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Haiku Spiritual Poems | Haiku Poems About Spiritual

These Haiku Spiritual poems are examples of Haiku poems about Spiritual. These are the best examples of Haiku Spiritual poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Enlighten Me

"Haiku of enlightenment"

all explanations 
a perceptive, world of green
mocking the land

summoned bird calls
tantra and morality 
zestful garden-----------------  in waiting 


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Values At Top Rate

                       --Your Persona, Captures Elegance,
                           Your Heart, Values At Top Rate,
                          Your Soul, Priceless, GODS LOve--

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A Dream with The Christ

A wondrous dreamt came
With a long waited specie
Looks like no other

Stares in wilderness
Depict countless of meanings
Felt passes through souls

Asked simple queries
But answered with more questions
Discerned their values

Reunited with him
Was such a grateful event
Moment of freedom

Spoke undated views
Now reveal validity
Light is from within.

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Looking at the Stars

Midgets always do
Looking stangely at the stars 
Counting bigger ones

Small and big dippers
Emit freedom a distance
Expressing oneness

At times in old days
Longing to look at more stars
Achieve apogee.

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                                             surrender to God
                                 speaks silence in words themselves
                                        words are unknown words

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The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

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17 Sexy Syllables

you are my moon, babe
i'm surrendering my tide
over and over

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Strong Tears

Because tears are meant
To be a symbol of strength
Even in hard days.

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Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

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Haikus About God: II

Invisible chap
Bearded egomaniac
Probably not real

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Easter Haiku

Easter time is here time when Christ died for our sins we should all thank Him let’s all welcome Him waving our hands with palm leaves make his path so green vibrantly alive green signifies a new life gift to all of us color of new hope Easter’s great message of love Christ saved all mankind March 18,2013
Happy happy Easter Season to all! Fourth Place Contest: Green Judged: 3/21/2013 Sponsor: My Greatest Poet & sis PD/Linda

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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Ruth by the window;

eating an  yogurt...

it's hurts the road of memory.

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natural spaceships-
divinity assembles worlds
under harmonic anarchy

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Haikus About God: VI

The body: sacred
We’re all made in God’s image
Hence... circumcision?

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Peace; humble, serene Can be found within the soul Be still, listen, be

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 Wonder that controls all life
  The fall of us all

By Gareth James

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Stint five this land, we lived 
to see pharaoh and stars
in their origin...

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Great expectations

Great expectations
of all metals to win the clay:
Seasons`cuneiforms ...

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Harvest Moon -- Lughnasadh Haiku

**I wrote against traditional 5 -7-5 and twisted to 7-5-7 on these...can I do that?**

Looking up in the sky at 
A full harvest moon 
Cool, aglow this autumn night

Mists circle in, surrounding 
Earth's last summer song 
Warm nights are now memories

The Hunter calls the Chosen
To this sacred grove 
Children of seasons gather

The leaves--brown and gold and red 
Signify the end 
Of summer's warmth and passion

Souls are drawn within, waiting 
Keeping close to home 
Till winter's dying cycle

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Haiku Wind

         Haiku Wind

To the ground a dive

Hawk, Squirrel struggle soar down

Sky ground merge…. end there

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do me a favor

Give me strength 
Give me knowledge 
Break my shackles 
Give me freedom 

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Haikus About God: I

Overture of lies:
Don’t take it literally

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do me a favor - another version

Give me strength and knowledge, 
Break my shackles from all bondage, 
Let my soul acknowledge.

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A Priest Forever

Jesus or Father Christ 
     A priest forever
     In the order of Melchizedek

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Bird Song

The birds sing a song

On a tree that is very high

Music fill the air

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My sin has made me
intolerably corrupt
deserving of death.

Jesus, you are God,
but you shared a sinner's fate
to remove its sting.

your resurrection
allows me to live through you,
in your righteousness.

I deserve your scorn,
yet your works, beyond my grasp,
are counted as mine.

How can we be saved?
-Confess our sin and believe,
trust in our savior.

You have drawn me in.
Your breath enters into me
making my heart beat.

You made me your son
with a full inheritance
that I don't deserve.

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Sunset Sunrise

Day done or new sun?
Both are God’s goodness displayed
Time for sleep or run?

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A reality

U stare at stone
It maybe for some
A mountain

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Life inside

Suns ember through the tree.
Life inside.
Chakras blooming for spring.

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The last trip I will ever take

throw my stuff away
it wasn't me anyway
nothing comes with me

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Not yet having become a sinner,
Vanishing me in the purity of heaven
Riding off from God’s shoulders!

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Under starlit dome,
across the empty ocean,
I sail all alone.

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The whirling dervish -Haiku

Gaining, by loosing
dancing to the mystic tune
the whirling dervish

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Thirsty; life renewed
Quenched and saturated heart
Water flows, 
                     f l o w s,
                                     f  l      o         w            s

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	Is the evidence
	Of the unseen


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God's Promise

Pastel Rainbow's arch
cool spring rain moving onward
sweet earth scent below

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Shyness time

time in time on time
second by second over high noon
our spring to spring of moon

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Jesus is the Light

Jesus lights the dark. 
The moon lights the night ever.
Glimmer on dark play.

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Haikus About God: VII

Non-existent God
Subject of poor poetry
Just like this one. Damn.

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The Lord is good
	His kindness endures forever
	And His faithfulness, to all generations


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My soul has been purged
From a world of suffering
As pure as a lotus

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St. Matthew
	Forgive others
	As I have forgiven you


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i feel

wind blows I feel 
your peace overcomes desire
telling me not to 

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Strikethrough Haiku

Derivative Haiku

This awful haiku
absolutely terrible -

Cute Baby Haiku

This baby haiku -
Four too few syllables -

Funky Zen Haiku

Cherry blossom monk
cannot read English haiku
but loves the Beatles

NSA Propaganda Haiku

Citizen is bad -
don't listen to Ed Snowden -
sleep on lillipad

Confused French Cow, Definitely Not Mad Cow Haiku

Muh muh said mad cow -
I'm not mad I just speak French,
muh is French for moo

(Strikethrough Haiku)

For last Strikethough Haiku go to

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Crying Out - 1

Weighty sins grab me;
Crippling me from what I seek:
Close proximity.

On my own I fail,
without any scrap of worth.
I'm self defeating.

I scream out to you
with rage that strips my voice bare,
hoping that you hear.

There is no reply,
as if you abandoned me
to rot in my state.

Be swift to save me.
Be ready to lift me up.
Be quick to forgive.

I still feel the pain,
and hot anger tow-ard you,
though you are my health.

Replace my raw filth
that devastates every word,
keeping me from you.

Please don't hesitate
by delaying my rescue
because of my pride.

Your grace is life's breath.
Without it I suffocate
with it I'm sustained

Please answer my prayers
and forgive me of my sins.
Have me feel your love.

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10 Holy Haiku and Senryu Poems

Routing Evil:
Over plains ink prints
Tales of God routing evil.
Jesus finds and saves. 

Passion Sunday:
The passion of Christ.
Jesus was hanged on a cross.
Truly this was God.

Blind Man:
A blind man washes
Clay in the pool of Siloam.
Now he see's the light.

Thirsty Israelites:
Thirst in the desert.
Moses taps water from rock.
They now drink refreshed.

The Transfiguration:
Peter, James and John
Are taken up a mountain.
Jesus does transform.

The Light of Jesus:
We bless our candles.
Light has come into the world,
His name is Jesus.

Be Perfect:
Be holy for God.
Have love for your enemies
As the perfect Christ.

Free in Christ:
Jesus came to free
Us from the power of sin,
Death and selfishness.

The Salt of the Earth:
Having mercy and
Pursued for God’s righteousness. 
You are now earth's salt.

The Walls of Jericho:
Walking by the walls.
On the seventh day it fell
With trumpets and shouts.

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Sunday Organist

What's the theme this week?
Songs of faith, hope, love; Jesus Christ?

                     ---Sunday Organist---

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Haiku 50913

deathly laughter heard
nightmare scenario seen
God will claim my soul

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My shadows

I sit in darkness.
I feel that you won't provide,
as if you left me.

I call out to you
as I would ask my own dad,
but you don't respond.

You said of fathers:
"They don't spurn, but give good gifts."
but I feel left out.

There must be a fault.
Though, it lies with me, not you.
You, God, do not fail.

I don't understand
Help me to hear in silence
to see through shadows.

When I am in pain
have the spa-sms not distract
and heal me within.

Your love is steadfast
despite my failure to feel.
Please, Jesus, bless me.

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Come to the hills

Stand on hills pivot,
Together we make a square:
The sacred symbol.

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Do not let hate
	Overpower your love
	In other words do not be angry


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Sometimes There Is A Recognition

Sometimes there is a meeting of minds                                                                                                                                  To share a technicolor dream                                                                                                             Beneath a flat gray sky

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Loving as Jesus or Father Christ Loves

This is my commandment
Love one another
As I love you


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Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant contained three items
     According to St. Paul 
     Word of God, manna, & the Rod of Aaron that re-sprouted.

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Eternal God

Eternal Father
	Eternal Son, Jesus or Father Christ
	Eternal Holy Spirit, deliverer


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                                              When nothing was there
                                               God was in all existence
                                                       Universe is now
                                                      Universe will end  
                                               in nothing will be nothing 
                                                      but God exists...........

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My God; Their God
Supreme delusion

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Haiku 43

	life of the body
	touched by fire, your silk skin
	radiant sunsets
	life of the mind
	theory-colored universe
	time, warping
	life of the spirit
	shimmering, shining belief
	bluest of skies

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 The God of glory
 never run short of mercy
 flowing  in my life

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Catholic or Roman Catholics

Believing in Jesus Christ or Father Christ
Is being and with Catholics or Roman Catholics
Church He established or started


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The Catholic Church added the 7 books of the "apocrypha" 
     To the Bible after the Protestant Reformation.  
      Luther took them out during the Protestant Reformation

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In a whirlwind

Elijah was caught up to heaven in a whirlwind. 
     Just prior to that
      Elisha asked for and received a double portion of his spirit

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Death of a Child

King David was completely forgiven for his sin by God
     But still had to endure the death 
     of his child as punishment.

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Knowing soft grey moss
cloisters on north tree trunk
happens always so.

Diana Burkholder Aug. 12, 2014

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Biblical type of Mother Mary

Judith chopped off the head of General Holofernes, saving Israel
     She is a biblical type of Mother Mary
     Who crushes the head of the serpent, saving the Church.

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3 Righteous People

3 Righteous people
     Mentioned in the Book of St. Luke
     Elizabeth, Zechariah, and Simeon .

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                                                       feel whole universe
                                                  within self humanly chest 
                                                    third eye sees the soul

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10 Haiku and Senryu Poems Vol 3

The Holy Spirit 
Shows forgiveness to us now.
Communion with God.

Fear in our bodies.
Fear in our minds and our hearts.
Jesus breaks through it.

Proclaim God's mercy.
He breathes the Holy Spirit.
Receive the spirit.

As the risen Lord,
He brings us peace as first fruits.
Suddenly He's here.

A mad buffalo,
I see it in the pages
Peppered with arrows.

A buffalo hunt.
A rain dance does start the clouds.
It bleeds and it pours.

A playwright does write.
Lightning destroys the music.
New songs are written.

Thunder does collide.
It starts to rain down chaos.
Lightning does now strike.

Rays of evil seen.
Darkness points to me and blooms.
I repent and win.

He escapes me now.
Lucifer hides and does run.
God will slay our foe. 

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Father Christ

Jesus Christ is a priest
	Catholic or Roman Catholic’s priest
	We call Catholic priest, FATHER…


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God's Harvest

Jesus is the vine, 
We are pruned by God to grow, 
The branches bear fruit.

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Deep Understanding

Learn to Listen
	We must have Wisdom or Understanding
	Must have Patience and Tolerance


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Spirit of Earth

Peaceful, yes, no
Always changing yes you are
Spirit of Earth

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                                          ULTIMMOST Sun's rays                  
                                         controls all solar systems                 
                                          shows finest WISDOM                   
                                      hidden strength shows light                   
                                    SOUL ties fleshed bodies alive    
                                            power never dies              

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Take it easy you’re more successful
	When you’re calm


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Father Christ Death

Jesus or Father Christ death is not the end
	But the beginning
	To take over people on earth


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Saint Paul

Saul named Paul
     Saw Jesus or Father Christ
     To Damascus

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Left foot brace

Left foot brace
Attached every minute to walk
Until I can Dance and jump


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Accept peoples 
	When you need help


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insight revealed into my own cosmic soul - a cup of strong brew

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Baring of your soul
Dancing naked for the world
Deep tension is eased

Just a note of thanks to all who are encouraging my work and reading my poetry.
I so appreciate all of you.  Poetry Soup has become a bright spot in my life. :)  

May a butterfly land on your shoulder (a poem that has yet to be created)

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Always be honest to your doctor
	They are your mortal angels
	In various kinds


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Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism
	Is striving
	To Become-The-Best-Version-Of-Yourself


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Haiku Jungle

                             Haiku Jungle

Snakes birds tangle wild

Under, brooks babble downward

Vegetation spring

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(Dedication: For Peter Duggan)

Listen well
Silence speaks
Calmly in stillness

Deep within
Silence reigns

If you but see
Clear and calm
Silence speaks wisely

Ask a question
Then wait and listen
Silence answers

To know the way
Heed the silence
Experience stillness

Here and now
Nowhere becomes
Now here

Empty yourself
Enter silence deep
Fullness in stillness

Eloquence speaks
In simple silence
All abides here

Leon Enriquez
22 Feb 2014

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True self

I am not this body
Look, I am you

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precepts principals
credos stunned in disbelief
melted lunacy

John G. Lawless

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The Source

Fragrances of flowers glow
Glory of plant nurtured

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softly a cool breeze sighs
shining angel wings flutter
mighty waves calmly sound 

Robert J. Lindley , 06-17-2014

A bonus, 

      The Dance         
Dance, dark shadows
my sadness wrecks the skies
dawn breaks every day 

Robert J. Lindley, 06-17-2014

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Taking Time

Take all the time
	Of doing what you need
	Leave it close to being perfect


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Follow Me

If you leave what it is 
	And follow Me
	I promise, you get 100x in return


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Cosmic unity

Oh blazing sun, dare the emerging cloud
Gone soon, will thee be

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more tears

last ray fills the heart 
shine in a thousand more tears 
I will fear no more

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Papa Adam

New Papa Adam
     Saint Paul describes Jesus or Father Christ
     As the new Papa Adam 

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Anyone who rejects you, rejects Me
	Anyone rejects Me
	Rejects the one who sent Me


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Traditions Saint Paul taught

The Bible condemns all tradition
     St. Paul says to hold fast to the traditions he taught 
     Either orally or in writing 

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Upward Reach

Buddha consciousness;
meditation under trees
enlightens the soul.

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spiritual war

enemy shot down
word lives to all who believe
footstool to our feet

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body becomes All;
your form becomes One
with Consciousness

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so i look to you 
you are the that air i breath
eternity free

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Multispecies Pride

A strutting peacock
Father watching her first steps
Universal pride

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                                                  in own doom
                                             who is of own whom
                                                  God's at end

                                                dress is changed
                                             soul's unmasked Sheol
                                                   after death

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Criticism enhances capacity

Regardless of source
It's a call to raise higher,
On the mountains peak

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                                            the whole universe
                                       not understood belief like 
                                           even though reading 

                                          God is more than that
                                          belief is best certainly 
                                             feel omnipresence