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Free Verse Winter Poems | Free Verse Poems About Winter

These Free Verse Winter poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Winter. These are the best examples of Free Verse Winter poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Dead Winter Stray~ By: Poet Destroyer

Nearby paces, Combatants lost under the cemetery walls,
“Blessed Men and Heavenly Remedy Women of Ages,”
Feelings of dance at the beginning of nightfall,
Scenery of fire, sadness passing this history page,
In that distant curve, somewhere nears the sundown stream.
Far away from the vision of mortal eyes,
A child plays as beautiful and pale like the sunrise.
She plays on the coast this beautiful but pale, sun raised child.
Pursuing nature, in a hushed angelic lucidity,
“In hushed angelic lucidity!”
Fragile fastened, to those adequate bones.
Profound deepness beneath the snow winder dust,
Below the memoirs of her floating vessel,
Reminisces of water drowning down rivers and streams,
A shattered female kneels in salvation.
An anvil so heavy it troubles the mind.
Lost in profoundness, in what might have been.
What was, for a moment in this period?
The grimness of her weak vessel dwells.
A lifeless winter strays around. 
An album so old and dusty,
A christening gown not ever embraced.
Infinite, the woman and pale child of sunrise,
Soften footfalls beating out the torments.
Countless nights seeing the day of unspoken headstones,
Feelings of dance will never rest this heartache.
Eternity, in a dance of unconditional need,
Their hearts unite as one...
A closing of mother and child…     
~BY: PD~

Dead Winter~ By: Catie Lindsey 

There walks Warriors in that graveyard,
Holy Men and Medicine Women of ages;
at night you can see their Spirits dance,
setting fire to history's pages.
In that far corner, up by the stream,
far from the eyes of publicity,
she plays on the shore, beautiful Raylene,
catching poly-wogs, in silent lucidity.
In silent lucidity.
Brittle now, those fine bones,
deep beneath the snow drifts of winter,
beneath the memories of her body afloat
down rivers and streams of Remember.
A broken woman kneels in prayer,
a heavy weight on a burdened mind,
somewhere deep in what could have been,
what was, for a moment in time.
The grayness of her frail body lingers,
in a dead winter of the unborn,
on page forty-nine in the family album,
in a baptismal gown never worn.
Together they dance,the woman and the child,
their soft footfalls pounding out the sorrows
of many days at a worn out headstone,
many dances to come, many tomorrows.
Together they dance, The Woman's Dance,
their hearts as one...
the woman and the child.
~By: Catie Lindsey~

(for Catie's: Re-write contest..) 

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       I Am Winter

I am cold – not heartless,
nor do I wish any harm.
This is just the way it is,
my gaze - a shivering chill,
my kiss - a frosty sting,
my breath - a numbing touch.

I come alone – uninvited
unwelcome, unappreciated
to lull to sleep the cycles
that need rejuvenation.

I am angry – for you fear me -
shut your doors, lock your windows,
deny me but your harshest looks
wrap yourselves in layers
lest we touch.

I am saddened – thus I whine
dancing around your houses
bending low the cowering trees
weeping sub zero tears
that never fall.

I am Winter –
and when my time is done
you will rejoice that I have gone
never thanking me –
for the beauty that awaits.

John G. Lawless

Submitted to PD’s – Winter Poems #1 – Poetry Contest

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Winter Proposal

With my soul at peace and my thoughts at rest,
standing in this winter wilderness,
I whisper words of heartfelt bliss.

Come with me and walk this path.
Together we tread against the freeze,
and find the warmth of tender grasp.

My devoted being shall forever be,
a place of strength against chilled winds,
a brilliant light only you have seen.

Our lives have met in this quiet space.
Let sky meet land and rivers merge.
Forever, harmony I long to taste.

We have summoned light from darkest days.
Heat returns to melt still ice.
Each day length now brings stronger rays.

The deepest snows cannot hide the facts.
Beneath these layers life holds fast.
Newfound joys spring from bleakest past.

Let's rebuild life from broken dreams,
Where life restarts with each new spring,
the snows will melt to feed fresh streams.

Like this land, my passion runs free.
Walls have come down with earnest words.
My unblinded eyes now see.

I ask for your hand without ounce of gold,
or shiny stones dug from filthy earth.
My eternal love cannot be bought or sold.

Under peaks reborn of volcanic scars,
In night's serene and  starkest silence,
I pledge love to outlast the multitude of stars.

Solitude I turn from on this ride.
Today and tomorrow let's walk in stride.
Promise to be my utopian bride.

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Somber Is the Color of The Day

Somber is the color of the day...

The window glass, enhanced by dew, this dreary afternoon
Prisms of light from a pewter lamp, reflect upon on the fog
A rainbow splashed against the wall forms mirrors of my mood

While quietly, I sit, and ponder it all, my pen is close, my chin in hand
Pinned back, my strands, a sweater, old, is pulled around my chill
 woven in colors, of various yarns, as varied as thoughts that take me away

My mind is lost in a wakened dream
While trees are tossed about in winter wind, 
               and leaves lay dead beneath the snowy mounds
                 a fire glows, and a storm now keeps me bound

One shard of light from a neighbor's home
       across the hill, a distant mile
           The dimness in a room from winter sighs...
                then something sparks a word ...a line, .. a verse, ... a lullaby ...

The day is sadder than the words I had found...
        so somber is the day that keeps me bound

I hide away this moment....a cup of tea, a Golden Lab for company..
One peek beyond the distant hill, a touch of sun
A glimpse of mountain, pastures deep, my dog that sleeps...

A momentary chance to free my soul
In just a brief, but deep departure from the ordinary...
I explore my thoughts, search my heart, wonder what this day will bring...
    I watched old memories, long kept cold, ...unfold as if a dream
      Unsort, relive, those worlds untold.... 
            Exploring new words, I now have found
Stumbling through my mind,  unintended
   Watching the words tumble as if unattended...
      Unfolding, exploding, and falling in chaos
             Paying no mind to the reader's conception
                   Cleansing, pleasing, as my soul fits the pieces...
                     Beneficial.... to the reader...will it matter? Who knows?...
                       But a satisfying journey traveled and found
                           by myself....and for myself, the one who's  creating...

     Looking out from blurry windows...a dark day continues ...
             on a somber colored day, that kept me bound.....


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That December
I stumbled through twisted tinsel streets,
oblivious to ice and seasonal shouts,
muffled by snow-silence; a mannequin moving through mists,
quietly fragmenting behind frost-fragile walls of frailty.

Bleak winds blew open the hinges of my hypothermic heart,
wailed a wintry lament only I could hear -
ice-shrapnel words blown to lodge in my ear: you've lost the baby.
Those four words were spiked icicles, glacier-cold;
hope disintegrated like snow powder as they pierced me.

Streets seemed pregnant with the plumpness of babies,
their waxen doll faces bluish and cold,
their pink gummy mouths demanding, demanding.
And my breasts were frozen roses,
too iced to feed their tiny need.

Snowflakes trembled like butterflies blown from the Arctic,
or the feeble flutter of a failing foetal heartbeat.
The town became a barren expanse of white:
cold crystals drifting, acres of snow-diamond light.
But shops shimmered with heat, bulged bauble-gaudy

with the fatness of consumerism.
And I was reed-slender, my womb a hollowed-out tomb.
Everywhere, babies bloomed, precious as poinsettias,
mouths like petals, squirmy with hungry red cries and squalls,
echoing, echoing, as I squinted into the white squall.

And a ribbon of milk unloosed itself silently,
sudden and scalding, like a fountaining of tears;
a lacework trace soaking my shimmer thread sweater dress;
a single, small, white thaw as I silently unravelled,
stumbling through streets that spooled like silver yarn -

that December.

for 'Fragment' contest

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Frozen Raindrops

My breath becomes visible when I exhale
into the chill of the still, winter air
but, I do not mind the cold.
I hear nothing, but the solemn sound of silence
as I stand in the middle of nowhere, with no one,
looking straight up into a gray sky
and seeing nothing, but a million snowflakes coming toward me.
Tumbling, dancing, drifting, and finding their way to the earth.

No, they are not just frozen raindrops.
Each one is a miniature ice sculpture
intricately carved by the hand of a master artist.
Can it be, within the billions of snowflakes that fall each year,
that no two are ever alike?
While I do not have the answer, I enjoy pondering the question.

I stand perfectly still, as if frozen in time,
as the snow falls down, and sticks onto my hair,
instantly aging me as my golden-brown locks turn white.
Yet, I feel much younger than I am.
I feel like I am inside a snow-globe that has just been shaken.
I can feel them gently landing on my face,
these delicate snowflakes tickle me
as they get caught by my eyelashes.
I just close my eyes and smile.

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Rarest of beauty is she the ice fawn, 
Grazing within the ice meadows in crystal
Fields of frozen cloves, as the star lights
Flicker in brilliance shinning, all about her.
A shy creature of gentleness, made of ice
And snow, unique amongst the polarized canvas,
Alone in perfections glittering diamond dust, 
Of winter’s mystical enchantments.
Drinking from the pools of the moon,
Warmed by the twinkling shades of the rays,
Casted in the Aurora Borealis of the northern 
Pastures, beyond mankind’s encroachment.
Creations gathering of angel tears shed 
In tender moments of truest grace, was 
She this miracle thus was so made,
The ice fawn.
Chamber lights living Kalightoscope, a prism of
Dear shine, walking in splendors white ice.
A mystical being of opulence’s elegance, splashed
By the divine plate array, and brushed by the wings
Of the ethereal angelic.
A sparkling gem, a jewel of winter, with the
Soft brown eyes of clarity, behold the ice fawn
In all her glittering glory, walking in freedoms
Sacred Valley of the human imagination.

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Not too cold yet

The season's first snow
fell today
just a dusting but enough 
to excite. 
The kids and dogs
dashed about 
delighting in the 
new found flakes, 
cold but 
not too cold yet.

On the other side 
of the world 
the day's first drones 
struck  today.
The kids and dogs.
dashed about 
but no one 
was delighted;
the dead 
cold but
not too cold yet.

Revised 9/8/2014; first written soon after 11/09/2001. I changed a specific county to 'the other side of the world' and 'missiles' to 'drones', but not much else has changed.

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Anticipating Spring

Anticipating Spring

Dear January,
Wrap me in your saddest morning
		I implore you.
The complex triumph of green acres
	waits to be seeded, 
and later thrashed and sorted as wheat
	for barter.

When the spring is waiting all seeded
for lily blossoms under the snow,
fertilize with want that wants not
and need that needs not.
(Only, my love, forget me not.)

The birds will fly in from Florida
anticipating spring and avoiding a hurricane
because they know better than we who
are composed mainly of lesser sensitivity.
What waits to be born from this harsh winter?

Nature will surely bloom as a fabric woven
like a Navajo rug to comfort the evening
with its beauty.  Mystical mornings will 
take the traveler to some paradise where

the sun is always rising
and the air is cool in summer
and the dew is on the mulberries
and all the berries are ripe like dew.

I ask only my love that you forget me not
when the sky turns overhead to a
warmer slant and rays blind the eyes
from all memories past and all 
contemplation of futurity.  Live now.

Love now.  Feast now upon the beauty
before your eyes, before your sleeping 
evenings, and before your awakening
when dawn and dew are breaking.

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The Stricken Corridor

Fall tumbles relentlessly on our door steps
young winter birds inducing provoking sounds scamper in trees 
Watching winter crawling slowly under our feet.

The night rain wet the ground with sadness 
washing  away the environmental stench
purging the atmosphere of  its infectious dew
And  I could absorb fresh air in my lungs again. 

I fell into a deep sleep shortly after nine but woke up 
by my next door neighbor bustling activities.
Nice showers clean fresh air is the perfect night to
be drenched with sleep but instead I was on my knees.

An unknown burden overshadowed  me, disturbing my spirit
raising my curiosity, causing me to ponder over unknown mysteries
unexplainable matters that doesn't concern me, yet they troubled me.

I soaked myself in prayer seeking for a  plausible answer 
And after praying I fell asleep again; a sleep that 
I thought would be peaceful but here I am again
on an unannounced journey to the Far East.

I mysteriously found myself on a university campus in the Far East,
no paint, no color, everywhere was deserted, no one was around
except for dry leaves  spreading out on the troubled ground 
and dull trees astoundingly lingering in the autumn breeze.
I walked propitiously through the front door along a bare corridor 
in search of a toilet to ease my body pressure.

A desolated corridor whose hope seemed to be diminished with the passing of time
a million feet must have trodden upon it, feet in search of  freedom ,
feet looking for peace, proud feet, dirty feet, bloody feet, stubborn feet.
Feet looking for revenge and feet marching to the destiny of doom. 
I moved anxiously from door to door but every door that I opened I saw
Asian toilet embedded deeply in the ground and clean water flooding all around. 

I opened another door and found a western bath filled with clean water 
I kept walking along the corridor but all the Asian toilets were flood with water.
At the end of the corridor I found one that was completely  dry but there was no toilet inside except for PVC pipe fittings planted firmly in the ground.

I tread along the opposite side of the hallway still searching for  a toilet
but only rooms whose doors were removed  and leaning helplessly
in front of them occupy the other side of the stricken corridor.

I anxiously left the building and a slim young man in his early twenties 
wearing shaded glasses ran behind a reception area outside the campus ground
and pretended as if he was at work, but that was only a deception.

As I walked passed him he tried to reached out to me
He complained about someone who has treated him badly
and pointed to a friend who was instrumental in turning his life around.
A sizable crowd gather around him as he  illustrates his painful story.

He and his friend took me to the other side of the campus where 
a larger crowd of young people had gathered for a wedding
some were sitting under large beach umbrellas
While others congregate in groups all over the campus grounds.
I walked upon a platform  where the wedding ceremony
was about to  take place but daylight suddenly exploded in my face.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ©2014 Christine Phillips

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Wolf And Owl Take Shape

            Wolf And Owl Take Shape

Smoke and red cinders rise together in retrograde simplicity
On counter rotation, winds sing through birch and oak 
Marbled moon remains sour yellow through the ecliptic edge
Cryptic night, where owl and wolf find warmth and cover
Nestled in the coarse blanket warn by Tabitha, the young one 
Her tribe sleeps through winter
She holds them in her mystic spell, mild heart and smile
They breathe cold mist together in history hallows
Unfolding cold reveals their open eyes
Reaching out into the distance as wolf howls
Unknown mysteries of life feel their kinship
Heaven opens up to them crisp on the fire light   
Wolf moves his wool but only slightly in a twitch
Owl takes flight, returns alarmed
Back to the blanket and young girls arms
It rests with comfort feathers by her heart
Wolf and owl take shape, Tabitha smiles
They all take one long last breath and hold it in
Wait till spring to release it again below the mystic stars

10/17/14 Free Verse, Prose Poetry, haibun – Poetry Contest

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It's Winter

The snow is coming down here hard.
The ground is thick with white.
The air is cold and the wind is blowing hard.
The pond is frozen the ducks are a party.
Winter comes and I am warm.
The fire is going and the eggnog is good. With a touch of booze.
Cat is asleep all in a ball. The game has gone in to over time what a joy.
Winter is here and I don't care I'm warm and nothing can change that.

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The Task

The old screen door still welcomes me
    .. a familiar face, just as before
but after this...who'll pass this way?….
Will they use the rug and wipe their shoes?...
Swipe away the grime and mud?
 .....Or will they even care?

I feel my pulse and lungs collide
I take a breath...and step inside

She lived alone, the last to go....
one amber dawn when skies were clear
silently, without fanfare....
death wafted through these hard wood floors
and took more than a glimpse of her

I've been asked to sell the house,
to clear it out, and set it right…
Somehow, seems wrong…. 
a trespass on the throne of  life
that was softly lived
behind the gate, where thirsty roses bloom, and wait…

I hesitate….
to disturb the lace on drop leaf tables…
disgrace the quiet of the gloom
open drawers, snoop and sort, ….a pruning, 
of the good, the used, from worn and torn

My hands are able, but my heart declines..
what isn’t mine, to toss, to find, to mark, and label…

I hear the echoes, in each room…
along with swishings of my broom…
and the dust motes in the window light
like glitter in the afternoon…
reminders of old sparks ingnited
where cozy logs had offered light
keeping her last nights warm..…

The whirling sound of winds outside… 
whispered breaths of weaving looms
the treadled sounds of sewing hems..
peddled feet, and bustling, rustling
and those of clattering pans and potting blooms…

There are questions I want to ask
tho’ I can’t recall just what they were
no matter now….with no one here
I must be focused….on my task…
it must be done…

And now, …as doors of dark begins
I see, somehow, that fate moved in….
I am glad that I, with my two hands…
have witnessed with a smile, unplanned,
A life once new, until the end

I hold it all, and always will
her life, I held in loving hands

I stand here in the halls of night
content, I'll leave without regret
companioned by a day well spent…

                    I've been within …her company


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A Longing for Springtime

How beautiful our love was
In the springtime of our lives.
How tender was your touch—
Your fingers caressed my body
As softly as a willow’s leaves
Brush the waters of a still lake
In the wake of a soft breeze—
I felt each ripple spread 
Outward over me,
Consuming me with 
The pulse of your passion.
The vessel I use to contain these 
Precious memories keeps longing 
To return to our springtime,
Where time stood still and our hearts
Remained impenetrable 
To the outside world. 
How cold this winter has become.

For Chris D. Aechtner's Free Verse for Winter Contest

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it's december;
holiday thoughts chill me
more so than this breeze
as it wraps me up
in winter's blanket

i want to be like the trees
colorless and bare
of everything
that weighs me down

i want to dance free
in the wind
not snap
like dead branches
in storm's fury

i'm snapping though
and it's only december
i can feel the weight
of winter's wrath
pulling me down
grounding me

i am falling
more than a few inches deep
everything is turning white
fading fast
within death's grasp
i am december's ending

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Winter Wind

Viciously, she draws a blade 
of steely cold across my throat,
driving the warm breath from my lungs,
leaving me gasping on the road;
then, with a flip of frost glazed hair,
she whirls around the brick-walled turn.

Caught so in her freezing frenzy, I shudder,
apprehensively pulling my woolen comfort close,
knowing she is slinking even now
back round the block to pounce again,
prowling ice wolf, sharp fangs bared.

A bullying beast all day long,
she pushes nice people aside,
but in the morning we shall wake
to find her raging ceased;
she has gone and quietly left
a field of down about our feet.

August 29, 2014

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Picture Postcard

Picture Postcard The air sighed heavily as Winter rested its head on soft somber clouds lightened earlier by a sifting of rain, snow and ice. It smiled softly at the moon which, once more, made a welcomed appearance in the mantle of night’s sky sprinkled lightly with stars. It shivered considerably near the trees in the cities wearing their crystal jackets, that glimmered slightly with moonbeams smile. It whispered quietly close to sleeping houses bedecked were pristine white hats, fringed along their sides with crystalline tassels. It applauded the sun as it soundlessly arose presenting to the world a postcard bejeweled with Winter’s muse. By: Debra Squyres 01/20/13

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Coyote Tears

It’s cold here in Central Texas
Winter has laid its hand upon us
The night is clean and pure
With just a whisper of oak and mesquite fires
Burning on the hilltops 
And villages of old German hopes
The coyotes are calling
Packs move in the night
Instinctive without knowing the reason
They find their way into town
Old men with rifles sit on porches waiting
But nearly always miss
For winter is the friend of the coyote
And the bones of men
Are appendages meant for warmer climates
Civilized cravings or hunger drives them here
Or maybe it’s just an Comanche tear
That fell in this place 
And stained the ground forever
What ever it is I welcome them here
For they are clean and pure
Of what burdens men

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Snow sprinkles the ground
as delicate as sugar
crystallizing the exterior with a romantic heritage
only found in the heart of a child's imagination.
Like happiness it can melt in your hands,
and like happiness it can grow bitter like the ice you slip on
Forming miraculously to the curves of the earth
hugging till the land soaks in it's providence
white like the pages I battle with
Falling so passionately you'd think it was falling in love with the ground
And when it lands,
A blanket of perfection
glistening the season to a crisp
gently the sun arises
"there's no where to go today,
I'm just going to sit and enjoy the magic."

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Any Old Poem Contest: echoes and whispers uncut

the whispers
of leaves
turn color
autumn is here.

the echoes
of the rain
that waters
and blossoms spring.

the snow shapes
the crisp cold
ices the wintertide.

the sand sculptures
that paint
that rekindle
a childhood summer past.

the seasonal airs
stimulates the senses
and the memories they carry.

in the glee,

in the hopes and dreams,

in the human spirit,

lives the miracle of life.

the magnificent
voices in every pitch
deep and resounding,
the melody

 of echoes and whispers – uncut.

Maurice Yvonne
Any Old Poem Will Do - Contest
For Skat A
Entered: August 29 2014

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The Winter Blues

Inside it is nice and warm,
cuddled up alone in my warm bed,
sheets and covers smother me,
as soft pillows rest my heavy head.

Outside the white, soft snow comes falling down hard,
blowing in from the north, south, east and west
and the wind picks up, as it makes a high pitch howl,
as a ghost would do when trying to strike fear into someone.

Inside so warm,
outside it is so cold,
Inside filled with sweet dreams,
and outside filled with cold, soft, white nightmares.

Soon, the alarm goes off and wakes me from a cozy slumber,
as I hit the "SNOOZE" button and straighten myself from bed;
I walk over to my window and rub my eyes and can't believe my eyes.
Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow- and more snow!
White pillows of snow everywhere,
on the leafless trees, the branches covered with snow and ice.
I open my window for some fresh air,
and the air is too thin to breath, and the wind hits me in the face
and cold burns my face with a chilling sting!

I shut my window- as I look at my bed,
temptations of jumping back in and warming back up
all cross my mind,
but sadly it was only Wednesday and no call-off for school,
so I guess I'll go shovel the snow out of the driveway,
warm the car up and get ready to go learn.


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Walking Towards Evermore

    Sound cutting through 
the urban atmosphere
   Awaken sleeping city dwellers
Fierce winds blow but the sounds continue
    The sound of brass instruments and voices 
Voices, voices - chanting and delighting the senses 
    of the asphalt homeland 
It always comes down to this:
  Silence is gorgeous 
  but the right sounds 
improve the spirit and the body 
Dancing notes in the air 
Awaken the "chi" 
and cause shadows to flee
An unreal joy 
  seeps in thorough the void
As we walk towards evermore 
Each note becomes a step on our perilous path 

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God's Sculpture

Winter arrives and God's sculpture is seen everywhere,
Snow as white as cotton, on the rooftops of the houses.

Trees brushed with snow along their delicate branches,
Spruce and pine trees and boughs, God's Christmas Card.

Snowman white and round with eyes and mouth made of coal,
And a carrot nose, topped with a black hat and winter scarf.

The sounds of the sculpture are silent and reverent,
Only the sounds of the wind can be heard.

Parents and children creating these snow scenes,
Sounds of laughter, enjoying God's sculptures.

Mountains of snow, tall and small,
With smooth and rugged angles.

God's winter sculpture, his portrait of excellence,
To be appreciated by humanity.

Winter weather is a friend and not a foe,
And whereever you go God's beauty reigns.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Crystalline Winter Hollow

          Crystalline Winter Hollow 

A camp fire against solid hollow black 
Holds the cold and limited visibility
Hours come born without warning
Near to night, wild on the snow storm
A dim light draws us home vulnerable
It is a dot in the distance
Illusions of fireplace and warmth
A hunt for life between each snowflake
Moving on as the snow deepens under foot
Each step is sunken treasure subaqueous submerged
Cold and water take their risk in winters grip
The lake may not take the weight of passage 
Camp fire is a long way off now
So is that dot of light called home
Frozen images are all that’s left
Hidden there on the distance, crystalline alone

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Winter Memories

Days of past and wintry times
The chill of night within my bones
Words that last and cling to rhyme
Crackling flames and yuletide tones

Birds of night sing one last song
Then capture flight to warmer lands
Where they shall stay all winter long
Until the season changes hands

Ribbons and bows beneath the tree
Neatly tied 'round gifts of love
Cookies and milk near Santa's seat
And the mistletoe hung  
so high above

Hugs from friends who come to call
Children's faces filled with dreams
Good tidings and tinsel lining the walls
That share in my winter 
with warm memories

Michael 2013

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Sun Shine

Oh, the sun shines and the wind blows
the crisp, apple-wind, blows,
laughing through the half shorn tresses
of the sugar maple trees.

Oh, the sun shines and the shadows fall
like long gray mufflers, foreshadowing,
the wraps of winter winds
and frost on dawn's green grasses

Oh, the sun shines and the heart sings
full and ripe as the pie pumpkins
waiting to be picked 
and the comforters calling from the beds
of cuddling children.

Oh, let the sun shine for it fills my soul
for when the dark of winter persists
I will remember this.

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So Soft

                         So Soft

Serene and silent the head caresses pillow
Landing soft and slowly with a sigh
Quiet sounds of silken quilt
In covered warmth
Receives the fragile woman worn of age
Contentment on her face
As she finds comfort and companion with relief 
In design and form beneath
As she slips between the sheets
A slower moving body
In the cozy bedroom for some tranquil sleep
Outside, snowflakes count down the hours  
Blanketing the relaxed house near heaven
In penetrating peace
Mounting are the flowing mounds of white 
Building moments upon other open moments
Smiles take the woman on a cloud
To drift as well
Composed and calm
Upon her pillow down

             8/21/14 Seasonal Bliss poetry contest

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Somber is the Color

Somber is the color of the day
   Prisms of lamplight reflection
On darkened window glass
   The rainbow of color seeping through
      Stained glass puzzle pieces 
              of a pewter lamp of old
While quietly, I sit, and ponder, my pen in hand
  Upon cold shoulders, woolen sweater pulled closer
   As varied thoughts so far away.
My mind is lost in wakened dream
   While trees are tossed about in winter winds
And leaves are dead beneath the snowy mounds
  A fire glows, the storm that keeps me bound.
One shard of light, from neighbor's home
    Across the hill, a distant mile
The dimness as a room from winter sighs
   I write the words of heartfelt lullabies
             The day is sadder than the words I've found
                    So somber is the day that keeps me bound

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First Winter Snow

Cupped-hands blessed the first winter snow – 
That tasted like peppermint wind

The pines and aspens share secrets, 
As they whispers what they know

Then, they giggled like schoolchildren 
In the snowy playground – with the red
Brick schoolhouse off in the distance

Their cold faces blinked and blushed 
Like a basket full of wild freckled strawberries
Suddenly, fresh pine cones fall to the ground; 
They chuckle, laugh and then roll over,
Exposing their innocent souls to fresh blue sky, 
This all appeared in the first winter snow
This, I am sure and still are

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- Silence In Christmas Thoughts -

  This is the season when the forest has winter coat on
  Where does frost smoke come from
  Is it our angels morning yawn
  Sunlight comes as little fanfares from the cello tones
  Large pine trees decorated for Christmas joy
  Gusts send thoughts from forest to sea
  Everything slides into each other to a beating heart
  Here's silence among nature sounds
  Christmas is approaching .... once from the purest source
  The time Jesus lay in the crib

   A-L Andresen :)

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                            Imagine if I had a sunshine factory,
                            I would made the sunshine almost every day.
                            Winter is beautiful in its winter coat,but we
                            freeze and get the flu.
                            No, it is better without the gloves and scarves.
                            Imagine if I had a  sunshine factory,
                            I would made the sunshine almost every day
                            The sun would shine like gold on the blu sky.
                            Yes, almost every day ...
                            If I woke up sad and tired, I would turn the sun
                            up a small notch,
                            and share a lovely sunny day with you.
                            Waiting for you:SUN

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Seasons' Promise

Summer lies sleeping somewhere in fields of daisies
her warm breeze waltzes with each blade of grass

Autumn’s reclined wrapped within soft, cool mists
her nursery of seeds and parched leaves put to bed

Winter has awoken and rides the frigid northern winds
Ushering in a moment of slumber to proffer the circle of life

And... spring will come tomorrow, a new beginning to champion
When all asleep arise once more, with burst of colors everywhere!


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The seasons of us

when winter comes and skeletons of trees

stand starkly upon the snow

i will think of you

and your head on my lap before the fireplace

skating on the gaunt, deep pond 

where we made love on brighter days

hot chocolate and fired brandies

and standing at windows while flurries fell


when it is spring again and trees bear promises

as islands of snow die slowly in their shadows

i will think of you

when all was alive again and you believed in us

within the world of nest-making and streams going home

making bouquets of foothill flowers

constantly profaning the word “forever”

and imagining that winter was forever gone


when summer is upon me with sweltering wrath

i will come to the forest where we walked and

i will think of you

where we were prone beneath the well dressed limbs

in a canopy above us, fitted into one another like lovers

by the quarry lake where you were covered in beads of water

and the sun loved you and glistened upon your body

where i looked at you as one would view sunsets or miracles


autumn will come with all its dark omens and i will walk 

upon the crisp leaves made spectacular by death

and i will think of you

where the earth wore its gaudy colors while ours had faded

into the murky hues of uneasiness and fear

and soon the trees will awaken alone and naked to the world

and i will understand their plight in a box called home

where once laughter lived and life was wonderful


there was a time before seasons and sentiment

when small, gentle hands covered my eyes with giggles

and you gasped, “oh, i’m sorry!  i thought you were someone else!”

i smiled then and replied, “i am.”

it was the spring of us that led into the caldron of summer passion

before time and treasons took their toll

before reality and reason tore the glitter from our eyes

and our autumn came that condemned us to our winter 

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Ancient Winter

The old man, who slowly walks with the cane 
Many years ago, he looked just as you do
He was handsome, virile and tall
Living then so easy, no matter the weather
Today, his bones curve; and once steady gait, slowed
He recalls that each season came bearing gifts
Spring, brought youth and delightful promises
Summer, glorious heat to warm and nourish his body
Autumn, a gift of reflection and he'd count blessings
While winter, pretentious, came empty handed
And youth fell for his clever guise each time
How he would dazzle with breathless beauty!
Coming at precise moments of vulnerability
With his pristine cloak of soft white to beguile
He would pose as a friend come for a visit
While he convinces that he'll never remain
All the time he possess your body stealthily 
Then wait in silence, lurking in your bones
As he runs schemes to steal away your youth
That old man, now frail, spend days before a fire 
And in solitude, reminisces about his past
He did not see winter as ancient or deceptive 
Had no clue that winter is never to taste joy
Today, he still brings out his best brandy
And gladly shares with his permanent guest 
The youthful years have all dissapeared
And like the magical portrait of Dorian Gray
Winter appears younger and prettier, still!

This was fun! : )

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                              I look outside and see the snow 
                                   running from the clouds
                              and even though it’s hitting the 
                          pavement at top speed, it lands ever 
                                     so gently and silently.
                               This phenomenon amazes me
                         every time it snows, which by the way
                      may or may not be very often where I live
                               but it does happen every year.

                           It really is quite beautiful to look at
                       when it covers everything like a beautiful 
                           white fluffy blanket. My eyes wrinkle 
                           at their sides as I smile at the beauty 
                         of earths white crown. Children’s voices 
                            ring with laughter playing in the soft 
                      newly created playground and snow blowers 
                              start their engines with a loud roar.
                                  Also this happens every year.

                           I sit here in my warm cosy living room
                           with my fireplace burning, enjoying the 
                            warmth inside and the beauty outside,
                     until nature calls my dog to come check her out.
                  I open the door and the cold air slaps me to reality,
                      and those green eyes of mine turn greener as 
                       I think of my neighbors south of the boarder 
                        who are still walking around with shorts on,
                     and despite the cold my envy burns every year.

                                  Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
                                Contest: The Green Eyed Monster

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Let Winter Be Gone

Cold wind on my cheek be gone!
I have seen the ravages of your power
And l cower at how my pale face
Matches your drifted drafts of snow.

As the rain melts you into black ice 
You are clever old man, your frigid fingers
Tugging at my cap and scarf, letting me know
Who rules this season of sleep and sorrow.

I've seen the creatures you have left stiff and
Starving as your beauty belies your silver swords.
Whistle your flighty self toward the south and
Once again let the gardens grow to let spring sing.


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Wild Western Blizzard

What could I really know of the breaks 
                                                                in the land
huge canyons               bleeding red              cut by the wind
with the snow swirling                                  around our tires
barns upright 
                                   and fallen to a  tumble like icebergs
windshield riming over with a crust of ice
                        we scrape madly inside
                              trying to keep cold out
speed slowing
slowing to a crawl
always on the lookout
outside line appearing and gone, 
                                                                    no worries about
cattle led inside to safety    to be watered               and fed
but what of us?
                       Will we be trapped clutching a candle
                             wanting a chocolate bar, 
                                 waiting for a tractor?
and all the flat seeming land seems to have ditches
and roof pitches and rushing trees, and a swirl
                         of slumbering snow 
                                             to lumber down in drifts and piles
no fire would ever warm us
                                                                temperature dropping
            until finally we see it                shining in the dark
                                          a lantern at a farm
a fleet of snow mobiles to greet  us
                                                                   scurry is off 
                             before our ears turn blue, 
                                would they fall off?
Luckily, not tonight, not in this blizzard, 
                                                                      we have home.

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A land of ice and snow, a picture perfect postcard,
It is here I walk alone, lost in thought, of glories utter
Amazement surrounding me.
Draped across the pine branches of evergreen, frozen white
Lace glistens, in the December sun.
Raw wilderness lain exposed, on a canvas of bare natural beauty.
Freedom's unexplored world, lies outstretched before me,
In this my wintery wonderland.
Crisp is the wind, blowing against my skin, it sends
An icy chill downwards, but I notice not.
I'm a dreamer set adrift, engulfed by a poets
Yearning, to put words of inspiration, onto an empty page.
Heavy steps, crunch the layers texture beneath, nay
I'll remain still, soaking in this forest portrait.
Before these eyes, I'm unable to grasp everything,
There is to be seen, but ti’s a spiritual moment,
Of reflection, in clarity's vision.
The mountains breath, is a thin chilling mist,
A fine thin halo, placed upon rocky peaks majesty, by the
God's themselves, a majestic crowning of divine design.
Covenanting these exteriors hardened edge,
It gives a taste of harsh flavor, to this natural
Paradise left undiscovered.
The blue hews of the sky, are Chris-crossed by
The northern lights, aurora’s multicolored rainbows,
Dancing in the Alaskan horizon.
An echoing peace lives here, a quite tranquility,
Humanity has forgotten for progress.
It is a magical essence of solitude, that
Speaks to ones inner being, a purity in the
Meaning of existence.
Within my little cabin, I'll rest, beside the fire side,
Warming these aching bones.
 But the mind remains alive and alert, sparked by
A higher powers kindling, a flame, ignited with imagination,
In this my wintery wonderland.




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Earth turning,turning

It's time for the 
Fall clearance sale
along the urban trail.
Your last chance
for real bargains in
summer leaves,
acorn seeds and 
English walnuts,
Summer hopes and
dreams of full bellies
to last the winter,
lazy rivers and the 
last blackberries,
much has already 
gone to decay,
grasses and late leaves
spin in the first cool breezes,
some, were washed into mud
in last nights drizzle.
Prices cut drastically,
we must move this merchandise now
so we can bring in the winter line.
Now, now, now,
is the time for the last
warm fantasy, prices are slashed,
before the sun sinks lower
and cold shadows usher
in the winter pelts.

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a slight breeze and loosely packed snow on yonder branch comes tumbling down in myriads of tiny snowflakes each flake becomes a miracle glistening in the streetlight like a diamond

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Wintergow Reminisce

"Winterglow Reminisce" silent embers from golden hearth of fireplace sizzled, as snowflakes gently cascaded as diamonds warming lovenest in winterglow reminisce reflecting upon fond memories of intimate proposal. as festive aura of chilled season atmosphere chimed two hearts hovered in romantic interlude exuding a precious moment in time to treasure as the merryment of jovality ignited Winter dreams. in retrospect of cherished caress beneath starlight frozen icicles melted .. succumbing to passion while the moonlight of Winter magic shared an exquisite rendezvous of love a snowy picturesque canvas enticed sheer landscape in delicate embrace of happiness, forever. *For Craig's Fond Memories Contest.

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What happens to angels tears, as they fall from the
Heaven above, into diamonds of ice so are they
Transformed, turning, spinning in the atmosphere.
Until unique unto themselves, white pieces of 
Frozen lace, perfections icy miracle, descending
From the blue hewed skies of Nirvana.
Covering the last leaf of fall, one by one
The power flakes glisten beneath the October sunshine.
Crystal shells of ice, freeze into water cylinders,
Forming sickles of decorations, that hang from
Every house and tree.
It is truly a winder wonderland, so beautiful
That the angels themselves come to behold,
What their teardrops have made, as a single
Feather falls from wings of grace, it to turns
To ice, and is blanketed beneath the freshly fallen snow.


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If I Shall Grow Old 2K13

If these eyes shall become blinded, and if this
hair shall come to be combed thinly and grey;
No, it would not be the end of the world.
I would still see beauty therein this world through
the songs of Crickets and Feathered Songsters.
The breeze would yet whisper and trees still dance.
I would yet smell the freshly bloom of Spring.
I'd still endure Summer's sweltering heat.
I'd yet feel Autumn's leaves crunch 'neath these toes.
I'd still long to be fireside with Winter.
Disabled or not, perhaps I'd yet walk
therein wonderful imagination.
How I'd be forever young at heart!
Then just as one journey came to an end,
I'd indeed greet another with a smile.

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A Winter Forest

A harsh wind bites.
The signals are there for those
who understand; those who can 
read the fauna and flora like a map.
Navigating through the forest…
through life.
Acorns are being stored under a
red carpet.
Shards of light pierce through
deciduous windows.
Evergreens wrap themselves 
in a nice warm coat.
The snow arrives on iridescent
wings, stretching it’s arms and 
cloaking all in sight.
A silence creeps in, it’s heart 
slows to a single beat of a 
dying honey bee…

©  7/12/2014

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Winter Sky Poem

I will write for her clouds of color
Ellipses, reddened
to temper this cold!

I will write for her words of purple cirrus
and pink, dawns
we will walk in golden sunsets.

Behold yellow morning star
the heavenly peach
caught between Magnolia branches..

I will write the rain, the flame
and this poem for her!
~ ~ ~

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Love like winter

It’s cold
And I long,
Really not feeling well.
It’s winter while I
Touch you within the snow.
My thoughts race me
Horrifyingly toward you,
The pain, 
I can barely overcome.

It’s the bluest winter,
Like your eyes, my dearest.
And it feels so warm,
Just as the shadow’s
Riots never reach your side.
When your body’s
Not twisted
By butchers that don’t
Know the meaning
Of love, of weep.

It’s winter in our souls,
None the less,
May it be summer in
Your cheeks as
I bare you in my mind
Like this prayer.
In my dream we usually
Hide like my
Personal orison.

It’s winter and 
My soul’s so hollow,
I cannot even dare
To speak.
I’m still longing you, my brother.

© 2010 Stefania Carmen Misaila

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Loneliest Winter Day

December clouds are falling, 
falling into gray from a heavy sky 
of snowy tears as if newly widowed
brides in white are gathered on high
to bid one last farewell to love, 
and all the while, a morning fog thickens,
then, settles on a desolate earth
like a memory of last year's blizzard.

Migrating birds, too, bid farewell
as the hazy winter morn
abruptly turns to anguished night.
Even a grieving sun stays hidden
behind closed curtains...uncertain
of our planet's slowing orbit
on this, the loneliest of winter days.

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Seasonal Sigh

Finished vines
waving limply in the wind,
tangled streaks across the hillside.

The Autumn Earth
conceals eternal motion
under a carpet of many colors;
a fluid carpet that flutters and shifts
beneath my feet;
a noisy carpet telling the story 
of my presence.

Frost-bitten flowers
broken by my passing touch
salt their pollen on the wind;
a gooseberry shrivels
against the bark of a naked bush.
The black bear and the coons steal
each other's dens,
and bees, lethargic,
cuddle on the combs.

But why?

I know why---
scientifically, astronomically--
the earth and sun fly elliptically
and space dilutes the energy.
But still i cling 
to the burnt orange leaves,
savor the last unsquashed berry,
dreading the day
when my worn winter jacket is not warm enough
and my breath freezes
and my legs hurt where my boots rub.

The frozen rain clings in crystals
to tired trees; snow glitters like shattered glass
and cold sunlight assaults my eyes.
I close my eyes against the glare
and listen to the moaning wind,
and dream of a world
where Autumn gives birth
to Spring.

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Winter shattered the city,
marking buildings with sorrow.

I dread the wooden morning:
my black and salty shoes, crusting,
and the wind straining the fence,
again and again,
the shells of confused people, wheeling,
sick of wanting light, wanting green.

All day, I see the weary, searching,
hear the noise of my soft heart,
a stricken sound that breaks overhead
with wild need, loud and true.

If I could reach the dooryard to the day,
turning the handle to a happy-here,
have that sweetpea sweetness once again,
I long for purple rooted near...

Outside, the shook bell is groaning, Maine!

*every word is from Edna St Vincent Millay's THE EXILED. 

This is a cut word poem. I rearranged the words and changed the theme.

**I chose to take a summer poem and flip it, writing of winter.

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Winter Jewels

The morning sun peeked over the horizon
Bringing in the start of yet another new day
The snow glistened with sparkling whiteness
As the sun's rays picked up shining crystal prisms
Sparkling tree branches clung with droplets of snow
Looking decorated resembling frozen snow diamonds
Twinkling as the sun rays caught the flakes
The trees all sparkling decorated by mother nature
As the sun rose higher and  temperature warmed
The diamond remanents dissipated all to soon.


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On a cold winter night

On a stormy winter night
With a chimney only in sight…
A pooch sat and stared…
At the curious sight
Of a flickering light
That dazed and caught his sight…
“Oh what is this flickery light!?”…
Thought this curious pooch…
“Whatever shall I do to this light that constantly makes me wag my tail?”
Silently he stared and gave the flickering light a very serious glare…

The pooch barked and howled wanting to play with this new light…
But the light only flickered and glared…
With colors about
And sounds that would shout
The pooch couldn’t resist…
He slowly crept up and went for a pounce…
But the light was no longer there…
“Where did you go?” 
Thought the curious pooch with tail wagging that he just couldn’t hide…

                                                                                               Fire & Ice contest
Now alone in the dark
Hearing the beating of his heart
The pooch settled down and grinned and thought…
“The light must have hid!”
The pooch searched through the house,
Under the couch,
Behind the tree,
Even under a flea…
But the light was nowhere to be seen…

With tail still wagging 
He curled up for a dream
And slowly drifted off to sleep
With the flickery light, dim but insight 
As well decided to sleep…
On cold winter nights…
With flickery lights…
And a pooch with silly dreams,
We understand the sight of sleepless nights
And why “the dish ran away with the spoon”…

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Bursting from within the heart of a blizzard shock wave,
Shutters the flexing eye of this white hurricane storm,
Shattering the inner core into a blazing shards torrent,
A miracle of utter mystical enchantment occurs,
In this ancient incantations sacred spell.
It is a crystallized super nova’s raw force, exploding from
The inner guttural roar of nature giving birth, to
The snow bird of paradise.
In its translucent chamber egg of ice, resting in the
Diamond dust covered nest, lined with crystal frozen gems,
Shimmering beneath the chilling Artic sun, as the
Freezing embrace of mother earth, rocks her starling,
Kindred off spring, waiting, are anticipating its hatching.
Ever tenderly the life within stirs, as if a captured moment
Of purities grace, encapsulated in brilliance opulence,
The shells shard melts away, in a hushed display of beauties
Refinement and complete elegance.
Nature itself seems to hold its very breath, as the
Snow bird rises, for the first motions step, in a swaying
Waltz of harmony.
Behold the snow bird strides forth, fanning her plumage
Behind, a white laced peacock is exposed, unfolding its winged
Feathers delicately, one by one, until the colors
Reflect the light rays from the polar sun.
Gleaming in radiance, the fineries majestic appendages
Sparkle with razzle-dazzles adornments, yet the winds brush
At her downy softness, as if caressing the fleece of a new
Born lamb’s wool, ever so gently.
Plumages lace of snowflakes spread wide, in a splendors display
Of glitz and glamour, as the fluffy strains ripple in the night winds
Whispering, come along my beautiful creation, it is time to warm
My soil with springs everlasting promise, once more.


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Weather Empathy

It's warm enough here
For short trousers
And a tee shirt
Driving the car with the roof down
Eating ice cream (don't tell the wife)
Long walks in the evening
A swim in the sea 
Working in the garden 
Sittingin the sun 
Drinking wine

It's hard to imagine
Somewhere else 
It's 10 below zero
Centegrade or Farenheit
And covered in snow
Wind chill factors
Prohibit swimming
For all those without fur
Driving is difficult 
With the roof on
Sitting by a warm fire
Drinking whiskey

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A Frozen Heart

The storm raged on,
snow and ice covering everything,
temperatures well below,
and not even the sun offered its warmth.

Among the fray was a small child,
lost in the pure white land.
Ice had frozen completely through,
a heart now layered in ice.

A child to young to care,
to understand,
lost among this winter wonderland.
For days upon days,
slowly withered away.

One day unlike all the rest
a figure emerged from the shadows,
found this wandering child.
For the first time the sun began to shine, 
basking in its warmth, 
the child’s heart began to melt.

The figure pulled this child from the storm, 
sheltered and locked away, 
the small child no longer withered.
Heart no longer protected by layers of ice, 
ice that had melted away.
This child had found a home today.

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Winter Has Arrived

The sun coming up takes time to grow,
The dew forming up freezes up so slow,
The warmth of sun refuses to spread wide.
And the season of winter has finally arrived. 

The leaves are frozen, chills in pine,
Shiver in the body as well as spine,
The season of laziness has come alive,
And the season of winter has finally arrived. 

The fog on the streets and blur in the eyes,
With early morning walk and freshness aside,
The climate of bornfire back in style,
And the season of winter has finally arrived.

The cupid of love blossoming around,
With every day something lost and found,
As little snowflakes minutely glide,
And the season of winter has finally arrived. 

The moment of care for all the old one's,
Who cant withstand through the winter slide,
The joy of giving and helping is here,
And the season of winter has finally arrived. 

Jingle bell jingle bell, the songs have begun,
With jesus and its prayer, Christmas in its full run,
Celebration of Christ is to be lived with pride,
And the season of winter has finally arrived.

Finally the year has come to an end,
With some rules to be obeyed and not bend,
This year is also somehow survived,
And the season of winter has finally arrived.

Time to make resolutions for the new dawn,
To follow them throughout and not break to mourn,
The darkness fades to give a new sunrise,
And the season of winter has finally arrived.

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Thank heavens, the winter that bit is bygone

                Thank heavens, the winter that bit is bygone.

               Winter frost chilled gout-ed limbs, wrinkled 
     all crooked fingers severely knotted with revolting ink blue veins. 
            Movements became a luxury of room heaters.
              Thank heavens, the winter that bit is gone !

              Love and passion had gone low in profile
                  rigid against frigid cold-heart ed winter,
              warmth had dulled down in tiny dots, unseen
               Thank heavens for the winter begone!

      The sober siblings,the purring cats and the bored puppies 
               now peer slowly out of shut window panes
        in bright hopes of spotting long gone glowing brightness
       They too sigh, thank heavens, the winter that bit is gone.

                I can hear colors knocking at my door
          fragrances slowly permeating air, faintly though
     a warm ray of sun stroking my sleepy senses to rise and shine
               Thank heavens my beloved spring is here.


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Colder than How cold is it

I never want to touch one                                                                                             Do they wear brass                                                                                                       Never dug a well                                                                                                    Never sat on an iceberg                                                                                            Penguin's not touching that                                                                                              I can wait on the shovel                                                                                                Don't have an ex-wife                                                                                                    Not kissing her mother                                                                                                Ha Ha never seen lawyers with hands in their own pockets                                                I have never cut class that way                                                                                       I have never got ice cream from a cow

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Midwinter night's grasp

Caught in midwinter night’s grasp
My windfilled eyes brim with tears

But what are tears in the dark

When the snow

fills my heart

with the light

of dying


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When Snow fell on Waikiki

Sunshine turned to cold sleet
Palm trees froze in place
Tourists walked down white streets.
to shop for hats and boots

Beach boys left the beaches;
 Surfboards were turned to sleds.
Rather than surfing waves
they slid down Diamond Head.

No more graceful hula;
grass skirts became passé.
Dressed in lederhosen,
slap-polka was the rage.

Don Ho found a new song
to thrill his many fans
 ‘Tiny toddies,’ every-
one, makes us all feel warm.

Suzanne Delaney

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Dead Winter

innocent years, childhood dreams left behind in verdant fields I once traversed summertime, in my prime seaside picnics and surfboard rides all have vanished now before me lay the dark woods where creatures struggle for survival colors of fall fade in memories for this is the winter of my life thrashing through vicious vines blood stains the pristine snow beneath my feet each day the challenges loom larger insurmountable obstacles animals tearing at my flesh stones embed in my knees when I fall hearing winds that howl, screaming at me words that echo in my soul “Repent, make haste, seek forgiveness” as through the forest my shaky legs move forward dried limbs, weak branches foretell the destiny that awaits frosty fate consumes all hope as I fall face down on the frozen stream finally reaching the end of life’s winter days
*Entry for Sidney LeeAnn’s “Dead Winter” contest By Carolyn Devonshire

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Christmas Merriment

Snowflakes falling, falling all night
My pine tree adorned, now illuminating under snow
I brush and brush off, unveiling Christmas twinkling lights
Giving the white ground a colorful glow
An appearance of a Hallmark card, I must say
My children gather around the tree in merriment 
Then one by one they form fluffy snowballs
Laughing mischievously they begin to throw them at me
Well you can guess what happens next
Yep, before I was done they are covered in white
Red face and cold we all go indoors for the night
In front of the fireplace tired, beginning to warm
We look at each other and started to grin
Deep belly-laughs replaces the grins
You can't have enough of a good thing

For Nathan's "Christmas Joy" contest

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Cold Fingers

I look out my window
No longer white and fluffy 
The snow has turned a sickly gray
Much like my mood towards this season of death
Tired of dark clouds and cold winds
The birds are wise to abandon this desolate place
I dream of sunshine and blue sky
Running barefoot across green grass
Smelling the fresh scent of spring breezes
Lazy days of summer accompanied by young lovers
For now I am a prisoner in a cold land
Wrapped in my blanket staring out at the gray
Nothing seems to warm the coldness that has invaded my soul
Old man winter has stolen another day 
I wait and I wait
Time seems to move in reverse
Is there any escape?
I go to my computer
Warm weather awaits me
Just a click a way
Visions of spring dance in my head
I can cheat on winter
Escape cold fingers
I can fly away to some exotic warm land
Run through Sun drenched waves
Drink umbrella drinks
I can follow those clever birds
I long for this escape
Just four hours away
I arrive at the airport bags in hand
Feeling oppromistic
Then comes a storm
Old man winter refuses to release his icy grip
I look out the airport window
The snow covered runway is pure white
All flights cancelled
A block of ice where my heart used to be
How I long for spring

Winter Be Gone Contest
Poem written January 27th for your contest.

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The Reign of Winter

She arrives in gown of pristine white:
A crystal crown of ice adorns  
Her frosty pate.

As she claims her wintry throne,
Winter makes her presence known,
With frigid breath,
                        and icy touch,
                                          she lingers---
Blue skies turn gray,
Autumn reds and golds fade away,

Kim Merryman
Entered in PD's contest: A poem never entered in a contest

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I'll Laugh Myself to Sleep

My Mind is Music, in Music's Mind-
Tunes are riddled with riddles and rhymes
My thoughts wander in wonder, dancing in silly songs
Melodies to haunt and please
(Even if they only please me)
Because I will laugh myself to sleep
(I've nothing better to do)
I'll laugh myself to sleep, just because
Just because
It's better than crying myself to sleep
And the little things that blow my Mind-
Little things that keep me from thinking...
The Wind sounds like footsteps,
Coming up the stairs
On a cold Winter's night

* I wrote this on LSD; don't know if it helped or not lol

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Snow Ponies

Paint ponies in the snow
delicate dusting across their backs
like confectioner sugar 
so fine... and
puffy, light, white powder
laying on the land..
Oh how we love
our gentle
Arizona winters!

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Last Sonnet

Hither I stand, at crossroads,
And then I gaze, at the yonder end-
The vague horizon from where I began;
And all that I may ever deem
Is that- my days
Have been a waken dream.

Hither I stand, at the edge of my dream;
Then I wonder, at the depth of my trance-
An adventurous journey through the wondrous woods;
An idyllic stroll through the vicissitudinous meadow;
And from the final station as I depart,
All that I can ever say, is that
Perpetuation has been a rouge
Of fleeting phases of my life.

Suyash Saxena 
St. Stephen’s College.

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Bitter Cold

In the midst of cold so bitter
Lies the fear of its pain
From my youth I remember
It stealing my breath away
It closed my nose tightly together
It slapped my face as in shame
Cold like that you remember
The shivering seems to remain
I will not return where it's bitter again 
Cannot understand why so many stay
I'd rather stay where winters are milder 
Than shiver and shake while starting a car
Cold so bitter is never forgotten 
It's impression stamped like boot bottoms
Crunching loudly in my head
Then reminders of getting pelted
With bundles as it melts from trees
Walking home from school through the park
Yes the memories of my youth are beautiful
The blinding blanket spraying each tree
But deep in the purity of the white
Lies that demon, the freeze monster
Taking the breath away holding it ransom
Until temperatures rise to keep him away
Leaving him bitter, angry until next time

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Evening Solitude

 Dusk descends upon the snowy winter plains
 The sun slowly sinks into the western sky
 The landscape has a magical winter-land glow
 White in contrast to the dusty blue hue
 Deer stand grazing on the fields of straw
 Once golden wheat stood tall in summers heat
 Now short and covered with white winter dust
 Looking heaven ward the sky is aglow
 As if someone took a paint brush to a canvas
 Red, oranges, purple, blue and golden amber
 So colorful that it looks like a piece of art
 As the sun finally sunk behind earth's orb
 I sat in wonder watching nature at it's best.

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Winter's Lair

Evening skies darken to ashen gray
Mesmerizing, no glance dare go astray

Small living creatures sense looming danger
Low black clouds, mother nature's anger 

Trees scatter moonlight's eerie shadows
Warm breath turns crisp in this sudden winter castle

Stardust lands on frozen meadows
As creeping fog erases moon's shadows

Icicles hang like stinging tassels
From petals on yesterday's beautiful flowers

Footsteps today placed upon soft green grass
Now shatter beneath me like breaking glass

Bare exposed arms of the mighty oak tree
Even her fingers, tremble of what is to be

Now encased completely in coffins of ice
Awaiting mother nature's one destructive sigh

To bring down her branches
Out goes the power
End of story

©Donna Jones

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The Winter of my Soul

‘Tis winter in my soul, and It snows deep within me. The leaves of autumn are gone, but only Melancholy stayed behind to converse with my soul – ever lonely and forlorn, and where the storms of winter have gathered and made a home in the weariness of my soul.

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Crystalline white branches from a subzero snow.
Takes the place of beauty where leaves are suppose to grow.
A forest of white sparkle delight,
frosted sugaring of coldness bites,
rainbow flakes flutter in the crisp moist air,
 A shimmering spectacle; 
for only my eyes to bare.

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The Rose

The red falls against the snow
it’s color like the red of a rose
I smile
I have created a rose in the winter.
Soon the red has melted the ice,
collecting in a pool below my wrist.
A flower blooming from the skin.
Petals falling from the bud
and warming my ever so cold touch.
It’s thorns still pierce me
but the beauty takes away all feeling.
The ever growing flower,
it takes away my taste,
then my hearing,
then my touch,
then my body goes numb.
Then it takes my sight
and replaces it all with a blanket of white.

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A Great Day

The seaweed gathered on the shore
tangled in the stones with broken shells
and pieces of glass, polished smooth.
A crab, waiting for the tide, scampered
to a safe corner of a small pool to hide
and peeked to see if I was moving on.
I carefully stepped from stone to stone;
a young boy hopped quickly by
and I thought of those…less cautious days,
as I planned the six more steps
that lead to the safety of the sand;
where, in the summer, blankets and towels
cover the beach like an eclectic quilt.
There, smiling, I recalled those times years ago
when the hectic busy days of midsummer here
made winter fly with anticipation, but,
on this October morn, I find peace in this near solitude,
and as a retreating wave washes sand
from beneath my feet, I’m glad for all of life.
Those days of Led Zep and the Doors
to these of jazz, blues, and Sinatra.
Mostly though, I'm glad for this day, the greatest of all,
as tomorrow and the next will be.
I skipped a stone into the surf
and turned to walk toward the sea wall.
Perhaps I’ll come again tomorrow
before winter makes me wait till spring.

March 2, 2013

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Rainy Days

The revelations of winter pass now,
the captured moments of vertical strife,
the stanchion of paper white birch forests
rigid on the black scratch board of rocky hillock
soon, these markers of winter will be hidden.
The milky froth of frozen ground water with its
watery tresses falling in a downward slashes 
passing over grey granite cliffs will disappear. 
Brave bits green will spring,
rising succulent and sucking, hungry 
as the red tipped maples tonguing the foggy air.
Winter weaned from the austerity of fast.
The still white tombstones marking the hill
will be hidden behind verdant forests of poplar,
beech, maple and rampant evergreen.
Each structural element, each under pinning
pining for the cloak of spring,
craving an end to the cracked and chapped existence,
longing for the robin’s song, and the worm’s rise.
Dreaming of golden dandelions 
as the rain tinkles down.   

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Stillness of the night

The glow from window yon beacons me home through I hear not a sound
Stillness is what drifts upon the breeze late into this frosty night
Falling snow whispers silently as it settles gently upon the ground
While the warmth of the flaming hearth promises such a welcome delight
My footsteps mark the freshly fallen snow with the quietness of a mouse
Refreshing stillness envelopes me, leaving only my thought for company
As I make the last few steps on my way into the house

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Extreme Northwest

If I leave you again,
it will be for the last time -
you snarling day-fog, northwest winter.
I would escape to Santana softness,
no harshness, warm-spot summers.

Monoliths rising in the Pacific 
signal the winds as they pass.
The winds blow ashore, carrying the albatross 
to rest at last.
Warming and wetting they come to Seattle,
dropping a burden from the sky.

Some say the weather mocks men to suicide.
I am adrift on land, feeding on turnips
	and oysters.
The driftwood is not tree but people -
people of a different caliber than fiber.
The wheat seas swarm with them.

Water pours from Palouse Falls and drifts
patiently to rejoin the salty sea.
Calloused hands feed hungry mouths.
They sow, they reap.
The rolling hills of the Palouse, so violent
in the making, would scold a thinner soil.

When east meets west in Washington,
the merging is a clashing, frightful.
The lines are drawn as poles are set 
	in solid soil.
There are no prisoners taken and no mercy
	quarter given.
Still bread is dipped in broth on both sides
of the fences, along each line of trenches.

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Winter Is a Vacuum In the Mind

Winter is a vacuum in the mind
when spring knocks with violence at the door.
That death grip shows white knuckles
	and frosted ears.
We are the children of fate,
weathered in frame,
punctuated by seasons.

Hastily we go to warm the limbs
and limbs fold to keep the kindled coal.
Our sorrows are as ice, we chill.
But winter dies as did the warm;
the grip is not defeat
but only a retreat.

The accolades are everywhere 
when the cold grip of winter is released.
The wind carries away the cold
and stores it in some cavern in the north.
Less than this we would be
	not seasoned.

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Never Are Two Alike

never are two alike.

wafting to and fro with gentle breeze,
a dancing ballerina the twirling flake, 
motion with vicissitude it sings,
the vapor, the crystal performs.

in costume white appears its shape,
dendrite, needle, plates, and branches,
as stars afloat the midnight sky,
its nuclei the symmetry hexagon.

adrift in sea of air so cold,
the atmosphere burst forth like springs,
down the river of wind it flows,
the flake aglow, the moon it makes.

the perching flake atop the branch,
a tree its home a flake does nest, 
with noonday sunshine sure to come,
the snow, the flake, will be no more.

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Winter has come
Allegro non molto plays out
And instantly, I am back to that day
Nebulous clouds of soft misty rain
Gently saturating my resolve
It has been a fortnight of misery
So I take pause as,
Adiago-Presto plays on
And the vanguard of my thoughts
Runs the amorphous path I have manufactured
Through the briar of thistle,
I struggle 
As Presto dissolves 
And another sun, sets

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night’s realm lays in great forests dark and deep
strong tall trees stand in brooding stolid indifference
barren twisted limbs reach deeply into clear black sky
grasping fruitlessly full moon’s piercing cold white beams 
casting grey sinister shadows upon hard frozen ground
abandoned to gambol in impulsive provocative dance
incited by wickedly fierce courses of rasping winter wind 
playing gloomy melodies arranged on creeper and grass
sirens of maddening woe and bleak foreboding wax ghostly
coaxing him gently toward endless abysmal melancholy
forming narrow furrows of age and grief upon his face
staring soulless brooding eyes’ in empty earthward focus 
study insignificant gleaming steel grey stone monuments 
chiseled upon with names of father mother sister passed
wasting his life imprisoned in unending anguish and sorrow
questions an omnipotent power’s righteous grand design
answered by luminescent cloud cloaked spokes of moonlight 
waning lunar light beams dim to impenetrable gloom
beckoning harsh winter chill nearer heart and soul
callused extinct of warm compassion joy understanding
contradicted by falling swollen flakes of soft snow
piling noticeably in great white frigid heaps 
ending as forgotten footprints belie an eastward trek

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Let out the light

May the snows stop
and the rain cease…
May the winds take shelter
and let the sun birds sing. 
Let out the spring!
Let out the spring!
I want the flowers to bloom
and the sun to shine
Let out the light!
I want tulips and roses 
lily’s and daisy’s
Let out the birds and the bee’s
the monarchs and the daisy’s 
I want the snows and the rains
the long winds and dark days
To finally end.
Let out the light!
Let out the spring!


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The warmest gift for christmas

Under the silver sky ,
The essence feeling from the snow starts to fly.
The northern wind evolutionary telling us ,
Christmas is ready to pass by.

The coldness making us gather in one space ,
Appointing us to share a heart warmness ,
Reminding us to provide a gathering place.

The greatest gift I can get is you my dear ,
Like a Santa Claus to me.

When you embrace me , the lonleyness fades away ,
When you smile back to me , the sadness is washed away ,
When you kiss me , my frozen heart begins to feel again.

Celebrating those happy hours with you ,
I have learned , love is the largest vivid emotion , 
Giving us the view of a colorful deep motion.

Being so greatful for having you in my life ,
My thoughts are howeling loud ,
Love is not just a feeling that evokes with time ,
Love is an ability that can give the sense of soulful heart.

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Tender warm winter kisses

Tender warm winter kisses
evoke the warmth of summer in my heart
and in place of snow
flowers flourish and grow
nourished with tender care
that we both share.

Pure white doves
fly through a clear blue sky
butterflies dance
and rainbows materialise
I see the most wondrous
story within her eyes.

True love is the greatest victory
a gentle flowing stream
a never ending dream.

Peter Dome.copyright. 2012.

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thunder and lightning

Flashing lightning 
sparkling crystals 
falling from 
the night sky 
battering hail 
as a full cold moon 
begins tucking herself 
behind dark clouds 
circling around her 
warning of coming storm 

Opening God's temple 
each strike 
hurling fire 
from his altar 
a swift sword 
breaking through clouds 
shooting bolts 
of white arrows 
from the sky 

Planting electrical rods 
pulsating into fields 
falling flashing diamonds 
shattering on the ground 
when he thunders 
waters in Heaven's roar 
like an untamed beast 
then slowly grumbling 
echoes carried 

Over hills and valleys 
growling murmurs 
wind rises 
howling whistles subsides 
falling away 
carried upon night air 
becoming deadly quite 
clouds disappear 
as the moon 
shows her face 
stars twinkle 
upon the sky 
in cold 
clearness of night 

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Different Textures Of White

Cold, hard,white, wet ice cubes clink into a glass 'pon a summer day

                                Then they pop and snap when touched by warm tea made

Large white raindrops splatter falling from white cotton fluffy clouds
               Their sound brings hope that cooling of the summer air will abound

The white water rushes through the yard cascading over every rock and twig
     onward to the creek to dance on its way to the sea

Over those small white rapids created by those damp dark rocks

                            just a small gurgling sound of white just for me 

Forward dancing across those river rocks bouncing, swishing onward to the sea

     Those white raindrops now whitecap in small waves with a tiny rhythm 
                                         along the beach

White water necessary for life delivers different sounds to mine ears

The silence of all nature as white snow begins to fall

         Just a crisp sound of ice crystals as they touch tree limbs, the brown earth and
                                                       each other

A crisp, cold, steady sound of white snow as each flake lands

              White, white, bright white all of nature surrounds 

Sponsor: Monterey Sirak
Contest: The Sound Of Color
Written: December 03, 2013

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Winter's End

Tonight,.. stars dangle from the trees, 
honed thistle sharp, to pierce the cold
Yet, fragile is the whispered breeze,
for winter's grasp is growing old

Forever words, were once conceived, 
still tangible, on sprouted leaves
But dreams that disappeared again 
will wither and must have an end

A newer song, within the breeze, 
has drifted with each snowflake, fair, 
And sift through branches, as a dare
to urge the sprouts that burrow there
When world was bathed in ivory snows 
Forever' words that we had known
will melt away, as they must be
What matters now, are memories,
as winter comes, as winter goes

Within the clutch of winter's night
the grip was strong, and fastened tight,
But moon and stars, unite as friends
and earth will know the sun again

Tonight, stars dangle from the trees
reminders of the season's end
of what  is found, and will begin
One season ends, and one begins

1/13/15  For Skat's Contest: "Winter's End"

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In winter all men down south of India
Follow celibacy for 40days
They are up by very early in the morning
Praying meditating on the lord
They would never shave but bathe
Morning and evening to maintain hygiene
They wear black to show their
Detachment into any normal life.

They will not attend any wedding
Stay away from all celebrities
They have restricted food
No onions or garlic but saatvic food
That could be gruel or soup 
Sleeping on a water reed mat
Nothing too comfy on the bed
With a wooden plank for a pillow 
They should be at ease.

no sandals or boots allowed one need
to walk bare foot along the thorny hilly path
filled with snakes and wild elephants and thorns.
one loose their identity as all are dressed alike 
to loose the "I" and be equal among all the ego is taken away.

The 40th day they celebrate together 
And carry a coconut filled with clarified butter
Along with some rice on their head 
To give it to the bachelor lord of the hills
Some time these holy days are extended
From mid November to mid January 
To see the celestial wonder of star
High above when the temple opens in décor
All shout in ecstasy the lord is pleased the lord is pleased
Beautiful lullaby is sung to put the lord to sleep
It is a holy time with winter many around have different 
Mode and ways to spend in the name of lord….sunkan

in south india or the whole of india sometime come together to follow this trip to
sabarimala the deity is known to have been born from two males shiva and narayana who came
as mohini to bring him into this world. so he will not have anything to do with female in
his vicinity, so women lesser than 10 and above 55 are allowed to go to see him, to see
him one must follow celibacy and strict meditation and lead a ascetic life for the period
that they follow to go and see him...sunkan

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Mood In March

It's March
And the campus time bell rings
Four times an hour.
I like the mood it strikes in me,
But especially mysterious
Is the sound of the hour bell.
I absorb the sad and heavily pregnant
Meaning when I listen carefully to it.
It seems to be saying,

	Wait for me
	Roll over slowly in bed
	And weep into your pillow.

The subdued ring blends well
With the sound of snow falling
Through the air and covering
The details of earth's varied crust.

I move on across the street
And try to hold the sound in my mind
As long as possible.
It was hollow and sweet
As water among stones,
Flowing away to some mystery
On the plains below.

Like a tiny, persistent echo
The small bell around my neck
Blends well with my walking.

March 1, 1971
Greeley, Colorado

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The Dark Season

The dark season of cold, pallid vastness
Has not broken the tenacity
Of the first snow fall
Heralding the purity of the colorless
And the aroma of burning pine

This opaque mood I am in
Rejoices for the dark season
Yellow and brown ochre highlights
Burnt umber trees of plasticine 
Molded by the hands of nature

In my mind, I am alone in this one-way reality
And yet, I delight for the dark season
If I could share this sensation, I would not
For it’s the prelude to a poem
About a cold and distant soul

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Winter's Silent Beauty

Alone I sit
staring at the cold grey sky
All around
winter's handiwork
so silent
so beautiful 
fills the land

Drifting lazily upwards
pillars of smoke
rise ghost-like 
from the chimneys
On the ground below
the freshly fallen snow 
so quiet, so fragile
instils deep peace 
within my soul

Standing alone in the distance
a church steeple 
points majestically towards the sky
in silent testimony
of its God

Nothing stirs -
the sparrows have gone to bed
this cold winter's evening
dreaming pleasant dreams 
of tomorrow's spring
when new life will take form
in Nature's world
or perhaps they dream 
of yesterday's summer
when they flitted happily
from tree to tree
dancing in the sunshine
so happy to be alive 
and free

Yet, dream on 
my little friends
for even while you dream
cold winter must reign 
a little while longer
still blessing the earth 
with her deep silent beauty
--- as now the snow begins to fall
once more

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Dalliance With The Winter Birch

            Dalliance With The Winter Birch

Crystal glances at the brilliant blue 
Marching up there with blinding sun soaked sky
Clouds stream by 
They come apart in seams of wonder  
As the day begins to shine
Work waits there on the farm
A dalliance with winter wind and trees begin
White limbs swing limp, spring back again on birches
Firm roots, frozen earth, hold the hard wood down
I climb the highest branches there  
At 8:00 am farm chores start once again
They can wait for just a while longer
While all of nature sinks into the skin
As I figure out how to return
Somehow I got lost above the trees
Tangled in the maze of branches
Caught, never found, while climbing birches 
Never quite figured out
Which way was up or down 

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A Game Of Chess

Shall we adjourn from the 
morning morgue
For pizza and a game of chess?

Rays Curve Along The Earth

It is daybreak
With morning comes the 
shining off the layers of the 
And mourning the opening of 
the floodgates
We went down to the coffee 
Skipping past the cherry tree
This tree, it served us fruit and 
To love and to live beside the 
And there we played a game of 
[/i/The bishops had fallen but 
the castle was gone
The White king shoved the 
guardsman pawn
He fell soon after
To roars of laughter
They all adjourned to the 
To the final morgue]

Tea for two and two for tea
Still Café Paris for you and me
We lounged in striped sky blue 
beach chairs
Our raking gazes grazed the 
summit of the hill
I would not have sat still
But for the girl that had lain
The girl wreathed in flame
Scratched her shoulders and 
laughed with the rain
I wondered: did I dare?
Hold her hand and descend into 
the uncharted lair?

Gears and Cogs

It was between April and June
I began to build my bicycle
Fitted in a third wheel
By then I couldn't tell what was 
What was real?
Took her down ol' King's Road
Gave her a short spin
But for the third wheel she 
would've broken
She survived, just barely, a 
The token piece remained 

I BUILT a house of upside down
I KNOW that lost is lost but 
She was my house of upside 
I built her and she built me
We built each other in the 

Gliding Through The Winter 

It is nightfall
With dark tags along the 
midnight sun
Unwanted but unaffected
She shifts the curves along the 
And ruffles up the winter wood
Where I have been waiting
Where I have wasted many a 
night praying
And on the tree bark painting
For love and for my love
And the taking of an oath and 

What then shall the leaves fall
From thy hand onto the snow
And when shall there be 
daylight once more?
For now I shall be gliding
Gliding through the winter 

Dark amongst the silver white
I am king and you are queen
In an endless game of chess

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Newness Of Spring

Chirup, Chirupup is now gone away 
For the Cricket now sleeps in the deep woods
Deep down under a bed of dry decaying leaves
Awaiting the spring's warmth to call__ come

Out across the now no-fence pasture
Lies a giant pan of Rice Krispies cookies
White on tan the dead crispt grass made so by the cold hoary frost
Chilled so that it groans from the cold penetrating deep within the ground

The whole earth awaits that warm sun who takes his time
Slowly slipping back closer up, up, up to the Northern Hemisphere
Will spring come to renew or will those deep woods remain dark and deep
Inviting all eyes to see inside the open venerable vault of clearing

Those dark deep woods encourage exploring
To clear away all the tangled briars, dead barren ideas that need purging
Open clear up those winter woods for new growth of spring
New ideas on which to encourage the grow of the poetic mind 

Been in winter long enough in that cold barren woods
Trapped in the cold lingering by the fire of hearth's contentment
Now is the time to escape_be fresh new
Spring _bring on the novel

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The snow blows across the open fields.
The lake is beginning to freeze.
The plows set still as the snow is falling.
Cars are hard to find them under the white of snow.
People are buying all the bread and milk.
As the only warm place is the fireplace.
The wind it howls an ugly sound as it hits the window with snow.
The door you can't open for its frozen shut till morning.
There will be no school for the roads are closed.
It's so cold the dog doesn't want to go out.
Winter time in N.Y. is such a joy.
That's why I moved south.

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God whispers to the angels,
who open their aprons toward earth.
A thick curtain of flakes 
cover life and death alike.
A swaying screen sweeps away color, 
defuses light, disturbed only by a soft wind
slanting the mantle eastward;
pierced by stark sentinels whose branches 
stand solid against its breath.
Schools close as kids cheer
and nature dons a turbid cloak.
The sky's roof caresses treetops.
Life stills, cocooned
in winter's satin embrace.
Who but the Creator
could alter our ambience
in one glorious afternoon?

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New moon
spooning -
in the warmth
of a cold
and distant

John G. Lawless

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Winter comes
In its birthday suit

It waits looking
Snug like North Pole grizzly bear
Lay waiting its prey
Then pounce and fade.


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What Love is All About

Falling in love, then parting away
I’ve been repeating such relationships
Examining my memories thoroughly
I would seek sweet shadows
I can taste the sweetness of the past
Although you are no longer with me
I’ll be alright
If I shut my eyes
I believe
I believe I will see unchanging love
When you’ve gathered the light of spring make the flowers bloom
Gaze at me in the summer, where the moon floats atop the sea
Warm the autumn winds
As well as the winter snows with your style
Four seasons with your love
Once again
Promises based on desire alone
Will fade with tone
Can you feel me underneath your skin?
Considering that we love each other so,
As long as we believe that, yes….
No matter how far away you may be
Come for me on a night when the spring flowers slumber
Leave a message on the summer beach
Warm the autumn rain & winter tears
With your unembellished love
Four seasons with your love
Within my dreams
Let us hold the flow of time in our hearts just the way it is
The days the two of us spent together will soon be a memory
Even love & dreams will be forgotten, left behind
Warm them, no matter what day it is
Four season’s with your love
Four scene, four four seasons
Deep within my heart
Four scenes, I’ll be alright
Four scenes, four four seasons
Four scene, stay with me...

Inspired by my friend "Sami .K."...

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Winter Winds

Winter winds blow all around. 
I’m astonished by the sounds of Jingle Bells and reindeer stomps. 
All of this should never stop. 
Snow lies on the ground, if only that weren't too profound. 
Time only leads to decay, but not on Christmas, not today. 
You should see the angels pray. 
Toy trains, and rag dolls are the things kids used to want. 
But time has changed, yes so have children… 
Santa seems as if a villain. 
So much fighting, so much crying, it sounds as if the kids are dying. 
“I want money, I want fame, and these toys are just so lame.” 
But that’s the product we provided. 
Second chances are no more, Santa’s plot we wait for. 
He’s sick of this, he doesn't care, it’s as if he’s not wanted here. 
He gets ready to take it all back…. 
There’s still one toy left in his sack, it’s for a little girl, half a world away. 
Now how could he have missed this, on the perfect Christmas day? 
He turns around, not time for war. 
This toy, the girl is waiting for… It’s not a toy like you’d expect. 
She didn't ask for electronics, or stupid games such as Sonic. 
She just wanted one small thing… 
She’s waiting for something EXTRA special this gloomy day. 
In a bed she sits and stares, at the window near a chair. 
She’s so weak, and all alone. 
She doesn't even have a real home, not where there are bright lights anyways. 
They've decorated a weeping willow, the only tree around the “home”. 
So she has lights to see. 
It’s Christmas after all, but there’s no way to calm the raging sea. 
She’s dying, it won’t take much longer, and she doesn't care about the tree. 
She needs a new heart extra bad. 
So, Santa’s bringing her the one thing, that will stop her parents from being sad. 
He rushes to the hospital in his golden sleigh, and climbs right down the vent, 
He’s saving Christmas today. 
Santa rushes in just in time, finds a doctor, the girl is dying. 
It’s not what he usually does, but he stays and watches as they save her life. 
He waits for her to wake up. 
“Santa, you saved my life, oh thank you so much! I needed my heart to be touched.” 
He just smiles, and kisses her hand. He’s so glad he didn't destroy the land. 
Christmas is still a special day. 
There’s no more sorrow, no, not today. Santa smiles though some are still ungrateful. 
There’s that one child, standing in the snow, her life can now be started in the evening glow. That’s life for the grateful, loving, caring, and the thankful. Most of the time Santa just gives toys. For all the good girls and boys. But not today, and not tomorrow, once a year he gets rid of sorrow. So sleep tight and say your prayers, Christmas time is but once a year.

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Deceptive Snowflake

Soft lazy clouds push down on sky
Clinging to the heavens with solitary resolve
Heavy wet blankets the oblivious wind
Spreading an icy breath of discontent

One Deceptive Snowflake leads the exodus
Leaving the safeness of sky
Praising in dance new freedom
Giving tow to weary stitches of white

One and more descend into morn'
Following in blissful ignorance
A sea of look-a-likes
Crashing into a wall of color

Masquerading as equals
In denial of their uniqueness 
Land in rest
On heels of the charge

Helpless in a frozen wall
Wishing only for thaw
When warmth melts betrayal 
Into wells of forgiveness

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FOR LO, THE WINTER IS PAST an Israeli - Sabra Love poem for contest


For Lo, the winter is past
The rains are gone
Glorious are you in the eyes of the sun
Your warmth binds me
The flush dawning world is ours

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

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The Dead of Winter

In the dead of winter Mother Nature is callous and cruel

The wind bites the cheeks as it whistles around the corner

The ice crystals sting the eye like a desert sand storm

Only to blind you with it's forceful gusts

The land becomes colorless filled with white

In the dead of winter Mother Nature is callous and cruel

The trees become stripped of their leaves

And the wind howls through the branches

As the wind swirls and twirls

It freezes everything in sight

In the dead of winter Mother Nature is callous and cruel

As sheer ice covers the landscape

The snow drifts begin to pile

looking like dunes of desert sand

The roads start to become impassable

In the dead of winter Mother nature is callous and cruel

In the dead of winter Mother nature is callous and cruel

The ponds and rivers freeze to solid ice

Snow storms hit with a powerful vengeance

Blinding everything in it's snowy path.

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Winters awakening

Winter emerges from her slumber, 
dazed and a bit bemused
feeling just a tad encumbered, 
as Autumn leaves with a clap of thunder,
Winter realizes it's her moment, 
Her time to reign over heaven and earth,
a silhouette of wondrous radiance, 
she stands so pure and sparkling, 
I can see and feel  her presence,
but the world shivers from her essence,
the icy cold breath that envelopes them
is a white frosty blanket of snow,
even though they know she's coming
they still grumble and complain, 
they bluster, bristle and never prepare
for the beauty we encounter, 
as Winter gives her icy stare.

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Our Night

Dry chill in the air under a sky sprinkled with stars like glitter on felt thick as dust.  Faint air of chimneys in the distant town wafts lazily by.
Night falls and it's sounds awaken.
Distant howl of the nightly pack, some unrest as cars dart down the nearby road.

Despite it all, the security we create is palpable.  Legs entwined as I pull you close, feel your warmth, you skin soft to my fingertips.  You chatter from the cold...I draw you even nearer for a nibble on the lips followed by a deep thrust of the tongue.

Ironically warmer now, though we are naked. Skin to skin, pheromones at play.  You body quivering and soft moans emanating from a place no one has seen.  I drink you in, in waves. Your moans are matched only by the heat of passion I feel now as we are sitting, facing each other in a moment of pure love and expression. I can make the lines of your face faintly through the steamy air we've created.  I sense peace, pleasure and security.  You are beautiful.  We are joined as one, warm and wet, the musk of sweat and sex too much to ignore as we continue this love dance.  

Coolness at last, the doors swing wide. We walk, talk, and you are mine.  We explore the subtleties of our faces, necks, arms, chests.  We know one another as we do ourselves.  We are one in spirit and body.  The night ambles on, as our time draws near.

Parting, how hated.  I fumble for a last kiss, walk away, trembling.  I sit, stand, run to you again.  Once more, with passion.  You can't go, but you must.  Not forever, but for now.  Though separated by dimensions, you remain near in a dream and in my heart, forever.

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At my smoke's edge the winter dies
Without any applause from the beautiful ladies
From the audience
The wire did not stand the season.
Let's move to the sunset together
Holding our breath for the coming times
As our prayers are reaching the absolute of immensity,
Mixing like melodies that are trying to stick out among the others.
My sweet December 
Frozen flower of an era unknown!
I will dance your death song
Naked and rescued perhaps
I will carve your circle to the centuries coming.
Let's move to the sunset together
Like two children of freedom
And even if no more days are coming for us
We will always remember their light.
In front of my window's glass the winter is leaving its last breath
And I draw circles of snow
Upon its hot breath.
Don't be afraid my sweet prince
Destiny's hands are empty and you will face the unexpected,
Along with the light that you've missed.
Don't be afraid,
Let me 
Come with you until the end of the cliff
To watch the stars rebel.
Come on, let's run to the sunset together.

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Go Away Cruel Lady

She comes rushing in briskly
Conjuring warm feelings inside me
I keep asking her to leave
But she always finds her way to my home

I want to run and hide from you
Where you will never be able find me
I'll hide in the warmth of the tropics
Because I know you'll never go there

Please go away now young lady
You are not wanted here any more
If you come back here to find me
I'll be basking in the valley of the sun

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Bursting moments
     on Winters' first day
Fuzzy light
    to show a seasoned way
Marginal fog
     on an edge defined.

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The Blizzard

The snow, its been a long time coming. High drifts, cold - low visibility. Stay home is the cry. Stay off the roads. Warm houses, supplies, everything to keep one comfortable. How about the homeless, are they cared for? Children love it, so they can play in it. But not this one, too hard on everyone. Ain't seen this type of storm since the forties. Not even sure they are the same. Want to believe God is with us. Want to believe we are safe. Everything closed and shut down. What will I do while the storm is going on? Play computer games, read or write. Perhaps watch TV or sleep. Not much one can do, til it's over. But safe, that's the ticket. Safe and warm.

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Dancing Flame

In the cool room of winter
Flame starts dancing in the fireplace
Swinging legs and arms with pace 
Swaying hands and shoulders
Like a lovely lady dancer

Follow her tender smiling face
Her warmth touches the nearby’s 
Cold skin that grins to reply 

She hums a song
Makes her follower becharming   
With a single’s lyric to caress
Her sweet mateless 
In the silent night dreaming

Outdoors the wind inquirer 
Raps the window with jealousy
Pretty flame and her follower    

Xaysouvanh Phengphong   
22 October 2013 

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My Indian Summer

My indian summer.It was no bummer.
A warm day in the winter time.
It was cold outside yesterday.
But today, it was as warm as the month of May.

Eventhough; the trees, they were covered with snow.
The sun was shining bright.Much to my delight.
Warming up my day.Like the warm candlelight.

It was warm outside today.
But tomorrow it will be colder.
For my indian summer.It will be over.
And the snow will bury, the green green clover.
Over, and over, and over....
The snow will bury, the green green clover.

If my indian summer continues to go.
For a few more days, my heart will grow.
Keeping me warm for another day.
Now, the kids can go out and play.

For my indian summer.It was no bummer.
A warm day in the winter time.
It was cold outside yesterday.
But today, it was as warm as the month of May..

Indian Summer Poem By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2003,2013..
ALL rights reserved..

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Woodsman Walking on a Winter's Night

Woodsman Walking On a Winter's Night

With a flickering lantern to light the way
he will not stumble or fall.
The snow is latent beneath his stare,
as he walks into the night.
There is no comfort in the cold.

He is too well-seasoned to fall.
He sees the world reflected
in water pools formed from melted snow
on this moonlit night. 

Glaciers in his path would feed rivers.  
He avoids the cracks that
swallow men whole and will not
defile his shoes by walking in the ashes
of a burned out campfire.

There is a famished ogre who grimaces 
there and would prefer raw meat
	to stew.  
The woodsman is older now, 
toughened by life,
and hard as leather.  
He knows he will not be eaten
	by the ogre or the ice.

He will not tarry long 
in that damp place
where weasels whine and owls
hoot mournfully imitating doves.
Slowly the darkness swallows the man.

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To Where a Snowflake dies

A war in heaven reluctantly concedes
To the lullaby's in the night singing softly
Covering us in heavenly whisper blows
As feathers falling light so intense and gracefully 
Escaping God's whitened watery coves

And somewhere up above
I believe there are angels also grooming
Thus, for the twilight showing, shedding as they rush
The world as such, always in a hurry
But, for an instance and out of nowhere
An avalanche of marvel captivates the hush

And in my distant mind I most certainly can relate
As to the stars and ancient sands of grain
My tongue tasting these miracles of wonder
Reaching further to acquiesce
In greetings, to miniature designs
Crafted out of God's very hands of great

While, celestial bodies move
Constant shadows consume
Around assumptions of the human mind 
Thus, begins the dusk and ends 
To the place where a snowflake dies

Look around
Who is it that seems to care
Or thinks to ponder the manual labor input here
With hammers, chisels, nuts and bolts
Never to witness to a mere mistake
Or upon discovery any kind of error

Yet, I listen… to the silence…
Extracting all its pleasure
Before, another million frigid seedlings ashen
Met with daunting fate
And in the still of tranquil
Neither snowflake cries out or offers up complaints

For a day
Or merely several nights evermore
A complex purpose
Or to thus, a simpler existence
Then, I pause...
Unto supposition, as I meditate the message

Guesses drift off, into what's last unknown
Of the never ending knowing
Embracing their provident life
Watch as they embrace each other closer
In a bank of ice, waiting for the melting

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There is a frost crawling up the legs of my chair,
But the ink in my pen disregards the frigid air.
Closing her eyes and thinking warm thoughts,
Writing prayers that will comfort and open our hearts.

Ice reaches the paper,
My words turn to white.
My hands cannot move,
But my pen can still write.

Carving through the cold ice of hate,
The pen continues her journey,
A quest to fight fate.

For the fate we sought before-
Was merely a reflection,
Of what frightened us most
A combined recollection,
Of fear.

So my pen stumbles forward,
With a heart that still beats
Humbles herself,
 And kisses his feet.
And he sends forth his word, and his word melts the snow,
With the warmth of his breath,
Ink once again flows.

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They’ve hauled me into the parlour,
secure in terracotta packed with soil,
to sit awhile before my ritual humiliation.
Soon I will be baubled,
showy, gaudy, tinselled –
the court jester who will keep
them smiling through their feast –
and burdened with things that dangle,
like a tart’s cheap earrings,
and those little wooden reindeer,
hand-painted, made in Korea.

But for now they seem
to contemplate my noble nakedness,
their eyes detained by something
unplumbed in their reality;
and they are silenced, for just an instant,
by a notion, perhaps, of distant green,
a timeless forest that impinges
on the periphery of their awareness,
seeing me as I would remain,
could they but permit
such an insult to their tradition.

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A Winter Scene

Down in the white-black of the cemetery,

   deep little shadowed stones

   peep from the frozen white-winter


Old souls who once laughed, cried 

   and lived as much as the living world

   now ---- for something

Peering down where my grandpa lay,

    buried neath one of those shadowed stones;

I have his war medals on the wall,

   and father's too,

For their blood they ask me 

   to try a little harder ----

   I shall try,

   as I peer down upon the cemetery

   where grandpa lay,

   buried in a winter memory

   (God rest his soul)

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Woodsman Walking On a Winter's Night

With a flickering lantern to light the way
he will not stumble or fall.
The snow is latent beneath his stare,
as he walks into the night.
There is no comfort in the cold.

He is too well-seasoned to fall.
He sees the world reflected
in water pools formed from melted snow
on this moonlit night. 

Glaciers in his path would feed rivers.  
He avoids the cracks that
swallow men whole and will not
defile his shoes by walking in the ashes
of a burned out campfire.

There is a famished ogre who grimaces 
there and would prefer raw meat
	to stew.  
The woodsman is older now, 
toughened by life,
and hard as leather.  
He knows he will not be eaten
	by the ogre or the ice.

He will not tarry long 
in that damp place
where weasels whine and owls
hoot mournfully imitating doves.
Slowly the darkness swallows the man.

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Another Sunny Day, 
has come and gone.

Snowy days are
much more peaceful.
Winter is a beauty 
nature has created, 
for our eyes to look 
at the twinkling 
light in the snow.

Winter is romantic,
the snowflakes fall
and fall until they
reach each other
on the white ground. 

And they stay together,
until their love melts away.

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Cozy Winter Dreams

It is time for those cozy winter dreams.
Night sky bright with starlight gleams.
High above the moonlight beams.
Echoes of a hoot owl screams,
as I snuggle in for those midnight dreams.
Frosty windows and snow covered trees,
mountain tops waiting for those with skis,
cold winds blowing the winter breeze,
and I'm snuggled in with cozy winter deams.

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Spring In The Mountain(Life Sustained)

high above
a winter snow melts
A greatly anticipated moment approaches....
dripping drops....
tapping sounds....
trickling down....
small veins reach in a quest....
intertwining avenues criss cross the scape merging in believe
a rage, distant, but building in degree 
careening and flowing desperately 
the purest of water searching for the peace of the valley green
a distant need awaits completion 
a river falls
tumbling homeward 
high above 
a winter snow melts............ 


Written By ^Rick Parise

Inspired By The Poem"Spring In The Mountain" Form~Haiku  Poet~A Rambling Poet(Constance)

far from city sounds
upon a misty mountain
winter ice ripples

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Winter never surrenders,
It ploughs through the soul
And freezes the people.
For all time its fierce fangs
Inject bitter venom 
Into its victims.
Some fall prey of a sudden
Trapped beneath the surface 
Of the ice. Others fall asleep,
Unable to fight any longer.
Still some brave the bite 
For the sake of others
In order to help them
Safely return to spring.
Spring endures, 
But winter conquers, 
Such is life they say, 
Though they wish
It differently.

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Final Snow

Descending from the firmament,
complexly frozen mists of white,
crystals swirl in downward helix.

Upturned cheeks sting with contact.
Eyelashes filter clashing sleet,
as I burrow within my shield.

The congregation of wind intensifies,
pushing blinding flakes horizontal.
Sound waves interrupt themselves.

Deeper the folded waters pile.
Gales drift powder into rivulets,
while the insulation accumulates.

Alone, the storm fall isolates,
muting frayed voices,
hibernating chains of rich warmth.

I lie down in the buried meadow.
A white sleep promises rest,
drifting with the falling chill.


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I search for words
To describe this feeling...
After you told me
You hate me...

I remember when 
I went swimming in the ocean
One day in January...
Ice was curled in elaborate design
Of wind-blown swirls on the sand...
Snowflakes mixed with grains of sand
And bitter wind blew both into my face-
Sea foam blew across the beach
Like stray, sodden mushroom clouds
And the ocean waves were dark 
And angry...
It was so cold, this January...
But I wasn't scared.

That day, I had I thought of
The ocean in autumn;
When I swam last in autumn,
It was October, and the
Wind was harsh and strong;
Waves were wild with
The fresh memory of stormclouds,
So they crested high and broke hard
On the beach...
The sun hadn't shone that day either.
The water, when I dove into it,
Was cold, but warmer than the air-
Vicious to look at,
But under the surface of the waves
Still gentle as summer...
I had gone back in more than once
Just because I loved the feel,
The pull of the current, the raw energy
Of the water against my skin,
And I dove through waves again
And again...

I knew it would be worse this time,
A few months later
And so many degrees colder...
I almost decided not to do it
When I peeled off my coat, 
My shirt, my boots, pants, and socks...
The wind bit my skin hard, tearing
Into my warm body, and the gound,
Icy, was like bared teeth against the soles
Of my feet...
Too late to back out now.

So I ran, barefoot, over ice-ringed
Puddles of seawater and snow-flecked sand...
I reached the water, the first soft waves...
I was slowed by the foamy surf,
Which, only knee-deep, was a strong deterrent,
But then I was past it, and I dove...
That first, frigid, smack in the face
As the water closed over my head
Stole all heat, all memory of heat,
From my body all in an instant...
I surfaced gasping in shock,
Heart about to either stop or burst-
I'm still not sure which,
All I could think of was the cold...
It was so cold...
Colder than anything I've ever known...

I retreated clumsily-
I should have recoiled from the ground,
Stepping quickly and lightly
Over cruelly sharp grains of 
Equally mixed ice and sand,
But I could no longer feel the cold...
I could feel nothing...
Could think nothing...

When you told me you hate me...
It felt like that.

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Frosted View

Moss fern
Grows on the tree
Outside the kitchen
Window for all to see
But, seen only by me

Blurred vision
By the frost that grows
On the Window
Pane melting slowly
As the sun touches
The crystals frozen

Water like tears
Stream down the glass
Outside the kitchen
Window for all to see
But, seen only by me

Debra Squyres

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White Death

Who said snow is beautiful?
It is like poison.
It slowly stings,
Like a carnivorous swarm of bees.

White pellets slice through air
Razor sharp;
A blizzard would be mild.
Pale oceans rise where grass once stood.

It piles up.
And piles up.
Until finally—
It stops.

And remains.
Like the laundry of a dead man;
It lingers for far too long.

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Hidden Beauty

Freshly fallen snow sparkling in the sunlight leading a trail to grandmas cabin nestled deep within the woods, where tall trees cover the area a hidden beauty seen mostly in fairytales. 

The smell of pine, cedar, and oak combined with smoke from the chimney and the reddest cranberries you have ever seen capturing the moment in delight with the aroma of freshly made cinnamon buns served with coffee overlooking the fresh sparkling snow in a cabin covered in snow.

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Memories Made

The coldest white had fell
Surrounding all the feet of those behind
The day turned into hours
Just in the mind
Did the gift appear in night?
Or were dreams reality?
Did it come from karma’s hands?
It drifts from sanity

The trek towards that happy place
You’ve been there many times
Something was different now
It held a horrible surprise
The box wasn’t full of life and sound
The ashes of memories made were here
Taking longer to twist the knife
Left remains of a child now in tears

Standing still you couldn’t breath
Excuses flying in your mind
Trying to figure out the scene
Hoping there’s time
You look up to see
Expectant eyes for the last time
You wish you could keep
But it’s the saddest of a smile 

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Winter Woods

The winter wood are stark and empty
Open for all to see_deep
Deep into the soul
Undergrowth devoid of green_no blossoms seen
Wonderful time to explore for can't be taken by surprise

There is something about the winter woods that appeals_
Appeals to the human eye
It calls come tramp deep_discover about life

There are squirrel nests hidden high(in summer)
Along with misteltoe_now seen

One can see the squirrels play intelligent they are
Not eating the misteloe

Oh! how the winter woods stark and naked stand
Wanting to tell all that they understand

Come winter says come sit upon a rock, stump or knoll
Wait, watch, listen, learn, 
As you go along in life, winter woods draws
Draws from its soul to mature the very being of the young

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A moment in catagorical time

It's a cool  mesure of life blood low
keeping the venous vacant return and arterial alert
               compressive but maniacal
down   deep fried effervesence continued a bliss
smooth blow horn alive high frequency antedote
fever pitch a b--i-- t==...c,,,h  mellow deed digestive
cornerstone just picked, not canned cloud
billows apiece with networks intact
sublime charged unpatterened--to gut cord
noose cadence couffiures---who needs to look
when you can heartfeel the resonance trueblue
mild like casket breaths mishapen to formless 
'guises compact summer stated summer not
he--ightened proseless panarama to stiffle
the mistermasters time corrided but indelibly
remembered and "coited to us"---like
creature interruptus. Follow the ill laid scheme
and bottleneck every word line graph to a sinomeasure
rhyme myth only time will tell tribute
pour the mind from the soul fill the void with the
gush of private reserve subvintage--but held
crime captive via socioprocastination of free, non taxable
no interest due, no penalty for "early withdrawal" 
purely personal, single minded, "brand H-one
owner single sibiling thought jester cannibal
yum yum eat'em up eat'em up.

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Winter Scene

Footprints track the new fallen snow,
as I look out from the frosted window.
Such a cool, cool winter scene,
so peaceful and serene.
The branches of the tree are bare.
Not one bird will reside there.
The fireplace warms the room,
the scent of pine's sweet perfume,
and the light from the moon,
brings about a cool, cool winter scene,
so peaceful and serene.

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Rainy Days

For God's sake
Leave them
Let them live
Let them laugh
It is icy outside

They are homeless
They have flu...
cold and cough
They've never tasted warmth
They're poor and marginalized

Please, go away
Let them walk
Let them play
They've never tasted joy
They've never had a toy

Please, be gentle
Hide your thunder
It scares them
Hide your lightning
It awakens them

Their day was tough
And they hardly fell asleep
let them dream of the fireplace
Let them enjoy this precious grace
They'll wake up when you leave

 ~ Blackmatta ~

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A Winter Poem

Swirling and tumbling,
The little snowflakes fall.
Pure as little children,
White as angel wings.

Each has a design,
Unique and intricate.
It lands on everything,
Makes piles of snow.

Everything is quiet,
People watch them fall.
The snowflakes are dancing,
Following the winter tune.

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After snow the ice sets in with wind
Temperatures plummet in the cold
The humble house gets cozy with the warmth inside
Built by the fire in your eyes
Small cabin, but, enough protection on the lumber logs
My love and I venture out to the wilderness
Bundled up in winter gear
Take each other by the hand
It keeps us strong 
It reaches into our hearts
And starts an ember there for warmth  

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Freezing Fire and Burning Ice

They say fire and ice are an example of balance,
Associated with harmony and peace,
Even a story of love.
Is man really so jaded?
Fire and ice don’t exist like this.

Fire can be a lot of things.
It’s the passion burning inside you
Or the light that keeps one alive.
Fire comes in many forms,
But  always burns everything it touches.
It consumes that which blocks its path,
Leaves only ash.
It shows no mercy,
Raging flames devour all.

Ice is more gentle and serene.
It's seclusion and clarity,
a peaceful mind.
It's loneliness and fear,
just as harsh.
Don’t be fooled by its allure.
It’s just as cruel.
It sucks the heat away,
Draining all life.

They are only natural phenomena of destruction

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Winter Rose

Just as innocence  
Stolen far too young  
A rose blooming in winter  
Is sweeter than one in June 
Its novelty lasts forever  
Though its life ends far too soon 
Just as her innocence 
Stolen far too young

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The Last Ovation

to face that winter night
to watch the heap below
the sweep, the belching chimney pipe
and lights, dulled by fog and snow
the wind, as well, it swallowed whole
became that final movement - the last ovation
and winter took its hold.

and, in watching this unfold
I saw the soul of man, who was alone
that is to say, he waits for spring
until, at once, she took his hand
and losing sight of all that cold
the wind, the snow, the buried heap,
that tired soul of man, asleep
with frost upon his weathered brow
and leather on his feet

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The winter’s blasts have come again,
Covering all in a gleaming veil.
Needles of pines poke on through,
Showing green through the clumps of white.
The holly bush is covered, too,
Its berries like drops of blood on pristine snow.
The moon and stars peek through the clouds,
Shedding pale light for all to see.
The air is cold, yet the breeze is pure,
Harkening back to a time unknown.
Glints of light are now to be seen,
Dancing, flickering, never there.
How they lead through the winter’s land,
Like will-o’-the-wisps they flicker and gleam.
The moon shines through, and gives its light,
Glints of light now show all around.
The land of faerie has opened up,
Lighting lanterns in the snow.

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January 2, 2015

Flowers, once rich with colors of reds and yellows,
Now bloom with petals of gray.

Birds keep to themselves their sweet songs of praise as they dwell in the comfort of their branched homes.

The air seems to hold certain heaviness,
A thick sense of gloom and sedation,
As the sun neglects to rise from her slumber.

Clouds linger beneath her, holding within them the night before, providing a soft bed for her rest.

She dreams in lush greens
As she is lulled deeper from the soft songs of a new and bright day.

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The Perfect Postcard

The hoar frost coated the trees

Creating a picturesque scene

A wonderful winter land dream

Everything coated in white

An unbelievable sight

An enchanted winter delight

A picture perfect postcard.

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Snow Fall

                      Snowflakes kiss the ground
And blanket the earth in a white temple of frozen nature
                       Clean and cold is the stillness
                                     Of winter

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Cold Freedom

Look outside the window and see the cold. 
Billions of flakes of snow blast into the air
the hills topped with shining light 
They fly away to another end of the frozen night. 
The sweet taste bites the tongue of the homeless man. 
It frees the chained and abused paved American land. 
No more cars on the street, 
replaced by the wonderful torrential sleet. 

Go outside, hands in the air, and feel the cold. 
Do not expect heaven to answer the call. 
The only answer is the cold night,
that is brought by the beautiful, moving flakes of light. 
The creeping numbness takes all feeling away
then there is no wrong or right anymore.
Smile! Congratulations! You are Free! 

Join me now, lift your earmuffs, let's hear the cold. 
All the soft steps of a billion flakes in the world. 
There are no more machines on the road. 
And no more yells or hustles and bustles
of a million people on the city streets. 
All the shops closed, the end of human greed. 
The slight creaking sound of boots on the ground
but this isn't an another invasion; this is peace.
In the cold, we hear the true sound of light,
removed from the solitude of warm crowded night.   

Smile, remove your scarf, and smell the cold. 
Realize that it is not as you were always told, 
dangerous and dark, a place to find death. 
Ah, the sweet scent of a warm fire.
A family and stranger alike seeking warmth. 
Our nostril's burned by ice, 
the world no longer stinking of vice. 

See the power of the cold? 
Able to unite people unlike any story told. 
Do we need God's device? When we can unite to combat ice? 
War, a dream in this wasteland of our hearts. 
The old is cleansed and reborn in the light filled night.
The time has come to freeze the apocalypse!
Look in the same window do not doubt what you see! 
Yes, it's true, it has entered your heart, we ARE the cold. 
Shining like a million morning stars, reborn a thousand fold!
People inside huddled, ignorant and blind. 
Outside the cold we do not mind. 
“Become what you ARE!”
Look outside and the chains fall!

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Winter rises  and snowflakes fall 
laying out a stark elegance 
of pure white untainted beauty
Winter reduces everything to the basics,
to the bare bones of life
only the underlying structure is left behind
with time, we too are reduced 
to our bare essentials, the bare bones
as our frailty comes to light 
our bid for eternity slows down
and  the winter of our lives
draws to a close, but life goes on, as
winter gives way to spring and
new life begins again, as winter ends.

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Autumn's Arrival

She stays at the back of the room while the other seasons
Have their time in the sun, in the rain
She whispers to Winter when Summer shines center stage
She squeezes next to Summer when Winter turns the world white like a page
She rarely speaks to Spring
Eventually her moment comes
She shyly walks with paints in hand 
She doesn't feel grand,
But her art is
Color and change
Drama and tranquility
She gives everything to the canvas, the trees, the sea, the wind
She creates
Until the clock chimes the hour of the cold and sleep
She steps back into her uncertainty
Waits through Winter and Spring
Until Summer's performance is over
She'll return to her finest artistic endeavours then.

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In one corner of my room,
That is shaped like a tomb,
There is a window, where I sit
And see my world through it.

I see the rising sun,
I see the melting dew,
I see the blooming flowers,
I see the sky’s changing hues.

Through it
I embrace the fading sun,
I live the joyous rains,
I feel the flowery fragrance,
I walk those lonely ways.

Through it
I float with the summer clouds,
I breathe the winter breeze,
I touch the autumn leaves,
I celebrate the cuckoo’s springtime songs.

Through the window,
I see my world.
Neither the autumn leaves,
Nor the springtime songs;
Neither the winter sunshine,
Nor the summer rains;
Would have been great
Had it not been through my window rails.

Through my window,
I see the world.
In the window, lies the entire bliss;
Beyond the window is only an illusion.

Suyash Saxena

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Winter memories

Winter memories that are still so vivid and bright
Those endless days playing with your mates
Snow falling when it should do, kids shouting and screaming
"It's snowing" running out, mum's shouting "Get some warm clothes on"
Scarves, balaclavas and gloves, only your face showing
Sledging in the snow, home made by dad, the lucky ones with bought ones
And the snow was proper snow, snow that came and stayed
Snow so deep you could only see your mate's head's above it.
Snow that made you want to play, sliding down hills falling on your backsides
Soaking your clothes getting your body chilled but still totally thrilled
Digging the snow off your path with dad making snowmen, huge snowmen
Who had carrot noses and coal for eyes and mouths with an old scarf around his neck to keep him warm
No cars on the road the whole street your playground
Having snow ball fights, taking sides and ganging up, wanting to be part of the best gang
Lying in the snow rolling down hills laughing and shivering  
Then the darkness comes, off home to mum, she's fussing taking your wet clothes off droping them on the floor
Towels and pyjamas hung by the roaring fire, being wrapped in the warm towel mum furiously rubbing "you'll catch your death" she's saying
Pyjamas on, drinking warm milk sat on the carpet in front of the fire
Watching TV,  the Flintstones, Beverly Hillbilly's maybe Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear.
Then it's bedtime, going up the stairs slowly not wanting to go, mum shouting after you "I'll be up in a minute" 
Kneeling at the side of the bed, saying your prayers, Our Father who art in heaven..... 
"Look after my mum and dad and my sister" then silently to yourself "Please God let the snow still be here tomorrow"

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Computer generated poem edited by me

Your skin glows like hot coals in  a winter fire

and blossoms  as softly as would a  bed of nettles in the dusty rains of spring

My burning heart rises like an organ

and leaps like a giraffe at the scream of your name,Charmaine

The evening descends like a crowd of great black crows’ wings

I am calmed by your old silk slip that I carry into the pub every night

not caring what the other men think of me.

I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears with blotting paper[ as I bought too much]

and give you freshly brewed brandy from my own glass teapot

As my cigar falls from my lip, it reminds me of your lost hopes of winning the Lottery.

In the hushed evening, I listen for the last strum and thump of the neighbour’s TV.

My heated body leaps into my bed along with my spirits and my photo of you and a few dozen other women.

I wait in the crystal moonlight for the email with your secret plans

so that we may peer at one another shortsightedly

in search of the the physical joys and spiritual completion of true love

whilst simultaneously watching ancient films on the TV

and cleaning our nails and ordering the groceries on line
and other tasks we don’t yet remember to forget

how beautiful it is to love and cherish someone as winter descends

like a ton of dead rabbits.

and Xmas approaches like a Victoria line train coming into Euston

almost sucking us off the platform to certain death.

How much longer will you keep me waiting?

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There once was a whole bunch of clouds
Clouds are not very loud
If you fly through them in a plane
They feel no pain
That’s why they’re clouds

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My mind is dirt and this soil my curse
The seeds you plant in this heat make me worse
I just get so nervous, like I should believe
So perhaps I am wicked and not meant to be

And the steam that is rising
Intoxicates quickly
I have grown pale and swollen and sickly

Crocodile, crocodile, dry off your eyes
And take back your sorrowful, meaningless lies
I dream of your lovers, I wish for their deaths
Inside plastic bags, I will keep their last breaths
And with confined sighs, go north for a rest

I will leave with my murders and nothing will matter
Hot into cold, my love it will shatter

Beneath a deep snow, I will hibernate sweetly
And sleep off this hatred that binds me completely
I’ll pluck all my hairs, I’ll spin them for thread
To sew up the gashes I’ve put in your bed
And with mattress mended, go sleep with the dead

And the water that drips
Is forming a knife
My cheeks will be rosy devoid of past strife

My thoughts will be still when the earth has gone hard
The roots of your anger will leave my heart scarred
I just get so anxious, with all I believe
So perhaps I am wicked and not meant to be

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Metaphoric Flower

To be honest
Winter stings
And it forever broke my heart, but to tell you the truth
I'm addicted to the pain
Addicted like a drug addict
Winter froze my heart
And took away the dandelions for its own pleasure
But it forgot one
Left it deep in the cave
Living with no sun
I met it the other day while writing a haiku
Last one to leave my
Broken heart
It tries to glue my life back together
But I'm already gone

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Limpid and clear, a beautiful world sparkling
Wintery with wind blowing strong
We walked.

The transparency was translucent.
The air was fresh.
We sniffed.

The mountains bared minerals.
The jet stream flowed.
We gasp at the beauty our eyes behold.

We peaked this world many times.
Tree branches are glistened.
The crystalline is misted
crystals aglow.

This is Crystalline.
An ecosphere set free
from human and animal 
Motif: Crystal-like

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one more november

november’s storms keep my travels safe indoors 
the wind and snow prosper 
the tumult is a sad caricature of change
gusts play tag with ill-prepared complaining cars
pedestrians believe that even three legs aren’t enough
birds clench the branches patient and unblinking
ruffled only in the feather of their migrating dreams
the whole world slides
the palette of my summer colours bleach to white
and the knife cold whispers down my spine
windows only offer partial refuge 
from the nameless anger blasting past

edmund fitzgerald felt november’s curse
when the beasts of weather ploughed 
into the lake and the best that we could do
was left broken and betrayed
we wallow in slow motion sliding
to the gaping mouth of next month’s frigid grip
november stings all splotched with snow
november is the fanged and howling hunter
scouting for the wolf-pack winter lurking near
november is not quite the corpse
but the dying patient much confused
with the stealth of marching winds

we are swept by short dismantled days
and longer nights    where did all
the winged distractions of our summer go
now only all the evergreens are clothed in grace
november is the bleeding wound
a cracked conceit of angry words and whorls
with shivs of icicles and sinking breath
the cold is needle-like - injected anaethestic
numbing all the toes and fingertips
with illusions of sterility while the
teasing shrinking sun with troubled light
rolls toward december’s promised tipping point

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Winter Sunset

Late Winter afternoon at four o’clock
The sun was rushing off to bed
Where pillowed clouds received it
As it sank to rest.

Five seagulls following the light
Pursued the fading glory in the west,
White arrows in the darkening sky
Following the sun.

Separate and solitary
A single bird made haste
In purposeful pursuit
Fleeing the darkness.

He soared and swooped from side to side,
Powerful, carefree flight
Until six birds vanished
In the Winter sunset.

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Season Of Shorts

The day is brrrry.
I stay inside, drive everywhere I go.
Longing for my birthday,
Groundhog's Day,
and all that comes after.
The melting, the warmer winds,
the lengthening days, 
the things that bring
the depressed spirit back to life.
watching the layered, coated people
walk shivering on the sidewalk.
It's almost time.
The season of shorts will soon arrive.


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White flakes float from 
the white sky

and dogs are rough
housing with the kids.

I remember when Dad
confronted the neighbors

after their son had
bloodied my iced nose.

He was white with anger
and I was cold.

As I walk down the 
street to the store

the neighborhood kids 
are at it again,

living in the snow, 
building snow houses.

I remember how the cold
didn't affect my young bones,

but now I'm old, and I
am making dinner tonight.

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Down from the mountains it comes on the darkest of winter nights, dashing through the blackness, howling as it goes. The deep forest, leafless and dead, offers no shelter, it sets the trees thrashing with the wind of its passing as the beast circles round and around whipping its tail at everything in reach. There is nowhere to hide from the tireless thing which seeks only to pull and tear at all it finds, leaving branches shredded and dangling. It leaves the woods behind, gathering speed on the open ground, ripping through hedges, sending the autumnal detritus scattering as it passes, and all the time the howling never ceases. At last it reaches the home of its human prey, peering through lose shutters and banging them closed in anger, uprooting trees and bushes in frustration on its never ceasing voyage of destruction. It seeks the unwary and even those safe and warm behind locked doors fear the beast as they hear it clawing at roof tiles and chimneys sending them toppling, few escape the savagery of its passing. Winter’s storm is lose, dashing through the blackness, howling as it goes.

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The Winter of My Soul

The winter of my soul

I sit in my rocking chair and gaze out the window
The first snow fell last night, coating the trees
In a blanket of winter splendor. 
The deer graze at the edge of the pasture, 
Searching for the leftovers of the fall harvest.

Their days here are numbered, like mine.
Soon they will go to higher ground, much like me.
I can't stay, regardless of how much I wish it to be. 
My illness invades every cell, destroying any future
But I will leave on my terms, in my way.

I watch as the deer wander off, disappearing into the forest.
I am filled with awe that I was allowed this last gift.
The gentleness of their nature brings me comfort.
Today will be the day, I decide. No regrets.
As I face the winter of my soul.

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September's Child Part one

Born in Autumn, a buffer season
Not Summer with days of sun
Fields of green with life abounding
And sparkling clear springs.
Not Winter with her majestic wonderland
Of brisk cold winds which kiss the skin
Of gentle snowflakes that fall to earth
Of a blanket of snow that sheets the earth
A covering that allows all to sleep for its rebirth.
Not Spring the beginning of life anew
When snowy fields give way to green grass kissed by Morning's dew
Of promises of love, the inner mating call
Spring a season of life, the most beautiful of all.

Born in Autumn
Things die, They give way
To winds that blow decaying leaves
From once beautiful green trees
Autumn poor Autumn how it yearns to live
A season of brilliant colors
Colors that are false for they hide
The fact what Autumn colors dies.
A season where not sure
Too cold to go bare arm
Too warm to wear a coat
So sweaters were made
Not too cold, not too hot are these days.

Spring a season of love
Summer a season of fun
Winter a season of rest
But Autumn a season of labor
You must reap the harvest
You must prepare for Winter.

I fell in love with a girl of Spring
A joyful, lovely, spirited thing
Her eyes were wild
Upon her face there was a suspicious smile
She was every thing a man could want
Carefree, laughter, emotions of Joy
O' my heart did she toy
Bountiful, free yes was she
This little girl of Spring.

I am a child of September
Born in the month that begat Autumn
Withdrawn, quiet, working hard
I have a strong desire to change the world
Just as Autumn does
It breaks down Summer, forces him to yield
To give birth to Winter
That is what Autumn does
And for all it's glory-for all it's change
Winter blankets him with her snow
So the change of Autumn goes unknown
So is the life of me
Only changing the scenery temporarily.

The other seasons understand
They have their place in time
They yield their beauty grand
But Autumn yearns for it all
He wants to fight
He waves his colors boastfully
He shines with colors bright
And Winter, she only laughs
And blankets him with her snow.

I fight for beliefs I hold dear
But yet I yield them to Time.
For Time rules all the seasons supreme
Time is the Father of all things
Time tells us we must only love
Those in which seasons we can share
Autumn could have Winter which he proceeds
But Summer has Spring which he succeeds
Autumn to Winter, Summer to Spring
That is how Time made it.

       (continued September's Child Part two)

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Old Man

            Old Man (Splintered)

On the walk, the one with wood, along the dunes, a time to saunter
Shoes with old holes on soles now prehistoric
Clip and clop along the winter boardwalk
In the shoes is slender Sam who slides along the boards
Footwear held together with some threads and prayer
Feet too heavy to lift, due to gravity or perhaps a gentler nature
The old man sits to smell the ocean salt and pelican mist
He sits to feed the pigeons some stale official bread from his own kitchen
Rising from the bench becomes a task for cranes and tractors
Bulldozers are needed to lift the spirits
Sam holds on against the winter wind, filled with concrete hollows
Holds on to rails provided there
He retreats into his shell he calls his life
Picks up a splinter with an ouch along the way 
Through his unholy holes exposed to nature and the wood
Perhaps it is prime time to buy new shoes or soles


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Black fruits - in french -

Fruits noirs

Sans qu’on y prenne garde,
Le ciel se tisse du grillage
Sombre des branches.
Elles  s’étendent  chaque année,
Et chaque année,
Grignotent un peu plus d’espace,

Au point de parfaire une voûte
Et d’arriver à se rejoindre,
En confisquant le peu de lumière,
Stagnante, sous les dernières
Feuilles de novembre,
La sève lentement rétractée.

Une pluie insistante, et froide,
Corrode la symphonie des ocres
En une bouillie sombre et gluante…
Les buissons moroses abritent
Aussi des fruits noirs,
A la densité lourde.

Ils pèsent de leur deuil,
Leur poids d’approche hivernale,
Et font oublier les envolées légères,
Des passereaux insouciants,
Qui se poursuivaient
Dans l’azur cristallin.

Ce sont des corbeaux    ;
Et leur noir luisant,
Semble une menace anthracite,
Barrant quelque part,
De branche  et branche
La lumière et la joie .

Without being beware,
The sky is woven with wire mesh
Of dark branches.
They extend every year
And every year
Eat away a little more space,

To the point of making a perfect arch
And arriving to join
Confiscating the little light
Stagnant under the last
Leaves of November
Sap slowly retracted.

An insistent rain and cold
Corrodes the symphony of ochres
In a dark and slimy mush ...
The gloomy bushes shelter
Also black fruits,
A with heavy density.

They weigh their mourning
The weight of winter approach
And make you forget the light flights,
Of careless sparrows,
Chasing each other
In the blue skies

They are crows;
And shiny black
Seems a anthracite threat
Barring somewhere
From branch to branch
Light and spirit of joy.

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Our Love

Our Love

My heart starts aching late at night,
When I start dreaming of you.
Remembering all the memories of light,
All the good times and the bad with the feelings due.
I'm crying every night,
Because of all we lost.
I remember when our love shinned bright,
Now the light smoldered by the cost.
My love for you,
Is true.

I'm sorry that or love has died,
Black as the darkness of a winter night.
I can't imagine that you cried,
Not even in the wettest winter night.

Now I came strolling by,
Looked through the window and saw him.
I tried my best not to cry,
As the light in my heart grew dim.
I tore up the flowers I bought.

I thought about busting down the door,
But there's nothing to say
That I haven't said before.

Now I just continue strolling,
Around the corner and down the street.
And I still don't know
Why things happened like they did,
But I just walked on home,
And dreamt of what I dare not did.

Now I just lay there,
Like my heart has fallen out.
I miss you dear,
But now my light has burnt out.
My love for you,
Was true.


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Quiet the Winter Crows

snow falls flakes 
cling to trees

barking dogs grow 
silent for the moment

corroding wire fences
brown dying grass

a spider scales 
the white cracking ceiling 

the highway

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THIS FROST BRINGS SNOW Written in honor of favorite poet Robert Frost

Note: ( I proudly share the same birth date with my favorite poet, Robert Frost (3-26)

I wrote the following poem in honor of my favorite poet, Robert Frost, who was born in the same 
month and date as I, March 26th, the only difference was the year, yet those years have not separated 
our poetic kinship. I decided to use a similar style as was used by my childhood poet hero. 
The poem is not about him, yet I have used his surname in the title as inspiration for it! I hope you enjoy it. Robert

This Frost Brings Snow

When rains attempt to touch down.
Chilled north breath freezes them;
Heaven's watery tears, 
Turning inward to crystal. 

So much fun to slide
On their blinding residue.
These feet used for sleds;
Not so humorous on unprepared bottom.

Still, this fresh cold oxygen,
It exhilarates older lungs.
I've breathed warmer air,
Yet from poisoned lower valleys.

Something about this frosted water,
Floating into my life.
A natural miracle from the sky;
My mind loves it before it melts. 

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn A.R.R.

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In Frosty Weather

   Cold, so cold
The weather today 
   reminds me 
of a Jack London 
  Bitter winds 
blow from the north 
  It is nice to arrive 
 at a warm place 
   in such weather 
  A cup of tea or coco 
warms up 
   those who have dared to 
venture outside 
   Nightfall over the asphalt 
   The cold spell continues 
Frail creations that we are 
   We must protect ourselves
  from the climate 
We are on the solar boat 
but we are not the captain 
   of this ship 
   That is in hands 
other than our own

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Christmas at Christchurch

        I feel translucent 
	a man of marble skin 
	as if dreaming my motions 
	every step a tread in water
	each reach of my hand 
	a ghost grip touches 
	but nothing holds and yet 
	I clutch these stones and 
	iron spear barricades 
	as a sea-snail would the bedrock 
	for this is my folly 
	to hug close the masonry of charity 

	I feel nothing 
	no remorse runs down my arms 
	to my useless wrists 
	no rage 
	twists my mouth into rabid snarl 
	no pleasure lifts my face 
	from the footfalls 
	of those celestial beings 
	bustling above

	not even a soaked black wall 
	on which I am a shadow 
	penetrates my deadened hide 

	I feel grotesque 
	I am a gargoyle of flesh and bone 
	sown into the fabric of these 
	towers with closed doorways 
	that form broken arch homes 
	for broken things 

	no longer am I broken 
	I have embraced 
	the cold and hunger 
	of my mouth and my soul 
	I am free of this place 


	here I am still 
	here for you to see 
	if you can stomach 
	to see me 

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Spring Showers

Spring showers?
Blooming flowers?

Or deceitful ground hog?
Crawling up its bound log?

Instead of rain,
I see the snow.

Expected fishing,
Turned to hopeful wishing.

I have no bite,
I see no kite.

Winter is still a'blossom,
Cause' the blossom isn't living.

Still dragging under the snow,
While the winds harshly blow.

This is an odd Spring,
Something God could only bring!

Spring Showers

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winter love

mohair grips
as certainty slips
away beneath the covers

heavy as sleep
sinewed lovers

escapes blush lips

touch lingers

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Coldest Winter Ever

       Let me tell you about the coldest winter ever.  I thought the snow would continue to fall 
forever.   A blizzard came through and snowed us in.  I caught the flu and was delirious for 
an entire weekend.  The electricity was out and no doubt all was lost.  It seems we could not 
overcome the frost.  Kerosene heaters could only do so much.  Everything in the house was 
ice cold to the touch.  We were so cold, we did not even have a desire to eat.  Huddled 
together, fighting the weather with our body heat.
       The winter was so mean, and just when there was a sprinke of hope...we ran out of 
kerosene!  And cold water equals bad hygiene.  We eventually ate saltines for protein.  We 
would shiver under the covers thinking we were gonna freeze to death; but we discovered 
warmth in our hot smelly breath.  During the night we used a flashlight. Being out from under 
covers our bodies would be attacked by frost bite.
       On that last morning at the crack of dawn.  The snow was melting and I could see parts 
of the lawn.  We were all physically, emothionally drained.  But the cold still remained.  I 
then knew, that too, would not last forever.  But it was still the coldest winter ever. 
Note: Constance la france wanted to feel the chill of winter for the contest "Let it 
Snow" ...Read on but don't get frost

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Startling weather

I put the kettle on for a fresh cup of coffee the February-world outside shows colorful warmth lit by the glorious sun daytime silence rules down on the nail air whistles around the house wind chases clouds cold air creeps through smallest cracks overnight the sun doesn't shine daylight disappears bluest sky vanishes in no time a black and gray blanket covers the world enabled lights illuminate my coffee-break a different ambiance coated with rain and hail while winter taps on temporary opaque glazing still holding my fresh hot coffee in my hand not even a sip drunk I already have to get up to turn the light out the sun returns glorious warm light falls down from a blue sky large hailstones melt like snow in summer an inviting view through a clear window yearns for a walk outside my hot coffee left behind I need to go outside watch today's weather unwind ©Ellie daphne

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Reflection of the soul

The window reflects my face.
Outdoor, the frog.
Inside me, is snowing.

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Except A Seed

A shrunken, bitter fruit
Dropped from a brittle branch;
The summer rains have passed it by;
The harvesters have let it lie
And Winter stalks the field.

Numb through long days and star shy nights
Beneath a void of trackless snow;
Dull passersby may never know
The bounty death will yield.

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Winter Daze

As I gaze out upon the open sea
I am but bombarded with strife
for everything I touch dissolves away
I crash repeatedly on the ocean floor
surrounded by deafening beauty
The calmness almost evades my senses
as I am rushed and pushed upon the rocks
baffled by the omnious outlook of what is
and was a season of hatred known as my life
I am but doomed to drown in my own abyss
symbolic second only to the insurmountable
climb ahead of me
it would take an ocean to wash away my sins
and an ocean to cleanse me through
but as I pray for winter to approach
I finally realize winter has come early
for this is my winter daze.

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Her Clear Sky Blue Eyes

i look out the window
at the white winter world

she shows her clear sky 
blue eyes frozen in pain

my mind cries 
as people pass by 

on sidewalks leaving 
tracks in the snow 

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On a winter painting

Pillowy white goose feathers
have fallen softly
upon the creaky grass
rotting away
after the autumn feast.

Lacy icicles of flakes
freezing the final
leftovers of the trees.

Exhausted life protected
below the snowstriken embrace
of this mysterious quilt.

What will emerge
out of the covers
once the long sleep is done?

Trees, bushes or, may hap, a rose?
a butterfly?
or, woe, the slithering body of a snake
sliding its way in hissing sighs
melting the ice while winding by?

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Into the Icy Unknown

I took you by the hand and led you down a beaten path…
A solitary ray of light to guide the way
Through an enchanting, captivating, ice-covered wood
Like a modern-day version of Lewis and Clarke
Onward to a riverbank where the ground sparkled like diamonds
In the pale moon light of the tranquil December sky
The glowing lights of the bright and alluring city life
Were painting a picture on the river’s swift current
The sweet sound of time standing still…
Just two warm breaths chilled by winter’s cool air
Mesmerized by what our eyes see before us
We venture onward in the lonely night
Discovering a shabby ship rope
The sense of adventure spiking within us
Enticing us to cross our very own Bridge to Terabithia
To a decayed, barely floating on a long-forgotten vessel
And our feet hit the dilapidated timber planks….
The harmonizing rhythm of two hearts .. ba-bum.. ba-bum.. ba-bum.. 
In anticipation of the icy unknown awaiting ahead
With finely tuned senses, we draw in a breath
And take a step of faith across the threshold
Suddenly elevated to a world unknown
A world consumed by memories lost departed long ago 
Into the serene and still beauty
A rusted, decomposed Terabithia…
 ….and we breathed life into it, into each other.

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Just a day in a New England town

In this place I passed today
Were the many faces unknown to me
From the corner of my eye I spied 
A man of strangest seemingly so out of place 
He walked with his head drawn down as though he meagerly disgraced 
Out of smiles sternly wearing a frown
He wears a long black coat with a candy cane scarf
A dark cowboy hat with a destination amongst the breezes
With his hands in his pocket hunting for keys  
Plumes of dried street salt sailed into the air
All over the buildings and cars, all over his hair
Late winter days pass so slowly 
Waiting for the endless borage of last minute snow 
Cars coated with dirty city street grime
The harshness of this winter victims of time 
And time as such will pass over this season 
Bringing along the vernal equinox with a view far more pleasing 


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The breath of air is so rude
smacking the weak of my cheek.
My knees utter haikus,
come to me sweet relief,
heat of a single heartbeat.
We get it through
culture shocks,
eyes on lock,
dungeon smoke,
swim until you choke,
among the mothers and the addicts,
drowning in conflict,
mourning in pin pricks,
rising in predictions,
floating in afflictions,
coated in addiction,
hung on predispositions,
like reading nonfiction,
fell on us like a harsh conviction.
I'm bound to these sentences
in the cold of the night,
my pen nearly broken,
no sunlight in sight.
I can't write
in this darkness
in this now without light,
no flickering candles,
just grab a spoonful,
taste the aftershow,
until your mouth is full,
Because we are bound to these sentences,
to our roofs,
to our homes.
We are bound to cardboard boxes
and deadend phones,
to the chill of tastebud mints,
and the harsh look of skin and bones,
to the sun faded,
ghost laden,
white shaded,
overcast aided,
purple bagged hollow eyes,
bound to sentences,
unwritten in the precursor of snow
and no man has ever told us where to go.
The breath of air is rude up here,
piling on blankets in fear,
the monsters come out
to tell you goodnight,
but the only demons living
are right here inside.

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this is more a story than a poem on the school's field

When  i  think of schools feled i always think of the winter days 
  with  your mates in the snow,wind and rain 
the best bit is the snow making snow balls and throing them at techer.
having fun making snow men on sliding on ice having hot chocolate,  but then again some 
people hate winter when it snows rain and very high winds  so they huddle together like 
penguinsin thire black and white uniform they hate the snow balls hitting them in the face and 
slipping on ice and hurting themselves but the best bit is getting your mates i rember those 
days and at a few acasions it has bean an oceon of mud and a copple of island of children 
huddeld aganest the coled. ow year and getting snow of thechers cars to make big snowballs 
it is yousaly veary coled and windy


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Winter Lake

Winter Lake

Today, though it’s not summer
I went to the lakeside,
not to angle, 
only because I was so depressed.

There was no windsurfer
gliding on the quiet water,
nor high speed motor boat
plowing through the water leaving its trail behind. 

When surging water clashed on the reef
sent up a spray of water high in air,
and when the spray falls on the water
it forms a mist from the foams sinking into the water
bone chilling wind comes with long strides
pushing a curtain of mist aside.

I feel cold not because it’s winter
but I am sitting on an empty bench
no one welcoming or expecting me.

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This Night I Wait

Crisp, fresh footsteps on the
smooth serene picture of
snow darkened by night.
They ruin the blanket of
nature left by the
flurries in the midts of winter
with a new beauty,
in which I find more attractive.
The crisp, fresh footsteps of your
departure leave me to ponder
on the questions at trial in your mind;
Have you enjoyed the day,
the cook-off at church,
sleeping at your grandmothers,
eating at mine?
and the safety of your journey
back to your warm, messy bed.
I sit on the edge of my own,
waiting for the return of the
crisp, fresh footsteps
one snowy day.

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Song of the Wind

I walk alone on the twilit road,
Watching the stars in the ebon sky,
Dancing and twinkling in the air,
Playing hide-and-seek between the clouds.
The familiar scent of the home fire wafts,
Beckoning to the traveler,
Promising of hearth and cheer,
Warming the iciness without.
The chill wind whips around,
Taunting with its icy blasts,
Screaming like some frozen demon,
Released from an icicle prison.
The icicle lined gables rise ahead,
Outlining the glowing windows,
Telling of hearth and cheer within,
And smoke of the fire wafting about.
Yet, before the snow-dusted door, I stop,
Listening to the song within,
And also to the song without,
Torn between the two.
I back away from the door,
Listening to the song of the wind,
And the needles of the pines,
Telling me to stay.

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Bejewelled Winter

God's frozen nature,
Trees standing or fallen,
Touched by a wand of ice,
Spruce and pine,
Glimmering like a 
storybook kingdom,
Standing tall aloof and still,
Snow and ice covering
God's kingdom,
Danger everywhere,
Viewing winter through 
a multi-dimensional window,
Humans bowing out to a conspiracy 
of the supernatural.
God's bejewelled kingdom,
The warmth at home, 
Friendliness and comfort,
Blessings of the Lord.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Killer Girls and Flesh Eating Zombies

My head feels like it has a lava lamp inside
The skull has a long crack going across the front

I think it’s time to rotate the winter Mucha
Slide up the spring beauty with her berries and birds

Tis the season for old fashioned double features
Killer girls and flesh eating zombies rule this year

Sucking the crystal geyser for all it is worth
The pole humping, lap dancing nemesis at play

Think I’ll drop some winter pounds and grow a new tan
Feed my birdies and then the melodies will come

Make my life sound thrilling with my ukulele
While I pour down those Beefeater gin and tonics

I’ll collect pie birds and light incense each day
While praying for a zoftig desperate housewife 

Change my religion back to innocent pagan
Shed all this Christian guilt like a well worn condom

I’ll hang Wiccan twig men in the lush green forest
And read about the Peloponnesian war years

Polish my ceramic frogs for the porch display
Then ship my old video tapes to my momma

Install some buckhorns on the hog for back relief
And turn fifty with a big four twenty bong hit

I’ll drop in just to ask question and make one think
Then listen to baseball while hammering fine nails

Grow some fat tomatoes in hanging flower pots
Number my candles with secret hieroglyphics

Yes, my head will crack open like a rotten egg
Then the healing will begin, and the world will turn

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Winter's End

Leaves are soaking wet
    from the ice that is thawing.The Sun is slowly
waking up from its hibernation. Snow flakes
         are vanishing one by one; after spring's visit, umbrellas,
raincoats, and lovers kissing in the rain,
          has made snowflakes to seem as though their existence
is a fairytale.
     The ground that was once filled with ice, like icing put
                 on a cake, now is green with life, 
with some rainbow colors from birds, butterflies, and flowers.
From a bird's eye-view, the land looks
                     like an explosion of a big bang of color.

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After the rain, the sun
on grass and lane,
delivering faceward
aromas that could belong
only to summer.

Sometimes, in later months,
we would pretend December’s rain
was July’s as we gazed
through steam-beaded glass,
the crackling fire behind us,
saying little, hardly need of words.

We would imagine we smelled the grass,
anointed with the gentle summer spray,
its beneficent caress,
so light of touch,
like a lover’s fingertips
brushing cherished flesh.

The crackling fire before us now,
we sit, say little, so few words to say,
each recalling how, long ago,
we could turn winter into summer.

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winter rhyme 2013

where the dreams of children
when they were your dreams
not in the pain
but in dancing
in the rain
naked and unashamed
winter rhyme
sweet water cold as ice
if you love once
can you love twice
mirror mirror
tell one true
so much beauty
is old ever new
falling upon your eyes
peace on earth
where the dreams of children

                     - jude

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low winter sun

Blinded by low winter sun
that rakes the icy field.
I shield my eyes and view
each furrowed rut
cut stark in sharp relief;
each new line so dark.

I peer as dazzling light
lifts thinning mist
from ribs of frozen mud
and see each furrow's crest
capped with silver dust.

Like sea-spray
in the morning light
waves furrowed white.
Foam flecks the breeze
as blossom flecks the trees.
Spring is on it’s way
but will not stay.

Summer sun is high
and in the sky swallows gather, 
then depart. 
Rain clouds loom. 

Though spring has not yet begun.
I’m blinded by low winter sun.

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Thine was the glory -
When the sun rose one winter morning,
To love me, I relished myself and basked with my esteem,
I was abided by the greeting rays -
And I followed it, till my eyes seized me...
Thine was the glory -
I saw her at a glance and it seemed I lived the moment -
It seemed I lived a life. 
Thine was the glory -
When the moon gleamed one winter evening,
To hug me, I enchanted myself and suspired the fondness,
I was maneuvered by the adorning rays -
And I winked it, till my arms hemmed in...
Thine was the glory -
I hugged her for once and it seemed I lived the moment -
It seemed I lived a life.
Thine was the glory -
When the spring got hold of time and allayed the daylight,
To verse me, I sensed myself and pleased the warmth,
I was sedated by the soulful met -
And I graced it, till the flushing time...
Thine was the glory -
I assured her for once and it seemd I lived the moment -
It seemed I lived a life.
Thine was the glory -
When the summer flamed up and brightened the liaison,
To bless me, I devoted myself and assured the consequence,
I was honored by the moral dignity -
And I adored it, till my endurance evinced the realisms...
Thine was the glory -
I valued her for once and it seemed I lived the moment -
It seemed I lived a life. 
Thine was the glory -
When the sun doomed behind the roaring clouds,
To lust me, I drenched myself and coused along with the mizzle,
I was lipped by the wishful drops -
And I sheltered it, till my love stormed with the illusion...
Thine was the glory -
I endured the roarings and it seemed I was only living those moments -
As it only seemed I was living a life but not a realism.

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Christmas Spirit

A season of giving,
frienship and love,
that can only come from the 
heavens above.
A starting murmur of the heart.
a rushing throb of excitement,
as children wait for the jolley ole
man with the long white beard and 
wears the big red suit with the big black belt
and boots.
he carries a big red sack upon his back and delivers toys,
to only good girls and boys.
the clap, clap, clap of hooves could be heard upon the roof,
as Santa comes down the chimmy flue. 
Sugar plums dance in a row while the sand man sprinkles his 
magical sand on children so they are fast asleep and don't make a peep.
When all said and done the christmas sun is peeking over the horizon,
and children bounce their parents out of bed. 
to see what Santa has left them,
A toy for Holly, Jack, and Jem.
A parents who stare into each other eyes,
with a look of adoration and love.

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Our first walk of the Spring

Our neighbour's excited spaniel pups spring up to us with the joys of Spring as the trees and shrubs are about to bud as do the garish litter bags thayt no surburban lane would be the same in Britain without the hard work of litter louts. Birds flit from hedge to hedge, the sparrows not rare here neither are yellow or red finches; the winter berries still in bloom as early cherries shyly blossom as though tjheir impertinence will not go unpunishred by snowy winds that have made a tactical retreat rather surrender to a warmer world. 
Couples walk walk and talk as dog owners talk their walk while the former tiny Methodist chapel aintefd a pink that no Wesleyan would praise that or the 'For Sale' sign that the owners' grandon secures the windows before he enthusiastically hoes the roses and everyithing else in a desperate bid to sell as the sap in house prices is on the rise. across the road the large modern homes are crowded in for protection from the ghostly threat of tjhe lord of the manor's remians of his moat, a reminder once a once medieval power as bullocks with no degerence roam and anser to the the mooing of the cows in the fields nearby that are fed by the the farm hand with tractor and trailer never getting out of his vehicle to face this phalanx led by the bull that lord's over them. 
wE walk home replenished as the first day of warmth so we can stop and stare with no shiffer there as the sun goes down peacefully. coming homegulls swirl overr the estuary in mock anyance on such a spring day as the lower sky blushes light pink as the higher sky is a pale navy blue in a beutiful Spring sunset after all our Winter woes.

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The 22nd of December

The longest night,

 The shortest day

 The 22nd of December.

 The Sun turns into another way

 Putting more warmth into the amber,

 Into the humans hearts that pray

 For love, for peace, for happiness,

 For Merry Christmas!

 The 22nd of December!

 The Sun has got its own reasons

 To differentiate the seasons. 

 And Jesus Christ birth

 On our beautiful Earth

 Was also the Suns grace

 From the magic space.


 Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

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 Zealot tundra wonder  --Decked in blues of summer sky
   You never flee the cold
          But rally boldly on---
Taunt the Valiant Golden Hawk
    Whose daunting wings yearn for the sun 
    Blackest days of December

    Winter Tundra Bird
 daring frost kissed beauty
    Roving with the Ravens
         Magnificent indigo flourish
             Against Alaska White

  Jay Bird on a bender....
       Strutting the fjord.
           Blue brilliance
 Pearl kissed Head
      Cocked in splendor
        Starlit eyes   
 Flashing miracles of Mysteries

      to a beat hop beat
 Unheard by human ears

Daring his spark of life to linger
        cold ignored
 Beat hop beat Beat
     At a time

  Swiftly shifts in
    Cruel winds grace
   at a time .

    Eager nimble Eager
 For seeds of spring
  Beat hop beat
 Snow step hop Step
                      Woos closer
 His Lover’s dance of spring
      Promise of delight
        Brightens brilliant

  Fresh flakes Flutter
   Fresh-snow blink Flutter
                    Blink once
     Blink-twice again
 Silhouette against winter white
         Bold .

    Without a doubt--
           Blue flame of sky
               dare the crouching fox
                  with every
                 blue- brash


      Dawn breaks enchanting
          Sun-dogs circle
     Through Bare Black Trees
         Sun shrieks
          Icy Claws
     to touch your Jay
       Bird head
   Beauty finds a voice
 Songs of splendor spin round the world
  on wings of venturing ravens and roving sparrows
        magnified multiplied 
       Shimmer Sun Shimmer  Sapphire Blue Shine

       Spin  Around the World

                    in Persia
   Roving Arctic swallows trill Jay praise  
  Raven Tributes rave of Arctic’s lovely creature
   proclaim him  the Prince of Beauty  Undenied

    Sovereign Beauty now dethroned
             The foolish
 Prince of Peacocks
      Quakes with Rage 
       despite his 
     Heights of Glory

    Perched on a golden fence
    The Spiteful Splendid Creature
             to his death

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Oh dreary winter
You have over stayed
Your grey skies
Are not welcome
I know spring is close
I look at the grey lake
With the duck on it
The only splash of colour 
In the late winter landscape
But I see the hints of spring
Everywhere around me
And the promise of daffodils
Lilacs and butterflies
So winter its time to go
Your welcome is worn out

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winters gone

Winters gone
Winters gone
April show brings
May Flowers for 
June weddings. 
Winters gone
The robin sings 
His spring song.
Winters gone 
The children play.
For school will soon end.
No more snow 
So winter s gone.

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The South Westerly

                     Oh! for the wet warm South Westerly 

                     after the cold white North Easterly leaving  

                     sparkling rain on each window pane South Westerly.
                     At night this rain paints all inanimate things a vivid 
                     hue, while humans look care worn, some even sickly, 

                     no longer New Year spick and span but of a drearier hue. 

                     New snow in the Wolds as yeast in England's east, another 

                     feast for children and adults unable to bring home the bacon.

                     Drains turn into ice topped streams that underneath show 

                     water swimming like eels in a race to breed. Across the North Sea

                     diagonally from The Wash, heavy snow is falling in the Norge 

                     fjords like so many Vikings on a raid for plunder, trade or conquest.  


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Nursery of Winds

In the glistening of Spring
young winds are born,
hatchling mouth gaping
for frozen bits of thermal carrion,
gleaning what nourishment they can
from the keening of last winter’s gales.

Summertime zephyrs are on their own,
casting themselves in currents of warmth,
deciding from moment to moment 
whether they will caress or sting.
They move as they must
for only those most fit
may sail forward into Fall.

Late autumn gales dance in glee,
plucking the trees for adornments
to dress themselves, pushing
the dead scales of summer
through wild ranges
to line west facing cliffs
in hopes of spawning anew.

And in the depths of winter’s bite
they prance in waxing and waning strength,
mating with abandon,
showcasing the power of vernal rage,
cradling each other’s breezes
in the glacial nooks of high rocks,
Scattering truth in their wake,
waiting for Spring.

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Since it was Sunday in late December
the sun perched softly behind a dark
swirl - and the distant dust
turned the last ray from red to pink
well before the dainty fingers
of her small hands could count to six

The tide was ebbing but left lopsided
lines of foam-beige brine surrounding
crooked batons of driftwood settling
for the evening - in wait of the dawn’s
salty brush and the mermaid’s call
that only the mullet could hear

Sandpipers skipped across the scrawls
where some spirited soul had neatly
spelled the name Luna and etched
a lazy heart in the sand
made barely legible by the suckle
of less than a half moon of sweet Gruyere

Holiday lamps from the shops in the village,
baptized by a light steam, lifted green and blue
watermarks off the horizon toward the mangroves
and left markings of indelible ink where crow’s feet
tried to sleep and halfhearted whelk 
nestled as salt in recesses of aged eyes

The scent of the sea was mild
Then again just the thing to suit
The keenness of the cilia that lined
the inside of the only nostril that still behaved.
And though the Mumps had left one ear utterly deaf
I observed the pelican call

This was neither the place nor time to breathe meekly.
A wordless titter throttled my throat
and I asked myself how life might be sounder

Her lily white hand, half covered in sand
touched the truss in my mind.
Smiling out loud my deaf ear could hear
her juddering blood - for she was totally (and wonderfully) blind

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On that fateful night at ten
I saw you walking down the lane
Your hand was on her shoulder
And there was spring in your step
                    I stood on the terrace watching you go
                    Fear clutching at my heart
                    The reality of it all came on me
                     The hope within died a sudden death
I waited for the tears to come
I waited for the pain to begin
But the tears had frozen to ice
And the heart had turned to stone
                    Time went by
                    And life regained its normal course
                    Hard and cruel they called me
                    And a statue I became
Then on a cold winter morn
Came a gust of warm wind
The dark, kind and lively eyes
And the circle of soothing arms
                     My cheeks became wet
                     My heart went a pit-pat
                     I could smell the earth again
                     And hear the birds sing
But the harsh winter froze the warm wind
And the frost began to settle
Passerby looking at me would say
She is not dying…….. she is dead.

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That ugly man is
thrusting his mom back and forth
Mama is panting high and low
her eyes float on filmy watery slides
Is she crying in pain or joy?
but fear makes her son coy
It's suffocating inside the house
outside, it's is a cold winter burdened by pale white ice
The boy doesn't care
his tiny cat even disappears
He flings open the door
gusty wind blows his hat down on the snowy floor
The snowman is still standing , breathing in cold air
smiling, and with his carrot nose sniffs boy's despair
Happiness returns, the boy grins
his father faded face sadly shines
he hugs the snowman and tears
he mumbles and murmurs
If you can, please linger
for few more months hey dear winter.

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Jaded Shadows

Oh lonely mist creep through this window and blanket this heart
your expanding presence nurtures these wounds. 
Isolate this dignity while releasing these inner inhibitions.
Lonely mist... these wounds are too deep this blood tainted black;
cover this image seeing nothing but your palm print
you are solace from the jungle beneath these feet,
worshiping your suffocating light and dreary humor
the moon has risen to guide this path. 

Mark Taylor/Contest:Through The Mist/8-21-2014

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A Winter's Sunset

When the sky is blue,
and a sea of white snow litters the ground
the one romantic an beautiful thing to witness
is a winter's sunset.
As the last of the Sun's beautiful glow
plays hide and seek behind snow covered hills,
and leafless trees,
it is a true sight to see,
but then you feel sad, for it only lasts a moment;
then it is all gone.
appreciate such a beautiful thing as a sunrise or a sunset,
no matter what season it may be,
to witness such beauty is a true gift of freedom.


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Of Loving You

In winter I miss spring time rains,
In sunmmer I miss the coldness of snow,
When the sun beams down I miss the 
Clandestine moon, cool and aloof,
When you're not here with me,
I miss your warm embrace.
I miss the moments we share, so precious,
So treasured,
The depth of my missing you cannot be measured
In tears
Or fears
When lonliness overwhelms me.

I love you!
Missing you is but an extension of this love.
I'll be loving you, missing you, be lonely for you,
Until I am no more, and somehow, I know,
Even after.
I tell you I miss you, get lonely for you,
Not to make your spirits sag or to erase
The smile from your face.
I am only sharing a feeling of caring, of wanting and
Needing - 
As constant as the midnite hour,
As natural as winter's snow and
Summer's warmth,
Spring time flowers,
As that clandestine moon...
The stars
The trees
The grass...
I love you!
Miss you when we are not together!
I get lonely for you!

In winter I miss spring time rains,
In summer, I miss the coldness of snow!


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Frozen Seeds In The Dead of Winter

" Frozen Seeds In The Dead of Winter ... "

(Eccl. 3: 2)

Let Me Die
On The Cold Forest Floor
In The Glittering Dead of Winter

Let Me Not Cry
At Its Freeze-To-Death-Core
As I Lay In Its Rigid Center

And Open and Close
The 'Rest In Peace' Door
and Bid Dark Oblivion Enter

Leave Me Exposed
Where Only Blind Blizzards Snore
In The Harsh-Hush of Howling Censure

Take Me Deep
So An Avalanche Stores
My Frost-Mist and Ice-Block Sculpture

Where I Shall Sleep
As Heavy Snow and Sleet - - Pour
In This Glacial, Slumbering Adventure

Blanket Me, Goodbye
Where The Cold Ground Bore
The Last Seed of My Life To Endure

Wintry Sky
Sinks To Take Me Where Before
I Touched This Frigid Temperature

Now, Let Me Die
On Cold Forest Floor, I Adore
In Its Glittering Dead of Winter

... A Grave Season Fixture

        Written & Copyrighted ©:  1/7/2014
               by:  MoonBee Canady 

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Weekend, Number 2

Seagulls on the pond
mingling with geese
all splattered with rain
on a silver Sunday
in the icy chill
all quiet and still
Pass by all too soon
from the other side of the car window

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                                                   Winter you jest but

                                                   makes us laugh at media mistakes

                                                   or groan at your sport

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“Guten Morgen”… or should I say “Good Morning”…
This is Punxsutawney Phil 
Hailing you from Gobblers Knob 
That’s my tiny hill!
Today, I am feeling like such a lucky ground hog…
I know that some of you may be weeping
But as for me I will soon be sleeping
Because, there’s going to be six more weeks of winter ~
You may say Phil what were you thinking! 
Well, it was kind of hard to see here
With the rain turning to snow
It’s the day after the Super Bowl
Yet, somehow my shadow it did show; 
You know I had to go,
Because, it frightened me so  
Thus, back to bed I must go to hibernate
But not before my veggie shake…
By the way, the game was just great,
This is Phil signing off…   Saying 
“Haben Sie eine gute Nacht” 
Meaning “Have a Good Night”
I’ve been up way too late!

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The Winter

The soft wind blows
as the falling of each little snow flake
makes its way to the ground.
An unknown future lays ahead,
not knowing what the next step will take them,
water flows through the cracks in the street
to take them to a journey that could last a lifetime,
or end in a instant.
Something that is out of their control.
Life starts with one flake
and can grow into an entire mound of snow
to fill the hearts of children with joy,
or can make one man able to work and support his family,
either way,
one snow flake has so much to live up to,
and to be able to fulfill that destiny, only god will know.

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Leaves of gold, red and yellow
Dance to the ground to a tune oh so mellow
Silent footsteps of a lonely lover’s grief
Trudges through the foliage that lady autumn herself conceive
A desolate sparrow that’s gone astray
Returns to its nest now bare and gray
Soon the land will turn ashen and cold
As it was before in days of old
But through all this you could hear
The laughter of children, full of cheer
It is not long till Demeter’s lovely flower to her restore
The flower that brought the wild winter wind, to awake and roar
Soon the lonely lover will find a better day
 Soon the lost sparrow will be on his way
Soon love shall fill the air and the earth will bloom
Restoring to its grace what winter has once doomed

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Acres of Diamonds

The sun came up today, 
as usual,
but with a difference.

While we slept, 
rain changed to snow,
quarter-size flakes 
accruing on the wet earth.

Temperature dropped 
faster than snowflakes,
freezing the garage door shut.

Morning brought a crystal cloak,
to cover winter's drab face;
a blanket of jewels,
                winking in the sun.

A  priceless gift, 
from the Diamond Maker.

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September's Child Part two

  ( continued from September's Child Part one)

But Autumn does not love Winter
Autumn yearns for Spring
But Spring with her bubbling laughter
It is Summer she chases after
Hurt and disgusted Autumn becomes
A season of depression for his love rejected
His leaves of orange, red and gold
Turn to a decaying brown.

He tries in vain to change
To conquer Winter
Yes if this he could do
Then Spring will he be with
But Winter strong, her winds they blow
She buries him with blizzards of snow.

September's Child
A love he has lost
September's Child
Alone and tormented
Spring she will not have him
Summer shines him by
Winter she does control him
Autumn the season when love dies.

September's Child through he breathes
The breath of life
Deep inside he has died
For a love he can not have.

Came September I looked up at the trees
Red, orange , gold were her leaves
I plucked a few from her arms
And kept them in a paper sack of brown.

And I released them into the wind
That Spring.

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Raging Fires

    As chill winds blow 
through the town 
  The inhabitants trudge homeward
Through snow and ice 
   they trudge 
Their faces ruddy from the weather 
At the end of their journey 
    they will come home 
to a roaring fireplace 
    However ferocious the storm
The travelers know that 
   warmth waits at journey's end! 
Take heart! 
When life's storms buffer you 
Learn that love and kindness 
   are the guideposts 
which will lead you through 
life's storms 
However wicked such storms can be

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The snow crunches under my toes.
I feel like Frosty, wrapped up and poofy yet bitterly cold.
Cracking ice, frozen breath, my nose turns a painful pink.
I scoop up snow without gloves,
To examine each individuality...
My life-long curiousity with Wilson A. Bently's science.
My fingers tighten and prickle with cold,
so I follow animal tracks home.
I, bundled and cheerful,
Amble home from the frost to the hearth.

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Nocturne of The Orient

Nocturne of The Orient

I woke upon a winter’s morn,
To find that summer had long gone.
And simpler games of summer days
Have turned to chess--where I’m a pawn.
I feel my heart where it was torn--
As sharp of edge as with a knife--
And know that I have lost the ways
That sheltered me from winter’s strife.

And where were you my summer song?
When I awoke no more to hear
Your graceful melody of care
Float gently ‘round and fill my ear
With essence, pure! Still lingered long,
Your heartfelt tune of life and loss--
To close my eyes would see you there;
An ancient soul of yin* and joss.**

Though shorn from life, my sweetest dreams
Still come to me when dusk brings sleep.
That little death that brings release,
While still I slumber dark and deep,
And rends my night upon its seams,
When wondrous sights I do behold--
That bring at last my soul some peace,
And chase out much of winter’s cold.

© Copyright 2013 Shawn H. Hall - All Rights Reserved

*yin - the feminine passive principle in nature that in Chinese cosmology is exhibited in darkness, cold, or wetness and that combines with yang to produce all that comes to be. Hence, yin=Femininity, and yang=masculinity.

**joss - a Chinese idol (or roughly, a deity). AKA, Spirituality

Thus, an ancient soul of femininity and spirituality.

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There’s too much talk of winter now
          too much talk of weather
Every scrap of paper    blown outside
          defiles a memory of the forest green
Time for old ones    bent o’er rake and hoe
          to    desperately    conceive another spring
There’s too much talk of winter now

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The wiley canine creature
strutted in the winter sun
through the back yard, light on foot
no care in the world
A stretch, a yawn, a funny dance
not noticing the audience
of human creatures peering
through the back door pane
Oblivious until he came 
within arm's reach of the house
The glass - the separation
between children and the beast
A lovely coat, a dream to watch
he really should be out at night
But on this day he brought us 
all a garden show to delight

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Christmas holiday

All the children staying up late to see if they can catch a glimpse at the big guy in the red but
they slowly start to drift asleep as if the big guy was using sleeping dust on them.

Then when all is quiet he creeps down the chimney if he is not to plump yet from all the cookies
so far on his trip.

After he lays the presents under the tree he makes a break for it before anyone can see him.

Before you know it he is on the roof in his sleight giving a ho ho ho shout and disappears into
the endless snowy night 

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Oblivion in Recession

The legs started going,
In my head.
Thought I'd go,
Kept awake with water,
Arrogantly telling myself
I'd stay straight.
Drank gin and wine,
Went out,
Tried to buy more,
Filthy white shorts,
Lost, rolling on lawn,
Somehow got home.
Monday, waiting for offie,
Looked like death,
Fear in eyes
Of passers-by,
Waiting for drink,
Drink relieved me.
Drank all day,
Collapsed wept
"Don't Die on Me."
Next day,
Double brandy
Just about settled me,
Drank some more,
Thought constantly
I'd collapse
Then what?
Fit? Coronary?
Insanity? Worse?
Took a Heminevrin,
Paced the house
All night,
Pain in chest,
Weak legs,
Lack of feeling
In extremities,
Visions of darkness.
Drank water
To keep the
Life functions going,
Played devotional music,
Dedicated my life
To God,
Prayed constantly,
Renounced evil.
Next day,
Two Valiums
Helped me sleep.
By eve,
I started to feel better.
All is clearer,
Taste, sounds,
I feel human again.
I made my choice,
And oblivion has receded,
And shall disappear.

("Oblivion in Recession" first existed as a series of rough notes scrawled on a piece 
of scrap paper in the dying days of January 1993, although I can't for the life of me recall any "Howlings In my head".)

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In Deep Winter

In deep winter, 
in the heart of cold,
his days are met 
with endless snow 
resembling nothing 
so much as waves, 
white as salt,
banked against
the walls of his house,
above window sills,
sealing doors,
denying escape.

He lost count 
of the buried days,
so come the thawing,
the regaining of his lonely mind,
anywhere but here called,
whispering escape.

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Winter's Wrath

Winter is coming.
She blows around ferociously,
Whipping the trees, 
And tossing around the leaves. 
Her anger brings an icy gust,
Making us wish we could muster the courage,
To face her wrath.
With time comes a hero, 
Who brings back summer.
Her time is almost done.

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She Steps as Rose

For V.R.S.
A bend, a pirouette--a flower's dance
reflects in his shadowed eyes, and in her
thorned steps, the atrophying force rooted and redoubling.
Promise me, he breathes behind a teacup
while she is encapsulated in a globe of fading light.
The briny-dotted atlases sit reverent,
assembled beside the living-
room's songs of foreign heartbreaks, each seeded and
grown rampant ivy on her mind's towers, those unseen
cracks of weathering leaving only dreams
of dreams to recirculate like seasons in a day.
Worn linen florals ebb about her body, settling in her late autumn
and hoary winter languishes beyond the pane
where wind-animate limbs, a veiny applause, galely
knock, and her upon the balustrade of
the Palladium,
Hermetic roses beneath her toes.
Were we ever as good as frozen petals?

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Winter rushes in
as the ravenous wolf;
ready to strip the flesh off
Man or beast.

Gales scream over the land
Chasing away summer’s softness,
and frost snuffs out
 the weak of heart.

Man and beast
And await
The joys of spring.

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Silent City

Today I had a thought....
What if I had never met you.
What if I had never seen you.  
What if I had never felt you before.

The sound of your voice is muffled.
Is that the sound of your voice?
The sky is softly falling all around.
Everything is silenced by the fallen.

Surrounded by a heavenly blanket,
no sounds can be distinctive.
The radiant glistening cover of silence 
has stolen the hustle and bustle.

No more footsteps, no more movements.
This silent city has been emersed in winter.
All the sounds have been muffled.
Is that the sound of your voice?

Today I had a thought....

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Ripe fruit hangs heavily Touched by early frost soon this friut will be lost falling to the barren ground below Rustling wind will catch the leaves scattering them to and fro The trees will become barren and the greenery will fade away Birds get ready to flock south before winter arrives Flower droop their heads heavily the blossoms already touched by frost Rabbits fur changes from brown to white Wild animals begin to get a winter coat Squirrels busily gather nuts and seeds storing food for long winter days The harvest now complete The fields bare for the oncoming year Winter will soon appear on the land. as fall fades into the past

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Shy Sun Amidst The Tempting Clouds

Earth's rotation slow,
Sun dancing upon fallen snow.
Through the winter so long,
Hidden among the clouds, strong.
Please come out soon,
You're not the moon.

Hidden behind gray stretched sky,
Why oh why! do you have to be so shy!
You've hidden you shining face,
Out in the open is your place.
Gloom you give, when your away,
For beneath you, the children should run and play.

To long you've been away,
Wont you shine again today.
I've waited for your smile for so long,
Peaking between the clouds is wrong.
What tomorrow have you in store,
It's you Mr. Shy Sun do I adore.

Shy Sun amidst the tempting clouds,
Rays sprinting delicately over listless crowds.
You should show youself again,
For we love to see your huge bright grin.
The winter without you is just so wrong,
Don't please, don't delay your presence to prolong.

I await you patiently when you are away,
For soon you'll shine and make my day.
Your can't shine every day, that I realize,
Though in the dark of winter, of you I visualize.
Your all about, for our fun,
Please come out Mr. Shy Sun.

Linda Terrell
March  8, 2010

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Snow Tower

              Snow Tower

Once captured, snowflakes suffer on high bastion walls
Every night strange noises come from Castilian distances
Call to them; voices remind them of the collective snow
Compacted, they feel safe in numbers hidden deep
Harsh winds take them to their fate
The uniqueness of each flake aligns with winter
As long cold storms of whiteness, weightless against green pines
Some soft feathery specks stay, they melt on branches
Others stray, out of reach, untouched by nature
It is surmised, they will survive in certain seasons
Drifting airless, crystalline gems, swirling up and out
Escape is plausible for some but not in the light of day
Landing on Snow Tower holds potential solace
In diminishing degrees of cold
A certain symbiotic thermal control
It grants them a somber reprieve
If only for a while, relief, and amnesty from what’s to come
Snow Tower sits atop golden ice blue rocks 
Waits out the time in numbness with the snow
Out of view from life and living things
But not the sun’s inquisitionists reach
Which finds, evaporates ice and snow
From every crevice and crevasse 
Once buried deep within and out the castle walls
Sun’s power exposing every flake
Strips the tower in the light 
Licks and laps it clean with warmth
To the white cold bone of snow
Down to the marrow of its soul

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a white christmas eve morning

It's a white Christmas eve morn  
I'm up before the sun 
scurrying around getting 
things done 
this time of year is what i wait for 
still presents to be wrapped 
not to worried about any football score 
last late Christmas cards to stamp 
you work half a day today 
so when you get home I'll be waiting 
the home will be cleaned and ready for our 
family to arrive 
this mornin i feel alive 
Christmas eve is here 
to our church for a service 
and the reminder of the true meaning 
for the season 
the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ 
a child humbled to bear the sin of history 
wow an amazing white Christmas eve 
my time of year 

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Cardinal's solitary home

On a chilly Christmas morn
I looked out of the window
Most of the birds have gone
On this cold dark winter day.
I saw a Cardinal on the tree
Brilliantly colored Northern Cardinal
A winter fixture at snow-covered bird feeders
I ask “Do the birds have Christmas?
Looking something to eat or
Planning in advance for a habitat
On this leafless tree
Like the politicians’ fake promises.
When it gets cold, it flies South
When it gets warm, it returns
That is what we learn from birds.
Maybe waiting his girlfriend’s message
About when to bring food to the nest
A few leaves lay on the starving rod
Fallen from the ash and grey

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The Hunt Is Over

Venus flickers through the trees, the air now beyond crisp,
As toes and fingers curl and uncurl with each step.

Fallen trees are dodged in the fading light,
And the snow once more has become a crusted sheet.

A shotgun rides upon a shoulder,
Not caring anymore if game is near.

When another step sets a partridge into flight,
The unanticipated flapping of wings warms the hunter for a moment.

The body now leans as a ski jumper would,
In order to clamber the last hill before the road.

And the crusted snow rises to meet the knees,
With each failure to maintain the huntsman’s weight.

The snow is plowed high at the roadway’s edge,
And covers a barbed wire fence.

But the fence is bridged where a tree lay across it,
And the road is gained, as a hunter’s Moon points the way home.

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                "A WINTER DAY"
Winter day through my eyes there is
freezing winds and blowing snow and
crystalized water hanging from the barn.
Rabbits,squirrels and deer running to the
woods for shelter from the cold.Sparrows
cardinals and bluejays peaking at the frozen
ground looking for bird seed I through out for
them.Will be so glad for the cold to disappear
and the warmeth to come back alive.Bye winter              
                               Teresa Skyles

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Free Reign

Wild grains of ice

blow, swirl,


form flurried frosty fantastic clouds,

evaporating as they float up

to form a soft steel sky,

bleak backdrop behind

swaying naked trees conducting



winter's full-blowing opera.


Some approach

briefly wave


bouncing isolated moments,

white lace water,

incarnate grace of space.


Bands and billows

tornado up

sweep down blanket roofs


and past,

greet this eternally dramatic day,

then move on

continuing adventive play,

compassioning breath and blood beat.

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Punxsutawney Phil Speaks

What’s that noise I’m a hearin’ just above my head
Man, what is wrong with you can’t you see I’m in bed!
Hibernating throughout the winter is such a cushy thing,
But here you come again bells a ringing; always a wondering
About my dag nab-bit shadow, my eye sight, 
and the weather that’s leading up to spring~
If’n I had my way I’d still be sleeping!
You’d think with all the new technology the weatherman would get it right…
But, Nooo… the Mayor has got me up and I must face my plight;
If’n I sees my shadow, I must do the shake as with fright.
DJ don’t you dare crank up that music…
No coffee, or chi tea for me,
The effects will make this ground hog weak in the knees…
Just do me a favor if’n you’d please ~
When it’s all over put me back in my home so I can catch some ZZZ’s
This is Punxsutawney Phil signing off saying hopeful weather; 
Good Day to all, I’m going back to bed,
Have a Good Night!

Contest: Punxsutawney Phil Speaks
Sponsor: John Lawless

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Winter Portrait

There are many days until winter,
Snow falls gently on the houses and trees.

The houses look like they are made of gingerbread,
The snow sweeps across the rooftops.

Branches of the spruces and pines touched with fresh snow, 
Snowflakes exquiste to view.

Walking becomes a careful excercise,
The snow covered sidewalks.

Soon to be cleaned and swept,
Pedestrians dressed with their warm coats and hats.

Vehicles standing in the driveway,
Partially covered with snow.

A labrador retriever shakes off the snow,
A wise owl sits on a snow covered tree branch.

The beautiful blue jay sits on the branch of a snow covered pine tree,
Parents and children warmly dressed, caress the winter weather.

The gentle hill becomes their playground,
Toboggans and slides are a favorite passtime.

Skiiers can be seen gliding down slopes,
When you arrive home a delicous cup of cocoa or tea.

Welcomes and warms the fans of winter,
God's day complete, good to be home.

Thankful for such a beautiful winter day,
Blessed by the Lord.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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A time for rest,
a time for enjoyment,
in order to keep our mind at peace,
we venture out,
in search for something quite special indeed,
these are known as memories,
in order to keep these memories as lively as possible,
we tend to travel afar,
finding a number of ways to preserve these,
especially the good ones though,
but elaborating on a number of these would exceed the pages indeed,
so keeping in short,
the travel to the Himalayas,
is what I can think of,
the elegance and the beauty of the place , 
keeps on registering in my mind from time to time,
how I wish to spend my time in there,
but a voice calls me back,
for it’s not yet time to rest in here!!

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Note to self

The candles light mouses through the dark
Shimmering against random shadows
Of images the night brings to life
Like a dying ember gasping for breath
The flame sputters and smolders into smoke
Lingering up the air disappearing into fear
Blackness haunts the tired mind and weary hearts
Sounds of winter brace cold against the window
Heavy the tired soul falls into slumber
Buried under blankets for warmth survival
Note to self,  electric bill due 2nd week of the month.

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little frozen pieces of heaven fall
subtle, silent, and soft
these miniature time capsules
take me back, way back
to a time, to a night much like this one
when you came, like the winter snow

a little piece of the heavenly father
pure, precious, priceless
you came to the earth below
as a babe, helpless, you came

as these tiny fragments of ice settle
bare, breathtaking, beauty
captivate my thoughts tonight
as i reminisce, of all the possibilities
of all the ways you could have came
you chose, chose to come like the winter snow

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Your eyes across my soul

Its time to face the truth croons the singer on the radio and I die
Curling up in to a ball pulling my hair out and screaming
Because I know this to be true
I will be there again when it snows and snows
I will be there again if you call
I will be there again if you whisper out my name
In the eyes of my memories you're beautiful
In the breaths I stole with my camera you're beautiful
Across these lips that will never touch yours again you're beautiful

I thought I heard you call out my name tonight 
But I knew you weren't home
In the cold under the city lights beneath the blanket of night
What if it was you I think now as I linger
But you weren't home
And still... 
I wish I had turned around
To see you standing there in the gently falling snow
But I thought you weren't home

I have lost sleep tonight and I may never sleep again I fear
Because I don't know what to do
I don't know where to turn, where to go
So that I may, I might, 
Dream of your smile and your eyes across my soul
You're so beautiful, 

I let slip this pen from my fingers
Staining these last few lines I know it to be true
And I don't really care about that now
I will never be with you I know, I know... 

And this is the truth I must learn to face

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Winter is still here, like the frozen steel,
void of deep colors
waiting for her mask to peel
to a pastel of bursting green.
The trees are barren of leaves
like the brave mothers lost their
sons and daughters in faraway battlefields.
Dried tears are nesting on barks
yet trees are standing high
arms waving the northern star.

Forest land is in a hibernation
under sparkling white snow,
hiding the earth treasures	
from scavengers and crows.
Rending air is piercing the wild,
singing a ghostly lullaby
I watch winter dance in flair
its vastness numbs my feeling,
whiteness washes out my unsettling despair.

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A Winter Poem

The trinity of trees
Ice and weak light
Bitter as the

Sharp cold, pools 
Of thin water that
Grab like trolls at

Heavy ankles, breath
That steams off a
Horse`s back,

And the sky, the sky
Enamel under
An artic moon;

The year closed
Like a wet copse
Standing in the  frost

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On A Road

It was a winter night so cold,

Fog and mist made it difficult to behold.

Hardly there was anyone to talk,

At a distance I saw a policeman on walk.


With a little swagger, Stomach full of beer,

He was blinded by his vigor I swear.

At a corner there lay a beggar,

Shivering and throbbing with piercing air,


Cop came near, who was

Demented by the churning beer.

For the sake of his ostentatious power,

He got hold of the beggar’s collar.


He gave him mighty blows,

From chin, chest, stomach to toe.

Suddenly from his starved body,

Blood began to flow.


His sniveling cry

Ventilated my pavid mind.

Help! Help! I cried,

But my eyes were dry.


Either it was very cold,

Or my desires were not that bold.

With a deep sigh and chest held tight,

His departed soul took a long flight.


I was still standing there,

Cursing beggar’s fate.

I gathered my courage,

But it was too late.


Next morning,

Local newspapers were flooded

With headings of various types;

“One more gave up to cold”

“Freezing cold, one more dead”

“What is government doing?”


But the last one

Shook me within,

What was I doing?

In that cold winter night.

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My Friend - My Love

My friend the sun is setting and the days will soon grow cold.
What is new must grow old.
The spectacular scene of swarming rays beside crystal light must dim to shade.
Those ravishing ripples will soon grow course and fun in the sun will strike a pause.
Wind will bellow like a swarm of bees or biting ants that maze the moulding mud.

To conflict but to confide will only heighten winters pride.
Damnation two competing souls will draw to an un-victorious pause.
Yet no battle is ever won to humans the war continues on.

My love, a plea is as contceptive as talk within actions truth is bred.
Cruelty is masked by normality, charms of a conquest is often too lightly walked into.
You have beaten one clever soul, whose grip was fun but turned cold.
Now deceit grows a new face one who knows not his inflicting ways.

My friend I love to waltz in summertime’s brew however dreamers fall in line.
Lions await the waiting feline. 
Crickets click and fish do swim whose lake do you jump in?

My love the summer often wins first prize but even winter has a golden side
Embellish in the colours summer offers you, but allow winter to warm you.
Lick the fire as you kissed the sun.
Feel heaven in four seasons yet to come.

My friend, loneliness will hold us down consuming us with the rain that beats us down.
My love, reverse that beating to walk what’s knew.
Enjoy your existence, the diamonds is within you.

My friend happiness is not just sun, in finding joy in the seasons four 
And loving the gems that you live for.

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O’ winds of winter be thou Sunkist
To touch the streams of my heart amidst
As the warmth of a Spring morning anew
Let your breath kiss the banks of my soul,
As with a touch of sweet honey dew

.. And I shall be renewed...

As with a touch of sweet honey dew
Let your breath kiss the banks of my soul,
As the warmth of a Spring morning anew
To touch the streams of my heart amidst
O’ winds of winter be thou Sunkist

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Oh what a lovely winter morning

Oh what a lovely winter morning out today.
The sun rising high over the rooftops
and bare tree branches,
the sunshine reflects on the glistening snow
and creates a diamond sparkle and glaze.
As the chilling morning breeze moves in from the East,
the sun warms my face,
as I bundle up warm and go for
a lovely morning walk,
oh yes, what a lovely winter morning it is.


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Eskimo Dream

            Eskimo Dream

Eskimos know 68 shades of snow
They count every flake
Green blue ones fill children with delight
Parents frozen like the dim light of day
Wait with edges of a knife for prey
They dare not move during the hunt for food
Faces etched like leather on fierce weather
In calmer times they sing
Pound igloos into shape before the pending storm
Mukluks on their children’s feet are old and worn
But keeps them warm on moonless nights  
Against all odds for life
They hold together chanting on the wind
Stretching across all time and land
Singing about their past and colder weather
And yes, about the color white
Sentry huskies sway left to right in fear
And think of caribou 
Soon the ice will cover everything
Settled in the deep
The people sleep
And dream of whale bones by the glacier sea

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Dapple Winter

Dapple winter sky dune
mingle with drizzle frost tunes.
A stroll through winter wonderland
hand in hand we shuffle new fallen snow.
Ice maidens dance in the blowing winds.

Frostbitten feels my fingertips,
my lips you warm with ember thought kisses.
Oh, how I love the winter brisk meeting
with you at my side and a full lifes ride.
Come now winter blow the seasons
magic travel near and far.

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Green Grass Crackle

(Total Power Outage)

Ere the grass turns brown,
the first winter storm hits
with crushing force.

Everything shuts down.
The steady rhythm of sleet 
pings against glass.

A black cloak embraces
and warm covers lull us 
into dreamless sleep.

Truth dawns with morning light.
We're flung back into childhood, 
with no power, no heat, no water.

We can't cook, bathe or stay warm.

Shivering, we gaze through glass 
at stunning beauty. Sunlit gems 
on an ice-crusted wonderland.
Green grass blades poke 
through the glistening coat,
as unprepared for this as we.

Layered against the cold,
he stomps outside to explore.

"The grass crackles 
with each step," he says,
finding joy in the moment.

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Those Who Sing the Songs of the Earth

Deep within the earth

I can hear their song

A voice with a strange magic in it that I have never heard before

One with such sadness that it might break my heart

The song of the children

The songs of the skies

The songs of the rivers

And the songs of the nights

Softly they hum

One, two, then three

A symphony of voices

A symphony of pleads

A tale told of long ago

Words woven into the air

Memories reflected within the water

And only the children know

The sound, a memory

Of the storm of swords

The clash of kings

As blood painted the ground

And the feast of crows begun

Fallen kings, knights, common folk

It is all the same

Greed started the war

Humans are too blame

Their greed for power

Their greed for love

Their greed for gold

Nothing was ever enough

The skies darken to the shadow of wings

One white, one green, and one black

With the desire to roast the world

Only Mhysa can signal that attack

Winter has arrived now

The rivers will freeze

Like the blood in their veins

Because what is dead my never die

But only rise again

Too many games they played

Too many lives lost

The spiders carried their messages

Whispered in the ears of kings

But at what cost were these secrets sold?

The winter will take them all

Every wolf, every lion, every dragon, and every stag

After the snow melts

After the rivers break

After the trees can sigh in relief

Only the children of the forest will remain

And one, at first a child, merely a green boy

He has been crippled, abandoned, captured, orphaned, hung and burned

But now he sits on his throne, with his pack at his side

The king no one expected

The king who can fly

(Alternate ending)

After the snow melts

After the rivers break

After the trees can sigh in relief

Only the children of the forest will remain

Singing their bittersweet songs

Their songs of the forest

And their tales of the races lost 

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a puzzle of rivers and ice
a dead fish dances under a witches` dress

birthless you are an ancient fir
forever you are salt and water

and all your sinewed ships are now string
and cloth and wood and burns
and all the songs of ice fail

the door is now open for a moment
pull to the higher ground, free of snow

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Its winter time again, and
Jack Frost pinched my nose, and
Squeeze my very toes

Clinching tight my cozy jacket
I ran inside to soak up heat, and
Pour a cup coffee

Rubbing my hands and toes
Sitting by the fireplace
They start to burn and tingle

Chilly winter days
We burn away the frost
Indulging gentle touches

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A Mad Gypsying On

i wonder if those cackling coyotes

hiking the surrounding fields sound

anything like Hell, well, i sure hope not.

Hell would be a terrible place to be.


still, i feel and fill with remorse.

it’s the middle of November and

it’s ruthless Ohio with her revenge.

with the love of fall beneath her

and the sparkling of frost in her hair,

beginning in the morning under a

fingernail clipped moon and too

far away stars and few headlights,

ohio offers her lullaby here, now.


scraggly pups made of fur and bone,

calloused paws to a calloused ground,

tough like old brick and new cement

and an icy pitch bark that bites back.


people are being pulled from these

pages that used to keep me wide awake

but now only keep me sad and conscience

in the too broad daylight in clean clothes

reading things too keep me soul sick,

to correlate with groggy afternoon insanity

that is not like tonight’s cold but like a

burning city, with me, standing—waiting

at the pier with the commotion of some

kind of humanity bleeding from the parks,

avenues, alleys, clubs, bars, and markets

but i only see the smoke and hear the clamor.


the rest is made up i suppose,

and my heart in the other senses.


but it is too true for those

coyotes in that cold and

i dare not let them in.

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This is a tale
Of one of those times
When, on a dare,
Or perhaps on a whim
I took a chance
And put a haiku out there:

        frozen forecast repeats "snow"	
        brace for five inches
        winter storms

The very next post
Was a haiku on counting,
You know, the old 5-7-5;
I knew this was written for me.
But rather than pouting
Or denying the shame
I haikued myself
And gave winter the blame:

        snow can blind my mind
        causing confusion to freeze 
        my haiku counting

The moral of this little tale?
To every good effort
There is a critic;
To every good critic
There is a cause;
To every good poet
There is a rhythm;
You just have to know
When to pause.
(or count...)

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The trees in Pennsylvania
never seem to diminish.
They stand just as tall in summer green
as they do beneath a weight 
of winter snow. I wish that I could say
the same goes for me,
but the winter breaks me -- 
chapping my lips and turning my skin
shades of purple and blue. It reminds me
I am small and weak. 
A strong wind could bring me
to my knees. The only other thing 
that has such an effect on me
is you.

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As if the silence is forever
And the far houses
Have lost their voices

Just the black calls
Of crows lift
From black water

As if i had slept
Under the snow
And lost all time

I hear my footsteps
On ice that breaks
Like a frozen carpet.

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Holiday Satisfaction

Jolly and ever present.
To smile and consent.
A pine tree scent.
To reach for a present.
A carol in a English accent.
A sled to sleigh.
More food to be fed.
I was full and went to bed.

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My Cup Of Tea

On this hot summer day I wish
Cooler temperature
I never wish for much…..
Only a Cadillac SUV,
As large as it comes…..
To protect me from all the
Accidents I seem to acquire yet,
None seems to be my fault
But it hurt anyway…
Lying on hot concrete seem to
Burn my backside..
I walk around the park…..
It drains me of all my body fluid
And I crave for cold drinks…
Than I sweat more…..
Drink more and fill the
Fluids moving around in my
I sweat, sweat
In the temperatures of 99 and
Over 100,plus..
Blisters my poor wanton soul..
In the hot summer heat, but the
Flowers blooming dose not seem
To mind
As long as you quench their thirst 
To keep their roots moist
Planted in miracle grow will keep
Them thriving well,
In this suffocating heat...
It will bring out the best in your
Flower bed…
More Comfortable..
In the season of fall and winter I
Seem to be my happiest, while winter
Weather brews the cold wooing
Biting wind…
Frost on the windows seem to please
The snow filled lawns and sidewalks
Seem to be my cup of tea…
Southern Arkansas..
Usually miss the beautiful winter
And wooing of the cold winter
Beautiful nights..
I enjoy the big flakes of white
Falling from the lake filled
White flakes glitter, sparkling
Shooting from each beautiful
As the big yellow moon rise
Each flake,
Laid to rest in a cluster of 
Spark with their blues,
Yellowish light, capturing
Every color….
Displaying each flake
Craved as a work of art..
Tapestry of..
Fall and winter is my cup
Of tea...
I Adore this winterland of
Beauty .....

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''oh the memories, memories''

My thoughts let go of a thousand memories, Like faces, dates, times and places; Yet, I can recall each and every detail, On the day of your funeral. (. . . my mind takes me back through the tattered pages of my life) (to a place of warmth, security and love . . . . .) O the grieving . . . In the middle of a snow storm I followed, And the wind blew back my long hair; As we meandered down a winding cold path, The wild wind paused in the trees. (. . . to my mother's kitchen with it's big cupboards and old stove) (and a blue teapot on the kitchen table and grandma telling me of life) (of people in the family long dead) O the weeping. . . Snowflakes fell on me from the tangled branches, Falling like crying tears cascading down; I am lost and moaning in this forever, ever memory, And now the snow drifts in the cemetery. (. . . it was at that same table that I read my first poems while sipping tea) (Oh, I recall father shovelling snow in winter all bundled up) O the sadness . . . A headstone is buried deep in the pure white, And but one engraved word is revealed; In this pristine cold, dead winter wonderland, Only one word can be seen, mother. Hidden beneath the snow . . . (. . .and a warm fireplace waiting within) (then at night in an attic room this little girl was tucked in) (with forever loving hands, hugs and kisses) O the lamenting . . . I will treasure your arms last embrace, mother Till this heart stops beating . . . __________________________________ February 19, 2015 Free Verse Written by Broken Wings I have intermingled my poems O The Grieving and "home of my childhood" For the contest, Intermingle, Sponsor Craig Cornish

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Snow to thaw

                The hawthorn snakes through the snow skywards

                as the bushes are kept warm by white blankets 

                as the many scissors hands yew threatens you.

                Callipygian's nakedness is made modest by white 

                cap and cape, as the bush by the conservatory has 

                eggs of yellow leaves encased by snow, while the  

                Chinese wind chime makes such a jolly winter tune.

               Now a thaw begins. The keen mud makes its mark 

               while the shy grass shivvers as it removes its blankets.  

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Spring Like Winter Days

Spring Like Winter Days Beautiful spring-like winter days Springtime tune’s echo in the skies of blue What a pleasant change from winter’s freeze Skies with molten gold Unfold Signs of spring begin to show everywhere Feeling the sunshine warmth with a smile A world in between Today It feels winter moving away How can anyone doubt His presence That heaven fulfills And thrills All the stars are brightly twinkle With a colorful and crystal sprinkle Spring is in the air To share With rainbows and breezes that sigh Nature transforming the season with bliss Just can’t get any better than this Erich J. Goller Copyright 2.3.2012

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Winter time

winter is fun, 
the white snow,
hot chocolate,
and snowmen

some like the cold
but some do not
deep in everybody's heart they love winter

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Longing for Spring

The populace is longing for spring
not realizing that they are wishing 
their time spent.  Upset with the Winter sting,
they won't let Winter just vent, soon enough
the snow will be gone, and winter will be done;
giving way to spring showers and
sporadic sunny days providing
nourishment for blooming flowers.
Birds return from their southern trek
singing their songs as if they had never departed
New life surrounds us everywhere
Making days a little more lighthearted

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A Yearly Turning

                                    Winter casts it's frozen bloom
                                    Humbling to a floret spring

                                   A warm summers moon
                                   As the evening bird sings

                                  With a palette of chromatic groom
                                  Fall paints it's earthly shades

                                 Winter awaits,
                                 This array of colorful fade,,,,

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An Icy Touch

Winter closes its firm grip
And sucks the warmth of the world
By unleashing its frosty breath.
Every trace of life shivers at the certain death
Foretold in winter's icy touch.
Desperate for want of spring's beauty,
Green spurts of vibrant color perk up
From the chilled ground layered with snow.
Greedy to its last breath,
Winter steals all.

None can live amidst the icy encasing.
None can thrive whilst winter reigns supreme.
Warmth burrows deep into the cold ground
To be nearer to Earth's warm warm heart.
Bright bursts of color flee before the tyrannous lord.
Animals holding fires of warmth in their chests
Withdraw from the frigid air berating their bodies.
Delicate leaves part from their mother tree
And rest rejected beneath white snowy oppressors.
Always winter will conquer.

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White Ice

Great stomps across the frozen lake
ice six feet under
Great cracks and ice thunder as we sped over
bubbles, white mystery under
some trees bent under recent ice
some fires burnt hot 
heads up hair back, we threw our hats
and sacrificed
to the winter wind

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The Drugs

Last week of my summer break
Hanging with my friends like always
Thats when I stumbled acrossed you
And suddenly I felt my heart grew weak

Instantly I fell in love with you, thats no lie
My soul fell for you as soon as I looked into your eyes
For they looked as though the sun was shining 
directly into them

He looked at me with more compassion
Then I had ever felt
Talking all summer just me and him
About everything and about nothing

What changed that autumn??
Was it your new friends
Because I saw what you did to your old ones
What made you into this kind of monster???

Although I never told you how I felt
I would still stay up at night and cry about it
Then the final day came when I found out the truth
How drugs were destroying the man I loved

From autumn to winter and from winter to spring
I couldn't believe how different you looked
Your eyes no longer shined like the sun
Your muscles weaker than ever before

I knew you were dying, I told you to stop
But you told me you didn't care
I wanted to leave you 
But I knew you needed me now more than ever

Summer comes around, schools are getting out
And off you left, leaving me all alone on this earth
Not even old enough to graduate and yet your gone
I never stopped warning you, but I still feel I'm to blame

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Just Fine

Are you okay?
(I have my skin stretched up to my cheeks,
Have my blood spilled all around,
Have my heart crushed enough to bleed tears,
Have my soul ripped from the inside,
Have my life ruined,
Have died infinite times )
Yeah! Am fine....

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Snow Train

As the snow is
tidal in the trees,
consider the tracks

and the dark tons
asthmatic with steam,
cold as the moon`s slight

black as the stars are hidden,
perfect as a pulse of wheel;
dead crate of steel

that rests and waits
then moves by magic
quiet through the ice night.

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Winter Blues

The white snow so pure;
Masks the death of the grass.
Black ice on the ground;
Dares drivers to pass.
Birds flock to warmth;
Families gather by fire.
Sitting by the heater;
Waiting for summer to transpire.
How I long for green leaves;
Anticipating how the birds will sing.
Admiring the beauty of winter from the window;
Till the sunshine brings in the Spring.

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Paw-prints in the snow
Frozen in time;
Tracks once swift halted,
Still but already gone;
A trace of thee untraceable,
An anonymous signature
Of something which was.

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Creating a Poem

Somber is the color of the day
Prisms of lamplight reflected, on darkened window glass
A rainbow of color seeping through a pewter lamp of old
While quietly, I sit, and ponder, my pen in hand
Upon cold shoulders, an old sweater pulled close
As varied in color, as my thoughts so far away.
My mind is lost in wakened dream
While trees are tossed about in winter wind
And leaves are dead beneath the snowy mounds
A fire glows, the storm that keeps me bound
One shard of light from neighbor's home
Across the hill, a distant mile
The dimness as a room from winter sighs
While I write the words of heartfelt lullabies
The day is sadder than the words I've found
So somber is the day that keeps me bound
I steal away this moment as I dream
A cup of tea...a gloomy day
A peek beyond the window pane may bring the sun
A glimpse of mountain, pastures deep, 
Or a simple glimpse of one who sleeps..
A quiet chance to free my soul
In just a brief, but but deeply felt
Departure from the ordinary things..
I explore my thoughts, search my heart, look at my world
Or often, simply find a memory to unfold
I gather unsorted beginnings, middles and ends...
Taking new directions, exploring unknown places
Stumbling through my mind are puzzle pieces
Watching the words tumble into something unintended, 
Unfolding, exploding and falling into orderly chaos
Yet , my feelings, cleansing, pleasing, soul releasing...
The end result perhaps not as beneficial to the reader
But a satisfying journey traveled
By myself..... and for myself, as one creating
On this somber colored day that keeps me bound...

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A Bavarian Winter

The winter makes me fold into myself
                          the time for sleep,
                          the cold inside my ears

Each insignificant leaf
                         frost bleached
                         and perfect
Each frozen drop
                         eternally kept,

This the wreck of winter,
Breath of an arrow, to be lost inside.

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Gun Bang

A marksman high on the ridge 
a silhouette against the dusky sky
a gun bang and then thunder
still he holds form
strong legs do not tremble but remain
the grey clouds moving in circular fashion
gun bang

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When The Winter Broke

After the age of sleep and death, 
the Lion laid down and exhaled his breath.  
From it came life and heat, 
and up rose the children to their marching feet.  
The land became awake once more, 
chasing away the terrible winter storm.  
the forests bloomed 
as summer rain boomed.  
the sun came out and washed away the rain, 
restoring Man from long frozen pain.  
I can not say what it was like that day, 
but i can still hear them pray.  

"The Winter broke and life is regained, now our tomorrows will never be stained."

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It other snowy day in Ohio

it other cold and snowy day in Green,
 oh you say what do you mean?
 big old snow flakes flying around
 everything as always is shut down
 the temp. say 10 outside 
 oh I could just cry
 the wind blowing all around
 well it look like a squirrel trail
 frozen to the ground,
 I look out and my car has snow
 piled high on top
 that just enough to keep me in
 and all things I would be doing outside
 bring it to a screeching stop,
 Oh well we live in Ohio
 lets put on a big smile
 it just other cold and snowy day in Green,
 you all know what I mean

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What's this

It either comes stealthily at first like a spy or announces as a fanfare but more often 

like a bride in white being no respecter of beings or things equally fooling all in the 

guise of a fluffy warm blanket.

It is the delight of children who miss school and teenagers having a mock cricket or 

baseball match as a form of courting.

It is the bane of commuters even worse than a leaf on the line, fog on the tarmac or 

gales shutting ships in or out of port and slip siding away on the roads.

It is a mixed blessing to the old bringing back to the brim of memory the tales of youth 

more exciting than any computer game or the fear of bringing with it loneliness and 

racketing fuel bills.

It is for those sleeping rough or the unemployed a frigid beauty or just dirty and ugly 

as though nature is also against them as well as the state or society too.

It takes the boredom from our doldrums of the post Christmas celebrations and New 

Year revelries before Spring and Easter give us hope these often so hopeless times.

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The flame of the forests blushing
In the dewy cool of the morning air.
Peach blossoms hearken  spring’s arrival.
Comes summer, Amaltas golden bells ringing.  

Forget me not, Magnolia’s  lover.
Yesterday today tomorrow’s, bloom.
Together with the clouds, lightening
Thunder, eating away the blue skies. 

O! Maulsari, it is you,
In your full grown majesty,
Bestowing those white star 
Aromas, on my wee little world.

Chorosia, You naked white barked Mexican.
Have you no fear of winter charmers?
The fascinating ornaments you throw up,
Will wither as seasons change.

Alas , the birds have flown away.
The crusty leaves flutter in silence.
Masquerading  Sarus, standing  in defiance.
Waiting the deep winter calls.

Lord ! let me hibernate, till,
The springs bloom again.

1. Butea Frondosa (flame of the forests)
2. Peach Dr. Hogg (Peach blossoms)
3. Cassia Fistula (Amaltas)
4. Myostis Palustris (Forget me not)
5. Magnolia Grandiflora (Magnolia)
6. Francesia  Latifolia (Yesterday today tomorrow)
7. Mimusops Elengi (Maulsari)
8. Chorosia Specosia (Chorosia)
9. Cupressus Sempervirens (Sarus)

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To Everything a Season

She is exposed,
the last of her finery
released by a cold snap,
leaves in a cluster blown
by a winter born breeze
stirring in the shadows

Paying homage, she bows
fairly kneeling before 
the approaching winter solstice, 
and flushed with victory, 
though seemingly defeated, 
begins to weep

For she knows
her restoration lies
in the transient spring 

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Global Warming

Record ice storms reported in the news.
Multiple car pileups.
Unwary pedestrians fading into sinkholes.
Power lines down, roofs caving in.

God is angry, letting us know
he’s still in control.
No more towers of Babel!

At the tower reaching toward heaven
he confused their language
and scattered them to the ends of the earth.

He who moves mountains with his finger
and sways the ocean with his breath
sends the same message to us.
In frozen punctuation, he shouts
Quit playing God!

I look for the humor in any situation.
Notice the change in lingo.
It’s no longer “Global Warming”
but newly termed “Climate Change.”

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Garden Ship

The Winter is enamel;
buckets of cold,
sodden pots of late growth.

Snow ship.
Trees taut with
tackle of frost.

Earth hard as
the white sea,
adrift and lost

between seasons
made of ice and sorts
of rain, not falling,

not sailing.
Dull and still
as December.

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The Trek

The morning sound of horror calls out to me
As my hand pushes all the buttons except the right one
Making the urgency to get up even stronger
The light of the new snow cast a glow on the bedroom walls
As a shadow from behind my door emerges to greet me
Panting and almost speaking to me, she requests her time
I push through the door, trudging through, room by room
Getting to the back door, I let my little friend out for her morning time
Turning, I wander to the kitchen to welcome the morning with a glass of sunshine
All while my family sleeps this winter morning away

Showered, shaved and then dressed, I prepare for the day
Must be 4 or 5 inches, so I don my snow boots this morning
Putting my work shoes and lunch into my bag, I say goodbye to the dog
Feeling the cold icy fingers of the sky brush my face, my eyes squint
Allowing me just the sight needed for my mile and a half walk
Feet don’t fail me this early morning as I trudge through the snow
Under the snow I can feel the icy blanket of doom as I slip and slide
Yet, I push on, seeing the lights of the nearby shopping center
Now, passing through the plowed lot toward the busses
I now wait, standing, facing the rain of frozen sky, chilled
All while my family sleeps this winter morning away

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The Winter of Life

Life carries us through many changes, some good and some bad
But every change is a chance to grow to realms of spiritual maturity that humanly, 
we could not know
Life takes us through seasons of change-
Through summers, winters and springs.

The Winter of Life can be barren and dry, but God is still yet by our side-
Taking us through the seasons of change and helping us remain strong, able to 
bear the pressure that we may retain a sound mind.

The Winter of Life can be cold and still, frozen it seems by circumstances that 
disguise themselves as unbearably real, making our sight unfocused on the 
claim for victory.

The Winter of Life makes us wonder if we will ever overcome the stillness and 
uncertainty that sometimes short circuits our faith, causing us to linger on in the 
wilderness of despair.

The Winter of Life seems to have no end; just does not want to go away;
But just as sure as you were born and night turns into day, the Winter of Life will 
soon be gone.
And all that is left will be a fleeting memory of what once was-
As you rise above in power to live in summers and springs throughout Eternity.

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Winter Love

winter days will soon confine us
cold wind will sting  faces from car to house
journey home from work will be in darkness
gathering we will eat winter food and have
pots of tea
another winter home with you.

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Downhill From Winter

This Wednesday we determined 
To get up the day with decorations,
To please the eye with ribbons,
To harmonize the moment,
To balance this and that,
To mystify an act.

The sky is ruddy and waiting
Like a ruby to be hammered out of rock.
The sun is a cold jewel 
Turning in the sky.
The sky is lavender and changing.
There are footprints in the snow.
Hourly they grow more dense.

Were spring a close fountain
I could bathe in it.
Inside the vacuum is a bumper car
Eating dust bunnies.
There needs be an alternate,
A plan B on such a morning
When breath freezes soon.
The north has come to visit.

It tarries.
We rebel, and we resist the cold.
It has no pity at all.
In time the breath of north will retreat,
Driven back by a crowd of crows
	that mock it.
Meanwhile, we play Scrabble
And eat turnips and gravy.

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the sandals and shorts guy

you know him if you live in a warm climate---
he doesn’t stick out because in a warm climate,
many choose to don shorts & sandals,
sometimes they even go shirtless 
when the heat calls for the stripping of the layers---
and in such places,
he doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb,
because he’s just trying to stay cool 
like everybody else.

in the colder climates,
in areas where the winter chill can now be felt
amidst the passing of autumn
(that wonderful transition whereby people begin to
cover themselves in layers in order to
produce the greatest possible warmth & comfort
throughout the more frigid times of the year),
most people choose to layer-up as opposed to
strip down,
and so in the winter you get to see humans
all bulked up like puffballs
waiting patiently for the cold wind, drastic drop in
temperatures & snow
to pass,
if that is what they desire
(because many people do like the winter).

but there is that guy,
you know him if you’ve been there in a grocery store,
having just walked in through the 25-30 degrees below
zero &
there he is holding his little red basket,
clothed in nothing more than blue shorts, a t-shirt &
what motivated this man?
is he truly too hot in 20-30 below?
has the icy rain not brought influenza into his life quick enough?
is he trying to get a date in the produce section of a grocery store by being
“that guy,”
who is “unique” enough to be wearing nothing at all in the
frigid winter?

push your shopping cart quicker towards this man
push it faster than you have ever pushed it before
push it,
be it one of those short old-people carts, or just a regular sized one &
hit him in the shins, the knees, the balls,
really anything that will alert him---
for it is clear that he has overestimated his 

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Frosty Morning II

Winter reminds me of wet coats
in the hall and the smoky kitchen heat,
of large logs sizzling,
exerting their wetness on the hearth stone;
cut fresh from the garden,
they fill the flagged floor with warmth.

Each morning pale yellow ashes lie
like floury dust around the fireplace,
a brighter yellow appears in the garden,
across the street,
when the rain beats upon the ash heap.

From Perfume of the Soil.  Swan Press, 1999.

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Winter Rose

I planted a winter rose , and cultivated the symbol of love. For these roses are 
purely just,
 for these roses are more than any I suppose.
 My winter rose is but summer filled.
 with moonlit walks and passion thrills.
 For I am partial to song and dance.
 Clearly guided by cherubs bringing romance.
 For rose is my color and song, and rose is my lovers thong. Wrapping her in 
thorns so sweet, 
pricking her toes and binding her feet.
 Rose was and is the flower of love,
 blooming bright in its splendor.
 what else can I ask for?

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No King of Mine

In these winter days
the king of the north wind
wakes up early to sling his stinging breath
across the ground and between the buildings
of this cold, overburdened city.

we, the peasants of this arctic land
prostrate ourselves before this polar lord
in hope of a merciful breeze.

but this is a murderous king.
one who takes no life into consideration.
one whose armies of currents
burrow their ways into the bodies of strong men
and leave them helpless and immobile.

I say we must facilitate rebellion,
and deny the north wind his pleasure!
let him blow!
let him do his worst!

I will stand strong against Boreas!
stare him down as he struggles
to render me into a pile of ice and snow!
my head will not bow,
and my heart will not waver!

A king is only as strong as his men allow him to be
and we, his men and women
will not follow a king
who will allow us to look him in the eye
with the flames of rebellion melting his icy grasp!

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That''ll Learn Ya

In the coldest winter ever, I learned to b-more careful
I didn't want to be another statistic 
by taking on the role of becoming unrealistically materiallistic 
like when it means more to find that name brand jacket that everyone huslin has
instead of being able to score into the highest percentile bracket that those ivy 
league not skool of hard knocks accepts 
so i don't make myself another "concept"
i wanted to be the one that surpasses the honorable mention 
not wins best dressed and mentioned to be dishornorable stuck in detention
i gotta be at the top of my game doin the magna cum loude thing
not spittin game to the next trying to spend they whole check for a damn diamond 
by me books so i can read my way out this hood
don't waste ya time trying to by me things that you think make me feel good

in the coldest winter ever i learned to be more careful
i had to distinguish the difference between

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First Winter Snow

Cupped-hands blessed the first winter snow – 
That tasted like peppermint wind

The pines and aspens share secrets, 
As they whispers what they know

Then, they giggled like schoolchildren 
In the snowy playground – with the red
Brick schoolhouse off in the distance

Their cold faces blinked and blushed 
Like a basket full of wild freckled strawberries

Suddenly, fresh pine cones fall to the ground; 
They chuckle, laugh and then roll over,
Exposing their innocent souls to fresh blue sky, 
This all appeared in the first winter snow

This, I am sure and still are

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Fiona's Song

Slow my heart as autumn is coming
and I'm crossing the street just to meet you.
Your eyes never end in green and in glass, 
and the ring on your finger is heavy and new.
The sky is just the right contrast of colors
to frame you under the still burning leaves
I'm hoping you're humming my favorite song
while under your breath my lost harmony frees

Souls locked and leaning like the trees scolding winter
with our arms intertwined and immersed
in the rhythm of the gait of our bundled up feet
still finishing one another's thoughts unrehearsed
When does the artist become her lost song?
You're feeling dark and I now feel it too,
but we'll sort out the details in the still brilliant air
and leave the remains for the winter to sort through

Your voice will always be steady to me
and I know that I'll find you if lost
The winter is known for it's soulless kidnapping
while deep in anxiety we crackle with frost
So let's relish this moment of purity breathing
Let's wish like the sky isn't raining with leaves
For one more fine moment the sunshine is shining
and it's there for the taking for the one who believes...

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One Winter Evening

     Like a footprint 
in the snow
  We leave our mark on
      Light beaming down from 
the sky
    Eases the chill
But evening will arrive soon
We'll light a candle to celebrate
   the end of daytime cares
In the distance - the sound of childish laughter
and a heavy sense of peace descends and marks the beginning 
of night
This winter evening 
          will pass like everything does
under the sun and moon
      Let's not forget what
we have shared
     One winter evening
It will all come back to 
      our sighs of regret
will be silenced
Cold winds may bite the hands
     But protected by 
each other
We endure what we 
Take joy while we can

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As We Pass Through Winter

     The trip is short
              there is no return route
            we must pass through this winter
without fear
           This season is marked by icy winds
and crystalline snowflakes
we'll challenge the winter freeze 
          with candles 
          which give off
          a sweet aroma
and spread light beneath a 
darkening sky
   yes, we'll feel the chill
Yet we now realize 
that our journey will be fruitful
       and that thowe who preach despair
will be swept away by the winter wind
and put to rest
   by the songs we sing
and by the glow of our life's energy - which is now dormant
         but will be revived in due time
and though we are buffeted 
         by the winds of time and change
we will leave our legacy 
    to the next generation
who will face the stormy weather
       with the same resolve 
we show 
       in our best moments       

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Winter's End

The snows with their chilled touches 
Are melting, have melted, and now are gone
As if welcoming the return of all feathered creatures soaring wide and free
Coming home now from their long absence of many seasons
Heralding spring’s return beneath the blessing of this the evening star
	Because she breathes

The sky is bright full off glimmering stars
In the night, this night, in every night to fall
Whispering of Damson Brea tahllana sae’sallien; child of the twilight singing
With her shimmering eyes that part the gentle folds of night
To guide us back from the depths of the moonless sky and into day
	Because she sees

The grasses bloom for miles all around
But I am lost, I am beguiled, and I am cast adrift
Within the sensation of my curled toes beneath the licking earth
With her lush wonder born once more all over again
From the heart of the longest winter it comes running in silence and still
	Because she sighs

There are fires on the horizon shinning brightly tonight
Breathing across the skyline captivated by its cold embrace
I watch all of this from a cold rock over looking the sea
Blue and deep it is like her soul this ocean divide
Filled with her silent tears that have yet to fall, may fall, will fall
Of all her memories dancing quietly of past, of present and futures deep
I stand listening to the sound of spring’s return in the cold
	Because she cries

Here on the edge of nights and days past this way before
Washed with the spraying mist of dreams remembered
My breath shivers from me to escape in frost
Though high above the sun beats down to sear the earth and this rock
I am cold for I see in those eyes a knowing deep and sundered so like my own
I am cold for I cannot help but to see all that she is and needs to be
I am cold despite the end of the long winter I am chilled to my soul
	Because she cares
		Cares enough to try

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Lines On a Dylan Thomas Winter

The heavy, white powdered legs
of snow-sticky trees arches
the tunnel of street down the 
winding lane of Sunday morning
go-to-meeting church time full
of winter and children and rubber
shells of withered winter apples
used for snowmen's eyes like
asthmatic Shriners dirt-coated in
too-warm winter sun melting,
rolling, packing days of second
childhood smashed like crystal
snowballs in the future
of those green apple eyes.

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snowed in


                                              snowed in

it 's snowed very hard for three days now
my car is buried deep
the power is out, no tv  at all
for a few more days, they say

firewood is piled high on the porch
at least I have some heat
I can warm canned food upon the fire
and jelly sandwiches can't be beat

what am I to do, I say
surely boredom will set in
with candles bright, I light up the room
and resign myself to doom

I look around and see my books
I used to read a lot
maybe there is something there 
to help me pass the time

Hemingway and Steinbeck too
they catch my eyes so quick
Farewell to Arms and Grapes of Wrath
look promising at best

the Italian front in world war 1
a love so strong I weep
why have I not read this before
it's been on the shelf to keep

the plight of the poor migrants life
as they travel from place to place
my parents talked of such times before
when no one had enough to eat

I see more books before my eyes
Dickens, Defoe and Swift
I guess I will give them a try
and see what wonder lie

the day goes fast, the fire is warm
I am in another world
maybe the snow will never stop
and leave me alone to read

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The Loonie's Last Reckoning

It was late in the afternoon
Of the 17th of January 1993
That my whole
Intoxicated universe
Finally exploded
Drink me one day = 10 vodkas
7 1/2 pints 14 wines 
1 bottle of wine + 6 gins + 4 pints
Or 2 bottles of wine + halfs then 4 pints
Or bottle of wine + 5 pints + 
Cans and shorts
Saw myself as a loonie 
Of the Lunatic Underground
It was late in the afternoon
Of the 17th of January 1993
That my whole
Intoxicated universe
Finally exploded

Five + Two = Seven Units By 11.30
12.30 = Six Units 1.30 = 5+2 = Five 
6.30 = Four Units 7.30 = 3+2 = Five 
8.30 = 4+1 = Five
12.30 = Free 
Saw myself as a loonie 
Of the Lunatic Underground

It was late in the afternoon
Of the 17th of January 1993
That my whole
Intoxicated universe
Finally exploded
Broken at last
With etiolated face
Tremulous hands 
After so many years
Of semi-Icaran hubris
It was late in the afternoon
Of the 17th of January 1993
That my whole
Intoxicated universe 
Finally exploded.

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Perfect Love

Our love is as fresh as the rain of

A winter morning in may..

As soft as the first, winter fluffy


In spring the red bird sings

Love wrap me so tenderly in


As the snow birds fly in may

Our love sustain to endure all

Troubles of life...

Holding stead fast to our hearts

From a love that was made inside


Where our spirits will roam...

Our souls so perfectly entwine for

This love song I sing..

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Winter's Little Love

A hoary blanket lies across the ground
and the children love to be bitten in frost.
I watch the young girl purse her lips to purple
and still she enjoys the Winter bitterness.
In her fluffy pink mittens, she gathers a ball
made of crystals and dust- glowing under the sun.
And one toss becomes two or three to the boy
who eyes at her, blushing a red rush across his cheeks.

The day becomes night, and still over the hoary
blanket of Winter's bitterness, they played.
But I call in my daughter, and boy's father calls his son.
They wave good-bye, and eye to eye they gleamed.
Their young little love formed like a delicate crystal flake,
so fragile and so fun as it lasts.
And as winter goes, the snowflake melts all the way so fast.

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The heavy winter draperies
were closed, 
not allowing
any taste of sunshine
in the parlor 
of the house.
poised at the doorway,
stared into the room
remembering times
of shared conversation
glasses of brandy
as they were sipped by 
the winter fire.
now upon her,
leaves her 
with no hope
as winter claimed her
with icy fingers.
She closed the door
going about her day
as each day passes
and hopefully
time will make
it easier.
but for now, 
she will
always remember.