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Haiku April Poems | Haiku Poems About April

These Haiku April poems are examples of Haiku poems about April. These are the best examples of Haiku April poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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1 Cherry blossom haiku

Sakura breathing...
along an old stone footpath
children are laughing

Copyright © Michael Dom

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- Haiku X 53 - So Sweet -

A moment in time
This feeling’s so wonderful
Soft, sweet newborn lambs

Sign that spring is here
Small chubby feet on green grass
Please do not eat me

25.04.2015 A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Anne Lise Andresen

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                                                today's April fool
                                        known to all needs to have tool
                                         ooh! advance cheek's smile

     Inspired by: JAN ALLISON

Copyright © BL Devnath

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Peace of Nature

Peace of nature shows
how relaxing life can be
and can show you truth 

Copyright © Christian Childs

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Relishing the breeze
Next to you on my barefoot 
Moonlit night, I'm here

Copyright © Ryo Matsuda

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Spring into Haiku

Smiling Sakura
blows kisses to Bush Warbler
Dreams of distant love

Copyright © Lily Twinkle

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April time is near
Tax man on the prowl
Pockets empty

Copyright © Rick Zablocki

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Iceland Eruption April 2010

Volcano erupts
burying a continent
in a new ice age?

Copyright © Sue Mason

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California Spring

Spring fires raging 
Dry red-hot flames bite deep 
Winter rains too late

Rains only two days
Hot sun circles back for more
autumn shyly bows

Spring at times pleasant
but summer shows no mercy
winter just a shadow

Copyright © julie heckman

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Haiku 62-Upon Her Window Sill

his hands upon her wndow sill a climbing jasmine - -- ------------------ a climbing jasmine his hands upon her window sill

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop

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Haiku 60 -About Spring

wings flutter on melting icicles first glimpse of spring
Not for the contest but tnks for the inspiration-See Regina's contest.

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop

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the wait is over

warm wind on bare arms
shy grass reaches for the sun
hibernation done

Copyright © Lynne Hanson

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Weeping Cherry Tree

delicate, pale plume
weeping branches bow to earth
winter's eulogy

Copyright © Stephen Parker

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april haiku

shards of rain and hail
   pounding on the soaking grass...
      april tempest blows

swollen river beds
    fields of winter turning green...
        peeking through the mud

showers feed the lawns
    tender shoots that spring up strong...
          flowers on the way

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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Saharan Winds

Dunes now flowing
Blow spring air
Sandblasts love ...

Copyright © Patricia L Graham

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leaves burst mauve palette as cherry trees twirl waltz’s crest… sunlight pirouette boughs clad april’s crowns adorned in satin-sheet gowns… parading on towns oh scent of sweet yolk candy-coated like bud's cloak… tickles of warm stroke children squirt hoses under april’s swirled poses… ring-ring-a-roses
all rights reserved © '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' (( for Carol Brown's " What's the Buzz" ))

Copyright © nette onclaud

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spring s garden

rose beds laid
daffodils astray
flower garden planted for spring
Penned April 29, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker

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Sakura fireflies

                                    Mesmerised I watch
                                 Dancing sakura fireflies
                                    Our natures epoch

Copyright © Shane Cogan

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                   Snow flakes dodge
                   Unrequited love beam

                   Street light's kiss

Victoria Anderson-Throop

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop

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Hair Down in My Grand Fathers Convertable

No lady despair
The call of adventure blair
where tousled waves flair

Copyright © Emma Smith

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Undecided Haiku

Yesterday I know
but I don't yet tomorrow
I am in between.
© ron wilson aka veeb dosa the doylestown poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa

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Four April Haiku

April and dull days 
My love has gone missing
A field of bluebells 

April and drizzle 
My love has gone missing
Azure is the ocean 

April and cold wind 
My love has gone missing
Cobalt is the sky 

April and sunshine 
My love has come back to me
Anemone and roses. 

Copyright © jan oskar hansen

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a break in the clouds
            leafy crowd rustles
       shadows rush

blue jay darts in
      darts out
         point of concern

Copyright © daver austin

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Those cloud clad trees
of early spring, too soon do
cover earth with snow.

Copyright © Amelia Harmon

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the wisp of

the wisp
of an old tune lost
in bird song 

Copyright © Thomas Martin

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showers all day

the bay tree

curtseys low

Copyright © Brian Strand

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April Morning

cherry blossoms burst
blue feathers line a new nest
Madam pens haiku

Copyright © Patricia Sawyer

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Full Moon of April

On April eighteenth, Full moon will light up our sky, A planned moonlit stroll.

Copyright © Dawn Gordon

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April Fifteenth

Refreshing fresh air smeared
Euphoria-laden hearts brimmed
Legendary endurance race ensued.


All raced in showy vigor
Wanton violence burst forth
Humans turned feast.


Excitement breezed in the purest air
On a day fresh air tasted like a gee
But the day ended in bloodshed.

Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo

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Pussy Willow

pussy willow
I wear my mother's smile
looking for a vase

Copyright © Thomas Martin