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Free Verse Wedding Poems | Free Verse Poems About Wedding

These Free Verse Wedding poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Wedding. These are the best examples of Free Verse Wedding poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Why You

I choose you,because of all the love you give me. 
You are my sun when i'm cold. 
You are my air when I can't breathe. 
You are the one I share my dreams with. 
You are the one I can always count on. 
Through good times and bad times. 
You're the one and only thing that makes me happy when i'm sad. 
Hold me tight,like you do your pillow at night. 
Why did you take so long to come into my life. 
I always hoped and prayed that there would come a day. 
When I would find that special love,then you came my way. 
To be held by your loving enbrace,that's all i'll ever need. 
I do not hunger,I do not fear when you are near. 
From that day to now,I finally realized how good life can be. 
Because you care,but most of all because you love me. 
I pray you understand and know these words I have said to you are true. 
Because you are my life and one day i'll make you my wife. 
That's why I choose you,To be the one I love,respect and honor. 

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The Stricken Corridor

Fall tumbles relentlessly on our door steps
young winter birds inducing provoking sounds scamper in trees 
Watching winter crawling slowly under our feet.

The night rain wet the ground with sadness 
washing  away the environmental stench
purging the atmosphere of  its infectious dew
And  I could absorb fresh air in my lungs again. 

I fell into a deep sleep shortly after nine but woke up 
by my next door neighbor bustling activities.
Nice showers clean fresh air is the perfect night to
be drenched with sleep but instead I was on my knees.

An unknown burden overshadowed  me, disturbing my spirit
raising my curiosity, causing me to ponder over unknown mysteries
unexplainable matters that doesn't concern me, yet they troubled me.

I soaked myself in prayer seeking for a  plausible answer 
And after praying I fell asleep again; a sleep that 
I thought would be peaceful but here I am again
on an unannounced journey to the Far East.

I mysteriously found myself on a university campus in the Far East,
no paint, no color, everywhere was deserted, no one was around
except for dry leaves  spreading out on the troubled ground 
and dull trees astoundingly lingering in the autumn breeze.
I walked propitiously through the front door along a bare corridor 
in search of a toilet to ease my body pressure.

A desolated corridor whose hope seemed to be diminished with the passing of time
a million feet must have trodden upon it, feet in search of  freedom ,
feet looking for peace, proud feet, dirty feet, bloody feet, stubborn feet.
Feet looking for revenge and feet marching to the destiny of doom. 
I moved anxiously from door to door but every door that I opened I saw
Asian toilet embedded deeply in the ground and clean water flooding all around. 

I opened another door and found a western bath filled with clean water 
I kept walking along the corridor but all the Asian toilets were flood with water.
At the end of the corridor I found one that was completely  dry but there was no toilet inside except for PVC pipe fittings planted firmly in the ground.

I tread along the opposite side of the hallway still searching for  a toilet
but only rooms whose doors were removed  and leaning helplessly
in front of them occupy the other side of the stricken corridor.

I anxiously left the building and a slim young man in his early twenties 
wearing shaded glasses ran behind a reception area outside the campus ground
and pretended as if he was at work, but that was only a deception.

As I walked passed him he tried to reached out to me
He complained about someone who has treated him badly
and pointed to a friend who was instrumental in turning his life around.
A sizable crowd gather around him as he  illustrates his painful story.

He and his friend took me to the other side of the campus where 
a larger crowd of young people had gathered for a wedding
some were sitting under large beach umbrellas
While others congregate in groups all over the campus grounds.
I walked upon a platform  where the wedding ceremony
was about to  take place but daylight suddenly exploded in my face.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ©2014 Christine Phillips

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Tomorrow's Signature

Yesterday sent its regards in a farewell
A gesture of fate intact, sealed for the 
Or better yet, the progressive harmonies
of God, such as we are. 

It was perhaps the plot of the universe, 
When we slept in yesterday’s hands, 
And I asked you the question of 
In hopes of fading away mutually, after one
last bloom. 

Heaven must have spied on my everlasting 
Because with your pearl vision directed 
towards me, 
And your soft veil of ebony near me, 
You agreed, with no hold of hesitation. 

So under the chapel’s protection is where 
we coast now, 
And a road less traveled is scattered with 
our footprints;
While I did lead with company, along this aisle 
of anticipation, 
The stares of 1000 miles did not present themselves, 
Until your walk was introduced, thereby polishing 
this floor into glory. 

As I stood in the patience of joy, a distance was 
illustrated between us, 
You pressed forward and this negative space lost
its existence; 
As you approached with the tranquil touch of 
My nerves fell sober, and I knew that which was 
parallel before me was art, 
The speechless beauty, I favored in sight. 

The preacher spoke a traditional verse, as our 
eyes locked in perfect reflection; 
Declared through spoken word, was the 
confirmation of our ribbon in the sky, 
Crowned upon your precious finger was the 
weight of symbolism, 
Silently glowing through the everglades; 
With no restriction, we explored the middle 
ground in unison.

We exited through the heart of the sun, cherishing
the unfamiliar heat; 
It appears that life’s divine notary has signed off 
on the greatest equation ever solved, 
May our souls forever write in this blessed ink.  

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A Forever Promise

Anxiously the bachelor dreams 
Of a lifelong commitment
From the insidious bachelorlette, 
He proposed marriage tenderly 
Could I count on you ~
To forsake all others said she, 
He vows to do so forever, 
If she were to love, honor 
And be the best bride ever. 
They agree thus bonding 
In holy matrimony 
Husband and wife 
Were then introduced --Mr. and Mrs. 
After which family, guests 
And wedding party joined
Too, celebrate the start of 
their forever promise
Many blessings 

Adell Foster©2009 Adell1

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Five Golden Rings

Two different lives, from different worlds, were meant to be as one
He became her guiding star, and she became his shining sun

Once they had been strangers, but love brought them together
He had never fathered children, but quadruplets called her Mother

He brought along a gentle love, and was sure enough to give it
She brought along a crazy life, and taught him how to live it!

The day arrived, when they would wed, excitement filled the air
On the fifth Yule day, they said their vows, and end to end were there......
The children, four, came through the door, to crowd the alter floor

He pulled 5 rings, a diamond gleamed, upon her finger worn
And 4 small rings, upon 4 chains, around their necks, he swore
to love them all, and make them whole, and give them all he owned

5 Yuletide Days, 5 gifts he gave,.... 5 times the love, ...and more

For Shadow's Contest:  12/3/13

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I do

A wedding is about the bride and groom
So why does everyone jump to assume
That they're opinions means the bible
It's mothers and daughters that create this vicious cycle

Moms want to throw their daughter the best day ever
They're reluctant to think their dreams aren't the brides endeavor
Its one day in life
With all strings attached
My energy sure feels the bite

No matter how hard you try,
People flake or become insane
You begin to wonder, why?

Then Eloping doesn't sound so mad
All that matters is the bride walks down the isle with the dad
The groom takes her hand
A strong love is witnessed and spread across the land. 

Daughters keep your head and will strong
It's about you and the groom, 
That's where the power belongs
Don't let other steal your focus
The moment you say “no”
Treasured friendships may become bogus 

Everyone else, keep your mouth shut
Wish there was a nicer way to say this,
I'll just be blunt
Doesn't matter what you think or do
For once in your life,
This day isn't about you!

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missing piece

i sit here thinking about the days.
remembering the time we first met.
i was crying in the rain,
feeling the water and the pain. 
until you came, and wiped my tears away. 

you were like an angel in disguise, 
you never ever fail to make me smile, 
you were a stranger in my world, 
but you made me realize my worth 
when you touch my hand
i know that you understand. 

I feel so safe whenever i'm with you, 
the way you hug me tight when i feel blue. 
you are just like a dream come true. 
i wouldn't need anyone else but you. 
and from now on i offer you my heart.. 

so i thank you for coming into my life,
for bringing the sunshine and making me feel alive. 
you made my life complete, 
baby, you're all i need
you are my missing piece. 

PS:wrote this 2 years ago. i had this poem hidden and reserved for Mr. Right. :-)

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Prince Charming *YEAH RIGHT*

When I was a just little girl
Daddy told me a tale
About how I’d find my Prince
Then I’d wear a wedding veil

He said...

Your Prince will be brave and strong
He will keep safe you from harm
He’ll always stand right by your side
Proud to have you on his arm

He will share with you his riches
He’ll Comfort you at night
He’ll wipe away your falling tears
And when it’s dark, he’ll be your light

He will be honest and faithful
On him I could depend
For he would be the man
With whom my life I’d spend

I finally thought I met my Prince
Our wedding bells did chime
It didn’t take very long
To realize I married slime

Strong and Brave?

Late one night while sleeping
I heard a crash, “what was that?”
He quickly shoved me out of bed
“Don’t forget the baseball bat”

Stand beside me?

Nightly we would take a walk
But in his steps I would tread
For this loving Prince of mine
Was always many blocks ahead

Share his riches?

This always makes me laugh
He promised a new car I would get
But when we left the dealership
He drove off in his new Corvette

Honest and faithful?

How do I love thee?
Let me count the lies
Since when does faithful mean
Playing between another’s thighs

Daddy you said he’d wipe my tears
But that was just a lie
You see it was this loving Prince
That always made me cry

I don’t believe in fairy tales
Or that dreams will come true
I’ve only ever met one Prince
Daddy, that Prince was you!

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My Promise on Our Wedding Day

It would seem that when we have gotten close to each other
So many obstacles have come before me
But as I tackle them slowly, one after the other
The ones after only seem to get harder
But my love... No matter how hard the...
Situation may be... I'll stay with you...
Now my babi... Don't worry about us...
Have faith! Because there isn't anything stronger than our love...

I'll never be pulled away from you!
Even apart, I am still with you
These's no way I'd survive without you
And together we'll always be 'cause I love you!

As I go through life, I only get wiser everyday
And I will pass this along soon enough
Though i may try to be tough, I can't seem to with you
Though I'm vulnarable, you take care of me
Now my love... I want to give to...
Our future children... What you've given me...
And my wife... I can see them just fine off...
I believe! Because there isn't anything stronger than our love...

I don't care what other people may say!
You and only you were meant for me
Now my life's complete because of you
And I know that I'll be fine with you!

I can never be pulled away from you!
No matter how hard our enemies may try!
Our love is like the purest light ever seen!
And just like the light, our love can't be defeated!!!

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A poem including following words/phrases;
Nuclear waste
Baby food
Smiling Moon Face
Dog waste
Malicious love
Miracle of Fatima
Broken alarm clock

Lets see what you guys come up with;  by Feb. One
Bonus points if you add; Peanut Butter and Jelly with Meatballs the daily special


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One Day

As I sip on aged Cognac
swirling in circular sadness,
contained within cup made
of broken stained glass memories,
I witness.

Witnessing Cloud 9’s silhouette
surround this glued enigma.

Lionel Ritchie was the rock for this moment’s bliss.

“Truly in love,

Emanating across cathedral uncertainty,
breaking its glass.

This was a celebration of priceless Silver.
A currency only earned by the Philanthropists of Love.

Creating justifiable fantasies
with attainable dreams.

It was amor, maintained.

While I sip on Cognac’s remnants,
mixed with retina’s loneliness,
with smile craving soul-pack solution,
I exhale.

In “Deep Sigh” Symphony: No. 9.

With my ventricle chambers
kissing subconscious on forehead,
in preparation for dream come true.

Because one day,
that will

© Drake J. Eszes

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It's one night away from my most awaited day.
Tomorrow I'll be no longer free and single.
My friends called me to go somewhere else.
Say they prepared something to spice up the moment.

I hurriedly stood  up from my bed.
Choose the best dress to make impress.
Wear a push bra to improve my breast,
And a sexy silhouette to feel comfy underneath.

I rushed to a place and see what they hide,
In a small unit of a bestfriend that is so dark.
I have done a wildest thing in my life.
That will remain a top secret 'til everyone of us die.

It's an "all girls" party night out.
But to a surprised they had for me.
In life-sized cake appeared a machete.
I almost lost in space in the next episode.

The girls were all screaming out loud when he danced.
The sensation gets higher up to the 7th alarm.
The room is gettin' hotter as he moves like  jaguar.

The next thing I remembered is a total darkness.
No screams and loud music, I left alone in the house.
I found my body lying in bed all alone,
My push up bra and undie is missing all along!

I freak out and get crazy to what I'd found.
This is the day I supposed to wear a white gown.
By the sound of the bells and hymn of choirs.
I walk gorgeously in the aisle, with my push up bra inside!

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In a wintry-like night,
When I go beyond my life
And moments of being motionless,

I lie down beside,
Drinking tea with my wife,
Just to get rid of Idleness!

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The Flower Girl

The flower girl carefully placed the yellow rose petals

Covering the floor before her each step down the aisle

Now satisfied and smiling, she looked like an angel

There standing awaiting the bride

The yellow rose carpet was perfect and perfumed

She had performed her job with great pride

The bridal march rang, her little heart raced

Now here she was coming her way

Each step was placed onto petals she'd lain

The long beautiful train laying there on the floor

Carried the lovely yellow petals away

Capturing them as though they were keeping them all

For just this one special stroll, to adore

The flower girl smiled and dreamed a dream

They would re-appear on her wedding day

©Donna Jones

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4 Jon On Our 22nd Wedding Anniversary

Your love is
quite sensational –

Your laughter tastes
    like spring-time rain

Your tears smell
    like sweet lemon flower petals

Your voice looks

Your heart sounds
    like exquisite violin and harp concertos

And your eyes!

Your eyes feel
    like early autumn sunset’s amber-gold lengthening glow

Oh, my love, your love
is entirely, completely,


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Love Poem Number 2

The first time I glimpsed your beautiful smile,
I couldn’t believe you were real, my ideal!
Your beauty captured my attention and soul ,
I could sense it immediately, you make me whole.
Now the distance between us and every moment apart,
is so painful and sad, it blackens my heart.
For you, my heart longs, your gentle, kind touch,
Your smiles, your pure love, its all just too much,
For my lonely sad soul to be far apart,
I crave you, I need you, you are my sweetheart!
Now that you have come into my black and white world,
Color abounds, and rainbows unfurled.
A new joy in my heart, for love once again I am filled,
A new hope, a new faith, happiness re-instilled.
You are my true joy, and hope for forever,
Im thankful for you and Im glad were together.

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The Wedding Gown

The wedding Gown

She stepped boldly,
stoically erect
to the strains
of the wedding march,
radiant in the resplendent
beauty of her gown 
and poetic demeanor.
The long silken train, the work
of tens of thousands of weavers
harvesting in the trees of Changsha
to highlight the sanctity of the moment
and the purity of body as she spoke, “I do”. 

The daughter

She lay sleeping gently
doing the little sucking moves
which every new babe makes
with her tiny lips.
Her once wrinkled face 
now smooth with traces of
resemblance to her mother. 
Unafraid on his arm
her eyes reflecting 
from the white silken train
made from a wedding gown
already hallowed by promises kept.
She looked up and smiled
as the water placed on her head
promised things of which she knew nothing.  

The marriage

She stood in the vestibule
waiting for the crescendo 
to signal her entrance.
Trembling slightly from anticipation
she fidgeted with the train of her long white gown.
That same white gown from Hunan province,
a tad shorter now to accommodate 
so long ago, her christening.
She touched it lovingly, 
knowing that tomorrow, 
she would carry another to feel 
its texture, smooth as baby’s breath.  

The grand daughter

She was above the pulpit of the church.
From some place of which she did not know,
she peered down upon a small casket not open.
Within which she knew her earthly flesh
lay draped in silk from Changsha. 
She somehow sensed the family bond
and the import of having a constant to lean on.
Lying upon the same soft weave her mother felt,
the generations entwined helplessly impressed into its folds,
a grandmother, a mother, and yet another babe into this life line. 
Surely the expectations of man, do often go astray,
and nothing lasts but the silk from Changsha. 

For Catie's Free Verse Frenzy contest 

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Love Poem Number 1

Looking into your eyes, 
on the first day we meet, 
I knew right away when my heart skipped a beat,
It flutters and pounds from Your beauty and care. 
It longs for much more, a world we could share.
You bring such a smile to my tattered, worn soul
A happiness lost, so long, long ago.
A hope, a prayer, I offer to He,
I ask for a gift, your smiles at me.
A smile that grows as we are together,
A smile that shows our potential forever.
You bring me such happiness and pure heartfelt glee,
All this and much more
just being with me.
You are so amazing, so beautiful , so pure.
Your company, your heart, your smile all my cure.
I thank God everyday for hearing my plea
I thank God most of all for you next to me.

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Collage of Warm Illusions

A squinting friend peers through a lens Along the aisle, a tri-pod bends around bouquets, and snaps a file of wedding guests An older brother, winks a smile, for in his eyes a warm embrace. He plays a trace of Bach, on his guitar Her younger brother sings along, and thinks of spars, high jinks, and pranks, her laughing face that sparked their childhood bond Her father ponders her first bike mosquito bites, her freckles and a scabby knee A fortress, high, among the trees where a princess climbed, to castles, fair where songbirds watched from cradled nests, above her braided hair He'd turn the world from end to end to spin her back to then again, .....but that was then.... ...and this is now...he must release her hand... And through my tears, a child I bore adores her knight, with eyes... in sight He waits for her. She lights a smile...... in satin slippers up the aisle He lifts a veil and they are more than what they were before ~ ~
____________________________________________________ Inspired by Craig's Contest:" A Collage Held Dear" 10/2/13

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Flaming Reflection : " Bon Appetite "

My Dear Carolyn, I want to Thank-YOU for YOUR Contest “ The Work You Do? ”
I usually Do not Brag, but I’m going to in this Piece I also may throw in  Kitchen Humor
I Dedicate this to YOU : Carolyn Devonshire My POETRY “ TEACHER “ LOVE, HG

The first two quotes I heard in the beginning of My Career
“People will always Eat” ( Chef Lis ) : “People eat with their eyes” :
( Mr. Franklin Whalen ; ) Owner  of The “Barrington House Restaurant”
Forty-Four years later, the Sonata of these words Still Rings in my ears

The Aromas, sweet and spicy, sour ,tart, fruity, meaty, waif through my nose
I remember the smell of burning starch, elbows set in ice cold water on the stove, two hours
Taste buds come alive, epicurean;  connoisseurs : enticing  The palette soothing the throat
I read my breath, in the dire cold of the freezer:  a block of ice becomes A Heart of Swans 
         The Center Piece of Mr. & Mrs. Posner’s 75th Wedding Anniversary Dinner
On a Pedestal , in the centre of the “Swan Heart : I carved the “POSNER"  Holding Hands
How Sweet, When they asked me “Would You makes us one of YOUR Classic Dinners?”
“The Rack of Lamb, with the Plum- Mint Jelly” “ Don’t forget his Famous “Béarnaise Sauce”
A Vegetable Bouquetire , Cottage Fries, with a special “Flaming Cherries Jubilee” for Desert
Perhaps, as they did when : Young : Their eyes found each other, as they fed each other
The Gleam in their Eyes, reflecting the Jubilee’s flame Opening the Mirror of Their “ L O V E “
As a Chef The work I do is very Rewarding and I shall Cook until I die( and even Then!! )

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Under a patch wide, so verdant green This lovely, old lady sits on warm porch Swarmed by choral tunes of early birds, Her veined fingers twist in graceful motion Kneading blades from stalks and hued grass, To mold curves into shape, touched by love While fluid eyes hum as bands entwine. Till weeks alight requesting for night’s quiet rest, Yet mornings lift hands on the same shade Pinning tiny beads embossed like rows of wreaths Crisscrossed strips finally twirl in dainty pattern The perfect mingling of straws looped in elegance; Finally, the night before a most special ceremony When aisles of the church prepare my young walk, Grandma smiles tearily and hands me... My first woven flower-girl basket. '''' ''''''''''''' * I was told that Grandma lost her interest in weaving when she cut her palms. After 5 years, she began crafting when she found out I was the only flower-girl to his son's wedding ( my uncle). Contest: Kim Morrison's True Story by nette onclaud

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Power of Your Love

To a Bride and Groom

You have the power
over my love
to make my day rain or shine
it all began the day you asked me
"to be mine" and I wrote my name
in blood, on your hearts
dotted line
the power of my love
to fuel what feeds within me
pounce on me as a tiger
humble me as a mouse
your strength envelopes me
as if standing in an unbreakable
glass house
you have the power
over my stare, as you glare
into my inner spirits soul
those who dare to try to divide
I heed them to beware
the power you have over my love
leaves me content, without a care
floating together, we share, in
true loves enchanting bliss
what started years ago, with a friendly
hug, is reincarnated within every
new days kiss

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That Guy

In that wedding 
In that piece of pandemonium
I saw him, right there
In between the crowd
Where he was performing a traditional dance
I locked my eyes on him 
And God! I wondered he looked just like him
But even more beautiful, more powerful, much handsomer
I waited and waited until he noticed me
I was there, so far away, on that table
Sitting upright, eyes locked, and thoughtful
Will I ever see him again?
That shared hidden passion 
That I loved to practice
The dance finished, the guy left with his crew
I sat in despair and sighed
I would never see him again 
A week passed, a wedding was on plate
I attended it elegantly
Dancing with ways
It was a lady- only matter
So I took off my scarf
And lay down my hair 
The groom entered the hall
We all shall put our scarf on
To his beloved bride he walked
With such intensity and pride
The traditional crew walked right in 
I just sat there and looked
Until I saw him again 
That guy 
Whatever his name is
I lay down a smile of delight
And pointed in my mind
And said “that is him”
Oh thank you God for this!
I sighed vulnerably again to realize
I would never see him again 

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The Year 2012

With two months left to go, in the year of 2012, I must not be too complacent.
However the first ten months have brought much joy and few sorrows. 
The most exciting events have been the four weddings of young relatives.
My youngest grandson's wedding came first and I was not invited.  
He and his intended flew off to Hawaii for the wedding, with their attendants.
The rest of us had to be satisfied with an invitation to their reception after they returned home. My wedding gift to my grandson and his bride was a professionally framed and sealed and museum glassed copy of my double poem, "The Bride's Prayer and The Bridegroom's Prayer". in hopes that it would last as long as I deeply wanted their marriage to last.  

The other three weddings were the results of many months of planning and I received a formal invitation to each one. In late August my great-grandniece married her fiance in a military wedding.  The reception was held in the Officers Club and was planned to the last detail. In September my own great-granddaughter held her wedding in my 
yard and the weather cooperated beautifully.  It was small, around fifty guests.  Rented decorated tables held a feast worthy of a more opulent wedding. The groom was as handsome and the bride as beautiful as those in the wedding magazines they had consulted in order to avoid the high expense of a wedding planner.

The last wedding was held the last Saturday in October and the bridegroom was my favorite great-grandnephew.  His beautiful bride was dressed in a lovely formal gown, under which she wore...cowgirl boots. Her eight attendants wore flirty. short, black dresses and...cowgirl boots.  Western music was played and a catered meal of Western food was served to the two hundred guests.  No expense was spared for this wedding.  It was held at a remodeled cattle barn which has been turned into a beautiful social hall and rented out for just such occasions.  The minister said it was the twenty-fifth wedding ceremony held in that building at which he had officiated.

These were all joyous affairs and my prayer is that all parties will all be able to observe their 75th anniversaries and are still as happy as on these, their wedding days. 


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Wedding Night Bliss

With a sleepy smile she whispered
“I said I do today”
Spoken words with heart and mind
Lust and desire made clear
“Boy, how you grind my gears
and still arouse such wantom awakening
to parts of my body previously only stirred…”
My mind turns to the number of times
we have all but made love with our clothes on
Innocently touching, holding, wanting
Preserving something so very special
ready for the day that I can take you
Knowing you are my bride, belong to me,
are part of me, for now we are one
Together every breath, movement, thought
melds together in heated entangled embrace
My hands search for the warmth of your touch
the silky softness of your satin smooth skin
Item by item crumpled garments fold to floor
as I slowly admire your naked womanly form
for first time 
watching waiting wondering
yet knowing you are as ready as I as you smile
I scoop you into my arms,
lie you on our bed
Slowly we make our way into Paradise,
lost to ourselves
Found in our desires for one another
Destination – satisfaction
We arrive as husband and wife

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How I Met My Wife

It was the fall of fifty-four and “cool” was the in thing. I was a senior in high school and had just moved to Camden High. I was checking things out. Rambling down the hall one day I just happened to look into a freshman classroom. There I saw the most beautiful face. Two very large dimples began to bloom as our eyes met for only a second. She blushed and it highlighted the turned up corners of her perfect lips. Strange, I felt I knew her. I did know her. She was the faceless dream haunting me my whole life. She was the one I knew I would meet some day. The one God guided my way. The one I knew would be my wife. I was smitten. How could I meet her without being so blatantly obnoxious? A friend of mine was dating her cousin. I was told her name was Carolyn. Patricia, the cousin would try to set it up for us to “accidently” meet. Carolyn went to church quite often to the Sunday evening service. We lived in a small town and Sunday evenings were spent "cruising" from a drive-in restaurant on one side of town, to another on the opposite side. What a “coincidence” we all turned up at church on the same evening. Pat asked Carolyn if she would like to go ride. She did, but would have to go home to ask her parents. She was too young to date. When she asked her parents about going out for a while they each said for her to ask the other, They finally agreed because Pat was with us. The next Sunday evening we spent the evening at her home. After that we went out just about any time we wanted to but, “came back early”. Those were the best of times. So, began the start of a relationship destined by the hand of One who protects and twines. After graduation, I was away at school. There as a ministerial student, I felt displaced. It didn’t take long to know it was not working out. I settled the mounting pressures of school, the church, by joining the military. While I was stationed in Japan for almost three years she finished school and worked while attending Carolina. After that I was away in another town working. We claimed each other for six years while shaping, settling, waiting for the right time. We decided we would marry in 1960. November twenty-sixth was the date set aside. It was a simple, pretty wedding in my church. We left the wedding and spent the night in Columbia, leaving there to honeymoon in the Blue Ridge. We returned on Monday, for I had to work and brag about my new bride. © Sept. 25 2010 For Frank's 'Love" contest

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The Wedding

The Wedding

All held their breath
At her exquisite beauty
Trumpets resounded
In the heavens

The perfume of her essence
Filled the air like spring birthing 
All manner of flowers

Her brightness 
Like the full moon on a clear night 
Went before her 
Laying a carpet shimmering 
Like rubies and diamonds 

Her crown a halo of light 
Beaming from a Tiara set with diamonds 
Around a single fluorescent pearl 

Her dress of flowing pure white silk 
Shimmered with encrusted diamonds 
That beamed rainbow colored light 
That danced across her gown 

And from ivory sculptured hands 
She held a perfect bouquet 
Of red and white roses

And before her
A procession of bridesmaids
Pure and white
Led her to the altar

Of her 

© Brenda V Northeast

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A Forever Promise

Anxiously the bachelor dreams 
Of a lifelong commitment
From the insidious bachelorlette, 
He proposed marriage tenderly 
Could I count on you ~
To forsake all others said she, 
He vows to do so forever, 
If she were to love, honor 
And be the best bride ever. 
They agree thus bonding 
In holy matrimony 
Husband and wife 
Were then introduced --Mr. and Mrs. 
After which family, guests 
And wedding party joined
Too, celebrate the start of 
their forever promise
Many blessings 

Adell Foster©2009 Adell1

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Mister and Miss Right

Mister Right and Miss Right met at church the other day.
However, they didn’t recognize each other.
And, too sadly, they didn’t know what to say.
They awkwardly looked shyly at each other,
Then they went each their own lonely way.

Fantasizing endlessly about Mister Right,
Miss Right pined “What could he ever see in me?”
Also dejectedly sulking about Miss Right,
Mr. Right mused “How could she love someone like me?”
Both thought there’d probably never be a Mister and Missus Right.

Individually, they both came to the same conclusion:
They both needed some drastic self-improvement.
Mister Right studied management skills for a better vocation.
At the same school, Miss Right learned to cook and gained cultural refinement.
As their paths crossed, they’d get into better conversations.

The moral is that it’s more important to be Miss or Mister Right than to just find Mister or Miss right.
Happily, Mister Right eventually lived up to his name
And felt himself worthy of charming Miss Right.
And happily, Miss Right also did and felt just the same,
And she walked down the aisle to become Missus Right.

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I Need You

I wrote this for my hubby :)

I Need You
    by Amy Swanson

My heart needs you...
      like water, life
           you are the soil
                my love grows in.

My soul needs you...
       a spark of light
           within my darkest moment
                  you illuminate love.

My body needs you...
         your soft caress
             you tenderly kiss away
                   the outside world.

I need you...
         my other half
              my reason to be
                   only you make me whole.

I love you.

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''Taken Shape''

I have found myself in your eyes.
To share a heartbeat,finger printing our lives as one.
 As still as night air with arms wrapped tight.
I know uniting with you,just feels right.

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Our Poem

Tonight we will start our poem
We will grab ahold of each other, writing love letters.
We will kiss, letting the words flow from our mouths
We will hug, giving the stanzas room to roam
We will embrace each other, giving rhythms to rhymes
We will love each other, giving meaning to letters on a page

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Wedding bells

Wedding bells isn't a big pretty dress or handsome tucks. 

Wedding bells isn't a big church or ball room. And last but 

least, many think it's about family and friends. A wedding is 

mirage, it's love between two. It's a bind many love to let 

pass by.  It's a connection two feel. A moment for both to be 

happy. It's a wedding, true love shall combine. It's a moment 

no-one can break. It's a smile hurting your jaw. Causing your 

heart to truly skip a beat. It's feeling your love in the air.  

Hearing the music in the ocean.  It's letting love make the 

clouds. Wedding bells is saying, I do for life. It's remembering 

your vows.  Holding each others hands and remembering 

sweet moments.  Not letting go for eternity. Giving the long 

lasting kiss. A kiss to remember for life. A true love kiss under 

wedding bells. Wedding bells that brought two humans into 

one. Into one wedding bell.........

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The Ice Swan Lands

The Bride under the left wing; The groom under the right
The Ice Swan , landing on the lake in the Early Morning Night

Her feathers , intricately patterned in a Moment of LOVE Forever the thinnest chisel
Curves her neck,  to the kiss of her beak upon the LOVING Bride and Groom

The Lily pads  need a circumference scratchier to be polished ; For Love’s Landing
The cold and numbness from the freezers melts from me; with their happy Smiling 

After the “I DO’s”  They each thank me for my thirty hours of an ice block work of art
Thank-YOU and may YOUR Life Together be Forever ( I also made this Swan in an 
Aspic Salad

                Inspired by Nette Onclaud  for Her Contest “ Anything Handmade “
                    Dedicated to the Posners for their Seventy-fifth Anniversary

  Author’s Note I was in Hospital when Contest was Finalized so this was not 

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Wedding Bells Ring

Today would be the day my wedding bells would ring, but they are still and quiet.

Where is the up roar? Where is the happy riot to cheer me on this happy day?
I do not see them have they all run away? Where is my mother? For she must walk me down the aisle.
I am her only child surely she would not forget about me.
However a better question would be where is my silver ring? The one that was given to me by my lover.
I am to become his significant other. Where is my beloved one? Where does he hide? I cannot wait to be by his side.

Today would have been the day my wedding bells would have ranged but today brings no joy only pain.

I loved only once but it was all in vain. The ring I was given was suddenly taken away...I was betrayed.
He abandon me and left me for dead. Oh if only I had known what was going on in his head.
Oh such pain I am in! Why me!? Why must I suffer!?

I have summoned all the strength I can muster but still I am weak with sadness.
However I can look back and say it was nice while it lasted. 
But my face reveale's all things; this is why I look so down casted.

In my bedrom I cry and think how everything he told me was just a pretty lie.
He never did love me, and he never will. Thinking about him makes me feel ill. 
But what's even more sickening is that I love him still.
Hate him I wish I could, but forgiveness I must give. 
However I never wish to look upon his face ever again.

Today would have been the day my wedding bells would ring, but the sun does not shine and the birds do not sing.

Do they also share in my sadness or are they also confused by this madness?
I sit and ask myself how could this be? One moment we are together the next moment we are history. 
You are one of the greatest mysteries that has yet to be solved.

My first kiss I gave to you, oh how I wish I could steal it back. 
Was my love so powerful that it gave you a fatal heart attack?
How I wish I could change the times so that your eyes would have never met mine.
But time cannot be changed set or rearranged.
What happens in life must remain that same.

Today would have been the day my wedding bells would ring but they are still and quite.

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Rose Petals

Glowing and white, pure liquid flowing
My heart is expanding.
And I hear angels singing a song that fills my soul.
Rose petals are falling.

A slow steady walk, a gentle loping grace.
My smiling man in all black
So gorgeous. So perfect.
So mine.
My face is shining.
The angels are singing.
Rose petals are falling.

A steady warmth
So strong, and so deep
That gentle heat fills me to my core
And I find myself falling


Rose petals are falling.

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Wedding Day

A woman dressed in purity
A man dressed in truth
Together they vowed their love
Together they showed their faith
God’s miracle in work
Two souls entwined
Held in His hands

Words of such beauty
Echoed in God’s house
Tears shed for happiness
Flowed from all
What a love shared
Between the groom and bride

Dana and Diane
So deserving of the other
Their hearts of gold
Fitted to perfection
At last was found
Their hearts’ missing piece

A life as one
Just beginning
Struggles may come
Their faith in each other 
Will never fail
How glorious was their day
Of love, purity, truth and faith
How impossible it was to miss
The Lord’s blessed kiss
Upon their hearts, upon their souls
On the day of eternal love 

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Our Love Story PART 1

My granddaughters asked me one day
"Grammy, how did you date
Going to an all girl school
Wasn't it pretty hard for you?"

They were at that dating age
And figured they could trap me

I just told them with a smile 
I knew were I was going all the while 

I stayed in school
And got my teaching job
Near the H bar T spread
On Nebraska sod

The land lady invited the cowboy
From up the valley one eve
To come down for a little supper
And meet the new lady who was going to teach

We spent the evening playing double solitaire
An when he got ready to leave
I asked him, " Please
Can you put my saddle in the barn for me?"

Sunday found me busy at work
Getting ready for school to start

He stopped by and wanted to know
If to the roping club with him I'd go

I did go and from that day on
Wednesday night, Friday night, Saturday 
And Sunday's were our days, 
Work permitting.

He had been on his own since he was fifteen
And took special pride in his work
Sometimes in the evening if he had the time
 You just might find us on the phone line

Thanksgiving rolled around
And I went to Kansas to see my folks
And he went Wyoming to look at a ranch

On the way back he stopped by my place
I walked him to the car when he was ready to leave
And I told him, "I'm going to a wedding
On June Nineteenth."

He just looks at me and says 
"If I'm supposed to be there just let me know"

I did 
He did come
And we were forty seven years and two weeks
As one

When I got finished telling the granddaughters
Their mouths were open in shock

Grammy did you really do that
I said Yep
An that's how you 
Came about.

I told Billy about the girls and me
And he replied with a grin
"You know you're right
I never did ask you to marry me."

When Billy looks down on me from above
I kiss my wedding band with love
For on our wedding bands you'll find
The stars and the moon for all time

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Theys True Love Story Part 3

Her grand gals axed her one time
How did hers ever gits a date
Her done went ta a all gals school
Theys wudn't let no boys in
Ut makes me's won ders 
Yep ut sure do

Theys at that datin age
And figgers theys
Finds oot if's hers was a good 
Gal er bad. 

Her tells um 
Theys jist bet er be's
Good gals er else.
Youse cain't gits a good 
Feller if'n youse any thin else

An than her tells um it were no never mine
Her knowed where her cowboy her'd fine

Her went ta school 
An gots her job
Near tha H bar T rench
What were a  real sandy spot

Tha lan' lady her 'vites the cowboy
frum up tha nex rench
Ta comes down fer a little supper
An ta meets tha new gal what are gonna teach.

Theys  played cards er sumthin' or so her seys
An when him are ready ta leaves
Her axed him if'n he's cuds 
Puts her saddle in the barn, please

Sunday her's was over ta tha school
Gittin ready fer ta teaches tha golden rule

When him done stops an tells her
He are a goin ta the ropin club 
An seys theys room in tha car fer her.

Her seys hers will goes with um
But hers did unt axes 
What kinda drinks theys serves  
Et this club.

Him were a proud cowboy feller were he
His job were m-portatnt youse see
An sum times if'n he gits his work all done
Him jist mights calls her on tha tel-e-phone.

When Thanksgivin comed round
Her wents ta Kansas an seed her folks
An him wents ta Wyomin ta looks at a rench

When him did comed back
Him stops fer a spell
An when him are goin ta leaves
Her walks him oot ta the car ya sees
An tells him hers goin ta a weddin
On June Nine teenth

Him jist looks at her an seys 
If'n him are supposed ta be's....
Well youse knows tha rest

Her done it
Him comed
They's war forty seven years an two weeks
Ez one

When her gits done tellin her grand gals
Theys mouths was open big

An her tells um 
Yep her did
That's how youse 
Comed ta be's.

Her telled Billy what her telled tha gals
An him seys, with a spark in his eye
Him were a weldin
"I's never did axed youse ta marrys me,
Youse knows youse er right."

Now  when Billy looks down et her from aboves
Her kisses hers wedding ring with love
Cause on theys wedding bands youse'll finds
Tha stars an tha moon fer all times

I's mad that lan lady did unt vites me's down
Then maybe's them gran gals wud a
Be's mine.
                            X.......John e Cowpoke

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Done For Good

Her look that day,
Should have told me everything she could not say.
Unprepared, I stared.
She walked away.
As she tossed our ring,
I felt the sting.

If I’d known then
How I feel today,
I'd heal the abscess and my heart’s decay,
Before her affection left me there that day.

JS Lambert

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Just Because I said I Do

The nagging about little things
To the complaining about you need socks
Never wanting to do a thing I ask
Just because I said I do 

I love when I come home to a mess
Clothes here, Socks there, plates in the living room 
Just  for once pick up one thing 
You only do what you want 

I love you with my heart
But just because I said I do 
You need to help to 
Its the two of us not only one

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Wedding Vows

Her Vows.
I love you more than mashed potatoes, or tea in my favourite mug.
I love you more than curling up on the sofa with a rug.
I love you more than a manicure, more than George Clooney too,
I love you more than a thunderstorm, that's how much I love you.
More than a trinket from Tiffany's (well, almost I should say)
But I 'specially love you lots and lots, today, our Wedding Day.

His vows.
I love you more than a mega-byte, or a beer on a Saturday night,
I love you more than Ipswich Town (well if they loose I think I might)
I love you more than a skiing trip, and more than five-a-side,
I love you more than fish and chips, my love I just can't hide.
I love you more than a compact disc, and more than a good read,
I'll marry you, of you'll take the risk, you're all I'll ever need.

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My Special Day

I wish you could be there,
On my special day,
To be there when I wake up,
To hold me in your arms,
To whisper words of advice.

I wish you could be there,
On my special day,
To kiss my cheek,
To straighten my veil,
To tell me I’m beautiful.

I wish you could be there,
On my special day,
To help me out of the car,
To walk with me down the aisle,
To give me away.

But I know you’ll be there,
In the most important place,
Kept safely in my heart,
And in the hearts of our family,
And I know you’d be so proud,
On my special day.

7 November 2012

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Salve Epithet's Clique

Last name here, First step there, only one allay...
Vestige sagacity, flaxen ochroid genes skitter down, 
Diddle drizzled dints to acquiesce an ugly axis,
Whet of whiled grime, tips on me thus to dawn,
In hands of lonely children, bid these lips bye-bye...

Bequest oaths, for ode by love is a home plight,
Coalescing pivots crux fine fortunes through,
Docent tasks fathom nature's dew of grief,
Tons of totes vex abstruse wills to loot,
But virtuous lenity glib adept heartfelt reefs,
Gait jiffy haps with tribes so grim time tears,
God's flanges tarry finales who lope o'er losers,
But foremost, guerdon sojourn souls aiding others...

Accouter the outfitter by concords of trust,
Master a gentlemen and woman of good taste,
Upon Sunrise and Sunset, leave wise and do weep,
The bequeath of ensuing generations propound... 
Upon birth and grave, life and death, -but more life...

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From A Husband To His Wife

It's been seven years since i said "I Do" and times got hard but we got through them because I have you. I miss the partying and clubbing, but I love this kissing and hugging. Being in a relationship, you must be ready to commit to the loving, fussing and fighting and the long nights. I gave up these things because I wanted the best for us. I wanted you to know that I was ready for your loving, caring and trust. Years have past and I'm glad we made this commitment because you are the best thing in my life and I'm glad to call you my wife.

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I walk through the orchard
Fruit abounds
The smell of fruitfulness surrounds

I am encouraged with your abundance

I want to sing
I want to dance
For you have supplied my ever need

My need is YOU LORD
You are the Lover of my soul
You are the embrace my heart desires
You are sweetness to my lips
You are the Kiss of dawn that makes my eyes shine
you are the stars that make my eyes twinkle
You are the light of day and the moon at night
That lightens my way and makes my load light
You are the oil of my Joy
You are my souls steadfast love fulfilling all I need
And soon you will come for your bride
And we shall be - ONE

© Brenda V Northeast    6 May 2012 

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Tell me

Are we meant to be?
Or is it just a dream?
You & I
Are we meant for love?
Are we ready to say I do?
You & I
I'm just not sure If I'm ready.
Are we ready to say I do?
Or say good-bye?
You & I
I'm just not sure whether to go back?
Or keep marching forward?
Without you
Don't know whether these are my directions.
Give me time to think.
If you can't wait, move on.
Just you.
Know I can't be without you.

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To a Beautiful, Crazy Woman

The gaze of your serpent eyes the appealing of sneaky smiles.
The nectar of rosy lips the touch of your healing hands,
The chic in your stroll the whiff of wear,
The wobble of lions the bloom of your torso,
The pride in your parade,
Golden wreath of your gullet and these rings in fat fingers,
The pricey pendant of your ear the bangles of arm and their clink,
The evening of your dishevel the dancing of your braid,
The melody in speech and the worry in your ask,
He shall be fluky--whoever will wed!

I imagine for me the not-on, and sigh!
A wavy body that tarts up, a dialect that is murmur, a go-with that is eternal, a walk that is heavenly, a touch that is wine, a mock that is loveful, an escape that is cruel, a feeling that is real, a vow that is sincere!

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For As Long As The Stars Shine

Today the planets align,
Blessing from the celestial divine.

My love is now thine,
Our romance coincides a cosmic sign.  

For as long as the stars shine,
You will always be mine.

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Little Red

Full Moon Brimming 
On A Hungry Wolf
Fire still burning 
Words are not enough

Red Riding Hood,
You stopped me where i stood.
The basket you held, looked so good,
I enticed...And you fell... 

In the woods... safe and sound
We could not believe what we had found
Me in denim... and you it lace

We understood, each other so very well
Full moon brimming over with light
Gazing into the eyes of the other

The twin to me, I did see, in You.
Be careful with my heart, my love.

My running shoes are unlaced for now,
So lean back and enjoy the ride.
Embrace all the laughter, our lives allow.


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Stars shine brightly above me as I look up at the glowing full moon.
A cool breeze is blowing and
A soft music seems to play in the air around me as
I think of what life has given me.

This gift is more than I could have brought myself to ask for.
For the longest time I've been content to be there for others
Ignoring the fact that as I helped my friends find happiness, I have been alone.
Now I find that Life has given me a gift. A thing so precious that never again could I go
through life without it.

Life has given me you.
You, Suki, have become my life force. The very thing that keeps me going.
I love you with everything I have. Granted, it isn't much, but I promise you that it wont
be missed. I'll love you enough to make up for the materialistic things that I don't have.

The moon blurs as tears fill my eyes and I start glowing as bright as the shining full
moon above me and
I find that the music I hear around me that is so heartbreaking-ly beautiful isn't in the air.
It's inside me.
I never have to be alone again.
Never do I have to bottle things up for the sake of other people because I know I have
someone who wants nothing more than to have me cry on his shoulder.
I love him
And to the very core of my being I know he loves me.

Life has given me something I never dared to let myself dream of having.

Life has given me Suki.

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Someone to love

I want to be Happy when you walk down the aisle

I want it to be you who Returns my smile

I want to be breathless  as you pass all the pews

I want the pleasure of really meaning I do

My life is one i want to spend with you

Someone who will see what the world doesn't

And help me up if i ever lose my footing

Someone who wont quit on me a year down the road

And whose hands i will still hold even when we grow old

Someone who will keep me warm when I am cold

And will tell me the truth if its only lies i have been told.

The better half of me.. the one who makes us one...

Someone I would gladly die for n never ever run

Simply to share my life with and unashamedly Love....

And to see our dreams come true...

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The Bride On The Wait List

The Bride on the wait List
Break gentle heart break
That I cannot withstand anymore
Shaking as same as an earth quake
As slow as a snail wakes and calls them whore
Here-in shoulders hands like a perfectionist

To leave and watch her sob
Wanders as blind as a bat
Attending to nowhere step by step
Thinking they call her slut
Runs down step and stumble on an out sleep
Finds time to persevere like in the book of job

And meets her best groom

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Burning Embers

After being together for a time of great length
I have no idea how I put up with you, or where I get the strength
You make me so furious, just so mad!
Why do I put myself through this, if I just end up being sad?
I get a reminder every morning when I turn to your side of the bed.
The passion our love used to have, a fire burning such a deep red.
Years pass and the fire dies down
I look at you and your once glowing smile, turned into a frown. 
What’s changing I really don’t know
Sometimes wondering if it was all a show…
But in the morning, breath stinky and hair a mess
I look at you and know I’m blessed. 
Because behind those eyes I see a spark
Memories of making out in the park
The only time we’d cry
is when we had to say good-bye. 
I see something that’s keeping us alive
During the screaming shouts there is something in our hearts we are trying to revive
We’re trying to rekindle the burning embers
When all of the sudden, not just our minds, but our hearts remember
We lean in for a passionate kiss
And all of the sudden, remember the feeling of bliss.
And who knew that was the fuel we needed,
A blissful kiss our hearts and lips have so deeply missed
To rekindle our fire
To rekindle our passion
To rekindle our faith and trust we had in each other.

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The Essence of Flesh...

Flesh has a funny way of keeping two people entwined;
It imitates two people, or one person,
Tells one’s secrets, 
But still keeps them safe in the layers,
Layers of flesh like layers of me.

The first layer is soft, golden, and touchable.
So touch me,
Feel the contours of my skin,
Stroke me because you need to,
Because I need you to,
Because the being of your own flesh wants you to.

Layer two takes everything in,
Inhales and exhales systematically,
But breathless in your vigor, catches with your every move,
And sighs and moves as your skin brushes mine,
So thrust and lust so sweet and soft so skin itself might shed its tears.

Third is rooted, thick, and strong,
To protect a frail body like mine from the strength of yours,
But fluid enough to dance and bend,
So long as you’re the one next to me as my partner.

So strange and tenacious is the changing flesh,
Often setting free tiny beads that dabble along and drip from my skin,
So heated, the droplet beads of you and I join
As they run along our legs and down onto the soft sheets,
Releasing the warmth so to cool us.

So then so smooth the flesh becomes,
Fiery inside but so cool to touch,
If touch comes so gently it barely feels,
So sensual and slow, one could experience the weight of a light wind,
While face to face our lips will meet, our legs merge,
Our bodies fall into one another’s.

And it is this very essence of flesh,
This imitation of character, that will tell you what you need to know,
The ease and readiness with which yours will happily enter mine,
That makes us one.

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Logic's Song

          I once saw an old man with hair 
          the color of snow and in his hand,
          He held two circulates of gold.

          I asked the man what the rings
          were for.
          One, He said, is for the Young
          and the other for the Old.

          With questioning eyes, I looked
          upon and as He explained,
          I heard logic's song.

         An in conclusive reasoning, He said
         and then a comforting smile,
         He gave, as He continued to say.

         (The Young) " The  heavy bodies 
         descend by gravity and again the
         gravity is quality; Whereby a heavy
         descends is an impertinent circle and
         teaches nothing.
         Meaning: The Journey Onward.

         (The Old) " A circle which touches 
         the curve and close to the point more
         nearly coincides with the curve than
         hence is called; Circe of curvation.
         Meaning: Coming Into Full Circle.

         An unofficial association of people, I said
         but the smart set goes there.

         It's simple my Dear, He said;
         A plane curve generated by one point
         moving at a constant distance from a
         fixed point, (The Young & The Old).

         As He calculated the circumference of the
         circle, again He spoke.
         Every part of which is equally distant from
         a point within it, is called: The Center, The Soul.

         He spoke in logic in which I had never heard spoken.
         A conclusion of a form of argument between two
         or more unproved statements that in the end, prove
         each other as one.

         Alpha, Omega, The beginning and the ending,
         a circulate of gold. The Young and The Old.

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You're Mine

So tired of spinning my wheels,
I just can't wait to get into my heels
Hours of fun and mingling
Gives me a warm sensation, 
almost tingling.

All these people
Single place
One time
For us,
It's a sign
It's divine
We're happy
You're mine

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List Impossible

Can it be as hard as this?
A struggle of thoughts and feelings arises,
Not ever seeing a resolution,
Assessing the options that offer perhaps a brighter existence,
Weighing every pro and con against the alternative but always considering other’s feelings,
If we only had unlimited resources available,
Then all would experience their equal share of the occasion’s fortunes,
Every person a guest of honour at their own place of high importance,
But as the evening draws on towards another restless end,
Our task is still as complicated as the exercise which upon dawn's arrival met us,
Names are still unchecked whilst invites sit unwritten wanting a stamp,
A moment of peace is what our minds aspire for ardently,
But our wedding is too important for us to ignore the organising!

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Come Nightfall

Everything glitters at night
Moonshine will pull all that you own into question
Like daylight never could;
You’re a coward
I’m a faggot and a fake
And I can’t think of one reason 
Why I deserve the shirt I’m wearing
I wish it were a tourniquet
So I could glimmer
Glitter in the light of the world
Like everything does
come nightfall.

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Baby, when u left in 1982
My heart felt empty and few
I searched far and deep
I lack good manner of sleep

When I did find you
I felt joy’s Triumphant to be next to you
But the time was not due
For you were involved, not true?
I bowed my head and flew

Never giving up on my love for you
My heart felt-faith was always new
We met sporadically during the years
I relate and showed you all my cares

But yet the time was not right 
With the divine bringing together of our being
But you finally and humbly accept my feelings
And asked me to marry you…

My love for you baby is eternal and true
Baby, yes, I will marry you.

©Copyright August 2007 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

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White Trash Wedding

Shaving cream covers up the truck missing a left side window
Backyard lawn is freshly mowed folding chairs assembled
Trailer has been freshly scrubbed the scent of pine still lingers
Ready for the wedding day of Bubba James and Ginger

They’ve known each other all their lives even quit school together
Rumored that somehow their kin but that has yet been founded
Dated off and on for years come Spring a new arrival
Now she’s knocked up dressed in white, God help the child’s survival

The crowd has gathered to celebrate the union of this couple
Indeed a sight to for all to see two hands placed on the bible
Bubba James half drunk with shame with Ginger’s delicate condition
Say I do, a prayer is prayed, the party soon commences

Will their life bring happy times or a road of pure destruction
Pretty soon the child will come and test their own survival
Only God and fate can answer this too soon to draw conclusions
Just hope and pray for it’s too late to stop this white trash union

**This is not intended to offend anyone...just got an inspiration

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Antiquarian classic lovers embrace
 Orangeade silken light, circles around his place
 Romantic satin in black lace, gifts bestowed to thee
 Delicate ruffed red confection eyes, he showed me

 Dignified I was dressed in Velveeta and chrisom shoes
 I held soft black satin purse, white cape, blue trimmed lace
 Shimmery in candy red heels, freshwater pearl adorn my face
 Lacey corset jacket , ruffled Nostalgic demure Raspberry pantaloons

 I wore on my wedding day, Myriad silvery beads 
My Grecian gown scattered about the bodice, angels feathers
 Scalloped hems, Ivory slip, his kiss twinflames
 My face adorn with chiffon pink lace

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Forgive, please forget

I lie here looking at the ceiling,
Then I look to your word,
It didn't have much meaning, 
Trusting you is almost absurd
You left me broken promises
I know I'm better off
No more kisses
I need to write you off
I'm a creature of habit
I  know I'm not that tough
I have no heart to be compassionate
You stole it, left it in the rough
I'm Forgetting how your voice sounds
It truly makes me sad
yet still want you around
I still know what we had 
Why'd did you ever leave? 
Why couldn't we have been enough for you?
Now you wallow in sorrow and tell me how you grieve
love isn't for the weak I give the devil his due 
Now you suffer twisting, contorted pain
the worst mistake of your life
takes me back to lovers lane
You really messed up and I'm to alleviate you of your strife?
You think you deserve it?
…..I do.

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My Pulse, My Heart

With this heart of mine,
To show you love.
A crown on my princesses head,
To show our loyalty.

Let these hands of ours,
Show our friendship forever.
Let these words I speak,
Forever be true.

You're my pulse, my heart,
And I love you.

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''Petals Of Love''

~Caress my cheek
with your velvet
drape over me.
Arms extended,I
lavish in hearts'
erotic state.
Feeling as if
gravity never
Our passion never to
be resisted.
We share the desire
for petals of love~

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The Nuptial Knot

It may sound incredible to the modern
The intelligent man may deride it often
Nevertheless, it is sensible to concede
That the heaven above ties nuptial knots. 

Facts are stranger than fiction indeed
For believers no stout logic is required
To understand the ways of providence
That works in a strange way with ease.

The groom and the bride are handpicked
By destiny through a move well planned
Thus, all things necessary deftly managed
To carry out the design that is prearranged.

Love and longing are but barren words
Addition to the stuff for poetic jargons
It is the heaven above decides everything
That includes venue, time and the linking.

No one knows how it works, definitely
As it is impossible to delve into it deeply 
It is good to accept and enjoy life merrily
For heaven above fixes marriages’ surely.

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He Doesn't Rub, Off,
I'm Stuck On You,
Like A Tattoo, Inked,
To My Skin, Brightly,
Diamond, Sparkled,
And Full Of A Richness, 
Paradise, For Your,
Beauty Is , Exquisitely, 
Dazzling, The Kind, I Wear 
In Pride, To Marry...

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I fear her wedding bells I will not hear

I fear her wedding bells i will not hear

If I am one day destined to marry
My wife will never ask , my father for my hand
You see his death was unplanned
It wasn't written in the stars or the sand
My children will never get to meet their grandfather
And ill have to explain that he lies dead forever
The fact loved ones cant last forever
To treasure all the love they be given
Love every day they are liven
Because one day too , I may not get to hear
Your wedding bells my dear


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To love 
Is to hold 
From now 
To forever 
My heart is yours 
As yours is mine
For this life 
To the next 
From this day forward

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September 2

So handsome you were, 
so pretty me 
real hot 
hottest day of the year 
four in the afternoon 
we sizzled our way up the aisle

I giggled through the I do's 
It's what I do when I'm nervous 
You didn't flinch 
but you squeezed my hand. 
You were solid 
We were solid 
It was hot.

Shiny and bedazzled 
smiles so radiant you still need sunglasses 
just to look at the pictures.

You'd think we'd have known 
with our fine educations 
that objects will assume the temperature of their surroundings 
unless energy is added. 
Some things you can learn in a classroom. 
Others take experience. 
Free thinkers and skeptics need more of the latter 
so we lived in defiance 
of thermodynamics 
a perpetual motion machine.

But Joule was right. 
Winters were bitter 

You quit squeezing my hand. 
I quit giggling. 
You became hollow. 
We became hollow. 
so hollow that when 
I recalled a giggle one day 
you flinched. 
The icy shell shattered.

The heat of the explosion 
was only enough 
to melt the shards, 
slowly wept away, 
fresh blood of casualty in the wake.

Bathed in experience's lessons 
healing salts of time 
scabs give way to tender scars 
and feeling reemerges. 
I noticed it this summer 
the warmth. 
It's been hot.

May you feel it, too, 
and be 


Nancy Jones

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On A Day Long Ago

I look toward the double doors,swaying
Becoming unbalanced in many ways
Yet you were not there for my eyes
To feast upon this most special
Day of days so alone and lonely I stood
There were sympathetic murmurs out in
That sea of well-wishers,family and friends
Some angry,some bemused for their
Approval was never received and still
I did not feel any of their gazes for I was
In a deep,dark hole and then it was over
Hopes and dreams were shattered,my life too
Was damaged for a long time dearest,however
I had to learn to forgive you for you were a 
Troubled soul even though I thought I had healed
You and myself too it was not to be so now I
Look at your beautiful picture once in a great while
Wondering if your life has any shades of
Happiness and I pray for your well-being
Please know that I have let the anger go
It's a burden that poisons the soul and causes
The heart to turn to stone and I have learned
At long last to love and I am filled up with
Brightness again-I've forgiven you and I am free

** for "Forgiveness" contest sponsored by Audrey Carey

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~*~ Roses ~*~

A splendor

Petal by petal

Each forming an exquisite flower

Enveloping the hope of a promise

An everlasting vow

Delicate petals quenched

By the morning dew

How could one ever compare one to another?

My forever flower

Written by Gwendolen Rix
July 2014

Dedicated to my friend Rita on her most special day!

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Royal Knight

The handsome royal knight from the romance novel,
Appeared on the big, rectangular screen.

Rescuing the beautiful maiden on his white horse,
They fled from the dangerous kingdom.

Arrived at the magnanimous palace in safety,
Shut the giant door to the fortress.

Alone at last empowered to dwell among the giants,
She gazed romantically into his eyes.

They sat at the huge wooden table and chairs, 
He gazed back at her with secret longing.

Days and nights came and went,
They conversed to the early hours of the evening.

With many stories to tell and share,
They were slowly getting used to being together.

They decided to build a future kingdom together,
He and she chose to marry and live in the palace.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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a poem for a blind wife from her deaf husband

the aim of this poem is very simple

only want to tell you that the clothes
we wore on our wedding were light green, but
the leaves used to wrap the wedding cakes were a darker green.
sure, both are green, but a different green, my dear. 

a flowery headband tuck into your hair
you may feel it but might not know
that the flowers are white jasmines

on my head, nestle a pair of doves, also white.
i always imagined us, that day,
as a pair of trees in the spring.
you were a blossoming tree.
i was a tree where doves nest. 

i saw people came and smile.
they talked while enjoying the food.
but what they were talking about, i could not hear.
care to tell me, dear? 

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Love will stand

It takes time to fall in love;
It takes love to stand the time.
Through the changing times of life,
love changes the tides of time
and weather the storms of life.

Moments of joy and grieve may drift
in and out like sand on the seashore
but love is the solid rock on which
your marriage can anchor. 

The whims and caprices of emotion
may usher clouds of fear and doubt
but loves shines through like the sun
and keep your hearts and minds together.

Even when your matrimonial boat drifts far
offshore in the middle of confusion, against
the tempest of misunderstanding and despair 
trust love's compass to sail you back to the
shores of forgiveness and reconciliation.  

We fall in love when self, stoops and love stands.
Let self remain fallen and always, love will stand.

                             Nguh Nwei Asanga Fon

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Unconventional Bride

From a distance, she sees
the groom in sweat;
moist with tears,
his lips tremble.
At the pace of voices,
she marches;
line of gazes: her path.

The contrast of white
against red;
petals are swept
by her trail.
Behind the lace
she gets a glimpse 
of tomorrow
and yesterday.

She kisses her mother, who smiles;
as well as her father, who cries.
Then she reaches the arms
of the man:
august in coat and tie.

Together, they walk the road
made of velvet and wilted rose:
This day, they may be them,
but later, they will be one.

This moment, though, 
makes her break;
and mourn like facing death,
for the image of bells and doves

is a mere illusion in her mind.

Today, the coil will be worn,
though not by the lady
in this poem.
For she is the one
in the weathered bench
sitting together
with the wedding guests.

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the royal wedding

the wedding cake: $16,000-$80,000
cleaning of the streets after the wedding in london: $64,000
the flowers: $320,000-$800,000
pre-wedding hideaway (the goring hotel hosting middleton’s family & friends): $552 a night
for double rooms
middleton’s wedding dress: $64,000-$434,000
the engagement ring: valued at $136,000, given to w. by c.
security: $8-$32 million

+ $64,000___

*this estimated cost does not factor in the unspecified amount of time that middleton’s
family & friends will be staying for $552 a night, or how many of them, etc.

although i’m sure that
with a pulse, a half-way decently functioning brain,
and a
could look at the figure posited above
and find thousands of ways to invest in any number of
more worthy causes
than that of perpetuating an incestuous line of
that holds absolutely
in the 21st century
but in the united states
the home of the world’s policeman
10 days ago
our blessed democratic congress
“the voice of the people”
$26.6 million dollars from TRIO:


for those that aren’t aware what TRIO is:

“TRIO is a set of federally-funded college opportunity programs that motivate and support
students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree. Over 850,000
low-income, first-generation students and students with disabilities — from sixth grade
through college graduation — are served by more than 2,800 programs nationally. TRIO
programs provide academic tutoring, personal counseling, mentoring, financial guidance,
and other supports necessary for educational access and retention. TRIO programs provide
direct support services for students, and relevant training for directors and staff.”


happy are those that are not english citizens
as the taxpayers are said to be footing the bill of
$8-$32 million
security, and
$64,000 for
street cleaning after said extravaganza

one has to do their best
to keep from running amok
the day this thing happens
because of what we could really be doing with the wealth in this world

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a poem for a blind wife from her deaf husband

the aim of this poem is very simple

only want to tell you that the clothes
we wore on our wedding were light green, but
the leaves used to wrap the wedding cakes were a darker green.
sure, both are green, but a different green, my dear. 

a flowery headband tuck into your hair
you may feel it but might not know
that the flowers are white jasmines

on my head, nestle a pair of doves, also white.
i always imagined us, that day,
as a pair of trees in the spring.
you were a blossoming tree.
i was a tree where doves nest. 

i saw people came and smile.
they talked while enjoying the food.
but what they were talking about, i could not hear.
care to tell me, dear? 

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Sunlit meadows. A marriage.

Sunlit meadows. A marriage.

A sunlit meadow, pastures green, lovers join, a state serene
They are each other, the two are one
Their life together has just begun
Of times to come, their futures filled
On hopes and dreams on which to build.

The forms, just outlines, now are blurred
Their spirits soar free as a bird
Theirs is hope and love of life
Joined together against all strife

When two are one and strength they show
Their souls complete, true love will grow
A link once formed that cant be broken
So strongly felt need not be spoken
 A sunlit meadow, pastures green, lovers join, a state serene

Charlie Milne 2007

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Spell B o u n d

Spelled Out

Spellbound, he captured me

But it was only a dream.

Craftily my mind carved

A space where we danced

And he drank honey

From my pomegranate navel.

Gently we caressed

Butterfly kisses extended

Unto flight of heart.

Spellbound, he captured me

But he was only a dream

His rugged jacket and 

Camouflages marched

Like ghosts in a desert

An aching in the hollows of my belly

Called out to him

Our wedding day approached

As I searched for wedding dresses

Pressed into 

Bridal magazines forever

A flower of international deceit

Instant bravery served like

Coffee wasted unto a table of

Unfinished jigsaw puzzles.

Spellbound he captured me

But I was only a dream

Jacked up into a tiny space

I did not even scream 

When my very being splintered

At my second birth

Blood and dust compressed

Clanging in the ears

Of innocent passersby

I dissolved like ice

Buttered popcorn thrown into

A crowded theatre

Surprising everyone yet

Recognizable as marches

For freedom

That will always and never

Be attainable.

He pushed me into a corner

Of my own life and I looked

Out screaming until

I broke the spell.

I captured the dream

Sat it at a distance

Breathing life into it

A dragon blast of oxygen

A parade of hope

Like on January 16

Every year dreaming

Of peace and rightness

Spell broken I captured me

Forcing air into my

Lungs as I expanded

Breath after breath

Thought after thought

Step after step

Lifting my hands 

Unto the plow

Reclaiming my raisin

From the explosion

Digging the ditches

Of reconnection

Forming a mound of

Clay into a habitation

Praying arrogantly that all

Spellbound captivity

Will end.

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Being in a relationship is sometimes hard because you have to make changes that benefit you both. Your friends want you to go out every day and night but your partner wants to be wrapped in your arms tight. Before you commit to a relationship you have to be ready to give up somethings you love; whether its clubbing, drinking or smoking. You will realize that once you stick to your commitment the things you gave up no longer matter because the love you have for one another gets stronger and stronger.

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To Rehearse or Not to Rehearse

He asked her father,
He said, "You may."

He asked her,
She said, "I will!"

To celebrate their engagement,
A party is given, a nice backyard party
With dancing and romancing.

The guest unaware, 
Of the change in the air;

Veiled behind closed doors, a secret's revealed.
She tells her sisters, he tells his brothers.
"I'm getting married!Right now, tonight!
Quick, put these on---No time to rehearse."

The guest have seated for dinner to be served.
An announcement is made; dinner is delayed;
The couple is pleased that you are here,
They invited you here, for their wedding to share.

Surprise! You were invited to their engagement party,
but, this is the wedding ceremony, they planned from the start.

Please excuse any mishaps that you may see;
For they did not want to rehearse, 
As life is not practiced, and this is their life; 
Two become one; for better or worse.

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My baby
My precious
My warm and glowing light
I cannot seem to sleep at night
For dreaming while I'm awake.

I dream of the kindness I see in your eyes
And I yearn to be able to hold you.
I dream of what Dubai is gonna look like
And how happy I think I'm gonna feel


Over and over I say your name, and only because it brings its you I've fallen in love with.
My Suki
are my
Lol, my friend I can't say it enough and I absolutely love it.
Love you.

Aw man, if ever there were words, I'd sing them to you.
If only there were actions that showed you strong enough, I would do nothing else but
dance them for you.

But let me tell you this, my sweet love.
I have my whole life to sing
My whole life to dance
My whole life to dream.

And I want nothing more than to spend my life doing those things with you.

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Finding Your Heart

Slowly drifting through this world
Never listening yet never being heard
I am so lost and confused
Why am I the one that always has to lose?
When will my heart find yours?

Crawling daily through life’s ups and downs
Living each down with my face in a frown
My heart never flutters or ever skips a beat
I ever anticipate when our souls will meet.
My heart will soon find yours.

As I’m going through life ever still
A rush over my body, suddenly I feel
This feeling is something I’ve never felt before
It’s warm and refreshing, it opened the door
To my heart as it found yours.

Your love has truly opened my eyes
My whole world is now comprised
Of joy and contentment within my soul
After all this time, I finally know
That my heart has found and will never lose yours.

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Ready, Set --- Glow

" Ready,  Set  ...  Glow! "
(A Wedding Lyric)

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
Like A Diamond Ring
Polished To A Sparkle
Showcased To Be Seen ...

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
Like A Happy Bride of Spring
Walking Down The Aisle
Makes A Lovely Wedding Scene ...

... Glow!
Ready,  Set ... Glow
Ready,  Set ... Glow
And All True Hearts Know
Love Is Ever-Ready, Set To Glow! ...

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
Let Your Love Shimmer, Sheen & Show
And Be Strong As Lava Flows
And Hold Desire Like Red-Hot Coals ...

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
On Your Mark & Off To The Marriage Races
Their Heartbeats Kept In Steady Paces
Admitting Vows, Emitting Waves As GOD's Graces ...

_______   _______   _______

(2nd tempo)

Just Look At The Smile On Their Faces
and How Their Eyes Share Lightning Gazes
Love So Rich, Looks Like Jewelry Store Showcases
But Wait and Just Watch Their Kiss and Embraces! ...
... Glow!

-------   -------   -------

(3rd tempo)

Like Fireflies In A Night Park
... Glow!

Like Two Bright Stars Thru The Dark
... Glow!

Like When Love First Sparks A Heart
... Glow!

Like GOD's Rainbow Over That Ark! ...
... Glow!

-------   -------   -------

From The Moment That They Met
... Glow!

Like A Warm Summer Sunset
... Glow!

Like A Full Moon Gives & Gets
... Glow!

and we ain't seen nothing - yet ! ...

... Glow!

Ready,  Set ... Glow
Ready,  Set ... Glow
As All True Hearts Must Know
Love Is Ever-Ready, Set To Glow! ...

          Written & Copyrighted ©:  6/7/2014
                       by:  MoonBee  Canady

(God Said, Give 'Em A Beam They Can't Forget 
... and Glow! ... )  (lol)

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All I Need

All I Need... By Candice 

I lay my head on your chest
and the stresses of the day melt away
as the soft rhythmic beating of your heart
puts me in my safe place.
A place so comfortable that my body
seems to melt into yours
and we become one.
The soft kisses you place on my forehead
warm my body with a euphoria that
no street drug could mimic.
My safe haven is your arms...
My lullaby is your heartbeat...
and my addiction is this wonderful man
who cradles me like a child.
This man who protects me.
This man who takes it upon himself
to ensure my safety...
and at the days end,
When I am tucked away in your blanket of protection,
I know that this is where i have longed
to be all day.
Right here...
Right Now...
This is all I need.

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Gothic Wedding

Today is the day.
A day we've been waiting for.
Cause in a few hours.
I will be all yours.

Red roses are everywhere,
and even in my hands.
Walking down the aisle.
Wearing black, not white.
Something that fits out lifestyles.
Something so unique.

We say our vows as we promise our lives as one.
We stand in front of families and friends.
We touch each others hearts,
and we seal a kiss for it all.

We dance in the moonlight to a song about death,
because we know our love will go on.
Our hearts , our souls are beautiful treasures,
and we will protect each other through it all.

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Love Is

Love is the greatest feeling to know.
Love is learning as we go.
Love is blind when others see.
Love is you and love is me.
Love is your hug when I'm feeling down.
Love is showing me off around town.
Love is missing me when I can't stay.
Love is kissing me though I'm miles away.
Love is your soft caress on my skin.
Love is my heart letting you in.
Love is your smile inside and out.
Love is knowing without a doubt.
Love is standing in the rain.
Love is my happiness and my pain.
Love is waiting in the cold.
Love is together growing old.
Love is truth and respect.
Love is to forgive and to forget.
Love is the soft look in your eye.
Love is your shoulder when I cry.
Love is whispering your name to the wind.
Love is understanding again and again.
Love is wanting to hold you soon.
Love is wishing on the same bright moon.

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Wedding, Circa 1915

A treasured washstand 
from the groom's  workshop 
for his bride - 
its value enhanced by
adding handmade towels       
from her hope chest.

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White Wedding Dress

As I look around, A glorious decor
Everyone sitting around, those petals on the floor
Smiling faces, and wedding cake
A perfect picture you and I make
In black and white you stand at the altar
There's no way that this day could Falter

But Alas..

I wake up to know that my dream is a Nightmare
To see you with her, How could I NOT care!?
To think that could have been ME at that threshold
A page in my diary I SCREAM to you TENFOLD!

Why me?..

I sit and I ponder what could have caused this
What could I have done to ruin this bliss
I stop, because from god this must be a test
So I accept, I'll move on
and Say goodbye to that White Wedding Dress...

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Their Anniversary

Looking about 
on a starry night 
An old man turned to his wife. . . 

"I see all the love we've shared 
somewhere -- 
beyond the moon in your eyes." 

She beamed.

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Wedding Band

It's new
It bounds one to another
It allows you to have the love of your life
Being able to keep them by your side forever
It may be just a piece of metal
But it means a lot to many 
A wedding band
A band that shows your love for someone
The band that is placed on your finger by the one who loves you most
A wedding band
The most treasurable piece of metal you own
A wedding band
The constant reminder you got the one who means everything
A wedding band
Is how you show your feelings to you significant other
The way to feel loved

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The Eyes of her Beloved

This pink-faced blushing bride
explodes with wonderment,
joyously embracing the mystery
unfolding in each moment.

The white lace and satin obscure
her hidden history:
forgotten pain, 
broken promises,
and the gentle acceptance that
healed them all.

She steps forward with 
grace and ease, gazing into 
the eyes of her beloved.

Fearlessly, they plunge into
murky, unknown waters
and swim.

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Wistarian Chapel

Mysterious monarch of the sky micro fauna             									like the moth to the flame drawn to sweet purple perfume	 	                 						 A spotted furry winged tiger colored wanderer                                                       					 enters a wistarian chapel wed like a vining Myrtle tree                                                                                                       	blooms clustering like grapes sipping the nectar wine                                      				    	Not wasting precious moments dancing with her soul mate        								 foundation laid instars to golden chandelier in the house of wistaria                                                                                                        	Aging changing bursting forth a new starlet flutters high                                                                  -  by John Beam - Wisteria (also spelled Wistaria or Wysteria) is a genus of flowering plants in the pea family, Fabaceae, that includes ten species of woody climbing vines native to the eastern United States and to China, Korea, and Japan.

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Meteors Like bursts of love from the heart of God Overflowing from his bridal chamber The chariot’s warmed up The horses are groomed Waiting on the trumpet call Jesus

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The Bride On The Wait List

The Bride on the wait List
Break gentle heart break
That I cannot withstand anymore
Shaking as same as an earth quake
As slow as a snail wakes and calls them whore
Here-in shoulders hands like a perfectionist

To leave and watch her sob
Wanders as blind as a bat
Attending to nowhere step by step
Thinking they call her slut
Runs down step and stumble on an out sleep
Finds time to persevere like in the book of job

And meets her best groom

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Forever-Part 1

Out on the beach with an amazing guy. The sun's so pretty, the sun's so bright. We're walking and talking about all our good times, against the world, hand in hand. Smiling and walking on the beautiful LA sand. We sit on a bolder and watch the sun set. It's an amazing day, one I will never forget. You slip your arm around me as we as we look at the beautiful sea. "I love you," I say as we feel the cool evening breeze. "I love you too," you say and pull out a small black box. I look at you, smile, and my heart stops. You open the box to reveal a beautiful ring. "Will you marry me?" you ask as my eyes fill with tears and my heart starts to sing. My smile gets wider as I say "yes". You pull me close to your chest. I gently kiss you as a tear rolls down my cheek. You brush it away and smile at me. "I love you," I say one more time. "I love you to baby," you say as you smile, "now your deffinitly all mine."


Today's the day, the day that starts the rest of our life. The day you become my husband, the day I become your wife. The last time I saw you was last night. But I woke up to a beautiful sight. A bouque of beautiful red roses lie on your pillow with a note on top. "I love you," it says, "and I can't wait to see you." I smile and whisper "I love you too." I take a shower and walk down to the beach to see how much is done. I step onto the hot sand and I feel the hot sun. It's almost done so I start to head home. I need to here your voice so I call your phone. "Hey babe," you say, "is everything okay?" I tell you everythings fine, I just need to hear you. I tell you I love you. You tell me you love me too. You say you have to go but you'll see me soon. "Okay, I love you," I say and look at the clock, it's almost noon. "I love you too," you say and the line goes dead. I look in the mirror and put my hands on my head. I smile and start to get ready for tonight. The first night of m new life.

I take a look in the mirror one last time. Just to make sure my beautiful dress is fine. I walk down to the beach and wait by the gate. I fix my veil and look at my friend. "You look amazing," she says and puts some flowers in my hand. "Thanks," I say and smile. I can't wait to walk down the aisle.

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Wedding Blessing

As you stand here before God,
Now may he stand beside you.
May you and your family be blessed in all that you do.
May your family find love as your hearts twine as one.
May your journey thru life follow the light he has shone.
Together you’re stronger than ever apart.
And thru the years, may God be found forever in your heart.

My nephew was married at Christmas.

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The Hung Jury

When he entered the world 
They started him off with
Non-negotaible funding
For a sacrilegious plea.
After all,
He'd been through a lot.
Enough to know what
Was good for him.
When he waited for
His turn to reply
Instead of listening
To their speech
He noticed a fellow
Jury member
Nugging at his knee.
What oracle 
In all her honesty
Could foresee 
What they would
Channel unto his
Sun soaked brow?
His wife's plush face
Contorted in 
An anthrax laced expression
That deadened the nerves in his smile.
She knew.
History became a myth to her.
Now all he was 
Was a drifter
Only seemingly beautiful to
Awkward girls just above
Smiling but
Always below turning to dust.
He reached inside their 
Far fetched frowns and
Drew back the staggered snarling
Of the beast that
Bid him goodnight.

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United By Love But Consumed By Fate

They tenderly kissed
To seal the bond,
To mend their ties
They felt so fond.
I soundlessly loathed
And stood in my place.
I wanted one night.
I wanted her face.
My mind will drift
As they cut their cake,
I'll open his chest 
And drink in their fate.
I'd burn down the chapel
And hang from a beam.
I'd gouge out his heart
Just to hear her scream.
I'll fill up my cuts
With sugar and acid,
I'll die on the floor
And let the watchers pass us.

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Happy Anniversary.

    Today nineteen years ago,
     we said "Ido".
     This poem I dedicate, to you.
     The sun was shining then,
     as today,
      it was the fifth of may.
      Nineteen years, a long time,
      I'm so glad, your mine.
       I am not the easiest  man,
       it's true, but I do love you.
        We , had many obstacles,
        along the way, we came through,
        look at us today.
         The fifth of may, our special day.
         Happy anniversary.

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You and I , everywhere.
The dark , dense growth, wild and free
You and I, tread softly to civilization.
Ragged and coarse , in ill – lit caves
Holding each other, around a fire.

The threat of the unknown
Screamed across ignorant skies.
You and I were swept
In great of terror.

A modest hut and fields, a pond
A tree bent low over it.
You and I, toiled and reaped 
Turmoil and rewards.
Our barn was full.

This time,
A never-ending abyss, an infinite mountain.
Drown me.
In gurgling steams and churning seas.
Dripping candles and torrid winds 
Cannot sooth this agony, this ecstacy .

You and I.
In later places, new names
New faces.

You and I 

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My Salewa

My S-a-l-e-w-a

Before you say “I do”
Think deeply before given your precious life
To that person you think you love….
Since marriage is not worth rushing in, for rushing out sake 
Since it is not lived in other people’s path or in their will
Neither is it lived as your parent’s had lived their lives

Since it is not for the reason that; my entire friend’s are married
So ‘You’ must…and your desperation makes you desperate to get it
And it is not because you are alone and lonely and need someone
Or been pressured to marry from your relatives and colleagues
But because it is sacred, it is a commandment, and you have found such one

Since most who had tasted the marital life are clamoring to come out...
By divorce or separation or through death
By physical or sexual violence...or emotional withdrawal
And those who have not tasted the marriage experience desire to get in… 
By pregnancy, or cohabitation or through formal wedding

And you will ask what went wrong? Why this struggles?
I say think deeply before giving up your single-hood
To that intimate stranger you called your man
To that seducer you called your woman
To that neighbor you called your friend
To that passer-bye you called your partner
To your colleague at work you called your fiancée
To your classmate you called your spouse-to-be

Since your single life after giving it away cannot come bye
Because your single life is that time you have for yourself
To be responsible for your choices
To plan your career life and create your world
That time you have to yourself to create your empire
That stage in your life that you need to master
Your thoughts and emotions….
That time in your life you need to examine the life your living

That period you need to know thyself intimately
That moment in your life you need to follow God with your heart
That phase of your life you are creative and imaginative
That era of your life you must be resourceful and adventurous
And become useful to yourself and to the person you love
And accept to live the rest of your life with him

Before you say i do
count the cost and consider the price to pay
are you emotionally matured
since marriage is not all about sex
it involves your person and personality
it involves your emotion, money and time

since what you demand from your spouse
is what he needs in you-and you need in him
what you will spend is your emotion
how you spend it is your responsibility
please think deeply before you say i do

My S-a-l-e-w-a

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Two Doves

~*~ Two Doves ~*~

Perched atop a bird of paradise tree

Two doves sing merrily

Recounting every flight

And every plight they have ever endured

Never looking back on their sorrows

Soaring new heights tomorrow

Caught up in a most extravagant breeze 

Atop a million trees

Two doves cuddling in their nest of eternal harmony!

Written by Gwendolen Rix
July 2014

Especially for Kevin and Rita 

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On this astonishing day, 
Beneath the overwhelming sky, 
I am not reluctant to pray 
For poise as we prepare to fly 
Into the unknown, come what may. 

We cannot know what lies ahead 
But I will not tremble in fear 
Nor will I question thoughts unsaid 
As the appointed time draws near 
To walk into the dreams we've fed. 

Extraordinary vows speak 
Of spiritual unity 
As we gaze into triumph's peak, 
Daring to glimpse eternity, 
Beyond the human flesh so weak. 

Oh, I pray we stand strong and tall 
For generations yet to be; 
Let the world see we greet the call 
To live as one in harmony, 
Facing the future of it all.

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Forever-Part 2

Pacabells cannon starts to play. The gates open and everyone looks my way. Beautiful black and red roses line the red carpet that leads to you. You look amazing tonight too. I look at my white dress as I step into the setting sun. The light catches the black sparkles and roses on my dress and makes me look beautiful, makes me feel like one. A black rose on this beautiful LA sand. A black rose that belongs to a wonderful man. I slowly walk down the aisle. I walk up to you and I smile. There's black and red roses on the alter and I get up ther. I can smell their sweet fregrance in the warm evening air. The paster starts as I look at you. You say you vouls and I say mine too. You say "I do," and I do the same too. You slip yet another beautiful ring on my finger and kiss me so sweetly. We hold hands and walk back down the beautiful rose lined aisle.


We walk to the peir where there are beautiful lights hung up everywhere. I spin to look at the beauty and you lean in close to me and say, "wait here." You walk up to the DJ and request and smile as a familure tune comes on. I continue to smile and I take your hand. you walk me back out onto the beautiful sand.  "Our first dance," you say. My smile gets bigger when I here Amazed starts to play. You pull me closer to you as we start to move from side to side. My nourvousness is hard to hide. "You okay beautiful?" you ask softly as you gently run your hand through my hair. "Yeah baby, I'm fine," I say as I see people gather around and stare. We dance and we sway sweetly and quietly. We kiss and dance slowly. We kiss again and you start to sing along with the song. I've been waiting for this day, I've been waiting so long.


We'r walking on the beach again. hand in hand. you still in your tux, I'm still in my dress. This is our future. Together. Forever. The setting sun catches my ring. It shines brightly. "I love you," I say and we kiss again. "I love you too," you say and gently pick me up.

You carry me back up to the house. You carry me up sairs and lay me on our bed. You lay beside me and gently kiss my head.

We lay there and talk for hours and hours. We smile and laughas our future stretches on in front of us.

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                                                      I PROMISE

I promise from this day forward,
To always be as open with you as you are with me.
I promise to always consider your feelings,
As you consider mine.
I promise to make your welfare my first concern,
Just as you make mine yours;
And I promise to love and honor you,
For as long as you will love and honor me.

Please do not ask me to be obedient,
For I am not your servant.
Do not ask me to be perfect,
For I am only human;
And do not ask me to be what you think I should be,
For I am not you, and can never be.

I can only be what God has made me,
A separate personality,
And essentially different from you in every way.
I have different ideas and different ways from you.
That does not make me wrong,
Just different.
Accept me, love me, honor me,
And I will reply in kind.

                                                            Judy Ball

People often wonder what went wrong in a marriage.  
The answer is simple.
They forgot to accept each other as individuals and started thinking of each other as mere extensions of themselves.
They get angry and resentful because their mate, their "other half" can't read their mind or does not agree with everything they say or do.
They lose respect for each other as individuals with feelings of their own.
Marriage is like a bank account. If you don't put anything into it you can't take anything out.

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Warnings from the Waterfly

Taking use of a waterfly
She merrily drifts on
To a tired petty refuge...
For the last time.
The waterfly is gentle
Beyond it's appearance.
It's wings bellow 
A deep hum 
And it's ventriloquist  eyes
Are forever waiting beneath the sea.
You lay a few cautious kisses
Upon it's head.
It's been so tedious over the years.
So careful to go 
To each specific place.
It's corpulent body
Trembles in it's pace
And carries you into 
A stronger current,
Ignoring the ancient palace.
Your curiosity fumbles 
With his golden reigns.
He turns back
Strange that this old waterfly
No longer knows his way.
Strange, he seems
Reluctent to obey.
She strokes his weary head
And they arrive at their destination.
What a strange being.
She wonders as she 
Searches his age old face 
Worn at the edges with
Touches of silver splinters
And water rust.
Each crease and fold
Holding more water
Than the hungry path in which they travel.
Don't go.
Don't go.
This is what his front
Would say
But it never makes it past his
Studded, smooth, eroded teeth.
She left.
She walked below the bridge instead.
She opened the door to the palace
Where brave men no longer venture.
She spots a cold dark woman
With a veiled face and frowning brows.
She wears a white familiar dress.
All to familiar to the waterfly flyer.
She stares at the eyes of the dangling woman.
They protrude from her skull
In a somewhat modest fashion,
Like a prostitute,
Avoiding the burns of the limelight.
They devoured her face and 
Left her lips parted with slurred speech.
The wedding march
From a Midsummer Night's  Dream
Slowy churned on beneath the stifled murmurs.
She heard murmurs.
Her distant husband sat in a corner
With three limpid bitter seas
Tumbling from his green skies.
He held a wrinkled, written prose
Within his trembling hands.
She left me her body,
He cried.
She always left me her body.
And the waterfly fell silent.

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Forever Beloved

Knees pulled to my chest so tightly, eyes clenched closed suppressing tears
Hidden in darkness my heart beats for only you in this cold drenched life
I thought I was purely alone, but your hand was always upon my shoulder 
You guided me from the pain and hurt others placed upon me in my past
No one else was there to hold me in this wretched world I live in, but you
I was showed a small light that grew over time and warmed my pale body 
In exchange I wrapped my arms around you and kept you forever in my sight
We became one and I left everything I ever knew so I could be in your life
Slowly my body relaxes in your embrace as well as the times you are in my own
My eyes never turn away from your own eyes as I look deeper into your heart
Be with me forever, it’s all I ask of; your love and your warmth in my now undying 
Thank you for giving me a reason to live on and not stay in the darkness with the 
I proudly call myself yours and that I love you wholeheartedly; this feeling will 
never end

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Meaning of Your Love

My thoughts are of your touch upon my skin
Off went proverbial fireworks exploding within me.
Sleepy and slumberous and so very sated,
and not only in my eyes but in my heart, my soul,
 my entire being.
I look into your beautiful eyes.
Wondering if the flowers feel loved,
and with a loving touch, a spell is cast! 

 When our eyes first met,
I loved everything about you.
I have awoken to a love that will last.

Can view this poem for Michael at my personal site with art and music decor.

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the traditionalist

throws down his coat in the 
puddle, always wraps his arm 
squeezes her in public, goes to
church on sunday, shows her off to
his mom, takes her to his favorite bar,
lets her wear his sports jerseys, 
considers himself “the provider,”
considers himself “the head of the house,”
considers himself 
at the peak of his masculinity---
has a big gun in the crib, has a big truck in
the driveway,
tucks in his shirt at all times
except on weekends,
wears shorts & has a perpetual beer in 
hand on saturday---
reads the bible like he never read it before,
or the torah, or the koran,
but never wavers from the three so as to
not seem
plans a wedding in the Spring,
accumulating the bank for a rug rat in the
move in with her,
move with her from the apt. to a house,
move from rent to a mortgage,
got a lil’ green lawn that he cuts when in
his shorts/beer on Saturday,
flirts with the MILF across the street,
gets a dog & talks to him more than
“his woman”---
uses the word “*****” 
more frequently, as the wedding grows near,
then abstaining for a clear month just before that
“blessed event”---
puts up a white picket fence round his lil’ lawn
when they get back from the honeymoon &
after she finds out she’s pregnant,
he sits down to write out what his son will become,
because that is what works with the plan,
he’s got to have a son,
because there are things that he didn’t take the time
to do,
which his son will do &
there are things that he had a short ambition for & then wrote off,
which his son will run the long run on &
accomplish &
if she has a daughter,
well, then, she will have 
another & if she won’t, if she can’t,
he’ll “convince her” or he’ll 
trade her in &
as his thinking begins to grow darker,
as he begins to spin his webs 
behind the television that’s always on &
the white picket fence,
he’s just perfectly ready to become a father,
to condemn someone who
never had a chance.

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The twelve Days

The Twelve Days of my Christmas Wedding

On the first day of Christmas for what it did to me a bride the size of a balsam tree
On the second day of Christmas for what it did to me two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the third day of Christmas for what it did to me three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the fourth day of Christmas for what it did to me four whiny guests, three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the fifth day of Christmas for what it did to me five grumpy in laws, four whiny guests, three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the sixth day of Christmas for what it did to me six shots of gin, five grumpy in laws, four whiny guests, three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the seventh day of Christmas for what it did to me seven dead poinsettias,  six shots of gin, five grumpy in laws, four whiny guests, three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the eighth day of Christmas for what it did to me eight ugly bridesmaids, seven dead poinsettias, six shots of gin, five grumpy in laws, four whiny guests, three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the ninth day of Christmas for what it did to me nine skanky cousins, eight ugly bridesmaids, seven dead poinsettias, six shots of gin, five grumpy in laws, four whiny guests, three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the tenth day of Christmas for what it did to me ten boring toasts, nine skanky cousins, eight ugly bridesmaids, seven dead poinsettias, six shots of gin, five grumpy in laws, four whiny guests, three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the eleventh day of Christmas for what it did to me  eleven prayers to die, ten boring guests, nine skanky cousins, eight ugly bridesmaids, seven dead poinsettias, six shots of gin, five grumpy in laws, four whiny guests, three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!
On the twelfth day of Christmas for what it did to me  twelve divorce lawyers, eleven prayers to die, ten boring guests, nine skanky cousins, eight ugly bridesmaids, seven dead poinsettias, six shots of gin, five grumpy in laws, four whiny guests, three usher elves, two little brats and a bride the size of a balsam tree!

November 23, 2014

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Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Bright Saturday in June
and there, for once, the whole of it
and, Lord, I have no camera.

Outside the church
a wedding party waits.
A Mass is still in progress.

Before the wedding can begin
ten men, in files of five,
must carry out the corpse.

Donal Mahoney

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The wind has yet to blow 
two feathers along the same path 
or tassel twin snowflakes to the ground 
Nor will the wind ever see 
in all the clouds it pushes around 
The same applies to the twin-less waves 
it's carried 
and yet to carry 
who've crashed 
and yet to crash 
upon no two similar grains of sand 
Amidst all this failure 
to bring together 
no two objects alike 
It's a wonder that finally 
it's brought together you and me 
and managed to get it right

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Ceremony of the Kiss

He gets to know her so they kiss.
He takes her home,
And they kiss.
He gives her a ring;
They kiss.
He lifts her veil;
They kiss.
He takes her home,
And they kiss.
He gets to know her as they kiss.


Inspired by "The Kiss"

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Masked Man

I remember that night so long 
ago yet it feels as if tonight. 
You strolled into the room 
music was playing. 

A boy not all man yet and 
you were in no hurry had 
no worry was just out 
for the evening. 

You stole away with 
my heart that night under 
the warm July skies 
with that provocative smile. 

We walked awhile for a mile or 
so and learned all the things 
that made each of us tick. 

You were laid back and 
I was so mellow. 
We came and went well 
together back then. 

You were wild and untamed 
I was gentle and bridled 
in your cowboy spell. 

I fell totally for you that 
night masked man. 
But you were wild and 
so untamed like a 

You wanted to roam 
I wanted a home for 

July nights greet me 
now with your provocative 
smile in the warm breezes 
I shiver and quiver so 
longing still for you 
masked man. 

I watch the direction 
you rode out into 
that night. 
My heart rides out 
every now and then 
to see if you... 
remember too. 

This Saturday December 15th I am making memories on my life big time My birthday and now
My wedding day. No Name change the masked man came home to stay {Micheal}  sorry for all
the time away these past few weeks been wedding planning. With Christmas and Holiday tasks
and now the wedding  it takes most of my time.  Will catch up commenting all your
beautiful works.

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Romance Novel

The setting was an exquisite and elegant palace,
Built like a fortress.

He had sent his carriage to bring her,
They had met across a crowded room.

She  was a school master's daughter,
He had liked her immediately.

Her simple and direct manner impressed him,
She wore a simple dress of cotton.

With stylish fashion boots,
Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders.

Her eyes were dark and penetrating, soulful,
They sat and talked for hours.

As if they had always known another,
He reached over and kissed her hand gently.

They supped a delicious evening's meal,
The candlelight at the table revealed his handsome features.

He was a true gentleman,
Dressed in an elegantly tailored suit.

His hair was an uncommon length,
Complimenting his austere and friendly face.

His eyes were gentle and understanding,
That evening he had proposed marriage.

And she had willingly accepted,
Her parents were delighted.

Their wish for their daughter had come true,
The wedding was at the palace.

Dressed in a beautiful wedding gown of white lace,
The shy bride and her prince were about to be married in holy matrimony.

He in a handsome tailored suit,
Was to receive her at the palace gates.

Your carriage awaits,
Did they live happily ever after, I certainly hope they did.

copyright Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Eye Will Lay

Eye Will Lay

Eye will lay my head apart they make it hard for my Jesus to place me together 
again like a scarecrow man eye will lay in an unmarked grave a place they don’t 
want anyone to go so no one will knoe where eye lay an enemy of the state 
executed by the Nazis in charge of the city ruled by the money god ruled by the 
hate in the heart eye will lay with love in my heart forgiving the men who must kill 
me eye will lay with my love inside me forever in state forever is never too late 
remember eye died for my Jesus and ewe and the love in me ruled all my fate to 
die now is better than to miss my last chance to go inn to a heaven someday at 
the last my love she is best just my heart laid at rest she will ever forget me not 
when winter has come eye will lay 
 Eye Will Lay 

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Odyssey of Odysseus

Odyssey of Odysseus 

Odysseus or Ulysses 

The man was angry at the kick he felt it in his heart they had moved the beggar 
rude away from fire. He lay his cloak aside and astonished the nearest suitor 
with his young appearance the muscles rippled on his chest as he picked up his 
bow the bow of Ulysses. 
The axes laid on end to end had numbered twelve he fired the arrow into the 
target at the end they all had holes in every axe head not a miss among the axes. 
The neck of one turned red Antinous was dead. One after another the suitors 
crawled in their skin unable to flee the house was a trap they could not escape 
from the man so intent on revenge he was stout and the spears fell aside as they 
sought for his heart he was hit several times on his arms. Retaining some 
semblance of fading humanity he spared only two of the lesser servants who 
had not willingly participated in all that occurred to make a man murder to end 
his captivity and anger. The minstrel Phemius and the herald Medon they were 
spared grief Ulysses even killed the priest and at the end of the battle poor 
Melanthius was tortured there not the fitting end to a noble cause that some 
imagine this was. 
A noble man and an action resolved to become the husband of his woman. 
 Odyssey of Odysseus      

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I'd Dream

As a child, I'd close my eyes

Dream of the day where Mr. Anonymous and I would one day meet

And when we did, we'd talk, laugh, and smile while having a good time

And I would remember the time my mom said

"Like a river, love makes a new path. If he truely lovesyou, all that would matter isyour eye"

Every word dhe told me I believe

Cause one day I opened my eyes fromthat dream

Mr. Anonymous was by my side

Telling me everything I'd love to hear in sweet tones of true love

And he's tell me while holding me gently

"Your beautiful and so are your eyes,

I love the sway of your hips when you walk

The sound of your voice plays musical tones

Your smile, I just can't resist

And your laugh, is a gift from God that words can't describe

Everything about you I love just the way it is"

And his words are true cause I'd wipe his tears away

Then the question was asked

And the day we've both been waiting for

Where we unite as one is here

And this new beginning will be sealed with a zealous kiss

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Point 5 plus Point 5 Equal 1

You and I are living in a world without meaning.
So lets love and give love and do something different.
We have a chance to show emotions are still relevant.
lets give this world some significance .
They said from the start that two broken hearts can not form a congruent one.
But the value of two individual parts together can have an even greater sum.
Lets present what we envision.
 Lets show the world how much its really missing.
Lets peace together the puzzles of the heart.
Lets prove its about our journey and our end not just about one's start.
If only two can put faith back in love , it serves to prove theres love in multitude,
for we feel like one but theres more than just the two of us.
So I place my palm in yours and smile at life's glooms ,as we step into big rooms and overly tight corridors.
Hand in hand you showed me that the world is mine.
But life has taught me its also yours.

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Lost Without Any Words

Glancing into your eyes 
I know as well ass you do know 
you are the reason  you make me sing
and feel like I'm in the sky every time 
your with me
sometimes I wish that this
love that I have for you, you will
always have it for me.
As the seconds, minutes, hours, days
months and years pass, secrets  haunt me to show
you how deeply i feel about you 
i try to make my words and turn them into sentences 
yet I don't make any promises to try to impress you 
but laying eyes on that individual 
who puts the smile to my face 
its something to embrace 24-7 
but you have found a way to put me away 
from the burning flames of hell 
to bright light of heaven.
Drowning  without any words to
express not knowing how 
feel like its my wedding day and 
I chocked on my own wedding vow 
in which i disallow to happen.
Yet again the seconds, minutes, hours
days, months & years mutiply
 I refuse to say goodbye
knowing that i am lost without any words, 
I pray and hope i find them soon 
because as the sun decides to aline 
with the moon 
I rest my head upon your chest & 
listening to your heart beat is the only tune 
I want to be immune too. 
I finally get tired of patiently waiting for the words
to come out in forms of similes, hyperbolas, metaphors & 
I think what i am trying to say is that their is 
so much to say but yet 
i find no conclusions.

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First off, let me start off with an open statement
Let's not be naive anymore, sex before marriage is OVERrated
Your flesh takes OVER ya spirit, but he already came OVER your house
and now after u gave OVER your goods, he already wants out
but rewind.....the SEX is OVER so what's next?!
the dude who was all OVER you says that "friendship" is best?
the same dude that was in your bed cOVER 5 minutes ago
I bet he looks at you differently now, he pegged you as a h.....
and you know that aint true, but your mind is OVERclouded,
so now you question your worth in this world...yeah you OVER doubting
and now you contemplating OVER AND OVER again you dont know what went wrong
You gave a piece of your soul to him....consider it dead and gone
your mind is OVERloaded from all the guilt and pain
You wish you could do it OVER again, but this time it would change
please realize
You too beautiful to be going through all the stress and strain
You thought he was the one, thought he was your lOVER
but now he's OVER you....and he's on to another
you don't really need this , your life is torn in pieces
it's not too late beautiful, give your life OVER to Jesus
he would never hurt you, he would never take your soul
he'll take your emptiness away, he'll make you whole; OVERflow
YOU have the power to OVERcome, be cOVERed in his blood
you need a makeOVER so get cOVERed in his love
God will OVERride your sin, cause flesh was OVER you
so go ahead and repent for your sexual is long OVERdue

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Forever-Part 3

We get off the plane and smell the lovely air. Hawaii. One of the most beautiful places. I look at you and smile. "This place is beautiful," I say, spinning around. "Yes, it is," you say and pull me close. "I love you," I say. I love you too," you say and kiss me. Hand in hand we walk into the setting sun.

The sun's poking through the shades in our room. "Good morning beautiful," you say when I open my eyes. "Good morning," I say and smile. "I've got a surprise for you," you say and smile. I look at you questionably. "Just get dressed and I'll show you." "Okay."

You take my hand and lead me down to the beach. "I heard you've always wanted to do this," you say and smile. You point to two goals. My face lights up. "Sand soccer," I say happily and look at you. You kiss me and smile, "I figured you'd like it." We walk down to the two goals and we'r e put on a team. We play for hours and hours.

When the game is over, we sit on the sand by the shore. "That was fun," I say and look at you. "Yeah, it was," you say and lean in and kiss me. "I love you," I say as you warp your arms around me. "I love you too," you say and smile. We watch the sun set on the beautiful sea before we head back to our room.

The next day we surf. We surf for hours. "This is great baby," you say as we sit on our boards. "Yeah," I say and smle, "you must really like doing this," I say and brush a srand of hair from your face. "Yes," you say and you lean in and kiss me.

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Do you understand

My heart aches with honesty,
Honestly I wish it would stop,my heart that is....
An appendage of pending trust,
The lust of the lazy,the must of guilt.
Flowers must wilt,eyes will get hazy,
Thoughts get crazy,yet my cup does not tilt.
I am the land whose muddy clutch swaddles seeds into children.
Happiness is squandered,undermanned,and slanted.
The goodness of a man is to give his hand planned and planted.
 Do you understand?

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I Will Marry Parme

I will marry Parme and i will have my wife
when she is free again!
When she can say the vows;
 the I wills and the I hows,
the time has come to be in bliss,
I kiss (ewe)<3
I will marry My Parme
and I will have my life!
I will find a place to stay for my Parme;
out of the rain but near the plain;
Out of the heat we will never burn!
I learn to swallow pride
I learn to kiss(())
I will marry Parme 
and then--------
I will never die.
She loves me.
She loves me.
She never loves me not.

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In my corner of this garden, where I am eating fruit
The taste wanders through the buds, that are my tongue
Sings tongues
In chorus harm-on-y
Asif, pandering
To a woven pattern
Of potted streams
The fullll holeness
Of the whole of earths sweet garden
Arcs through my consciousness
As I resist, falling
In love
With mythology

Press the button
On the moons heat
Cause the environmental
Forget, tomorrow
Am too hungry to starve again
At your hand

A rusted theology
Still dominating her
While He sinks his seed
Into the teeth, and gums,
Body, brain, impossible
Discipline, to make her potent
That beats her, so hard
The rivers weep
Spewing, plastic containerships
Instead of children

Your penis, o God, like a trident missile
Employing our people
And blinding them
To our children’s, broken bodies
And our peer groups, suppurating heart
Aaah, the body of the lord jesus,
Septic wounds, when you sed,
‘I came to divide one from another
That the Babylon women must weep’
And to prophesy, civil war, globe wide

Argue with me y don’t you.  Fill  me with more of your
Psychologically misguided ‘Bigger than me’ heal me, o. heal me. With sum more 
of your Word made serotonim.  destroy m-y man. I open my soul to your 
pregnant loving. O. seed.grafted..theo.

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We were perfect together
Night and day
Two blackened petals of the amaranth
Wizened, rotted, but eternal

A white angel, a waxwork skeleton
Gliding up the road
Towards the wedding knell
And by the altar 
Before the eyes of God
A letter, with your scrawled apology across it.

Rushing to the phone now
Dialling your number with spinster’s fingers
I cry
Don’t leave me

“The number you are calling no longer exists”

Then I remember
You faded long ago
The dress has yellowed
The clocks have stopped
The feast has rotted

I’m talking to myself.

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The morn air---
Two lives live as one

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Rhoda not Rhonda

Rhoda not Rhonda
like the Rhoda from Mary Tyler Moore
but even more like Rhoda from "Rhoda"
any way Rhoda wrote a poem
i said Rhoda wrote a poem not Rhoda poem
"Who's Rhoda Rhoda Poem?"
NO! i said; Rhoda wrote a poem
"Rhoda Rhoda Poem. that's catchie"
never mind

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Our Wedding Day

Today is our day to shine
To prove to the world that I am yours
And you are mine
The sun is out
The birds will sing
As you take my hand
I will accept your ring
Our hearts are entwined 
My love for you will always bind
Yesterday we were each a separate soul
Today we are united as a whole
For better or worse
Till death do we part
We are married today
And ready for a fresh and wonderful start
I said, "I do."
As you did too
From this day forward love me forever
As I will you

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Lone Apple Tree

Let me be as the lone apple tree
Among the trees of the forest
That you found and sat down under.
With great delight,
You sat in its shadow;
For a taste of comfort,
You ate its sweet fruit
Until you were strengthened
Because you were faint with desire,
But I am faint with love for you.
So, take me now to your lone apple tree,
Peculiar among all other trees,
And with great joy under its shadow,
Let us sit and recline
And there awaken love,
As you raise me up;
Refresh yourself
For when I am roused, 
You will be stayed, strengthened 
With words fitly spoken;
Keep me as the apple of your eye.

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Forever-Part 4

We get off the plane, back in LA. We drop our stuff off at home and go out for the day.


You wait outside the bathroom door. "Baby," I say. You stop breathing. "What is it?" I slowly open the door. "Yes." I say and smile. "Yes!" you scream and pick me up. You spin me around and kiss me.

9 months later I step out of the car. 3 of us this time. Isavella. Our first daughter. "She looks just likeher mom," you say and smile. "With her daddy's eyes," I say and look at you. "I love you," you say. "I love you too," I say and gently kiss me.


We're older now we've made it a long way. We sit on the deck and watch the sun set. "All or nothing," I say and hold your hand. "All or nothing," you say and lead me down to the sand. "30 years is a long time," you say to me and pull me close. " So is forever," I say. You hit play and Amazed comes on. "We'll make it that far, I swer," you say as we start to dance. We look at Isabella playing in the sand. "I know baby," I say and smile.

We'll last forever. Nothing will break us. We'll always be together.

Together forever.

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Finally Home

Finally Home

As I lay here in clouds of His glory
visions of rapture now dance through my head,
and I rejoice when I think of the Lord descending
and His saints of old raising from the dead.

The angels in Heaven now rejoicing
know that His bride is soon to come home,
preparations are now almost finished
and soon she’ll be singing her new Heavenly songs.

Hallelujah to the Father, cry His people
and Praise the Lord we sing to His glorious Son, 
we Adore You blessed Holy Spirit
Who has made the Bride and the Groom become One.

We are finally Home!!!!
cry His people; oh it seems too good to be true, 
redeemed from earth with all of its pain and its sorrows
to Praise the Lamb forever and ever for His bride has now made it through.

But, back in my bed, I find myself crying
and yet, I know that His coming is nigh, 
but He’s still waiting for us to bring in His mighty harvest
so that millions of people won’t eternally die!

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings

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DID ewe love

 DID ewe love 
DID ewe love 
Did ewe love mee more 
than the day before? 
Love grows inside of sorrow 
at the past come back to haunt us. 
But even so 
eye am manly also 
not confused of this my gender 
 ewe aer love fashioned out of time 
  to make me love 
creative people suffer more 
Don't you think? 
they are more sensitive 
sadness and hidden sorrow 
mixes with the love. 
TO make us love the more 
to make us love the love. 

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Pandora's box

Zeus was very angry, 
So he devised a plan. 
A way to punish all mankind, 
To take the blood of man. 
He created a woman, 
Perfect in every way. 
She was blessed with many gifts, 
She would make man pay. 
Among the things that she'd been given, 
There was a box in her possession. 
She'd been warned not to lift the lid, 
She tried to do so in discretion. 
Many horrors bounded out, 
She tried to close the chest. 
But was impossible to do, 
And the world was put to test. 
Anger, greed, and lust, 
Were among the things departed. 
But hope also left that box, 
To heal the broken-hearted.

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the hollow flame of christmas
is but a memory
suspended in the wind;
unanimated and sore.

a discordant lullaby
and unsettling to the touch.

resonating within
the emptiness
a frost-bitten chill
no amount of soothing
could thaw.

and in all my selfishness,
not once did i wonder
if maybe it wasn't
meant to be felt
like it was - and did
that very first time.

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A Day In The Middle Of Ever

A Day In The Middle Of Ever(a summer day) 

Eating and smacking her female lips, 
enjoying her food 
it will ever be no sin, 
thinking of poorme what does he have, 
oh i should not even be enjoying this 
my  oh my there are people like me 
who have so much less 
i have my kiss embroidered so neat 
i carry it on a kerchief with me 
i place it to lips that eat meat as well 
just as much and as many as ewe 
thinking of poorme 
she tells me sometimes it is true 
thinking of poorme is her job 
she is no snob 
Parme does not rhyme with erline.

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You Know I Did Love You

…on a Sunday morn, against the ever watchful
and furtive glances of bird feeders, who enjoy
the occasional, yet so gentle breeze; 
the vibrant façade of this kirk and voices of hummingbirds,
in the rays of my morning orb, you suddenly appear

before me, with echoes of our yesteryears;
your sad, sad face reminds me of happy, happy times 
that you once etched in my heart; now you came, with desire 
of wanting me back, I know, for I can feel it
as I listen to your whisper to the wind “I still love you!”

“Great, just great! You know I did love you, 
but it is too late now Honey!” my eyes silently answer;
…the vibrant façade of this kirk and voices of hummingbirds 
have already intertwined, with resounding wishes 
and marching of bird feeders, to part our ways, for eternity.

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It doesn't hurt to say

 It doesn't hurt to say 
It doesn't hurt to say 
the things we love to say to say that you matter more than me than my old way of 
life so that eye am clinging now to ewe my love my future life 

we love the two of you 
ewe love the eye 
eye love the ewe 

oh orphan never now 
not ever an orphan again 

ending life in love the wife of job left him for lack of love the wife that he had later 
on was not the first it does not say that she was restored to him but that again he 
did receive the me does not believe she even made it back from nether land but 
the second wife came a different one to wed 
 JOB again was given children and it was not the same ones for they had fled to 
nether land. 
It doesn't hurt to say the things we say we blend. 

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Last night

i'm your hug 
the one 
that you let have you 
in the middle of the night 
that introduces you 
to the sleepy eye 
wondrous delight 
of being delicately awoken 
in the embrace of passion 
long enough to 
carry you 
to the next moment 
your eyes 
to close again 

but until then 
i am awake with your breath 
i am the shadow of the light 
that seeps in from the night 
through the courtesy of curtains 
hung by lovers 
who could never say "no" to each other 

i am the lick of the wind 
that tastes 
your skin 
long enough to 
carry you 
to the next moment 
your eyes 
to close again 

and eventually awaken 
with that "stupid grin" 
that spends 
the rest of the day 
on your beautiful face 

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 A name what is in a name a confidence we have with no other person on this 
earth a nickname given to mean something only to the one who hears it so 
sweet in ear so loud though spoken soft so nice though looked at by someone 
who does not knoe the care involved beware they laugh and scorn us there they 
deride the love they snide the things the very things we love the world at large is 
dumb they only needed love oh pookey eye love ewe oh pookie please stay mine 
ooh poOky so sublime. 

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It was the
middle of the song
and all the instruments
kicked in,
keyboard, guitar and accordion,
two trumpets blasting,
the drummer pounding out
the one-two, one-two beat
of the Chicago-style polka,
the young couples hopping
and rocking side-to-side,
old couples sliding their feet,
when he began to twirl,
going 'round
and around,
keeping the beat,
from one end
of the crowded dance floor
to the other,
past the bride and groom's table,
past the bar,
everything reeling
in a a whirlwind
of colors and shapes,
smoke and beer and wine,
whoops and shouts
in Polish and Slovak,
"Hej! Hupaj siup!"
his partner laughing,
dancers stomping,
clarinet wailing,
the one-two, one-two
in him now,
pulling him in circles,
a dervish spinning,
right palm raised.

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My Wedding Day

I can't believe this day is finally here
I'm here standing, eyes filled with tears
To afraid to move my feet any more
More nervous than I've ever been before

I'm about to face the man I love
So what am I so afraid of?
This is the first day of my new life
I'm about to be this man's wife

This day is all about expressing our love in front of everyone
This is unlike anything we've ever done
I have nothing but feelings going through my body and mind
Nervousness and happiness all combined

To walk down the aisle
Greet you with a loving smile
My lips tremble as I recite
The vows that will now make me your wife

It was all nerve wracking
But it was worth it
We're both happy
Now let the marriage life begin

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The preparation has begun
gifts are being gathered
the invitations have been sent
and the collections of sweet things
and things desirable and pretty
the wedding feast for your Son
you have robed him 
with the garments of Glory
and fitted a government for a King
the grain is being gathered
into the storehouse
and their bread shall never perish
the blood of the grapes soon 
to be crushed
rejoice you guests and clothe yourselves
with garments fit for the wedding of the King
he has purified his bride
and arrayed her with costly robes
those things that only the Son can give
the chariots too he has prepared
to bring her into his kingdom
Rejoice oh heaven and all who dwell there
and habitation of nations
In majestic splendor will they enter 
The eternal Tabernacle
built without hands
to bring your praises
oh Most Sovereign Lord Jehovah
COPYRIGHT © 2011 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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The Garden Ceremony

Early evening, 
the sun descended slowly 
capturing the beauty of the surroundings.
Walking on,
the crowd gathered further down
for celebration of the love, the ceremony.
She was radiant,
compared to the flowers about,
she was a rose in a field of lilies and daphodils.
She smiled,
generating her own sunlight,
casting her beauty for the crowd to witness.
He waited.
With a joyful anticipation
He welcomed this beauty with a smile.

They turned,
together, facing each other
and facing the love of new tomorrows.
The sun descended,
but remained in the sky for them
casting new shadows of love on every tomorrow.

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To Have and to Hold

You have some things
That I do not possess
That I need from you;
But will I be abased
And look to you to receive it
The way you will give it.

I have some things
That you do not hold
That you need from me;
But will you be humiliated
And look up to me to take it
The way I know to give it.

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a differ song 

Salt And Peepers Yin and Yankee... 
all of us are just too many people suffer in the shaded oasises while long knives 
wait as ninjas making promises to GOD. 
One man smiles his KNOWING at me another shoots them daggers in me they 
both make promises that they can't keep me with the horror of they lust. Eye like 
children best at how they trust us. A little girl is singsonging and her mother is in 
horror at the man for he must HATE the little girl for making noises WAIT this old 
man loved it he was never very mean about it but secretly he hummed his 
breathe to match the song the little one has hummed. Thinking now only good 
thoughts of his GOD and how some people are just young and how they have 
that innocence of youth just keep the little girl from growing old OH WENDY 
WENDY WENDY please just learn to fly to never ever land with peter pan 
and she is making every word she speaks into a rhyme for she is the offspring of 
the wine the very poese and this poet the loving daughter of mye mamsie she is 
so very in mye heart a world apart but ever near me sometimes she seems to be 
left in me in the places next to mother held so dearly one man HARD as stone 
another yeilding growing older in the recess of the conquest of his time. 
Sometimes it seems this poem could go on forever for this poet would just stay 
and type these words forever and hum a differ song. ...yes ewe its for MARY.

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she was a lovely bride

amidst musty furniture and splintering rafters
there it hung
draped across the manikin so gracefully
elegant and beautiful
white and lacy
with its gleaming pearls and lingering train
its a gown for a seraph
glowing luminously in the dim light of the loft
so glamorous
almost perfect
stunning like my mother
bold as my father
embodying love and devotion
memories and passion
inhibits a model's splendor
grants me a sense of ecstasy
my mother's wedding dress

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Bright Saturday in Spring
and there, for once, the whole of it
and, Lord, I have no camera.

Outside the church
a wedding party waits.
A Mass is still in progress.

Before the wedding can begin
ten men, in files of five,
must carry out the corpse.

Donal Mahoney

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To: Julio Espinoza

As i sit here think of ur sweet voice
that lingers in my head i know the truth
i really do love u with my entire Heart the 
time i spend with u in my arms i wish u were 
here to tell me the truth whether or not u really 
do care?? i try really hard to show u the truth i know 
u love me but are u ready for the life we gots ahead 
with our kidz running around jumping up and down
i know nor one of us can wait for the day we gets to say 
" I Do " to have eachother and hold with our lives ahead
i know our love is true i  wait for the day u get to call me truelly 
yours??? Love Ya Baby i Really so with my entire heart k!!!

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Supreme Love

Everything is your kiss so divine and sweet
A touch of your hand is my only desire.
Our bodies embrace and the Angels sing.
My love is strong and till end of time.
Your face envelops my eyes of a dream.
A dream that is for real and forever kept.
Deep in my heart and soul, cherished so.
Every day our love is here and now.
Every year it grows beyond any limit.
My spirit commands that I love you dear.
My arms await the next embrace we share.
One sweet kiss from you is my eternity.
I pledge to fulfill our loves hold and more.
For you entered ecstasy into my design.
For you my dear are my love supreme.

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Writing about marriage
when you're getting married
is hard.

Writing about marriage
when you're getting married
while you're still a student
is hard.

Writing about marriage
when you're getting married
while you're still a student
while you're sitting in a classroom
is hard.

Writing about marriage
when you're getting married
while you're still a student
while you're sitting in a classroom
when you're really not getting married
is harder.

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A Vietnamese Wedding Party

a long parade of guests in pairs, longing for a chair or two,
a hundred or so, and their ice-creamed children, 
pushing through the market sounds, the glistening fish and meat,
against the dying piggy- squeals, by  the river’s flowing feet

wearing blacks and browns, some with prison- frowns, a tide against
the wedding's beach: and in amongst the throng, some young men in
bright shirts and Ray Ban shades, puzzled by the days significance, this 
coiling snake of women’s delight

and as the anaconda enters the marital hall…(like Caesar coming into Rome), 
the drunks, the pensive widows, the curious maids, their still  pert breasts and 
waists not yet destroyed by birth, dance in settled  joy, into the leery mirth.

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Testimony Testament

Testimony Testament 
Born back in the day to a middle class family eye lived a sinfilled life REBORN of 
GOD'S Spirit from the CHRIST. 
Saved over TWO-THOUSAND years ago by the JESUS man 
Who died for me at Calvary. Sober by the act of GOD and dispirit me and the 
WILL of GOD to keep me strong. Living now for Jesus to make Poetry and to 
LOVE my babay lambe~a oh mye LOVE is SHE. Eye am no normal man but 
Jesus Freak by nature, this is what eye am. 
Finding out who GOD is is the whole duty of a MAN. 
Eye love ewe babay lambe~a. 

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Depression and worthlessness of life has come to me 
She seldom arranges the bouquets in the guest room
She makes the smile appear less often
She seems to be resigned to lose at love
She understands the need of love she understands me
She turns it on and off 
Eye no longer have a worth in me to live for
A reason to exist in song is gone
It no longer has to work at all
Eye am ruined and undone
Eye gave it to her all

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The Garden of Eden

In the Garden of Eden, there is Love.
 True Divine Love that is expressed freely, uninhibited by deception,
  boundaries or barriers
That would place strain on our relationship.
Come, let us dwell therein!

In the Garden of Eden, there is peace.
We can walk hand in hand  in the cool of the day
Enjoying one another's company
Running free to romp and play
In harmony
Till our hearts' content
In heavenly bliss.

In the Garden of Eden, there is Joy
To bring our feelings for each other to the heights
That they will overflow and always keep us saturated
In happiness and growing -together- in oneness.

In the Garden of Eden, there is Life-
To its true meaning, eternal, with abundance for you and I-
Through love, peace, joy, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness,
  meekness, and  self-control-
And for all who would  enter to dwell with us.
Come! To be happy and free forevermore.

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the wedding

the guest are arriving 
the excitement grows
the weather is perfect for the day
the sun is shining and is forecast to stay

the bee's are buzzing 
the children are playing
oh what a wonderful day
to be beside where flowers lay

no clouds is in the beautiful sky
and the ceremony is about to begin
the 5 years bridesmaid all dressed up
throwing flowers as we raise our cups

beautiful bridesmaid follow on
the wedding chimes soon begun
here comes the bride all dressed in white
radiant bride shining in her light

strolling up the aisle with pretty flowers
there she comes in her finest hour
we almost there now here comes the i do's
p.s i will always love you

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How can a man hold water in the hand? 
does it run and drip and gone… 
How can a man live again? 
and live forever then… 
Forever is a moondrop a lightbeam a dream… 
Life is like a fraction of the aeon 
the never ending particle the spinning article… 
Never needing sleep never needing wheat 
but having very much having all the love… 
Starting over to do a thing and starting over 
and then starting over again… 
Without end no end no stop no more halt 
no lame thing no pain… 
No need for anything all needs provided 
making flowers grow… 
Meeting people that were dead 
and now alive for evermore… 
Water needs a container and to be contained 
a cup without a saucer is such a lame thing… 
Eye want to go to Heaven only after 
only after eye marry the poor mans daughter. 
Give me an eternity of love 
Bless my only one. 
Bless my love. 

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25 Short Steps

O, it is only 25 short steps, 
For you to take your feet, 
To reach the blue bell.

Don’t turn away from your path,
Nor have you looked back, son;
Go straight ahead. Just there.

There at the majestic blue bell, 
We all will be meeting you,
To listen to its divine sound.

O come on, do not be nervous,
What you’re going to do is simple;
Walk, listen. Then say: yes, I do.

That’s all; can you do that, son? 
Yes, I can do these 25 short steps,
Thou, I’m really nervous. I sweat.
But, knowing your loaded shotgun,
Pointing at my back scares me a lot, 
Than taking your princess to a vow.

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Gentle Touches

The slightest caress
Of your hand to her face
Should move with affection
And tender attentions
Expressing attatchment
After lifting the veil
Embracing her securely
Touch her with words
Speak with another tongue
Get into her spirit
Whisper on her lips
Declare it in her mouth
She will share the tongue with you
Words that only you understand
And she will remember
Gentle touches and loving acts
Sweet greetings and soothing tact
Of unforgettable kisses
She will give what pleases
And honor you with salutes

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Origin of the Kiss

Weaned from milk of mother's breast
The natural instinct follows through
To take hold and touch
To caress and suck
The lips and tongue, two mouths
Exchanging and conferring breath
Which holds the soul and self-will
Uniting the bride and groom
Married and now in the room
Addicted to each other's sebum
Rubbing noses like Eskimos
Inhaling each other's fragrance
Tactile foreplay invites
Licks and lovebites
To copulation, consummation
Yearning for the other's sustenance
The natural instinct follows through
To take hold and touch
To caress and suck
Breath of life for breath of life

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A 50 Bullet Wedding

In America, it is difficult to be black
You always have to stay on track
Where are all the Black men, at
Incarcerated, must of them, Jack
Well, I made it most of the way
Hey, I got a good job, with good pay 
So, I am getting married, on this day
This wedding ceremony worked out, you know, okay
Now, its time to celebrate, this way
Just friends and family to congregate, up in this place
Man, this wedding reception is great
Yeah, it is dark outside and it is getting late
I need to step outside to meditate
I got something special for my baby girl
Then, I grabbed my keys and my coat
Casually, I jet to my car
Well, I did not get very far
I heard gunshots ring through the air
So, I got nervous, with great despair
Sure, you feel the tempers flair
I see the man, packing the heat
You feel the anger in these streets
The words began to shout, no doubt
Boy, put your hands up, behind your head, before we roll out 
We have no problem here, Mr. Man
I just want to get some stuff out my car
The policeman said no, then pointed the assault weapon, at my head
Now, freeze, step down, and put that body on the ground 
Then, I reached down for my car keys, with my left hand
Homey, those bullets blasted out, like jet rockets
Suddenly, they burst a few rounds, up inside of me
I receive multiple bullets from my head to my knees
They decided not to incarcerate me, 
Instead, they invited me to this 50 bullet wedding, without the bride or groom

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When You Love Somebody

When you love somebody,
You will love in truth and in deed the way you desire
	to be loved by the other,
And you will suffer long and be kind
Until you find that all that that person has and is 
	is being given to you;

You will not be envious
When you love somebody.
You will both say good words and perform great and small
	selfless acts of love,
But you won't push yourself forward to boast of them
Even if most of them seem to go unnoticed or unappreciated
	by your significant other;

You won't be conceited or arrogant
When you love somebody.
You will honor and respect and prefer the other
	and his or her interests before your own.
So you will not be rude
Even if you're used or neglected by your one and only
	for his or her own pleasure and ease;

You will not be self-seeking
When you love somebody.
You may be offended or sinned against with words
	or by actions seventy times seven,
But you will not be easily angered
Avoiding the danger and the appearance of dissimulated love,
	you forgive as if there's nothing to forgive;

You will keep no record of wrongs
When you love somebody.
You communicate and disclose yourself and your feelings
	without fear or disputing,
So you will have no pleasure in evil
Around other people or when you're alone together,
	so peace is kept with understanding;

You will rejoice with the truth
When you love somebody.
You will sacrifice as if every sacrifice is but a reasonable gift,
	even laying down your own life;
You will always protect the person
And never reject the person, neither regret nor forget the vows
	you've promised in truth and honesty;

You will always believe in the person
When you love somebody.
You will walk by faith and not by sight until you're like-minded
	and have the same love for one another,
So you will always hope
And learn to cope and bear the infirmities of the weaker one
	until there comes a change;

You will always persevere
When you love somebody.
You will be strong, showing the way love ought to be;
	knowing you're not perfect, but striving
You will conquer and overcome evil by doing good
And love the way love would, knowing full well that 
	without the power of love you cannot love;

You will always endure for the future set before you
When you love somebody.
You will have faith, hope and never be put to shame
	because love will never fail.

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Loves First Embrace

Born a farmer,
his hands so tough,
he built a home,
of lumber so rough.
A bride he yearned for,
someone soft to hold,
that special one,
on nights so cold.
He bowed his head,
and said a prayer,
please send me an angel,
with skin so fair.
Then one day,
his request came true,
a knock on his door,
she had eyes so blue.
I'm new in these parts,
she said with a grin,
he opened his door,
and invited her in.
A courtship began,
they laughed so much,
and every day,
he grew fonder of her touch.
The very next day,
when she walked through his door,
he was down on his knees,
asking, please be mine forever more.
Miracles do happen,
but we first must believe,
give it to Jesus,
and He will lead.

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Sabbath Saturday Knight

 Sabbath Saturday Knight 
Sabbath Saturday Knight 
Eye and ewe exist in hearts apart 
ee'n though eye love ewe so much it seems eye cant contain the thing 
in heart. The fact remains that early must eye depart 
for transportation on the SaturdaY. 
It means eye love ewe even more the time we have to spend is short 
 a Knight in splendid armour ewe should see me 
the jacket and the hat and the green cargo pants 
make women PALE and very faint. 
The moral of this story we have a date 
every Saturday nite that we have in the ever and iff. 
AS soon as we aer complete in this new milleniaum. 
Please kiss my hands but not my feet and do not weep 
For ewe aer made of pure and sweet. 
The love we have can wait for fate and blossom then we will. 
The poet and poese will fill the want. 

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First Lovers

In the Garden of Eden,
Planted where Heaven and Earth touched
For a moment, was God's first man.
He brought out its beauty with flowers and fruit
In preparation for the unsuspecting first lady-
But Adam was the one astonished.
When he awakened out of a deep sleep,
He saw before him...  Alas!  A vision,
A woman fashioned and formed 
More perfectly than any ideal he had dreamed of.
And God gave him her hand in marriage
To rule and reign in their kingdom.
They worked together as one and lived in love
(The one only for the other
And the other only for the one)
With no one else in their world.
Each other is all they saw; the man and his wife
Communed with God in the cool of the day.
They were naked and felt no shame,
And this was Paradise.

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True Love - Dedicated to my Husband

A true love is
Someone who can gaze into your eyes and know what you are thinking
Someone who feels your own pain as if it was their own
Someone who can finish your sentences
Someone who understands you inside and out
Someone who has seen the darkest side of you & loves you more because of it
Someone who would give their life for you
Someone you can trust with all your secrets
Someone who will treasure every intimate detail you have disclosed to them
Someone who knows your inner child and the adult you have become

Someone who will be by your side through the darkness and the light
Someone who will hold you when you are scared, lonely and crying
Someone who will love you when you are penniless
Someone who will hold your hand on your death bed
Someone who is always there for you no matter what
Someone who can be your fortress when you need strength
Someone who will love you forever no matter what
Someone who will love each flaw you have as much as your greatest attributes
Someone who will hold your hand through life's journey
Staying by your side regardless of what obstacles cross your path

If you have what I described
You should hold it close
You should cherish your love
Because you have found something
That comes along once in a lifetime
That many of us will never find
That many of us dream for

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The Guarantees of Love

Joy . . .
Love guarantees cheerful greetings to the truth but will not welcome evil tidings.

Peace . . .
Love guarantees that no account of wrongs will be kept, and it will not be 

Patience . . .
Love guarantees perseverance without complaint because love abides through 
all things.
Gentleness . . .
Love guarantees a readiness to help and will quietly cover all things from harm.

Goodness . . .
Love guarantees not to be covetous, and it will not seek its own conceits.
Faith . . . 
Love guarantees commitment and expectancy, because love will never fall away.

Meekness . . . 
Love guarantees not to be pompous, and it will not push itself forward.

Temperance . . . 
Love guarantees to do what is proper and fitting and will not be exasperated. 

Love guarantees no limit to any of these
because against such there is no law.

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Cast Off Your Garment

Cast off your garment.
Hide nothing from me.
Naked I lie before you;
May your body be as bare
That I can know every whit of you,
That you can learn of me;
Let your weakness be your strength
On this night we have wed.

Cast off your garment.
Be vulnerable with me.
Naked I lie before you;
May your soul be as bare
That I can know every whit of you,
That you can learn with me-
Every strength and all our weaknesses;
Let's share as we are led.

Cast off your garment.
Become one with me.
Naked I lie before you;
May your spirit be as bare
That I can know every whit of you,
That you can learn of me;
This my weakness is my strength
As we join upon our bed.

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Secret Love Letters From...

These secret love letters have the scent of a well-known, familiar cologne
For the man who wrote these letters is still unknown

These letters tell of how he wants her
And how he feels for her

She hides them in her drawer
So no one knows where to find them but her

She knows this is wrong
Because her feelings for her tomorrow's husband is too strong

To her fiance, her love belongs
To her secret lover, her lust belongs

He knows of her fiance and wedding tomorrow
And he's willing to stop it because he wants her so

She reads the last page of the last letter
Hoping to find out who's this man so she can feel a little better

She finish reading it
And at the end, she feels like shredding it

She was so shocked when she saw his name
And felt so stupid for falling for his game

She cleared her eyes as much as she can
Because she can't believe that it was her fiance's best man

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To Live Together

                       The testaments of love
                      Tucked by caring arms 
                                 Into infinity; 
                   Where albums embraced 
                           Images, bearing
                      The long term dreams;       
                 As words spoken solemnly,
                               That’ll forever 
                            Be remembered 
                          By strangers eyes, 
                           Gazing us intently
                             We could pass 
                             The tingling fire
                           Of being the lords
                         Of these silver rings,
                        Though, we sealed it
                             With our kisses…
                       The testaments of love
                                Our sacrifices, 
                     To live together….in loves!

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The Vow & The Promise

I vow to be ya husband to honor & cherish you as my wife
to give you all of my love, from daybreak till the end of the night
I promise to be there for you from beginning to end
loving you not only as ya husband but ya best friend
I vow to take ya hand in holy matrimony
and from this moment forth you won't ever feel lonely
I promise to treat you like a woman is suppose to be treated
you won't ever have to cry to ya friends and say I cheated
I vow to give you my all, pick you up when you're ready to fall
comfort you in times of need when ya back is against the wall
I promise to cherish our time together even though it's ticking
make love to you in the physical even threw these lyrical writtens
I vow to be more than ya husband more than the one you loving
no need for a pre-nup I'm not gonna divorce you all of a sudden
this is my vow and my promise please just say I do
because ever since we met I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life wit you

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Dear Love

Dear Love
Today was beautiful
I sipped coffee
Winds above
My cup
Over my head

i got lost in space
in my  happy place

Dear love
Today I ran
through fall leaves
colors changed
I stood in awe
and wished
be here
I want to roll 
big leaf piles with you
tossing them so they float above us
even if its for a few seconds
in this

Do you believe in this life
Because one day I dream of being your wife

Dear love,
There is so much left for me to do
I want
protect the unprotected
I want to fight
because there is nothing
like it
I know I am meant for something much bigger
but I know 
that I am meant
only for you
I know it  is unexpected,
But isn't this what life was meant for
A Series of 

not today, not tomorrow
in the end i want to save you from life's sorrows.

Dear love,
I am not asking for much
Your fast intake of breath
makes me spin
But dear love
its clear
Lifes unanticipated pleasures
Its just completely mind boggling
To picture anyone else
being there.