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Free Verse Farewell Poems | Free Verse Poems About Farewell

These Free Verse Farewell poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Farewell. These are the best examples of Free Verse Farewell poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Stairway to the Stars

stairway to the stars celestial light beckons me no puddles overflow with tears my life’s silent movie reruns in my mind not a loved one left behind those I cherish wait for me lingering in paradise below the Earth loses color even the pyramids Eiffel Tower Broadway lights fade to those still confined in the worldly realm no legacy I leave just a kiss that carries rapidly vanishing memories my final farewell
*Written September 4, 2014, by Carolyn Devonshire For Guatami’s “The Poet II – Poetry Contest” Theme: Leave you a kiss

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Poet Convention 2014

Poet Convention

Lost in a poets convention, 
I can't recall every poem, I've read through the years
50518, unique comments I 'validate'--- 
Thank You For Sharing Your Happy and Sad tears 
Since March 24, 2010 In the mist of every line, 
I'm sending special hugs, for he/she that favorite me through the years 

Today's Convention, 
A praise to all poets mentioned and not mentioned

I will miss, the sweetest girl on this block LEONORA G.,
She treats me with love, adores my words and twisted poetry.  

I will start with the soups famous October, 7th babies,  
Frank and Kash, Debbie D, and myself, these lines belong to us, 
Our best characteristic has everything to do with the mind 
In our poetic hearts you'll find the symbol of justice and balance

This is not a song, it is not a poem, it's a free falling memo written with style

Back in March 2013, I said it then, I'll say it again 
Andrea, you and only you are the Poet Queen 
By the Queen, sits the Poet King of rhymes, Robert L. Hinshaw
Thank you both for never stepping on your loyal subjects 
Carol B., & Linda Marie, no one can replace the hole you left inside

I will miss all the little poetry pups, who came and sat by my side 
MAHIMA and Saanvi, and Sabrina, thank you for the encouragement

Phyllis, Joyce, Francine, Rhonda, Betty, sweet Karen A., and Catie, 
Clap your hands for the lovely quiet soup ladies.
Okay, maybe not Karen A., and Catie, these ladies love speaking their minds:)
SARA K., a mentor to some, a Fairy Godmother in my book
I will miss her "Magic Pen like Wand" dearly.
Gail, thank you for spreading your wings, and teaching us how to fly. 
Hopefully --wings are a nice gesture, --waving--  
"One day I'll see you again, my friend."

Daver Austin, "Go ahead, make my day" thank you for the show 
Now, you know why I referred to you as, "The Clint Eastwood of Poetry."
Russell Survey, encouraged my days and moods with his kind words

Scribe ML., where are you my friend? 
Don't you know your BIGGEST FAN misses you!!!

Dr Ram, Bindu V, Litan D., Donna J, Shadow, Sandra A., Peter Durgan, 
Giorgio V., Mystic Rose, BL Devnath and of course our Nette.
Thank you for being kind and rewinding and replying to every note.
Joseph M., Caleb S., Vincent F., Juliet L., Lucy Carrillo, Scott 37, Johnny R.,
Kelly D., thank you for the honor in always honoring my words

Roger Horsch meets Eileen Ghali, your smile, her smile always made me smile,  
No matter how many miles apart, our smiles always met on the same page.

Jenish, Don J., S.Z. Kamoonpuri, Gideon, Gary, Austin E., and Jody M., 
Fatima N., Mark N., Aiyah B., Ralph F., Kathryn C., Elly, Ayesha A.,
Clay W., Erich, Syam, MIKKI, John B., Olusegun, *Sukmawati* Gwen,
Delysia H., Frederic P., Richard L., Brenda L., Keith, Debbie G.,
Thank you for painting the best IMAGERY 

Michale Clarke, Charma C., Wayland B., Jancarl C., Carrie, and Harry, 
M&M, Abdulhafeez, Michael B., Maria P. S., CHAN and Mandy T.
You are only the beginning of what makes this a good community

Arlid A., Dinda M., Silly Billy, Tim Ryerson, we go way back.
Ravindra, Kim M., Richard S., Honestly JT., Wade A., Dom-X.
The ingredients in your poems, makes the best soup remix

Joe M., Jack H., James H., James P., Tim B., Jon A. C., Allan K., Matthew A.
Deb Wilson, David S., David William, Thomas S., Cecilia M. 
Keep that pen flowing for tomorrow needs poets like you.

Justin B., Laura B., your words will continue to be a part of me.
Owen Y., and John L., your visits, your friendship I will never forget

Yasmin and Carl F., hanging out with you on the soup was the best.

Cherl Dunn, and Colleen Bono, SandyIvy, I will miss everything about you, 
Mostly I will miss your friendship and the way you took care of me.

Poet and sister Skat, keep rocking what I can't.... 
Copy paste your love, welcome in the new.
Show Edwina, Robin, Sam B., and all the NEW POETS they belong

Last but not least-- Behind every mess, they are the best 
--Craig Cornish and Cyndi McMillan
What have you done, I admit without you this place would have been no fun.
Thank you for the spin, making every penny worth our paid premium memberships

Before I forget, 
I want to take this time to reminisce and add two old friends to my hot list.
Nikko and Chris A..... My first POETRY SOUP FRIENDS.
I will never forget you, and all the fun moments we had,
Back when the soup was not like this:) 
Chris, can you ever forgive me, I never stepped up to say "I was Sorry!"

As you know my kindness is my weakness 
Now it's time to be strong and move on 
If one day I return, then you know, I fell off the wagon
And, into arms and luring fingers of Team Poetry Soup

The Poet Destroyer

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Soul mates solace

When my final shadows cling on desperately
Where I fight formidable battles
to merely hold the light
I send you loving vibrations
and soul sustenance
Deep from the cathedral
of one heart to another
where today no choirs sing
nor symphonies play
Yet it is here where we meet
in spiritual solace
here to surrender 
and exchange inestimable treasures
recollecting memories 
like unopened letters
Galaxies are stretched
over chronicles of shared history
Nebula birthing stars
will be exposed
in forth-coming conversations
bringing short-lived fulfillment to you
Hungry to feast
now will be the time
to approve your blood art vision
and with my own haunting surrender
as dappled shades ink stain your chest
I will reside with you and share, mesmerised 
pens - by branding
as this will be your written reams to me
your artist's pallet or brushed canvas
no need for words
and yet creating
mysterious magical moments
Bitter-sweet the music
that dances taut guitar strings
but now blood approved
please go kick your heel up
return to your laughter
and ride on the breeze
for not all are lost
change not
for I am with you always
to love, listen and comfort as one
with you in me and I in you
as masterpiece

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I Will Not Remember You

Tonight,motionless is my sleep without a thought of you passing my mind And if the wafting wind breathes softly its zephyr breeze upon the pearl blush of my cheek I will not remember you Like the rattling sound of crickets on the first branch of Spring you had come and gone Now your shadow blocks the silver of my moon,no more Like a woodpecker in its last sonata you stole our music but I am learning how to dance without your song Forget-me-not petals scattered in silence on autumn's sidewalk Fluttering snowflakes covered my hair with false proposals and winter frost Your summer footprints have been washed out I lay in solitude,I lay in solitude yet still not lost,No,still not lost Here I am now, a mourning swan yet still a swan which pirouettes on a glass stream There He comes now, splash in calm beauty Fresh face reflecting upon my dream Tonight,motionless is my sleep and if the wafting wind breathes softly its zephyr breeze upon the pearl blush of my cheek I will not remember you
Inspired by Elton John's song- 'The One'

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Summer's Fall

Summer’s Fall

Slow bleeding trees stand,
pallbearers to a failing Summer’s
last warm, moist breath.
Cold moon casts shadows into
early darkness, on flowers shivering
in chilling soil.  Thus does Autumn’s
beauty shield us from our pain.

John G. Lawless
for PD’s One Autumn Night(in just 7 lines) – Poetry Contest 

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Lightly the rain falls upon the lamp lit streets, the shabbily dressed figure
Walks with an air of uncertainty down the cobbled stone streets, leaning,
On his rickety cane, the elderly gentleman huddles beneath his umbrella Of refuge.
Shadows of the tenement brownstones line the edge of this rough necked
Part of town, here is the sheltering halls of the forgotten do dwell, the poorer
Venue that slum lords build their fortune’s foundation’s upon.
The gentlemen approaches his own dwellings dormancy with hesitations
Beating heart throbbing within his small fragile bent frame, for he knows
Tonight shall be his last night on this ethereal plane of existence.
For one last moments belief reflection he remains completely still, just to
To feel the autumn breeze against his bare flesh, to hear the rain drops hitting
Against the window panes, and to bid his final farewell to humanity.
Taking out his keys with his wrinkled twisted hands, he unlocks the doors
To his apartment, turning around to look outwards the gentlemen sighs, it has
Been a hard life, but I’m resolved to meet the next adventure, then he shuts
And locks the tenement’s door.
Weary from his days traveling the elderly gentlemen, climbs his steps upwards,
Towards his little room in the back area of his apartments, then he sits at his office
Desk for the last and final time, now to complete my journeys final entry, he thought
To himself this writer of the super natural’s acclaim.
Dipping his quilted golden pen into his ink well, the master writes one last line,
The end, or is this just the beginning?
Clumping over, clasping upon his desk the elder gentlemen’s heart lies stilled
As if at perfection’s final rest, his golden pen now runs crimson, bleeding downwards
Across the aged parchment paper, dripping onto the old wooden floor boards below.
The office door blows open a tall figure thus so enters, dressed in a raggedy robe of black,
Thread borne and full of tares and wholes, the creature approaches the dead gentleman,
As if in a screeching howl, the Grim Reapers touches him, ripping his spectral spirit
Free from the fleshes boney shell.
I’ve come for you old man, resist me not for your sins are heavy, and I’ve no time for
The ranting or ravening’s last pleas for salvations from one such as yourself, I have no
Last wishes qualms my friend, take me at your leisure, for I’ve grown weary of this life,
And it’s lonely emptiness.
Then the room grows cold, the ethereal disturbance ends as quickly as it had begun,
Leaving only the shell sitting at the old wooden desk, what happens when the writers
Golden pen runs crimson, bleeding downwards across the aged parchment paper,
Dripping onto the old wooden floor boards below?
The world of humanity thus so weeps for him, for he is the grand master of darkness’s
Written word, the skilled craftsman’s whom reveals what lies beyond the darker realms
Ebony gates, by his darker words of wonderment.
Farewell Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, we shall miss you always, you whom welcomed death
So easily, but the world of men is left empty without thee, as thy golden pen thus so
Now runs crimson and lies stilled forever.


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there is something about the cuddle of mist that washes the pain of love's farewell like a damp of healing elixir, so softly touching my navel to ignite back the glaze within my marrow; and breaths sing with playful twilight about fresh enchantment blessed... now i greet the flowering of joy with unopened gifts, knowing goodbye is a beautiful wound as one star plays night keeper of reflective hours humming a new tune, dainty yet unknown, that in the solace born from ache and joy, i welcome it all-- the fire, wonder, and sighs. Any Poem #5 Contest: Nathan A.

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free in a moment
but everyone wants it
a single second
oh so pleasant

now its gone
life rages on
here's the war
join the corps

there's the pain
that keeps us sane
the toll of death
taking every last breath

the innocence of youth
the freest of any moment
leaving now just the truth
maturity is your atonement

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He was always so happy
strong and bold.
He'd give you the shirt off of his back.
He had a rough life
growing up through the depression,
but like he always does,
he got through it.
He has two boys, of whom he is so proud.
Moved from Regina, to Victoria.
He had the best life anyone his age could have wanted.
But ever since his wife died, 
he has not been the same.
But like he has always done,
he got through it.
Mind slipping, 
just a little forgetful.
That's how it always starts out...
But like always, he powered through it, 
until now...
He is not the same person that I used to know.
He been sentenced to the prison in his own mind.
Possessed by the thoughts of his dogs ashes.
He likes to play the blame game,
but we know he doesn't remember that it was him.
He wakes up in the night
shaking with pain, 
tears streaming down his face.
There is nothing we can do,
Oh well...
Two more tylenol.
Hold on to hope
for as long as you can,
It's only a matter of time now.
He gets vocal, a very loud tone.
He'll block you in your room
and make false accusations
But we know that it's the pain induced monster in him.
Tick tock, tick tock...
You can't handle the stress anymore
you have to leave.
Just hope for the best, 
maybe it will get better.
Surprise, it doesn't.
Your denial is foolish, everyone knows 
what happens next.
All results of

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A Room Full of Butterflies

Inspired by a Art gallery and a poem by Shelly.

A room full of  mottled multicolored butterflies
captured within a creative space
of artful design
to inspire and aspire
Flirt and flutter a delicate ballet
among the pot plants
A splash of color
an oasis
among a drab row of urban gray
The door is opened
and the butterflies are released to freedom
flying high above
lush green trees
in clear unblemished skies
floating like autumn fallen leaves
in a gentle breeze
painted Ladies
that rested on my heart for a while
and made it smile
bringing pleasure to my eye
A symbol of freedom and eternity
filling my dreams
with all the treasures of summer.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Sept.

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R.I.P. William Dale Eubanks
d. July 1, 2012, aged 68 yrs., Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee

Death came as no surprise
the first Sunday in July;
it claimed you, on a ridge in Tennessee,
with kin who took you in and waited with you
through the last hard days.
You kept what fears you had well hid,
did not betray with loud complaint
the fate you could not but know awaited.
A smile, a joke, a hug – exotic meals –
And genuine interest greeted all you met.
And you were, certainly, never boring
but well-traveled and smart
beyond the telling.
We’ll miss your wit, your bright demeanor,
and will remember all you freely gave ---
and what you took from us
with your passing.

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Under the Tall Trees

Of dust, of dirt;
suspended, lost, remarkable.

Of no merit;
forgotten, under the tall trees.

And bury him;
No accurate history serves.

Under cross;
buried in sand,
buried in dirt.

His face will carry forth,
past this miserable state.

To birth,
to die;
forth not.

of man, 
of earth.

Of dust, of dirt;
suspended, found, 
frozen in time.

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A Brand New Star

Somewhere in our galaxy tonight shines a brand new star Dazzling, its brilliance pierces the ebony night At journey’s end it has sailed rugged heights afar And hangs this night with Sirius and Zenith reflecting light ~*~

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This is what he said:
"I know you"
And he did, and he does
And that's the truth.
But now, I know him too,
And that's the truth,
Because a tall, pale ghost
(with a half smoked cigarette, 
dangling from his lips)
Crept into my room (home)
And whispered in my ear,
"It is safer to be known
Than to know".

Farewell ghost-"I know you."

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Hounds from Hell

Hounds from Hell take their toll on your soul
as you walk the mainstreet of mainstream
and watch Saturn and Neptune dance to a simple tone
of silence in the outer space.
As you sit in the middle of the world
free yourself from the sense of hopelessness,
only see yourself in the mirror of deception
as your reflection laughs at you and looks right through you,
and doesn't have remorse for what it says or does to you.

Hounds from Hell take your soul,
chock you, cut of your air,
the smog and fog blind you in the city of ash.
Hear the hounds from hell howl for your soul,
go now, barracade your soul behind sins and temptation,
Alone, listening to your soul die away,
watch love go away from you, with suitcase in hand,
picture frames broken and collect dust through the sands of time.
Till the cleaning lady comes on Monday, to clean the mess
that you left behind.
You are gone, without a trace of ever returning.
Looks of the Hounds of Hell came for you and stole you from
comfort and warmth,
till the sorrowed heart cracks and pain spills out
and you look at it all spill out over the floor.
The Hounds from Hell have paid a consumable harmage to you,
and your rich soul of sorrowness burns away... slowly.

Fear darkens souls,
innocent souls burn with a new day,
a slumber that has no end
with nightmares haunting every light of hope
there is left in this desolate Wasteland.
Fear and darkness tears a hole in the darkened universe
and we all go to hell to see the Hounds,
who come for us all.
The graveyards fill,
and death guards the tombstones of the dead,
and the flowers burn away on the feet of the dead.


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Bukowski Contest

I watched the blood flow
poetry dripping
coagulating in pools of misery
How could a genius be so careless?
Shaving away our humanity
filtering it through an inebriated brain
Poems in the thousands
orchestrated in the ordinary
yet not quite right
Genius exacts a toll

Somewhere beyond mirrored ideology
flashes the broken image of man
the smell of whiskey
loose women
one night lays
Lonely is as lonely does

Sticks poked into blind eyes
bones cracking like porcelain vases
adorning the altar of an enigmatic fool
Are we trapped?
Are we idiots?
Do we drink from the well of insignificance?

He sits alone in an empty room
Yes Thinking
Until he thinks us out of existance
Yet somehow
We are still here

Not so Genius

Brilliant none the less. His story is sad but his poetry is riviting.
I enjoyed this contest, facinating person of whom I was not familiar.

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The Wasteland -Part 1-

How can one express the baffling depths of obscurity? How can one behold to open the shafts of the mind? I have never been able to solve the mystery— Of myself. . . I wish at times that my life was no more That I could live as another and finally see things right But I am always stuck in this darkness And I cannot see this mind in light There are beasts. . .demons prowling through the wasteland Searching for any remaining life And if they are ever found— They are doomed and consumed Fear is their downfall and they never fail to smell it Their ashes remain, dancing with the imaginary breeze It is silent here—there are no answers I wish there were answers. . . But maybe there was never a reason No answers. . . Talons extend and clench around my heart They will never seek me out—they left me here It is like they knew…I had no reason—that was the answer I feel the pulse of my dangling life Alone in the dark, whimpering like a child I have scared myself, becoming this dragon-daggered youth No balm in Gilead! No eyes to see All I know will never be free I don’t need anyone! You are a disgrace—scum of the waste! You have everything, you ungrateful little nothing You are a joke. . . So swallow it all up like the pushover you are Stand your lowest and trudge right through No questions. No answers. Just . You. Or just lie back down into the mush of disease It has already infected you to the core Accept who you are, you ugly pestilence! I hate you Who are you to be glorified? Dream snatcher. . .murderer of all things bright Saturated in what you call light I see right through—even as the reflections shatter All of the dead kept you alive—they all matter… But alive you are the worst there is False savior—edited attention whore I never want to see your face again See, that’s why I hide. . . Desperation. . .desperation. . . I sob and cry kneeling in defeat For once I am right. . .I am right

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White Roses

White Roses unparalleled splendor and a glow of peace white roses were my choice a funeral with festive, colorful displays how out of place they seemed color blind, Dad couldn’t appreciate such arrangements though he was surrounded by heaven’s radiant hues white seemed more fitting as we said farewell gentle beauties, white roses, were my last gift to him
Dedicated to my father who died January 6, 2009. Written January 5, 2014

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The silent cry

So the time has come
The silent letter with loud words has arrived
Hurting my pride making me cry a river
The morning chirping of the summer birds -
It’s as though they have stopped, my heart has dropped
I’ve lost the fight, I’ve lost my pride
Rushes of sadness anchor me down for the long ride
So slow and yet so fast and so completely out of control-
Where to go what to do?
Now I have to pack my life, into a box
Take what I can and let the rest standing-
Standing carelessly somewhere in the open air where people will stop and glace
The abandoned mess filled with blood red madness and the purple dress
A lifetime of memories hidden in these walls -
The childhood scrolls across the walls in crayons of blue and pink
And here I stand my arms held over the sink -
Gosh I can’t even think
“What will I tell my kids when they arrive home from school?”
“Oh God this is so cruel”
So ok I must be strong pull it together and just move on -
The single mothers fighting song
Maybe I can call my friend to help move us out 
Or maybe I should just silently shout! 
(Written for the Home Foreclosure contest!) 

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Angel of Death

Angel of Death,
Cloaked in black.
With black scaled wings,
Upon her back.
Angel of Death,
Coming for me.
As soon as I sleep
Then dead I will be.
Taken by the night
It swallows and consumes me.
Now I am the angel
And death becomes me.

7th Grade

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I love you enough to leave

The truth 
It will destroy you
An August day
While you sweep up
rose petals 
On our Sun drenched
You look at me from
under heavy lashes
And say it's ok
You don't wish to be
without me
It's ok your always
want me
Your never stop

I'll bask in this
Thanking God for you
loving me
As tears prick the
back of my eyes

The hand around my
heart squeezes a
little tighter
Until I am
breathless with it

In time
There is a
difference to us
Making love is no
longer rushed
I look at you,
looking down at me
But neither of us
say it's pointless
Your days a little
A little longer
Things a little more

The hand around my
heart squeezes a
little tighter
As the truth picks
away at your dreams
one by one

At Christmas we
pretend we are still
Completely in love
While in the garden
with your sister
The truth pours out
of me in great sobs
She says it's ok
your get through
We both know she's
Inside she's crying

I had no right in
making you love me
So the hand squeezes
a little tighter
round my heart

Somewhere along the
Anger rises
The tension
surprises us
You begin to resent
Hate me for letting
you love me

And I am sorry
I stayed a little
too long
Cared a little too
I needed this
whatever it was

So the hand squeezes
a little tighter
round my heart

Invisibly I collect
my possessions
Storing them
They lay in wait

Courage appears 
At three in the
morning on a Tuesday
Quietly I get my
Wait by the window
for a taxi
As the hand squeezes
a little tighter
round my heart

The knowledge
Watching you hold
your new Godson
Looking at me
Knowing I can never
give you this
Tears glazing your
Looking so proud
It's wrong for me to
keep you
With me this is all
your ever be
A childless man

In your hallway
You help with my
bags saying nothing
I will never be
wife, bnever be a
Without you I'll
never be anything

As the cab pulls
You say your always
love me
I say I know
But I have to let
you go
I'm giving you a
chance of what I
can't give you
The most precious
A family

So the hand
completely squeezes
my heart

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Mind wandering through misty woods.
You don't understand your purpose.
I knew you too little,
Please do not shed your salty emotions,
Not out of anger, not out of sadness.
You now lose your way so easily,
You sink, you burst, you burn inwardly.
You weep from frustrations, 
From the guilt of an honest smile,
From pains, that you forget for a moment,
That come swiftly back to haunt you of your loss.
I understand, dear friend.
You once had a light and the woods seek to snuff it out.
Do not fear, dear friend,
Friend follow me, as I once did you.
Friend, now you see?
Yes, you see,
The little wisps in the fog that guide us home."

~In memory of Bill Hamman, and all else who have suffered the pains of Alzheimer's

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Will You Come to Say Goodbye

when the last breath of life
is gone and my lips are as cold as the dog’s nose
when my friends gather 'round
for the farewell party
will you return with a smile to say 

there will be flowers from those
who cry when I'm gone
and lots of tears from those I left in the world alone 
and I know some will have fun at the farewell party
but will you return with a smile to say 

don't be mad at me for wanting your goodbye
and dying for the smile we shared 
this you need to know as true
when my life in this unfaithful world is through
I'll go away loving you still

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A Dance in the Dark

He was her dance in the dark
that never got past the stroke of midnight,
both shared moon's light
yet, never did he leave
the empty corridors
in her mind

grief of days swept into years
which she could never seem to shake
heart's lonely ache
as they twirled round and round
when she closed her eyes

She wondered if his heart, like hers
was bound to that moment in time
love in its prime
torn from two; much too soon
now only memories of what was

She sat by the window, staring down the lonely drive
grey hair shaped around her face
a soft light filled the place
she held out her hand for the man she mourned for
gently he took hold and wisped her through the door

She arrived at sixteen in this home of misplaced minds
no name of which she could recall
nor who she was at all
The car wreck she was pulled from 
left the driver dead
no more words were said
while she danced in the dark

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The Paper

She writes some words 'pon the paper
Examines them
Then she writes one more word
Tears run down her cheeks
She crumples the paper
Letting it drop to the floor
With it the pen falls, ink spilling mixed with tears
Staining the paper upon the floor 

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What is this feeling

What is this feeling--
This sudden urge?
We all come to the edge,
And we all want to jump.
For something in us is crying--
For freedom--
For leaving.
And 'Dying is Knowing' then

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My new home is in a new country.
I know very little of the language and culture.
Memories of my old country will be in my heart forever
The love of my old country will always remain.
I leave for a better life and new opportunities 
Hoping to make a bright future for me and my family.

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A Hug's Breath

Silent tears as friends hug restricted bodies,
Lingering awkward silences for moments long gone.
A hugs breath on his cheek as friends leave him alone,
Lingering smoke and whiskey shades tints the mind.
A parting quip and a crystal tear shivers in the air,
The gesture wave of failing friendship walks unsteady.
A lonely discomfort nips the soul, a hugs breath,
Clutching a card stained with friends pain,
He leaves for home and retirements reign.

2008 © B.

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(This is an evolving story. I keep adding verses until I'm done.)

When I was 
I went to live alone 
knowing the money would 
forever be coming. 
Going away felt appropriate 
for a man my age. 
The closest analog 
to the womb 
and to death. 
To be alive, 
clothed in the 
warmth of certainty 
amid my own unchallenged opinions
during the age of ending, 
out of the business 
of a bright, moving planet 
my own part in the world 
outdated and roots 

I found a place
in the middle of the trees 
with a thin asphalt egress 
that made it easy 
to cycle to the village. 
I was surrounded by 
the aliens of the earth 
with their secret languages 
and concentrated lives. 
I truly lived among strangers, 
not those wanting to know me 
or able to know me. 
It was like the world 
before I opened my eyes. 
It was here and far away.

Delivered here in a storm 
under which the taxi 
and me 
and the driver 
were as tiny as sugar molecules. 
The driver introduced himself as Charles. 
He is a black man from Aruba, 
Charles an English royal name. 
I ran to the door 
holding a newspaper on my head 
as Charles soaked himself 
carrying my black bags.

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A seed of love planted in the soil of my heart

I sailed unaware into 
the ocean currents 
of her life:

smitten, I 
desired to ride 

them with her;
the ocean ways, a 

seed of love 

planted in the soil of
my heart had taken root 
and grew--only to perish 

a young hope 

that's fleeting:
though I loved her, 

still wounded

like a careless 

In spite of 
this and myself, 
I looked 

for encouragement
in her stare; 

at the outlines 
of her graceful 

I did wonder: 
she was 


a Helen of Troy, a prize, 
on whose loveliness 

so richly gorged! 

But never was 
a lonely man 
more wretched 

I was, 

as she could 
not return my

with equal measure of feeling.  

I would be more
glad had she been 
unwedded to another,

could easily be within 
my desirous 


In time, I 

her again;

and love, or the 
appearance of it--like 
an aborted 


flushed down the 

with her parting 
as well!

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Jesus said there would be gold
But all I see is caskets and grave stones
Jesus said there would be gold
But all I hear is weeping and grieving
Jesus said there would be snow
And I believe him
Because I can see the buffalo roam
And the old men growing old
And the frozen tears that tell us their gone
We chose to see the windows
And rainbows
And flashy dollars that ignite the soul
We settle for materials
But let’s all try to stay gold
They said if only you can imagine them
Dancing with God
Laughing with God
Crying no more with God
But here we are with tear soaked sweaters
And handkerchiefs tied in little bows
For those who have lost
Goodbye evermore
Jesus said there would be gold
If the breeze has you backwards holding your cold
And the spark of your engine won’t ignite
And your grandfathers words don’t seem quite right
And we all think we’re too skinny, too slender, too plump
And were rackin around thinkin everyones too dumb
Like these hands that were holding seem to never be enough
Like our whole organs seem to go numb
And the brisk walks we take freeze our knees 
And the door won’t open because we don’t have the keys
Jesus said there would be gold
Up there going round
Like the roundy wheels where you get sushi in town
But all I see is beers and wine
This drink that I’m holding
This list I am writing
This pack that I’m smoking
This lip I am smacking
This knuckles I am cracking
This wind that is blowing
Makes me keep thinking
Who will I be when I’m six feet under
Like the girls in the casket
And my cousins that are no longer breathin
And my family that keeps on tearing
And my mother that can’t stop weeping
Jesus said there would be gold
Can we tell where it is
Where we are
Who we’ll be
Six feet under to a world with he
And I can see them playing
With a cross their wearing
With their feet a clacking
With their knees not shaking
And their ears a hearing
And the sounds of the angels
Can’t dance around the word at a funeral
Jesus said there would be gold
But all I see is caskets and grave stone
Jesus said there would be gold
And I believe him
Because I can see them smiling
I can see them laughing
I can see them prancing
I can see them running
Jesus said there would be snow
And there was
Covering our boots
Near the grave stone we stood
And the songs of angels
Can’t tip toe around the tears at a funeral.

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Elegy for the summer that's gone

It's fall
the end
winter it's just 
days away
last leaves
fall around and die
sending wet invitations
for their melancholic funeral
calling all the angels
to come
but they're gone
maintaining a low profile
for the next spring
late may
when the little bird will born
and again will sing
through tearful eyes
the song
of the new summer...

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Infinite Energy S

Get on your bike and get out of my face it smells of fish and oil on the beach this peachy day cape on my shoulders to fly away up with the seagulls I sh*t on your face Now that the body has been properly buried full of the scars from the wars do I carry I cannot believe you all find me scary I skip full of spirit for despite this I'm still merry For on this day God smiled on me gave me the sign to renew my belief and with his presence I shall achieve an eternal life filled by my infinite energy (S).

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Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

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Till last Magnolia blooms

Coffee bean scent still fills the air with each new sunrise in our log cabin My arms around me embrace the winds of Winter gone Every sky-night windowpanes glow in silent mist Lunar limbs stream through bedroom blinds reflecting shadows on empty sheets< Star clusters shine 'bove velvet shores sand-wish away from our bare toes Another year,another month,another thought I can't freeze time or make a clone First magnolia blooms on a bare branch Buzzing bees extract nectar from moist corolla Coloured wings flutter on melting icicles Sunbirds return with a sweet song But what is a song without a symphony What is music with no slow dance His hand-pressed petal still mark the chapter between stained pages The dusty shelves recall my mind recall my heart,recall my soul For the last time these eyes would linger before leaves curl,before buds wither before moons move on,and I let go.

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       ~He Left~

I woke up blind 
with no light 
unable to fight back 
I couldn't understand why 
you left my hand 
allowing yourself 
to pretend 
it was a love approaching 
than you ended it 
never told me
it`s a dead end.

I had no back entrance to my heart
all doors were sealed 
when you made 
me bleed, 
couldn't begin to heal 
my pain overturned
my decision to deal
with my coming minutes 
seconds and hours
awake ready to break
any door even to crawl
on the floor and survive 
before I dive deeper 
into an ocean
none desire to coop
with the raging waves
my love was done
I will float till a boat
could find me or none.
Therese Bacha

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Last Kiss

Open your eyes to the ever turning skies 
I want to here with me through the night 
My heart yearns into your soul 
Burning as if newly lit coal 
I bravely submerg the embers 
That the time I have can be spent with you 
And I remember each kiss every moment 
I was caught in your love that for just this day I remember 
So what happened was a chance for your love 
A time that I kept in a locket tied with a kiss 
 I wanted you to feel, to love, to slumber 
And to awake in my arms with that times kept bliss 
I lay silient in an umber

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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

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Within the heart of this gentle man, rocked the storm
Of the open highway, a blazing passion that burnt and
Singed at his inner soul spirit.
Spiritual kindred of the Harley idealism, born to be free,
Living with the wind beneath his wings of cycle chrome,
An eagle silhouette beneath the horizons lost venues,
Of the routes less traveled by.
Oh God bless this lost road warrior, for he tried
His best to live by the rules of honor, bravery,
And courage.
Beneath those wrinkles of age, a sparkle lit within
Those eyes that remained timeless, but only a biker
Can truly understand such passion that drove such
A gentlemen such as this friend of mine, known
Simply as Tattoo.
Oh the open highway is a harsh mistress, clashing
Hard with the review mirror of reality, betrayed by
The warmth of sorrows distrusting female, it was
All that remained left unto he whom loved her
Best, but the lure of drugs took him away,
Leaving us to wonder why?
It is said that God protects the meek and mild,
If this is true, may he stand at the right side of
The good and just. Beyond these troubling shores,
That seemed to bare down upon him so.
Let the divine winds of grace always remain
At his back, as the breezes of freedom blow
Through his graying hair, riding onto the last roads
Eternal highway on his majestic Harley, we bid
Tattoo a toast in destiny’s honor and fellowship.


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A Goodbye from All of Us

From that day to the next week, snow, rain and sleet -no sun.
Everything surrounding us is black,
Precious presents become precious past
Blurred cloudy water filling our vision
All together we grip, holding tight to memories taken,
Memories that have become dreams at night and haunt are days.
Were you ever here, my friend?
We whisper what could have been.

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On A Lonely Bench

Sitting on a lonely bench,

Memories got me blenched,

Your heart I tried to clench,

Though, the rains got me drenched,

From hearts I needed to entrench...


Your words not retrenched,

From things I wanted to bent,

While you often tended to bend,

Without letting me mend...


You, I tried to fend,

You borrowed and erased te times I used to lend,

Manipulated and used by you,

Pretending to be a friend...


From hallows I scended

From errors you descended,

My life wished to be attended.

Even though, you got me expended,

My hands were still extended,

Even though, you got me offended...


The times I misspended,

You still condescended me,

Though, the changes were about to be impended,

I was still amended,

And I was still intended...


But, I was not comprehended,

Even though, you were condemned and untamed,

While I was aimed to be blamed,

Still, more thing you wanted to borrow and gain...


Although, this is the end,

The ways, I will paint,

For the pains to get unbended,

As I contemplate nature and life,

With memories that swayed and portended,

As my soul slowly transcended,

While sitting on a lonely bench...

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Up in that old attic are an antic Raggedy Ann Doll and a rocking chair well used by my grandmother.
Grand she was and as great as she to be; she instilled value and principality.

Up in that attic is an old Raggedy Ann Doll and an antic rocking chair my great grandmother rock from.
Short in statue but tall in her stance, my great grandmother guidance departed wisdom.

In that attic is all kind of memories of how my great grandmother and I loved each other as family.
Friends bonded and she as a life-long mentor, in that old attic resides expressive art.

In a far corner that was east to the sun stood a portrait of my great grandmother.
Knowledgeable was the face with eyes of hazel brown painted at the age of seventy-five (75). 
The reminiscence of youth is a mural seen as I sat down in the rocking chair thinking… (“Mama, let’s read The Bible together.”)   

In this old attic is love unknown because of the time I had with my great grandmother before she was beacon home.

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Glisten in the Moonlight

Your glorious emerald eyes 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Glisten in the moonlight 
Delight dances in the water
I watch it joyfully
You are set free from the cage...
You're like a dove soaring in the sky
You are the rain...
drizzling down in ecstasy 
A hint of ecstasy is shown in your reflection...
When you caress me... I'm relieved... 
From the stress that forced me in chains
I knew we'd be on the brighter side of tomorrow 
We're glistening in the moonlight 
I knew we'd become candles in the heavens above us
We're glistening in the moonlight
For a moment, I felt your presence...your radiant with sympathy 
I saw at first glance the dark side of you
Tonight, we'll be together and fly through the horizon 
We'll watch the sunset say its last goodbye...
We'll wave a greeting at the moon! 
We glisten in the moonlight...
What if I was as handsome as the lion...
Roaring with pride and pure courage
What if we were glistening in the moonlight?
Would it bring health to our bones tonight?
Would it make our heart rejoice and overflow with delight?
Would we be able to survive this horrifying plight?
Would we be shimmering like a candlelight?
We're glistening in the moonlight... (6)
Ohh...yeah...ooh yeah...ooh yeahh...
We reach to the stars and hope we can trace a shooting star
I feel the coolness run down my fingers...
We're glistening in the moonlight
You're the dandelions in the fields
You're the gorgeous view that I marvel at everyday
When you kiss me, I live my dreams
We glisten in the moonlight
In a quick moment, I sense a feeling of endless renewal 
I roam inside of your illuminating maze 
Glow on... sunshine... 
Glow on...sunshine...
Glisten in the moonlight...
Listen to the truth and rub it in
You are ravishing like the sunset
But you're ascending while I'm descending
I feel extremely guilty
I wish I could glisten with you in the moonlight
You're glistening in the moonlight (6) 
Ohhh yeahh... oohhh yeahh... ohh yeahh
You're glistening in the moonlight (4)
We go our own way
I wish we can glisten like the moon
Glisten like the sun 
There's a dream concealed inside of me...
Reveal your light and pour it upon me
You glisten in the appealing moonlight
While I'm subsiding... you're fulfilling your dreams
Of gliding across the horizon 
You're independence... keeps on scorching with satisfaction
While I'm below you... 
Your emerald green eyes
Stared me down like a hawk...
Your emerald eyes
Gaze down at me genuinely...
I wish we could flee together in reality...
That could be a possibility
To glisten in the moonlight in glee
We were glistening in the moonlight (3)
But that was only a dream...
I'll pray that it turns into a reality
We were glistening in the moonlight 
Now, I've misplaced my delight...
Will I ever experience such a brilliant night?

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My Battle With Time

My Battle With Time You came into my life - when my time is running short. I got nothing to offer you, but what is left of my life. My battle with time - I know I can not win. No one can win the battle with time. Time always has the upper hand. How I wish that I could buy lots of time and spend it all with you, but not even a millionaire has been able to buy a second more of time. When your time is up - it's up. It is better late than never, so I welcome any time that I can spend with you. I will just promise to love you for whatever time I have left. I won't try to fight this battle - I know I can not win. When the clock starts going slow, I will know, my time is near. Something will tell me it's over. I will just say - good bye my love. My time is up and I must go...
10/21/2013 Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

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The Premature Death Of A Patriotic Redneck

“I’m telling you the God’s honest truth;
Mohammed is the Devil’s son. 
Can I get a big amen on that good people?
Who in the fricking fracking hell
threw that hot dang grenade in here?”
May you forever rest in peace Bubba Ray.

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Barefoot Dream

Barefoot Dream  ©

A pair of slippers dance along 
the surf line, dank chill seeps into 
supple leather 

Laughter and joy stream out 
across the endless waves, a 
day’s freedom from society’s 

Stripped of sock and slip’r 
toes clinch and let loose the 
sandy floor as it shifts and moves 
as in a dance, vanishing under 
her foot
Dancing on the heads of 
ancient warriors, lost sailors, 
drown’d lovers

Foamy wet tickles the ankles, 
grains rasp and scrape a 
hardened heel 

Cleansed in the salty froth, tiny 
secreted bones ache with 
numbing cold 

Sodden cotton slaps the calves
A drenched, forever sound as 
the grasp of death’s hand brings 
her down… 

down, down into the blue-black 
arms of the cold sea

Trisha Sugarek
Butterflies and Bullets 

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Tell Me Why


Tell me why?
Tell me why?
Tell me why?

Was it, because I was too nice,
I was too much of a gentleman,
or was just too much to handle?

Was it, because you were young?
Was it, because you couldn't find your heart,
in all that darkness?
Was it, because you just didn't feel the love?

Why me?
A man like me, deserves no pain,
no heartbreak.
So, why me?

I pray and ask the Gods,
But an unresponsive god never speaks to me.
He sits there and watches... watching what?
Nothing, but a heart being torn to shreds.

Was it, because I was too careful?
Was it, because I loved too much?
Was it, because one half of the heart couldn't fit the whole?

I ask you, because I still love you.
Come to me, my beautiful,
stop this nonsense,
I cannot make you love me,
but I sure can try to show you love.

Do not blink,
do not take a gift sent down from the Gods
for granted.
Appriciate what you have,
appriciate me, because one day,
when you need a shoulder to cry one,
you will not be able to find me, anywhere.
I will be lost,
in a fool's dream of romance and love,
that will never come on my front doorstep.
Still dreaming of the possibilities of you and I.
My heart is with you always,
but I will soon expire,
so do not wait too long.


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Liberate Me

free me from a
bondage known all
too well
free me from those
chain-links felt way
too much
free me from a world
that's so out of
touch,even though it
manages to stay in
free me from those
dungeons and allow
me to roam
roam like this
signal on my phone
that's holding me in
captivity with fees
liberate me from the
wonderful big
brother who looks
over each and every
one of us
the same big brother
that captures us
rebelling against
the stoplight and
before we can get
down the street and
around the corner
our tag is
placing us in line
to receive notice
that a fine has to
be paid,cash,credit,
or debit; however
they can get it
liberation from the
debt that's been
kept on the books
every since I
completed that
credit application,
at the time not
knowing that I was
high-interest rates
to my budget, which
is no longer a
budget but a conduit
for companies having
fun extracting funds
from a paycheck
that's already
heartbreaking to
look at
Liberate me from the
from the
the debt acquired
through a
misunderstanding of
APR policies, from
the policies
themselves imposed
by the powers that
I say,liberate me

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sand burns on the skin but you
find relief nearby

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The Lion's Tale

Hear the Lion roar above the rapids

Hear that Lion roar;

But what if this Lion would roar no more?

And nothing was left for him to roar for.

His home is gone; His land been taken; His children ran; His life forsaken;

And though the Lion may roar above the rapids; That will be the last we’ll see

For if you can not be happy then why bother being free?

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Thoughts of You

Random thoughts of you run
randomly throughout my mind,
as I hold, looking through a simple picture of you and I,
smiles and holding each other,
embracing warmth brings me to sanity,
watching your hand on my forearm,
as you gaze into my eyes.
Oh the tears flood such emotion,
only you and I now in such madness we call love,
such madness we all call life,
such madness we all call reality.

Thoughts of me without you,
I cannot bear to see such a sight in mind,
to hear such words that tear my heart out
and sadness stabs me rapidly in the back,
and I can't bear to see such a sight as this.
Thoughts of you
running randomly throughout my mind,
my hair turns silver and white with stress
of not being with you,
and my liver covered with cancer,
and lungs black with smoke,
and stomach embraced with ulcers.

All I ask for you,
is not to be a thought anymore,
and come back to me in flesh and bone
in a portrait painting of you in reality
come to me with your beauty and glory
and kind heart and hold me again,
and let me kiss you again and love you again,
and call you mine again.
Don't say it is impossible,
when you know and I know,
that it is in fact possible
to love each other once again.

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Don't Try It

A single kiss from thy lovely lips,
so sweet and so divine,
yet I taste posion upon your tongue.

Your beauty so glorious,
like a blooming rose so beautiful,
yet, why do mine eyes go blind
in the sight that you walk along with another?

Yes you, walk with another,
arm under arm,
lips touching lips in romantic kisses,
it makes my blood boil,
for mine lips are dry.

For mine eyes have seen your glory,
yet no one here listens to my story.
You are evil, yes you are,
don't try to deny,
Listen to a man of experience,
you might as well save some expense.

I write of our long romantic walks
we took together, under the shade of olive trees,
how we went apple picking in autumn time,
and made love in the foyer.

Nomore of that sweet and passionate love,
nomore silent kisses in the night,
when the wind blows hard against the branches,
that tape violently on my windowpane. 
Nomore somber tears shed, when you got sick,
and nomore warm embraces when you shed tears of betrayal.

Betrayal now is a game played by a fool,
such as I,
to think I'd have a happy life with you?
Huh, only a fool would think such a thing,
but now I sit, looking at the foyer,
where we once made sweet, passionate love,
nomore will that foyer be filled with exotic pleasure.
Nomore will you be filled with smiles and exotic pleasure.
I've done my job, as a good man shall do,
now pack your things and get of my stage,
the spotlight yawns for anew,
and the audience grows tired and restless of you.

Now I live life anew,
you too shall see life in new eyes,
walking hand and hand with the blond, blue eyed devil
you call your own.
Shall he take one kiss from your lips,
and die of the posion he tastes on your tongue,
shall he go blind, when he sees your true, black beauty?
He will see the ugly soul, covered up by white rags,
and cheap makeup,
and then he will come to me,
and shake my hand in condolence
and say, "You were right!"

Now you are all alone,
looking for another, as you did many times before,
Now you are alone, walking an open road,
spying on another,
fear of being alone.
Now, you see when you play games with a good man's emotions,
don't try it,
because a good man is not meant to be toyed with.

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Who is there? Come in and sit with me. 
I welcome you to my home. 
Why do I welcome you so? 
You are hated, feared, attacked and fired upon, 
treated as a foreigner poised to take a land that is not yours. 

Are you death? “No!” Are you a messenger of death? “No!” 
Are you a friend, a companion who comes to travel with me? 
Why have you come to me? 
Was it something I did? Has my family sent you? 

Please leave me! I have not asked to be tortured. 
You will walk with me until the end of my days? 
I will embrace you as my friend. 
You will be there when others have left me or when they can no longer walk with me… 
You are not an angel of death but in disguise an angel of life… 
You will take my body to the grave, but my spirit to heaven… 
To you my friend I owe my life… You have never been welcomed. 
I not only welcome you my friend… 
I embrace you and the news you bring. 

With out you life would become tedious and dull. 
You break up the monotony of repetition. 
When others have turned away as if I have done something unforgivable, 
you embrace me little by little. I will not fight you. 
I will not attempt to poison you! 

No… I say! 
Do not take from me this my friend… 
My friend knows the path I travel. 
My friend will walk with me until I walk no more. 
And my friend will lay me down and fold my hands across my chest. 

Don’t weep for me. 
I have reached my destination. 
My friend traveled with me and when I fell… my friend was there. 
My companion until the end… 
and he asks nothing of me for I give willingly.

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Good Morning Doctor Death

Waking up five in the morning,
and looking the dawn's sun rise,
to start the day with a yawn and strech.
Smell the morning dew,
as you go and retrive the morning newspaper,
filled with tablots of lives more intresting than yours.

You wave to your hand to your neighbor,
who you don't like, still you say, "hi"
It's just the nature of the human being.
You turn and go inside,
you feel some pain on your leftside.
All those milkshakes and hamburgers
caught up to you.
What do you do?
Not much, you can do now,
You fall to the ground, clenching your chest;
you call out for help, but no one comes.
You see your neightbor, but he doesn't mind.
See he hated you as well, like you hated him,
and he is glad to see you fall to your
knees and beg for Mercy.

Oh no! here he comes,
Doctor Death, no not Jack Kavorkian,
No! the big cheese,
the Creature that prays on black souls,
just like yours.
Doctor Death come on down! Come and clam your prize!
Good morning Doctor Death! I'm ready,
Are you?

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Faded Picture in a Old Frame

Old faded Picture of a handsome young man
in soldiers uniform from the first world war
who gave his life for his country
once so loved and cherished
means nothing to anyone any more.

A face without a name
bought for 50 pence
on a second hand stall
not for the picture that's thrown away
but for the frame.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. 

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Distant Love

The hours dwindle slowly by- 
When I want you by my side. 
Longing to feel the warmth of your breath 
As you kiss away my pride. 
The anger melts away, 
When I'm held within your arms.
My balance quickly faltering;
As I fall for all of your charms.
The weeks are always longer-
When I don't get to have you near.
Wishing that I could run to you- 
The distance heightening my fear. 
The hours go by rapidly-
When you are finally home. 
 Leaving me all by myself;
With my thoughts to roam. 
The cycle starts all over- 
I'm wishing that you were free. 
Longing to feel the warmth of your breath. 
Until you come right back to me. 

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The green envy I lick from your ear
as the brocade chokes you-
take flight of a vengeful fear
The green lessens as moments
pass whirlwinds never lose their pace
as moments pass
You keep the brocade tight and
forget all else outside.
Consumed by green,
from that you are strictly forbidden.

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The Castle Built on Sand

I built a castle
upon another's foundation

the final note of each song

Looking for where I belonged
soul quenching
the hands upon my breath

of life that has loved,
loved 'til the death
each subtle breath

Breathing your tragedy
within your words
in my heart

'tis love undying
as I exhale 
This castle washed upon the sand......

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Sitting Alone

Sitting alone here,
all by myself,
looking at a reflection that I do not recall.
I see a face looking back at me,
a twin,
but not my twin,
no I see a pale face,
I see jealously, pain, sorrow, and a frown
I see all the negative.
I see fear,
I see nothing.

I am sitting alone,
in my room
white walls surround me.
I hear the trains blow their horns off in the distance,
and the cars and trucks roaring down the lonesome highways.
I can even the crying and wailing of sirens
blazing down the avenues,
"Where is the fire, folks!?"

The wind blows through my window,
moving the blinds back and forth,
and I sit there alone,
smiling and singing a little.
Sitting there alone,
peaceful and tired
wanting to rest my head,
but scared too face the nightmares.
Too hear the voices of the dead
call out my name.
And I sit there alone
thinking of what once was,
beauty and harmony nomore
in my trial of certainty.

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Somber Tears

As the sun sets
and the twilight comes out,
as the birds and squrriels are no where in sight.

As the whores and pimps sit on street corners,
waiting for street lights to turn from green to red.
As cadillacs stop and roll their windows down.

I can her the faint cry deep in the darkness,
of dirty gutters and dark, dead end alleyways,
I hear the faint tears fall and hit concrete pavement.

I feel the faint cries of whores,
I hear the sound of backhand hitting face
and brused tissue and broken noses are everywhere.

And the somber tears fall onto pillow cases,
and white motel bedsheets run red with blood
and cheap Italian wine.

And you can her the poet over the radio,
reading his own work for the one millionth time
and you can hear his soul slowly wanting to die.

He drowns himself in smoke and alcohol
the whore takes her pay, or spends a night in a jail cell,
the pimp nowhere to be found,
with a shiny blade stuck deep in his gut.

And the somber tears fall gently on the concrete pavement,
the floors of a jail cell,
tears on the pillow case and tears on a lonesome stage.

Tears never present, but are seen by many,
pain aches and pain takes away,
and I pour one more drink for the whore.

She takes me away,
and I caught her salty, somber tear,
and she crawled into my warm embrace.

I was the one who stuck the blade in the gut of that pimp,
who broke her nose and made her bleed,
with a cowardess and souless backhand.

I walk into the moonlight,
hearing the somber tears all around me,
crash violently to the concrete pavement.

The Earth rumbles and erupts with these tears,
that are shead for fellow Men, and Women and Children,
but we all look at ourselves and smile.

Happy we don't pay rent,
happy we don't have cancer,
happy we aren't six feet under;

But we still all cry,
Somber tears all fall in one big wave

crashing violently on the concrete pavement.
Now the red light turns green,
and the traffic moves along,
the whore is still at her corner,
the pimp still with the blade in his gut.

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We don’t have a future
We had a past
We don’t have a presence
Because our love did not last

We don’t have a tomorrow
We had a memory
We thought our love was forever
Because we shared so much together
But we lost our memories

We don’t have a hope
We had a prayer
We had a slim chance of moving forward
Because our love died many years before 
When we stopped loving 
When we stopped coping
When we stopped hoping

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Never So Gracious

A full moon night to my delight what is so wrong with doing what's right nothing is right after so long no use in complaining time to move on The Dream Water one day might take me away farther from the comfort of familiarity I float on my back then shut my eyes my body now sinking into ocean arms open wide Now swallow your son back to his nature when he is no longer needed to stay here the next generation are dooming themselves they need my experience to guide them through hell Why should I bother on my own, I strive through I turn my back on the thought of bothering to save you alone in this world my, is it spacious I'm finally smiling, never so gracious.

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Gone To The Other Side

                                            Farewell my friend
                                            Now you are gone
                             Cremated from earthly shape to ashes
                Never will I feel your warmth and unconditioned love again
                                   You are not suffering anymore
                           I always knew that this day would come
                                        Yet I were not prepared
                                    To witness my lifelong friend
                   Being enclosed by deaths unwilling power to leave you be
                          Your illness could never have been healed
                        Yet,when the day death embraced your body
                      It was a smack right into my face and emotions
          The day that we spread your ashes over the deep forest you loved so much
                                          We were done crying
                                 Because your presence were there
                                          We could all feel it
                               Your energy and spirit are still with us
                             Time will come when we shall meet again
                            Since you stepped over to the next dimesion
                              Days feels empty with a deafening silence

              Until death embraces my earthly life,and our spirits have rejoined
                  I shall live my life here to honour your name and legacy
                                     Farewell my lifelong friend
                                                  So long
                                We`ll meet again on the other side
            Memories we have from your time on earth,will refuel my empty soul
                                           And keep me going
                                        Rest in piece my friend

About this poem..I belive we will all be reunited when our time here is done.

Cheers my friends out there

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3 o’clock in the morning…
The sounds of bed frames hitting drywall,
The sounds of Chopin and Coltrane played
With a hint of sadness in tone.
Sounds of whores and pimps arguing;
“Where is the money, you whore?!”
“I don’t have the money!”
A sound of a slap to the face
A big hand crushing bone,
Blood everywhere
Red streaks on white walls.
The sound of drunks walking gloomy streets,
Police and ambulance rush down burned out streets
Sirens wailing, crying out!

A child, six years old
Crying, “Momma! Momma!”
Shedding tears over his dying mother, lost her soul to the
Crack pipe.
Rest In Peace.
A sound of a .357 magnum revolver click
And a gunshot shakes the nerves of many,
And for a moment the sweet and peaceful silence.

“Dispatch, suicide on 46th street Hollywood Boulevard, Send the Corner. Over.”
Then the darkness sails over
And the entire cities are showered with tears from the heavens,
But no one weeps,
Not a single soul…


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The Green River

She slips from the sleeping ice.
Green, fresh, free to flow
through the great fjord.
Past the blue mountains.

She glides smoothly
over the rocks with glee,
covering them with her cool touch.
Tall evergreens cheer her on.
Waving as she courses down her chosen path,
carrying life. 

All the while never tiring!
Surging forward to join the others like her.
This vast journey ,
will not end till she reaches
The Great Shores.

Her journey is joyful.
Touching all on her banks,
leaving the gift of life in her wake.

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September Weather

Ah, the september weather is here,
the trees turn firery red and orange,
and the leaves gently fall to the surface.

Fall is here,
and the grass turns from green to yellow,
the souls of many change their ways.

From going on beaches in sun
to walking on wet streets,
with jackets on.

September weather is here,
too most it is depressing to see,
such change in the world.

But I love it.
The girlfriends and boyfriends go away,
and that makes me happy.
Then I go apple picking.

I pick red apples,
from low, hanging apple trees.
and I eat one, while walking down the trail.

Fall is here,
the time of death,
the last of sunshine.

I don't argue,
I love fall,
it is so cosy and it gives me hope.

Hope that a day will come again,
when the sun pops its head out
and the warmth returns.

September weather is the best,
when summer is gone, but not quite,
and the cool breeze sweaps through your open windowpane.

I love fall,
it gives me hope,
that with death comes life.

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Elegy of a farewell

cutting the line, turning the page in front of the mirror 
removing your name from the door 
because it should be irreplaceable 
for ever 
I can not write anymore 
of this fierce absence 
that doesn't fear the ice of the night 
that doesn't break itself 
in the dark depths of your distance 
it's the most terrible night 
 it's the most suffocating 
and paralyzing Winter 
in the broken dream 
of a bright mirror 
it was yours, and it was mine, just yesterday 

and was shattered at a stroke 
in an only instant 
ruining into smithereens sharp 
with whom, devastating me, 
they cut my soul 
in the smallest arid fragments 
not reconstructable 

on the threshold of our house 
when it lacks even the verse, and you can not 
you can not turn the page 
 in front of the mirror  

and you only can 
remove her name 
 from the door 
because it should be 
for ever 

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Drunk in the City of Angels

Drunk in the lost city,
lost in the vase beauty of the angels
drunk, smoking on park benches.

Freaks, trannys, whores and pimps,
looking at me;
a one of a kind.

No one has ever seen me on the streets of L.A.,
beacause I am a one of a kind,
a gentleman, a drunken buffoon.

I hurl myself at the bars,
and the whores look at me and smile,
and I wave them over, and they come.

40 bucks for a night a good fun,
a night of exotic pleasure,
in the heart of the sleeping angels.

Drunk walking,
two in the morning,
police stop me, sleeping on a park bench.

Warm always warm,
never cold,
the city that is lost.

A city known as the city of angels,
yet how many devils I have counted.
How much evil I have seen,
how much temptation rules in the gutters.

Walking drunk on madness,
in this dirty city,
as I look for a bar before last call.

I find one,
I go in,
order a beer.

I drink with pleasure
I start to write,
I light a cigarette and smoke.

A grey cloud forms around me,
"Last call for alcohol," the barkeep shouts.
I raise my hand, he comes over.

"What will yah have?" he asks,
"Another beer and my check."
On the house, free drinks, on the house.

After a night in the city of angels,
I find myself a cosy park bench,
and fall asleep, dreaming of the angels I had never seen.

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gone but never forgotten

3.04 February 6th 1958 was the time and date of the accident
The Munich disaster that took out half a football team
No one thought we would be back again
We couldn’t even imagine to dream

Was this to be the end?
We lost so much talent
How were we ever going to mend?
We needed a miracle to help with our challenge

So many fallen tears
Families and fans left broke
Would the pain ever clear?
Where was the hope?

Some thought our football club was over
Was this the end of the story?
Somehow we managed to rebuild and fight like soldiers
This eventually led us to future glory

Some rival fans make jokes and like to mock
They are a disgrace to football as a sport
How are you going to joke when lives were lost?
But most will keep them in their thoughts

It happened almost 35 years before I was born
But all of you are remembered
Everything Manchester United do ensures your memories lives on
We stay United in Manchester 

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I lay sleeping

I lay sleeping with eyes wide open,
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning,
I lay sleeping with nothing to dream about.
I lay sleeping with no care and sleep with eyes blind,
I lay sleeping, there with my eyes wide open.

Seeing the dark change from dark to black.
There is no moon, there is no sky
just purple strokes of paint in the sky.
Take that morning dew smell and close your blind eyes.
Smell the morning, that smell that clicks in your mind.
The smell of childhood dreams,
that as an adult never came true.
Sleeping bare in the nude with your eyes wide open.
Thinking of her, as she is five thousand miles away from you.
Wanting to love and hold her, but no use in crying.
Sleeping their with blind eyes in the dark that dances in the light.

Your lamplight turned down low,
as life trickeles down in its nightgown and yawns for sweet slumber.
Tired from longs days, and sometimes long nights,
wanting to curel in bed and close its blind eyes.
Dusk will soon peek its head through the blinds
and awake life to a new dawn.
She sleeps in the morning, and walks at night.
When he sleeps at night, and walks with a bare nude heart in the morning.

Life climbs over yellow mountains,
and meets her fellow compainion
a handsome fellow with broud shoulders and blessed with an ego
as I sleep there with my eyes wide open.
As I sleep with my eyes blind to what life has intented for me,
and as I raise to walk the lone streets at the break of the dew covered lawn
at the first sweet smells of dawn,
I can see life go on with the handsome man
and I blind and wanting to go to bed.

I dream of dreams that have no meaning
Gardens of cluelessness and raging emotions
tare me down and I am confused on which way to go.
Do I stay here and dream away, blind and half awake
as life slaps me across my broad cheek?
Or shall I walk on with life hand and hand
and regain my vision of the world,
Start to sleep with dreams that make sense
and dreams that are made of gold and have no end?
Dream of fancy dreams that show love and happy endings
I would love that, and I would love to walk with life,
but she is out of my leauge.

And my bed is so cozy and I feel like sleeping.
So I shall sleep on more restless night chashing life down.
I lay sleeping with my eyes wide open.
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning.
I lay sleeping waiting for life to come back from the mountains
and lay beside me.
I lay sleeping with hope of regaining hope and salvage
what is left of my spirit at hand.

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I’ve been empowered to inform you that never again 
Will I allow you to light the flame of rage or ridicule within 
The walls of my very being.  
Never more will you pierce the core 
Of who I am and anything I’m seeing.
You are hereby vaporized before my eyes
Into the nothingness of forgetfulness 
Which is less than having ever 
Lived and breathed at all.
You are smaller than the memory of 
Earth’s first turning like a blue-green ball.  

Leave me now, you of such baseless insignificance
And return to the pitiful depths 
Of your own self-centered, concentric view of who
You think you are and have always chosen to be:
A god among men, legend above legends
Living far beyond the realm of reality.  
I see you now for what you really are…smoke 
Rising into the night sky
Disappearing toward the stars…
Whose molecules and atoms are so minutely scattered 
That collecting them would take infinite light years
To discover how little you mattered.  
My only prayer for you is pity 
Which is all I have left to give.  

Farewell, your myth having been dispelled to the gates of hell
(If such a place exists for those few,)
Whose life was wasted on ignoring, degrading and attempting to destroy  
The unquenchable and indistinguishable 
Beauty, love and unbounded good graces of humanity, 

Like you.             

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What did I do to deserve this

What I do to deserve this heartbreak,
this horrid and unnatural pain,
this cleche of events that strike me simultaneously
as the time ticks away,
and as the grinning faces pierce a whole through my soul
and my heart turns pale and slowly beats.
My heart is torn in two,
and I cannot find the doctors to stich me up.
I ask an old man,
how does love go about,
he smaked me in the face and went on.
The pain and the sorrow,
it is too much to feel,
too much to gain in one serving,
When I eat, I taste posion, not passion,
familiar faces turn grey, with ruby eyes and sharp fangs
they hiss at me, like a cat to a mouse.
I don't understand why I deserve this.
I am a good man,
who loves with open arms and a big heart.
With every hug I give,
I recieve a knife of betrayal in my back,
I feel the blood ooze from my open wounds,
suicidal tendencies roll through my mine,
but I quickly throw them out,
because Mama didn't raise no coward.
I see the blow, I clench my fists
and swing away,
God cries wanting to stop this madness,
Death laughs and soon joins in,
people join in and punch away.
I lay there on the concret blood everywhere,
my heart torn out of my chest,
each with a thousand knives stabbed in it,
as it slowly beats,
I lay their on the pavement,
looking up to the heavenly skies,
and as it starts to rain droplets of hope
I ask myself,
What did I do to deserve this?
Then, I shall close my eyes
and rest for awhile.


Inspired by all the betrayal and heartbreak I've faced, by so many cowards who didn't want to recieve my love. People I had thought who were my friends, came with invitations of humiliation and hate, and now I see who my real friends are; this pen and paper... Have a good day.
P.S. No one should ever be shown this much betrayal and heartbreak. I wouldn't even wish it on my worst enemy. Have a good day!

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whose bony fingers
stretched above gloved branches,
you danced in the sunlight,
elegantly bowing
for scampering squirrels
and gifts of birdhouse rings.

whose springtime blossoms
scattered petals
for make-believe weddings,
you caught up children
and hugged them tightly
in games of hide and seek.

I run my fingers
along your weeping scars
where Earth’s fury tore
your hand from mine.
Splintered memories,
I have less air to breath.

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My Time Has Come

My Time Has Come

My time is over here in this body
I am being called home as my work is done here
I hear my Lords voice calling me home
Although I know I will miss this old world 
With all that I have seen and done
All the People I have met and talked to
My body can go on no more for it has reached it’s time

Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS
Copyright 2013

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The Spectres Wife The Grand Finale

The year is 2070 and the great council meets behind closed doors.
In the Secret Copola of St. Peter the great.  Gates are bolted shut
As they discuss the child of light, who will soon be sent down to
slay the evil queen and her accomplice.  

There is lightening and thunder as a gold rod splits a tree in half.
Out comes the child prodigy glowing with an ephemeral light 
Of purity and sweet anoint.  Through the forest she goes skipping 
O’er flowers as they bloom at her feet.  Trees turn a verdant green.   
All the creatures in the forest appear out of the thicket warming 
her tiny body, for she is The Child Prodigy.  As she nears the log cabin, 
the hinges of the doors fall away and the front door drops in motion
like a draw bridge of old.

The roses that once stood black and wilted turn velvet red like
The sashes of Valentines Day, and the clocks in the house turn back
Chiming to the tune of   “Oh when the saint come marching in”
She opens the first coffin and touches the fabric of her moth eaten
Gown.  The evil queen shrivels up to the size of a pitted prune.
Then she lays her hands on the other coffin and Whoosh! Mr. Needle
Shrinks to the size of a raindrop and then evaporates into thin air. .  

She then proceeds to configure by drawing a Sacred Geometry Symbol
On the sealed door. She turns the knob and all the children spill out  
Happy alive and grateful.  They sit to a diner of leavened bread and 
Cheese, then they turn to the child and say, “Ding dong, the old witch 
Is dead”

The end.

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How queer the color of viscera
squarely foreign in my breast
To be the butcher and grim and goddess
All in one
Leaves identity succinct
Or identifies succinctness
If it has been
Then so it was always before

Therein is 'Peace'
Reposed and eyes rolling
Great, vacant saucers on vertiginous axis
She is quite the swollen beast
And on all fronts, she is terrible
If only you'll watch you may notice her growth
A malignant sort
An unwelcome appendage
I'd dash it out but I've already gone
Too pale and dogged in life to succumb
I curse her tenacity

She has a sister, I think
Or maybe a child
A child who lives down deep in my chest
A child who shrieks and tears down the walls
Perhaps she dislikes their pattern

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Miss Ladybug

Wearing your red pock-a-dot dress
Miss Ladybug, you look divine,
it is beautiful today, the sun is out.

Go now, Miss Ladybug,
flutter your wings,
buzz away from me.

Go now, fly Miss Ladybug.
Point me in the direction of love,
see you flying North.

May I say, Miss Ladybug,
that you look divine,
and beautiful as ever.

I walk North,
I follow you Miss Ladybug,
point me to her.

You flutter over to a beautiul girl,
five foot, seven.
Nice pick Miss Ladybug.

I walk over to the girl,
She is beautiful,
long hair, jet black, flowing.

Miss Ladybug thank you,
now fly away,
I shall need you for another day.

Take me away now, baby
show me something new,
take me away from the few.

And Miss Ladybug,
there she went off into the sunset,
with her red pock-a-dot dress
flowing in the breeze, alone.

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A Bend in the Road

I could see the bend in the road ahead and I could feel my stomach twisting with its presence. This would be my new beginning, my new home, and I was afraid of what this life change could bring me. As I began to get nearer my hands gripped the wheel tighter. I could feel my palms begin to sweat as I white-knuckled the wheel. I slowly pressed the brake as I entered the curve and I felt my whole body tense. Then I quickly accelerated, and in one swift motion I was through the curve and speeding down the road toward my new home. As I watched my surroundings change, I knew that bend in the road would be a joyous point for every time I came home.

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Like the frightened Jackrabbit, I run away from Love

Jump up and down like a jackrabbit
running through meadows
running from what?
Could it be heartbreak,
a venemous snake that hides in the grass,
hiding with fangs ready to pierce the tender skin
upon the tight, bronze flesh of everyday life?
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now!
I need a vacation a long way away from the faceless smiles
and ignorance of young girls, who don't look at you,
who don't show you love and respect.
Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye now,
as jumping spiders hop everywhere, crawling eight legs around me
my soul black like carcoal, but my heart still beating
slower this time, not like the days before
and like the jackrabbit running from anything and everything,
I run to seek love and vanish away from the empty voids
that people call, their souls.
Recording a film with no tape,
talking to a woman you love, but not having the guts to tell her how you really feel
Jump my boy, like a jackrabbit, take my advice
tell her before she leaves
turns down the endless avenues of endless dark love
the trees grow taller, taller than you
and you sit there feeling away yourself die, missing out in life.
I cannot see you lose your love.
Say it, say it, Say it!!! Tell her! Tell her! Build the guts up!
Build up the courage, tell her how you feel. Take her by the hand and never say goodbye! Never say goodnight, stay with her till the flight comes in the morning
of the first rays of sun shine through your dorm room take her and love her!
Do not be like me, the jackrabbit! I see no happiness
Reading poetry it makes me sad,
to write of others falling in love and I never finding the one.
People tell me, you'll find yours, have hope
but I am a frightened little jackrabbit
who flees from sounds of deep emotions, not having courage to fall in love,
not building the guts up to tell her how I really feel.
She walks alone, I find my oppertunity and sing my love song
She smiles and moves on,
please tell me I cannot fight anymore.
All I have to say is Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye
I need a vacation
to go to some sandy beach on an island of love
and write and write and write, the same poetry that depresses me
but makes you all fall in love with words!
Fiction about love stories, please kiss me
Blue eyed death comes, plays a game of chess with me
I bet twenty, he bets my soul
Kiss me death, the only love I'll ever get,
besides my poet friends who kiss my ass
Listen to my heart, truely, I don't write of beauty
I write for the sorrow soul, the fleeing jackrabbit
running away from love.....

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We Are One Nation

He laid there, warm and happy. Defeated as one, but successful as two.
A bullet hole straight through his chest. Another dark green uniform stained,
By the dark red liquid seeping through the torn fabric.
One hundred and one desperate young soldiers, laid to rest by the tip of his pistol.
A rifle jammed and abandoned just a mile away.
The last puff of smoked tobacco, freely evaporates into the broken spans of oxygen.
Fought for his family, his country, his land and our land.
Breached toward liberty, and founded it. At the tip of another’s Beretta M9…
This is America, America is you. America is he, she, and me. 
I am “The America”.
Open and free, to you, including me. I’ve held my guard, stood stiff and tall.
Fought hard, till this day, to wave “hello”, to the one race “individuals” every single day.
Wave back, or don’t wave at all, I’ll respect you as an American and not a flaw.
United or divided; we are one nation, that stands under religion, we are one nation.
Black, white, tall, or small, whatever it is, WE respect all.
Our flag does and will, stand to protect us all.

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No Time For Farewell

I lay beside someone 
I seem to know.
A stranger I've known all my life,
I look at who is beside me,
I see a face with a smile.
A smile hoping to find 
remembrance in mine.
I don't find what the smile
asks from me,
for it's getting late and
there's no time.

Though hesitant, lets me go.
Smile intact, tears lay unseen
For the choice is mine to make, 
And not for tears to stop.
I get to my feet and
walk away.
I turn around one last time
to the face and the smile it bore.
but found neither, for both had left.
It was my choice to leave ,
and now there's no time.

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Jimmy, El Nopalero

[Nopalero = one who deals with/sells edible prickly pear cactus leafs/pads]

Aiiiii, Jimmy --
what shall we say, now that you've gone,
worst fear realized:  your body discovered,
days later, in your filthy Mexican rooms,
amid the soiled papers littering the floors
reeking of cat urine and layer upon layer
of dried and fresher feces.
These feral cats were your most faithful companions.
You thought yourself their benefactor
and, perhaps, their savior.
We were told that, after your demise,
when the door opened, all 21 fled,
never to return.  You left us,
unbathed, smelly, shunned,
just weeks before your birthday,
having almost (but not quite) suffered
through 80 years, the last 30 spent
in bordertown Mexico.  You, daily, crossed
the bridge to claim your mail -- which (for a fee)
promised to guarantee that you would be a winner
of lotteries, sweepstakes, miraculous windfalls.
You subsisted on senior coffees at McD's, 
on your pitiful government assistance,
since you were unwilling to abandon your 
feline family.
You blamed your life on abuse by brothers
(all dead long before you)
and you could not understand
why richer acquaintances --
virtually everyone --
were unwilling to share with you
their bounty.
In the plazas, you were a familiar sight,
selling whatever you could:
you were "el viejo gringo," "el Jimmy," "el nopalero,"
and other less generous
(but, perhaps, appropriate)
You knew animals, had some expertise with birds.
Your chief preoccupation was yourself,
and your main complaint was that you
never got your just deserts.
But no one deserves to end
as you did --
unclaimed, a foreign body,
interred in Mexico
in an unmarked pauper's grave,
a "fosa commun."  You only wanted
to be loved.  RIP my friend; 
I did not mean to be unkind.
James Milford Pierson, 27 February 1934 - 2 February 2014.

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The Eyes

The Eyes

The eyes so shattered and so blue,
You sit there and you knew
The pain of losing someone close to you,
And you beg for their return,
But a wish so great, can never be granted.

The eyes shattered and blue,
Watch you,
Take the bottle and drowned yourself,
They watch you destroy yourself,
And they know what they do,
Yet they show no remorse, no pain in heart.

You fall asleep
On a dirty mattress,
Held up by broken dreams
And nightmares,
No pillow, no blanket
Just air you float on.
And your blind eyes close in the night,
The dreams come back to haunt you
And the eyes, they watch you,
So shattered and so blue.

Till three o’clock hits again
Wake in cold sweat,
Spiders on webs weaving a nest
In your head,
A cry out for the Madhouse,
Where the eyes so shattered and so blue
Stare at you, through a window with no reflection.


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Show me who you are and i shall paint out broken columns on the valleys of her back as if such figure is un-common
i have found no beauty bending as the vines that are her hair and the frailty of man upon her back is what she bares
bleed her body for the harvest let them feast upon her soul for the nurishment of mother is leaps beyond so bold
she is like the flower growing in the deepest of dark forests,amongst the ivy and hemlock but her skin is much too porous
to concern herself with games that tantalize the men, as they marry on crusade it is her children that she tends
sheath your swords with her ambition and tip your arrows with her will, craft your armour from her strength and in the battle you will kill
come now children from the pasture and lay each upon her side, suckle gently at your mother although theirs pain she does not hide
though the water leaks from rooftops her leaves are thick and block the rain, as the water level rises cling to her branches with no shame
she is the stone upon the beach, once a mountain pound and breached
yet still her disposition clear to love her children that are near

inspired by Roots Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954

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I am sitting in a corner of a dark, empty room.

Asking myself what went wrong...

We were just happy crossing the street last year..

Holding hands of one another until we partways.

Why must this love has to end?

Was it me who you have to blame?

I've loved you with all my soul and breath..

I even surrendered with your embrace.

My world turned only for you,

I almost forgot to breathe when you go.

Why am I alone in this room?

Drowning in tears that you've caused.

Should I end up and stop trying..

and lose myself in a bottle of drinks.

Or lift my head to  face the world...

Wears up the mask of sorrow I fraud.

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Sweet Children, Sleep

To the Newtown Children

A poet cries with broken heart

Look thine hearts be washen clean with death,
God knows how hastily can be
By an unfitting goodly young man
Become just another evil’s killer.
Take thou no mean of life
That so tenderly and small
Arranged now along that cold room
Where a hundred of parents
Like you and I look on poor children that thou think:
One day they shall be a doctor or a thinker like us.
To understand really why the hungry death
Has to do for their final journey in front of this sickness?

O, children! American children! My children!
I warn thee in all my heart and soul
That could not happen so earlier on life
And where thou cast the peace and saint in the kindness of grace
Take care of them from danger, thou take for a leaf
And makes my heart bleeding every one like us become angry
How in this heavenly nation this massive fate could occur?

Hold me fast in thine embrace God,
Where my despair cannot be silenced,
Let you and me and everyone else to knee and cross
Our fingers against our chest and pray for them,
Give them, Lord, thy blessing give,
Pray for them and mother as well,
And I shall finish this poem with trembled
Fingers and tears cascading over this bloody
Sheet as an awaken wind has just blown it from me.

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When a Man cries Himself to Sleep

When a man cries himself to sleep,
it is a sad sight to see,
tears roll off his cheek
and onto his bed sheets and pillow case.
When you hear his somber cries,
you can feel his pain
when he wimpers like a child who treds in fear.
No one knows what they do to a man
when they play with his emotions,
lead him on,
take advantage of him.
They don't know what they do to an innocent man
looking for love.
They break his heart that is full of love,
they stab him in the back
when he needs them at his most vulnerable moment
they laugh at him, and tease him,
Do they know what they do to a man?
They slowly kill a man, who just wants a simple kiss on the lips,
they kill a dreamer, a good man, with a big heart.
They drive a man to his bed,
with tears running down his face
and force him to dream of nightmares.
When a man cries himself to sleep, 
it is that saddest thing to see.
Goodnight and sweet dreams...

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Another Good-Bye

Her day bled
into a crimson sky
of mourning.
A moon overcast
with laments vision,
its reflection 
echoed in the surface
of borrowed time.
Now, quietly,
the long hours drew
nearer to the hush
of evenings passing---
sleep bidding
another farewell,
as the grave 
gives up its spirit
to enter into
a different realm---
on the threshold
of dreamscapes view
and another
good-bye is said.

© 2013 Debra Squyres 

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Rakes and Flames

As the dawn expells its authoritive cast; they awake, but are abandoned. They
turn--but their friend the sun ignores  and they understand.   They commune
their relationship and part with their memories;   and sigh.

They say their good-byes in a tone of fullfilment, but aface their anxieties
toward the skies for hope; but are denied. A clouded sky brings a chill in the 
air and a rustling of rakes and flames. 

Old as hell, written in HS for publication, circa 1971 by me. When I was young in the 60's in Ohio, we burned leaves in our backyard; sometimes our household trash too. You had to be me to be there GV. Count me in as last place. Take care.  

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Relationship of Lies

'Good Night'
I say because it’s the proper thing to do while dating.

'Sweet dreams'
Is said, though I really don’t mean it.

'I miss you'
I said to make you happy, even though I don’t.

'Your eyes are pretty'
They really are, just not the eyes my heart longs for.

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Painful Grace

Your colorful skin
Has been stripped from its bones
Thrown, shriveled, into a heap
Onto a hospital bed
Plugged into the wall

Toxins flushed throughout your body
Eating the smile off your face
Watching you go to war
For one more breath
One last glimpse

Looking into your pale eyes
I see a stranger’s helpless body
Forcing short breaths
Take mine away 

A twisted flicker of peace 
Dances across your face
With one last calm breath
You withdraw
Soul released

An unfinished symphony?Consumed with grief ?Sorrow has arrived?With smiles thief

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Do you know
How much you are loved

Yes we see you
We're blessed to know you
The woman behind the joyous smile
The one who goes beyond the extra mile

You are so rare
Truly a wonderful gift
You have a way, you cause perspectives to shift
You understand 
change can't always be swift

Purpose, a gentle word
You recognize people's need to be heard
On wings of understanding you fly like a bird

True kindness
Permeates your being
You have a special way of seeing
The world we live in is in need of care
True change happens by becoming aware

Yes one person can make a difference
Small changes add up over time
With knowledge as your tool you redefine
Re shaping the outcome line by line

So as you leave
We shed a tear
Yet thankful for the time that you were here
You gave your all each day and year
Through loving example you were our mirror

Go to your garden
Explore your passion
From the ground a future to fashion 
The planet and bees can use a lift
What you have to offer is a priceless gift

For our friend Linda, happy retirement. Now your work begins.
We know you will continue to make a difference in the world
and in our lives. 

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Goodbye Forever

…Said the Mind to the Heart, we do not work together to run this place all we do is argue and fight.  This place use to run so simple and sweet then you came out your cage to take a peak. 

“I know this is true”, you’d plea to the rest of us Body and Soul, like fools we did listen as you said we’d be whole.    Against all reason yes you won that debate that we ventured on out and yes it was great!!!  

We have not ever since the birth of our seed been as happy as this to see you beat so hard and so strong.  As you reached out and grew stronger forged within what seemed an everlasting flame.  We took that happiness and strength that it gave and made that Leap of Faith as they say.

Now what happened then, oh strong Heart of mine, you were so filled with joy that it made us blind.  You caused us to believe that Love conquers all that we didn’t see the rocks coming out of the falls.

We hit and kept falling all bloody and beat but you continued to believe we would land on our feet.  We listened once more, although I petitioned to stop yet your Love was so strong that it crushed all other thought.

We hit and we sank in the darkness of the abyss and it opened our eyes while it weakened your grip.  Shattered and weak from the blood that you lost I picked up your pieces and put them back in your box.

I mended your wounds and bandaged you up but a piece still was missing you wouldn’t give up.  The cliff that we hit so hard still has a piece of your beaten up heart.  You left it there as a beacon of light to find your way back when you’re ready for flight.

My dear fragile Heart I cannot allow it as you wouldn’t survive another fall down it.  So we have decided us Body and all to lock you away in the depths of our Soul.  Poor mislead, barely breathing, yet you insist that it is not over.  

You’re blinded by Love even in your poor state but I pray you keep it that way so it won’t turn to Hate.  This is why you are banished and locked back away until we do pass or if Love brings your piece that you left back.  

For that piece is the key to unlocking these binds but be sure we will fight it with logic not emotion.  So sleep dear Heart of mine as best as you can for you won’t bother anyone ever again…….

And neither they you.


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Death, it is a sad way to go

Death, it is a sad way to go,
to leave this earth, dressed in your Sunday best
While faces surround you with tears
breaking the barriers of their emotions
tearing their hearts apart, looking down
upon my stone face, upon the face, lays a simplistic smile
that shows no emotion, no teeth, no life.
Death, it is a sad way to go.

People hurry, say their goodbyes,
but when your alive,
they never come around, they never call, they never even think
of you and how you are feeling.
While you walk the streets, with a smile on your face,
nothing but knives stick sharpe in my back and gossip
burns a hole in my soul and heart;
but I keep on walking and smiling.
I keep rolling on through like a summer hurricane
tears apart a coastal city in the heat of June weather,
Walking till death comes to shake my hand and grin at my soul.

Then as you lay their in your casket
with a buqouet of your favorite flowers, (Roses and Tulips)
they sit around you, the same faces, the same blind eyes
and they all shed tears and says good things.
Too late for that don't you think?
Death, it is a sad way to go, but what relief you get,
when finally departing in peace and leaving the drama
and careless people in your life.
After I am put six feet under, a week of crying passes,
After two weeks I am lost and long forgotten,
nothing but a stone at my cranium to keep me company
and my new friends, who sleep along next to me.
Dead and forgotten, but the dead never forget their fellow lost souls.
Only the living forget such souls that were so good to them,
now they are gone,
I am gone.
How do you feel, now that I am gone?

Death, it is a sad way to go, but what peace you recieve in Paradise.

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But with the evil, came the good

All turned down to the worst
as the children lost innocence,
as the bums drank their last breath away,
as the man eating sharks finding their way,
to the over-crowded sandy beaches,
as the man turn to the woman
and gave her a slap across the face,
as the thef steals in the night,
as the coward goes behind his loved ones' backs,
as the oil lanterns spill over and burn the bridges
to salvation and paradise.
Something always happens to the good guy,
a knife in the back in the midst of dawn,
his woman leaving with another man,
he dying slowly of cancer,
or suffering from intoxication of the blood.
Poison. Poison, ravages his body,
oh, how could God let such things happen
to such a good man?
His life work, his social life, his nirvana
all destroied, burned away, turned to dust.

But with the evil, came the good.
Yes with time and time again
repeating itself in a circle of time,
across the crossed faces,
as blue eyed Death smiles
and as the girls grin,
Everything came into place,
Anyway with evil, came the good.
Indeed it had came right to his front doorstep.

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Dear Dad

Dear Dad 				
Why don’t you love me? 
The small brown eyed girl asked her father as he beat her at night,
 then with a smile in the morning he’d scoop her up in his arms to play.
Why don’t you love me? 
The bigger brown eyed girl asked her father as he walked out and
never came back.
Why don’t you love me? 
The young brown eyed girl asked her boyfriend of two years,
As he walked out the same door her father did eight years before.
Never to return.
Why didn’t you love me?
The older brown eyed girl asked her father at his funeral.
As she leaned over the edge of his casket and kissed him gently on the forehead,
Tears running down her cheeks.
Why couldn’t you love me? 
The oldest brown eyed girl asked as she lays Jasmine’s and roses
On her father’s grave.
Only a row down from her old boyfriend’s,
With love that never dies.
And her question is answered in the wind, 
As the answer is whispered in her heart.
How could you love me?
If you couldn’t love yourself?

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The beatles She's leaving home

The sun edged over the horizon
Leaching its yellow elongated tentacles
Over the shunting trains of Liverpool Lime street station

The full moon wavered for a short moment
being held there fast, 
then, as if released by a child’s elastic band
it too began its journey
Trying to maintain a perfect arc across the early morning sky
Like a compass pencil scratching across sandpaper

It’s Wednesday morning 
She’s in mourning
She pushes the bedroom door gently into its frame
It clicks comfortable closing like a prison door
She leaves a note on the floor
She wants to say more
But words fail her

She breathes in the kitchen for the last time
And exhales memories of a life not quite right
She looks back briefly
A moment
A spot in time
She turns the key
She’s free
She is leaving home!

Father snores out stale cigarette smells through yellow teeth
Mother wrapped in a tightly wound dressing gown
Lipstick and Mascara 
Struts like a painted clown
Waddles without a sound 
Picks up the letter
It says not what’s a matter
She falls to the ground

"Daddy, our baby's gone. 
Where did we go wrong!"
We sang the song
“Okay it wasn’t in tune, and we did forget some words but…..”
We gave her everything money could buy 

It’s Friday morning now, 
She is far away 
They meet, they hug, they kiss
Arm in arm they move out of the song
And walk away from the frame

Cos fun is the one thing that will take away the pain

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Skin Deep

Achilles' heel 
You’re another day older
The world’s much colder

It’s not your fault
They were taken 
Don’t blame yourself 
for God’s mistake

Her beauty reflects your own
Her life reflects your future
Chasing rabbits will get you there faster
Loss of faith will bring you there faster

The ball drops
It’s clever to see
What happens to us
And here we are

Take the evil out of this
You’re stronger
She’s stronger and always,

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There is a brilliant sun setting on the horizon. 
I wipe tears from my eyes, and watch in a strange sense of awe. 
The sun kisses everything with it’s radiating beams 
and then disappears from view. 
It reminds me that, 
like many things in life, 
these serenely beautiful moments are often fleeting.
Words are left unsaid, moments forgotten, lives lost.
But, in those quiet moments, 
when I feel the sun's warmth on my face, 
I know you're sending me a smile and lighting up my life, once again.

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Rushing Words

And when I grew
My troubles grew with me
Then the remains of a tree cradled me
With all the purple
That it owned this carcas

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Burn Away


We have all lost our way
To see starlight gazers
And men with broken hearts,
Seeking love in all of the wrong places;
Vacant lots, where women all looking for something,
But not quite knowing what they look for.
We have all lost our way.

The only hope of humanity
Is the shining sun
That breaks through the blinds of my window,
And the faint memory of me and her
Lying on our backs in a grassy meadow,
Holding hands
Looked up and counted stars.

Cities burn away,
Sky, stars, moon, sun all burn away;
The grassy meadow
Where we once lay, all burns away
Everything burns away,
Memory and desire and love all burn away
With the snap of a finger, and a new man
In her own life,
And I burn away.

A picture of her hung high and praised,
A picture of me, in a dark box
That collects dust, in some lonesome
And dusty, cobweb infested attic.
And I burn away with a new day.
I burn away.

A nightmare that I can’t awake from,
It is endless and repeats
When thoughts of her are all over my mind,
I cannot take such nightmarish reality
Too see her and smile,
And she walks away without a trace
Of ever returning.
And I cry,
And I burn away,
The tears wash the fire away,
And turn me to ash,
The wind picks me up and takes me away.

And for one peaceful moment,
I do not cry,
I do not burn away.
For a moment I am happy
And I smile,
And go away for a while
And let them all sleep in peace.


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To a love ill never let go of, sorry

you whispered sweet doubts into my ears
but i was so blind to acknowledge the fears
ill never regret how i felt for you 
but you seem so far gone, i don't know what to do

i only did what i thought was right
but i guess i lost all fear and extinguished the light

Bay, i wish i never left 
but its to late to take it back

Bay, i wish i had some sort of sign
to know your OK

i have this horrible habit of making a mess of things
you might think it funny
but i jump when the phone rings

i hope you dont blame me for what happened 
but then again it must have been my fault
im sorry

i guess all those times i apologized were in advance
for the heartbreak that i probably brought down upon you
bay, im sorry, im sorry, im sorry if you ever read this
you'll finally understand the way i still feel about you 

nobody ever said it was easy 
but nobody ever said i would fall this hard

i miss you 

im sorry
im sorry 
im sorry 
im sorry
im sorry

please bay, im sorry 
please bay 

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Erin, seeing you last night brought back a bunch of old feelings, feelings I thought were long gone.

You're a beautiful as ever, and, if you were her right now, I'd tell you that.

I realized that I still have feelings for you, and, I'm still a long way from being over you....

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A new life and new generation has begun,
a fresh start in a new world.
But there are certain things-
time is one,which tests and plays with you
and always changing and never still.
Though its a new phase of time
there are things which remain intact.
let this be a paradise,
where peace and honesty prevails.
A place  where women are secure,
and babies get their share of love,
 and treat nature as our own mother
with utmost care and respect.
Never bargain inner peace and love
for money and luxuries.
cherish the golden hearts of the people
and do not be harsh by the tongue.
Make it a place more beautiful than heaven
where even gods long/desire to descend .

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Living in A Glass House


The volume of a certain something

does not by any means determine its levity over any given situation

or its brevity by relation

Once you strike a chord,

It's moment of breath

Shatters through it's glass-painted interstellar conquest

Where the fine line between an arrow and a target success

is evident in the lack of evidence

Which provides you, the Reader, better access to the verity in absence

You're an ancient old trick

but if I am watching, you'll have no where to rest your well-traveled head

But in my seductive grin

I am too an old trick

But I stand closest to the cauldron

Stirring green the ocean

To make way for that final moment

When the flame burns cold in the winter frozen solstice;

The waves come crashing to the coasts

Coming for my broken souls

With a gleaming smile for all their sorrows

Taking off into tomorrow

With a calmed, relieved breath

Reliving the scenes on an endless landscape

Now, in compassionate presence

Because after all,

Can't have nothing without 'how'

How: being everything that has ever been conceived of.

So, what have You left out?

You've become ignorant of your own shining features

Forgotten feathers from a bow

Lost your inner voice in the mirror glow

All along Zephyr without, you've lived as a pestilence to others and yourself...

And now, its time for show

Up close and personal

Bath in all the choices ever dreamed of; and burn with a rosy glow

Opened-close a shut case

Without remorse or concern or thirst,

Because all this, will soon be Unearthed

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Her Final Words

"No." She whispered before drowning into her sorrows.
Her life had been a simple happy one. 
There were no pains and no troubles.
Life was life and people were people.
Life was simple.
and life was all about tomorrows.
Life didn't know about sorrows.
Her sorrows.
Those same sorrows that she drowned in never existed. 
They were never there, but where?
First to be sad in the naive town of joy.
Sorrow became contagious and what was known as happiness no longer was there.
It was non-exististent. 
A meager thought 
and a blessed memory.
She tried and tried.
She failed and failed.
Life was no longer hers.
For Pain was her only possession.
Her curse.
She lived and she died.
Yet, her legacy was passed on.
Never was it gone.
"No." She whispered before drowning in her sorrows, 
"Save them."

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Better Than Jesus

Explosions in the sky a fire in my mind starting out a broken spirit until returned, my wings, I fly and I find that I have no place to go when the desire has came and went and there is no secrets left to know I shall be the greatest teacher exponentially now I grow who wants to be my friend? I only accept good people for I have spent too much time observing dark and evil now I seek the light as I remember how to fly off I'll go to see the world with my soul mate, her and I I have not met her yet but I will know her when I see her by the feeling and the healing as if she could be the teacher and my heart is pounding celebrating life until I die when my friend, this world may end by explosions in the sky. -For Sandra

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Trees without a forest

It’s just another story in the wind
Of the naked trees with their 
Hollow dreams…
Like the creak of the wooden door…
Like the smell of fuming lumber.
It’s this song that blows 
In the breeze
With the ashes of our 
Torn down leafs…
Two shrubs with our thoughts
Scattered along the path,
We’re eyed by the 
Towering sky…
It’s just us and the cinder
Of farewell kiss…
Just us, leaning toward
The ground…

And still it’s winter
In these treeless woods.
A ruthless season
For me and for you.
I’d embrace your branches
And call them my own,
But I’m anchored in the silence
Of this story never told.

And it’s a leafless winter
As I said… the deepest
Scratch against our bark…
I feel like a star in a starless night,
Like a falling oak with 
No direction.
Yet I’d still twine my ivy
Around your crusty trunk…
My ivy that once was a palm,
Blossoming just to
Stroke your cheek…

Why does it still smell
Like leaving
And farewell kiss?
I’ve banished all of my leafs
And yours…
I’ve banished them
Only to save us…
And, yes, I hear the woodcutters’
Cheer…they’re coming
And hoping to kill us…
We’ll be the spark
And the warmth of their fire,
The children will be playing 
With our limbs.

And, yes, I’ll love you
Even if the season’s over…
Even if my sight
Shall be weakened…
Even if I’ll be branchless
And cannot stretch too far…

© 2009 Stefania Carmen Misaila

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I am sorry for leaving u

I am sorry for leaving u

cause we cant be together, 

i am sorry for leaving u, 

cause i want u to stride further, 

i am sorry for leaving u, 

cause if i don't, 

the world would start leaving u, 

i am sorry for leaving u, 

cause i don't want u to lose

which was so hard to achieve, 

i am sorry for leaving u, 

without a goodbye, 

cause i was afraid your tears might stop my try, 

i am happy to leave u, 

with others to take care, 

with a request to forget me as a nightmare

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Please Don't Cry Because I'm Gone

I see the family gathered around and my heart is there with you.
As I see your faces I know that you are sad.
I was blessed as an only child with a family such as you.
It was a joy to be your mother.
There were many things I did to care for you as you were growing up.
All these things I did were done out of love.
I loved your father with a love that was unconditional, and his love for me carried me throughout the tough times in our lives together. 
I hope that this love is something that I've left behind for all of you to share.
Someday Dad and I shall be together again. 
I can see your pain and I feel your sadness.

Please don’t cry because I’m gone. 

I will be with all of you in your memories. 
We will all be together again someday and we will all rejoice together.
Though I've left this world behind I've taken a part of it with me… 
Your pains and sorrows will heal with time and your lives will continue.
Remember me with love in your hearts and be happy when I’m on your minds. 
I’ll be waiting with anticipation to see each one of you again.
Until that time, remember, I’ll be before our Lord every day, interceding for you so that my prayers I had on earth will be answered here in Heaven.

Please don’t cry, because I’m gone.

Just remember that I’m with the one who created me.
There is no greater peace than to be with the one who can do all things and can do them right. 
As I left this world and went to be with the Lord, there were people there I hadn't seen for many years. 
They were here with open arms to greet me and the joy I felt was so wonderful. 
It was like another family reunion. 
Please be at peace as you travel the road home and know that I’ll be here with open arms to greet you as you enter into the presence of the Lord.

Please don’t cry because I’m gone.

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Don't Open

Don't open the escape hatch until he is far away.
Look out the elongated glass opening right above me.
Only then I can offer proper advice to each soldier.
I read a secret advanced directive I hoped I wouldn't open.
Sometimes it seems everything goes up like a puff of smoke.
Ok laugh at me, in minutes I hope everything changes.
I can't understand why I have all this on my aching shoulders.

It seems our last effort's so enormously futile!
Evan had opened the escape hatch on my order.
Helplessly I watched a bomb enter the open hatch.
A terrible end, my advice caused a disastrous explosion!
No one left, our bodies are nothing except puffs of dust.
All gone, every person in our coffin of death, evaporated.

Con/Vow contest
Feb 14th 2013

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I See You Everywhere

What do I say now? Where do I start?
Without you beside me, I'm falling apart
Thinking of you, know it isn't too smart
But I See You Everywhere, oh my poor heart

Love in her ways
She drifts slowly past me
A spring in her step
Oh she's moving too fastly
Upside down now
She turns my heart and soul
Reflecting in my mind
And in my heart, a hole
Every time she crosses my mind
I'm reminded of the pain
No chance to love her
She'll forget my name

So what do I say now? And where do I start?
Because without you beside me girl, I'm falling apart
Thinking of you, I know it isn't too smart
But I Still See You Everywhere, and oh my poor heart

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Bullets rain tears

Young and innocent they went to school
 Expecting to learn and play
 Never in anyones wildest of dreams
 Did we expect that day
 For a rain of tears to shell them
 From one lost deep to sin
 But heavenly hosts came down for them
 Releasing them from him
 The devil he did have his day
 But God in end dost win
 For noubt will be lost but these young lives
 Will not be gone in vain
 The laws of the land will change in ways
 For it must not happen again
Those who reign must stand on this
 Take stance and make a difference
 No one should be able to take a life
 With intent nor mindless innocence
 For even when with madmans mind
 You cannot be left to mingle
 How can you be able to walk in shop
 Purchase guns and not be liable
 Actions speak far louder than words
 And if we let just one slip through
 Without accounting for their sin
 It might well be me or you
For on anyone these bullets
 Might be named to fall upon
 So make a difference – make a change
 Add your name – petition
 The whole wide world mourns in shame
 An Amnesty is long past needed
 Write your letters – use your vote
 Act now while it is fresh
 And pray for the souls of all those lost
 That each by the Lord be blessed
 Also for those who’ve lived through this
 That they might find a way
 To find the strength and courage
 To step out further each day

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Bitter Endings

You are dead now and I am sorry,
For all of the things you thought I should have been,
For all of the things you wanted me to be for you,
I hope that you feel your burden of life is lifted,
And shared by a circle of angels.

For you were once a kind lady,
Fun and laughter were your glow,
A proud and caring grandmother,
Funny stories- I remember, 
The only person I knew who ate egg and chips on Christmas Day,
And wore bright colors in her hair.

You sat by my dog and held his head whilst he died,
Because we were far away, 
You spoke kindly of me once,
Made me believe I was beautiful,
I know you loved music and a pint of lager in your hand,
And your Welsh accent rang out at many a merry gathering.

Yet even though you are gone,
I cannot pretend it was all happy memories,
It would be a lie and I won’t tell it,
Just because I’m sorry you are dead.

You were often cruel,
You humiliated the ones I love dearly,
Expected our lives to fit perfectly with yours,
You lost many who loved you,
Pushed them away and made them feel small.

But I forgive you because I know,
That your unkindness came from an unhappy place inside of you,
And you suffered greatly for it at the end,
I hope you can forgive yourself,
For refusing to be loved and healed.

I hope you find the peace you wanted,
Wherever you may be now,
I hope the world turns how you wish it to,
Now that you have left it far behind.

Most of all I hope,
That your soul can move beyond all of the bitter endings you created,
And find love and kindness once more,
So that we can remember you fondly and talk of you gladly. 

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If you feel your heart 
Is beating but it is not,
If only you could still
Hear your heartbeat.

I wish to feel the breeze 
One last time
But it seems that 
I cannot feel it anymore.

I feel like I am lost
I guessed nobody will find me
Trapped in darkness like this
I think I am in the abyss.

If I touched someone
It would go right through,
If I looked into the mirror
My reflection is not there.

I realise that I am gone
I am heartless
But I could still hear 
Those sorrows trapped inside.

No more feelings,
No more pain,
No more life,
Nothing will be the same.

If you feel your heart 
Is beating but it is not,
If only you could still
Hear your heartbeat.

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A Concert For Death In My Symphonic Life

At night I like to look to the sky and remember the lost ones by whom I'm inspired The angels Rena, Toni, Jeromiah, and David all showed me something, how can I repay them? My heros whos lives, troubled like mine yet never once did they ever fail to shine even as they thought they mattered not I noticed the love for the life through they fought every time they woke from the bed until one by one, my heros, fell dead When I remember, even though, ago long, I look to the heavens, and sing them a song. I feel them smile, and clap for another I give it all my love, like I do Teddy and Randy, my brothers who pulled me out of the hole in my head and gave me the strength to carry the dead into my concert, a symphonic life for its what they give me, when we get lost in the night.

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Ball of Fire

Today is Doomsday.

Some believe today is Doomsday
Some say maybe the end of the year
However, do we really care?
How would the earth end?
In a ball of fire or 
would it swallow us up into puff of dust
in a matter of an hour..

I rather am buried under pile of snow.
Eternal Preservation "what a nice way to go

However do we have option in a world?
Where lunatics have taken over asylums
where deranged souls spreading like a social cancer 
Is doomsday  the answer..?

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Vertical Lines

Don't forget to cross the Ts
and dot your Is
because if you don't do that
they're just lines vertical on a page.
Lets us forget about the imperfect words
that make us cry
the vertical lines,
like jail bars hold us back.
Stand up and out and roar like a lion!

she is mine, I love her,
but I am quiet,
held back by the vertical lines
the black oily jail bars,
that keep my hear caged in
everytime I cry and people don't listen
the guard taps his nightstick upon
the vertical bars,
the imperfect feelings of pain and sadness
feeling like this it bores me 
feeling like this makes me sick
and I feel myself wanting to vomit
and shake the nervous feeling
of falling into a dark hole,
so I sit behind these vertical lines,
like cocaine lines, ready to snort up your nose,
like cigarettes lined in a perfect and neat row,
like empty wine and beer bottles
littering around my feet.

The vertical lines take me away from reality,
close my already blinded eyes
with a black blindfold.
These jail bars cross my soul,
chain my the ankles and wrists,
and choking me, holding my head under water,
I can't breath!!! Help me!
These vertical bars hold me back in life,
hold my emotions from coming out,
to tell you how I feel for you!
I no more want vertical lines,
I want to be free.
Drive horizontal roads that wined and turn around beautiful mountains
too take a deep breathe and share the beauty
to watch the horizontal horizon.
Too sit on a beach shore and write till the sun goes down
and the mermaids sings cheerful tunes
that uplift my spirits and break the remaining vertical lines
that bind and hold my heart in place.

There is nothing beautiful in a straight line,
let alone a vertical one.
Horizontal, vertical all bad in their own ways,
always trapping us, like jail bars or barbwire that streches across the open lands.
Love has no lines,
no boundaries,
so why should I have lines that bind me together
holding my head underwater,
till a spark lights a powder keg and blows me sky high
and I finally set myself free
and roam the horizon for ever.

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Songs of Sorrowed Hearts

What makes this world go around?
What makes Death walk the Earth
and God sit on his throne and watch over us?
What makes love go around with such favour
and strut along side lonesome avenues?
What does a widow, a motherless child, a Vietnam veteran
and a boy who has had his fare share of heartbreaks,
all have in common with each other?

They were all promised a beautiful life,
free for all to love, free from the pain of betrayal
and anger.
We are what make the world go around,
I am the poet who sits and looks at love walk down the street,
and watch the blind eyes stare deep in my soul.
I am the poet, that feels the pain of a heart torn in two.
He his the poet who writes of smiles, to forget the frowns
and tears.
She is the poetress that writes of her success,
in order to forget her past that tortured her soul,
now he and she walk together writing poetry
sharing their love and smiles with the world.
But with smiles, also comes frowns,
with hearts full of love, comes hearts full of sorrow,
and someone has to stay behind and write of the bad
has to write and compose the songs of the sorrowed hearts.

We are all given love,
but it takes some whole lives to understand
the dark mystery that tags along with beautiful love.
Someone has to suffer the pain,
someone has to sacrifice his or her happiness,
so another poet can feel the beauty in happiness and pain.
I am willing to sacrifice my time and heart,
for my fellow poet to feel the smiles grow on their faces
and feel love uplift their heart,
while the black cancer tears apart mine.
I will go on, with what is left of my heart and smile,
and go into my room of creativity
and compose the songs of sorrowed hearts
for future poets, like that came before me.

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Star Wars Lullaby

             Star Wars Lullaby

Sing to the skies a Star Wars lullaby
Stay clear of the pentagram and other unkind signs 
That sway out there on waves of outer space 
Fly to foreign planets, riding like a rhymer 
Alive! Sailing on a solar wind in peace through time                              
Take guitar in hand, euphoric in the moment
With the other hand hold laser gun with beams of light
To fight the Imperial forces gathering            
What will it be?
A rhymer knows just what to do and think
Should you shoot them?
Maybe wave a torch or magic wand 
Strum them to death with music?
Lull them off to sleep with artistry and good looks?
A geek stumbles on the scene, thick black rimmed glasses on
Falls on cosmic tapestries to entice the enemy
He offers alternate solutions for the unwanted company
Extends his half eaten sandwich made of tuna
To the evil forces who reject his fishy lunch 
And Darth Vader wants a ham…of course
Geeks read Tolkien to improve their minds
And prefer that to the dark side of the force
It would be an optical illusion to think otherwise
With or without geek glasses
Escaping on a wave of music at the speed of light
Is the clear choice to avoid a fight
The void is there, like a brother, to fill in noise and needs 
Put out the torch and let the babies sleep
Rock the evil empire to its knees with lullabies and bombs 
Set them on rockets to the deep beyond
Send them to oblivion with a song

 Created on 11/14/14 for Cyndi MacMillan’s 

Words used in poem:  Euphoric, Star Wars, Tolkien, Guitar, Pentagram, Optical, Artistry, Brother, Geek, Torch, Alive, Rhymer  



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Glass Jars

The last
taste of summer
my pockets

mason jars
of butterflies



a childhood.

© Gry W Christensen

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My Mask

It hurts all the time
This pain in me never stops
I want to cry for you
I want to scream for you
I want to beg for you
I want you to be here
This cant be fair
This cant be real

But I smile and I laugh
I get up every morning to go to work
Throw on a happy face and make some jokes
I come home and enjoy my day
I have fun
And I continue on
But I’m so hurt
I’m so lost

Seeing you in there killed me
I could never get the phone call out my head
The screams from my mom
The walk up there to see if it was true
But most of all I wont forget you
In the casket
Touching your hand
You were so cold
You didn’t belong there
Seeing you go into the ground
Seeing them fall apart
Feeling my heart break into pieces
When all I could do is scream
I will never forget that day

And every time I smile I want to cry
Every time I laugh I want to cry
Every time I think I want to cry
Every breath I take takes a little bit out of me
Because I want to cry

I want this to not be real
I want to had spend more time with you
I want to hug you
Laugh with you 
Tell you I love you
That I was always there
That I am still always here

I am so broken
But I continue on with life

Because God took you and not me
He wanted me here for a reason
So ill continue on for
I will laugh
And smile
And pretend
Anything to make it to the end
To see you

I miss you just isn’t enough
It doesn’t mean enough

What heals a broken heart?
Time they say

But time wont bring you back
So my heart stays broken
As I pretend to smile

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

As I’m falling apart

My mask then goes on

RIP Bebo... 17 was to young

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Float Above You

Float above you 

My cat
Though small
Is a 
Mighty hunter.

Often trophies
She left
On my door
From her nightly stalking.

A robin that
Will never fly
Trilling couplets 
In cloud stained skies.

A mouse that will
 Never scurry
In the wood-grain walls.
Chanting lays
About the stacking of 
Heroic cheese.

On a dark night
When i heard 
My cat’s claws
Scratching entry upon
 The rude squared door.

“Let me in…”
The claws implored 
“To the stone 
Hewn hearth
Where the wisp
Of a flame does crackle.
Where a bowl
Of warm milk
Waits for me
To pay for my cat chores…”

“Enough my cat”
i am simple
Imagine my surprise
As i open my door. 
To find the moon
Shriveled on my 
Porches threshold.

The moon
With two
Auspicious bite marks
on it corners.

The moon 
Belongs to everyone
Luckily i had 
Some bandages
And dandelion oil
To clean and wrap
The poor moon wounds.

The moon sang to me
In this blessed fortnight 
Of times in deep history
Before the bards.
When she shinned
Above the lands of man. 
Like ghostly jewel among the stars.

Before the woods
Had written elegies
 in leaf of their limbs.  
Before fire deluge
Burned cracks in the walls
Leaving kiln marks
Upon the mountain castles
In the kingdoms of forgotten kings
And unknown peoples.

i nursed the moon
With tea of thousand wild flowers
And the dew that dripped 
Upon the crimson skin 
Of gleaming strawberries.
How the petals floated 
On surface of my teacup.

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Passion And Shame Torment Him

otra vez,otra vez` I do, say and say again I am the rock star of the ring I risk my life again and again for fame, Some might think of my passion As just being poetic and practical Or simply culture or unethical However, nevertheless not when my life is on the line Stronger than a herd of Buffaloes Faster than the Speed of a race horse, He is now broken free of his corral A streak of fury, rushes me Despite my fear of dying, My main focus is to Take the bull down by its horn >> I looked deep into his eyes, I saw mingling of rage I carefully swung the cape, A taunt of furling red Aiming for its horns The crowd roars, while The old ladies sob for the bull The men cheers for Salvatore the Matador Nothing more stimulating than the ladies with the beautiful smiles The bull is going to die

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Chair of Death

On a cool afternoon for tea,
She sat in that chair,
Humming for our silence;
Her bones quivering the instrumentals
Within the ruffles of the skin.
When her tune came to an end,
She took time to turn our way.
Not because she felt obliged 
That she had all the time in the world,
But because her youth had shredded
To make her nothing but one
Who hoped for time.
For the painstaking moments passed
And we locked eyes.
She fought her raging wrinkles to smile
And nod my way.

Perhaps she tried too hard
To say a decent goodbye.

One would think he keeps it
Because he has to.
We'd sit on the floor first
Before we touch that chair.
For it encases you, 
Tightens its weight upon you
And hums so sweetly between the ear and soul,
The sounds of a sour, unsaid farewell.

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Wisping Wiles

Only when this cigar ends 
I'll sit and stare, at the ashes 
as they fall, a little of my heart 
mixed in with them all 

Quietly laced through your 
shadow, I'd taste each memory 
till I forget, the colors and crevices 

Of your face, if only you'd let 
me slip as slowly, as the smoke 
from these lips..

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Come love, we must journey home...
bid farewell to yesterday's dead sun.
For storm clouds have gathered to slice the moon;
and we must go, before these arid sands 
of misfit time cease to flow.
And we cannot add another hour,
for seconds break not only the day,
but steals the ease of my spirit....and
I have no more gooselike tears to feed the jester;
because this is so love...we must part.
Walk close; let our footsteps fall as one, 
leaving primrose stained impressions...
as a legacy of our passing, 
like un-framed wisps of art.
Come, we'll trace the moon back to the stars,
where abandoned hearts, never to be forgotten,
breathes the breath of the Beloved.
There we'll rest and lie sweetly 
until trust stirs the heart again.
Alas, we'll return one day... another time...
another space beneath a blue moon's dawning; 
never look back with eyes of regret...
there's no need to say good-bye.

~Niky’s Ink

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I Just wanted to say you
good bye
But the moment says
hopes are high
May be you turn back
for my sigh
May be it wouldn't be easy
as I see
May be its hard for you
as for me
But the moment says
hopes are high
Don't let these hopes die

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What You Have Done

This is what you have done
Let this friendship become
A sinking ship of denial and betrayal
Why'd you have to speak
Speak about my doings and what I think
What's it to you
Why does it matter
Does it bother you so much
That you must seek and tattle?

This is what you have done
Let my mind become
A tempest of lies and confusion
This song that I sing
Shall not be a duet
I am not your equal
And I am not equal

This book of lies I unfold
Let my truth be told
I never wanted it to end this way
But if I must, I need to say
That absence makes the heart grow fonder
And as my loneliness grows I will ponder
Of what just happened
And what you have done

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A Chinese girl I took to a nunnery

A Chinese girl I took to a nunnery


I led her
Her silent leg-irons cutting into my shins
That day when the air stood still
Dry as the day perhaps on the hill
					when he spoke standing still
Drier still my words today
	of a redundant ransom of flesh:

	I’ll take you to the stopping place 
        Where the quiet cowled nuns make lace
	They run a school for well-bred girls
	In a cloistered fenced-in arbour
	There where you’d have no need for curls

She turned just then seven and ten
Me barely two more        when
She said in a breathless moan:

	Take me to the French Convent
	Here my road has come to an end
	       I want to learn
               I want to gain
	As much knowledge as my brain
		Will strive to contain

I had no choice
I had no voice
In a Chinese school which stopped midways
She was the best of forty times five
Where I was hoarse from English and Science

She sat so close in the front row
She must have felt my breath at home
Her cowlick hand stretched crooked
Brushed my thoughts down my mane

Something about her dragging gait
Spoke of late hours as a kitchen mate
Or as the matron of squabbling squawking siblings
When the mother scrubbed and ironed
	the landlord’s lingerie and loins

A saddened face she kept awake
All through the hours at stake


It took me days and days of doubting pains
To ring at last the nunnery bell 
And to stare aghast at a pallid face 
Not quite white and not quite couched in cowl
To register my request

The novice drew and barred the door
As though I would break down the wall
And as the minutes raced in anguish by
And I heard the rusted pig-iron latch click open
Two forbidding eyes contemplated my plight
Under strictly starched and stretched folds a-sail:

	“Is she Catho…” she made to ask
Then as urgently withdrew her demand.
	“Bring her tomorrow at eight,” she let her words
	“Ring the bell at the gate.”

I never saw the demure girl again.
Her schoolmates thought she worked for the nuns.
Others: “ She took some vows!”
A sibling: “ She took no clothes for a change!”

Just before her silhouette effaced itself
Under the porch of creepers dense
She turned to give me a look:
	Was it a look of despair
	Or a well-thought-out
		                 farewell fair?

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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Teddy Bear - Strange Love

Teddy Bear - Strange Love 

Our new neighbors have guns and drugs
They call me Teddy
Silly! toy is Teddy…. Teddy Bear
They must be crazy
I love my little bear
We’re happy happy happy skipping down the street!
One day the neighbor guy took my teddy
Threw him in the air
Like a taxidermist dream
I screamed, “Teddy can’t fly leave him be!” 
The bad man zeroed in on Teddy 
With an AK-47 in hand
And blew my friend away.
The tiny head flew off
Stuffing everywhere
Oh Daddy come quick!
I think my teddy is sick!

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Bon Voyage

tattered, yellow napkin
softly settles into the murky lake
as it absorbs it's last spill
our names in gold, still legible

this ring, never fit, seldom worn
"I love you" etched innermost
I know you do, I just couldn't say it much
now I can, but you don't hear

it's cold out, especially on the water
our favorite time, autumn's change upon us
our old craft, tattered sail I told you I'd fix
before your birthday that never came

now why bother, It's the final voyage
a muted splash as the ring follows
and I sit, shivering silently in the blue dusk
the cold urn between my knees

now raised, and poured
a cloud of dust, your earthly remnants
ashes to ashes to water to earth
our dreams unlived, dissolved like you

in the muddy waters we once loved
nothing left for me: no us, no time
I follow your lead, but not softly, not muted
a last gulp and it's really not bad

Sinking, thinking, wishing
watching our boat bobbing beneath
silence is screaming, I gasp
I'm warmed as I see your smile.

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Where Do The Butterflies Go

Teardrops of dews glistening
Breaks the days of dawn
Caterpillars shedding shells of cocoon
Awakening with yawns

The little fairies quaintly appear
Dancing their favorite dances, all the day long
But, where do the butterflies dance to
When the sun hides her head...
And the days are shamelessly gone?

They fill up my gardens
Frolic from tip of tulip to end of the rose
Next to sunflower, daffodil the flutter flies flown
Never attempting to speak even one little peep
Keeping their precious secrets
From sun up until the sundown

A parade of floats
Viceroy to the Monarch whom he tries to pretend
Royal and regal, ginger and black
Passes the hours while waltzing with flowers
But where does each of them go as processions end?

Dainty, the Painted lady curtseys
Among the swallowtails that swan through the weed
And the Admirals through the blade
But soon to hide away
Flying rainbows of season’s beginning to fade

And my magical gardens now they are bare
The little fairies all have disappeared
Following the whisper of wisps, of a new winter’s air

It’s the beginning of autumn
And soon will come the billows of snow
Did they take journey to a summer, in a far away land
Where oh, where did the butterflies go

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Stolen Night

Rain befall and sun scourge me 
I am left without shade to protect me
Amidst thousands yet lonely
Death pierces my heart and seized my right kidney
Half death yet living 
Million tear false on graved soul
How I wish she stay in my hand
Accident took her away unaware

My soul craved for her presence
Eyes shine bright at midnight
Spontaneous flow of heartfelt expression awake memory
I am king whom am I without a queen
I am a king whom am I without a crown 
I am a king whom am I without a throne
My kingdom shall forever reign in her heart
A million kisses fall on our lips yet hunger for more
Her lips is as succulent as breast
Tastes of her lips keep me awake
Her hugs warm my heart more than black coffee
To hell with sleep
Her boo clap to the rhythms of my heart
After all was said and done bed turned rumpled
Its 8a.m
Call hopped in from boss
Gust what happen?
You’re fired
I awake unto reality
Then I realized how much I missed my girl as it was all dream

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The eyes

Never I know,
what is flowing form your eyes to my heart 
I only feel  somthing collapse.
and gradually I finish...

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I’m boarding Delta, and it is the end. 
The end of two cumulative months 
Of connection 
Hidden in professionalism. 
A connection too amazing
To admit openly.
I hold my breath during takeoff.
I always think I'm going to explode
In any given second.

During our time together you would tell 
Humorous ones, sad ones, uplifting ones. 
You liked boiled peanuts and baseball. 
Hated NASCAR. 
Had a sweet tooth. 

Your words melted in the warmth of your 
Deep blue eyes. 
To me, you were the only man who has 
Ever existed
With the talent of creating pure happiness
Within myself. And the beauty of your 
Spirit never failed me.
I munch on crackers in seat C. 
The woman next to me is chatty, so I look 
out the window
For refuge. She doesn’t see me cry.

You spoke of your daughter often. 
Bright, energetic, and beautiful. 
She looks just like you. 
Your daughter never knew me, yet I loved 
As my own. 

You spoke of your wife, a trying 
Rooted in young love. 
I have seen you cry from her words. 
She troubles me, but mostly 
Because I envy her. 

Why do they always come by with the 
Trash bag before I'm finished?

Perhaps in your personal life you are lazy.
A slob. Thoughtless. Insensitive. 
Impatient. Unfaithful. 
All the things that reasonably might chip 
Away at how much
I do adore you from afar. 
Yet I do not know if you are any of these.
Professional and moral constraint forbids 
And even if you are, I realize 
I still live for your happiness,
Your smiles, 
Your humor, 
Your kindness. 

The landing gear lowers, and I'm back in 
New York. 
Almost as if it all never occurred. 
Yet I have loved you since. And I 
Will love you from now on. 

I may not have you, but you have me, 
Always and forever. 
And that is just as beautiful and sweet
As Georgia itself. 

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You're My Plague

You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart throbs in unease You carry me off to a far-off island Your breeze keeps me flowin’…scraping sand Your names escapes my lips I tell myself, “Get a grip, dude…” But you decided to intrude... My blood drips to the floor I’ve been losing balance… The instant you pushed me aside Your quietude devours me… I can’t help, but hide… I feel horribly disheartened…feelin’ too insignificant To start my day with a good note Too discouraged to be motivated to run… You trade me your pain in the past I consume it like a bear My stomach is churning persistently…you’re running too fast… I’m dowsed in despair My eyes stare vacantly…into space…they roam happily Your vigilance keeps me safe and sound…I dwell in your tranquility Your dreams caress my own… This intriguing comfort never makes me feel alone I’m under your dazzlin’ spell… This is heaven – not living hell! I’ve been bruising myself over you…for a while now The moment you abandoned me that night… Your rejoicing mends my gash…heals my mind… I think better of you – everything’s black and white I feel so exquisite when I’m around you… So inspired to reveal my might…just shine your light On me…and remember to meet me at sun rise… But I still feel malnourished… By your sweltering disease My heart refuses to beat in perfect rhythm – my high hopes nearly perished By your forceful breeze…pushing me on my knees I’m stumbling off my feet – I’m not at all pleased I’m not in the mood to be teased… I’m suffering…I’m not discreet How did you push me off my feet? Why do you make ME feel so damn miserable and incomplete? You plague me with your sweltering disease My heart pounds as I fall upon my blood-stained knees You carry me away to an unknown place Your voice still rings in my ears… I glance at your admirable face I’ve faced you way too many times – Your sparkling with majestic brilliance and pure grace

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Down on the waterfront, with a fine view of the bay,
Through autumn’s first of many leafs bathing Barnegat Bay on far-descended glory
See where the shivering sea-gulls go and play in year drops
All is a compliment to receive before those hungry lovers.

The ocean, blue by the depth water on-coming winter
And, driven by drifting winds off-shore a visitor smiled in front of this magnificence,
To find a pretty grace from God’s beginning.

The eye-filling day is full from the introductory clouds of flesh and yellow leaf
She will fall more and from the off-shore sea-gulls keep playing, and without
A sound they narrow in circle everywhere and a visitor must write a last
Note from his stay: a welcome-song on the grain of sand because more 
Leafs will fall… More sea-gulls will fly and play, and, driven from this unspotted 
Site, a visitor will kiss the sun and not spoil the natural work within him.

There is a trinity of consecrated laughers in such spectacle to whom
We poets dream and through light and show of autumn how picturesque New Jersey 
Glowing underneath the sitting sun. 

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Untitled Lost

I have lost the feeling, 
The feeling of being secured, 
The feeling of being happy, 
I have lost the feeling of being in love.

I have lost the feeling, 
The feeling of flying, 
The feeling of being free, 
I have lost the feeling of loving you.

I have lost the feeling, 
The feeling of sincerity in your eyes, 
The feeling of being bound in your hug, 
I have lost the feeling of infinity between us.

I have lost all faith in us, 
Who we are, 
Where we were going, 
And I have lost trust in “I love you'.

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Within a child's grip

I sit on your knee, I look in your eyes,
And I weep...

I begin to say, Daddy please stay,
Please, don't go...

The days turn to weeks
Mommy can't speak

I promise myself, never to forget,
This weight that lays heavily upon my chest.

It's a moment in life which I can't escape,
The image so clear,  the fear in your eyes, so fresh in my mind.

I'm forgetting your smile,
I would have to say, it's been quite a while..

My world torn apart, 
My childhood a blur, in one single moment, a fresh new start.

I'm two year old, with very little to hold.
My daddy is gone, what exactly went wrong?

I begin to say...

Daddy please stay, why not give this one more day?

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I sat on the porch with a lit cigarette

tears streaming down my face

Shock still ringing to my core...

I left unresolved anger, resentment, fear

harsh words said,  that can't be taken back

Sitting and wondering what was it all for...

the smoke of my cigarette dances over my lips

as I curse this life I forged...

No one to blame but myself now...

I know you've found peace in passing...

but I'll sit here a bit longer wondering what it was all for

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One Last Breath

When you truly know that life is worth living
When you truly feel that love is for giving
To die is a beautiful thing.

When you truly feel that hate is forbidden
When you truly know that death is worth heeding
To try is a beautiful thing.

Fate then becomes no more than a brief sweet moment,
Hanging upon anyone’s stiffened husky throat,
Waiting for our merciful God’s healing,
To release it in: 

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It's Mr Draca spiting fire! I'm a rebellious King, crown me Sire!
No escape from this checkmate, my mental terrain is higher!
I conspire to devour your desire to win, making your time expire,
My victorious rhymes inspire lines that force all else to retire.

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Hair like wood desk 
Make beauty and wither
We all hear the fly 
The door is shut 
You have your own room,
You chose to perish in it

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Sunrise was rising
behind the blue mountains
facing the stunning Bay
of Naples.

Ah! No thought was more 
painful than my farewell
to childhood that had started
and soon gone!

Why was deep sadness
anticipating tomorrow...
weren't others wishing me
good fortune? 

Why wouldn't a smart boy
live his happy future
where gold was a promise...
was it fear?

With an incredible  
strength I carried my weight...
enduring many pains,
losing heart.

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Waiting for the Rain

After the door shuts and the footsteps die,
I rehearse the words I wanted to say.
I tumble them around and around in my mind.
Juggle them. Rewrite them to perfection.
But I won't see you again.

Perhaps it is better this way.

Those nights we spent entwined in moonlit silk,
our hearts beating wildly, kisses so soft
a mere feather could have tasted my lips,
how could such passion be sustained?
Surely we would have burnt out
like two candles beckoned by one flame.

And those days by the beach,
when you playfully teased the ocean,
your skirt lifted high,
the waves bathing your thighs in sea foam,
like the bubbles from your nightly baths.
I still want to lick the saltiness away,
but we've both been battered and beaten
against the shore to the point of loneliness.

We used to be like rain drops,
splashing into the same pool,
spreading ourselves out to the world.
We explored the City in all it's splendor,
gathering other rain drops as we went along.
We were fluid and irresistible - two crazy gals.
But attractions cannot last during droughts.

Your highs became lows, crashes so hard,
the forceful blows struck even me.
I would have shared your pain,
sat in vigil until the rain began again.
I watched your beauty fade into a grey mass,
thunder clouds so fierce I was sure to get wet.
But you couldn't wait it out,
your tears dried upon your ashen face.
I didn't want us to end like this,
our love pounded into the ground.

As the door shuts and the footsteps die,
rain beats against the window panes,
begging to be let in.

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The Man Who Spoke in Whispers

(for Jim Ducker)

The growth plundered your voice,
robbing it of tone; you spoke
in well-articulated whispers, inhaling
through that tube thing in your throat.

You shone, in spite of it all.
No self-pity, even near the end,
after years of speaking to us
in breaths the way you did –
yet you had a voice, old friend.

Always the bright guy at the bar,
you brought a twinkle
even to a whisper; a susurrus of wit
would penetrate the tedious tones
of those for whom EastEnders
and the latest from The X Factor
provided fodder for barroom babble.

Struggling to be heard but stubbornly
winning with smiles and quips,
you were never less than sparky
with your crackling one-liners
and the percussion of your Good Advice.

Quite suddenly you died;
thirteen months ago you died.
You would not wish me to reach
for a soppy synonym.
You did not pass away:
you died, you died, you died.

I handled your affairs –
so long ago, it seems;
but time and distance are
such fragile things, and grief
is no respecter of them:
whisper its name
and it will return to you.

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Open your eyes

Open your eyes ..
Love is a shadow constricting you up close
And when you sleep it lays next to you..

Love is a force that drags you, possesses you, 
And fills you up with memories of today for a life of tomorrow..

Love is a sword cutting through the soul..
Leaving you breathless for eternal moments that will never come back 

Love is like a feather blown by the wind, 
And injected in our hearts by a single wish... 
To never be alone!

Love is an aura..
We all have one, yet we can't see it or touch it,
We Have to believe  its there, and it will show up..

      give us a chance to trust, to build, to fall,  and get up;  over and over again!

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A Tribute To A Phenomenal Woman

THE VOICE, THE VOICE, THE VOICE of yesterday & today that once seek solace 
within her bosom made way for words, 
words that billowed with intent calling deep within 
the strength to overcome racism and trauma!

She will war NO MORE, NO MORE , NO MORE Queen courageously
 challenged the world to change & engaged in the rights of her 
people, inspiring them to dream, a warrior for equality, tolerance, & peace!

Like the dinosaur in "On The Pulse Of Morning" she too left tokens 
here of her sojourn on this planet, like "Ginuwine" THERE'S NO ROOM, 
will never be another her shoes are to big to fill My Sister, Mrs. Dr. Angelou.

DON'T CRY, DON'T CRY, DON'T CRY for she has transcended, gone 
home to glory don't remember her with tears, in fact, let laughter 
fill the air, CEEELLLLEBRATE good time her life, legacy, love, wisdom, & knowledge!

Teacher, poet, & activist her words RANG, RANG, RANG loud & clear 
"Phenomenal Woman, Phenomenally was she"!

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I deleted your number from my phone
I wish I could say it broke my heart
With a sigh of resignation
the buttons were pressed
and you were gone.
What a weight off my sad heart
to know I couldn't call,
What a stone to carry
to know I wanted it all.

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Reflections of Love

I need to heal and fast,
I can feel the time running out, all too soon.
But can't push myself out of the agony,
The threads of pain pull me back like a puppet.
I seem wrong to be grieving now, odd one!
Everybody else is no longer black,
Me, haven’t seen the sunlight for long;
The mansion, its corridors, the rooms  now my world.
The wound in my heart is still too fresh,
It forbids me from a sunset on the beach,
It forbids me from running or skipping,
It forbids me from laughter and joy...
In denial: they say but it's not all true, I accept
I know he is dead, He is no more
But do I dump him in my past and move on?
The thought makes me hate myself!
He would want you to smile again, live further..
Strangers tell me his likes and wants, the know-it-alls.
I look straight ahead and avoid their prying eyes
It’s a losing battle, I know but let me lose in grace...
Visitors keep pouring in, with flowers and tears.
He was a man loved by many, the crowd proves it,
Everybody seems shocked and pale but not as lost as me
I glide along the windows, reliving the shadow of memories...
The moments were many, uncountable even,
It crushes my soul to think, they are all I have,
I see his fingerprints on the window panes,
I search for mine too, just beside him they lay...
The garden is being watered, but by a strange hand
The plants understand the master is now below them, 
He will never enjoy their colors or drive away moths
His ashes and scent scattered around the mango tree..
I smile at the garden then burst out laughing,
Before I know, warm tears run down my nose
But there still lingers a smile, wet with glistening tears
I am happy he lived, he lived full and more...

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Memories Made

The coldest white had fell
Surrounding all the feet of those behind
The day turned into hours
Just in the mind
Did the gift appear in night?
Or were dreams reality?
Did it come from karma’s hands?
It drifts from sanity

The trek towards that happy place
You’ve been there many times
Something was different now
It held a horrible surprise
The box wasn’t full of life and sound
The ashes of memories made were here
Taking longer to twist the knife
Left remains of a child now in tears

Standing still you couldn’t breath
Excuses flying in your mind
Trying to figure out the scene
Hoping there’s time
You look up to see
Expectant eyes for the last time
You wish you could keep
But it’s the saddest of a smile 

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The Dead Knew That I Was Being Kind

Can I offer a drink of water to the dead?
The dead knew that I was being kind
 Dry from dehydration they throat sore
 I saw death within their eyes 

Their eyes are open but see nothing before them
 Doctor and Nurses followed a protocol (name sin)
For all those who were involve from the superior
To the inferior

Say well is good, but do well is better.
 A crime of compassion; ones might say does it matters?
A “justifiable excuse” for probation
 Doctor and nurse’s notes are very discreet.
Doctors cures, nurse care;
 Unnecessary guilt! Day after day after day

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A Simple Reply

Have you ever had a friend who you thoroughly enjoyed

You dreamed together...chuckled together...

And shared exciting movie plots together too

Have you ever had to part for a while, but knew that it was only temporary

Just a brief lapse of constant communication

What is a heart to do

Does the heart sit and ponder and wonder what the other is up to

Or does the other send a warm hello every now and again and say

"I am alive and well...and I miss you!"

Awkwardness and me do not go hand in hand

I thought absence made the heart grow stronger

I simply don't understand

I think I will pack my bags and go hide in the sand for a while

When this hurricane passes over then I will go move to another planet

Space flights are under ten thousand dollars they say

Or maybe I will just change my name and borrow a dead person's identity

Or maybe I could move to Europe and become a not-so-famous writer 

Just like Ernest Hemingway

I don't do awkwardness very well

And in this case "absence does not make the heart grow stronger"

I am not a dentist--I do not like pulling teeth

The End.


rant poetry*

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 Sounds to me I'm deaf
Cant hear the murmur any more

 A thousand sounds a day I know
Only I can not hear it if they show

 The gaining of quiet stance
Bitter sweet the silence

 I could just not hear you anymore
I understand you sounds to my core

 Found myself straining to listen
Only to hear a blank shot angrily hasten

 When we come to sound out loud 
This is when I can face this crowd 

 Till then---

Sounds to me I'm deaf
Cant hear the murmur any more

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His brown eyes
She still feels them looking at her
His smile
She still see them smiling at her

She still remember their first time together
She still recall his touch
and she fell in love

The world was perfect
the colors were alive and vibrant
She was in love

He was a beautiful stranger
A stranger that caught her untamed heart
She was so in love

She remember how he cared about her
She remember the sound of his heartbeat
or was it just a make believe?

She thought he was her hero
didn't he try to rescue her?
and she gladly ran to him.

She thought his arms are her castle
as her head rest on his chest
there is no sky she couldn't fly

but she never knew..
She wish she had
the shadow of someone she thought he'll never be..

She thought he was her Knight..
but she didn't see..
the same knight whose sword is meant to bring death to her heart..

to him, she was nothing but a Paramour..

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Forlorn Lady

At last, long last
I saw him leave
Leave for good
And a stern stare
That followed him
Saw him turn not
Towards me 
Not once
I swear!
For if truth be told
He turned not at all!
But hurried forth briskly
To a point north of here
To his dear mademoiselle!
My tears will not cease
To irrigate my bosom
My stare will not decrease
For in the midst of all this
I dare not my strength
Discountenance, dare I? 

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The Tidal Wave

The Tidal Wave

I saw a tidal wave come in,
Raging winds and fierce water
Took the houses, cars, trees,
Street signs, park benches,
Pictures of loved ones
(Poor baby Louie, 3 years old washed away)
And along with all the power
It tore my heart out of my cage
And swept it out to the 
Endless seas,
And the great white sharks
Have their way with my heart.

Now bleeding and dying,
Pain follows me,
And I close my eyes,
And wish it all to be done.
Pray for me, I want pain no more.
See tears fall from the corners of my eyes,
As I breathe in and feel no heartbeat.
And they all look at me,
Faces of nomads and they snicker
At me,
I hang my head and cry tears,
But the tears were washed
Away in the tidal wave,
So I sit there,
Eyes closed
And I sleep the night away.


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The last rose saying goodbye to love

Deep within a forest glade
grows a single beautiful fragrant rose
It's sweet aroma
floats upon a gentle summer breeze
from it's soft petals and folds.

But what makes this humble rose 
so special
is it's the last rose in the world to ever 

Such a rare precious flower
should be treated with tender loving care
but it loses it's once vibrant color
and fades and wilts  to brown
falling to the ground
only to be swept away
by a precarious turbulent wind
without the mere whisper of a memory
that it had ever existed
gone forever.

Peter Dome.2011.

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Your Choice

It crushed my heart to hear
That you were no longer and would never be mine
It seared my soul to see and know
That you were with her and I was once more—alone

I still remember promises
And now they bring me searing pain
Unlike the times my whole being swelled with joy
Now I only further deflate

It ripped me to pieces to see
My place beside you filled with another
My heart is wrung in despair by the thought
That I was rejected—and now I’m replaced

As I sit on the sidelines and cry silently
I wish you would shed one tear for me
Or promise to never forget
Or feel a tinge of regret

But you don’t

You don’t care

You have the choice of letting me go
Or throwing me out
And acting like I don’t exist
And what hurts me more than anything is
When faced with this choice
You  do not blink
With no hesitation
You take it.
Do you know you're slowly killing me?
Sliding a blade into the tender flesh of feelings?
Another pang of pain courses through me
knowing that, of course, you do.
Now I am gone.

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Damned in Oath

Romance surrounds us, 
Flowers blooming by our sides.
Echoing laughter being heard from below.

Dancing silhouettes,
In the flawless winds,
Discovering genuine peace.

Crows hovering above us,
As we say our loving vows to one another,
Looking to redeem our childhood memories.

Tick goes the clock,
As the mirror shatters,
I then say goodbye, to my one true love.

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A Poem For Leaving Friend part 2

Dear Love,
A farewell finally brings us to this day
The day where you chase your dream
The day where you start your future

The sweetest grumpy girl who we ever met
A person with a million mysteries of her
A lovely teacher who never stopped loving and caring her students
A strong character who never quit from the rigors of life

Be the warrior my dear
Be the person who always believe that fate will bring victory in the end
Be the person who never gave up to pursue the dreams
Believe that you never be alone in this

Our prayers are always the best for you
Chennai will never defeat you easily
America will soon be waiting for you
Everything are going to be just fine

Thank you for this past two years
Thank you for being such an extraordinary person
Thank you for giving us the precious moment amid the school's chaos
Thank you for being the most beautiful part of our live

June 9, 2012
Regards to the farewell of my friend Soman, a female teacher who had to go to Chennai to continue her education. Missed her so much :D

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When I Leave You

When I leave you
it won't be out of anger,
it won't be out of jealousy.
It won't be for another woman,
and it won't be for freedom.

When I leave you,
it won't be with grace--
it will be hard, hard to do.
I could try to fight it--
but with what power?
Taken quick or slowly,
I'll still be taken 
out of this world,
out of your life.

Never out of your heart,
I know--I'm planted there,
A Gibraltar till time's end.
I fear for the weight,
the heaviness on you:
all the times you'll need
a touch, or miss my breath
on the nape of your neck.

When the stars weep,
when songbirds die,
then, only then
will my love be left
by your lonely side.

Do I yet know how 
much I love you?
Will my soul chant 
in mourning for you?
Will it long for this world
of night and day only
because you are still in it?

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The Journey

From time immemorial your story began
A hundred, a thousand, a million years and more
Your story past written a character just one
The tale of you bleeds into all

Each story unique while pieces the same
Today, tomorrow, millennia expended and gone
Your story continues passed first to no last
The tale of you bleeds into all

Through love and hate, laughter and death
Minutes and seconds grew to decades and days
The story being written you wrote each day
The tale of you bleeds into all

Memories endure through dream and remembrance
Yesterday is gone but tomorrow you live on
Your story yet written a character more than one
The tale of you bleeds into all

Your stories the fires shall never consume
A past, a future, a present goes on
The story you wrote lives forever in your love
The tale of you bleeds into all

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Do you hear the bombs going off

Do you hear the bombs going off
in the distance, with no remorse of what they blow up?
Can you hear the cries of children
half burnt, sitting on shuttered streets?
the evacuation was a success,
all the rich and politicians gone
with their suitcases in their butler's hands
and maids trail along them with dust brooms,
and the poor sit fighting their wars they started.

Can you hear the German Junkers flying overhead?
They drop whistling bombs crashing upon roofs
of train stations and with an explosion of wind and fire
bring down concrete walls that were built by men with courage.
The heat of the scorching sun burns my skin
as I hold my stomach that was shattered with a bullet
from a soldier's gun.
A knife wound that cuts deep down into my veins
and blood spills out.

Did you see the rebels walking through the streets,
holding their loved ones in one hand and their family in the other?
These men aren't soldiers, they're farmers
who have families, born not to kill, but born to prosper.
I am saddened to see my home burned down.
I am saddened when I see my childhood burned up
with an exploding bomb that drops from a thousand feet
high in the sky.
A tear shed for every soul that fights for freedom
and for life to prosper as one.

Now I walk on a stone bridge that once used to carry people across,
now to carry soldiers and tanks and bombs across the river filled with blood.
My heart it is sad, yet all I see is red and anger boils my blood.
I seen a flood of emotion tare my country apart.
Now I hear a burst of machine guns in the courtyards
of University streets, once filled with young students,
now those students with rifle in hand, fighting for freedom.
I hold my breath and clench my head between my legs,
till I hear an explosion from the bombs going off in the distance.
Over the yellow mountains that cry with sorrow,
I see the soldiers run away in pain and follow
with their tails between their legs.
And I let out a cry of reason and say, "Why!?"

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The Menu

I pull out a menu,
pieces by pieces, 
I turn it over,
as my eyes stop from searching,
finally I found my favourite drink,
however dear,
coffee is on the menu,
but not the creamer,
and I make another decision,
I search for an appetizer,
but those were too expensive,
I cannot afford to eat,
so I search for a dessert,
but there is an ice cream,
with the chocolate topping and vanilla crunchy rice,
I swallow my saliva,
and my eyes gaze in bright,
I take my purse
and I am surprise,
I have no money
for I am ashamed,
I stand and go away
saying good bye to the menu,
on the top of dining table.

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Beautiful dove, fragile and still visibly wounded
One day, landed in my palm of my hands  to rest
And all I knew to do was to
Cradle its hurt on my chest

The beatings of our hearts synchronized
As if by chance or by fate
We were destined to meet
Giving my life greater purpose
I slowly gained its trust
And it became my loyal companion
The memories it left in me
Sacredly forever will remain
and as time went by, it got stronger
Its wounds began to heal
I realized it couldn't stay with me forever

I had to let go with great sorrow and immeasurable pain
I let my precious dove fly away
Tears of heartbreak I shed
And for the first time in my life, my heart truly bled

Grateful it had chosen me 
Given me so much and letting it go was the only way
I could ever truly repay all the joy
It  had given to me in my darkest of hours
The day we met was truly one of 
The  happiest days In my life and I pray
God let me see it soar high again someday

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The Veil of Foolish Dreams

You set a veil, so beautiful and clean, over my head
It shimmered in the sunlight with its jewels and golden threads.

I felt so beautiful…
I felt so whole…
I felt so new…

We danced and the veil danced along with us as the wind swept beneath
 carrying us like puppets in a show.

The joy that came across my heart was nearly too much to bare, 
but for some odd reason I felt at home.

I felt so bright…
I felt so light…
I felt way up in the sky…

But then the storms came and started the race of dread
As the snow, sand, and rain tore at the veil by thread
One by one, each fell away, the gold, the silver, even the jewels dared not stay.

It was soiled…
It was torn…
It was ripped away…

The magic, the shine… the butterflies inside…
They all slowly and painfully faded away.
My partner, my guide, my beloved made of sky
ran with all his might to catch my fleeting veil of light
but like a breath it was spirited away within all the dread.

I fell…
I fell…
I fell, away to stay…

All our hopes, all our dreams were ripped out that day
as the veil fell from my head.

A bolt of lightning struck in its place burning all that remained
but as I watched the hellish blaze of the veil for whom my heart bled
I finally came to understand that the veil was never meant to stay.
It hid away within its shine and glimmer an exponential decay.
It was a farce, a mirage, an illusion that led me astray

I was fooled…
 and there is nothing left to say…

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An Idea So Rich

That is the true crime to my mind
Allowing entrance of this Idea
An Idea so intoxicating 
It Blinded Me
Clouded Judgement
Drove me through a Fog
That I should've never gone through
The Burning Light
It was the only appeal I could see through the Fog
The only thing that even enticed my interest
Was it Fantasy?
Most likely
Fantasy Enshrouded with Arrogance of my own Design
A Design So Flawed
So Young
It would have been the End of myself
Had I continued after it

Perhaps, allowing the boat to float on
Was the best I did for my well being
Staying Or Even Attempting to go Aboard
Would have proven Fatal
In possibly, the most dangerous of ways..

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The Wasteland -part 2-

A long time passes and I am still here Silently insulting, brutally weeping But then I lift my head from the ground To see him standing there Towering over me in all endeavor of quietude Was he there the entire time? I feel his eyes but see only his stare I am dreaming again Has he returned to guide me? To frighten me back into reality? Who are you, entity of fear? I know death draws me near— But why, oh mystery, do you linger here? He never answers me, though still I try Why are you here? Must you hate me too? He pulls me up staring me down His thin, sophisticated form makes me feel hollow Empty features burning my vision As he bends facing me I never want to see your face again See, that’s why I hide. . . Why, I ask, my voice croaking Tell me why. . . He takes my hand as I cringe Walking me to the edge, his head tilted my way I shake like a dried leaf on the brink of autumn A small, pathetic part of me wants to thank him To believe all of this. . .is right How though, can I trust his blank sincerity? I am the only. . .the lonely But there he is beside me His long fingers intermingling in mine The sense of fear and confusion Sticking to me like grime I am the Slender Man—I am—your friend And for once I let him embrace me I cannot bear to flee He tenses and tightens his grip Dreading I may slip away in panic Please stay. . .please stay Soon it will all just go away. . . He is warm against me—alive Breathing slowly, I feel the beating of his heart Bashing my nerves—blurring my mind Tingles shoot down my spine As I stand there, so close to him We watch a sagging sunset As tears flow down my infected eyes I have learned to fly. . .to embrace the lies Squeezing my hand he holds me close As the black sun wearily lifts its head one last time Only to sink from its post I never want to see your face again See, that’s why I lie Slender Man cradles me in his tendrils Surrounding me like I am its sickly nourishment Whispering comforting falsehood I gaze beyond the wasteland Beyond myself. . . But there I find nothing Hand in hand we walk over the edge Heading yonder into the sheer, sweet Nothingness The demons watch us disappear Grinning from ear to ear I cannot see them now. . . But I can smell their fear -January 26, 2013-

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Today it rained and I was glad
It was a different day
Who knows what may come!

Today I sat in the midst and drew a tear of joy and wasn't sure what for

The Lord over pouring His blessings
Today I matter and I am most assured of this

Today I say goodbye to those who thought I wasn't good enough
In my presence are the ones I love

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After all these decades...
through countless struggles,wins & defeats...
through joy & sorrows untold,
through unheard voices,through emotions buried deep.
finally you came to an end,
all your beauty faded away,you succumbed to those decades.
with your materialistic cover blown away,
and you stand naked ..
slowly turning colorless...slowly turning still.

"like brown autumn leaves,like skeleton trees"

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(To a wonderful Aussie officer who worked with us, who we all sorely miss -he's back in Australia)

A spirited Aussie in a fast thing,
slicing through air in a wild land in which renewed comfort is found.
Gone are the days in the land much foreign to his own,
toiling for months to remedy intricacies reigning a thousand years.
A smirk, a hat, blinding wit, and a captivation defines him,
to the ones who sadly he left behind…

Written in Afghanistan -25 AUG 2013

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I Can't Stop

I can’t stop for you now You are holding me by reigns that don’t exist Why are you holding so tightly? I can’t breathe—I can’t understand! I allowed you to take my hand for the ride I’ve allowed you by my side But you turn away when others arrive I feel like I’ve been tugged by the lot of kings Of cruel beings threatening to chop my wings I feel tattered and sore And the journey drags because you always want MORE What more can I do? I can’t stop for you to catch up Hitch on or move on! If you can’t see that I care Why are you here? How much more should I bear? I’m torn without your smile The extra silence squeezing from bile I don’t mind the quiet but I hate your screaming I can’t always be the one to be intervening I can’t stop for you on every road bump I’ve got to keep going—I’m sorry You don’t have to be behind You can go on ahead—would you rather be dead? These harnesses are nothing—your effortless frustration kills me And if you say nothing, what say I? Must I stay and wait for you to reply? Must there always be a hello—a goodbye? WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES WE ALL HURT OVER WORDS Why then, can’t we heal over silence?

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Blood flows like Champaign on a Wedding Day

The poetry I write seems harsh
it seems sad and powerful,
sings songs and pslams to the sorrowful soul,
sung its song in the past of sorrow in all.

The poet's blood flows like champaign
on a wedding day of young couples in love.
Champaign that flows like rivers and streams
in the green plains of Mid West America,
and the poet writes about the land and the bird
that sings afar in a tall, old oak tree
thick at barch with experience and age.

The soul burns and cries out to be freed,
yet sits and reads poetry till the crack of dawn
in an old apartment house on the second floor,
and the rats run along the walls, and the cockroaches
in cerial boxes,
with shotgun in lape and cocked, ready to fire,
one in the chamber.
Whiskey in the lungs,
and whiskey on the ground,
in the hand
and upon the feet
of a sorrowful soul, filled with pain
and age, age full of tender love that never was discovered
by any naive soul.

One time the clock ticks and tocks,
echoes rings in an empty mind,
that echoes the sorrowed mind and tortures the pale soul.
One pull of the trigger,
and the sound of an explosion of faint silence
and a smile on a face of a dead man is shown in the light,
and watch the blood flow on the white pannel wall,
flowing like champaign on a beautiful wedding day.

Two weddings and a funeral...


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Star Duster

I fear that you don't love me so, 
And it scares me so much. 
You are the most precious person to me, 
And I love you a whole bunch. 
It's so hard to confess. 

I escaped with a single bound over the dream. 
To a huge star burning bright. 
But I realized that 10 thousand year old star, 
Was too far ahead to lead as a light. 
Please help me. 

Give the love now, 
Give the love to me, 
Give the love please,
And you'll see
My love. 

I try to open these heavy eyelids, 
But all I meet is the inky darkness. 
I can't feel your presence, 
That sent me to bliss. 
I wanna feel your warmth. 

The love is slowly disappearing
As I attempt to recapture it. 
It flowed away to the horizon 
100 million years ahead, bit by bit. 
I need you 

Give the love now, 
Give the love to me, 
Give the love please,
And you'll see
My love. 

My senses completely freeze, 
And I try to breath in, 
But this temperature is somehow 
Comforting, like I win. 
Your love returns. 

The star may not shine on the outside, 
But it has a ruddy light in the inside. 
I can see that light, and I'm not afraid
To love you, and I'm dyed 
With your love. 

Give the love now, 
Give the love to me, 
Give the love please,
And you'll see
My love.

That light will never be swallowed by 
The darkness that may live within. 
Even when the light is dim, 
It burns bright on my skin. 
Let me embrace it. 

I'm searching for that glow 10 thousand years ahead alone, 
And even though I'm disappearing in this space dust, 
Before I fade away, 
Your love is a must. 
I love you. 

Give the love now, 
Give the love to me, 
Give the love please,
And you'll see
My love.

I'll see you soon enough, 
Now that this million year old star 
Has burned it's love away. 
Love you.

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Where are you

I have looked for you in every church, temple, and mosque,
but you were nowhere to be found. Where are you? 
People praise your name, and pray to you in times of need. 
You never answer, are you dead? or sleeping? 
Please, tell me where you are so that I can find you, 
wrap my arms around you and never let go. 
You are all we need and all we have ever needed. 
Where are you? My God.  

~My child, I am with you. I have always been with you since the beginning
 and I will be with you until the very end. I have never left you, but you will
 never find me in a structure of wood and concrete. I am under every stone, 
under every tree and in everything you see around you. 
Just because you call to me does not mean that I do not hear you. 
I will always be there when I am needed in the end to show my mercy upon 
those who are sick and dying to release them from their pain and to give them 
everlasting life free of pain and suffering in the Kingdom of Heaven.~
                                                                                               -Zachariah Field

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please don't take from me

should i make it there to save you
would you still feel the same
live my life by the moments
pleasured in the rain
but with in these memories 
i choose to stay

if i gave into you 
where would that leave me
tomorrow evening
i'm just a drifter 
living the night by shame

death is a writers angst
the older you get 
the less you care 
to be monitored by it

happy new year, baby
this here is my last song
may god bless you 
and keep you strong

if i told you fortune sleeps
where we lay
would you change your mind 
lie with me and my prayers

life is running vastly on its way
feels i'm like we're dying everday
death warrants me forbidden
living lost in tatters unforgiven

kiss me lonely and goodbye
this world may not end 
but you and i 
we're finished baby
you see i got this fever 
running through me 
not color efficient 
but you're paleness 
feeds my suspicion 
so bye bye pretty girl
you're not the only woman 
in this world 

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The Wise Old Man

There once lived a man with snow white hair,and a beard as black as coal. 
His house was small but his yard was big but  yet it was his own.
For he was the richest man in the world or at lest that's what I was told.
He showed the world many things and shared stories both new and old for he was a truthful man very wise and very old.
But on a cold winter night his heart of gold skipped a beat he took his last breath and he died in his sleep.
A great weeping there was for this man so meek.
They came from all around just to see him as they laid him in the ground.  
The old man was buried in a most beautiful grave.
His head stone was made of gold and white  Orchids they threw on his grave.
So now you know the story of a man so rich and wise, yes that's what someone told me but yet it could just be all a lie.

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Beauty will always shine through

You have such an angelic face
Porcelain white skin
or lucious brown pigment
It does not matter
Angels come in all shapes and sizes
And many shades of the rainbow
if you take the time to look beyond the skin

I never knew you sweet one
and I only recently seen your smile
Miles away it touched my heart and soul

Your eyes twinkled with so much light and promise

Evil decided to close your eyes that horrific day!!

but your image will forever be etched in my heart dear one!!

Nothing can erase that from my mind

I hold you dear one so close in my memories

Heaven could not wait 
God has bigger plans
In a world much more beautiful than our own
where you can spread your wings
and make such a difference 
to all those who took this journey with you!!
Angels must remain together

I will never forget you dear ones

I close my eyes each night now
and pray for your enternal happiness

I pray that one day this will end

but my heart falls

and slips through my fingers

I can not grasp such horror

or understand such evil

My heart is litterally broken and bleeding

and my tears can not erase such pain!!

I am now left to remember the beauty

admist a image mixed with such horror

All the dark smudges splashed across my canvas

of my beautiful angels

Beauty will always shine through!!

Chrissy M. Pierce-Guzman 2012

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Sand Storm

Waking from the starry illusion of my own shadowed reality
Bending towards the wings
Rearing to take flight
Though the delight will be sweetened with the bitter taste of the wait
Wait I shall  

Best foot forward so they claim
Until you’ve come to realize through this thick haze 
That it “twas only a mere miss take of footing” 
Out the gate

Return to me thine keys
Gracefully place them upon my stake 
Look back no more
For there weren’t no mistakes to have been made
Only serrated sightseeing taking up valuable space

Filling the void if it’s mound
Inward wasn’t so bound outward
There could be no cries found 
Only casted cradles gauged in sound
Again waiting to be found

After all I must assume some parish to my find
For in simplest terms 
My own reality is rather blankly missing its own reality in kind
Unjustified by the creator 
I’ve yet to combine with the agitated truth that awaits my mindful mind
Blustering to the rind 

Sand Storm

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At the crossroads where the devil lurks behind the old, dying tree,
near the cotton plantations that mold green and grey with age
turn to relics of the brutal Southern past.

Hear the southern bell sing her sweet song
to her Negro runner, as she watches him turn and blow her a kiss goodnight,
a Romeo and Juliet love affair,
that stops at the crossroads of black and white.

Near those run-down shacks is where she hid him,
till the night came overhead,
and that dirt road is were they left together,
on a big, white stead to the North,
till a shotgun blast silenced the night,
and ended the love that flew sweaty in the air,
like the death of a mockingbird.

The Devil himself took a soul back down to hell,
and the crossroads painted red with hatred and pain.
Dead young lovers hand and hand,
a picture painted in southern heat
on a Monday morning in a black and white newspaper,
written in black and white,
that's all it was, two colors that go good together.


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It's Not Your Fault

The thing about life
is that
it can end in an instant

When the rope of the
harsh words
wraps tightly around your 

Neck squeezing tighter
and tighter
you just want to jump

To end it all to end all
the pain
and the hatred and words

It is not only the words
that push
you over the edge

It is too the fists and
the feet 
that slam into you

Over and over
a break with out letting up 

Making you break down and slide down
the wall
and cry and cry and cry

One phone call can 
save a
live, stopping that jump

Stopping the self hate
spreading the love

The love i have for 
you will 
never fade or die and i hope

will make you better
to sleep
and to be able to be 

Happy again to 
be happy
forever and always with me

just remember and know
that it's

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I Knew

You walked away
With a laugh and a wave
Like nothing was happening

Complaining about the lack of beer
With the promise of a call.

But, I knew.

I knew there would be no call
I knew that our time together
Was over.

You never would have
Admitted it.

But, I knew.

Josette Davis Key               2014

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Life on a hitchhike

Life on a hitchhike

A cool drool drip slid to the corner of a slit shut
mouth. Eyes that once FLASHED reared back and humbled
into occular armpits,  no explanation. Hands that once
felt warmth and high hopes slowly tremmored twitching
careless as unmatter of fact. I watch the
flesh depart,  skin crawling with old breakfast
sausage  patty indifference. Postage due----Royal flesh
does not win. Careful.   External refuse
hidden bonds  confide in mass abuse of internal
bliss like  factory worker, paydayholiday Friday. Say
goodbye like used coffee grounds  At last gasp I
set sockets against a blank ceiling scanning with 
eyes aglee and a wave in omnidirectional fervor.
Too finite? Numb and neutral with nothing at stake
I praise a restless content over a form boring of
less than glib compose and promote a position of
erectile tissue and ooooze about time ,  space
swaying to and fro for this invisible temptation
at arms------------------------------------------length

dave collins, "Yes", 1/89, Wash D.C.

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But A Whisper Pt 1

                                              But a Whisper From the Childs perspective
                                                              Part 1 of 2
In my minds’ eye this life that I see is my very own upon your knee.
While I was in heaven in the heart of God waiting to be born,
I was full of excitement anticipating I wanted a Mother to adore.

I wanted a Mother to hold me tight, safe within her arms.
Raise me good give me love and keep me safe from harm.

I wanted a mother, who’ll bounce me on her knee, 
And give me sweet candy and kisses.
And when I’m away, on her mind I’ll stay, for it’s me she always misses.

A Mother to shape and mold me to be all I can be.
So when I’m older and out in the world I can make her proud of me.

A Mother to teach me of kool-aid and Jesus, baseball and football too.
A Mother that I can look at and say, I wanna be just like you.

I’ve had lots of time to think about what I want to be.
But I have the strangest feeling the worlds not ready for me.

So I must go back to the heart of God and stay for a little while,
But that’s ok for I have seen my dear sweet Mommas smile.

In my minds I you kissed me but a moment, A lifetime in a flash.
Although I knew you but a whisper, forever your memory will last.


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Rest In Peace

Taunted and teased
By people you don't know
You hold your head down low
Trying to hide the tears
That have already begun to flow-
They will never know the pain and suffering
You have endured through the years
Or that your last breath will be taken
By the one you loved and trusted
Such a sweet and generous soul
That the world will never know
Rest in peace my friend

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Window of Moments Past

Every day I find myself looking through my window
Like a pathway into my whole life
I can see every sweep, every hogwash moment

Now I am like the final viewer
All these years I have been growing up not know of now
Until now, which came to swiftly

Moments of the past; of the future
all coincide with these young thoughts
which so abruptly stop my mind

Life, which was once a gift to me
Once again posses me to be it's humble prisoner
and again I see that this is all it can be

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Shade of pink

The flowers are some shade of pink, 
I couldn't really grasp the exact color because I was in a rush to get them to you,
I didn't want that color,
I wanted the color blue,
Because I really don’t love you,
Like that, 
I see you as a person I can talk to you,
Not a person that I can lay next to,
I want to break up with you,
I don’t have the courage to so,That’s why now,
I’m sitting next to you and your pink flowers,
Wishing that I have powers, 
To change myself to someone that is not a coward.

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Mandela, Power
Madiba, Freedom
Words He stood and lived for.

Mandela, Peace
Madiba, Justice
Words He seeked and pursued.

Mandela, Tolerance
Madiba, Hope
Words He exhibited and gave.

Mandela, Truth
Madiba, Unity
Words He speeches and embraced.

Brightening His universe in completing
His dream,
Mandela the Mandala

©Kofi Asokwa-Nkansah

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New Home

I found a place 
in the middle of the trees 
with a thin asphalt egress 
that made it easy 
to cycle to the village. 
I was surrounded by 
the aliens of the earth 
with their secret languages 
and concentrated lives. 
I truly lived among strangers, 
not those wanting to know me 
or able to know me. 
It was like the world 
before I opened my eyes. 
It was here and far away.

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Neece and Humbug

It was Valentine when I lost someone dear. This poem is that reminiscence. _____________________________________________________________________| You and I were close. Of course, we were. You my big sister and I am Humbug. Your nickname is Neece - Rosie in school. I remember how you looked when I was only nine. You were a beautiful girl full of life. Us both liked the wrestling and watch this a lot. I became disinterest in the sport. You watched because you said you really enjoyed seeing a man as a punching bag instead of a woman. We would go out uptown and party. We laughed together in our mutual environment. We dance when we wanted to dance. I truly miss you Neece. We are six years apart. Made a difference when I was a girl but now it does not because both of us are adults. You left me on Valentine in 2009. Five years later, I write these lines. I am bereaved; however, I now rejoice in your life. My beloved sister Neece, Rosie such a beautiful name, I see you are in tranquility through an hourglass. Farewell _______________________________________/ User Name: Verlena S. Walker Nom De Plume: Oblivion Dark Sunshine Sponsor: Nette Onclaud Contest Name: Take Two Date of Entry: March 31, 2014 ~This poem was entered Poet Destroyer A Contest Name Any Poem Goes #14 and I do not, for the real of me, know why it did not place in the top three and from there, not at all. Therefore, I am submitting it in your contest Nette - Take Two.

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Feast of Chaos

The undertaker prepped him voguishly
Like there was a party six feet below
The earth where anosmic maggots
Were tamed by steep fragrance

He is dead, he is dead
Of what use is a tinseling treasure
To the naively rich sands?

The gold plated casket glitters
In the mourner's eyes
How classy is death in its house?

A gang of aggrieved groupies
Hallowed to a one time
Shylock-baron unleashes its ruckuses
At the swanky funeral

They teemed tiny shell
At the casket and in a tick
The casket transmuted into
A gold plated basket

He is dead, he is dead
The bullets ran its errands
Through and through
But death was poker faced

The deceased wife face streamed
Down tears...The triumphant groupies
Prod the remains for mockery

Until wee in the day
When the police came for a sweep
The shylock-baron was in a feast-
Romance with the houseflies...
Until the groupies dispersed

He is dead, he is dead
He who dies once is lucky
But he who dies again has lost his soul
And would be damned

What was his crime?
That he was having 
More than he needs.

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When Did Loving Us Stop

When did we grow a part
Surely there can be no date assignment
Nor can a time of the hour or minute placed
When did we become selfishly alone
Preferring the singular to the plural in tone
When did loving each other take the preverbal back seat
With vain wisdom filling our hearts
When did touching excite no more
The sensations callused by prideful numbness
When did thoughtfulness tenderness and kind words
Thus exchanged for screaming hurtfulness and distraught 
When did trust slip away as sand in an hour glass
Spying each other- knowing it could not last
When did honor turn into threats
Threats of self-preservation by disarmament
When did our breath die to seek servitude as one 
As passion was placed into a closet  – we entered the ring
When did love stop- we now needing new air
When did we die and we simply did not care

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Missing Heartbeat

She is my heartbeat, and lately my hearts skipping beats. 
I missing beats like artist miss drop dates. 
Im missing her like she was gone to the pearly gates, 
But she just a phone call away, a phone call that's not answered on any day. 
I try to mask my emotions, but they refuse any longer to stay at bay, 
they've decided they rather set to sessions, cast away to find our heartbeat. 
And I myself have to decided to do what's necessary to have her back next to me and not an ex to me, 
cause forget the next one if its not her, no one shall stand next to me. 
I left her alone, but she left me torn down the middle like disgarded paper. 
My lines are messed up like a messed up taper. 
She is, was, and will forever be my heartbeat, 
and just hear it again Ill go through hell and back, 
pick and eat up scraps just for her love again to have back. 
And all the time people talk, 
people talk about all the fish in the sea but I ain't right for them fish and neither are they for me. 
My pain is masked like halloween. 
So no matter what I step out in you don't really know me. 
But she does, from the outline of my shadow to the inside of my heart she knows me from the start. 
I wish we would have never had to part, but I pray we get another start, Im dead right now you are the beat of my heart.

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Take comfort

In the loneliness of darkness
In the backlash of cruel words
My mind seeks your comfort 
As the pages in the fire curl
Ink bleeds sharply
Into my paper skin 
Lines of your etchings and your poems 
Embedded deep within 
From my lips seep a whisper
In my dreams I call your name
Tears of my rain
Drip down your window pane
Shattered mirrors reflect your eyes
Like a window through time
The first day you swore you loved me
The day you got tangled in your lies
Still in this frozen moment 
I remember a song we once sang
Our lips met in softness 
Becoming morphine to our pain 
Our lullaby I softly sing
Listening to the mirage of a piano
Now like silk I lay draped
My heart taking comfort
In the memories that we made

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The Wayward Cafe

I sat in a small wayward cafe,
the smell of coffee beans being crushing into submission
tickled at my nosterls.
The sounds of tin cans and cups
some of them being stacked and others
drop with a violent crash.
The tables all red and round
There sat the women, with their novels, tea cups and coffee mugs
sharing small talk of innocent love.
Some women quiet and others talking.
All of them drinking something.

The cool air blew through the windows,
what a mess that wind made.
Blowing papers all around
and blowing the women's hair back.
A man sat there, writing away,
with an endless cough, a tickle at his Adam's Apple.
Then again everyone had a cough.

I sat there reading poetry, writing poetry, embracing poetry
with a pen in one hand and my head in the other,
gently resting of the red round table.
I wrote of the cafe, the women, the man with the endless cough,
that shattered your ear drums everytime he put his hand to his mouth
and coughed away.

A woman who sat reading way,
drinking lemonade and sometimes
taking long glances up.
She was waiting for someone, I could tell.
I looked at her and she at me,
and we both smiled.
Then a sudden silence,
she looked away from me.
A man, who had an ego,
(Then again, doesn't every man have one)
brushed my shoulder and pushed me away.
He apologized, not sincerly.
They kissed and hugged,
I went back to writing with a frown.
They went away in love, I guess?
And I sat all alone in that
lonesome wayward cafe.
Nothing to keep me company, but smell of coffee and tea
and the laughs of the women sharing small talk,
and that one man with Earth shattering cough.

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Get Back

The Bomb!

I have no equal!
My purpose is to explode no sequel!
Evacuate the people!
Get back while you can!
My blast will disintegrate you, Man!
If you try to defuse me you will be sand!
I am the bomb with a pen in my hand!


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At the end of her nightmare. No sleep at all came to her. Thinking about what had happened in the last twenty four hours. The man she once loved looks at her with his sweet eyes. He trys to say something to her but he knows it would be a mistake. The man she cheated with trys to touch her arm but she pulls away. She is holding her book close to her. She doesn't look at him. All she does is stares at her shoes. Her head telling her to leave. The man she cheated with says bye see you when ever. She starts to walk away dropping a note that read bye.

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The Tide

It rolled out
alongside the storm. 
                             Unfurled into the rest of the world.
I watched in silence, 
 favoring the roar inside myself
rather than letting it pull me in any longer.
                                                             I had to let it go.
Its work is done here.
                              All that is left, 
                                               distant thunder,
                                                                     lingering vibrations. 
                  Memories of the crash,
                                                    roses and scars. 
The tide will wash the blood away.
                                                   Pull in the rest of me.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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I'm Grown

Look at me I'm grow.
I want to be out on my own.
I always did what I was told, but now I'm grown.

No need to worry just stay off my back.
Take a chill pill and relax.
Don't want to hear the facts cause I already know, I'm grown.

No more telling me what I can and what I can't and what I am and who I ain't  
I know who I am make no mistake. 
I was young once but now I'm grown.

Good-bye to all these stupid rules and bed time curfews.
I'm through! 
That stuffs for someone who's three.
But not for me, why? cause I'm grown.


Yes, finally I'm out need I say more?
I almost pushed you down trying to get out the door.
I was free but found out what that word really means.


First come the job then came the bills.
No time to spend with my friends.
No time to stay home and chill.

Didn't like that deal.
Lost my job so I started living off the streets.
Now I'm in a jail cell, tomorrow will be a week.

If only I had listened to you.
Things would not have turned out this way.
Remember when I use to say I'm grown?
I was wrong...

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All That I'd Ever Want

All That I'd Ever Want
Would be to confess my love 
As I hold you gently, embracingly in my arms

And to appreciate your beauty
While falling every day, over and over
For your sweet loving charms

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Time will come

That day that stuck like glue,
hide your pride in the wind and let it go.
Redemption has found me relieved more than happy,
no fanfare or parade,
just get back in the shade.
Just get back in line for now's not the time to shine
but steady as she goes, twinkle toes,
time will come soon.
These flowers in bloom will signal closure,
mourning period over
to once more lift my eyes to the horizon
free from moments left behind by this
that would play me in a desperate exclamation
to a ship that's sailing,
to stop.

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She was his muse 
so beautiful, a true
angel on earth
'til she revealed 
to him her many scars 
Disquiet at first filled
with concern
then slowly proceeded  
to unstitch every one
of her wounds
as if they were buttons
of an old  blouse...

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Midnight is almost here

Long after the sun has set,
and the moon has been out for sometime,
and it is full,
and a couple stars twinkle
with no remorse,
the sky is dark purple and blue.
The headlights from hotrods shine through my living room window,
as I sit there listening to the classical station
on the radio
and I sit hunched over my typewriter,
a cigarette hanging from my mouth,
a half bottle of red wine at my possession.
I look at the clock upon the wall,

11:45 P.M.

Ah, midnight is almost here.
Midnight, the turn of a new day,
as I sit there
I breath in,
feel my heart skip a beat,
I turn to the radio and click it off.
the classical nocturne of Chopin disappears into thin air.
I put out my cigarette,
cork the bottle of wine.
I type one last poem,
before the end of the night,
before the night goes away
into the past.
Then I think to myself,
Goodbye old day,
oh, what memories I created along with the shining of the sun?
Then I write about the midnight slowly approaching,
slowly climbing to the zero hour,
the hour of:
a new day,
a new hour,
a new life,
a new start,
a new woman,
a new adventure,
a new everything,
a new anything,
a new politician,
a new choice of lunch,
a new walk around the block,
a new time,
a new day,
a new sun,
and a new moon,
and after a new day,
a new night,
and another midnight,
and a new cigarette with be lit,
a new bottle of wine will be open,
and drunk with responsibility,
and all will be good
and everything with come into place,
with a new day,
and a new life,
a new midnight.
The start of a night soon will come.

It is now 11:52 P.M. 

I've been writing
for seven minutes,
eight more minutes till a new day,
till a new beginning!
I'm tired,
I'm going to bed.
Have a goodnight.

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written 30th Nov 2001

Lost and alone
 for she doesn't know where to go
This mother is now stuck
 she weighs up her options
And see's she is fighting against gossips 
 she stops, and takes a look at this world
What have they done, to this lovable little girl
 as she open's her eye's
Only to be faced, with all there lie's
 feeling alone and tired
She walk's on, to only find
 she is saying good-bye..
Taking one last look around
 before she lay's down on the ground
As her eye's completely, silently close
 she whispers, her final prayer to die
Still she walk's on, lost and alone
 but the difference now is quite clear 
For you can see her soul.....just disappeared...

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I love you so much more than the sun in the sky
Love you so much girl, and just can't tell exactly why
To confess my love, to you, is all I wish to say
Tell you outright, at the break of each new day

Our worlds seem to align 
And it's not by design
I want you in my arms forever, to be mine
Oh love, just give me a sign

I've had none before, and well, you've had nine
But with this I am fine
To the shores of forever, with you, I will find
If you just give me some Signs

Signs, from you and above, oh how I'm praying for
Please pretty girl, won't you open the door?
Leave me crying on the floor
Leave me girl, wanting so much more

How can lonely hearts mend?
Find others for their love to send
All across the sands of these times
Show me the way, give me some Signs

You could turn a whole life's world around
Without the utterance of a sound
You could halt his childish whines
If you just gave this poor boy some Signs

Signs, from you and above, oh how I'm praying for
Please pretty girl, won't you open the door?
Leave me crying on the floor
Leave me girl, wanting so much more

Yet here I am, sitting alone and broken
No words to you have been spoken
Why am I so shy? Where did the days go?
Oh how they fly and Oh how you glow
Nothing left to do now, but wait for new Signs

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Dusty love

Dusty love

I’m so tired of being alone,
Sick of crying, then you gave me home
Not just a house wherein to stay,
But a heart that will avoid me to went astray.

Yet I’m shivering and so I fear
To see you turning your back my dear,
So if you want to do your final wave
Don’t utter goodbye, just leave!

Hanging in a hope that you’ll not be gone for so long 
Isn't bad; no, it’s not wrong!
Here is my song, hear its death-defying song,
Before you go along

So lone I am, it’s easy to say
Sad again, I am today,
With no one to talk to, and no one to trust
Why do you have to love me, yet filled my heart with nothing but

01122006---10:13 pm

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Thank You Laura

Been just over a year since my trip of dreams
Travelling across our country, seeing every beauty of the land
Swooping through mountains of snow and looking down upon valleys below
Lost yet overwhelmed with excitement, not knowing where I would go

In Victoria is where I met you
Cooped up in a little hostel where you and Katie could barely fit through the door
As you carried a house in your bag ready for a camping adventure
Only to spend time together for a few days but ones that mean more than words could say

As I opened up with stories to show my life in scattered pieces
Your generous and honest heart worked to help sew me back up
You believed in everything I could be when I did not know how
You pushed me to fight and strive for more because you saw that inside of me

The strength I saw our friendship grow in only a matter of hours is something so special
It gives me meaning and purpose every day I feel down because I know kindness exists
People may hide to show it when they feel victim but there’s goodness in all of us
You took every moment you had to breathe that compassion, and I will never forget you

You were an amazing lady
And I’ll miss you
Thank you so much Laura.

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Too Late

The sun shines too bright on the other side
So seize the day just as it is. 
because the day will come.
when the ends of the earth will
come and meet you. 

Tomorrow will meet the sun’s rise.
Four, four have  yet to learn
because the day will come.
Carpe Diem

The snow falls just as it does on the other side
white wailing still wet
The snow and it's own appearance still glisten
each a new differs  the other
I from you
You not I
I take the lead and you others stay back
It’s my turn

You who seek happiness in the easiest of places
know nothing of joy.
joy can only be found where one has found sorrow.
Only know of it
The wind gusts more on the other side
blows over the weak and the scrawny.
the ones who wish strength yet still not given
The other is not fair, yet fairest in its name
the other side, is too late

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so tired of my heart 

I'm …
so tired of my hands 

I'm so tired of my mind

I'm through pacifying 
my disconnection

Do I only love you for who you used to be?
When you said you'd wait for all eternity?
Did you drink away every memory of me?
How am I not everything you’ll ever need?!

I've had to sit down and write this 
to tell you the words i can't speak
When I'm around you now i feel weak
I'm drowning in my disconnection

Where did he go??
You are not the soul I used to know
Where did your memories go?!

Why has the meaning disappeared…
So suddenly
Now I realize I should too

You act like you remember nothing 
I can tell that’s what I mean to you
After all I’ve done for you
All I want is to be emotionless too

In the end I guess it’s what I love the most about you…..
Your disconnection.

[©2012 SLS, this soon to be a new song for It Is Rife With Ambiguity]

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The Light in Goodbye

Since you have a pair of wings,
What about you reach to the clouds
Since you are more royal and fearless than kings,
Do me a favor and snip off my shrouds 

Do you have wings that are made of the finest of gold?
Is it better than any priceless jewel out there?
I hear your echoes, loud and clear, but have your beauty been sold?
Is it better if I don't know the answer? You're avoiding the problem like a worrisome hare
Are things working out for you? Give me a response if you dare

I've been spinning around and round and round like a halo
Oh, I heard a familiar song in the distance
In the distance, I see you run out of breath
Out of breath, out of energy and lacking sense
Yet, I’m not alone, neither are you, no longer fearing death

Something leaves me hangin’ on the last string
But, somehow I’m left to drive this road 
Alone without your support
Alone without you by my side
Alone without you being my escort 
Alone without you…
Here without you shatters my pride
Here without you scatters me wide
Here without you tatters my body and something in me has died
My heart ceased from beating
Why are you walking away?
Why are you leaving today?
Where’s the light in goodbye? 

Shying away from reality
Flying away from poverty 
Denying reality’s demise 
I’m hopelessly singin’ and about to take wing
I’m relieved that you and I have seen the light
The light in goodbye, the light in farewell
The night is approaching, but I’ll hold you tight
Tonight, I’m grateful to know that you are doing so well

Mmm…ooh…mmm… x2

Out of nowhere, your miracles rescued me of course! 
You rescued me by your angelic abilities – you are my backbone
You are my backbone that serves as a reliable source 
Suddenly, there’s no need to beg for help, for your generosity is shown
I’ve discovered it like priceless gold
You aren’t unknown to me, but you’re bright and bold
Integrity and love dwells with you daily
Your hope and happiness leave me speechless frankly
Why are you shying away?
Why are you making me feel this way?
Where’s the light in goodbye?

You’re trying to tell me something
I hear you calling my name…echoing farewells
You’re dying to see me be a fruitful being
You're blending in with the dreary fog…
You are a distant star
That I put my trust in
I need your faith to forgive my sin
I need your love to build me up from deep within
Deep down inside, I know that my fate will win
My fate of landing in between…
The grass is greener on the other side
My flight turned out to be a deleted scene! 

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No, he is not my friend.
He's not my enemy.
We are just strangers, 
with memories.
We stopped talking,
If we see each other, 
We keep on walking.
I don't know what he thinks.
If he even has those thoughts...
I would doubt that...
He could have told me,
Plenty of times,
And he still wouldn't have me bought.

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Retirement From Poetrysoup

I hereby retire from this website, poetrysoup.
Thank you so much for reading my poems through
the years, and the awesome comments. I have fulfilled
my obligations to myself, I hope you continue to read these.
I have met a friend who writes awesome poetry on Facebook.
I will leave you with his, and my links.
Thank You,
and have a good day
be someone and make the most of it.
-Bj Fard

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pg 13 psycho chick

this chick i met at the store one day trying to sell me a jar or raspberry jam.
She said i looked familar.I said she looked familiar to
Elementary school.Third grade.Mrs brown was are teacher.
This girl always sat alone during lunch and at reccess .
Never had i realized how pretty she was so i asked her out to lunch.
When she said yes then trouble started spewing.
She hasnt stopped cutting her meat and shes putting splenda in her sprite drink.
When she speaks shes telling me all the names of her exs in alphabetical order and how it was always them and never her.I seriously doubt this ecspecially when she askes if id like to have a threesome with her sister.
I dont know how this psycho chick got me on date two.Shes pretty and all but thats all shes got too.
Sex is ackward.She insist her dog be in the room.She laughs hysterically the whole time and sleeps through the rest.
On date three i let her go gently.She said shed never forgive me and that i was by far the worst ex she ever had.I thought thank goodness for that.
On friday she called me and said all was forgiven.I asked her how she got my number?she said your mother gave it to me.By the way her name is smidgen isnt it.
I told her it was over.My temper started rising.
she said she didnt mind as her fifth ex was taking her back.I said good luck with that.
Never saw her again but that psycho chick still talks to my mother who says i should have proposed.I tell my mom if only you knew what that psycho chick put me through.

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In Memoirs

We will meet again
Through ink
Through scripts
And scenarios 
Just like we used to 
In bars and parks
We will meet again 
In my memoirs

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Please Understand

Nobody Understands me
All these questions people hand me
I can’t make decisions
I answer wrong answers
I cause my own collisions

All these retched people judge me
When I stand against my own word
The thought of which absurd
I know I have heard my voice and thought it to be wrong
Just another song
Another tragic story
The bloody part is coming
Getting gory
No one gets the glory

Except me
The queen who makes the worst decisions
Causing her own collisions
All of these choices
All of these persistent voices
Continuos nagging
It just keeps on red flagging
All the time

So much time
But yet so little
I try I try I cry
I die

Nobody understands me
All these thoughts that people hand me

Such a sickening me

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Half Gates

Drowning in dismay,
the Will is fading away.

A familiar touch,
nothing changes so much.

As Life creeps out,
behold the crimson carpet unfold.

At ajar doors,
what is left to adore?

From afar they revel,
delighted by how you fell.

Shutting gates,twisting keys,
burning bridges now leave...

Traveling to beyond the bounds,
leaving behind what is not fond.

The journey to find a pinch of joy,
doesn't often destroy?

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Kingdom of Sorrow

I’m happy on my own,
No people to contend.
I get to be myself alone,
No reason to pretend. 

Sometimes  it may get lonely,
But this I know is true;
My independence flourishes-
No anger to subdue.

You break my feelings daily,
You care not about my tears;
I see your attitude changing-
It’s heightening my fears.

The depression drowns my anger,
The resentment kills my voice.
I tried to do right by you-
But now I have made my choice.

My strength is getting weaker.
The Walls are falling down.
The pain keeps getting more intense;
Thorns where once there was a crown. 

My kingdom is retreating,
My horses start to flee,
I try again to call your name,
But all I hear is me. 

The gemstones are now worthless,
The Gold gets duller each day;
For the friends that used to care for me;
All I do is pray.

Once I was happy on my own,
There were no people to contend.
No crowds in which to hide my sorrow,
No reason to pretend. 

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Cold September Noon

She owned the mirror ,she owned the sky,
In all of the years that I can remember ,I can’t get her off my mind,
Where did she go on that cold September noon,
When the last time I saw you as mine,
When I went wrong ,writing you in a song,
On that cold September noon.
Was it you or myself,who had the last laugh,
When the rain came down without a second left,
I saw on the day that she had lied to me,one last time.
On that cold September noon,I kissed her good bye.

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Goodbye Again

When our spirits split my soul was but yet again out on a vine
What happens in those late night tears should be a crime
Thats what it is, an outlawed time
The shortest version of what we had is sublimed
I can't deny what is, I felt like dying
A helpful version of release right here online
Therapy to lift me out out of another dime
That hurts there all good left here to shine

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The Darkness at Noon

Summertime sang its chorus
Echoed through my brain
Springtime promised hope
Sending rain to clear the pain
I walked into the solstice
Prayed solace for my soul
Sacrificing my heart, your crucible
To purify the gold
I searched out the light, 
I stared into the sun
Its rays scarred my eyes
I couldn't read your runes
Loneliness consumed me 
In the darkness at noon

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I Do Truly Love You

Missing your kiss 
Savouring what’s left
On my painted red lips
Setting my soul on fire!

You have been away far too long
This is driving me crazy, baby! 
For it is no secret
Nothing is right
When you’re not with me 

I would give you all I have
Including my heart of gold
Just to be with you 
Right now

“I Truly Do Love You”

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Quiet Waters

Streams of blue fluid 
Flows downward 
As fragile carcasses decay 
Without a peep of a sound

We’re in the brink of disaster… 

Who invited such fear and anguish?
Who could lead us to quiet waters?

We bleed…
Polluting the waters below us… 
Trickling down the mountain
To our filthy feet…

Cleansing the sin off of our skin
But, it’s tangled from deep within…

The eeriness breaks 
The hearts of a thousand strangers
They all fall away powerlessly… 
Into the chambers of death 

Danger is lurking in every corner…
Pursuing its evil plans
To cut down our hopes…
Growing like crops… 
Rising rapidly –  
It never stops

Dreams of misfortune still 
Rapes our minds,
Plaguing our happiness… 
Consuming the darkness…

We’re sprawling on the ground…
We’re crawling like infants…
Veering briskly like serpents…

Who will set our souls free 
From suppression?  

Who will preserve our hearts?
Don’t prey upon our 
Guiltless lives… 
We’re in complete agony… 
Does He consider 
Our prayers  
Of support and nourishment? 

We scream…
Breaking the repulsive solitude…

Encourage us to keep on 
Trekking toward Your light

Where’s Your path?

You rinse off all of the sorrow 
Giving us a ecstatic tomorrow 

The weeping ceases…
While the corpses 
Tear into 

The faith of a couple of people
Strengthens us…keeps us motivated…
Not captivated…
In misery…
We’re reaping our 
Leading us to peace and fortune 
Keeping us accustomed
To Your purifying spirit…
Keeping us away from 

We’re hungry… 
Our demise is close at hand…
Closing in on us abruptly 
Like an obscure cave…

Rescue us from affliction –  
Embracing downhearted clouds…

Those wretched clouds…

Brought us rain when we asked for bread…

Those merciless clouds…

Spewed out scorching fire when we asked for relief…

Remember our supplications… 
Appalling lightning’s daring to strike us  
Out of cruel vengeance 
Out of sheer amusement 

Don’t even attempt to weaken us
We’re blossoming in joy…
We’re under cover… 
You can’t manipulate us 
Like a subtle toy 

We’re praying for
Quiet waters

Offer the deceased 
A second chance

Don’t disown 
Our broken lives

We’re not alone…

We’re just waiting until
The quiet, glistening waters
Gratefully arrives…

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When It's Gone

When It’s Gone

On this evening I didn’t know if this enticing land will be gone

My thoughts keep on worrying about something

Something that will turn this land dark and gray

Like a fading photos from yesterday

So I take a quill over the cluttered backyard 

And write something that will keep me motionless

If only this ground was not injured

If only this calm ground was kept holy

Somehow we will not be like this

We will be not be regretful of what we’ve done 

Somehow we will not wait for the clouds to turn dull

For the ocean to soar high and for the mighty trees to tumble

And as my blood scatters under the moonlight

And when the morning light make it dry

I will wish this enticing land to be safe in another moment

I will wish a bountiful period where natives lend their sincere affection 

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Natural Ticking Time Bomb

Am I going insane?
This is driving me insane.
What the hell have I gotten myself into?
I try to straighten out my brain 
go away for a while, but you follow me 
I know you love me, I love you to 
but I don’t know what else I am to do 
I am going to end up hurting you 
It’s best you keep away 
I am a natural ticking time bomb 
Just wait, I’m gonna blow up in your face
But I don’t want to, I really don’t 
But I've lost all control 
I am going away now, this is goodbye
Don’t try to stop me and say this isn’t right 
I may not go forever 
or I may be gone for good 
But it shouldn't matter anyways
you will move on, and forever forget about me
This is for your own good.

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Deranged Love

You come to me in fits and starts

Partly holding your golden hair

Then you back off like an engine torn apart


Bowing out because I wont back down

To your posse conditions

And the jealousy of your lover


We exchanged words called devotion

Love danging by the throat

And marched along in tongue tension


Still you tight rope your heart

Unable to make a decision, you hold apart


But all is forever laid bare

To live through love without a care



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Strike a match 
that distracts 
but dictates
a reflective gaze.
Eyes, witness 
something profound
as the candle melts
pooling, cooling
until the wick
is no longer sustained.
Its flame flickers
then fades.

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Eulogy of Yesterday

It hurts to say goodbye to something
We hold dearest in our hearts
Every day that starts with light
Will always end with dark
Nothing lasts forever 
But the heartache
Of what you have lost
Time goes by like foot prints
Setting fire to every 
Bridge they cross
There is no turning around
And no changing pace
This makes the goodbye arena
An all too familiar place
Each new day is well equipped
With at least one thing to be 
Left behind
Gone forever
Out of sight
Not out of mind
But with each new sunrise
We part ways with the dawn before
Knowing that this moment
Will last nevermore
And though we know it will never return
It is also here to stay
So day after day
We continue to say
Farewell to Yesterday

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Dawn upon this barren
landscape of my reality.
One more journey across
This vast land for me.

Then, in the twilight
of my days, I will see
what fate had in store,
am I to be ?, will I be set free ?

I will – very much – miss you,
as - in my mind, my life, I always do.

B. J. “A” 2
October 23rd 2007

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Suicide by any other Name

Suicide by any other name
Thought I had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.
I should have known, it was not the end, but merely a sharp turn
Each step I take feels like a walk through wet cement
Breathing is shallow, labored, fragile, and it KNOWS
The SHADOW of who I once was, a lifetime ago
Always just out of reach, just out of sight
Constantly there to confront me with the
Mind numbing reality of what my life has become!
RUN, I shout into the emptiness;
and then I "Grock" just how absurd it all is.
Run, I can hardly move!
If I were not nearly paralyzed with fear
I could have laughed in its face

My Dopamine depleted brain forsakes the activities of a "normal' functional adult
Immobile, inactive, imprisoned, I stand silent and incoherent
In a desperate and impulsive effort to dispel the nightmare,
To put it to rest, to extinguish the light, to be finished!

I awake in a fog, people are talking, I hear but cannot see.
I am disembodied, neither here nor there
Back to oblivion, back to sleep, to rest, to dream.
When I once again awake, I am informed of my attempted suicide!

In the end, it matters not whether you win or lose
but how we play the game
But when the game seems fixed
and the results are always the same,
Suicide by any other name.

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Vines That Bind

In this garden my calloused feet trace pathways
Along wild flowers and rose bushes
Planted by gracefully meticulous hands
She knelt in the sunset and moon rise
Creating this carefully chosen form of Eden
As the sun rose and moon set her tears nourished
Her protege flourishing with the guide of her soul
Through blurred eyes I gaze upon her struggle
Unable to comfort her pain away as her life fades
Vines encircling my wrists gripping me steadfast
Her grown nature keeping me at a distance
To share your soul is to ensnare
With thickening barbs and thorns that pierce
These feelings take solidity when she cries
Skin yielding up to this solemnity remains
As essence seeps into the soil beneath
The beast wages an internal war to rip these binds
Being barred from her light's eminence
No force embedded can halt this flowing
Yearning to protect from this ebbing darkness we share
Screams tear up through the thickening silence
Realization begins to set in as the fog rolls over
Her eyes can no longer touch mine.

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This Day Only

This Day Only 12-16-13
Countless waves are calling me towards the Western Sky,
Where the sunsets every day,without a doubt,the stars come out,
The moon glows somewhere behind me,where I feel you are too,watching,
The distance between us is an open door,even though you are close,
I watch the world stop as you slowly pass by.
Tears fall like a hard rain,as I can't reach you to say goodbye,
I will never forget ,this day only,as I reach for you in my memory,
I clearly see, you are now part of history,Rest in Peace my Dear Friend,
You are free now,free as the wind blowing.

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Just the Beginning

Its the beginning of a new life. 
I don't think what you said was right. 
I don't think what you did is correct.
It's the beginning of a new life. 

So many lies, 
I'm done,
So many times, 
Im done, 
You cant go back in time and undo the damage that is done. 

Its the beginning of a new life 
I dont think what you said was right 
Its the start of a new life. 
My heart has died 
My soul is crushed 
The tears won't stop but 
Im done with the bull*****
Im done 
Im done
Its the beginning of a new life 
I don't think what you said was right 
I don't think what you did was correct 
Its the beginning of a new life. 
So Imma let go Then stop the tears 
Then say "Fair well" "Goodbye, My lover

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How Do I Let You Go

What will be
Will be!
I know of this, first hand
Your life was taken away
So abruptly!
I will 
Never forget
That day!
Till the day 
My body dies
I am with you, again!

“How was I to prepare myself?”
That kind of 
Life changing, event!
Didn't warn me 
Were permanently leaving!
I hope 
You know 
How much “I love you”
You will never be forgotten!

I don’t know 
Has got into me!
I feel you
Inside me
I see images
Of your face 
So clearly!
Am I crazy 
To believe in this, my love?

“Are you still with me?”
“Is my imagination 
Playing cruel tricks
Running rampant
I talk with you
As if 
You were by my side, right now

In my heart and mind
Your face etched
Like a blue print
That never fades
Your foot prints 
Still remain, beside me
My heart beats
Trying to make sense of everything!

Forgive me, my love
For being so strong in my feeling
For it has been a long time
Since I lost you, my friend
I haven’t
Got over!

My heart 
A mind of its own
To be with you, still!
To see you
To smell you
To touch you
To taste you
Last time!

I want to say “Goodbye” 
Once and for all!
We have
Brought out
The best and worst 
In each other
Rivers run deep
When it comes to you and me!

We have had our fair share of fights and arguments
Stubborn disagreements
All of them
You cease to exist!

I miss your lingering touches
Your hand, stroking my face
Your big, blue eyes
Looking into mine
Your warm lips
Your rough, unshaven face 
The way you
Kiss me
We make love, till dawn

I miss
All those nights
You kept me 
Safe and warm!
I miss
Loving embrace
I miss
“Am I ever going to feel the same, with another?”
I felt
In your arms, my love?

Do I let you go?
Do I set myself, free?
I am ready
To love, again!
‘Our eternal love’
Guiding me
In times, like these!

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Gloomy evening will fade 
The moon will shimmer like the sun
Endless night will vanish
There will be peace…

Enchantment enlivens
In my jubilant heart
I see
An island of abstract beauty 
I witness the light at the
End of the tunnel 
We keep stubblin’
…(Ooh! Ooh!)…
I feel like I’ve lost grip
Enchanted by your…effulgence 

Triumphant morning’s born
The sun will never leave today
Depart, grief-stricken clouds
There will be joy…

Enchantment enlivens
In my jubilant heart
I see
An island of abstract beauty 
I witness the light at the
End of the tunnel 
We keep runnin’
…(Ooh! Ooh!)…
I feel like I’ve lost grip
Enchanted by your…pure beauty

The river keeps flowing
The time is ticking away fast
I gottah run this race
Today, I’ll win…

Enchantment enlivens
In my ecstatic heart
I see
A mountain of sheer wonders 
I witness the light at the
End of the tunnel 
We keep trippin’
Out! Out!
I feel like I’ve lost grip
Enchanted by your…pure beauty

Enveloped by darkness,
I realize that I’m on a good 
Start and I’m not alone – 
I’m very strong…

Enchantment does cheer up
My once sad, vibrant heart
I feel 
 The tears about to spring out  
I witness the eagle’s flight 
I gazed in wonder…
We keep failin’
Keep going!
I think I’ve let you down 
Enraged by my lack of boldness

Praying for relief
…can you hear me? …can you feel for me?
WAITING for some kind of answer – 
Have mercy…
Bring us peace and prosperity

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the keeper's self

when no clouds touch the sky
tomorrow becomes
just another way to get by
we free birds dream the livr's lie
Forever you and I 
live the dreamr's cry

if you ask for the devil long enough
he will eventually join you 
so be warm, be joyful 
politely ask him to leave 

find comfort within the things you know
and appreciate the things you donot 
and do try not to be so distant
for when the winds sway 
the chill reminds me
just how dearly i miss you 

time will bring changes 
and age to weather 
and in the mist of adversity 
you will get to see 
the true size of you 
Like a mirror for the moment 
Tomorrow admires you 

"like a curse, i'll write you away"

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A precious mother’s journey was almost at end
And she began to hear the angels sing
As a mother you have earned your purple heart
And soon you’ll be receiving your wings...
Yet, she knew there was a message that she must send. 
Her words took form as precious 
Petals of joy flowing from above
To touch the hearts of those she loved
She said the LORD is my Shepard, I shall not want, 
In his word I stand and do believe
That he has supplied all of my needs
To the heavens I must now ascend,
Departing, my dear family and friends
In remembrance of me I hope you’ll smile,
For I have traveled my last earthly mile.
Embrace one another affectionately; 
Following loves pure light as it is meant to be
As He allows me to send these precious
Petals of joy flowing from above
May, they comfort the hearts of those I love.

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Just Moments Til

(Picture Perfect)

Mere minutes until the end
This radiant perfection will not last
Shadows of trees will not cringe
They reach for the oily colour of 
Made by nat'ral green and white-
goldish gleams
Tranquility, what I barely grasp
This scene discarded by urban 
Moments like these, everything stills
Moon's quick to clean Sun's artful 
Silhouettes turuned b'ings now 
To consume skies left blue and black 
'til filled
Abduction by time was rapturous 
Twilight gives wings for euphoria's 
That moment of evening bliss is 
Now Night's inhabitants sing 
reverent song

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Late at night I still wonder why I feel your presence in words I speak,
You're in my veins, my bones and every atom that makes me, me.

You are my darkness, my light and the one true meaning of everything for me,
nothing has meaning anymore
I cannot express the hollow and emptiness since you left.

All the flowers we planted in the garden have rotted 
and the stars to dust,
but yet I still seek for your chest to lie on.

Don't forget me
I love you.

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Lost Memories

Everything I’ve written down
My whole life, my times
Slowly melting away. 
The diary that held my rhymes, 

It’s already disappearing. 
Yes, I’m losing my memories so soon,
And I’m fading. 
Yes, my memories are gone, to the moon. 
I can’t remember you. 

The time passing, the photos in my mind, 
In that diary that held many memories. 
There are people in reality that knows 
Where my heart lies, along with the keys. 

But even without memories to live with, 
The sky will eventually show it’s color relentlessly. 
The sky that tiredly stretches on forever,
It continues to repeat endlessly. 
Will they come back to me? 

Immersed in the memories, 
Of so many ages that passed on,
I found where it remains, the landscape I dream of.
Say good-bye, forever they’ll be gone. 

I’ll finally meet the star that shines brightly, 
Even though I may flee. 
I know that no matter what, 
He’ll still have a connection with me. 

The day is always over, and I believe, 
We’ll meet in another place worth the debt. 
I’ll store those feelings away, 
But I’m afraid to forget. 

On and on, it will shine without any age,
Today I will invoke and go towards the future, no doubt. 
The star will shine brighter than the sky, 
And I’ll follow that route. 

With a new opportunity, I will climb forwards and move on, trying my best. 
I renounce the skies above me, a shimmering blue. 
With a small line like a thread and glittering like the star, it lights my sky. 
I know that the thread, our love, will help us both through. 

With new hopes and a dream to look forward to,
I’ll walk along this path that leads me to a bright future above the stratosphere.
I’ll reach forward and touch your world, your hand as we meet again, 
And we’ll love like before as we grow near. 

With a new opportunity, I will climb forwards and move on, trying my best. 
I renounce the skies above me, a shimmering blue. 
With a small line like a thread and glittering like the star, it lights my sky. 
I know that the thread, our love, will help us both through. 

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Leaving the Nest

We'll be gone soon, at the end of fall i suppose
It wouldn't hurt to miss us now and then
You'd know us then, wouldn't you
I see the leaves as they fall, they dry and wither away
Just like them we'll all be blown away
With the harsh wind
The seasons change just as our lives
We move on from one step to another
Always looking back at the steps left behind
There are memories: happy and sad
Our lives change colors
We move on from the happy to the sad
Friendships forgotten, promises broken
There are no times of regret
Only a sort of movement forward
Like the waves that endlessly hit the rocks
Only to come back with renewed force
We too beat against the harsh winds
And emerge out the strongest.

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Everyone's Gone

Everyone's gone...
There's no one to look up to...not one...
Not one will be kind enough
To look down and attempt to help me...

Everyone's gone...
I'm beneath the debris
There's no one there to save me...
I'm left to my own misery 

Everyone's gone...
I guess I'll find my way out of this maze
Without any clues
I'm waiting for relief to dawn upon me

Everyone's gone
I'm dealing with so much trauma 
I'm watching for any signs of support...
Hear my echoes of pain...
It drives me insane...
Catch me before I fall off the cliff...

Everyone's gone
I'm all skin and bones
I'm trapped like a hunted animal
The predator took a bite into me...
Don't just watch me suffer...
Deserted in this lonesome state

Everyone's gone
I'm kicked around like a soccer ball 
Hear me as I call...
Help me to stand tall

Help me... 
Reach up to the sky
To feel the coolness seep through me
Help me...
To be inspired to write more uplifting songs
Help me think more positively - help me wave g'bye
Help me...
Forgive me for all of my wrongs...

Everyone's gone
I'm a screwed-up building
I need you to be my backbone 
Straighten me me to be stiff like a soldier
About to enter another horrifying war
Support me today...
And stick with me tomorrow!

I want to let go of the past memories...
Scaring away my happy moments and delights 
I want to smear away the blasphemies…
Obliterating my blissful days and nights

Everyone's gone...
There's no one to depend on...not one...
Not one will be brave enough
To look down and attempt to help me...

Everyone's gone...
I'm beneath the city
There's no one to show me the jolly sun...
I'm left to my own misery 

Everyone's gone...
Fine… I'll find a way to get out of this nightmare 
Without any clues
I'm waiting for relief to give me strength instead of fear 

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I Still Love You

I still love you
Buried six foot under
Life no more
Risking my heart
Everything, I have ever known!
Letting you go
Eighteen years of panache and tears
‘Loyalty’ because 

‘I Still Love You’

At a cross roads
Changes of initiation
Giving in, risking all
Trading this pain in
Making my heart whole
Know by saying goodbye
And, letting you go
Know, for an eternity

‘I Still Love You’

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I will always care,
That is a blessing and a curse.
It's a burden Im willing to bare;
To always put you first
So when you walk by I'll stare,
Even when it hurts.
We were the perfect pair,
Even at our worst.
I will always care,
It's a blessing and a curse.
It's a burden I will always bare,
I'll always put you first

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Lost in amorous creations 
Disposal                               as                               dalliance 
A catalyst for infatuation 

Clandestine Plans 
Blood                               Soaked                               Hands 
Hiding faith behind abject Science 

She                               is                     my                     Heartsore                     Happiness 

Dreams of   Blithesome hopes           
reality corrupts                               breeds animus 
Treacherous                               Teachers                     of                               Falsities,                                
our minds.           They molest 

Walk these long roads                    Carrying short ropes 
down this crooked path 
sharpened steel           digesting bone                    gnawed  flesh, 
we die alone 

Our hearts explode.                   Chewing destruction          we are slowly spoon fed 

adrift with no direction 
Forgot how to walk,                                         I can't learn how to feel 
Become the Living dead

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Divorce me
Marry my dreams
I dreamt I was loving you 
for eternity.
I know your beauty is a 
I don't mind falling a million 
time indeed
As far as I end up giving a 
That forever we shall swim 
in love streams.

Love is blind
But your beauty won't let 
me pretend to be
Love hurt like knife
But the whether of my love 
is too hot for that indeed.
Anything good comes with 
a price
I want the best in you, I will 
give it a fight.
You ask me if I can die for 
I say if we will be buried 
together I have no choice.

Do you still want to leave 
my love
Go with my dreams at once
I will die happy when you 
are with my all
I shall be waiting at the 
other side to continue 
wooing you to fall.

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Because of You

Because of You

Because you are sitting on an empty bench
in the gathering dusk by the lakeside crying,
I am standing behind you and crying, becoming
a lonely shadow of yours.

Because you are wandering
in a darkening wilderness with fear
I am following you becoming dim starlight. 

Because you are walking in the dismal ruins,
as if going the path between tomb stones in the graveyard 
longing for someone unforgettable, I am circling around you 
drifting on a chaotic wind.

When you were agonizing in a bad dream sweating
I held your hands and agonized in the same horrible dream sweating.

When you were no longer able to bear that harsh nightmare
you stretched your arms struggling to escape, inevitably, 
I loosen my hands and let your hands go.

When you awoke from the bad dream and stared at me 
with your eyes colder than ice, darker than the bottomless pit,
I had no choice but to leave you with tears in my eyes.

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Less Than A Day

The touch of your whispers has blown through the air
And the wave of summer disappears in the sand
There’s nothing to stop these memories are gone
Let the playbook now rest for the feelings they’ve stopped
Slowly it turns the small hands on your wrist
The knots in your belly have clenched like a fist
You picture the east and close her eyes
For the dawn’s a coming in all of our lives
The night’s now bleeding forever it tilts
Circling the orbit no rest from the filth
Rivers are flowing and spirits are dim
And the skies from the ocean will always stand still
The pain from the east has moved to the west
These days are numbered just like the rest
Blind in the rivers the hand clears it away
The whole world has changed in less than a day

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To Die

Don't cry for me, I've only just died. And yes, I know you tried and tried
But the life ends and hearts do mend. Now I'm the atoms that war and love can never defend.
A universe spinning all around and now I'm home, I'm found.
Its the pain that goes away for me but I'm not a forgotten memory, don't you see?
It's all around us that life is a gift but the death is the return to the love in the universe and beyond - Beyond the burn and concern of the world and the horrors that are done in turn.
So reject the pain and celebrate with me for my death, like yours will be, was a certainty.
But not of lost life but of the chance to be free. Not now but you'll one day agree.  So lay aside the regret don't fret the time is now for livin' and later comes the dyin' but please no cryin' Let the tears be for you not for me that one day you too can become free in the dust, in the air and travel everywhere without a care while mourners stare and enemies glare.
To Die is no dream it's a return to the love in the universe and beyond - Beyond the burn and concern of the world and the horrors that are done in turn.

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He was a man of my dreams,
At my senior year
He smiles that made me laugh
He teaches until I master each lessons
He touches my hair
And then he shrugged
I fell in love.
But  he disappeared,
All of a sudden.
I cried.
I begged.
I waited.
He never came back.
I had this guy
While I was with number one
He was with in my parameter
Stealing each moment,
Like a thief under my shadow
And loving…
I was broken
He collected me.
I broke his heart
He broke mine
He left me
I was dumped.
I still have this agony
And angst of revenge
But what can I do
He left.
He gave up.
He can’t live with me.
I am notorious
I wasn't the person
Worth loving.
I work
And working
Out of my stress filled
Fast phased life
I received a call
A guy from the past
Has been looking for me for years now..
He finally found me.
He insists to go out that night.
It was dark and raining
But I went with him.
It was one of the best nights I had
To be with someone else
When I already belong to another man
Why not
I don’t have a ring yet
I went home 2:00 am
Happy and inspired
For the new spice that knocks into my door
I opened it
Just to find out
He went back to his country day after our meeting.
It was the 3rd time
I was broken.

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True Reality

Why is it
I am always wrong?
I have always done?
Why is it
I am 
Never good enough
In your eyes
In challenging times?

How many times
Do I have to say
“I love You?”
What will it take
To convince
That mind 
Of yours?

What can I say
That will ease 
This jealousy
You feel towards me
When drinking 
Too much booze
Killing what brain cells
Are left
In that stubborn 
Head of yours!

How long 
Will it take
For you 
To believe in me?
For I know
I am a fool 
Staying here, with you!
Feeling desperate
Lost and lonely
Dreams squashed
Emotionally drained
When ‘we’ need to pull together
In union ship
To make 
This bond strong
Between us!

'Uniting as One’'

'Love Conquering All'

“So, I am told!”

I love you more
Than this
Arguing and fighting!
You refuse to understand
The love I have for you

My head 
Tells me to stay with you
My heart knows
I cannot!
I have asked you 
To be kind to me
I have asked
You to open up 

Your anger and rage
Continues growing
Out of control
Taking over
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
Burning bridges
Being ruthless
Out for the kill!

I need to break away!
I need to clear my head!
I need to experience
Love and longevity
True togetherness
The one’s I love!
My heart needs to experience
‘Healthy Love’
My heart deserves the best!
You now
Belong in my past
I am no longer the person
You once knew me, to be

Your insecurities
Your inner demons 
Far bigger
Than any of the love
You choose to acknowledge 
Feel from me!

You can believe this 
To be true
If nothing else!

“Love thy self”

Without personal gain
Your Primary Motive!
Know Love 
Be Love, in Action!

Be honest
Have empathy now
I cut these cords
Of emotional bondage
Bind us together 
True Love 
No longer 
Our foundation!

I stand on my own
I have learnt the lessons
You have come to teach
I now know
What love isn't!
“I thank you”
For showing me this!

My illusions of love
Blinding me
Colouring my experiences
Only what 
'I Wanted Us To Be'
‘True Reality’

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Truth of our hearts

We are called into
A real stretch of loneliness
Time unravels
As I know myself
Standing apart from you
And our dangling hopes

Raw nerves busted
Our throats bigger
Than what we could claim
So again rearranged
The old titans of foe

No longer will I stride alone in cities creep
Life beams in dirt and trees
The vast unknown stretches forever

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Only footsteps I see into the distance
You have gone ahead of your brothers and sisters
Your friends and loved ones
You may not have favoured it early
And I needed an ally
But I trust his wisdom
Him who has welcomed you home
For all is a journey to greener fields
Not one will stay because he builds
Indeed I see it an honour
That he chose you not to ponder
The strife of this life’s time
So you see first peace and calm.
I’m on savages’ palms
But who knows when the saviour comes?
I know you’ll be by the gates golden
To receive me into the beautiful gardens
Where else can I call home,
But where good people like you come,
Come to for all eternity?
Oh, How I cherish the time
It was for me that prime
When you graced our lives
With your charming laughter
That, we’ll always remember
Your true friendship forever
For now farewell my friend
Till we meet at the road’s end

                                       Bright Githui

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Madrid it is a hot and sad place.
Filled once with music and pretty women
now filled with bombs blasting on street corners
and old women hovering over their dead husbands.
Madrid was once a place of love and culture.
Love was full through every hotel lobby
to every small cafe, love was all around.
Now, nothing but abandoded buildings
inhabited by rats and broken dreams.
The hotel lobbies once home to rich folk in tuxedos
drinking expensive champagne and dancing,
now filled with young boys bleeding from bullet wounds
and burn't to the bone.
Madrid once a home to life
now a home to death and war.
Fellow Spaniard fighting fellow Spaniard
in a Civil War between life and greed.
Life was all good and well
till 1937 came around.

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A Confetti of Awkward Hellos and Euphoric Goodbyes

The sight of her face 
inspired my belly 
to swell swiftly, 
and erupt 
into a confetti 
of awkward hellos 
and euphoric goodbyes. 
His voice belched 
with the throes 
of titillation. 
He knew his dog 
day in the sun 
had come to be 
for you and me 
and she, ya see? 
Her hair was 
the color of 
a bleached 
Her skin had 
the texture 
of freshly 
smelt copper 
(meaning it 
was very hot) 
And I was very merry, Jerry. 
Very merry, indeed. 
It's just a symptom of 
relinquishing time, and 
Pretty soon 
your spleens will be mine.

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When beating hearts shatter

When beating hearts shatter
in time of desire,
and you of my dream;
a beautiful girl dressed in white,
as you come to me(a kiss upon my cheek)
my heart thumps and shatters,
for my dear, you give me hope to move on.

As my heart beats for you, and only you,
I carry your body in my mind everywhere I go,
my dear, I only hope you do the same.
The thoughts run ramped in my head,
and it rattles and shakes with thoughts of you,
my dear, and only you I say, my love.
That is when my heart shatters for you,
to spot you with another    and I stand there,
paused     and I hold my breathe to only hope
it was a nightmare I had just witnessed- but sadly it was reality,
and my heart bursts and shatters,
like glass hitting pavement,
bone breaking on concrete;
oh my heart it cannot bear such pain.
The feeling of heart shattering into a million pieces
is an unbearable feeling to feel.

My love    I wish my nightmares never turn to reality,
I wish they were    gone and vanished away,
but you make my heart skip beats    and my love
I cannot trust that you'll be true    only to see such
madness in the flesh burns my crooked eyes,
and turns my hair white.

Oh, I wish now this event were over,
and you were in my arms and not in another's.
Keep out of harms way,
but if thee shall love another,
than go on.
That is all.
Forget about me,
and I shall surly give up on you, in due time.
This spring next year you shall come around,
and too late you shall be,
for I'll shall be with another.

When beating hearts shatter,
and love comes 'round,
love will lose it's way in some other's heart.
And I shall walk with them on a road into a beautiful town,
overlooking the calm, blue seas and sailboats
crossing each other's path and waving hello,
oh, and the setting of the golden sun shall be a beautiful site to see.


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imbedded in memory

imbedded in memory  

Suns crossing sky   
just before silken slide   
of evening's light into dusk  
are like a string of moons  
skimming an Alaskan winter-  
during the year after her passing.   
As the great glaring orbs  
pull the tides far away   
her spirit sings above  
the green black waters  
as the wind:   
caressing, stroking, sometimes 
knifing the ocean's surface.  
The final day of grief,   
gulls' cries echo into   
sky, as the sun sinks-   
giving birth to a violet   
tinged, pinpricked sky,  
cracked in the corner with   
a sliver of moon- a sky that drapes   
over a fluttering heart,   
his courage flickering like a candle flame:   
the color of dark embraces and the wind   
stirs the long grasses touching his bare   
black legs as he runs from the dunes  
to the sea, a mirror reflecting the white sliver   
of moonshine,   
shattering with shards leaping to the shore   
as he dives in for a night swim-      

His is the only flesh   
not imbedded in memory 

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Avalanche Of Love

  God is calling my name as he knows soon 
I'll be on my own, Searching for who I am
and where I belong.

I'm not as scared as I once was as I know
I have the support of my family and friends.

I belive my avalanche of love will help me 
get by since I cant fly by myself.

Let it be known my house will not be full
of tears as of today, only a month away.

I'll become a stray waiting for someone
to take me under there wing and
love me once again.

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Breath stolen breeds sharpness
Borne backward into infantile shrieks
The spinstress of sinew waits bated
For abhorrent heat
Of combustive, collapsive
Crossfire from echoing throat
Or burnt-bridge lungs
A visceral nymph thoughtlessly thieves
On Benedict tongue
Thrashing in maddened pace
Too shrill a manifesto
Skeletal soldiers charge
A red hill
Unsteady, uneven, not ready
Frenzy, not frolic
I am not a goddess
There is something to fear
I am something, I fear

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Built to Destroy

stomping to
there is no end,
pounding to the
branches, roots, arms
cut from the limbs.
to fall from the almighty

disposing mountains flat, 
an army to stampede 
on all.

the grass was too alive,
must spread blocks
of solid nothing.
so the feet can forcefully

a machine to destroy
any patch that is promised
a machine to do
as told
a machine to implode

all the seats are taken
but all still admire.
running on
 heavy minds

the saying extinct will 
no longer exist,

only a man can project such 
a word

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How can you say 
You've let go of
Past, that it's doesn't
Affect you anymore
If you keep STARING at it

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I just want to curl up and away
Forever lost in the land of dreams.
Where is that happy land of sunshine?

Lost in a perpetual storm; am I
The storm or is it around me?

The dark Beast forever stalking my
Light, my life of laughter, smiling.

I thought I was safe but then
The grief tore my soul apart
Once again, I was broken, ruined.

The circles, the fears and desires
All mockery of me, the joke.

Escape but not for me, chained to 
Walls of the pit I’ve fallen into.

Too much of everything yet not
Enough and the paradox is heartless.

Raving mad and angry at the world,
At life so cruel and beautifully still.

A hope, a whisper so frail like frost
In the shining light of angry morning.

What am I, anyway, except thoughts
And a bundle of torn up skin?

Tired and wracked with thoughts so dark,
Peace must be found or I shall


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Lost modesty

Character is not a question today,
Had it but now Pardon me for so,
Rationality have perished,
No it diminished in me may be, today

You pious, extra-terrestrial,
Leave or wear the shackles of false modesty, 
Beware they are expensive n delicate.
To suspect a head, for something brainy,
So unethical pardon me for it.
Pinch me please to shatter this terrible dream, 
Cause I’m in crowd of madness.
Have no cure, in a book or IN A hand of affection,
Their my insecurities prevail, I introspect,
Beauty of ‘twenty-first’ wants to blind me.

There is noticeable nothing but one,
As you age, rigid adherence prevails,
Not for one, but for the things,
For time, for love, and happiness.
For family, for affection.

Hardly passed a day without, 
In today’s contracting life, 
What a glorified past it was,
A dead memory fumbles in my head,
Pinching discontent in me.

Wake up and loosen your fingers,
This tight grip of memories let them go,
Before they bore you dead,
Turn you into nothingness just as they are,
Pose for now, today and smile.

Don’t suppress inner voice!
Breathless heart, Beat, accept the moment 
With a new beginning, and so beat,
End these discontented sighs, which
Remind you of those memories,

Your starvation have no cure, but 
Shake your head and think and find,
Simply greeting death, is not sound,
Have a long way to go yet,
Breathe and make your lips like a half moon.

Go with such gait and don’t let the grief,
Defeat you, but swallow it,
No matter how bitter life’s pill is,
Live, live hard, only option to go for,
Or gleam your eyes with the dream, …For you!
In which eternal peace awaits after final scream!

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When being awake
is hard and unbearable.

When in restless dreams
peace is fleeting.

What else is in there to live and hope for
if not only to be eager for your own demise?

The planks of wood may come and cover me
forwhy about this life I have nothing else to say.

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I open again my window
Looking for a person I know
To steal a glance and say hello
Whom I have met few thousand days ago
I did it half of the day
Because to my surprise,
I almost forget
Yesterday, I don’t remember
where are you?
Who are you?
What you do?
What do I want?
What am I doing?
Who am I to you?
And why am I here,
Looking at you…

But today I was so anxious,
Searching your name and remembering everything
To your world I tried to encroached
On my way up to yours,
I was unfortunate to lost my path
Failed to trace the prints of you on the ground
Tonight I scribble letters to find you
Armed with hope and betrayal
Without thinking I write
With my restless soul 
and empty mind
I am reaching you

Today I almost forget
The day that is especial to you
I no longer wait for this as an excuse
To re state my name and shake your hands
Because today I remember to remind myself
That I no longer have the mementos of you
Washed out with new memories 
Of someone you have met

Yesterday was you 	
My unforgotten past
A history that reminds me,
Reminds me that I was with you
Today is still yours but no longer my name
The sound of your heartbeat
Doesn't echo with mine

Those I remember and never forget
For I vividly seen them even in my dreams
But it is you who can’t be freed
from the stillness that you are trapped in
Hoping to forget what had happened
And how it had ended
But how can you stay away
from the memoir that you are hiding
If what is left with you is half of the whole
Because the other half that you tried to leave
Is always tracing its way back into you

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Moved on

I look back,
I see the love you had for me.
Slowly realizing it was an act.
My love was real,
at least it was in the beginning.
Now that I'm moving on,
you can't handle it.
I've made a change.
A change to better myself.
Now you can suffer all you want,
or you can move on like I did.
Lets part our ways 
and act like civilized people. 

What else is there to do?

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Goodbye Marie

Why wander the wind paraded streets
with waxen cheeks and muddied shoes?
Is it for a darker view or...
Are avenues the only thing emptier than arms?

The dusk doesn’t shout, only murmurs
snide *****under its breath over your shoulder
before skulking along on its way, like the people
who stare askance at disheveled button down and tie.

I close my eyes and they roll like thunder
Into the back of my head, to strike
Down the photograph trash, to pop
The balloons of dreams, all hot air.

The sunflowers couldn’t make you smile,
the kind words didn’t make you listen;
you never would have heard my heart shouting.
Nothing I did could make me visible,
more than just a shadow on the street.

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For the future of all good men

Through my downfall i got to keep my cake and eat it to by realizing how geniunine i was and would have been. Words are powerful and life seems to change less than the same words which explore it. A wise man once saw the worst of his succes and the best of his depression . He would sit by the pond in the park and wonder what a past it has been . As a boy he lived a life as a man, as a man he lived a life as a dead man. It would be an understatment to say he wasnt ambitious. Yet, a good man and a bad man are two men and perception is relative thus not much can be said because a deadman living is both good and bad. A books context can be designed in a second however, the saddest part is the pureness of that reality isnt worth a gram of salt b/c the eyes cant see it when the heart and existance can.



for the futire of all good men.

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Flitting along in the midst of rough winds

Not knowing at all what another day brings.

Must keep moving, forwards not back.

Having to keep his mind right on track.


But he has a heart, this dear Dragonfly.

He's not simple or mindless as he is forced to fly by.

Not one of the many. Not a face in a crowd.

He's got a name, that she whispers aloud.


The heat and the chill of this wind brings pain.

Enduring the sun, the snow and the rain.

These things make him numb, but not as lost as he fears.

For there is love hidden inside of her tears.


She stays behind, in a warm sunny place.

Tears from a memory lining her face.

As sunflowers go, she has seen better days.

Seen them with him, but they had to part ways...


Now he is tossed by the wind, and losing his will.

And she is rooted to the earth, forced to stand still.

Filled with grief at the thought of losing her friend.

She'll wait forever, until the separation can end.


Filled with longing he sighs, and flaps his beautiful wings.

Not knowing inside what the future soon brings.

Someday it will happen, the time can't be sure..

But the dragonfly will visit the Sunflower once more.


He will bask in her glow, and feel most assured.

And she will feel calm and at peace with the world.

And be it their choice, and no one's but theirs..

They'll decide what to do for the rest of their years..

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U hurt me out of jealousy

U turned on me out of envy

How could you go & betray me

After I loved you unconditionally

Am I a stranger in your eyes

Am I the beast that you visualize

Did you think I was so blind, that I wouldn't recognize

Pure deception- after I stood by your side

U slipped a mojo on me

U went & blinded me

To the fact I couldn't perceive

That you're evil baby

No good for me baby

U said my world was elementary

U blamed it on my eccentricities

U said you'd never seen such an oddity

Tried to fuel my insecurities

Tried to rob me of my identity

Now let me give you a triple dose of reality:

I'm done, it's over, we're through!

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trying to forget

Here I am dreaming of the person I’m trying to forget
Just when I think I’m over it, you decide to text
Are you here to try and fix what you broken?
Or do you just like to play with my emotions?
We went from happiness & love to hate and clashing
Now you wear our relationship out like it’s a fashion
But i see the good in you and call it passion
Our relationship started with jokes, insults and banter
You began asking yourself questions & not liking the answer
Because you won’t admit you broke our relationship beyond repair
Maybe I’m to blame
Maybe I put you too high on a pedestal and you couldn’t see from there
If we were so in love, then it’s crazy, we’re in pain
I’ll lose my pride by admitting that I miss you
Here I am wishing I could kiss you
But i know that i can’t give you another chance
I need to find another girl for a dance 
I’ll probably always have you in my heart and my head
But never again in my arms or my bed
If love is blind, maybe that’s why we can’t see each other
But we have to admit our time has passed
You said to me “Never did I want to see you suffer”
I reply “I need to tell you where my mind is at”
Never did I think we would grow apart
But when I saw you with him it broke my heart
You said I didn’t pay you enough attention
So why couldn’t you just tell me you wanted to break-up?
I was dreaming about you & you forced me to wake up
When i saw the two of you in “our” bed
Now I’m trying to erase the images from my head
Don’t want your apologies it all needs to just be left
Don’t message me no more, because I need to move on & forget 

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Remember Me - Queen Henrietta to Charles 1 -

Good cheer, my love, as we venture forth

Over land and sea without recourse

Banished to rove us we three

No matter the tempest, remember me

As I was in our former life

In love promoting,you formed your wife

No trickery connived to gain my trust

In wooing me you contained your lust

To ensure my purity on wedding day

No act to spare me as together we lay

Now bitter tidings have blown us around

Emerging battle scarred with lopsided crown

In my aching heart I know it to be true

In constancy our lives shall arise anew

Exiled I must depart to foreign shore

For asylum aid I had to implore

No coinage purse to tie about

my velvet kirtle I can do without

Remember me and your luckless child

As he clings to me knowing you are defiled

My last note written in heart rung pain

Shall I ever find you well again

Confined as you are in London Tower

As friends gather to plot your salvation hour

Keep alive your love for goodness sake

A promised recompense I trust to make

The ship's last call to board has come

With heavy heart I see baggage heaved on

Keepsake I send thee, in this note I kiss

A beribboned silver piece I threaded this

Etched in memory to my only true one

Remember me when all deeds are done.

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Quiet Vicissitudes

Quiet vicissitudes on a lonely shore. 

Memories fading with age as the family home crumbles.

It sits alone, abandoned, on it's now private island as the ocean continually encroaches with time.

Nothing left but photographs to prove to the world it was here as a storm crashes overhead.

With one final gulp a once happy home relinquishes itself to the watery abyss.

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It comes and goes.
Some leave early, some leave till they decompose.

I can't believe that you're gone. 
You left me with your scent,
You left me discontent,
You left me with my heart bent,
With no consent, I didn't know what it meant.

Tears fall endlessly when I think of you in my memory.
Some sad, some happy.
You pick me up when I'm down,
You entertain me like a clown,
You make my world go round.

With every inch of me, I know that this will soon pass. 
There's always sunshine after the rain,
The values you've taught me remain.
Attain. Contain. Sustain. 
Those words you used to say, help ease the pain. 

I know you're in a better place,
With the late others, you meet them, embrace. 
As you look down upon me,
I know that you're always here with me. 
When that day comes, my last breath I yawn,
I will see you again, life goes on.

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The Feeling of a One Way Journey

It's rare
in the life of
people with soft cheeks and full flesh
to never return.
Hard and sharp,
eyes squint and mouths
tighten; the surprised
look on the agent's face when he
sells you the ticket. "Are you sure?"
he says.
The repeated
change of seasons,
heading once again
to summer, the
cycles of the day
always renew. It gives you hope.
When I pleaded to the nurse
how I didn't want my life to change,
she said it already had.

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The sadness passes for some, but it has never passed for me.
Told by a thousand cold hearts, that this is how it needs to be.

But they moved on, and left me here, in the realm of the past.
Taunted by echos of happier times, the times that were never to last.

Now in my mind, the memories swirl, into a bittersweet hue.
Reminding me always, of the happenings of then, and of how I've come to lose you.

Much like for the dancing rainbows across that kitchen floor,
The sunlight has gone for me now, and what was once was is no more.

But I still hear your laugh, and I still feel you there.
Though when I open my eyes, it all still seems unfair.

You may try to forget, but I never can, the better times of before.
The times I truly believed were real, that it hurts to believe are no more.

A mothers smile, a fathers laugh, the feeling of the loved ones so close.
The passage of time, and the heartbreak of change, is what affects me the most.

Still, who is to say, that all is done?
Not I, I say, not I, for one.

I am a woman now, and sometimes that's all people see.
But I am not just a woman; there is a deeper heart in me.

My heart is the heart of a child, my eyes the eyes of that girl.
And I think that that is better, to have a purer look at the world. 

My heart still aches for their company, my soul yearns still for their time.
But I understand that those things are lost, and I suppose that, that is fine.

I am an adult on the outside and of mind, so please know that I understand.
I still do adult things, although I find them bland.

But I have the heart of a child. And it yearns to be held tight.
By someone close, and yet too far.. and too long vanished from sight. 

Torn between needing them, and understanding why they aren't there...
Though my heart is breaking, I'll pretend the pain is not there. 

Above all else, I understand, and know they had to choose...
And I also know it is not just me who had those things to lose.

Someday things will be different, I say to my childhood self as she cries.
Someday we may again be one, my adult self hopes for and sighs. 

All that I can do is wait, me and my adult self both...
I have to wonder all the while though...if it is I who have cried the most..

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Pulse of my Heart

Darkened were the nights
Oh were they cold
You had left me
Such a very long time ago
I cannot forget
The way you caressed my flesh
So tender, so loving
Alas! It is missed
The way we would sway
Barely licked by the flames of the bonfire
I could have stayed like that forever
Oh dear traveler where have you gone?
I know you warned you would leave
But yet my heart swelled with hope
What a retched thing now
For now I am broke
Your honey voice broke down my soul
You never gathered up the pieces
Now they lay cold
On the floor where you left them
Oh so many nights ago
I still look on the horizon
Praying for a glimpse of your face
On certain nights
I can feel your warmth
As if you were there
I fall to my knees
Whisper my pleads
Maybe you can hear
No matter the time that passes
I cannot forget the man
He revived my soul
Pulse of my heart
Stole my trust
Alas! For the traveler took so much more……..
I will wait for him forever on the moor.

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Remember the vow

 When all is reaching the end 
 Take time to think of the vow
 Sit back and hold your breath
 Make the puzzle of words
 The words that you said
 The ones you yelled louder
 “I love you “

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More Deserving

What you’re asking, is more than I can give-
What you deserve, is more than I can muster-
You’re an amazing guy, with a sense of humor like no other-
You brighten the darkest of days with just a smirk-
What you’re needing, is more than I can bear-
I can’t stand to see you falter because of my unwillingness-
I don’t wish to be a hindrance to your joyful disposition-
What you’re asking, is more than I can give-
What you’re deserving, is more than I can bear-
So reluctantly I let you go-
In the name of love I set you free-
I gave you away into the hands of a more deserving man.

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These Christmas lights shine no more
Except in the hearts of women and men
Burning bristly until the festive season comes again
Bringing us joy and warmth and a touch of snow

I love this special time
As families come together sometimes from afar
To reunite in a song or two
And to enjoy the gifts of our prosperity

The final touch is added
A lovely turkey that is complete with trimmings
This wonderful season so soon is gone
However the spirit of love
Well, it carries on

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Watch me Flee

Fires burning bright
Screams shatter the night
Could not put up enough fight
So your loved ones died
Hidden from your sight
Flames flicker
With memories oh so bitter
I see your eyes
Looking so sweet
At that my heart skips a beat
Stopping softly I gives up
Wish I had your hand in mine
Give me strength to fight
Maybe then I would not have died 
On that dark, quiet night
Shatter my soul
Watch me flee
Cannot take another breath
Before a scream escapes my lips
Chocking desperately
On this life
Your smile is why I even fight
So much control
You have over me
On my fears
You seem to feed
See my tears
Hear me whisper
I will wait
For you forever
Dying words
On my lips
‘I loved you from that very first kiss’

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I saw my Mother Smile

My father died
She was angry
She died inside
Hard to make her laugh
Impossible to see her enjoy life from that point on
She just existed
Last few days she wouldn't eat
She wouldn't take liquid
Last day on this earth  JOY
She smiled
She talked to my Dad
She argued with him
Laughed with him and everyone  that had passed before her
I watched a miracle
I believe

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Sounds of a day dispersed

Clawing at the doors

Windowless shops barrage

Their straight images on printed faces


Bedsheets of yesterday grope

Seamless skin wondering

About moods and ruminations


Clouds unravel before they start

As thin toast barely starts the morning

The urge to shift settles groundwise


While gypsy radio pulses truncate

Asking for your improvement

And glide away before you start


I'm settling in the thick skin of dirt roads

That I know wind back around to the same path

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Caged Agony

She was caged in his mystery.
Just a glimpse into his soul;
And she saw the anger flow freely.

A father’s blood tainted
And with it came sorrow;
And with it came unspeakable torment.

There was not a person,
That felt the pain,
Its symptoms were distinctively his. 

Whispers like the wind urged him to be happy;
As though condolences could take away the grief;
Each face was featureless, each apology was a fake.

She found him alone and broken.
Within him she saw helplessness;
It was masqueraded by a need to remain strong.

On his shoulders was the World,
The weight of which was becoming too much,
Knees bent from the pressure.

He looked at her and their bereavement was matched;
Both cold from the tears,
Both were searching for their escaped faith.

A child was taken at her word,
Lost amongst the other realms;
She had felt empty.
Her sobs at night were heard by none,
Ridiculed by her traumatizing decision-
He saw her standing outcast.  

Their inward screams had echoed outward;
Only they could hear each other’s cries.
Drawn together in unity, a relationship formed. 

They were never perfect for each other,
But their voids were filled. 
They were very much alike, and yet so different.

They treated one another with disrespect.
It turned their love into rage;
This was followed by resentment.

Hands unclasped as their families pulled them apart,
Tears rolled from her eyes and his desperate struggle ensued;
He vowed to someday get her back.

He found himself anguished once more, as did she. 
For who would hold her now?
How would he fall asleep?

They would move on as all lost lovers do,
But no other love could be the same.
No lesson as great as the one that they had experienced; together. 

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Cold and
heart is 

Your touch
Is kind.

I want
one thing,
 A time 

But now
is now, 
And then 
was then.

I want,
to make 

I thought
that I, 
was better

It looks
like I, 
was very

I realize 

I ran
and did
not think
of you.

But It’s 
too late, 
I’m gone
for good.

But I 
had done,
the best
I could

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never thought we would be here

never thought we would be here
extension has never been a sharktoothed vacuum until now
we wake up aged by the thorns of emotion
the thorns only time we talk is when we are passionated about losing our voices
band-aids on my larynx
ice packs on my temple
nowhere is the new somewhere
my hand on your heart is now acidic to you

i sit on this porch swing now thinking about the point where it all went awry
the center of the pinpoint cannot ever be clearly seen
all we know is that one day we will intentionally attempt to forget
lying to ourselves, we become susceptible to internal thoughts unexpected and unforeseen in the center of our individual plans
then one night it all comes crashing down, and we become insane due to the unmerciful clutches of the many facets of monotony
that dream as an offspring of propaganda becomes the sole thread of which we cling to
we die in each other's arms tonight, and then we simply walk away....never looking back....but yearning for new visual prescriptions....of perfection....

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The Rift of the Magi

He walked in through the main door,
“Unbolted?” he wondered.
An ebbing shade of brown painted layer,
The polish on the door, dulled.

A poor man’s residence,
Deplumed sofa covers,
Sidestepped since the past three years.
The chewed up walls, unrepaired.

Jim heard the church bells chime
Yes, music was assigned to be his steps to fame.
Music at which his bosom would blink!

This was not how it was meant to be –
He was not to lose the music in him
To the dingy clamor and rattle of whizzing cars
And the cheerless chatter of noisy mechanics.

On peeling off the apparel of fetters,
And dressing herself in the robe of her dreams,
Della walked in to a dance class,
To live life on her own.

“Leave your dreams for your love, Della”
Jim, a strange shielding mistrustful lover,
And Della, a mirror of foolish fondness,
“If that is what you wish, dear”

She had planned life differently,
To dance her way to Rome, Venice, Italy. 
Love carefully plucked out every feather 
That clothed the bird yielding body to her dreams.

Today she left Jim,
She left love,
She left to build her wishes,
And spew life into the bloodied carcass of her fancies.

Along with flouting love,
Not love, but custom,
Della returned Jim his freedom
And seized from him her own.

Marriage and making money,
That had throttled their dreams, 
Della eased the grasp,
The grasp of cohabitation. 

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poem of love 2

Dear Kirstie
You’d already been through the worst of it
Before we even met
Our relationship had so much hurt in it
But it’ll never be something I regret
We were both depressed trying to find some comfort
That’s why everything you put me through I was able to stomach
How could I ever hold a grudge?
Glad you overcame your troubled past
And found someone you love
Heard you got 3 kids and another on the way
I’m glad you found happiness
So to you I have nothing more to say

Dear Chantal
It started off with a little flirt 
After a while I thought you were the one, that didn’t plan well
You were on and off, playing with my emotions
Pulled away just as my heart was ready to be open
Maybe you wanted to see how far you could push me
Making me feel like I wasn’t worth you
I text my ex just before you said you wanted to be mine
So I guess I failed at the last hurdle
So now I have a lot of regret in my mind
And that’s a bitter pill to swallow because I miss ya
But you just gave me another follow on twitter
And now we’re speaking for
If love is a risk
Then you’re the girl I’m leaping for

Dear future girlfriend
For you to be in my future
Don’t judge me based on my past ways
Just know I care more about personality
Than your body and ass shape
I wrote this because I needed to
Love can be found
But your heart won’t always be found with the person you leave it to
I mean when I was 15 I broke up with a girl because she didn’t like Eminem
But at the time I thought that break-up was genuine
I soon realised the number of girls you’re dating
Is a lot less important, than the importance of the girls you’ve dated
Usually you realise when your heart is broke and world is naked
But If you don’t judge your current partner on their former relationships
Then you have a chance of making it

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Nothing Left To Hold To

I had a decision today to make
To hold on
or to let go
I bared the pain for long enough
I held to the abuse you gave me
There is no more to our relationship
The thorn is too deep in the wound and core
My heart was broken in two
There is nothing left to repair
The tears are dried up 
I must move on 
In knowing you are behind bars where life put you the time you struck me to the 
point I could not look back to care no more.

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Waiting on That Call

If only I could kiss u as many times as I shed a tear last night.
I wish i were older. I wish people would  realize we are just two lonely kids trying to find a way in this world. I hope when the time comes for us to meet again we don't regret a thing. We will work out perfect we won't have to make anyone happy but ourselves. But for now, goodbye. I hope your life is as fun and amazing as you have made my life these past few months. I hope your successful, and I hope you find someone who loves you as much as I do. I hope you are happy in everything you do. Anyone who is yours is really lucky. Just know that when you need me to keep our promise, to find and fall back in love with each other, I'm where I always said I would be, waiting on that call, and on that day my life will be complete.

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Outside the Crematorium

The car that brings that box
with requisite solemnity
purrs reverently to its gentle halt.

The engine is well mannered,
so quiet I hardly know it’s died,
yet the silence now is solid,

till men in black, with practised gravity,
pass to the rear to slide out that box
from its car-borne bier,

where it sat like a slab during transit.
Now it commands my eyes;
it shares my air.

That box! It cannot be ignored,
not now it is here and I so close
and knowing what is in it.

Only when it is carried inside
and placed on the catafalque –
restoring distance between it and me –

do I allow a resumption of my breath
as I move into the chapel
to take my place and make my farewell.

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-All I have said and done in the past
is done and over with-
kissing my sins a farewell kiss,
oh my love, I kiss you upon your loving hand,
I pull you in, but you never fully resist,
and I make love, but you are now a past sin,
and sin that was hard to kiss farewell to.

I sit in my chambers, alone, and I cry for you,
to come home to me,
and love like we used to do,
on cold nights like this one-

Come back my dear, but a farewell kiss
means forever- and to live without you-
is to walk a passing hour without oxygen,
love me, my dear.
Forgive those words and unlikeable touches,
all I have said please kiss farewell too,
and we shall start anew,
in love, in a strange land,
with apple trees on every corner street,
and kisses shared on every park bench-
and the sun always shines,
and stars and moon are out, bright and full-
Love me, my dear (I am sorry)


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 It is a death
 in and of itself
 giving death 
 no meaning
 just part of the
 inexorable routine
 while the words
 eat themselves

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Searching the crowd

My life was simple
Until I held the door
For one man, and nothing more
A simple thank you would have been enough
But I turned around 

In a split second
My life turned upside down
For a man I don’t know
And never knew

Pale white skin
Dark brown eyes

I lusted
I sinned
I swore I’d never do it again

You came 
We talked
Blah blah blah
My nerves settled in
Palms sweating, eyes meeting
Talk felt like vomit

A name; all I knew
Then I kept seeing you
We locked eyes and stared
Anxious; you told me to calm

But you had plans,
And I was stuck
Still stuck; this is what I am.

So I made my decision,
To look at you like a stranger
For I knew
What I’d do to a man like you

My looks deceiving
My body hiding secrets
Bearing a child
Covered in scars
Hidden away; a partner patiently waiting

At night I look to the man in the bed,
Never wanting to be myself again
Lusting for a man I never knew

You stopped and stared
Searching the crowd promptly at noon
I looked back, never daring to say a word
For I knew what I would get myself into

My heart aching and beating
Watching and waiting,
While you stood patiently

Ignore you, I could not do
I just glared
And the eyes were returned

But I didn’t stand my ground
I was stuck.
And this I swore not to do to you

While he plans 
And I stay awake, wishing for more talks

Talks we shared, now I can only rehearse
Lying wide awake in my bed
Thinking of a smile and tattoos

Since those days
I have looked for my exit
My way out

And his eyes once more
To be given a second chance
But he is gone

Never to see this man again,
Stuck in my regret,
I am stuck.

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It's One Minute til Midnight

One Minute til Midnite

It’s one minute til midnight and all the horses are drawn
All the angels are at their battle stations
Awaiting the loud sound of the mighty Groom’s trump
To bring his holy children home

It’s one minute til midnight
And all across the earth
Murder, thievery, debauchery abound
How long must my children endure the enemy’s cruel plans
To destroy every part of their lives

At one minute past midnight all will be at rest
My holy ones held safely in my arms
Escaping the things that the enemy has found 
While crawling like a serpent upon his belly

I am coming my Bride!
I am on my way!
Do not look back at the deceitful lies of the enemy
Don’t look to the pleasures of this life
I have a new life for you
It’s my reward for loving me
I long to bring you into my heavenlies!

Love Jesus,
Your Groom

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Will You Still Love Me

Afternoon's gentle wind caresses the changing leaves
As summer fades into memory's abyss.
Sunset bids farewell to summer's warm touch,
And welcomes winter's kingdom
Descending from the frosty heavens.

Seasons never change pattern,
But will your heart? I pray not.
Night falls like a black curtain and clouds surround the sky,
The cold air carries a nostalgic feeling.
How will this chapter end?

In the midst of this cold night,
I feel the warmth of my heart on my chest,
But how long will its beat last? 
Even after I'm gone, will the echo
Of its melody still soothe your heart?

When we reunite one day,
Will you still be able to look into my eyes
And with the same voice of your heart
say you love me?

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The Crossing

If I dreamt would I,
Walk to sleep?
If the hills could climb,
I’d weep
For the promise
Is not
Set forth
Being first to break up leaves

Unfulfilled questions linger but,
They do die
In remembrance one will cry.
But not always
One will
Speak up
To reconcile
The past. 

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Orange Line

As we watch the sunset, the time has come, 
We have to say our goodbyes already? 
“It’s not “Goodbye,” it’s “So long,” for we’ll meet again soon.” 
But the tears on your face fall steady. 

I don’t want to let those times go, 
For all we have are the memories, 
But maybe we can live again with each other, 
And unlock each other with the keys. 

The train bell cries out, breaking the conversations of the people, 
And it’s already time for me to leave you here alone. 
“Don’t worry, just be happy, because, 
I’ll be waiting for you, standing like stone.”

How you make everything positive, when we have to separate, 
To me is a mystery. 
But it’s making me feel better about this, 
I know you’ll come back to me. 

Before we met, there was a huge world out there, 
I was just so afraid and nervous to step out and explore. 
But when I met you, everything was okay. 
You helped me see more. 

But we’ll be together once more, 
And I’ll wait for that moment to come. 
Even if we can’t come back together, please call me, 
I know it’s quite a sum. 

I wave to you, 
From inside the Orange Line, 
Blow a kiss, 
To give you a sign. 

I love you. 

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As I Sail Out To Sea


I look around me at all those happy faces
People that have come from far and wide
To bid goodbye their son-turned sailor
I look around me at all those smiling faces
And wonder if they or any one of them
Can visualize what is in it for me

I put out my best smile for them
And hug each and every one
A final hug, a final goodbye
For such it is for all but a few
A final farewell for their son-turned-sailor
As he set sail the fathomless seas

I look around me, searching for the one love
That could not come, that would not come
That would not bear to see me sail away
I look around me but all I see are these people
That smile and hug and shout ‘Goodbye'
As I sail out to sea, out of her sight

As the ship sets sail out of the harbour
We stand on the deck waving Goodbye
And as the people and the coast recede behind us
A tear – co-mingled with sweat, rolls down my cheek
And I know I must come back and soon
For the one who would not see me sail out to sea

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a poem inspired by two minutes

you tell me whatever's fair
my rebuttal to you is without flair
we bask in the lost wonder of anyway
no muscles are flexed, and it's two minutes later

staring at the moon in deep conversation
i wonder if the apex of our love is descending due to constipation
i am past iffy and am now good friends with surewhen
no grunts of benevolence, and it's two minutes later

understood are we of our normalcy
we shine up the monotony by cleaning it thoroughly
you are way past tolerance and both feet over halfway into done deal
no frolicking in in any sweet sticky puddles, and it's two minutes later

now the truth patents its methodical expressions
this is by far the most dire of all our great depressions
bags and boxes belittle once brilliantly sculptured brains
no more essential scents of inspiration and reaasurance, it's two minutes till good as gone....

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terra tilt-a-whirl - for my father

a dream as years go by,

water clock drip ticks,
another revolution,

minutes flown away,

hearts fluttered wide,
sepia childhood silhouetted,

a grip lost in snap-the-whip,

and glimpsing restless spirits,
crowding heaven’s gate,

gold plated, iron bound,

others just waiting,
familiar indistinct,

while clouds like knotted cotton,

frame a high blue portico above,
a formless basilica,

slow vision of his spirit,

becomes a shining arrow knock’d,
loosed at that far off shore,

flown true, and gone,

as the wind cries a pure tone,
on that played out jazz piano,

coda to another’s life,

like a tragic symphony,
somehow filled with hope, 

his last music…

(I miss it so).

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Almost Lovers

Almost Lovers
Now, loveless romantics
With only sadness in our eyes
A fresh new hole 
In our hearts
Without each other
Being by each other’s side

I am trying not to think about you
Though images of you 
Still haunt me
Flooding, my mind
I hear the sound of your voice
Echo through the air
I see you ‘smile’
I can smell you, everywhere!

And when I watch the stars
Light up the sky at night
When I stroll the streets
Without you by my side
I watch lovers enjoy each other’s company
Reminiscing about ‘you’

Almost lover 
I still feel the beating of our two hearts
Becoming One
Even though you are gone
Goodbye, almost lover
Thank you for making my heart warm!

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A Moment

Morning comes over the roof.
Beams of energy traveling the annals of time
A relentless journey to rest upon my face.
Subtle at first, like the sly fox in pursuit of the hen
Heat builds that burns the dew of a new day
Flowers stretch out their pastel arms
Picking atoms like pollen that stimulates the pistil
Refreshed, shaking off nights cool grasp
I am new, reborn, never to be heard or seen again
Like a child gleefully sliding down the snowy mountain
A grain has slipped thru its lustful form
Looking up, showered in kin
Reunited with deceased ancestors, death is accepted
Hark, in the distance where the sky meets earth
The soft glow of love breaks!

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Frosty Farewell

In this season of dry winter
Cold winds dusty streets dry surface
 Leafless willows barren fields birdless trees,
I can’t offer you!
A fragrant rose or a leafy twig of unripe almonds
 Or raw fruits of peach or dried Ladhakhi apricots.
Nor can I show you! 
Farmers visiting their ripening crops, trout-fishes fluttering in pond,
 Sheep herd in green meadows, goats climbing mount, 
Or free-horses in vast pastures graze; 
Garden of hundred flowers—lovers holding each other close
By the breezy bank of the gushing stream;
Emerald grass shining dew singing birds sprouting bud roaring streams serene shade

Sauntering buffalos sleeping shepherd
And beside surging springs nomads tent, 
 Or white clouds so-scattered
 Floating low in the blue sky.
Nevertheless; today I will!
                   Present you my voiceless love,	
In the form of a long hug, and eyes brimmed with tears.

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Your flight home

I went home alone
After you left,
Cloaked in my own darkness
While Clogging memories
Of your smile
Accompanied me on
The night time drive
Tinged with lonely sadness.
Later I found your hair
In the bathroom,
Beautiful strands of
Discarded gold
Which I framed
Along with your tears
That had bejewelled 
My heart.

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Letting go

Different girl every night.cause i can't be with the girl i wanna be with every night
you're the one i love.these other girls can't even compare
i can see them by my side
but i can't feel them there

i'd try,change,work and fight for you
these other girls won't even buy them flowers
i'd be there any day or night for you
these other girls won't even give them a couple of hours

i remember when you said you wanted to be with me
i fell for you on your first day present
i remember i even sold my PS3
just to buy you birthday presents

we were so happy for a while
but things just didn't feel right
i still tried to smile
cause i never wanted you to leave my side

how could two people so right for each other
be wrong together
right people wrong time
and it's gone forever

i apologise we couldn't be friends
i didn't have the strength to do it
at the time i hated you for breaking my heart
and couldn't forgive you for what you did

but rebecca there's a place in my heart
that will forever be yours
saying goodbye and letting go was so hard
but i hope you're happy and find everything you're looking for

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the last to know

The last one to know is always the person who doesn’t want to see thier time is up .  
 Knowing that its their time to say goodbye to love.  Watching the person who they always thought would be there slowly disappear form their lives.   Trying to hold on to what’s left of the love  inside themselves.  While hiding all the pain and tears inside.   Hoping for someone to come along and save them form having to face the reality.  Knowing there’s no way out of hurting .    Except to keep living a lie each and everyday.  Until they find the strength to say goodbye.

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You Don't See

You don't see
the hurt behind this smile.
Maybe, just maybe
it's better that way.

You don't see
the pain you left behind.
it should stay that way.

You don't see
the shattered that's deep inside.
I wish,
I wish you could.
(December 30th, 2012)

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Mister Frost was right

Mr. Frost was right.

It felt good that night, 
laying on our backs 
at the end of the dock 
looking at the stars.

It took us forever 
to find the little dipper.

It was one of those nights 
when time slows down
and nothing else matters 
but the moment.

I remember thinking I wasn't sure what was prettier
the million stars that seemed to be shining just for us 
the way your smile looked in 
the moonlight as we talked about nothing. 
That nothing
being everything that mattered in that moment.

When we got home we danced around the house to "Brown Eyed Girl" and tripped over the coffee table in a crash of laughter.

Sometimes in those moments between sleep and consciousness I can still feel your body against mine.

Sometimes I wish you were here.

Then I remember you were just one girl among a handful I thought I loved
and that in the end
it was just an illusion
like a magic trick you desperately want to believe is real 
but you can't 
because no matter how well you hide or how many times you dance sweetly around a living room at midnight life eventually finds you
and leaves you 
with the cold hard facts.

In this way 
like a flower in the spring
love blossoms and
withers away.
It's seed carried away on a cool breeze of a summer day 
to land on fertile ground elsewhere. Then after lying dormant 
for a time 
it sprouts, 
and withers away again 
because after all 
nothing gold can stay.

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Prove to Me

I need you to prove to me
That I mean something
And that there's more to this life
Than what I'm living

Life is a game
But there's no way to win
I keep trying to fix my mistakes
I need to find the restart button

Is it possible to feel
Anything but contempt?
You never treat me right. 
You don't even attempt. 

There's a darkness that surrounds me
It's seemingly invisible
Only the 'good' can see it
An aura that is indivisible. 

This dark gloomy life
Is too much for the good to bear
That's why only the good die young
And their fate, is what I'll share. 

So tonight,
I'll say goodbye
To the dark 
And desolate sky

My faith in humanity 
Cannot be restored 
And this life I lead
will be no more. 

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Ghost of Christmas Past

First ghost was his wife,
to whom he was sworn,
fading, thin, bandaged,  
in the far northern city.

tubed in another world or no world.
Nurses and social worker 
urged him to chose life.  
But the deep promises linger,
in pictures with cheery captions 
from his children.
He tosses in bed 
and lets the quilt 
slide off his legs.

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Meaning It

I can look you in the eye
And know it is time.
I can the say the words
And you won’t know it’s a lie.
I can turn around
And never come back.

Saying the words is the easy part. 
It’s the force behind the voice.
It’s the ability to not look back. 
It’s knowing you are there
And knowing everything you lack. 

It’s not saying good-bye,
But meaning it, that I’m through.
That’s the hardest thing to do. 

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Where are you little sister

Where are you little sister?
Where is your smile, 
Where is your exuberant laugh, 
Why do you not send me those cards of love anymore?

Where are you little sister?
Is that you I hear in the warm breezes,
Is that you I feel when a kind word warms my heart,
Are you here when my feet feel the beat and dance?

Where are you little sister?
I see you in my dreams,
I hear your voice in a strangers throat, singing,
Do you know how beautiful you sounded?

Dear sister,
I know that you are here,
your energy pervades my life like a fiber of silk, 
pulling in and growing.

Thank you for the signs,
they are what keeps me going on the tough days,
and the people you have brought to my path,
so dear, so precious and so full of love.

Be well, dear sister.
You had a tough go, 
your mind left you no choice.
In the empty spot there are flowers now...dear one lets see them grow!

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 You showed me
 how outnumbered I was,
 how obligation interferes with beauty.
 I had nothing except Da Vinci and pigeons in the park,
 a place for your weary head on my painted lap.
 I was the brevity of your dreams,
 a love of life you only sustained when I was around.
 You left my garden on your fathers wishes,
 became a lawyer,
 a very busy person that anonymously purchased my art.
 You only breathed again when your very gifted banker left you to find himself.
 Visiting the old company gardens again, you found our heart
 engraved into a yellow wood tree,
 looked for me at exhibitions and art directories. I was gone.
 You showed me
 how outnumbered we were.
 I undressed every painting of mine that morning,
 saw the naked truth of inevitability that afternoon,
 dressed myself to look like them that evening.
 I lost you, art and the silly life of dreams the following months.
 It has been twelve years and I send you a link to a poem,
 one measly poem that opens up a warehouse of more.
 I missed you.

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The Visit

11:21 PM 9/27/01                         The Visit

I sit in splendor amongst the sun
Of an afternoon sky

I look below to see the stones
Skyward proud they stand

Some I know, most imagined
All the quieter now

Deer travel the fringes here
Off to the East a bit
Never to offend these resting souls
Passersby in life

In a moment of silence I sit......
How precious life can be

How voices no longer heard
Can resound within the soul
Lighten the sky in brilliance
Form clouds in shapes of love

Me in the afternoon sun
And you in my beating heart

A reflection of the day

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Protected Identity

He travelled. 
He walked down 
a new street 
with new people lining it. 

Songs of romance 
re-entered his mind. 
He even forgot his age, 
imagining himself much younger. 

With identity changed 
the past and the 
counts of years 
were muddled in his mind. 

All the things he 
couldn't have before 
now seemed within reach. 
He gave himself
permission to reach for new joys.
When the past is lost and
identity changes and 
life continues innocently day by day 

with the sun rising and setting 
and things not painful, 
it was more than tolerable, it was fun. 
Never mind the occassional frights 

that happened 
just to keep interest up. 
The meals were wonderful 
and he looked forward to them. 

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The Scholar

There in little tidings packed in ribbon,
among the oleander I set beside my notes,
she sung no as well as no can be said,
or sung, with wording I can never reproduce.
The parcel with its ribbon, an honest thing,
undoubtedly, did not know itself and its
long words, but me
am all creation from cell to symbol
obstructed by its very gaze, held a hand
I do not own, nor wish I did and said no,
sweetly as perfume haunts the fleeting scent of more.
No; no bell to toll, no Faerie land awaits,
the eglantine is paper thin and folded
in a page beside the oleander.
The tales, all Chaucer, Joyce, Dorsey,
Keats, swim with the shelved shore of mind for comfort
until, like all good eventuals
I am with her no, a bottomless no,
sent with ribbon and retracted lips.
Everything I feel can be summed up in words.

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tidal pool of days end

tidal pool of light
gathers round my feet as day evaporates
without sound it echoes in my minds eye
a thousand years breathed in a single moment
the weight of worlds falling within
the graceful collapse of a single feather touching
like tender kiss tumbling lost
like me
to the same battered wood floor
she once laid in such divine supplicant pose
bare to the golden light as i am now
and for a fleeting moment i share imagined space with
her presence
i can feel thunderstruck awe of her casual passing through this place
but as the tidal pool of days end dries
to the inky darkness
and the moment of perceived shared destiny's fades
i gather one last kiss to her soft hand
one last fare thee well
for one so loved and yet so lost
left behind all delusion
that i could deny you anything you desired
i forgive you for being the object of my affections
i forgive you for being the crux of my self illusion
i forgive you for being the thousand years i breathed in that moment
i say goodnight
because you are...
i kiss you goodnight
because you once were the...
tidal pool of golden warm light now gone

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Miniature Gardens Part 2: Memories

The flashback was like a revolving lantern to me, 
My hands shook because of the blood, 
My legs because of the cold. 
I wanted to hold onto those warm memories before they aged.

I don't remember how much I dreamed of you,
Dreaming of the cross of swords, hurt or hurting, or painting my heart with hatred,
As well as I've remembered with anger, but I can't forget your smile,
"When did I become so weak?" I think as I lay in the mud. 

To be honest, there was some sort of wall between us when we became allies, 
But that smile held the wall away, but we were too late, 
And when our alliance came to an end, the wall grew weaker,
 And I couldn't stand in front of it, this was fate. 

I tell you "Because it has ended," 
But you can't take that answer. 
"It was like a bright lantern, right?
Wasn't it enough for us to take the pressure?" 

I, the man, was shaking from her facial expressions, 
It showed all the hatred towards those precious memories that made us enemies, 
Yes, I were weak, and I admit, I wanted to tell you so badly,
I wasn't enough, I couldn't keep the memories. 

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At parties where embraces and kisses run wild,
and alcohol flows like rivers;
I see a girl unlike the one I am use to.
I rub my eyes is disbelief, I pinch myself, I am not dreaming,
it is my dream girl, my friend
high up on Cloud 9,
smiling and dizzy,
my heart turns pale and faint,
my head aches,
I cannot breath.
What is this... a hug and kiss
from another's embrace and dirty lips;
I cannot believe,
I cannot feel myself,
I am frozen in time,
and cannot move-
I am lost;
I feel betrayal.

I feel sick,
don't come near me( I am dead inside-)
with eyes flamed red,
and dazed points of view,
puffed eyes and a blank look,
fighting mixed emotions of cool and sorrow;
oh my eyes burn to see such disgust,
awful feelings I am feeling.
Sick! I am feeling Sick!
Betrayal, sick I am SICK!
don't come near,
stay there, and kiss those dirty lips you've enjoyed kissing for so long,
my heart is broken, and I feel betrayed.
I am done, I am done, done that is what I am... it is fine... I am fine,
it... is... done...


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what young kids dont understand

I was really young...8 I believe
it is an odd story to tell at such a time but Ifeel
as if people should hear would be nice to 
pull it out of my chest and slap it on paper.
I still remember her collapse...from an anneurism
if that is spelled right. anyway, we all heard the crash.
we all saw her lay on the floor. all saw the ambulance
all saw mom cry when she came home from the hospital.
we all saw the three days mom sat on edge. and suddenly
I heard nana scream. Iasked what the matter was later.
she heard the machines. she heard them beep and whirr
she said we have to go see grandma. 
my mom and nana were crying. grandma had passed on.
a rosy riveter and a strong catholic woman. 
my birthday was on a holiday she remembers well...
"this one is special." she said wen she saw me.
"I just know it." i remember asking mom later 
"mom? why wasn't grandma on the news? I 
I thought shed be on the news..."
my nom just hugged me close and cried.

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Sleep Now

Love now is such a hollow word…
It’s meaningless, cold; even absurd…
You look tired. Are you OK?
Looks like you’ve had a really bad day.
I dug you a nice, deep bed.
You probably need to rest with that nasty bruise on your head.
I know I did a million bad things…
But your indifference was really the same…
Well, take it easy. I hope you finally find your light…
I’ve got to run now before I miss my flight…

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Lead No More

You say you are a leader  but how many have you lead?
I guess they no longer follow for I see their love for you is dead.
What was in your head of thinking?
What I do not know.
But only you hold the answers to the stupidity you show.
You tried to mold me, but I'm the one you could not sculpt . 
So do what you can to cope because I've cut the end to our rope.
Do what you want, because I'll no longer be there and further more I no longer care.

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I want to be young now
Not after you die, I get to live 
When I am eighty and all the years behind me stare
into today with hungry eyes,
I will be too late for the northbound train

No not then, but now

I want to be young
when no wonder why a smile asks
but invites others to do the same and 
all frivolity is forgiven in the sun


I want to be young
where I look back not on my years lost but on you
where I live with love from a distance flown
and all my tomorrows carry me close
to dreams: realized 

- A. H. Sewell ©2015

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Twilight and soon,
a sliver of silver,
gliding, glistening,
will contrast the cimmerian.
I kneel, prayers said,
tears shed.
I hear a voice?
Is it yours?
No… Just echoes.
Oh! Great Thespian shores!
Mute and mime.
Merged are you with antiquity.
Wave upon wave,
Rendering the former to the past!
I shall join thy waters
Misty blue,
With tears of tempest
Stormy hue,
And chance again
Another day…

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Repitition, My Boy

When I think “next time I’ll”
And realize there will not be a next time,
A pressure pain twists my head a notch.
A mistake unfulfilled by repetitious learning.

A twinge says: if there is a next time,
You will err next time.
And if you err next time,
And you happen along the same path again,
Under mostly the same circumstances,

My Boy,
Then you will learn for good.

He continues:

But that’s the small lesson,
And so see it now.
Perhaps you repeat the mistake.

Think of the larger fracture
The event that lent your mistake.
Can you spot the break?

Point it on the print-out.
Were it an x-ray,
Would you worry malpractice?

You may get a call six-months time:
Misdiagnosis; there was no break.
Take off the smelly, itchy cast.
Hit the showers.
Soapy clean.

But in the amnesia,
Recall your other half.
Admit to guesswork.
Think how seldom you trust speculation.

The rational one
My Boy
Stroked it off easily this time.

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A small amount of Chaos

Will the erratic nature of my thoughts never be quelled?
Am I doomed to long for what I do?
Is this the outcome to never having what you want?
If it is...I suppose I should have expected as much
Nay, I knew what would happen
But I chose to accept it
To Endure It
The choice was mine alone
All of Them
For Better or Worse
They were made
I live with them
Being all I can Do
But...perhaps there is a possibility
Although, I know what it is a I am thinking
False Hope to keep my spirits up when they should not be

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Whats Mine

Opened heart, forgiving will, honest eyes...for what?
I stand here alone and confused.
Am I blind? I can't seem to differentiate truth from destructive lies.
I lost touch with my own spirt guide.
And I can't seem to conclude why..
Take a moment to see whats inside... that is mine.

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We can step through for AQ

We can step through you and I
And disappear into everything
there's a stream we can jump into 
ready to take us away

Outside of you and I
Really, in another world
Unable to speak to explain
The nothingness from where you came

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Moor Girl

Feral as leather
Sculptured as a scarab
Curved as a burnt twig

Asleep beyond the punishment
Each tress solid with peat
Flaxen as old corn

Perhaps you softly breathe with water
Under the door of the Moon
Still as the night is rain.

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In her eyes were friends,
In my eyes were better,
Lost in time, every second i'm with her.

Long talks walking down the street,
Brilliant blue eyes untouched by speech.

Timeless at times when all seemed right,
One simple smile could change the whole night.

What is this feeling, where nothing seems to right?
I thought it was working, i thought we were all right.

Nice talks turn into shy hellos,
beautiful smiles turned casual at most.

Broken inside,
Lost like a Ghost.

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What You Were

You were my rock, 
My solid place to land. 
Or so I thought. 
You were never really there, 
You ignored all my issues, 
You never truly cared. 
And, as wrong as it may seem,
You pushed me toward him, 
And him toward me. 
I suppose I should thank you, 
For showing me what's real, 
Though you hid your truths. 
You lied and deceived me, 
But, that's alright now. 
I had my share of deceit. 
Eighteen months were spent, 
And only ten well-lived.
Then, the love went dead. 
But, I'm not bitter or sad, 
because I've moved on now. 
There's better times to be had.

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Go Back To Her

Angel of mercy, kiss of death.
The misty reflection of your putrid guilty shame.
Knowledge is the dagger that will pierce her innocence.
You are a thief, a murderer, a selfish bastard.
Love became her rationality and trust her own enemy and you her abuser.
An ill conceived plan for a useless goal is a devils wish.
You held fragility in the palm of your hands while standing on uneven ground.
Tread with compassion.
Forgive yourself, let go, love unconditionally.
Sweet boy, you have been seen.
Behind your shadow lies a gently flowing spirit,
it is no wonder she was jaded.
Madness slips through your fingers like hot grains of sand.
My God, stop trying to coincide with the devil.

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When manic
Polar vortex

Mellifluous verse
As depression reversed

Darkness melodious
Nihilistic intelligence
Nocuous scribe

Demons of compulsion
And addiction
Haunt Storage
My will divide
My love denied
In desire.

Rejection injection

This time.


This scorn.  This Rhyme
An oversimplification
In elaborate diatribe.

The musings of a liar

Deponent in ire
Indignant inside


In toxic entrapment
Magical beginnings
Tragic endings
Are insipient



In a linguistic limit
In a New York minute
A Joke, A gimmick
Excuse the parts I despise
A doll indignant
Abuse in darts
Indifferent.  Love dies.
Gave up.  Barely tried.

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Endure sufferings to learn how to earn
Your futures. Do not dodge hard times,
Violence of all sorts: weaning, circumcision
Crutches, the farewell of the souls created
In couple, steps to manhood and success
Mind not. Partings bring pains but also bliss.
Needless to reject anything when to the
Master of Qalam you are totally submitted.
Keep the family knot, read and with all His
Attributes ask, seek help to firmly face your
Fate, greatly, and the races humbly.

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Wanted to touch you again
Your face
Your smile
Kiss your lips
Hold you close
Feel your softness

Fourteen years--
Took you away from me--

I held you close  
Limbs- frail
Face- radiant
Eyes deep dark 
And then nothing--

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Loss a terrible tragedy yet alive through memories
All though our days are numbered but the best thing is to accept
Be strong by embracing the time we spend with each other
Love, laughter and happiness they brought, faith and courage

It may seem so soon but it was meant to happen 
Loss you bring tears, pain, sorrows and emotions
Yet happiness by memories
Although is not easy to forget
But you ensure that we heal through time

Oh loss sometimes we hate you 
But at the end of the day you ensure that we move on
Bit by bit as you were meant to happen

Loss you come in many ways
But you make it hard by taking us, our loved ones early
Yet you have to due to nature and your time

Loss how I wish you can warn us
So we can be prepared yet you are unpredictable
Loss only if you can give us more time to cherish the time and moments
Although life goes on but our spirit, hearts are torn by you

Oh loss you are painful yet you put a smile on our face by remembering
We move on by carrying the spirit and special times we spend with them
Loss, loss

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When Ashes Burn

Grant me death from you, 
though corpse you drag. 
Bury me, and this, 
so good it does earth, tomorrow. 

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my sad love

I speak sadly of your love
your love is gone,so long gone
I walk away upon my little path that
stretches through the light
they say love comes and goes away.
I wonder if that's true
I think and ponder,what did I do wrong
what went wrong.
maybe I made mistakes I shouldn't have
the desperation of your love made feel
it feel like my heart has been shattered and
blended in a blender
what can I say,your is gone away
and gone it shall be..but I will never forget you

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Saudade the Portuguese word for something we miss
But we know we will never have
My heart is involved in a nostalgia cloud 
when the sky was thundering and rains washed the land

We were making love
To the sound of a thousand wars 
And the touch of your body and mind
Involved in this orgasm of feelings 

what treasures can man seek than love 
And the beauty of the moment 
when everything stops and you see with unclouded eyes
The true nature of love

I want you next to me tonight
Ooh I would give hundred years for one last night
Like a bird in a cage our love was 
I had to release you and let you reach the sky.

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Family Ties

Family Ties

Brothers should I leave you
And travel life for years without you
And should I never return to our home
Remember it was I who journeyed alone

And should the time in passing
Bring me memories of regret
Should the entire world forget?
To search for you when you are missing

And so ask yourselves why
Why should my brother be leaving?
And why for so long has he wandered solitary
Never returning

Brothers on some momentary day spent wishing  
Without recognition
By my side you where resting
And did not speak my name

And in all the land and cities seen
None of your faces have been
While our blood and our brotherhood meandered through foreign streets
Less than a thought away

And should I never greet you again
Before this departure had made its pact
Would you stand by my door?
Lest you be turned away

The cold trap of our families living
And the continuous undiscovered lie
It was
That kept my feet from turning

For so long and farewell you have lost me
And for more than years have you waited
This silent reminder beckoned to me
To remind me of you

“ It was in April of 91 that I first returned, after traveling and working abroad. My
knock on our old blue front door was not greeted with smiles, but with vexed and
unwelcoming eyes. On my back a rucksack, on my feet old worn boots. This was the last time
I saw our Father and these were his only words.” 

“You can’t stay here.” He even repeated it to make sure I had heard.
“You can’t stay here.”

“ I did not know it then, as I know now; of the filth he has fated and intended to my
life. Yet ever his fear of discovery built his lies for me. My last words to him were

“Do you see these boots?” I asked, “they are more than five years old and the most
comfortable boots I have ever worn. That’s a pretty good life for a pair of boots don’t
you think?” 

And with those boots and my rucksack on my back I walked away. Not for a moment did he ask
me to stay or offer a moments ease, a cup of tea, or inquire as to where I was heading.
There was no farewell as up the road and into a different life I went walking.

Brothers should I leave you 
And travel life for years without you
And should I never return to our home
Remember it was I who journeyed alone

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Your memories became forgotten 
pushed to the attic of my mind
left to hang 
along with the cobwebs in the rafters 
waiting to ensnare the unsuspecting (me)

Your touch left behind streaks of regrets 
along my windowsills
nothing but the blur of your unwashed mind
left to distort my vision 
with unclear intentions 

Your laughter that once flowed 
has now settled like dust 
no longer propelled through the air
it coats every inch
making breathing
and forgetting 

Your smile has rotten away
along with my fruit in the icebox
once sweet and inviting 
now filling the house with a putrid odor 
reacting to whatever poison this place possess 
that made us deteriorate as well 

Yet I never manage 
to clean out my filthy heart 
terrified that If I wipe away 
the last reminisce of you
a part of me 
might start rotting too 

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When that time comes

When that time comes

Written By Dean Masciarelli

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When that time comes

And my life here
has come to an end 

I do have one final 
request from
all of my loved ones

Who are still alive
and amongst the living

Carry my ashes onto 
a sail boat
and take me out to sea

And when you see 
the sun going down
and you can see the
moon on the horizon
and a lone seagull
that’s flying on its own

That’s when I would
like you to light 

A few candles in my name

And then sing me 
some farewell songs

In a location that is peaceful 
and serene and truly divine
And when you are finally 
singing your farewell songs

Say your final goodbyes
and a few prayers for me

And release all of my ashes
into the deep dark blue sea

So that I can rest peacefully
in a place where I truly belong

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Unseen Reality: Fruition

Unseen reality now slowly sets in
This reality never once crept pass their minds
Unseen reality now slowly sets in.
What is life? They ask.
They now sit on the cusp of homelessness
Unseen reality now slowly sets in.
Frantically, they try to understand to comprehend?
Unseen reality now slowly sets in.

What is life? They ask.
Uneen reality now slowly sets in.
Unseen Reality: Fruition?

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Sunrise Lost

The crescent beats a retreat,
To his burnish’d chamber of onyx and slate,
Slivers of orange grab a cobalt sky,
Like fingers in a palette of paint.
Silent whispers cross the skies,
A golden light shall bathe
The ebony trunks of eternity
And the green of forever more.
Flamboyant and decadent, the fiery seraph rises,
And tugs at the dreary cover of blank slumber.
There’s a noiseless yawn, the sentinel shall convey,
The truth of a live new day.
But the bodies that stretch and eyes that gaze
Care not for such lovelorn wonders.
They prowl behind glass dungeons and cadaverous devices,
Disbelieving, not achieving, blind and unaware.
The ochre king rules again,
His realm as far as one can see.
Love’s abound as I hold thy hand,
It’s a sunrise lost to the world but me. 

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My Wooden Home

The sun had just begun to melt away the teary eyes
Still coated with a fresh layer of salt
My piano stood as witness to my mummification
Pleading to sing the pages of my diary
The fresh scent of oils seeped into my skin, 
gnawing at my still reflection.
The peeking neighbors' curious eyes were too busy that Monday morning
To see through my open shades.

I stood in the midst of my memoirs and final notes,
Holding bottles of bittersweet candies
(that once left my niece heaving on my bedroom floor)
One bottle for my flattened tone, 
two more for my quivering hands; since,
apathy, at my state, seemed the better option. 

I thought of my mother's face
Eyebrows furrowed, lips pursed
Arms stiff with stubbornness, as she found my wrangled body
My father holding my limp bones in his arms 
smiling down at his "little girl"

I thought of the moonlit stones, 
Where my friends dressed in black veils and stood sheepishly in the corners
Faces downcast, fingers pointed at one another.
Those who never knew me selfishly conceived a history shared with splashed of mascara
While I lay in my new wooden home, 
Dressed in a Russian school-girl skirt,
neatly brushed pigtails, a corset to hide my folds,
and words I'd never have a chance to say. 

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Persephone; Empress of The Fall

Persephone; Empress of The Fall

They are living balustrades reaching out to incognito riddles
Hidden in the maze by branches arching with caresses
Where promiscuous light is falling gentle fingers to their pools
Tiny cloisters of remembering summers thriving as it passes

Pathways lead on arching in vaulted corridors
With the fluttering of their bright children
Commend their sleepy coloured carpet to the forest floors
Blessings for the Empress attending farewell songs for her season 

Her crown a catch of sun fall flows about embrocated head
Rusty red She glides bathed feet dancing on a fluid mist
With a lullaby of soothing drowsy to send tired roots to their quiet bed
The blue bell flash of eyes shine promises somnolent buds their cousins will not be missed

Through the colonnades and halls pervades a sentient peace
As age-ed as the stone ring set within the frosted glitter grass 
As creatures tuck their tails in the curls of winters invocation of sleep
This years tale of folklore is written by snowflakes as they pass

Persephone is wandering and in all her aspect changing
The enchanted incantations of palingenesis whispering kindly to the soil
Her memories of the verdant centuries in viridian awakening
And from her downy mossy pillow emerges with the blue bell

The farewell song is over it has gathered all to her protection
And the promise she lays at the ancient foundation of the forest feet
Her offering to their sunlight children who fed life’s diligent exultation
A salute to all the majesty of a single fallen leaf

( The falling leaf Persephone
  Her heaven in the canopy returns to the underworld
  Save in the Fall she is for a moment; free
  When all her beauty in multitudinous glory is beheld )

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Graduation Poem

Here we stand as a pride
Looking into each other’s eyes
As all the years go roaring by
We finally get to see where
We are

Coming from the bottom with our
Roar seeming small
But now here we are; standing tall

As we grow up big and strong
We have figured out 
Who we are
No longer going with the pack
But being your own leader
With a nice pat on your back

The beating of your heart
The smile on your face
Here we are lions and here we shall stay.

At first we were lost
But we have found our way
Here we are though
Spending our final