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Free Verse Music Poems | Free Verse Poems About Music

These Free Verse Music poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Music. These are the best examples of Free Verse Music poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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I'm Vinyl Baby

i’m vinyl baby,
easy to scratch,
easy to gouge, 
prone to warping.

i’m a 45 rpm record, 
single and labelled,
still got track marks.

dot dot dot
from the seventies!

you know there’s
my black side,
my dark side.

i’m a 45 rpm record, 
single and labelled,
still got track marks.

you’re my diamond needle.
i'm your music,
you know me,
 you play me.

you’re my diamond needle.
gets under my skin
rides my 

even pass these years,
when my time comes,
pack me in my jacket
bury me in your closet.

you know i’m still
your song,
your tune,

dot dot dot

you make my life neat.

like a circle
i’m the black vinyl
on the roundabout

your still 
the only 
for me.

i’m a 45 rpm record, 
single and labelled,
still got track marks.

play me!

Maurice Yvonne

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Jazz Man


Lips of sweat,
Igniting catalyst tune as they burn out, 
Crossed eyes, attention spreads
feeling the whiteness in pure magic.
Each memo confronts the other, 
Soul cord of depth, 
and for one short-lived moment.
Losing sight of reality in a stasis of oasis.
The passionate barb stick notes directly into the atmosphere.
Each message is a flood of scheme, 
singing the blues, this smooth criminal
angel of birth, in your hands
luring you to a road in heaven.
The lights are all you feel; 
you can see the forgotten masterpiece.
Bathing in it, as the drums go on, 
the mob gathers, to feel the whiteness of the trumpet.
He is rotating his saxophone, 
making love to the crowd.
His horn come with words that deepens the soul,
the crowd is mesmerized.
He extends his hands,
A standing ovation,
Slamming and whistling,
Louder than thunder,
Mr. Jazz man is done
With no condom at all……………………….


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Let the music play on

Let the music play on

My heart beats
and passion springs,
As my fingers vibrate
the subtle violin strings,

Soft notes float
in the air to enchant,
Cheeks bear a red glow 
as palpitations enhance,

Anticipating a meet
with sweetheart there on,
Rhythmic waves I create,
Let the music play on !!

Written January 1st, 2014
For contest "Let the music play on" by Mystic Rose

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sad notes from a lonely oboe coupled with uplifting melodies from a violin concert penetrates my mind connecting with my heart eyes closed, a musical mantra flows at last, one with the universal consciousness stress dispelled new hope reborn perceptions redefined
By Carolyn Devonshire For Dr. Ram’s Music and Meditation Contest

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In A Meadow


I can feel the breath of violin, upon my face ~ The fluttering wings of fingers playing, 'A Lark Ascending' In sweet release, I close my eyes, and drift away to inner peace ~ All strife takes flight, the music takes me to a meadow growing…. Two clarinets, in soft duet …..are timeless, ageless, knowing I'm standing still, in waving grass, a cello plays a soft breeze blowing I weave and sway…the music plays …a french horn makes sweet love to me As if a lark, I leave the ground, upon the lilting sound, and fly away…
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspired by the Classical composition, "A Lark Ascending" Composed by Vaughn Williams

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It vibes in harmonics broadband, a musical language universal,
Echoing across the heights divides, falling as a thunderstorms,
Raw force of spiritual power, descending from the heavens above,
The angels do yield, surrendering the gift of music unto the world
Of man.
Pierced by their angelic thorny prongs, tender notes of rhythm,
Melt downwards from the silver lining of graces everlasting meadows
Of inspiration.
Separations clouds expose the here ever afters, sparks of the divinities
Fame burning as a torch lighting up the skies white powder showering
The earth with sweet melodic undertones, a thundering vibrating beat felt
Throughout the pulsating heart of nature itself.
Music lives within all things, it binds a connecting link, a 
Symphony a blending element, a melting promise between heaven and
Earth, a harmonious balance, light equaling dark.
In the vaults of the skies, the heavenly chorus joins with
The voices of humanity singing a song of complete
What a true wonder is this gift given unto mankind,
To write and sing, to share such expressionism with
One another, music is honestly a universal language
Understood by every nation, or age group beneath
The heavens themselves.
A heritages legacy passed down from grandfathers,
To fathers, and than to sons, and daughters,
Is this the love and wonder of these arts there in
So shared by all members of the human race for
Generations of inspiration to come.
I listen to the songs sang by the morning doves,
To the charming voices of our youthful young,
Than those jolly fellows from days gone by,
You know the old barber shop quorate.
So many variations and depths of degrees,
Harmony, rock-n-roll, to golden oldies country,
Music is a wonderment all to it's own glory.
So we thank you those powers on high,
For this miracle of a gift called music.


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Play It

Play It

You were afraid in the beginning.
You were excited and filled with anticipation. 
But, afraid.
Just holding her in your hands was a strange experience.
Awkward, like a first kiss.
Unsure of where and how to touch.
Just how should your lips
Meet her cold and unfamiliar mouth piece?
Remember those first few notes
Screeching through space inside the band hall?
A sacred place where rhythm and note
Have coursed the air and touched 
The smallest bones of the human body
With the softest and most pleasant caress.

Become familiar with the way she feels.
Close your eyes and feel the softness of her curves.
Treat her like a lady of royal blood.
Her father has given you her hand.
There is no leaving her at the altar.
You will decide your life together.
Love her. Caress her. Kiss her softly.
Learn to move your fingers and listen to her reply.
The early sound of surprise becomes the sound of love.
Soon, you breathe as one, and the voice you hear,
The voice we hear.
Is not hers. Is not yours. But, the union of both.
And what we hear is the birth of something
Grand and glorious and beautiful!

Play it!   

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When the sunlight breaks upon the day
And dawn arrives with a whispered breath
Ascending like a clarinet                                    
As gentle as a cradle song 

Small butterflys, will twirl aloft
And circle in the morning breeze
A mantra of incantation
Stirring thoughts to meditation
To revel, shy against the dawn
With quivering wings to climb the stairs
In rippled waves, that stirs the air

The fleeting leaves, will dance and sway
And songs exhale, so crystal clear
To gently sway the flowing glass 
Of bubbling streams, sweet, crisp, and pure

So gently soft, and sweetly felt
A first note broods, without fanfare
A petal drifts, then spins away
it can be seen, but can't be heard
A timid bird, a quivering chord
A sonnet of love, with lanquid words

Each breath a spark, that kindles change
With trilling voice that wraps around
A wreath of mist lifts off the ground
Skimming rainbows, with a song
A never ending, ... wistful sound…

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Dat Girl From New Orleans

i know a young girl lives just up da ill she a black an white child she got uge black eyes wit lots of white surrounden dem an' she  got tick black air an' er skin's a lonely gray she got big plump lips  no man ever touched cause she still jus' a child an' dat girl she wear a sweater white 'er mom made er da black 'n white girl live just up the ill from me even er ome is black 'n white man dat girl  she don't show color no ow dat girl in black 'n white  oh yeah!  all black 'n white  oh yeah!  till she bring out er violin er full colored playin' instrumen dat ting got chromaticity oh yeah!  dat wat I said  oh yeah! chromaticity  dat der's wat dat violin got wen she play dat ting  everytin goes bright whoa dem strings dey speak  whoa dem strings dey sing den dat violin color er world dat wat make 'er special dat violin  you got to see er when she hug dat ting when she make it sing an' da world she is peace wen da black 'n white girl  play er colored violin chromaticity  dat wat dat girl got wen she play so sweet wit the violin to er ear an' da traffic stops an' da crowds don talk wen da girl in black 'n white wen dat girl she paint da town make dat violin talk  charmin' all da ears ow she do dat  make notes dance in the sky ow she do dat  soothes the savage beast ow she soothe my ears ow she make docile dis devil me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!! i don wanna do bad  wen dat violin sings ow she do dat dat girl wit dose  magic strings 26~12~2014 Sponsor: Mystic Rose Contest Name: Let The Music Play On

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Musical Torment - The Infamous Masterpieces

Torturing me with touches
I feel the sting of hardened and lasting lust
Touches not of mortal fingers,
But Halloween-haloed strings composed by musicians of mystery
Pressing upon my back--yes! A searing, yet melodi-errotic strike
All upon me, yet far from me...

Leave me not in the judgement of my own scrambling feelings
Rest not away as I hold my hands out in the dark
Deathly dances are visions heaven-bound for the duo--
Yet for the solo- a blank, useless measure...

The pulsing silence of amateur-stitched love rattles me
Making rhythms giggle in my mind
Intervals of idiocy tormenting all reason
Truly an agonizing, but for others--minor--prison
Is the smile that helped design those strings
Those strings that pluck upon my spine
Controlling me in a dark place stuck between tunes and time

Why are your hands so cold when you play those piano keys?
Why are your lungs so eroded with the pride that taints the songs you sing?
Why have the rhythms gone awry, and why does your apathetic dissonance thrive?

And tell me… through it all…
As you compose the rise and fall…
Why is all this destruction you created so vibrantly alive?

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Blackbirds In The Rain

blackbirds in the rain walking among the fallen leaves under the old mango tree with dripping leaves bathing the grass below blackbirds diligently lifting the rain soaked fallen leaves peering underneath for insects and worms flushed out by the drizzling rain pausing to gulp one down then scooting off again searching for more sitting under the shed with raindrops playing their music on the galvanised sheet roof with a beat that resonates within my inner being putting me in a trance connecting me to the rain and the puddles on the ground with the raindrops gently tapping the water's surface creating rings that collide with one another disrupting their individual shapes creating a dynamic new pattern reflecting their unity and bubbling with energy in the drizzling rain O what a deep feeling of peacefulness and serenity with the rain the dripping leaves and the puddles serenading my spirit with the eternal song of Nature and merging it into the Unity Of All Things
It was raining today. There was a constant drizzle for hours. I sat in a shed attached to the house, watching the blackbirds in action in the rain, searching for their food. The constant rhythmic sound of the rain on the galvanised sheet roof of the shed and the gentle drama playing out in the backyard with the blackbirds was a spiritual experience for me connecting me with Nature and the unity of all things as mentioned in the last verse. .

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A Lover's entrée to March

How far can you fall and get back up 
How high can you jump
And keep your feet in the sand 

To touch grace and fall from within
Next to you I was out of my skin
I missed you yesterday and you leave tomorrow

A life spent in the shadows of lushly tint 
Smoke your waves 
Exhale the freshness of your menthol scent 
Home is what you call shelters that need no defense 

I’ll send 
You’ll say goodbye
I’ll send again
You won’t reply

If love 
Is the appreciation of another’s existence
Then goodbye
Is the anticipation of seeing you again

You and I, we’ll cruise the shores
Together we’ll settle with the wind 
The joy of a small hut, a lovers den

You’ll send
I’ll wonder why
You’ll send again
I will not reply 

"our songs for sale"

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A Man Playing Beethoven

In a vast open wilderness Lay the pristine snow A beautiful mountain The majestic view A sky cloudless blue No footsteps in the white Only pristine snow And there, a grand piano In that space of no footsteps And just for me A man is playing Beethoven Free Verse November 25, 2012

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Dear Me

Dear Me,

I need you to be stronger
I need you to never be afraid

swallow your pride,and your flight will be softer
tell her you love her,even if it hurts

Grab onto your dream and live it
Do not be afraid of the sun's divinity

Be better,love more, hold on.

Dear Me,

Enjoy every stop of the ride.
For when the train finally stops...we die

Until we witness the angels dance after final day...
Dear Me, hide your fears away

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Music For You P.S. (adult content)

Music comforts the soul, cures that restless spirit.
       Some songs will make you crank up the volume so everyone can hear it....
Music can alter moods, and talk to you.
       Some songs have the remedy for what you're going through....
Music is good medicine for a broken heart,
       and yet some songs can turn around and tear it apart....Music has brought people all 
around the world together;
       And some melodies will keep playing on forever....
Music adds to the intensity of making love.
       Fuels that fire, you can't seem to get enough of....
Music makes me sad, glad, happy and mad.
       Some songs make me pick up a pen and pad....
Music makes me wanna pull a woman close, kiss her nose, remove her clothes, 
       suck her toes,
       And with Janet Jackson still singing "That's the Way Love Goes;" 
       Me and her make our own music video until her sweet nectar overflows!!!!!

Note: To my fav. soupers, I don't know your preferred genre of music and sometimes age 
plays a huge role in a persons tastes in music.  Since I don't know everyone's age, I'm going 
by gut feeling and the personalities I read on my comments and my soupmail.  If you guys 
download music;  I've written one song for the following people.  A song from me to you, so 
to speak. Be open minded and listen to the whole song.  Enjoy.  #1 Marty "Devil Woman" by 
Marty Robbins #2 Carol B. "These arms of mine" by Otis Redding #3 Charma "Words" by 
Anthony David #4 Raiin "Undead" by Hollywood Undead #5 Patty "Insatible" by Darren 
Hayes #6 Lolita "I Believe" by Blessid Union of Souls #7 Ladybug12 "Turn Back the Hands Of 
Time" by R. Kelly #8 Sue M. "As of you" by Raphael Saadiq #9 Highlander "Folsum Prison" 
by Johnny Cash #10 Sara "Sweet Dreams" by Patsy Cline #11 Brandee A. "I need you right 
away" by Smokey Noval #12 Donna "Unchained Melody" by Righteous Brothers #13 Linda-
Marie "Bonita" by No Mercy

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Dancing with Joan Jett

Dancing with Joan Jett
Dancing close with Joan Jett is so wild, it’s 1989 and we go head to head. I’m the teen kid by the juke box and she is my wet dream in black leather, one foot in front of me. Pure bloody ecstasy. Garage music blares out of the speakers and we spin around, my arm catching her waist. Closer we draw; a kiss. First of many. 
Joan and Nick. Who would have thought it? Rock n roll music heroine meets a Lancashire lad in an intimate spit and sawdust gig venue in a nameless town. It happened, was happening now. 25 July 1989. A day before I was eighteen. 
By chance I got her gig ticket, last minute rush. Left my crap job and mental northern town and took the train to see Her, Joan Jett. My teen rock goddess singing live. How many guys wanted a piece of her? And a few gals too. Black leather, boots and an awfully short skirt...
And that black hair. Joan looked like a Goth. Her music wasn’t as dark and was more accessible. Darkness would come later, lots of it. 
For now, I danced close with Joan Jett. My head in her hair, eyes shut. Holding her like there was no tomorrow. Another kiss and I was smitten. No one would ever believe me, if I told them: ‘Hey, I danced close with Joan Jett. And we kissed...’
Never mind what happened later... that’s our secret. Yes I still do love her, am in love... 
...with Joan Jett.

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Old Piano Book

Now yellowed with age
a lonely music book,
hidden in every page
old musician dreams

of endless nights passed
struggling with melodies,
lovely trills and arpeggios,
etudes and symphonies;

a sentry keeping watch
over dirtied ivory keys
played and loved once
by souls of olden days;

labors of faceless men
held close to its breast,
strains still remembered
kept deep in the chest;

an old piano book stands
now sullied by the years,
within its torn pages live
dead musician tears.

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Ballet is Poetry

Ballet is poetry. . .
And both share in
The magical movement
That is defined as art.
As brushstrokes blend
Hues onto a white canvas
And forms begin to
Appear in the glory of a
Golden pas de deux dawn,
Fingers of light stream
Through parting clouds
Capturing the divinity
Of the death of night
Into days beautiful birth.
Fluid motion, chassé. . .
Balancing earth's elements
In an alluring assemblé.

© Connie Marcum Wong

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The Clanking Chain of Wild Geese

The Clanking Chain of Wild Geese

I was watching the September sky every day,
With a hope to once again get a glance,
Of the clanking chains of those lovely wild geese,
That suddenly appears with their music melodies,
But quietly they disappear every year, 
Like a Rainbow that comes and gets lost gradually.

No one knows when like a rainbow,
The wild geese would appear suddenly,
While changing their forms like clouds in the sky,
Mesmerizing our eyes for few seconds or more, and then,
Disappearing in the sky, like the dim vanishing evening.

The wild geese often appear in the sky,
Forming a shape like the garland of God,
And quickly changing shapes, like our emotions,
While moving in the sky like an arrow,
They sing the joyous songs of today, not tomorrow. 

Forgetting the past and the future like an arrow,
Which keeps running, until it reaches its marrow,
The destination to pierce a heart,
They create either a joy or sorrow,
While singing a song of today, not tomorrow.

Oh, September sky I watch,wonder with ,
And hope to see  them once again,
My childhood friends wild Geese,
Coming from north and vanishing in south,
Like my thoughts which arise and fall.

But this year, I did not see the winged necklaces of God,
Neither could I see a rainbow being formed,
Nor even hear  their chorus like songs,
No clanking of wings, No music of their joys,
No rise and fall of images like thoughts,
No sounds and music touching my heart.

One day,  I was stunned to hear,
The species of goose are in great danger,
Man has stolen many of even God’s necklaces,
The rainbow of birds and the grandeur of sky,
A great heritage of Nature is vanishing before our eyes.

Oh, my sweet friend,
Will I ever be able to see and hear you again?
When you would clank your wings, in the windless sky,
Creating a dance and music, on such lofty heights,
Where no musician can ever fly,
With a hope till I am here on this earth my friend,
I would keep waiting and watching 
For you O wild Geese in the September sky.

Kanpur India. 1st Oct. 2010

Dedicated to my loving wife Dr. Shashi Kapoor, as a birthday gift for her
Birthday on 2nd Oct. who loves animals and birds more than any thing

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Tapped percussion dribbles a wham,rushing on quivers of sensation through my blood, when duskfall changes its beat to jazz a dizzy ride in gush of night, I roll. Notes throbbing a cadence along blues' mood as velvet of skin begins to open, unmentionable thrills of breath unwind claimed by music so raw, wild hips sashay. Hands unfurl in a lift of tempo's rise; while my body gyrates in free motion like rippling fire, I can't stop toes ablaze and the circle of groove jives on to reel. Oh, just one more grasp of this revelry while conga drums beg for another dance inhaling euphoric whim, life's vein where pulses burst as dawn's moments arrive! ...................... Mood Music with Original Details Contest Sponsor: Sheri F. Harper by nette onclaud

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If Languages Were Instruments

If languages were instruments,
English, the language of my own America,
Would be something like a piano.
Each word is clear and sharp-
When we sing, the note does not waver.
But I suppose it's more fair to say that
English is something like an electronic keyboard
With two hundred different modes because English
Has so many different versions, 
Adaptations of other instruments,
Emulations, or imitations, however you want 
To think of it; there is no accent that cannot 
Be reconfigured to be
Played on keys in distinct shades
Of black or white.

Arabic though...
Arabic is more like a violin.
The sound of Arabic
Flies up and down the scale
In deliciously smooth legato,
Stopping to linger on vibrato;

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Always cold in the morning, this kitchen is warmed now
With a roaring fire and my wife working beside me making just desserts
We stand here two hours this afternoon doing one of our projects
Cooking soup and fish for this evening’s xmas party of friends. 

The ghetto, the Projects, contained me with the music of 
The school’s leather belt and cane.  And then 
Parents lost in a fire. 
              That was a tough xmas, alcohol boozy flavored in an
              Empty-bottle kitchen, crowded and smoky.
It was a tough meat just cut today red blooded, now pale in the friends’ 
Xmas gift, the tureen shiny clean. The soup’s              
Alcohol flavored in effort to disguise taste of the firm onion, now soft slop. Next, must
Empty bottle of sauce in …add spice…Oh, now chop more veg: and the 
Kitchen knife peels and reveals their secret inner fleshes,
Crowded and jostling with juicy tomatoes, now reduced to wrinkled skins; and
Smoky, tall, erect celery now chopped into mini-sets of false teeth

Innocence lost in the poisonous smog of Dublin’s
Orphanage hymns and anthems: God and the state will help
Uniformed religious staff and teachers to tell me 
I do not belong - I must reveal no secrets about being
Woken, shaken out of bed, taken (with no word spoken) from the 
               Cold dormitory, scaly hand on my knee:
               Drown in this grasp -  fish out of water
Cold.  A small shivering fish caught in net, taken now from its fridge 
Dormitory for this sacrifice: staring, unfeeling, cold-blooded creature, its
Scaly skin shining on my cutting plate.
Hand on knee, I sit down to gut it, gills first - which made him
Drown as he struggled in the tightened net; and 
In this grasp I cut the fish open - an old  
Fish which was still feeling
Out of water. It seems a silly, scaled creature now, lifeless, staring at nothing.

I lost my loneliness from that hostile world:
She gave me peace and serenity  -
Warm feelings of belonging ; and it’s
Christmas every day. 
                 She is sweet, inviting, colorful, and around her
                 Melt-in-the-mouth music plays.
She is the essence of sugar,
Sweet free-running chocolate,
Inviting me to dissolve all of her creamy meringue shells 
Colorful and delightful, which will swirl
Around her taste  and 
Melt like love on a summer’s day.
In the mouth of my hell, she has uttered  
Music, and forever now,  it
Plays sweetly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Written for and entered in Debbie Guzzi’s  Contest     GET SERIOUS

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After Dad

joyful song filled my heart courtesy of our family’s music man even after mother passed Dad was still strong and healthy lived to a ripe old age giving consent to unplug the respirator three siblings cried together that joyful song Dad’s clarinet and sax now heard only by the angels silence dwells within me now time passes, but the musical void hits hard life has never been the same after Dad after death AD joined the cherub band twinkling with rhythms of Big Band era songs heaven’s stars mark the path to his glory
AD stands for "After Dad"

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The Fool

There is more than one fool on the hill
I know because I am one of those fools
I am a fool who stands upon his own hill
So proud of my hill, so proud to be a fool

So proud to have hit rock-bottom
then to have climbed back up
and fallen again
and climbed back up again...
because what matters is not the fall
but the climb back up...

So proud to have crashed and burned
and risen from the ashes and healed
then to have crashed and burned again
and risen again and healed again...
because what matters is not the crash
but the rising again and healing again...

So go ahead, my friend
go ahead, chuckle and shake your head
but we are very much alike, you and I
The only difference between you and I
is that I KNOW I stand alone upon my hill
and you do not yet see that
you stand alone and perfectly still
upon your own...

Based on the Beatles song 'The Fool on the Hill'

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My Unchained Melody

                             In a fragile and nostalgic moment
                       Listening to music and words from the past
                            With tears running down my face
                      Dim lights..Unchained Melody fills the room
                         It reminds me of much needed touches
                           A time that was,and forever is gone

                      Like anyone else..I need to feel that loving aura
               Even though years has passed us by,we still have the future
             Hungry words and beautiful music will always keep me pulsating
                     Let me hold you close tonight..your body next to mine
                     Vibrating hearts..hectic rythm..passionate atmosphere
                      Let me be your Unchained Melody tonight my dear

February 29th 2012

I my opinion,Unchained Melody is the greatest song ever written.Both,lyrics as well as the music in that piece-hits my emotions each time I hear it:-)

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Intoxicating wordless Sound

Seeking the solace in its voice
As it sings and serenades.
Intoxicating wordless sound
Carried along on air currents,
Transforms wind to song.

Mellow notes with breathless voice
Plays like a lovers embrace.
Deep earthy sounds perceived by ear.
Romancing my heart through song,
An alluring sound from the flute.

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Insight out

Inner sanctuary
envision harmony and mental clarity
focus on a journey of possibility
Meditate on transformation and 
awareness of inner state
peace and healing

Constructive thought
instruct your mind
to redirect the lost and struggling inner voice
Where you can’t see the wood for the trees 
under your nose is the path of freedom 

Put aside perceived struggles
revitalize, relax, respond
to body, mind, heart and spirit
Intuition, introspection and spiritual renewal
bring about personal healing and
conscious awakening

Stillness of mind – concentration
Thoughts of the subconcious and subliminal
beyond all negativity 
away from all interuption
To allow time for self communication and
expression of inner self

Senses – awareness of scent, sight, sound, taste and touch
Healing hands of the medical profession or alternative therapy
ambiance, temperature, oils, music, sounds and 
sights of nature or universe
realisation comes in various form and shape 
causing us to feel life in fullest expression

Connecting – whispers of wind 
radiating everpresent warmth of sun
a blanket of love and light comforts consoles over and through the cosmos
rippling infinately through infinity outwards, onwards
connecting right back into where we are at right now 
unmoved unchanged and as we were

Wise – responsible courageous allowed to let go of need to be judgemental or 
be judged 
let go of controlling enable trust wisdom and humility
intelligence of knowing others
wisdom of knowing self
strength in mastering others
power to master oneself

Energy -breath, force, spirit, soul, God, universe – 
whatever – doesn’t matter how you refer to it on personal level 
energy, balance, light, sound, vibration, peace 
centered self – stillness – silent – eternal – 
to have enough is a richness in itself
accept appreciate and acknowledge oneself

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Background Music Before Sleep

  In the asphalt homeland 
I lay down to sleep 
   In the background 
a saxophone wails
  and relaxes tired muscles 
Streetlights cut through the darkness
    The day has passed 
as days do 
   This city dweller 
wishes to head off to 
Jazz in the background 
   lets his mind wander 
through sweet pathways 
     not created 
 by the hands of man 
   My heart beats with a rhythm 
stolen from the heart of the city 
Sax wails, drums beat 
pianist plays lovely riffs
     My dreams will be filled with joy 
for I know 
   there are plenty 
   who will join
me in the jazz fantasia  
   which awaits us

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A Window Shuts

An intense aroma from Mother's lilac bushes
satiate the air through our open kitchen window
Robins perched on the rusty downspout
falling from our old front porch,
whistling their sound of peek, tut, peek, tut

Melancholy music is perceived faintly
in the very near distance
as my mother's fingers effortlessly
surf the ivory keys of the piano,
decades old and perfectly tuned

Daddy reclines, comfortable
in his easy chiar, listening.  He smokes
cherry blend tobacco in a hand-carved pipe
creating an intithetic, lincering aroma
as he sips his after dinner drink

Too many whisley laden drinks
change the focus of events
as my Father stands up, curses
his dislike of a tune being played

He stumbles, raises an empty
bottle of Jim Beam Whiskey,
throwing it against the wall,
shattering it into small jagged pieces

Quicly, Mother's music ceases,
as the open window slams
shut, breaking the stained glass
that she loved so dearly

Soothing sounds and aromas of flowering
spring bushes no longer hover
but a repugnant smell of tobacco
and hard liquor remain

Sometimes I try and remember
the flowery smells, soft musical sounds -
but abruptly, I hear that colorful window
quickly close

Oh, how rapidly a serene mood is erased,
replaced by one of uneasiness, sadness

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The Story of Joshua Bell

They don't speak
those walls
only absorb
scraps of life
the stench of urine
lucky pennies
desperate art
and a ringing clamber of voices
that move with every rush of air
down winding subway tunnels
here life collides 
in status
and in thunders
those walls
bear witness 
to many miseries
and many wonders 
on this day
the subway walls
mesmerised by a sight
never seen before
the death of beauty
as it passed thousands
and ignored
skirts, pants, collars, cologne
fingers, slender, darting in a blur
minds, tempers, hellos and goodbyes
music, echoing, not a soul does it stir
man to the intricate beauty of pattern
eyes of passerbys to the empty roundabouts of life
strings snapping with the stress of exertion
ambition, love, expectation and strife
they were all mixed together
in a bowl of concrete walls
they whirled
six of Bach's greatest works
a handcrafted violin
from 1713
played by one of the greatest
in the world
he played incognito
only six people stopped
20 gave him money
and then continued 
to walk
a three year old boy
was drawn 
to the sound
his mother let him 
his eyes wide
and astound
but watches soon tick
and they tick too loud
and they drive 
the crowd forward
as if stopping
is not allowed
Joshua Bell
let his bow fall limp
as the last of his music
was swallowed 
by the whitenoise
of life
and screeching 
metro trains
the only sound 
of applaud
soon stolen
by a new rush of air 
the subway walls
people would find peace
in the thick of life
if only
they would

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Poucha Dass Meditation

I close my eyes 
locked in a millisecond
the moment before the bow 
touches the strings 
where silence has a tremor
and wraps me in darkness 
until I hear its particles 
vibrating against me
the bow wrenches
from the depth of the bass 
a groan from the earth
as if waking a millennia of slumber
the first note
long, rich and haunting
now coming to life 
now ready to speak 
legs crossed and hands limp
pay attention 
to the sources of discomfort
tension in the neck, anxiety in the chest
fatigue in the limbs
heaviness in the core
let this weight sink
pull down through me 
melt through me
let it drag and seep 
through my bones
until it submerges 
into the ground below
transform to roots 
connect me
grow deep into the soil
until the energy is revitalized 
until I am reminded
we grow from this intricate system
no different from the forest and gardens
spreading, connecting, entwining
the earth is booming 
the bass its voice
chanting, singing, commanding 
a mantra in a language I don't understand
but with a pulse
I can feel
and it is telling me
I have all I need
visualize one by one 
sources of emotional exhaustion
with each dredge up the full power 
of all feelings
feelings long suppressed, feelings of fear
allow body and mind to swim 
one last time 
before I breathe in and blow them away
my body is lighter, sitting straighter
a tall blade of grass 
swaying as one
looking across the field 
up to the cliff's edge
and over the sunlit ocean 
taste sweet scent
of wind
stretch to feel 
soft earth
open eyes 
to unending sky
on what it means to be alive. 

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Dance With Me

Sway, sway so soft
Back and forth swaying
near motionless
holding on so tight
blending, merging
melting together
rocking your baby doll
to sweet silver blue...

Now gliding, waltzing
Cajun waltzing
Jolie Blon waltzing
so smooth, so elegant
so easy and tuned in like
skating on ice...

Slow-shag shuffle
Beach sounds on the juke box
barefoot on a sandy floor
Platters, Drifters, Temptations
Intricate, delicate movement
Shuffle to the seagull's call
to the warm gulf breeze
to the pounding rhythm of the sea...

Now shake it, shake a tail-feather
bend over let me see you
shake a tail feather
sweaty, salty, sexy shaking
C'mon baby shake it on down
shake it on down with me...

Last verse based on the song: 'Shake a Tail-Feather' by James & Bobby Purify

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If one scene upon a screen can chill my spine
This rarity of genius soars my mind
He crawls into the skin of Andrew Beckett
Gaunt, pale, a shell, by thread he clings
A man betrayed my those who have no honor
In a world that slithers cold and mongers hate

Yet inside his private place is grace unfolding
As his own mortality breathes deathly close
While living each moment tethered to a pole
He opens wide the music of his soul
How can he make the deaf one hear?
With such beauty, the essence...he hopes to share
Open his heart to what is perfect and pure?

The magnificence!! Oh how it speaks of tragedy's past
Such brilliance!  Her voice....that captures the fire!
" she cries out in anguish and pain!
Hear how the strings bring forth the feeling of rain
And that cello so sacred...Oh! hear the spirit of sorrow!"

"Does your heart become swollen, as the music unfolds?
Close your eyes, did you hear it??  Ahh...yes...I see in your eyes
Oh!  How life is divine.... you are witness to mine...
Oh the lyrics..."La Mamma Morta"....oh, the rapture unwinds...."

Tom Hanks performance in "PHILADELPHIA"
(My favorite scene of all time...with Denzel Washington
as they listen to Maria Calas sing "La mamma morta".  Check it out on You Tube...
(you tube site:  Philadelphia..La Mamma Morta)

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Sitting Underneath The Piano

So strange.
On the tuning board I'm an F
and yet I feel quite sharp somehow.
Perhaps I need an adjustment.
or there.
A tweaking of metal wires
wrapped a little too tightly
and then I'll hit the perfect C.
So strange.
for somehow sharp still feels like me,
looks like me,
is like me.
I guess it's better to be sharp than flat,
and while I'm at it, better yet,
full with chords and rhythm too...
Maybe I should synchronize 
and be a little more like you.

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Love declares His Love

Love they say is a many splendid thing-

Love wove for me
Such a fine necklace
All gleaming with tiny droplet pearls
That hung from a sheer gossamer thread
Dazzling in clear beauty
Glistening in the morning gold of the frosty morn

Love sings for me the finest song
From the golden throat of a nightingale
Like the sounds of many violins
Stringing a tune of lonely times and long lonely nights
when he waited and listened to the wind for my whispers
Of loving response

Love shines and twinkles in the midnight hour when
Declaring on heavens evening robes where
Jewels dance across life’s moving screen
Love declares His undying passion
For me

Then dawn rose from a heart on fire
It lit the garden with morning sun
Radiant-wearing the finest perfume
And colors of the rainbow bowed
In memory of our first lost embrace
The King waits anxiously-
For my smile and my heart.

© Brenda V Northeast 28th July 2012

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The Night of the Dance

The memory, of old, returns again
and tiptoes in like summer rain.....
If I close my eyes, I can feel the night
that wraps me close, beneath the stars

There were sounds of laughter all around
And crowds were milling all about
A saxophone was softly speaking
and Sinatra's voice was crooning, ...pleasing

For with a midnight tolling near
One by one, they drifted home...
Just a few of us, to dance the floor
All sense of time had halted course...

With shoes kicked off, and jackets hung
We couldn't bear the evening's end
Cheek to cheek with you that night
The last sweet dance would soon begin

The music stopped, but we did not
We couldn't break our tight embrace
We couldn't tear ourselves apart
And while we danced in pale moonlight
Our eyes were closed, you kissed my face
This was our own, enchanted place

You held me close, we danced alone
The night was ours to keep....our own
Though not a sound at all we heard
The lonely saxophone droned a tune
The record of Old Blue Eyes crooned
The music had no end

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not me two cats and a mangy dog

the rain fell 
dogs and cats
was late in coming
rolled over in bed 
played dead

until a red 
long haired cat
named Fred
on my head
and my face 
turned red

then a stray 
mangy yellow dog
named Yellow
decided to play 
with me
chased Fred away
and decided to stay

his body heat 
was hot
and I rolled over in bed
until a cool fat black cat 
named Frank 
chased Yellow
outside to the riverbank

Frank the cool fat black cat 
started to scat 
at the top of his range
at the edge of my bed
his blues 
went straight 
to my head

then Yellow and Fred 
with guitar and bass
and played backup
to Frank
while I played the bed
to save face

it was all 
going swell
until my neighbors 
who didn’t like our chops
banged a different tune 
on the wall
and called the cops

they broke down
the door
and took away us four
along with our instruments 
less the bed of course
into a paddy wagon 
we sped 

it was in a cell 
with a cot
that we realized that we were hot
to trot
and started our prison band called 
me two cats and a mangy dog

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Dancing to Wind

My cool unseen choreographer  
I bow and sway to your directions. 
O sonorous wind friend of willows
In your moments of frenzy and calm
I like a tree move to your whim -
Plucked like strings under a maestro’s finger
I quiver, become taut again, waiting 
To hear you whisper 'dance with me again'.

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I have just scratched the surface of my latent hatred
Of my blind, awe-inspiring, narcissistic, misanthropic, vehement self
In Flames draws it
As, I believe, Nightwish will
There is so much power here, my heart is stone.
But inside, oh how is it acerbic!
Corrosive, burning
It burns! I feel… the burn

It yearns to burst out 
To… to kill
Do I mean that?
No, just thoughts.
Twisted, darkened thought.
Define me?
No, they do not.
The moment I turn this music off
I am out.
I am me.
But, right now, I am king.
A god, DO AS I SAY!
…and leave me be.
Desolate, forgotten.
Anything else is unsatisfactory

So get away.
Get away!
Humans make me weak.
I acknowledge no pain,
only that which you give me

So leave! 
Go, go now! 
...and live.
It is all your fault,
it is all your fault!
My twisted, wretched existence
Bound by darkness,
Bound by rusted iron chains,
to this never-ending life
of pain, of misery, of anguish!
Escape? There is none.
Certainly not by your hand
You are foolish, you are human, and you are nothing.

How could you think us equals? 
Don’t you see me? 
Don’t you see my power?

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Carry my chant with you

I adore you
in every way
embroider my admiration
above of all

and i want you
to hear my chant
by heart

your eyes 
are widely opened
waiting for something 
that might be falling
from the sky
to catch and compose them all
into an everlasting story

your purest thought
is freely wandered
measuring those impossible things
let the rest of us
learn from you

your heart
is poetically bloomed
the fragrance 
of the elegant spring

let this chant
harbour in your heart
carry it with you
in everywhere you go

~(c) Sukmawati Komala~
Jan 2014

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When I’m all alone
I try to kill the thought of you
Assuring myself
You’re just a ghost passing through

And now that you’re here with me
I feel the need to soar and fly
Only thing is:
I’d much rather crawl away and die

I don’t want to be happy 
I don’t want to fool myself
I don’t want to feel the pressure
Of putting on a heaven in hell

I don’t want to be your angel
I don’t want to face the growth
I don’t want to be happy
I don’t want the aching truth

You never saw me in your stride
As I smiled wide in my heavenly hide
Believing in myself without a chance
Not able to grasp this ghostly romance

You smoked me like a cigarette
Burning out my love, leaving butts of regret
And all the time I laugh and smile
As you see right through me all the while

I don’t want to be happy
I don’t want to live a lie
I don’t want to feel your leisure
As I crumple down to die

I don’t want to disappoint you
I don’t want to show and tell
I just want to see you happy
Just leave me in the dark to dwell

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Night Poem

It waits...
A prickle about to lodge
In the heart of a Mighty Light

Above the low-dipped setting sun
The Knightly Night prepares to come

To lift me like a rising fog
Up to greet the countless stars -
That twinkle at a Sun's descent.

The horizon painted with lullaby
Of colours and their somber tune
Day's bed is laid behind blue mountains
And quietly it goes to sleep.

Inside the womb of a Sleeping Day
Begins a fierce protest 
of dreaming thoughts
Now stirred awake.

Then out of the thick and cluster
And whatever dangers of flight await
Newborn wings of thought emerge
And rise and rise and rise
Captured by the winds of Night -

To wander heights
To kiss the skies
To dance to the gentle humming
Of spirit drums -
Wings beating
A duet with the breeze.

So when day comes breaking through
Dawn is greeted by what was writ
At the festival of it's eve.

With merriment's ink: 
A Kiss; 
A dance; 
A song etched deep: 
Art carved out of sky.

Title: Night Poem

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The Violinist

The Violinist

He sits on the corner of a building
Four stories above the world below
Playing his violin day after day
No one knows his name
They just know that there is beautiful music 
They imagine that is coming from Heaven
Does it matter to this lonely man?
He doesn’t care for fame or money
God has graced him with the gift of music
He could be a star
He could perform with a huge orchestra
He would rather play alone above the people
He plays just to make people happy
He loves it when people dance down the street
That man
That lonely man is an artiste
Too bad no one knows who he is
But that would not make him happy

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Music for the Soul

Sit back and listen to the music
let it flood over you stirring your soul
as you listen to the oh so haunting notes
close your eyes and drift away on wings

Each note so sharp and crystal clear
what need for words as you hear
angel's wings beating up high
sails flapping aimlessly

As circling  the dying ship
The albatross sweeps the sky
Hear the whoosh as he passes
the sounds of dead souls  cry out

Ah Mr Fleetwood you inspire me
as I hear the hauntingly lovely notes
telling the story without words
just letting the notes speak for you

written 07/29/2013

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Profound silence
felt and revered,
stirring an awesome emotion,
which stillness repeals
whenever brightness shines;
and the primroses' scent spreads the delight
of the mild season.

What do the stars 
tell a lover's heart...palpitating
in tranquility, amid shadows
that advance with the pretty fireflies?
Dream, and reprieve from the loss...
hoping that love doesn't lay at rest,
but chooses to celebrate
'till after the evening, and tell romantic tales.

The invisible crickets chirp, 
somewhat awkward to the ears,
I'd rather hear the coos of the owls,
which are richer and more harmonious in sound,
but where are they in this darkness, unless
they are mating in the willows of the lake?

Our blanket is spread on the wide Sheep Meadow,
with a superb view of those Manhattan's skycrapers,
towering over us as sentinels in castle's towers.
Juliet wanted to taste this freedom,
embracing and kissing her handsome Romeo,
not fearing anyone intruding in her paradise,
unwilling to leave anytime soon;
and unruffled, she would continue to love him.  

What do the stars tell a lover's heart?
Accept the lovely rose that he offers you, and adore it,
because it has no thorns, to make you bleed in despair;
Sing with him a beautiful sonnet that Shakespeare wrote
for his lover who crossed the Atlantic ocean,
when ships took months to reach America's shore.

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Whenever Wherever

   Whenever I hear the beat of a drum, 
   Wherever I may be,
 I can’t veil this_
These radiant and ever refreshing memories

   The slightest beat of a drum
Will bring smiles all over my face
Along with ever fresh memoirs,
Soothing my heart
   With ever ringing songs and beats
Of “small London”; Dagbamate,
My most adored and lovable village

   A village of togetherness, fun and excitements 
And bits and bits of sorrows, grief and disappointments
The village of singing and drumming,
One which adores its culture
Holding it high above all others
The sounds from its drums
Can awaken your long dead prowess

   Country on its own,
Is how I see my village.
Wherever I may be,
Whenever I hear drums beat,
 I shall remember the ‘country on its own’

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Any Ideas?

Well what should I write about tonight?

Should I write about what I did today?
Should I write about my shoelaces?
Should I write about doing laundry?
Or Should I write about what I'd like for breakfast tomorrow?

Maybe I should ramble about how the school day went.
Maybe I should complain about my room being dirty.
Maybe I should name off the food in my kitchen.
Or Maybe I should just talk about my hair.

I wanna talk about what I'm learning on guitar.
I wanna speak out about my inner issues.
I wanna yell a crazy rant.
I just wanna blow off some steam.

I wish I could take a bath with a girl right now.
I wish I would've finished my homework.
I wish I could shoot ice from my finger tips
I just wish I had some soda to quench my thirst.

There are so many things I could say right now!
But I just can't seem to decide.
I'd probably get some pretty weird looks
If I told you what's all bottled up inside.

I'm everywhere and nowhere in my head
Ideas and thoughts bouncing left and right.
Too bad I can't seem to think of anything.
I was really wanting to get some feelings out tonight.

Do I need to shave in the morning?
Should I go to the music store after school?
Why didn't I grab matching socks?
What does the weekend have in store?

I wish I had something to write about.
Any Ideas?

Eh, I'll think of something tomorrow night.

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Pillowcase Symphony

Two simultaneous symphonies
Play in my head-
One completely off key
One not quite up to speed
I close my eyes and breathe
Count 1, 2, 3 and say
Let there be nothing!
And there is nothing
For precisely two seconds
Till the music creeps back
More fragmented than before.
Is sleep voluntary like dancing
Involuntary like heartbeats
Or a combination like breathing
Or blinking
Do other people have orchestras warring in their head?

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The Purest Music

    One fine day as I was traversing the green,
in the last throes of Autumns'  twilight.
I sat upon a flat stone,
overlooking a trilling brook,
to ponder the meaning of life.
As I sat ,and thought,
the soft chimes of music,
from the water spirits,
lulled me into a dream state.
Some where in  that liquid crystal,
stubborn stones are worn smooth,
by the passage of time.
Elsewhere the fluidous mercury,
rushes toward a cleft ,
a water fall.
Bringing forth melodies,
never to be reproduced ,
by mere human hands.
As my lids grow heavy,
I'm awakened by the flash of silver,
denizens ,  
silhouetted by the last rays of the setting sun..
With regret its time to leave,
as I turn to go ,
a misty rainbow is captured ,
by the fading beams of light.
I smile, at peace,
the promise ,
the sun will once again ,
eclipse the horizon.

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Soul Walkers

The walkers ... aimless and ambling,
stagger, strut and stumble toward
their solitary scenarios.
An occasional erect form jogs
the stomping sound of feet submerged
in the staccato hum > the rapid fire buzz
the blaring horns of traffic.

The colors of life appear random ...
as flashing retinal after images
on closed lids, constantly 
refreshed by rubbing.

A geometry of pretense
is etched into the forebrain of the fragile,
for all walk ... the sane, the insane
the righteous, and the negligent
the skeletal structure
correlating and communicating
the random pattern of life
to the Universal eye
from this earthen plane.

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For What's Worth Breathing

Look at me
I am the life in a wasteland

Look at me
I am the slavery through the ages

Look at me
I am the mirror of the world

Look at me
I am the illusion I’ve fought for

Look at me
I’m still loving you

and I keep being here

for you, for me,
and for what’s worth breathing

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They say I must sing
Through sunset dripping blood
And despite the broken wing
Of the bird fluttering
Where the boy had left it innocently
Sling shot wounded to die
They say I must sing
Say I must make the fourth beat
The important thing
And I want to know why should I bleat
Only after I have felt four lashes
I want to know
Because as a child the drop-pan man sold numbers
Making me know numbers had a owner
They belonged to someone
And that someone said four was the number of blood
And blood is the price of freedom
And the song is the memory of things
Things I do not want to forget
Things I file in the subconscious for a rainy day
Which must end for children to play
I love the songs we use to sing
The mento fife playing
While the folks clap
Mosquitoes and flies sapping the flesh
Parasites the flood left behind
I love the mento song
That they grow in Sunday morning digging songs
But I do not sing that rhythm now
The harmony is broken in me
For I do not know, cannot tell
Why the fourth beat intercedes my hell.

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A Date With The Night

Don't mind my disguise,
just look in my eyes,
let the air fill your lungs,
one plus one equals one,
your blood runs cold,
while the heat will scold,
like a volcano,
your fever spikes,
your temperature just right,
for a date with a night.

A little moon,
a little sin,
a little life,
ends and begins.

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Just dance

Just dance
dance to the beat of the music
let your feet take control
of every movement
no one is the room and 
I'm gliding on clouds 
be what you want to be
in the moment
just dance

you are the best, when the
passion of the music reaches
your heart and feet
just dance
when the music has taking
control of your body and
every muscle
just dance

when the music and the 
dance take over your
breath and soul
just dance

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Piano Practice

Each piano note 
Played skillfully with soothe hands 
No need for tension . . . 
It can heal the soul
The heart that's dying to ex-
Press those precious chords 
Piano Practice - 
Repairing my unstable 
Thoughts of distress...leading me to my ruins...
I have not achieved any success - drowning in my sins
I can't practice alone...
Teach me how to play elegantly 
Help me to translate my inspiration into piano compositions...
That would be genius...that would be incredible
The world needs music to repair its broken society
Piano playing is so moving and therapeutic 
Free us from solitude's captivity!
Stimulate us with mesmeric music, 
We need it so desperately! 
I refuse to be stuck in place without music, making me dance merrily!
Each piano note 
Was played pleasurably with gentle and articulate hands 
No need for tension . . . 
Don't make us feel apprehension!
Don't mention the sorrows and burdens of yesterday...
I pray...I want you to ascend this sun-shining day!
I pray that I see you spread 
Your velvet wings and fly today 
Without a trace of dread!
Get a heads start! Play those chords of bliss!
You are a waterfall of wonderfulness.... 
It can heal the can mend a broken heart as well
The heart that's dying to ex-
Press those precious chords...
Is your motivation a heaven or a hell?
Piano Practice - 
Repairing my unstable 
Thoughts of loneliness...
I can't practice alone...
Teach me how to play elegantly 
Piano Practice - 
Repairing my unstable 
Thoughts of woeful affliction and discouragement...leading me to my ruins...
I have not achieved any success - drowning in my sins
I can't practice alone...I must play a song with you
Teach me how to play elegantly and so true
Teach me how to be as talented as you . . . . 
Embrace me with affectionate passion
You don't know how you make me feel - mere satisfaction
Let me be your page-turner and take action!
I'll take action to help you play so flawlessly and wondrously - the audience is smiling and closing their eyes with gratification! ~

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Come and hear the song,
The song of the angels,
As the heavens open.
The split of the sky;
The cascading colors.
As the gates close,
Darkness falls over.
The darkness twinkles,
Twinkles with beautiful lights,
Now come hear the song,
The song of the night.
It sings out in a Capella voice.
Sway to the rhythm,
As you succumb to darkness.
The song plays on and on,
Until the morning fires blaze.

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For my days fall away
But I remember you 
I want to touch the memories
I just don’t know what to say
As my days fall away

I vaguely remember the chicken pox
Colored popcorn 
And my first grade made
Robotic cereal box
The hen and the fox

I remember wanting a fire truck one Christmas
The marble red paint
The glass window in which it stained
I remember my foster mom saying it’s this one or nothing
I remember being too stubborn to accept the smaller version

Its these memories I daunt 
It’s these reflections that constantly haunt
These were the highlights of my life
These were the only happy moments I knew
Yet I left them, moments so few

I remember where the wild things are
I remember marshmallow peanuts
Trick or treating and roasted pumpkin seeds
I remember visitation days 
The beach-less sand the way we as children once played

I remember the door that never closed
Mexican casserole and never getting enough
Being afraid to swim 
Yet finding my way to the roof of the house 
With no way of getting down

I remember my first field trip
The dinosaurs and wanting to be an astronaut
I remember my San Francisco 49ers jersey
Number eighty, jerry rice my favorite player
Now days I tend to only clash with the mayor 

It seems that images follow a window of time
And after it’s exhausted 
We summon them our memories

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Moving together
Bodies touching, without any space to breath
Feelings of desire, passion, jealousy
A story told through dancing
He sees her, wants her
She sees him wants him
They want each other
They move together, bodies touching
Feelings of desire corse through their viens
Back and Forth
To music of sexual emotions
The music becomes more intense
Their feelings of desire develop into feelings of passion
Passion for each other
Passion for the music
Passion for the dance
The music changes
So do their feelings 
Jealousy takes over
They still want to be in each others arms
But can't stand the deceit
She cheated, she betrayed him
The dance comes to an end
The jealousy took over 
He couldn't take it
She falls
The dance is over.

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Her Little Black Dress

It was perfect for any occasion, with 
the right accessories, like the traveling 
pieces Mozart carried court to court. 
No matter what style or instrument 
the reigning virtuoso favored, violin 
or piano left-hand, the master would have 
just the thing to sparkle an entertainment.

Just so. One small stone would sparkle 
at her throat, or her left hand, to favor 
the violet of her eyes. A virtuoso 
she was, a Mozart in the instrument 
of style. Perfectly right, one dress 
would carry her, court to court, as she
traveled through life on her accessories.

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Look to me I am symphony
An uninterrupted emotional tenor
Of variable nature wherein the scale
Of humanity’s opinion mill and linger

Compositions of blithe open mornings
Tempting to even the most candid spirit
Melodies that a moment of tranquility convey
Washed in the pellucid waters of divinity
These have given me a harmonic musing
Notes composing Mother Nature’s infinity
Rhythms of ecstasy from mankind's infusing
My quintessence of enduring harmonies

Yet the symphony passed to me this night
Lament in faltering the tempo of bullets
A motionless body lies before me
Oh God
The sable skies of night endure…

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The piano grumbled at his touch,
Playing fortissimo on command...
Nerves of steel snapping a string.

Ambitious to a fault, practicing the night into alarm,
Lizst spilled from the printed page
Like sour milk for a feral cat.

As he rose from the bench, music in hand,
An audible whispered relief rustled the curtains
And silence cradled the grateful room.

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You play your music
And I sit and watch
You close your eyes feeling the magic within
I see it and caress it
It's touch it light 
And I know that you are happy 
I see the care and love inside your heart
And I see that you have also hurt
You finish your song
And a tear lands on my hand
A happy tear
A tear that has known pain
Yet now is not afraid to face it again
Your music has done this to me
And I thank you
You play again

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Your Canvas Is Still

Over the mountains, and valleys, and hills,
echoes sweet music for me to hear.
Gone from my eyes, but never my heart,
some things on this earth, shall never depart.
Once your voice spoke my name,
you said, "never give up, you have much to gain."
Your canvas is still, resting somewhere,
but what you left behind, showed me you cared.
Over the mountains, and valleys, and hills,
echoes sweet music for me to hear.

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Behind these eyes

    You see my face and you see my expression but you don't know the real me that i'm 
     You don't know that behind these eyes that a little girl cries every night, you 
don't know the half so why are you desperately trying to label me with some brand that I 
would never wear.

    If you'd look a little deeper into these pearly browns you know that I am not just a 
cover you have to take time to read the book to really know me. 

     You can't just skim the back or listen to what other people say because yeah I might 
be talked about but unless you dip into the pudding you will never truly know why.

    Maybe if you looked a little deeper you'd see someone trying to keep up in a endless 

   I keep on moving but it's never any good I guess I underestimate myself or maybe I 
just need someone to give me courage.

     I see the surprised look on your face and all I can do is laugh, I bet you didn't 
think that I had so much depth, I better you never realized. 

      So even if it's not me your interested in, please let me teach you one lesson. You 
can see some much more behind the eyes of a girl than the cloud of makeup hiding her 

In a girls eyes you can see her insides, her deepest fears, her insecurities. 

Behind these eyes is the magical side, and if you can look into them first then I know 
that your confident and well worth the struggle.

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Poetry In Motion
written September 10, 2007

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From downstairs comes an overload 
of lies and suppositions
out of Washington. I shut the door
and open up a book of poems 
that chip and twitter like hard-
luck sparrows. And underneath 
that harmonic line, I tune 
in Rodrigo, who plaints guitar 
to sing of places no gentler 
by the blood that bears us, lung 
to brain and hungers. And yet, 
more beautiful than this evening’s
news, an elegy of strings.

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Musical Ownership

Plucking at the metal strings
Thumping vibration pulsing the air
Tuba all classy and dancing with bass
Suddenly silence, the palette bone bare

The voice of the infinite instrument
settles the band and elates
You're singing and smiling and lifting the sky
while the keys all turn toward you and burn, concentrate

The piano is weighted by words
and is stretched to it's lengths by your thoughts
Trills and crescendos rise up to the rafters
and are swept up by currents and caught

Softly the background emerges
All of the instruments humming in time
Flooding the stage and the audience skin
and right at this moment I know you are mine

Mine to dream dreams to and smile
Mine to tuck into my heart
A flood of vibration to linger and last
This music which touched me and tore me apart...

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Love Song

Indulge my aging ears
In your little words – 
The sweetest youth
Birthed by sound

Wrap about my desire
Your contented quilt – 
A younger heart
Not torn by sorrow

Play for me
A song forgotten – 
A sleeping tune
Awakened by your love.

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Beethoven wrote his version
in sonata-form. But tonight
the Flower Moon throws white petals
all over the hillside, making
silent music, a silver 
chord. Can I, in my reflected
moon-life, hear it full
and whole?

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Midsummer Moment

Romantic shadows of
Luminous love
Lend intense warmth
To a midsummer night as
Sensuous fragrance,
Shimmering moonlight,
Combine in nature's backdrop
While a quartet of flutes
At the water's edge
Enhances spectral mists and
Hushes soft laughter
For a moment of nocturnal tranquility.

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Remember Me

Remember me, on a sunny day
When springtime breezes soften,
Your already soft skin,
And softer heart,
One that's touched deep upon mine,
Remember the burning organ solo I played,
That stunned your ears and heart...
That pile of endless daily letters I sent you....
That look in my eyes that said what words can't.
That music I wrote for you,

Performed for you,
The meals I cooked for you,
The ears that heard your words,
The love shared,
Unselfish love
Shared sadness,
Twisted, heated bodies,
Ecstasy of the Gods,
Awaking together,

And our last farewell,
Remember me.

I will remember you.

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Folk Song of India Farmer, Clouds, Rains and Trees

A Folk Song of India My Video Song is also on You Tube Background Note: Its a story of a worried Farmer as his fields were dry because of no rains & the season of planting Rice was passing fast. His eyes were full of tears while thinking, what he would eat & earn if he fails to plant the Rice saplings without good Rains in his fields. The song conveys feelings of an Indian farmer, who often face such situations due to lack of rains. Rains felt pity & flooded his fields or his love for Trees & Nature. Folk Song of India- Farmer, Clouds, Rains and Trees The Farmer was thinking, While sitting near his fields, How, he would plant, The saplings of Dhaan ( Rice). The clouds keep coming, But fly away and vanish soon, There are hardly few trees in the forest, Who can call and attract the clouds. To tell the clouds, The miseries of the farmer, As, clouds never overlook, The wishes of their beloved trees. But the trees could not convey and tell, The tortures and pains, they have suffered, One by one they have been cut and burned, By none other than their own nursing Man. Because of this only , The clouds often do not come, And run away without showering, When they see such humans. The Farmer was thinking, While sitting near his fields, How without rains he would plant, The saplings of Dhaan ( Rice). But that old farmer, Had planted many many trees, Thinking that the clouds, Came down on the ground. The eyes of the old farmer, Were wet and restless, Tears were appearing and were, Coming out, every now and then. The clouds hovering on the fields, Saw tears in his eyes, While wiping his tears, The clouds too began to weep. Then, it began to rain all over, And the fields got flooded soon, The old farmer raised his head, And saw towards the sky. After seeing all around, The fields flooded with water, The farmer with gratitude, Again & again touched the Rain clouds. Tears started flowing from his eyes, With happiness, And the clouds again showered more rains, To wipe the tears from the eyes of the old farmer. Then the time came to plant, The saplings of Dhaan (Rice), Without forests and their darling trees, Clouds hardly showers their love drops. The Farmer was thinking, While sitting near the fields, He would again plant, Many more and more tree this time. Kanpur India 24th July 2012center> Sub in Hon of LisaCooper for her Silver Tear contest

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The rythme progresses through me
Reaching to depths unknown
Leading me to another realm
Only I have ever gone

A place of solitude
Where I can be free
For my soul is the melody
To which I shall dance alone
And the beat is my life walk
Opening the walls that have never been shown

Oh how I love to sing
Especially when I hear that old familiar
That takes me back to the day
That I could just proceed along
No cares, no worries, just me and the world
Being free...... to my song

How many memories are wrapped up within tones
That have touched our lives 
How many people can we recall
With just one sharp# climb
Or with just one flat fall

The power of our melody is our own
No one can hum it 
No one can take it
Because our life walk is our song

We can take this empowerment as high as we want
Or we can take it to the lows
No matter how we play it 
It still grows

With each and every encounter
Down our blessed path
The music follows
With our every step

So embrace your sharps and flats
Knowing that it is helping you
Through this turbulent ride
Sing it loud and don't be ashamed
For your song knows you are doing your best

Don't let the bar line tell your ending 
Keep the melody flowing
Continue your lines without cares
And when your curtain rides low
And the rythmes come to a sway
Just look at the pages before
To where you started from
And to how you have become so much more today

Keep the music alive....even with a hummm

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Generic Minds

generic minds listen to generic music
have generic thoughts that are unknowingly abusive
watch generic things talk about generic things
gee this generic *****is spreading like a disease
better get your flu shot 
thats what they said to me
a suicidal vaccine 
a subliminal killing spree
its contagious and the outrageous
thing about it is that the people are blind in an eye
that they didn't even know they had
it's sickening to watch these clueless civilians 
inside the looking glass
with nightmares of being free
without a key to their mind
for it is trapped in the frequency
in the illusion of time
bathed in our universe
killing all that refuse to see
those that admit to hypocracy
or see the message in hip hop
how cant you see
the message in the lyrics that
bring adolescents to their knees
from bullet wounds conflicting their flesh
contradicting that they're the best
but the songs keep telling them that they dont need no rest
that they dont wanna go home
that they should ride alone
with the gat as their only companion
and so the only path they choose is the one that they're told
until they grow old and hope turns to a window pane
inside a window pane, until all they feel is pain
they realize that the music itself is ashamed
so whats to look up to
when you cant even speak when you cant even walk because you look so bleak
your eyes are sunken from the tv you're infested with the dee zees
now its too late to turn around and live for your conscious
so when youre screaming oh please
close your eyes and bring your mind to life
open your eyes for the first time
and never wonder why
since the answer this entire time
has been inside
and you better find it before you die
you dont want your soul to be in a pool with all the others
a buncha brothers missing their mothers
but only seeing strangers
only feeling the haters
wishing they would have used their minds when they had them
and now its too late,
now it's time for another new born fate to grab them

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- Seductive Melody - As Captures Me -

   Icy water flowing
   from the mountain rivers
   Heard a song of the wind
   A song that touches
   Thaw the snow from the past year
   Will get the sun to glow
   Is there angels sang

   My attention drew me close
   The wind and cold - my senses are open
   The melody is grabbing it catches me
   Just standing there and looking up at the sky
   The joy and awareness - enjoy the moment
   Let go of the breath
   The wind song or angels song
   It brings peace to my inner

   Alone with the mighty mountain
   The feeling being free - a freedom without links
   Life is all about crossing boundaries
   Feel the blood freezing as mountain water in your veins
   In joy and humility
   Song of the wind - listen
   Dance with life and angels

   A-L Andresen :)
   Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

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Michael Jackson Gone Too Soon (Seventh Heaven)

“Heal The World” like in Heaven A “Thriller” many believed he was too “Bad” The King of Pops “Black or White” Seven times he cried—“The Way You Make Me Feel” Then he “Eased on Down the Road” Singing: “Earth Songs” like “Beat It,” “Leave Me Alone” Now “Ben,”—he is “Gone Too Soon!” ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ © Joseph Spence, Sr., 6/28/09 © All Rights Reserved ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ The form is 7/11/7/11/7/11/7. The total syllable count is 61. The first line has seven syllables, second eleven, third seven, fourth eleven, fifth seven, sixth eleven, and seventh seven. Rhyming is optional; however, it’s a plus. Any variation of the words “seven” or “heaven” must appear in the poem. Invented by Joseph Spence, Sr., 2007. ~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~ Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of "The Awakened One Poetics" (2009), which is published in seven different languages. He invented the Epulaeryu poetry form, which focuses on succulent cuisines and drinks. He is published in various forums, including the World Haiku Association; Poetinis Druskininku, Milwaukee Area College, Phoenix Magazine; Möbius Poetry, and Taj Mahal Review to name a few. Joseph is a Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Arkansas, USA, a college faculty, and a military veteran.

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Music and Meditation are Stairways

It' so easy to imagine that a creator would impart To all his creations a bit of himself in each heart When my soul cries out, yearning for connection to the light When words and no earthly love prove enough to console the blight Music and meditation are blessed stairways which lift me upon wings Transporting to a sacred place of worship beyond the worldly strings Where no religion, or walls of stone would affect Subliminal commune of light with light in a deeper respect ~*~
By Annalise Brigham For: Dr. Ram's "Music and Meditation" Contest

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One Love, A Tribute to Bob Marley

“One love…one heart, let’s get together and feel alright…
As it was in the beginning (one love), so shall it be in the end (one heart); give thanks and 
praise to the Lord, and I will feel alright…” Bob Marley, Prophet.

I and I, 
and together, we,
are one.

We are, but before we can be, we must realize,
that the only way TO be, is I and I – the trinity;
the I and I makes the one that was, is, and ever
shall be – 
the one yearning to be set free 
unto its brothers and sisters to its beginnings 
and endings, 
and on and on and on, and led into infinity
by its singers.

It is the one that does not seek, 
and can only be found; rediscovered 
like the greatest treasure the earth ever buried, 
and the heavens ever knew –
                                the reason for all things…

So dance as one voice; sing as two feet 
the earth with your glory; 
free the one rhythm that has been vibrating between toes 
for all of time –
dance beneath and above all things,
and sing the songs of freedom!

Rise up, rise up, rise up and dance!
Free the chains from your bound feet,
And feel the weight released –
A trinity of I and I;
One love, one heart, let’s get together
And feel alright…

I and I, 
and together, we,
are one.

*Inspired by Michele's Music to your Pen, contest and my brother in vision, the man himself, 
Mr. Bob Marley who as soon as I put him on, I'm smiling and filled with great light. :)

From ONE LOVE, by: Bob Marley

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im back

Stand back 
Here comes the hurricane
The storm is worst then a earthquake 
Ima gas planet like Jupiter & saturn
Sufficication no life just toxic gas 
Blow u to pieces 
It's so interesting 
Reachin for me is like reachin the stars in the solor system
U'll never get to me son
Think twice before u wanna try me
The size of Tyson
Gorilla in the mountin
I dominate this with out fear
I'm better then most u hear
Hate the truth 
I don't give a ****
I'm not the type to smile about *****
I'm smart I osverb the poetry,biology,philosophy,history & literature 
I mind **** so many people
It's like a video game I'm playing with my brain
I go off like I'm on speed
I'm so crazy in the brain 
I can't stay normal
I puff good green 
To keep my head good 
Most of ya wack 
Ya fake take the make up off
I'll spray u with the hose proudly 
Ima problem child 
No one can touch me
U couldn't be me if u took Notes & did research
Ya talk too much like ya was the broadcasters on the news
I'm far from the sun
But I have a heated temper
The flame I leave on the mic it can't be out out 
Call the fire department
It ain't gonna do any good
The savage poet on the loose
Taking mc's out 
Eating em out like oral sex
As long it don't stink ima eat u out the frame 
Ya like on the breakfast menu
Put u in the cementary 
U forgot I'm the grave digger
I dig graves for fun
Most of ya dig ya own graves
Talking about money cars & hoes
It's annoying 
Its having a Knat in ya ear while u sleep
Ya niggas stupid most of ya belong in special ed
The graves I dug
I show no remorse
I'll continue I'm iller then a bad cold
Cough it up u like swallowed hair
Inhale the good *****
Never the doo doo type
U style is lame u sad go to the circus 
Marry the beard lady
U envy me like the rest
I'm slick 
I can scoop a lesbian turn that ***** inside out 
Niggas hate on me I know they don't like me
Ya niggas are ugly it's like u got scraped with a fork 
Sit down 
Watch the king at his best 
I can take many sittin on the throne that's how ill I am
Take em out no competition 
Booyaka it's gettin real 
It's scary the nightmare on elm street
Coming for u in ur dreams 
**** Freddy Krueger 
I'm the true grim reaper when it come to takin souls
Take u out Ur misery 
U a kid in a growns mans world
Ur breath smells like ass & fish 
Take the mic from ya ur skills is dry 
Buy a toothbrush mouthwash and a pack of gum
I'll put u in the graveyard
Dig ur grave 
Dress u up with ur hands crossed with ur eyes open
Ain't it terrifying 
Sign my name on ur casket
Put u in the dirt put u 6ft under
Ur gone ur forgotten
Goodnight sleep in piss *****
Wack niggas wanna be down with the j
But my circle is small 
Sometimes I don't roll with em
Ya Niggas closet fags
Stay on my dick keeping my name in ya mouth why
What ya in love 
**** off i ain't into that 
Going off like I was in Vietnam fighting Vietcong 
Beating my chest like King Kong before he fought the t-Rex
I'll kill ya lawyers
U soft u wouldn't hurt a fly
U talk a good game 
U a motor mouth
****ing with me
Ima cobra ima spit venom right at u
Watch u shake screamin louder then a chick
Goons always got em on dial 
Latin kings don't get it ****ed up
I'm nasty as a mold growing in a corner in a bathroom(eww)
**** that 
Worse then a bushy pussy with a fowl smell(gasp)
What's gets worst then that
I can think of many 
My mind is like a computer 
The power is on
I'm full of energy 
I said enough I feel I'm done
Adios I'm ghost I killed it enough

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Aural Assault

Thump, thump, thump,
Like the beat of a heart,
The speakers scream and howl,
As they shake the car apart.

What are those words I hear,
They hide behind the beat,
Assaulting my aural senses,
As you pass me in the street.

Sex and drugs,
Violence and hate,
Strange themes for a song,
That you think is great.

You call this music art,
I just call it rap,
But some have the opinion,
That it’s nothing more than ...

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Bird Music

~~~~Bird Music~~~~ "in the darkness before dawn the sparrow sings his song" ~~~ as the sun begins to rise the canary greets the morning dawn. with a voice ten times his size his melody goes on and on, serenading deer and fawn. under shaded trees chickadees run to and fro chirping and at ease while hunting for their next meal ...joining the chorus with zeal. ~~~ jealous jays know no melody instead, God gave them a rare beauty
~~~ for Constance La France's 'For (Four) Beautiful Birds' contest monoku, quintain, tanka, crystalline by Francine Roberts, 26/04/2011

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A Prayer to Clouds for all My Friends

A Prayer for all my friends in America and all over the World This Prayer Poem is for all my friends of America and for all those anywhere in the world who are waiting for Rains.
I have made this Prayer Poem on My Photo Poem and this can be seen in My Photo page on World Art Foundation This Prayer Poem actually supports my Folk Song ‘Folk Song of India -Farmer, Clouds, Rains and Trees’ placed on You Tube It may be a co incident but ever since I composed and placed the above Song on You Tube the drought like conditions improved in many parts of India drastically. A Prayer to Clouds for all My Friends O Clouds full of Rains Please go to my friend's place Where ever you see the land is dry And all the fields and trees Are waiting for your showers To get wet and to kiss Your ever refreshing Rains. You bless them With your nectar like Rains So their fields too May yield grains And their forests may be blessed With your love drops To again enfold you In their sweet and loving embrace.
O Clouds full of Rains Please go to my friend's place And give them The blessings of Your Beautiful immortal Rains. Ravindra Kanpur India 15th Aug. 2012
NOTE: Draught like conditions (not very acute almost 50% less Rains this year) prevailed in India in July, but after July last it improved in August and even some parts experienced excessive Rains till 27th August. I had composed a Song around 20th July for the Indian farmers as a Folk Song and have placed it in Poetry Soup on 24th July 2012 and on my Music Channel “RavindraKK1” on You Tube as a Folk Song of India. The Song explains the reasons of fewer Rains in the simple language of a farmer telling the story of Farmer, Clouds, Trees and Rains as a Folk Song of India. Ravindra 27th Aug. 2012

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When One Sing a Song or Dance

When One Sing a Song or Dance

When one sing a Song, play a Music or Dance, or
Make a painting on a Canvas or sculpture on a rock, 
A Poem on the walls of its mind and heart,
Your soul blooms in the ecstasy of divine Music, 
Your heart feels to spread its wings,  beyond every wall.

Like the Dancing Peacock in full swings and thrills,
You began to feel like dancing, on the rhythms of your heart.

One must give a chance to its heart and soul,
To enjoy the blessings of Musical lore’s, 
The creations of an artist, or a Musician, who writes,
On the sands of time or on the walls of everyone’s heart.

As these would always remain, 
Your creations beyond time and stars and 
May always shine, like the most precious and rare gifts after God. 

Listen the Music hidden in the steps of a dance, or
Feel the brush making a painting, on your mind and heart, or 
Feel the strings of Music, making your soul to thrill and dance.

Feel these divine beauties or else, one day,
You may find, your talents were nipped in the buds,
By your own stubborn mind or heart.

Kanpur India 24th Jan. 2011

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A World Without Music

A world without music, is a life without inspiration,
music itself is inspired by every nation.
No jazz, no soul, no rock, I'd probably die,
no tunes in my ear when I travel and fly.

No sound when I drive, no euphony in quiet times,
nothing to hum or sing, no melodies of delicate chimes.
Why breakdance when there's no hip hop around,
why adidas, why freestyle, they'll be no radios about.

No music, no music, I cannot imagine -
A world without music will bring nothing but sadness -

A world without music, is a concert without felicity,
if I didn't exist, would music be missing me?
No African chants that touch my soul once heard,
no mezmorizing songs from those Kingfisher birds.

No Elvis, no Prince, no Chaka Khan or Sting,
no Miles Davis or Madonna, Tupac or Alicia Keys.
What would you dance to? There's no such thing as rhythm,
You'd be moving and moving, but with no music in it.

No music, no music, I cannot imagine -
A world without music will bring nothing but sadness -

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Waiting for new leaves

Waiting for New Leaves

I am a red flower tree,
I am waiting for my new long thin leaves,

I am waiting for my leaves,
Like a new beginning for another Spring,

The clouds are trying to console me,
The wind too is trying to soothe me, 
By its cool and refreshing blowing,
The tiny black bird, 
Will come soon again 
To swing and feast,
My red flower's sweet,
Which she eats while singing
And swinging on my trees..

The cycle of life,
Keep running like this.
Seasons come and seasons go,
They leave their impressions, 
On the sands and sky of time.

The only thing which never fails to persist,
Is the change of things and change of time,
Which always turns,
Sooner or later and never fails.

So wait for your turn of good days, 
It would come soon with my new leaves, 
And your hopes and dreams would revive,
To brighten your life,
With love, joy and music.

Kanpur India 7th Aug. 2012

This Poem was originally written by me on 17th May 2010
on the Photo of Red Flower Leaves as my Photo Poem.

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Rains Magic

Rains Magic

Please see the Photo on following URL of World Art Foundation

The dark clouds were hovering, Indicating the Rains would shower, And I was thrilled by the Magic of Nature, My soul too was in dance, In tune with the Nature. Ravindra Kanpupr India 27th July 2012
Submitted in honor of Carol Brown's 'Raindrops Falling' contest

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Electrical power 
through my body,
sending high voltage waves
to my brain,
shocking me
to my core.
The beats 
are pulse pounding.
Raw energy 
my veins.
Flashes of rhythm
like a neon sign,
out from the darkness.
Lightning strikes
of pure power,
raging into fire.
Flames amplified by octane.
Burning away my soul,
until the smoke rises.
And I am lost in it.

Written by: Kelly Deschler
October, 14, 2013
For Nette Onclaud's contest - Groove It!
Heavy Metal 

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The First Tone Poem

I chug upward
as the air
thins, the sky
blues the stars.
Then it, at the peak,
stops. Music
is not like life.
Envisioning the rhythm of time,
when the now point arrives
there is no view.
I have to tumble 
slide down
letting out 
the melody
of my breath.

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Across the bridge and through the Glen
Past Mill on right, wheel stopped again
Trees are leaning on the slope
That they stay up that is my hope
Till I am past and on my way
Past bracken brown and grass like hay
There in the distance, silver and tall
Musically cascading the waterfall
I sit on rock and watch flow
That carved its way eons ago
And watered foliage in the Glen
Powered Mill wheel, stopped again
Through some unseen broken part
Deep in the Mills great grinding heart
Still onward flows the falls emission
Tween banks of green with people fishing
Till estuary at last gives way
To open sea where fish can play
And wind the moisture can lift high
To form great rain clouds in the sky
To feed the spring, that feeds the tall
Musically cascading waterfall

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Her Minute of Fame

She walks out from the crowd,
looking at so many unknown faces.
As the sky begins to darken,
the lights brighten up the sky.

She is anticipating what is to come.
her name bounces off of the speakers,
she is ready to sing,
a tradition passed on age to age.

The crowd stands,
the flag unfurls,
and everyone begins to join in,
but she is heard above them all.

Words trail from her voice,
an echo in the background,
don't get off beat,
just one more note to breathe through.

The crowd begins to go out of control,
they anticipate the end,
she is building excitment inside her soul,
and the final word explodes from her chest.

Her heart begins to settle,
the crowd quiets down,
she has completed her minute of fame,
now the game must go on.

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A Song She Might Have Sung

Please, turn the music down And keep your voices low; There’s a new song I’m hearing now In a voice that’s soft and clear: It’s the One who’s always been with me . . . He’s walking closer now. I’ve lost all things I’ve ever owned: I cannot bring Him gifts Or sing His praises now. I have no strength to do great deeds: I stand before Him . . . empty. What does a Savior, such as mine, Need of earthly things? The whole wide universe is His. Or what great deeds Or songs from me Compare to those the angels sing? So, like a child, I lift my emptiness And bring Him only praise. I lift my soul, and wait For Him to cradle me In His eternal, loving arms. Shhhh . . . hush your voices; Keep the music down. The One who’s always been with me Is walking closer now.
(For Jan, with the beautiful singing voice, who died of ALS at an early age.)

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Intimate moments were shared – his fingers sweep her lovely neck, tickling her frets.
Releasing sweet rhythms from the depths of her maple wood heart,
her vocal cords sing the blues as they kiss the hands that unleash her voice!
Distortions of life reverberate through the land where cotton is still king.
Lucille & B.B. a lifetime affair; making love on stage, creating a voyeuristic experience. 
Educating the world on southern living; through music that transcends all generations,
his diary of songs speak his heart through notes that rain from his Gibson guitar

Every mistress’s code name - Lucille …

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In late October the reddest moon didn't change its phase,
it remained in the same spot to watch the witches' ballet;
the loud music matched the mood of the mystical night: tambourines
and flutes frantically played; sneers, jeers, giggles of the ugliest witches
mixed with the goblins' roars while they danced around a huge, hot fire.

I smelled a foul odor, the wild dogs feasted on a bloody oar,
" Leave some for us, or we'll turn you into bats! "
the hunched witch snarled with menacing eyes,
but they roared and threatened her with sharp teeth,
then Olga began to speak Latin words to cast  
a spell on them and before it worked, they fled.

Glad that they had left, she dragged the dead animal
and hung it on a long rod to roast on the sparking fire;
hungry witches continued to dance with forks and knives 
in their hands, anxiously waiting for their Halloween treat.  

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Russel Sivey's contest,
" The Ultimate Halloween Contest "
10/5/ 2012

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Barry Cowsill leaving

      A friend , a poet , a music Man , The Cowsills 
      remembering the song "hair" on the radio as a 5 yr old.
      As fate brought us together one day in New Orleans 
      Barry Cowsill  the hidden artist yet well known .

      Adoring your eyes and smile , hat , the look when you asked me ..
      "do you remember the Cowsills ? " as I then began to sing ..
     "long ,beautiful Hair,  Flaxen , waxen blacksen " Hair ! Oh daddy daddy " 
      his life and smile , his love , imagining  me for a while , yes love.

     My Friend met his fate  passionate , his Legacy , bravely refusing evacuation 
     Katrina , a storm too strong for even An artist with a guitar , my love fallen
     Remembered now by all , for his remains were found under a bridge , 
     The Oyster poor boys , The zydeco to blues , Barry,  too great for Our World .
     Remembering the Jazz festival,  memories,  torn in my mind yet left behind ,

     Barry Cowsill , when I leave this World , will you come and bring me to yours ?

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Dance culture of Malaysia

The candle dance is fascinating with  lighted candles on dishes
held in hands with bodies moving and curving to the musical wishes
Silat is another dance with martial art movements to the beat
of drums and gongs causing the dancer to feel the heat
Then the dance Datun Julud is telling a story as you elegantly glide
The most famous dance of all which is renowned worldwide
is the Lion Dance danced at the time of the Chinese New Year 
bringing good fortune and resistance to evil is perfectly clear

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Flashbacks Of The 70's

It was Life During Wartime.
People finally became Superfly,
waking up from a Teenage Lobotomy,
having spent too many years Comfortably Numb.

We had to Try and Tear The Roof Off The Sucker,
Walk On The Wild Side,
send a strong message with a Whole Lotta Love,
proving how we still had a Lust For Life-
Let The Good Times Roll,
learning how to Fly Like An Eagle
through Dreams of Changes
before it was too late!

Yes, we were Rock Steady,
hooked on Radar Love,
driving past the Hotel California
in pimped-out Low Rider's.
Taking One Toke Over The Line
of some outdoor Sweet Leaf,
brains filled with Cocaine,
watching the Smoke On The Water
rise up in the pupils of our purple haze.

Imagine if you will,
Riders On The Storm pumping fists in the air,
moving along, never standing still.
My Papa Was A Rolling Stone,
pulled an Ace Of Spades from the deck
held in the quivering paws of a Black Dog-
a Gypsy stumbling through a Bohemian Rhapsody,
always Watching The Detectives
make Trouble for the Pusher Man.

Poor Jimi died in London
before there was Anarchy In The U.K.!
But we kept him alive by trippin' on daisies,
Takin' Care Of Business,
by calming the Bridge Over Troubled Water.
It wasn't about Us & Them anymore...., we were all in this together,
fighting to Stir It Up,
Stayin' Alive
against The Robots and Evil Ways 
of too many War Pigs.

Flashbacks will show how nothing has changed!
Live by the sword, die by the sword-
when will we give peace a chance?

*Used 40 song titles of the 70's (only some of my favs!) to create this :D~

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Parting Impressions

Parting Impressions Baed on My Photo Poem which can be seen on my Twitter URL And on World Art foundation by copying and pasting following URL Parting Impressions O, Golden rays of returning Sun You are leaving your parting impressions On these lovely yellow and dark brown clouds While softly touching their lips By the aroma of your enchanting lights And saying to them a lasting Good bye. Ravindra Kanpur India 14092012

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The World Is Silent

all the big amplifiers 
are sleeping 
and the silence is resounding 
after the concert 
you would attend
is cancelled

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Gene, Gene, the Singing Machine

(in memoriam, Eugene Lawler, d. January 29, 2012, aged 83 years)

--- Note:  "The singing machine" is a not so tongue-in-cheek reference to Gene and his penchant for singing whenever and wherever he wished, as well as to his karaoke
equipment and his nickname at bars that featured karaoke nights. ---

You fancied yourself a singer,
and indeed you were.
What songs we heard from you
you had made your own,
and you gave them freely
to all who would listen
(though we were just a few
who were, at times, inattentive.)
Time and remembrance may color
the images you left behind,
and the sentimental songs
you sang (and scribed on silver disks 
for us to hear when, and if, we will)
may prod us to recall
your willful, dour demeanor
which could bloom into benevolence
or darken further in stormy sneers
at tardiness, or at perceived
maltreatment of any sort.
You were your own arbiter of behavior
who kept before you expectations
of what was appropriate, for yourself
and for us, the others of your kind.
We were few (still fewer now),
who flocked together on occasion
to celebrate, in quiet fashion,
whatever anniversary we chose --
perhaps your passing date
will become another to be marked.
And your voice, reproduced mechanically,
amplified, may remind us of our loss,
and of yours.  

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Music of Sun

The Poem is based on MY Photo Poem
posted on World Art Foundation and can be viewed on
following URL

Music of Sun

I have heard 
The Music of Sun
Accompanied by
The chattering of Birds
Which he makes
While embracing
The horizons every evening

The Music comes
When the Sun feels the touch 
Of the soft and colorful embrace
Of clouds and dust hanging in the sky
And his heart began to sing a song
On the heart's tune of every passer by.

Kanpur India 21st Oct 2012 

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C'est aussi simple qu'une phrase musicale.

He is driven by the music in his mind.
Images swirl and almost coalesce...
toujours guide par le son
insaisisable de cette musique...
I merely listen and record.
What makes the music in his head?
It leads, he follows.
I say...vous pouvez compter sur moi...
et qu'est-ce que tu faites des interets?
He smiles but only sometimes
speaks aloud to clear the air.
Le son de sa propre voix le rassurait....
mais, que se passait-il?
He almost never knows where he might be,
but almost always finds his way.....
where the music sounds the strongest.
Les enfants suivirent doucement le maitre.....
He nods again...C'est bien fait.....
alors, je vous dire au revoir....
I chance one final query....
Quand tu reviendras?
He only says.....jamais.....

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Hot Jazz

Slow drawn, steeping tea bags, in an etched glass pitcher, Lazily infuse its Oriental musk into the sun warmed brew. My ice crackles along with the thunder over the great Mississippi As the ewers’ spout releases the torrents of Southern comfort Into the tall, foggy, frost laden glass; I await my fill. A frigid sip chafes my lips and briefly deadens my longing, Only momentarily, as the turgid air, again, envelops my throat. The chills grip my spine, even in this oppressive heat. Sauntering droplets roam slowly down my bare skinned back And puddle where my hips widen at the curve of my waist. Hope is lost for those of us who float through purgatory. The weight of two centuries of sorrow hangs heavily on our skin. The burden is at its worst to bear just before autumn, When slave ships broken by storms washed up on the river. Airlessness provides no clemency for those gasping for pardon. Sorrow lies heavily in the lungs of the poor souls of August. Heat, fetid and damp, feverishly enables man’s basest passion, To be disguised as music, that wails from the saloons in the Quarter. Deep, boiling, fermented tales of sorrow are turned into song, Melodic tales spun of sorcery, savagery blue and untethered souls, Forged metals and the scat of primitive voices, break the fugue. Echoes of blasphemy wrought suffocating havoc and destruction, As hot jazz blows cool through the streets of the Ninth Ward.

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Char- Sun On the night of the charred sun a male child is born The Indians called the harvest Moon a charred sun This became the child’s name as he grew in wisdom He was not a warrior he was born to be a healer Char sun grew into a very strong spiritual man When he was small, a white man had given him a flute He told Char sun if he learned to play it, sweet music would arise All of nature’s living things would come to sit at his feet He would sneak off into the woods for hours at a time practicing One night Char sun saw the same Moon he was born under A voice began to speak to him and a fire entered him The voice told him to play your gift will lead you His fingers flew across the flute and the music was sweet Coming from the forest were the deer, squirrels, eagles and bears The rest of the tribe heard the music and began pouring into the forest Curious about where the sweet music was coming from and why Arriving upon such as seen the chief bent down and knelt on one knee The remainder of the tribe slowly dropped one by one to their knees For Char sun has become the holy man within the tribe The animals that follow him carry the spirits of our ancestors The chief stands to his feet and declares “This night Char sun Has become our holy man called by the great king of the sky The song of their tribe began to rise, paying homage to the king Our winters will be fruitful and our land will prosper cried the chief Char son was born to guide us into the holy lands Each warrior here will follow and protect him The buffalo will run and our bellies will be full Our time of famine has been broken through the gift Of Char sun Carole Cookie Arnold Constance La France’s Contest Tell His Story

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Music and Memories

When music sounds, 
all that I was I am
I give my Spirit to the flood of song

O even wings of music, bear my soul!
Bathe me in pure delight, and make me strong.

Music I heard with you 
was more than music, 
I seem to hear those songs again
waking thoughts, that have long slept
and make me smooth as balm and oil again.

My raptured spirit soars on high,
I keep such music in my brain
in faded eyes, that have long wept
a song of home, a deep celestial strain

which now I hear soaring
above my own breath,
and the round notes
flutter and tap, about the room

but the music is lost
and the words are gone;

and so the song breaks off, and I’m alone.

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Jam Session - Mondaynight Jazz Let The Music Play

The music exploded
Into a thousand heartbeats.
We glided down rainbows of  organ
Melodies, becoming drenched
In the golden light of twin 
We played on the trampolin of 
The drummer's beat.

Andy Ennis (Sax)
Mikey Fields (Sax)
Claude Liggons (Organ)
Ralph Fisher (Drums)

Let The Music Play

Allen Houser On Trumpet

Gabriel heard the note and
put his horn away,
shamed before the angels
by some earthling whose music
made Alice forget why she was
in wonderland
and the 
dance together
and that 

The Joe Clarke Trio Plus 1

Michael Smith On Drums

We gonna march
It's not marching music
We gonna march

Phil Harris on Bass

My bass man
walked a thousand miles tonight
carrying 200 people on his back,
his fingers doing the walking and
he's not even listed in the yellow pages
Every place you go!

Joe Clark

His saxophone rippling,
notes dance and scatter...
We cup them in the pockets
of our hearts,
Applaud and
send them home 

Baltimore, Maryland



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Where lies the future of music

A question was asked to me by a Yahoo Music lover, ‘where lies the future of music?’
My answer is here in the form a Poem.

Where lies the future of music?

The future of Music lies in the mind and heart of the people of this earth,

The future of Music lies in the mind and heart of the people of this earth,
So long as the Nature is there with all its beauty and charms, and
Love exists with all its loveliness of youth, joys and warmth’s, and
The longings of heart and cries for love are there and 
The agonies of life and pains capture everyone.

So long as there are chattering of birds and singing of Koyal,*and
The sound of music flows in every particle of nature,
Music will continue to enchant everyone and 
It would flourish to exist on earth forever.

So long as, we can hear the laughing of a child and 
A mother sings a lullaby for its hearts dearest smile, and 
So long as Poetry and Love would flow in our heart and soul,
Music will continue to exist in many forms and shapes,
Irrespective of languages, regions, places, instruments and songs.

However only that Music will exist, 
Which would touch and move the heart and soul of its listeners, and
Of those who cannot live without Music anymore.

In what shape it would bloom in future?
Would be decided by the new crop of listeners,
It may leave its old appearances to take a rebirth,
Like a the human soul, which is permanent and only,
Keep changing the body, as we change our old clothes,
And wears a new, when the old one is torn and exhausted.

Change and the Music are the only things permanent in this universe,
Having God's blessing the Music would exists always,
But it would keep changing
Its instruments, voices, melodies and effects.

New songs would come and new poets and singers would allure our hearts
New instruments would replace the melodies, 
Which charms to day and rule our body mind and hearts.

The only thing which is certain and permanent forever and for ever
The Music will continue to exist, until the end of civilization and earth.

Kanpur India  8th Oct 2010
*Koyal A melody singing bird of India like a nightingale

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Sleepwalk Lost

Gray zone
Hands reach out, gray zone, 
Wishing me, wishing you, far across time
To the moon, to me, to you
In cities
We linger like cattails, like honey spoons
Tasted, inhaled, drunken, wandering down
Down to the lanes, to the lanes, of our longing
We play harp strings, we play saxophone
Eyes dance among strangers, 
Come back 
To me and you, you and I, dancing away
Into star dust.

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Left behind, in the dust, of an old gravel road
is a faint trace of Marlboro and the twang of the wind
There is a sun going down, where the road never ends
leaving dust on the windshield, and smoke in the air
and the sound of the work day, thumping tires, worn thin

There's a bend in the road, where a windmill is crying
Where dozens of blackbirds,  will startle the eyes
They dapple the rain clouds, like bats out of hell
then will perch pole to pole, plucking heartstrings, as well

Headin' home where the doves fly, and bend every limb,
sittin' high in the cottonwoods, while cocking their heads...
Where a hawk circles low over fields, leveled plain
waiting for thunder to bring home the rain

She waits by the door, beneath light from the porch 
It halos her hair, like a torch that she's carried
from the day they were married, in a little white church
that has baptized a newborn, asleep in the crib

He drives an old pickup,  with a paycheck so slim
He has sweat on his brow, and grit on his chin
He is bringing home flowers, his heart and his grin
There is smoke in the horizon, from a fire within...
Not far, where the crows fly, where reason begins


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Morning Star--Vignette on music

Spirits float and glide
on the notes of the Native flute
echoing off the canyon walls
resounding through the pine scented forests
cascading over crystal falls
dulcet tones soft as a lovers caress
the melodic winds drift and sigh
as rivers flow through pristine mountains
coaxing the morning star over the horizon.

Vignette on the theme of a piece of music
inspired by: Song for the Morning Star
By: R. Carlos Nakai - Native American Flute Music
from the: Canyon Trilogy CD

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Am I missing some thing.Do I misunderstand,as a witness I stand,witnessing the folly and madness of my land. For the devilish materialistic feel of cash in their hand,they will cut the hand of their brother man.All just to conquer the materialistic land,of jewels and the delight of the upper hand.To grandstand.As a man I need to see the youth and the children prosper, on my land not to be grown and groomed by the devils deceptive hands,hugging our land with both arms and both hands.We blindly,hug him back and eat from his hand.Falling into hells quick sand,then have the audacity,to ask what happened to my land and my children,damn.Yet this is my land,but among it all I stand with a paper,pen,rum and a half burnt cigarette,in my trembling hand.Trying to understand the waste,breakage,contagious,venom spewing,disadvantageous,ways of corruption leads and impedes my land.Yet I take firm stand,trying to understand. My home is my land I contemplate the people of my land,as my mind runs through my land,my heart beats to understand the bleeding and dying of my land.Young people die for no sensible reason,body's drawn out frequently with white chalk every bloody season, because of a color they believe in, and the gangsters that survive, they survive but not breathing,because of all the material,drugs and music they believe in,thus it destroys life's true meaning.It leaves the better inner  self bleeding and dreaming for a  dosage of truth, but no that's so aloof from our youth. So there stuck with old lies and a sweet corruption that rottens their tooth.The soil that their soiled in rottens their roots and the music that they listen to obfuscates and never relates to the truth.Their future is dim,their chance is slim.The boys want to be tu pac and the girls lil kim.Everybody wants to be a actor,in a gangster film. So I just sit back and watch the show, you know,to watch and see how far they go.I watch gangsters barely survive,not even making it to the age of twenty five leaving behind a single mother to cry.I see people sell drugs just to get by and consume the same drugs just to get high,to fabricate their emotions with the feeling of a temporary high.I seen the toughest of the toughest guys, fold in a withering cold and die,as hopeless blood leaks from their inside,along with every single lie they supported to survive.My home is  Queens new York.

Sponsor	 ~ SKAT ~

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Words Are Like Music

                                  Music are like words to me..
                                   I let it engulf my thoughts
                                   Sometimes I release them
                                   Hilarious moments of joy
                                Streams out with loving touches

                                   Occationally I`ll do it solitary
                             Or share the written page with you
                                     Lonely..but never alone
                                I toss it out,casual inspiration
                               Fill the pen with that magic love
                          Shaped into something I want to share

                                   Words are like music to me
                    My thoughts,let them engulf my unwritten melody
                   It is invitable that it sometimes crash..or fades out
                          Cracks up like something never desired
                       Its how it feels when it tumbles down on me

                That feeling of reaching nirvana,when it all comes back to me
                     Gods gift to the musician,the block gets freed again
              Inspirational avalanche..snowball effect,it gets bigger by the roll
                I still hear the voice of my grumpy ol`music teacher saying:
                    "Boy,you don`have a clue about music,do ya`?!?
                        Well later my own left handed way
                It took me less than half a year to learn the guitars` code
             Ever since then,music has been my always faithful companion

March 6th 2012

Inspired by MJF`s contest.."Im more than You thought..".Unfortunately,I think I blew the number of lines allowed:-) duh.! Thought I`ld just post it anyway.It goes with the story to this write..stubborn as I am,and since "giving up" does not excist in my vocabulary..I`ve pretty much addjusted myself to do things with my right hand..:-) Nowadays,one of very few things I still can not do with my right hand is..yes,writing! I belive,being lefthanded today,is a lot easier than back in my schooldays.

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Love And Pricks

I Love the elderly so full of history I love my generation who kept me a mystery I love the children who's future, now bright for I have died for them to capture the light for i understand pain more than ever once I released it the anger got better as it went away from the people and into my music without a single reason to prove it without a reason to let Love's light in I didn't, it found me and lesser I sin God and my father both let me know it would all be okay so very long ago even tho the road would be full of pricks even back then I'd tell them you can all suck my dick. -Bj Fard

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paris by night

this morning is falling burning into a sunset an autumn decision you and I will never forget joy by day paris by night i'm there love by the hour Paris is ours evening breeds new life a moment of twilight a horizon of heavenly means I love you like life loves itself joy by day paris by night yes dear i'm there love me by the hour and paris is ours i'm down too often like a child awaiting his scars to soften hopelessly a pedestrian walking a way from traffic it could happen, indefinitely i'll take paris by day and love by night i was there long enough to love you by day and surrender by nightfall "there is joy by day if you can take paris by nightfall"

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Lilies of the Sun

Every dawn, to dream 
the world is somehow re-created. 
The impossible, under the orange. 

With fighting rays protruding
out of the sun, (the heaped unbeatable).
(Foe of the night ash). 
Turning into, (all horizons) far 

Bear yourself to the unbearably high branches- 
letting the ponds cry in sorrow 
wearing your warm diamond cloak 
causing it to magnify it’s intention

Yet, of virgin white lilies, 
If your nature; 
to reach toward the orange 
then reach with all you have 

for hours lilies, your imagination 
brightens everywhere 
calling us all to join
Lifting your burden somewhat 

All the while
The blade and shoe 
that is heavier than lead- 
ever present, eclipses your attempts 
to keep on trudging- 

Oh Lilies,
Grow, in your splendor
Turn on spiral muscle worn thin
as you pry the sky downward
Expressing your efforts

Allowing for me, time to stand 
a necessary task
If I am to continue
To expand my workfist
Wide open into the day

*****Winner of first place award******
Inspired by: The Impossible Dream by Joe Darion
Written exclusively for Michele Nold-Godleske Contest

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What There Is To Be Said of Home

Dizzied by the whirl of crowds
On sidewalks, seen through windows --
Reflected in mirrored, columned walls --
I drink, I eat, I mull and fret, I yearn,
Little lulled by homely music
Softly playing beneath sonorous
Strains of Spanish
(Beautiful tongue, not yet quite my own,
But now not strange to me --
Not wholly foreign.)
I sneak sidelong glances, I peek, I stare.
And I almost always feign indifference:
A pseudo-cosmopolitan air.
I am quiet and excessively polite,
Not yet knowing how to be rude
In this still stiff idiom.
And, I am ever intensely lonely --
Hungry for a caressing, offhand phrase,
Or only a stray familiar word, hardly heard,
Whispering all there is to say of home.

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Greatest Party Ever

You my friend are invited to the greatest party ever
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D. C.
It’s the frigging White House man. Gnarly to the max.
The Prez will be out of town speaking at some political event.
The man dearly loves to talk, he should be a TV talk show host.
All of the old gang will be there, except for Bubba and Buddy.
Bubba is in the county jail and Buddy is on the run from Johnny Law.
I’m going to barbecue some burgers and hotdogs, tasty stuff.
Wear your best running garb cuz, if the Secret Service dudes
get wind of our fest we will have to leave faster than a flash.
Get ready for some fun son, music by Boogie Blue McCool.

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She Was an Elcellent Reader

She stood to read her poem,
we waited . . .

As she began,
words she had strung together 
became the strings of the violin
the lilting notes of the flute
twang of the harp
heart throb of the cello
resonance of the drum.

The music of her words
washed over me
like the melody of rainfall
in the fragrance of spring.

I was entranced,
by the sound
of her words.

Oh, what music,
the words.

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Day Dreams

Let The Music Play On

                                              Beautiful young girl
                                          Listens to a violin playing
                              As she embraces her loving instrument,
                                   Dreams of playing in an orchestra   
               The soothing, warm, rich, clear, and relaxing sounds of the violin
                                       While in concerts discipline.  
                      The slow, dips, and peaks pitch sounds reverberate,
                       As the bow dances around the strings and filtrates
                          Playing SONG ESCALA - CHI MAI as it escapes

                                    An  image of  a couple unites, 
                                                 In her mine
                                       Listening to the violin play
                      Waltzing with the soothing sound as it assembles
                              As a floating feather touches down, 
                                            On the veranda
                             She is in her finest long flowing gown, 
                           He is in black tails, white ties and gloves,
                Under the splendor of the brightness full moon and stars.
                                    Listening to a violin playing

                          As she embraces her loving instrument
                     And dreams of the day she will be the one playing
                                                And waltz 
               Under the splendor of the full brightness of the moon and stars.
Contest: Let The Music Play On
Sponsored by: Mystic Rose 

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To the Beat of the Drum

to the beat of the drum
my head bangs up and down
like i am some rockstar.

to the beat of the drum
i slam my hands on my legs
like i am holding a drumstick.

to the beat of the drum
i thump my legs
like i am banging the bass.

to the beat of the drum
i hurt my ears
like someone’s whispering to it again.

to the beat of the drum
dum dum dum
i feel numb.

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The beat quickens here
we ride the wave
all is possible;
but after the crest
we return 
to where we started.

I have no answer
to your silence
a reply in kind
only feeds the void,
yet my words ring 

Lost in a minor cord
the beat forgotten,
we play alone, 
to an empty room.

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Wind Song, With Birds

The wind
howled ice-cold, clear-sky

and awoke the moon,
who gazed, heavy-lidded,
at the stars around her

Leaves and dust
danced sambas and pirouetted
along the desert's river,

who was shivering uncontrollably
while midnight birds
struggled to fly upstream

against the manic,
stinging, musical currents
of turbulence and wonder

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Eternal Love

MY PHOTO POEM To view the Photo Poem pleae visit World Art Foundation or use following URL In the season of Vasant (Spring) We bloom to fill every heart Not only with our smiles But with the smiles of the eternal Love. Ravindra Kanpur India 21st Feb 2012 Explainations: Vasant or Vasant Ritu ( Season) is the Sanskrit or Hindi word meaning spring Or the season of the festival of joys and pleasures, When the heart began to feel afresh Like the newly bloomed bud and swings in the air With the wind flowing filled with the aching for love.

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wanna come thank me for getting bin laden shot america

or do you want to tell the person whose first name is sang by sinead o connor
middle name is sang by fred durst
and last name is mentioned by fred durst

do you want to tell me, the person you just spent 13 years mad at
singing and dancing to my misfortune
and rubbing your happiness in my face as you exclude me from sex

do you want to tell that person whose name you plastered all over your war
that he had nothing to do with surviving it
do you want to tell that man
Troy Jeremy Nelson
who just lost everything 17 times
to start over
that he was not your allie
in whatever that was?

let me put your name alll over a war
and then wait for your enemy to show up
and ask you
what does that guy got that i don't?

everything now
you murdered my grandpa
you murdered my friends
you murdered my sex life

and you sang and danced to my misfortune to the tune of your lies
pretending i was your friend called an alibi
you didnt bother to even try to keep alive

do you want to come telll
Troy Jeremy Nelson
that your country just did that too
that thats not what happened?

Im not sure how long your going to live that lie
the thousands of people concerned and involved in that persons endless
and i mean endless nightmare
might just come tell you what has been making them cry.....

Happy Halloween tho

oh and p.s.
next time you put somebody else in the middle of your war
to play the victom of that person's nightmare
you caused
take notes to pass into the future
as to what is about to occur
to you
may be a life lesson
to history

Thank you for not caring (sarcasm)
thank you for not answering my letters (sarcasm)
thanks for going the wrong way, in the wrong direction, to do the wrong thing
that whole time i kept pointing out a drug ring blackmarket, you people didnt care 
about (sarcasm)

thanks for calling me a liar as to what has taken place in my life(sarcasm)

so whenever you are free to hand me a bunch of things with your smiling face, and 
names all over them
to make me feel better for the way you treated me
singing and dancing to the sound of getting away with murder
for the miracles youve stolen

my big brother doesn't like to dance around and play house, pretending to be 
someone hes not
in a singing competition, racing against his sense of fear
do you want to come tell the man just tortured by malpractice
with his name on your war in your music,
he had nothing to do with winning it?

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I am with You

I was in a thrill 
While watching the beauty
Of the diminishing Sun, and 
Feeling that the darkness would 
Slowly engulf everything.  

The returning birds 
Had eloped from the sky 
With their soul mates. 
The last of the fading sun beams too 
Were in a hurry 
To touch only the top of the trees.

Only I was there,
Watching and waiting  
While standing amid the flowers and trees.

The diminishing Sun,
Was trying to hide  and go away, 
Knowing that the night would slowly 
Approach without stopping and 
Would remain there,
Till the sunrays eliminates the darkness,
By its sunbeams and light next morning.

The colorful clouds in the sky,
Were hovering all around the sun
Making that evening, 
An evening of some memorable moments

In that serene quietness, I was trying to hear, 
The melodious singing of the loving birds.

To make it more enchanting,
Crickets too,
Became active to play their music, 
Watching the fast approaching night,
And no one to disturb, their mighty kingdom. 

Suddenly I felt a touch of soft cool breeze,
As if,  it was was trying to console me, 
Do not worry “I am with you”

Kanpur India 24th Jan. 2012

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At eases rest, he sits waiting,
The guitarist.
Withered arthritic hands,
Shake now.
His study gaze strains,
To read the noted page.
Thoughts drifting, pondering,
A gentler pace.
Reflections pause, amongst, 
Remembrance still waters.
Life's forgotten rambler, 
Traveling along destiny’s,
Long lost highways.
Castaways absent player, 
In limbos mindless game.
A migrant hobo, 
Leaving reality's seasonal,
Venues behind.
God's harvest lies beyond,
In glories golden fields.
No lyrics express liberation’s,
Abandonment, freedoms release,
From pains well worn shell.
Lifted above griefs, loving kindred,
Peal away regrets many veils,
Layer by layer exposing,
Destiny's beauty in misty hews. 
A new adventure begins,
On horizons, magnificent canvas,
Behold a grand expanse.
A spirit soars, following an
Everlasting light.
It is peace without expression, 
Mankind’s ultimate fulfillment,
And loves final achievement.
Celebrations joy receives salvation's, 
Lost lamb.
In hymens sacred choir he'll join in,
Playing God's gospel, angel's voices,
Are raised in praise.
Strumming at his best, 
Within divinities,
Heavenly band.
Sweet melodies song echoes, 
Beneath stars shinning light.
The music man smiles,
 I've finally come home at last.


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Music in the Air

The early sounds of the day begin to be heard, even before the sun has risen; one by one sounds are added as the great city awakens - like an orchestra beginning to warm up in anticipation of the conductor arriving. Sounds of a trash truck making its early rounds with the clanking of cans and moving of dumpsters; a bevy of people beginning to move about shuffling through the streets, honking of horns as impatient drivers try to muscle their way by... an army of people crowding the sidewalk, and marching off to work, disturbed by the sudden backfire of a truck, and deafened by the loud rap from the window of a passing car, all seem to surround us no matter where we are... it's not the noises of the street that are heard.... ......but the birth of the music in the air. No matter how many sounds that we hear bring no noise that we need fear, but rather it is a melody drifting by each adding its own distinct sound, and giving us.... music in the air. The noises of the street marry as a symphony of sound each adding to the tune that is heard; an orchestra flowing from all around, and placing music in the air. The melodies drift softly by mingled with the crash of the loudest note - each adding to the rush of a blended sound, placing music in the air. No matter where we turn or how far that we go, it's not the noises of the street that we hear.....but the music in the air.

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In the Memory of My Allen Forest

To day I am thinking
About those memorable moments 
I spent during my childhood 
Amid the natural surroundings of
A deep lake surrounded by a dense forest.
The forest was so tall, deep and green
With its fearing darkness some where and                                                 
It's alluring enchanting beauty every where
That it was difficult to resist visiting the forest 
Almost every day.

The lake was so heavenly beautiful calm and quite
Like the quietness of the sound sleep
That I use to sit for hours watching the dancing
Fishes and water plants and mosses and the setting Sun
While dipping my feet in the friendly lake water.

Oh, the pleasure of those moments
Is still alive in my mind
Like the Daffodil’s of William Wordsworth
And it often flashes in my mind 
Giving me the same pleasure and Joy
Which as a child  & Youngman I had enjoyed 
About forty years back.

In these forty years lot many things have changed
All around me, including the Lake of my Allen Forest
A thin Lake is still there, visible during rainy season
But without that clear water and the quietness of Sound
And the forest has no longer remained the same 
As it use to be about Forty years back
When it use to fill me with the joy of it’s refreshing air
And the Music of birds, falling leaves and the sound of silence.

That old lake and that lush green forest has left a deep impression 
On mind and heart giving me the blessings of solitude
And making itself immortal in the minds of those who
Had seen it in its prime beauty and greenness
I often remember the man Allen who had built his small dwelling 
Surrounded by the forest near the Lake and made this forest more
Beautiful without disturbing the natural surroundings 
To enjoy the Blessings of Nature in its fullness about hundred years back

I am thankful to God for giving my childhood an opportunity of 
Living amid the blessings of beautiful Nature - the Allen forest, the Lake
The Patther College, and the Holy River Ganges, which still flows at a 
Little distance now instead of touching the forest 
As it uses to be about forty Years back.  

Kanpur 5th Nov 09 Ravindra K Kapoor
Patther College is a Hindi Word means Sand Stone made building

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Music Beat

Music lives in our souls making us dance
Songs are words that float around the atmosphere
Uplifting, sorrowful, romantic to  various moods delight
Lifting your spirits so they can soar  a million star-lights
Or make you weep like a child in a mother's embrace
Inspirational, with a message that transcends
Tells a story but you never know how it ends
Listen and feel the beat of the music
Let it invade your heart mind and soul
Let it be free to dance where ever you go.

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my hands on the piano keys
reading my only music piece
emotions spelt in the melody
soothing me from shedded tears
one has to come and go
have to play the broken chord

yesterday was filled with fantancy
today wat a reality
i wish it wud never end
questions live me paralysed
creating some kind of symphony
answers are a mystery

a heartache i hope to bear
i wish i cud live in the sky
the sharps,the flats,the chords
the trills,the crescendos
leading to a cantata
then back to a beautiful sonata
i feel like beethoven
without them music cannot exist
without the ups and downs
the value of life doesnt exist.

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After raking hours of 24/7 toil this brain wants to spin with ole jazz’s request… 14th Road at 8 pm sprays lint upon feet much too slow for a jig of a night dance. Somehow, the breeze leaps to resurrect my wired head, as the gravel hiss of the sax purrs and pulsates, allowing some tangy vapor to restore the voice of passion and slice of lust in unbridled recklessness that thrusts upon nerve endings for an evening of choral notes bursting with alchemy. Dazzling to the beat in steel of moonlight, each velvet croon tastes a Coltrane groove as swaying hips bob to the pulse of sweet chaos. I hit the floor barefoot with raw notes climbing into my belly in the heat of brass pitch… after work, the smoky timbre rolls on and on as waxed pipe of rhythm and blues floats, much thirsty for a Friday’s raw dance. Giorgio Venetopoulos' Jazzy Contest by nette onclaud

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Queen Esther The Song

(Esther 5: 2)

(Chorus:  Part 1)

Walk In Majesty
Walk In Grace
Walk With GOD
Shining On Your Face
And You Can Walk
Thru Any Place ...

Prepare Your Steps
To Bring GOD Praise
Keep Your Stride
A Steady Pace
Walk In GOD's Ways
Thru Every Space ...

(Chorus:  Part 2)

Walk Like Queen Esther
Brave & Beautiful
Walk Like Queen Esther
Divinely Dutiful

and Every Step You Take
Please Pray
and GOD Will Guard You
On The Way

... Walk Like Queen Esther ...

Walk Like Queen Esther
In Love & Trust
Walk Like Queen Esther
and Move On
If You Must ...

and Every Step You Take
Please Pray
and GOD Will Guide You
Through Always

and Walk Like Queen Esther
Walk Like Hadassah
Walk Like Queen Esther

(Main Song)

The King Held Out To Esther
The Golden Scepter
That Was In His Hand

She Was His Queen
The Woman Who Fulfilled His Dreams
One of The Most Beautiful In All His Lands

There Was No Hesitation
In His Heart's Designation
Towards This Woman Who Stood Royal & Serene

She Held His Affection
and Did Not Suffer Rejection
As She Humbly Walked In, As His Queen

But Oh, The Interplay
of Emotions That Day
Between This Woman & Her Loving Man

When The King Held Out To Esther
His Golden Scepter
... That Was In His Hand

* * * * * * * * * * * *

so Walk Like Queen Esther
Walk Like Hadassah
Walk Like Queen Esther

( Walk-On Hadassah - Walk-On ! )

             Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/17/2013 
              by:  MoonBee Canady

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Ah went to de party by miself
 ah see a handsome fella watching mih,
like he can't take he eyes off mih,
but ah here standing in de corner
like if ah is wallpaper.

Ask mih to dance nah!
As ah listen to de
sweet music of de steel band
Great music of yesteryear
de songs ah love to hear.

Ask mih to dance nah!
While ah watch others sway
dey hips from side to side
tapping dey feet
to de melodious beat.

Ask mih to dance nah!
As ah long to be in yuh arms
feeling de warmth of yuh body
If only for one song
an ah hoping that it go be long.

Ask mih to dance nah?
Den ah will lean mih head on yuh
and ah will close mih eyes
and we wouldn't even  think about
 nobody around us.

Ask mih to dance nah
and ah will move with yuh
ah will groove with yuh
ah will follow your lead
as we mould together as one.

Ask mih to dance,
and mih answer will be
Yes, definitely yes!

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THE Sounds of Beauty

I rest my chin upon her , I caress her neck
She responds with the music of the ages
Silky hair rubs across the smoothness of her belly
Her melodious voice Heard soaring in the wind
We are one Together , creating the music of LOVE
I stroke YOU and YOUR voice sings A Cappella 
Together we are one and the Symphony continues
Strings tie the universe of mankind to the Heavens

Remember I told my music teacher I want to versify
As Strings of love, become strings of  pleasure
Dozy-do, allemande left with a Kiss on the cheek
Its Ho-down party time, with a Stradivarius 
Classical, an aria of down home Music, a Legacy 
The same instrument singing two different Songs
In quite solitude she whispers the sounds of Love
Spirits lifted, in the Melody of Togetherness

Inspired by the Contest “ Sound  Madness “ sponsored by 
Nette Onclaud : my Instrument  the “ Violin  “ (Fiddle)

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The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music

Music what a beautiful creation you are
with your wonderful sound and soft melodies
you bring so much joy and happiness to my heart
whenever I'm sad you are there to sooth me
healing my soul of its wounds and scars
I drown my sorrows in you as I listen to your voice
letting go of all the pains and aches inside me
you bring back memories from my past
that makes my heart ache with longing
for the beautiful moments to come back
my eyes would mist as tears are at bay
waiting to rain down and break free
sometimes you make me laugh and sing with you
as i listen to the other sounds you make
the happy notes that lift my spirit
making me dance and celebrate life
music whatever you are made of
be the notes you make are happy or sad
you are a gift to life
to heal the wounded hearts

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Dancing Shimmy with Jimmy

My lala mal flats is skinking like that
Shimmy, Jimmy, gimme some of that hat
We're fleshing and flexing, cheek to cheek
meshing, on do-own
Shimmy, little Jimmy will ya break a my heart?

My pushaloopa swish swash skirt
gonna twirl you, swirl you, send you out a this world
Shimmy, Jimmy, don't you walk out on me,
Lay me low, down, lay me easy as pie
Shimmy, little Jimmy, got you by the tip of my nail

Oooh, baby, snickle down by my side,
shake it up, shake it down, and well shimmy
Ah, Jimmy, we skip and twirl like a pair
Your so sply, full eye, so debonair
I flutter and flatter and take to the air.

Shimmy little Jimmy, we can dance out of here
go on for ever, sasashaying praying and snicking
faster than we care. Oooh, play it blue, play it cool
Gonna wind up around you, get you all hot,
Oooh, play it baby, shimmy and skinny and dance out of here.

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Wisdom of Heights---Climb with Me

This morning
bells toll
a trumpet sounds
but refuses to blare
it just doesn't know 
how to harm
what it takes
to infect the living 

and sound
survive sadness
out last the past
bond brothers and sisters
of sky
and water
as it loses 
to a force

some days...

this morning
it wins
because the vibration knows god
and is ONE

and though human imperfections
sit in the shadows of it's path
perfections will
and forever will

so arrogant 
we choose to destroy 
but how can we concentrate 
on methods of malcontent
when god sits at our breakfast table?
as father urges child
"get up!"
"move on!"
"stand on two feet!"
"breath child!"

he tolls the bell
as we lay on deaf ears
he loosens ties with anger 
as the path warns and wears
driving this cosmic ship 
of no loses
only tiny
arrogant setbacks

and he smiles
for he knows
what we yet
have to find...
and all is well.

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A river of consciousness-Win

Seated in this great vault of a cathedral Feeling as if people around me were meditating. There was stillness and peacefulness. The artist *Chinmoy began playing The unusual triple bamboo gourd flute. At first nothing much seemed to be happening Then my mind quieted and my heart opened a little. Began to feel something peaceful higher world His melodies simple, I knew nothing about virtuosity But somehow evoked a meditative inner quality. Ah, the silence is the nest and music is the bird All peace, all joy and all confidence inside the nest And from there the music-bird comes out And flies over this, my meditative world The seven higher worlds and seven lower worlds Each world has music of its own and a note of its own. My inner climbs up high, higher and highest And then enters into something beyond Helping me, molding me into transcendental image When I hear this soulful music An inner thrill from soles of my feet to crown of head A river flowing through me. a river of consciousness And this consciousness is all the time illumined.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 11/17/2011 Tenth Place win Contest: Any Poem Goes No.26 by Linda Mr. Chinmoy is the International Flute Player. Based on the event I attended in the year 2005 in LA.

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Askuwheteau meaning he keeps watch was a French speaking Indian who came 
from the Algonquin tribe head aching from braids he lay down his long hair and sit 
propped against a tree not far from the wigwams he lived in there he played his 
flute to soothe his tired mind watching for any signs of harm to his people he had a 
knack for spotting out shadows of other beings well before the figure came into 
focus but this particular night was calm and peaceful knowing this he played with an 
echo enticing the spirits to come and dance for this was a rare occasion where there 
need be no worry of attackers to pleage them his people not far hearing the joyous 
celebration skipped across the woods to join him song turned to feast and feast 
turned to stories being told around a new built fire feeling eased and secure no 
need for shelter they soon fell into a heavenly slumber

Contest : Tell His Story
By: Virginia Frayer

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**Inspired by the band "NightwisH" and the cover of an EP record. So many shades 
of silver created a haunting feeling that never let go of my mind. **

My eyes close and I NightwisH
Sliding into another moment and place
Condemned to my universe of charade
Illusions of you govern my repose

And you posture steadfast...gazing
Your long, silken, glacier white hair
Besets your Angelic crystallized face
Save your eyes...which are bound by onyx

Pupils shaded a dappled, arctic ocean hue
Fervent and enticing, digging into me
Lips slightly parted in pale pink persuasion
I am overwhelmed with insistent anxiety

Fusing into the surrounding snow
All things appear a silvern haunt of gray
A steel shaded tunic frames your outline
Shrouded about your featured soul...taut

Heeding wings now outspread to eternity
Nearer to me than heretofore, I ponder
Feet not impinging the Iced Earth below
The pallid blue eyes of you penetrate my heart

Striving to glance capture my breath
I cannot evade your gaze, your elegance
Embracing my crown into your depths
My vital force fills with abysmal hunger

A new day breaks, to thaw the minds frost
My snowy Angel evanesces into rainbow disguise
I suspire until the eventide envelopes the sun
The moons fire glistens into another NightwisH

© 2011 Kevin Stock

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Whitney Elizabeth Houston: Gone Too Soon

A Tribute to a beautiful Lady with a beautiful soul...

A melodious voice was her forte
With perfect range she could sing anything
From nursery rhymes to R & B love songs
She rendered each one with perfect pitch

Her voice seemed to  sparkle; as clear as a bell
Thrilling audiences in church; filling concert halls
Nurtured by her Mother who sang Gospel tunes
Always her mentor at home and on world tours

Her gift was eagerly shared with young and old
How love for her expanded our globe
This journey was not always kind to her
She was taken to places she’d never been

And the  world was saddened by the change
Fans and family prayed and she survived the fall
She came back broken; we cried and loved her anyway
Whitney Elizabeth Houston, another genius at her craft… gone too soon!!!


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The Beat of the Beat

the beat rushes
rushes through
through my body

it has 

all mushed together
forms a catchy
maybe harmony.

it disguises the 
true feeling 

and only sometimes,
that feeling
is fully exposed;

you can understand 

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Music Feeds My Spirit

I was told that as a babe, I would endlessly cry
And nearly drove my Mother out of her mind
No one knew the reason why, as I had loving care
Soon, it was discovered that music brought much relief
During early childhood, learning to play the piano 
A true delight to the nuns, who then gave me lessons- free
Later, singing with choirs at different stages of life
I was known to forego more pressing things than music
I found then as I do today, music still accentuates my moods
My spirit cliings to notes as climbing scales
That reach quite unimaginable heights
Which brings me to my feet or invite unabashed tears 

In the darkest of times when sadness reigns 
When joy is unrestrained;  or solitude embrace
Through moments of serenity and various shadings of time 
Music, like life's blood flows, brings all that I need 
There was a time in my teens, I could easily choose a favorite genre
My tastes have since broadened and I relish many more
I still listen to Luther and my heart melts to his soulful tone
And when I hear Casting Crowns, my soul craves angels' wings
Andrea Boccelli and Il Divo with their operatic pop
Bring a smorgashbord of emotions from canyons within 
'Though this is no fact, just my humble imagination,  I believe
Music is life and life is music; that neither will ever come to an end
Both will keep refining, reaching that source of perfection
God's animated creation, it seems, bears musical notes
Together, intrinsically designed to  sustain and evolve


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Berkeley Politics

The pennies from my pocket
And turn into the ash in
The cracks along some sidewalk
I have never walked on

In daylight I reflect upon the disappearance
And count on cut out fingers
All the days I spent looking for the copper bits
Sometimes when the moon in the mind
Reflects some of the darkness
I only shed light
On the depression of their absence

The reason I am looking
For these few and far pieces
Is to pay the price
Of another man’s ruined glory

To pay the hobo
Leaning on the corner streetlight
He was once the politician
Hoping for change

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The Individualism of the Soul

I adore the individualism of the artistic soul
because if it is inspired
high levels of divine information can be reached
for example:
sometimes, when I am composing in Piano
I feel like I am communicating with God
or when I am writing Poetry perhaps

Whatever the case is,
the dualism of life is not just apparent
people devote themselves to mundane goals
to reaching the approval of others
when true art burns in the heart
when death comes and things and fame don't matter
have we found, who we really are?

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flaming autumn

I hear the crackling beat of 
Castanets and fast strumming guitars 
As autumns blustery storm lifts 
Fallen red, yellow and orange leaves
Twisting and twirling them like a Gypsy girl’s skirt  
As she dances around campfire flames.

Autumn Splendor -contest by- Russell Sivey

© Brenda V Northeast – a rewrite  30/08/2012  - (first written 26/05/08)

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Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
That you’ve been made only for me,
That you’ve been made only for me,
Before this u were among the stars somewhere,
Before this u were among the stars somewhere,
You’ve been called down to earth only for me,
You’ve been called down to earth only for me,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
That these arms, these shoulders are my treasures,
That these arms, these shoulders are my treasures,
This shadow of your thick beautiful hair is only for me,
These lips and your arms r my treasures,
These lips and your arms r my treasures,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
That on the roads the music of the shahanayi is played,
That on the roads the music of the shahanayi is played,
It’s our first night and I’m lifting the veil off your face,
It’s our first night and I’m lifting the veil off your face,
You’re shrinking with shyness in my arms,
You’re shrinking with shyness in my arms,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
Like you’re going to love me just like this all your life,
That you’re eyes shall lift up and have the same look all your life,
I know u r a stranger but the same way,
I know u r a stranger but the same way,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart I get these thoughts,
Sometimes sometimes in my heart i get these thoughts….

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~ Oh, maiden of light cracks the wispy air open , wandering around viscous spaces like virgin shadow caressing the edge of sleep… and the days stretch longer, taller than guava trees dreamingly shedding laces of northeast streams when songbirds, orbits, and a pageant of flowers listen to a single humming breeze… and when all else is sprawled quiet, waterfalls marry her certain lingering star straying on mouths of gentleness past eons bound by nuptials in iridescent realms…
*O, ilaw, sa gabing malamig, wangis mo'y bituin sa langit… O, tanglaw, sa gabing tahimik, larawan mo, Neneng, nagbigay pasakit. Ay! *
Somehow ,curlicues drape a fragrant smoke leaking out a folk sky; dancing in the mirror of the mountain pool… a serenade weeps; quivering, moaning along the inland pass that someone said morning becomes electra, that learning how to hear her blossom or pearl stone unravels the very skin from which it was born is allowing time to shed her purity far beyond unknowing a water’s need to keep still: the juice spills…
**Gising at magbangon sa pagkagupiling sa pagkakatulog na lubhang mahimbing; buksan ang bintana at ako'y dungawin, nang mapagtanto mo ang tunay kong pagdaing. * *
Peeling new faces of time, shaping the width of endless rhyme in sprays of endless mystery... like so, a thousand times before and after, twilight and daybreak entwine… oh,light elusive, passing through calm eyes of young maiden’s season is love’s way of coming back to itself. ~ -------- * O, light, in the cold night; you're like a star in the sky O, light, in the quiet night, your picture, Neneng, makes one ache…. Oh! ** Awake and arise from slumber, from your sleep so deep. Open your window and look out to me So that you may understand my true lament. ~ this poem is inspired by a harana, a traditional Filipino serenade. The suitor is accompanied by his friends who back him up both vocally. At first, the woman's window is closed. The man calls out to her and if she's interested, she'll open her window. Singing harana originated during the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines.~ --------- For Debbie’s Bi-lingual Poetry by nette onclaud

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Tango Serenade

Her red dress
Flowing in the air
Like flames
It burns,
Her wide hazel eyes
Sharply looks,
Her Brown tall curls
Whenever she turns around
and makes a loud sound
with her high healed black sandals,
Her thick red lips
softly sings.

He passionately plays his violin,
His stick goes back and forth
on its strings,
His arm quickly moves,
His deep black eyes
directly stares at her;
tracing every movement
waiting every reaction.

She feels she wants more,
She can move more,
dance more,
He provides her with energy;
His eyes, his smile,
His music controles
every movement she makes,
every sound she utters.

His stick,
His magnetic force,
His creative powers
invites her to life
He is a magician!

She can dance forever,
look at his face forever,
hear his music forever,
love him forever.


He owns the world.

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To Hell and Back

It was a mere noise,
which turned into agonizing cries.
The smell of filth stained the air.
As i looked at those big doors,
a tongue of flame leaped through them, 
as terror crept unto my body.
The groans of hell hounds echoed.
Fear was almost tangible.
I was a soul destined to hell.

But in a split, the scenery metamorphosed.
A distant music turned into pleasurable laughter.
The fragrance of flowers complimented the air.
As i looked at those wide open, welcoming doors,
rain of purity sprinkled like blessings,
as sunlight warmed my soul.
The chirping of birds was playing.
Peace was almost tangible.  
I was the spirit destined to get away from hell.

Entered in PD's contest.
Ranked 3rd.

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Oh Those Blues

My blues, haunting sounds I take out on my acoustic guitar.
Spiced up melodies, finger picking out my blues my way.
Those bends, holding down a string, subtle scooping of a note,
Hitting the sweet spot on those bends, oh those bends I play.
The blues I feel deep within my bones, freeing my soul way down.
The licks mean something when they come out of my guitar.
Picking is my way to release my pain, developing my own tone.
When they come out, the only soul I have to play with is my own.
My face says it all, soulfulness, sorrow, love and the getting hurt.
Sounds of my blues come from within, deep within my heart.

Singing all the sadness,and pain, the disappointments of my life.
The experiences made me who I am. You can hear it in my voice.
I have to go deep down to the depths of my soul where sun shines,
And muck is stored deep within my gut. A sad lonely place, blues.
Expressing with music releases all my pains that needs to come out.
My face says it all, a soulful bluesy release valve, creating calm within.


For Becca Lucas's contest, "Chasing The Blues Away"

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Soft Mornings

Soft mornings quiet reflections
Every stillness magnified
Moving in the preoccupied air
As branches liquid foliage
Melts into the breathless 
Tinted luminous hues
Mirroring the eternal stillness
In the distance, across the pond
Red roofs sit atop happy homes
The watching pond reflects features 
As gentle men from another time
Painting their solitary story
Silent images captured forever
Crisp mornings their wondrous moments
Purr as cats lying still                                                                                                 Even endless time is quiet
In the stillness trees speak                                                                                      Singing the silence of a new morn.

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My first Instrument

"My First Instrument"
Bassoon baby so special to me
The first thing I really took care of 
Instrumental to my growth
I cleaned it every day 

Woodwind wonder
Of stained sycamore maple 
A glossy fine finish
For someone just beginning

Sleeping with my jazz filled fantasies
I was a double reed romantic 
Leading hit ensembles 
For the restaurant down the street

Practiced awkwardly were sheets of music
Letting out so many terrible sounds
Repulsive to even the neighbors
Cementing my ineptitude 
I had a case for a device I could not handle
It was black and lightly gilded 
For containing a cacophonous weapon
Most threatening 

But caring parents blocked their ears
With cotton balls packed inside 
While my idiotic iterations went on upstairs
For all those many months

And after some time had passed
Rejection from the band 
And looks from the neighbors
Playing I was on a musical beast of burden

When I put it all together 
A sensation of madness evolved
That no one could tell me the truth
I stunk worse than burning rubber

So I used it to get my way 
A sort of give me what I want
Asking for more desert or staying up late 
'Cause I'll play, believe me, I'll play! 

Eventually I went to my parents and told them "I quit"
They removed the cotton and responded in turn
With smiles galore and threats from the community no more
Everybody was nice to me again

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The Sound of Snow

It is winter;
The snow
Is filtering
From the clouds.

Gentle snow:
You are a sonata
Upon my ears.

You are a melody
Through stillness:

You resemble
An aged 
With a bow,
Like the wood
Of a tree
Ripened with

Your sound
Of perfection,
Is like a
Cooled with

For the ice
Covers the water
For another season:
Just like
The grass,
You so delicately

That of a blanket – 
One that
Like that of
A horse-drawn
Within the dead
Of a cold

The coach
Is gliding
Along a trail;
A trail
Of perfect ground:
It is of a million
Of the earth – 
So natural,
So steadfast.

Yet the dirt
Of this trail,
Is no longer upon
Your loving

It is a
By the wheels
Of your carriage
Like the snow
Ever falling
From the dark

For the cabin
Suspended ever so
Upon its wheels, 
A soul,
A thought,

How serene,
And beautiful
Is tonight,
Listening to the sound,
Of your sleep,
The Oh so
The gentle,
The trickling:
The sound of snow.

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Voices of Jazzy

A cozy area, not intimidating,
Its basic lights decrease the intensity.
A silence falls across the stage.
The words on paper are silent.
The poet's heart skips a beat,
Then the voices come-

In a medium alto range ivory keys play.
Soft cool jazz with elongated notes
Giving a sultry sound,
An organic-poetry begins
With a beautiful robust tone.
The earthy maturity of his words
Injecting from deep within.
He strips his emotions bare 
Of his heartbreaks, desires and fears.

Simultaneously evolution of
Poetry and jazz merge the two arts-
Rhythm and diction, a powerful jazzy sound.
Imagine the emotions within their minds.
I empathize with their tones of voice,
Leaving me spellbound.

For Giorgio Venetopouios' contest, 'Jazzy Poem'

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The Great Blasket Islands

Visits long ago 
to the Blaskets Islands,
to untouched areas 
on the Dingle peninsula
came to mind 
on this sleet winter’s eve.

The peninsula,
nestled in heather mountains.
The coastline,
tongues of lonely white sand.
waved rocks,
drenched in blue mussels
tide pools, 
alive with shrimps and periwinkles
A sea-salted life
unspoiled and free.

Only marine life remains,
but I still hear the music
our native language,
the voices of Seanchaí
the ballads, sean?s, 
Peig Sayers
who shaped our school years,
her renditions of island life
her mad pise?gs,
handed down 
from generation to generation.

Stories of
Islanders huddled together
under thatch,
open turf fires
cooking pot on a hook,
the sweet air wafting
of clay pipe tobacco
a pinch of snuff
sniffed from a silver box,
nursing a glass 
of neat Poitín, uisce beatha,
the strong smell of tweeds
and geansaí báinín.

I think of times lost,
changed forever.
Cottage ruins,
where goats roam free,
An Blascaod Mór
my history, my heritage.

Gaelic words in this poem

* Seanchaí – storytellers
Sean?s – singing without music
Peig Sayers and her mad pise?gs – A Gaelic writer who we studied in school and her mad superstitions.
Poitín, uisce beatha – very strong alcohol made from potatoes, called the water of life.
geansaí báinín – strong sheep wool sweaters usually in a cream colour with complex patterns.

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The Hidden Language of the Soul

Dance, dance as child dances before he walks. Dance in the moon light with stars in sight Dance to the smiles, in the shadows of love Dance, dance as child dances before he walks. Dance is a short cut to happiness and ecstasy Dance-a folk dance is the only universal language Dance is a relatively safe form of intoxication. Dance, dance as child dances before he walks. Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic Dance with impersonal and graceful arabesques Is nothing but a sort of gymnastic drills Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic But if one considers concentrating their minds Leading the body in the rhythm of desired emotions That which expressing the feelings of experiences. Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic Those converting the body into fluidity are To surrender it to the inspiration of the soul Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic A performing dancer is endowed with essential gifts A body beautiful, grace of line, spirit gracious Joy in the art, ability to please, unswerving Integrity, relentless ambition for abstract perfection Not mere translation from life, but it is life itself. It’s a communication between body and soul To express what is too deep to find for words It’s a poem of which each movement is a word. Dancing is nothing but dreaming with your feet! Our truest expression is in dance. Bodies never lie.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Date 1-26-14 Dr. Ram Mehta Form : Free Verse Ninth Place Win Contest: Mood Music by Sheri Freshonke Harper

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The bustle and tune of city,
Is composed by the Architects.
Eyes upward, not staring at feet,
Take in cornices, gargoyles and chimneys,
Building high notes reaching down - lifting up.
Harmonies are hummed by neighborhoods of,
Next-door musicians with whom to shoot-breeze.
Rhythm’s source is traffic of crowds,
A quarter rest on the park bench,
Crescendos in fountains and skylines,
Chords lie in store as markets implore,
Side trip timing from Clef library-museums,
Playgrounds emanate the jazz of joy,
In stadiums you hear Souza marches,
Love songs played in coffee houses,
Where I’m drinking cappuccino,
As my eyes listen and ears observe.

(c) Chaim Wilson

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Power of Your Love

To a Bride and Groom

You have the power
over my love
to make my day rain or shine
it all began the day you asked me
"to be mine" and I wrote my name
in blood, on your hearts
dotted line
the power of my love
to fuel what feeds within me
pounce on me as a tiger
humble me as a mouse
your strength envelopes me
as if standing in an unbreakable
glass house
you have the power
over my stare, as you glare
into my inner spirits soul
those who dare to try to divide
I heed them to beware
the power you have over my love
leaves me content, without a care
floating together, we share, in
true loves enchanting bliss
what started years ago, with a friendly
hug, is reincarnated within every
new days kiss

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What Is A Man


What Is “A Man”? 

   A man is:
when you sculpt a piggy bank of clay giving it the shape of a man,
notching a slot where a rib should be.
   A man is:
when you sculpt a piggy bank of clay giving it the shape of a man
to bring to the market to sell.
A man is:
when you sculpt a piggy bank of clay giving it the shape of a man
to turn the heads of children carried in their parent’s arms.

   A man is:
when you sculpt a piggy bank of clay giving it the shape of a man
to return home barely wrapped after failing to sell.
   A man is:
when you sculpt a piggy bank of clay giving it the shape of a man
to bequeath to your children to break its belly when
coins reach the throat.

   A man is:
when you sculpt a piggy bank of clay giving it the shape of a man
without being able to explain how.

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Grandpa's Fiddle

 To my grandpa's fiddle
We had a ball.
Dancing a jigg
To "Turkey In The Straw."

Then to Daddy's guitar
Threw the year's he'd play.
Country tunes from the heart.
We would sing and dance all day.

Our brother's electric strings.
With amp's turned sky hi.
Rock-n-Roll to Christian music
Always turning on our HiFi's.

My son's and nephew's
And cousin's galore!
Strum the strings to the song's
Proclaiming Love and War.

From Grandpa's Fiddle
To my Honer guitar.
We'll turn Poetry to Music
Till we all become stars.

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Sound of Colour Within the Gray Monsoon

When you hear the sound of rain
And hear the clink of its fall
The sounds dye a tone through the beautiful strings that trembled
Instantly you know you're hearing the blue

A rhythm of a sweet love song
Entitled as "The Days of Wine and Roses"
Voicing a soft pink color
In the gray afternoon drizzle

A journey that accompanies deserted steps
Which sounds like a pale purple
Did not stain the rainbow which surrounds
You still walk in a steady jazz beat 

Orange drown your fatigue
And plays the song of blues to soothe your day
Like the twilight which kept sink in horizon
You sink deeper in the beauty fusion of abstract 

Color and tone plays a role in time
Fill out the white sheet on each life
And a new day will start soon
Sound of color play the music along the monsoon

Sponsor: Monterey Sirak

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It's In Our Jeans

In beautiful and well stretched blue jeans, we walked
Accompanied by perfectly charming shirts
Smiles infect as our fingers locked and sway
Through the pavement to the dance hall
Where glimmering colorfully fragmented lights
Acknowledged our presence
And ordered the best beat of the year
As we bend to answer the call of melody
Wonderfully carved waist freezed all sights
As it gradually moves, all eyes move
I held her close and whispered
Your dress is the best
She replied "Yours is amazing"

Author: Joseph Osita
For Nette's contest:” It’s in the jeans"

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I'll Laugh Myself to Sleep

My Mind is Music, in Music's Mind-
Tunes are riddled with riddles and rhymes
My thoughts wander in wonder, dancing in silly songs
Melodies to haunt and please
(Even if they only please me)
Because I will laugh myself to sleep
(I've nothing better to do)
I'll laugh myself to sleep, just because
Just because
It's better than crying myself to sleep
And the little things that blow my Mind-
Little things that keep me from thinking...
The Wind sounds like footsteps,
Coming up the stairs
On a cold Winter's night

* I wrote this on LSD; don't know if it helped or not lol

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Syd Barrett Tribute Poem

of an fanciful mind
camouflaged to a layman's eye

a vision with an 
uptopian trance
mimicked by 
the madcap laughs

Shine on, 
Crazy Diamond

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Rockin' The 80's!

Welcome To The Jungle,
It's The End Of The World As We Know It,
everyone is Burning Down The House,
driving too many Cars;
even though I still love that Little Red Corvette.
I feel so Under Pressure,
Livin' On A Prayer
because this is what Sweet Dreams are made of....
....just need a bit of Faith.

There is still a glimmer of hope,
but you really have to Fight For Your Right,
and Believe how We're Not Gonna Take it!
It will take millions of Super Freak's
to the tell the man to Beat It!

Need to break these chains,
break through the negativity
and start Walking On Sunshine.
I will take my chances
because I Am Addicted To Love.
With Or Without You,
still feel like I Need You Tonight so badly!
I will always be Hungry Like A Wolf for you.

Sweet Child O' Mine,
What I Like About You most,
is how You Start Me Up,
You Spin Me Round
and take My Breath Away.

It Takes Two to have a White Wedding,
even if this is Tainted Love.
I felt Like A Virgin all over again,
when You Shook Me All Night Long.
Every Breath You Take,
causes me to Walk Like An Egyptian
and Ride The Lighting of Dreams.

Give Me All Your Lovin!
If You Believe In Love,
this has become Too Late For Goodbyes.
Hold me in your arms tonight,
burn me like a Blister In The Sun,
lets disappear to Where The Streets Have No Name,
and survive Against All Odds,
pushing through this new age Electric Avenue.

*I used 40 song titles from the 80's to create this. LOL! :D~

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The Violin

The sun was shining brightly
Yet it was only pleasantly warm
It shone through the windows
Chasing the gloom from the stone manse.
I left the door open as I fully entered the room       5
To let the soft breeze enter
I looked about me
The room I stood in was large
Thick rugs of varied colours graced the wood floor
Little specks of dust floated by the window             10
Set ablaze by the golden light.
All was still and silent
The gleam of silver caught my eye
I turned my head to the window
On a blue cushion rested a violin with silver strings 15
I walked slowly toward it
This is what I had been looking for!
The polished wood gleamed with brilliance
Highlighting the gold and red of the grain
I slid my finger across the smooth top                    20
Leaving a print that marred its perfection
I raised it to my shoulder
Sliding the bow across the strings
The warm, rich tones filled the room
Nearly alive in their power to speak                        25
Rising or falling at my every whim.
It felt as if it were made for me
And had been eagerly awaiting my appearance.
There came the faint sound of a young woman singing
I regretfully set the violin down                               30
And turned to the door
The voice grew steadily louder
Then it ceased.
She entered and smiled at me
"You played the violin."                                           35
"How did you konw?"
"Because I am free. I was bound by a curse, you know."
I did not, but nodded anyway
"Go ahead-- take it. It has been waiting for you."
My breath caught. Did she really mean it?                40
She whispered softly, "Go; and my peace go with you.
It has brought naught but ill to me."

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Kung alaala'y magawi, sa iyo oh Irog,
Ang ngiti sa labi'y, sariwang hamog,
Matamis, malinaw, at isang biyaya,
Ng bukang liwayway, sa damong linga.

Pumapawi sa uhaw nitong yaring puso,
Tanggal ang init ng damdaming  paso,
Sapagkat sa tuwinang, ika'y nasa isipan,
Naiibsan tong, mapait na kalungkutan.

Sapat na ang alaala mo sinta
Pumawi sa lungkot ng pagiisa
Dasal bawat araw sana’y bukas ng 
Kapiling ka….

Sapat ng isipin ka’t imaginin,
Upang matahimik isip kong napapraning,
Walang sandaling nagmukmok alam kong
Ika’y sa kin……
-***Katapusan ng Kuro

Ang tanging galak, na hihigit lamang,
Gamogamong ako'y, sa iyo madarang,
Mahagkan, mayakap, at aking madama,
Ang init ng iyong, taos pusong kalinga.

Malungkot man ang gabing di ka katabi,
Hanap man ang iyong malalambot na labi,
Hangad man ng balikat ang iyong ulunan,
Ang blankong tingin may lagi sa kawalan...

Lagi mong tatandaan....
...Sa puso't isipan lagi kang nandiyan.

***Ulitin ang Kuro

Nagpapalakas, bigay inspirasyon...
Nagpapatapang, tanggap hamon...
Gabay na liwanag, katahimikan.... magulong isipan.

Pagmamahal sa iyo ang tanging katotohanan...
Abot hangang LANGIT..Maalab.....Sukdulan!!!

**Ulitin ang kuro

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Filled with Song

My fingers brush the strings of an old guitar, hidden away in the closet in my room.
A small smile plays my lips and I close my eyes, picturing me playing that guitar.
Me singing some song on a bench in the rain.
Singing the music that makes my heartbeat pulse through my whole body.

I can sing. I know I can, I just need practice.
I laugh as I picture the look on my friends faces when I tell them this.
I smile and put the guitar away, all the while thinking of how I'd love to learn to play 
that guitar.
To go to a friends party and sing. To make them feel what I do when I ride a high 
brought on by nothing more or less than music.

Breathless, I sit on my bed, my face glowing.
I will learn. I will learn to let out the song that makes my heart fill with so much joy I 
feel like I'm going to explode.

Still smiling, I put on my favorite music and let that high take me to a higher place.

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A Tribute To Freddie Mercury

A Tribute To Freddie Mercury

What happened?
Why did God take you away?
Your music soothed so many
Brought others to tears
Yet everyone danced and sang with you
Following your fingers on the piano keys
You cast your spell over thousands
Your voice was a gift from the gods
You took the stage you were blessed
And you blessed us with your songs
We didn’t know that you were suffering
That you were dying
You kept your pain a secret so we would not worry
You knew we would mourn before your life was over
You knew we would cry and not hear your last songs
How we miss you since you left
Your band continues on
Playing the music that you made famous
It is not the same
You made the music everything that it was
You changed music from the day you sang your first note
No one will ever give what you gave
You gave you life for your fans
We knew it and we loved you for it
Your goodbye left a void that will never be filled
Four word and just for words say what we feel
They are strong words that you gave meaning to
We hear them when we see you on a video
They echo through our ears as we hear your song
God Save the Queen and God bless Freddie
He will always be royalty in our hearts

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To jazz up your poems
You got to do scat
Cause once you learn and try it
You"ll be a cool cat

With a 
Scoobie doobie doo
And a 
Milky silky soo
A bebop a debop
And a 
Speedie car stop

It doesn't mean a thing
Just give a little swing

A sop pop a doo ba
A bom bam boom

To be a
Cool Cat,

For Giorgio's Jazzy Poem Contest

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The Beat, Without Repeat

The-beat-the, the-beat-the, the-beat
Drawn into my innards so sweet.

A lifetime of heartbeats come smoldering back-
The child, the teen, the young adult
Pound, out of sync.
But together they sound so heavenly sweet.

Feet dashing down school halls;
The brush swooshes through hair in the mirror;
Sweet love burns down childhood’s stick house.
Starting with a flicker…then inferno...then fizzle.

This middle-age relic inhales the heat, while
Lost in the-beat-the, the-beat .

Crash of air, piped, piped, piped to the-beat-
Boom, rest, boom, rest, boom, there’s more;
Multi-task sensors want more, much more!

Adding to, multiplying on-
The-beat-the, the-beat-the, the-beat

An infinity of joy, without repeat.
Yes, yes, yes…..maybe?

Fire’s almost out…
And smoke has no beat

For GROOVE IT! contest on 10/22 by David Fisher  Jazz

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End of the Month Blues

I've got no money ba da da da....
Need me a Tiffany bauble
To brighten my day. Da da da da....

Can't order nothing 
My credit is over drawn Da da da da
Got three strings on my guitar and my TUNE IS FLAT

Sing with me now---Da Da Da Daaaaaa!!

I got the end of the month blues
Got no money blues
Got the gray sky blues.....Ba da da da!!!

Whistle now....

{v~v}    [*v*]   ]-g-[     ]^uu^[

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Say it ain't so Joni

Both Sides Now was
big for you,
its simple lyrics
and deep hooks
with clean bright
went straight to my

And I know every
has its covers
I even liked some of
Judy Collins did it
It helped Susan
Boyle show
she had Talent.

But your 2000
and this maymariana1
with its dirgelike
syrupy violins 
and over the top
reduce it to
elevator music.

Please excuse me
while I 
pop in my ear buds
and listen to the




Judy  Collins

Joni 2000


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In The Distant Beauty of Another Place

In The Distant Beauty of Another Place

Four strings, smooth hand oiled skin,
imbued with joy’s countless hours.
A friend to one so lonely,
a voice to her silent awakening heart
each movement a dance
in the distant beauty of another place.

Her rosined bow coaxing sweetness
from the inanimate wood and string,
subtle hands speaking of her dreams,
her fears, her desire to be free –

As free as the haunting vibrations
emanating through her being –
awakening the fervor of her love
arousing the awareness of her passion.

 Old strings embraced by young hands
renewed by love’s request,
responding to the sensuous touch
of beauty’s siren song.

Dimmed lights, hushed crowd,
four strings dance with rosined bow,
soft tears speaking through varnished wood
in the distant beauty of another place.

John G. Lawless

submitted to – Let The Music Play On – poetry contest
sponsor – Mystic Rose

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THE CRANES OF IBYCUS - From The Sibyl, by David Austin

Ibycus was on his way to a music festival when he was set upon by robbers. While dying a wave of cranes flew over. Ibycus implored the cranes to avenge him. The robbers, with their spoils attended the music festival. There were thousands in attendance. Mid way through a choir performance, a flock of cranes flew over the stadium. The robbers, recalling Ibycus' dying words, panicked and were arrested


“Look!    Look, comrade,
There, yonder flow
The cranes of Ibycus!”

Above the stadium,
In perfect row,
The cranes of Ibycus,

Above the Fury’s chorus,
In dissonance, crow,
The cranes of Ibycus!

Above the bedlam crowd
Their numbers grow,
The cranes of Ibycus!

Above the hoard of voices,
Become now low,
The cranes of Ibycus.

Above the perfect silence,
Flying slow,
The cranes of Ibycus.

Above ten thousand heads
Which lowly bow,
The cranes of Ibycus.

Beyond the tiers and fading
In the distant glow,
The cranes of Ibycus

Dave Austin
a la W.H. Auden

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In tune with my maker

In tune with my maker

The song of my heart,
The music of my soul
Will never reach another ear
I hear it in silence 
As I bond with my Maker.

Afroze Ali

This poem is for Dr. Ram's contest music and meditation.

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A KISS from a true love is SATISFACTION. CHAIN REACTION DEEP within.  GUARANTEED TO cause a need for more.  No longer a WANT  or need of FOOD OR SHELTER. ONLY THE WANT of your LOVERS CONDITIONED LIPS.




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80 families waiting to cash in on their paintings
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this candid camera screw up kissing our nightmares goodbye

Your dumb if you dont work on this
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your welcome
like a hollywood lemonaid stand for the people who made the most lemons
out of lifes lemonaid

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old LP

 As I dusted off an old jazz LP
A musical genie appeared to me
With seven notes in his hand
And a  wish for each one
So I  wished  to see some singers and bands

Then I traveled back in time 
On a C note
To hear the great jazz bands of old
My first stop was with the Count

Count Basie caressed the piano
As the saxophone turned out gold
The bass guitar was strumming away
And  I listened to Billie Holiday
As  she sang 'Blue Moon'

I then hitched a ride on a D note
And that took me to see  the Duke
As I watched him tickle the ivories
I was taken for a ride on the A train
Where I heard him play  Moon River

I left the train on an E note
To see Ella Fitzgerald sing
I did not want to depart
Until she sang "Cry you out of my heart"

Then a G note took me away
So I could hear Nina Simone play
I still had a few notes to spare
As Nina sang "My baby don't care.......

 Before I left,  I wanted to see one last show
So the B note took me to see Louie Satchmo
With his trumpet blaring
To "When the saints go marching in" 
It was a great musical affair
And  I rode home on the melodic notes
 of the great  trumpeteer 

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Will Hip-Hop Come Back?

Buried 6ft. below lays something no one will forget.
It is part of everything.
Feeding teenagers and telling them how to live.
On its way to hell.
Can it be revived? Will it come back alive?
Or will it rest and stay crucified?

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Love's Kisses And Music

Love's Kisses And Music Blending midsummer air drifting softly in the sapphire twilight clouds where the beauty of love's kisses and music is real. Erich J.Goller Copyright 9.27.10
This poems form is Poetry In Motion (PIM) 20 words, maximum,any subject,rhming optional.

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'Regardless - you are loved'

The music played so loud 
drowning her thoughts 
her tainted face the only 
testament of her battle 

grasping at straws 
just to have something to 
hold onto 
as the blissful feeling 
starts to disappear - 

I remember you used to smile
she thought, 
what happened to your happiness? 

Where did the echo of your laughter run to?

You never used to ponder, 
just enveloped every moment
What made you change? 

I never saw this coming 
that face, 
that look, 
so distraught 
would a hug do the trick? 

Or the simple message 
that no matter what, 
you are loved?

It may not be uttered every day 
but remember you are loved 
even with a tainted face -

Suddenly the music stopped 
and the refrain of 
I love you was heard... 

she turned around

and smiled 
realizing that through all her mistakes 
God still loved her…


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marking my friends on poetry soup.- the Lord helped me fight death and won.

i don't want to be just marking

time.  i died on november 20,

2008, during surgery.  i was

on a vent when i awakened 

december 2, sisters'

birthday. what made me llive

i'll never know.  i know there

are things to do on this side

of death.

i have no time for marking time.

i have a stupid bag hanging from

my side now.  i am supposed to

"get comfortable with it".  well

that was a laugh.

that was a laugh until i thought

of the people that had these

things with no hope of ever

getting away from them.

i am so lucky.  14 days i laid

on a vent, then 22 more.

i came home 3 days, 


i had
great pain in my chest...
well this is great i said,

a pulmonary emboli, 15 more

days, three days home.

then back to e.r. blood pressure

too high.  this bought me 

4 more days in e.r.

i am home now and finally 

have spent 19 days home.

i feel every pain and i feel

every time that i feel good

yes, i am never marking

time again.....there is

something about fighting

for your life and your sanity

that straightens things out.

i don't recommend it but

i wish i could let your hearts

know what i know.


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Classic Vinyl Love Poem

The radio plays their song
And two hearts beat as one
To the rhythm of a tune they call their own.
The gold and platinum vinyl spins
Creating the sound where love begins.
If only for the moment, they have won.

“Something” that George found
In the way she moves and smiles
Made him ‘believe and how’.

Millions search forever and still 
“Want To Know What Love Is”.
It took Chicago 17 tries to find “Inspiration”.

Some go to great lengths to proclaim love.
Joe showed he could “Stand A Little Rain”
For the chance to say, ”You Are So Beautiful”.

The Eagles knew that love was strong
And, if and when “Love Froze Over”,
They knew “Love Will Keep Us Alive”!

Eric used his ‘Slow Hand’ to tell Patti
She was “Wonderful Tonight”, and
Plugged back in to cry his heart to “Layla”
While Mick searched for “Satisfaction”
Knowing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

Classics hold a “Whole Lotta Love”
For listeners with open hearts,
And those unafraid to take a chance
To help a “Foxy Lady” find romance,
“With Or Without Love”.

But, I must admit “You Really Got Me”
With “Every Breath You Take”!
You knew that someone “Was Waiting For You”,
And if you become “As Cold As Ice”—
“I Don’t Care Any More”—
‘I just don’t care any more’.

“Angie” and “Maggie” both had lovers
Who had to say good bye. But it
Wasn’t because their lovers didn’t try.

Rhythm and lyrics speak to the spirit
Of “Suzie Q” as freely as the rider of the song,
With an open invitation to ride along.

‘Lace and Whiskey’ gave Alice “You and Me”
And left the rocker moving Muppets hearts.
I hear a whisper from the Beatles, “Let it Be”.

Duane stayed long enough to “Eat a Peach”
But couldn’t stay without “Melissa”.
So, Skynyrd helped his spirit float away.
“Freebird” made the guitars cry
And the crossroads let him go, they say.

The Stones turned down the volume
When we heard Mick Jagger say,
“Wild Horses” ‘couldn’t drag me away’.
How sweet does that Keith Richards play?

Ann Wilson loved her “Magic Man”
And told her mother of his ‘magic hands’.
And through it all she cried for Ann.

Sometimes it’s love at first sight
And couples dance away the night
As the Beatles, when “I Saw Her Standing There”.
And they never needed any “Help”, now let’s be fair.

Some found what they looked for using “Radar Love”
While the Guess Who ran from their “American Woman”.
Could Lady Liberty understand the hatred?
Still, she welcomes all who come.

Some lovers open “Lying Eyes” 
And can’t find love the way they try.

But Mercury was electric and stadiums loved his voice
With operatic vocals he pranced across the stage 
In his Superman wife beater and stovepipe whites.
He begged for “Somebody to Love”,
While Mary waited at home.
Still the singer danced the stage. 
And, like us all, was afraid to be alone.
For him, she was, the “Love of My Life’.

So, when you’re feeling lonely
And think your love is final,
Dig through your collection
And spin some classic vinyl.

And “bring it back, bring it back.
Bring back the love of my life”.

“And if you try sometimes
You just might find
You get what you need”.

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I'm like a lion
Tryin to be  trained
to behave in a cage, but
I wasnt born to be tame
Full of stress and rage
 Im compressed and chained
Infected with depression
beCause I cant catch a break
Lifes taste is so tart
In pain from my scars
Stained by lame luck
Stuck behind apace car
I strive to write
But all I can type is the space bar
I'm Pervaded with doubt
About to freakout
Quick Someone bail me out
I would sniff my way out
but I got this cyst on my snout
From 6 years of this drought
Im sittin with this could of pout
Stickin to me like jam from a can
like melted candy in your hand
I'M a pantree full of Spam
 A Letter without the stamp
A debtor without a plan
Like chicken on a pan without any Pam,
Damn I'm starting to get pissed
 I got to devise a plan, before I break my fist,
Punching this brick wall, I got the spit but no ball
got the wits with no squall, like a toliet with no stall
 Slippin in a pit fall, Shiz just snow balls
I want to brawl, missed last call
My Stick shift just stalled,
This lawl has no intention at stopin at all
And I'm kicking myself in the balls
like old men walking up and down the halls
so i flop, just like a dust mop
Now i got knots in my food box
The size of king kongs rocks and
Every door has been locked
I try to soar but its all for not

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My Friend, the Piano

You stand majestic, proud, glossy
Sometimes you boast graceful curves
That's when they call you Grand, or Baby Grand
To me, you're living and breathing
Full of emotion, comfort and understanding
My heart skips a beat when I see you!
When I'm in a bar, hotel or restaurant
Immediately my head and eyes are seeking you
Then I catch sight of your familiar shape
Childish excitement makes its entrance
I rush over, lift your lid and awaken you
Such love do I find in ebony and ivory!
As I begin to caress your keys
And pour out my thoughts through song
You've had the likes of Alicia Keys
And Jamie Cullen making beautiful music
Of course, you've had the pleasure of the company
Of those who play classical pieces too
Relaxing the listener into a peaceful world
Monochromic tactile, gentle touch
Sending shivers down the spine
Sedating the soul as melodic waves undulate
There's an incredible connection between you and me
I told you all about being bullied at school
I'm sorry I kicked you, my friend
It was not directed at you
But I was recalling the cruelty of the teenagers
And venting my sorrow and frustration
You let my grief spill out 
As I play songs that remind me of my beautiful husband
And you join in with me as my fingers rejoice
Over the love and grace of the Father God
You respond by the sounds that flow
From those beautifully engineered strings
It's as if you have arms consoling me
As they wrap around my shoulders
Slowing the heartbeat
Thank you for giving such harmonic pleasure
And allowing me to express my feelings
Be it joy, fear, sadness or contentment
You ARE a living, breathing creation
And I hope you'll be around for years!

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Grand Canyon Suite

^ ^ From an abyss of the darkness, I hear incantation It slowly ascends, sun awakening canyons, Windward it heralds those sleeping, to wonder.... with a visual score, that deepens with thunder, sweeping me under, to lighten the soul -at first tint of light, my own shadow leans over, to hear a sunrise- Between the chasms of a dream, comes a lark waking day as she follows the river, and the splendor unfolds Sweet sounds to exclaim, this is heaven, displayed! Grand in the sunrise, all creation, beholds! Closing my eyes, hearing trills to be awed Suite bold enchantment, from thunder and drums I will fly with the eagles, over lands of the Gods and will breathe in each movement until my tears overcome
________________________________________________________ Inspired by the Contest: Three Stanza Suite Sponsored by Sheri Fresonke Harper 4/13/14 Stanza 1: Five lines non rhyme Stanza 2: 1 line Stanza 3: 8 lines rhymed (About this poem: Please do is so worth your moment to listen !!):) ) Grand Canyon Suite: • I. Sunrise • II. Painted Desert • III. On the Trail • IV. Sunset • V. Cloudburst

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Wallace Hartley,Titanic Bandmaster

As I gather them to the first class lounge
Surely we will calm down the throng.
Of mothers in shock,fathers at a loss.
Crying wee ones encased in their arms.
Lifeboats not nearly enough I hear.
And so we play together as one.
The piano and cellos,the violins.
Kindred spirits fighting our terror.
On we play as the air becomes frozen.
Horrific screams we play beyond.
Seven band members and I.
Wallace Hartley is my name.
Please do remember me.
The bandmaster am I and these
Are the last moments of my life.
And so I instruct the band to play
One last song to say good-bye.
"Nearer My God To Thee" reverberates
Across the splintering bow as all light
From this world is extinguished at last.

By Deb Wilson
for My heart will go on and on contest
sponsored by Tracie~Indigo Dreamweaver

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Feel life's beating heart in rhythm,
 Keeping pace with infinity's grace.
Gentle wonder, swift tides flow,
 Beyond the rock of ages gospel.
 Harmonies echoing symphony,
 Spurs on.
Let it be a sounding heard,
Revelry's in the Almighty’s joy.
Taste inspirations melodic,
Savory destiny’s pleasures.
Wash mine soul, 
Beneath waves rhythmic,
Blessings choir sings, 
Harolding trumpets glory.
An everlasting flame burning,  
Eloquence somber tones guide.
Generations future, cradled, 
Within humanities,
Inner being, a shinning spark,
Illuminating imaginations,
Releasing limitless possibilities.
As musics lullabies plays,
Rapacity blues, a southern,
Comforting ensues.
Timeless lyrics dance, across, 
Musical notes.
A dreamers ballad rings out,
Softness’s palate explodes, 
In vibrancy array.
Expressionism's diversity reflects,
 Tender moments calm.


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The Power Of Music

When no one else understands
Or seems to even care
One thing that I find comforting
Is that music is always there

Just as the loneliness begins to take hold 
When your heart continues for love, to long
One thing that can heal, I’m told
That’s the power of a song

Ballads and anthems, rock and blues
Or perhaps some pop and dance
Of all the many kinds you may choose
Give music a chance

It’s quite amazing, The Power Of Music
So scream it from the rooftops for all to hear
And whisper it in loneliness, when no one is near
Wherever and whatever you are, acknowledge The Power Of Music

Let the notes soothe your heart
And the beats heal your soul
Feel your sorrows and pain restart
As it is restored to your control

Feel your feelings understood, so sing it out loud
Spill the emotions on the floor
Whether you’re all alone or in a crowd
Just know that music is the cure

Therapeutic, consoling, and never judging
Telling you “It will get better soon”
Music provides the heart the necessary budging
That’s the power of a tune

It’s quite amazing, The Power Of Music
So scream it from the rooftops for all to hear
And whisper it in loneliness, when no one is near
Wherever and whatever you are, acknowledge The Power Of Music

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Province of Surigao del Norte

Surigao del Norte,
the province of attraction and tourism,
a light and wealth of the nation before me,
seed of freewill and liberty.

The perfume of the gregarious sea breeze,
the sweet scent of the cheerful environment,
the calmness and never-ending beauty of tourism,
with daring music of my dreams,
will surely amuse the lovely guests.

Crystal water and the white sand of beaches,
exotic and strange portrayal of caves,
boundless and verdant mangroves trees,
rich soil of nickel and gold,
beauty brings endless amusement,
a place to live.

Heretofore, with gentle wind,
with tenor music of birds,
with mild waves on the lips of the shore,
a breathtaking crack of dawn,
with the embrace of morning dew,
and the entirety, racing to say,
welcome and good day!

Excerpt from the book: Whisper of Life
Read more writings of Cesar @

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The Piano Miracle

The Royal Conservatory of Music,
A beautiful statuesque building,
Windows towards nature,
A walk through the portals,
The halls long and winding,
Sounds of God's symphony,
Vocal and instrumental music classes,
Resounding, while you wait for your lesson,
A solo assignment,
Satisfying to learn to sing beautifully,
Years of learning piano as a child,
To discover my love of music through the years,
To have endured songs,
Only to discover my love of the piano as a senior,
Learning to play again on a dusty old piano,
Chosen to play for the senior teas,
The beautiful china teacups and saucers, delicious foods,
Songs of classical, church, popular and contemporary music,
Christmas songs of yesteryear,
Beautiful memories,
One day there in place of the old piano,
Stood a beautiful piano with a good sound,
The piano miracle appreciated.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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You're Somebody's Hero

I don't know a Better Name,
But ,"You're Somebody's Hero."
It's not just a game,
And it's always fair.
What are we made of?
Pearl and polished stone?
Or tar and rot?
We  are what we have yearned for.
Have we spent our time studying God,
Or the Father of lies?
Were we being polite,
Or feasting  and drinking of the fat happily?
Are We cursing God when we fall,
Or are we laughing and getting back up?
You see, when God gives us a gift,
It is appreciated by the wise,
And the other only lust and envy the gift.
So, don't tare someone down just because
You don't think that they are pretty,
And you don't think you should show some pity 
Because some people aren't just people,
But are somebody's Hero,
That have saved somebodies soul,
That have gone about saving souls. 

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Morning anthem

An annual muster   
Of black and yellow honey-eaters 
Chattering and tweeting 
Brought in the dawn this morning 
Against the backdrop 
Of a grey wet blanket sky lightly sun lit 
Heavy with the promise of rain

It was a wonderful atmospheric morning 
As I woke to the serenade of myriad sounds
It was like an orchestra at rehearsal time trying out 
All its musical instruments

A clanging cymbal in the distance was industrial banging cutting the air
And the ever-rushing cars on the wet highway
Sounded like the constant brushing sounds of a drummer scraping His drums
And like woodwind instruments piping was wood pigeons cooeeing
And the chirpy sounds of other birds were like flutes interjecting
And magpies chortling a Soprano song between an occasional dog bark
That sounded Like Maestro banging His baton to get the orchestra’s attention  

© Brenda V Northeast 28th March 2012

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The Magic is Gone Now

My father 
   died 4 years ago 
           He was a 
fine pianist
   and the music of Debussy 
        flowed from his fingers
             The music took
me on a mental 
Took me to France and Spain
   in my imagination
Debussy felt the beauty of all of nature 
    well up inside him 
  and expressed in the gorgeous sounds 
he created
    No long will I hear "Moonlight" and "The Sunken Cathedral"
   on my father's Steinway 
Every time I hear those pieces performed 
    I feel a wave of sadness
overcome me 
   Sadness combined with joy and great respect
for the magic of Debussy which I have known 
and which my late father knew how to express in sound

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The Lullaby's Kiss

I heard a scream.
Echoing, then it suddenly faded.
Within a sad dream, I stirred;
Trying to twig the insipid melody.

Rhythm changed.
A star spun the silvery knob; 
While the silver liquid drops,
Murmuring into the calm hills and valleys,
Humming, flowing into the ignorant streams.
So all there was the raindrops,
Dancing below the gold turning pale horizon;
The chant of bliss mixed with the nature.

Old and new ages hear.
All was quiet.
Listening to a sweet pitch,
Then slept in a sweet way.


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My Mind In E flat

It only takes a note to raise me from
my slumber …

A tip tappity tap of a beat.
Something street,
and I’m all ears, hands,

but most of all feet …

a melody meanders in the back
of my mind,

a simple, serene
rhythm somewhere
between love and war

is the perfect score, that brings
with it harmony.

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music box

remember when you

used to open your hand

and i would dance

in your palm

a human music box

always spinning

to your favorite song


then you would

grow tired and

close me up

only letting me dance

when you wanted

to be amused


you were always

the music in my heart

even in the darkness

of your control


i would pray to

see the light

the lid open so

i could  ballet

a smile across

your world

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My Rock And Roll

It's stone hard and wheels its self relentlessly,
Swinging from teenager to this now grown man.
Music was my foundation from that very first start,
Lead singer, drummer and band leader in year of 1966.

That sun was in my heart and my heart truly in that sun,
Songs leaping from my mouth as if they always belonged.
I've held them there and will never ever let them go,
Prisoners of a loving tempo that will eternally stay.

© Copyright 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

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Sweet and Sour Notes

Over and over, the music churned
Burning ears with strains unheard
I'd practice daily for an hour
Prodigy child to be, forever?
Most would say, oh never, never! 
First a sweet note, then a sour
Just a faint resemblance of the way
A composer's notes were meant it to be

First year students play these notes
Some play well.....some who don't
It seems that every novice child...
Builds a base from classical
Must learn, and memorize.. "Fur Elise"
Does Beethoven wince from the grave??

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My Thing

Writing is my thing. My drug of choice. My bling bling.
I fall in love with the similies and mentions of passion while wrapping my body in 
Creating complicated rhythms and making them simples as instances
Every line a differenet emphasis
Commas, explinations and periods
Sometimes rhyming and sometimes not
Stopping to puff so my thoughts can lock
Feeding hungry souls starved from starvation
Creating new creations
Making people feel the sensation as I build up to mind elevation

The quest for knowledge is not a game
Spoken movements teach about the pain
I write to ease the pain
Rhythms run deep

Deep underneath clouded visions of unspoken truth lies a message
a message...a message that should be taught accurately to the youth
About the struggle of a people that was misued
abused, refused, confused, raped, beaten down
portrayed as clowns, coons, niggers, fools
Modern day niggas and goons
Wake up!! Did you hear the news?
You are responsible for you!
Imagine how it would be tho
If we were uninterrupted and brought overseas yo
Uprooted from a line of royalty kings and queens
Africa unite is all we'd sing
Rhythms run deeper into the seams of my being

I write to ease the pain of the oppressed
I write to celebrate their success
I write to educate the rest
The message..The message..The message is very clear
No time time to waste
The time is NOW
It's here!

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Resting upon my lap 
Your thick body 
Sits perfectly upon my knee 
My left hand 
Gripping your neck gingerly 
Delicately in my palm 
Beautifully dark 
Is your fret board 
Polished to reflection 
Ivory colored 
Are your machine heads 
Which twist smoothly 
Giving guidance 
Direct your inlays 
Whispering hints 
So defined 
Is your cherry back 
Resting on my breasts 
How your strings hum 
Echoing through 
My caressed fingers 
Each note 
Melodious to my heart 
Graceful til the end 
Oh the glory 
That is felt 
Each second 
Your beautiful voice 
My talent strums 
My wondrous guitar.

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fly me to belgium

fly me to belgium 
for i want to meet the queen
and get a glimpse of 
the man who is the reigning king

fly me  to belgium 
for the festivals and things
i'd run with the hip
and ageless in the cool streets

fly me to belgium
for i want to  see dinant
hear those saxophones
and get lost in all that jazz

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Our Lullaby

Sing me to sleep
Sing me what was once out lullaby.

The only words spoken were
I love you, and sleep sweet my angel.

The only music was the sounds of
our shallow breaths
the rustling of the sheets
the bustling of the curtians in the wind
the neighbors chimes in the breeze
and the gentle chirps as the birds take their last bows.

And one sound could only be described as angelic
the highest note in this nocturnal symphony
the sound of two lovestruck lips meeting for their last kiss till dawn.

And once we drift away it does not end
the gentle rythm of the dishwasher
and the steady whir of the fan
still work to create that place in slumber
where you and I can remain together
or at least in until daylight breaks.

You always told me we never had a lullaby
you said I dont know the words
I said the only thing you have to do is lay beside me and listen.

You thought we never had a lullaby
but now you know better
we had had the best lullaby there is

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Synthesizer moods

Synthesizer moods
Beautiful dreamy sounds
Playing my Roland's
Korg's or Moog's.

The sheer power under my finger tips
I'm on control the master of my ship
Sometimes the sheer emotion
Sometimes I turn the lights down low
And realiy on the numerous little lights that glow
I enter another world only I know
A secret place
Through my music my emotions flow
I create sounds no one has ever heard
\And my hear sings as happy as a bird.

Peter Dome. copyright. 2014. April.

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The Hardest Thing

Last night we had a quarrel
We went to bed so mad
Each had to get up early
The morning was quite sad
I never meant to say that
I know you didn’t, too
With hopes to reconcile
Just know that I love you

Yeah darling…
It couldn’t be more true

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

Each morning when we go to work
A piece of me, it goes with you
I cannot wait to get back home
To do those things we do

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

I hope tonight we’re civil
We listen and we learn
Together, we’ll get past this
Each others trust, we’ll earn
So, then we can retire
To the bedroom that we share
Lie within each others arms
And show how much we care

Yeah darling…
It couldn’t be more true

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

Each morning when we go to work
A piece of me, it goes with you
I cannot wait to get back home
To do those things we do

That’s why 
Leaving you
Is the hardest thing to do

And when my work’s over
I will come back to you

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Reed of Dawn Time

Caress my weary soul
with threads of muted sound
meander through the meadow grass
ring from the barren branch of ancient time
shriek, shrill, trill with the murder of crows
or the jock-stepped lock of mocking bird
and native drummers, lick the wind~
extend the pointed poignant tip of tongue
to pursed lips and fleet fingers

Caress my weary soul
with threads of morning light
ray born effervescence of reed of dawn
reborn with each heart whose life is formed
trill through the caverns, the canyons of time
each depressed fingertip mutes
all…all that sublime~

Poet: D Guzzi
Instrument Flute

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Nature's Improv

So placid, its harmonious fluidity;
it seems almost still in the morning haze,
but an eddy near the shoreline  
betrays its movement.
Leaves glance and lazily spin
until their pace quickens
as the stream rolls like a silk blouse
over smooth stones.
Around the bend
a more busy visage marks its pace
as it washes a branch from the shore
and tosses it in a cascade of white
where the mist is caught in spectrums of light.
Away from the falls the same fickle flow
once again lazily slips into a sleepy pond
where the haze from a distant campfire
drifts low.

Craig Cornish, October 9, 2013
For Nette Onclaud's Groove It Contest
Genre - Jazz

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Somber Song

Whilst sitting at her piano,
A tune it just came out,
It was so full of sadness,
We all had so much doubt.

Lydia was her name,
She was on the way to fame,
Her music was a special gift,
And gave us such a lift.

The townsfolk they all gathered around,
To greet this girl they'd found,
And she became an idol,
In this little country town.

One day whilst they were walking,
The lane was deep in snow,
The townsfolk came across this girl,
It's the way she wanted to go.

So now when they hear a piano,
Their thoughts all turn to her,
And so this Somber Story,
Still causes their heart to stir.

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With tears that fall

“You may say that I’m a dreamer”,
With such presumption in my youth
Beyond school age, yet hardly saged
I hoped to use my wits to change the world…
I dreamed I would…I dreamed I could…

I declared to fight, what seemed so right
With eager zeal, I leaned so hard against the wind
The breeze just caught my spouted words
And tossed them where it would

I feared my crystal world would splinter
Would shatter without my spin... 
"Never knowing who to cling to, 
                     when the rain set in”

But that was then…
So naively in my eagerness
I hoped to see a world at peace
Hoping my dreams would come alive
From thoughts I shaped on winsome days
Imagining, ….if you please  …"It doesn't have to be that way!"
But now with logic’s eyes, I do recall, and tears well up....and fall
                                                                   my tears well up ....and fall....

How changeless is a planet
Glimmering in search of answers
And still not wringing answers from the slightest sound
And words I held, with vigorous shape 
And hopes expressed, my look for guidance…
Are uttered now, by younger voices…
“I’m dreamin’ again, like I’ve always done, and way down low, I know”…

                                                                  my tears well up.....and fall.....

“My words like silent raindrops fell, 
                    and echoed in the wells of silence”

                                                                  my tears well up......and fall.....


Inspired by Tracie's Contest: "Sing A Song"
Lyrics From  John Lenno--“Imagine”
                    Elton John--“Candle in the Wind”
                    Jim Croce--“It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way”
                    Norah Jones--“The Prettiest Thing”
                    Simon and Garfunkle-- “Sound of Silence”

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Glitter World

Glitter World
I see the world as my pearl
My place to take a whirl
And twirl around like a sexy girl
A place where there is little turmoil
My world is place
Where all flags can
Freely unfurl
Where a boy’s hair can curl
Everything’s glitter in my little world.

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one day working
the frets
i discovered the song

and I played
it over and over
hoping she would

hear it in her distant
land where she
had sea and beach

long bush tracks
and a bike for
the lake’s perimeter

i dream that she
will hear it
still on an evening

sky and a darkly
hidden verandah
breathing my fingers’

lilting on my buzzing
sunburst axe  and
love’s discordant harmony

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the Sunny Day Blues Man

living for the moment
ended life as we knew it 
but i'm just doing whatever
kind of hoping 
for some entertainment 
along the way

a day in the life 
of the sunny day blues man
hands down 
this is the best i ever was
the best i'll ever be
don't you agree

the sunny day blues man
isn't it funny the way news slants
the return of the sunny day blues man
just be happy with what you choose man
Never a better option than a given hand
thank god for the sunny day blues man

hope isn't a measure 
it's just tested time
a clamp of suspense 
when the moments array
an echo of needs 
to balance out 
the ways things seem
is the best you and I 
will ever be
don't you agree

the sunny day blues man
isn't it funny the way news slants
the return of the sunny day blues man
just be happy with what you choose man
Never a better option than a given hand
thank god for the sunny day blues man

at times life seems to cycles 
signals of distress
vanity and cupcakes 
i know, it's a brute mess
but along with the irony 
comes pancakes 
yes, the madness seems to iron me
yet i am still here

the eyes a thinker
life of a fighter
hands of a lighter weight 
when smiles reflected a pinch of hurting
because in punishment
the sunlight just couldn't outreach the curtains
though we take the steps alike
we trespass the worries to vaguely
but it was times like these that made me 
and it's the best i'll ever be

"the things we accept in steps of courage"

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Living in A Glass House


The volume of a certain something

does not by any means determine its levity over any given situation

or its brevity by relation

Once you strike a chord,

It's moment of breath

Shatters through it's glass-painted interstellar conquest

Where the fine line between an arrow and a target success

is evident in the lack of evidence

Which provides you, the Reader, better access to the verity in absence

You're an ancient old trick

but if I am watching, you'll have no where to rest your well-traveled head

But in my seductive grin

I am too an old trick

But I stand closest to the cauldron

Stirring green the ocean

To make way for that final moment

When the flame burns cold in the winter frozen solstice;

The waves come crashing to the coasts

Coming for my broken souls

With a gleaming smile for all their sorrows

Taking off into tomorrow

With a calmed, relieved breath

Reliving the scenes on an endless landscape

Now, in compassionate presence

Because after all,

Can't have nothing without 'how'

How: being everything that has ever been conceived of.

So, what have You left out?

You've become ignorant of your own shining features

Forgotten feathers from a bow

Lost your inner voice in the mirror glow

All along Zephyr without, you've lived as a pestilence to others and yourself...

And now, its time for show

Up close and personal

Bath in all the choices ever dreamed of; and burn with a rosy glow

Opened-close a shut case

Without remorse or concern or thirst,

Because all this, will soon be Unearthed

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His piano is not played often
as yesterday was, and when it does, the happy sound of Yamaha
lets him enter a fascinating world made up of time clefs, of notes
and chords that imagination 
creates on instant thought...
while he contemplates Nature!

If his body is old, his spirit is young
and it can go on until those weary fingers
won't or can't play anymore;
and doesn't desire palpitate in his anxious heart...
leading it where it wants to go as an eagle soaring
past the hills of a radiant sunrise?

On February the sixth, another year will be added
to the calendar of that man engulfed by loneliness,
but he despairs not when he plays his piano
that soothes his pain, comforting him with hope,
allowing his senses to invigorate as morning 
greets the happy sound of Yamaha! 

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For A Virtouso

One time in my life, Just your words had touched my heart; When ideas you've shared were sincere, Old and new folks, you made them aware; When you said, You have to be inspired And your dreams will finally be fulfilled. From that time on, You'd began touching my heart; Every time I hear you striking the right keys, Once again, you are making me alive, Your magical fingers Had truly made me again feel Being cradled with a very tender loving care.
Note: My passion of music (piano/organ) has inspired me to write this short poem. I admire virtouso pianists.

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Symphony Storm

A storm begins the performance 
Ominous clouds 
Prepare the stage 
Lighting streaks the sky 
Setting the ambiance 
Each small drop 
Begins a new note 
Wind blows the trees 
Like strings in an orchestra 
Frogs voice 
A choir to the show 
Thunder clashing 
As the background percussion 
As the sun breaks 
The tempo slows 
With clearing skies 
The performers take their bows 
And nature's awe-struck audience 
Will return again 

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Unemployed and destitute in Baton Rouge
Intending to steal an illegal ride on a train
Feeling tired from too much drink
Bobby sexually allured a truck driver to stop
He took us to New Orleans in the rain
I withdrew my harmonica from my filthy scarf
And played  some chords while Bobby sang
For the entire duration of the journey

We lived like hobos from coast to coast
As close croneys and illicit lovers
But she decided  (wisely)
To abandon  me at Salinas
And try for a more meaningful life
I would (foolishly) exchange my entire future
To return to that past hand-to-mouth existence
And especially the illicit sex with her

Freedom simply means all is lost
“Nothing” itself is valueless, therefore free
Feeling good was an easy  option, and that
Seemed sufficient to us both then 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Just a fun piece, written by  a devoted fan of 
Kristofferson,  writer  of many great songs.  
I have tried to paraphrase the story as closely as possible.

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A Letter Of Complaint

To whom it may concern

This is a letter of complaint
See I was told I could be whatever I want
Without any trials or restraint, 
But why do I feel so deceived
When the world says that I'm free
And so I dress to my liking
Only to find eyes glued to me?

And when the words escape me
It's as though I've killed a man
When its about sex, drugs or violence
That's when society gives a damn
But other times they are blind
And cannot even see my fiction
Each stroke of my brush is a painting
To show them my own depiction

And why do I need to be labelled
By my beliefs, background or race
Can't I just be a human
Without any trace of debase?

See I just want to be free

Free from their expectations
Free from their ideals
Free from the image
of myself in their minds
Free to express what I conceal

How can I dance, 
with this grip around arm
And when I begin to fall in love 
Off goes that same alarm

Why is it such a struggle 
To expand this rigid fissure 
Do they want me to drop my brush
So that they can complete my picture?

Yours ever so faithfully,

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Finger kissed ivory

Ignited within sound
A caressing hymn
Gingerly whispered
Delicately tasted

Fluid in movement
A perfect imprint
Intricately dancing
Sweetly forming

Burning in passion
A melodious familiar
Innocently calling
Cleverly convincing 

Flooding in truth
An overpowering realization
Comfortably revealing
Soulfully consuming

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The Symphony heart

The Symphony heart

like the cool dews 
dripping from the edge of the leaves
the symphony of heart
under the romantic aura
plays its exquisite tones

befriended dawn 
its intimate companion
a diaphanous places for its splendor 
and embrace with its passionate beauty

and while 
the darkness night
humming in its deepest silence

the symphony of heart 
embellish and 
overwhelm me 
with elegiac mind

~(c) Sukmawati Komala~
Dec 2013

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Premium Sound

Color in a wave of music
built into your control, 
realistic adjustments, 
uninterpreted for hours 
on end, no wires. You, a
complicated computer
controlling the play up 
the fields.
Finding love, losing love
obsessiveness so fully
engaged no insurance, 
no expectations
only bills for real life.

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Suffering inside myself

Rain falling, pounding on the roof
Trapping me indoors 
Blotting out the sun
Parroting my mood perfectly
I play music but no song is loud enough
To distract from the thoughts in my head,
I can still hear my inner voice
Speaking the truths I try to hide from
The music can’t end the torment I’m putting myself through
Sometimes the lyrics only highlight memories I try not to revisit
What used to be a sojourn from my life, an escape, is fueling my pain

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Evening Music of Nature

Evening Music of Nature

I was in a thrill, 
While watching the beauty, 
Of diminishing Sun, 
And feeling that the darkness is 
Slowly engulfing us.  

The returning birds have eloped from the sky,
With their soul mates, 
The last of the fading Sunbeams, 
Too were in a hurry to touch only, 
The top of the trees.  

Only I was alone, 
In this serene quietness, 
And was trying to hear 
The Melodious music of loving birds,
When Crickets too became more active to play their music, 
Seeing the fast approaching night,
And no one to disturb,  their mighty kingdom. 


Kanpur India 13th August 2010

To view this memorable evening which I took in my Camera also
I have placed the poem on My Photo My Poems series on my face book.

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Lost feeling all this oppression, I know the Devils right behind me... I can feel him breathing down my neck. Running away from sin following God's voice keep him in my heart turning depression to rejoice.  I feel I'm losing control so i get down on my knees and pray for my soul, I still dont know all the things i have to do or where i gotta go counting on Christ to lead me. he will always guide me, instead of running and hiding i'll stand firm right beside him. I got alot to say with God speaking thru me, im an example and im glad he chose me. He lived and died on a tree arose three days later and in heaven hes residing, abiding listening to his will sanding on his path and thats where im gonna chill, Let me be real take a second to explain how im feeling and not dealing with the devils games he tries playing. I left him behind cuz i ran him over just the other day yea i like it that way.

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now.. 

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now.. 

I have a God who sent his son and took the stripes, he Paid the price for my life, a price he didnt have to pay but he loved us so much he couldnt let us die... Jesus you took the weighgt and you put it on yourself, theres no greater love then to lay down your life for your friends. and you did it for me even though im undeserving and I wanna thank you so much. Everytime I fall you open my eyes and show me where I went wrong, you have forgiven me and I have another chance to teach the things you taght me. Lord I am your vessel please use me to your will help me to do the things for which im called let me hear you voice through the Holy Spirit Lord, reach down and touch me.

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now.. 

When im Lost feeling all this depression, I know Jesus will lead me in the right direction... Count on him the bible gives you the instructions, he will take your fear away he aint playing now..

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Big City Snake

self imposed prison captivates a song bird
stumbling over insecure formation of the wrong word
stabalizing foundation atop false ground
deception dressed to impress in a tall gown
quietly with humming embedding a soft sound
fooling with the friendly touch of a small town
is the big city snake born and bred in the pits
released from it's cage around seven or six

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It Looks Like Love to Me

You smile
You ask
No easy task
To put it into words
I look
And see 
Then say, it looks like love …to me

It’s that blanket on a winter night
You wrap around me oh so tight
The way you want to make things right
Honey, it just has to be, 
It looks like love…to me

You laugh
You say
There’s no other way
To be just who you are
I smile
Then say, it looks like love …to me

It’s the way you take me in your hold
You never let our love grow old
There’s not one doubt, for me I’m sold
Honey, it just has to be, 
It looks like love…to me

If love was ever one person
Then babe it would you
There is no other word for this
That’s why our love holds true

You look
Then smile
All the while
You never look away
My eyes
They see
It looks like love… to me

Yeah, honey
It looks like love… to me

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Attack of the killer Sebelius

Sometimes music 
takes you away
a few bars of Sebelius 
cuts through the clutter of 
school lunch preparation.
and I'm in the fiords
the soul home 
I've never seen.

I know little of Finland
and  first met Matti 
at a meeting in Dallas
where he a two day visitor
argued with the cabby 
over the best way downtown.
When we arrived,
he gave an excellent tour
of the corner 
where JFK ended.
Later, another meeting.
this time in Wisconsin
as we shared our duty free.
he spoke of his son's summer job
folk dancing on a ferry
crossing the Gulf of Bothnia.

Running the next  morning 
in the cold spring air
I realized 
the big flat winged raptor
high overhead
was an eagle.

Chatting with our four year-old
he  explains
that although Godzilla 
is a boy's name
she laid eggs
one remains
and do I know 
what attack means?

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Here In The Silence

My soul thirsts, O Lord Where are you hiding? Why can’t I find you? I call your name And silence reverberates My tears flow like lava Where are you? Lord? Strength seems to fail Even the wind is still While the deep silence lingers Yet, my hope lies in your promise… Never to abandon me So, I will wait in this silence ‘Til your voice I hear once more Within this fragrant garden of solitude At last, it is you! Only you will Call to me, ‘Peace, be still; ‘For in the silence I’m with you, always…’ Now my soul rejoices in your presence Overcome by unparallel beauty and peace I recline at your feet, my Father… I rest. ~*~
11/02/12 7th Place in "Song inspired Poems, Old or New" Note: Inspired by “Adagio in G Minor” By The London Promenade Orchestra. Listen to it And you’ll find it’s one of the most beautiful pieces Of music, ever…if you’re like me.. you’ll cry. I couldn’t find Their rendition on YouTube but this is almost as good Maybe better in some ways…it’s lengthier. Enjoy : )

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Stuff remained unseen
Yet notes flowed
And held.

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My Ibenez

Copper wound steel strings

shadow the fret board

blurring their own clarity

when plucked

machine heads command

a resonating silence

between the nut and the bridge

the muted space of aged spruce

echoes ageless stories

of the sound hole secrets.

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The difference of touch: in D minor KV 466 and Variations on a theme of Paganini

     the robin hops from the tips of the rose bush

                                                                              spilling snow dust

sprinkling skeins of early dew

                                                                      dusting with its uppity tail fan

                                                               a caterpillar

                                                      softly dousing concertina


                 then it trips up the clothesline

                                                      stops and grips it in its claws

sways and balances with its tail fanning out


          chirps clucks tweets

                                     and repeats itself

all the way down again

                                     and up the scale                 


   comes back once more to skip a note or two


                  and tumbles

      sweeps past the old toy bicycle leaning against the wire fence



the claw marks hardly visible on the spray of frost-like snow on the balustrade


  light  ephemeral  peripatetic


  the dulcet flexions rising and falling on the tympana without breath of motion


                                             or vibration


crisp  colliding notes  rising and falling


as the first tentative drops of drizzle before the rain


                  the robin gone to sing full throttle on wing     



© T. Wignesan, Paris, 1997; from the collection: “Poems Omega-Plus”, Paris, 2005.

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Unfettered-Set free-
My soul is longing for Home
Where the wild ducks fly to winter
Where I hear the sweet sounds of swans 
Calling her chicks to her side on tranquil lakes 
That reflect distant snow covered mountain peaks 
And shimmering golden trees laugh as they catch autumn sun
A treasury of diamonds glint across waters stirred by the gentle breeze
From air pure as the snow covered peaks that glisten against blue velvet skies
I am free to sing, to laugh, to know, I am fearfully and wonderful made in His image 
A child of the KING of KINGS, and I with Angels sing, His adoration and His Praise

© Brenda V Northeast 2 April 2012

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The human league

The 80's electronic band
The Human League
Came from Sheffield England
My home town
Phil Oakey
The lead singer
Had his hair short on one side
The over long hanging down.

He met the two girl singers
Who were dancing
In the crazy Daisy pub
He liked what he saw
and singed them up 
To go on tour.

Such hits as 'Being boiled'
'Mirror man'
'Don't you want me''
And''The sound of the crowd'
Were played in many clubs and bars
Often loud.

He is one of the reasons I play synthesizers
Myself today
Now bald as a badger
His famous long locks gone
But he still writes
And can still sing a song.

Other local bands, Def leopard, Heaven 17, ABC ,Pulp, Artric monkeys,
Jarvis cocker, Joe cocker, Richard Hawley,
Living in a box, Baby bird, Paul Carrick, Tony Christie. Rev and the Makers, and many others.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. march.

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Your voice was born from twilight's
Your name stole the mystery
Of the night.
Ambrosial hand of gold
Bowled along the white
To glorify the lost souls
Of a time
Winding off with each chord,
the locked secrets of the world.
You are the Sun's chosen
And the Sirens are trying
To steal a song 
To bewitch the seamen.
Time is trembling among
Melodies and laments.
A lost lover behind the
Turning light. 
Your silence is calling 
The Muses
To carry you beneath
The sky's festival.
Maybe now you are near her
Father of melody 
Your untouched Lyra awaits
To form sounds of time,
To bring up an era lost.
Taming the darkness
You offered a soul to the cold.
Fingers divine,
Heart of gold!
As near was the end
You stood in front.
A bending moment was your Fate's circle
Following you 
As condemnation for the centuries to come.
Journeys across the Sun's arms
As a prayer for the dreams you loved,
As a plaint for those you lost.
Still, your voice travels along the sea
To justify the unexpected turns
Of Time.
You, Orpheus, are the star,
The lighten flame,
Across the fields of gold,
Calling your love to come
With unreachable promises you hallowed.

This poem is for Orpheus, the Greek Heroic Legendary 
figure who charmed even the God of Darkness 
with his music. The story of Orpheus is unique, 
showing love dimentions, his Hymns have made 
an impact to world's music over the time. 

Valeria Iliadou, Greece

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Device Removed Improperly

Now Playing.
Playing inside my ears.
Solos that give me chills.
Vocals that cry out to me.
Now paused and silent.

A library browsed daily.
The songs that let me breathe.
My ultimate source of 
My lungs and heart are empty.

Songs ripped from many discs.
Stolen from various sites.
Files converted and 
Torn away from my nightly 

Burning its battery all night.
Through sun and through 
My company through sweat 
and tears.
Scorched by the fire of 

Music synchronized with blood.
Perfectly tuned to my life.
Songs forming into brain cells.
Synchronization fails tonight.

Stealing ideas from media 
Missing sleep due to anxiety.
Unable to function properly.
Suffering from withdrawals.

All these feelings.
All of this stress.
Due to one mp3 player.
A Device Removed Improperly.
From my life.
For one night.

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black dusty guitar stowed in a far-a-way corner left untuned for ages sixth string gone missing a statue dedicated silenced sounds   her guitar player chilling on a couch treasuring the former black beauty with graceful hands   elegant fingers enthrall the black beauty now touching now tuning trusted and rusted strings the guitar player and the guitar unite in a serene silhouette musics' unique cradle a small symphony of purled tones composed in a mastermind instantly passing by shallowly in melodies plucking away in a magical mystery tour displayed on a face and behind closed eyes miracle dream wish even without the missing sixth string a visionary revelation finger picking a once-in-a-lifetime coming home symphony of little great tunes caressing tenderly ears, eyes and skin of wishful souls and longing hearts ©ELLIE DAPHNE 2013

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The Old Woman and the Piano

On the curb of the alley she sat
Admiring the old Steinway
Noticing the worn finish and eyes focused on the ivory keys 
For years she played in the symphony
Bringing an ethereal quality to each masterpiece
She walked over to the antique Steinway and began to stroke the keys
Crescendos and decrescendos and two part harmony 
The passersby were enraptured by her humble qualities
A carpetbagger now with barely enough to eat
Many citizens stumbled upon her private concert as she closed her eyes to play 
Rehearsing the most sophisticated sonatas 
As though this was a Carnegie Hall day
At the end of her first performance
As the imaginary curtains began to draw 
The audience of passersby began to clap their hands
As her heart rate began to fall
Her heart had grown discouraged over the years
As she was replaced by someone younger
She fell into poverty and deep depression and learned the song of hunger
Her day was complete
Her life came full circle 
As she played her last concert piece
A band of angels came to collect her soul as her spirit was released
There is a moral to this story of the old woman and her piano…
Live each day of this life as you are strumming the ivories 
Of a magnificent concert piano

Gwendolen Rix 

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Your soul called out to mine, so sweetly it sang its siren song.
My equally enamored heart recognized the melody;
and together we formed the most spectacular duet.
The music we made together creating the most profound consonance.

Our perfect chorus shook me with its thunderous dynamics.
We upped the tempo, lead only by the intensity in our own hearts.
The crescendo crashed into us with a force previously unheard.
It rained down upon us as our once beautiful sound ended in a terrible cacophony.

I sit here now, my bereft soul crying out its dirge to yours.
My lonely solo closing the distance between us.
Answer my call! Lead me in harmony!
The songs I sing are all yours; for without you, I will surely be silent forever.

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soul dance

spinning round and round till i fly up
and hit ground
turning into sea
pleasing me
i grab the bass fish gliding past
i dive into the eyes of the brown green scales
head first never fails
in the soul of the beast i sit 
my locks float around the fish shell
his hearts beat started to move me
onto my feet
bend my knees
shake my hips
rattle my brain
clap my hands
the soul of the fish is where i spend the rest of my plans

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Sweet Harmony of Souls

Jesus plays the music
He has given us.. each a key
To play.. everlasting music
In sweet harmony

Each key opens.. the heart
Rings.. a tune of a melody
Rhythm of Gods.. Souls 
In sweet harmony 

You have a chance.. 
To play your tune
Don't delay.. play your key..
Before the music goes away...

Jesus holds the Keys to people's hearts
Musical tunes.. is Believer Souls  
Playing.. together
In Sweet Harmony 

 ~Jesus Holds the keys.. You have a chance.. play your Tune~
~Come to Jesus.. ask Him into your heart~ Join Souls In Sweet Harmony 
~Before the Rapture takes place-in Music is gone 

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Diamond In The Rough

The Diamond in the rough has been lost in the masses of panicked flesh
He looks through the eyes of the unnoticed,
He thinks with the questioning of his being,
He only looks to escape the day

The Diamond in the rough only leaves in the night
bereft of joy he entraps his plight
He makes music alone waiting for pain to escape
he looks in the mirror and cries at his face

the Diamond in the rough he's escaped far away
He's tired of the masses he sticks to like clay
He walks the silk plains and travels alone,he's severed all contact with his past and his home

His potential may be realized and maybe it won't
He writes in his soul what his eyes have absorbed
They hear it and like it but they always want more

His soul's been exchanged by demons in suits
For MTV slots, platinum plaques,drugs,sex, and a bust in a room

The Diamond in the rough,no longer there lies
but he's had enough he's decided to fly

The fame and the fortune has darkened his day
It's tragic, but masses proclaim him cliche'

He knew they would view him as weak,and then scared
Nothing else mattered he was always prepared

He couldn't fear fear any longer inside
Alone in a tower a diamond he died

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Sights, sounds, smells of the beachfront,
music , lights and shiny mirrors,
painted ponies with golden poles,
beckon me to ride.

I point to the one with the bright blue mane,
two arms steady me on its’ back,
my pony poised to carry me,
wherever it wants to go.

As my steed spins around 
and others pace alongside me,
excitement dances in our eyes
while throngs of laughter fill the air.

Revisiting this favorite place,
the music lures me once again,
now brave enough to ride alone, 
the two arms wave each time I pass.

The stride seems somewhat slower now,
the music plays now quite as loud,
the destination now my choice,
wherever I choose to go. 

My yesterday have all come and gone,
sadly I’ve grown too tall  it seems,
my two arms hold him tight to ride,
wherever he dreams to go.

Time is fleeting and today,
the lights are off, the ponies gone,
the organ music plays no more,
it's melody wafting on the breeze.

For the smile it stamped upon my heart,
for the joy it brought into my soul,
this memory I'll treasure throughout  my life
the magic of the carousel.

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Lyrical Soul

My heart's sonata races screaming to a rhythm.
Fingers like drumsticks.
Lips frozen like a an ice-skating rink at Christmas. 
Voice howling like deep bass.
Eyes black and white piano notes.
My body, the band, is an empty auditorium after the stage blew down in a storm. 

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You never know

you never know 
when the record player strikes 
and vinyl floats and sums

pop stars melt down 
to ordinary people 
while female choir sings meekly

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Your opinion

Your opinion 

What of that man that hath no music within himself
Nor is not rapt with love of the sweet sounds

Some not moved by sweet soothing a melody or rhythm 
Is there a real man or woman who has no music in them

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I am a flute

I am a flute
a man with a beard plays me
and we make tender music together
his eyes sparkle when he plays 
and his eyebrows go up and down with the notes
his beard tickles 
but I keep making notes for him
oh such notes
they would make you cry
and then a part comes in the music
where we dance
he holds me so tightly as we dance
I know he loves me 
around and around the room we dance
him and me
all eyes are on us
everyone is listening
to us 

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needles and pins

I can’t survive without the rush of an impulsive swallow or an impersonal touch.

I’m fueled by the adrenaline I get solely through sex and drugs, driving while high and chasing danger.

Piercing my skin with needles and pins,

willing to feel the worst to feel anything

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Eisteddfod of Wales

One of the cultures of Wales
is the eisteddfod* where 
people of all lands sing and dance
So many  countries try to get to
Llangollen travelling many days 
just to perform their dance, song or verse
Dressed in national dress of many hues
making it a colourful artistic event

The crowning of the Bard 
Is one of the ceremonies
At the eisteddfod in Llangollen
to the winner of the poem
written in free verse. Whoever wins 
is presented with a newly designed crown 
A trumpet sounds, prayer chanted
Nom de plume read all is revealed

* nearest english word is session

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Visions of the Night

Good dreams, sweet dreams
Visions filled with wonder—
Flowing gently,
While we deeply slumber;
They take us far away
While we take rest from the day,
So make sure you close your eyes
And close them tight;
So you can see the visions of the night.

Moonlight, soft light,
Glowing through the windows,
Shadows dancing 
Softly on their tiptoes—
They pass the night away
In a nocturnal ballet
While the stars shine in a blazing silver-white;
How beautiful, these visions of the night!

Should we long for the coming of the setting sun,
Simply because it heralds the day's end;
Is it wrong if we want the moon to rise—
Just so that, we can stop and close our eyes?

Owls hooting, counting off the minutes,
Crickets chirping, mini violinists;
They set music for the stage
As the world turns a new page
And the lonely moon observes from her great height;
She's watching all these visions of the night.

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falls as the windows close to cold air
when the baby sleeps she sits alone
hands idle
unable to write music or even listen
to the symphonies in her head
she is lost in the silence
more lost than she knows
careless pregnancy 
 she hides in the exhaustion of young parenthood
unable to embrace personal success
and her life will pass
in this most useless way 
her music unheard her voice unsung

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Self Portrait 1970

I'm someone's brother bill
And I get my thrill
From astro-whirling objects
	thru thin space
And tin lightning bombs
Split thru afternoons
And all hell's children
Writing rhythmic rhymes
To celestial daughter fairies.

I listen
To stories of finished fancy
Which flicker from lines of those
Who make words dance
To the tune of hearts and spades.

On the outside
Autumn's verging cliff
Promises yellow mornings.
The wild, free youth
will yield to the wind.

On the inside
The old ones nod and tell
Of souls sold quickly
Of how chemicals tie the slaves
And immigrants
To earth's concreteness.

Spring 1970

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    sound cuts 
through the midsummer air
like a sharp knife 
    cutting a cucumber
the chanting begins 
     Sitting here on 
the Lower East Side 
  I listen to a mystical recording 
Peace in the urban 
scene is not always easy 
   to find 
But with the sound of 
a flute and a nice volume of verse 
I have made this evening 
   in the asphalt homeland 
something to remember 
Some days are like exploding fireworks 
Some are like dripping molasses 
This evening the sound from my stereo 
reaches outside my window 
   A stranger passing
   may pause for a moment 
and be taken away by the power of the flautist.

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Steppin' Out

Steppin’ Out
            by Odin Roark

Enjoin your instrument
Lift from enclosure dark
Your Moonlight Sonata
Needs some street funk

Atop leather soles
From four walled safety
Let your dog walk you
That’s okay
Out into the unknown
Ears perked

Feel the walk

Jack hammer percussion
Taxi horns the accent
The subway beneath
The lulling adagio

Step out

Tires over steel covers

Your dog quiet
Other dogs barking

Windows bleed chaos


The coming together
Love it
It’s you

Let Fido guide
He knows
Nothing gonna harm you


Back to the four walls
Some water for Fido
Some bourbon for you

The keyboard
The recall
Harmonic layers
Captured by earsight


That smile
Nothing like this blindness
Imbibing all the inspiration
Such sublime release

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I Blow

On bended knee I blow my flute
  I  think I sound better than the corner Juke
  She turns red when she hears my sound
  then heads for the door, never turning around !

               Copyright McCuen 2009

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Lines To Music

Note the difference
in tone
a song, a poem
the flute denotes 
subtle sway
the piano plays
and the harpsichord.
Cymbals clean
and sweet.
Note the joyous mood
and the dancing fools
the children’s laughter.
Note the change
as the magicians rearrange
the cord, the bridge
the end.

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Yours Forever

Last night when I went to bed
I thought about what I'd said
      I was wrong,

{ I lay down an thought a letter }
Your my one, my only one...
I want to go back as before,
I know it won't be long,
your sweet lips will caress
       mine once more...
Oh my darlin' can't you see
I need your love, to eternity
         I'll be true, so...

               So to say...
           too say,

     "I love you dearly"
is better than just two words

            Yours forever

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You know
you’ve been—
not where you go.

September day

(If only
you knew
what once
was before.)

We sip
summer’s slide—
once more
how it was—
it will never be
like before.

in porch swing—
to time—
cicada days
as their song.

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Led down from the tower
Head high and hands bound
Blindfold declined against the wall
Black square pinned to his heart
His eyes afire and shining
And he sang...

He sang of Caruso, Townes Van Zandt
Pavarotti, Bocelli, Mercury,
Carreras, he sang of Antoine, 
Of Sinatra, Lennon, Morrison, Redding
He sang and songbirds paused in flight
He sang like them all

He sang a song of himself
Of leaves of grass, of second comings
Of Byron, and Bharti, and Cummings
He sang of Neruda, and Plath, Tagore
Dickinson, Kamala Das and Naidu
Oh, he sang of them all

He sang of art and beauty
Of Mona Lisa and starry nights
Girls in green dresses and pearls
He sang of Van Gogh, of Picasso
Of Rembrandt, da Vinci 
He sang of Michelangelo

He sang of sadness, pain
He sang of My Lai, Sand Creek
Of Guernica and Krystallnacht
He cried and sang of Wounded Knee
Of Katyn Forest, Sabra and Shatila
Oh, he wept as he sang

He sang of history and wonders
He sang of Olduvai and pyramids
Machu Picchu, Tikal, and Angkor Wat
He sang of a great wall, the Taj Mahal 
Stonehenge, Easter Isle, Mesa Verde
His song took us to them all

He sang of courage
A song of Bunker Hill, Gettysburg
Of the Alamo, Normandy, Stalingrad
Of Lincoln, Guevara and Dr. King
He sang of Bolivar, Bhutto, Ghandi
He shamed us with their song

He sang his song...
As women sighed and peasants cried 
He  sang until the rifles fired, he died
Songbirds fell from the sky 
Soldiers broke their guns on stones
And marched into the deep blue sea.


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The Atmosphere of Shearing Metal

Everything becomes atmospheric in its nature: 
 the black rock holding open a door to a room with no entry. 
Redemption comes with a price, 
 but it is not for sale here.
Kind gestures mastering no weight,
 and music being played idly through a cracked window. 
Without your bright signs, or the screams of the unlucky who await within,
 there would be no patrons of your dead hostel. 
But we come for the screams and we come for the signs, 
and we come for the music we can almost hear. 
We are almost soothed and almost relinquish our personal peace
 for the greater apathy to reign.
 I am here with you darling,
 but you cannot even feel my touch. 
So gentle in nature, so tenacious in your attempts to learn. 
So blanketed with dream trees and angelic harps that sound only in your ears.
 This is my gallery to display the despair we call art. 
Lack of emotion and childless mothers abound.
 Come in, he says, Come in. 
And on and on they stream.
 With no tears for the dead, 
the brothers that we left by the side of the road.
 Too gentle in their tenacity.
 No ability to further progress in this procession of the damned, 
observed by careful observers from behind the glass.
 Cracked and broken and without a place to conceal their eyes.
 I am trembling in this wake,
 but I grasp your hand and we march on.
To great nothingness, 
 to empty years of needing some way to be free. 
Clanking glasses and shearing metal break my mind and bring me back to you.
 Where are you?
 And how are you going to take me away from here?
Here, where dream trees’ boughs bend and snap beneath the snow-covering.
We are burying the infants who have passed from this world to the next, 
 we are smothering their little mouths and tearing out their eyes. 
We must suppress the screams of the innocent,
 lest we believe we have a place with them. 
Follow their stoic departure and wish with our minds’ whispers
 that there was somewhere we too could go.

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Lapping the beach

As the wave
as I lap
as we lapse into sleep
soft laps that lap with a lapping
along the form of this beach
the breath of each breath
of this lap of the lapping
along this warm sandy cove
where I lap with the lapping
where I had loved as the lapping
as the lapping
as the lapping
as the lapping
as the lapping
as the lapping
as we love is lapping
so lets lay here and lap
with the lap of the lapping
as our hearts beat with lapping
as we lap

Oct 17, 2010

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I Wish


That i did not have to see people on the streets
with no home, food
or even water or money to live on.


I could be in a band and be all i can be
like the birds and the bees
and how they fly so freely


That her heart wouldnt be broken and maybe if he loved her
she wouldnt have died she would have lived forever in his arms


That everyone could get along and that we all could be at peace, maybe the war would end 
and the sound of music can play again


that her or his bully would see if they keep up all this hurt and fear that they put on someone 
else by huritng them will soon end the world in sadness


My art could sing like the lyrics of a song
and that everyone could see the art teens draw from there own hearts
and there bleeding minds of there souls.

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I wrote you a lovesong

I wrote you a lovesong
and I slipped it into my shoe.
The blue shoes;
the ones I wore to the dance tonight.
I put the shoes outside my bedroom door,
to be shining when I wake up.
When I wake up and think of you.

I wrote your note that you left
your handwriting is like little whips
curled long and supple
like musical notes spaced between the lines
like marching legions parading from side to side.
I loved the hand that could manipulate
a pen so serenely, so craftily.

I like to think that I could smell your palm
where it touched the page,
inevitably caressing where my fingers now touch.
I must have imagined it,
though, for not even the faintest trace of perfume
persists to remind me of your silken skin.

I wrote you a lovesong,
caressing your memory with soft rhymes and words.
I reached out to touch your cheek
with a subtle but catchy melody.

I felt the guitar strings with my fingertips.
Memories flooded from me
and hid in the sounds echoing from the box.
In my mind I danced with you,
lightly spilling all over the dance floor.
Faces and voices blurred into a single color
as we spun faster and faster.
Your feet narrowly missed mine
in a precision act
of mutual agreements
on rhyme and beat.
My cheek touched your neck
as we dipped in a samba
and whip-lashed in a tango.
Your hair swirled like a silken scarf caught in the wind,
spilling your scent in fiery flashes.

Oh, what a night we had!

It ended in a café,
sipping coffee that was too hot,
not saying feelings,
but sharing love
like the flowers share the sun and the earth.
Your cheeks were ablaze with color
and the creases of your smile
that frequented your lips
laughed with dimple-dips.

Oh, how I loved you as we sat there!
Oh, how I love you now!

I wrote you a lovesong,
because I danced with you tonight.
I took my shoes from the box I keep them in,
the same box in which I keep
the note you left me.
I took the drawing I made of you so long ago,
yellowed and faint,
and I caressed it.
I caressed it as I danced with your memory,
softly kissing your lips,
leaving a damp trace on the yellowed paper.

I conquered my old gravity and pain
by spinning around
in my wheelchair,
narrowly missing the furniture
in my room,
dancing as we had
so long ago.

I danced to your memory
and loved you as always.
I sang my new lovesong to you.
Perhaps tomorrow somebody
will take it out of my shoe,
the blue shoe,
in front of my door,
and sing it to the world.

And sing my love to you
for everyone to hear,
my dear departed wife.

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Vasava An untold story 1/Many

An untold story 

The story as Vasavadutta originally conceived and written by my late father Dr.Amar Nath 
Kapoor*  in Hindi many many years back, but Accidentally the major portion of his hand 
written manuscript got lost with many of his other hand written manuscripts during his 
lifetime itself. He had a deep attachment for this unique story belonging to the period of 
Guam Buddha 559 BC. 
Since I had heard him reciting this story when the manuscript was present I am trying to 
rewrite this unique story, as was wished by my late father. Hope my poetry soup friends 
would find it a unique story portraying a beautiful character of a dancer Vasavadutta or 
Vasava, who was an embodiment of beauty. Her life changed completely when she came to 
see Gautama Buddha.

I am rewriting his idea and story in English and hope to have your both types of comments 
as you find and feel, as it is always precious for me.

An untold story 						Part 01/Many

She was a woman of splendid and unparallel beauty
Lavishly bestowed and blessed on her by Nature
Her intoxicating and lovely youth,  had sparked  
Her beauty and enchanting ness far and wide on Earth

On the beauty of her face and hanging hair locks
Many and mighty had sacrificed and burnt like moths
To see only a glimpse of her dance and to hear her voice
Many lost their entire wealth, only to enjoy her dance

Brahma* had labored hard, while shaping her beauty
Her enchanting eyes use to glitter, like beautiful sapphires
Which were studded in the golden cups of her lovely eyes
Attracting everyone, who came in the closeness of her eyes

During her dance performances, her eyes use to sprinkle 
A passionate intoxicating wine, to charm the audience
Her spectators never appears to stop drinking that wine
To get completely lost themselves in the charms of her dance


Kanpur India 01st March    2010	                  Part 01/Many

References and Hindi word used.

* Brahma   The Creator of the entire Universe as per Hindu  

* Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor  My late father who was also a freedom      
   fighter who joined national freedom movements of Mahatma  
   Gandhi in 1920 but left active politics after India’s 
   independence in 1947 and devoted rest of his life till 1994 in 
   writing mass literature on Indian mythology, dramas , Poetry 
   and etc and wrote more than hundred manuscripts

*Kama  means wish, desire or longing, especially as in sensual 
    love or sexuality  ( Deo)  Hindu god inducing lusty 

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Passionate Art

I love art in its many forms
Schmooze me while I relish the sights of the unity of our slippery bodies 
And bask in the grunts of our love making
Allow me to revel in your excitement for it excites me as well
When you swell
I melt 
And your embrace enables me to swell 
And you to melt
And then together we OOZE . . .
The AAAHS have subsided 
Silence, formerly awkwardly felt
Unites with the humidity lingering the room
Side by side we daze into each other’s eyes 
With a smile, each other’s caress and no regard for our unkempt appearance
For to each other, we couldn’t be any more beautiful

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Look at your palms, calloused and hard- 
hardships of life ain’t it?
Too many dilemmas
 But still that mocking smile, 
Daring what life can still throw,
Noypi you are, you rock..
Wherever you may roam, do not be afraid, 
of guns or sharp knives, or whatever dark roads maybe…..
 Hey I am pinoy, my guts get me far, my race’s amulet runs thru my veins….

I went to the sea, traversed the world, 
But it is in my heart, what I’ve been searching all along,
There are countless times, I faced danger and death,
But I know the secret on hanging on to life’s edge ,
So many of them say, a charm keeps me safe, 
But they never knew, God is the reason,
Hey I am Pinoy, my guts get me far, to face uncertainty, 
my race’s amulet runs thru my veins…

Can you hear?, the whisper of  your blood, pulsating life, 
So cry out loud my kin, the hymn of your roots….
Hey I am pinoy, my guts get me far, my race’s amulets runs through 
My veins

- This is my English interpretation of Bamboo's local song.

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Angel's Melody

The music must be played!
The audience is waiting,
to hear the Angel's Melody.

A masterpiece, I tell you!
That none have ever heard before
A likeness to everything
and nothing at all.

The curtains go up,
the audience is quiet
and she is not there.

The music sheet is torn to pieces!
The only copy,
and it lies beside the piano.
A piece is missing!

No one can complete it.
No one can perfect it.

It is a masterpiece!
It is brilliance!
It is incomplete!

She is gone
and with her...gone is the Angel's Melody

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A True Man

Being laid by every other girl does not make you a Real Man.
Playing with every girl's Heart does not make you a True Man.
A True Man never hurts a girl,
A True Man never Breaks a girl's Heart,
and Most of all.
A True Man never sleep with every girl he lays his Eyes on just to Prove he is a Real Man.
All you ever wanted is to be Loved,
It's not too hard to ask Nowadays.
You don't need to learn how to attract or seduce girls because they're already running after you.
If you're a True Man you don't need to prove that you are One.
If you're a True Man you must know how to be Polite and be a Gentleman.
You must learn how to be a True Man,
then, Try to act like one.
Don't show it to others or to anyone.

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Buhangin sa iyong balikat, 
mula sa pagkakadapa,
Maiitim na markang iyong nakikita,
Di ba bumangon ka? 

Di nga bat pinakita mo 
ang tapang mong totoo?
Ng ngumiti ka lamang 
sa galit ng mundo

Harapin ang pagsubok 
Gabutil man oh gabundok
Pagkakaisa ng pananalig 
Pusot isipay masigasig

Ng mawala ka sa panalangin 
Mong malalim at taimtim
Dun mo nakita,
Nun nadama 
Sa buhay kailanma’y di ka magiisa
Pagkat kasama mo siya
Palad mong magkadaop
Mga matang nakatiklop
Pagtawag mo…. Kapayapaan sa Puso

kaliwa’t kanang sampal ng trahedya
matinding gutom ng sikmura
Sa gitna ng alinlangan
Di bat pumito ka lamang?

Lalim ng ngisi’y makahulugan,
Ininit na ng hulmahan,
Ng hipan mong papalayo,
Ang buhawi ng tukso

Dilim man o init ng araw
Wag kang bibitaw
Samot saring abala,
Sa tikas mo’y di uubra

Ng mawala ka sa panalangin 
Mong malalim at taimtim
Lakas ay nabuhay 
Ang puso’y tumibay
Sa sagupa at laban ng iyong buhay,
Pagkat kapiling mo siya,
Palad mong magkadaop
Mga matang nakatiklop
Pagsamo mo….. Gabay ng iyong mundo

Habol mo ang iyong hininga,
Sa pagbubuhos ng lakas,
At ng maging talunan,
Di ba’t tumango ka lang?

Sa gitna ng pagkutya,
Kamao ba ang sandata?
Ng ialay mot ilahad,
Sa mabuti mong hangad

Sa laro man o sa buhay,
Lagi kang maging pantay,
Ilang beses ka mang mabigo,
Ang tulad mo’y di susuko


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A Symphony of Dreams

There was a mess of sound tucked inside her pocket,
a potential tantrum that followed, tempting her stride 
to evolve into a sultry strut, an angry jog.
    Music stirred a monster within,
                a sleeping giant willing to 
                bash the walls, climb the sky 
                       and rip down the inspiration 
                       that was needed to keep from 
                       losing grip on the hilt of life.
There's a tone for every energy,
a melody for any struggle,
a harmony for new romance.
                         ...And she would sing
Letting her tongue dance along 
with her hips; Giving in to the sound
and watching the sky melt away and 
reveal a novel reality.
                        ...Even if it was only a dream.
At least the intonations felt good on her skin,
and eased the ache that burned within.
At least the bass kept her body in sync,
giving day the rhythm needed to 
reach the next night,
where slumber would be met by 
a smooth piano's whisper.
        Where she would dream of 
                        dancing in a breeze colored 
                              with new notes,
                                                     a scattered song of fancy
                                                       abiding in the thought of 
                                                          making life sound a little more
                                                            like the songs you used to play.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Kazoo to You

Today is your birthday well happy 
to ya. I'm hoping you get a Kazoo 
for your birthday, they're very sexy.
We're never too old to take up a
new instrument and a Kazoo 
requires less practice than a

Just blow with the lips closed 
around the mouthpiece and
make the humming sound that
equals a song. It is the easiest 
instruments to play well, requiring
only the ability to vocalize in tune.

Happy Kazooing!

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My New Instrument

The most exquisite sound
Comes from this instrument I found
The best one all around
It doesn’t weigh much more than a pound

I desire to learn how to play
As professionals find their way
I want beauty that I can say
Sounds emanate out every day

All the music that comes out
Makes me want to shout
I cannot frown and pout
I must be the only lout

I love music that comes from this instrument
Compares to none, It’s a great monument
Loving the heart of each players talent
I’ll always keep this instrument as my testament

Russell Sivey

My instrument is the violin!!
Entrant into nette onloud's ">>SOUND MADNESS<<" contest

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a voice full of soul
with a gift to share
joy fills the church pews
and hands lift in praise

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February 23, 2012
for 20/20 poetry contest (David Williams)
First place

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reminiscing 1

i must admit
its a bit strange to read 
that bert jansch in his time 
recorded an entire album 
on the fly in a guitar shop 

today we need at least 
six square meters mixing consoles 
- to hum a little tune

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The heavens declare

The heavens declare God’s glory

As the body without the spirit is dead
So too the moon is dead 
It has no light of its own
Without the light of the sun 
She cannot shine and give light
In the darkness

So too as the sun rises
In newness each day
So too shall the moon
Rise in newness of light
Reflecting the Glory

Like a whirling dancer
The heavens swirl
And sway dressed 
In her skirt of stars 
To the lyrical rhythm
The musical beat 
Of The word of life

© Brenda V Northeast 21/ 01/ 2012

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borrowing time

days turn nights all over again
the time we wake up is a life begin again
pursuing dreams; fulfilling greed
torturing our mind
coz all we are in here just borrowing time

lonely nights and broken dreams inside
faded faith and memories divide
we cried; we bleed from underneath
we laugh and love from deep within
coz all we are in here just borrowing time

no matter how strong you are
it's always fragile inside
no matter how fast you'd run
you're always one step's behind

days turn nights all over again
the time we wake up is a life begin again
pursuing dreams; fulfilling greed
torturing our mind
coz all we are in here just borrowing time

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Additament Amour Apier

We could have been together build bridge out mountain
When it rain been the clouds for stormy weather
Looking in your eyes sometimes it like a reflection of you and I
Questioning where did we go wrong

This three words do they mean anything in this world any more
In this world how many lovers will one take 
In this world how many will be a soul mate
In this world how many will be the one
Questioning where did we go wrong

Cause you gotta to be the one that you comes home to at night
Gotta to be the one that open doors to the bed at night
Gotta to be the one that you tell all your friends about
Tell me if I wasn’t the one

Thoughts of us together cares one another day to day it’s you it’s you it’s you
Whatever should I do it’s you it’s you It’s you
To make it work can I be truthfully-

“If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?”
Cause I'am a Firm Believer It’s you it’s you It’s you  
Questioning Where did we go wrong

Gotta to be the one that you comes home to at night
Gotta to be the one that open doors to the bed at night
Gotta to be the one you tell all your friends about
 Tell me if I wasn’t the one

I miss you I love you where do I start I always put you first
No matter the weather no matter the season cause all things will come to a end
But what I learn to ask what are we working for in life
And what I learn to ask the most important question then falling over the words-

You are pushing me to be a better me I’m growing to extend that most mean fail to admit 
I’m learning to listen rather then be submissive
I’m learning to wait rather then to question
Careless whispers in the dark where did we go wrong

As I sleep reach out at night and I know you’re doing the same because of our life style 
Dreaming is not a good night kiss but the reason behind a brand new day 
And if I falling may I fall in your arms cause home is where ever UR
Tell me if I wasn't the one-

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A Night with Frank Zappa

Tiny marimba pinwheels rotate, 
Under flippant bass. 
A poodle barks... 

A barrage of dissonant sounds, 
Melodies played backwards... 
Then the music stops. 

A ambivalent sneer, 
As sounds rush around 
Taking cover from 
a blitzkreig of odd meters... 

A mournful solo 
filled with arabesques.. 
a sonic fart. 

Demented cartoon music 
turns into 
atonal distance 
turns into 
rock star psuedo-blues 
turns into 
elegant, triumphant arpeggios. 

Good night , Frank 
Wherever you are. 

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Lilting Imaginations

Notes of the butterflies 
lightly lilt through the mind
as oceans songs from shells 
lend music to the deaf and blind

Creating wondrous worlds 
with balloon filled laughter highs
Repeating the recordings 
of blue birds feathered glide

Enchanting footnotes joining 
around a bonfire dance
while a prince, in a castle,
 invites songs first romance

Blues becoming bluer 
while pastel tunes enlighten
Refrains of  ballads replay
 implore the spirit lighten

Those magical compositions 
from our youthful imagination
Light breaths on birdsong’s flute 
aspiring whimsical aspirations

©Debra Squyres  2014

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My Purple Poem - Written With My Pink Pen

one of a series of color poems written with a pink craylo pen purchased from our local post office-red, pink, yellow, blue, black, green, silver, brown, gray

I love a deep purple jazz poem.
A trumpet blowing, soothing,
Dizzy Gillespie jazz poem.
A plum colored, egg plant colored,
Twilight hued poem.
A deep purple falling over sleepy garden
Walls poem.
My mother sure love that song, "Deep Purple"
Hope she loves this purple poem.
Humm, Ma! me and my purple poem and
My pink pen,
Feeling the love baby, feeling the love!


one of a series of color poems written with a pink craylo pen purchased from our local post office-red, pink, yellow, blue, black, green, silver, brown, gray

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Meditation-a music of soul

Mused by the rising waves of ocean
The whirls of wind gives sweet breathe.
All around nature music tries to soothe
Turning back from tumultuous world.
Few are those who actually appreciate
Rest are blessed not in unusual sense.
Meditation reflects the inner harmony
The best music of world than ever produced...

Name: Sneha Agarwal
Contest Name:Music and meditation

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Songs In Passe'

Songs of passe' drifting From a distant somewhere out They breathe into me As a longing that wants to be, aught And I begin by grasping at traces Of a sadness in loss of innocence Naivety was its beauty Like the fawn that wanders from the morning mist So with ease I interpret the simplicity Into what offers fantasy considers Then again, I can begin Reliving it, in the mind of youthfulness Each time thus, I am stronger willed Which enflames the yearning of memory's fire Giving in to its rise Seemingly always sweeter and evermore higher Here I rekindle the mere forgotten And the now quite needed, simpler desires Where the melodies soon become A paramour of regrets and undone aspires The dancing among these shadows so familiar Seducing the absences upon my heart Tis' a language of remembrance which lingers now Like a fragrance still, and forever instilled, imparts Thus from me The "ghosts of times" separate, can not be As a fondness for the once had, still haunts From a place, where the wildness runs free The songs in passe' Overwhelm in moments unexpected Like whispers within the air They come, as a long lost friend, merely the soul's recollection And I shall carry them always As one carries a lighted torch Living out my life to its fullest Burning forevermore as my passions source

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The caress of the wind, the midnight breeze
The smell of yeast when it slides thru your lips
And the strings dances when it hit the tips
your fingers, brings music to my ears!

The night is young, but the stars shone down
It smiles to the other, it showed no doubt
And the fields began to light up, the shadows echoed out
The music continues, it never frowned...

And the night went on, it wished to never end
It wished the sun would not rise,
It wished to continue to send
The warmth of the music...
The caress of the wind...

The stars had shown more light,
The night comfortably receives...

But the wind has blown to another field...
The stars, concealed, it stands firm
And the heart of the night seems to wander...
How it was blinded with all the blunder?

Seek thru your soul, I cannot see!
Seek thru your heart, I cannot feel!
The warmth, the caress, and all the light...
It’s lost, all lost... and darkness embarked!
Glittering stars, oh why have you gone?
Now the fields seem empty, and the clatter has begun
The noise, deafening.
It pierced thy heart 
The heart, regretting.
Not unscathed...
Left scarred...
And yet, still, it was longing...

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She had kneeled in the center of the stage with her head tucked under the arm 
veils of her elegant gown.

The music would begin like a soft sweet drip of honey, as she began to move like a 
dove in a slow motion wind.

For once again she and the music had become one.

And as many times before, she would lose the sense of having an audience.

All in her mind was music and moves.

And no music is a stranger to the dancer.

For there are no foreign moves that the dancer had not moved accross by talent.

And as many years began to pass the dancer began to stiffen, as her ageing had 
begun to catch up with her, and she felt the music surpass her.

For she was still the music, yet the music was no longer her.

As her moves began to shorten, the seemingly quick pace of the music would not 
move slower with her.

There had been many young dancers of whom had come and gone, yet she had 
remained for the love of her talent and the music.

As the moves continued to slowly vanish, they were still in her mind like a bright 
summer day, yet at hand they were gone.

And like an annual flower after bloom, she too had become wilted.

Only to die soon.

For her life like a season, had come to quick end.

Therefore, the brilliance in her talent shall live on in those few rare dancers of whom 
will one day greet the end, of a blooming seasoned life of a dancer.

And the music a non-living thing, will go on past all dancers, yet to keep dancing 

Copyright@2010                                             MaryM.McShirley/Kilker

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The Violinist

All the other musicians were so imprudent!
He was much wiser
He was much stronger
He was much more experienced...

They coveted him
Like the demons underground

To be the seraphs above
Living under the wings of God

He held his violin

Better than the woman who played the flute
The woman that placed her instrument
Between her divine lips

Music to the violinist was much more than a
k i s s 

Such a meaningless kiss
That its taste would last only for a second or two

Such a meaningless kiss
A meaningless tune

That once it ended
It was forever forgotten

He held his violin

Better than the young man who played the guitar
The young man that placed his instrument on his lap
The young man that carelessly held his instrument

Music to the violinist was much more than a
d r e a m

On the lap 
And in the arms
Of a lover seeking for

A dream so bitter
It would turn into a nightmare

The violinist embraced his violin
He loved it as much as he loved the maiden
He once had

He held it 
In his arms

Nothing dissevered him from his violin
But the soft piece of cloth
That he placed his chin on

As he played his breath - taking music
Tears gushed out of his beautiful brown eyes

He caressed his violin
With its bow

The same way he stroked
His lovely maiden's fair curls

His guts swelled with pain
He longed to see her face once again

He suddenly stopped
And cried out

"If you would... d... die for me...
                                              You must live for me too!"

After moments of silence
He continued playing his dear violin
With more passion
With more pain

And for a second there
He saw her!
He heard her!

His lovely maiden!
Whistling along with the tune

Inertly placed in his arms
Smiling back at him

As her soft fair curls covered most of her forehead
She giggled

"I love you..." 

This poem goes to my dear grandfather... Mahmoud Kaabour... THE violinist...
May God's mercy be upon you...

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What i think of love

The sun in my eyes is like the feeling in my mind. Buring and frying space and time.
Im lost now dont think i can go ever go back to trying to love anyone. I loved her with every part of my being and i can honestly say i gave her everything. And after 2 years of struggle she left me alone. I was the only one around for her for 2 years and now im nothing? Just text me and then never see me again. After two years! I see how its gonna be. But thats over now and im back. No time for love only time to come an go. I know thats low but some times you just have to party and let everything go away. Wake up in the morning not knowing what happened last night. I cant say i dont like that. Im an adventurer at heart and thats what i do. Try to experience everything while im young and have time for the fun. Whats wrong with that? Not a damn thing in my eyes. I tryed to love one to many times. Mom left me at five years of age. Then big sister and little sister went to. You cant trust love becuase in the end. Everyone leaves. Eventually. Time will passd and they will die or they will just walk away. Leaving you alone and confused with no morals like me. Now i blast this music and put my pain on this screen for others to read. Ive done some things. Bad things that i will burn for but in the end.
I wont regret a damn thing.

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I hear song amid the distant tree line
of winged angels singing praise
in sunlight prisms that flicker 
and white orchids of flowering lace
in conscious mind I retrace 
each moment of spirit great call
of soft water line pulsing
and visions that ebb my soul
one moment I climb out beyond 
this entrapment of body and flesh
and roll infinite in spirit 
with dust and ash of breath

for now 
my hands tightly folded
in a moment of praise and request
of divine heights I see climbing
to entwine eternities nest   

I drift in words held closely
of misty hymns fluttering light 
a breath
a sigh
a great release
one moment
a fraction in time

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the day before

drink my poison
make some noise again
spill your thoughts into a song
you're not 
who you say you are

whispers, old lullabies 
washing away at time
night fades into day
as the mornings 
begin the play
yesterday's reruns
trickle into dew
seen it all the day before
tomorrows nothing new

drink my poison
make me love once more
like a flower in the rain
i won't bother
to unlock your door 
it's nothing anymore

sleeping far less hours
then the moments
fading away
lost yourself 
a month ago
stirring in the cold
figured it's time
catching up with age
living by the pages

sunrise the day before
i love you even more
going on to bed right now
i wish you were a sound
images plague my head
i'm glad you're finally found

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music in the air

A piano plays
Cascading over my mind,
A gentle waterfall.
My mood relaxes
To a tender rhythm.
Memories slow dance...
And I smile.

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Pyotr's Gift

I balanced on a crescendo
as the reverberation of cannon
glanced off my chest and orange chills
ran across my back.
While, as if birthed by the composition,
warm and cool colors danced in the sky
and the loud report of fireworks echoed off buildings
and back from the now dull red horizon
to where every eye sparkled
and every face lit with emotion.
I sat as cellos and violas
seemed to lift a Prince and Princess,
then flutes and violins tossed them high
on bright and light notes
till landing on a bassoon’s breath---
where muscle and sound were softly still…

For Nathan's free verse contest
Inspired by Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture and Swan Lake

Craig Cornish
For Nette's Synesthesia Contest 11/21/2012

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Musical Submarine

Musical submarine 
Down South
John Lennon, toilet paper and comb
Hendrix put down his guitar
Hummed and sang  rrrr, brrr, dooo

Ride of the Valkyres
At the Royal Albert Hall
Nearly four thousand players 
What a buzz in the place
Good vibrations

Alabama Vest
Warren Herbert Frost
George D Smith
Africans before them
Ceremonial noises
Mirliton and membramophone
Exhibited at a dedicated museum

A Kazoo

Jack Horne for Nette’s Sound Madness contest

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Music Box Melody

Lay your head down on my chest,
What do you hear?
The music box melody.
Wind it up,
With just a kiss 
Just a touch,
And hear the music that pours through.
I hear it always,
Whenever I say your name,
Or You call mine,
And time just  seems to fly by.
Do you see it when I smile?
When I laugh with the melody?
Listen with your ear to my heart.
Can you hear it?
Can you wind it up,
With a smile?
With a hug?
Wind up to play,
The Music Box Melody.

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Let the Music Play

Recorded music - 
running amok in my brain
mirroring my mood
taped, stored, replayed
Running soft, soothing
Turning complicated, confused
angry, worried or afraid
mourning and weeping 
Photographic moments... 
Give up the fight
Unleash the music
Let the demons rage
Let it shatter your heart
Pray the song never ends...

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Easy Prey

He saw her, as soon as he entered the room
It wasn’t her beauty, although she was pretty;
pretty drunk. It was her voice that he heard,
The giggle, that hideous giggle.
She sat on the sofa, glass of Jack Daniels in hand
The bottle, on the floor, half hidden along side the sofa.

He grabbed a drink, not too strong
And moved in on her.

“Hi” he said, fancy a drink? unknown to her 
He was already pouring her one.
“fancy going somewhere else”?…. she giggled
He stroked her hair, sliding his hand onto her shoulder
Slowly moving down her front, stopping
Just before her breasts…. testing the water!

He paid compliments, she fell in love.

She staggered across the room
Was it the drink or the heels?
Maybe that’s why no-one helped or advised.
Friendless! Or did they know her of old?

As they stepped outside the room, she glanced at the stairs
But he had other ideas, he held her hand tight, 
And walked down the hall towards  the basement door

Checking that no-one was watching he opened the door
Switched on the light, to reveal a precarious set of steps
Confidently he walked down…quietly, willingly she followed

They stepped onto a cold stone floor…. their steps echoed
She could feel the dampness!
In the empty room, except for one cupboard in the corner
He swung her around, pushed her back to the cupboard
And in a flash she could feel his fingers at the top of her panties
In a second they were at her ankles!

She looked upwards and heard the noise of music and laughter above her
She then felt herself being lifted and sat on the stained top
He lifted her dress, and fell to his knees...... the music had gone

She had only felt pleasure like this a few times before,
She felt like screaming, but as though he knew, he instinctively
Put his hand over her mouth…..
He stood up and as he entered her, her back arched and thrust 
Her firm breasts forward, nipples taut, his mouth encased them
She could feel his teeth, intense power
Inside she was dancing!

A final thrust ensured they united together
She sat there gasping, he turned, slowly walked away
Then stopped and said, “I’ll go back up, our guests will wonder 
Were we are”………. she looked, smiled and thought
No they won’t ……

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I Hear A Symphonie { Vignette}

reconised as one of the greatest harpsichordist 
his sonates for flute and harpsichord remain
an attractive part of chamber music repertoire
with six string symphonies he had written for
baron von swieten and arbiter elegentium in vienna
music by cpe bach is often listed with a reference number
from the catalogue of his works by wotquenne {wq}

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel

Can find his works at
Classics online .com

Entry For Brian Strand's FanFare Contest

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Back in Time

Listening to oldies 
Is a flashback through your mind.
Letting the disco, rock and roll, and pop
Take you back to that time
Where life was left on the dance floor
And you had to be “Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive”.

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Songs of Your Heart

Play the songs of your heart
sing to each day never ending
A jungle of voices and angles
sing to the strings of each day.

Intricacy at your fingertips
to touch the palms of the dance
and play the horns of forever
singing the songs of your heart

Listen closely to our song
it tangles to mesh us together
greener the flowers grow tall
rich in the treasure of each day

Harmony sing to us at dawn
your beauty filters the past
soft skin coiled into one
a sonnet of extacy

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A Dream Within A Dream

Standing before a diverse group
A talent found in devoted individuals

A musicians haven
A musicians dream

I gently grasp my simple tool
A baton

The music sings in my head
Only one thing to do now

I raise my hands
And the musicians are ready

A simple flowing tempo
Written by my hand

A cello sings my hearts soulful song
A tear leaves this musicians eye

This is my dream
Within a dream

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My Passion

We've had a passionate love affair
throughout my life and when I hear
the notes resound I have to dance
or warble off a verse or two.
In darkness comes a hint of light
that transcends every sadness there.
With rich aplomb I sing so loud
the angels swiftly gather 'round
to cheer me on and so it goes.
I pick up my guitar and strum.
When life gets strange or out of sync
I simply play the songs I know.
And sometimes when love's left me dry
or a broken spirit's haunting still
in dead of night or break of dawn
the melodies can soothe me so.
This love I have for music lasts
throughout my life,into my being.
And when my time on this plane ends
I hope to join a heavenly choir.
The angels and I will harmonize.
I'll even learn to play a harp!

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One Day In a Forest Meadow, Love Did Occur

The steps come easy
Almost hurried as I tread
The uneven trail before me
The sun is low in the sky
Distracted by the long
Angled shadows
Before me
Brought back to you
By the rushing sound
Of your breathing
Like a stony brook
I reach for you with
My eyes
My hand
I take hold of your smile
As my groping fingers
Stroke the small of you
We see in us
The other’s lust
Compelled by anticipation
Bottles clank to my side
As we descend the
Bluff above the river
You take my hand for keel
As your other is bundled
With music and quilt
We find our spot
That secret spot
Bathed by the whole day’s sun
There is shade in reach
But it’s the sun we seek
Chilled by the morning mist
As I knelt
We spread our quilt
Cornflower blue
Where clover eagerly grew
Placing my bundle at the head
Our riverside bed
Frames us like a
lit by the
Late morn sun
Hours we’ve spent
Upon wine, cheese and laughter
Drunk on smiles and lust
Have us we must
As the breathing grows
Rapid and musical
Moans of hunger
Filling the air around us
Joining the singing birds
And dancing trees
Our bodies move as one
Locked in the rhythm of all
Like pixies of spring
Undressing slowly
Taunting on the breeze
Sunlight hot upon
The angles of us
Soothing deep
Melting into the
Melting of you
Reaching over
My shoulder
Moonlight sonata
Gently echoes across the water
The music enters in
The midst of us
Tickling the ends of us
Driving our dance so smooth
We draw on our wine
Crimson and fine
And merge the delight
With a kiss
I nibble the flesh
From nape to breast
Easing scrapes with
Ministrations… soft and wet
Feel your blades
On my back
Shoulder to thigh
Tickling my eye
So naughty – take
My breath away
Kisses long and deep
Breathing passion
At the others gasp
Feel my hardness trace
Deftly the center of you
Break our embrace
Kissing a trail to
To the scent of you
Hearing our music
As I do… you offer
You to me, frantic
Wet, setting my pace
Grinding the face
That’s grinning through
Your desire
Off of the corners of
Of my thirst
I taste of my wine
And mix it with thine
As we taste us
Upon the Mage’s grape
Flesh quivers and begs
Girded with legs
A tempo in flux
Beethoven conducts
My bow across
Your cello
Sweet medley of
Body language refrain
Haunting and deep
With a key to the keep
Tis a trembling click
The door  spasms ajar
It’s heard from afar
As the passion of the meadow screams back.

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Red Sound

It sounds like the Egyptian harp
playing in the sunset, as the clouds
redden above the horizon.

It sounds like a saxophone in the moonlight,
as a blonde in a red dress steals the show;
her beauty surpassing the fame of jazz players
performing a live-band.

It sounds like an eerie Halloween piano tune
in the dark, giving you an impression
of blood-spilling.

It sounds like red wine flowing
into a glass, surrounded by the tunes of violins.

It sounds like these words I have just written.....

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Mama's Soft Music

When tears rolled down little Mia's cheeks 
mama's soft music was always there to sing her lullabies to sleep 
during the summer, winter, and even in the springs 
mama's music still sang even when mama wasn't around to speak 

Her music sufficed 
and was always there to inscribe a melodious picture in her little Mia's eyes 
they reflected mama's feelings, her teachings, her conscience, her thoughts, her hopes, and her pride 
the music emerged as Mama danced her subtle fingers gently between her favorite harp's hips 
gradually entertaining and inviting courage, comfort and laughter to surge around her little Mia's teeth 
quietly sending little Mia to sleep 

Mama's composition and words made little Mia wonder what vanished fear from her little feet, 
and mama silently hoped that her little baby would grow to attain the legacy left within her reach.

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Stars shine brightly above me as I look up at the glowing full moon.
A cool breeze is blowing and
A soft music seems to play in the air around me as
I think of what life has given me.

This gift is more than I could have brought myself to ask for.
For the longest time I've been content to be there for others
Ignoring the fact that as I helped my friends find happiness, I have been alone.
Now I find that Life has given me a gift. A thing so precious that never again could I go
through life without it.

Life has given me you.
You, Suki, have become my life force. The very thing that keeps me going.
I love you with everything I have. Granted, it isn't much, but I promise you that it wont
be missed. I'll love you enough to make up for the materialistic things that I don't have.

The moon blurs as tears fill my eyes and I start glowing as bright as the shining full
moon above me and
I find that the music I hear around me that is so heartbreaking-ly beautiful isn't in the air.
It's inside me.
I never have to be alone again.
Never do I have to bottle things up for the sake of other people because I know I have
someone who wants nothing more than to have me cry on his shoulder.
I love him
And to the very core of my being I know he loves me.

Life has given me something I never dared to let myself dream of having.

Life has given me Suki.

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Our redeeming creation—
this, the architect of sound.
Chaotic joy perfectly expressed;
an infinite extension of my outstretched arms.

You torment me with the agony of the world
and yet it were as though my heart would burst,
to be filled so.

Had I no limb, no tongue, no eye, no breath, no body,
this would sustain me.

Through closed eyes, I see the flutter of wings,
the oceans of distant planets at my feet.
I am bathed in the light of something sacred.
I am restored again.

The entry to this world is achieved.
This dream is possible.
The dream is real.

[Published in Harvest (2012) by Polar Expressions Publishing]

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The same sad song

She was bent on torment,
spinning around in her heels,
leaving marks on the dance floor
as he spit his faith into a beer can.
She wept for the morning,
in her own way. 
Her comfort cradled
in the weathered arms
of a transient artist.
 A 6 string that he’ll never play here again;
But she always finds those same
strings that tie her to this town.
The notes that keep her going,
                                                            writhing under every moon
                                                                                with men like him.
Hoping the sounds they make together,
will sate the burn of dawn’s solace. 
Praying for a song that will make it til’ morning.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Beethovens Number 5

                         Trapped inside my automobile, bemused
                by the sound of sirens, blaring horns and tires turning
                                faster than dreams disappear -
                     like wild geese flying towards the speed of light
                                   losing myself in the reverie
                                           of classical music
                                             to my delight…

                              no longer has her hooks in me as she
                                    once did not long ago, when
                              I was still a younger lad who had all one
                          could possibly ask for and then some except
                               truth staring me straight in the eyes
                    as time flew by and I continued refusing to realize that
                                 the sights and sounds of life disguise
                          what’s underneath the surface and the sands, lie
                                 more loveliness and beauty than we
                                             can ever understand.

                                         While turning up the radio
                                          to Beethoven’s Number 5
                                   the bustling traffic that entraps me
                                              makes me grateful
                                                     I’m alive.

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The Music Highway

Let me fly upwards with my music 
Riding towards the highway of success
Oh yes, a brand new day is giving birth
And like it I also long to burst forth
Music it enriches the heart and soul
It tells of love and feelings and pain
To write music is a unique experience
It is a blessing from the heaven above
To hear it played and suddenly alive
Brought to life by this modern world
By a great artist who hears your inner voice
That is true creativity and collaboration
Oh hear my inner joy and also my laughter
Dance to the sounds let your feet fly
May my love songs unite lovers for a moment
Let this music reach out hear my heart
Hear joy and need and longing and desire
Dear world my music is so crying out to be heard.

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headed in a back-words direction (eternal-reverb)

(how well I could play)
in a straight forward way;
simplifying it, making it more pure
in a clear sound, turning it up
and bearing down...

there'd be distortion, red-anger, punk-blue,
get it up tough, keep it going,
'cause I didn't know what else to do.

at fifteen I was unreasonably accomplished
with those long dynamic echo-delayed riffs;
at eleven I was sleeping in the back of a car
surrounded by books an amp and a guitar,

rolling around with the sound of
a welt chord, a grace note, Henry Miller and Nietzsche;
laying-down these upholstery-songs in the summer of seventy-eight
where reverb was explored beyond the return of counter-culture,
going 'round the bend, headed in a back-words direction again

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I like Mr Leonard

I like Mr Leonard for having the courage to say that he doesn’t know. For asking the questions and getting some answers, though some questions might have been wrong. I like Mr Leonard for taking us places, down by the river, up Tower of Song. For showing us people who may be half crazy, at least in the eyes of this world. I like Mr Leonard for his Hallelujahs and asking us to sing along. For trying to get closer to our creator, to feel that we aren’t alone. I like Mr Leonard. What Songwriter or writers Inspire you? (Leonard Cohen)

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Bogart's Crowd

Deafening crowd,
Definitely shout,
Defyingly loud,
Undeniably wow’d. 

Hands stretched to the ceiling.
Sweat beaded faces.
Driven by the feeling.
Adrenal speed races.

Been here before,
But never quite so right.
It’s in the air tonight.
My kind of night!

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No regrets

My time as a French hornist 
led me nowhere
My jazz. rock and classical studies led me nowhere.  
I used to sing 
while my father played the piano 
Art songs
He is gone now 
He made it to 81 - which is longer than most 
So I'm not a First French Hornist 
An accomplished pianist thrilling the crowds
I am a published poet 
As is everyone on this site!
As for those older people who are learning a few notes on the keyboard 
at an Adult Ed class
More power to them!

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A Song For You

Played sweetly
In notes of serenity
Lifting mind before spirit
Body and drifting soul

Rustling leaves my cymbals
Distant thunder the drums
Lightning silver flash 
Waking your beautiful eyes

Love sung
From life's guitar
Slender neck and body
Strumming heart chords softly

Jingle jangle memories played
Out loud
Joyous thoughts my tambourine
Living in graceful tempos

Your wispy silken back
My piano
Tracing by ear
Fingers caressing remembered keys

Lips gently press lips
Ringing bells heard over and over                
Love now,
Chiming so crystal clear

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Prelude to Sleep

open window's symphony
rain falling softly, lightly
crescendoes, pounds
then again, diminishes 
each landing, a note
- plip - on balcony's slate 
- plop - on wooden rail 
- ping - on metal roof
- paapf - on leafy tree

bird's flute sweet-swirling
an octave above the rest
meter drawn from distant church bells
- clang - clang - clang -
cars passing - swisssssssh -
their wake the maestro's flourish
thunder's deep rolls
sforzando al fine

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The texture of satin does not speak to me
The tiles beneath my feet do.
The feel of the paper, smooth, white, capturing thoughts 
Words are potent
The hand that forms them,
The mind that finds them...
All hold a promise, my promises to myself.
I explore,
I create-
Looking to capture freedom on a paper.
The dark night, the bright moon ...and ...
Shades of black and white
Between the two.
The paper, the black ink and...
The lives of people in between.
Music fills my head,
For a long time, in trying to live, 
I have been dead.
Dark and white...
Wrong and right...
I am setting the rules to fire
I explore,
I create-
mindscapes on paper.

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Music, music, and more music 
Is one of my loves
I sing, I dance, I write lyrics,
It’s one of my gifts that was given to me 
From above

I don’t take credit for my gifts
They’re to be shared like 

A safe, smooth ride as we share this journey
Lyrics, melodies and beats
What could be better?

Jazz, R&B, Country, Classic, Rock, 
Popular artist an unheard of artist

I just need to hear a beautiful voice and well
Played music
Those are the things I trust

Play on players
Sing on singers

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Jill Scott

"Love rain down on me..."
she bellows sweetly
I drink her soul through
the sounds
Letting me into her universe
dripping with love, food, imagery
a beautiful symphony of words
"Slowly, surely, I walked away from..."
the thought of turning my  cd off
Jazz seeping through my pores 
melting me like chocolate in hand
'I understand what you sayin' girl!!!'
Moving feet with every beat
"Love rain down on me..."

Author's Note: Some of the words in this piece are from actual songs. Jill Scott 
has been a tremendous influence in my poetry. Her music and words are 
constant companions. Much respect to her.

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Helen, I'm Coming

He calls- seldom I answer
They feel stiff.
He cries- seldom I console
They feel weak.

He knocks for entrance 
Though inside he lives
He enters- He observes me smiling
I shut him off completely- He’s out

I call- he’s always there
They smile.
I cry- he never turns his back
They tear. 

I enter his world-I never knock
He welcomes. 
I can hear some gossip in delight
Others just groan, vexed. 
The more I see is delight
Yet the others, are always in sight
I call- I cry- I enter-
When I smile, I leave.

He calls- waiting for my answer
They shiver.
He cries-cries for help
They perish. 

He knocks and enters
I give no care   
He stands still staring
“I called for you, you never replied
Burden lifted, they’re gone.
My gloomy 'flats' and 'sharps', 
Never felt your love, they left.
My innocent, smiling 'majors' and 'minors'
Never shared your laughter, they left.

Good bye my friend, Helen is waiting
Please pray for the Keller’s to welcome me home.”

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All of Me in Verse

The song; John Legend's song,
makes me feel like loving my lady
more and more into the core;
borrowing all her sadness;
loving her as she is;
seeing the goddess in her eyes,
though she may be angry at me or hurt.

The ambiance of the lyrics and tune
makes me feel like getting my whole secrets
and self lost into her tender heart,
like a star being swallowed by a black-hole

Taste of my lady's sweet nature is all I taste,
engulfed in the flame of the lyrics......

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the Emperor of Reflections

lost in the war 
searching for
flowers and pollen
across from hell
with a pen and a pad

i hope life is 
as sweet to you 
as your mirror is

playing piano after the war
a melody sewn with scars
in the mist of our journey
we became who we are

from stories of elders 
keys are like feathers
something to sooth your tears
when they become drops of leather

i hope life is 
as sweet to you 
as your mirror is

when time is awake 
how do you wait
my ballad of war 
for all those
who have wronged me

"i don't need your hell"

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As I gently hold your rounded body
close to my chest you see through me to read 
the tablature in my heart and feel the beat
emanating from it;

involuntarily I shut my eyes 
to braille read you with my calloused left hand finger tips 
as it moves up and down the fret board
caressing your long giraffe neck; 

I sit there with you and hum
soulful melodies as my right hand strum
your tuned up strings and my left hand fretting
a progression of chords belonging 
to the same key;

you never say to me a word or two
yo never tell me you are tired	
but when I have a song to do
I sit there with you
and hold you close to my chest,
Strum you, caress you and 
you give a soulful  melody with all your best; 

I sit there with you, compose songs 
and sometimes cry on you 
and sometimes smile to you
I fret you, I strum you
But you never say a word or two 
You never tell me you are tired
I sit there with you and 
hope that your strings will not break;

Bojosi Ditshwele ©

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outside my skin

Do you think I’ll ever be 
able to smile again
(I just don’t know)
I’m losing it all within
(To where do I go)
When I’m out of my skin 

I was breathing this morning
Red bricks, green leaves
I showered and mourned 
All my dreams away

I’m happily fading
Don’t you wish you were here
This morning I rose
My toes next to yours

I’m peacefully falling
In and out of doubt
Cassettes and feathered weights
I grabbled and crawled 
Within your daunting walls

I’m my corner I’m daunting
Yes dear,  I’m subtly yours 
Closed my curtains this evening
And you kissed my doors

I was breathing this morning
Red bricks, green leaves
I happily fading
Don’t you wish you were here
I’m peacefully falling 
I’m losing it all 

Do you think I’ll ever be 
able to smile again
(I just don’t know)
I’m losing it all within
(To where do I go)
When I’m out of my skin 

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Soundtrack to my escape

I am the fallen one, one casted away,
A reminant of a broken promise
Man shakled for one dying wish,
My vissicitudes haunt me everytime
The sound of those blazing drums,
I heard the music mystifies us all,
Saves a man from a Fall,
The strings are being pulled and the chorus chants,
The melody which melts us all,
I heard music has power: To cure and transform
I am still the same; The Man with a broken promise
Caught in the realmn of this heaven and earth
My body becometh the prison of my soul
I am a composer, A composer in oblivion – Looking
Looking, for the soundtrack to my escape.

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A February Tale

An ending vision without the sun
In opened streets
To where did you run
With meager vowels
A sudden stench 
That favors clean towels
Beauty arose to become you
You became it’s lovely tyrant
Visions disclosed 
We grew ever so silent
Indeed you ran
Children of this lost land
Did you find comfort 
Within a strangers hand
Afford you could not 
His supplied demand
When belief is distinguished
What becomes of a beleaguered man
The ruminants of an eager and pitied fool
With empty palms and scared wishes
She held closely these jewels 
Forgive her 
For she never knew 
Her days 
Would find rest on brood 

If February were a love story
I couldn’t give you a tale 
That meant more to me 
But as you can see, In February 
We long to become a love story

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A Half Life or Radiocarbon Dating

When the carbon -14 is gone from your bones,
And nothing remains but a hull,
I’ll still hold your taste in my dry, empty jaw,
Having etched AHM in my skull
As the sun will not shine
And my heart will decay
No more will an N
Feel the sweet cosmic rays
Until all I can do is play along, quiet
As all that I say will be wrong, or defiant
Every chemical taken,
In hopes they might calm me,
Become but an agent,
To embalm and prolong the - wait
I can't wait for the times when I'll see you again,
Though, each time I'll be secretly flooded with pain
A Gala, Penelope, Laurie, a muse
And all of this, a cold fuse

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That Moment

It's one of those moments,
the guy in you grabs the micro
starts talking on and on;
mine is often sarcastic,
from high school to career,
spinning around the questions starting with why,
no escape from responding.
It's like life itself, which is always to blame;
and which you can not do away with.
In that moment you go through a mental trance.

Next, a piece of music wakes you from your journey.
It does not matter who it is,
be it Ravel, Brahms or,Rachmaninoff;
But, mostly it's Pachelbel knocking at my door.
in that moment, lightnings thud in my world,
just as my internal lights are dead blind.

The dried, barren soil kisses the wild stream
through cracked lips,
A mom presses her toddler into her chest,
that moment, life leaps into joy
stripped of mournful sorrow.
It feels like seeing the smile on the kid's face
who made her first step;
it feels like being picked up by
the Baroque tune in "Canon In D".

To some others,
it feels like waking up to Miles Davis.

People keep pouring through the streets,
no matter what happened last night;
it's like life itself,which is always to blame
and which you can not do away with.

Next, my eyes get blurry
they see the loved one behind
the foggy hills of my mind.

it feels like covering her naked body with blanket,
shielding off the morning breeze
slipping through our ajar window
as bed sheets smells of our sweat of bliss.
That moment, it feels like sensing life
running through your veins.

So, you show interest in these verses
partnering with me in that moment
don't be intimidated with sharing it
It feels like being a single body, united
with all of our good deeds and sins.

Afar, The Sun sends her last rays
down the snow capped mountains of my heart
that moment, my ears are cozily stuck with
the arias of Andrea Bocelli, warm and gripping
it feels like my dad's still alive and smiling

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The essence of a true Empress unveil
The words that cometh out her mouth
Words of wisdom's sacred grail
Words that free the struggle
Breaking mental chains
Flows through her veins

Her words are so powerful
It encamp or rather en-gulf
Our burning desire
For knowledge and spiritual fire
Her mind is her womb
Nurturing, stimulating strumming her tune
People be-mooned
Stand up and listen
Feed from her spoon
Depth and mindless shallow
The power of her message speedily follow
The peaceful revolution stand
That which is of a poetic woman

©Copyright January 22, 2012 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved


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They say one cannot embrace pure silence,
But can they feel the silence embracing them?
Our minds in pausing and transitions,
Could it be…that
Within our souls is an air pocket or two?
Is there a space that should be filled?—can be filled?

The composer was aware by the traffic
That music is merely sounds
And he accepts those sounds and loves them!
Many have said if this was so,
How meaningless music would be!
But there is a certain truth to his words
That one can find buried inside 
Nothing is quiet
Everything is so loud 
Silence is naught but fought
And mechanical resonances bring peace to the heart 

Like sounds to music
Is like words to poetry
There is possibly no rhythm to it at all
But there is a mental tempo as hard as iron in this shackled mind 

Poems are all but words
I accept what they are
Simple, wonderful words

And they are embraceable
Even in our view of silence

-inspired by the composer John Cage on the “experience of silence and sound”- 

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I let my voice resonate
so softly
feathers caressing me
like notes on a keyboard 
I soar high 
strumming me 
sweetly I glide
from side to side
as my ears move my feet
"Pa da pa pa paaa!!!"
delicate words
needed to be heard

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October Georgia

October Georgia faintly whispers... Whistling gaps between the autumn days She plucks the blues in windy back wood fiddles Hums hymns of Evergreens across the open space And around the rustic corners Blackbird banjoes play Echo callings that cannot wake Towns and sleepy hollows forgotten Or shake the fields off of southern snow The bleeding heart of silent cotton Confederate clouds sky beards lazily wave Soothing horizons and the ears of God’s children Preaching sounds that lead from Sabbath churches Fruit sweeter than the sweetest Dixie peaches October Georgia faintly whispers A simpler and easy life downhome tradition And all can feel it beneath their bones The tickle of her southern music

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Dark night, cold rain
you and I standing there
beyond our understanding
the ocean our domain

in front of it we shiver
trying to decipher

Subconscious mind is showing us
the dream has taken over us
what is the meaning of the signs
Have we met in another life?


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The presto agitato of a Moonlight Sonata

Listening to winters third movement
there was a prelude,
but not a proposition.
I, like a fiddlehead in spring waited
as a moonlight sonata
of snowflakes glistened in a blizzard;
firelight tangoed with shadows,
like a fantasy of glimmering fairies unfurling 
into a full concerto of blazing sound.
Smiling, I whistled along thinking of the robins in spring.

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Interviewer: What is your piano to you ?

  A piano is my lover; an intimate body who trembles and illicits sighs and groans under my careful touch
  A piano is my companion; a loyal friend who stands and waits patiently and unconditionally
  A piano is my voice; a passionate manifestation of my emotions when physical expression fails me
  A piano is my soul; an innate fragment of my heart, mind and body that gives me life and purpose 
  A piano is my heaven; an ethereal sanctuary that offers me refuge in my otherwise immoral world.

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My Inspiration- Eminem

Inspiring lyricist to many,
His rhymes are extremely varied,
at first I thought he was crazy, but in his stories I saw me,
trying to escape, always trying to make things right a little too late,
but remind yourself to never listen to the hate.
When you feel it, it' almost hard to believe it, you're probably destined for nothing less than great.
Then the pressure adds,you feel no other emotion besides to get mad,get loud, 
I'm simply losing my cool, called a fool for losing my sense of humor because i decided to like school.
Just like him, I did it for me, I wanted to get clean, my addiction was any drink containing some henny.
I no longer wanted to limit my abilities.
Life though seems longer,slower, and rougher but now I can remember life itself.
Now I see me.
There is beauty filled with insecurities, welcoming warmth,but a predators attack towards anyone who want to question me.
Painful past, fake ass home, it's like I was taught to put on some kind of show, but i refuse to take part in that anymore.
Just like him I'm discovering my roots, who I am along with all the truth.

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Heart Strings

Sitting in the dark
A stage illuminated
What a beautiful soul
That plays such notes
Which drifts away

The melody strikes deep
The chorus of my heart
Each string strummed
A forgotten kiss 
Which drifts away

The passion of the song
The grace of the performer
Memoirs of happiness
A deep, lost affection
Which drifts away

As the concert ends
Tears formed 
The last note played
And the image of his love
Which drifted away

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Flower In Her Hair

She always wears that silver flower
Because precious memories fill it up
No one knows her best friends past
It's in her raven locks as his promise
To never leave her alone, to always be there
And also as a reminder of their closeness
He has yet to betray her trust
So it remains in its proper place
A fragment from both bleeding hearts
Love for them isn't possible
He loves another girl to
And she can't forget the first
Both have been broken and scarred
Music possess them
Proud of each others dreams
Rain pelts her tear-streaked face
Flames of guilt consume him
They are so blind to one another
Yet they realize the need for each other

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What You Should Do

Late at night
    music on the radio
the lights out 
   Your fate is in your hands
What you should do 
      with your remaining time 
  is something you must decide
      Late at night 
            music on the radio 
the candle of life 
    burning slowly 
You must decide what you 
      should do 
The demons within 
     and without
   Make your decision 
a difficult one
       illuminate your path 
Let starlight aid you 
         on your journey 
Let yourself travel
          on paths of peace
towards the ultimate goal 
     which lies at the end
of a very long road

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Thoughts of A Song Writer

From my thoughts on the paper in which it lies, 
My everlasting passion is inked as it dries.
The way I feel inside, you might want to spy,
But if you pry, how will my lyrics surprise?
A song for thought will only leave a thought.
May sound difficult, but that’s just how I talk.
I was lost, but I found me.
Dreaming and believing that writing was my key.
The way it flows and the way that it goes pumps me to speak
the very thoughts that many minds chose to keep.
Many rocks I’ve kicked and many decisions I’ve made.
Any wrongs I take the blame.
Tic-tac-toe is only a game.
I plagiarize your eyes with the notes that I’ve taken,
A high note here and a low note there-
You’d swear I’m in your head when my song hits your ear.
Pain recognizes pain
And I’ve have my share of bandages.
 My vibes from life heals the permanent damages.
Thoughts of a Songwriter,
Reaches farther beyond the beat,
Over the lyrics on the sheet,
Not only is it about the speech,
 But more of what the message seeks.
True enough a theme is touched and a heart is rushed.
With the mind-throbbing picture disappearing 
Through the ink of my pen and revealed through your lens,
You can’t hear me, but do you feel me?
I cherish my talent and where it could possibly sweep me.
My doubts and my worries are beneath me.
I love for brighter days and pray for more things to pave.
Call my life my number because its infinite.
Thoughts of a Songwriter,
My mentality drips it.

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Vagabond of Light

Long spider fingers wielding bells
and mallets and chimes,
sounded like what love should be, like astronomy,
like the glitter on their black silk shirts.
The music sprinkled galactic ozone on youthful minds
the chords flowed smoothly much like the Milky Way
and tasted faintly of mint and lavender.
It was aloe on burnt skin.
The minor chords
and the silent beat carried the audience with care
until the last note,
which left us breathless.

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Ignoring the Drum Major

I'm ignoring the drum major
Or at least I wished I was,
since she can be very loud,
and I'm fingering my Shako,
you can pet him if you want,
he won't bite, I promise,
and my Dinkles have a rock in each heel.
I want to bend over and take it out,
but the thought never forms in my mind.
I watch the crowd with lazy eyes,
that way they can't see me looking around,
and now that I have nothing to do
but watch the drum major and think,
I become aware of my muscles, 
and decide to think about something else.
I realise I had left my ankle brace on the tightest setting;
I could feel my circulations weaken in my toes.
Quick movements catch my eye;
We snap-turn and exit the field, 
I'm still thinking about the rocks in my Dinkles,
and don't even notice as it starts to rain.

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Musical Entities

At the top of this mountain
My heart pounding
Aware of all i possess
Once upon a time in vacancy land,
I close this book,
It's last words read,
The power,
I watch as the waves spread
Layering over the crowd
Suffocating us all within unity
The ground shakes
As i lye here
Ants colonizing over the surface of my flesh
Dependent opon the vibrations of my skin
Sand sinking further in my back
Golden braids blend with the light
The grass reveals orange
Illuminiscent beauty,
A land once vacant,
Now taken over by the power of sound
The waves descend,
Ascending farther past this plain
Clouds breathing
Whispering echoes heard from this surface
Over and over,
Once again,
We are counting on this feel
We are losing the hours into the night
The full moon beams patterns
Never seen before,
Only to be cherished for this night
This moment in reality,
A body of vibrations
With ties so loosely,
Woven in and out of structures
Between the buried and me,
We remain threads of certainty,
In this moment,
Dependent on one another,
Through the body of the greater
The body of the ocean,
Counting on us to voice peaceful serenity
To accomodate the loss some of us have never found
I watch as stars fall on my face
Burning my mind, for all that i once knew before
Rising to greet the occassion,
The waves pick me up and guide me through the music

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The Virgin

The Virgin

The virgin was the daughter of a retired surgeon
Who enjoyed imported beer and catching sturgeon.
At a seedy hotel with no blinds and garbage bags
For the provision of relief from the sun
They entered by the will of an old desk hag
With a hairy chin and breasts that would sadly sag.
Her father's disbelief as he circled the town.

In his car, no story about the library accepted,
He went through her wardrobe and suspected.
Still as he drove around and search the sky, the street,
The windows of restaurants, and the ground
His precious dirty little was nowhere to be found. 
An advert in the newspaper, $200 in bills, a hungry tongue
And she emptied her bank account, the act was her will.

She wanted a stranger, not a nice boy who told her to lie still. 
A monstrous walrus of hard flesh from the shower
Though she knew she was the one with the power
And she had appreciated his arrival upon the hour.
She found his instrument shocking to the senses
As she rubbed and 'polished' him back and forth
Cantankerous, red, and alarming in size.

The virgin soon realized the pleasures of her demise
She could hardly keep her speculation in disguise
Reminiscent of sharks out of the water
Ready to devour the girl, as was her wish. 
Her father kept looking around
But as she screamed in pleasure,
He found she was nowhere to be found.

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Shelby Flint

From your origins in California, you gained amounts of popularity. No matter where your travels would take you, success would always seem to be close by. Receiving a guitar when you were young, destiny became a life of music. A God-given angelic voice we hear. Each recording is a sweet, simple tune. Yes, you had an angel on your shoulder. That angel has never since departed. That lucky penny’s still in your pocket. The four leaf clover is in your locket. While you threw nickels in the wishing well, a warm and tender love was all you’d need. Your beautiful music enchanted us. You told us all about the boy you love. The years have passed, and you remain with us. Your kind gentle voice is one we still hear. Whether you are on stage, or on CD, we can enjoy all the sweet notes you sing.

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Ecstasy - Not in any order

Make a start
Not in any order
Go on the outer
Then circle the border
Fly your kite, let it soar
Do not take less, when you can get more
Never you sigh,
Or ask the reason why
Break free, break free
Glide through the rapture
Ride the torrid winds
Expand your horizon
Search for hidden things
Play your music high
Play your music low
The salient notes, the hidden crescendos
Floating and waning, entering chasms
Soar to where eagles fly
Let me shout, take me high
For brave men seek glory
While cowards choose to die
Never to gain freedom from 
Failure to try
Break down the walls, join the battle
Jericho's walls were the trumpeter's cotton
As the orchestra plays
And conductor wields his baton
The fiddler tweaks his notes
To the strings of the harper's  tussle
A harmony of notes
Toeing and froing, crescendos growing
Seeds are sown and harvest flowing
Savour your journey, never to be forgotten.
In passionate embraces
Spoil me rotten.
Drink from the fountain
Take from the well
Wield your magic ,then cast your spell.
Not in any order
No rules are laid
Just make the effort 
Go on the outer but don't cross the border..

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more than tears

you're to scared to look me in my eyes
Witness for yourselves my soul as it cries
Don't ever look me in my eyes
I'm everything the world despise

I've been falling for years in this black pit
Calling my fears, chasing my tears after I spit
On a seven day week
Never from heaven do we speak
Anything I love is lost
Worse than my life, 
happiness was the cost
For years and years I've been mistreated
Never once was my heart defeated
Scrapping iron and steel
To whom do you think this appeals
On a three day resting break
No time for plates, I got demons to take
I'm running in circles
Everything in this atmosphere is purple
Why do we die
leave close ones to cry
Cross my flesh with a hot towel
Respect me for the things I said in foul
Put my hands together 
and let the world know I tried

Don't ever look me in my eyes
You're to scared to look me in my eyes
visualize for yourself, my soul as she cries

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Music Is Unique

Music is the food of mind
A nutrient for the soul
When it is sinking
With a tearful toll
It relaxes the thoughts
And pacifies the heart
By removing all evils
And filling the gaps
With a restful nap

Music is the worship of Lord
Which binds our heart
With an accord
To the Almighty soul
By keeping us away
From our inner guilt
And the ill feelings
Which built
A horrible castle of 
Confining sins

Music is the language of love
Which in strange ways
Easily conveys
What a confused love
Cannot display
Even with thousands of 
Words spoken 
In a really known 
It is the most ancient way
To conveniently say
And make humanity gay

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thoughts to martyr

when the lights are dim
and the night looks grim
all i write is sound
and i think i'm better off
better off

twice today
I was in your arms
and i bit my tongue 
i'd rather be aloft
yea i think i'm better off
better off

dear city that never sleeps
i often think of you
i wonder how you will keep
when the night sinks into
and if you make it to the days break
no one will really know it's you
another second chance to excel with truth
relaxed like stooping pigeons on the roof
lately i've been dying for a noose
or just a rope in general to hang myself from
day light trickles
but i find it difficult to hold a nickel to my left thumb
in other words 
life is simple if you play it as it comes
here lately 
i find myself growing more skeptical of people 
feelings resemble damaged goods that pose lethal
at the edge of absinthe 
and only tear drops touch the needle 
i still write
but most of the time i'm like
kind of nice
for tomorrow pushes me gently 
it's a rush but it soothes my thoughts 
and i'm stronger mentally

when the lights are dim
and the night looks grim
all i write is sound
and i think i'm better off
better off

twice today
I was in your arms
and i bit my tongue
i'd rather be aloft
yea i think i'm better off
better off
so i'll send this letter off

"when all else fails I write"

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Peace Frogs

Tonight I walk alone
For no apparent reason
I have friends who care for me
But I had to get out of the bar
I couldn’t stand the band (and I was in it) and the smoke 
Was choking me

Outside under the neon lights of the 
“South Side Bar” I look up and wonder
What has this gig brought me?
A brief moment in some frat boy’s memory
He will share and enhance to impress his fat boy 
Buddies in their button down shirts and top siders
Punch drunk and full of cheap cocaine they bought from 
Some guy named Raul at the Rum Boogie.

They’ll stagger down Beale Street knowing nothing about the blues 
Except that it comes in their daddy’s credit cards and Beamers
And tie dyed shirts bought at the Peace Frogs boutique.
They will walk down to the river and smoke a fat one headed
For a Wide Spread Panic show on Mudd Island.  
The perfect evening of frat boys playing for frat boys pretending to be the Grateful Dead.
Trying ever so feebly to live in the past and be in the present.  What a joke.  Do the hippie dance…sway from side to side, shake your head and grow the hair on your legs and underarms.  So cool yet such a stench of human waste.

It ain’t fair.  It ain’t right.  It just is.  And that’s the way it’s going to stay.  Cause money can by coolness and cars, but it still can’t buy me.
So I light a smoke and head another direction.  There’s a great BBQ joint about four blocks up and they serve white people.  At least ones that show respect.

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Turn the music up
Let the sound blare
Watch as our problems fade away
As we get caught up in the beat

Listen to the rhythm flow 
Hear the notes rise
No longer is there hurt or pain
As we set our volume on high

I will ignore hatred 
I shall push aside anger
Just let my music play
Allow the audio to strike my soul

And don't even dare to turn my music down.

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Harmony of Heartbeats

I want him to hold me like he holds his guitar
Fingers of his left hand light but sure on my neck
His right hand tracing melodies on my body

I want him to hold my body against his
And make my heartbeat increase in speed
Until it matches the rhythm of the riff
His fingers play across strings or skin
As his tongue teaches mine the shapes
Of the song he's singing so that
Where our lips meet there is harmony
Because his heart beats just as fast

I wish I could hold him like I hold my guitar
Fingers of my left hand light but sure on his neck
My right hand tracing melodies on his body

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The One I Used to Admire

The One I Used to Admire
Is still a unique individual
He was a great musician
On an Alto and the Piano
But to me he was a god in flesh
When he played the Piano
His tallented fingers flying
Across the white and black keys
But he had a mysterious personality
And he threw me off everytime
I saw him
One thing I wished to know..
Did he ever like me?

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A Deadly Melody

He plays a tune that I don't know
He gives me  light that does not glow
He gives me a love that I can't feel
And it feels so right though it's not real.

He offers me jewels, he offers me golds
But he never stayed with me when the nigh is cold
He gives me heat but he can never be warm
He gives me peace but shows me harm.

He plays a song with a broken guitar
But the sound is not meant for a broken heart
He's with me but I can never feel him there
I know he loves me but he shows me no care.

I know he knows but it never came across his mind
I know it's inside him but he never dares to find
I know that the love that he feels for me
Has always been a deadly melody.

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when i'm out of conversation

i stand for my tears
when i'm hurt
i touch the ground with them
spatter and sear the fear

hanging my head
high or low 
i share my thoughts
until it's my time to go 
fighting for a leader
a leader quilted and unsightly
stricken for an absence of space
a plateau of ruins and wrinkles faceless
lost by desire
i was stricken so tasteless
cold weather wishing
driven me pale 
back and forth
hoping that time sways us well
trapped in my four corners 
Keeping my mail un-shelved 
misery is a sanctum
you must rebuild yourselves
the preparers destiny
mumbling words of wisdom
when days become awry
choose your halo's and thank them
as a child my cornered demons 
thwarted me freely
now congested to societies abnormality 
my peers are subject to mirror me 
the doom through my third eye 
at the crescent of mercury's pyramid
a phantom to peaceful days 
because i'm calling it as it appears to me

"every now and then we're given a fighter"

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The Studio With You

My mornings will begin five hours past midnight
Eyes barely open, calluses still hardened
I grab the pick from my nightstand
Feeling strong and hyped despite drowsiness
The pick flips as the strings sing their tune
Awakening bliss of chords and melody
Waiting to be in the studio with you..

Light strums become distorted beauty
Your presence is at my side
Power is on, inputs are occupied
Notes harmonizing ever so sweetly
Almost no effort is made
Yet the process is so perfectly tuned
Oh to be in the studio with you..

Time for a homemade breakfast
Familiar scent of eggs and sausage
Sunlight crashing through the open window
Plucking out my notes between bites
Such a warm and welcoming feeling
A morning complete, sweet songs and orange juice
Across the hall from the studio with you..

There's no need to leave our home
Business trips mean walking to the beach
Painting, drawing, creating for money
Submitting our hearts into various auctions
Odd jobs, writing songs, living simply
Food on the table, love in our home
Glad just to be in the studio with you..

Afternoon fades into a sunset
A visual reward for surviving another day
Playing guitar on a warm rooftop
Looking into the world resting in your eyes
Romantic chords intensify your glances
Our bodies embrace as sun lights the ocean
Holding you forever in the studio with you..

The pick lies on the nightstand as we lay to rest
I see it as my motivation and my charm
Fighting for what I love, evolving into my dream
So that happiness and satisfaction can flourish
Your voice is a lullaby, sweet and eternal
Resting our minds for the following day
Another night in the studio with you..

Music is a lifestyle, not a hobby
A lifestyle I hope to completely acquire
On a distant beach of endless splendor
Laying on the rooftop with guitar and voice
Music and love coexisting with no limits
The world is our studio
The studio with you..

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A woman's body

I dream of a woman's body 
and of wrapping it in my arms
and watching as it gets slushy
and as she progressively 
becomes more slutty.
I'd like to play with it 
like a fishers price toy.
And go fishing until 
I've reached the treasure.

With a woman's body the fun
is never really over and I'll 
keep scobba diving until 
I've seen all four walls.
And pushed each and every lever. 

Some women than like to sever 
all ties and be the player. 
But when I dream of a woman's 
body I dream that time is frozen.
And that this one sensuous moment
could last forever.

But I haven't found her body yet.
I regret....    


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Dancing with Despair

I have danced while music played,
and smiled, although despairingly,
through tears at smiles not meant for me.
My soft eyes, though brown and drab,
have strived to glitter, with scant success,
as others shone bright, emitting light
beneath their lashes, lush and long.
While I lurched in crazy drunken spirals,
others, precise, performed their pirouettes
and slid across the polished floor
and smiled and laughed and more:
completely at their ease.
What terminal disease decrees
despair my partner in this dance?
Is there no chance to sit the music out,
a listener, discrete, devout?
While others whirl and dip, I slide and slip.
Must I be a half-a-pair with stumbling feet,
inept novice, graceless lout who, led about,
never has an easy air dancing with despair?

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For the Britneys of the World

I wonder if cameras really can steal the souls
Of young people caught up in celebrity roles

So many pictures, so many times,
24/7, no reasons, no rhymes

Except they’re famous for being famous, not for their art –
Do they become soulless and devoid of their heart?

Being photographed always, world-center stage,
Perhaps camera-flashes transform to flashes of rage

That explode so volcanically – Who’s at the controls?
I wonder if all those pics really did steal their souls

No matter how brightly their shooting star shone
It seems that celebrities are very alone

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The December sun fought
to shine through the golden clouds
and reach the frozen trees
under a bright marigold sky;
even the evergreen shrubs
were covered with frost
as on those Autumn mornings.

No ducks were seen
swimming in the murky lake,
it needed them for some harmony;
an occasional gust shook
the firs drooping branches
by letting frost fall off 
and it fell like small icicles.

All the boats remained fastened to anchors,
no hurricane or storm could ever make them go astray;
summer's evenings were delightful
seeing them row along the lake's solitary banks...
I recall with melancholy the boater singing 
an allegretto song with his baritone voice.

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I Play a Requiem

I play a requiem	
The notes follow
The path of my tears
Down my stricken face
A requiem
For what I carry in my heart
Passion that has died
Leaving no hope for revival
Now to be enshrouded
In layer upon layer
Of misplaced trust
Deceitful dreams
And infertile words

I mourn, I weep
I rend my clothes
And keep
A vigil in this empty chamber
Of my heart
Guarding the dead
Beating my chest
In time with the requiem
That plays incessantly in my head
As I walk along the bier
Refusing burial rights
Hoping for a miracle of light

The requiem plays on
And I sit in a stupor
Tears soaking my gown of mourning
Unable to make sense of it all

What will I do now?
How will I go on?
Without the beat of my heart
Without my little words
Without my passion

I play a requiem
embellishing each measure
with note memories and tears
A requiem for the dead
The impetus for me
To live on....

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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     The muse
touches you at times 
     your words sing !
Most of the time 
she is in hiding 
   So, you put your pen to paper
  with poor results 
  But the music shall return 
  And yes, she will 
   Inspires, takes you higher 
to litereary triumphs 
  Words that leap from the page 
  Soon enough
   old age 
 will come 
   The fire which once burned 
       Will become ashes 
The music has power 
    but not enough
to defy Father Time 
    or stop the Angel of Death 
   The dark angel who 
 eventually wins all battles 


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I gaze in awe
The music just flows through you
Every move graceful and perfect

The music transforms you
Your eyes dance with personality
Your passion for dance running through your veins

Your ability is amazing
You shine on the stage
Like the star you were born to be

Your costume sparkles in the stage light
Your fast intricate footwork is fascinating
Detailed with perfection

I am mesmorised by the beauty of the dance
The strenuous work made effortless
I can almost see the music notes dancing through your fingertips

I count seven pirouettes
Each precise
Your balance never falters 

You move with such agility and strength
Grand Jetté, Grand Jetté, Grand Jetté
Each jump an expression of silent power

You never seem to tire
Your free spirited nature shines through your smile
Inspiring many young hearts

As the music fades
The roof is lifted by the magnificent applause
As you leave the stage, the memory dances amongst the audience

Your memory will always live on
Just you and the music
Forever dancing, hand in hand 

(Inspired by Natasha Beangstrom)

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The Needle Pushes: An Ode to the Pink Floyd Song Comfortably Numb

the needle pushes in her face 
a kiss and the wall scratches 
higher naked searching cracks
for an exit you scream soldiers
planes flash back and forth flying
a room fills with angry anxious
voices shadows growing tall
corpses rise flowers swallow
space white crosses over graves
praying mantis mothers explode
down the endless fluorescent
hall your lifted into the 
long black limo ripping worms
from your face

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My Bleeding Song

The night covers me
Its wrath clings to my arms
My lonely heart
Starts to bleed

I sang a song
With my tears flowing over
Crimson of darkness
Flows from my eyelids

How is misery revived?	
So painful, so tender
How my agonies go on?
It sang a bleeding song

How is my life revived?
So sore, so high
With my droplets of blood
Flowing over my eyes

The season ends
Tomorrow may never come
The past lost its way 
To be remembered

I cry on my blood
With my frozen eyes of nothing
The song of my bleeding heart
Tunes on….

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Grasping light

What do you want
What is it that you need
Forget your life envision
Let it go and feel what you bring

Whether it's wrong to them
Whether it's right for you
You're the solution to your own catastrophe
You're the problem between the black and blues

Love will find a way
Have patience, be grateful
Not dead, not hateful
Quixotically underrated, and truly alive

Occasionally in disguise
For the devil tends to come uninvited, a mere surprise
Fool yourself several times til you return again,
Be true to your future heaven, respect the angels and dont forget they ride til the end
Because when it's all over, there will be no time for debating
Negative space for contemplating

Mistakes titled space and time crumpled into a trash bin
Creating a massive black hole
Welcoming you with a familiar smile telling you to come on in
Turn your back and lift within the light
for the truth you may see isn't always true
the future is potentially bright
Like the angel Marley says
Every little thing is going to be all right
Fly away with the blue birds
Over the rainbow out of sight
They told you you amounted to nothing
And now you're controlling the light

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A Wish For Jim Morrison

Puck’s bad boy, you,
Who disdained convention
Who was loved or reviled
By millions, no middle ground yours,
No attempt by those offended
To understand your
Exquisite, poetic soul
Crying out to be expressed 
And appreciated,
Buried in a miasma 
Of mundane and unsatisfying
Musical experiences
For which your contempt
Couldn’t have been more apparent,
Leading you to shun your celebrity.

Even in Paris, your final home,
Your escape from fame,
Even with Pam, your true soul half,
You found no lasting peace,
Trying to stay incognito,
Continuing to write verse in notebooks
As you had done since childhood.
There, death came early, quietly to you
Of natural causes, after years
Of ignored medical advice
And sometimes alarming symptoms.
Those of us who like to believe
We understood your muse,
Whether or not we did,
Hope, with all our hearts, you found
What you expected to find
Beyond the doors leading to eternity.

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Food For The Soul

The music's insistent beat 
flows through the night air
filling my heart up with joy
setting my feet tap tapping

The drummer sets the beat
the guitars keeping in time
hauntingly the notes soar out
the world for a moment paused

Listening, uplifted , knowing
history is being made tonight
as the fiddler sweeps his bow
across the strings so magically

As the last notes fade away
the audience goes totally wild
encore by the dozen they want
so on the music soars and flows

            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Music Moves Me

As the waves wash over my soul I can't help but close my eyes Letting go of everything My mind is finally at ease. The sounds move my mind taking me to a place no one else can go. Like a ship sailing into the sunset, It is my escape, It is my pleasure.

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~Mystically Sick~

imma microphone killa gorilla, ballistic

you can try to come and get with me but only if your mystic

i work with grand wizards, lyrical lizards

we slithers into your body mind n soul

we puff bowls as we spew coals

hot no ashy words, catcha with a hip-hop curse

i spit one sick verse n you come down with the flu

its like h1n1 lyrical sick son

don't wanna mess with none, ill leave you dead from the barrel of my tongue

~Tanner Cox 

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Tribute to Lennon

They say you are the walrus
Watching the wheels go round and round
As you imagine the world how it should be
But I know you’re John 

You ask to give peace a chance
In a world full of war
And you say all we need is love
In a world full of hate

Your guitar and your piano says it all
The mind of a genius
Sung in a lonely melody
But then they say you’re crazy

I know you just think differently
And I know you have a lot of questions
The only problem you got is that you are a victim
The system of this world trapped you

Well beautiful Boy
Daddy may not come home 
But a goodbye to your mother isn’t forever 
And you’re not the Loser after all

In your life there is a lesson
Mother and father please listen
A child inside a man is trapped longing
For the love that he deserve from his folks 
You’re life may have a lot of lucky and bad 9
But your legend made you immortal
To the minds of the people a hero
Your mind games gave them something to hold on to

A news was rather sad and a song may be out of tune
In a day in your life
Then you hit the front page again, a mysterious killer 
End your life, but it is just the beginning

You gave the Beatle legacy of youthful fun
Then you leave us something to imagine and dream
And in the end a legacy of your mindful energy
Something the youth can think of……what would life be without John Lennon

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Champagne Heights

There's no heaven above me 
and this world's trying to bring me down
Thinking what goes, will come back round
But there seems to be no heaven above me 
And the worlds getting ugly
I'm searching for comfort 
but your arms, they don't want to hug me
I guess there's no heaven above me 

Sitting still in this storm, Calm, and i can't breathe
Running homeless for days and I miss Autumns leaves
Vacant are my tears But i can't breathe
Rain falls from my eyes But i won't leave

Take me to a place Where i can live
Flowers no longer growbecause man can't give
At the bus stop But i won't turn
My patience's fatigued But i won't learn

I believe in me and i believe in you 
i believe we hold the truth and it will see us through
Crystals no longer shine for champagne is trust
When it's all said and done, again i'll see your dust

There's no heaven above me 
and this world's trying to bring me down
Thinking what goes, will come back round
But there seems to be no heaven above me 
And the worlds getting ugly
I'm searching for comfort 
but your arms won't hug me
I guess there's no heaven above me 

"Sometimes we go through things 
and there seems to be no end in site, 
Smile, because there could be"

angels, demons, bad luck & Champagne

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This breezy island is often visited
by falcons with powerful wings,
as they display the swiftness 
of their elaborate flights; on the gleaming sand,
I'm laid back and pensive, while my curious dog
scampers to and fro, trying to catch them...

Falcons with powerful wings, on my island blasting with sunshine,
forever dwell to multiply your offspring:
no human ever sets foot on it to avoid dire,
for the steaming soil is too arid, and nothing ever grows,indeed;
and  the palm trees can only offer shade
for someone eager to stay,but afraid... 

A sunlight as dense as fire
scorches the soft and low dunes,
on the deserted beach I play my melodious tunes;
a capricious, soothing breeze brushes
my suntanned, golden cheeks...
why is this beach the quietest place that instills every desire?

Falcons, roar until the blazing sky disperses its blueness
which attracts your enthusiasm to induce brazenness, 
but the arrival of shadows brings dreariness and solitude:
for vultures that are raring to go to a brighter altitude;
only the whimpering ravens huddle on the battered rocks, and wait
for the luminescent sunrise, hoping to flutter in the August's intense heat...   

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The Flash - the Fastest Man in the World

     Jerry Garcia singing on the radio
urges us to "Come Hear Uncle John's band by the riverside"
    Night wraps its arms around me
   City lights shine and
are reflected in my eyes
Drums beat slowly as does the heart
    Garcia sings "He's come to take his children home"
Soft laughter and my mind
   Feels a heavy sense of peace

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John Paul Ringo George

Not just Beatles with a good stomping tempo;
You sang to all of us and not at us,
My heart swelled with love at your words.
I listened and you never left this mind.

You gave young brains a new way of thinking,
Mine was gently whirled to a drummer beat.
I found a musician hiding inside of me,
Played the skins for many years afterward.

Was told I was better than my idol Ringo,
Yet in my own thoughts I knew better.
Richard, you had a smile that grooved,
And sense of timing which was wondrous.

John, your courage gave me mine on stage,
The sheer peacefulness of you was inspiring.
Then the beautiful explosion of your voice,
It blew me away into a place I still am.

George, it wasn't just your guitar that sang,
Your presence alone turned shyness into a hero.
So many wall flower kids didn't dream until you.
I knew you were special when my eyes met yours.

Paul, oh sir what glorious thoughts still live with me,
The handsome cute one with a mind of pure genius.
My girl saw the cute and I was absorbed by the brilliance,
You, Ringo, John, and George are part of me forever.

Love, Robert

Note: I was lucky enough to personally see the Beatles up close at their last live concert back in 1966 at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California!

© Copyright 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved 

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Mambai India Dreams

           Mambai India Dreams

Mambai in the Maharsashtra region is home
India the land of magic takes me back
Amit Arjun is my name
Shri Swminarayan Hindu temple is where I pray 
Sandals take me there to Shri Ganesha every day
To seek Attainment , from a higher authority than me
And I pray for peace, prosperity and some property
Akuri on toast at morning meal lifts me to a jolly spirit
On my journey to the truth            
Bheja, goat brain, helps me sleep at night, but it needs curry 
It gets me right into my dreams of Aabha Aadarshini without a worry  
She glows with the power of the sun
One day she will be my lovely wife
A lustrous beauty second to none
She teaches me the basuri and papini and how to dance
When week end comes I take Aadarshini to the market
Hand in hand we walk and plan our future
She wants a restaurant to serve foreign foods
I just want enlightenment and truth 

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music is my life

Music ignites my soul with fire.
When I'm in sorrow and in pain,
It makes me fall in love again.

Music is my life after all these years.
Through ups and downs,
Somehow I manage to survive in life.

Though life is a rough road,
Music makes me dance and sing aloud
Through hardships of life.

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short stories she would sing

if February don't end soon
heart shaped people make me sick
if February doesn't end soon
i've got nothing your smile can fix

twenty eight days
twenty eight days without your son
and i would've cursed you once more
i would've left you for more
you never forced me through your door
but i would've left for more

from you to me
this was my gift to you 
tell me nice things
yes i want to hear you sing
if you're at all here for me
tell me what i say just isn't true

tell February goodbye
heart shaped people leave me ill
tell February goodbye
don't forget the love you kill

fourteen nights into this day
fourteen days without you at night
i don't want to see twenty eight 
without you by my side
i couldn't leave you for more 
outside your door
i couldn't leave you for more

have u ever really been loved before
have you ever admired the life you lose 
what time will you be in tonight
i won't wait up for you 
things just may change

"short storys she would sing"

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Sugar Sick Sweet Lullabies

I had this dream last night and it was perfect 
It was everything I wanted my life to seem
So when I opened my eyes to this bright sunlight
I realized some things weren't the way that they should be

I put my feet into my shoes, which are old and dusty and 
I don't remember when they were ever clean
I ran around my town asking people for my purpose
And none of their answers seemed to fit alright

Come keep me at bay
Cause the world's spitting us all out one by one
And we've all sinned enough to know that we're gonna die someday

I've tried to be myself but I'm running low on health
To fight all those who tell me to be a certain way
Though I don't cry out my eyes every time that a stitch undoes itself
Cause nobody's gonna save you when can save yourself, darling

Even at a quarter after noon mothers are singing their babies 
Sugar sick sweet lullabies that I know all too well
Haven't you ever noticed the way that their voices crack 
When the child forgets the words and the tune stays with them alone?

Come keep me at bay
Cause the world's spitting us all out one by one
And we've all sinned enough to know that we're gonna die someday

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Music In Our Veins


The wind blew its distant voice
  Like music playing in my veins
Their choruses peacefully rising and falling
  Offering up their blissful refrains
Wandering about in my heart like radiant stars
  They offer their unsung voices
Planting their seeds and visions
  That were buried somewhere in destiny
Lingering in souls and hearts
  Awaiting their memories to stir in glory
Of their once remembered former stories
  Bringing the past to our future
Lifting the veil that was hidden long ago
  To be revealed to those who will listen
To the music playing in our veins


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Trivium of thoughts

The tuning of a pure language first needs pure thoughts                                                  when waltzing toward perfection                                                                                three roads converge like three certainties                                                                    leading to the path of knowledge to the expression of wisdom ~-                                                                                                                      Musing on speech like singing is to a body of music                                                           complementing the other the strong the weak                                                  anticipating the captivating rhythm                                                                              still tempo starts with the first beat                                                    -                                                                                                                      ~    A composition without God the wording                                                                       would be like chaos resounding to more chaos to infinity                                                  but this is not what is heard or perceived                                                                   there are laws and orders leading to an expected end                                                    for the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge                                                     so what is the sum I think His perfect love

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Blue Pyramids

Listening to the birds
of ancient rymedies, 
we were sharing music 
around America’s
modern camp fire.  

driving through
tiny plazas and scenic pastures
into the what looked like
the grey, paved future. 

asking myself, 
what’s worth more than 
a rhythm of my time, 
A moment of hate?
Or the recognition of love? 

The answer-
must be somewhere above the city scape, 
lost in the bluely lit pyramids. 

I can’t imagine turning this car home.

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Touch of the Soul

I alone stand vigil over the memories of my past;
I alone feel the weight of them,
feel what it is to be
the man that past has created.
I stand, alone, beneath the stars and the moon,
contemplating all, as I ever have done;
it is only now that I've accepted
that's who I am meant to be;
the writer, the poet –
I stand with the rest of the dreamers.
I sit, alone, among the instruments of music,
playing on and on throughout my life;
music flows into and through my soul,
and I am now and will always be,
the musician and the bard –
I sit with the rest of the drummers.
I travel, alone, with the remembrances of love,
searching always for that one true other;
it is only now that I've accepted that even
without one such, I can live;
the romantic, the sentimental –
I travel with the rest of the passionate.
I escape, alone, in the pages of a good story,
reading for ever and anon;
books speak to me, engage me,
entertain me, release me;
the storyteller and the listener –
I escape with the rest of the readers.
I will fight, never alone, next to my brothers
and sisters in arms;
it is with all of myself that I've accepted
my duty, and who I will always be;
the soldier, the guardian –
I will fight with the rest of the Marines.

I dance, run, walk, laugh, alone, in the rain,
let loose my being in the deluge;
the storm's fury and glory
somehow become my own;
the drenched, the soaked –
I do all of this with the rest of the rain lovers.
It is only now that I've accepted
that I have become
who I was meant to be;
who I want myself to be.
I alone know what it is to be
myself, Andrew James Sprouse,
scion of the sea and of the past,
of the word and the sword.
But I do not alone know what it is to feel alive;
to be exactly who you are,
who you're meant to be.
I do not alone know the truth of pain.
None of us stands truly and utterly alone.
Every single one of us walks, arm in arm,
with those who share your experiences,
your beliefs, your thoughts and your lives.
But you, alone, know what makes your heart free,
what makes your fire ignite and your essence true;
you alone know the visage and touch of your soul.

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Shadows crawl 
out haunting 
In first ray 
of light 
Coaxing awakening 
Striking the soul 
Fluttering deepest eyelids 
Music strikes 
Upon cello cords 

Dreamily she awakens, to a gentle strumming, of his soul 

As a piano plays 
Sweet haunting music 
Flows a riverine 
Echoing against 
One great wall 
In China 
carries into 
the distant hills 

Her deepest breath, wrapped lovingly, around his spiritual purity 

Music begins 
stirring deep passion 
Romancing chambers 
Dancing on air 
Holding heartstrings 
Playing emotions 
Sweetly within 

Inhale and exhale, transcending into, each other 

Touches beauty 
Striking keys 
Drum beating chords 
magical fingers play 
Enchanting music 
Flowing into 
the ocean 

Her melodies, rise and fall, exquisite synchronicity 

swells out 
In blossoming 
Like honey golden 
Ebbs out 
in cello 
Piano touching heartbeats 
A paradiso 
of music 
Sweetly touches souls 

Heartstrings, once plucked, never stay the same 

Music Video link -

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
written jointly with soul goddess 

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No Justice in Distances

I remember those eyes;
it must have been years ago,
or so it feels.
Time’s eternity keeps
ticking and I’ve been
the true things in life:
I’ve been missing emerald,
I’ve been missing imagery;
You’ve been travelling
into dust bowls,
guitar-strapped and
Even your steps make
percussive sounds. 

East, west, and the in between,
Lost somewhere in your
dreams; you want to become,
you want to succeed,
but your smile is broken
as are my deeds.

I take it as it is:
you as a memory manifesting
into a poem. 
That’s all reality (sanity)
will allow us;
“How unfair!” cried the poet 
and the dreamer.

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Music Box

Ballerina prisoner figurine  
Such beauty locked away
Only dances 
When she sees the light of day

But, in my mind
Her twirls are reminiscent
Of forgotten memories, round and round
Stirring music weighs

So, I hide her still
Under key
And silence
Hoping she is forgiving

Until a fondness of providence is found
That soon soul will awaken
Her gracefulness hopes of ironies 
O' may she dance her way back among my living

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I Love a Rainy Night

The beat of the old song
sets our feet to tapping
out the rhythm.

Whether it's Shift Work,
Back Track, or Stray Cat Strut,
the dance fever hits
when the music sounds.

In rows of four, or five,
we move in tandem;
first left, then right,
our feet performing a symphony
of sound, our bodies a ballet
of movement, our minds
dancing on the high wire.

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Like it's given to be

How do the girls talk, of boys in the bushes and stones in their pockets
How do the boys stalk, to thinking that girls are dreaming of nothing but lockets,
for keeping inescapable kisses trapped in a hope

And why do the ladies say, that helpless are husbands when wells run dry
And why do the men cry, though tough as the night, when the daylight dims the eye
	till work is rest and boredom besets…

Like it's given to be
Just a fall, just blood blotting from a scrape on the knee
So watch it go brown
And watch it go down
To rise like a star, a little forgotten scar in the memory

I heard the lonely yell, "I once was quiet, and I had a truth, but nothing means nothing when something breaks in the laugh!"
You can't change in the traffic lights, you can't change a tune or even a melody
without breaking a song
So I'll get it wrong and she'll see me naked as naked can be
Lit by the sun in the contempt of modern antiquities

Like it's given to be
Just a fall, just blood blotting from a scrape on the knee
So watch it go brown
And watch it go down
To rise like a star, a little forgotten scar in the memory

Now how would you say, dappled in ideas
That ruins aren't buried under buildings so tall
And now how would you say, given the seas
You can't wash the sin from the salt in your mouth, you call...

"That's it's given to be for you and not me, to rise like a star, with little forgotten scars in your memory."

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A matchbox in the rain

Unprotected piece of a house
exposed to fierce drops of water
prone to melt away in mud
like a music box in a matchbox,
unbelievable and unnecessary
and yet there,
a dwelling of husband and wife
to nest and breed
their young
willing to go away
and build their own music matchboxes,
stronger and safer
yet still
exposed to the ruthless transparency
of falling water.

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I Played Viola and

First chair spotlight
Prima donna given
vibrato queen, mourn scorn
and thumb-nose

percussion.  Passion can be
shallow as a whippoorwill
or deep as bass drum
got on groove

and the diva gets her tension
roses like concrete
thrown her statue.

One day a fiddler
kicked back and threw out
the mightiest bluegrass
God's earth ever smelled

was good to be there.


by me Nancy Jones
for netteski's SOUND MADNESS
the instrument is violin

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Have you ever heard

Have you ever heard
The whistle of air 
Around quiet hills
As the breezes dare
Move over the fields 
Turned a luscious green 
By the folly play  
Of the sun and rain
Battling for the gain
Of a longer stay?

Have you ever heard
The groaning of earth
Like a sole cello
Feeling the sorrow
Of its loneliness
Suddenly regressed
By the sound of feet
In the evergreens
That begin its wake
To life to partake?

Have you ever heard
The sound of water
Like light play of keys
As it finally
Breaks through the surface
Downhill it races 
A river is born
That feeds fields of corn
Dancing in the sun 
While birds sing their fun?

Have you ever heard
The music of fire
As it bursts laughing
Crackling sparks inside
A warm fireplace where
A family shares
Hot, grilled marshmallows
As they play Uno.
The circle of love,
Miracle of life.

By CarolineCecile.
Copyright Feb. 2011.

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Music Revision

Music is more than a passion I enjoy,
It is food to my very soul!
From the time I was a little boy on momma's knee,
It helped me maintain self-control and calmed my nerves.

Music kickstarts several passions inside me.
I love to sing and dance to a groovy melody moving.
R & B makes me wanna indulge in a steamy romance.
Hip-hop makes me wanna grab my girl and dance and kiss!

I can feel the beat, the bass booming from the speakers.
Like an athlete, I can show you some moves you wouldn't believe!
I can salsa, two-step or even break dance!
Music makes me smile and takes me over the rainbow.

My music must be played loud at all times.
The sounds put me in the mood to write some poetry!
Some lyrical content inspires my writing hand.
Music was heaven sent almost like a direct intervention!

I wonder without music where I'd be.
I enjoy ballads and even rock and roll.
But as long as I got a song,
Then it's food to live by....

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Deep Colors of Night

Your song, A Beautiful Child, touched my heart long ago, inspired to love beauty I could never hold, inspired to love beauty from afar. I am the sleepless child who grew tall enough to reach a star. You sang of feelings that remain After the Glitter Fades, and I listened to the sound. Late at night, I dreamed I was Rhiannon, visions kept to myself of a bird in flight, a night bird taken by the wind. Unforgettable songs of love and joy, sorrow and pain, wash over me like Silver Springs, Violet and Blue. The songs from your Book of Miracles lift me on a White-Winged Dove. Feelings of freedom soar in my soul. The higher I fly, the more fragile love becomes, but the heart is strong when we sing. Resilient, I find the courage to carry on, triumph over trials, leather compliments lace. Your voice rings clear like a bell in the still of night. You ask the mirror in the sky, what is love? Bolder with age, I seek to find my own answers. The Gypsy in my soul searches for more. Sometimes, I find my own reflection and a brazen heart. Sometimes, I find an innocent child, shy and unassuming. All of life is lyrics set to music. In the deep colors of night, I hear your voice. for What Songwriter or writers Inspire you???? Contest ***Stevie Nicks***

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Against the wall

Against the wall
I'm pressed 
gasping for breath
Your lips traveling down my neck
your fingers searching for gold
and they've found success
my dress sliding down
my back against the wall
my legs around your waist
It's all happening so fast.
I mean I can't even remember
how we started
But I know it will finish
the intense pace were going at
It's been a while since I've felt passion like this
I slap your hand for leaving marks
where people can see
but keep letting you do it 
because the process of getting
feels so good to me
I'm losing restraint
I say no but it goes unanswered
I say stop but we keep going 
In the back of our minds were 
both knowing that this is trouble. 
The act versus doing the right thing.
I feel like were both fools. 
But what can we do? 
All I know is tonight your smell is intoxicating
I could drink you and I am more than willing.
Your hair falling all over my face as I fall into you.
Bodies colliding. Smells combining. 
Pleasures rising. 
And we reach the climax. 
But somewhere deep inside 
I know tomorrow I will continue to desire.

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when ur days won't smile

How does the world feel when we cry
How does the world feel when we die
I'm headed to a place as gentle as a slow melody
Where we can walk in peace without it being a felony
It's hard waking up to another day when nobody loves you
Even harder not to retaliate when somebody shoves you
Label me a trouble maker
But I remain the kindest heart-waker
So many attempt, but suicides no longer a question
In the climax of life, and loves not even a suggestion

Through this letter
I ask is there a place where life's a little better
Help us withstand the bad weather

Can you witness the struggle 
to carry on when all tears form a puddle
And over time love ones huddle
There will never be peace
But I look forward to the deceased and all the stress we release.
See you in heaven if I make it
Given the chance I don't know if I'd take it
And if I gave it all up would anyone care
Put hands on me with feelings to share
Present situations make way for future vacations

In this letter
I'm asking is there a place where life's a little better
Put on armor and thick sweaters
Please help us withstand the bad weather

When I'm gone will the world miss me
Or pop champagne bottles and diss me
Either way leave a blister to kiss me
If I should head to church on Sunday
Pray for a better Monday
And when the day ends and the next doesn't begin
We'll know the world has spun it's last sin
Through my mind I picture happiness 
but through my worst dreams
my nightmares are pleasant scenes

In this letter
I'm asking is there a place where life's a little better
Put on armor and thick sweaters
Please help us withstand the bad weather

"songs for those whom care"

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Don't Forget To Dance

Don't Forget To Dance

Dancing to a 4/4 beat
The rhythm takes over our souls
There are no enemies
Just friends sharing the moment
The music affects everyone
Regardless of sex. color or creed
Everyone is having fun
It doesn't matter what the song is
Listen to the music
Feel the rhythm rush through your body
Don't take the time to hate
Take the time to listen, dance and enjoy
Live your life to the rhythms you hear
The days will be brighter
The nights will be more exciting
Just live the beat
and don't forget to dance

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Unfinished Melody

Days spent
limping down
piano keys
and knocking 
on cellos

covering my body
with the sheet musics
he left

convinsing myself
a tune is ment
for me

played lonely and soft
like Gymnopedie No 1
a leftover summer night. 

© Gry W Christensen

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The Pianist

Agility flows
through the fingers;
gently dancing upon
those black and whites,
like graceful ballerinas
performing the music
of her soul.

©Ana Espinola Collins

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I love the symphony
of the flowers
which composes itself
after mid-winter showers;
though silent to ear,
it rings loud and clear
in the soul which holds
God's creation dear.

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I will watch over you
To protect you from all harm
You will never have to fear
What lies there grinning in the dark
You will sleep soundly as I stand guard
Surrounding you with comforting awareness
Dancing and swirling in your soothing dreams
Your mind saturated in lovely things
And as darkness scours the earth around you
I will sing you songs of hope
Praising you for holding on
When all else seems to fail
When all freedom falls
Entrusted companionship will give us permission
To forgivingly prevail

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In The Repetition Of A Kiss

            In The Repetition Of A Kiss

When I leave the house to follow traffic patterns
Tie and suitcase in my hand
Running through the door to find rush hour
I buy and sell gold bullion for a living 
On the grand piano, the one my wife and I can’t play
I leave a hurried message
“My dear, I’ll be back soon.”  “I love you so.”
“Please have the help clean the piano.”
“The one that you and I can’t play.”
“But if I make it rich, you and I can get some lessons.”
“We’ll play an Oratorio. Opera or an Anthem
Or perhaps a symphony or two one day.”
In between each number we will practice kissing
In the end, if we learn nothing, on this instrument
Our hearts and lips will follow every note in memory
In the repetition of a kiss

I leave you a kiss. 

As always, I will miss you
In the repetition of a kiss

Created 9/08/14 by: Earl Schumacker - Theme- “Leave You A Kiss” The Poet II – Poetry Contest

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Betrayed by her heart

The words on her lips dried up
as soon as he entered the room 
her facial expression said it all 
she never expected to see him again
never expected her heart to still miss a beat
all eyes focused on her as he makes
his way across the room
she takes the glass away from her lips
without taking a sip
time stood still when he smiled at her
all she could do was smile back, nervously
pretend that the music didn’t just stop playing
pretend that her heart was not providing music of its own… 

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Vivaldi's Violin 1687

Vivaldi man of “Four Seasons”
Played his violin for a reason
While singing the strings
Excellent music he brings
Great melody it rings

“La Primavera” sole concerto
Uplifting the spirits without alto
Amsterdam, Prague, Venice and Vienna
Spectacular operas making souls remember 
Strings and harmony joining in splendor

Maestro de Violino
Creating rhythm with his bow like no one knows
Musical scales moving your head
Great melody even for newlyweds
Tempo, decrescendo, awaken even a sleepyhead

Vivaldi man of “Four Seasons”
Played his violin for a reason
Bow singing the strings
Excellent music he brings
Great harmony it rings

© Joseph, 4/14/08
© All Rights Reserved

Placed in the 352 poems selected
out of the 1129 submitted in the 
Poetry Soup September 2008 Contest

Dedicated:  To the lovers of great violin music

Author’s Comments:  My youngest son is a violinist and it’s such a pleasure 
listening to his music and hearing about the musicians he talks about with 

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The Music

It's those certain songs
You hear
That give you
No fear

About the world
Around you
All the world's problems

When you wait
For the nirvana
Great music
Can provide

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Orchestra of the Sea

I stand on the beach in silence
Listening to the steady beat 
Of the waves
Rolling and splashing
And covering my feet
Listen very closely
Can you hear that sound?
Of the music in the waters 
Of the magic that I've found
The dolphins play the piano
The seahorses blow their horn
And with the salty spray as symbols
A symphony is born
Jellyfish strum the strings of guitar
Anemones play the oboe
And the delicate five-pointed starfish
Plays the piccolo
Use your imagination
Think way outside the box 
Think of seaweed dancing wildly
Underneath the ocean rocks
I try to tell everybody
But no one can really see
The music in the waters
The orchestra of the sea

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This is not really me
Merely smoke and mirrors
Plying a day job
That pays the bills
The me
I see
Dissected into ribbons cleverly disregarded
Like a modern day beetle
Imagining all the people
Who have heard the news today and chosen to stay
Sometimes the clothes do not fit the father

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Thoughts of an MC

i don't like the main and i don't like the stream
i just like being me keeping my own beam
beam of light so I'm never walking in the dark even in the night
don't let shadows of the past capture me
if i did that'd be a catastrophe
i don't want my life to be a disaster see
now i ask the essence of hip hop to take over my shoulder
especially when the wind grows colder
cause every day I'm living I'm becoming older
i don't know how long ill last
or if the next church's mass will be for me
a funeral for a dead MC

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Smith's Octopuses Party On Pontoons

           Smith’s Octopuses Party On Pontoons 
                   Rumor Has It My Dear

Rumor has it my dear something spectacular is near
Bring your batik hats to our grand lavish scene
Wear flowing Kebeya robes
Let them flow in the air
We’re having our party upon the ocean
On pontoons made of bamboo notions
Flown in from Indonesia with crews
Planks will connect all the segments
Chris Christie will help with construction
Bridging rafts with bamboo shoots & roots 
(We understand he understands bridges)
Yachts will punctuate the festivities
Covered in purple red flowers with care
Tied to the floating swaying affair
McCartney and Sting will be there                       
Octopuses Garden is the theme
And Paul will bring Ringo to sing
The Clinton's and Bushes are on the list
Paparazzi will see if they kiss or do tricks
And who can resist our guests of honor
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt                                                                             

      The main menu is set like this;
          Foie gras loco moco carne
          Matusaka beef
          Pheasant/Mallard breast roast
          Beluga Sevruga, Osetra caviar
          Goût de Diamants, Taste of Diamonds champagne
          Haute chocolate ice cream

This all seems like a dream
We pray that the weather holds up
The only waves we wish to see is from us
In the form of greetings and pleasantries
The party has been planned for ages
If storms should gather
It won’t really matter
We’re thankful 
The Royals, Mr.& Mrs. Smith are here
To weigh down pontoons and rafts
With billions in sacks of gold trinkets
Door prizes for sure, (sorry no doors), for those who attend
500 guests will arrive at the gala
A date with Mick Jagger and two jaguars 
Assured for each person as gifts guaranteed
Compliments of King & Queen Smith
Whose parties should never be missed 
A mystery guest, no surprise
A legend in his own mind
Mr. Trump and his hair might arrive
Since the pope is preoccupied  
We’ll sway to the music with fine company
All are welcome to our heavenly scene
At the octopuses party on the sea

                                       7/11/14 Rumor Has It contest

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Got a tune in my head that won’t go away
I’ve been singing it the entire day
Called the radio station, asked them to play
“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”

It came out in nineteen sixty-one
I was only eight, but I heard it some
My sister had it on a black vinyl forty-five
The Shirelles made that song come alive

It was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King
It is one of those songs you want to sing
The Motown sound was being born
Those soul sisters could sing up a storm

Maybe I was too young to rock and roll
But that song sure does have a lot of soul
If you don’t remember or you never knew
I have included the chorus for you!

“Tonight you’re mine completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the look of love is in your eyes
But will you still love me tomorrow?”

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Sweet Sounds

The b ba baaa backbeat of backup beeps
and the engine rroarrrrs
join the whizz of rubber wheels
and the lingering laughter of lovers
at the intersection

The beep-beep tootelie-toots
of arriving transit buses 
tickles the funny-bone of morning
waking somnambulant walkers
who dot the sidewalk below my perch,
even the slap of skate-boards
and the clinking tweeter od metal shopping carts
makes music…

Each raucous sound rattles
the single-paned windows of clap-board relics
pinging off plaster, vibrating through ancient oak floors
coming home to roost in the mingled fragrance
of brownies and mary jane. 

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Show me

I bow to purity

But what is pure?

Show me purity

I bow to clarity

But what is clear?

Show me clarity

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I kiss it as it kisses me back....from my red hair...once dry now soaked... to my clothes... playin in it...listenin to the melody as it slashes the it tickles the it makes its way...for it attention it calls...RAIN ballad to the soul who cant speak just yet times come that experience wont let u forget... symphony so bold...its like a whisper untold.... RAIN

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Almost all washed out

You see clouds that is the outside
But the sunshine my heart has bled
onto the stormy canvas of the insides,
the rays of yellows and paintings, red 
from day to day
These are cleansed and erased
from turmoil and sorrows
by the memories of fears relived
It always manages to get in the way
I’ve swallowed many tears over the years
But soon the stage will be set
For if the backdrop becomes too soggy
or the wipers too worn out and groggy
There will be nothing left 
to stop my night from turning ‘to day
My soul will shine and break free
That’s why every night before I sleep
I watch weather forecasts and dream
Of singing ‘bout promise in the ears of liberty
I just can’t wait 
for what tomorrow might bring 

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The Sap of Classical Music

From the root, the sap rises up into the artist, Flows through him, flows to his eye. Activated by the force of the current, He conveys his vision into his work. He stands at a fixed place as the trunk of the tree He does nothing other than gather And pass on what rises from the depths Neither he serves nor commands but transmits. What a transmission of the classical music It is certainly a form of meditation, His consciousness is not in the lower vital world And playing something soulful in high consciousness.
+++++++ April 29, 2014 Form Free Verse Dr. Ram Mehta Third Place Win Contest: Rock My World by Debbie

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Evening Delight

Closing my eyes I meditate 
   on the beauty 
 of the "new age" sounds emanating 
CD player 
Synthesizers, keyboard,crystal bowls 
All send out relaxing tones
to calm the system and heal the heart 
   The weather outside is becoming frigid 
Yet I find warmth within 
The cosmic energy in the atmosphere delights me 
So I am moved to pick up a pen 
and commit my thoughts to paper 
   Hope you too find "inner peace
In the hustle and bustle of city life 
Inner peace is hard to find 
Yet it can be done friends  - it can be done!

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Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the Wind
Written by Adam M. Snow

Entrance me with your tune,
that gentle voice of yours.
Those sway ardent winds of harmony,
an echoed symphony of your life;
each word is wrapped in rhapsody,
flowing with the wind.

Your gentle voice, a breeze;
your whisper -- so angelically,
echoes throughout the world.
I hear it among the wind.
I hear it over the thunder of my beating heart.
I hear it calling to me.

We travel separate roads of life,
I got lost a time or two -- perhaps more.
Your voice helped me along the way;
your whispers in the wind,
echoes of sweet harmony,
it guided me back to you.

I want to hear it once more,
the melody of your voice.
Let it get lost among the wind;
(that sway ardent winds of harmony)
and have it find the heart within my ear.

Let your words etch itself upon my beating heart,
let them live forever upon my heart,
its beats won't fade the memory,
of what you've left in me.
Let them breath through my lungs.
Let me inhale your love;
it's sweet nectar to my soul,
an aroma sweet.

I hear it within a dream;
it brings me peace;
that caring voice of yours.
A stage whisper in the wind;
that soothing beat -- an interval,
an echoed symphony among the wind.

Those treacherous words of love,
"I do" and "love you"
forever in my mind,
forever in my heart.
Forever lingering on -- a song;
your whisper in the wind,
an echo -- a sweet echo.
©Copyright 2014

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My Musical Medley

Your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone
I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
I tried to kill the pain
But only brought more, So much more.
I lay dying,
And I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal.
I lie inside myself for hours,
And watch my purple sky fly over me,
And I pull will the trigger.

Evanescence-My Immortal
Flyleaf-All Around Me

Brittany Gentry

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My baSs gUitar stRing

Pull my string as i sit my back on you
i can make anything you want me to
your hands touching mine at the rhythm of blues
playing fastly like you do with your bass guitar, oh! 

And you said, "Relax, don't scream!"
i did bite my string to shut the voice within
as you move....move...and move...
playing on my curve, my bass guitar moan! 

Inner Whispers

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can old men hold their heads and cry

she might have been beautiful
I'll never know
she might have been the best mother ever
Again, I'll probably never know
no bruises, no witnesses
did she lurch out in screams 
as you handed her the grief of your business
how slanted you stood 
tell me was it brief or was she another victim
sunday, bloody sunday
how unworthy you are to see monday

if life were a sitcom
i'd been abortioned
smiles, tears, divorce
a portion of a potion
if i make it to next year
i'll be twenty-five 
and well alive
I wish i could say the same for you
Do you remember the twenty-first day
of that ninth month
she held on to this pain for you

i was born for this 
bred from a diseased quilt
a testament of mans filth
a glass of wine
a past confined
perhaps we were nickel and dime'd to death
sometimes life resembles a fine line of stress
like a satin pillow 
with burgundy stains
I worried you sane

"was it not lovely when i wrote away your misery
through my eyes i'll show you the world
it was a beautiful place"

i have no intentions to care what you think
or how you blink when your nightmares sink you
days have forwarded past you
i can only hope to out last you
i'd rather wear a mask then resemble a fraction of you
there was a time life was as simple as green pastures
slaves would cling to masters
women would sing of asterisks 
of all the perfect worlds is this the one you designed
i'm feeling quite refined 
over the years we've worshiped war
so many have died
you see the tears of porcelain stars
yet you learn nothing
nothing means anything
until you lose something

"If you lost your life for every mistake you made
you wouldn't make mistakes."

the black hitler's journal, entry II

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My robe

so much so I adore my robe
my openness it protects
my robe no one has it type in the whole of the globe
so soothing that I don't imagine it in the hole
my robe
my robe

imagine my robe is stolen as a whole
where in the world do i search for my stolen robe
who do I employ to investigate in the rob
my expression is not hyperbole
my robe 
my robe 

you are so dare to me
my robe

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all that you won't remember

The sun doesn’t rise in these terrible skies
The world was in ruins once
Some kind of beautiful
Hell sat around us 
Just you and me 
This was the saddest 
The truth could be 

It was like yesterday didn’t matter
Only a banjo
A fiddler and untouched strings
Do you remember
It was some kind of beautiful

Lovely was a disastrous sport
And futbol was a feeling
Cigarettes ran from touch
Smoke came as a form of trust 
And hope remained a potion of bad luck
Do you remember when hell sat around us 

Tomorrow was unthought-of 
We were fishing for the blues
Day light in sunny nights 
A harvest moon
A picnic with apples 
Oranges and tomatoes ripe
A midseason delight 
Can you guess who’s home
We were just about human again

"metaphors, cliche's, & no one else"

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Fighting Depression

Black Night! Black Thoughts!
merging into one
No sword shall sever this Gordian knot
that binds my being
in thoughts of longing and despair
My tortured soul cries out
filled with a longing 
to crush the things that torment me so
I see them with the mind's eye
and would strangle them 
but they recede into the shadows of night
to mock me anew in ripened time

But now let my soul be at rest
even for a fleeting moment
for I am free
The very sound is music to my ear
filling the mind with such fantasies
that leap to the heavens
and leaves me panting just alive
As a man who is spent
I rest
and waves of gentleness flood my soul

The thought of a tender kiss
the smell of a rose
Jove's nectar
soothes my being
and sets my soul at ease
to gather up courage
to face another day

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In Musical Note

In the musical note 
I fly, lulling the torments 

Then asleep leave it there. 

Like a dancer I run to meet joy, 
Dancer without wings 
Hopping above sea, 

Behold, I am a torch light, 
A pearly rain and 
A thousands notes, in
A thousands way,
Across the dawn and dance!

Written by © Fatima Nusairat

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The perfect Life

A curse upon the gods to break

How to become an enlightened player 101

something to study and pick apart
A royal Joke of political actors
surrounding one fool
teaching spies
and politicians
how to make global friends
and preachers how to preach

(ever been to the insane asylum?)

The protest against innocence
sold short to drugs and insanity
guns and wars of porn psychology
New age Nuns
Psychobabble witchcraft chant
Haunting the drug lords
as he leads the sphere of influence
to salvation

Diffing to the devil
musical conspiracy solved
Dreams of Jesus
and a masterpiece of the gods

(come on HollyWood!!!
Do It!
Show me!
Tell me!
what's the perfect life?)

The mental patient who isn't crazy
but a metaphor
with a political king's court nightmare
philosophizing psychology
like an originator of thought
keeping no diary
as everyone around him does it for him

do the pieces fit?

protesting drugs and guns?

did anyone get it?
did anyone notice me?
did anyone hear the message?

have i been received?

am i the perfect life?

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Spring Song

The ides of March have gone and come.
Still, strains of vernal music sound
dumb echoes, in my ears, of early times,
of other years: an orchestral swell
of oboe, flute, and violin.
A feel of warming wind,
the scents of orange blossom,
daisy, buttercup, and clover:
are those days over?

My recent times are flavored
with metallic clank, with oily odor --
eyes fatigued by newsprint
and small-screen glare.
And music: the blare
of claxon-horn and siren-wail;
noise which issues from a box
borne on shoulders through the street;
an empty, but compelling, quite insistent
loudly pulsing beat.

I welcome all new, though slight, intrusions.
Pale sensory perceptions bring back images,
now faint, once acute, of places, times,
and pleasures past.
Faded sights and faces
and shadowy, unquantifiable pursuits
evoke a time when love, like freedom,
didn't cost a dime.

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Aaliyah Dana

22 doves released, each for the years of your life, which ended so soon 
You were needed by someone else more greater than ourselves 
Through the golden gates so far away you await until our last day and it is then our time to fly away 
No words can explain how much we continue to miss the flow of your dark hair, the curves of your red lips, your calm, deep, innocent stare, and your slick moves when you dance 
If only we had one more chance, why did it have to end, end so soon we only hope to see your beautiful face again

                                                                                                        For Aaliyah, 
                                                                                                (entertainer) 1979-2001

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free cee HARMONY AND HEAT i dubbed this hybrid poetry hoping some you may understand why


A mansion made of music
a house formed of harmony
a room filled with rhythm
living with a lady I call honey

I walk the halls of harmony
I dance in the parlor to music I need to feed upon
oftentimes I come home to an empty place
and eat dinner after Jesus says grace
I hear hymnals from an unseen choir
on nights sitting alone by the warmth of a fire
but then my lover comes home and I'm there waiting for her
and the mystical music that's bound to occur
and it's her voice that begins to produce the harmony
she takes the high notes, I the low
and I am warmed not by the fire but by her “hello”
we sit at a table set for two
and she says “i can't take my eyes off of you”
I answer likewise with a smile that makes her laugh
and her giggle heats my heart with comfort
because the moment we met both of us knew that was a moment heaven had planned 
and both of us quickly came to understand
that music can make miracles
and the notes come from a mutual soul
while living together amidst peacefulness is our goal
so I walk out in the morning with a kiss goodbye
and somehow it always makes me want to cry
because I so look forward to the night
as we sit on an oriental rug in front of the firelight
held once again in the arms of music and harmony

my lover knows how much I care
and that a love like outs is flawless diamond type rare
finding inspiration from each others heart
and I felt harmony in her soul from the start
   © copyright PHREEPOETREE  ~free cee!~

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Piano Girl

Her piano fingers are singing
And dancing up my spine now around my neck and oh!  Straight into my heart-
Can I fall in love with you, piano girl?

Softly you
Trip and dance your music down a lane filled with sunshine dappled shadow,
An interplay of light within sound within laughter;

How you touch my inmost me and lift me!
Tapping and swaying and singing and playing
Sweetness and blessings circling ‘round me
as I sip my tea and listen to the love in your fingers, piano girl.

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Memories Ebb and Flow

love reaches its crescendo
then gently slips away

your spirit follows me
through darkness and light

I see your reflection in tranquil waters
your tender touch carries on sea breezes
scent of Aramis clings to your pillow

but most of all, your music
refined, classical compositions
pulsating from ivories

reminder of the day
you first opened the keyboard
sharing your greatest love

music in my soul
will follow me to heaven
so we may share again

*May 28, 2014 for the “Debussy Inspiration” contest

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Musical Torment

the piano keys -dum doom dum- play a curious tune in my brain -doom dum doom- but they never go away -DOOM dum DOOM- see? they never go away - doom doom DOOM- the guitar strings -blue throom blue- prick upon my mind -throom blue throom- but they never seem to die -BLUE throom BLUE- see? they never seem to die -blue blue BLUE- the drums -dead bompah dead- pound a grueling rhythm in my soul -bompah dead bompah- and they never have no hope -DEAD bompah DEAD see? they never have no hope… -DEAD DEAD DEAD-

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Linda's Valentine

I wrote this one valentine for my wife because we were having it kind of hard and I couldn't 
afford to buy a valentine gift.  It's actually a song that I set to music, but would like to share 
with you. *NOTE:  It sounds much better with the music.

Linda, Linda, you make the days worth living.
    You make the nights worth waiting,
to be alone with you.

Linda, sweet Linda, my lovely valentine.
    You're beautiful and wonderful,
but best of all you're mine.

I dream of you when I'm away,
     I love to be with you.
So come to me right now my love
     and we will sail away.

Valentine my valentine,
lovely valentine.
You'll be mine forevermore,
my lovely valentine.

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In A State of Amnesia Falling Into Fantasia

Your love, like amnesia it made me forget all the dark forces against me they tortured me relentless then you put me into amnesia from the problems, hope came in the foresight of your prowess and the light emanating from your face what seems calm on the surface is often roaring within screaming, hair crazy like I'm the demon's descendant only strong feelings can push out the weak and those skeletons surface, hurt us and repeat so no ones around and I learn to hate me and no Love to be found because it gave me a profound amnesia. waking prematurely every other time I sleep seeking sanctuary why cant I be at peace? fill up a void come into my world exposed to be touched pay no mind I'm at home when the pain seems too much shut it off like a light now i'm all into peace a presence around me a love like amnesia I'm falling into fantasia calm as can be worries drift away forget how hurt I am for one meaningful day no I'm not the devil but I know who he is he once came to visit and make my soul his as a dark ball inside me consumes me at times i keep inching forward toward the many facets of mind knowing not showing much at all down in the sunrise revived by the fall a natural course of a star entering destruction like lotus flowers in bloom under a fog covered moon in the cold autumn wind healing old scars within practice the old magik into a new growing skill will it be enough the day which stands still worth fighting for.

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~Sorrow Of Life~

                           I try to look in the mirror it starts erasing me

                          until the only thing i see is a mask of blizzery

                       it filled up with moments of cold thoughts of misery

               I think i ate the poisoned apple that snow whites supposed eat

                            cause now I'm living another life like Dorothy

                             oh, spoke to soon here it comes there i go

                              the tornado that makes the volcano blow.

               -dedicated to the LIFE i live, dedicated to the LIFE that gives.

        ~Tanner Cox

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Light alters the ambiance 
of all that is seen;
the accelerating clouds escape
 while a distant trumpet,
embodying the allegro beat,
arranges beautiful arias
that ascend like orchards' pink petals 
unaware of us
watching as they enter
 the radiant atmosphere...  
look up, those fading stars adore them! 
Against the igneous rocks algae cling,
empty boats err 
without any stirring;
anguish for one heart awaiting night...
opening her eyes,
she allows fears   
and tears ignoring the ardent moonlight:
again lonely, allured by auroral gleams!  


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Not so simple notes


Letting the music flow through me. 
Enveloping me and helping to ease my mind. 
Lightening my spirit and calming my heart. 
Allowing me the freedom to expand my imagination.
 Let the stress of the world slip away. 
Running down my spine to land in my feet. 
Slipping out of me to flow along the floor. 
Gaining a life of its own.
 Starting a strange and new journey
Turning from stress to a multi-colored creature. 
Absorbing everyone's stress and negativity. 
 Feeding off it and turning it to a brilliant display. 
Lightening the mood in the joint.
 Setting toes to taping. 
Hands a twitching. 
Hips moving and bodies grooving.
Notes flow and float in the air.
Energizing the crowd.
To an almost frenzied state.
Working better than any drug possibly could.
Potent and pure.

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Music and Meditation


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Denver Nights II

I've been traveling 
on the go
to where
no one knows
all the while
i'm alone
when did goodbye
become a song

here's something for you
and here's something 
for you as well

all these passings
i do not know
i've been traveling 
on the go
all the while 
you're alone
became a song

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Swaying Fish

People flock in like birds to a feeder
Some disappointed by distant seats
The lights diffuse; eyes dilate and focus as shadows materialize on stage
Sheer ear rattling sounds stir your blood, urging withdrawn screams to bubble forth
The music starts the beat catches your foot than your legs
Your become another fish in the swollen sea of swaying people
But just as soon as it started it's over
You solemnly retrace your tracks on the journey home
Tedious buzzing lingers in your ear drum and is left as the faint whisper of music dissipates

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What, color is music?
Is it the color of your lover’s eyes as you wade at water’s edge?
Or more like the colors you view when a child’s giggle makes you young again?
Then again, they could be muted colors……………………. 
opaque in nature, 
but suddenly you breathe on them and alas they glow once more
Royal colors crowned and crowded with admirers who stand in awe of hues hewn with precision
Yet if I had to make a decision
I would be urged to opine that music is the color of enjoyment enveloping this entire planet 
which could be in peril 
Allow the music of*laughter to echo through the deepest tunnels and over every triumphant 

Or music could be the color an artiste  must employ when joy reaches into one’s soul and tells 
you that no matter what, be content with that which you were blessed to own, 
And never fill your cup to overflow with the color of greediness or music made to grieve

Music is not, of course the color of anger or jealousy
As for me I am making music my  master who advises me to do things zealously
For after all, where would i be without  the magic of music in the middle of madness at 
Whatever color music is I know it’s has to be majestically and brilliantly bright
And can deafen us to all but mellow melodies
That’s it
Music is the color of a  mid-August breeze 
when heat heavies your heart and music gives birth to ease
Music is blue as that breeze which gently blew
While Mrs. Levy’s laundry sways as it clings to a rope, 
suspended on the serenity of a symphony sewn of silk
Music is the color of everything built and born of beauty that belies the notion that an emotion 
is nay a color as well
And oh how much music is there in the vociferous voice of one single bell
Music is the color of a hundred pipers piping as their numbers increase
Music is made when a war has cause to cease
Therefore music must be the color of peace
          © 2011.….Poefree
 * take the word “laughter” and make an “S” be the first letter before “L”

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I am the metronome
mover of measures
wide . . . . . . . . wide . . . . . . . . . . . . swings my pendulum
tracing the tempos of time

my hands
a poco a presto
the strings of my mind

I am the hollow
Trickle my tunes
to the tilt of the times

The see-sawing sea
paces my sands—
murmurs ageless songs
in major
and minor

Sharp waves
crack my still mirror—
capture the startled sun
in splintered rays

I am the pulse of the wordless deep
constant my cadence
the play of my tides
the gravity of the moon

– Harley White 

< 1972 >

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i was walkin through the streets of kinondoni yesterday
when i saw a lil' boy freestylin
then a question hit me
can everyone sing and rap?
what good do we who take music serious
when everyone can do it
i'm better than everyone who thinks they can do music 
because i can create

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a tiny Man,
Locked in the Lyrics,
Barred by the Tune
of a Melodic Memory.
he Involuntarily Sings along
to the Lyrical Entrapment.
his Smile, once Genuine,
becomes Forced.
his Eyes, once Soft and Open,
become Cold.

though in Reality, Emancipated,
he remains a
Slave to the Reminiscence.
her Desperate Attempt
to Hold on to the Intangible,
to Confine the Elusive,
to Gain Stability from the Song.

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big city rock concert.

sitting on the concrete floor,
feeling my tongue vibrate against my teeth.
the music flooding through my body,
my mind in convulsions,
reaching the climax,
over the edge once i hear that song.
bright lights,
empty beer cans.
i cant tell if my foot is slipping,
or if its my mind thats drifting further away.
in front of me are the heroes of today,
that reached their goals.
but they'll never feel the way i feel now,
and the contradictory collective.
the voice reaches me,
burning images 
and chords.
if things could always be this way,
i wouldnt have to think about -          .

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The Other Side of the Moon

The Other Side of the Moon
                            Odin Roark

Oh Pink
Such a reality


I’ll breathe in the air
Won’t be afraid to care

So much to inhale


Rolling strings
Brushes caressing the heads
Anonymous voices
Vibratory echoes
Guitar vibes never ending

All there

Our transport
To the other side

Never stop the music

Infuse the clear air

Giving plain air guts

Your vibes
My vibes

Doesn’t get any better

Those voices in the distance
Wanting so much
Just to be heard

Lather the strap
Shave the excess
Render the recess bells glorious
We’re out on your playground
Gilmour  and Waters
Even on your own
Genius knows immortality

Still so sublime

Strings ever present
Never the echo will fade
Never the voices of old
Young in the past
It’s all the same
Just passion in words
And sound

Only in the minds of the unconscious
Will their sound fade…

Love’s language forever an enigma

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The Magic of Music

What a magical thing, music is,
echoing in my ear.
Thousands of ways to express itself,
waiting for me to hear.
Rustling branches
on a windy day,
Banjos strumming
eager to play,
calling out its melodies,
if only we stop and listen...

What magical memories, music makes,
thinking back upon,
telling stories without words,
of monsters and demon spawn.
Women in love,
or a broken heart.
A beautiful day
 that fell apart.
Words have a rhyme of their own,
if only we stop and listen...

What a magical place, music can be,
as you drift away.
You close your eyes, and think about
a different kind of day!
One with a field,
trees and river wide.
We just need to listen hard
and pictures form inside.
So many places we can travel,
so many things we can hear,
if only we stop and listen...

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Stay now with me , and listen to my sighs,
Bidding me to drain the curse and know it all.
	Feigned that I spake ill of thee,
As to who beholds two currents thwart amid
	the fluctous profound.

	Pass , pass upon your way , for 
I grow never old...and townward take to their
	whirring flight. That o'er the green 
cornfield did pass as I trembled.
Remarking how ill we are ; all 
Hands, that the rod of empire might have 
swayed, in one long yelllow string wound.
	Tell how they lived and died
not heeding to the blight.
	Dying in distant music, even as it came...
upon the fated night ,  gloomy encompassing 
	thee around.
And in the green underwood and cover, up ,
	from the mystic play of shadows twining
and twisting as if they were alive...
	Mindful the while that thus time flies for you,
That I myself was not more whimsical. Burning
	more truely as it dwells, than 
where the lights scatter amid two voices.
	And all else is silent & perfect
with my choices.

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Long-Haired Rock Stars

Pete Townshend played his guitar
While Paul McCartney howled and screamed
Just like his idol Little Richard did
Steven Tyler along with Joe Perry

Dominated the Nineties with their music
While David Bowie awed the scene
With songs like “Fame” and “Ziggy Stardust”
Southern and Hard Rock dominated the Seventies

With the Allman Brothers and Skynyrd
And their songs topping the charts
Some people think they all
Looked like nothing but tramps

It was not just a style
But it was a way of life
They lived the way they wanted to
While they entertained their fans

Whenever they went out on tour
They are all the Beatles, the Rolling Stones,
Lynyrd Skynyrd, David Bowie, and Duane Allman
But to me, they will be long-haired rock stars

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she wanted something that sunglasses couldn’t see 
and the first taste I could give her 
of what her eyes were looking for 
was something like a silver jet flyin’ 
carryin’ blueberries 
‘cross the sky 
to her favorite rock star

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The Phantom of the Opera

If I were Christine,
I would have chosen The Phantom
His genius, unique beyond comparison
His voice-indescribable
When he sings
It sends chills down my spine
And I close my eyes
And let the magic of his music carry me far away
I would like to believe
That he would have been a great person to know
Had he been a little more friendly
I would like to believe
That he would have given the world such beauty
If given the chance
But even at a young age
He was tortured and tormented
And never once
Given his opportunity to shine
But in my heart
He will always be
Shining brightly
And inspiring the music that grows in me

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Unique Melody

Negativity ensnares you,
Whispering its deadly tune,
Caressing your doubts,
Coaxing your spirit,
Muffling the light,
Captivating your addiction 

Entranced within the melody,
Absorbed into the lyrics,
Deafened by the volume,
Feel the rhythm 

Repetition binds you,
Spreading its infectious beat,
Enticing your habits,
Exhausting your energy,
Depleting the hope,
Breaking your fortification

Entranced within the melody,
Absorbed into the lyrics,
Deafened by the volume,
Feel the rhythm

Ipseity absolves you,
Preserving its emphasis,
Comforting your fragments,
Converting your fragility,
Reproducing the unabridged,
Decomposing your eclipse

Entranced within the melody,
Absorbed into the lyrics,
Deafened by the volume,
Feel the rhythm

Entranced within your melody
Absorbed in your voice
Deafened by its radiance
Feel your rhythm 

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A dreaming man in the state of REM
sees the dream as a reality
rivers of thoughts like sparkling gems
reveling in his new found sanity.
hours ago, a dozen empty bottles
deafening music and cheesy sizzles
gagging from second hand smoke
rhetorical nagging, senseless jokes
laser lights blinding, dancing to tune
a guy signing, sounding like a croak
who was better off in the heat of the dunes

Staggering dizzily up steep stairs
without acrobatic skills of balance and grace
like in a masquerade with ladies all fair
behind his mask, the unseen face
drooling and smelling of alcohol
like in a trance at this dream ball 
as dim lights lead to his abode
soft music playing in shuffle mode
eager for that soft fluffy pillow
to unburden all of the days load
into this dreamy soft silo

Rumbling snores fill the bunk
like thunder after the blinding bolt
deep into the sea of linen he is sunk
impervious even from a jarring jolt
closed eyes start to move and spin
like in a search that is to begin
falling , falling into deeper slumber
into a world far, far beyond yonder
played out by his own memories
a scene of a goose and a gander
replaying happy childhood stories

Splattering water drops in constant dripping
from a leaky rusty faucet
old china strewn in the sink, smelling
like a stale stiff baguette
while a cockroach enjoys the rich dinner
laid out in a gold rimmed platter
unmindful of the thundering snores
that sends minute tremors down the floor
munching, licking, chewing, gnawing…
eating his fill till he can eat no more
while others continue their wild feasting

As light beams transform dark to day
cutting through mists, reflecting in dew
heralded by songs of love birds at play
as the sweet smell of neighbors hot brew
sings along from a whistling pot
a morning harmony he never forgot
as he struggles up from bed
ringing in his ears, knocking in his head
dizzily dragging himself to the mirror
staring at eyes of blood shot red
as he strains to reach his trusted razor. 

His hangover lasted for 3 hours to the dot
couldn’t get to work, so sheepishly he just sat
his job hanging from a thin thread
and a nagging that he hears in his head
round and round he swirls the stirrer
of the hot coffee and a piece of bread
he gingerly asked from his good old neighbor.

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The unsung song

I have a song in my heart, 
that has yet to be given notes.
Notes that should kiss piano keys,
and give wings to grace.
Commit wind to pass over
tender chords, and reveal
her beauty to the world.
She inspires tones that 
whisper in my mind.
She alone can sing them.
Only her voice will do.
-James K 2013, All rights reserved.

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No matter what mood
No matter what place
My mind does get cooled
And it brings a smile to my face

It's my passion, it's my love
It could even be a dove
It could be a pigeon (for all you know)
Or it could just say, "So you reap, as you sow."

Music is in my soul**
From the top of my head to the bottom of my sole
It fills me completely
And I move energetically

** These words are taken from the Jonas Brothers' song Music's In My Soul. I take no
credit for it and give them a double thumbs-up for the amazing music they're creating! LOL 
P.S: I was humming this song when I was writing this poem... oh yeah..and I do not sing..

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Spark of Youth Long Gone

Two days ago, I decided 
To realise 
Some cherished memories 
Of my beloved little pueblo; 
So I drank about five glasses 
Of Monteviejo 
In preparation for 
The rediscovery of 
The town of my heart.
Firstly, I sat in the bar 
Where I used to meet 
All my friends, 
And was assaulted 
By the prices of the drinks 
And the volume of the music. 
I searched the place 
With my eyes 
For the innocence and laughter 
Of yesteryear, but in vain.
The young people are forced 
Into tight little groups, 
So atmosphere
Is ponderous and alienating. 
Where is the fun? 
The wild and foolish socialising? 
The comic local music? 
All gone. I could cry. 
Oh, these nerves, this living death.  
I am so full of fear, 
Lethargy and fury,  
I can hardly function.
There's a lack of innocence
Of simplicity
And is this change
From deep within me?
The freedom,
The spark of youth
Is gone, 
Or have I merely lost it?
Sophistication spoils, 
The city ravages, 
Senses refined
By knowledge and wine.

(Based on an unfinished story written either in the late '70s or early '80s, in the spirit of the would-be "tortured artist", absurd, melodramatic.)

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The Maestro

I drink the nectar of your fingers
as they nimbly move from note to note.
They stop from time to time or run slow
with an air of deliberation.
Emotion pours forth as spirit wine
from expression wooing the senses.
Feeling the vibrations from the chord
resonating between heart and hands,
I languish, jealous of your talent.
The piano is your friend, chosen
as your friend chooses you,
from loyalty and admiration.
You are why the piano exists.
When you go It will not be fulfilled. 

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silent and numb

black and white butterfly's
pasted to the cold glass windowpane
against the grainy image of clouds
but to the butterfly's they are forever sailing the windless world
forever following eachother in such
sweet refrain silent and numb

black and white butterfly's
pasted to the glass wilderness
the urge to give their lives color
the desire to be more than born to be
to see the better world
greener pastures
to be the apple of some young girls eye
to be the happier dream

brief moment
when head above water
the thoughts are clearer
the feelings less fractured
swimming the last mile filled
with sunshine breathing
feels so free
after the nail to the head laughter box
creature image hollow pool
where we have run out of water
while i'm still trying to swim upstream
beat the butterfly's home
while i'm still
silent and numb

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The Night of Unleavened Bread

Matzos slip into their mouths
Voices project merrily...tonight is
The night of Unleavened Bread

Lamb and other delicious
Meats and veggies... satisfies our taste buds 
What a splendid night it is!

Wine's brewin' in our wine cups
The dinner table - creates pleasant talk 
During this meaningful night

There's moments of quietude 
When it comes to de-leavening our lives
But, there's moments of gladness

On this night of peacefulness
Cheesecake - a delightful treat to savor 
During this night of pure bliss

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prayers on mute

Some of us are built 
For harsh conditions
Suffrage held
Within a wicked vision
Reprimanded as a man
How can your father reprimand this hand
Discipline disciples 
in a cycle that would not turn in sand
Held in Carthage 
A piece of a Martian
Some say I’m soon to be departing
Pieces of gold in a bronze room
Shining through chivalry and doom
Sterile silvery praising a ring for the groom
All prized possessions of doubt now loom
Pushing the broom
On a straw bed 
Don’t u love this coon
You can be kind to the cruelest person
And at the end of the day 
They’re still cruel and worsened 
This worlds got to end
No sanctuary circles my morbid realms
I’m away from peace
And aware that it will never cease

Only time can stop me now 
Wishes sealed over a candle in a darkened hall
Head down I just might die on this wall
In this race I’ll survive somehow
Only time can stop me now 

I’m so scared 
Where are your prayers
I was so scared 
Why weren’t you there
I’m so scared 
should I have been spared

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TGI Friday

In a restaurant 
Elvis hung on a wall
Slightly crooked –
-nostalgic sepia,
Trademark pompadour.

His far away gaze
Staring blankly
Out at nowhere,
Through a window
At the drabness beyond.
In the background
“Always on my mind”,
Plays quietly behind the scenes -
- while a midday sun
Trickles colour into Elvis.

I leave after coffee
And take a walk 
Down lonely street,
Where I will search for
Elvis in heartbreak hotel -
- I need to tell him
How much I miss him. 

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I Wonder No More

Walking down the street
With a wiggle in her hip,
I wonder,
Is she the one?

Panting to catch her
Before the door closes,
The trail of perfume
Enticing my senses.
I wonder,
Is she the one?

Is she the one
To take my hand,
The one to make my life?
Oh, how grand, 
If she'd be mine!
I wonder...

Across the room
She turns and smiles,
Stopping me in my tracks.
A grin splits my face, and
I wonder; Am I the one?

Then from behind me
Steps a man,
Suave in his suit and tie,
Her arms reaching,
Enfolding him close.
I wonder no more,
If she's the one.

I leave, with my heart
In my hand, 
Noting other guys
Like me,
They had all wondered;
Was she the one?

I answer aloud,
For the broken hearts,
That didn't even make it
To first base,
Except for that one
Lucky guy.
Now, all our hopes dashed,
Because the answer was;
She'll never be the one for us.

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Dances of the Wind

A sprinkling of symphony lingers my ears
As though seducing me to move on its rhythm.

It had a distinct taste; which intoxicated my mind
It had a distinct scent; which intoxicated my spirit.

A aroma of ecstasy spread in my body
For I was amidst the mysterious nature.

I had joined it in the ‘Dances of the Wind’

My lips had only one chant to repeat
My body had only one position to hold.

For I had joined the exotic nature in reverences.

The Time has beheld its count and Wind the flow.
The Sun has beheld its light and Moon the Glitter
The Life has beheld its genesis and Death the havoc.

All the elements seems to pause for the moment.
All the work seems to pause for repose.
For it was the Time, all join together to summon the Almighty.


Written way back in 1998, just as i was being introduced to new perception of life, 
linking the spiritual self with the physical self.

This was also the time when i was hooked to Newage Music by Vangelis, yanni, and 
few other contemporaries, some times inspiring me to compose poetry on their 

Some what modern sufistic touch and feel to whole poem.

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Solstice 19439,11

possibly later in the street 
my sad voice by the symphony of Paris 
because I sing the loneliness 
and meditation on the long days 
with the holy hope 
for universal peace 
for eternal liberty

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Slow Down

listen to the sound of the rushing world,
wonder what you'd hear if we all slowed down
a minute of an hour a second in a day 
Instead if speeding our lives away
What happens if we listen to a voice that is unheard
Would that make us different or just a bit absurd
Words are the music and in what we say
Do we still wish our lives away
Tomorrow would you slow down just for a second chance
To love someone you left behind to give them one last glance
And if you saw a gravestone of someone you held dear
Would you stop just for a second and shed a single tear
In the sounds of all the speed
Will we lose the truth that we all need
In a silence we all stare 
attending what was really there
In the hopeless hope is found
Making loud yet subtle sounds
In the future let me know
What would you do in bleeding snow
Stop and help the one you loved
Or flee the scene as an injured dove
In the furry of the fight with what is left will it be flight
Tomorrow would you stop and stare if blood washed down
Painted walls and streets around
And if you new the causer of would you wash your hands with the blood
Or would you run to a place of gold a secret place you still behold
A place where children frolic and play
A place where speed is left where it lay
A place of new adventure here
A place where newcomers all draw near
Listen to the sound of the rushing world
Would you listen or just be absurd
In what you hear does music play
Think of what it would be today
In a place where speed was left to lay
No more rushing through our life
In peace we call it calm without strife
Tomorrow may be different or just another dream
But this is the part where we place all the seams
And in a subtle laughter we may all feel absurd
But in the distant future this will be a different world.

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If You Only Knew

My best friend, My x boyfriend, and the one I’m still in love with.
I know I have a boyfriend and he just happens to be your best friend too, but if I had the chance to tell you everything I would.
You and I still love each other like we did 3 years ago, but there’s nothing we can do about it.
I cant leave my boyfriend because I to scared of everything that will happen. 
I do love him and I do love you, but Who do I love more?
The one weekend I Saw you this year was the best weekend I've ever had.
We walked around like there was nothing else going on in the world.
The biggest smiles on our face, My lipstick on your lips, and the love in our eyes.
You and I even sang together on the park bench for the world to hear.
Shinedown is our favorite band because we both fit like perfect puzzle pieces in all their songs. 
I can't describe the way you made me feel with your big blue eyes, and the way you lifted me up like I was as light as a feather.
I know people might say if I love you so much then why don't I leave him. 
My answer is simple: I'm scared of being hurt… again.
Sure, every girl is sacred of a heart break but this girl? 
The bipolar , depressed, starving, love hungry, emotional, girl isn’t just scared she's terrified.
I do I love my boyfriend, but I don’t know who I love more.
Sure Dustin you broke up with me on my birthday 3 years ago, but we all make mistakes.
So for this years birthday you got me a beautiful “J” necklace, the color of my birthstone.
I know it might not sound like that makes up for it but the way I feel with you makes me feel invincible.
Every night we would go up to the hill, smoke a cigarette, and just hold each other. 
So if I had the opportunity to tell you  one thing that I regret not telling you.
It's that I love you and the way you make me feel more then everything in the whole world... except for Tyler, my boyfriend.
I'm sorry Dustin.

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Birdsong twitters
Sunlight flickers in and out of clouds
Weaving messages with light
You resonate with sound

Chirping virtuoso
Eco vibrato on a pleasing wind
A melody to serenade my ears
As wings glide legato 
Wings flap staccato
From bird’s eye view
Your chorus chimes

I beg reprise ...

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blues is the color i play

blue is the color of the harmonica i play 
the sound takes ground and is more then i can say

if the blues where you i would play everyday
love notes to you are what i pray

night arrives and still so dark 
waiting for the music in the park 

the solo is hypnotic to say the least 
whispering sound from this harp to feast

i play the way i want to 
most of the love i have for you

blue is the color i play

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Ode to a San Francisco Head

It’s that beat
arms around the porcelain
shared by music gods
a plenty

The Smash!
drowns the sweetness
as the 
carries away the wrong

with the Shrill!
stabilizing the united
tears make their way  
to reddened arms and
towards the heavens

now swaying with the
Ba Ba Ba!
images appear between
where truth and purity
are found

collapsing to rest
with a sweaty
upturned by reality
breathing hard is the 
Beat Beat Beat!
of paralysis

then dipped into the
icy mercy of a
and then a muffled
trumpets prayer

only to awaken to
a deafening
and an earth moving
only then experience
takes hold

Sa Sa Wop! 

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Silent Chord

            Silent Chord

Strings of melodies stream together
Vibrating from inside without a sound
Welling up in silence
With accompaniments of feelings and the mind
Calming measures blended, refined like bitter grapes
Sweet memory that aches upon a silent chord
Heard only in the sacred crevasses of the heart
Beating a hasty retreat to sanctuary
A single breath of vibrant life on waves of music
Crashing on alien shores
A truce between passion and melancholy blend
When we reflect, remember times together
Not through a glass so darkly
Not everything is black and white
There are many stories and letters left to write 
I can play but one note for you
A simple and pure one
A silent chord

                                                                             Poetry contest: Debussy Inspiration 6/06/14 

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Where the Magpie Laid Down Nest

I wanna sing
like the old master-magpie;
I wanna croon
in a way that tickles my nose
and makes my hairs stand up stiff
I wanna holler
like my shoes were dusty
and my heart was broke
and the house I grew up in
was only a dream between days of walking city-ward
where I heard the lights were brighter
and the skies were black-and-whiter
and the folks all read the paper
and hurried like they cared
where they were going to.
But if this was all a dream,
then how come it felt so true,
so brand new
and so much stronger a fix
than my home ever offered me?
P'rhaps because this is where the magpie
laid down his nest
and sang to me.

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Drowned in Illusion

Looking around

there is nothing but illusion

Everything is drowned

in the oceans of illusion

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Heard Her Radio Song

Sweet voice calling me 
From pedestal so high 
Might never come down 
So I'll climb up

Still remembering past joy 
When love was new 
Innocence still on lips 
Trapped now in glory 

Face in electric windows 
Looking back at me 
Once there each morning 
Cheek on my chest 

Singing passion in ear 
My body her instrument 
Played it so well 
We became as one

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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Star seeding

How many nights awake as thoughts tumble so fast from the heavens that sense just needs to
be made?
Grab the pad always nearby, for when the rains come
and pour your heart out with them.
It’s understated to say inspired,
conversations with clouds,
allowed and understood.
Good. When that thunder rolls you know that flash is going to illuminate a lot.
All you’ve got
is a few minutes to get that down, a word a code a sign.
To remind your mind again.
It’s like that for all of us, but we,
we who have learned to pay attention,
not to mention
that we like it,
we listen. That’s all it is.
Nothing mystic
or fatalistic in it.
We like to dance naked in the rain.
And let that rain wash right through us.
We’re not afraid of lightning, we know it comes from the Earth.
And we’re rooted there. Deep.
So keep
your judgments to yourself about what’s right.
There ain’t no St. Peter checking for baptismal certificates at the Pearly Gate.
And Fate
can be re-written any time by intent.
Well meant
wishes sent to you do good and keep you strong.
So that rain of inspiration won’t burn you up, keep you watered long
After you’ve apologized.
So we let it through in verse, in muse, in story disguised
As truth. Star seedings through us all
Watching as seeds fall
And sprout in the rain
on Earth.

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masque of mysterio

The piano screams my name
No body knows my pain
Out on a stormy day
What else does your story say

As we exist 
through a code of known morals
Who can strip 
the back of a snake corralled
Pleasantly awaken common sense 
and flaunt it plural
of an area less than rural 
Drip-lets let you know something’s fallen
I wish but then a gain
A wish is an incomplete thought
A decision is contemplation completed
And reasoning 
Is only an individuals desire defeated

The piano screams my name
No body knows my pain
Out on a stormy day
What else does your story say

I’ll see you tomorrow, maybe
But tomorrow 
will definitely see you first my friend
Searching my pockets thin
Out on my last wind
The curse of we aborted men
Raped in anger a changeling to 
An opinion voiced is nothing new
Losing my way
Last night I slept in the morning dew 
A masque of reddened death
Prelude to a bubonic fever
A modern day swine flu
Flesh deadened to depths 
Unbelievably I stood right behind you

The piano screams my name
No body knows my pain
Out on a stormy day
What else does your story say

"in my glass of cognac"

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Your Cocaine, My Blues

In the meantime
you have your cocaine
I have my blues
a fate awaits
when you need a friend
         I'm there
a love awaits 
like the poems I write
you missed the latest
         poetry slam
it was all for you
so I shuffled back home
         still needing you
listening to the blues
I feel the pain in the music
          like the words I pen
seems maybe I feel yours too
someday you'll be strong
           til then
you have your cocaine 
I have my blues

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Music inspires the joyful, love-able person to come out when were listening.
No one can get away from it, and no one wants to. Everyone has their own style, yet its all the same. It sends us messages, makes us happy, exited, and even cry. It unifies us all.

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Director's Cut And Paste

When a stranger calls

a star is born

within these walls

the shining

city lights

die hard

the searchers

don't look now

behind enemy lines

I walk the line

out of the past


where the red fern grows

in cold blood

of mice and men

while you were sleeping


follow me quietly

home alone

where the sidewalk ends

forks over knives


where the heart is


dark eyes

guess who's coming to dinner

the day after tomorrow

the silence of the lambs

never cry wolf

in the heat of the night

my fair lady

dances with wolves

singin' in the rain

the illusionist



cast away

what lies beneath

the notebook

can't buy me love

without leaving a forwarding address

back to the future


cries and whispers

tell them willie boy is here

from now to eternity

wild hearts can't be broken

before night falls

sense and sensibility

climb an angry mountain

to kill a mockingbird

we were soldiers


a beautiful mind

without a paddle

for love

the birds

take the lead

a river runs through it

one flew over the cuckoo's nest

when the cat's away

the mailman always rings twice

with a clean face

the empire strikes back

with a kodak

footsteps in the fog

paint your wagon

fifty shades of grey

for a little more money

great expectations

reign over me

boys don't cry

with your permission

save the last dance

for your eyes only

three men and a baby

cry for the strangers

gone with the wind

to have and have not

places in the heart

return to me

where or when

pride and prejudice


to catch a thief

like water for chocolate

stolen kisses


on the beach

it's a wonderful life.

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Her Beautiful Voice

My voice it speaks weakly but my heart is strong
Her voice is tender platinum pure shy and abandoned
She sings like an angel

She has that strong quality of something that cannot be taught
that is unsophisticated and girlishly innocent
free pure and clean

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I WAS MADE TO LOVE YOU...........  

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Waltz of the Night

Dancing pairs in the hall of flairs;
      poignant paintings beneath the classy ceilings;
  shimmering chandeliers gently appear
    as the music plays the waltz of the night.
There you sit, alone in your throne;
  and so as I, doing some sighs.
      Both felt seclusion from this occasion
until the music played the waltz of the night.
    We become dancers on this brimful floor:
  dancing gracefully with the music’s glee;
      and while other dancers leave from song to song,
our music goes on—on and on.
  We swayed lightly and glanced amorously-
      hand in hand, along with the band;
    and now, there’s only us remain on the floor
for this is our music: the waltz of our night.

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eyes around you

if you could save a life 
would you give yours, die twice 
or seek the common sacrifice
within his eyes

i put stride in my fears 
and walked my tears away
if i could recount the years today
amongst my peers i'm here to say
address your bed, your whereabouts 
and the mirrors from which you lay

There's no heaven above me
But you want to seek love 
And tell me to lead the doomed
Pray upon salt castles
And clay statues
Remain humble with stones 
Veering at you 

on bending knee
you send a plee
do rekindle me 
Set me apart
from windows, free
only to pay
a widows fee

Scars are tattoos 
That remind us 
What not to do
Where not to go
Have I 
Forgotten you?

I rest my thoughts 
Where they don't lay 
If i could rise equivilently 
To an average monday
That would be life 
According to what some say

When nightmares become reality
Angels cry
Where shadows hide
They tear at the thought
of disclosing immortality
the same as the posture 
of an adolescent in high fidelity 

if you could save a life 
would you give yours, die twice 
or seek the common sacrifice
within his eyes

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August 15th 1969

The open window's single glazed panes rattle
in tune to the vibe of a steel guitar.
The twelve by twelve dorm room seethes with hormones 
amongst the mattressed floor's limb woven lovers and dust bunnies.

Though the mornings light is barred full entrance to the room 
by the buildings overhang and the western exposure.
The nicotine and marijuana stained drop-shades defy the light
scratching edgily to the Stratocaster’s reverb.

A backwash of blues, overlaid 
with the likes of a pipe organ’s squeal;
wretches sleep from drug addled brainpans.

As a bushy-haired, black mans long fingers pluck
a machine-guns rat-a-tat tat and a Huey's blade thwop.

“Oh say can you seeeeeeeeeeee….” echos off the vinyl
through the ether and into future draftees hung-over dreamscape.
A proud, cursing, sacrilegious rendition…….

“by the dawns early light …………"

Feather pillows are pulled over shoulder length hair
as “bombs bursting in air…………."
The musical phrase hits a long-noted pause 
as visions of napalmed children scream 
  through the Daliesque dream
into the reality of Jimi’s throng.

“o’er the land of the free………and the home of the brave.”

*The first day of Woodstock..I didn't go :( good girls? stayed at school.

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Lost poem

They say every word spoken in the earth
Goes to a celestial bank in heaven
And becomes the music of the spheres
But I have penned words from heart
And here in this electronic room lost them
What of them, the bosons of my brain
What of the Creator's lost in his domain
What of my poem, the poet and the bird
Have sent to spheres with songs unheard
O they are gone like a child not yet born
Gone, grieving the mother's grave-like womb 
Did I have a miscarriage too
And when the music swells the sphere, will I
Be honored for my words that came and died
Is there a monument for poets in the sky
Is the wind a fragment of my song, I sighed
O the pain not to teach it with my tongue to sing
Or feel in my breast its fluttering wings
O the injustice of it! A poem is a fetus too
Until its cuddled it is not born, and yet its gone
As if a thing not yet alive could die; dark dawn
Cease! I want my child, O Jairus, to live again
What else shall poertrysoup take from me
In this electronic world of technical tyranny?

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Bear with me

You I’m still searching for a life
I don’t have the answers to your questions
But sometimes I just want you to believe in me
Someday I will find my own way

I don’t know what I should do
But stay for me and tell me to hold on
It’s a heart breaking seeing the unhappy
What more can I do, All I can is to hope

If I don’t talk too much
Doesn’t mean that I don’t care
If I don’t do things enough
Doesn’t mean I don’t do anything

If I could turn back the time
And knowing the future would be such a dull
Maybe I can make up for all my mistakes
And be the girl you wanted me to be

Tell you something…
My heart hurts
It hurts deeply through my brain

Nothing else I could do…
My tears fall as I bend down on my knees
Wishing everything turns beautifully
And no more worries in our life

Just let me keep my dream alive
Let me die trying or nothing at all
Let me believe on its possibility
Believed in me and always you’ll be

I have sacrifice the time
For searching and hoping
Though it’s such a waste of time
I know everything will turns beautifully

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What's That I Hear

What's That I Hear?

The bells are ringing,
     listen, listen.
The angels are singing,
     do you hear?
They are telling the story
          once again.

The Son is exalted, exalted.

Handel's Messiah is heard
     in heaven, as always.
What a gift God gave us
     through one man,
          willing to listen.

Listen closely,
     listen with your heart,
          what do you hear?



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where music takes us

it is the direct opposition
to the string
that makes the violin sing

it is the reverberation of the lips
that makes jazz trumpets strip
down to the core of soul
as the music swallows us whole

in the thump of the drum
i am left stalled and numb
as the music overwhelms me
my body dies
my spirit free
as I rise an octave or two
- emotions
smoky and blue

I am taken from here
to there
to nowhere
nowhere – as it does not exist
here, tangible
it cannot be found or bent
this place of being
- eye unseen
yet heart explores it
- so free

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Vasava An untold Story 4/Many

An untold story 						Part 04/Many


Rulers and the most renowned riches of Patilputra 
And of the kingdom of Magadh,
Use to visit her Palace to see her splendid,
Daily dance and songs performances
While watching her splendid dance forms 
And listening her enchanting songs
They use to offer even their most precious
Money and wealth to get a glance of her

Vasava’s dwelling place was bigger than the, 
Many palatial monuments of Patilputra
Built by the master craftsmen and artisans of that era, 
For everyone’s heart beloved Vasava
Its beautiful building, long corridors and Gardens,
Filled with seasonal flowers, 
Were the best example of art and beauty, 
Displayed on grounds, walls, and high roofs 
And on the floors of her Palace 

What a splendid opportunity it was for the maker 
Of that beautiful Palatial building
To make a gorgeous place of living for the beauty queen 
Of everyone’s heart of that era
As if the Goddess of beauty had asked them,
To make a dwelling Palace for herself
Were the excellence of art and music had come alive 
To portray beauty in poetic forms & shapes

The Palace of Vasava with its gardens, 
Round dance auditorium and with sitting stairs,
Was more than a place of beauty to be watched 
It had a magical alluring attraction,
Because of its round dance stage and round sitting arrangements 
On cushioned circled stairs
To watch Vasava’s yearly performances and
Hearing her melodies floating all round in the air

Many rulers, artists, poets, actors and musicians 
From all over the world of that era
Use to come to live freely in her palatial guest house, 
To show Vasava their wonderful performances
And after judging their different dance and music forms 
Vasava used to honor and help them 
With lofty gifts, money and applauses, 
To cheer up their arts and to encourage them all  

Ravindra                                                                              to be continued in 5

Kanpur  India   7th March 2010

*   Patilputra    .  The old name of Patna - a city of India in Bihar state
                            Patilputra was one the most ancient city of ancient 
                            India situated near river Ganges.

*   Magadh          The Kingdom of Magadh was located in the current
                            State of Bihar and other adjoining states of India.

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deep in the dark ages

                           deep in the dark ages

what has happened to this world?
I fear we cannot recover
as I drive across the land
my radio's on to calm my stress

gangster rap bangs out to me
hip hop, rock and country tunes
my ears are pounded by the terrible sound
I almost wreck my car

no  Pavoratti, Domingo or even Potts
no Wagner,Mozart or even Ravel
I would even love a jazz quartet
with a cello, sax and bass

I long for Callas singing high
or Brightman,s haunting voice
even Lanza or Caruso would do
maybe Sutherland or Price

I fear that I have been swept away
to dark ages long ago 
when humans could not speak or write
just utter and ugg to all

if this is the life that I must lead
as horrible as it is
I  will just get an old pickup
and learn of drugs, dogs and trains

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Music's Love

Listening to the sound of music, 
to the rise and fall of notes. 
Waiting for someone to match your beat. 
Sometimes, it is slower, 
louder, or faster than you. 
The crash of nature, 
the nagging of a mother, 
the patience of a father, 
yelling at your siblings, 
the feeling of missing a home, 
things that capture your attention. 
Understanding, caring, 
because you desire to, 
not because you can. 

Listening to the sound of music, 
to the rise and fall of notes. 
Waiting for someone to harmonize with. 
sometimes you're different, 
sometimes they're different, 
but when you feel that warmth, 
you meet, at an understanding. 
In the end, together, 
you and they harmonize into one song, 
making the world brighter with its noises. 
It may seem, perfect, normal, or weird, 
but it never is. 
For love is never flawless, 
never blind to one's faults. 
For love is never simple or like any other, 
it is unique, each in its own way. 
For love is never awkward, 
it is like the layers of sound in song, 
harmonizing, covering, and pushing 
each other,
each note rising above the next.

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Our Love Is Music

In this perfect harmony of love there is nothing else I could ask for.
At times the choir gets to us with too many high notes.
Nothing will end our song 
Because in this duet our love runs strong
There are times when things go wrong in our love song
In which we wish things were accessible.
But trust me our song will continue to play
Like a track on repeat.
In this perfect harmony it’s just you and me.

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The Virgin Music

The virgin music 

The virgin music bathed my heart
With it’s beautiful melody
I enjoy every rhythm 
Such a glorious symphony
played the music of divinity
decorated my emotions

The silence roses was now breathing
and grow in the garden 
of my readers’ hearts 
and spread their fragrances
of my angels’ love

i want to share with you
my beloved angels
that you loves and cares
In thorough involvement
Release the verses not from your charm
And shining your exclusive smiles

Let the virgin music bathed my readers’s hearts
Let the silence of roses bloom along their path
And eradiate with it’s love and passion

~ (c) Sukmawati Komala ~
17 July 2013

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A Dark Night with a Full Moon

In the darkness you illuminate my way...
In the night sky you are as bright as the sun...
You shine brighter than any star at night...
You are the full moon...
On a very sad day you were a comfort to me...
And on any future or present sad days you will always be...
My guiding light in these dark days...
The beauty where music must come from...
Like a serenade of water you carry peace to some...
To others you bring wonder and curiosity...
But to me you will always be a source of life...
The only thing at night that keeps me from leaving myself...
You help me stay me just like does music...
If music was one day destroyed you would be a great solace to that pain...
Because I would still get to see you on some nights...
Melodies of the moon I will one day sing and write...


As you can tell I really love the moon and music and I would also like to be a composer one 
day that is why I put "Melodies of the moon I will one day sing and write" and yes I am in 
band <3

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You manage to sneak
your way into every line of every song,
every rise and fall of the volume,
every repetition of a phrase,
and once you’re there, I play your face
along with the arpeggios.
Your smile becomes a musical phrase,
your laugh becomes a giggle of drums,
your scent the smooth, seamless transition
between tracks. And when the album ends,
leaving me in silence, in lonely darkness,
I feel you in the bed next to me,
whispering my name. 

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hard to smile on a good day

you held 
three loaded guns 
to my head
and you call me 
a criminal

i am unarmed
and just a man
i did nothing wrong
no sympathy song

you pick on me
all my days 
of all my life
why my life

i was give to this world
i did nothing wrong
no sympathy song
no where to roam

every night i cry
it hurts to hold my head
the truth is spoken
i can not lie

i've been pushed to far
I drive no fancy car
living my life 
for empty nights

never know yourself 
you do too well
it's in every breath
your conscious tells

a fatherless son
my mother was raped
just merely I escaped
the tales i'm told

but i'm here today
to let you know
there's no going back 
this time per say

day by day
i'm going to lift you up 
until i fall 

on the play ground coming up 
repeatedly i was called 
"white nigger boy"
oh i was your
"black honky boy"

now the jokes on you
maybe you spoke to soon
when i'm done with you
you'll beg for 

i tried to be positive
all of my life
i pray you good
I pray you would

no god
can help you now
going back and forth 
with my conscience
Just trying to properly function

i don't know
who you are
but i need your help 

i see beautiful people
do hurtful things 
i don't understand 
and the pain is more 
than i wish to bare

i've been on my own
living day to day
singing fragrant songs
don't let me go
it hurts to say
i've lost my way

just waking up 
reminds me 
where i don't want to be
and when i fall 
you can all smile again

"when waking up is the worst part of your day"

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The Beat of the Oversoul

Somewhere, someplace,
someone is playing a guitar.
Sitting alone,
in a room, in an unromantic city.
Somewhere, someplace,
someone truly honest, sublime
birth of a phoenix
renaissance of hope
where the snow piles up
and the sun becomes a clouded pimple.

Somewhere, someplace,
someone is alone
in an unromantic room.
Believing that no one hears,
or cares.
Never caring, never hoping,
someone is playing six strings
to the beat of the oversoul.

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The slow beats vibrate with
rhythmic sounds and tapping fingers on the drum,
as my neck moves up and down like the Agama lizard,
the reverberation sends sweet vibes down
my spine and I can feel and taste this sweet
sensation like white honey in my mouth;
blood rushes to my face as I turn green,
my flexor and extensor muscles move in 
unison as my soul rejoices within,
air rushes through my nostrils as  the heart beats
intermittently,my hands feel warm on her back
as she rests her head on my chest,
the saxophone whistles and echoes through the night~~smooth vibes~~
many were held captives by this spell;
~~And SOULS travel to celestial height....

Contest:"Synesthesia:inner body movement" sponsored by Nette Onclaud

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Orpheus My Valentine Not Dead

Last night I believed I saw three Witch Beings 
relent and cast down from winter moon 
Orpheus, free riding.  

Happy all with his magical lyre.
Not in bereavements of old, 
no traps and lures set with crying, 
he called to me.

His sun-gold limbs were elegant intact.
Feet swift where night wind took him.
Blood red were his cheeks and marked,
telling where he’d been.

By fate or by plan that night he came
into my darkened room, my bed.
His whispered song tenderly to hold me.
Orpheus, my valentine, not dead.

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Beethoven's Last String Quartet

 I love your old eyes.
 I love where they take me,
 to castles in the park
 overlooking the lake,
 with quiet voices
 explaining passions,
 to lessons taught with charm.
 We could laugh in that
 muffled way with gently
 tightened throats.
 We use things made of
 polished wood and glass
 genuine things. 
 We are in control. 
 I love that.

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The purple canopy above
Soars majestically to the heavens
Shrouding my view

I lie raised
In a caffeine haze
Deafened gloriously

Breathing to the rhythm
Reverberating through the stage
Vibrations soothing my aching limbs

Limbs which have slaved
Creating the musically Eden
Forging metal and wood
Blood and sweat
Sugar and caffeine

The sky darkens
Gentle patting comes from the canopy
Refreshment from the sky
Though just the taste in the air
Slakes my thirst

I turn and look out
The faithful stand weathering the storm
Rocking in the free world
Shouting to the gods

With refreshed bones
And mind
I stand
At one with the vibrations
Basking in the noise

As the night falls I leave
Under a lower skin
I tip my hat to her red hair
As I pass and move on

So under a thin plastic skin
I now lean on dead wood
As the angry strings 
Caress the senses

The hour flies
And return at speed
Parting the crowd
With a voice louder than the din

Breath is heavier
Boots rapping across stone
The night draws in
I stand
Assimilating with the vibrations


Into the madness of the night

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Razzmatazz. A long lost song
From a long lost band, Pulp
Freed from your Orange Juice,
Hailing from Scotland, who’s final king
Was Forest Whittaker, trophy winner
The only one Cleveland’s ever seen (but apparently, it rocks)
With its gray skied eyes and Factory blacked lungs,
A cancer felt but not seen-everything gives you Cancer.

Joe Jackson has a good point, and a good beat
Down this song is on your ears, like a Bullet to the Head
Courtesy of four angry boys raging against the machine
Yes you god damn library printer, lying through your teeth
To frustrated, harried people lying
In the hands of god.

John Lennon didn’t believe in you, why should I?
Why should I care, I’m out of my brain on the Train,
That two hit wonder coming to Cleveland July 9th,
Five days after the fireworks are lit
Indoors by Elvis Costello, with the cigarette
Of Ben Folds, over smoky, deep purple waters
Much prettier than Erie, that eats away the bones--
Well put Thom Yorke, unrelated to the Duke
Who built a city, then built it anew on Amsterdam
Not the kind Chris Martin locked away 
With keys of Ebony and Ivory.

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a midnight wish

There’s a chill in the cold 
And it’s going nowhere 
She says it’s going to get worse 
Before it get better 
But we’ll hold on like stormy weather

If midnight falls then I’m homeless 
She says so calmly 
The winds going to take me away
But I don’t want to go lonely 

She likes to think
That you can carry on for sometime
She marries for the day
But she yields from the moments 

There’s everything you hope for
A map for the road
A picture for your wall
A lasso around the moon
Dawn, she's going to come to soon

She smiles softly
If midnight falls then it’s hopeless
She says so calmly
The winds going to take me far away
But I don’t want to leave you lonely 

She concludes
You can’t take away from a man
What he’s already lost 
But she insist 
That bubble baths and a warm massage
Will take away your Sunday misery

i fear it all sometimes
i hear your screams
and i wonder
if you're calling
but i can't reach you 
no i couldn't reach you
i tried but i just couldn't save you

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We lay together in this moment 
Time stands still around us and only we move 
I hear you breathing in my ear as your hands slide down my chest 
We make God weep at the dance we perform 
And you cry his name in the bliss you desire 
Am I doing this right for you?
Do you like the way I make you move in my arms?
We are hardly half done as we make our own music play the tone I know you love
 Now you lead and I follow in this love dance
Breathing heavy we work in love make you moan 
Am I doing this right for you my love?
I know I am from the weeping of joy from all the desire you have 
We spin round so you can dance above me 
This dance has barley begun 
The dance was slow 
Our hands roaming looking for the right place to hold 
I sigh in relief as we hold each just right 
Let  us speed it up 
The climax is come in this dance 
The final part is close can you feel it approaching?
Heavy breathing stop momentarily just as the world starts around us again
Looking into the your eyes I know this was right
The dance we have started 
Has come to an end for know.

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Walk Out

Proof: a bedazzlement in disguise; 
Proof: what's watching your eyes, as you realize--
what are people?

Shards of an astronomical figure approaching as the gentle invocation of the breeze, succeeds
She, the flowing message, in silent company, paints the motion picture of a milliard broken mirror poses
That glitter at the height of the falling of the day
As walking flesh
As dancing mezme-resemblences
That dash!
Past the party’s alarm-throttle instrument;
Churning, from panic in a torched sky
To the shadow figure that was catching our flight
In our glass figurine
Where all is
Awander inside

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A prayer is like a song request
You love the melody it brings
Each... note... aligned... along... the... page
Corresponds with a masterpiece
Our prayers are very much the same
In that when we pray them 
They create a most beautiful arrangement before the throne of our King

So I challenge you this day to SING!!!

SING!... SING!... SING!...

*worshiping the Lord Jesus through poetry 
Gwendolen Rix

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Your Song

When I feel lonely,
And I miss you,
I listen to you sing,
To help carry me through.
I close my eyes,
And pretend you're here,
I listen to you sing,
Then I open my eyes,
Because the song is done,
So I close them again,
And begin a new one.
Your voice carries me away,
From my troubles on Earth,
Troubles I've had,
Since the day of my birth.
I'm sorry when the songs are over,
And I've listened to them all,
When I was listening to them,
I felt a bit tall.
I can't wait until I see you,
To record a new song,
TThen I can listen to it,
All day long.

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Rock n Roll

Rock n Roll

			Rock n roll
			Do the stroll
			The sounds of the 50’s and 60’s
			Elvis Presley singing about “Hound Dog”
			Girls screaming at his feet,
			Elvis “The King”
			Rock n roll
			Has that beat
			Frankie Avalon singing “Venus”
			Bobby Rydell, you can’t “Forget Him”,
			Fabian, well we know what he wants 
			“Turn Me Loose”	
			Rock n roll
			Jerry Lee Lewis has “Great Balls of Fire”
			He’s hitting those piano keys with his shoes
			Then there’s the man from New Orleans
			Singing about “Blueberry Hill”
			That’s the one and only Fats Domino
Then the Beattles come on the scene
			The British Invasion
			“I Want to Hold Your Hand”
			The BeeGees arrive from Australia
			“The Lights are On in Massachusetts”
			The Dave Clark Five and the Herman Hermits
			The Rolling Stones make a big hit
			That’s what rock n roll is
			That’s the sound, that’s the beat
			It gets you on your feet
			That’s Rock n Roll.

			Celine Rose Mariotti

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Moonlight Symphony

Moonlight symphony, and stars in the heavens A magic overture of a lovers haven A concerto of warmth and complete passion An operatic sensation of passions fire The opus of the rose permeates the air The magical grandioso that takes me there Come to me my lover of impromptu And seal our operetta with a kiss Serenade me with a vivace moan A concert of love to call my own A tender adagio, an expressive glance Only you, my one true love, can entice me to dance

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The Singing Self

A voice rings 
and seals the room-
colouring purpose,
the mind of the author, becoming 
a cry of pain and laughter, vibrato,
trembling in the ghost of genius,
the shadow of desire
being the madness of man, unpaid
but selfless in this gift of self,
He is his voice, and only that,
intangible, love for sake
of love.

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Sometimes I feel extraordinary
sometimes I feel I’m lost
but if you stay close to me, baby
I will never feel alone
in this crazy world

There’s something extraordinary
in your eyes I feel at home
without you I’m a loser
with you I’m Superman

It’s time for us to be together
(forever baby)
Would you marry me?
the flowers have turned red and yellow
(in our garden)
let’s celebrate

Carlos Mongrut

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Nature's Melodies

Friend, do you have time from the routine
To turn back to Mother Nature’s veranda
And to listen to her musical notes galore
Which are available to all those who adore.

She demands to have an appreciative psyche
To follow the many tones of her symphony
That lay scattered in her spacious courtyard
That exhibits a grand and striking harmony.

She offers it to the intensely sincere listener
Her musical facets in marvelous measure
In the gurgling sound of brook and river
And in the breezy night winds’ murmur.

The chirp of feathered tots, beloved of her
And the squeaky chorus from the corner
Together with the sound of falling leaves
Reveal her many charming soulful tunes.

Her sanctuary is strewn with many chimes
Creating myriad sounds, gentle and pleasant
It calls for tuning of the mind unconditionally
That helps one enjoy boons of her melody fully.

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Echoes in a Crescendo

A single note...


of silence

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light shines eventually

My thoughts started out virtuous

but, eventually,

you reeled me into your thinking

long ago, yet, everlasting.

Sweet dreams

turn into lingering evenings

sleepless nights.


I think of you...

in the dawn, down, and up time

And, the pendulum

is always still and running.

neglected in your own country.

begin not only thinking of two.

raised in the mountains of atomic waste

I can only glow

when your energy is surrounding

me like air and a light muon breeze

Only the few are allowed to

enter the cave a of proton

infested soul.

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When walking along down town,
"Koththu" rotti makers around,
Tapping,the rotti stones like music sound,
Unable to redeem the ears lent to the bounds!

( Koththu rotti-a process of cutting rotti,made out of wheat flour into very small pieces)

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I hear the past.
I feel refined.
As sounds of music echoe through my mind.

The moment lasts.
The feelings unwind.
To the sounds of music echoeing through my mind.

The song is vast.
Yet still confined.
To the length of the music.
That helped me rewind.

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Cascading in black

As the keys start to play,
The room begins to whisper…
Trying to understand its coded message through the wind
Many can only sit wonder,
While others clap as if they were thunder.
Cascading in black…
With a casual dress with black and white…
Her partner similarly clothed,
Gently caressing the body of his other soul…
Both with grace, they sing they dance 
And play in a very curious way.
Sitting alone in the hands of ones soul…	
Joining as one,
For a brief moment 
 only a few will be able to see
The beauty I hold with thee…
With the touch of this last key…
I will bid thee fair well…
For my night ends with D…

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The Beginning of the End

That’s how it ends 

So, this is it.

when we lose it all


this is not the End

This is only

The Beginning of the End

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City Street Blues

salty blues
and Saturday’s news
begs the difference between
the candlelit alters
and the sunlit corners

where the timid mingle
with insane masses
of different classes
and intellectual
is revealed in song

the rhythm of 
empty bucket drummers
sets the pace of the 
blind blues hummers
and the picking of eight
year old prodigies
of the jazz guitar

imitations of statues
from silver to copper
surprise the passersby
as the light reflects
in a down turned eye
to where the hungry
sit and cry

the money jingles in pockets
of consumers
and blends with the beat of 
air brake pauses
mixed with the cries of children
and the laughter of hookers
and the heartbeats
of peddlers
with maps to the stars

yes the blues is fluid
and flows in city streets
among the down and out
and the up on their luck
with those chasing the Jones’
and those making ends meet
the blues is like breathing
and refreshes in every breath
as the equality of rhythm
leads each to their death
and the beat goes
on and on

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Voices Of Mystery

 Walking along the crystaline sand ,
the mists from the water world,
glean in her hair.
Thrum,she can feel.
the beat of a liquid heart,
against her breast.
The rhythm,
 of  the saline life's blood,
play a beat,
symphonies, from the dawn of time.
The exhale of a breath ,
gentle zephyrs,
warmed of the sun,
caress her skin.  
 Fragrant ........
the acrid tang of salt,
eddies, of the life giving currents.
Gazing above in the heaven,
winged messengers,
ride on saddles of air.
Singing in the morn light,
hinting at unfortold secrets.
She stands in quiet rapture,
listening to the voice,
on the winds.
Alas the Sea,
holds her secrets close,
almost  heard,
but buried with the crash 
of each ebb tide wave. 


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Normal or not

What dose it mean? 
What is Normal?
Is it someone who lives a life that is the same everyday
Who is normal?
a man in a house or a man on the street.
Is not being normal bad? Or good?
Being someone your not is not normal to you
But being someone you are is normal to you.
Like a artist who paints and draws that's normal to them
Like a dancer who practices and moves to music that's normal to them
The ones who think they are normal
Are they actually normal? Or not?
They think the people who have talent or a skill that they love doing
Are weird. 
If so what dose that make of them?
A freak? No they just don't know how it feels
How it feels to do something that you love
An Artist painting what he/she thinks on a canvas making words have a picture
A Musician making music that comes from the heart
A Poet writing words that mean more than a thousand things.
Being able to make something awesome is a gift
To be able to speak in a way that most can't.
Is something that is normal to those who share the same love for their talents/skills
But the ones who don't know the things you do cause you love them think your weird.
Let them think those things.
Because, You have your very own special way of definition of normal.

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Neelde Garden

In the end of everything I watch the fire
eat the bricks cement blocks perspire 
not noticing the temperature has gotten higher
while endlessly escaping the mobs desire
the gothic spire dissappears into the clouds chest
hanging dead in the sky with no shroud fixed
in a world of giants you're small as a mouse is
one needle nuzzled in a garden of thousands

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Music praises life
It says: Life is wonderful
Life has no weapons
It does not bruise
Nor does it draw blood.
Music strokes and kisses us
And people have been singing
Bravely and proudly
Of life – life which prevails
Of life – life which has lasted 
A million years
The passage of ages has not blurred
The clarity of music
Which resembles the divine
Solitary flight of birds
Gaily, very gaily
I start singing
And the invisible 
Thread of sound is climbing
Up in the air like smoke
Winding up trees and houses

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All experienced dancers go to the center of the room 
And I awkwardly stray to the corner.
When the music swims around the room
And the colored lights splash all around in random direction
I begin to nod my head. 
The rhythm begins to take over me
And I begin to move my arms
My soul rejoices
My toes tingle
The music possesses me
And everyone around the room move like professional puppets.
My love for music flows through my veins
...But dancing is a different story...
“What are you doing?”
I stop. My sister shakes her head.
“Lessons would be nice.”

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Might It Be--

Might It Be--
              by Odin Roark

Musical consciousness
surpassing even the bliss of silence

Touch that lifts
layered secrets from the
striations of marble

Salt upon the lips
swirling distant memories
of aquatic heritage

Colors that mix
mind's forever pigments
with imagined emotions
not yet born
yet ancient in nature's
sorrow and joy

Might it have


which we know little of
which rises above earthly truth
to the darkness
that only light can know

Mr. Barber

To a secular believer
what is your Lamb of God
if not something
only transcendence can deliver
perhaps while listening to one's breath
or your harmonies of ethereal conscience

What might it be?

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The Platter Was Brass - Let The Music Play

Rainy evening and
the blues jump out at me!
I've heard that song before -
but not drifting through shallow walls
on Eutaw Street where the sidewalks
Have been rolled up at five...
Rainy evening
and some sly musical note says
"Close your umbrella and come on in,
no need to walk alone!"...
"No Fish Today" on the window...
Is this some kind of freaked out restaurant?
The window unveils no tale -
The music wails on and with a coward's gait,
I go in and there's nothing cooking but
four dudes man!
Cooking nothing but some jazz!
They don't even know it's raining,
Nodody's wet but me!
The high notes of the trumpet dry me off and
I'm not alone any more, that funky sounding
jazz steals my blues away!
"No Fish Today!"
Serving nothing but soul food -
Music Al A Carte!
Midnite and the sun is out!


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Song's End

Song’s End

Every heart beating
Keeps time to a song
A story to tell
Set to it’s own music.
If only we will listen
There is so much to hear:
It begins with birth
In its innocence
In a song of discovery
So many wondrous things
A song that tells of dreams
While still crawling to a walk.
The song may lack maturity
At this stage
But it makes up for that
With sheer volume.
From there the songs change
In tempo and quality
Some become chaotic
While some define peace
Some send out cries for help
While others contain hope
Some sing songs of wisdom
But some of morbid destruction.
Throughout this world
There are many songs
Simultaneously playing
So many in fact,
That it is hard 
To hear each song. 
But there is One 
Who was listening 
Even at song’s end
Oh God how I wonder
About each song
That one who was so young
Whose song of innocence
Or those older that sang
Of love and wisdom
Was ended so quickly
Because of the music
Of selfish ambition
Silencing another’s beat
Here on earth forever.
My God why oh why
Would someone choose 
Such a horrible sound
And make it their own?
Oh Lord you give us: 
The beat,
The passion,
The instruments,
And such awesome direction
Why don’t we all just follow
Your loving lead,
Making heavenly music together?
And allow our songs 
To gently fade into the twilight
That befalls us all
That leads into the new dawn
Lord, as I continue to sing 
The song of this heart
I must move to make
Your music mine
And delight in your lyrics
In the rest of my day.
Help me oh Lord
To hear others songs
And let the beat
Of my heart be yours
For dear Jesus
None of us know
What time today
There will be 
Song’s end.

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Listen to Heart

Listen to Heart!

Listen to the rhyming instruments 
Listen to the melodious tones
Listen to the meditating silence
To draw their music into your blood
That you can alleviate your pain!
If, still, you’re feeling with heartache
Then, listen to the music of your own heart
Closing your eyes and breaching yourself
To wake up in the paradise of your life! 
It may be difficult; but practice until
You can feel your heart in your depth
Of its divine love working to enliven you!  
After all, you and your hearts are only
The ultimate friends to live together! 

R K Chowdary Jasti
@all copyrights reserved

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Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon

Dreaming of sounds 
zip boom duh duh doooooooooh
Vibrations melt ideas in my mind
my spirit dips doo dada dah

The sax wails Shimari sails jazz prevails

The blues sneaks up like clandestine souls
that move in and out of warm homes at night
Windy sounds sha sha shoooooooooooooh

Sadness: a necessary entity extends from his hand
to the sax to the air to my ear...and straight to my heart

Then the beat quickens
tada tada taaaaah
Applause and laughter
and always smiles after

The sax wailed Shimari sailed and jazz still prevails

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Memory of Our Song

I miss your fingers on the piano,
As you close your eyes and coalesce with the melody,
The tune you play is the music of our hearts,
And the beauty of your music is my life.
That was the past and now I'm living in this lonely present.
Everytime I close my eyes I hear your voice,
Everyday of my life I hear your music.
Memories came flooding in my mind,
Silhouettes of the past danced as I played our song.
The past.
I played the guitar and you sang for me,
Wordly lyrics and the notes all became alive,
Your voice gave life to my music
Your voice gave life to me.
You strung the harp,
I played the violin,
Music is our world,
And love is its lyrics;
Lyrics that told the tale of our love,
Story-teller of the saddest romance.
I used to play the flute.
While you played your piano,
I sang our song
You sang out your heart.
And when silence came after our music,
You smiled as sweet as honey at me
And all I did was to smile back
Never knowing that the perfect smile was your last.
I kissed you and said goodnight,
Without even knowing that kiss was our last.
That night while I was asleep I heard the moon
Telling me you love me as she was singing our song.
That same night you were praying to the moon
To kiss me goodnight and sing to me your love.
That night I dreamt of us together under the mysterious moon
Holding hands while walking along the silent shore.
That same night you were waiting for the angels to carry you,
Carry you away from the pain you were feeling.
That night my smile was like forever
That night you were leaving me forever.
Death stole you away from me,
Death stole away my life.
So with no one to run to I sang our song,
Listening to the melody that we both did and sang.
I touched the piano thinking I was caressing you.
I strung the harp and played the violin
Hoping my music could reach you.
I'll be sending you my love through my music 
Hoping it'll be just like before.
I'll forever keep the notes we wrote and the tunes we both played.
I'll forever dwell in the shadow of our love and the past.
I'll forever sing the music of heart and reminisce the memory of our song.
Goodbye dear love.

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To Ever Young Spring

To Ever Young Spring

O enchanting flavor, of the beautiful Spring
Why you always look, so different to    me
Seasons come and seasons go, every year
But why only the Spring, enchants everyone

Why the mind get lost by the flavor of Spring
Even birds returns from their migrating hides
Why sweet sensations runs in human hearts
Why life began to look so different in Spring

Why the Koyal* keep on singing and singing
Why the smell of Mango buds creates thrills in mind
Where on earth this intoxicating wine is being made
Which sweeps away our mind and heart in Spring

And where in Nature the nectar of Spring is hidden
Which intoxicates humans, birds and even animals
Why in Spring,  images began to appear gradually
On the other wise sleeping, but turning pages of  life

The Butterflies are flying from the top of the flowers
To invite Black bee and others  to enjoy the Spring
What ever may be the stage of life in which, one may be
In the season of Spring only, one feels young and evergreen

Why my mind has started searching on its own
Sensing the dawn of the season of Spring near by
Why even in our life, we find some day that even in Spring
Even the enchanting fragrance too began to feign oneday

Why the mind cheated and illusion by seasons
Becomes anxious and began to feel young again 
By watching the new born leaves on every trees
And finding them dancing with breeze in Spring

Why the singing of Koyal’s * kuhoo*  kuhoo*
Leaves the impression of some anguish always
Silently the heart keeps on searching throughout the year
The grandeur and melody of the Spring singer

When the childhood has ever come back again
And when the youth has ever returned, once gone
Only on the pages of our memories and in our hearts
Their fragrance remain always alive and ever young


Kanpur India  2nd March 2010 

* Koyal .  A spring bird of India which sings mainly in Spring
   While setting on the Mango tree branches
* Kuhoo Kuhoo . the melody song of the Spring bird 
   Similar to that of the Nightangale of John Keats

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Endless Waltz

What happened there that night?
No one really knows 
the curtains have been drawn
No one lives there anymore
But the music plays all through the night
They dance to the rhythms, but they cannot be seen.

Cruel, bitter, endless
The windows of their souls have been shut
The hour of darkness falls upon their breast
The deepest parts of their sensitivity,
Is touched by the coldness of their doom.

They danced again last night
This time, to the music of their own feet
Shadows dancing on the wall
Spirits floating on air
Their endless waltz.

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Prom Night Encounter

As I dance my way around the room,
mingling freely here and there,
a stranger approaches as I say hello
to a friend nearby.
"Are you here with a date," she asks.
To which I reply that I'm not.
"Then dance with my friend!"
I think to myself, and say aloud,
"Sure, why not?"
And with nothing more than that
and an introduction,
the night begins.

We dance to the beat
of music I don't listen to,
we dance along using
moves I don't know,
and we dance in a place
where we can barely hear each other,
and yet, we dance on into this remarkable night,

Curvaceous hips sway before me,
flowing in silk and shimmering in white.
A dazzling smile flashes across my view,
gorgeous and quick to show.
Shining brown eyes flutter and suck me in,
glittering at every meeting with mine.
Velvety arms draw me tighter to her,
beckoning me on in these heavenly revels.

My pulse quickens and draws to a halt,
time standing still for these glorious moments.
I wish it could just go on for good,
this night of mystical entrancement.
Alas, such is not to be,
and she prepares to vanish,
like a ghost that was never truly there.

I lean in close and say,
"Well. Even if you're about to leave,
I think you are quite lovely,
and I want to thank you
for a wonderful night."
She returns the sentiment,
and onward we dance, to song's end,
and to a reluctant parting.

As she turns away
with not a further word,
I stop her with a gentle tug of her hand,
and kiss it softly goodbye.
She graces me once more
with that eager, blessed smile,
and then is no more,
an ephemeral memory

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smiles, fractures and new beginnings

I’ve been trying not to think about a lot of the things that come my way
A cool summer breeze has taken my doubts for all that I can believe

Dwelling on times too cautiously has left me walking in a wanderlust
When the day begins it ends and I have no one to trust 

I’ve been traveling and I’ve come so far
When all I needed was a friend you left me standing there

I’ve seen smiles and I’ve held some frowns
Seen an old man walking out on town
I’ve seen a harlot chasing the sound of love
Seen a man too tired to place himself found

In my mind I’ve been walking my worries toward a reluctant time
In my cloudy days I needed you there, all those lonely hours afterwards 

Today I was out running and I saw you alone
Suddenly you disappeared when I went to ask you what was wrong

Am I losing my mind, an illusionist in a broken time
Against the shoreline chasing everything that wasn’t mine

Seen coffee spilled when no one was around
I’ve seen a good man yield his days
I seen a champion walk away from a fight 
Seen a mother lost too weary to pray

"a potion for nights that outlast my days"

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I shake,
my body 
no longer longing,
my finger-shadow 
above the keys 
that make music 
of me.

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Vaudeville Singer

Starlings fly at a distance
why do I believe these black beads to be Starlings?
they are so far away
against a powder pink sky her neck
and black bushes of trees stretching long
the black fur of her dress
trailing soft snow
a delicate fringe
then a pause
the break in a song
a blue sky to melancholic black
this is the mood.

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Music for Poetry

This beat 
This beat beats 
And beats 
On and on 
And it stops 
Long enough for me 
To take a drink 
Long enough for me to think and change keys 

A minor
B flat 
See things differently
Hear things exceptionally
And breathe to a beat of your own design 

On a dock 
Counting crows--I am fine
Tracing time, running laps 
In and out
Through my mind 

Dancing to a song never played 
Entirely right 
Eyes latched 

Play me a pretty song
Pry me open 
Hang on tight and dance with me again

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And You Wont Hear A Word

The harmony, the melody,
the placidity and subtlety
of each pianissimo note,
the rage and intensity 
of each forte beat.

Each bar, each measure,
each line, each piece,
and all the curves,
sharps and flats,
and every clef.

I`m irate: I bang the keys
and it sings my anguish.
I`m jovial: my fingers gush across the keys
singing my happiness.
I`m forlorn: I slowly drift up and down
it sings my desires and tears.

I need not words,
I need only my piano
and it will speak for me.

How good,
how angry,
how happy, 
how sad.

How sordid,
how love struck,
how desperate.

I am.

It sings my most simple and complex feelings
and you won`t hear a word.

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Prime Rises

The engorged sky billows,
a monochromatic delight 
of soft tones ...
a lullaby 
of tissue paper edges
fragile as a primrose.

The bashful sun blushes
sending pastel light through notes
of grey to white
soft, velveteen. 
harmonies overlap 
shadow less, spiritual.

Ah, the sweet octaves
of visual light defrayed by motes
of earthly ash
upon the sky
bring such joy to mankind 
fragile as a primrose.

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if tomorrow is truely news

I can’t do 
without you
There’s nothing 
I can do 
without you 

I know you think I’m me
But I’ve been pretending to be
Opened the door 
Before I knew you were leaving
My first foster mother and adopted brother
It’s a world of harsh reality
Left it to my feet to discover 
“Trust no one”
Especially if snakes don’t speak 
“You don’t even utter”
No cold cuts, no bread, only peanut butter
Maybe a taste of  honey on days we couldn’t play
Child hood was just not sunny
Hated church
The pastor and anything biblical that lurked
Hated photos
No cheese, no smile, not even a smirk
Held my pillow to my face and refused to breathe
At the time life could do nothing but hurt
Never fell in love
Not a passionate flirt
Family visits and various social workers 
“Please I’m not going to hurt you”
Never mind the damage has been done 
Never could revamp the fun
Grew grim, my soul got bleached in the sun
Nine years old and I just want to see mom
A friend , a single compassionate face 
Bitterly my beloved tears taste
Not born of a supreme race 
Days I’d go without toothpaste 
The struggles I’ve over come
The scars you can’t see 
The image you love
I can no longer be 
I worthless, I get it 
I’m poor and things are getting no better
But I haven’t misspelled a word in this letter
Worth nothing more than soiled rags
But I did it, I made it to 22 
Without hustling, drugs, or getting tagged 
My tears in your basket, that’s all I had 
No property value
“smoke marijuana” get out of here
Cant let these detectives and there ideal logy foul you 
She’s a pretty girl but I can’t give her the world 
Maybe a cold drink and a romance that won’t sink 
Hold on to that, I’d miss you if I blinked 
I changed my life at twelve
Put yesterday on the shelf 
And held on to myself
I have no identity 
I’m made up of what I learned from others
No mother, no father
I shouldn’t have made it any further

I can’t do 
without you
There’s nothing 
I can do 
without you

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Thought Bank


                   We jump off the delirious thoughts into measured wisdom
                 Big huge chains of thought and mists of dream boat invention
                                  While out on leave from the present day
                                  The world turns another inch in your favor
             Misty morning metal armor, the dream bent on delivering the goods
                                 Trying to peel the outer layer of a person
                              Trimming the infested material born drumbeat
                           Hey man it's one more time and I'll be on my way
                      Back to the brilliant splash of molten storybook teamwork

                                              Jeffrey Bovee 01/11/2012

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Drinking with Elliott

Here in St. Ides Heaven,
Knocking back anti-reality,
Bottle after bottle,
I become immortal

And while I ascend,
The Invisible Man plays,
Smiling with his ugly face,
And I tell him that he's good

As the world roars below,
With chaotic complexity,
I'm glad he's here with me,
To share a simple tune.

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Newborn hair
sweeping the world aloud,
she moves easily,
frail fire.

and I've cast and will cast
the spectrum's of my reflections
in the element-
ed blink of thousands.

Slowly catching curves
with winding
through the one,
my only,

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Old Guitar

strings pluck out a lonesome tune
from the musty eaves above

couples who just met at noon
will tonight believe in love

sweetest shackles bind her heart
to them she's forever true

old guitar sure does his part
when her soul falls into blue

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A Wandering Knight

A wandering knight
wambling in an endless road

Thinking to himself

Where the others are?
Taking care of what?

Who am I?
but a fading footprint

on a dark empty land
under a starless sky

seized by roaring shadows
and delusive hopes

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Celebrate The Real

Only a guitar is pairing my loneliness
Don't bet in me, 'cause i drunk enough for your wish
Here's i play the same short line of song
And only a senseless of voidless tone complete my notes.

I shouldn't this torn to draw
Why am i keep lying though myself can't hide it?
Hey morning, just please ease this owning mind of me
Let me be a kind of fine once more to light my day.

Just don't lie and say that's okay
'Cause i wanna hear your reason when i say i can't stay
I'm not a perfect person, that always have to start a new ends
So, i'm running away, i'm leaving this place
I just wanna celebrate what's in real.

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Song of a Prairie Fire

The choir sings off key. The notes creating 
A burning prairie in the darkness
As their voices rise and fall in the crackle 
Of dry grasses groaning and snapping
and the deep bass of the wind howling, smoke rolling
Inside the Belle where the audience, 
A pallet of reds, yellows, browns, clouds of gray,
sits, lifeless, heads nodding.
And a baby’s cry pulls eyes to the back
Where an apologetic mother shuffles 
between knees and seats singing her own song. 
“Sorry,” whispers. “Excuse me.
Shhhhh. Shhhh.” She rocks the baby.
Exits back.
And the fire still burns in the throats of the choir
Pulsating like the flames
Which swirl and devour the dry grasses
Consuming, taking, trembling in fear
And we shift in our seats, lifeless, heads nodding, 
Waiting to exit back.

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Ode to Sydney's Piano

I wait here for her return silently sat
With a lonely and quiet sigh
Standing there with a lamp that
Is perched on top of my head high;

My keys ache to be
Played by her
Soft, small hands to see
Notes ringing out to stop the burr;

Different songs at played each
Time she sits down
Whether to let emotions out, to tell a speech
Or just to practice the sound;

Soft music played for her peers
Or loud music will
Echo in my ears
Until all is still...

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The Haunting Sound of the Oboe

I have walked this earth and heard a million sounds
Of people, languages, nature and song
From the sound of a rushing river as it flows to the sea
Leaping over boulders, pebbles, skipping, weaving its way 
The sound of thunder claps, announcing its power 
The roaring ocean waves in a rush to embrace the shore
The sound of the north wind howling as it undresses the trees
Followed by its soft murmurings as if to give some comfort
The crisp, crinkling sound of autumn leaves fallen on the ground
Even the soft needy cry of a precious new babe, born 
All these sounds are such delights to recall

I imagine I'm walking through a lush green forest
Teeming with life, so many creatures, plants, yet to be named
The sound of the oboe transports me there, 
To the many places that I hold dear 
I imagine I'm strolling bare feet on the ocean’s shore, on cool summers night
The haunting sound of the oboe wafting above, riding on 
Tthe soft summer breeze, inviting, filling me with emotions deep
It soothes my soul, it matches my mood, it encompasses all sounds
Harsh, allegro, then, so soft, sweet, which can bring me to tears
This simple reed instrument made from nature’s stock
Does capture all moods and nourishes my soul!

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Somewhere tonight

Somewhere tonight
Somewhere tonight they will sing from the heaven above.
Playing the music of the great for all to hear.
Good old Hank will sing your cheating heart he is so lonesome he could cry.
Patty Page she will take the stage with a song only she could sing.
While Bill Monroe gets ready to play with Conway and the boys.
They sing with joy and welcomes the newest 
As little Jimmie Dickens belts out a song .
There is no rest for the best.
As somewhere tonight they all will sing.
As the sky fills with song may they all R.I.P.

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Beautiful Melody

Music is a part of me                                                                                                                      Without it,its difficult to breathe                                                                                                   It's my companion when I need it tremendously                                                                           It is my beautiful melody                                                                                                                On lonely days it fills me with hope                                                                                               In days of joy,it brings me inner peace.

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I Got Dough {Solfege}

Do -  do   -        a female la beer
Re -  re    -        a drop of re beer
Mi  -  mi             without my mi beer  
Fa-    fa -           place to drive to get ti beer
So  -  so   -        you ran out of mi beer
La   -  la   -         la de da la de da I'll wait for la beer
Ti  -    ti    -        spilt spilt ti beer so no more more of la beer

Do - Do              Do la la think I'm sexy after about six six so beers  LOL 

Got Beer !
Over The Lips Thru The Gums
Look-out Stomach Here It Comes LOL

Also Entry For Izzy Gumbo's Solfege Contest

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the eloquence of -  
the song of the syllable
the tone, like solemn Gregorian chant, 
tympanically resonant to hear
beautiful as deep-red Tiffany glass
stoned echo of Morpheus 
a Morpheme of the god of dreams
the language is a beautiful thing
to hear - enunciated, emancipated,
softly muscular moves,
especially whispered into ear

© Goode Guy 2013-02-04

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Driving down the street
Listen to the Beat

*Cringe..disgusted face* ..what's this? Kesha?...sure is
Playing that on the RADIO? That should be ILLEGAL!
I want something new rocking my ear drum
Time for a CD.. Will it be be Mr. Charles?
Miss Winehouse? Or Jurassic 5?
Hmmm..What will it be?

“Been friend for a long time, very close friend of mine”
Awww....*smile ear to ear*
Much better...
Now on what street do I turn?

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White Fender Medium

Pure white with golden font
Millimeters numbered just right
Thick enough only for distortion
Smooth to the tongue
Held perfectly at my fingertips..
But it'll slide right down your throat
A pill of death for a musician

The lump stuck for hours
Breakfast food fights it down
To the acidic pit
Hopefully melting away
Releasing the inner toxin..
The beginning of a bad omen
I swallowed a White Fender Medium

Late night communications
The girl of my thoughts for weeks
Happy and comfortable
Accomplishing a beautiful feat
Secrets become unsurfaced
Everything that flourished is dead..
I swallowed a White Fender Medium

Cold weather ahead
Windows shattering at great times
Gusts of air paralyzing our bodies
Vacuum the sharp remnants
Frozen hands with an aching soul
These shards are just the beginning..
I swallowed a White Fender Medium

They were always special to me
A musician's charm of good fortune
Karma despises my weapon of choice
Instinctive feelings are nothing
Plastic, rounded triangle with letters engraved
So much for the lovely theme..
A Fender White Medium..

I swallowed that stupid guitar pick..

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My Pen Writes Only Words of Love

MY PEN WRITES ONLY WORDS OF LOVE My pen writes only Words of Love. You say prove Manly Valor. You say by Dodging Death true literary heroes Win a War. I comply Shred my paper Change my ink Days and bloody Nights of War skies war shatter grounds war tremble I dream rations of War. Repeat thrice repeat again until music sounds mad battle music music lost in ragged shouts with the syllables made weary weary of simplicity of sheer repeating until repeating multiplied in muffled sighs loses numbers in the Fray I write only Red. But to my shame (and with a secret, lingering delight) Whatever pen in hand spattering whatever color in pen flirting with the windy wayward paper I dodge only Love Rockets my Pen adept now to sequencing of blood days-- death’s playmate needs a sassy voice-- grim hilarity hides terror Valiant and Red Crimson reflects only a familiar, inscrutable kissing shade --- the aching inner lips of you
Note: a medieval musician was threatened with death if he couldn't sing epics. He answered he could only sing love songs. That incident was the inspiration of this poem.

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Maelstrom Song

New music to soothe the savage inside
just incites a riot of rampaging neurons
painful emotional waves coalesce into
a tsunami, 
a solid wall of feelings
ready to wipe out 
several small villages

it is a nightmare inside him,
unknown by even the closest companion,
he treads twisted, chaos waters;
the smell, jagged pieces, each life lost,
another body with his face, 
another decision, already made
a choice
that has not ended well

he plays again
this time
a new harder, more mature 

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I Made A Wish

I made a wish upon a
Falling star



To make that one
Little wish

“In hoping”

My wish would prevail

To be true
And start the rain

“Or maybe snow”

And let me make it
To a Beauty salon

While I attempt to sing
Ain’t no sunshine when
He’s gone


The dogs howl at the

“Or maybe”

My singing


My wish was not granted
For I still can’t sing

The dogs and cats seem

To appear disturb when I

They howl and meow

I wished upon a falling

For a singing voice that
Would make me rich

“maybe a bit famous”


So, that dream just
Blew away

Within the frosty winds

In the year of the rain

Washed away with the
High tide

I wished upon a falling

Didn’t get my wish but

That beautiful little twinkling

Was truly intriguing for the
Eye to see

“Thank God”

I went to a beauty salon

Got the works

Clean down to my toes

Ain’t that grand and I

And I feel brand new

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The Ancient Deception

Injured Soul
Fainted Eyes

from where?

Weary feet
Weak arms

toward where?

in vain battles

delusive enemies

Erred by
a deception

The ancient deception

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the Lucid songs we sing

What colour is your blues
For it always fails to reach our spring
Adams abreach 
And Eve's the moment 
Our gardens sing

If the stars don't reach for you
At least the sun will greet you
Provides the light that allows smiles to blossum
Illuminates the soil that greens your pigment clean
And on to June Bugs you remain unseen

Did you finally settle that dust that rose
With the winters you miss I grow
It left you at a spring time breaze
Did you roll up your sleeves, fall to your knees 
draked in the soil from which cotton seeds

Did you prick your skin and bleed
Did you lie in a petal of roses and read 
as you gazed upon a sky that refused to die
Did you wish for the frost 
To touch the wind and fall subordinate to the cause

And as April died
You realized how much you hated 
The fact that summer was over rated
Yea as April died
You thought about how much you hated 
The fact that summer was over rated

"songs of a blank season"

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I watch her twirl in silent flame;
under a roaring sunset.
Her eyes are enough to hush
this fervent daze
but she won't cry.
Not for me, not tonight.
She'll dance until it's gone,
until the music shatters
the sound of broken tongued dreams.
Until my voice is engulfed in the 
fury of her sway.
So I thrum the lost notes,
caged away in my bones
and sing the song I've always known
but couldn't find the words for.
 Hope that it's enough for the encore.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Music Takes Over

She sits there
Playing her brand new violin she calls "Demon"
It possesses her
Day-in-day-out she plays to the sounds heard on the street
This is what she gave up her soul for
An instrument
Something she herself has

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wintered rings of saturn

the story's spoke
the songs she wrote
the long walks up the stairway
"I think i'll wear flair today"
Nothing really matters today

The storms she loved
The love she stormed
the days alarm
you were mint, i was orange
I meant 
I enjoyed the way we formed
we were children of porn
Late night fiilms and corn
an appetite for the born
slowly, calm down
go so slow now
You were a sunrise
I was a frown
It was sunset
where do we go now

There was a time
we unraveled with sand
When life resembled 
a portion of gravel at hand
charm was something you endured
but i didn't have
"to be," was something you'd taste
But i couldn't grasp 
so now it's back to 
old pen and pad
You were a dear old lad
Spinely, unwinding
Here before 
Must we visit 
once more
storms now surround saturn
as they did when we were
around that pattern
Venus peers from a distance
My hair extends
but theres just something 
about wisdom

No ones going home
A song for the known
No ones going home
just a disarray 
of a promise never shown

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Sebastopol - Apple Blossom Weekend

The First Methodist Church,
with its bold wooden steeple,
burnt to the ground in 1914,
for preaching prohibition.
The good folks of Sebastopol
weren’t having any of that.
Today the Apple Blossom
Parade marches past
the rebuilt church, past
the Masonic Temple, past
Martha’s Mexican restaurant,
with its soup bowl Margaritas, 
past Old Main Street Tavern,
overflowing with biker patrons,
and Jasper O’ Farrell’s,
past The Powerhouse Brewery,
The Greenhouse, and G.T.O’s,
with its bottomless Bloody Marys.
As the entire town, marching bands 
and all, spill into Ivy’s Park 
for a two day party, pixilated music,
and four dollar beers to support
Analy Union High School.
No wonder Luther Burbank
and Charles Schulz
called Sebastopol their home.
And The First Methodist Church,
now made of stone, 
the only quiet place in town.

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The Opera

            The Opera

Last night the opera came to me in bed
Enlisted my attention
I keep my distance
This is twisted
This is a mystery
Of all the things in life that should be missed
The opera is first on the list
To be avoided
Flushed down the toilet
So I did

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next heart's song

there are days when the words come
like fevered friends grasping at lapels
urgently telling the tale with gasping breath
other times they come like a sweet river in the sunshine
they flow like bright beauty
the words can ignite you or seduce
like a simple phrase sweet to the ear
like her playing her guitar
melody brings the heart such joys
the concept brings such beauty
just a fragment of song
but in it i hear night caravans on high desert road
i hear autumn sunshine laying on soft grass
i see all the creation possible to me
so play a little longer
let me hear another summer day
let me find the words to my next heart's song
let me see the beauty in you

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You are a voice in my ear
And a song in my head
Laughter at midnight
And whispers into early morning
The feel of guitar strings
Under my fingers
And a slow heat that turns
My face to ripe apple red
You are a smile in the darkness
And a feeling of love
And knowing all is right
With the world
You are the unfamilar sounds
That taste strange and delicious
On my tongue
And the familar words
That become new and lovely
Even if I've heard you say them
A thousand times
You are everything I want
And all that I need
You are mine
I'm yours

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the hand that wrote it

On my saddened days
I’m hoping 
That angels might shine
They’ve done 
everything you can do 
To a person in my shoes 
I’m still breathing
Made it home to tell my mother
She can rest her thoughts
this evening
Sunny days 
Appeal to the circumstances 
In my wretched strengths 
Living life’s 
a variable of extenuating odds 
I’m at twenty three percent 
Relaxing in the palms 
of several ghost
Trying to figure my wife
Theses hard times
Which means the most?
If I call for help 
Will anyone respond
I see individuals tattooed 
Declaring gods son
If I can do what I do 
Then who am I
Because of the people 
I was brought to 
I shed tears from my left eye
If angels don’t smile 
Am I doomed to trials
Of lowered eye brows 

and if the seas summon tomorrow
I will again ponder your trust 
for seasons shall follow

He was known as Romulus
And the seas shall swallow tomorrow
The hand of Romulus
And Caesar shall follow

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Alphabet of Bands

Alice In Chains
Blind Melon
Escape The Fate
Foo Fighters
John Lennon
Led Zeppelin
Pearl Jam
Smashing Pumpkins
Tom Petty
Violent Soho

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Circle Pit Sanctuary

I inhale temptation;

shrugging shoulders of


Suck teeth stained

with indifference;

While copyrighting

my daydreams. 

I’m an American Badass,

low class, white trash,

with expensive delusions.

I get impatient with repetition,

So I shovel spiritual vagrancy into the 

mouths of my peers

with metaphoric spilled beers

and ashy mouthed proclamations

of a wandering disposition. 

I sing songs tied to the same ragged beat,

the one that makes the speakers 

bleed just as much as the  crowd.

Heavy Metal rants,

just sharp enough to rip

the pants of your morality

                     … but, just for the night

In the morning the truth of why 

you’re here, and anything else

that seemed unclear…

will be hanging low,

just over your head

like ripened fruit;

Fighting gravity the 

way you’ve been fighting


It’s right in your face. 

Like heavy elbows in a mosh pit. 

Your stomach is curdled,

soul a little sick,

but your eyes have never

been more focused.

You understand what is important:

The friends willing to toss a full 


brave the circle pit,

 pick you up, dust you off…

And throw you back in

with a smile. 

The Scars you’ve earned,

and the blood you’ve saved. 

The pain you’ve felt,

the joy shown through busted lips

and scabbed knees;

the chaotic calm of life lived

on the brink.

The Circle Pit Sanctuary.

Where the lost can rage,

and be at peace.

Where the broken

find the truth in the

lies of their lives.

Where the hopeless

can strike at the wind,

and fall against muddy Earth,

to be picked up by

a brother,

by a sister,

by the music of

the anger being

purged from a spirit

that might not have

otherwise made it

….to the show.

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Silent Chimes of tonights sky

The glimmering stars
with their eternally
silent chimes 
of white, red, blue, and yellow
an orchestra
 of colors
heard by few
seen by all
glistening instruments
tuned out by those
who hear only the noise
embraced by those
who hear its music,
seen by one and all
heard by none
but the ones
who hear the notes
of spaces only

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Silent Birds

Silent birds on the tree
waiting for the minstrel -  
who will sing thru the morning
and unclose the gates of hell.
Then the birds will forever flee
to ask succor to their king. 

Silent birds on the tree
are shuddering with dread - 
the forlorn hosts ready for war
to scorn the living and raise the dead. 
Then the birds will forever flee
to a country where joy is afar.  

Silent birds on the tree
will be silent for all infinity -  
their voice have been stolen
so they could not escape from duty.
Then the birds will forever flee
before they adhere with the fallen. 

Silent birds on the tree
previously called nightingale - 
are now a numberless legion 
and declaim just an fancy tale.
Then the birds will forever flee
steadfast thru the oblivion.

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You Are Beautiful

She said, why am I so ugly
When she looked at that girl in the mirror,
Day after day
She will never be good enough
What has happened?
Some things will never change
and new fears emerged.
Is she that broken
That with a trembling hand,
She paints a picture of sorrow
Sometimes I wonder 
If she'll ever sing again.
But today, look up
You are beautiful,
Words will not bring you down,
Because today,
Is a new day.
The world is looking up
No more insecurities
Her confidence has arrived
Have you ever seen her heart?
Her symphony has begun,
Now all you have to do...
Is Listen.

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Oblivion in Recession

The legs started going,
In my head.
Thought I'd go,
Kept awake with water,
Arrogantly telling myself
I'd stay straight.
Drank gin and wine,
Went out,
Tried to buy more,
Filthy white shorts,
Lost, rolling on lawn,
Somehow got home.
Monday, waiting for offie,
Looked like death,
Fear in eyes
Of passers-by,
Waiting for drink,
Drink relieved me.
Drank all day,
Collapsed wept
"Don't Die on Me."
Next day,
Double brandy
Just about settled me,
Drank some more,
Thought constantly
I'd collapse
Then what?
Fit? Coronary?
Insanity? Worse?
Took a Heminevrin,
Paced the house
All night,
Pain in chest,
Weak legs,
Lack of feeling
In extremities,
Visions of darkness.
Drank water
To keep the
Life functions going,
Played devotional music,
Dedicated my life
To God,
Prayed constantly,
Renounced evil.
Next day,
Two Valiums
Helped me sleep.
By eve,
I started to feel better.
All is clearer,
Taste, sounds,
I feel human again.
I made my choice,
And oblivion has receded,
And shall disappear.

("Oblivion in Recession" first existed as a series of rough notes scrawled on a piece 
of scrap paper in the dying days of January 1993, although I can't for the life of me recall any "Howlings In my head".)

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Stupid Disco

who knew who knew?
The story ends
hands clean and messy
someone stupid like you?
indecently in the mirror i see

bullets blue dont you know
flies know what you are
authorities alive thought i might die
eyes take a good look
smiling gunshot wound hasn't in soo long
don't go telling everybody of the reflections of women to be
dolls try to believe in it all right
plastic cant change anything 
killing you love is strange to me
brains twist it out but try to listen

do you or don't you want this?
what am i supposed to do?

worthy un shy terror rearranged and insane
get back to where you belong
flattered fascination
remember where you came from
hot blooded shepherd im amazed
get down and pray
greatly intriguing object to crave
that's what they all talk about
mistakes that don't belong to anyone
mistakes that ask
who do  i belong to
not allowed exciting slide
reach out and rejoice
you pricked me up with your wishing wells
of so hells to sell
remember what you are heaven and blessings
sun is weak and its free

you look so good when done up properly
say something anything to me
uninvited exciting squirm
unfortunate un shy terror
love has brought me to higher place
get back to where you belong
slight doubts in thew pissing well
take your heart away
get down and pray
repent and do what they tell you

How am i supposed to live?
as someone new?
feed the fake
someone else?
shed the skin
streets to know victom
get away get away
windows forgotten better off empty
mental name killer
i got some company is houldnt have
give it away give it away
im there tragedy
where would i be?
go ahead go ahead
bitter angel of moons

whose the monkey with the misspelled name?>
always there to blame
go away go away
shadows mortal exist
cold and dull
cut the head off

Im a born again
where would i be?
feel old as the world around you
disco to take my heart away
everything reborn
mistakes in the past
everyday secret cant get away again
yesterday illusion i don't want the job
everything I believe
the light in my day
the hydra star scar

I cant get away again
someone else new and stupid like disco
ill be all right with reason and new direction
that pricks my finger of wings eclipsing suns

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Pouring Out of my Radio

My electric friend
   is with me
I hear unique sounds
and I am enveloped
   by the sheer artistry
of the musicians
   Soft drumming and the
sound of a violin
   Cut through my heart and mind
like a sharp ax cutting wood
Couldn't make it through
      the night
  without my electric friend
Now I hear two violins
       and soft drumming
Outside my window
I see lights shining from many apartments
Are they listening as well?
      I will never know
I put down my pen and paper
Let the music take over

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My Melody Made of You

Youre the song stuck in my head,
 That plays across the strings of my heart.
 Youre the beat I tap with my hand,
 The melody I get lost in.
 Youre the notes loud and strong,
 The notes I cant help but sing to.


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The Quartet Playing Beethoven

The faces are
stamped in.
They sit and play.
having done this
all their maturing lives.
It is familiar and new.

I love the immersion in
civilization, want more,
Like a tantalizing spice.
the faces reach into me,
dancing in soundspace.

The time
fused with sound,
are sufficient
in the faces of the men,
but in the woman's face
a permission remains.

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Musicism For The Soul

Dance down the boulevard
Seraphims of happiness fly
Sweet nectar in the veins
The saxophone plays..
Sharps and flats move..
Move like the beats of my heart
The colours blend in playfully
Neon lights dance to my beats
Leaves flow in a soft deluge
The branches sway at my music

Wrap your arms around it
The ganja flows in the air
Ambrosias smell like the magic
Peels of laughter resound
From beyond the horizon
Aurora dances in the sky
The music of happiness
Time ceases to stare
Wonderstruck eyes at the mirth
The notes build up on you
Build castles in the air
The ultimate saga is this
I play my saxophone
Beside the dusky river
Under the shining moonlight
I play my happy notes

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Association Memory

Communication is association
Let the garden of thought flow
Great strides are made in venting
Simply voicing images, passion grows
Dreams situate themselves unknown
Independently arising, mirages blow

The floating energy grows titanic
Ambition unleashed in heat
Soon leading to decisive action
Even in our cardboard world
Mummies of memories spring to life
A verdant pulse is culled

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Azure Arietta

Azure Arietta

Soft, azure luminescence
mingles with shadows,
muting the incandescence of her silky, sterling dress.

Shoulders slumped and figure crumpled,
she rests upon planks that
dwell untouched by the amber flair which long ago ignited the stage.

Amethyst emanation renders
time to become foreign, void;
the most adaptable of pendulums could not swing amongst such repose.

Crimson filters no longer through
the now-despondent spotlights;
blushing bliss is often as fleeting as accidental applause.

Denouement comes with mourning,
inky tears will cease,
her monochrome repertoire will turn iridescent once more.

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Poet's Poetry

When poetry is written,
it mainly comes from the heart.
It's triggered by emotions and thoughts,
composed by the mind, written by the hand.
Poetry states