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Free Verse Spiritual Poems | Free Verse Poems About Spiritual

These Free Verse Spiritual poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Spiritual. These are the best examples of Free Verse Spiritual poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Soul mates solace

When my final shadows cling on desperately
Where I fight formidable battles
to merely hold the light
I send you loving vibrations
and soul sustenance
Deep from the cathedral
of one heart to another
where today no choirs sing
nor symphonies play
Yet it is here where we meet
in spiritual solace
here to surrender 
and exchange inestimable treasures
recollecting memories 
like unopened letters
Galaxies are stretched
over chronicles of shared history
Nebula birthing stars
will be exposed
in forth-coming conversations
bringing short-lived fulfillment to you
Hungry to feast
now will be the time
to approve your blood art vision
and with my own haunting surrender
as dappled shades ink stain your chest
I will reside with you and share, mesmerised 
pens - by branding
as this will be your written reams to me
your artist's pallet or brushed canvas
no need for words
and yet creating
mysterious magical moments
Bitter-sweet the music
that dances taut guitar strings
but now blood approved
please go kick your heel up
return to your laughter
and ride on the breeze
for not all are lost
change not
for I am with you always
to love, listen and comfort as one
with you in me and I in you
as masterpiece

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A Soul awakened

This battle brews inside me
The pain I feel in my heart ripping it apart
And my soul who wants to be redeemed

The movement of my pen beats in my chest
In my veins my words flow like the rage of rivers in storm 

I’m caught in these lyrics that Awaken my soul
That cry out for eternity 

Yet my heart is trodden
 at times I swear it is not beating

Our hearts rose up like kindred knights ready to defend our land
but the soul was fulfilling its destiny
it would not be beaten, no matter…
it had awakened to truth

but our hearts knew only torment
and could not understand
all that was happening,
that God had a plan

so my pain exposes itself
 in my thoughts manifesting to script
as it beats in my chest with a rhythmic pulse
that brings me to my knees

We had no time to prepare
Only to fight
Flailing around Hope
With all of our might

 as if it were the weapon that would save us from our enemy
for that’s all we had was our sword of Hope

This battle we were not prepared for.
Like a sneak attack, it caught us in slumber
when the army of death ascended upon our world

my heart said I love you
you are my universe and life has no meaning without you
I will fight till my shallow breath abates
Till your soul takes the last blow...

And I did!
We Did!

We did not surrender
We had no chance 
Our hearts fought a losing battle

My awakened soul shouts out with acceptance…
“you will one day know the reason, but not now”
For this is your time to experience 
what was lovingly bestowed upon you from our God,
who knows what we need

So now I write from my pain… It helps me to cope…

It is the sword I carry…

My only Hope

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For Lion Hearts Only

You're The One I think of the most.You know and carry unconditional love.You have experienced the pains of pains.When You're not in My presence to walk with Me;My mind carries You and holds You deep in thought.The pureness that grows from Good devours The Evil...The walls of Your Heart fall down and open into fields No One Else can possible reach,love,know,or roam.The Wisdom of Your Fields develop and rules Valleys.Valleys expand  into Vast Kingdoms filled with Knowledge,Power,and Intelligence.Across The Horizon lies The Kingdom of Heaven in boundaries of grey only a Lion Heart can visualize.The Strength of a Castle is built by Your Own two hands held by Fate.Only a Lion Heart has the keys to open the doors and the ability to cross through the rooms furnished with Destiny untold.A candle is lit.You pace the rhythm with a steady beat.Your Heart restores The Eternal Light with-in.Truth becomes factual.The Freest of Facts unfold into Beautiful Gardens. Among The Gardens indescribable Rays of Hope appear with Faith as Your Spirit.Your Spirit became The Reality of Freedom enhanced by Courage.The Courage of A Lion Heart that holds Forgiveness for All.Could it be possible that You have A Lion Heart? Respect,Understanding,Love;that is Everlasting Serenity. I often wonder where this comes from as an Orion of ringing appears undetectable in Ones Ears... The Lion roars and The Angels sing softly with-in.May Your Gift of Acceptance Shine-On...From A Creator;to an Angel,better yet A Lion Heart.Walk among The Winners just for Today... 
                                  By Charlene L. Wilcox      10-13-2014

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Endearing the gods of enlightenment, dip tenderly into the rainbows
Color band of intrinsic light, softly breathing, as the hushed breath of
A morning doves first coo of life, the lotus flower does blossom and bloom.
Infusions delicate creation floating in the still pond of the everlasting,
Drifting, swaying at the mercy of life's strife, yet in harmonious peace
Its beauty remains perfections timeless jewel, sparkling beneath the mid-eastern
Bending does the reddest rose, yielding it's petals to the keepsakes heart
Most sacred inner place, a whirl winds tidal storm of emotions contemplation
Point of origin, it bleeds with a crimson preciousness,
Tangled are the vines woven to and fro, but rich is the human soul.
Floating, cascading cherry blossom's dance, amongst the winds of
Destiny's air, ever gently whispering of loves softness, comforting warmth
Within the arms of lovers devotional vows.
These are the delicate tokens of the for-get-me-knots, showering of the
Lotus, a blending emergence, behold the feminine
Oh let the captive sparrow sing so softly the notes of spring, let her soar
Amongst the eternal skies of white clouds beneath liberation's whitest
Wings of grace.
Upwards, lifted upwards to touch and caress the distant sun above,
Little bird spread your delicate appendages, lie thy offering of the lotus
Leaf before the divine, and may it appease the God's, from which it draws
Life itself from be thy finest gift ever sacrificed,
Tender are their tears are shed, for she the sparrow of mortality.
Exhalted amongst the stars in the very heavens on high,
A beauty figure thus stands, poring the water of life into the deep
Rivers of the universe, and behind her ear lies a lotus blossom.
That blooms eternal.


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Tapestry Tales

Her senses melded with the tapestry,
coming alive, 
as if the images woven 
stripped her spirit bare.
Each image bearing the tale
of the ancients;
Forbearers of a forgotten world
stitched in new world colors.

Interwoven remembered glory
mingling with horrors, gory.
Interlaced, now, in a threaded story
merging the old, 
with those of the new,
as if each needle threaded 
pricked her living soul.

© Debra Squyres

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What if it's true

How would you change?
If it were all true.
Heaven and Angels..
watching over you?

Is there Paradise in
..the hereafter?
Some just don't..
think things matter.

What if Swarms of angels..
like butterflies.
Came to earth..would you realize?
That everything matters
that life's the prize.
How long will it take..
till you recognize..

What if the sun went dark.
What if it were true?
Would you change your ways?
Have a new point of view?

What if the Four horseman..
came galloping in?
Would your conscience feel clear?
Would you regret a sin?

Our toys are just toys..
It's not about money.
It's about loving each other..
and holding your honey.

It's about time..
and what we do with it.
Get up and dance..
or choose to sit.

The choice is yours.
So what will you do?
Will you change your ways?
What if it's true?

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My Dear Father God,
My silent lover. My faithful friend. 
My forever redeemer. My all in all.

Dear Father God,
How I want to see-
  touch Your face.
I long to hear You
   speaking to my heart, mind and soul.
I yearn my Father God for Your caress, 
Your all consuming fiery love.

Father God, 
I have many faltering moves;
  many times I know, I have failed to follow You;
  many times I know, I have questioned You;
  many times I know, I have made You frown;
  many times I know, I have caused You misery.
Even more
I have forgotten You.
 I have forgotten to seek You
   to even thank You, nor worship nor praise You.
I have been so stubborn, so proud, so hard, so fooled or blind,
  that sometimes, oh sometimes I didn't trust You enough.
Father God, I am so sorry for all of these..
Thank You.. 
I thank You for not ever ever ever leaving me;
Thank You for being so faithful to me;
Thank You for the strength and guidance You are raining unto me.

Father God,
I know,
 I can never be what I am now
     unless You are not with me... 

  You are so sweet to be with me.
You treat me so so well:
  Warming my cheeks whenever I wake up with sunshine's warmth.
 Talking to me,
 challenging me, 
laughing and crying with me 
   Holding and hugging me
through all persons that surrounds me..
 Testing and provoking my limits too.
Sheltering and guarding me every night and day
 by providing - my every earthly needs.. 

Father God, more than these
You bestow me more with presents--
talents and skills that maybe I could have not known if not by Your blessing
potentials that again I didn't know if not by Your grace...

Thank You for making me realize
 that I am here 
You really want me to be here
   that I am no mere accident.
Regardless of 
  who are my parents, 
     how I am born
and how my life has been,
You really want me to be here.
And I believe, 
  You have a prime purpose for my life;
You created me for a reason;
   for a certain purpose--
And that is:
   I believe to worship You
      to use this life, 
to declare and share all the love You have let me experience.

   All the days of my life,
Make use of me to bring You glory..
  Let it be, Father God, that my life be a testimony of You. 
Allow me to be of full time service to You..
   to bring You always a reason to smile.
I am humbly welcoming You Father God,
   I am all Yours to use...

(c) Olive Eloisa
9:39 pm
September 04, 2014 

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Darkness Of Night

Darkness of night,
introduce me to what lurks
underneath your enchanting moonbeams.
I know that I should stay away,
yet, I am drawn to these silent things
that could easily end me.
I am not afraid of the supernatural.
I am spellbound, enraptured, mystified
by these psychotic creature's requiem dance,
that captures my soul
as it's own possession.

Darkness of night,
take me into your underworld,
where the arms of roaming specters
can totally envelope me,
like a densely tangled spider-web,
with no intention to ever let go.
Allow them to take me away,
to a deep place where, peacefully,
my dying soul can finally rest.

Darkness of night,
tell the devil only this....
he can have all of me,
to punish in any befitting manner.
I have already been through torture,
known pain, lived with loneliness,
and seen hell on earth.
The devil may care to try,
but he cannot hurt me any more.

Darkness of night,
say goodbye for me.
Shout high up to the heavens
and tell the sun it needs to shine
no longer on me.

Dark Poetry Contest

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Walking alone
Often outside
In deep thought
About things of
Great importance.

I wonder aloud
Thoughts amassed
Priorities now
Solutions not clear
Seeking inspiration.

Time’s fleeting
Which is always
Tied to many
Dynamic actions
Begging resolution.

I stop now—
And look heavenward
Solutions abound
Choices are difficult
I’m staying focused.

Use my intuition
Request divine help
Do Nothing
Take your pick
Nothing’s easy.

My soul’s focus
Trust yourself—
First and foremost
God speaks silently
Do it now!              

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
(January 27, 2015) (Accentual Meter)

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Behind Green Eyes

I am not these thoughts I share...
I am not this body I wear....
I can't be limited in any way
I can't be bound in prisons
Of flesh and blood –
or clay.

I can enter into your body...
and still be who I am....
this –
I know to be true.

I seem to be but a spark of my own attention
just one point of focus
the seer who sees the all
untouched, unblemished by your blows.

When the wind blows down this mountain
stark and cold
I shiver not
for I am warmed from the fire within.
It warms me, strengthens me, cheers me,
and leads me on majestically.

Sometimes I forget who I really am...
being caught up in the emotions of the game...
I forget that I can fly
   and everywhere is my home.

Yet, I am the calming factor...
   the witness of my life.
I know not my own name....
but today –
I am behind green eyes.

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Ascending Epiphany

I realize limitation
	Is an illusion.
My destiny is without
Beyond death. Beyond the periphery 
Eternal Incarceration
Cosmic chaos is cooking...
	Infinite combinations
In infinite situations
Attuned yet unaware,
A universe of oppositions
Frequency and energy
Space, matter 
A spiraling dichotomy.

an ascending epiphany.



I also enjoy simple lists of words, descriptors of an abstract reaction 
describe the feelings or ideas my poem invoked or left in feeling or thought.
Even on word. is better than none. Thank you

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A Spirit Leaves the Body Seeking Eternity

A Spirit leaves the body while crying aloud as
Cursing blind hate enters without conscience 
A Hell for the wicked casting names as called
Tears of love weeping in sorrow and anguish 
Dripping red from the heart beating so dear
Devouring feelings eating into emotions I laugh so
To stop the weeping stirring in deep rocks below
Echoing waves of turbulence and such gale force 
Inside one soulful cry sounds in a whispered dream
Begging, desiring to move on from this mortal coil!

But pray tell—must wicked negation like this be
Ever so, if so, then why so?? 
Man-made negation, negativity should never be 
Allowed and the soulful cry must be heard, answered
Divine intervention, angelic powers to the rescue!

A Spirit leaving the body—a solemn event it is
There is no place for such mortal wickedness in this
Instance as the Spirit begins it transformative ascent
Toward the Heavens and the power of the Almighty
Shall answer in kind those mortals who bring their
Perfidy to this most wondrous process that severs 
The mortal bonds of the Earth dimension as the 
Spirit moves on in its new found state and presence
As Peace and Happiness envelop it soothingly and pure
Preparing it for God’s most precious embrace into Eternity!

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem,         
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (January 6, 2015)                          
(Free Verse)

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Pursuing Christus

The eyes of the sky,
windows of all spirits
traversing the universe,
interspersed and intertwined
Lights never die,
they reflect and grow
and magnify when set free
to drink from a well of knowledge,
ours to share.
Secrets are there
but don't fear them,
                 they are love,
they are a third eye
that lets you see beyond
and share the wisdom of
all living things -
returning and returning again
just a little less
                 imperfect ...

Inspired by Susan Boulet and her painting Rune Master

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Overheard in the Confessional

I beheld an unquenchable thirst
for the knowledge of hidden things
a life-long, never ending search
for the deeper meaning of withheld wings.
Truths known to the Scattered Brotherhood
but I heard the voice before I understood
and judgment came upon me in a day
when fearfully I turned the voice away.
All else fell like rain
a cold, hard, piercing rain.

Old Soul ~
ages old ~
rock of ages ~ sing.

Violence and betrayal
and misbegotten things.
Fallacy and fancy
grand, hidden, occultist wings,
a soiled rosary, an upturned ting.
The prince's meal is spilled
and a million sacrificial lambs
washed, woolly and white as snow
wandering outcasts in the outlands.

In the silence of stilled refrain
a still, small voice is heard
in the solar plexus direction is gained
and aged into the word.
Spiritual ears to hear.
Spiritual eyes to see.
If you let their faces scare you
fear will drag you to your knees.

"I, I am He who comforts you."
Safe from the shadows of night
and in the midst of grand illusion
you have planted your trough,
secured your plight.

Old Soul ~
ages old ~
rock of ages ~ sing.

Oh, Blissful Ignorance
washed and woolly and white your wings

that cross you carry

is mine.

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Whispers of Your Soul

Whispers of Your Soul

Soft whispers of her soul
brush slowly past – caressing
long saddened creases,
urging the silence to speak.

A sweet breeze softly touching
the pain swelled past
ministering to the faithful
left behind to mourn.

Spring showers to wash away
the fear of moving on,
the dormancy of longing
for that sunrise smile.

As I dream – I hear
soft whispers of her soul
awaken mine.

John G. Lawless

submitted to – Whispers of Your Soul – Poetry Contest
sponsor – Gail Angel Doyle

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God's bag of sugar

God's bag of sugar 
Burst all over the North
The sweet scent of the stars are pleasant to the eyes.

The limiltless strength of the belt of Orion
Three stars in one belt, 
That only God can bind
Bring wonder to the limited soul
Points to...

The clustered jewels of Pleades
Has strength in numbers
Like God's people are bound to each other
And to Him,
Only a powered God can bind such beauty.

The Major Bear cares for the Minor Bear
Father God growls to the enemies of His Cubs,
Sharing life at His own expense.

The Milky band 
The covering
Wraps its arms around the globe
Never ends
Each named part never fails, ever,
Seen by those who search

The North Star is unmoved
An absolute
Never changes
Everything else revolving around it
For all to see
For all who want to see.

Have you tasted God's bag of sugar ?.
It's very sweet.

“Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades, Or loose the belt of Orion? Can you bring out Mazzaroth (Zodiac) in its season? Or can you guide the Great Bear with its cubs? Do you know the ordinances of the heavens? Can you set their dominion over the earth? (North Star) (?Job? ?38?:?31-33? NKJV)

For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence. (?Colossians? ?1?:?16-18? NKJV)

He alone spreads out the heavens, And treads on the waves of the sea; He made the Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades, And the chambers of the south; He does great things past finding out, Yes, wonders without number. If He goes by me, I do not see Him; If He moves past, I do not perceive Him; If He takes away, who can hinder Him? Who can say to Him, ‘What are You doing?’ (?Job? ?9?:?8-12? NKJV)

He made the Pleiades and Orion; He turns the shadow of death into morning And makes the day dark as night; He calls for the waters of the sea And pours them out on the face of the earth; The LORD is His name. (?Amos? ?5?:?8? NKJV)

The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, And night unto night reveals knowledge.

Milky Way...Their line has gone out through all the earth, And their words to the end of the world. In them He has set a tabernacle for the sun...Its rising is from one end of heaven, And its circuit to the other end; And there is nothing hidden from its heat. (?Psalms? ?19?:?1-2, 4, 6? NKJV)

O LORD, our Lord, How excellent is Your name in all the earth, Who have set Your glory above the heavens!...When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him? (?Psalms? ?8?:?1, 3-4? NKJV)

There are also celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies; but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for one star differs from another star in glory. So also is the resurrection of the dead. The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body. (?I Corinthians? ?15?:?40-44? NKJV)

“To whom then will you liken Me, Or to whom shall I be equal?” says the Holy One. Lift up your eyes on high, And see who has created these things, Who brings out their host by number; He calls them all by name, By the greatness of His might And the strength of His power; Not one is missing. Why do you say, O Jacob, And speak, O Israel: “My way is hidden from the LORD, And my just claim is passed over by my God”? Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the LORD, The Creator of the ends of the earth, Neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, And to those who have no might He increases strength. (?Isaiah? ?40?:?25-29? NKJV)

because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. (?Romans? ?1?:?19-21? NKJV)

For we did not follow cunningly devised fables when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of His majesty...And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts; (?II Peter? ?1?:?16, 19? NKJV)

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O Light!

I meander through this maze called world,
seeing darkness everywhere, even in the
bright desert light, my soul ripped by doubt
and fear, and utter loneliness, only slaved
by a sudden wave of love, or a flicker of hope.

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The Opening

--The opening of a new life--

Airborne smiles under a pessimistic cloud
Peaceful living memories, wiping every frown 
Vibrant beams throughout the night 
The outflow shadows cloud nine;

Scoot away from the pain,
Enjoy all eyes towards the gateway
An endless fate awaits 

Maybe not today
Perhaps not tomorrow
Be Free * Live Happy
And just Believe--
--The Beginning of everything--

By; PD

A Sweet Merry Christmas   From: PD

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I Do Believe

"I Do Believe" 

The purpose of LIFE is to {Living In Faith Ever} 
to enrich God within us 
to an optimum level 
so that We as Humans 
can be guided by God 
to fuel out brothers and sisters 
with the same driving force 
to connect with the living God, 
to His existence and 
to See the Invisible, 
Believe the Incredible, and 
to Receive the Impossible 
to our everlasting journey 
to Heaven.

Rev. Samuel Mack
Copyright 2013

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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Journey to Spirit Mountain

Minter Bridge Road to Burkhalter Lane
Alpaca farms dot the hilly terrain, baby llamas
Wear thick curly fur, until the shears come
They look really funny when the fur is all gone

From the top of Chehalem, a significant drop down
Now into Newberg a quaint little town
Velvet moss cloaks the ivy in emerald green
Entwined through a forest of Juniper trees

On to Spirit Mountain, Grand Rhonde’s old legend
Where old spirits dwell, their holiness beckons
It’s best to go slow in a horse powered engine, that
Would have impressed the Pony Express, the
Ghosts of Rogue River's tribes of Kalapuya
Smoking peace pipes in wigwams
On the banks of Nestucca 

KA/ 2003

Note:  A place where you can truly feel the old spirits dwell. Kalapuya (Calapooya) means “wealthy way of life”. A semi-nomadic people who lived in permanent winter villages (near present day Portland, Oregon) and traded with their neighbors of Northern California, Oregon Coast and Columbia River tribes.

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I am a rock of impurity and potential
potential in pursuit of simplicity
simplicity is the ART of cleansing oneself..
one's self cleansed of all unnecessary excess
excess, the lust of materialism
materialism asaults my nature
nature whispers to the soul
soul advocates for truth
truth overcomes my destructive desires
desires submit to values
values bring purity
purity weds peace
peace mother's harmony  
harmony is body, soul, and mind in balance
balance is where one discovers simplicity..

simplicity is my magnificent obsession
obsession that refines
refines my rock into gold!

Sponsor: Catie Lindsey
Contest Name: Alchemy

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Reality's Angel

I am Reality’s angel resting on the broad shoulders of discovery the truth feeds darkness and engulfs its target ideas and concepts in turn become meaningless to you there is a creator of all things He is just and patient many still have fallen into the masses of shadow wrapped in their own filthy idols of philosophy I have seen grown men fall like rose petals and weaklings rise into unjust leaders forever the follower of furtive evil dominating only to remain inferior the most important answers lie in the unseen regions where no sense can fully give assurance the mind that so many unreasonably twist and turn grows weary because of the distance it must take and truth be told the distance is not what frustrates it is knowing we are seeking something far that could very possibly not exist, that our minds can twist into theoretical, idealistic nonsense it is knowing all we really think we know is meaningless and yes—even a lie all that has been written thus far rests under my wings under the warmth in which you refuse to feel can you believe in me— though I am completely unseen? how much more difficult would it be to see Him?

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Dear God

Thank you for the blessings 
You have bestowed upon my loves ones and me
We have health, love for each other
And jobs that pay enough for the rent
And basic necessities

Forgive me for the times I’ve cursed you
In the midst of certain lessons
I was ignorant – not contemplating 
The greater good,
Then you granted me the gifts of 
Knowledge and understanding and
Made me grateful for nearly all the outcomes

“Life is the school” and “Love is the lesson,”
But what is the purpose of our incarnation?
Is it enjoying the simple pleasures,
Growing spiritually to know you better,
And striving to do the right things 
That make up the purpose potion?

These are things that aid us in loving 
Ourselves enough to adequately love you,
Jesus and our fellow spiritual beings
Who are sharing the earthly experience,
But is that all there is?

Beyond Love, you may not divulge 
Any other reasons for existence, as
All things ultimately fall under Love’s umbrella
Besides, when working in harmony, 
The Bible, our intellect and intuition
allow us higher Truths and Revelations
That I contend come from You and angels
But, is that all of what we are given?

Shall I simply be content in praying 
That you continue to enlighten my inquisitive soul
By feeding me information
On a need to know basis
using the tools you have provided 
as I enjoy the simple pleasures,
continue my spiritual growth
and strive for morality over blasphemy?

Do I trust that Life’s Purpose
Is as simple and as complex as
Live, Love, Die and Reincarnate?

Love is the Key. 
The rest, only You know the Truth.

If you could talk to God....
Free Verse Contest

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Soul Fly

I wish to stroke my soul
       as to awaken it 
       from its dormant state

 releasing it 
   so that it might transcend 

into the sky and beyond
      past the moon 
      and all the stars

penetrating the borders of the galaxy

leaving the universe 
escaping time...
(forever eternal)

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Love is over and over

Eternal God was with us
Is with us
Over and over
His love is
Providing for us
Watching us
Forgiving us
Over and over
His love is
In every sense
An undying love
If we believe in this love
It will save us from our sins
Bring us to everlasting life
Heal us from our brokenness
And hardness of heart


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Between Happiness And Sadness

Between happiness and sadness
 —silence; an angel prays:

I kiss the loneliness of old people, 
their temples like handfuls of winter; 
their hearts
are used baggage, 
memories speak to them, 
they smile and
tell me stories from their youth 
—sadness falls; 
silence passes unspoken
—they remember the dead. 

I kiss the loneliness from their temples
and sadness lifts from their mouths.

From my first book: 'In Forbidden Language'

©dah / Stillpoint Books 2010
all rights reserved

Search Amazon Books: "in forbidden language/dah"

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Armageddon is not a geographical location
that will destroy the world. It is a symbol 
of the battle of good and evil within the 
human psyche.

Armageddon is not a remote event in history
but a spiritual occasion to connect more fully 
to the goodness that resides within the self.

Armageddon Divinity established that love is 
primary throughout existence. The self is a 
piece of Divinity which experiences love as 
its primary source.
Armageddon is an opportunity to realize the
personality of the Divine within our own moral
and ethical life. There is no battle to end the 
world only new beginnings to renewed our spirit.

Armageddon is a fever already raging. The war
that surpasses all wars is alive inside us on a 
daily basis. Divinity measures the souls reach 
toward or away from love.

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And you don't know me

Your petrified smiles face the sun
mirror on the paths we walked,
amid ferns
and flowers without a name.

(Next year you will depart to encounter my dreams.)

The crags whiten from counting time.

You were approaching from afar
I did not see any glass screens between us,
- I know, you were a dreamy form,
floating in Pelago, my tiredness and the sun,
excessive on the eyelids, please lower,
I need to talk to you.

Small silences, small silences that shine
all of my hands baptized me
you offered them a name like an omen,
I shaped you,
you called me Angel.

When the downpour started, you vanished
betimes was morning
Inside the rainfalls you attempt to address me,
and I recall you
you come closer but you don't know it
and I don't see it, and you don't know me.

© G.V. 03-16-2013

Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Contest Name: free verse
Placement: 2nd

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Around the Fireplace

As we sit around the fire
reminding ourselves of our ancestors' ways,
we should also remember the Great Spirit,
which has bestowed blessings on us,
in the form of rain, rich harvest,
and beautiful land.

The Cloud Warriors are drumming in the skies,
ushering in the rhythm of rebirth and prosperity
for our descendants,
and acting to the will of the Great Spirit,
who sees all, and is never seen....

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The Center's Footsteps

Thoust message rings,
But it is a wretched beauty.
Sew up thine tongue;
It forks in many directions,
Ensnaring, passing through the centers,
Weaving a thread gleaming, deceivingly white,
Yet drenched in the black goo,
The sticky gobs of our source, our blood.
Cast aside thine needle,
Let time make it blunt.
Wallow in thine sorrow,
But only for a moment.
Up, up with you!
The sticky gobs cannot protect thee.
See me, Hear me.
For I see thee...
Thou hast split thine tongue
To hide, to forget.
Thine forked words, black to all, clear to me.
Go on, go ahead,
Walk through its enveloping black.
And when you cannot run,
And when you can’t do that anymore, 
Find someone to carry you.
Thou art strong!
Let thine center give you new feet!
If even thine center falls weary,
I shalt be thine legs.
I shalt carry you, my friend.

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a leaf fallen

a leaf fallen...

a leaf fallen to the ground cannot be placed back upon the branches of the tree...

a leaf fallen is separated from the nourishment of the trunk or the roots...

a leaf fallen can never be what it once was as it dries up and lies separated from its main source of energy...

its edges curled and the moisture being drawn like water from a well...

a leaf fallen is tossed and turned and blows with no direction from the wind...

it has no control over its destination...

it lies lifeless and abandoned, crunchy, and beneath the feet of the enemy...

a leaf fallen...

gwendolen rix

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Embrace My Dreams

Can't seem to hold it in
Don't want to hide it anymore
Have to let it show
Let them all know
What's in my heart

I don't care what they think
Don't want to be caught in the drama
Can't let the chaos get the best of me
Must take a hold of my life

Don't want to be caged up
While the world passes by
Like the majestic dragonfly
It's time I open the door

With my own strength
To unlock the lock
Setting me free to take flight
To go off to find my happiness

If the world finds me strange
I'll take is as a compliment
Your words just make me strong
You'll never chip my soul

Don't tell me what path to take
Only I choose my own road
Obstacles that come my way
I have to learn to overcome

Mistakes can be corrected
Seeking answers to questions
A Person must grow on their own
Facing their own battles
That people don't understand

Can't let the chains of oppression
Bring me down in depression
Only I can break free of the constraints
If I wish to embrace my destiny

Let the world deal with their issues
I won't let the dissonance get me
Have to focus on the task at hand
Embracing my dreams by letting go

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Blood Of Birth

The secret she holds imperatively,
Locked inside cracked and bleeding lips.
Around her neck lies the skeleton key,
Awaiting the woman's seeking fingertips.
A Pandora 's box filled with sin,
Rests within her still beating heart.
Only a sentence is contained within,
'The world as we know to be torn apart.'
Animal rises by the bell's hollowed toll,
Dusk of desire to engulf and originate.
Restlessness becomes lack of control,
Energy merges and to the night she consecrates.
A cry, a sorrow; all of her distanced soul,
She builds her walls with stone and earth.
When broken, anger unable to be consoled,
Tormented by the blood of her birth.

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Cycling through time;
this wrack of flesh fleets on.
Spinning indifferently on a compressed 
ball of mud.
Pulsing and thumping against 
the deafening destiny of becoming
a part of what it was spat unto.
Sipping the blood of my father,
seeking understanding.
The wine of revelation is an 
acquired taste and so I tend 
to use it for marinating my 
battered will. 
I pray alongside songs of my peers,
and hope I can stand the flames
I am sure to meet;
This world is full of fire,
and I am it’s smoke
accumulating under blankets
held by my ancestors.
I am their story.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved

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Breathe In Me Life, For Death Enshrouds

“Seducer, healer, deity or thief,
I will see you soon enough—
in the shadow of the rainfall,
in the brief violet darkening a sunset—
but until then I pray watch over him
as a mountain guards its covert ore
and the harsh falcon its flightless young.”
-Dana Gioia’s Prayer

Captivated, cruelly scorned Innocence breached in the caress of sifting leaves I breathe… Shards of crimson ice splitting the skies, I breathe… Hung in the nest of my Guardian’s threshold I breathe… I receive the tantrums of travesty, Though I pause, the air suspended in my lungs Death, damasked and naked The hairs of his youth dancing in the breeze I breathe…I breathe… Words of ire, phantom echoes in my mind, I breathe…I breathe The pain of existing taught in those eyes I breathe…I breathe Until the fighting for control ceases Until the lungs are filled to the brim with torrential tears My eyes, open, lifeless I see you, gallant Guardian A silhouette sobbing, a heart pounding and throbbing You sing to me, lulling life wonder Spices surround me, for you are my Gatherer of needed scent Allowing your tears to fall, refusing to grieve Seeing in me budding revelation Your lips hot against mine Gently, gently you breathe And in Death’s astonished brow, I live

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If knowledge is power
It skipped a generation
Negativity a way of life
Hardships and aggravation
Souls all in bondage
No way for liberation
Dishonesty and distrust
That's my calculation
The wicked and the decent
A wise separation
A saint with a sinner
No kind of relation
The saints sat and wait
For a greater expectation
While the wicked 
In their heart have no consideration
And the poor and homeless
Wait in desparation
With heavy hearts
For the renewing of the creation
While me myself wait for Jesus
With pure dedication

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The Color Missing

The Color Missing
Red, black, and blue are the colors of our work pens. Red is the color of the blood we spill on other people’s mistakes.  Blue is the color of the songs we sing on tax forms or pay stubs- every page has a secret melody. Black is the color of the streets we fear most. Black is the color of our signature of approval. Black is the color of our death.

‘But what about the Green pens?’ I ask. They say ‘the ink is too hard to see.’

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One self

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I love the color and how
It accentuates the tone of your skin
Truly, it brings out the brilliance
Beaming bright from your face
As I gradually gaze
I lose myself in a daze
Simply amazed at the light
Leaping deep in my eyes

I'm flaring in flames with delight
From viewing this gorgeous site
Your color choice cascades 
Like a clique of crystal colored 
Clouds calmly caressing
The blue sky

Even the light from the sun 
Can't outshine the suave design 
Of the portrait displayed 
Right in front of me

But tell me something.........
How long does the liquid splashed
Upon this portrait last
Before the palms that painted it
Mark a smear with a mash

It is removable right?
It's severed at some point
The darkened dusk of the day
If I'm not mistaken

I mean, the mascara
Surrounding it meshes
At the tinge of a tear
The full ethereal effect
Of the face elapses
Evaporates in seconds
And all at once disappears

So, why persist in painting
Your pupils as if going to war
When bound in braids of beauty
Just the way you are?

Why continuously cope concealed
In optometrical colors
When one has already seen
And sees what the cosmetics cover?

~Poetra Jah~

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Just Be

Sometimes I admire the littlest things
A simple rock. A blade of grass. 
They need no future goals, no tax exemptions
They don’t need to go anywhere or be anything
They just are. 

Sometimes, especially when I’m reading life insurance policies,
I envy the rocks and the grass
And try to be like them for a moment. 
I sit perfectly still and give myself to the wind-
And it whispers in my ear:
Just be.
And for that moment I don’t need to go anywhere or be anything.
And at the snap of my fingers, 
All the complex widgets and gizmos that make up my life
Fold into paper airplanes and fly off in the wind.

Jacob Reinhardt

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You and I


I find you at the gateway to life
the center of my world
patiently waiting for me to ripen

You make all the storms seem safer
your maturity grounds me
to that place where my age is nothing

The one piece of fruit you crave
you are my sunshine and my rain
you are the clouds full of mystery

You are all past, my history
and here in these days
I find life from you at my own gateway
forever gratefully 

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A Prayer For Strength To Be Yourself

It's hard doing something different.
It's difficult staying yourself.
In a world so accustomed to conformity,
It feels nearly impossible to be unique
As the one He created you to be.
How do we find the strength?
How do we find the courage?
How do we find the bravery?
Where do we defeat fear?
Well, He's hanging on The Cross
Giving life to you and me.
Thank You Jesus!
Let us not forget
With Christ,
Nothing is impossible,
For with God,
All things are possible!
Thank You Father!
Thank You!
We give our lives to You!
We are Yours!
Praise You forever
And forevermore!
In Jesus' Name,
We pray,

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Beak of Night


Following the glow in every star in my eyes
I lay here in the frenzy grass with swimming thoughts
Thunder hides in the still of the night
Doves fly high in an epic way
Swans glide in the mist of night
Everest tears, run down my cheeks 
 ------- I left you-------------------

The wind carries the sorrow from a chime, 
A touch with aromatic perfume, that turns out control
My shadows peeks around the warmth of a Phoenix mirage
My head is losing balance to a negative magnetic seal
Secretiveness ~

Sleepwalking with the tendency to crawl
My feelings stray as I lay on this frenzy grass of snow
Years that come and years that go
Things In life I will never know
I pass the morning till the night popsicles away
A blanket of snow to cover my dream
Wings taking flight near the river stream
Mockingbirds protecting their branch
In every scream!
---------------- Far Away-------------

Leaves fall on me like an endless Odyssey Romance
I'm a lonely sparrow with an enigmatic look
A Gothic Dance, under the stars
Prancing under the devil's claw
I hold myself
Side to side
I lose myself to an ironic form.
Zero is what I can't perceive. 

With and without a beak
The mystique of my lips
Is all billiard-up
My mouth sewn shut
Shut up~
--------------No Words, Indeed------

By; p.d.

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The Old Salt

The Old Salt was a special man who came along in a time
when he was needed most.

A time that is now gone forever.
When men believed and sacrificed, when hero’s walked the earth in mass.

When patriotism was not just a word
by what men lived and judged the worth of each, 
a man who lived a life most of us cannot comprehend. 

An era now gone as this warriors tour of duty ends at this station, 
and begins anew in the heavenly fleet. 

Sail on Sailor into your unaccompanied tour,
we salute you.

What greater honor, that when a man moves forward, 
he leaves behind in each of us the best of what he was. 

A defender, protector, supporter, victor, a warrior, 
the last of the breed from an era when ships were made of wood
and men were made of steel.

The Old Salt has reported for duty that takes him away from us for now. 

Those of us who remain behind,
remember, and will continue to remember, 
because he now resides forever in our hearts.

As I look up at night, I envision The Old Salt,
a beret draped just above the eye, 
as he draws upon his pipe, 
quietly he waits.
The guardian of heaven’s gate.

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The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

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the Rose

                 The Rose innocent white, soft pink, yellows 
                colors touch your soul vibrant red to amethyst

                enhances beauty yet a thorn awaits to break skin
                as life does piercing your heart with a thin pin.

                My life has shed drops of blood through each petal
                 as if in return for the love and beauty you feel

                hence pain underneath patiently waits the bloodletting ~

                The rose symbolizes love yet vulnerable to hold
                for when you open your heart it can be left bleeding

                The best of surgeons can not beat your heart
                It is the inner faith and God himself whom gives strength 

                whispers in your ear you shall live you will exist
                your life meaningful as the water and sun to the rose

                 For I am your God  your existence is not over yet .
                        You must Live ~You must Bloom 

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It's not a lesson to be taught
Or a skill to be acquired
It's the nudge to move forward
Open when the time is right
It's the spirit inside
God leading on the way
On the journey to discover
He is all you need
It's the courage to let go
Say yes instead of no
Reveal what you've been holding back
As Jesus takes the wheel
It's the realization that it doesn't matter
What others think of you
God leads you where you're meant to be
Just allow you to be you
It's the standing up to fear
Proclaiming "fear's not gonna win!"
The battle has been fought too long
Time to let the stalemate end
It's the inspiration you've been holding
For others and for yourself
The light we've been dimming
Rather than shining on His behalf
It's the spontaneity in the decision
To follow His call all the way
Discovering peace in being you
Wide open as the perfect creation you are
The world out there is brutal
But there's a Holy Man holding out His Hand
His bravery now is all we have
But His bravery of love is all we need
May God bless you!

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Her Heart Is The Sea

Her eyes never leave
the moonlit horizon.
She will wait
an eternity, if she must.
She paces
as the tides
crash forth, then recede
back to the ocean.

Only memories
return here.
The ship departing
from the docks,
the sun sparkling
on the water,
a pair of dolphins
through the surface.
They had seen it
while in each other's arms.
Yet, now they
are distant

The sky turned ominous,
dark waters
engulfed the ship.
Everything went dark,
they lost sight
of each other
beneath the churning waves.
Her lungs
filled with salt water
as she desperately
gasped for air,
for life.

She drowned
the same day he did.
Her soul
washed ashore
along with her
cold, lifeless body.

She remains
haunting the coast.
Her feet leave
no imprints
in the sand.
She moves
with the wind,
drifts upon it, 
like sea-foam
atop the waves.
The dark water
through her
transparent form.

Her spirit's heart glows,
shining outward
like a lighthouse beacon
showing him the way
to her arms.
She is waiting
for him
to rejoin her.
He will return
just as she has.

Written by: Kelly Deschler    October, 10th, 2013  

nette onclaud's contest - "Take Two"
This was originally written for Poetess Darkly's contest - 
"Heart Of The Sea"

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Macrocosm Lights

Look deeper inside the universe and you will find it's brilliant mind
Transcranial stimulation directing intelligent design
The Heavens celestial is the body of an eternal dream within it's own
A window into the galaxies where the heart is connected to it's soul
While event horizon reflects a dark side there is still a beauty to behold
Through parallel dimensions and wormholes into eternities of the great unknown
Where there is only the absence of time and space, a beginning without an end
Floating through the Milky Way across a gentle stellar wind
Deep into the macrocosmic silence I close my eyes and disappear 
Awaiting on the other side is the golden thrones of new frontiers 
Unto the nebula of Orions belt you can feel the gift of life
A place one day we'll again call home as we ascend into its light

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The Medicine Bag

The Medicine Bag 

March the centuries on, 
the talisman wraps and 
clings to the collar bone. 

The medicine bag cups holy 
bones that speak of the 
future, flint and stone to
 make magic fire 

strong medicine in the 
feather of the eagle
a tooth of the wolf when the 
spirit guide is he,
Should the moon's cycle be
the guide. an agate stone. 

Antler bone, its spirit 
sacrificed, meat and juices 
hiss into the fire on a wintry 

Amulets forever worn „round 
the neck touched by hands 
to reassure. 

Fear, pain and loss subside. 
Joy celebrated stroked in 
thanksgiving, always there, 
a comfort. 

To lose it was to lose one.s 
The medicine bag still adorns 
the educated, the modern, 
the agnostic. 

Turquoise of a native people
rosary beads for a strict and 
vengeful God
a locket filled with a 
beloved.s hair 

hippy beads from the time of 
peace signs and Haight-Ashbury 

a gold chain dangling stones 
ripped from the earth 

David.s star shining over
centuries of darkness.
The shark.s tooth from the icy, 
indifferent depths 

silver charms jingle and talk of 
life.s landmarks 

the gold cross celebrating a 
vicious torture 

worry beads from a 
mysterious and dark cult 

a modest grain of sand 
coated with oyster spit 

the ashes of one that ca'.t 
be let go, lest it diminish the 
life that remains. 

Medicine bags…all. 

Trisha Sugarek from
Butterflies and Bullets

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Last Summer Saturday

Poorly heated coffee;
I can't seem to get it hot enough.
Tired eyes still rolling,
Film draped for dreaming.
This last Summer Saturday,
Might as well call it Fall.
The pumpkins out and jumping,
Future jack-o-lanterns for fun.
Gentle breeze cascades,
Every once in a while a poof.
Sunny sun still sunning;
Please don't ever go away.
Time to heat up the coffee;
My goodness this is good!
So open arms and lean back;
God is so, so good!

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Beyond The Distance And The Days

Our love grows stronger,
Even beyond the distance,
Even beyond the days.
I know you're with me always
And I'm always with you;
In God together we're together forever
And physically we'll be together forever soon.

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This Love

This love
 wants nothing.
 It just happens
 like a ray of the tree-tops
 or of a temporal bone a palm.
 This love
 is not a centenary tree keeping
 secrets – 
 open and clear is shining
 the grass on the hill.
 It stays quiet under the stormy wind
 it bears under the fire of the sun,
 in hollows of the nights long
 tells fairytales.
 The world changes. – It does not faint.
 It grows up higher than it
 and shorter than the stone.
 In the church a thunder falls,
 but She is praying…
 She is Her temple
 and the temple is Her.

 And Everything!

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The winds of a thousand screams,
Descended upon paradise, leaving
Destruction's wreckage behind in it's evil
Black embrace.
A shock waves avalanche hit Eden, 
With hurricanes blast force, and velocity's
Speeding acceleration, a winds storms
Cyclone, born from the cradle, of the
North pacific ocean.
Funnel's hell cloud on earth, consuming
Humanity as if a vacuum cleaning, sucking
Away life itself, from the green land below.
What salvation has mankind from this reclamation,
Nothing but death's desert remains left behind.
By thunders wake, and earth quake, nature
Takes back what once belonged unto herself.
Bloods waves wash upon the distant shores,
Building resort towers have fallen, as dominoes
To greed’s need for progress exceeds his right.
The lion has been set amongst the lambs,
It's hunger is never satisfied.
Cry do the angels of God's mercy, for
The souls lost do we pray.
Tears fall for the survivors, and nations
Give aids rescue by flight and by sea.
But paradise lost cannot found, it's
Dream of a peaceful life's existence,
Has washed away with the whispering
 Winds, distant echoing.
For only the lonely remain, with a
Visions illusion for what once was,
Has been swept away with the tide.
As a new horizon sunrise awakens,
To the land of the barren, the world
Is left in mourning.


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Porn No More

I've watched the war from behind closed doors;
Eyes too glued to close.
And now knowing what's in store, there's porn no more.
God's love is the only hope we know.
We are forgiven because of the love that is Jesus.
We are saved because of the love that is Jesus.
We give our lives to the Father for we are His children and He loves us.
We are loved!
No matter what we've done, we are loved!
Confess and ask for forgiveness;
This is such a beautiful gift!
Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
You forgive me!
You save me!
You change me!
I am changed!
I am new!
I am renewed!
I am forgiven!
I am saved!
I am changed!
There's porn no more
For God's hope is in store!
There's porn no more
For God's love is the hope of the world!

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A Dry Desert of Thoughtless Souls


A dry desert of thoughtless souls
Miracles untouched in the familiar doorway
(time is a candle never seen)

I’m looking for those followers in-between
Those who know and those who dream
Strike a match and burn your fingertips

Lost now are the cities of God
Golden thrones chipped, enamored
Of rust dust and crying trust


Fall down now through the door
-way see the light and spit in its 
eyes a thousand demons know why

Break the candle and spill the wine
Down the cliff hear the echo die 
Again you wonder the streets of smiles

Crumbling bread and ashen grace leave
The burden of this place heaves with tears
And prayers, calling liars through the mist

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Where The Next Dollar Will Come From

I'm worried where the next dollar will come from.
Will she ever arrive?
Will she ever show up?
But why am I worrying?
Stop it!
It's all in God's Great Hands!
It's all under God's control!
It's all within His plans!
It's all His
And He will provide
Because He is our Father!
He loves us!
It's all His!
Trust Him!
I know it's difficult;
He will not lead you wrong.
He knows where you need to go.
He knows what you need to endure.
It's all His plan.
It's all in His Hands!
Lay down your life;
Give the control.
He is in control!
Thank You Father!
Trust Him!
It will all be okay!
Trust Him!
Thank You God!
Thank You Jesus!
Thank You Holy Spirit!
I love You always!
I trust You always!
I trust You!
I trust You!
Yes, yes I do!
I trust You!
I love You!

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God People of the universe Is transgressive God People of the world Is munificence Only you form your destiny. God People of the universe Has given us our lives _________________________|

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The Blades of the Third Eye

the blades of the third eye open electric
sleep sits and runs for death
a coffin writes a promise with rich, ruddy dirt
a poet sinks in his eyes and coughs
winds ride the cold shout of crippled prayers
a wolf flows in distant sands
howling white moon

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My Future Generation

I can act insane
Make me feel worthless

I belong in God’s family
He will bless my future generation

Don’t punish me for
Being myself –
Don’t envy my glee 

I can act like an
Adult, but I’d 
Prefer to have joy…

Not stress…
That piles upon us in our 
Everyday lives

Being childlike is

A rare beauty – 

No one prizes it…

No one came across it…

In this lifetime…

I can laugh all day
I can make you smile
If you’d accept my 
Childlike dreams of mine
Don’t treat me like a sick swine

Renew my young heart
Give me the ability 
To kill the old man…

I have my place in God’s family
He’ll be adored and glorified 
We’ll exchange prayers and hugs  
By my future generation

I beg of you – 
Don’t kill my childlike mentality
I’ll behave myself…
I’m positively sure that I’ll make you happy

I’ll still have pieces of a child in me

And pass it on to my future generation…

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A Transformation Begins

Fishing masters
Clothed in white feathers...
They stalk in slow motion
And as they strike a pose
Everything rare and beautiful.
Round my heart and soul of bliss
A transformation begins,
At peace I am.

Motif: spiritual and nature (Great White Egrets)

For contest, "Impress me with a Small Poem" by Giorgio A. V.

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My Spiritual Journey, I'm Still Roaming

I grew up physically abused,
with only grandma to hold on to.
I was a frail child confined,
and couldn't understand the pain I was going through.
I roamed!

In my teenage years,
I was rebellious and out of control.
Emotional scars were souvenirs,
and I felt I lost my soul!
I roamed!

Down a long dark path,
I thought my spiritual journey would end.
Listening to a demonic laugh,
I found myself in prison with no friend!
I roamed!

I cried out to God for an answer,
for the death of my grandma was too much!
Spiritual pain ate me away like cancer,
and I felt God had just lost touch!
I roamed!

Down that dark tunnel of tribulation,
I began to see a spark of light.
I continued forward with determination,
with a stronger spiritual appetite!
I roamed!

Inside behind these evil walls,
I constantly fed my hungry mind.
At times I felt so small,
but mentally I was no longer confused!
I roamed!

I was once weak and frail,
and attempted suicide with a knife.
I fought my way out of hell,
because I now valued my life!
I roamed!

My journey began so long ago,
and the strength of my heart continues on.
I survived a spiritual TKO,
emotional scars remain, but insecurities are gone!!
I still continue to roam!

Written for Drake Eszes contest "I, roam"

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In God's Hands

  I am malleable in God’s hands, 
No one can shape me like He can, 
He never gives me anything that I can’t handle, 
He always knows what He is doing, 
No one can compare to Him, 
He is the father I never had, 
I can truly trust, love, and honor Him, 
Because He made me, 
He loves me, 
And I love Him, 
I will never be able to put my heart into someone else’s hands with such trust!
Because He is love! 
And I am His. 
- Inspired by Jeremiah 18:6 

                                                  Jeremiah 18:6 NIV
“O house of Israel, can I not do with you as the potter does? declares the Lord. 
“Like clay in the hands of potter, so are you in my hand, O house of Israel.

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The Book

I am a book and I’m the author
I walk experience in my pages
Pages made to cover similar hardships in novels 
I puke poetry and sing boring songs while cooking words in ovens 
I believe in walking crippled paragraphs

I am a book 
Look i designed my cover in smiley looks 
A very loud template with innocent news 
Piles of smiles that attract visions not prisons
I am a lesson don’t fall in my trap 
I've dribbled my own games with my own words 

Say it
Say you love me, even if you don’t 
I long to taste the sound of your affection
Say the things lovers fill their tummies with
You don’t have to mean it 
Please say it
Fool my mind, give me a hug before Sunday

My life is a statue 
That Arrogance standing motionless in front of uninvited opponents 
My old school way of speaking new images 
Life undresses my naked truth with no omissions 
I am a lost sculpture like my mother's grave 
I am brave 
I forced my lovers to hate me in many ways 
They tried making sense of my existence
I hardly speak for other verses but souls

I am a book
Say the words in the back of my heart
Say you adore me 
Even if it’s not registered in your mind
Be blind and see your love for me, be kind

Why me
Why am i a recollection in your old shelves
Bloody memories
Why revisit me when life blesses you with hot claps 
I am covered in black 
I spared wheelchairs for any of my broken pages
I am far from segregation
I am your bestselling knowledge in high voltage 
I am your tour guide with guaranteed knowledge
I am a jacket to self-made cigarettes
Your soft pages 
My dusty unreadable pages are covered at the end of my life no worries
My mind has muscles but suffer not from steroids
I am addicted to meanings of my metaphors 
Say something about me please, 
Even if saying it decreases your energy 

Blind fold your approach and pride 
Neighbour my disciples and their kinds 
Just give me hope for preaching hope 
Crown me King
I am a simple bible
You know that 

Say the things you thought about me 
Hello be thy word, thy medicated voice
Thy will be written in different styles
Hello be thy easy to speak to many hearts
I am a book hated by many
My racial skills are empty not blurry
I am a book and I am the author
I am your words in your world

© Raymond Ngomane 

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By Our Side

By my side:
The tallest mountain,
The calmest pond,
The purest stream;
My hope and strength,
Faith and love;
The Lord,
Our God,
Always by our side

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Move On

So you sinned?
Well, that's done and over with!
Keep it in the past
'Cause that's where it belongs.
But ask Jesus for forgiveness;
Don't dwell on mistakes any longer
Because He makes you new again:
Love is the outcome;
Forget the wrongs,
Love and move on!

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Before a rainbow appears there must be a little rain

Before a rainbow appears
there must be a little rain
Before we find true love
we must have a little pain
you might run away from your problems
but your problems still remain
you have to leave the past behind
before you can make a change.

To travel through life successfully
you have to accept life is no bed of roses
and you have to ride the storms
see problems as a challenge
you can learn from
take the bull by the horns.

You can't rely on others
to give you a helping hand
and get on
you may have won a battle
but there maybe a war to overcome.

Life is for living
and serving God up above
to thank him for all he has done
and his love.

Don't put off until tomorrow
what you can do today
or one morning you may wake up
to find it's too late
your old and grey.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Take Me

They played reverse psychology with his mind He felt so stupid Like everything he had ever believed was a lie The auras are bad, we continued to say They are not good Test the spirits…test the spirits He went haywire He pushed away How could we blame him? His body was not his own Come to grips, we told him The doctors don’t understand But still we must not jump to conclusions You are strong; you have God The upper hand If I lift this bed will you think otherwise? Lift the entire world and I will see nothing of you You are nobody compared to him in my eyes Your wonders are for wonderment alone You wander and then you stay You prey prey prey Those that prey desire nourishment Those who prey lack strength And to grab onto the youngest Mistaking him for stupid and weak That is below everything unworthy That is just pathetic Whatever you are You are not him And surely not worthy of a line of acknowledgement You hurt my closest friend And it is on You will be the reason The fire of my claws flare You will be the very thing I will devour It preyed on his innocence It made itself his friend Acting the hero Burning him to nothing in the end Come to grips, we said No more writing No more imagination The auras are not good He is not good! Laura is not good! Life life life is not good! You prey on a sick, young boy You are messing with a demon like me! I will tear you to shreds for the next flaw you set fire to! Believe me I will hide more under the timbers And I will crawl out Spewing perversity and hate And drag you in with me True colors will surround you I realize you have the power To kill my loved one I stake alone I hand the burning torch to you And with fire surrounding me I spit and hiss Take me Take me instead I know you want all And all live in me You cannot turn down my offer Become me And I will destroy me

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The River home

It was a home on the river we lived .
It was the ghost of a young man whom had taken his own life.

I still remember the vision of him walking by me with a blank stare 
We,  as a Family of  seven , moved into this river house 
Panoramic views right out to the river , I should mention

I was home alone as a child , looking out at "The Julia Belle Swan " as she went by .
Upstairs in that room as I saw a figure walking by , with very nice features , auburn hair 
I thought he was my older brother , a handsome young guy 

Then I realized the young man was not my brother , a  apparition he appeared .
He was not there to scare or frighten , 
the message I believe he wanted to shed light on, so clear.

He walked right by ,then disappeared through the window, out to the River .

The Ghost knew I could see him , a gift I have been given
when I was a younger child of five , I had once died for a short time. I was lifted by Jesus in Heaven . Death is not for us to decide .

Later in the years we moved from that home , every home we lived in had a story 
or a presence of its own . My Mother had told me later , a young man took his life there .

 Keep fighting your way through life and its despair , 
you are important to someone whom cares .  If you feel alone and want life to end , Please pick up the phone , call anyone ,  call for help , call a Friend .

"This is not fiction , it truly is a gift I have been given "

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The Truth About Love

Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is time apart
Trying not to drown
Praying to stay loyal
Holding on to lover's promises
Dreaming of reuniting
Crying tears of hurt and joy
Thinking of you constantly
Asking God for all the best
Love is difficult
Love is not easy
Love is hard
Love is faith
Love is hope
Love is trust
But love is beautiful
Oh, so beautiful
And love is worth it
Oh, so worth it
Love is in God's Hands
Love is protected
Love will come back again
Reunion again
For God is love
In Jesus' Name
We pray

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Words of Life

Drowning in the pool of anguish…oh…oh…
I’m venturing into the forest…and I want to hear the words seep out 
Release these aching sorrows…I worry my soul’s drying out…
like a drought…
Drain out the fluids from my heart
It’s gouging me…bruising me to the core…

Embrace the light…embrace the midnight sky…
You fall in my arms – you die so warm
Shed me more sun to lift up my spirits
From the…underground…and release me – I’m breathless
I’m drowning in doubt…ooh… oh… 

Remember me…I’m falling…into my swirling fate…hanging on the roots 
Strangling my heart…distorting in my veins… I’m bleeding so softly – cut out the wood…
Splintering me…I’m shattering… and I’m falling in the abyss
Bring me more radiance from my candle light
Warp me up in bliss…don’t let the midnight sky…don’t take away my delight
From the…ocean…and save me—save me…oh… oh…  I’m failing 


I’m drowning in regret…ooh..oh…
Hit the bull’s eye in my heart…embrace the light
And don’t leave me hanging in the abyss…hand me a kite!
Save me before I fall apart…shut out the night
And don’t let the dusk escape us…

I must confess…
I must confess…
I hate to see you abandon the light…
But I’m not the one to save you from the night


Splintering lies fill your heart 
I want to kiss it goodbye…
But you’ve mastered it like a piece of art
I want to kiss the abyss and die…
Dry… I wanna touch the sky with my whole soul
But I’m failing and the end of time has taken its toll
Tainted sorrow…swims around me…I dwell where the waters depart
But the anguish still swarms in my heart…
I’m failing…my heart stops beating
And my desires are fleeting
From my grasp
And the monsters laugh at me…as I fall… 


Embrace the midnight sky…catch me…catch me…
As I fall in death’s arms…I die so cold
And your heart is made of gold

Untangle the darkness & take away the nightmares 
Answer our prayers & block out the night 
Erase the heartaches & wipe away our tears
Unravel Your words of life & delight

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The Name of Jesus

Whisper me the sweet sound of freedom,
The sweet sound found in Your Name,
Holy and Heavenly freedom,
All in the Name of Jesus!

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A Fable on Friendship-The Strawberry and the Bee

The Strawberry and the Bee –A Fable on Friendship

Hidden away in a magical garden lived a single honey bee.
Busily buzzing along enraptured by the sweetest melody.
Busily transferring pollen from one plant to the next
When he stumbled upon the sweetest strawberry
He had ever laid eyes on.
“I must pick this strawberry and keep it all to myself,” he thought.
Thinking all the while how he could latch it upon his back.
Along came a fuzy wuzzy caterpillar searching for a noonday snack.
He invited himself to join in on the conversation between
The bee and himself.
“I’ve carried many berries upon my back ushering them to my den.”
“If you allow me to assist you with this endeavor you will surely make a friend. 
So the busy bumble bee took upon himself a new friendship.
This was a new journey for him for he had no real friends  and he
Lifted the strawberry to his new friend’s back.
They marched off together side by side wonderig what adventure would be 
What is the moral to this story you might ask?
Cast your burdens on eachother and alwayswalk beside one another.
Let the love of your Creator make your hearts light. 
Oh! And finally, always make room in your heart for another friend may come 
along when you least expect it!

Gwendolen Rix

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The Light

They praise me like a saint,
But I am a sinner;
They don't know the man they see.
I am an addict.
Broken eyes to pornography,
Only Jesus can set me free.
Only by His death on the cross
And the grace of His Father's love
Am I able to be set free.
With God as The Light,
The One and Only Light,
The Only Hope in sight,
Will I be set free.
I am free.

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The Shift

Shift gears, shift gears, excite our spiritual peers, 
they’ve lived for years… observing our generations of tears, 
for Love’s sake from the limitations of egos’ innovations…
the outer self logic, the mechanic.. the mechanic, of cumbersome thought,

 processes the established enemy , escape… escape the human mind, 
the tangle vine…the vintage of the whore’s wine..

its rape its murder the sickness, the disease , the fleas.. 
of strife, the strife, the schizoid, of the void, 
explored of Sigmund Freud, …
the  logical ego entity …  shift away infinity… infinity,  the divinity, 
the cup of Love’s logic awaits…
 with Spiritual plates, with open gates…
 unlimited possibilities…

the  infinity of  divinity the beginning of thee, 
let us fly freely into the sunlit arms of the fresh blue skies 
into the very nature of  the power of life, the being of free…
out of the prisons of the self  mutilating concepts of logics
flagellant human projects… keeping us bound,
away into oceans blue,  Agape’s unlimited…clarity  
into the fluid of faith hope and charity…
thine sacred, thine… sacred heart, Love‘s apple cart.. 
life… before the human concept of strife… the knife, the knife…

Oh.. the concept logical knife, the parasites, the parasites…
the makers of false love in the night… the egos up tight. 
the children of the night, the human plight…
of the logical concept black as the night..
beware… beware of mechanical egos up tight…

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Every Second We're Away

Every second we're away,
We grow stronger everyday
Until that day will finally come
When we know it's okay
And we will rest in each other's arms
In peace from God above,
No longer missing one another
Because we're together;
Built forever in each other's love.

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I came unaware; a heartbeat 
comfortable in place 
forced onto existence 
on a starry night 
before the light began.

time opened up 
and reality flew by
on a memory tapestry
Interwoven signed and
sealed as a solitary life 

from the beginning
to the end, all was  
destined to be remembered
by thoughts alone
creations of vanity
shared in a connected 
cosmic consciousness 
we can only guess at.

CAK 3-25-2013


From birth to death
Life is a creation of unknown origin
intertwined and interrelated
with all earthly things.
existing in the end,
only in memory

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We Are All In This Together

We all have a story to tell.
Ups and downs,
Together, we've been through it all;
God has led us through it all.
Trust Him;
It's all for a reason.
All your pains,
All your struggles,
All your hurts-
They're all for a reason.
God has a bigger plan,
One we cannot see.
Trust Him and pray.
We are all in this together.
Together, we have been through it all.
Ups and downs,
We are family-
Brothers and sisters in Christ.
We are friends.
Most importantly,
We are family.
Let's love one another like God loves us.
Let's help each other out
And help each other up with loving hands.
We are His children.
We are His servants
Together on His mission
To love, save, and change the world
For the better.
We are all in this together.
Listen to His praises ring;
Let's praise Him together.
Listen to sister Fantasia sing,
"Sometimes you gotta lose to win again."
Thank You Father!

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At eases rest, he sits waiting,
The guitarist.
Withered arthritic hands,
Shake now.
His study gaze strains,
To read the noted page.
Thoughts drifting, pondering,
A gentler pace.
Reflections pause, amongst, 
Remembrance still waters.
Life's forgotten rambler, 
Traveling along destiny’s,
Long lost highways.
Castaways absent player, 
In limbos mindless game.
A migrant hobo, 
Leaving reality's seasonal,
Venues behind.
God's harvest lies beyond,
In glories golden fields.
No lyrics express liberation’s,
Abandonment, freedoms release,
From pains well worn shell.
Lifted above griefs, loving kindred,
Peal away regrets many veils,
Layer by layer exposing,
Destiny's beauty in misty hews. 
A new adventure begins,
On horizons, magnificent canvas,
Behold a grand expanse.
A spirit soars, following an
Everlasting light.
It is peace without expression, 
Mankind’s ultimate fulfillment,
And loves final achievement.
Celebrations joy receives salvation's, 
Lost lamb.
In hymens sacred choir he'll join in,
Playing God's gospel, angel's voices,
Are raised in praise.
Strumming at his best, 
Within divinities,
Heavenly band.
Sweet melodies song echoes, 
Beneath stars shinning light.
The music man smiles,
 I've finally come home at last.


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Thank You

March 22, 2006



Thank You



Thank you for loving me,

At times, I thought I’d just walk away.

Once or twice I could not see,

The Sunrise of a brand new day!

Thank you overcame!


Thank you for knowing my name,

At times, I thought I’d just never be the same.

Once or twice I flew across the desert,

The Sunset was absolutely berserk!

Thank you I’ll be!


Thank you for having faith in me,

At times, I thought I’d just leave.

Once or twice I could actually see,

The Sunrise so huge I couldn’t believe!

Thank you I’ll aim!


Thank you for caring about my name,

At times, I felt I’d never be the same.

Once or twice I followed my dreams,

The Sunset was not at all what it seems!

Thank you I’ll share!


Thank you for just being there,

At times, I thought I couldn’t care.

Once or twice I could actually be,

The Sunrise rising up inside of me!

Say Thank you and then I’ll agree!



© Copyright:  Ann Rich   2006

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These Walls I Built

Stuck in the prison of my own life,
I dodge behind these walls I built.
And inside is a demon covered in guilt
And shame so thick you can't see his eyes.
God, please help me to see
No matter what, You will always love and be with me.
Thank You Father for everything.
In Jesus' Name,
We pray.

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A Departing Memory

I know you.
Candles lit, incense fuming,
You like it when I bite your neck, just hard enough.
Blankets thrown about the room
So recklessly, they refold themselves.

And we roll down a hill together,
Kissing the leaves, tickling with our eyes,
Laughing with our hearts.
"You'll just leave me for the next girl you find."
"Yes," I say. Because only
Lasts forever.
And it spills through the cracks in your hands
The moment you grasp it.
Like water from a stone.
She bites my neck
Drawing lines of ecstasy down my back with her fingernails
Spilling into me, fighting my words.
"I leave when the sun sets."

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This Is The Love

Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

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THREE IN ONE Fortified towering walls surround persons running through and fro stature small and little feeble only a fig tree available for him yet, he ran too. Fast! climbing the tree with all his might just to have a glimpse of this wonderful man: our God- Jesus Christ.. who in thousand sunsets and thousand sunrises succeeded to win hearts and disciples... Walking upon seesaw waves He invited him Unafraid, He silence the raging storm He appease them calming the wandering spirit He embraces each one with light Engulfing beyond approach outlasting borders reproach His popularity a thousand years His million miles echo healing aches a soothing breeze resurrecting hope yet, some were threatened scared to be thundered as cornerstones He shook and changed mistaken fate and faith bender They took Him. Placed Him in trial Flicking hurt - Inflicting pain. Lashing jolts of torture down to the bone. Each bang of the axe nailing Him tight. So excruciating allowing helplessly stairs of His death. Lifted high after the third day. Blooming sun, welcomed His life back. As cloud carpet and choir of angels enthroned Him high. Leaving His Holy Spirit behind. His Holy Spirit present each daylight smile and nightfall frown waiting. waiting. waiting for us - people. Our God whose presence is present everywhere. Recognizable in the most natural flower. Bathing us strength through tornado of trials. Showering us honey warmth happy sunbeams. A seedling green leaf in a rocky dry mountain. The trembling notes folded within rhymes and psalms. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit in one. (c) Olive Eloisa 4:44pm July 30, 2014 CONTEST NAME: GOD SPONSOR: REGINA RIDDLE first place, to God be always the glory..:)

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Seek Knowledge will you

Made you the creator has
Third person you are
A game if u will
Controlled vessel by soul
Truth and Knowledge seeks you
Find it you must
Plant, fish ,land animal to human
Superhuman u will obtain 
If the proper knowledge you can gain 

To Yoda, An Ode ....Contest

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Love Built By God Above

You are in my heart wherever I go;
You I will never let go.
You are with me always;
You I am always.
This is love.
Build by God above,
This is love.

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The Strand

This expanse of land has seen things. 
Things all of us can only see in dreams.
It's seen war, it's gotten it's fair share of scars.
Bombs bursting, bullets throwing sand into the air like it's a volleyball tournament.
The sand running red with blood silently mocking our arteries.

This magnificent stretch of land has seen heroes' tears fall; dropping to their knees while sadness envelopes their fallen brothers but also looking up to their beloved whilst carrying a ring in their hand. 

It's seen bright days, the sun glimmering over wet sand, footprints of past loves being washed away as the sun smacks the horizon. 

This expanse of land...has seen things we can only imagine.


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Like a cherry tree in the spring,
God if this is meant to be,
Please let this blossom.

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Oh youthful monarch of Egypt, so young to die and yet live again.
In the nether world a Pharaoh's golden death mask is lain upon
A boy king.
In silences crypt a stilled figure lies in stacious frozen freeze.
Until Ra's first rays kiss the dawn and they embrace in passions 
Fiery flame.
Behold a rebirth an emergence from death's chilling shroud.
In the valley of the dead his caucus’s soul walks amongst
His ancestral ancestors.
Lost deities whom balance the hearts of men
Against the feather of truth
 Speak his name with honor's reverence.
Legacy's inheritance a throne built in the shadow,
Of hierarchy’s indignation yields,
To restorations royal seal barring his title of rebirth
The great sphinx retracts it's sharpened claws,
As this small emperor’s spirit bows with nobility’s,
 Humblest of respectfulness at his marble feet.
Without fears emotions he thus stands all alone,
 Before this stone giant of idles sacred worship,
At his touch this littlest of divine gods,
  Turns a stone beast into flesh.
And beneath the night's blanket of stars,
 He is welcomed
Into the warmth of the lions main.
A living creature cradling this child of light,
Slowly fallen into dreams eternal sleep once more.
In the halls of Karnack a peaceful lullaby plays,
Upon invisible instruments, in a gentle soothing.
Rhythmic tones the music plays.
As a woman's voice sings of a beautiful desert spring,
That turns into the Nile's fertile waters,
 Feeding it's eternal life.
And thus the boy king sleeps wrapped in slumbers,
Golden fleece, listening to the holy Melody,
Which is ancient Egypt.
Finally at peace within the kingdom of thieves,
A Pharaoh of the golden realm.
Hush now beware do not wake him,
Or his curse may claim another victim.


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I Cant Get Out Of The Bath Tub

This goes past Stephen Kings
An even the Dead Sea, 
I Can’t Get Out Of the Bath Tub
Believe me you going to know the difference, 
From a business and corporation, 
When you can’t sleep, 
And you need stamina to put sleep, 
I can’t get out of the bath tub, 
I’m seeing black dots with difference sizes, 
You can tell when you in some good mediation
I can’t get out of the bath tub, 
My back have gone out and I feel an even cress in the middle of my chest, 
I can’t get out of the bath tub, 
All I’m just asking give credit when credit is due, 
I’m let the water out tub my body is not response to recharge of 
Fluid to the solar plexus, 
I’m no doctor but I guess I’ll be okay with sleep 
I can’t get out of the bath tub.

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Stuck In The Struggle

Sometimes I get stuck in the struggle
And I forget that this life is real,
Full of real love,
Full of real people,
Full of real strength,
Full of real faith.
Look around
Because this is real.
Welcome to reality;
This is God's amazing life!

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Mother Teresa Quote

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”  Mother Theresa

Helping other people is the best gift you can give to our God,
You don’t have to be rich to show how much you care for them,
All you have to do is help them in your own simple way,
Be a blessing by giving them hope in times of troubles everyday

A simple act of kindness is enough to lighten their days,
Especially to those who are down and faced many trials,
Be there when the claws of life attack their precious life
Feeling of contentment and happiness will filled your heart

“Not all of us can do great things,
 But we can do small things with great love.”  
Give your precious time with the less fortunate,
The power is in your hands to make difference.

for Giorgio's Impress Mw With Small Poems III Contest
Motif: Spiritual
Maria Paz Samelo

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Silent Rhythm

I lay upon the cold dewy grass,
Beneath, blackest blanket.
I am a sailor of the land,
Yet, a citizen to none.

The night is perfect.
A silent rhythm, I hear.
In the stillness of the wind
In the weaving of the stars

The rhythm,
Deaf, to all senses
Yet, at home,
At home within my heart,

Your constellations, tell your story,
My heart beats, to the rhythm,
My story, to be told.

The Rhythm Divine.
No longer, mere desire,
No longer, mere passion,
But, the very breath, of my being.

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Dark and Mystical

On the night of the full moon,
a new world was to be created;
the Pyramids’ tops would face a distant star,
in the Sirius constellation.

The darkness of slumber in consciousness
would be replaced with awakened consciousness;
the invisible shadow of Divinity never leaving us.

Our DNA would all parallel our ancient visitors;
 the ancient Nile dwellers called gods and goddesses.

The Pyramids would unlock the secret code of the universe,
which is dispersed all over in space, but cannot be seen……

Date: 28/03/2014

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Shadow trees

Shadow trees 
On gentle breeze, heave 
and lip the edges of a sanctuary 

Hallowed space, of union graced 
In liminal hour 
where dappled light plays cupid to our delight 

Crepe paper garlands 
Seek to adorn us 
Fugitives in search of respite 

No penetrating eye should moot 
this canticle to umbral shine 
nor prick the virtue of our plight 

Unsteady mood of solace and peak 
Shadow trees 
In boundaries you speak 
as we move on the fringes of the night -
Let me keep time 
damned blue midnight

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Blessing The Man Of God

The raging waters stay calm from the stretching forth of your hands the words of your mouth move the hand of God to action You’ve been lifted up so high to manifest His power among men your pulpit, cuts across the hearts of men from many nations Thus, God’ll continue to shade you with his divine protection until the rains of your existence cover the fields of your cultivation and the jury of heaven stands in complete attestation to your fulfillment You’d be filled inexhaustibly with the power of the knowledge and understanding of His word richly blessing you with substance and good health and your anointing; the foam to which nations will find comfort.

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The Corner of Madison and Huron

At the corner of Madison and Huron,
The faint pedestrian appears.
A couple holding hands walking swiftly
As police pass near.
Cane in his hands
Walks a younger looking man,
Rolling his suitcase along
A central corner in a downtown city
Where faith, hope, and love belong.
May God bless you Toledo,
Today and forevermore.

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Am I Still Forgiven

I did it again; I need forgiven.
Will He still forgive me even though I've fallen before?
I've fallen into these same sins countless times before;
I still haven't learned my lesson.
I am an ignorant hypocrite.
Am I still forgiven?

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Braid Hairs

Why are you so devilishly addicting?
I come back from you,
It looks like I'm on drugs:
High and drunk,
Out of my mind.
The demons inside us braid hairs
Until we're peaceful meadows apart,
Nuclear wars together.

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Within the cold gray stone,
It lives a spiritual humming,
A strumming rhythm of natures
Raw essence.
Breathing rock inhaling, exhaling
As the earthen elemental surrounding
Conscious thought.
Knowledge’s smoothed edges, leave
Reasons rough coarseness exposed.
Humanities deaf ear, hears only, 
The hollowing of the four winds,
Shutting out enlightenment's truth.
Natures dream weaver touches 
With her softest silken finger tips,
And gods canvas falls unto earth.
 Behold a tapestry deepest blue,
Lit by universal stars.
In the stone circle,
Mankind lifts innocence vial,
Revealing ignorance blindness
Of sight.
And feels humiliation smallness.
It's singular aloneness, individuality,
Quest for immortality exists,
On baron grounds frosted soil.
In stillness silence, behold the
Ring of fire.
Lighting divine spirits to flame, 
Flickering embers alight igniting
Destiny's spark.
Intellect, intelligence a rebirthing
From deaths black darkness.
Within the cold gray stone,
It lives a spiritual humming.
A strumming rhythm of 
Natures raw essence.
Breathing rock, inhaling,
As the earthen element’s
Surrounding conscious thought.
A cathedral of stone, 
With one disciple
Left in prayers knelling position.


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A Friend Like You

A final wish
One he regrets
For you must be careful
What you wish for.

Back into the lamp
Vanishing in blue mist
No matter how hard we wish
This genie isn't coming back.

A talented comedian
Who cracked jokes
Inspired those he met
Changed lives down the road.

An amazing actor
That rocked films
Made us jump for joy
Laugh at his cross-dress
When he became a nanny.

Brought joy and laughter
That brightened the world
Like a lightbulb in a dim room
Shining brighter than the rest.

He made us laugh
Made us cry
Never should 
Of said goodbye.

You shall be missed
Here on planet Earth
Yet your star shines bright
For the world at night.

Shine bright
Dear knight
Cherished friend
May you be at peace.

Never had we
Had a friend
Like you
To change lives
With your laughter.

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When summer ends, autumn begins. The leaves fall from the trees. Such a beautiful sight and done so spiritually. Magical is the change of the seasons into the New Year. I saw a red bird today and enjoyed her chirping. Gathering food, she was on my window sill. Pillared to be quite successful, her tiny wings went a flight. The red beak is all that was seen as she entered the sky. Absolutely beautiful is when the leaves fall from the trees. Summer has ended with autumn’s inception. I can feel the breeze. ________________________________________| PENNED ON AUGUST 30, 2014!

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Flutterby Streams

Flutterby Streams

All around the flutterby’s
dancing in our midst
Streaming signs go unseen
spirits that we miss

Flutterby, Flutterby
Light upon me
Share your memory store
Flutterby, Flutterby
Don’t be shy
Enlighten with aura’s spore

Hands imploring, exploration
into delicate wisps
Hearts awakened soon are taken
with your delicate kiss

Copyright © 2013 Debra Squyres
*flutterby: Serendipity, or describing
 a butterfly’s flight. Used in this poem
 as streamed encounters with the spirit world.
 Poetic license lol  

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8:15 To Freedom

Do you hear the train a'whistlin'?
I wonder where she's a'goin'.
Can she be boundin' toward freedom?
Well, there's freedom in Jesus!
And that's all we need!

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Dead On My Own, Alive In Him

Faith is not failing me,
I am failing Him.
Why do I refuse to accept His grace?
Why would I rather live my life on my own
When He is extending a helping a hand?
I am depressed,
Dead on my own,
But I am alive in Him!
I give my life to Him for real;
I give Him my all,
And now I'm alive
Because He gives me life!

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Your Love Is The Strongest

Send me to the darkest places;
That's where I feel You strongest.
A kiss and hug down the deepest alleys;
Never letting go, Your love is the strongest.

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Keep Hoping

Living in path of hope
In the midst of your own thoughts
Wishing to reach the planet
Where hope beats the drums
Reassuring every living creature,
To keep standing firm
When calling for Mother Nature,
To unveil the deepest secrets
Buried underneath the mountains
May be the answer lies with the unknown
Making the journey unpredictable
A meaningful adventure
That rise your sweet hopes,
And light the sparks in you
To keep marching on
Till the mountain gives up
Your hopes fulfilled
With happiness rooted in your heart

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First shaman encounter

Coming ashore at the island of Trunyan to its teeth of bone eyes to four directions tongue bloodthirsty - what do you want this late at night? surely to seek help from the moon black chicken sticky-rice flower baskets : baskets a frozen kris at the tip of my shoulders suck the remaining portals of shame at the split of banana leaves I look at her purple sweat. her white kebaya sodden pura gede pancering jagat temple as foreground my name once again my name once again - that pot of authentic China rolls like a cart speeding out of my body like the shameless envious souls of jealous skeletons: “look ma, my soul reawakens, I am no longer dead” two baskets black chicken one o’clock that night the island of Trunyan rolled its tongue in laughter its tickled eyes stripping all bare its hoarse voice splitting the eerie road I want to go home soon – my boat is moored by the lakeside!
Notes : Kris – a dagger with jagged edges. Kebaya – traditional shirt that ladies wear in Indonesia, typically made of see-through cloth or brocade.

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The Stretch of Land

Here they are standing aloof on the backside of town
Here they are sitting on the bare, stricken ground
with strange smells filtering all around.

Smells that fill the atmosphere with an awful stench.
disgusting smells, horrible smells coalesce with
burning incense and perfume to conceal the terrible odor.

Here they are with their self made army
sipping  a bottle of dry whiskey
weapon in hand trousers girt tight
ready and waiting to fight.

This night the north wind blows furiously through villages and
towns, tearing down barricade, overturning powerful trees
sending derbies flying as far as six feet in the air.
They stood and watch from a mutual spot
occasionally running for cover each time
the wind gets close to their border.

They waited anxiously for this night to cease but
the turbulence agitated them and kept them on their feet.
I saw them pacing back and forth unable to bare the
cold that penetrated their intoxicated soul.

Amidst the raging wind I obtained comfort from within,
I located a quite place in a hole where I could sing,
and hide away from the infuriated and vicious wind.
I meander away quietly in a deep sleep and later
appeared on an extensive stretch of fertile land.

There I was walking peacefully on this vast land
an immense land filled with mango trees
trees whose branches were laden with different species of mangos.
Among them were mango trees that were filled with blossom.
The blooming trees smiled at me with intense glory.

Green mangos of contrasting shapes and sizes hang humbly
from the encumbered branches creating a tranquil atmosphere.
I walked around composedly and admired their awesome beauty
and absorb the magnificent scenery that filtered beyond the land.
I faded slowly into day break and plunged into a harmonious atmosphere.

                                                                            ©2014 Christine Phillips

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Alone In This Quiet, Perfect Home

Bedroom door is closed;
I'm feeling so alone.
Even though I'm laying bed,
I don't feel like this is home.
Even though I'm laughing with my friends,
I still feel alone
Even in this quiet, perfect home.
Lord, we need You.
Thank You.
In Your Name,
We pray.

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Spiritual Edification of Humanity

You are embarking upon the journey of 1000 lifetimes…
Inner stirrings are the awakening to soul’s feelings…
Evolving into the highest level of being…
You are not becoming something…
Merely remembering that it is you; present within the atomic structure…

Release grasps of identity and fear allowing Auric healing…
Feeding fire lavender laced copal extending energetic dexterity…
Smoldering sweet grass with sage reaching higher mind clarity…
Summoning soul guides; invoking dharma communion…
Connected to mother from my root chord below sacred this linear union…  
Dangling in gravity; attached to sky my crown beams of light…
Erasing brevity; connected to the trinity, Indigo Crystalline rainbow might…

Existence is continual; just as perpetual motion…
Significance within decisions unto what this powerful mind envisions…
Walking hand in hand as one; grandest loving you smiles into the angst filled eyes…
Of the you walking alone blinded by believing fear based lies…
Reaching out to yourself in compassion, love and presence to take immediate action…
Heal this part of you learn to live from soul’s love of passion…

Conflict and confrontation on the earth stage…
Splitting us apart using fear with rage…
The confusion wedge of existence; separation illusion…
Outdated is its intention; now divine is the intervention…
Empowering one, then to another choosing the path absent of force…
Here now to feed observation of creative knowing back to divinity…
Allowing the god field of potentiality to know itself as we know ourselves…
To be itself manifested through all of life…
For within entanglement of electromagnetic fields; one Family of source…

Knowing our real identity; spirit co-creators…
Feeding fire lavender laced copal extending energetic dexterity…
Smoldering sweet grass with sage reaching higher mind clarity…
Opening to the heart; invoking dharma communion…
Connected to mother from my elemental construction releasing energy obstruction…  
Dangling in gravity; attached to sky my crown beams of light…
Erasing brevity; connected to the trinity, Indigo Crystalline rainbow might…

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Battling Addiction

The white dragon hunts you.
With eyes of a predator, ever watching.
Waiting in the dark shadows to strike.

I have chased this dragon before.
For he has haunted me, as well.
Many a lifetime ago.
That you did not know.

There is terror in my heart.
I want to scream, run!
But you will not hear me,
Over the roar of his breath, 
or the promise of more.

Your choice binds you to the chase.
No spell I can cast will be enough to save you,
Beautiful boy.
I can only stand here,
 and watch, 
as this dragon looms 
over your poisoned mind, 
and weakened body.

You are running out of time.
The chaos is closing in.
Gripping you tighter every time.
I cannot stand to watch.

My heart dies a thousand deaths.
You must run.
Please, I beg of you, for all you are beautiful boy.
I don't want to watch you slip into the past,
As you fall prey to the dragon.


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Uncle Mel

The clock ticked at nine in the evening of July
When I lay on the bed in the silence of the night
Trying to fall asleep but something's bothering
A feeling interfered and started shivering

My eyes were almost closed when I heard a noise
Slowly getting louder; what a frightening voice?
It's knocking on my door like there's something wrong
Breathing stopped; heartbeats like never before

I paused in indecision while holding the door knob
From the window the wind blows; atmosphere's intense
As I opened the door, I almost killed a man
Uncle Mel is on the house; a blushed of surprise

He asked if Dad's around and seemed a need inside
I wondered that he looked liked exhausted and too tired
Yet, I answered him in an awkward style
Then he left me with a feeling of strange and fright

I went back on my bed feeling weird and crazy
I have just made a ghost; an illusion of fear
I let it out of me since nightmares are greedy
The more we think of terror, the more it eats our dream

The morning waved hello; everything's fine
I got off my bed to start the day right
Then I saw my Mom packing and dealing with some stuffs
She's crying and leaving to town

Questions I'd asked to know what's going on
At the tip of her tongue but to utter's arduos
I calmed her down and her story has begun
About an innocent man who died the night I got wild

It was an evening in July, nine on a dot
When the man got stabbed stopping a fight
Calling my dad's name; looking for help
Dead on the spot and found no aid

Goosebumps all over when I heard the news
It's Uncle Mel who passed away and visited my room
Never knew all the reasons behind the apparition
One thing's for sure, He's soul still calls

#Everything Holloween
Created: October 18, 2013

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      Where did all those black people go in Black History such as W.E.B Dubois, 
George Washington Carver, Sojourner Truth,and many more that came before.
      Why have their families disappear?
When you search their genealogy, their surnames are found.
      Were their families wiped-out?
I am speaking on today.
      These people paved a way out no way.


      These old bones of mine stir in the grave.
I was a freedom fighter in my days.
      Great I did do for the slaves even when their life in this country had been made.
We wanted a better living a holistic way.
      Our troubles where many; we saw through the white man eyes or ways.
Old bones of mine became tired and disengaged.

      Where is my family now?
Where did they go?
      My spirit roams to find my kinfolks.
Our surname is no more.

      My soul was baptized in the Mississippi.
I was raised from the river saved.
      No sin was present and I lived right.
When I knew my time had come, I closed my eyes.
      In those days, doctors were few in saving the life of a slave.
The pain was so great I knew I was gone.
      But by the grace of God my life went on.
Ten years later, I was summoned home.

      My people are no more.
Where did my people go?
      I see our house yonder.
Our surname is not in existence any more.

      The spirit of a slave
The soul afire
      Roams the world in the sweet by and by
He shouts, "Still I Rise!"
Penned April 29, 2014!

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I Messed Up

Lord, please forgive me.
I need You.
I messed up.
Please, save me.
Thank You.
I trust You.
I love You.
I am a hypocrite.
Please, change me.
Thank You.

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My shoulders are well oiled axles,
my fists are cannon balls

I am an uncompromised,
and unchallenged fresh breath of boldness

I am a statue of fastholding,
chiseled down from black diamonds by the strong hand of craftsmanship

I am chaos's more stable second cousin,
and favored uncle to the prodigals, the proliferates, the princes, and the prodigies

I am the lion's heart beat,
the war drum's sporadic syncopation

I am the wolf pack's collective sixth and seventh senses,
keen on the scent of blood, fear, and impending annihilation

I will not sway to the breath of your voice
nor will I stagger at the wind your weather weaves

Advance upon me and find yourself hard pressed against calloused intolerance,
behind which is a wall,
and behind that wall,
an army

I pray you combust into flames and feathers at once 
should my name birth from your lips

I pray my night guardsmen have eyes of eagles,
and my trumpeteers have breaths of behemoths should you 
ever encroach upon my camp at dreaming hour

I promise to empress upon you pressure,
of a nature that spawns pearls, magma, and passionate revolution

But the only revolution that will come of your resistance is vertigo,
as you spiral downward into abysmal forgottenness

Now heed my words with intent lest you risk the fate of faded bewilderment

May God be my strength as I destroy you

Eviscerate you

Annihilate you

I will obliterate you until the only remnant of your very existence
is but a vague memory,

of a fleeting idea

in a dream

inside a dream

inside a coma.

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New, Shinning Vistas

It has been such a long time, but I still remember
How I begged,
How I pleaded,
And how I prayed that they would stop.
But they would not.

And so, being left with no other recourse,
I called upon the angels(the ones who loved me).
I called each by their given name,
And one by one, they descended,
Filling the air above me and the space around me
With bright light and the sweetest voices you have ever heard
That followed me wherever I went,
Until the the pain that the others had caused, ended.
There was no longer a reason for them to remain, but they did,
Encircling and protecting me always.

Then, one day I noticed that everywhere I looked,
Everything and everyone that was here before was gone,
Replaced by shinning new vistas and familiar faces,
Smiling and nodding, sometimes,
And all bathed in that light, that same glorious light,
Listening to the sound of those sweet voices.
All together now, and at peace, at last.

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Paris no death

her of a soul
him to a body
living in the mind
thereby the I drama
where the Me negates death
praying a spacetime
on point One of Paris

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Reaching Out

Reaching out to others you’ll find you’re never alone. There’s comfort there, even in the worse of times. God gave us arms to hold others tight. He gave us eyes, to see others plight. He gave us legs to get to those arms. He gave us hearts to know where to go. But only he can show you the key… To love, and hope and eternity. Written 1-2-2015

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Losing Myself

I cry myself awake
In the middle of the day
Because of a decision I made
Not to spend time with you.
And now everything I am
Is falling apart into pieces;
I feel like I am losing you
Because I am losing myself.

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Morning's Releasing

Into the wind
the heart speaks
the words
that stay hidden
from all others.
Joining with them
the heart spent
words spoken by
sisters and brothers.

The leaves of the trees
seem to gather, 
with ease,
every heart-spent phrase.
Waving them each
to the heavens
in turn
then releasing
them in the breeze.

©Debra Squyres 2013

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Faith is a free gift that Eternal God gives us
Faith is certain because it is based on the very Word of Eternal God
Who does not lie
Through the gift of faith
The Lord reveals Himself to those who believe in His Word
He fills them with “new life in His Eternal Holy Spirit
Faith doesn’t require pattern
Believing is not about persistent symptoms
Exciting about faith is the fact that there is an unknown
We do not know what will happen next
We know that because He said so
Then it will be

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Refusing To Listen

Everyone telling me where to go:
Turn left,
Turn right.
I don't even know who to listen to anymore;
I don't even know who I am anymore.
God, please speak to me
And tell me where to go
And show me what to do
Because Your voice is drowning out in the madness
Or maybe I am just refusing to listen.

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Soul Beat

Run into my heart;
Run right into my arms.
I will never let you go;
I am yours forever, please know.
You make my soul beat;
You bring me back to life.
God, thank You for this love;
God, thank You for this life.

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Beautiful Children

Singing around in love;
Smiles built from the ground.
Holding hands in the dance;
Laughing with brothers and sisters,
All in His Glorious Name.
Throughout His perfectly sculpted land:
Look around because this is it;
Look around because this is love;
Look around and know, understand, comprehend,
Rejoice because you are perfect;
You are God's beautiful children!

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Eternal Dream

When I begin to meditate
About the life before now
And the life that is due to prevail
Deep in this thought
I heard calls from no where
 Chanting into my ears
A note of warning
“Don’t let the trees surrounding
 This wide fence fall”
Amid this puzzling call
I unearth from a far
Mix voices flaunting a goal
“We will not sheathe our swords
Until all our desires come to pass”
In between these dilemma I inquire
On whose command will lives live?


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A Small Voice

I see, but I am blind
I hear, but I am deaf
I taste, but all is bland
I touch, but I do not feel
I smell, but the scent is elusive

Our senses conforming to the world
Influenced and molded by that deceptive designer
So skillful and crafty in guiding us away
Ever so masterfully allowing us our way
That we become accustomed to being in the darkness

What was once Holy is seen as folly
Truth is eroded, past rules are just old-fashioned
Being modern, everything is acceptable
What fun, join the crowd, we are free
Free to experience everything the world offers

But we have this small inner voice
Almost extinguished by that smiling deceiver
Something inside whispers during our quiet times
That our way is going against the grain
Some unexplainable sixth sense speaking softly
Fleeting thoughts of some other direction
A pull in our hearts that will not go away

Another way begins to enter our consciousness
A way that reveals our freedom is actually bondage
And that true freedom is found when we come to believe
In that One who comes to us where we are
All faults known, we are accepted and forgiven
By that One who has waited so long for us to come home

An unknown kind of love shown by our Heavenly Father
Who wants to be in a relationship with those so undeserving
The veil is lifted and our senses are refocused on His way
We are accepted as a child of God because of One on a cross
We then know true freedom enjoyed with Him for eternity

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Child of the King

I can be anywhere I want to be see through any eyes I want to see I can dance in the Heavens and vibrate and blossom and unfold... and blossom and unfold like any flower. I... am a child of the King. I can bring you divine intelligence and breathe peace into your soul I can blow you kisses of stardust and tell you what you should know. You... are a child of the King. (1982) I can be anywhere you'll find a me see through any eyes that belonged to me I can sit poised and cushioned in my space and time and see through other eyes other me's other times. (1991) I can ride the times and hear the century bells toll keeping my eyes upon the sparrow and futures yet to unfold. Eternal... makes me dizzy with implications. (1995)

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You Are Alive

You're alive even in the darkest place;
Even when we can't hear Your Name,
Even when we can't see Your grace,
You're alive!
Even when we can't feel Your grace,
You are alive!

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A Fasting of Your Thoughts

Lies between conscious and unconsciousness, I believe.
It's about being rather than doing, a stillness of the mind.
Set sail within the deep spiritual realm of its peace.
Anchor yourself awhile in this majestic quietude of space.
No churning thoughts are welcomed in this deepen state of calm.
A quiet mind is all you'll need for a genuine light of being.
An inexplicable bliss of feeling, a fasting from your thoughts.
Let your mind rest awhile and it does not mean to sleep.

For Debbie Guzzi's contest, 'To be Free'

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A Lost Sheep in Godly Sleep

Inspired by Psalms 23:1-6 (enjoy, poets!!) :

v. 1-3 

I’m a lost sheep, hoping for a godly sleep 
LONGING for a delightful sleep 
In search of my beloved shepherd… 
I was willing to pray for some rewards to reap 
To pray for a heavenly dream…
Not a frightening nightmare…or I’ll scream! 
Now, I’m satisfied 
With godly sleep
I lie my head down
In green pastures 
That’s where I seek
God’s comfort…

The paths of righteousness
Renews my faithfulness

v. 4-6

I’m passing through the shadow of death…
In yield of Your staff 
The Lord whispers in my ear gently:
“Fear no evil, for I’m with you!”
To pick me up from the ground…
And heal me…I’m trying my best 
Let me have a moment’s rest
In search of Your Promise Land…Your nest 

Fill my cup with Your mercy
And give me a piece of your serenity…
A taste of sincerity...a slice of sensibility...
A flavor of integrity...

I beg You to take care of me…
And hand me a portion of eternal glee

You are my kindhearted, generous shepherd 
My comforter…my reliever
My God…I’m most certainly YOUR believer
You aren’t a deceiver…
I was once a downright nonbeliever

You are MY awesome God
I’m strengthened and comforted by Your rod! 

I’m walking Your narrow path of mercy and goodness…
I’m dwelling in God’s house~ 

I was once a lost sheep
Mourning night after night…
I used to forlorn day after day 
I’m alarmed and I’m yearning for Your light 
Your might…Your delight
To get through my plight…to fight the good fight
I used to weep bitterly in dismay 

I was once a lost sheep
But, now I’m enjoying my godly sleep
I’m skipping to and fro
In God’s green pastures…I lie…
I sing …I grow…I wander off…I fly…
I float…in God’s still waters – 
His PEACE will never die! 

He lifts me up on cloud nine
I’m a lost sheep in godly sleep
He nurtures me like His child – I’m feelin’ fine
I’m a joyful sheep in godly sleep

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Land of Plenty

My land is lush and green; 
a land where crystal rivers flow. 
Mountains of amethyst majestic 
in their splendour provide a 
backdrop for magical magnificence. 

My land is rich and prosperous; 
cultivating spiritual harmony, 
tangible beauty, perfect peace. 
A richness rare indeed in a world 
where materialism is now the modern creed. 

Where is the beauty then? 
When you look with green and envious eyes 
what beauty do you see? Avariciously 
seeking the next material fix? 
The picture tainted, tarnished, ruined 

by the ruin of want.  The possession of 
possession.  Relentless procession in 
the earthly repression of the soul. 
Break free then. Regain clarity, 
travel with me to the land of plenty; 

to a landscape lush and green. 
A spiritual oasis in a desert of misery. 
Bathe in crystal waters and cleanse 
your spirit.  Become a whole again. 
Reclaim your soul again, 

for you arrived here with it, 
but it was quickly replaced by ego. 
Fore go the chase for worldly wealth and look 
within for prosperity for only then 
will you dwell in magical magnificence.

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I whisper into the silence to see if anyone is there
While the moon casts a calm reflection I wonder what I will hear
The voices of timid strangers roaming through the night
Invited by the darkness convincing them that its alright 
And not to fear the sleeping giants nor their deep aphotic dreams
Embrace your somber phantoms they will help you find the light you seek
Then I stared far beyond the horizon into the great abyss of emptiness
At that moment all of my hell stood still and I know why I exist
Although my body is bound by gravity my soul is a billion light years away
Im still no closer to forever, but heaven is on my way

~JJF ~

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The Rain Dance

The window panes shuddered
as he crawled back into his bed 
of disillusion; waiting for 
lightning to strike him 
 into some state 
of normalcy.
The sky groaned at his
naked body, a gift of
mockery laid beside 
him, bantering with 
his need for her to stay.
She always left something
behind, maybe it was an 
excuse for her to return? 
Or was her mind really
that far away when he
was near?
He let the talisman 
turn between his 
fingers, and tried to
think of a proper prayer
for the occasion. 
Nothing came to mind.
he allowed the stone figure
to contemplate his eyes
and waited for her
to come back again.
She was the only one
that could ever make 
it rain.
-James Kelley 2012, All rights reserved.

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To the water’s edge for solitude
Life rippling near river’s bed
Prayers lifted now in gratitude
As burdens heavy cloak is shed

See my brothers
See my sisters
Drifting now in foreign lands
See the members
Of my family
In each and every clan

At the water’s edge in solitude
Tears mingling with life’s stream
Visions of connections interlace
As realities overlap the dreams

All Rights Reserved by Debra Squyres 3/12/13

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Me, Myself or I

Why was I born?
Why am I here?
Where did I come from?
How did I get here?

Where am I going?
When will I arrive?
Why do I exist?
Will I live or will I die?

Am I Me, Myself or I?
Who am I?

© Eugene Harvey 

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It's Simple

It's simple.
We make it much more complicated than it is;
Just live.

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Gift Of Mortality

An earthly existence
A universe beyond my minds, comprehension
I die
I rise
Life lessons reviewed
Homeward bound
I am not lost, after all!
I am a willing participant
Serving, the Father, of all creation
His son combined, ‘producing life’ as we know it
Representing them, in everything I do
I am nothing, without Love!
My heart full of faith, loyal service I give
Learning how to unconditionally serve, as the Father unconditionally, loves me
Worshipping our Divine Creator’s existence
Choosing to live, moment to moment
Being as one with ‘Our Universal Father’
No physical permanency
My physicality, disappearing
My mortality existence, I let go of
Death temporary
My spirit alive!
Relief, Peace
‘I am only passing through!’
A unique, experience of mortality 
A gift, I am blessed to experience, to live!

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A Sinner Like Me

I'm a mess.
I've ruined this body You've designed;
I've ruined this heart You've shined;
I've ruined this breath You've shared;
I've ruined this life You've cared.
I've demolished this freedom You've given,
Yet You give it to me again.
Time and time around I have failed You;
Weak and falling trying to please You.
Earning I cannot for this is a gift from You.
Please forgive me;
Please save me:
You've picked me up and brushed me off;
Thank You for redeeming me.
Thank You for redeeming a sinner like me.
I have fallen once again.
I'm a mess,
But You forgive me.
You save me
Time and time around,
You brush me off and pick me up.
Thank You for redeeming me.
Thank You for redeeming a sinner like me.

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The World Needs You, Lord

The world needs You, Lord;
We all need You too.
Alone, we battle and fall apart,
But we live joyful freedom with You:
Created anew in Your perfect image;
In Your Holy Name!
We pray,

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Embers of a dream

Lord, I don't understand.
Maybe I never did.
The destination of the path seemed so grand,
yet now it looks horrid!


The dragon You've placed, mine to fight
still breathes fire and brimstone in my neck,
but I'm armoured with incapability to smite
and the cobblestones You paved lead to this wreck.


I dreamt of the moon,
but couldn't reach the stars,
so I drifted into the sun and soon
I would be burnt with scars.

Why shroud my mind with dreams of peace at daylight's bend,
yet shred it with horrors at night?
Why let me pursue a rainbow when 
there never was an end?

The past is bathed in murky waters
and clothed in miry clay.
Now the future looks no better
and mere words can't express what I wish to say.

Lord, here I lay at Your mercy,
angry and heartbroken.
You don't make mistakes and You set free.
Please, I beg be my beacon!
Loose the shackles,
break the chains
that I may serve You again.
Show me the true way You planned,
for I have reached the end of this one.

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Flight to the Kingdom

SUSAN BOULET 1941-1997 In her presence a delectable delight intuitive in each thought as artistic words filled my sight I search the dreamy gallery to find my favorite piece with walls full of precious brilliance my favorite piece finally broke free...... "The Journey Home" Wings fluttering in full spread a marvelous promise fulfilled with pulsing light flickering the gift of immortal life revealed for the first time Latched in colored light spilling memories of grace a shape shifting entrance to a surreal place Touched by her spirit guide an endless flight among the stars she flutters in perfect peace leaving earthly worries afar At last she comes to rest with songs of Godly praise where the quickening coats her spirit and cradles her infinite need.......

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Only You

Who can create this perfect land?
Who can give us all we need?
Who can save us from ourselves?
Who is the basis of our time?
Who is the author of all history?
Who is the center behind our calendar?
Who is our hope?
Who is always true?
Who leads us were we need to go?
Who sustains our lives here on Earth?
Who always answers our prayers?
Who always answers our calls?
Who creates this feeling in us we cannot describe?
Who determines our morals?
Who has a plan for us?
Who sets our paths?
Who guides us all of our days?
Who is our faith?
Who is our hope?
Who is our love?
Who is our truth?
Who is our joy?
Who is our trust?
Who is our belief?
Who is our Father?
Who is our Son?
Who is our Holy Spirit?
Who is our Redeemer?
Who is our Savior?
Who is our Creator?
Who is our lover?
Who is our best friend?
Who is our relationship?
Who is the only One?
Who is the only true One?
Who is our only One?
Only You!

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Empty Chair

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart” - Buddha

It has no specific owner: a lord, a king,
                   a president, name them…..

It is not made of wood, gold, silver or iron. 
                                     The chair is made from invisible, priceless divinity.

It is normally reserved for those who are ready to lead others
                         to the right path, no matter who they are

or what they do. As your own leader, you lead people
                 who are in “slumber,” to divine happiness 

across time. The throne, deep with your soul, awaits you
                        to sit on it; by becoming Enlightened. If you see the slogan

"Leading without a Title", you'll see yourself as the master of your own fate,
                               and captain of your own soul.....

(The Empty Chair is one of Buddha's symbols, symbolizing a divine throne without a specific ruler. The ruler can be you or me. Since we are all part of Consciousness, we are One. Buddha is the manifestation of consciousness.)

Date of Publishing; 06/10/2014

Religion's Name: Buddhism

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A Spirit Leaves the Body Seeking Eternity

A Spirit Leaves the Body Seeking Eternity

A Spirit leaves the body while crying aloud as
Cursing blind hate enters without conscience 
A Hell for the wicked casting names as called
Tears of love weeping in sorrow and anguish 
Dripping red from the heart beating so dear
Devouring feelings eating into emotions I laugh so
To stop the weeping stirring in deep rocks below
Echoing waves of turbulence and such gale force 
Inside one soulful cry sounds in a whispered dream
Begging, desiring to move on from this mortal coil!

But pray tell—must wicked negation like this be
Ever so, if so, then why so?? 
Man-made negation, negativity should never be 
Allowed and the soulful cry must be heard, answered
Divine intervention, angelic powers to the rescue!

A Spirit leaving the body—a solemn event it is
There is no place for such mortal wickedness in this
Instance as the Spirit begins it transformative ascent
Toward the Heavens and the power of the Almighty
Shall answer in kind those mortals who bring their
Perfidy to this most wondrous process that severs 
The mortal bonds of the Earth dimension as the 
Spirit moves on in its new found state and presence
As Peace and Happiness envelop it soothingly and pure
Preparing it for God’s most precious embrace into Eternity!

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem,         
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (January 6, 2015)                          
(Free Verse)

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There is a brilliant sun setting on the horizon. 
I wipe tears from my eyes, and watch in a strange sense of awe. 
The sun kisses everything with it’s radiating beams 
and then disappears from view. 
It reminds me that, 
like many things in life, 
these serenely beautiful moments are often fleeting.
Words are left unsaid, moments forgotten, lives lost.
But, in those quiet moments, 
when I feel the sun's warmth on my face, 
I know you're sending me a smile and lighting up my life, once again.

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In the Days to Come: Who Will Be

In the days to come
Who will be my hero?
Come to fulfill my dream
Lift my mind with pleasing images
And sing my song throughout the journey
To carry me through the gate
And level the playing field for me

In the days to come
Who will nourish my unclouded vision?
And walk with me along streams of living waters
Carry me over with love
And listen to my charming stories;
Who will stand by me and say my name correctly
As mountains erode and crumble
Share my sadness
When darkness torment my soul

In the days to come
Who will rise above all?
To embrace my legacy
Refurbish my presence with perfection
And glide with me on the wings of the wind
To take me where the eagle built its nest
Offer me lasting security
And send joy in my household
With peace decorated hope

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I am a hypocrite and look what I just did:
I fell into my darkest pit; now, again, and again.
I thought that I was strong enough to live the truths I said;
Now I realized I'm much too weak; a fool too ashamed to raise his head.
God, please save me, please forgive me, and please give me strength. 
I love You.
I thank You.
I am forever changed.

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Skin Deep

Achilles' heel 
You’re another day older
The world’s much colder

It’s not your fault
They were taken 
Don’t blame yourself 
for God’s mistake

Her beauty reflects your own
Her life reflects your future
Chasing rabbits will get you there faster
Loss of faith will bring you there faster

The ball drops
It’s clever to see
What happens to us
And here we are

Take the evil out of this
You’re stronger
She’s stronger and always,

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All Powerful, Broken Boy

Stretch and string me to a crucifix with barbed wire.
Display my failures and shames.
When you cast the stones, you cast them away as well.
And when I die, I will just come back new. Stronger.
My man Jesus knows what I mean all to literally. 
Bonded by the phoenix we burn as brothers.
Perhaps of the same kind in more ways than one.

I’m drinking 
No more
Drinking some more
Drinking paint thinner.
I swallow blurred lines and let the smoke burn orange in the night like the relentless spot light in my cerebral cortex.

Smoking cigarettes.
Insatiable lungs are getting heavy
Smoke more. More cigarettes to numb the senses. You appreciate the breath you have left that way. 
Barnyard, winter 
Shivering hand 
Quick smoke in Kansas,
After a quickie on a front porch in Georgia.
Smoke screen, blanket. 
I just like to keep cozy.

Habits or weapons?
I destroy myself but, I’ll be damned if don’t kill my pains and demons too.
I might even live.

All powerful
Broken boy
Perfect heavy hearts
Good intentions and the angels fall to a false hell. 
Hell is in earth and in our heads so, we've already been there. 
Confident in a dim room with shades on
Little to no company 
The smell of marijuana and hope
Hide the red glimmer of knowledge in your eyes.
Lone wolves roam back alleys 
Built for convenience
But, sometimes they become short cuts to gasps of clandestine exposure.

I am the world.
This world belongs to me.
Mission to hold it in hand and make it tangible.

Commence. Transmission over.

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In this moment

For years I have
but in this moment I
am silence
For years I have
but in this moment I
am peace
For years I have
but in this moment I
am love

For years I have
but in this moment I
am free
For years I have
been blind
but in this moment I
do see
each moment bears
the seed
to renew reality.

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OF a Tree, Thee, and an Angel's Fee

Force feed me the taste of your skin

‘You will have to break my chastity belt wide open now
for I have sold myself into silent slavery to this ….our universal broken heart

even you will have to try hard……to save me now

I cannot recall your sounds…your hand motions 
as they devoured the subtle softness of me 
drew round my curvaceous places in curling ownership
intimacies’ sweetest embrace 

But too…you move to me 
with a ferocity that mowed the grass down  to a short golf course length 
from the living room table where you drew it happening… a hundred years ago

The length of your hair too has been a subject of much debate 
that surging heavenly song...that told our story so well
like that movie from long ago about the girl who cut off and sold her hair to buy her love a golden watch fob and chain …the one who sold his golden watch to buy her a beautiful clip pin for her gorgeous long hair 
……………………………… see how this goes …with true love

We cut off our noses and then turn backs on our faces 
and on each other on Facebook 

Itself the enemy…where only devils and the luckiest of angels spread

Tread on me beloved!
till I am awakened 
to our lips 
 which just now in writing I suddenly can feel meeting again

the salted brine of your pure water and sometimes beer soaked self

Is it me you feared 
as you said Good bye?

How little you know me 

like the formation of the first ever green tree grows up one limb at a time 
from a base long song of deep roots and strong beautiful the Hosts stagger before its creation ….Halleluiah
The limbs sprouting forth like the wings bursting out of the flesh of the first angel 
who died in agony as they were formed….exploding from his shoulders
moving her hair aside as the arch of wing thrust like white tree limb from the goodness within
and the reincarnation of true kindness was born to the conscious of itself

so my love knows no limit 
my soul no separation
and my being no longing

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I Sacrifice

I sacrifice my happiness for my children
my mother, father, sisters and brothers
and sadly enough, to the one I give my soul.

I have chosen this path I live and now must endure
But I don't expect sympathy, but rather respect
For I live without regret
To know my loved ones have been spared.

by Ana Espinola Collins

Entered in Contest: any poem goes #24
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A

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“Are you a Warrior?”

I was asked in the in the quiet solitude of day 
And I wondered long into the night

What does a Warrior make?

If by a Warrior you mean
One who always tries to do the right thing
Even when doing what is right tears my heart in two
One who does the right thing just because it is . . .

If by a Warrior you mean
Someone who always makes time to listen
Who brings you a smile when you least expect it
Who laughs with you everyday, today, just like yesterday
And cries a flood of tears so yours do not fall alone

If by a Warrior you mean
One who stands up for those in need
Who fights for those who cannot, or will not
One who turns the other cheek in the face of rage, hatred and bigotry
Walks away when my blood screams out injustice!
And a fist is all it seems I have left to choose
Because walking away is the right choice . . .

If by a Warrior you mean
Someone who will always be there for you
Always tries to move Heaven and Hell to keep his promises to you
Someone whose soul withers and screams when I cannot, have not
Supports you when you are wrong because that is when you need it the most

If by a Warrior you mean
A person of honour, of compassion, faith and humility
Someone of strength, trust, of love and respect
Someone of ethics and integrity and the will to live by them
The courage to fight for your dreams and . . . and to fight for my own
Someone who will always apologise and say I am so, so very sorry I hurt you

If by a Warrior you mean all of these things
Then all I can say to you it this, just this, only this . . .

I do not know if I am a Warrior

But I want to be . . . 

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Enter into my mind an existential maze – a passing phase of distortion  
where illusions create beliefs and biographical misapportions.
From start to end chained to memories in cell blocks of time. 
Who can know the world above; the world below; the in between 
of reflective glow. From our time to no time; from our space to 
no space; from living thoughts to spirits  in a secret death. 

Encumbrances to create meaning limited to the here and now. 
What purpose; cries the hopeless mind, wild as the wind 
on a snowy day.

The future portends to come from now. The past awry to disavow the illusion, 
set up and cross matched to a reality of senses with no known meaning.
It seems I need the diversions from the fibrotic interplay of synapses gone astray. 
Staying in the present path along a familiar highway helps when the
lights turn green and I am allowed to go.

My existential morass in poetic form plays upon insistent themes. 
Emotes from an invisible person have rendered me upon the page
as having lived between two bridges one analytical, the other emotional.
Where the river meets, down stream another bridge stands as I look in wonder

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Refined Repairs

It’s not always a silver lining sought
when the spirit of self is broken…
Much better for self 
is that gold refined touch
sent forth from the forges of heaven…
Ever humbled and grateful 
for the purity of His Love
The Clay Pot

© Debra Squyres 2013

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Feels like

Have dreams on life but it feels like Eternal God forgot 
Want to do a lot of things in life but it feels like Eternal God forgot
It feels like I don’t exist, feels like I’m nobody
Became disable with paralyze left arm feels like not alive
Not important to some places feels like a trash
People are saying they understand feels like they don’t
Of course mother cares and that is it
Want to be famous but it feels like have no importance
Have many things to say but no one cares
Mad at Eternal God but still does religious things
Do not understand why feels like forgotten
An angel appeared to me, feels like no one cares
Lord Father Christ sent me a message but all people doesn’t care
Feels like He’s not Eternal God


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Africa my love
Like a mother you embraced me
You taught me about life and love
You gave me something I never had or felt

Like a mother you punished me
When I mistreated you 
you gave me everything 
and took it all 

Africa you are the cradle of life
Why do you cry Africa
Why is life living you
If I leave you? 

Will you heal
Will you become wild and beautiful 
like you once were
Can you let me leave?

Africa my mother 
show me the world beyond the stars
Tell me about love 
and the ancient stars

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Book of Memories

When I'm weary, tired, when life is
rough and rocky - I look through
the book of my memories. Hidden
among the masses, one shines above
them all. All my troubles fade
into small pebbles bore down from
solid stone. From this one memory -
I rise above my own self-doubt and
travel into the realm of the 
future. Into a bridge built of
stepping stones. As I reach the
center, I fall to my knees,
trembling from it's greatness and
divine hope. Here, I gain the
strength of loves I have known.
As I reach the end of the bridge - 
I am forced to look back and see
the presence that walked with me.
From this shadow of a memory, I
shall always know the comfort of
goodness and hope. Giving me the
strength of a love more solid than
stone. Yes, I often turn the pages
in the book of my memories.

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Pursuit of dream

Pursuit of dream is life
Pursuing dreams does something mysterious to us
It fills us with hope
Expands our capacities as a human person in every way

Don’t waste your life
Because life is there
Reach out
Embrace it


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Spirit Of Love

Inside my heart
Over flowing
A sea of love
My spirit free
Love taking lead
My inner consciousness, awakening
Inner realisations, coming to light
Experiencing the wonders of our universe
Discovering who I am
In the spirit of love

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The water. 
It ripples and waves.
Its soothing to the touch and it runs over your body like an invisible blanket.
When life is too much to take I run to the water.
I've thought about lost loved ones over the view of the ocean.
As the waves ran over my toes and pulled back it was as if God was telling me I'm here.
I see your pain. I see your passion. In time I will wash them away.
When it rains, it stirs something inside of my heart. I know that as this storm shall pass, so will the trials of life.
The pain will be washed away. All will grow new again.
Pain is water.
Joy is water.
Life it water.
Water is beauty.

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Life found in a Dream

Life found in a Dream 
Today I’m a lonely man living in a cold, cold world filled with indifferences and malice. As time marches on a harsh reality come to my mind, time is on no one’s sided, it is only given once and all must die and tomorrow is not guaranteed. This seems so mean because having no one to really love or so it seemed, I was just a lone no one was on my team.
I started to think and reminisce about the think in life that I missed. Tears appeared in my eyes and my heart skips a beat so I lay down and felled into a deep, deep sleep. Suddenly and to my surprise I was on a beach with soft sand underneath feet. The sky was so blue and the air smelled oh so sweet; it dawned on me that this was a place few have ever seen.
I walk down to the water and what did I see; the sea was strange so let me explain; it was made of crystal with a glow all of its own and the waves gave off a musical tone. As my mind adjusted to sounds and the sight I spied out another wonderful delight. There across the sea, a city brighter than the northern lights, oh what a beautiful sight.
I fell down to my knees overwhelmed by the glory that was before me. I thought that I had died and stepped to the other side. I knew what I was seeing before just could not be true, such beauty, it could not exist, not in my world, never like this. A melody that I have never heard before arose from the City across that crystal sea. It had to be played by Angels, the music was so, so sweet; that I felt a joy from my head to my feet and knew deep in my heart that was where I belong,
Just when I decided to dive in and swim to the other side, I heard a soft voice call out my name. I turned around to see who it was that called out my name. There He was this gentle looking Man with sadness in His eyes. He spoke to me and this is what He said; my son, my son you cannot dive in and swim to the other side. So I ask Him why I can’t swim to the other side, that’s easy for me, am going to try.  No, no, no it not for you it not your time was His only reply. I did not understand His reason but I felt His command and suddenly my feet was stuck in the sand, I cried out with hurt and pain in my voice; what lies on the other side, who are you and why can I not go on the other side?
                                     This is the story that He told:
The city that you see beyond the crystal sea it belongs to me and it has streets that are paved in gold. Many mansions lining the roads and in each one there are treasure that are a wonder to behold. There is no hunger, sickness or death, life everlasting and there you can find rest, for all eternity you will be My guest.  Now I will answer your second question, my son, my son; I Am, who I Am! I came to earth a long time ago prepare The Way for all my children to come home. This is some that you should know, for it was written for all a long time ago and I am always with you in your times of needs you are never ever all alone. Last but not the least you ask me why; my son, my son it not your time. 
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open, and until you love Me, it will never be. Now go back and remember what you seen and what you have heard, because time grows short. Spread My words that My kingdom draws near, repent, repent and stop causing Me tears.
I suddenly opened my eyes and I was home in my bed and I start to cry. Never have I felt such joy and peace deep within. I went down on my knees and I ask the Lord Jesus to please come in and would you please forgive me of all of my sins, please live inside of me until the end. I sow the seeds and when the harvest comes you will know where it can from. Keep this in mind cause when it is time He will separate wheat from the weeds and set all of His children free.
(Warning, Warning)
The time is now, and do it before it to late! 
Time is on no one side.
Everyone want to go to heaven but no one want to die.
You do not have to worry if you have Jesus inside.
He there for the asking want you try
Do you want Him? He want you, it about free will and you must choose.
The Gift is free, Heaven are hell which will it be?
I hope that I have sowed a seed and it will grow, but it will only grow if you truly believe and have faith deep within your heart and soul.
Time waits for no one!
Faith is something sight unseen will you not set your spirit free? Is it so hard for you to believe that Jesus is the answer and all you need? The door is open want you please come in? Don’t you think it time to find that Kingdom that is way up high filled with riches up in the sky?

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The Tiger and The Peacock

" The Tiger and The Peacock ... "

(From The Solomon Studies Series)
(Eccl. 3: 11 / Prov. 6: 6 / Matt. 6: 26, 28, 29)

The Tiger and The Peacock
Both, Have Beautiful Eyes

The Tiger and The Peacock
Both, Are A Wildlife Prize

The Tiger and The Peacock
Both, Walk In Graceful,, Stately Strides

The Tiger and The Peacock
Both, Are  Lovely, Lustrous Designs

The Tiger and The Peacock
Both, Are The Artwork of Someone Wise

Tho' One Be A Bird and One Feline
Both - Are The Amazing, Handiwork of JAH's

      Written & Copyrighted ©:  1/4/2014
               by:  MoonBee  Canady

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The Gracious Woman

The gracious woman is hated
She is not overrated but such a natural one
Morals and values dictated
Through her trials and tribulations her smiles stun
Family and friends created
Stay optimistic throughout the long run
The woman is so courageous
A strong heart is number one
She seems to be contagious
Her relationships are always undone
Her worthiness is outrageous
To find another is dreadful
To lose her is regretful
A woman of this caliber is so special

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Swollen Heart

A heart swells,
oozing with love,
having fulfilled, re-fulfilled
and over-fulfilled obligation.
But the mind now weakens 
from the weight of this swollen heart
and the pressure must be released 
before it explodes.
As they engage in battle;
mind versus heart,
one resists the power of love,
the other embraces balance 
and they become an intertwined braid of strength;
a natural phenomenon,
the one of harmony.

by Ana Espinola Collins

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Cease Fire

The Crusades Began a Holy War
Which Continues to this Day.
We Kill, and Kill, and Now it Seems,
This shall Always be the Way.

One Side Scores, the Others Die,
Then the Cycle is Repeated.
It never Stops, It’s never Done;
The Battles Grow More Heated!

The Way to Peace, it Seems so Clear,
Is not Through Senseless Slaughter.
I Appeal to All, “Please Quit the Fight!”
Save our Sons and Daughters!

To Find Our Way out of the Dark,
We Need only Seek the Light.
A Solution Lies within our Grasp:
Forget who’s Wrong or Right!

This God or that, it Makes no Matter.
This Truth I have Acquired:
Be they Different, or the Same,
The Gods would Preach Cease Fire!

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Ghosts of my past

The past is always
the past
I often forget it
but it remembers me
everything I failed to be
yesterday is history...

The past is a ghost
a hole, dust, the wind
it is dark and moves unseen
beneath, betwixt and between
angels, demons, elemental spirits
come to me when I am sleeping...

Ghosts from my past
makes my thoughts
heavy as branches
after a raging storm
leaving me tired and forlorn
people who came before me
appear in dreams

In a way
we are all ghosts...
~ ~ ~

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Stone of St Croix Island

Carefree in leisure time, one blasé tourist, 
almost happy, I once had collected a complicated stone;
after the sunny hours had ended and last opportunity
for keepsakes began.

In my hand the stone had kept all of its mouths sewn shut,
holding its amalgamated story, and likewise in the car,
on the plane, through US Customs where it was not 
in the least suspected.

A thumbnail identity I now should guess at, marking an old date,
and fixing it to, with reasonable estimate, a map location:
Plot No. 243, East end of the island, slave sugar plantation,
the stone from the corner of a ruined windmill stair—
broken free by my criminal hand, having liberated a vine.

The stone looked like a bleached out mini-monolith, square-rectangular,
able to be stood on end, leaning back and swollen at its center
like a pulled cork.

What could have moved this sequestered world to opening?
That was not for me to discover, except what came on Christmas Day,
two days after my returning.

Slave watercourses, the sight of innumerable Dutch ships,
ballasted with human flesh and hewn rock for sugar works buildings.
The drop at arms swish of the Driver’s bullwhip.
Flecks of spirit splayed on vegetation.
A mongrel dog barked beyond the windless wall of sugarcane
in centipede and mosquito heat.

Seaside, beautiful seaside impressions;
distant coral light shadows, etched deep azure;
snowy colored breakers that pencil-marked the sea.
The staid, vibrant, mocking power
of visual symphony backdrop.

So little of aid for the slaves, but for those dangerous secrets, 
unhoused in the fallen coolness of the night:
demonstratively crystalline heaven of stars; 
a ragged moon, clouds scudding eastward toward Africa
before freshwater rainsqualls came.  And there 
Orion’s Belt, mid-sky, illustrious bright, with its three
centering star points in rational line, as if 
Hope could have flung such a rope anchor onto Life
engendering sanctified resistance.

Christmas morning, 5 a.m. 
I had awakened from a stuck place, shapeless and dark, 
half in dreaming and half in knowing I was in no dream.

I was sobbing, yet strangely, because there were no tears. 
I had only put the stone inside my pajama top onto my heart.

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My Metaphysical Monument To JAH

(1 Kings 8: 27)

I Would Build  YOU  Seven Pillars
Made of Pearls of Such Dimension- Prized
I Would Build  YOU  Ten Giant Columns
Made of Pure Crystals Up To The Skies

And On That Holy Edifice
of 400 Cubits Elevated To Size
I Would Build  YOU  A Thunder-Temple
A Thousand Stories High

This Would Be My Metaphysical Monument To  JAH ...

And Inside The Thunder-Temple
I Would Build A Lightning-Fire
It Would Burn A Flame of Love So Hot & Bright
That Lasts Forever & Never Die

I Would Place  YOUR Name  On A Pedestal Throne
of Precious Gems - No One Could Pry
Of Such Height & Depth & Length 
& Everlasting Arms Wide 

This Is My Metaphysical Monument To JAH ...

O' My Rock of Ages  ... Because  YOU  Are My Strength
& My Fondest & Most Fervent of Ties
I Would Construct This On A Mountain Top
That Stands Up Past A Million Miles

It Would Touch The Moon In Reflection
And The Stars Would Be Inspired
and Eclipse Every Man-Made Structure
& Orbit  In  YOUR  Eyes

This Is My Metaphysical Monument To  JAH ...

I Would Fill The Air With Perfumed Prayer
Celestial, Sparkled-Incense Would Rise
I Would Fill The Space With Music
& Exalt  HALLELUJAH  In Chimes!

I Would Bow Down In YOUR Beauteous Presence
In The Aisles & Among All Tribes
& Exult In The Awesome  Atmosphere
of YOUR Essence So Wise

... In My Metaphysical Monument To  JAH ...

I Would Fill It With  All  YOUR  Worshipers
& All  YOUR  Wonders  & Praise  Realized
& We'd Sing My Metaphysical Monument
In Paradise ...   To  JAH !

This Is My Metaphysical Monument                
And Yes, This Vision Is Heaven-Sent      
Spirit-Height & Depth & Width & Length          
In My Whole-Soul, Solar-Sacrament            

&  My Devotion's Endless Measurements      
Built From A Bonafide & Blessed Blueprint        
Constructed Thru Carpenter's Consent           
& With The Master-Worker's Instruments         

It Will Tower-Up In Testament !                
So All Will Know - Everywhere I Went               
It's  The Metaphysical Monument                  
My HalleluJah - Horizon-Event!                       

... My Metaphysical Monument  ... To  JAH

              Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/27/2013 
                        by:  MoonBee Canady

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Are we awake or are we still sleeping?
Blind to the hurt, and deaf to the weeping.
Ashamed of religion and supportive of the new,
Aware of the lies and hidden from what’s true. 

Worship the evil and turn away the pure,
Developing disease with an unknown cure.
Starving the poor and overfeeding the wealthy.
Killing the sick and drugging the healthy. 

Going to war for some kind of power,
Building tall structures over all types of flower.
Cutting the trees and polluting the air,
All out of greed, with no sort of care. 

Turning us against our own, 
And help from up above.
Making us beings of hate,
Instead of ones of love. 

Demonizing the mystic,
Criticizing the wise.
Making our own family members,
Into people that we despise.

Awaken to the torment, 
Be aware of all the pain. 
Those who are misleading,
And claiming that we are insane.

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My cobain smile

I want to drown my urge to die
I want to kill my pulse inside
I can't breathe, I'm paranoid
Everything in life I avoid

Don't speak to me, I'll look away
Inside my eyes is just decay
 I'm already dead, but have yet to die
Why do I keep my body alive

My soul is dead, eyes are lies
So is the smile I hide behind
Pull the plug, I'm a fake
In a nightmare and I cannot wake

Drown me! I'm flooded in pain
Please help me regain
Some peace, some rest 
I want to die to live again

Set me free 
Slitting my wrists isn't working
The more stares I get
The more I become numb
I just need to be gone
Eliminate my pain, 
I'm already out of breath 
Suffocating on my hopelessness

Every day I am alive 
But I'm craving to die inside
Curved smile because your so naive
You think I'm happy 
Yet I'm being crushed
My head is overflowing 
With these thoughts that are too much

One word, suicide
Sparks a light inside of my eyes

I don't want to pretend to live
Let me go, flood me in sin
There is where I want to swim
Six feet under the ground

Don't be selfish 
And keep me in pain
To tourture my lifeless body again
Let my body float soundly
Rushing water, ocean salt
I promise I won't feel it at all.

End it, hold me under 
Then bury me so I can slumber
Goodbye lifeless eyes
As I'm dying I'll be coming alive
Haunting images 
Deleted from my mind
As I leave this world behind

Floods my lungs 
Leans in for a kiss

Together we sink into insanity
And drown in infinitys abyss. 

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Prized Possession

Prized Possession

When was it that society and religion
Became so afraid of the sexuality of women

Or was it just men who became afraid

Trapping and turning beauty into pornography
To suit the idealism of a capitalistic
Made women its prized possession

There was once spiritual prowess in her nakedness
Once long ago
The symbol of womb and breast
Gave birth to life

And a possession was once the sexual expression
Of both women and men
In an essence of a spiritual unity
Defined by the pleasure both received
In giving to life

So how did sex become a sin
Dirtied by morals
And then sold in a tin 
Of instant readily affordable self gratification
When did your own sexuality
Become a commodity
For them to sale

And poor Eve, lead mankind to ruin
And she alone made responsible for the fall from Eden
So shall she pay the price in cultural centuries
Of Christian and Muslim oppression

Such is the weakness of men
That by muscle alone defends them
Such is the weakness of men
That their God must of course; be a man
Such is the weakness of men
That in the face of beauty
It must be their possession

Such is my contempt of those men
Who cannot comprehend
Where their own lives began
And who’s wives and daughter now exists
In a poor excuse for love and worship
Trapping and turning beauty into pornography
To suit the idealism of a capitalistic
Made women its prized possession

Inspired by Brandy Megens poem “News at 5” 

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mankind and multitudes
males and females
living their lives
in earthy and tiny worlds 

apparently challenged by what's so near
in the privacy of their own worlds
and reversed aloof fear
which reality so strangely curled
in violence and ignorance

seemingly audible
for a tiny mass
hardly visible
for a queuing crowd
seeking and struggling
with their facts of life

a handful of wholeheartedness
patience and honesty
combined with a touch
of faith and fate
with the power to elate

an open mind
for each and every one

those are the kind
of actual and spiritual gifts
waving to be explored
excluders and excluded
waiting to be discovered
in the shared world
we all live in

(c) Elly Wouterse - All rights reserved.

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 Leave these ships with the big
 white sails that hardly are wobbling.
 Leave this cry of the gulls full of
 longing – let the lungs swallow the wind
 Leave the eyes, let them travel beyond
 the horizons –
 falling leaves.
 And find that angle of the time – of
 when “Here and there does not 
 and that grief which hollows out the air
 becomes the jump,
 becomes wing beat,
 the water deep in the tank,
 the entire while of moving unmovable.

 *T.S. Eliot

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A Knocking

I was deep in my work
When I heard a knocking at my door.
I thought it was you, so I proceeded to ignore
I went back to typing,
And than I heard the door rumble once more,
I titled my eyes up the stairs,
And continued to ignore
As I went back to typing,
The next knock came near,
Expect it was louder, and more clear.
I stopped what I was doing,
And grabbed the knife by my bed
Just in case it was something crazy,
Like waking up to an axe murder next to your bed.
I opened my bedroom door,
And proceeded up the stairs
I got to the door; and than I stared
I took a deep breathe, and grabbed the handle at last.
I let out a slight gasp,
There was no one at the door,
At least, not from what I could see anymore.
I unlocked the handle,
And took a pick around
Not a soul to be found.
I sat at the door way for a short while after
And thought about why this incident mattered
Suddenly, it all became clear to me.
It was opportunity knocking at my door.
Telling me to stop being afraid
Letting me know that I was not alone anymore.
My heart filled with blood, and warmth,
I felt blessed to feel signs
Of a better life ahead.
No more sad day dreams,
Or thinking about sometimes life would be easier if I were dead.
The knocks had come for me
They reached out to my hand,
They let me know that I could be happy
They let me know, that I am now free.

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"Give thanks for unknown blessings already on 
their way" - Native American Saying.

Give thanks for the rain that showers on you,
and makes crops to grow.

Give thanks for the Sun that warms your face,
and makes you to embrace each day.

Give thanks for night,
because we are able to gaze at the starry sky with awe.

Give thanks for the birds,
as they make you to crave to soar.

Give thanks for the rivers and lakes that provide
us with fish and water to drink.

Give thanks for the flowers and butterflies,
that decorate our lives with beauty.

Give thanks for the trees that give us a shade and shelter.

Give thanks for our ancestors, who left us guides on how
to return to the Chief Spirit, and live in harmony with two-legged,
four-legged, crawling and swimming animals; we too are able to be united.

Give thanks for other good things that you haven't yet seen.....

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Subconscious On My Mind

She visits in my dreams,
A place that I love to go,
For when my body is sleeping;
My subconscious starts to show.

She is not the same as when I’m awake,
She is fierce and unafraid; 
She watches over the pillows,
Where my head is soundly laid. 

She has wings just like an Angel,
Only hers are made of light;
With brilliant rainbow hues,
Enough to shine throughout the night. 

To me she looks much older,
Maybe even wise; 
One look at me and I know,
She can see right through my lies.

For her and I are one,
No hiding from the truth;
She understands that I’m growing,
Developing from my youth. 

She never passes judgment,
For herself would be included;
Her thoughts are always brilliant;
And never convoluted.  
I’m referring to my soul;
Aged throughout my lives.
She gives my words their meanings;
And my body is what she drives.

Inspiring my movements,
And wiping all of my tears;
Her voice is mine but rings through,
My head and out my ears. 

Perhaps it’s her who is writing this,
Giving me the rhyme;
My subconscious and my consciousness;
Working together for all of time. 

Although most won’t understand this,
That it is about a different part of me,
Tonight under the full-moon;
I’m setting my spirit free.

Allowed to dance in the stars,
And run across the sky;
Only to return to our body,
Suppressing her urge to fly. 

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It’s been broken for so long;
Silently churning.
I forgot I was alive,
swimming through rotten joy.
Fatigued and Complacent.
You found me;
a torrid husk enraptured 
by a sinning sun.
I spun under that liar’s star,
wishing on it’s peers for a new world.
A new way to breathe.
Hunting throughout eons
lost in-between the reckoning 
of seconds; caught up in a disheveled
I thought they had forgotten me.
I had nearly lost sight of my favorite
Looking up. 
Stiff necked.
Hoping to find the light
that could remind me of 
the thoughts that used to
come to me when I first
discovered the sky’s 
patience for my reach.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Pope means

Pope derives from the Greek "pappas" (father)
 Originally, this title was applied to bishops
Reserve the title exclusively to the Bishop of Rome,
The Supreme Pontiff


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Fox In The Window

For those who wonder 
How I grew into the season
I turned a fragrant key
More summers for me then
No more waning of anything
Just the sound of glory 
Timbering through the landscape
A host of new demons
To be rearranged and  then knocked down
Beauty’s burden
So yes to answer your question
I do enjoy the fox in the window

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The Lord's Peace

The chaos is shedding
Of happiness is floating
The madness..chaos is concealing
Comes from the Lord - 
To Him who mends us all...
To Him who forgives all of our sins
And downfalls
And answers everyone's calls

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Empyrean Vehemence

What is this reeling throughout my being? I gaze into the mirror; albeit elusive to eyes seeing… Churning with pleasant burning, emotions swimming with eloquence… With ease… With ease… I release my breathe breeze… Centered, still, in this moment; anchored to the mother… Understanding moments lead towards tomorrows dawning… Fresh is that moment for a sacred rebirth spawning… So come to be, that which chooses me… I shall not run… I shall not flee… On firm ground I stand; mystical powerful me… What is my inner vision? What does my mind see? Focused my awareness decisions; diligent creator of possibility… It’s better to give than to receive… Do you believe? Do not be deceived; for it is better to give than to receive… What you give out most certainly comes back about… Increased intensity; tenfold immensity… My heart is open giving without confusion… With gratitude I receive wisdom not from old world illusion… With ease… With ease… I release my breathe breeze… Relinquished my identity; surrendered to infinity… Forever is my energy… Forever is my energy…

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Upset For

Upset For? ( based on A course in Miracles Lesson 5)

Reason to be upset
Not what it seems
The more angry I get
Eludes me what it means

A trigger pushed
Driving me insane
I feel ambushed
Yet only reveals the pain

A truth rejected
A lie believed 
Oh so affected
I am deceived

Yet illusive reasons come
To tempt false perception
Feelings again to numb
And believe self deception

Or will this messenger of pain?
Invite true perception and heal
A reminder of true self again
Your choice will reveal

Diana Dalton
29 July 14

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Let Us Meet

Let’s meet 
in equality
on a spiritual horizon. 
Where all that enter 
are truly enlightened
and none is before
or behind you.
Your truths mine
and mine in turn yours
and giving waters 
flowing freely
between us.

Let us greet 
our ancestors
with reverence
absorbing all
they’ve learned 
in their time
and allow 
that this knowledge
can guide us
down our paths
as we journey ahead.

© Debra Squyres

Inspired by the art of Susan Boules

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The Farthest Shore

When the wave falls

on that farthest

does it finally die.

When the swish of

the tumbling fall

cries into the

who hears,

in it's soft sweet

an echo of oceans

On the winds swift

past shallow sharp

tonguing cold teeth

currents that sweep

the soundings deep

and beyond ken,

at first in front,

and then behind.

Moving in ranks

each one alone

yet by Nature's gift

one and the same.

To catch but a
from the wave

and turning it

see that which has

not standing in Time

but all in align,

and to reach not out

across the trough of

but into the depths

and find true self

Earth spins true,

Universal laws

to be obeyed and

dis obeyed,

swept by energies

flowing and real

as hot sun and cold

The exquisite tilt

as an inquiring head

so that it all takes

beneath liquid feet

crossing a sea of

With each sandy kiss

waves energy passed

to shifting sands,

to sound,

the outgoing wave

from shore to

to meet off shore,

to unite once more

beyond trough and

in the ocean

we found.

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Graceful Butterfly

When the sunlight breaks upon her face Ascending like a lover’s eyes It listens to a gentle song With notes that run, in whispered breath A fleeting mood, that twirls aloft And circles in a morning breeze A mantra of incantation Stirring thoughts to meditation And rising lightly, against the dawn The lilting voice, which calls her name Sun whispers like a whippoorwill Her wings are leaves, that dance and sway Each move exhales, so crystal clear A bubbling brook, sweet, crisp, and pure She stands alone, this flower child She flies with grace, without fanfare But petal by petal, to grace them all So softly there, in whispered breath A timid soul, a quivering chord A sonnet of love, with languid words Color sparks, that kindles bright Of meadow larks, in spiral flight Wings made of silver, she flutters along With trilling grace that wraps around A wreath of mist lifts off the ground A rainbow in a morning song

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Feel The Love

Diving deep, into the void, within
Washing, cleansing, myself clean
Trusting without expectation
Letting go of, what I am familiar with
Allowing the divine, infinite spirit to guide me
Teaching me how to live
Growing inside my heart and mind
Larger than my mind’s ego
As I consciously shed light, upon my self created burdens
Lighting up, my made up fears, my mind has believed, all these years
All the mistakes I have made, now become my greatest blessings
Showing me how to love, without attachment
Discovering, who I truly am

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The Mountain of Self Measure

I scramble up the jagged rocks, 
on my way to the peak of this mountain top.
A self-given measuring stick.

Toppling back, I fear I will fall.
Barely hanging onto this rock.
Hardly enough strength to carry on.



Beaten down.

A gaping hole of nothing opens under me, 
as I stare below me.
Reaching, blindly seeking for the next foothold.

Scraping my way, 
my hands feel like they are bloody and raw.
Trying to find my way to the top of that 
formidable mountain top.
Just to see if I measure up!


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Every night, it’s hard to sleep when I can’t close my eyes, 
The voices in my head scream. 
They want to be noticed, and it just hurts more and more, 
It’s a nightmare, not a dream. 

You wonder why I stay awake every night, 
The screams won’t give me a break. 
I just want to be left alone for once, to be alone, 
For everyone’s sake. 

The voices of the past continue to yell at me, 
No matter where I go. 
I can’t escape them, they’ll continue to follow, 
And no one will know. 

They laugh and shout at me when I do something, 
And I get no peace when they do. 
It’s not me when I do something rash, 
These things always start anew. 

I walk around with the weight of these voices on my shoulders, 
It seems I’ll never be free from them. 
I feel like a mouse in a cat’s paws, hanging around just waiting, 
It’s me they condemn.

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Might I ask about what the moon means to you?
It means the world revolves in a transcending path with a satellite.
Why does the moon shine in the midnight sky?
It shines because it is a guide between the world of the dead and the living.

So does the moon fill the air with hope?
The moon itself is hope for people.
Why does the moon pull us in with such soul searching?
It is because we feel that the moon is part of our every day life.

Children who asks these questions; I have strive to tell them some truth,
And for the adults out there I created a little Moon lite poem to sooth.

So the moon is our light in the darkest hour of the night
With romance in the air that is so bright
We all hold hands once in a moonlit walk
And with such passion we would talk
The moon gives us our pull on each others heart
With a dinner that we take part
The ritual of wooing ones heart is a great feeling of love
The moon is always there to shine right above
In time we think we are blinded by the moon 
But to tell you the truth it reflects the sun light during midnight noon
It gives out a warmth in the darkness
We probably do not think of it less
Because the moon is our memories of our past 
It shows it everyday and night and always last

April 13, 2013

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Spirit Flight (LOVE)

A simple peace of this fragmented reality of the spirit flight 
now, I lay me down to sleep
a spiritual realm of possibilities inches forward
my third eye of perception wide and receiving 
an unconscious consciousness of God's realm peering inward 
a small piece of life's mystery reveals a brilliant flight    
purple and light green float in a vision beyond comprehension 
I dive in and receive this unimaginable gift
a garden of light and energy suspended free
my spirit heeds the call as I drift 
submersed in a love words cannot express
I drown in light...............

The Spiritual Dream 
A Rambling Poet Contest "A Fragmented Dream"  
By Rick Parise

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Two colors

Two colors are wrapped around my heartbeat,
detained by dawn's brightest star;
I wish to keep a faithful record of replies,
for wherever you'll return to my feast of time.

Thin raindrops of a mistle fall;
(this silent fog resembles Autumn);
small phrases I sent to infinity -
to that infinity I searched for you - Angels' rain,
- Angels of your dreamy form.

I saw you elevating there
an absolute, ideal outline of forms
in iridescent colors of the winds
of those winds that made you a small
- a small recurrence of my visions to infinity.

Two colors are wrapped around my heartbeat,
which in solitude records a windy day,
silences of the Angels surround my Fall
this very Fall you escaped to infinity.

© G. V.  2/28/2011

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I see a pattern Everywhere:
Circles and globes (three dimensional circles);
Shiny rings of fire.

Countless manifestations of this same shape.
Star-spangled galaxies wheeling through the sky:
That half-globe dome.
Earth, in circular orbit (more or less) around the Sun,
Escorted by the Moon.

Days give way to seasons,
Repeating every year.
Groundhog Days becoming
Groundhog Creations

The list seems endless:
Hopkins’ dapples,
Planets, craters, cyclones, anti-cyclones, sea currents, 
Balls, apples, oranges, nuts, potatoes,
Teardrops, heads, faces, eyes, mouths,

Coins, bin lids, and plates;
Sunflowers, daisies, pansies,
Rings of mushrooms,
Circling birds of prey,
A cat curled in a circle,
Like a foetus.

Life as we know it
Is a circle
And a cycle too.

Birth, Death, Blossom, Wilt.
Clock-faced Time itself.

Eternity might be a circle,
Infinity the same.
Maybe even God,
Some way.

Perhaps we still are building God,
For Him or Her to travel back through time
Like Doctor Who
To Create The Big Bang,
And form this expanding Universe,
Thus taking us full circle.

Or maybe the Universe will fold back in upon itself,
Producing yet one more Big Bang,
In an endless cycle,
Of Big Bangs,
Amongst this ever circling

Paul Butters

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Into The Godly Realm - Let Us Go

(Rev. 21: 1-7 /  Rev. 21: 10-27  /  Rev. 22: 1-6  /  Rev. 4: 1-6  /  Dan. 7: 9, 10, 13, 14, 18 & 27)

Into The Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go
Into The Splendiferous, Shining Sector!
To The Spiritual Site Where Ultra-Love Glows
by the Vibrant, Blindingly-Brilliant Light-Vector

Into The Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go
GOD Has Invited Us Into HIS Kingdom!
The Resplendent, Royal City of Emerald Rainbows
& Radiant Pearl & Gold & Glass-Sheen-Domes

… Where Thunders, Horns & Harp String Tones
Join With Angels & Kings In Hallelujahs’ Choir-Songs!
and Residents Greet Citizens In True Fashion ‘Shalom’
and Are Welcomed Like Beloved Children Come Home

& Share The Fruit of Trees –  Sweetest Ever Known
A Righteous Reaping & Keeping Paradise Beautifully Grown
as Crystal Fountains & Rivers, Bubble Forth & Shone
… in The Sparkling Waters of Life’ Gleaming Zone!

… O’ Let Us Gaze In Awe – In Meek Gratitude
At The Greatness & Grandeur of GOD’s Estate!
Let Us Whisper In Respect-Muted Admiration
with Wiped Feet As We Walk A Street Called Faith

Let Us Gather ‘Round Devotedly – As A Great Crowd
Read Inscriptions On The Precious-Gem Cornerstone
of The City’s Foundation, As Opened Fortress Beckons
To Jeweled Temple & Ancient of Days, Treasure-Throne!

Walk With Baited Breath & Bowed Hearts & Heads
As Joyful Tears Pool In Our Beaming Eyes!
As Into The Godly Realm … We Have Ventured
& Entered ‘The Archway’ Supports For All  Skies

O’ My Brothers, My Sisters, My Family & My Friends
O’ Let Us Go … Into The Glorious Godly Realm …
Where We Have Been Invited To HIS Garden Party
Where Each One of Us Will Get To Speak … with HIM!

All You HIS Faithful Ones – Who Awaited Kingdom Come
O’ Let Us Go … Into The Glorious Godly Realm …
To The Place Where The Holy of Holies Is Situated
O’ Get A Glimpse of  Heavenly, New Jerusalem!

Into The Glorious Godly Realm … O’ Let Us Go!
Up To Clouds & Zion’s Mountain-Top Location
As Earth Becomes – The Global Promised Land
Yes, Humans’ Own Homefront, Habitat Space-Station

(Yes, This World’s First Honorable United Human Nations)

… and Into The  Godly Realm … GOD Will Let Us Go
… into The Splendiferous, Spectacular Sector!
Into The Spiritual Area – Where Eternity Roams
Close To The Vibrant & Blindingly-Brilliant, Light-Vector

                           Written & ©:  7/13/2013

                           By:  The MoonBee

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Sacred Serpent -win

(Maya mythology or Mayan civilization describes a Sacred Serpent or Vision serpent as being the vehicles by which celestial bodies, such as the sun and stars, cross the heavens. The shedding of their skin made them a symbol of rebirth and renewal. In Yoga it is called Kundalini)

Spirited, chromatic flare, igniting Force, energy for creativity Enough sense for solution and secret Within your stomach I am the answer For ever I have been fitted within you A lambent lotus, a crest of the light I am the cause why you get awakened Within your stomach I am the answer. Am a sacred serpent lying coiled You have to stir me to for full arousal And with a speed of a sound Within your stomach I am the answer Your animating passion I will open Guiding you to the room of pure love Like a silken lotus you will be adorned Within your stomach I am the answer
+++++ Date 8-12-13 Dr. Ram Mehta Form: Free Verse The theme chosen is 5) Spiritual Fifth place win Contest : In the Faraway byGiorgio V.

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Where's The Action

Where's the action?
I'll go there if I have the time-time.
Put me in a tumbler
Giant man
And throw me, underhand,
Toward the nearest galaxy.

I'm sailing away beautiful people.
Don't come round to see me now;
I'm a puppet,
Threads tied to me.
Bound to go outside
The stagecraft,
I stitch the uniform together
With hurried fingers.

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The Ocean Breeze

It blows with new air,
new breath, new energy;
closing my eyes,
and allowing the breeze
to kiss my skin,
it is a feeling of rebirth
that pulsates deep within my soul......

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Birds View Crown Chakra

Like clouds that’s sets for a morning bird

That takes the part of a part of a park to oversee the set

I ask of man what beauty does the birds capture day after day

Yet as men do we notice the emblems but do we ever sit to

 Notice laughter is it fond or fun we lack to see

But as day dawn days rise but do we take time to look

But yet when we wake and that of love is next to you do we 

Capture the moment do we capture the moment of perfection or is it yet iconic feature- 

 As man I found myself in every step found lost in meaning when next to you

As the bird comes and goes each day I wonder how the bird view -

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One Plus One Equals Three

One man
One woman
One love divine
One heavenly father
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One miracle child
One family birthright
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One lifelong bond
One promise revealed
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One solemn hope
One lifetime covenant
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One faithful son
One loving sacrifice
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One humanity free
One purpose fulfilled
One plus one equals three

One man
One woman
One glorious day
One kingdom of God
One plus one equals three

© Eugene Harvey

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Beautiful Black Woman

Beautiful black woman 
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Beautiful black woman 
You're worth more than the finest gems.
Your love,
Holds the presence of God's healing hands.

Beautiful black woman
You're the reason why I breathe.

In this follow follow society
Zombies follow I gotta lead...

Beautiful black woman whom,
birthed me into this crazy world,
I came from your womb 
not to be cast down and quietly consumed,
By the rage and fury of a people in a hurry.

You born me...
To be a catalyst of change!
To stand against rape!
To fight for your freedom!
To bring on the new Kingdom!

Beautiful black woman
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Beautiful black woman 
You're worth more than the finest gems.

The world is starving for LOVE. 
We need you ...
For you are LOVE.
Your Unconditional Love holds the keys.
As a matter of fact you have the power to put the world at ease.
Create Peace.
Please forgive us men who fail to understand that
Your LOVE holds the presence of God's healing hands.

Beautiful black woman
You're a Queen.
Beautiful black woman 
You have to dream!

Your LOVE holds the presence of God's healing hands. 

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Anatomy of Destiny

Every letter that makes up a story of our future or fate,
is deeply dyed in everything we come across, and we'll
come across in the future; may it be the moonlight, rivers,
lover, book, television, jungle,....anything your eyes have
laid or will lay upon.

Our lives are made up of myriads of invisible letters;
letters that we can only see in deep silence. It is at
that moment that you are in a state of meditation,
that letters form words, words form paragraphs,
finally making a story of your entire life!

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A New Rebirth

Roses blossom once more
in spring, filling the air
with sweet fragrance

Rivers become full once more,
with fish happily dancing
around each other

A new day wakes me up once more,
and the sun's radiance warming my face,
giving me a deep and warm sensation
to plant the seeds of joy within me once again;
as their roots slowly sip divine water

By: Teddy Kimathi

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I Am A Spark Of Life

A spark of life
Fire in my belly
Giving what I have
Serving you
Honouring, who I truly am
Loving you, in return

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Jesus will mend you

Jesus will mend your broken heart
Jesus will heal every broken part
Jesus went to Calvary
So he could take the pain away

The pain you feel as you lay to sleep
Jesus wants you his peace to keep
He wants to take the pain away
He wants to take away the pain

He wants to make you whole again 
And so eternal life to gain
So come and give your life to him
And let him take away your sin 

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The Totem      ©

The totem speaks of the tribe’s history, lore, 
deeds of courage
Animals, fish and gods
 carved in reverence,
from a fallen tree hundreds of years old,
living wood, with a face, a fish,
a bear, a bird marching down it’s trunk,
a seemingly random sprinkle of 
obelisks in a circle,
tells of incredible faith true enough
 to move tons of stone

Totems today, statuary in the front garden,
wooden rooster atop the mail box,
the weather vane dressed in 
golden green patina.
Carvings of flowers,
frolicking baby squirrels and 
rabbits  on a sign at the front door,
A mural brushed upon a barn wall,
the flag of a beloved country,
 the lone star of a beloved state,
the wind chimes of dolphins, stars, frogs, and spoons
capturing the breeze, 
singing a song of welcome

Tribes  today paint their vehicles in much the same way
that the People painted their sturdy, brave little horses 
before a battle
Circles of paint about the eyes for truer vision,
hand prints on shoulder and flank to ward off the spear,
ornaments braided  into mane and tail 
to celebrate victory

Bumper stickers, magnetic ribbons,
 all totems to tell members
of other tribes what is believed in, 
what the tribe stands for;
support this, hate that, 
down with this, up with that
proud to be a redneck, 
 a woman,
 a boater, 
a parent,
a fisherman,
 a politician,
 a farmer,
 a dancer, 
a soldier,
an Aggie, 
a sailor, 
an Irishman, 
a lover of guns.

Trisha Sugarek
Butterflies and Bullets


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A Journey

If we were to walk arm and arm
This great big world would seem so small
648 weeks seems so short
But for you it is a lifetime
We want to make this a better world
and don't have much time to do it
Let's journey through  this world
with all her greatness and splendor
We can leave our mark as we go
and enjoy it and all its riches
Come hold my hand as we explore this land
and make it a better place for all who come after

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From Seven Shattered Corpses

I was adopted . . . 
one morning in the mists of yesteryear
when the sun glimpsed over the pallid shone house 
next to the abode of my mother and my father 
on came a harbinger of desolation. . . 
I died that day though I knew it not, 
nor was I to understand, 
this death for many winters past and fallen to the way side. 

I was five summers new, 
five winters older . . .

I was born Patrick  . . . 
I was to have my name usurped 
by those wretched things called Free and land 
and this is all I have to say about them . . . 

Therein lies the beginnings of my cursed life as it was to become, 
and thereto 
you have the birth of my coined out naming of Mishiimin (apple). 
I was raised by whites, 
in a white town, 
had white friends, white schooling, 
white church propaganda indoctrination, 
and there under the unseen 
but felt 
fist of white society 
was I to be remade into . . 

My dreams were white, 
my legends white, 
my desires always for white, 
my voice spoke and bled white, 
my body was red, 
my face red, 
my hair red, 
my past long forgotten, 
. . .
torn from my heart, 
my mind, 
and thus eviscerated from my soul was red 
and long thereafter 
did this one Miskó Ki'zis (Red Sun) bleed and bleed 
this screaming throat was heard no more, 
not even from my own lips,
my own ears 
my screaming was silent. . . 
And gone one morning did the red from my people slip away,
slip away till all was vanished leaving all this shell behind. . . 
one barely breathed two legged apple. 

So it was in hell,
I found my shattered soul,
splintered mind and ravaged heart 
and there in the bells tolling of sorrows raked across all there I did see, found I,
of all things,
in hell, 
that abyssal helix of despair dredged was . . . 
this one sighted a glimmering whisper of hope . . . 

It was in hell I learned to breathe, 
it was in hell I learned to live,
it was in hell that I was remade into all that I am now, 
will be, 
ever aspire. . . 
and never once did I dream. . . 

In the city of desolation 

I became one 
all over once more as I was born to be 
many empty nights of winter past; 
from seven shattered corpses 
I found 
my way back into the whole of one . . .

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Divine Effervescence

I have been tempted, acting upon lust…
I have walked with patience while dancing in trust…
Inspiration from the goddess propels my divine thrust…
I have discovered a light that can cleanse like warm rain...   
It’s clear to me now; this life of love is the main...  
She speaks in my ear;
“ I shall fill you with joy, so you shall stay with this plane...
Within this sweet gift, much knowledge will be gained”...
Unlock this power; my mission to attain…
I am ascending; this human immortal unveiled…
Forthcoming Fearless centered courageous complete…
Walking through infinity as human divinity…
The diligent love beauty energy athlete…
I arrive within your inner sanctum; naked, vulnerable, still, at ease…
Your breathe wind brings me enchantment; pleasure your collective natural essence…
This being swooned with understanding our elemental connection…
Your authenticity lying beyond propensity…
Creating perfection just as the sun creates sun rays….

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YOU Have Wrapped Me In Wonders

(2 Cor. 1: 3, 4 / 1 Pet. 5: 7 / Ps. 8: 4)

YOU Have Wrapped Me In Wonders!
Like YOU Wrapped Clouds Around Thunders
& Its Like A Lilting, Life-Lullaby In Whispers
or Like A Light Feeling of Gently Floating On Rivers

And It Feels Like A Comforter - Plush & Soft
Caressing Around Me As YOU Hold Me Aloft
And It Feels Like My Favorite Cuddly Blanket
Tucked 'Round Me Like Guests At A Table's Banquet

And It Feels Like Piled-Cashmere - Padded Covers 
To Keep Out The Cold & Carelessness of Others
It Feels Like My Grandmama's Queen-Size Quilt
... Under Which Many Castles Were Built ...

And I Feel Wrapped & Wanted, Warm & Safe
In The Soothing Circle of YOUR Firm Embrace
And Its Like The Tenderest of Hugs
In The Everlasting Arms of YOUR Fatherly Love

... and YOU Have Wrapped Me In Wonders!
Like  YOU  Wrap The Clouds Around Thunders ...

         Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/28/2013 
                     by:  MoonBee Canady

Yes, This is actually how I felt during the arduous procedure before my
Lumpectomy Surgery & ... after my surgery ... O' Yes, GOD Is Good!


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Ghost Rider

When the moon is new and casting little light
as the wind whispers through the leafy trees
and millions of tiny pin prick stars light the sky
this is the time you will hear hooves on the breeze

The ghost rider follows the trails ever searching
no fearsome ghost this, just a poor sad lost soul
ever hunting for his lady who's life was cut short
snatched from him in fullness of life by illness

He haunts the places they used to walk together
no peace or rest for him when the moon is new
his steed once fiery now plods tired of the journey
tied together to this mortal coil of loss and regret

Yet each spring solstice together they are seen
their horses galloping towards one another
and once more they ride and stroll the paths
lovers now again reunited in joyful passion

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A Child's Training

(Prov. 22: 6 /  Heb. 5: 14  /  Deut. 6: 6-9  /  2 Tim. 3: 13-15, 16  /  Matt. 19: 13, 14)

(Part One of Two)

If A Child Wants To Eat Candy
All Day Long …
When You Tell Them ‘No!’ - -
Is It Wrong?

If A Child Wants To Stay Up On School Nights
And Not Go To Bed …
Will You Leave The Matter At That
And Do What They Said?

If A Child Wants To Run The Streets
At All Hours of  The Night …
Would You Allow It
And Say ‘It’s Alright’?

If A Child Fell Into Hanging Out
With The Wrong Crowd …
Would You Do Nothing
Thereby Showing It’s Allowed?

If A Child Gets Some Silly Notion
And Is Being Misled …
Will You Not Try To Talk
Some Sense Into Their Head?

And When Your Child Makes A Mistake
(‘Cause All Of Us Make Life’s Errors)
Are You Going To Be Loving & Forgiving
Or Come Off Like Some Holy-Terror?

If You See That Your Child’s Life
Is In Imminent Danger …
Would You Leave His Soul’s Wellbeing
To Some Ulterior-Motive Stranger?

All Children Need Education
That’s Why We Send Them To School
But Isn’t Home Training
The Best Place For Understanding Life’s Rules?

Before Your Child Gets Polio or Smallpox
Or Some Other Life Threatening Situation
Would You Not Seek Out Preventative
Medicine or Cures Thru Vaccinations?

If A Child Just Wants To Play
And Not Do Chores or Homework …
Would You Not Try To Find Out
Why A Lazy Streak Is Starting To Lurk?

If Your Child Is Depressed
Unmanageable or Confused …
Would You Not Put Extreme Effort
Into Finding Just What You Could Do?

If A Child Needs To Be Shown Love
and We Withhold Our Kisses & Hugs
Are We Guilty When They Grow Up
Into ‘Crypts & Bloods’?

If Your Child Doesn’t Want To Talk
and Retreat In Hiding From The World
Wouldn’t You Do Everything In Your Power
To Help Your Precious Boy or Baby-Girl?

If Your Child Has Low Self Esteem
Or Shows A Lack of Character …
Wouldn’t You Want To Be
Their Value & Virtue  Narrator?

If Your Child Just Really Needs
Someone To Listen & To Talk To …
Would You Not Prefer
that That Someone Be You?

I Once Knew A Police Officer
Who Had Said of His Beat …
A Child Can Get Discipline At Home
Or They’ll Get Their Beatings In The Streets

And The Same Can Be Said
Of A Young Child’s Impressionable Mind
It Needs To Be Nurtured At Home
Or It Will Eat Every Junk & Stuff They Find

(Part One of Two)

                      Written & © :  7/16/2013

                       By:  The MoonBee

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What gives beating hearts strength

Would a lesser spine break under the weight
 of tribulation that persists past the arc
of perceptual balance? 
Atlas shrugged,
 and Achilles knelt in fear
that he would never get up again.
What gives a soul the strength
it needs to labor through an
ache with no cusp?
Can any being with the necessary conviction
become victorious?
Or are some destined to break
under the boot of life's ugliness?
Tired men ask themselves
these questions every day,
taking comfort in the fact that
no one can hear them.
They would be seen as cowards
in the face of their peers
    ...Even though they all look in the same mirror,
hoping for a reflection
with some sort of consistency. 
Some sense that they are
accomplishing what they were put here for.
We're all being put to the "Test",
and yet no one truly knows what that means.
Maybe it's the mirror.. 
         Maybe it's what we accept after each day,           
                                                                   when we're tired and broken.                       
                    If we have the courage to hold our heads up                                           
                                                                                    and look ourselves in they eyes and know                    in our hearts that we're truly present inside ourselves.
                    I think.                       
                                 That's what gives beating hearts strength.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Ode To My Soul Friend

My gentle soul,
my shepherd in my solitary days.
Speaks to me each day.
Concerning my deeds committed.
I hold you culpable for all affliction. 
But I give you your due:

You are:

R - Rationale for my craving.
E  - Encyclopedia of my mind.
A  - Author of my life. 
S  - Specter that shows the way.  
O - Ode to my experiences.    
N  - Never-ending story.

F - Force that strengthens me.
O - Opulence of my character. 
R - Rudder of my ship.

L - Love that I never found.
I  - Infatuation of my heart. 
V - Vision that haunts me.
I -  Introvert within me.
N - Never-ending story.
G - Guest of my faculty.

You commit treason against human kind.
You are not visible to the naked eye.
You delve deep within myself. 
You are the custodian of my life.

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Psychic Eye

Spirit ascending beyond physicality
Stepping through the shadow of light
Bringing to the surface what fades with age

Step through the shadow
Open the third eye
Stare into the future
Stare at the mirror as you die

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One Last Breath

When you truly know that life is worth living
When you truly feel that love is for giving
To die is a beautiful thing.

When you truly feel that hate is forbidden
When you truly know that death is worth heeding
To try is a beautiful thing.

Fate then becomes no more than a brief sweet moment,
Hanging upon anyone’s stiffened husky throat,
Waiting for our merciful God’s healing,
To release it in: 

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Is My Wish

It is my wish cheerful wish
To sail through rivers of hope,
Beyond mountains with beguiling smile
Deep in the oceans of passions
To sense clearly what beauty is all about;
I will sail further than my limitations,
To see beauty in the frontline
And inhale that friendly fresh air
Purified with flowers of happiness;
So with passion continuing in my dreams,
I shall climb those mountains
Learn to use my wings like an eagle,
To reach top of the uppermost,
A place where no one ever will;
May be when I'm up there,
My prayer will be heard,
I will smile and look down with charity
Raise my arms and appreciate
While singing the glorifying song

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The World is Not Yet Ready for You

Compassion and magnificence glows
in you. You have the divine ability
to see through our souls,
and feel our joy, pain, happiness
and sorrow. You have the divine calling

to show everyone Truth as it really is,
but unfortunately war, corruption, drug peddling
and weapon dealings have given us the wealth
and power that makes our lives pleasurable. This 
means that it will be hard for you to adapt to our 
worldly lifestyle, forcing us to chase you away or slay
you. Well, some of us always pray and meditate,
seeking your Spirit on mountains, jungles, and in 

silence. After being filled by your spirit deep in their 
souls, they return with the Truth to the rest of us, only 
to be scorned, ridiculed and excommunicated. I know I 
am talking like a coward, but as a friend, I would urge
you to return to where stars never die. If you reveal
yourself as the bodily vassal of Truth, the worldly
masters might do worse things to you, than they do to 

the seekers of your Truth. I know that with your divine 
powers, you can see a world that is still bleeding with 
innocent blood, men falling to their own pits and traps,
and hurting souls that are continually tightly clinging to
their suffering, not letting anyone to let go of their 
own suffering. Sad but true it is; the world is not yet 
ready for you…

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The Hedge

Lord, you’ve put a hedge around me
I know
I’ve always felt it there….
Protecting me
I stand behind it
Looking over
The grass beyond is verdant
The other side a paradise to the sight
There is fruit there…luscious…fresh
Waiting to be tasted
Waiting to wet my lips with succulence

I peer through the hedge
Looking for an opening
A way of escape
I long to break free
To be alive
But you have woven the branches tightly
I stand up
In pain
In need
I look over the hedge
I feel enclosed
Yet I know
You have built it around me
To protect me
You know my wayward heart
You have done so
Because you love me
Because….you know
Out there…the grass is the same
It only LOOKS greener
Out there the fruit LOOKS fresh
Yet….it will rot…like all fruit rots
And I will remain…hungry

Yet, Lord, my rebellious heart
Is planning
To wield an ax
And cut through
And run free

Please, Lord….
Make the hedge higher
Make the hedge stronger
Make my heart faithful
To You

The hedge of your love
My security
My salvation
From the pain
Of yet another broken heart
Make my heart content
To stay on this side
The safe side
The right side
Of the hedge of Your love

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Psalm 39: 4 - 10
For there is not a word on my tongue,
But behold, O LORD, You know it altogether.
5 You have hedged me behind and before,
And laid Your hand upon me.
6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
It is high, I cannot attain it.
Where can I go from Your Spirit?
Or where can I flee from Your presence?
8 If I ascend into heaven, You are there;
If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.
9 If I take the wings of the morning,
And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea,
10 Even there Your hand shall lead me,
And Your right hand shall hold me.

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Of the Quandaries and Mystics in Divine Shamanism

The Shamans gather to discuss the oblivious reason
Dispel cruelty as fate opens for our unorthodox legion
Conformity’s blue armies will try to trap you and me in
Destroy notions preconceived, let the celebration begin

The mind is confused on what info it should reject
It is lost when it sees truth it cannot possibly accept
Parallel to common belief, pompous power is not Respect
I have invisible plans the materialists cannot ever detect
A different death, of new hope
Soaring as Shamans cut the rope
…but some won’t

It is normal to be abnormal
Self discovery is not formal
…but love is not either

Lamenting and hoping soliloquy
This is the way it was supposed to be
…but it is

Patience in expediting time
Supposed to waste away for a dime
…but I won’t

Smooth, silky opaque clouds
I have seen though the shadowed shrouds
…but I will still depart with the Shamans
The Spirit Realm

Lost in inevitable time
Drifting through superfluous mind
Coasting on sporadic rhymes
Losing grip on human kind
Searching in jungles of lies
Venom vines cannot unwind
Oxygen floats in pink skies
Wiggling under ties that bind

Worldly thought in powerfully small significant action
In the end, there are no nations and there is no faction
There is only the physical, mental, and spiritual reaction
Contently acquiesce to predetermination’s satisfaction

The pelicans told me how to dance on water
Mother’s dying nature from a materialistic daughter
Patriarchs are nonexistent in the time of our Father
Unwritten governing connections from unknown author

They eternalized eternity in what they wrote
The variables of grounded state and Shamans who float
The differences between independent thought and rote

Hidden is Peace in this experimental Earth piece
Except in the internally spiritual enlightened keys

Existence in the persistence of beginnings and endings
Continuous coincidence shows we are not alone fending
Disruptive objectives exemplify perceived reality is bending
Only you choose spiritual contentment in moments you’re spending

I quest to become a Great Shaman of Spirituality
Gather my children and listen to the winds of actuality

Optimistic spirits show how to make a boorish world sublime
The gradual success journeys through our mystics in beautific time
Obliterate the materialistic, conformist cause of hesitant follow through
Us and the Shamans will do everything; it is of yet if this includes you

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EYE Don't See -Part 4-

My heart is beating with upbeat delight 
You astound me…in every shape and form 
My spirit is dancing with unbreakable might
You surprise me…when you take my hand
And pull me outtah my jail-like dorm

And He dismisses me from my solitude…
My eyes are glistening with bliss… 
And I’m far from my demise… 
Only to find that there’s no need to feel helpless

Why do you spoil me rotten with your fatherly affection?

Just protect me from any harm 
Let me make my own decisions…
To see the results in the long run 

You prize me as if I’m cherished like your carefree child
You don’t understand – I’m TOO foolish and wild
I haven’t even reached to full maturity 
But how eye hope to see myself grow and be set free
From the world’s mayhem
Is there a solution to this problem?

And I’m left with no answer…
My eyes are eager to see…another bright day 
And the night is coming to haunt me… 
I find myself slowly disappearing from sight…
When will God give me a purpose to fight? 
When will He feed me His awesome might? 

Just support me…especially during my downfalls
Please answer my calls!

And I’m left to venture off into His path…

Eye can’t escape my terrible nightmares 
Consider my calls of acceptance…my grief weighs a ton
Let me pour forth my tears – 
Do me a favor and cast away my fears
Steer me away from disorder and confusion

Eye can see you’re making great progress
You’re heading towards a brighter, superb future…

My eyes 
No longer witness oblivion 
My eyes
Looks beyond the earthly pain…
bEyOnD the affliction 

I spot a rope in the distance. . . . . 

Push aside the waves…and let me
Grab it this instant!
God feeds me His love…and treats me
Like a newborn infant!

Eye see my Father with brand-new eyes  
I feel rare content
And I feel hardly any resentment


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The blood you were given

Never throw punches at the rain,
don’t doubt the pain of the sane,
nor the deranged.
Never toss change into a fountain,
and hope for a wish that you haven’t 
earned just because you have a 
nickel to spare.
Never dream without company,
lies are most easily revealed with
another set of eyes.
Never rise out of bed,
without thinking of the consequences
of getting out of your own head.
Don’t fret about the chaos,
let it flow past your bones
and sizzle at your feet.
You are alive,
now prove it to the world
before you become a memory.
Make sure that you raged,
that you were boundless.
Become not just a memory;
become a living legacy.
This is your story.
Write it in the blood 
you were given.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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I wish life had its own sharp erasers, Like pencils have erasers, lead and point And have erasers ready and handy We can right our wrongs without traces. Removing anything with firm yet soft strokes Leaving no trace of the previous mistakes Making it seem there was no imperfection. Except, of course those pink remnants. Erasers don’t pretend to justify errors, What they do is only try to justify. Don’t forget we have the greatest eraser That leaves no those pink remnants. That is prayer to the Lord for atonement We can right our wrongs without traces.
+++++ Motif : Religious/Philosophical Date :2-5-14 Dr. Ram Mehta FOURTH PLACE WIN Contest: Impress Me III by Giorgio V.

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These Tears

These tears that you see
Running down my cheeks
Bathing my face...
They don’t disappear
Without a trace
He keeps every one
In divine bottles of love
In a celestial room
Flask upon flask of my pain
He keeps track of
And one day He’ll break them open with me
When I’ve been set free
And those salty tears of mine
Will water the garden
Of my heavenly mansion
That He’s prepared for me.
My tears of sorrow
That you made me cry
Many a day and many a night
He will turn into tears of joy
Unchecked and unbottled

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Psalm 56:8 New Living Translation (NLT)
8 You keep track of all my sorrows
    You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
    You have recorded each one in your book.

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My Enraptured Paradox

Disappearing-into my arms;Capturing-emptiness;Savoring-an almost tasteless memory;A beautiful deafened silence;Poetry in motion;A divine symphony-dissolving.I reminisce of a once upon a time of an ageless present time.She's a relic still resonating and a diverted fate,a glimpse of Eden.I recall-a cosmic phenomenon:I'm suspended in a time that has lost itself.She's the jewel of my heart and more valuable than an Atlantis treasure.I thought to myself,I descend within hypnosis eye's,it's like walking thru' the Milky Way,a constellation of beauty to a somber coast. 
My Firefly in the night,you inhabit me.Thy ghostly soul lingers like wind thru' my dreams.I'm dying to live,to die on thy lips where mystery surrounds,hoping to fall,and crash into thine heart,til I lay-wounded-Neah!-slayed by your love.Alas',this love turns to stone and collapses to dust as our worlds drift apart. 
Don't go,come away.Love can defy the realm of reality:it can reach across great gulfs,even if it has to tread the depths of Hell.Apart from your gravity I am but a dull statue drifting contemptibly across a great void within a dilusioned existence:an inanimate annoyance. 
For here within dungeoness walls, 
I attempt to escape by dream or fantasy, 
Only to find I seek to closer draw, 
Away from these chains into your captivity. 
Reverse,return,breathe into me, 
Maybe I'm walking dead,or perhaps I'm the ghost:
Just a tourist traveling thru' your dreams;
Alas,burdened apart from you the best of me is unknown. 
Maybe love is a mirage befitting for the breeze, 
More a cliche' of a self-deceptive fantasy, 
For death and darkness are an inescapable formality, 
That pick hearts bone dry of hopeful possibility. 
O',what paradise have I met, 
This bestowed upon me?  
Is it not a divine embrace or blissful death?  
For within these supernal borders it conquered this beast.  
Is love only befitting for me to look upon, 
Yet never too hold? 
Is ignorance or lack of faith my wrong? 
Or am I chasing fools gold?

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Summer Memories

Summer is fleeting
Vacation is ending
Festivals are passing
Season is changing.

Warmth begins to wind down
As Autumn slowly creeps 
Leaves slowly change colors
Lavishing in gold
As they part from branches.

Though summer is going
Something is staying
That will hold to heart
For years to come.

Placing feet in the water
Feeling the coolness sweep
Across our ankles so high
As we stare off at the sky.

The rainy days
Thundrous nights
Hail struck down
Golf balls from the sky.

Ferris wheel that I rode
As the fog swept through
Adding a mysterious atmosphere
As it shrouded the shoreline.

The fun we had at the meetup
Dressing up at Veteran's Park
Acting crazy and silly
Just being ourselves.

Birthdays celebrated
Friendships honored
Bonds strengthened
Trials beated

Though summer is ending
As the seasons are changing
Yet the memories created
Will never be shaded.

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That's The Amazing Thing About Love

That's the amazing thing about love:
Love doesn't matter who it melts together,
'Cause He will never give you up.

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That's Where The Lord Lives

I walk outside to see all that I can see.
Over there is our house, our home,
In the distance, you can see.
And that place of hallowed happiness
Forever has been our home
And forever will be so evermore.
That house is small but raised us tall,
From the perfect parents who loved us so
To the perfect sister for which every man would want.
The house built us all up strong.
More than a mere building,
It is a place to love and be loved,
A place that hands you hope that you give right back, 
And a place of everlasting faith.
This home is where my parents taught me about God
And opened me up to Jesus.
They opened the eyes of the blind for all to see,
And the blind included me.
They taught me to be the best I can be;
The best things in life are free.
They have taught us so well,
And they all have saved my soul.
Even if I am not there now,
I carry Him with me.
I carry them with me.
I carry Their values and Their teachings with me.
In this house, this home,
We reside.
We cannot forget this.
This is where my Mother lives.
This is where my Father lives.
This is where my Sister lives.
This is where We live,
In this loving, caring, beautiful home
They made just for us.
We cannot forget this either.
This is where it all began. 
This is where the hunger and thirst was created;
This is where we are fulfilled.
We cannot, we must not forget this:
This is where God lives.
This is where Jesus lives.
This is where The Lord lives;
The Father and The Almighty.
This is where We live;
This is where We reside.
We must not forget this.
We must not forget this:
What a beautiful and perfect life this is.

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Go Figure those Weeblitz Cry the Walliforth

“Go Figure…Those Weeblitz”… cry the Walliforth!
By Ingrid Showalter Swift

Of Walliforth...the Dreggors Gorth!
with calls of frobulation
The Spraliwongs do bleet and frong 
In roudious trapulation
the Wonder Bigiums flaunt their sternest defra-get-ulation!!!

but  still moril !
in magical mill…… in marvelous migration…
the Weeblitz sing 
a lilty wing
…………………of stupendous  

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Flowers In Our Hearts

If flowers could talk like honourable Kings and Queens
Then the world could be palatable to all
Flourish with perfection in our midst
For they will preach message of love and sanctity
Tell us about beauty and sweetness,
And sing for us blissful songs
May be, we could all admire life
Give it a noble status
Than power the catalyst of impudence
May be, we should all have flower gardens in our hearts
To cultivate nobler seeds beyond time
Suppose, all sitting under the shadow of Almond tree,
Thinking of nothing but holiness
And Chanting for joyous world
Imagine, if we were all swords of peace,
Love, beauty and happiness

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Garden of Enlightenment

it itches
it burns
it makes me yearn
for things i seem so unsure of
yet sure they are for me
how confusing and revolting that must be?
a lady who just cant make up her mind
on what she wants to be!

Perhaps a dancer, a singer, a animal lover and trainer or even engineer
idk, the path just doesn't seem very clear.
And with all that inspiration floating in the air
its pretty hard to put a finger
on what exactly is my passion
but i know it's around here somewhere

I suppose i could be an artist
an artist of spiritual awakening
an artist of the soul in the making
an artist who holds creativity and inspiration in much regard
an artist who is grateful that she might have just found the spark!

spark of passion
spark of joy and fulfillment
spark that embeds in daily environment
pleasant surprise
presents itself as the garden of enlightenment

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I was in a panic my heart beating rapidly

At the thought of losing it all.

I looked around and what I found

Were angels starting to fall.


Warriors from up above

Sent to help the willing,                             

But what they had wasn’t enough;

to stop humanity from killing.


For they were corrupt and unjust

In what they have learned

They didn’t realize that all of their sinning;

Was going to get them burned.


 Here are all of the angels;

 Working hard to save

These people who just laugh at death

And the gift in which he gave.


There was an angel so beautiful,

One I couldn’t see- for there was

A bright white light

Surrounding him and me.


He kissed my temple and he whispered

Everything was going to be okay.

I felt the warmth of the message

That he tried to relay.


A peace washed over me as I realized;

 I had spoken to God,

I watched the dirty looks and heard the snickers

Of those who found it odd.


For in this age it is impossible,

To speak to the creator,

It must have been a demon in disguise

A great impersonator.


They were wrong

 I have never had such a great feeling,

Energy passed through me

 And healed the pain I’d been concealing.


I will always remember

The day that I had needed

A miracle from up above

My prayers had been heeded.

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Sky encompassing protective dome Light shifting shades of daily change Dark starbursts disembark with moon God in grandeur reigns above veil We remain fallen on bent knee Praise kissing heaven in humble poem © Kim van Breda—1 February 2014

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Before reaching the crossroads
Where division rises above sea-level
Compelling you to look sideways-
-Up, down, back and forth
While trying to knock on stream of doors
Looking for answers without questions;
So, turning into a seeker
Attempting to enter new phase
By only making the right choices;
Hence, beginning before the crossroads
Where spheres cross one another
Change becoming inevitable
Colours mixing without mixer,
And fire burning without choice
Awakening one's consciousness-
-Suppressed by pride and ignorance-
Sinking everything before the eyes
A world falling apart,
Sending clear signal
For everyone to rise and do it
Before reaching the crossroads

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Moment to Reflect

Today I’m a lonely man living in a cold, cold world filled with indifferences and malice. As time marches on a harsh reality come to my mind, time is on no one’s sided, it is only given once and all must die and tomorrow is not guaranteed. This seems so mean because having no one to really love or so it seemed, I was just a lone no one was on my team.
I started to think and reminisce about the think in life that I missed. Tears appeared in my eyes and my heart skips a beat so I lay down and felled into a deep, deep sleep. Suddenly and to my surprise I was on a beach with soft sand underneath feet. The sky was so blue and the air smelled oh so sweet; it dawned on me that this was a place few have ever seen.
I walk down to the water and what did I see; the sea was strange so let me explain; it was made of crystal with a glow all of its own and the waves gave off a musical tone. As my mind adjusted to sounds and the sight I spied out another wonderful delight. There across the sea, a city brighter than the northern lights, oh what a beautiful sight.
I fell down to my knees overwhelmed by the glory that was before me. I thought that I had died and stepped to the other side. I knew what I was seeing before just could not be true, such beauty, it could not exist, not in my world, never like this. A melody that I have never heard before arose from the City across that crystal sea. It had to be played by Angels, the music was so, so sweet; that I felt a joy from my head to my feet and knew deep in my heart that was where I belong,
Just when I decided to dive in and swim to the other side, I heard a soft voice call out my name. I turned around to see who it was that called out my name. There He was this gentle looking Man with sadness in His eyes. He spoke to me and this is what He said; my son, my son you cannot dive in and swim to the other side. So I ask Him why I can’t swim to the other side, that’s easy for me, am going to try.  No, no, no it not for you it not your time was His only reply. I did not understand His reason but I felt His command and suddenly my feet was stuck in the sand, I cried out with hurt and pain in my voice; what lies on the other side, who are you and why can I not go on the other side?
This is the story that He told:
The city that you see beyond the crystal sea it belongs to me and it has streets that are paved in gold. Many mansions lining the roads and in each one there are treasure that are a wonder to behold. There is no hunger, sickness or death, life everlasting and there you can find rest, for all eternity you will be My guest.  Now I will answer your second question, my son, my son; I Am, who I Am! I came to earth a long time ago prepare The Way for all my children to come home. This is some that you should know, for it was written for all a long time ago and I am always with you in your times of needs you are never ever all alone. Last but not the least you ask me why; my son, my son it not your time. 
Seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open, and until you love Me, it will never be. Now go back and remember what you seen and what you have heard, because time grows short. Spread My words that My kingdom draws near, repent, repent and stop causing Me tears.
I suddenly opened my eyes and I was home in my bed and I start to cry. Never have I felt such joy and peace deep within. I went down on my knees and I ask the Lord Jesus to please come in and would you please forgive me of all of my sins, please live inside of me until the end. I sow the seeds and when the harvest comes you will know where it can from. Keep this in mind cause when it is time He will separate wheat from the weeds and set all of His children free.
(Warning, Warning)
The time is now, and do it before it to late! 
Time is on no one side.
Everyone want to go to heaven but no one want to die.
You do not have to worry if you have Jesus inside.
He there for the asking want you try
Do you want Him? He want you, it about free will and you must choose.
The Gift is free, Heaven are hell which will it be?
I hope that I have sowed a seed and it will grow, but it will only grow if you truly believe and have faith deep within your heart and soul.
Time waits for no one!
Faith is something sight unseen will you not set your spirit free? Is it so hard for you to believe that Jesus is the answer and all you need? The door is open want you please come in? Don’t you think it time to find that Kingdom that is way up high filled with riches up in the sky?

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The God Particle

 I asked the desert 
 to carry me from this place
 of the Qubbanet El-Qirud’ infertile soil 
 suddenly, that whisper of wind
 took my hand, and walked
 along and alone with me
 I, heard a voice, in tones of angels
 “we see your beautiful life within”
 one that we do not understand
 yet, I do not remember this life
 as having beauty
 I see a life that I have
 wasted thoroughly; jealously
 and unrighteousness ruled
 my empty daze, before
 this; please do something
 do look closely into me
 I asked this of both the angels
 and my desert friend
 the desert smiled…
 as all of Heaven’ Angels
 swooned and said, “your life,
 from infinity you have come”
 an infinite and [i'n(y)o?om?r?b?l]
 probability, willingly mixing
 yourself in all particles of life; you are of
 infinite scintillae; that blend
 into; the “special purpose”; that you
 is urbane, decipherable, and vestal
 becoming a fertile soil, to accept
 those ill wills and innumerable sins
 of humanity, all whom have broken the trust
 of that which was given…
 impurity therefore, is humankind’ “Portae Lucis” 
 for in the realization of;
 you gain your last chance
 for a one time, "Contact with Eternity"
 you are but dirty and
 impure and infertile; I, have cried
 upon my friend; this barren desert
 begging to become, a participle
 of a fertile land; enabled to produce
 squalls and outcomes, and sublimed sulfur
 I will enjoy, these powerful urges, these
 lovingly nudged immoralities within me
 and when, I finish with the each of you
 I shall enjoy a long and lovely “Desert Sorcery”
 verdancy, will be the [?ks'pe? tri?e?t] of thee
 across this entire Earth; out of me
 the sons and daughters of inequity will be judged
 and their eternal ends will be welcomed
 each of those who is as Adam, and Eve; will be left
 out of a home, upon this Eden’ mothered globe
 you, who have made burgoo of your lives
 know this to be your truth
 those who have suffered the dirt and impurity
 of the oppressors will be made free, instantaneously!
 Oh my lord! Once again, remake me as thee!
 and reproduce me, as the very last; God Particle!

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Lives to Live

We have dreams to fulfill.
We have goals to achieve.
We have hearts to inspire.
We have love to give.
We have faith to teach.
We have hope to send.
We have strength to create.
We have bravery to find.
We have positivity to shine.
We have courage to build.
We have stories to tell.
We have hands to hold.
We have lives to live.
All in Your Heavenly name,
We pray,

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“Be still. Be still.
Listen for what is real.”

Alleviate congestion
of tomorrows 
what will be
for what is held
in future tense
you’re not allowed 
to see

“Be still. Be still.
Listen for what is real.”

Release the loads
of yesterday
for they are passed away
Here and now
in this today
allow what’s real 
to stay

“Be still. Be still.
Listen for what is real.”

© Debra Squyres

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Primordial Waves

From within the flux its breath sweeps the shoreline,
Sometimes spewing forth flotsam and jetsam
Lolling us to sleep with its soothing savoury sighs.
Its siren calls hypnotising the unwary and confidant.
Drawing us to depths of hidden fury and peace. 
Scouring the lands with an insatiable appetite,
Forever hungry, it’s stomach a pitiless pit of plenty.
Its minions devouring the fallen. Lost in opaque screams.

The rolling wave ripples through to the very soul, 
Its innocuous plate sparkles in white foamy trepidation.
Beckoning us, taunting us, through its congenital self. 
Primordial waves bath our lives as we search the shore.
For peace, love and isolation, now flung and strewn.
Where hope of salvage dwell in our beachcombing souls.  
We wish to return from where once we came, we lost embryos.
Our mislaid mother calls, still we newcomers neglect her voice. 

5th Aug Burca

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I Search Myself within Skeletons


I search myself within skeletons closeted sunshine
Sick from love laughing leers sick from tired lessons lesions clichés
Sick from smug smart snooty soldiers in a war without enemies
Slaying hope light flashed in the whisper of a child’s heart
I beg for the dream again when magic was sown in my soul


Now only the outside answers nature wind
My mind suffocates secrets suffered slow
Pitching prayers in the dark room empty
Lights stretch snips of longing on the split wall
In corners perfumes perform mirrored operas


The monster changes the law and sows lands
In dust time will be a new hand reaching back
Deserts will bloom gospels pouring beatitudes
Walking religiously toward the thrilling purple sun
Night is a bath of stars boiling life and lust spinning

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Hosanna Amen

Hosanna Amen

I'm all alone and I seek your touch
You reach for me and I feel it such
Seaching for the light in the distance
My heart beats so with love with peace
Your presence so strong my lonliness cease
My soul rejoices to the heavens
Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna, Amen

In the distance is a flicker of light
Waiting for you to make it bright
I know I couldn't live without you
The flame is growing more and more
Oh lord, it is you I adore
My soul rejoices to the heavens
Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna, Amen

The valleys, the mountains that I climbed
Seemed like forever in my lifetime
I know I couldn't have done it without you
You carried me day by day
You did not let me drift away
My soul rejoices to the heavens
Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna, Amen

The past is gone my future is bright
My crown I receive as we unite
I know I couldn't have done it without you
Everyday we pray and pray
For others to stay on the right pathway
Prayers in the lords name hallelujah
Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna, Amen

Written by:  Debra M. Falgout
January 31, 2013

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Gentle Breeze

Gentle Breeze
Things blowing all around me but I am standing still. Problems like a hurricane, the world thinks I should yield. But, there’s a gentle breeze blowing calling me in where I will find the strength to begin again.
There’s a gentle breeze around me that’s steady and true. It gives me comfort and strength I never knew.
As the stillness comes, I settle down, knowing that everything’s ok. Looking past the horizon the heavy winds blow but deep inside is my comfort zone, I am safe when I’m at home.

The gentle winds are blowing safe within my soul.
I feel like I could slip away to another place. A place where only the gentle breeze can blow on my face. Blow on me gentle breeze calm my soul within. Blow on me gentle breeze bring me peace again.
Blow gentle breeze, gentle breeze blow.

The world is sometimes harsh and scary, I wish I could run and hide. But everywhere I look there’s no end in sight. I finally found that place in me that helps me deal with things. I feel the breeze coming on, I see it in the trees.
Blow on gentle breeze, blow within my soul. Help me find that resting place that heals my 
wounded soul.
Blow gentle breeze, gentle breeze blow

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When I was young, 
love was breath
and heartbeat--
and fear of Mama,
offset by the comfort
of my lovely Nana.
And my father-- 
where was he?

Then I entered manhood-
fierce and stark, knowing
women before I knew them.
My lust for their bodies
kept my love at bay--
like a cowed dog it
whimpered, only
longing to be petted.

I was not kind but not
cruel, eagerly entering 
their bodies while ignoring,
nay, fearing their
loving souls.

Then one spring day
the hollow man I had 
become cracked open,
and my unknown,
unseen soul spilled
out into that river:
its dark fierce waters
of despair driving it
towards that ocean
of utter blackness.

Something saved me,
returned first my body,
then my mind to the
world, to this world.
The One I had forgotten,
ignored, showed mercy,
showed me my real being,
a soul without beginning,
without ending--truly
made in His image.  

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This Soul

Physical things
They come and go
This soul of mine
It is worth more than silver or gold
So I'll take my time to grow
And do what I can
Until it 's time to go.
And hopefully,
Someway, somehow
I will make this world a better place to know
Through love,  faith, and dreaming out loud.

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A Letter To Robert Frost

               A letter To Robert Frost
Dear Mr. Frost or Bob, as the occasion might be lent
We are happy to report a world still turning wild
There are still two roads divergent in the woods
Prevailing, waiting for others to decide 
You took the one less traveled
To make a difference as you could
We continue to abide convergent roads
Comply with natures inclinations as our maze
Pulled in some direction not always ours
As for that world that did not die
It did not perish in fire or by ice
As you postulated quite nicely 
Both would have equally sufficed
We are in a different place and time
Protecting ages and ages hence in your defense
We will never meet again in fire or in ice my friend

                                                                 6/06/14 Contest:  Letters To Poets	

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He is like sugar in a cake;
spices in gravy; DNA in our bodies;
He is inside air, and outside air;
He never comes nor leaves;
He is not in the heavens, nor deep in the abyss;
He is the past, present, future and eternity;
He is All…..

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Conceptual Grains

I sometimes wander
into the wilderness of doubt
…off the beaten path
of conformity
My spirit walking barefoot
through contradictions
gathering the dust
of beliefs to trust

What’s seen at first
as a barren land
is filled with discarded ideas
Philosophies and concepts
of different mindsets
are as many
as the grains of sand

Sifting and sieving
these conceptual grains
is a task that’s not in vain
Spending some time
in solitude
allows the spirit
to commune
with the brain

©Debra Squyres 2013  

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Captain Africa

I am an African warrior,
born from the womb of the giant
flower, deep in the forest.

Mother Nature has bestowed
me powers to protect Her creation,
and Her divine legacy. 

Forest fires turn to mist,
when I blow into them;
Poachers run away when I summon
red ants with my mind;
I sometimes shape-shift into a guide,
if you are lost in the forest.

When I’m hungry,
bees carry honey in giant leaves,
and bring it before my shrine.

I am immortal, even to the gods….   

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Demons On A Star

If I place the demons on a star,
And watch how faint their shimmers are,
The lines connecting, one through five,
Should make my dead friends come alive

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A Prayer For Healing

Do not let me be the demon I have created me to be.
I am the product of myself and my negativity.
I trust You.
I love You.
I thank You.
In Your name,
We pray,

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The Needle Pushes: An Ode to the Pink Floyd Song Comfortably Numb

the needle pushes in her face 
a kiss and the wall scratches 
higher naked searching cracks
for an exit you scream soldiers
planes flash back and forth flying
a room fills with angry anxious
voices shadows growing tall
corpses rise flowers swallow
space white crosses over graves
praying mantis mothers explode
down the endless fluorescent
hall your lifted into the 
long black limo ripping worms
from your face

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To get my best you need to endure a mans worse
I’ll chase my dreams make all of my plans work
I want 10 times what that house and lands worth
I’ll write until my hand hurts

I’ll never waste a chance
You’ll never see me run
They say bands make her dance
I’d rather her dance for me because I’m, the one

There are no rules in life
The only time I’d hate myself
Is if I let you fool me twice
I wish I could date myself

Had to throw a joke in there
But at least I’d show I care
Wouldn’t let fear break me, I broke the fear
Pain is going, hope is near

Success is coming, sufferings leaving
People give up for troubling reasons
They quit before they try
But I won’t stop till if fly

Why would you give in to pain?
I don’t want to continue living the same
I stopped trying to drop wisdom a long time ago
What’s intelligence if the wrong mind knows?

So until I’ve got a failing heart
I’m Marshall mathers in the trailer park
I’m Ronaldo with the ball at his feet
I’ll break down every wall that I meet

Maybe I should tell you how deranged my mind it
I’ll kidnap Mc Hammer make him use his CD to change the time with
Grab the clock away and say you can’t touch this
Then let him go first on the before and after of success

Success backwards is spelt “sseccus” that makes no sense
But to get to the day where it no matter matters what I say how far will I go?
There ain’t no length
But I hope my words will cause an earthquake and break that bench

I will be successful
No matter how long it takes me
I know it will be stressful
But see how strong it makes me

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My Heart Needs a Home

My heart needs a home,
I’ve tried fitting it on bookshelves among fantasy novels and romantic stories,
but for some reason,
JRR Tolkein wouldn’t let me in between him and Danielle Steele,

I’ve tried placing it by my stereo;
in front of the speaker;
next to my well-ranged arsenal of music which has taken me years to put together.
But after a while,
I noticed that Hard Rock would cause my heart to turn to stone,
Hip Hop would cause it to turn black at every curse,
Electronic music would cause it to break down into fine pieces of sand;
the deep melancholy sounds of the bass guitar
would manifest as wind from the sub woofer;
blowing it away.

I’ve tried dipping it into a mug of beer or soaking it in hard alcohol,
but time and time again; it would dissolve into the liquid
and I’d lose it.
The bartender would mistake it for a Bloody Mary,
mix it up,
and serve it to the next girl who wouldn’t gulp it all down at once,
but take little sips in between conversations
in order to savor it.
Sometimes I’d be tempted to believe that she’s well aware of what she’s drinking;
Every sip hurts my chest.

I would roll it around in white powder hoping to create some sort of protective mask,
but the chemical in the drug would eat away the surface;
leaving it disfigured and more fragile than ever.

I had tried planting it into the ground among the cannabis plants
to see if something would grow out of it,
But when I had returned to dig it up,
  I had found that the roots of the surrounding plants
had drained the life out of the core;
turning it into shell.
When I cracked it open, it was hollow.

I’ve tried placing it in the bosom of beautiful women,
which seemed like the right place at the time,
until each one used the pointy, polished finger nail
of her long, slender, finger
to pierce the center of it;
causing it to ooze blood.

I’ve tried placing it into the hands of those I trusted,
but the hands of the strong would squeeze too tightly,
the hands of the weak would keep dropping it,
the hands of the unreliable would leave it in dark places and forget about it,
the hands of the cruel would throw it as far as they could, like a baseball,
the hands of the hurtful would immediately hand it right back to me,
and the hands of the clean would never touch it at all.

Then I placed it into the hands of my Creator,
my Saviour;
the One who spent ages coming up with its design,
the One who calculated every measurement to the finest detail,
the One who made countless rough drafts in order to attain perfection,
the One who is waiting for His masterpiece to
willingly be placed back into His gentle, cupped hands.....

When I did,
it fit perfectly,
and glowed a bright red,
as if it were smiling.
It started singing quietly;
the most beautiful melody I’ve ever heard.
It has remained there ever since,
and will remain there forever.

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Our Love Is Enough

We don't need to go out and party,
We don't need to drink,
We don't need to socialize,
We don't need to go shopping,
We don't need to spend money,
We don't need to go to a movie,
We don't need to watch sporting events,
We don't need to go out to eat,
Because we found love,
And our love is enough.

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Take me home

Take me home,
Where the magic is,
To find my forgotten noble soul
Wandering in the turf,
Since my world begins to turn around;
Take me home,
Where love precedes love
To stimulate passion of my childhood-
My pleasant, innocent days,
With all the smiling faces around
Inviting heavens to respond with showers of rain
Making every day a celebration,
Living thankfully and joyfully,
While creating magic and compassion in our lives;
Take me home,
Where happiness has landed
For my heart yen for morning melodies
Beauty floating through the universe
Tapping lives blissfully,
And leave sweetness roving around;
So, take me home
That's where I belong
To reconnect with my roots
And renovate my old hut
Make it flowery, 
With memories of love, beauty and happiness

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The Cards of Life: Part One

This morning, I walked outside
To take some pictures of this glorious day.
The sun's beauty is so strong,
As is the life all around here below.
The sights were one of wonder;
The best of God's creation,
And I tried my best to take it all in,
Grabbing hold of love for us.
The temperature outside was chilly;
Had to have been in single digits.
It wasn't too long after
My fingers began to lose their movement,
Telling me it was time to go back to the heat inside.
I made a hot cup of coffee,
Stirred in the creamer,
And landed again right in my bed.
I covered myself in blankets-
Thick, thick blankets-
And the "warm-up" had begun.
And then my mind switched gears.
I began to think about those who don't have this luxury.
Millions don't have blankets.
Millions don't have heat.
Millions don't have warm drinks.
Millions have nowhere to turn.
There are people right now on the streets
Who might not make it another night.
There are people right now on the streets
Who just lost another body part to frostbite.
There are people right now on the streets
Who are on their last leg
And desperately in need.
They are crying out for help,
And we tell ourselves we don't hear anything.
You never know about their situations.
Maybe they didn't do anything wrong.
Maybe it's just the luck of the draw
As the cards of life weren't dealt their way.
These images and realities
Are visions we tend to forget
Or push out of our minds,
As if we never saw anything to begin with.
We tend to view them as "lesser society,"
But they are still human beings,
And who gave us the power to judge?
The authority lies only in God's hands.
He tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves,
Yet, why do we try to forget this?
And each and every single day,
Including today,
Millions are facing and dying of hunger,
Millions are facing and dying of starvation,
Millions are facing and dying of homelessness,
Millions are facing and dying of disease,
But these will never make the news
Because we shelter ourselves from the things we don't want to hear,
We protect ourselves from the things we don't want to see,
Or we just don't care anymore.
What happened to the love?
Is it still here?

(Continued on The Cards of Life: Part Two)

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Alone in a glade under the burning stars
Dew moist on the soles of my blistered feet
My belly distended, pressed to the ground
       sinking in, mutating within
The needles of pain consume my vision,
My breath reduced to a whimpering supplication

My skin cracks open, drying & withered & old
Peeling it away from the new
Still soft & wet & waking

This newness hardens my jaw,
pulls my tears to ash
This new body... so proud and firm and female
       mating with the decay of leaves & lifeblood of the soil

My horns of earthly blessings split the crown of my brow
Growing...slowly, agonizing, surreal

And so I shed the paltry skin of Eve
And rise from the womb of the Earth Mother
as a new Goddess
a new Flame
a new Stone
a new Way
a new Song
a new Day

       a new Earth

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Europe still yesterday 
tomorrow indian verse 
to spirits of freedom
where I seek Me 
where my soul vibrates 
where my destiny plunges 
in the star of heaven

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In the Coals

The sky danced a glimmer of setted sun blue
Softly through into the night
Like rafters keeping us safe on our path under heaven
Trees wove themselves over us
Breathing light from coals washed the five gathered faces
Flickered in their eyes and over their bodies
In the quiet I saw

In the south like the waves from beneath the sea
One spirit shone with a shimmering breath
And another in the west settled on the rafters there
With a sighing light barely seen and hardly felt
Amid the rafters of the north one other spirit swayed
There too an ethereal visitor echoed in the east
In the quiet I saw

Faces bright, strong and painted with a wash of . . . 
Contentment, save two, both fallen of crest
And still under the watchful eyes of Nokomis high in the skies
One rose to smile holding a light before him closely
But woe fell across the other for being there within already
As if unable to escape for eyes unseeing
In the quiet I saw

I watched a struggle between three spirit cousins
Over and all around they fought where he had fallen
So vicious this fight, it cast a shrouding over everything of him
For these two beasts snarled and slashed for dominance
While the third sat quietly as if waiting or perhaps just watching
With great patience for one to fall and it too was evil
In the quiet I saw

The sky shone softly in the ambient light of stars unglimpsed
For Nokomis with her watching eyes held us 
As only grandmothers do for having loved and loved her child’s children too
All through the night she held us as we sailed without a sound
Across and over the blue of setted sun somewhere next to here
With the warmth of coals burning nowhere save inside 
In the quiet I saw

In the quiet I saw five souls glimmering
In the quiet I saw a war cross one red road
In the quiet I saw the spirits of four ancestors
In the quiet I saw everything, nothing all that I needed
In the darkness of the madodoswun it is dark as pitch
And still, and yet . . .
Before the door whispered to open
I saw in the quiet still

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The Third Way

Pity the poor Communists
Who misjudged humanity’s dark side

Pity the poor capitalists
Who worshiped unbridled greed

Hooray for Buddhists
Who choose a third path
Mindfully controlling greed
Reducing the “I ness”
Embracing a higher consciousness

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The Re-Union

She searched for her brother everywhere;
in the woods, fields, and inside rivers. He was nowhere

to be found. He had vanished like a firewood spark
fading in the cold, evening wind. "He was carried to the skies

by Cloud Warriors!" some shamans said. Today, embracing her brother,
she is filled with overflowing joy! The shamans had it all wrong;

her brother had come back as a Divine Bear, to come and take her
to a new home; a place where timelessness and bliss are One.....

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You do not know me

I will not stand still,
You can try to break me down,
You can try to make me smaller,
And squash me into nothingness,
You can try
To make me insignificant 
This I say to you,
This I scream out so that it echoes around the universe,

You have no idea off my power 
Of the courage burning brightly in my heart,
You can never know the depth off my bravery,
As you try to tear me apart from the inside out,
You intimidate,
And threaten
And expect the panic and bile to rise inside me,
I scream out, I scream and shout, “YOU DO NOT KNOW ME”

Never expect me to cower before your false authority
You stand tall,
As if you are better than those who work,
Until their hearts are breaking and their hands bleeding
You speak as if we do not understand,
As if you’re many pieces of paper somehow justify – your loathsome behavior,
You have no idea of what I know, off my mind and how beautiful it is,
You have no idea off my suffering,
Of what I have overcome,
Of how I have stared adversity I the face 
Time and time again

You can smile in glee,
At your triumphs,
And how you have triumphed by stripping people off the bread in their hands,
By crushing their happiness, by destroying families,
O yes, you have been victorious
Let me tell you something my friend, 

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An Astronaut

I think I was an astronaut
Aimed for the stars.
They fill me up;
They refuel my tank.
They enable me to believe,
Telling me to never give up
As they follow me all of my days.
If only we could see the beauty
That they truly are.
They shout out dreams
That we can reach so far.
Climb into the rocket
And liftoff!
On a journey to discover ourselves,
We are taught so much more,
Learning our goals are only a plan away.
Even thought we must return,
I know that I will be back.
I am an astronaut,
And we always reach for the stars.

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The Pianist

Agility flows
through the fingers;
gently dancing upon
those black and whites,
like graceful ballerinas
performing the music
of her soul.

©Ana Espinola Collins

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Paragon Idiolect

Floating in universal am biotic energy
Anchored to the sun by magnetized rainbow light beams
Intertwined torsions fluttering in universal symphonic frequencies
Charting experience maps using emotional tendencies
Holding energetic space; knowing sources grace…
I feel my heart beating
I feel my heart beating                                                                                                                                                   I hear my inner master                                                                                                                                                              I am pensive powerful peace…
This awareness is my savior; I am the individual hologram creator, designing my life with energy 
The lovers dance is whole when the eyes see the inner mirror of one’s self appreciation                    Pulsing through my endocrine being calm heating crystalline feeling…
Empowering me with courage love humility
Opting to free myself forever from fears futility
Releasing fantasy pressure; squeezing forth my inner diamond into the outer
Surrendered to the unknown magic; being with mastery like the lotus flower…

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Avant-Garde Puissance

Someone new resides inside of me…
Someone confident, bold with humility replacing envy…
Someone who gives gratitude first, forever quenched from greed’s thirst…
Someone who has embraced their inner goddess…
Someone capable to mirror this amidst the outer realm bringing forth a mate of the soul…

To anoint the goddess with Jasmine oil is to anoint the soul of love... 
To anoint the goddess with honey suckle is to forever receive her love... 

Someone new resides within me…
Someone exuding power; sprinkles of compassion braided in ropes of empathic relations…
Someone aware and focused upon the piece of the creator within…
Someone understanding; Creator is the omnipresent thought before being received by mind.  
Someone cognizant; Creator is infinite intelligence, the life force that pulses through us.  
Someone knowing what we do within ourselves affects the entire universe…
Someone fully assimilating we are the hands of creation nestled in gloves of manifestation…

 To anoint the goddess with Jasmine oil, is to anoint the soul of love... 
To anoint the goddess with honey suckle is to forever receive her love... 

Someone new resides within me…
Someone with strength to love thy self….
Someone with wisdom; giving forth this original energy…
Someone at peace; mystical, magical,philosophical …

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I sit gazing at the big box
With less work to do and many things to think.
The man next to me is busy at work so full
And a lady, anxious of her own looks.
The Secretary of the office is filled with piles of files
And is often on phone on the floor.
And I got nothing 
But to think of all this what I look around in a group
The attendant falls in with a cup of tea
And all eagerly break their ‘busy’ work just to speak.
Some men and women stand and talk loudly
Not really to talk but to show that they can.
Among all, a peon stares at the ceiling only for just a minute
Not like me for hours together.
He whistles, chuckles and always carries a smile
Never is he seen in a mood so fascinated like us
And here, my gaze is fixed on the box
Like many on the Clocks
The Sun waved good bye 
And all rose up from seats
Looked hurriedly at the door;
Looking at each other with smiles 
Only just to say goodbye.
Good bye in a hurry! 
The lights are off; the game is up
The game of playing together to win Loneliness.

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beyond the shroud

fortified memories concealed by stone
hidden away from prying eyes
treading lightly on cold numbing floors
tactile sense my only friend
here beyond the shroud

stumbling and crawling all the way
old wounds never healing
unmistakable sound of faint breathing
like ancient whispers echoing on
here beyond the shroud

darkness blanketing moistened skin
breathing humid air is like drowning
eyes burning from stinging sweat
mixing with tears from hopelessness
here beyond the shroud

lost forever is this cherished treasure
having forgotten its entombed location
lack of sustenance leaves my body quivering
fearful of dying all alone
here beyond the shroud

fearful of dying
all alone
beyond the shroud

Having recently found aforementioned cherished treasure,
I think I'm going to be OK now.  Thanks M!

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New Dawn

Zest is in my heart
And bliss is in the air
As sanguine clouds have given way
To a new dawn so fair

Buds are blooming into flowers
And nature is burgeoning with joy
As the dead autumn has given way
To a new spring so joyous


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The Strange Woman

Her face had a strange halo;
a ghostish kind of moon's glow
behind the thin summer clouds.

I could see her beautiful face,
even without any light-bulb
or candle-light; the surrounding
was screaming black;
her eyes, her smile, and beauty-spot
on the chin were all visible,
like it was day!

When morning came,
that's when my instincts
hit me that the woman
I was with was not human.....

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Beloved Friend I Have Fallen

An angel, cradles me, in her motherly arms
I have fallen, I am venerable 
I told myself, I would not do this, no more
I have failed to keep my promise, to you
I have not stayed true
Tears flowing, as I smile, just, for you!
Remembering the times, when you cupped my face, in your hands
Your blue eyes, gazing into mine
Telling me with sincerity
‘I am the sunshine, that lights up your world, each day that dawns’
My heart aches, it rains with love, having fond memories of us
Wash me clean, being human, is challenging me!
Emotional bondage, creating blocks
I need to move on, you are dead and buried
Your time here, over
My heart struggling, accepting this reality
“Forgive me”
I pray to be free!
“I Love you, my beloved, friend”

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Fervently Idolized

Humanity seeks peace;
The truth of this concealed by a tight crease…
Communion with nature loosens the fold…
Relinquishes the impediments hold…
Observing our earth gives life’s elusive mystery…
All things working together produce harmonic history…
Faithful friendship fastened firmly fractures fears frenzy…
Fear is for love, what shoes are for gloves…
Similar is there cause, one effects evolution with a pause…
The cabals control under suspension…
We the people of earth, calling forth light vibration for ascension…
Leaving the big business warden in the dark…
Will initiate igniting their prison releasing divine spark…
If you desire experiencing real sovereignty, die while alive in your body…
No longer associate who you are with beliefs or possessions…
Reversing the ancient ego split resulting spiritual regression…
I love you so I may love myself…
I love myself so I may love you…
I give the whole a holistic love commitment with such strength…
Undoubtedly increasing our spiritual length… 

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Miranda's Ghost

The Souther farm stood back, a long way back 
from the road called Joe Long Arm.
The house was low and squat and huddled on the hill 
and it had laid there for eighty years.
Now the wind thrummed hard around the house
While the outside cellar door swung free. 
And the light bright windows shone upon the trees 
which were clawing and mauling at the walls.
And then  ...... the power..... went off.

Miranda watched her mother get some candles in the dark 
then they made the candle's light brighten up the room
and the storm became a hurricane, far too soon
While the trees around the house were wildly bent.
Her eldest now was riding home on the old school bus, 
but the place down the road where the bus stop was 
was  more than half a mile to the end of the Joe Long Road

The mother she was worried sick.
She had to meet the old school bus 
to bring her eldest safely home    
Could she leave her little child?      
She hugged the little four year old
and in a great and doubtful fear
she left her tiny daughter to the house.

The wind was rough and howling now
and the rain seemed horizontal,
For nearing half an hour she waited where the bus would stop 
and watched the tiles from an old barn sky off into the storm
and thought of the house and the little one. 
Then she broke and she ran full of fear. 
The wind at her front then pushing at her back
the air in a whirl like her mind. 

She burst into the house and found Miranda
not sobbing anymore. as she sat quite still
in the middle of the floor.  Her mother held her tightly
and between the drying sobs. She whispered to her mum

“The house was shaking 
And it frightened me a lot.
but then the floor flew right up to me
and I cried and I was very scared
Then the lady came behind. 
she touched my shoulder gently. 
and I didn't feel so frightened anymore.
I never saw the lady but then the lady said,
Your mummy she is coming up the hill” 

And there it ends, such a little thing
but it points to  a whole lot  more
and who can say just what it means 
if meaning is there at all,
but to me it says that kindness 
is on the other side of death
and that life here is not the end,
there's still much more to go.

And it says be aware of outside cellar doors 
and the joints of the floorboards in the floor,
and  the  funny things that can happen
that lets the wind  storm lift the carpet from the floor.

And too, oh such a lot of thanks and more
to the driver of the bus 
who took every single child to their door.

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So Close, Yet So Far

It's like I'm there,
Standing behind a glass wall.
I've had a taste,
Just not the full platter.
I'm ready for the cake,
But all I have is batter.

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In this world of live do God give or do God spend.
In god we trust your money make your life bless for best. Pay why when die heaven give no money life. Said of game now dont take da words an miss name da fame. smh. Cause this world is vein, so i bleed outside to water my mainstream of heart filled out the box of art. A gift is but live so a gift is what give. Present I wake no mistake to my take of day, now I play a one way ticket of gold with sweet palace like chocolate for da kids an family. Can't stand it, well dat make manish no planish; know how to stand it. Nerves get on some badish. Then handle all debts publick an private no childish just so wildish. Judge me not 4 i break only da law of da land with out a sight of the man. Then I walk out this cell knowing every step I take is hell to heaven.

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At the Pawnshop

I walk in, It almost feels cold
Letting go to all the unknown
That ring you got me a promise we didn’t keep
 a frame of  a picture of us
You didn’t stay out long enough for me to need
The key to the house
That we couldn’t afford to love
And here are my mom tears that I couldn’t afford to give up 
Then last are the broken promise that were made to keep
I lost a friend, a dad, a house, and maybe me
But you can have it all whatever you need
I’m looking for something that was taken from us
Please pawnshop I’m begging it’s a must
He is ours for us to keep…tell God he belongs to me
He’s too young to be up there
Please …just tell me if you find him anywhere 

In dedication of ended relationship, a father who is always in jail, a family home we lost and lastly my 17-year cousin who was take from us to soon
Rip Bebo

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Monsters Groan Hair in Wrinkled Gnaws

monsters groan hair in wrinkled gnaws…

hell chews hope in gnashed cash… 

greased volcanoes sire rising screams…

burn of cyanide and bunkers reich…

flags star stud the roar of flames…

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What If We All

What if we all
Just stopped where we are
And sent a smile to the one next door?

What if we all
Just stopped where we are
And reached out to those who've done us wrong?

What if we all
Extended a serving hand
To the grieving, homeless, hungry, and downtrodden?

What if we all
Just stopped where we are,
Joining hands,
Offering thanks,
And embracing;
Smiling as our futures shined
Because God has blessed us this life!

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IN The Hollow Of Time

                                                                                                                                                           In the hollow of time                                                                                                                      Lightnig strikes the morphogenic grid                                                                                                    A new day is comming                                                                                                                  When you are what you think you are                                                                                         When you think it                                                                                                                                       A wide awakening                                                                                                                               Knowing who created the smile on your face                                                                          And the pain in your backside                                                              ?                                                              Are one and the same                                                                                                                         So let the synapses spark fires in your brain                                                                         Illuminating the moment                                                                                                             In this cosmic space and time                                                                                                    Who knows what gods may come                                                                                             And go away again

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Cool Brute Drum Dumb

cool brute drum dumb
classical knives high
above weeds buzz
-ed soldiers slip
though the grip
of tanks shooting
shells washing on
the sea strewn with
bodies white lime
-stones bright sun
crosses the high
-way spitting cars
for miles and mile
-s wishing to be…

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Metamorphosis of Me

So many rebirths I have happened,
experiencing slavery, witch-hunts, genocides,
and wars, my bodies being burnt, eroded,
drowned, and shot at.

My soul has witnessed its vassals’
turmoil and pain, in a degree which it cannot
handle anymore. It seeks to break away from the cycle
of rebirth, and return to divine serenity of One Soul.

Understanding the essence of ‘‘I” is the only gate
to eternal bliss for my Self. If I succeed, I will never suffer
the problem of birth and rebirth in this world ever again.

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taking number three
on the face
the one trinity
holding in one's hand
the golden
gateway to paradise
a crucifix
the key 
to heaven

three days 
Jonah spent inside 
a whale
our body
a temple 
split three ways

like the shamrock
a symbol from
our dear St Patrick
God is 
the father
our creator

upon a cross
his son Jesus
on the third day
he rose again
in the Holy grail
according to the scriptures
a blessed spirit

our hearts
the inner voice
from the soul
i believe
on our third day

the soul rises
meeting one's spirit
in limbo
three draws out
a magic number
enlightens me

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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Escape the Matrix

Escape the Matrix Or Escape from madness (Lesson23) Attack on freedom Attack on war Attack on cancer Attack all we deplore Attack the attacker As long as you don't see The attacker is hiding Camouflaged in you and me Attack thoughts Leads to effects we see Cascading thoughts Determine destiny God will heal our guilt God will heal our pain Forgive us all We are just insane Diana Dalton 19 August 2014

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12 21 12

One who is steadfast with resolve follows the yellow brick road…
Awareness fused with understanding co-creation connection transforms burden’s load…
The Prince is emerging from her kiss, shedding the mundane form of the toad…
The now moment is upon me; reveal the beauty of my inner crystal geode…

Observation requires stillness from stimulations…
Mind relentlessly labels giving meaning interpretations…
Spinning and whirling with confusion creating limitation…
Synchronicity whispers guidance giving clues of desired questions…

What is this vibrating configuration of atoms, molecules and matter?…
What I am? 
Listening intently guides me upward on Jacobs latter…
Allowing a new vision shatters the glass box implanted within this being…
Blooming my inner lotus love flower is all that truly matters…

Replacing fear of unknown with wonder…
Centering to my heart, connected to the earth…
Giving my love with purity; knowing, believing achieving…
My divine sacred rebirth…

As I move forward fusing with loves wrath…
It is not my desire to mark the previous path…
For I shall reside here in this now moment…
Knowing I am whole; complete, blessed with divine creation components…

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The world consumes everything
What I love, what I hate
What I am, will be, and have been
This paper, and these thoughts
It will all eventually sink into the
ever present swallow of death
The loudest of all Earthly echo
is legacy; What a man leaves behind
How he is remembered
The color that was seen
in his embroidered vision
The forgiveness of his touch
and the sincerity of his pulse
This is the soul of a man
The only impervious song
that can be strummed by flesh
unhindered by the blows of time

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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The Scent of Your Soul sweet is your soul's scent;
it excites everything with Bliss; bliss that never goes faint.
Inhaling your sweet scent, is our inner purpose,
to cease smelling the stench of worldly suffering.
Cover us with your wings, to let us smell your scent,
forever being drunk in your Eternal Bliss!

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Invisible Shield

The Ashanti, of Ghana, say that "rain beats down
upon a leopard skin, but it doesn't remove the spots".

Methinks that right they are, if we imagine rain
as everyday challenges, risks and dangers,
and leopard skin as our inborn faith.

As long as we look upon God as our "shield",
we will always be "dry", as we walk in this path
that we call life; a journey with no end......

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To a Bird of Paradise

Don't watch my footsteps disappear
in search of ephemeral rocks to anchor
But wait with me to gather spirits
so I won't be afraid of Sunsets...

When orange melts away in darkness 
Just stay with me until it's over
Caress my stranded fins with Dawn
Please do Not cry..I will be... Home...

(author of "f Lava of My Soul")

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My spirit longs for the breeze that the summer brings
My spirit longs for the birds who fill the heavens with beautiful song
My spirit longs for the smell of the flowers
My spirit longs for the breeze that the summer brings

My spirit longs for the sunrise and sunset
My spirit longs for the sweet tea my grandmother has perfected
My spirit longs for the sweet taste of freedom that comes only from summer
My spirit longs for the breeze that the summer brings.

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Don't worry, don't worry;
Give yourself rest.
Release fear and struggles,
And He'll take care of the rest.

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Justice Lion


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Life is a Journey

                                        Life is a Journey
To my brother and sisters as you travel along the high of life, I want you to keep in your mind the road condition. There is going to be rainy days, sunny days, fog that will make it hard for you to see. Let us not forget about the snow and ice that can cause you to slip and fall. Watch out for pot holds and detours that will cause you to get off track. 
Along this highway that you are to travel, you are going to meet many others. Some of these people will be going in the same direction; these may prove to be good company, so fellowship. There are going to be some that are standing still on the side of the road or just stranded in need of help or they may be lost. You might want to stop and pull out the old trusted Atlas, that book of books, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, your Bible. Sharing the word just might save someone.
As you continue to travel down the highway of life, there is going to be people who are going in the wrong direction. These you want to be verrry careful of!!! Help them to turn around if they are willing to listen, but do not let them cause you to crash and burn! Stay focused their direction is detrimental to soul as well as yours so beware! 
While you are traveling down the highway of life with your spiritual license, use your knowledge are the wisdom found in your trusted road Atlas, that book of books; Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, the Bible. If your path has been true and your heart has been in your journey, this highway that you have been traveling should bring you to the interstate, the interstate to Heaven.
Beware! This Highway to Heaven is paved with good intentions and if you turn the wrong way, it can easily become hells highway. Stay diligent and strong in the Word and use good judgment in all things that you do.
You will meet many people along the way, some will be Angels in disguise, and others will be demons. The Angels are a blessing, but the demons , well they will offer you free rent with free heat but the costs is very high. 
Well I have come to the end of this roadside assistance and I will leave you with this, so keep it next to your heart. Life is a journey so sit back and enjoy the ride. You are in good hands with Jesus!                      

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The Hike

We cannot give up;
We still have life to live.
The hike may not always be easy,
But the view must be seen to believe.

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Journey's End

All things sought are found
Be great, be small
Be righteous, be wicked
All adventures you might befall

As the wind howls
And the waves crash
Where the eagle soars
You'll meet your match

The thing you seek
Has all things done
At Journey's end
You'll find the living one

When the lion makes no sound
He has come for us all

When at night nothing prowls
He has come for us all

And when all is said and done
At journey's end
You'll find the living one

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Help me

Take me in your fold For I am a wandering soul A soul fed up of its fleshy case Caught in such a prison It yearns for free air It yearns to be cleansed It yearns to repent It yearns for thy grace Lift me up ,for its now high time Help me, O my Allah To gather these withered ends To surrender to thy will Heed the cries of this shackled soul Help it to fly in the mystic air To whirl on the mystic tune To feel what it is,to be near you…

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It's Not A Cult

It's not a cult:
It's a Savior saving my life.
It's a Savior saving your life.
It's our Savior saving our lives.
It's not too late.
It's never too late!

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Living the Dream

I am living the dream.
I stand here today,
Cannot believe what I am about to say,
But I am living the dream.
At times, it's tough
And it is not always easy.
I might be condemned
For choosing this path in life;
Some may think it's too bag of a risk.
When we give it our all,
Our passion and our might,
We can overcome and forget the fear
To become who we are meant to be.
I stand here today,
Another tear ready to wipe away:
You can do all you aspire to do!
Set your mind and never give up!
If I can do it,
You can too!
I can't believe I'm about to say this,
But I am living my dreams.
I am living the dream.

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new every mourning;
outpouring every morning,
mercy for the forsaken,
blessings for the poor and weak,
reasons enough to fight for the righteous.
miracles of winning souls,
divine temperment and justifications.
a way for HIS works to happen,
force that brings us to live for HIM.
power through humility,
goodness without asking anything in return.
true faith that inspires;
worthy of a christian life,
discernment every moral decision,
strength that gives firm foundation.
given no matter who you are.

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The Garden

Scent of flowers entice my senses;
all I see around me is beauty and divinity
that represents the face of Mother Nature......

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Razor-Sharp Diamond Whispers

“I mean you no harm.”

The visitor says glasses reflect black

Skin torn snake sin

Razor-sharp diamond whisper

-s (an apple falls through the branches)

of the tree they write

a world on fire 

bathed in iris pain



( remember the war—is in stone—the net fishes men—write him back—in the pulsing word of life)…

					I can see it…
& this thing sent off course the night
& a return to a bathed civilization

					In light…

A new-born calf staggers to the ground.

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all that is real





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The only thing that makes the emptiness so bearable is knowing that we're not alone
And somewhere in the universe is another lonely searching soul
Considering the stars seem close and yet they are so far
From where I stand on shaky ground as I wonder where you are
In light years of super clusters neon heavens are displayed 
Lost inside rendition I find my heart no longer in dismay
So infinite in numbers and compliment each other with utter grace 
And here I am on a spec of dust in search of love without a face
But somewhere beyond horizons twilight gifts encourage us 
In those times we search for hope our souls are always looking up
Subsequently to my collection I realize they have placed the answers here
Illuminating enlightened paths to outshine our simple fears
Again I compared us to the stars above where our numbers cannot reflect 
So possibly the world isn't full of strangers just some friends we haven't met
Then with will and perseverance my hearts imagination began to bloom
The universe acquiesced in silence revealing a love I never knew
~ JJF~

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders
~Lao Tzu~

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Last Prayer

Last Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
Medication Russian Roulette
Praying to the lord my soul he shall keep
Please God don’t let me awake
I yearn to embark on this slumber
A slumber which knows no end
Closing my eyes; never to open again
The one thing I ask dear Lord
May my loved ones never weep
For embarking on my eternal sleep

By: Tim Lundmark

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Glory to the highest,the angel choir sings with glee.
For the King of Kings has saved my soul, he has set me free.
I have overcome the battle and I will join the jubilee.
For the mighty King of Glory,Died on the cross, for you and me.

Come join the angel choir, sing with jubilee.
Come raise your hands and praise the Father.
He died on the cross for you and me.
We will join the choir together. up in heaven we will sing.
We will stand by the angels and sing hallehujah over there.
For on the cross it was our sin ,he took upon himself to bare.

Glory in the highest, sing infront of the Savior's throne.
Gather with the glorious angelband,Jesus took our sins for his own.
Up in heaven a mansion is waiting, for us to call our home.
All we have to do is claim him and our soul will never walk alone.

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Faith Healer

The odor is intolerable
Like a foul beast clinging to the end 
I can barely subdue its subterfuge 
But here I am, 
I’m standing here of sound and mind
Waiting for the time that answers my own questions

Can it race with the fires of Orc?
Doubtful, but it can jog steadily can’t it?
The weather is awful, filled with sounds
Penetrating a document not written
It pains me to fight through the night
Not because it’s dark, but because I am just a shadow.

Lester drives but
Motional lasts forever
Still driving
Still crying
And slowly dying as time waves on
Like oceans that can’t be seen.

Nobody cares and everyone listens
Ironic, like a bible that holds lies and deception
Can its will be pierced?
Can freedom stay free?
Is it worth it to stay hooked when everyone around
Seeks liberty?

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Mysterious Entry

Crossed by the throne of Heaven, I took myself down to its early night. 
The clock was low over the mantle. 
I saw it but that twice. 
I felt the aching honor crossing, desperate devious plight. 
Heartache became the truth of me, and the shadow was a name. 
I knew for once, when hollow hills came to call with names, as gray as summer sun and bathing hearts. 
I saw forever what was truth and sorrow. 
I knew a name, an ancient name. 
Dark hearts named him in an age gone arcane. 
I saw his face carved from slate and a heart made from stone. 

I knew his name, He knew mine the same, but yet did not look twice, that would make ends, but watched from afar and never knew my face, yet he could feel my breath under my voice, and knew me such the same.

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Where's The Love

We were taught to shine bright,
But where's the light when we condemn?
Where's the light when we judge?
Where's the light when we don't love?

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Persevere persevere persevere 
That’s what the lord has said to me 
Run the race before you 
Concentrate your thoughts on me
And you will have the victory
But I am tired I said to him
I’m weary to the bone
My brain feels like lead 
And my body wants to sleep
I need to receive in peace 
Persevere, my sweet child
Trust in me to keep you near
\there is no need to fear
Read and trust in my every word 
And it will set you free
But how do I rest always in you
How do I let go of my fears
How do I find the strength to fight?
In a life full of battles and woes

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We Never Leave

Lying down beneath a tree, I listen
The wind draws whispers from rustling leaves
Stories stir in the ravines of the bark
They make me smile mostly, but sometimes I cry

The wind draws whispers from rustling leaves
They are left there by birds and moss and rain in roots
They make me smile mostly, but I cry
When I hear of worms wriggling to sidewalk suicide

Left there by birds and moss and rain in roots
Is the promise of life and an energy that connects us
When I hear of worms wriggling to sidewalk suicide
I see that life, all life, is wondrous and strange

The promise of life and an energy that connects us
Makes me look at my arms, imagine them covered in bark
I see that life is wondrous and strange
That I am part if it all, the bald eagles and the mud

I look at my arms, imagine them covered in bark
My feet become roots and my fingers become leaves
I am part of it all, the bald eagles and the mud
They were here long before me, yet they speak in my voice

My feet become roots and my fingers become leaves
Stories stir in the ravines of my bark
They were there long before me, yet they’re told in my voice
Now you lie beneath me, so listen

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We Are Yours

I am Your soldier.
I am Your fighter.
I am Your servant.
I am Yours.
We will fight for love.
We will embrace all.
We will serve Your world.
We are Yours.

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In The Future Looking Back

In the future looking back,
You'll be happy to see
How far you've come
And where you are today,
So make the most of this now.

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My silent foray

In this silent foray
Mystic music started to play
That was soothing to ears
A calming balm for the heart
Simple truths revealed
Complicated lies thrashed
To the mystic tune, heart beats danced
Just some moments, revealed all that is
This venture into silence, my greatest adventure

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District 13 Revolution

Fireworks slide down the back of my tongue

Some went north to imitate stars, 

knowing all to well they wouldn’t even make it to the stratosphere

A fire can’t breathe with no air

Ask that man in the alley why he has to shoot black skies into his veins to see them.

You probably have more in common than you might think.

Satellite transmissions making waves like the oceans they cover

Healthy food is expensive, while poison is damn near free!

There is a storm coming

Grab your blankets and I will tell you how it ends with a new beginning.

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Mysterious Stones

They line up on the shallow river,
to give Way.......

Name: Teddy Kimathi


Date: 09/04/2014

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I see the rain,
Dancing across the sidewalk,
Carefully placing each drop
One at a time,
They flow with each other,
Gracefully and in sync,
As a dance from the heavens
Praising the One who made them,
And as I watch them,
I become hypnotized,
Almost entranced,
By their beauty

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I stayed there, for too long
in the cruel arms of a sunset
that had forgotten I was there.
Its wink slowly cast an itchy
blanket over the hope I had found
in blue skies; My skin reached upward,
blistered by the groan of mortality’s tick.
There is little time to waste.
The turn, once again left me in the dark,
grappling with solitude among the masses. 
And so I waited for starlight’s touch to 
calm the sandstorm in my bones.
Waited for the battle between light
and dark, so I could paint my eyes
with the blood of a new vision
for tomorrow and be ready to perceive 
everything that I had once, let slip away.
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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It's About Them

It's not about me;
It never was,
It never should have been,
And it never will.
It's not about me;
It's about them.
It's about Him.
It's about giving them all they need
To get them back on their feet.
It's about showing them hope
So they may be filled with the Spirit
And know that things will be alright again.
It's about serving Him
So we may show His love
And spread His messages for all the world to hear.
It's about inspiring.
It's about teaching faith.
It's about giving hope.
It's about showing love.
It's not about me;
It's about them.
It's about Him.

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Journey to Unwind - Rock 'N Roll contest

Inspired by Embryonic Journey by Jefferson Airplane (listen to it while you read this!)

On a winter's day 
On a chilly morn'
I'll be mourning	
The loss of a love once lost 
The loss of a love once buried in the frost
At the behest of an angel
She'll come around at last
When the dinner bell rings
We'll walk along and sing
Songs of ancient writings
Found written on the walls
Of spiritual surroundings
Dancing in my mind
Swinging to the pendulum of time
To make her what was mine
Before the sound came crashing down
Like chandeliers of persistence
Glistening brightly in reflections
Of crystal on the table
Clinging glasses to a toast
For lovers entangled evermore
On majestic misty mountains
Where snow cascades down the countryside
Until it's reached the ocean floor
Where salmon swim upstream
To the tune of our dreams
While embryonic journeys
Pass through the corded ever after
To dream of light and day
While the children beat their drums
To the tambourine in time	
While the father's watch unwinds
And the son is in the closet	
Strumming songs with Jane 
While the mother presses cotton
The daughter recites her magnum opus
To animals in repose	
Upon her bedroom floor
She speaks in tongues long gone	
Like a kiss from a rose
And then she's gone
To dream with the ancients until dawn

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The Cards of Life: Part Two

(Continued from The Cards of Life: Part One)

Ah, yes!
I see thousands chipping in with their donations,
I see thousands giving coats to those in need,
I see thousands feeding those on the streets,
I see thousands saving lives,
I see thousands changing lives,
I see thousands making positive impacts,
And this is only what is seen.
Imagine what occurs in hiding
Behind the scenes!
I guess the moral here
Is to open our hearts for all;
There is no person too big or small
Who doesn't deserve to be loved.
God is all around,
And we need to show them His love.
This life is not always easy,
And we cannot understand everyone's situation.
So, please, let's love all of those in need
For they could use a helping hand,
And let's give them strength,
Faith, hope, and love again.
You can change someone's life!
You can save someone's life!
Let's start a movement to share God's love
By loving the world and all her people
Because they are human beings too,
Just like me, just like you.
But I still sit here,
Wrapped in my bed,
And I can't help but feel guilty.
So let's go and help those in need.
Together, we will all fuel the victory!

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Tweaked Psyche

The awakened spirit in quantum leap
Of enlightened vision,
Overwhelms emotions with majestic
Soulful intense yearnings;

Vivid dream within quantum reality
Intangible emotions,
Dire need of personnel transformation
Quells the infinite mind;

Consciousness in the crazed clouded perceptions
Beyond soul enlightenment,
Present moment’s final destination
Infinite potentials?

Divine madness in the peak experience 
Senseless sensations,
Overwhelming ecstasy with desire
In spiritual journey?

Manic high in the dark night of the soul
Spiritual being in joy, 
Science of spirituality in the bliss
Internally lucid? 

Spirituality being for existence
Manic loosing his touch,
In spiritual path of peacefulness
Immense sparkling sunlight?

Spiritually awakened fulfillment
As karma risen up, 
Moves glistening instability 
Enjoying spiritual peak:

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Delve inside

Delve inside Deep under that ocean of temptations Delve inside To retrieve the pearl from the shell Delve inside Into that mysterious world Delve inside For that treasure hunt Delve inside For that manhunt Delve inside To retrieve, the real you Delve inside To know, who are you Delve inside To know ,who created you Delve inside To dust off layers of sins Delve inside To receive a new vision Delve inside To know ,the spiritual you Delve inside To be enthralled To be enlightened...

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Love is not an obligation. 
Love is adaptation.

The fuel of prevalence,
The foundation of courage.

The basis on which life,
finds true meaning.

Love is not comfortable,
It is the fine line between,
agony and serenity.

Love is suffering cruelty,
without the fading of compassion.

Love is longing through the night,
Love is the single tear that finds its way 
out of the eye of a hardened soul.

The breaking of a mischievous spirit,
That finds itself humbled,
at the face of reality.

Rain falling on barren land,
The feeling of naked feet amid,
the tide and snow white sand.


-James Kelley 2010©

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The sky clear blue the stars bright the moon’s full
Heavy snow’s frozen and the brook’s as always late;
Chilled pairs on warm beds fast asleep
 Worn birds in willows’ holes, feathery nests,
Calves and cocks on their straw-beds.
Come-on my love come right away,
It’s that another night, right
For another, O, saintly event. 
Let’s live this lovely night with
 The lonely dogs of my street;
And see! How they bark and Why.
        I’ll rub their neck, and you will serve bones
      I’ll love that old *****, and you that young dog.

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Your words are the sweetest kiss,

wind pouring against flowers, 

sending their seeds down

unto our valley;

Breeding beauty with grace.

Our tears,

balmy and serene;

filtered by your 


water the script,

channel their purpose.

No matter what happens,

our embrace is eternal,

     our union will bloom.

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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God Has Other Plans

God has other things for me to do;
He has other plans.
I need to listen to Him;
He is the One.
God's Will be done,
Not ours.

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Jesus Christ Bought Our Heavenly Jewels

RECEIVING our rewards on Judgment Day, we hope to be worthy of MANY.
ENTHUSIASTICALLY serving fellow man, good deeds bring divine JEWELS.
WISDOM'S love determines the eternal temperament, which a soul ends IN.
FAITHFULNESS, bearing hardships, begets great strength within us EACH.
REWARDS on earth rust and corrupt; spiritual blessings are HEAVENLY.
THE life of Jesus Christ ended with thorns in His CROWN.
SUFFERING for sin required spiritual death; so, before Christ, transgressions WERE.
SOULS’ absolution, the resurrection, brought forgiveness by Him, BOUGHT.
POOR decisions followed by repentances determine the holiness a man lives BY. 
RECKLESS commitment to God can increase sin, leaving one less INNOCENT.
HEARTS striving to choose the right is a true Christian’s life-BLOOD.

© July 24, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: A JEWEL IN YOUR CROWN 
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

Please Notice the CAPITALIZED Beginning-word and end-word vertical one-line poems.

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May i have your undivided wilderness?
Please. Some place where ‘me’ might lose
its self without forgetting what I am.
I know it exists because you exist,
& all those unnameable things that hide
in silence between the heart beats of trees.
If I were to offer a prayer or a stone
it would not include matches or road maps -
but some ancient chanting heard from afar
when the mountains hold their breath,
and romance runs free of camps & campfires.
Here, I’m taking off my shoes, my clothes.
I’m throwing away the book. There are
some places you can only enter unarmed.
Your undivided wilderness is one of them.
Everyone needs a place to grow.

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This Empty Cup Fills with Swords

this empty cup
fills with swords
and words de
-light the candle

(the mind sees eyes)

darkness cools the tongue

a forest of moon

a sprig of air

sings like purple

on the soul

two Angels measure and color the light…

bishops curve on a chess

-board yawns of long dawns

crystal blank dream

tasteless blessed cream

a womb and a tomb between

the seen and unseen

an un-rang phone fits the voice of God

crying a silence mean

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Soul Sustenance

It is said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
It's all in how we see life itself 
and what we indeed take from it too
Our relation to time - being and existence
Food to the metaphysical heart - Love
Truth to the mind - bringing peace
physical and emotional fulfilment
When the soul is nourished 
we are in better place
to face the choices and decisions 
facing us each day
Thoughts are momentary
but any feeling 
is accompanied with repeated thought patterns
meaning they stay deep routed
within us for longer periods
Silence and reflection can help us to focus
making positive decisions for good 
causing ourselves a lesser pain
Spiritual sustenance
that is empowering to the inner self

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Free Fallin'

My desicion was made. I wouldn't allow myself to be controlled. If that makes me a rebel, then let it be. I'm a Rebel. At least I can Make my own choices now. I can love and care about others. "You are here by stripped from your wings." Then it was like someone had bound my wings and pushed me off a cliff. it felt like forever. til finally i reach the ground. When i hit, it felt like everybone in my wings had shattered. I had fallen. and It hurt so bad. but it was worth it.

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Euphoric Soul Mates

You came to me some how, from some where in a euphoric dream.
Touching my soul like a summer’s breeze with your wit and charm.
Your soul whispered softly to me calling my name in silence.
An enchanting connection pulling me toward you like an invisible magnet.

A pleasant familiarity exists like long lost loves reuniting that never seperated.
A sense of inseperableness and understanding when our souls come to meet.
Letting nothing come between us in our eternal unconditional love.
Our souls intertwining as two separate halves that together create one.

Cosmically loving each other as no words can ever express this majestic feeling.
Still waiting for the perfect time to finally meet face to face in physical form.
Knowing that it might take too long but that we‘ll be together someday.
That holding one another will be a time of harmonious souls and no space.

That long awaited kiss will be like raindrops softly caressing a rose.
As our souls touch one another they will create a sweet incandescent desire.
The bond we have will consume us to ignite our everlasting awaited fire.
Together for eternity we'll be because we are more then soul mates, we are one. 

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He is a Friend of mine

Had a conversation with God in the morning,
I told Him all am wanting,
all am needing,
I told Him how I love Him,
how i am so lost without him,
i told him my hopes n drims,
i told him my hurts n pains,
i opened up to him,
cried b4 him,
let hm know hw i feel.
i promised to be good,
to not forget little thngs that count alot,
i askd hm to help me,
to guide me,
i asked him for so much,
i put my trust in him,
He is my God my friend,
We talk every morning,
every time,
he lets me cry,
lets me weep, smile.
he cares and protects,
and guides me,
I am so at peace cuz,
I know HE is in control.

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The Representation of Illumination

 The stories you have heard, sharing a bond between souls and companions.
The dances you have danced, lighting a friendship with every celebration.
The songs you have sung, harmonizing a spirit inside this wondrous land. 
You the ash wood, the catlinite, you the porcupine quills and feathers.
You are the one who betoken the wolves, the lizards, and the black bears.
        	The smoke flows through your stem to my lungs as the wind flows through your feathers. You the ash wood, the porcupine quills and feathers, which elucidate the wolf.
You allow us partake in rituals, which reinforce our beliefs. 
You remind me of the hardships I have gone through, the fight, the struggles.
You emphasize the joy and memories we have had together.
Take me to the content waves on lakes and the moon shining upon them.
Ease my pain, relieve me from my destitution, let me dispatch my ache.
        	Your smoke fills my lungs as I breathe in deeply, then to relax once more
Releasing the translucent swirls to soar in the midst of the starry atmosphere.

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Her Love Is

Her Love is illuminating this dark shadow casted over me
until it is penetrating the depths of my heart
If I could only be there to comfort her now
Instead the cause of her pain
Nights spent searching relentlessly
As the sun rises I'm still stuck to this page
As my mistakes taunt me
As I despair and bite my tongue
As the reality sets in that my heart is made of stone
I feel nothing, no emotion as pure as Love
In her eyes I'm not even human, I am a monster
A beast, yet she is more beastly than me
because her beauty rends me into pieces as a Lion
So much for the puppy sheltered in her loving arms
And what happened to the raindrops
that were Celestial whispers only months ago
Now the Heavenly Angels tears fall
Now the heavy burden returns and it's too much to bare
Now I hand it all over to God 
And silently I make mention of her in my prayers

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good shepherd

Dear Lord 
You are 
my shepherd 
Holding out 
one's soul 
Within open hands 
Unto Heaven 

To you 
who sits 
On the throne 
amongst angels 
One guiding light 
For the sins 
of man 
who treated 
You in cruelty 

I am humbled 
In your name 
most gracious 
Upon the temptations 
of one world 
Bound by 
sins of man 

In times 
of need 
I pray 
to your light 
In battling Hell 
You my Lord 
A good shepherd

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In the middle of the universe, I stand;
The center point of my own creation,
Entity unto my own self, I remain true.
A spiritual being, having faith in my soul,
Faith in my tribe, and faith in humanity.
We are one, yet we are none if we fail to realize, 
What makes us the same is what makes us unique.
In the middle of the universe, I stand; 

3 Feb 2015
© 2015 CM Davidson Pickett

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Without wings here I stay

Without wings here I stay
On broken wings 
I try to fly
My hardest to reach heaven
In the blue painted skies
The more I attempt 
The more I fail
I fall each time
Laying on the ground
My pride is hurt
Laying here in the dirt
Where did I go wrong?
Is this the punishment? 
I know I deserve it
For a life of sin
My life story where shall I begin
Leading myself astray 
While I am on my knees perhaps I should pray
Ask for a second chance
A third chance
A fourth chance
I lost count of the chances I have been given
So when it is my time to fly
Access will be denied
I must find a new way home
Before the gates close
And I am left on the outside looking in
Dirty from this life
Bathe in this sin
Free choices I have made
Shall I lay down my hopes and desires?
Before taking a dip in the lake of fire

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It's From Up Above

This love I have for you is like none I've ever known,
   Something through out all these years I've always shown.
But my heart is full of sadness because of where you are ,
   You would be with me this moment if it wasn't so far.
I strive and I struggle searching just to find a way,
    Never quit and never lose faith is what I always say.
You and I will be together if it's the last thing I do,
   All my dreams and thoughts are all of being with you.
So hold on to me tightly my dear and  don't you ever doubt,
   The feelings we have for each other is what loves all about.
It may seem at times so hopeless and your ready to give up,
   Just remember what we have and why we should stand tough.
Never could I imagine being in this world without your Love,
   For I know this plan of you & I came from the Lord above.

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Nice To Meet You

I had heard of Black-
From highly learned 
And, a twiggy oily 
I have always 
City-women walk in 
Wear stylish and 
talk in style,
A Cow-boy shall 
always commend!
But I have 
somewhere read,
An Indian American 
poet to his
Syrian wife wrote
An unknown love 
Blaming her of 
dating once
A Muslim friend.
Therefore ere we 
may walk together 
any more,
Tell me, for instance!
Have you visited 
that saint’s shrine?
There, near your 
The fort’s on the 
Rocky Mount;
Climbed those 
hundred-fifty stony 
Many many times, in 
that sweet nonage
With grandma.
And nowadays on 
almost all Sundays
In the evenings, with 
my mom.

Ah! Ah!
Then you must have
 Fed the wild-
pigeons’ flock, corn;
Helped the lame, 
blind beggars with 
coins, and rice;
In the festivals’ 
Served the waking 
from the far villages 
in country,
Fried in ghee, the 
And in Samovar—

Yes, my dear Yes!
I have, I have, I 

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Its effects run in you
Always through you
And when you’re not careful,
It can go all the way down
If you clench it hard enough
It almost squeezes back
Ripping at your everything.

In the moment it wrenches you
And you play dead for a while
Until you’re back to reality
And it releases your smile.
It’s not as bad as you thought
You’re not as bad as you thought.
Squeeze yourself,
Releasing all that needs to be said and done
Tempt yourself
For you’re not the only one.

Inside it feels like heaven
And you’re tempted to look inside
If you do, you’ll have to rip at it
Is the cost worth the price for knowledge?
It’s opened…
You see everything
But like a child, the gift of sight is blinding
You’re scared of this new beauty
You can’t understand 
There’s an adjustment with time
And you feel alive.
If you accept it’s will
The rest will come full circle,
Don’t lose your battle
For the worst thing that comes 
Is happiness, beyond good judgment…

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Between the dreamtime blackness
and the yawning dawn of lucid and pure dreams;
venture pure souls.

Pure dreams are free at birth to spirits;
made impure by ego,
a mortal pills “side effect”.

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A Good Rule To Follow

Just do what ever you think if you must,
Cause with you there can be no trust.
   Faith and love is what you must learn,
It is  something you must go out and earn.
   Respect and understanding is how you must start,
To keep a love from completely falling apart.
   If Joy and Happiness is what you seek ,
Then be strong and true it will be yours to keep.
   Kindness and compassion is a good rule to follow,
It will bring brighter days for al your tomorrows .
    Love as if it were the last day of your life,
Try caring with open arms and do not fight .
    This life is precious if there is someone to love ,
Try to remember that it is a gift from above.

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Through the bosky brush, straight lines stand
Lean and sinewy, yet with thickness, strong
Surrounding the curtilage which encases -
Elysium ensconced on a heavenly hill
Lines point upwards, then take many different paths
Each direction, somewhat crooked lines hold ornaments
Like a pendant that hangs on one's neck
Yet an arboreous arrangement for all to see
Thousands of jewels yet none alike
Each holds data, its own memory
Someone knows this;  someone accomplished all this

I came out of my torpid daze
Looked out west from his dwelling place
Dozens of tall oak trees endure in majesty

Amazed am I at this creation; the Creator
The Wonder of it all

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Without noise

we are here as elsewhere 
in the subjunctive of souls 
in the verb to love 
in the déjà vu 
in the art nude 
without silent 
without noise

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Renaissance of Existence

Divine love was never broken… Misplaced temporarily from treasuring tokens… Emancipation unfolds when wisdom is spoken… Mount Sinai is churning… The fire of expansion is burning… The bush of conscious life experience is glowing… Christ Consciousness the human knowing… Here is my core essence... Dancing is the presence… Tapping together my red ruby slippers… Sending alchemy prayers within gracious giving whispers… I am just as the deer; wandering wondering foraging… Memories of my past hence forth get behind thee… I am my master; using alchemy protecting my energy... Love from the heavens sets this being amongst the fluid flow...
Here is my growing... See it unfolding… This is my ending wrapped into my beginning… Yin and Yang player upon the stage Samsara… Cleansing and releasing past Samskara… Upgraded; this one is a hybrid of previous understandings… Seeing for infinity; living for eternity… Creatively writing my story; I am the hologram of life, playing… Be here with me… By being here within you…

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What if GOD was one of us

That old age question, what does GOD look like?

What if you have already met? . . You might have seen him today?

Did you look closely at that stranger that needed help when you just walked on by?
Remember that charity worker that asked for a minute of your time?

Maybe we dont get to see GOD in his true form yet, but that dosnt mean we doont see him in this life. 

Don't be so quick to walk by . .
Dont be so quick dismiss that situation were you could have helped . . 

GOD sees everything and sometimes he's right there testing you . . Dont give up on the world just yet

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Thus, O Beloved, Thus

Your village will 
have wells
Well-equipped water-
My village connected 
to the town.
I shall be employed
And teaching poetry 
and plays
In a college.
China will leave 
claiming Ladakh,
Issues of Arunachal 
and Lama, settled.
Kashmir shall be 
again a kingly state,
Chenab to Chin ,K2 
and Pirpanchal;
And India, Pak, 
be friends,
Sure forever.
Afghans will end all 
their wars
And grow in their 
abandoned fields 
World famous 
apricots and grapes.
East and west will 
day-night trade.
Jews, Christians will 
understand Muslims
And Muslims shall 
undoubt’ly forgive.
West will ban free 
And work strict laws 
on homosex.
Widows will freely 
approach married 
And their God-
fearing wives will 
say Well!
Korea and Iran will 
propose the UN
And all will agree
And together decide 
a day
(Destroying Bombs 
On the Nevada 
And in the 
Mediterranean Sea.
Even I and you shall 
Our son will earn 
D.Lit. in Cambridge
Daughter will set up 
a global business.
Even my dearest  
Dad will one day die!
Thus, O beloved, 
Let’s fall not in any 
futile fun
And wisely, turn to 
learn it early,
What’s after all! The 
Absolute Truth.

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The Calmative

            The Calmative

In forest, after the soft rain, a blanket of moss holds green
Holds water to balance the day with shade providing sleep
Woodland creatures know the soundless floor keeps secrets
As they step through the wet unfolding silence
Even the blue birds, flap a quiet wing while soaring by
Tranquility has no color, has no smell, or taste
It fills in the deepest well and falls just like a feather
On the forest ground
The calmative of nature forms 
A bubble around a troubled world
A yawn picks up where sleep left off
And when we wake we talk
We only say kind words
And only in a whisper, on a pillow of green moss  
Nothing gained, nothing lost
Then slip back to oblivion 
To the calmative deep in sleep

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Castles in the Sand

So many men,
building castles in the sand.
Surmounting the sky...
with the belief,
that they will never die.
A mortal man,
Can not build,
a fortress around his soul.
The tide will wash away,
All that you build...
Even on your longest day.
Why does the pride of man,
Strive to break the soil of the land..
To build,
an empire that will surely rot?
I'd much rather have,
A shack on a rock,
than a castle in the sand.
I'd rather enjoy my life...
with the little I have,
knowing I lived all that I could.
Than end up battling the tides,
on my last day...
Only to lose a futile fight...
Losing my love to an ocean of night.
Give me twigs and and rope..
I'll build a house of hope.
Give me leaves and hay,
I'll build a roof over our heads today.
A house of loving faith,
A house on a rock..
For he is my foundation...
My Lord, My salvation..
By James Kelley 2010©

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Find Me

We are all made from dust
One day when I die
And my body is burnt to ash,
How will you find me, when my body is no longer there?

How will you know it's me,
If my body is buried deep beneath the ground?
How will you be able to reach me,
To hold me in your arms? 

My biggest fear isn't dying,
It's being apart from you. 

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Kiss The Rain

Droplets of rain
fall on Earth,
making everything
to come to Life
before my eyes!

Trees sway from left
to right with joy!

The ground smells
of fertility once more!

The air smells of rejuvenation
around me like before!

Rivers gain strength
and eagerly flow downwards
to become waterfalls!

Opening my mouth wide,
I taste blessings in the form
of pure droplets of water!

Once more Mother Earth
kisses the rain!

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He Is Real And He Does Real Things

You know,
You are a beautiful person
And you are a beautiful soul.
Your faith is solidified in the ground,
Your hope is spread for all to hear,
Your love graces every heart to cheer,
Your belief in His truth has the power to change,
You believe because you know,
And that is what is so neat to see.

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Holy books says it all
You taught me how to crawl
This will never change
Never ends never fades
Dear God where you are?
Shattered piece of childish dreams
This will never change
Never ends never fades.

I can fight for all my life,
Not broken, not broken inside
Never be so frustrated,
Not going to commit suicide.

Fuc*ing faith will fall,
Mortals will stand tall
Hell and heaven are all the same
Live your life, don't die in vain

Only you and I can make 
A better world for tomorrow
Have faith in yourself
And wipe off the tears of sorrow

Make me scream, Make me cry
I'll never fail to try.
This night's has an end
No pain will remain

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Death is not the End

The body, in all its wonders and might, is still such a fragile thing.
We mustn't forget the ever impending mortality,
In order to prize each given day.

Likewise, we must not forget the ever present immortality of our true beings.
Our souls, our spirits, are only residential in the vessels of bodies.
The human brain clouds our actualization of supremacy.
It dilutes truth. It is the cause of sadness towards death, pain in temporary loss,
unjust fates of our loved ones.
It is unreasonable.

We must not forget that we are more than memories and emotions,
For, Death is not a sentence, but a cycle of reawakened enlightenment.
Just as life is but a mere drive towards a greater destination-
A stamp upon each being as they ascend into the vast beyonds-
Such is everlasting peace and happiness in knowing that all will rejoice in the union of long lost souls.

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Sundry Cosmic Raindrops

I was once a smoldering ember released from the fires of the stars…
I was once a feathery fern lavished with dew drops and lady bugs…
I was once walking, living, breathing on planet Mars…
I am now co-creating that which I am with you and you and source…

Mastering Meditative Mentality Mandates
Applying Achieved Alchemy Aptitude…
Transforming turbulent thoughts 
Forward free from fears false facts...
Arising Awakened Aware 
Conscious cosmic connection; concentrating 
Humanities heart homeward; hatching heaven here…

I am that which I eat…
Resist eating life that existed in grief…
Nourish the body temple with that which was grown attached to the mother and blessed from father…
Utilizing food alchemy gives rise to the inner Alchemist master…
One who climbs the tree of life remaining present in awareness …
Sharing by example; wisdom from The Flower of Life…

Mastering meditative mentality mandates
Applying achieved alchemy aptitude…
Transforming turbulent thoughts 
Forward free from fears false facts… 
Arising Awakened Aware 
Conscious cosmic connection; concentrating 
Humanities heart homeward; hatching heaven here

As above so below, outer realms reaching earth…
My energetic gravity being purified by light particles from source…                                                                                                                                                     Pulsing my light serpent outward; grasping emotions purpose to serve our greatest yet to be …
Knowing; the experience of true sovereignty…

Mastering meditative mentality mandates
Applying achieved alchemy aptitude…
Transforming turbulent thoughts 
Forward free from fears false facts… 
Arising Awakened Aware 
Conscious cosmic connection; concentrating 
Humanities heart homeward; hatching heaven here…

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One more time

Another rattle corrupts;
one more burnt offering 
at the tip of a loose tongue.
                          And it all comes with smiles.
I’ve been struck.
                     Behold, my bare chest.
Sending thrusts of breath into a dying engine,
cycling the promises
                                    …again and again.
Hoping for change.
                               Surviving on the residue
                                                          of something beautifully conceived
and artfully broken.
                              One more time,
                                                      this has to be the last time.
I can’t survive on an illusion.
Dreaming makes it hard to breath,
I think that’s why every time I try to 
sleep, it really feels like “falling”. 
Is it because I’m further away from you? 
Perhaps that’s what dying really is.
                                Perhaps you are what dreams are made of, 
                                 and that’s why I can’t breathe.
when I fall I’ll speak your name; Imagine that you can hear me.
Hope that you will catch me,
and dream 
                 ….one more time
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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I have held a mirror to your skies,
reached into this upside-down world,
dipped my toes in your clouds,
splashed your rain on my face.

You are, at once, a pebble in my hand
and the ceiling of my mind.
The curve of your oceans
meeting Hale-Bopp on the horizon,
the Helix Nebula as your halo.

I sense your spinning, your hurtling,
your reckless careening.
I, the privileged and
you, the hallowed
that laws of physics grounds me to.

But it is not gravity that keeps me here—
it is my clinging, as to a mother’s bosom
into which I weep,
for I cannot walk into your forests
nor traverse your rivers.
I cannot save one life
or even stand upon a podium.

This poem is all I have to give.

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Primal, earthly need 
Wet all over, just be 

Feed this hunger, this heat 
This thirst has to be sated 

Open my throat 
Incantations of an ancient magic 
Rhythmic as sea and stone 

Sinuous pumping bodies 
Like the beat of the Drum 

Warm and entwined
Like the tangled roots of the Tree of Life 

Enter me, complete the circuit
Face to face and nowhere to hide 

Taste this and know what it means to be 

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Birth of Poetry

Every poetic verse; it's depth, mystery, and color
emanated from the rhythm of life; waterfalls gushing downhill,
stars spread in the night sky, like sparks from the moon; sweet, scented flowers;
your beautiful face.....

It was destined that only a poet, could decipher the words coming out from Mother
Nature's orchestra, where we are all Her audience....

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A step into can enlighten you,
People find it hard,
Step into darkness of mines, 
Dive into the murky water,
Diamonds are in coalmines, 
Lotuses are in the murky water,
So are we in this world!
Do we need to be rich by Money and Gold?
Or are we rich deep inside?
You decide!

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Universal Children

A child I am, a child of love
Seeking my universal home
Seeking the creator of my being
Building my faith and courage 
Love, my foundation
My spirit, navigating me 
To where I originate from

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Small Little Victories

If we break life down into small little victories,
It won't be long until the battle is over,
And before we know it,
The war will be won.

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Good Karma

Through successive phases
Of our existence
Traverse our deeds,
And the salvation by
Deeds becomes destiny,

Deliverance of mankind
Is the karma,
Ploughing the soul
Beautiful or ugly,
Retributive justice done
Through and through,

Morals and ethics,
Obedience and respect,
Honesty and staunch,
Righteous living, dedication ,
The good karma !

Frees of all desires,
Hence all sufferings,
Hence reincarnation,
Final destination
Meeting the absolute,
Through good karma !!

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Let it be

Let it be,
just like the way a tree
never asks when the birds
will return to their nests,
cuddled by its branches

Let it be,
just like the way the sun
shines on us,
without minding whether
some people wish that
it would rain

Let it be,
just like the way the clouds
gather to usher in rain,
without minding whether
some people wish that
it would be sunny

Let it be,
just like the way
a river flows, whether
it has fish or not

Let it be,
and you will cease
to have worries and uncertainties
about life

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In May When The Nomads Migrate To The Forest-side Meadows

In May—When The Nomads Migrate To The Forest-side Meadows
Give him, a glutton, Excessive doze of the drink—
An ancient Arabian queen would give his king at bedtime
And leave to her lame lover in a den.
Or if there is a Greek flower to smell!
He‘ll wake up in a dozen weeks time
Like in a long dream,
As bears with the thunders in springs.

I’ll ask my maternal-grands’ well-off gujjar friend
(Supplying them laborers in springs—in land preparation time, 
and in late summers—at harvesting.)
Arrange some dozen horses—
Black and brown, hairy and tall.
A couple of mares followed by young naughty foals.
Loud ringing harnesses, soft dip-seated saddles.
A herd of some thousand goats and sheep—
Baby lambs and bucks—
Leaping and sprinting in joy.
 A long buffaloes’ herd, some half-mile long.
A dozen dogs and as many bi'ches.
Some roasters, and golden earrings for the big egg-laying hens.
Goatskin beddings and a tall tent;
All-- in our procession.
And a travel, to the far fog-covered grassy meadows,
Across the northern forests and river.

We’ll enjoy long spiritual sits around high flaming fire,
On the lawns shall take walks in night.
 We’ll talk by the bank of the garrulous brook in moonlight,
 For hours shall sex as the unmoved frogs in seed-time,
And shall bath together in the brook, every cockcrow.

I promise you, my nomadess,
We’ll live decades in days…!
And return with
The sacred souls stirring in joy
Inside the bodies filled to the top.

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Endless Universe

Staring up at the veil of darkness
Stars shining brightly through its holes,
The moon being the gap in the middle
To glow on the world below.

As I gaze up at the darken sky
Made my mind wonder in curiousity,
Out there somewhere in this vast galaxy
Is there someone looking at the very sky
In another out there in the universe?

Space is endless
Galaxies are countless
Dimensions are limitless
Universes are zoneless.

Other worlds that call to us,
Make us wonder their existence
Places that we've seen in movies?
Stories that we read in books?

Parallel worlds where things are opposite?
Where we live in different settings?
Fate being fair or unfair to them
Depending on what it's like there.

Our imagination is endless
As we ponder the possibilities
That outside our own galaxy
There are countless worlds
Just as there are stars in the night.

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Rumis Call

I sit with you among ponds, gardens, forests
Oneness octaves omit opulence 
Captivated from beauty within cores essence
No longer pondering life's purpose
Allowing weeping willows prominence
Living now! Vibrancy in awareness synchronicity 
ruby red realizations; pebbles in water give clarity
Cognizant creative co-created creators
Living loves luminance…

I sit with you; inside the space seeing eyes filled to grace
Rejoice this moment bestowing forth its infinite inspirations
Nubulas being pictures revealing inner introspections
Confident congratulations cherished 
Every inhalation flowing to exhalation 
Self love exemplified; Living  Love Liaisons 
Lovers dance complete as thy eyes see; inner mirror of self appreciation
Parents of Co-creation playing in the garden… 

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Only Hurting Yourself

Anger boils within like a pot
A volcano just ready to explode
Magma spews down onto the soul
Yet can't realize how it hurts the heart

Lashing out at those you love
Brings pain and despair to them
For words pierce through the heart
Than a blade slicing the skin

Take a step back
Look at yourself
That stares back
In the mirror
"What is wrong with you?"

Life is filled with troubles
Instead of taking them on
You let them pile onto you
Crushing you with problems
Chipping away at your heart.

Your only defense is anger
The only weapon keeping you sane
Brings only insanity to those close
Making them fall into sorrow.

You don't seem to realize
Can't seem to grasp
Don't comprehend your actions
How much it hurts others.

You can't dish out your problems
At those who are trying to help you
You don't seem to get how your anger
Makes the people around feel

Can't you realize what your doing
Don't you have control of your life
Unaware of the scars you put on them
Even the scars that appear on you

You need to get a hold of yourself
Got to take the bull by the horns
Look at yourself closely in the mirror
Trying to tell you that your changing
Changing into something that's horrible.

You need to turn around
Find what you need
Check your feelings
Learn to tame the beast.

For in the end
Hurting others without knowing
Without taking responsibility for actions
Your only hurting yourself.

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Admitting that I don’t 
Still care even though it’s not fair
to be without everything
that made me 
exactly what it was to feel
what it was to be real
and now I don’t care anymore

Like the hands on a clock change 
Arms roll loose and free
Never knowing what to grab
Or to even believe in me
To catch a fall from a distance
Even though it’s right next to me
You still can’t believe 
I’d be there for every instance

Rollin like eyes on a face 
too bad the smile’s fake 
showing  mistakes
never seeing through to the truth 
but the words can’t lie 
when it makes the features
turn, to a painful time

Cause the thought remains				
Of how it’s never the same									       How I changed my ways
In these turbulent days
I can’t face now what’s in store
Cause there’s always gonna be that much more
Waiting, and hiding, 
Behind every curve
Like the moonlight
Sitting on the edge of your nerves
Shattering hopes and dreams
And revealing what’s not anymore

When the light shines green
its just to deceive
Even though it’s against
Everything you’ve seen
It’s dark 
Inside the heart
Filled with stains from yesterday’s rain
Leaving what’s left in the distance
And never feeling what’s real anymore
Try to look past the stage, of the rage
Knowing full well that
In this world we dig our own graves

Take me, I can not fight myself
Stretching, a life’s worth is just too much
Saddening, to run from my old self
Causing, a stigma in my eyes 

You hear a chime
Lost in age, 
A match to a time
Before May
When everything was safe

Take everything with a grain of salt cause
In the end it’s no one’s fault
Like assault
On a memory fading in the wind
No matter what it’s still a sin
Just roll with the punches kid
It’ll all turn round in the end

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Like an Angel of Mercy

Like an Angel of mercy
Carrying hopes of unknown masses
To keep together wishes of forgotten heroes
And place everyone under wings of love
Creates everlasting smiles
In the lives of depleted creatures
Taken captive by disasters in their lives
In a world ruled by failure
Surrounded by fears and tensions
Everyone looking for opening to the outside world
With many questions asked
Who will stand up to end the fiasco?
Like an Angel of mercy, to restore light of love
Just like the sun beaming through the clouds
Bring back moments everyone could cherish
For children to be born in places of hope
And grow well under the shadow of prosperity; 
Just like an Angel of mercy
A hero needed with a giving hand
Soldier with generous heart
To rebuild places where dreams could be realized

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Thank You, Father

 free verse 

Father, no other one
can manage
the crossing of my Jordan
like He does, 
thank you for sending your Son,
my Navigator, Jesus!

Father, what a novel notion -
your grace, a norm for justice.
Thank you for sending your Son,
evil’s Nemesis, Jesus!

Father, ordained at your hand,
He offers us life
by dying on Calvary.
There is no one like your Son.
He's always available to help,
your Offering, Jesus!

Father, omnipotent over all things
one Lord, our example,  
occupied with obedience,
Overlord of the universe, 
Thank you for Jesus!


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Muscat I smell a rat                                                                                                      hidden in plain sight lodged                                                                                   between their law                                                                                                         you have no haven

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A Song for My Beloved

Our Beloved returns        with a mighty entourage
his banner men ride before him
             they are swifter than stallions 
and their weapons          as the talons of eagles
their chariots are laden full
             amphora of the reddest wine
and full of the oils of gladness
This is the story                of everlasting love
written within the hearts of mankind
             a story of promises kept
of exclusive devotion without equal
             of it's engagement and preparations 
it's unity realized     and it's fidelity measureless 
a vision of excellence      is my beloved
He is the color        of the crystalline stones
forged in the hearts of the mountains
his transparency    glows in it's intensity
He is the rising             of the tides
and the canopy    that resides under the vault of heaven 
his affections call out       and reach into every dark place
and we ourselves          are held in his eternal embrace
There is to us   but one King     and our hearts
bow before his majestic countenance 
He has built a great house
many have     been employed          in it's construction
A place for rejoicing     endlessly
every fine and desirable element
                           fill his treasuries and chambers 
He cast out his lines           one by one
and baited his nets       with the words of Love
He drew us from the sea           and salted us         
with his own expressions 
and set before us         a golden bowl and chalice
filled to the brim      and overflowing
and we are faint       faint with Love
I am comely    and clothed with desire
and my esteem            is in his exquisiteness 
the flawless         reflection        of his divinity 
He has openly            shown his faithfulness
our affections as the rushes    of rivers , waterfalls
and rain in the spring         of the old growth forests
and it's age as old          as the cosmos
whose beginning is as       unknowable as it's end
Come my Beloved      and collect us together
gather the great feast           of which every bird
under heaven will partake 
be swift upon the mountains   for we are captives
in a colossal wilderness    filled with the desert winds 
held only by the golden chords 
and the silver sounds    of your own declarations
                   of Love 

Duet 7:9-12  1Kings 8:22-23  Daniel 9:4
Song of Songs    Rev 5:9

COPYRIGHT © 2014 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

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Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey
To my brother and sisters as you travel along the high of life, I want you to keep in your mind the road condition. There is going to be rainy days, sunny days, fog that will make it hard for you to see. Let us not forget about the snow and ice that can cause you to slip and fall. Watch out for pot holds and detours that will cause you to get off track. 
Along this highway that you are to travel, you are going to meet many others. Some of these people will be going in the same direction; these may prove to be good company, so fellowship. There are going to be some that are standing still on the side of the road or just stranded in need of help or they may be lost. You might want to stop and pull out the old trusted Atlas, that book of books, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, your Bible. Sharing the word just might save someone.
As you continue to travel down the highway of life, there is going to be people who are going in the wrong direction. These you want to be verrry careful of!!! Help them to turn around if they are willing to listen, but do not let them cause you to crash and burn! Stay focused their direction is detrimental to soul as well as yours so beware! 
While you are traveling down the highway of life with your spiritual license, use your knowledge are the wisdom found in your trusted road Atlas, that book of books; Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, the Bible. If your path has been true and your heart has been in your journey, this highway that you have been traveling should bring you to the interstate, the interstate to Heaven.
Beware! This Highway to Heaven is paved with good intentions and if you turn the wrong way, it can easily become hells highway. Stay diligent and strong in the Word and use good judgment in all things that you do.
You will meet many people along the way, some will be Angels in disguise, and others will be demons. The Angels are a blessing, but the demons , well they will offer you free rent with free heat but the costs is very high. 
Well I have come to the end of this roadside assistance and I will leave you with this, so keep it next to your heart. Life is a journey so sit back and enjoy the ride. You are in good hands with Jesus! 

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I Try to Push the Wall Down

the sick sun returns to die my stomach stings squirms and burns eternity is calling out a warm meal my jaw tenses up the breath goes into my swollen throat a lady bug crawls on a string attached to a ceiling light stalin chokes on his blood as his doctors watch the lady bug creeps towards the hot bulb burning my eyes blink sleep beckons me to bed through the cold window the blues slide into my bones the room darkens grey holocaust films haunt my morning memories old ladies cry tears of pain burnt bodies in ovens thoughts disjointed deep pauses in reason i squeeze each strained word from my fingers shrill guitar notes from old blues tunes creep the lady bug has gone towards the cold plastic covered window someone give me a sign a mystery angel or a god i need a faith that i can touch the blues beat drives on like a knock on my door trains filled with frozen human corpses the smell of dry stench cat spray rotting garbage piled wrappers and waste smiling politicians buses and trains roll on through the night a wife grins as she cheats on her husband pictures of air-brushed beauties in magazine stands next to candy-bars and gum illiterate citizens drive with cell-phones on their ears i’m scouring emptiness for magic verses clouds of silver heaven oil jesus portraits grandmothers’ cookies and milk giggling monogamous sex frowning faces vinyl flowers shopping carts filled with frozen food classic rock bus-stops power-chairs enough the high-pitched guitar note drones the bright computer screen hurts my eyes i fight wanton hunger leaves rustle in the cool november wind i see these words they exist my fingernails keep growing fingernails grow on dead human bodies i’m alive strange moments nothing makes sense but i’m afraid to die crawlin’ king snake crackles through the speakers i know my girl loves me food promises love and life sunny days and holidays i scratch my head hunger gnaws on me sugar runs low in my blood my brain slows my words huff and try to push the wall down 

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When the ether settles
and fortune bellows
and eastern stars make haste
to rise
Says one cat to the other's jazz
let not the crystal trade your
For growing roads like trees
or babes
a constellation mayn't foretell
Like ore, a mineral deposit found,
such plaster curves
and muscles drive.
The cat with jazz then
made aware, did leave his iron
bars aside
And south by east
the stars they ride.

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Outlandish Secrets

Outlandish secrets kept in the night wood like 
Your brothers beseeching nightmares.
Callous and turned, they strode the dusty ground,
Their minds rafting onto peach marmalade,
Tears full with memory,
And listening, with hearts swelling 
Above the earth.
Running with cork guns we pop them all 
And forgive whatever was forgotten 
When rolling in the grass.

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Garden of Irony

He breathes between winks in migraine pulse,
throbbing against the challenge of an overly lustrous day.
Watching halos fall through broken sun-glass hue,
he wonders how much more the wind will break.
Limbs rest in the arms of an aging garden,
rotting and yet, still beautiful.
Ivy swims beneath the man’s shadow,
curling its way up, and opening its breast
toward the promise of nirvana. 
He bends, takes a branch 
in his hands and ponders
the irony of life, and its 
It feels fake in his hands,
so he flicks the bark 
off its back,
letting its naked remains
fly in 
another direction,
toward a rusting chariot,
where it will be 
delivered unto a bed of flame.
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Who Truly Knows

You know
That I know
That 'we’ know
Nothing, at all!

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A Hundred Thousand Dreams

Each night you dream in fours or fives
or more, hundreds of dreams a month,
thousands of dreams a year. Yet
you know you've dreamt but a few,
and can scarcely remember those--
where then are the unknown dreams?

Are they hiding in a special place within
your unconscious, that vast part of mind
lying iceberg-like beneath the waves
of the knowing world? Are those dreams
that came alive only in the dark side of
your mind still there, waiting patiently
to be known by your sleeping soul
when it awakens in the real world?

I have lived long enough to have made
over 100,000 of these little home movies--
will I ever get to see them again.

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Walk the Dream, Fan the flame

This facade that we build
around our bones;
this walking dream

Shouldn’t be any different,
than what we keep in the night,
where the stars burn as freely 
as our hearts.

I say we stoke the fire,
throw it all in.

Watch the sand turn to glass,
peel the skin back
                    swallow the marrow of promise.

Let the light reflect.

-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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COMPASSION, as I see it, is generosity without publicity;
it is the secret and spontaneous act of giving to save someone
who's dying and not the alms given when one is already in the coffin;
it is the setting aside of a longtime desire for personal luxury
in paving way to a neighbor's necessity;
it is not a mere showing of sympathy when one actually
has the material means to help nor it is a priestly advice
to a needy to pray but to make one's self available
to be GOD's instrument in answering to a poor man's prayer.
One must not be proud that he has advised a needy person to pray.
Why? Can one not realize that when a man is in a real need he does a lot of thinking?
For sure, praying is a needy's first option and that a comfortable
way of approaching a neighbor is among the priority concerns of his prayer.
If one claims that he/she has been blest then how can he/she be a
testimony to prove GOD's blessing if he/she is only good at
advising yet reluctant to actual giving?

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Till Death Do Us Part

I lay awake, at night
Hearing your spirit, calling me
I feel you, deeply
Another time, another space
How, do I bring you back home?

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Parking Outside Your Mind

Every move takes twice as long
With a hawk eye
Beading down
And the machine can run without you
But to no avail it will certainly crash and burn
No reward, no temptation.
Studying, hurrying, scurrying
Are these actions for better or worse?
The pole dances around the fairy
Not knowing its own accord
But who can wait for one who does not understand?

The riddle is too extreme 
The desire is too real
The smoke cannot dissipate
It’s a screen of perilous oils
Burning and cascading 
Till death do us part.
Walking and talking 
Through the valleys of Neptune
Soon the discussion will turn us back
To a history that’s 
Parking outside your mind.

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Seed Of Love

Tiny seeds germinate
Fresh roots sprout
New life is born!
The weeds come for free
As every beautiful rose
Has it's thorns!
Growing tall, against all odds
Growing towards the light
Laying our roots deep
Staying strong, yet flexible
We are a tree of life
Or the seed in the ground
We are 'one' of the same!

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Voices in the Night

They wake me sometimes.
Names, nonentities
come out of the corners like leftover pipe smoke,
jerking at my slumber,
scratching at the soft circles
I draw around my head.

	Spirits, pardon me;
	I am a dense dreamer!
	Transfer of consciousness slows down
	when aging dashes on.
	Inner sound and psychic sense
	don't mingle very well.

Yet they persist;
their whispers inarticulate, seductive
for my mind, surreal--
breaking up my memories in fragments,
bringing recollection only in a later dream,
then never with a reason why.

	And I may reason why,
	convoke these shades
	just as I cry to you
	that I, too, reach with hollow hands
	across the bridge of consciousness
	until I die,
	and travel on the edge of time.

I think that they are teaching me--
these voices.  Systematically
in silent, restless throbbing they prepare me,
their own strength gaining as mine wanes.
I think they watch, like tower control
upon the homing planes.
I think they know
to what stupendous realm I go.

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The Myth of Laureled Paradise

   A living corpse breathes on the bed
   Light and Death cool the sweat
   Beading on the forehead of blank
   Centuries heeding on greed and a
   Invisible monster numbered in the book
   Of souls misting in the laughter of science

   Come now the voices
   Coo and be reborn into the bleeding
   Tapestry of blood and violence
   Sex and death pulse from the atom
   Bombs and the makers of worlds destroy
   The color like lead throats choking
   On the beauty of a balmy window soothing
   The pain in psalms ruptures butterflies and bees
   In the breeze of yellow summer lying in haze

   White sheets wrapped in murders’ dingy
   Rooms fading windows lust stabbing
   Each heartbeat a vision of nothing
   -ness and the lyric of one more soft
   meal and the murmur of crowds chanting
   the name of digital songs evoking Gods
   dead in the commerce of equations stocks
   falling in the channels of streets babbling
   from scabs of dreams dry and broken the
   bread is poisoned words empty cupboards
   crumbed with the myth of laurelled paradise…

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Feather In The Wind

Feather in the wind
Gracefully you fall
Upon the gentleness of a breezes whisper
Or, in the strong winds that blow a gale, strong
Light and gentle, you remain
Calm, in your outcome

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No Worries

No Worries
The Lord is my shepherd the keeper of all of my hopes and all of my dreams. I hold Him close to my heart and we will never part. His light will always be seen every step of my walk, even when I talk, we will never be apart.
My trust in the Lord is sight unseen and it my faith the keep me clean. My problems maybe many but there is no need to worry, because of my belief is just to strong, in Jesus I just cannot go wrong. There a song in my soul that sends my spirit high, praising my Lord until the day I die and I know will be at His side. Keeping in mind that Jesus divined nature is not all it’s for all and it is not hard to find. It’s a gift that the Father as give to all of mankind.
Now to time to tell you about a child that was born in glory, salvation was the pearl that that was bought into this world. To the poor and the despaired He gives hope and healing His power ever revealing. Love and praise to His people He did give peace within if you stop your sinning.
The dead He will raise and true life He gives meaning for all who stop their sinning. Those that where in power, never would they honor, instead they feared the one that was foretold as the prophecy was unfolded. Crimes they cried, this was the lie which sentenced our savior on earth to die and fulfilling what was to be. From heaven to earth He came to teach us the way, and earth to the cross, a debt that was not His did He paid. From the grave He ascended home to His throne, there He sits and he not alone waiting for those the price He did paid so that they may life and have it more absurdly for every and a day.
Now why is it so hard for us to have faith and trust for the Christ who love us  oh so much, so that we that we can have peace and find everlasting life , free from suffering in paradise. 

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Driving on the highway.
Body tired.
Mind Exhausted.
Over rivers of cement.
Under rising jumbo jets, bellies exposed.

Suddenly a flash of sunlight
hits the taillight
of the car in front of me,
creating the image of a bright,
white, hot diamond.

It dazzles.

For one brief moment
the chemical reaction of
reflected sunlight
and my own weary mind
produces a most surprising
but acute state of clarity.

Perhaps, even wisdom.

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The Scent of their Soul

Once they walked many parts of this land
A people tall and tanned
They travelled along lines of song
Together banded by brother and sister strong
Their language bares the scent of their soul 
In rock art lining walls of ancient water holes
It speaks through spirits of ancestor’s old
Fragrant of Country so olden, before even dreamtime stories told
A soul descendant from Wadjina 
Bonded inextricably to land and culture
The creator of Country, of woman and man
It whispers between cathedrals of rock
Soulful ghosts - protector of past and present 
Through their ceremonies 
The young one’s listen through eye’s bold
Watching shadows dance round camp fire told
The scent of their soul
It lingers in the dust
In the ashes 
In the creeks
It reeks of treachery past
A colonial collision
A mismatch of missions
Some stand up and listen
Others drown Christened
It’s time to give in to worry
It’s time to say sorry...

18 Oct 2014

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The Forge

Heat surrounds me as I walk between the Anvil and the Hammer. 
I am smelted, molten iron waiting to be formed and reformed,
quenched under cold water, hardened again and again until 
firm and strong…
…just a little flexible, ensuring me to become unbreakable.

I turn around, looking, watching, searching
	for the Armorer, the Forge-master, the Liberator
The Commander of these flames
(building to higher intensity—higher Stability)
I am shaped again, between the Anvil and the Hammer…
stronger, as this new molten alloy is injected in my veins.

I am liquid glowing steel shaped anew
	hammered, beaten, brought to the barrel until the edge is clean and razor sharp…
…Made flexible again…made unbreakable once more
Stronger in this 2nd life, this 2nd cycle…twice-born to learn, to evolve, to lead
			and become more than I was and more than I could be
The fire burns higher and hotter, flames tonguing my female flesh
	lapping at my neck and cheeks and lips
entering through my breath and mingling with my Earthly form.
	…And I become the Armorer, the Forge, the Commander of these fever flames
	  I am Steel, charged with cold fury, shaped to a seamless edge, power to slice
And here I take my leave and employ my Vengeance.

Blade in Body I stand to fight
Body in Blade I enter battle, 
	demanding the blood of my enemy, demanding victory
The enemy is on all sides and I am poised, ready
I am
I am my enemy
And the disease in my mind is ready to die.

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Transcendent Amour

Telepathy is what binds us,
Similar minds and intellect,
Unsaid words are well heard and understood!

Soul to soul transfer,
Unseen are the places,
Visible to the spirits and well perceived !

Uncounted places and occasions,
Unplanned we always meet,
Idealistic are the meetings to memorise!

Fingers are eager to write,
Swift to move with thoughts,
Invariably at the same time exchange!

Words are all we have to cherish,
Rather than visit to the tunnel of love,
Purely platonic, relationship worth appreciation !!

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The freedom of faith

To be human
Man’s response to Eternal God by faith must be free
Therefore nobody is to be forced to embrace the faith against his will
The act of faith is on its very nature a free act
Eternal God calls men to serve Him in spirit and in truth
They are bound to him in conscience
But not coerced
This fact received its fullest manifestation in Father Christ Jesus
Father Christ invited people to faith and conversion
But never coerced them
For he bore witness to the truth but refused to use force
To impose it on those who spoke against it
His kingdom
Grows by the love with which Father Christ
Lifted up on the cross
Draws men to Himself


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Trick Of The Mind

Is it the trick of the Mind,
To feel so alive in departure?
To have dropped all luggage,
Sealed the door on this fractured room.
To have had blood spilt
By the very knife that stirred it;
To stand sole once more
With this exposed gloom?

The longing is expected,
And opened palms pitied
Like the surface had stood as the face of a cliff.
Yet who is cleansed in this premature collapse?
Or who is drowned when omitted at last?

And who here, with cobwebs that engulfed the flame,
And choking spray of deadened ash,
Can close eyes and laugh at the crack in the frame:
Am I awake?
Or to wake and thrash?

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My demons have got a hold on me
I can feel their presence when I sleep
Pulling me down into this great abyss
Filling my joy with sorrows emptiness
Dragging my soul across the coals of hell
Where the arid land is filled with hopes decaying smell 
Maggots eat upon the dead flesh of my rotted faith
From a God I once loved but now have learned to hate
The bible tells me there is a better day
But that day has come and now its passed away
Im no longer buying the bull*****this world has to sell
I closed that bloody book of holy wars and say oh well
Silence has now become my only friend
And my fear has become its own unto the bitter end
I can hear you knocking, but I won't adhere
Because Lord your no longer welcomed here
I have tried to do things Your way
And it ripped the smile from my face
Now my Lord and demons can not kill what isn't there
I say **** it all into the darkness where I disappear 

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Life-altering Experience

Her eyes shut down,
Her life had been stolen, sleeping on a summer day,
Deeply, she’d snored in relief,
“She found the light”
The one she always searched for
Because the world is dark,
But her spirit can light up a town.
My mom met heaven,
Heaven approved,
And God introduced her to it.
I just didn’t think that God had to put her to bed,
For a whole month and a half,
Because we missed her,
We thought
We’d lost her.
You only borrowed her, 
She has returned. 

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Never Forget

What will happen when the public looks down on you?
Do you hide? 
Do you hang your head in sorrow? 
Don’t let it get to you! 
Know that God will always love you! 
No matter what He is there for you. 
Never forget that. 
He is always there. 
He has a purpose for everything that happens. 
Even when things seem bad, 
He has a way to work things out!

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Subconscious Coma

subconscious coma

borrowed feelings
betrayed wisdom
abused intellect
stolen thoughts
discarded emotions
a subconscious coma
lost in the stratosphere
of humanities collective conscience
manipulating the laws of the universe
at war with the mystic
exploding ego's lost in stars
to be recycled

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You are, and not as feared...
just a birthing and a dying,
nothing before, nothing after.

No, that is your body (and
brain)-- but you are,
forever, without beginning,
without ending, a soul
stepping briefly out of eternity
into a fragile shell alone and lost 
in a world of life and death, 
sunrise and sunset, desire and 
regret. Yet you forget what you
truly are-- the very breath of God.

And so you blunder through this
dream-speckled life like an orphaned
child hungering for home.

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For the first time
I need help
for the first time
my pride took a hike

always rose to top
now I’m not fresh anymore
I seem to flop

my vulnerability
is exposing my inability
to cope with my shortcoming
the truth is
I am going through a power dip

it seems I was brought
down from my high hoarse
in every game
there was a dip
in my scores

there is a loud back fire
in my exhaust
the impact knocked me off coarse
I cannot believe
how many times for help
I have to ask
even the verses
that I write seems lacking…

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Whoever you are I love you

No misleading innuendo, the universe will crescendo, 
tuning the hearts of all resuming the art of fall and proceeding rise, 
for when one die's so does part of another, 
and for every father and mother there was one before, 
so the chore's of life are waiting to to be adorned, 
hearts need cleaning and the trash you've carried from the past can be deceiving, 
so recycle the waste from your life and keep pace with what's right in your heart, 
do your part and soon you will determine how far your definition of being a person takes you, find out what it takes to 
attempt and not resent your chance to try, 
for someone who never does is the exact reason why, 
most people don't think love is worth it, 
so they lay alone and keep the words with, the emotion behind staying still, 
believe what your heart asks praying will come true, 
and the pain for no reason won't numb too, 
it will transgress from seem-less to life like the phoenix, 
your free will shall be owned by no man, 
but be aware of the applications program, 
they construct tools to abduct your imagination, 
they've found ways of attracting our natural fixations, 
but be calm, you hold the world in the palm of your hands, 
we lover's have plans for a peaceful world, 
but only if you believe me, only if you're willing to stand up to the greedy 
and put an end to oppression, upon my own reflection I find perfection from what's within us being exactly what we see around us, 
stop waiting the god's have already found us,
 they are wondering why we continue doing what hurts, 
and remaining thinking life is just a curse.. 
but if we do nothing and wait we will be much to late for harmonious fate, 
do your part and give gratitude, our earth depends on your attitude 
no matter where your longitude or latitude is, 
my absolute wish is for all to be loved, and when you look above 
to the stars shining, know that light is reminding 
of what will triumph over dark, for the tree of life has merely chipped its bark, 
find what you love and find what you're willing to prove, wishing the world would change for peace, please remember I do too.

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An Evil World

It is an evil world we live in, it is darker than you think.
The demons of this lifetime are alive and well just as they 
have been for numerous years.

Blinded by the day's business, good people are often in denial 
and forget that the evil is here.  Though present during the day 
it is magnified at night.

Woe to us to be so engulfed in our own, often difficult lives 
filled with both joys and sorrows, that we don't see the 
spiritual battle over God's children... a battle between God's 
angelic forces and Satan's slick and evil minions.  This entire fact 
is not some sort of fiction but very real.

The demons invade some unaware humans.  Blindness to our 
own vulnerability can often result from our lack of awareness 
and listening to too many lies.

Witchcraft is real and vampires who drink blood and kill are so 
very much alive, their human shell would be just a memory if it 
were up to this world's dark prince, master of this realm.

So whose side are you on? This side of self-awareness, 
choosing the life with God who offers blissful and eternal rewards 
or do you belong to Satan intentionally or unawares?
Do you belong to him as he sucks the life, blood and soul out 
of yours and other human skins?

Make sure the path that you stay on is the one that really 
makes you happy, fulfilled and content.  Because the road is 
wide like a huge open jaw and without God's truth in
your life, the fiery pit is waiting for you.

If you enjoy being the devil's killing fields so that he can 
have his way, then by all means stay with the great liar 
and lover of this evil world... as for me, I always want to live in
God's bright and loving place.

by S.E. Clark

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Embracing What Makes Me Human

The breath threatens to leave my lungs 
suffocated & smothered 
Blindness to this 
I hold it in my palm, open and forward 
He's scared of my fear, of my heart, of my all 
Darkness always follows light 
But he's scared 
Of my fear, of my heart, of my all 
Of what it will make him feel 
He leaves my questions unanswered 
          leaves me wanting, searching 
I feel lost and unseen for who I am, what I am 
What I hold inside 
Dancing in the chambers of my blood heart 
Skulking in the shadows of my mind

I can feel the heat of perfect truth probing at the deadwood of fragmented thought

He's scared to hear, to see, to feel
Why are you scared of my spirit? Because it pulls to the forefront of your mind all the things you lack, all the things you want, all the dark twisting violence that you hate but cannot turn away from in your own reflection

I have no fear anymore, I've surpassed the need to drink from this cup.. 
The need that's left gets chipped and scattered 
I crave my own! And why can't I have it? 
I hide it all away, to shelter you from my dark, to let you believe that I hold only joy at this domestic existence But there's scars and tissue and tendon that bleed, that demand aggression and evolution
 But he's scared, of my thought and my prayers, because I am unconventional, spiritually tall

And so unafraid of unleashing raw emotion 
So unafraid to embrace humans' need to feel hate along with love Aggression with gentle compassion

So unafraid to embrace all of my Self

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Where God Lives

A Nordic says "God lives in Asgard"

A Jew says "God lives in Heaven"

A Mayan says "God lives in the 13 Heavens"

A Samurai says "God lives in the Katana sword"

A Gnostic says "God lives within us"

If God was to be asked where he lives,
which abode do you think he would say?

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Peace in the night

When will the rain fall warm
on cold feet;
that have tracked muddy trails 
to places I've only dreamed.
When will the wind blow softer
notes; remind me that peace
isn't a lonely cough
                            ...but a calming melody.
When will the sun rise,
and not burn tired eyes? 
I reach into a shattering sky,
and pull down what I can not see.
The last memory,
of what could be. 
I find hope when the sky turns,
afraid to give it my back;
always looking up
                                ...toward the only brilliance I still know.
Glistening mystery;
how fondly I wonder
                   about all that space,
                            quiet and eternal. 
                   there is peace.
Somewhere this dust
can settle,
                and be at rest in the sight of something new.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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This we share

There's a part of you thats seldom seen
that's always been and always will.
It's still, it's sure, it doesn't want more,
It understands what kindness is for
and why everything must change
in this seemingly deranged unfolding
so that the love you are holding can be set free.
It understands me
which is more than I do
but I recognise and worship the divinity within you.
Godly but oddly grounded,
all fears unfounded, well rounded.
Every second welcomed regardless of content
or how a day's meant to be.
Please allow me to humbly greet you.
My head below yours says I am honoured to meet you.
No other way to treat you
and this divine line that winds its way through your being,
all knowing and all seeing
knows it flows through every soul
and bows it's head in turn below.
No judgement or scale
and nothing for sale.

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Faith is grace

When St. Peter confessed to Jesus is the Christ
The Son of the living God
Jesus declared to him that this revelation did not come from flesh and blood
But from my Father who is in heaven
Faith is a gift of Eternal God
A supernatural virtue infused by him
Before this faith can be exercised
Man must have the grace of Eternal God to move and assist him
He must have the interior helps of the Eternal Holy Spirit
Who moves the heart and converts to Eternal God
Who opens the eyes of the mind
Makes it easy for all to accept and believe the truth

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My Prayer

My Prayer

Most Holy and righteous God
Alpha and Omega; the Beginning and the End
The Great I AM…
I come to you lowly, meek and mild 
To extend thanks and praise to you
Thank you Father for every breath inhaled and exhaled
Thank you for the good days as well as the bad
Thank you for my “Job” experiences because they 
have brought me closer to you. 
Thank you for all you have done, and all you are about to do.
Continue to guide my feet Lord as I travel down this chaotic road called life.
Instill in me the courage to do your will so when the day comes
that I close my eyes for the very last time, you will proclaim
“Well done my good and faithful servant”
In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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I Raised My Hand

Tonight, I did it.
Tonight, I found it.
Tonight, I discovered it.
Tonight, I raised my hand.
Tonight, I am new.
Tonight, I am brand new again.
Tonight, I raised my hand.

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The Key of A

The quiet library rented my mind for a season in an hour time is a hand no one ever sees I 
think this is an end bend the spoon lick the blade it’s all for sale silence is chain-mail 
reason hits like a kiss of claws scratching for salvation the key of A drove a composer 
mad drawing of a withered woman lost in a face

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Soul Unchained

Shackles of sadness
Chains of despair
Prison of depression
A dungeon of darkness.

Sunlight shines through the bars
Its rays shining on my face
The warmth and love it brings
Gives me hope to survive.

Shadows lurking in the darkness
Taunt my existence and well-being
"You'll never make dreams come true",
"You'll never make it".

Every direction I hear them
Trying to get me to lose myself
Down a spiral of madness
Wanting to break my spirit.

Yet I lift my head high
Staring at the light
That lies outside my cell window
Showing the beauty of the sun.

The sun my only friend
Telling me to hang in there
For I have the strength I need
To break the shackles of my despair.

No matter how much pain 
My body will endure
The soul can never break
Such as the mind keeping its sanity.

I pull forth with all my might
The chains and shackles keeping be back,
Yet I pull forth toward that window
Getting closer by the inches.

The chains and shackles beginning to crack
As my will was fighting back
My determination breaking through
The soul fueling the fire within
To melt through the chains that held me down.

My arms reach out toward the window
The sound of metal chipping away
As the constraints beginning to give way
Breaking a part into pieces
As I was breaking free.

My hands grabbing the bars of the window
As I was free from my restraints
Embracing the warmth of the sun
As my eyes glowed like the aurora
For there was hope for me
I can make it out as long as I believe.

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Gazing Past A Reflection

I placed a mirror behind me,
So it could see where I was going.
Was truly tired of its daily invitation,
To look at just me again and again.

I walked that day beyond self-center,
Away from an isolated cold that was only me.
Moving ever so surely within a drifting warmth;
Then arms I'd never known began their embraces.

I was watching them for once instead of just self,
Plate glass image vanity suffering no more illusions.
Finding older is an indispensable sacred friend;
This face of my spirit emerging from temporary skin.

I am such a lucky one to have recognized my reality.
Traveling beyond this mortal vision to grasp all minds, 
For they are truly the maps that will lead one to paradise.
No windows stopping in own eyes will ever bring me there.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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U Love U

A lot of people are searching for love
Looking for a mate to compliment themselves
Feeling unfulfilled, incomplete, the worst half
Looking for that other half to feel complete
But some of those people searching for love
Don't love themselves half as much
Looking for someone to love them
Because it’s hard to love the one in the mirror
The world tells you that you’re not OK
You're too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, 
Too black, too white, too flashy, too plain, 
Teaching that an hourglass figure is the goal
And a muscular frame is the key of happiness
If you don't love you, nobody else can
Because people love confident people
People that's confident in themselves
The key for confidence is in loving self
Once you love yourself, you go for the best
Not for last place, but first place
Many must learn to love self
Or at least force yourself in that love
Learn yourself, trust yourself, and believe in you
Motivate yourself and no one can stop you
So smile, you deserve it and much more
Spoil yourself one a while and enjoy
Put that chest out, stand tall and walk
You're excellence, magnificence, elegance
But first love you, trust and be pleased
So love that person in the mirror
And watch a new you bloom!

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I can't see through every lie 
The only truth I know is dying
Isn't that a sad thing to say 

But anything is hard to believe 
When everything isn''t what it seems
what I used to know doesn't matter anymore

Actions speak louder than words 
but intentions are what rules this world 
but the intentions pay no attention to the world

There is one thing I wish to be 
it's very simple I want to be free, 
but I don't even know what that means 
I thought I did before

I can't deny what I see 
smiling faces made of misery 
bank statements gained from poverty, 
I see compliance instead of anarchy

What I'm saying isn't too surprising 
I know that people realize there just to scared to 
step outside their narrow mind  
they're poisoned they're paralyzed

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The Well

I chanced to visit once a well
   Abandoned for eternity

Surrounded by a velvet sky
   It somehow beckoned me

From ages past the grass had grown
   And withered there to die

Replaced by shadows that beseech
   The coming passerby

And as forever rambles on
   Brief respite waits for me

Within this old and shallow well
   Eternity I see

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Confessions Of Mind And Soul

       Confessions Of Mind And Soul

Bless me father for I can’t win
Divorce is not a crime but is a sin
So I have sinned against God and man
And stand accused but not convicted
My real crime and sin was being born
Which naturally is no excuse
Now waiting at the gates of hell for truth
Waiting for my wife to join me
Only time and mercy can set us free
Perhaps purgatory is in my future
I’ll have to see what God has on His mind
For my sins and crime

Created on 9/03/14 for – Heart and Soul Confessionalism Poetry Contest

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Can't Break Me

Out of the darkness
Struck like a lightning bolt
He came without warning
Like a lion striking his prey.

He may have my purse
Took all that I had with me,
But you can't take my pride
You can't break my spirit.

Though in a state of shock and horror
I know that I'll recover
For time heals all wounds
The piper will pay the price.

I'll keep my head high
Keep looking for tomorrow
Growing stronger and being wiser
From the trauma that I've faced.

I won't let it happen
I'll be on my guard
For like the strongest steel
You won't break me.

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Sin's Benison

It comes as something of surprise.
We need the broken figurines.
the malice we expressed,
the heart forever bound in cords
constricting its magnificence.
It seems
the pure, transcendant, holy orb
that shines above the saints
cannot be dealt with quite so well
as grief and pain of loss,
as ashes on our foreheads, 
or the sacrament of penitence.

Chagirned though I may be
to prize the fragments packed away
in tissued boxes, just
to call upon until the years thin out
and memories themselves are jewels
I am beguiled by them,
and sifted through the fingers of my mind
these worthless shards
encased in dusty time
at last surcease their cries
for they are mine alone,
and in this pageant of the years, I find
that I need play no more
the cumbrous role of God.

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Giddy laughter the monitor is going
To sleep heart of Christian pagan
Death-bed fire burning out
The window light Rome crumbling
Ashes dust another country attention
No exceptions every student must log
In the universe is on all sides in a straight
Line birth life death
Fornicators fenced in seas
In Russian winter ice quiet
Report on the meanings of 
Stories deadlines madness
Is confident and loves its moth
-er who is dancing violently in
The light burning eyes staring 
At flashing screens selling plastic
Chips place your bets double blind
-s folded the notes sit in a hundred 
Years of smog melting grapes under
Trees preaching law meteors dancing
Fires reaching hands in caves spread
-ing blood words wince still


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Oracle of Valiance

Being with you; I am soaring high grounded in adoration…
Upon your departure creeps my secret resistance…
Suppressing, squashing my heart desires is voracious outside influence…
Telling me “Mocked will be your soul’s dowry” lacking acceptance…
So I love you discreetly from a distance…

I must heal; come forth into this realm with this brazen interjection…
Truth revolves as the atom evolves its holy gift…
Awakened awareness is fearless; intuition guided from the source…
Activating my unutilized hallowed programming…
In union with this great ally, blessed be sacred force…
Connecting to the heart; this is the true course…
 Connected to the heart; I give willingly not needing aggrandizement… 
Connected to the heart; I will not be inhibited by the chatter of illusion, buying energy lowering lies leaving empty confusion…
Connected to the heart; I can give my love and touch without desiring carnal pleasure... 
Connected to the heart; I release my caged rainbow prism…

Warmth from your charming nature bewilders me…
Enchantment oozes outward silhouetting my aura…
I have entangled with variations of her soul since the beginning…
None have tasted so delicious as jasmine and honey…
None have scribed atomic codes to this structure as your nude embrace…
Now I swim within your ocean purified by its grace…
Now I sit still with silence knowing…
Exploring together the music of a unified yet individualized soul…

Hence forth…
I shall sing the song of love.... 
I shall fill your heart with its bounty... 
I shall kiss your lips from its passion... 
I shall hold your hand from its commitment... 
I shall embrace you from its resolve... 
I shall serenade you with its inspiration... 
I shall devote to you from its unwavering faith... 
 I shall give unto thee my love freely for its cycle of power is infinite…
Now I shall forever love you openly; closely tethered, cleansed of the distance from resistance…

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Taekwondo Competition

~~~Taekwondo Competition~~~

Taekwondo is in my blood
Every day I go into battle
I fight millions of fights when I am in my sleep
Sometimes I am challenged by raging demons…

Sparring with ease and gliding through the air
A jumping back pivot kick with the ease of butter
A pick kick is my most lethal weapon
A reverse roundhouse will push my opponent back

In three –three minute rounds of full contact
Anything can and will happen 
At the end of a match the opponents shake hands
All in a day’s brave battle
For five long years undefeated in my area
And now I only fight in my dreams
One day when my youth is restored I will teach other kids 
How to also overcome their demons
And I will help them keep score
All in a day’s brave battle

Gwendolen Rix

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Destruction of Women

Some men seek to destroy women to satisfy their own
pitiful images of themselves, subjecting the fairer sex
to lives of hell,

Whether its emotional, physical or mental abuse,
Either way, their distortion of women have grown obtuse,
Their respect has dwindled and they would rather treat
them like refuse,

The misguided men are really vying for their souls,
but strong women rarely acquiesce to the heinous
acts of hate and distress they cast upon them,

The godesses of earth outer shells may die, cry
and live with shame, yet their souls still roar with
beauty and a tireless flame,

Only cowards would seek to destroy whom God has created
to raise good girls and boys......

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I first saw sensuality on her face;
Sweet, red lips, bedroom eyes,
And a smooth, flawless face.

It was the most beautiful face that I had
Ever seen; the horizon as the sun sets
Or a sky bursting with meteor showers
Couldn’t outmatch it.

Tears in my eyes was my response
To this master art; I couldn’t bear
My emotions seeing Gaia in front of me;
Her beauty revealing her infinite divinity.

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Deep in meditation, I waited.
Breathing slow, soft and deep; I waited.
Then exploded on the inner screen
Such an image of the Divine Matrix
It took my breath away.

There sat I, alone, yoga posed and silent
And from my glowing body spanned
A multitude of galaxies, their webs and strands
Of multiplicit energies, reaching away and beyond
Connecting with lifeforms unimagined.

Each pulsing thread bearing high voltage messages
And deepening awareness of connections within,
As above, so below. 
Suddenly I knew I could generate change,
Be a force for good, love and plenty

Because my threads of life, awareness, love and God Force
Reached out across the universe. 
As I am here, I am there, I am everywhere Present.
The threads of the Matrix weave the web of eternity,
forward and back, all the tomorrows, abundance or lack.

And so, revived, encouraged and conscious
I now can use the threads of the Matrix
To create, transform, transmute and rediscover
All the marvelous pieces of my shattered, scattered selves
into the golden threads of the Matrix. 
Reborn, Renewed.

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love or not to love

Dying for our sins, 
to his Almighty Father 
Forgive them 
Not knowing what they do, 
beyond our eternity 

Upon death 
darkness falls 
Love or not to love, 
begs the answer 

The choices will 
Always be the same 
Loved each and every one of us 
She is the Queen of love 
Our Lady mother of Jesus 

The Almighty 
I will kneel before 
On his throne 
he sits King, 
my deathbed 
I will love 
Quarter how he did 
Miracle of my life 

The reason I exist, 
already seen hell 
in all it's darkness 
Mortified in going there 
Ugliest place 

the gates of hell
paved by good intentions 
Reaching Heaven 
Paved with love 
Heaven all angels call 

One day I hope for me 
Sounds so good, 
love one another 
Then we truly love, 
maybe then we see Heaven 
With all its rewards

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Behind all of my suffering .. desire,
measuring the space between 
where I am and where I want to be
and billing me the difference.
Payment in peace-s of mind.

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Use Me

It's true, I have absolutely no idea who I am.
Lord, please show me Your way.
I give myself up to You.
Use me.

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I walk in the cathedral, its vast space
is  quiet is like the immense silence
of a  deep and gentle snow storm.
light through the stain glass windows glorifies
the sense of peace.

In the distance a book is dropped
the flat echo sounds far and small.
I hear the shuffle of people
in another nave of this place,
they talk one to another
In booming sibilants that make no sense, but echo.

An old woman prays in the pew near me,
We are so very far from the chancellery,
She flashes me looks of scorn.
I feel she knows I don't pray
and has seen I did not genuflect.

High up  amongst polished rose wood 
I hear slight noises echo as a man
moves papers that he carries.
Very softly, a low sweet sound fills this place
I feel joy and I am full of tears.

The sound stops. silence rings like crystal,
to be fractured by the opening thunder
of the Bach D minor toccata and fugue, 
which fills this place and me with sound. 
Then I am crying and desolate.
because  it is quiet again.

If a place like this can exist does it mean that there is a god.

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Your Own Suicide Part 1 of 2

(Gen. 2:7 / Jer. 10: 23 / Matt. 4: 4/Isa. 45: 22/John 3: 16/Heb. 4: 12, 13/2 Tim. 3: 16, 17)

Would You Jump Onto The Point of A Sword?
Would You Jump Onto A Live Grenade?
Would You Drink A Whole Bottle of  Poison?
Have You Lived Your Whole Life & Not Prayed?

Would You Open Your Mouth Wide To A Bullet?
Or Cut Your Own Veins With A Razor?
Would You Hang Yourself With A Noose & Fall?
Do You Not Want Eternal Life's Favor?

Would You Put - You & Your Loved Ones At Risk?
For Some Science Guess or Thesis?
That Life Got Here By Hit & Miss
& Means Nothing But Biological Pieces?

Are You One of Those That Fear Nothing?
Even As Your Own Life Ages & Fades?
At Powers & Forces Beyond Your Knowledge
Are You Not Just A Little Bit Afraid?

Would You Put Everything That You Value
and Hold Precious In This World ...
and Any Future It Could Have Had
Into A Tornado's One Final Twirl?

If You Knew You Were Going To Die
& There Was Nothing You Could Do To Stop It
Would You Live Life Like An Aimless Rocket?
Or Trust It To GOD's Powerful-Purpose-Pocket?

Do You Think That Humans Are The Only Ones?
The Only Intelligent Beings In The Universe?
Or Do You Know That We Are Not ...
& Just Don't Care Who Was The First?

And What If A Christian's Belief-Based Views
of Life - and Hope and Faith Proves To Be Truth?
Are You Prepared For The Consequences of Disbelief?
and Your Own Disaster? ...Well, Really ... Are You?

And If People Can Really Live Forever,
If There Was A Remote Chance That Its True?
Wouldn't You Make Sure & The Time To Find Out?
Or At Least Try To Get A Clue?
(If People Will Live Forever - Why Not You?)

And If Your Life Is So Terrible & Tragic
and If Your Life Is So Bitter & Bad
and If You're Ready To Give Out & Deliver It Up
Then Why Are You So Spirit-Sad?

And Would You Still Take Your Vague Chances
Not Caring About All The Particulars & Facts?
That If You Were Wrong About GOD ...
Now, Wouldn't You Want To Know About That?

Would You Jump Into The Deepest Ocean
if You Really Don't Know How To Swim?
Would You Let Yourself Sink Deeper & Deeper
if The Only Raft & Rope & Rules Was From HIM?

If You Were Buried Alive Beneath Boulders & Rubble
With Dust & Death Pressing In Every Layer
and With Just One Last Communication
Would You Still Ridicule Your Only Savior?

(Part 1 of 2)

       Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/18/2013 
       by:  MoonBee Canady

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The Little Things

Its the little things that brighten your soul
just a little bit more than it was before

To be captured is unlikely 
Yet you have found it so freely 

Feel how serene in that moment you have seen
For such beauty created is unique
and will not ever repeat

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The wind blows the butterfly, bouncing in the air.
The butterfly does not fight it,
it coasts and rides the wind, 
opening its wings 
as if it were in control of this personal wave of wind. 
It reaches its destination.

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Moving On

The slow soft solitary waltz has begun 
Thoughts of unfulfilled dreams and goals 
Thoughts of love and lovers loved and lost 
Thoughts of smiles created and eyes elated 
Thoughts of fear fading, consciousness abating 
Kinetic stardust to history’s whispers 
Eyes closing, going home

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(thinking of better weather right now :)

Tranquil waves gently crashing the lake shore. 
Tight-knit family units of Canada Geese,
all on a mutual hunting mission as they coast along the choppy waters.
Various shades of green consume the surrounding hills.
Summer voices of children playing that bring back memories from another lifetime.
Just cool-enough breezes make music as they chase eachother through the trees 
and give lift-off life into the wings of cardinals, crane birds, and geese above.
Again and again they soar into the everlasting, blue sky
while reminding me to take another breath.

Only the author of the heavens could create such a beautiful, living portrait :)

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The Book of Life

My life is like a book... the book of life.
My deeds and acts are like becoming a writer... the writer of life.

The days of being born into this world is like writing the beginning of a life story.
The days of dying from this world is like writing the ending of a life story.

The years of my life are described into volumes.
The months of my life are described into chapters.
The days of my life are described into pages.

This book cannot be seen by the eyes of others.
However, this book can be seen with the memories of others.

My book of life is my true life story.
And I am the writer of my life in my real life story.

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What an occasion – a Washington inauguration,
A second one of the first US President,
Of color. The occasion more than merely exciting,

A Chi-Town girl of color,
A participant, an honoree:
She was –
       Gifted, and
She went home, to be heard from never again,
Gunned down,
Like stalked prey.
In the street.
The reaction?  We shook our heads:
“What a shame”.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A Chi-Town man,
[Three] decades long,
Dozens of Chi-Town’s kids,
His/Their work, discipline, talent,
Exposed nationally,
Their Angelic voices,

Chi-Town, merely days afterward,
Enveloped violently; massively.

The message?  Evil speaks.
“You can have your pretty talented little back girls”,
“You can have your decades long workers”, . . . but,
I got this!!!
The message?  For evil to flourish, all it takes,
Is for many good Men/(Wo)men to do,
Nothing.     	     					            Alfreda Williamson, ©9/20/2013 

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overseeing in all His presence,
deserving with all of His blessings.
predetermined by His will,
preserved for all true seeker.
the proof of His power,
one of many true miracles of His gifts.
few are ever blessed with;
forever inspiring,
moving all works for His glory,
even sweeter when you hear it.
even better than any knowledge,
can't be compared with any sophistication,
truth of wisdom can't be bought.
the true value of all of His promises:
that before every person that is saved,
there must be first calling,
forever giving and forgiving,
begins the origin of all merciness and blessings. 

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Preech but no Practice

Stained glass pours
light throughout.
There he stands innocent 
wearing white
Sunday is a time of
rejoice, forgiveness, and worship.
All of your sins and unjust 
will be cured. 
You must stand and sing
to be heard.
                    As a salesman bargains 
for your pockets.
Elderly folk align
                  wearing finest
sunday clothing.
The lord might judge like the neighbor
who sits two rows infront. 

Equalness is drilled.
the wood always takes 
untill exiting the sunday cult.

If a black
holding an afro
and tattoo's 
               cuts you off 
or didnt say your welcome
or makes you pay more taxes
or is unjust to your demands

he would be a nigger.

Sunday afternoon is present
and you've done your deed to
your savior. 

Turning away from the poor,
while throwing a 10 for the car cleaning
 you sang your songs
that is enough. 

But the old who die 
and the young who survive
will be saved by 

not christ, not a father
not a sign

but themselves.

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I always ask for sun and it shines

On my journey today, I spent most of my morning talking to God & prayed
Saying things like how could I have ever once doubted him?
Through all the darkness its always him that comes shining in
and right before I left the store I got his message and more
Before I walked out the door, she said God bless you.
It warmed up my soul, smiled so big told her the same thing 
thanked her because I appreciated the blessing.
I feel like that was Gods way to let me know he hears when I pray
we both want it the same I always believed in us and kept faith.
I know that cus I walked out on this cold winter day,
He put the warm sunshine in my face.
Its funny on bad days I ask for sun and he does it again
Somedays it does rain but there will always be sunshine after the rain
Negative mind state will endure the pain

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His Child

I’m a child in heart 
I’m sensitive,
So don’t misuse it

I’m God’s special child
I need to respect 
My zealous Father

I need to honor Him
With my young heart,
I pray for freedom

How awesome are Your deeds? 

Relieve my heart’s ache
Help me escape 
From the darkened pit

I can be active
And beat that race 
I’m on God’s good side 
God’s mercy 
Aids me in times of trouble 

I appreciate His consideration 
He fulfills me with elation

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It is seeing the stars

in the light of the Sun

in the daytime

It is hearing the heartbeat

of a rose as it blossoms

in the spring

It is smelling the scent

of love in a desert

which has no sign of a bird

in the grave-silent sky

It is speaking a similar language

with butterfly-fish and dolphins

as you explore the enchanted floors

of an ocean in the tropics

It is being at One with everything

that is around you in your soul,

making you to be part of the fabric

of the Universe

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These Christmas lights shine no more
Except in the hearts of women and men
Burning bristly until the festive season comes again
Bringing us joy and warmth and a touch of snow

I love this special time
As families come together sometimes from afar
To reunite in a song or two
And to enjoy the gifts of our prosperity

The final touch is added
A lovely turkey that is complete with trimmings
This wonderful season so soon is gone
However the spirit of love
Well, it carries on

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The spirit

He postulates 
about angles in a swan formation 
And spectral effigies that seep 
through imaginary vents 
He sees pearl-blue beauty 
And snow-white malice 
He’s not haunted 
He’s sturdy 
His mind is a relic 
mirrors the splendour 
of drifting gulls 
He can blow hearts 
over the horizons 
And when they re-emerge, 
they are filled 
with hordes of pregnant shells 
Emitting brilliant sparkles 
He calls it love 
For his people 
Love for life

He says 
it hides neither behind vanity 
nor sense 
It flows down deserted streets 
through broken trails of night lives 
It grows out of piles of spiritual litter 
and reforms 
To ignite another spark 
brighter than the first 
it’s called 
the human spirit

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The Power Of Prayer

It can heal all of us you know.
To believe is the truest richness;
For money cannot even save a billionaire,
That is the reality of mortal existence.

Our knees are the fastest road to paradise.
To run into oblivion is the slowest torture;
I'd rather fly spirit to that heaven waiting,
Knowing some of you know what I really mean.

So, quicker than thought I may be saying goodbye,
Yet I sincerely believe I'll be seeing you soon.
My dear angels of this life joining me in the light;
This best smile will be there to greet all of you.

If it weren't for my pride I'd beg you to come hold me.
Those embraces you've offered so many times I do now need;
I think I saw the end of my road when I awoke this morning,
Hoping last prayers will be answered with the face of my Rebecca.

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn A.R.R.

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The Slow Burning Light


the slow burning light mocks
centuries and clocks spinning still
novels farm dust in widows’ sills’
and endlessly thoughts roam halls

poets die receding
ghosts burn brittle pages
ink tears tyrannical
hues blast screaming war


a patient awakens
in a white
room full of


his heart pounds
hell’s last hope
roaring pain
drowned in 


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The Finest Missionary

The Rich: 
Our lunch is so tasty and luscious 
It’s like in the mission we will see 
Hmmm….the air so cold and affectionate 
I can finally use my money as well as charm 
Crap! My gadgets will indeed save me 
Branded clothing will be an impression 
That is why; I am the best missionary here 
Because I have everything the world 
Could ever desire. 

The Intellectual: 
Yes, to teach is my dearest passion 
I’m not like you bird brains 
Who are ignorant of knowledge and prestige 
I’m the only one who can feed minds 
One that thinks and reflects 
I will make them understand 
The meaning and essence, from Soc to Sartre and beyond 
That is why I’m the righteous lad 
To be an instrument of God 
The Humble: 
Just think of the adventures we will encounter 
I’m not that rich and smart 
But to be with the people is our real task 
Not to impress, not to be a cutie, and play with coconut husk 
All I want to do is be with God’s people 
To serve Him with all my heart 
My oblation is  everything 
This sacrifice is only for Him to offer 
Not for man but to the transcendental One 

The Adjudicator: 
That is all true of what you say 
But remember that every minute there may be danger 
Snakes, NPA’s, ancient spirits and the current as you walk along the river 
Remember,  you are all unique in different talents 
Use them well to do great things 
Be sure that before it gets dark you will find your way 
Because the best among you 
Just lies beneath the veins. 
How precious is the life given for mission? 
You will all now become a real servant of the Lord 
Doing the same, but in different ways 
And let us all rise and pray 
Evaporate! Be gone and sleep early 
For tomorrow you will get wet and dreary 
Finish your food; it may be your last 
Godspeed and in Him put all your trust!

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Free Hand

Ghost hums, his sweet little lullaby
Lulls her to sleep
Even when she is black and brown
Sore from being beat
He wipes away those spent tears
As she shakes late at night
Her fear feeds his sorrow
As he holds her tight
Screaming and fighting
Trying to escape
Hangs his head, not wanting to watch
For he already knows her fate
Dried blood on her cheek
Fresh pain in her eyes
Soon she will not fear at all
For soon she will have died
Moon shines on her face
Pleading to be free
He kisses her lips softly                                                                                                                                              For soon she will be with he
The dark night has come
Her screams is what he'll hum
It will take only moments
For her life to come undone
Time slowly comes
Whimpering on the floor she lays
Covered in her blood
Her nightmares come out to play
He holds her hands
Which are slowly growing cold
And he smiles at her, letting her know
That when her life drains out
It is a free hand he will hold...... 

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Do we stay or do we go

With spiritual eyes much can be seen
that physical eyes cannot

As with most of us though...
we do not always see with our spiritual eyes

For us, we see not far beyond what is ...
yet, there is the dream, the dream of more far off

The question still lingers in my head...
do we stay or do we go?

For where we are right now
seems like we are stuck in a hole

With no possibilities of improvement here
displaying angst and no contentment or value 

So the question arises over and over again
do we stay or do we go?

Guide us Lord, to where You would have us be
and prepare the way before us

For without the assurance that You are leading
not one step shall be taken on our own

Our hearts are disappointed, yet not in despair
for we know your timing is not as ours

Though we say, we wait on the Lord...
with great struggles it is, at times

We trust in confidence that You know best
and will lead us to what You have for us

So in our waiting, as we stumble along, we whimper softly
do we stay or do we go?

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In the eye of many whirlwinds
Stays a deep, dark pool,
Tranquil and translucent,
At the vortex of Being,
Forever fed by subtle springs
Which give mysterious birth to
Thoughts pure and lucid
In their easy distillation.
Time is sure to transport, but
Mortality's ride is muffled
In this sweet, serene suspension.

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Alway there

Quickly falling waves crashing against rocks rain falling heavily. Listen. sunlight dim hidden. dark clouds continue to leak. Loud thunder rolls. Lightning in the background. Heart pounding racing clothes soaked dripping. water splashes, still falling. Voice quite. He reaches down and grabs me, he says have faith for I've been here all along. And I love u.

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To Mozart

Upon hearing what you heard
And relayed with such devotion,
The soul arises as a bird from a puddle,
Shaking off its present absorptions,
Abandoning its own reflection,
Drawn toward an infinite horizon,
It's nudged along by wind-borne petals,
Entranced by a piercing blue
In a sheer, receptive sky.

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Tree of Life

Tree of Life . . .
It Nurtures the Soul 
In a Time of Spiritual Growth
With a Soft Touch of Nature.
As a Reminiscence of letting us know;

"We all began Sprouting from Roots.
Proof that we are not Tools by Nature, 
But by Slavery."

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A Sinner I am Not

Closing my eyes
Feeling the moment
No thoughts distracting me
Setting my heart free
Reviewing, learning, growing
Releasing the blame and guilt, I harbour
Releasing the things, I once thought I could change
Recognising good or bad
Right or wrong 
A sinner I am not!
My mistakes, my greatest blessings
Living my life
Being human

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The peace the pain
All undone
Kneeling before the altar of human need
Release your hate
Unbridle the fear
Remit the past transgressions
There is no judge, no time
     (Little flurries floating in the sun)
Bright and moving-
I turn to you
And embrace your sorrow as my own
I will eat the pain today
Swallow your fear and uncertainty
Masking with strength
There is sanctuary
Completely free of socialist judges
Juries of despair
No room to be afraid
But the taking of blessings and naked truth
Heart exists
Only here
Safe inside

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Gaia's Spell

Grass has started sprouting
                                in the scorching Sahara.

Strange bugs have started devouring
                                          nuclear power plants.

Flowers scent are clearing the smog
                                                in the cities and towns.

The oceans are healing themselves
                                         from the oil spills.

Gaia's spell has become visible to ALL!

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There is a reason

There’s a reason.
Fumbling hands seek.
Wary eyes search for…
Something to marvel.
There’s a reason.
Broken men chase freedom;
Perfection lies unattainable.
There’s a reason.
Humanity calls to the sky,
Begging confidence of the air
Beneath metal wings.
                …Clever fools.
Under the weight of it all,
Something is bound to break.
And yet,
There’s a reason for it all.
The strength of man is tested,
Through adversity…
Through humility…
Through sickness,
And the illusion of greatness.
Purpose lies quietly
At the door of the meek.
Waiting for a true heart
To capture it.
There is a reason.
-James Kelley 2012©

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Awaiting God

You have given me my name, and you’re the only one to love me.
 You are my father, better than life and, stronger then iron
 You called me your son and spoke to me your word.
 It is so beautiful; I couldn't, but memorize and write it down. 
Publish it and call it holy.
Yes sir, it’s the bible. Guidance to our reconnection to perfection,
But none can be perfected.
 Imperfectly advertising an answer that's not yet answered,
 But consumed. 
Faith is you, and we praise for answers
 Hidden replies are your solution. So we wait for the night,
Where you take us all away. 
That is why, therefore "in God we wait, and trust". 
By: Jerry Najera

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Too stubborn to ask for directions

It's funny..
how there can 
be so much chaos 
in the dark, 
how pouring yourself 
into the slanderous 
frequency of life's 
little distractions 
can seem therapeutic, 
but then you find yourself
there once again, 
boiling in the quiet
reflection of a
bitter melody.
The howling thrum 
of your own echo
can beat sense 
in, and right back
out of you. 
Confusion or Revelation? 
We all pick our own poison
at one time or another. 
Tonight, I drink the sour
mash of introspection;
soberly gulp the tear
of spirit from the ash
of yesterday, 
wait for the 
pang of tomorrow. 
I'll write it down,
like I always do;
one more foolish note 
of a lost soul, 
searching for
Writing without the purposed
map of self assurance,
or the light to read 
notes I left for myself,
just in case..
I end up,
rounding another corner,
that should look familiar...
                                 like I always do. 
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Trail of regrets

Times spent most unwisely, unkindly
are each marked on this journey of ours
with a cairn of regret; small reminders 
strewn by our souls like rancid breadcrumbs, 
untouched, even by the hungriest of birds 
not to stain the past, but to steer the present
and with hope, to sweeten the future

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took *
The one I wanted, because, I’m a strong person
Of course it goes without saying that   my strength 
Lies in the grace of God, and that is all well and fine, 
But each has his individual path, because each 
Is a unique person,  a unique spirit following a unique
Spiritual journey, which  starts with spirit, 
And I was  given loads of it by my mother.
It was all she could give me.
We were the poorest of the poor
In England in the days after World War Two
She was unwilling to see me pushed down 
As she had been by circumstances. 
She showed me how to overcome circumstances.
How to find a positive way of looking at each event
How to use events to the best advantage
She always told me I could do anything at all
If I only  put my mind to the task
And she was right, and most of the stuff 
I have put my mind to has been very successful
People will say well if you’re so able
Why  has your path not made you rich
The question is as silly as the questioner
For not everyone is in search of riches
I have turned down high-paid jobs and 
Contracts because they were
Not what I found interesting. 
I have moved to several 
Different countries to  live and work, 
Because I wanted  a variety of stimulus
For  my  spiritual growth  and strength.
And I am  certain that spiritual  life
Does not exist exclusively in churches,
But largely in doing the best you can for people, 
And placing yourself second.
I have no idea if heaven exists
But if it is filled with the people who ask 
Why are you not rich
I’m afraid it would not be the sort 
Of stimulating place my spirit is seeking.
God keep me on the path which avoids 
The people who ask such questions.
God keep me strong. He always has,
And that has made all the difference*

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . 


*These two lines are from the Robet Frost poem    The Road Less Traveled.

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All In All

Poem Titled: All In All.
Written, by: Ronald Watson
All in AllMy Poetry on PoetrySoup

All in all, that Corruptible wall.
This is all what old clay bricks should be.
What protocols to stacking society?
Multicultural from A to Z.
One brick two brick three.
It is politics, propagandas, and rhetoric’s.
As which, all are called hypocrites.
It is all my eyes could see,
Them so called major Flaws and those minor Jim Crow Laws;
Abusing freedom, causing it to stop or suddenly pause.
One brick, two brick three.

Thus, this poem is called, all in all, but 
Only God is, inconceivablelity.
My Poetry on PoetrySoup

Thank you.

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Path of the sage

You are bitter, lonely, sorrow
You must awaken dreams of love and trust
What hope is there without forgiveness ?
What progress without redemption ?
Most who try will fail
The path is long with suffering
With ail at hopeless, tiring, reach
Many stumble upon it
Find it and are lost
Yet grace is the white dove flying at a moment's break
Hope moves in revelation
Awakened pain is eased

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ZShepherd Song

O Lord, my Eternal God
Shepherd of my soul
I can feel your presence at my side
And the path we travel
Is no more wider than for two
And its way I know not how to go

Thieves who come by night
And the wolves on mountains high
Cast their shadows yet I wont fall
For your staff is sure
Your voice is strength
And my feet are sound
As if I see

The promise is this
The shepherd knows his sheep
And his sheep will ever hear his voice
Now if sheep and not lambs
We live our lives in grace
And learn to walk so close
We feel His robes
We feel His robes

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I Still Can Hear

I am surrounded by family, surrounded by love
all awaiting for me, that call from above
as the pauses get much longer and the beats further apart
tears are shed and fears a dread as he slowly takes my heart
but I want you all to know, even through the sobs and tears
my soul still hears each word you say and I hear you love shout, loud and clear
though you see an empty shell of what used to be a man
I can hear you all, feel your tears drop on my hand
I can
I can hear your wishes and I can hear all your regrets
but let go of all those feelings, cause I am in all of your debts
for not everyone's as lucky, to feel so much love as they die
some have no one there at all, some have no one there to cry
when my soul leaves my body, know that I am feeling blessed
because I have all of your love here to lay me down to rest.

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Spirit fall,
Send forth your light,
Let it shine upon us,
And stir our hearts.

Like songs,
Arising out of the ground,
We shall blossom in thy soil,
Reaching for the heavens,
We yearn for you.

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To a Cedar

I had nearly forgotten who I was
Until I sensed your easy strength
   and heard the timelessness 
   of your years;
Until I caught the sparkle
   of your lacy light
   and showered
   in your fragrance
Until I recognized your verdancy
   jumping the primal circuit.

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Faith is a human act

Believing is possible only by grace
Interior helps the Eternal Holy Spirit
It is no less true that believing is an authentically human act
Trusting in Eternal God and cleaving to the truths he has  revealed
Are contrary neither to human freedom onor to human reason
Even in human relations it is not contrary  to our dignity to believe 
What other persons tell us  about themselves
Their intentions or to trust their promises
For example
When a man and a woman marry
To share a communion of life with one another
If this is so
Still less is it contrary to our dignity
To yield by faith the full submission of
Intellect and will to Eternal God who reveals
To share a communion with him


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Forgot to Run

Lost and never found
She lays there beaten and bound
Tears are long dried
Rejected and denied
Her heart damned to hell
Her screams silent as well
Left alone
Bleeding out
Her helpless soul
Lost all breath to scream
Silent without a need
Growing cold with every breath
Losing sight
Its time for death
Gave up
Lost her way
Her thoughts
They never stay
Now cold
Frozen and numb
Growing old
Time has come
Mind fading
Forgot to run.....

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Au Courant Vivification

I manifested through the astral portal; warm sanctuary is mother’s chamber…
The gestation of magic crescendos as I emerge from her labor…
Programming me with her love actions…
Allowing me to witness the wholeness of Savoring Spiritual Satisfaction…

During the infancy the hallway to subconscious mind is illuminated from the inner sun…
Walls covered in art, music soothing the heart…
Enticing one; trust intuitive feelings, being the human life artist…
Playing soul music connected is imagination revealing the joy of spirit…

Spiraling, Spinning, turning, emerging upon this space…
A morphing scene the sacred holographic place…
Mastering vibration in conjunction with visualization creating a new earth grace…

We are the energy…
False is individual, state, country identity…
The boxing of borders has herded the human sheep…
Vampires of energy drained us of life force blood; dimming the hallway…
Washing our creative genius into the streets gutter; covered by a mountain made of paper and bottles…

Fantasized Energy Appearing Real; tool of mind manipulation…
Concealing divinity in a preservative sewer tomb of propaganda fear...
In defiance we unite to push this energy back to its source…
No longer shall we be the pan handlers of governmental energy scraps…
Using humanity as working slaves to make corporate wealth treasure maps…
We now evoke from within; the knowing of truth held when life began…
I open my heart vortex beaming into you the original emotion
Tears stream from my soul windows cleansing your fields… 
Returning your inner mind hallways to the brilliance of love…

Spiraling, Spinning, turning, emerging upon this space…
A morphing scene the sacred holographic place…
Mastering vibration in conjunction with visualization creating a new earth grace…

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Laying Into Sensation

Laying into sensation, 
not thinking,
feeling, just feel. 
We share touching 
each others damp spots, 
weave in moist hair, 
open passages into darkness, 
release fragrances deep from the earth; 
your fingers move
my fingers, 
then push,
now it’s done 
and there’s nowhere to go 
except inside. 

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My Immaculate Concept

As the heavenly host feed the flock
there was one among them who believed
that she was unworthy

The beings in God's firmament
adorned themselves in crystalline white flame
Although there was a separation with an alter
which was for different levels of human and god consciousness
nevertheless the flock was feed

The crystalline white flame beings were of service
to disbelievers downtrodden abused and hurt
they were feed various forms of light energy
there was no separation from the heart of God and the flock

One the crystalline white flames was stronger than the other heavenly beings
She called the unworthy woman by her name
The heavenly firmament paused in silence
as the woman walked from the flock and approached Her

The crystalline white flame performed a ritual like dance
 for the women and the music of the spheres
danced the dance of creation

The crystalline white flame activated her encoded DNA 
in her new temple of Solomon
in Her hands were two white parchments 
the first sign being the sacred heart chakra
the second sign a divine mystery

Green and Yellow light
Yellow and Green light
poured from the palms of Her hands
the woman was infused with enlightenment in every cell of her body
everyone watching both the flock and God's firmament

The flock were in awe and talked amongst themselves
and wondered just who was the white being
and then She said in a foreign tongue to the unworthy women
“I give you my Immaculate Concept”

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Star rain
that sparkled
from above,
glittering in light
Beneath forests green
the stars shone
brightly from beyond.

The heavens
glowed translucently,
upon their angel wings
with joy and peace.

Their love
grows endlessly,
remaining true forever
in harmonious bliss
sealed with a kiss,
lips tasting like honey
with love and devotion
soul to soul sweet.

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Dame Street Messiah

Weighty words wasted on the east wind 
blowing down Dame Street 
they don’t heed or even hear them 
the footsore army of suits and students
the new Abraham or Jesus or Muhammad 
cries out 
but is ignored 
shoulder pushed to the side as the bus pulls up 
cries out 
new truths 
replace the old 
faith has become comical and morally weak 
Bus pulls away and the Saviour is alone 
in the crowded city 
as the police move in 
no laughter or mocking 
just snorts of disapproval and ‘tuts’ of annoyance
eyes back down to the pavement 
count the sore steps home 
the rosary of the church of the rat-race
must have its homage 
He could be the One 
One true Saviour – again! 
but this world would crucify him 
with apathy and loose change 

FREE this week ‘URBANIA’ contemporary poetry collection

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Psychic Networks


Before attempting to read this, STOP.
Listen to your thoughts because you were asked to STOP.

The reason I asked you to stop and think is that many times you do not stop to think.
You move forward without analyzing reasons, how come, or why do I need to think about what I am doing.

Being involve is a thinker's concept.
Once done, it certainly will aspect.

Do your thoughts make sense?
A woman's way is a woman's will/A man's way is a man's will.

After attempting a reading, did you find your psychic attributes?
You heard and you deciphered.
Is this not true?

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A Lonely Night

A lonely night
Staring in the wall
Of eternity
A phone call
A glance

A second chance
Is out of sight
But not groovy
In the scenes
Of a movie

Blanked out
Black sleep
For death

(a calm, breathless coffin)

a porch swings
a window blares

sweat sires unreason
and a season of visions

dripping colors
Absinthe abstained

Schizophrenia unchained

(birds fly teeth grit)

a cool song plays on

revelation in a second

a dove flies echoes

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Under the heavens..
we question and learn. 
We love and make friends..
sometimes we yearn. 
It's all about the good times..
and the hard times too. 
We all make mistakes..
there's nothing you can do. 

Finding the right answer. 
There is always a doubt.
We desire have needs..
we figure it out. 

We all have a way..
when the going gets rough. 
We stand up and face it..
we have to be tough. 

There's wisdom inside you.
Just think it through. 
Problems come up. 
Have a new point of view. 

Gathering strength..
that comes from within. 
Takes courage and love..
for ones-self..let it in. 

Decide you can make it. 
Reach for that goal. 
It is your life..
now take control.

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They're Welcoming GOD's Children Home

" They're Welcoming GOD's Children Home ... "

( Rev. 21: 3 - 7 )

The Harps of Heaven Are Playing
The Holy Angels Are Saying
In Voices of Melodious Song ...
They're Welcoming GOD's Children Home

The Cymbals of Heaven Are Ringing
The King and The kings Are Now Singing
In Loyal and Most Loving Tones ...
They're Welcoming GOD's Children Home


(changed chorus:)

We Heard and Obeyed Jesus Christ
He Leads Us To Eternal Life
He's Bringing Back - Loved Ones That Had Been Gone
He's Calling All GOD's Children Home

All The Castaways That Were Lost At Sea
All The Ones That Longed To Be Free
They're Preparing A Place For You and For Me
In Mansions For GOD's Families ...
(John 14: 2)


The Garden of Eden Is Growing
The Glory of GOD - We're Beholding
To Jehovah God and To Christ, We Belong ...
Hallelujah! ... JAH's Children Are Home

Hallelujah! ... I'm One of HIS Own
He's Lifting & Breaking Grave Stones
Come To The Greatest Celebration We've Ever Known
Where HE's Welcoming HIS Children Home

              Written & Copyrighted ©:  1/15/2014
                        by:  MoonBee  Canady

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How Can I Keep From Singing

The Joy of Being cannot stop singing
     love's old sweet song
As it bubbles up from limitless Mind;
     "When true simplicity is gained. . .
       Joy and Delight. . .Turning, Turning. . .
       We come down right."

Thanks to Shaker song, "Tis a Gift to Be Simple."

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Wholeness of our bodies
have surrendered. Now made up 
of only bones and flesh
No mystic, No divine
	The constant mind
will never rest
	The rebirth will 
be lost

leaving your soul as a shadow
          quickly hitting the shade
Painful as a mother losing 
a child
an unborn soul will mourn;
wishing to set off 
but trapped under a rock. 

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Forgiveness of Sin

Saturated in a lustful sin enormously rich-n-jealousy admired by men, Gold, 
Rubies, Silk Satin-n-Platinum satyriasis, for women sex brings forth beautiful 
children, a goddess, a queen, a prince, a princess or a king, I’ve witnessed Satan 
himself set fire to an angel’s wings, while my imagination sipped the most purest 
water on earth from a golden fountain, spring clouds call my name before it 
rains, the ocean catches my fish, what’s life without blood-n-veins, when the 
wind blows it complains, my direction in life has violently changed, I’ve changed 
within, I’m no longer saturated in a lustful sin, Hell is the earth’s twin, I saw an 
angel’s grin, it handed me a letter, it said Nakym you’ve been forgiven for all 
you’ve sinned, leave your flesh behind and only then your life in heaven will 
begin, Heaven has no twin, I’d rather sleep and stay here, then awaken and 
return to sin. Amen.

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The Blacksmith's Forge

Life is like a blacksmith's forge,
with crushing blows, and heat that melts,
the iron that is forged to steel,
is purified by a remorseless will.

Some people run from the smithy's shop,
along the easiest road they quickly stop,
they are only iron, a metal base,
in the sun and rain they rust and waste.

Our time in the forge must be steady and sure,
the blows and heat make a steel that's pure,
a supple frame that will carry it's load,
easy or hard we'll walk the roads,
and give our strength when needed.

Memories are colored gold,
not as if money were the force by which we were driven,
but, golden through the love and warmth,
that we receive or that we have given.

"A gentle touch
a word soft-spoken,
prove the
shepherds heart."

You have weathered storms and floods,
that would have broken lesser hearts,
your trials and tribulations
would have swept the weak apart.

"A gentle touch
a word soft-spoken,
prove the
shepherds heart."

Your heart and words
bridge the sea
that keeps us 
both apart."

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Only Righteousness Remains

Forgive us Lord,
We are but victims of passion and mortal desire,
Temptation has conquered us,
Consumed our youthful hearts,
And left us with nothing but shame.

Look to the river,
There we shall find salvation,
Let the water cleanse our souls,
And wash away the impurity of our sins,
So only righteousness remains.

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Lady Heroes

" Lady Heroes ... "

Sarah, In Her 90th Year Stage
Was Way Past Childbearing Age
But Just Like Her GOD Conveyed
Sarah, Got A Miracle Wage!

Sarah Shined ...

Rachel, Too Had Long To Wait
To Her, It May Have Seemed Late
May Even Have Given Up On That Date
But When It Happened, It Was Great!

Rachel Shined ...

Leah, Was The Wife, Less Loved
So She Knew The Heart-Pains Of
Keeping Patient, While Bearing Up
and Leah, Was Blessed From Above!

Leah Shined ...

Esther, So Humble, Had Risen Far
To Help Lift & Cast Off Her Peoples Bar
And On Every Purim of Adar
Lovely Esther, Still Shines Like A Star

?	?
So, If You Have To Wait In Line
Until It's Time To Fully Shine
Remember No Matter How Far You Go
GOD, Can Make You ... A Lady Hero ...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mary, Accepted What Was Odd
Even Tho' She Knew It Would Be Hard
and Became Mother of Our Lord
She's A Shining Slavegirl of GOD ...

Mary Shined ...

?	?
So, If You Have To Wait In Line
Until It's Time To Fully Shine
Remember No Matter How Far You Go
GOD, Can Make You ... A Lady Hero ...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Just Like Jael and Deborah
Lady Heroes
Like Abigail and Lydia
Lady Heroes

Like Ruth, Naomi and Rebecca
Lady Heroes
Like Elizabeth and Hanna
Lady Heroes

Like Mary and Martha
Lady Heroes
Like Eunice, Lois and Priscilla
Lady Heroes

even Like Rahab, Synteche and Euodia
(Yes, They're Lady Heroes)
and May You, Your Daughters & Mommas
Shine and Be  ... Lady Heroes ...

        Written & Copyrighted ©:  1/1/2014
                by:  MoonBee  Canady

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Remnants of a Plague

suffering is but a consequent
a choice long ago once made
from infancy till senescence
a remnant of a ne’er dormant
plague spawned by guiltless
desire’s self-centered shame

paradise’s birthplace of evil
a novel thought lost in time
yet ever-present in the mind
an aforesaid learned whisper
in silence borne o’er aeons
its sentient purpose known

living manifested darkness
humanity’s forgetful curse
resplendent beauty hidden
shrouded in evil’s affright
yet temptation’s revelation
witnessed its woeful plight

e’er secretive shining one
Dante’s inferno yet waits
Megiddo’s final judgment
miscreant demonic voices
freedom’s unseen enemies
ne’er again shall be revived

© Eugene Harvey

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The Glitter floor

I had been away from the din
Of the world,
Singing more spiritual songs.
A magazine I hadn’t seen in years,
It’s kind of melody the world
Loves to sing.
Soft porn it was,
 so sad to hear,
such shallow repartee.
In the ball room,
on the glitter floor,
the one note wonder sings,
Of sex, and pride, and bling.
It has no meaning to me.
A shallow tune my soul
 can no longer sing.
I was never so glad 
To leave behind me,
A thrown out magazine.

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Riddle II

I am as deep as the ocean
Hear the echos of life
As they travel down the canyons within
I can not be bought or sold
Given or taken away
For I belong to you
When the body is gone
We are one
Nurish me with your life
Cherish me 
For I belong to you

Who am I?

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Neither Black nor White

by Michaelw1two

 What colour, does one think a soul,
 its fire our lives do need;
 purpose of it questionable,
 perhaps flesh, is shell for it's seed;
 determines in scope our natures',
 upon it human bodies feed;
 wisdom, bleeds to each through it;
 for most, its heaven's mead.

 Question raised, brings one to pause,
 soul is colourless of course;
 everyone who thinks different,
 is head deep, up the rear of a horse;
 concerning constants crudely plied,
 through media pundits source;
 soul’s diss, it’s colourless,
 tween blacks vs. whites, its overly coarse.

 Mind's blindness, caused by obscurities,
 defeating common thought;
 weakness spread continually,
 through edict, racial bias taught;
 life’s short ride is cheapened,
 humane relationships are fraught;
 ruin made by idea insane,
 wake up, all souls are heaven wrought!

 Clay and water is body physical,
 skin tone is providence blessed;
 source of living, heaven's manna,
 each feeds from Father's breast;
 antecedent is identified,
 you, are of earth, and Africa is your crest;
 marker, flesh makes no one special,
 souls roost in the same nest!

 Colours purpose is to shower,
 eyes view from heaven's throne;
 provide us as flowers,
 remember, from his hand all seed is sown;
 beautifying day’s horizon,
 for ‘Him’ as child’s knowledge is known;
 distinction, all a separate shade,
 for thought less we must atone.

Jan 2010

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He sits in the shadow
of a light he's been 
begging for strength
to consume;
Choking on bipolar
truths of his soul's aperture,
wondering if there is a key
to unlock its requiem,
or if he'll be forever
cast. Forced between the
breaths of both worlds;
Omitted from the presence of 
any luster, or spiritless flame.
A man with eyes that seek,
and a tongue bent over 
nervous teeth, that beg
to be cleansed of sin's rot.
To be this, 
In a world of decadent destruction.
He feels he cannot, does not deserve
the righteous clarity of purity's omniscience.
It shines, through
and stifles the purge.
His essence contracts,
pools together in a 
and he feels the flash
as he becomes, 
for a moment,
And he sleeps, for what he thought 
would be forever,
and yet wakes in the arms of life
with eyes that still seek,
and a tongue no longer
bent over hungry teeth;
but willing to speak.
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved

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We Shall Not Be Moved

" We Shall Not Be Moved ... "

( Ezek. 3: 7, 8, 9  /  Heb. 10: 32 - 39 )

Through All Infirmities
Through All Adversities
Through All Emergencies
& Empty Lies of Enemies ...

Through Great Enormities
One Thing's A Certainty:
The Almighty - Immensity
... Of Everlasting-Arms Entity ...

... Strong As A Stone
Hard As A Rock
Cement Walls ...
Block By Block

Bricked By Bricked
Bolder By Boulder
This Will Never
Be Knocked Over ...

... To Gravel-Beds
Or Shards That Stabs
Nor Granite-Gutted
Nor Marble-Slabs ...

But Raised & Erected
Stalwart Resource - Ready
& Diamond-Spires - Steady

... Standing Up To
Ten-Billion Bull-Dozers!
For Our Mountain Fortress'
... Faith Is Stronger ...
(Isa. 2: 2, 3, 4)

Winds Will Rush & Bend
& Their Battering-Rams Will Break
For Fire and Water Aids Us
With A Fierce, Fiery-Lake ...
(Rev. 19: 8)

Doing What JAH and Christ
Had Proved ...
We ... Shall Not Be
... Moved -
(Heb. 10: 38, 39)

... Through All Infirmities
Through All Adversities
Through All Emergencies
& Empty Lies of Idolatries ...

Through Great Enormities
One Thing's A Certainty:
The Almighty - Immensity
... Of Everlasting-Love's Entity ...

     Written & Copyrighted ©:  5/17/2014
                  by:  MoonBee  Canady

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Poetry is not rhyming.
It's not about form or 
using gold laden words.
Poetry is cutting yourself 
into pieces,
tiny little scraps of field notes,
and crawling back inside
the womb to find clarity;
to find out just how and
why you were put together.
You have to do it slowly,
accept the pain of each
tender slice and breathe
in a gentle rush.
Do not worry about keeping
organized, forget where you
place everything. In fact,
cast them as far away as 
possible. You’ll want
to discover every nuance
of your history as if it were
someone else’s.
This will help with perspective.
You’ll be able to see things 
as if they were in real time,
    as if you were reading them
                                           in a book that you didn’t know you were writing.
Have an open mind,
you might not really know 
your star character.
You might not even like them
at first, but you will know 
why they are in the place
they are in and you’ll have 
something to say about it.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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The Angel of Light

(come unto me o desperate ones) the angel of light 
smiles a supernova poets cry to describe 
shocks of panic on crowded buses
and shopping malls infested with sleep
-ing souls chewing dead skin
cells splitting the universe 
prisons of steel laughter 
-thought burning the void
bending black space worm
-holes swallowing paradise
with the sweet kiss of truth…

(shaking by the dark fire, the shaman rattles dreams)

loose, a snake roams the
hot sun stares
the earth red…

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As the moonlight shines across my face. 
Love is in my heart. 
I am the receiver of messages..
Words fine as art. 
I speak with elders on a different plane. 
Words I recognize. 
They speak of lost love and unanswered dreams.. 
I can empathize. 
Sudden memories of their past I see. 
Flashes in my mind. 
I help them overcome their deny of faith. 
They see themselves unkind. 
Things to me.. seem quite clear.
Sudden glances..can you hear them. 
They suddenly appear. 
I've spoke with paupers..and with majesties. 
I've felt their pain and there tragedies. 
Oh young and with little faith..
The light will shine upon your sweet face. 
They take the first step..towards the light. 
I wish them well..and I say Good-night. 
I saw there soul..light within.
They were forgiven..for every sin.
I tell them this is just because you tried.
I fell to my knees and I finally cried. 

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Mother Nature

Mother Nature

The force of Mother Nature 
Has the power of a god
She shelters us with peace 
Or can throw us into a savage storm
Depending upon her mood

Mother Natures' heart extends to only nature
Not to us arrogant mortals
Though we do not comprehend
We abuse her resources 
And never respect her gifts

But when all is said and done
Mother Nature who came before us 
Will remain an extension of heaven
And will live immortally 
For Mother Nature has the power of a god

© Copyright 2014 Theresa Ann Casten. All rights reserved.

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too late

 it’s over 
 my time has passed 
 no time to repent 
 in a blink of an eye 
 your gone 
 my family tried 
 my wife begged 
 and you always where calling me 
 I just sat more to the side 
 wasn’t ready to give my life 
 wasn’t ready to do your will 
 thought I could somehow 
 fake it 
 now it’s my fate 
 left behind

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Venom laced words
Is all the world
Feeds the weak
But I can taste the brutal decay
Of all the slain souls
Now buried in the deep
Look through the eyes of the Taken
You will see this tainted world
You will see you’re mistaken
Those are not happy tears
They are laced with blood
No one feels a thing
They have all gone cold
And gone numb
You feast your eyes
On a beautiful Shamrock Shore
But instead I see waves of black
Swimming along are the snakes of wrath
Those sweet little lullabies
Causing you to sleep
They wake up the Demons
You are their feast
When will you stop?
Looking through the eyes of faith
Take a look through my eyes and see
Those born of innocence...
Their true damned Fate

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Please do not disturb the beast in its peaceful and quiet place
Where the dead leaves are dancing merrily in a gentle wind of faith
Along skeleton paths of disheveled trees you can hear them whispering
Honoring autumns remnant decay and conjuring efflorescent spring
While birds begin to whistle in such a sweet soliloquy of melodies
Runaway ye fearless child into the darkness where you sleep
And clear a path for the wild ones leading to your hollowed grove
Where I found feasting among the dead a red blossoming velvet rose
Surrounded by a halo of darkness under a piercing blade of sun light
Tempted by its pleasure the beasts will insist that it's alright
Then by thoughtful contemplation I plucked it as blood mixed with tears began to drop
Painfully I pulled every petal repeating "she loves me so, she loves me not"
My Oh My how the colors have changed with the wondrous seasons reign
I guess she no longer loves me, but isn't that just natures way
Shy away you phantoms and let the new cycles of life rebuild their homes
Leave the undead to worry for themselves and let my luminous flowers grow
~ JJF~

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Utterance of knowledge

Discerning evening shadows following our every step
Reluctant to the images that are not seen.

I feel thy presence, I feel thy spirit. 
How can we doubt we are alone?

A presence not touched, 
A presence now felt.

Standing on the edge of realism or fantasy you ask?
To hard to conclude.

The act of paying it forward, Shall be its own reward.
Lets presume this debt shall be paid in full.

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The Quest was ON

The first morn’s yellow flames pulsated
Over the sliver sky’s infinite flank. 
Adam, the blessed father of mankind, 
Opened his wheat-toned  eye lids; 
Garnished with golden lashes,
And the delicate membrane gave way
To the heavenly light and air to begin 
Their mission in due skill with senses !
Proclaiming and praising the splendor 
Of The Merciful, and expressing gratitude
Did he bow on the season-less ground,
While The Bountiful had his mastery 
Explained to the Angels and ordered
To prostrate before His new creation!
All , save Satan, did instantly obey the Lord,
While the soothing glory of the lofty house
Witnessed that ecstatic occurrence ever;
Though the epic malice unto man
Was instilled by the Outcaste,
Man’s Quest had its run ‘ON’ since then.

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Pardon, Where You Speaking to Me?

Not another word.

Nope, nope, nope!  Shhhhhh!
Do not tell me what you think I should be doing.
Do not express what you feel is lacking in my spiritual life.
Do not continue to couch your prejudice of me as earnest concern.

No!  Stop!  Shhhhh!

Be quiet.
Be still.

I do not believe as you do.
I do not perceive as you do.
I do not want what you have.
I do not need what you crave.
I do not long for your mores, 
Your solutions, 
Or your standards.
They frighten me.

I honor you.
I respect you.
I accept you.
I will not be you.

OK.  You may go on now.
I am gathering my friends,
Collecting my spiritual marbles,
And going to play in the sun.

I’ll leave you with your god to figure it out.

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Raised Shore

Deep breath in slowly let it out
Don’t forget the ten count
Nausea begins to rise
From some depth unrecognized

Churning into anger 
Blatantly right before my eyes
This deceit has no problem being spied
No longer can I hide

Seeping out of control
Is the mind I use to own
Tepidly tells the lie
Truly have I been so blind

Realization is so forlorn
As the reborn tail tells the map
To leave behind such an after math
Of the less fortunate triggered decisions

Oh so trapped 
Snapped, Cracked
Lacking the ability to freeze frame

What is not mine in shame
Just mine to blame
Competing for

Raised Shore

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Prayer To The Holy Spirit

            Prayer To The Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, giver of life, enlighten our dark minds
Breathe clarity of thinking on our souls 
Bring us to your lasting peace
Oh Paraclete of heaven, in your divinity, set us free
Give us the vision to see eternity with The Holy Trinity
Keep anxiety and demons from our lives
Help us to rise to the occasion of the day
To reach for heaven
And this we pray

Created on 9/03/14 for – Prayer Poetry Contest

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can it be that we are just floating

can it be that we are just floating
happy we are without care as we journey
the carolina blue skies provides the motivation for each mile we cross
where we go is the camera to the picture of more
we never thought we would be here for we know what we would be doing if we were still alone
however we do not think about that as we cross a certain state line
the back roads only excite us more
all sadness, though a thing of the past, defines who we are and is still the reason that we are doing this
we know that we cannot wish or regret our past away, so we just accept that it was and move forward from there
as we get closer, we take a moment to just be silent and let it all sink in
see, a short time ago we were overexerting ourselves on outlets and denial
without knowing it, we were only increasing unneeded toxicity to our individual selves
now here we are, full of natural spring water but still remaining thirsty
can it be that we are just floating
so at peace we are in the warm aftermath of essential repentance 
God opened this door that we are carefully bursting through
however we laugh despite ourselves because we know good and doggone well that we, for once in our lives, are not trying to be careful....

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Doubting the man in the sky

He looks at the sky
No hope in his eye
Inside he is broken
Bottled feelings unspoken
Hands tied together
His future forcast doesnt look as if it gets better
Pacing frequently from side to side 
Along the road he lost his pride 
He looks at the sky
As tears fall from each eye 
Slowing watching the darkness, expel
All the light in the room to simulate hell
The man stood his ground 
Refused to go down
Everytime he didnt give up 
A drop of happiness enetered his cup
In the darkness of hell 
Though he was not doing well 
He heard the 'whoosh' of an Angels wings 
Listened to his spirit as it sings
Nothing from him did darkness consume
He could see even better when light entered the room 
Now as he looks at the beautiful sky
His heart fills with joy and he never asks why

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Drinking Coffee

What if there was no real?
No ground to walk
No sky to fly
	Just an allusion inviting
itself to your mind.

the coffee shops are empty,
credit cards are melted 

the change
smacking the register is

Has the mind been shut?

or was it open 
to begin?

Beings lost in life
have forgotten the water and

what if the ego's grew so big,
we've forgotten 
we have no control? 

Luckily I'm only 
talking to myself.

people would think I've gone 

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Before They Take Flight

when birds 
dip their wings
into Holy Water
before they
take flight
across the 
snowy owl moon
what faithful night

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The Ear Whispered Adultery

prophets wear hand-painted signs and sit in the back of buses 
advertising paradise some wear gold rings on fingers 
and count money the dream returns mother nature shows me 
that her kiss thrusting trust is forbidden knowledge of desire 
flamenco dancers dead soldiers marching through white stone collects 
cold silence in the sweat of illusion we touch the agony 
words drained of their blood is a frightening proposition 
of desire we speak of tiny morsels savored like wine 
in the ear whispered adultery gray films moving through bones 
devoid of worms sleeping in apartments frightened residents look out 
through tiny peepholes as disheveled people on shoulders of roads 
hold card-board signs beside skinny dogs begging passing cars 
for crumpled notes with dead faces

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Innocence lost: Jesus is better

That song transports me to another time
Of childhood 
Of innocence.

An innocence alive in the emotion
That has breath in the mind
But decomposed in reality.

The mouths of loved ones
Singing joy into my soul,
The stringed instruments
Burning a sound into my brain.

That sound !.

But to pursure that virgin state
Would itself produce the weighty grief
That one is trying to dampen.

But it is a weighty advantage
To pursue a superior life.

Innocence lost is grievous
But Jesus gained is better.

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Drifting endlessly,
   Into the night I go

Above my head a ribbon wide
   Of light from distant glow

"We've come by way"
   Soft voices say
"Of the galaxy of dreams"

"And on this night, within this light,
   We trust you shall obey,

Behold the canopy of stars 
   From which we do descend,

No calendar can rule,
   No dream a man befool

Behold, your waning spirit calls,
   We bid you soon depart

Aspire to the heavens high,
   The fervor of your heart"

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The still sea needs a full moon; a tidal wave only weeps in the darkness.  
Is there sunlight on the horizon?  I feel no warmth.  
She’s frozen in my memories.  

I chip away at the bricks in this cell
When the guards go out for a smoke.  
Don’t know where I’d go if I found a passage anyway.  

There is no direction.  The heavens must be full.  No room at the inn.  
I wander aimlessly through shadows.  Do ghosts dream?  
I do.  So I can’t be dead yet. 

They tell me a reprieve is coming.  So I hang on 
Staring though the bars when not reading the Big Book.  
It’s the same as the bible for old drunks like me.  

Inspired by the same Muse though another modern day apostle. 
A modern day saint for the addicted congregation searching for a savior.

It’s says keep coming back until the miracle happens.  
The enlightenment of a spiritual awakening.   

Love the Lord your God with all thy heart and Love your neighbor as thy self. 
The secret revealed.  How can a man foreign to self- love, love others? 

Where is the mountain top?  The cleansing wind of forgiveness blowing through me?  
I broke too many commandments.  Worshiped idols.   

But, the earth keeps turning and time keeps ticking. 
The full moon will rise and the tide will come 

And I will be on that beach to let it wash over me until the morning comes.  
I will rise with the sun and walk into a new day. 

The Light will scare the shadows away and I will be a free man,
Because the Big Book tells me so.

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Looking Beyond

Looking beyond birth
And death of human person
Stepping through sanctuary of faith
Holding onto wings of heaven
And embraced by heavenly bodies
In hallowed journey,
To empower human being,
Maintain connection with heaven
In manner pleasing to the Creator
Leaving behind everything unrighteous
And vacating field of darkness
Where satan is prince charming
Deceiving kings in their dreams
Making everyone doubt
If there is such a ting as love
And peace of God,
Thus turning against the light
And follow route to pleasure land
Where every kind of enticing evil is freely available,
To every creature without question;
But only those who could look beyond,
The birth and death of humanity,
Could see how busy heaven always is,
Trying to save the soul of humankind,
From miseries inside hell of fire,
To repent and follow the light
Leading all people
To the kingdom of heaven

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Blossoming Budlings

Cherry blossoms
Pink and white
Sprinkle down 
Like confetti.

What a lovely flower
That pops open like popcorn
From one single tree
As its petals blow in the wind.

Amongst the cherry blossoms
There are budlings attached to branches
Still waiting to awaken 
Waiting to blossom.

Though these budlings take time
They are quite special
As if their waiting for the moment
To reveal themselves to the world.

Once they begin to bloom
When the sun's rays just right
Slowly they unravel
To reveal their majestic forms.

Their color more dyed than others
A deep pink like a heart
White light as an angel's wing
Their form so divine.

These blossoms branch out
More than their siblings
For they are the most beautiful
For all to gander upon.

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Lights Through a Window

lights through a window

the knock that never shakes
my door is a sound
who screams

bleeding ears
bleeding brain
quiet nights without pain

(press that eye with your finger)

writers typing letters

noises in the hall

(they can see the bright light)

lost in a dream

blurred faces that never speak

to me.  Boring lines

forced in the sand…

				all sonatas are lost
                                                                        poetry is a death match
                                                                                                                      striking the 
wick….(burn in a name and dry brain)

--will there be birds in the window—


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In Drips Revelation


Sweat hours are eternities in your smile a spirit is born clear to the clothed heart cold 
wind coughs through the window slathered white poetry adorns the stars with night 
cancer is a promise exploding black and white stones in a marble phrase 

She is ending…

Space lost in her voice…

Images clog blooming star showers 
Signals from numbers
Broken brittle paper 
Ripped in burnt screams
Messiahs and demons crying
Melodies blank with psalms


The first vision is the leader
He guides with thin fingers
Bony eyes form a procession
Behind his anointed lies


No phone rings silence is the weeping valley ever broken from shadows falling in rocks 
of prophecy bowls of soup painting praying white hands bearded in broken hope
modern sexy latex phrases pulled debt over our hands wearing lisps of rage 


lyrics spit milky hues
upon a dream sunflow
-ers and winter queens lilt
dragging their for
-tunes in a nocturnal waltz…

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Comfort of God

The only true comfort is the comfort of God
Nevermind being pretty 
Nevermind being sweet 
Nevermind being a good person because its never been about that
Many times I feel that being a good person wins the hearts of nobody
I have to remind myself
God is a good God
A ridiculously good God 
and who truly chooses to fully appreciate him?
When we are down and out
Good is around us
And if you havent noticed 
Pay attention
Negativity is a great distraction

I’ve made my decision 

Lord hold me to it

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The Sea We Will Not Tame

Wondering upon our almost forgotten smiles and twinkling eyes hidden, we have spun this world in smoke and mirrors, reflecting light in curving waves. We have wandering into the misty fog as it marched out of clear air on a perfect night to become rooted in the moss upon which we dream, seizing that ethereal ground like honey under winter's veil. Perhaps it explains why that which spins in you is foreign to me, sometimes, and yet somehow a thread of it loops around my heart and tugs, as familiar as kin, or friends too long apart. And I realize how deeply you reflect the same light that I've known uncounted for a thousand years times a thousand more. I feel the stretch of this flaxen fulfillment and hear its golden tone humming as it lengthens. Sometimes too loose to vibrate the membranes of our soup-can telephones. So that even though we both speak in muted carefully hesitant tones, our words slip away into space and only the stars know the songs we sing. Bellowed out like whales in an empty sea, only by chance refracted into a hearing ear, that begins to understand and then lapses into slumber again. Even as magnificently we harmonize beyond the dark face of the hidden moon at midnight, we hear not each others callings, and even less often see them dancing. Except perhaps in the limelight of our hearts sweet glow where I know we live. So it is odd to feel this familiar twist of an old theme of distant overtures not really knowing what note should follow the one that follows the one that is yet unwritten. It just floats there unresolved, sometimes aching for nothing at all, other than the illusion of being. Yet sometimes aching for the grace to say softly, the love that floats here in my heart for you, without trying to enchant an echo. Just to freely blow that kiss into free space knowing that is enough to be received by the one that is. And given by that one too, to itself. And so I reflect upon that flow I have named you, and wish it good journey, knowing we are both leaf and river. Masters of the helm we sometimes do not steer and only at the mercy of the sea we will not tame.

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Sealed the Wax Wanes

coins ring laughter born of war babies buy bombs
liquor in a dying bum’s throat chocking on tears heaven
is a wink and a dollar-bill rabbits in the dark sex in the park
chessmen move in minds of shadows dressed in suits with gin
in hand the mice run cheese severed tales of another rabid blessing
the worm-hole moves through your eyes a ghost runs fingers through
your hair dangles in the still mid-night wind exploding generations of 
soldiers painted green with philosophy plastic guns painted children modern
mother earth awakens visions drum smoke into the storm of stares glancing 
choruses cracking churches changing shattering showers of sun slipping acid
-tears tear rain music hears ears gasping deaf white winter birds flap red death
-bed angels leading hands crying glory with glowing lips sealed the wax wanes

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Among the hills and stone I walked
mind a wander, lost in thought
on I stumble round cwm and lake
on rocks unmoved and churned gravel

Whiffs of clouds haze the view
an ancient aura surrounding sky reaching peaks
Through the cloud punctures visions
of climbers on acute slopes, scrambling quickly
The lone runner on the corrie wall
Obscured by regathering cloud

I breath, reborn in the mountain air
clean pure and joyful
proud once again and very much alive
The stone breaths with me,
man and earth one and the same
Refreshed I turn and leave
Driven to the brink of land and sea
I stand, salt in my mouth
shingle at my feet
still and staring at the foaming expanse

Though I now retreat
back to town, grey and grim
my mind is healed and I remember
The beauty that I found

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Remember the brush arbor days

Far from the twisted Church and state                                                                          you probably did not know that there were state Churches                                             for you needed not to know because you did not even want to look at your sinful life         or the capital building doubled as a Church and prayers are said before congress           America should remember the brush arbor days                                                               when there were no buildings in place to be hidden away in some denomination                and before false precedents where made                                                                       Oh America we need Him again                                                                                    He who needs nothing and gave everything                                                                       again build an arbor in the cleared woods                                                                        All gather in the open air a wilting shelter of trees and brush                                             Before there was a Church bell to ring they would                                                           just to gather in His Glorious Name was enough                                                             Oh America we need Him again                                                                                    He who needs nothing and gave everything                                                                     It is bad enough we have a world against us                                                                   Unity Equality Liberty where the Spirit is breathing                                                        Why strife among yourselves it is not of the truss                                                            A body not of this building to say where you came from                                                  He did not die just for some and where you are going today                                              I hope we gather in the sun one nation under the Son                                                   remember the brush arbor days and Jesus the only way                                                 Oh America we need Him again                                                                                    He who needs nothing and gave everything  

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Dark Room Mute Whispers

Dark room mute whispers
Her Angel-breath a wind

Doubt forms a circle

Each blended acrylic memory
Paints pain in my beating soul

Doubt forms a circle

Each brushstroke thins the ghost
The still room blasts a symphony

Doubt forms a circle

“May the Circle be unbroken…”

					I want to remember
					Her eyes
					Moaning love
					In the laughing
					Summer sun

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My Sleeping Soul

sleeping soul--

Hide not your
eternal being, but

let me sense your

in this flicker of
time we call


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This little light

There was once a light that danced on the water
Happiness would always surround her
this light that would sing a happy tune
Never had any enemy, never lived in gloom
so breathtakingly effortless her beauty from within
but someone saw the light and wanted it all for him
He stole it and hid it and kept it away
This light never saw the sun or the water again
this light so bright she used to be
but now she began to dim very slowly
So tired and lonely she began to cry
all she longed for was  love
and to be outside
the light she was kept away so long
That when she was no longer beautiful, he finally let her go
But the light was all burnt out
tired and without hope
There was once a light, who danced on the water,
But this light has gone out
from the wicked heart of another

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Ecstasy of Sufi Whirling

Letting my body perfectly free
As anonymous star in the sky’s sea 
While whirling I closed my eyes
Lit the Holy candle inside
As light as an air
When losing my existence 
As I am a wind
Or a particle of sand
Or a Dandelion seed flying in the air
In a Sufi (mystical) flight
I am a soul in luminous twilight
The whole universe is echoing
With soulful melodies
With the Zikr (recitation) of (Allah) God 
And with the chanting poetry
To praising Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H)
With sweet melodious tune
Like a beautiful mosaic… 
Sounds and whirling waves 
Flow together in harmony
Like a singing nightingale 
Or clinking of bells
As a rustles of leaves or cataract sounds 
Or splashing of water in flowing streams
Velvet soft as warm breeze
Sublime flashes of spiritualism
Blow up every moment
The ecstasy is growing wider and wider
The increasing gentle turns
Become dynamic
Whirling whirlpool is getting deeper and deeper as a well
My meta-physical journey is on extreme
In a moment in universe
In a moment in the sea
Where seeking spiritual connections
Now seems very close
The stage of my purification
Sacred feelings and emotions
Of the Divine love of God 
Enlightens my heart and soul
Where no more worldly greed
No worries, no screams
The way is direct and clear indeed
Just me and my God, nothing more I need.

Poetess S. Nadia Azam Shah Bukhari.

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Point Blank

Depending on the tides
We've searched worlds with fixed eyes in positions
Serious with concern and a sense of times
Scoured for meaning, the frontier of being
What’s intended to be?

We've missed by the narrowest of margins,
thirsted for new grounds higher and expanding
neither one nor the other
but within the remote
pushing past the middle, exposed

We've confronted face to face with patience
and appreciated star-gazing, on this plane
The entire fullness of the nothingness.
Point blank.

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One Day in The Life

One day in the life,
    a bird sings, hallowed;
    a tree branch condescends.

A cat sees all, tempted by melodies sung in three-quarter time-- 
    those of holy offices whose praise-adorations
    from branch to branch fly.

Perfect time, perfect prolation give credence
    as saints preserve the wings way home.

One day, one day, one day in the life.

Note:  In Medieval music, perfect time/perfect prolation was indicated by a

Circle = three-quarter time = Divine/Trinity. (an early time signature)

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Repetition is the father of learning,
an endless corridor of
narrow stairs;
anger blossoms self-discovery.
Tickling ivories and black keys,
tickles the soul into musical 
retrograded toward amnesia,
feels no more;
striking chords on a harp
in an angelic paradise.

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A Healing Word For The Heart


                                                 "I Love you Lord"
                                                        Mean it

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An Encryption

" An Encryption ... "

( Acts 14: 22 / Ca. 8: 6, 7 )

The Pain of A Thousand Cuts
The Shame of A Thousand Crawls
The Blame of A Thousand Faults
That Came To Mean: Nothing ... Or All ...

The Stain of Ten-Broken Trusts
The Claim of Ten-Broken 'Oughts
The Same Ten-Broken Pans That Scalds
Still Bathes Billions, Broken-Souls In Salts

The Aim of A Hundred-Hunts
The Game As The Hounded Calls
The Maim of A Million Assaults
... Lay Slain In The Hero's Halls ...

The Fame of Ten-Thousand Exults
The Names of Ten-Thousand Exaults
When Vain Pride of Ten-Thousand Falls
... To Flames of Love's Fire-Walls ...

The Strain of Countless Specs of Dust
Has Lain In Decades of Era's Exhaust
Sustained Over Ten-Thousand Broken Laws
Explained In Encryption of Ten-Thousand Vaults ...

... She Sang Inscriptions Written On Ten-Thousand Walls

            Written & Copyrighted ©:  5/7/2014
                     by:  MoonBee  Canady

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A Drop of Blood Spreads

A drop of blood spreads
In a watery brain
					See it calling…
                                        On the Other Side…

Riding in a green car
Not going far
I hear a song
Play on the radio:

					“Riders on the Storm…”

					 The car stops.
I get out
And walk
While singing
Under my breath
Towards the school


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McSouls - Over a million souls served daily


Yes, I'll have the 3-piece Trinity Special----
Make that a Large Father,
a Super-Sized Son and
enough Holy Ghost to give me the chills.


Yes, gotta have my Daily Bread. Add that
to my order, please.


Ah, yes, a cup overflowing with Living Water.


Yes, I feel this is everything I need. What's it gonna cost me?


(The man digs through his pockets)


What?....No wait a mean to tell me this whole order is FREE? How come?


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Blood Born Years

concubines of the highway march with wisdom hips hugging earth flowers of rain
strain of time rain in the window reborn of glass gods crumble to heaven
gold graffiti in stone sentinels on the edge of dreamless deserts
jack of hearts stallions spurs creaking doors saloons
pianos of war dribbling hitler stalin for the eyes
to blink mirages of salvation dying of thirst
echoing bibles the cloth blessed black
wings of conquest fanning screams
wrapped in blood born years

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We go through this world
Feeling like we have enough time,
Like the earth revolves around us,
We don’t realize that with
Every minuet that passes,
Is another minuet that we
Can never get back,
So whether you eat or drink
Or whatever you do,
Do it all for the glory of God 

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From all that religion had taught me
Where were you?
They said you would always be at my side
Through the light and the darkness you never showed
You took me that far and abandoned me then

It was at that moment of sickness I knew
That my demons were keeping my sight from you
Impulsive and reckless was my way
I'd reach for hands that kept me down

For you were the one who stood by my side
And knelt with me when I cried
I was the one who had left you
I don't know how you could forgive all the wrong I did
But everyday you prove your here with me unconditionally

© Copyright 2014 Theresa Ann Casten All rights reserved.

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A Burning Bush Moment

Everyone truly has a burning bush moment. A moment when they are faced with a question. "Will you serve God alone, or will you serve Satan?" For without a full surrender you can do nothing wholly. Without a full surrender you might as well go back to the starting block and begin again. It is at the time of full surrender that our journey becomes easier. The weight of the world is removed and our burdens are shouldered by our Shepherd. So the next time you are faced with a golden opportunity to serve the Lord, lay your earthly burdens at his feet and pick up your cross. He is the joy in the journey.

Gwendolen Rix

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Hot Creation Monolith Gleams

martial aliens burning hot creation monolith gleams
machines rip your throat songs of another year
the piano will never play again dust is your answer
watch the movie time spins black and white Newtonian
laws apples serpent and the feathered nightmare spreads
red rivers write animals of night glowing spells of Indian incense
eclipse the rage of oceans planes fanged their way through fortune
the voices ride the elevator to the top floor silence feeding piercing worms

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The Visit

11:21 PM 9/27/01                         The Visit

I sit in splendor amongst the sun
Of an afternoon sky

I look below to see the stones
Skyward proud they stand

Some I know, most imagined
All the quieter now

Deer travel the fringes here
Off to the East a bit
Never to offend these resting souls
Passersby in life

In a moment of silence I sit......
How precious life can be

How voices no longer heard
Can resound within the soul
Lighten the sky in brilliance
Form clouds in shapes of love

Me in the afternoon sun
And you in my beating heart

A reflection of the day

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In Search of Santa

He was told that Santa
lives in north pole, 
with his elves assistants;
making gifts for children
around the world.

He was told that Santa
flies from house to house
with the help of reindeer;
no one told him that Santa
only exists in Christmas cards,
commercials, and movies;
no one told him that the spirit
of Santa is kindled in each soul,
that embraces Christmas mood.

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Hidden Eye

The fog envelops me
Breathing mystic knowledge and the wisdom of an ethereal being
The trees whisper their Spell of Making
Secrets of melody
Cradled in the limbs of their ever present silent watch
     Sentinels standing guard
     Observant and meaningful
The Owl calls me home
     Wandering in the darkness
Praying to the Hunter

He welcomes me into his realm
to embrace me as a lover
Sweet kiss that smells of Earth
     Of primordial longing
Womanly arts are sorceries of mine 
     ...under the Dark Moon
The Earth mother comforts me, 
keeps me,
feeds my Spirit
opens my mind, a hidden Eye
Oneness of vision

And prophetic dreams stabilize and 
enchant within
my own Spell of Making

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Night Prayers

Again tonight, like a child,
I lie early beside my wife
Muttering prayer lines
Of innocence.

Not that I am unaware
Of the wild wild things
That happen at night
I just do not want
Any of them again.

Again tonight, like a child,
I lay beside my wife
Muttering prayer lines
Of protection.

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Mellita, domi adsum

A timeless classic upon reaching your castle                                                                      to choose the good and not the bad                                                                                  breaking away from the ice of the day                                                                              in search of a ray like sunshine how is your day                                                                 like the Shakespearean play terms of endearment                                                             testing the waters of one's abode                                                                                     will ducky be swimming or ice skating                                                                              a warm Embrace or on the brink of today                                                                         in any case show yourself friendly

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You called me dear a pagan land
When all my big sons in hand
In prayers fully drowned Allah they
Often quoted in their fated disarray
To the New World. Their masters
In true myths to rule were teachers.
Haley in his lively Roots with tear
I always read quotes not all beer
And skittles he brazenly brought
From your elders in boats caught.

Wheatley dear do you still bear
Grudges for the silent conspiracy
That drove you wildly westward
Launching to life my bankruptcy?

My freed sons deeming untoward
What happened to us backward
On me drew limitless churches
Some synagogues and mosques
Called Jehovah, God and Allah
In unison with molten voices risen.
Black as Cain is Christians’ view
For Islam in piety all men differ
The white as godly then thought
Even in books we are all taught
Was the settlers’ cunning taunt.
For black’s e’er painted diabolic
To mar the race’s true record as
Luther King pointed in thesaurus.

Remember Wheatley dear
In the West or in the East the least
We can say dear men are equal.

Douala, November13, 2014


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Inwards In Words

Staring at
wind sharpened skies
and colour schemes
at odds with moving shadows
Spreading a gift of waste
returned to the earth
to mark territory
and a bold moment in time
Searching for
a safe environment
to reveal
overwhelming eruptions
of irrational thought
Slowly building a shield
towards eternity
in my mind
so I can sleep better
knowing I tried
to see reality
for what it truly is

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The Eyes Spin Howling

the sun hums a cool tune in a sleeping room
magicians form in my mind a candle flies away
walking in a straight-line the robots pull me blindly
headlines burn riots catapults throughout history
the story smiles sinister stones on fire screaming
flags wear suits of rhetorical armor tanks wait
down in blood-brushed streets masks reveal 
the promise of night brings wings marching 
nowhere the eyes spin howling worlds free

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J to the S

this is my call to fame and fortune
I'm already there so give me the Trojan
Horse I am riding no wait, there's no denying
I am definitely flying into the night's sky trying
Dependent on action taken in the hope of a reaction
I speak
Naturally you listen
but the truth stings and burns, you are you ever so jealous
Lift me up
Higher and higher
Burn me with desire
spark vengeance and etch it
into skin
I dive in
Like a beautiful devoted soul I crave all and all
I juxtapose
realize what is not known and a nose
smells divine things
I can tell by the way it rings
How does that make you
feel as if I am torn and dreadful
How do you know
where are you going and will you be slow
I think you'll make it
unless of course you break it
then you buy it
There's simply no denying it
I love it
and when you want to stutter I shove it
I deny nothing but the main course
the entree of course
I speakeasy
I swivel on a chair and make it sleazy
So distraught and so stunted
I am flaunted
So fresh
Clean and so juicy
how can they make you into a lop sided Lucy
Did I enter some kind of exam
Am I under oath on a stand
Am i in trouble again
I say 
my oh my
beautiful rose in the nights' sky
I gleam a dream of the notorious things that fly
Like a dreadnaught
I am a behemoth of the lyrical, challenge me I am spherical
So defined
By the light of the moon I shine
I am blissful
But something tells me I'm sinful
I rise again
Judge me not no not till the end
or is it so?
I am wondering yet I a no
No never erected nor chanced to be written about or spectated
I reiterate it
Son of the moon and the sun
I am blessed beyond
I think it
It becomes clear and I blink it
into reality I make it
Till we till the soil and rise up out of the ground
I fake it.

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Who Is This Awareness

Who is this awareness you seem to be who is this wandering wonderer who seldom asks enough and takes too little of the plenty that lays within thinking that somehow there is plenty without and yet you are nothing of substance that cannot change as quickly as the wind though you may see this truth you turn away again and again until the end of your chapter when the closing thought comes too late the printing is already done too soon or so you seem to love to know and convince yourself again in the morning mirror where you hate some thing in you but I do love this wonder who you surely are this sweet treasure that lays yet undiscovered beyond your reach only because you will not believe what you know only because you will not touch what lays already within your open hand that you keep closed around this gem that I call you

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God of the Damned

God of the Damned

God of the damned 
why did you cursed me?
The universe laughs at my pain
Look at the damned 
Cursed to live without an heart 

Thief you stole from me
Give it back
I curse the day you send
 The most beautiful muse
She took my heart and soul 
and she is not coming back

Cupid my blindness and selfishness 
how can a man not see 
forgive my angriness I am lost
In the fountains of sorrow
It was just a dream

Luis Andrade

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I Want A World

I want a world;
where no children suffer.
Where there is no hunger.
No children are harmed.

I want a world;
free of hate.
Free of greed.
Free of racism.

I want a world;
where there are no wars.
Where unity is law.
And spirits are healed.

I want a world;
Where humanity is common.
Where cruelty is rare.
Where love is unconditional.

I want a world;
Where truth is spoken.
Lies are forbidden.
Deceit is unheard of.

I want a world;
Where women are respected.
Where they are equal.
Where they are cherished.

I want the world that the Great Spirit gave us.

By: Darlene Doll Smith

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you see

You see this smile
its been a frown before
you see this smile
its been hurt before

you see this smile 
this smile may hold
many secrets
you see this smile
this smile may try
to hide those secrets

you see these eyes
they seen frowns before
you see these eyes 
they seen hurt before

you see these eyes
these eyes may hold
many memories
you see these eyes
these eyes may try 
to hide those memories

you see this smile
this smile I put on
for you
this smile I put on 
for me
This is my smile

you see these eyes 
these eyes I see
through you
these eyes you see
through me
These are my eyes

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The Fences You Fell Through

he’s the cream of the fetid crop drop my dream off at the bank and cash it in sin grins demons demonstrate and deify stratified simpletons who caress videos with pornographic poverty mediocrity meditates on mushroom clouds stalking world peace foreclosed homes stripped fixed and sold to the highest bidder the inane riddle chuckles in every direction rock-stars teenage cop cars crowd the camera-addled peasant lanes fire pistons plug the hole first down and ten yards to go score and win next season begin again push push push once more beyond the wall hear the women call they want you with a painted smile to finish the last cracked concrete mile denial of the loss sets in as he gets ahead of you and there’s nothing you can do except sit at home and stew over the fences you fell through 

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From Confussion to Christ

   From Confussion to Christ

    Here I sit,
    Sad and Blue,
    Going  thru emotional fit's.
    What to do I've no Clue.

   Like a merry -Go-Round,
   Spinning like a Top,
   Making me dizzy and down,
   Asking myself, when will it stop.

   Everything I do,
   Just fall's apart,
   Trying to be true,
   Yet, Keep falling apart.

   Until I noticed a book,
   Upon my coffee table,
   I picked it up to take a look ,
   What I read sounded as a Fable.

   Until I read,
   How Christ Died for me, 
   My fait kicked in to believe,
   Now I feel so ever free.
   As I accepted Christ in my heart,
   And believing in his will,
   As in his Kingdom I can take part,
   Walking closer for all to be for filled.
   Thank you Father for showing  the way,
   From confussion  I turned to you,
   Now each Day I start to pray,
   With a heart forever true.




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A Mean Sentence Written in the Eyes

A mean sentence written in the eyes
Of accountants and prison wardens
Blood-thirsty with night sticks brim
-ming with electric hate laughing
in empty rooms glasses slide and
break the walls of time cliché into
mirrors of fascination and grievance
levitate voices speaking sand…

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Satan-The Agent of Evil

The agent of evil, the enemy of humanity
Who spreads discord and hatred; extreme
Who does not tolerate peace and harmony
With ignorance and bigotry as his minions
Is busy ever to create chaos and commotion.

Let us listen to the cry of distress of humanity
And all cases of agony of the noble and simple
Let all the people come together to fight the evil
With unrelenting opposition; a decisive crusade
Against the impiety and uphold eternal virtues.

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Every morning he walked the path through immortalized trees
Just right before dawn while natures at peace
Deep in the forest he listened to the shivering leaves
Celebrating their life with only the weight of a breeze
Strolling on through the wilderness still foggy with mist
With every step he's determined inhaling the wind
Surveying the landscape divided by rolling slopes
In search of the one perfect flower that will give meaning to hope
Beyond rushing streams in final remnants of night
Etched with the last silvered thorns of adorning moonlight 
Near the end he discovered with sorrow decayed and disheveling trees
But then he heard cheerful whispers from the first birds to sing
As the morning swords of sunrise gave birth to new eyes
He admires the passion of the dying inspiring new life 
And with contemplation he studies a beautiful rare flower in bloom
Growing upon the dead flesh of the earth and with peace his heart was consumed

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Water under the bridge

Too many indigo tears

The Ocean
hides them beneath
her broad blue checkered apron

White capped waves skirt across
a memory
an act
long forgotten

Vomiting up
salt and brine
debris that won’t
stay down

Resurfacing, beached

old shoe
someone once

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The Stone Floats Away

my eyes open

a loud speaker

BOOMS softly

birds and cats cackle

an Indian flute


in the distant


Jesus looks at me

with Love

bloody whips

washed feet

broken bread

torn flesh

cups of wine

a bloody square

a sermon 

perched on rocks

clouds form

a spear stabs

a mother’s kiss

wrapped in white


the stone floats


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The Lamb slowly opens the scroll,
With seven seals upon it.
He opens only one of seven
but not to read a sonnet. 

When flames shot across the sky, 
The first horseman goes flying by. 
Then the horseman approaches, 
He is white and brazen. 
Sent here to conquer, 
every nation.

The second seal is broken.
The a Red horseman appears.
War and murder is in his eyes,
Soon we all will realize…

The third seal is torn and 
with Scales in his hand.
The Black horseman spread famine,
Across the barren land.

The fourth seal was broken.. 
The wind whipped violently, 
with no remorse. 
Earth stands still 
we all be there, 
As Death rides 
..his Pale horse. 

Following him was Hades, 
the Ancient ruler of hell. 
He came to take our will to live
He came here out of hell.

They will be sent here from our Lord.
They need no introduction. 
They are simply coming here, 
to conduct their given function. 

When the conqueror is conquering. 
And War is close at hand. 
Famine will spread quickly,
across a sinful land.

Then Death will be upon us 
Do you hear him riding near? 
Will you be able to say, 
"I lead my life without fear."

Approaching are the days my friend.
We must stop and take the time. 
To make our lives full and rich.. 
And together we will find…

Happiness is what it’s all about. 
Can't bring those toys with you.
You’ll have no trouble when the day draws near..
God's faith will guide us through.

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To believe in Jesus or Father Christ

For a Christian
Believing in Eternal God cannot be separated from believing in the One He sent
His beloved Son
In whom the Eternal Father is well pleased
Eternal God tells us to listen to Him
The Lord Himself said to His disciples
Believe in Eternal God, believe also in me
We can believe in Jesus Christ because He is Himself Eternal God
The Word made flesh
No one has ever seen Eternal God,
The only Son
Who is in the bosom of the Eternal Father
He has made Him known
Because He has seen the Eternal Father
Jesus Christ is the only one that knows Him
Can reveal Him


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Eat the Paint Off the Walls Call

Eat the paint off

The walls call

The secret (moon)

Dry leaves tumbling

Errant wind of winter

Descend with the sick sun

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For my Cousin LISA


Thanks for all that you see,
when you look..INTO me.
An inspirational moment, 
between you and I. 
A spiritual connection, 

There are times that we share, 
Whether good or bad. 
It's the funniest thing, 
we never end up mad. 

We fight through the messes, 
that are scattered around. 
WE ASK for our blessings, 
..and soon they are found. 

Our true Faith in GOD..
bonds us so tight. 
A talk about life..
in the wee hours of night. 

We speak from our hearts.
Some will say other..
Your not only my cousin, 
sometimes like a mother. 

You encourage me. 
Guide me. 
Seen me through.
I hope I do the same
for you, too! 

When God broke the mold 
He had already made two.
..and what was left.. 
was ME and YOU.

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Piano Dolor Comes Again

piano dolor comes again
the sweet sounds of home and pain
simple and baked
forlorn weasels
snatch surprise from eternity

lights and a burning house 
of love inked in light
remembered first fond
-led sex into dark apart
-ments singed with black
mold the clay footsteps 
hands stretched long into
arms of sleep deified 
tears and stitched beat
-itudes elude the scratch
-y silence between wo
-rds a cord dangles metal
-lic sliver shimmer sleek
behind lips a soul writes…..



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Tell The Old Lady Wait

Tell the old lady wait,
Tell the boy, tell the b*itch,
O forest’s trees O breeze dear!
Moving by the far, secretly and fair
Along the rocky mount, over the valleys and grove,
Is still-slept sun, the fog’s low:
I too will come, I too will come
And hurriedly join
The stumbling lambs, the buck’s son,
The following foals and their fun.
The brawny hinnies and the hairy mares
I’ll herd and for years watch.
For, my soul’s seeking her abode anew
Like the Marvel’s sky-fallen dew.
And for peace goes there with you,
Purity’s there, beauty there, God’s with you.

the poem is addressed to the nomades moving by
 the forestside--in May when they migrate
the poem is the title poem of my debut and only poetry collection 
published recently by Alhayat Printographers Srinagar.

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Perfect Canvas of Demise

A canvas smile of beauty
Prescience of delicate ease
What disruption could have done this?
Brought her to her knees
Once so strong
With Medusa's wrath
Now a frail Villa
Forgotten how to sing the song of the past
Losing a hold of time
Becoming lost in the marsh
Rejecting the light
Now resting in the dark
What happened to her soul?
Her aura of shimmering might
Now hidden behind retched scars
What made her loath her life?
She has grown mute
Hiding her precious voice, so sweet
Resigning in the company of the Dead
What made her give in to defeat?
It was he, the ghost of love
The reaper of the soul
He drank her tears
And he tore at her heart
Weaker now she slowly grows
On her knees she pleads
She could have wished for her life away
But instead she wished for a night of peace
In the darkness she still bleeds
Dreaming of her dying day 

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Through prayer I emptied out my heart -n- cleanse my soul, while my emotion taught thy emotion emotional control, my plethoric eyes then glowed, then through prayer my flesh reached its goal, a system that’s perpetual, anything other than prayer is ineffectual, illogical -n- impractical, so I shake my head -n- laugh, then prayed 4 a system that’s perpetual, I pray you empty out your heart -n- cleanse your soul, and teach your emotions emotional control, and 2 be the best self inside your flesh, through a system that’s perpetual, I pray you reach these goals, emotions controlled, a empty heart -n- a cleansed soul, I pray your prayers get answered, through an effectual system that stays perpetual.  

May your plethoric eyes then
Glow, a habitual perpetual
Your prayers only God knows
If they’re acceptable

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Fallen Idols

Fallen Idols
You worship the golden calf
I see you are still in the valley
Crawling on your knees
Looking for forgiveness
Crying for mercy 
Hungry for manna from heaven
A slave to that idol
Made by your blood stained hands
A new birth
A citizen of Sodom and Gomorrah
On the alter of false belief
A consuming fire devours your soul
Damned by an eternal fire
Lay down your self appointed prophets
Burn them down
Burn down the temples
That preaches false hope
Killing off the priests of Cain
Murdering the children of God
Innocence lost
The church sings songs of rejoice
To preach of salvation 
Not a word was spoken

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Not Just a Name

I am not just a name
But God lovely creation
Distinct and blessed
In a world of names
Things labeled by names
Deeds identified by names
People persecuted by names
And people judged by names;
Beyond the name
I exist like flowering plants
As God lovable creation
Leading me through swirling waters
And guiding me walk with sense of perfection
Along dignity planted in my path
To reflect image of eternity;
Outside naming tradition
I exist like pounding waves
Alone and different from everything
Clinging closely to my eternal call
And looking to plant perfect seeds
Reflecting my loving image,
So I'm not just a name,
But image of God's love

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Distorted Discourse part 2


Rebirth of confused killers through media worship
Destruction of family dynamics by kindergarten logic
Control of mental growth through obscene knowledge
Release of intrusive emotions through accidental euphoria
Realization of subconscious alienation by disturbed miracles
Exorcism of creative thought from detached monotony
Confirmation of spiritual poverty through intentional neglect

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My Humble Prayer

I humbly ask you to make my enemies have good feet,
So they will walk away as I do.
Make them listen to the birds sing,
Instead of narrow opinions of others.
Make them have good eyes,
So they can see from another's point of view.
Make their hearts beat strong,
So love will overcome hate.
Make them stand proud,
So they need not tear another down.
Make them happy,
So misery will not love company.
Make them secure,
So they need not take from others.
Make them have hope,
So they do not darken another's hope.
Make them honest,
So they appreciate honesty in others.
Make them confident in their faith,
So they need not destroy another's.
Make them love themselves,
So jealousy has no merit.
Give them busy minds,
So they do not assume about others.
Make them feel safe,
So fear won't dictate their ways.
Give them long and happy lives,
So happy that resentment never enters.
Comfort them when they cry,
So loneliness will not make them bitter.
Walk with them amidst life's storms,
So they continue to the horizon.
Wake them every morn',
With gratitude in their hearts.
Love them even when,
They do not show love to others.
And in all of these things,
Let peace begin with me.

Wa'do Grandfather ... You are my greatest teacher!

Darlene Doll Smith ~ Cherokee

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Spirit animal-Wolf

He is not of this world
Living between the dream and spirit world
Crossing both borders he does
You can feel his presence
He runs with spirits
Seeking you in dreams
Fear not his appearance
For he is just a visitor
In this world you will find him
In the shadows of the full moon night
Woooooo you will hear his cry
Answer and you may learn
The secrets of the world in which he lives
Open you heart and find 
The kindness you never thought existed
For he knows what lies on both sides

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From silence 
we are born.
Into the loudness
of life we are tossed. 
The obstacles become larger 
..and we become lost. 
Lost in a world 
where everything is fast.
..and desperate winds of the past
Ruffle our souls. 
Can we all relate?
And yet we climb out of the 
darkness we somehow created. 
We emerge..
though life.. 
..holds on, 
like a pocket..full of iron. 
I'm sure you have felt 
weighed down. 
But do not frown. 
We all grow..
through the obstacles in life. 
As we grow, the obstacles 
become smaller, 
or we become larger.
We find our way. 
Our load becomes lighter. 
Our souls, now secure. 
through our trials we become who we are.

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Christmas Day

Tree of life.                                                                                                       
We look at gifts that pass away,                                                                       
We look at the nativity of our baby Jesus.                                                         
Its foolery and a bliss,                                                                                       
like when,                                                                                                                     
Judas kissed Jesus in betrayal, 
And when He shared the Eucharist.                                         
Only God doesn't pass away, 
In our jolly hall with precious gifts, 
Remember this day, 
How it's pricey and priceless...                                   
Like when,                                                                                                                   
On our first merry eve as parents,                                                                           
On our first merry eve as children,                                                                                 
Once again and always in,                                                                                   
A solid root.                       		

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One In Love

In these eyes,
Love is accepting someone with different beliefs,
Love is accepting someone with different views,
Love is accepting someone of different practices,
Love is accepting someone of different ways,
And uniting together,
Living as one in love.

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                          Good morning Family and Friends
                                         I stand here
                                Watching the rising sun
                                    With a deep breath
                             I give thanks for another day
                                    My eyes open to see
                        The beauty he has bestowed upon me
                                    My arms wide open
                         To embrace the day and those I love
                                    Another day given
                              To enjoy what life has give
                                    My family and friends
                        I love and enjoy with heart wide open
                                    Thank you Lord
                        I give my thanks and send my prayers

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Moral Protest

Standards rejected
 by pulpit acceptance
 of degradation,
 send age old values
 spinning and spiraling
 open mouthed
 immorality’s dung heap,
 frosted with
 the new normal
 from godless kitchen.

This putrid dish is
 fed into hearts
 through entertainment
 propaganda machines,
 along with urgings,
 of public figures,
 who say it's okay,
 to eat devil's shit!

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Fill Your Temple

by Michaelw1two

 Heart fire is fueled by truth not lie,
 thus gifts all minds serene;
 permutes a consciousness confused,
 result a soul of facet sheen;
 perverse lapse, irresolute trait,
 venal view rebuked by mien;
 synteresis returned foremost,
 no room for grayish id between.

 Expand in consciousness, reprove past view,
 embrace cosmolatry;
 concordance, life’s dance empirical,
 in soul tune inner ballatry;
 consensus pleads, relate to all,
 firstborn progeny of beatific latry;
 coalesce resolve and refute obduracy,
 reject bitter barratry.

 Panoptic sight,
 is found in the core of minds that ideate;
 fortitude rekindles ebbing credulity,
 thoughts soon elaqueate;
 empowering self one’s privilege,
 become truth’s malleate;
 certitude redemptory proof,
 be no partisan to wicked illaqueate.

 Asterisms reveal times augury,
 in souls and upon firmament;
 exemplify divine embrace,
 as bosomed is life’s colliquament;
 prolific incitation named,
 physical being specific sacrament;
 regardant shuns a look behind,
 rapt of rapture's delirament.

 Precocious each must be,
 our best bestowed on us prebirth;
 candour freed of callousness,
 at birth all know their worth;
 anthropical question,
 is life poised to rebuild faith’s hearth;
 eversion, soul deputes the flesh,
 temple filled, aeon enforth.

Jan 2010

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Psychic Ulcers

I'm rotating in the sky. 
I saw your girlfriend cry 
when you told her why: 
that you were bi, 
and like to get high, 
and don't comply 
with ancient lies.

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We face each day unchained

We must face every morning wondering with such a heavy 
chain, for the things we come to know. Yet people go out 
of their way to pay Billions for nothing given and nothing 
to show. We place our own dependence on many physical 
and earthly things…. 

Yet we pray to God in heaven, when things go bad and 
want to be under His might and protective wings. We 
keep warring and taking each other lives. It makes me 
wonder, how many messages were sent, to grieving 
widowed mothers and worried struck wives..?

There is always a time to smile, there is a time to help, 
there is always that time to remember and go walk that 
extra mile. There is a time to live, and then there is a time 
of death… 

So just remember that when you take your next breath. 
There is a time for us to worship, and there is a time for 
that bloody whip. The one I hold so tightly, that I hold in 
my own strangled grip…

I don’t see the world now, as I did as a child. But there 
are things that I have remembered; as some stay normal, 
while others come to surface and become so very wild. 
There is a time to be happy, and a time to cry…

How did time begin, but from a whisper from the sky. Too 
many questions there are for me, where do you want to 
spend your eternity? So the life we lead is the place we 
start, We first must come to realize God from our heart.

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Standing On The Corner

Standing on the corner,
All alone,
Church across the street,
Devastation surrounds,
Tears flow from years of emotional starvation,
Losing it all,
Can't take it anymore.
Throw up your hands,
They shout,
"I Need A Miracle!"

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Free spirit above the ground,
God's created you.

You insist to have a ceiling, wall,
And windows to overlooking to world!

Limitless time outside your attention
God's gave you.
You insist, to suppress, between (clockwise)!

Fruit, trees and shades
God's honoured you.
You insist but bread, bread collar your neck!

Free spirit above the ground
God's created you.
So why by your hands, jailed?

Written by © Fatima Nusairat

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Show him your Love

 Blessings come from God above,
 As well as Grace, Mercy and Love.
 Showing us the Good things in life,
 That in which we can escape strife.

 Open arms, with out end,
 Our heavenly Farther Loves you Friend,
 Please take the time to return this favor,
 For Jesus is our Lord and savor.

 He gave his Life to make you free,
 So come on bended Knee,
 and bless our God above 
 and show him your love.

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The philosophy of living

It is in India the sages of yore sang hymns
In their contemplative musings, profound
The maxims for the survival of human race
Who hold relevance more in the present time
Than, when, they were first sung mystically.

During the transcendental flights, when 
Their minds soared beyond the realms 
Of the mundane world; the predictable
They came out with the life sustaining
Inspiring chant: Love, Live and Let live.

Humanity today is reeling under disorder
Going through a precarious time in history
Searching for lasting solutions, worthwhile
The only mode for its salvation satisfactory	
Is unquestionably; the uplifting Indian way.

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Glorious Light

Like glorious light
Shining upon all forms of darkness,
Shaping lives in the wilderness,
Restoring hope of the destitute,
Creating joy in the dungeon,
Happiness appearing in columns,
To change live harmoniously,
With purity floating upon valleys
Everyone leaping with joy
Singing hallelujah
While holding fast with love
And looking at the glorious light
Planting peace in everyone's life

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Red, Black Lines Caked with No Fingers

red, black lines caked with no fingers
…(we will re-tell the story the walls croak)…
…(never-mind-no—in fever’d victorian sweat)…

virgins alive in mirrors smile

who are you the lips whisper decrees from heaven

gravel shouts through painted gold portrait halls…

…(a dead horse bitten with a brush)…

hush now the scepter gods arrive

stabbing servants life

-less, incomplete

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The Maw of War Opens Signs

The maw of war opens signs
the sepulcher of promise
denotes a rose bleeding all
those who suppose in time

battle axes and saviors
bite the head of the snake
drooling gibberish of bravery
drained batteries on mobiles 

an old man pants and drools
a childhood lost at sea (infernos rage in crime)
inspired by those who wish to wash you
feel the scrape of skin (calls and a bartering nun soothes)

holy mary, mother may eye
-s close the world shuts to black
clouds know rain and snow
weakness (blood-drained brain)
the secret seethes in an angels’ scream
(a breath in a dream) butterflies moths
mothers and whores invoke the power
(squeezed-heart-seconds) cringed dolls
curled in tattered repose (symphonies, politicians, 
the ratio is severed the knowledge puked in dejavu’s)…

tight marionettes dance through my neck
a tornado pulls calm through my chest,
heavy, heaving, heaven, hell,
bells toll churches kick graves in
--boots thunder through hidden halls—
of wood vampires milking judgment cracked in stone…

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Mere or

amazing things arise                                                                                                 with in a heart not bound by death's sting                                                                         like I can do all things                                                                                                   It is through Christ who strengths me                                                                               worlds will pass away                                                                                                      as the Word that He is and gives and will be                                                                     shall not pass away mere mortal                                                                                      to mirror the immortal                                                                                                 the Way as He shines forth the eternal day                                                                       new men hold better promises                                                                                      as the sheer climb has been made low                                                                              when reflections are humble                                                                                      purified by the almighty bearing His likeness                                                                  all power in heaven and earth                                                                                          to create all things the way He meant them to be                                                              with reflections as vast as the sea                                                                                faith can be by grace of the Spirit that is given                                                                  to edify another is not robbery

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On the day you die: HEAVEN'S REALITY

Amongst the living 
I often feel..
that my life 

Amongst the dead. 
I must beware..
These spirits. 
they follow me 

They speak quite softly.
They complain they can't see.
The light that holds..
Heaven's reality.

I remind them..
They judged..
They lied..
They hated. 
They repent
and they say..
their life was 
quite jaded. 

I can make them believe..
in our Heavenly Father.
For in life 
they did not..

They tell me they 
had not a single purpose.
I say, "It's the fact 
you were 
share with us."

As they start to remember 
their happier days.. 
the light shines through..
The heavenly haze. 

They thank me..
as they walk 
to the light.
I wish them well,
an say,"Goodnight."

One thing I can say
they all wished 
they had..
Believed in our Lord..
Their hearts.. 
quite sad. 

They realized.. 
they were forgiven, 
they become quite humbled. 
Their lives.. 
they saw, had a point..
That is when I mumbled...

"Go to the light..
You've always 
been loved. 
By Our sweet..
Lord above."
If you don't believe..
He will still wait..
for the day..
you renew your faith. 

On the day that you die..
He will make you 
live again.
As long as you..
believe in... Him.

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Say you're a dog
Walking through a park with a stick
And all the other dogs turn to you
Like there aren't enough sticks
Lying around. They need
Yours. There is nothing like
Yours. They nip and snap
As you walk on, trying to keep
The peace till your tired jaw stops
Panting and you turn to go home.
The park trees sway like tired dancers
To the howls and hymns
Of adolescent barking
And all you can stand to watch
Is the ground passing under your feet
As you promise yourself
You will plant a tree
Near a place that you call home,
Where hunger will never find you,
Where thieves will not disband you,
And you will learn to climb it
As it grows.

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From Darkness into Light

A dark and evil creature
Pursued a man today.
He tried to run,
He tried to hide, 
But the darkness followed him.

He ran down the street,
And around the corner.
He ran up the stairs
And through the door,
Yet the darkness followed still

He shut his doors,
Turned on his lights,
And tried to find some peace;
But even in his lighted house,
The darkness still was there.

“Oh, foul creature,
What can you be,
And why do you pursue?”
For a moment, silence reigned,
Then the darkness answered him.

“I am your sin,
Your dirty deeds,
The things you try to hide.
Your sin cursed soul, is what I am,
The darkness within you.

There’s a price to be paid
For this lack of light.
Eternal fire, torment, and pain
Is the price that you must pay
For this darkness inside you.”

“Oh woe is me!”
The man then cried.
“Your price is much too high!
Is there no other way to pay?”
But the darkness in silence remained.

A knock at his door
Pierced his despair,
And he trudged to it to answer.
There stood a man with a smiling face
For no darkness followed him.

The stranger at the door said,
“I can see,
That you are in despair.
What troubles you?” and the man replied,
“That darkness over there.

He says, I’m doomed,
To eternal fire,
And doomed to eternal pain.
Do you know a way for me to escape
That darkness over there?”

“A man named Jesus,”
The stranger replied,
“The Son of God once came.
He shed His perfect, precious blood,
That darkness to send away.

The price for sin
Was paid in full when
He died and rose again.
His sinless blood can wash away
That darkness deep within.

This gift of love
Is free for all,
It gives eternal life.
Beautiful Heaven can be your home,
A place that darkness cannot go.”

“What must I do?”
The man then asked,
“So this gift I can receive?”
“Call unto God, acknowledge your sin,
Your darkness then confess,

And accept His gift 
Of eternal life,
Eternal death forsake.
His blood will cover all your sins,
And the darkness then will fade” 

“Oh, God,” the man prayed,
“I accept your gift,
Please wash away my sins.
Come into my heart and lead me today,
From darkness into light. 

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Mankind Corrected

Dirty leprechauns-n-promiscuous shepherds, prestigious statues of golden 
leopards, emerald tongues used as weapons, false pride, no philanthropy 
accepted, the most precious reddest of rubies selected, my hearts surrounded 
by floating fire balls 2 keep it protected, thru the devil’s schemes my blood 
streams infected, true wisdom neglected, diverted direction collected, murders 
committed off the record, is love 2 be expected or dissected-n-digested, the 
value of money supersedes the value of life is what’s being projected, I’m 
viewed through the eyes of this world’s perception, money changes lives 
through magnificent methods, dirty leprechauns-n-promiscuous shepherds, 
statues of golden leopards, emerald tongues used as weapons, I repeat God’s 
whispers to my listeners through scriptures, I pray 4 mankind 2 be corrected 
and our mind frames and actions 2 be perfected and our souls 2 the highest 
levels of Heaven 2 be accepted and 4 the root 2 all evil stop being treasured,  
the love of money.

My soul’s being measured
-n-corrected and accepted
In the highest levels of Heaven
Where it ain’t no money just
You’re welcome

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What Do I know


What do I know! 
What do you know!  
And the sound’s,
Warble from church tower 
And minaret  
And the spring, river  
And the wind 
While continuing their flow 
In the ground  
What do they know? 
And the spirits busy 
Without even knowing they are!
And I who do not saw things  
As you see it 
How could I know things that have never been seen? 

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Keeper of the Crown

You walked on this earth
with a cross upon your shoulder.
You waltzed into Heaven
with a harp in your hands
you left us with a message
that will help us to grow older~
and a trail that we can follow
by your footprints in the sand.
As a gift you left your smile
that would soften our hearts,
and the memories of a childhood
we shall treasure with each day.
You lived a happy lifetime
but now as you depart
that broken peace 
of us that hurts
still yearns for you to stay.
The world is a lonely hunter
since your feather flew away
dancing like "Bojangles"
on a cotton colored cloud~
searching for a rainbow
that will brighten rainy days,
while singing all your love songs
to the Keeper of the crown.

Michael 12/28/2014

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The Angel Leans in the Breath

the angel leans in the breath
of a miracle second, babies coo
and feathers fly down and smoo
-th birds of trees sing liturgies
to the psalm that anoints your head
red flesh the secret flown through

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I wish nothing more
than spiritual blessings,
being completely happy
and spreading the Good News!

Material things will come after,
an abundance will overflow this empty cup,
and I will drink from it forever...
to taste God's goodness, purity and glory!

I wish nothing more 
than spiritual blessings,
and comparing misery to joy,
I choose none other than holiness!

I got lost in the madness of mundane things;
following bad habits and indulging in them...
not knowing that I had fallen to darkness,
and my anguish nobody could ever hear!   

I'm heading home...that home I never found,
and all the chanting angels, waiting in Paradise,
greet me with their bright smiles...
I won't be a corpse in a forgotten grave!

I wish nothing more
than spiritual blessings;
having realized the duration of wretchedness,
which withheld all good things from me!

Entered in Carol Brown's contest, "If My Dream Could Come True"

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O, Sun

O, Sun

Take my soul
and burn it into your belly;
purify it, 'til no more impurities
of pain and worry are visible in it.

O, Sun

Make me to glow
like you do;
shining in everyone's life,
as you shine on us......

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Three Become One

Mind thinks
Heart beats
Soul ignites

Blending like a smoothie
Swirling like a twister
Becoming as one
To bring creation to life.

Three elements
Make up the being
Working as one
For life to be.

Plucking the thought
From the source
Flows to the heart
While the soul guides.

Together the three
Set the idea free
Giving it form
For all to see.

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When I think back to Ellen  -
Long forgotten by relatives or acquaintances -
Through my mind  book,
Peeling back the layers
Of dead people’s memories,
People pleading to be remembered
To be partly immortal,
I think maybe I am the only one to have
Disturbed her, asleep so long in that other world:
For she is still, not dead, 
As  long as I remember her.

In moveless crowds they lie, waiting,
Waiting as if for a ship, 
Which may never dock beside them, 
But still they wait.  
And when I disturb her, or another beside,
They crowd around to listen to the conversation
From the other world,
Where people still remember.
Each hopes to be disturbed some day
By a memory  gleaned 
From the layers peeled back in a mind book,
Or by the arrival of the ship.

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Blue Eyes Bow

blue eyes bow
their heads in prophecy
prairies painted gold glistening
lies in plains buffalo skinned
horses heave over valleys
thunder with apocalypse
an old broken house
sleeps in sorrow
snakes slip through 
the river dance in 
prayers bullets slay 
the charging ghosts 
fused to pictures dying in 
white gray black

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A Conscious Existence

"I am," in my own mind
Senses aware of what's around me

"I am," also in spirit
Sensing a divine connection

God revealed through multiple ways
Including a follower of Jesus' pathway

Seeking broadened divine awareness
Living as human, death won't escape me

Eternally connected to the Creation Mystery
Existing always as a God-created wonder

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Fading Light

Fading light muffles words
Sleeping in soft solitude
Of snowy thoughts fleeing fast
Gusts of heart burning mute
Forms whisper stanzas
Still in the gray brooding
Darkness like a doctor
Come to write the dead
In sheets of doubtful wonder
Wrapped in tears unmasked
Spirits of shared sorrow
Dressed in silky pain
Blind worms milk the love

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somewhere between the boundaries of fact and fantasy there is a point where reality seeks retribution
retribution in masked words 
retribution in false actions
an ode to the wary of such heavy words 
i beg of you to get the warning 
the end is neigh 
not for the world 
but for the innocent
silence amongst the chaos 
the sheep amongst wolves
take care little sheep of mine
take care

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As simple as it seems
All life in between
Shines through the canvas
It rays and it beams
To find is to look 
To look is to be seen

This is the trouble
This is the hurdle
Built up courage
Ideas freshly planted
In the garden lay fertile

The rain from the storm
The sun follows after
They grow the best
Through life's natural disasters

Search and seek 
Be wary the meek
Believe in one's self
The weeds will grow
Crazy though
Ugly at first unbearable
Be patient and wait
Honeysuckles so sweet
Arrive on weeds late

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His Sweet Name

Within us there is a world unseen
Where a young spirit seeks to know
The voice he begins to hear each day
As His passion for life now grows

He will begin to make tough choices
As the voices within become so alive
Leaving him to seriously ponder daily
Which choice might be wrong or right

For everything he attempts each day
Alone with the choices his heart will make
Will deeply affect the life road he chooses
And within his spirit will now be at stake

Inside the voices strive for dominance
Like two hungry wolves over a tasty meal
And with the choices which are made in life
One gives a blessing while the other kills

We must always seek to be very cognizant
Of the choices each day which are made
So when the end time appears in our lives
By the Name of Jesus we are forever saved.

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