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Music Haiku Poems | Haiku Poems About Music

These Music Haiku poems are examples of Haiku poems about Music. These are the best examples of Music Haiku poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Shell

sea's sound in the breeze captured in a pretty shell. . . . nature's gift to me lying on my bed holding music to my ear. . . . I drift out to sea
For Brian Strand's VERSE any theme/form max of 8 lines Poetry Contest

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Oceans Symphony

Bloom of jellyfish Beethoven's Ninth, Ode to Joy Muted Symphony

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Cricket Serenade

Windowsill love song,
The mariachi crickets:
Serenade the night.

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Water Dance

Dance with me darling
like the periodic waves
and end with passion.

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Picking Up Seashells

Seashell Symphony,
On ear, rhapsody playing.
Ocean Conducting!

Dedicated to're a very good teacher...tell me what you think?

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Istanbul In My Dreams

Your expectations are carved into my eyes...
Their shapes melt in my dreams
The face seen in your postcards
Is not that of your soul Istanbul...
Living apart does not change your seas
Your waiting landscapes offer themselves
Thoughts do not remain still
Istanbul rests its weight upon my loneliness...
White fish swim in your living past
Seagulls float in your memories
Obliterated friendships stay awake till dawn
Anatolia rises from your horizons Istanbul...

by Uzeyir Lokman CAYCI
Traduit par Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse
by F.J. Bergmann., 2002

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Low Musical Hush

wind dances with great pines

long needles brush together

low musical hush.



(January 28, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin)


(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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Countryside Waltz

As the wind songs play,
Ivory clouds take the lead:
Dancing with the hills.

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Liquid Choir

A babbling brook rolls,
Trickling melodies descend:
Streaming lullabies.

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Green katydid plays
cool songs by rubbing its wings
"insectious" tunes!

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Rock Walls Jagged Edges

Rock walls jagged edges
Beauty protection question
Where do all roads lead

Imagine Lennon
Performing on Mosaic
Central park design

Poet's deep deep thoughts
Dreamer living for moment

Contest:"Your Thoughts" contest
Sponsor:Michael J. Falotico
Written by:Sara Kendrick

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   “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “ “

       music grooves wild spell
hip hop rock thumping acid heat---
                    wind’s fingers click sleek


       rhapsody in jazz
jiggling scents of post-war blues---
                    wildflowers dizzy

       while hand-carved flutes stroll
notes from a classic forest--- 
                    upturned grass listens
      oh ballads moan soft
lyrics aching for lost love--- 
                    navel  of snake writhes

                                 *  *	
       of best, church choirs pray
chanting angelic blessings---
                    white dove’s breath is touched!       


all rights reserved

FROM: nette onclaud                

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Rappers represent
Modern day correspondents
In the hip-hop age

Producers present
Orchestrated sound agents
Musical front page

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Discolored meadow
overtaken by swollen clouds,
comfort the wild tree...

Are there blue mountains
beyond the unfrequented prairie?
Find the horizon...

No cowboys on horses; 
no coffee brewing on logs,
while they are singing...

Late Fall scenery,
not yet conquered by deep snow,
make this day dazzle...

Hungry spiders crawl
with a despised, changeless pace;
the coyotes howl... 

Frightened by those sounds,
I feed more logs to the fire,
to shun strange vibes...

Seeing that sun blaze 
over the landscape's stillness,
I begin to dream...

 (c ) Copyright  2014 by Andrew Crisci

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chants of carols porch whistling 
fairy nights gleaming

(for Deborah's holiday haiku)

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Piano notes


                                         Night deepens
                                         with the piano notes.

                                         Candle melts yellow...


                           For  Destroyer ~ Poet's "Favorite or Best Haiku" Contest                                    

                            Written by gautami phookan

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I Give Music Voice

I give music voice
I have played it with purpose
And it speaks for me

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Rainbow Bright Rainbow Light

Red, yellow blue, green,
colorful musical scene.
Rainbow through sunbeam.

Red, yellow, blue, white,
rainbow arched in beauty bright.
Harmony just right.

Blended colors flow.
Rainbow harmonies echo.
God's beauties bestow.

For Carol Brown's "Rainbow" contest.

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Trumpet of God

There stands a great prince
with a sound both bright and dark
with high clarity

Majestic music
warm and rich that pleases God
a sound all will hear

Roar of great power
the volume and resonance
from thousands of miles

For we shall be changed
a scream heard by all sea shores
the dead shall arise

Wise shall hear the sound
many shall shine bright as stars
some will cry out loud

The transformation
sounds of perfect harmony
the trumpet of God

Edward J Ebbs - 10/29/11

Written for Contest - >>>Sound Madness<<<

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Heavy Metal Life

My head banging days
Quiet Riot's biggest fan
heavy metal lives

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And Music Plays On

Rhythm of the drum
Swinging of the piano
And music plays on

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Mystery Forest

Whispers though the trees,
Woodland hymns are hummed aloud:
Secrets of the trees.

For Raul's Solace of Nature Contest

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Wise owl at his post
"hoo, ha, hoo...hoo, hoo, hoo, hooooo"
thus he gives a hoot!

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A New Year

Ring in the New Year,
with a joyful song of love.
Pray for the New Year,
to the awesome God above.

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Oh Music Sweet

Verdant  Operas 
Cacophonic symphonies 
 Cicada  Harvest