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Haiku Uplifting Poems | Haiku Poems About Uplifting

These Haiku Uplifting poems are examples of Haiku poems about Uplifting. These are the best examples of Haiku Uplifting poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Beauty In Nature

beauty in nature
flower blooms so succulant...
hummingbirds flutter

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Haiku 33

art in poetry
ink runs as blood in veins
efflorescence words

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Haiku 25

shining through darkness
light shimmering on water
reflection of moon
Entry: "Any Poem goes~" contest of P.D. Written by: Carol Brown 3rd Place Winner

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Values At Top Rate

                       --Your Persona, Captures Elegance,
                           Your Heart, Values At Top Rate,
                          Your Soul, Priceless, GODS LOve--

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One little flower
Nods in the delicate breeze
As the crickets hum

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I'm Sorry

a single white rose
given to the one you want -
apoligized to

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As the honeybee
Drifts from flower to flower
Another joins it

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A wisp of white cloud
On a breeze, that cools the land
Autumn is soon here

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A Place Called Home

On the covered bridge
A bird is building its nest
Hidden by shadows

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As the butterfly
Hovers near a peach blossom
Its shadow follows

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Bathing with an Audience

Beyond the dark trees
Robins bathe in the sand
Watched by an eagle

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Of a Bad Ping-Pong Player

          Playing Ping-Pong now,
The ball hits the glass- which the 
                    murky pool shines through.

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Moments of Eternal Beauty

Blossoms fall like snow

Where the silent river flows

...eternal moment

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Of a Picture From a Mountaintop

          On my senior trip,
A town- stretches- over there,
                    Amidst- the Catskills.

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The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

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The Apple Don't Fall Far From The Tree

<                                          amidst .... apple tree
                                        black bear .... pounces limb
                                              cubs wait .... below

Entry For
Andrea Dietrich's
Fall Animal Haiku Contest
G.L. All

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Haiku 102

closed my eyes as the
rhythm of the waterfalls
sang a lullaby
Part 2
I Dreamt Of
angels in heaven
singing a lullaby so...
softly and sweetly
Entry In Ms. P.D.'s April only posted poems contest Carol Brown 3rd Place Winner

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Nature's Kitchen

Grand opening soon
the nectar of the flowers...
hummingbirds delight
Written for Sidney~LeeAnn's "Sweet Flowers & Hummingbirds" Contest Written by Carol Brown 04/16/2012 11th Place Winner

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Easter Bunny Race

Easter bunny race
Fell as he could not keep pace
Muddy bunny face

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Colorful Light

Rainbows here and there,
Lights shining in rain so rare,
Colors, sparks and flares.

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Playing Peek A Boo {Edit}

<                             coniferous tree
                       playing peek a boo .... shuffle                                
                              candid smiles glisten

{ Christmas }

Entry For
Deborah Guzzi's
Holiday Haiku Contest
G.L. All

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Haiku 105

ocean water ripples
sun brings glistening rainbow
peace is found on earth

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Strong Tears

Because tears are meant
To be a symbol of strength
Even in hard days.

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- Haiku X 44 - Faith -

A full cup thank you
Let it flow over with love
Never lose your wings

When the day is blue
Always someone who needs you
Dreams are the answer

- A-L Andresen 22.01.2015 :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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Fresh Soup

two peas in a pod
add two snaps from each green bean
enough green soup for all
written 2009 Dedicated to my dear ailing friend P.D. **GET WELL SOON~PD.. Soup Soup Soup Contest Written by: Carol Brown 6th Place Winner

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In The Dell

securely hidden
small secluded valley...
morning awakens
rainbows of color
flowers glisten with fresh dew...
animals abound
fluffy clouds floating
sunshine brings natural prizms...
heaven, earth collide
"A Scenery Of Your Choice As An Artist Contest" Sponsor of contest: Gail Doyle Poem Written: July 13, 2012 4th Place winner

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Be Compassionate

be compassionate
share my smile with the whole world
love all equally
Written for Tracie's Contest ~New Years Resolution Haiku~ 6th Place Winner Yes Tracy I do believe I will achieve my resolution. I have this resolution every year and I always achieve it

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sunrise on the sea
hearing the sound of the waves
my serenity

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Blossom {Haiku / Tanka / Haiku }

<                                      red ~ gold ~ brown ~ and .... green
                                        rustic ~ over - tures .... whistlers 
                                        harvest .......  happiness

                                        the ~ winds ~ mighty ..... gale
                                        speaks ~ to ~ enchanted .... forest
                                        time ~ to ~ turn ~ new ...... leaf
                                        for ~ autumn ~ has ~ once .... returned
                                        and ~ you ~ must ~ all ~ come ~ on ..... down

                                       braided ~ and ..... despaired
                                       yet ~ forges ~ on ~ right ..... ahead
                                       fall ~ colours .....  blossom

Entry For Linda Marie's
Harvest Of Happiness
Haiku/Tanka/Haiku - Contest
G.L. All

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april rain ends
rainbow over the city
prophesy of hope?

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River Walk

Silently I walk
as the mighty Red roars by.
The sound soothes my soul.

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What Does The Saint Say

What does the Saint say?
“We are all children of God.
I will pray for you.”

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Sunet Strip

<                                  well isn't that swell
                                lost another cool surfboard ...
                                      holy sharks galore

                                        beyond horizon
                                 the sun bids day well ado ...
                                       happy trails to you

                                       top of old smokey
                                  cumulus congestive skies ...
                                    coughing up a storm

                                        excursion riding
                                  using buoyant enforcement ...
                                      to capture the sun

                                       yacht and small vessel
                                  endlessly floats rippled lake ...
                                       feeling abandoned                                   

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Summer Waves

Pirouettes to shore
Dancing in the summer heat
Awake and alive

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Lookin' after pests
Keepin' a CLOSE eye on 'em
"Those wild animals!"

Roamin' around zoo
Searchin' for sneaky monkey
Hidin' in a tree

Zookeeper gets mad
"Where's Marty, the smartypants!?"
"He TOOK my cage keys!"

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Orca Pack

A pack of orcas
hunting together known 
as wolves of the sea.

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The Silver Box

Copper skinned horses,
On a shiny silver box,
Gallop to freedom.

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Seashore Symphony

As fiddler crabs play There’s no music in the air Ugly eyes just stare Gulls in perfect flight Bring the music to the night Moonlight plays its part Dolphins come around And they lend their perfect sound Music time is near Maestro needed now Sounds need direction somehow Errant tones comply Sounds that do not blend Are now blocked by friendly wind Unity now reigns Masters touch is here Softens harshness to the ear Song is written now Blessed voices play As rhythmic surf shows the way Sweet repose is near. Question why I’m here And I’ll tell you right away My troubled soul is now healed. Written By John Posey 04/14/13

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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Johnny Come Blow Your Horn

pillar of trumpets
are no match in a garden
for the hummingbird

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Just Do It

<                                   silent explosion 
                             between puckered weary legs ...
                                     spandex dialogue

 Entry For Poet Destroyer's
Pooping Contest {Don't Ask To Go To The Bathroom}

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No Beer, No Booze

Do not drink and drive.
Do not sit at home and drink.
Do not drink at all.

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                             A silver lining
                   Painted on a dull, gray sky
                       By courage and faith.

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Her face glows with love
When you meet her soft, sweet eyes
Touched by an angel.

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Halloween Haiku

<                                      amidst swollen moon
                                 creatures of the night stalking .....
                                          predator's bounty

                                          be ~ witching ~ hour
                                     beastly  mannerism   gone
                                          totally but .... wild

                                          black cat crosses path
                                          another seven years of ........
                                          having such bad luck

                                              culdron pot boils
                               hearts ~ gizzards ~ livers ... bat's hair 
                                          witches stilled brewing

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World Cup Haiku


White ball in brook floats

Green field, sails on wing, fans out

Suns victory soars


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The Best Of The Best

The best of the best
serve our country during wars.
May God bless them all.

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Running wild and free
I am honestly happy
Nothing in my way

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sunrise under his watch

eagle’s eyes press sky
sun’s rays pierce through morning clouds...
     day of freedom reigns

liberty’s sign waits
new hope inspired by dawn’s light...
     nation’s pride rebounds

*Entry for Poet Destroyer’s sunrise contest

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Dime Pieces

beautiful women walking fast in rows of ten March of Dimes, ya' heard

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It’s my destiny
to walk with Heaven’s Angels
down the Streets Of Gold.

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung again --
sunshine, flowers, waterfalls:
God’s gifts to mankind!

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Wolf's Tongue

<                                  wolf tongue speaks at night
                                 search for prey has come to end ...
                                         howling escalates

Written by
Katherine Stella 11/16/11

Entry For
Deb Guzzi's Animal Haiku

I Chose The Wolf
My Home State
Is Minnesota
Wolf Pop Estimate 3020 Per D.N.R. 

G.L. All

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Eye Of The Tiger

<                                              eye of the tiger
                                            mystical yet beautiful ...
                                            even through monsoon's

Written By 
Katherine Stella 10/30/11

Season Chosen Monsoon

Entry For Charles Henderson's
Very Strict Haiku G.L. All

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Baby Talk

Bubbling azure streams
Are like grandfathers cooing
At newborn infants

My first attempt at haiku

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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

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Planting a Tree

What can a man do

To plant a seed in the ground

So strong a tree grows

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

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Mountain Climbing

I’m climbing  
Above the canyon…the sun
Hits  		the 		rocks

I ascend
As 	I 	take 	risk 	after 	risk

I’m climbing
I 	rely 	on 	my 	own 	strength
I’m doing FINE!

I descend
While	 I 	urgently 	hold 	on
For dear life…

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All I want for Christmas is a haiku

Who, what, where, when, why should I feel discouraged, hmmm? you and I are one.

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August twilight

radiant sunset

bleeds into a rippled sky

an August twilight

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Effulgent sun proffers love 

Above the undergrowth…of
Thorns and weeds

The moon unravels wonders

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The Smell of Pleasure

Coffee beans pave the

streets of New York: inhaling…

I wake from my daydream.

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Spider Haiku

Tiny spider web
Catches this fallen blossom
Wrong prey to pounce on.

Suzanne Delaney

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Christmas Angel Haiku

Christmas angels glow,
brighter than the whitest snow.
Hair, long locks of gold.

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                        --Love uniquely, beautiful,
                                Redefine your heart,
                            Give yourself to GOD--

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A Flower on a Branch

A flower petal

Blossom on a long tree branch

With a bright color

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spring waterfall 
splashes off the rocks below: 
she said yes

For Debbie Guzzi's Contest

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A Good Book

A good book, unlike a vintage wine is consumed over and over.

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Moment of Peace

Blossoms fall like snow
where deer and antelope play
and spanish moss hangs

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Elk Walk - The Rancher


                  Elk Walk

           elk walk in snow to
     find a morsel in warm fount
         beyond, fields beacons

                The Rancher

          morning frost twinkles
      while rancher sips coffee and
            whiffs new arrivals

          January Haiku Contest

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seasonal senryu

Three Humorous Senryu 

If winter landscape 
Had snow that was black as coal 
It would still be cold 

If sunlight was green 
Shining on crimson nature 
It would still be hot. 

If rain was yellow 
Running like horse piss in streets 
It would still be wet. 

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Bird Song

The birds sing a song

On a tree that is very high

Music fill the air

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A Fresh Lit Candle

A fresh lit candle
in the dim and empty church--
Our Lord  shifting His gaze.

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Flying like a bird
Over skies and oceans blue
My wing span is huge

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Haiku for Japan

I try not to say
Sorry to Japan the morn
Sunshine of Asia

I won’t be tempted
To further cloud this sore heart
With my sea water

It is not distance
That holds back the salty fluid
From my eyes but love

My own apartment
Is flooded with Japanese
Electronic stuffs

My countrymen are
Just like the moving sun and
Cannot not be there

My American
Friend’s a teacher in China
Shining so, so close

Japan has become 
My backyard in this new world
Small global village

And the eyes also
Suffer the heat of pepper
Eaten by the mouth

So your pain, Japan
Has clouded my sanity
Yet I say weep not!

For by blood have kings
Wore their crowns; and with blood have
Empires been painted

And in blood do women
Deliver forth newborn babes
Blood brings good tidings

By blood had Asia
Risen above its storms. Ask
India, ask China

So weep not Japan
For blood does bring good tidings
In all climes and times

Let the rain wash off
The pain from your memory
The rite is over

Let the sun renew
Your seas and shores to prepare
You for the new dawn.

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a newborn baby
equal opportunity
leaders of nations 

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Stay Still

<                                    rustic overtures
                           reflects mirrored images .... off
                                    motionless water

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humming patter drips
Refreshing flow revive
mud patties natural

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Your Going Down

<                           beneath waterfall
                        let your troubles wash away ... 
                             cesspool is waiting

Entry For John Freeman's
The Precept Natures Haiku
G.L. All

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A Quilt of Passion (for Joy)

I look out last night
To fondle the shining stars
How lovely your eyes

Bright asters glowing
Soft the liquid rivers run
I scoop joy's delight

A soft wind blows here
Where is the jasmine blooming
Naked to my sight

Love sings in the tree
The nightingale is awake
It's heart breaks for you

Far away the stars
Like dry grass of memory
Burns in water still

I need you tonight
The moon is late, I'm alone
And shadows haunt me

Stars all silent stays
Yet the wind will speak your name
Nothing mutes my heart

I love you, brown night
Your fragrance the heart's drum beat
Too loud for my sleep.

I fondle flowers
Soft as light upon your skin
Dreams are stolen keys.

Open stoma's door
Tiptoe the light on petals
To kiss the night gone

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Awesome Prisms 
Warm and gentle sensations
His divine light shines.

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No Escape

Next to the river
Two foxes stalk a rabbit
As snow is falling

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Cherry Blossoms

The silk like blossoms

That bloom in the night time air

It captures moonlight

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The taste of darkness

chocolate temptations
sweetest darkness  of the world
melting the dark  gold 
©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012 

maybe not a haiku by 'the book"
but the shape is so challenging
a concept so intense and brief
for me: it is fascinating  
and giving it a maybe
unexpected twist ............

It was fun writing and finishing.

Ellie Daphne 

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Radiant Fourth of July

multicolored sparks
dwindling across the unfilled sky...
bright smoke you ignite


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Cry Me A River

at the mouth of cave
aqua insurgent brushstrokes
cry me a river

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Dancing With The Stars

granite archway view
planetary shuffling 
dancing with the stars

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Dare to Bare

I dare to bare
For the soul sees it all
Deceit or Innocence!

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I'm Stellar When I Stutter

A candy shaped heart
Sweet sounding words "I Love You"
You are mine to taste

A rose there in thorns
Light in Pink Highlights dark reds
Enhanced in True Love

Stuttering my speech
Is it Heaven wrapped Stellar
This kiss you gave me?

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Richness of God

in the midst of a
financial crises, I thank
God for His riches

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Am I here to stay

Am I here to stay

Destiny beyond, 
Far from any perception,
Bodily or soul ?

Haiku- 5/7/5
Written December 18th, 2014
Poet- Dr. Upma A. Sharma

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 Quietly filling
 deep cups of the red blossoms.
 The morning sunrise.

 The rock bowl is full.
 Filled by the rain for the birds
 and for my quiet mind.

 Dried stalks of rhubarb
 turn brittle in the summer.
 Born again next year.

 The sparrows come back
 to say thank you for their home
 I lovingly made.

 My red dogs eyes gleam.
 Before eating, her eyes ask
 is it OK Dad?


 The strong bowstring sings.
 My arrow will find its home
 I turn to sip tea.

 First Love
 How reluctantly
 the shy, young man moves forward
 toward the full, red lips.


 In the maiden’s bed
 He found his heaven and hell.
 Such was his first love.


 Small favor to ask.
 Please spread my ashes on the sea.
 No wife, no roommate.

 Who is Buddah

 She poured my green tea
 Until the cup ran over.
 Now, I know Buddah.


 Cousin Roni was loud.
 Married a Samoan man.
 They both ate roast pig.


 My old friend, Bucky.
 Carried a gun in his boot.
 Afraid of himself.

 Old Friend

 Alvin slapped his first wife
 and then he married a man.
 I don’t know him now.

 Exercise I

 he crosses the wide, busy street,
 to catch up with love.

 Exercise II

 she announces her mistrust.
 Not Republican.

 Exercise III

 She knew the problem.
 He had to learn it.

 All his writing was
 He was egocentric.


 The autumn raging
 I am blinded by red leaves.
 Too many to count.

 Surf crashes fiercely.
 Shadows lessen, skies turn gray.
 Winter storm moves near us.

 This Spring, my house burned.
 I now have a better view
 of the blue mountains.

 Fresh ink on blue lines
 the words come like hungry bees
 to form my Haiku.


 Summer. I feel strong.
 Equal to birds in the tree,
 and pebbles near feet.

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Captain Morgan's Spiced Haiku

Double hitting flame
Golden substance pouring out
A friend’s warm welcome

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Swan Lake

                                Engineless she lands
                                Late sun ripples indigo
                                Solo Proud lake swan


                                                 © Shane Cogan, September 2013 

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When the sun sets
the moon comes rising
the stars around dancing.

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Rock Me Gently

<                                             tropical ~ retreat
                                          mai ~ tai ....  pina ~ colada

                                      swaying ~ on......... hammock

Entry For
The Sweatheart Of Poetry's
Tropical Treasures Contest
GL All

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I'm A Little Horny Unicorn

<                                       mythical creature

                                     woven from the hands of god

                                         and given an horn

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The Ocean Haiku

The thundering sound

The waves bring saltwater smell

Breath and feel the breeze

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Go Go Dancer

the white man's burden
cultivates Afrika’s roots
a caged mind unbarred

Details | Haiku | |


Knowledge, good judgement 
Judging not
But teaching NEW life

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Play Misty For Me

clouds abotomy
cut with a sheer percission
play misty for me

Details | Haiku | |





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Duck eggs for breakfast

Crack, push, wriggle, peck,
Wet duckling appears by night -

Easter breakfast runs

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Sunrise Perspective

sweet cheerful morning
as my dreams fade from this mind
i’m alive again

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Autumn Haze

Late autumn evening,
A haze of dew dusts the earth,
The wind smells of rain

Details | Haiku | |

branch of god

A tree branch blowing
In the breeze taps my shoulder
Like it’s blessing me


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ahhhh yes indeed haiku

up over the bridge
and down off of the mainland
right on the island....

Details | Haiku | |


Twists and turns are life
Happy or sad, you decide
It shall stay that way

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My Mom Is One Tough Cookie

deep in the forest
collapsed limbs fungus rockbeds
natures own fury

Tribute To Nature
Even If She Is Mean LOL

Details | Haiku | |


An enlightened soul
guides us spiritually;
if we are willing

written on 4.6.2014
by Mohan Chutani
Haiku: syllable count 5/7/5
Earlier in the Contest on the theme and titled 'Destiny' by Leonora Galinta
Now in the Contest on the theme of 'Haiku on enlightenment' by Marvin Celestial

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Such Calming Scent

Flowery fragrance
Blossoming from a sweet rose
Uplifting the soul

Details | Haiku | |


(TRIPLE HAIKU in fact...)

Awww...cats are so cute!
Rubbing against my 2 legs

I head to my room
They watch me like a shepherd
My sheep follow me!

My little buddy
Follows me into bathroom 
Hope she turns her head

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Best Haiku ever

The mind is grey clay
Shaped by each experience
Experience love.

Details | Haiku | |



                                          within the whole script 
                                        God has given everything 
                                             matter's of return

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Dimly, the old moon
Paints the landscape with silver in shadow

Details | Haiku | |

Unseen Paradise

endless specks of light
looming robes of spotless white
mingles in delight

Details | Haiku | |

going green

Breathe in the sky, the
trees -mother nature is the 
spirit's remedy


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Gorgeous Garden

(a few pairs of haikus. 
Enjoy this unique style of writing and pen on, 
dear gorgeous poets! 
Let your poetic talent grow like a gorgeous garden...
thinking of a garden, 
here's a poem dedicated to gardening!):

Dirty hands touched ground
I run my hands on fresh land

Hands handling hope
I take my tools and work hard
I'm a HARD worker! 
(Oh yeah! You can tell by the sweat of my brow!)

Loner with tired hands
I do labor with fervor - 
Not a forlorner! 

I take my time . . . to graze
Around my Gorgeous Garden 
I'm a true GREEN THUMB!

"I work till I see the beads of sweat down my face - that's evidence that I'm a dedicated worker on this liberating land...
I work to see what tomorrow brings...I'm standing my ground and I'm plowing my gorgeous garden!
I handle difficult tasks back then and right this instant! Now, I know where I stand! I can make a stand in this land that is 100% grand!
With my gardening tools and I, we can work miracles and we can work dusk to dawn again and again!" - a quote that I have made!

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Course of Nature

Introduction: Nature works in a mystical way…

In dark sparkles blink
In patterns scattered through the sky
Gone with a stormy wink

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Golden memories
Of happy thoughts and sunbeams
Surround the blissful.

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Can You Picture This

blue water rushing 
down rocky cliffs - makes gorgeous 
themes for computers

Tribute To

Also Entry For
Raul Moreno's 
Rhythm Of The Falls Contest
GL All

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What Does The Narc Say

What does the narc say?
“You are so busted sucker,
I fooled you big time.”

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Got Milk

amidst milky weed
tail orange butterfly extracts
succulent nectar

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The lamp light illuminates My messy bedroom And brings me joy to my heart The lamp light turns off quickly The mellow midnight Has revealed its pure beauty The door opens and welcomes The priceless sunrise And inspires me to write poems The morning greets me again The lovely stars dim I miss the midnight wonders!

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Monday Mornings -August 8-

I'm not an early riser-- I was wrong
I could say I am a night child
And I admit-- I love monday mornings

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Under Blue Sky

Birds of a feather
All do not flock together
There be two kinds

The lawgiver says
Clean be the distinguished ones
Doves similar to

Others carnivores
Possessed tyrants they do be
Which type of bird you?

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A Taste Of Honey

Coffee is coffee,
Honey surprise cinnamon,
Delightful at best.

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Out With The Old

Robin, small and blue
Pauses briefly in its song
and drops a feather

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I See You My Little Pretty

under water fun
tiger lands crouch position
nostrils and eyes flared

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The Mist (HAIKU)

                                                              Foggy mist hovers
                                                   o'er pond in fall's early dawn
                                                              dissolving to day.

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Plumes of Smoke

Plumes of smoke rise up
From dead wood, a red hot fire
Decayed leaves, Autumn

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One little flower
Trembles in the autumn breeze
Imagining warmth

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Have You Known the Love

Have you known of love
Lasting and forever kind
That I feel for you

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Looking Up

The moon has beauty

It shines high in the night sky

Perfectly on me

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Paint Me A Picture

intreguing white orbs
great for carving or painting
during fall gourding

Happy Halloween All

Entry For 
Raul Moreno's
White Pumpkin Contest 

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Goldfinch singing high up in white cherry plum tree holds me on the path

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The green frog jumped up.
The fish in the pond were swimming.
What a lovely day!

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Dragonflies Breath

Dragonflies Breath, by Shane Cogan (Haiku style)

                                   warm and cold it flew
                                 purple lake at dawn lay still
                                   wings too quick to see

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The house is quite. I smell the cool, crisp, clean air. I feel very calm.

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Cuckoo (Haiku)

Little Grey Cuckoo
Singing, only for himself
A "Broken Record"

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I swim rivers to rivers I think upon my challenging routine I reflect upon my life I splash puddle to puddle I reflect upon my blurred future…so— I set my mind on those days… I trekked building to building I caught myself thinking of cheery times That’s when I had hope in mind

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Alphabet Soup

Rough night, storms ahead
Open a can of delight
Hidden messages. ;)

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9:00 AM

Your angelic sleep
Leaving you tears me in two
Have to go to work

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Ferocious Unexplainable Drive

Thirsting without quench
Faith be that of endurance
Satisfied at thrown

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Which Way Do I Go?

Slow-moving tortoise
Confused by its own shadow
On a rocky beach

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You Don't Phase Me

dogs come cats go
just like moon waxing
Don't let it phase you

Tribute To Moon Waxing LOL

Also Don't Forget To
Turn Those Clocks Back

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Quick! Hop!

Slow-moving cricket
Alone against the moonlight
...suddenly, a storm!

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Oh Holy Spirit

oh Holy Spirit
deliver me from my sins
grant me perfect peace

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Shine On

a beacon of light 
transparent through clouds clusters
reflects off stilled bay

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Calm Before The Storm

The sea of troubles
Spewing frolic wrathings
Islanders compose

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A Dumbfounded Man

                              THERE VARAL MOTIONS PARN

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Nature's broken heart
Floats on a warm, blue day's breeze
Feeding the earth's love

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Will-force can give you
The thing you want most in life
And fulfill your dream

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A large grizzly bear

Slips off into the shadows

Time for long winter

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Fall into beauty
it won't swallow you up long
just til you are whole...

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Tranquil and serene
Nature is God's handy work
A poets' kingdom.

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Sunshine Day

Herd of cows grazing
Partly covered by the mist
Perfect in the sun

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Mirror Image

The little flower
Casts its shadow on the wall
Near the new greenhouse

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Ah, liberation-
from the knitted caste system
that has swathed my tan!

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Use your voice to sing.
Sing to those who refuse to
listen or love you.

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 The God of glory
 never run short of mercy
 flowing  in my life

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center of my head

center of my head
opens like spring flower---
in meditation

Enlightenment Contest

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                                               Picture of colors
                                             Unity and integrity
                                         Drawn to mean the whole

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Gone With The Wind

A hint of summer
Becoming part of the wind
Marks the season's change

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Frogs rest in the shade 
Where the soft breeze never stops of constant change 

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On a rocky beach

Near the silent shore
Bright fish break through the surface...
Small waves touch the shore

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The Dance

One little flower
Dances quickly on the wind
at the pathway's edge

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Eternally All Must Believe

Though each day be new
Eternally you must do
Tell you have no doubt

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Can't Touch This

butterflies despair
wounded and abraded - yet
forges right ahead

Tribute To
Gods Messengers

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'Moon-Rock... ' (Haiku # 12)

‘ Moon-Rock ’  Haiku # 12

Moon Rock, Craters, Crust
What Does This Terrain Adjust …
“ Earth Was Made For Us ! “

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Tranquility in Trees ~Haiku

There is in the trees
A quiet feeling of peace
Sunbeams on my face

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Messenger of Change

The scent of autumn

Brought to me by summer winds

Marks the season's change

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I do not fear death
I am almost certain that
I have died before

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four haiki

September drizzle
Sombre green olive trees weep
Dripping foliage      

Sighing plethora
Rain on a Sunday afternoon 
Heavenly peace for some 

To be obsessed 
With a gal who rejects you
October deluge  

Disconsolate leaves 
On manicured lawn of opulence 
Golden oaks lament

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Hell is not for me
heaven is where I long to be
in faith I believe

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Winter Snow

The calming effect
of immaculate colors
warms my frigid heart.

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One Bug


                                                Soar Blackbird high
                                            Above in Cobalt Blue sky
                                               Play a game of catch

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Midday Graze

In the cool midday
By the garden fence, deer graze
...alone and at peace

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Tulips (Pair of Haikus)

tangerine blossom
bursting with vitality
hue glows resplendent

Breathtaking beauty
dew kisses petals softly
Captivating awe 

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Unforeseen Miracles

Miracles emerge when there’s an unexpected, spooky moment
When you pursue them,
Good luck doesn't sprout up, so don’t expect them to grow abundant 

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Water Age Haiku

     Water Age Haiku

Smooth rounded rocks hold
In deep water, age slows, forms
Birds follow ripples

                                     8/21/13 Haiku On Enlightenment contest

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Old Man Winter

WINTER'S foilage -
blankets trees and grassy knolls -
water runs admist

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Sparkling Pond

Cranes wade in the mud...
Bright fish break through the surface...
Water smooth as glass

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Soar away

Shy cherry blossom Let the breeze take your dreams way Up to the Heavens.

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Boy Is It Cloudy

a cotpit viewing
altitude eight hundred feet
cloud coverage below

Tribute To Flying High LOL

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Your So Sweet

amidst grass carpet
bunny nibbles flowered bulb
expunges nectar

Tribute To Children

Entry For 
Carol Brown's Spring Contest

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A white moth flutters
Revealed by the drifting mist
Feeling only cold

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Midnight Hoot

The big, silver moon
Seems to brush against the trees
An old hoot owl calls!

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bubble upliftment haiku

bubbles uplift me
when i am at my worst place
and soothes the motion

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Great tremors
Tectonic plates shift

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Me Versus

Mirror of no lies
Me versus their perfection
Smiling in my skin

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Slow Poke

not even herdsmen
can gather all the pokee's
at the dinner bell

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Pit Stop

As snow is falling
An owl lands in the pine tree
As the evening fades

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Spread Your Wings

Spread your wings to fly 
Not the time for pecking 
Leap of faith apply.

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A promise to behold
Unfolding not to be rushed
Wait, hope and trust; it’ll be.

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Mountain Games

Mountains peeking out
playing hide and seek with me
Fog keeps them hidden

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blue sky amusement haiku

blue sky amusement
roller coaster fantasy

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I am blushing now.
You've captured my heart and then
a diamond purposed!

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There's No Place Like Home

the great sand bubbler
watches incoming ribbed tide
from burrows back home

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A dangerous bear
Slips off into the shadows
Unsure of its path

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Waiting for Cover

Winter’s leafless tree
Is larger than it appears
Waiting for darkness

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Good Day

A bright yellow rose
Nods in the delicate breeze
as the bees fly by

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                                           CONNECT P.S. POLE

                                               dig to depth 
                                            connect P.S. pole
                                               poet to poet

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Realm Of What Is True

Love your smile, it‘s you,
Happiness abounds, it’s true,
Love, the next level.

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A pond in the woods
A frog swims to the center
... splash! splash! splash! splash! splash! 

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Let's Get Buzzed

billowing waters
caused by winds sudden onrush
electric surges

Tribute To The Sea

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Dew Drop Inn

single red roses
unfurling their petals wide -
at the dew drop inn

Tribute To The

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Sunflower Delight

Racing with yellow
Flowers high above my head
I am delighted.

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                                                   the past ; history
                                               the future ; a mystery
                                          live in  H  I  S   PRESENCE

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sweet massage from her haiku

sweet massage from her
lifts me up and calms me down
when the weight is deep

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The sun is alone,
But raindrops have many friends,
Dancing through the storm.

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Making the Fish Dance

Waves crash against sand,
While rain rides on to the sea,
Making the fish dance

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Rustling Leaves

Twisting and turning,
My autum leaves make their way,
With their bright colors.

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Heaven vs World

Heaven above smiles
As the doves take wing in glee 
Sugar-coated world

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Nature's Haiku ~Foggy Morn~

Morning dense air crawls
Amongst a brook silently
Strewn below mountains

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Go Fetch

a leap of great faith
time to hit the water pool
fetching is for me

Tribute To
Man's Best Friend

My Pup {Shadow}  LOL

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Now Don't Tell

rustic overtures
mirrored fixtures
majestic crowns

Tribute To Nature

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Rain on My Parade Trilogy (Haiku/ Series)

as the cool breeze blows
rises with condensation
moving like cloud nine


condensation into clouds
magic carpet ride

like rain pouring over head
gliding to shelter

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Idaho Summer ~ Haiku

Wild tree...long dry rope
Glassy Ice Creek streaming fast
Friends across it laugh~

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cracked window

from a cracked window:
glimmer of light starts to peep
cleansing my old thoughts

Haiku on Enlightenment
Contest of Marvin Celestial

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I Remember

Labor Day
honoring those served
with remembrence

Tribute To
Fallen Soldiers

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Standing Tall And Looking Good

towering soldiers
watch over hidden forest
in dressed camoflage

New Entry For
Raul Moreno's 
Soalance In Nature Contest

Also Tribute To
Armed Forces

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Not Withstanding His Truth

Cut I have the noose
Setting all free now you choose
The spice of death, life

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Morning Star

As the sun rises
everything just comes to life
and glows inside out..

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I See Spots

northern spotted owl
could better serve species - than
dying in the wild

Tribute To 
The Spotted Owl

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BirthDay present from Me to Me haiku

love the island life
treasuring the brief feeling
serene sensation....

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Saved by an Haiku

Writing saved my life
for it is therapuetic
I'm thankful for this

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Guatamalan Dress

saw my bluebird girl
in her Guatemalan dress
sunshine in a flash

brighten my whole day
nothing like a mother hen 
all her chix about

papa so relieved
that mimi no longer grieves
loss of family

flowers can now bloom
cause we know who hung the moon
2 lil grandbabies!

thank you for teaching 
me how to be patiently
waiting over here

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One lingering star
Makes the ocean waves sparkle
As the mountain smiles

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Heaven's Trail haiku

we walk Heaven's Trail
truly at peace with ourselves
so revitalized

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Your Ears Have Choices

God has one sound voice
The world--confusing voices
Your ears have choices

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Haiku 1

Heaven speaks to me
Of children's smiles and laughter
We are not alone.

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wide spread argue

stand firm and be cured
                                         walk proudly in the yander
aentince aworlal

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Above The Grade

                                                    beneath waterfall
                                          small vessels endlessly  float
                                                    city towers lake

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Sun broaches Earth’s cusp,
spills golden treasure into
waiting bowl below

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Of Future Travels

Foreign flowers peek,
Up from my scarred hands today,
How I love this life.

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I'm Very Passionate

my bleeding heart - pumps
purple passion just for you
drip drip drip drip drip

Tribute To 
Bleeding Heart Flowers
So Dainty But Beautiful

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Cool days are ending.
Time to reflect seasons gone.
Rejoice in peace all.

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May I Have This Dance

eye of beholder
gets optical illusion of
moon and water's dance

Tribute To Beauty

Also Entry For
Raul Moreno's
Reflections Contest
Gl All

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A Nature Moment

Wind blows through the trees
As the grass tickles my toes --
And leaves me breathless.

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   Laughter is so good,
It makes you tingle with joy!
   The fun never ends.

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A Flock On Pastures

a flock on pastures
the story of the black sheep
i am the shepherd

Details | Haiku | |

Cough It Up

deep in the valley
cumulus congestus skies
coughing up a storm

Also Entry For 
Raul Moreno's 
Inspiration In Haiku Contest

Details | Haiku | |


please do not fear death
I know it is but scary
but have faith today
and keep your feelings at bay

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Rain Dance

Drops on my glasses
from dancing in the rain
with the rain.
No music needed.
My heart is already filled with it.

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In The Night

During this time—night
Owls whoot and the trees converse
As the big moon glows

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Your Creeky

deep in the forest
arched waterfall -rapidly
channels rocky creek

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Haiku 2

Heaven speaks to me
Through children's smiles and laughter
We are not alone.

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Voice of Life

Weary soul unwound Released as caged birds to flight Set free to the light Found within hiding Gentle words release as smoke Silent embers stoked Poetry of heart Words unfiltered by design True statements to find Ones perspective made There is no right or wrong Only verse and song Sweet release of lies A gold key to open truth Pure and selfless truth Personal in touch The maker becomes his mark Journey to embark Listen as it speaks All life has its word to say So short here to stay Write upon a page Capture all their thoughts in pen From lily to wren Listen well, feel it Overwhelming in beauty Never fully caught Only ever sought

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I cry to please my cold dream
As I see my ambition goes off.
There couldn't be too much to hold.

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Spider Haiku

Silken Home Blows by
Spider eloquently flys
Its home a surprise

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Emerald Meadow Haiku

  Soft Emerald Meadow 
	         Bouncing butterfly’s lost dream
               Ferns line a glass stream~

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I'm Just Glowing

                                            apricot roses
                                glowing in near dusk lighting
                                           with dark foliage

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With Chamomile Tea

locusts singing with
the breeze reminds how peaceful
a porch swing can be.

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Weeds of Summer (Haiku)

rising from the dust 
green and yellow stalks now spread 
summer weeds blooming 

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Shinning silver strips
Tumbling from the high heights
Water crashes down

Details | Haiku | |


Seaweed, Wasabi,
Delectable treasures,
It is just sushi.

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anticipation sunrise haiku

and away we go
anticipation sunrise
eager to feel free

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Three for One

Love is in the air,
Blossoming, soaring, flying
High with our spirits.

Petals float above,
Lifted by air that smells sweet-
Cherry blossoms rise.

Love rises, farther
Into the eternal sky.
Fly with me, always.

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Vibrant and crimson
One cannot find this splendor
In another rose.

Details | Haiku | |


Eviction known awaits
Body, mind, spirt, and soul
Believe in GOD

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Jazz Breeze

The wind in the trees
blows with the sound of the seas'
returning high tide.

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diggin this picnic haiku

diggin this picnic
loungin on a sweet sunday
thinkin bout nothin

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Let's Get Stoned

etched between two pines
snowcapped mountain majesty
towering stone hedge

Details | Haiku | |

Love Flowers

Sweet smell of desire
The fragrance of love surrounds
Our roses now bloom

Details | Haiku | |

Mockingbird Haiku

Mockingbird singing 
On a telephone pole high
Behind you blue sky

Details | Haiku | |

The Sparrows Chicks

The sparrow couple
Busy in feeding their chicks
By turn all day long!

Details | Haiku | |

My Morning

This is my morning,
A delicate spectacle,
I wish its love glowed.

Details | Haiku | |

I'm Not Your Stepping Stone

                                                  stepping stones realms is
                                              yearning to learn - and share with 
                                                      others on the path

Details | Haiku | |

to: full moon haiku

happy rebirth day
moving, flowing river moves
over all ten toes

phoenix rising, fire
from ash, above horizon
flying upward sun

Details | Haiku | |

Lavender Lilacs

Lavender lilacs
Purple plumes of potpourri
Sachets of a breeze

Details | Haiku | |

Heavenly Father

to our father in heaven
we do but pray for our sins
to our father in heaven
have mercy on our souls

Details | Haiku | |





Details | Haiku | |

Safe Harbor

etched between two pines
lighthouse towering bluffs edge
safeguarding her sea

Details | Haiku | |

Pen is my weapon

Pen is my weapon
My thoughts and dreams are its ink
I will fight with it

Details | Haiku | |

keep me

keep me in thy sight
lead me to thy righteousness
grant me thy mercy

Details | Haiku | |


a red sky at night
and red sky in the morning
sure has some old roots

Details | Haiku | |

Heavenly night

Black starry night sky
Dark blanket of diamond light
Forever staring 

Details | Haiku | |

Flower of Peace

Pollen tempts the bees
It calls forth with sweet nectar
The flower at peace.

Details | Haiku | |

The Swan

The way beauty sits,
With decadent elegance,
I am quite surprised. 

Details | Haiku | |

Skipping Puddles

It came in a rush
People running for shelter
Showers from Heaven!

Details | Haiku | |

Sweet Success

                                                  in nature's garden 
                                      child reaches for flowered bulb
                                          smells enriched fragrance

Details | Haiku | |

Sunset Haiku

Powerful Clouds Hold... 
Sunbeams Tearing Blue Night Sky ~
Black Sea Reflects Gold~

Details | Haiku | |

Whispers Of The Wind

                                               deep in the forest
                                          whispers of the wind speaks to
                                                 enchanted forest

Details | Haiku | |

fellowship happy haiku

fellowship happy
pure bliss all without judgement
everyone a friend

Details | Haiku | |

Perfection in a Weed

Thistle, growing weak
I wish to see what makes you,
Dance with perfection.

Details | Haiku | |


Snow falls from the sky
Making the earth cold and white
But Spring is close by

Details | Haiku | |

Parched Skin

Raindrops seep into
My parched skin quenching the thirst,
For that hydration.