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Haiku Work Poems | Haiku Poems About Work

These Haiku Work poems are examples of Haiku poems about Work. These are the best examples of Haiku Work poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Mastery is the goal

You want to set goal
Big enough that in the process of achieving it
You become someone worth becoming

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A Little Reflection

The notorious gang
Clearly stated in the news
Is now declared Saint

And a pretty slut
Infamous to everyone
Is now called Mary

This political thug
Who attacked lives' belongings
Is now made the judge

In a time like this
Where vices are made virtues 
What's that all about

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Teamwork could happen.
Challenge to get ahead now.
Expect some to crash.

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My Mom's A Maid

                           She cares for the job
           Though the masters scream and shout
                           For the sake of love

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Education-Educaution V

Timetabled breathing,
All else is irrelevant:
Exams are too much.

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C E O Haiku

Glorious riches
No sleep or time
A wicked hero

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Lookin' after pests
Keepin' a CLOSE eye on 'em
"Those wild animals!"

Roamin' around zoo
Searchin' for sneaky monkey
Hidin' in a tree

Zookeeper gets mad
"Where's Marty, the smartypants!?"
"He TOOK my cage keys!"

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Education-Educaution I

Exam time returns;
Text-submerged teens imitate
Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’.

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All About the Music: The Infinite Magic of Lyricism

Pop may be catchy
But not lyrically deep
Case in point: Chris Brown.

(N.B. Poem written after hearing "Don't Wake Me Up")

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The Boss - Maybe Tomorrow

With the boss pulling and the workers pushing, with the Square Wheels on the wagon and the round wheels in it:

The boss views the path.
Roll forward faster better.
Maybe tomorrow...

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The rancher

morning frost twinkles
      while rancher sips coffee and
              whiffs new arrivals

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wish it were picked

pure and white as snow
cotton stands waiting in field
boll weevil munchies

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Quill still as the sky
motionless arms akimbo
severe writer's block.

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Education-Educaution II

Crumpled and starved
Of sleep, cocooned in knowledge;
Good grades yet to bloom.

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A Proper Job

What's a 'proper job'?
Suit, tie, briefcase, paperwork?
One that makes you smile...

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Education-Educaution III

Young pulsating eyes
Arch over dry hieroglyphs;
What does it all mean?

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the new coolness


the new coolness
without him by her side
she rakes the leaves

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Education-Educaution IV

The brain a cavern,
Ancient wisdom packed inside:
No room for spare thought. 

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Summer Dandelion

dry brown summer grass dandelions gone to seed goldfinch eat their fill

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And Here is the News

On top of the hour
Tens of thousands of people
Talk to microphones.

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Sun's scorching fingers
Dancing upon his bare back
Success guaranteed?

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26 June 08    9:00 am

I walk a lot softer than I used to

I walk a lot slower than I used to

I work a lot less than I used to

I work a lot slower than I usde to

But I love a lot more than I used to

Life on Purpose Live it before you lose it! ©2009

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Wheeler Dealer

He buys and sells all, but says no to Satan 'cause his soul is nailed down.

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Being in the servitude of others

Look down their nose to mud;
always right;
you lose.

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Days Drag

Anchor of my day,
dragging me into abyss.
Dusk thru dawn, released.

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Free Labor for China

China accepted
free labor from Americans
to pay U.S. debt

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Geisha's smile

Geisha  always smile
She don't have the money to cry

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an art piece of work
blithe elated and joyful

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A Day at Work

I am surrounded 
Coughing here and coughing there
Where do I escape

Edward J Ebbs - January 17, 2015

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Tick, cross, tick, tick, tick
Scribble, underline, circle
Tick, tick, tick, tick. Sigh.

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If bosses would listen

With the wagon rolling forward on Square Wheels and a cargo of round rubber tires, the wagon pushers need change.

Are Bosses unaware?
Square Wheels are always thumping.
Listen. Small improvements here.

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Memo In Priority

                                                        Hectic in duty
                                                      Memo in priority
                                                    Be gone for awhile

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black smoke on the horizon

black smoke on the horizon
polluting the air

Ó November 30, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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    Ants marching in line
Summer's army on the move
    Winter's here to soon

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Rain falls from dark clouds
Making the grass grow faster
I just hate mowing

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When accomplishment
is felt, the heart warms in hope
For an unknown life

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Two Worlds Colliding

fired for being late
smoldering resentment
flips a cigarette 


Yellowstone in flames
twenty years in prison
trees answer back

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Black Mold

black circles
mold spores on prison walls...
spreading day by day!

For Charles Henderson's "Haiku your way" Contest

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Writer's Block

Blank sheet. Empty head. Ideas not forthcoming. Wastepaper bin full

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The thought of doing anything else,
When you have to do something particular,
Is truly distracting.

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January Haikus

Singing Auld Lang Syne,
Cheering and kissing strangers;
Tomorrow, to work.

Comes in with a cheer;
Intentions, resolutions
Forgotten next year.

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Working very hard
for a piece of green paper
worth really nothing.

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Many men with hard hats,
A wooden house presents itself,
Buidling blocks included.

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Day - Night

haiku series

waking up is hard
the dawn of a strange, new day
six o'clock PM

beef curry with rice
hubby cooks supper tonight
breakfast, my fuel

starting out the door
the sky greets me with sunrise
first day on night shift

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The Past

A pristine blue sky
Mirrored agrarian lives 
Living with nature.

Their work was always difficult
But that never seemed to matter.
Their crops were all that counted most:
Enough to feed the family
In good times as well as the bad 
Everyone loved their plot of land.
They knew it meant their survival
So the hard work was the trade-off. 
What developed was mutual
Respect: an interconnection
Whereby one affects the other;
But then one day a cloud appeared:
A black, menacing, looming cloud   
Foretelling future misfortune.

The Present

The industrial
Revolution dawned under
This foreboding cloud.

Machines began to do the work 
That man and beasts for eons had
Performed with blood, sweat and tears.
His work was easier to do
But soon discovered that he had 
Become an industrial slave.
A mere symbiotic creature:
His nature was parasitic.
He no longer had in himself
The oneness and independence
That he had always called his own.  
He’d become fat and ignorant 
Living by his own destructive
Philosophy: hedonism.

The future

The sky is poisoned
As well as the land and the seas.
The earth was dying.

Through Mans continuous neglect
The earth became terminally
Ill. It was no longer able  
To sustain the needs of Mankind.
War broke out all over the globe
Millions killed, many more had starved
To death; billions soon will follow
Billions more after that. The stench
Of rotting flesh has overwhelmed
Those able to live another
Hopeless day, gasped the putrid air
Futile murmurings continued  
Until silenced by the guns
The ultimate judicature. 

An eerie silence
Prevailed and all that was heard
Was screeching vultures.

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Natures fireworks

Deadly lighting flash
Thunder booms frightening sounds
Natures fireworks

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Tall Power forks pray-full tongues

Chews the tender will

Gnaws bones of  fragile spirits

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Going on the stage
Slight tremble in the belly
Breathe in. Choke and smile

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                                             All unknown Faces 			
                                          exchanging views, ideas....			
                                               having whatever....			
                                               Free Poetrysoup 			
                                      offers the world to feel free 			

My dedication to Poetrysoup 

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The Cycle

Like a hamster wheel,
the cycle never stops for
you to keep up. Breathe...

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same beat, necessary rhythm haiku

long road falls to fog
long day gives in to motion
quitting time prevails

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Can there be awakening - a Square Wheels Haiku

Slacker employees?
They work hard. Push with Square Wheels.
Spring awakening?

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Trip to Iowa

Hay! Coming, Going Bring in Crops before Winter That is the Last Straw

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#16 -play

but it's a work day!
although my file for work is 
named play, just in case.........

* 16th angel card

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new job

a whole new schedule
working with all new faces
bettering myself

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Driving to work

- Good Morning
Fresh coffee and toast,
Scraping ice from the window…
Will it start today?

- On My Way
Slowly, like a moth,
Coming out of its cocoon…
Damn!  Forgot my lunch.

- Detour
Traffic slowing down,
Smoke, fire, screaming, ambulance…
Better him than me.

- Relief
Now I’m running late,
Hope I find a parking space…
Life is short, slow down.

...(Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

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anthills in the fields 
super colonies built by 
thousands of workers; 

Ramakrishna Chowdary Jasti

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More than Wave Watcher

stood many watches
underway I stood lookout
saw much more than waves

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Passion Fruit

Love’s labors bore the
fruit of prosperity--
Passion flowering

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South Street Bridge Memories

Use to work at Wilkes
walking across South Street Bridge
on my way to work

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The sun is shining
I will claim the honey pot
Never to let go.

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Praises and Raises-Dichotomy

Appraisal Report.
Donkeys get display badge case.
Lickers win raises.


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Trekking under the 
Sun, toiling for my money
She awaits to spend.

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Turquoise-robed dancers
Fill street corners with motion,
Must be tax season.

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Still a dawnig day
Beyond the bull's horn is what's
For the resilent.

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Server Box

Tangled mess of wires
Sits, encased in glass whirring
Flickers,  why? I ask

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my after work feeling haiku

after work feeling
is like the sun's consumption
after ocean bliss....

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light snow while working haiku

light snow while working
quite a wonderful moment
frees the kid in me

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Square Wheels on the wagon, Round Wheels IN it

The landscape. No blame.
Should have been designed downhill.
Thumping could be fixed.

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- Question
Speech recognition,
It is normal to ask why…
Dark disposition.

- James Bond
Tic toc of the clock,
It is happy hour now…
Shaken not stirred, please.

- Pressure
To many meetings,
Claustrophobia sets in…
It’s time for a break.

- The Man
Work all day, for what?
The days are getting shorter…
Who said work is dumb?

...(Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

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                                             Dishonor of truth
                                            images of all poses
                                               Mirror is enough

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the true unwind haiku

the air is welcomed
right after a hard days work
beverage in hand....

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gently kissed the hand
withered black and decomposed;
how much was that worth?

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Quantum Leap

The evangelist
Appeared beside a chariot
And taught the eunuch.

He preached the gospel
And baptized the believer,
Then was whisked away...

(Remembering Philip)