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Free Verse Dance Poems | Free Verse Poems About Dance

These Free Verse Dance poems are examples of Free Verse poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Free Verse Dance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Dragonflies Dancing

Sunlight sparkles on the shimmering pond
Its mirror like surface smooth as silk
Dragonflies dance across the water 
Performing aerial acrobatics like a circus in the air
Water dipping on a fairground ferris wheel 
Then plunging dramatically like a helicopter in freefall
Rising and falling skimming the water so gracefully
Transparent gossamar wings flapping in flight
Shimmering like a sapphire in the early morning sun
Dazzling me with your infinite beauty
Some summer days I wish I had wings
Seeing dragonflies’ dancing makes my heart sing

15th May 2014

Awarded 1st place in contest run by Judy Konos

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Dead Winter Stray~ By: Poet Destroyer

Nearby paces, Combatants lost under the cemetery walls,
“Blessed Men and Heavenly Remedy Women of Ages,”
Feelings of dance at the beginning of nightfall,
Scenery of fire, sadness passing this history page,
In that distant curve, somewhere nears the sundown stream.
Far away from the vision of mortal eyes,
A child plays as beautiful and pale like the sunrise.
She plays on the coast this beautiful but pale, sun raised child.
Pursuing nature, in a hushed angelic lucidity,
“In hushed angelic lucidity!”
Fragile fastened, to those adequate bones.
Profound deepness beneath the snow winder dust,
Below the memoirs of her floating vessel,
Reminisces of water drowning down rivers and streams,
A shattered female kneels in salvation.
An anvil so heavy it troubles the mind.
Lost in profoundness, in what might have been.
What was, for a moment in this period?
The grimness of her weak vessel dwells.
A lifeless winter strays around. 
An album so old and dusty,
A christening gown not ever embraced.
Infinite, the woman and pale child of sunrise,
Soften footfalls beating out the torments.
Countless nights seeing the day of unspoken headstones,
Feelings of dance will never rest this heartache.
Eternity, in a dance of unconditional need,
Their hearts unite as one...
A closing of mother and child…     
~BY: PD~

Dead Winter~ By: Catie Lindsey 

There walks Warriors in that graveyard,
Holy Men and Medicine Women of ages;
at night you can see their Spirits dance,
setting fire to history's pages.
In that far corner, up by the stream,
far from the eyes of publicity,
she plays on the shore, beautiful Raylene,
catching poly-wogs, in silent lucidity.
In silent lucidity.
Brittle now, those fine bones,
deep beneath the snow drifts of winter,
beneath the memories of her body afloat
down rivers and streams of Remember.
A broken woman kneels in prayer,
a heavy weight on a burdened mind,
somewhere deep in what could have been,
what was, for a moment in time.
The grayness of her frail body lingers,
in a dead winter of the unborn,
on page forty-nine in the family album,
in a baptismal gown never worn.
Together they dance,the woman and the child,
their soft footfalls pounding out the sorrows
of many days at a worn out headstone,
many dances to come, many tomorrows.
Together they dance, The Woman's Dance,
their hearts as one...
the woman and the child.
~By: Catie Lindsey~

(for Catie's: Re-write contest..) 

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Buttercups and laughter

She sings in soft tones,
her magic exists beyond the obvious.
Listen closely to her wanting,
She is wrapped in a trancendent light.

A dreamer,
chasing white rabbits.
Grasping for the infinite,
with delicate hands.

A moth, 
Dances within her luminosity.
Flying on yesterday's wings,
carrying smiles that are meant for tommorow.
Witness her as she waits to exhale.

A daisy chain,
tied around her wrist.
A future promise to be kept.
For within her spirit,
exists a burning passion! 
She awaits one who is worthy,
of her consuming flame

Although she is unaware,
hers is a temporary sadness.
Happiness flirts at the edge of her dreaming,
waiting for an open window.
His shadow hidden behind frosted glass.

Shades of green,
turn brilliant yellow!
Buttercups dance around her feet.
Her laughter floats across the meadow.
Happiness runs to her open arms.

Together they skip, to her apple tree.
For hers is a faith that trancends the temple.
Her spirit sought and found salvation.
He had been with her all along,
I can see it in her smile.
The rain has passed and sunshine resides in her eyes!

For Catie Lindsey's contest. 
I hope she sees beyond her shadows to her field of buttercups.

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On Watching Chinese Dances

Colorful ribbons follow the woman’s movements. I can almost see floating rainbows. Pale beauties unfurl ivory hued fans. I imagine swan wings fluttering. I chose both the ribbon dance and the fan dance for the Chinese New Year & Celebrations - Poetry Contest of Debbie Guzzi

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Ballroom Delights

At the Parisian Ball Wrapped in finest gowns of virgin-snow,sugar-rose and washed-out pistachio pastels The hour-glass shapes with tied narrow waists waltzed with gallant men togged up in midnight- dusk tails Victorian ladies in frilly petticoats and gossamer laces Swirled in their delicate silks Lifting their pretty faces to crystal candelabras to ceilings' baroque paintings and to the chattering sounds of the gathering crowds From the half-opened pantry door I listened to the music which played melodically all night In my simple black dress nude stockings,white apron and cap Solo I danced ,with the light of the moon which was glowing so bright My slender hips swayed in a flirtatious curve Wishing,Dreaming to get a glimpse of His world Through the mirror on the wall I saw him standing tall As he danced with his noble mademoiselle Through the mirror on the wall He saw me standing small He caught my reflection Young love and affection Yet,he kept standing there I swear I have seen it The wanting,the Feeling It was written all over his eyes He never got closer His princedom still holds her But I know I'm the one I am that little star which keeps falling so softly in his cold vacant skies
(Not for the contest- Inspired by Isaiah's contest Ballroom Delights and Beautiful poems I've read about this topic.)

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You and I make the rainbow

You and I make the rainbow!


You know dear why I love rain?

It washes away my soul's strain!

My hair fall free to go with the flow!

My face lights up, gets back its glow!

That's why I am letting me get wet!

I haven't got that dreamy feeling yet!

When water tickles under my feet!

Dribbling drops form a dance beat!

The breeze around asks me to fly!

Even if I know I couldn't, I still try!

I go into another world, while I'm here!

The sky that's so far, to me it gets near!

While I am afloat, under the cloud's gazebo!

Not the raindrops, you and I make rainbow!


Poetry by Dr. Asghar Nazeer (LinkedIn profile

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New Stars Are Formed

Strange colored skies climb northernly this night
Calling our future with wild deamons eyes
Abscure as the creatures who answer the call
Wild are the answers of the reasons and the faults
Certain as the well swept winds
Alluring in it's grasp fought negatively through single wins
I pray twords the skies and it curdles and swims
Thoughts twords the sun and it scorches my rims
Carry me far enough I can be within your sights
Stash us away and the sun will be bright
Motors may break but oceans will be light
I will stay on the coast and wait 
The award I will do is make the evening a minute late
Parched is the gulf as the single minute breaks
Great is the second docks a seperate mans gate

The Earths crust slowly begins to crumble
It quivers, then quakes, it slowly opens, the rivers break
A star is born somewhere, a beautiful new star
Great is the struggle, born from the heavens a small light it makes

The new star pulls, it turns, then it feeds and it's fuel it burns
Gently it orbits following all things it understands
The new star bends it dances it stands
Tancing outwardly as creations comprehend

A continient wavers as the new star binds its brand
It feeds off of our oceans as our tides wash in
It goes just as softly forward and back
As the rays of its placement barrow up to the sun
We watch very carefully because it's damages are already done

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I don't know and what if

I don't know
I don't know
I don't know
Let it sink in
I don't know the answer
I don't know who you are
I don't know myself
I don't know how to get there
I don't know her
I don't know you that well
I don't know the next step

I don't know the answer
Or maybe I do
What if I am pretending
What if not knowing is my way of controlling you
Not having to take responsibility
What if I just want to see what you know
What if I am practicing to become a politician
Or maybe it's true 
I don't know

I don't know who you are
I would like to
Really I would
What if we spent more time together
I think that would help
What if you opened up a bit more
What if I listened more
That's not always easy
I'm still trying to figure out myself
That's right
I don't know myself

There are times I think I do
When I think I have figured me out
What if I'm deluding myself
What if I can't handle the truth
What if I need some time alone, to figure it out
What if I don't know, how to get there from here

I could ask for directions
Then what kind of man would I be
What if it would be okay, to question myself
To be able to say 
I don't know
I don't have the answers
What if like you, I'm just trying to figure it out
What if, I know myself better than I think
What if it's my way, of protecting myself

When I was young
A girl said "I don't know you that well"
Still she wanted to be with me
Not because she wanted to know me better
It was a hunger we both felt
I don't know her anymore
I didn't know her then
What if I had said no
Had not gone down that road to losing myself
What if I had waited
Waited, till I knew myself
Just a little better
I don't know
And yes sometimes I do
What if "I don't know" is the excuse I used
To do the things
I wanted to do
What if by saying, "I don't know the next step"
I wasn't responsible
I didn't have to take the blame
I could have waited
But I didn't want to

I don't know
I don't know
What if
I did
What if I do
I don't know
What if 
What if it's all nothing but a game
I don't know
Still round and round I go
What if
I stopped
I don't know
I just don't know!

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Magic Words The Libertine Called Passion

The libertine flails his torches
Burning staffs in his hands aglow
Golden sparks from the kindle beseech you
To dance on flames that he throws
For he is a man they call Passion
No soul has escaped what he's sowed

Good bye to innocence
Only embers are left where he's roamed
Good bye to innocence 
We all dance on the coals he calls love.

He is the thief we call Ardor
He spins plumes of turquoise and gold
Challengers fall, all are smitten
By warm sultry nights and moon glow
Behind his mask love is yearning
To break free of seductions steel glove

Good bye to innocence
His restraints bind us coarsely entombed
Good bye to innocence
We will dance on the ruins he calls love .

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Nature's Dance

Through a rose petal forest,
The Spring wind sings
A luscious symphony
Of sighs and whispers.
Light and shadow dance 
Cheek to cheek
To the music of the boughs
Beneath a prismatic honey moon.
Nature's kaleidoscopic dress
Flows and swirls in chittering delight.
Leaves rustling, branches tussling,
In an ancient dance of mirth.

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                Who says the broken
            won’t still dance in the rain?
      From the sky spills sweet champagne…

                  Arms wide spread 
             Warm drops on your face
                    Laugh out loud …
               and dash the puddles!
       Put on your boots and splash them!
            Like a child, just crash them!

                   Excise the tears….
               embrace the out pour
            Feel the sting on your skin
          (more alive than ever before)

       Gambol in a silver shimmer 
                Fits of giggles in the drizzle

         Misty showers springing flowers
          as the spate will hide the pain
        Guileless merriment like a child
           ingenuous ballet in the rain…

               Prisms of light 
                           shaded pink 
                Glimmers in the water
     Reflecting physiognomies of the past
                 Incandescent spirits
          Luminescent white essence
                Elan Vitals replenish
             Inside of Mother Earth

                In a cycle of recycle

                 Beneath the canopy
                 of celestial powers
             Sway with the 

              Undulate with the 

                 Hearken…the chime
                  of natures breeze

           Soul enlightened
                       Senses heightened 
                               Anew and brightened

         From the sky falls sweet champagne….
       Embrace your life and just dance in the rain....

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Stopping the Dance

As quiet blackness deepened
I lay awake my heart in check,
The cool night wind blew
And welcome silence grew…

Unanticipated music exploded
Roused me from bed rest, 
I tiptoed to its source:
Dark sounds from downstairs, 
Nearer, higher, and louder 
Till it reached the hallway.
He grasped my hand, 
Whirled it to turn me twice, 
Held me close, went on trotting steps
Slow, quick, quick; slow, quick, quick;
Slow, slow, quick, quick...
He never gets tired, he liked the dance.
He led; I followed - his greatest joy;
In perfect timing to his bidding, 
I swayed wherever he flung me,
His steps were full of variation – 
He liked it that way;
While I only had one reaction – 
Receive his urgings.
Perfect dance he'd always say because 
It is with such ease when partner is open
That controlled movement is played.
Ungraceful dance I never liked, 
But all this time it kept me alive:
His music and diverse steps I sought
And to it I humbly swayed.
Tonight I let him led again, 
Just like the other days and nights.
The darkness of the night was strained, 
It was only the curtains that were swaying, 
To the night breeze with grace,
Stark of light peeped out from the room,
My hands and feet went frozen like ice,
I heard a different tune within, sad, weary,
But slowly roused with excitement
And anger underneath... Heated me up
Ablaze, my eyes red-stained -
He held me closer to him, and I -
Pulled myself too tight to him
He was pleased I saw it in his sated eyes 
As I meekly submitted… for the last time.

We did slow, quick, quick steps for a two 
Or more and then he let me go; I trotted
Far away from him then back to him
Without his behest, and out of rhythm
His steps were outside our dance floor…
Down the stairs...In open position he lay there, 
In his face I saw his dance - the macabre 
dance - I never liked at all. His eyes dazed –
He had his final dance with me after all. 


The night was cold, yet I felt warm, and the music gone,
The curtains stopped swaying at the night winds’ prodding.


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Dancing with Joan Jett

Dancing with Joan Jett
Dancing close with Joan Jett is so wild, it’s 1989 and we go head to head. I’m the teen kid by the juke box and she is my wet dream in black leather, one foot in front of me. Pure bloody ecstasy. Garage music blares out of the speakers and we spin around, my arm catching her waist. Closer we draw; a kiss. First of many. 
Joan and Nick. Who would have thought it? Rock n roll music heroine meets a Lancashire lad in an intimate spit and sawdust gig venue in a nameless town. It happened, was happening now. 25 July 1989. A day before I was eighteen. 
By chance I got her gig ticket, last minute rush. Left my crap job and mental northern town and took the train to see Her, Joan Jett. My teen rock goddess singing live. How many guys wanted a piece of her? And a few gals too. Black leather, boots and an awfully short skirt...
And that black hair. Joan looked like a Goth. Her music wasn’t as dark and was more accessible. Darkness would come later, lots of it. 
For now, I danced close with Joan Jett. My head in her hair, eyes shut. Holding her like there was no tomorrow. Another kiss and I was smitten. No one would ever believe me, if I told them: ‘Hey, I danced close with Joan Jett. And we kissed...’
Never mind what happened later... that’s our secret. Yes I still do love her, am in love... 
...with Joan Jett.

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Picture Perfect

(Gentle Summer Rain)

Listen to:
light pouring silver gray
enriched thoughts fall from the sky
complete path towards-
Blissful, Delighting Peace
small ceremonial rain dance.

Gentle therapeutic rain
on a warm summer day.
falls of heaven on my skin 
lovely healing memory
smiling tears 
embracing promise land
means of escaping
utopia in a cloud
light mist paints the Earth

"Drizzling summer rays"
Swimming in sunshine, rain.


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The Ceiling Fan

Like fallen warriors, 
we collapse side by side, 
glistening in the sweaty afterglow.  

Limbs still entangled, 
too exhausted to sing the other’s praise,
we stare at the blades of the bedroom fan 
slowly circling above.

A lone, 
satisfying sigh 
escapes in between your deep, 
cleansing breathes.

Your smile 
reflects in the brass, ball base 
of the rotating fan.
I smile in return,
unable to rescue my gaze 
from the fan 
cooling off our steaming bodies.

your right hand moves; 
fingers entangle with those on my left.  
I still taste you on my lips.

I silently laugh to myself 
upon the realization that I still have one sock on;
the other dangling on the end of a fan blade.  

The remainder of our clothes 
strewn around the room 
as if the hamper had exploded.  
Your brassiere 
ruined when I removed it 
with my teeth.

Beads of sweat roll down my thigh 
where our legs remain interlocked – 
I love the smooth contrast of your skin 
against my sun dried legs.  

The ever so slight breeze 
created by the fan 
is starting to dry our exposed skin 
as we slowly regain strength.

The circling blades hypnotize.  
The subtle, 
rhythmic hum 
from the fan motor 
mixes with the recent memory 
of the rhythmic dance 
just concluded.  

Your hand, 
now lightly brushing against me, 
is re-energizing my engine.  

involuntary movements 
near your finger tips
indicate our dance may not yet be over.

I blink 
to interrupt my transfixed, 
mesmerized relationship 
with the ceiling fan, 
so I can once again 
concentrate on you.

Energy restored – 
as if pumped back into our souls 
by the bedroom fan –
the warriors re-engage 
in battle once again.  

A battle in which 
each warrior wins. 

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We Danced in the Kitchen

Hearts mangled by grief
Lost in separate mazes
Cooking a half-hearted meal
A turn of the head, a quick glance
Trembling hands reach out...
Right hand in left, a gentle waltz
to sweet soul sounds on the radio
We danced in the kitchen

Then hold-your-baby-so-tight
Swaying to Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
'If you don't know me by now'...
Tear-soaked necks and shoulders
Melting into each other
Melting and blending into one
We danced in the kitchen

Oh how we danced
How we danced to the moon
How we danced to the dawn
How we danced in the kitchen

Sweet Jesus let it be so
Let it be so again
Let the music play on
Let us dance one last song
Let us waltz one last waltz
Let us dance in the kitchen

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Fairy Dust, Upon the Rose

It happens while the world is sleeping They tiptoe in from hide and seeking They yawn and stretch and wash their faces And welcome dawn with morning graces Upon each blooming garden rose A gleaming speck will splash and splatter Sprinkled droplets, rainbow blue Tossed about from tiny shoulders Upon the petal's velvet hue They dance upon the luscious grass Wearing fragile tiny slippers With twirling, dancing feet of glass Each pirouette is choreographed And sprinkle dots of magic glitter On gossamer wings, they will arrive To music of the sunrise The fairies dance in crystal shoes To surprise the day with sparkles bright With showers bright of morning dew

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She twirls alone on the floor as ambient songs fling with the wisp of mambo notes… this older lady with sequins on her hair— luminescent arms quite fluid-- ruffles around like a moth in a trance; her glow dark and brewed by some potion: flamed toes pivoting on embers of heat and glazed stones. There I am, inhabiting her freestyle grooves as my body moves toward her like burnt sting. And we pulsate without a compass, reeling our strides higher than anklets of evening… and we dance, we dance while our bones make love with the moon, climbing into the pole of beats until glitters in our eyes meet with kohl of dusk’s thrist hiding nothing. I twist evermore past a cotillion of meteors Spreading plumes across unknown rhythm; A mad swivel with myself, thrilling my essence In a hanging motion of a dip…I find myself alone on the floor; my hem gathering night’s stardust. And the lady gazes at me from afar, she smiles, then disappears. Dancing With Contest Sponsor: Giorgo V. by nette onclaud

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Groundswell Girl - Named by JB

Enter a storybook tale
Where I can be 
The heroine you hail
Lucid dreams of soft reflection
A touch heated with lust and desired protection
A breathe a gasp as we succeed 
Join the fairytale with me
Valiant night within dark eyes
the right movement and I make them shine
like moonlight on the steamy hot spring
care to follow for a little dip with me
Trailing like the water at my fingertips
Grasp me around my hips
As close as the breeze on my skin 
Whisper lies as I let you in 
Lips mumbling up my thighs
bare heart exposed to the sky 
fire burning in my veins
Am I a mistress of this lust or simply a slave
Trembling with desire
Take me till we've lost count of the hours
enter this storybook tale
Where I can be the heroine you hail

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Dance With Me

Sway, sway so soft
Back and forth swaying
near motionless
holding on so tight
blending, merging
melting together
rocking your baby doll
to sweet silver blue...

Now gliding, waltzing
Cajun waltzing
Jolie Blon waltzing
so smooth, so elegant
so easy and tuned in like
skating on ice...

Slow-shag shuffle
Beach sounds on the juke box
barefoot on a sandy floor
Platters, Drifters, Temptations
Intricate, delicate movement
Shuffle to the seagull's call
to the warm gulf breeze
to the pounding rhythm of the sea...

Now shake it, shake a tail-feather
bend over let me see you
shake a tail feather
sweaty, salty, sexy shaking
C'mon baby shake it on down
shake it on down with me...

Last verse based on the song: 'Shake a Tail-Feather' by James & Bobby Purify

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Howling Wolf

The feeling of your touch 
I know it in the brush of the wind
The heat of the sun
Sweeping down on my skin
A reasurrace of a hand on my shoulder
A tear wiped away
As it fell from the sky
I know much about you
Like your cowboys and indians
And the nights we would dance
a pow wow in the night lights
stars abrasive against our hearts
rubbing off the smudge and dirt 
To say im proud would be an understatement
Our heritage may lie beneath the pavement 
But in our hearts and in our words
The feathers still fly
Howling wolf, and I

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Sway - For the Adult Mind

You must learn self control
Because if your heart Continues
To beat obnoxiously
when you imagine
My pink lips softly parting and calling your name
Or when you close your eyes
And dream of the way my hips sway
Thinking of the curves between my shoulders and my thighs
And that when you twine your fingers in my hair 
My body will quiver and my voice will sigh
If your heart becomes erratic
When you dream of the smoothness of my skin 
And the dimples that exist on my hips and my back
The supple curve that your fingers wish to grasp 
Thinking of the nectar that like a drug you crave 
And of the way your hands would lay
and the way I might taste
If your heart pounds wildly 
When you dream of a kiss 
Or the way our bodies might fit
Laying on the silkiness of sheets 
Breathing my name like you've never tasted oxygen 
when you imagine the heat 
I might bring to your skin 
And the way you could change 
What I feel within 
Like I've never before felt sensation 
if you heart wont behave 
Then you might go crazy 
Wanting me like you never knew 
the meaning of want before
Convincing yourself your in love
Dreaming of a lust so outrageous 
That meer thoughts can make 
Your heart pound away
Imagining the way my hips sway

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The Night of the Dance

The memory, of old, returns again
and tiptoes in like summer rain.....
If I close my eyes, I can feel the night
that wraps me close, beneath the stars

There were sounds of laughter all around
And crowds were milling all about
A saxophone was softly speaking
and Sinatra's voice was crooning, ...pleasing

For with a midnight tolling near
One by one, they drifted home...
Just a few of us, to dance the floor
All sense of time had halted course...

With shoes kicked off, and jackets hung
We couldn't bear the evening's end
Cheek to cheek with you that night
The last sweet dance would soon begin

The music stopped, but we did not
We couldn't break our tight embrace
We couldn't tear ourselves apart
And while we danced in pale moonlight
Our eyes were closed, you kissed my face
This was our own, enchanted place

You held me close, we danced alone
The night was ours to keep....our own
Though not a sound at all we heard
The lonely saxophone droned a tune
The record of Old Blue Eyes crooned
The music had no end

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Lights in the Distance

    Sitting here in my apartment
listening to the Mets game on the radio 
   Looking out my window 
seeing the lights from a 
  nearby building 
   How many lives are being 
acted out 
      Here in the vast metropolis
How many romances, how many 
Are taking place behind
   the lights 
Imagination can go only so far 
    Reality can out pace it anytime 
City Dwellers feel the 
    excitement(and the angst)
           which the asphalt 
homeland is famous for
  Life is a funny thing
Our concerns are a small 
     thing in the vastness 
of the cosmos
But millions of city lives 
    create indelible patterns
Which become the soul 
of the city 
The young, the old, the male, the female
   all participate 
   In the dance of the 
   This dance of civilization 
   Which continues 
despite sorrow and regret
    This dance cof urban life 
revives the many hope-filled 
  In the concrete 
canyons of New York City


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Hidden Key

We dream with eyes open
Manipulators of time and space

Masters of imaginary universes

Nothing is beyond our reach
Pen in hand
Heart allowed to flow free
Words the oxygen we breath

Philosophers of our day
Pointing the way
Wishing to be heard
Will others see beyond the words
To where the wisdom lay
We all have our roles to play

So yes we dream
With our open eyes
Hoping others realize
We don't wish to disguise 
Yet sometimes hearts lie

If you look underneath
The metophor
You will find a key to the hidden door
In the end
Thats all we are asking for

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Promenade    and step!
He as Romeo    she as Juliet
Whirled about wildly in the dance
Met they both – just bumping – by chance

Promenade    and step!
Look away without fear
At she ‘neath white mask
Would she dance with him    dare he ask?

On suffocating, noisy crowd!
Each with secrets
Each yearning    
Protected as by shroud

Promenade    and step!
Music so lively
Champagne and wine
Drunken dance    three quarter time

No telling saintly from infamous
Nor telling dark from light
Careless dancers
Candles so bright

Promenade    and step!
Bold  and free from alarm
Costume and voice their only charms
Two now met in each other’s arms


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Blue Dancer

Mysterious blue dancer
Not dancing for fame 
But just to claim a name
Dancing through the dark shadows 
That lie upon the earth 
Prepared for the dance ahead 
Not knowing which way they may fall
Gliding across the ground 
Like leaves blowing in the wind 
The way they spin is like a small tornado
Mixed with the north and south winds
As the dance comes to an end
So does the world its self

inspired by the picture poem contest

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Dance Concert

Ankle wrapped, lipstick gleams
Music is heard in the backbeats of faint rhythms
This is just me, and myself

There are people           there             Lollypop prima donnas
Modern dance bare feet rebelrinas, SpicySalsa Latina Coke Bottles
Loud and HERE hip-hop mamas

Shadows, backstage
Just me, and myself, here

Girls surround the mirror, preening like ugly hens for a rooster
That only sees himself
Lycra glittering tightly stretched, no imperfections allowed In these bodies, 
messing up is no longer an option, it never was a option

Just look at the pretty picture they are painting
Dancing, speaking without voices of their own
poetry in motion, they call it
"I just want them to look at me", she says.
Right.. go ahead and dance to the beat of everyone else

Feet fretfully practicing [Fake]French with an American accent
                           Jeté, pas, Chaîné
S'il vous plaît danser votre coeur hors
In Attitude

                                                                                                   Get It Shawty

This is the very last time

Just me, and myself
Lost in whispers of melodies, movement strains and scents of
Righting lefts, lefting wrongs, up and downs to my
very own song
Stage right, upper wing,
                                      Open up the Curtains
                                                                      Cue and a one, two, three
Spotlight     flashes in the eyes to hide all cynical opinions, judgments are blinded

this is my stage, don’t lie to me, this is my stage
There are no lies here

Four, five, six, seven, eight, and a

And All I Wanna Do
Is just slip away
Into my own

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a Snowflake passed this way re write

Fragile is the mind
That has lost a friend
Fragile too is the snowflake
Seeking sanctuary on my window sill
Both are anonymous to the world

Fragile is the dreamer
Who knows the snowflake well?
Pure as an angels tear
Complex as the heavens above

For Within its crystal, there is a mirror
Where footprints lead me down 
A snowy lover’s lane
To that first kiss

Oblivious to winter’s chill
She held my dreams
Warmed my passion
And whispered the words
That only lovers can hear.

And in the virgin snow
I proclaimed to the night
I love you
As the snow melted into tears upon her face

Fragile was the time we were given
And fragile is the youth 
That remembers the girl
That loved him so tender
in the cold of yesterday

Fragile are the Angels
 that dance for love
In snowflake dresses
Swirling their magic
Ever knowing that spring 
Would chase their dance away

Fragile is the life
Searching for answers
Sharing a snowflakes fate
Brothers of nature
Beautiful and Unique

Born to melt away
In the heat of time
For it is an honour to know a life that others did not
A memory born special to me

Fragile too are we who love this life
Whose lives are touched by those we meet
Who gather the things that make us complete
Friends and Snowflake memories
My happiness in this fragile life

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Forever Masquerade

She comes to me impalpable.
A courtesan of crimson red dreams.
Her words fall from her lips in ethereal melodies.
Pulling my twine to seal the seams.
The nature of her existence,
Whispering along the hue of my suspended form.
Her voice becomes substantial to my eyes.
She recreates images of a thunderstorm.
Lightning cracked as she portrayed,
A landscape engulfed by dark clouds with no rain.
Beneath the canopy people danced a masquerade.
The music played on as they stepped their sin.
Entering among them, a mask upon my face,
An aching search ebbing within.
There through the crowd soft brown eyes met my gaze.
She swam through the dancing sea taking my hand.
We began to merge our steps; souls ablaze.
There adrift the violin of the forgotten land.
The reason for our creation became known.
As we held each other in such a caring way.
Something between us had secretly grown.
We would remain dancing together. Forever and a day.

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Oh, she's the sharp edges

She decides, 
it is set;
her eyes 
and answer.
one higher 
than the other,
pelvis in-to 
a shallow c-shape,
rhythmic movements 
like breathing,
more gliding 
than walking;
a slight touch, 
a slow turn 
to the right,
slender fingers 
the air of 
her body
his space -
her seduction dance.

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Moving together
Bodies touching, without any space to breath
Feelings of desire, passion, jealousy
A story told through dancing
He sees her, wants her
She sees him wants him
They want each other
They move together, bodies touching
Feelings of desire corse through their viens
Back and Forth
To music of sexual emotions
The music becomes more intense
Their feelings of desire develop into feelings of passion
Passion for each other
Passion for the music
Passion for the dance
The music changes
So do their feelings 
Jealousy takes over
They still want to be in each others arms
But can't stand the deceit
She cheated, she betrayed him
The dance comes to an end
The jealousy took over 
He couldn't take it
She falls
The dance is over.

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A Dance In Paradise

A Dance In Paradise
As soft light night summer sings a sanctuary of stars to girdle the moon
the wine of your smile is full of elixir
sung on darkness tunes
I will stand then amidst silent sentinels of stone
camouflaged by Cerrunos in his green delicate Earth
basking in memories of your beauty and your love
Inside these cool air let spaces hovering mid  bough of ambience and hill
I will breath the fervor of my kisses holding the soft close haven of you
As stars and moon vie in friendship for brightness
their flower of creation adds only to the lightness
of the soothing in my soul
Sweet child of riddles 
Unsheathed Wicca woman of dusk
the night only announces this richness you have created
here in my enamored heart
Being with you is the closest I will come to a dance in paradise

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Dance through Dark days

We danced like this
A fit of madness,  twirling around
round as the beat drowned

  drowned out sounds of outside melodies
unwanted tunes, I danced with you
black dress of luxurious lace swept low
Encasing legs perfectly porcelain
Fanciful footwork-I led you-you led me
 In this symbiotic synchronicity

The light cast down illuminate
  a striking angle of your face
smiling, a twirl, hands in mine
around the floor, intertwined
hands in mine

A room looked notice, no matter
Removed from their critique
 judgement, opinion.......all words of others
They mingled into sounds of nothing
  noise lost in our self-made song
Eyes locked to speak all unsaid
I kissed your pouted lips instead
our steps never un synched.......

We waltzed on as the night made dawn
The floor beneath was then sand
The ceiling now you and I
The makers of noise, a memory to forget
  Just an inner existence of two

Each day we dance this way
Making song and venue all the same
Taking turns at leading step
For which of us hears the music
Will lead the other in a dance through it.....

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Color Your Zebra Stripes

The dreams are the ones who enjoy our lives
So jump of the cliff and denounce your ride
Never look back, for single fly
Or to the unpredictable sky

Don’t let the thunder announce your demur  
Shine to the future on your dry hands
Color your zebra stripes
Dace to the narrated smile of a wrinkled woman electing to part
To me all of us are fools
We are just ponies on a stride 
There is no one who can empathize 

We are in that simple transaction of life
Yet the one who will define our lives
Birds, follow your dreams
Climb the tallest wall, otherwise tear Berlin down
Stay close to your own footsteps
It will turn your predicted past

Put away your dolls, but keep them
They will soon rise to the light
Let the green surround you, and enrich you with its forceful gist 
Sit back, but don’t unwind 
It’s what we do now that will define our drive 

Drive far away and write your path
The footsteps on the sand are the letters of your own book
The remains of your friendships are grips of your dance 
Don’t be afraid of loosing a gasp of air
Keep hope on your save box and throw away the lock  
Let it drown to the bottom of the ocean, 
Let the wind take you by
Far, far, far …

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She walked along the stage
Looking at him
And him
And him
With her deadened eyes
He looked back at her
Every one of him
And fantasized
Perky breasts
Milk white thighs
He felt
What was familiar

Music played
She felt the moments press
Removed her dress
He screamed
He whistled
He wanted more not less

Five dollar bills
Tossed at her feet
More from him
And him
She started to feel the beat
Moving through her like a wave
Was she the master?
Him the slave?
She her money
Him left to crave
Dreaming of the place she closely shaves

The music stops
She puts back on her clothes
Looks at him
And him
And him
The ones she loathes
Hates who she is
Her stage name Rose
Takes a bow strikes a pose
Her act is done so off she goes

Wondering about next time
How many of him will there be?
Each with that hunger
It's not her they will see
Wanting pleasure
Yet inside empty
As long as they come
She will never be free?
Each practiced move
Her high heel misery!

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Thick And Heavy

                       The fog lies like a thick blanket over my city
                         It is gray, damp and heavy to breathe in
                         Grey and wet ..... gives me a headache
                     Morning turns to night, without any difference
                         I have to get the light and the sun back
                                 Neither cat or dog will go out
                                  I've heard about rain dance
                           Now I would like to take a sun dance
                              Will you join with me in my dance

A-L  Andresen :)

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songs from the woods

            walking silently with the spirits of the woods 
             the stunning acquaintance of a snowy Owl
             Hearing songs from many around yet not seen or found
             careful your crossing a coral snake or copperhead
             preparing to wave all rights to see beauty to live
             one piercing bite from the red and yellow snake 
             deadly shy snake sudden death may await your fate

             stillness and earth is touched with Cherokee blood 
             many tribes with sage and fires dances the brave
             you see the wild mustangs ride and deer in mind
             the squirrels the rabbits and wolves you hear
              the woods once a many land to explore
              becomes extinct with Mans desire to build more
              how much can we take before it is gone forever

              entered  " in the woods contest "

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it is to dance

To dance one must feel the beat
Light works like Einstein said
And like Plank said
And like Tommie Young said
All one has to do is go with the flow
Take a light particle (billiard ball, photon or whatever)
go from a to b at light speed
The path taken is proportionate to the amount of energy
The less energy the straighter the path
Hence the lower the frequency
mass is directly relative to energy
Density is relative to frequency
ie lead has more energy wave frequency than hydrogen

on the thinking photon
if one hole is open the other billiard ball isn't on the table
So the pocket doesn't get the ball
open the other hole and the complimentary billiard ball
has to put itself in line to billiard into its pocket
Music is necessary to dance
frequency is necessary to energy and music
and quantum physics and existence 
But that's life and
What's life without music
To dance one must feel the beat

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As the tempo lifts unto a spotlight releasing a pulsed dangle where limbs, arms, and hips gyrate on flamed waves of a lambent dance: skirts mounting through Chicago musical’s tones… and like splashed paint, each raced jiggle turns vaudeville into fireworks of air-brushed strokes illuminating the arena with raw movement as every tap enters a kinesthetic pore; while I, between suctioned gasps, quiver inside my belly…intoxicated! Rick Parise's Ekphrasis Contest My Muse is the Performing Arts

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The Storm

And the storm calls to me in ways you'll never understand
A gentle call that urges my soul forth
The lighting guiding a path for my feet to walk
Between the stones and ash of all that once was
I stand in the echoing silence of the rain 
It drops down upon my skin like the blessing waters of heaven
Soothing me, lifting the weight from my body 
I feel at once as if I am home
Standing amid two dimensions 
Caught between two skies - here and there
The night wraping around me in warmth
The gentle wind lifting me off my feet
Drops from the clouded moon washing away my body
and I am left just a soul, an essence 
The storm calls me forth from beneath my roof
Beckoning me into its depth 
I stand among the reeds in the basin 
They dance and sway as if welcoming me
And I sway with them back 
Caught up in the power that charges the air
That threatens to sweep me away 
If the ground will just loosen its hold
The thunder rumbles a low welcoming growl
And I get pleasently lost within it
I am so small compared to its vastness
I close my eyes and succumb to the skies wishes
Rising higher until my feet no longer touch the ground 
My fingertips touch the liquid color of the stars
A sigh drifts from my lips
There is no need of thought to stay afloat
There is no demand to breathe in air
No crushing weight upon my chest
As my lungs struggle to survive
There are no struggles here
I make my bed on blackened clouds
And give in to the call
The storm has claimed me as its own 
It was such a struggle to stay upon the ground
When the storm would call me home

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I am shy

I get nervous in front of crowds
my first words are usually shaky
I can stand straight but take a few steps 
in a direction corresponding with that awkward moment
you realize
everyone is listening, interpreting, judging, sympathizing
just trying to understand
the first time I gave a speech was 6th grade
the teacher said its hard speaking in front of a class
who wants to try?
I got brave and took the spotlight
only to find I was blinded
and at a loss for words
show and tell was stress
I ate my silence
I just want to connect, on a grande scale
fast, quick, and easy
The only speaking that mattered 
was my great grand mothers funeral
I was the oldest of a generation
I spent a while getting my thoughts down
what I said lasted only a few minutes
the words echo in my head
have been
and probably will till death
I want to lead a group into chaos
get everyone to dance
become wild creatures fleeting on our fairest fancies
seek joy and fearlessly love
express in a healthy way
be aware
I'm just trying to connect
I am shy

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Dancing under the stars on an August Saturday night

There was a party tonight 
here in the park where I live;
a three piece band played 
mostly oldies from the fifties. 
Some couples danced 
and that was fun to watch. 

I even got up and joined the chorus line 
of single women, movin' their moves
and struttin' their stuff,
after a glass and a half of 
my favorite vintage Cabernet,
and after reliving a very brief moment 
from at least one past life 
as a belly dancer, for the old guys 
who were egging me on...

One couple, maybe in their 80's, 
danced like two people 
who have danced together all their lives. 
One could imagine that their dance 
portrayed their life together,
honoring each other's individual movement while 
combining them to create a third rhythm 
and a dance all its own. 

Neither of them alone 
would have been nearly as captivating 
as the two of them 
were together. 
Have you ever noticed that? 

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Grandma Was Dancing

She was a tappin' to the tunes...
of those Mississippi blues...
step-pin' out, in her white...
Pat-en-leather shoes,

We were a watchin' her a prancin',
all through the kitchen, dancin'...
for she was & sizzlin'...
hummin' to those Mississippi tunes...

Funny curlers too, upon...
her head...for a new... Hair dew,...
she was, a swirlin'-in that bakers apron,
when her a bobbin' to...
those Mississip-pi blues,

'Pots were a knockin'...
Grandma a sockin' down all she brews,
while that kettle there was whistlin',
in har-mo-ny, with them good ole...
good ole...mississip-pi moves,'

That floor there, was a bouncin'
holdin' hands we were a jumpin',
an-a hoppin' In the kitchen, to those...
                  sounds ...
Where Grandma's feet were a stompin',
In her new...New-white-sexy-pat-en-
(ya hoo)

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Dance culture of Malaysia

The candle dance is fascinating with  lighted candles on dishes
held in hands with bodies moving and curving to the musical wishes
Silat is another dance with martial art movements to the beat
of drums and gongs causing the dancer to feel the heat
Then the dance Datun Julud is telling a story as you elegantly glide
The most famous dance of all which is renowned worldwide
is the Lion Dance danced at the time of the Chinese New Year 
bringing good fortune and resistance to evil is perfectly clear

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Princess Waltz

                                     An enchanting little princess,
            in her beautiful red velvet dress embroidered with gold trim, 
                 forming designs of vines full of  leaves  an mistletoe,
         she wears her red patent shoes with gold buckles to match her dress,
         and a red velvet ribbon weaved in her long braided black shinny hair
                                          tied in a bow at the end 

                     She hears music of  The Kaiser-Walzer  in her head
    And waltz  to the music with an imaginary friend in the ballroom of the castle
     Around the dance floor, she moves to the tempo, with slow glides and turns
  With a dance of graceful and elegant long flowing movement that she never tires of
                    With her imaginary friend to the music of Kaiser-Walzer

By Eve Roper 11/23/2014

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We sing the same song

We sing the same song
We dance to the same rhythm
We clap to the same rhythm

We sing the same song
You may come to sing with us
And dance to the same rhythm
And clap to the same rhythm

We sing the same song
Do not come to sour our sweet music
with an unrythmic singing,
dance and clapping

We sing the same song
Do not come to spoil our music
Do not come to wipe our tears of joy
We can’t help losing out in laughter

We clap to the same rhythm
We dance to the same rhythm
We sing the same song………  

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Ballroom Delights Waltz With My Prince

    Elegant intoxicating ballroom, with polished marble floor, archways lining the walls rising to the ceiling in Mahoney trim, candle holders with lit candles between each arch to match the, enormous elegant Swarovski crystal chandelier, that sparkle,  to a brilliance of the evening ball. The fragrance of perfumes, colognes, and fine cuisine fill the air.

    The ballroom is full of singles and couple, wearing their finest long gowns, and tails, their white ties and gloves, dancing to the music of the orchestra while others feast on desserts and champagne.

    My Prince stands with the other gents waiting for me to make an entrance. 

    I’m anxious to show off my sleeveless flowing gown, made out of white silk chiffon, embellished with lace and scattered pearls. I feel like the belle of the ball.

    My Prince comes up to me and ask, “May I have this dance.”  He fills my dance card, reaches out for my hand, and leads me to the dance floor, while my heart is beating faster than the music. The orchestra starts playing a slow waltz and the intoxicating turning movements and the one, two, three, steps of the waltzing speed brings intimating pleasure of ecstasy that is hard to ignore. 

    The evening comes to an end and my Prince walks me to the door and kisses my hand Goodnight.

By Eve Roper 11/24/2014
Contest Ballroom Delights 
Sponsor by Isaiah Zerbst

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Je Te Veux

Summer skies of shadowed veil 
Leave soft evening cries as twilight pales
Flirting eyes and open looks give sweet spoken ties
Random smiles tell of well placed replies
Yes , hold my hand it softly caresses 
Come closer it says as it softly traces
Je t’aime , feel my warm embraces
Replacing caution held in refrain 
Yearning looks spark the flame

Though we come ten thousand miles 
The journey begins with one smile 
Our garden calls and we dance and play
The roses and  palms sing their song 
We dance and play , for we do no wrong
We glance and smile 
Suddenly still, our hearts beat as one 
Quickened pulses stir the embers
The looks of joy replaced,
 remembering the night while swiftly retracing
 our pattern of desire fanned so brightly
We  close together in delight saying
 Je Te Veux , I want you

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A monarch drifts in gauze costume Wildly cruising, to ride on spring’s trapeze; An effervescent flight which shines,which glows Enchanting buds through regale of mist Unto wind-tossed sways in hues of orange... Then she pirouettes, for an encore's dance. Contest: Itty bitty Contest #2: Doing it Again! For Andrea Dietrich New Poem

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The Glass Goddess

All around me
Great cities made of sand.
Green sky scrapers poke through the ground 
To thrive in life’s strict conditions
And melt away with the tide…

Great houses made of cards
Form lines, and tightrope walk existence,
Knowing that any moment, the wrong brick may fall
And buckle our world to its knees
As Mother Earth shouts Jenga! from the sidelines.

So while were here
We dance with the Glass Goddess 
Poised miles above reality,
Leaping over the heavens on our domino stilts-

We floor it in the sky
Living death in the fast lane, 
Seizing the day
Because any moment 
We could disappear 

Jacob Reinhardt	

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Miracle Paint

In a dark dusk canvas, I watched the wine red sunset go down on my way,
I wonder if your heart can paint out my feelings for you?
This evening, we both have plenty of time, so let's spend it with each other,
Let's be at ease and sit back, watching as it begins~! 

Miracle Painting, 
Miracle show time,
I'll put you in a trance with my magical brush strokes, 
Up to the tip of my nails, your colours will be on my canvas. 

With my beautiful dress, I'm basking in the starry sky's bright limelight,
With pride, I dance on my tip-toes, looking at you, I feel so happy! 
This evening is the best, as I apply highlights around a blue eye pupil,
Embrace me tight, if we pile layers of love, we'll move along~! 

Miracle painting, 
Miracle romance,
I'll put love into this magical brush stroke,
Up to the tip of my hair, it's all for you.

This night with you, I wonder how many dreams there are, the overflowing feelings,
I can't count them out, I just can't convey them! It's not enough...
That's why, at this magical moment,
It's not over.

Miracle painting, 
miracle show time, 
This magical brush stroke has already entranced you,
But I still want to give you more of my colours. 

Please don't end it yet, miracle painting, 
A technique full of captivation,
There are still more final touches I need to apply, so please wait,
Then I will tell you, from the bottom of my heart,

I love you~!

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When She Dances

It’s when she is dancing
That she feels so free
The music drives inside
Extending to her tips
She tells you a story
By the smile on her face
The shine in her eyes
Energy in movement
Composure in her stance
Strength through her core
Fingers reaching for the sky
She lunges through the air
Lands with grace of a swan
Competing with herself
Being the best that she can
All that she is – expressed
All her innocence and pride
In the moments of dance
Shyness and all that’s inside
The perfect imperfections
Woven in her story to dance

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

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Demon In My Closet

There is a demon in my closet and it is safe to say
 I have kept him there safely, each and every day
 Asking about his words, I thought I heard him pray
 He laughed openly stateing he was always hearing me play
 I followed, I listened I leaned over to his ways
It turns out he's here over an angel and a wish of keeping me gay
 Saintan is forever listening to what becomes my fate
 The doors still closed as softly as that horrid divorced decay
 But he was not wearing my brand, a mark of forever may it stand
 He had choose to turn the other cheek, to find a higher point of understanding
Something more suitable than just a standard branding
 A mark of a book, a devils open handing
 A demon to help me through troubles and fears
 A someone there when all I have left is openly flowing tears
 He jesters, he peers, he jokes, he steers
 But I think my favorite time is where leers

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Ah went to de party by miself
 ah see a handsome fella watching mih,
like he can't take he eyes off mih,
but ah here standing in de corner
like if ah is wallpaper.

Ask mih to dance nah!
As ah listen to de
sweet music of de steel band
Great music of yesteryear
de songs ah love to hear.

Ask mih to dance nah!
While ah watch others sway
dey hips from side to side
tapping dey feet
to de melodious beat.

Ask mih to dance nah!
As ah long to be in yuh arms
feeling de warmth of yuh body
If only for one song
an ah hoping that it go be long.

Ask mih to dance nah?
Den ah will lean mih head on yuh
and ah will close mih eyes
and we wouldn't even  think about
 nobody around us.

Ask mih to dance nah
and ah will move with yuh
ah will groove with yuh
ah will follow your lead
as we mould together as one.

Ask mih to dance,
and mih answer will be
Yes, definitely yes!

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Egungun Festival Togo, Africa

Long have me feet walked..bare upon de earth of mother Afreeca.
Days, passing in a flow’r chain round de brow of de morn.
De sacred drum calls wid de heart beattin of de Hougan’s soul
Afreeca’s soul ...

Long, long, de walkin from village mounta’n citie 
to the hounfour ... de temple of de people. 
We walk joy’us, and penit’nt and pleadin‘.

Mama carries de food gift fer Ogou Balanjo on her head,
corn meal she ‘as ground fine. "Ah, de poor sick child"
De glass beads aroun‘ Mama’s neck shine
like her tears in de sun an de sweat on her skin. 
We ‘ear de rattlin‘ and de drummin.
Dust of de many feet rises.

'undreds and thousands of worshipers pack de square
in front of de temple and dance red, gold, orange swirl 
honorin‘ our parents and der parents.

Long, long, we dance, we dance, and de Loa arrive ...
Mama falls possessed by Ogou Balanjo ... 
De white robes of de pure at heart, and does wid de white faces
dance de prayers, de priests returns from de sacred grove
white rock, egg white of wealth and happiness

de year will be good ... de sick child will heal ...

Long, long, the world has spun in a daisy chain
Around de sun............


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Dancing Shimmy with Jimmy

My lala mal flats is skinking like that
Shimmy, Jimmy, gimme some of that hat
We're fleshing and flexing, cheek to cheek
meshing, on do-own
Shimmy, little Jimmy will ya break a my heart?

My pushaloopa swish swash skirt
gonna twirl you, swirl you, send you out a this world
Shimmy, Jimmy, don't you walk out on me,
Lay me low, down, lay me easy as pie
Shimmy, little Jimmy, got you by the tip of my nail

Oooh, baby, snickle down by my side,
shake it up, shake it down, and well shimmy
Ah, Jimmy, we skip and twirl like a pair
Your so sply, full eye, so debonair
I flutter and flatter and take to the air.

Shimmy little Jimmy, we can dance out of here
go on for ever, sasashaying praying and snicking
faster than we care. Oooh, play it blue, play it cool
Gonna wind up around you, get you all hot,
Oooh, play it baby, shimmy and skinny and dance out of here.

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This Is The Love

Stand up and shake;
Feel the rhythm in your heart.
Ignite those pants;
We get up and dance.
God on our mind,
Eternity in our souls;
Feel the chills of those bones.
It's the hope.
Open those closed doors:
Into Heaven we go,
Welcomed and forgiven.
Here is the love;
Let's dance!

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-I want to dress in Diamonds and be a glamorous girl
   -I want to travel around I want to see the world
   -I practice late at night in five inch heels
   -Nightly in the mirror with laughter and squeals
     -Caught within a glance 
     -All the place I would go if given the chance
      -Capturing all the peoples love
      -Without breaking a single stance
  -Pearls of wonder around my neck
   -Strings of beauty amazingly set
   -To me they bring passion into my world
   -It's nice to look into the mirror at a beautiful girl
     -A tap on the floor beginning my midnight hoard
      -For with this routine I would never get bored
      -A chance in the glass without hesitations flask
      -I reach for the hairdryer and raise up my past

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Summer is lemonade

Summer is a lemonade
Summer breeze blowing the grass around
with a warm sun kissing my face
blue skies wrap and hug me
as I watch the butterflies race.
Summer gives me lazy days
coloured flowers and dancing trees
smell of charcoal and starry nights
brings back childhood memories.
Summer is an endless beach
sun cream, bikinis and beer
salty seaspray, fish and chips
postcards saying "wish you were here".
sunburnt shoulders and fun fares
laughter never seemed to fade
grab the ice and share around
yes Summer is a lemonade

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Indian Summer, Part III

The winds of Winter wait,
Whispering to me of the approaching future,
But still far off, biding their time
Until this span of light and warmth has lasted out its stay.

     Meantime, I engage myself in taking stock;
     Compiling the days that define myself to myself
     Enlarging the catalog so far as I can,
     Building up a narrative.

So many memories
Like fireflies in a Summer's night
Flash through the dark spaces of my mind.

Childhood: Flash
                            Youth: Flash
Young Parenthood: Flash
                                         Empty Nest: Flash.

Family, friends, events
Joys, sorrows, beginnings, endings -
All make their flickering passages;
All paint their images onto me  

     The particles dance and shift
     Cells die to be replaced
     The face in the mirror becomes my father's
     Molecule by molecule
     With each passing instant.

     The particles dance and shift
     Moving back towards the dark unknown
     From which they came,
     Yet somehow in the midst of it
     The I that was
                              And am
                                            And shall be
     Remains to watch the long parade unfold.

And that parade, banal and fantastic,
Marches past that inside window where I watch to see myself pass by,
As some newer self shall do the same through all tomorrows
Until the day when all the marching stops for me -

     And then, my fellow marchers,
     O my many, varied Loves,
     On that last Winter's day,
     Where will we be,
     Where will we be?

     What musics shall we hear?
     What wonders might we see?



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Gypsy Wandering Soul

The spirit of the gypsy
free as the wind upon the open road
Horse driven home on wheels
taking them where they decide
to rest their soul.

Families huddled by the camp fire
Story and tales shared from old
Hedgehog stew
simmering in the cauldron 
Leftovers of grizzle and sinew
thrown to the pack of dogs to chew.

Musicians strike up an ancient tune
underneath the stars 
with fiddles clicking castanets and guitars,

Young Gypsy girls dance and twirl
arms raised to the sky
With teasing flirting eyes 
Dark skin long flowing black hair
showing off their wares.

Next morn at the crack of dawn
o the piece of green no gypsy can be found
the only sign they had ever been there 
os the scorch marks left upon the ground.

'' Inspired by the wonderful poems of Gypsy's
by Cherl Dunn''

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. Jan.

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the hour late, I hesitate
to lift the shield of isolation
the walls lean in, as if to hear
they make believe, by breathing hard,
as if they sleep,  
but I am wise to them, I am...

I know the sound, I know of eyes...
these walls have souls that live within
the air is solid, the light is dim
beyond my window, summer stirs
a sleuth that leers... , absurd it seems,
but watching me, I feel the burn

it shuffles in, with shades of black
a muffled step, through restless leaves
I catch my breath, ......yet strange, ease 
the curtain pants, with pulsing veins
I brush my hair, step out of clothes...
wait one moment to compose...
slip on a gown, 
holding close my other self
the one who never dares to take a chance
I want to dance the seven veils,
for eyes that dwell beyond the glass
beyond my dream,  ....they look at me

two eyes,they watch in black and white,
I feel the burning of the night
the suddenness of who I am...
she has no name
she has no shame 
wanton, willing in the dark
it's sliding in the crisp black grass
I douse the light.........and step up close
to look again, through window's pane
no questions asked

the eyes aren't there.....
in black and white.......and by the gate...
nothing waits....

becoming clear
but I don't care......
in isolation............the walls are falling
and have old souls

I know they stare
I'll dance for them
I know for certain
they are there


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Within My Head

With two left feet, no sense of rhythm,
Murmur of voices, giggles and gasps
Comes within earshot when I dance.

Oh, but in my head I dance seductively,
Grinding hips and dippin' with Patrick Swayze.
That 'climatic lift' in Dirty Dancing, no problo,
I fly in the air with grace and flair.

Repeated cheers and bravos I do hear,
For I now dance within my head.

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poisonously enchanted mushrooms so luscious rare

one fine sunny morning dazzling golden sunrise 
dancing with rays of magical sunshine 
dewdrops on silver webs glistening drops
he began whistling and dancing
picking wild mushrooms on the forest floor 
to make magic wonder and happenings occur
he begins building and stoking the fire
throwing turf on until red hot
sticks the pot over the flicking flames 
stirring emotions inside bubble and steam
throws in a mountain of carrots, peas, herbs 
with lots of other sorts of raw veggies
adding a rare drop of mountain spirits . . . 

next freeing a soul adding an alchemic fuel so rare
making himself a most magical and delicious stew
as he cooked he began devouring the stew more and more
then slowly he felt himself floating high so high 
in a bubble so wonderful and dear and so clear 
picked up by a pocket of air and floating even more
when . . . 
a lovely fairy princess appears gossamer wings your light
and then appearing again under a radiant rainbow bridge 
and with one cherished and most special romantic kiss
he began waltzing with her to a melody so haunting yet pretty
and while lost in this mystical trancelike moment of splendor  
the fairy princess stole his heart that was pure gold
and when he came around alone—so alone
an icy cold shiver then ran down his very spine
it was just a silly old leprechaun dream and all he thought
as I see her magic sparkling potions cast on someone else too
the big ethereal and mystical bubble of fairy elves just burst
wide open for him and all others to see while the elves 
laughed raucously so hard with little warm tears running down 
their little rosy cheeks . . . 

the leprechaun pondered—next time Me thinks Me be more
careful with them mushrooms Me happily picks on the forest floor—
and stick to drinkin’ the old mountain forest dew with some
lovely luscious shots of the oldest Irish whiskey with a stout nip o’ gin . . . . 

Liam McDaid and Gary Bateman – A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © 
All Rights Reserved (December 3, 2014)

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Dreams catcher net

 A rhythm in its dimension sparkling dance 
Turn flap the tail without touching its spine 
Host the wings fly its soul of its dream land. 

Crushed in erupted thoughts hoping a simple peace 
Day and night throw the net to catch its wish 
My light house guides edges of correlation 
Candle of dim dance of breath dream after my dead. 

Washed dark water witness of crying silence 
Free as reborn as dream catcher fly in story wings 
Found humble treasures in my net kept in love of trust 
Fly to become free as nested in dream catcher's net 

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i saw her walk into 
my favorite bar
she was so beautiful 
she stole my heart 
in the time it takes
to take a single breath
i knew i had to take a chance 
so i walked up and asked
pretty lady do you dance
this dance with me 
would you dance through 
this life with me

she turned to me 
and whispered
cowboy your wasting your time 
i’m not your type 
and baby your not mine
i don’t drink beer 
and i don’t like country songs
be better for you if you
just moved on
cowboy move on 
just walk away from me 

hey cowboy 
walk away as fast you can
i’m not your kind of girl
your not my type of man
i’m not trying to hurt you 
or cause you any pain
but loving me will see you
crying in the rain
i need the glitter 
you ride in the dust
i’m a big city girl
you drive a pick up truck

but as i turned to walk away
she whispered.......
hey cowboy


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The Hidden Language of the Soul

Dance, dance as child dances before he walks. Dance in the moon light with stars in sight Dance to the smiles, in the shadows of love Dance, dance as child dances before he walks. Dance is a short cut to happiness and ecstasy Dance-a folk dance is the only universal language Dance is a relatively safe form of intoxication. Dance, dance as child dances before he walks. Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic Dance with impersonal and graceful arabesques Is nothing but a sort of gymnastic drills Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic But if one considers concentrating their minds Leading the body in the rhythm of desired emotions That which expressing the feelings of experiences. Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic Those converting the body into fluidity are To surrender it to the inspiration of the soul Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic A performing dancer is endowed with essential gifts A body beautiful, grace of line, spirit gracious Joy in the art, ability to please, unswerving Integrity, relentless ambition for abstract perfection Not mere translation from life, but it is life itself. It’s a communication between body and soul To express what is too deep to find for words It’s a poem of which each movement is a word. Dancing is nothing but dreaming with your feet! Our truest expression is in dance. Bodies never lie.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Date 1-26-14 Dr. Ram Mehta Form : Free Verse Ninth Place Win Contest: Mood Music by Sheri Freshonke Harper

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The Celebration

I find myself slowly spinning
And bound to the carousel
Ethereal laughter mocks my
Outspread and upturned palms;
And all the while
The mourners chant and weep,
The jesters laugh the tune of tragedy,
And I and we and they celebrate
And dance a dance with Shiva.

When ends the celebration,
I ask you,
Oh you masked and costumed bride?
You daily replenish the wine
And offer from the horn of plenty
Fruits of abundant harvests,
Time ripened and distilled
Through flushed and sweaty brows
And stained hands.

Oh, Oh, and up we go,
Mounting the guillotine,
Returning headless
To celebrate the Ah-ha.
And when, you lusty hunters,
When ends the celebration?

July 1971

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You saunter through the double doors
Head held high
Chest puffed out
Putting on airs
You think you’re so clever, so deceiving
Showing up baring the most ornate mask
But I see right through
The mask that you wear tonight
You think it will conceal
You think just tonight
In this hour
You can be somebody else
But you’re dancing with the Belle of the Ball
This is MY Masquerade
And this is the 147th event
You just don’t recognize me
Because I wear a different mask each time
Your mask is cheap material
Sequins missing, feathers askew 
Such feeble attempts
I smell your bravado
Putrid and reeking, stinking up the air
But I see right through
I’ve donned masks my whole life
That’s why I am the bearer of this sash
That you see around my neck 
“Strongest Person I Know”
But I allow no one to gaze under the mask
Sure I play the Belle oh so well
But if you all saw beneath
Saw WHY I’ve had to wear masks
You’d strip me of my title
You’d rip off my sash
Break the pearls from my neck
You’d run for the door tonight
Quicker than Cinderella at the stroke of midnight
That’s the beauty of a Masquerade
You can pretend to be something you’re not
When one guise becomes worn
When it loses its sparkle
It’s glamour and charm
That first catches your eye
Well it’s quite alright 
Because I have a treasure trove 
BURSTING with masks
Grab another and keep dancing
Twirling the night away
Never skipping a beat
But when the music finally comes to an end
When the door closes and the final guest departs
Empty wine glasses are seen scattered all around
The only sound is the echo of my heels
When the confetti lies lifeless on the floor
That’s when I remove my mask
Exhausted, worn and weary
When I gladly, almost desperately 
Take off my tattered sash 
And throw it beneath my feet
Because I’m not resilient and strong now
I feel weak, frail and reclusive in my realm
That’s when the tears start to brim
That’s when I wish someone else held the title
So stripped and naked
Alone to clean up the mess
Everyone else has left behind
But there’s no one to there to pick up the sash
Just me and the sound of my tears
Echoing as they hit the floor
Almost fearfully I pick up the sash
Dust off the confetti
Smooth out the wrinkles
Before placing it back around my neck
As I throw my shoulders back
Standing taller than ever
Wiping away tears that no one saw
I walk back to my trunk
My trunk of the most decorative
Ornate, obscuring masks
Finding another to wear
As I prepare for the next façade
The next Masquerade 

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Dance the hidden language of the soul-w

Dance, dance as child dances before he walks.
Dance in the moon light with stars in sight
Dance to the smiles, in the shadows of love
Dance, dance as child dances before he walks.

Dance is a short cut to happiness and ecstasy
Dance-a folk dance is the only universal language
Dance is a relatively safe form of intoxication.
Dance, dance as child dances before he walks.

Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic
Dance with impersonal and graceful arabesques
Is nothing but a sort of gymnastic drills
Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic

Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic
But if one considers concentrating their minds
Leading the body in the rhythm of desired emotions
That which expressing the feelings of experiences.

Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic
Those converting the body into fluidity are
To surrender it to the inspiration of the soul
Dance, dance as a grown-up takes to classic

A performing dancer is endowed with essential gifts
A body beautiful, grace of line, spirit gracious
Joy in the art, ability to please, unswerving
Integrity, relentless ambition for abstract perfection

Not mere translation from life, but it is life itself.
It’s a communication between body and soul
To express what is too deep to find for words
It’s a poem of which each movement is a word.

Dancing is nothing but dreaming with your feet!  
Our truest expression is in dance. Bodies never lie. 

Eighth place winner in
Contest : Dance

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St. Vitus Dance

The staccato stammering of bass guitars
punctuated the flash of strobe lights.
Limitless vistas of black and gray;
smothering the crowd in ghoulish poses.
Framed, as if frozen, in a glow of acid white.
Some stagger, their movements mimicking,
the rigors of death or birth?
Others jerk puppet like
upon invisible, randomly clipped, strings.
And, as the music grinds to a halt,
driven by the apocalyptic pace of the Disc Jockey,
and the hard scratching sound of synthesizers;
the charmed, trance dancers disperse;
swallowed whole by the shadows.

*St. Vitus's dance was a social phenomenon
that occurred primarily in mainland Europe 
between the 14th and 18th centuries; 
it involved groups of people, sometimes thousands at a time,
who danced uncontrollably and bizarrely. 
Men, women, and children would dance 
through the streets of towns or cities, 
sometimes foaming at the mouth 
until they collapsed from fatigue....and the beat goes on....

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The Clothes Line

If the clothes line
stops, and tells a story

Shaped from the shadows
of your arms, as you pluck
down the pieces (some)

Sticking out breasts
Miss Petticoat, I guessed
doesn't know what too much
starch feels like (she likes
the feel of hard things

A dirty air (dark)
rummaging through
the pockets, and little
coins drop one by one
into my fingers

As her puppy,
barking madly climbs
the mountain of my foot,
and Mr. I forgot his name
shouts out from the window
'will you keep it down'

Because people like
to take naps at this time
-- in the afternoon

When the Moon is yawning.

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I'll Laugh Myself to Sleep

My Mind is Music, in Music's Mind-
Tunes are riddled with riddles and rhymes
My thoughts wander in wonder, dancing in silly songs
Melodies to haunt and please
(Even if they only please me)
Because I will laugh myself to sleep
(I've nothing better to do)
I'll laugh myself to sleep, just because
Just because
It's better than crying myself to sleep
And the little things that blow my Mind-
Little things that keep me from thinking...
The Wind sounds like footsteps,
Coming up the stairs
On a cold Winter's night

* I wrote this on LSD; don't know if it helped or not lol

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if it's done right
will take a big man
show him how well he does not dance
and then light him on fire

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Dancing with Sinatra

Exchanging glances, but not a word We were strangers, how absurd Most everyone, had left the room to gather things, and say goodbye... The hour late, and music played old sleepy ballads, softer,... smoother The D J's voice had ceased to be but, distant voices, laughing,... ringing while piano notes were lingering..... You didn't ask, just took my hand Saxophones were speaking love and above us, as if a spirit wound us in a warm Sinatra sound The stroke of midnight's tolling done one by one, folks drifted home... Just a few of us, to dance the floor All sense of time had halted course... With shoes kicked off, and jackets hung We couldn't bear the evening's end I kept my head against your chest as if a home for my heart's rest The final dance would soon begin The music stopped, but we did not We couldn't break our tight embrace We couldn't tear ourselves apart And while we danced in pale moonlight Our eyes were closed, you kissed my face In this, our own, enchanted place You held me close, we danced alone The night was ours to keep and own Though not a word between us formed One lonely sax, had filled the room The one who sang, has come and gone But love songs linger,....on and on
_________________________________________________ For the Contest "At A Glance" Sponsored By Jared Pickett

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I was taken from this life 
in the black night, blindfolded 
to be clubbed to death

so that I 
might be born again 
in spirit song, dance and name 
given by my great ancestor

who, ten thousand years ago or more,
crossed the Bering land bridge from 
Siberia to Cowichan and the Salish Sea
warm land of the raven, 
the black bear and the salmon.

I have suffered 
four hundred years 
of dislocation of the soul 
in this barren culture, nameless
but for “primitive squaw.”

I have lost 
Tamanawas, the sacred ritual dance 
the Potlatch feast of giving and 
my children and my language.

I will endure 
four days and nights
confined and cold and hungry
while all around the rhythmic pulse
of elders’ drumming, chanting

guides me back in time and space 
to voices still resounding
stories of a dancing flame
light upon the earth

And I will rise in cedar forests 
and walk the clamshell middens
feel our language on my skin 
and see with startled eyes new life
the Soulfire I’ve been given.  


This was for the Shaman's Way contest but I think I missed it. 

Cowichan --used to be pronounced coWEEchan now it's usually  said like, Cow i chan.

The Canadian government outlawed many Coast Salish practices until the 1960's--the Spirit Quest, Potlatch feast and 
Tamanwas dance among them. Children were placed in residential schools, away from their families, and were forbidden 
to speak their mother tongue. More recently, the spirit quest ritual has been revived as (loosely) described in the 
poem. However, it is also now used as a form of "intervention" to help address an array of problems frequently 
attributed to colonization (e.g., drug and alcohol misuse).  So, where in the past, young people would go off into the 
forest voluntarily, it is now often the case, (at least in Cowichan) that young people are taken from their beds in the 
night. Initiates are first symbolically "clubbed to death" then "reborn" after multiple days of  ritual practices.

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Cancan in the sky

Moulin Rouge in the sunset sky
 The clouds hold their skirts and kick high the cancan
 The hill where I stand
 As Montmatre
 And I in some small way
 Like Sacre-Coeur
 Look on affected by the scene
 Pierre August Renoir or Claude Monet
 Would paint this
 Were they able

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Going Nowhere

Slow motion memories.
Street lit like a movie set,
outside the dance hall.
Muffler-less cars,
full throttle, then eerily quiet.
Self willed machines idling along the street,
flooding the night; flashing eyeballs,
headlining teenage girls.
A sashaying crush; glancing, giggling,
disdainful in stinging beehives,
plastic jackets, high gloss paint and oily pants.

Cruising crass flash
false virility in high gloss paint.
James Dean on Sunset Strip.
Hands on the stick shift; giving themselves the gears.
skinny boys glancing in the mirror, where dice and kewpie dolls hang,
squinting at astigmatisms of Steve McQueen on hunk steroids.
Nervous to fingered combs slink through their hair,
checking out the rear end drive,
outside the dance hall on a Friday night.

A curly haired boy,
red faced brother of my best friend, never owned a car,
pushes forward in the street,
to talk with sister and friends.
Asked a girl for a kiss.
Too easily dismissed.

In the science lab; class dismissed.
Counters gleam grade A sterility.
Chemicals stare coldly from spotless beakers.
Put his mouth over the gas jet.

A curly haired boy,
going nowhere on a Friday afternoon.

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Heaven is crying

Crystals of reflection shatter on earth’s countenance,
for Heaven is crying,
drenching the misty shroud consecrating her face 
in sobbing percussion.
Liquid satin rolls down withered skin
and sensations are set alight
in the dance of icy fire.
With the tingling aroma of melancholy,
all time ceases to exist during hypnotic rhythms 
consoling a heart without beat.
In a trance, I taste Heaven’s decadent sorrow
mingling with the salt of my own tears…

(Written 25/05/2013)

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Dancing in the Grave Yard

I dance upon you
and your spirit I lift
in to my heart.
I dance upon you all
I dance where I can
in between the headstones
on grasses of divan,
where once you’re feet laid
where your love ones
shed their last evanescent tear.
I dance through
the small hours of night
and the longest time of day,
I dance, I dance, I dance
this my humble homage to you all
you whom served your era well,
you made the masters
with your skill your energy,
you fought their bloody wars
your enterprise kept them rich
but only of an earthly kind.
Oh yes when I dance
I dance and I remember you all,
so to you that spread your seed
ever so well
to give another generation life,
I dance!!

© Harry J Horsman 2013  

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drifting on a melody

  The music got into his soul
As he slid across the dance floor
and the DJ  he did implore
For a chance to do that soulful stroll once more

Then  he drifted on a soulful melody
To a place above the clouds
Like a rhythmic traveler in time
To a musical refrain so fine 
He lingered there awhile
Floating above cloud nine

To a syncopated beat  he quickly descended
As he plunged into the depths of the sea
To a beautiful watery world
in an oyster shell, he found a pearl
With a melody all  of its own
Then he ascended with this soulful tune
And landed  on the dance floor soon
Round and round he twirled his girl
 Before he presented her with the pearl

For  Craig's Pearl contest
3- 7- 2013

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Dancing with the wind

The waves of the trees
Rustle Crackle Break.
The girl
Steps a foot,
And the wind
Steps with her.
Dancing with the wind.

Twirling with the wind
The sky,
The rain,
And the Earth 
Dance with her.

Her hair has turned 
To breeze.
Her mind filled
With the song
Of the voices 
Lifted by the wind.
Her toes do not
Touch the ground
As she dances
As the wind.

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Five Cents a Dance

Sunday, the only off-day,
a day not to work the fields,
chop or pick cotton, gather corn,
peanuts, melons, or sorghum cane.

Home for "dinner" after church;
special fare, and free afternoons.
No question where to go:
Crowley's Ridge State Park,

at Walcott, a scant two miles
from our sweat-dotted dirt of despair;
swimming hole, dance-floor, filled
with cousins, friends, siblings.

We took turns plugging the Jukebox,
on that open-air dance floor
above the concession stand,
where the smell of cheeseburgers

drifted upward to fill our nostrils,
like temptation's sugared refrain,
as we danced the afternoon away.

Nickels were all we ever had.

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Old Time Appalachians

Old time Appalachians deep within the hollows.
Self-sufficient, hard working, fine mountain folks
With farming, barn raising, and crafting skills,
Logging, mining and music to pleasure the ear.

Devoted to family, kin gathering they do.
Faith in the wisdom of their elders is seen.
Church going and revivals, strengthening their beliefs,
Appalachians are dignified, spirited mountain folks.

Gathering of families, generations of kin.
Folk music, old songs blended with time.
Mountain twanged voices singing out songs-
Flatfoot or clog dancing, kicking up heels,
Fiddle picking, foot stomping, hand slapping thighs,
Ballads of life's struggles, celebrations and griefs,
Brought over by immigrants generations ago.
Brings a sense of home for the young and the old.

A dedication to a friend of mine.

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compeling leather's

At what cost rags to riches splashing blind falling in trenches                                   
Cladding poor country king’s taking the life of the owner                                                   
Will they come for yours Clicking to social dictated schemes                                              
They march no more                                                                                          
They walk no more                                                                                              
They dance no more                                                                                          
Millions of shoes entreated better they where kept out of the weather                          
Maybe to be a S.S. belt, sheath or hat maybe a child will walk                                   
Unknowingly a mile in my shoes the Lord knows their destiny                                            
Like high leathery hills in store kept so many feet out of the weather                            
Carnivorous minds eat up my people for my rags they contemplate                              
They lie in wait if they would have asked I could have given                                        
Two miles to late the atrocity millions of leathers                                                     
They march no more                                                                                            
They walk no more                                                                                                 
They dance no more  

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Now here, then there

You tricked me once and tricked me twice
There will not be a next ime
For I shall take your life.

You used to pull the strings
Played with me, made me dance to your tune
Now I want to see
If you can also dance to my tune
But with severed nerves

I shall lead you, fear not
My hatred is now gone,
Forwhy I realize we are the same
You and I, suffer from the same illness:

You seek freedom, as I also do,
No point denying it
Behind your mask of empty words
I spy fear and disgust
You claim to be tired
Tell me that the situation made you wary
You want to forget and to undo what cannot be undone
I offer you my aid, come, there is a way...

You yet lack what it takes to be set really free
Come with me and I shall show you how to get there
to the other side of this dark and cruel hall
But be aware, this is an one way ticked trip, but who cares?
For when you meet me there you shall see
See that what lies here and hinder your forwarding to a more blessed realm
With its strings righteously cut and heart full of joy, there will be no regrets
Only the one to not have done that sooner.

Enough. I feel confused but I still know what must be done
Are you still with me?
I must call her now, my old friend
She is nice, if you know how to amend to your side of the road
She ought be our guide, mine and yours
Quick now, shall we go?

I must keep my word and lead you, look
The first steps are fast, look
Will open a few holes on our cage of flesh, look
Dig deep, dig fast, don't stop until senses fails and head goes numb, look
From which you can see the inside of you, look how I really am, look
Ugly as the outside, but to be ether this shall not matter, for both of us

What you may come to feel now, may cloud your thinking,
may make you doubt me, perhaps to think
I wish to make you miserable, that I mislead you to a trap.
That I did not. For, to you, I do not lie.

The woe, my dear, lies in our hearts, on this husk
The very same which we have no use anymore, none of them and none from here
Don't think bad of me, please
For I only want to set you free.
Close your eyes and follow me...

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love's Dance

Dancing with my pain
holding her in my arms
slow and steady then twirl
and someone else has taken her hand
she dances with him until his pace is to slow for her
then back to me she comes
I dance with her again
knowing she'll leave me in a little bit
slow and steady then twirl
and another has taken her hand 
I watch as she glides with him
not remembering me
or my arms that once held her
when their music finally dies 
she lets him go
this time i say enough hurt 
but she's coming back 
and i can't help myself
as i ask for another dance with love 
slow and steady then twirl.....

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To The Bank And Ballroom Delights

            To The Bank And Ballroom Delights

Right here right now explosions!... excited fuses!... Bombs going off!
In the back ally by the river bank
History rising to gun shots, balloons and music
Too fast to stop as something goes off
Ballroom dancing in the dark next door
Stumbling into the bank
Alarms going off.  Shots going off.  Babies screaming for a change
Drinks in three or more hands or so it seems
A little blurred and fuzzy on the scene
Music blaring, people dancing
Yellow wall flowers flying off the walls 
Exploding, floating on the edges 
With my sweetie peach we dance all night
In hand in flight over silver lights, flashing reds overhead
Music rocks history to death in the speed of numbered steps
Caresses of my baby warm against the flesh
Power drums pounding at the door of love
Feels so real, moving slowly, growing into building rhythms 
Primordial religions spinning on in joy  
Tearing yellow flowers off the walls
Hurricane bands of magic raining down on clouds of love
Enhancing, advancing on the living floor
Holding on to dear life, my sweetie pie and I 
Guns in our pockets as we rock
We came to rob a bank
Where did it go
Someone pointed to outside
Next to the disco tech is the ballroom dancing hall
By the river bank next door

11/21/14 Ballroom Delights - Poetry Contest

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We Need to dance On Mountain Tops

We need to dance on Mountain tops
Flying, soaring, way way up high into the sky
We need to grasp at every single rainbow
And laughing slide down them for the ride
Not to live in unhappiness, doubt and insecurity
We need to believe in all we see and be a shiny light
A help out of the darkness to be a beacon light
Life has such cruelties we must not add to them
Careless words, stupid thoughts, so easy to hold back
For some the road is easy, a skipping playful ride
For others torment, tragedy, a life of only strife
We need to lift the spirit to offer all we can
We need a cup overflowing, not scalding in the hand
A little thought of tenderness, a smile can make a day
A special nod, outstretched hand, a tender loving hug
Oh yes we need to dance on mountain tops
Together let us fly, let us soar way way up into the sky
To love, to give, to hope, and most certainly to dream. 

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I Will Dance to Your Tune

I’ll dance to your tune
Letting your rhythm flow through me
I’ll let your hand guide me
Your heart setting the beat

I will dance to your tune
Sometimes a slow dance
To fit your flirtatious mood
Sometimes a quickened pace
When your heart is racing
To capture the days
You were the King of the dance floor
And were adored
Recapturing the splendor
You show me off
As I twirl
Your girl
On this dance floor

Sometimes I'm held tightly
Sometimes at arm’s length
I’ll dance your dance
To the tune of your needs
Knowing you set the scene
According to your schemes
To fit your desires and dreams

I’ll dance to your tune
I will let you take the lead
Though my heart is encaged
And longing to break free
To dance to it’s own tune
To its own passionate beat
A wild musical score
That sets fire to feet
On a dance floor of desire and heat

A rhythm thunderous with longing
Booming in loudness that defies
Every other thought except...
this dance...this moment...this chance

A dance demanding fusion of bodies
Faces a mere breath away
Hearts taking turns at will
In one liquid movement of burning heat
A rapturous oneness
Rythmic frenzy
That makes everything else
In this dance hall fall away
They all stop and stare
As our dancing souls we bare

I accepted YOUR invitation to dance
YOU lead me to this dance floor
YOU held onto my hand
I will not stop dancing till you do
I will confine myself
My arms and legs obeying
My heart slowing its pace
To fit the steady beat of your own
Against my chest
My whole body in surrender
To your rhythm and pace

But oh…oh how I wish
My rhythm could light up your face
How I wish.....
I could teach you to dance...
To my tune!!!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Life Dance

Lately I find the ink of my pen dried
scarce of thoughts and emotions
that comes flowing naturally
from the core of my heart
I miss the raging feelings 
and endless stirrings
that rise higher 
and dive deeper as they come
Like a dance that sway up and down
to the beat of the music 
or of a musical note 
that ascend and descend
in a crescendo and diminuendo
feelings and emotions that were dancing
to the tune of life's beat and rhythm
are silent and asleep
I feel a steadying calmness
an interlude from this medley
that puts my heart at rest
Serenity fills me now
confident and secure
in knowing that life like a balance 
can tip high and low but cannot sink me
I can dance through life without fear 
of falling and drowning in its complexities
as I have someone 
who needs and loves me
arms to pick me up and lift me
a hand to hold and guide me
a faith that is strong to sustain me
a hope that never dims inside me

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A Knock Upon Her Door

A sharing of words 
An arrival not knowing
What to expect ?
Eager a response
Seek then find...
Walking about her hallways
Determined to spill one's heart 
At all cost, these lines inside this box.

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Tropical Splendour

Tropical sunshine 
streaming down
from a clear blue and white sky
with fleecy white clouds
edged with wisps of mist
like giant grains of popcorn
drifting slowly by
way up in the sky

The sunshine 
bathing the sugar cane fields below
with golden sunbeams
saturating the texture
of its long grass-like leaves
with its radiance
enlivening them and
transforming the fields into
an emerald sea 
of brilliant green

Tropical breeze 
swaying the sugar cane leaves
gently caressing them
making them dance in unison
like the waves of the ocean

The dancing leaves 
vibrating in harmony
with each other
create a murmuring sound 
that builds in intensity
and reaches a crescendo
like the roar
of the waves of the ocean
setting the leaves 
in a wild dance of ecstasy
and then gently subsiding
to the soothing sound
of a gentle breeze
inducing a state 
of peacefulness
and tranquillity

At such moments
alone with nature
one can feel a strange unity
with everything around
Unity that is so strong 
and overpowering
that one loses consciousness
of one's individual self
one has no consciousness
of time and space
but only of that moment
- the infinite eternal NOW

One's consciousness seems to merge
with a deeper consciousness
of the unity of all things
in nature and the cosmos
One experiences an awareness
of a deeper reality 
that is impossible
to describe in words

One makes contact 
with one's cosmic roots
in a dimension where
time and space
are irrelevant
It is the synchronisation
of one's consciousness
with the absolute
and ultimate reality
of the cosmos

As a young boy, around nine or ten, I used to love to be in the sugar-cane fields in my native tropical island, Trinidad. I got a natural high, being dazzled by the brilliant sunshine and  listening to the sighing of the sugar cane leaves as they swayed in the breeze like the waves of the ocean. I felt that Nature was speaking to me, transporting me to another world where I connected with my cosmic roots, becoming part of the unity of all things.

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Silent Conversations

Silent Conversations

The wind is up today
Coastal clouds
Playing tag with dust devils
On the shimmering bent mirages
Wavering their uncertainty of heat
Where the sea rolls its ice cream caps
Cool in the blue hinted sweeps of grey

In the chill air con bar
We sat upon empty stools
The languid condensations of beer
Trickling their refreshments 
Of cool back of the throat smiles

I hold converse with the vacant air
While every demoralised seat
Longs to have you safely ensconced
And listen to silent conversations
But they watch instead my empty stare

The wind is up today
Carrying beach kites dancing in acrobat wheels
While unstrung gulls rock unsteady
On the gusts of southern Sarah 
And the dust devils dance their own display  
Of hot dry air

The gold lustre slowly sipped
With the curling tongs of cigarettes
And the deep dark amber of ancient teak 
Thinks of auburn caught in a giggle
Rests upon my elbows
With unsteady poise

The wind is up today
Sneaking through niches and humming to itself
A song that I wish would carry her voice
And the dust devils tweak and twirl at the sky
But not with any dance of mine
I sit and hold silent conversations
With pillaged and abandoned chairs

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A Storm's Wrath

A Storm's Wrath 

thunder from dark, dark skies once were they brilliant blue
 swirling are the leaves that mighty wind has now thrown
buckets of cold hard rain the starved earth does quench
 as gliding winged eagles do fly among the darkened clouds
strong waves of storm's might pushing them soaring all about
 as lightning strikes objects resting tall upon sodden ground
life marvels at Nature's massive stormy blasts and loud show
 hiding now are the creatures that earlier were out to play
spiteful wind rips the trees that stand defiantly in it's way
 floods fill the deep burrows where so many wild critters hide
with no fear of Nature's wrath and it's dark, stormy wet ride
 time stops Nature's wrath slowly gliding along it's endless path...

Robert L. 05-13-2014

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There was a time when we picked those lilies. 
You don’t quite remember when, but I surely do.
The mid-summer sun kept the fields warm,
And caressed the phlox as it slow-danced to the breeze.
And the light held on to our eyelashes
As if it needed them, pleaded for their existence,
Like a child with the eyes of a butcher
And the smile of a poet,
In need of shelter
And love
And attention. 
We danced to that Indian summer-
Little did we know that it was our last.
And our laughter, filling the heavens,
With our present and our past
Echoed throughout.
Seeping, consuming, lingering,
Echoing even louder at the touch of our hands.
Little did I know that life would grab you away,
Borrow you for a dance and
Never give you back.
Little did I know that this purple phlox-
Where lively things flourished to our company
Would crack and break
Like a twig fooled by the storm.
And now all that remains of you and I
And our dreams, lives, past, future, beginning, end,
Ambitions, and existence
Is this place –
So bittersweet 
Grotesque yet beautiful
An ant stuck in Baltic amber
Worn in a necklace around my chest
Where my heart is a cave
And it’s cold and it’s dark.
And there’s nothing left but these lilies 
Which laugh and dance to the breeze. 

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Love is lacy things and beauty CARES. A touch of INFATUATION at the fringes and always shared.  A simple kiss of the cheek and washing her feet at the CREEK.  Love is BLUE BERRY STAINS on SOFAS and chairs, and tiny TOTS run around safe and SOUND. Never a tarnished gray. An AFRICAN VIOLET on the best of days. 
Gentle laughter and smooth in June never comes to soon.  Sensual, yet delicate and refined. LOVE IS hearing "yes" after your down on one knee.  It's watching him walk or listening to her talk.
Always filled with actions of PASSIONS with little EXAGGERATED FASHIONS. What a LUSCIOUS melody from the HEART straight from the start.  Beautiful  when it's real but here's the DEAL, LOVE IS sometimes CRAZY with plenty of ZEST AND ZEAL.  LOVE IS ALIVE and it BLEEDS eroticism and bathes in sensuality.  
It's pulling her close then closer. It's letting him have his space. A whisper in the ear a STROKING of the hair.  Love is everything on a clear SUMMER day.  Just sitting under. A WILLOW TREE with him by the bay.  Love is a POET'S dream of a perfect song.  
It is a new day UNWRAPPING itself at the dawning.  A TRICKLING of rain drops on a sweet Sunday SUMMER morning.
And ALWAYS let it be said LOVE IS an ETERNAL DANCE through time on heaven's  bed.

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The Dance

I do not dance
but my spirit does.
It soars with the best of them.
Suspended breath gives flight to stumbling limbs
while heartwings seek the center stage.
to choreography of ancients, those who
first discovered beauty in a line on cave walls,
gsping at the possibilities,
for this was truly life--to see, to grow
and then like little gods
will celebrate their power to create.

It was the overture to dancing,
for there was art, and music,
storytelling and romance.
Little nascent people stretching forth
outside their cowering selves
and meeting wonder, rapture, joy
all self-contained in nascent souls,
but all in concert,
for it was the dance that gave them life
to highlight history.

And now, the dance goes on
and you and I may reach to take the hands
of fellow ancients now...
those who seek with us
to learn of sacrifice and celebration,
little gods ourselves, stretching forth
to mark the rhythm of the universe,
and find a cornucopia of life anew...
Such life the prophets never saw,
Such dancing only ready ancients may invite,
Such giving and receiving,
Such a wholly light!

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Spirit of Horse and Man

The rider accepts the horse and the horse accepts the man.
No man rides a horse… It’s a dance in poise and symmetry as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The power is felt in the movement as the horse stretches out its gate.
The muscles move beneath the man with power waiting to escape.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The fluidity of the gate is matched by the fluidity of the man.
The nostrils flair in both… The dance has just begun…
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
If they do not work together… They will not work at all.
The horses’ mane like the mans’ hair, is held tight in the flowing wind.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
With each step they take… A balance must be struck.
For every step they take… Their intent must be as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The spirit of the horse must merge with the spirit of the man.
Together they merge in a symbiotic relationship as old as horse and man.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
Feel the movement… Feel the power… Feel each muscle as it moves.
Feel each breeze unfold… Feel their hearts and souls as they meld as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
Point to counter point… The man doesn’t own the horse or the horse the man.
What looks so easy is not a simple thing as they travel forth as one.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
The connection is tightly woven. This spirit of Horse and man.
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump
And with each ride together they will meld again as one…
Thump, Thump…Thump, Thump

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Dancing With Jesus

Mortar binds cobblestones under our feet;
The scent of oversized orchids fill the air;
See my golden strands braided back; 
His strong hands join mine in perfect precision; 
We glide effortlessly in a Scandinavian waltz;
Suns and moons set yet we never take notice.

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A Letter Of Complaint

To whom it may concern

This is a letter of complaint
See I was told I could be whatever I want
Without any trials or restraint, 
But why do I feel so deceived
When the world says that I'm free
And so I dress to my liking
Only to find eyes glued to me?

And when the words escape me
It's as though I've killed a man
When its about sex, drugs or violence
That's when society gives a damn
But other times they are blind
And cannot even see my fiction
Each stroke of my brush is a painting
To show them my own depiction

And why do I need to be labelled
By my beliefs, background or race
Can't I just be a human
Without any trace of debase?

See I just want to be free

Free from their expectations
Free from their ideals
Free from the image
of myself in their minds
Free to express what I conceal

How can I dance, 
with this grip around arm
And when I begin to fall in love 
Off goes that same alarm

Why is it such a struggle 
To expand this rigid fissure 
Do they want me to drop my brush
So that they can complete my picture?

Yours ever so faithfully,

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Dance beautiful Dancer

Dance beautiful dancer, dance, dance, dance
Your every movement perfection personified
Many dancers have technique not many the soul
Your feeling for the dance is rare and extraordinary
Your love of the dance lifts all of us to a higher plain
You thrill audiences with your spirit and passion
Utter dedication to your art to reach the heights
To dance, to never stop dancing, it is your destiny
You leave us breathless in awe as you fly across the stage
Leaping upwards with pointed toes light as a feather
You are truly beautiful and no doubt you sacrifice all
To dance in perfection to dance right into our hearts 

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Joy, My Darling Joy

Joy blooms in Springtime
Joy embraces my sad heart
Joy sweeps away gloom
Happiness clothes me
In the brightest suit...handsome
Single smile lifts up my spirits 
Joy sways in the wind
Joy dances with me kindly
Joy surprises me
Shadiness passes
Away without a single disturbance
Joy plays piano
Joy loves to hang out with me
Joy loves to uplift the blues
Joy loves bringing in good news 
Joy sings with me everyday
Joy sings a striking tune... 
Joy brings joy and love to you...
Joy sings a heartfelt poem
I dream of her every day and night
She's my lamplight 
She keeps me up all night
And she's quite a sight
She's so full of sweet, sweet delight 

I love you, dear JOY!

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The Lover's Ghost

I am absent from heavens table
for I miss my love.
Compassion from an angel
helped me slide down a moonbeam,
to visit your lonely heart.

As you sleep, I am with you my darling,
the warmth of my love
creating a fire in your memory.
Where we can sit and talk,
in the glow of embers love.

In this realm we can feel love once again.
Let us dance above these flames of desire,
you in your prom dress and me,
the boy, you made a man.

Once again I can hear your whispers,
Of love and a life together.
Carried on a gentle breeze
listened to by inquisitive angels,
smiling from their windows above

Your words seeding my lonely soul,
trembling my world
with dreams for eternity to keep.

Tonight the moon smiles for you and me
for she too remembers,
the tears of joy from our first kiss
slowly running down both our cheeks.

We never knew they were tears from heaven.
Precious was that moment,
for we never saw the hour glass empty.

But pain did not hurt,
for your face was always with me
and love cannot be killed by time.
For our love will endure
and heaven has dreams for us.

For mortal time is but a light,
to pick that one special rose,
that grows beyond this life.

The Clouds of dreams are lifting
time is slipping through my fingers
And the angel is calling.

So a secret promise, I now plant
 for your soul to cherish,
wrapped in love
to dwell in the recess of your mind.
To be opened when angels call.

For our prom date is not yet over
the music will play on
and I will be waiting,
to hold my rose once more.

And dreams will be ours to make,
to dance under a smiling moon,
to live an angel’s life.

And no more will I miss you.
My rose, my light, 
my love.

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The human league

The 80's electronic band
The Human League
Came from Sheffield England
My home town
Phil Oakey
The lead singer
Had his hair short on one side
The over long hanging down.

He met the two girl singers
Who were dancing
In the crazy Daisy pub
He liked what he saw
and singed them up 
To go on tour.

Such hits as 'Being boiled'
'Mirror man'
'Don't you want me''
And''The sound of the crowd'
Were played in many clubs and bars
Often loud.

He is one of the reasons I play synthesizers
Myself today
Now bald as a badger
His famous long locks gone
But he still writes
And can still sing a song.

Other local bands, Def leopard, Heaven 17, ABC ,Pulp, Artric monkeys,
Jarvis cocker, Joe cocker, Richard Hawley,
Living in a box, Baby bird, Paul Carrick, Tony Christie. Rev and the Makers, and many others.

Peter Dome.copyright.2014. march.

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These Shoes Were Made for Dancing

As the music began,
he bowed before her,
fingers outstretched, palm up.

Rising to her feet,
she placed her hand
in his, feather-light.

As they danced,
her lemon-yellow shoes
spun a blur of joy
in motion.

Round and round
the floor, they whirled,
eyes locked together,
hearts beating in rhythm.

He, in town after town,
forever haunts dance halls 
for the girl in yellow shoes
for one more dance.

cfa© 7/10/2014
revised 9/13/2014 cfa

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Dancing in the Dark

It’s like a secret dance in the dark,
only you know.
Where nothing can be exposed;
the lies, the cheats, nothing.
When you wake up, you can feel.
You can free your soul
from the box that it’s trapped.
Is there room to cry?

When you dance in the dark,
engulfed by blackness
the quiet words lead you in.
don’t let anyone hear you.
If they do,
they might know your secrets.

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Dance of Fire

Embraced with sensations of love and happiness
Around huge fire for light and warmth
Leaping round and round like frogs in rainy season;
Dancing and dancing through darkness of the night
For nothing but pride and oneness

Not living like angels but full of hope
Having not much to choose from but full of tender
What they had, was for everyone
Whatever was done, was for all of them;
Music and dance always there to keep them alive
Dancing for fire like whales dancing for water

I saw them gliding for the moon and the stars
Watched them dancing to thrive
Soaring more and more as the night crawl
Taking their spirits to places they never saw
So, living their lives like sea creatures
Always hoping for the best to come

Dance of fire, peace and love among people,
Wishing for joy and happiness
Dance of hope and oneness
Lost like dust in space
Only love will make us dance again

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A feather in my cap

I looked at her
across the dance floor
And wanted her desperately.
It was written all over my face,
It made my heart skip a beat
whenever she waltzed near me 
and I suffered in silent misery.

But she was out of my league,
Too classy, too darn beautiful.
I turned around to walk away
when she tapped on
my shoulder lightly and asked,
"Can I have this dance with you?"
You could have knocked
me down with a feather!


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The Found Boat-A Precis

Spring rain; river overflows, shallow lake fills. 
Riding a log, two girls explore the flotsam, 

Find boat; old, damaged, half sunk, ruined, mostly.

They shout out, show teasing boys, schoolmates, the wreck.

Delighted boys drag the hulk home, repair, seal. 

Girls watch the project day by day; at last done. 

Boys and girls launch, try it out by twos, threes, more. 

Success. No leaks. Make lunch and sail down river.

An abandoned house appears.  Going ashore—

They explore, eat lunch, play games, dare each other—

To strip. They all do. They dance, sun shines...time stops. 

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Petals in the wind

Entering the gates of spring A new panorama unfolding Almond blossoms all around Oodles of beauty all around Splendid white flowering trees Petals on the ground layered To welcome the onlooker to the heavenly sights Under each tree Petal showering down And playing with the wind A smile on each face Such view brings A dance of smiles and petals A dance of wind and fragrance Spring air and blossoms Dancing to the tunes of nature Wings gifted to all the viewers Each lifted to a dreamland Dreamland of heavenly bliss Each kiss of petals falling from the trees Makes you feel lighter and lighter And in no time, everyone starts dancing With those petals in the wind…
Irfana Ali Bhat

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soul dance

spinning round and round till i fly up
and hit ground
turning into sea
pleasing me
i grab the bass fish gliding past
i dive into the eyes of the brown green scales
head first never fails
in the soul of the beast i sit 
my locks float around the fish shell
his hearts beat started to move me
onto my feet
bend my knees
shake my hips
rattle my brain
clap my hands
the soul of the fish is where i spend the rest of my plans

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A Dance with Chance

Chance, Chance, Do you want to dance? 
Dance, dance, toward me in the night. 
Hundreds of bodies to the left,
Hundreds of bodies to the right, 
Light everywhere and on everyone and up
To the ceiling we now go and then down 
to the floor we head low.
Yet, you shine as the only light
that I wish to completely fill my sight

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Measuring Movements

Somewhere upon the terminator’s birth
The young lovers dance and sway
To a symphony of dawn and starlight
Undulating within newfound passions
These two naively press and discover
The zealous meaning of temperate youth

Lost within the mornings heavy rise
They run through the soft breaking crests
Crashing upon their rococo painted beaches
Living only in the ardor of today’s breath
They pay no heed to the passing of the hour
Twisted adrift the spinning of the moment

Beneath the sweated midday heat 
The aging lovers croon forlornly
Calling out to their passing adolescence
With a softening of fear in each other’s eyes
They gently slip back into the hypnotic
And dance in the divine for a moment longer

Standing in the approaching twilight
The aged lovers stand in raptures kiss
Remembering the moments of yesterdays past
No longer young but still ever vibrant
They languidly begin those heavy laboring steps
Of their life’s final dance together…

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needles and pins

I can’t survive without the rush of an impulsive swallow or an impersonal touch.

I’m fueled by the adrenaline I get solely through sex and drugs, driving while high and chasing danger.

Piercing my skin with needles and pins,

willing to feel the worst to feel anything

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Cursive Steps

Little knots of string tied to your fingers,
tied to my heart.
They dance, I dance..
They run, I run.
Am I your puppet?

You're laughing wildly
your fingertip goes up,
my foot goes up,
pulled with the string of Proposition
An eerie dance I dance with a frown
remains right side down
All night long the heartstrings strut.

Feet smothered with cinder dust,
smears and swipes on the floor, cursive art;
Sleep plucks at the strings, something beautiful,
a musical trance-
Fingers sore, eyes succumb,
A mind thats numb takes the bait.

You untie our strings
from your mind
And I dance away
From force and binds
And escape into the night.

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Carnelian robes permeate dreamtime landscapes
of parchment and prayer flag.
Smiling faces walk swiftly
through corridors of ancient walls
carved from living mountains,
spinning cylindrical wheels in their wake.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years,
we wait for peace.

Eagle feathers jounce
as soft moccasins dance heartbeat
on the prairie hair of Mother Earth.
Sacred sisters hold position in jingle dress rhythms
offering prayer pipes to their men,
who burn sweet grass as they fancy dance past.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years,
we wait for peace.

Hula dancers waft sea breeze
in the heat waves of Pele’s fire.
Warrior lines pace boundary between the worlds,
as molten lands part the waters
and oasis the humble in a paradise
where lei lines encircle life.

Patience of a thousand thousand years,
we wait for peace.

Condor circles as mountains spirits speak
telling stories of forever and ever.
Ancient peoples gather in raindrop mists
to nourish the living land
and feed the collective soul
the medicine of dreams.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years,
we wait for peace.

“Imagine all the people” sound waves and ipods
park bench hosts to afternoon drummers,
as momentum gathers
inner city gardeners and beekeepers
buzzing to the cyber shifts
of “sharing all the world”.

Patience of a thousand, thousand years
we wait for peace.

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Funky Monkey

There is a monkey who is very funky. He dances all day long to a long song, and a big wig that can zag and zig. Once he even danced with a big pig with a rig! When the day is over, he goes to bed with a mug on his head. Aunika Alch Age 11

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Frivolous Poem About Fairies

Fairies dance on clouds.
Where will you find space to dance?
The drama is in the action
not in the verb.

Go on that stage when you find it,
     innocently seeking.
It is better not to be alone,
but if you must be alone,
shake the dust from your boots
and dance with an imaginary fairy.

Break through that dream-portal
into reality and the light of dawning day.
Restore from wandering as you discover
	the dance of flies,
	and the dance of shadows.

The daydream depends on grains for its making.
Whether the grains are of sand or of wheat,
they fall alike to earth as does starlight.
You must grow gossamer wings
	in your mind before you fly,

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Vasava An untold story 1/Many

An untold story 

The story as Vasavadutta originally conceived and written by my late father Dr.Amar Nath 
Kapoor*  in Hindi many many years back, but Accidentally the major portion of his hand 
written manuscript got lost with many of his other hand written manuscripts during his 
lifetime itself. He had a deep attachment for this unique story belonging to the period of 
Guam Buddha 559 BC. 
Since I had heard him reciting this story when the manuscript was present I am trying to 
rewrite this unique story, as was wished by my late father. Hope my poetry soup friends 
would find it a unique story portraying a beautiful character of a dancer Vasavadutta or 
Vasava, who was an embodiment of beauty. Her life changed completely when she came to 
see Gautama Buddha.

I am rewriting his idea and story in English and hope to have your both types of comments 
as you find and feel, as it is always precious for me.

An untold story 						Part 01/Many

She was a woman of splendid and unparallel beauty
Lavishly bestowed and blessed on her by Nature
Her intoxicating and lovely youth,  had sparked  
Her beauty and enchanting ness far and wide on Earth

On the beauty of her face and hanging hair locks
Many and mighty had sacrificed and burnt like moths
To see only a glimpse of her dance and to hear her voice
Many lost their entire wealth, only to enjoy her dance

Brahma* had labored hard, while shaping her beauty
Her enchanting eyes use to glitter, like beautiful sapphires
Which were studded in the golden cups of her lovely eyes
Attracting everyone, who came in the closeness of her eyes

During her dance performances, her eyes use to sprinkle 
A passionate intoxicating wine, to charm the audience
Her spectators never appears to stop drinking that wine
To get completely lost themselves in the charms of her dance


Kanpur India 01st March    2010	                  Part 01/Many

References and Hindi word used.

* Brahma   The Creator of the entire Universe as per Hindu  

* Dr. Amar Nath Kapoor  My late father who was also a freedom      
   fighter who joined national freedom movements of Mahatma  
   Gandhi in 1920 but left active politics after India’s 
   independence in 1947 and devoted rest of his life till 1994 in 
   writing mass literature on Indian mythology, dramas , Poetry 
   and etc and wrote more than hundred manuscripts

*Kama  means wish, desire or longing, especially as in sensual 
    love or sexuality  ( Deo)  Hindu god inducing lusty 

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Lost in a Fairy Tale

The Mother Moon laughed and sang a song,
But it seemed to die
Upon the leaves.
Mother Moon
And Sister Stars
Watch me as I dance my way
Through these green fields.
Guide me on my way,
With your magical song.
Without you I don’t know 
Where I am
Or what this place can be.
But I will let there branches reach for me.
In this dream,
The leaves stroking my face.
The wind whispers softly my name,
With Mother Moon guiding my way
I know who I am,
Where I am,
And where I can be.
Laughing and singing all the way
I will get there 
Some day.
But today
Mother Moon
And Sister Stars
Watch me as I dance my way
Through these green fields.

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The Moth and the Star

Once upon a time, in a place, not too far off,
In the dark, by the moon, there lived a family of moths.
Now, for those who don't know, a moth is like a butterfly,
but instead of vibrant colors, their wings are pale white.
Moths are known to come out and dance around fires at night,
and though it can be dangerous, they love its brilliant light!
When the sun would end its job and it was time to leave,
a family of moths would begin their late routine.
Their tradition was to dance around a yellow glowing flame,
of a streetlight, freshly lit, every eve, the family came.
-But there was one young moth who never did take part,
instead of dancing by the burning host, he preferred a star.
It seemed merely a twinkle, upon a branch of a great tree,
he felt, someday, if he could gain the strength, that star he'd reach.
Now his mother and his father scoffed and both would ask him why,
does he not join his brothers and his sisters by their side.
"Your brothers all are greatly singed, when will you take your turn?
Your sister's wings have turned to black, yet, you don't have one burn!"
Despite their scolds, despite their taunts, the little moth still aimed,
for that shining star he never knew was trillions of miles away.
He'd flap his wings, though he'd fly high, he could not ascend,
and every night, he'd fall just short and wait to try again.
But then, one day, he turned around and saw he was alone.
His entire family was gone, burned like butter on the stove.
And now that he was an old, old, moth he finally came to see,
that he, indeed, had reached his star, and it wasn't above the tree.

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Fishing The High Country

A body of translucent blue
reflects heavens of stark purity.
He flicks his shiny offering towards depths unknown
and cranks the oiled reel. 
Time pours slowly,
as the reflective lure moves through crystal waters.
Again the motions transfix thought.
Cast, retrieve, move, repeat,
until abruptly something strikes the silver flasher.
Now the dance is on.
The light weight pole bends to unspoiled water,
as the luminescent trout hurls it’s body above the water's surface.
The attempt to dislodge the three pronged hook fails.
But fish and man have met stares.
The dance intensifies.
A run is made.
Line is peeled from spool.
Deeper the fish plunges through roiled waters.
But he will tire,
and face his likely death.
He ceases his desperate struggle.
The distance between predator and prey withers.
The angler now reaches for his worthy prize.
He captures the weighty fish through jaw and gill,
and lifts his prey from liquid home.
He has acquired what he sought.
He knows that he must not devour this mountain rarity.
Gently the fish is revived in the cool water.
He is released and the two part not as enemies,
but as two strangers, 
who met in the fading twilight of the evening rise.

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Slender Man's Wedding Gift

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deep in Slender Man's void of existence, Long fingers open an old-fashioned, gothic box She watches excitedly for his reaction A mini puppet show plays within, Featuring little children— Little, creepy dead children Strange, carnival-type music plays off tune As the pale children dance in a circle with glee In the midst of the dancing there stands a tall figure without a face And a very happy woman in his arms The children open their hearts and sing: "Oh happy days have cometh, For Mr and Mrs. Slender, Though dead we are we runneth, With mirth ever rendered! We sing this song on your behalf, With dancing, joy, and many a laugh..." And the smallest, creepiest, bloodiest girl Comes up with a dazzling dress twirl: "There shall be a pause of slaughter and beheading, For Mr. and Mrs. Slender's wedding!" And with charm the children dance and sing some more As the slender man in the box does dance with the girl But soon the little children disappear from view Back into the box, in their respectful coffins And the two figures in the box stand alone As the girl hands him a wedding gift with a wink Long fingers close the old-fashioned, gothic box Looking happily at his wife in awe To his delight she winks with many a blush

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My Date with Death

It's closing time,
I have left the lights on
and the door ajar;

I have set the table
and poured the best wine,
There's music
in the background
and fragrance in the air.

It's closing time and
I am all dressed up
and ready to swing.

O Death, come on in,
Bring your cheers and
bring your good times too;
There's a mood of
festivity and celebration.

Have the last meal on me,
Have the last drink on me,
Do the last dance with me
And oh, gather me in
your eternal embrace!

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The Girl at the River

The girl at the river
with folding mountains 
and shaggy trees

Watched two white swans 
swaying with the moody breeze

She watched as they danced
and ruffled their feathers 

In a way they were separate
but always together 

She sat for a while as
she inhaled the moment

She knew in her heart the
swans would always be devoted

And as the swans drifted softly 
away with each other

The girl at the river
thought only of her lover

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Where Do The Butterflies Go

Teardrops of dews glistening
Breaks the days of dawn
Caterpillars shedding shells of cocoon
Awakening with yawns

The little fairies quaintly appear
Dancing their favorite dances, all the day long
But, where do the butterflies dance to
When the sun hides her head...
And the days are shamelessly gone?

They fill up my gardens
Frolic from tip of tulip to end of the rose
Next to sunflower, daffodil the flutter flies flown
Never attempting to speak even one little peep
Keeping their precious secrets
From sun up until the sundown

A parade of floats
Viceroy to the Monarch whom he tries to pretend
Royal and regal, ginger and black
Passes the hours while waltzing with flowers
But where does each of them go as processions end?

Dainty, the Painted lady curtseys
Among the swallowtails that swan through the weed
And the Admirals through the blade
But soon to hide away
Flying rainbows of season’s beginning to fade

And my magical gardens now they are bare
The little fairies all have disappeared
Following the whisper of wisps, of a new winter’s air

It’s the beginning of autumn
And soon will come the billows of snow
Did they take journey to a summer, in a far away land
Where oh, where did the butterflies go

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Kissed The Rain

I cherish every raindrops which dance upon my face
Occasional piano accompaniment drift along my pace
On the trails which tickles my fifth sense of taste
Millions molecular beam saved every curt memo as a lace
Which knitted through every single wink of my grace
Again, I cherish every raindrops which dance upon my face

Love the moment, love the drizzle 
Love the ambiance which showered in a dazzle

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The dance of butterflies

The butterflies fly into the sky dancing in the sunlight as they breathe the warm summer and inhale the warmth spring of the day. Spread their wings slowly moving, twirling around, That dance along the wind that adds beauty to the flowers that bloom. As they dance over my head and perch on my shoulder, they kiss my hand. Come with me dance with the butterflies as we follow their dance step one, two and three. We will fly, ride on their wings clothed in fragile, like a rainbow that colors around. Written By; Cheryl Aldea Date: April 5, 2012 A Butterfly's Trail Of Kisses Contest – Gail Doyle

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Sometimes I feel small in this world, in this vast universe
But then sometimes when I’m sitting on that bench in the park with know one around watching the leaves dance in the breeze, the air hitting my face . .   
I feel big on an imaginable scale, it reminds me of all those minuet atoms all put together to make me 

Enabling me to watch those leaves dance in the breeze!   
Enabling me to walk in that park!
Sit on that bench!

It’s easy to forget how special we are and how everything in this world is special if you look close enough. The one thing size has taught me is to think and when we think and i mean actually THINK . .  amazing things can be achieved. 

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Every Perfect Pin

They came for the Gypsies, 
The time tribe Romana's grand Gypsy trust 
To manifest in feasts of fear, horrific best, 
The Crucifixtion as a culture test 
Is sycophanted phallic prophecies; 
Mixing spells where river's dwell 
And will reveal third eye infusions 
That dillute foregone conclusions! 

The starkest of illusion will confer 
The dead of deadest property, I'm sure! 
Pillaged by proud Nazi's reeling 
Who have not a friendly feeling 
One God-Fearing German village 
Saddles soaked in sorrow 
Silently seduced bone marrow 
Or from sweeter water billage 
With Genetic trace 
In hemolytic face; 
A truth no German yearns to borrow! 

Where fallen angels care 
And Gypsyfied the wounds 
With age-old Gypsy healing rare; 
Where tinker-tapping dusters dance 
A dance to Gypsy tunes 
On pointed pins appointed special flavor; 
As pointed pins do point and prance 
Well-pointed pins provide a good and precious savor. 

Hemolytics is genetics with inscription 
Inscribed inscription's indecision. 
If Gypsy wounds could fill the forest 
With this Gypsy dance so true 
Then everything I thought I liked 
I think I still would like in you; 
In fact, the things I know I liked 
I soon would love. 

Genetic indescription must be fact 
As power angels grab a power pact 
The fallen angels with their power prayers 
Heal Gypsy wounds nocturnal during flairs! 

Fluoresence fills the forest 
Where tinker-tapping dusters dance 
As pure and naked dilettantes appointed 
Point of every perfect pin's romance. 

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If I'd only listened to the wind before
But my gaping eyes were lost; the flying have flown
A black horizon, wings, spiraling in all directions
And that gentle air now lashes with venom at my windows
I'm afraid that I'm awake, but furtive eyes still peep at me
Swaying bodies of the trees, bowing down with great groans
Bereft of leaves, I can only listen as the song turns to a scream!

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The same sad song

She was bent on torment,
spinning around in her heels,
leaving marks on the dance floor
as he spit his faith into a beer can.
She wept for the morning,
in her own way. 
Her comfort cradled
in the weathered arms
of a transient artist.
 A 6 string that he’ll never play here again;
But she always finds those same
strings that tie her to this town.
The notes that keep her going,
                                                            writhing under every moon
                                                                                with men like him.
Hoping the sounds they make together,
will sate the burn of dawn’s solace. 
Praying for a song that will make it til’ morning.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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The Pebbles

The Pebbles (Kunjarra)
Kevin L Fairbrother

The Pebbles a sacred site near Tennant Creek
A mass of granite boulders spewed from beneath
Surrounded by wind swept plains of red dirt
A relative of Karlu Karlu/ The Devils Marbles
A place of eerie dreamtime long time past
Aboriginal women and girls… Hairy Women
Dancing in the twilight… The Munga Munga
Sacred to Women, ritual rites, Mothering business
Sunrise and sunset a changing spectrum
Of red and purple on the Pebbles boulders
Intertwining beams filter and color the surrounds
Creating an experience of dreamtime long ago
No place for men, their spirit excluded
Only women and girls meet and greet at the Pebbles
For hidden within the boulders the spirits of old
Awake… eerie creepy moments that interrupt sleep
Visit and take away an experience of dreamtime
The Pebbles transport you back in time
Relive the vibrant Munga Munga dance
 When the sunset intermingles with the Pebbles

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Vaguely in the dark halls of remembrance I see you dance. 
It is with me forever an ache inside and will always be there. 
Dancing ....... on a high place ...... in a false land. 
In the dark trees you step high as you dance under a bright moon 
The step lives in me forever trapped in my head and will forever be there. 
Dancing ....... on a high place ...... in a false land.

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With you I was there
When you sang that rapturous song
You stirred my heart so deeply
A longing you had etched 
On the age-old bark of my pain
That you brought a temporary salve
How could I resist such tempting relief?

With you I was there
When you glided with your snow-laden feet
To swipe away  pitiful realities
Took me to heights of better days
So lovely, how lovingly
The twirls of imaginations you create
In the dance floor of my emotions.

With you I was there
Secured my joy
Locked my heart
But the pain ever constant 
Banged on the door of the vulnerable
Please, not so soon
Wrapped up in this moment so beautifully.
I cried. No, not this soon.

But, with you I was there.
My heart hasn't gone cold
Your voice is still my melody
Your gait is my joyous promenade
Splendors to last me 
One more sweet imagination
One more wild heartbeat to take me
To your world.

With you, I pray let me in.

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Poetry Groups and Aaron Jumpers

Red checkered carpet and mahogany wood dominate
Guinness, beer and wine stand politely 
The eclectic gathering of minds and smiles
Litter the room as left over christmas baubles 
While one voice swoons across the ceiling to fall on ravenous  ears

Smiles in therapy 
And memory slip over the rickety stiles of childhood
As eyes wide shut dance or skipping hypnotically 
As an exuberant uncontrollable child on a windy day 
Create their own beautiful masterpieces from the words lain for all to dream

A sigh
A scratch
A rustling peanut packet to distract
The odd glance searching the sea of eyes for recognition, acceptance, hope or a mere smile

Where aaron jumpers distract
Why do aaron jumpers make one think of catalogues, hearty meals and  most of all love
The love of huge warm arms swinging you around in adoration
Sheer exhilaration at really being in love
Why do aaron jumpers and 
A scottish poets words create 
Grey seas frothy cream licking the rocky skirt of the lighthouse 
Red and white solid safety which 
Perfectly beckons me

And the poem did that and the mind did follow joyously 
The words laid down by 
A man died two years ago
Why did he have to die 2010 just before i heard of him
And now i must search his words in past tense
And almost hero worship
The man from Edinburgh and the visions he gave me 
By the sea 

I shed one tear

Plz Note
This is about my visit tonight to a poetry group and how reading and your own imagination dance arm in arm.....
Every poets words are half the painting to be completed by the fresh eyes which read theory anyway

My reaction to Edwin Morgan's beautiful write strawberries

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We are sick to think we have done something big.
We are in a daze and nothing more.
The cats that came were deformed.

They legs were made to dance.
They pantomime.
The rigmarole was a silent scream.

They were as colorful as butterflies.
They walked around with scary eyes.
The fat men that brought them were sloppy pigs.
They were sick to think they had done something big.

Immense the ravage these pigs were.
They were friends to the deformed felines.
They stomachs were made to prey human.
The raze caused confusion.

They were to form the great divided.
They walked around with scary eyes.
They would feast on the rodents that thrive in the ground.
They were to be taught this or they would be wiped out.

On a deadly morn, the cats woke.
By noon, the pigs honked.
The people of the City did their work.
This would be the day guns smoked.

The Cats lives were lived in dilapidation.
The Pigs lives were in slop.
The Wild Boars would try to convert.
The pigs were pigs ate by the humans.

The battle started.
The humans killed more.
The wild boars receded.
The deformed felines were destroyed.

~Inspired by the expressive art of poetry via storytelling, fantasy, fairy tales, tall tales, etc.~

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Moonlight Waltz

Beneath the white power
of the moon, Stones rumble.
Laughing River waters answer,
Field Daisy bows to Meadow Rose.
Leafy arms grasp throaty vines
and the moonlight waltz begins.

Mister Elm directs with head bowed
and arms raised in ardent abandon.
Miss Willow sways. Skirts swirl
seductively, brushing her ankles,
stirring the moon-kissed air,

awaking the enchanted, 
who join the dance 
to celebrate freedom of the night.

Only the nocturnal 
experience the joyful play 
and learn the secret
of Nature's night-time symphony.

At the first hint of dawn, 
music fades, movement stills, 
creatures retreat into burrows
and slip into day-mode.

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I Still Can't Jitterbug

We plugged the jukebox nonstop,  
early 50's soft rock or jitterbug. 
That open-air dance floor shook
with a beat, steady and loud. 

My body rode the waves,
nerved through skin and bone,
blood pulsing hot with desire,
but too shy to try. 

Friends and cousins heated 
the floor in dancing frenzy, 
on feet programmed by memory.

I burned with envy. 
Cousin Verna said, "I'll teach you."
 Later, she cried,
"I give up. You'll never learn."

40 years later, my dancing soul 
still yearned, as the line-dance craze
swept the country, border to border,
and beyond. Braver, stronger,
more confident, I plunged headlong, 
and proved her wrong.
I line-dance to Cowboy Charleston,
Jitterbug Boogie, and Slappin' Leather,

but I still can't jitterbug. 

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The Last Dance

The wind whispers,
As it blows through the trees,
"It's coming, be prepared!"
The trees shiver and shake,
 At the words whispered,
"Make haste, make haste!"
The trees have one last show,
Before they all go to sleep for a while,
All the trees don their best gowns,
The maple trees yellow,
Oak trees burgundy and rich brown,
Pines shed their old layers,
They become vibrant evergreen,
Aspen's don their bells to play in the wind,
Then, all the trees dance together,
As they become tired, they start to cry,
Their tears are yellow, red, orange, and brown,
Now they must face cold, frost, and snow,
They must stand cold and alone for five months,
So before they must go to sleep,
They have one last dance to enjoy warmth and happiness,
Their last dance is called The Fall.

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A Sexy Samba

Sweat trickles down my bare back.
It tickles as it wetly trails
To the base of my spine.
My hips sway, 
My shoulders dip and roll
In rythmic undulations
In time with the vibrations
That have suddenly become, 
My only awareness.
A delighted smile spreads
Across my crimson lips
I open my eyes to look at you.
You are looking at me, 
I know what's on your mind.
Mmmm....mine too.
I turn around, 
Lifting my arms over my head.
I press my back to the front of you, 
And I enjoy the cadence 
Of your beautiful body. 
Your hands are on my gyrating hips, 
I feel you push intimately hard, 
Pulsing against me in the dark.
Your teeth on my earlobe, 
Start a maddening electric tempo, 
In my secret depths.
I feel you entwine your fingers with mine, 
I am warmly clasping to the beat.
....... .
The rhythm slows.
You lean in close as my song
Draws to its end.
I feel your deep baritone as you whisper 
'Save the last dance for me'

I think I will Mr Rightnow.

© 2012 
Ruby Honeytip

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Angel lullaby's

Dimonds are not beauty. Beauty is people and things unknown. Things unknown that swirl around in a young child's mind and happiness amounts to a flower crown made for a small girl with the soul of a faire. Happiness that comes from the pure joy of looking in your mothers deep brown eyes and getting warm fuzzies . Joy that spills out into a smile when a wise woman tells her that the little floating fuzzies in the air are baby angels and that when it thunders it's just there mom singing them an angel sized lullaby a lullaby that makes her big blue eyes sparkle....But the wind changes and the sparkling in her big blue eyes fade and the flower crown withers and dies and the baby angels turn into dust and unknown things still bring joy. But so do things that bring trouble and those big brown eyes sometimes betray her and the thunder is just thunder and baby Angels and days of simple joy vanish ...But if she waits just for the right moment the clowds will gather and the sparkle returns to her big blue eyes and the wounderful liquid leaks out of the sky! spinning and spinning her hair dripping. She squeezes the big blue eyes shut and suddenly the baby angels return To the sky and the Flower crown gets a long drink of water and blooms once again and and the angel lullaby returns to the air and rings in her ears and those deep brown eyes watch her spinning and remember why they fell in love with her and 
finally she is home !!

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raindrops dance on rusting sheets of galvanize

The thunder roars
The lightning flashed the wind is strong 
And raindrops dance on rusting sheets 
Of galvanize

She clung to me, trembling and cold as the
Thunder roared with anger and the lightening
Struck, its violent brightness illuminating the
Old barn, illustrating the glittering wetness 
Of her soft silky skin, she jumped and I held 
Her close

As the lighting struck again I saw her eyes
Telling me she felt protected and as the rain
Drops danced on rusting sheets of galvanize
And the winds try to sent this place to a 
Cruel demise I kissed the sparkling raindrops 
That rested on her beckoning eyes

As the favor of her breast rest against my 
Chest its protruding firmness sending waves 
Of fervor through the corridors of my being 
My hands explore the sculpture that is her
Body, touching her in every special place
She trembles speaks not a word but holds my 
Face with adoring grace

As we lay amidst the bales of hay, I taste the 
Liquid of her mouth now one with the lingering 
Drops of rain and I feel the pulse of her parted
Thighs the oneness of bodies now in rhythm 
With the night

And as the heavens opened and the thunder
Roared the winds blow against the old cedar door 
and in the soggy moons light 
Raindrops dance on rusting sheets of galvanize 
And lightning flashed as if taking snapshots of
Time as it stood
It is that moment she says that she knew of

Earl S. Jackson
Aug 2006

Copyright © 2009 Earl S. Jackson, all rights reserved

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moon lit dance

It’s a full moon tonight
And you hold me tight as
We dance our moon lit dance
We spin as the 

Leaves dance around us
The crickets are our 
Music as they sing
We Dance our moon lit dance

The moon is our spot light as
It follows us through the night
The darkness surrounds us
In the midnight hour 

You hold me tighter as we turn
Protecting me from all my surroundings
We become one 
My heart beats with his 

I look in to your moon lit
Eyes and you look back in mine
Our lips meet and
We kiss as

We dance our moon lit dance 

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Last Call

Somewhere there’s a dance floor whispering 

to the cracks of the sidewalk leading up 

to your door. 

It doesn’t remember your name,

but your gentle stride left 

marks on the wrists

of time. 

I’m here,

mopping up the blood,

watching my first drink

of the night condensate

on the bar where

you left your 


-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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Dancing with Despair

I have danced while music played,
and smiled, although despairingly,
through tears at smiles not meant for me.
My soft eyes, though brown and drab,
have strived to glitter, with scant success,
as others shone bright, emitting light
beneath their lashes, lush and long.
While I lurched in crazy drunken spirals,
others, precise, performed their pirouettes
and slid across the polished floor
and smiled and laughed and more:
completely at their ease.
What terminal disease decrees
despair my partner in this dance?
Is there no chance to sit the music out,
a listener, discrete, devout?
While others whirl and dip, I slide and slip.
Must I be a half-a-pair with stumbling feet,
inept novice, graceless lout who, led about,
never has an easy air dancing with despair?

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Country Field

I wanna go shoot some beer cans,
light up the night,and drink the moon’s shine. 
I wanna see you twirl, in that summer dress
kiss your neck, while headlights burn through my heart. 
Fireflies’ll get dizzy when we dance between their flurry,
We’ll fall on grandma’s quilt and stare at the stars.
It can be so bright in a country field,
when it’s not so lonely…
And your smile, is bringin’ me home. 
Those muddy tracks were worth it;
got us stuck in each other’s arms. 
You’ve got me thinkin’… 
That a city girl, with a country heart
ain’t so bad.. 
You got me thinkin’..
that the sun might rise…
and I won’t even notice..
cos’ your starlight is just 
as bright, as any blue eyed country 
sky, I’ve ever seen. 
So, lets pour a little more 
moonshine in these cups, 
and dance til’ tomorrow. 
We’ll worry bout’ gettin’ home
when the day comes a-knockin’..
but I don’t wanna think about anything else,
but the smile pressed against my cheek. 
This country field is heaven,
and you’re the Angel ridin’ shotgun. 
Holdin’ me still, on this buck-wild 
makin’ me feel like bein a cowboy
ain’t bein’ lost.. 
Like bein’ in this field, 
is bein’ at home,
your arms…
the rest that I’ve been looking for. 
This field, the home, I’ve always had…
but never thought, I was searchin’ for.. 
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

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I gaze in awe
The music just flows through you
Every move graceful and perfect

The music transforms you
Your eyes dance with personality
Your passion for dance running through your veins

Your ability is amazing
You shine on the stage
Like the star you were born to be

Your costume sparkles in the stage light
Your fast intricate footwork is fascinating
Detailed with perfection

I am mesmorised by the beauty of the dance
The strenuous work made effortless
I can almost see the music notes dancing through your fingertips

I count seven pirouettes
Each precise
Your balance never falters 

You move with such agility and strength
Grand Jetté, Grand Jetté, Grand Jetté
Each jump an expression of silent power

You never seem to tire
Your free spirited nature shines through your smile
Inspiring many young hearts

As the music fades
The roof is lifted by the magnificent applause
As you leave the stage, the memory dances amongst the audience

Your memory will always live on
Just you and the music
Forever dancing, hand in hand 

(Inspired by Natasha Beangstrom)

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Dance with me under the rain

As the rain falls down from the velvet sky, take my hand and we will walk a while. Let us bathe under the pouring rain and let the pain flow into the stream. Draw out your arms let us play, take one more step, stay close to me. Squeeze me tighter kiss me tenderly, I just can’t help but feel love. Let’s get together and dance in the rain. Spin me around, twirling away the sorrow, dance with me under the rain I’m crazy and I made you insane Laughing, joking under the rain let’s forget our troubles, just dance. Dance with me under the rain. Cheryl Aldea Lets Dance Contest – nette onclaud

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dance in the dark

my body moves 
almost as if
i'm not controlling it
as if it is trained
to dance for you
my hips sway
roll to this beat
a beat i hear when
looking into your
blue seductive eyes
you a snake charmer
me a cobra
a temptress
emerging from a 
wicker basket
contained there
all my existence
you charm me
conquer my desire
my hands slither
through blonde locks
your glance
fueling the frolic
this dance in the dark

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1am: me::you


i have loved and lent and lost
been touched in places where i bleed regret, where
my flesh has torn from the love for myself and for the love
they never had for me.
but you touch me in ways he has never
been able to
and this, x, this is blasphemy

it is illicitness how your breath echoes through the air into my
pleading lungs and please
come closer
please dont go

i love the way your hair is brown and
skips along the waves in my chest and
the way i can watch you for hours and
listen to the way the consonants in my name
ripple through the space between us i love the way
three letters can mean so much and
intertwine in tapestries in ways
you will never imagine

i watch your fingers tingle in the silence
and your feet move across the floor and i swear–
i have never seen anything as beautiful as the
fluidity of your body weaving through the sinews of time
into my heart
i have never felt so much as when you
move the wind around me
and carve emblems into my spine as you
show me how to braid my bones into yours.
i have never listened as intently as to the music
spiralling around your arms and the tender hum of your smile as
you explore your body in ways i wish i could and i have never,
never heard anything like this
and when i think of us i think of clashing melodies
but why does the melding of you and me sound so harmonious?

there is nothing as wrong as how much i think of you all the ****ing time
there is nothing as incompatible as you and me
and there is nothing as obscure as how this could never be

but right now all i know is that damn i think i like you a lot
and that god, x, you are /adorable/

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Touched by your flame

                                     Perfect stranger!
                           Admiring glances across the hall 
                     A hand stretched with a smile so charm
                       Inviting to waltz this gorgeous night
                  I delightfully glided to the handsome knight,
                    Two flamingos waltzing round and round
                  My first Viennese Waltz this memorable night
                    Touched by your flame bewitching beau!
                                   My eternal partner!

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off the cliff:fragment

emerging in the rising twilight
the stars brought tears to our eyes
the wings were like songs
signaling the dry desert rising, 

from the great nest 
by the edge where the world 
is split open
some hands reach up 
from an opening in the sky
the belly of the earth 
heaving out its kin

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Whispering Palms

Under the stern, watchful superintendence
Of whispering palms on the white sand coast 
Where a thousand strong bow to the breeze
And thousands more swing to the beat 
Giriama dancers caress their kayambas
With bared breasts teasing the gathering  
With bared chests beating the drums 
Enhanced buttocks mesmerizing the palms
And semi-nude tourists wondering aloud
How this state of undress survived it all. 

The waters of the ocean had receded
To eat grass, those in the know said
And would return in an hour or two
The sun had climbed above our heads
Fiercely defending its lofty position
As the coast dancers in seeming ease
Perhaps unafraid of the damning rays
Defied the heat in typical fashion 
And dared the eager, curious visitors
To shake a leg, or break it trying! 

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Raqs Sharqi - Belly Dancing

I still remember
First time I saw her
Dark eyes like embers
Glowing like fires

Music pulsating
Waist undulating
Hip belt girating
Gold coins cascading

Egyptian Dancer
Sultry entrancer
Fanning the fires
Of our desires

Her bedlah whirling
Her veils unfurling
Gracefully twirling
The whole room swirling.

Egyptian Dancer
Sultry entrancer
Fanning the fires
Of our desires

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Dreams catcher net

 A rhythm in its dimension sparkling dance 
Turn flap the tail without touching its spine 
Host the wings fly its soul of its dream land. 

Crushed in erupted thoughts hoping a simple peace 
Day and night throw the net to catch its wish 
My light house guides edges of correlation 
Candle of dim dance of breath dream after my dead. 

Washed dark water witness of crying silence 
Free as reborn as dream catcher fly in story wings 
Found humble treasures in my net kept in love of trust 
Fly to become free as nested in dream catcher's net 

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Aesthetic and Static

The beauty is
aesthetic and
When in moving,
We desire watching
the silence,
Static and beautiful
When freeze;
The fleeting beauty
of a dance.
From silence, to the
sound of trumpets.
What we really want,
We do not know.

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the dance

                                      THE DANCE

Our eyes meet as the music starts
The sound of a tango fills the room
I take your hand and lift you up
We move to the floor and smile

We move with the tango rhythms
Legs locked together and striding full
Like mirror images we move across the floor
We are alone in our dance of love

Around and around the floor we move
Twirling and twisting, dipping as we go
There is no one on the floor but us
All the people have stopped to watch 

The band plays on for our private dance
Oblivious to all that is around
Our eyes are locked and our smiles are broad
As we move from place to place

The music stops as the band sits down
We kiss as we step off the floor
There's nothing like our dance of love
Its ours and our alone

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The Olde Shoppe Bell

I hear the bell like ex-wives voices nagging
Hanging,beneath the olde shoppe door ringing
When someone enters through
They have and I do 
A swift little dance and a more ridiculous jig
To that stupid and silly sounding thing

Every time I hear it, it echoes in my head 
As if far fetched fantasies 
An ominous figure the tiny brass is introducing
In the black trench coat to appear instead
Along with hat that eclipses his face
There he'll be, standing 
Eyeing all from beyond his place

Patrons inside slow turn in sync trembling in fear
As if death were choosing its next victim "right here"
It wouldn't be long before I could no longer hold on
From hysterics and laughter outward and in directions forthwith 

Toward the harbinger announcments of cruel intentions 
As the next candidate bound on hell train's transportion
And beneath the door prodding sounds once more
That stupid bell again starts ringing
And I'd think to myself " surely no angel has gotten their wings"
So under my breath laughing, then jump heel clicking, dancing a more ridiculous jig

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There she was, looking at me with the love that only an older sister could have.... a sister who existed before time began.
She told me to come with her and I could not say no, nor did I want to.
She was beautiful with her pure Spanish heritage, very fair skinned and long soft, slightly wavy black hair.
We halted our journey as she turned to me and asked, "Why are you so down?  Why are you so sad?  What is that you say?  You say that you just don't fit in?  What is that you say... your friends, your true friends seem so far away?  And how you don't know if you can go on another day?   Come here my sister and sit here next to me, place your head upon my shoulder.
Rest while you may, sit, breathe, relax and enjoy the day... let your sisters dance and make you laugh for awhile so that you might forget that your life seems on trial.
Then one day when you are able, as the spiritual music which plays works its healing power upon you.
Get up and dance as you are led, remember that you belong to the ancient of days and that you have always understood Him in a different way.
Woe is you when you forget who you are... a daughter of the Highest.
So now, have compassion and mercy on the ones... the other children who haven't made it that far yet; that the world is under a cloud of darkness created by a creature who kills from the inside out by creating confusion in a person's mind which then kills their heart."
My sister then had me follow her for a bit longer, she led me towards a beautifully made black iron gate.
I followed her through this gate; a new family, or perhaps not so new family awaited me there.

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I Love a Rainy Night

The beat of the old song
sets our feet to tapping
out the rhythm.

Whether it's Shift Work,
Back Track, or Stray Cat Strut,
the dance fever hits
when the music sounds.

In rows of four, or five,
we move in tandem;
first left, then right,
our feet performing a symphony
of sound, our bodies a ballet
of movement, our minds
dancing on the high wire.

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Music Revision

Music is more than a passion I enjoy,
It is food to my very soul!
From the time I was a little boy on momma's knee,
It helped me maintain self-control and calmed my nerves.

Music kickstarts several passions inside me.
I love to sing and dance to a groovy melody moving.
R & B makes me wanna indulge in a steamy romance.
Hip-hop makes me wanna grab my girl and dance and kiss!

I can feel the beat, the bass booming from the speakers.
Like an athlete, I can show you some moves you wouldn't believe!
I can salsa, two-step or even break dance!
Music makes me smile and takes me over the rainbow.

My music must be played loud at all times.
The sounds put me in the mood to write some poetry!
Some lyrical content inspires my writing hand.
Music was heaven sent almost like a direct intervention!

I wonder without music where I'd be.
I enjoy ballads and even rock and roll.
But as long as I got a song,
Then it's food to live by....

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Love Spell Unknown

This breath taking me out
Flutters upon your weight of lung
Lucid lingering, we dance each other's flux

Deeper still, your heart revealed
I know the secrets you fashion still
Pressed upon the centuries of days

My love settles in a place unknown
Alone building what I will see eventually
When you come back, we will be free

As we dance upon sheaths of sound
A lurid spell casts from frozen creeks
I know your heart will unearth ecstatic peaks

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Prisms Holes

       Prisms Holes

Holes in my shoes
Black holes in the universe
Hole in the heart complete
And in the teeth
Create rainbows on the soul

Prisms bend the truth
Dance on a beam of light
Colors fracture in a curve
Seldom see reality or its worth

With empty pockets
Holes don’t know where they are
Disoriented, fall in too deep
Hold on to poverty
Illuminate tomorrow

*(These holes have 27% fewer cavities over the other leading brands fighting tooth decay.)
(This poem is NOT FOR CONTEST or dental use)

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Heard You're a Great Dancer

“I heard you're a great dancer!”
She said with a smile
My cute student from Brazil
“Can you teach me?”
I couldn't help but smile
Where had she heard that from?
Here in the Orient…
She wanted to learn English in an enchanting setting
And now...she wanted to learn to belly dance
My eyes twinkled as I thought of a reply…
How I wish I would teach her to jiggle and wiggle, and shake shake shake
Her adjectives and adverbs, her phrases and clauses...
To entice and beguile with her written pieces...
To undulate and twirl and move with grace…
Down every single page of written splendor
Could I teach her how to dance with her words?
“Can you teach me?”
All I could do for the moment, was smile!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

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Open, your eyes.

You are naked.

The blood flowing in your veins turns into fire.
And you love it.

The silence is gone.
Gentle vibes set your body in motion.
You can feel your heart tapping the rhythm.

All you muscles are tensed,
ready to speak.

Arms spread slowly, like wings.
Feet softly skim the floor.

Breathe the sounds.
Let them fulfill you.

Free your emotions, dance !

There are no limits.
You are as free as a bird,
as light as a feather.

Let the music be your wind,
which will carry you away.

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With Deep Regards

Oh dear, oh dear!
Smile, and see the world outside
Open your door and come to this side
Live and play with the jubilations you desrve
Don't cry! Laugh, smile and live the life with the world outside.
Oh dear, oh dear!
Cheer, and feel the brightness of the day
Wake up from your gloominess and absorb the ray
Bask and savor with the gleam you pour
Don't hide! Seek, reach and meet the life with the cosmos everyday.
Oh dear, oh dear!
Stand, and dance on the athirst field of the awaited monsoon
Spill over with the rainbow from your misted essence
Dance and drench with the mizzly ambiance
Don't Slip! Toe, walk and run - the life with all self-reliance.
Oh dear, oh dear!
Speak, and scream from the top of the mountain
Listen to your own voice and let go the frosted pain
Fly and swing with your colourful amity feathers
Don't cease! Roam, wonder and prosper the life with your own reveries.
Oh dear, oh dear!
Sing, and choir along with the twittering birds cuddling
Theme with the nature so scenic and let blossom your awaited moments
Verse and rime with the melody you charm
Don't faint! Listen, fancy and dream the life with your utmost pride.
Oh dear, oh dear!
Smile, cheer, stand ,speak and sing
See, feel, dance, scream and choir
Live and play, bask and savor, dance and drench, fly and swing, verse and rime
With the world outside...
Open your door - we are calling you and play your eternal life.

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the new me

The New Me. 

From today I shall only write fine poems
go to the local poetry reading club and
be adored by female fans.

Honey will drip from my lips and I will 
wear flowers in my hair and there will
be a flood of happy tears. 

In Paris I read poetry about the Roma 
people and the plight of the Palestinians, 
the silence still rings in my ears.

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Moonlight’s mystical creatures,
Hidden under sacred vials,
Ancient specters cast deceptions,
 Romantic spells,
Captivating beauty’s illusions array,
 Most fair. 
On lookers raised voices, cheer
 Nimble feet,
Pulses acceleration encourages,
 Faster pace.
Tambourines keep time with,
 There exquisite mistresses, 
As gypsies rhythm hits fever, 
Pitch gazes remain fixed.
 In reckless frenzy cares, are tossed,
 Unto the four winds distraction.
Dresses swirl, slashing against,
 Wild attractions surrender,
Swaying shifts orchestrate, 
Imaginations indulgence.
Maidens tiptoe in hearts tender,
Bathed in star dusts brilliance.
Magical beings beguiling, 
Shimmering figures,
Heavenly bodies, in motions,
 Seductive dance.
Blazing flames ignite torrents,
 Desires yielding.
Passions spiritual release, under,
 Night’s lunar glow.
Coins quicksilver melts, beneath,
 Sensual bare feet.
Fallen angels collapse, breathless,
 Exhausted in pleasures sheer,
Camp fires flickering embers,
 Quicken amongst twilight’s,
 Vibrant rays. 
Leaving remnants residue, behind,
 In golden memories reflections.


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Warm Memories

So many warm thoughts surround the memory of my Father
Affectionately referred to as, “Papa” by his children 
For most men, back then, life was and still, is not always easy.. 
He lived in a world where he shouldered an insurmountable weight
Not of his own making nor by choice; and that burdened his spirit to the core
Freedom was limited for young colored men those days
Through sheer determination he became well-educated during that time
Grandpa had traveled much, therefore knew the worth of an education

He married his sweetheart and took her away to find freedom
They knew that they would struggle yet, preferred inner peace and respect 
He was an honest man; always considerate but couldn't handle disrespect
Always rooting for the underdog, he fell into trouble at times
Still, he was my “Papa” and in my eyes, could do no wrong!
I recall that, when he said “No”, he meant it, unless Mama intervened 
Like sunshine, he filled our humble home with music, laughter and books
We were by no means wealthy, yet strangers thought we were
He was a proud man and he and Mama always worked twice as hard

He taught me to dance as I stood bare feet atop his shoes
And no matter how tired he was he would dance for as long as I wished
His loyalty was prime to family and friends; his word was his honor
He made time to help with home work and lend a hand around our home
On Sundays we would all take walks after lunch along the beach 
And he would point out across the Atlantic the direction from which they came
He introduced me to the National Geographic and Life Magazines too
So many warm memories live within my heart, of Papa 
And I know beyond all doubt that he was made special for me!

Note:  For Sami's "Warm Hearts" Contest

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Diary Of Desires by Ronald S Porter

Memory of hot summer nights
sweat and sweetness
naked flesh dripping
streets sounds from open window
passion cracked like a whip
and we...
danced to a different beating
of two hearts set afire
and, it was cool

first time we danced
we found....
matching rhythms
we moved across a dance floor
as if we were
one spirit in two bodies
or one body
with two congruent minds

and later,in the room
at the top of the stairs
on a gifted brass bed,
just as on the dance floor
we moved together
as if  my flow was the only
one you'd known
and your body was my own
and sweet jazz music
played on the radio
while you made love to me
as if you were the one who wrote
the diary of my desires

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Against the indigo velvet skies 
The sweetly scented nightly breeze 
Sends leaves falling, rustling 
Allowing moonlight thru the trees  
Through curtains softly billowing 
The moonlight steals its furtive glance 
Flirting with silky ebony shadows
Performing their nightly ritual dance 
On the other side of the wind 
Whispers softly echo in her mind 
Beckoning her… 
To listen to their voice 
Telling her his love she’ll surely find  
The wind chimes in spiral curves 
A moment that’s timeless stirs her soul 
To a crystalline awakening in her heart 
Welcoming imbuing intrusions to console 

In quiet moments she breathes him in 
His hand in hers, feelings linger 
A graceful dance to walk a path 
Feeling his  touch upon her fingers 

A trail of tears tinged with sighs 
Thoughts of him entrench the dark 
A restless soul needing warmth 
In quiet moments he invades her heart 
Will she find him once again… 
On the other side of the wind?         

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Vasava - An Untold Story 14/Many

Vasava – 
An untold story                                                                        14/Many


Udiyan knew what his friend King Suyodhan, had briefed him about Vasava
That she would not compromise, on her determinations with anyone
Even if she is offered, the temptation of a kingdom,
It was enough an indication for Udiyan, that she would not succumb
To his rising passions and ever increasing charms and lust for her

Because of Vasava’s determinations, not to get involved
In physical relations, passions and body lusts, which may make her weak
And may become the main cause of her skill deterioration, 
Of her long cherished and preserved Music, Art, Dance or other devotions
She therefore decided to put a restriction, on all such alluring temptations

Her opinion that her self control, on the rising waves of passions and lust
Can only take her to those extra ordinary heights, where skills becomes perfections
As she has yet to attain the loftiest height of her skills
And her goal was far, far away from where she was standing
In spite of holding a rare prime position in the kingdom of Magadh**

She therefore had started loving her music and art
More than anything in the world, and got herself so much involved,
In attaining the perfection in her dance and singing arts,
That an inner beauty began to grow, glow and shine in her
With the shining of her dancing steps and her enchanting singing arts

The enthralling image of Vasava, was hovering on the mind of Udiyan
Removing every other image, for the time being from his mind and heart
Udiyan could not close his eyes, even for a moment
And passed his entire night sleeplessly in weaving his future with Vasava
As he was feeling that without her, life had no charms and meaning for him

Even the kingdom of Ujjain, appears to be of no attraction for him
Without Vasava being the queen, of his heart and his kingdom
Every thing seems to be a hallow or vacant like a void,
Even his own life, appeared to be not of his own,
Without, the sweet presence of his dream likes reality Vasava

Ravindra						to continue in 15

Kanpur India 20th April 2010 

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Conversation Hearts

GUARDED HEARTS tiptoe carefully through conversation, keeping it factual, functional or useful.
GUILTY HEARTS side-step conversation, escaping judgement, obligation and responsibility.
TIRED HEARTS shuffle through conversation, wearily anticipating reactions; knowingly predicting inevitable outcomes.
ANGRY HEARTS flee from conversation shortly after their fist-pounding, finger-pointing and door-slamming outrage.
CRITICAL HEARTS dominate conversation with personal attack, hurtful insult and stereotypical disregard.
LONELY HEARTS desperately long for just a little conversation, even risky conversation.
INTENTIONAL HEARTS march through conversation with purpose, direction and desire.
FORGIVING HEARTS remain through tearful conversation, mending the treasured and broken pieces.
HAPPY HEARTS dance gracefully in the midst of conversation, leading, following, untangling each honest expression with willful ease.

I don't know about you, but I just wanna dance.

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Evening dreams weave in reds and whites,
Wandering greens and browns,
Slender black hairs fall so gently down,
Jingling sounds of tiny cymbals
Rise as dancing starts
Electing movement as a choice.

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Slow Dance

Slow dance with me, love.
As my hand takes your hand,
And we raise them to the sky above.

Her skin, warm like sand,
Covering the beaches of paradise.
Her smile, like pearls.
The glisten in her eyes
As she twirls.

Her movement is gentle like the clouds,
As our love begins to enshroud.
We are isolated,
This treasure, this temporary pleasure,
Is a realm I never want to let go,
But the end of the dance is inevitable, 
As we all return to the status quo.

Slow dance with me,
So I can feel the fiery passion...
... At least, temporarily.

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I see the rain,
Dancing across the sidewalk,
Carefully placing each drop
One at a time,
They flow with each other,
Gracefully and in sync,
As a dance from the heavens
Praising the One who made them,
And as I watch them,
I become hypnotized,
Almost entranced,
By their beauty

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All Thanks to Him

Walking down the empty streets,
In truth already done,
I've lost myself in dreams again as I sit in school,
I sit and sit and sit and sit,
But not a word absorbed,
It doesn't matter how long I stay,
I'm not here at all.

He laughs and laughs all at something I said,
I smile, grin in responce to him.
He's shown me not to draw from people,
Taught me how to be myself.
To dance and listen,
Learn and turn,
But no longer in my head,
Now I dance to live, and learn!

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Horse Racing 4

I laughed
I was laughing like the sun through the clouds
but he did not care at all
that someone like me could write every day
about love,
about you
and we were so close
then I left.
Look at my hands I said
My goodness
you just do not see?

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Softly you wishper in my ear
Holding me tight
How could any one be so dear
Hun it feels so right

Strong arms around me
Hands on my hips
Heat of our bodys set me free
Hunger on your lips

Seeing your soul
Hearing your shigh
High on your glow
Hard not to fly

Silently you pull closer
Hands press me to you
Hardly breathing lower
How can it be true

One slow dance and then your gone
My dream is over How I tried to hold on

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Mexican Hat Dance

MeXican Hat Dance 
You came to my COuntry. 
Messed with my MOnkey; 
Danced with Erline. 
Drank all the whiskey; 
Have endless parteee! 
You need to go---------- 
back to old Mexico, 
make your own living, 
leave me in the snow! 
My dance is complete as 
I finished my fight and now 
all of the hats have been cleaned. 

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When the picture turns dull
And the light turns dark,
The underworld laughs.
One thing the underworld forget is,
In the midst of their laughter
The laughter doesn't see the end.
Because the light is stronger than dark.

In the white fields the angels sing
And a song of halleluyah fills
Because the light of God shines
And every knee bow in praise.
Up in the heavens the angels sing
And the throne of God greatness lingers.
With every tongue and every mouth,
Confessing and hailing his name on.

Tears dry and the face brightens
With a glowing tone of skin showing
Bringing back the life of a lifeless face.
A white light engraves my body,
And a sword swing to close the gates,
Like the Garden of Eden to save my soul,
As the donkey refused to move ahead,
With an angel of God standing ahead,

To this my life I know am safe
With God protection all over me.
With the white fields the vision shows,
Of a land that God dwells among us
In harmony peace and love.
The people like angels dance in praise,
Like the angels dance and sing in heaven,
Bringing an end to the underworld laughter,
Because the light will always prevail.

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The Bending

I wrote a simple line out for myself
to read again for myself anytime I might
need to remember who I've been.

To discover oneself again
is another form of self-conciousness.

But this would all depend
on the shapes of the flickering fire-lit shadows moving about the room,
that will surely change again and again-

Conforming and expanding,
going out and returning with the stroke of a match.

To show me a song for myself,
or dance and spin into the colors of a painting 
I'd once created,
that in the dance of shadow and light bends.

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Thank you, my Lord

Thank you, my Lord


Thank you, my Lord

Thanks - a ton of it, to you,

Pure I was when I was born

as a dew drop on grass at dawn


But as the day progressed

lie knocked at my door

and I let it in, greed followed

to be my next guest.

Lust visited me very often

and soon I was one of the beasts  


But one day I met truth among the flowers

and was overawed by its light,

it lifted me from the clay of lies,

melted the greed by its heat

and lust lost its way to my humble hut


Flooded by the light of bliss

how fortunate feel!

That I had His grace as a gift

make me dance and dance on my feet...

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Sneaker Heroes

I know what you’re doing
Standing still but your foot is tapping
I can hear a melody
Playing inside your head and you wished to set it free

The days are getting crazy
The city beats and you wished to be out of here
It doesn’t matter what they say
This is your life, so go on make your way

Dance, all the sneaker heroes
Move your head, move your body to your toes
Make everything gone wild
Dance, all the sneaker heroes
You are born to dance and let it be
Make this world a melody

Just leave everything behind
I know this is what you want
Move your feet to the beat
Filled all the city street

When the world’s gone wild
And the people gone weird
It doesn’t matter what they say
That this is our life, so let’s make our way

Dance, all the sneaker heroes
Move your head, move your body to your toes
Make everything gone wild
Dance, all the sneaker heroes
You are born to dance and let it be
Make this world a melody

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Devils Dancing at My Door

I feel it again, I know why but I can't stop it
Rage running through veins so cold
Fueling a furnace, old as time
RULER do you dance outside my door?

Repentance my sweet compensation for this tragedy
How you loathe me now, pitch black succubi
Cry like the one you can no longer touch
I am not yours eternally, I quenched these fires a' fuming
ILLUSION do you dance outside my door?

It's over, OVER DAMN YOU, damn you to pity me
You weak and insignificant wizard of the disenchanted with
Wiles you willfully employ to discreetly treat me and,wait a tic,
WIZARD are you dancing outside my door?

Demon I command you release me from your molten grasp
Give you no quarter shall I, not inside these walls, here
I am safe from your pain and the infliction of anger you so 
Succinctly level on me at your beck and call, cursed am I
Cursed to feel you pulsing, massaging the back of my mind,
Devil Dancing at My Door!

But if it is to be thus, I shall no longer open these chambers
And you will be left to the cold, remember soon that it shall
Be as birth remembers, emotionless and devoid of this

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When the deafening dead drum beats pierce the air
Strong echoes reverberating through the mind
With its soul-shaking sensations
And mind-maddening melodies
Halting the hisses of hateful hearts
Even as it was, is the noblest act
Flowing freely from a free fair spirit.

...The sweetest poison is brewed
The most attractive trap is laid
A death so dearest is designed...

Smothered is the mind's sane judgement
Compromising the heart
Standing the soul for a dance
A dance so macabre yet thrilling
A dance so grave yet exciting
A dance performed less conscience and reasoning
A dance unto death.

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On the Other Side of Heaven

"The heaviness of the oppressor wants to interfere with this journey that you are on with your God!
Silver stars sparkle on your sweater on your black as midnight background.
As you sit there on a chair, so beat down that you believed that you could not move anymore, even as all the other ladies were there enjoying theirselves greatly.
Kicking and shaking off their cares as they whirrled and danced around the room... you were so sure that you could not move, that you did not want to join in the festive atmosphere that was there.
Thinking that you might appear undignified if you dared stand up and attempt to move to the Spirit who was so thick in the air, affraid that you might hurt too much as you attempt to dance without a care... that you might show your all too human side and break down and cry, that you would let the tears flow like a river which would never end.
So as your sisters in Christ had you sit down in the middle of the room, the Holy Spirit Surgeon had to make the needed incisions to the strong holds that barred you from Me.
I who am you spritual Husband and your King for all eternity.
I want you to be healed so that I can reach out to hold your precious hand; and have you rise and walk with Me out beneath the darkened sky's canopy.
Because My love, as much as I love the beauty of the stars of night and the moon as it shines brightly; to Me none compare to your essence of your brilliant, pleasing light.. the one which shines so brightly on the inside.
Then one day I will escort you so that you can walk in the gardens of divine delights.  Then you will be able to dance and laugh again with your sisters who wait at that place of peace and serenity!"

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Let the sun blinds the blind man
And carriages with the wind
The hidden path, the unholy rises
While that Eagle is wandering by.

Let the moon while I scope
To watch the mourning birds create
The pounding on the fall stone
The weight I dance.

Let the plum buffalo comes to me
In dream, in smoke, in stars and rain, I don't care
As a great man to be and said: 

	"Welcome, my skinny bone, 
And show me where is the way I shall dehorn.
Because I don't want leave any trace behind!

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Men make me smile

I've lived some tough days,
arms burning with anxiety, body aching with grief.
I've fought to hang on, 
clawing for the edge of the ice, scraping, pulling.

So don't tell me not to dance,
don't tell me not to sing, 
don't tell me not to pull close whomever I might choose.

I only get one chance so let me do it all,
the love, the lust, the I don't give a f.

This place is full of people,
all thinking they're alone, 
we really aren't, I feel your joy, your love, your pain, your lust.

Let's spend the night together,
let's dance, let's sing, whatever.
Hold me close, I hear your air, the same that I once breathed.
Your face, your name, I want it all but only for this day. 

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Dance of the Crows

The dance of the crows Deadly birds of paradise They fly into the air And dance around in circles Going around and around Flying to its peak Fluttering its wings This dance of the crows Takes over the birds The end of life The black death they are A completion of the end Absence of hope A terrible demise I don’t want to observe The dance of the crows
Russell Sivey Entrant into Nette Onclaud's "~ LET'S DANCE! ~" contest

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Dancing Amidst Daffodils

Dancing amidst them

Thousands of yellow bells

My heart sings in exhilaration

And the notes dance from my eyes as I soak up the golden rays

Daffodils make me dance

Twirling and spinning til I fall down in laughter

A warm afternoon enraptured with the happy colors of my Savior

Dancing and celebrating his goodness

He brought me to this meadow today 

A quiet time to rejuvenate

Communing with nature and the warm glow of his love

I shall come back here again tomorrow and start all over again

And twirl and spin and fall down again

Giggles between me and my Savior

Gwendolen Rix

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Vasava An untold Story 4/Many

An untold story 						Part 04/Many


Rulers and the most renowned riches of Patilputra 
And of the kingdom of Magadh,
Use to visit her Palace to see her splendid,
Daily dance and songs performances
While watching her splendid dance forms 
And listening her enchanting songs
They use to offer even their most precious
Money and wealth to get a glance of her

Vasava’s dwelling place was bigger than the, 
Many palatial monuments of Patilputra
Built by the master craftsmen and artisans of that era, 
For everyone’s heart beloved Vasava
Its beautiful building, long corridors and Gardens,
Filled with seasonal flowers, 
Were the best example of art and beauty, 
Displayed on grounds, walls, and high roofs 
And on the floors of her Palace 

What a splendid opportunity it was for the maker 
Of that beautiful Palatial building
To make a gorgeous place of living for the beauty queen 
Of everyone’s heart of that era
As if the Goddess of beauty had asked them,
To make a dwelling Palace for herself
Were the excellence of art and music had come alive 
To portray beauty in poetic forms & shapes

The Palace of Vasava with its gardens, 
Round dance auditorium and with sitting stairs,
Was more than a place of beauty to be watched 
It had a magical alluring attraction,
Because of its round dance stage and round sitting arrangements 
On cushioned circled stairs
To watch Vasava’s yearly performances and
Hearing her melodies floating all round in the air

Many rulers, artists, poets, actors and musicians 
From all over the world of that era
Use to come to live freely in her palatial guest house, 
To show Vasava their wonderful performances
And after judging their different dance and music forms 
Vasava used to honor and help them 
With lofty gifts, money and applauses, 
To cheer up their arts and to encourage them all  

Ravindra                                                                              to be continued in 5

Kanpur  India   7th March 2010

*   Patilputra    .  The old name of Patna - a city of India in Bihar state
                            Patilputra was one the most ancient city of ancient 
                            India situated near river Ganges.

*   Magadh          The Kingdom of Magadh was located in the current
                            State of Bihar and other adjoining states of India.

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Are a powerful thing to have 
there there to give you 
And if used wrong they grant 
But if interpreted into good 
their best understood as a 
playin tool. 
Things could go wrong  or 
But if carefully evaluated better 
Are a game-board.
You roll the dice.
And wish for the que. 
Move the piece and pay the 
If all's done the games won.
Are like a dance floor .
You get in the moment and 
believe its real.
You let your guard down and 
The bell is sound and it's over 
reality sets in.
Are whatever you make them 
to be.
So what are dreams really .
There imaginations that you 
have, There a safe haven,                       
A place to relax.
You wonder why I talk about 
dreams .
They make you dazzle or 
wonder about what it could be.
Well to me they are just simply 
pictures of a movie being 
That is why I will simply say. 
Are powerful,a game-board,and 
a dance floor 
There all unique.

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Impulse 58

You are
my six minute
slow dance 
in the rain.

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Dance with the Wolf in the light of the full moon
  To bring good spirits to a troubled land
    Giving back smiles and laughter back to our children
       It is a dance for life
Dance with the Wolf
  Lighten your heart
   Fill your soul with life
Dance with the wind
  Feel the freedom
    As it guides your step
Dance with the stars
  As they fill your eyes 
   And you see the beauty that surrounds you
Dance with the spirit of life
  Find the meaning
    For it is your dance
          it is your spirit
          it is your life
Dance and free yourself

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We lay together in this moment 
Time stands still around us and only we move 
I hear you breathing in my ear as your hands slide down my chest 
We make God weep at the dance we perform 
And you cry his name in the bliss you desire 
Am I doing this right for you?
Do you like the way I make you move in my arms?
We are hardly half done as we make our own music play the tone I know you love
 Now you lead and I follow in this love dance
Breathing heavy we work in love make you moan 
Am I doing this right for you my love?
I know I am from the weeping of joy from all the desire you have 
We spin round so you can dance above me 
This dance has barley begun 
The dance was slow 
Our hands roaming looking for the right place to hold 
I sigh in relief as we hold each just right 
Let  us speed it up 
The climax is come in this dance 
The final part is close can you feel it approaching?
Heavy breathing stop momentarily just as the world starts around us again
Looking into the your eyes I know this was right
The dance we have started 
Has come to an end for know.

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The Educated Man

"He can sit in a room, and not perish"*
Or might he stand upon the deck,
release the dove, and weep for years,
not for its loss,
nor for the triumph of its flight
above the waters; they are not of God,
they are the backwash of our fears.

There in his room alone,
imprisoned by his conscience
he may let his mind fly free
while tears beneath his wings
may no more flood the ground.
But we are not alone;
we have the educated man fulfilled...
and weeping.  He has not such irony
for comfort.

It is a flood to cling to.
Fears, we understand;
they are our bulwark
when an educated man could speak—
could sweep us all away with wonder,
separate us from such grand pretensions.

We are not free to weep with him.
We may not seek the refuge of the mind,
eyes not for insight, not for closing,
senses bound upon another time
away, another circus of distraction,
yes, another box of little men
to dance upon the screen.

It is a dance to take away our fears,
a dance beguiling death,
suspending it awhile with candied tears
and frosted dreams protecting us from envy,
nodding to the educated man apart,

who sits there in his room alone
and weeping for us,
just as we who may not see
across the arch of his reality,
*quotation from Jacques Barzun

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Define you're fate
Or get defined by it
Fight to defend it
Crawl to protect it
Secretly try change it?

Everyday too be...
What we  seem not want
What we rear against
Fight to the count
Of a dance with Fate

Slow twirls around 
A empty room
Filled with silent screams
Happy deceit

Love comes
Love goes
Heart to pay the price
On Fates' cold touch

Fate spins you into
Whirlwinds of truth
Begging not to lose
Hold on frail hand now
Soaked in what 
Others can't see

Brief second you pull away
Smile on Its face
It turns you back in

It throws you back
Towards the floor
Catching just before
It all is lost tiles, tack
To stands of hair 
Fallen from neat, kept,
Wholesome hold

Between Fates' teeth
A blossom clutched
A fragile flower, life, dreams
With a sharp stab
Fate is killed
By your hands which 
It no longer held

A rose red as blood 
Falls to the floor.
Only to be caught
By the one
No longer in Fates hold
But the one who 
Holds her fate 
Her own

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Ballroom Enchanment Delight

A gallery signature invite was printed with gratification and shine
I had to buy the finest flamenco dress~ A must
Search for the most beautiful horse carriage, white of course
Purple carpet gently do I walk, for admiration is upon my eyes
Such beauty from wall to wall and ceiling to the floor
Artistry, glaze into my soul, watery eyes~Please don’t cry
My heart is trying to eat this joyance in my hands, I want to dance, my night away
For the smiles and laughter, lift the waves to the ocean
I’m moving in slow motion, taking in the emotion
Beauty~Is a must see, I give you my thoughts, to such a casino
Dining hall~ I shall never forget, elegant thanks I send
It’s never thee end, to such a beautiful end
Gratification and shine will come your way
Communication from the finest people
A Ballroom of dancing your night away
The glory of the smell, will touch your musical voice
For elegant~Thanks you shall send
For it’s never the end, to have such
               A Beautiful Ball

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only when we dance

you place your gentle hand
in mine and we dance the
night away,
the dance is our words
our passion,
as he places his hand 
on my back you embrace
yourself in his arms and
we dance to the beat of
our heart's,
everytime our eye's 
meet our heart's will
burn for each other's
embrace and touch,
as we sway to our love
will carry on,
only when 
we dance.

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Nature Of History

In time, days, months to years

Is the failure of relationships
In January to July to December

And the shallow of rivers
In July, August to September

The destruction by earthquakes
In January, February to December

The reshuffle of accidents
In lakes, roads and in air

The manufacture of acids, guns, and robots
In laboratories, industries and employment areas

The color of rainbows
Blue, green, grey

The personality of people
Conceited, gloomy, temperamental

The training of soldiers, students, and also religions
In academy, schools and institutes

The birth of children
Over years and years all over the world

The truth of lies
In homes, schools up to work places

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Little Talks

As the wind briefed the shrubs 
To heel by its course
The wobbled shrubs then whispered 
To be gentle by it’s arouse
The wind then tamed by the virtue of verity
For the shrubs to dance freely
The bopping shrubs then exclaimed
To bestow with clouds and dance monarchally
The wind then questioned –
The sun that appeared brightly
Is actually taking away the greenery.
The thirsty shrubs then insisted 
The wind to be kind
To come along with the clouds
To pour upon them heavily. 
As the wind then decided
To play by its mollifies
It conferred with the vapors 
And asked the sky
To evince its outrages with cumulonimbus
And fall upon the earth over the shrubs
To meet their thirst
And respire along with the wind
To heel by its course. 
The fresh aroma of the earth
That breathed by the rain
Few drops glinted upon the garden
And the grasses sprinkled by the free rein.

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She worked at a boozy ballroom, dancing for 10 cents a dance 
Barely enough to eat and pay her rent in a rundown seedy hotel 
So young, so alone raised by no one but herself 
Oh, she had parents, but they didn’t see her, didn’t know or love her 
She married the first guy who came along just to get away from home 
But he abused her - used her, then left her all alone 

Twenty two years old- 
Alone, with two small children to care for 
She needed someone… 
Someone who would hold her - touch her tenderly with his heart 
Someone to love her- love her children 
Her brown eyes wishing, hoping - looking for love in stranger’s faces 
Dancing for 10 cents a dance under shimmering ballroom lights 
Swaying to and fro through dreamed filled hopes 
With her closed eyes, she pretended as she danced 
Fantasizing that he might be the one to save her- love her 

When the music started she was in another world 
Wishing he’d sweep her off her feet, take her away 
So she could live like a lady and die like a flowering rose when her last petals fell
In the arms of one she imagines will be hers once and for all
To whisper velvet words of comfort as their feet grazed the floor 
Under the melodic grace of the violins she pretended… 
Hoping to find her hero, someone who’ll give her a chance 
Just...for 10 cents a dance

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She didn’t think she
could dance,
so she twirled with 
a beautiful anxiety.
Her pursed lips begged 
people not to stare,
and so I watched
with open palmed 
eyes, hoping she 
would see that my
wandering gaze 
meant no harm.
With a shy pirouette
smile she nudged 
the vacancy within 
me; giving tone
deaf feet the love
it needed to find
hope of rhythm 
And we danced…
We spun round’
like Earth
and moon,
surrendering to
the contest of
making love 
would be so easy
with this between us.
The music gave everything.
Delighting the air with an
elegant bloom,
and warming darkness
with symphonic charm.
We were strangers.
Waltzing to the 
sound of our own
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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Natural Order of things

First rhythm to the beat:
Being honest
Next guest of honour:
Following the morning after:
Self-awareness and courage
Break for freedom:
The musician strikes a cord

And echoes the universe it's glorious Love song

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Overlooking the Fraser River

As i close my eyes and narrate my dream
It would be my wish, my dream supreme

We meet at Williams Lake in BC Canada
Flying in from our corners of unhappiness
As we drive to the mountains, to our wanting address

We head for Mount Robson, through the Fraser Pass
Our destination is a wonderful log cabin
What a place to spend with your lass

Our destination reached as we view our wooden heaven
Surrounded by a carpet of virgin white snow
Overlooking the Fraser River

We settle and sit down with a nice wine
In wonderment at the panorama before our eyes
Knowing that it will be hard to ever say goodbye

Our afternoon melts into our evening of wait
As we dine to soft music
Absorbing the moment as we catch each others glints

We slow dance together, whispering in each others ears
Our hands in adventure whilst our lips finally meet
Telekinesis thoughts allow our clothing to drift

Barefooted we are as we grace the oak wooden floors
The roaring log fire captures our shadows
As we kiss in song arriving at the hearth of warmth

We bow to our knees naked as birth
Barriers melted as our skins touch in want and desire
Hands now like magnets, in caressing finesse

Moment after moment we absorb our souls
Against the fireside glow, we dance on the walls
Undulating movements captured by inner enthral

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Dark and Mystical

As the twilight bid farewell to the sky of dazzling morn A desire crawled into the cells Of my heart,craving since long For the serene touch of the lilt that blows remains of stale air away And that resurrects the dead leaves As they move in sync with dancing breeze When moonlight gives birth to the dark shadows Of swaying leaves and my figure petite I walk hand in hand with shadow of my own On the lifeless streets of the town of Chiles I lift my nimble feet to tap them Against the flat shady ground My shadow mimics my moves And we dance together merrily To the music of serene breeze With the sound of the wavering leaves

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she's in the whoosh
feel her span through time
it's all relative
across dimensions
and into space
bigger on the inside
smaller to the seeing eye
walk around her 
you'll see
but step inside
and the venture begins
she's an old girl
stuck in the form of boxy blue
past her prime yet still as sturdy
she'll dematerialize at will
speeding through rifts 
explore her corridors and discover her anew
enter other realms, pasts and futures
she's been at the beginning and to the end of time
her companions many
yet the one who's steady is a mysterious man
one called Dr
but no one knows Who
except her for they've been together through ages
only to get to say hello toward the end
she's a reliable old girl
who's traveled many worlds
she's seen thing and heard tings
you'll know her by the sound of her whoosh
as she comes and goes.

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Wayward Skin

Incinerate all vacant lust
Fishtailing the mind
In an orgasm of energy

Finite thought turbulent
Expressions broken from their jaw
Antsy minds recoil in pain

Our mutant lives disintegrate
Against a streaming bed of action
Bombarded by the sun

We wake resilient
Floating from this wayward skin

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Dance of Night

I stand along the shoreline once more
looking out over the open waters
My mind thinks back on cherished moments
smiling with every thought that passes through
As the stars shine brightly above
I watch us dance beneath a shining moon
Gently laying my head upon his chest
I feel every beat of his heart
Looking up into his eyes, not a word is spoken
for I speak from the essence thereof
One touch, a kiss, this dance
it can all be seen through these eyes
The passion that lies within comes from this heart
that can be felt throughout the atmosphere
This moment, right here, right now
all emotion is brought to the surface of these waters
Waves crashing against us, we dance into the sea
I look around and find myself alone once more
Still smiling, I softly whisper
"Until next time, my love"

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I fly above the heavens
I dive below the clouds
Peace over take
My ever filled mind
Hope over take
My ever hurt soul
Swooping in and out 
Like a swallow in the sky
I dance among ribbons
I dance among lies

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Staring upon
my soul
I see within
A reflection
of something beautiful
Of who,
I truly am

My eyes glisten
in sadness
crystal droplets
Falling softly
tumbling down
Two ashen
pale cheeks

I watch
without amusement
suffering a loss
in a sad composure
What have I done,
to be
so unblessed
To warrant you’re run?

Written in collaboration: Liam & Mystic

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Dreams catcher net

 A rhythm in its dimension sparkling dance 
Turn flap the tail without touching its spine 
Host the wings fly its soul of its dream land. 

Crushed in erupted thoughts hoping a simple peace 
Day and night throw the net to catch its wish 
My light house guides edges of correlation 
Candle of dim dance of breath dream after my dead. 

Washed dark water witness of crying silence 
Free as reborn as dream catcher fly in story wings 
Found humble treasures in my net kept in love of trust 
Fly to become free as nested in dream catcher's net 

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Prom Night Encounter

As I dance my way around the room,
mingling freely here and there,
a stranger approaches as I say hello
to a friend nearby.
"Are you here with a date," she asks.
To which I reply that I'm not.
"Then dance with my friend!"
I think to myself, and say aloud,
"Sure, why not?"
And with nothing more than that
and an introduction,
the night begins.

We dance to the beat
of music I don't listen to,
we dance along using
moves I don't know,
and we dance in a place
where we can barely hear each other,
and yet, we dance on into this remarkable night,

Curvaceous hips sway before me,
flowing in silk and shimmering in white.
A dazzling smile flashes across my view,
gorgeous and quick to show.
Shining brown eyes flutter and suck me in,
glittering at every meeting with mine.
Velvety arms draw me tighter to her,
beckoning me on in these heavenly revels.

My pulse quickens and draws to a halt,
time standing still for these glorious moments.
I wish it could just go on for good,
this night of mystical entrancement.
Alas, such is not to be,
and she prepares to vanish,
like a ghost that was never truly there.

I lean in close and say,
"Well. Even if you're about to leave,
I think you are quite lovely,
and I want to thank you
for a wonderful night."
She returns the sentiment,
and onward we dance, to song's end,
and to a reluctant parting.

As she turns away
with not a further word,
I stop her with a gentle tug of her hand,
and kiss it softly goodbye.
She graces me once more
with that eager, blessed smile,
and then is no more,
an ephemeral memory

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Morning Coffee

Wake up, the morning is over
The sun rose smiling 
over the window pane,
Morning greetings 
To smell a new- mown hay.
And dance to the aroma
of morning coffee

got up, come with me.
Let’s had a cup of coffee
let us talk for a while.
And enjoy the morning songs
of laughter and of fun.

Sipping the cup of my coffee
Then I was smiled, 
You started a joke that’s what I loved.
You made every moment
special for you and me

A morning coffee habit
A special hour of times in our life
spread with strawberry 
to sweeten our laughter
Or maybe butter it invokes
us to dance under the blue sky high
A morning coffee is I loved too.

A cup of coffee we shared is happiness
Tasted and time well spent.
Sit back, relax, just enjoy
our morning coffee
Along with the green leaves at the trees.
And those daisy flowers
that smiling with us

Don’t asked me 
Until I had a second cup of coffee
I want this time to spend with you,
sipping the last drop of my coffee
it’s time to say goodbye
 tomorrow is another day for morning coffee.

Written By : Cheryl Aldea
----July 12, 2011----
Free Verse writers Contest ( nathan D)

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Love is a Wonderland

3-11-2013 Love is a wonderland
Love is a wonderland ,love is carnival,
Feel while you can,be in the marvel,
Smile to yourself and who ever your with,
The sun has gone down and the moon is on the rise,
The stars flicker as in Morse code,
Everyone ,everywhere,look up and smile,
For one second we all become one,
Love is a wonderland,love is a carnival.

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Come Dance With Me

My love,
What a dream you are to me.

We walk hand in hand,
Sometimes by the sea,
And yes it seems a dream.
But a dream how can it be?

With you I feel so free.
The crashing of the waves,
Erasing old footsteps,
To create new beginnings,
A new life, you and me.

I walk with you tonight,
As we always do,
Showing our love,
How great to be with you.

My heart fills with joy,
With every thought of you.

Tiki torches in the distance,
Their flames dance to the breeze,
As if they are beckoning,
Come dance with me.

Dance we will,
But first a kiss,
As the water sweeps across our feet.

With you I am ready to begin,
Where are you, but in my pen?

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Chasing the Fire

Dreamer's chase a fire of perfection,
Lining up the hearts is at it's best,
Falling has a new meaning of sound distortion,
My ears rings still, from such a good impression,
I ask ,don't write our words in the sky
Smoke follows fire,fire brings the storm,
Keeping a clear sky is where it's at,for real,for sure.
Let me understand where your coming from,
Hopefully we will be friends for a very long time.
Sorry if the lights are too bright,every time your near,
You are like the lighthouse I still write about,
All through my mind,only now the door is open and not ajar.

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A Tribute

I look into your soul and I am in awe
I read your words and I fly to heavens doorway
Each word carrying a message of beauty so profound
I travel through glorious gardens I can scent each rose 
The colours of your garden dance before me and I sing
You take me to a Ballerina and I feel her love for dance
You take me to your inner soul and I cry with love so true
I fly with you across the Universe and come Alive
I step into a world I always knew existed
But never dreamt such beauty could be shared
I thank you for this gift of words that enrich my soul
I want to fly back to the garden and its beauty behold
You are a conductor with baton poised
And I dance to the music of your words with joy
Whirling, whirling lost in time and space
Climbing higher and higher, upwards ever more
Humbled by the experience and emotions unleashed in me.

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I watch her twirl in silent flame;
under a roaring sunset.
Her eyes are enough to hush
this fervent daze
but she won't cry.
Not for me, not tonight.
She'll dance until it's gone,
until the music shatters
the sound of broken tongued dreams.
Until my voice is engulfed in the 
fury of her sway.
So I thrum the lost notes,
caged away in my bones
and sing the song I've always known
but couldn't find the words for.
 Hope that it's enough for the encore.
-James Kelley 2013, All rights reserved.

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How I loved your laugh

We danced around a candle lit room,
The wick burning low,
We whispered softly - you held me close,
The music of the night was enough for you, 
To twirl me around in the shinning moon,
My eyes alight in wonder and love. 

Your shoes tapped quietly on the floor,
My slippers hushed across the room, 
As we stepped and side stepped and stepped again,
You made me laugh and I filled with light inside, 
You stood tall, your demeanor filled with pride,
Oh Cassius won't you let me stay by your side. 

The wolves howled and in joined the dogs,
The fort was cold within stone walls,
And fire burning, its light grew low,
Your whiskey in the light seemed to glow, 
And I dared a sip from your glass,
I made a face, Oh Cassius how I loved your laugh. 

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I've been known to

I've been known to scream at thunder.

I've been known to cry when nothing upsets me.

I've been known to dance in the rain.

I've been known to scream random things.

I've been known to break up with someone, just to cry.

I've been known to laugh at nothing.

I've been known to dance in a funny manner.

I've been known to sing random tunes.

I've been known to trip over my own two feet.

I've been known to eat strange things.

I've been known to talk to my cat, and 

I've been known to lay awake at night...

Thinking of you.

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Special Time

When in a weakened state I fall
             You lift me to my feet
It is not for other eyes to see

When I cry at Your feet
             When I sob on the floor
It is not for other eyes to see

This time is so special
             This time for us alone
It is not for other eyes to see

When I’m gaining my most strength
              It comes when I am here
It is not for other eyes to see

So before You I sing praises
              And I dance as David danced
For it is not for other eyes to see

My heart is full of love
               My spirit soars high above
All the adversity that there may be 

Truly  my heart sings with joy
               As my feet dance for You
For this is just for You and me

When I praise You, Lord
               When I dance before You, Lord
It is not for other eyes to see

You make this our special time
               A time I hold so dear
It is not for other eyes to see

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Ballroom Delights

Ballroom Delights

Bright and colorful like a rainbow in blue sky,
spacious space for special souls and selected 
sounds and songs of summer nights.
Glorious room packed with excitement
and sizzling souls eager to ride the wave of 
dance music in heart of the night. 
Expected and planned nights of dates 
and lovers in their best dresses and behaviors.
Moment and time of ballroom dancers parade 
themselves with pride and style like African 
ostrich in heat.

We visualize and socialize with acquaintances 
and friends to feed the night.
We sip fine wine, best champagnes and 
finest liquor with smile and best of laughs in 
celebration of life.
Life changes quality and colors depending on 
company we keep.
You are my dream delight and I want to say it 
loud and clear.  

You are the star of the night and the prettiest 
girl and the envy of all.
Like a shining star, you high light the king in me. 
Whenever you stepped on dance floor, smiles 
of admirers changes the colors of the room.
Your unique and captivating dancing steps have 
always been to die for.
Your graceful and angelic moves and steps to 
the tantalizing rhythm and melodies of the night 
is an unforgettable delight  

here comes my ballroom delight 

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Christmas Under the Sky

I watch the teary, misty rain
as the torrents of wind
move against the grey blackness
Stroking my pet cat
with her indistinct, blurry
message that's always tuned into
the joyful, sounding music of the universe

My heart yearning for a better love life
I think about the loves gone by
Memories of all I loved coming back to me
The undying love for my mother
sick and frightened
I exchange the calming, nurturing lilies
in her garden

Golden rhythms bring me peace within
the softness of the morning hours brings
an intense love and spirit of the giving season
hopefully more of kindness and unconditional
love than of material burdens and manipulations
I feel happiness suddenly - seeing the
blues in the greys that turn angelic white
understanding the message of life

Soothing and unexpected excitements
dreams of success in all the
fragments of being bringing together
the whole, inspired miracle
the magic and enchantment
Letting go of the stress
and going with the flowing light and love
bringing peace to calamity
of my soul and restoring it to
everything beautiful

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Do young boys start thinking of girls
with imperfect make-up and pretty clothes
who look like Barbie in every sense of the word? 
I used to look at them and laugh,
thinking they were going to a party
rather than attract the opposite sex!

That's the time when girls were a fantasy,
filling up this head with unrealistic thoughts...
to have been the handsome Prince Charming,
and offer them anything on a silver platter;
and growing up I realized how silly I was...
I had little to offer, still carrying their books to school!

Somebody should have pinched me and told me
that at such age chasing girls was a game of hide-and-seek,
or a dance around-the-rosy to sing nursery rhymes;
even my teacher loved my greasy hair with that combed-back hairdo,
tight jeans and a plain t-shirt as handsome Travolta would wear...
only made me famous for an afternoon on the dance floor!

Those were the most exciting times for a naive boy like me
charming them with that look of lover to make them fall in love with me,
it worked, but after dancing they started giggling...whispering something
that made me appreciate the ingenuity that girls had at the age of twelve;
and would it had happened today, I probably would have gotten many kisses,
remembering their smiles, but not saying, " That's the time when girls were a fantasy! "

Written by Andrew Crisci
for nette oncloud's contest,
" ...At This Age "

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I Paint on a sky

The dawn is breaking its early morn
Here, I m standing on a promise
of a brand new day
for new morning comes.
for the early morning smile,
So then, I paint on a sky.
Your eyes that shine like a golden sun.

I sense the morning glory.
Those cherry blossoms
That I paint on my mind.
As I heard the morning breeze,
That plays inside of me.
The notes and melodies
Were I paint on a sky

Over there beneath the silence
I watched the sea that dance on a wave,
And then I draw a line on sand
A line that connects my soul on wind
There I can dance to the music of my own
There I can paint on a sky.
Every step that I have been through.

I belong to the wind.
To fly higher than the mountain
Fly as free as the bird.
Then, I paint on a sky.
These dreams inside my mind,
These hope that I have been holding on
These love that last for more than time.

I walked on a bridge of the rainbow
I’ll be the sun in the sky.
I’ll be the light in all time
I’ll put back the blue in the sky
And learn to see the beauty that is waiting for
So then, I paint on a sky
All the happiness that brings back in my heart.

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The Dance

I talked to a friend tonight,
after teaching my class.
It was about a meeting
we both had attended that
we both did not understand.

A dance seemed to have gone on
between one side and the other.
There were hidden agendas
which neither of us could fathom.

I thought at the start that
we two were of the same mind.
but as we discussed and the point
was pursued, we found ourselves at odds,
and a new dance was begun.

The new dance and the old became
interwoven till neither of us could
determine the position of the other.
Old steps were gone over and new steps
were tried, complex pirourettes to a new position

in which we each hoped to find common ground.
In the hopeless entaglement of our feet
and agendas we managed to work ourselves
back to our starting positions.

With the breathless relief that the
dance had been saved,
not to mention the agenda,
we politely bowed to one another
and went on to other business.

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The Ballerina

The Ballerina

A little girl no more than three or four
She spends her day listening to the music from her mother’s radio
She dances a beautiful dance for her age
Even the clopping of her feet is magical
Yet, she will not allow anyone to watch
Stopping the moment she feels eyes upon her
Years go by and the little girl never gives up her dancing
Schools and practice are a daily routine
The rest of her life is a mere dream own by her talent
Sore ankles, swollen knees and bloody toes are her curse
Yet, she never gives up the dance
She dances in untold choruses with a thousand other girls
An unknown she dances every night in one show and every day in another
Years of practice grow and strain in every muscle she uses
Audiences applaud every performance but it is not for her, never for her
Yet, she never gives up the dance
One night she is called to be the central character of the show
Her dance is flawless in its technique
As graceful as the swan she portrays she glides through every moment
This one night is the fulfillment of a life of dreaming and work
All the classes, the pain of strained muscles and the blood-filled shoes fade away
The audience…they are not there
She doesn’t care that no one knows her name
Fame is something she had not desired since she heard her mother’s radio
At that minute the music and the dance are the only things she knows
And all of her life has led to the moment
So many years of her life she strived for this
She still does it just for the dance

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A Dance

How gently you folded into my arms
that brief moment we danced.

Your long, black hair fell over my arm
 and poured about my elbow.

There was only us, a closeness 
 too severe to be dismissed.

Closeness so complete
to drive reason to weep.

A dance all too short, 
a dance that never ended.

A dance seen by no one,
a dance forgotten;

A dance, just a dance…

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Never Letting Go

Do you dance upon my grave?
That silken flesh moving like waves.
Do you sing to the heavens?
The grace of you're voice formed to leaven the gloom.
With you're smiling face.

I would dance up on you're grave.
As agony raged like waves.
I would sing to the heavens.
For your soul to follow the way.
You'd see my smiling face.

The earth rotates.
And yet their worlds had stopped.
How unfair it all seemed,
when love had always been a dream.
But through a favored song,
they would forever connect.
Such as the will and promise.
Of equal empath loves.

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A dance to Chopin's Waltz

Oh see the daylight change,
as sunrises set
and a full moon covers the dark horizon;
as the ball rooms in the palaces fill
with masked smiles,
beautiful smiles,
warmed hearts and loving music.

As I stand alone,
dear old me; I see you from afar,
a beautiful woman standing alone in a mirrored room;
(a thousand similar frowns surround you)
Come now my girl;
as the dancers take the marble floor to dance,
We shall stand tall and proud and dance to a Chopin's Waltz.

My heart weighing down marble heavy as I approach your beauty,
sweet beautiful angel on earth,
dear girl come with me.
Join my hand,
as we take the floor and as we join together,
as your frown shines a quick smile.
As you make my heart thump,
you make my palms sweaty- oh I'm very sorry-
nervousness of a feeling of love,
as we take this one dance to make a night of smiles.

Come as we dance a subtle song to a Chopin's Waltz.
As we fall for each other,
as we look into each other's eyes
it sparks fire in our souls;
you quickly look away,
and I feel bashful,
but we are still hand and hand dancing to a Chopin's Waltz.

Love fills the night,
as the full moon and silver stars twinkle over our heads;
a shining night shared by the both of us.
Two hearts embarrassed at first,
but sharing a loving Chopin's Waltz.


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They bless us with burdens
Feed the rich and thriving
Giving the poor scraps
In a land burning green

The trees dance in winds
Collapsed by the wealthy
Their leaves fall to the ground
We sing songs of sorrow

Those in power rejoice
Our failure- their success
We're in reality dreaming
They're dreaming in reality

The tough roads are cracked
The easy roads are whole
The hearts of many bleed
The heartless suck it all up

They feed their faces dollars
While we feed ourselves coins
Pure gold versus pure silver
We're in a doomed race

It's not an easy role to assume
We're background characters
Providing drama and humor
The world is slowly crashing

Oblivion is the answer to all
Anarchy shows a face of snakes
While we run around as headless chickens
Wishing we could find salvation

They call us all pessimists
While we starve ourselves for bread
The money towers are faltering
As the oppressed raise fists

Join a song with the pied piper
Follow the songs of the wronged
The unthinking majority we belong
Those who feed us lies should flee

The eyes we breed for money
The lies we sow for our greed
The capitalistic gain we never see
Trapped in a heartless gray sea

The time for anarchy is here
Our dance will ignite the core
Years of oppression burst
We revel in the flames of tyranny

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All in attendance,

Attend dance!

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Where is my Muse

Where is my muse?
won’t she come out
to dance a little dance 
in between the lines
and underneath the words?
Or has she grown tired
of the minstrel’s tongue,
dancing in circles upon the page?
wish that she would say,
perhaps she’s forgotten 
the way we used to play,
or perhaps her silence,
is the answer to my dismay.

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It’s morning
early on when
I begin to sparkle, 
I radiate,
burn bright,
reach high and grasp,
talk fast and loud,
create chaos,
risk all to
(flying is the best part).

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Dancing to the Emotion

She glides across the stage,
thoughts concentrated.
Connected to her hands and feet,
loosening the body.
Her emotions flow easily,
The slow, melodic notes in
her ears guide her,
like a master and his apprentice,
he takes her to unexplored realms.
She travels forward,
never looking to where she came,
yet her body always returns;
back on the stage.
The crackling, booming applause surrounds her,
reminding her of a fire;
She's dancing to it's flames,
breathing in the stale heat.
encouraging it to burn even brighter,
to light up the sky,
take the world with it;
Her movements are sharp,
as sweat starts to bead on her forehead.
The heated beats stop,
taking her back to the darkness of the theater.
The dim blue and red spotlights envelop her,
complimenting her tan, sequin dress.
She refuses to stop
as she turns to the next dance,
music following behind,
letting her take the attention
she deserves.
Now, she's in the mountains,
dancing in the rain,
thunder cracking above
as if a whip.
She jumps through the air,
touching lightning,
feeling its energy course through her.
Shes unrestricted,
and free,
gliding on top the sky,
but only for the song.
Once again the song ends,
forcing her back to her
place of origin,
leaving her alone with the faint faces,
watching her,
praising her.
Shes baffled,
as she recalls the adventures made.
She never did anything
beyond losing herself to the music,
and let the true,
natural thoughts and emotions
of a carefree dancer
guide her.
She bows.

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Twisting up my body emboldened
Hyping my spirit to Planet 9
Thrusting gently my soul to an off beat
Jerking up my feet in no fete
Throwing hands in the air

Moving my carcass to an unheard hurly-burly
Heaping up dance on my hips
Humming to a tune of no name
Shaking ones head like an Agama.

Until my Fibula was aching
I became hyper-active
For what, I queried myself?
For a dance of no tune
Indeed a Fandango only of the Spaniard. 

This time in Samonda, Ibadan.
In my quest to situate the 46 years
Independence Anniversary of Nigeria.
We are dancing to no tune in particular.

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mind control

we sing and dance and write
cornered this way
mercy of lies
mercy for the liars
believe me when i say it
i sing and dance to break a leg
break my own ankle on center stage to take this away
an age old cliche
corner your mind
to corner mind
together we say the same thing
whats in a name?
the wars we fight over everything
one thing we all had to say
the voice of controversy
the target audience of one
what did he do
under the umbrella
got a box to follow
\corner your mind too
sing and dance
dance and write
the art we create of a color scheme you must be trained to see
the psychology of finger paints
and why red to green doesnt mean anything to the fashionably obique
do the math 
lick it stick it
and sickened
never get it but gifted
you couldnt say this but cornered me through your movie magic
break a leg out there
here in my corner trying to pull off a tough combo
a great fall
a broken ankle
stumbling away
following pandoras box to wonder the story of who has the guts to steal on least game
where would i run away from
if i was to play house
how would i figure out how to sabatoge the best thing you could have
and take it home for myself
race around the world
because this manmade miracle pays for itself
never knew anything
a wall of fire
innocents and sheep
wolves clothing
headless blunders
the sense making masks mistakenly sidesteps
and looking backwards at yourself 
together we say
i cant believe we did that
but the illlusion this time
is the oppurtunity is a window
shattering the open

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Vasava - An Untold Story 10/Many

Vasava – An untold story                                                               10/Many

Curtains made of Silk with gold thread embroidery  
Were hanging on all the doors and windows of the auditorium
Big silk curtains, were hanging behind the dance stage
Shining and blinking,  because of gold and silver on them, 
Were brightening the dance stage, making it bright like a day

Beautiful Persian carpets were displayed 
Covering the entire auditorium, where the guests were sitting
A thin such carpet was also lying, all around the stage
Leaving the dance floor, which was made of Mahogany wood 
On which, Vasava was sitting to start her first Raga of the day

All the eyes were drinking the nectar like wine of Vasava
So lovely were her looks and so intoxicating was her youth
The beauty of her spotless body, was spreading its charms
Which was coming out, from every part of her body, specially 
The matchless beauty of her eyes, legs, waist, hands and bosoms

King Suyodhan was invited on the stage to declare the Utsava to begin
And then appeared the attraction of the Utsava or the day, Vasava
The drums and musical instruments began to flow their sounds
The team of musicians accompanying Vasava, took seat near her
Suddenly all became speechless, so that they may not miss a word of her singing

Vasava’s face appears to have taken, the beauty from full Moon glow
And the gold Noopur* which she wearing in her feet’s
Were ringing, on her leg’s movements, creating a melody on its own, 
Her recitation of Saraswati’s* prayer had already enthralled everyone
And now she was about to begin, her first performance of the day

Ravindra						to continue in 11

Kanpur India   21st March 2010

Copy writes protection as per Poetry Soup automatic Copy write provisions also.

* Gold Noopur		Noorpur means small bells, which dancers wear while 
                                                performing the dances in Indian. The Noopur which 
                                                Vasava was wearing were made of Gold. It creates a 
                                                sound on the movements of legs. Normally it is made
                                                of brass and many such are tied up in a cloth belt.

 * Noopur                                  A  hallow anklet containing tiny bells

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Humming Bird Dreams

I smile as it seems to be,
 The wind came to play with me.
 For i lay in bed,
 Ill for what seems like forever.
 I cannot move or dance myself,
 So the wind and my dreams dance together.
 I watch as the humming birds made of lace,
 come alive before my eyes.
 I love to watch the sweet caress,
 Of the lacy blinds against the open glass.
 I love to watch as my dreams take me,
 Dancing me out my small window
 To the open land and tall trees,
 To the light in the skies,
 And the smell of the seas.
 I laugh as i slip away into my dreams,
 Now i can dance for myself.


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My Immaculate Concept

As the heavenly host feed the flock
there was one among them who believed
that she was unworthy

The beings in God's firmament
adorned themselves in crystalline white flame
Although there was a separation with an alter
which was for different levels of human and god consciousness
nevertheless the flock was feed

The crystalline white flame beings were of service
to disbelievers downtrodden abused and hurt
they were feed various forms of light energy
there was no separation from the heart of God and the flock

One the crystalline white flames was stronger than the other heavenly beings
She called the unworthy woman by her name
The heavenly firmament paused in silence
as the woman walked from the flock and approached Her

The crystalline white flame performed a ritual like dance
 for the women and the music of the spheres
danced the dance of creation

The crystalline white flame activated her encoded DNA 
in her new temple of Solomon
in Her hands were two white parchments 
the first sign being the sacred heart chakra
the second sign a divine mystery

Green and Yellow light
Yellow and Green light
poured from the palms of Her hands
the woman was infused with enlightenment in every cell of her body
everyone watching both the flock and God's firmament

The flock were in awe and talked amongst themselves
and wondered just who was the white being
and then She said in a foreign tongue to the unworthy women
“I give you my Immaculate Concept”

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Dance with me

Dance with me, across the dance floor.
Make me flow with you in your arms,
Let me feel the air whirling around us.
Let it feel as if we are flying.

Lets tango, and dance like we never danced before.
Spin me around to the music.
Let me look into your eyes.
Let me lead you and show you the way.

Yes, Stay close to me and you will learn
something you can love with your life.
Move your body with mine,
and feel as if we can conquer the world.

Just dance with me
because your worth it. 

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Forever-Part 2

Pacabells cannon starts to play. The gates open and everyone looks my way. Beautiful black and red roses line the red carpet that leads to you. You look amazing tonight too. I look at my white dress as I step into the setting sun. The light catches the black sparkles and roses on my dress and makes me look beautiful, makes me feel like one. A black rose on this beautiful LA sand. A black rose that belongs to a wonderful man. I slowly walk down the aisle. I walk up to you and I smile. There's black and red roses on the alter and I get up ther. I can smell their sweet fregrance in the warm evening air. The paster starts as I look at you. You say you vouls and I say mine too. You say "I do," and I do the same too. You slip yet another beautiful ring on my finger and kiss me so sweetly. We hold hands and walk back down the beautiful rose lined aisle.


We walk to the peir where there are beautiful lights hung up everywhere. I spin to look at the beauty and you lean in close to me and say, "wait here." You walk up to the DJ and request and smile as a familure tune comes on. I continue to smile and I take your hand. you walk me back out onto the beautiful sand.  "Our first dance," you say. My smile gets bigger when I here Amazed starts to play. You pull me closer to you as we start to move from side to side. My nourvousness is hard to hide. "You okay beautiful?" you ask softly as you gently run your hand through my hair. "Yeah baby, I'm fine," I say as I see people gather around and stare. We dance and we sway sweetly and quietly. We kiss and dance slowly. We kiss again and you start to sing along with the song. I've been waiting for this day, I've been waiting so long.


We'r walking on the beach again. hand in hand. you still in your tux, I'm still in my dress. This is our future. Together. Forever. The setting sun catches my ring. It shines brightly. "I love you," I say and we kiss again. "I love you too," you say and gently pick me up.

You carry me back up to the house. You carry me up sairs and lay me on our bed. You lay beside me and gently kiss my head.

We lay there and talk for hours and hours. We smile and laughas our future stretches on in front of us.

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My Life's Beat

Dear society,
Why do you set my limitations
Why do you tell me I can't
Why do you have specific expectations for me
Why must I dance at the beat of your drum
Why don't my thoughts matter
Dear society,
Who IN THE WORLD put you in charge of my life
You don't walk in my shoes
You don't fill my lungs with the air I breath
You never fed me, taught me, or even raised me
So why again must I dance to your beat
I am a man yet a son of God
So I won't dance to your beat but the 1
He and my heart makes

Written: 2009

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Twice has been enough

Twice has been enough

Twice, I would have loved to dance across the threshold
of reality – first time - with a Polish Princess, 
who captivated my mind, captured my heart.
Twice, I would have loved to dance across the threshold
of reality – second time – with a Chinese Lotus Blossom,
an exquisite, exotic Beauty, who stole my heart.
The dances I envisioned would have taken either, 
if willing, into the fantastic realms of the surrealistic.
Worlds of the unimaginable, where visions are so clear, 
colours, shapes so vivid, so profound, so invigorating
they take one’s breath away as we trip the light fantastic
upon the essence of light, of sound, of sight, of life
beyond our beliefs and what we are forced to endure,
forasmuch as our human limitations – imposed by ?, –
will carry us. Is it the hand of the gods ?, the hand of fate
the essence of our genes, our nature, our nurturing
or are our limitations self imposed ?,
by the hands of our own understanding, our own history.
The dances I dreamed of, with either, are but an illusion
I have deluded myself with, in order to rise above
their lack of love for what and who I am, for me.
Now both are just memories, they’ve become history
And all that is left for me, is to be their friend,
a friend indeed, when in need.

B. J. “A” 2
December 23rd, 2012

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Angels Weep , Love Endures

 Angels Weep , Love Endures

Gentle are the ways of your loving steps and dances
 a softness that make the angels weep in unison
A voice you sing me into rapture and peace with always
 wonderful it's appeal and glowing it's light, 
   shine softly the glow , forever and a night

Look not away from our mirrored ever-loving embrace
 fly with me into a sweet and sizzling naked heat
A night awaits our entrance into another magical realm
 the aroma of the moment will soothe our souls
  the breaking of morn will find us never apart 

Robert L. 05-15-2014

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Rugby Scrum Dance for Divorced and Disabused Wedding Guests

Rugby SCRUM* DANCE for Divorced and Dis-abused Wedding Guests

(Packs made up of eight « players » (see note below) may be formed indifferently : either segregate the sexes or mix them up. No sweat ! Only keep children away !)

First Half

Step up
Both parties, now 
Take two steps forward 
Crouch - Pause - Engage
Lock jaws, crush noses, twist mouths, stick tongue in eyes
Chew tufts of ear and eye haïr, straggling locks and stubborn  
Spit putrid saliva into slobbering teary-sweaty faces
Crush toes under boots, judo-kick ankles and, if possible, necks 
Watch the three heads stuck between first-row thighs
Aim kick to upturn canines

Let not number 8 make as if s/he was kept out of pack
Hooker ! Reach out with your you-know-what
And tickle fancies

Watch both scrum-halves wheedle legs between legs with number 8s
Aim side-kicks to tumble them down flat on face

Now inhale long arm-pit fragrance
And expel into snorting nostrils

Hey ! Cut that exhaust fuming out back there, you 8s !

Exert pressure with cheeks on thighs
Slurp up grass and worm-eaten soil
With every boot-kick to resist head-on-shoulder thrust
Stay put
	   Hold breath

Second Half

While pushing with all one’s might from the thighs upwards
Claw with three fingers : one in ears, the other in mouths and the third in either of the eyes (best when nails have not been cut for three weeks or more)
 In fact, claw at anything that présents a bulbous jelly-like  
Those gasping for breath in the rear of the pack have to content themselves breathing in spent jettisoned shafts of air forced out by tremendous thrusts

Take two steps to the right and then to the left
Go back a bit once this way
	and then the other
Now turn the packs around : once, twice, thrice

Ladies ! Please !
Dig high heels in hookers’ rumps

Wiggle waggle chops
Let paps hang loose and dangle dangle over men’s knees

Hold on to any protruding thing !


Wheel around sideways thrice
Stop !
Take a deep breath
Then wheel around and around holding fast to the next player’s 
Stick tongues out and gasp for breath
Wag chins from side to side jammed to opponents’ faces

If this doesn’t work
Bite ears
If this doesn’t still work
Try tickling wet torsoes with sticky palms
If this too doesn’t work
Ladies ! Burp three times in men’s faces
And if even this doesn’t work
Stand up and fall backwards (if you can)

This – sure as hell – will work !

End of Game 

•	Certain infringements of the rules in the game can give rise to the SCRUM which is yet another way to re-start the game. The scrum is formed with eight players from each side. The players come together in a crouching position by interlocking arms and has the following formation : 3-4-1. The referee calls out : « Crouch – Pause – Engage ! », and the two eights of each side ram into each other head on ! The scrum half - the player who stands outside - then rolls the ball into the tunnel formed by the opposing players. The scrum players then try to get possession of the ball with their legs.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

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The Woodville Hall Soul Boys

Soon after I'd paid
My sixty
Or seventy pence,
I found myself
In what I thought
Was a miniature London.
I saw girls
In chandelier earrings,
In stiletto heels,
Wearing evening
Which contrasted with
The bizarre
Hair colours
They favoured:
Jet black
Or bleach blonde,
With flashes of
Red, Purple
Or green.
Some wore large
Bow ties,
Others unceremoniously
Their school ties
Round their
Eye make-up
Was exaggerated.
The boys all had
Short hair,
Wore mohair sweaters,
Thin ties,
Peg-top trousers
And winklepicker shoes.
A band playing
Raw street rock
At a frantic speed
Came to a sudden,
Violent climax...
Melodic, rhythmic,
Highly dancable
Soul music
Was now beginning
To fill the hall,
With another group
Of short-haired youths...
Smoother, more elegant,
Less menacing
Than the previous ones.
These well-dressed
Street boys
Wore well-pressed pegs
Of red or blue...
They pirouetted
And posed...
Pirouetted and posed.

"Wicked Cahoots" and "The Woodville Hall Soul Boys" stem from stories written in the late 1970s; while they first saw the light of day in versified form in 2006.)

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DMagnet-in the new nowhere

Calling you up
on the phone
all 1600 of us
are on the line

between the hours of two and 4 am
free falling
75 miles an hour
shattered me like glass

struggling we go to the edge
a procession for the king
the subjugated called
bringing news 
speaking in tongues

l learn to shut up, listen while
hopelessness, plagues, drought and suffering

leaving only this skin hanging on the branches
withdrawn and awake 
in the new nowhere

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Ice-cream Flavours

      Ice-cream Flavors

For a taste of ice-cream flavors
let's start with chocolate

A dip into the world of love 
with a sense of tingle from above

Vanilla brings a sweetness to the tongue
and turns upside down every single frown

Take a deep breath in every bite
for butterscotch ice-cream is just right

Take a dance in the milky way
as you taste a caramel ice-cream sundae

Taste all the flavors on your tongue
take a plunge in each world
a dance in each town

Each taste is unique
with its own special spark
a yummy little thing
that brings you out of the dark.

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Flamenco in my ears

It was not a night for work
the moon was at the full
high over the sea
erotic and disturbing
l could hear the gypsy singer in the tavern below
self assured as usual she had a slightly distant air about her !

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ice skating

I take one step 
onto that ice
and an immediate shock
of electricity shoots through me
strength and adrenaline rushes through my blood stream
my heart sings
my soul screams, finally free
my body rips through the cage that it has been kept in for so long
sick of being confined to the ordinary mundane movements
of an ordinary life
it is free
I am free

and i dance
i dance the dance i have danced my whole life
a dance unlike any other
a dance on ice

my soul intertwines with the soul of the ice
it is my partner and we are inseparable
we dance together, like two lovers
long removed from each other
finally reunited
grasping each other in a loving embrace

I have missed the cold awakening hug of the wind
encircling me as a spin
the sparkling ice beneath my skates 
twinkling approval up at me as i dance with it

I jump
and i can fly
I am free
nothing in the world can hold me back
no one can cage me
you can't cage my spirit or my soul

I belong on the ice
its a part of me
and always will be

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MoonBee's Madrigal

Oh... Oh... Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight
I’ve Pink Champagne, Lit FirePlace Flame 
        And The Stars Are Twinkling Bright
I’ve Put On Your Favorite Dinner and Rose Dress
        For Your Delight
Ooooh, Come Into The Moon Light …
        And Dance With Me Tonight

Heeeey, Honey, What Happened To The Lights?
        You Paid The Bill … Alright?
Bring Me A Beer and That Remote Here
        The Cowboys Play Tonight !
Why’s The Table Set… We Got Guests?
         Is That Dress A Little Tight? ……
              * *///// # # ////\\
I Don’t Know Sam… She Just Picked A Fight !
Hauled-Off and Hit Me… With All… Her… MoonBee…  M i g h t  !

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Metal Dancer

Metal dancer 
Metal dance sick romances
Falling over and over again
No religion no faith whats that 

Metal dances in the night 
  Looking up and down 
 moving to the beat 

Metal dancing hahaha im a beast
Dancing and thrashing around
Putting my heart at a risk
releasing the inner me
I feel so happy i can finally breath 
Laughing ,crying so happy im back
so happy i survived the battle

My soul & my heart goes into the dance
Dont need a partner 
Dont need  all the romance

its just me  on the dance floor again
dancing the night away 
theres so much now that i wish to say

watch me twirl watch me fly
as i spin around laughing away
heading bangers delight 
Dancing through the night 
Screaming for more

im a metal dancer ,A gurl attracted to the essence of the night
my dance my own way of letting people see me 

not in the shadows anymore but in the light
   Metal princess  night angel
i am woman hear me  roar
 Metal dancer on the floor

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Dancing in a golden ballroom,
Crystal chandelier over my 
Dressed up in black and red,
Matching mask covering my 

Candles floating around,
Music playing in dark tunes,
Waltzing with my lovely man,
Feeling alive, heart pounding.

Red roses all over the floor,
Tables dressed in black lace,
Hearing the raven's call,
People in beautiful attire.

Loving this atmosphere,
Finding peace and harmony,
A wonderful place to be,
Wishing it could never end.

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Five Cents a Dance

Sunday, the only off-day,
a day not to work the fields,
chop or pick cotton, gather corn,
peanuts, melons, or sorghum cane.

Home for "dinner" after church;
special fare, and free afternoons.
No question where to go:
Crowley's Ridge State Park,

at Walcott, a scant two miles
from our sweat-dotted dirt of despair;
swimming hole, dance-floor, filled
with cousins, friends, siblings.

We took turns plugging the Jukebox,
on that open-air dance floor
above the concession stand,
where the smell of cheeseburgers

drifted upward to fill our nostrils,
like temptation's sugared refrain,
as we danced the afternoon away.

Nickels were all we ever had.

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Lone Birthday Boy Dancing

Yesterday for my birthday,
I started off
with a bottle of wine...
I took the train
into town...
I had half a bitter
at the Cafe de Piaf
in Waterloo...
I went to work
for a couple of hours or so;
I had a pint after work;
I went for an audition;
after the audition,
I had another pint
and a half;
I had another half,
before meeting my mates,
for my b'day celebrations;
we had a pint together;
we went into
the night club,
where we had champagne
(I had three glasses);
I had a further
glass of vino,
by which time,
I was so gone
that I drew an audience
of about thirty
by performing a solo
dancing spot
in the middle
of the disco floor...
We all piled off to the pub
after that,
where I had another drink
(I can't remember
what it was)...
I then made my way home,
took the bus from Surbiton,
but ended up
in the wilds of Surrey;
I took another bus home,
and watched some telly, 
and had something to eat
before crashing out...
I really, really enjoyed
the eve, but today,
I've been walking around
like a zomb;
I've had only one drink today,
an early morning
restorative effort;
I spent the day working,
then I went to a bookshop,
where, like a monk,
I go for a day's
drying out session...
Drying out is really awful;
you jump at every shadow;
you feel dizzy,
you notice everything;
very often,
I don't follow through.

(There's a twilight mood to "Lone Birthday Boy Dancing" - almost certainly drafted in diary form on 8 October 1992, or perhaps a year earlier - with the birthday boy performing his Dionysian solo dance in defiance of the wholesale ruin of mind, body and soul he's so obviously invoking.)

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Elements of my Sympathy

Emotionally, I died a long time ago
on the day the rainbow had faded,
the color at the blue sky.
And the heaven has to cry
a liter of my tears,
Since then, I am half alive.

My heart has forgotten on how to beat.
And now my heart is empty
Suddenly, I’ve forgotten the dance of life
I was never realized, the smile has vanished
Along with the river that never ends.

I don’t know where the flowers grow
their beauty that gave its meaning 
of love, and of kindness in every one’s heart.
Once I was been a butterfly spread my wings,
and dance to the fragrance of their beauty.
Swaying together on the echo of my heart.

But somehow, I forgot how the music plays,
I don’t even see the green leaves
That giving its hope for wounded hearts.
To believe in dreams that happened around
To believe on the magic of sunrise that it brings.

I envy the rain that falls on the ground 
In every drop to water the thirsty grass land
To bath the burdens of life and washes the tears.
I tried to embrace the morning sunlight
To smell the freshness of morning sweet,
And my soul be blessed with a happy spirit

I inhale the breeze that flew through my soul
And let them blown all the pain and sorrow
As free as the river that flows on stream
Soon it will glide on the ocean of oasis
And let the hope of love bloom.

Written By : Cheryl Aldea
Date    :  December 30, 2011
Copyright @ 2011.
All rights reserve

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Love to dance

I love to dance
I love the feeling of the steps
I love how the movement rushes through me
I love the beat of music
And how it is easy to follow
Fast beats are fun and difficult
They are easy once you have them mastered
I love to dance
I dance for grace and beauty
I dance for love and joy
How do you capture the spirit of humanity?
You dance, you follow the beat with your heart
You have your own moves and use ones you have been taught
You enjoy the feeling
I dance for the feeling of joy and happiness
I dance for my story and for yours.

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Unbound, Certain, and True

As we weave our dance today some time slips into being what is before us in this glorious dance I love so as tears fill my eyes with your joy and recognition focused in perfection before me where I can breath them into life life that we share as one separate but never far apart in a life that I love like water drinking your skin with my eyes as you sail through canyons of uncertainty as if tomorrow could die and you'd be happy just as you are today knowing your heart is not some moment's creation but eternally woven into being by the very footsteps you are taking now and have take since before you knew you walk alone together with me as if we recognized some purpose dreaming we may touch in order that we do knowing the day will come when this beauty will abound larger long enough to light a fire in the heart of a new traveler who lay sleeping silent there in the distant corner of your imagination until our love gives life again in a relay race without winner and our kiss seals their fate to become their own keeper and continue our flame as if they held us as they do just as surely as we hold them unbound certain and true

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Finches Dance

*Finches Dance*

Three finches gather at the old bird feeder 

Nestled near the small patch of corn

Enthusiastically taking turns twirling around

Like at a ho down at the old Seller’s barn 

Doing acrobatic dance maneuvers

As thistle seed falls merrily to the ground

Three happy finches dancing away the day

As shadows begin to emerge on the old wooden fence

Three weary finches danced their hearts out

A few feathers less than when they first begun

Gwendolen Rix

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I'll dance all night
I'll dance the pain away
I'll dance until the morning sun
Graces us with day

I'll dance until I'm numb
Until I don't feel anymore
I'll dance until I'm gone
And don't remember what I'm dancing for

I'll dance until you love me
I'll dance the rest of my life
I'll dance until you return
By the moon's gentle light

I'll dance to the music
Of my shattering heart
I'll dance until it doesn't hurt
As you tear me apart

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A rustle of leaves
Wisp of wind
The trees bend and weave 
Sharing secrets
Playing music
As they dance in the breeze 
Warm golden sun
Bright green leaves
Painting patterns in the light
Sounds like laughter
Fresh and new
Inviting me to dance along

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the Hoe down show down

The Hoe Down Show Down
Old Grandpa tune his fiddle with pride.
Uncle Joe on the old banjo
Dad he was willing to go on the old washtub.
I had my spoons in my hand ready for the old showdown.
 In walked the Matfields with a smile on their face. 
Thinking this hoedown was their place.
It all began in one face pace song after song and the dance was right on a faster pace.
Orange Blossom special was the Matfeilds last song.
But old grandpa had one more to be done.
As the cheer rang out old Rocky Top began to play.
The place jumped with joy and began to perform with pride. 
Because old Rocky Top Tenn is our home town you see.
The Matfields hung their heads and gave a smile in defeat.
They lost a hoe down show down in Rocky Top Tenn.

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The Hunter and Gatherers Lament.

Gone is our childhood
Our hunting and gathering,
Gone forever lost to history.
Our innocence
Where black- boy plant is our spear.
The gift to the hunter.
The grasses a gift to the gatherer to weave.
Gone is our childhood,
Of total acceptance,
Of mother protector
Of all her children. 
Gone into our dreams
Soaked in illness and alcohol.
Gone forever to the dusty plains
Of change and white man’s claims,
 To progress,
And dreams of the mighty dollar and greed.
Yes, gone my friend but not forgotten.
Never ever well we allow,
 It to be truly lost.
For the streets whisper
For those to hear
For those who wish to really understand.
For those with real ears still,
Those who can still indeed dream,
The mother’s gifts. 
Those who still can travel,
In their dance and their sleep.
Those who don’t need,
White man’s ways to know
Who they really are?
Help the young ones
Know who they really are.
Give the bottle away,
The glue and petrol all
Will destroy,
Who you really are?
Remember the true beat
Of the clap sticks, 
And the rhythms 
Of your family dance.
Honor your elders
The aunties of the grey-headed ones.
Wise old man your grandfather
Who can tell,
of bygone times,
the truth of it all?
And who you really are?
And dance the dance,
Of your family signature beat,
Your special gift to the mother.

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A Love So Tragic

(pt 1) 
We seem so indifferent
Like we just don't feel
We've got cuts on our hearts
That will never heal
Beautiful as a train wreck
In that confusing way
Stuck in reverse
Living on yesterdays
We fall into the darkness
And drown in the sea
No love has ever been so tragic
As the love between you and me

(pt 2) 
Your gorgeous as you always are
So beautiful no one could believe
That you could find such beauty
In someone like me
But we paint a pretty picture
We make it look so nice
With hearts hard as stone
And eyes carved from ice
Seperated only by distance
Our beauty envied by the stars
Our story so original
The tragedy of what we are

(pt 3) 
Pick me up and carry me
Through our sweet abyss
Shroud me in your fantasy
Its not like I'll be missed
Give me all your heart
Your perfect in my imperfections
Look in the mirror and see it
That beautiful reflection
So we'll dance our way to freedom
We'll dance until we die
Forever framed in beauty
The tragedy of you and I

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Your Beautiful Lethal Life

Shooting star
With a quicksilver mind, 
You deserve to go so far,
Can't someone stop you
Before you ruin your soul
With irreversible harm?
Drinking all day,  
Every single day, 
Out of your head on booze, 
Is this the life,  
Is this the way, 
A gifted child should choose?
Your beautiful lethal life
My friend,
Has sent you around the bend,
Your foolish defiant
Dionysian dance
Could soon be at an end.
But you don't care 
Do you, shooting star?
As you drift in your blissful dream.

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Nine Month Rule

We have five December birthdays
in our immediate family.

February should be the love month,
not March, never March, okay?
Some are confused about St. Valentine
who, though he championed love,
would have scoffed at our customs.

Claudius the Cruel*, Queen Juno**,
birds mating, and fertility rites
have no bearing on March.
Please pass the word.

December birthdays
thin budgets, time, and tempers.
The month of December 
is for Christmas, don'tcha know?

March should be off limits
in the bedroom. 
Every woman should hang a sign 
on her bed on March first: 
On Vacation for one month!

What, no one told your mother
about the nine month rule?

*Ordered St. Valentine beheaded in 278 AD
**Roman Goddess of marriage & childbirth.

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Still night air,  heavy and wet. 
Damp my skin; I rise,  I sit. 
Cloudy dreams lie in shadow. 
Whispers of laughter. 
Promises of a kiss. 
The sound of hummingbird wings.  This cannot be. 
Midnight flight in Autumn?  
Stirring I stand. 
My balance amiss. 
Flop on the bed once more. 
Soft giggles.  
A whirring hum. 
I listen. 
Moonlight catches my eye. 
A shadow dance. 
My Window shakes. 
I ponder the disturbance. 
My lack of rest. 
Midnight visitors? 
I turned on a light,  
My feet find a floor. 
My shadow led the way. 
"To the window, "
I heard them say. 
Their voices soft. 
Tiny whispers. 
As I stood at panes
Of glass,  I unhitched
The clasp. 
By the fountain they play. 
Their skin silver
Shining in moonlight. 
Two fairy lovers. 
Holding hands. 
Legs and feet entwined. 
They turned their heads, 
Smiling at me. 
"Watch us finish this dance."
Then wish it to be. 
"You will have a Fae,  
Named for thee . "
Their skin glistening, 
They touched. 
Caressed and smiled. 
Aroused I stood. 
Entranced I stared. 
The lovers took my 
Mind to places
Both light and dark. 
When finished I wished for 
Them; the child they sought. 
" Mortal one,  it has come to be. 
A Fae will be named for thee. "

K. Kerry. 

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Vasava - An Untold Story 6/Many

Vasava – An untold story                                                                         6/Many 

The Victory Day Celebrations

After bowing before the statues
Of her favorite Goddess Saraswati* and of Lord Rama*
She with her musicians started her singing and dancing,
And kept on doing so, till the Sun rays gently kissed her face 
In the early morning hours of the next day

But on the day of Utsava, Vasava wanted to give 
The best of her before the guest King Udayan of Ujjain*
Who was visiting the kingdom of Magadh, 
On the special invitation of his King friend Suyodhan

The beautiful Court of King Suyodhan, 
Was glittering with lights shining in every corner and rows
The stage was ready to hear and to feel the touch 
Of the melodies and dance performance of the beauty Vasava

Guests both wealthiest and the general, 
Invited by the King of Magadh had come well in time 
On this splendid yearly occasion which always lingers
In the memories of its spectators, 
Through out the entire year

While seeing her performances, the rich used to throw lavishly
On their dream queen Vasava, 
Valuables and most precious gifts of gems and jewelries,
While watching their favorite Vasava or
Hearing her singing melodies, which used to thrills their hearts

Rest of the Year Vasava used to perform, 
Her dances and melodies only at her own Palatial place
Without distinguishing between the rich or the poor 
As many of her favorite artist were those 
Who were musicians, singers, writers, poet or dance lovers

Even King Suyodhan became a praiser of her unique character
Though in the beginning he too wanted to enjoy
The charms of her matchless youth, her teen age
And the wine of her intoxicating beauty, but coming close
To Vasava, he realized that she can not be persuaded for lust

Ravindra                                                                              to continue in 7

Kanpur  India   12h March 2010

* Raga.                    Raga refers to melodic modes used in Indian classical music. In the 
Indian musical tradition, Ragas are associated with moods of the day & with seasons. Indian 
classical music is always set in Raga 

•	Goddess Saraswati*           Saraswati is the Goddess of leaming, knowledge, and 
wisdom. The Sanskrit word sara means "essence" and swa means "self." Thus Saraswati 
means "the essence of the self.
•	Lord Rama*		      Lord Rama is one of the most commonly 
adored gods of Hindus and is known as an ideal man and hero of the epic Ramayana

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Waltz of the Angels

Waltz of the Angels

Into the night we were dancing; it may have been the foxtrot or maybe a waltz
We were feeling in the air a breeze of romantic as we kept our restraint
Thus rising the fall in precise and strict execution as we
Moved invitingly to the next song without stopping
As both our chests were heaving with perfection within sweet agony
We were well smiling in tune to the rhapsody of ecstatic flair
As the band kept playing, I could see your sheer delight
While we thus achieved the flight of romance
That swiftly had been so serene magnificence
Before the lights had dimmed, we just remembered they were playing
Our song of sweet magic in the air, “Waltz of the Angels.”
As we move in sync with all of our precise movement to our perfection with sweet


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Heart's throbbing for discothèque
pulsating electronica polyphonics--
waterless waves splash
everyone present. 
Motionless reminiscence of Ibiza
and surrealism, triple-distilled,
aesthetic kinetics--
and men and women sweating from the vibes.

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Life is Like a Maypole

"life is like a maypole", I heard him say through the cell bars
I knew his voice, unmistakeable, rasping (like a corncrake) 
in a midnight field

now I had entered his world, his maelstrom, his sweetmeat-coated 
world of pain, now I the sport, (a gladiator) no less

my bruised hands and swollen eyes, grown from their sockets 
with heat of the Roman sun

waited their turn to step in to glory (or oblivion) wanting not wife,
nor hearth nor fearless hand

(the door opened) Alchimedes stood with trident in hand 
multi-coloured like a sorcerer's wand:

"take your place at the arena door", he croaked 

I took my sword put on my armour and stood ready at the side,
while the gods were drenched with worship from the dancing band

twirling,twirling garlanded ribbons round and round, dancers in the sand

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An alabaster ceiling rose is ever so delicate, 
a round swirling pattern that is a joy to look at. 
It used to be white but now it’s all yellow 
with centuries of grime and age old smoke. 
People stop and wonder what went on under 
the hanging lights, what was said, who loved 
who and who dared to dance close. 
Today the huge dance hall is empty 
and the ceiling rose and lights have nothing 
but a sound of silence for company.

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Caress me
with your kisses
you little delicate thing
with your soft, silent
quick and tiny breaths
and wings like the
stained-glass windows 
of the cathedral
and as they pray
you dance
paint the air I breathe
with fragile beauty
Feeding flowers
with the dust 
of another lovely
Visiting the minds
of dreamers
and children

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Starbeams Dance

Starbeams glow in the sand
hope lives eternal in heart of man
Life dies in nearby waters
as fish fight for sight
of the rising moon
Lovers stroll beneath our sky
innocence gone far too soon
As glory burst forth singing yet another tune  Robert L.

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Grow up to sleep in our parents beds

Faceless dolls
Ballerinas dance on beds of erect nails
giggling as they cover the bed
in sheets of red
the children watch
wait and dream
to grow out of youth
embrace the numb that comes with wisdom
dance the dance of vague maids
who wear red shoes and perfect braids

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Florida Nature

Maestro woodpecker taps his beat to the symphony of a rising sun, casting rays on Boardman Pond. Great white heron, the prima ballerina, strikes her pose as blue herons pirouette. An ibis takes flight with grace as a tri-colored heron waltzes, displaying multi-hued plumage. Alone on the observation deck, I am blessed to view the ballet, a most welcome, daily, sunrise ritual. Even the nesting wood stork adds his cries to the harmonious melody, echoing through rising mist on pristine wetlands. Peace and poise reign until the predatory osprey swoops across the stage, causing other birds to scatter. Even a basking gator’s eyes rise to observe the flutter of wings. Only the great white heron remains composed.
*Inspired by Robert Butler’s “Majestic Pose” Written February 21, 2015 Boardman Pond, located in Volusia County, Florida, has a deck for watching the many amazing birds that nest and play in the wetlands surrounded by the forest of a state park.

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A Dance

"Fields Of Gold" would be playing in the background.
...smiling at the laughter we make over your 
favorite meal I are wearing a shirt 
I bought you....I'm wearing a lot  of what you've 
bought me to wear as well... like a football 
fan my face is painted in your favorite colors 
with your lucky number on my cheek...
...we are just enjoying each other...we're still 
together cause we can do that... 
I got you tickets to your favorite artist... 
socks cause your needed them...
a gadget for your crazy little natural obsessions...
by the moment...
we'd dance...
we'd dance to dancing together...we'd dance to the kids
being safe and well...we'd dance to not getting in a fight 
for a few days... we'd dance to our kiss... we'd dance 
to your tickets you 'd still have to find down my pants...
we'd dance to God's love sustaining us...we'd dance to 
another year of you and I together...
and we'd dance....

and dance...

and dance...

and dance...

and dance...

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War Logic 2

Who cares about the lie of peace making
to cover up greedy hands dirty for oil
The arms race that has been promoted
since the discovery of the gun
just more ammunition to kill ourselves with
leaving us asking what have we done
Wouldn't it be something if social sciences played a part
in the salvation of societies
as we promote them to disarm, using intellect
psychology used for a global interest to stop the onslaught
that has never ended since we felt the need to protect eachother
from eachother
no need to continually build the murder machine
other parts of the world rewarded for their indolence
learning to turn the other cheek when it comes to leading men
into heartless mindless needless slaughters
to steal resources that belong to god
Stop the arms race
kick in the new song and dance to cheerlead the world to their utopia
these are the cards you have
why are you not seeing them for what they are
Every country does it
preparing for the worst
with no plan for the best
just constant reminders of why we need to invest in our own untimely deaths
the pen mightier than the sword
what could have been a holy man approaching a civilisation falling from grace
tried to deliver the message, then fell from grace himself
sing and dance your plan for peace
and consider that your plan for the best
it may seem like living a lie at first
until the generation raised this way carries out the dream you've been waiting for
rewards along the way for dismantling death machines
no reason to sell anybody any
what are we protecting ourselves from?
can't fathom sharing our land with another
too afraid to realise i didn't harm you, and don't wish to
they shouldn't want to harm me, ive done nothing to be considered their enemy
why allow myself to be swept up into someone elses emotions
and kill hundreds of thousands of people because of the actions of one man
one man made a big mistake, thousands of innocents shouldn't have to pay
prepare for the worst is all we seem to do worldwide
our problem will never go away until we plan for the best
a song and dance to lead us to our utopia
not the other way around
see through the propoganda
it's your world, it's your free will
the above are just the ways the domino can fall
the more guns you have, the less room you have for peace
the more weapons you build, just more to clean up after you take over the world
the whole planet with the same plan
new song and dance
anything to belong for peace

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Old Rituals

Growing Infront Of My Eyes
I Feel Natures Life
I See Emotion
At Its Core
Through My Eyes
Through My Soul
None Of Its A Bore
Pure Essence Of Life
The Sky 
Moving In Its Graceful Path
Slowly Shifting 
With Each Gental Laugh
Do You Know
The Wind
Speaking Volumns In My Ears
Stories That No Other Beings Tell Me
Or Hear
The Ground
Holding Me Down
Vibrating Its History
Through My Skin
A Fire Dances In The Night
Providing Me With Light
I Dance And Match Its Moves
Like The Hopies And Other Indians Use To Do
Prayer Up To The Sky
Give The Earth Rain And Life
Wild Flower In Rain
Dancing As If Im Insane
Dance For Life
Dance For Rain
Dance For Happiness
Dance For Pain
Circles Around The Fire Light
Circles Around Life Tonight
Wild Flower In The Rain
This Is My Newest Name
Ashes Falling From The Sky
Providing Earth With The Essence Of Life
Dance With Feet Bare To The Ground
Leather Keeping Cold Out
Painted Eyes
And Painted Face
Tonight I Dance The Night Away

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cabaret show

i wanna dance the mambo,the cubin cuba mambo,
i wanna dance the cha cha,hip movements with the cha cha!
or maybe try the salsa, sensual is the salsa.
i wanna dance the samba,the fun  brazilian samba,
or maybe the lambada,brazilian hot lambada!
argentinian tango,intense erotic tango,
or maybe the flamenco ,passionate spain flamenco,
may even try the polka,high energy in polka,
the czech bohemian polka

i wanna go and party,good time dancing the rumba,
latino americano,cubano,africano.
i wanna do the hip hop,hip hop hip hop don't stop

dance reigns in the ball room,
i will dance the Ball Room,under and above
with you i dance the Ballroom ,classic dance of love.....

are you ready partner?

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One Last Dance

wrapped tightly in your memory 
images softly caressing my mind
gliding to strains of the past 
on limbs that remember achingly your touch 
the essence of you imprinted on lips and loins 
lost now in this last dance 

sadness drumming a remorseful beat 
the dying notes of love fading away 
leaving emptiness to be held in arms singing softly its need 
to return once more to your sanctuary 
your body a road I travelled well
now washed away into flooding memories

my mind returns to yet another dance
our first, so different then 
held excitedly with vibrant anticipation 
of lips that strained with carnal urges 
as our bodies entwined in a single melody
that built to such a crescendo, a symphony of emotion 

yearning to recapture the passion 
leaning towards the music of your body 
its rhythmic movement, familiar and calming 
I am lost in the beating of your heart
as this dance stirs to its final chorus
my falling tears the last step in our duet 

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in the deepest chamber of my heart love grows
the sun breaks cloudy skies
the moon glows on quiet seas
heartbreak ebbs on distant relationships
and flows gently back over my soul
I dance a dance long forgotten
to music written from inside

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Comic Girls

             Comic Girls
Comic girls swing from poles fixated
Embedded in a jelly of red mist and light

Asphyxiated through cigarette smoke
In a dance choreographed through fog

Thick casts of body make-up from head to toe
Cosmetic are their lives up there

Masking age and lines through times advances
Night helps to cover all

They climb with marbled limbs
Up to the stars retired in their minds

Dim glow falls on them in pulses and vibration
Completing the illusion

And everything is fine inside the lines
As long as they continue on the climb
      That they could be extended, is what led them here 
      Here where men watch marbly limbed dancers go on
      Climb poles and dream on tubes and wires
      Miles of pretty wires and magic girls 

The beauty of their extensions
Is a marvel to observe
Charm and masked intentions in the club
Behold their every move towards love
Follow comic girls doing as they’re told
Transfixed on lonely poles until night club's closed


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human turret son
gun syndrome
genome thunder dome

range lightning rain
night sky of 40 grain
splendid caliber

X caliber

plink to think
dinky clinks
tiny echoes

bricks, all clear

fire flies
barrels of varying sizes
armorer princess prizes

she goes all .223/5.56
flash suppressed
range without a roof

took her rounds
now she frowns
tell her later

give them back
after dinner

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Invitation To Dance

Invitation to dance
Dance, so slowly dance
Test, touch, tease 
The toe, ball of the foot
Inviting dance floor
An invitation to dream
An invitation to dance

Come, watch,
The rhythm beat
Once – twice, repeat
From foot to leg
So gently float
Like a heartbeat
I know you
Entwined with me
A pair in step
Do glide
Supreme twist and turn
One–two, one–two

Now hear the drum, 
The cymbal beat
Beat, beat, join in 
Love’s rhythm dance
Our hormones’ vibes
Glisten in our eyes
Turned on – turned on
One–two, one-two

Our bodies bend and blend
Like lulling, repeating waves
In unison step
The beat, the move, turn,
gentle turn
Now more succinct
Now more distinct
Couples rejoice, graceful
Now getting bolder
Ra-ta-ta, ra-ta-ta
One-two, one-two

Listen, listen,
Watch, watch,
Bedazzled, amazed
The rhythm of the human race
The feel, the feet
Totally immersed
Adventurous beat
And dancing feet again

Alas, alas
The music slows
So sexy, sensual
Only the dancer knows
Slower dip, dip
And up, tip top turn
Desire, yearn
The dance of dances ends

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Real Women Sweat

My goodness but its hot
I'm wringing wet.
"Women perspire," he said,
"only men sweat."

Well, guess again buddy
maybe la-de-dah ladies perspire,
but Real Women sweat
and right now I'm on fire.

In high school my mother
would take me to the beauty parlor
to get me a fancy  dance doo
and then later I'd hollar

Because after a dance or two,
my hair would be dripping wet.
I was so embarrassed
all covered with sweat.

Air conditioning is just too cold
and it smells funny,
so I sit in front of a fan
when it gets too sunny.

But running out for chores
in 90-degree heat
is no fun at all
I just come home beat.

So you'all have a good summer ...
and I still say it yet ...
that ladies may perspire,
but Real Women sweat.

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The Dancing Girl

Grossed in her worry sorry situation.
Not letting her man worry.
She heard life is a dance.
She dance her life out.

Easy worry, she gets worried.
She danced as fast as she can.
To live the rest to live. 
When she danced, the world stood still.

The world saw a restless dancer.
The world saw a woman who never gives up.
The ‘dancermenia’, the dance maestro. 
She danced and danced and danced.

The Dancing Girl,
dancing with shields of hope.
Dancing to win the crowd.
She danced to kill her worry.

She danced her sorrows out.
She danced her worries out.
She got her freedom in dance. 
She got her wisdom while dancing. 

She danced in her happiness.
She danced in her joy.
She danced in her blessing.
And got all she desires.

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Dance of the Dead

It's been so long 
Since I saw the light
I heard that song
Once, when I was a child
The melody of the martyrs
You said.
The dance of the dead.

Now, I've been so far away
The light has scarcely hit my eyes
But I heard your voice today
And I'm waiting
For the heart in me to die

I will dance eternity in your arms
I will sing your name to the world
In wonder I will succomb to your childlike charms
You are my God
And today, I am your child

In the distance I see
Stars lighting the dark
Pointing the way to the King
Your face captivates my mind
(beat beat)
My heart picks up the pace
Your knocking, I'm coming
Please, dont leave me to myself.

I brought my brokenness
And laid it at your feet
Now I stand Beautiful
In the midst of a broken world
My heart is the drum
But you are the beat
You are the music playing over in my head
And I am always yours 
Dancing the dance of the dead.

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The Field

A wind blows softly caressing a field, Delicate, yielding waves of wheat Surrender to the direction the wind moves. With each passing breeze They move in grace and unity, This spectacular dance of nature. Illumination glistens from their heads What beauty shows in their harmony, As if a song is being sung. Not even the thistles standing tall & erect As if pride keeps them from bending, Disrupts the dance that fills the field. For in each passing breeze Is their calling to dance & sway, In humble obedience to the wind. The sun warms them, clouds shade them And nourishes them with gentle mists of rain, To reward them for their diligence.

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Vasava An untold Story 3/Many

An untold story 						Part 03/Many

Description of the Vasava's Amazing Beauty - continues

Glimpse and shine of her thrilling bosoms, 
Coming during her dance forms 
Were revealing the beauty coming out 
From the thinness of her beautiful tops
Her steps were adding more beauty 
To her ever ravishing sprouting youth
Intoxicating the spectators to get lost, 
For ever in that lustrous wine of her beauty

The twisting and movements, 
Of her beautifully stretched arms
Were thrilling everyone on each steps, 
She was taking in her dance
With each new step of dance, 
She was taking out her spectator’s heart
And her songs were enchanting them, 
Only to completely get lost

On her strong and beautifully shaped 
Slender and pinkish legs
Her thin and delicate waist was thrilling 
In joy, with joyous mirth of her youth
Her body’s movements were so free 
And stress free, like an elastic
To form the enchanting dance poses, 
She could have bend her body to any extent

When Vasava used to perform her dances 
On the splendid wooden dancing floor
Her face began to glow in joy, 
Like golden rays spreads around the beautiful Sun
And watching the shine of her lovely and 
Ever glittering and shining face, 
Even the Sun found it better to hide behind
The clouds or to glow low

Such was the exuberating beauty and charms 
Of the wonder dancer Vasava
Who was the inhabitant of world’s most ancient 
Palatial city of Patilputra*
The beautiful Vasava of the era of Buddha 
Was the court dancer of the Kind of Magadh*
She was the most prestigious dweller
In the heart and minds of the people of Patilputra

Ravindra                                                     to continue in 4                

Kanpur India   3rd March 2010                                      


*   Patilputra    .  The old name of Patna - a city of India in Bihar state
                            Patilputra was one the most ancient city of ancient 
                            India situated near river Ganges.

*   Magadh          The Kingdom of Magadh was located current Bihar 
                            And other adjoining states of India.

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Walking on the soft sand, forming open arms
Hovering towards the wind, wings able to fly
Under the mighty rain, obliterating from the outer harm
Seeking the Truth, I encountered humanity from my private- eye.

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Bar of the Foul

Inky Smoke twirls and dance 
Its smoky Polka amid a sea 
of horror shows all projecting 
their shadows upon one and all.
Amongst grinning goblin junkies 
Amongst grinning toothless fairies 
downing drinks of dead desire 
the smoke is not the only 
thing to creep in
the stench of new attendees 
enter the frying pan through 
the fire.
Suddenly there is an uproar 
A hag's scream pierces the smoke 
a ghoul chokes on a bone 
the reminder of something even 
more sinister then themselves 
has appeared. Through the 
suffocated windows of ash 
comes the radiant light of a 
new dawn. Reminding them 
all of their lives, of the next 
day to come.
They pack it up, all shuffling 
back to reality as the cock chimes 
Echoing upon the cool breeze 
lifting out smoke and stuffiness 

Exposed is the blood stained 
floor, wood and decayed 
a victim of alcohol spills 
and termites. The Black Rats 
scatter over cannibalized 
carcasses, trying to find their 
dens again.

The bar tender a troll of 
ignorant repute, grinds his 
oily teeth as his apron 
drips with the screams of 
goats and children 

He scrubs down the floor 
the tables 
the Bar
the Alter 
Gone is any evidence of the 
night before 
except I suppose the stench 
that can never be done away 
A constant reminder of the 
only faded from memory 
It will return 
It has to 
As the cockroaches file 
back in as they always do
to the dance of smoke

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Vasava - An Untold Story 5/Many

An untold story 		                        Part 05/Many

The King and the common man, 
Both used to enjoy her dance and songs together
And the rich with pleasure use to bestowed on her, 
Their huge fabulous wealth
Which includes their money, ornaments, 
Gold and gems or their costly belongings
But she never accepted anything from those, 
who were art and music lovers, but were poor

Some of her richest fans from nearby Kashi* 
Often offer her handspun and handworked silk Sarees
While some other use to throw before her, 
The pearl or gem studded gold necklaces
There were those also, who wanted to donate 
Their entire wealth, property and money to Vasava
Only to see a close look of her charming face 
And her beautiful dancing and thrilling legs

Even her palatial servants and maid’s 
Used to get fabulous gifts from renowned visitors
When Vasava was busy in performing her weekly dances 
Or was giving  her melody singing shows
And her Palace staff considered themselves, 
So proud to be working for lady Vasava 
Who was the darling queen of everyone’s heart, 
Residing in the famous city of Patilputra
The uniqueness of the dancer Vasava

This unique worshiper of dance, music and art, 
Was preserving a rare beauty within herself
Devoting her life, for the cause of promoting dance 
And other forms of music and Arts
While forgetting completely and eliminating her passions
And lust from her mind and heart
Thus generating a serene natural youth, 
Which brought spark like beauty coming out from her

No one had ever touched and tasted, 
The intoxicating wine of her sparklingly refreshing youth
She had rejected the attempts of many rich 
And wealthy mans, rulers and even of the Kings
Who wanted to win her by offering her lofty gifts 
And temptations of their mighty kingdoms
Vasava never even thought to compromise,
Such was the beauty of her undaunted character

The Victory Day Celebrations

Once in a year on Vijayadesmi Day*  which generally falls,
In the month of October every year
Vasava came to give her yearly performances, 
In the court celebrations of King Subodhan

Ravindra					to continue  in 6

08th March 2010

* Vijayadesmi Day.  Rama destroyed Ravana on this day and hence it is celebrated as the 
                              day of victory
* Kashi .                  old name of Varanasi

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A derogate demons asperity
Calumniate my integrity
Malicious deceit
Holding no truth
Held on to nothing!

My inglorious ignominy
Your repulsion Satiate!
Nauseated glut unsensual sodomy
Surfeit and salt in nasty infected cut

Given dichotomy
Or burdened with great weight
Tarnished, libel. Stuck in a rut.
Nothing left
Appellation stained – Tainted mendaciously
Verbal hate – Eat the flesh
Minstrel blood mixed with sacred semen
There’s nothing left – except for fire and this acrid demon

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Dance With Me My Darlin'

I awaken to the warm rays 
That emit from the sun as it displays
A little dance through the shades 
Of early morning, I stretch slowly as a kit
Upon receiving the tender kiss, from your lips
Placed ever so gently upon mine ears
A smile as radiant as the stars in the sky greets me
I smile back in gentle protest
Knowing, what comes next
I hearken to your hearts call
With no shame at all
As you bid me to dance with you my darlin’
Through the seasons of life
We stroll to our private waterfall
A cleansing dance we share to start our day
We lie upon the sweet new grass
Allowing the sunshine to dry us at last
We breakfast on the veranda
Partaking of sweet bread and jam
A little coffee or tea, Mais Oui
The day begins so easily, as you take my hand
We listen to the rhythms of nature so grand
Singing its sweet songs of love for you and me
You hold me in your arms so tenderly
Whispering the words that seemingly tantalize me
Our hearts well up blissfully
They are entwined with one another
My Darlin’ come and dance with me

Adell1 Copyright © 2006

Authors Comments:  

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She Dances Under Stars

She dances under stars
'Cause that's the place to be
When black is the color
And blood is the need
That makes existing in a way
Nor live nor dead
Acceptable in its finality
Agreeable in its purity
Apocalyptic in its power
Abject in its submission.

     The stars fill the night and do not judge
     For they are just the lamplights of eternity
     Scattered through the empty attic
     Everything stumbles through
     And she just waits, dancing in her corner
     For some hapless mortal groping through the dark
     To fall into her arms, that she may feed
     And draw his life to her as only her kind may

"The Blood is the Life", how true, how true -
So dance and draw it home
To one who appreciates it.

     The stars will never judge
     For they are the sparks of a fire
     Whose tender has long since turned away;
     So dance whenever black is the color
     And blood the need;
     Night's children know the truth:
     Be true to what you are;
     Apologies are for sycophants -
     Triumph is for those who know themselves.

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Rain Dance

Tap, tap, tap
You hear the rain, on your front step, 
You walk outside, 
You look to the sky, 
As the rain clouds let loose.

Step fourth onto this rain-soaked ground,
Playing on the new marble,
Of our dance floor.

The rhythm of our melody,
Is played,
By the sweet  surrender,
Of the leaves,
To the soft whisper,
Of the wind.

The raindrops hitting the ground,
Are like,
Little elves,
Dancing at your feet.

As your dance comes to a halt,
The wind whispers,
One last time,
It’s soft, sweet melody.
Lifting the leaves,
From their perch high above,
In the moonlit trees,
Carrying them to where,
Your feet touch the ground.
Your last stand begins,
As they swirl around,
Embracing a new destiny.

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I Dance

i dance i dance i dance
i am alone
dancing dancing
emptiness chases me
but i dance
i will find their way
dance dance dance
all is
there is no way
and it is okay
to i'll dance dance dance
you can't take it away

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Make Believer's Paradise

Sadly, here it comes into an end
My make believers paradise.
The place I’ve conjured
After so many little years
Has met it’s bittersweet demise.
But I shall try, in all it’s glory,
To store up in my heart
And drag the magic around with me.
For there is no place I love more
Than my make believers paradise.

Others would enjoy to see
To watch love dance on their finger
To be transformed into someone else
To watch passion aromatic and linger.
To concoct their prince and wait for him
To make knew friends
And meet with them.
The music of the sweetest note
That drowns out actuality.

There are voices that sing
In my make believers paradise.
One can only hear them
If they are really there.
I dance atop the tiled floor
And hold my dried rose by the stem.
Different worlds, they come together
All language combines as one
Holding my breath, holding my books
I cannot believe that this can be done. 

If, in all fact, my time here is through
I will carry the memory,
As that is all I can do.
And deep there, swells inside,
I’ll always be there in my mind.

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Never had I experienced love like you
		Nor seen or define love as you
So intriguing yet so tender
		I don’t know where to begin
But I’m glad you’re here with me
		The moon is singing our song
And I’m here waiting for you
		Let’s dance and parade around love
Grip me tighter as I slow dance your mind away
		Move right as I reclined your hair
Move left as I spin you around
		But as dawn approaches and the mist rises
I begin to wonder where to take you after
		Shall I take you home or on the moon
I don’t know what to do
		You got me spilling my words
This love is unusual to me
		But I’m glad it’s with you

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The Beauty Of The Falling Rain

There is a beauty in the falling
The ringing sound as it hits a copper roof
Performing nature’s symphony
The sheets of water roll down a glass window
Distorting the reality outside
Or maybe it makes it more real
Imagination flourishes in the warped images
Images that bring on new feelings
Feelings of warmth and love
As it cleanses the world around it
The mind travels through this new world
Fantasies of distant forests
Lands of lush greens
Richer than any ever seen by man
Fields of waving grass
A dance that started millennia ago
A dance still performed by a young girl
Dressed in a white flowing dress
She dances in clothes soaked to the bones
The blue halo of rain around a distant light surrounds her
As she hears the music of the rain on the street
She looks to the heavens
To the dark clouds above her
And she thanks the gods
She thanks them for every drop of rain
And she prays for the next downpour
When she can dance again

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Blood Dance

Part 1
“Stand up.”
I heard that voice.
I knew it from somewhere.
Born to be a leader,
Breed to be a killer.
“Stand up!”
A command is easily ignored,
But not an order.
I catch the stick when he tosses it to me.
I can see it all as it unfolds.
And again.
Then it changes.
And again ‘til you get it.
Then you move.
A step here.
A step there.
Ever changing.
“Come on you have to keep up.”
The heart begins to race.
Faster and faster.
Trying to keep pace.
But it’s no use.
It’s not the heart that sets you racing,
It’s the blood,
Burning hot in the vain.
It’s the rage,
Consuming all that you are.
It’s the pain,
And tears that fuel your every being.
It’s all these damned emotions,
Tearing me up inside!
Part 2
Dance, dance, dance with me . . . !  
Take a step.
Feel the burn.
Step to the beat.
Feel the power flow,
Through you.
Let it take you away.
Feel the burn,
And dance with me.
Jump again.
Feel it inside you..
Don’t let go.
Don’t let it leave you.
“Come on Mori, keep up!”
“And again!”
Keep up, you say.
Tell yourself to finish.
Keep going.
Let the thunder push you.
Let it in,
Let it help.
Feel the pace your body sets.
Feel the race it creates.
Start, never stop.
Never give in.
Keep going.
Keep dancing.
Part 3
Don’t let him win.
Don’t give in.
Keep going.
Oh, but you are so tried.
“No Mori!”
That was too close.
The sticks crack the air,
Like the thunder does the sky.
Don’t let him win.
You block that move,
But you feel it echo through you.
Jump the next.
Up then back out of the way.
Out of reach.
This is getting you not where.
Not like this.
What are you doing out here?
The thunder sounds,
Startling you both, off balance.
Catch yourself with your wings.
Now the fun begins.
You’re showing weakness.
He’ll play on that.
Use it against you.
Don’t let him win!

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Horse Sensations

To ride Lippizans
My eldest daughter
She of the animalistic tendencies
Took a large warmblood
Out to the back pasture
For needed exercise

The horse was tightly wound
A big buck jumped up
Snorted and bounced a couple of times
Then waited to see what we’d do
I could feel the bolting desire exploding
I dropped the reins
and patted the bulging neck
at my chin with both hands
The horse was so up I could have stroked his nostrils
I was not leaning forward
It was all I could do 
to turn this sudden desire to bolt
into a dance of pride
The buck bounced a couple more times
And I fed the joy of the sight right into his fright
Laughing with the excitement of it all
as the buck left
I rode that horse in a prancing high legged dance of pride
Feeling every nuance of nerve endings
Shouting and singing aloud with the joy of it
To control that much force
To have my legs holding all that shuddering wonder
I never wanted to come down
This was why I ride horses

Dad didn’t write any poetry today
He only listened
And felt how it is to ride a horse joyfully
Some days are treasured pleasures
Poetry’s where we store them

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Life Will Always Be A Saint

The stars will always dance 
Around the orbit of innocence 
Where no murder or lies 
Can taint the throne of the skies 
The grass will always be green 
No matter how much blood is shed 
Because strength has prevailed 
Against the dangers of rotting 
The sun will always glow 
Proclaimed with glories cloak 
It will shine against pain 
And rule over its master called confusion 
Oh the heavens will rain 
And flowers will bloom 
No matter how much acid tears are stained 
Upon its stems 
Light will always dance 
In the faith of seeing 
It will always be heated 
No matter how much chill is fathered 
Innocence will always stand strong 
No matter how much lies taint 
Its flowing reason for living 
Life… will always be a saint 

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Stella by Stars

Stella by stars...
The only place I could imagine her at night.
She hated the indoors.

Looking up at stars,
She felt at home,
And one day it would be her home for real.

In the future - far ahead,
When you and I are not there to see,
She will trip mid trembling stars' variety.

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Rainbows Across My Room

Sunshine dance through my windows and warm up my house,
 the air in here looks dingy and I need you to dance all about.
Reflect your warmness to me and chase away this days lazy games, 
let your radiance shine straight to me, scaring all the gloom away.
Warmness cuddle right up to me and then promise to stay, 
 rain and clouds, puddles and mud, shadows don't make me do it, 
Here sunshine keep chasing them all though the day.
 sun catchers turn with each thought that keeps me gay,
If you don't like it sue me, I am playing with the sunshine today.

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Dead Baggage

For just one, frigid, October evening,
The dead will dance without their baggage,
Abandoning ravenous, ebony pain
And any fleck of enduring scorn.

Succumbing to this ancient witchcraft,
The dead will rise on Halloween night.
The rusted lungs of decayed cadavers
Will repair, respire, inhale and breathe.

While kids in costume horde their candy,
The dead will mingle with masquerades.
The living, unaware of Pagan prophecy, 
Openly chat with rancid remains.

As solace floods their now beating hearts,
The dead will glow with infinite grins.
Fearless children give ghouls their praise
For creepy designed realistic disguises.

Happy to haunt on Halloween,
The dead will dance without their baggage.
Awoke by sounds of trick or treat,
One night a year, alive and free.

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Dancing With My Father Again

(Thelbert L. Foster, Sr)

Turning on the radio
Tears spring from my eyes…
As I hear Luther soulfully, voice these words
That I have come to realize…
I shall never dance with my father again,
Oh, its like some one stole from me a prize…
A treasure irreplaceable; 
The Lord gave me just this precious one, 
Too soon~ he was taken,
My pain has just begun…
I sit alone and wonder, but know that everything 
With him is truly all right and remember all the life lessons
Taught to me… in the twinkling of an eye 
I can still see him smile, and feel the strength stretch forth
From the one whom always seemed, like a giant in my eyes… 
There in that precious moment, my spirit soars… 
I am once again a child~ and its then I truly realize...
That in my mind are the shared memories, where
I can always laugh, dance and sing with my father again…

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The candle flickers and shadows dance against the wall..
Watching, mesmerized, dreaming of my own dance so long ago.
I swirled round and round, my feet so light upon the floor..
My skirt wound round my legs, my head upon his chest..
Life was full of possibilities then, joy in every turn.

Now the candle sputters, darkness settles once again..
My dance is over; its season has come and gone.
The poems that were written then have burned to ash..
Unheard the many songs I thought to sing..
Left now only the dream of that dance so long ago.

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Yearning to dance, he went
to a discount store with
very little money to spend. 
He needed new old shoes.

He’d been saving to buy beer
that evening, and aftershave,
and a ten dollar ticket
to a singles’ dance.

Loneliness would sometimes
crowd out the need for food,
but he couldn’t dance without
leather soled shoes. 

He needed to buy black shoes,
inconspicuous ones that hid
poverty and social class and 
help him fit in at the dance.

Of fifty or so pairs of brown
and black shoes, a pair  
of black loafers still shined, 
appeared almost new.   

He wondered briefly whose
toes had shifted in those shoes-- 
Was he a dancing man?  
A rich man? A lonely man?

He slipped into the mystery
man’s shoes: A perfect fit.
A new confidence,
A feeling of wealth.

Tonight in the dance hall,
dancing away his blues,
will be a man with
inconspicuous black shoes.

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They say

They say I am beautiful.
What does that mean?
I look in a mirror and see
A lost little child looking at me.
What is beauty, I question,
But someone elses' perception.
They say I am funny.
What does that mean?
When I crack a joke out loud
And act like I'm so proud
Inside I cry and weep,
For the lost little child I keep.
They say I am tall.
What does that mean?
For if on the surface,I'm tall
Why inside, do I feel so small?
I dance the dance of failure
Feeling sad, so inferior.
They say these things of me.
What do they mean?
For, to describe yourself to you
Would never sound like they do
Something they just never see 
Is what is inside, that makes up me.

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Ghost Dance

The faithful eyes of the moon
Gathering tears from the Paiute tribe and
Falling unto the arms of the sacred ghost dance
Known as the medicine man, the visionary Wovoka,
Descendant of Prophets and shamans,
Both the women and the men singing,
Chanting and performing the spiritual ghost dance
The ghost dance is a resurrection of the dead
Soon, the Indian dead shall return to us,
The old way of life,
Escaping the civilization of the intruders
Listening to the thunder beneath our feet,
Bringing us the ghost dance
The ghost dance is a wildfire,
Spreading to other tribes
Can you hear the ghost dance,
Among the Plains Tribes, Sioux,
Arapaho, Peyote, and Lakota
Can you feel the lightning strike your heart
The soul drifting unto a deep trance
Rejecting the religion of foreign intruders and
Removing pain and suffering from our great land
Then, returning us back to the days of plenty
We the people of the sun, dancing, until we fall
For several days, we dance around the big circle,
As we follow the curve of the sun
We are a spiritual people,
Connected to Mother Earth
Pray and listen to your grandfather, the creator
Wounded Knee shall not taint the spirit of the ghost dance,
Living in the heart and soul of the Native American Indian

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The Opening of Rusty Doors

Stop me right now if you've heard this before
there's the wind at my back and a knock at my door
there's you love me to moons but I love you much more
and we dance and we dance and we dance
Please stop me now if you know all my thoughts
as they roll on the wind in occasional bouts
as they shine in my eyes like the sun bleeding clouds
and I write and I write and I write
Stop me in summer if you're sick of the moon
for she shines less and less as the Luna de Lune
for she swells with a million hot stars in her womb
and she grieves and she grieves and she grieves
So stop me at once while the day carries on
as I open my door to the once setting sun
as the brooding of winter escapes in the dawn
and we breathe and we breathe and we breathe.

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once the dance is done

I am not sorry baby
don't you ever think that
there isn't anything I would change
nothing I would take back
when my dreams come
they are still of sand and sea
the footsteps we left
on a smooth, moonlit beach

don’t you worry 'bout me baby
I'll get by somehow
but the music isn't the same
once the dance is done

the clouds move by
the breeze blows the same
the sun still shines
the moon rises high
I still think of you
and tiles from a game
sometimes wondering if
you ever think of me

don’t you worry 'bout me baby
I'll get by somehow
but the music isn't the same
once the dance is done

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Fathers, I dance for you.
Mother - you gave me breath,
Now I return my blood to your care.
Children - I dream a hope for you.

I ask the sun for Vision,
For sight into realms no eye may view,
To find an answer, to find escape
The pain it costs is nothing
To the pain already in my heart
Now that I see what these strangers will do if they can
To my people,
To the land that shares their souls.

One hundred pieces of my flesh
Is not too much to give
For wisdom, for sight of better worlds than this.
I give them for the hope that they may buy.

The knife is cold.
I set the tethers in my skin -
The dance begins.

Bring me Vision, O Sun!
Bring us Life, before they come,
Death riding on their Iron Horse.

Shine warm, shine strong
One last time for us,
Before the coming eclipse.

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Loose curls sweep softly across her brow
Delicate arms form an arch
Obedient body does only what she will allow
Natural with ease, forward march
Figure spread thin, from end to end
Toes form a perfect point
Flexible limbs don't tremble or bend
Shape creates artistic joint
Each move is perfectly calculated
A slow, but beautiful dance
One slip, her efforts obliterated
Instead a perfect romance

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Beneath the greening of the summerwarmed earth
Corruption proceeds in its slow work
Feeding the living on the fruits of its breakage
Of the form and substance of the dead...

     From this, on the clearest days
     Is born that striving towards the warm golden light,
     The reach of leaf, of wing, of coarsened coat
     And hairless face -
     The upward, joyful swim through the welcome heat
     Flooding down upon us from the sun,
     The fire that called this life forth from a stone.

She shines upon the boundless deeps,
Her light a song that rings upon the flesh, the fur,
The rock, the waters
Calling out the life to dance and die and dance again
The nearness of her sacred touch a gift
Granted here, for no reason, by the Infinite Mother -

     This jewel in a wombfull of stars.

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Just Seventeen

She was just seventeen
If you know what I mean...
and the way she looked
was way beyond compare.
How could I dance with another WHOOOO!
When I saw her standing there...

And I just saw her standing there.
Not seeming to care that she was by herself,
content with the thought of watching others dance
and prancing her hand on her floral rather simple gown.

How could I dance with her?
How could I have the conquest of my fear growing with my nervous heart
defeat my coward legs to be commanded by a not so sure knight;
not so sure because he sees no white on his armor.

Not knowing that the thoughts of her demeanor must be way beyond compare to mine,
for she is a such a lovely fruit, just waiting to be picked, 
ignored by the hungry ones, who couldn't wait but to feed on red enough apples.
I would like to grace my hand with hers...

and the way she looked, just sitting there,
me knowing inside, she was sad to watch happiness displayed like I,
that I couldn't help to near myself and sit,
and hope for a reaction of companionship to announce.

I wonder if she'll know what I mean If I gesture 
that the others looked pleased dancing.
Will she take the hint that we should be pleased too and dance?
I hope so...but I might as well just take this chance.

We are both just seventeen...
We could enjoy this dance made for us...
But I must not hesitate and ride on this gust...
If not, I'll regret this silly school crush...

Would you like to dance? 
It's okay if you say no..
But your dress seems sad,
For not moving with the flow.

A simple look to my side
and it was too late for me to hide,
but her smile brought me back,
especially when she said:

I hoped you would say that.

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Lunar Inspiration

In drinking star juice, 
we internal light the fires within
We taffy twist and tug and spin
the wings of self elation
We bluntly burn each ventricle
and cauterize our lungs until
each tendril of our core is skin invading
And when the juice of stars ignites
we dance the dance and fight the fight
with solar flares to shoot our mouths
to moons yet undiscovered
It's in this moment we depart
and shatter long before we start
to lick elixir from the sky
in lunar inspiration.

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I held my head up high in
The cloud..
The stardust sprinkle in tune
Yet waves and dance to the
Old minstrel band
With broken strings, cords all
Out of tune..
But the minstrel band just pay
No never mind,
Just played on with broken strings,
Cords all out of tune..
Life reflections undefined, in 
Depth the soul lives on..
Silently the soul whispers with
Broken wings..
The stardust sprinkle in tune
Sustain each tear,
With broken strings, cords all
Out of tune..
Yet waves and dance to the old
Minstrel band,
With silver teardrops filling the
From broken wings, soul silently

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can my kiss be the match that lights your flame?
makes it burn white hot in the dark of night?
can you warm yourself by the intensity?
a combustible fuel coursing through your body?

can my touch send shivers down your spine?
reawakening and rewriting our history?
has it incinerated down to smoke and ash?
can we compose the happily ever after to this song?

can you read my mind and figure it out?
is there any chapters left that you haven't read?
will you ask me to dance and before the music is through
will you ask me to dance over and over with you?

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War Logic

planned it out all along
to find my place among those doing nothing wrong
they wouldn't know it
but i have people believing we're bigger than we are
planned it all along
to come your way
and leave you holding the bag
probably will do it again
me myself and I standing alone
now you get the blame
of a simple logical equation
to find the perpetrator of such a twisted plot
whose come into your life
and dressed you up in everything but love

premeditated perfect plan
simple as 1 2 3 
walk away looking innocent
so why are my dirty hands the only ones clean
to blackmail you with the fear of being caught doing the wrong thing

simple solution to such soo called chaos
logic dear watson
we knew this day would come
the day we'd have to sing a familiar dance and song
so why among all of you singing along
do you not know the dance routine
of those coming your way to do you wrong

the world doesnt like to admit to its mistakes
but familiar patterns of unhealthy routines
life is pretty simple when you follow your heart
we all know that dance
we all know that song
so why are the misinformed of the act of how to spot
the ones you wouldnt let in

I'm smaller than you realise
and with emotional baggage to hang on you
why do you look so guilty
when i know the truth

simple logical equation
so lets start back at act 1 scene 1
the curtain closes when we have to change the routine
because a few people truly dont belong
executing a plan to blackmail you
and walk away leaving you to pay the consequences
i may not be intelligence
but honestly
its a simple logical equation
anyone can solve
to find out whose the one

follow your heart
the day hate makes more sense your defeated
breaking down what happened in my living room
how i was held hostage
and in the end the cop blamed and beat me
put that into perspective
and see that there must be a simple solution
the world just isn't organised enough to pull this off
someone would have said something
someone would have taken a stand
but if not
its pretty obvious
from this distance

so here i go folding with the winning hand
lightning doesnt strike the same place twice
but ohnestly hiding behind your intelligence
and freedom of speach to blackball me
i did it to myself
i just dont know why so many of you wouldnt do the right thing

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This day for me started out a little jinxed
The one person that I wanted to see 
I never got to meet
Than it's parent teachers nite
My palms are sweating
Cause my mom decides to come
My mood is filled with anticipation
I want to walk into a room 
and just have him sitting there 
But when i'm looking he never appears
     and i'm disappointed
My only option for credit recovery 
Is to dance a hip hop dance  
   and within myself find self discovery
      But I can't identify my heart in this matter
                So I try to defy
          Against all kinds of helping hands
                 and guidance
           I don't know how many times their going to say
                If you screw this up your throwing your life away
                  I pretty much know this
                     So hearing it over and over again
                         Just made me sink lower
                        So now this is the last straw
                          With a mad look on my face I walk out the door
                       I haven't see my guy, My mom won't pick up (Never good)
                                and my life seems messed up 
                           So I left with my friends and caught the bus
                                Got home too early 
                                   Feeling beat up
                                     My mom's in bed she didn't even go to the meeting
                                         I wake up the next morning and open the paper
                                           A shooting had occurred where I worked
                                                            Just after I left
                                                 I would've have been there if my day hadn't been so jinxed
                                                        Thanks faith for saving me   
                                                            I really appreciated your Generosity

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Last Dance

“The wood feels so cold,” she thinks,
Running her hand along the freshly, waxed surface,
“And his tie is not straight.”
Her trembling fingers instinctually reach in,
Repositioning the ruffled fabric,
“There, that’s better,” she smiles,
Leaving her palm resting on his motionless chest,
For a moment she thinks she sees him smile too,
He had such a handsome smile,
But no, his painted lips remain shut,
And she realizes they’ll never kiss her again,
“Who am I going to dance with now?” she sighs,
She closes her eyes, 
afraid the memories have faded,
but they are still there,
She can feel his arms wrapped around hers,
As they gently twirl together to “In The Mood,”
Just as they did on their wedding day,

Unfortunately, her eyes betray her when they open,
She sees him again now laying so still,
“No dancing today,” she frowns,
She knows the only music she’ll hear soon,
Will be a bugle’s lonely testimony,
“Not yet, not yet,” she whispers,
“I’m not ready to say good-bye.”
Tears waltz at first down her cheek,
Then quicken to a foxtrot,
And her broken heart drum pounds out of rhythm,
As she crescendos into an aria of sobs,
He had passed so quietly,
Just like the humble man he was,
Watching Dan Rather,
Sipping his evening tea,
While she was in the kitchen,
Washing the dinner dishes,
“Do you want a lemon bar?” She had called,
But there had only been silence,
No eager response for that tasty treat he so loved,
She found him in his recliner,
Saucer and cup still in hand,
He hadn’t suffered just drifted off,

Now here they are,
Once last dance together as man and wife,
Before the curtain closes ending their show,
She was the matriarch of the family,
Sensible, strict, and strong,
No one needed to see the pain she really was in,
Only she knew where she had gotten her strength,
It was from being his wife,
For the first time in her life 
She finds herself without a partner,
“The service was so nice,” she thinks aloud,
“Everyone said such kind words about you.”
Glancing out the window,
She sees cars lining up behind the soon-to-be-filled hearse,
She wipes her eyes, “I wasn’t ready to be left alone on this dance floor.”
She leans over and kisses his forehead,
“Good-bye, my love,” she smiles, “Wait for me on the other side,
So we can continue our dance for eternity.”
She runs her hand over the tear-stained surface,
“The wood still feels so cold,” she says,
Then turns and walks out the door

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Listen Catzilla

Listen Catzilla

Yeah bab you can jive
Hit it and stomp it out all night
you’ve got legs for moving and hips
	for proving.
Come on over here don’t stop doing what you’re doin.

Feel the piano keys,
Smash smash smash
That look comes with a follow threw
To you, jump on the floor
Let me show you a little more
	Of what I can do.

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Between The Lines

In an otherwise
morning, between the
roles we locked 
eyes, bantering 
mincing words, allowing 
futures, names, and
rebuttals to 
stem from our hearts 
unmuffled, and 

A fearless 
gig between the 
staves ensued, bringing
us to melt in a 
embrace of playful
reminders of our 
unmistakeable, unshakeable, and
unutterable bond.

In a twine of echoes and 
mirrors, between the 
statements you 
probed, between the
silences I 
listened, between the
changes you
questioned, between the
questions I

Between encounters we
ourselves speaking our
Angelic language, between the
sentences we read 
our souls so

Between the 
grooves I think, between the
rules you feel, between the
lines we just

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Let us Dance

Let us dance to celebrate the lives we live.
To capture that moment held tightly.  To
hear a song that reflects our lives.  Our
love a symbol to all near to see the impossible
is real.  Let us dance as we did on the day
we were wed.  When all things were possible
our lives laid out before us.  Two young
lovers with stars in our eyes.  Not knowing
what was coming our way.  Let us dance
as we did when our babes were born.  The
hopes and dreams we had for them.  A
true reflection of the love we shared.  As the
years wore by and certain of secess.
We held true to each other.  Let us dance
for all the laughter, joy and a few good tears.
The happiness we have.  The years we've lived

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Sunshine and Riddles and Nods to the Sky

I'm a riddle for the sun
sweet silver beams in eyes of wonder
evaporating windows in steam
and flooding the room with light.
My emotions dance in the air
always on the upswing, on the mend
never pooling shadows at my feet
never sitting still to ebb.
I'm alive and catching the breeze
hearing the sky spill secrets to me
rushing my blood through adrenaline veins
on their way to absorb my delight
It's infectious and reflective
this silver shine from my solar moods
Join me in this dance of light
as we tip our hats to the golden orb
with the wind on our heels to mend.

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Saturday night

playing pool on a Saturday night
long neck in hand, juke plays behind
jeans and boots and cowboy hats
Saturday night, and I'm kicking back

the tune on the juke becomes real slow
you saunter up, to give me a go
if you want to dance cowboy
there is something you oughta know

I'm tough as nails, soft as velvet
my heart is cold and melts like butter
if you want to dance with me
better get some things straight
I'm not just another pretty face

much to my surprise, one dance lead to another
soon I've told you things, I haven't even told my mother
and you're fessing up to some secrets of your own
no matter how this plays, I'm going home alone

you get my number and tell me you will call
maybe you will, maybe you won't all
it doesn't really matter, one way or another
it was just a pool hall night that turned out right

now every Saturday night, I'm playing pool with you
longnecks in hand and we haven't missed a cue
and when they play our song we're out on that floor
you've melted my heart and left me wanting more 

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As the water flows through the rocks,
 bouncing from edge to edge,
  lights dance in the pools,
   we dance the dance of a lifetime.

We added many things
 to this waterfall we're building,
  only to discared and recollect 
   old yesterdays left behind.

I found a few frogs
 or maybe they found me,
  they seem to show-off my ugly flaws.

Then some turtles wandered in,
 just where they fit in,
  we may never  know for sure.

I hope the water never ceases to flow;
 and like the love in our hearts,
  I hope the water will
   forever flow.

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Fading With the Past

Sifting through the mounds of ash that once was a marriage;
Found are little tokens of the past untouched by the fire
And together they look to see if there is a memory they can build on;
But it’s only a sea shell and it bares no real significance.

He having shed the garb worn while in morning;
Now sifts through the rubble in some soon to be disposable attire
But she; she remains in wifely appearances vocalizing often;
I am your wife; you are my husband and I love you” keep trying”

And the search goes on as requested; but there seems little hope;
And it bares a familiarity much like ashes from a crematorium
And regrets are overwhelmed only by futility and the disregard for common sense;
And he wishes he could dig a hole; and bury the whole mess; with her in it.

No one really knows though; so he keeps searching and waiting;
Waiting for that make it or break it time; where the choice is live or die.
Then it will be all over; and no one can accuse him of giving up.
And she doesn’t even realize all that digging caused her infections slow to heal.

He only hopes it doesn’t take so long he’ll miss his chance to dance again;
He has his beacon on and hopefully it will attract someone that’s searching;
Someone to sit with him at the sea of love; breathing the fresh air of new life;
And at night they’ll hold each other close and dance by the light of the moon

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find who ur.

I find words that dance in my head, words I let flow on this key board and on this sit,
poems?I find that hard to be, the lines the phrases are thoughts that come out of me,
words that I don't, won't, couldn't, and will not say they just are there for me to write,
no one knows, I write in the early hours of the morning that is when what is in side flows
I love looking at things people don't see,love-life-loss-pain-joy-and roses oh so sweet,
merely a shell of the person I use to be,no longer looking out from behind cold eyes,
but looking from my eyes now I see,all the beauty, and what it is to be complete,
to savor a moment,touch a life time, hold eternity to spread my wings and fly,
with these words on this site I am...?
here you can't see me to judge me, I can't be heard to not be listened to, here I just write,
out loud I can't say how hurt I fill,how scared at times I am, or how I some times I need
a hand,
in poetry I find strength,courage, meaning, in poetry I find the coat I need at night,
off this site I'm some one who won't let any one in,a clown with a grin,
people believe I know not, no one knows- I've lived in hate walked in blood and lost,
soft,calm, some one who knows no better, no one sees are hears the person within,
when I lost I chose to let all my anger go,I have no hate,no remorse, I paid the cost,
stepped on walked over disrespected, but inside I'm me it doesn't matter,
I could ...?but why? all it is,is hate,love lifted me to new heights why turn back,
I will admit at times I would like to unleash the foundation of my soul he who is black,
but he's buried in pages of the words I wrote, lost in the words I scattered,
I just fill sad for those who hurt, I fill bad for those who do not see, helpless and lonely
pain turned to anger,a loss turned to hate, and love unbelievable to a scared heart,
some times you can't make it on your own, we all need to be,in life there is no only ,
just some one lost in side- if we all could see this it would be a good start,
I have no need to tell you my story to show you my wounds are my roads stains,
the past is where we look back for at times we forget how old we are,
its not how we weather the storm but how we learn to dance and sing in the rain,
hope-faith-dreams-to just believe look isn't too far.