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Free Verse Romantic Poems | Free Verse Poems About Romantic

These Free Verse Romantic poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Romantic. These are the best examples of Free Verse Romantic poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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If My Love For You Was Greater

if my love for you was any greater the trees would  line up in poetic forms ...awe you in sonnets written... allow winds to cool your face...  to trace it with natures hand. all the oxygen that covers all the waters rise, supercharge the breath of my emotion. mountains would melt, shed their peaks like tears of joy. even the arid deserts serve up fruits,  their prickly pears peeled on a platter. sunset would pause and sunrise hurry... ...exist in a paradox to herald your presence. petals would climb their stems  regroup to bloom again. butterflies re-cocoon  emerge as glorious fairies  for all children to adore. the skies would willingly  shape, etch,  paint,   frame my exuberance. the planet would swell, the galaxies expand. in the endless depth  of my singular love  i hold you dear, safely contain you  in my tender smile, for now, forevermore. 16~10~2014 Sponsor: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders Contest Name: Your Most Romantic Poem of 2014

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The Swan

The Swan 

Near feathers in the wind.
I stare as she slowly drifts into the shadows of yesterday. 
She is not me
She is not you!

A theme, like morning upon a crystal view.
She is of the wind
She is of the sun
She is the moon
She is the magic in your eyes.

Tonight she sits on the calm waters of your reflection.
Tonight she makes love to you.
Tonight she listens and counts the rhythm in your heartbeat.
She is a thief and steals every single breath from your body and soul...
And Still -
She is the night air 
She is the tranquil sound
She is perfect
She is mighty in your eyes.

You are the oceans
In you, she swims with trust.
You hold on to the tides, 
You keep her feathers dry and warm.
You stray her away from the sadness in a lost dance.
The aches under her wings belong to the shade in your heart.
That is why-
She is the grace
She is the smile
She is the fire
She is everything in your eyes.

Graceful feathers in the wind.
The dream of dreams
She might be me!
She might be you!
"Till Death Do We Part."

“The Swan”
-the symbol of everlasting love-


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These Eyes Have Often Been Solaced

These eyes have often been solaced by twilight's cotton candy pllows moving silently towards a sky's velveteen blanket and angels'silver gowns By gazing over hills to where old country church bells and crickets play harmonious sounds These eyes have often been solaced by honey coloured shadows pouring moonlight zest across the rose plum of my cheek By little antique lamplights which illuminate my soul 's dark cobbled street By winds carrying sea-salts to a fragrant golden sand By tides washing out corals to a distant land These eyes have often been solaced by your return to this vacant room inside my heart By the hush hushed whisper of your voice By the embrace of your arms By the way you love me By the way you need me By the way you want me Like an autumn bonfire before next sunrise'dew fall By the way you lean on me

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All Women Are Precious Gems

My love, the world is ours,
its reflective sapphire oceans,
its turquoise pine tree forests,
its topaz colored days,
its moonstone lit evenings.
My love, I'm certain it's us.

The amethyst citrine painted sunset 
called our names right from its onset.

You are my never ending wide open sky
with a red orange coral moon up high.

So radiant is your glow, a sparkle in flight
how you shine - a spectrum of colors like light 
through a crystal clear white garnet.
Your hair like flowing strands of  pearls, crests
lightly to sit brightly on your opal shaded breasts
with their dark red inviting rubies set.

Your emerald green stare gentle with its powers
like diamond brilliant rays during sun showers.

Your divine allure
so true and pure
oft blinds me
and when I see
I see only you
like the jade dew
covers the morning lawn
on a sardonyx dawn.

You are the gem drives my joyous life,
the precious stone keeps my dreams alive.

You are indeed a jewel rare,
"who" I ask "could compare?"

Maurice Yvonne 
Sponsor: Anthony Slausen
Contest Name: Precious Stones and Gems 

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The Silence Of My Lust

There was sweat on my brow, beads of them as I approached her. I was a young man, still green. She was a mature woman like the long blades grow free in the lush of nature. My hand in hers she took me into her warmth. Nervous, shy you could hear grass grow in the quiet of my fear in the silence of my lust. I knew nothing. As we rolled in the dew of sex as I fumbled and groped, I in some instinctive wisdom entrusted myself fully to her. She set our bodies in a fluid motion my virginity now neatly cut. We spent days as I explored the fresh sweet air of 'us'. It was then I became a man. Learned how you hold a flower how you manicure the stem how you water the soil how you delicately hold the petals. It was then I became a gardener. A gardener worthy to tend a garden so vital. It was then I learned how to love a woman. 30~12~2014 Armand

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My Whole Body Shivered

I watch your lips move as you speak, your tongue curls against your teeth. I feel your smile as we share a look. I want to know your likes, your dislikes. What are your hopes and dreams? I want to hear you laugh. Walking, your hand touches mine, we play with the simple touch of each other's hands. I don't tell you but my whole body shivers. An hour passes, it feels like seconds. We lie looking up, I look but all I can see is you. I don't tell you but my whole body shivers. Your face is etched permanently on my eyes. Your stare is gentle. I feel sand under my feet. I hear waves against the rocks. I don't tell you but my whole body shivers. We are standing at the steps in front of your house. Sitting holding hands. We never moved from that first spot. It was my heart that traveled miles. An angel slowly dims the lights. Day turns into night. I don't tell you but my whole body shivers. You lean an inch. I lean two. My heart like a bonfire ignites. I swim a blissful ocean. Our lips touch. We move closer. Our mouths slowly, ever so slowly, meet and part. We kiss. I say good night. I walk away the fullness of you embedded in my heart. I didn't say - but you know - my whole body shivered. Love above all else Love Armand

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The Color Of Our Blood

oh how i love the color red red is love and love is red. i painted a moment used a palate with every shade of red,  only red. that is the color of our love, of pain of lips of blood of skin all and more is our love. used a  palate of reds painted a moment painted you, and with depth of color i captured you. perfectly! i never spilled a drop, my brushes, my knives, my hands, my eyes, they all served me well. moments are not easy to create. how precious they are, difficult to inhale fully but even strained  i would always take you all in. the fullness of you all in. i would never spill a drop. me? i'm all in. my creation takes form stands and walks, i follow, paint, not a drop  do i spill. when you offer gifts they need to be special they need to be - well thought out. oh! how well thought out you are. oh! what moments we have shared. life, so kind to us, the time we've spent. if a philosophy teacher, if one asked me, "what's it all about" i would say "you" i would ace that test. nothing exists in its full majestic glory until i experience it with you. i would lift the sun every morn draw it down every eve illuminate the sky fantastic. every morn. every eve. a lover's night under the moon, part the clouds if like curtains they blocked our view, if like a wall they blocked our light. now, my moment painted i observe. my hand nowhere to be seen it was you guided this piece. you and me my love surrounded in red  against a red background  and not a detail unclear. our hands holding. our lips touching. you are my breath the beat of my heart neatly painted in red, perfect! it is us, our love is red every shade and every tone is we. 05~12~2014 Maurice Yvonne

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My Love Knows No Form My Love

one with the music  a vestibule for magic  love fills the night air Let my aura deep red spill onto the page,  I an instrument in the name of poetic rage,                                                L                     O                   V                    EVOL...VES Into a voice deep and vibrating, with words feathered and lulling. We are love... Love!, nothing and everything. With you in the serenity of nothing that my love is everything.  scampers a bright moon  gifts liquid life a lit view  watch them rendezvous i wrote you a star covered night built you a sun with a dimmer light i turned it down warm and low called it a moon, made it glow i rhymed you an early morning hush so quiet you could hear a person blush i sketched a fully carpeted globe dressed it in a thick soft robe i painted it in greens, blues and a palette full your own flower garden with no weeds to pull i sung some words, some harmonized notes strummed you a new world, one that floats ...a pyramid each and every word, romance... I  do know my true love  it will make you  light headed but free. Space is that way, you know but you'll adjust. A small price  to pay these days for liberty. A chance to live in a world of ours, just us together and lives of all kinds. Maurice Yvonne

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Drenched In One Another

Yes I can still see her... through rose colored glasses, imagined! In fact, She is gorgeous. I remember saying... or at least thinking out loud ...You take my breath away, She was a perfect site to behold; I am sure men literally fell like pins at the alley, as she entered a room ...and yet she was gentle, unaffected by her physical beauty, she had so much love in her heart. Naked our needs locked. I can't remember ever having felt anything or anyone so soft. Her skin against mine I was at the foot of the horizon. Her blue eyes true cleansed my sins. Her hair flowed like a sheet of fine black sand, like a tapestry made from a beach ebony in color. . Trapped in love I pulled her to me by her thick dark mane, blanketed her pear shaped breasts. Her lips seared mine as we shared a small Scape of air. She punished me over and over again with her lingering touch. Does ecstasy ever end if you play it over and over in the annals of your memories like a looped tape. Her lips were my lips my tongue was her tongue, no space separated us. I have touched the first day of spring, tasted the first snowflake of winter. heard the leaves change color on an autumn day, I have even witnessed summer remove her golden robe, watched it fall to her feet and stared as she stood in all her glory. I have done all of that but when she spread her wings this goddess when she held me, my life stopped beating, and for just an infinitesimal moment of time I knew what my heaven would be. I was free. Free in the rapture of the moment. We sunk into one another and danced a tango of infinite sex. Nothing mattered anymore, she had tore out my heart, fed it to me and it tasted like the ambrosia of kings. The gates had opened, the angels had fled, and I wandered through a mass of sexual satisfaction. My mind was in a tailspin of romantic imagery. Her voice swept me back to consciousness as a single tear rolled down her cheek and fell on to her smile. We were both silky wet and sported the scent of fresh dew in the morning. We whispered, as our words tip toed through the air like a majestic overture. We were drenched in one another, strangers, young and in lust. I have no memory of when she finally left. It must of been hours or was it days, the freedom of unconscious love knows no time. I had explored every crevice of her body, we had feasted on one another, no parts left untouched. I thought it would never end I'm not sure it ever did. She was an unframed masterpiece I do know I thanked the Angel of Fire out loud. I'm sure as I did, even though she was no longer there she answered. She had left, me unbound from the packaging that had enslaved me. It was her gift to me. A gift, I store safely the deepest regions of my passion.

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A Unicorn spell

Opening wings spreading out
one pure beautiful image in beholding 
Gracefully embracing inside visions 
greeting Mother of pearl shimmering rainbow hues
Her horn sparkling tipped diamond 
Under the moonlight silver gleams 
Her silhouette reflecting light 
Princess wearing golden horse shoes 
One mane in softest satin silk 
Regally standing mustang wild 

Magically colored purest washed from the ocean foam 
Cascading hair scenting of burnt honey 
Eyes penetrating in baby blue awakening 
Her long lush lashes flutter and glisten 
Upon her lips last rosebud's dew 
Her coat in white like slushy snowflakes 
reflecting glass shards of crescent cradles
She roams the fields singing to the prince
it is only love that will finally set her free 
from a curse cast on her beauty 
by an evil wizard 

To be the only winged unicorn 
of it's kind in the world 
flying into softest cushioned clouds 
She dances and sings,then she stills 
In distance she listens to the sound of a flute 
And there She sees a gorgeous young man 
lying on carpets of evergreen 
along with his father,and mother the queen 
Her melodic voice like that of a jeweled string harp
hypnotised the prince 
He ran and ran after pink butterflies which led the way 
They took him to her 
They glide above them 
then to the promising celestial sky 
they flew away baby blue 
infinite their love. 

As if He knew her in another lifetime sweetly
His eyes where glued. Into her own 
He knew he loved her and had to hold her 
Never to leave him all by himself 
regally standing mustang white

His eyes were fixed into hers... 
To her he went with joyful tears 
His lips brushed smoothly her every fears 
As then he whispered behind her ears 
You are a unicorn and I'm a man 
but with no other my.heart will share 
I ll make you mine if you say yes 
The first winged unicorn as a princess 
Then he kissed her upon her neck 
and a strong wind just pushed him back 
From a white horse. ,fair lady She 
had now won over her destiny 
The prince's lips removed the curse 
Now she is his ,as he is hers 

Overflowing his heart 
in sweeping golden joy 
forever on deep sands 
living always together 
in everlasting happiness

written by Liam and Charmaine 
a fun write dear friend

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Call it love

The night it is barren
from inland to the sea
but I am the one who loves you
you are not alone.

Tonight the sky is empty
stars fall in the sea
I am the light to guide you
do not wish to be alone.

If the world becomes deserted
all eyes you see are sad
I will smile for you
you will never be alone.
Sleeping I dreamed you
awake I keep dreaming
I dream because you love me
and I am not alone.

It is sometimes madness
a longing absentee
call it love
and we are not alone...

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Forbidden Love

Is it possible that an angel and a demon could fall in love?
And, remain soul mates for all eternity?
Yes, and I will tell you how it happened.

Maybe, it was a miracle that they met
or maybe it was just meant to be.
That an angel fell out of heaven and a demon escaped from hell
on the very same day.
They saw no one, but each other.
Yet, neither had ever seen such a creature.

The angel was beautiful and kind.
This angel had fallen from heaven
a place of light and life, and of hope and peace.

The demon was imperfect and shy.
This demon had escaped from hell
a place of darkness and death, and of despair and pain.

When they met, their eyes met.
And without a spoken word.
The angel saw only tenderness and hurt in this lost demon.
The demon saw only compassion and love in this lost angel.

It did not matter to them if one had wings, and the other had horns.
Yet, they saw themselves within each other.
Even though they were from two different worlds.
They embraced each other.
Though, they knew their love was forbidden by others like themselves.
So, they decided to remain here on earth.
Where their bond could not be broken.

The heart of the angel was no longer filled with loneliness and longing.
The heart of the demon was no longer filled with torment and sorrow.
Love is what they both were searching for.
And it was found on that very same day.
A forbidden love, everlasting for all eternity.

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Dinner For Two

Dinner at eight Winter soup and roast both ready A candle lit table for two An empty vase without any flowers My welcome carpet awaiting you Slow cooked mulled wine fills the hallway with an aromatic scent of cinnamon and spice The fire's embers glowing a sparkle in my eyes. Clothes, all the best I tried Wanting to be perfect when he gets by my side. Needing to impress I put on my make up a sweetened perfume and a strapless red dress. I let my hair cascade whilst thinking of my date wondering if one can fall in young love again Am i not too old? isn't it too late? I walked down the stairs and dimmed the light Put on some soft jazzy music and waited the night Ready since four Showered and shaved Splashed on some Acqua Di Gio Freshly pressed pants Midnight blue polo shirt Listening to some love songs practicing my best dance moves singing along why does waiting take so long? Thinking about tonight My heart beats stronger What will I say? Will we embrace? Will you ask me to stay? Eight o'clock sharp I walk up to your door palms sweaty throat dry holding my breath and a single red rose slowly the door opens our eyes meet you smile inviting me in

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In This Moment, Tonight


In tune with this familiar vibe, let’s wonder how it might be
Across the room our eyes will meet, a set of four
In a place setting reserved for two, captivated
Our everyday routines and thoughts will speak
Through the eyes, uninhibited, grooving in the same skin

Once upon a raging fire we’ll celebrate
The memory of that zing thing, we'll watch as it
Circles slowly into softer flames, flickering
Well-suited as old comfortable shoes
And continue enveloped in life's mystical sound

More sensible, aware of the need to be inward
Or outward at different times, we'll find pleasure
In being tired wild things, slowing down in our swings
If it breaks and cracks we’ll pledge not to notice

So, just for the sake of thinking that it might not last
Before it’s even begun, let’s just wish upon hope
Until we meet, and vow to be good to each other
In this moment, tonight

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I praise him
I kneel before him
I lay and pray and go to sleep
Knowing his eyes are upon my dreams
Like incense that runs, through the air
He seems to rule and flow through my night sky
Like a GOD!

He holds my love in his hands
Gave me the will to be strong
He's more than my shelter
He's more than my guided stars at night
He holds me in his fist so tight
Like the sanity, that keeps me together
He's the warmness of the light through the night
With his GODLINESS!! 

In the arms of his temple,
He allows me to sit on the right side of his throne
With his presence by my side, I never feel alone
He healed my sadness with the flow of his veins
He healed my rage, and gave me the gift of serenity
You're my GOD!

No one will never know what I feel for him
All the blessings that I have, 
Came since the day I found him,
Now I have my very own GOD!

by; p.d.

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Hold Me Close My Sweet

Golden enchanting warm beautiful magic 
falling behind mountains spell binding 
A setting sun bows down relinquishing her throne 
paints glowing amber clouds faraway in a distant horizon dreams 
She smiled while whispering the few very freeing words 
while she ran deeper into her bright future 

Darkening skies breathing daylights lastly sighs 
her last breath glistening gold dancing with the shadows 
rippling waves call out inside one thousand echoes 
Darkness slowly swallowing light silk satin ebony 
The little lights knew it couldn't last 
because evil drifts in 
as the shadows of the past 

Making way for the stars winking silver 
Rocked gently side to side on a smiling moon 
an eclipsing marriage when the sun kisses the moon 
golden silvery beautiful 
This is how we are going to be 
so holy, magic and so great 
we carry experience 
with the soul and heart to create 

A co write written by Liam Mcdaid and Anne-Lise Andresen

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warm solar love

a soul orbits 
looking into space
searching beyond
staring at 
an orange full
cold  moon
rising peacefully
into the sea of tranquility
floating air labored
softly gasping for breath
exploding stars
lights up
the sky

wrath of the sun's light
bombards this earth
explosive  fireworks 
pulsing inside  
emotions erupt
bursting solar colours
feelings flare beautifully
flashing the beginning 
of a strong orbiting cycle

magnetic crochet
strongly pulls
gently sewing together
embraces warm rays 
kisses sweetly
with her soft fingers
weaving love deeply
blissfully into 
one's heart


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Forever Romance

they say that the stars that hang out with the moon at night are for lovers when you walked with me held my hand my heart pittered and pattered to the sound of puddles hugging the falling cloud drops i was sure you could hear it i was shy and you must of known because with your hand you calmed my doubt they say that the rain that hangs out with the sun on a bright day is for lovers i was oblivious to the rainfall warm and dry and wrapped in your reflection your reflection that decorated the small pools of rain that filled the holes along our path that heated me beyond my boiling point i was sure you could feel it i was scared and you must of known because with your hand you cooled my fear they say that the fireflies that hang out with the flowers at night are for lovers i knew i would always be with you like a snowflake frozen on my shoelace on a summer day when we sat the following day we sat on the soft kelly green clover on the highest of hills with the line at the end of the sky like the horizon forever joined forever romance

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One Autumn Night

one late night in the grip of a super moon, captivated by the elegance of  
the season in an even slumber with bulbs sleeping on the brink of winter. 
we surrender our senses to the alluring view and feel of this exclusive new.
autumn in its evening gown, its hibernating blooms, its brittle bark and rusted grass
in repose with sleeveless branches against a midnight sky and in a hovering haze. 
wrapped in a multi colored coat of changing leaves and scattered acorns to gather
we walk on air enticed by the flow of a cooling breeze in the warmth of what is we.

Maurice Yvonne
September 6 2014
One Autumn Night (in seven lines)

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You're my lady, made for me

You're my lady, made for me!


I swear to you there could never ever be!

In this whole world, as far as I could see!

Someone else who could be my soul-mate!

Except you, most precious gift of my fate!

Before we even met, I had known you forever!

Since times began, we had been apart never!

From nothing, you changed me to everything!

My queen of hearts, just with you I am a king!

You are my world, you're the love of my life!

You are my sweetheart, O my prettiest wife!

Let me yet once more get down on my knee!

To say you are my lady, who is made for me! 


Poetry by Dr. Asghar Nazeer (LinkedIn profile

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You and I make the rainbow

You and I make the rainbow!


You know dear why I love rain?

It washes away my soul's strain!

My hair fall free to go with the flow!

My face lights up, gets back its glow!

That's why I am letting me get wet!

I haven't got that dreamy feeling yet!

When water tickles under my feet!

Dribbling drops form a dance beat!

The breeze around asks me to fly!

Even if I know I couldn't, I still try!

I go into another world, while I'm here!

The sky that's so far, to me it gets near!

While I am afloat, under the cloud's gazebo!

Not the raindrops, you and I make rainbow!


Poetry by Dr. Asghar Nazeer (LinkedIn profile

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How I Miss You

I miss you 
With every longing breath
That pants in sweet silence.
With every insatiable spark 
that ignites my being
And with infinite tears of all my life
That glides down the empty spaces
Of my mournful soul.

For each lifeless day 
Seems like a thousand years
Of wondering hopelessly
On this cruel world
Without your tender kiss
That thaws the frost within my heart.

As the winds hold the last
Sweet myrrh of your lingering scent
That sates not this deep hunger
Crawling in my bones for you
Amongst the fragrant scarf
Of tomorrow's promise 
That you left behind
Imprinted indelibly
On the script of my heart. 

Each star becomes a diamond
Leading to your eyes
Each lilac wave draws a melody 
That inks my heart
With a memory of your love.
Life and breath has lost its meaning
Days are the footsteps to eternal silence
That invades me in shivers of night.
Amongst the mist of mortal pain
I've made my grave of sorrows
On every flowering field
That reminds me of your absent smile
Dawning warmly in my eyes
With a sweet descent 
That only heaven makes.

I cast a thousand tears 
In a silver bottle
On the wavering seas
That it would find you
Because I die! I die! I die!
In your absence
Because my dear beloved
I miss you....

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Unfettered Love

Beneath the lasting hours of nightfall within our private dwelling;
naked feet waltz about the harmonized
silk petals eleven steps
onward to that of 
the flat-bottom 
in the
crystal foam
by shadows
of flickering
and two
wine glasses
teem with Champagne.
The temperature arouses
both temples, allowing entry for torrid love.
Precipitating...Evaporating indiscriminately...Sigh...Our hearts now set to rest.


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Lost Treasures

How did a decent lady like me end up here, anyway?
The only girl aboard a ship of unsavory men.
The last thing I remember was sipping a glass of wine in a tavern.
Then, when I awoke, I was at sea, 
on a vessel, and surrounded by pirates.
Shanghai'd, I think they call it.
For what purpose, I do not even want to think about.
However, I found that out rather quickly.
Then, I learned something else.
A sharp cutlass and a loaded pistol are a girl's best friend.
I am hardly the damsel in distress, for I can take care of myself.

There is one thing on board this ship 
that I do not mind thinking about.
The captain, or so he calls himself.
My gaze often finds him, though his never finds me.
Only when he is giving me orders.
I have been entrusted with the helm of this vessel.
While he stares off into the waters of the Caribbean Sea.
Perhaps, planning our next heading.

The seas are strangely calm at the end of this day.
The sun is half way sunken below the horizon,
making the usual aqua-blue waters glow a golden-orange.
I stare into the dark eyes of my pirate captain,
they reflect the sunset, and shine like the gold of a doubloon.
His eyes are a lost treasure that I hope will find me.
I would trade all of the hidden treasures in the seven seas,
just for one look of those eyes.
Rubies, rare pearls, sapphires, 
even gold cannot entice me more.

I leave the ship's wheel to make my way 
down the wooden steps to the empty deck. 
And, I ask him if he has our next route mapped out.
The captain leans against the ship's rails,
looking down as if contemplating.
He slowly turns his head, 
and looks up at me with those enchanting eyes.
Then, he gives me that mischievous half-smile....

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Oh sweet rose

Beautiful rose
covered in 
your petal finery
sweet silken
satin soft feelings
singing in praise
touching deeply inside

Gentle heart 
of sweetness
tenderness flows
from your sweet
scenting aroma
floats inside 
the scent

Heavenly emotions
enchanting beauty
looking amazing
red in passion
hot soft whispering 
pink blushing
orange warm
as the sun beams glow

Dressed in white
you crown angels
petals softly 
Whispers flow
on scented air
words inside 
I love you

Kissing and hugging
my love deeply darling
surrendering to you
without doubt
purest rose

I trust 
from the petals
into my heart
a crowning jewel
you are queen
amongst flowers 
amazingly baby

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The Scent of Your Feelings

The scent of your feelings clings 
To the fabric of my dreams
It never leaves….it lingers
Permeating everything
The scent of your feelings
Envelopes me

The fragrance of gardenia
When you are tender, sweet
Gentle and serene 
Tranquility showing through
In the gardenia scent of you

Seducing scent of jasmine
Surrounds you like an aura
Heavy, heady
Promising opulent luxury
Of flesh upon flesh
With you in control
Leading me deeper
Into the scent of your fantasies
Tantalizing, teasing, tempting
Endless jasmine ecstasy
Sensual and satiating
Is the jasmine scent of you

Perfumed in Damask Rose
Giving off the scent 
Of inner turmoil
Uncertainty, vulnerability
You are brooding and troubled
Guarded, disturbed
Needing to be reassured
Held in the strength of my arms
Quieted by my love
Till dawn’s light
When your safety is assured
And your scent finds release
Along with that of mine

Honey suckle perfume
Your need to nurture
To let me suckle
At your breasts
Your perfume speaking
In words my soul hears
That you live only
To care for my needs
Your perfumed hands
Soothing way the aches and pains
Of my rough and busy day
Honey suckle promises
Of womanly affection
In waves of comfort and light
I taste honey
Nectar that sweetens my lips
For I know it flows for me
I know I am nothing
A poor lost man
Without the fragrance of honey suckle
Wafting over me

Narcissus emotions
When there is venom in your eyes
Sparks fly all around me
And I know a storm is coming
A scent foreboding
Indicating the imminence
Of the unleashing of thunder and lightning
Torrents of rain
The scent of angered passion
I sense it
I smell your brewing storm
I’m unleashed in the elements
And yet….I know
How to harness your storm
How to bring calm
How to let you vent in my arms
Beat at my chest
I silence you with a kiss
Your arms pinned
The anger passes
Yet your 
Narcissus scent
Left on my chest
Leaves me shaken
In the aftermath
Of your storm

Orchid emotions
The perfume of surrender
Absolute abandon to my will
The sweetest fragrance
The tenderest emotion
A wilting flower
Waiting to be revived
Tenaciously wrapping around my body
Knowing its source of life, love, and happiness
Your scent moves me
Brings out my desires
To possess
To please and reward
To bring color to your petals
By my life giving stream
Lost in this scent
The most beautiful of all
The scent of surrender
To me

The scent of your emotions
Clings to my being
A perfumed eternity
In your arms

Eileen M Ghali

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Perfume of you

Awakening to the scent left of you
in haze of incandescent light
your form still imprinted in my sheets
your perfume still on my pillows...

I remember you spooning next to me
with your sultry satin smile
love that blossomed into magical moments
our souls united and conjoined...

And when the nights are torn asunder
I recall the scent of your hair
my soul the seed and you the planter
out of the ground into celestial sky..

Missing you more than I thought I would
haunted by the ghost of you
your silhouette caressed by moonlight
the smell of your perfume that lingers..

The enchanting kisses and fevered touch
spirits that bewitched and bemoaned
making love under licorice sheets
ghost of you in gown of blue and gray...

Often I awaken next to your ghost
ghost that absconds souls like precious gems
and for a singular second we dance and embrace
then you disappear into a falling star..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Morning has spoken

Most beautiful honey 
deep inside the pot 
sweetly stirring thoughts
feelings velvet satin fluttering soft
touching sweetly emotions smile

Breathing in the fresh morning air 
misty capped mountains speak
echoing winds carries 
deep inside a faraway treasure
brushing across each warm skipping beat
falling dew upon the ground
thinking of you as an amazing dream 

Spirit of your beauty flies with me
dancing warm waves upon this soul 
within the loving you 
Paradise on distant sands
golden in a faraway land
across many distant seas

I lay my heart
upon the sands 
just for you my love 
Good morning most beautiful 
is when you smile

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Without Love

It would cloud the sun forever
in one instant the sea would dry
shift the axis of the earth
as a weak crystal
all of this would happen!
resulting in death
cover me with its funereal crepe
but you could never shut me
from the flame of your love...

Last night I dreamed
we were standing in cold grey weather
under the proudest stars
no escape from the ocean breeze
we looked beyond
as the pale moon put on a white cloth...
~ ~ ~ ~

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love you more

You came to me a broken mess
You still aren’t fixed the way I was hoping yet
But girl don’t hide your scars and flaws
Because they’re making me love you more 

It’s always been more than getting you into bed
Damn I can’t believe some of the things I’ve said
All these romantic, soft and cheesy things
But I want you to know and love isn’t an easy thing

Strip you down so to keep you warm I have to hold you tighter than ever
Hear the rain tapping on the window I hope it gets louder and wetter
Girl I’ve never been happier
Softly kissing on your neck like a romantic Dracula

Staying up late
Talking about random stuff just happy being with each other
I know how you like to be touched babe
So I sneak under the covers

Touch you in ways you’ve never been touched before
Baby you have no reason to be insecure
You’re the most beautiful girl in the world
But your flaws are making me love you more

I love waking up with you wearing my shirt
Taking care of each other sharing the hurt
You heal me and I heal you
Girl if I can find a way to love you more I will do 

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in one's mind
beauty in the eye
that of the beholder

with love
sweetest darling
played using
the silken cords
on a spiders web

weaving together
feelings touching tender
soft and so
very beautiful
fall weak
at the knees

emotions churning
unbelievable softness
like those of a child
in tenderness

how this world
from so many colours
drawing from your eyes
looks and shines
amazing beauty
full of adventure

love it shines
in the light
of a thousand candles
flickering dancing
sweet gentle breeze
in the soul 

softly landing
floating spirits
loves beauty
a million miles away
in another space
known as 

~ ~ ~ ~

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Enchanting Roses

Enchanting Roses
Shower me with regal roses, All varieties, colors, and sizes, Red, orange, yellow, white, pink, Old, modern, miniature, or hybrid… Roses
Gently seducing my senses, Alluring natural perfume, Wake me up in the morning With soft caresses of silky petals… Roses
Captivate my mind and emotions, Soothe my aching heart, And delight my yearning soul, Purest of beauties… Roses
Lovely enchantress, Nature’s pride, Font of love and romance, Inspiring artists, lovers, and poets, Eternally exquisite… Roses

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in VICTORIA SECRET or your baggy sweat pants

(sometimes poetry has to express itself in the simplicity of your heart. i term this type of poem as bedroom poetry. you don't need to be Byron or Shelly just a man with the woman he loves. your poem has to be as gentle as a KISS, keep it simple, Stupid!!)

i love you not because you have special talents although you have many not because you’re beautiful though i know any artist would be thrilled to display you on canvas i love you not because of your mild nature you are gentle or because you’re a genius i do love listening to you speak i love you sometimes life will get the better of you i expect you will make mistakes you should know we all have a dark side i will always be there with a light the way you have been a beacon for me i love you dressed to the hilt for a night out first thing in the morning after a bad night when you agree with me think I'm out in left field when you hand me the converter hide it in another country i love you unconditionally happy you're with me

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The Stairs To Your Bedroom

naked together you clothe me in the fabric of your desire all the while soothing my want your lips part and make a smile and i die. i die inside. i die inside and out time moves too quickly before i know it you leave all left is a covered memory barely fills the insatiable me until once again it's we

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Cupid's Golden Bow

Cupid's golden bow and arrow in hand 

always hits the target to the tightest degree

shedding his green skin like the chameleon he is 

the frog began drowning non-stop smiling as

he fell deeper into ocean colors of all shades a pearl

in a deep pool of beauty bathing so bright

he felt an electric bolt filled with deep undercurrents

string sparks fly in the first kiss with all feeling and intention


String sparks sizzilin' fly in the first kiss and bring  

dazzling amazing golden warm struck straight

but oh so gallant and oh so wonderful


In the heart on fire within passion hot

underneath the stars sailing of into space

inside floating around thoughts off the first mate

desires your affectionate smiles, laughs, and grins 

sings in the mind's eye grace of a thousand swans in flight

into another space over the Milky Way jewels sparkles a star

tender doting to the soul's eyes

floating to you bouncing inside waves

steaming hot seductive lashes 

floating through those curtains we join souls

uniting tender wooing and wonderful woven passion 

softly we forever kiss my love as desire always lays with you


I need and crave your love to take me to the edge of the night

dancing in my dreams struck deeply while 

turning this world upside down

into a golden paradise ball with all bells and whistles

that I've wished in my life


Cupid's golden bow and arrow in hand 

always hits the target tight and perfect

Always!  Always!  Always!  Always!

Liam McDaid and Gary Bateman, Collaborative Free Verse Poem, October 16. 2014

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i wove you a poem

I had a dream.
In the dream I wove you a poem.

I used the fiber of my character 
to create spools of silken thread.

Then I dyed them 
in the colors of my imagination.

I reinforced 
each and every single strand 
with the strength of my love.

Spun the spools  
from the intricacy 
of my spirit.

Enamored by your vision,
I pattern every part of me,
every memory,
into every filament of my fabric.

I initialed my woven piece.


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love with you at night

like the moon that hugs the sky at night. like a flower uncut that scents the garden bright a rare one of a kind number the warm embrace of slumber i wake you hard with full regard skin on skin to the bone, the grind, the screaming moan, climaxes like dominos fall rapid and jaw dropping catch breath whisper in the dark the euphoria of a notion (i hear you think "the time has passed long enough time enough I shall not wait a minute longer I need my breath to run fast and hard I need to try to catch this air but I don't want to" in a deep base i link) reply whisper in your heart "comme un arc de ciel like a rainbow tu touches mon coeur you touch my heart danse avec moi comme des cygnes sur un lac dance with me like swans on a lake" a melody in the language of romance serenade the sweet taste of light like the moon that hugs the sky at night bonne nuit ma chérie, en pensant à toi, que ta nuit soit calme et douce. dors bien.

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Dancing with Joan Jett

Dancing with Joan Jett
Dancing close with Joan Jett is so wild, it’s 1989 and we go head to head. I’m the teen kid by the juke box and she is my wet dream in black leather, one foot in front of me. Pure bloody ecstasy. Garage music blares out of the speakers and we spin around, my arm catching her waist. Closer we draw; a kiss. First of many. 
Joan and Nick. Who would have thought it? Rock n roll music heroine meets a Lancashire lad in an intimate spit and sawdust gig venue in a nameless town. It happened, was happening now. 25 July 1989. A day before I was eighteen. 
By chance I got her gig ticket, last minute rush. Left my crap job and mental northern town and took the train to see Her, Joan Jett. My teen rock goddess singing live. How many guys wanted a piece of her? And a few gals too. Black leather, boots and an awfully short skirt...
And that black hair. Joan looked like a Goth. Her music wasn’t as dark and was more accessible. Darkness would come later, lots of it. 
For now, I danced close with Joan Jett. My head in her hair, eyes shut. Holding her like there was no tomorrow. Another kiss and I was smitten. No one would ever believe me, if I told them: ‘Hey, I danced close with Joan Jett. And we kissed...’
Never mind what happened later... that’s our secret. Yes I still do love her, am in love... 
...with Joan Jett.

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Your Love

Your Love
Meeting You Was Fate Becoming your Friend Was a Choice BUT Falling in Love (with you) I had no control over it THANK YOU Your Love

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Captivated La poesia romantica

The stars are jewels Leading to your eyes. A city of diamonds On the glass of heaven That smiles joyful On the slumbering world When darling you lay Upon the crystal sands Where the lilac waves Draws a sweet melody Like your lulling voice That intrudes my heart With the echoes of love That parades The ceaseless darkness of my soul. As the wind breathes Upon your soft hair And then it sighs... Through the dead night Breathlessly Into the lonely spaces Of your waking hours. Your smile beckons me closer By the pure rocks and quiet waters Where there you wait, you solitary rose To you my soul I do bequeath! In a single heart beat With just one breath To spare a kiss A slow deep kiss Just like moonbeams When it lips The leaping waters Above our drowning feet. I die helplessly my dear beloved When the blue moon Is clasped upon your cherry lips Which reposes in the deep of silence Like a sleeping flower Kissed by the beams of heaven. I love when your eyes smiles at me When it blushes like a rose. It searches through the cold mist To find me by the twisted vines Oh how those big bright eyes would glide Down to the empty pathway Where the honey suckle sprays Wonders aimlessly Through the unsound lonely streets Then I'd fall helplessly Into your wide arms Into the wholeness Of your unsearchable sweetness. Oh.... then I'd fall helplessly Endlessly Breathlessly Into your wide arms Into the wholeness Of your unsearchable sweetness Bearing but a single white rose For you.
''The sweetest flower that blows I give you as we part. For you it is a rose For me it is my heart. Federick Peterson''

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Moments In Time

The sweetest sounds of burning trees
A gentle stroking in the breeze
The calm has lasted past the storm
Cloudy visions, Satan’s roar
Too many sights have passed my way
A time found only in the haze
The softest screams are running bare
My aching bones creak as I stare

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark

The battle’s started at the end
No one is coming to repent
The sinners grab their wine from prey
No judgment calling here to stay
The sport is reckless to be told
The one is laughing at his souls
It falters nowhere to be sure
The power grows forevermore
Like a spirit in the wind
I have no say in where you’ve been 
But cross the line to come to me
And pay the price for ecstasy

You walk a distance towards me
The fall’s eternal, can’t you see?
I’m a memory in your heart
I whisper to you in the dark. 

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Inside my Computer

My computer-- disassembled
is a maze of cables, drives
chips and ports--an array
of connections, silver solderings,
twisting wires.

But when the satiny case
is latched in place
coils and cables disappear.
The smallest particle of matter
is not an atom, but a byte--
a particle of magic that combines
and multiplies unseen
inside the blinking box.

Creation occurs inside my computer--
friends, family rest behind the pressing
of selected keys. Words and faces
form; smiles and frowns
become feelings.
Attraction becomes addiction.

Inside my computer
merchants buy and sell--
musicians sing,
artists train pictures into pixels,
poets recollect emotion in tranquillity.

Inside my computer
dreams are imagined into reality--
inventions, hopes, ideas are born
and nurtured into happenings.
Strangers share a table, touch
hands across the world.

Inside my computer
the pulse of human hearts
waxes and wanes
as people fall in and out 
of love.

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Tomorrow's Signature

Yesterday sent its regards in a farewell
A gesture of fate intact, sealed for the 
Or better yet, the progressive harmonies
of God, such as we are. 

It was perhaps the plot of the universe, 
When we slept in yesterday’s hands, 
And I asked you the question of 
In hopes of fading away mutually, after one
last bloom. 

Heaven must have spied on my everlasting 
Because with your pearl vision directed 
towards me, 
And your soft veil of ebony near me, 
You agreed, with no hold of hesitation. 

So under the chapel’s protection is where 
we coast now, 
And a road less traveled is scattered with 
our footprints;
While I did lead with company, along this aisle 
of anticipation, 
The stares of 1000 miles did not present themselves, 
Until your walk was introduced, thereby polishing 
this floor into glory. 

As I stood in the patience of joy, a distance was 
illustrated between us, 
You pressed forward and this negative space lost
its existence; 
As you approached with the tranquil touch of 
My nerves fell sober, and I knew that which was 
parallel before me was art, 
The speechless beauty, I favored in sight. 

The preacher spoke a traditional verse, as our 
eyes locked in perfect reflection; 
Declared through spoken word, was the 
confirmation of our ribbon in the sky, 
Crowned upon your precious finger was the 
weight of symbolism, 
Silently glowing through the everglades; 
With no restriction, we explored the middle 
ground in unison.

We exited through the heart of the sun, cherishing
the unfamiliar heat; 
It appears that life’s divine notary has signed off 
on the greatest equation ever solved, 
May our souls forever write in this blessed ink.  

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Flowers bloom
And flowers wilt.
Flowers blush
And flowers fade.
The eternity is only in me-
The twig that bears the flowers.

Sparrows are born
And sparrows die.
Sparrows fly
And brighten the sky.
That who nurtures sparrows is me-
A cozy make of a twig upon a twig.

The sun fades
And moon is born.
The twilight blurs
And moonlight spreads.
All the soothing moonlight beams are me-
A crisscross of unfathomed twigs.

Whether in its birth
Or in its death;
In the heart
Of its heart;
The entire beauty is none but one-
A design of mysterious twigs.

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Winters Love

    The winter of my love is here,

her cheek's glisten, in smile's and tear.

    Cold wind's blow, her love to me,

I feel her breeze, her breath i see.

    Her close touch, that keeps me warm,

her soft voice, from lips conform.

    Forever her love, for me will be,

This WINTER'S love, together so free.

    created by johnaarongreen

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I Knew You From A Distant Dream

I knew you from a distant dream The sweet streams cry out The dumb rocks perspire with dew My heart flutters in your comely grace You're more beautiful than the flower And more sweeter than the nectar's burst Your scent lingers like the wild breeze Your hair escapes thro' the sad light The blue moon dies on your lips. Petal threads blew unannounced It seems like a kiss has touched you It seems like the fading light And those wide brown lips trembles Thro' the twilight songs of sweet lyres Your words hold a certain sweetness But my tongue is dumb as the rocks Dumb to the long drawn kiss of your eyes To but whisper a simple word A swooning word of love Before the morning light may spring Before your hastening feet retreats Down the dusty street Where the fragrance shoots. I knew you from a distant dream The strangled notes of the sea It died, then gave whisper to your name The stars a laurel to your head Your scarf on the lantern seas My heart is clasped against yours And then it beats soberingly fast And then it breathes.... slowly With love's tenderness. I knew you from a distant dream The night bled its frost that day The popular shops shut their eyes And the busy streets went to sleep I've sank my eyes upon you As a roving light humanly divine Sank upon the half black earth. I want you like the round plump grapes That wavers in winters seasonal bloom When the stars would rise and fall On the quivered slender hues Parked lightly on the bench. There's a flame that does exist It burns sweetly upon my dreams There's a pulsating joy you draw From the roots of my sorrowing heart But I in this cold wide earth clung To your cinnamon lips And in your pleasant arms Wide awake Only to die again.

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Once Upon A Time

This is a poem about the future I'd love to have with the boy of my dreams.
None of this has actually happened yet (besides us falling in love with eachother) but it's how I would like it to happen.

Once upon a time, I became the luckiest girl in the world. I fell in love with a gorgeous boy with blue eyes, and he actually loved me back. He was like my prince, he treated me like his princess and would do anything for me. Today, we're united as King and Queen. It's been years, but walking down the aisle I'm still staring at the cutest, most perfect guy I've ever seen. When our lips finally meet after parting to say "I do", it tastes like Heaven.

Once upon a time, I married a gorgeous boy with blue eyes. And today, I saw those perfect blue eyes light up when he first held our little girl in his arms. She's got her Daddy's blue eyes and just a little bit of her Momma's brown hair. She's going to be spoiled and loved more than possible. She'll know we support her no matter what, and she can tell us everything. It will be perfect.

Once upon a time, one set of blue eyes became two, and we were made into a family. Now, that second pair of blue eyes is walking out the door to college, with a suitcase in one hand and a boy's hand in the other. He better love her and treat her just as well as her Daddy does.

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a gorgeous boy with blue eyes. His hair has dulled and grayed but his eyes are the same, and they've seen a lifetime's worth of happiness and love. My baby had babies with the boy she walked out the door with, and I can tell she loves them as much as we loved her. Now it's her time to live.

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Phantasmagoric Moments

For one moment I thought
Moons stars and kingdoms,
Humbly yielded to the spell of your tongue;
For I would never miss such an honour
When my heart still dies in front.

From the gravest yard in my groans,
In those rainy eyes of autumn,
You stole into the fragrance of my desert red bloom;
Despite the venom in my features,
You killed the old beast in my gloom.

For one moment I thought
Flowers, bees, and dew drops
Had never been bleeding forever;
The honey have they made
Fell us in love like a feather.

For one moment I thought
We stumbl’d upon each other.

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I knew I couldn’t love you
I knew I shouldn’t have.
I couldn’t resist 
the feel of your skin…
The sound of your voice. 
y heart was taken 
by the vastness 
of who you are…
and what you made me…
My time ended
I had to return back to where I was
nothing more than 
an empty chest…
you had taken my heart…
as I held the hand of your soul…
In our dreams 
there are no oceans 
to distant the you from me…
In our dreams…
there’s only the you and the me. 

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Smoke Signals

If words could envelop fire,

I’d whisper softly into a quiet

note and let the pyre in my

lonely coffer spill out it’s smokey dispatch.

Letting pathos glow inside carrion’s beat,

I would endeavor this note reach a messenger

with quick feet, so that you would read it before

I became nothing more than a ruin,

damned by it’s own occasion.

I would speak with a gentle urgency,

through teeth like embers of brimstone.

" Let not your tender humor steer you

in a direction that would wilt us both. 

Fan the flames that have consumed me,

It’s a burn that fuels our passion

I love you and the pain that you bring,

you are the brightness in the sky,

and the darkness of night.

You are the sting of broken flesh,

and the sweet release of blood that flows.

You are the healing of my blackened benevolence,

and the anger in my wisdom.

You are my second eye, 

and my heaviest anchor.

You are the spark,

and the kindle.

You are my Queen.”

-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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River of tear's

My love for you flow's like a river. It's that cool winters breeze that makes my soul shiver. To see that smile upon your face. My heart can rest from giving chase. To feal your lips pressed against mine. Run my finger tips down your spine. The feal of your skin so silky smooth. I know I'll win there's tomuch to lose. I once saw your eye's shine with glea. My foolish lies that chased you from me. For all these years i've had you to hold. Now from all these tears my face grows cold.How can I tell you about all this? How can I show you these things I miss? Like an arrow my love is true. Maybe tomarrow I'll know what to do. As for now I'll sit here and shiver. Wondering how to stop this tear filled river.

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When Lovers Part

When two lovers of days past, relive the same memory, at exactly the same time, they touch once again, from where ever they are.

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Touch Me

last night
i awoke under the tossing
and turning of night's sky,
half-lit flickers of light
glowing from beneath
thick, smoke-colored clouds
that lit my room
much like the candle
burning cherry scents
only a few hours ago.

with night's veil
only half-lifted
i rolled myself
towards you,
your body, molded,
as if craving my touch,
settled me 
within a comfortable dark.

night became still again,
more so than us
and her sounds became
distant echoes to ours
as we slid from dreams
to reality
and back to dreams.

i awoke this morning
to the sounds of birds
singing outside my window,
the sun was still hanging
on the edge of the horizon
blushed as red as me
in remembering night.
you were as still as summer's air
but the smile on your face
told me, you were singing 
louder than these birds,
and i settled myself in,
pressing tightly 
against you,
and you rose,
slightly before day.

now i sit
watching the sun
make her way across
the half-covered sky,
as if trying to sleep in
on this sultry day,
and i
can't help but crave
your touch again.

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Shadows Reversed

                                               Shadows Reversed

                                       Luxurious spring blew into my ear
                                         nesting birds delighted senses
                                                  just sprung from dreams
                                morning prayers were simply shadows
                                      as I smelled your sweet womanhood

                               I readied your bath of silken warm water--
                        lilac soap lay ready to kiss your neck's curling hairs
                                    my heart bursting with lusty joy
                                                     popped like a silver bubble--

                                                to find you the shadow

V Anderson-Throop
2014  Valdez, Alaska

V. Anderson Throop
June 9, 2014
Valdez, Alaska

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desire becomes
the heart's need
passion it breathes
in embers

flames sparking words
relights ablaze
burning red
from the mirror
of one's soul
touching smiles

a dream
forever beautiful
igniting in the deep
embers burning
wild feelings

food of love
melting softness
eternal desire
a second heartbeat
feeding the fire
deep burning flames

a temperature rises
burning red passion
a single rose
in these ashes

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white rose

You are the fairest
within the heart beauty 
Mirror, mirror 
Amazingly gorgeous 
White rose 

Most beautiful 
satin soft petals 
 from the heart outwards, 
crown on heavenly beauty 

Sweetest aroma 
drifting on air 
Upon scent 
Prettiest of all flowers 
In thorns 
played the part 

Deep inside 
Invites from colour 
The softest kiss 
Upon light of day 

Mirror ,mirror 
so sweetly 
in the rising sun 
upon morning dew 
Beautiful you

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i leave for you
one petal 
of a feeling
wrapped up 
inside emotion
among'st the sweet
cherry blossoms

droplets of dew
in misted eyes
fall unto 
the ground
in a prayer
one said

just before 
the sun 
it went to sleep
warm within
the bones
feelings melting together
from happiness within

beautiful soul
colours of a rainbow 
bouquet colour
written in the stars
a birth 
of an angel

does one's 
destiny call
as the moon winks
to you oh princess
shining out 
a delight

wishing so kind
flickering candle light
one sparkling treasure
scented purest
of jasmine
dripping honey
like morning dew

golden paradise
sweetly smiles
i wish for you
upon your beauty
the face of the world
that of happiness

my smile 
upon you
a happy face
oh one
so darn beautiful

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a dark lonely night
looking at my friend
the moon
gazing into 
the stars
upon a dream

i blow a kiss
into the clouds
from the palm
so as when
rain begins falling
sprinkling magically
on you

every inch
caressing the skin
taking me
to that special place
reserved for you

under the moon
smiling down softly
a star winks
casting silver shadows
precious feelings
dancing dark
in the light

in the breeze
enchanting music
wings of an angel
floating on air
a place
in heaven

looking into
the eyes of love
you gave me
my wings
to fly 
with thee

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soul kissed

floating colours 
Lighting up the sky 
fireworks sparkling 
On fire 

Lips kiss 
Burning deep 
Touching hearts 
Magically cast 
under a spell 

My soul sings 
like music
In a warm fluttering 
internal flame 
A candle burns 
Within the mind 

Closing the eyes 
Feelings in rhythm 
sparkling dreamy
To die in one's arms 
A beautiful oasis 
Emotion lights up 

Cupid plays 
Enchanting tunes 
Upon the strings 
Tugging at the heart 
Gently touching 
My dream

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After The Storm

I watch from my bed as the wind howls, 
Twisting the trees into unnatural shapes.
Too much water falls from the sky, 
And cascades over swollen gutters,
To surround my house,
In a waterfall veil.
The wind howls and screams, 
As it forces it's way,
Through tiny spaces in my window panes.
Mayhem is outside my window.
And I am warm and safe
Thinking of you
With a smile on my face.
Nothing can take away
That I am loved by this man
With his song in my heart
He pulls me in tighter
As if to protect me with his words
And I am as filled with calm
As tomorrows sky.

I am in love.

© 2013 
Ruby Honeytip

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lucky star

You are 
darling shining 
out across 
great oceans 
far away 
in many seas 

Floating on 
one boat 
a goddess 
rising in 
this great wave 
of golden kisses 

Crashing on deck 
all over 
you baby 
cast under 
your spell 
overpowering love 

In strong 
romantic feelings 
weaving intricate 
threads of 
golden emotions sewn 
into the most beautiful 
of hearts 

Glowing out 
from you 
I see 
a treasure 
in potions 
of feelings 
our stars 
cross path 

Magically flowers 
blooming blossoms 
enchanting out 
bewitched wide eyed 
dazzled completely 
blows the mind 
a lucky star 
shine out

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hold my heart

fountain of beauty 
and love 
Cascading down the walls 
of my heart,
dark forests rise 
in motion 
to salute you 
In the creation 
of waves, 
bowing to your world 
A motion 
of great grandeur 

On the heather 
clad hillside 
With ragged rocks 
among'st the heather, 
sweeping out 
towards the ocean 
A vast wilderness 
of water 

In a tranquil 
peaceful setting, 
romancing the very stones 
I am the moss clinging 
Mystical paradise 
Mirror of life 
and existence,
dreaming of you 
under a hawthorn bush 
In the aroma 
of blossoms, 
kissing the sea 
in the parting of lips 
Moist in a dream 

My nostril flare 
within aroma's scent
Sweet as would be the taste, 
like my breath exhaling 
Rippling winds 
passing by, 
whispering to me 
sweet nothings
Walking along 
a primrose path 
from the enchanted forest 
I make my journey 
to you my fairy queen 
Speaking to you in 
ancient tongues, 

through the melody 
of the harp 
Underneath the fairy tree, 
played on each string 
attached to my heart 
deep inside
 plays sweet music  
burns you the desire 

In a chain 
of daisies 
Dreaming underneath 
the sun, 
in the gentle touch
 of its beauty 
Touching me 
with your wand, 

the touch 
of an owl's feather 
Sparkling light
 touching beautiful 
my dream emotion 
Rainbows of color 

Loves so vast, 
you can be 
my fairytale 
Walking with you 
loving  like the breeze 
Holding your hands 
in my heart 
pining on
 your return

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deep ocean

falling dew
one token
drops of happiness
a foundation
for dreams
Your light i am  
A pale white glow 
shimmering softly 
in slow descent
Melting cold winds 
calming your tide 
reaching the silence 
above the sand 
You shall not die 
when the flame fades 
when i immerse 
in vetdant shades
You shall live on 
eternal youth 
with all its strength 
and hidden truth 
And through the night 
wet salt and mist 
reveal the thirstiness 

of hundred tales 
till the moon shines 
in its crescendo 
dripping its honey 
in still embrace 
Sky sprinkles stardust 
upon your lips 
till new dawn greets you 
with a new kiss 

leaving footprints
in warm sunshine
sailing within
an ocean paradise
chambers reserved
for one so beautiful
only in dreams
holding hands
once kissed
becomes real

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Beating love

In the inner depths 
Like a flower 
warm touching emotions 
Dressed in dark 

in the embers 
A loving devotion 
Sparking in dreams 
Not being able 
To do without 

In the clouds 
A gentle sigh 
Within feelings 
At one with 
the silver lining 
Shines beauty 

Lifting the curtains 
Sparkling emotions 
A dazzling jewel 
Smiling happiness 
Raising the spirit 
To the highest 

A whisper falls 
upon the breath 
The soul sings out 
In it's breeze 
Gives wings 

Love you take 
The very breath away 
The heart flies 
In the spirit 
of you 
Without wings 

Floating heartbeats 
Banging on the drums 
Within emotions 
For you 
my dream 

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so soo beautiful

a lighted candle
perfumed lavender
softly in a breeze 
i blow you a kiss
from the moon
stars they wink
saying goodnight

 to wonder
in the night
upon the face
lighting up in the dark
with a magical
soft smile

shines out beautiful
glowing feelings
 flickering caresses
deep emotions
warm in candlelight

softly whispering
a flower in spring
in a daisy chain 
in its circle
will you be
my angel

touching deep 
innermost depths
touched deeply
played on cupid's harp
the sweetest words
became music

cast in a spell
tugging at the chords 
my soul

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bewitched by beauty

i feel 
this flowing
like a fountain
you are judging me
on somebody else
but it's certainly 
not me

so i begin 
to draw 
for you
paint a picture 
of your beautiful face
this is so hard
to really explain
as you
mean so much
to me 
your sweet honey

i am soft 
deep inside
with a big heart
smiling at the world
but all i want to do
is be every thing
to your sweetheart

loving you 
was my breeze
feelings just 
keep floating
emotions leaves
fall unto 
your ground
gently touching
softly the heart singing

it shines out
glittering gold
you are beautiful
upon the crown
you are my jewel
queen of
enchanting oceans
its you baby
i want 
draped around
my neck

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lips on lips

per chance we happened to touch
your hand barely feeling mine

a wisp of air disappeared drew us near
so flesh to flesh were we

a tornado spun us face to face
and the mildest of earthquakes
shook us and locked us
!lips on lips!, 

if there were a heat wave
drove us crazy, and we
you and i, actually kissed

would you?
would you be terribly angry?

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i wove you a poem uncut

i had a dream and in the dream i wove you a poem
i used the fiber of my character to create spools of silken thread
dipped in the juices of my passion i dyed them in the colors of my imagination
and re-enforced each and every single strand with the strength of my love

spun the spools from the intricacy of my spirit
designed a pattern to the rhythm of the music of my inner thoughts

enamored in your vision
crystal beads gather on my brow
as i toil your finely bred gift
as i braid every part of me
with every memory
into every sliver of fabric

sew in the loving glow emits my flawless dreams
and with my boiling blood initial my woven piece

my work at an end i awake
you lay there a wingless angel 
smiling as if you heard a bell ring
your boundless warmth embraces me

without a touch 
with just a hint 
i kiss you
so not to disturb your sleep 
and whisper
 'thank you’

Maurice Yvonne
entered for The Poet Contest
September 1 2014

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If Not For Love Then What


She could feel his heart beating against hers.
 Fueled by their love she drove a stretch of his fabric 
and consumed his breath as if it was hers.                                                                       As they continued to touch lips
she held on to him as one holds on to hope.


For his part and without reservation 
he believed that this union would last a lifetime 
and beyond if possible.He knew that he would hold on 
to this belief until his last moment.


As outsiders watching we felt their sincerity.
 We suddenly understood 'forever'. 
A sense of our existence, our purpose.
Love is all encompassing.
 In this case two destined lovers, lovers for life. 
Few experiences are more inspiring than that.

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The rain above us fell faster than we had ever seen before
She laughed as I told her I'd be with her forever and more
We held hands hiding from the rain
Now that she's gonna I feel imense pain
My heart beats slower now
My sobs sound like a dying cow
If I could only have her again
I'd never leave her like back then

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silently blowing
in a baited breath
i whisper 
in the breeze
my dearest
bowled over
amazing beautiful

far away 
in a starry sky
the heart 
just missed 
a beat

a feeling
within one's breath
did you 
just kiss
my soul

coming out 
in mist
with the sweetest
most beautiful words
a soul 
of such beauty

shining at
the rainbows end
my god
never let 
one see
those beautiful eyes

tipping one's hat
i smile to you
if ever i did
i would adore
the light
within the candle

you hypnotize 
my dreams
melting in the deepest
embracing one;s soul
one with yours
beyond words

the soul flies 
in the spirit
ocean waves
crashing onto 
the cliffs
kissing you passionately
tonight i dream
its you

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When will I see you again? 
When will I smile or see the sun?
The darkness surrounds me
And I feel the chill of your  absence

Will it be in Spring?
When flowers are in bloom
And the sweet smell of life is everywhere?
Will it be in the heat of Summer?
When passions are high on quiet evening breezes?
Will it be in Autumn
When the beauties of nature abound
And the great artist spreads his colors across the land?
Will you be here when winter comes
When the soft snow purifies all that I see?

Come quickly , my love
I am incomplete without you
And I grow weary everyday
Without your love

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Ignoring Love

She loves to
ignore me.
Does she love me?
Yes I believe so, our love
is imperfect -like most, predicated on
imbalance, a victim of
poor timing, but living the old
lie of immortality… it really
an untruth?  Is it mortal?
Will it one day die?  I pray not.
At the end of all of it and everything
-it’s all I can give,
deathless love is rare, I have nothing
greater to offer, a love that will
outlive my life, outlive all things…..
I need to refocus, this doesn’t matter,
you see –she still ignores me.
I think she takes pleasure in it,
she does it so well.
Does she love me?
…..I think so, maybe

Written in Texas -AUG 2012

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Romantic Love

Yesterday is tomorrow’s today
In this game of life we play

In the game of life we chance
All we have on romance

Shake the dice then let them roll
Cross the bridge then pay the toll

Make a wish upon a star
Then let them see who you are

Open your heart and face the task
Open your soul and lose your mask

Let romance light the fire
That is forever fueled by desire

Let your words be honest and true
Be the things you say and do

And most of all for the one you love
Live your life for the Lord above

Through his love your romantic endeavor
Will be blessed and last forever

And that’s a true gift by the Lord above
For nothing is better than romantic love

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Lavender kissed

blowing a kiss
In silver shadows
swept of my feet
floating in the clouds
cotton soft
fluffy feelings
touching emotions
a beautiful
white rose

in front of me
floating inner vision
casting silver shadows
all over the moon

clouds kissing rain
as the moon smiles
holding hands out
dancing to a song
a beautiful 
lady sings

each drop 
like the morning dew
upon the rose
caressed deeply
within its softness
grows in feelings

softly the wind breathes
are you the one
a beautiful snowdrop
dreaming in sunshine

breathing beautiful
within the deep aroma
emotions whisper
a silent voice
in summers breeze

calling a dream
sweet and beautiful
kissing the heart
in a lavender breeze
a moment in time

a faraway dream
in the deep
kissed softly
in lavenders
sweet breeze

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Tune Me

when you’re thirsty or hungry for a meal when a table for one scares you or one menu has no allure i'll be your ‘soup de jour’ when you have worries and life stresses you out when friends don’t understand and you chomp at the bit i’m your ear ‘no bout adout it’ if you've lost a memento or for a pause your self-worth if your mirrors lie points out an unlike i'll fix your psyche if ever you're lonely desire a man if you need arms that hold and lips to lock on too tune me i'll be there for you!

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in a frozen moment
casting shadows
falling backwards
i lay myself
on the sands

warm in the hands
in the scent 
of ocean
staring into
the sky
romancing the stars
dream building
for love
a castle

voices whispering
in babbling water
to the shore
sounds of the sea
as the moon smiles

lights up deep
in a happy face
i embrace emotion
written in the stars
a twinkle
in the eye

lighting up a dream
as the sands
begin crumbling
lost in falling grains
an unheard 
crying voice

no one to share
as the wind 
the cold lips
i am gone
you never
saw me love

looking behind
i was long forgotten
out of love

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Tie-Dyed Sky

Ebony silhouettes
inked by a dying sun,
capture lovers embraced
in synergy of hope.

Inseparable dreams
slowly morph into one,
subservient to the
whims of compliant hearts.  

And azure pools reflect
a tie-dyed denim sky,
as enchanted dreamers
seal their love with a kiss.

Twinkling stars confetti
the emptiness of space,
as darkness descends and
shadows swallow last light.

And time seams to stand still,
reality pauses
and they swim motionless,
to the depths of their souls.

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In praise of women

In a woman's heart
is spark of divine fire
such warmth to a mans night
dominant prosperity to his desire...

Then who is more worthy of praise
than women of such angelic grace
even the night sky brimful of stars
cannot match the lovely parts of woman's face!

O her hand is full with roses
she brings the moon of celestial spring
her soul is of other worldly splendor
purple ember of day break does she bring!

Would there be comfort in sickness
contentment in health without her tenderness
what relief of the days torment
could we have without a woman's presence?

O woman most fragrant flower from heaven sent
you are Eve to soothe restless past
I await the fall of your floating garment
and the noble charm you eternally cast..
~ ~ ~

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A Love Poem For You

love  and let 
love find you

                           ©2013 Christine Phillips

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See me without your eyes

See me without your eyes!


Beauty is in everything that I behold all around!

I am just lost! Tell me when you have me found!

You say someone is ugly, I will aver that's lovely!

Your senses are earthly, missing what's heavenly!

We are more than a body, mind, heart and soul!

Ignore what meets your eye! See me as a whole!

If you take me for how I look, you are not for me!

When I need you most as I age, your love will flee!

See me without your eyes, if you like what you see!

I will believe in you, each other's we're meant to be!


The best place for a poem to live is in the heartbeats of those who love it!

Blessed are the poets whose verses are read, not on papers they just sit!


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Facing the Moon

It is a beautiful sunset The dusk of night slowly enters This chilly winter night It’s not about seeing The moon rise splendid in the sky Like a light of love high above Shining warmth to the shivering bare branches Upon the first flakes of snow Tumbling to ground Inhaling the fragrance of fresh air all around Like a delicate scent lingering Her perfume captivates my desires Lingerie on the corner bedpost It’s not about seeing, or desire It’s about my heart longing For her eternal flame The cold winters nights Hide not the warmth Firewood glows, illuminating our night Her playful kisses Upon my cold open lips Make this a moonlight delight As I delve into her hips
Notes: I call this a Mirror poem based on the one done by Charmaine Chircop, and thus the inspiration for this poem! Her poem is called " FACING THE SUN "

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A seed of love planted in the soil of my heart

I sailed unaware into 
the ocean currents 
of her life:

smitten, I 
desired to ride 

them with her;
the ocean ways, a 

seed of love 

planted in the soil of
my heart had taken root 
and grew--only to perish 

a young hope 

that's fleeting:
though I loved her, 

still wounded

like a careless 

In spite of 
this and myself, 
I looked 

for encouragement
in her stare; 

at the outlines 
of her graceful 

I did wonder: 
she was 


a Helen of Troy, a prize, 
on whose loveliness 

so richly gorged! 

But never was 
a lonely man 
more wretched 

I was, 

as she could 
not return my

with equal measure of feeling.  

I would be more
glad had she been 
unwedded to another,

could easily be within 
my desirous 


In time, I 

her again;

and love, or the 
appearance of it--like 
an aborted 


flushed down the 

with her parting 
as well!

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The jungle of my heart

The tangled vines of green tree limbs swing back and forth
as the tallest trees compete to out-shadow one another,
and yellow tigers crouch behind bushes wait for their prey to come along
and bite down on soft necks, the crake of bones- one second a cold meal
served on the long grassy earth of my deep heart.

Those tigresses prowl up and down the jungle plans
as the violets of the sun shine bright and violently-
as the birds sing song in skies so blue
my tired eyes have lost trace of those yellow tigresses
and that one big lion.

I prowl along the green covered roads,
hands in my pockets,
waiting for something-something, something-
but nothing, or no one or anything or anyone
comes or goes or comes;
and I sit and I wait on a bounded rock
waiting and waiting and waiting.

YET- those dreaded yellow tigresses never come, they never come,
and I have lost trust in those birds that fly high and sing songs-tweet-tweet.
Nor do I the sun, or the reflection of the silver laced moon,
not even a single twinkle of a small star-
nothing, nothing, nothing.
Never did I sit so long on that grey, bounded rock nailed to the floor of the green jungle
of my heart.

Love was eating up long ago by one or two of those yellow tigresses,
and I know it- oh yes I know it,
yet I stay, yet I stay and I wait- wait for something good.
as the jungle starts to burn down by men in orange hard hats
and bulldozers, I still sit,
and I wait- dedication for something out of the ordinary, I still wait,
for I promised someone, someone near and dear to myself,
and promise so near to the heart- that it cannot be broken (and I don't break promises)
So I wait- and if I shall die in this jungle of my heart- alone,
then so be it,
as long as I never break that promise.
Then may those yellow tigresses have their way with my body.


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Twilight Lovers

Lovers whispering in the softness of the night.
Two entwined hearts, 
misted in sweet promises.

Floating together in the warmth of love.
Embracing the other's soul, 
desiring each others hearts.
Lips touching, 
adding heat to the swirling mist around them.
Delicious heat only lovers can know.

The hot flames of lust, 
igniting their bodies, 
inflaming their hearts.
Passion carries them through the night.
Destined for all the tomorrows on the twilight together.

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The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

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My soul is like a deep shadow
you can look into my darkness
with the brightest source of light in existence
and try as hard as you can to figure me out
yet, you cannot see all of me
which leaves you to wonder.

You stare into these dark eyes
trying to see into my mind
like a psychic attempting to read my thoughts
my eyes sparkle and speak to your soul
without a single word spoken
yet, they do not say what is on my mind.

You think that I am hiding something
behind this invisible mask
even a microscope would not help you to see it
my enduring love is no masquerade
I am longing to show you my shy heart
which is the only thing hidden within me.

I have a loneliness and a shyness about me
that you seem to find rather intriguing
you speak and I can only smile at you
even Sherlock Holmes would have trouble solving me
I am a mystery known only to myself
and I would like to keep it that way.

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His Fire and Her Ice

Orange and yellow
Red and deep purple
In the existence of
Pure unlimited passion,
Unpredictable mystery,
And a shocking reality.

His fire is unstoppable
Even if he tried to stop
His flames spread
All through his strong heart.
He deeply knows
And clearly feels
That his soul is made of
Sun light rays.

Blue and light green
Brown and black
Surrounding expectations of
Unlimited romance
Interrupted by the fear
Of a wide eyed future
And a bittersweet truth.

Her Ice is unbreakable
Even if she tried her best 
To make it melt
The coldness spread
All through her fragile heart
But she never knew 
Or felt that 
Her soul is made of
Silver moonlight 

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Oh Moon, Your Shine is Shy

We have this flirtation me and you--
never quite able to see your face.
Watching you while all alone.

Sometimes you write my night
with scrolls of silken words
saying love notes upon the dark sky.

I would blast my way off to visit,
find myself sick and falling free
with foot falls that stir up dust.

So very fine this dust, like powder
for your nose; is this how you hide
when you fall in and out of view.

I could be tip-toe tripping as I skim
along your surface, in search of the key
to unlock all your hidden secrets…

Fine jewels, maybe. Fine mist
of watery wealth, a mother lode
of exotics but even so I would leave you.

Earthbound I am here to paint the moon
like a shadow boxer,  creeping toward bedtime.
Icicle licked, that’s more than flirtation.

It’s a foothold into tomorrow
past all these years, I see you now I don’t
wander the clouds of our lives.

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My Beautiful One

You’re an enduring eclipse of quotidian winsomeness, 
Existing in front of all others, compelling the aforesaid into your shadow: 
My Beautiful One… 
Surpassing their talent for beauty, 
By allowing the world to witness your gift for it: 
My Beautiful One… 

Rejuvenating a word once relegated to becoming depthless, 
Its affects near fleeting, Beautiful showed few signs of standing peerless as it once did, 
Though within your presence, Beautiful is brought back to its quintessence, to its inception, 
Shown the miracle it was conceived in, you’ve promoted its ordinance even over that of the beholder’s vision: 
My Beautiful One… 

In your arms, embosomed by you, Beautiful is free from its superficial cellar, 
No longer just vernacular, the “B” word for pretty, or merely our lexicon’s adornment. 
No, My Beautiful One… 
In your face, Beautiful finally returns nature’s true reflection, 
Your facial features burn incandescently and uncontrollably, fueled by a lifetime of beauty all in one place. 
My Beautiful One anoints Beautiful with her grace, returning its virtue, 
Granting it renewed potency…thought lost for always… 

Written in Afghanistan -27 OCT 2013

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A Miracle Angel

I love the sweet thought of your arms 
softly circling around 
the neck touching deep
Looking into your eyes jewels
shines inside this mind

You're the sunshine 
golden enchanting dewdrops
awakening with each new day 
Melting warmly milk and honey
together is so sweet to the tongue
So are the words of endearment
to the heart gently sings sweetly
melting beautiful warm honey 
drunken inside golden mead
kissing your beauty love 
when the coins fell into place 
One beholding joy 
happiness a jackpot treasure forever
will shine all over you always 

If only I could appear lost 
found within your dreams 
needing you my love 
Like the air one breathes 
gasping hot finding paradise 
with you who gave me wings to fly

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Holding always warm

Dazzling golden beams 
star spangling 
when I look into your eyes
dreams enchanting magic 
Sparkling treasure gems 
through sun smiling thoughts 
Warm rays in her deep fingers 
one touching light beaming 
In your smile stands out 
A rose blossoms heart of this soul
flowers so hot amazing beautiful 
blooming embracing light 
as your angel rays dances 
outside this world with the heart
in each beat that pounds loving you 

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Two Hearts full of Love

I am a heart full of love
that shook the pilars that held her colussium up
her heart filled with sorrow,
I swing such fury toward her heart and soul
she cowards away from me,
in fear of falling in love and not knowing what is in black
and not searching what is in the light of pure white.

I am a heart full of love,
she runs and takes the long dirt road,
through the raging mountains of the quiet countryside,
as the meadows of lilacs slowly die when Spring comes,
the blooming of the rose,
like the blooming of my heart,
a blossom on a cherry tree fall and harbour in the wintertime.
I swing toward her, she falls in fear of wanting attention and love.
Lost in the midnight twilight,
the flaming torch guides her through the dark holes of meaningless souls.
and like a frightened hummingbird,
she flees away from the secrets of falling in love.

A heart full of love ready to love,
it is diffcult to feel and to show,
but as if a rose that blooms in Springtime
my love is ready to bloom.

Pettles lay along a darkened atmosphere
lit up only with four wax candles
a portrait of a woman hung over a mantel piece
in honour of my one true love.

As the twilight shine though my bedroom window,
I show a heart full of love,
to take and to hold for eternity.

And as she slowly moves forward,
she takes me home with her,
and opens her chest and shows me her heart
with a glass of red wine and charming cigarette.
She sheads tears of pain and sorrow on my broud shoulder,
I curise her hair, silk laced hair,
shining against the twilight and the moonlit sky.

My heart full of love,
so divine, so original
a one of a kind.

We make love in the midst of the twilight,
as my dream girl is now reality and my pain is no more,
her pain is no more.
Too show such love makes a man feel free
and his soul lighter.
She holds him there,
as the sun rises over the mountains.
The birds sing a tune of cheerfulness,
and they talk about everything beautiful and kind,
that is still left in this cruel and empty hearted world.

Romance and love shared
with a heart full of love,
smile and kiss upon smooth lips,
feel me against your tight body,
and love me till the morning
when Blue eyed Death is staring us in the face.
and we go with him,
and play a game of risk,
and together forever,
onto a diffrent world
we shall love each other forever,
for you and I both have a heart full of love.

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I love you
By Lawrence M. Nunez

The first time I saw you,
 I remember the day,
Seem like just yesterday.
a bounce in your step,
A smile on your face, 
a twinkle in your eyes.
Without a word, 
You said I love you.

The first time I met you,
I remember the day,
Seem like just yesterday.
Introduced by a friend,
a warm embrace,
a gentle squeeze.
I was way too nervous 
To say then I love you.

The first time we kissed,
I remember the day,
Seem like just yesterday.
You held my hand,
I looked into your eyes,
Without a cue I stole a kiss.
Right then and there I knew,
I had to say baby I love you.

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Cheese monster

I remember 
dancing for joy 
Sitting on an open shelf 
This beautiful maiden 
Strolls into the shop 
As my eyes whistled 
She picked me up 

Holding me in her hands 
Smiling down at me 
Oh I love 
Words had trembling effect 
with this cheese 

Taking me home 
You took a little bite 
A little taste
Out of me 
Lips softly grin
bursts in flavour 
Almost cheesy 
Licking delicious 

Opening a door 
You placed me 
on top shelf 
Felt like royalty 
Lights out wow 

The last face 
I remembered 
Ever so beautiful 
Weeks pass 
Feeling almost 
out of date 
Left in the dark 

A smell started 
in fungus hair 
Taking over 
almost septic 
Crawling green 
in mildew 

Beautiful maiden 
Awaiting you in dreams 
You open the door 
Squealing out 
in the fridge 

All I done 
was shout cheese 
Smile darling 
I am 
all yours 
Sweet love 

Thrown in a bag 
Broken hearted 
with the rubbish 
That's me done 
With cheese 

It was so sad 
The green hairy 
old monster 
Began crying 
Now smile 
for cheese 

As you will not like 
To see the ugly side 
Of the green 
hairy old 
Cheese monster

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Wild Flower

Unassuming simplicity 
Child of the wild 
A bit of color to catch the eyes
It’s too much to leave her behind 
Sentimental blindness
Can only give bad guidance 
Leave her; why break her?
Look only, but do not touch
You’ll soil your hands
Can never be friends
To embrace nature is not in your nature
Think you’ll just put her on your table?
You’ll be unable
A narrow vase by your hands made
Freedom cannot recreate
Take her home, and she’ll wither
But your guilt won’t die with her

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I wake on the sand
Right near the beach
You have yet to awake
Far out of reach
And Daybreak has arrived
A beauty unlike any other
Comparable only to us, girl
And how we love each other

So I gaze up alone
Marveling up at the sky
The warmth of the sun
Drying my eyes
I'm reflecting on us
Oh how each other we trust
I'm just so happy we're together
And I think to myself,
Just as this sun, we'll last forever

Then returning to be with you
I lay again now
Place my hand gently
On your warm tender shoulder
While I think of our lives today, love
And how they'll be when we're older...
I know there'd be no other way
So "I Love You" I make sure I say
To you, each and everyday

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Love Poem Number 2

The first time I glimpsed your beautiful smile,
I couldn’t believe you were real, my ideal!
Your beauty captured my attention and soul ,
I could sense it immediately, you make me whole.
Now the distance between us and every moment apart,
is so painful and sad, it blackens my heart.
For you, my heart longs, your gentle, kind touch,
Your smiles, your pure love, its all just too much,
For my lonely sad soul to be far apart,
I crave you, I need you, you are my sweetheart!
Now that you have come into my black and white world,
Color abounds, and rainbows unfurled.
A new joy in my heart, for love once again I am filled,
A new hope, a new faith, happiness re-instilled.
You are my true joy, and hope for forever,
Im thankful for you and Im glad were together.

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Tell Me Why


Tell me why?
Tell me why?
Tell me why?

Was it, because I was too nice,
I was too much of a gentleman,
or was just too much to handle?

Was it, because you were young?
Was it, because you couldn't find your heart,
in all that darkness?
Was it, because you just didn't feel the love?

Why me?
A man like me, deserves no pain,
no heartbreak.
So, why me?

I pray and ask the Gods,
But an unresponsive god never speaks to me.
He sits there and watches... watching what?
Nothing, but a heart being torn to shreds.

Was it, because I was too careful?
Was it, because I loved too much?
Was it, because one half of the heart couldn't fit the whole?

I ask you, because I still love you.
Come to me, my beautiful,
stop this nonsense,
I cannot make you love me,
but I sure can try to show you love.

Do not blink,
do not take a gift sent down from the Gods
for granted.
Appriciate what you have,
appriciate me, because one day,
when you need a shoulder to cry one,
you will not be able to find me, anywhere.
I will be lost,
in a fool's dream of romance and love,
that will never come on my front doorstep.
Still dreaming of the possibilities of you and I.
My heart is with you always,
but I will soon expire,
so do not wait too long.


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Only in You

Through the lonely woods, I may head,

Upon the autumn leaves, I may tread,

At the secluded horizon, I may stare,

And only you, I may see,

In those symphonies of silence,

In those melodies of calmness,

In those euphonies of quietness.


By the silent lake, I may lay,

Till the twilight fades, I may stay,

Then in reclusive silence, I may walk,

And only to you, I may talk,

Through those toungueless emotions,

Through those wordless attachments,

Through those voiceless sentiments.


In the lone meadow, I may wander,

Along the untrodden paths, I may waver,

In companionless seclusion, I may hide,

And only in you, I may find,

The depths of oneness,

The bonds of togetherness,

The cozy feel of coalescence.


In the wilderness of emotions, I may die,

At the merciless daggering, I may sigh,

Through a million wounds, I may bleed,

And only in you, I may seek,

The balm of love,

The warmth of affection,

The heal of inseparability.

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Falling In Like

I love it when you hold me close, and always want to play.
How in the morning you message me; on every single day.
When you call me every night, before I close my eyes-
Or always tell the truth; never any lies. 

When I get to see your passion with every story that you tell,
How even when you’re angry, those feelings never dwell. 
I love that you protect me, from everything around;
That even when I’m lost, I know that I’ll get found. 

I love that whenever you start to drive, you make me kiss your cheek.
How my stomach gets butterflies with each sweet word you speak.
That you cuddle me for a moment and then turn on your side,
That all of your accomplishments and family give you pride. 

I love that you support every decision that I make,
That even if you’re embarrassed of things- you’ve never acted fake.
How you always want me to be happy, no matter how I feel.
That even when we make things up- it’s never been more real. 

How you always make these plans, that often tend to change;
When you smile at my senseless jokes, and when I’m acting strange.
That you always say I’m pretty, even when I don’t think that it’s true-
How you think that I’d want anyone else; when all I want is you.

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Fleur-de-Lisa -WIN

To me, yea, Iris is invisible, The scent of yours all pervading, Behold your face all-rich, When I close my eyes. Wordsworth's daffodils to me, Membrane of the eyes, That gives light to me, Light that misleads the morn. You are the genus iris, With sword-shaped leaves, Showy colored flowers, Displaying rainbow colors Your eyes green and deep, Deeper than the depth, Stilled waters at even, Those eyes break of the day. I see a heart full of love, With the gentleness of a dove, Feel in her eyes March, September in her heart.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Fourth Place Win Contest: Convert a song into lyric by Giorgio V. *This is the revision of my Poem entitled "Break of the Day" posted on this site in 2005 based on Elton John's Amoreena. Actually it was dedicated to a Denmark Beauty. **The fleur-de-lis is a stylized lily (in French, fleur means flower, and lis means lily) or iris

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Love Poem Number 1

Looking into your eyes, 
on the first day we meet, 
I knew right away when my heart skipped a beat,
It flutters and pounds from Your beauty and care. 
It longs for much more, a world we could share.
You bring such a smile to my tattered, worn soul
A happiness lost, so long, long ago.
A hope, a prayer, I offer to He,
I ask for a gift, your smiles at me.
A smile that grows as we are together,
A smile that shows our potential forever.
You bring me such happiness and pure heartfelt glee,
All this and much more
just being with me.
You are so amazing, so beautiful , so pure.
Your company, your heart, your smile all my cure.
I thank God everyday for hearing my plea
I thank God most of all for you next to me.

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A Toast of Love

Blood of my heart 
flows into you 
the sweetest wine 
sparkling light 
shines upon you 

In this open 
chapter of life 
I hand you 
a silver chalice 
The treasure 
from the heart 
straight out cut
of it's chambers 

Laying it bare
before you 
In offering to you 
your lips 
Heavenly divine 
the mouth's temptation 
all but a breath away 

Tongue the molten shrine 
trickling in emotions 
like the sea 
Upon the rocks 
warm and invite me in 
drink from the vine 

Lusting its taste 
lovers seeking 
the pleasure 
You love the wine 
do you love me 
You answer 
love's toast 
toast to love

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Cosmic Wishes

I do not wish upon a star
because a star is just a far distant sun.

I do not wish upon a moon
because a moon is just a puny planet.

I do not wish upon a comet
because a comet is just a flying fiery turd from the devil’s ass.

I do not wish upon the earth
because the earth is just rock, sand and water.

I do wish I were with you
and I sincerely hope that you wish you were with me too.

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Every Second We're Away

Every second we're away,
We grow stronger everyday
Until that day will finally come
When we know it's okay
And we will rest in each other's arms
In peace from God above,
No longer missing one another
Because we're together;
Built forever in each other's love.

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Desire dances on a pedestal of love.

An eclectic flair of hard wired emotions 

playing on a fiddle of gypsy strings 

creating tension with every note.  

hanging in the air waiting for a sound

so pure, so innocent, so delicate.

so perfectly  exquisite for the moment

that it is often remembered for a lifetime.

CAK  7-5-2013

Love seems to be a main topic
of many that write for Poetry Soup.
It seems to linger on the outskirts of ones mind 
and whatever that means to the person
at the moment, it was a significant
part of their past.  
Good, bad or indifferent,
it is seldom forgotten. 

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Into Your Wild World

 I climb down into your wild world
Into a nectared dream 
Of love's insatiable kiss
Where your hands like buds extend
To the naked glass of heaven
Like slender stalks
Clasped upon spring's sweet breath
In the first smile of the sun
When sad the creeping hours 
Would starve me of the liquid
Kiss of your presence.
With a savage look
Of carnal longing
I plunge
Into the deep deep sea
Of your sovereign formed existence
Succulent as wild cherries
In nature's sacred chambers.

I climb down into your wild world
By the leaping fountain sprays
Ravenous, pure, untamed
When sultry stars would bleed
On beauty's charming lips
That in your comely charms 
My joyful spirit wept
Among the dead leaves
Of barren silence
I toil in blind solitude
As if you're gone far away
Far far away
Into the moonless east
Into the wide wide arms
Of A foreign land
That our eyes may never meet
Though my heart recites your face
With a thousand eyes.  

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My Heart Sings

As the first rays of sunshine
wakes me out of my sleepy slumber,
I sat up in bed and looked at my hands.
The taste of stale cigarette smoke of cheap red wine
stained my taste buds.
I walked out of bed,
turned on the radio
(to the classical station)
and my heart beats to the tune
my life and soul smile as the sun shines in my room.
I hear God whispering in my ear
I hear all the words of the world
talking to me,
and I can hear my heart sing a little.
I read my poetry,
get dressed go for a walk,
I smile at the faces that I pass;
The cars I pass,
the houses,
the trees,
the dry lawns,
burnt and that have not been watered in days.
I smile at them and they all smile back,
and my heart sings a little,
and I dance to its simple tune.

My heart sings and I dance too:
slowly melodies,
fast jigs,
rapid jazz and swing music
and waltzes to the chopin masterpieces,
and the romantic stories, novels, the poems,
that fancy your mind with its ryhme schemes,
and after I read such romantic beauty
I smile, and I listen closely to my heart,
and with every beat,
it lets out a verse or two, from a familiar song
that caught my ear on the radio,
and my heart sings
and I smile,
and the world smiles back.

Feeling such beauty
love and romance
it is such a good feeling to live with;
and as the night rolls on,
and the sun goes away
I sit at my desk
writing poetry,
with a cigarette slowly burning away with time,
and I am stuck,
getting drunk of red wine,
I sit back in my chair,
and listen to my heart,
and he sings alittle
and I can write again.
So, there we sit together,
writing poetry,
smoking cigarettes,
drinking wine
to the strike of nine
and we both sing songs of love and romance
together forever.

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Wishing Beyond a Dry Well

He tried to drink from a dry well
His mouth was filled with dust
He searched for her
Longed for her
Why had she gone away
Leaving him with but a memory of her sweetness
Oh how she had nourished him
Washed over him
Sustained him

He thought she was an endless source
His sustenance
Her magical waters beyond sweet 

He came to her with his wishes
He spoke them to no others
He dreamed at her edges
Peered into the depths of her
Saw the moons reflection on her surface 
He heard the echo of their tomorrows

Did he demand too much?
Drink too deeply?
Wish with too much intensity?

As he stands there
He starts to cry
Tears falling into her
Flowing like a stream
Intermingling with dust
She is filled once again
There are no words to explain
Her spring releases into his
Her well overflows
A lake appears
Her sweetness mixed with his tears
He thought she had gone away 
Now He can finally see
Joined as one truly free

She was never meant to be contained
Within well walls her heart constrained 
So now they both frolic under open air
The moon and sun horizons to share.

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A Feeling That I Knew Too Well

A feeling that I knew too well;
With every word you spoke I fell-
Falling deeper into the bliss;
Longing for your every kiss.

Without you here my heart grows fonder;
Around the park I start to wander-
And think about how you make me feel-
The longing starting to become surreal.

Giving meaning to my life,
You lift me up from pain and strife.
I thought it was a feeling that I knew-
But with your guidance the passion grew.

Spiraling up with every touch-
Never wanting to leave your clutch. 
Waiting for your familiar glance-
Missing you with every chance. 

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Your Eyes

Your Eyes

Your eyes...
Speak to me of your love
A gift from God up above
Kisses so gentle, so true
Holding my hand under a blue sky
You touch my face and wipe a tear from my eye

Your eyes...
Such a beautiful shade of brown
Your laughter...
Your humor...
Your love...
Your kindness...
Never let me down

Your eyes...
Tell me a secret I hold deep within my heart
A love so true, and never makes me blue
"Babe, you say. I'm so in love with you"
I realize we've had some rough spots along our way
But honey, God will see to it
That our love is here to stay

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Naked Embrace

Naked, embrace
Entwined, as one
Two hearts, beating in time
One rhythm

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sit there, arms folded about your knees sit there and sulk and still you are beautiful even when your mood settles on your face like bad makeup your glances dance with the fire of your anger and your tongue spews threats and accusations but your beauty shields me from all harm and i find wonder even in your wrath cry. . . . blackmail me with tears knowing my heart is your ransom already paid advertise your disappointment with a trembling lip and sniff your sadness with jerky breaths you will soon want refuge in my arms and rest your head on my shoulder asking for promises then there will be crumpled sheets and anguished gasps as you lock me within your legs and lift your eyes to god pout . . . . no offense is greater than one against you you know you seduce with a look over your shoulder you use your beauty as a weapon and you invade at will if i refuse, countless hearts are waiting for you to happen in come, let us pretend again that all is well and you can move upon me with clenched teeth and whimper before you collapse upon my chest and lie about love and i can believe it again and cherish a hope about someday

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Love is Blind

I told you “I love you” everyday,
I’d whisper every attractive thing about you,
Gently by the side of your ear.
Serenaded you while you dreamed
Called out to you when I passed you in the streets
I’d cry out your name
When I awoke in the middle of the dark…
Yet you’ll never know 
How much it would mean to me 
If only you could hear me 
And let me tell you “I love you”
I know you won’t…
But it’s true
I love you
I know you do to…
Even though I can’t see you… 

My heart speaks louder than my words
As my touch see’s what the world can not
And what I still cannot see with this,
You show me the rest…
And that’s what I love best.
To see the smile
I am not blessed to see
To see your tears
Even when they aren’t shown to me
But thankfully I do see…
& you are beautiful to me,
In my dreams.
With you dark green eyes…
Fairly tanned skin, 
& freckles that line your face…
Gentle yet elegant hands
Ones that dance with the piano
What I wouldn’t give to be able to see you
 Out of the boarder lines of my dreams…

I told you I love you everyday…
But you could never hear 
Those words I desperately need to say
If only you could hear me…
And let me admire your face…
Watch me love you…

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He and I

He happened to me like an autumn
Just like the change of leaves
It was sudden
But it was raining, raining on that day
Raining with black umbrellas and hurried footsteps
With wet papers and cold classrooms
Then, just right then
I heard a shrieky little laugh
Just a glance and I was caught
Caught in a whirlpool of warm chocolate
And there, just right there
Was where I met my Peter Pan

To me
He was a bouquet of sweet herbs
Sprigs of parsley crossed by bay leaves
Topped by thymes and wrapped in sage
Fragranced by mint
And colored by lavender 
He was… all the good old nature

To me
He was a puzzle book 
Filled with ancient spells
And wondrous casts
Rested on the shelf of red mahogany wood
Dusted in ignorance
Waiting to be learned

To me
He was a drop of sunshine on the window pane
A slip of moonlight through the crack door
The first morning dew and evening stroll
The summer breeze and the night air

To him
I was a blank page
A passerby ring
Snow in the summer
And a midnight dawn

One day
I swore
I’d knock his guard and ask him out
Yes I swore on that one day
That had passed long ago

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Breathing, balmy whispers flow across our cheeks
Coaxing, wayward senses spiral deep
Savored, magic's enchanted powers thrill
Toward infinite surrender, as chaotic hearts
Engulf our tryst of taboo dreams

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once upon
a time
i dreamed
in the smallest
of flowers
as the sun smiled
i saw your face

a sprinkling
between two fingers
i give them to you
tiny little princess
fairy dust
who has 
the sweetest eyes
prettiest of smiles
to die for

melting in 
the deepest chambers
sweet like 
cotton candy
wishing away
with the fairies
on the scent of
her beautiful musk

enchanting like spell
in the aroma 
of a thousand blooms
into the most 
beautiful dream
you do enter
the air leaves

breathless whisper
on the wings 
of the heart
everything about you 
is beautiful
colours beyond words
bouquet the light 
circling around you

into the most beautiful
dream world
ever known to man
to live 
in the fairytale
you have found
your dream

~ ~ ~ ~

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more than fascination

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply fascination 

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Sweet Rapture

In a loving embrace, a moment in time frozen
Etched in her mind as she wrapped loving arms around 
Drifting forever, in his tranquil eyes, blue as the sea
His shallow breath fell upon her beautiful face
His grasp clutched and this pulled her heart strings
As arms entwined the lovers echoed a sigh
Passion, emotions floating on a  sea of bliss
Rejoicing in sweet rapture, they kiss.


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I lay my tender heart

I lay my tender heart at your feet
and my soul and very being I surrender
My desire and quest
to fill your heart with joy
and summer
by the sweetest of emotion and affection.

To stand by you
to provide and protect you
a bond so strong nothing can tare it apart
until death do us part
and later
we meet once more
in a much better place
once again

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

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Holiday in Love

Holiday in Love 
I want to love you more 
But I have not written one day in order to Mark 

Every day 
Every day I love you 
Every day is getting my love 
Every day in order to dedicate my heart 

I do not like that I love in one day 
I do not like to have a brief love in one day 
I want to be all the days of my life in order to love 
And I will stay true to my love to another day in my life

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Life's Richest Treasure

Life’s Richest Treasure Within a love that knows no bounds or heights It is life’s richest treasure With beauty and pleasure With two hearts mending leading to a happy road forever with joy longing for your hand to hold it is love that fulfills life we shall always share memories as twilight falls be there at your side
Three verse contest Kimo,Tanka, Senryu

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My Rose

My rose, while growing in a garden not my own, is mine all the same
Do not my eyes smile at her beauty and lose themselves in her scent?
Do not my fingers tremble with anticipation just to touch her silky skin?
While there may be pain when I hold her in my strong embrace
It compares not to the loss I feel when at last her I release
Others may measure her beauty and pen such odes to last in infamy
Yet words can never paint her essence, or do poetic justice to her true loveliness
My Rose, my perfect one will grow always in my heart for it is, and will remain her own.

~Christopher Thor Britt

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The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the 
Ocean of her essences that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet aka The Brown 

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It is Sunday, no reason to leave the bed
I pull the blanket about my shoulders
And stare at the ceiling
You loved Sundays and came to me
With toothpaste kisses and 
Warmed your feet against mine
You loved putting your head on my shoulder
And suggesting things we could do
Museums and shows, exhibits and parks
There was no limit because it was Sunday
And you loved Sundays

There were days when your eyes were soft
Saying “Love me or I’ll die”
And days when passion clawed with your eyes
Saying “Love me or I’ll kill you” 
And from the bed I can see the flowers
You planted on the balcony and almost feel
Your fingertips coursing my cheek
In seductions so subtle my mind could not 
Understand the message of my body
And you would finish with trembling breath
Before surrendering to soft, embarrassed giggles

Hands fitted into each others, we would walk
Pausing only for an expresso at Dario’s
And a while to lean on the railing of the bridge
To watch the dark mystery of the canal moving upon itself
We would lie in the tall grass and watch fireflies
Dance against the tent of night
Then race madly to catch the last train home
Where we would eat bread and cheese
And drink cheap wine on the table we made from boxes
And life was young, alive and beautiful
Because it was Sunday, and you loved Sundays.

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Her Smile Is

Her smile is unfit, as it illuminates beyond the masses,
a misfit in a world of hollow and half-hearted expressions,
The connection to comeliness, its source, not here –in there, away from the 
world, but evident to all in it,
It doesn’t fit; I don’t want it to, to make repulsive beauty to compel 
compatibility, not I
Let this oddity rivaled by no other be with no other,
Exposed for all its imperfections, her smile is faultless in its reflection,
Wrought in purity, her smile is unfitting, this world has no place for it, unable 
to comprehend, it only tolerates it -though in her smile, I extol

Her smile is not right, it’s wrong -it’s so wrong!
In a world where good is bad, dishonesty is rewarded, and 
obnoxious behavior celebrated,
Her smile is not harmonious, nor is it congruent in this,
the space it finds itself
So much for honesty and charm I guess, but her smile is laced with both,
as it exudes outward in the form of facial light,
Shining in a world hidden behind shaded lens,
Though in my heart there’s connection, interpretation, processing,
Her smile and my heart intertwine in a mesmeric negotiation, a tacit form of 
photosynthesis as her smile sustains and quickens the tempo of its beneficiary

Her smile is tragic, a tragedy unseen since the demise of young love in Verona,
A beautiful tragedy: a flower’s last bloom before death; the serenity in the eye 
of a deadly storm; life lost to save another; pure love given yet not returned 
-so tragic,
Tragic, there is no pedestal high enough to place her smile on,
So tragic, the sum of all the world’s beauty is soundly out match by her smile,
Tragic, the smile I see, isn’t seen by all,
So tragic, at best, this turned about world will only ever squint in its presence,
Tragic, her smile is so unique; therefore one of a kind, meaning sadly no 
replica exists,
So tragic, my angst at my heart’s inability to arrest her smile’s every beam of 
light, at best exhibits my selfishness,
Tragic, my definition of you……her smile…counts for so very little

Written in Afghanistan -28 JUL 2013

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In My Community

Our Ancestors fought to the death,
Just so we can live a brighter day,
So before you light up that blunt of meth,
Think about what you’re giving away,
It was a glad day in history when Obama rose to victory,
The first black president was all we knew,
Dark skin is in!
Haven’t you heard?
That even in our community, 
You can get burned,
It’s a sad day when people would rather stay home and “Crank That Amber Cole”,
Than get up and run to a poll,
In our community,
Rockin’ Luis V is better than having a college degree,
And teen pregnancy is not only a trend,
But the single motherhood that follows should end,
Young girls learn of a wonderful prince to take them away,
Nothing should change thought their mothers prince didn’t stay,
And as the tears fade away,
She grows stronger every day,
In our community,
Fighting is no longer a word,
You argue with someone and shots are heard,
Girls showing places the sun don’t show,
So how do they expect the community to grow?
Where love is a figment of imagination,
Making a young child question her creation,
Young mothers would rather buy the iPhone 5,
Then satisfy her baby’s cries,
While her new man’s eye,
Wander up another girl’s thighs,
In our community,
Where #team dark skin vs #team light skin,
Makes others not love the skin they’re in,
Love, lust, hate, and trust,
Giving a rose on Valentine’s Day is no longer a must, 
Where bad is good and good is bad,
Who would think to see their grandmother sad?
Her hurt and pain,
Shows how our community has lost everything her parents fought to gain.

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Dancing with Sinatra

Exchanging glances, but not a word We were strangers, how absurd Most everyone, had left the room to gather things, and say goodbye... The hour late, and music played old sleepy ballads, softer,... smoother The D J's voice had ceased to be but, distant voices, laughing,... ringing while piano notes were lingering..... You didn't ask, just took my hand Saxophones were speaking love and above us, as if a spirit wound us in a warm Sinatra sound The stroke of midnight's tolling done one by one, folks drifted home... Just a few of us, to dance the floor All sense of time had halted course... With shoes kicked off, and jackets hung We couldn't bear the evening's end I kept my head against your chest as if a home for my heart's rest The final dance would soon begin The music stopped, but we did not We couldn't break our tight embrace We couldn't tear ourselves apart And while we danced in pale moonlight Our eyes were closed, you kissed my face In this, our own, enchanted place You held me close, we danced alone The night was ours to keep and own Though not a word between us formed One lonely sax, had filled the room The one who sang, has come and gone But love songs linger,....on and on
_________________________________________________ For the Contest "At A Glance" Sponsored By Jared Pickett

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Miss Ladybug

Wearing your red pock-a-dot dress
Miss Ladybug, you look divine,
it is beautiful today, the sun is out.

Go now, Miss Ladybug,
flutter your wings,
buzz away from me.

Go now, fly Miss Ladybug.
Point me in the direction of love,
see you flying North.

May I say, Miss Ladybug,
that you look divine,
and beautiful as ever.

I walk North,
I follow you Miss Ladybug,
point me to her.

You flutter over to a beautiul girl,
five foot, seven.
Nice pick Miss Ladybug.

I walk over to the girl,
She is beautiful,
long hair, jet black, flowing.

Miss Ladybug thank you,
now fly away,
I shall need you for another day.

Take me away now, baby
show me something new,
take me away from the few.

And Miss Ladybug,
there she went off into the sunset,
with her red pock-a-dot dress
flowing in the breeze, alone.

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Collage of a Drifting Love

Memories of  a  love I’m losing
arrested  thoughts on sculpture paper-
an altered photograph, adorned
 by hand cut leaves, evergreen shades, and lace
From the page emits, cricket songs
 drifting  to gloaming,  and on and on
 into my own mandarin twilight.

I adjust a pair of glittered wings
 to your thorax,  twiddle them
 these symbols of  your intending flight 
Next, I place a crumpled love letter. 
 its text, garbled by smeared on gesso

 Covered so no one will guess the message-

 except, perhaps where a small spy glass
 magnifies, I LoVe YoU- I LoVe YoU-   

High on the page a bluebird brightly sings

10/28/2013 10:17 AM

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Spaceman vs Sea Monster

At the bottom, in her clutches, you’ve found your new home
Her ghostly embrace makes you feel more alone
Spaceman, at peace in the depth of your night
On glamour and glory, you’ve gotten too high
And somehow you slipped and crashed through the sky day you just rocketed by
Earth’s son is drowning in a tub with the chills
The water is draining, blood laced with pills
One of her many eyes saw your descent
While eating the shrimp from a sulfurous vent
Which, until she’d seen you, had made her content
...her heart boiling out through cement
And while you were down, she baited her hooks
She made you feel hopeful with helpless, sweet looks
And nested your spaceship in her hidden crooks
...blowing kisses that warm like chinooks
And she pulled you in close when you started to sink
And confused you with needs and a cloud of black ink
Disarming your valor with sweetie-pie blinks
...with fish guts and sea-rotten stink
Orbiting so long gave you the spins
You splashed down through brine, and the ocean’s slick skin
In barbed tentacles you’ll sleep with your twin challenger deep growing fins

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My Love Intended

My love intended for the girl of my dreams,
she walks from side to side,
not knowing that I walk alone.

She is beautiful than any other thing in this simple world,
everything around her shakes and trembles
as she walks on by without a spare of a passing glance.

The wine is drunk
the last cigarette smoked,
the pain of heartache gone away.

It feels good to see her go my way,
to take the pain with her away from me,
as I sit in the wayward cafe on the river of ashes.

A beautiful girl she is mine,
but that course of life shall no surpass mine,
and my heart beats and takes me away
in hope of falling in love.

Irony of love and hate,
it is similar in many ways,
as I sit and think of her.

She angers me,
but when the vail of anger falls over my eyes,
the passion of love enters my mind.

Come now, take me away,
hold me in your beauty,
and love me with your gentle body.

Go into the gardens,
where the nightingales sing,
and sit at the patio's crossway.

Watch the artists paint pictures of the garden,
watch the writers write about the garden,
and watch us go and pick flowers in the garden.

The air smooth and wind breeze calms the nerves,
the pain of my sorrowed heart is soothed,
by her sweet intellegence and beauty.

Her eyes, orbs of blazing sunlight,
blind me with the beauty of her beauteous face,
her lips and skin smooth and pure.

She is glorious,
My love she is the dream girl,
who comes and takes my nightmares away from me.

As I sit on the park benches,
I light my last cigarette,
and reminicse on the days with my love.

I close my tired eyes only for a moment,
and the moment is gone,
my beauty is gone.

The tears are all gone,
the pain has gone,
the feelings of everlasting love are all gone.

Where did it all go?
Where did my beauty go?
Where did my love go?

All gone now, all gone now,
as I grow old,
the feeling of death takes me by surprise.

The park bench is cold,
the cigarette is burnt out,
I am longing for a drink.

I lay in a wayward cafe
drink a coffee and talk to myself
discussing a book of poetry.

Looking over to the right
I am blinded by beauty once again
this time this is no dream.

Alas, my dream girl came
that appeared in my sunny pleasure dome,
who has walked barefoot in the gardens of my mind.

She sat with me,
I looked at her
and we smiled together.

We held hands together,
and dreamed together,
forever and ever.

Love everlasting,
everything everlasting,
cigarettes smoked together.

A cloud over our heads
in the shape of a heart
my love.

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Kiss kiss Bang

And as I sent my lips back down unto her navel,
I heard the crack.
The brilliant explosion that gave existence
All of its fury. I knew that it was beauty
Like hers that keeps this place spinning
…holding all of this chaos together,
So that moments like this could happen.
So that art could find its way.
So that blood could pulse.
I watched the universe break apart
And come back together slowly,
Pulled in by the gravity of the sparkle
In her eyes.
Her essence bleeds into my world,
Holding my realm together with auburn
Filaments tied to her crown of comfort.
I exist in-between moments of 
Spectacular destruction.
Taking in stellar iridescence 
With the awe of a child…
Until the glow is too 
Much for a mere mortal,
And I succumb to the darkness.
Only to be reborn again. 
-James Kelley 2012 ©

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Bride Of Frankenstein

I have a favor to ask of you, Dr. Frankenstein
because this monster needs her mate
please give him strong arms to hold me with
gentle eyes that are electrifying to look into
tender lips with a kiss to die for
give him soft hair that I could run my fingers through
hands like Percy Shelley, so he could write poetry for me
feet like Fred Astaire, so he could sweep me off of mine
give him a sweet voice that could sing me to sleep
and of course, the most important part, a true and loving heart.
I know that no man is perfect, but this is as close as it gets.
Is this too much to ask?

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The Human Seasons: Elements At War and Peace, Part III


Wrapped close, in implacable, bitter embrace,
The winter grips the land and holds it immobile,
The cat upon its mouse.

Stripped bare and glazed with stony ice
Ashudder beneath a slatecloud sky
That drops its snow in a hush of crowding dimness,
A white leaden mantle
Is lain over empty fields, piling 'round the trunks of skeletal trees
Standing soberly and waving their bony branches in the frozen air
The twilight days light a world now comatose,
Drawn in against the cold and huddled like 
Some invalid giant shorn of all his strength,
Lying stretched half slain across the firmament
Gazing into nothing with a distant blank stare
As scattered carrion birds wheel against a wan canvas,

Those two in their little house circle 'round as well,
Moving without purpose through the events of their lives
As the cold outside seeps into the rooms
Invading their thoughts
To make them tremble
Shaken in the blindness of their desperation,
And though the fire blazes orange-warm in the hearth,
Defending this inside space from the day's deep gloom,
Autumnal sorrows have collected in the silence
And worn their hearts weary with cares,
And thus the spirit's wounds have festered and widened,
Filling with the poison of despair.

Soft sparks the glow of the fire makes in his tired eyes,
Reflecting wild fears that her love is lost;
They dance in his mind, stabbing with a pain
That knows no cure.

Long the time he just looks at her,
This life that chose to be with him always,
And he sees that
The hurt that came between,
He cannot bear that she leave him 
Condemned to go on without her,

Her thoughts for him are much the same,
Though she says it not.
Yet when at last he reaches out across the table
And takes her hand in his,
She looks up, and for one long moment
They two become the lone human pair
In all of space and time,
And in one another's moist crystalline gaze
They read a deep sweet tale 
In a language without words.

          Something melts,
                                       And something breaks

In that moment when she gently folds 
Her delicate fingers over his,
Looking down again with a schoolgirl smile
Spreading irresistable over her face.

Outside, in the blackness of the star-shot night,
Ice cracks
And waters run clear beneath the snow.

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Anonymous Valentine

Anonymous Valentine Wand’rest thou in the evening shade where growetj the buds untrimmed. The rose with all its thorns, pales fade, against thy beauty. Far fairer is thy complexion, which bids decline of sun, less alabaster cheeks find a gentle dust of speckles, unkind. Thou art mine eternal Valentine, leased only for a short time, whilst hidden in shadows decline. This braggart’s heart gives way to silent love’s impediments, as ink spills this declaration from quills end, unmarked by its maker. A totter’d weed, of feebled age, besieged unfairly, bows low to societies bequest of duteous stage. A sickle swung before a blind heart could ripen. 02/04/13

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Like the frightened Jackrabbit, I run away from Love

Jump up and down like a jackrabbit
running through meadows
running from what?
Could it be heartbreak,
a venemous snake that hides in the grass,
hiding with fangs ready to pierce the tender skin
upon the tight, bronze flesh of everyday life?
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now!
I need a vacation a long way away from the faceless smiles
and ignorance of young girls, who don't look at you,
who don't show you love and respect.
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now,
as jumping spiders hop everywhere, crawling eight legs around me
my soul black like carcoal, but my heart still beating
slower this time, not like the days before
and like the jackrabbit running from anything and everything,
I run to seek love and vanish away from the empty voids
that people call, their souls.
Recording a film with no tape,
talking to a woman you love, but not having the guts to tell her how you really feel
Jump my boy, like a jackrabbit, take my advice
tell her before she leaves
turns down the endless avenues of endless dark love
the trees grow taller, taller than you
and you sit there feeling away yourself die, missing out in life.
I cannot see you lose your love.
Say it, say it, Say it!!! Tell her! Tell her! Build the guts up!
Build up the courage, tell her how you feel. Take her by the hand and never say goodbye! Never say goodnight, stay with her till the flight comes in the morning
of the first rays of sun shine through your dorm room take her and love her!
Do not be like me, the jackrabbit! I see no happiness
Reading poetry it makes me sad,
to write of others falling in love and I never finding the one.
People tell me, you'll find yours, have hope
but I am a frightened little jackrabbit
who flees from sounds of deep emotions, not having courage to fall in love,
not building the guts up to tell her how I really feel.
She walks alone, I find my oppertunity and sing my love song
She smiles and moves on,
please tell me I cannot fight anymore.
All I have to say is Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
I need a vacation
to go to some sandy beach on an island of love
and write and write and write, the same poetry that depresses me
but makes you all fall in love with words!
Fiction about love stories, please kiss me
Blue eyed death comes, plays a game of chess with me
I bet twenty, he bets my soul
Kiss me death, the only love I'll ever get,
besides my poet friends who kiss my ass
Listen to my heart, truely, I don't write of beauty
I write for the sorrow soul, the fleeing jackrabbit
running away from love.....

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With a Waft of Lorka

When I come back, Belen,
 the moon will be whole.

 I’ll jump over the fence,
 in front of the door I’ll stand
 with my heart in hands. 
 Mad heart, mad heart
 at the night for burning.
 You will go out, Belen,
 will you go out,
 my skin is white,
 the eyes are black.
 My horse is beating hooves
 in the flint. Let it beat.
 A wave is beating into the shore.
 Let it beat.
 Three hundred people are crying.
 Will three hundred people cry
 for my blood red.
 Mad heart, mad heart
 at the night burnt.

 I’ll be back, Belen.
 And let nobody knows me!

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To a Beautiful Stranger

Id like to think about the time when we first met,
Sometime about a year ago,
The words we said, our first exchange of hello's,
Something about, you know

I saw you just about all the time,
And suddenly because of you I was smiling again,
Though I can't seem to say when
You brought back the sunshine into my life,

And though it's hard to define certain things,
Even now it is still confusing,
what am I to you..
but I know what you are to me
And how much I care about you..

But I must hide the love in my heart,
Beneath a laughing face.
And though you think I probably never cared,
I doubt anyone can ever take your place...

I miss you so much..


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My Nest

Love is my nest.
It holds me
where all the world I see.
It saves me
from the ground
which my soul will never meet.

Up in a forest tree
hunters scattering in threes
they'll never catch me
I have love.
I am perfectly happy.

relaxed I am
I do not stress
for there isn't life
without my nest.

who cares what's below?
I am above.
love is my nest
My nest is my love.

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Rose loved

Rose loved

Rose my love for you was honest
Rose my love for you was pure
Small in my heart

I was afraid of you
I was afraid you ar
I was afraid of my heart
I was afraid of everything you

Rose did not know what lurks life
Rose did not know you're going and keeps your heart
Rose did not know that your image will not go away
Rose did not know that my love is impossible

Rose, but I've learned that love will not die and will last a long time

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A KISS from a true love is SATISFACTION. CHAIN REACTION DEEP within.  GUARANTEED TO cause a need for more.  No longer a WANT  or need of FOOD OR SHELTER. ONLY THE WANT of your LOVERS CONDITIONED LIPS.




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Perfectly you

You say you aren't perfect,
but look again and behold yourself; perfectly you.
Your tears be heavy-laden with guilt;
also remember, they glisten with remorse.
The sea water of the eye cleanses wounds old
and leads life to the good vulnerability
that teaches humility and belief.

Singing; your voice awakens the dawn
and dancing you set the moon.
Entrancing, you smile
and for a moment I glimpse forever.
Joy's child is your way
and grace is in your name.

Awake in the watches of the night
He watches your panic weeping;
wanting your day to soar 
and set twilight leaping.
Stars twinkle in sympathy,
and meteors lead sight to the other.
Come away with me my love and wink at suns.

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Always beautiful queen

Do you know darling 
to treat one with respect
loving most precious jewel
Through light of rainbows
one royal gem kissing fingertips
Queen fluttering lashes
flowing ruby rich 
in silent waves
straight to the golden chambers
melting chocolate sweetly your eyes 
Mead flows vintage pure 
loving until the end diamond 
In friendship joking around
hopping down of a helicopter
dressed in a frog suit 
Running over catching and kissing you
the never ending joy 
is to have the wild and free beautiful lady
dancing to a beautiful tune 
inside on the pathways of my mind

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Autumn in the glen

There are showers of leaves within our glen

Because autumn has come upon us

I go there often, each tortuous step

To remember and to imagine

You danced here in exuberant circles

Arms extended, whirling madly

Celebrating who you were in a moment of magic

Before laughing and collapsing upon the leaves

That God had painted for your pleasure 


You tilted your lips to accept my kiss

And I consumed your beauty, gathering it

Into my soul like the promises of all the gods

And in that moment when your laughter faded

Into the softness of deep wonder

You were more beautiful than all your yesterdays

And birds hushed in worship of you

The breeze surrendered and the clock suspended

Because it was a moment indelible upon itself


I pause at the place where you danced

And examine the marvels of the new season

Of how the earth has dressed itself in gaudy colors

And realize that if I were God in constant creation

I would have made you no differently than you were

Nothing would I have changed for I saw you

Only in your perfection while blind to flaw or error

I saw you as the autumn leaf in all its brazen colors

But as I reached for it, the wind blew it away

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There She Goes

There she goes,
a mile away from me already,
so fast to leave such a good man,
that showed her the world
and all its wonders.
Such a man as I,
does not need so much stress,
does not deserve such heartbreak.
I am a man who deserves smiles,
not heartbreak and pain.
To feel my heart race faster and faster
I lay at home with a smile
as God comes down to me,
shall I take his message and I shall dress
in such silk and cotton
and dance with the sun, moon and stars,
wait for a new woman,
steady paced woman she will come my way,
and take me by the hand,
like a fish to the bait onto the hook
up higher and higher she goes
into my net.
There she goes higher and higher,
farther and farther,
a mile further.
Love is strange,
just keep on smiling.

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Love Will Triumph

A picture has been painted in my memory
of that afternoon, when our union was broken.
I was seated by the crackling fireside,
the scent of the roses had perfumed the parlor.

You arrived, and removed your top hat, 
you were always the gentleman.
When you kneeled before me 
and tenderly took me by the hand,
I knew what you were going to ask me.
We had spoken about it, many times before.

Then, in an instant, our dreams were ended.
When abruptly, my father interrupted us,
and he made you leave.
My mother tried to stop him, but she could not.

That was the last time I saw you.
The last time that you kissed my hand.
I wondered if we would ever be united, again.
My tears fell all that evening, 
staining my white satin dress.
I could have worn that dress on our wedding day.

I now, am seated alone in this very same parlor,
remembering that moment, with a broken heart.
Wondering if I will ever see you again, my love.
And, hoping that our love will triumph.

Written for Isaiah Zerbst's contest - Charles Haigh Wood

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My Comfortable Chair

Like my special comfortable chair
I'm reassured your always there
when I need you.

Providing a comfortable cushion
against harsh ravishes and rigors
of life.

My sanctuary
my my love
my heart and soul
my wife
my life.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013.July.

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Here it comes now

that soft sail
and the wind looks as if
it’s trying hard to breathe 
i have elements in me
a compass borrowed, for some sorrow i assuaged
my eyes upward and unfolding
over some wave i might beach
my cuffs are turned up
and arms are a reelin’, in that wind I know 
is my kite yet to a’sail on this sea
coming for me

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Side By Side

Oh it's a beautiful night!
The moon is full
And the stars are glowing
While the trees, with Earth's cool summer breeze
Start slowly blowing...

A campfire's flames are burning so bright
While a young couple holds each other tight
Warming their hearts, as these two lovers embrace
Traveling together, through time and space
Oh how tonight, with their love, they won't hide
Two lovers forever, Side By Side

Under the stars, both of them lay
They've been together, happy, all night and all day
Holding each other, a sweet caress
While green grass stains her pretty white dress
But no words, to each other, do they say
Happy just sitting Side By Side, knowing no other way

Gazing up at the stars
Breathing in the night
Them together with nature
A beautiful sight

All the years they've both struggled
And how they cried 
Has led them here tonight
It matters not now
As they'll lie here forever, Side By Side

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A Woman Like You

   Always I have dreamed of loving a woman like you ,
So kind and understanding in all of the things you do.
   Everyday you are always the same so full of life,
Making me so proud the day you become my wife.
    Never do I worry when things do not go my way,
Only words of encouragement you would have to say.
    To hear  you laugh or to see  your beautiful smile ,
Stays with me in my thoghts for such a long while.
    I am forever thinking of the happiness you bring me,
Confirming our lives together  was always meant to be .
   Every night I Thank my Lord for how special you've been,
I find myself a very Blessed man for what he did.
   A person could ask for no more when it comes to love ,
Especially when there's no doubt it was made from above.

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Her Name was Chamomile

Her name was Chamomile.....

   she filled my heart ablaze,

   one lazy-October day,

   batting those eyes ---

   such guile!

A poor, romantic little thing,

   hopeless to begging love,

   sick with gorgeous news ---

   her hero (would he flew)

   'ere her aching heart,

   explode a thousand pleas

   for her sensuous sylph-self

The men were dogs for her,

   back in the day;

   her hair smelled of Chamomile....

   her eyes teased with Chamomile....

   her lips, red and wanting,

   her crimson-spiced kiss....

But she be only mine,

   as she oozed down my throat....

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There was something to be said.
From your mind I could detect the words, the actions and primitive desire to unite.
You sailed off, up hill on your bicycle.
It could be one-sided these ideas. 
I could see your life as I saw my own past,
as you soared off, up hill, I waited for your turn and a glance.
I felt it best to relax and keep my mind silent.
I had showcased my passion, a dangerous process, what were you eye's saying?
You grasped the handlebars, looked through me and awoken my instincts.
You were a girl, a women, who allowed me for one night to drop my guard.
As you sailed off, up hill on your bicycle.

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My Problem

Born to live,
Never wanting to die,
fearing death to its every limit,
as blue eyed death grabs my shoulders
and laughs with grim
and I fear death even more.
Car crashes, murders, greed and envy
takes me to a place where I can't find hope.
Laughs grow and brings tears to my eyes,
I hope off trains and dodge cars driving down freeways
taking time to sit down and look at my ways,
that push me left nor right.
Up nor down can I see the time tick away
I can't wait till I walk Jacob's ladder,
till a black demon tears me down,
and sins rip me open,
like a surgeon to a patient on a table,
Me, myself and I take time to see the wrongs in life.

Do I dare shake the vines from the dark green jungles
that tangle deep in my mind, body and soul?
I shake with vengence when time turns its face from me.
Time has no time for me
and she takes me by the hand and wastes my life away
with endless heartbreak and drunken whores and buffoons,
who care only about themselves.
The evil souls burn away,
and their blind eyes do not see what they do to others' hearts and souls.

I believe the strangeness of me is that I love too much,
and care too much to actually open my eyes and see what burns away
infront of my very eyes.
I only see what my heart wants to see
my romantic side kills me away,
while my physical being is falling apart with heartbreak and sorrow.
The strange part is,
love was never there to be found,
and the strangeness of me,
is that I love too much to see blue eyed death coming to get me.

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The Sexy Part Of Me

The sexiest part of my body

Isn’t my dark and shaped eyebrow.

It isn’t my awesome smile

Or even my bedroom eyes

The sexiest part of my body

Isn’t my red and full lips.

It isn’t sexy musculine looks

Or the different color of my eyes.

The sexiest part of my body

Isn’t my soft, silken skin.

No, the sexiest part of my body

Is something that lies deep within.

The sexiest part of my body

Took most of my lifetime to see

Cause the sexiest part of my body

Is the part that just loves being me.

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My day can be like a tidal wave, forcing itself through.

But when I come home, I can always be at peace with you.

There is war in our streets almost every day.

We’re deeply affected by war in foreign lands far away.

Sometimes I reflect and wonder what this whole world is coming to.

That’s exactly why I cherish every moment of every day that I can come
home and be at peace with you.

Alfredo Leon

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Awkward Silence

This awkward silence between us,what does it mean?
I saw you stole a glance at me,or was it just me imagining
You smiled when I caught you looking at me,I was puzzled deep inside
Could it be that we have the same secret that we're both trying to hide
I am seated next to you yet you seem so far
This must be how it is when your mind and heart is at war
I cannot speak to you,I must not say a word
You're more than a friend to me now..yeah,this secret seem absurd

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An Alaskan Blood Moon

nurture me a wish circular neon bright to hold mould me tears - as painted leaves from trees fall sleep me a dream in the dreary radiance of this eve fight me a union fiercely and by any means speak me the language of the ancients pray me a someone as dear as thee 18~12~2014 Maurice Yvonne Sponsor: Tony Pinelli Contest: Satisfaction

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A petal's soft kiss

this timorous soul
who doth look ‘pon mine
mine glittering globes,
the Spring flower
steps back…..
in anticipation of
the snatch of mine quest

Yet tenderly
with soft step,
the flower inched forward
and set
a petal’s soft kiss

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white rose

A thousand saints
would fall martyr
in a heavenly scent
Purest upon the eyes
to you white rose
with most beautiful 
by far the prettiest

Satin soft petals
falling from the heart 
outwards crowning 
heavenly beauty

Sweetest aroma 
drifting on air
upon scent
prettiest of all flowers
In thorns you
played the part

deep inside
invites from colour
the softest kiss
upon light of day

mirror ,mirror
caressed so sweetly
in the rising sun 
by the morning dew

~ ~ ~ ~

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A Woman I Adore

Soft petal lips of rose smothering me,

Oh, if I had to go now this would be the way,

Passing on to paradise with heaven embracing me,

Wisps of silken hair that tingles my face,

Scent of once dreamed angel allowing me to breathe,

Eyes that whisper nothing yet everything,

Surrendering to love wrapped around my body,

Carried far beyond fondest hopes never wished of,

Making me believe in things I didn't know existed, 

Here to stay now forever in my living conscious reality.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Santeria Love Potion Number 9

after all those sleepless nights
i figured it out.
I'm not sick without you
I don't even miss you.
a piece of our sex is stuck in my sinuses;
like a virus is.

i can't remember how it felt to be inside you,
but i can taste it when i spit.
Your sweat a carnal vinaigrette,
lips  like mandarin oranges swimming in rose-water.
Soufflé sighs and martini moans.
 pallet full, stomach empty. 

Your face is a white blur, no black, maybe  grey
all these are too colorful.
You're a shapeless cloud of vapor
Refracting headlights on winding lonesome  roads in my mind.
Au' du recklessness, 
an earthy mix of lavender and salamander slime.
lakewater and sublime sing-alongs.
santeria love potion number 9.

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A Teacher should have Teacher-like Qualities

They sit gossiping 
around on chairs
Under shady walnut
Sh! Sh! Backbiting! 
Abusing! Loud laughing…
having fun!
A proud young man 
newly appointed
Abused his pupils in 
When I in innocence 
interrupted him
And reminded of his 
For the poor pupils I saw 
were waiting
Opening their books on 
their bags.

Another one, a Master, I 
saw was pulling his 
inferior female 
colleague’s arm
And dragging her in…!

A lecturer kissing his girl 
students on cheeks, 
whispering in their ears, 

A broad shouldered tall 
teacher would kiss and 
The plum-cheeks of my 
fair-looking class-
One among now is a KPS 

An old lame teacher,
A drinker, abused the 
pupils all the time,
Often sitting cross-
legged, lighting a cigar.

O! Let’s stop it here… 
but a sick Sikh 
Now I see had been 
highly communal
Would beat at prayer-
The poor pupils 
sweating in sun,
Without seeing  the 
And beating with willow-
twigs their soft thighs.

Thanks to the highly 
disciplined modern 
In private sector
But the curriculum be 
child centered
And not fatiguing and 

O O!  Recently I have 
heard of the teachers 
Who gave me a 
humiliating nickname,
One is shouting and 
hurling stones at people,
Another is dumbfounded, 
hardly talking to any one.
Whom have you hired 
Drivers and Boucher—
I wonder and I ponder…
But, let I at least protest.

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Candy Horse Vs Dark Kid

The center of a star reflects just like a diamond...
Returning a pearl within each silver breath that one treasures...
With faceted panels, I promised I'd never...
Sweep over a deep sea of blue waves unmeasured...

There is a pattern woven inside golden petals that kiss the inside of my heart...
Parts of my heart that I've thus' failed to start...
With soft fingers dancing, you're forever entrancing...
My star that's eternally far...

A co write written by Liam and Christian 

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Autumn Calls

Autumn Calls

Autumn calls...
when suddenly the leaves fall.

Autumn calls...
when the colors are amber, orange and red,
and the sound of a child's laughter
dance in my head.

Autumn calls...
when the air feels so crisp and clean,
and I feel so serene.

Autumn calls...
when you wrap your arms around me,
and you keep me safe from harm.

Autumn calls...
I'm SO in love with you!!
And that is the most beautiful call of all.

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flowers in my minds garden

all i remember are those cold nights when my fingers were ticking on the black pads
describing the way your presence changed the universe inside of me;
planting flowers in my minds garden.
the way you described your desires and thoughts in poetic form were like mine long falling leaves carried by the wind and drawn to the stars.
waiting for that moment to arrive at that place where you would realize that it could've
be me that would whisper those goodnight phrases right into your ear.

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September leave

It was good, together, with all of us
You and me, nothing held in reserve
We talked, argued and cried
Laughed and swore, in love and anger
Nights and days, sleeping or standing
Close and aways, no longer alone
Lae, Goroka and Simbu, pictures and stories
For show and tell, muggy warm, wet cold
Bright sunlit days, overcast and windy
Sleepy long bus rides, tiring walks
Short tempers, long apologies
Hands as instruments hurt, healed and held
Far far away now, but still holding me close.

user name: mt
motif: romantic

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Tender warm winter kisses

Tender warm winter kisses
evoke the warmth of summer in my heart
and in place of snow
flowers flourish and grow
nourished with tender care
that we both share.

Pure white doves
fly through a clear blue sky
butterflies dance
and rainbows materialise
I see the most wondrous
story within her eyes.

True love is the greatest victory
a gentle flowing stream
a never ending dream.

Peter Dome.copyright. 2012.

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He Stops my Heart

He walked into my life and into my heart and marked his territory
And I had no options, no choice but just to accept
That somewhere out there
Under my nose existed someone
Who would care enough
To make me smile
Laugh my heart into a knot and soothe my soul
Put me to sleep by simply saying the word “sleep”
Sweep me off my feet literally
Have me gasping in amazement
Pleasant surprises
He wasn’t joking
Trips at night, back and forth and back again
I reflect and it moves me to tears
He stops my heart
He puts the smile on my face
When I have really bad days
When I’m really upset and the world is about to turn upside down
His voice, his presence, his anything and everything makes it all okay
Little did I know that my idle talk of “lets run off together” when I was stressed some years ago would mean oohs and aahs and wows and a painted smile across my face.

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Blessed by God loved by an angel

Paradise is found in my sweethearts eyes
the colours and beauty I find there
Fills me with so much emotion
With a love deeper than the deepest ocean
And never fails to take me by surprise
Because her mesmerizing eyes 
Tell me just how much she loves me
And cares
The love we both share
As pure and refreshing as mountain air
For she makes every day
A glorious summers day
Sometimes I'm that overcome with emotion
I put my hands together and pray
That God made an angel just for me
To come my way.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.April.

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The Transience of Experience

What is my conception of love?
Now that I let me straw hat rest 
On the rocks of Moses’ teachings
 Now that I behold robins pick my seeds

What is my conception of love?
Love is an old cotton Djellaba
I wear early sometime in December 
When Goethe’s muse rambles alone
The deserted Georgian streets of Borjomi

Eliza found a perennial Canadian love
Probably in the wings of a broken dove
She tends to it by late May rosewater
Sadly, she shuns the idea of a second abandonment 

You know that I know that nothing remains the same
Not even my grandmother’s sesame candies 
Let me just sip alone those cups of rusty mirage

My brown Turkish beret shall rest alone
On the broken trim of a shaded window
Overlooking a battered copy of Truth and Method

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I know

I know you will not come 
you won't return here by me anymore 
never again 
I'll wait you 
as I wait you every evening 
when disappears the light of day 
and slowly come down, icy, the veil of night 
endless night 
here watching 
absurdly and foolishly 
your impossible return 
when the night falls 
or the snow covers the hill all white 
I am on the imaginary balcony 
waiting for you 
even though I know 
you will not return 
you won't come back here by me anymore 

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                  won't heal your wounds
                  I know

                  My chunk of heartbeats
                  won't smooth the string
                  of harp in heaven
                  I know

                   at the feet of your soul
                  trampled flowers, bleeding
                  worm eaten olive leaf, wavering

                  A crow opens  burning beak
                  and gulps the full moon   

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Love you

A flower blossoms in the presence of spring.
A log is set aflame in the presence of fire.
A beginning is brought forth in the presence of a end.
My heart beats faster in the presence of you.

A change is brought by a single hand.
A book is brought by a writers ideas.
A sculpture is brought by a artist's muse.
My loss of breath is brought by your beauty.

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(Free Verse) Beautiful surroundings With you stepping back in time Thankful for all the blessings Dearest treasures of my heart. Melody that's today encaptured Filling me with loving thoughts of you And beautiful surroundings, With you stepping back in time. Soft and quite moments In every single and loving morn, When another day is new born And the best is loving you. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2014 November,29,2014

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The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves 
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the ocean of her essences 
that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet
aka The Brown Philosopher

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The Garden

The night air is cool and collective,
Running through my hair and face.
Even when I’m with people, I feel alone
In this cold blooded space.

It’s like walking through a garden
Of all your favorite foods,
But none of which can substantiate
For that one so special mood…

That mood, 
that beautiful frame of mind.  
I only go there with you,
And only you can make it unwind.

I discovered a passion unlike any other
And in my finding I opened a world,
A world I did not know existed.
I’m on cloud nine every time I think of you,
Just the thought of you brings joy to my heart.

This garden holds many beautiful things
Many delightful pleasures,
Many cold nights,
Warm nights,
Difficult frights,
Ecstatic times and unsystematic times!

But they mean nothing to me,
While I’m alone…

Walk with me through this garden.

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Between Two

Outlines of distant faces
Pass in blurred hastiness
As frosted window-panes
Hide and reluctantly reveal
What lies beyond.
One face in hesitant expectancy
Stares wistfully on the outer world,
Slowly fading to reappear again
With its every tremulous breath.
I show myself and smile
And the lonely waiting face
Answers in glowing radiance.
Over the separating pane
I pass my trembling hand
Along the outlines of her face
While we look straight in the eyes
Uttering musical soundless words of love…
And when it’s time to go, we kiss
(A lingering touch of lips on glass
On each side of a window-pane)
Then, unwillingly, I withdraw
And walk away into the cold
As a lonely face behind a window-pane
Still stares…then gradually fades
But not to reappear again. 			


Author: Paul Callus
Contest: Any Poem Goes #13
Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A
Placing: 7th

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Only One

- Contest Entry -

There can be only one in my mind,
Impressing my every thought into the service of your image,
I experience your beauty a thousand times a day even when you’re absent from me,
I can conjure no other, my bladed mind full with focus, cuts deep into your vision,
Bringing to the surface, you and your eyes, you and your face, you and your body.....
My own dreams are lost to me, for you have them sheathed away securely
like cold, sharp, steel inside wood,
You have taken my mind as my head comes away from its place of rest,
I collapse into my imageries of you, as I succumb to your mental onslaught, I hear

"...There can be only one” my heart,
Only one tenant of my affection, a world of feelings once thrived within its confines,
Some weak, some immensely strong, while others –immortal, so entrenched, now look only to subsist,
You waged war within my heart, fierce engagements, desperate clashes, 
Battling inside to destroy all that exist, vanquishing the old champions who once dominated my center,
Parrying my insecurities, beheading my impurities, you advance my heart’s sincerity, 
alas, you entered as violent force, but you are the prize my heart was promised,
In the fray, I struggle, barely able to retain loving feelings of kinship and close friends,
As you fight, savagely and tirelessly, your battle cry of love echoes throughout the catacombs, as you exclaim mercilessly....

“...There Can Be Only One” my life,
I have only one life, and I want it with you,
You clouded my faculties and robbed my feelings of their existence,
You’ve conquered my state, compelling my capitulation, my sword to you I now offer,
My campaign is finished, I want my life in your hands, as you lead it from low valleys to higher heights, in the lush green solace of the highlands,
The gathering of the once many is no more, you are all I see, I can have no other,
I don’t live in immortality, but I offer love that can endure everything and dwell in nothingness when all else has ended,
I live but once, and for my duration, there can be....
Only one

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You are the horn of plenty 
Drinking I want you more 
Drunk I am 
with your beauty 
Like a swan in flight I adore 
You show me 
such great passion 
As life moves on 
I want you more 

The log on the fire 
keeps on  burning 
embers warm with love 
to the very pores 
Like a squirrel 
I fill my larder 
My heart filled 
with you I adore 

I am the lion 
in your jungle 
It's your name 
that I do roar 
You are the queen 
of my heaven 
On bended knees implore 

That you forever 
will love me 
Never leave to leave
me on my own 
As the sun sets 
hand in hand
into the distance 
It's you I want 
forever more

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Water, sinuous and glistening,
Trailing and caressing,
The warm mahogany of your skin,
I want to follow the small streams,
And drink from the endless rivers,
Coolness and warmth,
The salt lingers as my mind follows
where my fingers yearn to trace,
A touch; a taste,
how long must I wait?

© Kavisha Saga and Ek Choti Kavita, 2014

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You Take My Breath Away

As beautiful as you are
you make the sun cry
when he slips away at sunset,
because he does not want
to share your beauty with
the moon and the stars.

You make the night a joy for me
when you kiss my lips and I
fall fast asleep dreaming…
of your beauty, your kiss, and
your smile, and I sleep so

When I rise in the morning
I find the essence of your kiss
is still upon my lips, and I feel
the fire of your love’s desire,
and of the flames that always burn
within you heart.

And you are so wonderful
to be near, very tantalizing
to touch, and so amazing
to know…

For you take my breath away.

Wendell A. Brown,
February 2013,

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Our Passion

                    Our Passion
Thousand miles away from your warmth
Deeply inside me, I felt your charm
I fell under your impressive attractiveness
I stand next to the spells that splice us

Running crazy by my incredible 
To erase those thousand miles 
I hardly carried the fever of savoring your 
Our passion had to explode by our 

Now come those excited times 
When we can't surrender from this passion
That embellished our hyperbolic emotion
Absorbing each other is our whole 

In those cold nights, I become your 
That fit you by our deep sexual connection
As we're shivering from this harmonic 
I passed over the sky to be your nightly 

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eyes of a wise love

Pain is the voice commanding you to the hollow caves of 
suffering, to remain sane she needs to touch feeling secure in this lifetime her 
tension begats the purest love, passionate treasure seem forbidden in the 
land of the lost, allow me to retreat your memory from the 
deceptive knowledge that has shackled a once spirited soul, with a tender kiss at 
the sweetest point of your defense resilence serves as royalty catapulting the 
volumes of your beauty, surely goodness and mercy rest within the blink of 
your eyes, evident is the strength of your character enhanced by 
bravery and sacrifice that have masked the lifelong journey you thought to be 
disastrous, the rays of the sun cast out anew light of motivation in this recovery of love a 
protected creation is now her guided conscience, a soothing rebirth of 

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Beatle Mania

                                                     Sound, style and attitude from pop ballads to rock
                                                                Lennon, Mcartney, Harrison and Starr
                                                    The "Fab Four" English Rock Band on top of her lists
                                                      During our highschool days, she kept on bragging

                                                     With her are some collections of pictures and songs
                                                    She always let me see; both listened to the harmony
                                                         It happens everyday, on breaks and after class
                                              Though I'm tired of the routine, she just seemed electrifying

                                                         A feeling out of sight, since I was in first year
                                                       When I turned seventeen, I still kept on denying
                                                         Too late for me to know, after the graduation
                                                                  She rushed and catched the plane
                                                                            To college, miles away

                                                    Then teacher handed me a compact disc from her
                                                               All alone in my room, I played it all day
                                       "But of all these friends and lovers; there is no one compares to you
                                   I know I'll often stop and think about them; in my life, I LOVE YOU MORE".
                                                       Tears ran down my face, great lyrics from her fave
                                                  "IN MY LIFE" by THE BEATLES, I'll cherish night and day.

 November 13, 2013

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Seeds of love

She planted seeds of love deep in my heart
that flourished and bloomed like a flower
nourished with tender care
and summer love
with soft warm kisses
that rained down on me
like a welcome refreshing
invigorating shower.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Comfort in my arms

As you lay right beside me
Snuggled tightly in my arms
I haven’t got a care in the world

Your sweet smell envelops me
Your soft gentle, skin caresses mine
As warmth is shared, our bodies curled

Stress and worry dissipate
Finding comfort in each other
As our two souls become one

We drift gently off to sleep
As our breathing begin to sync
As if our love has just begun

Waking still in my embrace
Not wanting to leave each other
But we let go all the same

Now we’re off to seize the day
Knowing we will return again
To that comfort we will reclaim

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A tide of Ghosts wail where I can hear
Outside, in the night.
It is my mind that keeps me awake
Restless, thoughts of Yesterday.
Like a dream itself, the day is remembered
(the Ghosts, like a whisper, as my mind screams)
This is meant to be,
This is meant to be,
I, of course
Want it to be.
Stones hit my my glass window
The heavy rain does adore the ghostly wind.
I wonder also if They feel the same?
Is it a foolish human
Who lies awake?
Even so, there is always
(the rain and wind hush)
Awake now
Please 'reality',
Let me have another day
So I can know
If she wants it to be...

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A time to remember

A time to remember 

The innocence 
The smile
The way you laughed
The stare of your eyes
All these are the reason why
I love you more today
My knees are weak 
When the words are spoken
When the words from your lips
Invade my heart
With a simple 
I love you
Lost in the memories we share
Replaying them all
Like a favorite movie you know all the words
Like a song stuck on repeat 
Lost in the groove of the beat
The beat of our hearts 
Playing for us 
A love song
Our song

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We Must Have Been Lovers

Somewhere between the folds of infinity
and the secrets of angels,
We must have been lovers.

Waking to blades of splendor;
(Like even your shadow makes me smile)
And the sex vivid
Under banyan trees at twilight
Or in the smoky light of your Paris flat
Smelling of rain and damp sheets;
We must have been lovers.

Through muffled memories
Of silk thread nudged by sly caresses,
It feels ripe and lush and
Forested with the kisses
Planted on my breasts by your exalted lips
(my soul obsession)
Clinging soft like wind chimes,
Then bold & red & eager
Like Friday nights and youth.
We must have been lovers.

Converging rivers, tangled and wild;
Not knowing if we'd unite again to taste
The moon-shaped curves of passion,
Or just to mention the weather;
Evading whiffs of desire
Stirred by your voice down the hall.
We must have been lovers.

Because weather is not enough
When you are in the room,
And I long for eternity and your mystic mouth
Possessed forever
In Steely Dan radiance;
Eloquent and deep,
We tumble toward bliss
And melt into history.

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Magic Spell of Touch

Your icy fingers reach up,
breaking the silence
that rises from the eerie depth
of fog,
enveloping us like an ocean.
You touch my hand at first,
sending electric throughout my whole body,
I feel paralyzed,
I let your bony fingers rap around mine.
My breath catches,
and it seems as though the fog thickens.
I can no longer see her,
till she kisses me,
It doesn't matter if I open my eyes,
there's nothing to see.
Your hand breaks away from mine,
I sense it move through the fog,
towards my face.
I brace myself for the smack,
knowing there's no other outcome.
I flinch at her touch,
as her fingers gently caress my face.
I am so lost in the moment,
when the fog dissipates,
and I look into her deep brown eyes.
We get up from the hard circlet of dirt,
evidence of past camping trips engulf the area.
We head through the dense Forrest,
No sense of direction,
knowing we're on our way home.
Her hand is in mine the whole way home.
I sneak back into the eerily dark house,
back up the creaky stairs,
into my bland room,
and onto my tiny bed,
thinking not of the kiss,
but those hands,
those masterful fingers,
which played with the strings of my heart,
and left me
with this loneliness
only your touch can fix.

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Wind blowing in my hair
The breeze gently caresses my body
I feel as if I’m not here
My body feels weak
My knees are shaking
The intensity I feel
Is making
Me vulnerable
To uncontrollable
As my right leg goes up
No longer acquainted with resistance
I’m in non-existence
With myself
Love has taken over
I’m drawn in by its power
The strength from it
I let it devour
My mind, body, and soul
Entangled in a web of desire
I feel the fire
The flames burn higher and higher
I start to overheat
I’m weak
But I yearn for more
Of this piercing sensation
Your body pressed against mine
My heart is racing
Trying to catch up to your love
So much, so fast
Each one better than the last
For future time and generations past
Nothing beats the timelessness of a great

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Our Goodbye

So long to countless long stem red roses, blue irises, star gazer lilies, lavender orchids and yellow tulips, and cleaning up petals days after they’re given…

Goodbye to months that added up to years at a time away in foreign countries at war, with moist eyes -worried for one another…

Our last sunset we saw together, do you remember it? No, I’m afraid I don’t either…. so sad we didn’t give that missed moment a fitting send off, one last goodbye kiss…

You can keep every “I love you”, “I miss you”, “Love Always,”, “Love Forever,” “I’m thinking of you” and “I’m so sorry…” I meant every one of them…

We moved too quickly and freely through many of the good times, figuring a period would come at some point where we’d pause to enjoy the sweet scent of a rose or two...

I hate to say goodbye to those nights –awww, we know each other so well…

And turn my back on those pet names we had for one another, I believe they’re call “terms of endearment”, I won’t say, those are ours to be lost forever…

How I will miss the laughs, the looks we shared, the way your head fit in my chest when I held you…

Those walks we took, untold number of correspondences, the songs we listened to, the plans we made, those didn’t quite fit in the boxes I packed…

I guess its farewell to being there for each other in old age –“…my bride of 53 years” …well, not quite…

Can we still give advice to youngsters on relationship longevity? I suppose we could, I guess there are still lessons to be taught from a point of failure, 

but you know…..

I still….
You know I’ll always….
What will I do….
Maybe we don’t…..
No, no time for that now, this brief moment we use to smell those roses; for quite soon our goodbye will be over

Written in Afghanistan -1 AUG 2013

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beautiful doll

you are such 
a beautiful doll
all i can do is
hold your 
beautiful face

on my finger tips
in between 
my hands
you have eyes
 to die for
that is if 
I haven't 
died already

standing with you 
in heaven
your skin
beautiful and fresh
colours your eyes

hair casading down
great niagra falls 
on your beauty
holding such a dream
a paradise 
in heaven

your parting lips 
blushing colour 
of a rose
moist like 
the morning dew
one kiss 

my eyes stolen
can only 
see you
a fountain 
so much beauty
that fountain
 flows down
around you

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Rose Chalice

My chalice 
to you love 
Upon its stem 
a crowning wonder 
You hold the cup 
of beauty 
Before your eyes 
My very soul 

Your petals 
that gesture 
Calling love 
in your heart 
In the essence 
of your smell 
I give to you 
the chalice 

The rose
 in all its splendor 
Straight from 
my very heart 
Blushing red 
like my heart 
to you

its intoxicating beauty 
Like wine 
I flow deep 
from the inside
out of me 
My rose 
from the heart

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The fragrance of love

The fragrance of love is like...............

The smell of summer harvested strawberries
a field of lavender gently swaying in breeze
the aroma of freshly cut grass
the salty air of the sea.

Roses in full bloom
clean mountain air
freshly made bread
a newly made bed.

A meadow abounding with wild flowers
the earthy odour of cooling summer rain
the aroma of vanilla
mote champagne.

The smell of alpine forest pine
a scented candle flame........................

Peter Dome. copyright.2012.

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Might I ask about what the moon means to you?
It means the world revolves in a transcending path with a satellite.
Why does the moon shine in the midnight sky?
It shines because it is a guide between the world of the dead and the living.

So does the moon fill the air with hope?
The moon itself is hope for people.
Why does the moon pull us in with such soul searching?
It is because we feel that the moon is part of our every day life.

Children who asks these questions; I have strive to tell them some truth,
And for the adults out there I created a little Moon lite poem to sooth.

So the moon is our light in the darkest hour of the night
With romance in the air that is so bright
We all hold hands once in a moonlit walk
And with such passion we would talk
The moon gives us our pull on each others heart
With a dinner that we take part
The ritual of wooing ones heart is a great feeling of love
The moon is always there to shine right above
In time we think we are blinded by the moon 
But to tell you the truth it reflects the sun light during midnight noon
It gives out a warmth in the darkness
We probably do not think of it less
Because the moon is our memories of our past 
It shows it everyday and night and always last

April 13, 2013

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to a devil-angel love

You are the devil 
and I've owned your soul 
but not your body 
yet my desire for you 
couldn't be satiated 
in one night 
in one only night 
of love 
My need of you 
has become a burning hell 
for eternity 
and this eternity 
that is so long and impenetrable 
has your name, my love, 
devil and angel 
at the same time 
the only dream or nightmare that comes over me, 
and it consumes my life 
for all its extension 
and which will not abandon me 
because I've never had you 

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frog prince

my little star
your shining 
the brightest
of all stars

from loves heaven 
you do speak
singing enchanting
so very softly
caressing in the deepest
floating one
into the clouds

i am your dust 
sweet caster sugar
blowing beautiful on you
in the softest 
of feelings

floating among'st the stars
they would wink to you
in a wishing trail
in a scattering 
of magic dust
the moon smiles down

on such a beautiful face
blushing roses
hold the colour
in the scent
divine upon 
the skin

lavender coloured words
melting sweet 
smelling jasmine
warm blowing
a summer breeze 
in the mind

speaking ever so softly
whispering to you
in the daisies
making for you a chain
i blow upon the wings
of a butterfly

my lips flutter
kissing a bouquet
gentle landing
in happiness
a teardrop

a butterfly kiss
i blew it from the stars
passed the smiling moon
it landed on you
a planet 

a fairy princess
from the frog
standing out
you do beautiful
in venus

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Simply not infatuation

When I first met you 
you were so cute that
my brain just couldn't compute 
so I went mute
 As I stared in awe 
Wanting to know you
Noticing that 
the reason my heart ached was 
 because of you
A girl much more than a pretty face 
I never wanted to make love out of lust
but then I realized 
that it was in you I trust
So I must change 
to show you
this isn't simply a fascination 

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Come on Baby

Hey, come on baby,
lets blow this place;
come with me and lets make love
under the tall oak tree.
Hear the birds sing,
they tweet and tweet,
and the sun bakes our naked bodies,
as ants tickle at our feet;
making love with me,
making love with you,
and nature is watching
as we perform art.

There is a place out there, somewhere,
between Neptune and Cloud 9,
as asteroids collide together
exploding silent bombs in space,
like the love we make, except not so silent,
we go to that place, you make me love you even more,
when we love each other in that place.

There is a place out there, somewhere,
and as we finish and cuddle, smoking cigarettes
and watching the sun set,
we go to that place,
between the walls of Neptune and Jupiter
on the rings of Saturn,
and Pluto just sits there minding it's own business.

There is a place out there, somewhere,
a much better place than here,
let's pack our bags and go.


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Staring off 
a distant horizon
Into the setting sun 
Holding hands 
Blazing beauty 

Hot like you 
Eyes melt the soul 
Capturing beautiful 
In flickering feelings 

It radiates warm 
In deep happiness 
A spark 
picked up 

Blazing emotion 
Desire electrically 
I see before me 
A work of art 

In a masterpiece 
Craving more 
To be 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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How To Kiss

Kiss me like the light kisses the earth at the point of sunrise

Kiss me like water absorbed into neglected earth during a light rain shower

Kiss me not like mistletoe

Kiss me like I have moments before the gallows

Kiss me like love returned when thought lost for always

Kiss me not like a mother’s mother

Kiss me like someone in love with the sensual art form of lips embracing 

Kiss me like a daydream fantasy realized

Kiss me not like routine absence

Kiss me like demise barely survived

Kiss me like a miracle just revealed

Kiss me not like a familiar friend

Kiss me like I’m nearing a compelling mortal endeavor impossible to accomplish

Kiss me like an artist’s paint brush kisses the canvas while painting the likeness of his love -kiss after kiss

Kiss me not like intimacy disrupted by prying eyes

Kiss me like privacy at long last 

Kiss me…like modesty forgotten

Written in Germany -3 DEC 2012

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But Be My Love And Be Only Mine

Well! Believe the pathetic liars! 
Or listen to the stylish scoundrel—
Whose speech’s so harmonious
And Ah! Tone as wine!

Leave your long braid dance
As the charmer’s snake,
Or dishevel fly
As in the ancient paintings the flying fairies…
Or Claw or Bun or Knot
Or loop as the sparrows’ nest
Or reverse as the nomadic maids.

Well! Wear on the thick oily thighs tight trousers
As the white women in west
Wear high heals, and on roadsides Cat-walk.
Or dress as a Japanese Girl gymnast 
Or the ancient Greek women wrestlers slapping their big hips.

 And or let your big bosom bulge
Or with breeze as ripe melons shake
And then! Tell the tired traveler, am I fine!

But be my love and be only mine!
As all dear admire the unchanging pine!

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rainbows end

my beautiful goddess 
i want to kiss 
your finger tips
holding your hand  
lightly fluttering lips
in soft warmness
i will polish 
you shoes 

with raindrops 
of happiness
falling from
 the salted 
waters of love
 in the paradise 
golden droplets 
of honey 
when i kiss baby

your beautiful lips 
our bouncing waves 
of joy 
with warm blooded
 passion i love you 
deeply from 
the heart
 inside of me

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Tsunami of love

As the ocean swells 
Around the heart 
I love your jeans 
But most of all 
I prefer 
the hanger 

My world like a shawl 
You invaded 
every space in it 
Like a tsunami 
of love 

Strikes beautiful 
Taking over the body 
Becoming a temple 
adoring you 

the very ground 
On which you stand 
Oh so very sweet 
My love 
I hunger for you 

Beating in the deep 
Invaded the very soul 
Falling my heart 
in love 
With you

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Spy vs Poet - pen trickery

Spy vs. Poet - pen trickery

(A collaborative poem by Serena Storm and Joel Thornton)

Dissimulating cloak – an apocryphal script 
Ah, I see "I" the spy has stumbled upon new tricks 

Disloyalty - The Perfidy - eye-witness – an errant scheme 
Perhaps errant- perfidious? A joke! - I the spy got an eye full it seems. 

A lie – a guise – eyesore - obvious & obscene 
Lying to a liar, eye for an eye, i spy, seems fair to me 

Fairness? ashes to fire, eyes of the spy stare - choke with antipathy 
Agent, you should care less- i echoed your morals - you're the only psychopath for me. 

Black-ops - My heart stops – deplorable – still I see this secret path. – spying on destiny 
Special ops-special kind of special -no concern for collateral wrath, abandoned protocol, to spy on me 

An echo back - a laugh - I spy within your eyes at last - an encumbered immortality 
A new attack -a giggle- encumbered within portal as well, charged for weaponized poetry
A sign to act – a symbol – rumored derision – in the cradle of hell - rediscover – unutilized Creativity
So with no further hesitation, regards to this investigation, endless determination : speak your goals to me
I spy now confessor, my beautiful complication, I spied from the noblest intentions, I spied out of love and adoration, - entangled souls - a predetermined destiny without other goals I focused myopically 
This poet feared aggressor, set traps to lead to implication, no foresight for prevention. 

Could've avoided some damnation- spiralled out of control- nothings predetermined with me. 

I sensed it spy -I know you guy- but you're crafty to a fault. 
I know not why - or just in portal you lie-i take it with a grain of salt 

I followed some leads- confessed and made up false deeds- to lure you out somehow 
Your pen enslaved-up until bedave- how come I feel love for you now. 

Ultimate entrapment - not taking the rap for it, I will not turn myself in 
Your wire taps hint- level of ridiculous shit- same prison, different pen. 
You're a true romantic, through and through - have good intentions and i know it too, ineed you to see 
You're coming at me cape on back-understanding of situation you lack- black and white files don't show you meme 

These places-these faces-you so deserately seek to spare me from 
Were salvation, took me in no hesitation, I call them my home 

I am struggling now, confused some how, of who's right or who's wrong 
Red handed you said-portaless tape red- now, you state where i belong 

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butterfly in your hand

a butterfly 
from a cocoon 
safe from the outside world 
wrapped up 
in cotton 

a distraction
 from reality 
saving myself  
you are the colours 
the colours 
on my wings
I fly to you 
held delicately 
in your hand 
one of natures wonders 

awash with your beauty 
on the tip 
of your finger 
the love of you 
my beautiful world 
looking directly 
at me

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Come, Yesha, claim what nature has given in full

Come, Yesha, claim what nature has given in full.

Freshly bathed I saw you
Soft unstained skin a-glowing
Stars twinkling in your hair.

How can I forget you look?
Those grey-blue eyes piercing
Through my desiring heart.

Your fuller pouty lower lip,
Inviting my upper to touch
Making me quite nervous.

I don’t need to get the tips,
Beautiful lips sink ships,
Increase one’s heart beats.

The recesses of my heart 
Needs to feel  throbbing
Come give intellectual touches.

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Beseeching the Whitelace Ghost

( A sequel to my poem “The Lady of Whitelace Castle” )

Are ye, my lady, an apparition
or perchance a fair servant frail?
The ruddiness of pinks 
touching neither your cheeks
as you wander about so pale

My lips turn blue from winter’s cold
under this arch of elm sentinels
growing quickly despondent 
not knowing the truth
of your present presence tale

Speak, please now, that I may dispel
ghost sagas of Whitelace myths…
Be ye her Mistress 
in this ghostly vision
or the fair servant once lost in the mist? 

Some hold the truth in the latter
but for me the true facts do matter
as I am the one
that bid Mistress farewell
when her hand was promised another

It’s been bantered about for years
that you seek true love unattained
I’m wondering now
if our forbidden vows
is that love that you search for in vain

I beg that ye now speak your story
tossing my sanity here out as witness
for in health’s decline
my heart also seeks 
the lost love of the Castle’s Mistress

I stand here now in this snow drift
shivering skin on now brittle bones
I could surely die
A satisfied man
If my joining your spirit would atone  

© 2014 Debra Squyres 01/30

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Love Hurts - The Symptoms

Thoughts displaced by rolling palpitations,
From left to right grow these numbing sensations,
A face which spirals down, drooping from smile to frown.

Time hibernates in this moment protracted,
Legs bow and shake to our drama just acted,
Senses into overdrive, does pain show you’re still alive?

Oxygen masks, Coxes’ rowing commands,
Heart beat machines is what love demands,
“You need time to relax”, prescriptions from Quacks,
Is love just a commonplace heart attack?

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Angel In The Flesh

Rare beauty,
blue diamond,
your smile burns a hole through the seams of my soul,
Isaac Newton was wrong,
This love will never descend,
eye contact,
I think an atom split,
nobody else in the world matters,
voluptuous curves,
dangerous if you are not careful,
Talladega Speedway cover girl,
Staring into your eyes is indescribable,
like a Michael Jordan dunk in mid air,
time briefly pauses,
through the wormhole,
hair flowing like the Nigerian River,
never ending,
This love is never ending girl,
I think you were sent from the heavens.

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The Girl at the River

The girl at the river
with folding mountains 
and shaggy trees

Watched two white swans 
swaying with the moody breeze

She watched as they danced
and ruffled their feathers 

In a way they were separate
but always together 

She sat for a while as
she inhaled the moment

She knew in her heart the
swans would always be devoted

And as the swans drifted softly 
away with each other

The girl at the river
thought only of her lover

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a drink love

sweet talking honey
i tip my hat
out to you
flying emotion
spirit of endless
ode to you
mine love
from the cup
i crave ever more
a drink from you 
measure beautiful
the soul
within adored

standing a treasure
tall on the sands 
in ones life
on the bend
of knees 

the soul cries
within its pleasure
in the heart forever more
holding a beautiful treasure
one in eternity

endless pleasure
forever in the spirit
a treasured soul
held within the heart
one forever
to adore

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That Sunny Forenoon

THAT sunny forenoon
Beside the new spring’s
New thorns bloom
Swaying with the steady
Tender blows of breeze.
And she’s springing, racing
Over the garden’s wet grass,
Seeing at me, smiling,
As she knows her childish fun
How I am loving and enjoying.

Again, he’s waiting this whole winter
For such another spring’s
Another day’s another sit,
Oh together! For facts and fantasies fit.

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Wow! She is looking this way.
She is so beautiful.
I love the way her hips sway.
If I just would speak to her,
I know she would smile.
I love this cougar’s eyes.
I know I am a younger man.
I must muster up the nerves
to ask her out on a date but
I am afraid she will kick me to the curve.
I will try to get to know her.

...Meeting of Minds...

Hello, my name is Ron.
How are you today?
I am doing just fine.
My name is Eloise.
I saw you standing here and decide to notice.
Okay Ron, do you want to take me on a date?
Well, if you not in a hurry, lunch is game.
I have a hour and a half to waste 
before I have to catch my train.
Here is a table.
We must place our orders.
Now that that is done let us exchange 
our email addresses and telephone numbers.
Penned April 26, 2014!
For Richard Lamoureux Contest Gender Bender!

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Nightly you invade my space
Starring into my eyes
Smiling tenderly at me
Washing away my fears
Running your hands all over me
Electrifying my system
Leaning into me
Drawing me towards you
Placing your lips on mine
Fastening my heartbeat
Running your tongue on my lips
Sending shivers up my spine
kissing me passionately breathless
Awakening me from sleep
Panting for breath
Gasping for air. 

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softening emotion

walking on eggshells
floating in the stream
whispering babbles
upon earth

faraway eyes
in the mist
sparkles beautiful
heart and soul
flowing to
inner depths

in the deepest beauty
silent words
so loving 

as the emerald ocean swells
mirror upon one's heart
greeting the stream
flowing so amazingly
rising in waves
fall outwards
to you

an amazing woman
opening the envelope
a treasure
the chest

a pirates bounty
the king's ransom
lighting up
it;s you

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paradise is golden

sitting thinking
about love 
on the dunes 
looking across the 
great oceans 
in her vastness
been reading 
the tests 
of our times

i think we
sweet darling
stand together
united always 
touching soul
you have a knack
at doing that
our hearts join

so very sorry 
sweet heart 
you touch 
this soul 
so many times 
lost count
i am scared 

as i know 
sweet goddess 
your soul 
flies with 
the spirits
so very beautifully
on wings
of an angel
the mind sparkles 
was in different places
a captain seeks
paradise lost 
i am ship wrecked
stranded on 
the shores 
of you beach 
on golden paradise
a tropical honeymoon 
smiling sun shine love 

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Loose lips and smooth hips
In movement, in rhythm
I couldn't fathom the explosion of ecstasy that follows. There’s dripping
on the sheets, walls are skinny;
ears perked to hear the neighbors trying to compete in a competition of
positions, twisting and turning like two master physicians riding sexual collisions; colliding
providing; simple pleasures.
Never felt a love so deep, a stroke so complete that is completely completing
tasks of hitting that spot; making me scream to the heavens.
The only dialogue is a syncopation of breaths.
 The only language is him reading my body like braille unveiling every layer of my being just by being 
inside. He lives inside.
Him riding with me to the peak of my release.
I am pleased to be his curiosity. I am obliged to be his temptress.
He is my catharsis.

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I am leaving

I am leaving

I am leaving and I forget everything rolls
I am leaving and I forget everything dies
I am leaving and leave memories
I am leaving and leave the diamonds

I am leaving

I am leaving, my love life
I am leaving, my queen
I am leaving, my inspiration
I am leaving ya ivies

I am leaving

I am leaving my departure and was hand
I'll be back and I came back with my own hands

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Girl, did ya ever find a guy and wonder
Why’s he seem more than a friend?
He takes you over and under
A starry night outside your bed
Can it be he wants to last?
He cancels dates just way too fast
The tension’s drawn it’s hard to see
The things to be that I can feel

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On A New-Spring's Morning

Sky’s all around as washed blue.
Oh! Sun is shining very bright.
These trees, there the nearby forests, 
Are covered by light-snow 
Fallen in the night.
 Men and women in the street have gathered 
And talk loudly and laugh aloud
And I suppose, they share some good news.
Cocks crow in the neighbors’ yards,
And sweet sparrows--after a long time 
Chirp by my window.
It all indicates some good sign…
A good day! A good month! A good year ahead!
And it all fills with joy my saddened heart again. 
It seems so and I pray!
 I shall be employed this year
As an English teacher in a school,
To my satisfaction –forever.
And we shall reconcile –she and I,
And secretly see each other
Oh! Again and forever.

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Pink Lip stick

Yellow-Brown skin I see.
From head to toe I wanna greet, 
but at your lips is where I wish we could meet. 
Cause the lipstick you wearing is just so unique. 
You done away with the Red stick cause it was last week, 
and that earth tone color just don't attract me. 
But that Pink lipstick got me weak. Actually got me pondering, wondering, wondering if that's all that's pink?
Wondering is your other pair there? 
Im just asking because Im unaware. 
Im just trying know if its pink everywhere. 
Like your pink lipstick. It got me stuck, so can we lipstick? 
If only for a few seconds lets have a kiss that can take us to the heavens. 
Im saying this but Im lying send me to hell
because I want that first kiss of your pink lips to lead to a down pour of pink drops forming and leaving pink ponds that drench my body and sends me into natural disasters known as pleasure and bliss. 
So I just come out and ask my I have a kiss from your lips painted over from your pink lipstick?

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She has her way with me 
Genuinely and undeniably
takes in my carbon dioxide
breathing new life in me
Closer than a kiss
  that's been missed 
Spell breaking, Soul shaking
forever binding and 
  slightly bending
    moving me
Symbolizing symbiosis
When she goes left
I search for right
When she does wrong
I hold her by my side
Dismayed. Unashamed
I've had a part to play
Even through change
 we remain 
She and her way with me,
together indivisibly
Definitely, her encounter
has defined all of me
Breathe with me
as I inhale you
giving life
 fresh and

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Thirteen Little Lines

Do you boyish daydreams? 
The cries of a collapsing brain; 
the melting, smoking images that linger as they cinder, flare and sing
back to the night. 

All those noisy things, as they stand, 
quiet themselves in a moment..and the red curtain parts...

I say, take that brush and paint me in all that is you; 
bathe and yoke me in all that you are. 

Because love is a blanket mess, sticky and sapped in uproar and whispers; 
because lovers inherit each other’s hell, I’ll flounder in yours; 

I writhe for you, and that ardent core inside,
but you know this, as a reflection knows itself. 

When all that is celestial feels its decline, and the spheres cry into that cold space, 
we can stand, laughing hand in hand, at the precipice of all things, 
throwing peddles and blowing kisses.

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Love me, for I'll be gone tommorrow

Love me, for I'll be gone tomorrow,
and you shall never see me again,
so love me, my dear,
for tomorrow I shall be gone,
tonight I shall pack my bags

and in the morning I'll be gone.
Blue-eyed Death comes for me
and he comes with a long list of flaws,
as my soul is ready,
my body is dull, wrinkled and old
and my heart is without you;
so love me tonight, for I'll be gone tomorrow.

Appreciate everything I say and do for you,
for it comes straight from the heart,
a heart devoted to you and only you,
so love me, for I'll be gone tomorrow,
and you shall never, ever be with me-
nothing but a tombstone and a dozen violets
litter where my body shall rest for eternity,
but my soul will be somewhere else.
Don't fight it,
I know you,
my dear, my love,
I care for you,
don't be foolish-
love me, for I'll be gone tomorrow,
with the rising of the burning sun.


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I used to watch your beauty pass,
Hoping you would stop and grasp.
In awe of your beauty, I wished that you were mine.
I thought ‘ how lucky would I be ‘.
My little bit of perfection,
Such an angel, demure with no affliction,
Far too good for me.

You are a graceful wisp, a delicacy of the finest flavour.
You are the air I breathe, the flowers that I smell,
You are the woman I wake up to, and the dreams I go to sleep with.
There is not an ounce of me that does not love you,
Nor is there a millimeter of my being that does not yearn for you.

You came into my life like an earthquake hitting home.
Your sweet sounds, your resolute opinion,
Your very own demeanor cascading down,
All coursing through my veins with the vehemence of an unstoppable tide.
You’re everything.

Am I dreaming above my weight, could this really be my fate.
To have the love of you so proud, to hold you every day with shroud,
To be the one to caress your lips, to heal your woes, be your support.
What is it that I have done to get to cherish my only one.

You’re amazing, every day you shine my light.
I’m stunned, a thunderbolt embedded deep into my heart.
There is only underestimate, no one,
 not even you can truly fathom exactly how much I love you.
I will endeavour to show you every day.

                                                                  C armelita
                                                                  A dventurous to the core
                                                                  R esplendent beauty.
                                                                  M ely to some,
                                                                  E verything to me.
                                                                  L uscious in all you are
                                                                  I ngrained with allure,
                                                                  T actile with every pore.
                                                                  A true Enigma.

You are the apple of my existence,
To take you for granted would be to insult civilization itself.
I am star struck, I am numb with love for you.
I have never felt this before.

You are akin to an array of mystic galaxies,
Your heaven and earth are all my fantasies,
You are the greatest I have ever seen,
You are my life with all esteem.

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heart of the ocean

Opening up 
from the ocean 
singing warmly 
actively colliding 
deep sea currents 
circulating feelings 

Come to me my love 
the awakening of passions storm 
it flies within me still 

Arising from the depths 
slowly emotions 
gently ripple 
slowly swelling deeply 
stirring blue 
rising waves 
rolling out 
unfurling a carpet 

Love this body whole 
take me into your souls home 
loving you baby 

Breaking waves 
sweetly curling 
to shore 
gently kissing sand 
touching wet lips 
upon your feet 
a jeweled dream
found home 

our hearts forever 
softly sleeping quietly 
together we touch as one 

heart of the ocean deep ocean jewel found on the titanic 
a love story became a tragedy touching the hearts of the world a jeweled dream 
to die within the arms of love

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Sliding Down

I’m hoping for my dreams to become a reality
I’m hoping for a phase of gratitude
I’m rejecting my hopeless fate
I’m accepting your side of the story…but don’t intrude 

Unexpectedly, I believe in love in first sight
I grab the rope for extra support
It burns like a vertical line of fire
I’m unable to climb, but I seem too far from my desire 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down… 

I cherish you like my own belongings
I designed you on my bedroom wall
I have you displayed deep in my heart
Believe me – you’ll never split it apart 

Every day I long for your touch – you changed my life around
My heart is blazing like the zealous sun…I prize my freedom and progress
The world is spinning endlessly as I kneel upon my knees 
And I imagine the memories we share with each other 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

When I reflect upon the joyous times,
My heart never fails
To pound vigorously for you
I’m sliding down 
I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you 

I see the light in your eyes
I don’t see an insidious nature in you…
I wish I hadn't believed in the lies
I never felt like a hopeless victim until I gave in to the darkness 

I’m sliding down the rope, hanging from heaven 
They’re distraught by my absence
They’re cheering for me from down below
I’m sliding down…

I’m glad I've met you in the first place
We’re a perfect match – 
Don’t deny it…you made me feel handsome
We’re on the road of victory
We’re making great progress
We’re hanging on the edge,
But we were rescued 
From sliding down…

At least we’re kept ourselves alive……

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A Half Life or Radiocarbon Dating

When the carbon -14 is gone from your bones,
And nothing remains but a hull,
I’ll still hold your taste in my dry, empty jaw,
Having etched AHM in my skull
As the sun will not shine
And my heart will decay
No more will an N
Feel the sweet cosmic rays
Until all I can do is play along, quiet
As all that I say will be wrong, or defiant
Every chemical taken,
In hopes they might calm me,
Become but an agent,
To embalm and prolong the - wait
I can't wait for the times when I'll see you again,
Though, each time I'll be secretly flooded with pain
A Gala, Penelope, Laurie, a muse
And all of this, a cold fuse

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You are my woman.
You are my man.
Do you know why we stand together?
We have built our life on loving each other.
This is all well and true.
Night has fallen and we must talk softly.
The whispers are our mental facets.
Why facades when no one can hear us?
This world is in a strong hold from long-ago.
Let us talk louder but not loud.

You know me so well.
Our spirits have won.
Our bond to each other is trust and honor.
I can tell when you are happy.
I can tell when you are mad.
If we keep working together, we will enjoy the time have.
In truth, you speak.
We are unity that will not be defeated.
Solidified with our liquidated funds, we will make a better home.
I knew you would shine in humor.

My woman
My man
You are my comfort and convenience.
You are my strength and empowerment.
Do you know what our love means?
The aspects of life tell us we are doing well.
Our future we must plan.
We have been married for twelve years.
What would you like first a boy or girl?
It seems our mind is on the same page.
Unanimity is how that came.
In accordance to how we feel.

More blessings are to come.
I am truly ready for them.
Let us embrace melodiously.
Such a big word you use to embrace me.
You laugh so attractively.
I have not lost my charm since we first met.
This is true; therefore…
I sense your touch even when you are touching me.
I feel the temperament of your body.
Euphoniously, we unite my essence my life.
Penned on April 19, 2014!
Final Edit was on May 04, 2014!

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Night Muse

Tonight I call
a certain woman
who spreads her scent
of fragrant dianthus
into my night
so silently...

The way she
speaks my name
almost mocking me
making gentle fun...

Because of her
modest style of love
I look to her
my evening star
behind orange clouds
over ocean horizon...

She possesses
the highest summit
of my heart
she the poetess
the moon goddess
transfiguring kaleidoscope
in sunset towards the west...

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An angel for me

A silhouette stands against the darkness of the night,
Giving out a soft, welcoming light.

And as the face turns upon me,
Something I don’t foresee,
A young girl I behold,
Her beauty untold.

A beautiful maiden,
Soft brown eyes,
And pink lips,
That bear no lies.

And with grace and elegance,
She came towards me,
A floating figure,
An angel for me.

And closer she came,
And wrapped her arms round me,
Those beautiful eyes,
Was all I could see.

And as we looked into each others eyes,
We only knew one thing then…
True Love

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hot babe

oh baby
sweetest honey
inside beautiful princess
you blow 
this heart
exploding feelings
emotions piece together
you got me
in the soul

nice one 
sweet baby
talking buttercups
warm melting butter
blowing a sugar 
coated kiss
floating on wings
butterfly flutters

warming within 
touching the heart
embracing you
my endearing love
holding sweetly 
the soul

lights up
a fireworks display
sparking souls
touching soul explode
sparking hot energy
igniting skies
a blasting 
erupting display
of love's beauty

one chariot 
on fire
she's hot
melting together
sparking flames
lights up
the skies
for you 
baby love

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two become one

two souls 
touching pair
united in the hearts
spirits through eternity

landed beautiful 
with me
a table for two
love stands supported

like a flower
needs a stem
crowning emotions
i have loved
beyond all known reason

once upon 
a fairytale 
dream love
still holding
that special part
in this auld heart
o mine

from the beginning
love i will
until the eyes
call you
to sleep my love

as one 
when our spirits meet
lands beyond
all dreams
in eternity

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Prince From A Romantic Novel

He comes to me like a warm, gentle summer's breeze,
Tall and strong by nature, good-looking like a prince from a romantic novel.

His gestures welcoming and divine, a man of distinction,
He walked toward the beautiful maiden, embraced her persona with welcoming words.

She smiled shyly reaching towards him with all that was heavenly within her,
They shared a conversation God given, without remorse.

To have come thus far and perchance to have met royalty,
He had that ability to mesmerize you and charm you with a single glance.

From a distant or near kingdom, he blessed her with tenderness and gentleness,
A knight in shinning armour, a shelter from the storm.

The haven which she wished they could share, a palace of dreams,
Leading to a future together, liasons protected by God.

The storm came and went, the sky cleared and the sunshine's rays warmed,
She saw him again, his tall handsome figure, caressed her with words again.

A day's blessing and a night's beautiful memory,
His mysterious manner and kind ways,  she wondered whether she would see him again.

The prince from the romantic novel, always welcome.
A royal blessing from the palace.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Burning Embers

After being together for a time of great length
I have no idea how I put up with you, or where I get the strength
You make me so furious, just so mad!
Why do I put myself through this, if I just end up being sad?
I get a reminder every morning when I turn to your side of the bed.
The passion our love used to have, a fire burning such a deep red.
Years pass and the fire dies down
I look at you and your once glowing smile, turned into a frown. 
What’s changing I really don’t know
Sometimes wondering if it was all a show…
But in the morning, breath stinky and hair a mess
I look at you and know I’m blessed. 
Because behind those eyes I see a spark
Memories of making out in the park
The only time we’d cry
is when we had to say good-bye. 
I see something that’s keeping us alive
During the screaming shouts there is something in our hearts we are trying to revive
We’re trying to rekindle the burning embers
When all of the sudden, not just our minds, but our hearts remember
We lean in for a passionate kiss
And all of the sudden, remember the feeling of bliss.
And who knew that was the fuel we needed,
A blissful kiss our hearts and lips have so deeply missed
To rekindle our fire
To rekindle our passion
To rekindle our faith and trust we had in each other.

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On A Relaxed Recline On A Springs Soft-Sunny Day

 On A Relaxed Recline On A Spring’s Soft-Sunny Day
This cool country and this calm forenoon,
Singing birds and murmuring stream—
Far from that noise and dust of the concrete city.
This recline in half sun and half shade,
By the blooming willows, in the grassy yard of my lonely wooden cottage,
Is princely and priceless...
'As I recall the scene-- those weak, naked, 
Indian laborers on a blazing summer’s day 
In the heat of brick kiln.'
Reading an American poet, and imagining his horse ride 
By some dark woods on a snowy day.
With a bowl of plane water,
And a view of a very high elevated, pillar less, blue-like roof, 
And heavy woods’ walling all around the town.
And adding spice into the fantasies-fun
With the musical memories of my love-days.

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         golden enchantingly beautiful
      falling down the setting sun
 into the  distant horizon
    glowing out in  a darkening sky
        a sigh breathing

her last breath
  daylight upon the mountains
       glistens in her shadows
            dancing gold ripples 
              upon the shadowed surface

       darkness swallows daylight
  singing to the oncoming night
relinguishing her throne
        making way for the stars
           winking in the Heaven's
              rocking gently 

                side to side
                  on a smiling moon
 the eclipse
    married in heaven's
        when the sun
           kisses the moon
golden silvery beautiful

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Dreams of Summer on the Winter Solstice

	Dreams of Summer on the Winter Solstice

ah love, 
the scent of roses
at first bloom, 
new growth
that extends skyward, 

they are a wonder to me

let us sit here and drink tea
inhaling scents of lavender,
bergamot and roses

it is all so lovely, 
to be here with you

these moments 
are my treasure

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Jellytot rainbow

To love you lots 
like jellytots 
I am just a lonely heart 
Dreaming in the clouds 
In the mist 
of angel tears I lie 

Memories of battles 
in hell 
In the fork 
of the crossroads 
Dreams of forever love 
In a confused 
arena my mind 

All battled scarred 
worn down 
A cross upon 
my shoulders 
Laden heavy 
with all its hurt 
I have fallen to ground 
Only to come 
Upon the crossroads again 

Standing tall searching 
The window of light 
in a far 
off distance 
Light at the end 
of the tunnel 
If not 
on this planet 

My soul 
leaves my body 
My host of scars 
With wings 
joins my spirit 
In some faraway 
skies blue 
Flying to heaven 

Let there be love 
Stars of all colors 
Strewn across 
a night sky 
A mystical paradise 

Lost loves dream 
Only to be found 
in heaven 
In a jellytot rainbow 
My pot of love

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The Virgin

The Virgin

The virgin was the daughter of a retired surgeon
Who enjoyed imported beer and catching sturgeon.
At a seedy hotel with no blinds and garbage bags
For the provision of relief from the sun
They entered by the will of an old desk hag
With a hairy chin and breasts that would sadly sag.
Her father's disbelief as he circled the town.

In his car, no story about the library accepted,
He went through her wardrobe and suspected.
Still as he drove around and search the sky, the street,
The windows of restaurants, and the ground
His precious dirty little was nowhere to be found. 
An advert in the newspaper, $200 in bills, a hungry tongue
And she emptied her bank account, the act was her will.

She wanted a stranger, not a nice boy who told her to lie still. 
A monstrous walrus of hard flesh from the shower
Though she knew she was the one with the power
And she had appreciated his arrival upon the hour.
She found his instrument shocking to the senses
As she rubbed and 'polished' him back and forth
Cantankerous, red, and alarming in size.

The virgin soon realized the pleasures of her demise
She could hardly keep her speculation in disguise
Reminiscent of sharks out of the water
Ready to devour the girl, as was her wish. 
Her father kept looking around
But as she screamed in pleasure,
He found she was nowhere to be found.

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touching sands of time 
dancing galavanting
in the brain
a hermit crab
his head out
from the sands

alone open arms
embracing the stars
among'st them
a shining soul
embers crying out to
the beauty 
of it

bleeding underneath
holding in the sands
a key
building upwards
holding them out
sharing a dream

the castle 
begins to build
from out of the sand
sweeping in
from the ocean
as it swells
flowing gently out

to embrace you

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His brown eyes
She still feels them looking at her
His smile
She still see them smiling at her

She still remember their first time together
She still recall his touch
and she fell in love

The world was perfect
the colors were alive and vibrant
She was in love

He was a beautiful stranger
A stranger that caught her untamed heart
She was so in love

She remember how he cared about her
She remember the sound of his heartbeat
or was it just a make believe?

She thought he was her hero
didn't he try to rescue her?
and she gladly ran to him.

She thought his arms are her castle
as her head rest on his chest
there is no sky she couldn't fly

but she never knew..
She wish she had
the shadow of someone she thought he'll never be..

She thought he was her Knight..
but she didn't see..
the same knight whose sword is meant to bring death to her heart..

to him, she was nothing but a Paramour..

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The Snowy Life of Two Loving Ghosts

Taking suggestions especially on this poem. This is a first draft and I like it, but I don't have time to edit at the moment. Thank you!

The two ghosts dance through the barren forrest,
leaving footsteps to be pondered about
by the man who owns the land in the morning.
Howls and Screams and Laughter and Love
fill the dewy dark sky.
The two, lovers in death,
never knowing of the truth,
that their lives were taken
Snowfalls before,
being murdered in these woods,
their throat slits and their bodies mutilated,
No one knew who they were.

But here they are again,
running through the spindly trees,
taking in the scenes of their
eternal winter.
He takes her hand,
leading her to an opening in the trees,
a perfect circle, no light insight
but the stars above,
so beautiful,
so prominent.
Theres not a place in this town
better than this
to see the future amongst the stars.

They came here that day,
tent in one hand,
telescope in the other;
their thoughts in the air.
They were seventeen,
Seniors awaiting the approval
of a diploma,
They should be studying,
mid-terms next week.
They took a fatal break,
spent the night together,
only belonging to each other.

The ghosts;
who's sight doesn't recognize
the spot of their demise. 
They sit on top of a large smooth stone,
Left their by the world in it's hurry.
They gaze upon the stars,
waiting for the world to reveal itself.
The screams and wails and love still permeate the air.

They fell asleep in each others arms,
and so they never heard the footsteps,
the drunken laughs of men full of sin,
ready for some action.
They found the tent,
they killed the innocent souls,
but instead of leaving they bodies,
they left the ghosts,
taking the bodies and
depositing them in the freezing lake.
They then sat upon the rock,
laughing about the deed done,
passing out in the deadfall of snow.

The transparent lovers jump to the snow,
throwing themselves down to sleep the night away.
They cuddle,
protecting each other from the snow,
the danger,
the truth.
The smile,
and with one last scream,
they kiss,
merging with the snow,
Part of the world,
and this spot full of false truths.

No longer do lively bodies wander about the woods,
and the owner hardly visits.
But a few times each winter,
when the snow has fallen so deep,
You can hear the screams,
the howls, 
the laughter
and the love
of two ghosts
dancing in the snow.

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I was late getting there

I was late getting there
and I missed the sunlight
that shone on the table where we met
you enjoyed its warmth on your face
and the glass of wine  glistened
that you held in your hand
the olive texture of your skin
the red dress you wore , the purple ring
the yellow ribbon in your hair
a coalition of color
radiated by the sun creating 
an aura around you

I was late getting there
and I missed the way you touched my face
as you looked at me intently
as if no one else existed
and you said let’s make these moments count
now tell me about your day
and I remembered how you made me feel
your laughter at my inane jokes
you  seemed so sincere

I was late getting there
and I saw you with another man
and the last words I heard you say
as I exited the other door was
let’s make these moments count 
now tell me about your day

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Love Unspoken

Would love not speak if uttered by a frightened tongue?
Would Earth reap the sown tears of beauty undone?
I rise from the ashes of every torn moment,
when God allows me your presence.
But, I fear I am but a shadow of the light
in your eyes.
Seeking refuge from darkened days.
If I should speak of the burning desire
behind my own sight,
should I be cast out in due time?
Or would you steady your hands
with mine?
-James Kelley 2012©

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spark in space

dearest most 
beautiful friend
leading the 
way baby
i want to pick
you up
oh i like
the way 
you dress
lights up beautiful
sexy looking honey
pretty sweet talking
from the insides out

we work together
in style
like a dance
within the mind
fashioning beauty
turns smiles 
on your face

time and energy
bursting sparks electric
generating starts
in every minute
over oceans
shining so special
charming sweetly
the deep

out through
the very soul
fluttering breezes
stepping inside
the heart's space 
dreaming whispers
on a shining beacon
switching on 
lights up
in front
of me

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Unfettered she arose my consciousness
Desirable alluring petal
Lone rose from the dirt pile
Beautiful African luscious eve

Killing me with each sway
Swooning me with every pose.

I desired her.
The prize whom all men kill and war for.
My pricey win.
The animal in me yearned,
Hence, i went chasing and I got lucky

Fortunate Adonis in heat.
My presence rooted her to the spot,
I led her up the stairs with my eyes
we made contact and we kissed.

Deeply but briefly.

We soared into a rapture of bliss and heaven.
I was trapped in rigmarole of perpetual pleasures.
Then she pushed back but clung to me
Exhilarated, she gasped in torrents.

She was red, I was hot
Boomeranged Frisbee, she fell back
And I locked her in my embrace
Stroking and caressing while she moaned and groaned.

Her hips parted, and my quest started
She surrendered her fruit for the plucking,
She deemed me worthy
With each thrust, renewed trust.

I filled her with that which she knew not
I filled her with rich warmth from within me.
And she came alive.
And we both reveled for we were full.

My unfettered endowed petite
And she stared into my eyes, into my soul,
And we shared an understanding,
Flustered alike, we lay in a heap

And she whispered feebly,
‘thank you’.

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Just a Breathy Sigh

A breathy sigh that moved the air
encircled us with lusty flair.
Its sweet and tender brush of love
Left unsaid our intention there.
Some deep and thoughtful bold assertion
Drew us closer into it's glare
And staved away intrusion of all others
Lest they disturb the passion there.
And sweet the savory music flowed
Around, about, above, below
Until we floated on the brink 
Of true love's kiss and knowing wink.
Love speaks to us on deeper levels
Where mere words can not communicate.
How strong the pull of your embrace
And sweetly tinted kiss upon your face.
Each breathy sigh wafts through space
No matter where you go from me.
My heart knows each step you take,
And when you think of me
Every breath is shared with you
Every moment of love in tune;
Each sacred dream we share together,
And hope for futures yet unplanned,
Caress the air with sweet perfume 
To pull us closer back together.
Because our love remains strong and true,
I dare not take a breath without you.

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A Soul's Fantasy

The warmth 
of a summer dream
shines tenderly,
red petals of love
blanket a soul;
the bitter chill
her heart
revives this spirit
passion and love
she awakens.

©Ana Espinola Collins

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In the last days of the year

In the last days of the year
In the last hours of the year
In the last moments of the year
In the last words of the year

Did you see my eyes to yours
Did not utter my tongue to your name
Did not think my mind to you
I did not see a girl from others

In the last days of the year

I want to see you
I want to see your eyes light
I see your smile brightening
I want to tell you what I could not tell you

But I felt your heart

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First Meeting

We sit across from each other;
Two strangers meeting for the first time,
I glance up hesitantly- meeting your amused gaze,
Just as quickly I look away hiding behind my hair.
I watch you covertly;
I stare at your big brown hands gently clasping your mug,
I admire your fingers; long and deft,
Your neat fingernails; the splotches of ink speckling your skin,
I want your hands on me.

In my mind I trace your tall burnished frame and marvel,
At your deep husky voice and the warmth of your hand as you held mine,
The mug lifts and I look up once again to meet your eyes,
Our eyes hold as you sip slowly,
I’m not going anywhere your eyes say to me,
Stop hiding now please,
Cheeks burning, I look back at you;
Your mouth hidden behind the coffee mug,
I hear a faint clatter as you place it back on the table,
Your mouth curves as we gaze at each other,
Silently, we make our first promises.


© Kavisha Saga and Ek Choti Kavita, 2014

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holding crossroads

one soul 
moans in song
upon dead remains
of a kingdom
to questions

turned over sideways
opening gates 
of emotions 
in shades 
of grey

blushing clouds
igniting feelings
in the cannon face
burning powder scorched
from the ashes

one dark horse
from hell
searches beauty
to extinguish
the fire
burning embers
of passion

at the gates of hell
no entry
salvation in light
building bridges
finding feelings
within emotions

as he rears 
on his front legs
with dark feelings
on the vampire's grave
love is in the deep
a battle 
for light

warmth within
a happy face
smiling the sun
blushing dreams
in happiness
to the end 

to write
the final chapter
one's masterpiece 
one dream
come true

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The moon-lit Night

Moderately silent is the garden Quite dazed with the moonlight Contented with perfume Engrossed in the opium dreams of poppies. There the firefly lights open and disappear On leaves and trellises moon shimmers Moon-spikes shafting through the trees Without a sound a leaf falls on me. And then you come As quiet as like the garden And in white dress like alyssum flowers As charming like silent sparks of fireflies. Couched her arms behind her head Knees and tresses folded to slip and ripple Lies my young love sleeping in the shade If I press her parting lips, my hand on her waist. No surprise she will embrace me And will hold me and never let me go.
+++++++ March 30, 2014 Form Free Verse Dr. Ram Mehta Eighth Place win Contest: Poems About the Moon Light by Skat-A

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Forever With Love

Forever With Love (Devils Echo) Dreams I’d seen did come true-true-true Hugs and happy smile The place when I met you-you-you Making life worthwhile Now in the suns warm rays-rays-rays Beautiful to see There shall be happy days-days-days Meant for you and me With such a charming heart-heart-heart And true loving care Love shall always be part-part-part Forever to share Making all love fruit sweet-sweet-sweet From heaven above A daily pleasing treat-treat-treat Forever with love
Devils Echo. by John W Henson is done with the last three words of each 8 syllable line repeated to create the echo. These can be 1 or 2 syllable words, so long as the line is 8 syllables long. Each verse syllable count is..... Rhyming Sequence.......a.b.a.b. c.d.c.d ... etc.

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Hot babe

a fireworks
exploding in the sky
hot sun
dazzling beautiful
looking into 
your eyes
you captured me
like a fire 
it radiates you
the warmth inside 
a spark 
picked up 

sharing my warmth
electrically divine
for me 
you are 
a work of art
inner vision

in leaving oneself 
wanting more,
a heart on fire 
burning with desire,
for the one 
burning hot
like you

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Every scar paved the path to painful memories she never thought she’d be leading him
down at 3 am. Every secret she hesitated to tell the other boys slid off her tongue 
like the tears down her cheeks that were present around no one else. 
The only part of her he wanted to see was her soul. 
The only thing he wanted to remove was the lingering negativity, not her clothes. 
He’s the only one who would hold her and patiently listen to her when she was at her 
lowest, yet no one understands why she can’t quite function right when he’s not there, 
no one understands why for months he was the only one she could hold a conversation 
with. And most importantly, no one understood her blood-stained wrists after he left. 
They couldn't comprehend her point of no return in those 5 months. They didn't get her joy
when he finally came back. Their annoyed faces are worth every second she gets to talk 
about him, it’s all worth it for the sleepy Saturday mornings of waking up to him. 
It’s all worth it to know at the end of the day there is someone who loves you so much. 
Every bump is worth the feeling of being so incredibly close to another human being.

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Loving You

Loving you, I know, is the hardest thing to do
With all those riddles we say that we don't have a clue
Despite the questions and puzzles that we can't solve
Still I come running back to you when the night turns cold.

Loving you is like jumping off a cliff
Too dangerous with uncertainness and what ifs
So many questions, so many untold doubts
Without knowing what this is all about.

Loving you is like swimming in the middle of the sea
Without knowing if there is an island to see
Not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow
Will I be in happiness or in deep sorrow?

Loving you is like playing a broken guitar
I don't know how it'll end or even how to start
I don't know what's going to happen to its melody
But I don't care as long as you are with me.

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Treasured emotion

a wounded sparrow
on one wing
tears dripping blood
on the canvas
a ghost

twisted out of shape
within feelings
warm ice 
cutting cold

penned from the deepest
in darkness lurks
like a vampire
paper soaks up
releasing the ache

burning in the dungeons
absorbing pain
a wounded heart
enveloped by 
one's soul
aching emotion

cries a river
as the sun smiles
from the stories told
i see the light
in the cold stare
blue ice clear

the moon upside down
digging into
the depths of hell
in the mourning
a battle began
in turmoil

landing on the crossroads
upside down
in this world
light of angels 
drawing on the sands

marking a cross
in a sun kissed mist
i stand in the middle
direction not found
what a future holds
no bonds
kind to the soul

plans cannot be made
a road has not been chosen
safely i stand
in the sunlight
at the junction
awaiting to walk

enchanting hearts
with dreams
within a gift
to heaven
a golden key
to love 
a treasure

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Battling Addiction

It's not just a fight,
It’s a war I’m in,
This addiction is just way to powerful,
I need to get a grip,
But taking doses of lust and love is pure insanity,
This addiction is way too strong.

But a part of me wants this addiction to take over,
It’s so heavenly and strong,
It’s just that your kiss is like my ecstasy,
It lifts my soul and I thrive on that insane energy you give me,
I’m so addicted to your kiss,
The touch of your body is like sniffing cocaine,
It sets my mind free and love is all I want to give,
But I’m so addicted to your body,
But the love from your heart is like my own drug that I have discovered,
Its does more things to my mind, heart and soul than any form of drug has to offer,
I’m so addicted and I love it,
This war of battling addiction is over,
I may have lost,
But my heart has won,
I’m addicted to your body and I’m addicted to your love.

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walk of love

sounds of  
one lamb bleating
then the mothers calls
carried upon
a swirling breeze
lifting a spirit
such peace
playing in 
nature's song

pure as
the driven snow
sweet the birds singing
enchanting heavenly bliss
with angel feelings
butterflies dancing
on currents 
upon swirling 
warm winds
rising then falling

standing alone
dog at my side 
staring across
windswept mountains
such a beautiful vision
blooms an oasis
fills up in thoughts
patting him
on the head

i kneel down
warmly picking
a handful 
of daisies
smiling golden treasures
making a ring
inside magically
this mind

love is 
all around us
breathing whispers
silently upon 
the heart
one worshiping soul
of regal beauty
crowning emotions

jewels when
i look into 
your eyes
to see 
the deep ocean
our dreams
erasing one 
thousand nightmares
finding you
my best mate

to eternity
we will walk
together hand 
in hand
through the gates
heaven a lifetime
with a dream
on a mixed cauldron
of vast pleasure
magic spells 
out you

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secret Valentine

Dear secret Valentine 
I hold you letter 
In my arm
Like a soft 
Or a goodnight kiss
Your word linger in my mind
Only to remind me 
Of the troubles I've left behind
But never the less
I digress

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Thinking Deep about him

He is my prince
he is my love
my strength,
my weakness,
my reason for smiling

You know
He lets me know
How beautiful I am
How strong I am
He reminds me
Am his princess

He brings me back
when I feel like
am losing track,
He helps me focus
even when,
am lost and confused

He is my prince
my love
my sweet love

Am too young they say
To take love too 
But that doesn't stop 
From loving him and me,
We look so perfect, 
and me,

We have been through 
thick and thin
We have made it 
through all this time
We can't afford to let 
We can't just let it go.

You mean the world to 
More than these words 
would show
I don't know if its 
getting through
what am trying to tell 
I love only you
I want only you

Am embarrased a little,
Am I too open a little,
Should how I feel be a 
Should how I feel 
remain in my heart?
Should how I feel be 
to the whole wide 
I love you,
I wouldn't mind,
Writing it up high in 
the sky..

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Dead silence

pictures available
we have phones
we have drink
we have all
and we try to keep us alive
because in fact we need a good woman.
and when we get home at night
turn on the light and we have no idea if something may happens too
wherever she may be
our eyes have that color
as can be love in the middle
and no
we are not so ignorant
're just blind.

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Beloved Friend I Have Fallen

An angel, cradles me, in her motherly arms
I have fallen, I am venerable 
I told myself, I would not do this, no more
I have failed to keep my promise, to you
I have not stayed true
Tears flowing, as I smile, just, for you!
Remembering the times, when you cupped my face, in your hands
Your blue eyes, gazing into mine
Telling me with sincerity
‘I am the sunshine, that lights up your world, each day that dawns’
My heart aches, it rains with love, having fond memories of us
Wash me clean, being human, is challenging me!
Emotional bondage, creating blocks
I need to move on, you are dead and buried
Your time here, over
My heart struggling, accepting this reality
“Forgive me”
I pray to be free!
“I Love you, my beloved, friend”

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Your eyes so deep with pleasure,
Your hair cascading down,
Your kissing lips bring fever,
To my whole surround.

Wholesome in your fervor
As rare as a meteorite,
Anyone would give their arm
To have you as their right.

Glistening with salacious,
Who could ask for more.
Resoundingly a sheer delight,
Let’s not risk another flight.

I've waited more than 50 years,
Surely that's long enough,
Let’s seal our kiss and see it through,
Give fate a little nudge.

I'll leave it there in case you run,
Unless it is towards me.
I've ne'er forgot your perfect tune,
So mystically applauding!

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You lie with a straight face and expect me to believe.

Shame on you for thinking I’m that naïve.

You promise me one thing, then you do another.

You don’t even remember one lie from the other.

Just be honest, is that so hard for you to do?

Constantly lying is much tougher than easily telling the truth.

Just be honest, by doing so, you may experience a most pleasant surprise.

Simple honesty conjures up more true love and affection, than a sea of lies.

Alfredo Leon

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flying without wings

one heart travels
through time and space
charmed in words
lands a warm breath 
of fresh air
enrapturing feeling
floating upon cloud nine
emotions euphoria
singing blissfully
into the soul's eye

in mirrored reflections
the spirit rises
transported with delight
within blissful happiness
falling into
seventh heaven
softly floating tenderness
spell binding
a dream

fleshless spirit
as the wind flees
the soul hungers
filling a heart
with loves passion
burning desire
touching skin crawls
moving taste buds
craving spellbound
kissing you love
in tenderness
tastes so sweet

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Fresh and clean

I love the way she smells after a shower
so fragrant fresh and clean
and how she sits there
so beautiful
in her dressing gown
brushing her long wet hair
until it dry's and gleams.

Her sweet perfume fills the room
and sets my heart on fire
heightening my senses
and filling me with desire.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Plight of the Romantic

We love who we love whether we should or not.
When we look at others, we feel the pull of them, but not the same kind of pull exerted,
when we look at the one we've allowed entry and residence in our heart.
Obsession, or true love, aren't they both fearsome.
Survivor's of either gain a maturity and ability to forgive not common,
if they can still care for each other, when no longer together, 
after this dance of dreams.
Why blame anyone or ourselves,
when our minds can't control the choices of the heart.
Should our minds decide never,
when our hearts don't know what kind of always,
but believe there will always be an always.

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so beautiful you

wild animals
poetry is of our making
sweet scenting beautiful
it becomes the mindset
in growing from dreams

free in sight
dazzling beholding
my eyes 
take in the treasure
shining in the soul

in nature 
made humanly possible
free in flight
as a bird
wild yet 
so beautiful

watching in silent motion
sweeping across the sky
falling spellbound
in the twinkling
of stars

in nature
it occured to me
touched inner emotions
when the moon smiled
lighting up

your smile 
said it all
beaming happiness
i fell in love
so beautiful
with you

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behind the mirror

looking into 
your eyes
a soul smiles
picture perfect
dazzling deeply
really sparkling

shining a goddess
of the heaven's
who touches
with wings
the deep ocean 
sea bed gently
crowning love

currents rising 
in sweet feelings 
caressing emotions
sweeping heartfelt
every breath
that you breathe

kissing softly
one thousand times
every kiss whispers
falling on
a trail
of wishes

a silver star 
upon the  
last breath
before sleep
breathing slowly
an amazing dream
floating inside

dancing naked
the soul
lights up 
in your eyes
love's beauty
shines in 
you baby 

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my heavenly angel

flashing inside
lights up green
golden shades 
of blossoms
flowering under
this one spell
enchanting words
sweet beautiful rose

petals touch
casting kisses 
magically dances
with the shadows 
of light kisses
silvery glitter
sparkles inside
exploding beautiful

blasting fountains 
pearl drops
of treasured joy
inside happiness
falling stars 
winking trail 
under a smiling moon
rocking side 
to side 
spellbound in
this universe 
inside the eyes

wishing golden honey
sweetheart of love 
beyond all kisses
dancing within 
silk ribbons
dripping blood
sweet rose
i desire

nibbling gently
softly feeling embrace 
tenderly come together 
warm emotions kiss
 the sweetest heart
of a dream
baby its you


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starts with a kiss

you are 
one treasure
the pirates bounty
a light shines 
with so much love
as the daffodils bloom
in the spring time

in their beautiful colour
the winter 
of life dissapears
bringing us 
new beginnings
fresh as the spring 
moves forward
becoming summer

warm with the love 
of colours
every where 
around you
love blossoms
into a future
my seasons 
of joy

sharing them 
with you
my ever 
so georgeous love
paradise is heaven

its taken
 until now
you took me there
in one kiss
my love 
in you

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Library Girl

Library Girl 
She worked in the local library part time. 
And liked to read Harry Potter books. 
She liked a lad who popped in fortnightly. 
He was quiet just like her. 
Her eyes sought him out whenever he was there. 
A shyness inhibited her asking him out. 
In time he stopped going to the library. 
The library girl missed the library lad. 
Many months passed. 
She became very withdrawn. 
For someone so quiet, that was bad. 
Then one day he returned. 
On seeing him her joy was only fleeting. 
He was no longer the tall fit happy young man she remembered and held in her heart. His legs were missing and an arm withered. 
When he saw her distress he drove his electric chair over. 
For the first time they really spoke. 
Please don't cry. I know I changed. I joined the army. A Taliban bomb got me and killed two of my mates. I'm Jack. 
The library girl openly wept. 
She knelt down and kissed Jack and held his good hand. 
I'm Hannah. I love you Jack. I feared I'd never ever see you again. 
Jack wiped her tears away and smiled. 
I won't leave your side now, not ever Hannah. I missed you. As the army medics tried to stop me dying I thought of you. I promised to come back for you. Here I am...

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goodnight baby

oh goodnight 
baby wishing you 
most beautiful 
of dreams 
a vacation 

upon beautiful island 
calls on paradise 
sparkling sun shining 
landing on beautiful 
palm trees tropical
dazzling you

on the beach 
where a moon
blushes pink
kissing oceans waves
curling around 
holding beautiful
in the deep 
hugging and kissing you 
into my dreams

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sweet sugar

sweet tasting sugar 
the icing 
on the cake
darling been out 
almost all day
fixing the car
lost complete power 
coming up 
a hill

falling speed 
to ten mile 
an hour 
we striped 
down the turbo 
nothing wrong 
then ran into
the town 

to get a new 
filter and some oil 
because like 
an idiot 
i did not 
check it 
in a while 
silly clown 

i thought to myself  
just shaking 
my head disgusted 
with a big red nose
what the hell 
is wrong 
with me 
not thinking 
of checking 
the oil 

as i always do 
ended up 
after quite a few
hours of work 
it was something 
really simple 
but at least 
the car 
got a good service 

now i am 
laughing to myself 
thought all 
the time thinking 
it was something 
very serious
how has 
your day been 
sweetheart i covered 
everything on 
my side smiling 
missing you 
baby beautiful
with icing

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Esos Ojos

Ah, it is her eyes
that mesmerizes me
eyes that open flowers
as if caught by surprise
even ivory swans
extend their necks
from small still ponds
just to see them...

I so desire to be
her prince of fantasy
to taste the rich red wine
from the grapes of her fertile vineyard
in silver goblet of regal beauty
to know intimately her soul
that is clean as fire
burning like the evening star...

It is divine labor
to seek her favor
to listen to the voice
that rings like a sacred bell
celestial notes
leaving me
in a marvelous state of vertigo!

It is love I seek
my heart was dying slowly
now it opens
like a sun kissed flower
if life were love
how wonderful it would be
rushing forth like a turbulent sea
tossed about by the hand of passion...

Ah, the topic of her eyes
the depth of those dark brown eyes
the way her black hair like a ravens wing
caresses the dark skin of her shoulders
the eyes that cleverly dance
to distant music of the mariachi...

My princess of fantasy
your loveliness rivals
the pastel colors of the setting sun
as they echo off towards New Orleans
to the distant west
beyond the horizon from above the skies
all the way to the Rio Grande...

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upon the reflection
of stillness 
salted droplets
in splash

the illusion
on the surface breaks
a dream
in the deep 
one moment
in time

it is the only place
to see awakening
innermost santuary 
of beauty
that is close
to being real

staring at my soul
a reflection
of who i am
my eyes glisten
crystal droplets fall
tumbling down
the cheeks

falling on 
the mirrored me
spiraling in ripples
from the center 
rippling out
at the crossroads
i await you

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Tattooed inside

On a cold winters night
frosted jewels sparkling the ground
burning logs upon a fire
dark clouds falling heavy down 
cloud capped mountains

Darkness becomes night pitch black
rain falling with all burning might
turning to you
My fire on steed
a hero bringing in the light

Whisking one of the feet
with burning fire in your eyes
ravishing this vision deep
do not drop me through the window
this soul is with you 
tattooed inside the heart
crystal dew awakening beauty
looking upon a dream 

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Falling to you

A sun sets golden in thee horizon
utopia sings songbirds in praise
You shine within these eyes
deep glowing warm 
so very beautiful

The only thing 
holding me together
in one piece my skin
falling inside melting
all over you love
such a vision melts even the eyes
you look amazing beautiful

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Jigsaw complete

Two peas in a pod 
In blue awakening 
Senses beauty 
Different pieces 
In the one jigsaw 
Fitting together 

Sharing this 
A life together 
pictured beautiful 
Drawing two hearts 
Joining together 
Becoming one 

To share 
In a life fulfilling 
Dream darling 
I applaud 
The missing piece 
Emotion in feelings 

Jigsaw complete 
The finished piece 
Goddess of love 
An angel upon wings 
In emotions 
a picture 

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I Don't Want to Close my Eyes

I don’t want to close my eyes;
I want to see your angelic face
that glows with serenity and beauty,
as you rest on your soft, cotton pillow

I don’t want to close my eyes;
I want to see you breathing gracefully
throughout the night, as your chest
gently moves upwards and downwards

I don’t want to close my eyes;
I just want to stare at the person
who helped me to fill the puzzles
that made me to drown in questions
of what love really is, and the person
is you, my love

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a cupid sniper

With accurate placement
aim and precision
take your pick
an advanced weapon system
a marksman
staring down
keeps his eye 
on the target
judging distance
will take his shot

The ultimate assassin
for two lovers touch
with a bipod arrangement
is accurate as such
holding aim
sweetly releasing
from the chambers
firing emotions

The L115
will do the trick
the poms little boy
the lovers heart it will hit
burning inside 
blazing feelings
one hot target
exploding fireworks

An M107
the Americans toy
it'll take you down 
into lovers joy
in rapid fire
burning lead hot 
pulsating desires

An Aussie Tikka M55
a one piece machine receiver
it's grooved drilled and tapped
a love it can deliver
finger upon her trigger
warmly spitting flames
radiating flashes
gunpowder explodes
with golden bite 
falling down
in the face 
of her beauty

But the true weapon of choice
out of cupids locked safe
Is the Middleton DTM SS 415 Crossbow
It gets true lovers in the right place
crosses over an arrow
piercing into 
the softest spot
a passion hunter
preys in delight
blood within lust 

You see Cupid's an Angel
he doesn't use guns
he has arrows and bows for choice
he is the ultimate sniper number One
silently holds the wind
shooting swiftly 
ends quickly

quivering taking one's breath
a piercing tip enters
falls down dead
enters the heart
one lonely 
head hunter
dips in 
loves blood

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M- Take My Hand

Two of us
Battered, beaten
Healed, healthy

Hand in hand
We follow our hearts
With anticipation

Trusting our instincts
Ignoring history
Discarding logic

Matters of the heart
Have no rules
Emotions have no limits

Intense heat
Red, pink
The colors of love

If it feels like love
If it tastes like love
It must be love

~Rick Berry

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Rapunzel rolling down your barriers
dazzling jewels opening sparkling chambers
one begins climbing each curling warm feeling 
touching each emotion sweetly
one step a little closer in kissing
each and every memory entering
sharing these thoughts
cherishing every last minute 
each minute special
each second heavenly
Rapunzel heart of a rose 
your lips sweet blushing 
silk satin petals soft lips
blushing as you my love entranced 
entering your one tower 
letting your hair down smiling 
the path we walk heading forward 
none of us really have a clue 
but each strand holding 
unto a perfect dream 
Rapunzel princess of my dreams
thoughts and love intertwined
walking hand in hand now
both blessed with passion
both blessed with emotion
both blessed with true love
walking together unafraid
talking caressing holding kissing
arms locked embracing passion
a perfect dream forever 
Liam McDaid and Gary Bateman, Free Verse Collaboration, October 13, 2014

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My aggravating paramour

Stop it!
I’m exhausted by you
Always complaining, never supporting yourself
Stop it!
I’m overworked by you
Never being grateful, but expecting the help
I know it’s not your fault
Now pick yourself up, I will see you on the twelfth

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my eyes drooling 
sparkling moist 
lights up 
smiling of joy 
 happiness within
you set my world 
on fire 
like the Indian's of old 
my burning embers
 of you love 
smoke drifting 
to the heavens
my spirit speaks 
to you 
in the clouds
 in my life 
you offer 
me hope 

from my ashes 
i will rise 
bowing my head 
in finding salvation 
smoldering remains 
of a love 

as the wind blows 
lifting me to the heaven's 
far away 
in her open theatre 
surrounded by forks 
of lightning
in an open stage 
the burning 
aroma of you 
casting its spell 
all over my heart 

love i never seen 
such beauty 
flashing lightning 
your hair 

my soul's heaven 
for my heart 
my spirit speaks 
to my soul 
then to you 
my sweetheart 

my love to you loyalty 
in you 
a lovers dream 
you love 
a true vision 
held in my heart

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Shining beautiful

beyond the wildest words
shining out 
like a world
a precious jewel
in pearl droplets

falling down the cheek
in a warm summer breeze
lights up
fresh lavender

sparkling rainbows
in the deep ocean
swelling out a bouquet
of many colours
a mother pearl

precious treasure
of the ocean
draped around my neck
in the arms 
i will forever hold you

a wonder to the eyes
sparkling fireworks exploding
sunshine dazzling
sweet melting chocolate

warm and sweet
warmth glowing within
the heart 
of me
lights up

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joyous love

feelings held inside
embracing emotions
in a balance 
of trust
as the water
floats over

spreading butterfly wings
touching walls caress
in flowing waves
fluttering deeply
inside the heart
of this ocean

bathing within
fountains of 
forever young
waterfalls warmly
dazzling dewdrops
holding such 
rare beauty
colours love

dancing inside  
skipping over
one rainbow 
in the mind
tickling inside

smiling warmly
at a golden treasure
fresh warm rain
falling from 
a summer sky 

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Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the Wind
Written by Adam M. Snow

Entrance me with your tune,
that gentle voice of yours.
Those sway ardent winds of harmony,
an echoed symphony of your life;
each word is wrapped in rhapsody,
flowing with the wind.

Your gentle voice, a breeze;
your whisper -- so angelically,
echoes throughout the world.
I hear it among the wind.
I hear it over the thunder of my beating heart.
I hear it calling to me.

We travel separate roads of life,
I got lost a time or two -- perhaps more.
Your voice helped me along the way;
your whispers in the wind,
echoes of sweet harmony,
it guided me back to you.

I want to hear it once more,
the melody of your voice.
Let it get lost among the wind;
(that sway ardent winds of harmony)
and have it find the heart within my ear.

Let your words etch itself upon my beating heart,
let them live forever upon my heart,
its beats won't fade the memory,
of what you've left in me.
Let them breath through my lungs.
Let me inhale your love;
it's sweet nectar to my soul,
an aroma sweet.

I hear it within a dream;
it brings me peace;
that caring voice of yours.
A stage whisper in the wind;
that soothing beat -- an interval,
an echoed symphony among the wind.

Those treacherous words of love,
"I do" and "love you"
forever in my mind,
forever in my heart.
Forever lingering on -- a song;
your whisper in the wind,
an echo -- a sweet echo.
©Copyright 2014

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Poem without words

(This piece was published by Muse-Pie Press, in Issue #11, in Shot Glass Journal)

My poem to you is not written
on a paper by a feather pen;
is not written on sand by a stick;
is not written in the clear, night sky
by fireworks; neither uttered
from my lips.
Sitting next to you, while putting your arm
on my chest to feel my heart-beat,
as it plays a rhythm to the blinding light
of love deep in your eyes, is my poetry
to you...
A poem that will never fade or depart
in our love. 

By: Teddy Kimathi

Choice of Motif: Romantic

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Its Simple They Tell Me

It's Simple they tell me: 

but when I saw you  I was in turmoil inside.
you moved across the ballroom as if it were yours.
the emerald of your dress, the fire of hair
made a desolation in me.

Its Simple they tell me:

Women, they say, just women.
But when I saw you I near cried out. ..... and then we talked,
talked so many things that made me ache and made me sharply draw my breath
and in this all a turn of head, was a glory unexpected.

Its Simple they tell me.

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eternally beautiful

speaking from
the soul
in ways 
that touch
feelings sweetly 
eternal bliss
deep within

words draw passion
burning hot desire
softly you hold
within your hands
emotions of
the heart

under the skin
cotton soft
gentle lips
fluttering kisses
deep inside
it's you love

igniting sparks
burning desires
who makes 
life complete
love it's you
from now
until the sands
of time
run out

we walk
soul to soul
two hearts together
in eternity
within you
i found paradise

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The Love You Find When You Open Your Eyes

So I met this guy 
Who gives me everything 
in the world 
I have known him since sixth 
But then we had a fall out 
I love him to death 
I hope marry him some day 
But will love me even with 
my past 
Between the rape to the beatings
from dad 
Yes, he will 
This is the love I found because 
I opened my eyes and looked 
at the big picture 
I love you Andrew Alan Huddleston 

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Three Halves

Dedicated to a dear friend. 
You needed me and I needed you, but we were never ours to lose.

*   *   *   *   *   *

I never felt complete.
I knew something was missing, a part of me.
Now I know it was the other halves of my heart and soul,
My love, my kindred spirit.

I never knew how to feel full.
Was never fully happy – not with missing pieces.
Can anyone have three halves?
I do.  Myself and two others.

First… my lover, my home, my best friend.
Who stood by me through mistakes and poor decisions.
Who has been nothing but loyal and true.
So what am I to do?
Once you build the foundation you can’t move the castle.

Then… my kindred spirit, my freedom, my bliss.
Who within moments defeated my demons and set me free.
Who has taught me trust like no other ever could.
So what am I to do?
We still have that castle on a cloud.

But we don’t live on a cloud.  I feel the earth between my toes.

One other half of my soul lives in a body who is, never was, and never will be mine.
That’s right, I said ‘never’.
‘Never say never’.  Why hold on to this hope?  
We are such fools.  Always have been.  
Fools for our other halves.

One ‘other half’ will forever be chained to anybody but me. 
The other ‘other half’ is, was and always will be mine.
My heart is for both, in different ways.
Now I am as full as I can be. I have found my halves.

Being happy is not having what you want, 
But having what you need, 
And wanting what you have.
I am happy...

We asked: ‘how can one live in black and white after seeing in colour?’
I have an answer: ‘because we know what colour looks like...’
We know what to look for, how it feels,
How to see it through the black and white – even turn it into colour.

Remember? How to see.
For some, their other halves are in one body –
Filling both the heart and the soul,
But not for me. I have three halves.

I never knew where my pieces were.
Then I found one. Then the other found me.
Only one can fit my puzzle – yes, halves can only be two.
But why be sad about bliss? 

I am happy…
Because I no longer wonder about my pieces.  
May not be mine, but they are both safe. 
I am happy…

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Transgressions That Stir

She doesn’t like to kiss, she never has...
the feeling to express emotion this way lacks the potency to move her greatly.
His lips, however, so soft and rich with love, has violated her assertion on occasion,
stirring something in her -even if only for a moment.
Time has wedged itself between them both escorted by distance,
perhaps maybe once adjoined she will allow his transgressions to stir her once more...

Written in Afghanistan -27 AUG 2013

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Deep Feelings

You make me
feel like a
rushing through
me, keeping me
still fresh, as
though time has
stopped. On the
other hand, I see
you like the full
moon; its rays
bathing my face,
tempting me to
steal the whole
of it for myself....

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A Feeling for my Cousin

Thirteen books! And you are in class one,
And the answers to the difficult questions
Are my brother, long!

In the bushy country near the low hills,
Kids, calves spring in delight;
Cows and goats graze whole days.
The cowboys enjoy warm sun, 
Wild meadows, cool blows of air!
My boy, you have to be indoors all-day,
Behind wide walls, airtight and high!
And ah! Grassy school-ground be guarded by numb tutors.

I see the suffering of your tiny soul…!
My boy, a bird with trimmed wings,
Can’t fly in the fair sky?
A hobbled horse can’t race in a pasture;
Fastened tight with tie,
You can’t shout open in the open outdoor.

How can a caged parrot like
Even if given golden grains—
You are returning your tiffin, always half-eaten.

I will hug your beating baby-heart
And rub long with my chest;
Kiss your fear-laden face;
Help you lifting the hefty bag;
And shed a tear afterward…
This is what I can do for you, my boy-brother,

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Your touch is
an electric shock
good thing I am not
in a bucket full of water
Your kiss is
a roaring flame
my mouth is filled
with flammable liquid
Your love is
a shaky ladder
I climb to the top
and invite gravity’s
inevitable seduction

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Roll away with me

Roll away
Come away with me
To the tumble down cottage by the sea
Where eagles coo, soar in flight
White paints a peeling
It's thatched roof leaks

But I'm sure
Honeysuckle smells much sweeter
The roses seem to bloom in winter
Secret garden towards the back
Where we shared our first kiss

Stroll away 
Come away with me
To the cottage by the sea
Be at ease while the ocean roars
Salty air shall sooth our hearts
Leave our troubles far behind
Hear waves crashing under blue sky's
There burdens  aren't so hard to bare
At the tumble down cottage far from here

Roll away come stay with me
Your remember how we used to be
At the cottage by the sea
Leave the sharp suits and shoes behind
Reality shall slip from our minds
Your realise we're still young
Battles between us will be undone

Come away and stroll along with me
To where we met 
Just by the sea
When life was exciting
And butterflies reigned
In the pit of my stomach
Love sparked a flame

Roll away come along with me
To the tumble down cottage by the sea

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Let me see

Let me see what I can write,
To make your evening feel just right.
A slight reward, lame I know,
To say thank you for your sweet hone.
Such graceful eyes,
With lips to match.
A body to treasure,
A mind to catch.
Your beauty, well that's  easy to see,
I'm sure inside you shine with glee. 
I wonder if you'll take this ode
In the way its meant to bode.
It's meant to touch you and give me hope,
It's meant to light the torch you hide
It's meant to show that I could be,
It's meant to say you're beauty seen. X

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Two Hearts

Two hearts were called,
Amidst the cacophony of life,
Amidst the fruitfulness of life.
Evolving from timelessness,
Moving in the center of existence.

Now each finds in the calling,
Beyond the restrictions of space,
An ever more central reality,
An ever more expanding reality,
Sensing even through dissonance,
Home, in its ever-pulsing joy.

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A Woman Like You

Love raining from eyes,

Embracing me without touching,

Still feeling the heat,

I grasp at satin heaven caressing your body,

At sweet strands of passion leading to paradise,

Hair flowing with silken scents of love,

Brushing my face as soft wisps of desire arouse,

Fiery eyes that do not burn,

Only warming this man's heart from dreams too long cold,

Our bodies one as she melts into mine.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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I love you so much more than the sun in the sky
Love you so much girl, and just can't tell exactly why
To confess my love, to you, is all I wish to say
Tell you outright, at the break of each new day

Our worlds seem to align 
And it's not by design
I want you in my arms forever, to be mine
Oh love, just give me a sign

I've had none before, and well, you've had nine
But with this I am fine
To the shores of forever, with you, I will find
If you just give me some Signs

Signs, from you and above, oh how I'm praying for
Please pretty girl, won't you open the door?
Leave me crying on the floor
Leave me girl, wanting so much more

How can lonely hearts mend?
Find others for their love to send
All across the sands of these times
Show me the way, give me some Signs

You could turn a whole life's world around
Without the utterance of a sound
You could halt his childish whines
If you just gave this poor boy some Signs

Signs, from you and above, oh how I'm praying for
Please pretty girl, won't you open the door?
Leave me crying on the floor
Leave me girl, wanting so much more

Yet here I am, sitting alone and broken
No words to you have been spoken
Why am I so shy? Where did the days go?
Oh how they fly and Oh how you glow
Nothing left to do now, but wait for new Signs

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Yesterday I could have
said "I love you" but 
for fear of rejection I 
kept silent.

Yesterday when I had 
the chance I should have
held you in my arms 
but I didn't I listened instead 
with unquiet thoughts because
I didn't want to lose you...

I kept my everything well 
hidden and now that your 
gone; I wonder if had I held 
you close had I embraced 
you when I had the chance 
would you have ever reciprocated
this love that I still have for you.

I never told you now how I felt,
now lamenting cause my truth 
will have to die with me.

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To face another day

In the twilight of my desire
At the dawn of my hope
You came 
Rekindling loving memories from long ago
Giving me hope again,
Hope and purpose and reason 
To face another day

In the twilight of my loneliness
At the dawn of my desperation
You came 
Holding my hand
Giving me kinship again,
Hope and purpose and reason 
To face another day

In the twilight of my age
At the dawn of my manhood
You came 
Giving me courage beyond belief
Helping me to stand tall again,
Hope and purpose and reason 
To face another day

In the twilight of my love
At the dawn of my caring
You came 
Tendering your beautiful soul
Giving me faith again,
Hope and purpose and reason 
To face another day

For this and more
I love you now
And always will,
Because you gave me hope and purpose and reason 
To embrace love

A tender love
A caring love
A true love 
A love
For only you...

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Can I buy you another drink

Cherry stem curls,
lost between teeth
made to make bruises
on whiskey bent flesh.
Lime wedges tucked 
between chaos;
Salt soaked aftermath.
Hazy dreams choked
down, chased with 
sugar laced lust. 
I taste you in every shot;
exhale the thoughts
in smoke ringed pitch.
…”Can I buy you another drink?” 
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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I Hate It That You Have My Heart

I hate it that you have my heart.
Wrapped around your finger like a string lest you forget,
but you always do,
dragging me along carelessly on a
lengthy leash like an unwanted dog who was once
a Christmas puppy,
or like a flower……yes like a flower, a flower
that’s left in the dark, a flower you often forget to water
a flower neglected, left dying for weeks, months, and then once death
seems imminent, is brought vibrantly back to life by your few drops of “love” and
your sparing rays of attention.
How much growth and how much beauty does this flower
possess?  Will we ever know my love?
I love you, but I hate that you know that.
I hate that you know my heart produces
deathless love for you,
I hate that you know I can never turn the page,
finish the book,
I hate it that the flower, while barely alive and dying,
will never die.

Written in Texas -JAN 2012

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We loved we cried
In the rain arms in arms;
 Cuddled like Siamese twins
We sang a song of unity
Hoping for better moments together.
Young hearts
We never understood what love is
It’s gentle feel, nor its overwhelming feel
Reasons why you had to leave me for good.
Memories of you fading in my heart
Save for the mirror on the wall
In it I see your pretty face
Telling me that our love can begin anew.
You might be long gone
But my heart belongs solely to you
The mirror says it all.
You never wanted to leave me,
It wasn’t just you
Now I see the new you, 
Spelling out my name in a sweet sonorous voice
Telling me we can soar the heights of love once more
I will love you once more
Again, again and again.

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The way your hair flicks on your forehead,
The way you hold my hand in yours.

The way you fit perfectly around me
like armour; protecting, sheltering.

The way your smile lights up my whole day,
The way you squeeze me when we've been apart 
         for too long.

The way our hearts    t h u m p   in   time
between the sheets
when two hearts meet,
they say. Your eyes do shine.

The way you give me strength and
tell me that I can accomplish anything;

      you make me believe I can. I can.

The way we can never have enough of each other
Devouring. Consuming. Enjoying.

Young love that ages well;
What the future holds we can't yet tell.

Be it present, past or future
        with you is where I want to be.


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As We Kiss

Woke up
looked around
he's gone
there's a note
I read fast
I grab my dress
in a heartbeat
slam the door
wind rushes
through my hair
wet grass nips my toes
I see him
on the hill
under the big oak
I run faster
He's waiting
I stop
to catch my breath
he puts a finger to my lips
and he kneels down
on one knee
my hands come up
and press against my lips
he stares nervously
as I nod
he rises
raps his arms
around me
the orange glare
lightly touches
our faces
It's warmth
makes me tingle
As we kiss.

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Against the indigo velvet skies 
The sweetly scented nightly breeze 
Sends leaves falling, rustling 
Allowing moonlight thru the trees  
Through curtains softly billowing 
The moonlight steals its furtive glance 
Flirting with silky ebony shadows
Performing their nightly ritual dance 
On the other side of the wind 
Whispers softly echo in her mind 
Beckoning her… 
To listen to their voice 
Telling her his love she’ll surely find  
The wind chimes in spiral curves 
A moment that’s timeless stirs her soul 
To a crystalline awakening in her heart 
Welcoming imbuing intrusions to console 

In quiet moments she breathes him in 
His hand in hers, feelings linger 
A graceful dance to walk a path 
Feeling his  touch upon her fingers 

A trail of tears tinged with sighs 
Thoughts of him entrench the dark 
A restless soul needing warmth 
In quiet moments he invades her heart 
Will she find him once again… 
On the other side of the wind?         

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Big-Bang Love

You not only kissed my lips;
you also kissed my heart;
energy that pulsated within me
caused an explosion; a big bang!

New stars, galaxies, and planets
were created. Your warm, soft kiss
was the fuse. My long, deep kiss was
the bridge to my heart.

A new universe of magical possibilities and love,
was created with your help; you became my goddess
of love in passionate silence......

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Lingering and nourishing
Your lips are the dew of the grass
Shining liquid diamonds
After an irrefutable storm

April 13, 2012

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Before was sober expectation -
The scuttlebutt
The learned dissertation

How the boxes, parquet did settle, did flow 
Plush with plutocracy
While those on high held thoughtful gaze below

Bother not with concert raving,
Stage attire and shading
As per always was the performance amazing!

Let’s mil about after the show –
The careful exit,
The lingering afterglow

How the music like whispering mist
Has tinted sensitive faces
Has harmoniously kissed

And bathed dreary sense with light
How, long after cocktails, snacks and chat
One, yet charmed, fondly hugs the spouse goodnight  

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a dream

To taste of such beauty 
In shadows alone 
Sings out 
A little song 
Smiling the sun 
Tips her hat 

Happiness sunshine 
Dancing in the deep 
To dance 
the tango 
Loves stage 

Opens with an angel 
Beaming smiles 
Lighting the shades 
Of trees 
Flowers upon 
The ground 

A blanket bouquet 
In soft fresh petals 
Upon the center 
Beautiful daisies 
In chain 

I make 
the bed 
all around you 
In the softest of feelings 
Petals like snow falling 
Confetti at your feet 
Beautiful rose 

Placed in the middle 
Red blushing passion 
From the deep cave 
Inked from the heart 
Burning desires 

Hot melting 
Velvety silken emotions 
A heavenly piece 
In a puzzled 
Jigsaw of dreams 

summer will blossom 
Sharing the love 
in dreams 

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My Beloved One

Your eyes arouse my mind
like violin playing in a rose
garden, pulsating with the
scent of untamed romance

Your lips are as sweet as
cherry in spring, for a single
kiss from you gives me enough
energy to lit up a city in the
still-silent night

You smell like love radiating
from your beautiful soul,
creating an invisible spiral
searching it’s way to my
scent-hungry nose

The warmth of your body
is like the morning Sun,
as it wakes up from the
making the trees to glow
with the effect of ember

My beloved one,
no other lady vibrates
my soul with passion like you do…

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Baby Girl

I write this  for my sweet Baby Girl,
    Who means more to me now then anything in this world .
How she can make me smile and laugh out loud,
    Never has a woman ever made me feel so prideful & proud.
These dreams I have of her each and all of my nights.
    Awakens me every single day feeling so good and right .
For so many years I have waited for this day ,
    Finally a woman that makes me feel this way.
So filled with so much joy as my heart constantly glows,
    And those who see me will never doubt this  I know.
This beautiful and most wonderful Sweet Baby Girl,
    Is all I will ever want or need in this whole world. 

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Agape Redefined

Like Jesus I'm prophetic,

I've come to set you free

by loving the way 

ignorant men cling

to their prejudices

Love you indiscriminate

of right and wrong,

sin and not guilty

Blow your mind utterly

and completely

Bend the human condition

towards reunification

Leave ninety-nine well fed

and go after the one instead. 

Through peril and

brim fire, I'll prove 

without being preachy,

loving me is all you need

For the freest form of free. 

Follow me, and I'll follow you,

we'll turn circles around

revolutionary ideas

sell communists

on capitalistic ideas

Won't stop until

Shangri-la sits smack-dab

in our living room

our front door the pearly gates.

Tempt fate. Let me love you,

instead of requistioning

you to a place you were

already created from and

no matter what decision

 you choose

You shall not be banished

in a godless place 

Love you in a way that

surpasses understanding.

Place an exit sign in hell, 

pull the fire alarm and

send 911 to the rescue. 

Tempt fate, let's love religiously,

Connect spiritually

and change the conception

of love's connection. 

Agape Redefined

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love dew

morning pearl 
has broken 
upon the ground
firing kisses 
splashing upon life 
all over salted
hotly pressed deeply

striking like bullets
from the deepest chambers
landing hot
softly upon lips
good morning
sun shining dew
with angelic tears
divine love 

falling upon
this earth
your grace
sweet beautiful love

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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desiring love dreams

their is 
a fire
burning inside 
this belly
one hot star
come take 
my hand
i walk 
on this path
show me 
the way

take me 
to that place
words have 
no meaning
touching you 
my love
to lie 
with you
oh sweetheart
two of us 
as one

in this space
we found 
each other
to see 
the look 
of love
written all 
over my face

smiling happiness 
be my guide honey
i will tell you princess
all my stories bold
i found you 
kneeling before you
finding paradise
a secret sanctuary
in one balanced place

i will be your knight
standing on 
the edge
holding sweetly
embracing you 
i fall into
your heart angel
sword of light 
my lover 
struck beautiful
in love

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candle light

in the dark 
Burning inside 
My soul's eye 
Silken softness 
Emotions feelings 

On the platform 
In the dark 
of mind 
Playing on beautiful words 
No shell is empty 
Loves energy 
colours light 

A candle burns 
Deep within 
the mind 
Flowing through veins 
Ink from my heart 
inner thoughts 

Lost deep 
Within it's warmth 
Burning flame 
Hot in desire 
In a lonely 
Dark night 

Head over 
Heels a candle 
Of love 
in the dark 

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My Entrapment

Lured, my heedless heart bustles forward with imprudence,
Her natural self and selfdom, a resplendent vanguard.
With haste, I’m led along the sultry ballad of this siren, arranging my entrapment,
Innately she wields what now afflicts my heart, this maelstrom of passion which she has induced.
Lost in it all, I fall hopelessly ensnared, consumed, and devoid of any vestiges of will,
I remain buoyed on the hopes she will assent to my cries, leaving me trapped forever.

Written in Afghanistan -OCT 2013

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The promise

For long we lived in a world of barren nothingness,
The both of us.
So long, too long...
Our souls reaching out to mates who turned out to be no mates at all,
Sucking us bone dry with selfish intent,
Exhausting our souls 'till hope itself became a dwindling mirage of unreal fantasy.

But then the universe and God went into meeting one day,
And when all was said and done,
With compassion they smiled on our old souls and said:

Enough of your fruitless toil.
Enough of the drawn-out suffering you endured.
Enough of the dead-end streets of despair you wandered.
Enough of numbing pain inflicted on you.
Enough of the hopelessness that clouded your hours and days and years.

One last chance we offer you,
One last straw that will become as strong as you wish it to be.
Go now.
You are free, 
Mates you old souls will be!

But keep in mind your days of relentless hurt,
And be tender with each other,
Be kind,
Be honest,
Be caring,
Be understanding,
Be compassionate,
Be gentle,
Be the best you can be,
Be lovable,
And above else,
Be loving without exception or restraint.

If this you do old souls,
Without holding back,
In all honesty and with all of your heart,
The magic of holy union and heavenly bliss you'll find.

Even if it lasts only for a short little while,
Be assured,
Fulfilled and content you will journey home
When your last day here finally arrives,
One at a time you will go to where you belong,
Where love is all there is,
Where contentment is all you feel,
And where the two of you can re-unite one day in loving harmony 
And for all of eternity...

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Fresh black satin sheets
soft music dimmed lights
champagne and oysters on ice
Red rose petals scattered upon the the bed
The aroma of chocolate and massage oil fills the air
from the bedside table to nibble and entice.

The sound of gushing water from the bathroom
the fragrance of expensive  French perfume
Black silk stockings  tempting underwear
and dressing gown
hanging over chair
The atmosphere electric
as the bridegroom 
awaits his bride
on the honeymoon.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

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M- Imagine

Imagine if you can 
The fruits of time
Unconditional trust

Imagine if you can
I am standing behind you
You have not seen me

You have not turned
Instinctively you know
You can feel my energy

You can anticipate my touch
You can feel my breath
Its warmth dances on your neck

My lips gently make contact
Your body reacts. It is involuntary
Close your eyes. Feel it.

Imagine the sensation. 
As my kiss continues its journey
Our lips meet. I can taste the passion

Imagine if you can
The fruits of time
Unconditional trust

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I miss you

Just as I long to see the stars hidden by clouds in the 
I long to kiss your cherry lips

Just as I long to see the roses blooming in spring,
I long to see your face once more

Just as I long to see the reflection of the moon’s halo on a crystal-clear lake,
I long to feel your touch

Just as I long to feel the warmth of the morning sun,
I long to feel your heart-beat closest to my chest

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beautiful goddess

truly the most moving 
beautiful woman in the world 
on strings as this music tugs hard 
i feel the crying pain 
of hurt release 
i am crying

completely shaken 
as i write 
this sweetest 
honey you words float 
inside my mind 
truly the princess 
from the land 
of the setting sun 

who has touched 
my heart who shines 
the voice of angel 
kisses the light so completely 
who inspires me you always did 
do and the love will flow 
with our music in a frozen state of time 

queen of the ocean breathing 
on a blue wave of light 
butterflies circle beats 
in your light truly a goddess 
you arise me 
with your gentle soft warmness 
this light making me feel stronger in myself 

i polish my armour 
as you all threaten 
to kill me 
remove me 
judge not 

you my lady 
touching the sweetest jewel 
softly the music of my day 
lifts me out of hell dark horse 
from hell with wings 

as you raise 
the curtain 
in my nights 
echoing over valleys 
mountains bouncing waves 
over far away seas 
i saw the most beautiful light 
dazzling neon 

in the light house of alexender 
back in ancient greece 
archer of cupid 
taking the heart inside 
beautiful truly 
a goddess 
in deep beauty
a lady

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An Autumn Night to Remember

Do you remember the night that we were cuddling
in the autumn moonlight? It was the most romantic night
that I had ever had. Your beautiful eyes reflected the starry sky
so clearly, that the next thing that I knew was that my lips were touching
your lips. You looked so divine and sensual, like Aphrodite......

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Lady with the Opera Mask

Though I can’t see your lips,
I can see love in your eyes,
with the way they are burning
with wild passion

Though I don’t know you facially,
there is a whisper of Venus telling
me that we have (had) a very close
and warm relationship that has
lasted for years

Seeing you not noticing the tunes
of the violins, splendor of the perfumed candles,
as their flames gently dance from side to side,
and the rose petals that have flooded the floor,
I believe the whisperer to be saying the truth

It is only by removing your opera mask that I can
know you really are to my life; but the only
problem is that you are attempting to run away
when my fingers near your hidden face,
leaving me with clues to trace
of your life and history from anyone who is next
to me, wearing an opera mask just like you and I

By: Teddy Kimathi

Choice of Motif: Romantic

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Love the fairytale

The arrow 
searches for lucky, 
if I wear the head 
On the end of cupid's arrow, 
looking straight up into the sky 

He releases me 
Upon the air in flight, 
my heart wings fly with you 
In a smiling sunshine bright 

Beautiful summer breeze 
Caresses the brow, 
falling from the sky 
The impact 
I am speechless 

A warm tender heart 
I reach out to you , 
floating to you in my mind 
Warm everlasting feeling 

Like a spider 
I wrap you, 
gently in cotton, 
my food of taste 
I crave you 

As I will 
Forever more, 
rocked deeply 
This emotion, 
my fairytale lullaby 
To adore

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M- I want everything

I want everything
I want every part of you
I want to be inside you
Your heart
Your soul
Your mind
Your body

I want it all
Every emotion
Every desire
I want to breath you
I want to taste you
I want your essence 
I want you

I want everything
I want it all
Nothing more
Nothing less
It is destined
You can feel it

-Rick Berry

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M- Your Eyes

When I close my eyes
I see hers
Sparkling, alive

I stare
I apologize
I comment
Your eyes are beautiful

When I close my eyes
I see hers
Twinkling, alive
Like a thousand lights

I stare
Then I close my eyes
To remember
To sear the image

When I close my eyes
I see hers
I’m the silent witness
Wanting to express myself

I stare
My heart is screaming
Silently, without defense
Her eyes melt my heart

When I close my eyes
I see hers
And I wonder
Will I see them again?

~Rick Berry

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The unsung song

I have a song in my heart, 
that has yet to be given notes.
Notes that should kiss piano keys,
and give wings to grace.
Commit wind to pass over
tender chords, and reveal
her beauty to the world.
She inspires tones that 
whisper in my mind.
She alone can sing them.
Only her voice will do.
-James K 2013, All rights reserved.

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Her Smile

Lips, pink like painted roses,
Part to unveil
The shine of her compassion.

Cheeks dimple as
Her smile
Unfurls across the
Perfect canvas.

Eyes, new moons
On a cloudless night,
Pull her into my heart.

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Yacht Club Dreams- Part I

She couldn’t believe he was real
But there he was…
Chatting away with someone
Who was from his realm
Modern day aristocracy
The clothes, the very air around them
Screamed of wealth
She squirmed in her seat
Her discomfort mounting
Feeling out of place
But what caught her eye
Wasn’t any of the trappings
He was the flesh and blood embodiment
Of her wildest dreams
Her ideal man
Had JUST materialized before her eyes…

An older man
Early fifties
Black hair showing some white
Trimmed goatee
Sparkling white teeth
Which readily flashed 
In his tanned face
She thought they MUST be blue
Everyone knew
She was partial to blue
What she kept to herself
Was the reason why...
Blue eyes brought back the memories
Of her childhood sweetheart
Whose eyes
The color of a clear blue sky
Had been seared into her heart and mind
Along with her first kiss

This man standing so close
Had one hand in his pocket
White linen shirt
Blue jeans 
He took a sip of his drink
Then was enveloped in the embrace
Of a woman...
Exaggerated breasts
Pouty lips
High cheekbones
Reeking of plastic surgery
Short skirt
Flashy bronzed legs
She felt sick to the core
But she couldn’t look away
He was a piece of heaven
That had been cut out 
By unseen hands 
And placed on this very spot 

He looked her way
Straight into her eyes
And then....he smiled
He lifted his champagne glass to her
Everyone around him turned to stare
Ashamed, she looked away
Berating herself for gawking
For letting her admiration show
She had to get away..

This was her niece’s graduation party
Her brother was well to do
Well known in the world of academia
A professor in THE most prestigious university
Well versed and confident in this atmosphere
He and his wife fit right in

She had begged off
But how could she say no to her beloved niece?
So here she was
Uncomfortable and unsure of herself
“Who cares?”
She always talked to herself when she was nervous...
“He was just teasing you for staring.
Well, I’ll show these snobby rich people
That I don’t give a damn….
I don’t care if my clothes aren't top of the line
Or that I’m not another one of some plastic surgeon’s
Cookie cutter perfect women
I’m not in their league
So, I’m NOT going to try to impress
Just going to celebrate being me….
A forty something woman
Unlucky in love
Simple and plain
But with a heart that will put any of them to shame…
Watch me strut!”

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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love of ages

You are my inspiration 
calling out 
In how I see the world, 
opening eyes again 
Staring into heaven 

Looking around 
so many colours 
As I paint 
the picture 
Putting it all 
into words 
By vision only 

To picture beautiful 
An Egyptian goddess, 
worthy of the world 
A treasured jewel 
Like a mummy 

The sands 
I breathe out
Is you 
With love 
inner most 

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A Secret Love Story

Our love is a promise
We shall keep it forever;
Our love is a promise
Of the soul.
Though nothing between us 
Was ever spoken,
Yet nothing remains
That was never told.
Though you may not 
See or touch me,
And I may never
Kiss or hug thee.
Yet the love
That we profess
Has His approval
And by him is blessed.
Though the world may laugh 
Call  it our folly.
Nevertheless you and I
Share a secret love story;
Your soul is wholly
Embodied in mine
And my body is completely
Ensouled in thine.

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To My Baby In The Womb

Hear my baby!  I am your dad!
Kissing you here and kissing you there…
Your flowery face, your little chin,
Your eyes, eyebrows, fingers and feet.
Hugging you softly hard,
Rubbing tenderly your tiny head.
My eyes are filled...!
And I am feeling heavy at heart,
For I feel I cannot carry on any more
Like this!
I give in! Weary, with the faith, 
Now my sickened soul shall find its solace 
In the God’s garden-abode.

My dear babe! I’d wish I live long… 
At least as long, you grow into a tall man.
And you marry
An Arabian singer-dancer;
Or a European noble lady 
Professing Art.
You write what I couldn’t,
And you write in an unknown—
Harmonious meter and rhyme.
And I take my sweet grandchildren walk
In the dew-wet mornings 
To the forest-side meadows.

And you my baby doll!
You shall set up a farm in the country 
In the fir-forests’ lap.
And rear goats and sheep.
You work dreamy day-night
In the company of old saintly shepherds;
And you marry the one you clandestinely admire—
Who comes into your dream 
And plays with your tress.
The widower shepherd’s only son—
Long haired, honest and brave,
Has almond eyes and the aroma of roses. 

(under construction...)

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A moment of your time

A year of your presence; a lifetime of closeness.
A month of your care; a lifetime of affection.
A week of your laughter; a lifetime of happiness.
A day of your tenderness; a lifetime of compassion.
An hour of your affection; a lifetime of endearment.
A minute of your self; a lifetime of remembrance.
A second of your love; a lifetime of devotion.

Please then my little One...
Give me a moment of your time,
And I will give you a lifetime of mine...

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A Thousand Days of Love

Tonight I sit and reminisce.
Travelling back through hosts of memories,
Remembering our firsts. 

The first time I saw your face;
When all the world receded,
And the clamour around me
Was silenced by your eyes.

I recall the racing of my heart,
And the tremor of nerves before
That first all night phone call,
Where we talked as friends long lost,
Or more, as lovers reunited.

When hours passed as fleeting moments
And we shared our secrets 
As memories reminded.
I remember the dawn that morning;
The palest glow creeping through curtains 
And your voice, more natural to me than breath.

Time has taken wing;
These memories made
Remain fresh 
And clear as mountain streams,
Not faded by the passing of hours, months and years. 

But why tonight of all
Do I recall these firsts, my dearest?
It is because tonight I prepare 
For just one more. 
As I look towards our years to come,
I give thanks to you
My soul, my heart, 
For finding me, and for our first
One thousand days of love. 

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Our War

With every arrow thrown from the lips of her moan,
I yield only an echo of the capture.
I am lost in the reverie of our war.
The thrashing salted in sweet devour
held deeply in breaths of charred lungs.
Nothing is as sweet as this destruction,
the arc of her back against my hips,
the jolting river of united frustration.
We delve into a sacred corruption,
and create a tempest to settle the 
wake of day.
-James Kelley 2013 All rights reserved.

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The Yes Girl

YES- OH YES!! she cries bent over the kitchen counter,
breakfast in America.
As I go down south for a moment
to a pleasure palace, filled with moans
and heavy breathing and that beautiful
Yes Girl.

She commands me,
Overwhelmed, but keeps o going and going.
The neighbors sit and wonder
where the Yes Girl went.
She found her way into my heart,
and  my bedroom, and bathroom, and kitchen,
and living room and even the hallway and foyer.
The basement to.

Yes, my girl, yes!
encouraging words cried with moans
and the grabbing and tugging of my hair,
as I paint a picture of exotic ecstasy with my tongue.
I paint a picture of real dirty love.

I go down, down between legs tight
and chiseled, long legs lay around my neck and rest upon my bare back,
as I play hide and seek with her little friend(who is very shy)
as I kiss, kiss, kiss away,
and have my morning breakfast in America.
And my Yes Girl is satisfied,
with sweat of ecstasy running down her tight,
bronze naked body.


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handing you the keys

All i can 
offer you darling
is a full heart
unlocking with
one token 
of how i feel

Do with it 
what you wish
As beautiful 
stands before me
Accept it as a rose

with open hands
Keep it safe inside
As it breaks easily
in my present moment
a gift towards
our beautiful future

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Russian Books

From Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment,
to Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, not to mention
Nabokov, Chechov and of course Zhivago, 
your books have lined my shelves.  As a boy,
I lived inside and tried to find myself.

As a man I learned to see, to speak and even
break free, in moments that came randomly.
I yearned to feel, to touch and even bleed 
as I wandered through this world aimlessly.
I regained my trust but gained not much.

And now, your eastern wind has begun to blow
that old dust off my restless and unsettled soul.
It gets me thinking, reminiscing, remembering
It fills my screen with curiosities.  Another great
Russian book to read, nothing less, nothing more.

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Mini World

Meadows evergreen, streams which roar;
Singing sitting on trees, flying high birds.

Dense dark woods— old lions growl;
The wild pastures, leopards race.

I own a moon, sun, stars, and a sky,
And I can summer in winter, and spring after summer.

Tens of thousand, big busty, in rows,
My wives, milking buffaloes in long herds.

Winning women-singers, 
And blind old musicians attend my court;
In winters’ long nights,
Sing the old fairy-story-songs, a young shepherd’s wooing his beloved.

I visit the folks living afar, in dusk;
They serve us tea, present the swords- dance.

O my Lord in the heavens! O Lord of the lords! 
Allow me!
I own— that Mini-World!

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captured in space

staring off
into an open space
cherished thoughts
two hearts
on an island
in faraway dream

lost in each other
walking a path 
upon heather scent
in aroma
with a mix 
of pine

sweet beautiful
smelling air
carried on a breeze
i am just 
a man
one's mind thinking 
of just you love

in the land 
of milk and honey
were the honeysuckle grows
captured my time
like a flower 
it grows stronger
in the distant space

my world love
your my princess
shining  distant thoughts
far away 
yet so near

to capture 
a moment,
is capturing one 
like you 
in space

~ ~ ~ ~

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O Pirs Daughter

I am sitting over the mount’s top
On the highest rock
Watching the city’s scene;
As the bucks in countries
In summers do,
Rise to the highest point and stare down the dale,
Seeing in the side
Their beloveds live.
Oh come on! And I will show
How pigeons flutter round the tall domes of shrines;
Swans swim in the calm lake;
Kites diving in open sky;
Lovers gossip in grassy gardens
Under short shady trees;
People walking as toys, in the busy streets;
And wide walls of ancient king’s palace have half–fallen.
O Pir’s daughter
My love! My love! My love!
What are you uselessly so scared and coy?
Honey! We are not any American gays!
Lesbians, homos or bloody bi’s.
I am also a religious guy
A God-fearing father’s son,
Though, you are an overly pure woman!
And remember, we had fallen in love—
God willingly.

Pir is like a clergyman, a Father in kashmiri

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a touching treasure

a spirit gasps
swimming passion 
in your 
mere presence
flowing golden 
each breath 
inside desires
breathtaking looking 
upon one treasure

exploding fireworks
the soul dances
awestruck by beauty
dazzling reflections
shine within 
these eyes
whispering ever 
so softly
carried upon 
a silent 
breathless air

priceless feelings
skipping heartbeats
sparkling diamond emotions
with treasured joy
sweetly warm happiness
sings within
a song 
caressing love waves

leaving your soft
gentle footprints 
touching sweeps
over deep sands 
brushing currents
in an ocean 

blue paradise 
i found 
a dream inside 
the heart
your golden beautiful
my queen

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M- I wait

I wait
Faith is my ally
Hope is my friend

The dream
It builds
It waits
It prepares

Fire. Fury
Is mine to give
Is yours to take

-Rick Berry

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Moment Of Our Lives

These moments we have that are ours to share,
Are those special ways to show how we care.
   All our thoughts and feelings we protect so well,
It's as if we were all living inside a shell.
   But with you my dear they always will be in plain sight,
You will always know this love we have is so right.
   Not ever any doubts will there ever be ,
As long as you are always and forever with me.
   Through the sad times and the good times you will find ,
How happy you are that I am yours and you are mine.
   Not many can say what I can so proudly say,
When I've awaken  each and all of my days.
   How grateful I am you have came into my life,
How happy I will be to have you as my wife.
T A Carter

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sliced truth

cutting  ice
kissed in darkness
as sun falls
into the horizon

the light
melts down
into darkness
light of my world
slowly vanished

no longer warm
in the sun
when you smile
i take one's head
outside it's shell

looking at a world
in the reality
of it all
in clouds
whispers out softly

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It's From Up Above

This love I have for you is like none I've ever known,
   Something through out all these years I've always shown.
But my heart is full of sadness because of where you are ,
   You would be with me this moment if it wasn't so far.
I strive and I struggle searching just to find a way,
    Never quit and never lose faith is what I always say.
You and I will be together if it's the last thing I do,
   All my dreams and thoughts are all of being with you.
So hold on to me tightly my dear and  don't you ever doubt,
   The feelings we have for each other is what loves all about.
It may seem at times so hopeless and your ready to give up,
   Just remember what we have and why we should stand tough.
Never could I imagine being in this world without your Love,
   For I know this plan of you & I came from the Lord above.

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one red rose

rose my devotion 
in blood 
to you my beauty 
upon the stem 
in high quarters you sit 
your throne 
the crown of beauty 

as the blood 
pulsates in my veins 
the life and soul 
my heart parties 
every minute 
my heart beats 
even on my 
weakest days 
upon the sun 
you shine bright 
loving you 
my finest hours 

you hold 
my heart so proudly 
red rose your petals 
seduce the very wall 
built in my heart 
leaving happiness 
from the joy of living 

caressing my mind 
my vision 
blooming into a beautiful garden 
my flower to thee 
my rose 
in my heart its you 
unless the eclipse 
you move 
my emotions 

opening up to you 
my blossoming in life 
with all its splendor 
my beautiful 
blushing rose 
my longing 
to be fulfilled 

your canvas 
my heart 
your footprints 
all over it 
like a snowflake 
treading on ground 
pure and gentle

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I Do Truly Love You

Missing your kiss 
Savouring what’s left
On my painted red lips
Setting my soul on fire!

You have been away far too long
This is driving me crazy, baby! 
For it is no secret
Nothing is right
When you’re not with me 

I would give you all I have
Including my heart of gold
Just to be with you 
Right now

“I Truly Do Love You”

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After Hours Jazz

girl from Ipanema
soft and sweet
coming out of the speakers
wee hours of the morning
girl sitting beside me
on the bed
she always cries to this song
ergo, that’s why I play it
still crying she takes my hand
places it where she likes it
takes the other one
places it where I like it
on her breast
softly I begin unbuttoning her blouse
she always wears a blouse
with buttons
it turns her on
I undo each one
as she cries listening to that girl
from Ipanema
soft sax
soft voice
soft and lovely
there’s no better way
to spend a night after bar-hoping

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I clothe my days
With her bliss.
I choke my nights
With her southern gaze.

Deep in my heart
Where passion is graven
And desire sees,

Into the life of things,
I let her memory prey.

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Ready, Set --- Glow

" Ready,  Set  ...  Glow! "
(A Wedding Lyric)

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
Like A Diamond Ring
Polished To A Sparkle
Showcased To Be Seen ...

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
Like A Happy Bride of Spring
Walking Down The Aisle
Makes A Lovely Wedding Scene ...

... Glow!
Ready,  Set ... Glow
Ready,  Set ... Glow
And All True Hearts Know
Love Is Ever-Ready, Set To Glow! ...

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
Let Your Love Shimmer, Sheen & Show
And Be Strong As Lava Flows
And Hold Desire Like Red-Hot Coals ...

Ready,  Set ... Glow!
On Your Mark & Off To The Marriage Races
Their Heartbeats Kept In Steady Paces
Admitting Vows, Emitting Waves As GOD's Graces ...

_______   _______   _______

(2nd tempo)

Just Look At The Smile On Their Faces
and How Their Eyes Share Lightning Gazes
Love So Rich, Looks Like Jewelry Store Showcases
But Wait and Just Watch Their Kiss and Embraces! ...
... Glow!

-------   -------   -------

(3rd tempo)

Like Fireflies In A Night Park
... Glow!

Like Two Bright Stars Thru The Dark
... Glow!

Like When Love First Sparks A Heart
... Glow!

Like GOD's Rainbow Over That Ark! ...
... Glow!

-------   -------   -------

From The Moment That They Met
... Glow!

Like A Warm Summer Sunset
... Glow!

Like A Full Moon Gives & Gets
... Glow!

and we ain't seen nothing - yet ! ...

... Glow!

Ready,  Set ... Glow
Ready,  Set ... Glow
As All True Hearts Must Know
Love Is Ever-Ready, Set To Glow! ...

          Written & Copyrighted ©:  6/7/2014
                       by:  MoonBee  Canady

(God Said, Give 'Em A Beam They Can't Forget 
... and Glow! ... )  (lol)

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out of the moon

It will come out of the moon 
Picture of a lonely moon 
Howling out at you
Oh such a thought 

Walking on the mountain top 
My body 
how God made me 
Naked that emotion 

I am the lone wolf 
my world 
Stars in my eyes 
Call upon the moon 
Within ones soul 

A memory away 
Brightens up 
the darkest night 
dark but light 
in the soup of night 
Total darkness
 has no hold 

I am the wolf 
The shadow in the moon 
Howling to you 
in the heavens 
My eyes staring at you 
A universe away 

You cannot take it away 
Howling a soul mate 
In all its arena 
On a lonely mountain 
Alone without you 

a desire 
A life time 
Of if only 

Only you love 
If you 
come to me 
Let their be love

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Filled by You Forever

In the deep dark forest of my heart 
That burnt down the cobwebs of past
Through an uneven and unbeaten path
You lit a fire deep and bright of glowing warmth 

I wake up to you, my beloved love
Full of your thoughts and move
Looking at the world outside through 
Till my eyes are dream heavy with you 

With thumping heart and fluttering mind
I am on board an exciting but turbulent ride
For you to hold me close by your side
As we turn to each other through all tides 

To begin a journey into a world of only you and me
My fervent prayer blessed with your love
That I am oft scared to hold too tight
Lest it breaks into wisps out of my sight

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The Rain

Sometimes I wonder
Will it be sunny every day?
Will the cosmos run under 
A cool distant haze?
Can mistakes be made
And rectified quickly?
Will stronger ones always 
Act that much more swiftly?
With voices raised
The heart feels the shame
Of a terrible mistake
That’s now lost in the rain
It washes the ugliness
That the night’s events brought
And cleans out the air
That the two roommates sought
You’re so much stronger 
Than me can’t you see?
The kindness and love 
In your heart’s blinded me
You’re soothing and comforting
Just to the touch
I wish I could offer
Even half as much
But I want you to know
And I’m making this clear
That after last night
I have nothing to fear
For the rain makes puddles
And when they appear
I see in my vision
It washes away tears…

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That this dalliance should endure
against all who seek to sway
this time this tide
none shall break

when souls set in romance
worship each and one
none shall come between
this harmony this love

and years may pass
but the sight of love
shall shimmer sweet
this loving this light

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Growing Love

I am scared this is so new
I have never felt this way
I did not know love till you
I found my soul today

I wonder if it will last
I do not trust my heart
I queastion my past
I fear you will break my world apart

You are not the same
You are sweet and ture
You move me by saying my name
You do not make my world blue

You always know just what to say
You hold me just right
You make me smile everyday
You turn the cloudy skies bright

I have been hurt and broken
I find it hard to turst a man
I want to belive in love unspoken
I just am not sure I can

You do not give up on me
You  wait till I am ready to go on
You hold my hand till I see
You will stay till our love is strong

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Never say “I don’t love you”
When you just mean give me space
Because it hurts me so much
Like a dagger in my heart
Never Say “”I don’t care”
When you just mean you hate it
Because I need to know,
Promise I’ll never do it again
Never say I Miss you
When you are far
The fact is 
I want to be exactly where you are
Never say “Come here”
When you just mean, prove my love
Because if I fail, I can’t blame distance
Men are comprises of peculiar elements
Our mind is the abode for knowledge
That holds the truth and the lies
Our mind is the residence of our will and desire
We don’t like to be fool 
Because we don’t play with feelings
We fall in love but hate to be dictated
We have our own plans and tactics
And we don’t stop until we reach success
We don’t lie when
We hide ourselves beyond what you see
Or discloses the antecedents of our past relationships
We just hate remembering heartaches 
Cause we are also the casualty of failures
We maybe objective 
And could become ruthless
But touch us once and we will gradually melts
You can name our nature
Evil and
You can call us everything that you wanted
But I tell you honey
That the realms of our nature
Is tamed with your passion
That behind our glory is your love
That the truth of our being
Is your existence
That the vows that you committed
Is the life that we long to live…

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The New Me

When your eyes I see
I catch a reflection of the new me
when I see your expression
it's as if God has taught me a life-long lesson.

what is this lesson?
You wanna know?
It's that I remain
beside the brightest glow

the light that you are
has left me scarred
with happiness and protection
as you have taught me this lesson

In the mirror
I take another look
you have opened my life's book
because for the first time
I can call you mine

The look on your face
shows there isn't a race
I've found where I belong
so I'll be with you life-long.

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Love and hate in marriage

From time to time I think of reasons
why I stayed with you for so long,
and come up with answers that
never really counted as answers.
Because I can't say I'm still with you,
if the truth is
"I shouldn't have".
Your not my soulmate,
your not my honor
your not my pride,
your a girl
I refuse to give up.
I love you,
and I love the hate in this relationship
while I hate the love you deserve,
its easy to love hate,
since it loves me.
My future wife,
my future husband you are and
I cannot wait for the day
we pile into our gettaway vehicle
and make off with the love we stole,
even if from each other.
And I keep trying to make a soul mate out of me,
as a final parting gift to the life im losing
with you.

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Lady with the opera mask

Though I can’t see your lips,
I can see love in your eyes,
with the way they are burning
with wild passion

Though I don’t know you facially,
there is a whisper of Venus telling
me that we have (had) a very close
and warm relationship that has
lasted for years

Seeing you not noticing the tunes
of the violins, splendor of the perfumed candles,
as their flames gently dance from side to side,
and the rose petals that have flooded the floor,
I believe the whisperer to be saying the truth

It is only by removing your opera mask that I can
know you really are to my life; but the only
problem is that you are attempting to run away
when my fingers near your hidden face,
leaving me with clues to trace
of your life and history from anyone who is next
to me, wearing an opera mask just like you and I

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In May When The Nomads Migrate To The Forest-side Meadows

In May—When The Nomads Migrate To The Forest-side Meadows
Give him, a glutton, Excessive doze of the drink—
An ancient Arabian queen would give his king at bedtime
And leave to her lame lover in a den.
Or if there is a Greek flower to smell!
He‘ll wake up in a dozen weeks time
Like in a long dream,
As bears with the thunders in springs.

I’ll ask my maternal-grands’ well-off gujjar friend
(Supplying them laborers in springs—in land preparation time, 
and in late summers—at harvesting.)
Arrange some dozen horses—
Black and brown, hairy and tall.
A couple of mares followed by young naughty foals.
Loud ringing harnesses, soft dip-seated saddles.
A herd of some thousand goats and sheep—
Baby lambs and bucks—
Leaping and sprinting in joy.
 A long buffaloes’ herd, some half-mile long.
A dozen dogs and as many bi'ches.
Some roasters, and golden earrings for the big egg-laying hens.
Goatskin beddings and a tall tent;
All-- in our procession.
And a travel, to the far fog-covered grassy meadows,
Across the northern forests and river.

We’ll enjoy long spiritual sits around high flaming fire,
On the lawns shall take walks in night.
 We’ll talk by the bank of the garrulous brook in moonlight,
 For hours shall sex as the unmoved frogs in seed-time,
And shall bath together in the brook, every cockcrow.

I promise you, my nomadess,
We’ll live decades in days…!
And return with
The sacred souls stirring in joy
Inside the bodies filled to the top.

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The beauty Of A Smile

A smile has so much 
beauty my love, when 
it gently adorns your

With a glow which is 
found to be sister to
the suns soft radiant

For such joy is found
to be within, this 
enchanting smile I daily

For what really makes it
to be special, is that
you smile each day for me

And only the very best 
ingredients, will make
your smile continually
shine bright

For the radiance found
within your smile can 
even light the darkest 
sky found at night

Because a smile will
always have so much 
beauty for the naked
eye to see 

If the smile belongs
to my one true love
who daily smiles her
smile for me.

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Looking Through My Window Laid At Bedtime

In this beautiful nutting-time,
When tired I have laid to bed,
Looking through my window,
Across the seven skies--
Angels and heaven, 
And glimpses of my God.
These barking dogs to the forest side,
Perhaps the watchdogs of gujjars;
This gentle full moon 
Shining over the nearby dark dense forest,
And the soul soothing view of the clear calm starry sky,
Take me to the merry days,
I had lived with that kind young country girl:
Bears would come into the maize crops
And the poor farmers watching on tall towers would cry
Haw! Haw! Haa! Hoo!
And whistle and beat the tin;
And the street dogs barked in fear,
And it all ‘d go almost whole night.

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How Do I Let You Go

What will be
Will be!
I know of this, first hand
Your life was taken away
So abruptly!
I will 
Never forget
That day!
Till the day 
My body dies
I am with you, again!

“How was I to prepare myself?”
That kind of 
Life changing, event!
Didn't warn me 
Were permanently leaving!
I hope 
You know 
How much “I love you”
You will never be forgotten!

I don’t know 
Has got into me!
I feel you
Inside me
I see images
Of your face 
So clearly!
Am I crazy 
To believe in this, my love?

“Are you still with me?”
“Is my imagination 
Playing cruel tricks
Running rampant
I talk with you
As if 
You were by my side, right now

In my heart and mind
Your face etched
Like a blue print
That never fades
Your foot prints 
Still remain, beside me
My heart beats
Trying to make sense of everything!

Forgive me, my love
For being so strong in my feeling
For it has been a long time
Since I lost you, my friend
I haven’t
Got over!

My heart 
A mind of its own
To be with you, still!
To see you
To smell you
To touch you
To taste you
Last time!

I want to say “Goodbye” 
Once and for all!
We have
Brought out
The best and worst 
In each other
Rivers run deep
When it comes to you and me!

We have had our fair share of fights and arguments
Stubborn disagreements
All of them
You cease to exist!

I miss your lingering touches
Your hand, stroking my face
Your big, blue eyes
Looking into mine
Your warm lips
Your rough, unshaven face 
The way you
Kiss me
We make love, till dawn

I miss
All those nights
You kept me 
Safe and warm!
I miss
Loving embrace
I miss
“Am I ever going to feel the same, with another?”
I felt
In your arms, my love?

Do I let you go?
Do I set myself, free?
I am ready
To love, again!
‘Our eternal love’
Guiding me
In times, like these!

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Subtle Seduction

Watching you clean our pool
On a hot, summers day
Admiring your muscular, tanned body
Your butt looks cute in those shorts!
Strutting around, like your king of the castle
While, I slip into my new, red bikini
Rubbing coconut oil, into my skin
Putting my long, blonde hair loosely in a bun
Leaving a few strands loose
One last twirl, in the mirror
Before walking down stairs
Taking a closer look, at this fine, male specimen!
You look even yummier, close up!
Your shirt wide open, baring your manly chest
A big smile, as you greet me “Hello” 
Delighted to see me
Your full package, clearly showing!
Untying my bikini top
My full bosoms, on display
A flirtatious smile, your eyes, widening
I dive in the pool, inviting you in
Be carefree, be spontaneous
You only get to live once!

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After the rain, the sun
on grass and lane,
delivering faceward
aromas that could belong
only to summer.

Sometimes, in later months,
we would pretend December’s rain
was July’s as we gazed
through steam-beaded glass,
the crackling fire behind us,
saying little, hardly need of words.

We would imagine we smelled the grass,
anointed with the gentle summer spray,
its beneficent caress,
so light of touch,
like a lover’s fingertips
brushing cherished flesh.

The crackling fire before us now,
we sit, say little, so few words to say,
each recalling how, long ago,
we could turn winter into summer.

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For Me, O Friend

See someday! Without a sound,
In the calm midday of midsummer,
That hard by clump of woody willows.
Standing, lay your soft shoulder with one’s meek bark, 
Under and amidst the bending branches 
So clement and lingering.
Civilly! Eavesdrop the brown sparrows talking in soft shade;
Look at there, the animals, feeding in the pebbles-pasture;
Visit, the humble herders, their tall goats, their big-headed dog;
Hear, the roaring of that rocky creek, the din of that bouncing brook;
Smile at the low lying cloud, stare long those cedar- woods:
Of mine ear, of mine eye,
For me, for me, for me, O friend!

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Like A Lighted Match - hot and super romantic

My heart burst into a flame of love,

Burning romantic memories forever there.

Your touch was branded eternally onto my spirit;

I'd lived yet only breathed worthless air until you.

Now I sit here missing you,

Trapped within this mortal existence,

Wasting precious oxygen meant for those wishing to be here.

Damn, even trees probably wonder why I still hang around,

Sucking in atmosphere that only continues my loneliness.

Note: I wrote this piece during my grieving after losing the love of my life.  Robert

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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shining star

sweet honey 
falling from the lips
you are my angel
who wears the crown
touched so deeply
in the scent 
of jasmine
with a beautiful heart
holding out
to you a rose

crowning of dreams
rolling the words
in a daisy chain
floating in the mind
out younder
beyond wonder
if i could 

dance the dance
in a far away
distant shore
i hold you
under the moon
like helen of troy
walk the walk

softly in gentleness
holding hands
in beauty 
sink a thousand ships
a lover's dream
falling softly in the clouds
with the silver lining

lost the sparkle
afraid of love
hurt and injured
a lonely heart
will forever whisper

unconscious dreams
all alone 
your solitaire
i sparkle
in loves skin

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sweet talking potatoes

casting my net
love over centuries
storms across
 the sands 
blowing deeply
inside deeper
than the skeleton
i speak 
out from
my soul

in an arid desert
blinding oasis
echoing beauty
blowing whispers
whistling beats
floating your words 
just keep 
bringing sunshine 
into my life
it amazes me
with your honey 
sweet speaking bees
golden honey 
laughs out lights 
upon the face 
as my heart 
shines out 

to dazzle 
you with good
tasting sweet
your beauty 
in my eyes
sparkling bursts
only a lion 
roaring in 
the jungle 
of his life 
through the eyes 
of centuries 
i am hot 

on your tail
sparkling stars 
from the pyramids 
i want 
to be your 
mark anthony 
as you honey 
go back 
in time 

grasping out
into the ages
to helen 
of troy 
her beauty
was beyond come
so the legend
has it
launch one
 thousand ships
the might and force
of an empire
so powerful 
a feeling

great empires 
could fall 
when a man
is head
over heels 
truly loves 
a woman

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To Her, From Me

You’re such a beauty and always willing
Your gaze itself is oh so giving
Without a mask you came to see
What rightfully would and should always be

And here we stand our fingers locked
How can the world look on so shocked?
To know that you found happiness
Wouldn’t you know, it’s priceless.

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Oh hello my love, come near to me, not far,
hear me breath deeply for your sweet loving spirit-
I hunger for your love;
with your long golden hair as it lays on my face,
while we hold each other looking down and not wanting to fall-
we make love,
as the electricity travels fast through our two warm bodies
we create thunder,
a storm of love,
riding the springs of our chamber bed; as we make love, love, love.

did I make you blush? red in the face-
hold me my love and kiss, oh yes kiss my lips
and I shall kiss your soft neck,
and place my lips upon your full bosom,
working my way down to the abdomen,
and to the land of pleasure we go- playing hide and seek
and twister all at one.
Let us make love- I not wanting to fall away too far from you
and you shall never go far from me,
come let us sleep away time together,
let the days go by- while we make time and memory after memory
we shall stay young and fruitful- in memory sweet memory-


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A Kiss of Sunshine

You smell like a flower
in the sunrise air

Your kiss feels good
like sunlight

You are the sweetest
sun that my heart
has ever felt
its warmth

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who got me

to you my love
in all honesty
a desired dream
i choose
the power 
of wind

blowing upon
it's breeze
i blow 
to you
a kiss

looking into 
the horizon
it takes 
one's breath away
windswept mountains
remain forever beautiful

trees bending 
again'st the breeze
i whisper from deep
passions burn
waterfalls of love
forever young

melting desires within
as the thunder roars
one almighty clap
forked light
flashed you
a beautiful dream

in different planet
melting away passed 
the very eyes
handing to you
my last petal
falling feelings

to the very soul
handing over
 to you 
the heart 
of my blossom 
blooming got me 
in the heart 
of all honesty

to you
my heart
to a rose

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sparkling all over

yeah we are 
quite close friends
you have been 
to a few balls
lost your 
glass slipper
lucky i found it 
was just about going 
to use it as a flower pot

i be thinking 
of inside often
with a great big smile 
grinning i am going
to send
a bunch 
of crazy aliens 
to kidnap you

fly you across seas
landing straight 
into these
tender loving arms 
even one beautiful 
truly amazing 
magical dream
sparkling all over
a fairy tale

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One Love

     I met you once long ago, fell for you, and our love did grow. Times we'll share, memories to make, the boundaries of love we'll strive to break. You might not see it but I sure do. The true perfection that lies in you. Your beauty is stunning. I'm lost for words. Your voice, the most beautiful I have ever heard. I'm yours to keep, we were meant to be. When I take out the ring, Will You Marry Me?

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moonlighting kisses deeply

Kissing you 
in the moonlight 
sun shining delight
I wrote this
for only you

Looking upon 
a moon face
ground covered
in snow 
almost looks
like daytime 
as the moon sparkles 
like diamonds reflecting 
on a snowy surface 
dreaming of you

In the moonlight 
finger beams paint 
silvery glistens 
softy upon skin 
touching gently moonbeams 
a desiring beauty 

Queen of the night 
shining one star 
brightly on love 
emotions dream 
softly gleaming 
dusting feelings 
upon a silver trail 
loves miracle 

Every wish 
I whisper granted 
smiles happiness 
dancing joyfully 
the soul naked 
on a broken 
stream of light 

Shadows stray 
kissing emotions 
an angel sings 
in sweet harmony 
heaven opens 
in song singing 
I love you 
we openly kissed 
bathed in moonlight 

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blossoms out feelings

hello golden
delicious beautiful
sweeter than 
any breath
falling back 
a waterfall
falling fire
molten hot
into the core

twisting backwards view
eyes sparkling sweetest
of all jewels
ruby hot red
freshly scenting
blazing souls
air blowing 
across ocean breeze

inside out
spiced with salts
erotic flowing feelings
as night
follows day rising
sweetly scattered
on the faintest breath

dropping dew
upon a star 
silver dazzling 
on her trail
rains showers
of golden feelings
soaking into skin
i growl an animal

oh baby 
in loves face
your my sugar 
popping candy
does that tease 
the mind

honey dew
golden cotton
soft baby
rolling out
the finest carpet
to sweep you honey
feet from under
your air

i love you
my dream
breathing in you
a blazing star
in hot waves
burning in the sun
falling kissing you
baby bear
shining a soul
beautiful honey

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I Don't Want to Close my Eyes

I don’t want to close my eyes;
I want to see your angelic face
that glows with serenity and beauty,
as you rest on your soft, cotton pillow

I don’t want to close my eyes;
I want to see you breathing gracefully
throughout the night, as your chest
gently moves upwards and downwards

I don’t want to close my eyes;
I just want to stare at the person
who helped me to fill the puzzles
that made me to drown in questions
of what love really is, and the person
is you, my love

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Original of the Doc wearing fist cuffing angels

Baby don't walk away
It's true that the beginning is better than the end
Please hold that smile somewhere in your heart

I will give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it

Somethings you shouldn't have to do alone
Like sleeping, waking and eating
Some people got way too much on their plate

I would give you everything that you need
Except all that you are and will be
Cause you are the first one of your kind

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
And I want nothing else tonight

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
You'll never be alone, no
So sugar come on show us those soles
You've been wearing out when you collect the toll

Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it
And no one accuses you of being shy about it
Everywhere you go I see you screaming about it

And you were born with Docs already on
Smiling right under their eyes
And I see you with your fist ready to fight
Well I'll take the whole of what you got
The whole of what you got, the whole of what you got

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Admitting that I don’t 
Still care even though it’s not fair
to be without everything
that made me 
exactly what it was to feel
what it was to be real
and now I don’t care anymore

Like the hands on a clock change 
Arms roll loose and free
Never knowing what to grab
Or to even believe in me
To catch a fall from a distance
Even though it’s right next to me
You still can’t believe 
I’d be there for every instance

Rollin like eyes on a face 
too bad the smile’s fake 
showing  mistakes
never seeing through to the truth 
but the words can’t lie 
when it makes the features
turn, to a painful time

Cause the thought remains				
Of how it’s never the same									       How I changed my ways
In these turbulent days
I can’t face now what’s in store
Cause there’s always gonna be that much more
Waiting, and hiding, 
Behind every curve
Like the moonlight
Sitting on the edge of your nerves
Shattering hopes and dreams
And revealing what’s not anymore

When the light shines green
its just to deceive
Even though it’s against
Everything you’ve seen
It’s dark 
Inside the heart
Filled with stains from yesterday’s rain
Leaving what’s left in the distance
And never feeling what’s real anymore
Try to look past the stage, of the rage
Knowing full well that
In this world we dig our own graves

Take me, I can not fight myself
Stretching, a life’s worth is just too much
Saddening, to run from my old self
Causing, a stigma in my eyes 

You hear a chime
Lost in age, 
A match to a time
Before May
When everything was safe

Take everything with a grain of salt cause
In the end it’s no one’s fault
Like assault
On a memory fading in the wind
No matter what it’s still a sin
Just roll with the punches kid
It’ll all turn round in the end

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A Walk In The Garden In Moonlight Part 1 of 2

( Song of Solomon 4: 16 )

We Walked In The Garden At Midnight
We Walked Thru The Garden In Moonlight

Among Azealeas & Verbenas & Blue Jonquils
Sweet Honeysuckle, Yellow Primroses & Daffodils
Among White Phlox & Orchids & Pretty Pink Quills
Two Lovers Holding Hands In Romantic Thrill
Your Touch Grows That Budding Power Still

As We Walked In The Garden At Midnight
We Walked Thru The Garden In Moonlight

Among Tulips and Lilies and Wine-Hued Amaryllys
Intoxicating Lilacs & Jasmine & Ground-Cover Iris
Breathing In Lavender & Vanilla & Bougainvillea Scents
Wafting Heady & Sensual Yet of Shy-Perfume Strength

While Walking In The Garden At Midnight
While Walking Thru The Garden In Moonlight

A "Home Sweet Home" Brass Plaque Cast Soft Glints
By A Heartshaped Box Holding Moonflowers & Herb-Mints
Symbolizing Love's Nature The Way It Was Meant
& There Was A Touch of Citrus Somewhere, Just A Hint

Wafting From Beyond Our Closest Neighbor's Fence
Bowed To Our Queens of The Nights As Darkness Squints
and Slender Topiary Stands Crowned With Hyacinths
Guards Our Garden Where So Much Time Is Spent

Walking In The Garden At Midnight
Walking Thru The Garden In Moonlight

Our Garden, Well Tended, Cultivated Thru Till & Toil
Thorn Blooddrops & Brow-Sweat - Has Moistened Our Soil
 Sprouting Tendrils & Offshoots That Loops Softly In Coils
On Our Garden's Ground - Grown So Large & Lovely & Loyal
(as More Queens of The Night & Roses Reigned Royal)

The Story Is: 
We Saw The "For Sale" Sign ...  & It Was Love At First Sight
For Our Family & Our Future, It Would Fit Us Just Right
We Bought The Ground-Plot - Our Land of Dreams So Bright
... Built A House, Made A Home & A Garden of Delight

Filled With Peonies, Carnations & My Philodendron-Fetish
Hydrangeas Spilling Riotously All Over The Trellis
Ivy Interwoven All Thru The Surrounding Lattice
Periwinkle & Prize Winning Magnolias Embellish
As Cattails Encircle The Pond - Our Garden's Chalice
We Walked Past Gladiolus & Silver Sage At Midnight
We Stepped Into Our Private - Garden Stage In Moonlight

Our Eyes Became Stars A Reflective Shine
Our Lips Became Sprinklers - Our Arms Were Vines
That Clung To Both Limbs - Yours & Mine
That Attached Like Roots of Evergreen Pines
That Rose Like Stems That Bleeding Heart-Flowers Climb
Among Four O'Clocks & Hollyhocks & Silver Thyme

While Wading Thru The Garden At Midnight
While Wooing In The Garden In Moonlight

(Part 1 of 2)

Copyrighted ©:  8/30/2013 
By: MoonBee Canady

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You haunt my peripheral,

breathing in echoes.

I turn,

and reach;

Fingers grasp

at the horizon,

and then the 

Earth turns.

Pulling us away.

If I walk far enough,

I’ll see the ocean

that lay between


You’re just beyond water’s edge;

Behind what I can see.

I can still hear you.

-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved

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Free Spirit

Kiss me 
Caress me
Undress me
Hold me firm, against you
Tease the nap of my neck
With the hotness of your breath
Playfully, bite me
Get me all raunched up!
Let your hands wander and roam
Seduce my body 
Bumping and grinding
Teasing me, from behind
Entice me with your manhood
As you feel between my thighs
Feeling the warm, flowing nectar
Addictive, first taste!
Your fingers and tongue
Working their erotic magic
My body in an uncontrollable frenzy
The experience, driving me wild!
En-trancing me with your masculinity!
Pleasurable, involuntary shudders
Free Spirited

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Dreamt Love

I’m dreaming of a love 
My heart wants to become true,
I’m wanting for a love
But don’t know what to do

My soul needs a love 
That would be everything it’s dreaming of,
Special, true, unconditional and strong
Caring and open to let know I belong

Last night I dreamt for a love
A love my being wanted to come true,
My heart’s dream would just be a dream
If I hadn’t found you.

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just to live,
without living it up!
not to lie still, lingering.
not waiting to get shut out,
never letting beauty alone.
not always sharing it;
even if your drawn,
letting it perfectly fit,
no matter what eh consequences are!
passion without strings:
inspiration that really matters,
thought that counts,
so thorough and clear.
emotion with every tear,
the very essence of art, itself.
where the soul solely rests:
where freedom lies,
no secret hides,
only teh best is left appreciated,
just yo know it"s more than emotions that moves.

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Till Death Do Us Part

I lay awake, at night
Hearing your spirit, calling me
I feel you, deeply
Another time, another space
How, do I bring you back home?

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heart breaking ice

lets break the ice
melting sitting
upon the knee
standing tall
love the tower
of strength

with unity of mind
could hear 
a thousand voices
singing this moment
handing over
a token

undying love
scarlet red
holding in the hands
a crimson delight

from the deepest
red dripping raw
opening in the chest
a treasure 
freshly bloomed

mine heart
within you 
a rose
i give 
you my all

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Born in love of bedtime summer breeze
There I see those eyes of welcoming smile
It's sore, never last a gooodbye
Her lips like my paradise
Captive by her precious scent
Gently stroke her evanescence
Oh God, like a myrrh to frankincense
My sweet lovely ambiance.

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Blue Love

O, love, sweet love...

I get lost in your passionate kiss,
deep in your romantic ocean,
never wanting to return
again to the shore....

The texture of your skin
feels like warmth of the morning
sun, and afternoon ocean breeze.

Your embrace excites my heart
like an ocean tide at noon,
making my poetic words to surf
from my heart to my eyes;
words that you can only read....

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a warrior of old
dressed in 
shining armor
laden heavy
the barrier
becomes a shield
again'st the sword
one of pain

searching dreams
far away
in a promised land
as the sun rises
out east
i live to fight
another day

passing through
a porthole
in time
standing tall
an egyptian goddess
cloaked in beauty

great pyramids  
one of wonder
in you love 
dressed to kill
dropping the shield
holding out hands

kneeling before you
beautiful princess
humbled with love 
i kiss your hand
as you are 
the beauty
within a lady

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She didn’t think she
could dance,
so she twirled with 
a beautiful anxiety.
Her pursed lips begged 
people not to stare,
and so I watched
with open palmed 
eyes, hoping she 
would see that my
wandering gaze 
meant no harm.
With a shy pirouette
smile she nudged 
the vacancy within 
me; giving tone
deaf feet the love
it needed to find
hope of rhythm 
And we danced…
We spun round’
like Earth
and moon,
surrendering to
the contest of
making love 
would be so easy
with this between us.
The music gave everything.
Delighting the air with an
elegant bloom,
and warming darkness
with symphonic charm.
We were strangers.
Waltzing to the 
sound of our own
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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priceless gem

from out off
one billow 
of smoke 
taking form
in the mist 
sweetly vision creates 
a maiden 
who draws on
that of beauty

kidnapped taken 
into another space
standing upon
the carpet magic
one regal jewel
enchanting heartbeats
crowning rose
sweetest princess 
cut above divine
sparkling priceless feelings
treasured gem 
emotions sparkle
they gently 
then silently flutter
inside a whispering 
cool warm 
loving breeze

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Juniper's Daughter Springtime With My Family

   We went on a weekend to the Lake District, my love and I, in our flying disc. We had just been married not three months past. Ourselves together, my pagan witch wife and me, we were a family? Yes. In my eyes we were, extra additions would come later. Of that I (we) was sure.
   Climbing up Great Carrs mountain under a blue spring sky, we were under heaven. There was still snow on the tops; we passed the snowline at 2,500 feet. I used my pick hammer to lever myself up the steep incline, at the head of a U shaped valley. There was no glacier here now, only my wife and I. She was nimble and quick, needing only her toned limbs, ex British Army boots and thermal gloves to ascend the mountain. Looking back, she smiled down at me. She always beat me. I dug my hammer into the frozen earth and picked up some snow. My snowball hit her shapely behind; a shriek of surprise came forth. There was a wet patch on her jeans.  
   “Just wait till I get you on top, you’re for it!” she jested, nodding her head. With that, she turned and continued climbing the sheer fifty degree slope.
   “I know,” I chuckled, picking up my rock hammer and going on. “Is that a promise?”
   After half an hour more she reached the top of the mountain and stood on the rock edge. A vertical drop of a thousand feet was between her and the ground. Strenuously I finally got up to her, my muscles ached – no chance of a massage with her vivid expression. I stood there breathing heavily by her side. It was clear who the winner was – my dear wife. With a wicked smile she took my hand and in a Judo move, dropped me onto the snowy ground. A meter separated us from oblivion. She straddled my chest and proclaimed her win with a kiss.
   “I win my dear husband.”
   “I know you always do. You’re on top.”
   “Yes, I know.”
   “Take me then, winners reward.”
   “I like being on top. I’m a woman.”
   “I know,” I said, looking up at her pretty face, in shadow under a high spring sun. Below me, I saw the abyss of the valley created by monumental natural forces. What was my dear wife in comparison? She was part of the same world of nature, encompassing her, myself and my family.
   “Kiss me my love,” she whispered. 
   I did so. Then we made love on an icy mountain, just us and this ancient timeless mountain in the greatest scenery on earth. Soon the circle would be complete, my pagan bride Juniper’s Daughter would be with child.

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A Word with you, TS

A moment of your time TS Eliot
as I shall praise you with glory.
You are a genius,
an American now an English Gentleman
went to Harvard,
went to London,
Married the first girl you met,
disgraced your family in Saint Louie!
Became friends with the great Ezra Pound,
tell him I said, "hello,"


The publication of Prufrock,
my favorite poem,
spoke to me so much,
I cried everytime I read it.
World War I scared you,
tried to join the navy,
but too sick I heard.
You, my friend are a genius.

Then there was Violet,
a young girl who admired you,
you two instantly fell in love,
took her by the hand and whisked her off into paradise;
Into a not so Wasteland.
Speaking of Wasteland,
yes 1922 came along
a year you became dark and mysterious
an old man writing in a girls point of view,
Why Marie?
The Burial of the Died,
A Game of Chess,
The Fire Sermon,
Death by Water,
and What the Thunder Said.
All truely genius my friend.
Dedication and transfiguration,
such Modernism in your voice,
in your work,
that should have called you
the Modernistic boy.

TS Eliot my friend,
after you have passed
and now long gone you are,
laying next to Dickens, Chaucer, Shakespeare,
at the Poets corner in Westminister Abbey
I look at your past work
that made you, who you are
and may I say, you my friend are a genius.
Goodday to you my sir,
and I shall leave you off with a kiss
and a cherished line from; The Wasteland.

From Burial of the Dead:

"And the dry stone no sound of water. Only
There is shadow under this red rock,
(Come in under the shadow of this red rock),
And I will show you something diffrent from either
Your shadow at morning striding behind you,
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;

"I will show you fear in a handful of dust", wow
TS, that my friend, is genius!

Rest in Peace too T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)
    -My inspirastion for writing poetry
and becoming a poet! Thank you!!

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land of forever youth part one

The story begins 
a long long time ago 
in the emerald isle 
in the land 
of forever green 
one day while out hunting 
Oisin who belonged 
to an old Irish 
ancient warrior tribe 
called the Fianna 

spied the most amazingly beautiful 
young woman 
long red glistening 
golden flowing 
in the sunlight 
her hair 
amazing beautiful 
dazzling in 
the sun's reflection 
casting magically 
in golden light 
appearing like an angel 

floating across the ground 
on a white shining 
silver ivory horse 
the horse hit a cluster 
of stones in the field 
sending sparks flying 
into the air 

as she spoke 
in a small soft sweet 
voice sounding of music 
plucking the string 
of a harp 
she began by saying 
my father is the king 
of Tir Na Nog 

Oisin stepped forward 
from the group of hunters 
in order to welcome her 
as their eyes met 
sparkling beautiful his insides 
in one glance 
they fell in love 
she looked at him saying 
come with me 
to Tir Na Nog 
to the land 
of forever young 

Niamh pleaded 
with her new found love 
totally smitten 
within a moments hesitation 
Oisin swung up behind 
the beautiful maiden 
upon the back 
of the white horse 

together they 
crossed the sea 
to Tir Na Nog 
having grown up 
in the emerald isle 
in the land 
of the teddy bear 
Oisin he was spellbound 
in his eyes 
it shone in sheer disbelief 
such a beautiful land 
ever existed 

gazing upon this land 
he was stunned 
as his mouth 
fell open in awe 
dazzling beautiful 
all around him 
in this enchanting
 magical land 
they both built 
a life together s 

spending each day exploring 
sitting upon the back 
of thee white mare 
their love grew deeper 
in sharing such beauty 
enchanting in every way 
was her homeland 
yet deep down inside 
a small part of Oisin's soul 
feelings of loneliness 
such feelings 
were unheard of in Tir Na Nog 

in spite of all her efforts , 
Niamh was unable 
to ease Oisin's loneliness 
homesick one day 
he came to Niamh 
saying he desired 
to visit his homeland , 
missing his family 
also his close Fianna friends 

she could not stop him 
as his desire was to strong 
she agreed to his pleas 
she could not hold him back 
saying on your return 
to Ireland upon the white mare 
what ever you do 
never let your foot touch the soil 
of the emerald isle

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Notary Unnoticed

I see

But is it 
as if
the first time
we hadn't
made love

Or perhaps
in love
and not
out of 


between us


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Since it was Sunday in late December
the sun perched softly behind a dark
swirl - and the distant dust
turned the last ray from red to pink
well before the dainty fingers
of her small hands could count to six

The tide was ebbing but left lopsided
lines of foam-beige brine surrounding
crooked batons of driftwood settling
for the evening - in wait of the dawn’s
salty brush and the mermaid’s call
that only the mullet could hear

Sandpipers skipped across the scrawls
where some spirited soul had neatly
spelled the name Luna and etched
a lazy heart in the sand
made barely legible by the suckle
of less than a half moon of sweet Gruyere

Holiday lamps from the shops in the village,
baptized by a light steam, lifted green and blue
watermarks off the horizon toward the mangroves
and left markings of indelible ink where crow’s feet
tried to sleep and halfhearted whelk 
nestled as salt in recesses of aged eyes

The scent of the sea was mild
Then again just the thing to suit
The keenness of the cilia that lined
the inside of the only nostril that still behaved.
And though the Mumps had left one ear utterly deaf
I observed the pelican call

This was neither the place nor time to breathe meekly.
A wordless titter throttled my throat
and I asked myself how life might be sounder

Her lily white hand, half covered in sand
touched the truss in my mind.
Smiling out loud my deaf ear could hear
her juddering blood - for she was totally (and wonderfully) blind

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rising morning

from the 
outward glow
soaring in dreams 
in the clouds
like a spirit 
to the heaven's

the sun kissed
in golden shadows
upon night
the moon smiles
at the colours

shadows disappear
falling teardrops
morning pearls 
from the moon face
greeting sunshine

flowers upon the earth
smiles at the face
filled with 
warm laughter
happiness to be

would be
to love

~ ~ ~ ~

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in a gentle breeze
whistling moans
stroking the water
softly furls
in waves ashore

a clam
two seashells
joined living
each wave
parting emotions
as one

brushing a tropical seabed
drifting ashore feelings
washed up 
on golden sands
a searching dream

at home
were the heart is
gently blowing
caressed by the breeze
gone with the wind

as the tide recedes
leaving behind
picked up
with hands 
of love's

a silent breath
i whisper heavenly
satin touching divine
beautiful within
the soul's eyes

~ ~ ~ ~

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My Passion Is Endless

Beyond most fervent caress
Having held you
Wanting to die in your embrace
Death robbed of that fear

Away so very far
From those haunting battlefields 
Where I once lay
So close to hell

Dreaming now of heaven
In your loving arms
In your eyes
Tears promising me paradise

This lonely heart burns
Just to touch you
Sets my spirit aflame
Uncontrolled is this desire

Asking for your release
Or begging to stay
Standing here on knees

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn A.R.R.

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planting you 
a rose 
the seed 
in my mind 

the explosion 
bang on beautiful 
dazzling pretty 
a fusion 
of flowers
lighting up 
my vision 
like all the colours 
upon a rainbow 
budding to 
a beautiful flower 

raising amongst 
the daisies 
towering tall 
the flowers
as the sun 
smiles on you 
brightening up 
the garden 
with flowers 
of all colours 

the one colour
 that stands out 
my rose 
i behold you 

a fragrant beauty 
standing tall 
one flower 
the flower 
i do adore 
stands out
in you

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golden feelings

The foundations 
built in stone 
Coming together 
our kingdom 
Heaven the rock 
we build upon 
Building a temple 
to love 

On which you 
stand a starlight 
Standing beside me 
Beautiful emotion 
You are 
the foundations 

The union 
of two souls 
Spirit of heaven 
you lure me 
My soul offers 
you the foundation 
On which 
I built my heart 
In how 
I see you 

With the labours 
of love 
Carved deep
 into this stone 
My dowry 
to you 

The center 
of my earth 
You opened 
heaven's gate 

Warm a golden feeling 
Flooding tears 
of happiness 
At last 
I found you 
Priceless this feeling 
Worshiping you 
an angel 
You gave 
me love 

The strength
 to carry on 
In battle love 
against hate 
Love prevails 
my guardian 
The light 
in your shining armor 
The sword 
of truth 

Shining bright 
with love 
You leave 
your footprints 
all over 
my heart

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carriage awaits

I sing a song 
On a mountain top, 
holdings hands out 
of angels 

Sweet loving voice, 
finding emotions within 
Like birds 
of song 

to the ball 
Chariot awaits 
Drawn on 
beautiful horses, 
the door opens 

Golden feelings sparkle 
Smiling slowly 
Standing awaiting, 
in the arrival 
Key awaiting 

I beg 
you open 
Entering the heart, 
pleased with wings 
love attached 
a message, 
enter darling 

The heart flutters 
with me 
As one

~ ~ ~

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The Momentary Word

You spit me out
Like a necessity
Like a volcano
I adorn your paper
Beautified with ink

In a moment of indiscretion
You grow blind
Forgetting me
Strike through
Death knell
Maybe you are lost
Therefore, losing me

In a moment
I fall through 
To the nethers
Glory in tatters
Once desired
Now despicable
Scribbled out

The birth
The cause
Of the death
To live 
To die 
In the same breath
I was alive

Scribbled me out
Disfigured me
But I remain
On the page
Hapless reminder
You had wanted me
Even if for a brief moment

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Whispering to the Earth

I watched her fall,
a piece of me collided
right along side.
And for a moment,
I wanted to subside just 
a little further
so i could whisper to the Earth.
Thank you for bringing us here.
-James Kelley 2013 All rights reserved.

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Goddess of love

Greek god  
one of medicine
cure this aching 

With the medicine 
of love
Athena goddess 
of Greece
I call upon you
to ease the pain

Within heartbreak
like your 
sacrifical lamb
I lay  upon 
your altar
take me to 
the goddess 
of love

The cure
only remedy
through the sands 
of time
I call 
your name

to say
I love you
the cure
to my heart

~ ~ ~

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Love Sincere

I want to stay in your arms
Smelling, the scent of your skin
A moment, captured in time and space
Enraptured, by your warming presence
Feeling you kiss, the top of my head
I gaze, into your eyes
Stroking your chest
Nothing to fear, smiling
I am safe with you
A tender kiss, of reassurance
Lingering upon my lips
I love you, for the way, you love me
Feels like an eternity, as you kiss me, so perfect! 
Not wanting, to let this moment pass
Fingers locked, hand in hand
Bodies entwined
Skin against skin
Breaking, all barriers of time
No goodbye kisses!
Only passionate desires, aflame
Making love to you
Feeling you, inside me
A passionate affair, deep
Making the most, of the moment
Know me, feel me
This is who I am
Love, sincere!

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As Summer Kisses Autumn

Many trees do blush
Bringing color to leaves
Nature's decorations falling sweetly
To caress mother earth

Reminds me of you
First time lips touched
Your cheeks so rosy
Fell sweetly in love

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Dazzling dark jewels

Dark jewels you stand out dazzling
singing a song over great ocean waves
in the house of all queens
one of great beauty 
Frailties of the flesh 
to see what is inside
out beautiful

Butterflies they do waver
sweetly wings brushing
touching in your breeze
All words dripping 
ink upon this page
from the heart

our master piece of ones life together
Looking into those mirrors this reflection 
I am crying like a child in happiness
inside as they glisten and shine 
ask of me as you wish 

To please 
I will do anything 
your spirit dances 
in a far of distant world
our hearts uniting we join together
electrifying all dreams 

Just want to spend the rest of this life 
with your breathtaking soul
When we will fly away from ever 
in loving the happiest day 
within this life 
When my soul met you
touching a miracle 
is so true for me smiling

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A Nice Touch

The chocolate was a nice touch
So was the coffee in the morning
I always enjoy the little things
Even your cute little snoring
I lie in bed thinking
“Is it weird that I don’t mind waiting?”
“Are my chances with you sinking?”
These are the things I had been debating
But then I realize that I’m not waiting
How blind could I have been?
This whole time you’ve been staying
And me thinking I’m lost from within
You’re in my life right now
And I’m in yours as well
I’m standing right here in front of you
And I know that you can tell…
I’d love to stand beside you

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dancing dreams

standing in the shadows
looking into 
still water
reflection of happiness

searching within dreams
the escape
from loneliness
dancing emotions
finding in heaven
someone warm

drips fall 
in soft feelings
honey sweet dew
upon you 
a rose
in a far
of distant horizon
sweetly calling softly

nightmares ends
at the rainbow's end
riches found
in a gentle heartbeat
a fairytale dream

light at the end
in this dark tunnel
exploding beautiful
in the eyes
of love
a dream

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Your Love


You are love that's ceaseless With love you've defined Each moment love's been told With blessings I know. Echoes of thoughts I have Awakenings and dreamings of love; Light of heaven so shining Through portals of love that will flow. Cast shadows so bright and so grand With love that will get us through, With dreams to make them come true This world belongs to me and you. With each approaching new day Your heart and mine are forever entwined. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 November,13,2014

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Forests Of Blue Bells

In My Tunnel Of Sunlight Thoughts Of You..
Bouncing ..Rays Of Warmth
Bouncing Bark To Leaf..
Your Pine Scent Wisps My Nose..
In Silence I Feel Your Heart Beat..
I Hear Your Foot Steps..
You Are With Me, In Forests Of Blue bells..

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A letter to my distant lover


Dear friend,

I wish a gentle wind could rise from my deep self
and blow towards you humming my deepest wishes
on freely swaying tree branches
along the cool banks of a river which neighbors your home
and perhaps the birds nesting on a forest hunching above the river
would compose them into madrigals
and go perch on a Mosu tree by your home; singing for you
I wish an evening offshore breeze could carry my wishes along
through the gentle nights of Ramotswa towards you
and invade your midnight dreams
Dear friend, I always long to see you again
and sit there with you just to while away time
I, secretly scanning for love through lenses of your eyes

Your distant lover


Date Posted: 05 January 2014

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Your Smile

Your smile always makes
The morning better, and 
There is no medicine that 
Can lift my soul as its
Pure essence.

For you need not speak to
Me with words, for your
Eyes show an embracing 
Glow that lets me know
How you feel.

The life alive within
Them lets me know I
Am always loved by your
Heart, and treasured in 
Your thoughts

You daily show no matter
What happens in my life 
You are the only one who
Can make me whole. 

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my spirit soars

one vibrant 
soul soars
you tease
 my heart
as with wings 
it flutters

flying high 
my spirit
for you
my promised land
far off 
in the distance

hovering over you
looking down 
a beautiful sight
as i slowly descend
landing beside you 
my soul rests
with you 

my soul mate
heaven has 
a new meaning
in you

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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It's a cool measure of life blood low
keeping the venous-return and arterial
alert-compressive but manical-down
deep fried effervescence continuance abliss
smooth blowburn alive-high frequency antedote
fever pitch-a ***** mellow deed
digestive cornerstone just picked, uncanned
cloud billows a piece with network intact
sublime charged unpatterened--to gut cord
noose cadence couffures--who nees to look
when you vcan hearfeel the resonance true blue
mild like casket breath misshapen to formless
guises compact summer stated summer not
he-ightened proseless panaroma to stiffle
the mister masters time corrodid but
indelibly remembermarked
and "coited to us"--like creature
interruptus. follow the ill laid scheme and
bottleneck every word line graph to a sinco
(rap) measure rhyme myth time will tell tribute
pour the mind from the soul fill the 
white void with the gush of
private reserve vintage but held captive 
via sociopropacastration of free, non
taxable, no interest due, no penality
for "early withdrawal" purely personal
single minded, brand H----one owner
mono little rascal sibiling extract, thought jester cannibal
yumyum eat'em up-eat'em up

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My Search

For so many years I have been out of my mind ,
  Searching for that woman I can love for all time .
Not so many to choose from as one might think ,
  Most all of them gone as quick as you can blink.
Each day after day how I would pray,
   For that special woman to come my way.
This lonliness I've endured for so many years ,
   Bringing me only sadness and all of these tears.
I know in my heart that the time will come ,
  When all of my searching will be finally done.
This I know to be so very true ,
   For the woman I seek happens to be you.
You are my everything the only one for me,
   Because you and I were always meant to be .

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Steamy, Sultry Night in the Vieux Carre

walking slow, oh it could be called dancing
crowded with Bourbon Street night people
music filling the air, we stop every so often
wrapped arms around each other and swayed

firing up to the already hot-blood New Orleans
seems to affect all the out-of-town tourists and
the nights are specially made for physical reaction
big easy, sin city, whatever, a city of cool coitus

her willowy body pressed so close to mine
her face in my neck nuzzling and groping
I feel her eyelashes teasing, pleasing, my neck
we're fused together with lover's super glue

she broke away, her café au lait eyes dancing
as she tiptoed up to speak softly in my ear
in her intense and absolute Cajun accent
sha, we gon stay out heah on da street all night

lovely Denise didn't need to say anymore
I danced her back to her pad above Galatoire's 
and it wasn't just to get the grime off when 
we showered with plenty of soap and water

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Hold my hand

emotions begin to play
within one's body
in the fountains 
of life

power to generate
such a soft feeling
within the soul
you raise me up
in a beautiful wave
galloping unfurling

rolling it in front of you
the carpet red
in passion flows
upon an ocean
blue deep

i offer to you 
a ship 
to set sail
heading the distance
paradise island

wildest dreams
please jump aboard
my love
firstly take a sip
from one of
 the finest
of wines

let the journey begin
if only i could
take you
in a circle
around the world

docked underneath
a coconut tree
just to hold your hand
in the sweetest 
of dreams

touching fingers
feelings petal soft
to look into those eyes
melting upon the embers
moves emotions
within my soul
you dance 
with butterflies

one can see
an ocean swelling
bursting forth
with me dropping
plus you
head over heels
hand in hand 
we will walk 
the path 
to paradise

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Love Is Strange

Love is dangerous
Love is mysterious
Yet its intriguous
But quite mischievous.

An egnigma wrapped in mystery
A funny feeling within me stirs
As if butterflies were fluttering
While my heart races like an engine.

Legs begin to jiggle like jello
While the mind starts to mellow
Can't keep to walk a straight line
Almost like I've drank a bottle of wine.

Why love must you torment me
Why do you play such mean tricks
Plucking my heart's strings 
Like a guitar as you change the notes
To the chaotic melody you compose.

Love is a mystery
Love is enchanting
Love is abnormal
Yet quite strange.

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Baby I Just Want You

(Free Verse) Baby I'm just losing control And out of my mind You're body is like fire That consumes mine forever All of the time You're the voice of love a fine master of words That keeps turning my world on high and upside down I feel you like holding you so very close my darling dear sweetheart So lets dance together Baby I just want you to be mine only mine everyday and all the time I will keep your fire high and higher burning and burning some more higher and higher till in my own fire you lose control and together then will soar together the skies of blue and the very soft fluffy clouds. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 November,26,2014

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It only takes a minute to have a crush 
on someone, one hour to like them,
a day to love them, 

A life time to forget them, true love is not 
how you forgave, but how you forget

lust can be temporary 
love is everlasting
joining all of them 
can make a winning 

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ocean dream

from the sandy bottom
up periscopes 
from depths,
hidden in the sea 
of thoughts,
through an ocean 
of memories

scanning the distant horizon,
in vision 
my rising sun
as my waters swell
a saviour,
my soul motions

drifting a wave,
beautiful sunshine
drop anchor,
paradise with palm trees,

the ocean calls
touching beautiful colour
handing out 
mother pearl,
this treasure 
from deep

my mutiny 
abandon ship,
on this island,
alone with you

upon the rocks
on this sandy shore
I sit 
holding hands

in the spray
of beauty
like a rainbow
colour of light

to romance
the very stones
on the rocks 
that you sit
calling to you

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Love is not just money 
Love is not just a kiss or
Mingling warmth bodies
Some times it resides in corner
Most part of heart, where you
Just are alone with that person
And between you both lies

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I Love You

I Love You
When I saw you for the first time My heart started to question me What's there in your eyes That keeps my eyes and mind stuck at you What's there in your talks That make me wait for you Today I accept I got feelings for you. Now please, you also say, "I Love You"

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in the deep

touching heartbeats
running deep
two hearts
began beating
as one
love alone
you touch
my feelings

if i were 
to die
please leave
my body be
heartbreaking within
to see
yet not being able
to wipe away
loves teardrops

falling hurt
consumed emotion
in the other piece
of ones heart
touched in 
the deepest
part of heaven

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Defined in the fire

Defined in the fire

I write these words
The words I can not speak
Call it shyness
Maybe it is because around you
I am speechless
Taking away my words
So that my heart may speak
With my words comes lies and deceit 
With my heart only speaks the truth
So when I am near you 
I am mute
The choice I have made
Because my words always get in my way
Lessons in life I have learned
To lead 
And to love 
With my heart
So listen to the words being said
The truth is spoken
Hearts no longer will be broken
Yours or mine
In love
Baby this time
Our love is refined 
Like gold is tested by fire to be made pure
Love is priceless 
When it is found
Words from my mouth 
You will never hear a sound

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singing beautiful

as waterfalls
running down
falling feelings
softly playing 
the strings

in the deepest ocean
an angel
plays the harp
playing loves tune
music of 
one's soul

in the ears
speaking volumes
singing to you
words drawing
a beautiful picture
one love
fairest by far

one diamond shining
dazzling sunshine
sparkling treasure
a pirates bounty
shines  emotion
feelings of love 
sings in tune
to beautiful

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Jasmine eyes

 Sweetly your jasmine eyes speak softly to me
 Crystalline our twin souls , feel each touch deeply
 Azure vignette love, we share each kiss
 Beautiful hearts joined , in romantic mist
 Sunset , moonlight twinkling
 Your masculine arms holding me
 Treasures in each other eyes we see
 ‘Neath each light I feel thee
 Satin Celeste moon carried our hopes
 Lighted ropes , sailed across the dawns skies
 I felt safe wrapped in your temple
 Yearning each breathe, for the next

Amethyst hearts romantic beaded through
 Cascading Roses draped, in azure blues
 Each word written in heavens ribbons true

I love you

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I'm Breaking Up With You

       I’m Breaking Up With You

I’m breaking up with you because
I don’t know how to know you
To tie you up and tie you down and feel you in my mouth
I need to get away
I’m comfortable with starving for your love 
With all the days and sleepless nights not fighting
And feed my soul with misery forever
For ever letting you go
My precious Linda
Your beauty is the sin I can't commit

                                               6/11/14  PD - Breaking up with you contest

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There was nothing but death in the room,
Fleeting skeletons, dancing to their own doom.
But in her eyes…
A beating heart sang quietly.
Waiting for something to
beckon hope forward.
In that moment,
her vision was my only 
anchor to the world around me.
Without her,
I would have fell straight
and then lied to myself 
for years. Living a life
of misshapen conformity,
never realizing I was free
from the burden I’ve always 
held so fondly.
I could finally be.
And she wanted to 
show me how.
Sure that we could do it together.
All I had to do was take her
hand and breathe for the first time.
I could be alive.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved

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Things I Love About You

Things I Love About You
Things I love about you... Your eyes, which hold me Your smile, which warms every corner of my soul Your voice, which flows to my heart Your hands, which caress with such tenderness Your arms, which possess the power to move me Your love, ever changing me inside and out Your devotion, always trying to make my days joyous Your heart, that found a part of me that brings out the best of us. Thank You!!! YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL TO ME

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Tonight Alone

 I  sit here tonight alone and  so ashamed,
 A guilty concious and only me to blame .
    This regret I am feeling is so very real,
 I am toremented by the way I made her feel.
    How my heart cries out with anger and discuss,
Thinking  of the damage I have done to her trust.
    Her heart broken and there's tears in her eyes,
How sad I am that I had made her cry.
    It's like being alone in the pouring rain,
Even that doesm't describe the pain.
    Why I would ever do such a thing  it's so odd,
 Never again will this happen  I pray to God .
    My thoughtless acts has hurt you so,
The words I wrote have cut deep I know.
     You can't think I would do this with intent,
All the I love you's  I have alays meant.
     Please my Darling Angel can you forgive me tonight ,
I promise my love I will make it all right .
     My Baby I love you with all of my heart,
From now to forever  I have from the start.
     Yes I am alone this night with only me to blame ,
For the pain I've caused and why I'm so ashamed .

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Where Does Love Start

You looked at me

Eyes meeting in ecstasy

Hand waking a heart

With just a touch

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Last Night I Waited Long

Last night I waited long...
The moon will appear of the murky clouds
But it didn’t…!
And I soothed my sorrowed soul
As this… 
If tomorrow! You call me 
To the ruined almonds-garden
In the backyards of the lonely cottage!
  And angrily say:
  ‘Now it’s very late… It’s late-autumn,
 The last birds also return, in just a few days:
    You blame me, and I see you silent eye in eye…
Though these days will as seconds pass,
Still, we can turn them a year’s each,
At least, longer than the customary years.
And as there the long-separation is anxiously waiting,
Promise! Promise…!
We will always see,
In snowy winters, and autumns-- 
When leaves fall of trees.
And I say yes, I swear…,
Of the dog walking there through the pasture—
 An unknown way,
Knowing not which hamlet will it lead…!

Or better if you hold my finger
And guide me
To there the quiet pasture,
Where only thick thorns grow;
Though the butterflies there strange,
Romance the unsightly flowers.
We walk
In and around the thorns,
A slow stopping walk,
And momentarily pause—
Gaze our eyes
And realize...
We are together
And are in love…!

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Sleep, it is a route
But a few are those that know it end.
A preservative detour to-
A remote sanctum.

Escape from contest
For a fleeting hero it is.
Whom's gate is in trance
A vain path to haven brief.

Immortal against mortality-
It is fancied.
Eases the day's turmoil-
On the Calvary it thrusts them.

But against this fancy,
a mere hoodwink of mind it is,
Which the feeble approbate to-
Bury cowardice

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First I'd grasp your virgin nape
And pull you in for a passionate union
Like fine silk, your hair will flow through my fingertips.
Soon finding their way south,
Removing everything in their way.
Skin so smooth it's frictionless,
My fingers would glide effortlessly across the contours of your body.
The excitement surges through us the closer we get;
Increasing our heartbeats to a low drone,
Making our steady hands clumsily shake,
Replacing logic with instinct.
Our lips part with haste,
As if there were no time for anything else.
But as quick as they parted,
my lips found new skin to familiarize; your neck, your collarbone, your chest, your stomach..
Reaching its final stop deferred
Fragrant orifice rosy with jubilation
Meets my lips with a jolt
Which subsides into a purr
A slight trill in reply to the stroke of my tongue
The urges amplify with every touch
Sending echoes of desire and pleasure
In a state of hysteria
Our bodies loose all control
need and want become one
And so do we 

By Nicholas A. Bello

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I am torn in two;
I don’t know what to do?
I’m here but want to be there;
My heart is not running anywhere!
It’s only running to you my love;
Love is a gift, it gave me a good shove!
I got what I wanted when you were found!
Love is what makes my life go round.
You made all my dreams come true;
Now my heart is calling only to you!
A safe haven in your arms I found;
You even made my head spin round!
Heaven is what your kisses tasted like;
I have never ever felt this love spike!
It’s an awesome feeling;
Spinning around, my heart reeling!
All thanks to you my awesome man!
Our life together, we will plan!
We will be together forever;
To be without you?  Never!
My hubby, my lover and my best friend
We’ll be together until the end!

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declaration of love

oh little trembling bee
i am finely tuned in
(to your wavelength) 
and turned on by
your swaying body

thus i announce my desire
little bee my heart racing
at your name's mention
pale faced and weak in the
knees (when you're near) 

i love your sweet glances
with all the chances
we are taking while trying
to disguise our inclination
toward one another

oh my little honey bee
you seem to stare so curiously
you're my soul's happiness
and it's torment supreme
oh little trembling bee-
hover over me 

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Bette Davis Eyes

my love, would you mind if i took the time to share a lovely chill that tickles my smile? it's your eyes! i'm afraid that i lose myself in them in their promise in their million shades of a million blues i have to confess they inspire in me a romantic desire. when your eyes touch mine my thoughts hitchhike on a highway of mischief like a teenager barefoot on scorching hot slate. sometimes my sweet i imagine diving head first into our locked stare there i bathe in the milk of your dream eyes and in the fix of my wake i reach the surface drenched in the solitude of your loving glare. i feel compelled to tell you that my body my whole body trembles in my admiration of them what I am trying to say my love is oh my God your eyes.

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My Knight

My knight so bright,
So elusive and daring,
Romantic and caring,
Lives in a palace of dreams,
Carassing the wind,
Like a long lost lover and friend,
Godly moments,
Selective and exclusive,
An intellectual man of good deeds,
The perfect kingdom forever a reality and a dream,
May God's blessing be with you.

Author: Gwen Meyer- Erlach Schutz

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Love Untitled

Under the velvet quilt we droft,
Where you touch and feel my fingers, soft;
You feel your lips with your fingers,
And reminiscise the kiss that stingers, resting on my chest,
Where touches your naked breast...
You feel your cheek with your palm,
Reminiscing when my lips touched it, being calm...
You look at my closed eyes then,
And think about the point from where our love begun...
You then kiss my lifeless eyes,
Your lips cold, fine and precise...
There you ask my lifeless eyes to blink again,
And request my lips to kiss you again,
Like we always did under the rain...
You hold my cold hands,
And ask them to hug you like the love bands...
You then blame me about our dream,
Where I kiss your lips in our realm...
Then you fade a tear,
As you see the moment which was your fear...
Your tear drop falls on my neck,
And think of what all promises I bet...
Then you see me go down in my coffin, that lie shimmerish,
You break down in tears realizing that I've perished!

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searching heaven

through the eye 
of an needle 
in sandstorms 
of life 
I glimpse 
you in heaven 

rich in loves thread 
I begin to 
weave love 
spun silver 
in the deepest depths 
I found you 

the light 
becomes your stage 
my crusade
 to love 
surrounded in 
lights armor 
my crystalised heart 

in the flicker 
of a thousand candles 
each flicker 
my soul flies 
a kaelidescope 
of lights colour 
my souls eye

my diamond treasure 
a night's sky 
as the moon 
it smiles

 upon you stars
like diamonds 
they surround you 
in the air 

one star
twinkles in the eye 
a shooting 
across the night sky 
wishing upon 
you sprinkle heaven 
as the sun smiles 

radiant warmth 
upon my pillow 
an oasis of love 
my beautiful mirage 
only in dreams 
I found you

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Would That

Would That!
In the late evening when the moon’s new or 
The early morning the sun’s sleeping;
 Sitting by the blue lake’s eastern bank—
Far from laymen;
On the green grass amongst the thorny weeds
 By the dark forest’s dew-washed feet.
She holding my hand and I her in my hands;
 Lost eyes, murmuring lips, and warming breath,
Shivering bodies, faded faces, and drying throat. 
And then…
In the clear sky blows the wild wind
And flies her long silky hair, over my face.
Ah it blows stronger! And blows off her purple fluffy shawl
And, the wine shop's window is wide-open …!

It lights, it roars; rains, and drains us wet,
We hold hard, soaked into one,
Her frightened flowery body in my strong arms,
 And so close! oh!That close…!

Harder, the clouds roar, lights crack, and the rains pour,
 Ah yes—all in climax!
And still the burning bodies unmoved –until,
 It floods and floods heavy, and drives us in…

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kidnapped by love

kidnapped by aliens
inside outer space
held hostage 
within the mind
upside down
turning grease lightning
dancing blind love

shaking out
negative garbage
spring cleaning 
dusting cobwebs
turning over trails
a new leaf 
summer sun smiles

opening gates
golden precious 
in the garden
of flowers 
one beauty 
a blooming rose 
stands out
in softly gifted
textured petals

blushing portrait glows
sweet velvet heart 
of a maiden 
pretty thoughts
clear inside vision
sparkling in
the mirror 

you are princess
most beautiful 
in mirror reflection
i ever did see
inside out special
held hostage 
kidnapped by love
please do not 
set me free

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In arms I once only dreamed of,

They embraced my spirit as just that one could do,

Carried this mind to heights too deep to touch bottom,

Heart swelled to bursting in fearless dreams of happiness,

Breathing seemed as unnecessary as thinking of another,

For only it existed in reality in my new found world,

Where only two lived in perfect rhythmic harmony,

Touching each other long before reaching out,

Souls joining in a dance that will last forever.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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sleeping beauty

as you breathe
falling then rising
your chest
like counting 
sleeping with you

a very 
beautiful dream
one joy
in beholding
each breath
a whisper

a moment
in time
staring upon you
each sleeping movement
falling in grace
that of a thousand swans
a royal beauty

i dream 
in softest petals
breathtakingly beautiful
feelings cotton soft
stored in one's mind
awake with you
my darling
as you 

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Super Element

O, Uranium
O, mighty Uranium.

If love had a chain reaction like yours,
our hearts would all end up with flaming mushrooms
of compassion and desire; our adrenaline of passion would
rush such that they would light up cities; two people exposed
to each other as they hold each other's arms, would make a romantic fission
that would light the night light summer day!

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On Her Locket

On Her Locket
O altering love! My love,
Let you remove the locket
Your pir-father has given you to wear
Around oh! Your delicate neck.
I’m sure you’ll find this life lovely again,
This earth—heavenly.
Those slipping smiles and that loud laughter,
Shall return.
That scolding and sulking,
 That tickling, irritating and false-fighting,
 All that fun, will surely return.
We’ll fly again together to that platonic world
And rule there…
As queen and king.
Or don’t tell me to interpret your dream, 
 “You were whole night 
As amid dark dotted snakes
 In a deep dark ditch 
And loud laughed over by 
The nasty monsters surrounding.”

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You speak to me

You speak to me in the language of Angels
Angelic words of wisdom, encouragement, endearment, compassion and love you whisper to me

You speak to me with your thoughtful persona,
Nurturing, selflessness and consideration at the fore in your caring mind

You speak to me through the aura of your delightful body,
The body that enslaved my manhood forever in total irreversible submission to its beauty

You speak to me from your emphatic and compassionate frame of mind,
Where goodwill dwell and from where the Angels sing to the downtrodden

You speak to me from behind the curtain of your tender vulnerability,
A vulnerability that adds spice and colour and fragrance to the beauty of your womanhood

You speak to me from the plane of your finely tuned intuition,
Sensing, feeling, knowing the unknown with a surety that never fails

You speak to me with mature patience,
A patience that is the embodiment of your honest care and genuine concern

You speak to me with the glowing radiance of your Self,
Beckoning the sun to keep shining and the stars to never stop winking

You speak to me with the sensual voice of your feminine body, soul and mind,
You wear your sensuality as a velvet cloak, befitting the royalties, befitting a Woman - the glory of creation

And in the heavens above the Angels sing,
And here below, those around you know: You are indeed one of Them...

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On An Ugly Separation

She held my hand and
Took me to the 
hollow hall
Shut swift the door 
checked the latches,
In the corner pushed 
me with the wall.
With damp eyes she 
Standing as near as 
you can call,
Pulling my coat’s 
As if, blamed me for 
She said, “You…!!”
Crying beat my chest,
Let her shivering 
body in my arms’ 
As a raining bird on 
finding her feathers’ 
NEITHER I in my 
hands took her 
flowery face
Shed a tear washed 
with finger her face,
Pulled her hard  
kissed on brow
And said, “Let us 
watch at window, the 

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whistling hot

pursing the lips 
churning into
the bowels 
of this earth
you opened wide 
doors to 
my heart

completely naked
to the soul
tied and bound
to you love
so proud 
of you honey

whistling to
the four corners 
standing tall
you are to me 
a dream

blooming deeply
great warm waves
softly touching
around in circles
inside leaping curls
so very beautiful

take it 
from me 
sweety darling honey 
your blazing hot

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The Captain and the Figurehead

I fell in love in between your fingers,
In the corners of your smiling eyes,
In your crests and in your valleys,
In your creases and peaks,
In your perch where I fly.

You are the wind that pulls on time's grip
And fills my sail
In our ship.

Braving tumultuous tides 
With you, a queen
In the bare-bone sea
                    We flee.

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Swept Away By Her Love

The valley was so green
To my love swept eyes,
And all that I now beheld,
Was so alive with life.

There seemed to be
Melodies of unknown
Origins, floating on
Air massaging my
Ears, pricking my heart.

And I would sit so full,
Knowing no pains of
Physical hunger, for my
Present state would not
Allow it to happen.

For my hunger was of
A different nature that
Could never be satisfied
But by the one who cast
Her spell on me.

For I would never again
Be satisfied, unless I
Became a part of the
Matrix of her heart.

I needed to taste of
the endless pleasures
Which I longed to explore
In the current timeshare,
That found my heart being
Cradled in her hands.

I could not move far
away from her side,
As the pleasures that
Her love brought to my
daydream, swept my
Love filled mind away.

And when I awakened,
My hunger was replaced
By a much stronger need...
To make her mine.

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sparks of chemistry,
never seen before.
link to unity,
one can admire.
set in a distance,
scenery to be seen.
more than a mirage,
better than any illusion.
treasured like a hidden secret,
feelings unlike any other emotions.
valued more than oriental jewels,
rarer than any rare pearls.
striking in any mood;
spontaneous and random,
enticing to the senses,
arousing to the mind.
weakness for the romantic,
better than chasing chaste.
friendship with no waste,
attraction that sets unlimited passion a reality!

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Lift Me O Spring's Air

Lift me O spring's 
And leave me there 
The crazy cloud 
Like the heaven's 
I shall smile at in the 
And wave my 
The guard-angels 
wearing long 
Then leave me 
Across the snowy 
In the far north   
In gaints' world:     
I have heard many 
a time                 
From my maternal-
That in the winters' 
and evenings 
Young fairies fly 
to Tarsar 
And bath naked--
Dip deep and swim 
And fetch in 
The icy blue 
forests in a meadow 
a mountain)

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I Love You

I love you
Simple, sobering and sweet

I love you
Tried, tender and true

I love you
Precise, pleasurable and Pure

I love you
Now, then and always!

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prey love

oh are 
you darling 
spinning your 
silver magic 
web all over 
me because
 i am beginning 
to  see 

the spider in 
you caressing 
words all 
over my heart 
silky satin
 floating petals 
touches the inside 

deep blooming
 in front 
of me 
a springtime flower 
upon the garden 
of life growing 
inside beautiful honey

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Let’s go there, her way…
Her village and she thrive.
For I see, my tall friend
Summers warmer,
Land more lush
Sky more blue
Men more humble more gentle
Women more simple higher in grace
Olds own there more wisdom
Youth there are younger.
There’s water so snowy there’re pastures—so unbound.
There fall the falls so high
There’re the woods so dense.
And there’s air so pure,
Fragrant, and so fluent!

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Sweet dancing jasmine 
Scent upon air 
Breathing in beautiful 
In sweet aroma 
I catch 
a star 

In a gentle whisper 
I leave it 
Under the pillow 
Hoping within 
A wish 
in thoughts 

On a dark 
lonely night 
It will shine 
to you 

Embracing emotions 
In deep 
dripping feelings 
On a blood moon 
Playing love's tune 
in the chapel 

Floating river 
Of scarlet passion 
Dreaming in the clouds 
Destiny calls 
A princess 

From grains of love 
Building from the sands 
A castle within 
One staircase 
In the right 

The world 
Becomes beautiful 
Wrapped around 
Only you

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One Day

or many years my life has been sad,
  The woman meant for me I did not have .
Patiently I've been waiting for that wonderful day,
  When the woman of my dreams finally comes my way.
The blue that I have felt will now be in the sky,
   The light in my life I've missed now shines in my eyes.
How my days will be filled with happiness and joy,
   Like the excitement of a candy shop to a small boy.
All my dreams and hopes will become a reality ,
   When the love of my life finally comes to me.
The future we will share will shine so bright ,
   Because the bond we have between us will always feel right .


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playing feelings

as the 
eyelids close
opening then entering
the house 
enchanting dreams
magically living
on these lips
our very 
first kiss

a meeting
of souls
slowly opening 
music honey
exploding feelings
bursting pops
inside emotions

they drum roll
beating on
heart walls
echoing inside 
passion hot
skipping heartbeats
jumping on
the air
i breathe

fluttering warmly
in a butterfly dance
floating on wings 
with love 

she who holds
all strings
pulling on feelings
playing sweetest music
on the deepest organ 
classical love

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Bowled over

Love bowled 
over beautiful 
I tip the hat 
To it's light 
Under and over 
Beyond dreams 

Made in 
emotions beauty 
A Greek goddess 
Put together 
like a dream 
Everything about you 
A soul it shines 

Words become electric 
Touching divine 
A light in the dark 
Shining through 
You stand out 

In more ways 
Than one 
Wings of an angel 
Unfolding you 
In the deep 

I fall 
to you 
From the greatest height 
The walls 
crash down 
Like that of Jericho 

Loving you 
My heart 
In your desire 
Head over heals 
flipping beautiful

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mirror within

my dearest
i set sail 
to you
floating a dream
calling out destination
blowing gently
on a seashell horn
sweetest love

honey sweet mead
nectar of the gods
upon your face
shines golden 

a soft shining soul
gentle in happiness
two becoming one
holding one's eyes
in a blink
the soul

lighting up
the darkest night
in warmth within
like parting waves
hair falls down
over your face

the sun beams 
a smile
in token
for you a gift

clouds turn pink
blushing red
scarlet emotions blue
leaving one feeling
in a dream

a picture 
beautiful gallery
hangs in the mind
one picture perfect
drawn out 
from deep within
it's you

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land of forever youth part three

then he began telling 
the story 
of the magical land and his love 
tears rolling down 
his cheeks 
broken hearted 
in the magical land 
of Tir Na Nog 

just as he was 
ending the story 
in great weariness 
with the pain 
inside his heart 
swept completely 
away in feelings 
of painful emotion 
closing his eyes 
he fell into 
eternal slumber 

even to this very day 
fishermen and lighthouse keepers 
they sometimes 
see on foggy nights 
when the moon 
is full face 
a shimmering 
white horse dancing 
on the top 
of the waves 
along the shores 
of Ireland 
Niamh the red haired maiden 
still rides the horse 
forever searching 
for her lost love , 
her soul will never rest 
until she finds 
her beautiful Oisin 
in her his love 
never died .

this story was told to me by a granny when i was young i cried 
it was so sad yet even now so beautiful

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Wishes for the one I hold dear

There goes a magician casting his spell 
Making words sway to his dance and bell
Sharing light and sunshine from his shell 
Whispering secrets into minds to swell 
Tall, Dark and Handsome he walked yonder
Leaving behind broken hearts beyond tender
Carrying his heavy heart torn asunder
Marching onward with stories to render 
He walked tall, he walked straight
But he streamed alone all right
In glaring sunlight or inky night
Blazing a fiery trail with all his might
Wish him sun kissed days, moon drenched nights
Washing away his agonies aloft stars bright
Whispers of melody sinking in oh so faint 
With the darling of his dreams to hold him forever tight

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Love Dots ever

It hurts to love someone
Who loves you not back
Just like it hurts
To feel for someone
You lack courage to tell
Its like walking a long way
Without any hope of destiny
Yet you keep walking
Believing that 
In the grains of too many wrong people
You will land on the right one
Since after walking in total darkness
That a small ray of light
Appears to a soul like gold
Maybe we meet the wrong people first
So that when we meet the right one
We would die cherishing them 
Since to love Is not a kinsman
Of to be loved

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Violent Heartbeat

If to pound speaks of a violent motion, 
Why then my heart moves violently
If to fall is a tragic thing
Then the night is a sweet tragedy
If to steal is a crime
Then give me my beautiful thief
So I can take back the kisses he stole
From me 
One by one by one...

If to break is an event as should be avoided
Then, pray, postpone the dawn
Its first crack is on the horizon's edge
Yet it seems the night has scarce begun

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living bliss

If i were 
a great god 
In giving you 
one wish 
tell me darling 
what would 
that wish be 
if i were in love 
say with you 
all that i would wish 
forever happiness 

In pleasing you 
every dream 
in that one wish 
of happiness 
when it came true 

If I were “The Big Love” 
the granted favor above 
the forever kind of joy 
you seek, well then? 

Tell me sweet darling 
would it please you? 
this endless love in dew 
a Rose that knows of you 

If I were a great Messiah 
i’d grant you no trivial 
Just the tenders of a kiss 
Would that bring you bliss? 

                                                   co written with mystic rose

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Eloping Is Not A Bad Idea

I know you are making fun of me!
Testing my love’s faith.
Fearing, faithful warriors mayn’t change their mind
And leave him alone in the field, the fair king.
As an old ancient king by his military was betrayed
And apprehended for life, by the invaders.
Where he could merely recall
In lonely, his pompous days,
And smile, and lament!

Eloping is not a bad idea!
It’s no doubt the ultimate tool
Whether you agree or not,
Helpless lovers have since ages past practiced
And, O, succeeded.
Finally; conquered all obstacles, in just a single
Stormy move.
(Well! Some where helped by angels and others by fairies).

And even if you are serious!
I can’t grieve your Godly parents,
Who are often on fasts.

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Now That I Found You

You are everything I'll ever need

Just looking at your face,

It is everything that is true

Being in your presence,

Plants the romance seed

I travel across the room,

Without touching the floor

My body is light as my spirit,

In your sweet heaven

Knowing I will be with you,

Forever and ever more

This heart bursts with gladness,

Beyond total satisfaction

Love was just a word,

And now my ecstasy

My reason for living,

Instead of just breathing

I dream of you,

While others search for fantasy

All my life waiting,

Now finally really living

I have reached deep for words,

To honor your loveliness

It has been the most difficult,

Yet the most wonderful thing I will ever do

If I wrote for eternity,

I could never truly describe this happiness

So I will write the three words you want to hear,


© Copyright 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved 

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Dream Child Rising

Dream child rising spreading open your enfolded waves of trust touching the hearth of hearts where you slowly slither between the clefts in your own armor escaping your cocoon day by day part of you born part of you clinging to what was part of you to what might be part of you here now in the foaming river of hope rapids swirling around you in the dream of your own creation contemplating your cautious steps as you throw them into the chafing wind your courage overcoming hesitation your wonder trampling familiarity the present of you in this perpetual divine moment takes my breath away and yours too as we see the face of God reflected in the eyes of love that look sweetly upon you who is me and me who is you making the two into one and becoming what is

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sparkling gem

i behold
unto you 
the beholder
who got me flustered
bleeding on the canvas

my lady
the sun smiles 
upon your face
saying all 
the right words
souls whispering
to each other

cotton soft
and so darn beautiful
the crowning glory 
a red rose
from the deepest chambers
showing the heart

feelings dancing 
in a far off 
distant land
light shines
upon the strings
playing deep 
sweet music

plucking on 
a golden harp
enchantingly dreamy
singing emotions
flowing outwards
like a river

behold the ocean
holding beautiful
swelling outwards
blooming in the depths
the very soul

like magic sparkles
cast under 
a spell
a treasure beautiful
whispering softly
is it you

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vanishing song

she lay in the vanishing sunlight
vulnerable and beautiful
she was as lovely as dreams
she gave herself to me with her heart full of desire's dark romance
with her heart full of the magic of love's tenderness
it was then i knew at long last what it was to be loved
she played a fragment of her song
its beauty like a setting sun on a deep blue sea
and then i knew what it was like to breath once more
like i never knew what it meant to be alive
until her song played
until all my sorrows had vanished in her arms
so she played her song for me all night
it was sweet as a tropical night wind
full of promise and beauty
like this daydream of her soft hand in mine
warms my heart
till her song vanishes

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Do Not Ever Deceive Me

Do Not Ever Deceive Me

I Won’t wish:
Beat in lonely a pretty boy.
Hit a dog, asleep in shade.
Stone a bird singing on tree.
Rob a blind beggar returning home.
Pull an insect’s legs
Climbing a slippery wall.
Raise a barrier ere an ant 
Dragging a grain toward her hole.

I’ll fear the springs,
 In summers I shall den;
Rejoice with the autumns, 
Leaves falling of trees;
And be delighted with the harsh winters,
Lovers can not see.

I’ll taunt the sun’s routine rise
And call it mechanical,
And tell him hasten his set 
In the July’s long-days’ evenings.
And abhor the stars-adorn calm sky;
And greet the gruesome gloomy nights
Which roar and light,
When stormy winds blow, and still doesn’t rain.

May then wilt the leaves of trees early!
May then wither the rising roses!

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Honeymoon Flanking The River Banks

Honeymoon— Flanking The River Banks

Let’s marry this summer, there…
The valleys across that easterly jungle,
Lives the gentle breeze the famous rivers flow;
And on the canes’ table, dinner in candle light
 Underneath the lofty pine and fir,
In the backyards of the red-painted lodge
Linked with the valleys by the old logs’ bridge.
Hug on the gigantic rocks beaten boisterous 
By the roaring rivers’ hoary water;
Or well by their banks sit on the slippery stones
 And kiss for the forenoons’ slow hours. 
Reclined lie long in the wild gardens
Hearing their growl,
Recall the old moving memories of love
Staring the blinking stars
Till late in the moonlit night.
And in the grassy meadows dance—
A sleeping dance!
Move curled as the passionate snakes
In the springs mate;
And then down the soft slopes
 We’ll embraced roll!
And holding you hard in reverse hug
 Standing by a stumpy tree,
You rock vigorous the curled belly
In concord with the thick thighs!
The ancient Arabs would call, Belly Dance.
And as the nomadic-lovers sport,
Beloveds run and lovers chase, 
In the unbounded pastures along their banks
 Spring over the shrubs stumble with the stones 
Hide behind the trees’ barks 
And catch near the thorny bushes—till dawn!

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heart banging dream

Playing this tune
from the deepest base
I understand 
where you 
are coming from 
I am going 
into this
with eyes 
wide open

I have 
seen things 
also honey
a clear vision 
sweet beautiful darling
believe me 
when I say 
walking on
this path 
with you

Has brought me 
so much pleasure 
with happiness 
overwhelming view
with all 
of my heart 
in you 

I am blowing 
to you 
my dream 
on an armada 
of kisses 
sailing to you 
sun shining 
golden treasure
into paradise

From the 
inner vision 
in each soft 
silken feeling
burning lips
kiss beats 
within emotions

Exploding heartbeats 
you have taken 
this soul 
to Heaven and back 
dancing beautiful
fluttering the heart
magically enchanting 
each rhythm
under spell
drum rolling 
one bang 
on siren
stuck on you

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What would it be like to be loved?
When I awake in your arms
Morning breath kisses upon my lips
Glancing smile over eggs and toast
Free of negative gravity
Positive aura holding us up
How much better would life be?
If I lived without ignorance and mistake free
Your loving hand pulling me away from the darkness
Achieving our dream, of laughter and love
Holding hands as wrinkles grow
Growing together 
Until the end

By: Tim Lundmark

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Slips Away

An ocean swept attitude
with dream like visions
of bliss…but where is
the real happiness that
Is lost when reality…appears

As forsaken and neglected
hearts lie broken, as easy
as thin branches during
Winter’s cold, In the raging
battlefields of love.

Shaped and reshaped negatively,
mind-thoughts become ignorant
to a new found bliss not wanting
to believe that the love a heart
has been looking and longing
for, is knocking …fruitlessly
at its door…

And because of the wounds
suffered on loves battlefield,
The warm embrace of real
happiness is never given a
Chance…as  into yesterdays
dreams it just slips away.

Wendell A. Brown,
February 11, 2013

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The Love Pledge

It is a lovely summer night;
My imagination has taken flight.
Memories of this beautiful day,
in my heart it will always stay!
I love you, no it's more;
this feeling makes my heart sore;
but it's a glorious feeling;
the skins on my eyes are peeling!
I now totally see you as you are
Oh believe me, your type is rare!
What a find!
I truly have been blind!
You are an amazing man;
like a gold find in a pan.
My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow;
All my love on you I pledge to now bestow!

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Hate the way i lie

I cant stand there and watch you burn, its my turn 
I wont let you get hurt, even if I get burnt 
If I hear you cry It will make me die  
All this because you hate the way I lie 

This is real and we both know how it fells 
Right now the pain, it kills 
We wont fight it almost doesn’t fell right 
The right fells wrong, its like that song 

Fueled by our hate ,Blind from our love 
Its like I am drunk,  and stuck in a funk
You give me breath, when I cant breathe  

I cant leave and I cant stay here 
The farther I run, the closer I get
When its good its bad, when its great its worse

I cant stand there and watch you burn, its my turn 
I wont let you get hurt, even if I get burnt 
If I hear you cry It will make me die  
All this because you hate the way I lie 

Have you ever cared so much, when they are not there you cant breathe?
When they are there, you get week in the knees?
And when they leave, you can barley see.

I said I would never hurt you, and I see now how I did
Cant even look at you in your eyes
Trying not to think about all of the lies 
Crazy in love, or in love crazy 
Its time to go our separate ways, 
Its time for us to have a new day
That was yesterday, but today
Its a different day 
No promise I will show restraint 
Life is a game, play it without aim
I wont lie again, but I am still watching you leave
I guess that’s why you found Steve

I cant stand there and watch you burn, its my turn 
I wont let you get hurt, even if I get burnt 
If I hear you cry It will make me die  
All this because you hate the way I lie 

I did things I didn’t mean, said things that whernt so clean 
I am in a new pattern, with a different routine
But your the same as me, and just don’t believe
But when it comes to us, there is always a fuss

I know it was me, and you should flee 
Our relationship was crazier then it seams
Like a hurricane and a blizzard

So I pack my bags, and go outside
I can fell the pain, with nothing left to gain
Cant even look in to my eyeball , with out needing a highball
Next time I fight , It will be though a peep sight 

No next times, because I am gone
I am sorry for my lies 
My games is what caused pain, and she doesn’t want me back
I know I should not have lied
This time I am gunna leave, and set my slef on fire, 
That we people know we expired

I cant stand there and watch you burn, its my turn 
I wont let you get hurt, even if I get burnt 
If I hear you cry It will make me die  
All this because you hate the way I lie

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forever a lifetime
testimony of times
two people
as one 
in the same kingdom

spirits breathing
warm like the sun
soul touching feelings
desires the dream
connected deeply
united in the heart

the soul mates
flies within 
the spirit
each other
to eternity

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love dont live here no more

Love don’t live here no more
It’s sex this sex that
Don’t worry that he or she didn’t text back
Let me message my ex fast

Thinking “damn she’s hot”
But there’s no hello or small talk
She’s twerking on me while the club play 50 Cent’s candy shop
We met 5 minutes ago and she’s ready to let her panties drop

Who am I to judge?
But can this be real?
What happened to romance and love?
Innocently flirting and going out for meals?

Am I wrong for being romantic?
Wanting to take her out?
Does love exist? It makes me doubt
Trying to find a girl I want to slow dance with

Can we get to know each other?
Or is sex the only way we can show each other?
Straight away we have to go under covers
Is it not possible to date and possibly grow to lovers?

Is that too much to ask for?
With that dance we may as well be having sex on the dance floor
I want to get to know her not have sex on the first date
Let me treat you right show you your worth babe

There’s more to life than sex
We live in an era of lovers today, then tonight an ex
Didn’t swap numbers so I can’t decide to text
So saying Love don’t live here no more is right and correct

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An Initial Post-Marriage Poem

O invisible sympathetic listener
Will it annoy my elder Hitler-sister-in-law?
(O my colleague! An Arabian teacher, mocked English
and fought me for its ambiguity);
I mean my wife’s sister.
Like the Jerusalem
With ‘What Must Be Said ’!
Or but to stop this stupid self is …!
If I say I respect her,I kiss her on lips
And eyes,
Lift her up in arms
And wrestle …!
But to detest someone so dearly loved,
Or forget —
Seems unworkable …!

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my flesh tingles when I am in sight of you;
oh my demons lose control as you undress slowly,
and my heart thumps and skips beats,
as my palms start to sweat and shake
when you strip your bare flesh in front of me
and come over and place your soft hand on my rough cheek
and I shall kiss you,
kiss you on your bare flesh,
as your jewels shine and blind my eyes
I fall more and more for you;
I shall whisper in your ear- and for we will go into-
a heartland of love and I shall make tender sweet love to you,

come to me my dear,
with bronze flesh that shivers in the cold,
but stays warm when next to mine,
love is nothing but tingling flesh
and my demons are uncontrollable when I am with you-
come my darling
love is a moments' away- love me more and more,
and I will take you to a wonderland of tingling flesh in the twilight
as white bed sheets are grasped tightly,
and pillows are thrown left and right
and we sail down love canal together alone forever.


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Love Song - I

        Explain to me the language of your body, 
    Assure to me its ulterior meaning, 
       Pure like an angel's wing, or else, 
                   Let me discover 
              The ghosts of its meaning,          something more akin to the 
                 Fleeting flecks of the flowers in our          irises,        or 
                            The fatal hints of the Siren's whispers, 
         Where words meet their end and slowly         becomes a barrage of 
               Touches—meaning finds       itself more comfortable in 
                            The oils of our                skin than the notes of our tongue. 
        The burnt pink tips of my                fingers brushes across fields of purple wheat, who's 
                     Edges are scorched a soft   brown, like a frothy nebulae... 

It asks: 

            How is your hair like the wheats of the English? 

How are your           lips like the kiss of the Italians? 

Your eyes like the    glances of the Arabic? 

   A pink summer, 
          Duly fitted around the pale azure of     your oceanic figure, 
and softly beckons to the oval 
              Leaves that were          left, 
         Bled from                      decaying trees... 

     You love me, 
   I want to assume. 
     For what other reason 
       Would anemic sunlight be              weaved into you 
      Hair that's speckled with mourning dew? And lately the walls have been 
green with some    Festering memories from 
   Yesterday but 
     The faint and sweet smell of sugar is enough to
               Convince me otherwise of oblivion. 

    How are your eyes like the cosmic s c a r s, 
         Laced with an ardent yellow between an all-consuming purple and 
Flecked here and there with        
           Pollocks of white and blue, streaked with 
    Light orange along the dark celestial                                   rip a charcoal black…? 
I love you, 
                But can a door compose its candor without rusty hinges? 

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ignited wicks of the romantic night sky

Wicks of the romantic night sky,
is brightly ignited by the flame of romance.
Pearl white wax,filled into a antique crystal candle holder.
Set in the middle of a well prepared dinner. 
Laid gingerly on a anxious wooden table.
The table overwhelmed by a romantic preparation. 

Rose peddles and chocolate sprinkled on the bed. 
When the rose peddles touched the bed,
the pillows blush their long eye lashes. 
The sheets touched by romance.
I gaze at the time and fade in suspense.

I hear footsteps drawing close.
Keys jingle and tap dance. 
As she entered a weight has fallen from me. 
When she saw the arrangements she stood
We held each other nearly . 
We held each other dearly. 
She enchanted me with her bold
kisses filled with rapture,her 
honey filled saliva I capture. 

Heated fingertips . 
Touching tender skin. 
Draw close.
Fondling in ecstasy.

Gingerly guided strokes,
through strands of hair flamed
with romance. Heart beats in sync.
Suggestive eyes connect as I grab 
her waist.

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She Didn't Need Diamonds

Always said the sparkle was in my eyes.
It was all she ever would want to have;
How could I not love one such as her?
She was beauty walking towards me.

Embraced in a paradise no man could simply imagine;
It had to be felt and that I can hardly express,
For how does one describe a living breathing angel?
I just flew with her for as long as God permitted.

(In memory of my lovely wife, my dearest sweet Rebecca)

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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These Miles

These miles that are between us that seem so far,
  Matters not to me for I know who and where you are.
The woman I dream of spending the rest of my life with,
  My Lords  answer to my most personal wish.
How your sweet words tell me forever you are mine,
  Carved deeply into my heart for all time. 
As I  glaze at night upon the fullest of moons ,
   Tells me you will be with me so very soon.
Patiently but anxiously I wait for that day to arrive,
   I take a deep breath as I loudly sigh.
To share our hearts as we generously do,
   Will be the one thing that will get us through.
These miles between us may seem real far ,
   For the love we have my dear was writen in the stars.

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Written On A Snowy Day

Come on, O missed-
And sit by me in this 
Let’s imagine
How it will be there
In the vale,
We teacher-
colleagues had a 
two-day trip
That year, in that 
fair midsummer.
That ways
Amidst the gloomy 
Beneath the soaring 
Old wild crows caw,
And mother-monkeys 
feed their babies
On gigantic rocks;
Over the craggy 
Touching the skies;
Along the slippy 
stony narrow paths—
Heart beats high
And head sweats.
And their big-
breasted long haired 
mother is bathing 
In the icy brook
And their frightening 
father(often laughs 
in pride or in 
as in storm thunder) 
is cooking on 
The hunted hare.

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An Untold Love

I never thought …
Love will penetrate
through a tiny fracture
in a closed shutter

She came into my life
She made living fine
She filled my heart
She touched my soul

That short peek
was the spark
for an untold Love

I was drowned …
in her blue eyes

I was charmed …
by her soft smile

I was filled …
with her magical vibes

She walked into my life
She filled my world with LOVE

With her around …
I was always fine

She filled my heart
She touched my soul
My heart on fire
My mind in peace

With her around …
I was always fine

But her sudden death
torn everything apart
all my dreams died
nothing left to hide

All came to my life
sorrows of an untold Love

I wish she knew
she was my true Love

So many moments
all went in vain
She vanished away
remained only pain

Where could I seek
to find her again

Time is so unkind
when she is not around

Forever in my heart
Forever in my soul
I will always Love her
I will always hold her

She will ever last
in my Love lament

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Together again

Amidst the blank landscape of my loneliness
The glowing embers of a lifetime spent in lonesome solitude
The dry desert of my searching soul
There always was the lingering shadow of hope
Hope that one day I might find you
A Knowing that you should be out there

Walking your own lonely path of unfulfilled dreams
Giving of yourself in selfless servitude
Spending your being in unfulfilled liaison
Surviving on the crumbs of what should've been a loaf of love but wasn't
Hoping that one day you might find me
A Knowing that I should be out there

And then our paths crossed after years apart
And the shadows of our hopes became reality
And the embers of our dreams began to flare
And we embraced in hesitant anticipation
Wanting, yearning, waiting for divine intervention
Ready to give again

And perhaps receive for the first time in our lives
Unconditional love
Intertwining of souls
And the stars nodded in satisfied agreement
And we embarked with excited anticipation
On a road laced with affirmations of future bliss

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Stunning little cupcake,
good enough to be a Queen.
Even when a hasty day is done your beauty continues to gleam
Is there anything that exists that could tone your glamour down.
In simple terms, no there is not !

Why ?

Because you are like an eternal sun. Even when you cannot see it you know it's burning way up high.

Its' a fact, it's there. Your stunning grace always prevails.

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Silent calls

blowing in the clouds 
Upon a misted moon 
Eerily silver shadows 
Draw on light 
rippling reflections 
dance on water 

Alight beautiful 
Floating cotton candy 
Magical it dreams 
In musical chimes 
the heartstrings 

Sweet enchanting music 
Floating upon air 
In a feathered touch 
Touching innermost 

Spirit of the night 
calls out 
Whispers a breeze 
Blowing gently 
Into the ears 

Through the trees 
call out a name 
Whistling enchantingly 
Mine eyes found 

In silent words 
Calling out 
Amazingly beautiful 
silver thoughts 
Shine on thee

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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And Blessed Me Most With You

The women beggars had the festivals’ fetch
The old shepherd’s pregnant does, all bore three kids or two
The soldiers appeared untold, and gave their long-waiting wives surprise
The young widows travelled town and met noble men, and agreed to marry again
The far-sighted school boys could miss the school, and went to see the close by woods—close.
Those were the lovely spring’s fair days,
All the fortune’s old-forgotten–heaven had benevolently blessed
And blessed me Most—with You!

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falling soul

Life and soul 
within jeopardy's reach 
rolling water 
runs down 
The face changes 
blood hounds kiss red 
the beast ravishing inside hunger 

Rising warm burning 
within each and every beat 
one star gazing beauty 
invading desires burn 
sizzling hot 
with sweet raw 
dazzling passion 
every word sparkles 
with a smile 

Howling into 
the dark space 
in a clear night sky 
wishing lonely 
in this dream 
staring upon 
a full 
pale white moon face 
in distant thoughts smiling 

I would darling 
sweetheart lay 
my life 
down honey 
for only 
you my love 
Leaving the soul 
in your 
capable hands 
walking inside 
the garden 

Holding us together 
forever young and free 
blooming always to you 
Petals softly glow 
warming enchanting magic 
Swept away I am 
on a celestial breeze 
in an after space bliss 
Heaven is in your arms 

Sweet baby you're an angel 
leaving an army of kisses 
safely under your pillow 
each one to kiss every last single dream 
so perfectly true 
shining such light on only you love

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Not so sure

Slowly getting tired and frustrated with the situation that's at hand, 
but yet I'm trying to get a good grip on it and not let it go,
cause when it goes its going to fall and once it falls its going to explode,
the feeling that I'm getting gets stronger by day and weakens me by night,
I try to remind my self this is how it was since the beginning,
I'm not suppose to neither am I allowed to let it affect me like this,
slowly ill start pushing away.
I been hurting,
that empty feeling is coming back slowly the hole that was once patched up is simply 
as much as I try to maintain it shut the pain knocks at it making it crack. 
And it's not a feeling of loneliness because this feeling has just been growing 
waiting to escalate just building one on top of the other forming into this giant tOwer not well 
I'm not losing interest just focus on what's in front of me and what I have 
needing something to pull me back saying look I'm here,
words are slowly just turning into words 
I can feel like I'm hurting not in pain,
just hurting that discomfort in my chest is annoying 
to the point where throwing up seems like the best option
as I hurt I know I'm hurting you to 
trust me its not my intension to. 
I love you 
forgive me or forgive me not but I blame you 
you have me so rapped around your finger you don't even notice how much I love you or 
need you 
when I need you the most your never really there your presences maybe but your mind is far 
I'm sorry I put you threw this the headaches and heartaches cause trust me i feel them too,
but you chose me and I chose you and we chose each other 
knowing that we
us aren't actually perfect 
we each have our problems you have yours and I have mine 
once your problems becomes me and my problem becomes you 
the world we have builded starts to drifted apart 
you on one side me on the other 
yet we still hold hands trying not to let go 
hoping and praying for the best to make it come back together again
I know there's a purpose to why our paths were put in the same direction  to each other
I'm still trying to figure it out
I love you I always have I just need to get reuse to being use to the beginning and how it all 
started and what it use to be,
But yes things are changing 
I'm still trying to hold of grip of the change
But at the end of the day,
It will forever be me and you,
Together again.

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Finding Forever

She tells me she's found forever in me. Wonder how that could be? Says my 
hands have latches and I hold indiscriminately.  Said she admires my daily 
routine. Says I'm cryptic with understandable ways. Likes my body's definition and 
is additcted to my plug and play. Says the way I put words together is akin to "no 
body's business." Says she enjoys how I sequester what's told in confidence. She 
calls me presidential then takes a little hit. I call her Ms. Lewinsky and buy sun 
dresses as gifts. Says she's found her forever in me. Said she knows it, intuitively.  
Said if she were the moon and I was earth, I'd rotate around putting her first. Said 
the oceans might be altered, and calamity might ensue but my hold is forever,  & 
forever I'll hold you. Asked if I'd say yes if she would have asked? My answer, ask 
me tomorrow. Today I'm busy doing what I do. Holding you is, my daily routine. 
Forever was founded the first time I saw you. 

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Its New Spring And Heavy Downpour

O good servant!
Bring the white mare, grazing in the pasture,
And saddle her;
Or take out the Ranger car, in the backyard 
Is  the thatched garage.
It’ new spring, and heavy downpour,
Call her to company me,
Order a tent with tables and toys, bedding and lighting,
And a countryside cook.
I am in great mood,
 I have to picnic, there,
In the country, by the bank of the brook,
I was teaching, some years back, the lovely poor children,
And loved it, and always had a feeling of joy.
Invite the poor country men 
And serve them tea, and some fast food.
Then in the thunders and rain
 I will dance and romance with her.
And then, watching the muddy water rolling the rocks and willows’ trunks
And bodies of animals dead,
I have to in lonely meditate,
Before a cheerless return.

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winds of change

looking towards 
a misty mountain
jewel fingers 
paints your vision
into thoughts 
i just 
cannot princess
for the life 
stop thinking about 
you baby

one cloud eclipses 
a sun 
warm deep rays
glows inside
the very heart
of this mountain
sweeping warm 
love weeping
willow leaves caressing
falling drops 
of dew

missing you 
like crazy
colouring rainbows
feelings fall within
endearing emotions
sings sacred 
unto these eyes
speaking from 
this soul

in bowling 
a heart over
lifting one host
bewitching with wings
enchanting beauty
floating magic
outside in 
this world

kisses deeply
lips wave 
inside an ocean 
salt of the earth
whispering whistles
silent winds
landing on
a treasure

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crossover to love

walking towards
the crossroads
choosing in life 
which direction
miles away 
from a dream
not trusting easily
one time 
i did

they never truly 
loved me
at this crossroads again
all alone 
searching direction
sharing a love
deep in my soul
inwards smiling 
from the warmth 
it radiates
seeing a light 
colours emotion
to share forever
a  light 
in the distance

heading towards it
with open arms
i kiss you 
in getting there
emotions dance 
floating butterfly feelings

holding one 
 four letter word 
in my heart
to love you forever
on the tip 
of one's tongue

heading towards you
in the right direction
holding one dream
believing in my heart
to go on with you
forever more

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my everything

i would give you 
Anything in life 
hands upon 
the good book 
To be your everything 
Dreaming of 
such memories 
To feel loved 

Holding on 
to someone 
Cherishing every moment 
Just to feel needed 
My purpose 
To be everything 
You ever wanted 
A soul mate 

Bound by two hearts 
Everything in life 
My heart 
will beat you 
Who made 
me feel love 
The wonderful you 

Timeless with love 
A priceless treasure 
Money just 
couldn't buy 
To be one 
with your heart 

Following you 
To the ends 
of the earth 
My treasure 
Of treasures 
Forever more 

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Almost Lovers

Almost Lovers
Now, loveless romantics
With only sadness in our eyes
A fresh new hole 
In our hearts
Without each other
Being by each other’s side

I am trying not to think about you
Though images of you 
Still haunt me
Flooding, my mind
I hear the sound of your voice
Echo through the air
I see you ‘smile’
I can smell you, everywhere!

And when I watch the stars
Light up the sky at night
When I stroll the streets
Without you by my side
I watch lovers enjoy each other’s company
Reminiscing about ‘you’

Almost lover 
I still feel the beating of our two hearts
Becoming One
Even though you are gone
Goodbye, almost lover
Thank you for making my heart warm!

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Work of Art

Clearly defined by
Remarkable lines and figures that
Surrounds color, which
Gives off tones
Soft and hard
Evenly masked
I stare

What is this I find my eyes hard to shift from?
With Picasso and Leonardo
To my left and my right
I assume the picture in front of me is Starry Night
Because all I see are stars in my eyes
But I realize it's not.

The picture in front of me is far more worthy
There are no blues,
There are no yellows,
Just even shades of brown
Illuminating a glorious presence
In my eyes

The image chase my thoughts
And now I'm breathless
I'm left still and a fixated
Never another to have left me feeling this way
I must say
You are simply a work of art.

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Foolish Lover

You wore the dress
that I picked out
sexy black skirt
that I raved about

You came to me
as a flower in bloom
I kissed you
when you entered the room

You lifted your dress
I bled out
in my shaded bedroom
you made me shout

Stretched out next to you
I said I loved you perhaps too soon
as you plumed and plumed
I felt like a big baffoon....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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eastern promise

rising lips
licking amber warm 
sun shines rays 
dance on waves 
warmly upon beauty
melting soft 
turkish delight
sweetest honey

rome was not built
in a day sweetheart 
one crusade
i bow 
to honor
with all
that's within
these two hands 

each stone starts
the building blocks
in foundations solid
of a jigsaw puzzle
castles in 
a blue sky cloud
paradise beyond

uniting fairy tales
dancing the yellow
polished gold 
road smiling
searching our space
living piecing together
life is never easy
when overcome
by grief
or sadness

love shines 
eternal light
of everlasting happiness
forever destiny dreaming
sparkling always
in the darkness
colour shines on
a moon smiling

at a beautiful treasure
one blinding star
sparking winks
dazzling dew
of love you

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The Woman I dance with

I look at you with eyes of love
And I see the aura that emanates from your feminine beauty
And I feel the gentle vibrations of your kind Soul
And I hear the songs of angels in your compassionate voice
And I sense the tenderness of your vulnerable Being
And I touch the magic of your wondrous mind
And I smell the emotional Woman whom you are

And I yearn to draw you very close
And I desire with burning fervor to make love to you a lifetime long and long beyond

And the more I see
And the more I hear
And the more I sense
And the more I smell
And the more I touch
The more I love
And the more I love
The more I understand
How precious you are
How much I want who you are
How much you are 
The Woman whom I dance with in the holiest of my dreams...

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Safe and Sound

She loved him-
oh yes she did.
She loved him,
and she cared for him;
she would die for him.

Yet, not even a heart-felt
"hello" from his lips,
from his nasty, bitter tongue.
His blue eyes,
blond hair,
his Arian Nazi look
snapped her pretty heart in two.

Tears flow.
As she lays in bed.
A phone call to a dear friend...
and that's where I come into
the picture.

Like her feeling for that boy,
who broke her heart;
I felt that same for her.
I was in love with her,
but her eyes covered, blinded by
tears couldn't see my love for her.

I sit with her,
as she uses my shirt sleeves
for tissue paper.
My voice comforts her,
jokes make light of things,
lifting her just a bit out
of darkness.
She lay there, lost,
not knowing what's around her.

Words spoken so softly from
tongue and lips to tongue and lips.
She looks at me-eyes red, puffed up, tears
rolling down her red cheeks,
I hear her heart bet,
her lips look inviting
wanting to be loved.

"Your heart beats fast for it to be broken." I say,
she laughs and covers her face.
I lift her head with the lift of her chin,
I take one last look at shattered pride,
and I kiss her- oh I kiss her so sweetly.
She grabs my hand softly and places it around her.

There for only a couple seconds of time
everlasting eternity
love everlasting.
Kiss, kiss, kiss we do and we do- a show
of love and appreciation.
I stroke her Autumn hair.
and I kiss again,
with the swing of the tongue
she strikes back.
Feeling her soft, petite hands on my shoulders,
she melts away.

Our minds go insane; I feel heat from
blushing and nervous cheeks,
I taste her and she tastes sweet.

We there on her bed,
love takes place
she turns out the light,
locks her door,
opens her heart and soul,
as we lay on that bed
painted with pink sheets.
She lays there in my arms,
her arm across my chest;
she feeling safe and sound,
a cup full of love,
flowing rivers continue to flow,
as nightingales sing outside in beautiful gardens,
love all around-all around-
she laying there with me, safe and sound,
safe and sound.


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Immortal Memories

Many times I have tried
to forget you and move on,
but by mind has refused to
let go of your melodious beauty

When I close my eyes in the white
sands near the ocean, I see you
walking barefoot and gracefully
in the tropical breeze

When I go to meditate in the garden,
I see you resting on clean, green grass,
with a red rose decorating your beautiful,
long hair

When I look up in the sky,
I see a cloud imitating your perfect,
slender face, and the cloud-face
appearing as though it's staring at me

When I look at your picture,
I feel your gentle heart-beat,
though you are far away

The more I try to erase memories
of you, the more intense
beautiful memories of you fly back
to me, like a boomerang!

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Gunjti lehar mein

ye jo saans ki kashish hai

Reshmi subah ki

ye jo narm si tapish hai

Duriyon ka parda

meri nabz ab bhi kam hai

Hosh hai ye rukhsat

hai ye pyaar ya bharam hai

moum sa pighalta

kahin ret sa fisalta

imaan beimaan mera

chor se kya kam hai

Sun baarishen hain neeli

mera dil bhi besharam hai

pyaas barse zyada

ye paani ab bhi kam hai

Tu paas mere ayi,

kabhi duriyaan badhain

O yaar tera pyaar

kisi katl se kya kam hai!

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Yes it is safe to say(my dear) that love is a shadow-
that can be seen at night,
and a kiss is a flower bed of red roses on your chamber bed.
Hear me my love- let me tell you(my dear)
that I drowned in intoxication with your beauty,
me kissing your soft and tense neck,
kiss me on the lips
and we shall create art in on your bed of roses(my dear)
My dear, oh my dear yes, yes there, there- love me more and more,
never stop loving me and I shall never stop loving you,
(oh my dear, yes there, there- more and more!)
Love me two by two and I kiss you once and twice over and over
and we shall never stop kissing, kissing on and on, lips together,
I shall love you again and again,
under the sky of night and under the sky of day
and I shall love you again and again,
more and more my love, love me, and love me and love me!

Ah,(my dear) thank you, thank you- I shall kiss you one more time.


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Into The Night

Into the Night

Whisk me away oh gallant one!

Into the night, Into the night,

For I have waited so long your arrival to my side,

Take me now, I've naught to dread,

For all that you offer, I need,

For your tender affections I bleed,

Whisk me away oh gallant one!

Into the night, Into the night

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Sweet Gentle Flower On A Pedistal

when i see you there,
i am reminded of why 
a surprise is so needed 
in my world

when i feel you share,
i am delighted to be an
emboldened treasure in 
your precious memory

the warmth of your soul
assures me that mattering 
is so much healthier that

i am so Bountifully Blessed 
that it makes my tear ducts 
benevolently swell to an immaculate

because of you i live for the 
extraordinary liveness of living

inspiration has now the most 
amazing and gratifying existance,
and it is passionately powered by
the zestiness of you

you are my waterfall in the center
of each and every beat of my heart,
and the loyalty of your love's sincerity
is one that i will Forever Cherish....

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under the skin

Divine the shadows 
Creeping over 
the soul, 
holding you 
deep within, 
caressing it through 
my mind 

In the spirit of light 
My heart's keeper, 
overflows with emotion 
Warm in delight, 

the sun draws 
upon a golden smile, 
wings of an eagle 
the spirit flies 

Sweeping across
 the very earth 
A shadow like a blanket, 
my soul sings 
out to beauty 
In my shadow 
I surround you 

Cotton soft 
Like silver clouds, 
to love forever 
One heart is born 

The eyes 
whisper quietly 
Sparkling emotion , 
like a flower 
upon my chest, 
opens slowly 
With the key 
In my soul 

Beautiful insight reflection 
Deep within 
one's mind 
Love of you 
The heart unfolds 
To the next chapter 

Wings closing 
around you embracing 
Forever to hold 
Looking directly 
You are beautiful 
In my eyes 

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I remember seeing
rich, chocolate eyes that invited me in
with hospitality and comfort like a hot chocolate
on a particularly cold fall day.

And that
the sun turned your skin to gold and
it was still soft and
sweet smelling.

Your delicate
crown of hair a
of abandoned beauty a
physical form of the words
'reckless abandon'

and I remember your skin under my fingertips your
hands in which i held tightly so as to not let you slip
through my fingertips so as to tell
i won't let you go.

I remember seeing silver skin
dark, black eyes the color of
night with
small yellow sparks
as stars

i saw them.

i saw them and i saw that
the moon
dyed your skin ivory
we were in an old silent movie i saw
your lips moving and i made up the words i saw
you in black and white and i made up the colors.

you spoke in the song of the mourning dove
you spoke in ancient tongues that i loved that i had forgotten.

I saw the poetry written on your skin on your palms
and i felt it
etched into your bones i read it
like braille.

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If I was

If I was an angel, I would have watched over you
If I was the sun, I would have warmed you
If I was a light, I would have shone for you
If I was a tree, I would have offered you shade
If I was the rain, I would have wet your hair
If I was a flower, I would have bloomed for you

If I was close to you, I would have made love to you
If I was your companion, I would have hugged you to death
If I was a door, I would have opened for you
If I was a road, you could have walked on me
If I was a miracle, I would have happened for you

But alas, I am only who I am...
All I can say is
I love you...

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The Voice

I never saw her face,
but I could hear her voice.
She spoke of rain as if 
it was God's way of re-painting
the world. It was a new canvas
in which we could live.
A deep and subtle miracle
that fell and swept away
the dirt of the past.
before my feet
could carry this lonely
soul around the corner
and introduce my heart
to hers
               ....She was gone
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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perfect stranger

My hand out for a dream 
Staring into the shadows, 
holding someone special 
To walk in life 
you at my side 

Reflection of a ghost 
Upon the clouds 
In the silver lining 
Longing emotions embrace 
A friend for life 

To be forever happy 
A dream in the heart 
The perfect woman 
Life's mystery 
You are out there 

If dreams comes true 
Holding out 
for a miracle, 
to hold 

Until my dying day 
Looking for you 
loves finest hour 
Still a stranger to me

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Distance Holds Our Love

Distance holds our love in bondage
It could be one mile of country road
Or maybe three thousand miles
Of sand, ocean, and the breeze

However, it cannot hold how I feel about you
I know I cannot touch you
However, the wanting is over-flowing
To embrace you with my everything

It consumes my thoughts
Tearing reality away from my heart,
Leaving me in a dream state of mind
Between dosing and wakefulness

Every ounce of my body
Feels this magnetic strength
Drawing, pulling me closer to you
I try to fight it off; but I cannot

Tell me when, when I will be
In your arms again my love
To inhale you... to hold you for eternity
Please darling... tell me when!

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Angel That is You

Oh, how I dreamed of seeing.
Oh, how I desired of seeing.
Something so beautiful.
As the Angel that is you.

For the first time,
in a very long time.
I got a glimpsed.
Of the Angel that is you.

Your beauty aglow,
like nothing I've ever seen.
It was so radiant,
that the stars themselves became jealous. 

For I was honored.
When you smiled at me.
I held onto it,
Like a gift from the above.

For one time in my life.
Can I say. 
That I finally saw,
an Angel smile.

The Angel That is You.

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I date with her,
My love, my angel,
And my analogy,
Who comes into my heart,
Just once in a while;
But, she, my wife, envies
Me and my love,
And muzzles and constricts
Her heart,  
And she would never understand 
That I’m dating with 
My poetry, 
Which I picture with 
Colors of life; 

By: R K Chowdary Jasti
@all copyrights reserved

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as one

in open invitation
a bell begins ringing
sounding of music
to the heaven's
to love
it rings

is to be loved
the question is who
on a seahorse
prancing beautiful
swells upon the waves

like wild horses galloping
thundering on the crest
folding out softly
to the very mountains

dancing with the wind
the in heather blooms
crisp clear whispers
inhaling the beauty
i speak in love's tune
sweet fragrance
taking heather

like moss
i cling to it's earth
sprinkles in a very beautiful
glowing heart
open or closed
my heart

it loves
like no other
the toughest mountain
takes a good woman

only they will climb
on top
of the world

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i see an angel 
you light up
in a faraway distance
hope shines
silent whispers
rustling in the trees

a white rose
walking a beautiful path
filled with sweet blossoms
chosen as we speak
enchanting spells
 light within a life
the curtains 
begin to raise
out of nowhere 
like a dream

i begin talking
beautiful words again
the path begins changing
each and every 
single day

i found a lighthouse
the goal remains
one aim to hold
the hands
in the golden mittens
a treasure 

a gem sparkling 
in so much beauty
wearing the crown
a princess
sparkling within
 the eyes beautiful

holding the soul
mirror of the heart
to kiss the frog
i would give to you
the moon

as i hold your hands
in golden mittens
two stars shining
heaven's light
souls connected
in one spark

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Romancing History

Your beauty and mystery is like these ancient Pyramids;
eyes secretive like King Tut's treasures, before 1922;
ahhhh.....the treasures and magic they carry.

I am eager to get into your passion, and feel the flame
of its treasures. I want to kiss you so deeply, that we
get lost in a maze, even where the mummies cannot find us.

Enchant me with your nakedness tonight, and make me gaze at you
as though I was gazing at a reflection of the moon, stars, and papyrus,
on the still Nile river. Let's bond under the palm trees, and raise our inner
Sun, bringing every emotion, ecstasy, and glow to sight! 

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The Depth Of Distance

You couldn't begin to imagine the pain that I obtain from your absence,
Trying desperately to find the words, and yet my voice remains absent,
Visuals of what you are only witnessed within my computer,
My heart searches for her recruiter with no one there to recruit her,
Oh Captain my Captain with you I vowed to share my life,
The dreadful distance transformed this bitter soul into a loving wife,
Insomnia commenced from your side of the bed I kept void,
My King will soon return, my sleepless nights far destroyed,
No time or distance shall ever keep us apart,
Come back to me love, come mend my broken heart...

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falling in love the chinese way

          dress-suit occasioned, to the eye perception
     toasts and canned laughter,in  the name of making out
     can i buy you a drink, the prologue of octopused slumber
        seated on a cold stool, the troubles of joyful singles
till a shadow pinched me to the site of, a spring lit cheongsam dress
our eyes acquainted by virtue of fate, shaking our balls in a bouncy whirl
                 drifting to a locality fit for two
      wishful inspired ross-colored magic, by dint of a love spell
       muffling tunes, a language treasured by hearts unified
           like poles oozing, drops of distinct formation
                    falling in love the chines way

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In The Lonely Go Wherever Out Free

In The Lonely Go Wherever Out— Free
Listen to the singing of sparrows—free 
Sit by the bank of a spurting stream
 Feel there, the quiet blows of breeze
Rest in the cedars’ shade or of chinars
 Play with the willows’ leaning boughs
Smell the scent of ripening roses
 In the heights listen to the quiet vale
Hand an old or pat an orphan boy
 See the sun setting over hill-top
See the dawn damp with dew
Wink at a City Lass or blink at a Country Maid
Hug a grazing calf or clasp a playing boy
 Feed a pigeon in cage, or a street dog,
Or come to me and enjoy in sips, a cup of tea—Free!

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the sum of you

The sum of you…
Beautiful scars, tempered life,
Beloved of God, captivating wife.

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Loves First Kiss

amore, sensitive and mild

whispers softly all aglow

amid quiet gentle breezes,

a dress of shimmery satin

playful in the even’s light

enshroud a sea of dreams,

a prince and his princess

lost deeply in starlit eyes

stroll silent hand in hand,

as two soul’s intertwine

and their hearts embrace

love’s magical first kiss.

© Eugene Harvey

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My Heart at Peace

to love and to cherish
to entangle myself 
in your phonetic mindset
is to relinquish the ever lopsided 
which now subsides
within my soul

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Springs Meet

Spring's Meet
After flew the dry dusts, cold winds roared,
Fell the hanged leaves, dead twigs of trees,
Dark clouds hid the faint stars,
Fog spread to the afar,
It rained light in the late-autumn’s late nights,
Snow fell--heavy, and for days,
For nights, snowy terrain shined soft of stars and full moon,
Water dripped of frozen roofs, long icicles hanged,
The breeze blew, waved the boughs of old trees,
Sun rose warm, clouds spread and scud,
Green grasses grow anew, the birds again fly,
After two and two— four months,
We met, and met so brief!

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to feel beyond 
the eyes 
they cannot see 
where there is love 
there is life 

churning at the bottom 
in a deep ocean 
swelling out 
dripping on paper 
blowing upon 
the breath 
a kiss 

breathing frost cold 
ice turning black 
within silence 
in dense dullness 
freezing to the insides 
a cold 
lonely heart 

slowly becoming warm 
dripping in love's beauty 
morning dew 
of spring 
bringing life 
to a beautiful feeling 

happiness blossoms 
mingling in air 
one of delight 
petals of emotion 
i stand 
in the harsh 
winter before spring 

forgiving the past 
in a beautiful circle 
this world 
becomes beautiful 
once again

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Her Eyes and My Poetry

When the eyes smile. 
And lips reflect it
When the flower smile 
And garden reflect it
When the sky smiles 
And earth reflect it
When the she smiles
my poetry reflect it… 

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land of forever youth part two

smiling with so much love 
he kissed her gently 
on the lips 
holding her 
in his arms 
as he was leaving 
blowing her a kiss 
promising to return shortly 
jumping on the white horse 
smiling waved to her 
heading across the sea 
to the land 
of his birth 

soon the white mares hooves 
touched upon Irish soil 
Oisin began to see 
how much the land 
with everything around 
it had changed 
all his family 
also his friends 
had passed away 

no longer was there 
a grand castle 
instead it was completely 
covered in ivy 
almost in ruins 
he was so caught up 
in his emotion 
with heavy feelings 
of grief deep down inside 
he forgot to care 
for the beautiful white horse 

in spite of her hunger and fatigue 
she continued to respond 
to her riders request 
with a sad and lead heavy heart 
he turned towards the sea 
to head back to his love 
in Tir Na Nog 

as he was approaching 
the sea 
he came across 
a group of men 
working in the fields 
as the mare reached the group 
in her fatigue 
she began to stumbling 
clipping her hooves of a stone 
he bent down 
to pick up a rock 
planning to take it with him 
to Tir Na Nog 
as a keepsake 
full sure it would help ease his sadness 

taking a little piece 
of his homeland 
back with him 
but as his hand 
grasped the stone 
loosing his balance 
falling to the ground 
within moments 
he began aging 300 years 
without her rider 
the horse reared 
on her two front legs 
rushed towards the ocean 
returning to Tir Na Nog 
to her beloved Niamh 

as the men in the fields 
they witnessed this 
their eyes wide with amazement 
at first they saw 
a young man 
before their eyes 
transforming growing older 
they also saw 
an old plow horse 
changing as it neared the sea 
into the most beautiful 
silver white mare 
that they had ever seen 

as the came men walked across 
to Oisin's aid 
they carried this 
a feeble white haired old man 
to St Patrick 
when Oisin met St Patrick 
he began telling him 
about his family and his Fianna friends 
whom had disappeared 
300 years before 

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Thank Them--All

The fair breeze had 
steadily blown
And in the rocky 
pasture, the lilies 

The bubbly boys 
saw us
And giggled and 
shyly had run.

The grave cloud 
floated slowly over
And caringly had 
shaded us.

The wild grass 
grown very high
Had us in her lush 
lap hid.

The old tree behind 
her trunk
We had standing 
become one.
old man who 
was Godly 
And thus couldn’t us 
seeing birds 
in gaiety had sung
When by the country 
we walked
And secretly kissed, 
cuddled, and kissed. 

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limited entry

My private 
Is reserved 
for honored guests 
by invitation only 
my mortal promise 

Love will get you a seat 
The show will begin, 
when you join me 
head of the table 
my honored 

When I pour 
from the cup of life 
a chalice of love, 
i adore the beauty 
reserved that seat 
with a golden ticket, 

with a key 
to open all chambers 
my heart

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Virginity Dance

Tongue danced behind lips; anticipation,
Love transformed in unbridled liberation.
Fire-born body heat of scalding passion,
Unrealized immense infatuation.
Naked whispers confess love; consummation,
Bound by virginity-claimed emancipation.

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If I embraced you

Would warmth greet me

Arms flowing with love

If I embraced you

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Sunday Sermon

She's my sermon on Sunday
My fun day on Monday
A ribbon in the sky 

we tie for Tuesday
Wednsday, I don't need to say
She's like Shakira
and loves the way hips 

speak truth and sway

drunk off that 100 proof.
At it again Thursday
Ladies night, turnt up 

before the weekend begins.
Friday we thank God,
another week added,
rolling a week's worth of events
on Saturday, so come Sunday
the church can say amen. 

Day in and day out, 

she's what I'm talking about.


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golden honey

smiling the closer
i get
shimmering gold horizon
waves of purity
warmly touching lips
soft tenderly
sweetly tasting 
velvet silk kiss

openly feelings
dance with ribbons 
emotions flashing bursts
sparkling technicolor
dazzling dreams
fluttering jewel
love's perfect light
flavored with 
your beauty
a tasty delight

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Show and Tell

I just want a 24 hour period 

of seductive listening.  

Intently awaiting 

your body's calling. 

A standing ovation 

after your speech

 is  finished.  

I want to know you 

by your idiosyncrasies 

and inconsistencies.  

Let me formulate 

the right mixture of 

ecstasy and redundancy 

that'll have you reaching and 

falling for the same plateau. 

We go high, we go low

Never mind that.

Allow me to spread your mind partially 

and slip in the gentle caresses

of synonymic blessings.  

Converse with your innermost 

till our silence is deafening.  

Our moans are like feline whiskers 

brushing passed grass. 

Stalking, as red moons set

on apocalyptic forevers.  

Let me fade away in your syllables, 

in the pauses, commas, and 

exclamation points that never 

need publishing.  

Shh, I'm smitten.  Forgetting 

we were only supposed to be chatting 

now our lips are in sync. 

What song shall we sing

Putting action words to good use. 

Stop flaunting. 

You were already attractive 

when you proposed this pretense.  

Can I stay in your present tense?  

Your body is mind blowing.  

The reactive state at which you 

exist to feel my eruption is 

called evolution. 

Reverse Darwinism

your weakness is what I seek

but shall not speak.

Tell me your ideas about big bang 

and I'll attempt to show you 

where love heralds from. 

Tell me and I’ll show you. 

Damn baby,  I see you.

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There She Stands Now

On that glorious horizon 

Eyes blazing promised tomorrows 

Smile melting this frozen heart 

Lips beckoning so sweetly 

Her hair flowing gently 

In love's soothing breeze 

Alabaster arms reaching out 

Inviting my injured spirit 

Into their warm embrace 

Speaking a thousand words

Only a moment passing 

Flying to this angel 

Over vast oceans of past 

Her voice ringing truth 

Deceit now a stranger

She asks no questions 

Just offering life's answers 

With knowledge beyond mortals 

Telling secrets of forever 

That eternity awaits everyone 

About an endless existence 

Where love welcomes all 

Evil knowing no host 

Banished from all memories 

Fear replaced by understanding 

Because everything is known 

All each other's guide 

Into waiting eternal light

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

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lingual love language

In the lover's tongue's
they call them romantic 
languages for their own sake

Escucho tu susurro amor
I hear your love whisper

Her Spanish tongue trills,
a lingual click on her
ivory teeth reminiscent of
glossy blanco castanets

Her billowing blouse, a hint 
of hiding romance underneath.
Colorful skirt flows, just - 
just like her sensuous legs below

Sento il tuo soffio d'amore
I hear your love murmur

Dark-haired Italian woman
arms raised to Tuscan air
fingers together in emphasis
tells of passionate effort

to make herself known to
her lover - il suo amante

Je sens votre amour dans mon coeur
I feel your love in my heart

Young blond from Avignon says
as she sits graciously 
at the small table
off the Rue Carnot
fingering her necklace
and looking at, you.
How could you not feel that
love is in the air?
Of course you do...
it's soon to be spring,
isn't it?

love grows - amor crece - amore cresce - amour grandit

© Goode Guy 2013-02-22

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Check mate

like growing honey
out of your breath
sweet falling 
like water
upon the skin

such softness
touching eclipses
the very soul
like the moon
with the sun

dancing smiling
emotions whisper
in its warmth
fluttering gentle breeze
cool yet
so softly

glowing golden feelings
in a feathers touch
upon the hearts wings
fluttering flying
out to you

I see heaven
two hearts
a beating
in the passion
become one

singing in tune
with the body
a host within the mind
floating beautiful
in the colours
of every flower

a bouquet
gentle landing
in the soul
checked in
we dance
take my hand

~ ~ ~ ~

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The Maiden

Whenever I look into the night sky
A moment of thought passes me by
How could I even get so high
When I don't even know how to fly?

Then suddenly I remembered you
Who came into my life just out of the blue
Everything changed even my point of view
Where colors poured-in in different hues

While the stars shine splendidly
I was enthralled by your beauty
A scenery I always wanted to see
Left me there standing breathlessly 

Perhaps words cannot describe your splendor
Where diamonds cannot even measure
Beautiful, talented and so cleaver
Everyday turning into a beautiful morning azure

The dark night sky suddenly disappears
Where a voice so tender I could clearly hear
I pondered how I could get near 
To the maiden of grace I love so dear

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morning book

she reads her morning book
in the autumn sunlight
and within our conversation she smiles radiantly
gives glimpse of hearts truth
natural beauty rendered of the soul
is a masterpiece that no artist of word or image
in subtle colors fine lines can duplicate
her burnished hair spread by morning breeze
her delicate gaze softly suffuse
natural beauty so sweet to the eye
but it also the natural kindness she shows
to the odd souls around her
that illustrates clearly the best of humanity
she brings out the best in all of us
she makes me want to be a better man
she reads her morning book
resplendent in the autumn sunlight
a radiant woman of delicate beauty
she wants to learn, change and grow
she makes me want to be a better man

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Take my hand in lovers charm
hold me tight squeeze my arm 
Take my heart and spool my yarn
we all know
sweaters are best made with love

Crackle goes the fireplace
a furnace such a lovely place
simmer through that gentle lace
we all know
flames are best made with love

Burning through the room so deep
reflecting from that soul to keep
just take with me that lovers leap
we all know
lovers leaps are best made with love

Smell of burning air abounds
no longer does the ear hear sounds
the cherub makes his nightly rounds
we all know
A cherub is best made with love

Sing to me your gentle song
your voice to me is never wrong
A sweet note I haven't heard in so long
we all know
Notes are best made with love

You have me now in your gaze
I look at you but slight a glaze
My senses gone I'm in a craze 
we all know
Passion..has... its... limits 

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you do not always
 get your own way
in my book 
of life
turn the pages

you just keep reading
one chapter memories
without them 
a hollow shell
a blank page

to evolve 
is the next chapter
the beginning 
of life
two shells opening

the story unravels
one life 
with you

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In the winter of my sorrows,
In the autumn of my hope,
In the spring of my awakening,
In the summer of my joy,
You were there.

Your gentle touch eased my pain,
Your caring presence soothed my restless soul,
With little bare feet you stepped into my heart,
Treading ever so lovingly.

And I drank from the cup of Hope that you offered,
And I ate the bread of Faith you provided in selfless blind trust,
Trust in a tomorrow so fair,
Yet so far...

And I dreamt of our Love enduring beyond time and space,
And my body glowed warm with desire to become one with your tiny frame,,
And my mind reached out to yours in unashamed need for more
And my soul took flight in search of yours,
And when at long last our souls made love in passionate embrace,
I knew...

In the winter of my sorrows,
In the autumn of my hope,
In the spring of my awakening,
In the summer of my joy...

You were always there,
And I will never let you go...

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You Know That Lady

You know that lady?
I worked with, in the country;
This whole spring, summer!
A complete country-colleen,
Despite brought up in Srinagar, City!
And I had found it my religious duty
To convey her…  
‘She was, so rich in face,
And despite that, that good in grace!’
So, I did…
What my doyens would do,
Praise Praise…
A sober lady, often in serene surroundings seen!
But the day another, as we by the way
Met on a lonely way,
She seemed annoyed, ill at ease
Or, very coy…!
Do you…?
I couldn’t see  
Her many maybes!
Well! I think it happens with young ladies!

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little mouse

I am just 
a lonely little mouse 
Each little bit 
of cheese you give me 
I begin to grow 
My eyes
 they begin to light up 

In height 
with love in mind 
Kissing you 
the princess 
Everything to love 
To outwit the frog 
Could I be your prince 

All I ask 
treasure me 
From within 
the heart 
To touch
 its inner most beauty 
My mirrored dream 
A beautiful start 
Who will 
put the cheese 
On the table

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giddy with your beauty,
sparks of unlimited chemistry.
with the hints of your untold look,
like I am the only one in the room.
simple sharing of holding hands,
expressions at first I couldn't understand.
relative gravity of our attraction,
better than any possession.
lovely to behold;
with new wings of passion to unfold,
along with the gift of your presence,
timid awe of your awkwardness,
pure blessings in disguise,
impressions of new desires,
formless impressions of attractions,
more than an illusion,
something to look forward to.
sweeter than any promises,
hoping to go beyond what you see.
not just random meeting or coincidence,
or typical falling,
just like catching a shooting star,
making a wish at the same star from afar,
and letting our destiny wishguide us together.

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Sweetest Dream

You're still the best I've laid my eyes on,
you're still the sweetest dream I've had.
I still recall the vivid smile you shone at me -
a beam among the darkness of a winter night.

A gleaming light which hinted that I got a chance
to make it so that I could call you "baby".
A chance I had, a chance I've wasted
and then another, wasted, too.

I'd hate to seem like I'm making up excuses
but it's the constant sense of shame that I was born with
that holds me back from spitting out
the words that I've been dying to mumble to your face.

I look for comfort in "it wasn't meant to be",
I look inside my head and find you hiding.
You're still the best I've laid my eyes on,
you're still the sweetest dream I've had.

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Every Vista Asked About You

Though the pallid water fell high 
And bathed the blue rocks continual clean.
Though to the deep,
 The cattle walked over the centuries-old glaciers
Though the horror of Sindh could be heard 
And the hurry of her water seen.
Though the calm cool lakes created
 Long lingering waves.
Though by the early evening, 
Nomads’ flock viewed of the far
 Walking to the far-off.
Though in the lush meads the horses’ dung in air 
An unknown fragrance had spread.
Though the goats grazed ‘long the standing hills 
And the buffaloes churned stock-still their heads, held eyes.
Though the horsemen galloped across the vale
And took the white women-visitors long ride.
Though the lofty road wayed ‘mid the Zojilla hills,
 High, along the Sindh’s cedars’ shore.
Though in the north 
The cloudy summits lived in frost and chill.
Though a country lad on the road’s side 
Stared sweet of half-open eyes—
The passing visitors’ vehicles, 
And tempted me to kiss.
Though to the uphill,
An old alone nomad reclined on a lonely rock
 Looked beautiful—lost in thoughts.
Though the Nature was in her sheer youth, 
Though I was flying in fervor and verve,
Every vista asked about you
 And turned, all delights into despair.

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      Through darkened Wood she leadeth me
      The silent waters bye;
      Anxiously a bat does flitter
      And serpent slithers nigh.

      "Correct my speech, and clear my mind,
      Another lover you.  Tarry from our troubles here
      And take me into you. . ."

      Her firm embrace and heaving breasts
      Without a thought or care
      Nor sees she stars and Moon that passes;
      Her eyes are fixed on mine.

      A snail makes forward progress.
      A branch has fallen there.
      A mosquito in a web is caught
      And spider hurries near.

      "Forget me not.  I'll not you.
      This tryst we must keep hidden.
      And soon you'll find some other wench
      To please you as I do. . ."

      The moss that we had lain upon
      Remarked upon us not.
      A fish then jumped in river near;
      And we prepared us to depart.

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most beautiful shadow

A gesture from my world 
In all a man 
can offer you 
A full heart 

A token of how I feel 
Do with it 
what you wish 
As beautiful 
stands before me 

Accept it 
as a rose 
With open hands 
Keep it safe 

As it breaks easily 
In my present moment 
A gift towards 
A beautiful future

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sleeping beauty dreams

Like a veil 
Falling cloud 
hiding ghosts 
in it's wake 
Leaving its 
eerie feeling 

Dropping upon
 the trees 
Souls passing 
in my mind 
Descending upon 
earthen soil 
In its mist 
you came to me 

Beautiful with grace 
Like a swan 
in mid flight 
From the rainbow
 you came 
The sun smiles 
kissing you 

In a wave of colours 
Out of the mist 
On a unicorn 
you sit 
A regal beauty 

On a carpet 
of rose petals 
Your eyes
 like the light of stars 
I am drawn to you 
Sparkling bright 

Shooting your arrow 
One look 
My soul chants 
Tonight my dream 

With you 
my picture 

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True Love In Photograph

Just one digit pressing
A breathing moment captured
Frozen mortal nano second
Caught in a flash

This instant perfect painting
Crystal clear developed memory
Loving image eyes embrace
Her smile never fading

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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tidal pool of days end

tidal pool of light
gathers round my feet as day evaporates
without sound it echoes in my minds eye
a thousand years breathed in a single moment
the weight of worlds falling within
the graceful collapse of a single feather touching
like tender kiss tumbling lost
like me
to the same battered wood floor
she once laid in such divine supplicant pose
bare to the golden light as i am now
and for a fleeting moment i share imagined space with
her presence
i can feel thunderstruck awe of her casual passing through this place
but as the tidal pool of days end dries
to the inky darkness
and the moment of perceived shared destiny's fades
i gather one last kiss to her soft hand
one last fare thee well
for one so loved and yet so lost
left behind all delusion
that i could deny you anything you desired
i forgive you for being the object of my affections
i forgive you for being the crux of my self illusion
i forgive you for being the thousand years i breathed in that moment
i say goodnight
because you are...
i kiss you goodnight
because you once were the...
tidal pool of golden warm light now gone

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get to know you

You’ve heard it all before every said 
No matter what I say you’ll just think I’m trying to get you into bed
You’ll make me repeat what you say just to make sure I’m listening
Then something along the lines of “me naked” is all you’re visioning

You’ll give me the brush off and say you don’t date much
Or that you’re still getting over a break up
You’ll say there’s plenty more girls for you to flirt to
When truthfully you’re just scared to get close again because your ex hurt you

But I want to get to know you
Learn all the small things and everything you had to go through
I’m not going to pressure you about things you decline to say
I just want to get to know you but you won’t give any man the time of day

I know why you’re sacred to let people in
Your ex hurt you and you think every man is the same as him
But I’m not so give me a chance to show you
What do I have to go through just to get to know you?

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A Man Writing Poetry

I sit there
Pen in my hand,
While thoughts explode quietly,
Landing on mind without asking permission.

Dancing from a brain I can't explain;
It just works day and night without pay.
An employee I couldn't fire if I wanted to,
Keeps me thinking about nothing and everything.

A fun part is sorting reality from fantasy,
Then mixing them together for anyone to drink of.
Poured more than a few that had me wondering next day,
Those ones have left me hanging over dreamy cliffs.

I've danced on tight ropes and soared with birds,
All things I could imagine have been my essence.
Still, my greatest memories of love will end on one road;
The one that leads me back to the arms of my sweetheart.

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn A.R.R.

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I love thee

I shall by the rose setting sun
 I shall bid each  whisper dew
 My heart would cling and bring essence to you my love
 How I love thee
 My special angel love
 What love can be described in what I see in you 
The will is flames desires, ever so true
 My soul is jubilant with blue tinted kiss
 What might I  mystical chance
 Captured by the treasure in your touch
 I carry hearts stone, you share the center with me
 Velvet drape shall encase the center ring
 You share my lifetime, marvels only heavens etched
 Cherished the feelings I lay close and heart you breathe
 I believe in angels whispers each night , on my loves sleeve

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Dearest Wife

Sleep over board and keep the coffee table messy
Jump crazy for your silly dressing
Hold my hands when u get nervous
Lying on to the chest.... feel for those ending days

Cosily lean on to me whenever you are upset
Occasionally  cook those fantastic dishes
Keep questioning me how much I love you
Ascertain that something lost is with me . . .only to repent later with a smile 

Get in to all arguments and never give up
It’s to share the hardship.. and loving to do so is true love !
Whatever it takes... will love you forever... 
Happy B’day to my little life called wife ! ! !

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Tell The Old Lady Wait

Tell the old lady wait,
Tell the boy, tell the b*itch,
O forest’s trees O breeze dear!
Moving by the far, secretly and fair
Along the rocky mount, over the valleys and grove,
Is still-slept sun, the fog’s low:
I too will come, I too will come
And hurriedly join
The stumbling lambs, the buck’s son,
The following foals and their fun.
The brawny hinnies and the hairy mares
I’ll herd and for years watch.
For, my soul’s seeking her abode anew
Like the Marvel’s sky-fallen dew.
And for peace goes there with you,
Purity’s there, beauty there, God’s with you.

the poem is addressed to the nomades moving by
 the forestside--in May when they migrate
the poem is the title poem of my debut and only poetry collection 
published recently by Alhayat Printographers Srinagar.

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web of love

My mind's gone 
Into a complete tizzy, 
By just a mere kiss 
Lost within 
it's meaning 

My words unfound 
I am speechless, 
You all but take 
My breath away 

My heart sings 
of its beauty 
As each heartbeat 
a dance, 
My eyes 
completely taken 
Kidnapped my mind 

Every little thought 
Is about love, 
In paradise 
I am lost, 
The sun smiles 
upon you 

From a circle 
of daisies 
I hand you 
my life line, 
Caught in such 
a beautiful web, 
You shaped
 this web around me 

Spun from the 
softest cotton, 
Weaving me 
forever closer, 
A wonder web 

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a woman reading

we sit in quiet reflection
she reads her french romance novel
i do the times crossword
i pause to sneak furtive longing filled stares
my heart nibbling at her earlobes
the nape of her neck in the soft light
her perfume lightly on the air
the sound of her turning the pages
passage of time
as she shifts in her seat
she sips her tea in a dainty way
unaware i marvel at her very presence
the utter beauty of a woman reading
the sensual and lovely way she holds herself and the book
one hand casually playing with a lock of her hair
her moist lips moving as she reads
her form curled into the comfy chair
i love women
they are such beautifully mysterious creatures
they are the center of all wonderful dreams
so full of terrible mysteries
so full of such beautiful light
a woman reading in her comfy chair
is such a beautiful sensual thing

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Heartbeats of singing wings

as the circles of wind                                                                                                   hold the delicate in the air                                                                                      waves of music fill as I stare hovering                                                                          flying backward away from the flower                                                                               like a pause before a kiss then closing in                                                                           with wings a blurr tastes the nectar                                                                          struck by colors unseen while dividing the light                                                               rightly into rainbows for all to admire                                                                               heart racing a thousand times a minute                                                                         all this from one little heart

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My angel

Your desire intertwined with
The golden rays of the Sun
And wrapped in the mornings
Pinches gently my cheeks
With your lips

Your lips,
My sweet petal,
Soft, warm and tender
Open quietly your soul,
Confess your dreams…
Your soul is angelic,
My angel
It embraced me
And took me
To a far away dreamland
To new dawns
Where I am your king,
Only yours.

I love the way
You pinch,
Love your dreams,
These dawns which are my realm
And you, you are my queen
My princess,
My all
I love you
Wishing you a good morning
With this poem,
Your bunny

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You, yes heaven's girl,
who sits from afar
looking at e with hazel eyes
and long hair so smooth-
you look to be loved,
still you say nothing;
you look at my hands,
you see my pen move swiftly
on paper so thin,
and you smile-yet you say nothing.

When I come with a smile,
your face(a loving face)
turns frail and red with shyness;
you long to be loved with words,
with such sweet poetry,
and a voice soft, yet strong- I tell you my girl,
let you be mine,
for I long to be loved too,
in this lonesome world-
oh you, yes you heaven's girl
stop hiding, I've found you.


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-and see that my sweet angel fly on a goodness of flight
and pure white heavenly fury;
as I see her go,
my hearts tears in two,
my eyes start to water,
emotions run ramped and scurry around like wild dogs
under a moonlit twilight sky looking for a bone.

See to it that my sweet angel goes fairly,
for the love we shared would be wasted,
if she go too soon and fast-
Love is powerful, and it can tear a man apart,
but if he loves in his heart he shall feel for another!

See to it that my love,
she is fine with another,
and that she is loved better than with I,
and make her smile every passing moment of sun and moon alike;
don't let her cry,
don't let her moan,
don't let her pout,
but let her live smiling and tender loving,
and let her live life being loved.

For she is my loving angel,
and I cannot see her wings clipped for amusement,
and brushed bones for souvenirs.
Let her be strong,
let her be herself and be most loved for that quality.
Most importantly- let her be appreciated-


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A husbands promise

I'll be your faith 
when yours runs low.
Then when your smile is broken, 
I'll be your smile.
I'll be your voice 
when you can't speak.
When you want to vent, 
I'll be your ears.
When you cry, 
I'll catch your tears,
without missing a drop.
May my words be the glue, 
to comfort you when life breaks you.
I'll be your legs 
when you can't stand.
I'll  be your back
when the world gets to heavy to carry.
I will carry your pain 
so you can be burden free.

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Know That Whenever He Holds you

Know that whenever he holds you
My arms are wrapped around you too.
When he gives you a passionate kiss
My lips will also give you bliss.

As he thrust and parries in the night,
My loving will give you delight.
And when he forgets how to please,
I will be there, a carnal tease.

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your wish

In a cave 
My heart 
The fortress locked, 
looking through the keyhole 
Ajar I hand you the key 

All that I am 
My invitation 
To view the chambers 
deep within 
In its gesture 

I beg you enter 
In a feather's touch 
The cobwebs fall back, 
the curtains raised 
to you I show 

With you my audience 
I see you a treasure 
Scattered in gems, 
my emotion to you unfold 

Magical words 
opens like flowers, 
blooming beautiful 
In a bouquet of colour, 
one flower stands out , 
[it's you] 

In words painting 
the writing on the wall 
Deep in my heart, 
like a genie in a lamp 
If I could love 
Grant you wishes 
You would have them all 

Your beauty rubs deep 
within me, 
this feeling 
in my heartbeat 
Your wish 
now my command 

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The Story of The Picture

(Based on the painting “Judith” by Gustav Klimt -1901)

She is marvelous for the mood,
picture perfect, ready for her close up
with hair so fair, her face so poised
and her smile plays with my imagination,
though the story is in her eyes
a passionate story,
a story of allure that draws me in and leads me away…
it takes me down a trail of fervency,
and beyond the irises, deep in the body of her pupils, where the secret of her love lies
a story my heart can’t help but read, page after page,
Though, I mustn’t go along with that story,
stop reading the words,
I need to put the book back,
For he has grown impatient,
waiting for the flash 

Written in Austin, Texas -JAN 2012

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I Am Trying To Paint

I am trying to 
A forest,and by its 
foot in the 
shepherd and his 
On a sunny spring's 
day.              You 
are the shepherdess 
chasing the funny 
young-sheep and   I 
am your shepherd 
sitting under a 
How your big 
breasts bounce And 
the thick long braid 
beats your big butts.

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There, At My Abode

There wild cats howl whole night!
Oh! But owls and dogs ain’t there.
(Let’s pray! a busty b*itch appears out of nowhere
And bears big dogs.
And on old walnuts near the new house—
Old owls hoot,
And one, beside our window!)
However, we’ll watch with the blue evenings,
Chaired on the porch,
Clasped hands, joining our cheek,
The moon—Half, and full, 
Silently rises, of the not-far-away –
 Gloomy forest.

And in the rocky mountains to the north
(Some sixteen miles away—
The lucky gujjars live in their lap)
I’ll show you someday
When we visit our old house,
How, whole night, the lights burn and go!

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Enticing Stroll on Enamoring Strand

Your tight-fitted, neon-pink top glows in the dark surf,
While your fluorescent G-string sparkles in my brown eyes.
Each, firm buttock, the well-rounded quarter of savory Roe,
My raised shaft in mock-tandem salutes each, titillating swivel.
Your silver bangles reflect the golden sun beams:
Your silver locket refracts steam from my eyes.
Your lubed pigments with drying sun strokes bind;
My doting fingers carefully brush refinished surface.
Your silky, ebony locks morph into a shimmering frock,
Availing breeze bristles thread-ends against my chest.
Your polished legs are flossed by the foaming tides,
Tethering to my brawny sinews, coarse hairs lather.
Your tiny, nimble feet sweep the satin granules;
The winnowed seeds tenderly fondle my arched heels.

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More to a Woman

There's more to a woman than her body and curves.
At the core of her brain is a thunderstorm that rain 
down wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.
Flooding the soul of man with love in it's truest form.
There's more to a woman than her physical beauty.
She's a living breathing ocean with waves of compassion
leaping from the depths.
Sweeping man up in her current allowing him to swim in 
her essences.
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka The Green Poet.

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the light

close to sunset and a chill wind starts
but the light that warms my soul comes from her eyes
enticed out of sleeping memory by
this falling shaft of sunlight in my backyard
as i rake some spilled leaves
a lifetimes of summers memories rushing back to greet
with their own legends their own grand tales
spirit flys like a summer bird
with open wonder at the beauties of a world below
in the clouds where nothing but sunlight can touch
these lifetimes of summers daydreams all bid fare thee well
and one by one lay back to dusty memory
closing eyes to dream once more
of thouse days in childhood
and that moment running out the front door
with the whole world to play in and a whole day to do it
that endless freedom and joy that childhood gave
my life with her is like that
its close to sunset
but the light which i endure by
comes from her heart

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Remember O Love

Remember O love!
How was our love!
Pure than the parrots’ pair
Who live in the wild highs…
Away from the city's sins and sweat
And ah! Sick societies have constructed –
Sad standards.
That is, free from any commotion and cry,
On the lofty pine by the bank of the snowy creek--
Hummingbirds hop on the mossy rocks.
...whole nights embraced,
Whole days—hand in hand.

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under the stars

me and you are at the french Rivera,
holding your hand giving you a kiss under 
the clear stars..
I say your the only women for me.
my heart is for you and only.
you make me fall in love with you over and over
your in a class of all of your own.
you mean so much to was meant for
I feel so happy when your with me.
I'll always be true to you.i'll be your everything 
i'll never hurt your feelings,my feelings is for you
and only for you...

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He used to write to her, doing pen pal letters in his spare time, when not on duty.    She replied back in-between marking her students' work.                                                                                      Nothing special, you understand, it’s good to be friends and have fun.                                       Over a year’s worth of letters sent both ways, something young people do.                      Talking about music and films and their lives.                                                                                     He was Israeli, a soldier and Christian, she was Palestinian, a teacher and Muslim.                                                         A year separated them.                                                                                                        Out of the blue they came and took him from his homeland, to her land, but he wasn’t destined to meet her.                                                                                                      They took his colleagues, too, and killed a lot more.                                                             Her letters went unanswered.                                                                                                 She received one of his sent before all of this.                                                                           His side retaliated as they had to do; after all, they had to be seen as strong by one-and-all.                                                                                                                                Over one month of attacks to free their boys, we’ll show them, no-one will be spared.                                      True to their word, so many died by their firepower, wrecking a country with little done in return.                                                                                                                       He remained a prisoner, her photo hidden in his wallet.                                                           She wrote letter-after-letter, all unanswered.                                                                       She cried at his silence, missed his words and talking.                                                   Why can’t our countries talk instead of having this stupid war?                                            They took my friend and started all of this.                                                                                 If only they would talk and not fight.                                                                                     How stupid they are!                                                                                                            Bring my friend back to his people, I want his letters, to meet him!                                                              We’ve never met due to the border, a line made by politicians.                                             We are not so different, could this be love, stolen by war?

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Oh Today I Bring For You

Oh! Today I bring for you:
The Apricots of blue-hilly Ladakh
Almond beans of verdant valley Kashmir
Cashew-nuts and coconut of coastal green Kerala
The raisins of old-arty Iran
Wet dates of sizzling sandy Arab.
Forget not! To have them every evening—a few,
Opening these slow-days’ fatiguing fasts,
Reclined after dinner having a cup of hot tea;
When the old crows belatedly return their nests
Inside their burrows—the woody lofty boughs
Of the hefty chinars, and make some pleasing noise;
When the day’s dozing
And the night’s washing her long-slept eyes.

(written in the holy month of Ramdan- perhaps august 2011)

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Blind date

                         Blind Date

The restaurant table was like the Sea of Galilee 
as she sat on the other side of the white linen ocean
guarding her food and gaze

her expression said Genghis Khan was coming to dinner
so I could tell she didn’t like me
and I knew then we would never make love, or
make up, or cook together or argue or take selfies 

and when we had finished eating and staring into the sea
I walked her to her car in her CIA coat and sensible shoes
and she didn’t arrest me because of what I was thinking
well… she didn’t like me did she?

and that’s the way it was as she drove away 
and the dirty moon looked down like an uncle 
and bathed my whiskers
and that’s the way it was

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Its Midsummer and I'm a Gujjar-Nomad


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A Risky Revelation

Let you come someday soon!        To my lonely cottage in the village outskirt.      We sit in evening in the moonlight     At the eastern jungle-side window.                      Ah! As it is november, caress eachother                 And kiss                      Under a hairy blanket;          Having salad and slices of fried fish, And slow sips of some costly drink.

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My Serenade

Her breath smells of lemonade, she’s my serenade, her love rest inside my love where it marinades, she’s my parade, my celebration, my festival, my extraterrestrial vegetable, that I love 2 eat, I bow down, I kiss her feet, her lower lips spread apart, filled with a passionate heat, so pink -n- so sweet, petite -n- unique, a modish freak, the one that compliments -n- completes me, her love is a powerful grenade, her breath smells of lemonade, my serenade, I enjoy the freshness -n- the fragrance of the words she say.

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And More, And More

Let’s now! See by the snowy stream,
Sprints slanting the pine woods,
Has weedy, sandy shore 
And more, and more…
I hunt nearby the old wild trees
And trap the vulture walking over the lawn,
You collect the woods and dry grass;
Sitting around athwart—
We wink, smile, love and aloud laugh.
Sprinting salt I present you the dark-red liver,
You return with the stout limb.
The fire shall still burn
Before the grassy cave,
You tickle me and irritate
And I punish you hard hugs, long luscious kisses
And more, and more…
By then the woman vulture returns home,
Finds eggs but not her caring companion!
Calls! Howls! And flutters between the tall trees!
We see, we sigh, and we grieve…
And slowly roll down our faces, big bright tears.
We pray for his pure soul’s peace!
Pray for her, her be born babies!
And toward the heavens forming fearful clouds,
We raise hands high, and for clemency beseech…

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last confession
lost hope
bleeding out like a knife to the throat 
 or like a gun or rope
i love you with this final note
i lack the ability to cry or cope
holding on to what was ounce there
and tired of people pretending that they really care
if i was here and you where there
this world wouldnt have a life to spare
dont waste a penny or dime 
on mine

because a love like yours is hard to find
your spirit and heart are one of a kind
no innonocence lost
no ignorance either
just me watching my reflection as i grip the clever
blood pouring fast
i knew your love would'nt last
but a look in your eyes tells me other wise
will you be home tonight
even if you scream 
and we get into a fight
if your crying ill make everything alright
as i hold you threw the night

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O Evening's Air

O evening's air! Go  ...And modestly kiss her princes-brow,                  Blow her long hair away and harass her,                        And come again tomorow...                 I shall be seeing your way, patiently and anxiously, at here, my lonely window.

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What Defines Love

What does love mean?
Does it explain how you feel inside?
What is longing?
Does it define the emptiness when she is gone? 
What is compassion?
Is it kissing her goodnight when you’re in a fight?
What is understanding?
Is it looking at the world through his eyes?
What describes comfort?
Is it the peace you find in their arms?
What is sacrifice?
Is it doing for them before yourself?
What is love if you don’t follow what’s above?

By: Tim Lundmark

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For Love

Can you hear the sound?
Standing upon the grassy hill
the subtle noise of chilled grass 
between your toes, the smell 
of fresh roots, creeping to 
the surface 
breaking the barrier 
feeling the crunch 
the birth giving way to 
beautiful sunshine 
radiating off the joy we 
all share with one another 
love shines, climbs and 
in some cases...fades 
but your love doesn't, it
stays keeps beating like the 
drummer's song, upon the 
battlefield, we can all feel 
your heart, your song, your 
echo upon each fluffy cloud 
as they do their slow 
motioned dance upon the wind

It is unlike any wind heard 
before its noise as it rattles 
the row of cans upon the 
old creaking fence that has 
seen the love of youths 
perched upon its mantle 
platonic or romantic love 
comes in such a range of 
variety how can we not 
see it as living born from
us all, a gift to the 
ones we cherish the most
come, come one and all
and see the source of
this Divine Love on 
the perfect day to celebrate 
the love a Mother to 
child, thank you for your 
love that transcends 
any mental state, romantic 
venture or acquired ecstasy 
Love you Mom

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another love poem

Hear my soul speak
Listen to my heart whisper
The rain taps on the window
You close your eyes as I kiss yer

Lay your head on my chest
Stay by my side
You don’t need to say a word
You say with your eyes

The danger is you feel safe
You’re scared but there’s no need to fear
I’m going to help you heal babe
Going to make you laugh away your tears

I’m going to take a hold of your hand
And never let it go
I’m going to make you understand
My words will match what I show

Let other girls chase me
You’re the only one for me
We can have the world baby
I’ll make you forget those who were before me

Put your lips on mine
As I put my hands around your waist
You are everything I wished to find
Let’s sit in front of the fire place

But not have it lit
So I have to hold you even more tight
Fall asleep on the floor with me 
And I’ll hold you all night

Wake up early to make you breakfast and give you a rose
Maybe after go for a walk
If you are cold give you my coat
Or maybe we can stay in and just talk

About anything I just want you there with me
I’ll listen to every word
I couldn’t bear to see
You get hurt

That’s why I won’t allow it top happen
It’s not in my nature
I’ll learn to prove it all in actions
I’m just better at saying how I feel on paper

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Power to love

love has the power
born emotion
hailing from 
the mountains
in roaring thundering
waterfalls splash
through rocks
soft feelings

opening in
the book 
hand upon 
the chapters
falling open
a page

in a guiding path
sweet chariots
of fire
why hurt someone
disaster struck
slipping through
a porthole
in time

no truer words
have ever been written
thrown into 
the arena
this is not love
i applaud you
for one's 
sick amusement

kneeling i await
my fate
the other cheek
you devoured
in the deep

never uttering 
a word 
until now
an ogre 
from hell
in the dark deed
turning black
one thing
which lives
in us all

a light shines
in the light
of baptism 
of one's soul
this heart
will love forever
in one spirit
i speak
the truth

it answers
all prayers
we truly live
to love

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The King

It is I, said the mighty king.
Raise your hands if there be another one,
another king that is willing to die
in the place of his holy bride.
My eyes are set in stone
against those who held the rose.
I know who to charge with my queen’s death.

I am king over all the land.
You told me so.
You chose me and placed the crown upon my head.
I went to battle in your stead,
risk my life, and for you bled.
But my bride you have hated more
as sure as her love is true.
Her eyes with grace have beheld your spite
and with kindness has borne your slights.
You who swore a holy oath
to always keep the faith.
Have raised your hand against her soul
to murder her in your hearts.

Since you have turned against me sore
I will waste all of your kind.
I who loved you with all my soul.
I turn against you with my sword.
I will labor for your death,
your ruin, and to your house an end.
My bride she shall live on
despite your evils and your wrongs.
She shall stand again 
to rule over truer loves.
She shall be another’s queen
and will not be cast down again.
But you who have raised bloody hands
will never stand.
Lost in your hades you shall remain.

But your king I am again
with my wife your holy queen.
You’ll raise your hands no more against me
nor the beauty of my queen.
I again am willing to die for my people
minus the five.
Five lost souls who rose against the throne,
rose up to take hold,
take hold of her kingdom with their gold.
My eyes are set forever against the stone.
Ever watching for the wrong.
Against those who held the rose
and caused my queen such mortal pain.

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To the one I love

Look at yourself and tell me what you see
Don't tell me something I know not to be true
Hold the mirror that will show the beauty I see
Your eyes of warmth that have been exposed to things unseeable 
Even some unspeakable
Skin so soft and tender to the touch 
Fingers run across it and the smell of shae butter and cocoa butter rub off into the air
A body that is so mesmerizing that I feel as if I'm looking at a goddess
But I don't have to take a second glance
You are the goddess I see
Heart, face, eyes and soul are broken 
But I have the glue
You have said that you were always ending up alone
Well truth be told you never were
You were just blinded by your past that you couldn't see what was in front of you
Look now because here I am standing before you
Tears fell on the ground but here I am to catch them before they even develop
You were put here on this earth for a reason
You have a destiny that's just yet to be put into light
You have the obligation to live out this life
Your soul will be restored but you have to look beyond your past
The pain will heal when you open your heart to the ones who care
You do have people who care
Don't believe me then look in my eyes
I love you with all my heart
It took me some time to realise and come up with the words because love is a strong word 
Once said it can't be unsaid
When I said it and say it I meant it 
My words are true
Don't believe me then take a look in my eyes and tell me otherwise
Still don't believe?
Then I will just have to prove to you 
As time goes on you shall see that I am being real

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