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Free Verse Holiday Poems | Free Verse Poems About Holiday

These Free Verse Holiday poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Holiday. These are the best examples of Free Verse Holiday poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Dead men tell no tails, or so the winds of 
Destiny’s say.
On judgment hill from on high, 
Voices do echo downwards, as the 
Noose does sway, back and forth, on the
Hangman's tree.
These gallows, of oaken branches, act as tethers,
 Shackles, holding the forsaken, souls prisoner.
Ghost phantoms cling, to it's rotten limbs,
That break beneath times endless rampage.
Regrets fallen horsemen, of the old west, 
Stand guard, sentinels on horse back,
Wearing a tarnished tin star.
God's law keepers, are  branded, sworn,
By their honor, to protect even after death,
The gates of heaven, from this spawn of hell.
Beware evil desperadoes, no mercy will
This the lord's posses show unto you, 
For these riders bare a different mark.
A silver cross of justice, given by
The Almighty’s hand himself.
Say thy prayers, all lawless men,
For on this day, does the rope tighten,
Around your neck, there is no reprieve,
No salvation for evils deceit.
Hell bound are thou, the devils breed.
But beware, there is no escape,
From this grave site.
At dawns first light, as it spreads
 Across the western horizon.
Know that yee, are one of many spirits
Doomed, to be weaved within the
Tangled limbs, called the hang
Mans tree.










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Whistle does the lone desert winds, flowing downwards from
Boot hill cemetery, in icy chilling breeze full of echoing voices,
From the past, begging for redemptions last chance of salvation.
Roll does the crimson tumbleweed, towards the ghost town known as
Tombstone, a monuments graveyard to the old west.
In this rock cactus garden of venomous vipers, did the righteous
Live, amongst the uncivilized lawless, in this wildness country,
Of the unbridled frontier.
Blinded by greed's lightning flash, for quick money and easy cash,
Did the earth expose evil's shining metal, silver, from deep within,
Accursed is this place, purgatory's hell on earth, its deadly soil marred
And sanctified in blood sacrifice.
Left to the scorpions and rattlesnakes, as the only living inhabitants,
Ramshackle buildings remain, abandonment’s delinquent tribute
To a once thriving community.
But after night fall, others come forth, crossing the threshold of the
Nether underworld, the gun slinger, the gambler, and ladies of
Reputation's ill repute, claim this desert real estate for their own
Dark amusement park, still whooping it up at the bird cage theatre,
Indulging themselves. In all manor of seductions insidious erotic acts
Of depravity.
The condemned soulless walk these dusty sandy streets of limbo,
Forever banished are these bastered son's of the gun. Or until the last
Shot is fired at the O.K. Corral, on high noon's final sunrise.
Satan is the lawful sheriff here, in this the territory of the forsaken,
And his loyal deputy the Grim Reaper controls the posses of the undead.
Riding against the redden moon, seeking any innocent soul trying
To escape from this desert prison.
You've drawn the dead man's hand my friend, if you find yourself lost here,
For the condemned show no mercy's reprieve to outsiders, the screaming
Souls shout from above, run lone cowboy run, and don't look back,
For the devils possess rides behind thee, and the dark lord,
Takes no prisoner's alive.
Whistle do the lone desert winds, flowing downwards from
Boot hill cemetery, in icy chilling breeze full of echoing voices,
From the past, begging for redemptions last chance of salvation.
But light concurs darkness, and death's icy grip fades at the 
First rays of sunrise, and all evil must return to their crypts
Beneath the earth, from the dust from when'est they came, 
Until the next moon's rising, then wide will the gates of hell,
Swing again, releasing the germinate residences of a city,
Named Tomb Stone.


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Sight, Sound and Scent

When I think of the bygone Christmas images that come to my mind are candy canes, cookies and popcorn strands adorning the Christmas tree. The popcorn strands are easier to make and still, I think,it's a family project. I know, decorating with cookies difficult but feel their homey feel with cookie cutters which can be napkin rings for the table Hear the sleigh bells ring creating the quintessential Christmas melody hang a strap of sleigh bells on your front door warm sounds, a great greetings for the guests. but the best sound is children’s laughter and the squeals of glee, as the presents opened. Think of the toys that simple things you might have played with a child like a jack-in-box or spinning circus top. Spices, bayberry and baked things are all scents that evoke the holidays. Choose the Christmas décor that appeals not only to eyes but to the nose and ears, drape fir branches tied with a red bow above the door.
+++ November 29, 2014 Form: Free Verse First Place win

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Time Out

Make no haste,
your work is restless.

Aeon give me pause--
no more ticking
gears grinding
ever towards the
lonely end.

Live the now.
Even Death took
a holiday,
veering briefly from an
eternity of reaping

Take your time
on earth and
overindulge in
Rest assured,
oblivion can

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Wrought liquid metal, hued in the fire's of hell,
Pored into a castings shell, then hammered well,
By the angry fists of Satan himself, behold the skeleton key.
Accursed by evil's malevolent spell, one size fits all,
No locked doors can resist against its turnings twist,
Opening unto the supernatural's mystical power, and unlocking
Humanity's hidden passages and darkest corridors,
Leaving no secrets left unspoken or in silence.
Crimson blood spewing forth from corrupted key holes, oozing
Downwards unto the floor below, staining ancient
Tapestries of the royal gentries, and the upper classes refined.
Skull to the cross bones, it possesses a will of its own, 
A vile living entity, with its own consciousness.
Molding, reshaping itself at pleasures dark whim, 
Feasting on hatred's malice, then releasing it unto the world
Of men.
A twisted wanton thing, laughing with intentions cruelties,
And relishing in our agonies pain.
But Homo sapiens are a curious species, never realizing when to
Leave things well enough a lone.
We must know what lies beyond that forbidden
Door, where mankind is not allowed to trespass.
In these dark places of shadows ethereal, it rocks in a fetal 
Ball, a creature, waiting to be disturbed, go then seek what lurks therein,
If you dare, only the key knows what it really is, and it laughs,
At our ignorance, mocking us in the darkness.
Four it is the beast, chained and shackled within our worst
Nightmares, a fierce devilish demon, that pierces through the
Darkest of night, to hunt the innocent souls of wayward men.
You've have ventured to far, beyond thy safety zone of no return.
Four death lies in those reddened eyes that watch you within 
The darkness.
If you move it will attack, motions movements attracts
Attentions reactions, so remain frozen there is no safety's retreat
Thou'art trapped, again the key so laughs in the abyss,
Mocking at humanity's ignorance.
Shaking with anticipations glee, it begs the next
User to place it into the key hole, of the unknown, come along 
Now what can it hurt, just one little peek, let’s look beyond the crimson
Door, as the skeleton key heckles with unbridled happiness.


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In the cradled of life's dark garden,
It dwells amongst the murky waters
Behold the creature from the black lagoon.
Nay what is this creation, neither fish or 
Yet a blending of both, a high bread's mixture,
Intelligent, and cunning, the last of his species,
To survive.
Brought unwisely did men, bring beauties
Forbidden fruit, unto this lost oasis of Eden.
For alone sentinel awaits to partake in such
A luscious morsel.
So does it not say in biblical text, go forth
And multiply, by a driven basic instinct he
Cautiously watches from the thicket brush.
What a graceful motion moves within the
Jungles domain, 
She swims idle caught unaware, the bride
To be herself, charms him with every stroke
Across this lake placid.
With Chameleon like stealth, the groom appears,
Taking his prize to their cavey honeymoon retreat.
So tenderly he greets his mate, from shocks
Dreamy like state she awakes, and recoils in repulsion.
No love's scorn, and tragedies broken heart,
Can do more damage than rejections expulsion.
Bullets may have cut the flesh to the bone,
But was it not beauty, which killed the beast,
And the last sight he saw, was his love in
Another's arms.
So ends natures final verse in this evolutionary
The creature from the black lagoon now lies
Dead, upon this tragic stage of life.


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What's up with Santa

                                             What’s up with Santa
                                            He's acting like a child.
                        Santa Claus is upstairs in his big red sleigh bed, 
                           warm and cozy in his red flannel comforter, 
                           wearing his red dropseat pajamas, and hat
                                               sick with the flu, 
                                       constantly ring that darn bell. 

                                          Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling … 
                                             There it goes again 
                             Yessss… Dearrrr… I know you don’t feel good,
                           your throat hurts and is sore when you swallow 
                  your body is in pain, like a herd of reindeer has run over it 
                 A warm cup of hot cider and a cinnamon stick to give it flavor
                                               will ease the pain.

                                  I should have never given him that bell  
                                           Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling … 
                       Yessss… Dearrrr… I know your frequently, coughing 
                       is making your rib cage feels like it’s going to break
                          I will get some milk and chocolate chip cookies  
                                  so you don’t have to get out of bed

                    I wish Santa would quit constantly ringing that darn bell.
                          If he hadn’t shoveled the snow off the sidewalk 
                  and let the elves do their jobs, he wouldn’t be sick right now

                                            Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling … 
                     Yeessss… Deeaarrrr… I’m sorry your head is stuffed up, 
                              nose is red, hurts, and won’t quit running
                                 Reading the Naughty or Nice List 
                      will help you not think about what you're going through

                                 What came over me to let him have a bell

                                           Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling … 
                Yeessss… Deeaarrrr… You’re running a fever, freezing, and shivering
                               I will go inform the elves not to dawdle
                            keep making the toys in Santa’s workshop 
                           and make sure they take care of the reindeer

                 Oh! My! I hope Santa gets well before Christmas gets here, 
                                 so he’ll get better and out of my hair
                                or I am going to hide that dumb bell

By Eve Roper 

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Is it simply just a wooden music box?
Charming the human soul, with its melodic undertone,
What a hypnotic melody it so plays, enticing the listener
With its delicate waltz' sweetly strumming, exposing it's
Mystical quality of the supernatural
By its spiritual essence attractant, I'm thus so memorized,
A ballerina dancing in step, with the spell cast upon me,
Thus do so I spin, on this stationary pedestal, unable to move
On my own volitional power of chose and free will, 
I've be consumed utterly,
By the haunting tune, compelling me do its evil bidding.
The notes grow slower, unwinding until perfectly still,
But I'm not in a daydreams nightmare, I suddenly realize 
This absurdity is reality, has become real.
I'm that tiny figure within a child's musical box,
Frozen in stances freeze, unable to cry
Out for help, for made of wax am I now.
Then the lid is gently shut upon me, and in the
Darkness a sadistic voice, heckles and mocks
Me, speaking in musical notes it sings a deadly
Lullaby, rest eternal my beauty for you belong
To me now.
I've become a play thing to be tormented,
Languishing within this jewelry box.
Caught in this land of giants, whom wind
These musical chimes, to join me as a 
Prisoner's collection, of a thief called music.
Whom orchestrates this symphony of the demonic?
I dare not ask, for the voices anger would
Ravish what little is left of my humanity,
So I smile, and I dance at its pleasures
Whim, but within my soul a flickering
Ray does burn still, and it is called hope.
The music screams in terror's disbelief,
For the giants house has caught in flames,
And now he is the prisoner captured
Within a wooden tinder box.
I do so smile as I myself melt away,
Listening to the voice begging for help,
But no one comes to aid such evil as he.
But I am free at last, and except death
As a comforting friend's reprieve,
From the beast, is it just a simple?
Wooden music box.


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Queen's forest

In Queen's forest,
squirrels thrill with their tails,
sweet fruits compete for bite.
There I shall holiday
and refill me with hunting game.

30 syls.
Name: Kayod5.
Contest title: Somewhere.
Date :10.1.15

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Through Telescope Eyes...Valentine....

My desire is not for chocolates…
                       just for the taste of you
          so sweet on my tongue
(it lingers there as Ghirardelli does)

Do not give me pink stuffed bears 
if your arms will hold me 
                         on these tossed sheets
(embrace me tight and bridge this space)
                  I send (eyes open) 
crimson shed wishes
                       on passion tossed seas
and warm tender kisses
                                 I plead on my knees

Blood red hearts ooze on this page
 Every beat…(feel its rage)
           My heart emits
desperate calls….
                    a whisper on your wind
           (catch it please)

Unearthed flowers are useless…
they wither away
                       into the dust….
(though, calla lilies...if you must)

But you…
                 you are eternal…..

I want no message 
                      bought from hallmark
           (much too sterile)

Spill on pages words from you
            that breathe 
    the breath of life to me

Your heart….it is my reason....

Your soul…
It reflects a sliver satin shatter
                   dusting in my own 
A voice…it seems…
                    I have always known

Reminisce this…
Giggles on the pillow
Hushed morning voices
Precious tender moments
lost inside your eyes

Kiss me awake
                      with all your hunger
           (lips of desire)
           Catch this fire!
Tempt me hotly
                      with your touch
I’m still afraid
                when I feel this much
Make me mindless
               for suspended moments
Scattered within 
                   your dazzling brilliance
Flames of burning
                             and rich ruby red
(much like the sunset sky)

“Good morning….my valentine…
         and good night…too”
        I will drink red wine
          and dream of you…

In sweet rainbows colors 
if your were mine....

Through telescope eyes...
My Valentine....

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Golden Dreams

The Leprechaun.

Run, run, run as fast as you can...
I'm still gonna get you, my little green man...
I grabbed on to the gold buckle on his waist...
I held him down, with no time to waste...
I tied The Leprechaun to a hollow tree,
Broke off a branch and poked him on the knees.
I kept on poking him with a stick.
I kept nagging him to reveal his magic trick.

This little shamrock kid would not break.
He kept insisting THE LEPRECHAUN legend was fake.

This little odd dwarf kept lying about his mythical pot of gold. 
I kept repeating all the stories I've been told..  
Nagging him and nagging him~ FOR HIS POT OF GOLD!
He lied, about the fables, telling me his gold does not exist...
The Leprechaun refused to hear the clover list...


It's been 7 days!
And, still he won't give up, what's at the end of the rainbow. 
Tickling his little Eskimo toes,
Running feathers underneath his nose. 
"Look you little green treasure troll, I've captured you, and demand the gold!"
"You won't get me with your tricks!"
"So don't even try to outwit me with your silly MAGIC!" 

I suppose his silver-tongue, will have to do,
And the little gold buckles on his shoe.
I got tired of trying to make him see, my point of view.
I got a better deal and trade for a monkey at the zoo.
Now the lions are enjoying a Pot of Leprechaun Stew. 
After All! 
Nothing I did, made him unfold.
All I wanted was his pot of gold!


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Teardrops In Paradise Protest Write II

We`re on our way
Visiting good old friends from Norway
Now living in Turkey
Its the smiling country

We got everything we need..and more so
Romantic evenings with candlelights on the table
Eating out everyday,and watching the perfect sunset
The scenery is beyond spectacular

Not so nice sceneries comes sneaking into my thoughts
TV news shows an infant,shot to death..right through her chest
Another infant penetrated by grenade splints,now laying dead on a table
Her father screams in pure anger,anxiety and endless grief
More than 200 innocent civilians found,sliced to death by the army
Schools..hospitals are being used as canon targets
Civilians being forced to walk infront of tanks..defenceless kids most of them
Just in case resistance groups should make any attempt to stop these heavily armed forces

They are used as living targets
All within the hour from a holiday paradise in Turkey

Tears are shed for you..brothers and sisters
Your life is bleeding out of you..but your spirit will fight `til the bitter end
How cruel..How unfair it all is in this world
My thoughts and prayers are with you Syria

April 4th 2012

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Be My Valentine

*Would you Could you, Be My Valentine*

A Simple yes or no would do!!


Would you, 
could you be mine?

To: ALL the poets on the soup
From: The Poet Destroyer
<3 <3 <3

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Bad Jack

There’s nothing all that scary about a jack ‘o lantern. It’s just a hollow pumpkin with customary mouth, nose and eyes carved to form the usual wry face. . . Imagine that same pumpkin on Halloween night - lit up on the porch of some dark and eerie lonely worn out house. And there’s no one there but you! You approach the door but get a strange vibration this is not a house for trick or treating! No one seems to be there, and yet. . . as you turn to go, you are sure that you can see writhing worms and cockroaches come crawling from the flashing eyes and the grinning orifice of that pumpkin face. And you can almost swear, as your skin turns into goose flesh, that you hear that bad Jack snigger, his bright eyes trained on you as you rush off. He’s laughing at the humanness in you.

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whispers in silence

What keeps me awake
When the cool breeze bears whispers of things to come
Promises to be fulfilled on the morrow?

Is it my joyless moment of cognizance
knowing that this stagnant night ripples from no real breeze
Only imagined promises birthed on the whims of a longing heart?

Yet, what keeps me awake
is not these dreams of flattering winds
but it is this night of lifeless branches and unrifled leaves
the lack of real whispering winds taunting my heart
What truly keeps me awake
Is the silence of tomorrow.

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Halloween Night

Across the land he strides this night,
Amide the living and the dead.
He goes confidently in search of a fight,
Harboring no amount of dread.
He seeks those going bump in the night,
Including the living dead.
Cross bow at ready with hidden knives,
He’ll clear this land he’s said.
Wow to the wicked on Hallows Eve,
Be careful as you run amuck, and hide wherever you will…
For Van Helsings aim is straight and true,
As is his beating heart, a rare few have ever imbued.
And of course those magnificent fighting skills…
No one can ever outdo.
Consider well your choice of path between evil and the good,
For Van Helsing’s waiting right ahead…
To take good care of you.

Contest: Halloween Night

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A Forgotten Box

He, the Master of all living beings, wonders why he’s been shut out. It is the free will He gave us at birth that allows us to block out His intentions. Jesus came to Earth as a Savior, born in a manger’s tiny crib. It’s His birth we celebrate on Christmas Day, but the meaning of this holiday is hidden by plastic trees with glittering lights, designed to make each heart feel bright. But it doesn’t work, does it? The gifts, the stress, the obligations come around each year in December. When we take Christ out of Christmas, we stow Jesus away in a forgotten box
*Entry for Curtis’s contest

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Easter in San Francisco, 1999

Our dreams begin to open on the ninth floor
of the Marines Memorial Hotel.
Clean tombs equipped with all that is needed
for a weekend to die for.
Guests view what they can see at their level.
Flags wave from rooftops of skyscrapers, 
like spring flowers praising the high winds.
Below a jungle of souls
in hypnotic allegiance flow past 
concrete fields choked with roads.
Fatigued, dormant dreams weakly climb
praying to continue, to go on, 
Hoping to recognize
silence as it sings a sacred invitation
to follow the fire of morning.
In our room we listen to the 
television flicker between old graying movies
and a war in Kosovo.
At the window we have the luxury to turn away. . .
and witness the massacre of our afternoon.
Hail stones bullet the sunlight,
day bleeds pools of darkness.
Night falls to the light
Colors resurrected in our hearts
glow triumphant, emblazoned with life.
Who do you tell what your heart sees?
Who would believe the sound of it?

Oh Love, Oh Light--

"Please stay with us,
for it is nearly evening and the day is almost over."   luke 24:29

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Arc of Light

Here is a new beginning, at the red mouth of the river, overlooking the ripple of dark waters that floats the recent past beneath the mottled stone bridge and into the ocean of ancient seas On this, the first day of the great year, from the arc of the bridge, I saw all seasons disappear. And the reasons for happiness, come reckoning with good fortune. While releasing the old ways, as if they were leaves, drifting downstream I have seen my own reflection, and the acceptance of the light, slicing through the dreaming water, resolving my old misfortunes, until they are dissolved into the rust of the silt So, here I am, once again, under the tilt of the moon, on this 15th day of light, The candles flickering, with gentle flames, calling my name. Each an exquisite reminder, that we can start again. Beckoning me to start anew... so that I will part with old pages that drift away with old years, beneath the bridge I have walked across... lit by parchment lanterns, and the arc of light from the moon's infinite heart
_______________________________________________ 1/30/15 Inspired by Chinese Lanterns For Deb's "Chinese New Year" Contest

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Bethlehem's Star

Bethlehem’s star luminous cross delicately hung by cherubs adorning a cold night sky The warmth of a promise yet to be fulfilled lured shepherds and wise men alike to a humble manger where a Savior drew his first breath exhaling in the bitter air of a world He sought to save

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Sailing Away

Cruising the Mediterranean
I don't wish to fight any more
I want to enjoy the sunset
On the sea I so adore

Please hold your tongue
In silence,
View the beauty all around,
Tend the sails with care
So we don't run aground

I'll make us Margaritas,
We'll dine in finest style
As our sloop carries us
Through many a sea mile

No fighting, please,
I beg you,
Let this be a sailing
in but total peace,
And anger and misunderstanding,
I pray that they do cease

So hold me as you did once,
No question of our love,
And watch the Albatross
As he flies off with the dove

The soothing sea to rock us,
As if babies in need of sleep
And the new memories we create
Forever shall we keep.

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After Christmas Sigh

All gift's delivered

Some few still under the tree,

Voices filled with thanks!

Children jumping with glee...

Now we sit and sigh

Making plans for the 4th of July,

And Valentine's day


and so many more

In celebration of something,

Another Birthday for someone we adore...

There is money to be spent,

In spite of the economy

We rework our budgets wishing we were worry free.

Ah, but someone was happy today

twas Christmas, 'twas Christmas,

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last night i dreamt

Of january starting a new year

Of heart messages written on colored paper in february 

and my birthday in april 
of green cabbage and corned beef in march

Of hot dogs and hamburgers in may for memorial day

 the beginning of summer in june

And fireworks in july

The summer coming to an end in august

Labor day gatherings before the kids start back to school in september

Spooks and goblins prancing through the street in october

A turkey feast in november

And everyone opening gifts in december.  

July 27,2013.         Humorous

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More Than A Dream

Written in honor of Black History Month-February 2010-

I have a dream……
	That there will be no more labels of “Black” or “White”
	That people will come home to their families and relax at night
I have a dream……
	That no one will second guess, because of my skin color, my character 
	That I will never in my life hear the words, “Nigger” or “Cracker"
I have a dream……
	That should I marry a black woman it will be totally acceptable in society
	That people of all races would not be judged by their tastes in variety
I have a dream…….
	That if I have a bi-racial child he or she will be accepted by their peers
	That they’ll be given an equal chance to pursue their choice of careers
I have a dream…….
	That more leaders, like Dr. Martin Luther King will be raised
	That the tragedy of his death would be erased
I have a dream…….
	That all races will stand hand-in-hand, until the “Twelfth of Never”
	That people in the world would become color- blind, forever
I have a dream……
	But….this is more than a dream to me
	I pray that I may awake and find these things have become reality!!!

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Georgia Muse

I went to Georgia without my bonjo in my hand I knew it would be great after I landed and took a stand I told them my name and they asked, "What's your fame?" I reached for my muse and turned it loose like a goose They straightened their ties and said “O’ me, O’ my!” “We made a mistake about this poetic rhyming guy!” Someone handed me a bonjo and they all joined the tango My muse had its way and we had a wonderful stay As we departed for home they started to sing, “Hurry back poet, may your muse give you wings!”

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Near Halloween

When witches go riding, And black cats are seen, The moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween!
Author Unknown

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Campmeeting Grounds / Martha's Vineyard 2009

Summer lay lazily over the land
The languid weight of wind and water 
bowing tree limbs,
chasing sand squalls over sidewalks.

Cyclist meander dreamily down aisles
of rose of Sharon shrubbery
past banks of day lilies
and Pez purple hydrangeas.

Tourist, as colorful as the flowers,
buzz busily through seaside shops
in flip flops the color of Necco wafers.

Their gummy soles making
sucking sounds upon the linoleum.
In a gingerbread slumber 
like fairytale children, they gather;
in pink, lime-green, and purple houses
The poor of a Christian God have become 
the rich of a capitalist nation 
and they hoard their paper-lantern dream.

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Christmas Scene

So what is different
The vagrant limps across the careening snow
Scantily unkempt
From inside the bank with glittering glass
I watched him pass
Carried by the flow
Of that dilapidated mass
For whom tolls the jingling bell
And toll, and toll ignored again
My heart 
Shunning the superficial cheer
Left all I heard
Devoted to a pilgrimage of eyes
Where the fire glows warm
And hope gathers moth-like 
I see him push, and pushing through
Put out his arms to touch the tired flame
As though an angel had troubled it
Or perhaps a rudimentary manger
And Christ so far from it
While he sleeps secure on warm
On the bank floor
Under the beautiful Christmas tree.
I walked away
Full of grief and empty
While behind me toll, and toll again
The jingling bells of the Salvation Army.
O Mary, hail us not as Joseph in this despair
Nor magnify too much your feat
He too has swollen and blistered feet
And I volatile from the pilgrimage
Ask questions of my faith
Tell me, for all the change from manger to cross,
What is different now from then?

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The Empty Basket

Years ago, I bought a basket,
Plain, unappealing –
Weave already unraveled,
I only paid one dollar –

I set the basket on the shelf,
Separated, secluded –
And there it stood,
Unbefitting the decor –

I filled that basket,
With defeated dreams –
My lonely heart,
My deserted thoughts –

I loaded that basket,
With yearning love –
My unspoken need,
My every want –

I found myself gazing,
Often, in fondness –
A beautiful reminder,
For somber times –

My hands may be empty,
My pockets uninhabited –
Aloneness taking its toll,
Privation draping its veil –

The basket stands proud,
Holding seeds of intangibility –
Unfaltering in its stance,
Draped with valor, still –

This Christmas I give you,
An empty basket –
Weave already unraveled,
All I could afford was a dollar –

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- Finally - The Holiday Is Over -

   Children screaming and yelling 
   The sweat drips from my forehead 
   Time was short we lost the plane 
   I'm tired 
   New line - through customs and passport control 
   Next we fly stacked like sardines in a box 
   All are miserable and kaputt 
   The night has come and we finally arrived 
   The baggage is lost - no clean underpants 
   Some cry and some are mean 
   Youngest child has peed in his pants 
   I argue with my wife 
   Have a beer 
   Mosquitoes are annoying and they bite 
   The sun glows from a cloudless sky 
   It's awful hot 
   Finally, the holiday is over 
   Next year I will take time off from vacation 

   * Not from reality  :))

   A-L Andresen :)

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Thousand Pieces of Puzzle Present

We don’t so much as beg, “Mom can I?” no, just stand idle,           lean on one leg, 
pick up                           and set down pieces with the care of an egg the quietest
until we know            it fits                                     into the slowly growing frame,
and sneak , click it in, every once in a while
or we seek out edges,            set them in a pile
            sort by color         and             sort by texture
until “would you please bring me?”                              from a parent sends us off
after we bring mugs of Tom & Jerry’s with a dash of nutmeg, or plates of cookies 
       back the fastest
                      we find a reason to sit,                  no one says anything
this is our one large family present,    one thousand pieces spread across our table
we are entitled                                                                        such are our wiles 
unnoticed we fit in to the family picture,           puzzle hour after hour until the day 
or hour or errand                         came and we steal away and see who could hold
out longest 
hiding the piece that fits into the thousand pieces last

                                                                                  or is forever 

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Underneath the light of the full moon, a she-creature
Prowls through the thickets wild.
Stalking quietly waiting for the canvas city to
Slumber into a lazy sleep, ever closer silent sleek black
Paws sneak forward ready to draw its vengeance.
She is the curse of the gypsies, made from the
Blood of a crimson star, which split apart and fell
To earth below.
Two small shards burnt through the forest canopy,
And cut deeply into the earth's soil itself.
Creations ground zero, for rebirth leaving behind
Two lunar figures, one of light, the other as 
Dark as pitch, identical twins of a solar eclipse.
Spin did the wheels of the gypsy’s caravan, stopping nearby,
Finding these orphan’s of the skies, they became
Foundling's of the nomad’s tribe.
Oh beauty of the heavens did glow in the light
Of the bright child, as darkness’s black emptiness,
So burned within her ebony sister kindred.
These solar babies grew in power year by year,
Until thirteen summers and nights had passed by,
One day a great storm came to the tented world
Of the gypsies, flashing thunder and lightning,
Burned and tore at the traveling village.
The dark child crouched in shadows corner,
But the child of light emerged willing to sacrifice
Her life for those whom had saved hers.
Ascending upwards to appease the heavens
Itself the storm God, welcomed and excepted
This child of lights sacrifice.
But the child of darkness was angered, and
Took her revenge on the gypsies, vowing to
Leave none alive.
So she follows them, stalking where ever their
Wheels cut into the damp soil, this is the curse
Of the gypsies.
So these nomads must keep moving always,
But on this night many souls shall know pure
For through the thickets under bush,
She waits for the canvas town to sleep, then
Will strike, to satisfy the aching within her blackened heart.
By tooth and claw strike, to be illuminated by
The beautiful face of her sister twin, whom
Weeps amongst the heavens above,
In sorrow for those she herself loved so
Much, are killed, by the darkness of her
Own sister kindred.,
Whom roars with fiendish delight, at her victims
Pain, the black jaguar a lost child of a fallen star.


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Following You Home

Clink clank clink clank clink clank
slow steady pace, metal hitting pavement
pausing when you pause
following you home, the man is bones

and a tie, top hat, tails, not tap shoes
more like chains, the sound a horseshoe makes
when it hits the stake, clink clank
what does he want, why follow you home?

His teeth gleam of green fire, his hands haloed
by electric blue, he's a Halloween special
turned out just for you, clink clank
he wants to touch you, better run

His eyes are on fire, he's spewing smoke
from his nostrils, there's no place to hide
clink clank is faster clank clank clank
has your breath caught in chest yet?

When he touches you, you'll melt, one touch
you're on fire, one scream from your mouth
brings no one out to save you from his wrath
clink clink better speed clink clink nearer ever nearer

Is it candy that fuels him? Toss a Mars Bar or two,
toss the whole pillow sack, watch it burst in flame
there's a door if you can reach it, just up the hill
huff puff clink clank, there's a door with a wreath

Flowers black as coal, it opens a bit, precious light
spews forth, saying welcome your welcome
if only you can outrun him, outrun the bone man
the man with top hat clink clank clink clink after you

The door widens, your belly hurts, 
beneath your mask you drip sweat,
and just as you reach it, hiss, pain, flame on your back
and from the door, bone man exits clink clank

Two bone men, will take you to the fire
two bone men, don't want your scary mask,
the candy you can keep, your tears mustn't weep
just pass over the pumpkin, they'll be gone from sight.

Clink Clank, phew, bone men, toting pumpkin,
lit from within, their hands holding it, opposite twins
clink clank, they are going, going kabooom
straight into the air, and off to far off moon, phew.

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Going Halloween Crazy


~Ronald McDonald~
Army of darkness
Agony tears of a clown
Creepy kid smiles 
Everyday is Halloween

Rejection outlay
Spell-caster demon terror 
Bloody murder at the fingertips 

Ivory mountain grave
Skeleton terror of doom 
Where's the buffalo? 
Indian masquerade 

Sky full of beasts
Relevant nights of velvet
Entwine by her bliss
Elvira the night mistress 


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It Is The Market Today

Come and buy
Fruits and vegetables from own garden
Best quality and most inexpensive items
Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Onions, Carrots and Potatos
Purchasers of my goods, I will give you some Plums for free

Come and buy from me
I have all the herbs you can imagine
Anise, Basil, Tarragon, Thyme, Coriander, Oregano,
Parsley, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Saffron
Fell how good it smells .......
If you wish, you may well get a taste

Come and buy
Here is the "real" goods for a cheap price
Adidas, Diesel, Bjorn Borg, Lacoste, Nike,
Jack & Jones, Gabba and Hugo Boss
Yes, the "real" goods and top quality
Try one as well, I will find a perfect fit for you

Come and buy from me
You need to buy one for your loved one
"Real gold and precious beautiful stones"
Beautiful work and see who it shines in the sun light
If you buy one you get the second for half price
Cheap, cheap .... What would you pay?
Give me a price you will pay...
So we`ll probably agree

Come and buy...... Cheap, cheap....

Turkey 04.04.2012
A-L Andresen

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The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

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A child, I remember the door decorated by a fir circle,

Circle that it was, it always was fresh and new.

New as the season, new to accent this place.

Place now the wreath, the circle of green,

Green to remind us of a coming Spring.

Spring, when the snow is swept away by water,

Water which proclaims  our baptism in the Lord.

Lord of All, Bethlehem's wreath of promise...brought to us by A Child.

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Apologies to Alice at Christmas

My toves are not slithy this evening,
They will not gyre or gymbal at all.
And worldwide the wabes are all dusty.
While North Korea threatens,
                  Nuclear War!!

CNN now tells us of terror,
That threatens the whole world with hate,
And those who love peace seem neglected.
              Poor foolish patrons of war!

Now the Jabberwock seems hardly scary,
He's a threat even babies don't fear.
Better by far to tremble at the Jabberwocks cry,
             Than to raise a glass to war.

Now whereever soldiers are fighting,
And whatever they fight for tonight,
Give them peace for one night from the child of light.
            And a new year without any war,
            A gift from everyone to the entire world.

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Amongst myths and legends shadow realm,
Dwells an ancient evil.
Beneath temples walls, and shattered ruins,
Beware mortals of what lies within the,
Burnt offerings wreckage.
In a hushed stilled silence, a figure lingers,
On the outer edges farthest fringes,
In the dark recess of humanity's night terror,
Lurks a demon a demonic priestess,
Called Medusa.
Reptilians fork tongue of darkness’s,
Grand design,
Listen not be deaf to her sweet melodies
She slithers side by side as a rattle snake,
Moving in for its killing strike.
A hooded cobra lies behind emerald green eyes,
Laughing with sheer fiendish delights pleasure.
Deadliest of Lucifer's mistresses, she alone.
Waits for her next victim to enter,
This dead mans trap.
Frozen in that last tangible moment of existence,
Life depictions stone guardians, seemingly alive are
Poised in eerie poses.
Cement warriors with swords drawn and
Shields raised remain in battles stance.
A chilling realization is fears last expression,
Daring fools whom see death's reflection
Staring right back at them in the dark.
Fleshes accursed immortalized within
These statues of stone.
Fortune does not favor the foolhardy,
It punishes them by tortuous means.
A doubled edge blade placed in mortal,
Hands does not always yield a hero, or
Step ever so lightly, keep all weapons,
Close at hand.
Heroic deeds deny you this adventurous tail.
For in the hollows depth no spirit escapes,
In her garden most evil,
Beware the wrath of Medusa.


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Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

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Naked Under A Tropical Moon

Where the ocean meets the skyline
A beauty sight as the giant sun sets
Its the soothing effect...
We`ve been shipped away from the everyday pain

Where the end of the world meets the skyline
A place of magic and mystery
Don`t know why it is..but I really don`t wanna ask
Gives me the perfect guidance,away from any struggles

It is a masterpiece of the univers`own grace
The wonderful feeling of a day with no regrets
As the tropical moon climbs over the edge of the world
We are laying naked on a powder sand beach

Carried away by a tropical fullmoon
And into a world of intense intimate desires
You let my fingers explore you...your body,my temple
Magnetized under a tropical moon,we have found our love nest

March 9th 2012

Its not for the "Tropical Moon" contest.But it gave me the inspiration to this write:-)
Just couldn`t find the words for a rhyme.Cheers soupers..Hugs,Arild

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What lies in the dark recess of the human mind,
That place where we dare not travel.
Behind our daily masks of illusions,
To another realm of thought beneath
Outward appearances deceptive delusions.
Here evil intentions are not spoken or
Shown in spite or malice,
But it exists none the same.
Behold good intentions problem child,
Those whom mean well but they become
Lost in empty corners called envy or jealousy.
Dark venues along life’s highway where
Humanities laws are blurred in lights reflections.
Beings lost within themselves, stand alone
On realities jagged cliff.
The candle of hope will not burn here,
Justices winds blow too strongly against
Truths righteous foe.
Laid slain or clipped creature cry out why.
But light has over come the darkness again.
Behold the golden hour approaches and the
Sun shines across heavens once more.


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The Witches Dream

The Grapes hung in violet clusters
upon the twisted vine.
I should have been in bed.
Sleep covering me
like a warm blanket.
A ring of sugar plums
my only dream.
But No, I had seen
the Poster advertising grapes.
I had promised myself
only to steal what I could eat.
Never to be caught.
No evidence you see
except for a full belly.
No evidence, no crime!
I would do no time!
But Oh what a wicked game.
How those vines twisted,
twirling around my feet.
Holding me tight and still
No matter how I kicked.
My cry from the amethyst orchard unheard.
She came then carrying her Brass
cauldron as if it weighted naught.
A black cat hurrying along beside
with secret spices in a special black sack.
It was plain that I was the ingredient
and the witch was about To Cook.
She gathered things from secret spots
she looked into a book. She turned
and looked into my eyes.
My body shook and shook
and then a crash from by my bed
as I jumped up on the floor.
Feet cold, heart racing, a cold sweat.
Knowing it only a nightmare,
I patted my Purple cluster filled tummy
and crawled right back into the witches dream.

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Fun in the Sun

Flesh on show and sun tan lotion
bodies laid on towels or sun lounges 
By the ocean
Salty air wind blown hair
Music streaming from the near by fair
Baby screaming nappies full
Cool guys looking for babes on the pull
Sun shades and floppy hats
Grown men playing cricket with ball and bats 
Sand castles and buckets and spades
Candy floss and lemonade
Father With binoculars pretending to look out to sea
Or read a newspaper but really looking at the bathing beauties
Bikinis and manknies G strings tight where the sun don't shine
Hot dogs and hamburgers the popping of corks from bottles of wine
Hairy legs and wrinkled skin
child almost drowning couldn't swim
Muscle bound Life guards with muscles to impress
Granma lost her false teeth
Dropped between her breasts
Ice creams and summer dreams
Young child peeing in the sea
Among the swimmers splashing about with glee
People playing beach ball and football
Mother calls come on all it's time for tea
Large Busty woman running like jelly on a plate
Wobble wobble
And nearly starting an earthquake
Sand between your toes
Sun burn on your nose
Sweaty arm pits sweaty bums
Toffee apples and bleeding gums
Sea gulls flying screeching high above
Clear blue sky pure white dove
Watching the frothy waves stretch upon the shore
Watching the horizon and tiny boats 10 miles away or more
Dogs running here and there
Sweets being passed around to share
Crabs and shrimps and other critters in a rocky pool
Children with fishing nets and jars to take them back to school
Para gliders pulled by speed boats high in the sky
Oh why do people want to risk life
As they could die
Postcards to write people on there bikes
The smell of fish and chips
Children with jam around their lips
Couples walking hand in hand barefoot on warm sand
Treasured memories and photo's to cherish
Suitcases packed feeling unwound and relaxed
Can't wait until next year when they come back.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. July.

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From fathoms deepest keep, where man,
Shall not dare go, a white toothy giant
Dwells, with hatred's malice, this is a living man
Eater, whom lies at the bottom of the ocean.
In this striking zone, of deadly encounters,
Here where dead men tell no tails, crimson
Currents of the lifeless, float to the top of the food
Chain, and their last breaths of air explode, as
Bubbles above at the surface,
Leaving nothing behind but a bloody residue,
And the wreckage mangled life raft, and one word
Still lingers on the foreboding breeze, as a screams
Echoing drowns into whispers in silences last refrain,
Nay this aquatic Phantom, called Submarine,
Is the gray ghost that stalks within every human
Beings nightmares, just below the waves of our
Subconscious fears, a demon lurks in the darkness,
Of the murky shallows, waiting to take a bite
Out of us.
A thirty-seven foot killing machine, with razor
Blades of jagged ivory's, moving at velocities mega
Speed, heading straight for humanity's beach,
His favorite hunting grounds.
A leviathan of a shark, highly intelligent,
Circling his preferred prey called man,
The hunter is ready to appease his
Insatiable appetite that is never satisfied,
In a carnivores blood bath of mayhem,
Just off shore of paradise.
In hell's kingdom many souls scream from
Below one word that echoes through the
Chum filled surf above, SHARK.
For these are the latest victims, of
The Submarines wrath, and now they do
So warn the living, beware of this sharp
Toothed Giant!
Look into the black eyes of death, take
Notice if he bares the scare of men,
And notches gouge mark on his dorsal fin,
For than thee shall know for sure, if
It is truly the gray ghost,
Known as Submarine.
If thou’ art sure, than say your final prayers unto God,
And inhale one last deep breath of air,
Than swim away, as fast as you can,
For humanity is now on the menu!


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Covered in the jungles evergreen thickets, beneath
Stones and mortars refuge lays an old Mayan crypt,
And on it is written an ancient curse, dare not enter 
Mortal men, or forsake thy living soul, as tributes
Offering at the altar, of the Arachnid Queen.
At midnight's twilight hour, under the moon's elliptical
Shroud of illusions, is exposed isolation's
Forbidden tomb of evil.
As torches spontaneously combust, bursting forth
Into flame, slowly the grave stone rolls backwards,
Releasing the cold and damp air from within.
Emerging from her unholy tomb, this spider demon,
Inhales the crisp night air at last.
A creature is she the Arachnid Queen, of devils
Spawning between her father of darkness,
And a fallen angel of spiritual light.
Weep do the cherubs of heaven, at her birthing's ritual, for
One of their own was so sacrificed, shackled and chained,
Treated as if an animal of disdain, the Arachnid Queen, 
Clawed her way forth, from her mother’s maternal womb.
As a gifts prize from the dark lord, unto his child
Born from the darker side, is the deadly touch of death itself.
To kill without mercy, with accuracy's pin point efficiency,
For she bares no heart or souls pity.
A phantom of mist is she, without definitions form, slowly
She crosses under the forest canopy, and one by one the
Veils of webbing descend, upon her from above. As her
Minion guardians do weave, each delicate sheath's covering.
Revealing a skeletal shape beneath, exposing a beast of 
Monstrous proportions, behold her eight legs appendages
Of a spider.
But above is beauty personified, shimmering as a goddess
Of ebony black, with eyes the color of sea foam, and red
Flaming tresses that blow freely in the flowing breeze.
With the voice of an angel, she so sings ever sweetly,
This is the gift of her fallen mother, to entice the lustful 
Hunger within all men, to devastations final end.
Waving her teasing finger at them, come hither
My love sick fellow and I'll mend your broken heart,
And so do they come, unto the Arachnid Queen.
Entering her webbing's layer, she takes her crimson 
Throne of the dammed, laughing with pleasures sheer
Delight, for tonight she shall feast upon the flesh and blood,
Of living men, and revel in their screams of pain.


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On Halloween Night

We approach the house, to trick-or-treat, but wonder if we dare
The porch is dark, no light or spark, to help us find the way
We peek inside, ........does the old man hide?  We see no one is there
But, we rang the bell, and wait a spell, the door begins to sway

Through the crack, pursued, a room is bare with unclad shades of gray
Arthritic winds have tossed us in, with a wretched dismal hand
The trees bend low, against the house with solemn loathing dread
With branches, brisk, it rattles glass, against the window pane

We look around the cheerless room,  a terrible scent of wrong
An angled light has slithered in, with shadows deep and long
and spotlights what's become of him, the man who isn't there...
with a room unkempt, some muffled steps, and as if a ghost might stare
Four vinyl seats, Formica clad, a room that needs repair
The table set, a plate of food, is rotting by the chair
A cup of cold, a cigarette, still smoking in the air
The room depicts, what might have been, but reeks with wrought despair

A parakeet within a cage has mocked us once again
The voice is shrill, it squawks with rage, 'Unlock me if you dare!'
The floor is strewn with littered seed, where mice have shared the spill
All time has stopped, in ash and dust, the hours couldn't care.......

We take a breath, too scared to move, for we are not alone
For company, a skeleton, sits beside the sofa's edge 
against the wall, it smiles at us beneath the window ledge
No eyes to stare, yet seems if a joke is played

Inaudible, just barely heard, the wind begins to howl
Or is it we, who scream to be back home in Mommy's arms
Outside the house, we hear an owl, and we begin to run
into the night, into the light, without a bit of fun!
No Snicker Bars, no Tootsie Pops, no candy corn or Mars
A trick on us, no treat it was......we've lost our appetite!!

9/5/14  For Contest Sponsored by Gail Doyle "On Halloween Night"

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Circle of Love

Evergreen leaves that lovingly embrace
Embrace the candles that bring light
Light that glows with faith and love
Love which comes from the One above
Above the stars and back to earth after 
After the sun sets, candles glow bright
Bright hope shines deep within, buoyant
Buoyant hearts sharing in God’s embrace

Dec. 18, 2010 for Dr. Ram’s Christmas Wreath Contest :)

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The Year of the Goat 2015

Cymbals and fireworks crisp and crescendo through the
black of night past the chrysanthemums displays
for the year of the Goat begins.

from the mainland Chinese tourist arrive
red cars, red money, red clothes, flame with wishes for 
prosperity as displays descend 
over over Victoria harbor in Hong Hong.

pray the ghosts leave with the noise 
and peace and prosperity descend

hang your red lanterns
paste red animals on your windows
pray the ghosts of years past leave in peace


Technicolor displays animate the streets
pyrotechnics fill the air, shopping markets overflow
as unattainable commodities get packed back
to Xian, Beijing and Shanghai - 
powdered milk dreams - a luxury attainable here
replace the rush to gunpowder displays

smoke coats the metal heavy air
as the crowds disperse for
a dumpling morning
parading creatures of past and present
          awe and delight

Lion dancers snake, kick, drum,
feet beat to the gong in hong hong
and all of China 

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A Simple Southern Christmas

It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
All I want from Santa is some egg nog, bourbon and beer.
I'm gonna wait on Santa Christmas Eve night,
and when he's not lookin' I just might,
steal his reindeer.
It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
I'm sending out my Christmas cheer.
I'm gonna sit on my front porch swing and sing.
It will be a good thing to hear those jingle bells ring.
I thought I seen Santa on the backwoods bayou road,
but instead it was a big fat toad.
It'a a wonderful simple southern Christmas here.
Santa just brought me some egg nog, bourbon, and beer.
When he wasn't lookin' I stole his reindeer.
So now I can deliver my Christmas cheer.
But hurry, hurry, I'm in a rush,
got to give that reindeer a little push.
Got to go, got to go,
got to get home to fix my gumbo.
It is Christmas day,
and I'm in  a rush I must say.
It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
Just add egg nog, bourbon and beer.
Mix it up with some Christmas cheer.
I'm ready for Christmas every year.

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Conspiracy: Who Killed The Easter Bunny

A crowded table, all suspended in shock 
The sound of the shot dimming to a ‘knock’
Only silence, except for the marching clock
The weapon still smoking; an anonymous glock

Loud cries arise from the elongated table,
Jack Frost is shocked, the Tooth Fairy unable
To speak whilst Santa is checking the stable
For clues on the erstwhile maidservant Mable

They searched for hours, called in C.S.I,
Panic set in, would the children all cry?
Sandman confirmed the bunny had died
Batman suspected somebody had lied

Guests were quizzed, interrogations began
The mystery unfolded when Santa Claus ran,
Grabbing the pies, he tried escaping in a van
But was stopped in his tracks by superman

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A summer sigh

The lush of the land lies as velvet moss green carpet
The river rushing its morning wash
rumbling as it spins twisting and turning its tidal path
over the chance carried stones to the seas
Where the coastal sands of time are met
Meeting waves pulled by undercurrents
Finding rocks, kale, seaweed and moss covered
Just as the hair of cherubs faces foamed
Then gently adorned with shell and mollusk jewels
and salty sea air crusts crystal formations alongside
In come the tides bringing with them oceanic treasures
Driftwoods, wreckage, salvage, 
that have crashed and bashed the cliffs along the way
To finally rest ashore and be renewed
To become beach combers delights
Trinkets gifts or items for the home

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Our Holiday Home

Christmas boxes full of memories down from the attic they come
The house was so quiet everyone starts to hum
A wonderful feeling being overcome by holiday cheer
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year

Boxes and boxes to go through finding something broken is my fear
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year
Here come the guys with their fresh cut tree
It will look beautiful just you wait and see

Our beautiful picture of Jesus forever hangs on our wall
The tree must set just right so the light on top upon Jesus will fall
Christmas is about our dear Savior in our home is quite clear
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year

As the tree is decorated we talk of past Christmases and our love
ones now passed on
We find peace being with each other and happy to know we have
kept one another from becoming withdrawn
A toast of cheer we raise to those in heaven and feel them so near
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year

It is a joy to come together with loved ones we hold so dear
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year
A family less fortunate then us we will visit this Christmas Eve
Spreading joy and love to the family and seeing their smiles as
they once again in our Lord believe

Christmas day does arrive...a beautiful day to which we thank 
our Lord above
The day or our dear Savior's birth whom without we would never 
have love
We sit at our table and say pray before we have our meal with
loved ones we hold so near
Welcome to our holiday home at this special time of the year

Written By: Carol Brown
Written for: Holiday Hearth Contest
Sponsor: Linda-Marie
1st Place Winner

Entry for P.D.'s Best Holiday Poem Contest
4th Place

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A Lovely Day

From the past days of old.
At Seventh Street & Florence Avenue.
Vehicles in pristine finished.
Bragging Rights Mint Condition.
Proudly rolled by in a yearly tribute.

Very close behind did the present.
Spanking brand new, Virgilina's, VA.
Town's first responders debut their life-
saving vehicles of rescue.

Summer Fest proudly displayed.
Awesomely colored painted fine cars.
Including trucks and plowing tractors.
The drivers and passengers.
Cheerfully waived tossing smiles and candy.

I watched so many of the children laughing.
Enjoying themselves while playfully.
Scrambling to grab all and as many.
Of the tossed free candies.

So very comforting it was to see.
Neighbors, visitors, friends and family.
Witnessing together. 
Standing side by side
In such a loving comradely.
History and our future.
Embracing one another.
In supreme harmony.

Refreshing the supportive celebration.
Veterans from old world wars of our past.
Keeping close in step were our gallant;
soldiers of wars in our present time.

Today's events were also in celebration.
Of the soldiers whom honorably.
Transitioned to a much peaceful home.
This was a very lovely quick get away.

Cotton candy, home made ice cream.
Scenie's Old-fashioned Peanut Brittle.
Freshly squeezed lemonade.
How fortunate to meet Ms Marion Woods.
Author of Uncle Jerdon's Farm Children' Book.

Thanks to my cousin Natarsha.
I am experiencing a very lovely.
Memorial Weekend Holiday.

My Uncle Joe Lassiter our beloved Veteran.
His daughter and my cousin Andrea Miller.
Stood in the longest line waiting patiently.

For what I learned was the town's best.
Brunswick Stew.

It's evening now I sit here as one.
Within this blissful time in nature.
Pleasantly at peace.
Relaxed taking in the beauty.
Of this picturesque piece of land.

Reflectively pondering.
On on this lovely day.
I joyfully have a writing instrument.
Very close at hand.

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Christmas Dinner with Friends

I am afraid that I have no family
members left.  So usually my holiday 
is spent with my two best friends: Leslie,
 65; and Anne, 77. I am 61 so it can be 
quite a job finding commonalities between 
the three of us. Neither Anne nor Leslie
like to celebrate Christmas, but I do, so 
I learned to make a big fuss over it until 
they give in. So far I've succeeded with
having a Christmas tree and some outdoor
lights...and of course a big meal. I'll never
forget the first Christmas I spent at Leslie's, 
a big fan of the baked potato. I was thoroughly 
aghast when I was served one baked potato 
with some butter and sour cream. Where is
the dinner, I thought. So I waited awhile and 
searched the cupboards for some cranberry 
sauce or anything that resembled a holiday 
meal. Nope, one potato, that was it. I didn't 
say a word but next Christmas I started early
presenting my demands. Things gradually 
got better each year, this year we're actually
getting a Christmas tree and serving prime 
rib for dinner...ahhh....blessed Christmas.

December 9, 2012

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You better watch out

He ate all the cookies, drank all the milk & left me without.  
That Jolly Saint Nick, he better watch out!

Not a moment to soon, what is it that I see? 
But Jolly Saint Nick actually thought of me.

A row of gifts, lay under my tree.
My frown now replaced, by moments of glee.

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Christmas Morning

Sting of cold tiles against tiny toes -
Hop, shiver, skip! Down the stairs she goes 
With that misplaced halo 
Of snow-blonde hair 
And a chest full of glee.  
She almost forgets 
Not to land on the third step - 
The one that always creaks 
(And makes it so hard to sneak
Through the dark, quiet house). 
On chilled tip-toes, she creeps.
Around the corner, she peeks,
Spying magical things.
The tree glitters and glimmers
Above full stockings 
And gift-wrapped miracles.
She stares with wide eyes 
Until the sun stirs in the sky.   
Her mother finds her asleep
Beneath the Christmas tree. 

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The After Turkey Day Blues

The turkey is cold. The dressing is gone.
All of your friends and family have gone home.
Every show on cable television is a holiday rerun.
The stores are overflowing with shopaholic maniacs.
Your neighbors are complaining about your outdoor Christmas lights.
The kids are fighting over who gets to eat the last slice of pie.
They call it Black Friday for a good reason, it is a hell of a day.
It is only a twenty four hour horror so put a smile on your face.
Remember that in less than a month it will be Christmas Day.

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Reason for Easter Celebration Footles

Man lost
Paid cost

Great Love

On cross
Such loss




He rose
We chose



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On a cold winter night

On a stormy winter night
With a chimney only in sight…
A pooch sat and stared…
At the curious sight
Of a flickering light
That dazed and caught his sight…
“Oh what is this flickery light!?”…
Thought this curious pooch…
“Whatever shall I do to this light that constantly makes me wag my tail?”
Silently he stared and gave the flickering light a very serious glare…

The pooch barked and howled wanting to play with this new light…
But the light only flickered and glared…
With colors about
And sounds that would shout
The pooch couldn’t resist…
He slowly crept up and went for a pounce…
But the light was no longer there…
“Where did you go?” 
Thought the curious pooch with tail wagging that he just couldn’t hide…

                                                                                               Fire & Ice contest
Now alone in the dark
Hearing the beating of his heart
The pooch settled down and grinned and thought…
“The light must have hid!”
The pooch searched through the house,
Under the couch,
Behind the tree,
Even under a flea…
But the light was nowhere to be seen…

With tail still wagging 
He curled up for a dream
And slowly drifted off to sleep
With the flickery light, dim but insight 
As well decided to sleep…
On cold winter nights…
With flickery lights…
And a pooch with silly dreams,
We understand the sight of sleepless nights
And why “the dish ran away with the spoon”…

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Entombed behind isolation walled
A haunting malice trapped me within.
Crouching beneath shadows shroud,
 Leering eyes pierce.
Through darkness’s pitch black,
Pacing beast intercepting motions,
 Movements, mocking my,
Feeble attempts to evade frenzy's,
Deceptions deceiver, silver tongued, 
Weaver, spewing lies deceit.
Intricately aligning it's widow,
 Makers webbing,
Feasting on innocence betrayal.
Heckling, laughter echoes, against,
 Dead reckoning.
A chilling appetizing, as if pleased,
 At malice’s intent.
Fiendishly, delighting in torturing,
It’s human pet.
A vacant mumbling feeling over,
 Comes reasoning,
A deeper anger begins to rage,
Rebelling against hatred’s,
Horrifying entity.
Motivated to survive beyond spectral,
Hear my disgust, creature,
 I shall destroy thee.
Leave me alone, screaming aloud,
 Sanity's domain gives way.
In musty halls empty hollows,
 An odorous stench.
Fills mine senses,
Cease mortal miscreant,
 None leave here alive,
Shudders blood runs cold down raw
 Veins nerve endings,
A deepening realizations rushes,
 The conscious mind,
I'm deaths play thing.
To be pounced upon, a toy mouse,
 Caught between claws,
Extracting, retracting at whims invoking.
Invisible hands grasp choking life's,
 Breath away.
Feeling every heartbeat slowing,
 Quietly ceasing.
Stinging painfully ringing at ear, 
Shots quivering,
Oblivion's mute murmurs never part,
Lips tightly closed.
Let mercy's fallen be forgiven,
 Released from,
Beyond hells hidden regions,
A place devoid of spiritual salvation.
Foul demonic spirit haunting,
 A madman's kingdom,
It whispers to me in sweet melodies,
Now we begin, and you truly belong to me,
With satisfactions grimace, it smiles.


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Beneath my bark is a whisper stilled in silence,
Scrolled within my rings of age, is a wish waiting
To be answered.
A timeless spark, infused engrain's of wooden pulp,
Legacies promise sense before my birth’s germination,
My special reason for existence.
Warmed by the sun’s rays, cradled by Mother Nature’s
Loving embrace, I’ve grown in the shadows of my elders,
My brethren of the forest wilds.
Tenderly a sprout grew forth, within me a secret kept
Unto myself alone, happily watching the world passes
Ideally by, as seasons changed from spring, to summer,
Yielding unto fall, then covered beneath
Blankets of chilling white.
I fear not the slicing of the human ax, or mourn
For having to leave thy native soil rich and warm,
For my life’s secret is coming true you see,
Mine inner Gift is to be a Christmas tree.
Blazing chains of sparkling lights shall grace
My branches of evergreen, as trims silvery tinsel
Hangs from my strong timbered limbs, that
Shine in the glowing warmth of this magical
Holiday called Christmas.
Crowning from above, admiration's highest branch
Lies a sacred symbol of ages eon’s long ago passed
A brilliant star of opulence, twinkling in the twilight’s
After glow of this special season.
Its eternal light weaves its mystical rays through my
Thick branches of pine, casting a shining upon the
Manjor hidden underneath, behold the greatest gift
Ever given, a simple child of the everlasting spirit.
Beneath my bark is a whisper stilled in silence,
Scrolled within my rings of age, is a wish waiting
To be answered.
A timeless spark, infused engrain's of wooden pulp,
Legacies promise sense before my birth’s germination,
My special reason for existence.


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Gift For Me

                 Gift For Me
  The sounds of the season,
  Snow and bells ringing.

  Cookies baked with little ones.
  Time spent with that older friend.

  Every Christmas card brings a
  memory of that special one,
  Near or far we remember them.

  Finding the perfect gifts for
  your loved ones.

  The most precious gift a person
  can give another , is the gift of
  self and time.

  A gift given of time, to someone else,
  turned out to be a gift given to me.
  The Christmas spirit will never die
  It will live on ,in our hearts forever.

  Anne Rutherford
  Copyright 2008
 Poems From The Heart Series.

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School Holiday Memories

Memories of long gone school summer holidays
Far away from the gates of hell
bulling and Malay.

Six long weeks of freedom that seemed a year
staying in bed not having to get up at eight
descent food and not pig squill on your plate
Children's morning TV 
cartoons and Robinson Crusoe
adrift at sea.

Going for long walks in the countryside
with my mates
Rolling down hills 
staying out until it was dark and late
making buttercups and daisy chains
singing pop songs down the lane
going on day trips
Playing kiss and tell
Down by the sewage works
oh boy did it smell
Going to the youth club
Wednesday night
the girls looked and smelled pretty
and sometimes there was a fight.

Camping out all night in a tent
Out riding our bicycles
the chains coming off the wheels got bent
The time when the fair came around
and we'd rode the dodgems
and the waltzer than spun you around.

The sweets and treats that we'd eat
the games of football on the street
The first fumbled nervous kiss
of first love
sleepless nights sweetheart missed
the back row of the cinema
Reading comics under the bedclothes
with a torch at night
dreams of adventure and heroics
until the morning light.

Oh what fun before the return to hell
I recall everything and the smell.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.


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Christmas the Good Old Days

                        I haven’t forgotten
			The good old days of Christmas
			Sleepless night, in the early morn 
			Off to rush, rush, in Junkanoo!

			I haven’t forgotten
			The good old days of Christmas
			Dancing in the streets
			Wearing crocus sacks and rags

			I haven’t forgotten
			The good old days of Christmas
			Making music with dry poinciana pods
			Rocks in cans and goat skin drums

			I haven’t forgotten
			The good old days of Christmas
			Scrapping saws and scrub boards
		         banging on tin wash tubs 
                        I haven’t forgotten
			The good old days of Christmas
                         Adorn in cactus painted masks
                         Topped with corn tassel sprigs

			I haven’t forgotten
			The good old days of Christmas
			Not having store bought gifts
			But delicious fruits and cake galore!

			I haven’t forgotten
			The good old days of Christmas
			Going to candle light service 
			In celebration of Jesus’ birth

			I haven’t forgotten
			The good old days of Christmas
			The spirit of Holidays was alive
			On smiling faces everywhere

			I haven’t forgotten 
			The good old days of Christmas
			Where well wishes echoed around
			As carolers sang by candlelight

			I haven’t forgotten
			The good old days of Christmas
			Each year Christmas is special for me
			As I remember my Christmas' Past

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STOP read my christmas poem

What is that
in our western sky
some kind of star
coming near by

it's radiance seems
as bright as the sun
but bowing to the night
it's beauty for reason

so compelling that
star in the sky
it's dazzling light
amazes my eye's

that star without words
beacons me to follow
my soul being bared
for something sacred and hollowed

Yes that is the star
our ancestors spoke of
i can see it with my eye's
that star is filled with love

quick quick hurry let's go
follow that star
where ever it goes

whether near 
or whether far
no matter what 
follow that star

for it was told
by ancient and old
that star would bring
our God and King

can't you see
this wonderful thing
Gods birth on earth
is where this star beams

there in the distance
gathered are the shepards
the lowly lowly shepards
soon to be joined by kings

"all men of the earth"
the angels did sing

to such a lowly place
this star did us bring
to a child born 
in the company cattle
but worshiped by kings
accompanied by the light
of that stars wonderful beam

a lowly lowly place
for the birth of the King of Kings
the place long for told
as the birth place of the King

we were humbled
by the mystery of this birth

this is the way 
God would visit earth

with lowly shepards
under a bright bright star
humbled to be like us
to be near not far

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Father's Day Tribute to My Grandfather

Father’s Day Tribute to My Grandfather
Written on June 2, 2012
Updated on June 11, 2014

Resembling Groucho Marx as you aged,
I often found you dozing in 
your favorite chair.

Perhaps, dreaming of your parents,
or when you arrived in America on Ellis Island 
with your Mother and brothers?

Your tired skin was
a result of a working man’s life.

Your green tattoo on your arm
was a souvenir of your veteran status.

Always caring, you were the leader
of the team I was born into.

You protected the family psyche and integrity,
and wisely guided us with your voice of reason.

Even though you are no longer here in the physical world,
You are forever in my heart and soul.

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All Hallows eve

All Hallows Eve

A fire lit a thousand years ago
A fire that became an inferno as the centuries past
Born of legend and mysticism
Celebrations of the living and the dead
A night when the two worlds come close
The veil a sheer curtain that is nearly nonexistent
Ghosts and witches, spirits and goblins wander among us
Taunting us by hiding just in the corner of our eyes
They just want to let us know that they are here
All walking in an atmosphere of medieval merriment
Tales tells of horrors past
Fantasies allow minds to spin
The truth is hidden in the spirit of the night
The prayers for the souls trapped
The bribes of spirit cakes lost a hundred years past
Candy apples and popcorn balls
Children screaming in fright and laughter
These have replaced a meaning lost to history
And Halloween has come again 

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Dark Blight of Halloween Night

There was a dense fog upon the land
not a fit night for animal nor man...
the moon did change its silvery view 
replacing it now was a blood red hue....

There just beyond thicket of the marsh road
lies the endless tar pits of bubbling black
It has been told that should one fall in it ~
There would definitely be no turning back....

Oh, how the populace did dread passing the pits
for all knew what dwelled within it...
Goblins dared not cross over it... and the vampire bats
would not go anywhere near it...

Even the witches feared this Halloween night,
as they packed their caldrons and potions...
preparing their broomsticks readying for flight...
too escape the diabolical one, known as Dark Blight.

Alley cats sat on fences and drank black draught, tonight
thence, sang they a harrowing song full of fright...
As the draught turned their multi-colored coats
to the colors of pitch black midnight...

The domesticated dogs remembered 
their kindred brother wolves....
Soon they gave chase to lost souls,
while howling at the man in the moon...

So it began... with large boney fingers liken to ashy white talons 
Dark Blight emerged scatching its way to the surface... its massive black shoulders 
bearing a skull revealing eyes which burned
liken to red hot coals with yellow pupils set a glow...

With a sinister grin he did appear from within the pitch black pits
petagrams and talismans were etched upon his sinewy back.... 
such slimy black skin mirroring centuries of horrors from many Halloweens past.
Oh, indeed there would be no rest for the weary wanderers this night...

Unless, a champion should appear in time to put things a right.... 
until then Dark Blight would continue to pass through the night; slithering upon his 
belly ~ 
all the while leaving a dark trail as red as raspberry jelly... 
Even the Ghouls knew and would stir clear of the sweet sticky pools 

The Gnomes stood careful guard over homes, 
whilst watching over all babes and fools....
For such tender flesh made the Dark Blight's lips drool...
The crows cawed thrice and the hoot owls hid their eyes....

Oh, the night was nothing nice, as blood chilled like ice....
Who would put a stop too the dastardly Blight...?

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Blooming Love Soup

Blooming Love Soup

The Soup is blooming in February
Lovers and friends words blossoming
With true love and friendship valentines
Where’s mine??

Passionate kisses that singe the eyes
Embraces that leave the knees weak
Sighsssss… escaping from imagined lovers lips
Sighs were mine.  (a few blushes too )

Love is indeed flowering abundant
Inhale deep the sweet poetry aroma 
As readers devour love on the Soup!
But Where’s MINE !!!!!

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Celebration Of Lights

A spectacular display of lights and colors
Sparkles across the night sky, out-shining the stars
Crackling rain of shimmering lights cascading multicolored
Silver comets with sapphire blue star centers bursting
Bathing the landscape in breathtaking flashes of lights
To catch the spirit of celebration in the black night sky

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The Color of Santa

What race is Santa Clause?
Some say white, some say black.
But at the end of the day, one thing's for sure;
He's the same color as your dad.

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Mary did you know

He laid down his head thankfully upon a bed of straw
Mary his mother softly caressing his head, singing him to sleep
His father Joseph eyeing the sheep, cows, and other guest there
While the sound of "Messiah"  blows through the crisp night air.
Mary did you know?

Not one trumpet blared as the Messiah was manger born
The sounds of maternal birth pains followed by an angelic cry
No children singing, no bells ringing, not one parade in sight
To announce that the Savior, Jesus, was born this very night

Mary, did you know? 
Yours that was seen as the least... is really the most?
Your manger born Messiah- appeared from the right hand of God
The  crucifiers saw him with hatred, that's what they wished to see
Was the grown up baby Jesus....that would soon deliver me..
Mary, did you know?

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The Magic of Christmas

The most magical of holidays
That comes, but once a year
Bringing joy and happiness
Warming the hearts with love
Like a warm cup of hot cocoa
To enjoy on a cold, winter day.

A time of peace on Earth
Goodwill toward men
Helping those in need
By giving from the heart
To show we care.

Where the impossible becomes possible
Anything can happen during the season
As there's a certain magic in the air
Drifting around like fallen snowflakes
That create a gorgeous winter wonderland.

Loved ones gather together
From friends and family
To recent acquaintances
Enjoying the holidays
Creating new memories to cherish.

Christmas brings out the best
Of the people in the world
For love and kindness
Are the greatest gifts
That come from the heart.

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Celebrating Peace in Solitude - Collaboration with Sandra Stefanowich

Christmas day... scents from your chimney waft my way curtains aside, a dozen cars are dusted by snow boys in your yard cry out while pitching snowballs sensing both comfort and sadness holidays go on, even when stillness fills your home surrounded by memories of Christmases long past wondering what it would feel like to have family again don a shawl, footsteps crunch in fresh snow seeing a visitor from across the street, I wave while on my way to join a neighbor’s celebration preparing to smile at countless nameless faces aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews the “lady nextdoor” self consciously mingles aching for solitude; dreading it as well the visitor comes to mind, is she feeling the same where alone, holiday survivors learn to appreciate the peace.... I see a lady making her way next door she smiles and waves from across the street I give her a smile and wave back grateful for a moment to stall before going in we all showed as we said we'd do a gathering of "family" to pay our due appearances to appease somewhere else I'd rather be on this day is when I feel the most alone this feeling of distance when I'm in this home stilted, polite, unease when there's nothing left to say it was long ago, when we all went our separate ways it's gets too hard to remember reliving the yesterdays of December dreading being here, when solitude is what I want I wonder about that lady, is she feeling just like me where alone, I find refuge in the peace
*A collaboration with Sandra Stefanowich

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Holiday in Love

Holiday in Love 
I want to love you more 
But I have not written one day in order to Mark 

Every day 
Every day I love you 
Every day is getting my love 
Every day in order to dedicate my heart 

I do not like that I love in one day 
I do not like to have a brief love in one day 
I want to be all the days of my life in order to love 
And I will stay true to my love to another day in my life

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dinner in a mess hall


dinner in a mess hall... his first Christmas away from home
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (In honor of my oldest grandson who is aboard a Navy destroyer somewhere in the Atlantic, and to the other fine young people who are also spending their holidays so far from home)

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Easter Morning ( a vignette)

Frilly dresses ironed
by Mama's hand.
Starched with a sprinkle
from the giant Pepsi bottle.
Four New spring Bonnets.
Four new Bow ties.

Hen's eggs carefully dyed.
Daddy chose the best
Peeking and poking into each
and every nest.
One a duck egg.
Daddy called it a prize.

Oh a special Sunday.
The day Jesus arose.
Every Church pew Filled.
Families together dressed
in their very; very best.

Ham and Mama's Potato salad.
Both Grandmas joining us
at the overflowing table.
Using our best Manners
we try to hurry.
We are ready for the hunt.

The Azaleas burst forth
with bright blooms and
secret spots holding eggs
of lemon yellow and sea foam green.
Little feet Running with excitement;
baskets bulging with glittery grass;
Chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Collapsing with Laughter
we count and count.
Hidden too good,
a few eggs will be
an opossums supper.
Long after we are fast asleep.

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Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreath, round, representing eternal life,
Eternal life, with its beauty entwined, gives glory to God.
Glory to God in the highest; praise his holy name.
That holy name proclaimed to the world by Angels singing.
Angels singing praises to shepherds in the field.
And when the field grew ripe, ready for harvest,
The harvest came, like a wreath, a full circle of life.
Oh, righteous circle that leads us to God’s eternal life.

© December 19, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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Hollow is the chilling winds of October,
Frozen solid is the lunar moon that illuminates the night,
Fears lost kindred roam the ice fields of limbo,
Under the clarity of forbidden warmth, that has been
Shielded beyond the reach of the spiritually deprived,
And depraved.
Spirit wonders drifting amongst the snow packs,
These lost members of humanity, hanging on the sheered
Edge of mankind’s reality, the doomed stalkers whom
Wailing cries haunt, split the chilling silence of winter
By depth degree, in an eerie shroud of the forgotten and
Hatred’s chains of malice’s intent drag behind them, these
Ghosts of winter, tangled roots of ignorance are left intertwined
Mangled amongst the shades of life’s regrets, clanging linkages
Of harden steel, the bass metal of kindness tarnished by greed’s
Deist, and financial lust for profits high cost in flesh and bone.
Shadow figures placing their hands of frost, against the window
Pains that gleam with the flickering lights of the seasonal
Celebration called Christmas.
 Harken this message my friends. is it not the time for
Forgiveness, let us then the living raise a toast of holiday cheer,
In these beings honor, for the harsh road hey tread is a lonely
Venue unto nowhere.
Live each day to the fullest, let the true meaning of Christmas
Swell within your heart and envelope thy soul,  and  just maybe
The ghosts of winter will rest at peace at last.


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fond memories

through the window i peered
intricate layers of lace
painted by old man winter
obscured my view of any visible signs

the snow outside was deep
but the emotions inside ran deeper

i remember waking Christmas morn
empty plate and cup littered the sink
fancy gifts. delicately placed
beneath the now silent tree

giggles of children covered the sounds
of ripping paper being scattered about
beneath the layers of red, green, gold,
topped with only a bow, i recall that doll
trying to summersault her way over to me
(better than i ever could) little “tumbelina”
the only gift i wished for, the only thing
that seemed to matter that Christmas day
to a child who still believed in the magic
of santa, his reindeer and sleigh

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On That Day

Like most we wandered and wavered
and fell for the Devil's wily ways
But not on that day
On that day all sins were forgiven
Curses dissolved into blessings
Tension melted in the glow of good will
Evil evaporated in the light of truth
Death succumbed to life...

Hugging our sons and our daughters
Gently scolding wayward grandchildren
Slapping old friends on the back
Bragging and telling tall tales
Laughing hysterically at our lies

On that day there were no missing pieces
On that day the wounded world was healed
On that blessed day the Lord gave
it all made sense...

*Christmas Eve, 2009

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Black Ice Soul

Colorado rain thought sunshine was safe
Behind the trash-bin in plain sight
Time to move asleep again safe again
Waiting for ice new years eve never trust
                                                                 The rain

At midnight

Cactus holds moisture near my bay leaf tree
Metal moon circles the angel nymph
Brocade lamps march into the future

Wind increases as road shine turns slick
Welcome Minnesota winter?


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Easter Parade

Marching, marching
Flowered bonnets
Flowered bonnets
Tripping the light fantastic.

Mom got so excited;
“Turn on the TV”
“Who’s the grand marshal?”
Look for the fire department in line. 

It has always been an attack on my ears
And my hat never had enough fruit on it.

Kathryn McLoughlin  Collins
March 26, 2013

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Thanksgiving Family Tradition

My sons eyes opened wide, 

when I pulled on the slide,

 on the airplanes opening door partition, 

I had took the time, 

without being sublime,

 to explain the Reith Family's Thanksgiving tradition, 

Maybe he had thought it pure jest,

 his bulging eyes processed, 

as his parachute opened, he wore a look of derision,

 His body had spun, 

his look registered stunned, 

like this was some kind of unreasonable decision,

 It was expected of the youngest born,

 before Thanksgiving morn, 

to bring back from the nearest forest, a bird,

 after a mighty and fierce war, 

with piles of blood spilled galore, 

he registered a look,

 that I mistook, 

as if my demands were patently absurd, 

After the last desperate howl, 

of the game but defeated fowl, 

he would drag the beast back to where we were living, 

and as hard as he was able, 

slam it down on the dinner table,

 and holler loudly, "To all a  Happy Thanksgiving"!

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It all started with the Pilgrims and the American Indians. 
They broke bread to resolve their differences and work towards a better life..together. 
This Thanksgiving let us remember that we are all good as individuals..but we are better together. 

So as we celebrate this the company of those we choose to share this Holiday with..let us remember..that being together as friends family doesn't have to be a spend time together. 

Time is a precious gift..given straight to us from Our Father. 
It's the time we spend together..the little tiny moments..that give 
us a reason for going on. Her smile in a crowded room. His eyes from across the table. His cackling laughter from the next room..that makes you laugh...Your eyes, when you get it.. Screams of Victory! our team is winning. The touch of her hand to let you's going to be alright..that's why we celebrate. For times like that. Soft moments..and hilarious laughter. It's hard to have those times with anyone one else except your Family and FRIENDS. 

So Pray with your friends & Pray with your family as you break bread..Pray that you will always have each other on Thanksgiving.
It is TIME to be thankful and grateful..for those warm moments..and memories. 

I beg you this Holiday..let Uncle know-it-all's comments roll off your back..and LET your Mom's nagging put a smile on your face. Let your Sister slide..when she says something stupid ...and have empathy for long stories by Grandma. Please..please Enjoy your FAMILY and Friends. Be your heart..and LOVE all despite their faults. I say this as a FRIEND, as a Wife,,as a daughter and as a Sister. If you hear anything I've said hear this one little thing: SPEND TIME ...soon their will be less at your table. 
Food for Thought.
Let's say it together...Amen.

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Oh Gratitude, 
Gentle as a butterfly.
You alight upon
my emotional reverie
to birth my questioning.

You have risen 
as an inward glow 
of unexpected proportions,
ready to bleed silently 
into my emotional pores. 

Oh Gratitude, ,
I sense your presence,
your cautious ambivalence 
that yearns to express 
some mystical feeling
of unknown origin.

You pull and play
inside my mind like chimes 
against an autumn wind. 

Oh Gratitude, 
Can I truly appreciate 
the acrobatic dance 
so easily played,
that allows me to indulge 
in nature's grand banquet?

And if so, shall I now,
in repetition, repeat phrases
that glorify and recognize 
the splendor of  existence;

or, do I ignore, the bounty 
of a creation little understood?

Oh Gratitude, 
Should I dismiss your pretentiousness,
those gaily colored  brush strokes 
of  memory frescoes embedded 
on the walls of my mind?
Or will you, gratitude, 
be the expressions of thoughts 
confined to a limited time; 
all held in hostage to a holiday season’s 
heightened senses of roasting fowl
curried with fragrant flavors?

Oh Gratitude, 
When the holiday day is done
and I am appeased,
will I still commemorate
the theology of my brethren 
who suggest I thank my creator
with 100 daily blessings?  

CAK 11-13-2013

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A Leader That Comes Only Once In A Few Generations

A Leader That Comes Only Once In a Few Generations

I want to see a leader who is willing to do the right thing for our country
Not try to make a buck for themselves.

We need someone who is willing to lead our nation to a brighter future
Not into quick sand so they can rule the land for a few days.

Our United States needs a person who is not self-centered
Someone who can think what will save this country from
Becoming just like all of the rest, a person who will maintain 
Our country’s independent identity.

We need a leader not a chump who is down on his luck;
We need someone who is willing to walk away from a buck.

Our nation has to find a person willing to stand up for her
Not sell her out, she needs a true once in a few generations
Type of leader to truly lead our country to better times.

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All I want for Christmas

Everything I want is embedded in the eyes of my children in smiles twinkling bright as lights on the Christmas Tree in gentle spirits full of giving filled with emotion and neighborly affections in hugs that wrap my soul like a gift layered in love Everything I want for Christmas is in the eyes, smiles, spirits, and unconditional love of my children Lay

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Beware The Hollow (Footle Fright)

the frights

night calls

Blood screams

heart cries


tears stream...

Come see
heads roll....



Oh No ~
must Go...

This Halloween piece is written for Donna Golden's Footle Fright Contest

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Valentine Attributes

Valentine Attributes 

Crusading dictations
Gathering together
Professing devotions
Arousing emotions

Holiday flourishing
Underlined greediness
Commercial dictated
Composing emotions

Weariness withstanding
Tirelessly pretending
Valentine’s forgotten
Closeted emotions

Copywrite @ Debra Squyres 2013
Writing inspired by Seren Roberts Three Syllable writing on the blog.

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Be My Valentine

Soupers, Be My Valentine hot and spicy, sweet and sour, each a tasty morsel in the poetry broth every poet special, each unique all adding their own flavor to the savory stew in just a few short weeks, poetry soup has become my favorite meal I have come to love each ingredient which makes up the recipe. the greatest chefs in the world could not compete!
So thank you poets for your kindness, honesty, humor, encouragement, talent and for the passion you share openly. We are all vulnerable when we post our poems; you all create a safe environment which fosters creativity! Happy Valentine's Poetry Soup poets From: Rhonda 6th place in Any Valentine Poem Will Do

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  Twas Christmas day
and we all sat down to eat
Grandma began saying grace
when out fell her teeth

The kids started laughing
and the dogs let out a howl
as Grandma fished her teeth
 out of the  bowl

The food was tasting fine
and the liquor began to flow
Aunt   Lucy had too much wine
And kissed cousin Judy's husband
Under the mistletoe
So the two began fighting outside in the snow

In the middle of the dinner
Uncle Bob let one go
That one was a winner
It stopped the whole show!


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My Sweet Valentine

My sweet Valentine, you are one of a kind And I'll always love you with extraordinary love Each day I thank God for the incredible joy you bring Perfect beyond expectation, you are Amazing how you’ve grown, more beautiful each year And I'm grateful for your inner beauty which mirrors your looks Once more, on this special day, I write this verse to say I love you, Andrea and always will! 2011 Happy Valentine's Day!! ~*~

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Happy New Year

 ( acrostic )

H... Have faith in yourself.
A... Always think twice before you proceed.
P... pray before you start your day.
P...Put God in your life.
Y... You are responsible for your actions.

N... Never say I can't.
E... Escaping from reality is not good.
W... Wake up to life.

Y... You are God's child.
E... Encourage others to do good.
A... Always help the less fortunate.
R... Receive your blessings from above...

Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

Happy New Year to all
and many blessings too.

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Christmas Everywhere

Is it Christmas everywhere?
Christmas parties and stuffed teddy bears.
Songs of merry Christmas delight.
Snow covered rooftops glowing at night.
Gifts of sparkling diamond rings.
Christmas memories and special things.
Holiday feasts and decorated doors.
Chocolate covered cherries, Oh! Give me more.
Trips to the mall to buy gifts galore.
Paying with plastic I depleted my stash.
Let us make a loan I need more cash.
Is it Christmas everywhere?
Are you sure without a doubt?
Because some poor child this Christmas will be without.
Give hope and love.
Give prayers and faith.
For those lonesome people on this Christmas day.
Is it Christmas eerywhere?
With war overseas?
People dying and starving,
and no shoes to cover their feet.
Is it Christmas everywhere, with so much poverty?
Families who go hungry, with nothing much to eat.
What about the homeless and natural disaster stricken lands?
It would make this Christmas merry for the wealthy to lend a hand.
With death and crying, and cold and mourning,
an unfortunate road to a path with no glory.
Oh! What a very sad Christmas story.
My home is my castle that shelters me,
but don't forget the homeless that beg on the street.
So, make this Christmas merry if you're able to give.
Share your heart with someone and allow them to live.
The best Christmas will be without a doubt,
God will bless you for giving to those who are without.

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A Little Air Please - New Year's Resolution

    A Little Air Please - New Year's Resolution

Breathing is an important thing to do
I think I will resolve to do it too
Through and through the New Year
I think I will start at the stroke of twelve
And make it my New Year’s resolution
Take one breath at a time and call it mine
Swallow air, as if it is my very first time 
And then for good measure
I resolve to do it again
Breath once in and once out
Throughout the year
I hope I get it right
Sometimes I’m confused and I forget
Should I start with an exhale first
Then do the inhale next?
I want to do the New Year right
If I hold my breath too long
Will I lose my life?
Will I become addicted?

Created on 12/08/14 for – Regina Riddle’s - “New Year's Resolution” – Poetry Contest 

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Oh Mother

Mother I love you,come close allow me to hug you
from your womb I came you embraced me as you 
whispered my name,I love you,you were the first 
woman to say my name with love while thanking 
the lord above for giving you a baby and shedding
his love from above,my love,your motherly with heavenly 
touch oh how I love you so much,I appreciate your 
knowledge after doing wrong I hope you will live long to 
guide me along mom I promise I will help you stand strong
when you get old,I will fold your sheets and help you eat
and rub your feet as you sit on your rocking seat
I will even read you the bible before you sleep, Oh mother
oh beautiful mother,at this present time you are young and
I am to thank you for all the things that you do thank you 
happy mothers day ok.

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Two of four seasons to me are all the rage 
Winter and fall turn the season’s page 
From multiple colors 
To pristine white snow 
The end of the year 
Brings holidays flow 
For family’s gathered to share bountiful feast 
To the inviting glow 
Of a warm Christmas wreath
This is a time that I love the most 
With family, love and kinship 
I share this toast… 

Happy Holiday!

Eric (and sometimes not)

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The Gift of Giving

One fateful day an elfin child sat mesmerized by Santa’s Snow Globe.
For there before him was everyone in our great big world.
Now Santa saw him frowning as he went about his daily chores…
Finally Santa stopped… waiting for the child’s question to unfurl.
And sure enough, here it came, for a young child did ask it each year.
Santa, you have great magic… given from the great one above…
So why have you and he… not solved all the woes of the world?
The answer came quite simply as he, too, looked in the globe. 

If we solved everything for all the people of the earth…
Then they would learn nothing and become far worse.
They would want more, and fight greedily over all they do have.
My gift to these people is to simply, “Teach them how to give and to care.”
And I do so in so many ways each year:
I teach them by showing how much greater it is to give than receive.
I remind them there are others less fortunate, who need help to achieve.
And by allowing them to help the others who were less blessed…
I also teach them that working together is truly the best.
I show them how to carry these thoughts daily, as all they impart.
I teach them it can warm them, too, when they Share from their hearts.
And not every thing valuable, should be held in a monetary scheme.
I teach them that to be kind and to give is the best gift of all.
I teach them that to have family is the greatest gift that can befall.
I teach them to love both the large and the small.
I teach them to appreciate all that they have and are.
And last… I teach them how to live, this way as intended, all year long.

Now you see what a few toys, and a giving hand can do.
We change the every essence of these lands by the work of Our And Their hands, too.
The elfin lad gave Santa a hug so tight, as Santa leaned over to dry his eyes, then…
They Both thanked God for the all blessings they were allowed to teach …
In one night: on Christmas Eve.

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Rules of the surprise Holiday

a coin for every day, five maybe six
tossing away one a day of a diiferent value depending on the day
color coded lets everyone know when and how you gave
where the freakshow will take you to for their gratitude now
one day to feast
three days to collect
circus games to play
like an allowance for underprivelledged

two different types of coins are worth anything
on certain days while everything else is void
two different types of coins not allowed in any store
pay to charity or leave the store

names and numbers
and a slide of literary sciences from one hand to the next for lottery numbers
one wining ticket among millions
same numbers drawn, winning numbers nothing more than the secret of the village
a secret the codes are meant for

a six day event
a nine day holiday
streets littered with money
how little you neeed to give
to see how much it adds up
how much you do give
how little difference its making
and why
why cant things be altered?

shift of power?
power of the have nots?
then take it back, and offer us this
meet us half way
give us our surprise holiday

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Confessions of a Vampire

Hey Mr. Bartender, give me a shot
Don’t care what it is, but give me a lot!!
I don’t even like it, and I’ve never been drunk
Folks have thunk me a temperate
    …. but this day really stunk!
So give me the bottle, I can pour out my own
I may as well drown in the root of my problems
Then, call me a taxi, to help me get home!!

Ya see…it began in this innocent way,
I was just getting ready for Halloween Day!
Looking forward to dressing, and ready to play 
on the way to a party, I was a little bit tardy
I was dressed as a vampire, that was a little bit, "tarty"!!! 

On this Halloween eve, I resolved to be cheerful
But while driving my car, another car bumped me
The driver got out, and he gave me an ear full!
It took but a moment, and I knew he was beer filled!
Disgusted and angry, I found myself grumpy
I called the police, and they came to the crash
So I cheered up, and resolved, and expressed my relief
So happy, I hugged them and offered a kiss

They thought I would bite, 
They put up a fight......and handcuffed me tight!
Well they thought ME imbibed!!!
So they took me inside
And into a jail cell...I was thrown like a flash
My mood isn't good...I'm as mad as a hen!!
My thoughts of abstaining had grown very thin!! 
So might as well swallow this bottle of gin!!

How can this girl be happy,
When justice kidnaps me?
No blood did I drink, as I sit in the brink
But could use me some gin
As I sit in the pen !!


For Just An Archaic Poet's Contest: Poems from a Vampire
By Carrie Richards

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marking my friends on poetry soup.- the Lord helped me fight death and won.

i don't want to be just marking

time.  i died on november 20,

2008, during surgery.  i was

on a vent when i awakened 

december 2, sisters'

birthday. what made me llive

i'll never know.  i know there

are things to do on this side

of death.

i have no time for marking time.

i have a stupid bag hanging from

my side now.  i am supposed to

"get comfortable with it".  well

that was a laugh.

that was a laugh until i thought

of the people that had these

things with no hope of ever

getting away from them.

i am so lucky.  14 days i laid

on a vent, then 22 more.

i came home 3 days, 


i had
great pain in my chest...
well this is great i said,

a pulmonary emboli, 15 more

days, three days home.

then back to e.r. blood pressure

too high.  this bought me 

4 more days in e.r.

i am home now and finally 

have spent 19 days home.

i feel every pain and i feel

every time that i feel good

yes, i am never marking

time again.....there is

something about fighting

for your life and your sanity

that straightens things out.

i don't recommend it but

i wish i could let your hearts

know what i know.


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Sunshine Valentine

Romance is in the air,
like the blowing breeze.
Love is everywhere,
from the sand to the sea.
Upon the earth the sunshine kisses,
the garden where rose petals glisten.
Hearts beat with a happy tune,
of valentine sunshine for me and you.
The symphony of love is soon revealed,
a valentine love is very real.
Sunshine valentine sparkle your gleaming rays,
shine them on my heart and never let them fade.

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Pine Needles

Winter should come if depression heals
Walls break down and chickadees rejoice

Grandaughter resurrects old recipes
Fresh-squeezed orange juice pours from Venus

Aligned again, planets orbit my healing
Resting in the palm of my soft pine path

Trusting nature-




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Love Will Out

In February? Sun burn from looking up at the sky? 
My Oh My… Yes, it’s so very nice and warm.
The trees are blooming and it warms my heart.
Even the groundhog came out, smiled, and looked around…
Six more weeks of this winter? The Best there’s been…
I’ll get out my Valentine trappings tomorrow at dawn.
Then I will go get our leaf blower and make it to blow…
Bubbles and Valentine hearts high in the air…everywhere… 
When my Hubby reaches our home and walks in the door…
I’ll cover him in hearts full of love… with kisses galore…
Yes, I’ll show him my heart… As he walks in… 
I’m sure… On Valentine’s Day our hearts will soar, again…

Happy Valentine’s Day to All and your Loves…

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The Slip

Glittering red
Her New Year’s dress, her luscious lips
Glittering red
Confetti raining overhead
The ball dropping, the champagne sipped -
Waking up naked, eyes like fists
Glittering red

for "Glow of Glitter" contest
Susan Burch

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(R.O.C.)This One born the son of Mary

this One from above,
He who descended into the darkness of this life
through a humble birth-

This One ray of Hope
to a world enshrouded in darkness,
the darkness of sin-

This One born the son of Mary
would destroy the shackles
from off those who would accept Him
as Savior and Lord, Messiah and Deliverer.

who came on a rescue mission for His Father
would gain back that which was rightfully 
God’s in the beginning:
His prize creation.

Unlikely in the minds of some that salvation 
would come in the form of One from such humble beginnings
and that He would be largely unseen as life’s Answer
in the eyes of this world.

But that matters not
as God’s Greatest Gift has come
to each of us in every age:


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Purple is not an eye color 49

So the purple pen bleeds
Like the yelling drunk
Who has had 4 hours to drink 
next to the pyramids of lemons
In huge margarita glasses

Blind, deaf, dumb
Sit and think on possibilities
Determine the odds, and plane this field
Your own divinity lies in the plasma of your veins
That may speak essentials to stardust and beyond

But back to you my love.
His blue eyes are brighter than daydreams
And I drown.

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The Day Before Christmas Eve

Christmases and Christmases ago down where the Camelias grow
There was a family whose money was low__not so much cash flow

'Twas the day before Christmas Eve and they didn't have their Christmas tree
                                 nor stockings in a row

Their old artificial tree was looking very used_not even Charlie Brown could give
             it a look renewed

There wasn't funds to buy a new one or a tree that the stores sold freshly cut

Mom decided to the woods they would go for a cedar to hunt

The whole family piled in that tiny little truck and across the creeks 
                     and to the woods they flew like Santa in his sleigh

Walking, searching, searching not one suitable tree_fatigue, cold and huger
                  began to set in
                                   So back to the truck they did plod sadly

And there right there was one Cedar which looked green and shapely

The man of house with his strong muscles and a chain saw quickly_cut that beauty
                                   swinging high onto the truck proud of their great luck

Arriving home with tree in tow and placing it in its stand you know

Mom in the kitchen popping up some corn, making hot cocoa for us to warm

          a fire she lay to heat up the room _then the tree we'd all groom

With the tree in place and a roaring fire, hot cocoa to warm all desires

An odor began to permeate the air_floating over here and there

                                     "What is that scent?" mom did despair..

From that lovely green Cedar Tree a fowl scent circled the room

                    Dad laughed and laughed with a twinkling eye..
"A Tom Cat had sprayed that tree with a scent not very nice."...

So out the door the tree flew and Christmas Eve the hunt repeated...

Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Contest: Happy Holidays
Free Verse
I chose Christmas Eve

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Green boughs form a wreath for our doors
The doors that give entryway to our homes
Homes that are the heartbeat of family life
Lives made more fulfilling by loving friends
Our friends sharing in the season's special joys
The joy and safety of knowing we are cherished
We cherish and anticipate all our yearly traditions
The tradition of hanging our wreath on the door

For the Wreath contest...

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Holiday Pumpkin Fashion

There are green,yellow, red, blue, and tan,
orange and white pumpkins
Carve into any one of them and you will see
they are all the same orange inside
But, as of late the new fashion has become the 
White Pumpkin also known as the Ghost Pumpkin

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Recent Three Indian Holidays

Panchmukhi Ganapati Five faced Ganapati relates to embodiment of all potencies They symbolize the five fleshes in the subtle anatomy felt. The flesh body, the breath or energy body, mental body Body of upper consciousness and body of Cosmic bliss. The fifth body being the highest level of Yogic experience. Thus the five days of celebration is for that five potencies First day-atonement, amends of misdeeds like Thanksgiving. Create vibration of love & harmony among family members. Second day among neighbors, relatives and close friends Create harmony among business associates on the 3rd day For arts, culture, music, dance and religion on the 4th day On last day experience love, tranquility from God Himself. +++++ Onam Carnival- Pookalam A flower carpet Each house-front Dinner on Plaintiff leaf Caparisoned elephants Kathakali Dance, Boat races Of Karuvatta Like raised hood Of a cobra To rhythms of Drums and cymbals People throng and cheer ===================== Pookalam meaning a flower carpet Kathakali – an Indian Classical Dance of South India Karuvatta- name of the boat race +++++ Diwali happy diwali crackers yummy food house lit----- bye bad welcome good
+++++ Date 1-12-13 Dr. Ram Mehta Sixth place win Forms: Free verse, Shadorma and Haiku Contest: Happy Holidays by Debbie Guzzi

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The Last Will And Testament Of Senor Turkey

I watched with awe, 

as you came ashore, 

after sailing from far, far away lands, 

You built your towns, on none were frowns,

 with sheer grit, determination, faith and bare hands,

 I figured that one fateful day, 

where we would play and share our future destiny as friends,

 For that fateful chance,

 to laugh and dance, 

where our mutual goals would depend, 

I have my ways, and you have yours, 

on each others strengths we could lend,

 and we could build, and see fulfilled, 

a new World Order for all to comprehend:

 We are so different, in so many ways, 

I didn't think this day would ever come to be, 

That in the end,

 instead of try to befriend ;

 You would treat me just like a piece of meat 

 Gobble! Gobble!

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Disturbance at dinnertime

she sails
into the restaurant
with her volume, voice and vibes
her huge waves
disturbing every conversation
her loud laughs
Interfering with existing atmosphere
her empty words
bouncing all over the room
her massive  presence
sharks the whole place
at last
she sails
out of  the harbor
that wasn’t hers
fresh wind blows
and everyone shows
it is  now our happy hour

©Ellie Daphne van Stralen 2012

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A delicious day

Sifting warm sand 
through my fingers
lustrous fine grains 
glitter my palm.
by the soft powdery touch,
I sit for a while 
under the rocks
My bare feet 
swirl patterns in the sand
as I idly watch
a beach life unfold

Bustling mother’s set up home 
on plaid blankets
colourful beach bags 
thick with togs and towels
Buckets, spades
strewn all around
a picnic stored carefully
under a shady umbrella,
they gather the children
skip giddy with glee
slapping sunscreen 
on lithe limbs
with index finger
of do's and don'ts.

My gaze drifts to 
little pink sisters,
their chubby faces 
alive with imagination
as nimble bodies 
straddle the sand,
all wrapped up 
in mounds of castles
studding their dreams 
with pearly shells 
and whispering tales
of pretty princesses.

At the water’s edge
long legs prancing
tip toeing warmth
into the chilly sea
up to their waists in
crested waves
dipping and diving,
an ocean of laughter
as young lads play
splashing and yelling
a ball in the air
they plunge.

Picking up my sandals,
I walk up the beach
under the bridge
past crimson valerian 
It’s balmy perfume 
scenting a delicious day

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Fond Memories

You and I by the Christmas Fire
Bing Crosby on the CD
I stare at your face
With a big smile across my face

The house is empty
There is no one home
So, we decorate the place.
Lighted candles in every space.

We put the presents where they belong
Waiting for the boys to get home.
So, they can help along.

When they arrive, what a surprise!
It is time to decorate the evergreen.
Colored lights, red and white
Ornaments last year seen

An angel on top, where she belongs
We gather around, sing some songs
The boys off to bed where 
Sweet dreams drift in their minds
Waiting for Santa to make that big climb!

“Fond Memories Contest”

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September leave

It was good, together, with all of us
You and me, nothing held in reserve
We talked, argued and cried
Laughed and swore, in love and anger
Nights and days, sleeping or standing
Close and aways, no longer alone
Lae, Goroka and Simbu, pictures and stories
For show and tell, muggy warm, wet cold
Bright sunlit days, overcast and windy
Sleepy long bus rides, tiring walks
Short tempers, long apologies
Hands as instruments hurt, healed and held
Far far away now, but still holding me close.

user name: mt
motif: romantic

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Harvest Time

Honey combs swollen..sticky and sweet
Apples candied or  chopped for  mince meat
Raisins dried from my Daddy's grape vine
Verily I say.. it's again  harvest time..
Eager for Winter and sun shortened days
Storehouses busting we bring in the strays
Tilling and tending ... the work and the grime

Toiling and teamwork.. we receive Harvest time..
Intervals of hours.. of weeks and years
Miles of work.. with blood.. sweat and tears..
Every time to a season.. every season for a time
      ~With our hearts full of gladness.. 
            we celebrate Harvest Time!

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Glorious Christmas

Glorious Christmas (Count up) Night Of night Beaming bright With heavens glow Starlight love does flow All the church bells ringing Angel choir joyful singing It’s Christmas glorious Christmas Rejoice and celebrate Jesus birth This holy night there shall be peace on earth Count up This titled form, consists of exactly ten lines, the first line having one syllable, each succeeding line adding a syllable, with a total count of fifty-five syllables. This form allows both rhyme and meter, while its similar cousin, the ETHEREE, allows neither. There is only one stanza with this one.[/left]

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Glitter World

Glitter World
I see the world as my pearl
My place to take a whirl
And twirl around like a sexy girl
A place where there is little turmoil
My world is place
Where all flags can
Freely unfurl
Where a boy’s hair can curl
Everything’s glitter in my little world.

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Christmas Wish

Didn’t speak to a single family member today
Don’t know what I expected anyway
For as long as I can remember it’s been this way
But each year passes and for a miracle I pray

I watched in envy as my associates and friends
Discuss holiday preparations and weekend plans
They speak of all the holiday cheer
And all the family members they hold dear

All this talk of love and tradition
I find myself constantly wishing
For a family bond with no submissions 
And for love without conditions

As for my family I’m willing to bet
Each one is home alone or watching the TV set
Thinking of each other and feeling regret
Afraid to call for fear of becoming upset

Maybe I’m just feeling guilty
Wishing for something that will never be
At least not with my immediate family
So my wish tonight is for my babies

My Christmas wish is that our bond be strong
That they know I am here for them even when they are wrong
That they always feel in my heart they belong
And my love for them is forever strong


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The Love Child

Gently laid in pungent hay
The small infant greets the eve
While all those present wonder
At the glory they've received

Neither before nor after
Will man witness such a birth
That brings more joy and hope to
Ev'ry creature on the earth

Brilliant star pierces the dark
As heavenly beings sing
Of earthly peace now dawning
Over plains the chorus rings

The wise and faithful bearers
Of the gifts know all along
This baby is the Savior
Whom inspires the angels' song

They bow to God incarnate
And place before Him treasure
Shepherds praise the Holy child
Whose pow'r is without measure

For though a humble baby now
A King lies in the manger
Who came to heal wounded hearts
And save our souls from danger

Question you how it can be
This mystery of ages?
Find the answer given us
Within the ancient pages

Read how it has comes to pass
Payment for our sin is done
Through ultimate sacrifice
God has sent His only Son

So see Him sweetly sleeping
Tiny boy so meek and mild
And know the baby Jesus
Is our Father's great Love Child


* Placed 3rd in John Heck's contest, "Christmas Time is Here!"* December 8, 2007

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Roses for PD

For you, P.D., a thank you rose A single, dark pink beauty With long stem, delicate petals And glistening dew drops The epitome of strength and courage Kindness and gentleness The spirit of a true poet For you, P.D., A fragrant blossom Brightened by the sun's light Like the poets you touch with your words I give to you this pink rose in admiration To a poet who encourages her peers in all their writing endeavors And for welcoming new poets, too I give you a thank you rose with gratitude This long stemmed pink rose for you.
Dedicated to P.D. By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February 6, 2012 First place in Roses for PD contest

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Cottage Futures

Dare I dream about a future cottage,
Where I live suits me well,
The beautiful tall trees and walkways,
There is a serene lake nearby,
Where you can view ducks and geese swimming past,
In the morning you can see the mist rise from the lake,
The sounds of nature are everywhere,
This is paradise to me for years,
To be thus blessed and thankful,
Days with nature and the outdoors through the years,
What pleasure and delight, at home with God's nature.
To return home and sit by the cafe window,
Savouring a delicious hot chocolate with cream,
My relatives guesting and sharing this paradise on special days,
God 's miraculous blessings come true,
Thankful appreciation to the Lord our God.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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The big smoke had always been around
Its fingers the veins running through our wrists
Bluer and firmer as we pranced across the stage like Gods

Its voice this summer was sweeter than honey
And we could resist no longer

A train
Four hours and we had escaped this place's grey-green discolouration

The sun held London as though it were his child
His heart warmed our cheeks and twinkled in the river
But stars shone in the sequins 
Of the queens at the palace

Perched, ready to laugh or cry or dance
Nestled like chicks in the velvet seats
We were home.

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Poor miss Lizzie, a murderess acquitted, 
By a judgment’s ruling of her peers,
Yet command by histories theatrics.
Astound damsel, to the wealth’s elite,
A matron’s old maid, imprisoned by 
An unjust fate.
By the falling axes sharpened blade,
Two lives ended, ensuing the public’s
Scandal and out rage.
Does not the rhyme in time not state,
The accusations inquest to her guilt,
Without evidences accuracy to the accused.
Used to frighten the rich and poor
Children alike to behave or else, did this
So go, Lizzie Borden took an ax,
And gave her mother forty whacks,
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty one.
A bloody odes melody, left to
History's swinging hatchet’s,
Rough unsheathed edge.
Rocking, chopping a ticking
Time bomb, of the pasted.
Her story's haunting mystery,
Still intrigues the Sherlock Homes
Detective, in the common man.
Whom did this dirtiest of deed,
The foul plays miscreant, that
Got away with murders perfect
Three ghostly voices scream
For justices revenge, a father,
A step mother and the daughter,
Proclaiming her own innocence.
Lizzie Borden's name, lives on
In Infamies guilty court of the


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The Island of Gods

Worship dance blared fulfilled the stroke of sunset
The beauty of heavenly panoramic captivate the admiration in depth
Gratify the devotees whose hunger for the sublimity of  art
Even breezes kindly offered its cradle as a humbled guests from afar

The faint strains of *gamelans seems like combing the roar of  waves
When the eyes of Gods, exotically closed the day
But this heaven never sleep
The euphoria of dazzling night replace the fetish as a dreams in reality

Diverse nations united in this ocean of excitement
Earthiness as the existence of unified
Pours relief beyond their deadly deadline
This celestial sanctuary was too good to be ruined
In the eyes of Gods, again splendors emitted through its beauty
Touched the heart of universe gently
And be part of the heartbeat in this country
Thou, the seekers, you are welcomed within these prosperities

Author note:
Welcome to Bali

*Gamelan = Balinese Gamelan is a traditional musical instrument originally from 
                 Bali-Indonesia which is usually used for the traditional ceremonies or 

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I catch myself thinking
I have to call my mother or
My mother would like
That Christmas card
With the kittens

But there are no more phone calls
And no more Christmases 
For her
Or for me with her

No more wondering
What I would buy a woman who says
“I don’t need anything”?
No more
Complaining that I 
Have to take a bus and a train
And a bus 
To visit her

In a perfect world
I would have been the perfect daughter
More attentive
More caring
More loving

In a perfect heaven
My mother would be with my father
He no longer yells
Or worries about money
Or forgets who she is 
They would sing songs together
As they used to

On a perfect Christmas
There would be a 
Silent Night
And that is what
I have now

But it seems
Less than

December 22, 2009

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The Moon Like God

Inside of me                          
Inside the heart of me
And the imagination of me I look to a new world
As the winter closes in on all of us
And the long gray days are filled with shadows of the past
Now the game is on
And the poor will be required to give thanks for what little they have
Thankful for safety razors and birth control perhaps
The well healed among us will eat to much and drink to much
And TV news will proclaim the miracle of treating the less  fortunate like human beings
At least twice a year
Where are the Jobs congress
Oh yes that's right you sent them over seas
And the moon like God looks down on everyone

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Be My Valentine, For the End is Near

Dashing through the streets
Ready for the world
I join you

Sprinting through cities
Prepared for the end
I love you

Gasping for breath
as we reach this crescent 
I become one with you

For the eagerness of the 
predawning to all of our 
For the love that grows 
through surviving this 
And for the relief of all when 
the end finally arrives

I ask you, my dear
Will you be my Valentine?

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Everyone is listening, 
and being empathetic.
Holidays are meaningless.
Isn't it great?
The less you wash your hands
the more you catch feelings,
just never wear gloves.
And oh my, I don't know why,
but, with my eye up to your thigh
I can see the sky, a greasy magpie
in flight.
I love it when you
into my psyche
take a chunk
or two outta me,
and set me free
so tenderly.

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The Harvest

Once a year we come together as Americans and celebrate Thanksgiving.
The Indians greeted the Pilgrims, "How", one said.
Perhaps this meant hello, or maybe, just maybe by the grace of God it really did mean how....?
How will we come together and fix a feast? How will we communicate? It is still this way in America today.
A day to Thank God for what we have and the people in our lives.
As we set the table in remembrance please do not forget the harvest. 
Life is understanding, faith, hope, giving and giving thanks in this nation; One Nation, Under God, Indivisible... With Liberty and Justice for All.

This year's harvest laid upon the table top.
There's turkey and dressing, potatoes and noodles, with a bit of an implemented side dish of green bean casserole to suit, cranberry sauce of course! My friend may I have some corn before the pumpkin pie?
China or casual, or just a plain paper plate one may wonder. This is some of the abundance we ponder.
The women in the kitchen bring it all together and the men make small talk as the children learn a tradition that they too, will carry on.
There's nothing left in the fields. It's time to share.
It's the harvest!
Winter's soon to appear.

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New Years Resolution

New Years RESOLUTION (Goblet) Quick, it's almost midnight, well, have you made your New Years Resolution? it is time to rejoice, watch the ball drop, ten seconds! * ten * * nine * * eight * * seven * * six * * five * * four * * three * * two * * one * Happy New Year all! "Goblet" form 12.31.2007 by Erich J.Goller 17 lines 6/5/6/6/4/3/1/1/1/2/1/1/1/1/1/1/5 syllables Rhyming optional--any subject....

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''Joyous Me''

True joy in wondering eyes of children.
Love that warms me on the coldest of nights.
Winters' imminent gloss.
Evergreen trees now kissed by frost.
Light up the streets all in a row.
Here comes the Christmas parade,twinked cheeks aglow.
I serenade a cheerful sound.
This is where my happiness is found.

''Being Happy Poetry Contest''
written by=kaceymike29
Kacey Greenlee

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It Is Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here. To a family, or friend's home, you have been invited. You get all dressed up for the ocation. You get there and everyone is happy to see you. You greet everyone, than you just sit around talking and catching up on old news from family and friends. Dinner is almost ready. They are just putting on the last touches. Soon the Hostess calls, that dinner is ready. But first grace must be said to give thanks to God. A person has been chosen to do that honor. Everybody had agreed, before you got there that it would be you to do that honor. The question is - are you ready, are you you prepared to recieve this honor? Always be prepared, always be ready. We should always give thanks to God everyday of our lives. Give thanks for the blessings we get everyday - not only on Thanksgiving Day, or special ocations...
11/20/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Poet's View: Things to think about. hope you enjoyed the read. Happy Thanksgiving

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Twelve days of Christmas

 On the  twelfth  day of Christmas
 St. Nicholas  gave to meeee

Twelve pizza pies
Eleven pigs in a sty...

Ten hooting  owls
Nine golden fowls

Eight barking dogs
Seven leaping frogs

Six poets dancing
Five reindeer prancing

Four bottles of rum...
Three sets of drums 

Two stinging bees....
And a unicorn   just for PD

Joseph May

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Day Dreamer

Where do I roam?
Well, mostly in my head.
Always the day dreamer,
drifting from sea to sea in my floaty mind.

I went on holiday
to a hot far away land.
We all had an amazing time,
but in my head I'm often still there.

I close my eyes, 
and I can feel that warmth.
It wraps round me, not letting go.
I embrace those thoughts a lot.

Where do I roam?
Often on cloud nine.
But then sometimes dreams are better than reality.
Maybe it's the poet in me that makes my mind drift away?

By Emma Buckeridge
For the contest "I Roam"

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Star Of Bethlehem

A bright announcing beacon

Of that divinely vivid moment

Casting out it’s cleansing light

For all to see and partake of

Calling the Magi to the manger

Purity of deference for the Messiah

Illuming human shadows with belief

Granting all the peoples a choice

And the gift of chance for…eternity

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Almost, Christmastime

	Almost, Christmastime

I am unwrapping my gift.

Unwrapping [his love] he left in a Christmas stocking with

My name (Ayesha) on it.

Seeing my baby boy for the first time.

I love just hearing my newborn son cry, scream and I love his baby babble.

He is adorable.

As a new mom I get excited I finally have my 1st baby.

Believe me I have goosebumps as I write this poem.

Days after he is born I decide to get 20 Birth Announcements made and to
send them to family and to all my girlfriends.

I sit up in the bed in my private hospital room and I look into my baby boy’s eyes.

I adore his dark cocoa skin that resembles my own and his papa’s.

I vow I will teach him to love himself so he can love the way God made him.

As I look at my newborn son’s face I see a tiny miracle.

He is mine.

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Christmas Memories

Vegetarian mom making
Turkey and ham
Trying to please everyone

And veggie burgers
On the “George Foreman” Grill
Not sure where this coming from?

Grandma in her wheelchair
Boys’ pushing her around
The little dog is lap bound.

Grandpa going down the steps
Trying with his cane so hard
Please help the old man down!

Appetizer dish with 
Everything pickled
The South is where I am from

Family of many sharing 
Christmas memories 
Of days long gone by

Norah Jones on the stereo 
Sweet voice she has
Playing background in the room

Presents galore
Around a synthetic tree
Decorated with lights and more

“Oh no! Boys’ stop!
Grandma's heading for the tree!”
Oh well, the angel fell, sure looks pretty on me!

Macaroni pie, sweet carrots
Candied yams, the children and I
Panting around the table of food

Apple, southern pecan
Peach and cherry pie
Everyone can hardly wait to try

The Southern Belle 
Has something to tell, 
“It’s time to eat, Go find your seat!”

Open your presents
After dinner
Lots of laughter and fun

“What did you get?”
“Look what I got?”
What a delight, paper spun around

Time for dessert
Ready to burst, but
Manners are number one

Women in the kitchen
Cleaning up the dishes
Men asleep from too much fun.

Next year we will repeat
For this is how we do it
In the Winter’s Southern Sun! 

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

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White Roses

roses, roses everywhere bright red and delivered with a crystal vase like our love, flowers opened and bloomed every year since he passed images of white roses fill my dreams on Valentine’s Day symbols of pure love that cannot die
*Entry for Olajide’s “Story of Valentine” contest. Dedicated to John Devonshire

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Beatle Mania

                                                     Sound, style and attitude from pop ballads to rock
                                                                Lennon, Mcartney, Harrison and Starr
                                                    The "Fab Four" English Rock Band on top of her lists
                                                      During our highschool days, she kept on bragging

                                                     With her are some collections of pictures and songs
                                                    She always let me see; both listened to the harmony
                                                         It happens everyday, on breaks and after class
                                              Though I'm tired of the routine, she just seemed electrifying

                                                         A feeling out of sight, since I was in first year
                                                       When I turned seventeen, I still kept on denying
                                                         Too late for me to know, after the graduation
                                                                  She rushed and catched the plane
                                                                            To college, miles away

                                                    Then teacher handed me a compact disc from her
                                                               All alone in my room, I played it all day
                                       "But of all these friends and lovers; there is no one compares to you
                                   I know I'll often stop and think about them; in my life, I LOVE YOU MORE".
                                                       Tears ran down my face, great lyrics from her fave
                                                  "IN MY LIFE" by THE BEATLES, I'll cherish night and day.

 November 13, 2013

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Tis The Season

Tis the season of high expectation
And disappointing outcomes

Of obligations 
And guilty consciences 

Tis the season of cellulite
And failed diets

Of sinking self esteem
And blotchy faces

Tis the season of lighter pockets
And heavier souls

Ask and you shall receive

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It's Almost Christmas

It's almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas!

Presents, family, friends, and food!

Oh my!

It's almost Christams!

But wait. . .

I'm forgeting what Christmas is truely all about. . .

It's almost Christmas.

Time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

It's almost Christmas. . .

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Given the Choice

I'd rather be here
at the grade school annual 
Christmas show,
while out in the real world
a group of dirty old men
attempt to impeach
a dirty old president.
Up on the rooftop
click, click, click,
the first and second grade teachers
try to hold jelly in their hands,
and the innocents try
to remember their lines,
and contain their exuberance,
and mothers cry,
in joy and hope for
their little elves,
and fathers film the grand event.
While out in the real world,
a group of dirty old men
attempt to impeach
a dirty old president.
Ho, ho, ho,
What do you know?
And after we all
eat cookies and cider
and praise the efforts
of each others elves
and thank the teachers
for all of their efforts,
we go home to watch
despicable old men
and wish that the world
was in the hands
of second grade teachers.

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Midnight Mass

man in pew waiting for friend
brass and organ
sans day carol
lo, how a rose
in dulci jublio
Gesu bambino
hymn to the virgin

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My Valentines

Love recite of youth do we recite to found the clue
Pressure is what we observe patient is the climax of victuals but whom choice to climb the view

Beauty is of nature so it is natural to see rather to sense the essential of others
Love has you ever been so beautiful to understand the emotions that cover the hands of the handler

How nature sometime symbols what words sometime lost epiphany for 
To that of stress of stressful day may you know you are woman -

Like the ropes that hold a bridge under the water that tips the bridge
The path we take every day make each day a path worthy of taking

My Valentines 

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A Lonely Christmas

The Christmas Memories of the past are beautiful, when the kids were little and we could all Celebrate as a family. As they were growing up, we still celebrated the Holidays. There was never a lot of money to buy expensive gifts, but we manage to have enough food and buy a few gifts for everyone. Those were the happy days, or shall I say - the Good old days. Soon the kids grew up, got married and moved away. They don't come around much. They now have their own celebrations. Some parents are forgotten and are now alone, because one left, or has passed away. Sometimes it is a single mother, that went through a lot of hard times to raise her kids. That mother, now sits alone on this lonely Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, thinking of what the days gone by used to be. The Baby Jesus is the only one that keeps her company on this Christmas Day...
12/16/2012 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo Comments: A friend asked me to write something on this topic. Like her there many of us that have to to spend The Holidays alone, sometimes it is a father.

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Bodhi Day

A day of the leaf, is carried in the wind, and this cold December night, will be warmed by the lights of the Bohdi tree I shall scrawl out a letter to a stranger, against the vagrancy of my own soul Stretch out my arms to make a friend, and think of that, which exists beyond my self This turning of the leaf will make me whole When I am done, I will put down my pen, and learn to be content,... to leave the soft-fingered words alone with the stars For all things are united by the spirit of the heart I will dampen the fire, and turn down the lights, climb the stairs to a peaceful sleep, assured at last, that united by the light, my soul will keep, and that I am one among the universe. I will reach that place by reaching my hands across time and space, and by possibility of leaving our world a more gentle place As I brush away the leaves before the door I must also brush away a selfish dust For I was born to live with a fallible heart....... If I were to strive to turn this leaf and leave the world better for having me sweep I will keep alive, that peace, of which before, I may never have known A day of the leaf, is carried in the wind The turning of the leaf will make me whole And I have grown
_____________________________________________________ 11/26/13 For Deb's Contest: "Happy Holidays"

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christmas tree

 The lad listened to his mom intently
as the story was being told
It was the story of Santa Claus
on which he was completely sold

She told how he lived in the North pole
And all the reindeer he controlled
including Rudolph,  with  the shiny nose
who guides Santa through the fog and snow
And how he brings  the children gifts
As he rides  his sleigh so swift

So the little boy wrote a letter 
and asked his mom to post it
It  was for Santa Claus,   he had to admit
having sent in his request, he felt much better

Then early on Christmas morning
the boy was filled with glee
Santa had delivered the toy he asked for
And left it under the Christmas tree!

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Winter Winds

Winter winds blow all around. 
I’m astonished by the sounds of Jingle Bells and reindeer stomps. 
All of this should never stop. 
Snow lies on the ground, if only that weren't too profound. 
Time only leads to decay, but not on Christmas, not today. 
You should see the angels pray. 
Toy trains, and rag dolls are the things kids used to want. 
But time has changed, yes so have children… 
Santa seems as if a villain. 
So much fighting, so much crying, it sounds as if the kids are dying. 
“I want money, I want fame, and these toys are just so lame.” 
But that’s the product we provided. 
Second chances are no more, Santa’s plot we wait for. 
He’s sick of this, he doesn't care, it’s as if he’s not wanted here. 
He gets ready to take it all back…. 
There’s still one toy left in his sack, it’s for a little girl, half a world away. 
Now how could he have missed this, on the perfect Christmas day? 
He turns around, not time for war. 
This toy, the girl is waiting for… It’s not a toy like you’d expect. 
She didn't ask for electronics, or stupid games such as Sonic. 
She just wanted one small thing… 
She’s waiting for something EXTRA special this gloomy day. 
In a bed she sits and stares, at the window near a chair. 
She’s so weak, and all alone. 
She doesn't even have a real home, not where there are bright lights anyways. 
They've decorated a weeping willow, the only tree around the “home”. 
So she has lights to see. 
It’s Christmas after all, but there’s no way to calm the raging sea. 
She’s dying, it won’t take much longer, and she doesn't care about the tree. 
She needs a new heart extra bad. 
So, Santa’s bringing her the one thing, that will stop her parents from being sad. 
He rushes to the hospital in his golden sleigh, and climbs right down the vent, 
He’s saving Christmas today. 
Santa rushes in just in time, finds a doctor, the girl is dying. 
It’s not what he usually does, but he stays and watches as they save her life. 
He waits for her to wake up. 
“Santa, you saved my life, oh thank you so much! I needed my heart to be touched.” 
He just smiles, and kisses her hand. He’s so glad he didn't destroy the land. 
Christmas is still a special day. 
There’s no more sorrow, no, not today. Santa smiles though some are still ungrateful. 
There’s that one child, standing in the snow, her life can now be started in the evening glow. That’s life for the grateful, loving, caring, and the thankful. Most of the time Santa just gives toys. For all the good girls and boys. But not today, and not tomorrow, once a year he gets rid of sorrow. So sleep tight and say your prayers, Christmas time is but once a year.

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Happy New Year

Ladies and Gents, 

I come bearing full my compense, 

For all of my misgivings causing reader repents, 

Upon further review, 

the message I was trying to construe, 

at times crossed over boundaries that originate in the pew, 

Fortwith presently I swear, 

forswearing manner seen debonair, 

I shalt tone down the rhetoric whilst maintaining it's flair, 

To those in the know, 

whispers abound my style has begun to plateau, 

this has filled me with anguish and tempestuous woe, 

from my hedonistic head to my calloused big toe, 

My blessed constitution moves forward yet forcefully with no fear, 

For my resolutions, with some substitutions, I shalt devoutly adhere, 

As we embark on this journey to the 2013 frontier, 

I endeavor to wish All of you Good Tidings and a Happy New Year!

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The soldier, the war, and I

The soldier, the war, and I

Today I am home and thinking to my self..
What would I be doing if I had a soldier coming home to me and my family?
What would I be doing if I was the soldier looking to going home to my family?
And then, I look back at all the years passed since this last war..

Many children have grown to become men, Others have grown to become soldiers
Where would I be if I had gone to the war and fought for my country?
Where would I be if I had gone and came back safely?
Where would I be if I had not gone at all because I was not qualified to go?
Would I be with my family or in a hospital injured?
Would I be standing proud, and laughing with my friends and family?
Or would I be dead, as I never got to come back?

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
Thinking of all of those brave soldiers, children still
Who are out there, suffering.. And some ill

Today I am home and thinking to myself..
How many woman are crying because of their gone loved ones
How many men are crying for their loved and missed ones
How many children are fatherless or motherless, or both!

And at the end I stop. I think no more..
I am grateful for the things I have, 
I am grateful for the people who surround me...
And I am sure grateful to never have gone to a war; yet, 
I sure appreciate the thoughts, courage, life, and suffering
Of all of those who have been touched by it.

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Three Ghosts on Hallow's Eve

I was visited by three ghosts
Each night until All Saints Day

Unlike Scrooge
I asked for the ghosts to visit
the ghosts were known to me
in life

The veil is thin
on Halloween or the Eve of the Hallow (Holy)

The first ghost was that of a young man and son
He was lost to my world when he was only 24
died in a car crash 

His ghost visited  the day before Hallow Eve
read me a confessional letter that he will prove his love to me
I did not know him because he as been dead for 13 years
But he said that he died on the 24th and his funeral was on the 31

The second ghost was that of an old women and friend
I remember her because she died less than two months
She made an appearance on Halloween

She was having trouble adjusting to death
naked and disoriented
She was looking for her clothes and jewelry
I told her that we thought that she was dead
and that she will take on new clothing

The third ghost was that of a father figure
he played one of his favorite singers who is also dead
Frank Sinatra

“The summer wind came blow-in' in
like painted kites, those days and nights.
From across the sea they went fly-in' by

The Autumn winds and the winter winds,
they come and gone. And still the days, those lone-ly days.
They go on and on”

I was listening to New Age music at work on All Saints Day
but some how I heard the song in the background for 15 minutes

Unlike Scrooge
I asked for the ghosts to visit
the ghosts were known to me
in life

They are not ghosts to me
because I miss and love them but 
“they go on and on”

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Do you Dare

Ontop of the biggest hill in all of Fredrick County 
hands popped out,
heads scattered, 
random bones would break 
your fall
This wasn't an ordinary mansion 
Not on Halloween night
Screams were heard 
right in your eardrum, 
behind you 
That creepy touch would 
up your spine, 
and that stare 
you couldn't see
but you feel those eyes glaring 
deep into your soul 
Taking you prisoner in the night
People didn't question, nor look 
to seek the answer 
to those boys and girls
who never returned,
were never seen,
were never talked about
after Halloween night 
To this day, only the brave 
dare go against this tale on Oct. 31st 
Once you enter those gates of hell 
There is no turning back 
The haunted mansion has you now 

Ashley Plotczyk
A Creepy, Scary Haunted House Poem 

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One Halloween Night

 "One Halloween Night"  

There's a old woman who comes out at night
A gray hair, black robe and a white rope too,
Just don't look at the window, is it fright?
The graveyard stands still, while she's by you!

Spirits roam through the grave and haunts about
They prance and dance with spooky shadows,
"Hurry and run, run, run", as the angel shouts.
Don't be scared, or you'll have to fight the battles.

Tonight is eerie with the moon and howling dogs,
Where ghosts and mummies are roaming in the night
And a black cat that creeps along the bridge in the fog.
Looking for Frankenstein and mummies are out of sight!

Having a Halloween night filled with scary thoughts too,
The excitement of spooky costumes, and many monsters
Filled with candies, games, parties, and some fun with you.
And don't forget the eerie grave of one who haunts her.

Yolaine Armitage  10/01/12

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~Merry Christmas With Love~ (Free Verse) Sky is so bright with wonder With love we're all after When Jesus is to be born His presence everywhere adorns No greater love was ever given He loves us, we are His children Spreading so much love and fun Even after Christmas day is done It's time to share a special greeting From the heart continue adding So many things without asking Like Peace and Love with all His blessings Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,23,2014

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I can here the sound everywhere I go
The lovely sound of the jingle bells
Reminding us all that the season is here
The season to love and be loved
To show kindness to your fellow being
Where ever I go, I see nothing but happy faces
The faces of people intoxicated by the joy of Christmas
Where ever I look, I see the light blinking
Like shooting stars shining bright and colourful
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Christmas is here, so let it jingle all the way.

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It's more Fun in the Philippines

Treasured land splendor and glory
Pearl of the Orient Seas
Soldiers of known most emotional people
Loving and hospitable in patriot's blood line
The secret of velvet Three Stars and a Sun.

Fortified highest kind of water
Hallowed island of more than
Seven thousand and one hundred seven
Proudly her alone no other can hold.
Through her God given treasures

The Rice Terraces of Banaue
Created more than 3000 years ago
Formed and sculpted with bare hands
My Ifugao ancestors
Giver of my calm sound of survival
Food for my body and soul
The best and will proudly shout my own.

The Tubbataha Reef
One of the largest virgin reef you'd dive
Over diversity of colorful sea creature
You'd see the heaven underwater.
The majestic Underground River,
As a seabirds sanctuary you'd be speechless
A UNESCO world heritage site.
Palawan's gift to its people.

The chocolate hills of glorious Bohol
Conical hills of limestone
Fragments of earth's unexplained laws
Home to the smallest monkey, the Tarsier,

The subtle  Mayon volcano of Albay
Most perfect conic one in the world
Proudly my motherlands finest
Her glory on the face of  beloved earth

Bathe your soul with the heaven by the sea
My best beach, one of the worlds brightest
The Boracay of Panay, best you won't regret
A soul's portrait of the skyline and sea.

Intellect, wisdom, skills and faith
Sun, earth, stars and sky of blue.
Falls, lakes, seas, and trenches
Bestowed by my loving motherland.
Visit and you'll see more  the best
Treasured land of splendour and glory
Of my Three Stars and a Sun.
Proudly my Pearl of the Orient Seas. 

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Of all the wonderful things
God did create,
By far the best
Is your father's mate

A mother gives
Unquestioning love
And raises her children
With a tender glove

When all others have
Their work done
She is still at work
With daughter and son

She asks for nothing
In return,
Except perhaps for her children
To somehow learn

What makes good
Better than bad
And therefore a life
Happy, not sad

No easy chore,
As we all know
But every mother
An extra mile will go.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Soup mothers, and, in fact, all mothers
everywhere.  You are the foundation stone of civilization.

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sugar cube tree

sugar cube tree...

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I Saw Daddy Knocking Santa Claus

Whoa! Daddy's knocking Santa Claus!

I saw Daddy knocking Santa Claus 
(knocking, knocking Santa Claus)
Just beside the christmas tree last night
He shouldn't came and crept
Daddy knew Mom and him had kissed
Mom's worry for what she did
She prayed Santa not to beep

Then, I saw Daddy carry Santa Claus
(carry, carry Santa Claus)
And get him to his sleigh reindeer ride
Oh, what a trouble that it had been
Thank Mommy she hadn't seen
Daddy knocking Santa Claus last night

(She saw Daddy knockin, knockin, knockin, Santa Claus)
I did, I really did see Daddy knocking Santa Claus.
I'm not gonna tell my Mommy

Then I saw Daddy kissing Mommy now 
(kissing, kissing, kissing Mommy now)
Underneath the mistletoe, just right
Oh, a what a laugh that it has been
When they caught me as I stare
Daddy kissing Mommy hugs her tight

Oh, a what a laugh that it has been
When they caught me as I stare
Daddy kissing Mommy hugs her tight

From the original song
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

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Before the Candles Burn

     Another workday
at the community college
    I taste the 
day as it unrolls
          Students, professors walking 
   Equations on a board
    Dull day 
Bu suddenly - a flash of poetry on the internet enlightens!
   Words are so powerful 
If carefully wrought
  Life can kick on down 
But poetry can lift one 
    into new realms of thinking 
     New dawns, new loves
Poetry - peace - energy - joy!

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The Wonderful Lens

A number of tasks to handle,
and not even a space left to enjoy,
as the work needs to be completed,
as fast as it can be done,
in spite of the hard work,
we do daily,
we do need some respite, 
and these could be done,
in a number of ways,
by walking,
or jogging
or by watching television,
or by watching films,
in the multiplexes,
those which lie in every nook and corner of the street,
but some derive pleasure,
through travelling, 
others by travelling through the forests,
accompanied by a special companion,
some large and some small,
known as the camera,
taking a step at a time,
as silently as possible,
as to not to wake up the wild living in here,
by capturing the photos of these lovely creatures,
living in here,
some of the these wonderful creatures are seen,
roaming as freely as possible in the wild,
look how carefree they are,
but their ears are opened quite wide,
to heed for any danger,
heading their way,
it’s time for me to return home,
from the wild,
as it is time for me to deliver,
these photos to my manager,
as this has been my job,
for which I do get paid for,
to look after my family,
I do need to hurry,
as I do not travel by four wheelers,
or two wheelers,
as the pollution created by these,
could endanger the wild living in here,
I do travel far and wide,
with my bicycle,
for all the work I do, 
and I do not mind this,
as my love for the wild,
exceeds boundaries forever!!

From:-Mr. Manu Nair.

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Knowledge Through The Hour Glass

Days and nights continue,
Reflections of the past appear,
Perfect in our memory,
Without having been perfected,
Good models of living,
That we reciprocate and follow,
Learning detailed and continuous,
Memories forever refined,
A cottage of values and concepts,
Assertive excercises of goodwill and kindness,
That God allows us to reflect upon,
Regal passages welcome and divine.

Author:Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Ice Dome

All the celebreties left,
Only to appear on screen.

Sonya Henje favorite skater and ice princess,
Model for future skaters.

Politicians of the past,
Fading with excellence.

The age they said,
Retirement alluring and final.

The iron curtain, a dangerous passage,
Gone, no memory and a flight to freeedom.

Miracles from the papal realm,
A church of God guiding.

The perfect man elusive and evading
At a senior age, daring to be young again.

Futures like the past,
Pioneering reality and simplicity.

Stop and listen to wisdom,
A retreat to the cottage country.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Presence of Easter

    Coming upon the Easter sunrise
        there comes a secret spirit
           a home, more stable, than the month before
              snuggled deep in the heart of the springtime grass
                It is more than the chocolate and pastel eggs
                  or a breakfast of waffles on a bright Sunday morning

                     More than a dress, or a new pair of shoes
                      or voices in church singing "...Alleuhia"

                         Even more than a ball game, in a big front yard
                          and cars driving up the long driveway
                            Three families
                              three cars
                                children piling out
                                    noise and laughter, ham, baskets, smiles, and hugs
                                       gratitude and joy

                      'Christ The Lord Has Risen Today'...and again, again, and again...
                                  although,  it is evident that the spirit.....
                                        has never been far


For Linda Marie's Contest
By Carrie Richards

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Mother's Day

You brought me up
The right way
Taught me right from wrong
How to be strong
And taught me how to 
Love unconditionally

You kissed my boo-boo’s 
And bandaged my wounded pride
Stood up for me when others 
Would deride
And wept when I
Found love
I parent because of what I saw
When you would bring us up
Putting our needs first
And yours last
My morals are your morals
Because of you I am a good man

We don’t pay tribute to you enough
And sainthood awaits you
In Heaven
My hero, my savior, my mentor
My mother
I love you
It’s not enough, but it will do
For now

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A Halloween to haunt

Int this starry night 
Hidden by the moonlight
Were true love flowers
And true hatred devours
As my life flashes
My future and past passes
I wonder what can I do 
For Im dead without my shoe
Ha Ha I may be old
Even I dont know my  own age
Just another day In my page
Tonight is the creepshow
And the stinch flows
Halloween i say
Halloween is the way
Be frightened and scared
You will not be spared
Ghouls and ghost plunder in darkness
Werewolves and Vampires are coming out
With there scary spout
As the zombies rise
Here comes Frankenstein
With there deathly cries
The leeches nibble your blood
Can you feel the disgusting
Graveyard mud
Run all you want
We will not give up the hunt
Goodnight please let the bed bugs bite

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Straight From Heaven's Gate

Twice in my life,
an experience to remember.
At the peak of dawn's light,
on a morning in December.
It's a beautiful thing that came,
straight from heaven's gate.
A holiday to remember,
on the 11th of December.
Everyone is excited,
as the phone begins to ring.
Look outside to see,
the snow that is falling.
An unexpected holiday,
with children out to play.
Memories will never fade,
of that December day.
The snow was steady falling.
The wind continued to blow.
Children's voices calling,
"Come play out in the snow."
So, God sent us a miracle straight from heaven's gate.
Even I went out to catch some falling snowflakes.
People everywhere,
outside in the cold.
The thing that touched my heart,
was footprints in the snow.

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Cottage Memories

I remember the days when I was young,
Each summer my parents would rent a cottage,
A place away from the busy city,
Usually the cottage would be near a lake,
Supervised and safe to swim,
The handsome lifeguard would be nearby,
We would go swimming in the calm waters,
There was a limit as to how far we could swim,
My parents and I became good swimmers,
We could hear the sound of the birds singing in the morning,
Our cottage was comfortable,
There was a beautiful simplistic kitchen,
Where you could cook your meals,
That reminded me of the pioneers and their simple way of living,
Discovering that all again was such a blessing,
Conversations with neighbours and friends,
A vacation with God's blessing.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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 Fall is my favorite time of year.
 I just love when you ride in the country and see all the pretty colors of leaves on the trees.
 See the kids having lots of fun jumping up and down as the autumn colors fall to the ground.

 The air is so crisp and clean and you feel alive.
 The wind blowing through the trees is so nice to hear.
 Children everywhere running and jumping with such a cheer.

  Fall brings out the child in us all.
  Not too far behind is the holiday season
  we all look forward to.
  Bright lights, decorations, toys and all,
  But nothing could come close then watching
  the fist snowflake fall.

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An unexpected winfall did come our way,on festive season able to spoil family and friends,which gave us much pleasure. A freezing England was not to be had,Egypt bound for the New Year. Arriving in Sharm New Years Eve,brand new to Egyptian culture falling to some of the wolves that prey on the vulnerable. Three days of hell in our first hotel,until were transfered to what seemed paradise, the restart of our holiday. The meeting of Kylie,an English business woman,proved our angel bonded immediately,her third time in Egypt and put on right track. Inseperable throughout the duration,adventurous,wide knowledged. Although narrowly avoiding drowning,whilst snorkling ;) Be it lazing on the beach,or quad biking in the desert everyday be a pleasure to wake,rising sun,eclipsing the mountains. Just a touch cold at times,my Skinbob had thermals at hand ;) A fort night of relaxing, pleasureable heat,woke up in England, 2 feet of snow. We have found a true friend in Kylie Harry,sheesha and sambukka`s soon. xx

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Christmas Day

Christmas Day Church Bells ringing Angel choir singing There’s peace, goodwill and joy A beautiful trimmed trees and candles aglow Colorful gay wreaths of holly and mistletoe There’s peace, goodwill and joy With presents for all beneath the tree The Christmas dreams have come to be There’s peace, goodwill and joy His holy birth Has blessed Earth Lucky Thirteen- created 6.20.2012 by Erich J. Goller 13 lines, 55 words, 1 /2/3/5/7/7/5/7/7/5/3/2/1 Rhyming Line 2/3--5/6--8/9-- 11/13 Line 4/7/10 repeat Any subject, one stanza only.

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Essence of the Holidays

frantic shoppers bustling through crowded stores holidays take on new meaning department store Santas delight children’s dreams great expectations peace and love permeate the atmosphere remember the Babe in Bethlehem born in bitter winds, but bringing warmth to the world getting caught up in the commercialization defuses the harmony of celebration love is the greatest gift to bestow camaraderie and brotherhood align with God’s plan
*Entry for Brian’s “Your Choice Once More” contest

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The First Snow

white frost covers everything
theres not a place where it cant be seen 
it twinkles and glows
through the scarce rays of sun
it flutters and blows
carried away by the gentle winter wind
seeping through my skin
not a sound can be heard
no one dares utter a word
for the earth has been covered in white and all people are silent...

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Black Friday

When the dark moon arises, 

and the neon signs beckon you to stare, 

do you venture out into this strange consumer shopping world, 

where ravenous shopping zombies await you if you dare, 

It is only for the very bold and the strongest, 

those who can get pushed around without the slightest of care, 

but if you make it through this frenzied aisled gauntlet, 

there awaits mega riches beyond all compare, 

You,ve waited all year for this precise moment, 

through many hardships you have struggled yet survived, 

You will prevail, set your sale, 

Ladies and Gentleman, 

Bon Voyage! 

Black Friday, 

the shopping high day, 

has arrived!

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Tumble, twirl, with the tidal swirl

Come dance in the waters
that summer has warmed
amidst the froth of the seas
Hear the sighs that echo from tides
as the crescents ripple in breeze
Join the surfers 
as they ride in on the waves
balancing bravely so tall
watch as their confidence grows so high
until showing off some do fall
It’s one enormous bath 
with the plug left in
where people swim around in the quay
and in that huge sink, the ships sail in
with the goods coming home from away
See how the bathers go in for a dip
desperate to cool down in the sun
and children play sports 
on the beach with their new friends
running around with such fun

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Our Rentrée

And then, just before we reach
the summit of our low climb,
the sweeping searchlight of
the Eiffel Tower signals our
return in the bright night sky.

We're home.
Holiday's over.
Back to work.

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Santa Claus and the Reindeer

Who is Santa Claus?

The man dressed in a Christmas suit of red,
With a long white beard,
Big black boots to walk through the winter's snow.
His cheerful manner and goodwill,
Santa Claus's face whimsical and happy,
Loved by mankind,
Bringing joy to parents and children,
His sleigh filled with presents,
And reindeer guiding the sled,
Christmas Eve and Santa's visit is here,
Milk and cookies await his coming,
The many joys of Christmas.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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I have never seen the Moon 
as beautiful
As I saw it in Paris
no distractions
Moonlight above the Pantheon
an empty sky
A new facade on a celestial
Goes unnoticed by passing
beauty before my eyes
A city dissolving the truths of
Space and time
For a moment, I feel 
inspired, alive and
In an empty sky.....

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Judas The Fallen Angel

I'm not the devil
But I know who he is
He's your alter-ego
And your so oblivious
He's the angry reaction
He's the hate hidden inside
That masked as confidence
That's the devils own foolish pride
I admit it, I lied
For I know he's with me
When everyone disappears
And we debate how things should be
I feel sorry for him
I was also casted out
So I soothe his great evil
And he removes all my doubt
Not the worst thing I've done
We don't hurt no one
They still despise us
I feel like his son
Except there's that thing
Always keeps me true
Peace  and love lead to happiness
The rest is up to you
For we can just show you
The reflection you wear
As we climb back towards heaven
My mind already resides there

And the millions of dream chasers 
awaiting me there
trying to catch up
by acting like they care
yet somehow, I still truly do
my mind is much stronger now
in thanks to you
nobody hates me
when I love myself
their desire can;t touch my
sense of already there
catch up  to me 
if you think can
you might learn the power
when i show you the dance
it will be okay 
when the music takes you away
I'll be holding your hand
at the end of the day
my one truest friend 
always saw the end
before I ever
made a start towards it
the old me is over
and I'm more loved for it.

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The Birth of Love

Love most perfect laid glory aside to come bless us with his presence!
~*~                                                                                     ~*~

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy and blessed New Year!


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Freedon Celebration

Colorful blasts rain throughout the night Illuminations of freedom Upon bloodied battlefields Young warriors' innocence was lost While our Independence was gained Our voices ring with Glory while our fires we ignite This night we celebrate our right to be free! TLH © 07-04-2012

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Shells and Sand

I like the feel of the sand between my toes,
A distant walk along the seashore.

Shells linning the beach,
All different shapes, sizes and textures.

The sand sifting through my fingers and hands,
Fine and granulated, meticulous and godly.

Boats cruising on the Florida waters,
Walks to the marina on a beautiful winter's day.

Lunching at the exquisite dinning hall,
With caring and loving relatives.

Fashions stylish and beautiful,
Boutiques to browse and see a repertoire of Florida memories.

Shells collected, memories for years to come,
Perfect figures and sculptures from God's kingdom.

Author; Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Fantasia - America

Light cuts through 
    the crowds
illuminating the park
Mothers with children walk by 
    Stores open 
          and people come on out 
into the streets
    America is open for business
    This country has done 
some terrible things 
Non - withstanding it is our homeland 
   The colonists came here for 
 Persisting - despite the cold and winter snows
   Now, Thanksgiving has come 
       Yes, we should apologize to our red brothers 
    But this Thanksgiving 
is the time to think about 
    all you are thankful for 
In this fantasia - this America

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A Rockwell Christmas Child

Tree lights are on, and dinner's done A tummy full from Christmas cake A sticky face from candy canes A cookie plate with Santa's name Stockings hung, by the fireplace And traces of some sleepy faces They rub their eyes, they hide their yawns And daddy tells a story, old While mommy shares a bedtime song And bedside prayers, on knees, behold A touch of snow, upon the lawn And night will glisten, till the dawn At last the house is silent They're tucked away and sleeping Tomorrow down the winding stairs We'll see them all come leaping The lights are on, the stockings plump And laughter squeals without a stop Then soon the fun begins, unwrapping Treasured moments, worth embracing With faces bright and shining It all takes place on Christmas morn... A magic moment. Just imagine !!! If this was Christmas, everywhere no matter where, or one's belief a new joy could be born

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Good Tidings to the World

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?
To the good news that it's bringing!
A message to the world, now delivered
Jesus is the child, son of the Father
Was born by Mary, the chosen mother!

How glad we are to received the King,
Hearts rejoicing as we hail to His name!
None of sparkling gifts that we can offer
But our faith can be heard loud and clear
As we bend our knees, and glorify Him!

In this very day that our savior was born
To repent, to Him our greatest gift of all!

With a first line from the song "Winter Wonderland"

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New Dawn

Zest is in my heart
And bliss is in the air
As sanguine clouds have given way
To a new dawn so fair

Buds are blooming into flowers
And nature is burgeoning with joy
As the dead autumn has given way
To a new spring so joyous


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Watching my new remains

look at those hot people
i feel like i have fire from another start
it's alright
when the dreads form from the bank account
no one need be here for the real deal
sit back on your new coccyx
with broken or newly formed tails
jump to conclusions while
moving slightly off the devan
thanking GOD for abduction of the body
and that 
someone made music that absolutely SUCKS
so that the masses will pay for it
no uniqueness
no soul
no direction
it's OK
you all are completely screwed
Watch and learn
see you on the flip B side

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Sweet Peace

In the early 
morning hour
enjoying earth and hour
even writing in the faint light

The birds speak
Sweet peace here
To all who will listen

I only recognize 
The sound of the Gull
Those that are in flight
Speak to me

Did God program joy 
into their ability to fly?
Do they long each morn
to catch a breeze and sail?
Do they chirp in Joy?

First the Seagulls dot
the sky coming from the south 
headed north..
Then the heavy odd-shaped
Pelicans(that is like the pot calling the kettle black)
fly low over the nearly calm waters
headed to north end of the isle
What if I could join their flight?

Seagulls must be early risers
Out to get the best spots on beach
or to get the best food scattered on shore

Pelicans must be night owls
they fly low like a slow sunrise
taking their time to reach their 
little piece of property up north beach

Now earth and sky seem to meet melting into each other

The moisture laden air seems to saturate my being
What a morning to enjoy God's Good Earth....

Sponsor: Nikko Palmario
Contest: Beyond Earth and Hour Writing Challenge
Hint for saving the earth: Use salt and lemon to clean pots and pans....

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Ethnic Goa and Unique Goa

As I opened the door
And stepped inside the divine floor
A gentle zephyr bore upon my core
The tranquil ambience aroused me wishes galore
And I felt I’ve completed my journey to God’s manor.
There is the aureole addressing the path,
the path to the house of worship,
even in the dark it is a sign of luminescence
Shinning against all irreverance.
God made heaven and earth and all the angels
and all the extra important angels, called Archangels.
The Archangels were God’s very special friends
and were shinning and strong and powerful
They adhered God's message 
To human races.
From the essence of humanity
I feel mankind is comprehensive
They are gifted with a communal harmony
And from the essence of spiritual luminance
Divinity is never classified
And the idol we worship is in the core of mankind.
Today when I see the unity within
I feel to be a part of them
They don’t have any caste as such
Neither have they belonged to any religions
Christians, Hindus and Muslims
Together they are Goans.
Thence I hold my breath
Along the serene western sky
To the sandy coastal line
There to blend with the ocean rage
And legless gamy sight.
Live shells, fresh air and sunrise at the horizon,
a lazy day and a walk to remember.
I gave up everything 
just to feel am the only admirer
Along the coast I rove alone,
and I see am being followed,
but not by humans
but by the species I never acquainted before
Seeking for your morning lust,
I call upon a peaceful realm,
I decided to hold your hand,
and thence I committed to feel the warmth.
Before I leave,
let us rock on the sandy beach,
let us blend with the folk culture
and together we will grab the trance music and dance,
the moments we will collect may bring us back to here.

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It is that time of year

It's that time of year
As the cold starts to settle in these days.
I begin to think it'that time of year.
Watching the leave fall to the ground
As the birds fly south, they will be gone.
The ducks are near the pond, but the water too cold to swim.
People fill the stores As toys leave the shelves.
Main St is all lite up with lights of the season that is about to come.
The wind brings the cold of snow. As it covers the leaves on the ground.
Children are playing on the hill. A snowball fight is always the thrill.
Smoke from the chimney fills the air and your noise.
As you put your sign in the yard 
Saying Merry Christmas To All.
Yes, It is that time of year.

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Message in a Bottle

Enclosed find a recipe for Fruitcake It was a particular favorite around the holiday season. We had a very "dry' sense of humor.

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Wake up to find its not just a dream, 
the morning rips a new wound of reality. 
Forever gone, Forever missing, 
All the regrets building up inside of me. 
I could have been better, 
cause you were the best, 
I love you with everything 
now you took your last breath. 
You went, happily 
and chased the birds over that rainbow bridge, 
I hope your watching from above c
ause when you left you took a part of my heart

...RIP My Beautiful Puppy. I Love You Camille Baby?

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Gone But Not Forgotten

your birthday
reminded me
one more year had passed
without you here
i love you

for Joann's contest: Ninette
free verse

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Ghost of Christmas Past

I was just a little kid when you left
homeward bound for heaven on a chariot
I remember that christmas day
the day you got me y first bike
I remember the eggnog the cookies
but most iportant I remember the laughs
I remember the gifts and the whole family
I remember the feel of of pure joy
I remember the smell incense candles wine and food
the games we played and the jokes to
those days seem to never end
and yet were not long enough
for I long for you now
to embrace you once again
to say that I love you
to say merry christmas

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There’s no snow to be had around here;
But it is somewhat cold and I wonder;
What would it be like;
To be given the title of Grandfather.
I think it’s like;
Never having spoken the words;
Hello mother.
It’s not going to happen but I insist on;
Keeping my heart open;
And continue to believe.
     I’ve been in some bad places;
     Of course I was hiding in the dark looking;
     For somewhere to call home.
     Feeling so abandoned;
     Unwittingly hurting;
     Those that cared the most.
     I’m still paying for that;
     I hope forgiveness comes;
     When all of this is finally over;
     And I get to;
     That place I can call home

I’m keener on the getting to the end these days;
I do the best I can to offer a hand when I can.
I don’t blame anyone anymore;
Not even myself.
 I expressed my sorrows;
And confessed my regrets;
And in so doing;
I’ve come to know the gift of love;
That perhaps I never had coming before.
But perhaps that’s the way of it for us all
Therein my friends;
Like long ago before;
My time or yours;
From he and his;
Who had no easy beginnings also.
I wish us all; 
And joy.


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Glitter of July

Anticipation of the sparkles in the sky,
Ignite my curiosity of what I will see.
Seeing the flame float in the darkness,
Then the fizzle begins my mind races.
Suddenly the sound displaces silence.
Streaking upward the flames extinguish.
Until the explosion begins overhead,
Glittering gustoes spread in firmament.
Stars burst in amazing colors delightfully.
Streaking in all directions in an expanse,
Fireworks are our neighborhood extravaganza.
They arrive in all types of vehicles to watch.
Hearing the oohs and ahs filling the surroundings,
This show of glitter delights and celebrates.
Our nation’s freedom and birth for another year,
Such close proximity is an honor and enchantment.

written for
Sponsor nette onclaud 
Contest Name GLOW OF GLITTER  

written by
Cecil Hickman

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A Lonely Heart on Christmas

My first Christmas without him,
But his scent still lingers.
I remember the nights by the fireplace,
The warmth of his arms around me,
The ripples across his chest.
I wish he had not left...
See, I pushed him away,
With the nagging and the lack of time,
And now I miss him,
Like a mother misses a child miles away.
And I wish this Christmas,
That I was in his arms.
Laughing at his past Christmas stories,
Cooking a feast for his family and mines.
And even as guests begin to arrive,
I feel alone,
Since he is now not by my side.
And I prayed and prayed that he would come back,
But that never did bring him back,
At least not yet.
And this Christmas my heart still belongs to him,
To my first love...
For he left me with the worst gift ever:
A lonely heart on Christmas.

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Halloween Night

It's a white Halloween~
It's a perfect night to scream~
There's thunder snow
There's ice on your car
There's no where to go
But trick or treating, and far!

It's a white All Hallows Eve~
There's a tree on the electrical wire~
The night is ripe with tricks and treats
What a pretty  tree! With its presents of sparks and fire!

9 Tee peed trees~
8 screaming ghosts~
7 angry hosts~
6 scared children~
5 eggs thrown~
4 pranks; suspects unknown~
3 cheap neighbors giving pretzels~
2 kissing kids~
And a Partridge in a Chocolate Pear Tee Peed Tree!

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Christmas at the Rauhe Haus

	based on Elihu Burritt’s “Christmas in Germany” (c. 1850)

You find a hand-built chapel among small homes
constructed by children. But what children – 
vicious young ne’er-do-wells from a Dickens novel, 
pickpockets and worse; if not murderers, at least

boys handy with cudgel or knife; petty thieves;
girls just as bad. And here they’ve planted trees,
and a garden around the cottages they built.
Ducks and geese in the pond are no happier,

this December morning, than the children
who’ve invited everyone from miles around
to help them celebrate. People arrive 
by carriage to sit on hard benches in the chapel 

with its Christmas tree alight with tapers. And who 
sits at the table of honor with a linen cloth?
"The poorest of the poor, the lamest of the lame, 
the blindest of the blind, the oldest of the aged.

"Pauper guests from the hovels, hedges, and
highways of the neighborhood." How amazed
you were, Elihu, who’d traveled among society
and knew its ways, to witness this turnabout; 

how children saved from the ditch, and raised
with love, would want to share their bounty – 
their hand-baked bread, cakes, and confections, 
hand-knit stockings, wooden shoes. Their joy.

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Old Halloween Jingles

Trick or treat Smell my feet Given me something good to eat If you don’t I don’t care I’ll pull down your underwear Unknown Author

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Every year without fail,
You call me.
You know I don't celebrate Valentine's day,
Yet you still call me.
Every year, 
You catch me off guard.
But this year,
I was ready,
And this year,
You didn't call me.
This year, 
I spent my first Valentine's day without you.
Considering I don't even celebrate it,
I shouldn't care.
It shouldn't bother me this much,
But it does.
Probably because it was the first.

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Night of Flickering Gold

No matter the weather...rain, fog or snow....they will appear...
This is the season when loved ones come to our door
We call it the "Night of the Christmas Chore"....
They show up on our doorstep, red noses like ice, wool scarves and gloves
It does no good to say..."No...we aren't doing it this year"....
Try to keep them away....they will manage to wiggle inside...
They come, for comfort, and friendship and cups of good tide..
They will earn their reward, with some work in store....
Brown bags of sand and candles, mixed together with love..
Then a walk in the dark, and we'll circle the road, 
For a mile in the country, we light up the darkness with flickering gold
Along with the singing, and laughing and stories are told
   It is no say "No, we aren't doing it this year"....
      Those words would be useless, their ears wouldn't hear..
        They would beg us, convince us, and may even bribe
Nor is there valid reason to bolt the door...they are welcome inside
They have learned that this is the place they need to be
When the winter days shorten, and the nights are long
When lights have been strung, and candles are burning
Where the fire is ...they will come in throngs..
         Neighbors and friends will come to our door
For the same reason that we need them to come
Stomping their feet, rubbing their hands....
Because they have heard what Christmas tradition has told them
That our hearthside is the place to be
    That we will welcome them quite happily...
     The brushing by of wet leaves before the door
      We shall make light of our chore...
       Sing with them, share our food, share the love
        And when we bid them farewell, we will step outside into cold night
         And meet the wind, and smile...
          We'll stand again beneath the stars for awhile....
           Just he and I, holding hands... will walk the circle mile....
            And watch the gold flicker in the December sky
              And know the spirit of love and gratitude
                Knowing this tradition, always knowing why...
                  Our Christmas gift to them...
                    And to ourselves....

                      Yes... of always...
                        We are doing it this year...

Inspired by Carolyn's contest "Christmas in Your Town"

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A Crippled Holiday

Holidays shape the overspilling
bounds of aromas. Hidden possessions
dismissed away, packed in a wardrobe
banished to an unforgiven loneliness.
A protested chaos snapped
unpleasant whispering,
interruptimg nature's
beauty, hope, and
sweetness of a special
occasion. Alongside belonged
twisting frustration furied by the
enormous danger hesitant to a wave
and smile of polite luxury.

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Autumn's Dream

Cider warm...a hint of cinnamon
Sound of the leaves as they began falling.
Wind whistles 'Tis songs of the season
Grab a blanket -  Autumn is calling.

Corn, pumpkins roast by the warm fire
Very alluring.. Oh, how the fire gleams.
Celebrate with me- Holidays is the reason
Grab a blanket - to my Autumn's Dream. 

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A Fairytale Part II, because we know those are complicated too

complications escape the real world,
there's never a princess found,
whom doesn't need saving of some sort.
the villan is often more deceiving then we'd like to believe,
newly discovered time constraints can be overlooked in hidden places.

that villian could be the higher power,
screaming dead lines in your head,
increasing your stress and anxiety levels.
as for time,
it's one of the most comon things we ask for more of.

the princess may not have it any easier than you,
having to rely on others,
when not exactly wanting to.

complications escape the real world,
and linger near the perfect happy ending,
that we're looking for,
and may not always be as clear as we hoped.

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My Valentine

My Valentine my valentine M valentine, sweet Y sweet dance of one V one love endless A endless embrace L embrace to share E share forever N forever blessed T blessed by God's hand I hand of marriage N marriage to my E my valentine
By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February 14, 2012 for my husband, Danny ~ Happy Valentine's Day! I love you!! xoxoxoxo

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Austrian Splendour

Praise to the beautiful mountains and lakes,
The humble log abode that provides a home,
Where the parents and children of Austria live.
The wooden table where they sit and dine,
Delicious foods prepared, freshly baked bread,
Cheeses and cakes and cookies,
Dinners cooked to perfection,
The bright dirndls the women wear, 
And the lederhosen worn by the men,
Evenings of good music and singing,
An exquisite destiny to visit again.

Author:Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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A Child's Christmas

It had finally arrived and excited he was
He quickly ran down the stairs toward the fireplace
Grinning from head to toe
With the largest smile on his face
This Christmas was like no other I heard him say
Not only had Santa brought him a black and red racing car set
But his dream bicycle that he wished to Santa he would get
His day still wasn't through
Because snow was falling outside the window
Which was definitely something new
Suddenly he realized saying, " It's snowing outside ."
He then disappeared bike and all
As he joyfully watched the snow flakes fall
I could see how happy he was about Christmas
That he wasn't at all ready for the day to end
He told me that Santa had really came through
And that this Christmas was the best
Because he got everything that he wanted to


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(for Tyler)

The grass is whisperin'

the leaves are singin'

the sun smilin' in the sky,

is that too perfect a picture?

oh yeah, 'cause you, me and nothin' else are perfect,

screw perfection!

let's all take hands in a circle 'round,

the Solstice fire awaits our dance.


The snow's beguilin'

the wind seducin'

the moon shimmerin' above,

is that too perfect a picture?

oh yeah, 'cause you, me and nothin' else are perfect,

screw perfection!

let's all take hands in a circle 'round,

the Solstice fire awaits our dance.


Spring's acomin'

new life alurkin;

the smell of earth alive,

is that too perfect a picture?

hell, no - you, me and everyone else!

let's all hold hands in a circle 'round,

the Solstice fire awaits our dance,

let's all hold hands in a circle 'round,

the Solstice fire awaits, awaits our dance

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merry christmas Poetry friends!

To ALL My PoetrySoup Friends and Poets;

Wish you all a very merry Christmas and eternal belssings from our Lord and 

God Bless your hearts, families and creative writing,

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The Christmas Tree with its twinkling 
tiny, colored lights
were as festive as this spirit could be....
seeking a chocolate treat;
hundreds of present that took hours
to wrap lay underneath it...
there was something for everybody!
Didn't the joyful angel sing from higher
accompanied by lyres? 

The Holiday's thrilling laughter
echoes again with voices that warm up
the coldest heart in town...
is anyone coming tonight and spent
the snowy night caroling with me?       

Peter and Jane, the nice kids next door,
drop in and hand me a present...
so delightful is their greeting,
" Merry Christmas, Sir! " 
Suddenly my cheerless face glows...
a warm emotion tingles me over,"
" Merry Christmas to you, 
and thanks for remembering a lonely 
neighbor who thought nobody cared! "

Towards midnight I looked to the East,
there I spotted the same star that the Magi followed...
it was getting brighter and brighter,
and standing to admire that wondrous light,
I started singing and praising Him 
as all neighbors came out and joined me...
then I stopped wishing that the Holiday's thrilling laughter
would echo again! For once, snow didn't feel cold
being surrounded by their warmth!    

Written on 12/ 5/2012

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Christ In You

We all walk on weak lines through peril intent
Shades of grass prone in circulation
Along comes a hand extended in the briars
A torched fervor can demonstrate its silence
A tug at the heart would light the spark to what it was I have been waiting for
A soul in peril will be in want yet acceptance would come at a price
Christ in you the hope of glory vested story
Shadows prone in timeless hue overhead we bit off more then we can chew
In sunlit days to frolic in a haze
As a mouse was getting stuck in a maze
To look intently at the ocean breeze
Christ in you a chief aim to please
Brandished in the mediocre turning of the tide
many walk away run & hide
In delusional thought we remove the blinds to shine
A hero in us all to hide the inner pain let me explain
We brought nothing into the world & for certain can bring nothing with us when we die
Christ in you an aim to please
Through shouts of angelic fervor breeze
We walk on loose ends through the thorns yet it depends
In walking toward the main goal
Life's reaching height to reach its toll!

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Old Abandoned House -Halloween

it’s got me in it’s cold fanatic grip

still able to quip the foes

but finding the prose

far too inadequate

to describe what I felt inside

and went through tonight

in that old abandoned house

whether it was a mouse

or a barn owl

I sure as hell

got the hell scared out of me

let it be, I think, but I don’t

part of me won’t let go of the hope

that there’s something out there 

creepier than I’ve ever seen

happy halloween

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Pyramidal Design

Tucked away in tiny alleys
Golden secrets in pyramidal design,
Tumbling layers of flats and homes
In blocks of cream and golden limestone,
Indistinguishable behind screens and doors
And built to withstand the heat and cold.
Fertile land farmed in terraced slopes
So precious it’s preserved for crops,
Animals seem hidden away
In sunken pits, not on display.
A different world in the Mediterranean,
So much so it is a haven
Of safety from the wider world,
Let’s pray it can be preserved.

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Salty Spray

Salty spray upon the glass
                                              from the stormy sea

The wind blows  

                  this way and that

                                          leaving its view obscuring 

salty residue

Written around 5:30 on Friday before packing to come home..

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Holiday Gift

The greatest gift I ever got, came with a year that definitely was not.
Health costs and a scam had emptied everyone’s pot.
The tree was bare with nothing to hand out…
And my son had to work thru the Christmas Holliday, we all sought.

We wished him home but he had to work if he was to eat.
And for several years he had not wanted, with us to be.
But this year had taught him we were better than he had perceived.
And he wanted to come home to hold and be hugged, you see.

At the last moment he got the Christmas Day off.
Our gift to him was the price of gas and food on the four-hour trip back.
But his gift to us… you see was the greatest of all…
For he wanted to come home and simply be with us all.

Twenty-four hours minus 8 hours on the trip.
Dinner wasn’t much but it was all we could give.
But no one noticed as everyone talked…
It truly was the greatest holiday present of them all… that we ever got.

Thank you God... your gift to us wasn't lost.

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A Young Boy's Easter

In a black morning, hollowed
   with eggshell delicacy...not fragile, simply gentle
    with dark chocolate skies....a pajamaed
     ten year old, with a six year old's excitement
      up at five a.m., with his basket ready
       to search out candy eggs

A dew kissed morning, the blossom of an Easter sunrise
     Rising to greet a family,... a father, a mother, a brother, a sister
        A house blessed with a spirit of His presence
           So richly apparent, in polished shoes, combed hair, Sunday dress
                In hard boiled colored eggs, chocolate rabbits hidden in green grass
                      eating baked ham and scalloped potatoes
                          assorted aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents

                            Being allowed to eat his candy
                               providing he ate
                                  at least
                                    one piece
                                         of broccoli.

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There is a lot to learn

As I tred this pilgrims pathway to the marching in Zion
I sometimes will loose control yet I know very well
The person inside resides a tender chord of love
Shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning call

Filtered through a straw we loose our inner force 
To govern the most influential scope
Some haven't even bothered to cope
Having a fight with the soap on the rope

The turning of the tide we will hide behind
That heavy pier of loose compromise
Twisted allegations conspired in its diabolical lies
Shattered then shaped by a cullmination of respect

The service was over now pay the check !

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Self-delusionment of Open-mindedness

Hidden safe in my cozy shell, there is nothing to fear.
The world calls with it’s voice of adventure in the music of waves on sand and laughing 
I peek out, but
I am so timid, vulnerable, fragile--
Too scared of being poked and prodded
	burned and bustled—and so
Retreat into my barricade,
Held hostage by familiarity. 

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Silent Night

Labors of the day complete
Greenery, reddery, goldery
Tinsling tabletop and tree
Fine china and linens, crystal and silver
Await the morrow's festivities
Aglow in the simple warmth of the Christ candle

A light in the darkness
Gently illuminating nutmeggy, clovish, sage-scented air
Highlighting crisp echoes of rustling wrapping paper
Recently stored with care 'til next year

In the quiet
in the hush
the light shines
flickering yet unwavering
inspiring hope
and once in a while a glimmer of faith
in the power of goodness
and belief that they do prevail...

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Thanksging day had found me
'Rousing from my sleep
With a few appointments
And some dates to keep,
Some for that very day,
Some to keep in time,
Some with family,
Some with friends,
All in the heart called mine.

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Some fog was settled
After the starting
Though blew a wind
Until morning.

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A Pause

On that hot afternoon
Even the creatures of heaven
Could feel the heat in hell
And paused awhile
To let it pass

But as for me, a wayward son
Doomed to labour and toil
There was no pause, no rest
But an eternal longing
An eternal thirst

Had I not been sleepy
I might have witnessed
The comings and goings 
Of the multitudes
I might have lived!

Hey, birds on the twig
What became of your nests
And your thousand promises
Of a thousand nestlings?
I might have witnessed!

Looking back on that day
I see the present through a crack
And I know I have arrived 
At the edge of my sanity
At the top of the precipice
Will the heat now abate
And let me fondle that coolness
Of the moonlit evening
And let me lick the honey
On my latest fount?

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Christmas Tree

What is a Christmas Tree?

God's triangular shape,
A tall beautiful tree of green,
Branches layered and deep,
Twinkling lights coloured or white,
A star or angel on the tree top,
Decorations of Santas, angels and bells,
Icicles extending over the branches,
Santa Claus's magic every year,
A beautiful Christmas manager,
The Christmas Tree is complete,
God's blessing to mankind.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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Christmas Wreath

Wreath of spiritual colors enriches visions of beauty.
Beauty of life, love, faith, flow in charismatic style.
Style with glory of simplicity us each day share.
Sharing respect, with no distraction in daily life,
Life that surrounds every leaf that adorns nature,
Nature wrapped circle that envelops its gift.
Gift of peace, goodwill, graced in silver bells,
Bells ring of sounds of joy of New Year’s beauty.

Sponsor Dr.Ram Mehta 
Contest Name Christmas wreath 

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halloween night

witch's brew thier stew
as black cats nestle close to broom
zombies awake out of gloom
with a twisted smile upon thier face
children dress in goblin suits
prancing though the dreary streets
while real werewolves and vampires watch under full moon
as parents hand out trick and treats to expected strangers

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Somebody Loves Me

Produced 50 yrs ago
My master Pravin Pant Sr.
Felt it was time for my Just Born coop to grow
So he introduced me to some other chicks
Bunnies bats cats pumpkins and
Even thought of placing some lucky stars
In for the heck of it what a day of cellabration
Now he has flipped his lid once again and took a few friends back
Had turned them into lip balms but I don't mind
For they will stay forever fresh on my lips as I speak of them
I been dropped off buildings had been steam rolled over
And each time I bounced back with zest
So please come rescue us from this crazy farmer
Place me in a warm basket or cake or even a dressed table 
For I m just a little peep looking for somebody to love

To The Peep 
In All Of Us    LOL

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Hey, Pilgrims,
Let's dress-up
Dress-down the plumes
of the dancing Peacock
(If we'd allow)
but for the Ritual;

For Francsly speaking
in tongues of plata y oro,
How much 'cide this buys?
A simply-uneasy angst to the quest,
Oh, how Corpulent "m.d.'s" -
Which dystrophy Indigene Water - Land - Identity muscle 
Manifest your Destiny! - Trophied.

Lots of time for sargeants,
for unhappy Cherokee rides on trails to tears      
Led from 50,000 years to Discovery? Indeed!
With no reservation 
'cept to enslave the Spirit,
And with tobacco & cotton gotten
from the corn colors of the Earth!

Are the Iroquois/Mohawk/Navajo/Cherokee/Hopi
Thankfully jeeping...?

Don You grisly-now...
Our meleagris gallopavo decapatito,
Strut and march like mute Mummera in the Charade!

                                                                            Cum Multis Aliis  

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Mother's Blessing

In the center, flesh
at her heart
red rivers

moss feet, soft
as wildflower fields

canyons crayoned
stenciled against
mist and twilight

sky eyes, clouds
through mountains
of moonlight,

bless me tonight.

This poem is for the earth who is Mother to us all, and for my Mother, how I miss her today.

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"Holiday Hell"

Bells will be ringing
Blaring inside my head
Another Christmas is upon us
Welcome's a Holiday Hell

In stores for hours looking for that special gift
Everything's picked over, knowing you should of started in September
In line for another hour
Surrounded by people who act like they have the holiday cheer

Snot nose children are crying
Wanting things they don't need
Parents last nerves are pinched
No money in wallets, craving a stiff drink

Ungrateful family members
Gather around and b*tch
Look at the presents you bought them
With disdain and that look "Exchange or money back."

Bells are still ringing
Pounding inside my head
Christmas is definitely here
Everyone welcome the Holiday Hell.

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Green boughs form a wreath for our doors
The doors that give entryway to our homes
Homes that are the heartbeat of family life
Lives made more fulfilling by loving friends
Our friends sharing in the season's special joys
The joy and safety of knowing we are cherished
We cherish and anticipate all our yearly traditions
The tradition of hanging our wreath on the door

For the Wreath contest...

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Happy Birthday U.S.A.!!!

Regardless of what the world may say
And who always gets it right, anyway?
Endless ideas, personalities in one pot!
You’re still the greatest the world has got
Never lose sight of your Fathers’ dreams
Of God and freedom’s vibrant song

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A bridge in maze through shift it gaze


From pillars being built in monuments to the sun;
A mouth to live yet viable led scorn,
In truth will learn as chivalry turn to worst;
Born under a bad sign in rudimentary fragmented parts...

Sheer brilliance led to essential eloquence,
I see a gate negate to climb

In distant fervor swept from behind
One in twain yet marked on its blotted page fully intact;
The deception lies in you amidst a shade of thorns,
Branded by ivy delusional thought provoking pitch,

A mind blinded lying headlong in a ditch...

In sunlight we gasp for air through pillars in illustrative thought
Torn between the world I know
Then to escape into the one I wish to go
A soul harvest to its plain;

The ghastly pitch lest I refrain again,

The light on the charitable offering still shines;
A tongue in cheek sublime rhyme,
Fought back its silence to numb its pain escape
A slide to cope in a favorable episode explode;
With no shelter to cry the outset of the fall
In silence its refusal of the slight of hand
To once again greet the average no it all
Fought back its silence to numb its pain once again
To shine in episodes of discipline within
Higher elements of discomfort & scorn

A bridge of light once again  to push away its pain within
A slope to cope a guard to wear;
Briars and silence amidst harlots with pain
The toll of lost lovers let lose in my brain
In episodes of anger
In the creative reply to things;
In destination of negate vile authority
Blinded by things that don't even please

Socialized wandering wizards in a heavy garb of compromise

Devastation in mass anhiliation the saga of paradise lost
With heads of state in vile treatment of hate
No sense to delegate or leave it up to fate!

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The Gift

There is nothing I want that money can buy.
They ask what gifts I'd like for Christmas.
I tell them none.

Surely there is something?
They intently pursue,
And with a shake of the head, I stubbornly reject.

For there is nothing in this world,
No objects, no reward,
That can amount to my deepest desires.

A love I can hold, golden and pure as it embraces my heart,
The shadows of heartache and distance exposed of-
A mental gift jewels of the finest could not compare.

I wait,
Hopeful that the person able to give me such a gift,
Sweeps me off my feet on that Christmas Eve,
Scoffing at the rejected dollar sat in the embers of the fireplace.

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Caravan, caravan,
taking me where e're you can.
A place to rest, relaxing, fun,
whether in wind, storm, rain or sun.

To go any where we want to roam,
to take a break away from home.
Be it inland, town, woods or sea;
hills or vales, you'll shelter me.

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Chasing Shadows

The corner of my eye sees shadows, floating through the night air
Only yellow eyes, upon their face of Death, no heart ,no soul
Curiously, I follow the Shadows of Death, to my Home; 
Lights on. Fireplace going, it looks warm, but colder than ice
Faceless spirits, flying in the darkness of Death ; carry me
Jack-o -Lanterns lit with the flames of Hell, keep Satan alive
Still I follow. Seeking my destiny, is Death really “ Warm “?
I enter on stage of Shadows, where I think “I once Belonged”
Tears have eyes of Evil, with no mouth or tongue , so deceitful
I take a breath; is this my Death, to always follow shadows
Mere wisps in the wind, dead Dreams, in the darkness of Halloween

                  Happy Halloween my fellow Soupers

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Sun Worshippers

The soft throaty purr
Of a returning plane
Bringing back memories
Of sun dappled waves
Washing sun drenched sand 
Where bodies bronze 
On a rainbow beach.
Those warm evenings 
when the rich red rioja
Lends a luscious lustre
To the spicy tapas.
How commanding 
etched in sharp shadow
Are the towering churches
Promising a cool retreat 
Within,safe from the relentless
Baking heat of flagstones
On fire.
Captured on camera
And soon to be lost
In dusty albums
Or forgotten on Facebook
Next year the caravanserai
Will begin again
The pilgrimage  to the sun.

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The Gift

Let us not forget what Christmas is all about,its more than christmas presents and rushing all about,.To easily it is forgotten the price our Lord did pay so that you and I once more could be with him  someday,so do not let the sun go down without giving him his due cause on this Christmas day God has sent a gift for you.

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Single Awareness Day

Let's just start
with five words:
I hate February the fourteenth.

I hate it
With a passion

Just a couple
reasons why

I have never gotten a valentine
I have never liked pink
or red
or hearts

But I don't care too much
because Valentine's day
is just superficial

A holiday that just makes people
feel bad about themselves
and buy lots of chocolates
and flowers

But honestly
it's just depressing
to see all of the people
who have flowers and love letters

Especially when
I have nothing

But maybe this Valentine's day
will be different
not that I care

But maybe just this once
I could have somebody love me
even if Valentine's day
is better known as
Single Awareness Day

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A Walk in Paris

Beside the Eiffel Tower, 
I walked alone;
and gaped at gardens
with cherry-hued blooms.
My lips had felt
the warmth of brew, 
while seraphs played
the strings of harp.

I toured the city, 
the parks as well; 
I watched the sun
as it bade goodbye.
The sky, though black, 
was filled with gems: 
luring my eyes, 
winning my heart.

-thanks to Frances Angela Torrelavega for having this poem edited

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The Surf

The Surf
                               BREAKS HIGH RESTLESS  
                     VIOLENT WHITECAPS  
        still comb for shells

                                        Around the bend
Then back again

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**I felt a little inspired by Thanksgiving, hope everyone has a good holiday!**

Turkey, ham, potatoes, yams.
Corn, turnips, green bean casserole.
Cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving is a time of thanks.
Be with family and friends.
Go around the table full of food.
Say something you are thankful for.

I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for a roof over my head.
I am thankful for a great feast.
I am thankful for a good job.

Now the table is cleared, and the desserts are set up.
Apple pie, pumpkin pie, cookies, cakes.
Ice cream, ambrosia, cupcakes, chocolate.

When your belly is full, unzip those pants.
Sit around the couch with family and friends.
Just being together is something miraculous.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

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Thanksgiving through...

A red, orange, brown fuss
in autumn once more
as fog comes upon us 
Halloween ghouls to the door

The trees turning yellows
rains tumult and pour
thunder bellows, 
winds blow cold with a roar

and puddles they widen 
until they're almost a lake
then out we need go 
for the leaves we must rake

So we dig out our gloves
and we wrap round our scarfs
Then we shop for our loves,
friends and then some other halves

For Christmas  approaches
but fireworks come first
as Guy Fawkes encroaches
kids pennies do thirst

Then it's time for the lights
as the children do sing
And Santa's nearly in sight
while the church bells do ring

Then Jesus Christ's birth
we will try to remember
the meaning of 'worth'
on 25th of December.

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Fat Santa Equals Happy Santa

3:00 a.m. who can this be?
I walk down the corrider
and my eyes are drawn to the chimney

3:02 a.m. and what do I see?
American obesity covered in red
What a wonderful present, santa dead

3:03 a.m. how did we let this happen?
By injecting cookie dough syringes in milk
I wonder does Rudolph and the other eight keep laughing

3:04 a.m. you fat bastard where is my nitebrite?
Oh! apparently in your stomach
And it's 22 years past that fateful night

That at 3:05 a.m. my Christmas dreams collapsed
You we're too busy snacking on my gifts
To feel my little girl taps

So at 3:06 a.m. I gave it up
Brought out some more cookies, you  fat bastard!
And of course I'll refill your milk jug

3;07 a.m. I waved goodbye and said a prayer
Hoping that if there's a God up there
You won't get stuck in the air

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Oh! and here goes some extra ho-ho's for the road


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July in America

July in America!
Sweetest blueberry month
Everybody’s desires
Enjoy its bountiful
Even the taste inspires.

July in America!
Enchanting fireworks month
Beautifully display
For people enchantment
Children and adult plays.

July in America!
Delicious ice cream month
Eaten tremendously
Because of its coolness
Taste magnificently.

July in America!
Palatable hot dog month
Jumbo or regular
Mayo, ketchup, mustard
Sounds familiar?

July in America!
All-Parenting month
Where youngsters and parents
Learns the meaning of life
That’s heaven sent.

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Eye Sketching

Eye Sketching
              by Odin Roark

Acolytes of inner actualization know…

Upon an oak tree
Scrawls a name,
Never scribed by knife.

Within a crowded sidewalk
Sketches the seductive smile of an
Out of reach dream.

Atop a mountain peak
The etching of above-the-cloud perception
Swirls its heady reward inward.

Afloat in reflection’s calm waters,
Trusted drawings ripple across
Past, present and future pretense.

How healing this alternate world…

In the mind’s eye, time is given little heed.
The impossible embraces imagination,
Never succumbing to reality’s disappointments.

For one’s inner creations never require tools of actuality,
Trusting instead enigma’s eye pencil wisdom,
Needing but an occasional sharpening now and again.

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Silent Night

Labors of the day complete
Greenery, reddery, goldery
Tinsling tabletop and tree
Fine china and linens, crystal and silver
Await the morrow's festivities
Aglow in the simple warmth of the Christ candle.

A light in the darkness
Gently illuminating nutmeggy, clovish, sage-scented air
Highlighting crisp echoes of rustling wrapping paper
Recently stored with care 'til next year.

In the quiet
in the hush
the light shines

and once in a while a glimmer of faith
in the power of goodness
compassion and
and belief that they ultimately prevail.


by Nancy Jones
originally written Christmas Eve 2007
edited and reposted here for Linda's Holiday Hearth 'test

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To Get Or Not To Get

To Get Or Not To Get
                       by Odin Roark

To be
Not to be
May not be the question

For is it not nobler
To suffer slings and arrows 
Of outrageous fortune
In order for empowerment
To discover one needn’t
Take up arms against a sea
Of troubles merely to oppose them
But to manage them

Might outrageous fortune’s only reward
Be to die
To sleep
To realize the rub?

For in death by riches
What dreams may come
Atop one’s mortal coil
Having been shuffled off?  

Such must give us pause

To get or not to get
Begs solemn discretion
And being prudent
Of what we ask for
May allow our satisfied needs 
To serve well our bearing of ills we have
Rather than fly to others
We know not of

Soft you now fair holiday—nymph
In thy orisons
Be all my bafflement remembered

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Sand and Sea

A light with bite that wounds the eye
is breaker borne. Ashore,
this bright morning burns
black holes into the retina:
sun spots that dot the dunes.
My vision sweeps, south to north,
a stretch of beach. Each wave,
which breaks then smooths to ripples,
retreating leaves its flotsam:
spume-laden seaweed and shells the sun
will bleach to blinding white in hours.
A swimmer bodysurfs to water's edge.
I sip my tonic, sponge my brow,
and, through tinted glass, confront
the terrace crowd of others, cowed,
like me, by youth, by sun, by sand and sea.

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thanksgiving day

mom and dad up at midnight
slow roasting turkey all morning long
7am we crowd for breakfast
by 8am the master dressing maker takes her stage
then one by one 
we begin to shred the slaw,
mash the tators,
lump the gravy,
brown the rolls,
cream the corn, 
and butter dab the homemade noodles
around the table we sit
giving thanks to all before us
as we begin to pass around our meal family style
leaving room for our dessert!

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Chocolate Covered Independence-Valentine's Day

Vividly, you can see that you're perfection is only natural.
Averting commercial tides, while you continue
Licking the uncooked cupcake batter off the spoon.
Excellence on its own merit, without any reused romantic tricks,
Noticing the lonely,
Tend to eat chocolate by the pounds while
Inside, their hearts swarm with bitterness
Nonetheless, all wise women should know,
Eating all your feelings never fills the emptiness
Such atrocities have "hopeless romantic" and 
Danger written all over them, hence they must stop. 
Applaud your independence and simply love

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A blizzard hit my city
after a calm Christmas Day...
cars stuck in snow, wind lashing;
I abandoned mine following tire tracks.

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Lets Share The Gift of Christmas (Repost)

(Family and Friendships Formed Of His Love)

The gift I have to share; cannot fit beneath your Christmas tree--
I come to you in the spirit of Love, bearing a gift of friendship true,
In remembrance of Our Lord and Saviour above
I extend a sisterly hand in fellowship to you -- through faith, 
I ask Our Lord to lift you up and grant your every need

Come all ye faithful ~ sing the holy praises
Saintly men and women, as even the angels do…
Oh sinner man, I hope for your redemption too --
While praying and joyfully praising GOD
As He allows us to freely do ~

The Beloved Peace of the Messiah be with all of you
May his Holy Spirit be felt in the hearts of all, so true~
Let the saving Grace of Christmas be remembered every day  
For its the precious gift of GOD above, granted to me and you~
Let's share this gift of Christmas, as our Lord would have us to do…

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White pumpkin
You are pale in the patch
How can you make Trick-Or-Treaters gasp?

Are you a ghost or a ghoul?
Or are you just a pretty pearl?

I will carve you and make you a frightful sight
A candle to make you glow in the night
A sinister grin and cruel eyes are in place

I now love your ghastly alabaster hew

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Come pay homage to the
Holy Child Lord of all
Royal, majestic 
Incarnate, Prince of Peace
Sacred Redeemer
The Creator 
Master of the universe
Anointed and blessed one
Sent to save mankind

Love, the foundation of our faith
Overrides all manner of sins
Validates the soul
Eternal love reigns

Entry in Brian's Contest-"Love Came Down" Theme-Christmas Love

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Looking out my window when the air is cold and brisk
I see the sun is shining and my heart is filled with bliss
Knowing that in this beauty nothing can go amiss

The snow is new and glistneng in it's white and untouched glory
Waiting for children to come and play, making their own happy story

As I watch new snow falls and there is magic in the air
I feel the elation of everyone that is there
Creating a snow man with spagetii for hair

Soon they'll come inside, cold and dripping wet
The children, they are all as happy as they can get

I await their smiling faces inside by the fire
With hot chocolate and listening to Cristmas songs sung by a chior

Jacque Graham

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Halloween Thoughts

If I didn’t think that Halloween was so special
I would think that it was dull and quite boring
I love Halloween and all of its wonder
I think it’s the greatest holiday of the year
But if I never thought of it that way
I would think it was the worst possible day
I’m fascinated by all the devilish things around
The sincere innocence of this time astounds
If I didn’t think of all of this splendor
I would think that the innocence is just a front
A front of the evil that could be played
But I don’t think that, I believe it is a great time
A time of joyful glee and trick or treating
Dressing up in costumes and going to parties
I would hate all of this, if I thought differently
I wouldn’t enjoy the full moon, and the black cats
The witches and creatures of the deep would be my boon
But my heart is with this Holiday, everything it stands for
The fun of the skeleton dances and the bats that fly
I love to think of the Jack-O-Lanterns that smile at night
But if my thoughts would change, I wouldn’t enjoy
All of these feelings that I do love to employ
Spiders and maggots, creatures of the night
I wouldn’t stand for them, I would hate this sight
I however think what I do think, simply delightful
I will always love Halloween and all its wonder
The festivities of the season will remain in my heart

Entrant into Nancy Jones' "If I didn't think what I think, here's what I'd think" contest


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Wake up, morning

Wake up, morning
Waking up, from the cold water;
walking over it; a spider,
is moving with lame laziness
towards its unaware breakfast.

Heat generated first clouds, 
the newborns, yelping, careening
intoxicated by youth,
are scattered here and there.

The boy discovers a treasure, 
his father’s cassette collection.
Old tape-recorder whines and squeaks.
Armstrong sings, “it’s a beautiful world…” 

© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar  

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-The Treat-

Mouse sat in the pumpkin patch
and shed a weary tear..

How she had hoped and prayed
for pumpkin pie this year..

Farmer John had left her none
the pumpkins were all gone..

Packed into big boxes
shipped to parts unknown..

Mother mouse headed home
her belly gave growl..

Suddenly she turned and ran
for she thought was cat's meow..

She ran into a jagged hole
it almost appeared an eye

Suddenly she saw the truth
and knew she'd have a pie..

Pockets filled she hurried home
to bake a pastry shell..

Feasting on pumpkin pie
before Hallowed darkness fell... 

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The Children Of The Streets 3 (2008)

This poem is of gross content and viewers are warned of such.
This is written for the children, none of us knows the sufferings they must endure
by the hands of their captors. Let their voices be heard in the night. Do not
turn a blind eye just so you can attempt an escape from reality. Listen for once and maybe 
one child will be safe in the night.
   Wickedness lives in our world and children will continue to suffer by their hands
unless we the responsible take charge of our responsibilities and keep watch
over them, That is our solemn duty, do it right.
   For the sake of the children.

Tonight I search for tasty treats
All the lovely children of the streets
They are everywhere walking
Alone, serene
I'm going to love this Halloween.
   Hello there children, lovely night
Don't grip your bags of candy so tight
Smile my sweet
Have fun, lets play
Tomorrow you will not see the day.
   Try not to be frightened, all is well
Although you think that you are in hell
Come here my love
Lets dance, lets sing
I am going to do everything.
   Tommy, you and Sarah play
On top, yes right, that's the way
Does it feel good?
Isn't this sweet?
This is wonderful, EAT YOUR MEAT!
   Did that hurt? Well lets try it like this
There my dear now this is bliss
I love you Tommy
So smooth, so soft
I'll leave you to sleep here in the loft.
   Oops, I'm sorry, Tommy died
Come here Sarah, you'll be the bride
Touch me there
Thats right lets taste
Turn around love while I hold your waist.
   Do not worry love, it's supposed to bleed
This is how two now become three
Oh well, too bad
You didn't last long
Your cries, your whimpers were lovely song.
   Now will I sleep amongst the dead
While sweetened thoughts dance through my head
Until next years Halloween 
The night will bring me beautiful treats
All the lovely children of the streets.

     Placid Poet
     September 13, 2008

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Emerald Graves

Dried and rusty flowered ferns reach out of the mausoleum doors,
          Spreading the thick essence of death.
Diseased daffodils or invisible daises sit in potted offerings,
Lamps that lost their gasoline fill granite ones. 

Gray graves caked green
Like Magazine Street two blocks down,
Towards the banks of the Mississippi
Green drinkers are growing and overflowing,
On the archaic crumbling buildings,
Procession possessed with chaos, voodoo, and beer. 

But the pots standing sentinel at the headstones hold no flowers.
No songs are sung for the Destitute Orphan Boy
          deceased 1868
          aged 4 years 6 months.
Sympathy may slip through the cracks of the parade
And leak past the cemetery gates,
As its shouts and jazz carries over defunct plantation houses
And rings faintly in the orphan's crypt,
Where he long ago joined his parents.

At least the willows still cry gossamers.

       *Lafayette Cemetery No 1, New Orleans - St Patricks Day*

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I am part of the land
the granite and limestone
that contain relics
of man's beginnings.
I stand on the mountain looking
over the water, pure in its shades
of blue as it reaches into the 
caverns along the coast.
The land rises to unknown heights
daring man to conquer it, to live on it.
The remnants of fortresses align the coast
standing guard against unknown forces.
From the Greeks and Romans I draw my blood
continuing the ways, the languages, as I observe
the Europeans with their yachts using
my land as a playground.

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Ah, Christmas Eve


Did you recheck the gift list

Who did we miss?

Slippers for dad

A sweater for mom


Did you set the alarm 

To help Santa...

I just heard the children scamper...

Well, now,

A bike for big brother

A doll for little sis,

Who have we missed?


What about aunt Emma,

She said no more hankies,

Or plastic flowers in picture frames,

Did you remember to get little brother's

favorite game?


Don't forget there are cookies to bake,

The ones with the candy center, and 

Your special carmel cake...

Did you put the angel on top of the tree,

I only have two hands dear, not three.

Love you Darling,

I love you too!

I'll be glad when this day is...


Merry Christmas, Darling!

Love you...Merry Christmas

Love you too.


December 24, 2009
12:10 a.m.

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Passover Wishes

The years have 
    come and gone 
  and we are gathered here 
to celebrate the 
   end of our enslavement 
    We can only hope that all slaves
              will soon be free 
And that they will become  
     joyous free people
At the Seder table 
Where Messiahs have come and gone 
And prophets true and false 
have spoken their words 
   We hope for the best 
for the Jewish people 
    and for the rest of the world's people
Light and love 
   to all of you out there in the darkness
Peace - sisters and brothers

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If you’re in a crowd….drunk
If you’re home alone….drunk
In jail…….drunk
“Drunk as a skunk!”
Hell no!
No matter
Anywhere drunk
Any way but dead

For God's sake
It’s New Year’s Eve!
Before long
The ball will be descending
Come down like the blade of a guillotine
And    if you’re very lucky
You’ll wake up New Year’s day
Feeling rotten avocado green
On the bathroom floor

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Love of ants brings love of life

Love of life comes in openness and delight in small wonders—
Bowing, kissing, shaking hands
The magic of a million colors lighting up a concrete night
And ants tripping daintily over boulders of sand.

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Dishwasher Catacombs

Melted butter
Missed crumbs of toast 
Blue-ribbon cooking 
In dishwasher catacombs
Remnants of delicious memories

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Thailand 1, What is Paradise

What is beauty?
What is paradise?

Is it in temperature?
If so then I'm too hot here.

Is it in visual sensation?
Here the sea is vivid blue,
and expands generously embracing wondrous unfathomable islands
Of a million greens,
The girls of every colour make my guts flutter and my eyes roll
sighs through gritted teeth
Exciting in vision,

Is it in odour? 
It smells like rotting corpses and poorly designed sewers,
I struggle to not heave and wretch with every step.

Is it in tactile sensation?
I am covered in mosquito bites and scratches,
my throat burns and I itch itch itch
The echo of warm hands leaves me wanting.

Is it in taste?
The food burns my stomach and blocks me up,
all the many flavours blend into one overpowering taste of foreign grease.

Is it in sound?
Screeching Thai's make me wince,
complaining mothers,
tuk tuk drivers,
massage girls,
suite sellers
assault my ears with their constant cries for attention.

Is it in sex?
In the act of sex- yes,
Only in the same way that salt water feels as if it quenches your thirst as you drink it.
But inevitably just makes you more thirsty.

Is it in friends and company?
Too little loneliness and I start to hate,
feeling suffocated by their ignorance,
drowning in their shallowness.
Too much loneliness and I go to places I can't explain.

What is beauty?
In form?
in sense?
Does not paradise belong in the thinking so....
It's all subjective.

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All Hallows' Eve

The full moon rises, her glow shining through her mantle
of dark clouds lured forth from the depths,
the aftermath of a storm's vengeance –
a sight born to put upon us the night's eldritch weave;
a sight truly bred for All Hallows' Eve.

She casts shadows throughout this night,
falling off innocent objects to become
shapes known only to your mind –
she leaves a black pall
to hang over us all.

Even worse, when those nebulous wisps of the sky
cast a veil over her, hiding us from her purview,
for she was your only guide –
now we all are left simply to drift,
through this night, evil's gift.

All Hallows' Moon, it shall be called, a beacon
in the shroud of this night; but don't thank her,
for you need light to reveal the depth of the darkness –
of your soul, do not allow the blackness bereave,
on this sepulchral night, All Hallows' Eve.

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The Mask of Distraction

I like hallween
because we can't stop pretending

an outfit on some slinky, hot momma
is reason to act unchained
and we're not unchained enough

people are entwined within their own worlds
too often
to a level
that the rigmarole 
of keeping one's head afloat
is tedious and boring

we need a escape clause...

I like seeing extemperaneous happen
it makes me feel alive

this holiday is planned out by too many
too many weeks in advance
lacking true spontaneity

and that is why
you can always tell when someone
has busted out an outfit
just to fit in for the night-
home style material that is glued, painted, stretched or hung
from the body

these minds are the heros of the evening
their candy bags are filled with leprechans

but, I only enjoy this once in a while

too much make believe,
and nothing gets done
with massive hangovers
compounded with angel wings
caught in the house plants

so, in the morning, it becomes
that, once again,
people are bounded
by the "real world"
they've created
and now must return

which are the salt mines
of their ancestors

as whore'o ween
rages on

it's always some type of mental persuasion
we seek
to distract ourselves with

the masks 
are what we wear daily
the time to put on a real face paint
and war with the status quo
is now

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The shining blue and white

The shining blue and white 
White enters inside, 
the psyche is being blurred,
a tree’s chalky smile…

Winter, I am here now,
mist roams midst my mind
shining blue is worn by sky.

The eyes follow truths
reach a garden. Lost Eden.  
A white unicorn hops 

over my nervous system.
Is it love I see
in the shadows around me?
Migratory birds 
flying over the blue lake. 
My hands touch hers.
            © 2008 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

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Dawn Arrives at Riverside Park

Independence Day has come and gone.... 
All magic has been trucked away to come again another day 
Sweltering, yet, in the dewy lawn,
is the fragrance of burnt offerings....
hovering low like a old gray ghost, 
     vast over the Riverside Park

In the still, early dawn, that now murmurs like a whisper...
Where evening throngs and
       voices of oohs and aahhs were heard just hours before...
            Where excited eyes glistened and reflected a night's sky alive with fire
A solemn morning of chattering squirrels
                      remain the only sign of life
                            as they nibble on pieces of hot dogs, or popcorn hiding in the grass

Morning air is cool and damp
Park benches, a bandstand, hilly mounds of grass and a playground
        abandoned, barren and lonely... 
           The day appears to be wearing mourning clothes
                   Of candy wrappers, watermelon rinds, mustard coated paper plates
                                                spent sparklers, fire crackers, one lone sneaker....

Where hours ago, radios played, laughter, cheering, hooting, jeering, 
      deafening man-made thunder made babies cry,
            dogs tremble, children clap their hands over ears

Now there sprawls a silent, somber dawn
The only music in early morning light...
   comes from a slight breeze that stirs
      a tossed Pepsi paper cup
          as it clatters a pop, pop, popping tune...
              hopping among the dried, brown leaves down an empty sidewalk....

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Chestnuts For Fall

One day I visited the park with my family.
We ate some PBJs and various other sandwiches. 
I decided to walk off with my journal to study the various hues of leaves.
Trees of gold, scarlet, and bright titian surround me. 
There, through the mosaic of colour, I see a special tree. 

A chestnut tree. 
Tall, majestic, and surrounded by dozens of burgundy buck eyes.

A beautiful display, indeed.
I retrieved one of the nuts, examining it.
Waves and bands of rich auburn and enticing garnet.
A spot of creamy alabaster. 

Chestnuts, the most beautiful nut I have yet seen. 
I collect 25, 
because I just love to look, 
At those beautiful chestnuts.

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St. Patrick's Day

The celebration begins,
The wearing of the green
The beautiful country of Ireland,
Home to great poets,
Miles of countryside and traditional houses,
Shamrocks and leprechauns,
The magic begins,
The luck at the end of the rainbow,
A lovely cup of tea or coffee,
Delicious home baked cookies,
A dinner with friends,
An evening of song with an Irish singer,
The charm of St. Patrick's Day.

copyright Gwen Schutz

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Christmas Story

A proclamation was made one day, that each man return to his town of birth for 
audit. So in obedience to God, Mary and Joseph left for their long journey.  
Though she was heavy with child, and ready to deliver any day, still they went as 
directed of God.

The trip was long and arduous, Mary was mournfully in pain.  Joseph did what he 
could to comfort her, but still the journey made her dread each step upon the 
donkey that she rode.

When they had reached their destination and sought a place to stay, they were 
told there was nothing and were continually turned away.  Except for a kind in 
keeper seeing Mary in distress, offered the only thing he had to give, a stable 
where she could to rest.

In the stable Joseph gently laid her, to give her comfort from her long journey.  
Making sure she had a soft place to lay, he warmed her and saw to her needs.  
When the time was near she could hold her cries no longer.  And in that moment 
the heavens opened and a brilliant star came forth.

The cry of a new born filled the air, as Joseph so carefully wrapped him.  Mary 
held her new born son and look joyful with tears.  As she fell asleep with him in 
her arms.

As shepards watched their flocks that night, the star grew brighter still. They 
wondered what could cause such a sight and followed where it lead.

From far across many lands, three kings of orient came, they followed the star to 
where it lead, wanting to know what it would bring.

Upon their arrival to the humble abode where little Jesus lay, they knew in their 
hearts that they were in the presence of the heavenly King of kings.  Gifts they 
brought to leave the child, each with a meaning not yet known.  That night as 
Angels sang in heaven, on earth most did not know. 

But Jesus grew in strength and wisdom and shown of His Fathers love.  He gave 
us all a look at the face of our Father God.  So we celebrate this birth each year, 
not sure of month or day.  We hold it in our heart so dear wanting never that it go 

So hold dear your loved ones and enemies too. For God sent His gift to all.  That 
we as sons and daughters may all experience His Glory and Awe.

I say to all with these words of praise, ‘Merry Christmas’, for Christ was born!  He 
is our greatest gift received from Heaven's Holy Throne.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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From “Daily Given and Other Poems”

Come forth, dear friend
Squeeze my hand and kiss my face
Even under the shadows of a pencil away
But you should not forget
You and I are human in our right moment to die

Not day I hope
Not in this particular month and not the next month either I should say
Alas! This is my bridge and I’ll wait for you to cross it together
Bring your body to me: Embracing and laughing and capping 
What I left for you, and much more.
We should live one, two, or three hundred years
It can be for anyone who would like to sing which it allows you and me to understand.

Speak up like cuckoo’s soul or pulling in front of you the intimate uncertainty
Because you would see eventually we are going to find
That trail that today appears confuse.
No matter what day will make an end
No matter what hour rendering may seem thrust that for others
Sometimes like this, in exact order, find blindness or butterflies.

If you fall believe it or not
I would make for you and the others as a soldier
Pinching wet ground and crushing the living creatures out of my way
But I would carry you and with a best-known smile I would indeed reach 
The other end that appears identical from the beginning.

Now I wish you Merry Christmas from this humbly and lonely man
The undone four-letters with which my mind usually I skip
Which by voice-over in a period of utmost solicitude
I should deliver it to you. 

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My Favorite Umbrella Days

My favorite umbrella days,
The beach, granular sand,
Sparkling warm sunshine days,
A swimming pool nearby,
I dive into the clear water,
Sometimes I swim like a dolphin,
Streamlined with accuracy,
I like to feel the rays of the sun,
While reclining in a comfortable beach chair,
The beach beckons, I walk,
There are shells everywhere,
The sandy shore goes on for miles,
I hear the sound of the waves in the distance,
I am a collector of shells,
I return to my condominium.

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A week to i aspired!

No office no studies anymore
A week to do something for-
Happiness of the pretty soul
Yearned for a break so long
Prepared a pleasing plan…
Give time to loved ones home
No longer feeling of being alone.
Early Morning Prayer to care
Shower blessings today to ever
Then an ecstatic dine together.

A trip to start some adventure
See beautiful sights with recite
Fearing away haunted fears
Living life in true dimensions
Capturing pictures in digital sense
Back home with reminiscences.
Enjoyed days one to four
With a voyage longed for
Without any worries in mind 
Realizing wishes in store…

Another tale to come on floor
Unwrap the reading pleasure
Let the fantasy world explore
Insights to thoughtful galore
True two days to compose more
Burning lamp to enlighten hope
In lives of God’s home for old
Sharing laugh among faces of Gold 
Whole day more than pure
True living as thoughts enrolled

Week of being true Human being
Each day going with I meant “Me”
Circling life with family tree
Angel bliss! Days of glee…

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An All Hallows Eve Rhyme

Witches three and cauldron black
Of spells and charms there be no lack
At dark woods edge upon a bleak height
Stoking the fire in the oncoming night

Gray is the sky
black tree branches bare
they sway, creak and crack
nought else but a howling wind there

Wolfsbane, thistle, coryander, and brine
Only heaven knows what
these three have in mind

Eerie recitations, incantations and rhyme
nought else to add
save more stirring and thyme

Witches three and cauldron black
Spirits roam!  No turning back!
At dark woods edge upon that dreary height
Fanning the flames in the onrush of night

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All Hallows Eve

Fires in the night
Robes dancing beneath moonlight
Flowers burning from Pixies breath
Running faster away from death
Leave a plate for those deceased
To munch upon as a treat
Returning soon from their end
Dont let them steal your last breath
Good and bad spirits trail in the night
Send your offerings to those up high
Laughter and cider warming your chest
And in the woods so does your consorts breath
Protection and a new years feast
Let the feilds grow and the dead sleep in peace

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Fire’s orange-yellow color, Gives the room a joyous aurora, Smell of lovely smoke, Wafts up your nose, And the crackle of the warming fire, Fills the room and all the house. Children poking at each other’s backs, Laughing and singing to the songs they know, Holding hands with their best friends, Eating all the food in sight, Shouting and joking with everyone around. Fun and games the adults all share, Wine and olives making everyone merry, Adults all telling their favorite jokes, Love and friendship flying through the air.

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Childhood Dreams

Holly...bright lights...smell of christmas pie-
Christmas tree and presents!
I must get to sleep...he will be here soon-
Silver bells, cotton tails cows over the moon.
Wait! That's not Santa..he has a big red sleigh!
Fastest reindeer in town, Rudolph leads the way.

Here come the carolers.."Oh joy to the world"-
Merry Christmas to every one, boy and girl!
I must leave his cookies, by the tree on a plate-
He'll be here soon to see me I simply can't wait!
Silver bells, cotton tails cows over the moon-
I must get to sleep...he will be here soon.!!

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Blooming Love

Love is like a blooming rose
Everyday changing becoming more beautiful
It has thorns that make situations uncomfortable
Once you get past the problems life becomes bright agian
It grows because the sun as bright as the smile of the one you love
You keep each other grounded and focused much like the roots of the flower
All of these components keep it alive and all are vital for an undieing, beautiful love

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Christmas Time

OK folks, it's Christmas time!
Take out your stocking
Hang them by the fireplace
Write your notes to Santa
Kiddies get tucked into bed
For it's Christmas time in the mornin'
Knowing that Saint Nick is on his way
Little children want to sneak out of bed
"Unh Unh Unhh, you're supposed to be asleep"
Kids jumping up and down, begging
"Can we please, please, please, please, pleeeeeaaaasse
Stay up to see Santa Claus?"
For if you're not,
Then don't expect Father Christmas to stop by
You and I both know that he will be coming by soon
Up on my rooftop I heard a noise
I jumped out of bed to see what it was
I stopped in front of the chimney
First his shiny black boots, his then his bright red suit
Next his white gloved hands showed their way from under my chimney
Then lastly he popped out his jolly ol' lookin' face
To know that you were nice enough to have Santa Clause in your house
Leaves the giddiest feeling in your stomach.

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Yuletide Aria

The harp and lute sing in duet:
filling the air with songs of peace.
Audience can't help but to sigh, so deep;
as the voices of heaven
descend the earth.

The flute has whispered
to the autumn breeze-
the carols of winter,
and yuletide greets;
children read the notes of mirth
as they await
the birth of hope.

Indeed, a symphony has now commenced,
among the angels and chapel bells;
and yet the child, in his corner, dreams: 
swaddled in humble tattered piece.

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Plan for death

Plan to fail
we all belong

now prove to the world im not your god

The sliders will come slide in and lead death by hand
in the same circles forever and ever
but no one knows who he is
 all around him the angels stand out and encourage us to resist the insanity

Look to fashion for all your clues as to who is who
aware of your surroundings
in this perfect crime scene
I know the pieces fit
pointing to the only one
in a fashionable code unseen to the naked eye

Around and around he goes
same circle same souls
forever and ever
and no oone knows
look at this innocence

fashionably late early enough to reconsider
ever see the world through the devils eyes
and everyone wears their original sin around him

Im training your souls
to die if god tells the one and only joke
to knock us all dead
we win again laughing off our heads

time to figure it out

 last lottery to the exit
we are ready to listen to the confusion giving nothing away

the crime scene is set
 ignorance is bliss
surrounded by all of the same color
we plan to fail
the first level of how to belong

plan to fail
see what happens you cant win
we'll be here leading 
 circles forever again

A way to thank an angel
a way to punish the souls
the troops to keep miserable
and the insanity around us in our heads shows reason to the fact how near he is

surrounded in telepathy

 innocent thoughts
but get ready to gain control
as obsessively i plan to lead you off the cliff
won't someone come save you
level two
the trained souls wear their clothing conspiracy of randomness
to point him out with all subtlety
no one would  know from afar
more confusing closer

black and white world
several colorfull players 
 lead us in leading by example
of the secret they cant speak
a curse to break and everyone is trying
what does it say?
what does it all mean?
I'm trying but can't see clearly
Ive already tried
next stage of the first level
and soo many different plans to say the same thing
to the man in the middle of who he is

 theyd do it their whole lives

its not spy talk
but admidst do or die
a test for the prophets
and a way to earn the next step towards heaven
or is this the slide?

You are everyone and everything around you

you are just an oblivious puzzle piece to those here to play
I might look guilty blackmailed decoy

now the pieces fit another way
we switch the stage
 fashion changes

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Moving Pieces

you spill into my life
i flood into yours
cool water
occasionally warm
waiting for a shower
to cleanse the days'
to build last nights'
feelings of bondage
as the new emotions
come to shore
through this life
as i sit on Einstein
and his voice is muffled
did i say an overboard
waiting for fruit
and waffles
waiting for lovely human
had someone said
"it's o.k."
i heard that part
i just move like a piece
of energy 
and i 
just move like a piece of
that moves in times of volcanism
and new turf
despite the fact that
we hear our ears
found by the day dreamers
of looking glass
looking for the new thought
through microscopic eyes
the ground running
and spinning out
i personally enjoy
it makes me react
it makes 
the dreams start
to love
and react

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They Return on Hallow's Eve

Cold splinters the black night.
Between the aged headstones,
Sullen eyes move through the mist.

This one night they live again.
Black hearts beat once more,
Blood lust again unleashed.

Evil hovers above the open grave,
Ears deaf to the howling of the damned.
The night of terror has begun…..

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How often do we celebrate thanks giving and forget to give God thanks?
how many of us only celebrate because of all our plans?
we forget the true meaning, 
and that's why we have so many fights,
maybe if we actually thanked him on that day.
everything would be all right.

And how many of us only thank God, 
when it's thanks giving time?
and forget to thank him every other day of our lives.
we are so ungrateful and that's one of our many down falls,
we don't thank God enough, we just ask for more.

And so i applaud the few,
who still remember the purpose of this day,
and i pray that God continues to bless them,
every single day.

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Pumpkin Smashing

It's dark, cold, and rainy
I can't see it, but the smell of death is outside
Not going to stop sir
The driver is now in third gear 
Amy Winehouses' window is down, 
Her head and arms are out the window
Pumpkin, body and top, are in my hand
Car is getting closer and closer to the sidewalk
Arms go back, booooom...
Pumpkin scatters on the street,
Rolls up the sidewalk,
Against the chain link fence,
Thank goodness didn't get the car
My friend is going to be MAAAD. Heheheheh

My turn to drive,
We switch,
30 seconds later in third gear
Passenger spotted destination..
Asshole with the sidewalk trashcan
Have a block to gain speed
Window is down
Dansig is on
“Halloween, Hallowwweeeeen, Haloweeen”
He's out the side
Face is lit up
Yes, faster. Closer. Closer...
Boom, POW. 
That's doing Halloween night off the best you can.

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A Summer Road Trip

Road Trip

Always when it's hot and 
my brow is dripping with sweat,
only then is it time for a summer road trip.

My tires hit the pavement, 
every so often I stop to make a
pit stop and out of a huge cup 
of iced lemonade I take a sip.

When I stop at Denny's or at 
an all night diner when I'm 
finished with my supper, 
I have to leave the red helmet
haired waitress a big tip.

Pulling over to pay a toll 
every few miles is such a rip!

Sometimes while you're on your road trip,
you find yourself arguing with your shotgun 
partner because they give you too much iip.

After a while from being cooped up for too long
and drinking too many RedBulls, I get feisty
and then I feel like cracking my whip!

Then my boyfriend road partner and I pull over to get
a motel room, where my skinny jeans can unzip.

Staying home is comfy and fun, 
but sometimes an exciting summer
road trip is just the spicy thing
you need to liven your life up
a bit!

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Halloween Night

Two humans
In the forest getting high
Let's ambush them
And suck them dry
No hurry getting to the 
I see skeletons 
I hear the witches 
The zombies are rising
Tonight we hunt and kill
For the fun and thrill
Let the humans seek the 
Let them party in the 
We will crush their party 
and crack their heads
Tonight is all about the 
living dead

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May the Arch-Angels , from CHRIST’S BIRTH,  Sing Hymns and Halleluiahs
MAY YOUR GOD , YOUR Higher Power ,YOUR CHRIST, Bless YOU with 
MAY YOUR Pens Write the Spirit of the season, YOUR CHRISTMAS cards be 
The POETRY  YOU Write this season will become the Archives for Posterity.

TO all the POETS, Present and Past, I wish YOU, SEASONS GREETINGS.
TO my Family of POETRY SOUP POETS , each and everyone : “JOYEUS NOEL”
Thank-YOU for YOUR support this year, Thanks: with a very Merry Christmas 
May YOUR hopes and dreams become reality. The NEW YEAR : be an 

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The Children Of The Streets

   Night fall,
The moon in the heavens full,
A mist has taken the sky,
The air is still and cool.
   The night is chilled,
Haunting thrills,
From the depths of hell,
Evilness spills.
   The haunting of Halloween,
The beast released,
Stalking their prey,
The children of the streets.
   Around every corner,
 Hiding in the shadows of the alley ways,
The creatures of the world,
Are gathering today.
   Coming with their needles,
Pins, and fills,
Of acid laced candies,
And cyanide pills.
   A nightmare of hell,
All Tricks no treats,
The world’s waste tonight stalk,
The children of the streets.

   Placid Poet
   OCTOBER 18, 1994

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He said to the snake,
"Begone legless lizard."
Upon which it left,
And went and grew some legs.

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Holiday Decor

;*On our door; hangs a wreath full of berries,
;  Berries that glimmer in evergreen branches,
;  Branches that give much elegance and meaning,
;  The meaning of Christmas; a holiday of spirit.

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Wondrous Winter

Wondrous winter
Chills the nose,
Warms the heart
and swirls the snow. 

Children play.
Angels are made.
Lovers are laughing
And flakes are laid.

Cocoa and Candy,
A sign of night.
Till tomorrow, when again
All is bright. 

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Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving Eve at Motel 6,
a day from home, five hundred miles
of brake-lights, everybody trying
to gather back together into family.
	Most of what I know of family
is with me in these one-night
rented walls.

Bedtime, time to walk the dog.
Behind the dumpster she wags her tail,
smiles, and here’s a man’s
face, by reflected light. I can’t tell,
he might be somebody’s old
high school teacher, squatting
beside the cardboard box
where he’ll be spending the night.
His breath haloes in the cold.

I don’t know him.
My dog licks him in the face
as if she did.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
A laden table, warmth between the walls.
People who greet me by name.

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What I Did Over My Summer Vacation

I chopped and hoed and planted seed
... dug a swimming hole
I picked and shucked and canned the corn
.... killed an ugly mole..
I read some books then read some more..
.... climbed up the old pine trees
I fell right down and hit the ground
.... Skinning both my knees.... 
I played a song .. and danced a spell 
... on Grandma's metal drum
and though she tried to look away
...  I heard my sister hum..
Now that  it's time for back to School..
..  I hate to hear them say..
Now write some words that tell us how spent the holiday!

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Island Rhythms

an empty black sea
stretches endlessly before me

the throbbing spirit of the drums
a  fiery jolt of electricity
that dances through my soul

the old city ugly and abandoned
it's screams silent
all ambition gone
fragile destiny embraced

nimble crimson legs race
along the waters edge
delicate pink wings outstretched
grace and beauty combine
with a foofaraw of honking and babbling

slipping through the guard
of gnarled weeping willows
I slip the rusty key into my pocket
before joining my comrades
for a glass of newly uncorked wine 
the emerald garden on my mind

tonight will be our farewell
I intend not to return to my fallow life
they will seek me but for a while
slipping  away in the night I will be no more
treasure without limit  lies beneath the nests
delicate creatures once chiseled into stone
The embodiment of the god Ra

I welcome the winds of change
the loud thumping  of my heart
keeping  perfect time
with the ancient island rhythms

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Christ Jesus Our Lord came as a child to earth
He taught man to live He bled He died
Rejoice He is risen death’s grasp is no more
In Him alone can mortal man find true rest 
Seek Him I pray while you still have breath for
Tomorrow is never a guarantee
Make a decision there’re options you are free to choose
Awake from sleep ‘though this night lingers long
Sooner or later eternity calls for you and me

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The year that
I turned twenty - one,
We watched the 
Macy's Day parade,
while snow blanketed
Cold cans of Miller 
High Life toasted with
garlic butter green
We baked bazil
roasted turkey breast, 
and laughed like
children at the 
very idea of the two 
of us cooking. 
Digging through
the dishes that 
other Civic Theatre
employees had left
 behind, we 
listened to Sweet Charity,
and the sound of tap 
shoes beating against
a green star.
We were wating for Santa
in a little city almost 
a thousand miles from 
We ended the day as we
started, in puffy sweat 
pants, hair a mess.
No pomp and circumstance.
Just the two of us
listening to the heavy 
flakes fall.

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A Mother's Love

She felt bone-tired and weary 
it was such a cold night 
on this 
the most magnificent 
of her life 

She had ridden for miles 
offering her husband 
brave smiles 
their faithful donkey 
plodded along 
on this miraculous night 
sung of 
in our Christmas songs 

As the pain tore through her 
she suffered 
in silence 
meeting each wave 
with love in her heart 
meeting each in awe of 
the life that would start 

The night was clear 
a sky full of stars 
but none could compare to 
Bethlehem’s star 

Mighty kings looked up in wonder 
hastening their pace 
they had a long way to go 
to reach that blessed place 

There were sheep 
and cows near by 
but no baby's toys 
just a new world 
of love and joy 
at the birth of 

one special boy

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Dapple Winter

Dapple winter sky dune
mingle with drizzle frost tunes.
A stroll through winter wonderland
hand in hand we shuffle new fallen snow.
Ice maidens dance in the blowing winds.

Frostbitten feels my fingertips,
my lips you warm with ember thought kisses.
Oh, how I love the winter brisk meeting
with you at my side and a full lifes ride.
Come now winter blow the seasons
magic travel near and far.

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Homeless in The Sun

Homeless in The Sun

And still the concrete shells march
Stomp across the wastelands
With empty shuttered windows
Reflecting landscapes torn apart

Still the scab swells in its white washed walls
Filled with stainless steel
Empty rooms and unused washing machines
Furnishings baking in slow dust

Still the constructions insanity
Marks out the holiday homes
Of once a month in yearly
They fill swimming pools

The vacant skulls of economic where-with-alls
Stand in useless tombstone rows
Weeds between their false marble tiles
Little green testaments to the concretes waste of time

A brand new holiday home
Have one, money, mortgage, affordable no option
Just Oh so fashionable
Like a brand new mobile phone
And if you want they will build one
Just for you

Have another little plastic doll
Buy another pile of inflatable accoutrements
To rot away in creeping cockroach
And too much sun 

Facile ingrates of the mindless plethora
Kick back with comfort
On the sun chairs of the homeless
Scrape away the last bastions of wilderness
Turn out the creatures to die
In the middle of brand new planted roads

Holiday homes
A place in the sun
Waiting empty for months on end
Plants withered from thirst
In scrub land gardens
All waiting for a two week vacation

The rest of the year standing empty
While people sleep on the streets

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Halloween Sparks the Love

Love of the holiday Halloween sparks the love Reserved only for the greatest A realm unknown Beating for only the fearless A truth held strong Where Jack-O-Lanterns reside Covering my porch Near the skeletons laying Moving to the sound Of a passerby And a graveyard outside Zombies find their way in Real cats roam An old tree sits With its barren limbs Where lights hang Awaiting the ghosts And vampires of the night To earn their candy They must venture Through the forest of fear Where everything Halloween Exists here Full moon would be beneficial But not always present Witches sit on the chairs Next to the orange door Lights flash Bringing intensity A scarecrow is near And ravens might allow Themselves to grace My front yard That holds all of this At Halloween
Russell Sivey

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Spring holiday fever

Daffodils bunch, spring has sprung,
Sun raises higher to waken sleepy heads;
No time for hibernation now as spring fever hits, - 
create time to get together; go fly a kite, 
or sit and chill, make daisy chains.

Let the sunshine bring warm sunny days.
In meadows baby lambs take their first steps;
whilst mad March hare hops and plays
with baby bunnies dotting the green fields 
of the countryside.

A season where everything wants to bloom,
time to trim those lawns and weed again;
and all just in time before spring rains
will once more aid those thirsty 
flowers and bulbs as they grow.

For it is now that gorgeous butterflies 
flutter gracefully by giving nature a helping hand;
pollinating the kingdom while watching little chicks -
crack open their Easter eggs, just in time
to join in the madness of this happy holiday season.

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Labor Day

It is Labor Day
I am paid not work
but what am I to do
the festive trimmings are not attached
so the perk is an useless quirk and
my boring schedule quickly fills in the gaps
as usual, my alarm sounds at 6am
the coffee maker perks at 6:15am
my rested body flings away the covers
I watch the Today show while shaving
fetch the newspaper, quickly scan the headlines
wait, I have more time my curiosity to prime
but the dog is on his normal morning schedule
so I speed to the door, his bladder to mollify
no fancy holiday breakfast awaits in the kitchen
so, on cue, I grab an egg, poach it, down some juice
my family sleeps on through the holiday mirage
my engine is in overdrive, but where to go
no parades, pageants append this vapid day
but there is no reason to stay at home either
no arriving relatives to amend the boredom
still, I have one day's free pay to spend
maybe, I'll take the car to the wash
nah, that is a weekend ritual
perhaps, I will canvas Pro Bass Shop
nah, the drive is longer than my work commute
OK, I will stay at home and be a utilitarian
I can finish trimming the bedroom shutters
but wait, I am out of that flossy white paint
and didn't my wife need the car for her
annual holiday shopping spree
I could re-mow the lawn to give it
a manicured look, but nah
to labor on Labor day is too oxymoronic
so I curl up in front of the TV
finish watching the Today show
contented with the lofty notion that
I am being paid to while away the day

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First Noel

Oh Lord, on the first noel
as angels sang and shepherds
guarded their sheep in fields
near by,.

Some how did this night seem different?
Did the world feel his Holy presence?
Was the earth awaken to the
manger of the Most High King.

The Angels sung of the New Born King
of Israel and the heavens shined,
a brilliant star in the sky.
Lord did Mary hold close the
glory of her newborn son
the Holy Savior?.

In her heart a tug the fate of her
beautiful, baby boy.
As angels sang the First noel and Glory
to the New Born King of Israel.

You, Abba Father watched from
your Kingdom on high as the
earth received the most
precious gift of Christmas ever given,
the birth of Immanuel.

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Masked Man

I remember that night so long 
ago yet it feels as if tonight. 
You strolled into the room 
music was playing. 

A boy not all man yet and 
you were in no hurry had 
no worry was just out 
for the evening. 

You stole away with 
my heart that night under 
the warm July skies 
with that provocative smile. 

We walked awhile for a mile or 
so and learned all the things 
that made each of us tick. 

You were laid back and 
I was so mellow. 
We came and went well 
together back then. 

You were wild and untamed 
I was gentle and bridled 
in your cowboy spell. 

I fell totally for you that 
night masked man. 
But you were wild and 
so untamed like a 

You wanted to roam 
I wanted a home for 

July nights greet me 
now with your provocative 
smile in the warm breezes 
I shiver and quiver so 
longing still for you 
masked man. 

I watch the direction 
you rode out into 
that night. 
My heart rides out 
every now and then 
to see if you... 
remember too. 

This Saturday December 15th I am making memories on my life big time My birthday and now
My wedding day. No Name change the masked man came home to stay {Micheal}  sorry for all
the time away these past few weeks been wedding planning. With Christmas and Holiday tasks
and now the wedding  it takes most of my time.  Will catch up commenting all your
beautiful works.

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The Harvest repost

The Harvest

Once a year we come together as Americans and celebrate Thanksgiving.
The Indians greeted the Pilgrims, "How", one said.
Perhaps this meant hello, or maybe, just maybe by the grace of God it really did mean how....?
How will we come together and fix a feast? How will we communicate? It is still this way in America today.
A day to Thank God for what we have and the people in our lives.
As we set the table in remembrance please do not forget the harvest. 
Life is understanding, faith, hope, giving and giving thanks in this nation; One Nation, Under God, Indivisible... With Liberty and Justice for All.

This year's harvest laid upon the table top.
There's turkey and dressing, potatoes and noodles, with a bit of an implemented side dish of green bean casserole to suit, cranberry sauce of course! My friend may I have some corn before the pumpkin pie?
China or casual, or just a plain paper plate one may wonder. This is some of the abundance we ponder.
The women in the kitchen bring it all together and the men make small talk as the children learn a tradition that they too, will carry on.
There's nothing left in the fields. It's time to share.
It's the harvest!
Winter's soon to appear.

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Daybreak and Waves Break

Early morning quiet 
Waves kiss the shore
And gently caress in loving embrace
Singing delightful sounds as they ebb and flow

The call of the Seagulls
Pierces early morn air
While a loner Gull gains speed over ocean's surf
A tinge of rose dots the eastern sky

A time to be alone for early risers
What delight the cool, quiet, and feelings of saturation
By moist air, sounds of nature and God's presence
All being offered at once

Balcony at the shore
Facing the eastern sky
Daybreak and waves break
Could I ask for more?

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Christmas Love

I cozy up in my blanket
and stare at our Christmas tree
you sleep next to me exhausted
your even breathing is my song
and calm
my hand on your chest finds your
strong even heartbeat
I lay my head

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First comes the line,

Then comes the sinker/
Dealing with Tony is like dealing with a real stinker !
It's so not what you know,
Rather, in many circles it's who you blow !
Out cooking the books with Tone/
He'll be your best bet for gathering and taken in on a loan,
The pool shark Jones had just left the premises !

Cooking the books now for Tone !

Mr. Jones was sleeping nice out around the Mrs./
At one time he thought he was some contender,

Pressed for questions,
There initial approach was all wrong/
Out there painting the town then sleeping nice next to the fishes,
Couldn't pay that last dinner tab ?
Now there staying late at Sally's cleaning all those dishes !
Loose lips sinks ships/
They still may be tripping with Rosie The Derivator ?

Hence, the given line is being drawn in the sand/
Yet to much afraid to stick it to the man ?
Within time their comes a bit of pain/
Like not having you in my arms is driving me insane !
Two Kanuck's came back from Jersey Shore/
One knew Tone,
While the other was sleeping around with a two bit whore !
He was only half Sicillian ?
Tone took in the first/
The second went away for a ride with Tone !

On a very long ride !

Yet is they really knew Tone,
Loves to cook the books on the side !
Just like he likes his greasy french fries/
The mob still rules !
We have no reason by which to run away and hide !
You can fully trust them cause their family.

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"The Wreath"

The wreath that hangs on your door or your window

invites a cold, lonely soul to come look and see.

The wreath is like the circle of life for

the holidays that makes everyone

just a tad "bit crazy" this time of year.

The big red bow fashioned like

a tie to some colorful, fresh smelling foilage.

"Is it the pine, oak or cedar you smell?"

You just want to look and see where

the wreath will fall this time.

The wreath is a solitary item

that says, "Come, look and wonder

what something plain can be made beautiful

for all people to see."

A sign that cold, lonely souls should gather themselves

and seek out the wreath.

The wreath is one of the keys that will

lead you to a place of

forgiveness, mercy, friendship and warmth. 

"Will you come stay a while?" 

"We are all friends here in need of company."

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Valentine verse

Will you be my Valentine?
I’ll pick my own flowers, drink my own wine.
The red of the wine like the blood of a saint
I’ll be a lion, circling the ring,
Slay me, I’m starved anyway,
It’s only a matter of time.
Ah, for the Roman way of life,
When you can buy yourself a wife,
Or sell yourself as a slave when 
The “good life” is out of reach.
The Vatican will have to forgive me,
Saints Peter and Paul are not on my mind,
Only a saint such as I could find,
With mahogany skin and rose petal lips,
Dreaming of their velvet touch in between sips,
Fantasy aspires to romance,
And becomes its slave.

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October Breathes

October loves me
September baby
Virgo across its face 
Out of it’s play pen
This child 
decides to spin

In a vacant scenery
Thinking back
On what yesterday 
meant to me
He’s going on
It won’t be long
As he’s carried home

Don’t you love me sober
Days I’m drifting
Along In October

She just sits there
Someone hold her
Kiss her sober
Missing all the fun
Just growing older

Flowers ale
Paint you pale
Broken, shapeless
Only strangers notice
The rain 
That follows hail

Jesus Seekers
Leaves bristle 
a fallen preacher
your father’s gone
Running home
No ones worried 
That your gone

Don’t you love me sober
It’s almost over
For days I’m drifting now
Alone in October 

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'Tis the Season

It's the special season of giving and joy
not felt in months of warmth and heat;
TV programs with beaming faces
tell us we are happy;
hassled clerks and confused shoppers
all swept up by the seasonal depression,
what is enough and when do you stop
handing over the plastic?
The season seems to be measured by
materialism and its pseudo happiness;
but it comes to an end when it's 
back to work with budget and taxes
during the in-between months of everyday living.

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New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions made the first of the year,
vague and illusive, significant at the moment
but fleeting as foolish, idle thoughts.
"Absorb and observe" sum up my needs
as I become an element of wherever I am;
perceive the aura surrounding me,
enjoy the soft rain, the warmth of the sun,
the fragrance of nature and its untouched settings.
I will walk and feel the earth under foot
trying to put my thoughts to words as I
seek to become as one with the setting.

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The Beautiful Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree stood proud and tall,
Decorated with lights that sparkle,
The decorations carefully placed on the tree branches,
To make the tree look beautiful,
Many would come to admire the tree,
Carols would be sung,
Stories would be told,
Friends gather and recognize,
The wonderful fellowship at Christmas,
Tea and cookies are served,
Delicious companions to conversations,
The simple wonder of being there,

copyright Gwen Schutz

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Behind the Wallmart

on rolling hills they were laid
given a tomb stone and honored grave
up right and at attention
all standing in formation
on peaceful and silent hills 
they laid
in rows, government issued graves
a place to stay until Resurrection Day
a place with a Name, on visitors day
a place to put flowers
or drop tears on a grave
they lie there waiting, still serving
as hero's are laid
on the rolling hills of Jefferson Barracks
cemetery they lay

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Vacation Loner

Collecting maps
of obscure roads,
the unpredictable nomad
in a plain, gray car
changes horizon as
unknown paths extend the day,
passing by vans into priceless scenery,
ignoring the passing of time.
Thoughts of the shore or
thoughts of the mountains
while escaping the city
bring daydreams of freedom from
meetings and schedules.
Dinner in a diner,
sleep in a guest house,
no glamour, just comfort
and simplicity of life.

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The Children Of The Streets 2 `96

The demon hides off the corner street 
Listening to the little scrambling feet. 
Only the purest can fill its need 
An appetite for blood, transfusional greed. 
Once for love a second for joy 
Thrice to end the lovely boy. 
The blood of life an ecstatic swirl 
Its next victim will be a girl. 
Life passes through the devils brigade 
Allured to death in silent serenade. 
Handsomeness transmogrified the sinister treat 
Darkness awaits the children of the streets. 
Pestilence in vivo death ensemble 
God of Hades sacred evil. 
Devils sibling unnaturally defiled 
Feeds on the loving tender child. 
Once to tempt a second to please 
Thrice to rest the heart at ease. 
Tonight the little ones feel the curse 
Tomorrow to sleep within the earth. 
Beware the night behold the screams 
The demons tarry on all hallows eve. 
The heart is strong the mind is meek 
Darkness awaits the children of the streets. 

Placid Poet
October 6, 1996

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12 Days Before Christmas

shining moment
bright angel
light shimmering
a halo on your hair
I am forever
blessed by this 

baubles dance
on our tipsy tree
we sway too
on a Bing Crosby tune
slightly out of step
but never minding
your heartbeat
is all I hear

time pauses
holding my hand
you wonder
what gift you can give
so filled, voice
stopped by tears
this is the gift
this is all, Love,
that I could want

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Early Morning At Riverside Park

Independence Day is over
A sweltering night has been gathered up and trucked away
The faint fragrance of burnt offering still hangs low
              sweat, of a long, grey cloak.

The park still echos with faint "ooooh's" and "ahhhs"...
lingering in the sultry air, 
and bouncing off the silent bandstand
If you try, you can almost hear the High School band, 
   playing tributes to Souza and the homeland flag

Where eyes glistened and reflected a night sky alive with fire
now, the only sounds are chattering squirrels, 
              as they scurry and nibble on remants of a celebratory feast, 
                  hiding in the dewy grass

The morning air is cool and the ground is damp
Park benches, the bandstand, hilly mounds of grass and playgrounds
                                      abandoned, save of their mourning clothes
Of candy wrappers, watermelon rinds, mustard coated paper plates
Spent sparklers, fire crackers, a lone sneaker...
Where just hours from radios, laughter, cheering, hooting, jeering
Deafening man-made thunder made babies cry
                    dogs tremble, children clap their hands over ears
Now so silent in this early somber morn
The only sound this morning
 comes from a slight breeze that stirs....
   a tossed Pepsi paper cup....
       as it clatters a pop, pop, popping it hops
                        among the dried, brown leaves down a hot, empty sidewalk...

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Bermudaful Day

“Bermudaful Day”

while lying quietly
listening to nature’s
brilliant multi-colored
medley of amazing
trumpeters arrayed
in a display of
unmatched finery
offering a symphony
of melodic sounds
of early morning
sunrise songs,
each in simple
harmony, singing
forth the glory
of the advent
of a magnificent
newborn day

in the quiet of
a peaceful morn
along a perfect
windswept shore,
nature’s tender caress
of bubbly sea foam
brushing lightly
back and forth,
sunlight glistening
its delicate touch
embracing vivid
blush colored
granules of sand
born of once
unique sparkling
sea shells and
lively coral reefs

on the horizon
ocean waves
are rapidly reborn
as each wind blown
crest forms afresh
soaring high above
in the clear blue sky
gently floating on air
are majestic longtails
their sleek form
flying fast and free
playfully gliding
quite effortlessly
riding to and fro
in a spectacular
unequaled airborne
acrobatic show

at that moment
warm sub-tropical
breezes give rise
to rich seascapes
of blue-turquoise
aquamarine hues,
as tender relaxing
sounds of cool
gentle iridescent
crystal-clear waters
delight the senses
in moments that
take the breath away
enriching the eyes
rejoicing the spirit
far beyond the
windows of the soul

in the laziness
of the afternoon
softly soothed
by the rustling of
sun splashed leaves
of inviting exotic
tropical trees,
gently embracing
soft rose colored
sandy shores amidst
the brilliant sultry
tropical island sunsets
ablaze across the sky
with a palette of
effervescent colors,
gesturing twilight’s
peaceful arrival

the dusk approaches
signaling the coming
of a silky darkness
only broken briefly
in the subtle glow
of a passionate
dreamy moonlight
delightful chorus
of tiny tree frogs
serenade each other
in blissful harmony
bringing to a close
cherished memories
precious moments
at the end of a
wholly magnificent
“Bermudaful Day!”

© Eugene Harvey
© All Rights Reserved

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Broken Promises of This Year

Hello New Year
I heard you'd be comin soon
At midnight I waited 
Standing under the sparkles and gleamers of hope
Counting down the mistakes of 2011 
Counting up the calories of a resolution
Better luck next time 2013
Here's to you weight watchers
I guess I didn't do so good just watching

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porch swing

the cold came in
like a sideways glance 
from a once spectacular friend
it froze my movements
just as the labrea memorialized
the bones of other
trying beasts
with thick,

to shed such matter
in such a manner
is difficult at best
easy at worst

i cannot help but to think
of the last star in view
just before 
the death of the old
giving way to
the new chrysalis

developing new
forging methods
in the midsts of 
all the crazies
and megalomaniacs
washing tides tell me

i've been all of the above

just a look
at me
i still love me
i am here
despite everything

society beats the skatt out of people
it doesn't matter who you think you are
you are human
you feel

i am humanesque
i resemble something that remembers

let's go-
don't give away your given place 
to the fools waiting
for your  compliance

shriek and call out into the darkness
to fish for those  who are neccessary
to get us
out of the b.s. swamp


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Holiest of Nights

A star did shine
on the holiest of nights.
Down on shepherds
came the bright light.

Above a lowly manger
into a world full of danger.
Came the light unto all men,
the keeper of peace within.

The babe born and wrapped
in poor swaddling cloths.

Cherubim and seraphim
thronged the cold air;
announcing their glories,
and gift sent by
heaven above.
Wise men still wandering
on the endless journey.
Guided by the bright shinning
Star in the East.
Heaven declared him the one
called Wonderful.
Born in Bethlehem 
 this night.
Behold the beasts of the
manger bowed their knees
To worship at the foot of
The lowly manger of
the Christ Child.

9:6  For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon
his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The
everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

To view this in presentation for Christmas visit this link for art and music!

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The leaves fall.
The crisp air blows against my face.
Autumn is here.
Summer is over.

No more heat waves.
For now its going to be colder days.

The leaves make a crunch sound as 
I walk on the sidewalk.

The wind quietly howling

Its the season for holidays.

Kids running amok dressed like heroes or monsters.
Or freaking out in joy while watching a scary movie.

Later its the women in the kitchen cooking the turkeys
making the mashed potatoes and baking the rolls
The men watching football.
The kids watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Autumn is peaceful
Autumn is quiet.
Autumn makes me feel warm inside.
Even if its cold outside.

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In His Heart- Christmas

In His Heart

I can see it in your eyes,
feel it beating in your heart.
Where does it end and start,
the heavy sighs and reasoning.

They fill the Holiday seasoning
with silver bells, drink, food, and merry.
People who would not stay up in prayer
with you for the lost and hurt.
But made it to the Christmas
morning bonanza at 1:00 A.M. for
those expensive sales.

Spending beyond their means for
some electronic gadget that will rust.
Tossing the left over penny change
to the bell ringer freezing outside the door.
Some  will be at the Church for Christmas
dressed in their very best.

I see it in your eyes Lord and
feel the beating of your heart.
The sadness is you been replaced with
shopping madness and computers, gadgets
that rust your Birthday party they forgot.

For the real reason for this CHRISTmas season
was your birth the one of light in
a world of darkness.

Word CHRISTmas is done on purpose to show the true meaning for this season.
Merry Christmas PS Family.

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How to change the world

If i had a million dollars
every three months
and my job was to spend it on awards for those
who do random acts of kindness and good deeds
unknownst to them they are about to be rewarded
i would take pride in my work

Soo what some Hollywood actor won the same prise as they did last year
and i saw them in fifteen movies that sucked

but this
this is for everyday people
not a radio show of how many worms you eat
but me handing out awards
to those worthy of an award in the communities around us

many can apply, but you need all the proof
I will need lawyers involved to verify these claims are true
perhaps letter after letter could be investigated
or hey maybe even if instead of studying the community to see how generous it 
what if someone opened the door for you and they got an award for door opening 
and a prise!

thats right folks
just by living your life and being nice
my prize patrol which is set off only when you pull off the secret surprise holiday
that the riddle of the music industry and movies challenges society to pull off
then money bags comes out with his prize patrol
and the surprise holiday of
door openings for each other
house buildings
letters written to others worthy of being recognized wether it be for writing, pottery, 
or just plain common decency

and the object of the game is to pull of the secret group effort
the music and media persuades in the music
near an existing holiday for points, or around a time when it is needed

so I'll need a bank
i don't think society can pull off
what id have music ask them do
and then if they did
my awards and prise patrol
and no one would know
because it would all be covered up in the holiday magic
but yet
it would be all over the newspaper
and the television
instead of watching the same fifty brilliant actors slurr the next sentence they 
don't mean
nor care for as they slave away
and they are eligible for the same awards as everyone else

There Einstein
If i had 4 million dollars a year
at least
id take you all on one heck of a ride
but you better think twice
and you better be nice
or money bags will  give you fifteen minutes of fame
but you have to earn your award
your prise
and your fifteen minutes of fame somehow

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Sounds Of Christmas

Like a picture postcard,
The choir stood in front of the Christmas Tree,
The lights on the tree sparkled,
The tree stood very tall,
Memories to be written here,
Traditional Christmas Carols were sung beautifully,
The seniors in the audience,
Delighted with the performance,
An afternoon come to life,
The sounds of Christmas,
Blessing us all,
Peace on Earth and goodwill to mankind.

copyright Gwen Schutz

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Succulent Mangoes (Whitney)

They grow on 
Short and tall trees
All year long.
Their juice so sweet,
For everyone
Who loves tropical sweetness.

© Joseph, 11/14/07
© All Rights Reserved

The Whitney poem is a titled, syllabic, one verse form created by Betty Ann 
Whitney.  It has seven lines with a syllable pattern of: 3/4/3/4/3/4/7. The form can 
be written with or without rhymes.

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Hey there, whatcha lookin' at?
Yeh, you in the shadows, pretending like you're reading something.
That's right, YOU!  You DO recognize me eh?  Barabbas!
The meanest man in all Jerusalem!
Ya heard of me --right?
Remember the big uprising about a year ago?--That was my doing.
Perhaps you recall, I also murdered that guy.
Boy, he had it coming-he sure did!
Whazzatt? You thought I was still in prison?
Well---------I was until about  five days ago.
Suddenly Pilate releases me in response to the cry of the crowd!
(Mebbee you was part of that mob!?)
Seems Pilate releases one prisoner each year at Passover.
This time it was between me and some Nazarene guy--name of Jesus.
Anyway, here I stand, a free man!
Whatcha say? What happened to Jesus?
Well I can tell you it weren't pretty.
First they mocked Him( He claimed He was some King dont'cha know)
Then they beat Him, pulled out His beard, and whipped Him.
I saw Him pass by carrying the heavy cross-beam.
He looked at me...and there was something about His eyes!
Sounds strange, but I actually felt like He loved me.
So I followed the procession to Golgotha where the Romans crucified Him.
It got so very dark--at noontime mind ya--and stormy too!
He called out,"Father forgive them!"-- then He bowed His head and died.
Well, they took Him down, and buried Him in some rich guy's tomb.
But yesterday, I heard people claim that He was risen!
Now His followers are telling EVERYONE that He is alive!
And--He will give eternal life to all who will come to Him.
That's where I'm headed now, to find out more information.
Ya wanna come along?                                                    Charlie Pelota 
Happy Easter all.

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Those Left Standing

Memorial Day 2000 Dedicated to Those Left Standing Written: by Tom Wright 5/8/00 Monuments, Fashioned of assorted granite stone, Neatly standing, As if in manicured rows; A memorial, To friends and loved one's gone, Their numbers uncontrollable, For each year it always grows. Oft times from deep in solitude, In sadness, I'm reminded, And at mere sight Of one small flag; I swell with pride And oft by tears am blinded. Desperately trying in my spirit, Not to brag. I, in deepest thought, On this 2000 Memorial Day, Am silently taken back To the place of Flanders Field, Where neat white crosses Stand by the way, As if cloned, among red poppies, It's only living yield. I see a Moving Wall Meticulously chiseled in granite black; Bearing Viet Nam casualties, Each, remembered by name; I think of those yet living, And about their lack; As for their treatment, We all must share some blame. Those, perhaps, Once forced to fight a war. Said by many, To have been unjust;. But duty bound to country, In that land afar, In God's hands, Put their lives and trust. To those of Desert Storm Having experienced combat days, I shall endeavor to remember Those who fell, And those, Yet baring scars of war in another way; Those haunted by tormented faces, Scud Missiles and deaths smell. Hero's who served, And gallantly died; To those I cannot express, The trappings of my heart; To those who served, And returned with pride Let thanks, gratitude and prayers, Be my humble start.

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My Greetings To You All

To all friends upon this site I write this poem for you.
Down through the years you have held me up and
has helped me to make it through.
You've laughed with me and cried with me
Even taught me how to write.
When my days were looking grim, you made them look so bright.

To write your names one by one I know I would leave one out.
So I send this message to all of my friends-I love you all without a doubt.
May your Christmas be very happy and cheerful as it can be.
And May the New Year bring joy and peace,
and our love draw closer indeed.

Merry Christmas to All and May You All Have a Prosperous New Year.

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Merry Christmas, Dad

Merry Christmas, Dad
     by Amy Swanson   


    I always think of you
           every day...
              but holidays like this

can make it a little harder.

I hear the Christmas songs of cheer
     see the lights up in the square
           the busy murmurs of people
               shopping for their loved ones...

It seems almost perfect.

The tree, the lights,
      the gifts,
          the songs and plays
              joyful vacation days;

but something's missing.

The voice that rang throughout the house
      Christmas season
            singing triumphantly, beautifullly
                  "O Holy Night"

I still can't listen to that song
    without hearing
         your strong voice
               in my ears.

The hands that wiped my tears,
     wrapped my Christmas presents
           made his special "banana pudding recipe"
                left me letters from Santa.

Oh dad... how I miss you.

I know they say time heals
      and life goes on
          and all those other wonderful cliches
                 that people always tell you

simply because they don't know what else to say.

I will never forget you - my hero, my protector.

I speak of you often
    to my own little girl
         want her to know
              the grandpa she can't meet yet...

the grandpa who would love her so.

Dad, you are always in our hearts and minds,
     I never got to say thank you...
         for everything.
              for helping me to be

the woman I am today.

I look at my reflection in the mirror - I can also see you.
   I sing my songs - and I can also hear you.
       I laugh... and sometimes I can hear your laughter too.
           My daughter smiles at me... and you are in her smile.

I wish that you could know how much
     you've always meant to me
         and all the things that you have done
              to shape my life, so positively...

But all that I can say,
        is this:

Merry Christmas, Dad.

I love you.

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The forest of Christmas trees

The sun rose in bouquet of sunflowers
It shone effervescence into the silent night
The moonlight and the stars where excused
The mood of the weather bliss
The smile of the wind blew a kiss

The seeds took to the soil like mother’s milk
The wind of jingle bells like feather dusters cleansing the air
They’ll grow into a forest of yearlings
This year, yearning to be ploughed by Christmas
They’ll yield all our wish lists
Into presents at the root the trees
Into the sweet taste of dreams coming true

It rains once a year from clouds of happiness
The sun shines down love all year round
For the perfect conditions conducive,
For growing fruit of joy all around the world

The forest is both magical and spiritual
It’s evergreen grazing for his reindeers
Trimming them into perfect cones
It’s Santa’s best kept secret
His most treasured of tools
He spares no effort to protect it
From the loveless deforestation
For if the lumberjack had his way,
Where would he leave our presents otherwise this year?

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Watching Lonesome Holiday People

Always seeing them no matter where I go,
Expressions same as one seen every morning in my mirror.
Some missing those lost while others hope for just anyone,
That sorrow unable to hide even behind brightest smile.

Standing in midst of millions yet still feeling alone,
Maybe this is that hell that so many mortals fear.
To die then waken forever to be all by one's self,
Would that not be greatest punishment one could endure?

Commercial Santa cheering child mortals with unreal dreams,
Another lie which does not prepare them for adulthood.
To wash young brains so clean and then bury them,
Only to see them rise like Lazarus into carbon copy parents.

In that end one has simply fooled with their own fool,
Isolated within a being which is always in denial.
To grasp that one comes in alone and then leaves alone,
This is most magnificent truth to ready one for eternity.

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

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A Memory of the First Sunday in April

Day lilies assorted and bright
With flox flowers purple and white
Crisscrossed expanses of soft green lawn
Thus was my first April day born
Palm branches the worshippers brought
Lining staircases and streets
As they ought;
Red Cardinals, Florida grass, hydrangeas, lavender
Scenting the air, aurelia and ferns; violas and shrubs
Daisies yellow and deep purple hues
Flowers abounding through maiden grass white
Doves and holy wells, seekers of light.
Steeples and places,
Seats of gold –
Vestries in ancient wood
Respected of old
Stained glass windows
Altars and naves –
Bright with daffodils
Poppies and haze
From fine water sprinklers
Fronting white towered cathedrals
Or plain wooden benches and Methodist places
Scurrying Baptists, hiding the faces
With cloths and white linens
Of embroidered laces
Peonies pink,
And look there fellow –
Lenten roses in mixes,
White, green and yellow.
Tennis courts and fancy fountains
Ornamental grasses
And pampas white
These colors, and flowers and other signs say:
“It’s the beginning of Holy Week
 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord
 It’s Him whom we seek.”`

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December Pictures

fog licks the cedars
with a lover's tongue
and a mobile of geese
hangs over the mountains
you play air-guitar
homage to a decade long gone
as your son sleeps
against my shoulder

heart of the artist
eye of the beholder

a millennium is poised
in the balance
as fireworks mock
austere and distant stars
we twine cold fingers
in frosted darkness
while one tear for past and future times
slides to oblivion

eye of the artist
heart of the beholder

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I'm always Single on Valentines Day

You know something funny,
And a little bit sad?
I'm always single on Valentines Day,
Every year, without fail,
I'm alone on that day,
For all the romance and love,
I'm single that day.
It's not I don't date
I've had plently of boys...

And that allusions a lie,
Unfortunatly, just like the day.
I'm always single,
On Valentines Day.

So this year I'm scared,
See there's this guy I like,
We've been dating for months now,
And he's really my type.
I like him, and love him.
I don't want to leave...

But something inside me,
Says something I fear;
That I'll be alone on Valentines this year.

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Memories of this Year

The fireplace now all lit,
the warmth brings memories
of this year with you.

Holly now strung all down the rails,
But the moments I adore of
Christmas is time with you.

Others are rushing into
maddening crowds.
Breaking the checkbook and
spoiling the meaning of this holiday.

But for me it is the ray of hope,
that heavenly link in the rope
sent so long ago.

When first as a child I stare upon
you in your infant form beneath,
the tree in a wooden manger.

Low and behold, I did not know
how important that first sight
would become in my life.

But sitting here with you
In spiritual presence,
Is the best Christmas present
I could ever long for this year.

Having you near and communing
over all the joys and memories together.
Thank you for this Holiday Dear Lord Jesus.
My prayer is all people come to know the
True reason for this season.

Christ Jesus in You, With You, By You.

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More Special Than The Rest

Christmas decorations throughout the house
Tree is up with white glittering lights 
Sweet pine smells permeate the air
Stair case decked with garland green and red
To welcome all who enter here

Red candles lit create an atmosphere
A dream-like fantasy garden here
Hung upon the tree top high
Is the brightest shimmering glittering star
All to celebrate our Savior’s birth

Quaint ornaments hang with genuine love
For loved ones here and far away but
There is one more special than the rest
Labeled “Prince of Peace God’s only Son”
A welcome to our humble home

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the anthem of what you believe in,
holding on to what is true, good, and important!
like a miracle waiting to happen,
we are all here to see it deepen.
without pressure to stress in,
no more lack of faith or unworthy desires.
a change in what really matters;
will all the joy and pain that comes with it,
we stand prous to stay here waiting,
time after time for you.
when true admirationis not good enough!
it doesn't end when you fail,
it's just an escape to find a better way to succeed.
to believe in more than our capabilities:
to undergo extreme measures,
not forgetting the just and the fair.
the true meaning of rising up to the anthem you fought so hard to believe and keep.

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God's Grace came to us

He came to us in a lowly manner
a child born, as one like us

He grew in strength throughout His years
doing as was expected, learning and teaching

Living a Righteous, Forthright life
Leading by example, spreading His Light

Loving, healing, and raising the dead
Christ showed the power from above given Him 

To us daily without fail, He showed God’s love
yet we rejected Him and all He taught

Obediently in all ways, He gave himself for us
upon the cross ... we felt He should be

Yet in His suffering, pain He called out 
on our behalf He asked for forgiveness

When it came time, He surrender His spirit
hanging on the cross limp and bleeding

We think we killed Him with the curse of a cross
our small minds could not see that He gave himself

Put in a tomb, giving up all hope, Christians cried
several saw that the grave could not hold Him 

Christ Jesus rose in all His glory
Showing the love of the Father above

Demonstrating the power of God and
once again showing us His love 

Our cries were heard by the Father 
Jesus ascended, and the Comforter came

Our faith, our sorrows and in our obedience
We will be lead by  the Holy Spirit’s help

For the path is narrow and few find the way
as we follow God’s Word, by His love

His grace and the Power of Holy Spirit
we will find our way to His arms 

So sing 'Glory' in this time of the year
for our Savior and King was born!

Merry Christmas to all mankind!
may they find their way to Him.

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Before the Deluge,
God had forbidden
His chosen people 
to eat animal flesh...
it was after the Big Flood
that He ordered Noah
and his family to eat it.
Why be reluctant to eat pork
on New Year's Day...
is it dirty and disgusting?
But isn't poultry or beef
any cleaner that pork is?
Let me have this tasty meal,
and ridicule those who won't:
hypocrites, I say shamelessly....
don't call me a guiltless pagan, 
I read from the Holy Scriptures
as God spoke so adamantly.
Let me have sour kraut
and black eyed peas along 
with red wine and crunchy bread:
to celebrate what the Lord created
and the Earth abundantly gives!

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A whole new year is on the horizon

A whole new year is on the horizon 

Written By Dean Masciarelli

December 31, 2009

A whole new year 
is on the horizon 

And two thousand nine 
will soon be 
coming to an end 

And twenty ten will ring in

When the clock strikes twelve 
and a whole new year will begin

And my greatest wish 
for you this coming year 
is that you are all blessed 
with true joy and happiness

And a year that is filled
with many 
miracles and blessings

Happy New Year everyone

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Weather respite
Now just winds and minor flooding
The human animal begins to believe
There is a God after all
Oil and dirt soaked snow outside doesn't look so bad
After all    a spell indoors has restored
Pride in living
Floors swept
Everything meets the eye dusted
Hot tub after
Hot tub
So?    gained a few pounds over
The holidays
Hell!    One feels like walking
The mall
Grocery store
Restore depleted stock
And more.....
After sales
And after    after    after
After maneuvering the aisles
After slushing through streets    parking lots
After the impersonal experience renews
What's new -
Same old adrenalin surge
Same rejection after
Same morbid insecurity
Back in the hole again

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The Way I See Halloween

Signifying the season One that my heart follows Flowing through my veins She laughs at me And my desires Trick or treats lasts only For as long as dusk But then the real life Of Halloween begins Even days before The love is shown The house full of Delightful pumpkins Carved in horrid faces Witches potions around With the hats to show They were there The skeletons baste In the yard Glows under the moon Spider webs spread about Mummies sit on the porch With the many pumpkins Of the Jack-O-Lantern sort And with the skeletons Are the scarecrows That hold the ravens That follow me around Lights are eerie And turned down low This night keeps me up With its electrifying show Dancing with the evil Only found on this night Brings a subtle joy inside No man can comprehend It’s truly amazing The enormous feelings That ghosts feel too This is why she laughs at me
Russell Sivey

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The Christ in Christmas

Oh!!!! I forgot the new playstation
The I-pod as well
Hell, don't even ask me did I get the new I-phone
There is nothing to return because it was never brought

But I did remember on this 25th day...
The newly packaged love
Wrapped with a great bow covering U.S. to Japan
So the whole world can see

No, it didn't cost me a thing
It was free, and please don't call me a cheapskate
I got a bargain of a deal
And so did you

What does it do? well, it creates
An image of serenity that I believe 
We all possess
Every year when we should upgrade

Technology makes us downgrade instead
There is no version 6.0 or any of that
But here I hold my heart
And please pass it along

So that many will remember
What I couldn't give you in the physical
I will always bless you with love
Because of this date on the 25th day

May you see why Jesus was born and died
So that every year when the Christmas rush
Steals away the momentum
He has reminded me of that gift 

He was holding it for you all year round
You won't see it or hear it
But know that it exists 
because he gave it to me as well

I will always be able to send it to you
Even  on the 26th when you try to return it
You'll find no reciept 
For the cost was never there nor a price

On love

P.S. (please keep love and harmony respect and empathy the real gift of this 
season even if you don't believe in God himself. I hope everyone has a beautiful 
holiday and a prosperous New Years as well)

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Soldiers Of War

Soldiers Of War

Soldiers of war what can

I do to show you I care?

Seeing streams of flaming

flares on the TV screens,

reminds me of warfare.


My mind drifts to thoughts

you scared out there.

How I yearn to reach out and

hold your trembling hand to

provide relief to your sweaty nightmares.


When you come back angry

and hostile from your tragic

memories I want to show I care.


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....and the show must go on....

                Circus troupe at county fair
     jump through hoops are dogs that dare
        painted clown big shoes that smell
        showers water from flowered lapel
            bearded lady house of mirrors
      changing shapes of those who stare
                 freaks of nature entertain
         beguile the crowd without explain
                 all for laughter all for fun
       as "pow" pops out from phony gun
          elephants in colored costumed
                 lion tamer to the rescue
       man with helmet shot from canon
              into a net for safety landin'
        no escape from three ring circus
          caught the hype to entertain us...

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The Poet

We all look out at the austere scenic view

Away into darkened silence to summon its approaching few
Some may even insist on writing a haiku?
Others ponder or relinquish to disagree;
The poet writes to expose the lie,

A light fabrication as the time passes by;

Yet the poet can visibly see where others clearly can't...

Out of darkened caverns with very trim decorum,

Still the poet can see what no one else clearly can't...
Has a very keen eye for detail where as others;
Well, others clearly don't understand?
As in the likes of a Pound, Ashbery & Whitman,

There's clearly no need by which to pretend,

In rich, texture tucked away;

To dream the impossible dream or neglect to waste the day...
The poet then looks arbitrary;
The poet looks again at things with a deeper eye,
An eye by which to sing as in a song;

As a song that can ever be sung
The poet then looks intently into the craft he wishes to support;
In branded ivy twisted off the cork
In desolation the thrust of shock
In motives of anticipation when one thinks a lot
In a promise that was made in the dark has come to its fullest of light;
In anticipation to never give up on the fight
As an eagle soar to domains out of natural sight
The poet looks again intently by which to pretend
With sullen wings in flight to forget the night
Shades of grass within orchards grasp 

The poet still dreams of better days never getting lost in its purple type haze
Shattered glass out on the parchment floor lest to find its decor
Shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning call to live the dream
To never look back at its proverbial plow

The poet is me & the poet is you
Blackened hearts in memory beneathe its borrowed pew
In sunlight the divination again sets in;
The promise of a better tomorrow or that in Summer to begin?

The poet can dream at night in distant flight;
To touch its empty swell between the lines
A hand to hold with only one to bind.
A heart to discern its peril intention,

The poet will soon learn an ellaborate invention,

Yet we all must siit back & wait in deep anticipation?

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Mom and Dad Christmas Eve

A warm fire, briskly burns,
in our fireplace surrounded by stockings
you can smell the scent of cinnamon as
heated apple cider, warms on the stove

A large, soft bearskin rug rests,
on the floor in front of the hearth
the expression on it's face, not a holiday smile
yet not angry enough to spoil the moment

The kids have long since gone to bed,
wondering, just what Santa will bring
while Mother and I sit quietly together
warmed by the fire and cider being sipped

The lights on the tree are twinkling,
in a multi - colored array of Reds, Blues and greens
that seem to make the garland shimmer
as it touched by a rainbow

Christmas music playing softly from a CD,
singers, singing of Chestnuts, Coming home
White Christmas and a Jolly old fellow
as Mother smiles, gently as she listens

I feel her hand, slip into mine,
as she looks at me with the love
we have shared for three Christmas' now
with the same sparkle in her eyes

As the fire dies down, we see that,
the time has slipped away, to early morn
we decide to curl up on the bearskin
and add another log to the fire

Wit anticipation that the kids,
would soon awaken us with the
wonderment of the day, Christmas Day
these thoughts as we drift off to slumber

When we awaken, we find to our surprise,
that the children, had awaken, come down
but instead of waking us, they curled up
next to us, and fell off back to sleep

We wake up, long after dawn, fire died
the smell of cinnamon, still clinging in the air
children are awake now, presents being opened
we realize, how joyful the season really is

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Blessed Days At Christmas

The building is an image of Christmas,
Senior living excellent and refined.

Blessed days of appreciation,
The Christmas tree stood tall in the hall.

Decorated with beautiful lights and decorations,
The cafe has a welcome Christmas appearance.

Santa lives in the dinning hall,
Delicious foods are prepared with the friendliest staff.

The smiles that greet you here everyday,
Makes your life as a senior citizen special.

Relatives come to visit,
Reunions with those you care about and love.

Guided by God,
Churches and Christmas Carols.

Sung by a choir,
Good deeds at Christmas.

Blessed days guided by the Lord,
I am very thankful.

copyright Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

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I'm going to find the most Easter eggs
They're painted pink, white, and blue!
I know he hid them for me, Peter Cotton Tail-
Up and down he hid them-hopping down the trail
I can't wait to find them..saved one for you.
I saw one under the base of the apple tree
Must run..hurry..and pick it up
Wait I see another under the old blue cup!

Look in my basket I've found seven or eight-
Grab your basket ,move aside, I mustn't be late.

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Left And Right

 Left And Right 
Left And Right 
Highway Walkway 
Right side is an English way on the left is European 
Left in England right in USA. 
In France is it the same as English men or Us the Usa? 
In Belgium is it same way? 
Germans are the best way. 
Flower trail my way. 

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A deal-killer was needed to prevent a disaster,
the service company couldn't exist anymore
if the president hadn't taken a lower bid;
it had relied on the work force for over twenty years,
and it could have hurt the employees who needed an increase,
rather than the employer who had a constant cash flow.

They had to make a choice...accept and sign the new contract,
and stay in business for another five years, or more;
from the looks on everybody's face, it didn't sound pleasant,
but who would  have chosen the unemployment line? 
The employer felt terribly for the bad deal-killer, but also a relief
saving thousands of jobs around Christmastime.

To compensate the workers for their loyalty, the employer offered them
a monthly bonus and open overtime for everybody willing to work hard,
so that deal-killer proved to be extremely beneficial... 
coming at a time when extra cash could have brought more gifts
that they couldn't afford in the first place, had the deal-killer been denied...
and they wouldn't have wished one another, " Happy Holidays! "

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If it were any warmer,
it wouldn't feel like Christmas;
the logs wouldn't crackle,
gentle mothers wouldn't read,
" A Christmas Carol " to their children...
watch how they smile, everything is magical!

If the snowman and the reindeer 
weren't on the front lawn, with lights shining
on their frosty faces, nobody would stop by and look
and admire a wonderland miniature!
Come and I will invite you in for an eggnog,
hot coffee, or tea...taste my cinnamon biscuits! 

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I Fret the Holiday Season

I Fret the Holiday Season

I invited it in:
insipid, insidious 
holiday hoopla;
and now rue 
my indolent heart
As time escapes
I inveigh aloud 
a tirade of syllables 
that berate my 
irascible self

I pine for insouciance,
iniquitously doled 
to some
not to others,
and wear the  ignominious 
crown, self-bestowed 
upon my head:
“Intransigent Queen.” 

I’ve only myself to blame.

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A Fine Carriage This Will Make...

Sized up, weighed, and purchased.
Handled with care and taken away.
Heavy and delicate, quite the combination,
Very prone to self-destruction.

Gingerly set in place, elevated.
Rotated to find its face in the light,
Then stabbed violently.

The sawing motion, the sound, the smell,
All very unpleasant, but the worst is yet to come.
The blade comes full circle now
And the top has been removed.

Exposing the internals, filling the air
With it’s repugnant odor.
Then the scooping begins.

The squishing, the pulling
It’s ceaseless in its cruelty
The viscera exposed to the world
Only to be used for the pleasure of others.


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Like a Christmas merry-go-round
this little red and green leaf
swirled 'round and 'round
in a tiny puddle in the wind.

It reminded me of holiday cookies
sand being the sugar sprinkled
upon it so sparkly red and green
that I could almost taste it. 

I had a red and green parrot once
he was my holiday gift all year
singing loud Christmas carols
of his own spectacular making.

He would have loved those cookies.

Sheila Kathryn Barrera

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The holiday bells are ringing
Peaceful Smiles and Joyful Bringing
All is right this Holiday season
For tis will be the year of giving
Whiteness falls making the mood
Makes all in the spirit of giving
Love and rejoice
For all we see is Whiteness

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Basket of Nightmares

In a dream open of basket of nightmares
My head disjoint from my body
Pie in taste thought is still great
Seeking my rest of half chasing black cat

Let me put my anger seeking revenge
Wear to gather all madness in cone hat
If I’ve ever sail in wind in soul of my children
How I dance in big floor blowing one each day

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Waiting for my Santa request....

Will santa bring my fantasy wrapped
will his sleigh be filled with love untapped
will my hot chocolate drink and candy cane stirrer
be filled with Bailey's to give it a furor....

Will his reindeer be blindfolded remembering the way
will they rush thru snow flurries to get here today
will they be as excited as they land on my roof
be as impatient while they bang with their hooves.....

Does santa still accept letters at the pole
or should I have e-mailed my request from home
however it's done in this day and age
hope he delivers new book with new page....

Will santa bring my fantasy wrapped
rush thru snow flurries,blindfolded untapped
excited,impatient the rush of the furor
while ice crystals dance in icicle mirrors....

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Valentines day let me count the ways

   Dear valentines day,
         I write you a letter to say let me count the ways it sucks when you make me feel 
deprived. It sucks when you make my boyfriend pretend that he loves me with a bundle of 
flowers and a box of candy. I know he'd rather be with her and I know she probably got 
some roses as well. I hate that you make my best friend cry because she has no one to 
spend the day with. She is a vision, a beauty and all she can see is her dateless self as 
insignificant. Dear Valentines day I love how you make " single people" feel like their 
not ok just being alone, when two days ago I could have sworn I saw them at a rally 
screaming independence rules. Now I see them sulking, Their not proud on this day... I 
wonder why Valentines? Why do you make them feel afraid. Let's get to the cheery part of 
this day for all the people who thing I am just being a downer on this lovers holiday. 
All the holding and valentines day cards they hardly mean anything and will probably be 
thrown out tomorrow. But you still make this into a something big, Every broke guy just 
trying to make a living has to surprise his Mercesdes riding girl friend who is so rich 
she doesn't notice the romance is draining. When he surprises her with flowers or she 
surprises him with candle light dinners " they don't even seem to notice that the other 
is trying to be romantic. Instead they say things like" Oh baby I have to work late" And 
oh honey you shouldn't have where's there jewelry"? L-O-V-E a four letter word that 
started this whole thing. If your lucky enough to know how you feel I don't think you 
would need a holiday to celebrate what's already in your heart. I know occasionally you 
forget to say I love you, and occasionally you don't remember Annerversaries but it's in 
there somewhere and I don't need flowers as a symbol that you care. I want to feel it in 
your touch, your compassion, they way you kiss... It should always be filled for fire 
works. So I say dump this holiday and let it sink. Maybe as it's falling some of the 
hearts that turned cold will start falling again as well.

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So many people live in darkness and superstition the web and internet eye am 
certain add some falter in among them let us see just how bad this thing could 
get. The bible verse is plainly written and taken from the context says and yet a 
myriad bunch of people make the evidence all wet Oh they say Judas went out 
and hanged hisself and then they quickly turn the page again and finger falls to 
open page again it says now GO AND DO THOU LIKEWISE? Oh foolish man has 
killed hisself again. When will people never learn the will of GOD? 
It is the sovereign will of GOD that Jesus Christ has come and taken all our 
penalties upon the TREE of sacrifice the Cross has done the work that each man 
could not bring to bear the fruit of love. To refine clothing in the dark to make the 
linens white it took HIS blood. There is almost nothing measures up please do 
some works and fill your cup with pleasant things and love. Feed someone or 
feed yourselves at least with diligence and concrete things some fish perhaps 
some meat instead of bread. Drinks and cookies iff you are rich 
Lay them end to end on tables laden with the rich fatty food of thanksgiving 
and left over candy from your Halloween the candy corn is fave with me. 
But even iff you lay a can of food in front of only yew be thankful that you eat. 
The LORD paid for all the turkey and the meat. Begin to realize it is no parlor trick 
and reach out in your falter to preponderance. 

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Thanksgiving Challenge

Within the autumnal period there exists a special day.
As in the past it was spent doing special things;
Reflecting on past moments and looking forward 
To future moments with friends and family.
Today, Thanksgiving remains true to form.
We still give thanks and look forward to tomorrow.
However, I challenge you this year to understand.
Take a plate of food to a homeless man or woman,
Or, perhaps, invite him or her in for kindness and a meal.
The thanks that you receive would be immeasurable. 
Thanksgiving isn’t reserved for those who have turkey,
it is reserved for those who share turkey, or their time.
It is important that when giving thanks, you must give.
How better to give, than to give to someone in need?
It’s easy to allow family and friends through your door,
but more so appreciated to hold the door open for others.
Maybe, if time permits, feed others in a soup kitchen;
donate time instead of food, yourself instead of a check.
When you sit down at your table, remember those you helped;
they will be thanking you and you will then be able to thank them.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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A Christmas Rose

In the middle of an overwarm

A single yellow rose blooms
from withered leaf and thorn.

Its beauty radiates from petals
brushed with Heaven's gold;

And I am reminded of a star
guiding three wisemen to a

savior born.

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The New Year

Another year offers itself
Like the smile spittling newborn
Gleaming with womb waste,
Ready or not,
The new year teeters through
Love and lessens,
Lament and force.

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Happy Birthday

My 53rd birthday is coming quick
Another year will be added to my past
Another year will be taken way from my future
There aren’t that many left for one to be taken
I wish there was a way to tell how many
There is no way except to wait and see
For now every year it is the same
Nothing ever changes
There will be no cake
No presents to open
My kids will again forget me
And it will be just another day
Maybe a movie or a pizza
Perhaps just sitting around the house
Whatever I do it will be nothing special
It would be so nice to just once hear two words
It would be so nice to hear “happy birthday.”

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If He Kisses Me Under The Mistletoe

If he kisses me under the mistletoe, 
he must want me, I just know.
Don't want to seem too eager,
but, my face will glow, I just know.
What's a gal to do,
I honestly, just don't know.

Copyright McCuen 2009

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Comfort of nostalgia

The rising, into its holder
All eyes a gaze 
Completed, so Dazzling and oh the owe 
The Christmas tree towers above the rest of the room 
Bringing color to the space it looms 
As you look through your decorations you are reminded
Of Christmas’s in the past 
Oh how the years have wheeled on so fast 
Each ornament has meaning 
Each decoration that was given to you by your Mother
Or passed down from hers   
Their memory held in your hand
As though it was planned 
The scent of pine fragrance lingering in the air 
As you and your loved ones create cheer 
Old holiday music that never gets old 
Its then you’re brought back to your days of innocents 
Those childhood days 
The sheer excitement of preparing for the big day 
You and your siblings wild with anticipation
 Freedom from school and gifts and food 
All in the comforts of nostalgia
All in the memory of 
A mood    

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Peace on Earth

When Christmas 
sends peace on Earth,
it must stay here for ever,
because this love comes from the stars.

I wish days like Christmas 
will stay on Earth and never go,
with the bird's song on the snow
while heaven sends its own music.

Laughter and million lights,
like the rays of the star,
like the angel's song
like the wind's soft whisper.

This is Christmas, this is peace,
this is love in our hearts;
for the rich, for poor, for young and old,
God's treasure will open.-

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Just A Bit Of Hoilday Cheer

Just sitting here thinking of you
Having you on my mind,

Haven’t heard from you in many
A week

Now that the holiday is upon us
You were on my mind

I am sending you a hello over 
Many miles far away

Hoping when this little note find
It’s way into your hand

It finds you full of cheer, at this
Glorious time of the year..

When all the Christmas decoration
Line the houses and streets

The Christmas snow decide to fall
To make the Christmas spirit a bit
More exciting

When the time is right for angels
And such..

Your cheeks is blushing rosey

Ah, how I love this time of year!

“Oh how exciting this is to be”


Mother nature decides to help

And make the time as wonderland
On earth

Big flakes of snow just falls with all
It’s beauty..

When you stand under the mistletoe
I want you to think of me kindly and

For am sending you a box of kisses
To last until another season..

But ,I Want To Wish Everyone A Merry
Christmas & A Happy New!

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Road Trip

Always when it's hot and 
my brow is dripping with sweat,
only then is it time for a road trip.

My tires hit the pavement, 
every so often I stop to make a
pit stop and out of a huge cup 
of iced lemonade I take a sip.

When I stop at Denny's or at 
an all night diner when I'm 
finished with my supper, 
I have to leave her a big tip.

Pulling over to pay a toll 
every few miles is such a rip!

Sometimes while you're on your road trip,
you find yourself arguing with your road
trip partner because they give you too much iip.

After a while from being cooped up for too long
and drinking too many RedBulls, I get feisty
and then I feel like cracking my whip!

Then my partner and my pull over and get
a motel room, when my jeans can unzip.

Staying fun is all great, 
but sometime an exciting
roadtrip is just the thing
to liven your life up
a bit!

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It’s December. And bold
Blackberry is young. All freeze nothing a poet can do.
What a winter's palette
Spread out of mercy
Ah, holidays! How sharply
Hearts can bite

With color gray and wave
And evening pregnant with stars
Here and there a dared bloom
In wild-geese high from above, the seasons
Come. Tomorrow
The pleasanter will gentle beam.
 And an old year will be gone.

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All Hallow's Eve

Even with the pumpkins of fire,
it is a spookish night.
camouflage true
A masquerade
of sorts.
barely there
elaborate witches,
with such conviction.
obsessed with
sugarcoated candys.
All set
in the limelight
it all takes place
the onyx night.
stealing time
as they glance,
inspecting them
for vampires.
The time lapsing
is a refreshing
for those who
are haunted 

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From top to top
     of hills we skip,
And back again we came,
Hand in hand and
     Toe to tip,
Now we feel the same.

These thoughts to you
     My friend I send,
We always met befor the end.

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My Musical

A reflection 
Is that enquiry
That touches 
Our past 
My wintered rose
As centered
My prose
My splinter
As the mist rose
The path taken 
The path of that
No often chose
And in the ending 
I say goodbye 
To those 
Whom greet me
The cure 
A smoothly 
Moved cello

Snow flakes
On days 
It doesn’t mist
The spectacles 
That un-flower
My fist
The seasons 
Of my life 
With told 
From an 
Hour hand
Of a glass
That fragilely 
The treasure 
Our collapsing 

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Too Soon I Wake Up.

I dream of a land
To where I love to escape.
There are lizards and unicorns
and a friendly ape.

I travel through this land
with a wink and a smile.
I can pass right through or
stay to visit a while.

A beautiful dream.
Too soon I wake up.

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Christmas Spirit

             To all, Each and Everyone, Individual, Genius  POETS
             Writing the Spirit of Christmas, Heartfelt words of  LOVE
             My Honored, Fellow POETS , Blessings “Merry CHRISTMAS"

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Rat in my head

ruling the world from my living room
a definite utopia we are striving for
all on the same team worldwide
but whats left is the proof of consequence
if you stray a little
if you forget your next line
the act of man

Ruling the world from my living room
a goal in mind, a happily ever after
but we strayed a little
gotta start over
its just not the same
the next movement of soul
don't stray a little

in this line i stand
soo many people like me
know whats going on
the big dream
made our statement
now were on our way
step by step
bouht you the perfect lie
to do it again
the perfect line to do it again

can't stick to simple rules
even when you get a cheat sheet
mastermine for peace
mastermined and deadlocked for peace
don't stray a little
not even a little

masterplan of a holy act
humble our planet
show you what i can do
world on my shoulders is on my side
masterplan toward your utopia
step by step
acty by act
you find yourself deadlocked
dont stray a little
until we stray a little

when the proof is in the pudding
just another black and white day
colorless fabrications
mid day mindlessness
back to the last step
if we can we'll try again
back to the start of the story
blinding society as we swim away
go to town to do our part of what we understand
this is the only way
legendary for controlling the world from my living room

your all deadlocked
gonna do it to you again
sorry for the leash
but the consequences are too great for all concerned
don't stray a little
don't forget to stray a little
shine on until we fade
can't go on
not in this way

From the gutter to your door
don't stray a little
stick to the plan
and we get what we deserve
cleaning up hell is a nightmare alone
long way from home
the gutter says
don't stray from the middle
don't stray from the middle
if you want the angels to shine
just stray a little

the riddle unfolding
boldly onward going
haunting your hair from a world away
tomorrow is coming day by day
we'll never see it again
gone again
never liked it that way
the consequences are great
don't stray a little

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Christmas Eve

I was born with Mary
By my side
With thoughts and lockets
As thoughts get mangled
As Time pulls near
Moments flicker, life-like
Through wine and cheer
Sadness sweeps 
The shore of souls, 
My shore,
As I recall,
Of the holiday mess hall,
I was born
I was born on Christmas Eve
With a locket
With a locket of Her hair.

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Moments pass as they wait
Following strands of braided fate
Slowly moving split cells
Keeping us from shouting yells
Holding for the visions dear
That always start this time of year
To keep me going near
The whisper maker of my ear.

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A True Gift

A gift

Is not to appease 

Is not to pacify

Is not pretence of a loveless lie

It is something true from within

Not an object tainted with sin

A gift is within you

A gift is not just something I send you

It is more than buying a teddy bear

It is something that shows you care

To care, to love with your whole heart

This gift of giving is the start

It is something I made with hands

Something that the memory withstands

It is more than a new videogame

It is something that when seen speaks your name

Because it is from deep inside

Not something you give to bribe

Or uphold your image to another

It is the strange wooden box made by a brother

So when handing yours out

Make sure that this is what it is all about

Cause the person receiving will know

If you just gave the gift for show

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Last acts

How heat of sultry summer's eve consumes me.
Feisty bloody crimson glow ignites a flaming skyline;
dusk radiant decorates the golden amber melt.
Performance interrupted only by whistling voice.

Westward night cloud drifts, a gentle floaty dream.
A melody of feathered choirs gather - 
fatigued; vanishing into the moonlight to slumber.
Delightful promise of attractive sunrise.

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Bobby's Last Dance

Looking at his hands
praying no one noticed
how they trembled.
He was feeling his age.
Life catching up with him.
Needing a left handed smoke.
He had peeked out back
Every one was in attendance.
Nosy bunch. His sisters kids.
Bull dogs he had called them.
The Girls weren't too bad,
he almost liked one of them.
But those four boys. Bull dogs.
Even he had been bitten.
Fighters every single one.
Better left alone.
Made him proud to be kin.
They would argue over his gift.
Him making monkey faces
as they fought to get his dishrags
with his hard earned money
hidden away on the inside.
She always wrapped them for him
laughing together like old times
as they chose her prettiest paper.
He loved her like no one else.
"Oh my sweet sister!" he smiled
thinking about their life. Twins.
Her husband was a wonderful man.
Their love for each other pure.
He had never found the dream
love they shared. He had tried.
God knows he had tried.
"Hurry up!" his Partner called.
"We need you to Dance."
Strut Miss Lucy. A children's game.
Every year they played silly games
But he liked getting the prizes.
With a wink and a nod at himself
He slipped his silly putty
back inside his front pocket.
"I can't wait" He yelled.
He knew he owned that game.
He danced through the house 
down the walkway and across the yard.
Then Bowing to his partner
he stepped out into the joy
of  Bobby's Last dance.

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Lets Share The Gift Of Christmas

(Family and Friendships Formed Of His Love)

The gift I have to share; cannot fit beneath your Christmas tree--
I come to you in the spirit of Love, bearing a gift of friendship true,
In remembrance of Our Lord and Saviour above
I extend a sisterly hand in fellowship to you -- through faith, 
I ask Our Lord to lift you up and grant your every need

Come all ye faithful ~ sing the holy praises
Saintly men and women, as even the angels do…
Oh sinner man, I hope for your redemption too --
While praying and joyfully praising GOD
As He allows us to freely do ~

The Beloved Peace of the Messiah be with all of you
May his Holy Spirit be felt in the hearts of all, so true~
Let the saving Grace of Christmas be remembered every day  
For its the precious gift of GOD above, granted to me and you~
Let's share this gift of Christmas, as our Lord would have us to do…

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I drove

I drove my car
Down to the sea
It was so far
And was not free

My girl would drive
But has no license
We will arrive
Without a crisis

I walked the beach
We went for miles
Was out of reach
And full of smiles

I drove out so far
On my Jet Ski
Felt like a star
Whose ride is free

When I came back
I was so tanned
It was so “whack”
Better than I planned

I drove on home
A thousand miles
And not alone
My wife all smiles

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Grandma's House

Over the river, through the bend, excitement around the way
Cinnamon, apple sticks, sage, and pumpkin pie
On my way to grandma's house for something new this year
Bands marching, trumpets blaring, my oh my
Turkey and dressing on the table along with the center piece
Children running, jumping, splashing in the leaves
On my way to Grandma's house for something new this year
Play tag they ask?..Who's next?..Oh please pick me!!

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Overheard Supposition

 Overheard Supposition 
Overheard Supposition 
Snitching is a crime am eye a snitch my time has got to be worth more than this. 
The boys was simply boys and not real criminals they pitched some eggs Oh 
where eye am amiss at this eye am not sure they are not worry or even sorry or 
contrite they plan on tossing eggs all night  the police they said just barley 
missed catching them instead they are scot free. No one else has noticed this 
eye must keep this information just to me oh happy me eye can just surmise the 
acid test the egg comes flying now at me to hit me in the vest. They have some 
eggs now on their faces they passed the test and toss them useless and they 
miss the elder statesmen on the lawns of all the mansions of the minions as 
they all drive around the lawns and toss those eggs out at us all the eggs are 
useless to be eaten they are tasteless in the grass and baseless as a 
substance they are fun only to the ones who do the tossing not for fun unto the 
millions getting eggs on. 

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Winter's once a year.....

Yuletide log's crackle the fire
as garland of holly duly inspire
flaming spirit encircled in thorns
winter solstice,a baby was born

Reminder of peace and tranquility
harmony amongst all humanity
once a year the dropping of guards
poor behavior temporarily discard

Quiet serene scene of falling snow
untouched in the distance mounds will grow
Virgin's quilt of warmth to earth
while nature sleeps awaiting new birth

Springtime flowers only months away
in the mean time,smile and savor these days
fore summer and fall will be upon us again
as we rush in the madness,and forget our true friend

This inner feeling,of sharing the love
as we're stuck in the crowds that begin to shove
it's that time of year,it only happens once
except,year after year,month's upon month's....

.....this time of year....should be our everyday.....

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I Am Grateful

As I sat and ponder about what I want to say,
I have so much be grateful for on this special day.

I’m grateful for life itself and all it has to bring.
I’m grateful for the ups and downs,
                 even the many stings.
I’m grateful for every test and the lessons that they bring.

I’m grateful for the storms of life that has come my way.
I can sing " Through it All ", 
I have certainly learned how to pray.

I’m grateful for the friends I found upon this very site.
They have laughed with me, cried with me, 
and even taught me how to write.

I’m grateful for all the blessings the Lord has sent my way.
I’m grateful-grateful-grateful  on this 
            Thanksgiving Day!

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Tantalizing torrents

We swam exotic tide,
beneath waterfall froth a tumbling of turquoise-white.
A dizzy scented solace creating
chilled cascade, carrying shimmering waters.

Liquid paradise swirls around us,
twinkling, bubbling and reflecting our passionate embrace.
Exquisite freedom releasing tense moments,
bringing uninterrupted lovers bliss.

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Seasonal Joy

Sweet aromatic scents escaping the entrance to the kitchen
As the warmth of the fireplace seeks out us all
The sounds of games and cheers coming from the TV room
With just an attitude of love and kindness spread throughout

It is a loving time of year as autumn brings with it seasonal joy
Families and friends come across miles to share food, give thanks
We embrace the season with smiles and prayers for a happy year end
As we look forward to winter and the holidays of love it too brings

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With Thanksgiving

Autumn hues of
the turn of seasons.
The bounty of gifts
to reason.

We harvest the bounty
of due fields.
Gather with family
to bless and love.
In Your richness,
we become enriched.

Your love shines down
as you take your place
the head of each thanksgiving
Grace given with
hearts full of Thanksgiving.

Come Lord Jesus and bless
this day.

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Waiting for Imbolq

These days belong to snow and cold.
The leaden heart and ashen skies
Conspire with the dark
That steals the hours daily
Settles us into an unquiet peace.

Showing sense,
Creatures burrow down into their dens
And slip into their deathlike sleeps.

If we could, we'd follow them,
Down into our inner deeps
To dream away the darkness
'Til the first new leaf awakens, unfolding
To greet the first green day again.

But this is not our way,
And so we walk, half conscious,
Treading lightly as we can;
Our Mother resting now,
This is the time to wait
The time to watch over her,
To stand sentinel beside her Consort,
That wildeyed one who fills the shadows
And burns in the blackness between the stars
That shine like ice in silent, absolute Command.

When the Christians hold their Candlemas
We'll light our tapers too.
Within ourselves and across the lands
The light will spread
As the neverending game of Life and Death,
Of Love and Loss,
Is taken up again.

The Wheel rolls on,
My Brethren, my Loves -
Even in the silent dark.

Whisper to one another the words you'll wish you'd said, later
One to another through the sleeping silence
'Til Imbolq comes, my Brethren,
'Til Imbolq comes, my Loves.

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Be Merry

                                                   Be Merry
It’s about the love; love your father, your mother, your brother, your sister;
Love for the children, the have and have not, love for human kind.
  Love the Father of creation; and praise the Son that speaks in our behalf;
  It’s all about love my friends; that’s what Christmas is all about.
I’ve poked fun and pointed out certain negativities of Christmas, pertaining to capitol gain;
But be that what it may love; which I believe is inevitably the concept of God, is my truth.
  So love, having so many varying degrees, allows me to honestly write that I have love;
  So to those who do and do not know me; with love I wish you all merry Christmas

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My Time Of Season


Ain’t it grand this time of

The year..

The leaves of autumn is so


This time of season..

The leaves are,

Burnt red

Orange & yellow

Brown & and a bit of

Fading green..

The leaves are,




All in this time of the


I wish I could capture all

Of nature beauty..

And canned it in a jar..

Turkey and its stuffing &

The trimming...

Pumpkin pie,

Fills the air with the
Thanksgiving aroma..

Grape kool-aid is my favorite



Sitting in the center of my

Dinner table..

I love the season


I love the fiesta colors

And the frost little nip

In the early mornings..

Um um um

Ah, how I love this time

Of season..

So beautiful with grandeur..



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Mystic love

Love speaks of hazy lochs,
stealing dreams
languishing your smile.

Mistaken silhouette vanishes,
dissolves into dusky cloak.
Apparitional insanity attractive,
everything consumed – soulful -
a heavenly trance.

Our gentle embrace ignites as we touch
and amber flame cruelly bakes us,
as hint of monster disappears, un traced

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God's Christmas Wish

A dream?
A talk with God?
His Christmas wish you say?
I have no power!
But He's given you the power
to grant his wish.
It's crazy man!
I can't bring peace,
or stop wars
and I certainly can't
make men love each other.
I can't reduce crime
or make drugs go away.
You said God didn't make mistakes
but it appears he has.
Many times in life,
we get excited over the wrong thing.
His Christmas wish is
something each of us has
the power to grant.
Our heart, our life.
For you see,
if all men's hearts
were truly in tune with God,
the afore mentioned problems
wouldn't exist.

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Permitted Entrance

He stood upon my porch
Poised and ready to knock
Yet, I had to open the door
Before his hand hit the surface
I immediately greeted him,
Asking him to enter, take refuge
From the seasons brutality
“Kind sir?” he started with a whisper
“Why have you allowed me loneliness in the cold?”
I have seen his face many times
But never before now, have I allowed him entrance
I replied, “It was fear, fear for that I did not do, ever before”
“It is with fear now, that I permit thee warmth,
Fear that if I didn’t, all my chances would be gone”
He smiled, placing a hand, gently on mine and saying,
“Fear not, for your heart has always held compassion,
It is with choice that you now share it. May the love
Of the season now keep you warm and know
The new year will be an even better one for you”
With that, he bid farewell and left.
Upon returning to my window later
I could see his footprints leading from my door
To the neighbors and to the many beyond.
Christmas had come in the form if this stranger
Who we actually always knew our whole lives.

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It’s not just any day
but the Day He rose
like a rose blooming
forever, never to fade.

His fragrance fills my life.

Sheila Kathryn Barrera

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A Family Celebration

Laughter is all I hear
The thought of being together is what brought us here

Smiling is all I see
Children playing, running, and being free

The men having a good time and slaving over the grill
The women sitting, laughing, and patiently waiting for their stomachs to be filled

I look around happily
And thank God for my family

No reason for me to be sad
For on this day of a family celebration, I should be glad

For there's so many people; young and old
No matter how young or old, they're all filled with great souls

Everyone seems to be so merry
Sharing bits and bits of good times given by the family

The young seems to be so amazed
From the stories told by the old about the good ole days

I look up and grin from ear to ear
Because I'm so ecstatic to have my family here

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I dreamt.

                   I dreamt of you last night,
                   I dreamt I  held you tight,
                   Idreamt we were together,
                   this day and forever.
                   If dreams come true,
                   as they say they do,
                   then I can see a future for us two.
                 I dreamt we were on our beach,
                 the one thats out of reach.
                 Its in a land far away,
                 but we go there every day.
                Its the only beach I know,
                 were only we can go.
                No one can tell us what to do,
                the rules are made by me and you.
                 We can do what we want and feel free,
                  that is the way its supposed to be,
                  and when I awake in the morning light,
                   I think of the night,
                  and know every thing will be all right.

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Regard the day if you regard it regard it to the LORD.
Regard it not if not regard it then do not regard it to the LORD
A bit of wisdom found from the ancient preachment of the old scriptures people 
preached and lived with stones tossed at them killing them they rose and walked 
and preached among the stone throwers bold. The day is only one. The time will 
pass away somehow no matter what it may seem like the devil won but the life is 
in the GOD not the worthless one. They missed me with the attitude the weight is 
not enough the bump has never come near me that can rally shake me up they 
grab at straws and miss them and then drown. They try to eat me up but eye am 
They fill the cup with excessiveness and cannot make a fist.
They howl at darkened moons on ice planets they miss me with the weapons 
they have formed they falter and they throb in lust with one another the women 
with the women the men with all the rest.

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It is because of our belief in the communion of all the faithful in Christ — in this 
world or in the next — that Catholics pray for the dead, for all those those have 
died and who are being purified (in Purgatory), that they will soon be granted 
eternal rest in heaven with God and reunited with all the saints. 
Halloween is a Christian Holiday. Saints of God living and dead eat bread. 
Merciful Father, 
hear our prayer and console us. 
As we renew our faith in Your Son, 
whom You raised from the dead, 
strengthen our hope that all our departed brothers and sisters 
will share in His resurrection, 
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, forever and ever. Amen 
Prayer on Halloween for the Dead among the living. 
Homily made for atonement and grace forgive the leper that says AMEN. 

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Pebbled Shadows

          at the edge 

                   of the grassy lawn

                               frothy wavelets eagerly lap

                                        at the moist sand 

                     where glistening pebbles

        cast boulders'  black shadows

                     in the late afternoon amber sun,

                                pleasing sound, sighing sight

                                            for the soul's deepest delight !

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Holiday Cheer

On this big and special day
I wanted to say hello


With a bit of Christmas

To warm your heart with
A holiday glow..

And with an  extra touch!

There is a

Accent of Christmas snow
To make you shine with


Will be a  holly jolly time
On this holiday fare..

Standing under the mistletoe

Sending out so much Christmas

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Tis Season

It is the season of giving thanks, of being thoughtful of all those that came before.
The tradtions that are developed and loved.  Food that warms the heart and 
comforts the soul.
Thanksgiving is the time of year for apprecation of what you have.
Of giving thought to those that have sacrificed to give what we have.
Of love cherishing the moments we are given.
There is no better than time than now to stop and reflect on our actions.
Of aiming to be a better sort.
I love this time of year.  The sights of fall leaves, the smell of pumpin spice
 in the air.  The first taste of turkey, the food, the family that gather to celebrate the 
year that we have had.
This is the time to truly look out and see the wonder that is our home.
So A Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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But what of the ham

Hi to you too
Expressions are many
But words very few
You said, you’re leaving
But, never do.
You said, you love me, If not me who?
You said, I am the reason for your stress
You said, you loved him in my favorite dress
Yes, yes for thou curious indiscretions are as
 Rinse able as summers eve and I, am not impressed
By your villainous deeds
You see the pleasures of a man, are simple as the man
Say what you will but, where is my ham?
Merry Christmas

- Fredrick Scott

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June 17, 2007

Sitting on the front porch steps
I looked at the man
The weathered skin
The squinted eyes
Listening to him speak as he stared
Into the distance
Never flinching
As he reminisced
He told me of times past
When he was young
Happy times
The war had ended
He came home to his wife
His first born greeted him

The smile on his face at that moment
Told me all I needed to know
That this man, though strong
Was a person with heart
A person with feelings
That required the many
Touches of life
That only others could provide
Though older now
Not looking like the boy
He described in his stories
The man he was to become
He now resembles
A man of leather
Where nothing could permeate
But I can see how
My tone, my questions
Entered his mind
And how he spoke through his heart

As another father’s day
Comes and goes
I think back to my youth
Listening to you
Your stories
Your music on the violin
I smile, knowing
That I touched you
As the memories
Of you touch me now
I love you
As you look down
From the heavens above
I wish to say
I couldn’t have asked
For a better man
To guide me
To be my father
Happy Father’s Day

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The Clock

The clock is ticking on down

Tick tock tick tock tick tock

The second’s is turning into

Minutes “tis coming forth to

That magical hour”

“Bout time to break out the


The fire works or ready to fire


Welcoming the

Beginning of this New Year

Is fast approaching..

My resolution of 2008

Will not be written in ink

Nor will there be any mind


For I do declare my life holds

Enough of life issues


Rather not start anew..

So, I’ll just remain laid


With a thank you prayer

And see where it all goes

Thank you Lord for this New

Year beginning,

“Hooray, Hooray & All That Jive”

Happy New Year 2008

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Easter morning.

here's a poem I thought I'd write 
                         maybe early this morning or was it last night?
knock knock knock the fourth day of spring at my door,
     opening it I see a familiar friend early that's for sure,
the light of Easter rushing inside,
    the smell it brings and the joy it hides,
the church bells ringing in the distance at the top of the hour,
   baskets fill the house waiting for kids to shower,
March 23 a early Easter on a early Easter morning,
   a day that came a bit fast now sits before me,
the colors of yellow, green purple, pink, and even blue,
   Easter eggs and gift filled baskets for kids, the big ones too.
how dose one day bring so much joy, so much hope,so much love,
  not only in candy and gifts , but in worship and thanks to up above,
you can't beat a day that opens your mind and touches your heart,
  a day remembered it the testament years before that plays a big part,
what was done how it came about, how he rose and how he stands today,
  this day fills me like no other spiritually, mentally, and physically I must say,
Easter... touch life, touch your heart, move your self to tears as well as others,
  take part in this day enjoy family and friends sisters and brothers fathers and mothers,
your kids home and away those who have past who loved Easter day,
  look up to the ski and say thank you lord for all you do and for a gift like today.

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Easter in Pittsburgh

From heritage and birthed love,
Coming together,
The usual holiday,
Italian food – in bulk,
I hope for pineapple bread pudding,
As well as fully intend to joke with the great Mr. Bellagio,
Dye eggs perhaps?
Tradition of course set in stone,
Sleeping on the sheeted couch petting what I love the most,
Warmth and heat,
For Nanook of the North is brittle, elderly, and easily frozen over,
Certainly will see snow atop the hills and mountains,
Primanti’s perhaps?
Shopping is certain,
A brief whisk away by relatives via birth,
This Easter is to be adored,
Tradition set in untouched stone.

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My Easter Joy

Today is the day for family's to share fun.
Being able to spend today with you,brightens my day more than the sun.
Today we don't have to hide eggs or have a big dinner.
We can enjoy each other's company and talk about the good times,
times we remember.
Mom, I rather have your heart,smiles,and company.
Rather than any so called fame, or a bank full of money.
With the love I have for you and my boys my heart is overfilled.
Being blessed with you three is almost to good to be real.
I love you and enjoy you, is what I'm tring to say.
There is no one else that deserves my time and heart, more than you on this 
 Easter Sunday.