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Funny Moon Poems | Funny Poems About Moon

These Funny Moon poems are examples of Funny poems about Moon. These are the best examples of Funny Moon poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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- On The Moon -

Thea, grandfather Alferd's dog died, she was so old and sick
Now is Thea on the moon, says Adrian who is six

Michael Jackson died so unexpectedly and abruptly
He is on the moon and plays with Thea, says Adrian who is a big fan

Betzy, grandfather Arild's dog died, she was also old and sick
Now Betzy is also on the moon with Thea and Michael Jackson and play all day

Great Grandmother died so unexpectedly and abruptly
Adrian who is six had difficulty understanding

Adrian who is six cried many tears for Great Grandmother
but comforted himself with the fact that she is sitting on the moon and
makes waffles to Thea, Michael Jackson and Betzy

A-L Andresen :)  - A true story -
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

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The Lovers Moon

How do we meet under a lover’s moon?
What does this moon look like?
Will it give me a lover?
Or will it send me on my bike?

Why be under a lover’s moon
Does it imbibe powers of prowess? 
Of does it hide their shyness 
If in a state of near undress.

A harvest moon a blue moon
A waning and a waxing one
A new moon an old moon
And yet only one precious sun.

People cast their seed
On the first full moon in spring
They say it gives the best crops
And that’s saying something.

There are dances in the moonlight 
For those with nefarious thoughts
Bet they‘d get a fright
When lycanthropics, rampage and cavort 

On the night the moon is full what a shock for all the lovers 
A werewolf jumps on them, just as their delights each uncovers
So blue moon new moon, harvest moon of just full
Which is the lover’s moon so my dreams I can fulfil?

© ~GG~ 21/12/2012

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Miracles Happen To and In June

There once was a gal name of June.
Who wanted to kiss and to spoon.
  She made a big splatter
  falling off a tall ladder.
 When she married the man in the moon.

Her wedding of course was in June.
She wanted to marry him soon..
   She started to chatter
   but that didn't matter.
Their life was so much a cartoon.

The man in the moon liked to croon.
He liked to sing songs about June.
   But nothing was sadder
   when he made her madder.
Singing not of "June" but of June.

To get on her good side Old Lune.
Flew June to the moon via balloon.
  But she was much fatter
  and emptied her bladder.
Now he looked like a baboon.
To end this wild tale about June.
Know the man in the moon made her swoon
    He heard her feet patter
    when she mixed cake batter.
Turning into butterfly from cocoon.

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Under The Ducky Moon

                                     Under The Ducky Moon

The Winter had been Harsh, Harsher than Most. Now cabin fever had taken its toll.
I was beginning to act a little bit weird, but so were others I know.
Then suddenly the sun revealed itself, its warmth was beginning to show.
Ice began to melt from the chair in my back yard, and yes it tempted me so…
And then I snapped, its true, I know, with the melting of ice and snow.
With every single drip… drip… drip… my mind began to go…

I’d been stubborn and frozen to the core on many a winter’s day.
As I had stayed by the window, while I’d typed my poems away.
I had counted every icy day… toward those beautiful blessed Spring Rays…
Then one day the temperature went from 8 to 78, and that took my breath away…
I threw off the blankets that kept me warm and I danced…a lot I say!
No matter how crazy it looked… I’d enjoy the January thaw, making hay!
It’d soon be winter again, so I ran outside and chiseled the ice from that chair.
Then in defiance I sat there as my dog slid over sheets of ice with flare.

To our neighbors we must have looked crazy, like we didn’t have a clue.
But they quickly turned back, to chiseling ice from their driveways anew.
But my dog and I continued to stay disposed quite nice.
After all there was only 4 inches of deep blue ice.
Yep, I sat there and watched as water began streaming down the street so 

I continued to sit there until I saw that the full moon had finally come out.
Then I began to wonder if perhaps we should beware of the nutty people running 
As if!!! I answered. The Full moon’s got nothing on cabin fever. No doubt!  
I continued to watch until some ducks peacefully flew across the full moon that 
At that point, I knew my choice had been absolutely truly right…
For the cold would come back, and I’d always remember my choice… 
This day would Forever be the day, when the Ducky Moon brought this story to 

Details | Cowboy | |

Ode To A Blueberry Roan

I was heading to the bunkhouse, after a wild night on the town
dancing & romancing & one too many round
Back in my wild & woolly days, one more rowdy Saturday night
full of cheap beer & whiskey & the necessary fight
I set Ol' Gus on auto pilot, he knew the way back to the spread
And I set to fighting with those rotgut demons dancing in my head
We were getting pretty close to home, so I eased up on the bit
when all of a sudden that dang horse he up & quit
His ears were all pricked forward, listening quite intense
I caught a drift of what might pass for music, somewhere beyond the fence
It took a lot of persuading, cussing & cajoling
but I got ol' Gus headed for all the caterwauling 
the sound got more peculiar as we crested the hill
the memory of what I saw that moonlit night stays with me still
for I had stumbled on a peculiar party, hosted by a peg leg dog
and there was a one eyed pole cat doing comedic monologue
A Blueberry Roan soon took the stage, singing Motley Crue
I swear I saw a big ol' ornery hog with a "born to squeal" tattoo
There were bulls & Heifers dancing, I couldn't believe my eyes
why those bovine wore spikes and body piercings, in places utterly unwise
There where horses with mohawk hairdos head banging to the song
I swear to you, Ol' Gus, he began to sway & sing along
Now I know what you're thinking & I most heartily agree
it was the moon & wind playing tricks, along with rotgut whiskey
You city folks can keep your pink elephants parading in tutus
for this cowboy was shown the light by a Roan in blue suede shoes
I gave up hell raising & carousing, said so long to the honky-tonk life
Happy now to stick to ranching & dancing under the moon with my wife
But every now & again, when the wind blows & the moon is shining bright
I swear I can hear the livestock laughing & head banging through the night

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Adam's Side Kick

I’ve been a pain in your side “Why let me see…”
“You’re made from God but you say I’m made from thee?”
You talk to the animals and to the sky?
As the moon lights the night you talk to my…thigh?

You want to run bare arse all through the woods
We’ll if you keep doing that you won’t have ANY “goods?”
So, you don’t like the fig leaf. It’s a bad choice?
“Well, use your words! Speak up! You got a voice.”

“You work? So you say. Just what do you do?”
All we eat are the fruits and some vegetable stew.
I cry at the sunrise. I’m not used to these eyes.
And I still can remember being inside God’s sigh.

I cry cause the wind blows dust at moon rise
I’m frightened and wonder what’s the next …SURPRISE!
Neighbors? What neighbors? Toss the leave use a peel
what care I for the wonder of what you’ll reveal.

Eden was wonderful, and ignorance bliss
yet so is the delight of a your so human kiss.
I love you, I’ll stay no mater the plight
and raise up our children and handle the fright.

*dedicated to Larry Belt's Adam / A Pain in my Side

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                                                 drink a glass of milk
                                             creamy moon on upper lip
                                                 see in looking glass

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blue grass road

It was two am at the pit stop lounge
it was closing time, time to go
i seen you walking, you was all alone
i said i'd feel much better if i walked you home
i guess i should of asked ya which way was home
it was a long time walk'n down blue grass road
it was a long time walk'n down blue grass road 

well the stars were shinning the moon was bright
the cold when was blow'n but i didn't mind
we laughed and joked until we cried 
it was a long time walk'n down blue grass road
it was a long time walk'n down blue grass road

now ain't it funny the people we meet
I tell ya some talk dirty and some talk sweet
now ain't it funny the things we do
i tell ya it was miles of road that i walked with you
it was a long time walk'n down blue grass road
it was a long time walk'n down blue grass road 

a couple years gone by and friends still we are
we're still drinking beers in that same old bar
yeah i'll never forget that night we met
cause a night like that you cant forget 
it was a long time walk'n down blue grass road
it was a long time wlak'n down blue grass road

well the stars were shinning the moon was bright
the cold when was blow'n but i didn't mind
we laughed and joked until we cried 
it was a long time walk'n down blue grass road
it was a long time walk'n down blue grass road

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NASA's Secret Moon Discovery

NASA’s Secret Moon Discovery

By Elton Camp

Neil Armstrong would have to step aside
If this amazing discovery NASA didn’t hide

How the Eagle landed and what they found
Lying lifeless on the cold, arid lunar ground

A human had reached the moon way before
So Armstrong can’t be called “first” anymore

“Pow, zoom and you’re going to the moon”
These words, Ralph to his wife did croon

Few know that he finally carried out his threat
And Alice Kramden’s body lies there yet

Is it best to keep silent about this spousal abuse
Because, for such violence, there’s no excuse

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An Ode to the Moon

An Ode to the Moon

By Elton Camp

Oh lovely moon so shiny and bright
Many lovers you will inspire tonight

They gaze at you, get filled with desire
When two hearts so wildly are set afire

Though the object that they look upon
Is lifeless, dusty and as dry as a bone

But thoughts of this there is no trace
As they admire your pock-marked face

See that crater lying right over there
It’s rugged and totally devoid of air

Though lovers admire what they see
A place of death the moon would be

Very fitting symbol of human love
Is this object that hangs far above

It has a dark side that they didn’t see
After marriage, the lovers will agree

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Star Cowboy

Beyond the moon and past the last star is the realm of cowboys who dream. Who ride their horses across plains, their mounts noses snorting steam. As comets streak across the chalkboard, horses whinny and bawl through the night. Every glare and solar flare filling the steeds with a celestial spook and a heavenly fright. The moon is a constant glow as it rides along through the moonbeams and clouds. Night winds blow the cosmic dust around, making the gauzy glitter into planetary shrouds. I want to be a cowboy and hear the angels sing as the campfire glows, dimly, singing me to sleep. the stars are my doggies; lowing as, at last, the shadows fail and sunlight begins to creep.

Details | ABC | |


       That night !
it was impenetrably  dark
      And the moon had been rising
until  the dogs barked.

When ever the moon moved and rose
        All  the  cocks started to crow
And the whole night turned  black
         like charcoal.

           What a funny night
that made us cry
            the owls and the bats!

Details | I do not know? | |

The fairy tales about crow Matryona

1.My familiar crow

A cheerful crow named Matryona lived in her small house.
I drank tea with her and observed,
As she played with a wind in leapfrog and chased the moon at night.
Probably, she thought, that the moon is cheese!

2.Matryona and greedy Sasha

Boy Sasha went along the street of "the World".
He had two ice creams in one hand at the same time!
Suddenly he met a girl he knew.
She asked with hope,
"Is your ice cream tasty? "
" Of course, it is very tasty! "
      Sadly, she said, 
" Ah! I go to musical school. "
      "All right, goodbye."
A homeless dog and cat followed Sasha for a long time,
And they asked for something through their sad eyes.
" Unscrupulous beggars! " Sasha said,
and has continued his way, enjoying his ice cream.
Suddenly from a tree a crow flew toward him,
seized his two ice creams, 
returned to her tree and shouted loudly: 
" Sasha! You are a greedy boy!"
3.The Matryona and fashion

One day a crow cooked macaroni.
What for you, Matryona -,
put on them on your a neck?
In fact it is meal!
" You must not argue tastes-
I shall depart to a party 
in beads made from macaroni! " 
4.Matryona is a ghost

Kolesnikov Alexey
Was not a pleasant child.
He was rude to adults,
He offended girls,
He teased dogs and pulled the tails of cats!
Crow Matryona decided to punish this small hooligan.
On the old sewing machine 
She sewed a red, very loose raincoat
And she put it on, like a ghost. 
When Alexey came back from school,
He saw in the sky, right above him, the awful monster,
Which flew and laughed , and shouted angrily,
" You offend the weak and should be punished! "
Alexey was very much frightened,
" The living ghost! Excuse me, please!
I will not do any more bad things!
" You will behave yourself?
 Well, I believe you, good-bye! "

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MoonBee's Madrigal

Oh... Oh... Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight
I’ve Pink Champagne, Lit FirePlace Flame 
        And The Stars Are Twinkling Bright
I’ve Put On Your Favorite Dinner and Rose Dress
        For Your Delight
Ooooh, Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight

Heeeey, Honey, What Happened To The Lights?
        You Paid The Bill … Alright?
Bring Me A Beer and That Remote Here
        The Cowboys Play Tonight !
Why’s The Table Set… We Got Guests?
         Is That Dress A Little Tight? ……
              * *///// # # ////\\
I Don’t Know Sam… She Just Picked A Fight !
Hauled-Off and Hit Me… With All… Her… MoonBee…  M i g h t  !

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Dozier In October

In the town of Dozier, 
An old woman does reside, 
She doesn't like exposure, 
So she stays locked up inside. 

She watches from her attic window, 
As you briskly walk by, 
Her black cat upon her lap, 
He gives you an evil eye. 

Her house is very run down, 
There are weeds everywhere, 
Vines growing up the walls, 
You should never stop and stare. 

It is the time of Hallo, 
A time to reap the crops, 
A time when some go missing, 
A time of many teardrops. 

It is said she has no heart, 
She lives on blood alone, 
She never is seen outside, 
Some say she is never gone. 

But when the moon has crested, 
Above the mountain sky, 
We think that she has vested, 
In the soul of a witch nearby. 

For on these nights, 
There come eerie sounds, 
When the moon is just right, 
No one clowns around. 

Little kids they do go missing, 
They just disappear, 
Dogs never heard barking, 
Just why, it is never clear. 

So when you visit our little town, 
We will be glad to see you here, 
Keep a close eye on your kids, 
You have nothing else to fear, 


Details | Light Poetry | |


                                         WHEN I WAS A CHILD		
                                   SAW A FULL MOON IN THE SKY		
                                        A FRIEND OF THEN TOLD ME		
                                      THAT MOON WALKS AT NIGHT		
                                       WE BOTH STARTED WALKING		
                                       LOOKING THE STARS AND IT		
                                WALKS WHEN WE WALK I FELT IN EYES		
                                     WHEN WE STOPPED WALKING 		
                                       IT STOPPED TOO, AGAIN......  .........		
                              NOW, I REMEMBER MY CHILDHOOD DAYS		
                                   FILLED WITH FUNNY INNOCENCE 		

Details | Quatrain | |

Dear Sis in Law

Dear sis-in-law, you are never older
You are now getting wiser by the year
I hope the knowledge that you acquire
Let’s you meet things head on, without fear

The sun will always rise for every morrow
As will it set, when day turns into night.
Into your future, with the sunrise, may you walk
Towards the sun, so that your face is always in the light.

When evening comes, the moon will then smile
Rising to allow you light, romantic and serene
Let the moon assist you this year and ever after
And let it grant everything you’ve ever dreamed.

So, Kathy, I have to say now, Happy Birthday!
I’m sorry that this poem’s a little late
Forgive me please, time is of the essence
You’re 41 now, with not much time waste. 

Ha Ha Ha!!!