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Free Verse Water Poems | Free Verse Poems About Water

These Free Verse Water poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Water. These are the best examples of Free Verse Water poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Mother is Dove

Modest woman moderate woman
Your inner beauty strikes me
Like the tongue of noble eloquence
More than gold even refined gold
Or our purged fulgent silver.

Black woman proud woman
Your pride is not haughty
But a humble pride of eaglets;
Your black eyes are so glittering
As the eyes of our dark rivers
Filled with messages of peace
That banish the broody turmoil
From those panting hearts
Of your foreigned offsprings.

Gentle mother diligent mother
Your kindness kindles the fires
Of my heart –
Your dexterity dresses
The table of our ageless history
And the thought of your being
– Oh kind mother! –
Makes the most delicious menu 
For my heart.

I remember your naked feet
Fast and fair as a pigeon’s limbs
Treading the invisible paths
Almost covered by shrubs
Small shrubs misted by the prime mist.

I remember the wood from the wood 
The water from the water 
And manifold items from jungle alleys 
Borne by your delicate hands
And upon your soft black-haired head.

I remember the constant match 
To markets and to farms
And your bright face smeared with 
The ash dust
Making you more beautiful
Than any woman whose feet
Ever touched the naked earth.

I remember those burdens
Upon your cheerful kin-souls 
And babies strapped to your backs
Babes full of unspoken words
To unborn others in patient wombs
Waiting in an endless turn –
Indeed, mother is dove!
A black dove and a dark huntress
A hunter’s gift from the maker?

Mother is like a weaver-bird
Building a big foot-like nest
Filled with corn and warmth
A bundle of eagle-flight
Mother is dove
And the hunter calls her
The clan’s eternal dove.

Oh, mother loving woman 
Gentle as our black horizon
To you we humbly come
From these far and lonely lands
Hoping to grace our love and beauty
Before that jealous grave
Makes her temporary feast.

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Sin Hypoxia

To escape sin, I built a glass box around me.
Though sin like water started leaking through the cracks upon me.
Soon the water would consume me.
Forced hand prints scattered inside the glass by me.
Trying to break free of what I built around me.
No one is near to see or help me.
No one to call, to assist or guide me.
Tears accreting to the water wasn't helping me.
The water is slowly getting deeper around me.
The strength is fading away within me.
Please, someone save me! 
Oh God, please forgive me!
Thinking I had all the answers to build this glass box around me.
Sin, yet and still captured me.
I need you now Lord please strengthen me.
Eyes closed beneath the water crying out for him to save me.
His voice appears, "Come as you are to me.
You made a decision to consult with yourself without me.
For I am the only way the truth and the light; not you but me.
All the tools you need are provided by me.
I will bring down this glass box only for your life to be with me.
For I make no mistakes because I am me.
I will send you back to be a living witness for me and only me."

Pace, G 

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Hydrogen to Helium
A fusion formed by gravity
A carbon-based delirium
Molecularly infinite energy

An ancient discipline known as alchemy
We’re consciousness - the explosion - amorous 
We dream of gold from lead and mercury
Fueled reaction in copper with phosphorus 
A universal age of prosperity

Bismuth bath. Deficient of iron and zinc
Astronautic laugh – last shine of hope
Nuclear decay –enlightened way – elemental - instinct
Scientific – logical clay – gaseous isotope.

The fluoride, we drink?
Humanity on the pivotal brink

The edge, a precipice.

Lanthanides and actinides
Metals and mysteries.
Shrink down to atomic scale
Our intellect – an accelerated history
A holographic projection
Radioactive expansion
A gravitational trajectory 


Precious pavonine pearl
Our planet, our world.
A place all our elements may inhabit
Terrestrially unique. Diverse and intelligent
The push of inertia
The pull of gravity
The spin of an atom
The spin of our galaxy.

The end.

(written for the periodic table of elements poetry contest) 12-12-14

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Let The Rain Fall

I could smell and sense 
the showers coming in the air
with an approaching storm.
I inhale this 
light little scent of heaven.
The rain will never dampen my spirits.
No umbrella for me tonight.
But, I don't mind, 
I'll walk in the rain.

I savor this 
sweet little taste of heaven.
The flavor is cool and refreshing,
with a purity 
that is almost indescribable.
It is cleansing to my soul,
I can feel it 
washing away my cares,
and making it okay to smile, again.

I experience this 
gentle little caress of heaven.
When it soaks through 
my jacket and my jeans.
My shoes splash
in the rain 
with every step that I take.
I can hear it 
tap dancing on the rooftops, 
with invisible feet.

The streetlights 
reflect on the wet pavement,
in pools of gold and silver.
The neon signs blink, 
red and yellow, 
blue and green.
Like drips of paint, 
it puddles on the street.
Bringing color 
to where there was none before,
only a flood of gray.
Now there is a palette
of fragrances to absorb.
Creating almost a rainbow 
in the nighttime.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
November 11th, 2013
For Nette Onclaud's contest - "Fragrance Of Rain"

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curiously peering over a cloud
   Angelica stepped a bit too far
      wings fluttered and disappeared
         stolen by jealous demons below 

angel flying too close to the ground
   leaving the harmony of heaven
      sensing a need to save a ravaged planet
         landing gracefully on soft soil
Angelica hears the bulldozers
   weapons of environmental destruction
      sauntering through Earth’s rainforests
         curiosity beckons as water reflects her image

her lost wings still reflect in the pond
   seen as ripples from her pink, silk gown
      orchid floral tiara crowns her long auburn hair
         even water lilies envy her beauty

captivated by this pool lit with filtered sun
   immersed in an image of herself
      in God’s light all angels appear the same
         bright beams to welcome new souls

fly again she will
   bubbles of hope spring forth
      Earthbound for but a brief time
         cherished cherub sent as nature’s guardian

halo of comfort surrounds
   Angelica leans forth to feel the coolness
      sparkling water caresses warm lips
         her kiss renews Earth’s freshness

other angels transparent in sunlight
   bestow a new set of wings
      mission accomplished, they escort her home
         once again she revels in heaven’s light

For the “Reflection” contest, sponsored by Constance La France ~ a Rambling Poet ~
By Carolyn Devonshire

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Today Is a Gift To Us All

The thing about today is that:
                      It will be different than any other day
  Many different factors will share in the reasons 
           That today will be completely original 
  The people we encounter can play a huge role 
                          In the way that our day plays out 
We have no control over how these people may act 
                   No control over what they may say or do 
We can however control the way we allow it to affect us 
               I have met and been friends with 
        About every type of person that there is 
       From healers to killers I have met them all 
Shared meals and how we feel;the pressure of it all 
                             I used to allow outside influences 
                                                 Like these people 
            To play a role in how my day would go  
Then one day I realized that if you remove the water from the falls 
                                                     All that you have left is a cliff 
                                         And of course a hole at the bottom 
                  All the breathtaking beauty of the waterfall is gone 
All because some fool decided to build a dam to divert the water 
                    The River had no choice in how its day would go 
                       It had no choice in allowing an outside force 
                                                        To change its course 
                                        Of where it would end today 
        We have a choice, no matter what anyone does 
We can stay on course and maintain the original beauty of our day 
                                 As long as we always remember 
                                     That this day belongs to us 
The only thing that can change that is God, for it is his gift to us all

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Clearly I am I.  
Carrier of EARTHS  NECTAR.

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Those Were Golden Days of Splendor

Those Were Golden Days of Splendor

Rushing clear water splattered over the rocks
melding into a huge spraying white foam
The sounds made sent heavenly tastes to my ears
the sight pierced my heart with love's stab

Stab that melds heart to a gentle Soul
a sweet pain born again and again so happily
Fast running stream in my mind's eye endures
stamps images with a clear splash of life

Just a swift stream from my youthful forays
days spent exploring Nature, the world anew
Memories time stamped , precious cargo aboard
faces of family waiting home for my return

Rushing water, a life in a bubbling brook
A memory, a love , a mental picture I took!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-26-2014 

note:  Looking back at the greatest time of my life. 
I was ten years old, rambling the fields and woods
like a roaming gypsy on the prowl. My father was still alive,
my mother young and in good health and best of all my 
baby brother was two years old, destined to live 12 more years.
A happy family of 11 children and two parents. Life was good!

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The Stricken Corridor

Fall tumbles relentlessly on our door steps
young winter birds inducing provoking sounds scamper in trees 
Watching winter crawling slowly under our feet.

The night rain wet the ground with sadness 
washing  away the environmental stench
purging the atmosphere of  its infectious dew
And  I could absorb fresh air in my lungs again. 

I fell into a deep sleep shortly after nine but woke up 
by my next door neighbor bustling activities.
Nice showers clean fresh air is the perfect night to
be drenched with sleep but instead I was on my knees.

An unknown burden overshadowed  me, disturbing my spirit
raising my curiosity, causing me to ponder over unknown mysteries
unexplainable matters that doesn't concern me, yet they troubled me.

I soaked myself in prayer seeking for a  plausible answer 
And after praying I fell asleep again; a sleep that 
I thought would be peaceful but here I am again
on an unannounced journey to the Far East.

I mysteriously found myself on a university campus in the Far East,
no paint, no color, everywhere was deserted, no one was around
except for dry leaves  spreading out on the troubled ground 
and dull trees astoundingly lingering in the autumn breeze.
I walked propitiously through the front door along a bare corridor 
in search of a toilet to ease my body pressure.

A desolated corridor whose hope seemed to be diminished with the passing of time
a million feet must have trodden upon it, feet in search of  freedom ,
feet looking for peace, proud feet, dirty feet, bloody feet, stubborn feet.
Feet looking for revenge and feet marching to the destiny of doom. 
I moved anxiously from door to door but every door that I opened I saw
Asian toilet embedded deeply in the ground and clean water flooding all around. 

I opened another door and found a western bath filled with clean water 
I kept walking along the corridor but all the Asian toilets were flood with water.
At the end of the corridor I found one that was completely  dry but there was no toilet inside except for PVC pipe fittings planted firmly in the ground.

I tread along the opposite side of the hallway still searching for  a toilet
but only rooms whose doors were removed  and leaning helplessly
in front of them occupy the other side of the stricken corridor.

I anxiously left the building and a slim young man in his early twenties 
wearing shaded glasses ran behind a reception area outside the campus ground
and pretended as if he was at work, but that was only a deception.

As I walked passed him he tried to reached out to me
He complained about someone who has treated him badly
and pointed to a friend who was instrumental in turning his life around.
A sizable crowd gather around him as he  illustrates his painful story.

He and his friend took me to the other side of the campus where 
a larger crowd of young people had gathered for a wedding
some were sitting under large beach umbrellas
While others congregate in groups all over the campus grounds.
I walked upon a platform  where the wedding ceremony
was about to  take place but daylight suddenly exploded in my face.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ©2014 Christine Phillips

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Atacama / English Version

Atacama, Eden of winds,
flower of abandoned rocks and of sapleter,
homestead of flamingoes and geysers,
and above all ,
below an azure sky,
mountains are carrying on their tops 
ice of the past.

Old villages tell us their stories,
Toconce, Toconao, Chiu-Chiu, 
carry in their canons
water from  deep below
let flowers and vegetables grow.

Chiu-Chiu, oasis of the desert,
a green spot,
surrounded by fragments of history
with the colour of orange, red and brown,
embedded in fragile foam of salt and hope,
the history of the Atacama.
Still alive in their churches.
Fragments of an ancient culture
reflecting on the surface of Río Loa.

Like ants – far away,
dispersed in vibrant light
some Vicuñas are looking
for tranquility and forage.
The geysers of  El Tatio
send their hot water into the cold and pure air.

How pacient the Atacama is with us,
slaves of modern times
with the desire for paradise
with the dual face of history and hope.
Salar de Atacama, show me your 
cracked and wounded face,
your wrinkles of solitude.

Far in the distance the chain of volcanoes,
with towering  Lincancabur,  
and its shouldered knapsack of crystals and ice,
holding its splendour towards the sky
with the colours of lapis lazuli and  light agate.
Toconao, the ruins of  Quitor greet you,
dormant since ages
they narrate the history of the Inca,
of their last refuge and their last battle with
Pedro de Valdivia,
who came with his men
to break the bravery of Inca soldiers
with thunder and destruction.

The waterfalls of the hot spings of Puritama
shoot their water into the air with the colours of rainbows,
drawing delicate faces of life
on dry sand and charming stones.
The wind from the mountains carries songs,
flute music, ancient tunes,
stories of salt, gypsum and clay
to the Valle de la Luna,
to let it remain calm and unchanged
with its eyes filled with dust and stones
in the eternal canto of earth.

Atacama, heart of the North,
plant of wind
in the song of history,
you make the day sound
and rock to sleep the nights,
lonely between the arms of the mountains
and the Altiplano.

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Human Nature

The Computer Screen Light

Splints off The Fluid in His

Eyes, And Cascades The 

Twinkling Against the Wall.

              -She Curls up in a ball-
        -He Takes up The Fetal position-

The Headset Poses Security

Against the Deafening Sounds

of Reality. The Light Outside,

Fades to A Deep Blue...

               - She Cries To Pass The Time -                  
            - He's Done Crying, No Liquid Left -

He Lies Back on his Chair, in

Sheer Agony. Stems Covered

With Leaves Burst From His

Veins. His legs Root to the carpet.

               - Sleep Grants her little solace -
           - He Hasn't Slept in Over Two Weeks -

Mimicking Womb Protocol, She

Folds. Clutching her Stomach

She Heaves Forward a Lunguful 

Of Bark. Shes Changing

               - She Smiles across the Water -
       - The Water Ripples Following his Response -

Intertwined in Friendship, 

They Grow Towards The Sun...

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An Act Of Birth, Is An Act OF Dying

Blackness moving slowly into light!

becoming one existance

The stars gather like flocks of birds.

See the colors mix and mingle

Creating the perfect shades of colors, the

most beautiful blue and yellow.

Funny how words could form such a savage thing.


These islands come apart

Gods fingers pulling them into various directions

By his very words they are released.

Morning and nights wed, but they are never

essembled as one.


Out of some experiment called love?

To see us form into flesh and blood

And obeying of water slowly, a piece of dirt


Spreading as far as the eyes can see

Its water circled the new dirt, and calm and 

sometimes sea's prevail!

Birth of nations!


The beautiful green, red, yellow, orange and

other shades of our humanity, vibrant fields I seek

and found before the eyes of the almighty.

New species arise, what perfection...


The heavens speak of many moods, and speaks

to us to know the time, are signs and marks of seasons.

Our days and years combined to reason. Two emotions.

One to sleep and the other to wake, His return on earth cometh

as lightening

And will cease the same by partened clouds and running

horseman, out of the clouds into earth.

And then the ocean filled with the wild and tamed

 A whisper into their hearts and souls to multiply

and above the sea which holds the sky, movements of

graceful wings sour the clouds freely, and glide beneath

a wise space

Below a newly born star.....




Atlas!  the earth has formed to paint these?

and soon our hands which once held silence

and our hearts held peace! this is good

The earth is spinning, the oceans flowing, our blood passing

the woman exist, our beast wondering, the friut so bright!

This is good!  Out of the garden. The murder of innosence

Into our ever lasting taste for flesh, obsession and power

Our need for greed and death! The birth of sin!



Atlas! the setting and rising, our beating hearts

and pulse which slows its rythem by the generations

Generations fade.. nearly rythemless life beats as the dying rose

Entering winter.


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I don't know of later

That I am alive today
Is His grace I should exalt.
That I conceives thoughts
And am able to interprete them
Into words for minds to receive
Is another reason I think
He deserves my praise.

This new episode of my life
Is like a dream.
A dream that
Perhaps I know 
Where its starts
But I don't know 
Where and when
It will end.

A nation of pieces may not contain
My words,
My feelings,
My emotion,
My desires...
For now.
I don't know of later.

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Again, there will be water - Soon!
In sleep -  the deaf silence
reminded me - last night 
a leaf withered...
It reminded me of the vase
In which we were the three of us
Dreaming a dream with dew
Sipping from the month of May...
...and little by little my stem
withered in distress
and my painful leaves
found an excuse in Death...

Again, there will be water - Soon!
With little, gentle handfuls 
the Life's cup is filling
with crystals of desire
I dream a hopeful dream
regenerating roots
There is the water - plenty
and Oxygen enough... 

written at 13, translated now

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Ocean Calm

As I gaze upon the ocean 
Blue reflects on the  water and in the sky
The horizon only distinguishable by it's hue
Standing upon a bluff on a cliff above the rough
I gaze upon the ocean with all it's power
Pushing waves hour after hour
The rock face gets battered and pounded
In a un-relentless, timeless beat
The water produces an awesome sound
Almost like a methodical beat
The surf rolls in, and rolls back out again
Foam forms around the surrounding stones
Seaweed floats , swaying  with the waves
Along the beach are deposits of shells and driftwood
Above the water line sand dunes form
Resembling a landscape like the moon
Moving with the ever blowing winds
As the tides roll out
Little holes form along the beach
Making a haven for the birds to eat
A feeding frenzy does erupt
Cleaning out the sandy floor
Before the waves arrive once more
I stand in breathless quite
Taking in the ocean's mystery depth.

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The Mountains

In the musty mountains crevices
covered with overgrown foliage.
Trees hang on the edges
grasping the sheer rock
of these aging towers
 that reach for the sky.
The clear pristine waterfalls
flow endlessly, cascading downwards
Into the cool blue pools below.
The water creates a rainbow
within it's downward spiral.
Sparkling water sprays
all that lies in it's path.
As it flows the downhill slopes,
it veers and runs to the canopy
of forest  below.
The water along with it's cleansing rain
are nature's refreshment.

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Sea of Love

In this stormy sea that we call life, you calm the waters.

As I drifted along you cushioned each blow that I received.

In the mist of each storm, your light guided me to shelter.

When I was drowning in iniquity, you bathed me with salvation.

When the water became polluted you cleansed it with your blood.

When I floated out to sea, you anchored me with your love.

At times the currant was so strong, it pulled me underneath.

You wrapped your arm around me and held my head afloat.

Through each trial and tribulation, your waves washed me ashore.

You were my life preserver in a sea of lies and deception.

As you gave me the water of life, My Lord, I gladly give you mine.

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Why must I hear
the tempting gurgle
Of the life giving stream 
A sound wet with promise
Of refreshment

Why must I see
The alluring rush of movement
Liquid heaven
An enticing flow
Beckoning me to immersion

Why must I but lie here
Dying for want of water?
The sandpaper of my lips
Not even welcoming
A tongue cracked  
With not a drop of moisture
to bring relief
To assuage the grief
Or parched dreams

My throat constricts
that fail to produce
I’m dying

My skin dry
I lie
Devoid of liquid to cry tears
Why? WHY?
Why Am I here
Beside this life giving stream

Where is the angel
To lift my weary head
And gently pour this water
On my waiting lips
Patiently ministering
Again and again
Liquid healing
Till I’m somewhat revived
To carry me
into waiting watery wetness
of heaven
Until I am baptized
In liquid bliss

I’m dying here
Here on the edge
I see
I hear
I can almost taste
The stream of your love
bathing me
quenching me
freeing me
healing me

Forbidden to drink
Forbidden to taste
Forbidden to touch
Forbidden to love
Forbidden to LIVE

But why?
Why must I die?
When the water of life
Is nearby

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Bathing Beauty

Breathe laden islands rise and fall
beneath the steam graced surface of clear water,
capped with rosettes, red-brown, silken, warm,
beaded with water running in rivers
down mountainsides of flesh, puddling,  
in the darken depression of navel.

The water rises, about kneecaps
pristine and alabaster in hue.
Angular shoulders hug the far end of the tub.
A slender neck held aloft, crowned with auburn hair
and hazel eyes, changling orbs, of green and gold
an a oval face rivaling Modigliani’s Madonna.

A ruddy glow spreads across high cheekbones.
The rising water submerges all, 
but porcelain neck and upturned face,
tendrils, tresses, coil, splay on still water.

Lids droop languidly, lips pout petulantly,
and still the water rises
buoying delicate arms, ending in fingers 
...avidly playing.. upon 
the pearl white key to desire. 

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Lost, Without Hope

Everywhere I look, all I see is nothing A vast space full of water, the current pulling me out to nowhere Kicking and screaming I’m trying to stay above the wild waves But the crash and smash against me, the water filling my lungs I cannot breathe and I cannot float much longer I want so desperately to have something to cling to But yet I am alone in this fight, to keep my mind above To keep myself from sinking to the depths of depression A dark, endless pit that I will not be able to escape The burning anger above me And sweltering sadness beneath me Challenge me in my everyday To try and hold on to the thin lines of reality The lines that are blurring before my very eyes I do not know how much longer I can keep I want it all to end…but I do not want to end it all I am so tired…so very tired But sleep dances away from me, Like a young child on a play ground, sleep runs and hides The giggles of him I can hear, here and there But I cannot reach him He his beyond my capacities, beyond my boundaries And I’m losing this fight to stay above the water I feel like I’m drowning ‘ISN’T ANYONE THERE’ I cry And I weep, but honestly I really don’t know why Why I feel so trapped in this grey world With no escape and no reverence I am lost in the wild furls of my psychotic mind Where no one can find me, no one can help me…save me Alone and drowning I try to grasp onto the thin wisp of hope But it is false and was gone before it ever appeared I am lost, with nothing but the water and fire The darkness, and terror I have nothing to hold onto Yet I keep fighting, I keep fighting this losing battle But I do not know how much longer I will last

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Crystalline Winter Hollow

          Crystalline Winter Hollow 

A camp fire against solid hollow black 
Holds the cold and limited visibility
Hours come born without warning
Near to night, wild on the snow storm
A dim light draws us home vulnerable
It is a dot in the distance
Illusions of fireplace and warmth
A hunt for life between each snowflake
Moving on as the snow deepens under foot
Each step is sunken treasure subaqueous submerged
Cold and water take their risk in winters grip
The lake may not take the weight of passage 
Camp fire is a long way off now
So is that dot of light called home
Frozen images are all that’s left
Hidden there on the distance, crystalline alone

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Placed inside some wisp of perfections chalice
The intonations gather which
The tears have shed
For gratitude released their happiness 

I loved you some when in another life
Where the pink purple forest bows
Hung their silver leaven halls
In marble sunsets painted wash on cloistered walls

Their reminiscence of Arabian ankle bells
As you walked barefoot through blue grass fields
The moons luminescent as soft pale to your skin
Echo timeless on a blanket of stars

These iridescent reveries linger in cobweb threads
Set bejewelled in morning mist
They brush the glitter-frosted powder from your cheek
Dream you are awake, eternal, sleeping Princess

I love you this time in the calligraphies of ink
Kismat writ in both our palms lovers make
Standing on the water rivalled glitter of the sun
Falling maiden of the Crystal Lake

Should time bring chill the mountains to your feet
And shades drown the light of auburn hair
Remember me then; where your dreams began
I will always be waiting there

So etched in the fairy tale lines of our hands
Was a destiny life had just not planned
As we danced in the wake of hearts tidal wave
United some day to the promise we made some when

I love you next time in another life
Though in each time I have asked you to be my wife
The curious connections of infinite souls
Will never let you go

I love you this time in the calligraphies of ink
Kismat writ in both our palms lovers make
Standing on the water rivalled glitter of the sun
Falling maiden of the Crystal Lake


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new sensations harbor ill will toward the mind

New ambient light taking hold of that which was once darkened by time.
New thoughts eluding desires and all answers to the questions at hand.
Laminated emotions taking the places of the empty spaces inside the mind.
Feel the love from behind the reinforced glass? Didn’t think it was possible.
Now the age of reasoning comes into play, now is the time for deep thought.
The devil calls for pain, in waves that crash on this body like water on rock.
No visible damage but over time it wears it down to nothing, little by little.
Plunging into the deep end surrounding the mind and clouding the vision.
Breathing is impossible, gasping for air only brings water into the lungs.
This feels like dying. This feels like numbing. This feels better than living.

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The Purest Music

    One fine day as I was traversing the green,
in the last throes of Autumns'  twilight.
I sat upon a flat stone,
overlooking a trilling brook,
to ponder the meaning of life.
As I sat ,and thought,
the soft chimes of music,
from the water spirits,
lulled me into a dream state.
Some where in  that liquid crystal,
stubborn stones are worn smooth,
by the passage of time.
Elsewhere the fluidous mercury,
rushes toward a cleft ,
a water fall.
Bringing forth melodies,
never to be reproduced ,
by mere human hands.
As my lids grow heavy,
I'm awakened by the flash of silver,
denizens ,  
silhouetted by the last rays of the setting sun..
With regret its time to leave,
as I turn to go ,
a misty rainbow is captured ,
by the fading beams of light.
I smile, at peace,
the promise ,
the sun will once again ,
eclipse the horizon.

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Fancy Hair

I turned on the water sprinkler under the Weeping Willow
A fine stream it did spray
The tree was lacking the nourishment that it gets from water
For it has not rained much in many days

As I was working in my kitchen and viewing the scene
Along came a male Red Cardinal
On a rose bush he did preen
Just close enough to the water to receive a fine spray

When he was water coated, he flew away
Up into the Weeping Willow and puffed his feathers out
Shook his tiny body as a dog after taking a bath
Then he sat in the Weeping Willow and rested for a spell

Before he had time to dry,  a Black Bird
Landed on a Weeping Willow limb
Just close enough to the spray to get his shower today
Very intelligent these  birds of the yard

Knowing how to refresh and clean their feathers 
Sometimes I wonder if they are not more intelligent
Than some of the humans that have big brains 
And fancy hair....

(I'll call it free verse for no other reason than I don't know where else it would fit.)

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Our Secret Rainbow....

Hands joined,we approach
our secret serene getaway
we slowly undress as goosebumps
rise more from anticipation
than the slight chill in the wind
again,hands together
our feet splash the surface
of the waterfalls pool
like playful children's excitement
we embrace as we feel the water 
envelope us with its cool power
and watch the colors of rainbows
form in the mist at the falls edge

Hidden behind the rush of fall
momentary peace we share
as the water seems to cleanse
all our troubles away immediately

Fore we know,it's only the magic
of the moment.....magical rainbows

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The beach this morn was wonderful
The waves came thrashing down
They were wild and white and foaming
And their voices thundered round

A lonely figure walked the sand
Her head bent down and sad
And if you were up closer
You could see the tears where out

The sky was dark and cloudy
The rain was falling light
The wind was napping somewhere
And the water felt like ice

I watched that figure walking
With a black dog by her side
A memory in me stirred somewhere
Of times that where not right

She pulled her jacket closer
As if to shut it out
The thoughts that did invade her
Or memories that did shout

And all the times the waves came in
They didn’t ever change
They licked her feet and washed them
And then went out again.

As I sat there and I watched her
That figure all alone
I wondered if she registered
The lack of sun that shone

The day seemed very fitting
For one so sad as she
The misty rain, the dampened air
The water round her feet. 

I wondered as I watched her
From whence her thoughts did come
Had someone precious died here
Or had a love undone

She didn’t even see me
Her thoughts so far away
I think if there where people here
She maybe wouldn’t stay

There was nothing I could do here
Her thoughts where all her own
I felt she needed solitude
And time to mull the groan

I stood there, and I left then
A lonely figure, I
I pulled my jacket round me
My black dog by my side.

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 Will you love me naked? Reveal yourself to me?

The secret desire's that arouse your senses and terrify your conscience.

There is nothing that  you can not tell me, like water I will wash over the stones and
reeds that have become part of the stream, flowing recklessly through your soul.

Let me be the water bearer, collecting the dreams and passion from the river of the man
that is you.

Nakedness, so pure, so untamed, so beautiful.

Pour me your truth, and I shall drink, my truth offered in return

I stand before you holding out a glass in my hand

Will you love me naked?

I ask this, as I begin to show myself to you.

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Heart of the Sea

           Essence of salt and waves crashing
           The World of the Sea has a heart
            Careful not to offend thee ~

            The spills of oil , nuclear waste
             Drilling and mistakes, 
           Man infused sewage and waste 

           The capture of Fish while Dis guarding a life of a Dolphin
           The Sea and its very Mystery is crying as all fish dying
           Is there a place and time where we stop and love what was given

          The Heart of the Sea not to ever be underestimated
          For when sadden great wrath will fall in sequence with wind
          Water and Wind can create its Heart broken fiercely without mercy

          What have we done to create this disharmony 
           It is not hard to see as Tsunamis and Hurricanes such as Katrina unfold
           It is the Heart of the Sea Broken , The heart of the Sea Spoken 
           We hear her Heart , we feel her wrath , 
                The Heart Of The Sea ...this Heart cries 
                    This Heart is angry , will we take responsibility ?

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Radha's Song- A folk Song of India 2/2

Radha’s  Song-   A folk Song of India  2/2


This folk song is based on the childhood incidents 
of naughty 8-10 years old Krishna, who use to 
please everyone of Gukul village, Gokul is the 
place where the divine Krishna  was brought up 
by his foster mother Yashoda.  

O,  Please tell me,      what  should  I    do,
Speak a word,  to   extinguish  my worries,
I   cannot   live,                 without   seeing,
The  alluring face of  our  naughty Krishna.  

O,   please tell my friend,                how  should  I  manage it,
What plea and excuse  dear,            I can tell     in my  home,
How to go back to home,           without  Gagariya and Chunri,
Even without water, which would create only difficulties for me. 

Stunned  and mesmerized,  by the magic of our   Krishna, 
I stand here only,        in a state of being sweetly robbed,
Instead of searching my  Chunri and Gagariya,    O Sakhi,
I am trying to touch his alluring image only,   in  the water. 

Kanpur India 26 10 2010

(Protected under copyright provisions of Poetry Soup)

*Radha.   Radha was the childhood friend and was one of the most beloved Gopi of Lord
Krishna. She was the   beauty, power and aura create the ethics of love. None of the
scriptures consists of the power to verbalize her beauty, for it is clear enough that when
beauty of Sri Krishna makes several hearts leave their boundaries, her beauty is so
mesmerizing that it makes Him loose consciousness.
*Krishna.   Krishna is often depicted as an infant or young boy playing a flute as in the
Bhagavata Purana  or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance as in the Bhagavad
Gita. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and
theological traditions.] They portray him in various perspectives: a god-child, a model
lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being.
*Gagariya. The earthen pot used still in Indian villages to collect water from river, pond
or wells.
* Chunariya.  A long strip of cloth to cover the beauty of a woman. It normally hangs on
the bosom to cover them.
Punghat.  Is the word used for a place from where water can be collected by village women
of India.
*Sakhi. Hindi word means female friend

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Who Am I

A new photograph floats to the surface
Playfully dressing up as the world around me
Hat, striped socks and all
Tiptoeing at the top for one last sweet moment 
Before sinking back into my ocean mind.

One after another they arrive
Single file,
Steeping my eyes in the world 
As the minds shutter, ever fluttering 
Strings together this conscious stream I play in.

My photographs fade in time’s wrinkled arms.
Joining their brothers and sisters at the ocean floor,
They hold hands and try to answer the question that is always asking itself:
Who am I?

Jacob Reinhardt

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The frenzied forces of cold, icy streams
detonate explosively on the rocks below.
Their rapid currents wreak havoc 
on logjams caught in crevasses beneath
the mist and rainbowed spray.

We blink in awe to see this
spectacular remonstration 
of pretentious power abruptly
become whirling vortexes
of descending splash downs.

But then, almost as quickly, this despoiler settles
and begins to accumulate in multitudes
of rippling bubbles and froth 
immediately bleeding onto the embankment
promptly losing much of its potential goodness 
swooshed as sucking sounds
into the wild soils of the firmament.

What survives roams free and for awhile 
flows in any direction, with no beginning, no end 
as the river turns into riverlets
Eddying on without any selected steering. 

The rains that used to drip down from the mountain top 
cry to see the diversions of the most glorious river 
dissipate and dry up knowing that the drought 
which has appeared can not adequately supply 
sustenance to a parched soil. 

For that sunbaked soil to be reclaimed
the river must continue to extend its reach
and water the seeds of new growth. 
and use its silt to fertilize the new life
that waits anticipating its turn 
in creation's timetable.

CAK 6-04-2012 Revised 6-18-2013

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The land is flooded
rain that never stops
houses lay abandoned
water running through

Still the rain comes
relentless, incessant
roads are impassable
villages cut off

Army busy building
defences that are
all too soon swept away
and still the rain falls

Cattle airlifted to safety
their fields under water
a state of national emergency
declared by government

Promises to help
local authorities
given freedom 
to spend whatever needed

Still the rain falls
lives lost far too many
homeless people in despair
they have lost everything

Homes that will take months
to dry out and be habitable
for now their owners wait
staying with friends or in shelters

Forecast says more rain
and yet still more rain
when will it stop?
and things return to normal?

we are suffering from the worst rainfall in around 10+ years water levels up more than 5-6 
feet on the Somerset levels so many people made homeless as their houses are flooded 
and the loss of life, cars swept away animals airlifted to safety it will take months
for things to return to normal. That's when the rain finally stops for now the forecast is rain 
and yet even more rain. There is another inch forecast for today and gale warning too

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Ripples In A Pond

Ripples In A Pond

A small stone
Tossed by a child in a still pond
The water splashes
Ripples move outward touching the shore
The rock falls to the bottom
It joins a million others just like it
The water smoothes to what it was
Did the child change the pond?
Did the stone make any difference?
Is everything just as it was before?
Even the smallest thing can make a change
That pond will never be exactly the same
Even if they cannot be seen there are changes
The water is a little bit deeper
There is a new piece of stone to join the others
Even the fish have less area to swim
Absolutely nothing is the same
If a single stone can change an entire ecosystem
What do you think a single idea could do
Once it makes its own ripples

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Green Horse Trough

Hot sun on my back, leaning over the horse trough,
scrubbing the green slim off the sides.
The edge burns my hands and arms as I look for a hold,
Finally cooling the rim with water from the pump.

The bouquet from the trough instantly painted a familiar picture
Of hot, still summer lakes,
Sitting under ancient willows,
Fishing for what ever small life would sacrifice itself to a young fisherman.

Water bugs scoot around the tall grasses ringed with green algae.
Teased by a breeze, willow fingers wrap around a daydream.
One of conquering its mighty branches, with tree houses and rope swings,
While crawdads keep stealing the bait.

The water is clean and clear and cool again.
With memories of her own, my horse pays homage to my work
By burying her face in the trough up to her eyes,
And blowing bubbles out of her nose.

(Some warm nostalgia for a cold winter day.)

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Below earth,darting fish hear the arteries of the undersea replete with mollusks and embroidered shells as wreath of lotus revels in peace, bathing in the salt of puffed clouds. Gentle are urchins whispering tuneful language of serenity ,somewhat delicate as sea bed is to coral in the moist throb of dweling spaces for trade fleets to beckon the blue. Like so, guardians of an archipelago watch emblems of armadas ruffling the Pacific rim. Man- made vessels are aliens in the waterworld: greedy eyes, clawed hands pirating the mothers of pearls and infants of reefs. A watchful dolphin rolls along, shaking the ark's basement ramming doors of the ocean floor: a world poisoned by tainted oil and dynamites where callous merchants invade the daily haul from innocent fishermen. Along shores, a divide between friends and foes is uncompromising; that beyond words, lord of tide rises to acknowledge the kindness of strangers, if they are kind enough to respect a waterworld's sacred heritage. Caleb Smith's Gone Fishin' by nette onclaud

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Come Walk with Me

Come walk with me
Down to the beach
Bare feet on sand
Let me take your hand
My fingers in yours
We know that feeling

Walking on the beach
Sun gazing on our skin
Waves rushing to shore
Chasing our steps
Sand sinking beneath feet
Water mixed with sand
Gushes in footprints
We leave  behind

It’s never the same
Strolling on sand
Sand always evolving
Continually revolving
So come with me

Down to the beach
Once again
Hand in hand
Bare feet on the sand
Let us do it ....
Again and again

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A poem to Love

A Poem to love 

To day I am placing here a great Hindi poem of a renowned poet
Translated by me as a poem which I hope would touch your mind 
And heart intensely.
From the day I read this poem in between a play its wordings
Have touched me very deeply.

Since the poem is a beautiful piece of poetry by a great Indian
Hindi writer, poet, dramatist and story writer I am trying to
Bring its translation as much I could make from my mind without
Claiming that this is the best.

Brief background story for poetry soup lovers to judge the poem 
In light in the light of its real beauty:

The heroine who was in the age of sweet sixteen was in love
With someone very intensely, but his actual lover ask her to
Show her love for someone else for obtaining a greater result
For the sake of his motherland and the heroine tries to love
Some one else, who asked a price for the same and gave only
Pains and agonies to her. But, when she sees her actual love 
Her hearts is willing to welcome him and how- you will see 
In this beautiful poem:
Translation of the poem of Jai Shanker Prasad a great Hindi poet.
Jaishankar Prasad (January 30, 1889 – January 14, 1937), 
one of the most famous figures in modern Hindi literature

“Intoxicated by the wine of youth, in the age of sixteen
She cared only to love 
And to whom she should give her heart, 
She had no desire to know
And the one to whom she sold her precious heart,
Was asking a price for the same
The greedy even took away
The only treasure of pains and memories from her

She felt dusty storms were rising in her heart
And her love was coming totally unaware,
She thought to sprinkle water running from her eyes to  
Make the path slippery 
So that her love may walk slowly 
And she may behold her love, a little more
The longing of her life may get fulfilled
And her hopes may get a base to stay a little more

She knew all the steams of the world would be running from her eyes
Making it more difficult to recognize her face  
As the deep sea in her eyes would be splashing water on her face”

Only translation is made by me and the poem in Hindi belongs to
Late Jai Shanker Prasad.

Kanpur   India  29th January 2010  


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If one compares the ocean's wave 
to life upon the human stage,
minds conjure salt water sea 
and know forever's meant to be 
in blowing winds and moon pulled tides.
bridges to the world's divides.

These metaphors are thoughts aligned 
that pay no heed to warning signs
that say life's many noxious ploys
are games to play, as water buoys
to ships that move along the ocean's core 
all here today and gone once more
dashed upon some distant shore.

Absorbed in unconscious realms sustained
by clouds encased with thundrous rain
that bluster forth its moisture spent
upon the water's firmament.
And where will all our history go
to poet's rhyme and thoughts that show
we are more than just a wave? 
Our lives are played and soon engraved
in song and verse abeit saved
in memory's graceful reverie.
unlike the ripples of the sea.

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*                                                 ~
So close they were, yet, strangely they lived in two worlds apart
She would come each day to check again, and always “she” was there
She would lie beside the water cool, and gently touch the glass
The woodland pool, where hydrangea grew, with mosses wet with dew ~

She would lean in close, and seek twin eyes, and softly, she would ask …
“Please, pray tell, would you honor me?”
“Will you talk with me? And could you be my friend?”
“I’m Morningstar.    What is your name?”…
“Can you hear my words beyond the crest of blue?” ~

“Please, tell me your story, and where are you from?” 
“Are you an angel?   Oh! Please, dear one! Who are you?”
“Oh, how I have been praying to have a friend like you.”
She had seen her in the pool before….
There was comfort in her silent ways, her flowing hair, her gentle knowing eyes ~

Those days when tears had fallen like rain 
When the water had rippled, unleashing her pain
Morningstar had been feeling lost and alone
No one was there, no one to care~

But beside the water, she would admire this face
Her heart would spill over,  ...along with each lonely place
Her youth would still yearn, ...and the lesson to learn
There was an angel residing inside herself
For she was the face, the face in the pool was her own ~

Inspired by Constance's Contest "Reflection"
By Carrie Richards

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Radha's Song- A folk Song of India 1/2


This folk song is based on the childhood incidents of  8-10 years old Krishna, who use to
please everyone of Gukul village by his loving playfulness.  Gokul is the place where the
divine Krishna was brought up by his foster mother Yashoda about 5000 years back.  

Radha’s  Song-   A folk Song of India  1/2

When the golden rays of Sun peeped,
From behind the hanging dark clouds,
My mind bloomed touching the rays,
As flowers bloom seeing the Sunshine,

O my friend, I came to Punghat*,
To collect water from the   river,
And was about   to dip and fill it,  
In my empty earthen, Gagariya*,

Suddenly   Krishna,*    appeared   there, 
From where,   I do not know,      Sakhi*,
My Gagariaya*,  slipped from my hand,
Even my Chunariaya* also drifted away,

Now, how to go home tell me, my friend,
Without,         the water pot and     water,
From where,     I can get my Chunariaya*,
To cover myself,       before I reach home.

Such  is the magic of Krishna &  his  flute,
They enchants our  mind & heart,    Sakhi,
O, even  I hear,     the melodies of his flute,
When he is nowhere, around me, O Sakhi,

You   also   feel,         as   I  feel,  for  our  dear  Krishna,
Suffering as I suffer, still smiling in our hearts my friend,
Does the melodies,                of his ever enchanting flute,
Lives in your mind and heart,   like me,              O, Sakhi.

Kanpur   India    23 10 2010
(Protected under copyright provisions of Poetry Soup)
*Radha.   Radha was the childhood friend and was one of the most beloved Gopi of Lord
Krishna. She was the   beauty, power and aura create the ethics of love. None of the
scriptures consists of the power to verbalize her beauty, for it is clear enough that when
beauty of Sri Krishna makes several hearts leave their boundaries, her beauty is so
mesmerizing that it makes Him loose consciousness.
*Krishna.   Krishna is often depicted as an infant or young boy playing a flute as in the
Bhagavata Purana  or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance as in the Bhagavad
Gita. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and
theological traditions.] 
*Gagariya. The earthen pot used still in Indian villages to collect water from river, pond
or wells.
* Chunariya.  A long strip of cloth to cover the beauty of a woman. It normally hangs on
the bosom to cover them.
Punghat.  Is the word used for a place from where water can be collected by village women
of India.
*Sakhi. Hindi word means female friend

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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The Perfect Storm

Bored with a tawdry sanguine summer
She licks the brilliant summer blue 
            from the sun addicted sky 

Through naughty cloudy lips 
Sucks millenniums of genetic grace from 
Orchestrated flocks of fright
Fleeing down the age old
              path of migratory birds
                              safe no more 

With a westward huff
Casts them out randomly 
Squawking streams of wing 'ed broken teeth. 

Enraptured with her own manuevers--
Naked now she twirls
Reaps magnificent carnal powers
               Roiling In a screaming bath of sacrificial sailors
                             Flicks her ice tossed coiffure
Lingering in her savage beauty
She bestows heartless wet kisses
                   on sailors' upturned sightless eyes--
                             Bloodless slaves forever bound.
She whips through frigid seas 
Disbanding archipelago chains 
   Paper-like streamers frothy in her wake.        

Tempestuous Goddess of Accidental Largesse 
To her survivors, 
                         breathless in darkness,
                    She provides salty tears as recompense
Heading South
‘Ere she sleeps.

Valdez, Alaska
Nov 2014

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The rain which brought me back to my childhood

The rain which brought me back
To my childhood

It is heavily raining, while I am writing these lines.

Opposite my house it was raining all around,
I could see only rains and the showering clouds every where
Loaded with the rain drops and water to engulf everything.
A Street female dog with its two puppies
Was lying on a small gravel heap to protect her puppies,
The more she tried to take them under her small belly
More the rain started flooding the roads and even the footpath.
 My wife was asking me to do something to protect,
The female dog and her two small puppies or else they die.

Taking small umbrella of my wife on my head, 
I took a thick polythene big bag and cut it to
Cover a bigger area to protect the road female dog and the puppies and
Came out of my house gate in bathroom slippers only,
To feel and touch the beauty of rainwater,
Once again after many- many years.

After crossing the road I reached near the dog
When I look into her eyes, the female dog was telling a different story,
The language of silent thanks I could read in her eyes,
As she was helplessly trying to protect the puppies
Without anything to support her thoughts.

After stretching the polythene on them 
And putting two three small bricks on both ends
I felt a sigh of relief from the coverage of the dogs.

My wife became really happy, when she saw, 
The puppies and the female dog under a sheet of protection,
The joy and satisfaction in her eyes was bigger than that of me,
Because, animals and birds are always,
Her greatest weakness and strengths too.

While crossing the road to reach my house back
I touched and faced the waves of rain water 
Touching my foots and my legs too and they were
Forcing me to remain there, to experience water streams,
Running on the roads, when it rains so heavily.

In those memorable moments,
I really wanted to take a paper boat like a child
And to throw them on the water running all around me 
For a moment I was in my real childhood days.

O thank you God and thank you O Nature and your lovely rains
For giving me an opportunity to once again
Be in my childhood days.


Kanpur India 30th June 2011 2.00 pm. IST

The Photo of the female dog with its puppes, which I took when the Rains were 
over is placed on face book page!/photo.php?fbid=196894523694537&set=a.114474218603235.25716.100001219732381&type=1&theater

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This morning, you ask about cures...
Cures you say?
Now what do I (*hic*!) know
oh (*hic!)no!! (*hic*)
not these (*hic*) pes(*hic*)ky 
hic(*hic)cups again (*hic*)!!

Quick! some(*hic)body
take (*hic*)me by (*hic*) surprise
don't (*hic*) tell me (*hic*) ok???

----> oh quit it!
I'll finish this one for you--
your hiccups are making me go crazy--
let's see
why don't we try the 

*don't breathe method*
Hold your breath for 30 seconds
hold it...hold exhale--
uh-oh! still there? 

*sugar method*
here put this spoonful
of sugar
let stay on your tongue
5 seconds
then drink water
uh-oh!! you let the sugar
stay longer than 5 seconds!
no dice!
uh-oh I think sugar doesn't work
but peanut butter!! or was it Nutella? or jam??

*water method #276*
how many ways can you drink water???
well apparently there's a lot
here-- drink only SEVEN gulps
while lifting your left arm
what? you feel bloated already?
well, you do what you gotta do!!
yes, you're on your 200th glass now...
aaack! still hiccuping??
how about pinching your nose this time?
yes, while drinking!!

*wet cotton method*
dip cotton ball in water
take a wee bit of it
and put on your nose
let it stay there 'till
your hiccups go away

tick tock ~lunchtime~

oh wait
I think it's supposed to be a penny!!!
and it's supposed to be on your forehead, duh!

--midnight comes--
still with the hiccups???

*toothpick method*
break this toothpick
put one half in your water glass
now drink up 
and watch that toothpick!!
what?!? you swallowed the toothpick?
hiccuping still too?

*tongue method*
stick out your tongue--
now hold it
between two fingers

what? I can't understand what 
you're saying?
still hiccuping huh?


we've gone through 100+
breathing methods
200+ water methods
and you're still

*stare-at-an-object far-far-away-method*
just keep staring
til your hiccups go away

Zzzzzzzz (3am)

haha you actually fell asleep!!
thank Goodness!! well there's your cure!
Oh (*hic*!) NOOOooooo (*hic*!)

*** Sept.11, 2010
for Deborah's Road to Wellville contest & 
ooh wee-- my 200th poem posted here ^_^!!!!

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My Sidewalk

My sidewalk exclaims Off its own wet surface The lights do reflect beyond its water As if the stars carry its empty planets Holding ice within Its own reflection Red the light keeps the human condition Allows me to stop the confusion outside Rain does illuminate Brings glorious high The universe doesn’t understand complexity Of the reflection of light off the sidewalk Calm presents itself Reality reigns The stars above don’t comprehend us And our delight at such simple things First hand innocence The light rebounds up The sky infiltrates the heaven’s ideals Softly the pallets carry hope throughout Nothing has a light Like stars that illumine Onto my sidewalk Russell Sivey

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The River Of Life

They walked together side by side -
the old man and the boy
on the bridge across the river
They could have walked thus 
across the river of life
with its eternal flow
I watched them
and thoughts filled my mind
of the un-bridged gap
between their lives

The old man -
with faltering step
he moves slowly on
His life has  been lived
and his house is in order
as he patiently awaits
the call of his maker
What are his thoughts 
at this moment 
as he moves on?

Are they thoughts of pain and sorrow
over some incident in the past
so difficult to bear
that after all these years
the wound is not yet healed?

Are they of someone he loved as a youth
but lost through folly?
Was she beautiful?
Did her eyes sparkle 
like the sunlight 
on the water below?
He looks at the water
sighing deeply
and nods his head

Or is he thinking of the young one at his side
so innocent
so pure
soon to be plunged into a world 
where life rushes madly on?
How shall he fare?
Who will warn him of the pitfalls?

These thoughts plague the old man's mind
and hurt his noble heart
But then he smiles as he remembers
that in his younger days
his eager spirit wanted to taste and feel
the sting of life's joys and sorrows 
by itself

There is no substitute for experience
for though we know we may be hurt
in love or life
yet we walk on toward the very thing
that may hurt us so

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Fishing The High Country

A body of translucent blue spreads before him,
reflecting heavens of stark purity.
He flicks his shiny offering towards depths unknown,
and cranks the oiled reel.
Time  pours slowly,
as the reflective lure moves through crystal waters.
Again the motions transfix thought,
cast, retrieve, move, repeat.
Until abruptly, something strikes the silver flasher,
now the dance is on.
The light weight pole bends to unspoiled water,
as the luminescent trout hurls its body above the water’s surface.
The aquatic life’s attempt to dislodge the three pronged hook fails.
But fish and man have met stares.
The dance intensifies,
a run is made,
line is peeled from spool.
Deeper the fish plunges through roiled waters.
But he will tire,
and face his likely death.
He ceases his desperate struggle.
The distance between predator and prey withers.
The angler now reaches for his worthy prize.
He captures the weighty fish through jaw and gill,
and lifts his prey from liquid home.
He has acquired what he sought,
but he knows that he must not devour this mountain rarity.
Gently, the fish is revived in the cool water.
He is released, and the two part, not as enemies,
but as two strangers,
who met in the fading twilight of the evening rise.

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Train Journey

I sit here by the window
and watch quietly
as the train moves along
I see land - 
wild beautiful land
still untouched by man
and it creates within me
a feeling that is wild and boundless

The beautiful trees
in many places
so closely clustered together
though of mixed species
seem to cry out 
a message of love and unity
to all mankind
I see flowers - 
plain simple flowers
there is a beauty in them - 
the beauty of simplicity

There are children on the hillsides -
the country folk
people call them
My heart sings as I watch them
They know us not on the train
but yet they wave at us
and we wave back at them
because their action is filled 
with some sentiment 
that is pleasing to us

Shimmering little pools of water
pulsating with life
appear and then vanish
out of sight
but the picture of life
within them
remains with me

The cows and the horses 
graze in the pastures
some sit
others browse slowly along
O how I envy their leisurely
pace of life!

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Foggy Night


The white orb, saturated with 
tidal flows, peers through the 

A ghost ship slips up the fog 
laden channel. 

Night gulls. sing with strident cries 

fog seeps in, the tide rolls out, 
day is gone, the night creeps on.

Trees, dressed in ebony, drift by. 
Water glistens, gold and wet.

Edges blurred night is soft and 
tender, damp seeps into cloth, 
hair, bone.
Tents of light spread over the 
foggy landing.

Hunters of the sea know not day 
nor night, fishers all, 
white feathers stark against the 
darkest shadows.

Palm trees, silhouetted in 
ochre gauze, black brushes hard 
with paint. 

Pilings sway, their waists cinched 
with rope. 

Matronly sentinels, the craft finds 
the woody bosom. 

Trisha Sugarek
Butterflies and Bullets

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As dawn breaks,

She can no longer wait.

The thirst is to great,

To quench her palate.

A journey she takes

10 miles straight.

Thru darkness she goes,

A bucket she throws

On top of her head.

Wild animals she dreads

Strangers lurking ahead.

Sweat covers her face, 

but with each step., she takes

A love of family awaits,

Left behind at her place.

An old rusty pipe

Just in clear sight

A cloudy stream of 

Water. Opens to her delight.

Natural resources....
Girl rising contest

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like diamonds

two hits and i’m hanging off cliffs, listening to water


watching moss fall like snowflakes.

nothing holding my heels down but gravity, irrelevant to me.

the little girl exploring the ocean floor, the caves that once held entrancing treasures.

even tactile pain drives me into a gust of euphoria.

my heart beats (slower than it should), but the trees don’t mind.

the four shades of green blend to create a forest-

with each exhale, branches move in tandem.

and a salty tear falls from my eye,

reminiscent of what once was here.

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A Poem on a Story from Holy Bible 1

This Poem is dedicated to all my Christian friends on Poetry Soup 
and else where in the world in the festival month of Xmas.

A Poem on a Story from Bible 1 of 2

The Healing at the Pool

One fine morning
When the Sun was spreading
Its refreshing morning breeze
On the soil of Jerusalem. 01

All the sick and suffering people
Had started gathering
On a spot 
Named as Five Porches
At the place, known as ‘Sheep Gate’. 02

They all were here
So that they may get a chance
To have a dip in the holy water of the pool
Of Bethzatha*
To get rid of their sufferings and sicknesses. 03

The desire and wish 
To touch the holy water and
To get well soon
Had brought them there
In spite of their pity deplorable conditions. 04

On that fine beautiful morning
Along with the rising Sun
Jesus had come to Jerusalem
For a religious festival. 05

He was standing on one of the porches
And was looking towards those people 
Who had gathered there
With all the love and kindness 
In his heart for them
For all those
Who were either sick or blind,
Lame or paralyzed
Or had sufferings of some other kind. 06

Kanpur India 8th Nov. 2012    To be concluded soon in Part 2

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Nature Portraits - Mountain, Sequoia, Sunset, Thunderstorm, Waterfall

The grandeur of a majestic mountain standing proud against the horizon with its snow-capped peak enveloped in fleecy white clouds against a clear azure blue sky The glorious majesty of a stately sequoia towering above the surrounding vegetation being the largest living thing on earth its massive trunk over thirty feet wide with its gnarled rugged beauty The wondrous artistry of the setting sun edging the darkened clouds with silver linings and painting the evening sky in brilliant colours of the rainbow mirrored on the ocean's surface below The awesome power of a thunderstorm at night with jagged bolts of lightning that split the darkness and light up the surroundings with blinding dazzling intensity The thunderous roar of a mighty waterfall cascading down in huge torrents of liquid fury smashing into the water below creating mists of water droplets that transform the sunlight into a rainbow

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--- trickling waters

~~ My soul today is far away my winged imagination a bird drifting around snowy peaks it floats seeking finding flowing water that dribbles down Craggy mountain rocks dripping, dripping, dripping cascading cool waterfalls seeping into rivers my fluttering soul sinking into peace while trickling waters murmur so softly whispering my name ________________________ July 21, 2013 Free Verse For the contest, Trickle Down Free Verse, Rick Parise

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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Drums tell the story

The drums could be heard far away
across the savannah they travelled
spreading, telling the awful news
of the awful deaths and suffering

One village drums talking to another
as much as fifty or so miles away
dreadful news they told the listeners
everywhere lie the dead animals

Of the worst drought in living memory
people dying like flies with thirst
animals stuck in mud trying to reach
the last remaining precious drops

The last few drops of brackenish water
bloated carcass's everywhere you look
hopeless in people's eyes watching
when will the monsoon rains arrive?

The drums beat ever louder and faster
but no help can they bring to sufferers
only water can do that, can rejuvenate
and bring some hope to this parched land

Bring back life, and fresh greenery for all
now the drum tone changes becomes insistent
rain two hundred miles away will it reach?
often it stops, but not this time
Soon the rivers burst their banks flooding
in what seems an instance all springs back
that life saving water has rejuvenated all 
bringing fresh hope and life returns abundantly

there are two things that Africa needs to survive rain and sun.
The failure of either causes such suffering to both man and beast
the other danger is floods they can wash whole roads away sometimes
leaving a crater that a bus would not quite fill so then the roads remain 
impassable until the dry season which could be 4-5 months away
Just think you turn a tap and hey presto water. Animals and people
daily have to walk 20-50 miles daily just to drink

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Song of a Teenage Girl 1/2


The song expresses the feelings of an Indian village girl. Her parents have fixed her
marriage (It generally happens in the rural areas of India, even to-day). She is about to
leave for the first time for her in-law’s place. She do not want to go to her  father in
law’s place leaving her parents, her soul mates friends the animals and birds.  The song
sketches the tender feelings of her heart for her Mother, Father and Brother & for the
animals and birds, whom she used to look after until now as her most precious friends and
who taught her how to sing a sweet song.  

Song of a Teenage Girl      1/2

Why you are sending me to an alien place, the place of my in laws, O Mother dear and Father,

I played and enjoyed my child hood and youth, in your courtyard O dear Mother & Father,

You always kept me on your eyelids like a pearl of tears,

O Mother, you always kept me close to your bosom, like the beatings of heart, where I laughed and bloomed. 

O Father, after quarrelling with my brother, I used to weep for hours, 

Whenever you call my name, I used to be so proud of you, O my dear Father.

O Father, by seeing a smile on your face, we used to bloom like a flower.

Then,  why you are sending me to an alien place*   O My Mother and Father *,

Please listen to me, O dear Father & Mother, if you have already decided to send me to my in-laws,

-Now you have to give food and water to the Parrots on the Tree.

-O, Mother you have to give now fodder and water to our Cow in our courtyard.

-And do not forget to give grains to our oxen Chun Mun, whom I look after in our fields.

-My melody singing Koyal* would be sitting and waiting for me on the Mango tree.

O Mother, it is Koyal,   who taught me how to sing a sweet song,

Please do not forget to look after that lovely singing bird.

Listen to me, O My dear Father & Mother, if you have already decided to send me to my in laws,

All my birds, animals and my childhood friends would be waiting for me with tearful eyes, O Mother,

Please tell them your daughter has left this place forever and has gone,

To her in laws, a place so alien to her.   ....  concluded in part 2             


Kanpur  India. 17th October 2010    			

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I remember when it rained

I remember when it rained
During my childhood days
That the rain would
While we were sleeping
rain through the porous roofs
Of our twin mud huts

I remember when it rained 
When I was still a young boy 
That the water would 
While my grandmother
Was trying to prepare supper
flood the fire place
and put the fire off
And we would go to sleep hungry

I remember when it rained
Back in the days 
That all our food, 
All our clothes
Would be subjected 
To coffee colored stains
Of water dripping through
The porous roofs
Of our twin mud huts

I remember when it rained
During my childhood days
That we could not sleep
We could not have food
to fill our hunger
We could not have
Dry clothes to put on 
And I did not like the rain 

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I find myself in the middle of an ocean
Lighting, rain and waves crashing
No land in sight
No refuge in sight
No beacon to point me home
I struggle to stay afloat
The water so cold and black
How did I get here?
Where do I go?
What can I do?
Frantically I search
I look all around
But there’s nowhere to turn
I shout with all I have
But there’s no one to hear
The storm is relentless
The waves continue to roll and splash
Trying to shove me under
I can taste the saltiness of the water
As a wave catches me
Slaps me in the face
The water burning my eyes
Blurring my vision
Making me panic
Making me want to fight harder
To keep my head above water
But my legs are growing weary
My arms are starting to tire out
My feet are like cement 
My breath ragged and fatigued
As the rain beats down
I cry out again in desperation
As I start to sink
Down to a watery grave
Into the depths below
The water so icy and wet
In my mouth
Down my throat
Burning in my lungs
Fully submerged now
I look up at the surface
And I see hope
I see refuge
I see a hand
Reaching down to me
Tightly grasping me
Pulling me against the force
That’s pulling me under
My head breaks the surface
My eyes open wide
As I gulp in the air
Pulled free and rescued
Not a moment too soon
Not a moment too late

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The Fountain Garden

Amid the flowers ever blooming, ever fragrant,
Amid the stone pathways edged with brick,
Amid the gravel I peacefully walk over, 
Hearing the slight crunch beneath my feet,
Here lies color upon color of hanging baskets and garden trims.
Here lie bushes of color to draw me in.
Cooler air and peaceful, beauty surrounds me like a cocoon.
And amid this a fountain of gentle beauty I do not wish to leave soon.
A fountain that totally greets my senses.
The running of water, the bubbling and tumbling over stone.
I feel the peaceful sounds deep and close inside.
A bench begs me- “Stop. Rest your weary soul. Feel the peaceful sound.”
Here the songs of birds do greet me as they eat from feeders above and
Drink from the fountains below.
Their colored plumage and delicate flight adding to the beauty bestowed.
Other fountains with gurgling water entice me from place to place.
What beautiful shapes and designs do I anticipate to be next?
Beside what peaceful flow of water will I next seek my rest?
I linger and forget my travails as I mentally rest.
In this shadowed and cool garden I linger to hear sounds and see sights 
Never to forget.
As I continue the journey an occasional bench begs my senses- to stop again.
Feel the peace. See what is here.
Some fountains have hidden treasures to espy.
Statuary nymphs and frogs peak quietly from gentle foliage nearby.
I beg to know what animals traverse here in peace within this world.
My mind begs me to write words to describe such delights.
I am enveloped in a feast before, behind, and surrounding my senses.
A trellis begs my attention in lush smells sent to my nose.
A trellis of color and unusual design to add to my prose.
A water sprite beckons my indulgence to notice her again.
Finally the tumbling of water sends me forward to a new treat,
Begging of my senses the new treasures for to eat.
Each a joy to behold. Each adding to my wish to never leave.
Eventually the world will again bend me to my knees.
But a moment I have gained of beauty to behold.
A memory to take in my sojourn, as my life unfolds.
Memories that can bring me back to this peaceful place in my mind.
Though only a moment, I have gained something precious to behold.
I now carry within a pocket of my mind- a memory to bring me back to
The Fountain Garden.


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Yang and Yin

I searched the top and bottom of my mind
Who is the most famous couple of them all
I sat by the fire close to Yang
He asked me if I knew his lover Yin
He held the fire and light within his hands
Only her water could quench the flames of his desire
She could change the course of history
Wear down rocks bring flowers to the desert
Wash away his pain
Strength and softness combined

His was the power of light 
Warmth and sparkle to her night
Without him she was unseen
His raging fire all consuming
Until she smiled 
The sound and rhythm of her
Nurtured him

She is tantalized fully alive
Joining together dark and light
Creating something new
Not in opposition 
Heat transforms cold
Wrapped in an eternal bond
The invisible whole
Opposites and equals 
Together become one
Theirs is the eternal dance of give and take

Famous Couples Contest

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In the Memory of My Allen Forest

To day I am thinking
About those memorable moments 
I spent during my childhood 
Amid the natural surroundings of
A deep lake surrounded by a dense forest.
The forest was so tall, deep and green
With its fearing darkness some where and                                                 
It's alluring enchanting beauty every where
That it was difficult to resist visiting the forest 
Almost every day.

The lake was so heavenly beautiful calm and quite
Like the quietness of the sound sleep
That I use to sit for hours watching the dancing
Fishes and water plants and mosses and the setting Sun
While dipping my feet in the friendly lake water.

Oh, the pleasure of those moments
Is still alive in my mind
Like the Daffodil’s of William Wordsworth
And it often flashes in my mind 
Giving me the same pleasure and Joy
Which as a child  & Youngman I had enjoyed 
About forty years back.

In these forty years lot many things have changed
All around me, including the Lake of my Allen Forest
A thin Lake is still there, visible during rainy season
But without that clear water and the quietness of Sound
And the forest has no longer remained the same 
As it use to be about Forty years back
When it use to fill me with the joy of it’s refreshing air
And the Music of birds, falling leaves and the sound of silence.

That old lake and that lush green forest has left a deep impression 
On mind and heart giving me the blessings of solitude
And making itself immortal in the minds of those who
Had seen it in its prime beauty and greenness
I often remember the man Allen who had built his small dwelling 
Surrounded by the forest near the Lake and made this forest more
Beautiful without disturbing the natural surroundings 
To enjoy the Blessings of Nature in its fullness about hundred years back

I am thankful to God for giving my childhood an opportunity of 
Living amid the blessings of beautiful Nature - the Allen forest, the Lake
The Patther College, and the Holy River Ganges, which still flows at a 
Little distance now instead of touching the forest 
As it uses to be about forty Years back.  

Kanpur 5th Nov 09 Ravindra K Kapoor
Patther College is a Hindi Word means Sand Stone made building

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River's Journey

River’s Journey

She flowed from up there
Rising up and falling down~~~
Over stones and rocks
Excitement carrying her along….

Down and down she came
Carrying water in her bosom
Quenching the thirst
Of all coming her way

Little seeds flourished
Little plants grew
Little animals survived
Little fish swam along

Life was renewed~
All over the plain
Birds came from far and wide
To partake in its bounty

And I waited!!!!!!!!
My whole water body
Tensed in expectation
Awaiting her arrival

And there she was
Gorgeous as the sky above
Rushing towards me
Excitement in the air

I opened my bosom
In she came……
Deep, deep went she
Becoming one with me

And there she rests
After a long journey
Closing her eyes
To a life ,of peace.

Tahera Mannan


For Constance’s  ‘Write me a rippling stream’ contest

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WAVE DANCER In the stillness the sun smiles spanning wide her golden yellow teeth blowing wind is shadow quiet she is waiting waiting waiting.... Waiting and feeling.. slowly the stillness trembles! It is disturbed... little waves begin to creep and crawl.. Unabash! She goes! Brave and graceful to take the ride... Daring and excited to play with the waves... Up. Down. Left. and right sways... A rollercoaster along the foamy surface of sea She was not taken aback by what she lacks... An arm bitten by a stark sharp shark long ago Instead, She pursues the waves Fearless to stand - tango with the wave curves! a ballerina with a surf board moving ahead.. ahead ahead each tunnel wave... balancing on side and top of the wave.. power hugging made by the currents.. mind blowing love affair with the tides!!! her missing arm not forgotten but a precious welcoming history in embracing the world with her inspiring story of not ever ever quitting! of keeping the faith afire with each rough tough situation! of trusting Gods' reasons and purposes to everything.. of making the most even when something is lacking!!! a conqueror of weaknesses! a wave dancer of water tides and beyond! She is BETHANY HAMILTON!! (c) OLive ELoisa 3:04 am July 18, 2014 *** I got inspired with the true to life movie entitled: "SOUL SURFER". CHECK this for more inspiration: :)

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A Departing Memory

I know you.
Candles lit, incense fuming,
You like it when I bite your neck, just hard enough.
Blankets thrown about the room
So recklessly, they refold themselves.

And we roll down a hill together,
Kissing the leaves, tickling with our eyes,
Laughing with our hearts.
"You'll just leave me for the next girl you find."
"Yes," I say. Because only
Lasts forever.
And it spills through the cracks in your hands
The moment you grasp it.
Like water from a stone.
She bites my neck
Drawing lines of ecstasy down my back with her fingernails
Spilling into me, fighting my words.
"I leave when the sun sets."

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In this one moment

I float in the water under the night sky with the stars and the full moon
it’s warm, just laying, relaxed, alone 

Miles from anywhere and anyone I float and let the water take me, 
My eyes close and the peace of the moment is upon me
I am in the now and the present and it’s gold.

Energised by the moon as it glows above my skin I am replenished inside and out, 
white rushes through my body and I am cleansed, 

all that exists is just brand new my mind, body & soul.

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do da dishes yo

inspired by some poem that's 100x better than this one l0l

water water everywhere
and all the dishes in the sink
standing in my underwear
unsure what to think

why am I doing this?
in the sink that is full of grime
why am I forced against my wishes?
surely this must be a crime

water water everywhere
why, water is flowing on the floor
the dishes are done, over there
but this is your problem, I'm out the door

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Summer Swimming Pool

Deep end diving; shallow-end Fear.
Barbecue host and nobody near.
Crystal, shimmering; fish to eat. . .
Lounge chair Dolphin wets her feet.

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Boy You're Strong As An Ox

<                                     twenty ~ nine ~ little .... words
                                       ok ~ now ~ let ~ me ..... think
                                       already ~ here ~ we ..... go
                                       apples ~ bananas ......    oranges
                                       carrots ~ lettuce ........    celery
                                       milk ~ water ~ and ....... juices  
                                       helps ~ develop ........... strong
                                       minds ~ also................ bodies 

Twenty Nine Little Words
Ok Now Let Me Think
Already Here We Go
Apples Banana's Oranges
Carrots Lettuce Celery
Milk Water And Juices
Helps Develop Strong
Minds Also Bodies

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Empty Water

The lonely scent of a drop of rain, 
It floods, then disappears to ground.
If only people were as aware as so,
Then loneliness would no longer be around.

The lively smell of the ocean,
Sea salt and the long tides that make music.
If only we didn't crash like the water against sand,
We would be stronger, brick by brick.

The long lost scent of a teardrop,
As it streams down your cheek.
The scent I thought would have disappeared,
But our bonds were much too weak. 

Water is just another thing,
To say my mind is flooded with emotions,
But if I could truly feel my heart as it races,
My ocean wouldn't feel so empty by my actions. 

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WATER - The Drink Of Life

                 WATER - The Drink Of Life

Water has been around since the beginning of life itself
Water is an essential part of life as it falls from the clouds
to become part of our oceans, rivers and streams.

Since the inception of man, water has played
an important part of our survival on our planet today
yet man does his best to pollute our drink of life
nature's natural made water.

If this keeps going on without change
man will be responsible, for his own destruction
as all the planet's water will be poison to us all.

So it is up to man to save this planet
and our wonderful drink of life....Water

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Where Has All The Water Gone

Where has all the water gone?
What is not poisoned is now in poor supply…
They call it “fracking,” a way of trapping
gas or oil for fuel to meet demands of energy.

     Our water on this earth is the gift of life,
     creating and sustaining it for all forms
     upon this wondrous self-sustaining world.
But technology…that is the world that
no other species knows about…
except for man…our demand
for fuel—the oil or gas, extracted 
in the process of this fracking…cracking…
the earth below, releases chemicals
into our precious flow of water there.

     And in the process we use up this 
     precious fluid in capturing our prize…
     even in areas already stretched thin by drought. 

The gift of knowledge…sometimes
we wonder if, in the balance of knowledge
and nature, it is perhaps not a gift at all…
for in the end, the needs that our gifted
wisdom demands will upset the balance 
that the endless force of nature commands.

     Where has all the water gone?
     What is not poisoned is now in poor supply.
     The gift of knowledge?

The doom of greed.
Where has all the water gone?

© Sandra M. Haight 2014 
   All Rights Reserved

~5th Place~
Contest: Global Poetry: Fracking's affect on the water table.
Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Judged 12/1/2014

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Water Fountain Sculpture

multi-cultural mecca
Farmers' Market at the United Nations Plaza,
San Francisco

water fountain sculpture
misting through the
jazz audience at lunchtime, 
during the weekday summer concert series

poetry gives me new eyes
situated right in front of my 
heart ~ sigh

A wiley seagull bathing
under a pressure close to a full
blast, water sculpture mist curls my hair

And I forget the littered alley I walked through
a second ago

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The River

A quiet foggy morning. The river lies low.
A lone fly -fisherman is hoping to catch a trout.
Ripples and waves,
trickle and play.
The trees stoop over the water.
Reaching for their drink for the dawn.
A squirrel.
Nibbling the hickory nut away from its branch.
Appetizer on a limb.
It’s breakfast ,
wilderness style.

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The Green River

She slips from the sleeping ice.
Green, fresh, free to flow
through the great fjord.
Past the blue mountains.

She glides smoothly
over the rocks with glee,
covering them with her cool touch.
Tall evergreens cheer her on.
Waving as she courses down her chosen path,
carrying life. 

All the while never tiring!
Surging forward to join the others like her.
This vast journey ,
will not end till she reaches
The Great Shores.

Her journey is joyful.
Touching all on her banks,
leaving the gift of life in her wake.

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A globule of liquid is
dropped into this ocean,
Blending in, one with the water that is
chaotic, frothy, never still.
Moving along,  flowing along the waves
Shaken, being the shakee, watching the water move
Everything after all is a tumble of roiling emotions

Then the ocean stood still,
and there was only hmmm . . .

It turns out, this globule was a mistake...
It never belonged, never truly blended in.
An illusion, perhaps?
It had always been different.
In a word:
In every sense of the word.
Easily separated, filtered out.
Then tossed, swallowed
 by sand.
Vestiges of it erased,
like it never deserved to be there in the first place.


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It so hurts
This feeling of nonsense
This inequality of love
Of both sides
Because of excuses
Because of worthless attempts and matters
You perform the most despicable and careless mistakes
You know I can’t hate you
But I’ll dislike you forever  
And I’ll avoid the speaks, the furious gazes
I’ll avoid you and try never to need you 
Never to want something from you 
Because I know
My tears aren’t that precious anymore
Aren’t that water that really matters
Cuz the fire within me grows
Without the water to let out that blazing mass of anger
It would shoot the stars and take out the moon
To come back a fury stone, a burning Meteor
My kind acts and reasons to be better
Chucked sharp thorns onto my face
So I went off, leaving those pitiful acts behind
To move on, to step on a new trail 
One with one of nonsense 

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To Be Thirteen

I found a surfboard once,
Along the banks of the Cherokee Lake.
A dirty, stained, half-broken plank.
My cousin and I drifted it out
To see if it could still keep its head up.

I waded among the leaves,
In a shallow bay where our
Campsite smoked from the morning's fire.
Treading water, holding tight, I examined
My vessel -- I pulled myself on board.

The breeze hit my dripping back,
Sending chills to my toes.
I stood, stumbled, and lifted my
Hands; crucified by the mid-morning air.
Eyes closed, I tasted the water on my lips.

I found myself among the reeds and cold
Waters of a lake. Thirteen and Shivering.

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Laundry: where do socks go

Where do socks go 
When the washer stops?
Where do they go 
When the washer stops?
Through the laundry mist 
They escape
One goes astray
And another lays motionless
In the laundry basket
Where do socks go
When the washer stop?

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Paradise not Lost

Surrounded by tropical treasures
large plumed birds called in 
strange and beautiful ways
only to be answered from another 
a long way away,
flowers with bright petals provided
a blanket of color with a dazzling array.

Cascading water forms a foaming white tower
falling, falling down a long wet slide
broke the calm of an otherwise peaceful day.
Breathtaking in speed and power the race of the
falling water deafening to the ears causes
the heart to race with its power.
Green footprints form where the falls left their trail
a lasting story of a never ending tale.

Two hearts intertwined in a paradise
far away from the noise of another land
Lost in love like no other love
two souls joined as one on a tropical sand.

With passions meeting as two deeply in love
a kiss - a touch - an embrace to last
away from the life so far past
lost in love, like no other love could be.

Pulled to the sound of the never ending fall
high above the turbulent pool beneath
the two lovers watched the waters falling
their hearts racing with the rush of the water.

Arm in arm they stepped into the rush
and down with the flow they went
falling with unbelievable speed and power
to meet the pool far beneath.

Deep into the pond they fell
searching for each others arms
at last touching their fingers
pulling each into the others arms.

Lips touching the others
deep and lasting the effect
as they reached for the light
that shown above them before they
lost their breathe.

Gasping with one last effort 
to reach that final breathe
a sound was heard in the distance..

..."Good morning America, its 6:00 a.m.
in the morning, and here is the news of 

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In The Desert

        In The Desert -  Desert Inclinations

Warm souls ride camels high to inclinations
Shifting landscapes change and rise
Reach inside the sands, breath sunburn dry
With buzzards on the bone, drawn in winds direction
Beyond the dunes, there are more dunes to find
Bodies have a tougher time out there, turned red, baked
Dehydrated, never enough water at the oasis 
To quench the land and comfort man
Who takes his solace in the sun in endless desolation
The kind you can’t escape from

Earl Schumacker -Created on 9/15/14 for In The Desert – Poetry Contest 

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look into
the eyes
cries within 
the soul
as feelings abort
drops of emotions
as hurt falls down
the child inside

vunerable and weak
in a collection
of the many faces
from years gone bye
upon the face of love
was the one
who cried

suffering weakness
soft feelings
a heart 
blue cold
with aching screams
falling dark
black curtains
inside when
love died

in clouded vision
a chill wind
blows upon the face
in a deep cold breeze
rippling shivers
to the bone

silently waterfalls
downwards raindrops
crystal dropping explode
bursting inner house reflection
heart rotting
inside hurt

shining out inner pain
housed in deep chambers
the house of pain
suffering engineered
controlled leaks

emotions fractured
heart's forsaken face
cold in the eyes
bitterly cries
then weeps
bitter sweet lemon
arid taste

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Once I was a Prince - Part Three

                      Part Three

  ...swishing away with your sunshrivelled burgundy knotty arms with broad disdainful harvesting sweeps the cobras come out to water in the sweltering heat by the thatched fly-buzzed hole

your low under-the-breath warning tones a reminder of the will of your self-inflicted charge
you never ate until i gorged myself
              like the dutiful wife given with a dowry
watching me all the time through the shield of the wisp of cloud of cheroot smoke in your sentinel corner against the far wall your eyes glinting fearing that i might take exception and even before my plate was half-empty you had already darted across the kitchen floor to bring me more fried brinjals mashed greens fried and sliced plantain the steaming rice lying bare by its metal cover hanging on the lip of the open pot-mouth in a clear aluminium pot by my side

now they say you are gone for some plotted and took your life in haste
                    even before you had time to ensure an heir
others say you were alone dismayed abandoned by your own
           prey to enchanters coveting
the plot of land the house derelict forsaken by your absence
       they say some one else caretakes it for himself
others no a forbidden son of your husband’s has raked it for himself

alas would you have known how landless nationless stateless i’d be
this dot of ancestral land clinging-clanging in memory

did you know then you might never see me again
     nor probably ever hear of me
or if you had how might you have taken it all

did you believe the tales true and false they told
       or only what you wanted to hear
of your precious prince you once served in silence and

               who had gone to slave in other lands


eevaa peerankal muuvaa marunthu is a take on another well-known Tamil proverb: eevaa makkal muuvaa marunthu meaning “children who obey even before the order is given are a God-send”. Here, in lieu of children, the word “grandparents” is substituted

chembu: a small usually copper vessel shaped like a rounded vase with a tapering neck and open mouth, used for holding drinking water or milk

kuul: thick holdall gruel which may also be highly spiced

chemman: red soil

Vaithi: ayurvedic doctor, practising the traditional Indian homeopathic medicine

© T.Wignesan 1997 - Paris May 7, 1997 (from the Sequence/Collection: "Words for a Lost Sub-Continent")

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Rapturous noise from the sky;
makes dark clouds to shed crocodile tears,
as heavy wind blows,
sand,paper and polythenes fly and float 
all through and through...
Many roofing sheets beat the drum
like a loud dirge;
The roads sweep clean as 
the breeze whistles along,

And the heaven..opens!,
As rain drops heavily...
thorough bath for the trees in the forest,
the cars packed in open spaces in the cities,
and roofs of buildings.
..And some air pollutants dissolve to form solutions.

The hard soil opens to swallow these
drops hungrily and the dead hidden seeds
spout out and new cotyledons appear,
dry swamps become living marsh lands,
Breathing and stilt roots of red and white
mangroves are now active and alive.

Mud fish and cat fish dance for joy;
praying mantis prayers answered as
the frogs and toads hop and croak
for coitus with their females;
ducks and ducklings waggle their tail feathers
as celestial aqua touches their bodies;
Tilapia and grilse synchronize together,
while dogs and goats run for shade.

The chameleon licks drops of water with its retractable
tongue,as the Mole prepares to build with soft clay;
Farmers burn incense to the almighty
for these drops;hoping for a better harvest;
Continuous raindrops turn into
avalanche of water; flood!
fast-moving water sweeping through the city;
coast and littoral zones overflowing with aqua,
properties destroy,life lost and homes submerge;
Government calls for evacuation.

Contest:"RAINDROPS FALLING" sponsored by Carol Brown

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The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the 
Ocean of her essences that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet aka The Brown 

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One Autumn Day

I see her standing there on the bluff, high above the restless waters.
Arms spread wide, she looks like she's hugging the sky.
She lifts her head closing her eyes to smell the fresh autumn air.
As the cool winds coming off Lake Superior toss her hair wildly,
Colored leaves dance around this young girl’s scarce presence
And she is somewhere in a magical world of this awesome place.
I see her clearly now as I close my eyes remembering, one autumn day.

Written By Brenda Meier-Hans
For Contest: One Autumn Day
Poet Destroyer

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In My Bed Dreaming

   In My Bed Dreaming
 {For  Ken Saro Wiwa}
 When i shall be dreaming,
 Who shall be there?
 Who shall know about the dream?
 Who shall speaks about the dream?
 On whose mouth shall it be heard?
 I have gone through this land before,
 I have swam this water before
 Even i have made the fishes,
 Sucumbed to my prying hooks.
 In my walked through the land,
 I have seen the sunset shine through 
 Over my head into the path,
 Of beautiful rainbow flowering plants,
 In my swimming through the water,
 I have seen the wave washes surf soft over my body,
 Likewise the pisces bobbing up in my belly,
 This land i have gone through before,
 This water i have swam before,
 Theses fishes i have caught, 
 With my prying hooks,
 In my walking through the land,
 I have seen them dying,
 Dark murky sludges covered all of them,
 In my swimming through the water ,
 I have dark murky sludges covered me,
 And the fishes have all gone dead,
 I have seen them all,
 I have seen the land dying,
 I have seen the water going murky dark,
 I have seen the fishes all going dead,
 And i have seen them ,
 All have gone dead,
 I have called my own,
 I have shouted it out,
 I have cried to those two ears,
 I have stood in the gap,
 I have stretched forth my hands,
 To gather those who have no voice,
 Won't they hear me,
 The land, the water and fishes,
 All have gone dead,
 Won't they hear me 
 All the dark murkey sludges,
 Are to our horrible existence,
 And i shall be shouting, 
 I shall be crying to them with ears,
 Until our land, water and fishes have been cleansed,
 Then i shall be on my bed dreaming ,
 When i shall be dreaming,
 Who shall be there?
 Who shall know about the dream?
 Who shall speaks about it?
 On whose mouth shall it be heard?  

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Be a Vicarious Ripple


Be a Vicarious Ripple A randomly vicarious ripple of water Begins to swell into a breaking curl Of splashing white water making a change In the docile glassy reflection of the lake As the lifeless water produces a thought Made by the invisible finger of a water muse This one ripple of creativity stirs an idea Across the surface reaching into it’s very core Trees rejoice with rustling voices as fish Leave kiss rings upon the surface between the curls Buds bloom as painted strokes upon fuzzy foliage One ripple changed this lifeless environment forever Be bold in your arena of life follow your inner muse Life awaits the one who steps forward with change Be a ripple then a curl moving with a living pulse Making a difference through actions, leading the way Carole Cookie Arnold 2010

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A Glass of Thirst

This poem was a fire
Ignited within me.
It heaved and it burned
Inside my chest.
It was a heavy burden and it made me
Go mad.

I knew I would not let it get the best of me,
So I decided I would get on my feet and beat it with rocks
Until it bled.
I would pick up a pen and write down what it said-

A love letter, a couplet perhaps?
I’ll write whatever-
I want this feeling to elapse.

My ideas were like new babies being born,
One after the other.
They would not give me a chance to 
Catch my breath.
Oh no, they just kept coming
Like lights discovered in a flowing river.

I sat on the kitchen table,
Held my lucky pen- and waited for the words to ooze out of my soul.

The sink complained,
“Drip, drip, drip.”
I stared at that piece of
Cold useless metal.

As a glass of water stood by its side,
It trickled tears. 

My thirst kicked in –
My eyeballs turned dry, 
My hair went brittle,
And words I struggled to say
Were stacked to the roof of my mouth.

I bit my dried up lips.

The moment I would sip that holy water,
My guts would cool down, 
And maybe,
Just maybe –
Kill this poem, 
That was a fire ignited within me. 

Drinking water is such an easy task,
May I add-
It is quenching
And effortless.

Such is loving you my dear –
The only contrast is that
When I reach out for you,
Strange hands appear and slap my dry palms,
Depriving me from a necessity,
Expecting me to survive -
And make friends with thirst.

When I stand my ground,
And protest,
They finally hose down my need for water,
And bury my head in an ocean of my own making,
Where my words are blurred and unclear,
Trapped in bubbles of  murdered justice 
That will never pop.

Aren’t they aware?
Don’t they know?
We all need a sip of water every once in a while.

The sun might hurt the petals by drying them out
But the rain visits from time to time.

When will the rain visit me?
Wash away the distress they have caused-

As long as things stay the way they are,
I will have to find comfort and hydration
In the thought of this promised Glass of Water
That shall one day –
Quench my thirst.

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Wisdom and Knowledge

a cup may contain water but it is not the water words may point to the truth but they are not the truth form may express the essence but it is not the essence knowledge may lead to wisdom but it is not wisdom having knowledge is being intellectual having wisdom is being intelligent knowledge deals with the parts wisdom deals with the whole the whole is more than the sum of the parts wisdom is more than knowledge

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The Rain and The Pain

Sitting, was a peacock, besides me
Waiting for the hovering clouds to shower
On us, and the parched garden twigs.
A blessing started trickling down,
It touched and tickled me all over
Peacock's danced and went like whirl, 
A charming moment, appeasing the sores.
My heart kept humming, blessing has come.
Earth revolved in a merry motion, sprinkling out
Tears of joy, running down the streams all over.
Peacock ran to seek refuge, I wondered.
What made him ran, whirl broke off.??
What made the sheen hovering clouds sooty??
Dancing legs are now running in fear.
Parched twigs uproot and float to no-go.
Tears of joy, spurt with salt of fear. 
Pink petals decimated, colours blanched.
Can't see that covey any-more, their nest.
There was my hut, who undermined??
Hey you stop, it's time for salvage.
He himself is no less worthy than world.
Is it a ransom to mighty thunders?
Stygian clouds, roaring waters??
The hands waving for help to man,
Raised in prayers to God,
Where is He? or voice is vague.
My salty tears spiked and got diluted
I had a present to present to beloved.
It is my date, I have to wait.
Don't wash me away into muddy whirls.
Now wait is over, as date is near.
All are rushing, let me leap.

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Coming of Age

The water rippled and folded smoothly as it entered the first delicate slope down to the lagoon. The rocks, slick and ebony black, shining in the moonlight. Laughing can be heard, above the bubbling sonata echoing through a hollow log as water dropped from ferns and forest primeval. Teasing, her tongue slightly brushed his in hurried anticipation, her soft young body changing from that of a child, but still more advanced than the young prince. He had not filled out as his father hoped and already puberty rites were late. He hoped for the growth spurt that would let him be called a young man. The young prince was not concerned. He planned to rule wisely instead of with a heavy hand. He entered the water above the big rock. Going limp and floating as a disjointed piece of hemp rope, he loved to glide over and around the slick rocks as the current lazily carried him downstream. He slowly entered the lagoon, fireflies and moon beams dancing on the water. She was waiting with a smile. They made love and the only sounds were theirs, falling on no one else’s ears. Their world was perfect in that one moment in time, and space, and pleasure. Strange- - -he no longer felt like a child. © Jun 1 2011 Charles Henderson For Rambling’s Rippling Stream contest.

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Perfect Peaceful Summers Day

A hot summer sun
and clear unblemished sky
reflected upon the idle tranquil
water surface of a sparkling river
as the glorious day gently and slowly goes  by
Passing tall flourishing sprawling
trees with their rustic burnaged leaves
gently swaying in a caressing breeze.

Elegant swans with their long necks
and heads held high
plumage as white as virgin snow
gracefully glide by
Damsel flies and dragon flies
living jewels adorn their summer clothes
as the heady fragrance of Lilac
wafts beneath ones nose.

Fish with there pouting lips
lazily try
to kiss the sky
while painted lady butterflies
dance a delicate ballet
with the midst of this perfect day.

Within the tall finger reeds
cute and mother duck and ducklings
peck at the water to feed.

A symphony of joyous bird song
delights ones ears
and touches the soul
as the temperature sears.

Upon the bank under a weeping willow tree
lay two lovers wrapped safely in each others arms
fast asleep
on their warm tender hearts their secrets they keep
as they dream in lands faraway
on this perfect peaceful 
Summers day
Making hearts smile.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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The Voice of One Crying

“The voice of One crying in the desert speaks:
Marko, 1.3:
Isaiah, 40:3;

And here The One is coming…

A child in this winter
or in some other one
in the pound is drawing.
The water accepts everything,
forgets, washes up.
A name and a voice.
The voice leaves hunger.
Feeds up – the name.
The water everything forgets.

Carve me out of fire! 

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Mid-summer breezes bellow a 
Whistling tune,
Echoing soft melodies freedom's,
 Playful abandonment.
Against sandy shores waves gently,
Multicolored shells mixing amongst,
 Rolling'n'turning hear the everlasting,
Gliding torrents dive through rough,
Greedily seagulls screeching, 
Screaming who was here first.
Snappy crabs running to and fro, 
Tasty morsels at a fleeing feast.
Then suddenly captured, dragged by, 
Watery under toes.
Rippling calmness returns at last, 
Basking in days repast.
Day break's glow warms mans soul, 
And awakens his heart.
Yet nay know mortal's eye can deny,
Such beauty that lies before him.
Tranquility's slumber lie thee down,
Gently rock me by the sounds of 
The sounding sea.
Release thus abandonment’s spirit,
Foam unto spray washes all my, 
Troubles away.
Here at night's curtain fall,
While stars above shimmer 
And shine.
Another morning sunrise appears,
But quietly I know longer remain.
Silence can become a bitter sweet,
Just once more to hear distant 
Loons calling sorrows cry,
But nothing except silences, 
Answers to me in still calm.


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Giving Freedom Away

Carry me quietly to the river Strip me, touch me, and love me I am alone Let the freezing water cover me Let it eat me alive As my mind drifts through the waves And my spirit sees its own grave Set me free Free me from everything Free everything from me

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Ice King

Have I been summons to your presence , only to be sacrificed.
In the coldness of your breath..i will be put to a icy cold death.
With one word, I exist or not.
It is only you whom can wear your arrogant crown of ice.

You care not at all about my loss in your icy Palace of shallow glory.
I will be forgotten and disquarded , not worthy of a story .
To be replaced by a new form of ice ,  that ice will only be disquarded like I have been.
There is no place in your frozen heart for anyone other then you .
Are you happy with  the cold Icy walls you have created in your palace Of self Worship .
You worship your self Self Ice king , surrounded by Sin.

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Summer-time Battle

The water swirled and then was still a calm appeared; but below was frantic . Lurking in the deep, cold , dark underneath was a large and ferocious striped beast. Again the water churned and the small darted away seeking a shelter; an escape from the striped’s feast. A line was thrown under a bow drooping low a popping of the line as it came slowly toward the one so anxious for a feast. With the sudden rush a violent storm appeared without so much of a warning the line grew taunt amid an explosion of sound and fury. Mighty was the noise and fearsome yet the fight as a warrior and his adversary fought to see if the other would give flight. Then as quick as it began it was over in a flash the water was stilled the noise drifted away and calm returned in the midst of a summer day.

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We're often on the water
and made sure our kids
were well trained 
in water safety
two were Bronze Star ,
all had basic First Aid,
one plays in rapids
I carry around.

Now that they are 
off on their own,
I've come to realize
that water currents
are the least
of their problems.

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Flies, drawn to their only sustenance, cloud around my head.
In this cloudless desert sky  - blank, deep-arching cavern of thought  - 
Unblinking  sun stares down but this fire-bird will not fly,
Has no hope of rain or shade to hide or die.  
Searing sand burns my toes, grills my heels, wind blows in flies, in eyes.
Lips crack to blisters   - they parch.  Meant to be moist, they roast  
My fever, worsening and wakening  a hell of hallucinations.

I am again sweating in the kitchen in McDonalds in Phoenix,  
An unblinking boss staring without sympathy 
At the boiling water and grilled meat :  
When I burnt an arm on the deep fat frier, my skin stuck to metal pan.
These shoes’ rubber soles melt and stick to rocks as I teeter
And lose balance, my tee shirt hot to the skin,
While I hallucinate and start to lose the struggle with 
These endless wavescapes  poured out with boiling hot sand.  

My feverish scalp faces the unblinking Doctor Mengele’s  scalpels
Which further probe the agony of helplessness :
Even scarabs have long abandoned this place
Which arabs once knew, but now never visit  : the wilderness,
A place of uncertain mirages, illusions
With horizontal slices of land and sky, sand and fly,  
All scalpel-dissected by the furious heat of the desert furnace  

Watch the children of Hiroshima as it bursts asunder Gomorrah-like
Till only a parchment picture remains of the desolation,
The deep cavern, of hopeless, limitless, heat without any  abyss-end. 
Stare  at the fireball  with the last sight of evaporating eyes.
Jump into canal without sonde, blindly boiling bodies in its dead water .
Send me water!  It floats drinkingly before Tantalus’s fly-swarmed eyes,
Scanning the dry ocean’s endless waves of dessication,     
Around the ruins of some Moorish fortress half-buried in sand,
And the ruins of Hiroshima’s incinerated desolation,  where 
The only things standing, rising phoenix-like after the fireball ,
are the  Golden Arches  of Auschwitz.

Tantalus - a mythical figure condemned to be surrounded by water but not able to drink.
Dr. Mengele - an infamous doctor in Auschwitz who experimented on people.
The Moors, -  the original people inhabiting Morocco, abandoned many buildings in the Sahara desert.
Hiroshima - the target of the world’s first nuclear  attack.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Written by Sydney Peck   25  July  2012
Entered  in  Debbie Guzzi ‘s  Contest     HEAT

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Rainy Days

Begrudgingly I grab my raincoat rolling my eyes back sighing, not again
Now SHE, she jumps up and down acting like she just won the lottery.
Slipping on rubber boots I ask, you really want to walk in this rain?
She stares at me as if saying, move it I don’t have all day.

Opening the front door the strong wind sprays rain into my face
I grab my zipper pulling it up as high as I can get it.
My loud cries were drowned out by the wind of course 
As my saggy aging chin got in the way of zips journey to the top.

Wondering which direction we should go this time out
I am dragged quickly to the right for some reason only she knows
Before long I am pulled under the first tree, a wind gust comes up
Dumping water on me as if this were the ice bucket challenge.

Now if the neighbours are wondering where my umbrella is
Yesterday it tried taking me on an outer space mission.
It was one of those super heavy duty cost a fortune type
Built so well, instead of collapsing you just fly.

When I decided she had enough opportunities for release 
It becomes my turn to do the pulling and I’m all in.
She slowly came still kicking grass wildly behind her,
Sending little patches of grass flying on the neighbour’s lawn. Ops.

Entering my house I am happy to shed a few pounds of soaked laundry 
I dry her off as well as possible then she shakes and soaks the front hall.
Pondering the fresh air and exercise I just received I sit back in my chair
Happy and contented, praying she can hold it till the rain finally stops.

For ye whom wonder, yes I had baggies with me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans
For Contest Rainy Days
Leonora Galinta

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Cool Water

You are blameless to not swim,
Where water is ingenuously cool,
Too cool for fish to frolic,
Whoever heard of a Procrustean waterbed?
I am taking swimming lessons at the J.C.C.,
From Pasternak and Yevtushenko.
Cool water with cool air generates no breeze,
Calm as a dish.
The pen is mightier than the sword,
And even works as a good oar,
When there is no wind,
And sails luff.
© Chaim Wilson

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The dying perch

I found a perch this morning
Capsized and defeated by the early spring  
Washed into a silty little corner, waiting to become still 
The miniature heart, it beat so fast, it tried very hard 
Fiercely and with fire it tried, in its very unimportant way 
It pulsed a few more times, in vain, then the blood began to cool
Beneath the filigree of grey scales, tarnished with muted gold 
Painted over with strong looking black lines, like racing stripes 
I stirred then, upon reflex, as it was clear that the life had ebbed away 
Quiet within a hush, how small it became, I thought
Some lost minutes held me there in a brief reverie 
Myself only a distortion in the glassy button eye 
Then the moment was gone and I heard the waves again
My body towered above the scene once more, sun weary and sleepy 
I gave a parting breath and turned without another glance
With only a few steps I had forgotten everything
Nothing-thoughts took up the space 
I turned and headed back up the path that led me home 

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The Bath

Breath laden islands rise and fall
beneath the steam-graced surface of clear water,
capped with rosettes, red-brown, silken, warm,
beaded with water running in rivulets
down hillsides of flesh, puddling,  
in the dark oval navel of desire.

Water rises about kneecaps
pristine and alabaster in hue.
Angular shoulders hug the far end of the tub.
A slender neck is held aloft, crowned with auburn hair
and hazel eyes, changling orbs, of green and gold
in an oval face rivaling Modigliani’s Madonna.

A ruddy glow spreads across high cheekbones.
The rising water submerges all, but the mounds
and the porcelain neck with its upturned face, full,
full of moans as tendrils, curl and coil splay upon
the rocking water.

Lids droop languidly, lips pout petulantly,
as the water invades, buoying delicate arms,
lending slip to fingertips, fingerstips 
...avidly playing.. upon 
the pearl white key of desire. 

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Water's long journey

 Interesting to learn that all the water on earth is all the water the earth has ever had.
That it takes thousands of years for water to complete its long journey.
It rises from the sea and lakes and ponds and rivers and puddles at the beckoning of the 
sun at the beginning of each day as morning mist.

 Many trillions of water molecules rising and uniting to form the clouds we see floating 
above us like so many strange air ships  in every shape and size beautiful and majestic 
in the sun light.
Some of the heaver clouds touch the mountain tops tearing open like the titanic hitting 
the ice burg only quietly and gently depositing cool refreshment for all that live below 
while still other ships of mist sail away on a sea of air hopefully to replenish some 
parched parcel of earth with the wet life giving bounty stored in their holds.
Still the other Man of War clouds heavy and black are moving fast with seemingly willful 
recklessness  and they crash and storm and deluge the already water laden land below 
bloating and roiling it to destruction.

When at last down into the earth the journey continues geologically slowly now as the 
water is filtered clean and once again travels on to the rivers then on to the lakes and 
seas a journey of several millennia repeating again and again refreshing all life on earth. 

The same water that has flowed over the world’s most majestic falls for eons of time.
The same water the dinosaurs drank.  The same water the giant trees drank up even 
before the dinosaurs.  The same water our first ancestors drank. 
Consider too that most of our body weight is water.  Apparently we are not as young as 
we may think.  

Drink up and enjoy that glass of whisky or wine or beer or coffee or milk or juice or just 
plain water secure in the knowledge that we truly are of the same stuff as the ancients. 

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Rain, Ocean, Water

          Rain, Ocean, Water

When it rains on the ocean I get frustrated
There becomes too much water 
Too many drops to be counted
What makes the task even more exasperating
Is the fact that waves and drops move around
Never stay in one place
When it rains things get wet
Water helps me to forget
It is always on the mind
Rain, ocean, and water must be inventoried
I save rivers and lakes for a later date
But that’s another story

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Take Water

Take water, what do you know about it?
it has an almost magical existence
yet does it start as a cloud?
or is evaporation from bodies of water?

The answer amazingly is, its a byproduct
when stars are born a strong outward wind 
of gas and dust forms,  the shockwaves compress
and heat it forming water and vapour

Next time you have a drink, 
in your hand you hold birth
remember you also hold a star

What a miraculous thing is water
it keeps us from extinction
the sheer beauty delights
as it bounces sparkles and twinkles

Transparent and crystal clear
it holds so many life forms
all invisible to the naked eye

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The trip that changed my life

As I walked on the ship it was like walking into my destiny
A new life is awaiting for me
Finally I can start my dreams
I am free just me and the breeze
 That hits my face as we sail away
I’m nothing special you see 
Just a young boy now at chasing a dream
that I can be anything I want to be
My mind is at peace as we sail away from the port
Listening to the music my feet began to believe
As I dance along to my own tune and see all those who believe just like me
The rich take this trip for fun
As the poor take the trip to become
The difference between the two of us is made sure of
Bottom deck is for us and upper floor is  for glory
But this is just a ride for me to travel and to see
As the rich are pampered, we sing and gamble
Card games and whiskey are what we do
Who would of thought this ship wouldn’t make it though
1316 departed out to sea and to think many lives would be taken before reaching their dream
It was a cold night when the lights started to flicker and passengers started to scream
What happened next wasn’t something we could believe.
The ship hit and iceberg and started to sink fast.
Family and children were frantic.
Life boats where loaded for only the best
Mother and children first as other where trying to fasten their vest
The water was cold as people where throw in by the boat itself
The band kept their composer as they sang their best
As other tried there hardest to survive this horrible mess.
I myself held on tight, this wasn’t my dream, I was filled with fright. 
I shook inside for those who were dying and stayed strong for those trying to stay alive.
It felt like hours even though it was quicker than that
The boat broke in half and lives were lost like that.
Now in the water myself I struggled to stay afloat.
I felt my body letting go.
As people screamed and shouted for love ones they had be separated from
Reality set I was alone with no one to hold on to.
I held on as long as I could my body numb, I could barely breath.
The light shown and yell is anyone out there but I couldn’t be seen
I could not speak nor move and I was filled with fear.
My thoughts where lost and death was near 
as the boat shine its light one me and grabbed my hand.
I awoke cold and wet, safe.
But the thought still fresh in my head, the Titanic had sunk

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The River

The river flows at my feet
I watch as it goes past
Where is all that water going?
It looks so inviting…
The current flows steadily
I feel as though if I jumped in I could float
Should I jump or stay on shore?
The shore is safe and dry
I decide to go to the edge and get a closer look

I poke my toe in
The water feels so….clean and fresh
I’m afraid, after all I can’t swim
But something is compelling me
I wade in…there’s rocks on the bottom
Some are sharp and jagged
They hurt, but I keep going
I’m up to my knees

I look up just in time to see some friends floating by
“Just jump!” they yell
“Come on….jump!”

Jump!? Me?  I’m AFRAID
I can’t swim….I don’t know where I’ll end up…maybe I’ll drown
There go more friends.”
“Come on….JUMP!”
“Don’t be afraid”

I jump
The current grabs me
I’m washed away….going so fast everything is in a whirl
I feel dizzy
My head is spinning, but I’m staying a float
I can barely breathe 
This is the most exciting journey I have ever been on 
I’m scared, but I feel peace….I don’t understand it

Things look so differently in the river than they do on shore
Colors seem more vibrant
The air is cleaner
The son shines more brightly here
Some parts of the river are treacherous cause the current runs so swiftly
But I’m not alone
Others are floating with me
Just when I think I’m going under….
I feel a hand pull me up so I can take a deep breath
I hear a still small voice
It speaks peace to me
“Never alone”

I’ve been in the river for a while now
Some days flow so smoothly, quietly, serenely

There are branches that stick out from shore
They’ll grab you as you float by
They want to entangle you
They are trying to pull you back to shore
They seem so tempting
After all, the shore is dry and safe
So tempting….so tempting….so tempting

Get me off these branches
I want back in the river
The river is teeming with life
The shore holds darkness and despair
But sometimes it seems so much easier…

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A Drop of Water

A Drop of Water 
I look up into the deep sky
And the clouds as purple as a bruise 
growl at the dry, crumbling earth
with condescending looks
they know that it yearns for the nourishment they carry 
in their bloated bellies

I inhale the damp air
twirling and grinning 
as if I can see
the hesitant drops
bracing themselves for the free fall

And the first drop hits 
the very tip-top of my nose
I laugh
because I can hear the thirsty soil slurping
up the water in its agitation
to sate its parched throat

The tiger lilies behave a bit more civilly
they sip the refreshment daintily
gathering the gentle drops
in a necklace of crystal beads
ever so prettily
they bask in the warm shower 
savoring the clean liquid flowing through them

Proud pines fill up their wooden mugs 
with the clouds’ precious gift
letting the stream trickle down their sides
but they remain unbending
too full of hubris to admit their gratitude 
though they stare up at the sky with unspoken respect

Me, I just stand perfectly still 
breathing in wet grass and proud pines and refined tiger lilies
feeling the water streak through my hair
and listening raptly to the symphony 
of the tap dancing rain
playing across the weather-beaten pavement 

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The World We Live In

My heart aches for a world filled with peace, so much sadness and destruction,
I cannot take any more.
I get up in the morning and put a smile on my face,
I watch things on the news and I feel disgrace.
How can I smile when the grimness of life for others hurts me so much?
How can I eat my food and not feel guilty for the starving millions?
How can I waste water having a bath or a shower when others have no
clean water even to drink?
Dying of malnourishment and dying because of contaminated water,
All over the world this is happening to real human beings and what do I do?
Carry on as normal and put a smile on my face.
The children are crying, their parents are dying,
The Parents are crying, their children are dying,
But the world carries on as normal,
And I get up every morning and put a smile on my face.
Wars are raging everywhere, haunted faces staring “Why doesn't anyone care?”
Fear and terror is their living nightmare “Why doesn't anyone care?”
We care, but we choose to look away, “we're not affected” people say,
So we get up every morning, put a smile on our faces and get on with our day.

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A chill runs through my spine
As the surface breaks
The world goes quiet
I am in a silent film
Watching the faces that appear above me
Watching the world go by
Until I run out of breath
I am safe here
    In the water

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Windswept Beach

Windswept beach of the Pacific,
we would go there to meet you
and crash ourselves like waves 
upon that shore.

Seagulls circle overhead and wait
for opportunity.
We go circling in the sand and likewise wait.
Tiring of the wait we run and burn our feet
upon the scorching sand above the waters edge.

How high the kite, how low the mind,
comparing to the ruminating sky.
Summer will not last forever on that shore;
our frame will fall apart at last.

And breathing as a gull we gulp the air
and grasp the hand of our beloved there.
We towel the wet and scrub the day which weeps
and mourns in silent meditation.

The ocean waits for me, 
with frothing foam intensity,
and I will to go there willingly
when the time of love is ripe.

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Waterfall of Life

The water crashes with a thunderous roar
plunging over the precipice into depths below 
splintering, as it slams into mossy covered rocks. 

I sit peacefully, pondering the beauty of crystal clear water
birds are chirping and flitting about
happy in their existence of this tranquil place.

As the waterfall cascades, gentlest of drops sprinkle my face  
refreshingly, I breathe in the moist air 
deep within my soul it encounters life.  

Beneath the beauty of nature, lies a cave of hidden dreams  
where you will find the wisdom of this creation 
a place, where miracles appear and life begins. 

It’s a joy to behold the life force of this earth,
we need to protect this beautiful creation, for all its worth.

Written by
Vicki Darcy

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Wok Music

Frozen fingertips strike the keys
the lackluster gray sky edges toward evening
as my mind shivers backward.
The noon time tinny cacophony
of oil on a hot wok pings about my brainpan,
reminding me with child-like simplicity 
of heat and springs reticence 
absent as it is in the middle of April.
Some hope persists in the chiming sound
of bouncing water droplet, the stir fry of
season and seasoning bite my tongue,
my eyes water and laughter fills my soul. 

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The Savage Pond

Look out over a pond's banks
what do you see down there
a smooth unruffled surface
things lazily flying round

A frog pops up its head and
perches basking in the sun
newts swim languidly about
a flash of colour deep below

Yet all is not as it seems
poor tiny herbivores fight
for their very existence 
they are on the lunch plate

Savage diving beetles 
water boatmen, striders
ravenous mayfly larva
all wait to dine on them

Tadpoles swiftly dart about
they are on everyone's menu
newts lay in wait then feast
life in a pond's no picnic

Everything is on someone's list
life in a pond is about who lives
eat or be eaten is the savage truth
no mercy given or none expected

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A walk along the river

Walk  in the river.
As i walk the river banks 
The water seems to flow as if it was following me.
The trees with their branches sum the touch of water to drink.
The river is so quiet that it is nice to walk along just to think.
The birds are flying above the trees ready to take a fish they might see.
The sun it sets and the glare makes the water shine in different colors.
I enjoy a walk along the river and to see all that there.

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Scratching his scruff, the windowman bent to 
the glass and gleamed

While the round of the rag squealed against the 
glass and tiny water runaways fell down onto 
frescoed walls, onto grafitti'd walls, and 
rip wallpaper walls

Like artifacts whose solemn spasms have
become little matter for the wind

N' reckoning the liquid sky has been spilt and
 spilt again, he knew for all the water evaporated 
above the city today, there would be a hundred 
pools he could be swimming in tomorrow

Why his last molecule could be the pearl of a tornado 
or a luncheon for trees 

Why he could wreak havoc or charm 
depending on his day..........

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Over the Wall

I move slowly to the edge of the boat
Holding on, trying to maintain balance
against the waves and weight of equipment
A final check in preparation for the dive
I close my eyes and step off the boat into 
the Tongue of the Ocean

I hit the water and sink below the silvery surface 
Crystal bubbles everywhere 
I am in a different world – of
muted sounds
filtered light
blue washed colors
fluid liquid environment

The sounds of bubbles dissipate 
replaced by the eerie sound of my own breathing
Collecting myself, I find my equilibrium 
and slowly begin my descent
head first, aware of the weightlessness of my equipment
and how easily I move

I can see the bottom below me,
gradually sloping towards the edge of the wall
where it drops drops drops 6000 feet to the ocean floor

I swim steadily towards the Edge – 
peripherally aware that the bottom is teaming with life 
motion and sound –
And Over …. The Wall

The bottom falls away
I am gliding, gently sinking past an ancient subterranean wall,
filled with crusty life of faded orange and yellow hues
tinted blue by the depths
Glimpses of hidden caverns and craggy ledges

Overcome with awe at the seemingly endless precipice
I turn away from the Wall and I am engulfed by….
the fathomless marine Void
Nothing else exists
Time is suspended
Fluid Cerulean Space

One moment, infinite and translucent,
The next, dense and opaque 

Slowly I separate myself….
my awareness of self and my senses returning 
Dazed by the depth and the magnificent
Peace of the indigo abyss
I swim to a ledge on the wall

Once again I am aware of my breathing and the passage of time
Checking my watch I begin my ascent, amazed that only 
six minutes has passed since I left the surface

No longer do I feel my weightlessness as I laboriously swim up 
The Wall that had been so easily and effortlessly descended
Looking towards the surface, through the rising silver bubbles
I see the rays of sunlight streaming through the water trying to 
penetrate the blue with light and color

As I near the surface I glance at the bottom – so
distant from my high vantage point 
My gaze sweeps over to the Edge of the Wall and
the Blue Void …. Beyond
For a brief moment I recapture the feeling of Oneness
that overwhelmed me in the depths
I climb onto the boat filled with a serene sense of well being,
aware that, deep inside, a Fluid Space exists within. 

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The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves 
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the ocean of her essences 
that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet
aka The Brown Philosopher

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Shaking The Lily Pad

I have a big, old froggie that lives in my ornate lily pond, so refined.
And every time I have a guest, he Farts and spurts water from his behind.
My son has named him bubbles and tells everyone, how he is so fine...
Now, you must know he’s only five with potty humor on his mind…

It started as I included my son, while finding a fountain for my pond.
But he came home and told his dad, who now also had to come along. 
While I kept looking for a fountain, you know… with exquisite flair.
My son kept asking me for a special one, that farts water out his tail.

Now, as I watched my two beloved gentlemen, I knew something was afoot.
I found retreat a better thing, as I high tailed it away, with a serious hotfoot.
Sure enough, my birthday present turned out to be that froggie for my pond.
And I certainly couldn’t hurt my son’s feelings by saying no, to respond.

My hubby laughed as he pointed out a place, they had agreed it should go.
Yes, you guessed, it’s the first thing you see, that your eyes can bestow.
Perhaps my plight is really not so bad… or at least, my hubby now tells me so.
Even though the guests’ eyes grow big, and their walk becomes really slow.

As I see their looks, a better conversation piece could never have ever been.
As I gently explain my son’s love for me, is touching, don’t you think? Again.
Of course the little froggie keeps farting and wildly smiling, throughout it all.
But the smiles are never near as big, as my guests’ smiles… that suddenly grow…

As they become enchanted with the understanding of it all.

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The Ocean that Floats and Sinks

Life is like an ocean
And a dreamer is like the ship that floats on it
Dreams are built out of lack and limitations
Such are the salty waters on which you must float

Ocean water is too salty to drink
Yet on it the boat floats best
Your dreams are like fresh water
...with the potential to quench your thirst and satisfy your heart
So as a dreamer you need not drink the salty water
....that is the society’s opinions

The same ocean that floats a mighty boat known to drown many more
But a boat only drowns when the ocean water leaks into it
You are like a boat
...surrounded by the endless stretch of ocean called SOCIETY
On this ocean you should float
...but if you allow this ocean’s water to slowly leak into the boat of your dreams
	...the world is sure to mourn the loss of yet another fine boat

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Water, sinuous and glistening,
Trailing and caressing,
The warm mahogany of your skin,
I want to follow the small streams,
And drink from the endless rivers,
Coolness and warmth,
The salt lingers as my mind follows
where my fingers yearn to trace,
A touch; a taste,
how long must I wait?

© Kavisha Saga and Ek Choti Kavita, 2014

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soul dance

spinning round and round till i fly up
and hit ground
turning into sea
pleasing me
i grab the bass fish gliding past
i dive into the eyes of the brown green scales
head first never fails
in the soul of the beast i sit 
my locks float around the fish shell
his hearts beat started to move me
onto my feet
bend my knees
shake my hips
rattle my brain
clap my hands
the soul of the fish is where i spend the rest of my plans

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Their is a God.In flesh we will not see his face.However we will see pieces of him in mother natures face. Natures aqua I indulge in, purity of his being and grace .I take a gander at shallow but deep water, and I nearly catch a glimpse of his face. A image we can not trace, looking into water searching for oddities timidly twinkling behind image of self, in mirror of water. Obfuscated by rays of sun complicating images reflected into water and image of  water reflected in soul.None can be clearly perceived,that is mystery,that is the hidden God in all, you and me flower and tree, all covered by hazy mist to guard and separate ,what is and what is not to be know.For reasoning beyond comprehensions and perception.The hands of leaves graciously applaud and sings for a kingdom unknown or shown.A land that is inconceivable beyond feeble flesh and bone perhaps a place where every humans faith may or may not be etched in stone,but for certain we don't walk alone. The hands of leaves sings his song with grandiosity. Singing in code alongside hymns of enchanting species on earth. Songs we are told, but never told to be understood for our own good.If other wise we would all be doomed,for instance God blessed us with geniuses and we make weapons of mass destruction. Why should he unveil more mysteries and knowledge? To cause more malice and destruction? Animals and nature, chant songs of spiritual secrets, worldly an beyond secrets.This knowledge the forbidden fruit, only to suit the beings of another realm but still connecting us to it in ways the flesh can bear.If trees,birds and all of nature could talk human languages, mysteries would be no more. What happens when a bright light flashes in front your eyes? Don't you briefly lose sight? what happens when a loud horn blows in your ear doesn't it ring? The same concepts and effects applys with the high volumes and inconceivable power of our God and mysteries that follow. Imagine the the sounds, the sight and the feeling of the life beyond do you think the flesh can bear or withstand such insurmountable grandeur.The wind so much like God its never seen.The wind so much like God its effects are seen, but still remains invisible.The wind carry's breath death things of all volumes and that which feeble flesh cant perceive,I BELIEVE THE WIND IS GOD.....   WHAT DO YOU THINK EINSTEIN..... 

BY: Elliott Bowe

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Late Nights

Late nights
I walk alone...
In a park
an ocean of water fountains.
A floodlight switched on:
It was the heart of my future
fugitive through waters...
The water laughs glittering in light...
I'm heading towards the precipice,
with hurried steps,
with eyes shut tightly.
For a second the floodlight turned off.
...and I...

written at 15, translated now

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Finding a Spring Hill in the Desert

Sometimes we see our whole life
in a desert photograph all purple
tinted and unshaded from the scorching
sun.  There is no water in those dry
hills to quench a thirst unsatisfied.

Yet we wander in futility searching for
a spring which runs there with cooling
water.  We could bath in it and pipe it
down to water a garden of cantelopes
and grapes.  Water is the lifeblood of

the land, and desert is the antithesis 
of the sea.  No prudent man would swallow
the briney sea.  He would float on
it, buoyed up by hopes of perfection
which grasping he cannot reach.  The

ship of body sails fervently on that sea
and seeks a port to dock.  Finding only 
a calm harbor on a desert island the sailor
struggles ashore and plants his flag of
Buddhist prayers.  The prayers fly to

higher skies and reach the ears of his
dharma.  His path is more golden than 
he knew when he set sail that hopeful
morning.  All friends were at the dock
waving then.  He knew he would never

return the same.  Now, in looking back
I walked where the words led me, but I 
did not board that ship.  I stumbled and
I lurched but yet I fell in a forward
motion. A canteen was on my hip and 

filled with coolness from the spring-hill 
in the desert where only cactus blooms 
and lizards hide from the midday sun, 
waiting for the season of rain. Reaching
beach, I waded out into the salty sea.

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Water Travel

‘Waves! Big waves!’ a boy yelled. 
Riding hide, the launch heaved and rolled, 
engine shattering, its sound changing, 
upon salty water we traveled. 

‘Waves! Big waves!’ a lady shrieked, 
captain’s compass lost unwanted, 
passengers screaming, launch was wobbling, 
upon salty water we traveled. 

‘Waves! Big waves!’ an old man yelped, 
brutal waves smashing, 
anxious passengers, water overlapping, 
upon salty water we traveled. 

‘Waves! Big waves!’ we all squealed, 
launch’s engine halted, 
passengers’ life jackets distributed, 
upon salty water we traveled. 

‘Waves! Big waves!’ we all prayed, 
passengers trembling, wetted and paled, 
the launch arrived safe and sound, 
upon salty water we traveled. 

This poem is an excerpt from the book: Whisper of Life
Read more writings of Cesar @

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Trickle Down

Water flowing down
cascading it goes
bouncing over rocks
laughing gleefully
swirling so fast
down the mill
trickles through pipes
rushing out
into a pool
flowing onwards
sea bound
relentless journey
from source down
to the ocean
gathering body
getting mighty
until it flows
mingling with salt
its journey ended

written 07/17/2013

contest: Trickle Down Free Verse

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Breath let Go

The earth shudders and the dust of a thousand years
lifts into the sky like a blanket thrown up in exultation
and beneath this blanket plates grind together
in sudden need
A craving to bring dried and edged flesh
with the moisture of the oceans above
together once more
and cry out in the joy of ecstasy to release their pressure
	And be at once reconciled

And the world let’s out its breath,
gives up what is most sacred to it
in reverence of this Moment:

And I dare say this moment is mine,
to the child that toiled the fields
hoe in hand and the patterns in the soil
the patterns in the soul through which water poured
and escaped in pores like water through a parched man’s fingers
and patterns fled this farm 
Leaving a parched man lamenting the presence of fingers
in times of thirst,

And to the child toiling
           in the fields 
the pattern is in the pitch of his shoulders
and the pounding of the sun
the pattern that should never seep
through unseen holes

but it seeps
down his back and across his fingers
upon his hoe it dribbles down and finds the escape
of patterns long lost
and the sweat of his toil
slips through the gaps in his soil
and the heaving of his shoulders
is lost with the patterns,	

So this old farmer he does not tread his fields,
sheltered behind wood and warmth of fire
he huddles in his world of four walls
and dares not the fields outside
Where await the failures
of his toil,
and when the earth shuddered
in joy of this moment
Knowing in its wisdom all that was to be known
the earth shudders and the dust of not so many years
It lifts into the sky like a blanket thrown up in exultation

And beneath it all

Sees the farmer

The pattern of his toil

And lo and behold
It was not wasted
But a hands width beneath
The soil that caked his world
And by his own hand
Hidden as it were
The patterns of his toil
And the story that is told
In the exultation of a breath
Let go.

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Spirits of the Deep

To part from my flesh,
To part from my thoughts.

To enter a cool bliss,
A peace untold.

To be one with the blue beauty,
To dance with the spirits of the deep.

To watch my pain and tears,
Disappear in the salty waves.

To part from the world around,
To once again taste sweet joy.

To reunite with who I am,
Hidden deep within my heart.

To part from hurt and anger,
To only feel a peace in the water.

Oh, for this I yearn,
I long to feel it on my skin.

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Her Blue, Liquid Dreams

                                    *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* 

          In a past life long ago - she dwelled by the sea…

     A mermaid - beloved by dolphins 

          Moss clad , swimming in blue liquid dreams

     Beneath the light of the silvery moon

          Seeking spiritual sustenance

     That feeds the water in shades of blues, violet and green

          Riding the water - undulating free... like a gossamer butterfly

     Guiding her to the entrance of Neptune’s portal 

          Floating carefree in liquid aqueous waves

     Playing with dolphins and other beloved creatures of the sea
           Swimming gracefully in the night…

     As the astral fingers of the moon’s silver rays gently caress her face

           In her land so far away - she only had one wish...

     To love and be loved in return- she had hope and love to give

          Then a human touched her, with his love and kindness

     Binging to life… her blue, liquid dreams

                                           *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~* *~*

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Driving Through Hell

Driving Through Hell

Driving south on Interstate 79
The sun is so hot
The temperature is well over 100
The asphalt boils beneath my tires
So many trees on both sides
They trap the cooling breeze for themselves
There’s water on the road far ahead
Glistening in the hot summer sun
It travels as fast as I do
Staying just outside of my reach
It is the only water for miles
Is it real?
Is it my eyes playing tricks on me?
Is it my tired, overheated mind?
Could it be trying to drive me insane?
Or is it God tempting my faith
How could a benevolent god create such torture?
My mouth is so dry
My skin nearly burnt to cinders
I look ahead
Praying for a place to get a clean drink of water
I can’t stop where I am
Swamps line the road on both sides
Brackish water 
A home for frogs, snakes and lizards
Maybe one more mile
Just beyond the hill could lay salvation
A water fountain
A bottle of spring water
Anything to quench my thirst
If only I don’t run out of gas

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An amusing grace that better
the spirit of the poet.

Like boundless world, 
Amazes hearts and spirits.
No course have ever been so faithful
than the course of being a poet.

Tiring winds to catch
And soil to merge
Has always 
Risen my wit for pen.

My mother earth 
And her environs
Are proliferating notes
I behold.

Persistence urge 
To have a say
Is one instinct 
To my ventilated breath.

The feelings
To remain immortal
And have impact 
is another laudable loam.

Sincerely speaking,
has been my chime.
It stays by me 
in the rain and in an odd dying state.

Poetry has won me many glory
It is still winning me some more.
Countless exalted barter
and consistent standing ovation.

What's more to say of poetry
Little will one wonder.

Well, it has become 
My gem, 
My sword,
My song 
and my soul.

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After a hard day, I relaxed in the shower.
I bent over and let the warm water run.
As it began to penetrate my body I turned
it to very hot.  The pleasure rose immensely. 

AFTER a very trying experience I needed time.
A HARD thing, to squeeze in sometimes.  

The DAY to day, mundane, obscenity 
we call work.  Five days and a handshake
from which I have to wipe the drool as 
soon as I can before RELAXING a bit,

The immense pleasure of almost 
scalding hot water, started me thinking 
of how lucky and blessed I really am.
It’s good to reflect on such things, to keep 
from getting all BENT out of shape.  

To dwell OVER things without reminding 
oneself that this was the way it really was
is a good way to end up in a mental state.
If we think about the good things AND LET
THE  WARM feelings run through us like 
soaking in a nice hot furo with the steam 
rising through the WATER on a cool night, we 
begin to get the picture.

It is very hot.  The pleasure rises.
As I RUN the memories through my 
mind and AS the many things I have shared 
in life BEGAN TO PENETRATE the corners of
all capacity to maintain composure, 
tears welled readily as MY BODY began
to react to the memories.  

Quickly I TURNED a simple process into 
a healing meditation.  IT proved to be 
something I do often when I 
feel the need TO take a VERY HOT bath.  

It is amazing how THE PLEASURE of one’s 
own company often is beneficial, and should
not be taken lightly.  I ROSE to a higher plane 
of understanding of my inner self that day,
and am now IMMENSELY more comfortable 
just being me. 

Mar 5 2012 Charles Henderson
for Debbie Guzzi’s Et Cetera Contest

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Take A Plunge

The water will hurt me
The cold shall run deep
Piercing like shattered glasses
But not deep -

-I must jump
I feel it within to go
I and the sea are one
And such spirit will not let go
Unless I learn to jump

I fear the tides,
The waves riveting past
It is big... It may take me whole
But he and I are one
And such spirit shall never let go
Unless I choose to jump

The icy, icy water may hurt me
The cold indeed runs deep
But he, the sea, and I are one
And my spirit shall never learn to let go
Unless I jump

Even then I'll fly and glide
He and I will never choose to let go
Even now as I jump
Past the tides, the waves
And even past he


Free Verse Seriously Contest

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The Way

As Moses leading His people to a New Land
Living by the Faith instilled within
Preaching the commandments of God
when looking out over the Red Sea
with the enemy gaining on them
many in doubt of where to go
Then God departed the Sea
giving a way to reach the other side
protecting and giving guidance in their walk
as the enemy tried to walk the path
the water fell upon them washing them away
Moses and His people got away
in time the people would  become unsatisfied 
searching and living out of Gods will
The enemy would in time catch up
Therefore God sent His Son
to provide the only true path 
Jesus came and defeated Death
sending the spirit to dwell within all who believe
allowing the soul to jump to the spirit 
leaving this earthly body to perish
through Him we shall Live
For He shall pour the Living Water
upon our souls  
Flooding out death and the enemy
The water shall run through the veins
riding of unwanted toxins
Flushing them to make one clean
Eating on the Word Jesus taught
To digest the living nutrients
giving growth to our heart and souls
letting the word consume this body
providing new feet to walk
with a refurbished  tongue to talk
For only through Jesus shall we be transformed
with guidance and vision to see the narrow path
to follow the steps which
 Lead to the Father

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Bang A Gong

Who the hell rings bells anymore
whether in a Capitalist society, a Theocracy, an Oligarchy,
or a Dictatorship

	the DING has sure been taken out of the
	rama dama ding dong

No ones home, the juries out
	G-d is dead?
	Shell, Chevron and Texaco
	have reduced the life expectancy of people in the Niger delta
		to 50 years ......

The Oil companies are fracking the hell
out of the water table ....from here to Canada and back
and guess what..then they can up the price of 
BOTH oil and FRESH? water??

Who are the bell ringers [Ask Jessica Ernst how the water is in her well?]
	Where are the bell ringers [hmmm, Canada?]
		[Strangled in the nooses of corrupt governments]

DO say! Do doubt! Do think....

Take a whistle blower home for dinner!

Blinded by the stars [lulled into limbo by Flamingo dancers]
	 living vicariously ..voyeurs
		peeping through the key holes of arse-holes
Pull yourselves UP..OUT, declare COMMIT
	re-remember what it means 
	to have YOUR WORD mean something
		re-remember what it means to be a friend.

Free yourself, for no one else will.
Fallacies RING true to the disempowered
	there DONGs removed, their clappers plucked

Sex, drugs and Rock and Roll was the mantra
of MY age, and HELL NO I WON'T GO
	our calling card.

*Thank you to my muse and friend Rueben O.
for inciting this ancient ding-dong :) 
Please read his excellent write [Didn't Don't]

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Sea Fall Of Fantasy

Sea water desire...
I bathe beneath this brilliant blue   
Depths swirl in indigo and sky
Mystery within the deep
   the fall like tiny rivers....
flowing from my sun warmed cheeks
       I live inside this fantasy
where warm is eternal
        and gray shows no face
       Water fall....
Rivulets drip down my face....
If you were here

Silent save the gushing 
of liquid traipsing
 over rocks and me  

To hold this in my palm
I long for the eternal
    to touch forever.....

Intangible dreams.....

The wine taste of red
The sweet sour of alone...

Connected within
          by mighty forces.....

I feel it fall
upon a heart that aches.....

swept up in currents of yesterday

Just another lie....
          they bleed me dry

I return here
        to hide
              to surrender
                     to believe.....
Upon a thalassic fall of relief

Here I am protected

Inside this pure crystal fall
is whom I truly am....

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See like eye sea

Take your uproaring words 
And pour them into 
The deep unsettled sea
Let them wash to shore 
And rumble the sand gently
Don't let them get caught up into the wild wind
They'll rip through someones sail 
And make them never want to leave 
The shoreline again..
So watch what you say 
And how you let your words flow
With a broken compass 
You never will know
In what direction 
That the current will go...

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River's End

Wherever our Colorado River ends, 
life recedes with its water, 
it no longer has a delta. 
There are only miles of cracked earth.
Far in the distance deep fissures spread.
Crags, low mountains, stretch across horizon, 
separating empty sun baked clay from high desert clouds.
Dark clouds, with their life giving rain, appear to float, 
migrate over low mountains. 
Darkness covers this portion of earth: shadow of cloud, 
depth of retreated water,
vast emptiness expanding from neglect.

Some light penetrates openings in clouds.
Pink and purple illuminates their edges.
Sunlight reveals mountain sides.
Atmosphere lends interest to an otherwise barren plane.
It is unusual to see a landscape with limitless potential and no life.
Potential has not been drained from this place yet.
In time countless people will have bled all water from the river, 
leaving a truly empty place.

Light reflects from hardening clay. 
Sun’s halo reveals lifeless matter, 
like Saturn’s frozen rings,
but no ice crystals here.
Only baked earth where water ran, 
Colorado River’s temporary end.

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sweet submission

crazy electric guitars raping your consciousness
bruising your sense of focus like a madman in a defeated village 
bruising a lonely prostitute
and you think you got something to prove
and you think it's all but a phase 
that kisses your cheeks and leaves
no headphone's gonna kiss your bleeding ears
no scream will bring your malady ashore
it's dirty but it's not earth
hold your breath for a little while and open your coward eyes
let the vomit find its way outta your skin and into the alley
let the blood dance like a beheaded cow at a tribal feast
let the sense of timelessness enter your ribs like a rusted knife 
like a shrapnel
no water will do any good to this melting room
spit the cowardice and  inhale the ash and cough all the hunger 
let the phone ring and the samovar turn itself off
for the flame soon will cover them both
you see the unshapely red and black and  gray thing?
that's the bastard son of your books and your poor coward cat
put the stupid water away and watch the festival of births of 
shapes and copulation of things with the void.

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Shimmering Waters

Glancing at shimmering waters I saw my reflection
Rippling water makes myself look altered
Like an abstract painting that never falters

Glancing at shimmering waters I saw the moon arise
Oh bright angelic wonder, you are so beautiful
Let the stream flow to my peaceful soul

Glancing at shimmering watching water boatmen ski
Smiling at the frog that hunts him down for his tea
Water lilies in full bloom and dancing in the breeze

Glancing at shimmering waters I saw my reflection
The sun admires himself in the mirror of the stream
And I sit at glance at my reflection once again


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The earth doesn’t revolve
there are no sounds of any kind
only dirt covered nil over nil.

In absolute tranquility 
I couldn’t hear the sound of my own breath 
not even the tinnitus that always bangs my eardrums to irritate me.

In the world of no sound like the bottom of the deepest sea
I hear the ear canal*full streaming water sound. 
I see the floating stars and moon
in the pitch-dark lightless light;  

there was no one on the motionless earth,
there was no one in the lightless world
there was not even me or you but he who is not he.

In the nil 
the word ‘existence’ would lose its significance;
therefore, the length of the bridge from the bottom of the sea
where the nonexistent lies, to the edge of the sky where
he who is not he is floating, 
can be an infinite to short distance, to none, to negative;

and so, the nil can be the limit without limit 
to the limit within limit.

*external acoustic meatus.

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Cool Water

Cool Water

It’s been so long since I’ve had that water
The soft rain of you restored every withered part of me
And my blood still burns
Recalling your touch…like gentle showers

In the dark I can see your face
Summoning each familiar detail
Brings my heart to a state of grace
It knows so rarely now

Like sepia dust kicked up by an old car on a dirt road
The tendrils of my memories fade to nothingness
As if they never existed, and settle once more
Waiting for the cool water to drench me

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Poetic Prayer

Doubt rained resistant showers...
forming pain poodles of stagnent water...
and it evaporates... just going back 
to the sky to rain again... the monsoons are here
there's water in the air...humidity... heavy breathing...
you sweat in stillness...your body works with no action taken,
I stand without motion and water comes onto me and out of me, 
adding to the saturated atmosphere...
I drink water to cool my senses from water...
...and unreliquishing comes the rain....
...having faith that questioning fact will enlighten the truth...
holding back more... droplets form... and they fall from the sky,
landing on moist skin and it all combines...
...collecting once again....washing away delicate growth
disturbing the dryness that the desert needs to be 

Wet, I ask God when will my faith trust?
When will I feel replenished by what feeds growth?
When will I see what it is that is happening enough to believe?

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Berkeleyan Nomad

Meandering pedaler
Swaying with languid apathy
Or determination
To Detach

His bucket-baby securely fastened
Hunting for anything that shines
Through urban Wasteland, sifting
Through dead leaves

Listens to foreign whispers bouncing off structured rooftops
Hollow gusts of air rattling in insulated walls
Insulated in
Insulated out

He can stand on foggy dunes at the edge of crooked highways
Feel the gust of hurried cars shaking the frightened trees
And look out into scarless murky waters that hold no memories
And see a distantly familiar character between the rolls of the waves

With his cup in hand 
Collecting judgement
Evidence for the world's trial
A useless persuit

Though loveless, musicless
He now vibrates within.

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Hot Spot

The bottle sweats.
The ice inside cracks.
The water runs
Down my throat
Quenching my thirst
So cold, 
It hurts.

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Blue eyed girl

Blue eyed girl of Pacific Ocean.

You are blue eyed girl of Pacific Ocean.
Like me through face book of heaven.
Being interrogated I have seen your naked beauty of Pacific Ocean.
Where enjoying only blue water and blue eyed girl of heaven.
 See Beauty of your undressed hidden spherical dia.
Where enjoying intensity of beauty reaches to bottom of pacific.
 Beauty of brevity is so specific.
Tolerance not to be measured
Not to be magnified.
Enjoyed only blue marbled crystal floats in Pacific Ocean.
Where blue water flows beneath my waist to a motion. 
Saroj khan[sakha

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To Be a Tree

Were I to decide today, I might choose the simplest way….
Yet, I cannot but think that I’d regret losing the experiences I would get.
Water, bends and flows and trickles through every crevice it can find….
Taking the path of least resistance to wind its’ way towards it’s’ goal.
Yes, water is flexible, as we should sometimes be….
But water evaporates.
Now a tree, yes, a tree….
A tree stands tall, reaching out as far as its’ limbs allow, so it can caress the heavens. 
A tree forces its’ roots deep, often ripping through concrete to remain firmly planted….
A tree is stable, strong, almost eternal…
It only fades when it must make room for another or when felled by an axe.
Were I to decide today, I might choose the water’s way….
But a tree’s life, I bet, would make me that much happier yet. 

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Floating On A Raft

Floating On A Raft

Floating on a rickety old raft
The water flows around me
Silently it creates small eddies
The water reflects the trees on the shore
Such peace only miles from the city
Could this be the Eden God promised?
If it is I never want to leave
Let the city go on its hectic way
Please allow them to die at their own pace
I just want to float here on my raft
Looking at the sky and dreaming
I don't want to go back

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Your Rose

Love drawn from hate,
Hate drawn from love.
It's all a viscious cycle,
Swirling you above.

The sight of that "rose",
So lovely and pure,
Was more like a cactus,
Look closer to be sure.

More pricks then you can realize,
Former skin than you can know.
Even the water underneath,
Is to little to even show.

The flower set on top,
The glory of it's petals,
Hide the spines beneath,
That wait for those who medal.

Pick it if you wish,
Look for water in it's stem,
But all you'll find is pain,
Over and over again.

Soon you'll see and find,
When you look down at your hands,
The sores and pricks that rest there,
Arn't worth all his demands.

When that day comes,
And you see what he has done,
It will all come to a choice,
You can love or you can run.

You can love the water,
Which you've never seen,
Or you can hate the skin,
For all the scars that it will leave.

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I am Africa, I am man

I am Africa, I am man
Hear my drums, know my heart beat
My sorrow is not metered in iambic lines
Life does not speak that way
So artificial this enumeration of joy
So false this constant rise and fall of tone
I fish the tides
Sometimes the water rises above the rock
And stay a long, long time
Like a dream that won't give up
Sometimes the water recedes far out
Lingering at the bar
Waiting for the moon to show her breast
Watching silently like a star
For one ear Nana Oba to divorce me
From this culture that is my hell.
I am Africa, I am man
My fingers running fast on antelope skin
Cross the bata light and sweet like a caress
Like rainfall on the Serengeti
Like bird call for Nana Oshun's memory

So when I put my hands around your waist
Sliding my finger over the contours of our embrace
Searching for lake Nakuru under your dress
Down from the Kilmanjaro of your breast
And whisper my feelings in your ears
In cross-rhythms, kora and mbira playing
Hot like khamsin, passionate like the yamo
Sucking on your tongue for life
Seeking the umbilical water for my pain
What care for anapestic sentiments
Trochaic promises, dactylic stories
I need you in all the wonder of your loveliness
In all the moods that living tell
In our orbiting exodus of earth and hell
No time now for phony precisions
I speak as I am, as I feel emotions
Dancing on my finger tips 
Dancing on the velvet smooth of drums
Ladling at your Nakura, lapping at your lips
All tribal, my body hums
For the stolen glory of my history
For the cinder of theories
That make me victim twice in my misery
I am Africa, I am man
Hear my prophecy, I will succeed!

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Discovering the deep

A vast ocean
our churning seas
sit within Earth's bowl
containing historical treasures
within murky depths
Secrets settled
still to be unveiled
Precious cargo's price untold
not known if would offset
the cost of any rescue or revelation
Untold scenes priceless
hold enormous quantities of life
scarred by the touch and interference
of our modern world

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I've heard that the water here will run dry around 2017
I wrote an essay back in 87 about fresh water
I was quite young to have any inclinations about the importance 
Water would have in the near future

I saw a man pouring out his liter bottle onto the ground
He had this look of disgust as though it had gone bad
I couldn't help but to wonder why not pour it onto something living
Rather than the sidewalk

We have been operating in automaton mode for too long
Too comfortable to question one's personal culpability
As people in countries not far away
Drink contaminated spill-off from our thoughtlessness

What good is a house made of gold if there is no water to be had

In a quixotic fashion
Many trust that our scientists will find a solution
Such as desalinizing the ocean or filtering polluted rivers
Which are possible with one exception
The ridiculous platform of how expensive it will be
To bring these ideas into fruition

Meanwhile landfills are overflowing with empty spring water bottles 
And people living in the desert water their plush grass in the middle of the day

My deep concern lies with the children
I hope that our recklessness won't create an atmosphere
Of pure survival mode for them
An arena of mayhem based on the two element molecule we forget to nuture

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The Burning River

and black as Gin
I am the slave
of the spated, sibilant river.
It is opaque and powerful,
panting wearily like a dog.
It waits
and implores me,
to drink the perfumed wet earth
from which its voice emits.
In gasps as muted as wisdom,
I grapple in grated tones 
to quench the voices of ancestral hunger,
reciting the names of your Wiccan tale.
And, as of fire
eddies of heat and colour form 
turbulent sweet taste, 
imminent in their thermal latency,
dark in the discomfort of daytime.
For where there is light, there are shadows too.
In this chaos of burning, 
I pray for the violence of weather,
Its elemental desire forms the essence of all memory.
Again and again, I inhale a thousand times 
the smoky haze of change
against the image of charred water on charcoal.
I am burnt against the cool of evening,
the darkening sky,
and the beat of flaming water on stone.
It is a visceral vision.
I feel the age,
It is as old as the swans of coole,
as certain as the solitary song of Herbsttag,
as definite as the will of water.

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The winter morning as arrived
Bringing misty chillness alive
The chants are loud in the sky
With bells ringing in the temple side
Mesmerizing are the swish
Of the water flowing beneath
As I lay there so calm
Nothing to hurry no qualm

Hear the children in their bath
Splashing water cutting apart
Ladies up carrying water pot
With wet clothes on their shoulder
The ducks family seems to know
They move on they move on

Slowly the boat moves to shore
Showing time to wake and stow
What a blissful night it was
The full moon cascade bright soothing path
It was a meditative drive
Which I carry in my feelings stacked
To be referred in future packed....SUNKAN

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The Way We Were

halcyon days, indelibly printed in water colored memories, 
cloud my vision, bringing tears to aging faraway eyes 
I remember other days of sunshine, water gently caressing banks
of emerald trees so vibrant they appeared to whisper and dance 
you with your brilliant thirsting eyes and impish cherub smile
when you grasped my hand to lead you into yet another of our adventures

I eagerly showed you boyhood wonders that were ours for the taking
calming racing hearts, for as brothers, together we quelled our fear 
today I stand by your ebony coffin, no longer able to walk with you 
this last adventure now your own, I can no longer comfort or protect
all that remains inside of me little brother, are the simple memories
the deepest yearning to be as we once were, together, tasting boyhood 

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Patradoot or The Messenger 18/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger18 /Many 
English version by 
Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Some where you would find Moonfaced beautiful women,

Playing the water game in the holy river Ganges, 

You would be swept away be seeing,

The beauty of their half exposed breasts,

And the continuous attempts of the Ganges waves, dear letter,

Who would be splashing them to make them ever fresh.

You would be fascinated to look at the groups of these young girls,

Splashing river water on each other, while playing,

Their disturbed image on the river water would be glittering,

To attract you,  to keep on looking at them, dear letter.


Kanpur  India     10th June 2010                          to continue in 19

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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The World Of Her Choice

The World Of Her Choice

What does she think?
She walks on the beach whenever she gets the chance
The line between three different worlds
Three worlds in consistent conflict with each other
One wet and warm with brightly colored fish
The other dry and beautiful with birds singing in the trees
The third offers cool breezes and beautiful sunsets
She stares at the three of them
Wondering which would offer her peace and happiness
The land gives her grief and pain
Untrusting people who live just to harm others
People who hate because others are different
The air brings storms of unreal proportion
Lightening, tornados and chemical clouds
All designed to destroy the land beneath them
The water is the only one to bring solace and quiet
She watches the waves in their eternal movement
At that moment she makes a decision
Walking into the waves she smiles as they envelop her
Surrounding her body they draw her in
There is no fear or panic as her face enters the water
She has left the land and air behind her
The chosen water surrounds her
A last smile and a last breath
She has joined the world of her choice
And at last she is happy

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The storm just threw and swirled
Paints of grey, black and dark blue
All over our Earthly dome
Like a rageful Pollock.

The noise  and the lightning
Turned us small
The waves of flood
Slamming against the feeble constructions
Carrying away cars,trees and dogs
Making me think
Of Thor, Iansã and Zeus
Neglecting all I've learned about
electrons behavior and magnetism
To think of gods from ancient times
Perhaps acknowledging
How extraordinary and dreadful a tempest is

Some people let the storm in
Pointlessly trying to run somewhere
Only to be carried away
And increase the general tension

How long could this last?
How far will it go?
How harder can this wind blow?
What if this...
And what if that?
How long can a minute last?
We look at each other eyes
A scared silent crowd
Looking for the same instinctive answers

Then as if the painter
Had changed his mind
The darkness is gone
Cleaned with a  cloth wipe
The  rough wind is now a soft breeze
Blowing the fragrances of earth and eucalyptus
Up my nostrils and over my face
The clouds are revolving
With light shades of grey and magnolia white
Over the most beautiful of all blues

There's a deep  heavy silence
A few muffled  and distant sounds
Or perhaps it's only  me
Caught in a dimensional current
To share with all those humans before me
The feelings of bewilderment and impotence
In face  of  Nature's outbursts
And with a grateful soul
To finally understand
How the seeds of hope
Could repeatedly be sown and grown
In the human heart
Since the beginning of  times.

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The water is soft, and warm
salted sweetly like dew on bronze skin.
The boat at anchor rocks, a babe in a summer sea.

The water accepts us, frail humans that we are
each rise of silken sand beneath the waves a bosom of delight.
Suited, belieing the au natural moment, we wade.

Legs and arms, receiving puritanical society’s permission to be bare,
wave and waver beneath and through the still blue sea.
Toes, curl and prod seeking dinner.

The water in its abundance yields, each mollusk’s breath rises
a stream of silver bubbles exhaled marking the bed
leading the dinners to their diner fare. 

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Gulf Blue Waters -- X X X

A spec, lazily floating upon : “ The Gulf  Blue Water “
And then there were two specs, entwined together Spot
Black hole, in the Beauty of  “ The Gulf Blue Water “ 
A spec to a SPOT ( it even sounds so much Stronger )
When two Spots meet : Meld : Creating an “ Epic Drop “
Yet to the East, West, South, North  Thousands of Drops
Mixing and matching; Defiling “ The Gulf  Blue Water “
Let’s flash : To the future of the shore: Where Oysters Dance
As the alarm of “ Destruction” sounds off in “ Lazy Blue Waters
To the land and marshes : Prepare for Doom : from the “ Black Gulf Waters “
A Tsunami of Hell’s Fury Designed by Mankind’s “ Ignorance of Nature “
Who’s here to help us “ Marshland Security “ ASPCA “, The Government??

          Inspired by " Team POETRYSOUP'S Contest "Gulf Oil Spill"

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Eternal Spring

With each stone,
A certain size,
A distinct color,
Water flows gracefully
Over each backbone of the brook.

Along the brook,
The water is pristine,
Yet calm and quiet,
Rolling over stones
And pebbles, the water streams into
A natural spring.

The spring dwells
Eternal life,
Once drank,
Life everlasting.
Offering life after passing.

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Patradoot or The Messenger 17/Many

Patradoot or The Messenger17 /Many 
English version by 
Ravindra K Kapoor 
Originally written in Hindi by my 
Late father Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor

Description of TRIVENI or ALLAHABAD  known as  SANGAM CITY.

All around on the Ganges bed, you would find the plantations,

Of  water melon, cucumber and sweet melon, being grown by farmers, 

And village girls would be singing amid them, dear letter,

While watering these plants by taking water from river Ganges.

Some where, you would see the devotees taking bath,

In the holy river Ganges in groups,  like musical notes,

At some place you too may get lost for a while,

To see them lost in meditation of their Gods, dear letter.


Kanpur India   10th June 2010                              to continue in 18

Protected as per Poetry Soup’s copy write protections 

If any reader who is not a member of Poetry soup
has any question or queries, they can 
send me an email on

Patradoot in Hindi was originally written by my father late
Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor in 1932, when he was imprisoned
by the British, as he was fighting for India's freedom 
under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. After India’s
independence as a true follower of Gandhi Dr. Amar Nath 
Kapoor left active politics and devoted rest of his life in 
writing easy mass literature and wrote many Dramas, 
Poetry books, epics. All his other literary 
works were mainly written from 1955 to 1990. 
He left this mortal world in 1994. 


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Bluegills, Turtles and me

Walking onto the dock it tilts to the right, creaking,
Old, graying wood and metal sinking into the muck.
Each year we venture in the water to raise it up, 
watching out for Jaws the giant snapping turtle.
An ancient turtle the size of a hub cap lurks under our dock. 
I stand at the end looking into the lake, the blue gills are neatly lined up.
The kids named them last year, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
It’s spring, the water is clear. A bullhead snuffles in the mud
Searching for something to eat. 
There are a few turtles noses poking up a short distance away.
Checking out to see who’s here, smiling, I think they are the
Nosy old women of the lake. 
I throw in bits of white bread and watch the fish compete
For these morsels. I feel as though I am giving them a treat.
Watching them as I do, I admire their subtle colorings.
It’s calm on the lake, peaceful, 
For now I can appreciate the beauty of these fish.
My kids haven’t named this years batch of panfish, yet.

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Wake up O Inhabitants of this Earth Part I

Wake up O Inhabitants of this Earth 

Wake up O, inhabitants of this earth 
The darling children of Almighty God
You may be living in any region, country or state
In any land, Buildings, farm house or on a river bank
On hill tops, on plateaus, in plains or in deserts without rains
Or you may be living in the remains of a green valley
On in any of human’s most dear concrete jungle homes
Or may be in the icy Greenland
Wake up O, the inhabitants of this earth 
O’ darling children of Almighty God
We are in the process of eliminating 
Our four billion years old dwelling venue
In around four hundred years only

The Earth was built and filled by Nature
By the labor and patience of many million years
What great miracles we have done on Earth
In just four hundred years only 

We have stolen the God given treasures of Earth
And have destroyed the most precious among the gems 
Its peace, quietness and tranquility 
Replaced by wars,  explosions, noises, unrest and anxiety 
And have damaged beyond immediate repairs 
The priceless God given shield of Ozone 
Which hangs much above the earth in the sky
And has protected us as a Savior like God
But destroyed by humans like 
fools destroying  its own Paradise 

But what humans have done to our most beloved Earth 
In the last one hundred years is the real threat 
To all the darling children of Mother Nature 
Dear to us as Air, Water and Earth
They are in the danger of global warming
Which is the result of the misuse of knowledge 
And blindly exploiting the Air and Water and Earth
To meet our never ending needs, luxuries and whims 

                                                       be concluded


Kanpur India 9th December 2009 
*Jheels ( A Hindi word means Lakes)
*A singing bird of India like Nightingale

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Sea of Souls

I see the sea of souls
overturned n washed away
I see their loss of love churning them 
toward the undertow
Their anguish bubbling to the surface
forming foam
poetry soup

Watching &
wading in this
slick of sadness,
i intuit my sinking in the sand.
Not from sheer weight 
but by all the hands
grabbing my ankles
trying to pull me in

The mother in me
wants to scoop them up
one by one
& sing them
sweet lullaby’s

The mother in me
Wants to cast a spell,
To calm the oceans,
To form shells
around their tender youth
Nd protect them 
from further lures

You see....
i have been in that frigid water many a time
It is where you & i have to go to die
& yet I know as sure as the rising n setting sun
we will all gladly walk that plank again
(Even if it means another mini death)

From under the water i must look like a God
An unattainable form bathed in light
an unattainable happiness out of reach
....what you cannot have
But, it is just i,
a simple caring soul 
gathering your words and hopefully you

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A Ride Down the Thousand Islands III

A kayak floats on the glassy water
through the maze that is the Thousand Islands. 
Water drips off the paddle as it rises in the clean air.
A breeze pushes the kayak through the labyrinth of islands.
No sign or sound of cars, buildings, or people.
It is a part of Florida that is still green.
Wild, the world as god meant it to be.
A stingray races by the boat towards an unknown destination

the kayak turns the corner of an island ever so slowly.
Tree branches hover over the water forming a canopy

low enough to stand and reach out,
to pluck a reluctant leaf from its home.
The crisp leaf crumbles as it is grasped.
A sweet smell emanates from the trees
replacing the smoky aroma of civilization.

No factories, pesticides, or overpopulation
Trees grow on their own giving off oxygen
Birds gathering without fear of things they can’t understand
Fish swim carefree no garbage floating in their way

The kayak paddles on, past the floating island and its canopy.
A juvenile little blue heron yells for its mate 
wading in the water three feet away.

The oar is placed across the bow 
the kayak drifts on in silence.
A brown behemoth emerges from the depths.
The sea cow basks in the sun 
close enough to reach out a hand and rub across its slimy skin.
Consider touching it, but hold back.

Man already destroyed everything he touched.
It is not for us to cause more damage.

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Loon Song

Motor is nudged to life in an arcing motion, arm pulling 
cord. Vein-furrowed hands grasp the fishing pole, 
slinging bait and tackle beneath one arm. Another 
arcing motion, arm casting pole. Bobber spins 
a helicopter course through sun-nipped air.
Loons call a soulful greeting, the moans of centuries'
separated lovers in mourning. Time trickles through
the notes of their songs. Meanwhile, bass glide
with their loud-mouthed sass,
perch and blue gills play tag. A lone 

blue heron bills the murky depths for lunch.
Man baits his hook, readjusts his hat. Eyes squint 
into the dark undertones of the pond. He casts 
his pole, a fermata in the song of the loons. When this man 
was a boy, he drove the spires of the Rocky Mountains, 
frequented the five-and-dime, nuzzled 
a nightly routine next to his wife, who mothered six children, raised 
in a house far away from any pond. They bustled themselves 
along through school as well as any fish pouncing on 
supper-flies, dabbing napkins to the corners 
of their mouths. This fisherman sliced their steak, knotted their ties,
held their hands crossing the street 
until they were old enough to 
mail college resumes,
pay for first dates.

Five years, 
fifteen years, 
thirty-two years and here is Granddad,
with his child's toddler learning to walk in the bowed
belly of his fishing boat. They stumble, 
clanging clumsy feet on the metal, frightening 
the fish away. The old man bends low, 
a note in the song of the loons.
He places the toddler on two feet, guides her hesitant steps,
each pendulum swing carrying them a moment
further toward separation. In twelve years, the grown child
bends low, a note in the song of the loons, to kiss her
grandfather's forehead, as he casts off on his helicopter
course of afterlife.

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Into the Blue

She was a 40 foot Bermuda-rigged sloop,
with linen sails a mahogany deck and
brass fittings; he took the east wind out 
of Key Largo, as the dawn picked up the 
spray and pitted his tanned face,

dolphins and flying fish, played with the hull,
trying to beat  each other in a race to pierce
the blue brine: nothing was like this, and nothing
was like doing this, and a wry smile stretched the 
flesh of his leathery face, now massaged by the 
warm leeward-wind

the heat haze threw up mirrors at the hull sides, 
mixing the dazzle of the ocean gaze with the press 
of the impatient sea; it’s fecund smell and the glare
of the polished wooden deck, fired in to his senses, 
mixing sounds, heat and water; a maelstrom of ocean 
and then he and the boat, peeled off into the blue forest 
of sea and sky,with a heading for Havana  set.

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Growing Older

I am nothing but a raindrop Sliding down the path of life I feel in the beginning I was pure I was wholesome but as time went by I collected dirt I lost myself along the way And now I need only look back to see Parts of me that rubbed off On the world Sometimes I feel lost and afraid Feeling like the path I'm on is predetermined And perhaps that's exactly what life is Maybe we're all sliding down predicted paths To what will likely be similar ends It's not as if I'm the only raindrop on this path For there are millions of raindrops just like me Yet each raindrop tells a story In the pathway that it leaves behind And perhaps one day my story will be told Or maybe I'll fade insignificantly Yet all I can do is keep sliding down this path The fear of the unknown is always there And perhaps that's exactly what life is We're all fighting our own demons Hoping to defeat them before they defeat us And perhaps every raindrop loses part of who they are We only need to look back to see But what rubbed off someone else Has become a part of who we are I feel that maybe in the end I'll be pure again And I'll be whole with a lifetime of experiences While the dirt will be cleansed I am nothing but a raindrop Sliding down a windshield

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Reflections Of The Lake

          Reflections Of The Lake

Mirrored by a morning light
Rendered thoughts upon the water
Service of the bank reflects the day as cast
I study the smooth dark structures beneath the surface
Suspecting they are lonely stones gathered
Or aligned against me in that order
They wave back in rippled joy
Lending comfort to my solemn void
And barren trees about me
Simply swaying to the breeze of nature’s way
Birds dip in their ablution to the shore
Calm voices below the surface 
Glimmering colors, shapes of gliding fish, lake voices to be sure
That signal, come closer for the warmth
It’s time for things to change in the glare of sun’s impressions 
Hypnotic on my eyes window to the soul  
I turn at lakes command 
And roll right in

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The hidden world

The tunnels go deep in this hidden world.
Crawling along on ones belly to places unspoiled.
Thundering giants walk overhead.
The earth trembles as you lie down to bed.
The rains come to spoil your rest.
Back to the surface would suit you the best.
Rivers of water then flood your home
As you look for high ground with dire concern.
Escaping to live for another day; 
the sun dries the earth and leads the water away.
Forcing the earth to open once more, 
You look for a place you’ve never explored.
The ground trembles and a steel wall blocks your way
And you’re brought to the surface riding a spade.
Your pulled from your home and placed in a jar
Then gently laid down in the seat of a car.
You travel for miles then come to a brook
Where you’re taken from the jar and placed on a hook.
Don’t be so concerned, such is the life of a worm.

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Surviving Life

The water felt good.
I fell from where I stood.
Knees are both weak;
Been under a spell for a week.
Now that it was broken,
I'm left shaken.
In the water I sunk,
Letting my body get drunk.
I needed some more;
I wanted so much more.
Took the dose
Until I overdose.
It started with one,
Now I'm never done.
It takes everything away.
Leaving me numb for a day.
Forgetting the pain,
Happiness, I hope to gain.
In my mind was a vast space
Couldn't remember my own face.
I felt so very high
Not thinking it was all a lie.
Believed I am free,
That my troubles had let me be.
I took every pill
Until I lost my own will.
A friend is what it seemed
In a promise of bliss it beemed.
I couldn't accept my fate
And for a time I lost my faith.
That night, in the hotel room;
And after, in every other room.
Over and over --
Til I could no longer remember
How it felt to be pure;
Or if I ever was, I wasn't sure.
Touch that made my skin crawl
Stares that made me feel small.
I wanted to forget and not feel
Hoping nothing's real.
I let myself drown in ecstasy
For a while I lived in a fantasy.
Until one day,
In the middle of all the dissarray,
I saw the son I hold dear
In his eyes there's only fear.
I knew then for a time I was lost,
His fears touched me the most.
I had to do something
For him I'd do anything.
I took the easy way out,
This I knew without a doubt.
So I took each pill
Flushed it down as I stood still.
I know I will get better
For my son deserves better.

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O' Sandy

As we lay beneath the moons glare
A simple look will never prepare
It seems quite
It seems peaceful
Without the light nothing appears displaced
Only that sight is a lie, not really a sight
The suns arrival comes with the truth
Now we can see what needs to be seen
It disguises as if it was a dump
Yet, it never was the place of any garbage
A day ago it was a living society set with a stage
The performance came her name was sandy
The audience took her act to heart
She took lives
She took memories
She tore us all apart
A scary performance, always to be remembered 
Now to fix up, the damage that was widespread

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Once I was a Prince - Part Two

Once i was a prince in your eyes my every wish granted
        even before I could wish it
eevaa peerankal muuvaa maruntu
the hot kuul boiling complaining in the chessman earthenpot
your apparent fear that the nextdoor neighbour woman might begin her daily chant of your ancestors’ drawbacks failings mishaps for fear that my still sheltered ears might tire of your village ways tire of the lack of other comforts running water showers toilets for fear that your native untutored tongue might sound too outlandish to my ears
     your pain perpetually shrivelled between your brows notching your fine flanking nose

Once you touched me
         for I had not risen at the appointed hour for my ritual bath
the huge cauldron of water simmering on stacked bricks
   for you daren’t let me expose my yet-unscorched skin to the mild chill of early morning dew rising in the torrid heat your full palm cupped protectively across my forehead held a fleeting moment longer than necessary in the freshly carpented wooden cubicle you had had made for me where I slept within fresh crisp cotton and soothing silk torn no doubt from your bridal saree and again you brought it down after wiping off the cooking wet with one edge of your saree the consternation in your all-watching eyes you had no time to hide

i could hear you calling out to the boy passing down the pathway to the ricefields
  your urgent voice pressing instructions
       and the boy then setting the wickerbasket full of corn down on the finesand track and retracing his fleeting steps as the familiar swish swish of bare feet slurping sand fills my ears an urgent call to the Ayurvedic doctor husband now some nights bedded by his concubine
then as the boy returned with the message of the Vaithi’s arrival within the hour the yet other curative orders to have fresh palmyra toddy milked for me then you forbade me to leave the bed dabbed and cleaned me and served me for seven long days on the toddy that made my flesh swell and shine

how you never failed to precede me with the cut palmyra branch
   like a ferocious Saracen - I'd wager - with his scimitar before his advancing lord and master 
every time i took it upon myself to take that narrow footpath into the back compound overgrown with palmyra coco-palm sweet mango guava and papaya and the swordlike rasping grass trembling upright in the low crumbling wind and the thorny touch-me-not ground-hugging folding brush 

(Continued Part 3)

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Reoccurring Dream

I have a reoccurring dream. 
In this dream I am in a wooden shack, dusted and old. 
I breathe suddenly and deeply regaining consciousness 
As though I was in deep thought, yet nothing fills my mind. 
I sit up from a creaky old stool to realize my surroundings. 
I have been to this place before; my footsteps mark the dirty floor, imprinted in the dust. My attention is drawn to a dirty window as the sound of thunder claps around me. 
The sky is vibrant and tormented; 
Swirls of white wrestle the grey clouds as lightening runs across the sky in a beautiful Array colors. Then the smell of fresh rain fills my senses. 
I leave the shack to enter a barren plain, infinite on all horizons 
With the exception of a massive black tree; naked and alone. 
I gaze at the sky once more and a cool breeze flows through, filling me completely. 
The tree now too begins to breathe deeply the cool winds, large and intensely. 
As I walk towards the tree it begins rain. 
The rain drops touch me but I am not wet. 
The dry dirt drinks the rain as quickly as it falls muddying the soil I am walking on, Though my feet are not muddy. My feet imprint the dirt but the mud does not stay, 
Only the wetness of the soil, leaving my feet damp. 
I run towards the tree that now bears a single fruit. 
I reach for it but sobbingly the tree begs me not to eat its only child. 
Disheartened I sit on the ground digging my hands into the dry soil. 
Underneath it is dark fertile earth, but like the mud it does not dirty my hands; 
It gently falls to the ground. In the holes I have dug water begins to pool from the rain, Clear and pure. I gaze into the pools but see no reflection, only the sky above. 
I put my face in these pools and breathe; no water fills my lungs, 
Though water fills my ears. I remove my head from the water and hear no sound; 
My eyes are closed and all is silent. Slowly the water drains and sound returns, 
Thoughts rush my mind and words encourage my tongue; I am awake.

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Water, very deep to immense depths, no sunlight pierces 
down here – blackness.
Coming to the surface, sunshine sparkles magically, 
a myriad of dancing points of light.

Sea monster curling in the rip tide, powerful muscles 
gracefully propelling him seawards – for food.
Salt water covers so much, two thirds of the globe, all this wetness.

Drown if you breathe it, don’t you dare unless you’re a fool. 
To be a fish, man enjoys the sea, diving, sailing 
or simply watching.

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The hand that reaches down to hell
Gets scorched and the hand that 
Reaches up to heaven gets touched.
Hell and high water hand in hand.
Level lake disturbed by the swimmers
Stroke; arm follows arm slicing the still
Water. He daydreams as he glides 
Like an eel, glistening in the sunset.
Hell is quenched by the water he has

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Summer In The Forest

Standing on the deck of a Quebec Eastern township home, Views take my breath away, you are alone in the wilderness. Hints of lavendar, pine and cedar fill the air so fresh and clear, Red coloured earth peeks through spots between forests of green. High on a hill you strain to see the river meander through the valley, The sun kisses the tops of pines, leaving reflections on the water. Only at night does the valley start to reveal its true secrets, Lights peeking through the trees glow down the mountainside. Smoke rises from the chimneys of the hidden homes, Bonfires burn in backyards, voices echo over the air, Rain rolls in with lightening flashing pictures of the scene, Thunder rocks the hills and mist begins to rise from the trees. Revealing the roadways where the water evaporates on the tar, Showing the winding pathways to the hidden houses in the forest, Then the sun shines bright bringing the forest back to life, Leaving only the earth, water and air as it was meant to be.

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Watery Coffin

I look into my child’s eyes
Brown pools of innocence
And I see my reflection
A silhouette of heartbreak
I want to go back in time
I want to hold her tighter
I need to tell her I love her
And I’ll never let her go

But I did that fateful day
Repeatedly I screamed her name
My movements were slow
Everyone else was frozen in time
The water felt like quicksand
My enemy in my time of need
Waves crashing, distancing me
With each fall, they laugh at me

Another soul they are about to steal
Adding to their marine collection
My cries, fearful, they go unheard
The seagulls fly past, mocking me
I keep running in slow motion
Like I’m sloshing through molasses
The unbearable pain in my chest
My heart gone by ocean’s erosion

The salt fills my lungs, burning with fire
Panicking in despair, I see her body
Downturned, arms outstretched
Flying with the ones that took her from me
I beg her to breathe, I demand that she listens
I call her name in frustration
But she never responds to me
Her silence torments my ears

I hold her in my tight embrace
I tell her I love her…baby, I love you
I want to see her smile at me
I try to rewind time but it refuses
The twinkle in her eyes, darkened by death,
Reflects overwhelming heartbreak
A paralyzing sadness turned into numbness
The water took two lives that day.

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The art Of Spring

Bright blue skies on a spring day
Fulfills my horizon
Blue birds and robins pass me by

Mountain, trees, and animals
Priase God Abroad
The frsh air bring forth calmness
A quiet serene a waits my soul

Red orange and violets
Represents God's glory
Flowers slowly rise with the sun
And water crickets sings songs of glory

Fresh water arises with the scent 
Of of sweet savory of God's spices
Beach rolls in the lazy tide
I sit back and enjoy it all

The art of spring is glorification
Of all tings God created
He's the world famous artist


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Smashing Fun

A hot and humid summer day
The kids got bored so easily
Filled balloons for a water fight
On the trampoline it did start
The three young kids, so much delight
Orange ones, green ones and yellow too
Hundreds spread all around
Bouncing high for all to see
Like popcorn popping in a pot
Balloons go crashing
Children jumping
Chasing memories all day long
Laughter, screaming, summer fun
Running wild is what it's all about

Children, water, what a treat
Boredom gone, the kids all soaked
Another perfect afternoon

Time for lunch dad just said
The kids got other plans
When he comes out with all the food
They bombard him with water balloons

Open Free Verse Contest

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A Ride Down the Thousand Islands I

A kayak floats in lazy elegance
through the vastness of the Thousand Islands. 
Water drips off its paddle as it rises in the air.
A breeze pushes the kayak through the maze.
No sign or sound of cars, buildings, or people.
The world as god meant it to be.
A stingray races by at amazing speed
the kayak turns the corner in a graceful manner.
Branches stretch over the water forming a canopy
low enough to stand and reach out
pluck a reluctant leaf from its home.
The crisp leaf crumbles as it is grasped.
A sweet smell replaces the smoky aroma of civilization.
Paddling on, past the floating island and its canopy.
A juvenile little blue heron yells for its mate 
wading in the water three feet away.
The vast serene painting of a world absorbs 
stress and with great speed throws it away.
The oar is placed across the bow 
the kayak drifts on in silence.
A brown behemoth emerges from the depths.
The sea cow basks in the sun 
close enough to reach rub across its slimy skin.
Consider touching it, but hold back.
Man already destroyed everything he touched.
It is not for us to cause more damage.

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As it falls I see the mist from splattered drops
bouncing off of the rooftops
flooding streets and flowing free
sometimes I wish those drops were me
a life seemingly short but go's on and on and on
recycled drops of water that are never really gone
an adventure every time they are released out of the sky
falling toward the earth, pretending they can fly
and when they hit the earth they will feel no sort of pain
and they'll jump right back in line eager to take the fall again.

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I see the oven lit from the center of the earth
The heat forcing apart the egg's brittle shell
And into the liquid sea of wrath, like mad birds
Diving for the fish by gravity's default, the crust
In scraps dissolved as things fall apart. Another scene
The towers falling amidst the dismal grey. 
Babel is more than confusion, much, much more
The citadels of the human heart that roar and roar
Where the wind thresh in them, the howling winds
Of our eternal emptiness. After the towers were gone
I remember clog after clog of protoplasmic ash
Moving frantically like bubbles when flood waters churn
And there was no distinction with humanity again,
For class and creed was dissolved in pandemonium and fear
And we were barely specters in the livid air.
Worse, worse, the final coming of the curse
The beast out of the waters bowels making travail
Then the silence, the dark barren chaos of silence
Water upon water and land and mountains gone
And the water like the great football of the cosmos
Shuddering like another Leda for deity's coming
And the fire muted, blind, crippled, annihilated
And the morning stars singing sweetly that new song.

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Passing by The Moss Covered Rail Tides

Passing by the Moss Covered Rail Tides

The sound of the flowing water
Eases my stressed mind
As it rolls over the rocks
Passing by the moss covered rail tides
It flows so smoothly
So free
No concern for its destination 
Flowing along so freely
To a place it does not know 
Though anxious to arrive
I envy its freedom 
Its smooth flowing way
For I want to lay in it
Flow along on its merrily wild ride
From shore I watch
Drip by drip
Watch it flow by
As it rolls over the rocks 
Passing by the moss covered rail tides

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The Showers

No air, no space, no light
water gone, food gone, people gone
He can’t take it much longer – 
might go crazy.

He thinks it’s a dream,
a hallucination
the train has stopped.

Reality sets in as quickly
as it seemed to have faded.
The doors are ushered open
by bullets and shouting.

Left!  Right!  Stop!  Leave it!
His dignity is stripped away with
every piece of clothing he takes off.
At least water is coming soon.

Do you think the guards would
notice if he drank some?  They 
would probably laugh at him.

No air, no space, no light

He holds on to the reassurance
of a shower when he should
be preparing for death.

His water never came,
the showerheads never
sputtered to life -- 

This was written in response to the horrors of the Holocaust: Jews transported in 
cattle cars, told they were going to get showers, but then killed by way of gas.

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Who dares to take this life from me, Knows no better: Parts One and Two

               for Eric Mottram

           "Nur wenn das Herz erschlossen,
            Dann ist die Erde schön."


An important thing in living
    Is to know when to go;
He who does not know this
    Has not far to go,
Though death may come and go
    When you do not know.

Come, give me your hand,
Together shoulder and cheek to shoulder
We'll go, sour kana in cheeks
And in the mornings cherry sticks
To gum: the infectious chilli smiles
Over touch-me-not thorns, crushing snails
From banana leaves, past
Clawing outstretched arms of the bougainvilias
To stone the salt-bite mangoes.

Tread carefully through this durian kampong
For the ripe season has pricked many a sole.


                               la la la tham'-pong
Let's go running intermittent
To the spitting, clucking rubber fruit
And bamboo lashes through the silent graves,
Fresh sod, red mounds, knee stuck, incensing joss sticks
All night long burning, exhuming, expelling the spirit.
Let's scour, hiding behind the lowing boughs of the hibiscus
Skirting the school-green parapet thorny fields.
Let us now squawk, piercing the sultry, humid blanket
In the shrill wakeful tarzan tones,
Paddle high on.the swings
Naked thighs, testicles dry.

Let us now vanish panting on the climbing slopes
   Bare breasted, steaming rolling with perspiration,
      Biting with lalang burn.
Let us now go and stand under the school
    Water tap, thrashing water to and fro.
Then steal through the towkay's
Barbed compound to pluck the hairy
Eyeing rambutans, blood red, parang in hand,
And caoutchouc pungent with peeling.
Now scurrying through the estate glades
    Crunching, kicking autumnal rubber leavings,
         Kneading, rolling milky latex balls,
Now standing to water by the corner garden post.

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I see the rain,
Dancing across the sidewalk,
Carefully placing each drop
One at a time,
They flow with each other,
Gracefully and in sync,
As a dance from the heavens
Praising the One who made them,
And as I watch them,
I become hypnotized,
Almost entranced,
By their beauty

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They Will Survive

They Will Survive

A small tent village
Deep in a forest at the edge of town
Men, women and children
Scrounging for food
Eating stuff that other people threw away
The people were important at one time
They cured the sick and fed the hungry
They owned homes and fancy cars
They were rich, poor and middle class
They did nothing to cause this
All they did was live their lives
Scratching an existence for the families
The world changed in an instant
One after another jobs left to Mexico
The money dried up and the stores closed
No food, water or power
Their homes were taken by the bank
Left empty because all of the credit was gone
People migrated in ever growing herds
Looking for a miracle place
With food, water and power
Instead they found a tent and a forest
Tents hidden away from a condemning world
They will survive
Even with no help they will survive
They will survive

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Word Game Conversation (part 2)

to cut down tridents of false truths that men gather ......they peace and plan for 
tomorrow,  but I can't understand why they have such a nothing plan
in power  the rich....they control us all....but who, in the beginning took the fall? 
 it was Adam and not Eve...even though the truth to this Myth is only 
contradictory...I want to discover the entire story
       My version is that the Adam & Eve just proove that man's will                       
betrayed                God            himself for a naked piece of ass
 of Mary Magdaline...of Colassis of Rhodes...of Panic stricken garbage talking 
politicians that we have since known....
 not so simple...located in a dimple of time....that's why I continue to rasp and 
 loss of Innocence ...with fig leaf of no true explanation...I liken to 
the anthropologist...who once said...the Egyptians knew more than history;....

Their knowledge every conglomeration...can only execute 
phases of ordered information ordered by the One quell??  Well, it's much better than an inordinant pre destined 
what the Roman Catholocs take for truth is what they have been shoving down 
the throats of innocents since religion became the rule
which is so much just a ruling tool for those in power over those who have's insane
        I agree
 and I rhyme off into  the eve...just ask me another word......and I'll pull it out me 

 laugh out loud doesnt' qualify

 i'm mister bright side...
        yes, Ur and I really like that
        I'm miss glass half empty but always see the water near, lol
and I'm a water bearer - dear...

        yes, Ur
 an Aquarian to the core..I look towards ways to gradually restore....
Images of gratuitous purity.....or right...the young don't understand security....
 sometimes I think that I think too much....but what does that mean...?   the cause 
and the effect and the in between...
        Sometimes I think too much and  it wasn't really about much it all
in the end....but at the is sublime

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I am standing on the the soft white sand of a beautiful beach, the water so blue it brings tears to my eyes.
A soft gentle breeze tossles my hair.
In my hand I hold a single, bright , shiny, blue balloon.
I look out across the water; the swells of the waves.
Today I think , I am going to fly .
I am going to soar out across that water, feel the freedom, smell the salty water as the sprays dampen my face.
I am truly going to fly.
A smile tugs the corners of my mouth.
I look at the bright blue balloon again and I calmly ask it, "Are you ready?"
"Are you ready to soar, my friend?"
In answer, it tugs gently in my hand.
"Well what are we waiting for?"
I give a hop.
Nothing, hmm.. 
I jog forward and give a little hop.
I burst forward, running and jump as high as I can.
Disappointment fills me.
I drop my head and slowly, with balloon in tow, I begin to walk down the white sandy beach.
The blue balloon again, tugs in my hand.
"We can't do it" I tell it , "It wont work.".
Then, with a smile, I say "We can do it can't we?"
I lift my arm high in the air, the ballloon tugging harder and harder.
Slowly I let my fingers open and watch as my friend starts to lift upward into the beautiful sky.
With a sigh, I close my eyes.
The picture of my blue friend fills my mind.
I spread my arms wide and with him I soar. 

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The Representation of Illumination

 The stories you have heard, sharing a bond between souls and companions.
The dances you have danced, lighting a friendship with every celebration.
The songs you have sung, harmonizing a spirit inside this wondrous land. 
You the ash wood, the catlinite, you the porcupine quills and feathers.
You are the one who betoken the wolves, the lizards, and the black bears.
        	The smoke flows through your stem to my lungs as the wind flows through your feathers. You the ash wood, the porcupine quills and feathers, which elucidate the wolf.
You allow us partake in rituals, which reinforce our beliefs. 
You remind me of the hardships I have gone through, the fight, the struggles.
You emphasize the joy and memories we have had together.
Take me to the content waves on lakes and the moon shining upon them.
Ease my pain, relieve me from my destitution, let me dispatch my ache.
        	Your smoke fills my lungs as I breathe in deeply, then to relax once more
Releasing the translucent swirls to soar in the midst of the starry atmosphere.

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She Was

	She was floating in warm water, watching the heavens.
	She felt her body touched without being touched. 
	She closed her eyes, and submerged.
	She healed her spirit this way.
	She was transformed.
	She knew herself.
	She was whole.
	She was.

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Melting under layers
under waves
of love
swimming in a daze
of pure bliss
memories suspended in time
time standing still
yet replaying again
and again
expressions of happiness
the warmth of a touch
lingering moments slipping
reaching out into emptiness
waiting for more
patiently waiting
sensation draining
knowing but not accepting
misty confusion
Painful gasping
watching everything
receding slowly
into the distance

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It's too early in the gray sky - from french

No one in this morning
The road is deserted,
It's too early under the gray sky,

The veins of my hands,
Salient hands on the wheel
The look Elevated

The white line scrolls,
The colored houses, fled,
Since the curves crossed,

Creeks glimpsed,
The white studs punctuate
the road, pedal to the floor,,

Not any  possible gesture
Just those, tiny,
Extending the machine

According to the gray ribbon
Powered by the wheels

Swallowing the consistency,
of traffic signs,
blurred by speed,

The craft carried by his power,
Shares my drunkenness ...

Almost brought a strength,
Internal and autonomous

The motor flexibility
It shiny metal body,
Discreet comfort inside ...

And suddenly ,this is
At the end of the turn,
This dog,

As an immobile sphinx,
His unexpected question,

The deflected trajectory,
Gravel under the tires,

The crazy slide,
Nothing controls it

Falling universe 
A jump above the parapet,
A single flight without return

Net stopped by an heavy shock
Cons below ...

A brief moment, I remember ,
The covering  waves,
Ebbing, breaking,

Again and again,
Distributing its foam
On the rocks ...

No one in this morning
The road is still deserted
It's too early in the gray sky.


Personne en ce matin,
La route est déserte,
Trop tôt sous le ciel gris,

Les veines de mes mains,
Saillantes,  mes mains sur le volant,
Le regard en plongée,

La ligne blanche qui défile,
Les maisons de couleur, enfuies,
Dès les courbes  franchies, 

Les criques entr'aperçues,
Les poteaux blancs rythment
le trajet, pédale au plancher,,

Plus de geste possible,
Que ceux, infimes,
Prolongeant la machine,

Suivant le ruban gris,
Propulsé sous les roues

Avalant la consistance,
des panneaux  de signalisation,
floutés par la vitesse,

L'engin porté par sa puissance,
Partageant l'ivresse...

Presque porté d'une force,
Interne et autonome,

Moteur en souplesse,
Carosserie brillante,
Confort intérieur discret ...

Et c'est  là soudain,
Au sortir du virage,
Qu'il y a ce chien,

Comme  un sphinx immobile,
Sa question imprévue,

La trajectoire  déviée,
Les gravillons sous les pneus,

La glissade folle,
Que rien ne contrôle,

L'univers qui bascule,
Le bond au-dessus  du parapet,
Un vol sans retour,

Stoppé net par le lourd choc,
En contre-bas...

Je revois un bref instant,
Les vagues les recouvrant,
Refluant, se brisant,

Encore et encore,
Distribuant son écume
Sur les rochers...

Personne en ce matin,
La route est encore déserte,
Il est trop tôt sous le ciel gris.


RC - mai  2014

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We should be as thick as water-we should 

The half-life of the carbon in the waste product of the mollusk on the seafloor is
35913.78 turns of SOL(ace).

We should be like water we should stiffen ourselves against the brutal
elements and wait until the slowly dying star rises over the hill, heralding our
return to softness. 

We should be malevolent, like water we should
erode away the creations of corrupt creatures. 
I can see it now. 

Through the cracks in the foundation the building we worm as liquids do.
then, and here's the crux of it, we
wait until a frost descends-


ICY Expansion as the concrete pops and quakes, a straw to
the camel's back and bring us back to speed.
swiftness and Ionic bonds will serve us well.

Loose not your feeble footing lest you tumble into hell.

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Tuolomne river

I stand on the dock
the wind in my face
looking out at the Cumberland
and I remember
I remember what it feels 
to be a child
Those endless days spent
on that old river in California
The lazy days, with happiness
filling my skin
So innocent and yet knowing
So lonely yet noone knew
The thinking that life would
always somehow be alright
I still feel the sand at my feet
heated from the hot sun
Water dripping from that long braid
the one my mother wouldn't let me cut
The smile on my brothers' face
going down the big water fall
as he lay arrow straight
so it wouldn't suck him under
I was too chicken to go down
My brave big brother.
I feel nostalgia like a sickness
Where did those days go to?
My dad, at the water where he was happy.
My mom, young and able to run
she always played with us
The tualome river
beautiful in the summer sun
So moving and so much a part
of what shapes me
My love for the water
My love for the sun
Oh yes, I remember.

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The Elementalist

He stands there in the falling rain
At the knees of his master
Clutching his Book of Elements
And knowing where he stands in the night

He mutters the words,
Inaudible to the thunderclaps
And as the water beads off
Feels his body grow cold

He collapses to the ground
And begins to boil
His spirit is of water
And he rises up in a wave
Human in existence
But unbound to any particular form

His master tought him well
Though now he be immortalized in stone
The elementalist is strong
And he knows it too truly

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Quiet Waters

Streams of blue fluid 
Flows downward 
As fragile carcasses decay 
Without a peep of a sound

We’re in the brink of disaster… 

Who invited such fear and anguish?
Who could lead us to quiet waters?

We bleed…
Polluting the waters below us… 
Trickling down the mountain
To our filthy feet…

Cleansing the sin off of our skin
But, it’s tangled from deep within…

The eeriness breaks 
The hearts of a thousand strangers
They all fall away powerlessly… 
Into the chambers of death 

Danger is lurking in every corner…
Pursuing its evil plans
To cut down our hopes…
Growing like crops… 
Rising rapidly –  
It never stops

Dreams of misfortune still 
Rapes our minds,
Plaguing our happiness… 
Consuming the darkness…

We’re sprawling on the ground…
We’re crawling like infants…
Veering briskly like serpents…

Who will set our souls free 
From suppression?  

Who will preserve our hearts?
Don’t prey upon our 
Guiltless lives… 
We’re in complete agony… 
Does He consider 
Our prayers  
Of support and nourishment? 

We scream…
Breaking the repulsive solitude…

Encourage us to keep on 
Trekking toward Your light

Where’s Your path?

You rinse off all of the sorrow 
Giving us a ecstatic tomorrow 

The weeping ceases…
While the corpses 
Tear into 

The faith of a couple of people
Strengthens us…keeps us motivated…
Not captivated…
In misery…
We’re reaping our 
Leading us to peace and fortune 
Keeping us accustomed
To Your purifying spirit…
Keeping us away from 

We’re hungry… 
Our demise is close at hand…
Closing in on us abruptly 
Like an obscure cave…

Rescue us from affliction –  
Embracing downhearted clouds…

Those wretched clouds…

Brought us rain when we asked for bread…

Those merciless clouds…

Spewed out scorching fire when we asked for relief…

Remember our supplications… 
Appalling lightning’s daring to strike us  
Out of cruel vengeance 
Out of sheer amusement 

Don’t even attempt to weaken us
We’re blossoming in joy…
We’re under cover… 
You can’t manipulate us 
Like a subtle toy 

We’re praying for
Quiet waters

Offer the deceased 
A second chance

Don’t disown 
Our broken lives

We’re not alone…

We’re just waiting until
The quiet, glistening waters
Gratefully arrives…

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Walking along the beach on a Saturday morning
I can see the sun smiling from the horizon
The weather is cool and the water is calm
I can feel the gentle hands of sea breeze caressing my face
There are so many people doing different activities
Men and women lying in their shorts and bikinis ready for sun bathing
Young boys and girls in the water swimming and having fun
Little kids on the beach building castle of sand
The dogs are running around barking wildly in excitement
Where ever i look i see beautiful people with smile on their pretty faces
Life seems so perfect just walking along the beach on a Saturday morning.

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Almost everyone weeps

In the distance I hear soft music on the radio.
The air is still and silence holds us
In her arms.
Quiet Sunday morning
Rode past the field where geese rested
Looking from far away
Like a flock of pigeons
In the sun.
See so many different kinds of brick,
Angles of rooftops,buildings haphazardly
Added to before planning laws.
I sit and watch the people pass,
Some happy,one weeping though she assured me
It's merely an allergy;
An allergy to loss?
Yes,I'm allergic to loss.
Loss makes my eyes water and my nose run.
Where does all that water come from?
Pass me your handerchief,mine is a ladies
Since men must work and women weep
Surely we should have the biggest hankies?
Men can wipe their nose on their sleeve
As long as they are not wearing their hearts there!
Or they might consider sharing hankies.
How kind;for at times, almost,
Every one weeps.

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Chernobyl Gases

Hearts irradiated gasp
Neutrons scatter at the clasp
Architecture crumbles heaven
Kremlin scrambles level seven
Xeric tissue lacks retention
RNs wilting for Roentgen

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Standing on the shore, A girl fully clothed with no shoes. Her eyes filled with great suffering.. .lost hope ensues. As she notices the water stretches as far as she can see, her hearts implore won't let her be. The sky changes color. First green to blue then gray. Much to her dismay her shattered emotions now egress. "The color gray, the color gray." her tears profess traveling down her face "Oh, why the color gray." A color so dark, so deep, still allowing you to see the depiction of sadness it brings. To the sky, in her heart, buried deep in her mind. In the sky is that feeling. A very isolated out-pour of a feeling.. a feeling she tryed so desperately deny. The tide, closing in. small foamed waves now landing at her feet. It's so cold, the water. Identical to her, how she feels, all she only knows now. Numbness. Weakness. and her defeated soul. Depleted ..A heart is now left with no beat. She reflects on the lost hope her broken heart tried to hide. Seeing within herself the damage it has done. "Love is it" she says in a soft whisper ".. love is it." The disturbance of the oceans song snatched her out of realization. As she listened to the water, as it forcefully emerges hitting the shore and it's rocks with all it's might, as she listened to the water cascade back towards the ocean only to return hitting harder. The ripples and waves. Uncontrolled, involunterily. She is relieved for the ocean is singing the same song. Her song.."Love is it" she mumbled. "It understands how I feel. It knows exactly what I am going through." She smiles. "Love is it. The beating of my heart, with pain constrained inside it. The utmost sadness. Blinded happiness and misguided hope." The heart lies beat-less... No more discursion: Her last thought before submerging her body deep into the depths of ocean. In acceptance. Drowning. No longer standing on the shore. A girl fully clothed with no shoes.

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Something Came Between Us

This feeling is like stepping my foot into muddy water.
The sight of you makes stormy clouds cry tears.
Once, you were my flower and I was the water that kept you healthy.
When I touch your skin, it’s rough like a granite surface.
Why are you here? Why do you make me feel this way?
I remember when you and I were one—like a water drop resting on a coin’s metal surface.
We were once a unit, a team, like a pair of shoes—point is we were adhesive.
But what came between us?
Was it you?
Was it me?
No—it was neither of us, because what came between us was death.
I stand in front of your stone grave; on this stormy day; my umbrella half broken.
My shoes, muddy from standing for so long in front of your resting place.
I gather strength to kneel down next to your tombstone, to touch your name and place my flowers--I wish it were your skin I was touching ever so gently.
I walk away and I hear myself say---one day, we will soon be together again.

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a sultry summer night
exposed-- unclothed
sinking into velvet
body twirls as fingertips
echoing aqua circles by

flash of silver flies high lands in darkened flora the ring that binds lost love in a maze of undergrowth ambiences swim into reality wet feet trip on slippery tiles in hasty panic searching torch on hands and knees in shrubbery pain ignored as ring unearthed precious gem worth broken toe © Kim van Breda-- March 2014 ( True story.. and yes.. my left baby toe is really sore..) :)

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Hurricane Warning

               News people swear it
will consist of water from the sky
and high winds. 

Everyone panicks.
lining up in stores like Nazi's
BOTTLED WATER is a must...
              bombarding the cart full

A little spice in the soup pot and
the headless chickens flail

The wind has shattered tree's
The rain smacks your roof
The precious lights 


Everyone is fine

But another great conversation piece can 
be talked about for days and weeks
Ensuring your friends 
                you thought you might need to evacuate 
                your wife was worried
                your children cried for TV 

A first tragic event in the 
households memory.

Never having to hear children
cry due to blown off limbs
Mothers being raped 
like savages
Bombs falling like rain

               for nothing.

"Those things must just be in the movies" 

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No ground to stand on

paint a picture of a landscape thats surreal to reality
a place that you could never imagine
where water flows to the sky
and the rain comes from the ground
no trees for cover
no mountains to gaze at
just water flowing through the ground
ripping life away from all it encounters
in this picture there is no ground
no solid place to fall on
its just a free fall to no where

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Resurrection of the People

The water from my eyes makes it difficult
to see the future, blurring the present with the past.
This past has created the path for my eyes to follow. 
Stories told of anger with pain, tales 
of separation with secrets. Betrayal,
a condition of enlightenment or civilization.

All is not lost,
forgotten or forgiven.  Stories remind us
of tears shed while anger reddened the eyes.
Strong and silent were the survivors, twisted
and loud were the traitors, weak
and confused were the casualties. But
all became the victims.

Remembering the past to ensure the future.  Lessons learnt
through sacrifice, tales become the visions for
our youth, as a baby cries out a legend.
Its’ screams are heard by all the people, the child’s tears 
are not wiped away, for they carry hopes and dreams.
They are harvested to water the seeds of change, mixing
with the sweat of determination, life
can now grow once again.

The infancy of a soul now grows toward
maturity of the mind.  Teachings held dormant spread
like a wild dance set forward by musical
voices of inspiration.  Many
children are born with scars of the past, yet
heal their parents with visions of the new dawn.  Even now
the ripple of inspiration flows from the rebirth stone, cast
into the lake of the people.

The glare of spirits awakened rise to greet the new
sky, where there is no shame and no hidden agenda.
But only minds gazing unto the dusk of despair.

The people are healing…

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They say when life gives you lemons you make lemonade
That's the saying, right?
But what about all the other parts we need
Like water to give it life
To make it more that just lemon juice
And sugar to give it sweetness
Making it worth the wait
But making lemonade isn't much diferent from creating a nice life
The lemons symbolize our sour terrible lives
The water symbolizes how much it can purify and keep our lives flowing
But we all need that sugar to make life sweet and memorable
But most of us lack the sugar
When life gives us lemons
Isn't it just showing us that making lemonade is some what like creating a good life

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May 17

I imagined you sitting there
On your wheelchair
Head to one side
Watching me water the garden
Reaching out to touch the bougainvillea
Smiling your crooked smile
The water gushed from the hose
And from my eyes
I miss you
Especially today,
Your birthday
Right on the eve of mine
And you aren’t here, Mama
You aren’t here.
I lost you too soon
Too soon, Mama
I’m not talking about the day
You passed away
I’ m talking about growing up
Knowing that illness was eating away
Your life
Your hope
Your dreams
Your passion
Your joy
I grew up seeing the blood
The burns
The stiches
The lopsided smile
The hazy eyes
I grew up hearing....
The coughing
The slurred speech
I grew up knowing
That I’m losing you
I remember the afternoon
When you looked at me and said,
“You’re afraid, afraid I’m going to die, aren’t you?”
I heard the catch in your voice
And all the fears I’d held back
Came gushing out
And you held me as we both cried
Knowing….our birthday celebrations together
Would be limited
Today is your birthday, Mama
May 17….tomorrow it’s my birthday
May 18…and through it all
I remember you
And I miss you
And I want you to know
All the things that are happening in my life
But you’re asleep…waiting for the wakeup call
To be free of your wheelchair
Of your prison
Mama, we’ll celebrate life together in heaven!
Soon, Mama!
It will be soon!

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After All This Is Holi

  Wash all worries in clear water.
  Forget all that teases.
  Leave all loads of life.
  Mix all colors to make one.
  Color even those you don’t know.
  Scream loudly, out of joy.
  Throw color and water.
  Shout, enjoy and play merrily.
  Make a new start,
  After all this is ‘Holi’.
  *Holi  : An Indian festival of colors


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The Night of the Long White Words

Angel flesh on the writing table, 
hooked on tempered divine,
lifting, blade to blade, raphe to crura, 
gray flowing over white, moving fast 
to quiet water loud water quiet water, 
the cakes and creams and pleasures of butterfly lips, 
violets woken from dusky sleep, 
marigolds plucked leaf by vibrant leaf, pale daffodils 
watered by saliva, words naming parts 
worked together from higher orders of geometry, 
serpentine salvation in the gut, 
bodies in tandem transit become torrent,
become ecstasy.

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Last night's dream

Wandering in a desolate desert
The sun above shining so bright
Searching for water in the mirages
To soothe my parched tongue
Walking on the hot sweltering sand
I am ,with my blistered feet 
My skin drenched in my own sweat
My cheeks wet with painful tears
My body lost its last drop of water
Fell unconscious under the merciless sun
To my surprise ,I woke up on a flowery bed
Scented with exotic orchids
My ears hearing the music of a rustling brook
Opening my eyes to a different scenery
My heart got filled with ecstasy
Soothing morning Sun I could see
In a beautiful pink sky
Trees filled with blossoms all around
The water of the brook so clear,
Shimmering in the morning light
I walked up to the brook 
Placed my wounded feet in it
Magically they were healed
Healed also was my restless soul
I felt at last ,I reached my destiny
Then suddenly bells started ringing
A shrieking ringing bell I heard
Startling me out of my bed
It was my Alarm clock 
Wiping sweat from my brow
I remembered last night’s dream
I had experienced heaven and hell
In just one night, for sure


written for the contest 'in dreams'

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The heat of the water burns my skin 
And Yet I remain cold within
The water streams down my face
Like a quiet creek 
Quickly coursing
Falling softly where my tears should be
All the days that I 
Just want to scream 
To hit something
 To sense relief
All the night I want to disconnect my head
And all the thoughts that you 
Are kept alive within
No tears fall 
Their purpose has been lost
They have been spilt 
For no result
Frustration surfacing
Held together by love
Can’t release anything
Emotions are numb
How heat of the water burns my skin 
And Yet I remain cold within.

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I shutter in awe of her divine shapely figure, 
viewing the bounty of her striking beauty.
I feel so small when I take in her
heavenly visions with my wandering eyes.
As I gaze at her bulging mountain peaks 
and her hollow caverns,
Mother Earth's fertility 
renders me speechless.
What a gracious lady she's been to me,
sharing her tranquil pools of clear water 
and her alluring water falls 
any time that I wish to use them.
How generous she is to 
the mass fleets of towering 
vessels that set sail daily, 
across her vast and mighty blue oceans, 
that pound against her jagged, 
rocky coastlines.
We search endlessly
through out the super novas 
to other limitless galaxies, 
that are trillions of light years away.
Yet no other planet hardly compares,
to our nobel  and fair beauty queen,
Mother Earth.
Let us begin to embrace and cherish,
how lucky we are to spend
our days with such a unique gem.
An oddity in all reallms,
she hangs around in our Milky Way.
She's truly one of a kind,
a lady that's impossible to find 
anywhere else in this universe.
She should leave us all
speechless...every day that we get to live 
in the ample bosom of this rare beauty.
 I wrote this for Earth Day.  It was a calender write.

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Tank with Goldfish

Sometimes we see a glint of gold or red
emitted sudden as a warning through
the greening water of the old square tank outside,
an evanescent wink from just beneath
the awning of the lolling lily pad.

Within this viridescent bulk of water pushing
against the stark and square formality of fibreglass,
the teasing crimson twinkle
frees our eyes from what had become
the prison of their gaze in which they were held
unblinking by the flat rigidity
of unremitting quadrilateral form.

Once more a gleam of carmine charms our eyes
into the still, green patina of this exotic liquor –
another world, so far removed
from our dull logic of normality.

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(Part 1: The South African detective)

The search, I must warn you,
Was led by a Zulu,
A shaman and officer,
‘The pride of Maputo’

Called Mr. Malungo,
They say, ‘a witch he once wed’,
And that he tricked her, just to keep,
The little hili that she fed...

(But the truth, is much stranger,
 for you see, that ‘hili’ was his son,
 and his wife, well, she just left him...
 a bit of muti and a gun) 

And as for ’ubuntu’,
Well, he had it all wrong,
For that term, in izulu, 
Doesn’t mean:’**** you, I’m the one’,

   And so the water mouse,
   Swam against; the trusting current’s dead,
   The foamy figures that beamed below,
   Water mountain stead,
   His little head catching sunlight,
   Dots the liquids edge,
   And as a late, blooming flower,
   Sprouts amongst the round pooling red,

5 divers and 12 gunmen,
Now arranged in Malungo’s shed,
Whispering amongst themselves,
About, the bricks beneath his bed...

Summoned by the State,
To arrest a very sinister louse,
The famed and even ‘imagined’?
...Deadly, ‘Water Mouse’.
Heard of by many,
Seen by so few,
20 dead and counting,
To continue...

PS: Some South African concepts.

“Tsotsi”: means “criminal”
“Hili”: means “demon” (regarded as a sex demon who hides beneath beds that are 
not on bricks and whom grants wishes if caught)
“Ubuntu”: common word in South Africa that means “we are all one”

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Ad hoc

mmm lips are dry should drink some more water
i’m comfortable here it’s warm
more water more restful sleep though
more efficient
six hours is all i’m getting at this point anyway
more restful for less comfort now

of course just enough left in the pitcher to make this a thing
am I really just standing here waiting for the water to filter
worth it still
plant looking a little dry
hey looks like we’ll all be getting a good drink before bed
green mops winking in the shadows
like kids watching through dreamy eyelashes 
father’s silhouette washing up for bed

got to look closely watering without glasses
and just the sole stark kitchen light
going by sound mostly
dribbled again bamboo always fills up quick
but it doesn’t matter big picture

i should write this down at some point
interesting anecdote
connects to life in a real life kind of way

now time for my water 
see how much has filtered
looks low enough
pour slowly so none of those filtered flecks go into the glass
don’t want to give them any funny ideas

So I’ll drink the rest here at bedside.
Writing this very sentence down.
Lights out in the kitchen.
There’s a little black speck a couple more whitish ones.
I’ll drink them anyway.
Finish the story and go to bed.
More restful.

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Natural Scenes

Raining. Ants run to there empires fulfilled
Stones. Lizards into round holes eventually
Chicks covered with maternal quills
Warm away the chilly zone of the great bird of prey
Just as the Catfishes praise their water source for its abundance
Against the long beaky birds
Young brilliant Bob holds with gratitude
His lasting saviour who before then has punished
The now submissive dumb bullies
This annum, grains shall be the name of this
Field, thought the young old farmer as he laughed at his fallow field.

Grasses move rhythmically to the tune of the gentle breeze
In locustal relieve. Above them stood the trees, 
Relieved from the frightening chain saw pollution,
Breaking and gyrating with the whirlwind and also
Being thankful, through its flowers, to
The sojourning agents who have come to help, breed and sing
The parasites live well at last in their unwelcome hosts

The anticlockwise mass looks hopeful
Believes that the application of destructive weapons
By the Sapiens, who have injured its much-adored body
Would stop and that their inter conflicts will be long gone.
That it’s involuntary coughs and sneezes will die down
Is one of its believes 
The greatest light shines in conformity with
The Earth and the Moon as it aids the sky
In the recycle the. willful sky covers the Earth willing 
To give water when the time comes. 
The wind's hot and cold breathe
Still moves around giving life to all hoping 
That its anger comes not at all.
Without much of it they fall down,
Pleasing the long waiting plants with it wets stains
And freezing the plains of the north and south.

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Wedding Day

Wedding day—or day before it—
But always someone else’s;

Someone else’s tears, someone else’s smile.
Three times a bridesmaid never a bride.
Never a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Sister’s getting married they said
Only parents get married I think.

I smile when I see my sister wearing a pretty dress.
She always knew how to turn on charm

Like a switch—or button—or both
As if one I may have had younger, she stole 

Good looks like it was a process—
That’s why I let her paint my nails,

Probably some shade of red.
After the second coat she smiled 
And said to run sink water over my nails 
while they’re still tacky she said

It would help them dry.
My big eyes understand all this

And make serious what was meant as a practical joke.
I go into the bathroom and turn on the cold spout.  
I’ll never forget the refreshing tingle I felt
All the way through to the tender skin under my nails.

This is important business—
Looking good for a good sister.

I hear her giggle in the other room
As spiders crawl up my jeans with the hole in them.

Bugs in my stomach.
They’re laughing because they’re happy
They’re happy now I’m gone out of their way.

Bridesmaids don’t like flower girls 
because they were once young themselves,
and never will be again.

I realize I’m a victim—
That running water over my nails isn’t an important 
Step in the process of beauty
But a means to a cruel ends of getting me out 
Of sister’s way.

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Incidents That made me thankful Life is worth living No matter what! Tuesday afternoon After clocking off from work Flat tire on the passenger side Rushed to Walmart for a new one It is dark and dreary With the impending snowstorm In Seattle. Thanks God, flat tire is nothing compared To a man who lost his life. Wednesday night Before retiring to bed at 12:45am My water heater broke, flooded Have to call 911 Snow is about 8” thick. But, they came as good Samaritans. Thanks God, water heater problem is nothing Compared to a man who lost his life.

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I Once Swam...

I feel I’ve reached the age when
I start to see others fading away
The old get ill
The young get old
It’s as if I’m trying to
Grip water with my bare hands
No matter how hard I try,
It pours out and leaves
A transparent stain on my skin
My grandmother’s voice is frail and distant
My grandfather’s eyes have sagged
His pride seems weakened
These people whom I have come to love
Not because they are family but because they have earned my love
They carry with them the only feeling of home
That I’ve ever felt…
My only sense of belonging
What happens when I lose that?
What happens when I don’t have anyone to remind me of who I am?
Or where I come from?
Or what I stand for?
What happens when I find myself homeless and alone?
With nothing but a distant memory
Like drops of water on my hands
To remind me of the River I once swam in...

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A Haunting of Waters

The year's spring rains were abundant, saturating and immersing us; a haunting of waters. Mother Earth accepted each downpour from her deep abode. Her bosom holds all of earth's waters from brook to abyssal; arteries of creek and river, veins of lake and sea, heart of the oceans.

She sees the clouds grow ripe, feels the coarse and driven wind, hears the weighty rumble of thunder, and waits for lightning's charge to unleash certain fury. She breaths deep in anticipation. A deluge pours forth, mixing with the soil and elements; a baptism
granting absolution to the earth.

Mother Earth drinks her fill, passing the torrent of a night on to the arteries of her being. Some of the cloudburst penetrates deep cracks and fissures in rock, replenishing
well and aquifer. The purity of the gift restores the innermost parts of her being.

A flood swells her arteries past bursting. Fertile soils and banks are lifted, carried and cast forth on new land. She bows, absorbing the water's challenge. Yet, each time her countenance is altered, if imperceptibly. She olds dominion over the waters. Still, she shares them will all life and the eternal sky.

Microbe and mountain. Sea creature and ocean deep. The infinite varieties of earth-bound life, and man. All are sustained, restored, and held in stasis by the waters.

                                                                        A Haunting of Waters

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The Snow

The snow doth fall upon my face

with cool spots of icy water that soon melt from the heat of 98 point 6

The snow fills my bird bath 'til it piles up and creates a dome no bird will negotiate

The river, behind my house flows slower as snow and freezing temperatures begin to solidify the water 

And there is my neighbor, struggling to remove the snow from her driveway

I see her breath as each shovelful advances her progress to the street

Within a few moments her driveway is clear as I whisk my snow blower through the 3 foot berm to the open roadway

She says thank you in her soft and bone chilled voice

I call back,"Merry Christmas".

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A Ride Down the Thousand Islands II

A juvenile little blue heron yells for its mate. 
In a quiet manner, you pluck a reluctant leaf from its home.
This is not the world as god meant it to be.
A stingray races at an amazing speed.
No sign or sound of cars, buildings, or people
That will change.
Low enough to stand and reach out
Crush the vast serene painting the world it absorbs 
It is not for us to cause more damage
The crisp leaf crumbles as it is grasped.
The kayak turns the corner in a graceful manner
Close enough to reach rub across its slimy skin.
A kayak floats in lazy elegance
Stress and with great speed throw it away.
The oar is placed across the bow
A brown behemoth emerges from the depths
Man already destroyed everything he touched
Paddling on, past the floating island
Branches stretch over the water forming a canopy
Water drips as it rises in the air
The sea cow basks in the sun
Wading in the water three feet away
Through the vastness of the Thousand Islands 
The kayak drifts on in silence
Consider touching it, but hold back
A breeze pushes the kayak through the maze
A sweet smell replaces the smoky aroma of civilization

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Spring Showers

The moist air come around once more
to start the new life of nature to be sure
spring showers that cleanses our world.

The snow melts to a degree for it is time to see
a world of wonders for everyone
that needs a spring showers to be free.

The ground gets all soft for things to grow
to be part of this emotional adaptation
is how we should know.

The binds of winter goes away 
to be come a new season to portray 
a wonder of colors and beauty.

The moment has come to use your umbrellas
in many ways can block the showers 
that might drizzle on us to ruin our day. 

Spring Showers Contest
March 25 2013

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Oblivion in Recession

The legs started going,
In my head.
Thought I'd go,
Kept awake with water,
Arrogantly telling myself
I'd stay straight.
Drank gin and wine,
Went out,
Tried to buy more,
Filthy white shorts,
Lost, rolling on lawn,
Somehow got home.
Monday, waiting for offie,
Looked like death,
Fear in eyes
Of passers-by,
Waiting for drink,
Drink relieved me.
Drank all day,
Collapsed wept
"Don't Die on Me."
Next day,
Double brandy
Just about settled me,
Drank some more,
Thought constantly
I'd collapse
Then what?
Fit? Coronary?
Insanity? Worse?
Took a Heminevrin,
Paced the house
All night,
Pain in chest,
Weak legs,
Lack of feeling
In extremities,
Visions of darkness.
Drank water
To keep the
Life functions going,
Played devotional music,
Dedicated my life
To God,
Prayed constantly,
Renounced evil.
Next day,
Two Valiums
Helped me sleep.
By eve,
I started to feel better.
All is clearer,
Taste, sounds,
I feel human again.
I made my choice,
And oblivion has receded,
And shall disappear.

("Oblivion in Recession" first existed as a series of rough notes scrawled on a piece 
of scrap paper in the dying days of January 1993, although I can't for the life of me recall any "Howlings In my head".)

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The bird  that flies  above sustains grace

The water that ripples at a stroke conveys a mystery

The breeze that gently  blows, brings  pleasant vigor

The child who figures out to open a wrap shows diligence

The melody  from afar sails me to eternity

The thunder that nearly breaks the window pane sends imminence

The flowers that first bloom in spring suggest new start

The quietness in a  room encourages creativity

The greenness of the vales and mountains is calming

The greeting from a stranger transmits peace

The smile  from a friend reinforces affection

The first cry of the newborn involves him to the world

The relief after a labor generates a promise of care

The gentle lapping of the waves invigorates vitality

The sound of the gush of water means destiny

The smallest creature on earth is humbling

The first rain in Autumn nurtures fertility

The tiny and soft snow that gently falls in winter offers endurance

The aged couple who walks hand in hand cherishes long lasting promise

A daybreak that bathes the morning dew promises life

PEACE around the world....perpetuates generations

Languages that are muted in the heart are eternal







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Sigh Infinity

Sigh (Infinity symbol)

Your damage leaves a scent like the way gun powder smells
I’m the only store where your hurtful ammunition sells
I'm the ground that carries the weight of your bullet shells
The fireworks fall and rest like confetti
And I know you’ve shot someone already

In the fields where our quenchable love comes first
And the flowers ceaselessly bloom, then burst
When the cravings of earth exhume your thirst
How do we stay here in this hydrating state
Of mind? How can we forever emancipate
Our time? When my world casts me strange,
Will you care that it’s clothes will change?

When the night caressingly undresses space
And the things that made us one tear apart,
When you catch the dreams that you chase
Through the endless corridors of your heart,
Will you remember my phantasmal face?
Or will you forget the words of my sighing art?

When your facing the darkening mirrors of the estuary
And your closest friends revolt the reign that you carry,
When you become an adapting smolt
And you struggle to swim in exult,
Will you still keep the fear of death?
Or will you leave it to your last breath?

When there’s nothing left for my heart to conceal, 
Will you return to me, the life that you steal?
Will you still be here in my need?
When all I’ve got are troubles to bleed?
When the sea pulls me from the deck
And all I’ve got is a ship wreck, 
Will you pull me from the waves like the moon?
Or will you slowly fade away like morning fades to noon?

As you weave the woven waters of the ocean
And everything is washed in the breath of the tide
As you adapt to this chameleon society
And every color you feel is hard to confide
As you weightlessly wade your way
Through calamitous days of time
May the iridescent rays of your heart
Forever reside in a love as boundless as the sky

Through static and steam
We shatter
Through sleep and dream
We scatter
Through the infinite sighs…
We breathe

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What impression would I leave if I asked you to imagine
 Small patches of undulating light reflecting high on a warm wall, 
Only a twig’s space flowing in between them, 
Outlined by the ebb and flow of a softer shadow?
Even behind the shroud of the realization 
That I had yet to open my eyelids, 
The fluid motion reminded my soul 
Of a time I had not yet spent, 
Near  a body of water I had not yet found,
But in a place and time so familiar, so comfortable, 
I longed for a return visit. 
Where the cool breath of the water 
And the mild warmth of the early summer on my skin 
Call me back to sleep, again.

Michael Lewis

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The Image (VA Tech Reflection)

All of the images
Sending mixed messages
Massacring the masses
\while we view hindsight through rose-colored glasses
And all the whispers stop
Silence thick as the sound of a pin drops
Moment of silence for all of the victims
The same silence amongst us that ultimately killed them
And my mind is still filled with the images of tortured beliefs maturing while    
sanity diminishes
Have we become so vain that we missed this?
So obsessed with our vanity that the signs seemed to skip us
And the martyr to this media gluttony is glorified
And in months to come will we still be horrified or just chalk it up experience?
History is just repeating itself
And society is continuously beating itself 
Only bringing consciousness in death until finally there is no one left to care
And no, the world will never be fair, but at least seek for equity in what is left 
And fit our opinions in the boxes that we live that we seem to feel are invincible 
until the water begins to seep in.
Then we begin reaping what we sow
The message that we hear is not in the words but in the breath before the sound
The anticipating that keeps us waiting before the noun; before the verb; before 
the predicate makes us too nervous to respond
And we live in the mentality that if the conductor is gone, the band still plays on
And the American Nightmare formerly the American Dream, that paints the world 
read and focuses on the green; that raises us to become greedy, needy, and 
dependent is obsolete
As it plays on repeat with no sign of completion
Those sticks and stones have turned into weapons
And those words they said wouldn't hurt was all deception
And now we are trying to scramble around and change the thinking
Or mask it as free expression or just media ratings
Debating over the consequences
Not addressing the real problem
Wondering why society is a mess
And the children are hostile
Is it possible that we are the catalyst
And while we fight across the water that at home is where the battle is
But how can we handle this if we continue to live like cattle that is herded by 
statistics while the government keeps us branded.
It is time that we demanded the change we talk about
Fight for the truth and refuse to bough out
Shake the fear of chastisement and the fear of shame
Baptize ourselves in change and be reborn again
With new images of joy
Matted in peace 
Frmaed in a sense of community
And hung with free release
To be viewed by the world 
For everyone to see
The images of themselves

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The sound of water is heard 
The rain falling onto the ground 
Like a giant waterfall 
Where the source comes from nature itself 

The sun hides behind the clouds 
Which have darkened 
Lightning and thunder 
We see and we hear 
The signs of a heavy rain 

I now hear splashing sounds 
I see tiny fountains as water droplets hit the ground 
Muddy puddles form in grassy patches 
Traffic comes to what seems like a standstill 

After the sky has shed all his tears 
Joy and love radiates from the sun 
A new weather, a new cycle 
Water has begun yet another circulation through nature 
As if starting afresh  

Without rain 
we would run out of water supplies 
Crops would not grow 
Famine and drought 
And poverty 

Humanity is no longer troubles or worried of any wrongdoing 
All washed away 
Humanity is cleansed by nature's purifying waterfall 
Dried by the sun's warmth and glory 
We are ready to move on. 

Rain is a blessing.

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Ascent to Heaven or Heaven's Descent

They had measured on close counts,
Before they began his dismount,
All flowers and scents were left behind,
It was only mud that came to mind,
He was a log of wood that had no use,
They were about to consign him as refuse,
They had measured on close counts,
And now had finished his dismount,
They all glumly looked at the innards of earth,
Dug apart so as to be his home and hearth,
They lowered him with care,
Some cried and other shed tears,
Such care they had never shown,
When he was alive full blown,
They left him but he could not,
In years that followed he thought,
And all thoughts were about and their's,
But he lay still there,
Not able to do much,
While lower insects ate him as such,
Twenty yards under the surface,
The earth weighed on him like a mace,
He had volumes to carry,
Every moment without delay or tarry,
In peace he had the quiet,
Under the forceful mud of his burial site,
He was largely unattended,
Only heard anniversary footsteps,
When his thought subject came tending,
There was lot of din,
As one day woke abruptly in,
He could hear the rattling and banging of hammer,
His peace was disturbed and began to stammer,
It was furious and fast,
He presumed it could not be just his nest,
But also his neighbors from first to last,
It was familiar yes very much so,
All the sound and racket on the go,
It was regular and incessant,
As if it was rain rampant,
Yes, clouds up there from above,
Were pouring over his grave,
They sounded angry and irate,
And were determined to drown all gates,
He felt secure under mud,
And there suddenly was a seeping thud,
It was really bad and water had come in tones,
His grave was all definitely drowned,
Now the water had bossed over the earth,
Pressing it hard for the inner most berth,
It was invading the twenty yards,
And approaching him fast,
And he thought will the dead also meet the flood,
The seeping thud was on the first drop,
That fell on his stomach,
He churned as eating insects scurried,
Soon train followed thud after thud,
And then it was a volley of scuds,
His cavity was being filled,
And bones getting viscid and humid,
A coolness spread through rotten carrion,
And went on to turn into a bath for the skeleton,
It bathed him till it was just soaking,
Was it he who had ascended to heaven,
Or the heavens came pouring down to meet him even.

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I am Water

Now my words fall
On your ears
Like water on
The back of a duck.

You swim in doubt
And distrust.

Whereas you have
Become the essence
Of my existence.

I am water all over
And that is the 
Plain truth.

Yesterday, I returned
Home from work
To have you
Sniffing at me
In search of a 
Stranger’s perfume.

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Sunset Beach

Walking on the sands of the beach, feeling the warm grains in between your toes. Seeing the sun slowly going to sleep, the water waves tickle your feet. Watch the setting sun, the colors mesmerize you, you can't look away. wading into the water , washing away your worries, happy as can be.

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Mythological blues

Sometimes, when I step on holy land, my skin breathes flame.

The earth is a bouncing betty.
What sun am I, born of war, drowning in blood;
that pools like mercury?
Thunder bolts in the brain,
messages mistranslated.
                                We forget we're all heroes,
in the true kingdom.
                                There are times when the
Valkyr howl for nights on end.
                                A furious incantation.
Off road, no four wheel drive. There are too many
Electricity runs. It's water in our veins not blood.
So of course water can turn to blood.
Conjealed carbon integration of void
& soil.
What child am I? born of war,
Born of graves and tongue?
What projection of ghosts am I? traveling at light speed
Overlapping tranquility.

Forever misfired in to the heart?

OUr hearts can't take the shock of divinity that drips
on to these pages; my winged combat boots fuel the quest.
I am forever.
                   I am constantly being picked from teeth, scraped
from feet; drank from glasses.
A tree falls with an axe swing; a soul fling.
Seeing how far the soul can stretch before the blade hits.
Bone hollow.

                 Don't you feel me in every molecule of being?
                 Who am I?
Mirror wounded and unhealable, no matter
what the Oracle says....

There is no one.


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When Even The Water Was Blue

Clock striking the eleventh hour and

I sit and watch and wait for your return,

Looking out into the night from my captain's perch,

Remembering you and yesterday,

When even the water was blue.

The lights steal on across the harbor,

Vehicles creep on the distant bridge

Their headlights - search lights in the mist...

Perhaps lighting the way to guide you home, I pray.

I reflect again,

Remembering your smile, your laughter

And again, that yesterday

Even the water was blue.

Now, it and I

Are cold and

Longing for you!

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Our Countryside Liberty

It was a hot summers day, in our garden in the countryside. Sheltered from noisy
cities and towns. Where we are able to approach life so differently. My girl my love, always 
in liberty flow, so enjoying the rays of natures orange orb.

Close by you can hear the cascading of crystal clear waters, eventually reaching 
us after negotiating meandering contours. In this heat you can sense the rocks
secretly smirking, as they are constantly cooled by translucent gifts.

On a blanket of green, naked as birth. Her peachy skin delights the vista that 
captures my eyes. Her blond hair adorned with a daisy chain tiara. She is my princess
my queen. She lays on her back, looks into the clear blue sky that ceilings our above.

As natures rays are absorbed by her delightful shape. She moves, touches as if in a dream
state. Her body reacting with thoughts of unshared dreams as insects buzz and birds sing
as if they are party to her thoughts. Their orchestral notes, their musical score playing
in symphony to her movements.

In momentary gulps of air, Koi carp rise to the surface to share this vista of pure.
Tails splashing as if they have been summoned to be part of the scene, slapping the water as 
if applauding. White water lilies catch the gentle waves, dancing like backing singers
to the sounds of the insects and birds. A gentle breeze catches the tired leaves, as they 
whistle their inaudible notes. As insects dodge their sway to carry on their journey of 

Late afternoon arrives as clouds close the sun, like curtains informing us that the scene
in today's play has ended. Sporadic sounds from distant birds echo, where earlier they were
in riotous volume. The white water lilies are now graced with the gentle undulations of 
the trickling waters as the Koi settle from the frenzied applause. Our afternoon closes.

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Fools Gold

I stand upon my mountain
Dreading the waves which roll upon my shore
An acid that is eroding away at my flesh
Eating the muscle underneath
I have no place to run or hide
Surrounded by such a vast  ocean
Behold the mountain is sinking
Becoming smaller with time
As precious gold runs through my closed fingers
Along with memories of what may of been
I realize that the gold is like water 
And water is time
That I spent foolishly 
Thinking I have an abundance of

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Hissing Flame -raindrop-

Enigma of whispy desire
pulling upon withered soul
gripping flames of yearning 
ever changing 
influentual roles

Hear hisses longingly whisper
raindrop upon flames
rapidly hissing deoxidation
body turns toward sound of rain

Have you ever touched the flames
ever felt the scorching burn 
regret as soon as end comes
ahhh never will we learn

Watched so many perish
from this elusive 
hated drug

having to turn my back on friends
knowing tis my weakness
my deathly love

Thief in the lights brightest rays
goddess cloaked in the darkness
ruling my body 
controlling my heart 
owning my soul

Never to let go
it chains itself to me
yet i have broken away
giving thanks for
another precious day

Two plus years of fighting
my shield being my children
yet my demon always is there

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Stand above sea level, rise as earth shifts.
Watch the land bow, amidst continental drifts.
All that you surround lie in shadows below.
Here hills on active ground, climb to heaven and snow.
These massive creations, are born from plates underneath.
Pushing together, they force the earth up until the mountain has peaked.
The highest of these is mount Everest almost 9 thousand feet to the sky.
Although Ecuador's Chimborazo peak is farthest from Earth's warm inside.
Some mountains are born of volcanoes an opening from within earth's core.
From these cuts in the crust of the earth gases, and ashes spew forth.
And with them come rivers of lava, molten rock, liquid light.
It covers great distances in strides at 2000 °F.
Solidified, it is igneous rock and this can form the base.
Even from the ocean floor and now an island is made.
At the summit the weather is different there.
The air is quite thin, so ascend with great care.
It is cold and water and life may be scarce.
But the view from above is a sight worth a stare.
24% of the Earth is shaped,
and taken by mountains, and that is ok,
For human beings like you and I,
rely on the water that flows from up high.
Oh, mountain, the landscape you decorate,
is a wonder for eyes to behold.
It is hard to believe, that one such as thee,
could fall to the clock and erode.
But for now, these mountains stand proud,
and will be here to keep our perspective.
That we all have our role, that this earth has a soul,
-and I think it is best we respect it.

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Don't Tell Revised

A cold drop of water fell on my eye, awakening me from a deep sleep; I felt 
peculiar, gazing into the mirror and observing the once abundant freckles that 
had appeared to fade from my unplanned withdrawal.

"Today is cleaning day, bedroom first."

Singing along with Madonna, I washed my walls of antique white and rearranged 
the dust-ridden furniture.  My brass bed that had been neglected for so long was 
decorated with an ensemble of white satin ~ oh, so gentle, and the window was 
washed till it...squeaked.

After standing quietly for a long while, I removed my oversized black and white 
flannel shirt and felt the sun's warmth on my breasts.

"Perhaps my freckles didn't completely fade.  Damn, the men like my freckles."

"Oh, my, the neighbor just pulled in, better button up."

Next, I hung exquisite white satin curtains that brushed the floor, and just prior to 
polishing the sturdy oak floor, randomly scattered candles of violet, blue, white 
and crimson.

Finishing touch...a crystal chandelier that I had wanted for so long...heroic...
hanging from the ceiling, capturing the sun dancing in hues of red, purple, pink, 

"should have cleaned this room months ago; what took me so long...?"

Showering, the warm water enchanted my slender body, and never before had I 
felt so sure.  Slowly massaging my thighs with vanilla cream, and 
gazing into the mirror, it appeared that freckles yet coveted my nose...breasts... 

Summer embraced my waist tenderly and softly whispered the secret into my 

"It's time," convincing myself not to be terribly harsh.

I proceeded downstairs, poured a glass of white wine; then...

I politely told my lover to leave.

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Only Righteousness Remains

Forgive us Lord,
We are but victims of passion and mortal desire,
Temptation has conquered us,
Consumed our youthful hearts,
And left us with nothing but shame.

Look to the river,
There we shall find salvation,
Let the water cleanse our souls,
And wash away the impurity of our sins,
So only righteousness remains.

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The Northern Lagoon

The Northern Lagoon
A rare circle of cool water Trapped between two meandering outlets One flowing directly from the east The other streaming from the west Between a mighty mountain and remote rivulets Unique and complete Balmy, calm, and serene most times Or rough with huge heavy waves from time to time When the South East Trade Winds blow Battering its unprotected shores.
In clear crystal moonlight Or on a devilish stormy night The lagoon nonchalantly spies A familiar phantom eerie sight A frightful Jack O’ Lantern With yellowish neon lights Steadily gliding backward And flickering forward Before disappearing with the upcoming daylight. Truth or fiction Like every eternal old wives’ tale The superstition never fails To live on With each new generation.
In the center of the lagoon Proud and predominant Staunchly stands solid Stony Caye A lone little rocky island No more than a quarter-mile long So fascinating to behold. For many a year Only an aging solitary couple resided there And the lagoon was never really alone But now that they are long gone Populated with egrets, green turtles, silver bass, and mischievous manatees The lagoon is entertained by all the company it ever needs.

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she may be the one to kill me

Dear friend,
		What is love?  Pardon the phrase but, love is 
unexplainable. Love is different to all people and different from all points of view. 
This matter need not be addressed but in the end all do it anyways.  Drowning is 
like fire in the lungs. The water rushes in and it burns. The waves somehow suck 
you down into the dark. Nothing below, faint light above. Rushing into the 
darkness is what feels familiar. These things need not be addressed, but they 
will anyways. Why is it that some people seek the coldest, dampest places in 
solitude? Why do humans seek to destroy when life is what we can create? 
These things need not be addressed, but they will nonetheless. Not to trail off the 
subject, back to the point at hand. Unrequited love often feels like drowning. 
Burning chest, burning lungs feels  the same. All that love and no where, no one 
to give it to. Taken these things into consideration, love is better off left dormant 
and untouched. Drowning and feeling like drowning are the same. Neither one is 
no better than the other. In fact the water seems to be a little more inviting. Due to 
the fact that at least drowning will finish you off and kill you. You cant truly die from 
a broken heart. It only feels like it.

		Yours truly,
			A voice of a distant star

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Flood Water Moves Along

Overflow of water down the street
Flooding the earth down below
The road cannot carry any more
It’s now far above my knees
Splash, the dogs play within
Causing horrible ripples around
Gathering a bucket full of water
The weight is over the limit
Crash, the pail falls back to the stream
Leaving the trail of dirt
To go swiftly past the dog
Unwanted is the river moving
Placing burden on people
Who collectively want it dry
Forever it seems it’ll flood
And tiring is the gathering
Transporting of the dirty water
Sighing the crowd gives up
Allowing the water push
Deep within their homes
In heartache and dying pain

Russell Sivey

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The Watcher

The Watcher 
The Watcher 
When the seventeen men neared the end of the bridge only one remained in 
sight all the others were lost in the shadow from the moonlight. He was dressed 
in tattered cloth; homespun gray, and eaten by the moth of strang decay 

“No livery”,  He cried  “no making strides in death”  “my life has ended on this 
There is a plaque in place to mark this day it says on 

The Plaque 

 Friday June 13, 1864 PFC Dreardon Age 14 was marking time in a prisoner 
exchange at BENTON creek when he was shot by Federal Forces. The miniball 
penetrated his left sleeve and took off his arm. He bled to death. 
His body was torn and bleeding so forlorn the tatters of his homespun sleeve 
stayed hung upon his stump of arm there. 
War is something no one cares for Mr. Sherman. 
MOFW 1964, June 13 Commerative 

The watcher was on the water making footprints on the surface when the Federal 
Forces under Sherwood marched into the History. He seldom interferes with 
history but makes the markers seem to be the truth. He saw the miniball tear off 
the soldiers sleeve the man had been a prisoner just released this crime is not 
unpunished the man that pulled the trigger is lying in the river at the Watchers 
feet. The Watcher broke his prime directive and almost gleefully erected the 
YANKEE soldier in the mud. 
A Watcher is no more A Watcher for when he acted he lost his power over water 
and he stands upon the battlements no longer but He is tearless in his vigil of 
the bridge. 
Every Friday on the 13th of the Month of JUNE of every year that has its ending in 
a FOUR, he gives a shudder of relief certain that his judgment has not been 
The rebel soldier gives a rebel yell and leaves the bridge. 
The Yankee minion that has shot him just turns over once and lies back in the 
mud. For this is judgment. 
The Watcher roars. 

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Poets Anthem-------VS--2--& Chorus

close yours eyes let me in your dreams
to skinny dip in a mountain spring
i'll lay you on a blanket baby, i'm your king
a fetish for one another
time is on our side
my hands in motion
you come alive
turn around so i can see into your eyes
i want to catch your reaction when i push inside
our bodies close
the time is near
this is the moment we both have feared
love is intense
the clouds have cleared
in the shower water trickling down our backs
listening to R-Kelly as he spits a bumpin' track
our tongues interconnected
the water continues to pour
grab the soap and lather every inch
our bodies wet
steamy and slick
which direction do you want it baby
take tour pick
position myself we both are lit
coming out of the water we are quite clean
but the love making mood is strong
our steaming bodies everlasting
this, our passion song


i dream in the future us having a kid
at that time living in the same crib
like a prisoner taking a shiv
that's how i feel when we're apart
when we met i felt that spark
fell in love, you made your mark
i dread the day if we were to part
lets get rid of these thoughts 
we are together forever

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free verse 1

this is my first time actually trying free verse. 
give me your thoughts, where i need improvement or what have you. 
any help is appreciated

we live in mingled symmetry 
with port holes in our face
stepping back we see the past
while stepping forward its gone again
you see the water rising slow
as if the ocean had swallowed us
dragging us down, further than we thought
but no one has yet to panic
we know the end must come
and come it shall

we looked into the waters depths
to see if its alright
the light has dimmed from the surface
not much is left to see.
a piercing shriek escapes the blue
and reaches inside our ships walls
we wont be back to the ones we loved
but panic we shall not

our blood stays warm in the face of this new threat
the water seeping passed the cracks of the boards
how the ship has withstood so much
none of us can be sure
intact it stays, as we hit the bottom
the cracks get larger with the force
a spray of salty ocean infiltrates
ignoring everything in its path.

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Where's the water going....

If you place two triangles together,
you form a square....
If you now turn it point to point,
you form a diamond...also,
north,south,east and west...
Now...if you extend a line north to west,
then west to south,and so on,
south to east,and east to north,
you now form two isosceles triangles....

Water being elastic,stretching
from gravitational or magnetic pull,
now forms an ellipse...bulging,
east to west near the equator...

Scientist say,that the water level
is the second lowest in recorded history,
and melt and ice chunks,
the size of Manhattan...fall into the Arctic,
....wouldn't you think,
that the water level would be rising ?
could this also cause intensified storms ?

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I cannot walk on your eggs
I better lie on oyster bed
I am not impotent, you know, but afraid of coition
Because your eggs are fragile-terrible
Shattering like a pouncing wolf.
It is a strange job -making love with you
But it is elemental -both love and fear
Dominated by the passage of time
Both have to be silent with time
Both have to be sheathed by my poor mother's ghost.
I am not impotent, you know, I have affairs with slut snails
On the street where strange voices raise questions
Minatory shadows surround my ashen face
And look straight through my window
It is an affirmation that mom has not come tonight.
Sands are receding baring turtle eggs
Sea slugs frig around
Hungry foetuses are waiting
Clouds are gathering absurd eyes to lift me up as a song
Deadly legs drive through the hills.
Nights still stretches ahead of me
Like giant captive crabs.
I am stepping onto a savage world.
In a trance I kiss you, I am not impotent, you know
I have to collect my early morning pearls
Before the final war begins.

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I Thought You Were My Savior

My body feels weak. The dryness in my mouth is like a desert. Although I feel water beneath me, my mouth won’t move an inch towards it. I hear rustling inside this black hole. The sound of footsteps drawing near sends confusion coursing through my mind. Who could this person be? How did they find me? I try to open my eyes, to talk, to do anything to show I am alive. But, the signs never appear. I feel lips on my cheek as I hear you speak. The silky voice sends memories shooting through my mind. Aria. I feel my heart rate jolt. I try to scream, “Aria! I’m alive!” But, of course, the words never escape my lips. I hear the splashing of water and I hear you grow farther away. “No! Please don’t go. Please,” I try to say. Whatever hope that was still in my heart was just shattered like glass falling on concrete. Wait, Aria wouldn’t leave me. She went to get help! I will be saved before the next day’s sun shows its light. Thank you, Aria. I owe you my life. *** The rage inside of me is almost too much to bear. The boiling fury inside my body is lava erupting from a volcano. Aria never came back. She left me in this well to rot. I can’t seem to get away from the darkness of this never ending nightmare. Only one question sears in my mind. Why? How could my best friend do this to me? When I get out I will go after her. I will uncover the impossible way to escape this hell. I’m coming, Aria. I’m coming.

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Trying to keep it busy
My mind keeps on thinking
Walking down an endless hallway
Door after door is all I see
Close my eyes and take my pick
Open a door to mirrored room
Blank stares become an evil glare
Touch a mirror and it ripples like water
Door slams shut and the mirrors begin to flow
A crashing sound I can hardly bare
Reach for the door but it is gone
Reflections laughing through the broken glass
With water rising and no way out
Take a shard of glass to dig through the wall
Digging and scraping cutting through my hands
Reflections laughing louder through all my struggle
Blood in the water with which they feed
Through the bleeding and pain continue digging through the wall
Penetrating through the wall with one last gasp
The pressure of water forces the wall to crumble
Spilling into the hallway with different doors to choose

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Being It

It was there

right there

on woodland's playground

when I first knew

something stirs very wrong.

I was blind to balls

hurled at me,

being It is not why I grow my mind and body,

or is it?

I am "It!"

or at least half It.

It and I play best alone.

He slows down

to notice ocean surf

waving back and forth

an ocean sighing Hi, then low,

creeping in and sucking out.

It both hugs and climbs trees

to the very top

on windy ways

to wave back.

Why is It so shy?

Or, am I hiding her-him,

I'm not sure,

some of both

but too androgynous Him

fears no one else notices

surf rolls in and reverses out.

It knows bi-natured law

prehensile full-bodied grasp

of organic life's humorous ambiguity

creative ambivalence

righteous equivalent functions and flows

of yang with yin within,

as without,


as above,


as to come,


as to belong now,


It's so hard to not love

not share


expose cooperatively unbalancing It.

S/he is soo... much fun!

laughs with everyone

generous enough to return this fine favor.

It's polypathic polyculturing

binomial binary buddha brain

saturates flowering rain

dissects words to heal disharmonic logos

through permacultured alchemy linguistics,

a language It fears to ultimately find

merely eisegetical,

It chooses Red Rover

over soccer,

plays teacher with girls

over driving trucks and trains,

thinks compulsively about this problem of evil

while watching Leave it to Beaver,

where Father Knows Best,

over pitching stones and driving tractor.

It feels older and wiser than Him

but they are born twins

or so it seems

but It mysteriously explores incarnating cycles,

abhors stability,

but adores regenerating solidarity.

It mentors ecotherapy with trees and me,

shows me boundary issues and branch

functions and frequencies

between August's Yangish fire

and winter's quenching white snow and ice,

between autumn's wind falling regenetic harvest

and spring's diastolic succulent soil

decomposing nutrients

growing new perennial rings in this life's tree,

new leaves of grass-fed hope

new polyculture basic, simple-rich compost

new incarnating multisystemic

ecotherapeutic grace,



resonant within evil's missing

non-polynomial dislogical pace,

new flowers and fruit

for Eden's farm.

Did I just call It a fruit

out loud?

Shit happens inside our playground,

while planning more polyculturally redemptive lives.

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I'll be there

You wake up crying..
Your heart is choking you and you feel like dying.
The pain that you try to contain..
The pain that you try to explain..
But no one hears your quiet screams.
It seems, your buried your heart so the beats can be calm.
But all I ask is that you bury your heart in my palms.
Like the air you might not see me, but you can breathe me
And believe me, I'll always be there whenever you need me.
You died in my eyes
So your soul flows with my tears when I cry.
You buried your past into the ground and the pain grew into a rose.
I water it with the tears of my memories so it can grow.
Give me your heart so I can hold it
I love you like God loves the Devil, but he doesn't like to show it.
I'll hug you like a tree hugs the ground.
I'll hug you like the sky hugs the clouds.
Your heart oozes
It's covered in scotch tape and bruises.
I hold it carefully to cover the cracks
And everyday you go through a gentle heart attack.
I'll always be there like an organ in your body.
I'll always be there whenever you need somebody.
I dry your tears from the feathers of your wings
Your heart is warmer than the devil in the spring.
You're an angel in disguise
You've been tangled through the lies
You shine like a rainbow in my eyes every time when you cry.
There's a garden in your face
And every time you cry, you water them in place... the roses in your cheeks. 
There's a puddle of pain in your dimples that I drown in.
Let my words erase the pain that you've been through.
Your heart is the only thing I commit to
Just know that I'll always be there..

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On the state of the world today To Alphie, the African baby no died from Ebola today

On the state of the world today
To Alphie, the African baby who died today from Ebola 

Alphie, my child 
Earth swallowed your cold tummy
Dirt is slowly seeping into your nostrils 
Your bare limps are now covered with crawlers
But alphie, my child
Your tummy was never full
never quite that warm
The air you breathed
would have killed you if you waited 
And your limps were always Exposed,
Vulnerable to surface elements 

Alphie, my baby
Was death more merciful than life
Why are some children 
more precious than others
Why are some bodies worth saving
While others 
heavily grace charity billboard  
Like painted ghosts 
Lumped together in one symbolic face 

Because, Alphie
Our son, my baby 
This is the state of the world today

rest my love
Under the dim lights of gasoline lamps 
Your torso will turn to wood
And green will sprout from your eyes 
And I will water you
Until we meet again 

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Energy, Being, and Void


Out of darkness and ice
Freezing mountain caverns held tight
Elemental crystals bound up light
No running water or cool stream's breathe
Planet was barren, sea water still

Starlight broke through, as galaxies changed
It was just me and you
Potential and empty form

We were there with our starry hair
Filling glops of rain as they came
Plundering through the tundras

Out of energy rearranged
Tall trees climbed to their peaks
Nothing then was the same
Species bred insane
It was all a new game

Vertebrae and brain, the path to see
Monkeys gathered closely, singing tree melodies!
No blues were shattering the peace

Monkeys breeding furiously
Having a passionate shopping spree
And look what came to be

An upright heart!, countering
Nature's grace
An ape man heart lifted skyward
To contemplate the way

Buried subconsciously, dizzying sound
Teased the walking ape
With fireplace dreams, morphing skull rocks
Paint across the sky and palms
At every deadly cost!
Caves and plains were scattered
Splattered through the shaman desert
All else is history

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The blood of mother earth

Mother earth
Is in pain during test drilling for oil field
Her reserve of life is treat.
And  the hemisphere
Rivers are dying out
The forest that act as earth windshield surface
Is turning its greenfields brown

When people cry 
The oil companies beat and throw tear gas  on the  people´s
 of the earth.

Sea water fish and seabird experienced
In the oil spill scene damage
Oil and water don´t mix.

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On a Moonlit Night

peering on the window, water apple leaves
sway with the breeze, dancers of the night
in green veined fingers cast quirky shadows
against the cream-colored concrete walls

beneath them, i turn to the porcelain cup 
in my hands, whirling the tinted water of 
fresh picked tea leaves now invisible under steam
before lushing up to quench my thirst

i gaze up again and marvel 
as succulent water apples 
bounce forth and back
from their wellspring
like little children 
playing tug-of-war

it's an ingenuous spectacle 
of swollen receptacles and 
callyces on chlorophyll clothes
woven with corky axillary branches

on a night like this
nature's cellulose creatures
are my gentle reminder 
on living alive--
undaunted, free and happy
despite the tribulations of time

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Elements and Me

Earth resides beneath my feet.
I feel the earth like a breeze in my hair,
For one moment my feet stay there.
I remove my shoes grotty and old,
So the soil and my feet can mould.
 Walking bare footed as I was born 
 Too feel the air caress my skin. 
Hours seemed to past so fast,
On form I am docile a child of the wind.
Treading on earth compelled I must walk,
Sources of living are now in clear view. 
Dipping my feet the water is cold, 
Within the earth, water and air I am free.
With no consequence of where I must be.
We are one the elements and me.

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Ocean's Edge

The water like a rumpled sheet
Curled limpless at my feet
And then unrumpled on the sand
Cast its lassitude and moan
Audibly pulling slips of water above a golden knee
The sands' clean belly dissatisfied
Make naked now the barren eye.

I keeping here again and again
I know not truly why
Except its me, perhaps, since a child
To find my mother's knee pain
Or when my daily hunger returns again
Something like that
Since the waters separated me
And left me on the dry land where I drown

Here comes the tide that brings the milk
Here comes the breast against rock jagging teeth
The water dissolving us with each caress
Into elements of stone, 
Into blood bleached by the sun's indifferent tongue
The rocks dissolving take so long
The tides gnaw there erect mass with soft wet lips
And against their body firm, rub and groan
Dissatisfied again, a perennial complaint

Some one left the toilet seat up again
Some one used this tree and did not flush
Some one dragged their feet across the rug
The world has such rumpled lazy view from here
This vasty womb, is fumbling and old
With all the debris dumped upon its ovaries
The unknown chemicals of contraception
Makes me glad that I was already born
Makes sad if I must endure alone.

She has been rooming strangers all her life
Muddy footed rivers, sorrow brimmed with tears, rain
Sulfured and jaundiced from asthmatic skies
There is a RED LIGHT
In a district where nothing fresh remains
Expect the spate of hysterectomies
And some Jack the Ripper with a knife
What if she was your wife, answer me
You dumb husband man to such a precious wife
What if you had to drink this milk salt as hell
Because this island is all you got?

O she keeps through seasons swell of womb
Or face fist pounded by the breeze
Her covenant of fruitfulness and replenishment
Like marks upon a sheet
Rocks that drain themselves in her crumble
And dissolve like a mortal heap
Fallen to her ankle upon a naked floor
I cannot penetrate too deep
We have a barrier more than skin
The ambiguity that is threshing mesh
That crinkles too our flesh.
Life is only a rumpled sheet, sweetheart
I love you moaning and lapping
The presence of my dusty feet.

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The Storm

This is a storm I haven't seen still I stand on those promises, Psalms 37:25 Yeah I stand on the words of the father, these waves can't harm ya you just gotta endure a little longer, the faith of a mustard seed is what I was giving by the farmer, and this monster is looking like a lochness how do I navigate I'm trying to make it out this mosh pit caution, I gotta watch my steps but still I know they're ordered can't stand in this season for too long I might get charged with loitering, the hail is pouring in what do you do then, when it's clear your situation is looking like Daniel in lions den or Jonah in the belly of that fish, you're a child of the king so it's best that you submit, never forget didn't he bring you out that last one, What's different from this? Uncharted waters, help is on the way if you can make threw the first quarter, the water runs deep but that covenant is perfect, the same water Christ walked on you can survive if you're submerged in

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Easy Practitioners of Another Voodoo

Easy Practitioners of Another Voodoo

While I was counting the cost of steak
And while depressed about her over weight
He was counting grains of rice
She was forced into a life of vice

And while the self righteous contemplate
Judgement day is a “next” meal “day” maybe “today” ( to late )
And the Judicial reprimands of “Burning Hell” are made
In the easy sanctimonious litany wealth

Bigots of the easy excuse
Sticking pins in those who have “no choice”
Easy practitioners of another voodoo
With punching high hand and waving bible

And while my tiny world revolves on petrol
And my tiny mind rumbles counting cholesterol
Their tiny portion evolves with racism
Their tiny lives end in starvation

This western ideology of comfortable supremacy
In this augmented and cosseted luxury
Of billable hours and ever enhanced entertainment
You sit back, just relax, and wait for the “Judgement”
Of voting and squabbling over opinion
While children “die” of malnutrition
And as my fast burger gravitates to the better bigger
It gives me the blind ignorant swagger
Of a bully in a play pen 

Ignorant fool of devotion
Voodoo representative of a “Jezebel” nation
Indoctrination of the “money” dogma
Is our only inkling of our own propaganda

What dirt ? What Sorrow ? By life have we suffered
Have our hands buried children we Mothered and Fathered
Or have we forgotten how to identify
“And there, but for the grace of “God” go, “ I ” 

While I was deducting the account of living
They were drawing water and smiling
And the pious sat back waiting for “Divine Wrath”
But those people knew what their water was worth

Easy practitioners of another voodoo
Sticking pins through the bible 
Into those who have “no choice”
Bigots of the easy excuse

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The Way Susie Mae Used to Talk

Why dat gull crynin'?!  Hollin' like dat?!
She bleed'n uh som'in?!  No?!
Maybe she need soma' dat pank stuff, den?
You know!  Dat stuff!  Dat uhhh...   Dat uhhh...
Dat Bismorex!!  Yeah.  Dat Bismorex.  Hmmph!
Well, den, maybe huh flioncee left huh.
He pro'bly took dat rang back.  Heh, Heh.
You know him.  You know huh, too.
That ol' low down strumpet!
She be sleepin' wit ev'ry Tom, _ick and Harry in town.
Don't she?  Don't she?!  Don't she?!!
Fool, you know dat's right!
So sank me in Hell!  Shoot!
She sleep wit anythang that'll walk!
I'd leava' too.  Show would!  I wouldn't stay...
Well, den, if dat ain't it, I don't know what it is!
But I still wunda' wut dat gull crynin 'bout!
What?!  She jus' fakin' it again?!  Heh, heh, heh.
Child!  Dat's yo water dat's deep.
Heh, heh, heh.  Dat's yo water dat's deep.

My mother told me this story.

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First Trial

He says we must take up our cross
to follow him and that his yoke is easy.

One must hole back the rushing river
made from desire melting at the peak.
Standing, awaiting, the wall of water.
To hold it back. To keep it from allowing to grow
terrible and evil things in the fertile soul.
Yet every moment, the weight increases.
The Son melts the cold, hardened ice
to give the soul liberty from its threshold.
Eventually, at long last, it lessens.
The soiled water begins to evaporate
as the Son continues to work.
It heats the water asunder into ether.
The fist burden is through,
but what water passed through your grip
has begun to cultivate evil below.
Evil that grows in the soul
is tougher to destroy than
that of the infertile peak.

Alas, another trial awaits.

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The Philosopher part 1

The Philosopher is a single long poem, I apologize for the inconvenience of splitting it
into 2 parts.

He pushes aside the weathered curtain
The colourless tub, the bland tiles, his grey glazed sight
He looks over his shoulder and invites her into his mental fortress
The King philosopher’s decreed writer
Her sole existence is to write his thoughts and greatness as the ideas arise from the
ashes in 
the furnace of his mind
Invisible revolutionary phoenixes, a wonder never seen 
The writer is a woman, beautiful, his fantasies rule with an iron hammer
He feels nothing for the imaginary woman
His dreams told of respect, of falling in love in its truest form:
The caesarean of his mind, and she would fall in love with the thought burning society 
So she sat there, somewhere, laptop in hand

The philosopher closes the curtain, undresses, the water is warm
It caresses him like no lover ever has
Unlocks the rusting, fading Iron Gate within, this water that stirs the slumbering giant
his flesh
He closes his fragmented eyes 
The distorted images disappear and his mind kisses his wounds better
He sighs
In his mind she waits behind the curtain, it must be awkward
He does not smile, but his lips part, and he sighs the heat away
The water cools
The philosopher sits
The small tub is a tight fit, he looks down
The flaws of man so bare before him
He sees them in many a light, riddled with the protruding edges of perception
He tucks his fragmented eyes away
The philosopher looks down on the folds of his flesh again
The hair, the child of nature and god, an unholy affair
His hand runs over his thigh, the meaningless hair, the soft fat
His fragmented eyes see the flaws of society
A misguided shamble of enterprises, the idea of destiny a delusion
His misty eyes see a cripple

He dictates his poem
She writes
He looks up at the curtain, the veil separating him from humility
And he sees its transparency
He sees the inadequacy of definition, of documenting his emotion and the ideas of his 
He realizes the chaos of his being
He looks down again
He sees a handsome man
Thin, fit, comfortable sitting in the tub
Society in acceptance of itself and the reality of its situation, a philosophical utopia
And behind that lie, he still sees a cripple

© Samir Georges 2009

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match my nature

the lovely leaves of spring call to you so sing
the wave of summer heat puts you under me
the fall of leaves and seeds brings about new trees
the winter of bliss or blizzard still sends you out for a chill
you bring me together just like the weather soft of touch
yet light as a feather now a breeze will blow as well
cause a light to grow a fire still to see 
if you match my nature if being burned by a sun
the right flight to see it undone a float and trick
your own be done the glasses we drop for your eyes to pop
the sunlight travels thru nature to left as such it
can burn right too if and when you light a match
this is fire too a hunters scope can work this out
a field of magnifiying pods set at levels of height
can burn down so much yet blow these up too
but will it be a buckle or shoe no this aint no hot
cinderlla story ture but what happens as fire turns 
to blue a search for water the block to shock
a electrical fire burns as well travels blue even 
thru lakes the storms and fires both roam
were be the safety the be when water is no escape
the reality to learn one way or another you also
may burn cause as fast as you are its faster still
when fire of rocks known as lava still you self
and be quick or the next match be you my stick
to all the world how do you feel of hotstuff still
go fast as a light the fight is won now the power 
of the sun yours be undone or well ? hell

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When the levees broke…when the levees broke…
     When the levees broke…
When the levees broke the world awoke
     From a submerged reality
Flowing beneath the bridge over trouble waters.
The copious tears of the domed encampment
     Could not wipe away the fears
Nor cleanse the minds of lost hopes floating
     In the midst of the mockery I see:
This land, this water, this ransacked America!

Shame is a white cloud reflected from the dark 
     Side of the moon;
Guilt seeks its own level; but the Lord said:
     Vengeance is Mine…
Indeed to err is human; to forgive divine…
     Mercy on we mere mortals!

When the levees broke…when the levees broke…
     When the levees broke…
Stitches that bound the veil and scale of justice
     Were ripped at the seam;
And it seemed that the bowels of hell
     Loosened their pregnant flow of terror
And unseen evil revealed itself to an intoxicating world
     Drunk with deception.

No receding water can was away the pain;
     The level of grief remains.
Like a wrinkle in time, minds of survivors flood 
     With memories of Middle Passage Crossing;
     deferred dreams of festering bloated bellies
     Of the dreamers; dreamers of a new Diaspora;
Dreamers drifting on the rafts of new leanings

Indeed we shall rise again from the depths
     Of hell’s waters;
Sail on the tides of new beginnings; no political anchors
     Nor the barges of time
Can hold us in check or prohibit our rising.

At our soaked wake, we shall keep a ripened vigil;
     The shadowed veil shall ever be rent.
All shall be naked before the world; truth revealing
     Its self like a burning bush;
And we shall come over into a new dwelling: a city
     Not made by hands of corruption.

And the Orleans of our beginnings here shall not fade
     From these memories:
When the levees broke…when the levees broke…
     When the levees broke. 

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A Woman by the Water's Edge

I see a woman who is said to be obsessed by water
stands by the water’s edge;
to her it doesn’t matter
if it’s a river, a lake or an ocean, as long as it’s the water;
I suppose, it’s because a little stream from a spring within 
her tender bosom flows incessantly.

One gloomy rainy day of autumn 
a woman in a car by a lakeside is gazing,
as droplets, stands on the surface of the water for a moment 
then disappears leaving ripples behind the rain tapping windshield 
of the car.

The woman in the car is, 
perhaps, the woman who is fond of the water
I suppose. Yet; I wonder, 
what’s she thinking at this moment.

Although mixed thoughts 
may be whirled in her mystic mind
she looks not sad neither happy nor sorrowful or delighted.

The rain keeps falling tapping windshield of the car.

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Mr Alexander Brooks Runningwater

My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                 
Plymouths gold rush to California good byes Weymouth’s tongue forked for new they died     
pilgrims to Indians to native pilgrims joss’akeed the prophet saw the ghost dancers die         
prince Philips war another pawn in the game of bowl great sachems had to play the role      
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                  
Americas forgotten conflict or is it not sovereign in land of free sovereignty                     
Gitchemanito saw you sing this land is your land why you took it from the free                     
was it a prelude assawompset under frozen pond to we the people’s Boston tea                  
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                  
was it a red king rebellion or praying town intercession new Mount hope                           
Swansea still swimming for freedom not all the black robes at peace           		    
ambassador for my people imprisoned they destroyed a praying people                           
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                  
pushing east to west for they loved land the best when will they take no more                       
some tried to help it is true from the killing at dancing rabbit creek to widows peak                
trucebreaker in the first degree Farwell letters from noble five to America                       
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried                                  
Georgia soldier saw a cruel work I will walk the lonely path to be free                                
from fertile florida to Oklahoma dust bowl you take the land you take the gold                  
as they build a fire we go I rather lose the world to loose my soul                                  
My name is running water did you see me on the trail where I cried      
                                 1The Life Of A Fictitious Person (Name Here)contest by Matt Caliri

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My Rainy Days

The rain keeps pouring down on me puddles of water start to suround me.
left right up down no matter where I was looking its falling down. 
I walk outside all dressed in my gear ready for the rain I can hear.
Looking up way up high still nothing but rain in the sky, I think I will get wet today.
Walking slowly I decide its time to have some fun, I jump from stone to stone trying not to dip my toes. I flap my arms and wiggle my nose trying to stay up stright you know.
At last I see a tree with branches so wide it could hide me. 
One last jump and I'm there hugging the tree like its my best friend.
Shaking all the water off of me, I look like a dog taking a bath, so I shake harder and laugh.
Finding a large branch I sit for a spell singing a rainy day song to myself.
Splat splat, drip drop, I look up and all around, I see the rain has ended and the sun shines down. 
Down from the tree I spring so fast.  Now is the time to make the best mup pies and watch them dry in the sun, theres never an end to my fun.
This is how I rember the rainy days of my youth,boy how I miss the old times.
Now all I have are my aching joints and runny nose.

What an adventure life is!

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Robin's Plight

In a night,
my flight turned into a storm.
Both rocky and calm,
Full of gusts and minor debris.

Rain pelted me,
The thunder struck behind me,
The wind chilled my body,
I am all alone.

My nest is gone.
My family is gone;
The cat dominated my home.
But now, I am flying.




To the south,
Where warm weather and promise awaits.

The ocean below me is exquisite and powerful,
Under the moon and stars.

The water raging.
The water foaming.

The fish swimming in there schools,
The coral providing homes

Sunlight touched my chilled feathers,
The trees inviting my stay.
I preened and the wind ruffled,

A sound.
Take off.
I’m scared.
What am I to do?
Where am I to go?

Mountains loomed before me,
A rainbow painted across the sky.
I have to keep going,
I feel I must fly.

My life isn’t mine.
My goal not achieved.
There is more.
I know it.

There’s a house below,
It’s a cabin among the pine trees.
I can dream. . .
For peace, for serenity.

There is a window and a ledge,
A shiny, tiny bell waved on a collar.
A pipe sat on the side table.
The fireplace ablaze with fire.




The old man looked at me,
The orange tabby did to.

He opened the window,
My feet stayed on the ledge; I backed away.

Tabby looks curious,
Amber eyes a-glow.
He held his finger out,
I felt compelled to remain.

My feathers are still soaked.
He touched my wing.
I moved closer.

A peek at the tabby.
Inside the cabin.

I’m calm.
Here I stay.
This is my home.

I play fly tag with Tabby.
I have my place on the fireplace.
I can stay.
Until I have to fly away again.

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is the body on top of mine
thoughts tend to conjure up in spare moments
odd happenings such as this one
the water inside each one of us
has been separated to reach out and swim on figures
and trickle as sweat
sweat that has no scent from mixed in perfumes
or has been washed with desire
just water that has leaked
that should have stayed with in each of us
and not mixed
...but it has
the momentum of our mere connection
hurdled us into an obstacle
that we both already have taken
memory tends to want a dejavu
and now
finished with our confusion
I lay beneath a hull 
that a new empty long ago
my water has covered you
and your water has seep into mine...

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***** The house of the keeper

From the distance they could see the light.
Flickers, shinning in the still of the night.
In front all they could see was darkness,
a blackness that took over the forest.

They had been traveling for many hours.
Hungry, tired, hurting from the many days
on the road they thought each day they 
would reach the place they had heard about.

Exhaustion took over they fell into a deep sleep.
Morning came way to quickly their bellies growling
from hunger, their mouths dry sore from not 
having much needed water it did not look good.

Than in the distance they heard rustling in the
brushes away off a voice calling out are you there?
The huddled together staying ever so quiet because
they knew what this kind was capable of doing to them.

Again the soft gentle voice calls out to them is there
anyone there? please follow my voice and I will take
you to a place where you will never want for anything.
They took a chance and followed the voice carefully.

At the end of the road there was a house with lights.
It was small but it was beckoning them to come on.
The voice said go ahead it is okay for you are at the
house of The Keeper she will keep you from harm.

So they went ever so carefully one step at a time.
Meowing quietly, the door opens and they run away.
Shhhh she said it is okay now I won't hurt you I promise.

So she sat on the porch steps for hours waiting patiently
for them to come out from their hiding place so she could
feed them, bandage their wounds and bathe them.
Finally they came inching closer and closer to the food.

She sat quietly watching them gobble down the food so
fast they choked, drinking water like it was a precious
jewel they had just discovered for the first time.
When they finished they allowed her to pick them up.

Holding them close to her heart wrapped in a warm blanket.
She whispered in their ears that they will be loved, feed, 
no more harm will come to them if they would just trust her.
Broken trust was something she was all to familiar with.

The kitties lay sleeping after eating, drinking their wounds 
bandaged, all bathed wrapped snug in their warm blankets.
Knowing their journey, pain, was over because they had 
followed the voice who lead them to house of The Keeper.

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Out of Water

It was just another story, my grandmother told
I wish I had known, what I've learned since then
How the dust from the hills swept over the plains
and how months without rain, would change everything.

Out of water, had been no worry
Until it changed their life, back then, 
It was how she met the man
It is partly her own story
It is part of who I am

I can see it all so clearly, 
How they paid a price, so dearly,
She was Kansas born and bred,
They had built a life securely
staking everything they owned
on a home, on a life, in the loam.

Short of water, was the motto
It had changed her life, back then, 
It was how she met her man
It is part of her old memories
It is part of who I am

On the homestead, growing barley, 
growing wheat, and corn, and kids
Sharing love she had for family
but the drought had come instead.
No water for their crops, no feed to fill the stock
The hardship and the illness
And drought upon the hills
No coin the pay the bills.....meager water in the pail

Quivering trees, and stiff shocks of corn
Withering slowly, from the winds
Sandstorms covered scores
of farmland till the end
Her husband growing ill
A grave dug in the sand
Out west, another land
No man to hold her hand
In the west they found the water
It had changed her life, back then, 
It was how she met her man
It is partly her own story
It is part of who I am

"Out of Water" Contest: Sponsored By Sheri Fresonke Harper

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The silver blade slides over my wrist
The smooth metal slices my skin open
My crimson blood pours out
I hold my bleeding wrist over the sink
The blood drips onto the cool marble
There's a knock on the hollow door
An angry voice yells "get out of there"
I turn on the water and rinse out the sink
I watch the icy water mix with warm blood
The sweet blood disappears down the drain
I pull at my sleeves to cover my many scars
I open the door and go to my quiet room
I sit silently on my bed
I open my journal and begin to write
My thoughts rush onto the paper
The words i use hide my truth
They mask the real me from unknowing people around me
They keep my secrets safe from wandering eyes

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if disneyland can pump water to the top of splash mountain
why not do it in this fashion
turbines at the top
and hundreds of strategically placed water wheels
all the way down
one source of power used for the pump
created for an output

If you can create a wind tunnel with mindblowing gusts of wind
why not put 100s of windmills in the mix
and strategically milk it for what its worth

If you want your own home to be a rollercoaster ride
why not get a couple of digital picture frames
and figure out how to time them with different programs
for some interesting home entertainment experiences
which will eventually lead to some pretty high class videogames
with a dance revolution floormat to lead yourself through a strange maze

If you think glitter is pretty
wait till you figure out how to put a whirlwind in a box
and watch those colors swirl

eventually we might figure out how to use a mirror to reflect sound
and turn it into a light show
musical magic more highclass than the fireworks you know

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Elemental Magic

High upon Barton Creek sits a sacred spot
where water falls and love presides.

Hawks glide over rocky ridges and hiddren trails 
lead to rocky ledges.

Across the creek a magical gateway lies;
I will go there one day or perhaps I've already arrived.
As I sit  atop this rock touching elements combined;
air - earth - fire - water.

I feel the magic come alive as
tree touches rock, rock touches water, water surrounded by air,
sun shining down.  Mother Earth breathes in her beauty.
I am there breathing in with her; Mother Earth is alive as I am alive. 

And,  now  we live together in harmony once again, hopefully,
until the end of time.

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Floating on water underneath the sun

Floating on water underneath the sun

Written By Dean Masciarelli

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Floating on water underneath the sun

Feeling the waves splashing on my skin

Left me with such an amazing sensation

That made me want to sing all day long

Because it made me feel like 

I was just embraced by Heaven

Because everything was so peaceful and calm

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Salt Water Cure..

Have you ever noticed how healthy you feel
after a swim in the ocean?
Would salt dissolved in warm water have the
same effect?
Table salt and warm water prevent infections.
Applied to open wounds and gashes on pets
It may sting eg. "Like adding salt to a wound"
Would a gargle prevent a cold?

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Deep Blue Under

The sound of the shore
It's everlasting
If you're silent,

Waves crash over coral rocks 
And reefs
Soon you hear fizzing water
Creeping up from behind your bare feet.
You move quickly,
But not quick enough.

The water rises as you try to escape
It's wrathful invitation.
Every step you take
The water quickens.

You yell for help,
But no one is there to hear you.
You yell once more,
But the crashing waves muffle your cries.
The deep blue water has taken you down
Into its vengeance world. . .

Where you can't breathe,
Can't see.
You're weak from the struggle of survival
So you just give up,
Without thinking of the ones who love you
As if they never exist.
With your last seconds of life,
You whisper "Goodbye."

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blackwater zydeco

from a friend in new orleans i hear
 how filthy, dirty, diseased--
where life-giving water wages liquid war 
  on the lives it long supported--
life beneath blue roofs under grey skies
  in black water--
 the very air has revolted, 
  turned from salty sea breeze to 
  the breath of a briny dump-heap--

a city built on water, by water 
  bled wet until its brittle bones gave way--
leaving only the grim report sent up 
  the mississippi 
to the tune of a tired old zydeco song 
  last remnant of the past city-- 
from a french quarter gift shop

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Four: Decoded

The water wakes that the water makes transforms me into odder shapes other times I turn to brine for sour grapes make the sweetest wine and to all my children, I shall be your villain if the purpose shall arise through my empty thoughts in that empty space, is what I seek in the compromise with the beauty of life endangered, far more after Mother, where is the lady? who cradled me as a baby? whose earthly nature sure bred creation into this creature I came to be when I am lost, or I cannot see I can always rely on me Proud as the man I am I love who I become for I am growing more rapidly that ever thought by anyone I love most the parts, I keep to me for that are what saved me those days, Now I am all that I am the savior of self made Some people call me crazy some people still call my old name some people are calling me a falling angel until one day, that is all left, I am then I shall be unbounded for the better or the worse but know for certain that upon arrival my act shall be well rehearsed.

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Coming together (inspired at Starbucks#3)

Put water and leaf together 
on the stove they make a 
zealous, illustrious marriage 
a passion, so intense it makes 
a leaf, coming to a pleasurable 
But wait! Anything comes change
as the Milk enters the home,
spilling all of its intents 
onto the water and leafs
changing its substance forever 
meshing and embracing 
until the act comes 
as it must 
to a stop 
finally you have the finished 
a delicious experience born out 
of that effort
sit down and enjoy that Chai 
don't forget the sugar!

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He was used to having blood running
Through his nose like a lost child running from the cops.

The blood flowed down his lip forming a puddle
Of blood on the cleft of his chin

Punches, hard shattering punches to his face and body
Bare knuckles held sweat and cuts in its mangles pores.

His mouth held swallowed snot loose teeth with dry spit.

He is mean
Never gifted
Never a winner
He hit hard…and he needed the money.

He broke in champions yet
Never fought a champion fighter his whole life.

Pancake loved ice-cold water
2min and 22 sec
Is the time he let the water run before he drank it?

In that time you heard the water choking out of the faucet,
Shades of brown until finally clear.

Pancake waited for everything even a glass of water.

Yet what he was really waiting for was purity

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Anxiety and the Dog

Need another smoke and the worry for the health 
Take a real long look in the mirror 
The eyes are dead as is the face 
Fall and call for help 
The angel arrives on time 
Hear the scratch of the dog 
At the door which has been left open to fears 
Dog stare the down demanding fruits 
Frightened of the teeth so wish him away 
Steal the food but take not the soul 
Back through the door demands are thought 
All for him is the soul 
The one fruit held with a death grip 
But anxiety burns the lining of the stomach 
Offer the last piece and he eats from the hand 
Now go away and only return when called 
You stand so tall damn you pillar of salt 
Which I may water down to find the solution
Drink the salty water in this glass 
If this will able you to stand on your own two feet 
Or choose to ride the dog

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trucker coffee

though you may not be a trucker
never have driven a semi with your CDL
even thought of coasting up above the open road
putting thousands of miles beneath your cap
to the tune of
“east bound and down”---
you may have, in your short time on this planet, 
walked into a diner &
ordered yourself up a deep cup of
trucker’s coffee.

strong & without ulterior motive,
the trucker’s coffee will stare you right in the eye
and tell you
“look man, you can either add milk & sugar to me,
or you can take me straight, but either way---
we gonna be waking your ass up!”

trucker’s coffee is not made by truckers,
its not brewed only in trucks,
and it certainly doesn’t come from some island that
only truckers can get to---
but it is an honest
you know it when you see it &
you see it when you smell it.

it doesn’t offer up the slightly bitter mystique of your
french roasted arabica or the pleasant aromas of 
any of those classic 
it doesn’t even qualify as quality colombian, 
but it may very well kick you like

mind you,
this coffee is not for the weak stomached---
it is not the light brown water that you get offered politely by your
when you come over to discuss the fact that their kids are
too damn loud
when they are playing in their backyard at the crack of dawn on
any given 
work day.

it is brewed with the crappy water that only 
diners can muster,
where no matter what tap it is poured from,
it still tastes thicker & harder than any water you
have ever sipped from another---
there may or may not be grounds still floating in it,
and it’s overall warmth may range anywhere from
scalding hot to luke warm,
but the fact remains,
at one, seldom changing price,
regularly falling below $2.00 &
free refills,
you can’t go wrong &
you will be awake
very soon.

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Last Dayz

Wha could i say livin i these last in dayz,
I feel like i seen it all i'm no longer amaze ,
This situations tragic, 
Magic Johnson  must of knew magic,
Cause he ain't got  A.I.D.S
And i know he had it, 
And the cghick that passed it still takes a tablet,
So know i walk lke this is my last day on the planet,
 I write like these are  my last words,
The last of What i draw for the Cameras,
Now you can se mind,
The more i write the more bright,
The more you listen,
The closer the closer you getting,
 To words that you say in the wind,
Feel them  like sun rays on you skin,
Yoou mind as well bask in it,
 This might be the last of it,
Cause the sun's done,
The went out with the trash,,
thatsa how it is for living in famine
The sun aint shinning, 
There water fallng out sky,
Oh no thats water in my Eye, 
Im crying, trying to stop they  ^ss from dying, 
Save they ^ss from frying, 
I told em keep putting that work in,
Never stop trying,
Even though somtimes you feel like breaking downand crying,
Just like an orphan thanking G o d they wasnt aborted keep walking

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Never am eye ever counting my self worth in the amounts and measures of this 
world the many blankets that eye have like an old Indian man this would lead me 
into madness and depression far too quickly then is my want the things afforded 
me is gold and silver lines my pockets but the stuffins that eye have and all the 
riches of this world yes even MONEY is not GOD and HE has Glory when eye 
gather and even when eye find eye just say thank you JESUS even in my mind 
The way is narrow the way is hard the way is easy the way is love.
The shoes upon my feet are not wearing out they keep there size and shape for 
many months now. NO one is perfect and things are not forever but the one who 
blesses us can make a shiny piece of leather
Last seemingly forever if it is on the sandel of his desert feet.
The Holy Son Of GOD the JESUS of the Nazarene landscaping the Jesus of the 
CROSS is HE who is my blessing. A good Christian man must examine himself 
to see if he is in the HUMAN race the thing to please remember is to have the 
attitude inside the forewithall to hide thyself from pride and foolish attitude of self 
decay and sometimes leaving water here and there is the hope of someone 
else’s day. A drink left out where poor one may soon find it may not seem like 
much in the Grand scheme of things but we must soon get started giving and the 
good deed comes in living and just having FAITH and leaving just a cup just ONE 
CUP of cold water in the place the poor man dwells eye can say with out reserve 
with out much thinking looking back eye have been that very thirsty eye have 
needed water finding none and eye was thirsty did ewe give me drink did ewe 
give me some. Eye left a cup of water for the poor man to drink and GOD has 
overflowed my wellness and eye am not now ever sick. This is my biomyopic.

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early morning cliff jump

eyes wide & prepared to dare 
jumping first & asking questions later
off the cliff on an early july morning
just as dawn breaks
with all the cares & prior frustrations
somehow pressed out from the brain
letting the heart do its work
living on the spur of the 
with the cool fresh air
beating against the weight of the face &
nothing but the freezing water below---
glad to have remembered to wear shoes
as that first pang of physical shock 
shakes the body young again
with a thrust of positive memories
splashing as quick as the water itself
enveloping like the womb once did
opening up & around
entering into a pure, clean wash 
with all the worries cast out even further
as the moment brings an immediacy 
of which few experience insist upon
sinking under, but then using all the power of the
upper body to
propel upward
until the head breaks out again
with sunlight & air flushing all over the face
bringing with it the awareness 
that the struggle is still there
for the arms must flail in unison
to keep oneself from drowning &
the decision is made to do so,
staying in the game one more day,
fascinated with the early morning cliff jump
looking up to see how far the fall had been
wanting nothing more than to do it all over again.

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Thank you

Thank you
Keith, Ernesto, Kristin and Diane
Thank you christopher and beyond
I love this soup
Richer than St Elizabeth cow peas
Mannish water or pepperpot was a bubble in my history
Burst now
I love this family,
O Deborah what a gift
What a Caleb in your tongue
Carolyn sweet as a Irish violin
The little Japanese tea
Served in chinese cup
Thank you
Stacey, Denis, Lena
Children of a sweeter God
Muse of the okra tongue
Slippery as oil where inspirations run
Under the green sheet of the sun
Laurie, Karen, Brian, Sue
Stacy you too
Orishas of the river woman
Giver to the Shango
Brides, brethren, warrior crew
I am the twister, conniver
The rattle of the drum
You played me
And gentle too,
Lovers are givers and sweet water flows in sweet rivers
Thank you
God for these people, the candles
Of your fireflies
Thank you all for you.

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Quazune remembered

With silver eyes, 
reminder to  bygone days,
between mountains and river,
our world,
under children's eyes.

In the garden,
stars from water and earth,
the sweetest fruits,
bananas and oranges.

The odor of the forests,
the far drifting honey grass,
in the nearby village,
kunai huts and smoke.
coffee in full flower,
like  morning dew.

The  vast Waghi valley,
Kaukau mounds and Kumu.
Protecting Kunaigrass
separating water and mountains.
Pictures from  memory ,
between  coffee and tea plantations

Quazune, my friend,
where did the sky go?
Where is the warmth of the day?
Lost in the thicket of  forest,
whispering loneliness
And birds of paradise
sing their last tunes.

Those wonderful days,
memory of time, like
falling leaves.
Now silent songs.

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Can't Water for My Lawn?

“Don’t water your lawn!”
They told me.
There’s a shortage of water and
we need to conserve.
Yet, I saw fire hydrants open
and water flowing like a spring.
Kids skipping and dancing
getting wet and cool.

“Don’t water your lawn!”
It came again on the news.
Driving down the street
I saw pretty gardens 
in the median, with 
underground sprinkling systems.
Setting off mist in the air,
drifting like clouds.
Yet, my lawn is dry,
and cries for water as it
fights against dying thirst.

Who made the rules?
As I drove, I saw people toasting
with glasses of lemonade.
Politicians drinking champagne
from long stemmed glasses.
The lawns at their homes
plushy green and neatly trimmed.
Yet, I’m told,
“Don’t water your lawn!”

Does it deserve to die, 
or should I …?

© Joseph 6/25/07
© All Rights Reserved

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Green Dawn At Night

Avalanche notice begins

a trickle

gently tickling sound,

high laughing lilt,

distant water whispering,

growing toward me from far distant past,

back in future imagination,

a growing conversation of lisping notes,

then voice,

then music rapping toward awareness,

suggesting something heading our direction,

moving faster now,

more articulate,

loudly confident,

claiming attention,

clanging to grasp cooperative investment,

stretching gratitude toward breath's demanding tsunami

swelling evolution's green vista,

discovering our polycultured Home.

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Our Flower

It Started off as a seed.
That we, you and I planted.
We watered it daily, gave it plenty of sunshine, and it grew.
The most beautiful flower, it was.
People envied it. 
Wishing they could grow a flower like ours.
"It will always bee there", you said, " as long as we remember to take care of it.
But our lives sometimes caused us to forget to shower it with affection.
We sometimes forgot to water it, and sit it in the sunshine to absorb the warmth.
And soon we didnt water it at all, and it didn't see sunshine for weeks.
It started to lose its bright red, and fade to brown.
And by the time i realized what was happening it was too late. 
I tried to revive it. 
I watered it more than usual.
And even let it sit in the sun all day.
But it continued to deteriorate.
A flower such as this needs the devotion of two, one person can't do it all.
So, I had to sit, and watch
as our flower...
our love...

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Alone in a Black Sea

The waves come and go,
Always crashing into me.
I fear I'll drown
Each time a new wave comes crashing down.
My head can stay above water,
But only for so long 
Once the waves start to hit harder
All hope is gone.
I forget how to swim,
When the black water swells.
It is the shadow I never see coming,
Then the black is grasping at my ankles.
I fight the fight that is rarely won,
I battle the waves of depression,
I hope I'm not the only one.

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A Day at the Little Beach

Walking down the graveled path
For a day at the little beach;
We picked up ripened persimmons
And purple muscadines along the way.
Butterflies fluttered around my wife.
Blazes of color lie under the trees.
Thousands of diamonds danced on the lake
Around several ducks with their bottoms up.
We took our shoes off on the little beach
And splashed along the shoreline.
We picked up rocks and skipped the stones
Between the passing boats and waves
That pushed and pulled us in shallow water.
Soon, I had to search for more stones
And persimmons, and I found a winged horse,
Pewter, on a black stringed necklace.
I tied it around my son's light brown neck.
He ran through the water bare back
And swam with his mom in shallow parts.
After our lunch of found-treats we walked,
And played and threw rocks in the water again.
My son drew my face in the wet sand.
We sat in the grass, soaked in the sun
And enjoyed the laughter and fun.

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Teaching by Immersion

Teaching by Immersion
(A poem for my dad…)

When I was young
On the tiny island of Tonga
My dad taught me to swim
He said as he threw me 
From the back of the boat

As the water closed
Over my head
I felt
I wasn’t afraid
I knew I could hold my breath 
until someone above panicked
my dad would crash 
into the water and lift me into the sun
I don’t remember ever
Being taught how to swim
I simply remember waiting
In the blue green blur
For my dad
The sun…

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the transplant relationship

driven from the boonies,
from the sticks, 
from the countryside &
into the heart of the cities
where the pulse thumps against the brain
soothing the heart simultaneously with the
guaranteed promise of 
an infinite energy &
an infinite wealth of interesting things to
sink one’s teeth into,
the mouse takes off their overalls,
throwing on the noir garb to blend in with those 
contentedly covered in pollution---
and the country mouse, s/he does her/best 
to breathe above the water
looking for a job without city experience
flexing irrelevant college degrees in the face of
those who have seen & heard it all &
when finally coming upon something that will 
barely pay anything,
of which s/he is highly underqualified,
s/he bows to the overwhelming will of the 
behemoth &
lives to reap the benefits of being at the
center of the heartbeat
for one more minute---
but the transplant, s/he grows weary,
because the living costs go up
but no one ever offers more to her/him &
as new blood from all over the world pumps in,
s/he begins to forget why s/he came here in the first place,
doing all that s/he can to stay breathing above the water,
getting a second job to supplement the worthless first one &
living hand to mouth,
hand to mouth,
hand to mouth,
while the college loans come knocking at the door
(and they don’t give a *****how hip ya think ya are) &
s/he ain’t getting any younger---
the water begins to flood in the mouth as the
arms begin to flail,
gasping ensues,
the water gets into the lungs &
the city laughs in the face of the little mouse on her/his last leg, saying,
“this place ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

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Father, Mother, Destiny

I forgive you mother and father
For your mistakes
Will I be forgiven for mine? 
They say the sins of the parents
Shall be visited upon the children
So they have visited
And I embraced them 
In times of uncertainty
And ran from them in
In moments of clarity

Surely as the stone goes rolling
Down a steep slope
I too have fallen
And landed on bottom
Only to  brush myself off
To attempt yet another perilous climb
A venture to the top
Where I truly believed
Love and safety could be found
In a parents embrace

Destiny however had another plan
Because I continued to ignore
What the universe had in store
So I climbed
And so I fell

Perhaps it was my own pain
That kept me trying in vain
For I could not foresee
That you suffered as well
How could offer something
That you were never given? 

The flowers will not bloom
Without the water 
But what if you never received the water
To give in the first place? 
Now I understand mother and father


Fixate over what cannot be changed
Bang your fists on stone
It is your hands that will bruise
Scream to the moon 
Yell to the stars
Until your voice weakens
Drink yourself into oblivion
To suffer a sobering reality

Inflict your soul 
With the blade of self-hatred
Ultimately your heart alone will ache
So you will climb
And so you shall fall

Although I will no longer
Try to take
Clearly what cannot be given
Your love and safety
Always will be hungered for

But I have become a spiritual warrior
Amid a world full of harsh realities
And self serving persons
I have learned to give myself
The water for the flowers

Love can still be ascertained
The outside is cold
But the inside is warm
And in here
I found what lay dormant
Waiting to spring forth

Now the inevitable time has arrived
To put the burning question to rest
What would life have been like with you? 
The universe apparently has another design


Perhaps in the next life
On another world
In some other time
There will be a new plan

In the meantime
Let go and stop ascending
An unattainable hill
From which you will fall
Yes, the pain will still survive
But it is love for myself
That gives me the strength to be alive

So I forgive you mother and father
For your mistakes
All that I ask in return
Is forgive me for mine
For I too am only human

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Water Cast Thy Name

The secret power of water is hidden
It can destroy or it can be tamed
River, sea, and ocean,
We are made of thee
Water be still, and bring peace,
As we pray, in your name
Does water flow through your veins
It move through every corner
Water shall breathes
This sweet air, and
Water exhales through
These gray-blue clouds
Yet, water is gentle,
Enough, to cast thy name

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Prevelli Ravine ( Crete 1992 )

Prevelli Ravine ( Crete 1992 )

Ghost song
The ancient priest left in the monastery stone
Long before my encounter
Within the walls repeat their long labour
Monument and missionary linger
Hushing a wind into olive groves

Searching for the nameless Minoan
Outside of human mystery recollections
Beyond my makeshift mask of intelligence
The birds awaken 
Tropic songsters jungled forests of palm

Star dusted dark a canopy of sleep
Reflections a fall of endless beauty
Rainbow fish in deep water clarity
Leap into freedom
And the jungle voice a hymn of whispers

Follow them
Follow them

The pools sink to deeper ravines 
Rivers of sand and turquoise water
Fluent lighted domains of Knossos 
Alter the ponderings of palms and cliff
In network ripples tracing starseed patterns
On a Phalanx of fluted clouds 

Leaping to freedom

From the clear water crystal laughter
River to the sea
The beach
My tent
And me  



Follow them

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Don't preach to me part 2

So this is the truth of our golden plate and silver spoon
Do not preach to me!
lead the horse to water 
and if the water looks inviting i might drink or go for a swim
and today as we blindly refuse to treach the world population sign language and 
selectively numb
as we think we are throw the deaf people away because its their turn to 
understand gods love for them
love has become pain
gods love is not pain
the door to forgiveness and make it stop please god is mental anguish 
and only we can break the cycle of the wars of our fathers
they refuse to remember
but i havent forgot
they mask it with humor and alcohol
controls and manipulation
because some politician or jking
didnt want gay men
and forced schools to brainwash children through spankings for generations

we have just started to turn that page
Do not preach to me
Do not!
Love is not emotional physical or menatl abuse
Love of my higher power or god has nothing to do with mankind wanting to 
control the univers
and their desire to have it revolve around them
so at this nonexistant crime scene of wehy our world is this way
ask yourself if you were a child
and spanked three to five times a day to be forced to love god
and then forced into the real world to marry and have children out of survival
is that not brainwash
and why is our world this way?

some want to go back to the ways of the old
some want to spare the rod but you spoil the child
and sure we supposedly have it easy with silent wars of drugs
and marketted gang wars in the music
and propoiganda everyday
and companies of liars selling us whatever we should buy next
I will not pray to a human sacrifice
or anything linked to slavery and the burning of thousands of women who were 
do not preach to me
for i can humble you
and you can choose to put your head bacjk in the sand
or wait till april fools day again

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Out of Water

Always immersed 
Funds running low
Trying to rise above
Pushed down deep
Great effort to breathe
Trying to stay afloat
Struggling to keep 
Myself out of water

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push-ups for jesus: part I

johnny doe you know he did
push-ups for jesus + johnny doe 
you know he did one in the morn
after watching porn + keeping his
arms strong in the characters name 
he exerted himself for the savior 
he did push-ups for jesus + he found 
himself getting stronger + yes he did 
his push-ups for the man with the 
plan the messiah coming back again 
+ johnny went down n’ told his 
mommy “momma, i’ve just done
my reps for the day, do ya think 
mr. christ will like me that way?” +
johnny went to the gym and did 
his flexes n’ his raising of the 
weighted bar---he kept in line he
didn’t go to far he never let them 
eyes of his wander + johnny walked
the straight n’ narrow no matter 
rain or shine, he’d been waiting
20 years on the one who he believed
turned water into wine + johnny
was a trooper for jesus.

johnny was a good boy he kept his
arms strong he worked at his bi’s n’
his tri’s & he pumped them quads
for the one who walked on water 
just for him he knew it deep deep
down within.

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the ordeal

there was a time 
back when people believed that dragons
roamed the country side,
back when kids were scared of the 
trolls in the forest,
back when the world was flat &
everything in the sky revolved around this
big rock,
where the cauldron of water was set over a
fire &
a small stone was thrown inside---
as the water boiled,
bubbling hot & spitting,
you would be made to stuff your bare arm down 
in the attempt that you might find the
stone &
you would be forced by those behind you
to stay in the cauldron 
until your boiling flesh did
grasp the small stone &
pull it out, flailing in violent,
unimaginable pain.

after a few days,
a priest would come to check out the arm,
making the “holy” decision
that if it was healing
you were innocent of whatever bogus crime
you’d been accused of &
if it wasn’t,
then because said sanctified pederast said so,
you would undergo an even harsher 

ah yes, that “ultimate justice”
that once came with organized

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On the Road to Chicago

On the Road to Chicago

I sit on the Water Tower waiting
chapped hands in a visor over my eyes
looking toward Durham

hoping I see 
you in that gown
on the road to Chicago

I don't care if you stop
by Confederate streams
to pick phallic rocks

so long as you rise
release all your hair
float on to Chicago

No more will I sit
on the Water Tower waiting
I'd rather go blind

than see through the sun
you in that gown
rise in the air

pirouette in the wind
giggle again and
float back to Durham

Donal Mahoney

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Eiger counter

Eiger counter

"Don't throw the baby out with the bath water," please the water was clean after 
father and mother and the water was better than ever even after the brother but 
when eye took my bath the poor baby was lost they looked in the drain but poor 
baby was gone there forever. The moral is kept as a memorial there does not 
toss out the clean water.
A coward dies a thousand times but a hero dies but once and a man who lives 
much like a DOG is always spit upon but to be a dog still tied to the living is more 
to be desired than heroing  because the bible says a man who lives is better 
than the dead. 
We will get married in JUNE no we will marry in JULY or even MAY is better 
because the ewe is born the first time in the month of May showers and what’s in 
JULY well the CHARLAX was born and bred.
Bread was given out according to status. Workers were given the burnt bottom of 
the loaf, the family got the middle and guests got the top or the "upper crust."
The loaf of bread is still the status but now the homeless man gets his loaf 
without the burnt part on. Eye am now the uppermost crust.
Making the batter up planting the leaven worth leaving the center for mye family 
Pease and thankzx ewe one and all for peas given do not thaw until the fall from 
vine refine the peas and make a handful last for days.
This is why the nursery rhymers’ fortold:
Peas porridge hot, peas’ porridge cold, pea’s porridge in the pot nine days old." 
Enter laughing.
It was a sign of wealth that a man could "bring home the bacon." They would sit 
around with guests, cut off a bit of pork and "chew the fat."  Then they would toss 
the ole pigskin.
Play leap pig again. Slop the children. Smoke the hambone and root in the cellar.
What a feller this poet seems at work. He has a eiger counter at his home.

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Tropical Depresion 12

I can recall that night,
so vividly, still...

The salty ocean air on the 
tip of my tongue
as Atlantic winds blew her
ever closer to me;

and her scent-
a blend of seaweed and sand,
it whispered secrets to me 
(so vile)
I dare not speak them aloud,

as I stood there,
perched on weathered wood,
gazing out to where sands
meet swamp and
give birth to my city;

Oh, the wretched beauty!
The glory of a home
only seen under
pressure of pending doom...

I knew, then,
that I would never stand again,
on those hallowed, hoodoo
shores of silt to see:

the forests that sprang forth from brackage,
the rainbow rays as the sun slipped away,
or the fishes that flowered
in the cypress...

Authors Note:

In the cypress forests in the swamps, fish feed on the tiny bugs that float on top 
of the water. In the spring, there is an abundance of these bugs and as a result 
you can see hundreds of fish jumping up out of the water in a feeding frenzy at 
dusk. The way they jump up and splash back into the water reminded me of 
flowers blooming.

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As I Watch These Rivers Surge

Dancing, as they stream down,
Cascading into these oceans of freedom,
As they spread purity into
The salty water,

Flowing smoothly,
Pouring like water into a glass….
A captivating view,
As these droplets of water splash their
Tenderness everywhere,
A-h-h-h! This tempting vision,
As I sat there pondering,
Contemplating, meditating…
I closed my eyes,
Craving for that sensation once more,
The sensation of tenderness   that

The sound of its pure waters chanted…
I once again was enchanted
By its allure,
For the world around me was pure,

As feelings slithered underneath
Its soothing waves,
Sympathy, comprehension, empathy
All came drenching me,
I smiled for I inhaled the odor
Of sweetness,

The perfume of perfection,
Mmm! As I smelt its scent!
It allayed me with every breath…
It caressed my flesh,

Dawn, as the sun began to rise,
As tears rejoiced in my eyes…
I continued staring at the flowing river,
As its movement slowed down…

As memories rushed back
I smiled…for I knew everything is evanescent,
“Forever” is never to join with happiness …

As I closed my eyes,
Trying not to remember…
The chanting melodies gradually faded,
Until they completely stopped,

I opened my eyes,
Feeling deep remorse, realizing
That the river’s flow completely ceased…

Everything came to an end.

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deep thoughts

A persistent wind strikes my face.
A steady rock...
back and forth..
back and forth...
I look down, to escape the sun, to no avail,
As the golden glare jumps from the water passed the sail,
to my face.

A time for reflection
Let the wrinkles in the water enter your ears.
Don't move.
Just watch, listen, and look.

The melting horizon,
At which you can not tell,
from where the stars stand,
and where the fish dwell.

Just watch, listen, look.
At your feet, a nibble.
Then another, 
It's school has departed and now not to far behind it follows.
I look a little ahead as hundreds upon hundreds of these blue beauties,
dance their dance, in the water.
So well choreographed,
thousands of times rehearsed,
in order to get it right.
Hundreds upon hundreds, to create a team that soars the water as

No words,
No leader,
Hundreds upon hundreds = to ONE.
It's natural, it's instinct.
No words.
they just watch, listen , feel.

Relate this to us.
realize that we take pride in knowing
we are the learning, the adapt, the human.
It seems so less amusing now.

No leader, no words
Yet precision down to the millisecond.
Yet they slice the water like a needle in the hands of a surgeon.

It humbles you in away that no words or person can.
Just watch, listen, and look around.
Don't stare, don't hear.
this alone can bring a man to greatness.
For greatness begins when you realize you are NOT the best.
Greatness begins when you admit,
that a little, flapping fish,
in a great, green sea,
Is greater than what you were, what you are, and what you will ever be.

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First day at the sea

The water is rising towards the shore.  
Like a cradle, it rocks me gently,
Easing me with its gentle embrace.
The hug of the sea.

My ears are filled with new sounds,
Listening to the harmonic trebles and
The symphonic bass of the waves.  
The voice of the sea.  

The breeze blows across the frigid waves.
The chill hits me and goose bumps,
Spiked like the spines of an urchin, appear.
The touch of the sea.  

I dive down.  The water is above me.  
I see nothing but blurry blobs of blue,
An azure fog stretching in all directions.
The gaze of the sea.

My head emerges from the top,
I poke out of the blanket of waves,
Swimming back to the sandy shores.  
My farewell to the sea.

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Paraffin Metaphor

Paraffin in liquid with heat,
I let a drop of water in it neat,
It sizzled and smoked and paraffin turned solid,
at that particular place,
More of paraffin dropped on solid spot,
and melted it down again,
our interactions are like that,
any human pouring cold water over your zest,
and you turn cold at best,
you look for warmth,
before you catch your next breath.

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Where I Walk

On the sweltering sands of this hourglass
is where I walk....

My bare feet blister. 
It feels as though I am walking on hot coals.
As I struggle to walk,
I see images of beautiful lakes and ponds.
The hot air, with its lies and deceit,
has fooled my brain into believing
that the crystal pools of water ahead of me
are genuine.
But soon I realize that
the only water for miles is my own perspiration. 

I have no one here....

My only company is the tiny grains of sand--
an audience of orange, white, and black.
But the wind continually picks them up
and carries them to a new world,
away from me.
Everyone here is bored with my performance.
What is it I have done?

Sadly, I explore this empty world
with my brown marble eyes, 
looking for someone....
I realize that I am surrounded by magnificent artwork--
beautiful mountainous sculptures
that mirror the smooth flow of the wind.
But rather than enjoying this desert's art gallery,
I instead tell myself that
these sculptures are another obstacle
that I must face 
to find my way out of this lonely barren world.

I cup my hands around my mouth and plead,
"Is anyone out there?
Can anyone hear me?"

No echo.

No reply. 

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Facets of a Faucet

Before my mid-life realization
My life was like
Sitting naked 
In an empty bathtub

With my knees 
To my chin
My arms wrapped tightly 
Around my thighs
A blank expression 
Upon my face

My skin 
Dry and shriveling 
From lack 
Of an adequate supply
Of that life sustaining 
Elementary particle

Every so often
A single drop 
Of water 
Would hang
From that inactive faucet

As it would hang,
For what seemed 
Like an eternity,
I would see 
My sad reflection 
Within it

As each drop is akin
To a glimpse 
Of actual livingness

There I would sit 
In extreme anticipation
Waiting for that drop
To pierce my parched skin

When the longing would end
With the falling 
Of that drop
I would come to life
To enjoy and be happy
But only for a brief moment
Then the moment 
Would be gone
As the drop 
Would dry up
Just like the other drops 
Before it

They never lasted long
Those moments of livingness

And then one day, it happened
The realization 
That I wasn’t living 
The one life
That I had been given

I decided 
That I needed to live
And gave that faucet
A gentle turn

That once dormant faucet
 Has a never-ending torrent
Gushing from it

And I am not afraid 
That the water
Will consume me
And that I will drown
In quiet desperation

For I know 
That I can float
In the buoyancy 
Of the knowingness 
And understanding
Of Who I Am

The water soothes away
The arid feel
That I have become 
Accustomed to

It has exposed a more 
Sensitive, soft
Sensual, sheathing
That I am now 
Just being able
To feel
Comfortable in

Once the tub fills
I will be completely immersed
By the whole
Of the adhesion
Of the individual drops
Of Life
Each one affecting
Or being affected
By the one next to it

And my soul
Will be replenished
By the living
And the experience
Of them all

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Johnny Wade

Occupied of dirty laundry
Comic books
And Chuck Palahniuk
This grungy fume
Smells of coffee beans
Stirred with cigarette butts
And dirty feet
Neutral Milk Hotel is singing
Through that dirty old stereo of yours
On top is a stack of
Scratched up mixes I created
Elliott Smith
Built to Spill
And Leslie Feist
Scribbled with my sharpies
24 pack purchased at Costco
This scene
Is all too familiar
And this room reeks
Of the late Saturday nights
Spent watching Spiderman one and two
Not three
Those summer days
Full of slices at Dream
And rooftop adventures
The miles soaked
In that dark maroon truck
Where your baby brother’s safety chair
Always got tangled up with the seat belt
You got frustrated
And I just laughed
Those kitchen afternoons
Full of Honey Bunches of Oats
And mouth-watering sandwiches
Light on the mayo
And heavy on the mustard
The lazy Sundays
Keeping our hands warm
With a cup of English Breakfast
Find us downtown
Wondering around Second Street
Notes left on the counter
Don’t forget to water the plants
And absolutely no guests
With an examination mark at the end
Love, Mom
You never did forget to water the plants
Hand in hand 
With a zip lock bag full of trail mix
Extra M&M’s
With the world at our feet
That smile of yours
Takes me back
Seventh grade
Three seats ahead of me
A small frame
With a big head 
Abnormally long arms
A devious smile
From ear to ear
No braces provided
Massive hands
And uneven bangs
A deep voice
For a little man
Stuck inside
A supernatural world
Full of villains
And superhero capes
Plaid jacket
Snatched from Goodwill
Cheated the soda machine
And smacked lockers
Just to hear the magnetic mirrors
The face is so familiar
And the past is vivid
But I know nothing about you
How are you?
How is she?
Do you remember that
One time we
Raced in the dark
Till our insides almost exploded
That night I almost fell
Off your rooftop
Pointing out the Big Dipper
These times
Float through my mind
By the way
Your hideous attempt
To draw a triceratops
Is still hanging on my wall
Thanks for that

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The path to the house

The path is narrow 
the roots of the trees 
jut out of the ground 
offering a risk 
of stumbling 
or falling. 

I feel excited 
where does this path lead? 

The sky is bluey purple 
the clouds are few 
I can see the beautiful sunset 
above the roof 
of the trees 

The roots 
in the ground 
that once stuck out 
are no longer 
on the path 
behind me 
all around me 
I feel 
almost one 
with nature 

The key I find there 
along my way is black 
I can picture it 
opening a metal gate 
I hold the key 
in my hand 
close my eyes 
and smile 
as I put it in my pocket 

The chalice is covered in jewels 
perhaps once filled 
with the waters of life 
the shiny metal glistens 
off of the sun 
I like this cup 
very much 
and like the key I found on my path 
somewhere in the forest 
I take it with me 

Along my way 
I come across a lake 
the calm lake looks inviting 
the ripple waters 
show me the mirror 
of the mountains 
and trees 
all around me 
I take my shoes off 
and stick them in 
The water is cool 
I take my shirt off 
soak it in the water 
put my shirt back on 
and go on 
my way 

The cottage at the end of the path 
through the forest 
by the lake 
is very old 
I use the black rusty key 
and open the door 
I call out 
as I walk in the house 
I look through the things in the house 
leaving everything as it is 
and leave 
as quietly 
as I came in

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Cheph111 Chapter Ten: STOKKER walked

Cheph111 Chapter Ten: STOKKER walked 
Chapter Ten: 
STOKKER walked 
STOKKER walked stokker walked some more his blaster was making a sore on 
his belt He stopped beside the canal and dipped the only man on Mars to drink 
the water free he knelt and tasted pure and he smiled. It tastes like GOD put it 
there and stokker cried. 
Not ashamed of leaking water for he had scores. Stokker walked stokker walked 
some more he saw the rover blindingly moving near a little hill to take his 
pictures and send them back to Earth for CHARLAX7 to see on his free computer 
screen. He noticed caves and caverns where Charles Beau ford said the 
Martians used to live so many centuries ago. Stokker walked stokker walked 
some more NEXT WEEK: stokker gets the goods from the HOUSE on Mars. 

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The Caracaras and The Carafe

There were once three Caracaras; who sought water of a carafe.  
The first thought to use it to bathe a big giraffe, 
but found the vessel very small for indeed the giraffe was so very tall.  
The second thought to use the water to brew a giant wild game stew, 
but alas there was not enough; so with this task he was through~ 
the third bird was dying of thirst and sought of but three drops… 
Alas, the water in the carafe had evaporated holding less than one mere drop…  
The bird became distraught and sucked upon some rocks.  
However, she held the carafe for it began to rain and 
she would soon gain her fill of more than a mere drop. 

Moral: A little patience goes a long way when one works with what you’ve got ;-)

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The Old Basket

Son, I told him,
Bring me water from the river
In my old basket.

Wide eyed he stared again
Bringing the contempt for school
And church to make complaint
Against my revenue of pain.

All I want to do, he said
Is to be twenty one
I want to fulfill my own agenda
Discard your tired days for fun.

Son, I repeated
Bring me water from the river
In my old basket.

Humoring me in anger he went
And with draconian intent
Forced him back again and again.

When he made his seventh run
In the futile up and down
I asked him what's the matter?

It is so stupid, he said.
A basket cannot carry water
You are just an old dictator.

Son, I told him
You are too focused on the water
Bring the basket to the center.

What do you see? I asked him.
It is wet and cleaner, he replied.
You are a basket, my son.

You are focused on the people
When church is making you cleaner
And school little wetter.

Son, next time I send you
Bring me from the river
In my old basket forever.

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White water

White water, why are you white?
Water running off the rocks in the creeks
and rivers, still calm water like a mirror,
Swift water, white as the fallen snow.

White water, why are you white?
White as the puffy clouds?
Swift streaks of water in motion.
White as an aged head...

Does that mean wisdom is white?
White water, why are you white?

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Lemon rind smile
and three winks to the moon
brings us right here
where we stand today
On the ocean floor
with flowing hair
and salty eyes
watching the fish watch us
in wonderment and brine
And we hold hands still.
Bubbles blowing up
into the light catching blue sky 
and jellyfish stings in it's skin
And I'm watching you
with the sleepy peace
that the green undercurrents
of cool water bring
Perhaps we will stand
on weightless feet forever
Perhaps that's what love is.
I watch as you pinch
the tail of a yellow tang
pointy nose and big eye glance
of shyness in your direction
Never a peace like water affords
was found before the bliss of love
Not being "in love".
Not the new, heart gruelling
territorial mapping
foot stomping
dancing in moon tears
while you fly with undisclosed wings
type of love,
but solid, grounded,
swim to the depths of despair
and meet me there
to smooth my hair
and break my fall
type of love.
Three winks to the moon
and a lemon rind smile get you there.
Bitter taste in a kiss
with no thought to ever leaving.
You are my ocean
and I am the salt which makes you buoyant and free
Perhaps that's what love is.

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My Country Tis Of Thee

My Country Tis Of Thee 
My American Heritage. 
One old leather boot,and a tennis shoe,a cause celibre. 
A belly full of alkaline water in the desert. 
Squirting out all of my survival. 
Looking closer on the level of the belly of the snake. 
NavaJo religion is my profession, 
Kiva for three days,listening to ancestors speaking. 
Truth it came to me.My Country Tis Of Thee. 
Food and water is worth more than gold and silver. 
Life is more than a shirt and a pants. 
Living in peace and in harmony dance. 
Holding on to Jesus never letting go. 
Holding on to treason hating my past life. 
Letting go of reason in the face of my new future. 
Finding love in outer space places. 
Embracing myself to have my ewe in my future. 
Finding the reasons to die for my religion. 
Colors of the flag blend into rainbows,too. 
America the beautifull is just me and it is ewe. 

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my throat burns
its hard to breath
it all comes up
i feel empty
the painting in the mirror
still is not perfect
my eyes water and turn red
shallow breathes
i feel it in my throat
i feel empty
my picture still does not
have the angles i wish
to many juts and circles
voices ringing in my head
telling me 
telling me
telling me
too much there
too much here
i eat feeling guilty afterwards
so my throat burns
its hard to breath
my eyes water and turn red
i feel empty
but no longer guilty
the painting in the mirror
still is not perfect
still does not have the angles
i wish
i still feel emptyf

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Weep The Willow She

Weep The Willow She

Bark and Willow 
Weeps she to raining
Poses curtained shadows
Behind the water fall of slim leaven branchings
Underneath recumbent grass
Damp on cold spatters
Spreading stains water logged

An unremitting drop of rain
Shaken to drips from the overhang 
Her shoulders code the tears
Leafy roof sweeping down 
Bending low and bending thoughts
Weeping to the sky

Bending low and bending thoughts

Dark shafts lighted thoroughfares dappling
Where once the night and shade
May have squabbled
Over these ink-ed pools 
Of sorrow she
Slipping from embassies of luminosity
Lent themselves between the bows
Bent between her thoughts
Weeping to the sky

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The thin man held no answer 
he bent and swayed
struggling to focus through the last mirage of water
remorseless thoughts rolling unrelenting tornadoes
through his shrunken heart and wispy head
settling an empty groan in discomfort on his stomachs pit
The shallows of his sockets could not glean 
a single spec of truth from arid dust
his heart lay dug 
eyes brimming with graves
he could not keep life from pretending today 
Unfashioned words grind his tongue on bitter teeth
sharp stammering but cannot form speech
words of supplication stick dry cracking to his lips
so the thin man shook silently 
holding the sculling shovel of his love
clenched tenderly in skeleton hands
The thin woman trembled on teetering knees
she could not forget expansive shifting winds
moving over green open plains
his woman will not wail 
her dark water eyes rotating 
fix the demon spitting from the skies
emanating its parched and brittle blessing
forever howling
drying silence is her answer to its thirstless demand
So thin he is
shirt flapping at the flagging breeze
defies the strength of his boneless knees 
topples like a withered tree
reasonless love now lay in their coverlet of fruitless earth
pleading for the foreign alms
there is no water left to drown the conflicts of his tears
She wishes the acid of his belly would quench a burning memory
there are no clues to these little mounds
laying beneath his spade and grinding fist
their faces have gone with all their unanswered questions
in his stomach a tornado rages on
Their children have succumbed choking their last on the food of their starvation

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Caves on Mars

Caves on Mars 
Goudy was a Martian Boy 
He lives in the caves not the caverns GOD only knoes what lurks down there he 
spends his day hiking to the canals for the water hidden near the bottom 
This day he has a special excitement he has a new toy 
 “this thing has wheels” goudy cries gleefully and it looks just like a camera but 
they can not even see me for eye am much too small in stature and the thing is 
much too busy with that stone the humans are just too stooped they want info of 
the rocks”? When every little Martian just wants grok? We must hike for miles 
today to get the water and eye pray there is enough eye have my ling and eye 
must fill it eye use my cup to dip it and then eye grok. The water in the cup is life. 
This rover is much too fun. 
He has no need of grok this thing from earth is fun. 

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Oil and water 
Nice feelings escape everyone when they receive hate filled ones and looks can 
be so downright misleading to me they hang the head and look DOWN the snoot 
at me when they could look AT  me and call me friend and the thing is to 
remember to get your heart in tune and try again to understand a thing is to begin 
to ascertain the wisdom of a true believer the OLD man is WATER the NEW man 
is OIL they seldom mix together but run one mile or even more from the distance 
to each other. 
OLD man is never good at seeing true of others listen as eye relate this odious 
tale  bearing words of hate the “OH my did ewe see just HOW she looked at  me” 
the OLD MAN says “ what is SHE looking at me with??? The New man smiles 
and tries again “ Oh well did ewe see the WAY she looks at me”? Where is the 
place she is looking at me FROM??? 
She is looking at a man it does not matter what she is looking at me with she is 
wrong.  Oil and water do not mix. 

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Time Travel

Walking slowly quickly threw the desert looking
wanting water finding sand
finding sand but wanting water looking quickly
travelling in time
time travelling
making way to way of time
making tao to tao of time
day is gone nite is ici
cold is here to stay love is cold
and gone away
time travelling
travelling in time
finding sand but wanting water quickly looking
wanting water finding sand
Walking slowly quickly threw the desert looking
For ewe love.

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Frosty Morning 1

Plants stiff with frost,
a solitary rose edged with delicate lace:
the night air has tightened the earth,
prevented birth,
but the sun's heat starts to melt
the shimmering specks away.

All is peaceful on the grass,
the ice is cracking on the river,
ducks swim out
to stretch their feathery bodies,
after a cold night on the river bank.

From Perfume of the Soil.  Swan Press, 1999.

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Still Water

Still water crashing apon the shore,
preserving all it drowns.
You can find it nuturing flowers, 
find it rotting trees.
Seek it out in wells so deep,
running down steps so steep.
Evaporate it from stagnate pools in morn,
and condensate it from steam in evening.
For still water baptizes me in hands of John,
and heals me in your hydrotherapy.
And it will entertain in a child's water gun
streaming down from heaven above,
and forgetting hell below.
Oh praise thee still water.

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Mourning Refreshment

Some will say that a little poison,
let's say two or three drops
of crystalline, snow flake decorated cruelty,
in the pure water of affection,
should not be minded.
"Drink down!  Drink down, my dear-
for fear you will be left behind!"
And yet, in time,
the haggard look of slowly dying
sneaks in lines across the face,
it snaps from sleep at the slightest noise
and darkens the brightest pupils to pitch.
And still the water is there by the bed
looking refreshing in glassware and clink
All too absorbed with the molecule minted
in poisonous cruelty and passionate pain.
Once, in a dream, (perhaps in a crash
of an unruly hand in a fit of a flurry)
the night table was bit, knocking the potion
to seep unto tongues of the old Persian rug,
licked up by the wood in it's parchedness underneath -
It would have been prudent to notice the burns
of the fibers of wool and the ash under feet
when emerging from bed in the morning.
But, dawn has a way of softening pain
in clearing the eyes of black sparkled doubtings.
Though little odd voices reprimand good advise
and beckon the lover to reach for the water,
addicted to pain and it's infinite poison,
I say to thee, drinking dull spidered refreshment:
It's a far better deed to be thirsty and lonely,
bright and alive with elixir in veins,
then to die in the depths of a winsome and fairy
told in a story, a dream of another,
stiff in the arms of a traitor.

(For even the prettiest poison will get you
and if it's not sooner, my sweetness, my dear,
you can bet that it's bound to be later...)

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O it's time

O it's time, it's time
For me to go
Where white crane
Wields the wind
Above a dock of blue
And diving crabs
From mossy rocks
Make the water spins.
O It's time, it's time
For me go
For the water contract
From the light's
Spilling over the cliff
Of clouds.
And the eyes dilate
Crawling across the sand
Away from a mothers
Fluid hand.
O it's time, it's time
For me to go
Over the sand
And under the flow
Down to the bottom
Where the corals
My eyes to show
Pearly gate.

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The New World

The light is breaking through the dark
Kissing the skin of my pale nudity
I am a creature of the darkness
Knowing not to cover myself
Shameless of the body I have never seen
Pools of water around me glow luminescent
Reflecting my eyes to myself 
Innocence rings out in them
For had I ever known the world
I would be corrupt with mankind’s sin
The light is breaking through the dark
Sending ripples throughout the pool
It stands like stone in seconds 
And I glimpse again myself
More than my eyes in the growing light
I see my face and lift my fingers to stroke the velvety softness
Rocks crumble down again breaking the reflection
With every sliver of opening, the sicknesses of mankind contaminate me
I feel awe and anger for the first time
Curiosity piques in me and calms my new emotions
I dip my fingers into the cool dark water and drag them 
The water calms as I calm and form takes again
I gaze at my matured body for minutes
I am beautiful I realize
I understand beauty
For I have seen no other to compare myself to
I am unique I think and want more
Scared of the light coming though
For with the light comes a new darkness
But I crave myself
I step into the water wondering if I can feel this mirror
The cool water perks my nipples
My body, for the first time excites me
I close my eyes and lean back into the water
Experimenting, learning my body
I stand out of the range of the falling rocks
Close enough for the light to bath me still
The light growing stronger and stronger
I hum, finding music inside my soul
Sounds I have never known
I slip beneath the water rinsing myself
When I rise there are eyes staring back at me
Naked the man watches me
My world is being remade
Both good and bad coming with the light
I stand frozen, unashamed
The man takes my hand, and teaches me of the galaxy

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Solace For DavId

A mighty man of GOD.
Golaiths head lay at his feet.
Good King DavId cried tears of JOY about Bathsheba.
ON the day that Uriah turned into a heap of stony ground.
Uriah was such a MasterMan he only fell 
when Joab smote him with his darts and
when they penatrated hime he died and then he
fell upon the stony ground.
When DavId first saw the Bathsheba, She was pouring water in the bath.
She cascaded water down around her nakedness. 
Nothing hidden from his eyes the lust and yes the madness of HIS passion.
For a man such as a KING can not rest untill desire is gathered.
DavId wept and cried OH GOD "Pleease do not take her FROM me." 
And as the Good King DavId wept this OLD PROPHIT came.
Eye stood before the KING and told him a Private Hice story.
There was once a very bad man,
taking something, anything, and everything;
a mans only hearts desire away from him: just like a thief. 
"where is this man"? "bring hime to me and i will punish him",
DavId the JUST has bellowed.
That MAN is YOU.
The PROPHIT Private Hice completed his judgement of the KING.
And then the Good King DavId wept. 

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Blue stone grovelled in mud,
wet viscid and and dirty mud,
no one knew where water poured in from,
nobody was there to stop it hence,
it had crushed the earth,
made it soft and humid,
it had drilled hole,
and widened it broad,
and now was eating sides,
loosening mud,
and making the muck,
this blue stone had loosened,
from the water attack,
and fell down,
with no jack,
from its earthly rack,
now water worked on mud,
and mud on stone,
god knows for many days,weeks and months,
the scene had remained the same,
a philosopher doing the round,
saw it every now and then,
and wondered when,
the stone will get bleached,
philosopher  had to see his last,
and died his death,
the stone held the color fast.

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The Clemente Bridge

Standing there.
This is so-called the 'Clemente'.
Named after one of those players.
A player of the game.
I can see everything from here.
The whole city.
In all of its glow and smog.
I look up and see the great MT,
I could never imagine a better view.
I run my hands down this padded silver coat.
It's not even keeping me warm in this cool fall day.
I look down.
At that river below me.
It seems so welcoming,
So inviting if you will.
I step to the edge of the yellow.
And leap,
I fall.
Falling pink-booted first,
And for seconds I feel so very free.
I've never been so free in my life.
I hit the water with a smack and go under.
I'm not drowning.
I'm coasting the current.
I can feel the freezing water piercing through my jacket.
It feels as if a million knives are piercing my heart.
In every direction.
But I feel free.
Freer than ever.
I am me.
I am free.
And then I awake.

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How Can I Sleep?

How can I sleep when the ice is melting?
It is hotter now than it was an hour ago 
and it’s my fault! 
How could I have been so blind, selfish, unthinking!
The polar-caps are going away 
and I am sure someone will blame me. 
I just wanted to stay warm. 
I just wanted to ride to work, to the store and school. 
I thought I was just living the dream, 
the life that was cut for me when I was born
but I used up all the oil; 
it is gone –all gone but for a little bit 
that is selling for a whole lot.

I have drunk all the water too; damn me!
We are running out of it!
It is the number one problem facing the world today
People, people are going without water every day.
I was just thirsty, I thought there was more!

The caps are melting-
we are out of oil-
we need more water!
It's all my fault! 

God help us! 
We need more oil, 
to give off more heat, 
to melt more ice
to have more water! –
What! What? 
Who said that? 
Who’s running this show! 
Ah, yes; I’m sorry George, go back to sleep.

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As the water flows through the rocks,
 bouncing from edge to edge,
  lights dance in the pools,
   we dance the dance of a lifetime.

We added many things
 to this waterfall we're building,
  only to discared and recollect 
   old yesterdays left behind.

I found a few frogs
 or maybe they found me,
  they seem to show-off my ugly flaws.

Then some turtles wandered in,
 just where they fit in,
  we may never  know for sure.

I hope the water never ceases to flow;
 and like the love in our hearts,
  I hope the water will
   forever flow.

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It is Good (Part I)

In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth
But He didn't make the world in just one day,
For darkness was upon the face of the deep,
And the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
There was no sky.  There was no dry ground			#1

There was no vegetation, no sun, no moon, no stars.
There were no land creatures.
There was neither man nor woman,
But on the first day, God said, "Let there be light."
And there was only light yet God saw that it was good.	                     #2

Separating the light from the darkness
He called the light "day" and the darkness "night",
And so there was evening and morning, the first day.		#3

Yet the earth was formless and empty
So on the second day God called an expanse between the waters
And separated the water under the expanse from the water above it.
He called the expanse "Heaven".  It was so.			#4

On the third day with His Word God gathered the water under the sky
To one place and dry ground appeared, which he called "Earth".            #5
The gathered waters He called "seas",
And God saw that it was good.				#6

He also told the land to produce seed-bearing plants
And trees bearing fruit with seed in it.  It was so,
But still there was no sun, no moon, no stars.			#7

There were no sea creatures, no birds and no land creatures.
There was neither man nor woman;
Yet, God saw that it was good.				#8

But because the day and night had no governors,
On the fourth day God commanded lights in the heaven
To separate day and night and serve as signs
To mark the seasons, days and years, and it was so.		#9

There were two great lights, the sun to rule the day
And the moon to rule the night.  He also made the stars
And set them in the expanse to give the land light.		#10

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To Walk On Water

To Walk On Water 

To walk on water 
To walk on water 
to kill a giant 
with a stone 
to have a home 
and not a house 
to be a man 
and not a mouse 
to love a woman 
and have my love returned, 
would I be a murderer or not. 
I will never know. 

Charles Robert Hice 

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice 

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The Happy Dock

 If my lifevest were a donut that floated, I could float and eat happily for a week.

I was alone amid the choppy sea, baking under a watchful hot sun - 
Near me were scary fins; they stayed close but had not yet attempted to bother 
I drifted on the tubular float, my feet barely in waves. 

I saw in the distance a floating wood dock…
Or maybe it was the smallest little island I had ever seen, only with no trees or 
shrubbery. I could not tell.

By and by I drifted closer…
And spotted a most unblemished figure standing alone with long flowing hair, 
long legs and bronzed buttocks to be sure, tanned coconuts by her feet. That 
much I discerned.

I floated and bobbed on my donut tube and hoped that I might float to her and her 
happy dock –
Two fins specifically came closer. 
Silver gray looming primeval fins slicing thru the water more pronounced and 
curious than the others, seemingly purpose-driven –

The woman with coconuts on a level dock waved to me.
She then signaled to me in warning that there were sharks in the water [as if I did 
not know]. I was only in seven feet of water - 
Red coral reefs were around me below the sharks…but it was to me perhaps the 
most beautiful inviting water in all the world.
Even with these awesome man-eaters . . . 

I was closer to the dock now. Fifty meters. I was sure of it! I wanted to rip off the 
vest and make a quick marathon swim to the girl – I did not think I could make it. 
My lips were chapped and my skin (hot from sun, wind and tropical haze) hurt 
badly and peeled, floating into the island air and into green waves. My skin.

I thought my skin was stinging, but . . .

Something pulled at my foot. Burning pain crippled me. A fluorescent jellyfish had 
stung me.
When I looked up, there was no woman on the dock. But still the goddamned 
fins -
I splashed in quick turning circles to try and find her, this woman on the dock, 
goddess, figment of my imagination…whatever.
I saw more fins, the same fins, but no girl. 
Then, lo, there was splashing. The girl was swimming to me . . .

When at last splashing ceased, and I was calm, I noted a warm easy wave come 
over me


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A boat was anchored off shore.
My pants were rolled to my knees
And my shoes set on pebbled sand.
I left footprints from the beach to silt
And walked out onto the calm sea.
The surface tension rippled, rippled...
It gathered around my feet with each step
Until I reached the boat and climbed aboard.
A woman mocked me and got off her boat
And began walking towards the shore.
The water did not move as she walked,
But soon she began to sink, sink, sink...
When she had been totally submerged,
She swam out of  the deluge to the shore.
She was saturated, gasping and ashamed.
A policeman had to wade in the water to
Fish out her shoes after this phenomenon.

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Walking On Water

Walking On Water 
Justified by Jesus sacrifice. 
Jesus shed blood , one ddropp for me , 
cleaned all the things that I have done , 
my past is gone , I am set free. 
Death it self will NOT hold me. 
My works are not the price I pay. 
My Lord has a robe for me , 
washed whiter than the snow. 
No gloved fist can send me there , 
but I will fly on ^A^ngel wings , 
to Heaven when I go. 
The ground beneath my feet feels like a lake 
of water turning solid as I walk toward my 
Saint Peter from the center of my storm. 
Learning to breathe the air again 
and live in Jesus love. 
I walk on water.

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Just a plain old TREE. I Ignored the weather

satisfied with me .   I Looked at TREE.

What if anything do I knoe about TREE.

It used to be a thing made out of wood ,  always tall,

with branches near the ground.  Roots fingering the ground.

Life comes up somehow to TREE.  Water cascades down to ground, seeping 
slowly into ROOT.  ROOT transmogrifies

the water into inner sanctum stuff known only to the Lord.

People still tell me,  Tree just cannot live.

There is  no real feeling in TREE.

There is knowledge in TREE or it would be a blade of grass.

People say the life is in the seed or sapiling.

I think the knowledge is in the MAN, the ONE who can.

He Makes all the TREE begin , upon a distant planet,

Creates the thing again, in the courtyard of his KING.

And every meadow of his earth.

The ONE who gave me birthe the second time around.

The ONE who gave me TREE.

And Time to write this down.

The Virgin Birth.


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CHEPH 111: Chapter 6IX

CHEPH 111: Chapter 6IX
The Matron IOLA
She was frowning at the bulkhead “How does this THING even Fly?”
It looks just like a giant dandYlion seed released into the wind.
The “Amaryllis Two” just sat glistening in the sun the primary one 
Newtonia the third Earth from the sun.  MarYlin Mist puckered her lipps, 
she has lisped a bit from her youth she has had it from a child a little lisp from 
the left of center smile. “Hello this is the MATRON IOLA”, she said not unkindly.
Bostonia has lost its most pleasant Matron, welcome to my IOLA to thy new 
home Oh IOLA. IOLA neared the access ramp which was lowering she looked 
just like a dear roe deer caught in a rubber tramp camp in the headlights of a 
pickemup truck. Yes, but how does STOKKER make it run? Charlaxandroidone
The hydrogen and the water is converted from the water than the water is 
reconverted to assimilate into FUNCTION. It is rally quite complicated eye can do 
the mathematics of course and so can MarYlin Mist she is a mathematician’s 
dream a nerd of ample proportions OH CHARLAX MARyLin
said just stop confusing the MATRON she is a newby just let her learn her duty. 
On board THIS ship is pleasantness. Let STOKKER tell her He is so much 
smarter now that he is sober. He knoes how to run this ship EYE paused
And did not tell her how STOKKER had failed to seal the damaged damper but 
eye had let him alone then later fixed the resealer my self alone. 
It is a secret process developed in 2004 by Charles Beau ford. How the 
Hydrogen can be taken from the water and the water that remains then converted 
back to portable potable water again. STOKKER does not even knoe
the process said charlaxandriodone. STOKKER was near the machine the new 
TELEX machine intently recording his hydrogen damper manual again the eye of 
this androidone was pleased. This is MATRON IOLA she will be riding to CHEPH 
111 with us on the “Amaryllis Two”. MarYlin Mist went into the control room the 
ship was at halffull capacity of the water UTUBE and the Hydrogen was almost a 
third to the BARS.  The Crew was now ready for the trip into the stars. 

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Rough Waters

River flowing down my lane of life,
rough waters, smooth sailing,
never know which river I'll see.

Clouds above my head covering me,
storm clouds now over my life,
coming to water fall dropping so far.

Shore coming to me gladly,
will leave this old river of life,
and stand on solid ground for now.

Will sail once again someday,
when am ready to deal with
rough water of life.

wrote 5-24-07

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Freed River

Snow melted,
And water flowed,
It was a small stream,
More of it came from four other streams,
It was now river,
It cut across valleys,
And made ways,
It meandered to new alleyways,
It brought along lot of fishes,
And submerged many a land of riches,
Knowing its fury when it rained,
Guys got about restraining its stand,
They built a dam across it,
And also got its water to give energy,
When it flowed across,
It touched towns and villages gross,
They came to worship it as their mother,
At the same they filled her with dirt,
Till she could not breathe,
And was choked and smothered,
She even now had water,
But its color and content had changed,
Laden with weight,
It now had a timorous stand,
It groaned under the weight,
Only parts of it evaporated,
And got the freedom to rest.

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Hills to Street

The broad sky backing the mountain range,
The narrow electric wire strewn skyscape of my street,
The sprawling bungalow on the mountain slope,
The deeply nestled dinghy of my flat in a corner of my street,
The crystal clear water of the hill brooks,
The dirty water of the drains of my street,
The trees and greenery of the hills,
The painted and covered walls of my street with posters and bills,
The cool fresh air of the mountains,
The smoked blacked and nitrogenous pollution of my street,
For ten days in a year I went to live in hills,
For the remaining I returned to my street.

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A Dewdrop Born in an Early Morning

a dewdrop from a wandering bead
born in somewhere deep and deep in valley
asking the reason why he has to be born 

dyed blue
in a moon

and thinking of the meaning of life
looking up at the countless stars
the dewdrop driven by the early morning sunbeam 
that came climbing up the wall from the other side 
of the rugged mountain came to a spring 
being formed from misty beads and dews 
that were born at dark of the night 

and flow as a rivulet for the place somewhere in an unknown lowland
although a water bubble the transformed dewdrop drifts in the gathered waters 
to a destination unknown 

there was a springtime after cold shivering winds of the days 
and ice to stand still for a while  
because it carried time with it
and that was why birds twittered from the treetop 
along side of a flowing water

then summer came with big strides
accompanying clouds side by side
throwing hot air to kill a cicada burned alive  
under thick green tree leaves shrilling chirrup  
and for nothing would permit water to stop or pause 
no matter how wearisome is the water
it has to flow ceaselessly as if it's the water’s destiny
and while doing so
a reddened dead leaf falls on the water 
and comes along with the water to the mouth of the river
where you’ll see the waves clasp with the edge of sky
at yonder horizon the great water the home of a dewdrop 
born in one moonlit night

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Tears dry

Tears day like water freezes
and all your left with is a bitter feeling
Why is it me that to deal with this pain?
But than you realize your not the only one 
that feels like their going insane

And once you arrive at this conclusion 
it doesn't do a thing to sooth you
It just makes you angry
Why does such a good person get
punished this way?

Tears began to leak from the hurt
person's eyes
cause they work day to day and
constantly sacrifice and compromise

Is this the fruit I receive for all the labors 
that I slaved? 
May be I should just run away

Tears dry like water freezes 
and all your left with is a bitter feeling

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My brain shook,
It had of late taken quite wavy matters,
The mental thought process had quaked,
And several thoughts mixed horribly bad,
In my berserk state,
I drove back home,
On the way fell a brook,
Which after a little distance formed a pond,
It was an idyllic spring day,
With lush green adorning the sides,
As with bewilderment I held the pond in sight,
Its water lay still and tranquil,
I stopped to even remove vehicle movement,
And came near to waters to stand,
From under the shadow of a big canopy of a tree,
I gazed deep in the water,
Its tranquility almost got in me,
And distracting my state,
There came a team of white majestic swans,
They swam silently in rhythm,
The water was almost unmoved,
With each stroke of a swan,
Which led the pack,
I almost fell in magic,
Each stroke seemed to unwind my one mental knot,
And believe me when the swans had swum,
To another edge of the pond,
It was an hour and more,
My mental agony had gone,
And  in tranquility I was not many but one.

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as I passed a small brook 
I saw a fawn. 
no one around. no mother near. 
it took a drink from the cool gleaming water 
I realized then it wasn't a fawn I was seeing. 
it was me. 
in all rationality it couldn't have possibly been. 
As I approached, the terrain took a drastic change for the 'weird'. 
I didn't know what to think seeing as I was dazed and confused. 
I suddenly awoke to the feel of cold water rushing over my hands. 
I notice the fawn had run off, with no indication it was ever there. 
my head was pounding and nothing seemed real. 
my senses had heightened and the grass felt of razors 
as I kneeled to drink, I noticed two reflections in the water. 
nothing was as it seemed. 
a small thicket with several bare trees and that silver stream running through 
was the last I could remember. 
there was no earth and no sky, 
no light and no dark. 
only him offering me in and opening his heaven, 
and there it was. 
There I was.