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Free Verse Ocean Poems | Free Verse Poems About Ocean

These Free Verse Ocean poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Ocean. These are the best examples of Free Verse Ocean poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I Sail This Ship Alone

As the last opalescent glow of sunset fades away I sail this ship alone towards a crimson horizon over a starlit sea to the soft lapping of waves which lullaby my destiny I sail this ship alone far from the coral sand far from the pebbled beach far from my sun-kissed land Tonight there is no moon but there's a sparkle in the sky a starry night so still filled with beacons of bright light Tomorrow births a new dawn a song within a dream meadows of yellow buttercups and fields of evergreen Tomorrow I'll be greeted by a pink-winged butterfly a host of daffodils, and golden dandelions a rose within a smile Tomorrow I stroll along a new shore feel fresh salt spray on my cheek dance bare-foot in the wind as Spring whispers on the breeze.

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The Wind

~~The Wind~~
Look into my eyes
Follow me into a world of ecstasy
There and only there
Will you find the peace to unwind

Beautiful brown eyes not blue
Shady lids, stunning  ocean view
Embracing every word 

Hear the wind whispers your name
Come with me
Drown with me
Into the abyss of loving rain
Embrace this moment as I draw you in with words
Release you with the warmth -------I was there

I Share--I take
Into my arms
I am the charm
Around your neck
Around your wrist
Listen to the voice from my beating heart
It yearns
The freedom of touch
The freedom of speech. 
Of love, 
Of purity
Like the wind
I'll find my way
Into your heart
Arouse the cheerful energy
Of your insecurity and pen
Follow me into the sea
There we will fall into the deep
Build sand castles 
Around dreams of reality
Slip into my aura light 
Set to the rhythm of the oceanic night

Now, listen to the breeze
It's called out your name
It's only a matter of time----------------
You'll find yourself calling out...... mine

by; PD
Dedicated to all my loving friends & fans :-)

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Love At James Bond Beach

Making Love In Jamaica At The Iconic James Bond Beach It is a sun splashed day;  the air is silent with the sound of waves  the ocean is moving to the rhythm of crying gulls.  The fine white sand underneath our feet is warm. The crashing waters from a small wind sculpted waterfall swims  into the arms of its mother sea. It is a private beach at a spot in the world  where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meld. It is a wanting sensation of hot then cold, that teases the senses. The beach is deserted it is only me and the love of my life.  The golden rays of light from the bright morning star  lives in the flow of her platinum blond hair.  In her eyes I can see the bright clear ocean,  with a piercing love glare that beckons me.  Her red lips, her light drenched skin glows  with the beauty of this perfect Jamaican day. Without a thought I grab the back of her head,  jerking my lover's whole body towards me  locking her in the strength of my grasp  inviting her to quench my desire. I bite her lips before engaging in a deep passionate kiss  remove her barely there bikini from her statuesque figure. She embraces me as I lift her in my arms  naked for all the Gods to observe.  I set her down under the refreshing flow of the rushing waterfall.  She attempts to pull at me, but I deny her, hold back both her arms and use my mouth  to suckle her, all the time absorbing the beating waters  that kneads my flesh like so much dough. Suddenly I set her free.  She pounces  like a lioness  a lioness in heat  famished  for the taste of flesh. The world dissappears  I find myself willingly trapped in a void of marvel. Nature's voice conducts  an orchestra of emotions. We writhe in the ecstasy of touch as a series of divine strokes finger paints portraits of rapture.  We dance slow to the precise notes  of a symphony of love into the arms of serenity. In one fluid movement our bodies become one. There is no end to the flavors we consume. Cooling waters flame our sins.  We explode like a building imploding gracefully to the roar of a white sound. Finally we pass out  naked, locked in each others arms.  When we awaken we find ourselves lying on  the fine white sand beach. Tattooed  in the telling shades  of a Jamaican suntan. 02~11~2014 Sponsor: Justin Bordner Contest Name: Make Love To Me In That Ancient Place

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She makes love like the Sea

She flows over me
from unfathomable depths
Her roiling passion
pulls me beneath                          
her undulating gown             
where weak men drown                                                                                      
Ten thousand tongues
like a virgins wet lace 
lapping upon
my moaning shoals

Incessantly seeking                            
in eager anticipation                        
every secret crevice                             
unknown to her

She buries her treasures
dark and deep
kissing me forever
where I'll forever sleep

She wets her lips
In lyrical motion
pulled by the moon
I drift in her ocean

geo.vuy. Summer of 2014
Collection:   loves Latter Rain

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Leaving, Searching, Hoping

Ahead of us lies the unknown

The flatline horizon betrays

The beating heart of the ocean

Each beat causing a swell

Each swell causing us to sway

Out in the open, enclosed in the womb

Umbilically linked to our mother

Daily we reminisce of the island we left behind

The families that will live without us

The paths we will never walk again

We try to keep our thoughts on new paths

On stepping in the footprints of our ancestors

But darkness falls and fear reigns over us

Shrouding hope in a veil of obscurity

Will we fall into non-existence

Will we wish our existence to end

Damnable transient emotions

Ever dispelling our confidence

In the gloom hangs a twinkle of hope

Our hearts mirrored by the sky

Opening and showing us the way

A timeless voyage into our island universe

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Death Tolls

The atmosphere rings with the bell like calls
of the plover flock, long before they are spotted.
The flight herringbones a grey fedora sky.
Markings of white and coal black weave,
wing-stitched, a blanket maker’s dream.

Sigh makers 	they close on the beach 
at high tide, the horizon shivers      the
sand blanches. These ravishing scavengers
light on the tattered edge of wet to dry,
dawdling with the dead.

Plovers are diminutive scroungers, one-legged
dancers, hopping to the pull of tide, dining on
crab-eggs in black-tie and feathered tails, their
gray skull caps lined with a black brow. 
Sparrow-small birds dress to the nines. 
A feast for the birds, fall crisps, crab moltings,
go on for endless miles. September is beginning
and soon winged ones will fly to sunny shores.
The cold Atlantic will moan for the loss of music,
the unstitched sky will part. The avian choir is off 
to the mud flats of Carolina. 

First Published Eunoia Review January 2015

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New Stars Are Formed

Strange colored skies climb northernly this night
Calling our future with wild deamons eyes
Abscure as the creatures who answer the call
Wild are the answers of the reasons and the faults
Certain as the well swept winds
Alluring in it's grasp fought negatively through single wins
I pray twords the skies and it curdles and swims
Thoughts twords the sun and it scorches my rims
Carry me far enough I can be within your sights
Stash us away and the sun will be bright
Motors may break but oceans will be light
I will stay on the coast and wait 
The award I will do is make the evening a minute late
Parched is the gulf as the single minute breaks
Great is the second docks a seperate mans gate

The Earths crust slowly begins to crumble
It quivers, then quakes, it slowly opens, the rivers break
A star is born somewhere, a beautiful new star
Great is the struggle, born from the heavens a small light it makes

The new star pulls, it turns, then it feeds and it's fuel it burns
Gently it orbits following all things it understands
The new star bends it dances it stands
Tancing outwardly as creations comprehend

A continient wavers as the new star binds its brand
It feeds off of our oceans as our tides wash in
It goes just as softly forward and back
As the rays of its placement barrow up to the sun
We watch very carefully because it's damages are already done

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- Sparkling Oceans Apart -

You're a maiden so hot burning thoughts 
whom melts ice inside deep waves salted 
unfolding ocean swells kissing your feet 
For once spoke those hot lips the truth shining 

Sunshine pleasing warm beholding to 
one's eye golden crowned jewel beauty 
rainbow luster coloring pearl treasure 

It's giving off their beauty pure free 
that does not require something in return 

A lady who pleases the heart warm 
Princess cut with deep class sparkling pure 
utopia's adorable sun rise 

How the body is heated and hear 
her echoing heart beat in the chambers 

Shining a future path dreaming ore 
every single moment precious links 
each one spent with you falling under spell 

Love is like pure sparkling magic gem 
unpredictable true and marvelous 

Magic silk covers batting eyelids 
enchanting soft lovingly flowers 
beautiful petals held within the shell 
Let the rose live forever and the sun 
shines always endless times glistening gold 

Written by Liam Mcdaid and Anne- Lise Andresen 
a co write in a 9/10 syllable count

a warm thank you anne lise

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No Wonder

I wonder why I feel so bubbly laughter, I cried, without you though...I feel the need to hide
But...why are you so sad today? Was it my fault possibly? Did I do you wrong? If I did, I'm awfully sorry...
Let the negativity subside...we are going along with life's bumpy ride...oh compassionate companion, stay by my side!
Are you by my side like the dolphin with the wild-and-free sea?
I feel sleepy, yet I'm still awake
I'm falling in love with a peaceful sleep
Don't be got to hit the brake
Be happy and be not afraid..oh please don't weep
I'm swimming in waters so deep
The benevolent imaginary friends are speaking lullabies to me...every story's beginnings has its ends
Keep your head up above the surface...
Wear a smile for a moment and drink in bliss 
Don't wear that grimace...
Rise above the surface...
My marvelous, angelic mermaid
Don't let your unique gladness fade
Don't be weighed down
By a friend's betrayal
Don't be lead astray ...don't let your gaily spirits drown
You must stand tall through it all
There's a wall between us
Yet...we're on the same rowdy bus
Don't fret, dear love of mine
You got to keep will do fine
On your own're never, ever alone
If you need me, I'm just a call away
I'll paint your midnight skies the light of day
So, don't be doused in dismay,
Darling...oh friend, we were both born on the month of May
It was meant to be that way
We are two peas in a pod all the way...I'll be there tomorrow's yesterday 
No wonder I feel so bubbly inside

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the moving world

the great icebergs once anchored safely in their own domain

                                      commence a catastrophic journey.
                                                   submerge our lies.

                                     it was us

                                     it was us who overshot our mark.

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Char-Ben or Ru-Maine Collaboration

To be revised.....

In my universe of dreams				
under velvet jazzy sky					
there is an ocean of stars                  
twinkling diamonds above high           
         Across that ocean, I left  
         the air dulling my eyes  
         empty blue in darkest night 
         Cease the fancies...and awake
In my evergreen of dreams                        	
there's a mattress of silk leaves				
hundred candles by the river                         
on a and I  
         My fall has ripped all the leaves
         while your river just dried up
         As those candles, we've been blown out
         We won't never feel again
In my orchestra of dreams                       
we are dancing cheek to cheek		
your strong hands around my waist        	
my pink lips brushing your face                
         Single echo of goodbyes
         in cold silence we're apart 
         Mockinbirds are no longer
         and oblivion's now stronger                                                       
In my sailing boat of dreams                       
it is only you I see
laughing happy close to me                       
reaching our sweet destiny                         
         Open your eyes and awake
         those illusions aren't fate 
         your dreams drift in lasting storm 
         I left to never return
In my universe of dreams                        
under velvet jazzy sky
there is an ocean of stars...

This Collaboration is obviously a work of fiction...
...Who can refuse to her Charms?


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Sea of forgotten dreams

Cold and dark, the eyes of the depths
glaring at the stars above.
Few dare descend the steps
which reach down to oblivion’s cove.
Heavy, the desire for truth,
like the chains dragging my body further down
unto fate unknown.

Beyond recompense, lies the ruin
sunken to forbidden ground,
now home only to the strangest of creations
and catacomb to the drowned slaves of history.
Will all memories be as this one day?
Ghosts that haunt the corpses of humanity’s ambition?

Black are the bells that once chimed to announce omen.
Buried are the thoughts that walked my mind.
Broken are the tables where ideas once feasted.
Bound are the hopes, eaten by preying sharks of doubt.

Weighing down, the garments choke the breath of life.
There, where insanity was sane, beneath facade’s streams
lies truth, in the sea of forgotten dreams.

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Der Pazifische Ozean / The Pacific Ocean / El Océano Pacífico

Zwischen dem Morgen und der Nacht 
fallen die Sterne in den Pazifischen Ozean.

Die ewige Sonne lässt die Wellen erklingen,
mit dem weichen Schaum leichten Schnees.

Die See singt Lieder des Vergessens,
von versunkenen Bäumen,
von leuchtenden Stränden,
von der Liebe.

Ich bin wie der Wind,
der den frischen und vollen Morgen berührt.

Der Ozean kennt viele Lieder.

Ich will keine verwundeten Wolken im Morgen zurücklassen,
um die Erinnerung nicht zu trüben.

Der Pazifische Ozean hat die Farbe von Azulejos,
den blauen Kacheln eines alten portugiesischen Hauses.

Die Wellen tragen meine Träume,
unvergessen, der Vergangenheit.

Die Möwen bringen mir die Zukunft,
mit frischer, ruhiger Stimme.

In stillen Nächten ertönt die Musik des Meeres,
dann stehen die Sterne auf, um erneut zu scheinen.


Between morning and night 
the stars fall into the Pacific Ocean.

The everlasting sun lets the waves sound,
with the soft foam of light snow.

The sea sings songs of oblivion,
of submerged trees,
of luminous beaches,
of the love.

I am like the wind,
which touches the fresh and full morning.

The ocean knows many songs.

I do not want to leave behind  wounded clouds in the morning,
not to cloud the memories.

The Pacific Ocean has the color of Azulejos,
the blue tiles of an old Portuguese house.

The waves carry my dreams,
unforgotten, of the past.

Sea gulls will bring me the future,
with a fresh, and quiet voice.

In silent nights the music of the sea resounds,
then  stars arise to shine anew.


Entre la mañana y la noche
las estrellas caen hacia el Océano Pacífico. 

El sol eterna hace sonor las ondas, 
con la suave espuma de ligera nieve. 

El mar canta canciones de olvida,
de árboles sumergidos,
de playas luminosas, 
del amor . 

Yo soy como el viento, 
que toca la fresca y llena mañana. 

El océano tiene muchas canciones. 

Yo no quiero dejar nubes heridos en la mañana 
para no empañar la memoria.

El Océano Pacífico es el color de los azulejos, 
esos  azulejos de una antigua casa portuguesa.

Las olas llevan mis sueños, 
inolvidadas, del pasado.

Las gaviotas me traen el futuro,
con voz fresca y calma.

En noches tranquilas suena la música del mar, 
y luego las estrellas se levantan para brillar de nuevo.

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Seaside Romance

"Seaside Romance" in the twilight of golden dawn as amber clouds embrace the starry heavens faint sashay of soft wind chimes dance while thoughts trickle to memories inhaling scenes of sweet love last night on the ocean waves of pure delight as incense permeates the austere horizon the swirling seaside engulfs footprints of lovers etched in warm blazing sand silhouettes of passions form soothed by ocean waves infused into the caverns of elegant emotions kissed by an opulent ocean with true devotion imprinted for eternity a candlelight escapade irrigates in melodious symphony as loving touches graced silky skin bronzed by radiant sunlight in quiet interlude upon the ocean waves of blue hungry mouths fashioned breathless sighs while pristine pastel mountains smiled a fleeting glance captivated by a seaside romance as Summer fun evolved. . *For Nathan's Free Verse Contest

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Spin of Time

The season is here
On this typical Maiden morn
 Of week days
It’s by this hour
Though slightly late
I rose to take my bath

The ointment was done and gone 
What’s more was to
Nestle on the well placed
Soft sofa by the corner
Of my reading room
And to await my breakfast
To be served.

Well has been done to the belly
What’s needed (from me) was 
After settling on the round
To dress up and find my way
To the lecture room

Alas an indignation
Though a natural inclination
That crept into the scene
When I was about stepping 
Out of the room

Here I picked up the cast 
Of the rolling sound
Escorted by the heavy gale
 At the fore
Of my chamber door 

The cloud I glimpsed
Beckoned on these 
Natural commotions
The rumbled 
Of this morn thunderstorm
Took me by surprise
As I felt the tremble of my abode 
As though the roof and the wall would cave in

How heavy this morning rush would be?
Certainly it’s heavy and took charge closely 
Three hours of the entire day

Blessing showery hours
Wasn’t it?
That would best be related
In the meantime
By the soaking swamp
The well wet weed
The saturated sea pool
And the colorful field 
Of bloom cherries and roses

Posted on 23/04/2013 

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Ocean In The Deep Space Of My Heart

I’m diving deep down into the ocean world full of spectacular plasmatic bubbles enchanting creatures breathed them out orange, yellow, pink , purple and red wallowing through dazzling soft neon-colored starfishes in quest of its most marvelous graces weeds with various tones of green wagging gracefully along the way like curtains in musical enchantments and coral reefs in mountain ranges with their majestic beauty in carousels of fish and seahorses still diving deep down into the ocean world in quest of its marvelous graces in unfathomable depth of rainbow-colored whirlpools deep within I see from afar my precious pearls
8th Place Winner Contest: Space Odyssey Judged: 10/5/12 Sponsor: Poet Nathan -----D September 21,2012 by Leonora Galinta

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A Starry Shade of Night

Love forever eludes me perhaps because it flies on angelic wings
And yet my earth bound body is beneath the weight of gravity
Its like following a rainbow to an end I'll never see
Or like chasing the horizon as it falls away from me
Will I ever find that pot of gold and embrace a warm sunset
With my heart on sandy shores beneath a sky I won't forget
To become envious of the moon as it illuminates her face
Gently dancing across her skin as it adorns with utter grace
Then inhale the scent of beauty as her lips press next to mine
As I watch the midnight sky reflect inside her radiant eyes
                and in her starry shade 
              Of dim and solitary loveliness
           I learn’d the language of another world
         That I found deeply within one kiss

                                       ~ JJF ~

Delphinus stars 
~Lord Byrons Manfred~

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Ocean Calm

As I gaze upon the ocean 
Blue reflects on the  water and in the sky
The horizon only distinguishable by it's hue
Standing upon a bluff on a cliff above the rough
I gaze upon the ocean with all it's power
Pushing waves hour after hour
The rock face gets battered and pounded
In a un-relentless, timeless beat
The water produces an awesome sound
Almost like a methodical beat
The surf rolls in, and rolls back out again
Foam forms around the surrounding stones
Seaweed floats , swaying  with the waves
Along the beach are deposits of shells and driftwood
Above the water line sand dunes form
Resembling a landscape like the moon
Moving with the ever blowing winds
As the tides roll out
Little holes form along the beach
Making a haven for the birds to eat
A feeding frenzy does erupt
Cleaning out the sandy floor
Before the waves arrive once more
I stand in breathless quite
Taking in the ocean's mystery depth.

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Gifts from the Tide

Constantly she toils 
in the darkness of the heaving sea
gathering treasures into her aprons deep;
twice a day she knocks, panting,
at the shoreline’s wide stretching door,
and scatters her abundant gifts
for vagabonds like me to reap.

October 24, 2014

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A Tide of Wishful Waters

My imagination is a tide of wishful waters,
A chilled ocean breeze fills the world and the words that soar overhead,
I leave behind all reality, I break a thread,
And no longer am I being held in the palm of the universe,
but I hold my universe in my pocket,
and whisper words of new meaning,
only then can you read the sky like a book,
because only then is the sky possible to touch, and flip the pages of thought,
A feeling that takes my being, and turns me into a bird,
flying overhead like the words that fill with ocean breeze,
And I sail upon my tide of wishful waters

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Suddenly though a lifetime of joy, happiness, tears and devastating sorrow
Suddenly there is calm, suddenly a glimmer of a serene contented peace
The waves of the ocean no longer a tumultuous frightening turbulence
Instead a new placid peaceful calm, so inviting and so enticing
Suddenly one feels that maybe this time, this time all will be well
Maybe this is the moment so longed for, for so many years
A belief suddenly that there is a safe haven a place to at last belong
A place where all dreams and all hopes will not ripped asunder
Instead calm and safety nothing to hide suddenly all pasts forgotten
All fears and doubts and longing and despair all swept away
Like the Ocean breaking over the sand softly sweeping away all fear
A sanctuary at last somewhere to really belong, something that is yours
All one’s dreams and desires suddenly awakened from their sleep
Life to be tasted to its fullest, every moment every hour every day
No doubt the ocean will not be forever smooth, but the hope is there
The hope of a new start a new beginning in safe loving protective arms
That are there to nurture, to care for you and to make you whole again. 

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Puzzle of The Waves

Though you cannot explain
How the stories of centuries 
Are coloured through your veins
It’s still as if you speak, with a tongue
That no one, not even you, understands

Placed like a snowflake
A floating feather beneath the weight
Scurrying across, the puzzle of the waves
A drop in a sea
Of an ocean which has no name
And what’s in a name anyway

But still you cannot explain
How your eyes see and what they perceive
Through the windows of the sun
A vocabulary
Of its beauty
Turns you through, all of you, inside out

But placed on the stars
Lay the fingertips of your heart
The count of their beat
Is your distance from the start
Sprint with a shadow
While your feet remain glued, to the spot

Even though you cannot explain
How you hear the pin prick of infinity
As it echoes with the angels
When they danced with you in a heaven
You once called home

But still alone in a forever
Runs the melody of a song that you sung
Through every twist and turn
Flows the river, to the lake, only you could have become
Tossed like a stone through the ripples
Of every pebbles grave

And always you ponder, the puzzle
Written on the surfaces of waves 

How your soul sees and what your spirit perceives
As you live and as you breathe
Through the windows of the sun
A vocabulary
Of your beauty
Turns you through you in all of you, inside out

A drop in the sea
Of an ocean which has no name
And what’s in a name anyway

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a wet embrace

a fine blanket of sand
toasts a calloused skin
a definitive bouquet
a calming pitch
the ocean embraces me
and I submit

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Heart of the Sea

           Essence of salt and waves crashing
           The World of the Sea has a heart
            Careful not to offend thee ~

            The spills of oil , nuclear waste
             Drilling and mistakes, 
           Man infused sewage and waste 

           The capture of Fish while Dis guarding a life of a Dolphin
           The Sea and its very Mystery is crying as all fish dying
           Is there a place and time where we stop and love what was given

          The Heart of the Sea not to ever be underestimated
          For when sadden great wrath will fall in sequence with wind
          Water and Wind can create its Heart broken fiercely without mercy

          What have we done to create this disharmony 
           It is not hard to see as Tsunamis and Hurricanes such as Katrina unfold
           It is the Heart of the Sea Broken , The heart of the Sea Spoken 
           We hear her Heart , we feel her wrath , 
                The Heart Of The Sea ...this Heart cries 
                    This Heart is angry , will we take responsibility ?

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leaving August

        Leaving the last days of August
          memories of the sea waves crashing 
        Tides that leave shells broken to find ~
        picnic memories ~
                      fireworks night 
                             Birthday cakes sparkle ~

    sunburns under a sage kissed dessert Moonlight 
         The Summer reminds us of happier days
             scents of coconut oil and lime 
            reminds us all of what is yet to come ~
              The rain comes down hard
          crying for all souls lost and left behind

             The birds fly in perfect form 
           reminding all of the September storm 
           begging for history not to repeat ~
                 ~   In war 
                        no wins 
                            only defeat ~
            two beams of light straight to the Heavens   
                stay through the whole month of September
                   they remind us to listen silently we stand still 
          For the city lives and breaths left with loss 
                    many questions unanswered remain ~
               Leaving behind August
                    entering Septembers fears ~

 I love this poem because it reflects on the past and the coming month in remembrance of history that took place September 11th 2001. In a way it is a oxymoron . from passionate summer nights to the fear embraced in the month coming :)


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. F.T.W.(oil)

.       F.T.W.
F.ree  T.he  W.aves
f.REE  t.HE  w.AVES

F.ree T.he W.aves!!!
Is what they say,,
Got my self some true tales
About the world today.
Oil job site fails.
Poor Sea World has to pay.
I found many black sea shells
Oil got in their way.
I wanna claw my nails.
On B.P.for turning our sand to clay
I can sit and give details
How they ruin our ocean bay
Instead I'm sending mean E-MAIL's
Expressing anger for their oily display.
How their stupidities drop our sales.
I hope they choke while eating a sea buffet
I hope someone feeds them sting-ray tails
As they drink coffee at there sea side cafe.
Everything sooner or later prevails
And ocean life will once again find a way.

God send them rain hit them with heavy hail
It's to late for pray..
2 months of a  black grave trail
((LOL)), angered the US.A.
Getting off easy with no jail
That does not make things okay.
I will not wish you all to go to hell
After making the ocean a bigger body of dead prey
Your clean up time is slower than a sea snail
Many uncalled dead seagulls are found in your oily decay
Funny how the president takes the heat of your bail.
You screwed our blue ocean water to a stream of black and grey.

An oil site ran by a higher percent of males
Oh well what can you expect and say.
With the world in the way of oil spills.
Is like B.P.oil's is saying F.T.W.anyway.
While we the protesters say, F.ree T.he W.hales!!!
F.T.W.=free the whales!!!!!


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A seed of love planted in the soil of my heart

I sailed unaware into 
the ocean currents 
of her life:

smitten, I 
desired to ride 

them with her;
the ocean ways, a 

seed of love 

planted in the soil of
my heart had taken root 
and grew--only to perish 

a young hope 

that's fleeting:
though I loved her, 

still wounded

like a careless 

In spite of 
this and myself, 
I looked 

for encouragement
in her stare; 

at the outlines 
of her graceful 

I did wonder: 
she was 


a Helen of Troy, a prize, 
on whose loveliness 

so richly gorged! 

But never was 
a lonely man 
more wretched 

I was, 

as she could 
not return my

with equal measure of feeling.  

I would be more
glad had she been 
unwedded to another,

could easily be within 
my desirous 


In time, I 

her again;

and love, or the 
appearance of it--like 
an aborted 


flushed down the 

with her parting 
as well!

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If Old Men Fought

An old man looking out his door,
gaze fixed on a distant shore,
reminiscing to a time, not of happiness,
or, the prospect of a bright future,
to when he was sick to his very core,
to when as a youth, he went to war

A time before infallibility had meaning,
patriotism and bravado the craze,
the future was still unknown,
vigor for life at its all time high,
a time for romance, partying, buying,
no thought of pain, deformity, dying

Too young to understand or question,
ship to foreign shore, medals abound,
will impress the girls next time in town,
sacrifice not temporary,
forever more,
a legacy etched into a wall, few will remember,
flesh shredded, burned, torn,
families mourn

A time, when he willingly went to war,
will happen no more,
all lost in youth, now unrelenting,
no blind obedience,
minimal risk,
long life, his number one ambition

As he turns back from the door,
he thinks of the youth,
here now, soon no more,
lessons never learned,
the call to war,
to common the roar,
complacency the mood,
another generation removed

The old man agonizes
over what was originally not known,
war is preventable,
life too precious to waste,
the solution simple,
his vision, maybe too late

Send old men to the front to fight,
arthritis, heart disease, poor eyesight,
let the youth enjoy their life,
his near over, its only right

Send old men, to the front, to fight
ask them to give up their life,
patriotism and bravado, still alive,
will and desire would not last the night,
old men do not rush to death in their twilight,
failure inevitable, the old man smiles,
knows he's right

Wars not possible,
if old men, are sent to fight

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Treasures Forever Hidden

Stirring sea green waters
Shifting sand finding flesh

Tides come and go
Moonbeams glow

As smooth perfect pearls grow
For thousands of years it has been so

But the lucky ones find their way
To the magical places far away

Those waters forbidden
Where treasures stay forever hidden

©Donna Jones

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Below earth,darting fish hear the arteries of the undersea replete with mollusks and embroidered shells as wreath of lotus revels in peace, bathing in the salt of puffed clouds. Gentle are urchins whispering tuneful language of serenity ,somewhat delicate as sea bed is to coral in the moist throb of dweling spaces for trade fleets to beckon the blue. Like so, guardians of an archipelago watch emblems of armadas ruffling the Pacific rim. Man- made vessels are aliens in the waterworld: greedy eyes, clawed hands pirating the mothers of pearls and infants of reefs. A watchful dolphin rolls along, shaking the ark's basement ramming doors of the ocean floor: a world poisoned by tainted oil and dynamites where callous merchants invade the daily haul from innocent fishermen. Along shores, a divide between friends and foes is uncompromising; that beyond words, lord of tide rises to acknowledge the kindness of strangers, if they are kind enough to respect a waterworld's sacred heritage. Caleb Smith's Gone Fishin' by nette onclaud

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Her Heart Is The Sea

Her eyes never leave
the moonlit horizon.
She will wait
an eternity, if she must.
She paces
as the tides
crash forth, then recede
back to the ocean.

Only memories
return here.
The ship departing
from the docks,
the sun sparkling
on the water,
a pair of dolphins
through the surface.
They had seen it
while in each other's arms.
Yet, now they
are distant

The sky turned ominous,
dark waters
engulfed the ship.
Everything went dark,
they lost sight
of each other
beneath the churning waves.
Her lungs
filled with salt water
as she desperately
gasped for air,
for life.

She drowned
the same day he did.
Her soul
washed ashore
along with her
cold, lifeless body.

She remains
haunting the coast.
Her feet leave
no imprints
in the sand.
She moves
with the wind,
drifts upon it, 
like sea-foam
atop the waves.
The dark water
through her
transparent form.

Her spirit's heart glows,
shining outward
like a lighthouse beacon
showing him the way
to her arms.
She is waiting
for him
to rejoin her.
He will return
just as she has.

Written by: Kelly Deschler    October, 10th, 2013  

nette onclaud's contest - "Take Two"
This was originally written for Poetess Darkly's contest - 
"Heart Of The Sea"

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If one compares the ocean's wave 
to life upon the human stage,
minds conjure salt water sea 
and know forever's meant to be 
in blowing winds and moon pulled tides.
bridges to the world's divides.

These metaphors are thoughts aligned 
that pay no heed to warning signs
that say life's many noxious ploys
are games to play, as water buoys
to ships that move along the ocean's core 
all here today and gone once more
dashed upon some distant shore.

Absorbed in unconscious realms sustained
by clouds encased with thundrous rain
that bluster forth its moisture spent
upon the water's firmament.
And where will all our history go
to poet's rhyme and thoughts that show
we are more than just a wave? 
Our lives are played and soon engraved
in song and verse abeit saved
in memory's graceful reverie.
unlike the ripples of the sea.

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Along the Ocean Shore

strolling all alone at the ocean shore embracing the cold breeze of a new sunrise I feel the freshness of the soft and gentle wind touching tenderly my whole being as you again fill my mind I hear the yodel of the small waves every melody conveys message leaving behind the memories I’ll forever cherish once in a while, waves walk towards me I can feel the tenderness of their kisses they wrap around with soft sand on my feet great relief and happiness I feel the scent of the peaceful ocean wafted on air I smell its therapeutic power for all my pains as I start to see a new sunshine I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be fine only scars are left behind to remind me to keep stronger as I’ll move on in my life
Nov. 25, 2012 First Place Contest: Any Poem Goes Judged:3/6/13 Poet Sponsor: My Greatest Poet PD Fourth Place Contest: Synesthesia Judged: 5/26/13 Sponsor: Nette Onclaud

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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The Perfect Storm

Bored with a tawdry sanguine summer
She licks the brilliant summer blue 
            from the sun addicted sky 

Through naughty cloudy lips 
Sucks millenniums of genetic grace from 
Orchestrated flocks of fright
Fleeing down the age old
              path of migratory birds
                              safe no more 

With a westward huff
Casts them out randomly 
Squawking streams of wing 'ed broken teeth. 

Enraptured with her own manuevers--
Naked now she twirls
Reaps magnificent carnal powers
               Roiling In a screaming bath of sacrificial sailors
                             Flicks her ice tossed coiffure
Lingering in her savage beauty
She bestows heartless wet kisses
                   on sailors' upturned sightless eyes--
                             Bloodless slaves forever bound.
She whips through frigid seas 
Disbanding archipelago chains 
   Paper-like streamers frothy in her wake.        

Tempestuous Goddess of Accidental Largesse 
To her survivors, 
                         breathless in darkness,
                    She provides salty tears as recompense
Heading South
‘Ere she sleeps.

Valdez, Alaska
Nov 2014

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Rainbow Waves

Rainbow waves 
Churning towards the shore 
Like horses, 
Their windswept manes 
Through the colors 
Of the spectrum

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Ocean Life

Unrelentless wind blows upon the ocean air
 surf rolls in like thunder time and again
White dots spray and scatter and disperse
rocks worn by centuries of wave beatings
the waves like a drum repeat, beat after beat
 sea weeds dance and sway with the current
Shifting sand dunes form new shapes
Similar to the moons lunar surface
Seagulls cry and circle in the hundreds
A daily meal found on the floor below
Dark spots merge out of the water
Not rocks but moving heads of seals
 Out hunting for their daily meals.
Life around the ocean  keeps moving
Just like the daily tides that flow.

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new aquatic species

       Science in all fascination has discovered a species aquatic 

  Theorizing this new yet old species remained hidden as Merman  

  only to live in secret at the oceans floor the mermaid a tribe indigenous 

  once said to be myth yet all proof and technology film does not lie 

  Tsunamis has given the ocean a true glance of the man with webbed hands

  The species communes with dolphins will be under a microscope to analyze  ?

    " The World is not ready to see what I have "  Jacques Cousteau ~

         to be entered in The Science contest ~

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Vertical Sea

            Vertical Sea

Arise horizons tell us what you see
Vertical rain comes on high wave conclusions adrift in mist
Fortunes waiting out on the sea for men who come in ships
So much rain came in from all directions in one instance
Sanity was questioned at a distance along with risk
Vertical rain broke portal windows with such force
Eighty mile winds crashed in as well
Distracted men at playing cards, drinking rum for fun
Now huddled in fear within the thin skin cabin
No one slept inside the dead of hour’s darkness 
Troubles bounced up and down out there

Pirates in the past fumbled their rich existence down
A new crop of water warriors can be found to take their place
Doubloons are buried in dark quarter’s underwater world

Above and below deck, inundated with storm and fear
Between each plank the storm took out more men
No thick skinned seasoned soul could harness or hold on
No salty language sailor could be heard

Above the tumultuous storm
The fierce beast rolled in on angry nature’s back
With it, folding over fifty foot waves, came torrential rains
Which pounded heavy on the bow

Churned up rogue waters on the vulnerability of sea life
Nature itself turned on them in adept ferocity
In violence it flipped the ship

Showed contempt for every soul on board
With total disregard for life and limb
And complete indifference towards the sailors

The blackness, void of light, could not help these tyrannical conditions
The monstrous storm consumed more than the rain
It drank up men and drowned them
Others flew in all directions
Most of them broke necks, died before they hit the deck
Instantly killed, dragged into the cold dark depths as well
All steps were in the wrong direction, in favor of the waves
They could not even cower in the craft or say a prayer
The boat and men turned upside down
The ship had splintered into nothing and flew into the gale

Only three men remained, bobbing on the giant waves
Flapping their arms like molested chickens on the sea
Tossed in every direction but straight ahead 
Rogue waves were in control, in hysterical rage and agitation
No one knew what happened to the crew 
They were never seen again

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Love on the rocks

You baby are the first and last warm thought 
on my mind, each and every single day 
I want to lie beside you, nuzzle up 
real close falling asleep listening 
to your gentle heartbeats drum, slowly strum 
Rolling doors open, to a princess gem 
rare clear cut, one of the finest beauties
Sweet crowning regal, in the heart blossoms
flowering feelings explode, they now start 
shining much brighter, in your petals touch 

My sunshine satin warm fingers touching 
emotions confetti sprinkle ruby 
inside fires up, in light of every single one 
Silent whispering living echo in a breeze
floating on wings of love, you're the heart and soul gem 
Thinking deeply treasure of the deepest ocean 
you rock the waves rising then crashing at your feet

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
About this poem:
10 syllable by 10 syllable one in a hundred
then 10 syllable rising to twelve midnight dreams

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Blazing hot sweats rolled down my back,
A cloudless sky was at reach from my palm’s view,
My eyes centered on the sun as it stood above my head.
Summer’s end sneaked around the corner,
But its endless heat
Fooled me to think it would never cease.
Milky sand grains covered my toes,
Beach balls rolled back n’ forth,
Children’s castle were made and later destroyed,
Clear waters waved in my thoughts.
It was suppose to be a beautiful day
And until that moment, indeed it was.
The moment the earth shook, 
Loud voices suddenly began to rise
And Footsteps tumbled the ground,
I looked around
Right, left, up, down,
Where had the commotion come from?
The sun blinded me from the truth,
When the photons in my eyes reassembled the image,
A shock traveled to my heart
Making it pump furiously in my chest.
A desert ahead of me laid,
Content faces had ran from my presence,
The air dragged my body forward,
The ocean rapidly seemed to disappear.
I looked upon the never ending horizon
And its line had ascended greatly.
In that moment,
I refused to run like all the others,
I refused to avoid its magnificent moves.
The winds pushed me backwards with a tremendous force,
Sprinkles of icy water splashed against my skin,
A great calamity I was bound to face.
Shadows covered the surface of my dread,
An enormous wall of wetness surrounded me.
And with a blink, I was no longer visible to the eyes of men,
Not even God could spot me from the heavens above.
I gasped for air in the salty waters of the ocean,
But there was none to be found,
And with that last thought in mind
I drowned myself in its eternal beauty.

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The Sea

The sea is unstable.
Sometimes it’s serene,
Sometimes it’s disturbed,
But you have to keep on cruising 
And keep your vessel strong
For your wisdom will determine 
Whether you’ll reach your destination 
Or sink in the storm.

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Make him a soldier

Make him A Soldier

Make him a soldier 
so I won't cry anymore

Transform a boy to a man
 so he will stand...alone

 In the dark forest
as natural combustion of dusk in the sky 

Red blood running through our veins is the same
identical as if we share the same DNA 

And even as a child I couldn't deny how our hearts beat the same 

Rate pulse pace...boom 
it startled me
 but as I gaze in his eyes 
I felt a deep connection 
as if he knew me better than I knew myself
Our love is so pure and shall never be tampered 
and even if life tries to poison us 
we will always have each other 
pure love
Blue water
 a million miles away from me 
and as he travels from sea to sea 
I think of him daily 

I try to remember where we came from
 blue water 
shared space 
different times

 Blossomed from a tulip where our petals do not vary 
and the sepals seem to follow a course set to sail 

So I beg you 
Make him A soldier 
so I won't cry an ocean of tears 
Transform a boy to a man
so he will stand beside me in my darkest hour.
 Help me to raise my head 
when he is long gone from here 

When my fears are red 
 my soul turns blue 
let me remember the purity of us 
how I loved a my brother a man of red, white and blue!

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I walk along a shore 
                 far inland from the roar  
                            of two great oceans, 
the Pacific to my west, 
        and much farther away,  
                                                        the Atlantic to my east.  

Here is desert land          and a foul-smelling, shrinking lake.  
Salt retention - the lake's peculiar claim to fame - 
attracts the curious few 
      who test the brackish waters to see if, 
             floating on their backs,  they really won't sink.  
Some tread far                                 out toward the horizon, 
salt stinging and painting their legs white. 

 Here now, alone with the sun and resident gulls, 
                I own this stretch of sand.  
Arid heat creates a desire in me
             to wade into the coolness of the water, 
but nearing pea-green scum, I opt for staying dry.

            a small wave appears, 
and with it,                     a splash of water on my legs. 

I close my eyes. 
                    For a moment, I'm the wisp of a cloud 
                    drifting above a cool lake big as a sea, 
                      mirroring the azure of sky long ago-
                               so long ago, in fact-
that I imagine this land right now 
                         -with its few creature inhabitants-
                                   has little resemblance to what was here before. 

I ponder what it could have been like
               those many centuries before,       but I cannot.
 Alas, I know very little of science or
     of how exactly this area   looked     or felt     or smelled 
                                   once upon a time 
                                       when it was more water than land. 
I know only this:
              today it is we                 that remain. . . 

I open my eyes, 
conscious again of the remnant water's stench,
and walk to my car, 
                 anticipating my drive back to the city,
                           with the top down
                                     and hot wind in my face.

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The Green River

She slips from the sleeping ice.
Green, fresh, free to flow
through the great fjord.
Past the blue mountains.

She glides smoothly
over the rocks with glee,
covering them with her cool touch.
Tall evergreens cheer her on.
Waving as she courses down her chosen path,
carrying life. 

All the while never tiring!
Surging forward to join the others like her.
This vast journey ,
will not end till she reaches
The Great Shores.

Her journey is joyful.
Touching all on her banks,
leaving the gift of life in her wake.

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Whale songs

Humpback beauties call to their young
Communicating to calves so precious 
Don't be so immediately audacious
You can wander, just don't go too long

Blubberous parents are there to keep them close
For companionship, warmth and learning 
Send each other many signals, the little one is yearning
Because of the ocean they want to make the most

Eating their fill of plankton and krill
The smaller babe makes a hydro sonic point 
To the older one who loves this oceanic joint
He doesn't want to hurt or kill

The humans who eavesdrop on their descant 
Like some other whales with mammoth choppers
 Accidentally maiming overboard fishermen and surfers 
These watery wonders are appreciated that's all they ever want 

Imbibing benevolent attention only for half a century
Deep sea divers first decided to bring down equipment
When he spoke his special song, they had no idea what the male bull meant
 That day being approached he was so hesitant and on sentry 
Because whalers before had waited for them to breach
The surface for mere minutes finding some oxygen
 Finding instead a foreboding air of danger without question
So reclusive they remain, staying out of reach

Beaching is another danger when whales will cry 
For help they so need it and must be rolled back out
A benign thing on sand dangerously sprawled about
Back into the depths it should be before it go dry

Nature's biggest mammals can never be at rest 
In the wild and bountiful marine, using fluked tales to swim around 
Whales have a lot to say, their stories abound
In civilized society with whale translators today we are at our best

Making compact discs of them, something special we can keep
The arias of the ocean composed of many shores
Whales speak responding in the ripples as prophets do with lore
 It works quite well for some, to lull ourselves to sleep

We should always stay in assonance.

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Nature's Cycle

The magnificent river coming down the mountainside spreading out in its majesty as it moves towards the ocean then rising up to the cloud from where it condenses on the mountain as snow or rain that ends up in the river repeating the glorious cycle - the essence of nature

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Ocean Blue

The ocean is so alluring it calls out to you in a
way you can't re sit and you don't want too.
It draws many to it's beach side where many walk
bare foot in it's warm sand and stand letting the
waves splash across them.
Children building sand castles, the sea gulls flies
high over head in the cloud less sky, bodies of
different shapes and sizes lines it shore, many with
sun umbrellas, beach towels, laying in the 
warm sun getting a suntan, bodies as far as the eyes 
can see.

The ocean is where many go to watch the sun rises, the
sun sets, lovers walking hand in hand on the warm summer
sand beneath their feet, kissing, hugging, laughing, running
just having fun.
Night time comes way to quickly for many but many stay
and watch the sun set and the moon raising high in the clear
dark sky above it's light  shinning down on the water making
it look like a shinning gleaming diamond, and like glass that
could break any second.

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Water Games

Shimmering reflections swim
Racing out against the tide
Liquid visions streaked with gold
Playing chase with the sunlight
On the ocean waves they sail
'Til the moon casts shadows down
Then it's painted silhouettes
Adorned with liquid silver
That play games throughout the night
Speeding toward the dawn's sunrise
To claim their golden trophies
And bathe in morning sunshine

TLH   ©   07-27-2012
For: On the Ocean Waves Contest

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Tale of a mermaid

Along with the rising of the sun Sea and sky hand in hand in blue Creating a faint line of illusion, A boundaries of the real and unreal. There was a mermaid dancing with the waves Her long golden hair magically shiny, A true flawless unnatural beauty. She waited for the lonely souls; Who doze in the dream of eternal love Who needs to be saved from nothingness Souls who stray in search of peace. Since the era of the gods, she has lived, And so her story will continue to live. In the dreams of every sailor.

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My geat adventure

My great adventure

At the ripe old age of six, I went
With my two young brothers
Aboard the mighty ship, Mooltan
We went on a big adventure
To a land called West Australia
My parents bought the tickets
How excited we all were
To be going across the ocean.
We boarded ship in London town
Oh, what a great adventure.

The docks were called the Tilbury docks
Oh, what a sight we saw
We were so awed by this mighty ship
The excitement filled our souls
We went aboard all filled with joy
And our adventure had begun
We left old Blighty far behind
Went on our merry way
Life was great aboard this ship
We played to our hearts content.

Oh lord we sailed through so many countries
Our little hearts aglow
Shopping from the old bum boats
Oh boy it was such fun
Oh how I loved this ocean air
It made me feel alive
Eventually after five long weeks
Ahead we spied the coastline
‘So this was it’ my young mind said
West Australia was in sight.

Oh, what a lovely sight it was
My heart it really danced
To see those vast, white sandy beaches
It gave me such delight
We were so excited, us three
Our knew life was beginning
And oh it had been quite a trip
I always will recall
These days until the day I die
It was so beautiful.

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My trip to the mighty Blighty

My trip to mighty Blighty.

At the age of just nineteen
I bought myself a ticket
Packed up all my bags and stuff
And climbed aboard the ship
I was off to mighty Blighty.

And so I left these Aussie shores
And sailed the deep blue seas
I crossed so many lovely countries
And stopped at quite a few
On the way to mighty Blighty.

I travelled through the Suez
Then went on up to Naples
And then off to Gibralta
I saw some lovely sights
As I sailed to the mighty Blighty

Then sailed on to my destination
No more stops along the way
Four long weeks it took this boat
Then at last I spied the shores
As I arrived at mighty Blighty.

23 May 2014.

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Ocean's Love Affairs

Glistening peaks of waves in the moonlight,

soft and tender lapping at water 's edge 

as the beach welcomed the incoming.

Anticipating the velocity of tidal thrusts,

sands quivering shifting limbs nervously

as wave after wave bombarded the shoreline.

Lost in motion all indifferent to the cry of pebbles 

as waves incessantly lashed rugged rocks 

while sea sprays pampered their anguish 

from the chiseled process of sculptured stones. 

Propulsion of heavy ocean waters entering,

filling every cavern with rocket motions as air

forced out in tensed release culminating

in the screams of blowholes.

In the aftermath, leaving a heady sparkling

trivia of tiny bubbles bursting with joy.

Glistening tears on her cheeks, she waited 

Winds whipping her face while dread aged 

her breathing as each desire vacillated.

Waiting, yearning for his kiss, that soft touch

of cool sea-mist brushing her lips,

the musky smell of him massaging

her every sense with heady erotic aromas.

As dawn broke, dreams of unrequited love 

also shattered against razor-sharp reefs

leaving in splinters, micro-chips from his 

wooden heart with coded messages for each 

beach damsel awaiting his next surfing of local nets. 

Whispers of breakers as tide neared rising, 

dwindling hopes of ever birthing her silent 

longings, moulding his pleasures with her being.

Waves took not only her hopes but also his shifty

footprints, leaving only froth on fickle sands.   

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On Friendship

-dedicated to and inspired by Awoh Kingsley-

To define a friendship Is to define each element held in a grand sea The moments shared between the water and the single fish The seaweed coursing in the shallow Sinking in the deep Through trust two can prosper And even be happy But when mistakes are made Trust becomes a demand A weapon to test each other Trust allows that seaweed to flow Trust can also allow the currents to bury them Without openness that trust will falter Like an underwater volcano Holding all the fire in It is bound to explode And though water will cool it somewhat There’s no telling how long the next explosion will take A friend should not take his time calculating that Instead allow words to flow Like the gills of a fish Allowing water in and out Cooling and moderating forever Filtering the bad into good Above all, love must reign For friendship cannot grow without it Without love There would be no elements in the sea The sea would be a bottomless pit Of nothingness

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Oh mother Africa cradle of civilization
like the great trees of our green oceans
you protect your young from this great gale
from east, north, south, west but mostly west
it comes with a force first gentle then strong then stronger
from leaf to stem it sways the oceans
steering our waters to unright directions
it brings it's sand from far away and takes our leaves to far away.

Oh mother Africa cradle of civilization
land of fruits milk and honey
groom your young in your own way
let them know it's not for sale
our dignity, pride and values
but how do you cushion a dying man
how do you relieve a man running after a setting sun
a drowning man will clench a straw
if this he thinks will stay afloat
young shoots find no space to blossom 
even in this spacy forest
is this our fault or it it's fault
that seedlings readily embrace the gale
they know the wrath it all entails
but this they say is better than the dark.

Oh corner trees of iroko type
give space for the young to grow
their roots will firm their stems will broad
and this ocean green will stay agreen
heed my advice and pave the way
for if these things are not done in time
your young will continue to embrace the gale 
and this ocean green will go brown some day.

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A Walk on the Sands

As the palm-trees
danced in the faint
ocean breeze, the sands
gently tickled my feet
as they quickly moved inland

The Sun accompanied 
with a sense of freedom,
made me feel as though
the Sun-rays were passing
through me, feeding my soul
with wonder and awe

Sparkling like diamonds
dancing to the tunes of a
magical wand, the skin of the
ocean glowed with Heavenly radiance
that blinded my eyes and
enchanted my mind at the same time

This was a moment not
even a myriad comets could
inspire me with such depth
as the whispers of the ocean
and the warm stare of the Sun

By: Teddy Kimathi

(This is a Summer Poem)

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Spirit unbroken

Dear loveless one

Your hatred may have left holes
in my emotions
and your fury unleashed scars
upon the spirit
you will never possess...
Even though your tongue dug my soul's grave
and your hands muffled my cries
and bound me in chains 
to sinking death as a child,
I kept on living for hope's sake.
You deafened my ears to joy's call
and love I passed by, oblivious
to its tender touch.
You blinded my eyes to the beauty
that was staring me in the face 
and stitched up my mouth 
to prevent your own shame 
escaping in audible screams...

Today my body rests in the ocean
and still you are troubled.
Why then?
You got what you wanted, didn't you?
You murdered your own flesh and blood
to compensate for your flaws.

You know... You know you can't run
from a past so dark.
You hear my daunting laughter 
and the endless pleading haunts you.

I grip your black heart frozen
and whisper, "Goodbye."

Spirit unbroken.

(A tribute to all abused children)

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Tidal Wars

The old desires
for domination 
drifts in once again
on the ocean waves,
one frothy lap
riding atop the other
with ever growing

As the moon and sun
rise and set daily
the ancient battles
repeatedly plays out 
around the world.
The rotating force
of gravitation pull
forever to be
the victor. 

Written for Francine Roberts..."on the ocean waves"...contest

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I Like it Hot in the Summer

Slender legs kicking sand,
the wind twirling her silky hair,
something in her hands.
The aroma trails from there to here.
A thing beautiful is happening.

A bikini that only some can wear, 
a smile that spreads from ear to ear.
Hips move, 
slender legs kicking sand, 
and something in her hands.
The aroma rides the ocean wind.
Impatiently …,
I waited for her to come my way.

The sea blues her beautiful eyes.
I have an ocean view from the gaps between her thighs.
Her slender legs kicking sand,
something wonderful is in her hands, 
and that smell ...
causes excess saliva in my mouth.
My stare is frozen on her hands,  
her dutiful hands.

Now, she stands before me.
My heart beats leisurely;
it usually does 
whenever she gives me my cup of buzz,
my steamy summer love.
Four sugars, three creams, 
just the way I like it;
hot 'n' steamy and sweet 'n' creamy.

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Rain, Ocean, Water

          Rain, Ocean, Water

When it rains on the ocean I get frustrated
There becomes too much water 
Too many drops to be counted
What makes the task even more exasperating
Is the fact that waves and drops move around
Never stay in one place
When it rains things get wet
Water helps me to forget
It is always on the mind
Rain, ocean, and water must be inventoried
I save rivers and lakes for a later date
But that’s another story

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Once Upon An Ocean

            Once Upon An Ocean

Once upon an ocean
Ubiquitous blue scratches the surface of the sea
Exposing white caps on the mirrored sky
Wind itches to begin and laps the salt
Orange sun gravitates away with waves on distances
Ships fold and roll, moving on mountains made of water
Sudden storms arise like magic above the rain   
Wet to the touch, it cries on sails, laden down with sin
Washed over, slapped in the face by angry seas
Wooden beams baptized by the crash of endless waves
Lumber that stood once and lived as bold green trees in forests
Sky weighs the seagulls down
No parachutes for them
Oblivious to it all
Ubiquitous blue lies on the body of the ocean
Settles with the tides when lands roll in

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Windswept Beach

Windswept beach of the Pacific,
we would go there to meet you
and crash ourselves like waves 
upon that shore.

Seagulls circle overhead and wait
for opportunity.
We go circling in the sand and likewise wait.
Tiring of the wait we run and burn our feet
upon the scorching sand above the waters edge.

How high the kite, how low the mind,
comparing to the ruminating sky.
Summer will not last forever on that shore;
our frame will fall apart at last.

And breathing as a gull we gulp the air
and grasp the hand of our beloved there.
We towel the wet and scrub the day which weeps
and mourns in silent meditation.

The ocean waits for me, 
with frothing foam intensity,
and I will to go there willingly
when the time of love is ripe.

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Wildwood New Jersey

as i sit and watch the ocean
the waves tumble along
lick the sand and drop
treasures behind...

the sky blends
beyond the horizon
everything seems as one

an advertisement 
from a plane barely heard
catches my eye

the salty spray
kisses my cheek
and mingles with tears
as my memory recalls;

i remember the long rides
that seemed like forever
the board games, the shoving
to see out the windows, the 
are we there yet from talkative lips
silenced only by the smell of ocean air

the walks down to the beach
that seemed to take forever
(but are much longer now)

the walks down the boardwalk
“watch the tram car please”
echoing behind our backs
as we tried to see through the cracks

the amusements piers, the golden nugget,
the log flume with the ocean just beneath
the lights reflected back as we laughed

it’s changed some now
the piers and rides differ
and the walk even longer
the ocean no longer beneath
reflecting lights back as it did

i go often as an adult
watch the ocean, listen to her
as my silence falls with her waves
my memories tumble along
like lost shells, i gather them
and treasure them the same...

i sit alone, wish you here
feel you near, pretend it’s the same

walk the boardwalk
from beginning to end
and back, with the tram car
echoing behind my back

i gather fudge from “Laura’s”
taffy from “James” savor the moment
as if it were the same

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My ocean has waves.
Waves that clutch pain,
Thrash against shore,
I'd be out of my mind,
If I said I was well,
I waited for time to tell,
Still you never came to my aid.
Every six seconds you disappear,
We should have learned our lesson,
But things have been this deranged since last year.
My tears are weightless,
Invisible because I can't cry,
I wonder if the pain would be any different,
If you were a stranger,
Yet I am so close to you,
In the sense that you made me.
However I can't find the bond,
The one we've been yearning for so long,
So why should I be wrong?
Excuse me for my attempts to care,
Excuses on important dates when you couldn't be there,
I am at fault?
Not fair.
My ocean has waves.
Waves that wash up hope,
Hope that you will realize before we escape,
Hurry before it's too late.

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Rose Bled Soap Stone Mysteries

So small and absolutely perfect
With a slight grain of pale pink flowing across it’s softly shimmering white surface

Tossed by wave and landed on this ….my foreign shore

 I knew in my heart as I held the sea stone in the palm of my hand …that the secrets 
of the universe were held safely 
deep within

…..If only I spoke stone ….I knew the hope of everlasting joy 
could be mine to share forever

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The Sea and I

Once I was sand dab small
urchin of the tides
shrieking with the gulls
on my blanket of sand
and head high as the waves
I was playmate to the sea
One and one were we
under the clouds of foam . . .
Sand crabs tickled my toddles
The conch sang hushabies of the surf
The horses of the sea
whinnied the tunes
of my periwinkle dreams . . . . . .

Who sells cockles for my suckle?
Who can cuddle stars to sleep?
What Sandman rock-a-byes yesternight’s cradle?

All the sun long day
I melted from green to gold
holding the hand of the sea
for only a rainbow long
and gathering handfuls of mist
I was Captain of the tides . . .
Dolphins dipped to my horn
The turrets of my castles
trembled the wind
The shrill of my whistle
shivered the still
of the serpent’s lair . . . . . .

Who can ride the ebbless tide?
Who can borrow wings from the wind?
What Sandman can cool the burn of my yearnings?

Each stolen night and day
I streaming down the shore
danced the fire dance
in the tongues
of the leaping waves
Neptune strong
Colossus high
I strode the shallow deep
Buccaneer of the boundless main
Captain Hook
of my mussel fleet . . .
The peaks of my mountains
scraped the clouds
The crash of my drumbeats
thundered the sky
The sting of the salty spray
blurred my lordly eyes

Hickory Dickory heedlessly
I waded the Gulliver shore
While sands of the hourglass trails
trickled forever by . . . . . .

Who can caress the foam?
Who can touch nevermore?
What Sandman can dry the tears of the sea?

– Harley White  

< 1968 >

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Different Textures Of White

Cold, hard,white, wet ice cubes clink into a glass 'pon a summer day

                                Then they pop and snap when touched by warm tea made

Large white raindrops splatter falling from white cotton fluffy clouds
               Their sound brings hope that cooling of the summer air will abound

The white water rushes through the yard cascading over every rock and twig
     onward to the creek to dance on its way to the sea

Over those small white rapids created by those damp dark rocks

                            just a small gurgling sound of white just for me 

Forward dancing across those river rocks bouncing, swishing onward to the sea

     Those white raindrops now whitecap in small waves with a tiny rhythm 
                                         along the beach

White water necessary for life delivers different sounds to mine ears

The silence of all nature as white snow begins to fall

         Just a crisp sound of ice crystals as they touch tree limbs, the brown earth and
                                                       each other

A crisp, cold, steady sound of white snow as each flake lands

              White, white, bright white all of nature surrounds 

Sponsor: Monterey Sirak
Contest: The Sound Of Color
Written: December 03, 2013

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The Changing Sea

I have seen the sea be a mill pond,
seen it like a mirror 
where mountains reflect 
unshimmering there.
And herring skittered
on the surface to escape
the mouth of the killer whale.

But I have seen the sea
off Newfoundland's Cape Ray
when waves were mountain high
and on reaching the wave top looking down
into a vast valley of iron coloured water,
The grave of many a man.

To me the sea is a changing thing
like life and breathing in
and the salt moistened air in my face
forever gives life to me.

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The water. 
It ripples and waves.
Its soothing to the touch and it runs over your body like an invisible blanket.
When life is too much to take I run to the water.
I've thought about lost loved ones over the view of the ocean.
As the waves ran over my toes and pulled back it was as if God was telling me I'm here.
I see your pain. I see your passion. In time I will wash them away.
When it rains, it stirs something inside of my heart. I know that as this storm shall pass, so will the trials of life.
The pain will be washed away. All will grow new again.
Pain is water.
Joy is water.
Life it water.
Water is beauty.

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Ocean Blue

As I gaze out upon the blue ocean,
 from my perch, on the cliff above .
 The incoming storm, hovers close by,
 I am watching  battering waves, smash
the rugged coastline shore below.
The blue waves blend with the distant blue sky.
The once sapphire ocean now becomes steel blue
As the storm rolls  in, the ocean, ever changing hues.
 The waves smash, blend and churn  creating
Cauldrons of undertows merging with rips
Battering with a  powerful gale force.
As lightning zig- zags across the deepened sky
I head for shelter from the incoming rain
Knowing I will return again to look at ocean blue.

Francine's contest- blue on blue on blue
Phyl  the ocean
 thanks Francine

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Beautiful Creature

She was the most beautiful creature
that I had ever set my eyes on,
since when I started to see.

Her hair sparkled as though it was sprinkled
stardust in the screaming sunlight;
voice flowing from her strawberry lips could
entice dolphins to dance in divine synchronisation;
her eyes light up every man's hidden sensuality into a halo.....

Memories of her still keep replaying in my mind,
especially when I slide my fingers on the skin of the ocean;
she had the sweetest texture that I had ever felt.

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The Ocean that Floats and Sinks

Life is like an ocean
And a dreamer is like the ship that floats on it
Dreams are built out of lack and limitations
Such are the salty waters on which you must float

Ocean water is too salty to drink
Yet on it the boat floats best
Your dreams are like fresh water
...with the potential to quench your thirst and satisfy your heart
So as a dreamer you need not drink the salty water
....that is the society’s opinions

The same ocean that floats a mighty boat known to drown many more
But a boat only drowns when the ocean water leaks into it
You are like a boat
...surrounded by the endless stretch of ocean called SOCIETY
On this ocean you should float
...but if you allow this ocean’s water to slowly leak into the boat of your dreams
	...the world is sure to mourn the loss of yet another fine boat

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Deathland continued epilogue

I feel a heavy weight go down, down, down, down, deep down in my chest,
Like an elevator descending rapidly down a deep dark abyss, and fear crashing in from all sides with all the weight of an ocean breaking loose closing from all sides, the loneliness stings like a nest of desert scorpions, and the desperation consumes me like the venom of a cobra annihilating me a living cell at a time,
They tell me “a will, will find a way”, religions tell me “hold the hand and it will lead thee unto the light ”But there is no pot to whip up will from, and I see no shining being`s hand,
I see no end in sight to this journey through the wasteland.
Could it end in a different way? Logic says Nope,
Yet I harbor a secret hope,
This was not my decision my call, this birth, I did not vote to live,
I am tired of all this negativity and some things got to give.
Books say, the body is temporary, so is the pain salvation is the ultimate goal,
All empty words with no solace and I am yet to see my soul.
What good is a salvation unknown when today passes in pain, what good is the miracle if the thirsty pilgrim dies and then it comes down to rain?
Reach out in the dark and you may feel me somewhere,
Wandering, wondering, dreaming, pondering,
Like a man on an endless plain chased by a pride of lions looking out for a tree,
Let the weight fall down, let the ocean drown, let the scorpion`s sting, and let the poison do its thing.
I don’t care, in the end I just want to be free,
No happiness, no sadness, no pain, nothing and into nothingness..
I wish to where it all began,
On the edge of the death land, beyond. Always beyond.

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Ocean of life

Tossed  within the ocean of life.
Tripped by its shells.
Lost in the sands of time.
Tangled in sea weed.
Arrested by its reefs.
Released by its tides.
Caught still by a fisherman's net.
nearly reeled in but released by the tides.
Blinded by the sun,penetrating the merciful tides.
Staying afloat a difficult task.
A pearl nearly  reached in the mouth of a clam.
A hand blown away by the current ,a super fan.
A whorl pool of anxiety,caused by a near capture of a jewel so fine.
A life tossed and lost in the sand of time.
Mercy and struggle combined.
Pearls of this ocean still one can find.
Tossed and lost many in this ocean.
Attempt to stay afloat countless devotion.
Struggling for breath,gasping for air.
What tear can be seen in this oceans lair?


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The calm waters edge
Happily splashing the shore
The look of the calm
So happy and free
The perfect place
Anyone should want to be
Thoughts of friends
Family you wish to share this moment with
The overwhelming feeling of joy
A swirling in your mind
The most amazing scene by mankind
Displayed right before your eyes
You want to cry 
At this feeling of pride
The pride and love of what is in front of your eyes
This epic moment 
Sun shining to the sea
Such an amazing thing 
Between the rays of light on sea
You see such godlike things
This whole feeling bringing you to your feet
For there is nothing like this
This one thing
The joy of this scene 
The warmth of the light beaming
The feeling of being free
This perfect view.
As the sun slowly flows down
You sit with it 
Staring at the sea
Its depth amazing
What  it can hold
All the life inside its depth
The suns gleam
Off this godly thing
Makes you wonder
How such a beautiful thing
Exists in this world of death.
The trees stir
The sun now tucked away
The ocean moves, calm as every other day
Laying down by its edge 
You look towards the sky
The stars slowly form
Showing their light
the moon takes the place
As the cool new sun
The crisp air of night
Flooding your mind
Making you lose track of time
Drifting to sleep
You awake in your dreams
The same old scene
Surrounds you
Yet it is not the same joy
The feeling is strange
The sun is clouded
Darkness making the ocean look grey
What was once a nice day
Has been shown to the side of decay
The wind flows around
But in a different tone
The way it moves
No, no something is wrong
The once clear open sky
Now looks to have drowned and died
The soft ocean seems to turn tide
Then the noise.
There is nothing.
The storms fury is coming
Spin, turn, look for a escape
Unable to hear yourself over the gale
You shut your eyes and think of the time
That time...
The one with the nice breeze
The one with the clear sky
The one that made you cry
Cry and cry
Those tears of happiness and content
The beautiful scene 
That beautiful time.
the one that there was not a care in sight
the one where stars where shown bright
yes, yes once upon a time...

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The Farthest Shore

When the wave falls

on that farthest

does it finally die.

When the swish of

the tumbling fall

cries into the

who hears,

in it's soft sweet

an echo of oceans

On the winds swift

past shallow sharp

tonguing cold teeth

currents that sweep

the soundings deep

and beyond ken,

at first in front,

and then behind.

Moving in ranks

each one alone

yet by Nature's gift

one and the same.

To catch but a
from the wave

and turning it

see that which has

not standing in Time

but all in align,

and to reach not out

across the trough of

but into the depths

and find true self

Earth spins true,

Universal laws

to be obeyed and

dis obeyed,

swept by energies

flowing and real

as hot sun and cold

The exquisite tilt

as an inquiring head

so that it all takes

beneath liquid feet

crossing a sea of

With each sandy kiss

waves energy passed

to shifting sands,

to sound,

the outgoing wave

from shore to

to meet off shore,

to unite once more

beyond trough and

in the ocean

we found.

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Spirits of the Deep

To part from my flesh,
To part from my thoughts.

To enter a cool bliss,
A peace untold.

To be one with the blue beauty,
To dance with the spirits of the deep.

To watch my pain and tears,
Disappear in the salty waves.

To part from the world around,
To once again taste sweet joy.

To reunite with who I am,
Hidden deep within my heart.

To part from hurt and anger,
To only feel a peace in the water.

Oh, for this I yearn,
I long to feel it on my skin.

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She guides me in and sits me down.
Not the Remington portable typewriter this time.
I grab a pen and some parchment they have more life i believe.
The mechanical twists and clanks sound so hollow.

In this depression my colored skin only attracts sorrow.
I would like to escape on one of those planes high in the sky.
I dream of a ticket to ride wings to tomorrow.
If only this ear piece of gold was worth mountains of gold.

Everything so stagnant, grey and cold.
She offers a cig of course i say no.
I see the ashtray full of lipsticked butts.
Each puff takes life from her soul.

How to be free from this life.
They yell and throw stones.
My darling my lover to hide our love isn't right.
I see only our union it's colorless.
Why must everyone else see black and white.

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Seaside Stroll

The sound of the sea at the shore,
is a constant whisper-roar. 
The sharp cry of  a sea- gull,
punctuates it for me.  
A breeze brings the scent of salt,
and brushes my skin, 
playing havoc with my hair.
I feel the softness of the sand,
the icy coolness of waves at my feet,
and the sandy grit between my toes.

I sense freedom all around me,
as I see, scantily clad people,
diving into waves, walking into the wind,
talking in groups, and bathing in warm sunlight.

Their voices are carried to me,
as a soft babble,
with laughter, and squeals of delight 
I see the beach,
strewn with scattered shells,
slick jellyfish, driftwood, 
seaweed and smooth sea-worn rocks.
I gather treasures that appeal to me.

I watch dogs frolic, running in circles, 
children building sandcastles.
I feel myself refreshed by the blue sky,
the aquamarine water,
and the sun-dazzled, whiteness of  sand.
I let my thoughts wander, as I
wonder, my senses sparkle, alive.

Suzanne Delaney

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The Sun Pouts

I wish I could fly
On the wings of an angel
Cross the vast ocean and sky
To where you're stationed.

Your work must be done
We know this without a doubt
The public good be done, but
The sun seems to pout.
Puffs of cutting clouds
Have dampened its smile so bright
For it's been separated
From the world it loves.
Even with its ache
Continues to emanate
All the light and warmth it has
True love never fades.

I wish I could fly
On the wings of an angel
Cross the vast ocean and sky
To where you're stationed.

By CarolineCécile
March 4, 2011.

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Love is like an Ocean

Love is like an ocean,
one moment, a calm, liquid plain,
the next a torrent of mountains
that crash down
and tear themselves apart.

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Difficult Trials -Part 1-

Turn the wheel
Out of curiosity
I'll be'll receive
Something special...something to make you whole
Though the trials you must run through
Are a great struggle that can easily
Pull you down
And I want to erase your frown

You will feel way better about yourself
Just trust me...take my hand...
I'll encourage you to have a satisfying time
Just for your own liking
We'll be hiking
Those somewhat difficult hardships 
Together for eternity 
We'll spend time in the future 
Together in unity

*******he sea...Let's flee and be free!
LOOK how nice you look!

Trample those insufferable nuisances
That dare put you down
To the sea floor
I'll push them to the core!

Feel free to walk the 
Road of Recovery 


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one wish

i see far far away
wishing upon 
one star
inside beauty
she shines
in a song
sweet words
begin playing

in cold 
blue moon
dancing emotions
blowing in clouds
casting silver shadows
on feelings
tears falling
within a soul

touching heartstrings 
a music box
emotions turning
swelling an ocean
waves to you
droplets it rains
on wings
of a dove
one beautiful soul

shining horizon
warm in the distance
alone dreaming
looking into darkness
awaiting each night
a shooting star
with my wish
come true

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The ocean

The ocean is angry better get out of its way
It may take you under to claim you like it does to people every day
It has no patience it will eat you up and spit you out
The ocean is loud no one will even hear you shout
You will become one with ocean, sink to the bottom like the treasures that have been there
for years. The ocean has no feelings it doesn't care about your tears.

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Just lay there in the sun
The colors lovingly fade 
From slate, to white to coal 
Rest there, listen to the waves 
You've worked so hard
And traveled such a long way from home

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There's this girl that I know who misses her home
The place filled with laughter, her joy, and her hope.
This girl, she is sad, and I've seen her heart break.
She just doesn't belong here, and she doesn't want to stay.

When she's at the beach she just sits and she stares
Across the water to who knows where.
The ocean is the one place she has found on this Earth
That fills her with any kind of peace and hope.
Though still she is sad, she's not where she belongs,
But at least at the ocean the fierce homesickness calms.

She'll walk down the beach and look out at the water,
Totally uncaring of those who might watch her.
She knows she's not normal, that she isn't like them.
But she knows that they cold never understand.

This girl that I speak of, how I know her well. Yet at the same time I hardly know her at all.
It seems to me as I walk down that beach that
I'm never gonna know of who I truly speak.
Because as long as I'm here, so far from my home, my heart, my pain there, my hope,
I am only half here. 
I am only half home.
And all that I want....I just want to go home.

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The Ocean Breeze

It blows with new air,
new breath, new energy;
closing my eyes,
and allowing the breeze
to kiss my skin,
it is a feeling of rebirth
that pulsates deep within my soul......

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Tsunami of love

As the ocean swells 
Around the heart 
I love your jeans 
But most of all 
I prefer 
the hanger 

My world like a shawl 
You invaded 
every space in it 
Like a tsunami 
of love 

Strikes beautiful 
Taking over the body 
Becoming a temple 
adoring you 

the very ground 
On which you stand 
Oh so very sweet 
My love 
I hunger for you 

Beating in the deep 
Invaded the very soul 
Falling my heart 
in love 
With you

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tainted smile
mishaping your identity
as you carry on
day by day
with a masking smile-
without a reason to feel down.
All confidence stripped,
while the waves crash at shore
and the untrimmed grass still growing-
to remind you that life goes on.
Time is still-
you endure everyday with a level head
afraid not what of was
but afraid what will become-
become of you
become of all else
it's THAT fear that grasps your arm.
Clenching so tight that the nails puncture through your skin
a painful setback
only one you feel yourself.
Seagulls drop clams,
they fall helplessly onto the rocks
and their beaks scoop them up
after they're broken, empty 
fallen apart-
a mirror image of your own life
your own dignity
your own strength
it's only too late before you capture reality-
a grip too tight on a slippery surface
you wait
anticipating serenity
that place where the teal ocean ripples onto the shore
instead of the crashing white caps that drown the neighbours child-
where sharks are tame 
and time is suspended
an oasis
far away
to a place you long for
to hide away-
where all questions are answered
and fears are conquered
a heaven on earth

or so to say

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See like eye sea

Take your uproaring words 
And pour them into 
The deep unsettled sea
Let them wash to shore 
And rumble the sand gently
Don't let them get caught up into the wild wind
They'll rip through someones sail 
And make them never want to leave 
The shoreline again..
So watch what you say 
And how you let your words flow
With a broken compass 
You never will know
In what direction 
That the current will go...

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Soul Mate

Have a seat come talk with me,
Where the ocean touches the earth’s sand,
Underneath coconut trees where love lingers throughout the inland,
Watch the sunrise and set.

Where the ocean touches the earth’s sand,
Love is embedded onto me with a simple touch from your,
Fingertips, I love you.

Underneath coconut trees where love lingers throughout the inland,
We breed such beautiful children,
May they be fruitful and noble men. 

Watch the sunrise and set,
As the foundation of our future unfolds,
We shall prosper for eternity.

(Trimeric Form)

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A Ship Without a Sail

The amazing Rage inside of me, eating holes-
Gnawing at my chewed up Soul
Each day is a battle to stay alive because I am heartbroken once more
This World and its' people, disappointment me again and again
They shun me and offer no creative hope
I am cast out- SPIT OUT!
Rudderless, and lost without a sail
Aimless, seeking refuge in volatile ports
While wistful storms stalk me
Into the horizon

*A feeble stab at free-verse; I'm really only adding it because I post mostly rhyme, and I don't wish to be totally monotonous lol

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Notes from a Lifeboat

The thing about writing is that you have to organize your deck
Putting the marina ghosts locked inside the captain’s head
And when the itchy comes the breakers will stop
So you can finally see lightness in feelings, words and thoughs

They need to be filled, to be told
But, sometimes, you don’t have a story or a punchline to hold
My job it’s to write; it’s to feel the need for visualization
But life wants landscapes, reality and comprehension

I know he’s listening to the jazz music 
And seeing the bubbles popping out of his glass of champagne
The pain from his brain doesn’t make him sane and vain
No, not today

I love that boy too much to bring him to my reality, thou
So, that’s just how things roll
No morals or good remedy from happy endings this night
I can tell that we need to emerge through dark profundities from time to time…
But do you think we might?”

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Katrina's Lament

The sea rested after a stressful storm,
As the sun peeked out and began to warm.

A tired body of water finally taking a breath,
After being Mother Nature's tool of death.

Katrina carried carcasses, cold and saturated,
In salty waves, caught in nature's fault so hated.

For her the pain is complete, her efforts finished,
But for New Orleans, so much has been diminished.

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Calm Of Ocean Down

            Calm Of Ocean Down

Sink down in silent blue becoming gray
Floating algae feathery on the wave
Sound so soft in their fragility
Edge of day comes on with dawn
Subtle waves above define horizon
Cut a surface to the sky  
Sinking down on tranquil oceans floor  
Creatures there fold the bottom silk
Cold and lightless life move about in darkness
Calm takes them where they will
Light grows dim below the ocean
Slowly though, with sinking in, the deeper depths
No switches there on ocean floor
Rules don’t move inhabitants about down there
Squid hid in their mud and ink to sleep
Dreams wait for them, then, dream a little more
Define themselves in creatures of the deep
They cannot be seen
So sleep a little more
Define the power of the silent calm
Motions smooth, soft and gentle drift 
Feathery floating algae up above
Are so soft in their fragility
Dream on in silent blue
Calm the ocean down

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Our Divine Haven

This town was the place we used to call our haven 
You don’t remember which road we’ve driven on 
The stars were shining against your cherished soul 
You’re a part of my belongings 
You’re ascending above the ground 
The peace is still like hidden treasure – it’s bound to be found

I believe in you…I put my faith in you
After the miracles you’ve performed 
You don’t agree with what you truly are 
The sky is grieving 
You jump from puddle to puddle
You’re struggling to meet your destiny  
Even if your body is saturated in sweat
You must keep your head above the sea

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
I could tell you've been stressing out 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me  

Each melody is an exquisite sound that bounces into our ears
Commotion and strife will cease and your heart will be free
We’ll flee  together…despite the unwholesome weather 
The voyage has just begun…hold my hand and we’ll rise like the sun
Trust me…we will be strengthened and well-equipped before we take that road of victory  

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You’d rather be drifting away and never be seen again 
I wanna change your mind and erase your frown
Take your mind off of the distressful past
Let loose your strain on me  

Hey! I know you’re stronger than you realize
You’re not a failure – don’t be disheartened  
Don’t worry…you and I will earn our future prize 
This mess will clear up in a moment
Just stay by my side and never depart 
From the light… I promise that we’ll endure till the end
Just stay nearby and our hope won’t tear apart
We are willing to do anything to attain our wishes and delight  
Let’s take action and snatch our glory before our time is up 

Follow me and I’ll lead you to divine haven 
Forgive the past that embraces you with remorse and think upon our jubilant future
It’s tempting to just give up and turn around 
You've been trying to keep a steady pace 
But rest your head on my shoulders and let loose your strain on me

Let loose your stress on me…
Don’t be under pressure
Let me handle your anxiety…
Reach towards our divine haven
Do you need a helping hand? 

I wish you a carefree 

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Salty dreams of broken coral

Let free-fall guide your vertigo
As adrenalin rushes into waterfalls

Eyes and skin tight like water up the nose
Bubbles bursting with lightning strikes then
Soggy silence in turquoise splendour

Watery eyes fade quiet lights and adrenal fatigue
Sinking depths into cooler blues, as bubbles float on silky notes

Downward spirals into salty dreams of broken coral then
Springboard from the sandy bottom
Scuttling to the top chasing lazy bubbles

Choking on the light grabbing fistfuls of madness 
Bursting lungs with rusty air as

Blood pounds loud through skin and salt
Whilst pulled from the brink of eternity 
To dripping smiles and screaming tears

Yet upright again, you head to the edge
Step free from your guide...

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heart of the ocean

Opening up 
from the ocean 
singing warmly 
actively colliding 
deep sea currents 
circulating feelings 

Come to me my love 
the awakening of passions storm 
it flies within me still 

Arising from the depths 
slowly emotions 
gently ripple 
slowly swelling deeply 
stirring blue 
rising waves 
rolling out 
unfurling a carpet 

Love this body whole 
take me into your souls home 
loving you baby 

Breaking waves 
sweetly curling 
to shore 
gently kissing sand 
touching wet lips 
upon your feet 
a jeweled dream
found home 

our hearts forever 
softly sleeping quietly 
together we touch as one 

heart of the ocean deep ocean jewel found on the titanic 
a love story became a tragedy touching the hearts of the world a jeweled dream 
to die within the arms of love

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spark in space

dearest most 
beautiful friend
leading the 
way baby
i want to pick
you up
oh i like
the way 
you dress
lights up beautiful
sexy looking honey
pretty sweet talking
from the insides out

we work together
in style
like a dance
within the mind
fashioning beauty
turns smiles 
on your face

time and energy
bursting sparks electric
generating starts
in every minute
over oceans
shining so special
charming sweetly
the deep

out through
the very soul
fluttering breezes
stepping inside
the heart's space 
dreaming whispers
on a shining beacon
switching on 
lights up
in front
of me

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White Death

Who said snow is beautiful?
It is like poison.
It slowly stings,
Like a carnivorous swarm of bees.

White pellets slice through air
Razor sharp;
A blizzard would be mild.
Pale oceans rise where grass once stood.

It piles up.
And piles up.
Until finally—
It stops.

And remains.
Like the laundry of a dead man;
It lingers for far too long.

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working on a boat

There’s no end to worry, when working on a boat.   
The relentless sea is always busy,
Eager to embrace her,
Constantly reminding you that ownership is an illusion,
Challenging you to preserve her with 
Perception and attention
Before that limitless horizon
Overwhelms her, unimpressed with the
Purity of your desire.
And even when she's trimmed just right,
The bright work polished,
The wind and ocean harnessed in her sails,
And plunging through that vastness,
Adjustments are required,
Your hand on her tiller
Keeping her heeled over
In the slip stream,
Her tell-tails fluttering,
And all that ocean beckoning.

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I search for words
To describe this feeling...
After you told me
You hate me...

I remember when 
I went swimming in the ocean
One day in January...
Ice was curled in elaborate design
Of wind-blown swirls on the sand...
Snowflakes mixed with grains of sand
And bitter wind blew both into my face-
Sea foam blew across the beach
Like stray, sodden mushroom clouds
And the ocean waves were dark 
And angry...
It was so cold, this January...
But I wasn't scared.

That day, I had I thought of
The ocean in autumn;
When I swam last in autumn,
It was October, and the
Wind was harsh and strong;
Waves were wild with
The fresh memory of stormclouds,
So they crested high and broke hard
On the beach...
The sun hadn't shone that day either.
The water, when I dove into it,
Was cold, but warmer than the air-
Vicious to look at,
But under the surface of the waves
Still gentle as summer...
I had gone back in more than once
Just because I loved the feel,
The pull of the current, the raw energy
Of the water against my skin,
And I dove through waves again
And again...

I knew it would be worse this time,
A few months later
And so many degrees colder...
I almost decided not to do it
When I peeled off my coat, 
My shirt, my boots, pants, and socks...
The wind bit my skin hard, tearing
Into my warm body, and the gound,
Icy, was like bared teeth against the soles
Of my feet...
Too late to back out now.

So I ran, barefoot, over ice-ringed
Puddles of seawater and snow-flecked sand...
I reached the water, the first soft waves...
I was slowed by the foamy surf,
Which, only knee-deep, was a strong deterrent,
But then I was past it, and I dove...
That first, frigid, smack in the face
As the water closed over my head
Stole all heat, all memory of heat,
From my body all in an instant...
I surfaced gasping in shock,
Heart about to either stop or burst-
I'm still not sure which,
All I could think of was the cold...
It was so cold...
Colder than anything I've ever known...

I retreated clumsily-
I should have recoiled from the ground,
Stepping quickly and lightly
Over cruelly sharp grains of 
Equally mixed ice and sand,
But I could no longer feel the cold...
I could feel nothing...
Could think nothing...

When you told me you hate me...
It felt like that.

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Inhaling the Sea

I sink into the ocean 
Water so intrepid 
The salt that carves,
Canals in my skin, and stains my lungs
Yet I am not overpowered
Gliding down through azure expanses
The melodious harp, I hear 
From a foreign dimension 
As I rest in bliss

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touching sands of time 
dancing galavanting
in the brain
a hermit crab
his head out
from the sands

alone open arms
embracing the stars
among'st them
a shining soul
embers crying out to
the beauty 
of it

bleeding underneath
holding in the sands
a key
building upwards
holding them out
sharing a dream

the castle 
begins to build
from out of the sand
sweeping in
from the ocean
as it swells
flowing gently out

to embrace you

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The Baywatcher

Her hair trembles
In the breeze, carried away
My friend, she sits there every 
Through the window, ocean bay
Black hair in a ponytail
In her small hands a turquoise 
So blue is the sky
It is joyful energy
Just as waves move
In kinesis. Sand bitten, seas 
A luscious sandwich meal!
Thoughts chewed along the 
Just as she bites her lips
While sitting by the window sill
Does she see her father, still
Swimming in the sea?
Like he told her once before
In water, man is truly free
She's not a swimmer, my friend
So don't close the window
She likes to sit by there
And watch the ocean style
The beach; in sine
Till her damaged thoughts align
And she can turn around, and 
And be my friend once more

For tonight's a stormy night
She'll close her eyes
When others fall asleep
That's when she cries
And I'll lead her, hand in hand
To the window sill
Sit by her and watch the seas
Until the tears don't spill
Desperate to lose herself
She'll watch the waves
Let the water wash the pain
I know I'll never stave

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The heart of Your sea

You pull me 
Through precipitation and perspiration 
I come to You

The swamps of my Saliva,
the marshes of my muscles,

You pull me
Through erosion and evaporation
I come to You

The stream of my spinal cord,
the meanders of my membranes,

You pull me, 
Through clamminess and condensation
I come to You

The pools of my plasma,
the basin of my bladder,

I come to You,
to the heart of Your sea.

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Discovering the deep

A vast ocean
our churning seas
sit within Earth's bowl
containing historical treasures
within murky depths
Secrets settled
still to be unveiled
Precious cargo's price untold
not known if would offset
the cost of any rescue or revelation
Untold scenes priceless
hold enormous quantities of life
scarred by the touch and interference
of our modern world

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A Man and the Moon Free Verse version

Writer of romance
Oh how the women swoon
Opening wide to their lovers
Children named in his honor
Strong men beg for but a few of his words
They wish to be carried to bliss in their lovers arms

The full Moon
Sebastians single muse
All other times devoid of inspiration
No power flows from his enchanted pen
Long nights waiting for his muse to arrive
Torture for his inarticulate soul
Yet his mind hatches a plan

Finally the night arrives
Moon in silvery glory
Enchanted pen, golden cord
Looping over his head
Hurled into space
Will it reach it's target?
Too the centre of the moon
Striking with force 
The Moon cries out in pain

Sebastian reels in his prize
Hand over hand
The Moon shrinks with each progressive pull
Pocket filled with moonlight
taken home
Sheltered from others eyes
coveted glow for him alone
Bathed in Moonlight
Power courses through his veins
No end to inspiration
Moon's tears released by his pen
Flowing to his page
Days to hours
Hours become years
Yet no one comes to read

The lovers have all disappeared
No Moonlit kisses
or walking beneath a moonbeamed sky
Wolves no longer bay at the Moon
The night is now a time to be feared
Sailors unable to find their way home
The guiding tides no longer exist 
Some find their way through the dark void
Still there are no lovers to await their return

The world has entered the dark ages
Singers have lost their desire to sing
Artists have hidden their brushes 
Where have all the poets gone?
yet Sebastian continues to write

The Moon begs to see the Ocean
Sebastian places it in his hand
He walks along a silent shore
Ocean! please heed the Moon's call
Come to her rescue
Snatch her from Sebastian's hand
Thankfully the ocean hears her call
In an instant the Moon floats on the Sea
Resurgent waves carry it away 
Increasing in size the Moon revitalized
Sebastian swimming to recover prize
Grabbing on with all his might as the Ocean forms a mighty hand
Hurtling the moon into space

Lovers emerge
Romance is in the air
Passions are realized
They look to the sky in wonder
Why had the moon abandoned their call?
They listen to the voice of the waves crash upon the shore
The Moon never wished to leave the sky
Singers once again sing their songs of love
Artists are inspired by the Moon's glow

Look at their painting you will see
A man on the moon
With golden pen in hand
unable to write
His pages are far away

If you havn't read the prose version have a look. 
I hope you enjoy my little tale.

Entry for Free Verse Time Again Contest

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The Gift

I awoke
in the night
that was drenching the city
I strolled to the sea side...

Sleepy crescent moon
kissing the ocean
the sweet song
of the waves...

As I walked
they touched the shore
like hushing fingers
stars winking...

Gently the ocean breeze
reached out to me
as the dawn slowly arrived
with a golden handful

of the gulls cries
suddenly I remembered
what awakened me was dreams of
her sweet gift from the day before...
~ ~ ~ ~

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The Stirring Sea

    The sea is

Whisked by the winds
Climbing on like
By each wave,
See how it
hurries by 

    The sea is

Pawed by the sailors
Rushing on like
With each wave
See how it pounds

   The sea is

Black like the
thunderous gales
Cornered by full
In each wave
Drowning into the

   The sea is

Highly like rushing
Kindled by the bare
earth in the abyss
Watching like still
Feel how it throbs

   The sea is

Bursting like a
tattered melon
Swollen more under
pelts of rains
Rolling away,
rolling away
Sought by the
stylish firmament

   The sea is

There is goes, there
it goes
Yearning for the
hues of half-golden
‘Standing on the
It’s not a secret
any longer
This tale will soon
form o'er,
Like the dry and
cold wind

I have yet to see

The stirring sea.

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The wind chimes tingle with the ocean breeze
The sounds melodious the wind shall sieze,
A tram car carries visitors ot view 
Sight appealing to the tourist crowd.

The boats adrift in water, motors hum
As warm Sun captivates the ocean fun,
Delightful waves crest and splash its salt
Serving the passengers a Summer malt.

The gulls swoop through the sand so tan and white
A vendor selling ice cream shouts his cry,
Children build their castles strong and grand
The orchestra on boardwalk plays their song.

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The Awakening of the Spiritual Renaissance

Every time I look in the mirror I see the face of god.
What a vicarious view of vanity. My eyes sin and 
Reflect past.  My envious tongue licks the gluttonous,
 glory of gratuitous teeth for the over consumption of snakes.
 Their scales as smooth as one thousand 
Fingernails attached to greedy hands scraping my
Spine in a form of lust so violent even the wrath in my
Heart can feel the aching from the foreplay, from the night before.

Slothfully smoke fills my crying lungs. I breathe, in this
Air soaked in darkness and everything I aspire 
To be but won't. My feet are anvils. 
My back is the ocean always moving to the shore. 
My hands are hammers and my dreams...
My Dreams are like Marshmallows plucked
From that squishy spot in side my skull; maintaining form but no substance.
This face of god looks back at me and sings. 
"You see, you see what can't be seen. You repair the damage
done to me." With a smack of fate and a wrist watch
on my side damage dealt and a battle won. My eyes forgive
their sins. And I scream for forgiveness... forgiveness, without
anger. Forgiveness without regret, forgiveness, without time and
time my friend is  just a clock Ticking, ticking, ticking.

So if this face of god is really the man upstairs his either
a freaking moron or has a really good sense of humor. 
Because as of right now I feel as though I
should dive in this ocean with the weight of my feet
dragging me to the bottom to see how long it takes to 
feel alive. I've come to realize in my dreams I really do
survive and every breath I take carries me closer
to the day that I arrive in a world that's ready for me
a world that I'm not ready to see.

I still long for a mind of a baby so I can maybe
have a conversation with myself and say "self...
you're going to be ok." Because right now 
I'm so confused by the time and space
and everything in between. 
My dreams explode like they
where put in a microwave on high.
The anvils shatter and hammers splinter
and I am the center of everything
by everything I mean everything 
and I can make my world that
much better.

It's my choice.
It's my clock.
It's everything that I've become
and everything that I am.
I have room to change
but it's only some.
I have it all or
I have none.
I may not be this
divine presences of purpose
starring back at me. 
Though, I have repaired 
this damage done to me.

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decluttering the mind 
Putting in storage 
An overload 
Filing within 
Writing deep vision 
A lighthouse 
Of truth 
Safeguard against 
Crashing on rocks 

Loves light shines 
In clouds 
A picture 
Blue fading white 
Lifting weight 
Upon the shoulders 
Finding peace 
Within colours 

One candle burns 
Flickering flames 
Of thoughts
in far away shores
holding one dream 
Perfumed in 
A heavenly scent 
In the aroma 
of roses 
Blossoming within 

A flower 
Petal soft 
Heart skipping 
Crowning glory 
Sweet beautiful 
With love

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The Horrid Skull

Beneath the shallow sea,

something rests on the wet

sands, waiting to be discovered

Yes, yes, a horrid skull it is,

with its jaws wide open,

revealing fangs that can only befit

a vampire

Questions haunt my conscience

of whether it's a pirate vampire

or a mermaid vampire.......

Lonely the skull rests on the sea floor,

waiting to open a creepy door

that might frighten the mermaids and fish away

Date: 08/08/2014

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angel landing

Rising waves 
blue circling 
your air 
breathing out 
speechless fading 
breath lost 
love whispers 

Silently to 
ones soul 
what a dream 
to awake beside 
love rises inside 
golden sunshine 
touching in 
soft morning sheen 

Glimmering rainbows 
magically embrace 
free flowing feelings 
ribbons in satin 
flowing flutters 
butterflies upon air 
caressing wings 
of emotions 

Floating gently 
softly flying 
with each 
heart beat 
bubbles popping 
a party dancing 
in the spirit 
of love 

Deep gentle 
landing with wings 
softly an angel 
lands upon 
the deepest waves 
kiss of a soul 
washing lips 
crash bursting 
upon this heart 

Singing in 
warm breakers 
of love 
ebbing all 
around you wow 
in this ocean 
gentle waves
all over 
warm on 
you my dream

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I see her sometimes, her face,
in my dreams and in my daytime reveries,
asleep upon the beach,
in the dawning of my day,
in children, in their imaginative play,
inside these words I write,
in memory, in the light of my imagination.

I hear her sometimes, her voice, 
in the blackbird’s song,
when the leaves begin to rustle on the trees,
in the sudden whisper of a summer breeze,
in the echoes off the walls of cliff side caves,
in the returning of the rolling ocean waves.

. . . Sometimes, it is as if they never were,
her lovely face, the whispers in her voice,
the rolling ocean waves,
and yet, sometimes I hear her calling me
inside the white unopened rose bud,
one day I’ll answer to her call
and like the waves I will return back home
. . . into her ocean.

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A Sign

It takes a lot to drive one to thoughts of suicide A lot of pain A lot of sorrow A lot of loneliness A lot of heartbreak A lot of disappointment A lot of misunderstanding A lot of abuse There on the water’s edge she stood The midnight moon reflecting off the ocean’s waves Options being weighed Drift off into the frigid water beyond the point of no return? Swallow the pills she took out of her mother’s medicine cabinet? Open the blood vessels in her arm with his pen knife she stole? She reflected on the many ways she might go about this on her long drive to the ocean shore. She tried not to remember the reasons why she wanted it all to end on her long drive to the ocean shore. She thought about the irony of finally visiting a place she longed to see on her long drive to the ocean shore. She heard the faint bells tolling the midnight hour from somewhere down the beach and felt compelled to find their origin. She came upon the empty church which echoed her own emptiness She came upon the lonely church which mirrored her loneliness She came upon the dark church which reflected her darkness within She walked in She knelt down She said, “Please forgive me for what I am about to do” The wind blew open one of the two doors in front of the church with a loud bang She turned in shock to see the light from the moon shining on the word, “No” The door swung closed and opened again – “No” The door swung closed and opened again – “No” She leapt up from the pew She ran down the beach She left the waves behind She got into her car She drove home to fix her life The door swung closed one last time, next to its mate And the “No Smoking” sign was complete again
by Joe Flach, written and posted on 9/28/2011 for the "The Church by the Ocean" contest

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Siren Dreams

He walks by night
Lost in thought
     lost in shadow

Mother Ocean lashes against the shorline
beating primal pulses
Drumming her sensual rhythm

He walks by night
surrounded by shadow
      Female forms...restless
as the scent of warm male permeates the salt sea air

She gives in to the longing that abides
      within her convoluted core

a release to this need
      Her wicked need
licking slow heat along open nerves

The touch is perilous

She rides him through the surf
      the seductive caress of waves
      Coming in the water

Rides him till the end
      the end of all things

...Or so he thinks
As he walks along the shorline
      hands in his pockets
      Lost in thought
      in shadow

Kicking up sand as
He walks by night

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Love is an Ocean

Love is like an ocean
Peaceful, calm, satisfying
Smooth sailing
Laughter, joy, sunshine
Love is like an ocean
Stormy, windy, terrifying
Rough waters
Anger, hurt, frustration
Love is like an ocean

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Seaside Village Living.

Open granite quarries now swimming holes
Blueberry bushed hills once ocean washed
Soft Birch forests covering up old Dogtown
These are the days of my childhood spent
Traversing these old and winding pathways
Leading me to a time of my great-grandfather
Motif fishing shacks buried in the lobster traps
Calling out to me “It’s time to come back home”

Old stone walls leaning and falling across the fields
And close by the Babson house rickety standing
Resting roadside in old farmland abandoned by time
A forsaken reminder of a lifestyle gone by
Still, as dusk approaches and the evening settles
The crickets join the herring gulls in symphony
An ocean greened and bronze skyline
No city lights or sounds to disturb this perfection
Reminding me what a lovely place to be in…

My hometown of Rockport.

Note:  All the places listed are the landmarks of my hometown, founded in 1661.  
As a teen I wanted out, and as I grow older, I find I miss it more and more.

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Turquoise Sea, Coconut Trees And Turtles

Turquoise Sea, Coconut Trees And Turtles

Pristine see through waters
Turtles slide by
Rock to and fro as they go
They are my watch
In paradise with cracked coconuts

By: Earl Schumacker -Created on 1/09/14 for “SOMEWHERE” Poetry Contest- sponsored by:  Nette Onclaud -Using How Many Syllables - count 6,4,7,4,9 = 30 syllables (5 lines)

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Orchestra of the Sea

I stand on the beach in silence
Listening to the steady beat 
Of the waves
Rolling and splashing
And covering my feet
Listen very closely
Can you hear that sound?
Of the music in the waters 
Of the magic that I've found
The dolphins play the piano
The seahorses blow their horn
And with the salty spray as symbols
A symphony is born
Jellyfish strum the strings of guitar
Anemones play the oboe
And the delicate five-pointed starfish
Plays the piccolo
Use your imagination
Think way outside the box 
Think of seaweed dancing wildly
Underneath the ocean rocks
I try to tell everybody
But no one can really see
The music in the waters
The orchestra of the sea

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Speaking of Bubbles

When I was much younger than I am now,
we had a plan, my cunning friend and I.
The world was in turmoil, much the same as now
and since neither of us wanted to die, we hatched a plan.

Since I was not as inventive as he, 
I left it to him to find a way to survive
the world which was, as far as we could tell, 
seemingly intent on going  up in flames.

Our first thought was of an island so dense and remote
that nothing could penetrate, but we were not 
at all sure there were any places that had
not already been discovered and contaminated by man. 

Then my clever friend came up with an idea.  
He would build us a ball, a bubble if you please,
so impenetrable that nothing could pierce it.  We would 
be safely inside and our bubble would simply bounce 
or float away from danger.

Inside would be a cushion of air to protect us and   
it would also serve as fresh air for breathing. 

Of course we hadn’t worked out all of the details
but we would have all of the amenities for a 
good life, everything would go smoothly in our
snug bubble. The ocean could support us and if
the waves became too high we would just sail away 
to calmer seas.

If the ocean rejected us for some mad reason,
we would float up to the sky and out of reach.
We would name our craft “Serenity” and
live in it forever.

I believe it was the Viet Nam war that caught
my friend in its clutches and without him our scheme 
became just one more unfulfilled dream.

I often think of him and the bubble that would 
have taken us to new universes where there were no
wars and dreams do come true.

  For Debbie's "Bubble" contest  Won # 7

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Smith's Octopuses Party On Pontoons

           Smith’s Octopuses Party On Pontoons 
                   Rumor Has It My Dear

Rumor has it my dear something spectacular is near
Bring your batik hats to our grand lavish scene
Wear flowing Kebeya robes
Let them flow in the air
We’re having our party upon the ocean
On pontoons made of bamboo notions
Flown in from Indonesia with crews
Planks will connect all the segments
Chris Christie will help with construction
Bridging rafts with bamboo shoots & roots 
(We understand he understands bridges)
Yachts will punctuate the festivities
Covered in purple red flowers with care
Tied to the floating swaying affair
McCartney and Sting will be there                       
Octopuses Garden is the theme
And Paul will bring Ringo to sing
The Clinton's and Bushes are on the list
Paparazzi will see if they kiss or do tricks
And who can resist our guests of honor
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt                                                                             

      The main menu is set like this;
          Foie gras loco moco carne
          Matusaka beef
          Pheasant/Mallard breast roast
          Beluga Sevruga, Osetra caviar
          Goût de Diamants, Taste of Diamonds champagne
          Haute chocolate ice cream

This all seems like a dream
We pray that the weather holds up
The only waves we wish to see is from us
In the form of greetings and pleasantries
The party has been planned for ages
If storms should gather
It won’t really matter
We’re thankful 
The Royals, Mr.& Mrs. Smith are here
To weigh down pontoons and rafts
With billions in sacks of gold trinkets
Door prizes for sure, (sorry no doors), for those who attend
500 guests will arrive at the gala
A date with Mick Jagger and two jaguars 
Assured for each person as gifts guaranteed
Compliments of King & Queen Smith
Whose parties should never be missed 
A mystery guest, no surprise
A legend in his own mind
Mr. Trump and his hair might arrive
Since the pope is preoccupied  
We’ll sway to the music with fine company
All are welcome to our heavenly scene
At the octopuses party on the sea

                                       7/11/14 Rumor Has It contest

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riding the waves and forgetting

riding the waves and forgetting
erasing the thought of time from my mind
becoming one with nothingness and it delight
God is here wading in the water with me

riding the waves and forgetting
being taught that i am not the only one
becoming even more schooled of the many facets of relaxation
God is here wading in the water with me

riding the waves and forgetting
looking forward to forward looking
becoming content with the clear definition of Me
God is here wading in the water with me

riding the waves and forgetting
finding the true meaning of blissful serenity
uncovering the secret to the marine vibrations of divinity
God is here wading in the water with me

riding the waves and forgetting
clearing my head of any dark, dreary thoughts
removing the blanket that i allowed to blockade my every view for way too long
God is here....wading in the water with me....

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False thoughts which were framed.
Perceptions are supposed to be blamed
A rope is a rope and a snake is a snake
An ocean is an ocean far different than a lake.
Dogs bite
Light as feather flies the kite.
Houses, trees and people wait back only we proceed ahead in the train.
Multicolored rays shine only after the rains.
Stars and moon will never fall down they only shine in the sky.
Birds cannot walk, they can only fly.
Dreams are dreams seldom come true.
Rivers are white its the reflection that appears blue.
The fog cleared
Everything could be visualized
In reality everything is crystal clear
All things becomes dearest dear.

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Walking on the shore of loneliness
Comfortable I sink my toes into the sands of life 
And feel its time squeeze through these toes.
Behind me I can see the footprints left
Now a single pair, marking the moist sand midst 
Pieces of polished glass and shells of my pain 
Smoothed by sand’s force to etch the edges’ 
Sharp piercing power.
I look to the future watching
The sun’s warmth dip
Into the sea of gradual darkness.
Then you, a wild wave crashes overhead
Enveloping me in your power
Swirling the sand away beneath me
Sweeping me from my valiant stance
Sucking me under into your passion’s tide.
Picking up long buried sharp shards of brokenness 
You pierce my vulnerability and I wash to the shore
Exposed and panting for air.  

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She Is Free

There are thing’s in this life 
                     We will never understand
Take the Ocean for example
        We watch the waves roll in 
                               And the waves roll out 
                           The never-ending heartbeat
                          ---- Of Mother Earth ----
Most of us have no concept 
                                   Of what lies with-in 
                        The vast space between her shores 
The Ocean holds a certain 
                              That intrigues us all 
For the Ocean is a giver 
                               And a taker 
                                   Of life 
She may allow us to sail across her 
                         Explore inside of her 
                              Study the life 
                          That lives with-in her 
Film the majestic wonders 
                           Of her depths 
But with all our technology 
                          The amazing ships we build
                                  To enjoy her
                     We will never be able to tame her 
                   ---- For unlike us she is truly free ---- 

Inspired by laura's contest.

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The Tide

It rolled out
alongside the storm. 
                             Unfurled into the rest of the world.
I watched in silence, 
 favoring the roar inside myself
rather than letting it pull me in any longer.
                                                             I had to let it go.
Its work is done here.
                              All that is left, 
                                               distant thunder,
                                                                     lingering vibrations. 
                  Memories of the crash,
                                                    roses and scars. 
The tide will wash the blood away.
                                                   Pull in the rest of me.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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What is love and what is not

This time, I sing the praise of ecclesiatical love.
  Though not esoteric, thou  followers never allow
to think it beyond the sinister bodily move. 
  O' never touch it, that is a sacred cow!
which makes me wonder what is love?
  When that thing has gotten so low; i vow
there is something that i got to show.

I love my love, told my friend when i quizzed,
  cherished his nth love. But just before kissed
his (n-1)th love, ritualised the MoU and finally buried.
  Love is an ocean claimed my friend, who spews
everytime when tasted water. Deep down the ocean he dives, 
  thrives but when  reached the brackish lagoons,he skews.

Love is blind told another, when she is not bothered
  of her anorexic size zero- a licence to get tethered?
Happily abandoned their loved parents as they are feathered.
  Indeed she showered her love on her parents at an early stage
Her love just slithered when she got a posh and lovely date.

The immortal of the mortals, you named it love 
  an oaf's hormonal misfiring? galloping generaton's conduit?
smokescreen to lust? passport to brain's prostration?
  an unplugged persecution? spielberg's avtar?
a pandora's box? a frankenstein monster? a nelson's eye?
  a monkey on your back? or a touch screen monitor? 

geez! Iam still in an ambivalent mood!
  Is love - greek's Eros? chaldean's shedu?
Freud's ***** envy? oedipus complex?
  electra complex?  legitimate sex addiction?
a parent's affection, strictly and only, to their child - 
  then why the missing gender? 

Is that the worm's eye view of an eagle? or 
  just the eagle's eye view of  a worm? 
As usual, my instinct blossomed and spread the scent of wisdom
  love is a connecting wood in a ladder between the unconnected two 
love is honey in the life of a bee and a flower
  love is bliss in devotee and the divine
love is thirst for a man in the desert
  love is sugar in a juicy mix of lime and water
love is also the fuddle of a drunkard with the drink

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My Love

It comes from my heart
It flows like a river
You are the ink 
I am the paper
Together we give life to the words of love
You are the ocean 
I am the sun
We meet, and our chemistry evokes love
It is the color of the sun 
Softly kissing the ocean and
Her lips turn peach in shade

My love is what I profess
My heart is what I propose
If you will, keep in your coffers
With my trust, you I bequeath
My dreams, with you I will subsist
I submit my being 
Not because I am beguiled
But because 
I am speechless

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crimson tide

 As he paddled out on the ocean waves
 He could barely hear the clamor
  Of  those shouting to him from the shore
 They were shouting  SHARK!  SHARK!  SHARK!

 Oblivious to the grave danger he was in
 He kept going further out to sea
 Then suddenly..... he saw the dorsal fin
  But it was too late.... the great white  bit down hard on his leg

 The water turned blood red as he tried
 To stay afloat,  then the merciless predator returned....
 It seemed to be over in a  matter of  seconds.....
 The people on the shore gasped in horror

 He had lost both legs but was still alive!
 It was a miracle that he survived
 He was quickly taken ashore
 and rushed off  for medical treatment
 A surfer doing something he craved
  Almost met his end on the ocean waves

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Me and Ginger

Thunder off the ocean blurs my vision.
I think I see among the white caps
a school of mermaids trailing a mackerel boat
into shore. A gull and I turn to watch
a fisherman reel in the tide before the storm lands.
I taste the brine as wave on wave jumps the jetty.

At the moment the dark clouds collide,
I race the rain to the shelter of a dance pavilion.
A couple who resemble Fred and Ginger
are dancing the carioca to ragtime. As I approach
I see that Ginger is a redwood coat rack
and Fred is a blue cape hanging on the rack.

I slip into the cape and do a little jig across the ceiling
to a catchy Cole Porter tune I can’t quite identify.
From early night a whistle beckons me
and I glide on my magic cape through an open window 
to the deck of an ocean liner.  
Ginger waits.

Prompted by moonlight, I don my top hat and tails, 
twirl my cane,
wrap Ginger in my arms, 
and to a lively Hollywood music track we 

tap dance
and gambol 
to Rio. 

© gene Williamson 2008

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My Heart Submitted To No One

My heart submitted to no one,
A completion of self with another was a fight to shame a proud mother
And still as the waves crash against the rocks, 
You sway against me, push upon me- rough and waylay 

My rough edges are flattened by the fire of your foam
Intriguing droplets- molecules of mental, murderous muse
I scream inside, delighted--affrighted, by your hearteous sight
Numbing the tingles that used to tantalize my mind

And still, I held on to what I was made for
To push away, to shy away, to stay...and to adore
A companion with no dominion upon a wafted shore

The sun often beats heavily on me when your tides are low
It is as if the love you so passionately offer is all for show
Only to descend into the sands of "NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE"

I bid a strong goodbye to the hardened, rough surface of my bind
It is time you see my smoother sides-- where the sun sets straight behind
For though you were rough against me and over me still...
Your calmer tides have scorched my pride and mellow-drained my will

My heart submitted to no one
Not even to God
Still in past tense do I blame the one and only sun
The sun that beat on me day by day with passion in its rays
Sets behind and still I'm blind to the hope of better days...

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The Ocean Queen

Was it the wave, was it the spray? 
Whatever it was, please don’t take it away 
Bring it closer toward me, smile for awhile 
I know you’re forever taunting, it’s your sexy style 
You’re music in motion along the sandy beach 
Ever so close but just a little out of reach 
A wink from those browns, chills up and down 
I’m forever your slave, forever your clown 
Your teasing ways, just another of your plays 
That draws my heart toward you out in the spray 
Come closer tonight when the moon shines bright 
And sip from this glass and spend another night 
Tell me of places we can travel now and again 
As I’ll be ready to hold you till the very end 
Three shades of blue, three shades of green 
You vanish once more as you’re the ocean’s queen 
But in my heart I know you’ll return once again 
And I’ll try with all my might your heart again to win 

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Can you smell the blue?
Crisp, an overbearing scent of salt, almost burning my nostrils.
Fresh, mixed with the wind, blown in my face.  
Seaweed, a crucial element, prominent.
Oh yes, it smells like blue.
Can you hear the blue?
Crashing, dabbling you with itself,
Only to retreat seconds later.
Splashes, smacking sounds made with the padding of feet.
A resonating whisper it pronounces as it rocks back and forth.
Do you watch the blue?
The course of a question mark.
Waves dance upon one another,
Synchronizing a barrel routine.
They throw a party,
For their fallen brethren, crashed into shore.
Are you the blue?
Free, held back only by the will of mother nature,
Strong, carrying the weight of the world,
Mortal, built up and torn down throughout a lifetime.
We are the blue.

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Beach Walkers

Retreat into the shimmering sand,
with bare feet just drifting along.
Contemplating the waves, the wind
and the voices, follow them all.

Try not to think as you breath,
let go of that endless refrain.
Deconstructing the ways, the pain
and the choices, let go of them all.

Silhouettes like ghosts straight ahead,
and sea gulls that open their shells.
The salty sensations, the distant
reflections, crossing over the wall.

Beach walkers stalking the day,
reconnecting the roots to their core,
The eternal foundation, and love’s 
constellation, take care of us all.

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Between Dawn and Birth of a Song

People are dancing on the rooftop,
I can hear the wineglasses
kiss cheek to cheek.
Music drips down
to the sidewalk with laughter,
wrapping itself around neon lights;
And It did not stop at my
outstretched hands.
It did not see me standing there.
The streets are cold
and the wind cuts across my face;
things have changed along the way.
Friends are gone and so has my love;
I guess it is me and the night now,
Me and the shadows beneath my dreams.
Between this life and the next,
Between forgiveness and regret,
We shall dance away the night
with the soft sand between our toes.
Some stagger on stillettoes
while others wait by the phone;
We hold our dreams in our fist
and try to make it last the night.
When it gets lonely in the dark
the lies sell higher on the street;
And in your heart a stone is set
for each promise you did not keep.
It doesn't mean a thing to me now.
It doesn't mean anything 
without you.
I never wanted the whole world;
I just wanted you
and the earth to stop
spinning so much.
Between you and me,
There is the deep blue sea.
Between my heart and your lips
there are a thousand different reasons.
I look in the mirror
and the wrinkles are
deepening on my face.
I do not know this person
staring strangely back at me.
They are telling me on which
street corner I am allowed to stand;
that they have measured my pain
and proof read my confession.
Now the wet smell of the ocean 
is closing in on me
and I do not think I can
stay back this time.
Will you walk with me to the ocean front?
Will you hold my hand beside the shore?
Between earth and heaven
All our sins will be forgiven,
Between dawn and birth of a song
We shall fall in love again.

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Glimmer in the Night

Glimmer in the Night The smell of cool air is naturally sweet Nighttime so still, her secrets she keeps As if it still seeks the left overs of warmth Provided by sunlight of our waking moments A red sunset just sank into the ocean tinting The rippling water top with a breathtaking view In her place rose a full moon like a candle in the night Heavens night light rested on my path as a guide I started to sing songs to Mother Nature’s beauty Thanking her for her faithfulness and seasonal Expertise, every production is lovelier than the last Fortunate am I to behold these vibrant mirrors Of her reflection and vibrating heartbeat of glory A royal jewel in the king’s crown and sparkle in his eye Tangible source of his greatness and sashay in his walk We are still the apple of his eye and his heart of hearts The stars surrounding the moon are cheerleaders Of light glimmering to entertain we who gaze They are the nights equal to the rays of sun Heavens ballerinas performing for all to adore We are blessed Carole Cookie Arnold

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Lady Of The Ocean

The sun is sinking over the beauty of her ocean.
Chords playing rhythms of love on guitar.
The warmth of the summer breeze
blowing through her soft silky hair.
Seagulls hovering over the Santa Barbara pier.
Sands of time sifting through her toes.
Lightly touching her consciousness  
as the sensations pass over her body.
Reading her novel of loves
that have long come to pass,
she listens to the sounds of Heaven
played from her cloud.
She glances at the brightness of the
setting sun through her dark shaded lenses.
Visions of grandeur appear before her eyes.
They quickly fade to dreams 
as she drifts off into a slumber.
But then  the memory slips away
as she awakens to the crash of the sea 
against her shore.
And all that is left is the magic spell that she is under.
My lady of the ocean,  
the mirror in the sky
holds your portrait in captivity. 
An image of a stranger, 
still you've never come to know.
In disguise you hide your burdens 
upon display near animosity...
towards the fruit that tastes of passion,
but bears the seed that never grows.

Michael 2/16/2014

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an ocean in the meadow

an ocean lay in the meadow
in the amber waves of grain,
no one sees what we see
no one sees the scars they've upheld
love the life you've been given
live the world you exist in
laugh at what lies they tell
who is the one behind it all
who is the one who lies to us
no one heard what we heard
no one heard what they still hear
no fear is as bad
as bad as the fear they suppress
to fight for us
to live for us
to die for us
we all exist for they are in the back
hidden in the ocean in the meadow

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Winter Daze

As I gaze out upon the open sea
I am but bombarded with strife
for everything I touch dissolves away
I crash repeatedly on the ocean floor
surrounded by deafening beauty
The calmness almost evades my senses
as I am rushed and pushed upon the rocks
baffled by the omnious outlook of what is
and was a season of hatred known as my life
I am but doomed to drown in my own abyss
symbolic second only to the insurmountable
climb ahead of me
it would take an ocean to wash away my sins
and an ocean to cleanse me through
but as I pray for winter to approach
I finally realize winter has come early
for this is my winter daze.

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A Quickie

I feel as though my mind is levitating,
when I see bubbles floating
over the ocean; a tide rises as though it wants to kiss
one of the invisible, hollow balls,
as though they were from the gods......

Name: Teddy Kimathi

Date: 20/06/2014

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Message Received

Verses you wrote, words never spoken,
doomed to the Atlantic Ocean’s floor;
veiled messages in bottles, broken,
never meant to reach my shore.

Years have passed, a youth held ransom,
assuring that we shall never meet;
captured by a warrior, handsome,
your prize of solitude, my defeat.

Love is the word you would write
upon the paper lining of your soul;
that you would offer me in spite,
access, under inviolable control.

Quietly crumbling when touched by hand,
rhythms contained within their beating;
endlessly shifting, words are the sand,
through fingers, slipping, lost now, the meaning.

I deny my sun to greet your moon; 
add hours of six for my teary vision
that sets upon your nights of gloom,
contemplating of me, your derision.

Each word is a note, each line a song,
I send, though my heart tells me better;
on the ocean’s mist, now carried along,
sealed not with cork, but love, this letter.

[Published in Before the Frost (2013) by Polar Expressions Publishing]

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Blue is the color of your eyes,
every time i look my heart dies,
neither lost nor found
my heart has drowned,
in your deep ocean blue.

Ebb and flow
and the waves roll,
I wouldn't be surprised
if those deep, dark blue eyes,
would once again, swallow me whole,
in her deep ocean blue.

Yet another mystery lies,
in the shadow of the seraph's eye, 
for what is not seen cannot be told,
every word you speak shall shatter the soul,
and if not for the two-sided eye,
would we have this hungry tide, 
and with dark comes light,
the waves crash at night,
in that deep ocean blue.

A beautiful beast that awakens and falls fast,
none is present here, future or past;
Not even Orpheus could tame the beast that lives behind a mask,
suspended in the mind, she will swallow you whole, 
as whole becomes hole,
the waves take their toll,
not even you could stop
my deep ocean blue.

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It's too early in the gray sky - from french

No one in this morning
The road is deserted,
It's too early under the gray sky,

The veins of my hands,
Salient hands on the wheel
The look Elevated

The white line scrolls,
The colored houses, fled,
Since the curves crossed,

Creeks glimpsed,
The white studs punctuate
the road, pedal to the floor,,

Not any  possible gesture
Just those, tiny,
Extending the machine

According to the gray ribbon
Powered by the wheels

Swallowing the consistency,
of traffic signs,
blurred by speed,

The craft carried by his power,
Shares my drunkenness ...

Almost brought a strength,
Internal and autonomous

The motor flexibility
It shiny metal body,
Discreet comfort inside ...

And suddenly ,this is
At the end of the turn,
This dog,

As an immobile sphinx,
His unexpected question,

The deflected trajectory,
Gravel under the tires,

The crazy slide,
Nothing controls it

Falling universe 
A jump above the parapet,
A single flight without return

Net stopped by an heavy shock
Cons below ...

A brief moment, I remember ,
The covering  waves,
Ebbing, breaking,

Again and again,
Distributing its foam
On the rocks ...

No one in this morning
The road is still deserted
It's too early in the gray sky.


Personne en ce matin,
La route est déserte,
Trop tôt sous le ciel gris,

Les veines de mes mains,
Saillantes,  mes mains sur le volant,
Le regard en plongée,

La ligne blanche qui défile,
Les maisons de couleur, enfuies,
Dès les courbes  franchies, 

Les criques entr'aperçues,
Les poteaux blancs rythment
le trajet, pédale au plancher,,

Plus de geste possible,
Que ceux, infimes,
Prolongeant la machine,

Suivant le ruban gris,
Propulsé sous les roues

Avalant la consistance,
des panneaux  de signalisation,
floutés par la vitesse,

L'engin porté par sa puissance,
Partageant l'ivresse...

Presque porté d'une force,
Interne et autonome,

Moteur en souplesse,
Carosserie brillante,
Confort intérieur discret ...

Et c'est  là soudain,
Au sortir du virage,
Qu'il y a ce chien,

Comme  un sphinx immobile,
Sa question imprévue,

La trajectoire  déviée,
Les gravillons sous les pneus,

La glissade folle,
Que rien ne contrôle,

L'univers qui bascule,
Le bond au-dessus  du parapet,
Un vol sans retour,

Stoppé net par le lourd choc,
En contre-bas...

Je revois un bref instant,
Les vagues les recouvrant,
Refluant, se brisant,

Encore et encore,
Distribuant son écume
Sur les rochers...

Personne en ce matin,
La route est encore déserte,
Il est trop tôt sous le ciel gris.


RC - mai  2014

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The moon's light played over the ocean one night.  The cry of an albatross could be heard as he flew by.
Sweet blue eyes gazed up into a beautiful face, a warm smile to go with it.
Naked baby girl abandoned upon the sandy beach.
Tall nude Lady with long blonde hair picks up this little babe gently, quietly singing as she did so.
Smiling into this little girl's face she tells her, "Little girl whose soul is as bright as the sun, do not be afraid my little one.'
Making her way out into the ocean's surf while carrying this little babe, this lady's torso formed into an itself into a graceful iridescent fluke.
"Do not fear the ocean my sweet," said this Lady as she submerged  while gently covering her mouth and nose-breathing air into her little lungs. Then this little one was able to breath on her own accord.
While making their way into caverns, distant music was heard.  One of these Lady's sisters was playing the lute.
Making their way onto dry ground this beautiful Lady and newly acquired daughter's eyes beheld a great city.  The city shimmered like a gem. There was coral intertwined with beautifully carved slabs of stone. Strange structures completed wtih the decorative carvings of abalone.
Seated upon a throne that had been made of pirate's gold, the Lord and Lady along with her sisters accepted this little baby girl without question. They were horrified at the thought that this young life might not have been if she had not been found.
A mother seal let this little baby nurse along side her own pups.
Then this baby girl was placed in her bed, an old discarded tortoise shell, its insides covered with rich furs from seafarerss of long ago.  A gift made apparent for this little girl who was able to generate warmth likened to golden sunlight- sunlight which radiated from her tiny body.  All were pleased, this was to be this little girl's home now where no harm would come to her again... thanks to a divine lady whose love could not be denied.

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Making Love Over The Cliff

            Making Love Over The Cliff

Edges of the wool blanket ripple
Wave on the breeze in the fever of the wind
A parade of plaid, reds greens and blue 
The lovers lay there for hours
Wrapped in warmth, in bliss, on the high mountain
There, on the jutting cliff edge, with their soft kisses
Out on the ledge overlooking the vast ocean
Yellow silk scarf beating on the woman’s flesh
Her red dress comes off suddenly on trembling fingers
Naked on the mountain top that sees a distant lighthouse
It watches back from out at sea
Cloaked in bright orange and green
One hungry yellow beaming eye of light
Spins day and night on open waves
Scanning for intruders on this mystery
Love in the afternoon is nice
It is the spice of life
Red wine leads into passion 
On the cliff on mountain top 

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Humpback Whales

Hear the song of humpback whales
Gathering in Hawaiian waters,
Gathering for Cetacean opera,
Male exclusive grand recital;
On the brink of epic journey
To Alaska’s icy waters.

Off the West coast of Alaska
Shoals of herring feed off plankton.
Humpbacks fresh from far Hawaii
Gather at their leader’s signal.
Thus begins the “A-team’s” mission,
Brilliant modus operandi.

Giants of the Arctic ocean,
Diving ever deeper, deeper.
Round and round the bubbles spiral
To the surface of the ocean.
Net of bubbles in a circle
Traps the shoal of startled herring.

Mouths a-gaping, rise together,
Burst the surface, prey engulfing.
What a maelstrom – whales and herring;
Seagulls join the feeding frenzy,
Till, at last, all satiated,
Calm returns to freezing waters.

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The Shore Temple of Mahabalipuram

The mirtangist may never willingly hear
may not want to hear
the multaiyam announcing his cue
nor the melodist aware of the flautist's right
to the change in the raga
the plucking of the yal strings
to the goatskin drummed bleats
and pleas of mindless fingers
for out there
on the receding promontary's rising granite mounds
of three-tiered edifices held up
by the Pallava's view of the Descent into the Ganges:

rishis crosslegged contemplate yakshis or apsaras' unharnessed thighs
attenuated waists commodious backs buxom breasts
where mantra-chanting brahmins bathe drink and contort themselves
through puzzling demeaning rites
where Hanuman's emissary mounts guard
where the wizened Ganesha
with Buddhic lobes his tusks bent inward
the noble crown and forehead
higher than the top-heavy octogonal coupole

The yal's graveness guiding the scorched chiselling hand
through all the buffeting splash and spray
the taste of briny sand in jasmin-scented rounds
of hand-pressed rice
till the sun roots out vision from botched corneas
deaf jabs of moulting faltering hands on damp sand

Thus would prideful devotees heedlessly later claim :

This is a monument to Pallava vision
Pallava faith Pallava fortitude
See how the obedient ocean dutifully recedes
from Pallava wrath and glory! 
Even the hardest rock wears with the winnowing wind
Little by little a decade of centuries later

To whose glory must this monument testify
to the servile sudra mixer of sand and stone
the poor flabbergasted feckless porter
never knowing why the bother
about effigies of mythic figures
the spurned sculptor
whose fingers now and then falter
the endlessly silhouetted nubile lines of near-naked damsels
balancing sandstone blocks on wicker-work troughs
on lean but sturdy necks
the overseer  the mandore
yelling through hoarse parched out throats
so many curses to stem the rising tides
to keep them from soiling the temple’s wicket-gate
the carpenter called to mind the scaffolding
hugging the walls with his spindly legs
and trailing loin cloth

and then the women-folk huddled in the windy hutless hinterland
around myriad swishing swirling wood fires
hoisting earthen pots of gruel
and culled gourds of well water
on thick matted hair
their infants slithering on hips
all who on pinching stomachs and broken backs
graft their unwritten signatures
in the howling cavernous dirges of the Coromandel ocean breath

© T. Wignesan - Paris, 1992 - (from the sequence/collection: "Words for a Lost Sub-Continent", 1999.)

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sit with me

i want to drink from your river
cool me when its humid
arent we only human?
following the current
i look for the familiar
when a crowd gathers
make friends from strangers
grounded with whats common
patience slows the tempo
who wants to rush to no where
sit back and feel the moment
it lasts to seal a silence
greater than our ocean
earth is just an island
explanations  be forgotten
deeper in holy science
meager and oh so private
pain and the like is
each their own perspective
doesn't true the righteous
sharing cups of water
cause hungry minds get thirsty
remember theres no hurry
these are priced from purchase

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On the Ocean Waves

On the ocean waves lies trickery A vast emptiness of seething trails Silently it forms destructive forces Desperately trimming ideals away Shores teams with ugly sighs Badgered by waters great strength Singing the song of malevolent Digesting years worth of rock Creating distrust from seas core Which dissolves, crumbles itself down Seemingly ocean water shines Warmth gleaning from above However depths carry frigid waters Keeps oceans from becoming pleasant Allowing waters tearful deploy Of its hollow worlds demise The trickery wallows within its flow An ocean’s despised occurrence
Russell Sivey

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Just an Abyss

Exponential expanses,
sickening depths-
on the ocean waves-
you say to see.
Glories and beauties,
immaculate sets-
rises also-
on the ocean waves.
Steadfast blue,
crashes of white,
ashore- not walls-
on the ocean waves.
Constant pounding,
endless scraping,
frivolity and pure wonder,
on the ocean waves.
Never a break.

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head in the clouds

give me any highway to the beach 
i am on it
i will walk off my job for a walk on the sand and a swim in the ocean

give me any rural road to the beach
i am on it
i will purchase peaches and guzzle down some cherry apple cider for a house 
or a condo that is oceanfront and tranquil

give me 52, 95, 220, 601, or any other number to the beach
i am on it
i will set up ten....thousand GPS thingamajigs for a day on a boat with a fishing
rod in my hand

give me a sign, a billboard, or something with arrows to the beach
i am on it
i will put on my walking shoes and carry all my luggage with just for the overall feel 
of it....PERIOD....

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To Sleep Naked With The Wolves

Those hazel eyes that pull back with the tide 
And come alive when submerged 
She had a witch’s way about her 
So spellbinding and lost 
with her jeans of the week 
dingy and dilapidated 
that spoke of wild nights 
being desired, and left desiring 
They fit so well with 
Her cross to bear 
her beautiful brown hair 
And the uninvited eyes it’d bring 
Lonesome was all she ever wanted 
On a sandy bluff somewhere 
Leaning into the wind 
In the arms of love’s memory 
It’s so much clearer when it’s gone 
To sing when no one’s listening 
To sleep naked with the wolves 
These are the things she needs

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Ocean Wide

I dream 
I'm on an ocean wide
There is nothing to fear
There is nothing here
Just the waves
Lulling me to sleep
As I dream of an ocean wide

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Standing on the shore, A girl fully clothed with no shoes. Her eyes filled with great suffering.. .lost hope ensues. As she notices the water stretches as far as she can see, her hearts implore won't let her be. The sky changes color. First green to blue then gray. Much to her dismay her shattered emotions now egress. "The color gray, the color gray." her tears profess traveling down her face "Oh, why the color gray." A color so dark, so deep, still allowing you to see the depiction of sadness it brings. To the sky, in her heart, buried deep in her mind. In the sky is that feeling. A very isolated out-pour of a feeling.. a feeling she tryed so desperately deny. The tide, closing in. small foamed waves now landing at her feet. It's so cold, the water. Identical to her, how she feels, all she only knows now. Numbness. Weakness. and her defeated soul. Depleted ..A heart is now left with no beat. She reflects on the lost hope her broken heart tried to hide. Seeing within herself the damage it has done. "Love is it" she says in a soft whisper ".. love is it." The disturbance of the oceans song snatched her out of realization. As she listened to the water, as it forcefully emerges hitting the shore and it's rocks with all it's might, as she listened to the water cascade back towards the ocean only to return hitting harder. The ripples and waves. Uncontrolled, involunterily. She is relieved for the ocean is singing the same song. Her song.."Love is it" she mumbled. "It understands how I feel. It knows exactly what I am going through." She smiles. "Love is it. The beating of my heart, with pain constrained inside it. The utmost sadness. Blinded happiness and misguided hope." The heart lies beat-less... No more discursion: Her last thought before submerging her body deep into the depths of ocean. In acceptance. Drowning. No longer standing on the shore. A girl fully clothed with no shoes.

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One's head 
In the hands 
Sailing an ocean 
Of dreams 
I begin drawing 
The perfect picture 

Searching the horizon 
Waves of emotions 
Flow out 
to someone 
Playing a song 
An unsung melody 

Plays a tune 
From the 
deepest organ 
If I could 
buy you 
one world 
In giving 
to you 
My everything 

Romeo must bleed 
Flowing down 
Humbled ink 
From the deepest well 
on paper 
Poor but rich 
With love 

One soul 
See's far beyond 
All materials 
the next chapter 
It was never 
meant to be 

Feeling pain within 
Love painless 
Without hurt 
to the dark side 
Breaking heart 

Something of beauty 
Romeo he bleeds 
Juliet never saw 
His blood 
In the heart 
One of a flower 
Feelings for love 
Motions beautiful 

Always is forever 
Happier ever after 
of love 
Housed in dreams 
Two hearts 
one treasure 

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Lovely Ruin of the Abyss

I’m a sunken ship.
already thousands of feet deep.
a beauty deserted to the ocean floor to adore.
to be cherished by the depths and nothing more.
where debris will only cover.
no one will enter the darkness and find the core,
because this ship has a secret lover.
Many will jump into this veiled sea
but few will risk the deathly swim.
fools will search, find, and plea,
but their hopes will be very dim.
Bubbles will dribble up,
fish will swish by,
but only one is invited inside.
The diver must have a big tank of air
because the swim is a hassle,
and those alive have been rare.
The one that will find this ‘ol piece of junk,
will find it to be a castle
like a pearl amongst an ancient treasure trunk.
No matter the appearance of how it has aged,
this scuba diver can’t help to gaze.
Admiring every trim and bolt that was laid,
even the scuff markings in sight,
it is an artistry in the shade.
Once you have found this ship in the depths,
trying to enter is an effort even more.
Be wise how you come about this ship in the sea,
be creative and crafty but don’t give up easily.
Many have abandoned it;
which is why it is on this ocean floor,
because it’s worth enduring for.

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My Storm

I fell for your Ocean eyes
The aloe on your skin
Waves breaking in your voice
Sunshine dancing in your laugh 

Those candles you burn
' Carmel corn' , 'the boardwalk'
Wafting through the air
An endless summer in your 

The cherry watermelon salad 
You feed me;
Picnics under the stars,
A long walk by the sea

 Contaminating my thoughts 
Like a hurricane landing on 
The ocean in your eyes hit me;
Your my Port and my Storm

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Ocean dreams

The roar of the ocean arouses me from sleep.
I blink my eyes open, squinting at the brightness of the new day.
I start to rise to my feet 
And I can feel every grain of sand 
That has found its way into every crevice of my body.
As I adjust my eyes to the light,
I take in my surroundings. 
Though I have been here many times before,
I am still in awe at the beauty that surrounds me.
Ahead of me, miles and miles of sparkling blue ocean.
To either side of me, golden sand that seems to go on forever. 
Behind me, the city of malibu rushes by,
Unable to stop and take in what they no longer see.
A smile comes to my lips at the thought of this,
As I rush into the water, white waves crashing all around me,
The cold hitting me like millions of needles coming at me in all directions.
I let the ocean take me in,
I love the feel of it tossing me all around, 
Not knowing which way is up. 
When I get back to the shore,
I lay back down and let the sun lull me back to sleep
While the sound of the ocean sings me a lullaby.

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Down, down  -
      To the wrecked vision, 
Of freedom, of endless floating
Roads, over the open ocean;
      To the once buoyant dreams
That  no more bubble
To the clear sunny surface,
Light with hope.

Now sunless gloom,
Flooded room,
Muffled noises
Refracted, reflected, enclosed
In the pulsating body
Of brine, endless, alive :
Mother of life, giver of death.
      The captain’s stateroom,
      The cabinboy’s ropelocker -
Are filled with the life and death
Of the deep ocean.

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Afternoon Swim In The Nude

Afternoon Swim In The Nude

How rude to spill your black crude
into my beautiful ocean blue.
My plans for an ocean barbecue
are skewed, for if I light a match
near the ocean now
I could be blown in two.

We should pour all of you 
 British Petroleum executives
nude into the black oily ocean and
let you swim around in the
black soup of gulf crude
with the fish and other wild life,
then you might have
a new attitude.

Of course we’d have the cooped
up convicts wash you down
with DAWN, when you were 
through with your 
swim of the afternoon
in the oily black crude.

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Sailing Across Imagination Ocean

Anything possible in thought
True love floating there
Anchored by unconditional devotion
Never ever drifting apart

Rough seas are life
Calm of her embrace
Still worth the trip
Only storm in eyes

Paradise island she offers
Never lonely with two
Lovers floating sweetly together
Holding each other's half

So I sail on
Unrelenting desire my wind
Needing ship
Wanting each other....destiny

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Keep on singing, bird
I cannot see you
as I sit enclosed 
by the four walls of my room
But I do not need to see you 
with my eyes
Your song goes to the centre
of my being
making me ever aware of 
the kinship of my spirit
with yours
I do not hear you anymore
Perhaps you have flown away
but the vibrations 
that your song has set up
within my soul
will go on 
like the never-ending waves
of the ocean
Thank you, bird

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The Human Mind

A person's mind is impossible to find
Their life experiences,
their knowledge, their emotions,
are like an ocean of light.
As soon as you reach the shore, you realize there's so much more
You can barely get your feet wet in their shoes
Your eye only withholds a limited view
because the ocean goes on endlessly, far off in the distance
We can only witness so much,
Until we walk past the boundaries of shallow
and sink below.
We can see only ourselves in the water's reflection,
Too naive to see the mind of the other.
We can't drink the water, too much salinity
Can't comprehend the person, for they are infinity

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The calm waters edge
Splashes the shore,
The tranquil place,
The perfect place,
Anyone would want to be here.

The thoughts of family, friends
Anyone you wish to share this moment with,
Share this overwhelming feeling of joy swirling in your mind
This most amazing scene.

This picture displayed before your eyes
Makes you want to cry
The feeling of pride;
Pride, love for what is in front of your eyes.

This epic moment.

Sun shining on the sea
Creating an amazing contrast to the sky.
Below the sea lays,
Lay such unfathomable things.

As the sun slowly falls from the sky
You take time and realize
The feeling of being free.

When the sun’s light finally hides
You sit on the soft white sand
How can such a beautiful thing exist in this world of death?

The trees stir as the wind blows,
There is no more warmth of day,
Just the bright moons light
And the crisp air of night.

Close your eyes and relax.
Dream of the peaceful things,
You have seen.

The same scene surrounds you
Yet without the same feeling of joy.

The suns clouded,
Its darkness making the ocean look grey,
What was once a nice day
Has been shown the side of decay.

The wind flows around
But with a different tone,
The gentle, reassuring breeze

Something is wrong.

The soft, quiet ocean starts to turn tide
There is no sound.

Lightening crackles shattering the silence
Violent rain pounds the ground
And the ocean turns black,
The fury is coming.

Spin, turn, look for an escape
But no one is around;
Shut your eyes, drown out the noise
And think of that time.

That time...
The one with the nice breeze
And the clear sky
The one that made you cry;
Cry those tears of happiness and content.
The beautiful scene 
That beautiful time.
The one with not a care in sight
The one where stars where always shined bright
And the water was a beautiful sight,
Yes, yes, once upon a time...

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I feel the sea beating against my skin 
I taste the salt of primordial life 
absorbed by my restless mouth 
I hear her chanting in an ancient 
tongue, her words burning thru my 
ears and tattooed in my brain 
I smell the damp on the horizon, 
reminding me that I am small 
I can see endlessly, farther than a 
I swim past the breakers, holding my 
head above the churning dark waters
My deepest fear seated within 
I pass through 
Unbroken, unchanged 
As Mother Ocean caresses my spirit 
millions of refractions reflected in 
the water 
pulling me onward 
Past all fear 
Past all hesitation 
Fatigued and heavy 
My body slips away 
And I am born again 
Alive again 
In this Ocean 
Anything is possible
I give in to reason 
Let the clarity of knowledge pull me 
As I am reborn 
Vengeance & calm & terrible beauty 
I am wrath and mercy 
Sheltered in this Ocean 
come to call the Chosen home

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Atlantic Ocean Trois-par-Huit

                                      Atlantic Ocean
                                         Pretty blue
                               Swallows the children down
                 Consumes them whole with sharks testing fate

                 Swells apologizing for wasting ships in storms
              Crashing bold waves of liquid before tides give birth

                            Babies rocking gently on your foam
                                   Cradle the vast warm Sea

                                                                      6/12/14 Choose Your Favorite Body contest 

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Facing the Emerald Sea,Revised

 Walking slowly along the beach,November’s wind is cold, As is the water,
I run from the pearly waves drawing towards for my dry feet,
Reaching my eyes,where as to follow,reminds me of where I used to go,
Watching the brilliant colors of the crisp clear sunset,
Casting the greatest gleam across the sky,lit as if an arch-less rainbow,
Fading Emerald Green flashing brightly before dark sets in,
The early full moon's reflection is as far as I can see
Reaching out to me ,across the ocean waves,I become in a trance,
All dreams ,even ones that come true,must be awakened each time after another, 
  I turn with a teardrop, as I face the my world ,back into the race I descend,
The moon and walking on the ocean waves, is all that I live for,
I carry sand in my shoes to remind me of you.

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She looks to me
with deep green ocean eyes.

The waters are calm
but storms lie ahead.

I swim anyways.

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Thoughts: On Nature of You

At dusk I wait for you, have waited
like the whisper of flies that are lost
on land and I am clutching the rails.
The wind is stronger than I, but my feet,
scarily, are becoming fixed
against the cold, deep stars.
They are drinking and speaking Portuguese
below and it's beautiful heard on water,
but in a different way, kind of
like a tale told over and over again
in an ancient language, or tonight
where our silence tells well of the living.
I wait for you, and laugh
at the thought of Parmenides on the sea.

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mother pearl

you lie beautiful
on the bottom 
of the seabed
of the ocean

whispering motions
in shades 
of a rainbow
spray colours
you beautiful

kissed by the sea
upon the sands
waves goodbye
your remains

upon the sand
dead beauty
on the naked eye
still so beautiful
a treasure
one can see

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deep spray

as the wind
circles around
in a warm embrace
friendship is 
a work 
of art

woven together
with feelings
in strings 
the masterpiece
to function 
as one

afraid to love
as i know
looking directly
into your eyes
they would melt
the very heart
of me

all that i am
rises your shield
a smiling soul
shines out
innermost beauty
diving into
the deepest ocean
sprinkling you
in drops 
of happiness

my only demand
as i will you
little things
in life
love it's 

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Why in the World

Why in the World?

I asked myself, 
"Why in the world did God create earthquakes and tsunamis?
There is such devastation, tragedy, lost lives, horrific suffering.

And then, I knew.
Long ago, before man populated the earth,
Before men developed metropolitan areas upon the ocean shore,
When mother earth was free to ebb and flow, free to grow.
There were seasons and tides, rotations and revolutions.
Her face was painted in different shades as time progressed.
Upheavals and uplifting, subuctions and cooling took place.
Eons saw her crust and mantel strengthened, altered…recycled.
The ocean waters rinsed the shores rhythmically.
The moon reined its beauty upon the nights and sands drifted.
Pulsating waves washed the shore…cleansing and eroding.
Crushes of elements sank to her ocean floor.
The shore rejoiced in its newness…for a while.
But balance is a key to restoration, a function of recycling.
She quivers; the earth quakes; the ocean regurgitates upon the shore.
Tsunamis return upon the land that which had been washed away.
Regaining equilibrium within the earth’s core.
Forcefully, volatile, crushing, engulfing, and renewing.
Long ago, before man populated the earth, it served her well.
Earthquakes and tsunamis were a blessing to the planet.
A natural renewal process maintaining balances purposefully.
Fulfilling a function…like a hurricane or a tornado.
Perspectives changed when man spread around the earth.
Civilizations developed; populations increased.  
Man built upon Mother Nature’s shores to enjoy her beauty.
But the moon still reined her forces.
And the need for balance amid life cycles remained.
Freely we are given that which can be quickly removed.
Our souls cry out for understanding of that which must be.
Balance amid all things: atoms, cells, bodies, systems, planets,
And universes…

© March 13, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen


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My Getaway

The ocean is a place to be 
To get away from from everything 
To sit here on the shore
Having nothing to worry about 

I want to become 
One with the ocean 
Stay here 
For I have nothing to fear 

But there is so much to do 
So little time 
To see the world 
In one life time 

Now I'm going home 
Back from where I came from 
I say good-bye 
But I will be back next time

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Bio luminescence

My mind boggles up with awe,
as I gaze at amazing light before me;
a light that not only inspires me with art
and poetry, but also cravings for the gate
of heaven.

Beautiful creatures float all around the blue
like giant fireflies with a white glow.

Since we are of different worlds,
the only thing I can just do is to gaze at a piece
of divinity, for if I get into the divinity,
I will have to die, my body finally
becoming part of the heavenly glimpse.

For I want to see the people who are very
dear to me once again,
I will just sit on the edge of the boat,
and gaze at jellyfish, as they light
up the ocean,
in a clear, night sky.

Indeed, God made bio luminescence
to be like a reflection of heaven!

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An aquarium to my hope

Your eyes are deep oceans
Of eternal devotion
Of intense emotion
Of pure passion
Of mystery and danger
Of insight and wonder
That inundated my heart
And baptised my soul
In everlasting love

Your tears are crushing waves
Of a fragile heart
Of a single truth
Of an unbroken trust
Of a powerful thrust
That leads me to you like a wishing well
Here my thirst for a confession to tell
My love for you to rekindle

Your eyes are crystal balls
To all my future fortune
To a life of happiness
A reflection of tenderness
A mirror to my success
To a life of richness in all respects

They are a turbulent waterfalls
Of love overflowing
Of romance ever flowing
In them I drown
Lost without shape
An aquarium to my hope

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I am the beach

“I am the beach”

The brilliant yellow sun slowly moves to the horizon and the voice of the beach, comes alive across the ocean waves.
“I am the beach, and here you shall find peace.”
“I am the beach and here you shall see and feel the power.”
“I am the beach and here you shall find solace every hour.”

For at this beach, there is much, that is revealed.
The glistening grains of salty sand, that blanket,  are a bed of comfort, too many.
Pause, as you come upon this lively beach, and listen to the symphony of waves, the powerful sound of the wind and the chorus of birds, singing their own songs, as they glide through the blue sea sky.

Feel the power of this beach, as it renews your inner being in a comforting way. 
You need not question the beach and its spiritual strength on any day. 
The omniscient power of a divine heavenly being is felt, heard and experienced at this beach.

 Every wave, every sound, every grain of sand and every pebble that is moved to shore by the thrust of the ocean's power is proof enough. 

Footprints, large and small, in the sand paint a beautiful picture amid the smell of the ocean air
Create a mindset of freedom and little care.
There is much to teach, but know for sure,
I am the beach. 

-Nick Schneider

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Come play with Me here
in the surf
O my soul
Come splash in the edge of my
soft foamy white tickling toes
covering feet
lapping your sand castle designs
Kick up my sand
as you twirl
as you dance
cartwheeling wind by your side
Find treasures I've placed for 
scattered shells
Gather Me up
with delight
into deep pockets I go
bulging full
Tuck me carefully crunching away until home
where we go
to be placed into thoughtful jars
upon shelves
window sills
Your pride of today
for sight

 Published: Penman Review


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If there is love
lend me a drop
and allow it to explode
into this Ocean within...
Spare me an Ocean of love 
Where I can drown and be myself no more...
...and I'll return it to you tenfold

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The Descent

I was floating,
 only now I'm sinking, Now I'm only sinking, my past drags me,
 deeper and deeper into the abyss.
 I never drown, the cold water in my lungs never stops the heartbeat,
 I just sink.
 Never dieing, never slowing. 
 For the dankness can not kill me,
 and cool water can not end my descent,
 It can only make me colder.
 It can only drag me deeper.

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Two-Thirds Of Earth

Its rise and fall is its breath,
Regular and unceasing.
With relentless hands it grasps and abrades,
Both gently and turbulently.

Its skin is vast and all encompassing,
Both calm and stormy.
Cries and shouts fall upon its ears,
Deaf since birth.

Its arms receive without prejudice,
And never give back.
Its heart shows no mercy,
And to its body all things return.

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Woman Down

The ocean cringed
Its body being violated
Over and over again
Nobody stopped it, only watched
With eyes filled with a disgusting lust
The ocean closed her eyes
And endured the pain
It was necessary
In trade, she'll go back to paradise
Every day, looking at her sky
The sky with curious brown eyes
And wonderful blonde hair
One violator fills her with trash
The next extinguishes a cigarette
On her already bruised body
But she endures it
Knowing better days are coming

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God Bless Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Step between the clumps of weed
and tangled traps of trash. Footprints
in the shallow face of the damp sand
fill with pooled water.

Look out, past the wide horizon,
the stretched, vast blue;
point to the pinpoint,  where the hazed
hot sky meets the bumping, cresting waves;

walk, in between the hordes
of Canadian  tourists speaking in clouds
of broken French

feel the dry sand hot
as it collapses around your ankle

“We’re walking to the palm reader —
                  Yes,       In between the arcade and the train tracks.
Come with us.
This beach never changes. The brine
still clasps on the wooden legs of the Pier,
as it always has. The gulls still
swarm down on scraps of fries. Empty bottles
of coffee brandy still litter the darkness 
of the Pier's underbelly.

Long ago, I thought I could see England
from this beach. Long ago,
I thought I could swim to England from
this beach.

Long ago, when I was a child,  I was a tourist
walking these sands. I had a friend who lived here. We would
eat pizza and bodysurf in the shallows…

My friend left this world.
He didn’t swim to England, or swim across the sea.

He floats above my everything, as high as the open hazed blue ocean sky.”

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The Amber Forest

When the gray city oppresses me
when the sounds of traffic
and shouting people intrude,
when it all seems to close in....

I drift back to the ocean in my mind
where beams of sunlight
glimmer through liquid crystal
where giant kelp bows in the current
and a rainbow of fish gather to hunt and play

I too belong in the amber forest;
for there the infinite aqua mirrors my soul.

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free verse 1

this is my first time actually trying free verse. 
give me your thoughts, where i need improvement or what have you. 
any help is appreciated

we live in mingled symmetry 
with port holes in our face
stepping back we see the past
while stepping forward its gone again
you see the water rising slow
as if the ocean had swallowed us
dragging us down, further than we thought
but no one has yet to panic
we know the end must come
and come it shall

we looked into the waters depths
to see if its alright
the light has dimmed from the surface
not much is left to see.
a piercing shriek escapes the blue
and reaches inside our ships walls
we wont be back to the ones we loved
but panic we shall not

our blood stays warm in the face of this new threat
the water seeping passed the cracks of the boards
how the ship has withstood so much
none of us can be sure
intact it stays, as we hit the bottom
the cracks get larger with the force
a spray of salty ocean infiltrates
ignoring everything in its path.

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Something New To Do

Something New To Do

All the world 
was a stage while
black crude emptied 
into the ocean blue,
everyone tuned in and 
offered their two cents on
how to contain this 
oil spout that spewed.

What if no one pointed
 fingers at each other,
no blaming the 
oil conglomerate,
the President of the U.S.,
or the oil rig crew.

What if we just all put 
our brain power and resources
together to answer 
this environmental riddle
instead of watching cartoons
 or going to the zoo.

Once we put two and two 
together and came up with an
answer, what if we let 
the world as a whole take
the credit for pulling our
 efforts together and rising
to the occasion to
 save our wild life family,
the one’s in the ocean blue.

What if we started 
to wean ourselves off
of the need for this black crude
and got in the mood to walk to work
or ride the tube?
Wouldn’t that be something new?

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on the ocean waves

i set sail on the ocean waves
teetering  across rough waters
like sand through an hour glass
rushing to its end
life is'nt all  about highways 
it's the ocean that moves you
sets you on course to your destination
where you end up that's where the journey actually begins
and you must ask yourself if your happy
the waves soothe some
upset others
the course is never the same
life is one big wave
waiting for a splash

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St Malo

a tall blonde, white plaited with salt
all elbows and knees,a new menhir
on a guilded stage of

tidewash and wind,crouched under
a sky of ovens and red brick,
serious and wide-eyed

before a sandring that loses
its smile as the sun drowns;
the sea turns to black.

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The ocean open its arms to me, comforting in its thunderous exclamations of love: “come to my foaming embrace and I will carry you, fragile one”, it caws through the beaks of ravenous seagulls circling with beady eyes, searching for the breadcrumbs of your desire. Its sand-dollar shores beckon you to search and discover, to wander aimlessly like a child again and ignore the salt biting fresh wounds. The shimmering pebbles draw you to gently ro l l i n g arms; “wade deeper, deeper”, the ocean sings, “and I will rock you like a baby as the tide creeps in. Come to me, fragile one, and I will never let you fall”. The ocean opens its arms to you, comforting in its thunderous exclamations of love: its roars and rocks, but you are unafraid. You let it carry you as you float among the stars.

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Love Within A Storm

We made love within a storm
In the midst of passion and mayhem
Somewhere, somehow love is in the air
In the eye of the storm
The ocean waves bangs against the surface
As our friendship was set on hold
Didn’t expect this, didn’t expect it to be me and you
But as the rain pour harder
I feel myself hard in you
As the storm passes
The ocean is calm
Our friendship is back to normal
But I’ll never forget
We made love within a storm

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Two Lugworms At The Beach

Sitting near the ocean's edge,
with my ever present pad and pen,
I watch a lugworm burrow down
through the muddy cracks and crevices
in the wet sand, perhaps creating his own  
underground moats and castles.

And like this lowly lugworm, I, too,
burrow down through the sand, searching
in every crack, cranny and crevice
for just the right word to finish my poem.

I run my fingers through the sand,
each grain a word.

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Remembering Kona

I remember gazing upon
 the ocean from my lanai
on the Kona mountainside
Watching the cruise ships
gliding through the dark 
Into Kailua Bay at the 
Same time every morning
always clad in their bright jewel
necklaces that lit up the dawn.

I remember sitting on my
lounge chair
observing the moon
collide with daybreak
And disappear from sight
While sipping Kona coffee
That heavenly aroma
warming me to life.

I remember delighting at the dolphin
Each morning, wondering 
how in the world
they don’t  crash into each other
when they all leap
at once
so carefree and happy,
spinning and twisting
splashing each other
with their play.

I remember watching
The humpback whales 
I mean, they are
magnificent creatures
and my heart would dive
right with them,
and then rise so high
when they leaped
out of the water
How can they do that?
I would search the ocean
For a glimpse of their
Waterspouts, the sign
They would begin jumping again,
What a marvelous way to spend the day!
Watching mothers and babies
play together 
and jealous bulls smack
their tales not be outdone
by women and children.

I remember sitting by
the ocean at Kukio Beach, 
one that few tourists
know about yet,
watching the water
change colors
aquamarine near the shore
cerulean a little farther out
shading into cobalt and indigo,
Wondering just how 
many colors of blue are
in the entire Pacific Ocean
Noticing how the waves 
crash against the rocks in rhythm
 like the
dancing fountains 
at the Bellagio Hotel
in Las Vegas.  
I remember
imagining the music
According to the tempo
Of the waves crashing
On the lava rocks
It was the sweetest
music I ever heard.

I remember leaving
The beach one night
And seeing the full moon
smiling at me 
through the palm trees
Like a big white
And I smiled back

And I remember
Waking up in the
Middle of the
Night to see that
Same full moon
Spreading its glow
In a river across
The ocean
Carrying a message
For me right 
up to my lanai.  

It’s time.
It ‘s time now
To go home again.

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The Couch Doesn't Pull Out

Walking a plank into a miserable ocean of loneliness
Not knowing how to feel the earth beneath my feet
The learning process was long and unstable
I couldn’t hear the voices of reason
My conscience not capable of such logic
You told me not to fear
You taught me how bleed
I pitter pattered throughout your heart without doubt
You pitter pattered to another’s 
Sadly caught, you tried redemption
I sought revenge
Killing myself by allowing your presence
Slowly pulling the trigger held to my head
Easing into the gunshot
Like valium filling my filthy mind
Cupid’s arrow surely missed the mark
You can’t stay here tonight
My arms tight with stroke
Jesus surely would not allow such madness
Religious free and full of angst
Whether drowning in the ocean or absorbing the shot
Worthiness shall only be measured by my heart.

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Past Lives

Merman in a tide pool
Mermaid of my mind
Gallup me unicorn
Center my centaur
Mysticism in myth
Is it real?
Not now, but maybe before 
Once a unicorn
Today I canter
Towards my destiny
Now a maiden
Washing her hate away
In the waves
Roll me tight, ocean orgasm
Salvation is in your frolic
Saturate my satin bodice
Salt me in your water
I, in your liquid folds
You, Mother Ocean an envelope
of movement 
Crade me to serenity

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The Ocean.

A big black ocean 
Filled with sorrow, pain and thoughts of death 
Swallows me whole 
The waves smother me 
So i cant breath 
I try to swim to the top 
To breath 
To live 
To be me again 
But its to overwhelming 
To painful to care 
I want to stay at the bottom 
Of this hurtful ocean 
To be numb 
And not feel 
The hurt inside 
The pain I have 
The pain I have caused 
The pain Ill always carry with me 

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From Cover to Cover

From being forced to cross the Atlantic Ocean under the cover of stars
to volunteering for a mission above every ocean to the stars.

From being stared at on an auction block and having the family sold and separated
to ten years running, in the most watched block, as a priceless model of the family unit.

From working for peanuts and fertilizing somebody's land with the blood that runs off of
the back
to owning the land, working the peanut, and transfusing the blood back.

From being robbed of a spoken language, losing a religion, a culture, a god
to influencing: the language spoken in cultures, songs in religion, and the pathway to God.

From losing a hand and a foot or a leg for not being fast enough to get far enough away
from “the man”
to using the hands, legs and the feet in running farther and faster than the average man.

From the king, of a nation, beaten into a personal slave and called names like coon,
spook, and “Boy”
to a boy named King who would grow up to “win over” a nation for the equal freedoms of
every person.

From generations that had to take the last names of past presidents
to being the name that can give a future generation its first president.

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The Ocean Belongs To No One

the ocean belongs to no one but devours the edge of continents wind rain and storms shape her shores wax and wane their icy moons grant ghosts the chance to whisper to clouds yet time hurl her spears through mankind because the ocean belongs to on one

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The Moon and I

The moon and I
are alone on this night
in the dim yellow light
the mist mixes
strudels like
dead insects
bits of rotting bait
ciggy butts
fish guts

Bottle tops swim
glisten as they swirl
in the pounding waves
across my sunken trawler

The moon and I
are still alone
at first light
no land
no rescue boat
in sight.

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Pregnant Ocean

Brent oil and water,
some gases that ran the world and water,
the ocean hid it all inside,
and danced and tossed oblivious
of its pregnancy,
man waited and waited,
for centuries,
sometimes like fools and at others like scientists,
he finally got a clue to the precious child,
impatient and greedy man dug it in,
now he has dug deeper than the morass he is under,
it is not long before he would complete the plunder,
the poor ocean would be aborted,
and will need centuries to get pregnant again,
is it any wonder!

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Rolling Swells

On the ocean waves distant from 
the cliffs and edges of stone, watching 
surfers stroke and race from a well-known, 
naked shore. The waves coil and sweep, 
the ocean rhythms back and forth, while
the brave follow the waters's crest to 
ride to the shore.

The breakers swell and tumble each
one mounted on their boards. Mastering
the drafts of  aqua painted waves boosts
them gracefully till they reach the sand. 
Then they fly back on their boards 
and ride the crested waves 
once more.

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Barge Reef

            Barge Reef 

Barge Reef lies isolated at worlds end by chance
Wedges of sharp rocks fill in what ocean can’t

Eighty foot waters roll at a distance out
Waves say hello on cresting white

Coral formed and bleached silent
Created from living life forms 
On the wrong side of the island according to the charts

West of Barge is open seas 
Liquid wonders that follow the world around
A tumbled dance

Storms pound constantly there creating havoc
Waves take naps much later beneath the deep
Descending back around
Rolling into a slumber as cool brushings over surface

Calm winds take a breath
Ships find their corner of the world in blue
Slip Into delinquency, there, slow to rise

Sun finds the horizon hot
Jellying through mist
Mystification sets in, as it morphs through morn
There, so easy to find a new day in abundance solar bound

Creaking ships never land but crash on Barge with jagged reefs
Sharp coral stand pure white on the vestibule of shards 
Sojourning innocently forward
Ambling along with wood debris 
To that end, begins in splinters sober float
And with it, seas fold over on the likes of Barge

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If I could.

 I would climb the highest mountain,for you
 if you asked me to.
 I would swim the ocean for you,
 if only I could.
That sounds all well and good,
there is some thing I have not told you.
A mountain I can not climb,
I hate looking down,
an ocean I can not swim,
water is definitely not my thing.
I would build a house for you but
I can not promise it will stand,
when it comes to do it yourself
I have two left hands.
How about I sing for you
not a good idea,
my voice is so high
I could shatter your glass from here.
There must be some thing I can do
to show how I feel about you.
I will dedicate this poem to you,
now that is some thing I can do.

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Open Prairies

I stand in the center of an ocean of wheat,
shimmering from the wind like ocean waves. 
The clouds, the sky, the sun, the colors of the fields 
and the touch of the warm gentle breeze.

The wild flowers and trees bordering the land,
the red earth blowing with the wind.
The sound of water from nearby streams,
ease life’s burdens away in a flash.

The vast openness of distant horizons,
as the gold heads rattle with the wind.
The red-tailed hawks squawk in the sky,
the sand-hill cranes head for a pond.

The cows graze on lush green beauty,
as I stand in a field with pen in hand.
This is the beauty I am blessed with,
whether my eyes are closed or open.

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What a Miracle

What a miracle
The sun shines so bright
The ocean brings the lives
The wind breezes our hearts

What a miracle
I can see sun in your eyes
I feel the ocean in your smile
and I breathe the breeze by your side

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Drip after drip,
An endless ocean of ripples.
The constant after effect ,every second,
The after effect of my decisions,
Every good one, and every bad one.
The consequence of every action has a ripple.
At the time, i hear silence. 
Darkness spreads through my mind,
I have no regrets, no thoughts,and no actions. 
Im alone, scared and frustrated.
A beam of light approaches, it comforts me, 
Its my way out,
It consumes my soul enlightening me. 
Getting rid of my negative and filling 
Me with its positive thoughts and energy.
A new life is ahead of me.
This time my ocean is ready to be filled
With bright blue water, 
Lets hope it stays that way. 
The first drip starts now, 
This is my

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A day at the Cape Cod

Brunette shadows echo off of the afternoon;
moving loftily through the atmosphere with cotton kisses 
Under a pastel, sea blue dome 
Star gazing pines stand tall and high 
Reaching up and out, for a brush of the sun 
Along the craggy path of thickened scrubs;
Coarse sea plants engage, along the road 
White sands pose in piles,
that look as though they were drawn, by an artist 
Toasted air passes by my window,
as we approach the seaside 
The Atlantic Ocean haunts my senses 
Mounds of sand dunes reach up in spectacle, 
as their tall rough grasses shift in the breeze
Swarms of bodies bathe by the waters 
Children swam in piles of sand ,
with buckets and shovels and laughter alike
The soothing sounds of the waves -
crashing along, in constant frantic motion 
We rest on our blanket of ease
The sounds of the ocean caress and utter, in the breeze
We are in a motionless trace of sight and sensations
Locked in my memory, I have bottled a moment in time 


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Memory Makers Mirror

My moment in eternity ...
   A drew drops from a leaf
       In a ocean of green serenity
            Etched in the beginning of belief
And you and I 
When we took our registers in cashless hands
And turned light on
To eyes tap dancing our brains
And heard sounds 
Singing before our cry of pain
And smelled day
Breaking without fragrance of the night
And tasted blood
Of self and mother in the ocean flood
Of begginnings that touched our skin
Before our hearts poured cries
Of jubilation against the miracle of our ears
We are nothing more
Than a finite store of universal memories.

With the senses which we ... hawked them 
                      Swallowing on the aimless sight
                            We made them for our siren flight
                                   Wrote them on stones, papyrus scrolls
                                           And books in mask of syllables
                                                Like Adam's figment of leaves
                                              Or squirrels digging leaves
                                          To hide their nuts
                                     So with our memories we lose
                                The reality ... we die desperately to meet
                           Words too are symbols in the mask of meaning
                      As we remember the understanding
                Of where we are coming from
More than where we are going to forget it all

So sensing, spading, stone chipping at imagination
Dreamers and archeologists
We come telling new histories
For forgotten beginnings ... we only know to find
In God.  We poor memory makers
On the vain voyage of codebreakers
What shall we do with the dust of the sun?

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I glance at what surrounds me
And I peer up at the ocean above
It's clouds surround me
Suffocating me
Filling my lungs

It's like a drug;
This love

It must be;
It's what I crave night and day

I clench my eyes shut
Terrified of what I might gaze upon
In this ocean,
this ocean above.

The aroma;
I inhale and feel weary
Week to the knees
But I float on with ease

The clouds in this ocean above,
the infiltrate my lungs
Persuading me to want that love
The love that has me hung

I'm hooked;
There's no going back
With the passion that penetrates
The clouds that infiltrate
What is left that I must do?

Should I carry on?
Hold my head up,
be strong?
Continue chasing what I yearn to have?

Surely there must be an answer
to this madness
To this worry and fear
To finally hold close;

That which I hold so dear
Whom my heart wants near

"Surely," I whisper.

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An Ocean Wants More

An ocean wants more
More than the ocean tides
Sacred body of water to ensure
Strength and power, gaining more, inside
Breaking waves and barriers, as we explore
Bringing your soul towards this peaceful shore

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kissing you

I walk by the ocean and look at night
I keep wondering who is watching me
When I look at the night sky,
I see your face with stars shinning like your smile.
When I feel the wind blowing,
I can feel that you are holding me tight.
When I look at the bright moon,
I make a wish to see thy face.
When I hear tides from the ocean,
I feel like your reading your poems to me.
When I have a red rose on the side of me,
It is like seeing your kind gentle heart.
When I am talking to the ocean,
I am actually taking to you.
I do not worry much when I am at the ocean with a red rose.
Because when I kiss the rose,
I’m actually kissing you

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Hands of The Gods

Mountains, we bend
Like teal ocean wave
Serene in this
Sea of tranquility
These ocean tides
Give way to storms
Bring hands from
The Gods

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ocean love

Beach love
The ocean strokes the shore
Like they are in love
The sun reflects off the ocean
Casting a glow, setting the mood
The shore gives a part of itself to its one true love
The ocean
It takes the pieces away to return to her later
Caressing it in his crashing waves
The ocean kisses a rock
And leaves again taking away pieces of his love
It continues forever 
Beautiful dance between to lovers

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An Ocean Inside

Foolish pride
Now, stand aside
Waves crashing wide
You feel the tide 
Go deep beneath 
Your dreams, inside
Oceans singing
Oceans crying
There is a quiet place
Where this heart resides
All made of water,
These ocean tides
This water flows 
Through my thirsty soul
This time, I know
There is an ocean 
That dwells inside

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The Cyrstal Ocean Above

Crystal Ocean above
Swirling, dancing
Blanketing the world eternally
Submersed in the heavenly broth
Always giving, always taking away

Existence forever praising 
Singing, delivering
Persistent eruptions of hope
Pouring itself into young hearts
Forlorn, longing 

No longer desolate
Deserted, abhorred
New life turning over
Scouring ‘way bleakness
Trepidation, apprehension

Life restored, 
Adored, unabsorbed
Listlessness Banished away 
Buried high within
The Crystal Ocean above