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Free Verse Halloween Poems | Free Verse Poems About Halloween

These Free Verse Halloween poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Halloween. These are the best examples of Free Verse Halloween poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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It looks like a simple brownstone building,
Not much different then any other but it’s residents,
Are of the haunted kind, not made of flesh and bone.
In every window a wind chime stirs, gently caressed by
A chilling winds icy finger tips, after all this is known as
The house of spirits.
Witchery or voodoo’s domain, it is a place of salvation for
Spiritual challenged, listen to the beautiful music they make,
Singing within this their walled cage of brick and mortar, these
Ethereal victims lost.
Here in peace they wait for the light to find them, a waiting chamber,
Of the lords misstep souls, those whom walked off the righteous path,
Yet are not without redemptions wanton of need.
Wanders of limbo’s astral plain, seekers whom roam blindly until 
Finding a doorway threshold, then crossing over, into this the house
Of spirits.
A corridors slender passageway, a way stations layover for those tired
And weary travelers to rest until their final journey’s end comes for them,
Sanctuaries power house of the supernatural.
Behind these red doors dare not the mortal flesh clasp the gilded knockers,
For within are things of the unspoken variety, creature protectors waiting at
Bay for the stray intruder to wander forth upon this sacred ground.
Angels kindred brethren whom seek out evil, destroyers patrolling the
Darker shadows for night stalkers whom wish to feast upon the forsaken.
But light’s white power is a mightier force to be reckoned with, and vanquished
Will the devils spawn into the depths from which they came, into the bowels
Of hell shall these demons be thrown into the blackened pit from which they came?
In the twilight’s ethereal hour, a mid-ways breaking point between light and dark,
A shimmering glow strikes this standing watch tower of abandonment’s forgotten,
And heaven’s flood gates are opened unto them, calling these the lost upwards
Towards nirvana and at last know true peace.
It looks like a simple brownstone building,
Not much different then any other but it’s residents.
Are of the haunted kind, not made of flesh and bone.
In every window a wind chime stirs, gently caressed by
A chilling winds icy finger tips, after all this is known as
The house of spirits.



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Rugged ruins crumble silent through the night
Echoes of the dead roam the air
Moonlight vanishes to complete despair
Bones slowly desert distorted resting homes
Ascension of the dead -Longing to live again 

Sands of desert flip the hour glass back
Rugged ruins crumble silent through the night
Echoes of the dead roam the air
Moonlight vanishes to complete despair
Bones slowly desert distorted resting homes 

Taking light from where evil stays 
Feeding away leaving behind a death valley zone
Rugged ruins crumble silent through the night
Echoes of the dead roam the air
Moonlight vanishes to complete despair

Dead souls forsake the common land
Shadowing like Equinox light 
Walking corpse covered in rotten barren sand
Rugged ruins crumble silent through the night
Echoes of the dead roam the air

Upright, forward broken taboo 
Searching for the perfect breath of fresh air
Sounds of symbols march the ground
Searching to find their missing heartbeat
Rugged ruins crumble silent through the night

Ascension of the dead  -Long to live again 
Bones slowly desert distorted resting home
Moonlight vanishing in complete despair
Echoes of the dead roam the air
Rugged ruins crumble silent through the night


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Haunted Beauty


The family had just moved into an old castle in Scotland; 
mother, father and their only daughter, Emmie, that they loved so deeply. 
Emmie was only 12 years old, and so innocent and beautiful. 
One night, she was woken up by a dripping sound; 
an echoing sound of water drops in a sink; 
rhythmic and terrifying. 
She sat on her bed, and suddenly appeared a free floating arc of strange light. 
It's that time of year again: Halloween night. 
Doors flew open and shut; strange voices and footsteps started. 
She was so frightened, that she almost threw up. 
Emmie made the sign of the cross, and plunged into a thicket of thorny wild roses. 
Terrified, excited and ready to run out of the house in 20 seconds, 
she overheard whispering words: "All beauty must die." 
The voice was so deathly, that it sent chills through her spine. 
It did not make it any better that it sounded too close to her ears. 
Her nightdress being torn by rose thorns like papers in a paper shredder, 
she ran as fast as she could; not back to the old castle, 
but away from the creepy voice, and strange events 
in the old castle. 
Exhausted, she searched for a place she could find rest 
"All beauty must die" the voice visited 
her unceremoniously once more. "What do you want from me? 
Is it wrong to be born beautiful? " 
she asked, wondering where she got her courage from. 
The energy to scream or run departed her, 
the moment she saw a woman dressed in white, 
levitating in the air, and moving towards her; 
a horrid face that carried the night's darkness, 
looked decayed, with worms crawling out from it. 
Remember this is a true story about Emmie; 
she gets chills just remembering the events of that night…… 

Contest: Halloween Co-Writes, By Diane Locksley

Poem Written by: Teddy Kimathi and Anne-Lise Andresen :)

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For I am death, the personification of pure evil,
The grand godfather, of legions of unnumbered generations.
Behold thy disciples, baptized beneath my crimson waters,
Of blood.
Then reanimated as the living undead, in mine own image,
These are my forsaken children of the Night.
Kissed by the angel of death, I'm resurrections insurrection,
Spawned in hell a creature devoid of heart or soul, yet do I
Exist, biting at the exposed throat of humanity, leaving it
Drained completely dry.
Does not the white lily turn ember red, within this the
Valley of damnation.
My throne is a black coffin gilded in golden refinement,
Residing beneath the wooden lid, the beast sleeps,
Waiting to be embraced by the darkness of night.
Slowly, emerging from mine cryptic mausoleum,
I'm famished for the taste of the living essence
Of mankind.
A gentlemen reaper of the fallen, deeply do these
Fangs penetrate into the soft flesh of humanity,
Tis a dark blessing's supernatural gift, have I been 
So given, to take life then to restore it.
Raw beasts of instinct, clinging to the ethereal
Moon, that hangs above illuminating this,
Our unholy abyss.
Welcome to a shadow nation of the unseen,
Whose roots extend backwards, to an older country’s
Unconsecrated soil, called Transylvania. 
On mine legacies crest, a red dragon with talons
Extended reaches out, grappling for powers control.
For I am Dracula, born of royal blood in life,
But in death I am a king, let these castle walls
Bleed on forever, and the hounds of hell,
Sing outside my rod iron gates.
But beware mortal flesh if you so enter,
For I will enjoy every trespasser,
Whom dares to venture within my
Sacred territory, with a fiendish smile
Upon my hungering face.


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Carving the pumpkin, oh such fun
How they danced when dad was done

Twisted mouth with large, black eyes
To scare the kids, then pumpkin pies

Hear those darlings on the street
Tiny fingers, tiny feet

Soon they’ll ring the bell and shout
“Trick or treat.      Hand outs!”

But see old moon, he’s hanging high
A big gold searchlight in the sky

Just peeping o’er, the sun has set
With rosy, glorious hue, and yet,

A solar quake now rumbles forth
Spewing flame toward the earth

Those fiery rays have stirred the dead
The night is bright, the moon is red

Check the time – it’s nine o five
Jack O Lanterns come alive

Oh, how they cry, each frightened child
Belegged pumpkins running wild

I’ll tell you how kids went to bed
Twas in the ground without a head

Those empty gourds were hearty fed
The night was cursed, the moon was red

Moo haha!    haha!   haha!   hah OH
Haha!     haha!     haha!    HAH!

Dave Austin

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Along the mountain pine valley did the Iron Horse roar,
A steam belching black demon, burning red hot coals
Within it's steel belly.
Speed's hell bound creation, driven by greed's insatiable hunger,
Faster, faster it moves at acceleration rush, to
Achieve manifest destiny's final arrival on time.
In the distance hear another lone whistle blow, spitting,
And spewing with brimstone's gray smoke.
This indeed is the devil's train, carrying the forsaken,
To the depot of no return.
With a half empty payload aboard, Satan makes a deadly
Judgment call, stoke up those engines boys, ramming
Speed if you please.
Made man beasts are these mechanical monsters
Of destructions, lethal death weapons, chained
Down to the steel rails, and iron pikes.
Ebony stallion's racing against the winds,
As redden sparks sizzle and bite at the crisp autumn
Air, bellowing fumes poisoning the night.
The engineer of the 10; 15 out of Tombstone,
Checked his pocket watch, speaking impatiently,
He did so yell out, come along fellow's, we have a
Schedule to keep, and we've hours behind in our dead line,
So let’s pick up the pace.
Now the devil's train came out of know where,
With hell's supernatural master at the wheel,
Heckling, and laughing, relishing in the carnage’s
Utter calamity to come.
On a lone chewed up mangled piece of track,
Lies wreckages debris blood, flesh and twisted metal,
Lain stewned for miles beside the wild wilderness.
Broken bones, and sheared off limbs, weeping mother's
Cradling limp, lifeless bodies, crying why, God almighty
But the lord and heavenly father, had nothing to do,
With this unnatural disaster, nay the devil had many
Empty spaces to fill, and his passengers list was lean.
So he leveled the crimson ground with his dark gavel,
Taking souls at high velocities supernatural speed,
For this is the devil's ghost train, and it is so
Hell bound.


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In the heart of the blackest abyss, down, 
Down, in fathoms deep crypt, where light
Does not penetrate, and the structured protective hauls,
Of men, are crushed beneath pressures massive
Weight, of the oceans deepest depth.
This is truly inner spaces aquatic zone of the
Unknown, a realm of stilled silence frozen
In the icy currents of the barren straights.
Where prehistoric giants dwell, amongst the
Tidal flow, ambush predators, forgotten beasts,
From long ago, living krakens whom devour
All life, hidden within their dark domain.
In Poseidon's mighty anger, the waves answer,
To his fists of fury, hurricanes wrath of vengeance,
Gives birth to the perfect storms rage, 
Vessels rise and than fall in the tidal surging
Nay do the sailors cry out to the Lord God on high, 
For redemption's salvation, but the sacrificial altars must
Be appeased, by flesh and bloods sacred offerings.
Summons does the mighty lord of the seven seas,
To release the last of the ancient Leviathans.
Two thousand hands, of a thousand dead men,
Heave and pull at the tethering heavy chains,
To this devil of the depths cage.
From within interments vaulted keep,
Captivities living spawn from hell, is 
Unshackled and released, to reek havocs
Devastation above.
An aquatic spider, a maritime widow maker,
Flexing and in-flexing, its body’s motions,
Towards the surface, in pulsations rhythmic
Orchestrations, the gray giant is ready to strike,
With its killing arms extended wide, to grapple
At its unprotected prey, to engorge itself with
All living matter that it surveys, within its icy reach.
As bubbles shoot upwards breaking the waters
Surface, suction cups and talon claws are drawn
Outwards, aligning his eight legged tentacles of bone
Crushing death, behold the Giant Squid, instrument of
Lethal torture, a living killing machine from the fathoms 
Deepest depths.
For it is the beast, the true essence of evil
Incarnate, and none survive its destructive wrath.


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In the name of blood, for it is the source of life itself,
Plasma's crimson essence of liquid infusion, to the undead's
Pulsating heart.
Intravenously feeding cravings passion, through the carotid
Artery at the throat of humanity, thou'st not love, suffer
The pleasure indulge the pain, the out come shall be the same,
To be embraced by the black ebony arch angel of death,
Release thy darker side, let the instinctual behavior of the beast,
Know freedoms unshackling at last.
Become one of his sacred disciples, a creature of his dark dimension,
A kindred being, unto the legion of the night.
In the moon's elliptical light, shadows thus move from 
Left to right, shifting as transparent figures, phantoms of
Illusions, taking winged flight, soaring on the currents
Of air mingling with their ancestral brethren, the vampire bat.
Run does not the lone wolf, along the side path next to man,
As we do so walk amongst them, yet never attempting to belong.
Oh are we not the a shunned, the accursed, by a God known
For his forgiveness, to love all living things under
Heaven, but for us this mightiest of lords, turns
His gaze away, not acknowledging our existence.
Our we not his lost sheep, missing from his flock, why
Does not this Sheppard seek this black lamb’s wool,
Is it too coarse for weaving's wheel, as it spins thus
And is it not said that he created all life within his image.
Nay I pray this vamperic prayer, why has he abandon
Us, the darker of his creations.
Behold the unascended, begging to enter beyond the gates
Of light, children of the lost are we, seeking a father blind
To his responsibility.
Harvesting, by the basic instincts given unto us,
Taking only what we need to survive, for this he has turned
Against us, and thus taking the light of day with him.
So my father of damnation's hell, has offered salvation's
Darker domain as a sheltering harbor of comfort, I will not
Abstain his patronage.
For I am the ashunned, living by the moonlight's haunting glow,
Yet yearning to see one last horizons sunset, but the Holy Father,
Hears not my humble vamperic prayer.


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Whistle does the lone desert winds, flowing downwards from
Boot hill cemetery, in icy chilling breeze full of echoing voices,
From the past, begging for redemptions last chance of salvation.
Roll does the crimson tumbleweed, towards the ghost town known as
Tombstone, a monuments graveyard to the old west.
In this rock cactus garden of venomous vipers, did the righteous
Live, amongst the uncivilized lawless, in this wildness country,
Of the unbridled frontier.
Blinded by greed's lightning flash, for quick money and easy cash,
Did the earth expose evil's shining metal, silver, from deep within,
Accursed is this place, purgatory's hell on earth, its deadly soil marred
And sanctified in blood sacrifice.
Left to the scorpions and rattlesnakes, as the only living inhabitants,
Ramshackle buildings remain, abandonment’s delinquent tribute
To a once thriving community.
But after night fall, others come forth, crossing the threshold of the
Nether underworld, the gun slinger, the gambler, and ladies of
Reputation's ill repute, claim this desert real estate for their own
Dark amusement park, still whooping it up at the bird cage theatre,
Indulging themselves. In all manor of seductions insidious erotic acts
Of depravity.
The condemned soulless walk these dusty sandy streets of limbo,
Forever banished are these bastered son's of the gun. Or until the last
Shot is fired at the O.K. Corral, on high noon's final sunrise.
Satan is the lawful sheriff here, in this the territory of the forsaken,
And his loyal deputy the Grim Reaper controls the posses of the undead.
Riding against the redden moon, seeking any innocent soul trying
To escape from this desert prison.
You've drawn the dead man's hand my friend, if you find yourself lost here,
For the condemned show no mercy's reprieve to outsiders, the screaming
Souls shout from above, run lone cowboy run, and don't look back,
For the devils possess rides behind thee, and the dark lord,
Takes no prisoner's alive.
Whistle do the lone desert winds, flowing downwards from
Boot hill cemetery, in icy chilling breeze full of echoing voices,
From the past, begging for redemptions last chance of salvation.
But light concurs darkness, and death's icy grip fades at the 
First rays of sunrise, and all evil must return to their crypts
Beneath the earth, from the dust from when'est they came, 
Until the next moon's rising, then wide will the gates of hell,
Swing again, releasing the germinate residences of a city,
Named Tomb Stone.


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Lightly the rain falls upon the lamp lit streets, the shabbily dressed figure
Walks with an air of uncertainty down the cobbled stone streets, leaning,
On his rickety cane, the elderly gentleman huddles beneath his umbrella Of refuge.
Shadows of the tenement brownstones line the edge of this rough necked
Part of town, here is the sheltering halls of the forgotten do dwell, the poorer
Venue that slum lords build their fortune’s foundation’s upon.
The gentlemen approaches his own dwellings dormancy with hesitations
Beating heart throbbing within his small fragile bent frame, for he knows
Tonight shall be his last night on this ethereal plane of existence.
For one last moments belief reflection he remains completely still, just to
To feel the autumn breeze against his bare flesh, to hear the rain drops hitting
Against the window panes, and to bid his final farewell to humanity.
Taking out his keys with his wrinkled twisted hands, he unlocks the doors
To his apartment, turning around to look outwards the gentlemen sighs, it has
Been a hard life, but I’m resolved to meet the next adventure, then he shuts
And locks the tenement’s door.
Weary from his days traveling the elderly gentlemen, climbs his steps upwards,
Towards his little room in the back area of his apartments, then he sits at his office
Desk for the last and final time, now to complete my journeys final entry, he thought
To himself this writer of the super natural’s acclaim.
Dipping his quilted golden pen into his ink well, the master writes one last line,
The end, or is this just the beginning?
Clumping over, clasping upon his desk the elder gentlemen’s heart lies stilled
As if at perfection’s final rest, his golden pen now runs crimson, bleeding downwards
Across the aged parchment paper, dripping onto the old wooden floor boards below.
The office door blows open a tall figure thus so enters, dressed in a raggedy robe of black,
Thread borne and full of tares and wholes, the creature approaches the dead gentleman,
As if in a screeching howl, the Grim Reapers touches him, ripping his spectral spirit
Free from the fleshes boney shell.
I’ve come for you old man, resist me not for your sins are heavy, and I’ve no time for
The ranting or ravening’s last pleas for salvations from one such as yourself, I have no
Last wishes qualms my friend, take me at your leisure, for I’ve grown weary of this life,
And it’s lonely emptiness.
Then the room grows cold, the ethereal disturbance ends as quickly as it had begun,
Leaving only the shell sitting at the old wooden desk, what happens when the writers
Golden pen runs crimson, bleeding downwards across the aged parchment paper,
Dripping onto the old wooden floor boards below?
The world of humanity thus so weeps for him, for he is the grand master of darkness’s
Written word, the skilled craftsman’s whom reveals what lies beyond the darker realms
Ebony gates, by his darker words of wonderment.
Farewell Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, we shall miss you always, you whom welcomed death
So easily, but the world of men is left empty without thee, as thy golden pen thus so
Now runs crimson and lies stilled forever.


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Wrought liquid metal, hued in the fire's of hell,
Pored into a castings shell, then hammered well,
By the angry fists of Satan himself, behold the skeleton key.
Accursed by evil's malevolent spell, one size fits all,
No locked doors can resist against its turnings twist,
Opening unto the supernatural's mystical power, and unlocking
Humanity's hidden passages and darkest corridors,
Leaving no secrets left unspoken or in silence.
Crimson blood spewing forth from corrupted key holes, oozing
Downwards unto the floor below, staining ancient
Tapestries of the royal gentries, and the upper classes refined.
Skull to the cross bones, it possesses a will of its own, 
A vile living entity, with its own consciousness.
Molding, reshaping itself at pleasures dark whim, 
Feasting on hatred's malice, then releasing it unto the world
Of men.
A twisted wanton thing, laughing with intentions cruelties,
And relishing in our agonies pain.
But Homo sapiens are a curious species, never realizing when to
Leave things well enough a lone.
We must know what lies beyond that forbidden
Door, where mankind is not allowed to trespass.
In these dark places of shadows ethereal, it rocks in a fetal 
Ball, a creature, waiting to be disturbed, go then seek what lurks therein,
If you dare, only the key knows what it really is, and it laughs,
At our ignorance, mocking us in the darkness.
Four it is the beast, chained and shackled within our worst
Nightmares, a fierce devilish demon, that pierces through the
Darkest of night, to hunt the innocent souls of wayward men.
You've have ventured to far, beyond thy safety zone of no return.
Four death lies in those reddened eyes that watch you within 
The darkness.
If you move it will attack, motions movements attracts
Attentions reactions, so remain frozen there is no safety's retreat
Thou'art trapped, again the key so laughs in the abyss,
Mocking at humanity's ignorance.
Shaking with anticipations glee, it begs the next
User to place it into the key hole, of the unknown, come along 
Now what can it hurt, just one little peek, let’s look beyond the crimson
Door, as the skeleton key heckles with unbridled happiness.


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Beware, out-Lander for thy tread on the sacred ground,
Of Louisiana, guarded by the ghosts of the Mississippi,
And here the dead tell know tails, of the living's returning,
After adventuring into the darkness of the night.
Rattle them bones, sister voodoo woman,
Black magic's high priestess, cast asunder the 
Ivory teeth of the white devils, across the streets
Of old New Orleans, behold the ancient city of lost souls.
Hidden beneath the glittering mask, of La Carnival,
It is the celebration of the dead, my friend, and faceless
Figures, do toss the beads of evil, to the lustful
Crowds gathering, for Mardi-Grad's extravaganza.
Phantom walkers, without names or emotions, spirit stalkers,
Roaming the old French quarter, seeking to catch the
Innocent traveler unaware and unprotected. 
A wall of realism and illusion, thin is the veils that divide
Light and darkness, sheer vaporous mist of transparency,
Existing in this the forgotten realm, where southern
Comfort invites the living to visit, but never allows them
To leave alive.
As the flickering rays of twilight fades, swallowed whole
By the spectral invaders, the creatures of light seek refuges,
Holy places, as the church bells ring, calling unto the innocent
Make heist to salvation's shelters of grace.
In he city's center, lays a dry leathery organ, sunken
And misshapen, feel the rising, the awakening of the
Heart of evil emerging, its veins arteries made of 
Cobble stones brick, thus are the webbing's of streets leading, 
Unto the deadened heart, metamorphosing it alive once more.
Slowly bloods spiritual essence rushes through
These ethereal veins, reaching this source most
Evil, it owns this city of lost souls, unto the tolling
Hour of dawns first rays of light, crossing the horizon.
Red bricked buildings lay side by side one 
Another, in a design of Gothic manipulation, feeding
Stations made cozy for the living and dead to reside
Within, as the crimson curtains blow freely from the 
Inside out, welcome my friends to the French quarters,
The threshold's crossing, between life and death.
Hear the low thumping of the Jamaican drum,
Mixed with African tongue, chanting in rhythm's
Echoing breeze, softly spoken in whispers are the spells
Of misfortune, a vow's crimson promise, written in blood
Long ago, a demonic pack made between the spiritual native
Inhabitance and the dark heart of the Cajun Bayou.
On bloods throne the Grim Reaper does so sit, next 
To his bride, the Queen known as Mrs. New Orleans,
Both laughing in tandem, with the musical chorus
In this requiem of the dammed.


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From behind the crimson curtain,
The skylark sings within her
Gilded cage of musical notes,
To please her dark lord and master.
Beauty's prisoner of the forsaken,
She raises her voice in clarity's
Beneath crystal chandeliers opulence.
As if a bird taking flight within
Harmonies Symphony.
This youthful diva sheds
Her physical shackles, released
By a spiritual reclamation, of liberty's
Beyond her earthly form.
This mistress of song captures
Liberation’s heights, beyond freedoms
Escape, to soar high above the heavens.
She is set free, released within the music itself.
In the mind of the phantom, he plays
Along with the orchestra of the dammed.
A pianist of great renowned, with loves
Sweet melody, is inspired by jealousy’s
Conquest, she is his, always and forever.
The dead’s musicians, play on, with their
Instruments precisely in tune,
A delicate balancing, is each textures
Movement, it is harmony's perfection,
A Graceful sounding, carried across the
Stage of this twisted tragedy.
On destiny's piano the grand master sits,
With his candelabra lit, from loves eternal
Flame of desire.
It's light softly flickering, by gentle winds
Breeze, calling her name, Christine.
Oh angels of mercy, here the meadow lark
Singing, beneath the cobbled streets,
And sawyers chambered walls.
Love's prince does slay the beast,
As fire shatters the opera house, leaving
Nothing but ashes residue behind.
Yet in echoes voice, he screams by nights
Breath, her name once more, he calls unto her,
The phantom of the opera, Christen.


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In the cradled of life's dark garden,
It dwells amongst the murky waters
Behold the creature from the black lagoon.
Nay what is this creation, neither fish or 
Yet a blending of both, a high bread's mixture,
Intelligent, and cunning, the last of his species,
To survive.
Brought unwisely did men, bring beauties
Forbidden fruit, unto this lost oasis of Eden.
For alone sentinel awaits to partake in such
A luscious morsel.
So does it not say in biblical text, go forth
And multiply, by a driven basic instinct he
Cautiously watches from the thicket brush.
What a graceful motion moves within the
Jungles domain, 
She swims idle caught unaware, the bride
To be herself, charms him with every stroke
Across this lake placid.
With Chameleon like stealth, the groom appears,
Taking his prize to their cavey honeymoon retreat.
So tenderly he greets his mate, from shocks
Dreamy like state she awakes, and recoils in repulsion.
No love's scorn, and tragedies broken heart,
Can do more damage than rejections expulsion.
Bullets may have cut the flesh to the bone,
But was it not beauty, which killed the beast,
And the last sight he saw, was his love in
Another's arms.
So ends natures final verse in this evolutionary
The creature from the black lagoon now lies
Dead, upon this tragic stage of life.


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Is it simply just a wooden music box?
Charming the human soul, with its melodic undertone,
What a hypnotic melody it so plays, enticing the listener
With its delicate waltz' sweetly strumming, exposing it's
Mystical quality of the supernatural
By its spiritual essence attractant, I'm thus so memorized,
A ballerina dancing in step, with the spell cast upon me,
Thus do so I spin, on this stationary pedestal, unable to move
On my own volitional power of chose and free will, 
I've be consumed utterly,
By the haunting tune, compelling me do its evil bidding.
The notes grow slower, unwinding until perfectly still,
But I'm not in a daydreams nightmare, I suddenly realize 
This absurdity is reality, has become real.
I'm that tiny figure within a child's musical box,
Frozen in stances freeze, unable to cry
Out for help, for made of wax am I now.
Then the lid is gently shut upon me, and in the
Darkness a sadistic voice, heckles and mocks
Me, speaking in musical notes it sings a deadly
Lullaby, rest eternal my beauty for you belong
To me now.
I've become a play thing to be tormented,
Languishing within this jewelry box.
Caught in this land of giants, whom wind
These musical chimes, to join me as a 
Prisoner's collection, of a thief called music.
Whom orchestrates this symphony of the demonic?
I dare not ask, for the voices anger would
Ravish what little is left of my humanity,
So I smile, and I dance at its pleasures
Whim, but within my soul a flickering
Ray does burn still, and it is called hope.
The music screams in terror's disbelief,
For the giants house has caught in flames,
And now he is the prisoner captured
Within a wooden tinder box.
I do so smile as I myself melt away,
Listening to the voice begging for help,
But no one comes to aid such evil as he.
But I am free at last, and except death
As a comforting friend's reprieve,
From the beast, is it just a simple?
Wooden music box.


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I hear the doorbell ring and I rush to answer it The heavy wooden door creaks and squeaks and groans My face is a ghostly white, you can only just see my eyes and mouth The children scream loudly and drop their bags of sweets in fright Terrified they flee down the path not pausing to look back I grab their sweets and quickly slam the door I dash to the bathroom Twenty minutes is up and its time to wash off my face pack Hee hee hee it works every year Jan Allison 5th October 2014

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Trick or Treat

The rubber soles of my sneakers scrape along the sidewalk
as I go down the streets of my small hometown
with only a flashlight and the dim streetlights to illuminate the darkness
I walk my way through piles of scattered dead leaves
jack o' lanterns smile brightly as they sit in window sills
hanging in trees, white sheeted ghosts are stirred by the chilly night wind
paper cut-outs of black cats, witches, and jointed skeletons decorate doors
my vision is distorted by the eye holes of my mask
I can see just enough to find my way to a house
my sneakers thump up the wooden porch steps
with a cold hand I reach out to knock or ring the door bell
I say those three words which earns me my first treat of the evening
no harm done, you will get no tricks or mischief from me
then it is on to the next house and the next welcoming porch light
as Halloween night nears it's end, my bag of treats starts to feel heavy
my feet are tired and sore, yet there are still a few more houses to go....

I hope I can relive these sweet memories someday, with my own children.

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the night after Halloween

 the night after Halloween

 walking home from a lifeless downtown
 I see a poorly made skeleton
 hung by a noose
 blowing in the wind
 tied to a tree branch
 older than I am
 as leaves dance around my feet
 until I kick them away
 and silently wonder
 "How often do people lie to themselves
 to move ahead with their lives?"
 There are no more hills to climb
 No more childhood mountains
 to conquer

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Bad Jack

There’s nothing all that scary about a jack ‘o lantern. It’s just a hollow pumpkin with customary mouth, nose and eyes carved to form the usual wry face. . . Imagine that same pumpkin on Halloween night - lit up on the porch of some dark and eerie lonely worn out house. And there’s no one there but you! You approach the door but get a strange vibration this is not a house for trick or treating! No one seems to be there, and yet. . . as you turn to go, you are sure that you can see writhing worms and cockroaches come crawling from the flashing eyes and the grinning orifice of that pumpkin face. And you can almost swear, as your skin turns into goose flesh, that you hear that bad Jack snigger, his bright eyes trained on you as you rush off. He’s laughing at the humanness in you.

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Only Leaves

Only Leaves

Their numbers are overwhelming
golden and brown transversing my path.
I abandon every one in each step forward.

Green lives, lived,finally 
fallen to the battlefield of my morning walk,
some burning red, the last fire extinguished.

Others are dry and crisp,
burnt toast of maples,
drifting and rolling as Mariah scoots them.

Is it the wind;
or are these pointy little corpses
positioning for Halloween tricks?

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On the streets of sin city, on the high roller's main drag,
Known as the Las Vegas Strip, a gentlemen phantom
Does stroll dressed in all black attire, striding forth with his golden Cain,
Flipping a silver chip into the air, and mocking at its power.
The devil's agent of deception is he, retaining a list of names
To collect upon, this gentlemen bandit of the forsaken.
He is here on the dark master’s behalf, ready to claim on
The I.O.U's signed by the greedy, and innocence fallen.
Quietly, moving amongst the crowded venues, he waits
Until his lord calls the name of the unlucky, to be reposed.
Dance do the neon lights, flashing towards pleasure dens of iniquity,
As ladies whom belong unto the night itself, offer their
Tokens of favor, for a working man's paycheck.
Black jacks twenty-one, cut those cards, and pass them out
The first timers dumb luck, will deliver him unto evil,
On this walkers dead man's list tonight.
Against the loaded dice, no soul is left unsanctified,
On the sacred green velvet altar, the wheel of fortune
Spins out of control, then hitting the baccarat tables
Wooden wall, someone screams snake eyes. 
Then all is lost, faded are the dreams of illusion, melting away
Into the harsh desert soil, along the road side leading to sin city.
Beneath the arid sandy duns, lies the grave yard
Of the unknown unidentified, a missing persons
Smorgasbord of the rich and infamous, lying right
Beside, the unreported poor man corpse.
This is the Grim Reapers play ground, taunting
And tormenting, those begging for redemptions
Last chance to gain a reprieves pardon.
But when tapped by his golden cain of death,
Your life's essence has wagered it's last bet,
To the winner goes the spoils, and now you
Belong unto the devil.
People say what happens in Vegas stays
There, and rightly so will he agree, with his blackened
Heart and soul, for after all is this not
The capital of hell on earth, known as
Sin City, Las Vegas, Nevada.
The populations of the undead just added
Another’s names tally and the gentlemen
Dressed all in black, is sent a wandering
Again amongst the crowed streets, to claim
Another victim in the dark master’s wrath of


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Halloween Night

Across the land he strides this night,
Amide the living and the dead.
He goes confidently in search of a fight,
Harboring no amount of dread.
He seeks those going bump in the night,
Including the living dead.
Cross bow at ready with hidden knives,
He’ll clear this land he’s said.
Wow to the wicked on Hallows Eve,
Be careful as you run amuck, and hide wherever you will…
For Van Helsings aim is straight and true,
As is his beating heart, a rare few have ever imbued.
And of course those magnificent fighting skills…
No one can ever outdo.
Consider well your choice of path between evil and the good,
For Van Helsing’s waiting right ahead…
To take good care of you.

Contest: Halloween Night

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"Just Four Walls"

I took the pictures down and folded all the clothes...
The carpet seems new where the couch used to sit...
A freshly painted outline used to hide behind our photo...
The plants are gone ,the fish tank is empty, only left
are echoes of our life...
His and her's boxes sit by the door like Halloween candy
ready to be given out..
Where love once rang out only whispers can be heard...
No more lights in the window or a lit candle on the piano...
The welcome mat is all rolled up like so many holidays went by..
One last glance as darkness fills the room, still the only warm
memory is lingering smell of your perfume...

Empty Apartment contest

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The White Pumpkin

The White Pumpkin

A farmer tends his field
Vines grow and wrap around each other
Giant white flowers bloom in the heat of summer
Butterflies and bees dance from flower to flower
Spreading the pollen from male to female
Inseminating to create the next generation
Weeks later the children arrive
They laugh and giggle as they run among the orange pumpkins
Each one takes their favorite home for carving or pie
One pumpkin is born small, oddly shaped with a white skin
It sits alone by the wooden fence as the rest are taken
The day before Halloween one child comes for a visit
Out of the dozens of pumpkins still waiting the child chose the small white one
His parents point out all the beauty around him
The child doesn’t change his mind or his heart
He spoke of the one he wanted
“This one is like me,” he said as he lifted it into his wheelchair
That was all that had to be said
The white pumpkin was loved by a little boy 
A little boy who knew what it was like to be different
He knew what it was like to be loved
And now, so did that small, oddly shaped pumpkin with a white skin

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I creep in at night,
     When all lights are out.
While you peacefully sleep,
     When no-one’s about.
No stars in the sky,
     No fresh baked bread.

Only you,
     And my breath on your neck.

Hush now child, go to sleep,
     For tonight you will dream,
     And I will creep.
Through cracks in your walls,
     Or holes in your floors.
It matters not, I have trained on scores.

I cut my teeth,
     On bedposts,
     And springs.
I sharpened my claws,
     On cradles,
     And dreams.
I perfected this dance,
     Each child,
     Each fright.
I hope to dance with you, child……..

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October 31

HELLO ; my voice faintly echoes back Hello
Is anyone there? Can anyone hear me?
I stare into the thick ebony chilly mist
Seeing nothing but the dance of Satan's Demons
Grotesque, disfigured lost souls living in their created darkness
Hell's home for all of mankinds lost sinners
As ghastly faces of the past and present pass through me
The haggard grim eyes of my youth pierce my black Heart
This sleleton of a endless Eternity embraces my soul
Come fly with me in the emptiness of Forever
Watch as you vacuously become a leader among us
We applaud how well you carry the sins of your life
You are a distinguished minion of all that is Evil
Grab Your heavy iron chains of sin and ascend to Your throne

I awake in my bed , in my cabin , my soul intact--- November 1

Happy Halloween to all my Soup Family

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Underneath the light of the full moon, a she-creature
Prowls through the thickets wild.
Stalking quietly waiting for the canvas city to
Slumber into a lazy sleep, ever closer silent sleek black
Paws sneak forward ready to draw its vengeance.
She is the curse of the gypsies, made from the
Blood of a crimson star, which split apart and fell
To earth below.
Two small shards burnt through the forest canopy,
And cut deeply into the earth's soil itself.
Creations ground zero, for rebirth leaving behind
Two lunar figures, one of light, the other as 
Dark as pitch, identical twins of a solar eclipse.
Spin did the wheels of the gypsy’s caravan, stopping nearby,
Finding these orphan’s of the skies, they became
Foundling's of the nomad’s tribe.
Oh beauty of the heavens did glow in the light
Of the bright child, as darkness’s black emptiness,
So burned within her ebony sister kindred.
These solar babies grew in power year by year,
Until thirteen summers and nights had passed by,
One day a great storm came to the tented world
Of the gypsies, flashing thunder and lightning,
Burned and tore at the traveling village.
The dark child crouched in shadows corner,
But the child of light emerged willing to sacrifice
Her life for those whom had saved hers.
Ascending upwards to appease the heavens
Itself the storm God, welcomed and excepted
This child of lights sacrifice.
But the child of darkness was angered, and
Took her revenge on the gypsies, vowing to
Leave none alive.
So she follows them, stalking where ever their
Wheels cut into the damp soil, this is the curse
Of the gypsies.
So these nomads must keep moving always,
But on this night many souls shall know pure
For through the thickets under bush,
She waits for the canvas town to sleep, then
Will strike, to satisfy the aching within her blackened heart.
By tooth and claw strike, to be illuminated by
The beautiful face of her sister twin, whom
Weeps amongst the heavens above,
In sorrow for those she herself loved so
Much, are killed, by the darkness of her
Own sister kindred.,
Whom roars with fiendish delight, at her victims
Pain, the black jaguar a lost child of a fallen star.


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A Real Ghost

                                  I'm not exactly very big
                                The little man in my family
                             This summer I will be 197 years
                             I have a sister who is 199 years
                                She is a bit sour and grumpy
                          My mother is of course the world's best
                          she is 248 years and still likes to dance
                    The boss of the house .... my father at 252 years
                             is an expert on telling ghost stories
                      We have celebrated many birthdays, Christmas,
                          Easter, weddings and summer holidays
                        There is one day a year that we like most
                        and then it becomes real party: Halloween
                        Do not be frightened if I come to your door
                           it's only once a year we get ..... Candy
                                          Trick or treat

A-L Andresen :)

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Following You Home

Clink clank clink clank clink clank
slow steady pace, metal hitting pavement
pausing when you pause
following you home, the man is bones

and a tie, top hat, tails, not tap shoes
more like chains, the sound a horseshoe makes
when it hits the stake, clink clank
what does he want, why follow you home?

His teeth gleam of green fire, his hands haloed
by electric blue, he's a Halloween special
turned out just for you, clink clank
he wants to touch you, better run

His eyes are on fire, he's spewing smoke
from his nostrils, there's no place to hide
clink clank is faster clank clank clank
has your breath caught in chest yet?

When he touches you, you'll melt, one touch
you're on fire, one scream from your mouth
brings no one out to save you from his wrath
clink clink better speed clink clink nearer ever nearer

Is it candy that fuels him? Toss a Mars Bar or two,
toss the whole pillow sack, watch it burst in flame
there's a door if you can reach it, just up the hill
huff puff clink clank, there's a door with a wreath

Flowers black as coal, it opens a bit, precious light
spews forth, saying welcome your welcome
if only you can outrun him, outrun the bone man
the man with top hat clink clank clink clink after you

The door widens, your belly hurts, 
beneath your mask you drip sweat,
and just as you reach it, hiss, pain, flame on your back
and from the door, bone man exits clink clank

Two bone men, will take you to the fire
two bone men, don't want your scary mask,
the candy you can keep, your tears mustn't weep
just pass over the pumpkin, they'll be gone from sight.

Clink Clank, phew, bone men, toting pumpkin,
lit from within, their hands holding it, opposite twins
clink clank, they are going, going kabooom
straight into the air, and off to far off moon, phew.

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Going Halloween Crazy


~Ronald McDonald~
Army of darkness
Agony tears of a clown
Creepy kid smiles 
Everyday is Halloween

Rejection outlay
Spell-caster demon terror 
Bloody murder at the fingertips 

Ivory mountain grave
Skeleton terror of doom 
Where's the buffalo? 
Indian masquerade 

Sky full of beasts
Relevant nights of velvet
Entwine by her bliss
Elvira the night mistress 


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Stretching at the very heavens are the braches of autumn,
It is becoming the season of death, and mother natures promise
Of rebirth is with drawing, leaving nothing behind but stilled
 Whispering echoes.
The very ground itself grows fidgeted, as winters icy finger tips
Strangle at earths raw under belly, finally it yields to the pains
Agony and nature lies slain, forced into hibernation’s sleep, until
Spring breath will awaken it at last, with resurrection’s sweet kiss of life
Once more.
A screeching black raven clings to the darkening skies, one by one do
These harvengers of death land atop the trees icy prongs that bend and
Brake beneath their feather weight of distain.
Dark eyed demons ever watching, waiting unto the night takes passion
Of this world of the living, these sentinels of the demonic peck, and strike
At one another with anticipations things to come by night.
A stilled silence blankets the forest; nothing stirs except the creaking of
The ice in a near by stream, on the path a sobering wind rustles at the deadened
Leaves that crackle in the fall breeze.
It so creeps forward the feeling of uneasiness, the soft breath blowing against
The back neck hairs of humanity, a lumbering heaviness boggs down the air itself,
Almost choking the life from all living things in the surrounding venue.
Excited the black birds take winged flight, soaring screeching, announcing it
Comes, it comes!!
Shuttering nature pulls its white snow covering over its very head, she even
Wishes not to see, this true face of evil that cometh forward, the ethereal trap
Door has been triggered, and what elopes onwards cannot be stopped by 
Any powers on earth.
Blow does the trumpets of heaven, angels take to the winds of destiny, beckoning
The evil to with draw, but it mocks at them, screaming in a howling’s rebuking,
I listen not to the likes of thee!!
Then a light unseen for many a millennium comes forward, it is the light of 
Everlasting salvation, then creature of darkness shall thee do battle with me,
Nay I will with draw, backwards from winnest it came it vaporizes and disappears.
In the woods there is a path, never to crossed by humanity, their thou shall not
Step, for the essence of evil’s cold chill still lingers, in the autumn chilling wind.


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Santa's sack of little souls

Play violin,Play Solitude
Play the note of broken voices
Eternal eclipse of my soul
Why am i still hoping?
Last night held a dream
the colour of a sunrise
the fragrance of a jasmine
 and the beauty of a child
Another year awaits
cold snowflakes in my porch
the fluttering wings of
red breasted cardinals
by the window-pane
lit candles on a tree
and carols in the street
Another year i walk barefoot
to the Cathedral
Another year i kneel
Without my faith in God
Another year i return home
to a silent cradle
to a wooden rocking chair
which makes no creeking sound
Another December
blooms with red hollies everywhere
But not here 
Here between the still digits
of the clock
all there is are petals
of withering chrysanteniums
Here,Santa never visits
and Halloween never ends.

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Amongst myths and legends shadow realm,
Dwells an ancient evil.
Beneath temples walls, and shattered ruins,
Beware mortals of what lies within the,
Burnt offerings wreckage.
In a hushed stilled silence, a figure lingers,
On the outer edges farthest fringes,
In the dark recess of humanity's night terror,
Lurks a demon a demonic priestess,
Called Medusa.
Reptilians fork tongue of darkness’s,
Grand design,
Listen not be deaf to her sweet melodies
She slithers side by side as a rattle snake,
Moving in for its killing strike.
A hooded cobra lies behind emerald green eyes,
Laughing with sheer fiendish delights pleasure.
Deadliest of Lucifer's mistresses, she alone.
Waits for her next victim to enter,
This dead mans trap.
Frozen in that last tangible moment of existence,
Life depictions stone guardians, seemingly alive are
Poised in eerie poses.
Cement warriors with swords drawn and
Shields raised remain in battles stance.
A chilling realization is fears last expression,
Daring fools whom see death's reflection
Staring right back at them in the dark.
Fleshes accursed immortalized within
These statues of stone.
Fortune does not favor the foolhardy,
It punishes them by tortuous means.
A doubled edge blade placed in mortal,
Hands does not always yield a hero, or
Step ever so lightly, keep all weapons,
Close at hand.
Heroic deeds deny you this adventurous tail.
For in the hollows depth no spirit escapes,
In her garden most evil,
Beware the wrath of Medusa.


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A Halloween story

One dark and dreary night many, many moons ago
myself and a friend coming home from the local disco
no names mentioned smiling . . .
and in the far distance we could see and hear three girls
laughing and giggling and having fun 

This was Halloween Night or All Hallows' Eve . . .
and so we climbed up the nearest evergreen 
barely breathing, holding our breaths . . .
so they would not hear us and sense our presence
the one directly in the middle as they neared us
in passing a quick clip at the back of the head said 
do you want to hear the screams roaring out of
them away hammer and tongs up the road

We could hear them shouting and carrying on . . .
I'm sure that place is haunted
to this day they tell their story claiming it to be real
well better still was to come for both of us 
laughing our hearts out giggling like madmen
I felt like a gruesome hand of ice just touched me . . .  
the tremors ran down my spine
jolting me in a most terrible way
almost felt like a gripping sensation on my shoulder 
almost falling of the tree with a roar
My good friend starting screaming making it worse . . . 
saying somebody must of touched us the same time
we looked at each other and made a race to get home 
just got really spooked and ran the whole 3 miles home 
in a record time ever saying my holy prayers every stroll of the way . . .
a most hideous and macabre thought -- a ghost touched me 
as the cold ran right through me chilling me to the bone
never was I as glad to see holy water in the house 
I bless myself for being lucky  
never ever have I pulled such a prank 
from that night to this . . .
It backfired on us so we chose never to say
a word about it ever again!!
And now we can only say: BOO!! BOO!! BOO!!
And Happy Halloween!!
Liam McDaid and Gary Bateman, Free Verse Collaboration (October 13, 2014)
(Contest Entry for Halloween Co-Writes, 5 Nov 14, Diane Locksley - Sponsor)

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What lies in the dark recess of the human mind,
That place where we dare not travel.
Behind our daily masks of illusions,
To another realm of thought beneath
Outward appearances deceptive delusions.
Here evil intentions are not spoken or
Shown in spite or malice,
But it exists none the same.
Behold good intentions problem child,
Those whom mean well but they become
Lost in empty corners called envy or jealousy.
Dark venues along life’s highway where
Humanities laws are blurred in lights reflections.
Beings lost within themselves, stand alone
On realities jagged cliff.
The candle of hope will not burn here,
Justices winds blow too strongly against
Truths righteous foe.
Laid slain or clipped creature cry out why.
But light has over come the darkness again.
Behold the golden hour approaches and the
Sun shines across heavens once more.


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From fathoms deepest keep, where man,
Shall not dare go, a white toothy giant
Dwells, with hatred's malice, this is a living man
Eater, whom lies at the bottom of the ocean.
In this striking zone, of deadly encounters,
Here where dead men tell no tails, crimson
Currents of the lifeless, float to the top of the food
Chain, and their last breaths of air explode, as
Bubbles above at the surface,
Leaving nothing behind but a bloody residue,
And the wreckage mangled life raft, and one word
Still lingers on the foreboding breeze, as a screams
Echoing drowns into whispers in silences last refrain,
Nay this aquatic Phantom, called Submarine,
Is the gray ghost that stalks within every human
Beings nightmares, just below the waves of our
Subconscious fears, a demon lurks in the darkness,
Of the murky shallows, waiting to take a bite
Out of us.
A thirty-seven foot killing machine, with razor
Blades of jagged ivory's, moving at velocities mega
Speed, heading straight for humanity's beach,
His favorite hunting grounds.
A leviathan of a shark, highly intelligent,
Circling his preferred prey called man,
The hunter is ready to appease his
Insatiable appetite that is never satisfied,
In a carnivores blood bath of mayhem,
Just off shore of paradise.
In hell's kingdom many souls scream from
Below one word that echoes through the
Chum filled surf above, SHARK.
For these are the latest victims, of
The Submarines wrath, and now they do
So warn the living, beware of this sharp
Toothed Giant!
Look into the black eyes of death, take
Notice if he bares the scare of men,
And notches gouge mark on his dorsal fin,
For than thee shall know for sure, if
It is truly the gray ghost,
Known as Submarine.
If thou’ art sure, than say your final prayers unto God,
And inhale one last deep breath of air,
Than swim away, as fast as you can,
For humanity is now on the menu!


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Covered in the jungles evergreen thickets, beneath
Stones and mortars refuge lays an old Mayan crypt,
And on it is written an ancient curse, dare not enter 
Mortal men, or forsake thy living soul, as tributes
Offering at the altar, of the Arachnid Queen.
At midnight's twilight hour, under the moon's elliptical
Shroud of illusions, is exposed isolation's
Forbidden tomb of evil.
As torches spontaneously combust, bursting forth
Into flame, slowly the grave stone rolls backwards,
Releasing the cold and damp air from within.
Emerging from her unholy tomb, this spider demon,
Inhales the crisp night air at last.
A creature is she the Arachnid Queen, of devils
Spawning between her father of darkness,
And a fallen angel of spiritual light.
Weep do the cherubs of heaven, at her birthing's ritual, for
One of their own was so sacrificed, shackled and chained,
Treated as if an animal of disdain, the Arachnid Queen, 
Clawed her way forth, from her mother’s maternal womb.
As a gifts prize from the dark lord, unto his child
Born from the darker side, is the deadly touch of death itself.
To kill without mercy, with accuracy's pin point efficiency,
For she bares no heart or souls pity.
A phantom of mist is she, without definitions form, slowly
She crosses under the forest canopy, and one by one the
Veils of webbing descend, upon her from above. As her
Minion guardians do weave, each delicate sheath's covering.
Revealing a skeletal shape beneath, exposing a beast of 
Monstrous proportions, behold her eight legs appendages
Of a spider.
But above is beauty personified, shimmering as a goddess
Of ebony black, with eyes the color of sea foam, and red
Flaming tresses that blow freely in the flowing breeze.
With the voice of an angel, she so sings ever sweetly,
This is the gift of her fallen mother, to entice the lustful 
Hunger within all men, to devastations final end.
Waving her teasing finger at them, come hither
My love sick fellow and I'll mend your broken heart,
And so do they come, unto the Arachnid Queen.
Entering her webbing's layer, she takes her crimson 
Throne of the dammed, laughing with pleasures sheer
Delight, for tonight she shall feast upon the flesh and blood,
Of living men, and revel in their screams of pain.


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In late October the reddest moon didn't change its phase,
it remained in the same spot to watch the witches' ballet;
the loud music matched the mood of the mystical night: tambourines
and flutes frantically played; sneers, jeers, giggles of the ugliest witches
mixed with the goblins' roars while they danced around a huge, hot fire.

I smelled a foul odor, the wild dogs feasted on a bloody oar,
" Leave some for us, or we'll turn you into bats! "
the hunched witch snarled with menacing eyes,
but they roared and threatened her with sharp teeth,
then Olga began to speak Latin words to cast  
a spell on them and before it worked, they fled.

Glad that they had left, she dragged the dead animal
and hung it on a long rod to roast on the sparking fire;
hungry witches continued to dance with forks and knives 
in their hands, anxiously waiting for their Halloween treat.  

Written by Andrew Crisci
for Russel Sivey's contest,
" The Ultimate Halloween Contest "
10/5/ 2012

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witches revenge

   The misty dark night lit by pumpkin light

   To drive evil away , candle light an old way

   Witches brews , good and bad they choose 

   Always a woman as oracle from the start

   A Witch giving advise to many in battle 

   Then the day where she was taken by cart ~

   If a confession not made by drowning being nice ?

   The Witch would die by fire not smoke inhaled 

   Burned Alive , to be seen from a pub, a party held

   This Witch, many child  would suffer a severe Death 

   stalks put rightly in place,the fire felt directly on face

   If it be I that suffer this fate , I would curse all whom participate ~

  So when you are out this Halloween, stay close to parents 

  An angry Witch from the past may come to pass, you'll hear screams 

  you'll think it is done for Halloween , you'll be wrong while shaking

  The Witch burned no mercy given, cruel Death coming back a force driven 

  preying on innocence from inherited names , the Witch Blames .

  The Fire , pain , laughing while burning ,vengeance is hers in the making !

                    ~~~this Halloween ~~~

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I am so trapped a phantom princess, on an ethereal plain, spiritually
Forgotten in isolation's domain, in hell's chamber of brick and mortar,
In this imprisonment of the unjust, I'm the innocent accursed, in England's
Bloody tower of London.
Once beauties most desired, men and kings fell before my velvet slippers,
Begging for pleasures tokens, yet I denounce them, for youth's rose I'd not sell,
Except for devotion's everlasting love.
But men are beasts, with silver tongues of deceit, and the blind heart
Hears only the charming words of vow's promises, spoken beneath the
Moonlight's enchanting spell I fell, a victim of this viper's poisonous bite.
So did thus a royal seducer come unto me, and by a jeweled crown,
And golden bands, I believed in this the usurper, of betrayals broken
Blessed in wedding's sacred church, we bowed our heads low, yet 
Next to me did I not recognize, the wolf hidden beneath the royal robes.
In the bed chamber, he sheds his linens of refinement, and then so exposed,
To the innocent lamb, his sharpened talons, ravished by his carnal lust,
A child bride was so sacrificed, upon the altar of passion's desires.
At mornings first rays of light, the mighty cobra left his bedding's nest,
Leaving behind him a slain creature tarnished by his royal scepter, laughing
In harmony's revelry, with his newly weeping court jester, did this king
Of lies ascend unto his crimson throne, ready to seek another's affection.
Condemned and judged by a jury of mine own kinsmen, for falsehood's
Crimes, my destiny’s fate is to be cut short by a doubled edge blade.
Oh Lord let my hearts sparrow take flights heights, and soar unto thee,
On thy far distant shore, but no prayers answer could save me.
Led unto mine own gallows, I'm led a queen dethroned for the loss
Of her own innocence, the black hooded Grim Reaper smiles at me,
I so do stumble, than collapse.
Placing my shaved head onto the anvils cold steel, listening to the crowds
Screaming off with her head, than a sudden crack, and my life is ended.
A phantom princess am I, wandering from the castle battlements,
To the gardens of fragrant roses, but nay not one step further, for all
From my window's keep, the world outside does change, yet here all
Remains the same, repetitions loop of reflective remote viewing,
Reliving the past over and over again.
If this not be hell's vengeance upon me, the accused than what have
I, the innocent done, to deserve such torture.
In the bloody tower, the walls do so bleed crimson red, and ghostly
Images past nay by the window pains of glass, begging for freedoms
Release from shackles made of mists mystical chains,
Pray for them, the lost souls of histories forgotten.

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Hear the screeching of the Nighthawk, as its talons grapple
At the tail ends of the moon's rising, dragging it ever upwards, unto
The center of the blackened shroud, of the universe.
This celestial light casts illusion's rays upon the sacred totem,
Transforming wooden carvings, bringing these honored beings to life,
Wood yields unto flesh and bones desire to enter our realm of reality.
Nay the tribal medicine man, bows and grovels low unto them,
These spiritual sacred brethren of the earth and sky, chanting
In native tongue, welcoming them once more unto the land of the living.
By tooth and claw, taking winged flight, may the elemental essence,
Bless thee, and nature itself give strength to sustain thee, so does the
Tribal elder chant, on the whispering winds, that echo from the
Highest Mountains.
Even do these rock giants, seam to bow, unto these deities of the
Supernatural realm, one by one, that come forth, the great eagle to soar,
The mighty bear to guard and defend, the alone wolf to watch over
His tribal flock and the Wiley coyote with his cunning, and stealth.
Then last but not least the wisest of them all, the ancient being the owl,
Whom listens in the night, hearing all secrets, but when asked his eyes
Do so flash, answering only one word's echoing, who.
Running free amongst the living, these sacred beings reveled in
Such wonderful freedom, to feel the warmth of the earth beneath their
Paws once more, to feel the winds currents beneath their wings,
What proud creatures of the neither realm, to join again
To live once more amongst the world of men.
But at dawn's rising a maiden dressed in sacred white skins did
Appear, calling unto them to return therein, to the totem once more.
All came willingly, except for the Wiley Coyote, for a spirit
Of trickery, is he, nay did he refuse to go.
At this response she the maiden dressed in white skins, placed
Her hands in the air, and began a sacred incantation's chant,
And low did appear within her hands grasping, but a glowing dream
Catcher that seemed to burn with an ethereal fire.
Made of vaporous mists, it shimmered and hissed, as if it were
A rattle snake poised to strike, the coyote back into a thicket of wild
Sharpened thorns, daring it to try and take him.
Again she beckoned him return unto for which you came,
Back into thy sacred totem.
But the Wiley coyote would not listen, the maiden
Spoke with venomous malice, then shaking the dream
Catcher, she spoke fetch him.
Hissing, again the dream catcher, grabbed at him,
Dragging him back within the sacred totem, now thee
Shall stay always my Wiley friend, all the others may
Run free unto the next mornings dawning,
Then all was still, and silent as the sun
Rose on the distant horizon.
The maiden vanished; the people were at peace once again,
But the Wiley coyote cries from within the sacred totem, never
To be released from his wooden prison.


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Sudden Evil

In high school I was bullied by one kid... 
For three years he picked on me, 
made fun of me, 
and tried me on every possible occasion.... 
I am a peaceful man, 
a mediator, 
he took that as weak.... 
My senior year he tried me 
and I put my fist in his mouth, 
he fell back and I repeatedly stomped him until my boys pulled me off..... 
He wanted to fight me because his sister through herself at me 
during the Halloween party the night before. 
I took advantage,
like when lady Guinevere came to Lancelot..
I was Micheal Myers
she was a naughty school girl!!
I did it out of spite,
To provoke a fight.
I wanted to whoop his ass
I was playing football, 
in weight training, 
and hung with the thugs,
My brothers,
the streets were home!!!
I wanted to whoop his ass.
I hit him with a two piece with a biskit...

Jared Pickett

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In a far away secluded place
There’s a hill known for its beauty
But lies a secret that finally revealed
Its haunted, its creepy… wants to know the story?

There were five 4th graders
Joined in the field demonstration in school
They needed fine branches to form a shape
That hill they choose because it’s the nearest
And decided to go there before the sunset

The distance is one kilometer so they walked happily
Before going up to the hill they’ve felt uneasy
Because once they heard that at the top lies a dead body
But they still continue their journey anyway
And saw a wrecked bamboo hut was empty

Going further inside the creepy hill
One girl was beaten by some sticky spider
Everybody were afraid and shouted 
They also heard people laughing at the end

The 4th graders looked at each other and wondering
What they were doing at six in the evening at the wrecked hut?
Three people, two pretty women and one handsome man
Wearing white and seated on a dirty and old bench
They looked enchanting but the children were afraid 

When three people looked at the children they smiled and asked;
“What are you doing here? Its’ getting dark, you’ve supposed to go home”
Shocked for the question they didn’t answer but run as fast as they can
One girl lost her slipper while going down on the hill so she cried hard
They keep on running even if their feet were tired…they were so scared	
The voices were still echoed in the air as they keep running

When they reached home, all of them told the shocking story
Their parents confirmed that hill is haunted for many years already
It’s the city of unknown people because they heard it many times
The children were chilled by the news and wailed 

The five 4th graders never attempted to go there for more than 30 years
But the experienced they truly can’t forget for the rest of their lives
Its Halloween month at that time and its Halloween night indeed
No trick and treats, no pumpkin, no costume but a real experience
The people leaving there know the story and nobody dare to go up
How about you? Want to try to go to the creepy hill too?

Date written: September 5, 2012

Note: the girl who lost her slipper was ME 

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My first and last Halloween dressing up-N

It was in Atlanta 1997 my first ever visit to America
I went with a friend to his another friend’s house
With no real intention of “dressing up” as anything 
But to see and know what Halloween is after all.

There came a beautiful girl Iris and asked me
If I wanted my face to be painted for Halloween.
Nodding I consented I don’t know why till today
She painted my face as nothing in particular.

But, ah, the experience of looking into her eyes
Touching her alluring body almost to the full
And she touched my heart while she painted
It was the beginning of wonderful relationship.

What a sweetheart! What a wonderful Halloween I had
Wherever you’re, Iris, I remember you and send my love. 


Contest: Halloween Of Years past sponsored Paula Swanson

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The River home

It was a home on the river we lived .
It was the ghost of a young man whom had taken his own life.

I still remember the vision of him walking by me with a blank stare 
We,  as a Family of  seven , moved into this river house 
Panoramic views right out to the river , I should mention

I was home alone as a child , looking out at "The Julia Belle Swan " as she went by .
Upstairs in that room as I saw a figure walking by , with very nice features , auburn hair 
I thought he was my older brother , a handsome young guy 

Then I realized the young man was not my brother , a  apparition he appeared .
He was not there to scare or frighten , 
the message I believe he wanted to shed light on, so clear.

He walked right by ,then disappeared through the window, out to the River .

The Ghost knew I could see him , a gift I have been given
when I was a younger child of five , I had once died for a short time. I was lifted by Jesus in Heaven . Death is not for us to decide .

Later in the years we moved from that home , every home we lived in had a story 
or a presence of its own . My Mother had told me later , a young man took his life there .

 Keep fighting your way through life and its despair , 
you are important to someone whom cares .  If you feel alone and want life to end , Please pick up the phone , call anyone ,  call for help , call a Friend .

"This is not fiction , it truly is a gift I have been given "

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wanna come thank me for getting bin laden shot america

or do you want to tell the person whose first name is sang by sinead o connor
middle name is sang by fred durst
and last name is mentioned by fred durst

do you want to tell me, the person you just spent 13 years mad at
singing and dancing to my misfortune
and rubbing your happiness in my face as you exclude me from sex

do you want to tell that person whose name you plastered all over your war
that he had nothing to do with surviving it
do you want to tell that man
Troy Jeremy Nelson
who just lost everything 17 times
to start over
that he was not your allie
in whatever that was?

let me put your name alll over a war
and then wait for your enemy to show up
and ask you
what does that guy got that i don't?

everything now
you murdered my grandpa
you murdered my friends
you murdered my sex life

and you sang and danced to my misfortune to the tune of your lies
pretending i was your friend called an alibi
you didnt bother to even try to keep alive

do you want to come telll
Troy Jeremy Nelson
that your country just did that too
that thats not what happened?

Im not sure how long your going to live that lie
the thousands of people concerned and involved in that persons endless
and i mean endless nightmare
might just come tell you what has been making them cry.....

Happy Halloween tho

oh and p.s.
next time you put somebody else in the middle of your war
to play the victom of that person's nightmare
you caused
take notes to pass into the future
as to what is about to occur
to you
may be a life lesson
to history

Thank you for not caring (sarcasm)
thank you for not answering my letters (sarcasm)
thanks for going the wrong way, in the wrong direction, to do the wrong thing
that whole time i kept pointing out a drug ring blackmarket, you people didnt care 
about (sarcasm)

thanks for calling me a liar as to what has taken place in my life(sarcasm)

so whenever you are free to hand me a bunch of things with your smiling face, and 
names all over them
to make me feel better for the way you treated me
singing and dancing to the sound of getting away with murder
for the miracles youve stolen

my big brother doesn't like to dance around and play house, pretending to be 
someone hes not
in a singing competition, racing against his sense of fear
do you want to come tell the man just tortured by malpractice
with his name on your war in your music,
he had nothing to do with winning it?

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Entombed behind isolation walled
A haunting malice trapped me within.
Crouching beneath shadows shroud,
 Leering eyes pierce.
Through darkness’s pitch black,
Pacing beast intercepting motions,
 Movements, mocking my,
Feeble attempts to evade frenzy's,
Deceptions deceiver, silver tongued, 
Weaver, spewing lies deceit.
Intricately aligning it's widow,
 Makers webbing,
Feasting on innocence betrayal.
Heckling, laughter echoes, against,
 Dead reckoning.
A chilling appetizing, as if pleased,
 At malice’s intent.
Fiendishly, delighting in torturing,
It’s human pet.
A vacant mumbling feeling over,
 Comes reasoning,
A deeper anger begins to rage,
Rebelling against hatred’s,
Horrifying entity.
Motivated to survive beyond spectral,
Hear my disgust, creature,
 I shall destroy thee.
Leave me alone, screaming aloud,
 Sanity's domain gives way.
In musty halls empty hollows,
 An odorous stench.
Fills mine senses,
Cease mortal miscreant,
 None leave here alive,
Shudders blood runs cold down raw
 Veins nerve endings,
A deepening realizations rushes,
 The conscious mind,
I'm deaths play thing.
To be pounced upon, a toy mouse,
 Caught between claws,
Extracting, retracting at whims invoking.
Invisible hands grasp choking life's,
 Breath away.
Feeling every heartbeat slowing,
 Quietly ceasing.
Stinging painfully ringing at ear, 
Shots quivering,
Oblivion's mute murmurs never part,
Lips tightly closed.
Let mercy's fallen be forgiven,
 Released from,
Beyond hells hidden regions,
A place devoid of spiritual salvation.
Foul demonic spirit haunting,
 A madman's kingdom,
It whispers to me in sweet melodies,
Now we begin, and you truly belong to me,
With satisfactions grimace, it smiles.


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Cat From Hell

Cat From Hell Back in the day a young girl married an older man. It was an arranged marriage. She spent most of her time alone in the house. Her husband worked and dranked a lot. One day she found a little black kitten, she took him home, fed him and from then on - he was her companion. She loved him, but her husband hated him cause he was always with her. He would kick him every time he saw him. The husband had already turned into an alcaholic. He did not work much anymore, so he would take any money that his wife was able to save. One day he met a wine taster and brought him home. Right away the man liked the wife and she liked him too. After that he would come over when the husband went out drinkinfg. Soon The husband's friend and the wife became lovers. one day the husband came home early and found them in bed. he beat them up, tied them to the wall, when they woked up, they saw that he was building a brick wall around them. He was burying them alive. The police were looking for the wine Taster. he was a famous man. They heard he was friends with the alcaholic man and went to his house. They searched everywhere. They went to the basement and saw that everything was very clean. As they were leaving - they heard a cat's MEOW and started tearing down the wall. The cat was there with his master. The man thought he had commited the perfect crime, but The CAT FROM HELL gave him away.... C/center> 09/20/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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The Girl

She was very beautiful;
she looked like a goddess.

Her eyes were emerald,
lips were red and sweet;
but her shadow was absent!
her image was absent in the mirror!

Not many people who knew the REAL her,
except for her victims who turned out to be 
like her; immortal at the expense of warm, fresh human blood.

Her heart pulsated in excitement,
as her fangs sunk into a man's neck;
a man who had fallen trap to her sensual nature.

A beautiful girl she was,
but her past so dark, such that the darkness' texture could be felt!

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Trick or Treat

                                                The sky is dark,
                                 the moon and stars are out shedding 
                     its soft glowing light to reflect on all that is in its way

                     The wind is slightly blowing making the light reflected 
                             leafs on the trees dance in the moonlight 

                      The sounds of the night creatures are like a concert
                                      being played for all to hear

                      The goblins, ghost, witches, and warlocks or out prowling
                                    keeping up with all the superheroes

                             Knocking on doors to scare who ever answers  
                         with their bags full of candy yelling Trick or Treat

by eve roper 10/14/2014

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On Halloween Night

It's near. 
But where? 
You can't seem to find it. 
On Halloween night. 

You continue 
Into your home
And lock the door 
Out of suspicions
Thinking you are safe. 

Walking down 
A dark corridor
You seem to hear
A breath behind. 
But no one's there. 

Is supposed to be scary.
But why does it feel 
Like someone is 
Watching your every move? 

Walking to the bathroom, 
You sigh and look in the mirror. 
The stupid Bloody Mary game can't be real, 
But you swear 
You saw a shadow there. 

With a sigh and a shake of your head, 
You laugh it off as a trick of the eye. 
I mean, it's Halloween! 
Of course you'd be scared, 
But not this much. 

As you stand in front of the mirror, 
You feel something touch your shoulder. 
Turning around, no one is there. 
With a shaky breath, you make the worst choice, 
And go to your bed. 

Still afraid, you can't seem to fall asleep at the moment, 
And decide to turn the soft glowing lamp 
Beside your bed on. 
" turning......on the.....light...." 

On Halloween Night, 
You are trapped in an endless Pumpkin March. 
But this parade is just a fantasy, 
Knowing your real body......... dead...........

For the "On Halloween Night" poetry contest.

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Halloween City Style

         Which - 'Witch' is which :)
 when a Bat doesn't need a ball to fly home,
 can’t tell a Black Kat from a black cat in Rome 
 a wood bat has no wings to hit one homer,
      havin' fun, can't stay home alone
   Which Jack Lantern beats a Pumpkin 
 in one’s store hands-down:) a hand crafted,
 one set alone...over any other lit in a window 
             at someone's home, 

   Witch screams from a 'mat' is louder... 
 than a cat, or 'Kat's Tale' when stepped on 
       then asked 'What is the mat-ter' 

 Witch's hungry howls for a 'Black Kat' 
       thirsty to mugg some new Witch... 
 costumed 'City Kat' on some 'White block', 
   draped in a black cape, on a  black pitch
     night, not Knight, all out of candy rock
  Which U hear- Ghostly bats or Witch's HELLO? 
 'WhO' me or BOO; on Fright Night’s city streets, 
     Witch Trick's or treat for pumpkin sweets... 
   which is, also known, in our City as Holloween. 

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The Kreepy Kids

I've been reading more poetry written by the Kreepy Kids,
seeing, feeling the divisions and fractions
of organic formulas rotting back into next spring's soil:

To bare it all on paper.

All of it.

To feel so detached from mainstream goals and societal expectations,
to feel so disenfranchised with all the stupid poofs
leading stupid-poof lives 
filled with stupid routines,
with celebrating holidays all year round(<---- and here is my own hypocrisy) --
holidays registering on the monetary Richter scale
as another expense added to an ever-growing standard of living,
defended by plastic, skipping excuses spinning on gramophones
no longer lined in mother-of-pearl ....

.... that when partaking in the catharsis of the soul,
one doesn't want to be too synthetical about it
since the world is already sickly from so much plastic.

Yes, the plastic lines are pretty to read,
and yes, reality is a matter of perception,
but for some, obedience within creative purging isn't fun,
isn't conducive towards the intended process.

For me it isn't about judgment, 
it's simply a matter of taste 
flowing from me 
onto paper -
flowing in free-form jazz.

Oh wait .... did I change tense and perspective?
Yes, I did. Sometimes I forget how I am also a Kreepy Kid -
if now only a kid at heart.

I do understand, still understand: I go to work, I am a consumer too.
But why not harbour rebel forces in the core,
support guerrillas to fight for the real, uninhibited you.

The Kreepy Kids are part of this chapter's final disease.
There are times when poison is the cure.
Our third eyes are watching the inner and outer world unravel,
choke on the smoke spewing from greedy money-stacks.

(trip-slip, tense-switch, and action) 

I am God's pesticide being sprayed upon logos and religion,
to help save the apple from the meek-weeds,
for I am not a firm supporter of inheritance,
instead believing that people should work hard for success.

If the meek do inherit the earth,
I will sink my fangs into their flesh
and drink until my heart pumps blood
cleansed by a different sort of humility,

staying true enough to myself
that costumes are merely for pleasure, 
not to filter character behind,

because every day is Hallowe'en,
yeah, for us, every day is Hallowe'en.

So we wish you a Mar(r)y-Skary Kristmas
and a Spooky New Year.

"Deck the halls in kreepy-krawlies,
Fra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season to be jolly,
Fra-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la!"

November 5th/6th, 2013


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A Halloween story

One dark and dreary night many, many moons ago
myself and a friend coming home from the local disco
no names mentioned smiling . . .
and in the far distance we could see and hear three girls
laughing and giggling and having fun 

This was Halloween Night or All Hallows' Eve . . .
and so we climbed up the nearest evergreen 
barely breathing, holding our breaths . . .
so they would not hear us and sense our presence
the one directly in the middle as they neared us
in passing a quick clip at the back of the head said 
do you want to hear the screams roaring out of
them away hammer and tongs up the road

We could hear them shouting and carrying on . . .
I'm sure that place is haunted
to this day they tell their story claiming it to be real
well better still was to come for both of us 
laughing our hearts out giggling like madmen
I felt like a gruesome hand of ice just touched me . . .  
the tremors ran down my spine
jolting me in a most terrible way
almost felt like a gripping sensation on my shoulder 
almost falling of the tree with a roar
My good friend starting screaming making it worse . . . 
saying somebody must of touched us the same time
we looked at each other and made a race to get home 
just got really spooked and ran the whole 3 miles home 
in a record time ever saying my holy prayers every stroll of the way . . .
a most hideous and macabre thought -- a ghost touched me 
as the cold ran right through me chilling me to the bone
never was I as glad to see holy water in the house 
I bless myself for being lucky  
never ever have I pulled such a prank 
from that night to this . . .
It backfired on us so we chose never to say
a word about it ever again!!
And now we can only say: BOO!! BOO!! BOO!!
And Happy Halloween!!
Liam McDaid and Gary Bateman, Free Verse Collaboration (October 13, 2014)

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moon rises

In the fall of the golden year 
scudding clouds sometimes conceal my pale face, silent and serene
 then lift revealing big and  bright , orange and eerie 
the moon of harvest fall and Halloween 

 Spring time comes dark and silent ,
I pass quietly thru cool , clear nights
while  flowers bloom and the rains warm the earth
 preparing the fertile soil for my pure white light 

 On warm summer evenings, 
rising huge in the east, all orange and yellow
 I set sail over starry fields and follow the path of the milky way
 feeling young and mellow
 As I float among the cicadas and crickets 
weaving  their magical songs of  harmony and grace 

 In winter I glide brightly thru endless  sparkling diamonds 
 set against the velvet black sky
 creating lovely scenes of frosted fields
 and snow covered  forests 
Sleeping quietly and  peacefully 
while the earth is at rest 

 Thru four seasons I cloak my mother in warmth 
and pale shades of color and light 
 lifting the darkness  and lighting the way 
as I  race swiftly thru the darkest nights 

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All Hallows eve

All Hallows Eve

A fire lit a thousand years ago
A fire that became an inferno as the centuries past
Born of legend and mysticism
Celebrations of the living and the dead
A night when the two worlds come close
The veil a sheer curtain that is nearly nonexistent
Ghosts and witches, spirits and goblins wander among us
Taunting us by hiding just in the corner of our eyes
They just want to let us know that they are here
All walking in an atmosphere of medieval merriment
Tales tells of horrors past
Fantasies allow minds to spin
The truth is hidden in the spirit of the night
The prayers for the souls trapped
The bribes of spirit cakes lost a hundred years past
Candy apples and popcorn balls
Children screaming in fright and laughter
These have replaced a meaning lost to history
And Halloween has come again 

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Dark Blight of Halloween Night

There was a dense fog upon the land
not a fit night for animal nor man...
the moon did change its silvery view 
replacing it now was a blood red hue....

There just beyond thicket of the marsh road
lies the endless tar pits of bubbling black
It has been told that should one fall in it ~
There would definitely be no turning back....

Oh, how the populace did dread passing the pits
for all knew what dwelled within it...
Goblins dared not cross over it... and the vampire bats
would not go anywhere near it...

Even the witches feared this Halloween night,
as they packed their caldrons and potions...
preparing their broomsticks readying for flight...
too escape the diabolical one, known as Dark Blight.

Alley cats sat on fences and drank black draught, tonight
thence, sang they a harrowing song full of fright...
As the draught turned their multi-colored coats
to the colors of pitch black midnight...

The domesticated dogs remembered 
their kindred brother wolves....
Soon they gave chase to lost souls,
while howling at the man in the moon...

So it began... with large boney fingers liken to ashy white talons 
Dark Blight emerged scatching its way to the surface... its massive black shoulders 
bearing a skull revealing eyes which burned
liken to red hot coals with yellow pupils set a glow...

With a sinister grin he did appear from within the pitch black pits
petagrams and talismans were etched upon his sinewy back.... 
such slimy black skin mirroring centuries of horrors from many Halloweens past.
Oh, indeed there would be no rest for the weary wanderers this night...

Unless, a champion should appear in time to put things a right.... 
until then Dark Blight would continue to pass through the night; slithering upon his 
belly ~ 
all the while leaving a dark trail as red as raspberry jelly... 
Even the Ghouls knew and would stir clear of the sweet sticky pools 

The Gnomes stood careful guard over homes, 
whilst watching over all babes and fools....
For such tender flesh made the Dark Blight's lips drool...
The crows cawed thrice and the hoot owls hid their eyes....

Oh, the night was nothing nice, as blood chilled like ice....
Who would put a stop too the dastardly Blight...?

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The Mist

It swallows everything in its path,
even man's breath! As it slowly moving along the streets,
only mourns and screams you hear; deaths happen 
during victim's broad vision. Survivors of the traumatic ordeals
claim that fading, whitish figures tear flesh with their long,
crooked nails; in some cases they slit victims' throats - the slitting
has an eerie, audible voice. Until now, exorcists and mediums avoid
this town.....  

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Halloween Night

Rosabella met her maker on Halloween night It was an unnatural death . . . Death met her in the maple forest On the edge of town She lay in the brittle leaves Her eyes starring in horror It was a violent death . . . A dark veil of hair fell across an open eye The stars twinkled down on Rosabella She looked perfectly beautiful Except she was dead . . . Such a small wound to drain all her blood A mere mark on her white throat She was a fool . . . To go walking on Halloween night What could have lured her to the forest With every form of ghost, goblin, devil and vampire lurking about . . . They took her to the town morgue Draped her body with a virgin white sheet, so white And there she lay waiting Until . . . . ______________________________ Written, 2012 Free Verse Submitted to the contest, Halloween Only, Skat

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The Undead Story

Numb in this wrecked skin
My eyes still working hard in its blurred sight
Walked limply with no direction
Pursuit the hope of a lost life

This town is full of dead dreams
People dive in patterns of camouflaged sin
Those are black bloods which stained 
As well as my existance which is faint

Dried roses fallen
Shattered as a carpet
My brain didn't work
But this bloody veins pushed me too hard

I fail to recall yesterday
As I fail to hope for tomorrow
This is the eternal thirst 
No water can satisfy this

I see somebody in that mirror
Not in a good shape nor in a good look
I tried to see it even closer
But the reflection keeps bumping at me

With amazement face, it stares back at me

I continue my walk in this messed street
I don't have any idea how it starts
I don't have any idea when it ends
I live for today, I live along with the step I take

Yanny Widjanarko 
October 18,2013
Halloween Poem Contest with Only 1 theme
Sponsor: Leonora Galinta

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The Callous Hand of Friendship

Take my hand, understand, that I have infringed my brain in depth
To try to help you affix the scattered pieces you penned
Your tongue rattles like autumn leaves in a wind storm
Causing my peace to be buried in a coffin with one worm
I am past the point of anger where darkness did reside
Would you like to play now? Please don't hide..
On a path nearby you will find him
Silent- as he has removed from his butt the embedded burr which infringed
As he walks the nightingale calls again
For it is not my wish but just revenge
When I say softly "yes, I'm your friend"

Trick or Treat Johnny Rhinem... LOL

For Contest: Everything Halloween
September 28, 2013

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Haunted Beauty

The family had just moved into an old castle in Scotland; 
mother, father and their only daughter, Emmie, that they loved so deeply. 
Emmie was only 12 years old, and so innocent and beautiful. 
One night, she was woken up by a dripping sound; 
an echoing sound of water drops in a sink; 
rhythmic and terrifying. 
She sat on her bed, and suddenly appeared a free floating arc of strange light. 
It's that time of year again: Halloween night. 
Doors flew open and shut; strange voices and footsteps started. 
She was so frightened, that she almost threw up. 
Emmie made the sign of the cross, and plunged into a thicket of thorny wild roses. 
Terrified, excited and ready to run out of the house in 20 seconds, 
she overheard whispering words: "All beauty must die." 
The voice was so deathly, that it sent chills through her spine. 
It did not make it any better that it sounded too close to her ears. 
Her nightdress being torn by rose thorns like papers in a paper shredder, 
she ran as fast as she could; not back to the old castle, 
but away from the creepy voice, and strange events 
in the old castle. 
Exhausted, she searched for a place she could find rest 
"All beauty must die" the voice visited 
her unceremoniously once more. "What do you want from me? 
Is it wrong to be born beautiful? "
she asked, wondering where she got her courage from. 
The energy to scream or run departed her, 
the moment she saw a woman dressed in white, 
levitating in the air, and moving towards her; 
a horrid face that carried the night's darkness, 
looked decayed, with worms crawling out from it. 
Remember this is a true story about Emmie; 
she gets chills just remembering the events of that night…… 

Contest: Halloween Co-Writes, By Diane Locksley

Poem Written by: Anne Lise Andresen & Teddy Kimathi

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Uncle Mel

The clock ticked at nine in the evening of July
When I lay on the bed in the silence of the night
Trying to fall asleep but something's bothering
A feeling interfered and started shivering

My eyes were almost closed when I heard a noise
Slowly getting louder; what a frightening voice?
It's knocking on my door like there's something wrong
Breathing stopped; heartbeats like never before

I paused in indecision while holding the door knob
From the window the wind blows; atmosphere's intense
As I opened the door, I almost killed a man
Uncle Mel is on the house; a blushed of surprise

He asked if Dad's around and seemed a need inside
I wondered that he looked liked exhausted and too tired
Yet, I answered him in an awkward style
Then he left me with a feeling of strange and fright

I went back on my bed feeling weird and crazy
I have just made a ghost; an illusion of fear
I let it out of me since nightmares are greedy
The more we think of terror, the more it eats our dream

The morning waved hello; everything's fine
I got off my bed to start the day right
Then I saw my Mom packing and dealing with some stuffs
She's crying and leaving to town

Questions I'd asked to know what's going on
At the tip of her tongue but to utter's arduos
I calmed her down and her story has begun
About an innocent man who died the night I got wild

It was an evening in July, nine on a dot
When the man got stabbed stopping a fight
Calling my dad's name; looking for help
Dead on the spot and found no aid

Goosebumps all over when I heard the news
It's Uncle Mel who passed away and visited my room
Never knew all the reasons behind the apparition
One thing's for sure, He's soul still calls

#Everything Holloween
Created: October 18, 2013

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Beware The Hollow (Footle Fright)

the frights

night calls

Blood screams

heart cries


tears stream...

Come see
heads roll....



Oh No ~
must Go...

This Halloween piece is written for Donna Golden's Footle Fright Contest

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A Cold Dark Yellow Hallow Moon

A Cold Dark Yellow Unhallowed Moon

A cold dark yellow unhallowed moon smiles beguilingly
In the pitch black starless and cold empty night sky 
Suckling upon the blood and the very life force of 
Pure innocence, light, and goodness . . . .

Fear stirs eerily in the forlorn sound of a fog horn that’s
Blowing and crying a sad echo haunting far in the distance
It warns of the imminent arrival of a malevolent Hellspawn 
Force of absolute unmitigated evil . . . The Phantom Vampire.

As the Phantom Vampire materializes from nowhere in the 
Darkest shade of night blanketed in the thickest of fog and 
The coldest of night air . . . One can sense with utter fear 
And foreboding shivering sounds touching from the shadows
Creeping softly cold fingers down the spine with walking 
Fingers crawling inside a prism of frozen ice and in a mist 
Of souls crying in the presence of demons while yearning lust 
Of one blanket covering the sky’s face painted showing 
Hell’s own hideous face—an exquisite evil and a spirit
Drunken and moaning in an eternal fiery abyss of 
Suffering and howling sounding their own lust for pain 
Great darkness grips them who walk this troubled Earth
Without joy casting happiness to the lepers always and
Forever chained to the darkness and eating out hope
In the very end . . . . 

From this spider’s web and nest of dark perpetual evil
The Phantom Vampire transforms himself from ethereal
Form to his human form quite frightening indeed for
Any human being gazing at his grim countenance and
His most fiery red eyes glaring intently whenever he
Encounters an unsuspecting soul . . . and the sight of 
His razor-sharp canine teeth bring on convulsive fear 
In the hearts and minds of his intended victims . . . . continued 

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem, 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (November 6, 2014)

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The Final letter

Dear Lover...

I struggle to gulp
the scorn you poured.
My mouth parched,
desperate for a sip of your love.
A taste of your lips.

Your engagement- an abomination.
Our relationship still floods
the plains of my memory.
Surges storming in my inner soul.
Questions bamboozle my mind.

So, your affection was a mere hoax.
I, the halloween freak?
Your tender touch, in fact a thump?
Our turgid, rose in bloom.
A flaccid, comatose weed?

I cherish our unending summertime. 
I crowned, knighted& sainted
your passion.
And you scorn me?
My Love, make no attempt to flee.
I will find you, her and your fragrant bliss.
A reeking carcass I will leave.

The pathetic yearning for the 
warmth of your suave flame,
Is dead.
And the need to draw blood,

 ...with love, 
Your Real Bride.

For Dictionary fun...#1...Delilah`s words contest.

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The Spectres Wife Part Two

He waited patiently on the porch as the children filed up to his door two by two.
“What will it be sonny? A tootsie roll or a rocket, speak up son, I’m half deaf”
The skeleton dressed child shot him a furrowed look of disbelief Oh WOW! Now 
That’s a cool costume!  The children stared at the decrepit old man with asphyxiated skin, unaware of the circuitry beneath, no blood pumped in that rattled old vessel, it was the late departed Mr. Needle who died in a drowning accident, or so the papers say.
But why oh why was he wearing only one red shoe?  

Meanwhile inside, the lady of the house was primping and teasing her flaxen 
Hair.  She applied a thin line of magenta rouge on her paling lips. Spiders 
scurried round her cadaverous bony ankles as she stirred the poisoned candy.
With a long jagged prong she caroused “adders fork blinders sting make this
candy sweet with zing” Two bony hands greedily rolled the candy into black
 cellophane paper “Nose of turk and tartars lips let them eat without a quip” 
then she showed up at the door shelling out in joyful squeal “Come now 
children eat and soon little piggies you’ll be meat!” 

The following morning the townspeople showed up with pitchforks and 
nooses.  They wanted to hang the ghosts that had caused so many young
ones to perish.  Derling woods became a place of doom.  They found the 

To be continued...
log house empty except for two coffins lined in crushed velvet.  Black 
roses hung wilted from the ebony caskets.  A note attached to the silk
“When the moon shall bleed a thousand fold and then shall be no more  
When the devil spawns a child of light, only then we’ll come no more 
Yes it was her, Suzy Blue that cursed the bats, and turned them into stew
I wouldn’t go to sleep tonight in case she comes back, FOR YOU!

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Confessions of a Vampire

Hey Mr. Bartender, give me a shot
Don’t care what it is, but give me a lot!!
I don’t even like it, and I’ve never been drunk
Folks have thunk me a temperate
    …. but this day really stunk!
So give me the bottle, I can pour out my own
I may as well drown in the root of my problems
Then, call me a taxi, to help me get home!!

Ya see…it began in this innocent way,
I was just getting ready for Halloween Day!
Looking forward to dressing, and ready to play 
on the way to a party, I was a little bit tardy
I was dressed as a vampire, that was a little bit, "tarty"!!! 

On this Halloween eve, I resolved to be cheerful
But while driving my car, another car bumped me
The driver got out, and he gave me an ear full!
It took but a moment, and I knew he was beer filled!
Disgusted and angry, I found myself grumpy
I called the police, and they came to the crash
So I cheered up, and resolved, and expressed my relief
So happy, I hugged them and offered a kiss

They thought I would bite, 
They put up a fight......and handcuffed me tight!
Well they thought ME imbibed!!!
So they took me inside
And into a jail cell...I was thrown like a flash
My mood isn't good...I'm as mad as a hen!!
My thoughts of abstaining had grown very thin!! 
So might as well swallow this bottle of gin!!

How can this girl be happy,
When justice kidnaps me?
No blood did I drink, as I sit in the brink
But could use me some gin
As I sit in the pen !!


For Just An Archaic Poet's Contest: Poems from a Vampire
By Carrie Richards

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HALLOWEEN - from A Neighborhood Child


Frightening things
Just at twilight
O’er the churchyard green
At night
Also frightening

The Baptist Church
Eerie windows
Barely lit
An organ playing
Halloween music
I hate it!
Always Halloween music

Troutman’s cat
Swishes her tail
Around the bullet tree
The deaf woman calls
Sandy voice
“Tabby!    Tabby!”

The narrow way
Between the houses
Up    down
The alley
Vacant lots
With rotting

Instead of “Handouts!”
Big Bill Pritchard
Without a word
Lets the loudest 
Utterly disgusting
You’ve ever heard

Barren trees
The sky
Poke at clouds
Have eyes
With rings
Other black things

An old kite
Caught in a tree
Flaps its tail
Looks down
At ME!

Feet hit
Like shots
Against the wind!
With goblins!

The least
Appalling masks
With familiar voices

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whimsical lass in a calico dress
holding hat on head
of a bob-cut tress

looking for one daisy in
a autum wheat field
.....and finding instead
an old wagon wheel

tom-boy/lady in between
hayrides and romance....
just looking for fun
she is a halloween queen

lovely lady in a long white dress
with slender white fingers
delicately holding a orchid

she looks at her love 
with his strong lean face

fine old woman
in a blue cashmere......
holding her dreams
against the tick of the

stooped old granny
watching for him
lighting a kerosine
lamp .....
keeps supper warm 
on his t.v. platter.


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The Spectres Wife

The Spectres Wife Suzy Blue 

It came as no surprise every Halloween night that the towns people 
Were found huddled together in the old saloon with liquor on their breath
Recanting tales of Halloween past, stories that would make you’re nape
Tingle with foreign hair.

There was that one time, when all the windows and doors slammed shut 
Screams were heard from the inside of the Nordels house, by the time 
The police got there, it was too late, they were all found dismembered 
And the only clue they retrieved was a note scribbled in blood, 
“It was Suzy Blue” she made me do it.

On Halloween of 1962 the headlines in the new paper read, “Missing crew”
Is it a case of abduction or another case of Halloween haunting, this time 
No note was found on the premises.  Spooky and unsettling was the fact 
the brigantine ship had a white gown sullied in blood attached to 
it’s mast.  The fabric was from the era dating circa 1800 

As Toby the bartender was about to pour his next draft, the 
Front door opened wide letting in a gust of wind, and then, SLAM!
The sheriff, hand on gun crouched behind the bar, while all the others
Stood frozen, eyes riveted on the closed door.  An eerie presence made 
Itself known, the room suddenly turns cold, and the scent of gardenia 
Spices the room with it’s pungency.  

On all saints day, another circle of fear is induced as the people gather 
To pay their respects to the faithful patrons of “Whistle Creek Saloon”
Coronas clustered with potent scents of carnations and gladiolas stood 
Erect before a dozen lined caskets.  No one dared mention her name, 
For fear that her presence would resurge in the morning light.  

To be continued…

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Samuin-Calan gaeaf-Halloween Hustle

Fog rolling spirits astir Halloween on way? Thrills or chills? The day when border of our world and the otherworld Getting thin to let allow spirits to pass through Maybe Satan, witch or the ghouls among us Ward off harmful spirits by wearing costumes To disguise as harmful spirit to avoid the harm. Welcome to the Fifth Halloween Hustle of North Carolina Get some treats, witch, Satan from above is watching you Enjoy the race and a variety of other festive activities With trail shoes, long sleeves, unless weather is warm. 10 miles marked route on tracks and footpaths Some steep hills and some tough sandy sections 2 water stops en route, water and bananas Spectators welcome with fancy dress for Halloween. And then, loudly passes the procession of the town Crowds drawn when politics and religion go aflame Burgers filled with tender meat, colorful people Drinking, laughing, singing, watching drifting by. Ghoul’s hour past, mortals revert to their places The moon returned normal sight smog lifted. Goodbye my friends for another year for cheers, And thank you for a night of love and passion. +++ August 30, 2014 Form:Free verse

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A Lovers Charm..
A Merchants Ring.
A Bullfrogs Heart..
A Black Bats Wing..
In the cauldron, 
to simmer and swell.
I raise the Goblet..
and cast my spell.

Actual spell:

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A Cold Dark Yellow Hallow Moon 2


The Phantom Vampire’s ritual on the foggy nights of the
“Cold Dark Yellow Unhallowed Moon” is to drink the blood 
Of as many young innocent people as he can all the while 
Destroying their lives and tormenting their souls in an 
Unending Existence of evil and debauchery as minions of 
The Undead . . . . 

As a servant of Lucifer himself, the Phantom Vampire’s 
Principal charge is that of a “Soul Seeker”— and seeking 
Them he does quite successfully while destroying lives  
This unending process is interrupted only by the dawn of 
The next day’s morning as the bright rays of sunlight warm 
The Earth and purify and sanctify the power and purpose of 
The Almighty Lord God . . . . 

As a priest . . . a man of the cloth in this bucolic Irish village
Along the sea coast, I hold my head in shame and revulsion
At the evil escapades rendered by the Phantom Vampire
During his nocturnal visits to feed on the blood and souls 
Of our innocent people . . . .   

I always turn and talk to God while earnestly praying for their 
Blind souls through their gossamer eyelids and seeking the 
Lord’s divine protection and delivery from this most dark and 
Wretched evil . . . May the bright sunlight show them the 
Road to true happiness during the Feast of All Souls and to the 
Gates of Salvation . . . .

With no fear and with most clear purpose in mind and the divine 
Support of our Almighty Lord God in Heaven . . . I shall be the 
One fulfilling God’s charge in driving that long wooden stake— 
Blessed with Holy Water and Angel’s Dust—through that 
Evil dead putrid heart of the Phantom Vampire! 

Gary Bateman and Liam McDaid – A Collaborated Poem, 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved (November 6, 2014)

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Poor miss Lizzie, a murderess acquitted, 
By a judgment’s ruling of her peers,
Yet command by histories theatrics.
Astound damsel, to the wealth’s elite,
A matron’s old maid, imprisoned by 
An unjust fate.
By the falling axes sharpened blade,
Two lives ended, ensuing the public’s
Scandal and out rage.
Does not the rhyme in time not state,
The accusations inquest to her guilt,
Without evidences accuracy to the accused.
Used to frighten the rich and poor
Children alike to behave or else, did this
So go, Lizzie Borden took an ax,
And gave her mother forty whacks,
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty one.
A bloody odes melody, left to
History's swinging hatchet’s,
Rough unsheathed edge.
Rocking, chopping a ticking
Time bomb, of the pasted.
Her story's haunting mystery,
Still intrigues the Sherlock Homes
Detective, in the common man.
Whom did this dirtiest of deed,
The foul plays miscreant, that
Got away with murders perfect
Three ghostly voices scream
For justices revenge, a father,
A step mother and the daughter,
Proclaiming her own innocence.
Lizzie Borden's name, lives on
In Infamies guilty court of the


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Missing Nick

What was missing in my life?

I lived many years without you,
not knowing what I was missing.

One day a surprise came to us
at an unexpected late- in- life date,
it was a baby boy.

He smiled at us with blue eyes 
and bald little head,
and we were complete.

I treasured the cuddly feel of you, 
fitting into my arms so well,
your weight seemed just right,
to pack you around every day,
even as you grew and grew.

You added an element to my life
that had been missing.
I now learned to slow down, 
stop at playgrounds, push your swing
 and sit in the one next to yours,
leaning back, looking up into
 the crowns of swaying trees.

Taking walks, delighting in gathering fallen
red maple leaves, watching bugs 
and birds.

  Frogs and crawdads appeared in our bathtub,
I emptied your pockets while doing the wash
 of rocks, seashells, dried katidid shells, 
sticks and marbles.
I learned that stepping on jacks 
at night while going to the bathroom hurts.

On your first fishing trip you accidently hooked a duck
and cried because you thought you hurt it.
I already knew of your compassionate heart.

You and I  laughed and cried watching " Free Willy,"
"The fox and the hound" and "Alladin."
You brought joy to my life.

I learned that it is exciting to watch you play soccer,
I cheered and hooted and watched from the bleechers,
while you ran your little heart out, 
I watched for signs of your asthma acting up,
but luckily you seem to outrun it.

On the first Halloween  you were a little
 smiling pumpkin that I  pushed in the stroller,
but soon you were running with your buddies, 
dragging a pillow case filled with candy,
and I had to scurry to keep up with you.

On your first day of school I was nervous,
I had to leave you with strangers.
Several of us Moms were hanging around the hallway
peeping into the door's little window,
until they made us leave.

Then came field trips, help with homework, 
I was "room mother" to be near you and help,
and visited you  in the cafeteria at lunchtime
 on "Parent's day."

Suddenly, you are taller that me!
The braces came off, and you have a summer job,
and you are very good with it, I am proud of you.

You now have a Highschool Diploma and 
are getting your driver's licence,
but you will always be my little boy, 
and I will love you forever.

Love, Mom

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Only One Theme

In the hushed forest a deathly silence prevailed
there was a ram shackled hut in the clearing
Three men stood in chains waiting their fate
with a bright flash the witchdoctor appeared

Cavernous of face and skeleton like body
he was a gruesome sight in his tattered rags
banging his villainous staff on the ground
he summoned the ghouls, witches and Zombies 

Capering around him clambering for fresh blood
they advanced on the hapless men undoing chains
first the ghouls had their feast on fresh meat
the witches grabbed the intestines and organs

The Zombies got what was left and reshaped it
forming new Zombies to haunt the local people
so very fearsome with their red flashing eyes
they shambled slowly in a disjointed fashion

For this night of Halloween they were free
to gather souls and turn them into the undead
to serve their evil master and follow his biding
until the first rays of sun send them to the grave

Shadow Hamilton

written 10/15/2013

contest Halloween poem contest only one theme

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        News flash!

If you’ve carved a
For Halloween night,
Cut eyes, nose and
Then put it in sight
Police have advised
Old Jack’s on the
Powerful, stalking,
With temper most
He’ll climb your
porch steps
With slobbering chin
Take up your pumpkin
His mouth stuff it
This creature from
No! Carnivorous,
Eats dogs, cats as
If you should see
Jack –
He looks like a
Fat, short and ugly
Who swallows things
whole –
Lock doors and
Then turn off the
Hide kids, so tender
He’s extra hungry


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The Evil Witch

	Lightning strikes
Across the barren sky

		Leaving a red image
			Burned into my eyes
Hearing chains moving
			I don’t see anything before me
	But emptiness and darkness

		All of a sudden
A band of evil comes out
	And seeks to convert me
			The werewolves and vampires
	All want my blood
		To sustain their own lives
But to end mine
	So I run very fast
Not knowing where I’m going
		I simply run into a house
			And they stay away
		Afraid to enter

I look around the barely lit room
	I find everything to be antique
			There is an ancient picture
		Of a frightening person
			On the mantel of the fireplace
	I smell chemicals burning
As if something is happening
			I hear chanting of a woman
		And an evil laugh as well

		I hear footsteps coming from a door
	So I hide behind a grandfather clock
			And I peek to see this hideous woman
Fearful she looks so evil

	Now she walks into the living room
And stops in mid step
		She looks right at me
			And her finger snaps
	And uncontrollably I move towards her
		Without any will of my own
She brings me to her
		With her own bidding
			To create fear, great fear inside me
I find it tremendously fierce
		And pain starts to writhe in me

	She laughs, a cackling laugh
			And kisses me on my cheek
She then tells me, “Thou art going to die tonight”
		And I know deep inside
	She is telling the truth

The next thing I know
		I’m tied up inside a large pot
			And she starts to boil the liquid
		That is beneath me
	I can only feel the intense pain
			And really find myself
Being boiled alive
		Boiled in her basement
	Just for a solution of evil
		Something she is making for herself
			So she may wield invincible powers
And live for another hundred years
	As an evil witch

Russell Sivey

Contest: Halloween only
Sponsor: SKAT - XOX


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On Halloween Night

T'is the time of year when things do go bump in the night
a time when witches come back to life ready to snatch a child
to boil up in their evil cauldron that walks and even can talk
oh the vile stories it could tell of potions made from their flesh

A time when the dead rise up and for a few hours rule the world
Stay inside if you wish to be safe, don't venture out if you are wise
pumpkins with evil grins spring to life searching for the unwary
giant blood sucking bats fly through the thick air on silent wings

Cap all this with wicked wizards and spotted poisonous toads 
scarecrows gleefully join in the mayhem of this most foul of nights
don't venture out if you care for your soul for it will be snatched
and will leave you rotting in an eternal Halloween for all your days

written 08/29/2013

contest Halloween  sponsor Gail

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Somethin’s buried in the cornfield
The Moon’s blood red
And this black hooded fiddler’s
A playin’ taps fer the dead

They be makin’ the rounds,
Farmer John’s cute little sprouts
Dressed in their bright Halloween suits
Intent on gettin’ lots a Handouts

Oh, somethin’s buried in the cornfield
Moon casts a rusty glow
The fiddler’s changed his tune now.
A macabre waltz, eerie ‘n slow

John’s chillun all’r enchanted
Fiddler’s music so sickly sweet
So strange this tune, they fail to see
The upthrust at Suzy’s feet

Somethin’s got Suzy by the ankle
Somethin’ muddy, bloody with gore
And Suzy’s screamin’ absolute murder
Wait! There’s a mystery in store

Somethin’s got loose in the cornfield
The fiddler’s a fiddlin’hell bent
It’s chasin’ John’s screechin’young uns
Ith a chainsaw divil sent

Sich a terrible, terrible story
Ta be a tellin’ Halloween Eve,
But rest ya easy my chillun,
I’m a gonna turn off the T.V.

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Do you Dare

Ontop of the biggest hill in all of Fredrick County 
hands popped out,
heads scattered, 
random bones would break 
your fall
This wasn't an ordinary mansion 
Not on Halloween night
Screams were heard 
right in your eardrum, 
behind you 
That creepy touch would 
up your spine, 
and that stare 
you couldn't see
but you feel those eyes glaring 
deep into your soul 
Taking you prisoner in the night
People didn't question, nor look 
to seek the answer 
to those boys and girls
who never returned,
were never seen,
were never talked about
after Halloween night 
To this day, only the brave 
dare go against this tale on Oct. 31st 
Once you enter those gates of hell 
There is no turning back 
The haunted mansion has you now 

Ashley Plotczyk
A Creepy, Scary Haunted House Poem 

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Three Ghosts on Hallow's Eve

I was visited by three ghosts
Each night until All Saints Day

Unlike Scrooge
I asked for the ghosts to visit
the ghosts were known to me
in life

The veil is thin
on Halloween or the Eve of the Hallow (Holy)

The first ghost was that of a young man and son
He was lost to my world when he was only 24
died in a car crash 

His ghost visited  the day before Hallow Eve
read me a confessional letter that he will prove his love to me
I did not know him because he as been dead for 13 years
But he said that he died on the 24th and his funeral was on the 31

The second ghost was that of an old women and friend
I remember her because she died less than two months
She made an appearance on Halloween

She was having trouble adjusting to death
naked and disoriented
She was looking for her clothes and jewelry
I told her that we thought that she was dead
and that she will take on new clothing

The third ghost was that of a father figure
he played one of his favorite singers who is also dead
Frank Sinatra

“The summer wind came blow-in' in
like painted kites, those days and nights.
From across the sea they went fly-in' by

The Autumn winds and the winter winds,
they come and gone. And still the days, those lone-ly days.
They go on and on”

I was listening to New Age music at work on All Saints Day
but some how I heard the song in the background for 15 minutes

Unlike Scrooge
I asked for the ghosts to visit
the ghosts were known to me
in life

They are not ghosts to me
because I miss and love them but 
“they go on and on”

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One Halloween Night

 "One Halloween Night"  

There's a old woman who comes out at night
A gray hair, black robe and a white rope too,
Just don't look at the window, is it fright?
The graveyard stands still, while she's by you!

Spirits roam through the grave and haunts about
They prance and dance with spooky shadows,
"Hurry and run, run, run", as the angel shouts.
Don't be scared, or you'll have to fight the battles.

Tonight is eerie with the moon and howling dogs,
Where ghosts and mummies are roaming in the night
And a black cat that creeps along the bridge in the fog.
Looking for Frankenstein and mummies are out of sight!

Having a Halloween night filled with scary thoughts too,
The excitement of spooky costumes, and many monsters
Filled with candies, games, parties, and some fun with you.
And don't forget the eerie grave of one who haunts her.

Yolaine Armitage  10/01/12

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Stepped into the bath tub
Slipped, slid, tumbled
Cracked my face against the wall
 in a  blinding flash 
Black and blue a Halloween mask
Slipped again a complete spin
Totally dazed and shaken now
Why ,oh why did this happen to me
They say God has all the answers
Wonder what it will be?
Happy  New Year? Mmmm.

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I cast this spell..
For those who love.
Who share it freely.
Like our Lord above. 

I cast this spell..
For peace not war.
For beautiful smiles.
A baby to adore.

I cast this spell..
To help you see.
There is a light..
in you and me.

A baby's sigh. 
A kiss hello.
We all want Love..
this I know. 

So I raise this goblet..
..and cast the spell.
To be in Love..
where lovers dwell.

Potion for spell:

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Go Tell

When I went out on the porch this morn, tiny spider's mother had strung her web
across right in front of the door..

I did not tell cute tiny spider to go on down yonder and get your mother

No, this mother was scary drawn up with her feet pulled in a ball

When she stretched out, why I had to move on 

She straightened me out right fast..

Mothers are like that when their child is threatened.. 

Just had to write this being Halloween is coming up soon...

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Monsier L' Vampire Lestat

Monsier L'Vampire goes For his evening walk In the darkness of night He seeks for new blood Looking for another victim Takes much of his waking time His patience is running out When he needs it,just as bad Monsier L'Vampire is dressed As usual, all in elegant black and more With his finest cape, also in red and black That reaches all the way down to the floor Demure and chiseled Are his very good looks And the most piercing blue eyes That seem to look, right through your soul Monsier L'Vampire goes out for the night Hunting again for new blood Blood races to all the ladies' hearts With all his winning charms So when the sun goes down Over the new horizon line He searches in alleys and very dark streets Hidden in the darkness, he just thirsts for new blood. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 09.28.2014

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Haunted House By The Hill


In that haunted house by the hill where nobody now dares to dwell abides an spirit of such evil so great for you or me to get near So long ago in the days of yore a well-to-do family lived there their soul fed it with so much sin and debauchery they never did heed So they partied and made merry til' the end and unspeakable orgies there took place things that no decent soul would comtemplate in secrecy they smeared the town with all their filth But as everything must come to end be either good or bad so a very dark and forboding night they all went too far for in their debauchery and cruel games a deadly and final price did all of them have to pay Since then that night in this house by the hill horrible screams mixed with sobbings can be heard misterious noises that no one can ever explain and your blood will chill in your veins if you ever dare to visit the haunted house by the hill. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 October,31,2014

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The Passing

Silent, the house is

Still, the creatures are

And yet I hear her

And I see her

There is no light, but she drifts by in a glow
Her hair flows behind, casting shadows on my door
She makes no sound, but I know she's walking
Her feet making imaginary creaks on the floorboards

I am frightened, though she says not to be.

I sometimes look for her, but she finds me instead.
The wind is her arms and her eyes bury into my neck
The quiet fills my ears like thousands of words
Words of reassuring, words of threats

One day, I'll have enough.
One day, I will be gone.
One day, she will pass by and I won't be there.

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Sun pungent, not cold; 
But the snow dwells at my feet, 
The heavy air squats above my lungs. 
Took awhile to shake off the ants,
The ground attentive
The time a prisoner needs to hibernate,
Fear swallowing the pulse
In my chest whole –

Insensible I crossed many entrances,
I walked through rooms filled with
Scents of chloroform-
Old tools, fetid sheets, rusty cabinets,
I am here among the tormented bodies.

Silence needles and twinges
Me unceasingly
Now my heart is a needle.

The orange pumpkins have no eyes
Pointed at balconies that 
Drink rusty tears from the sky.
O how the balconies melt like echoes!
O how the sun illuminates the present!
O how to die or to smile!

I opened a slit in my Spirit,
There I put myself  
Then disappeared 

Written by © Fatima Nusairat

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The Finter Holidays

There is no greater pleasure than the mixture of fall and winter


We start with Halloween

The pumpkins, the sweets, the treats

Black and orange set the tone

The chill is just starting to hit your spine

You can smell it in the air

Feeling on edge

Waiting for the scare

BAM!  It comes, it goes

The temperature drops

The turkeys better run

You better buy your elastic pants

And make room in your house for the whole family


The fire, the gathering, the attire

The smell of pumpkin floods your nostrils

You gain an internal warmth

Let us say a prayer for this meal

Look outside, winter is now here

The transition from fall has been made

Pull out the scarves and hats

And set out your Christmas mats

The fat man is coming to town

Put away your frown

This is a jolly season

Decorate the houses, prepare the tree, sip your cocoa

Mistletoe is in the air

And the sound of wrapping paper is in your ear

We're getting close

You better turn in your list or you're toast

Christmas eve

Sleep early, listen for the jingle bells

Christmas morning, looks like Santa stopped by

Welcome to winter

Say goodbye to Finter

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Muffin man

The story begins 
Once upon a time 
with muffin man 
His father 
worked him 
Knead him 
as a son 

Waving him goodbye 
Smiling all happy 
Leaving the bakers 
After getting 
his icing done 
To make a new start 

Dancing skipping 
Entering a wooded area 
Singing with glee 
All of a sudden 
Coming shooting 
out of the trees 
In a flash 
of light 

A witch 
On her broomstick 
Piercing through the center 
Of poor little 
muffin man 
he yelled 
for help 
Roaring in pain 

No one heard 
muffin's cry 
Slowly the stinking 
Old witch 
Opened her fowl 
smelling mouth 
Yellowing black teeth 
Inching closer 

Holding his breath 
He smelled doom 
In the face 
Of ugliness 
As he prayed 
She sank her teeth 
Deep into him 
Holding him 
in her two hands 

Slowly as his life 
passed away fading 
She devoured him 
A little crumb 
Was to fall 
to the ground 

As she rubbed her belly 
With a horrid laugh 
Taking her hands 
Off her broomstick 
Laughing contentment 
Flew head 
Over backwards 

Falling of the stick 
Spiraling hits 
the ground 
in a splat 
An almighty bang 
She died 
on Halloween night 

The crumb was picked up 
By a little bird 
Muffin man's 
resting place 
He was hailed 
a hero 
witch killer 

On that very night 
In the wind 
you can hear 
screams of a witch 
She's still 
in hunt 
For muffin man 

To redeem her soul 
The last crumb 
She never got 
Roaming searching 
Sometimes you see 
her shadow 
On a broomstick 
On the moon face 

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The Locked Room

''Dark things happened there....''
they say, with fading tones,
almost reaching their vanishing point,
due to unhidden fright.

Sometimes they hear eerie moans;
see dancing shadows on the space
between the door and floor; other times
whispers that make them feel as though
they will shatter like hollow glass tubes.

To stop the haunting,
they hired spiritualists to seal
the room's door with their divine will.

Candles flicker in the night,
as voices of the undead wander across the corridors.....

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Zombies, astral, mental and metaphoric

Zombies, astral and metaphoric
The zombie I like the most
Is the Zombie astral.
It’s typical residence is a bottle
Which Voodoo bokor can sell it for luck
Not at all a trouble maker 
Feed him with salt 
Will obey to return to its grave.

But there are zombies as metaphor
Difficult to handle mindless inclined to mindless
Adherence to authorities
And now in modern times we have a new
Metaphorical Zombie, the forms of hacker
Virus like Trojan horse
Ever disobedient in character

Most entertaining but less frightening
Are the made-up zombies
and the most obedient ones
As all are familiar with zombie kits,
Fake skin mixture, creamy face fainted
Fake blood makers, with stipple sponge

Date 10/12/13
Dr. Ram Mehta
Third Place win
Contest: Halloween poem contest poem with only 1 theme
                                         By Leonora Galinta

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Halloween Folly

I’m a stodgy old lady with suddenly too much time on her hands.
I was always too work worn to make big Halloween plans...

But as I walked thru Walgreen’s to get my latest meds…
I came up the isle to the You Know- Hoo Hoo of a 2 story black cat, instead.
I ‘d have a silly grin on my face too, with a $49.95 sticker so delicately placed.
As I looked around his You Know Hoo- Hoo…
There was a fan in his foot, breathing life to every corner and nook.
With air going in… where was it going out?
I vote for a whistle in that You Know Hoo Hoo spot.
But fun aside… I decided I could have fun too. So I bought the dang thing.
Finally I got him in place after working my support hose as far as they would go.
Lord have mercy on me… maybe I shouldn’t have took that last med, you see…
For I began to suddenly see possibilities…
I securely anchored his back feet to the ground. 
Then got a small fan to blow on his belly, so he’d rear up on command when the Kids came around. 
I put a bell on its neck to draw their attention right there.
Then I went back and bought 2 white ghosts with pennies to spare.
I set up one to ride on his great big black back.
The other I put in his mouth and ran a string to a post for another effect.
When the kids scream, as surely they will… a ghost will climb out of his mouth
To the post residing there. I could see it flying so bravely and true.
This was amazing I said, as I had a laugh or two.
But that wasn’t enough… It seems I’d had another two med’s.
So I bought a crystal skull with a candle to glow in my lamp on top of the poll.
And got a witchy costume where I’d let my white hair flow.

Then with another med I found a cauldron with dry ice so perfectly placed.
I dreamed up some glowing mushrooms for a ring in my yard to draw the kids in.
Inside the ring was a pumpkin that was cut par excellence. 
A neighbor had made it for me with a fairy on top.
Now instead of a stodgy old bat, they brought their chairs about.
Every night after dinner they came to see what silliness next I would place.
They see me as someone with too much time on her hands, in fact.
I do have a great story and a poem to write this night.
My meds may be dwindling, but it was a hoot and I practiced a rusty old laugh.
And two more neighboring witches came over to help keep the kids in check.
Then two teenage ghouls came by with guitars and a musical score.
Next year beware, I’ll be back at it again, in fact, I’ll do more.
Contest: Holliday Hearth: CSEastman

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Oh, Zombie

Oh Zombie don't fear the Lantern,
With its face alight with flames;
Oh Zombie don't eat the Pumpkin,
It's fire lights the way;

Oh Zombie don't avoid the light,
The path is there to guide you; 
Oh Zombie don't get angry,
Sir Jack is there to soothe;

Oh Zombie you wander aimless,
Eternity is your doom;
Oh Zombie follow the lantern,
Say 'Goodbye' while the veil is thin.

Melani Udaeta

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the continual process for world peace HOMEWORK

first you clear china
in case of a white vs white war
the emperor sorts through 98 types of chinese ppl everyday

then you find if its group A or Group B

Group A browns
B whites

you dont just wake up and blow up buildings for no reason
you dont call people names just cause

are the americans losing to a white vs white war throwing ethnic communities in harms way, as these ppl set up shop in canada?

first east india then china?
what do the african americans have to say?

then pick an outsider looking in like britian....
ask their opinion...

what about the community flying under the radar, who is trying not to matter and why?

once this process begins ppl will calm down
once people are calm the confusion fades

now we are logical after recooperating from being sick with war

what does cross referencing the situation tell you?

its a white versus white war of a group of whites pretending to be two other groups of white people.
this makes the world white supremist to get the bad ones in trouble with the right people 

in short its usually five stupid people playing terrorist dominos
bullying a group of people to bully another group of people

take pity... if it wasnt for that group of people terrorising the first group of people to live an endless nightmare, they could have had a normal life, been a real friend, and not lived in terror for their children.

once this process is perfected,
demonstrate it ritualisticly
and have it celebrated.

saints have proved holidays to be very powerful
like the holidays we celebrate today of drawing the line in the sand from the gimme of halloween to the buying across the line of easter

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Witch's Fireball

She pulls back her arm In order to forcefully produce A ball of fire To land upon a man Wandering alone down a lonely street Just minding his own business To be instantly killed By a fireball She produced this fire In order to fulfill a quota That quota for Halloween In order for her powers To be complete Forcefully she throws these fireballs To gather men’s souls And contort them inside her She laughs an eerie laugh Knowing her time has come She will rule this town So all will know her And fear And they will worship Everything about her And her evil ways She now slips into the night Knowing she only needs one more One more unsuspecting soul To be hers And everything will fall Into her powers A powerful day that will be She will terrorize the town
Russell Sivey Contest: free verse poems Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A 9/10/2013

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Deeper Into Addiction: Perfect Memories, Hollow Reality

Cold air surrounds me
My body shivers as it did long ago
I fight against the rush of memories
But give into my addiction

I sit where we both sat that Halloween night
Nervously laughing, hands trembling
Neither of us knowing
Exactly what to do

The windows fogged up
As our breathing became ragged
Two little lovers
Each into the other

As I finish my high
My memory bursts out of my eyes
Tears cascading down my face
Picking out old memories to quell the pain of life

Addicted to what used to be
Current reality is death to me
Stay away from me, object of my past
Don't give me memories when I'm almost done at last

Compound toxins build up in me
Memories of you clash with drinks flowing free
The dizziness of drunkenness kills off the old
And inserts me into a world of gold

Until I wake again and remember it all

The past was so perfect...
Now it's so hollow

Where does my salvation lie?

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No Halloween Tonight

starvation wears her mask on all the faces of poor children who live on islands of poverty still no Halloween tonight there is no food in sight

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It was bright Red,
My blush.
My jacket.
My racing, pacing blood.

It was Halloween night,
Supposedly scary.
Supposedly different.
Supposedly dating was easy.

It was my first date.
Just couldn’t wait.
Just teenage ‘”fate.”
Just Dad driving us, embarrassingly.

It was so fast.
We were unprepared.
We teenagers assumed our calm.
We were fearsome pirates for a night.

It was a dance.
Who remembers the songs?
Who saw our discomfort?
Who knew we were stifling our immaturity?

It was an awkwardly normal door.
Why the sudden silence?
Why the bashful hug?
Why the inwardly sung victory?

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On Halloween Night - Hell's Gate

On Halloween Night - Hell’s Gate
Hell’s Gate, a misshapen, naturally occurring stone arch, Towering over a smelly stagnant stream, Scary, eerie, and darkly foreboding; Not so inviting, crawling with creepy ghostly trees That sprouted twisted thorns resembling the Devil’s crown; And the stench of death hovered in the stale air.
Feared by the village folks, Hell’s Gate was known To be home to many unholy creatures, and tales abound About four-fingered duendes, with feet turned backwards, Chupacabras that sucked the life's blood from animals, Venomous two-headed albino vipers, and even La Llorona, The Weeping Lady, who spirited children away to a watery grave.
Only the very brave dared to venture near Hell’s Gate. Adults would not go there even in broad daylight, Children quivered and hid under thick covers in their beds; Especially on Halloween night when evil spirits roamed about, And the mouth of Hell’s Gate was open wide - Waiting to trap unsuspecting souls.
Notes: Duendes are fairy or goblin-like creatures that lack thumbs. They can be crafty and evil.

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All Hallow's Eve

T'is the time of year when things do go bump in the night
a time when witches come back to life ready to snatch a child
to boil up in their evil cauldron that walks and even can talk
oh the vile stories it could tell of potions made from their flesh

The nasty things that are all a bubble in an evil stinking broth
an eye pops up and gives a wink while rats slowly boil away
bones of children, their blood and flesh stewing until thick
making an evil concoction along with slugs snails and dragon blood

The cauldron hisses and spits venomous stench flooding out
the witches gleefully cackle and cluck as it takes a life of its own
they pour the potion on the ground and up spring foul creatures
crying and wailing like banshees they take to wing to cause mayhem

A time when the dead rise up and for a few hours rule the world
Stay inside if you wish to be safe, don't venture out if you are wise
pumpkins with evil grins spring to life searching for the unwary
giant blood sucking bats fly through the thick air on silent wings

Everywhere the spirits of the dead wait for the unwary fool
who ventures forth on the Hallowed Eve, not time to be out
if you go with your friends to Trick or Treat don't ask for a trick
that,s the surest way for the witches to spirit you away for ever

Dark and sinister the night can you hear the werewolves howl?
slithering snakes with forked tongues coil ready to strike at you
cold icy fingers reach out grasping trying to capture you as you pass
It really is a night to be home tucked up safe before your warm fire

For this one night all good is smothered and chaos rides forth
the chasm is open and monsters freely walk and hunt for souls
zombies shamble along desperate for fresh blood and human flesh
winged creatures of horrendous appearance take to the skies

Cap all this with wicked wizards and spotted purple poisonous toads 
scarecrows gleefully join in the mayhem of this most foul of nights
giant pumpkins that have taken a life of their own are on the prowl
its a time to tuck yourself up in your cosy bed, holy water and cross ready 

Don't venture out if you care for your soul for it will be snatched
and will leave you rotting in an eternal Halloween for all your days

written 08/30/2013

contest Russell's Everything Halloween

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This is Halloween

Today we can live like jack and sally
Halo of bones as we fly the cemetery
Smoke inhaled exhaled as petal ghost
Wilt and dissipate its what we do most
Listen as the kids scream
"This is Halloween"
But does anyone care
A different mask then what you always wear
A different costume than you pretend to be
Nothing but a reflection of hopes and dreams
Flitter from orange to black
And just led it fade
Fade to black so I cant see
What mask I fit on today
Will i be the hero
Someone i want to see in the mirror
Or will i be the villain
Selling coke aiming for killing
Why is the hardest mask to put on
I said why is the hardest mask to put on our own face
The one your mother sees
Shouldn't it be easy to place
But we're just scared people
Scared of each other
Scared of ourselves
Is this all were meant to be
The faceless face trying to give a voice to the voiceless
Or can we transcend the eulogy
Angel wings our humble apology
Showing we have more soul to give
More soul to give
Another shot of liquid courage
As we sing the new song of our age
The killswitch is not engaged
We are no lamb of god
We are god
When you put your mask on
When you wear someone else's face
Let me show you 
Let me bring out the real you

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Chasing Shadows

The corner of my eye sees shadows, floating through the night air
Only yellow eyes, upon their face of Death, no heart ,no soul
Curiously, I follow the Shadows of Death, to my Home; 
Lights on. Fireplace going, it looks warm, but colder than ice
Faceless spirits, flying in the darkness of Death ; carry me
Jack-o -Lanterns lit with the flames of Hell, keep Satan alive
Still I follow. Seeking my destiny, is Death really “ Warm “?
I enter on stage of Shadows, where I think “I once Belonged”
Tears have eyes of Evil, with no mouth or tongue , so deceitful
I take a breath; is this my Death, to always follow shadows
Mere wisps in the wind, dead Dreams, in the darkness of Halloween

                  Happy Halloween my fellow Soupers

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In a dark, dark room - for Halloween

In a dark, dark room
Ghostly noises
Whispering voices
Impending doom
Blood curdling screams
In the distance I hear
Stay calm, show no fear
The voices persistent
Werewolves howl
Witches on broomsticks 
Shadows on my window
Creepy crawling fingers 
Something touches my hand 
I want to scream 
I don’t think I can
It’s horrifying; but
Somehow still exciting
I lift the veil 
Vampire teeth!
Flashlight in my eyes
Thrashing about
I hear my mother scream
Wake up! It’s just a dream
It’s that time of year
It’s Halloween!                          

Vicki Darcy 

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Arm around her tiny back, ham fist
And nails that could scratch granite,
Fingers to crush metal bottle caps,
Chin-stubble sandpaper rubs  her face.
The  little girl he shoulders  to see the flames.

She shelters from the heat behind his neck,
Mesmerised but terrified by the flames, 
And  the stars obscured  rudely  by smoke,
And soot flakes like ragged black crows
Suddenly scared from a tree.

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Hoblins and goblins in the streets       Children scurrying about for Halloween treats      Always been one of my favorite nights        Always ready for Halloween frights       Huge smiles at the door        Filling their bags with candy and more       Sometimes change sometimes fruit       Always something for a Halloween suit      Well it is almost here     One of my favorite times of the year

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Halloween a scary time of year,
The day many wait for to be here.
We dress in costumes to go out and have fun,
Many children go to haunted housed and as they see something scary they run.
Candy is given to children, who trick or treat,
There are many creative bakery goods to eat.
Many people fear witches, ghosts, goblins, and vampires,
Don’t forget about scary movie characters like Freddy, Jason, Chucky, and Michael Myers. 

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Beneath a Dire Moon

The moon hovers there, shining aloft,
its form the infamous crescent,
its glow so luminous as to reveal the rest of the orb,
oft-hidden when its time in the sky is not nigh.

Underneath, a fog coats the cold ground.
It floats eerily around everything in its path,
twisting here and there, suffusing the darkened morning
with a fell feel, secrets behind every bush and tree.

As my fellows and I trudge past a field to our left,
the mist reveals the obstacles we placed there afore;
in the sun, just part of training, procedure - 
in these cruel environs, an ominous vision.

Barbed wire raises from a fence line
like the hackles of an angry beast;
threatening even we who emplaced it with its edges,
taunting our easily pierced flesh to embrace it.

Bunkers hunker down by the edge of the wood,
barely glimpsed openings once promising solace -
in this haunting setting they appear more as gaping maws,
showing to the world only a presence and visage of hunger.

Meant to hamper the enemy, defend those who built them,
on this macabre morn they serve more to menace their own.
Our bristling band hurries to pass that brooding breadth,
the horned moon vanishing at last from our unsettled sight.

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Halloween Thoughts

If I didn’t think that Halloween was so special
I would think that it was dull and quite boring
I love Halloween and all of its wonder
I think it’s the greatest holiday of the year
But if I never thought of it that way
I would think it was the worst possible day
I’m fascinated by all the devilish things around
The sincere innocence of this time astounds
If I didn’t think of all of this splendor
I would think that the innocence is just a front
A front of the evil that could be played
But I don’t think that, I believe it is a great time
A time of joyful glee and trick or treating
Dressing up in costumes and going to parties
I would hate all of this, if I thought differently
I wouldn’t enjoy the full moon, and the black cats
The witches and creatures of the deep would be my boon
But my heart is with this Holiday, everything it stands for
The fun of the skeleton dances and the bats that fly
I love to think of the Jack-O-Lanterns that smile at night
But if my thoughts would change, I wouldn’t enjoy
All of these feelings that I do love to employ
Spiders and maggots, creatures of the night
I wouldn’t stand for them, I would hate this sight
I however think what I do think, simply delightful
I will always love Halloween and all its wonder
The festivities of the season will remain in my heart

Entrant into Nancy Jones' "If I didn't think what I think, here's what I'd think" contest


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The Children Of The Streets 3 (2008)

This poem is of gross content and viewers are warned of such.
This is written for the children, none of us knows the sufferings they must endure
by the hands of their captors. Let their voices be heard in the night. Do not
turn a blind eye just so you can attempt an escape from reality. Listen for once and maybe 
one child will be safe in the night.
   Wickedness lives in our world and children will continue to suffer by their hands
unless we the responsible take charge of our responsibilities and keep watch
over them, That is our solemn duty, do it right.
   For the sake of the children.

Tonight I search for tasty treats
All the lovely children of the streets
They are everywhere walking
Alone, serene
I'm going to love this Halloween.
   Hello there children, lovely night
Don't grip your bags of candy so tight
Smile my sweet
Have fun, lets play
Tomorrow you will not see the day.
   Try not to be frightened, all is well
Although you think that you are in hell
Come here my love
Lets dance, lets sing
I am going to do everything.
   Tommy, you and Sarah play
On top, yes right, that's the way
Does it feel good?
Isn't this sweet?
This is wonderful, EAT YOUR MEAT!
   Did that hurt? Well lets try it like this
There my dear now this is bliss
I love you Tommy
So smooth, so soft
I'll leave you to sleep here in the loft.
   Oops, I'm sorry, Tommy died
Come here Sarah, you'll be the bride
Touch me there
Thats right lets taste
Turn around love while I hold your waist.
   Do not worry love, it's supposed to bleed
This is how two now become three
Oh well, too bad
You didn't last long
Your cries, your whimpers were lovely song.
   Now will I sleep amongst the dead
While sweetened thoughts dance through my head
Until next years Halloween 
The night will bring me beautiful treats
All the lovely children of the streets.

     Placid Poet
     September 13, 2008

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all  is well 
cause all discreet
my candy drops at my feet
no time to pick up
the time is for running
a scream escapes my soul
my feet tremble with exitement
my hands shake with fear but I must hurry
for the goblins are coming near
they will bring no mercy
beat me up then take off
the lord I hope is with me
and they will not take another child

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waiting on october

when the sun finally shines its last hot beams of
annoying rays down upon the slimy suntan-lotion-saturated 
bodies &
the convertibles get taken back in the garages &
the vast groups of lame ass motorcyclists who drive only during
the summer months (gliding on their gross neon-colored crotch-rockets)
disappear &
the swimsuits, tank-tops, flip-flops & birkenstocks are all 
stuffed back into their proper drawer in the dresser
(with all the sand cleaned from every nook and cranny in question) &
all those little kiddies hawking their lemonade all have to go back to school
(thus closing up those awful stands that pitifully provoke people into pretending that they wanted a dixie cup of watered down yellow sugar) &
the clothes hardly covering any of the strapping young lads 
and the sexy young ladies all are traded in for clothes that do the exact opposite &
all the bugs start to die while the birds start to think very seriously about beginning to pack up the ol’ nest n’ begin flying south &
all the picnic-fanatics go back inside &
all the campers are done masquerading as outdoorsmen & women (going back to the cities where they came from) &
all the country folk who took their lil’ vacations to exciting metropolitan settings & tropical paradises have gone back to their mundane towns & villages &
we who love the changing foliage,
the apple cider donuts,
the colder temperatures nuzzling their way in,
the shorter days coming,
the crisp breeze blowing,
the pumpkin spiced coffee drinks, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins & pumpkin cookies,
the cardigans, flannel shirts, jeans, hoodies & all other of our layers 
finally broke out for our comfortable frumpiness, 
the scented candles burning throughout,
the little rugrats (probably the same ones that were hawking the yellow sugar water) dressing up for their halloween &
halloween in general---
will no longer be waiting on october.

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He heard of a Halloween party 
being held in Paradise, 
so with incredible speed
he was bound for Heaven...
regardless of the outcome!

Would God ever allow a fallen angel...
enter those gates, where holiness reigned?
Satan had to invent clever tricks, 
or he would never participate as others did...
and wouldn't God Himself have recognized him?

Well-groomed and fetched in his attire
as a meek monk in brown tunic...
he resembled the authentic friar
whose purpose was to disrupt harmony...
would he have suceeded or failed?

And indeed he succeeded in his foul plan
by turning all the guests against one another!
Cupcakes, sugar apples and lollipops went flying...
as they were tossed with harmful intention!
Who ever hear of troubles in Paradise?

Angels notified God of such daffy behavior,
demand everyone to apologize to their angry God...
how would Satan hide his disguise facing the Omnipotent?
Had he considered the consequences of his foolish disarray?
Yes, he did with a plan carrying out vengeance! 

" I have welcomed everybody to join this party,
but someone has caused disorder and confusion!"
God rebuked the gathered crown looking somber.
" The guilty one come forward!" He ordered enraged.
There's was a stillness more profound than peace itself!

Out of the debating crowd, a monk stepped out,
walking slowly...afraid of facing the wrathful face of the Almighty.
" Say your name!" God requested little sympathetic.
" My name is Satan...the disobedient angel whom You expelled!"
" It was beacuse of your envy that I did that!" God replied.

"Once again, I've tried to defeat You with my craftiness,
and failing I have realized how mighty You still are!" Satan admitted.
" I will leave this holy place, unworthy of my cunning deed!"
And in saying so, Satan departed with a disappointed, saddened look.
Why didn't God accurse him? Was his time at hand? 

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Halloween tonight

Halloween tonight
Tonight I'll rise from the grave that's right.
I'll walk with my friends in an honorable sight.
Not to have fun on this Halloween night.
I don't drink water or beer that's right.
Only blood that will make you shake in fright.
On this Halloween night.

I'LL'cut off an arm or a leg that's right.
Maybe your head to make you a fright.
Only to have you see look like a sight.
Standing with a chainsaw behind you would be a fright.
For it's Halloween tonight.
So do not fall in the graveyard tonight.
I'm here to scare you into a fright.
To make you dead that would be a sight.
So boo it's Halloween tonight!

By Harold R Hunt Sr and Larry b zombie.
Halloween tonight
Tonight I'll rise from the grave that's right.
I'll walk with my friends in an honorable sight.
Not to have fun on this Halloween night.
I don't drink water or beer that's right.
Only blood that will make you shake in fright.
On this Halloween night.

I'LL'cut off an arm or a leg that's right.
Maybe your head to make you a fright.
Only to have you see look like a sight.
Standing with a chainsaw behind you would be a fright.
For it's Halloween tonight.
So do not fall in the graveyard tonight.
I'm here to scare you into a fright.
To make you dead that would be a sight.
So boo it's Halloween tonight!

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Ironed Shadows

Ironed Shadows
                by Odin Roark

Her hands lay smooth
the coveralls worn thin
now wrinkled
once charged with earth

Mended armor from
courageous prices paid
embossed with crosshatched mending
stands raised in triumph

A home plate remembered
by innocence long abandoned
players made humble from
a boy's first slide for life

Vapors rise
from sprinkled droplets of water
beneath handled hot steel
making ready once more
the crusted wafer-thin reason
for kneeling to a non-questioned answers

Facing coerced submission to other games
a purple-robed relentless hand
feeds rewards from gilded plate
accompanied by whispering silver tongue

Such are the scoring points of yet another kind

Youth's pure white
once starched crisp
ever ready for combat
now labors thread bare
atop shoulders and arms
riding the reach for caramel-lathered memories
chased down with silver chaliced promises from still wider mouths

Where goes the love-smooth ironing hand now?

Costumes of rumpled thread
made anew by hot-pressed caresses
now like the ether of memory
drift up past the seeing eyes into untethered emptiness

Tread carefully
lest you become wrinkle-free expediency
sliding voraciously into digital home plates
forever kneeling faithfully before promised obsolescent rewards
delivered smilingly from reflective platters
tarnishing quickly

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She was raised in a loving home
learned the Bible at a young age
yet tonight she sits in county jail
felony charges for lying and theft
hanging over her beautiful blond head.

She'd just gotten a great job
after graduating from high school
they'd even given her, her own car
trusting her with their patients
whose lives are so fragile.

And her best friend is out on bond;
the poor dear didn't even know
a friend could do a thing like that
getting her into trouble with lies
she had so blindly believed.

Like a fox, hiding the truth
behind a bushy flick of the tail
she'd been told a tall, tall tale
that the jewelry belonged to
the friend asking her to pawn it.

Now they are both in big trouble
probably scared out of their minds
like children lost in the dark
unable to find their way home
on a cold Halloween night.

They've long ago lost their candy
it's been taken by some big bullies
they cannot hide behind their masks
as these too have been stolen
by some pretty awful mug shots.


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rooftop concerto

were that i could speak again
the thoughts frozen in my head
the sun rarely burns me now
and the moon a haughty stranger
lifting its one eyebrow at me.

i stir uneasy in the concrete bowels
where skitters my fears
in halloween masks.

i think i'll yowl with the cats
on the roofdeck

(5 feb 79)

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When there's absolute silence in the creaking hut,
something spooky is bound to happen again,
and the haunting feeling seems to no avail; 
any ghost's appearance makes my hair stand up!
There he stands laughing and frightening me... 
the pirate with a silk eye patch, I hide underneath
the covers, not to let his outstretching hands grab me;
and is he a phantom or another underworld spirit?    
I have read many stories of pirates, and one of them that intrigued the reader
was that of Captain Morgan as the most famous pirate in his time...he pillaged,
destroyed and killed causing chaos in the Caribbeans, and how clever 
he was to abandon his ship and escape, hiding his treasure on some island!
This pirate with a silk eye patch once was called," Morgan, the Horrible!"  
My skin is getting goose bumps, thinking of how bad he was...oh, it's so unthinkable!
I am shaking like a tiny mouse chased by a hungry, ferocious cat utterly unstoppable;
I flee from the bedroom and hide into a dark forest to hear the moan of a beast!
I turn back, but the door is shut...I turn the knob with caution,
there in the pitch-dark room he drinks his whiskey and dances alone;
I slide on the alcohol dripping from his dirty bottle, and as Morgan
tries to grab me, I run from his glaring and bloody eyes again!  
And the pirate with a silk eye patch returned on many scary nights,
giving me chills and shivers haunting me until darkness faded away;     
wait a minute...they aren't over yet...someone dressed in black knocks
on my front door, and sneering he says," Welcome to my Halloween party!"

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Happy Halloween

Creepy crawly spider webs
Ghost and goblins in their head
Beware the night so full of dread
Apple bobbing, candy corn
Jack o lanterns light the way
Children so excited as they beg
To be delighted, but now
It’s time to go to bed;
And dream of all that they have done
They dream of ghosts and goblins
And the witches they have seen
And they’ll dream of trick or treating
On this Happy Halloween

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Pumpkin Smashing

It's dark, cold, and rainy
I can't see it, but the smell of death is outside
Not going to stop sir
The driver is now in third gear 
Amy Winehouses' window is down, 
Her head and arms are out the window
Pumpkin, body and top, are in my hand
Car is getting closer and closer to the sidewalk
Arms go back, booooom...
Pumpkin scatters on the street,
Rolls up the sidewalk,
Against the chain link fence,
Thank goodness didn't get the car
My friend is going to be MAAAD. Heheheheh

My turn to drive,
We switch,
30 seconds later in third gear
Passenger spotted destination..
Asshole with the sidewalk trashcan
Have a block to gain speed
Window is down
Dansig is on
“Halloween, Hallowwweeeeen, Haloweeen”
He's out the side
Face is lit up
Yes, faster. Closer. Closer...
Boom, POW. 
That's doing Halloween night off the best you can.

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Monster Aboo in Halloween Night

I slam the door and jumps Aboo at you.
The house is mine, indoors I loose my mind.
The monster’s loose. “Inside I’m safe,” I say.
Aboo is near I fear, the monster seeks.

Sneaky freaky Aboo, I see now you.
Sneaky freaky Aboo, don’t eat us you.
Sneaky freaky Aboo, the monster ran.

“Are you a small bit hurt? Yes I got cut
From it, that monster named Aboo is free
And roaming. It’s claws struck me hardest here
On my small chin. Let us hunt now Aboo.”

Freaky sneaky Aboo, where art now you.
Freaky sneaky Aboo, lets find now you.
Freaky sneaky Aboo, the monster ran.

We followed its foot tracks to seek Aboo.
About steps it, Aboo, we see now you.
From grisly beast to shaggy hair, it howls
To us saying, “I love you, don’t eat me.”

How ironic that you say we eat you
When we say you eat us. “Be friends with me,”
The monster says. We say, “you are a beast
Not a flesh feast.” They shake their hands
And settle their differences in time.

They become best friends. Aboo lives inside
The basement. Aboo comes out at night time
To scare those who walk by on Halloween. 

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On Halloween Night

          On Halloween Night
A slight hollow snapping noise crept up from down below
Barely audible above torrential rain and lightning
Seeping through the walls into my gloomy room
A power outage turned the mansion black as death
A candle and one match was all I had to investigate
To navigate this mystery
The crackling sound grew louder
As I trembled, fell down the flight of stairs
Head hitting concrete there 
Red blood spilling everywhere
The basement became confused and changed 
An eerie form of horrors took its shape
A structure not found or known in heaven or on Earth
Came into view, from what could be surmised, an opening 
An unholy hole from hell itself 
Before my crying eyes appeared right there
Some multi legged smelly creature lurking by the portal, came whizzing in 
Another foul being emerged from darkness into this twilight zone 
Slithered without a word in my direction
My candle had gone out
The filthy obnoxious thing, grabbed me with icy slimy claws  
By the red light of hell's burnt tortured soulless glow
I saw the monsters bulging green and moldy eye up close
As it cracked my bones and dragged me down
Mystery solved at last
At least I found the clues and cause of these events
First detected in my gloomy room 
A slight hollow noise which crept up
From down below on Halloween night
And my bones still make that very same sound forever through the house

8/28/14 On Halloween Night contest

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Ghost Tower

            Ghost Tower

Jane is that person to take the unknown path
Fear is her friend, she knows no other way
Friends and family warned of dangers grave
Told her not to go to the tower, twisting in the forest
A moonless, starless, black clouded night her only guide
She took young Billy with her as a shield
In hopes of engaging him with experience and fear
They climbed 2,000 dusty stairs when they arrived
Billy cried out but only for an hour
Fatigue set in, filled both with anxiety, along the winding way
Monstrous screams came from the unholy spirits top
Blood came flowing from their ears
Each step brought them colder to the ghoulish goal
Lost souls approached in demon forms
Pulled poor Jane and Billy up and out a window
Held them by the throat and screamed
We want to kill you now but that would serve no purpose
They placed chains around their necks
Gave orders to take brooms and mops
To clean the cursed chamber first before the drop

Created on 10/17/14 for Ghost Stories – Poetry Contest

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Angels on Halloween

We didn’t dress up like this!
We look like this every day!
We are the host of angelic beings 
And we have come to make our presence known
We are the Armies of the Lord on High
We are the cherubim and seraphim
We behold the Creator’s glory!
We make our presence known on this day
This dreadful day of evil
We circulate the streets as the children of God are out in numbers
Walking the streets
Picking up sweet treats
All in the name of having some fun
They come dressed as miniature Dracula’s, witches, and pop stars
Walking proudly as they show off their childlike imaginations
If they only knew this was the day of the Dragon
Their parents would keep them at home and worship Jesus
We are the angelic hosts and we have come to make our presence known
Watching out for the children of the Lord
Surely they are not aware of the danger that lurks around cars and sidewalks 
Do they realize what really occurs on the Day of the Dragon? 
The Satanic worships!
Sacrificing lambs, goats, small children, and even virgins
They have their own high mass and drink blood and mock the Creator
For surely if they knew this they would not want to be outside
If the parents of the children of God only knew the danger that lurks on this day
They would keep all that is innocent beneath the roofs of their homes
They would take the time to sing a song to the Lord who loves them the most
Jehovah and His Son understand the lateness of the hour
They have sent the angelic armies to watch over their precious children
When you get to heaven one day you can thank Them for this knowledge
He is the Almighty God and He surely loves all his kids!

G. Rix

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Around The Corner

Around the corner
The old black cat he's taken a nap.
At the house around the corner.
Getting ready to play his game this very night.
For he'll hide out of sight around the corner of the house 
Ready to scare you in to a fright.
He'll hide out of the light in the dark of night.
Then jump, at you with a scary meow.
Then off he runs around to the next corner to hide once more.
You hear the dog bark to warn you but out the cat comes like a bolt of lighting
To scare you as you round the corner to yell Trick or treat.
The old cat he plays this game this Halloween night at the house around the corner.
The kids they all enjoy see the old black cat have his fun.
So the go around the corner just to see him there.

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Michael Myers

we were just neighbors
he had black hair and brown eyes
we were hardly seven
playing hide and go seek
in the neighborhood
in the dark

fake plastic knives
expensive halloween masks

hollywood took my life for a picnic
they call my childhood michael myers

A girl moved to town
from somewhere in the states
said a meteor created a river there
she always liked to make up horror stories
and games
and chants
to go along with hyperventalating
truth or dare and seances

imagine yourself in a cemetary
imagine yourself with no friends
imagine you have an unstoppable desire
to kill kill kill

There were a few broken ribs
a few doors busted down
no one died
but i will never forget what happened in that particular town

looks like halloween
just not the right day
screaming children
just out to play
so many lines from your horror movie stolen right from my mouth
tears in my eyes to the relisation that something so awful went soo far

ask any of my old friends
they will tell you of that great hiding place
why some of my better friends ended up insane and never threw me away
not sure how much longer i'll survive my exaggerated childhood on display
wait till i grow up a bit more
and then parade every other mistake i've made

the loveless relationship i have with the world ends today
his name was never michael myers, only few of us know his real name

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A Demented Soul

       The doctor injected something in me when I was just a embryo!  
I figured my mother was the enemy standing at the end of the rainbow.
       As a babe I use to take off my diaper and throw it at my baby sitter Sandy!  
When I was a kid I bullied other children out of their candy.
       In elementary my teacher asked what I would grow up to be?  I stood in front of the 
told her to kiss my azz and screamed like a banshee!
       I remember the first time I played "house" with the girl next door.  
She told me I was her pimp  and she was my whore!
       Before school I would get drunk on Belvedere.  
I use to sit in class behind this nerd and thump him in the ear!
       As a teenager I thought I was being haunted.  
I would tell girls what they desired just to get what I wanted.
       I use to get into fights a lot.
At 16 my Grandmomma caught me smoking pot!
       My first job was a McDonald's drive-thru.
Customers would get an attitude, put me in a bad mood,
       So I put a  booger in their "big-mac," smiled, and said "Sorry I was rude to you!"
       The year I turned 17, that Halloween I inhaled some gasoline.
That night my sister caught me masturbating to a magazine!
       At 19 yrs old I became a world renowned gigolo.
Not long after I was abducted by a UFO!
       I travelled constellations for over a decade.
"Marvin The Martian" returned me to earth after our last Venus Crusade.
       It took me a couple years to readjust.
Even today I still smell like moondust!
       And so I became a man with no self-control.
I'll forever stand a demented soul!!!

*Wrote for Olusequn Adelna contest "Make my head fall off (lol)"
This poem is purely fictional, my morbid humor;) Visit me on facebook

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A big wheel of light

A big wheel of light
and hobby-horses, and fear, and laughter (pumpkin fear-laughter).
At the hour of Halloween one to be there 
-to intercede - 
for my kids, for my fear when I'm banished
and the spooky folk stayed with make up on the memory.
Inside of me there's light and I turn around with open eyes
in that sick world -of loneliness.

At that night of power -
I'm laughing

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The pumpkins are all grown at a pace.
They are waiting for those funny faces.
The witches are getting such a itch 
To ride those broom sticks.
The ghost will be the host of the party.
As the trolls fills the bowls with candy.
So now it's time to beat it to the streets 
To yell trick or treat for Halloween.

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The Night with a Ghost

The Night with a ghost
On Halloween night, we waited till dark.
The old house was dark as could be with no lights.
As we walked to the steps We saw a flash and heard the deadly scream.
The door is open so slowly without our touch as the old piano started to play.
There was no one in sight there, but at the top of the stairs there they stood.
Three ghosts all in white what a site.
As the clock hit midnight, the party did begin.
A bang and a deadly shriek set the pace as we watched the head roll down the stairs.
We heard that screams as they became louder and the ax flew across the room.
Then the door it opens once more. There she stood all in blood and white with no head to be able to say hello.
We heard a HaPpy HallOween from the ghostly three.

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Halloween is almost here,
that most terrifying time of year,
the night that people love to fear,
when ghouls and witches
magically appear.

On that mystical scary night,
keep your loved ones out of sight,
for the Werewolves and Vampires
the time's just right,
to sink in their teeth
and take a bite.

Then there will be a multitude of witches
to hide from aswell,
so as they can't
put you under their spell
and all the Devils,
risen from Hell,
where tortured souls eternally dwell.

So get some garlic,
grab your crucifix,
get some stakes,some wooden sticks,
add some holy water to the mix
and don't succome to their 
evil tricks.

At least it's just the one night,
hopefully you'll be safe in bed,
where horrible nightmares
wont fill your head
and you'll have the nicest of dreams 
with nothing to fear or dread.

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The Drums and I

There are three of us in this romance
It’s a strained love triangle between you
And me
And that gleaming set of drums lurking in your spare room
However much you may try to deny it
To say that I am the only one for you
That instrument knows better

She can see right through your carefully constructed assurances
She watches you touch me
And she laughs her mocking silent laugh
Because she feels a stronger caress every night when I’m away
When she embraces you in her steely grip
And transports you back to the realm of your youth
A place I can never go with you

Whenever I walk into her domain I feel her brooding mockery
The bronzed Halloween mouth of the hi-hat flaps in an abrasive chuckle
Taunting my fragile mortality
Reminding me that she was here long before me
And she’ll live on long after I’m cold in the ground

She knows she was your first and truest love
She exposes me as a pitiful flesh-and-blood copy of her dominatrix allure
My eyes don’t shine like her shimmering paint
My curves don’t hold a candle to her solid voluptuous shape
And the sweet whispers and cries of passion that escape my tender lips –
She drowns them out with her thundering primal roars

Sometimes in my braver moments I think that I can beat her
That I can prise you away with my brittle white fingers
But then I see you sitting in the midst of her glory
Like a powerful exotic king 
With your hair flowing free and your eyes ablaze
I hear the erotic melodies that pound through your fists 
Into her metallic belly

And it is then that the realization sinks in
In this weird love triangle of three
You are the husband and she is your steely wife
And as for me -- I am the other woman
Forever perched precariously on the edge
A mistress beside your instrumental queen…

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You glow with delight as you watch with fright
That roams and groans on the street
you smile and grin as it begins to walk
It talks you whisper the screaming begins
You are happy this night will never end

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Her Every Desire

Her Every Desire

She is like the gangrel bat
All dead tails
And white lace
Black painted fingernails
Softened by whimsical’s
Wide eyed
Over a thin lip tea cup
She smiles

Reading the leaves of a bedraggled misfortune
Your own
Over purple velvet cloth
Where many a throat
Has stained its last
She simpers
Tittering on her be-witch-craft
Flashes bedeviled laughs
Behind the net and beaded veil
The glint of eyes as cold as steel

The last drunken fool you
Of the roadside café
Does not sense the spindle legs
Creeping in a shadows pool
By final cast edge of window light
A frantic dagger clutched to her breast
In the crypt chill of her black tattered dress
“May I read your fortune?” she says

She holds out her palm white spider web
You see the crimson painted lips
The soft swell snow of her rising breasts
As wide come hither pupils beckon
And the vodka thinks it’s a pass for sex
You’re taken in
On the promises of that low cut dress
And into her vice your upturned hand is pressed

Her sultry whisper lingers on a hiss
“Oh tonight’s your lucky night yessssssssssssssss
“You are going on a journey yesssssssssssssssssss” she says
“Uhuh mmmmm you will forefill her every desire
“In a room of purple and red yessssssssssssssssssss
The alcohol distillation of your senses
Has no apprehension
And that cocky self surety lets her lead you from the room
Out into the thick dank chill
Of a Halloween night



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One good day

One good day is all i need,
To make happiness seem,
One good day is maybe all i'll get,
thanks to everyone i've.
One good day is all i ask,
on halloween with a freddy krueger,
One good day is all i want,
before this live sends me a,

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castle night

dark night.
storm clouds, rain drips and pours.
castle in the lightning.  lurks the cold.

cold of the damp castle stone.
warm with the fire.
the night is dire.

down a long hallway, cool
wind soothes the air.

castle might, castle fright.
the night is in the air.

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Pumpkins Night

Empty pumpkins await patiently on front porches and farmer's fences
for the light that gives them life
the hand which places each tiny candle carefully inside,
so they may show their toothy smiles and flicker their appreciation
on their night of nights...

For tomorrow they will be discarded, fallen or knocked
from safe pedestals onto lawns or driveways..
tossed into trash cans, sniffed by dogs
or left to fall apart in disrespect
as this year's duty has been done
another Halloween has passed..

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Halloween parade

Halloween parade
    It was Halloween night and the moon was bright.
Looking to the sky I had a real surprise.
As I saw the moon so bright gain a funny sight.
There on their broom so proud ten witches riding high in the sky.
The first witch had a cat as her co pilot
The followed in line as if they were chained together.
They took a dip towards the ground .123 all ten in a row.
Then all of a sudden the disappeared out of sight at the other end of town.
I ran to find out where they were and to my surprise I saw ten broom sticks all in a row.
Standing as if they were told. The big black cat stood guard. 
The light in the old vacant house was as bright as the full moonlight.
It was a sight to be seen for sure 10 witches in a parade.
On this Halloween night under the moonlight.

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A Magical Halloween Pin

As Halloween approached,
a middle-age redhead,
working in a coffee shop,
boldly wore a spider pin.
It had a massive body
of ruby-colored glass,
and was, in subdued lighting,
as striking as her smile.
In that one adornment
of child-like abandon,
she loaned me a key
to a fluid dimension--
a sweet, hidden wellspring,
expansive, when tapped,
of all possibilities,
where young may be old,
and old may be young
where in the mortal struggle
against prosaic prudence
and tired perspectives,
bewitchment can prevail--
a phoenix from ashes--
in magical resiliency,
wondrous, warm, and winking.

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The Way I See Halloween

Signifying the season One that my heart follows Flowing through my veins She laughs at me And my desires Trick or treats lasts only For as long as dusk But then the real life Of Halloween begins Even days before The love is shown The house full of Delightful pumpkins Carved in horrid faces Witches potions around With the hats to show They were there The skeletons baste In the yard Glows under the moon Spider webs spread about Mummies sit on the porch With the many pumpkins Of the Jack-O-Lantern sort And with the skeletons Are the scarecrows That hold the ravens That follow me around Lights are eerie And turned down low This night keeps me up With its electrifying show Dancing with the evil Only found on this night Brings a subtle joy inside No man can comprehend It’s truly amazing The enormous feelings That ghosts feel too This is why she laughs at me
Russell Sivey

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Just Listen

No sounds 
no instrumental 
Just my breathing 
and my beating heart
forgive me but I'm trying 
to be sentimental 
I just don't know where to start
how does one get in your heart? 
I'm searching for diamonds 
not the broken parts 

Your beautiful and 
My emotions are high 
and I don't know what 
I'm getting into
but do we really need a reason why
when our heart sees potential 
I think I'm definitely worth
getting into 
I'm pouring out my heart 
just using a paper and a pencil
my two favorite utensils  

I wanted to avoid spilling my heart
like a cold coffee being knocked over 
Love has knocked me down 
and I'm still slouching over 
I want you near me 
because it feels as natural
as having Halloween candy on 
October 31.

I bet you could rip through this plastic rap
and find the real me using just your teeth
and I know you could savor me like cake down underneath 
but all sexual stuff aside I really just want
you to hear me.

Feel me.
The real me. 
No distractions.
I only hope for a positive reaction. 
Your lips on mines intertwined
Just listen to my body
and the beating of my heart
than maybe you'll know where 
to start. 

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Gothic storm across the heavens, splitting 
the sky in two creating a rip in the fabric 
of the sky into which the earth will fall, 
doomed and dead into the abyss of time 
forever more. We are the generation of the damned, 
condemned to be this for the rest of our lives 
until we die, by our own hand 
or that of Old Father Time or of our enemies, 
stalking us across the chapters of the universe, 
never ending. The seas of time used to be on our side 
but now the hour glass has tilted and we slide 
effortlessly downwards, to our end 
and that of all that meant something to us, 
now nothing but ashes and dust, 
not even a folk memory remains as we cease 
to exist, become nothing but a storm in the rift 
of time that is the world, an idea of what might have been, 
ending now…

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in the Dark dark room

In a dark dark room
In a dark dark room 
They gather to make their Halloween brew.
Mixing frog legs and bat wings to a tasty treat.
The room of witches and troll they do dance 
Getting ready to take your soul.
The moon is full, but no light does shine in the dark room.
The part is wild and as the door does open nobody shows for a minute or so.
Then they come one by one on their brooms heading to the sky.
You hear the yell Happy Halloween.
Let's party in the ,dark dark room when we return.

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On a journey we go to Ashton to meet our fellow pagan 
friends down at Eclipse. They are just like us 
and we all have fun together coz we share similar beliefs. 
We count down the days down to Halloween 
when we will get together for our Meek 
to drink to the witches and celebrate the ritual. 
Everyone shall become one as the gods and goddesses come 
and join us as the boundaries between our earth and the spirits 
thins and our worlds combine. The beliefs that have lasted centuries 
shall come forth and continue to do so for millennia.

from my earlier pagan days.

for those interested i write as nick armbrister and jimmy boom semtex. lots of stuff online.

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So many people live in darkness and superstition the web and internet eye am 
certain add some falter in among them let us see just how bad this thing could 
get. The bible verse is plainly written and taken from the context says and yet a 
myriad bunch of people make the evidence all wet Oh they say Judas went out 
and hanged hisself and then they quickly turn the page again and finger falls to 
open page again it says now GO AND DO THOU LIKEWISE? Oh foolish man has 
killed hisself again. When will people never learn the will of GOD? 
It is the sovereign will of GOD that Jesus Christ has come and taken all our 
penalties upon the TREE of sacrifice the Cross has done the work that each man 
could not bring to bear the fruit of love. To refine clothing in the dark to make the 
linens white it took HIS blood. There is almost nothing measures up please do 
some works and fill your cup with pleasant things and love. Feed someone or 
feed yourselves at least with diligence and concrete things some fish perhaps 
some meat instead of bread. Drinks and cookies iff you are rich 
Lay them end to end on tables laden with the rich fatty food of thanksgiving 
and left over candy from your Halloween the candy corn is fave with me. 
But even iff you lay a can of food in front of only yew be thankful that you eat. 
The LORD paid for all the turkey and the meat. Begin to realize it is no parlor trick 
and reach out in your falter to preponderance. 

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The night after Halloween

The night after Halloween
It's the night after Halloween
Witches and goblins are gone.
No more tricks but a lot of treats.
Candy corn and candy apples are all that is left of the scary night.
No spooks to scream and no cats meow.
Just an old owl that says whooo
Who is out there on this night after Halloween.

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Dead Baggage

For just one, frigid, October evening,
The dead will dance without their baggage,
Abandoning ravenous, ebony pain
And any fleck of enduring scorn.

Succumbing to this ancient witchcraft,
The dead will rise on Halloween night.
The rusted lungs of decayed cadavers
Will repair, respire, inhale and breathe.

While kids in costume horde their candy,
The dead will mingle with masquerades.
The living, unaware of Pagan prophecy, 
Openly chat with rancid remains.

As solace floods their now beating hearts,
The dead will glow with infinite grins.
Fearless children give ghouls their praise
For creepy designed realistic disguises.

Happy to haunt on Halloween,
The dead will dance without their baggage.
Awoke by sounds of trick or treat,
One night a year, alive and free.

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The Scoop On Halloween

The Scoop On Halloween
You goblins and ghouls,
Who moan and drool,
It's that ghostly
Time of year again.

Witches, take notice
Of this Halloween expert’s advice,
It could help make your
Wicked holiday quite nice
When shaken and
Stirred with dry ice.

Watch out!
Witches brew can stain
Not only your jagged teeth,
But your Wiccan virtue too.

That stake smarts,
When it's stuck deep
In your heart,
So stay clear of
Dracula's friends.
They are all

Isn't it hard to smell with
That garlic clove stuck
Up your nose?

Stay away from that
White fairy dust
Of the white rose too.

Buy the way,
You can't make a dime,
While Frankenstein is in line
Robbing you of all 
Your sublime energy.
He's so needy, 
He'll drain you dry.

It's too hard 
For you to think,
If Dracula is always 
Trying to drink your blood.
Stay away from
 Him for he stinks,
He's cute, but he's bad
 News when he winks.

Make sure your broom doesn't need a
Tune-up before Halloween this year.
Watch out for monsters and goblins
Who might pinch you on your rear.
Show them no fear!

I know you think the Mummy has healed;
But his eyes are always peeled,
Looking for his new rebound girl.
His manhood has been
Cooped up way too long
He’ll give anything a whirl!

Above all, remember to have fun,
Better run along with glee because
It's almost Halloween week!

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Hating People Halloween TOO

Hating People Halloween Too 
Hating People Halloween Too 
I met a man I didn't like, 
He told me Superman ain't real. 
He said" angels fly without their wings". 
And he would teach me how? 
All I could do was SCreeCH! 
Because it's halloween, 
and I should"nt preach. 
Have a Happy Holy Holiday. 
Angels are real and they have wings. 

Charles Hice 

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice

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Costume Catastrophe

Once with a large box for the body
and another over my head
a robot was born with lots of knobs
and a slinky for a hat
but, I couldn't sit down
so I stood looking out eye holes
until I couldn't stand any more.
Being a robot was a chore.

Another year a mummy
seemed a cool idea
so I cut strips of sheet
to wrap myself from head to feet
and after taping the strips was done,
I left for a party to have some fun
but by the time I walked to the door
half the strips were sliding to the floor.
My mummy was crummy
so I went as a half-wrapped
accident victim instead.

Think I'll try a clown this year
and keep it simple for me
because too much imagination
makes for a costume catastrophe.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ for Carol's Halloween contest ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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OCHSA and Poetry

At OCHSA, in poetry class today
a dead body lay on the floor
and hungry starved commercial dancers
came in to feast.

Crunching on the toe nail chips
drinking in the eyeballs
feasting on the spaghetti and meatball hair
slipping on the soup of tongue.

Ripping at the flesh
like carnivorous dinosaurs of old
feasting on fallen herbivores
nummy, slurp, gulp.

I walked in on the middle of this fray
only bones were left,
aww, poor people
We really shouldn't feed the lions
but maybe commercial dancers are the exception!

a/n: this was written for a Halloween contest at OCHSA but they told us no zombies and ect
so this is what happened! Yes commercial dancers can be scary when they are hungry enough!

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Subject line and matter what's the matter there must be many abuses of the 
system close the door make a number on the card give it only to the elite one. 
The poor children die stoned in the ditch rhymes with witch. When the ruling 
factor is wealth and fame added unto name and they say who are you anyway 
what have you done today lets party and have sex behind the closed and guarded 
doors. We are all elite and the ruling force. A man does not walk like a pigeon 
toed duck. Good luck out the door just go away the lice and mice and lingering 
doubts play. Romance and faltering footsteps failing sight and failing heart. We 
knoe just what the girls say to one another and how they treat a poor old 
homeless man. They play keep away and worse they add it to the verse of every 
rhyme. Eye am eye. My title is eye. Eye is the title of the eye. Eye found October 
wine to be too decadent the label was not tasty to my eye. Eye lost the will to lust 
or fill my belly with the must of crushed and shattered grapes of dust. Please just 
skip the Halloween and bring thanksgiven to my eye. Try hard to advertise 
Thanksgiving with the popcorn that eye crave and leave the candy corn for 
children they deserve to try it out but eye could never count the kernels in my bag 
or have enough. The title is in doubt. 

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Halloween Escapade - The Adventure

On a high moon on Halloween I went to a Salem doctor
He looked at me weirdly and inquired what is the matter?
I told him it’s Halloween and I have a very sweet tooth
He stated he is not a dentist and tried to give me the boot

He tried to straightened by nose and I started hollering
Resting my javelin I told him I was the Halloween goblin
He left and returned with a iron ball with a chain attached
Tried to throw me in a pool of water because he snapped

He wanted to see if I would sink or swim in the pool
I told him I would float in the pool since I am no fool
The nurse heard the commotion and stepped inside
She threw me a goodie bag which saved my hide

I started gobbling gummy bears and the doctor fainted 
I ate so many gummies and goodies we got acquainted
She twitched her nose and got her hat off the nurses’ rack
With a jack-o-lantern smile she was leading a pack

Stepping out the door she said ride on brother goblin
She then got on my broom and we went apple bobbing 

© Joseph, 10/27/07
© All Rights Reserved

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Hating People Halloween Too

Hating People Halloween Too
  Hating People Halloween Too
I met a man I didn't like, 
He told me Superman ain't real.
He said' angels fly without their wings'.
And he would teach me how? 
All I could do was SCreeCH! 
Because it's halloween, 
and I should'nt preach.
Have a Happy Holy Holiday.
Angels are real and they have wings.

Charles Hice

Copyright ©2006 Charles Hice 

Charles Hice 


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It is because of our belief in the communion of all the faithful in Christ — in this 
world or in the next — that Catholics pray for the dead, for all those those have 
died and who are being purified (in Purgatory), that they will soon be granted 
eternal rest in heaven with God and reunited with all the saints. 
Halloween is a Christian Holiday. Saints of God living and dead eat bread. 
Merciful Father, 
hear our prayer and console us. 
As we renew our faith in Your Son, 
whom You raised from the dead, 
strengthen our hope that all our departed brothers and sisters 
will share in His resurrection, 
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, 
one God, forever and ever. Amen 
Prayer on Halloween for the Dead among the living. 
Homily made for atonement and grace forgive the leper that says AMEN. 

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Is like and as

Insanity is like beauty
In the eye of the beholder
At least that is what she had to believe
The memory of her mother
Boucing off the padded walls
Chilled her 
No candle could light her up
From the dark spot of that time in her mind
But the Holy Spirit is not a candle
Nor a flashlight
Nor any ordinary thing

Industrial strength brilliance at the speed of God!

She reruns yesterday through her mind
That Halloween party
She in her hippy jeans
And with her heart on her sleeve
No one stomped on it 
And she was so relieved
Now she sits and hears the political chatter
She doesn't shatter
November 4 is right around the corner
And she thinks she knows what she will do
Praying us all through.

Beauty is like hope
It thrives
Best in sunshine
But can bloom in darkness
And she is aware that inner loveliness
Is so much more dear

Hope is like faith
It floats 
And the feather is as light as a summer breeze
The leaves fall
And she smiles
She loves the snow