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These Haiku Funny poems are examples of Funny poems about Haiku. These are the best examples of Haiku Funny poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Haiku - X 17 - A home -


                                             Drenched by the rain
                               Golden key fits perfectly in the door lock
                                       Home with lots of wet dog kisses

A-L  Andresen :)                      
                                              * contest: Leonora <3

(4th place in the contest)

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Tess Hiatt knew she was playing with fire, yet couldn’t seem to stop herself. This was the third time that she’d intentionally trespassed down the clearly marked path, the third day she had staked out a perfect spot to view the going’s on at the haiku Equestrian school. 

There was something mesmerizing about their exercises. And that one rider, the way he kept everything so controlled, so precise, peeked her interest. He would trot the circuit, then effortlessly move between gaits. The cut of his tight breeches, the spotless coat and the sheen on his boots spoke of routine and discipline, two things she lacked. 

A fence kept rider and horse within an enclosure and she wondered if they ever longed to just jump the expanse and head for the hills.

She stretched her neck, moved a branch and sighed. Where was he?

“You do realize this is private property, Miss?”

She almost lost her balance. Mr. Discipline was right behind her. Oh, crap! She felt warmth flood her cheeks. Her chin lifted in self-defense. “Hi,” she said. 

His look changed. A grin spread across strong features. “Hello. So, you’re curious?”

“Yes and no. Maybe?” Oh, he was handsome. Her heart rate picked up. 

The laugh was warm, friendly. “I can’t remember the last time I saw somebody ride bareback. He looks spirited. Hard to handle?”

“Jack? Sometimes. He does what he wants, but then again, so do I.” She patted the mustang’s neck and received a soft nicker in response. “We put up with each other. Have grand adventures. Sass and kick ass.” She tilted her head. “Who’s your short friend?”

“This is Basho. He is a rare, Japanese breed called Misaki uma. I won him in a bet. He’s happier just standing in a field or poking along beside a pond watching frogs, but I’ve grown fond of his gentle ways. I think he barely tolerates me.”

She couldn’t hold back a chuckle. “Maybe you should give him more reign.”

“Maybe you should give yours less.”

Her eyes narrowed. “When’s the last time you just let loose, Mister? Don’t you ever just gallop through the creek? Let the mountains pull you closer? Life doesn’t consist of a training ring, you know. When’s the last time you unbuttoned your starched collar? I am neither staunchy nor dull.”

“Dull? What, you find the haiku school so staunchy that you keep returning for a closer look? Yes, I saw you.” He leaned forward. “As far as creeks and mountains go, first, you need to learn to ride the proper way. Then you can go frolic in the wildflowers.”

Jack, sensing her mood, shook his head. “Easy, boy,” she whispered in his ear, leaning low over the horse. 

Tight Breech’s eyes followed her movement. She watched his gaze drop then zero in on her cleavage, saw his jaw clench. Tess became acutely aware of how much leg was revealed by her shorts. He seemed to have noticed that as well.

She felt slightly dissy. “I learned the basics, just. And I can ride fine, thank you very much. Probably could run circles around you and your students. I don’t need to learn Dressage to ride Western. They’re as different as ... well, as..... a Mustang and Misaki uma, as beer and sake.”

“We seem to have differing opinions.”

Basho snorted and Jack’s ears pricked. 

“I should be getting home,” Tess said, wondering why she didn’t want to leave when this man was so irritating. Cute. But as annoying as hell.

“Look, how about we just take a ride up the trail.  I think Basho likes you.” He gave a look, a long steamy look. "And as far as my buttons go, how about we talk about that some more? There may be some... merit... to showing more skin."

Tess blushed. Yup. Playing with fire. But she liked fire. “Okay, you can walk me back to the ranch. But watch out for Jack. He likes to nip.”


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Learn A Word Haiku ( Pince-Nez )

      Pince- Nez....I asked ,whats that? Eyeglasses ,he proposed..For your nose.  They
have no handles. For a lads,I asked? Or for  lasses?  He answered. No!..They are just glasses for
lads or lasses. Only thing they have no Stems, matters not, a her or a him.!

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It took three whole days
for Jack to build a snowman;
he's as tall and strong


They are thrilled and scream..
playing in the deep, fresh snow;
they cannot their mom 


Heart, take a quick look: 
isn't winter's glittering snow 
so mysterious?

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halloween haiku 2

wolves howl at the moon
while witches fly high through night
candy i collect

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Green’s Payment on Tuesday (Haiku)

Monday's child eats beans,

Tuesday's child is full of Greens,

Green's payments of spinach.

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Funny Haiku's from Captain Mike

I don't know what to think about Haiku's. Haiku!

it's kinda like a sneeze
haiku kinda sounds like hah chooo
so then ka-zunn-tite!

She's giving me a back rub Haiku!

I need to fart bad
if I do she won't rub me
jeeze I shat my self  

The Divine Plan of Nature Haiku!

just for the butt hole
turds are tapered on the ends
so it don't slam shut

The One and Only Law Needed for the World to get Along! Haiku!

Everyone is free
so long as they don't take that
right from someone else

by Capt Mike

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Down And Out Haiku Slam

<                                          whispers of the wind .........
                                            speak to enchanted sea .........
                                            bp ........  going down

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The Haiku Corral - Part 1

Haiku Alley

five and dime
jes' lookin' aroun'
give me dime
give me five
and I'll give ya' dime to take yo' time
that's givin' ya' zen in change

there ain't no rhyme
in the zen of five and dime
and time lives only
in the jail of yo' darkest dreams
beyond the dark, beyond the light
lookin' aroun'
five and dime
give me five and I'll take yo' time
that's zen in change

stick some pins in your voodoo doll
hurtin' so good
servin' a sentence of five and dime
lost in the bliss of time unknown
lost between the bars
of your liquid voodoo jail
of stinking five and dime
coolin' the demons
dime and five
give me dime
and I'll give you five to take your time
that's voodoo zen in change

lookin' aroun'
rollin' ovah
an' posing dead
playin' live
'cause there's everythin'
for your virgin hootenanny voodoo doll to feel
not much to see
in the haiku alley
behind your jail
jes' the parkin' lot of prayer
and down on yo' knees
screamin' for somethin'
don't know what
maybe a piece
from yo' virgin voodoo doll
without them pins
but alive with the pain
of not dyin' before its dime
to give the reaper five
lookin' aroun'
lookin' aroun'
rollin' ovah
rollin' ovah ovah' bein' hea' (here)
five and dime
dime and five
give me dime
give me five
and I'll take yo' dime
give ya' time...
... that's givin' ya' voodoo change in zen!

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~ Haiku #10 ~

Virgin cold
shrinks capacity;
yellow snow