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Haiku Confusion Poems | Haiku Poems About Confusion

These Haiku Confusion poems are examples of Haiku poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Haiku Confusion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Out to sea 5-7-5 Haiku

The ship drifts to sea 
Behind left is a life loved 
Though it just can't be

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haiku 22 haiku 23 about a rose petal

a pressed petal between stained pages his scent still lingers - - - a pressed petal between stained pages his fading scent

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One wake-up away
From the best day of your life.
Life’s just a crapshoot. 

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Lightning and Thunder

Lightning and thunder,
Vortex swirls above my head.
I cannot hear you.

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Sleeping in sorrow
If I don't wake tomorrow
Then all will be well.

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A Gaga Gadfly

a gaga gadfly 
on a water buffalo
touch me not, i rule

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Haiku 24

	It happened like this.
	I think it happened like this.
	But probably not...

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Of a Lonesome Heart

          Where love- is obscure,
My heart- floats- amidst the fog,
                    Waiting- patiently.

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Hiccups of laughter
Bubbles up inside to be
Layered on by tears.

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  Screams above the din

A moment of grief and loss

    A loved one passes

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The word of the day

The word of today is "anything"

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Power devours
Baits with stealth
Ensnares prey

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Broken - Haiku

Soft crunch, falling back
Watching the heat in shock waves
Pins hold me together.

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nature's wrath in the wind forgiveness

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The Less I Have

the less i have of
the additional use of
the more it breaks down

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Storm Clouds

Storm clouds in the sky.
Will I live or will I die?
My fate’s in God’s hands.

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like a morning dew
like a rainbow in the sky
like passionate love

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Haikus About God: III

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

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sealed so deep inside
buried in an wretched soul 
huge fields of friction

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen

Contest Judged: 11/23/2012 12:00:00 AM	
Sponsored by: Charles Henderson

Place	 Poem	 Poet

1	 Depression Ellie Daphne van Stralen

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Lookin' after pests
Keepin' a CLOSE eye on 'em
"Those wild animals!"

Roamin' around zoo
Searchin' for sneaky monkey
Hidin' in a tree

Zookeeper gets mad
"Where's Marty, the smartypants!?"
"He TOOK my cage keys!"

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A Confused Haiku

A confused haiku
seeking help---
identity crisis


By:kash poet

Contest:Haiku from the heart


**I think this is a CONTEMPORARY HAIKU.

(1)I have capitalised the title
(2)I have personified a haiku .
what else is needed?if any one knows,pl.suggest.

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flies trapped
inside rice jar
I ask him to leave

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Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

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Say Again

Rare thought relations 
To normal conversations 
Must of heard you wrong

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Ice Meth

ironically the fad
will kill
what you long for

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The value of time

over 50's;  when a bed stops you to support sleep longer.
when your body stops you to eat stronger,
when medications stop you to drink alcohol,
when Dr. advises you to stop smoking if you live longer,
you know the time when value becomes a tease monger.

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Haitian Horror

Port-au-Prince fell hard
and the people cried out loud
but no one listened.

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Izzy Gumbo

Where's Izzy Gumbo?
   Great poet here on the Soup-
      Last post was 2010.

If anyone knows please let me know
A. Green


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He stubbed his big toe.
He screamed and then cried out loud.
He is a weenie.

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Protesting Geishas

Geishas on the march.
Protesting we know not what.
They really look pissed.

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Blood Moon Arising

Blood Moon arising!
Could it be a disguising
of the end of time?

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Don’t goose a mad man.
He will knock you on your butt.
Wham! Bam! ER Room!

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Rest in Peace, Dear Friend

Flowers wilt
Dead carcasses are buried
Loved ones mourn

Rest in peace,
Your life on earth is no more…
Farewell, friend

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comets strike terror bombing nations rapid fire... a slaughterhouse roasts spiked towers pierce flesh… drenched with blood of raw corpses like clotheslines on trees from skies tainted black grounds crumble into thin rust… world in drained sandbag then, God says enough angels swoop to tend remains… guarding earth anew .......... . .. Gail Doyle's Contest End of the World Armageddon

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What Does The Dud Say

What does the dud say?
“I do not understand it,
I took ed meds.”

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The Last Seven Plagues

those who bore 'the mark'
screamed from painful ugly sores
First of the Last Plagues

the sea turned to blood
and everything in it died
Second of Last Plagues

the rivers and springs
became blood--no more water
Third of the Last Plagues

the sun had power
burning people with fire
Fourth of the Last Plagues

kingdom of 'the beast'
was plunged into vast darkness
Fifth of the Last Plagues

       STILL--people cursed God
       and they refused to--REPENT
       global armies formed

the great Euphrates'
water dried up--transit road
Sixth of the Last Plagues

       world economic
       devastation, suicides
       lootings and killings

       stench of dead bodies
       cities on fire--engulfed
       chaos, fear, riots

the sun became darkened
the moon gave no light--all dark
stars fell from the sky

huge exploding holes
in the darkness as they fell
hundreds all at once

       army of 'the beast'
       horizon to horizon
       Plain of Megiddo

clouds blanket the sky
painful peals of thunder roll
gold weaves through the clouds

hundred pound hailstones
fell on unrepentant man
cars, homes, land destroyed

most severe earthquake
islands diappeared--Earth FLAT
splits Jerusalem

then voice from Heaven
"It is done"--is heard by all
Last of the Last Plagues

       wait at Magiddo
       the Son of Man--Returns
       on white horse, in clouds

       blood runs two hundred
       feet wide/long and five feet deep
       bodies explode at

       the sound of The Word
       spoken from the King of Kings
       one-sided battle

anti-christ and false
prophet thrown in lake of fire
beast chained--thrown in pit...

thousand years in pit
(Jesus rules Kingdom on Earth)
then, loosed for a time

there is still HOPE
Know Jesus loves you and died
for your sins--REPENT...

Gail's "End of the World Armageddon" contest

wait at Megiddo

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Is tolerance good or bad

Permissiveness grows.
What was evil's in fashion.
Tolerance then's bad?

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Their silence kills me
They stare,i scare,my soul frets

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earthly grandeur calls
seventy virgins await
sanity,hence flees

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Nature’s wrath supreme
Tearing down humanity
Human grace denied

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dreary the night dawns
spirits roam desolate streets
abandon souls cry

night black and looming
a distant scream captivates
escape now vanished

the chill of autumn
visible breath shriek madness
shadows lurk the night

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All About the Music: The Infinite Magic of Lyricism

Pop may be catchy
But not lyrically deep
Case in point: Chris Brown.

(N.B. Poem written after hearing "Don't Wake Me Up")

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Life Of Death

Death is now Alive
Kid Conceived Deceased
A rebel of life

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No Government Shutdown

millions arrived on
capitol hill protesting
goverment shutdown

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Note to Self

Stop writing haikus
They don’t even make sense now
Something something cake

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A Christmas wish list
A quick glimpse into my life
Not much going on

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Haikus About God: I

Overture of lies:
Don’t take it literally

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Natural Hair Color

cold cold breeze
leaves partially cover her
chopped off braid

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A Prayer Interupted

I pray for you cause
I sense selfish confusion 
praying for myself

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More Randomness

Must finish homework
Bio, hard Math, and German 
Ooh! Look! Butterfly...

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Statue of David

Hard flaccid member
Statue stands erect

By Richard Lamoureux
David for David's contest

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45th- BLANK

there are 2 blank cards
in the angel card deck so
today I'm "depressed"

for this to be the 
best country in the whole world
today it looks sad

just happy that I 
was a member of the age
of Aquarius

our best hour was 
revolution of 60's
created big change

now elephants rule
just capitalistic pigs
love hear themselves squeal

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should I eat or kiss

vanilla flavoured
icecream in between your lips.....
should I eat or kiss


Placement:7th;(October 2011)

Contest:Neapolitan Icecream (haiku)

Sponsor:Irma Linda.

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Orange peel

         phone rings while she is 
     holding orange peel, somehow
              is predicting him

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an act of choosing

an act of choosing
a choice you and I sadness with smiles tell lies probabilities in life ups and downs smile sneers eyes leers ogled glance probable options measure for measure the pits depth zenith crest base an act of choosing ____________________| PENNED ON JULY 18, 2014! for haiku on probabilities contest!

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Chimerical Man

Winged serpent of the heavens

Soulful earthly beast

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Why Are You Being This Way

Why are you being like this?
Oh how I just wished we could be friends,
But it ain't gonna happen,
Because you hate me for no reason.
Just because I'm not popular, because
I am less than you.
I just wished you knew,
Knew how I felt about,
How I used to like you,
All the things I did,
I was scared to talk to you,
Then when I found enough courage,
To talk, you block me out of your life,
As if I never exsisted.
Maybe I never exsisted around you,
But how can you be so oblivious,
And miss that I needed you?
Why oh why can't you see this pain?
Do you care?
Do you wish you could know me better?
Do you ever think of me at least once?
Do you care wheather I live or die?
Of course you don't because,
I am just dead to you,
I am just a pity ghost to you,
A horrible nightmare that won't go away.
I slowly die inside,
From all the times I've cried.
(I've cried for you.)
You look at me,
With your beautiful brown eyes,
You look right through me,
Like I was never alive.
I am invisible,
I always will be to you.
For some reason I knew,
I would always be like this
To you.
I wish you were missin' me 
Like I was missin' you,
But no matter what I do,
I am always dead to you.
Someday I hope we can be friends.
<3 I Miss You <3
Dedicated To: Fikret Saric

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Venting, hurting, pain
Angry retaliation
Masking the torment

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Confusion Beyond The Door

"I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination."

I turn to the door.
Do I leave reality?
Tell me, who am I?

If I go back will I ever be able to return to this place I now call "MyLand?"
I've stalled for too long but it doesn't feel right.
I'm leaving my friends behind, but...they never cared about me!
All they did was use me!
And what happened when I wasn't good enough anymore?- they abandoned me, left me out in the blazing heat to die.
Good-bye reality, it's my imagination's turn now.

Just one little step.
What's this beating in my chest?
I won't regret it!
One step is all it will take.
Please God, make the door vanish!


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in a bottle

     darken red wine drink
an epistle - enclosed
     for there’s not reason
PENNED ON JULY 24, 2014!

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trash dump filled
little green sprouts from moisture
dies from fumes

trash emptied
fresh grass sprouts beautifully
something seen

a small can
glistening atop the grass
never dies 


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Short Stuff

You can short yourself
You can keep shorting yourself!
You can make it short...

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The Wind and the Tree

stuck in time
the tip of the tree sways free


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away my boy joy

looks like refinement
from outside boiling pot in
cool calm big fat lie

her tears tear me up
along with the depression
pukes on everyone

away my boy joy
morphed from this to that kid to man
overnight success

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Equinox Tomorrow

snow falls tomorrow
spring equinox

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DEATH WISH HAIKU A Musical History of Cigarettes

 DEATH WISH HAIKU (AS Musical History of Cigarettes)
Snooky Lanson sang it clear
smoke in every ear.

From your Hit Parade,
Frank Sinatra blew the words one time
Didn't Fence Him In.

Dorothy Collin's voice
America there's only one to smoke
Lucky Strike's the one.

Drifting up her nose
pulling smoke into her lung
biting on her tongue

what is she doing?
coffins closing in with nails
death as slow as snails.

Do you want a Lucky?
More satisfaction pleasure
undertakers measure.

Camel smoke was nil
More Doctors smoked  Lucky Strikes
Than Mike Hammer smoked.

Nicotine all day
tie hers up in Christmas bows
blow it out her nose.

Free on Navy ships
Sailors never saw the light
Though the match was free.

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A Doubt

What time is it now?
There’s no importance in sand
Please keep that in mind

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The Hall

Fruit-colored cubes
Vertex-based orbital spin
March to the kitchen

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Quandary - A Husband's Haiku

The dishes are done,
Kids are asleep and dreaming.
Want to watch T.V.?

Privacy at last.
The kids will not disturb us.
Want to hug and smooch?

The dishes are done.
No one will disturb us, but
She's got a headache.

Whatever I did,
It must have been bad, because
She keeps saying, "No."

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they sentenced me to 
pay off your credit cards and
back tax ring that bell

they sentenced me to 
be subjected to grumpy
not so special day

they sentenced me to
wish I didn't waste my time
trying to be sweet

they sentenced me to
wonder about your motives
it feels so phony

they sentenced me to 
first take back my heart and then 
protect it from you

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I noticed that everyone likes my random poems more then my serious ones so here's another one!

poka-dots and stripes
black blue red purple and green
these are my favorites

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War is Noise

folded wings
doves sense chaos from afar
war is noise


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low notes

when low notes resting
under score responses flat
arpeggio streams 

bass fiddles around
stanzas lost in the hum strum
tune up buddy or

fade to silenced
rhythms of verse play softly
with strings of attach

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Court Cases

Many misjudged court cases...
Who wins the battle?
Man, or the country?

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Destroys the Darkness, Shining brightly like the Sun. Burning, destruction.

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Inversed Conviction

Blinded conviction,

Inceptions with deceptions,

Inversed repentance.

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facing depression
enduring the agony
constant state of angst

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blanket of art

lost my mind somewhere

picked up the blanket of art

now i"m always warm

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Are You Sure It's Spring

tiny flakes
drift like flower petals
east wind blowing spring snow

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Misty Mystery



                                           Shadows taint the Moon
                                   Thick fog block the twinkling stars
                                          Darkness dress the sky.

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Armin Babic

I cannot believe that I used to have a crush on you,
You are cold, heartless, and MEAN!
I never talked about you, never did anything to you,
I never deserved that, you had no need to be so mean.
You stooped so low, never had I seen someone do that,
People told me you were like this, I just didn't believe them.
I didn't believe her when she said you were a womanizer,
Didn't believe you were a Cowboy Casanova, well you showed me,
And never will I do that again, you made me believe,
Believe her, snf you made me believe you liked me, you led me,
Led me on, and then you were like, "I don't like you."
Well guess what I didn't care then, and I sure don't care now,
Cause I loved my hubby all along,
Love him more than anyone and anything, I love him and only him!
I cannot believe I used to have a crush on someone like you,
I swear you are the spawn of Satan himself,
And I feel sorry for girls who date you or fall in love with you,
I do, because all you do is play them like a game.
I don't hate you, but I don't like you like that anymore.
You led me to believe you liked me, and then you said it was all a joke,
Yeah well you were a joke.
You were a pill, I was willing to take,
I am glad I didn't take you,
You are an unmistakeable , unidentified drug.
I am a good-bad girl, I can tell a bad boy,
But even I didn't see this, didn't see that you like this,
The boy with beautiful brown eyes,
Are now dull, no longer do they shine,
That brown hair, that I loved, is now just a memory,
The boy born on February 18th,
The one that I thought was perfect,
God what the hell was I thinking??
Don't ask if I'm alright,
I don't have the answer,
But if you ask me if I want to hurt you badly, I will say,
Say yes without hesitation.
You have no idea how bad I want to hurt you,
But then again I don't.
Half of me hates you,
The other half can't bear to see you,
The game you played on me,
It was cleaver, but it was also cruel and hurtful!
I want to hurt you like you hurt me, but I could never that mean.
I could be as mean as you,
The person who doesn't know how much what he does hurts people,
I bet you don't care either,
Because that's just the kind of person you are.
They tried to warn me, those two girls, M&H,
But I didn't listen to them.
I didn't listen to them, because I am not the kind of person,
The kind of person, to believe what other people say, without,
Without knowing about you, getting to know what you're like, 
Until you do that to me.
Until I learn on my own, that's the kinda person I am,
I take the time to figure people out, instead of judging them,
Judging them by how they look like, and what people say,
That's the kinda person I am, I am a strong Redneck Woman.
And I will never change who I am, change myself for anyone,
I will not change for anyone.
If you don't like me for myself, then you don't deserve my time, or my words, 
Or my anything.
This is officially the end of me and my poem, 


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View from my Porch

Weeping willow 'lone
Hummingbirds refuse to land
On its longing dew

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I'd maybe believe in it,
If not for free choice.

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A man kicked my dog
A neighbor without a heart
God's law is his judge.

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The Young and Free

tad poles squirm little hands slip through the slime Trapped When Old -December 15, 2012-

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Friends,i presumed us
My adversary,you viewed ye
Hence,foes we become

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In a room full of adults,
I see only children at play
Who will guide the future...
When tomorrow is birth?

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Clock Poetry

Time ticks and could trick
Could go places unnoticed 
It can kick and trip

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A Thriving Heart

The harrowing woe
Reigns upon me—
Why must it be so? 

And my trembling heart
Burns intensely—
How does it still grow?  

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Pointless Laughter

this is pointless laughter. Ha

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I don't understand why,
Why my best friend, doesn't wanna be friends anymore.
Caleb I know I may have hurt you,
I know I may have made you laugh, I did, and I made you smile,
I love talking to you, but for some reason you don't wanna talk to me,
I am wondering why.
Caleb, I miss you like hell, and I am going through hell not being able to,
To talk to you, to hear your voice, all I have are pictures, and a picture,
A picture in a frame. 
CAZ it is killing me inside being away from my best friend,
My one and only true best friend,
The only friend that has been by my side, through thick and thin,
Has been there for me when my great-grandpa died, when me and Josh broke up,
When my life didn't mean anything, the one who saved me from killing myself,
The one who talked to me everyday just to make me smile, and have a good day.
Now you are killing me by not talking to me!! Did you forget about me??
Did you forget I was there for you too?? That we were here for each other, 
That we made the promise to always be here for each other??
I miss you a lot, and I just want you to come back home Caleb Allen Zummak.

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Gun not the Solution

a gun to the head
will end all your miseries
loved ones in darkness

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                                                 hot night's sounds of fan
                                                out side all around raining
                                                      roaring confusion

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understanding #33

some days I just don't
a bit overwhelmed with work
and home but not cash

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For Him

Confusion, delusion, rejection,
Seeking gladness, finding sadness.

Cold house, cold heart,
Feelings of drifting apart.

Always trying hard to please,
Never getting any reprise.

Is it worth it, I ask myself,
Failing in the pursuit of wealth.

Sick of life, sick of living,
Tired of trying, tired of giving.

Thoughts of love fading fast,
Thoughts of hope long since passed.

Why do I fight this losing battle,
Being ignored starting to rattle.

People say hi, then move away,
Never waiting to hear what you say.

Why do I continue with this strife,
What's the point of living this life.

Each day passes in the same mode,
Making my life such a lonely road.

Not talking, just walking,
Like i'm doing the right thing.

Not hoping now of a future bright,
Living life in this fading light.

God knows my heart  better than man
He knows i'm doing the best that I can.

I suppose now that my life grows dim,
I'm trying best and it's just for Him.

I am a very happy guy who talks to folk who aren't

© Dave Timperley 2013

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O' Forgotten One (#2)

O' forgotten one
Does peace ever come to thee?
Ever so lonely

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Morningstar Visions (Part 8)

Folded waterfalls
Blue-vertexed sound waves flow
Dead spheres glowing roads

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One Error, Two Disabled

A soldier's mistake
crippled, one body, one soul
forever, scarred so 

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I'm the only one

That counts my fingers on these?

Well that seems quite strange

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In plain sight
Obscure reporting
Accuse the truth

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Extreme moodiness
Rollar coaster ride in hell
Devastates your life

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The World is at...

Dog barks. Cat screeching,
Horns honking, bus brakes squealing. 
The world is at noise.

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Begging for silence from a busy world

The ring of the phone
Rip sound of an envelope 
Leave me in my world

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Stands Still

Time stands still for me
While the world goes rushing by
Nothing moves or stirs

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violent twister
ravages earth without qualms--
temperature zero

Hurricane Contest: Sandy Davis
From Johnnybo

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Love, miss you when gone
Together we're most apart
Heart's beat is silence

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Game of Tag

march 6
spring and winter playing tag
snow then sun

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Human Trafficking

Hear them cry for help,
Traded to an unknown world
Faces filled with fear.

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What Would You Do

What would you do if you knew this was my last day to live??
Would you try and save or let me go?
Would you even care for my soul?
What would you do if I was a fallen angel?
Would you still recognize me?
Would you talk to me or ignore me?
What would you do if I died?
Would you have a funeral for me, so all my friends & family could come?
Would you cry or even mourn a 'lil bit?
Would you care that I was gone, or would be happy?
What would you do if I was a ghost?
Would you feel me right beside you, guarding you, Watching over you, protecting you?
Would you see me?
Tell me would you walk all over me, or maybe even walk through me, as if I weren't there?
What would you do if I was a demon?
Would you still love me then?
Would you still care and forgive me?
Would you just say "You are stupid, and I hate you?"
What would you do if I were and angel?
Would you love me more, or would you love me less?
Would you feel me touch you, and comfort you when you need someone and you think noone is there for you, well that's a lie, cause I am right here beside you to catch you if you fall, to dry your tears, and to heal your wounds of any kind.
What would you do if I was still alive?
Would you continue to hate me, and call me sadistic names?
Would this world still be cruel?
Would there still be a rule?
What would you do?
Briana Lynn Palmer
age: 14

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Frog 1 And 2 - Haiku

     Frog 1 And 2 – Haiku

          Frog 1

lights, stage, action, shoot
frog sings opera, hat, cane 
Saturday cartoons

          Frog 2

riveting story
jumping to conclusions, sad
frog misses pad, croaks

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Forgotten but here
Remembered yet never there
Why do you exist?

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I am both

I have my leaders
I have my followers
I am both

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Dark Rain

Disturbing droplets
Spiral out of my control…
Devilish desires

Written for

Sponsor S K A T * 
Contest Name Dark Rain (haiku) 

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Hazed KU'S

                    --Mid*Night Purple Hazed,
                       Confusion Clouds Spin,
                            Mind In A Daze--

                  --Hands Cramp, Flow, Style 
                Bagged, Through Roughened Air,
                        Quarrels Ruby Red--

                    --Mouth Quit, No Words,
                         Come Out To Play,
                  Destined To Make My Fame--

Details | Haiku | |

Insane Seer

insidiously tangled
in hope of
a divine touch
only mad

(vertical haiku)

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What you see beyond
Is a reflection of your
reflection again and again...

Details | Haiku | |

Deflated Raft 1 and 2

Deflated Raft 1 and 2 – Haiku

     Deflated Raft 1

air depleted, sigh
rubber flat, spinning chaos 
raft takes on water

     Deflated Raft 2

floats on cold water  
flat, under maelstroms great weight 
watch the raft turn, sink

Details | Haiku | |

Course of Nature

Introduction: Nature works in a mystical way…

In dark sparkles blink
In patterns scattered through the sky
Gone with a stormy wink

Details | Haiku | |

one ponders

pondering --
why this smaller bottle
has the larger cap

Details | Haiku | |


Working very hard
for a piece of green paper
worth really nothing.

Details | Haiku | |


I heard the unborn child stretching out
In the deep street-shades of Paris
Calling a single mother.

Details | Haiku | |

life, twisted life


Doubt not life
Babies are born and  grow
Existence continues, be your self!

Twisted life:

Universal love, 
I have grown  and accepted
Existence ends with me and you

Thoubert Larus :dedicating  against discrimination. UN acceptance of equal rights 
and non discrimination for sexual orientation.


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Details | Haiku | |


guy next door waits till
midnight; come in Balcony
distance in Light Hours

Details | Haiku | |

Dis connected

Silence overwhelms
In open rooms; lonesome words
Cry for a response.

Details | Haiku | |

Rubik Cube Rube

Two layers in hand,
Misplaced colors offer no plan,
No exit, imagine!

Details | Haiku | |

Day - Night

haiku series

waking up is hard
the dawn of a strange, new day
six o'clock PM

beef curry with rice
hubby cooks supper tonight
breakfast, my fuel

starting out the door
the sky greets me with sunrise
first day on night shift

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Lucca's Haiku

You will not trick me.
I will remember your hate
When my heart wants you.

Details | Haiku | |

Broken Woman

Screaming so silently
the broken woman
sees that which is not there

Details | Haiku | |

The art of non-saying

The words get trapped here
In the tendrils of vapour
from my cup of tea

Details | Haiku | |

Tyrants and Titans

Impossibly still
The very worst of our kind
Often lead us all.

Details | Haiku | |


While doing sit-ups,
My big, arrogant brother stomps on my feet
“That burns my feet, bro!!”

While in recital, My oldest brother motions to stop clapping …My hands are red, bro…

Details | Haiku | |

in an instance

in an instance, waves
from the tsumani washed their 
lives into pieces

Details | Haiku | |


        poem why are we alone
           no one to converse 
   its you and me inside this room-

        yet write on a blank paper
          we sealed and folded
     slip secretly on someone's door.

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NEWSFLASH: toddler's tragic cry

a toddler crawls in
bank vault-- timed to close—door shuts--
darkness—tragic cry

mom calls nine one one
drill for four hours--door opens
mom hugs child tightly

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Unsettled Souls

With no direction,
Journey's end with little strength
If doubt comes

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Details | Haiku | |

Moving matters

two times five fingers
touching the outside deeply
underneath a storm

motion diving deep
everything pounding so hard
all shaken and stirred

down to the bones wrenched
what it's all about reset
wishing back the best

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen

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Details | Haiku | |


swollen waif implores
disappointment stands firm
strangers welcome babe

Details | Haiku | |

Reflection on Me

 My heart sinks when someone insults me.
It seems nice when someone flirts me
But sometimes when dirty hands touched me, 
Not my body also my soul shacked me.
Thousands live quietly why it reactioned me.  

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Prison walls
or repelling
end life

Details | Haiku | |

Opening Mouths

Compassion is lost
Understanding is the key
Love is the answer

Unlocking the pain
Making waves in the ocean
The under tow pulls

A downward thrust calls
Swim hard up to the blue sky
Breathe in and breathe out

Open mouths suck air
To calm the tired spirits
Exhaling their pain outward

Deeply remember
Listen to the suffering
Take it not on board

Compassion is lost
Understanding is the key
Love is the answer

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Which Way Do I Go?

Slow-moving tortoise
Confused by its own shadow
On a rocky beach

Details | Haiku | |

Night and light

The end, another
Death visits in the ink night
How much dark? ere light

Details | Haiku | |

Comes Armageddon

the sky emits fire
rolling down like metal ball
fresh pandemonium

ground quakes,sea rises
as floods sweep off homes and goods
earth destruction looms

sudden occurrence
as we dine in oblivion
comes Armageddon.

CONTEST:End of the world  'Armageddon'  sponsored by Gail Doyle .

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Past, Present, Future

Fighting all the time
See no smiles in your house
Sometimes just silence

Learning to lie low
Leaving all love behind you
Kid in a divorce

Things will get better
I hope...

Details | Haiku | |

What Would Jesus Do

Who are you to ask
As in His Glory you bask
Faith your only task

Details | Haiku | |


I can’t keep in mind,
things immediately past.
Vapors, in a flash.

But I can narrate,
who, where, when and what I did
forty years ago!

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Mixed feel of feelings

Mixed feel of feelings 
Dreadful at times, but not all
Some can be joyous

Details | Haiku | |

loose radiation

my skin is crawling
over radiation--will
it hit my sky soon?

Details | Haiku | |

poem #1

He wears a smile,
sometimes his hand touches mine.
How does he see me?

Details | Haiku | |


Church confounds my mind!
Creeds,dogma,rigid doctrine.
I'll just walk these woods!

Details | Haiku | |

Crystalline Tears

Sky opens up now Wildly iridescent flow Crying rainbows fall

Details | Haiku | |


dare I close my eyes
where dancing fiends haunt my dreams~
red rimmed eyes falter

Details | Haiku | |

Anger Defused

A thought provoking
angry words are now exchanged
smiles come, peace remains

Details | Haiku | |

True Revenge

revenge aftermath 
your favorite ice cream with
brain freeze at the end

Details | Haiku | |


words cut through; stinging
no other sound but your voice

the snow came today

Details | Haiku | |

a wradled lession

A fight not spoken 
                               is a voice unwelcome
an inoccent tragdeity

Details | Haiku | |


  -Dharga Nagar Safa

The world is in tears,



Details | Haiku | |


 -Dharga Nagar Safa




Details | Haiku | |

Keeping awake

Not being smoker,
curse or virtue - to keep awake?
- searching haiku blogs

Details | Haiku | |

Blind Eyes

Silent screams, torment,
desperate cries for some help --
all met with silence

Details | Haiku | |


Nature’s creation
Form of unknown origin
Builds controversy

One powerful hand
Hullabaloo or greatness
Believe of your choice

written for

Sponsor john freeman

Contest Name Natural and Beyond!!

Details | Haiku | |

At Wick's End

Candles in rock pool...
Water like the deepest sea...
A stirring began.

Two hearts turn to flesh.
Angelic auras ignite

Silent, holding hands...
Yet full of words afterwards
Sent in love letters

With upside down stamps,
Scented poetry pages
Drip unfailing love.

Charismatic speech,
Uncommon romantic deeds 
And fantasies bloom.

Promises prematurely
Penned with shallow love

Melt souls like soft wax.
Formless objects of desire
At wick end's dead flames

Reveal the candles'
Mistaken identities-
"I thought I knew you's".

Reality lights
On the still, stagnant pool with
Ripples of "you said's".

Glowing nimbuses
Form the rolling thunderheads
And vapors of rain.

Soft shoulders turn cold.
Tongues set on fire with Hell's rage
Turn indifferent.

Two hearts become stone,
And the first visitation
Evokes hurt and hate.

Endangered peace talks
Precede a trail of tears to
Extinct promises

In boxed up letters
Rubber banded together
In a hidden place.

Details | Haiku | |

she talks to herself

she talks to herself 
while people watch and laugh –
mental illness

Ó December 4, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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What It All Boils Down To

Pot boiling over.
Steamy heat. Pulsing bubbles.
Boils down to nothing

Details | Haiku | |

God Sits and waits

Intensly looking
for true meaning in your life
as God sits and waits

Details | Haiku | |


poor firstborn races
poverty held safe in jars
I wallow in dimes

Details | Haiku | |


Though I have no Valentine,
I too rejoice:
The stealing hugs of a ghost.


Details | Haiku | |

Soar away

Shy cherry blossom Let the breeze take your dreams way Up to the Heavens.

Details | Haiku | |


chest of loneliness
panting against stained window
nailed with broken leaves

Creative Haiku

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From "Modern Love And Other Poems"

A butterfly touched me
	With its silken fingers
And told me to close my eyes,
	Because she would reveal me
A secret!.
	And once I closed my eyes
And opened my mouth to ask
	Who was she?
But she reached back at once
With her wet wings and left me there
Trembling as a fool!

Details | Haiku | |

Finding Something Burning

Someone lit a fire,
Knowing someone like me would
Find it, feel it… why?

Odd to see flames here,
Strange… it’s something wilder than
Matchsticks or candles.

Details | Haiku | |


I shout in deafness
Can't understand life and death
Why,what,and how come???

Details | Haiku | |

ButterFliez In M-My Shtomach

Stomach churning on
I’m going along with the ride
Butterflies flutter

Details | Haiku | |

Super Bowl Shivers

snow storms delayed flights
snow job: seating arrangements--
super bowl shivers

Details | Haiku | |

Warring Ever More

Warring ever more
Constant fights within/out us all
Never to be done

Details | Haiku | |


Chains clank
dragging past
into tomorrow
never free

Details | Haiku | |

Unwrapping Years

Sounds petrifying my ears
Unwrapping the years
That conceal remorse and tears

Details | Haiku | |

paper trail

paper trail 
leading to many
dead ends 

Details | Haiku | |

No Sleep Is Placed In Eyelids

I'm haunted with vision
I can't resume my mission
My eyelids split open

Sprawled in my puzzled head
Unable to push head down 
Sleep never exists here 

I'm missing my slumber 
The clock spins madly...spiraling
My wings are unfolding 

Blurred by the galling night 
Crying desperately for sleep 
My eyelids are cut off

Details | Haiku | |

Froggy Paddle?

Moss covers the rocks...
a frog seems to be drowning...
then the splashing stops

Details | Haiku | |

Sinners Paranoia

Dragon gnarling gaze
The fire mouthed beast gurgling
Deluges of flood

And creation cringe
Before the broiling fire, razed
All things with desire

Toppled thrones, doomed kings
Mangled and twisted in wrath
Shambles to the bone

Melting citadels
Smoke choked lungs screams sin's silence
We crumbled to ash

Details | Haiku | |


darkness fills the night
   Uninterrupted silence
moonlight pales, loss sight

{Des Juan Marquise}

Details | Haiku | |


My mind is empty.
Land of the lost souls and hearts.
Welcome To Heartbreak.

Details | Haiku | |


Unlocked reasoning	
When the answers aren't there
Closed minds are safer

Details | Haiku | |


Night, sleep elusive
Day, wakefulness far from me
A troubled heart cries

Details | Haiku | |

In Tchibo Germany

In Tchibo Germany,
enjoy a cup of coffee, 
idea from Schopenhauer to Nietzsche

Details | Haiku | |

Vain hope

Humans in peril
Of drowning clutch to a straw -
Reckless circumstance.

Details | Haiku | |


with 4 benedryl gulped down –
today, she will live

Details | Haiku | |


From a ceaseless world
The meaning unknown to all
Where to go from here?

Details | Haiku | |

Prayers for Her Worst Enemies

Her worst enemies
Heard that she prayed for them
They became angry

Details | Haiku | |

Repugnant Night

Distasteful in life,
I await my woes to leave.
I can face the world.

inspired by Automat scene.

Details | Haiku | |


Sorrows of the heart,
that were concealed for decades,
trickle down her cheeks.

Details | Haiku | |


Fog on the mountain
Totally shroud in a cloud
One ray of sunshine

(This came to me today as I watched Daystar TV--Worship Videos.  This is how I feel 
sometimes totally confused but then I see God. )

Details | Haiku | |

Sneaky Insanity

Tickling the brain
Madness silently infiltrates
And exacerbates

Details | Haiku | |

Nameless the First and Second

without my voice i
cannot sing, without my heart
i can only breathe

the sparrow waits in
silence, the clock holds its chime
voice and heart wander

Details | Haiku | |

Lay It Now

Not knowing the answer in a rotten action,
	I ask, "Where is my charming
And where is my desire?"
From "Inland"

Details | Haiku | |

Blind Date

a plump darling smiles
as hooded enemies emerge

Details | Haiku | |


Upon this night before me
Mysterious view

Details | Haiku | |


elegant wedding
three tiers of cake and champagne
the waiting stork smirks

Details | Haiku | |

S-silenced b-by S-silence

The blessed breeze stops
Out of nowhere – silence speaks
All else – s-silenced 

Details | Haiku | |

February Snow

          flakes sticks to camilla blossoms
		   barely open

Details | Haiku | |


HEll bElow snickErs 
As thE dEAd bodiEs dEcAy
fAding fAntAsy . . . 





Details | Haiku | |

one night stand

lost in drunkeness
we share one thought that late night
beneath the covers

Details | Haiku | |



   -Dharga Nagar Safa

Here and there,

Grown shy plants,

In the face book land!

Details | Haiku | |


Art not given love        
                           attitudes ramsi retoarls  
 a mans dream seen

Details | Haiku | |

Your Ears Have Choices

God has one sound voice
The world--confusing voices
Your ears have choices

Details | Haiku | |


  -Dharga Nagar Safa

Of left and right,

Right left,

Left where?

Details | Haiku | |

Last Goodbye

Suitcase in her hands.
This scene has gotten too dull.
Goodbye, New Jersey.

Details | Haiku | |


in a praved courtyard
                                    soulituded ment needs for braging
a wonders olay

Details | Haiku | |


a wining breath
                          a massed the soul child
a loud blessing

Details | Haiku | |

Her Heart 9-7-05

                                                She knows her heart
                                                Has been broken
                                                Into tiny pieces of a man.
                                                Could she love again?
                                                Only she can answer that
                                                No man can’t force her to do
                                                What she thinks is best
                                                For her heart.
                                                She wants to feel the need of
                                                Love, romance, passion,
                                                And truth.
                                                But at what price
                                               Will she sacrifice her heart?
                                               Only she knows if she lets
                                               Another man
                                               Into her heart.

Details | Haiku | |

Forever Raving

The insanity
seems almost too much to bear
Will it ever end?

Details | Haiku | |


Dim Demoness Dances
Drum coughs~
imprisonment rages 

Details | Haiku | |

Intellectual Haiku - 3 word haiku 1


Details | Haiku | |

The Even Fold

A wize man told me
                                 words foreful your vold
a trensepting mood

Details | Haiku | |


Photographs of girls,
Thin, pretty in magazines:
Today's role models.

Details | Haiku | |

A Flowering Vine

a flowering vine
catches my eyes, real or fake?
spring is too early

Details | Haiku | |

Lazy Raven

A lazy raven,
Walks across a fast paced road,
Why does he not fly?

Details | Haiku | |

Beneath the Bridge

he faces each day with dread
demons holding sanity just out of his grasp
a bottle will pacify

Details | Haiku | |

Shattered Hopes 7-9-99

How can you get what I want
And what you want
And even though you hate your life
You shouldn’t because look at me
I have nothing
My life’s dull 
And I can’t get over the frustration
Because you take away
And I get nothing
But wishful thinking and
Shattered hopes.

Details | Haiku | |

My Favorite Mistake

A/N: If you didn't realize it yet, this is a collection of haikus that form a little
story. Just wanted to give you the heads up on that.

Sometimes in our lives,
Things will start to take control
Of our own body.

My heart skipped a beat
When I laid my eyes upon
Your angelic face.

Though no one noticed
I longed for a single touch,
A feeling of warmth.

To you I’m nothing.
I’m just the dull wallpaper
In your perfect world.

I guess my attempt
Failed miserably , because
You chose to love her.

Now I realize
I wasted countless moments
Of my hopeless life.

Counting on this boy
To see the invisible.
…It proved one thing right.

Sometimes in our lives,
Things will start to take control
Of our own minds.

After looking back.
Give it up while you’re ahead.
‘Cause love’s a mirror.

With only one side,
It reflects the lonely face.
Of Miss Misery.

You were my favorite mistake.

Details | Haiku | |

The Blurred Sign

We missed Paramount Ave. We go straight into a lane of downright bafflement We meet again—on the wrong time We arrived an hour late…great job… We go straight into Studebaker—what a moment We meet again—on the right time!

Details | Haiku | |

Goodbye 8-29-01

                                                   You see the tears
                                                    Roll down my face
                                                   The time has come.
                                                   You walked away
                                                    I reach for you
                                                    But you say no.
                                                    I turn to leave
                                                    Tears fall from my face.
                                                    You whisper one last time

Details | Haiku | |


The mirror for the Moon,
Silent and still;
Swimming stars in banks.

Details | Haiku | |


mind always racing
can not reach the brakes
traveling the world

Details | Haiku | |

unbreaking flanks

they cry heavens light
                            for the sun has lost it's sight
untile the moon shines

Details | Haiku | |

Leader N Fence

Cattle eat and Fence  
in the field
People will never cows
People do not fence
The voice of the neglected 
in the field

Details | Haiku | |

Untimely Ends

Tormented soul speaks;
Truth in darkness lies buried.
Clouds weep bitter tears.

Details | Haiku | |


nerves fiddle-string taut
heavy pack upon his back
free fall into fray

Details | Haiku | |

quilting memory

be key to all seen
                              a morning feeling singing
may u stand firm

Details | Haiku | |

I See

a smug sneering fiend
stares back at me from within~ 
I close the compact

Details | Haiku | |


I do not speak
for I don’t know
but as I know
the only thing I do know
is that I am confused

Details | Haiku | |

Puzzle of Life 9-4-03

                                                       Is the puzzle of life
                                                       Finding the pieces
                                                      Just a head start
                                                      Once you’re built
                                                      You’ll know who you are.

Details | Haiku | |

Unsure Economy

Dancing butterflies, await
Optimism holds, nothing is secure
A nation pauses.

Details | Haiku | |

The Storm

gentle raindrops fall
softly carressing my skin
silently I cry


Details | Haiku | |

Emotion 4-1-06

                                                 Raw, subtle
                                                 Shifting, pulsing, transforming
                                                 A centerpiece of soul.

Details | Haiku | |

Some Days 2-10-00

                                              Some days leave me all alone
                                              In despair within the rain.
                                              They let tears fall down, one by one
                                              To try to drain away the pain.
                                              And there are some days when sun’s out
                                              Leaving rainbows in my heart 
                                              For hope for a new start.
                                             And there are some days I sit alone
                                             With no words to say
                                             And wait to hear my own voice
                                            To tell me it’s okay.
                                             I tell myself to pull myself together
                                            That I’ll make it after all.

Details | Haiku | |

in meeting

i haven't met you
i've seen you around before
would like tomeet you

Details | Haiku | |

Sporadic Haiku - 3 word haiku 6


Details | Haiku | |


I am scared sensless,
I cannot find bravery,
I'm so scared, help me.

Details | Haiku | |


The water fills up
Contaminating around
the fragile rooting

Nothing holds on tight
Grasping hands slip and sliding
Away from the hope

What can we all do?
Something must be done right now
The money is sent

Empty wishes fade
Life goes on while others die
Tears cake in dry eyes

Clogged efforts are slow
Wading through the dark water
hoping to avert sharp teeth

Natural forces
Too big for comprehending
Our only excuse

Time will not pass soon
An exhausting wait for souls
whose time has not come

Pray for an answer

Details | Haiku | |

Facing Yourself

staring eye to eye
from with in the looking glass
your reflection damns.

Details | Haiku | |

Hate At First Sight

Me, staring at you!?
How d'you know, if, you did not?
Love beyond belief.

Details | Haiku | |


it hailed today   fall
has just begun   winter is
giving me cold feet

Details | Haiku | |

error.. evidences

…drums, dancing from distance
tempting trance from france
…an insincere instance

Details | Haiku | |

War of Words

Words clamour within
A maelstrom of verbal might
Fighting those without

Details | Haiku | |

A boy watches me,
Then runs Frightened to mother,
Am i so very ugly?

Details | Haiku | |

Salty Sad Tears

Unwavered sadness,
crying sweet salty sad tears,
waiting for my end.

Details | Haiku | |

I Am A Ghost

I am but a ghost,
I am not alive nor dead,
I am between worlds.

Details | Haiku | |

The Deeper The Better

The words evade me 
My thoughts are of you tonight
But I cannot think.

Details | Haiku | |

Empty or Full

Now empty or full
Philosophical argument
Each man has his view

Details | Haiku | |

Tidal sands

Water rushes, sweeps.
Tide enfolds as ground moves round.

Feet engulfed. Swallowed.

Details | Haiku | |


just saying the words
does not make it true or real
I need to feel it

Details | Haiku | |

The Field of Blood

The monstrous tree swings
A noose above the carcass
Thrown head first to earth.

Details | Haiku | |

Tiny Confusion 2-13-01

                                I’m playing with those words again
                                Over and over again
                                Inside my head
                                But they don’t make any sense
                                How can you say
                                You want something
                                But not until
                                It’s gone.

Details | Haiku | |


A hectic morning
 Squirrels collecting acorns
  Neverending spin .

Details | Haiku | |

Bleeding Too Much

The blood is too much,
I cut my wrists to deeply,
I can't stop this death

Details | Haiku | |


Never to squander, 
This or that is where I am,
It makes you wonder.

Details | Haiku | |

Sands of Time

What compels a man,
He, walking throughout the land,
His heart in his hand.

Details | Haiku | |

Souls castle

The sands of time, dances in the wind.
Covering or sins.
Eyes wondering over the ruins.
The city is watched over by its many moons.
The city of wondering souls.

Darkness descends at night.
Later the night will turn to light.
Watching as the land and seas go by.h

Details | Haiku | |

the Apparition

the Apparition
in the morning news headlines
what is the message? 

Details | Haiku | |

Paper 11-10-04

                                                   A single sheet of paper
                                                   Somewhere for my thoughts to escape
                                                   This pencil is worn and dull
                                                   This paper is ripped and yellow
                                                   My only connection to my soul
                                                    I’ve forgotten everything
                                                   No memories
                                                   No feelings
                                                   I all I have is this paper
                                                  Ripped and yellow.