of the future set to make it last
The sense of all sedition is slipping on the past

Never one to help that I would be revealed
Express that we are nothing with illusive shields
The future comes around to breathe the words of end
And suddenly what happened is not the current trend

Waking to the reason of revealing reason
Awakening the passion for the current season
Awaking to desires for awareness of our worth
The universe is all as I understand the earth

The stars are all around me within everything
The gravity we are will never let me sink
Suddenly her eyes remind me of the light
With darker orbits gone she pulls me from the night

Universal silence knows just what we are
Speak or keep your peace, it all takes us so far
Spinning through the darkness drifting into space
My sun is in the centre, as I spiral into place

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When Will You Leave Me

A tormented soul
No peace, no solace
Just uncertainity lies here
Because I always think
About the day that you
Will leave me behind
So many before have
Promised to always
Love me and be my fortress
But, in the end they walk
Out the door never to return
Sometimes without even saying goodbye
They leave like I never existed

These tales of romance
Are all reminscent of one another
We make each other's acquaintance
We feel an attraction for one another
From there our infatuation blossoms
Into love that constantly grows in it's intensity 
We share our innermost thoughts and secrets
A frenzy of passion is ignited by just a glance
In an enchanted wonderland we roam and
Dance under the moonlight, kissing under the
Midnight sky, wishing upon the stars that shine so brightly

The magic between us eventually fades
Just like in Cinderella the clock has struck midnight
The time is up for the spell that we were under
We return to the reality that was always waiting for us
The one that we were trying to escape from

Cruelty knows me well
Felt so much wrath
From my loves
Twisted logic
Acidic words
So often forgotten
So often neglected
Unfathomable sins
Committed by my love
Receive my forgiveness
But, my trangressions are 
Dealt with so harshly
Instead of a pardon
Only judgment is received
My unconditional love
Was given in vain

So when all I hear is silence
I dread every minute until
I am with my love again
For when we are apart
I fear that the day has come
When I will cry out for your
Love and never find it again
I need to feel my love's warm embrace
Or hear the sound of your gentle voice
For I need the reassurance only you can give
But, even then my mind ruminates about our
Last day because no one ever stays around
My lonely past has taught me to always
Prepare for the day that you abandon me
But, in my heart I hold onto the dream of
You being my soul mate that I can journey
Through life with for all of eternity

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White Sand

Ahh the shimmer of glimmer a man,
Cannot wither or seem to withstand,
What a picturesque damsel she be,
Burning  sand into glass by her feet…
Every crystal appears as she walks,
Blowing  colors of wind as she talks,
As she's standing there branded in lace,
That's expanding the smile on my face…
Finest dust as it crushes so soft,
From my hand's as it rushes aloft, 
Not because it was blown by the wind,
Coming from the direction she’s in…
Blindly I see the color of love,
Kindly be every one it’s made of,
As I start sinking in sand  so deep
I can't think of another I’d keep…
Just like a canvas I wanted to paint,
I will brandish each grain as I think,
About her laying on whitest of sand,
Blowing the rest of her out of my 


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Superficial Hero

A poetic writing challenge between Mother and son,
Jordan Adorno (search for this poet to read poem of the same title)

Charming the masses with only your smile.
You can captivate a woman's soul just by gazing into her eyes
giving your best performance, studying your lines, but still feeling emptier inside.
A myriad of personalities roam inside you.
You often wonder which one is the real you.
You are always hiding in the crowd.
Part of you needing to be noticed to feel alive
the other part wishing that you could be invisible to the world.

I walk through a maze of mirrors trying to find the man beyond the superficial 
It feels as if you are trapped in your own house of horrors needing someone to 
rescue you from yourself.
My devotion for you gives me the strength to continue this journey even when my 
heart cries out in vain for solace. 

My soul lives in a constant state of torment.
I feel my body sinking, drowning in the many tears I have wept.
Emptiness consumes my life.
A piece of my dies every time I hear the numbing silence that exists between us. 
Sometimes I long for shouts, screams or anything that forces you to remove your 
mask so I can finally see what lives inside you.
My motives are so pure their almost childlike.
If I could have but one wish do you know what it would be?
For you to grant me the privilege of getting to really love you and returning that 
love back to me so I can feel it's presence in my heart.

I wish I could kiss your soul to heal its many wounds.
I would hold it close to my heart, protecting it from harm. 
Maybe then I could see the entire man instead of just miniscule pieces of who 
you are.
Don't you realize that by enclosing yourself behind the glass is only causing you 
to descend further into the blackened abyss in which you inhabit?
Forever loyal I will be waiting here until your "opening night" when you finally 
unveil yourself to me, unraveling the spiraling mysteries that have been 
surrounding you.

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Ugly Betty Just Isn't Me

I’m sick of being an Ugly Betty wanna be.
I have better inside of me.
To hell with all that being pretty inside.
I think the outside should matter.

All these magazines tell me who to be.
They tell me how act and who to like.
Always talkin’ about the newest thing.
To hell with them and what they think. 

I am me and they can’t change that.
They want my body, 
And they want my soul.
All they’ll ever get is my dough,

The plus size is the new in,
It seems a sin to be thin.
One thing these models don’t know,
It’s not worth the dough.

All these shows tell me what to do.
They tell me how to act and what to like.
Always talkin’ about the newest thing.
To hell with them and what they think.

I am me and they can’t change that.
They want my body,
And they want my soul.
All they’ll ever get is my dough.

No need to be a Barbie doll,
Or anybody else.
Be your own true self
Don’t sit on anybody’s shelf.

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As yet Unresolved

Nature or Deity
what petty cruelty
or splendid mystery
that he and she
would so distant be
in mind and manner and vanity
This is why they writhe and bite
or love as cold as winters night
We claw and kiss and spit in spite
We rage and pace and fuss and fight
or cut with words or flee in fright
yet in all of this we find delight
and die together blissfully

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Can't Stand It Anymore

Can’t Stand It Anymore

Something’s wrong
Oh, it’s you…

I dislike your choices of what to wear today
I am put off by that complexion
I cannot stand that way you stand
With that superior air about you
I really can’t accept that way you giggle like it was a joke

I strongly dislike your straight A average
I really loathe your humor
I cannot stand your bubbly aura
I just can’t deal with your perfume
I absolutely abhor your choices
Of what you wish to pursue

I cannot stand your tediousness
I really hate your smile
I absolutely loathe your eyes
As equally as I hate your friendly persona
I just can’t look at that stupidly perfect little face
I can’t live with your little moans and groans
And especially not that annoying wailing you make called crying

I hate the fact that you’re constantly involved
I hate that little noise you make when bored
I hate your blatant honesty
I can’t stand the way you speak in riddles
I hate how you look at me most of all
Because of how you look at him

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Leave Tonight

Leave me tonight,
Leave with me,
I need your soul to stand next to,
When I face immortality.

Myself, I vanish,
When I face the inhuman light,
So come along,
Save me,
Leave with me tonight.

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Passive Aggressive

Revenge is so sweet
When you have no clue
That I even sought it
Against you and even
Sweeter when you never
Even knew I was
Infuriated with you
In the first place
It is more thrilling when
You never saw it coming
Revenge is so nice
When you pay the price
For your misdeeds
Living in ignorance
Of the passive aggressive
Villan that planned your fall
Revenge is so much fun
When I reminisce about
What I have done
I love having this
Secret weapon that
You will never discover
Everytime Lady Justice
Dispenses justice your way
You will never suspect that
It was I that gave her the
Ammunition that she 
Needed to alienate you
My angel face decieves you
Making you think I am sweet
When in reality Jezebel roams
Inside my heart always asking
Herself "Who is next"?

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Sociopath Part 1

You don't see me
As a woman
You only see me
As your prey
Your next meal
Seeking to devour me
With your razor sharp fangs
Superficially charming
But, I see through your facade
Your smoke and mirrors
Aren't fooling me
Salivating at the
Thought of making
Me your next victim
You feel Carnal desires
Burning inside you
Swelling up like 
A tidal wave
Trying to make this
Surfer catch a ride
On your cryptic sailboat
In your sea of 
Sacrificial lambs

Cruel deception
Pretty lies
Cool as an 
Autumn breeze
With every single
Act of prevarication
That you commit
Shakespearean performances
In your presence
Acting out so many 
Histrionic displays 
Of drama to seduce
The gullible souls
Who want to understand you
So that you can exsert
Your dyspotic control
Over their lives
Enslaving them
Your narcissism
Prevents you from
Understanding the
Tears they cry
Because of your wrath

Monotone voice
No accentuation
No emphasis can
Be heard because
You don't mean
The words that
Leave your lips 
A poker face
Lacking grace
Devoid of sincerity
Communication only
A tool to manipulate

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the thought walk

though it's yours 
you've not seen this road before 
the nights alone 
the storms blown 
the pavement never smooth 
the mirror of my youth 
you've not seen this road before 
until i showed it to you 
when i opened the car door 
to let you out 
and you walked home, angry 
in the potholes of my footsteps

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' ... For The Old Men ... ' (or It Ain't Over Yet)

He Thought, ‘Cause He Was Old
And the Other Guy, was Just ‘Sprung’
That He didn’t have a Chance To Hold
His Own, Against The ‘Young-Un’ …

And In Spite of His Many Years
… Worn-Well, Like Battle-Scars
The Boy, Wet, Behind The Ears
Challenged Him For Love, Thru War …

… The Rival, Dressed In Handsome-Glory
And showed His Young-Man’s Strength
And Polished Up, His Manners, Solely …
To Flatter, The Lady at Length …

So … The Old Man … Stopped His Visits
To The Woman of His Dreams
His Last Chance … and He’d Missed It …
Due To Failing Eyesight and Self-Esteem

But, the Object of Their Desire
A Woman, Fully-Grown
One of Beauty and Hidden Fire
Already Chose, What Her Heart – Known

So, She Went to See The Old Man
Her Senior, by Twenty-Years
And She Took Him, By the Hands
And This:  Is What He Hears:

“ … Hon, I’m Just Like Fine-Wine
Aged and Mellow, Taste Real Good
I Flow in a Smooth-Line
… and I Thought You Understood …

I Already Been In The Barrel
I Already Reached My Peak
My Vintage, Ain’t Just Alcohol
You Know, I’m Warm and Sweet

… and I Need A Man To Hold Me
Like A Decanter, Strong and Bright
… Crystal-Clear, Around Me
And Sparkling-Eyes, in the Light

I Need Him, Cut-To-Perfection
With Many Facets, At Each Turn
And Fluted with Affection
So, When He Pours … He Still Yearns

Now, An Old Decanter, Like This
Takes Time, and Design To Make
It Doesn’t Spill A Kiss
Or Fall-Down, Shatter and Break …

Its Been Tested, for Its Value
Adds Worth, to Any Room
I Give It, Its Due …
It’s a Genuine Heirloom !

Now, These Words, Go-Down Pretty
You May Think, ‘Don’t Mean A Thing’
But, I Need A Dose of Maturity
More Jump, Than Grape-Juice Brings …”

 - - - - - -

The Woman, Said Her Sincere Words
Then She Kissed His Weathered Cheek
And Wondered If He’d Heard
When He Still, Didn’t Speak …

… Then He Gently Grabbed Her Close
As It Finally, Soaked In …
… ‘It’s Me, She Chose ! …’
… The Old-Man, Gave A Boyish-Grin !

And He Held Her, Like A Decanter
Holds The Finest, Best Wine
… Caressed and Prized and Hugged Her
And Softly Whispered … “Mine !”

As She Swirled Perfumed Nectar
And Shy Drops Upon His Lips
An Intoxicating Sampler …
… The Old Man, Took A Sip …

Next Time, When He Saw His Rival
He Knew, He’d  Have Some Fun
As He Waited For His Arrival …
To Tell Him, ‘You’re Not Cut-Out For This One, Son …

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Suicide via Love

My heart dies
Everytime you hurt me
My eyes cry tears
When you break my heart
Over and over again 
I loose little pieces of my soul
When you treat me with such indifference
Sometimes when I glance in the mirror
I cannot see my reflection staring back at me
Because my soul is slowly dying
Piece by piece is chipped away and lost
Because of the infinite sorrow
That you inflict upon me with such malice
I cannot go on like this
But, I won't be breathing much longer
You are killing me, causing me to expire
Every minute of every day

I hold out my arms to embrace
Death, an ending so sweet
To such a tragic existence
When the clock strikes midnight
I take journey to the cemetary
As I walk the eerie grounds
My heart is filled with envy
For the corpses that lay here
Are numb, they feel no more pain
No more broken hearts, no more abuse
They are forever free of their torment
The banshees will be coming for me soon
When I hear their screams I will eagerly
Run to them embracing the end of my
Tortured and disappointing life
For I never got my horse drawn carriage 
I never got to go to the ball in my 
Blue satin gown and glass slippers
Prince Charming never came for me either
There are two Princes that will come for me though
The first is the Prince of Nightmares: I have known him
For years just by many different names and faces
This Prince always wants the same things: my love,
My support, my sexuality, my womb or my devotion.
This Prince of Nightmares hypnotizes me first with his charms
Then on his elevator we descend right into the pits of Hell together
He leaves me there alone to rot and decay in his blackened abyss 
While he takes the elevator back to where we just left from
The second Prince I will meet is the Prince of Darkness
We shall make each other's acquaintance very soon
For too many sins with my Prince's of Nightmares has
Assured me a place in his fiery den
Leaving my body a pile of ashes 

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My Statue

A constant presence
Watching over me
Always by my side
Ready to pick me up
Everytime I fall
No facades around you
I can be myself
I don't have to masquerade
As someone else so you
Will remain true to me

Through the many storms
That have come our way
You have remained
Knowing all my secrets
Knowing all my sins
Nothing I could do would
Ever cause your statue
For me to crumble

Despite so many years
Of unrequited love
You waited a lifetime
Just for the chance 
To show me your love 
No matter what I looked like
No matter what I had done
To break your heart
You always referred to me
As your ideal woman
"Perfect" in your eyes
Your love for me is true
Like a statue always standing
As a tribute of your devotion

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Taken For Granted

Never cherished
Taken for granted
More often than not
No one truly has seen
The beauty that lies
Inside my heart 
When I love someone
Every breath I breathe
Is only for my love
So I can spend one more
Moment giving them a tender
Kiss or loving embrace
I cannot live without their love
It is like life saving oxygen 
That I would perish without

So every year that passes
Little pieces of my heart die
I struggle for every breath
For every love that comes my way
Comes with a double edge sword
For my desire I must always pay a price
Abuse is the only kind of love I have known
It either comes in the form of neglect
Comes in the form of battering my body or
Lastly it comes by the battering of my soul
Through words of emotional abuse that are uttered
I have been left a damaged, incomplete woman that 
Does not know how to recognize anything but dysfunction

Love is our reason for living
But, love forsakes so many
The world is a lonely place
Many people don't have
Someone to love them
They sleep alone without
A lover to embrace them
They have no one with which
They can share a meal 
No one to hold them 
When they cry
No one to hold their
Hand when they are ill
No one to stand by them
When the road they are 
On gets a little bumpy

If you are fortunate 
Enough to be loved
Cherish what you have
Been blessed with
Hold on to it tight 
Never letting it go
Treasure the gift that has
Been bestowed upon you
Always let your love know
How much they mean to you
You never know if that will
Be the last time you see them
Our life span has no guarantees
Live every day like it is your last
Put an end to your searching
Because what lies before you
Is where you will find true utopia

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Where Do You Want to Go From Here?

So where do you
want to go from here?
Our love,
our love has died
So where do we 
bury it in its grave?
And why?
Why’d it die?
I tried my best to keep the hope
you said that I should keep
But you, 
you let it out of sight
And I still think about you all the time
You’re on my mind
both day and night
I miss you
I need you here right now
Just brush the hair
from my face
and kiss me like you used to do
I miss you
I miss the way your lips taste
the way you bring a smile to my face
and all the peace you bring to me
the way you put my mind at ease
But you’re gone
and I can’t have you
No I can’t have you
But I still need you
I still need you
I still need you
For now I guess
I’ll have to walk away
I’ll have to try to think
of something else
or crawl into my shell
just like I used to do
I know I said that I would try
not to cry
but I just can’t
I’ve failed you
All of this is just too hard
because I love you
I love you
and I still miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

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More Questions

Do thoughts of me fill your mind
Are there times when you feel my touch though I am not there
Is it me you hope to someday find
Could it be me you love this much though our path's unclear
Are you longing for me in quiet times
Are you reaching out for my love or are you ruled by fear
Can you hear me even when I'm not near
Can you feel me loving you all the way from here?

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Games With the Crone

Strategizing your next move
In our little game of chess
That we have been playing
Against each other for so long
Precious one, don't you
Realize that I already
Know your next move
My teacher was Bobby Fischer 
He taught me how to defeat
Players just like yourself
He made me a pro at this 
Game of cat and mouse

My eyes see the truth
My ears hear what you
Are really saying and 
Not what you utter to me
I know what you're thinking
I know how you will answer 
Me before you even open 
Up your lying mouth
No naive school girl here
I have been playing this
Game longer than you
And believe me, baby
I know how to win
I will take your King
Before you even get a
Chance to move your pawn

You cannot defeat the 
Mistress of love games
I have have been played 
With too many times
To miss when I have
Met up with another player
Trying to outwit the dominatrix
Are you going to quit or
Am I going to have 
To get the whip out?
Save your masquerading
For someone who will
Fall for your bag of tricks
This old crone has been around
Way too long to be fooled
By a mere amateur like you

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Assignation to Annihilation

A poetic collaboration between Mother and son

By Jordan Adorno and Courtney Dyer

So cold, concrete heart! Absent soul, unable to love.

Your warm tears only leave me frozen.  

Ice flows through your veins

Frosty demeanor, feeding off the vulnerable!

Like a sadistic vampire, draining the energy of naive souls, doomed to sink into 
your abyss.

Your fangs of poison limit my days as your words ravish my soul.

Everything you touch crumbles, I witness as you punch the blood-stained rattle, and 
I fall into a loveless void.

Barren of empathy, your actions bring me nothing but hostility.

Tell me again the definition of bliss.

For in this wretched life this fact I have missed

I imagine dying, naked in the snow; you dare not to see

I endeavor in wanderlust, wanting courage to flee.

Yet I am no longer your snow queen; I am fearful and icy.

You offer me no benevolence, solace, or a trace of a happy sensation.

Now I hold my garnished gun, fantasizing of the bloodbath of your obliteration.

Co-written by Jordan Adorno

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no degree in romance
yet learning to say the right things
moving on from inner turmoil
to life's beauty
The passion of everyday being beautiful
changing my perspective
the right words that work
for these thoughts count
and slow us down to appreciate finer things
abstract art and poetry
i wonder how many will find their calling
practicing what they would say
til they get it right
write it down
paint it
and put it all together
for that moment comes for many
with no gift of words
a lover's game mapped out
from card to card
he would need this
she would return with this
they then come together
a hallmark gift
the art of seduction
in everyday stores
any day is valentine's day
and hallmark works toward your happy ending

A romantic interactive card game
for two lovers
purchasing art and poetry
following suit and taking tricks
for the hearts that would care to follow
what way do you say this
when they say it best
purchasing romance
one card
one envelope
for true lover's know
there is no end to the story of destiny
but they have mapped it out for you
poem by poem
so many could get their hearts biggest wishes

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Make Believe

Verse 1:  I know that I made a lot of mistakes/ and it's too late/ to fix things/ and 
I'm trying to start a fresh anew/ but you keep telling me we're through/ and I'm 
telling you-u-u/ 

Chorus:  Why can't we just pretend/ so we can start over again/ like things never 
happened/ but no matter how hard I try for us to be/ it'll just be make believe/ it'll 
just be make believe/

Verse 2:  i can understand why/ you can't get over what I did/ and I know it hurts/ 
I'm putting salt all over your burns/ but I can't help what I feel inside/ I want you 
back In my life/ i know you still love me/ so don't tell me/ that this is just make 

Chorus: 3x

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Last Hour

In the last hour
You beg for mercy
No compassion can be shown to you
For you have dwindled your time 
Lacking introspection
You failed to acknowledge your transgressions 
With humble repentance
You failed to take your penance for your sinister sins
No one here to cloak them for you
You will have to take this road alone
Not much chance of loosing yourself
For it is wide and short
And full of other troubled souls who waited too late

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Without You

Without you
Life is just not filled 
With the same possibilities
Of seeing things as brand new.

Without you
There is an emptiness
A space
That is left unfulfilled.

All is a void of loneliness
Of singleness
Instead of togetherness
Being alone again as one
Instead of being half of a two.

Nothing is quite so beautiful
Or as wonderful
As it seemed 
When I was with you.

Copyright Christine A Kysely 2010 November 26, 2010
(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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  if you have to ask 
   then you are not she 
    if you wonder why or when 
     then again. . . 
     you are not she 
      if it's not clear 
       if there is doubt 
        if you can't tell what's on the inside from looking at the out 
          you are not she 
           and more importantly 
            i don't see her in you

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' May Moonlight Touch ... '

May Moonlight Touch Your Pillow
As You Lie, Awake In Bed …
May Moonlight Touch Your Pillow
And Glow Around Your Head …

May Moonlight Touch Your Pillow
But, Never Touch Your Face
‘ Lest, You Forget The Yellow
Ribbon, I Put Into Place

May Moonlight Touch Your Pillow
But, Never Light Upon Your Lips
And Drink Nectar and Swallow
And Linger For More Sips

May Moonlight Touch Your Pillow
But Never Brush Against Your Cheek …
My Fingers, Own That Fellow
And On My Palm, You Must Not Cheat

May Moonlight Touch Your Pillow
But Never Alight Upon Your Eyes
For I Would Build A Gallows
And Rise and Hang Her Moonbeams High !

For Alas, My Sweet, The Willows Weep
 Sighing, As  Bedroom Drapes Billow
Guarding Dreams Deep … Watching You Sleep
As Moonlight, Touched Your Pillow …

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I didn't know
that you were watching me
that you were reading my words
that you were reading my quotes
and that my words were touching your heart.

I didn't know
that you were looking at me...
and all the images that I love...
And I didn't know
that I spoke to you...
that they spoke to you...
the way that they
spoke to me.

I didn't know that anything
meant anything ...
anything at all.
To you...or anyone else
anyone at all...
for that matter.

I didn't know
that "EYE" meant anything
anything at all
To you... or anyone else
anyone else at all...
for that matter.

I didn't know
that my ideas meant anything
anything at all
To you...or anyone else
anyone else at all...
for that matter.

I didn't know
that my thoughts meant anything
anything at all
To you...or anyone else
anyone else at all...
for that matter.

I didn't know
that my dreams meant anything
anything at all
To you...or anyone else
anyone else at all...
for that matter.

I didn't know
that "EYE" had some value
any value at all...
To you...or anyone else
anyone else at all...
for that matter.

I didn't know
that you cared about me
about whether I lived or died
today or tomorrow
or ever...
for that matter.

And I didn't know
that you were
thinking about me...
that my ideas
were touching you...
influencing you...
making you a better person...

Giving you what you needed
to make it through your day.

I've had a Revelation.

(November 14, 2010 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved 

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I Wed Thee

The eyes of God are in these eyes standing here when I look at you. 
My salvation! You’re honest and true crying real teardrops of heartfelt tears.
As the Sun sets by night and rises to the dawning of our blessed brand new day, 
I Wed Thee to the very best of the all there’ll ever be of me.
I promise to cherish the smile upon your face and to conquer your early morning hidden fears
I promise to abide abundantly to a heavenly scent that comes from me through you,
Forever I’m your lock and you my Master Key!
The eyes of God are in the eyes of you!
My breath, my life, and all of my existing meaning, 
I do Wed the “Most Honorable Husband in Thee”!
As the Moon lights the evening skies and fulfills these promising days, 
I Wed Thee to everything God ever meant for you in this world to be.
I promise to adore your brilliance and to magnify your streaks of gold in the Sun’s blinding glare! 
I Wed Thee to a most promising brand New prospering Year!
I promise to Love, Honor, and Respect your wisdom for many lives that shall follow and proceed! 
Following you, I am always so very close when you’re near.
I Wed Thee and by these hands we shall forever be blessed and correctly fed.
I Wed Thee, by my God given name and I now declare our all a final by being done and said!

®Registered: Ann Rich  2002

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Can We Be

Can we be

Can we be the rocks in the pool
At the start of the day when the sun is cool

Can we be the babbling stream
That bathes the land and reflects the sunbeam

Can we be the leaves in the trees
The autumn wind that brings the breeze

Can we be the waves on the shore
That cleans the beaches with a mighty roar

Can we be that beautiful view
The picture that reminds me of you

Can we be the voice of the bird
That sings so sweetly but utters not a word

Can we be the notes in a song 
That touches the heart and make us belong

Can we be at the end of the day 
When people rest and animals play

Can we be the twinkle in the star
That shines so brightly from afar
Can we be the sea and the sky
Can we be together you and I 

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' Masculine Majesty ... ' Medieval # 2

           ‘ Masculine  Majesty … ’ 
             Medieval Lines # 2

Lo’ and Behold … Thy Masculine Majesty
Thy Manliness, Suits Thee, Most Perfectly
As Knightly Swain, doth’ this Maid Elate
Wherefore Thy Warrior Hands, Commence Passionate

Thy Kingly Eyes, Glisten-Graciously, Wise
And Smolder My Sight, as Sun doth’ Skies
Thy Princely Lips, Whence Wine doth’ Drip
Dare I Partake One Sip, ere’ Swoon and Skip?

Thy Presence and Essence, art’ Aphrodisiac to My Soul
I Beseech Thee, Sup from Mine Alchemy-Bowl
Forsooth, by Thine Bow and Arrow 
and Mine Own, Blood, Bone Marrow …

… I Must Have Thee, lest’ I Wail in Sorrow
I Forswear The Handsomeness of Any Other Fellow
The Look of Thee, Melts Me … Like Candle Tallow
Thence … I Shall Seek Thy Love … on The Morrow

Lo’ and Behold … Thy Masculine Majesty …

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"Men are governed by lines of intellect,
women by curves of emotion" *


might I have it incorrect
and really mean to say


men are governed by women's curves,
and women by men's lines.

© Goode Guy 2011-06-17

* misquote of James Joyce actually from
Oscar Wilde's  "An Ideal Husband" -
"A woman's life revolves in curves of emotions. 
It is upon lines of intellect that a man's life progresses."

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Walls of Flesh

Walls of flesh
Separate us
Serrating our love
Lost in glances
Wandering in time
I escape
Again and again
Returning without
Like a child
Losing scope
Always struck
Brand new
We reach
In lyrical tombs
To crawl out
Of frozen rooms
My shuttle
Is destiny
But delayed
Like poison arrows
Resurrected hobbled
God and sleep
Bumping heads
Making swollen

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Homeless Heart

My unguarded heart once had a home.
But, was abandoned; and now on its own.

Loved and nurtured once upon a time.
Never to be the same again; in this lifetime.

Hollow soul searches for amatively. .
To give "whole-hearted" and submissively.

Heart and soul coincide..
If one lives alone the other will die.

Drifting in the sea of life, solitarily.
Continuing on in this unknown journey endlessly.

One day to collide in the safe harbor of this existence...
A yearning soul to rescue mine with unconditional love and patience.

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Purist Pain

Look through the "windows" of my soul..
See their "pain" as it takes its toll.

My heart beats with each tear dropped.
Try as I may they cannot be stopped.

Hoping one day my heart will be filled; with you again.
With the purist of love, that we once had; until the end.

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The Dawn That Darkened Me

I saw the sun, I looked away
The Dawn has darkened me
She has sent me into a bitter decay
The Dawn engulfed me
Dawn's flower has opened  
He enters her lair
The evil that Dawn has
Has roaming in her
Heart will consume all
That are naive enough to
Fall victim to her deadly spell
That hypnotizes and entices
Making you feel like you are
In an enchanted magical utopia
Full of splendid decadence and bliss
But, beware of this illusion before you
If you follow her she will darken you 
Casting a dark shadow over your existence forever

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His seesaw
Rocky terrain
Never level
Divergent existence
In his kingdom
He holds all
The power
Reigning over her
Exerting his
Diabolical supremacy
To tighten the chains
Around this slave 
Even tighter to ensure
That he always keeps
Her blind to his deception

With intense 
She showered him
With so much 
Adoration and love
While she's neglected
Starving for even
The slightest hint
Of devotion for her
The embodiment
Of loneliness she
Desperately hungers
For the nourishment
That will ensure 
Her survival

Through the years
Her star lost it's
Luminous shine
Hope took a bow
Departing forever
Vitality depleted
She gave so much
Of herself to him
But, despite the
Sweet, tender
Gestures that she
Did for him 
He only flouted 
Her futile attempts
To please him

Sweet gestures
Long aborted
Went unnoticed
For quite some time
But, eventually
He sensed her 
Absence from 
His empty life
It haunting him
No other 
Feminine spirit
Was quite like her
No one again ever
Had the dedication
Or love for him
That she possessed
Now he knew how
Much she was worth
To him so he decided
To search for the
Love he abandoned 
With such indifference

One eerie chilly
Winter night
He heard the wailing
Of the banshees
He followed the
Loud screeching 
That roamed
In the night
Ending up at 
A playground
In a park he
Once took her to
For a moment
He heard the
Sound of her voice
Feeling overjoyed
He ran towards
Those angelic sounds
Until he found her
Then let out screams
At the sight of her
Frail & withered body 
Hanging from the
Seesaw he used
To lobotomize her
Causing her to die
As she lived
As his zombie

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Wounds of Love

Love, a bittersweet blessing
Sometimes it fills us with joy
Sometime it drives us to madness
We feel it's power either way
We cannot escape it's grip on us

Without warning it enters our heart
Suddenly our lover becomes the entire
Focus of our lives without us even realizing it
This is when the dark side of love reveals itself

We hang on every word they utter in our presence
Waiting for the poetic words that make us feel adored
When acidic words are screamed instead 
Our emotions intensify and explode

We transform into another being
One that knows not rational thought
But, whose emotions dominate their lives
A wounded heart commits acts that defy logic
Like a mighty twister spiraling out of control
There is no taming the ferocious beast 
That is starved for affection by their lover

When our lovers cherishes us 
And fills that emptiness inside us
We feel loves enticing magic
But, when we are neglected
And battered our sweet demeanor
Vanishes and is replaced with wrath

When you starve your lover
They become vicious
Remembering the bitter
Sting of your rejection
They cannot handle
The emptiness they 
Are being engulfed with
They drown in despair
Falling victim to the
Wounds of love

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My First Love - Dedicated to Muhammed Munn

Junior High
A lifetime ago
I made your acquaintance
Seasons changed 
Transitioning from a naive
Child into a curious adolescent
Experiencing love for the first time
Like a Butterfly
We spread our wings
Flying hand in hand
Taking a blissful journey together
To an unexplored territory

Your lips were the first to kiss mine
I gave you my innocence
Making love to you
I felt euphoric and jubilant
When I was in your loving embrace
We had something special
We shared a bond
I understood your pain
You understood mine
But, you couldn't always
Handle the demons inside me
And I couldn't tame yours

But, I felt the bitter sting of your lies
Your deception sent me into hysterics
When she entered your arena
Nothing was ever the same again
Our love evaporated
Like it never existed
Your heart abadoned me
She received the rose
That I always cherished
You kept both of our hearts
For such a long time
But, in the end she won
Even then I would not
Live my life without you
You remained in my life
As a friend or a lover
But, you never fell back
In love with me

I locked myself inside
A terrifying, darkened 
Abyss that I created
I cried so many tears
I displayed so many
Bouts of rage
You were my everything
I thought I would die
Without your love
Nothing that anyone could 
Have ever told me could 
Have ever make me believe 
That I would ever let you go
I was so young and foolish then
Healing will occur when you
Let go of the anger and the pain
Eventually I was able to
Time healed my aching wounds
Love found me again 
My love for you 
Transformed into just
A memory from my past

Reminiscing about distant memories
Triggered thoughts of my first love
Though no romantic feelings 
Exist in my heart for you
There is a small piece of
My heart that cherishes
What was once between us
Even though I cried an ocean
Of tears when you broke my heart
I would never trade what we had
I have no regrets
I think I am a better person today
For having known you

From time to time
I think about you and
I wonder how you are
If you are lonely
If you are sad
If you are safe
If you are loved
If you have a family
If you are happy
I will always remember you 
I will treasure our memories forever

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"Net Lust"

You sit in your "man cave" lusting off the net..
Not bringing it up, because you know it makes me upset.

And yet, evil fingers invite me into your domain.
If I turned to the "dark side" I wouldn't be the same.

My heart is hurting but, who am I joking?
I know what you look up, and what you are enjoying.

You delete "my hurt" and cover your faces of lust.
Too late, you have crossed my boundaries of trust.

You peek into windows hoping for something new.
Then you click to close them after "you're through".

And yet, some would come to say...
At least he's not physically going astray.

My heart ruminates over this theory.
Yet mentally it leaves my thoughts feeling weary.

Society~Go join him in his wonderland of cyber fun!
But, my soul apprehends, this would be morally wrong.

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Absent from my mind
Are the thoughts of us being together

Absent from my eyes
Is the man that I use to see
It's the same frame but the picture changes rapidly

Absent from my heart
Is the love that I once had for you
The happiness that was brought from you

Absent from my veins
Is the blood that use to pump so warm within me
Now only cold blood runs violently through me

Absent from my fingertips
Is the yearning of the touch
That I use to love so much

Absent from my legs
Is the reason to stand
Because I'm minus a real man

Absent from my feet
Is the anticipation
To any longer hide my feet's desperation

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Is He

Is he paying attention to me...
Is he hanging on my every word?
Is he really wondering...
What I am thinking about right now...

Is he really questioning
What's hidden in and behind my stare...
Does my glance look cold as steel...
Does he even wonder to dare...

Does he think that I am pondering
Heart-warming thoughts
Is that the idea that's real...
Is that what my looks really say...
Is that what they trully reveal?

Can my glance be warm and embracing...ever
When he looks me in the eye...
Who is this creature really
Will she say get lost and die...

Or will she say come hither
Be with me now and ever...
He doesn't know...
He thinks he does...
but maybe not...
He doesn't know.

Is there ever anyone who ever does?

What will be the difference..
Between a woman and a man
What causes them to become a lover
Instead of the best of friends

What would cause a friend
To look and then look again...
To look at one as a lover...
Instead of a lifelong friend.

When and where do those feelings change
Who and what controls your mind
Will it be apparently clear...
Or will love trully be blind.

(November 22, 2010 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Bloody Winter

A joyous day-
Painted black,
And red with yellow
You stained me-
With all the lies,
And selfishness.
Did you really want me?
Is that why you turned me away?
Where are you going in life?
A dead-end,
Wasted life.
Hurt inside,
All cut up,
This life of lies-
I’ve fallen for.
I despise this,
You’re vague hatred-
And complete disregard.
I needed you,
And you took my warning-
Washing it away,
With liquor and booze.
When we smoked by the courthouse,
And you said you thought you had the girl,
The girl you would spend the rest of your life with,
Were you lying then?
Unafraid of consequences,
I’ll drown you in my bloody tears-
Of salt and regret,
Of love and hatred,
Of distraught and remembrance.
I saw Gracie the other day,
With Dan and his kids,
Why won’t you come into town, your little pawn asks,
With others,
Perhaps others.
Bloody winter,
Washes through the cobblestone streets.

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Love's Sweet Remembrance

Love's Sweet Remembrance
                    by Amy Swanson (c) 2007



                              for your touch


         of waiting...

                             to embrace

Other half of my spirit

soul's mate

                        I feel you in my heart

                        I think of you...


                                                        ... and I know that you remember too.

            I feel your thoughts
                      for we are two of one

Separated for but 
                a moment's lifetime
                               a day's forever...

you are the song I sing.

Flowing love...
     gentle heart...
           soul's touch...
                  passion's warmth.

I did not forget.

I could not forget.

                   In my heart

                                    all life long

                                               soul's song
                                                           spirit's kiss

                   gentle on the lips of my memory 

                   fiery in the depths of my soul

                    you are my eternal love -

someday we will be reunited.

Til then, I will hold you 


                              in love's sweet remembrance.

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Second Choice

If you had a second choice,
time to view and change and error,
would you call with bated voice,
to a bonny lass so fairer?

Would you pull the clockwork back,
stop the Autumn leaves from falling,
seize the reapers hood so slack,
pull him from his date of calling?

Would you pull from starry sky,
set the planets off asunder,
make the heavens answer why,
there's no answer when you wonder?

Would you listen if you knew,
would you set this lonely error,
on a shelf that's painted blue,
like her bonny eyes so fairer?

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Too Long a Linger in Sorrow

Too Long a Linger in Sorrow
Tormented heart
Transformed to numbness
Trading fairytales for survival
Choosing sanity over the love 
That is draining my soul

Instant gratification
A lifetime away
Infinite emptiness
Lingering madness
Dissolving the fairy dust
Lying in our path

Exhausting existence
Day after day
Screaming for solace
Tears fall for I see no end
Wishing for your death
So I can be set free from the chains
That keep me bound 

Frozen in sorrow
Dead inside
Looking for my savior
To resurrect me

Now the culprit
A villainess
Recapturing her dream
At any price

Too many secrets
Locked inside my heart
Who dwells here I ask myself?
No longer recognizing the woman inhabiting my spirit
A stranger to even myself

©  2008 Courtney Dyer

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Sociopath Part 2

A tyrannical monster
Guided by his desires
Never by his conscience
No origin of empathy 
The machine was 
Never born
Like the tin man
He has no heart
With which to love
Anyone but himself
Delusions of Grandeur
He feels entitled 
To all the treasures and
Pleasures he can find
Walking on the bellies
Of the infants
That he has bitten
He hides his misdeeds
Stroking his ace 
He satisfies himself
By listening to
My tormented screams
Now hungry again
To deceive another
One he perceives 
As being weak

Restless, bored
Craving stimulation
Starved for the thrill
He goes for the kill
That will sustain 
His own survival

I am his piano
Making his music 
By thumping 
On my keys
Ebony or ivory
It doesn't matter
As long as he
Bruises my soul
Rocking vibrations 
From the melody
In which you play
Shakes me violently
Like an earthquake
So deadly, So sadistic
He is the embodiment of evil
Domination, Humiliation
Just a tool
For destruction
You castrated
My pedals with
Your ferocious foot
I used to believe
You came here
Because you loved
The comfort of my bench
No longer blind, Now I see
That I was just an
Instrument that you played
To feed your diabolical mind
Another soulless sociopath
Looking for his next fix

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Vexed by your effrontery
Little pieces of my
Heart die every time
That I Reminiscence  
About the recent past
Memories of your
Cruel demeanor
Are haunting me
Needing you to
Elucidate your
Actions so that
There will finally 
Be a cessation 
Of the cruciation 
I feel inside myself

Bottling up my sorrow
Desolate existence
Secluded from your life
Feeling a colossal loss
Restless, unable
To tranquilize
My tortured thoughts
Living in a state of
Tormenting solicitude
Palliate my suffering
Bequeath your loving
Solace on me so my
Soul can find peace

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Transcripts, Manuscripts,
Dog-eat-dog, cut-throat,
Get ahead or say

To tomorrow
Who stares me down,
Menacingly it approaches.

Waste not, want not,
Waste brain, no gain,

No survival
Not cut out
To be breadwinner.

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My covetous nature 
Has left you in a state of perturbation
Betraying my diffident manner
As if I have been possessed
Maybe I am
For what agitates you
Torments me endlessly
Like a ghostly presence roaming the earth 
In search of peace
I will never find it
Because jealousy is my master
That rules over me

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On Your Mind

I know your thoughts
I know how you are
Going to answer me
Before you even 
Say a word
I know which demons
Are tormenting you today
I know when your soul
Screams for vengeance 
And when it is crying
Lonely tears of sorrow
I understand you 
More than you realize
I think I have a better
Understanding of what
Drives your actions
Than most do
Sometimes I even
Think that in ways
I understand you better
Than you do yourself
Because I can see what
You are unable to
Your motives through
An objective cornea

I carry your pain
With me everywhere
That I travel
Like it is my own
I feel my body shaking
Sweat dripping down 
My terrified face
For I tremble in fright
From the claustrophobic
Sensations that I feel
From being trapped
In this haunting abyss
Suffering in silence
Right by your side
Darkness preventing
You from sensing
My loving presence

When I touch you
I feel the chill
Of solid ice
Seperating us
Come closer
My love for
If only I could
Give you a
Warm embrace
I could melt away
The frosty surface
That prevents me
From reaching you
And then finally
I can rescue you
From your captors
From yourself
From everything
That you are 
Running from
As long as I
Breathe I will
Fight for your
Release from
The prison in
Which your
Heart is locked 
Away from me
And where your
Mind is chained
To yesterdays 
Agonizing torments

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Hiding in the Crowd: Part 2

But, I think your heart is screaming out
For something else
For love
For intimacy
For acceptance
Unconditional love
Someone who will never leave your side
Even when you are sick and weary
Even when you become the monster
That you long to destroy
Someone who can see your inner beauty
Your pain and agony 
Even when that dark side of you 
Emerges and explodes
And lashes out with hatred
And love you in spite of it
Will forgive and forget
And not keep a mental record
Of mistakes you have made
Or wrongs you do at times
And who instead 
Will take you into their arms
And hold and caress you
Until the pain goes away
I think you are longing 
For someone
Who won't abuse you
In the name of protection
Abandon you
Reject you
Hurt you
Judge you
Scar you
Or use you
And who really understands the real you
Someone you can be yourself around
Who you don't have to put on an act for
Who will love you
Even after you figuratively undress for them
Exposing all of your weaknesses and flaws
Revealing to them
The man that you truly are
That you are terrified
Of anyone knowing
In fear that some part of you
Will be deemed unlovable
By someone you care for

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Illuminating purity
Radiating a luminous shine
Capturing the hearts
Of spectators
Leaving delicate imprints behind

Tainted love
Darkens the light
Histrionic superiority
Suffocates the rebuttal
Injustice reigns so arrogantly
Defiantly removing my security

Mirror reflecting 
Secret sins from the past
No clemency
No compassion
Just eternal damnation
In your kingdom

Though pieces of my soul 
Are dying every waking hour
Here I remain
Imprisoned in Stockholm 
Worshipping my captor

Erased from existence
Reminiscence only a tribute
To a dream that died long ago
Roaming the cemetery
To find myself again
Suicidal blindness
Living for a fairytale
That is dead 
Metamorphosis in Sweden
Means I am no more

©  2008 Courtney Dyer

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My life is your love
It is like my oxygen
I cannot exist without it
Sweet words from you
Fill me with bliss for days
Euphoria consumes me
When you shower me
With all of your love
But, there are times when
I cannot reach you
Your mind is so far away 
Where are you?

Sometimes you display
Such a cold demeanor
Your reception towards
Me so chilly and
I am baffled as to why
But, what I dread the
Most is when your
Coldness esculates 
Into a paranoid rage
You become a different person
I don't know who you are
I have never met you before
You are a total stranger to me

This stranger crucifies me
With his acidic words
Void of any discretion
He will not censor himself
He is heartless and cruel
When I look into his eyes
I see evil staring back at me
It is like I have come face
To face with the devil

I want to rescue my love
But, I cannot break down
The mighty fortress he has
Built around himself
Though I fight viligently
For his soul I cannot save him
Only he can fight this battle
He must face the demons that
Have been haunting him to
Finally be free to love me
Without his wrath or cruelty

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Drive for freedom
For a peace of mind

You’ll only find,
Once you’re out,
Out there

Seems so real
When my nostrils
And I feel the
Flow into my chest

Let’s hope for the best,
And drive,
Drive away.

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    Our secret lechery 
beneathe the wringing cascades
oft caressing .....        
       ev'r breathtaking  
                  nev'r failing         
                        oft glowing               
                 our hearts still knowing.

                 McCuen Copyright October 2008

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As we embark on this odyssey
An epiphany consumes my senses
In my self awakening
I concluded that our journey
Will be a day of doom
My sapience tells me that
You cannot be trusted 
I must vamoose before 
I become this enigma I despise
As I give my valediction through
My poetic euphuism
I venture on my sabbatical
Far away from you

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Who I Am

You heard the rhythm of my music

But didn't know what I was playing.

You heard the sound of my voice

But didn't know what I was saying.

You saw the words of my writing

But didn't know how to read it.

You saw the deeds of my heart

But didn't know what should proceed it.

Lest seeing you would realize,

Lest hearing you would understand

And perceive that all I say and do

Is who I am to be known firsthand.

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Rebellious One

Stability is my wish
But, you rock the boat
Taking me into a fantasy world
Where nothing else matters
Being with you is my only concern
Dancing with you on cloud nine
Spinning me round and round
I feel euphoric
Don't want to come down from this high
Then back to reality
Boredom wakes me
Depression sets in
Craving the excitement
Here we go again
On another journey
Into your land of make believe
Rebellious to the end

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Lonely Highway

Driving all alone
into pitch black nothing
Inside feeling empty
like this lonely highway
He tries to drive away
from all his problems
but they always follow him
everywhere he goes
There’s a deep sick feeling
inside his gut
and he’s running out of gas
inside his pickup truck
Nothing to lose
but nothing to gain
All of his attempts
are made in vain

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Switching Sides

Tugging on my strings
Pushing me to the brink of insanity
With your endless taunts
Your twisted mind games
You know the power you hold over me
Giving yourself a grandiose view 
Of your worth to me
Assuming that my slavish devotion
Means a desire for your heart
For it is not amorous love that drives me
It is my intense hatred
For your suffocating presence
That has left me in this state of humble prostration 
My submissiveness actually liberates me
Setting me free
From your dominant hand
That you have wrapped around my throat
Your eyes are blind to the hidden power I possess 
Your delusions of grandeur
Tell you that you have me under your spell
While all this time
I have been planning my escape 
From your deadly grip

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Waken In the Night, Something's Not Right

Scary time, each might
Wake about 4
Don't know what for
Unsettling, I toss, I turn
Finallly I call your name
Seems you're the missing
Thing I need
You're the soul burning seed
Years I was baffled each night
What do I crave, what's not right?
Warm milk to sooth me to sleep?
A sip of water, check on my daughter?
None of that provided relief
It just confused further my greif
I wasn't sure love could do this'
I supose it's pretty strong,
Yet it makes me kind of weak
and I prefer to be more strong.

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Cold Hearted Snake

Cold Hearted Snake 
      A cold hearted snake you are to me.
      Your golden promises are pitiful and so phoney.

      You construed my feelings from my intentions.
      My deep rooted hatred intensifies my conviction.

      Playing your trump, you are the swindler of hearts.
      You won't deceive me now, like you did from the start.

      You are a cold hearted snake and always will be.
      I will blot you out of mind and heart oh, so blithely!

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My Prince

My prince awaits in a dirty hovel 
Dashing poetic declarations 
My heart melts 
Tears well up in my eyes
I feel like he could rescue me
From my life
From myself
But, as I was walking by the willow tree
I saw something eerily familiar to me
It was he
But, not dressed in garments for royalty
Not dressed at all
His unclothed body exposed his secrets to me
No Prince ever awaited to set me free
Guess it was a fairytale
Living in a dream world
Seeing my Prince through rose colored glasses
The tint hiding his blemishes 

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She was 3 times more beautiful
Than I was handsome,
And she was wise.
I was such a fool;
When she looked at me
All my thoughts would pool.

She was 3 times more open
Than I was honest.
She had no disguise;
My façade had rule.
But when she spoke of me
My words were but drool.

She was 3 times more popular
Than I was half known;
Her pretty brown eyes 
Blazed for me in school ,
But when she touched me 
I refused her cool.

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The Dance

Dancing together
But, to a different beat
To a much different song
I dance with you 
Because I want to feel your
Magical ambiance
The chemistry I feel in your presence
Hypnotizes me
Your song has a faster melody
Acquiring a myriad of partners with which to dance
You want to square dance
While I desire to do the tango
We are partners in dance
By a fluke of nature
Became united by some fortuitousness force
No comradery
We are strangers
My sagacious intuition knows your intent
I alone possess no significance to you
I am only a partner to take to the dance
In your egocentric mind 
You think your artifice has escaped my attention
But, I am fully aware
Of your ploy to use me for the benefits 
My presence will bring
So that you may procure what you truly desire

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Time and Again

Like the sun you always there even when I look away
Even though you burn me with your light
And hurt my eyes causing me to squint
I stay near you
Though you only damage me
Complicate my life
Make me a wreck
Many moons and stars
Have shined on me
They make my presence glow
Like an Angel
I look radiant in their light
I shine so eloquently
But, you are familiar
You are what I know
Here I go again
Back to getting scorched some more

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Impulsive Emptiness

An empty shell
Desperate to be filled
But, its host is oblivious to the void
That lies within him
Running in circles
Searching for euphoria
At any cost
Discarding corpses along with way
Trampling on the bodies of those still breathing
That have no use for him now
He enters his sanctuary
To worship his God of pleasure
Experimentation with a myriad of adventures
Never results in satisfaction
Only causes him to hunger for more

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The Price

The price of knowing you
Is being chained
With no commands
Trapped, in your tepid cesspool
Your lukewarm water drains me of my power
Need to be the ruler or be ruled
Because even submissiveness gives me strength
Gives me power
Transfers the control
Back in my reach
To conquer what I see fit
Behind the disguise of a monarch butterfly
But, I am really a black widow
Ready to bite you
And inject you with my poison
Make your choice
Exert dominance over this slave
Or submit to my wishes
So I can unlock these chains
And be free from your deadly grasp

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Barely breathing in this darkness
Hidden in this cave
That I have barricaded myself in
Refusing to come out
Shutting out the world
Drowning in my sea of misery
Bittersweet memories of you invade my thoughts
For now you have faded away from me
Without your love
I feel hollow inside
I am descending further and further into this abyss of torture
I want to join the others
The tortured souls that departed this world before me
So their pain could be laid to rest with their corpses
As I cogitate about my troubled existence
I feel compunction for my transgressions
Concluding that my actions were detrimental to my happiness
As I exit on my final journey
I realize that I am already dead
I have been lying in a coffin my entire life
Slowly decaying away

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I weaved my tangled web

    I weaved my tangled web, swaying slowly to and fro,
     Fragile breeze that blows this thread,
    and to where I do not know!
    The white water ceiling shields its stringy head
    wherever it may go.....

    I weaved you from the clouds.
    Inventing my angel with wings.
    Shimmering halo, and charming smile
    Sit down let us talk for  a while.
    Communication is a demon to you.
    We're thru'.

    I weaved this shimmering sun,
    turned to dust when my back was turned.
    Planted a kiss of  pain on my best friends lips.
    Try as i must, this sunset will set,
    Where i do not know.
     I take envy wherever i go.

     I weaved this never ending dream,
     A  Sigh  in my hair,
     sharp gust of air.
     I created my monster
     and you do not care.



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some other lover

everything's in bloom
in the sweltering june
with legs of vine
and pools of wine.
with the taste of summer
and some other lover.
you pulled me through fall
with your once daily calls,
speaking exquisitely of my smile.
but with deliberate denial
your love did expire,
exiling my drunken desire
for some other lover.
the night takes control 
of my heart-shaped hole
which you dug into my chest
as a means to lay rest
to the battle of lust
you left wriggling in the dust
to find some other lover.
after me there is no other.

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Never Knew You

Never knew your birthdate
Never knew your astrological sign
Never knew where you were born
Never knew your favorite movie
Never knew your favorite song
Never knew your favorite book
Never knew your favorite author
Never knew what pet you had as a child
Never knew the name of your elementary school
Never knew how many siblings you had
Never knew what makes you cry
Never knew who your heros were
Never knew your dreams
Never knew your fears
Never knew your strengths
Never knew some of your names
You are just a number now
A faceless, nameless person
Like a forgotten ghost
Who I do not even remember

For if you know someone intimately
You should know all of thse things about them
But, when you are very young
You do not think about the things
That you do not know
That might be important someday
You live for the moment
And when that is gone
You are left with a list of names
Of people who you should have known
But, in reality do not have clue who they are

In my reflection I can only say that I am sorry
For I would think if I had it to do all over again
That I would look into your eyes
And listen to you
To who you are
To who you want to be
To your loves
To your hates
Because even though many of you
Did not care to know any more about me
Than I wished to know about you
I know that all people possess inner beauty
And I could have found yours
And we could have shared that
Instead of just being a number on each other's list

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I Still Love Him

When I was younger-
He loved me
Years cauterized me
Pictures found,
I am reminded of his face.

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If You Love Me...Or Do You?

I'll give you the stars and the moon
I'll move a mountain for you
You would too
If you love me...or do you?

I'll be there whenever you call me
I'll be on my p's and q's
You would too
If you love me...or do you?

I'll give you the clothes off my back
Yes I will do that
You would too
If you love me...or do you

I'll be true to you
I'll stay loyal to you
You would too
If you love me...or do you?

I'll ride with you to the very end
I feel that if we work together, we can and will win
You would too
If you love me...or do you?

I'll cook for you
I'll clean for you
You would too
If you love me...or do you?

I'll mess up someone's life
To let them know to don't mess with what's mine
You would too
If you love me...or do you?

I'll bend backwards for you
I'll do all the things that may seem impossible to do
You would too
If you love me...or do you?

If you can do all these things that I'm willing to do
Will you?
You would
If you love me...or do you?